accountmadeforants: Well, timezones, I made it in time for the stream, *despite* your savings.
CAKHost: Hello everyone!
CAKHost: lrrSIG !
accountmadeforants: @TXC2 No, no, the stream's going offline. Time for bed, TXC MiniK
TXC2: accountmadeforants Gods if only :p
djalternative: hoi chat
TXC2: hello djalternative welcome
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for more PLAY IT FORWARD with @Graham_LRR as FINAL FANTASY XII continues! | 📷 ||
SK__Ren: I heard the music kick in, and I swear the preview window said Going Offline and I was profoundly confused. Did I leave twitch on all night?
baleygr13: hello chat
GapFiller: James running long today meant forgetting this was live too
GapFiller: having gotten here late gonna assume missed everything already lrrBEEJ
TXC2: hello baleygr13 welcome
baleygr13: glad I could catch a bit of the stream today. I could watch a bit before I go to bed
IviaRelle: Well, you definitely missed the screen reading "Going Offline" when it came on. So you very nearly did miss everything.
GapFiller: time loop streams are just the best yeh
Decaped: LRR doing an endless 8 cycle would be sweet.
TXC2: that's what LRRmans is
Leonhart321: So should I finish the FFXII Theatrhythm stuff while this is going on, or is that too on the nose?
stalkernadir: Hi Graham! Just jumping in to say Hello before running back to the VOD! Have a great stream!
SK__Ren: @GapFiller Did we already play FF8?
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mew4ever23: All of these months, daaaang.
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TXC2: Here we GO!
mew4ever23: lrrSIG
1fairy2boots: Hej G, hej chat <3
Critterbot: Hey G!
TXC2: Hello Graham
GapFiller: nalvHi hai G
WearingCats_CwC: hoi
mew4ever23: Hey G
CodeIndigo: GM GS!
emberBecky: o/
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TXC2: the PNR
TXC2: !patreon
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SK__Ren: Yeah, this is pretty close to that point
GapFiller: according to old LRRcasts yeh yr got to the last point of no return right G?
accountmadeforants: Obviously we're not in the endgame, we still need to fight Ruby Weapon :)
baleygr13: hi G! big fan
Squigel: still need to go fishing
ExachixKitsune: myah
lady_olynder: I cant sleep so i guess i get to watch this live
warboss5: The RPG Talk
GapFiller: got to the bottom of the Northern Crater but went off to do sidequests rather than fight Sephiroth gotit Kappa
mew4ever23: the "hey, now would be an excellent time to save" spot
malsareus: still in dire need of an editor
warboss5: That's actually one thing I've really liked about Red Dead Redemption 2: they color code the main story quests (yellow) and the side quests (white) so you always know what will actually progress the story
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, I've yet to fight Ganon in Breath of the Wild
merciary: I do that all the time
ylegm: I did the same with the FF7 remake
Gekyouryuu: I am the exact same way
malsareus: it's a human thing, humans are weird
bytecaster: I do that too
LidofLoathing: I still haven't watched one of the episodes of the last season of Leverage for that reason
raulghoulia: I do the exact same thing. It's maddening
CodeIndigo: It's wanting to avoid the depression of being done with a game and not knowing what to do next
GapFiller: OH same G so much stuff I've dropped on the last episode
northos: oof, yeah
hesterbyrde: I do the exact same thing. Still haven’t finished Agents if SHIELD
GapFiller: still never seen the last episode of Stand Alone Complex eg
Leonhart321: I'm still dicking around in Crisis Core
CodeIndigo: And for the record I haven't watched S5 of Babylon 5, because... well, the main story was over after season 4
HunterLionheart: If FF7 Remake had ended with Airbuster as a final boss it would have SUCKED, come on
Leonhart321: Though fortunately not wailing against Hard Mode Minerva any more
KilrenKrae: I still need to check out season 2 of firefly
HunterLionheart: Wait, no, whatever the car thing is called
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eldritch_moose: I always do that with 10. I get to the part where I can grind out the Extrahard Bonus Bastards and then never want to beat Sin...
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kainboa: I've started the last mission in Forbidden West, but haven't touched the console in Several months...
Decaped: end of FF7R really lets them set the tone for the next games doing their own thing.
plummeting_sloth: And then if you kill the urns with the blue pages it gets even more complicated
HunterLionheart: Fuck, I forgot and now I'm annoyed
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TheThirdTail: <3
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Leonhart321: Just missed one reporter in the early game which means I'd need to replay through again to get it so I can get all the mails
HunterLionheart: Motorball, THAT one
head_cannon: I reached the final mission in the modern XCOM 1, and then farmed random encounters for in-game months and months just to see if I could fill the whole barracks with max-level soldiers.
MrVirite: vaan has wallhacks!
Didero: Good evening!
Didero: Did I miss any story so far?
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Nope.
Didero: Great, thanks
eldritch_moose: I like the rest of FF7R doing its own thing tbh, I can play the original in my sleep at this point
TXC2: hello Didero no, only tower lantern killing so far
Didero: oh jeez, I forgot it was at x4 speed
SK__Ren: ooh, good spear
plummeting_sloth: an yet even creepier urn
WearingCats_CwC: Good old gunge lance
BigDaddyBland87: Holy Holy!
thirsty_kitteh: Did we also obtain Moly?
Didero: @TXC2 Thanks and hi!
plummeting_sloth: I didn't think anyone in your party having Holy
BigDaddyBland87: Holy Holy, Batman!
GapFiller: yeh the F The Past aspect of the Remake is one of my fav things abt it
mwlsn: hello Graham and chat, I see we go fast today
HunterLionheart: It's a new game, and I respect that, but I understand why people who were not expecting that are a little hoodwinked
GapFiller: its NOT just an empty nostalgia fest
Squigel: who has the spear class vaan?
accountmadeforants: Hankering for Octuple speed yet? :p
MousseFilledCat: My issue wasn’t that the changed it, it was the need to go Meta with it that seemed ham fisted
laff_o_tron: Hey G I figured out a portion of Bartleby's sensorium, as he has no external organs, he most likely operates with an neuroelectric sense similar to sharks, which is why he refers to people as "meatbags", since that is all he can distinguish from his surroundings.
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Episodic games have never been good, especially not when you can't play all the episodes at once.
HunterLionheart: Yeah, escaping the destiny of the first game is the actual theme of the game for sure.
lady_olynder: Isnt the original pretty against the conecpt of destiny?
GapFiller: otoh messages can change w/ time
scottyarch18: I like that tho, makes everything different.
GapFiller: contexts too
TheMerricat: Just joined chat what are we talking about
SK__Ren: Yeah, thats like, the complete opposite
queercrafting_chonk: Ah, I can see that.
TheNerdWonder: I think you passed it
Leonhart321: I still think they're going to rerail people HARD come the end of Part 2
djalternative: Yeah. I think they're saying that Remake is the literal second go around in the world
BigDaddyBland87: Probably because environmentalism coming from Square "NFT" Enix might come across as hypocritical
Didero: The brass sounds in this music keep reminding me of Star Trek music...
Carlioo: I liked the in a nutshell joke that the spirits are the ff7 fanboys desperately trying to stop the remake story from going off the rails
thirsty_kitteh: djalternative: if I had just arrived, based on that sentence I would assume we're somehow in Eva talk
WearingCats_CwC: That's because if current day Square remade FF7 with the same themes the entire company would implode under the weight of sheer irony
GapFiller: nalvLUL that was a good CheckPoint story this week
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ReiyChanter: hi
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Diabore: is this leading into a "graham and wiggins critique FF themes" podcast?
HunterLionheart: No, genuine haha- it's very meta, and I can see it rubs people the wrong way, but what I always liked about the FF series was the willingness to be a bit more progressive in its approaches (part of why I never loved 9)
eldritch_moose: that's fair, I do wonder how much we'll see of the escaping Destiny stuff going forward. I did like how much they leaned even more into "Shinra's killing the planet and that's not going to end well for us"
GapFiller: if yr gonna be left holding the bag might as well double down seems to be Squeenix logic there
scottyarch18: has a IX remake been confirmed yet?
LordManiMani: Still talking 7R spoilers in here?
plummeting_sloth: but I think that's the thing, if you're going to have different gameplay and different plotting and different themes... you do start to get to the point of going "well, I don't dislike any of this persay, but why didn't you must make a different game with all this then"
HunterLionheart: Yeah, a bit
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laff_o_tron: Trying to race you in FF12, its hard as I keep getting distracted by hunts
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Mordin_Solus_Sings: Agreed 100%
SK__Ren: Its puts the lotion on its game
GapFiller: they ARE still doing FF16 too
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Final Fantasy 7: Beyond Destiny. Kappa
HunterLionheart: @plummeting_sloth Because the story is, in essence, a reaction to the pre-existing story- that's a whole theme in its own right.
eldritch_moose: I will say that I'm a big proponent of "write your own damn story"
Mordin_Solus_Sings: What I played of the game felt like it was made under protest by people who didn't want to be making it.
GapFiller: having played Cloud maybe it IS time for Clive
LordManiMani: @scottyarch18 it'll probably just be a remaster like Chrono Cross where they've ai-regened the backgrounds to HD. If we were lucky we'd get a soundtrack rerecord I guess
thirsty_kitteh: Cloud Tifa and Aerith Isekai game 2023!!
queercrafting_chonk: I think I just really enjoy the intriguing meta commentary it has on adaptations/remakes. My hope is that the escaping destiny theme is limited to the first one in order to allow flexibility moving forward. (The play on "remake" as in "remaking" the story is interesting, though I understand the misleadingness)
GapFiller: nalvThink Cloud or Clive
Didero: Is there anything in that hidden section behind the Fool's Walls now?
plummeting_sloth: oh right, they have illusary walls in this now
ScrapyardGhostTrain: The only person that should want to escape FF7 is Aeris.
LidofLoathing: it does seem weird to hype up the remake to FF7 and then veer off into a new plot. What little I've seen about the plot does seem to hint at time loops or something, which is... a choice, I guess?
scottyarch18: well there are a lot of things that happen in the original game that are "bad", and it makes sense that characters would want to rebel against that "destiny"
Genie_M: Sephi wants to derail the story because it ends badly for him
Critterbot: Aerith*
HunterLionheart: The original game is a piece of art. This game cannot exist without that, but is also it's own thing. There is a pre-existing tension in the knowledge that FF7 players have.
queercrafting_chonk: I think it's less that we are trying to escape the original, and that the original is always there and that it's "sanctity" and importance are a full part of this tale
ExachixKitsune: what
Leonhart321: I can see the overall story being told is that we wanted them to go back to it for so long, but all the changes they want to make to the game, are all those that the game actively show that we, as a player, DON'T want to happen
queercrafting_chonk: Also if Aerith lives I will eat all my words
ScrapyardGhostTrain: @Critterbot Nope. If they wanted that, they should have gotten it right the first time.
eldritch_moose: I'm cautiously optimistic that it's more because of the fact that the way we tell stories through video games has changed in 20 years
CururuGuasu: Watch them kill of Cloud instead
djalternative: at this point, having Aerith die would be the bigger twist
raulghoulia: Hell all of avalanche livesbut jesse
TheNerdWonder: I think that was a 2 gap
TheMerricat: Since I joined in the middle of this conversation this may have been said already, but I thought that the point of the remake was that this was an 'altered' timeline version of the universe and the 'old' unverse was overlapping it trying to move the story back to the OG story...?
Leonhart321: Also, calling it now, when Aeris dies, and she will, they'll intercut it with Zack getting shot in the back by those three grunts.
yalc321: o/ Howdy Howdy, how goes the hunts
GapFiller: it feels on a certain lvl Aerith living needs to happen as an ultimate middle finger gesture
Critterbot: Her name is Aerith.
HunterLionheart: Having Aerith's destiny be the same is no longer impactful, as it is a meme at this point, an established part of gaming history. The only way to restore that tension is to introduce more uncertainty
TXC2: hello yalc321 welcome
LordManiMani: I'll come back in another 10 min or so
mhbmk2: my biggest problem with new 7 is why the heck does sephiroth care about cloud at all
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @eldritch_moose Has it changed that much from the original? The unreliable narration etc has now become pretty common if anything.
Decaped: Aerith is probably going to die differently than in the original, would be my guess.
Leonhart321: It'll be a whole build up of "Oh you thought we were going to let her live? Ha ha ha2
GapFiller: nalvThink maybe itll be a choice thing were whether Aeriths fate changes depends on gameplay decisions
eldritch_moose: I'll probably not be happy if Aeris lives, but I'm expecting them to kill her off elsewhere or in a different context
Didero: Does Penelo use spears? Or was that poles?
plummeting_sloth: "Haha, fooled you actually Yuffie dies this time" "Ok"
queercrafting_chonk: I think it's moving towards making Aerith's choice have more gravitas, maybe?
LordShadner: the Uhlan
Carlioo: Sephi cares about cloud because he's from the original timeline right?
Snowcookies: Penelo uses poles
yalc321: Tifa was the Cetra all along this time
Leonhart321: Besides, if Zack was going to live, they'd have used the new ending in the CC Remake
BigDaddyBland87: Calling it now...they'll kill her anyway in a "you can't escape, fate" downer before she gets resurrected later to truly escape fate.
HunterLionheart: The fact that we can now have this conversation, that Aerith's fate is an intriguing part of future games, shows that it is now a relevant plot point again
mhbmk2: in the og sephiroth is just like "oh hey I might be able to use this guy to my advantage and he won't be able to do anything about it, I don't really care about him"
Decaped: It's interesting because WHEN Aerith died in the game was affected by the disc 1 cutoff.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @BigDaddyBland87 Yeah... They'll want to have their cake and eat it too.
EvilBadman: @Critterbot It was correct in the original language. Stop being a silly goose.
Didero: That stick's larger than he is
scottyarch18: what if in the Remake, Tifa is the one that dies becasue they played her sextape in Italian congress
LordShadner: spears can
plummeting_sloth: no matter how tall the spear, Vaan can't aim up
yalc321: Vaan is a gamer?
Decaped: So, if they stuck to their original plan, Aerith would die later in the game than the release.
beldromercier: Hi. Quad speed huh!
Carlioo: Yeah I think my actual problem with ff7r is that the writers/directors aren't nearly as smart as they think they are
eldritch_moose: @eldritch_moose I just mean in general. Changes in technology makes for tools that just weren't available in the 90s. We consume media in a very different way now than we did back then.
mhbmk2: even if the idea of the plot is "once we start killing fate things will change" well it was already significantly different up to that point so...?
accountmadeforants: I feel like the best way to have it both ways would've been to give you the option to diverge from the original's story, but stick to it if you play it "normally". Would've been a *ton* of effort, though. (Though it would give the "escaping fate" thing a bit more impact, because the "fated" route is actually there.)
queercrafting_chonk: @scottyarch18 😂
Didero: There's too many floors
plummeting_sloth: this one does seem especially tedious yeah
beldromercier: tooo many indeed.
queercrafting_chonk: I cannot fathom playing this at 1X speed
yalc321: Okay go with me on this, FF7R is a time loop in the same way that the Evangelion movies are a time loop of the TV series
accountmadeforants: I love the walking animations
SK__Ren: I mentioned I hated this place when I played... now I think I know why
SK__Ren: White Mages?
beldromercier: So missed... 32 floors, so not much
scottyarch18: i think the tifa hentai being played in Italian congress IS CANNON @queercrafting_chonk
mhbmk2: @Carlioo yeah it really wants to be a meta thing about the pressures of living up to the original against the pressure of fans demanding a remake
eldritch_moose: I never got this far into FF12 before, I may have to start my own playthrough
mhbmk2: but in the end it's just a gray blob
Diabore: time to cat ear some fools?
accountmadeforants: Check again next stream, maybe the board'll have changed and give you White Magick 11 :p
Didero: Because if there's one thing we're short on, it's money :p
warboss5: Balthier can handle basic battlefield triage but not channel the almighty wrath of god
beldromercier: @eldritch_moose My first and furthes play throught, I only reached the bottom of this tower. And went nope.
queercrafting_chonk: @scottyarch18 must have been Shinra trying to discount Avalanche's Italian presence
SK__Ren: Gonna make Balthier a catboy huh? Oh sorry, catman.
plummeting_sloth: I wonder how Fran feels about that
bytecaster: cat leading boy
EvilBadman: Jewelry? How very bourgeois
scientist_captain: he'dlove being a cat thb
thirsty_kitteh: Look, speaking as a catboy, if he can graduate to catman he's doing better than 98% of us
scottyarch18: @queercrafting_chonk I think you are onto something. has it been confirmed that Rufus' jacket is ITALIAN leather?
TehAmelie: hello! are we turning the team into a fully licensed battle station today?
TXC2: hello TehAmelie welcome
queercrafting_chonk: @scottyarch18 😲😲😲
accountmadeforants: Bubble b**t, eh
thirsty_kitteh: tehamelie: Vaan is armed and arguably operational
BigDaddyBland87: HP so thicc
mhbmk2: @thirsty_kitteh some of us are like pikachu, never to evolve
laundreydhull: I hate this economy. Cast it unto the fire where no dumpsters combined could contain it.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: IIRC heavy armor increases HP?
warboss5: Awwww, I was hoping to see the ear hood actually displayed on the character model, lol
plummeting_sloth: honestly I like the idea of of spending some time grinding liscence points so you can max someone's board and never worry about that persons board again. One and done
TheTekkieman: Light Armor increases HP. Heavy focuses on Strength.
SK__Ren: A gun
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Might have changed in the remaster though
SK__Ren: I think
scottyarch18: g2g into a meeting, folks. enjoy! fun FF7R discussion
WearingCats_CwC: gun?
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Named after a star? Gun.
Squigel: all the guns are named after stars
TXC2: so long scottyarch18 stay safe
scottyarch18: @TXC2 <3
Genie_M: You can sort the inventory so things get in line
LordZarano: Hello! Have I missed much?
queercrafting_chonk: Bye @scottyarch18 hope you have a good meeting!
TXC2: hello LordZarano welcome
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Also a bow.
Critterbot: Gungnir.
scottyarch18: @queercrafting_chonk <3 thank you!
ExachixKitsune: holy moly
BlueChloroplast: LuvPeekL
Diabore: bow
thirsty_kitteh: was it a bow?
ExachixKitsune: sergeHolyMoly
Alahmnat: finally caught up on vods, hi G!
TXC2: hello Alahmnat welcome
BigDaddyBland87: this place is not wheelchair accessible
CodeIndigo: quad squad mad lads
Alahmnat: Quad Speed Death Squad is my Car Seat Headrest cover band
nickthecatbear: Quad Speed Death Squad is a good name for a 4-person metal band
accountmadeforants: If Vaan dies, the Enterprise just sends down a new one
LordManiMani: 7+7R talk done?
Didero: Do you mind people calling you 'G'?
Squigel: rare game
thirsty_kitteh: lordmanimani: yup!
northos: no, that was a special one
TXC2: LordManiMani seems like
Foxmar320: Good morning G, hows it going
LordManiMani: Yes
TXC2: hello Foxmar320
LordManiMani: Both lol
LordManiMani: Fair
SuperWriterAndy: have the finished remaking 7 yet
CodeIndigo: @SuperWriterAndy spoiler: no
BigDaddyBland87: Boy if he had an issue with G, chat has been committing a faux pas for years
Squigel: do you mind people calling you "Canadian G"?
plummeting_sloth: I mean it was in your vows
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Nicknames are such interesting thing
omdorastrix: Better than getting "Germ" or "Cram" on your starbucks cups...?
Alahmnat: the streamer formerly known as G
Foxmar320: If you did mind I would hope you would have told me YEARS ago
Gekyouryuu: Typical Canadian. Too nice
bytecaster: Committing faux pas is what chat is all about though, that is why you never listen to us!
Diabore: whats hard about gray ham?
Vonbane: Gra-ham, or maybe "the ham-miester"
thirsty_kitteh: Given how often I manage to type GG as FF, I'm not sure about that
ExachixKitsune: If we got a cloning machine, we could finally finish some games - GG
malsareus: you get 1 shot to spell G entirely right or wrong
CururuGuasu: So let it be written
CururuGuasu: So let it be done
Gekyouryuu: Also, clearly, the correct move is to append "-money" to the G
eldritch_moose: Gray hams? At this time of year? In this part of the internet...
Orlantia: "G" is significantly easier than spelling "Gra- lrrHAM "
mwlsn: You signed something for us several years back with a kind of "G-star" insignia
SuperWriterAndy: what about Gmoney?
Didero: It's interesting, because you're the only LRRperson addressed by their first letter
Squigel: is it adam?
WearingCats_CwC: Y'know, the more god poetry I read the less I like the Occuria
Didero: It'd be very weird to call Cam 'C', for instance
malsareus: you leveled up
plummeting_sloth: only friends may call me Shaboopy
Didero: Translation: "Ya ready to FIGHT?!"
Decaped: only true friends can call him Wiggy
BlueChloroplast: If they are still living they seem to have let this place degrade a bit
thirsty_kitteh: maybe time to drop back to 2x?
Snowcookies: desert?
LordManiMani: Ah, the Keyblade Wasteland
Alahmnat: @Didero I think it's a chat-ism at least because of "G-money"
Didero: Glad quadspeed doesn't also work in cutscenes :p
ExachixKitsune: sergeFriend
jessieimproved: I am not known as Jess, but there are a few people that call me Jess, and it throws me off, but I don't know that I care
Snowcookies: is that a carbuncle?
nickthecatbear: It's a Large Bird!
WearingCats_CwC: feesh!
Didero: @Didero I'm very bad at slang though
plummeting_sloth: oh, you fell into a Termors sequel
malsareus: dragon-fish?
SK__Ren: ? What is this fight? Did we switch to the end of Legend of Dragoon?
niccus: your name is *what*
WearingCats_CwC: Slyt?
Jennie_Fuchsia: People worried when I started introducing myself as Jennie and I was like- you can still call me Ie but there’s always one actor who mishears and calls me Eve for a month and Jennie is better than Eve
BigDaddyBland87: It's a perfectly normal name
mhbmk2: pronounced "slight" hopefully
lady_olynder: Love that that Penelo's Greatsword stance is the same pose used by Dark Knights in XIV
Alahmnat: @Didero Now I'm picturing all of Ashe's quiet gasping at 4x speed and giggling
TXC2: slyt, like what you shoot arrows out of
accountmadeforants: Only my closest friends can call me *unintelligible screeching, guttural sounds*. Not because of our bond or anything, it's just that you're not physically capable of hitting the right lateral fricatives.
northos: Ashe trying to be first to hit 9999
LordManiMani: Walk with Belias
malsareus: Belias needs walkies
Didero: "September"
eldritch_moose: I forget that this world has the Tactics summons
plummeting_sloth: "Oh thank god I can stop grinding now"
malsareus: the flying dragon fish Slyt
TXC2: congratulations!
thirsty_kitteh: huh. so you're about where I stopped and I felt like there was so much plot left to happen?
mendokusai_jamesdean: After you finish could there be a possible Bonus stream for Hunting?
Didero: and now to stand in this field for a bit
BigDaddyBland87: Yea I was in the 60's and cake-walked final boss...but I also got all the Espers
plummeting_sloth: sword got sticky
ChainedDreamer: That was baby fish, now the mama show up
thirsty_kitteh: possibly because she last cast a black magic spell?
CururuGuasu: Most Final Fantasys are paced so that you’ll be level 45-50 by the time you get to the end, without sidequesting
TheTekkieman: They occasionally don't have their weapon.
accountmadeforants: Seems a bit rude after fighting a swordfish
mowdownjoe: @eldritch_moose Always amused me that FFTA explicitly takes place in the universe of FF12 before 12 was ever concieved.
LordManiMani: There's at least one hunt you have that is worth streaming
LordManiMani: The run!
malsareus: it's a JRPG, everyone knows the final boss isn't the toughest fight
SK__Ren: Yeah, when I finally beat this game I was supremely overlevelled and had Vaan with Zodiac Spear, Berserk, Haste cheese.
northos: I care :D
plummeting_sloth: ah, a man of culture
jessicaengle: Hello Graham and chat. sergeHi
bytecaster: Speedruns of this game at always 4x speed must be dizzying
Foxmar320: The final boss is never the hardest fight in these games
BigDaddyBland87: Speedrun strats right here
Tigre5012: as a speedrunner i appreciate that joke, graham
lady_olynder: Looks, most jokes are for the teller, not the recipients
TXC2: 11 seconds
Didero: They sound like a train when walking around now
TXC2: hello jessicaengle welcome
LordManiMani: @lady_olynder unless the recipent is a clown who's frozen himself in a lake
BigDaddyBland87: @lady_olynder Especially if you sit on Wiggins' steams
Sibwow: the smaller the audience for a joke the higher the ceiling for laughs
plummeting_sloth: oh god there's a second segment of this?!
ScrapyardGhostTrain: I assume the speed runs are game-clock time, not real.
MrVirite: does the speed increase, inccrease play time?
NightValien28: I bet its a category for each speed
TheTekkieman: @plummeting_sloth This is the THIRD segment of this.
SK__Ren: if the speedups affect gameclock, it shouldn't matter
Foxmar320: lol
Sibwow: that was a monty python sketch
raulghoulia: "I was in the supply closet because I was crying" makes me laugh so much. And I don't know why
BlueChloroplast: :D :D :D
Foxmar320: Death by jokes
whatthebus: The Law of Conservation of Humour
emberBecky: the dream
Carlioo: Is that the killing joke monty python joked about?
malsareus: no ethics board will let you test it
TXC2: the reverse ninjitsu of laughter
omdorastrix: DIdin';t Monty Python do a documentary on that theory
jessicaengle: But the tarp budget is there
Judders__: oop missed notification i guess
bytecaster: It's very hard though, and that's why it is so difficult to hire a joke assassin these days.
NightValien28: yall did break someone's rib with a joke once, so getting there
merciary: So a donkey eating a fig?
mwlsn: Theoretical funny rating 10/10
Leonhart321: Isnt that a Monty Python Sketch?
Vonbane: theoretical comedy is an underappreciated area of study
LordManiMani: "We are developing this technology"
Sibwow: thats why you have to test on sets of identical twins, they can share the comic blast and survive
Orlantia: paul and Ian have that joke stored somewhere in the Sub-Labs
BigDaddyBland87: oh we're at this point
Driosenth: Graham, have you submitted a grant proposal to CANCOM?
TehAmelie: remember Crisyppus, the first recorded person who died from laughing? he did that from his own joke
beldromercier: @TXC2 Similar to Conservation of Ninjutsu the fewer the ninja, the stronger they get.
TXC2: beldromercier exactly
Leonhart321: So the most targeted humour in all human history. An assassination amusement
mowdownjoe: Just checked Nothing for all the TZA categories about the hyper-speed.
malsareus: sorry Reddas you gotta die
Carlioo: Oh no reddas
EvilBadman: Looks like the Speedrun category is tracked by Real Time so everyone runs the 4x. Records per platform are around 2-3 hours.
plummeting_sloth: I hope the last pillar carving is like "Hey, I realize I was coming on kinda bitchy and cryptic before and I'm sorry about that. I've got some therapy and I'm working on things and I just wanted you to know that the next door needs a red key. That's all. No bullshit, I promise"
grgriffin3: Well, reddas, you had a good run
BigDaddyBland87: I like to think the Mads were secretly looking for the ultimate joke in MST3K
accountmadeforants: I just checked one of the TZA runs, and yeah, they're using quad-speed.
nickthecatbear: You're too poor to go through this door :p
1fairy2boots: Need to get our Monty Python collection back and rewatch it for the x'th time.
Diabore: aka "you got cash?"
malsareus: but we need our mony to buy remedies
MrVirite: steal?
nickthecatbear: Yo have to steel money to go through the door of wealth
malsareus: time for AB testing
WearingCats_CwC: The first 60 floors of the tower are free, then you've got to pay for the rest
ExachixKitsune: we'll miss you
ExachixKitsune: oh wait
lady_olynder: Do we know how many floors this is? I assume either 100 or 200
TehAmelie: why not 256
CururuGuasu: Can’t steel, can steal
LordZarano: There is at least 1 documented case of someone dying laughing. While watching The Goodies iirc. His widow sent them a letter thanking them for making his final moments joyous
BigDaddyBland87: I picked knowledge. I am still not sure what I lost with that.
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mhbmk2: it still saddens me this system was so poorly recieved on launch, it's one of my favorite fight systems in the series
LordManiMani: @wearingcats_cwc Critically Acclaimed Lighthouse Pharos at Ridoranda with a free trial that includes the Award Winning Second Ascent free
mhbmk2: then again I'm a mathmetition and computer programmer so
Vonbane: or silence
BigDaddyBland87: looking it up, apparently knowledge was the mini-map
BigDaddyBland87: but the overlay still worked
Diabore: bonecrusher?
BlueChloroplast: Holy!!!! Moly?
Genie_M: Pew pew
Didero: We have healers, Bonecrusher will be fiiiine
thirsty_kitteh: holy above 1000 needles?
thirsty_kitteh: otherwise it'll never tirgger
Vonbane: can the enemy use physical attacks?
Didero: Should Holy be above 1000 needles then?
SK__Ren: Holy should be bumped up
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Didero: You can always reload your save :)
northos: rave
LordManiMani: Uh oh
Diabore: he dancin
queercrafting_chonk: So, with the Occuria...what do we know about them at this point?
WearingCats_CwC: sir?
Ackfu1: They were playing dark souls
mhbmk2: I love that 1000 needles sound effect
SK__Ren: Holy slaps
Snowcookies: holy is just as blinding here as in FFXIV
MrVirite: correct
BigDaddyBland87: @queercrafting_chonk god-like beings who want Ashe to absolutely wreck the Empire
Didero: Getting to another 100 or so floors like this seems frustrating
northos: attack, magick, technick, items
Alahmnat: Occuria sounds like such a Vex name. "Occuria, Nethecite Mind"
queercrafting_chonk: @bigdaddybland87 got it, thank you
Diabore: iirc theres one for technicks
northos: "wealth" = no items
SK__Ren: Items was the money do
thirsty_kitteh: money was no items
SK__Ren: door
TXC2: no gambits?
LordManiMani: @queercrafting_chonk they're functional gods who at different points in ivalice history have picked out humans to guide civilization by bequeathing weapons and nethicite, which are used as sources of power and magic depending on the tech level. They want Ashe to be their next pawn.
BigDaddyBland87: Magick, Wealth (no items), Steel (attack), Knowledge (mini-map)
Didero: 'Steal' is a Technick, right?
eldritch_moose: Not using items is considered a bad thing in an FF game?
queercrafting_chonk: @lordmanimani Are they worshipped openly, or are they a sort of Illuminati of gods?
MrVirite: Altar of Knowledge (Pink) will remove access to your mini-map
BigDaddyBland87: yea save the items...we might need them later
northos: @eldritch_moose ikr? this is just encouraging us to save everything for the last boss :p
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ExachixKitsune: but, I don't use items most of the time anyway. What if I need them for a lter fight
LordManiMani: @queercrafting_chonk one heretic named Venat broke off from the occuria to side with Dr Cid and Prince Vayne to kickstart tech development under the Archadean empire
eldritch_moose: but I thought we were all hoarders of precious, precious elixirs
Didero: Great, thanks, x4 was making me kind of queasy
LordManiMani: @queercrafting_chonk I don't believe they are worshipped or known by anyone outside of historians or mystics
Nydestroyer: on the double
bytecaster: Has someone modded in 8x speed for the ultimate zoomie experience?
jessicaengle: Bad credit? No probalo!
TXC2: 4x sure ain't for when you're ill, trust me :p
Carlioo: now i need that 16x speed
Nydestroyer: I will say the best part of the steam ff10 version was the speedup options
Snowcookies: did you want to redo some gambits again?
Didero: We only redid the gambits because we couldn't attack normally
queercrafting_chonk: @lordmanimani so kind of functioning like a group of intelligent, meddling aliens?
LordManiMani: @queercrafting_chonk it's unclear whether someone saying "by the gods" in this world would refer to the Occuria or some other power. At this point we just know them to be extremely advanced higher beings
1fairy2boots: That blinking no-items thing is obnoxious.
bytecaster: @Carlioo Once the speed multiplier is high enough, it just immediately play the end credits for you
catfoo123: Heyo!!
urkleturtle: posion has successfully entered its bonestream
LordManiMani: @queercrafting_chonk have ya ever played Control? lol
Diabore: might be an idea to have him haste himself first just to speed the process up
Alahmnat: I've always liked how Haste sounds like a marble bouncing on a hard surface
thirsty_kitteh: Fran was always in charge :P
queercrafting_chonk: @lordmanimani thank you so much! I've seen most of these streams but don't always catch everything. And I haven't played Control! Heard good things tho
Didero: and then graham vanished
Didero: oh, hi
LordZarano: FFXII But Every Time Anyone Casts Haste It Gets 5% Faster
Mangledpixel: boop
thirsty_kitteh: boop!
Nydestroyer: "Dang the game got to fast, gotta spam slow"
TehAmelie: 5% cumulatively? :3
Carlioo: Target: world, spell:haste
Diabore: i have a suggestion g, set up a gambit so balthier casts haste on himself so he just zooms through speeding everyone else up
TXC2: FFXII but every time a proper noun is used it gets faster Kappa
plummeting_sloth: FFXII, except every Pillar Carving is replaced with the script from Bee Movie
thirsty_kitteh: FFXII but everytime someone sighs at something Vaan says it gets 1% faster
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
Genie_M: The only thing you will need is waiting for mp regen
Genie_M: Instead of ether
LordManiMani: @queercrafting_chonk I think there's a bit more lore that's been found but story essential is that the Occuria created the Espers, but some of them rebelled and were banished and sealed on Ivalice to serve only as tools by powerful mortals. Ashe's ancestor Raithwall was one, and the last known chosen pawn of the occuria
BigDaddyBland87: @thirsty_kitteh Ashe alone would make things 75% faster
LordManiMani: @queercrafting_chonk NOT story essential
Nydestroyer: having only caught a few streams of this, why do I feel like the chests are always really disappointing lol
Daring_Apprentice: Is it just me, or does the soundtrack seem to be doing a Carmen reference?
thirsty_kitteh: bigdaddybland87: can you blame her, though?
LordManiMani: @nydestroyer they're based on loot tables rather than having Dev-picked items most of the time. So it's a legit read!
ExachixKitsune: Skeleton Chain - the way to unlock any sort of- wait no?
LordManiMani: $12000 for a Minerva Bustier??
mwlsn: Check your DRM keys
Mangledpixel: ah yes, the Bustier Sword
plummeting_sloth: Bustier Alright Vaan, time to get the girls out for combat
Didero: Did that lower her magic power?
LordManiMani: Would that go with the dress?
TheNerdWonder: Sure he can wear it, but can he make it work?
beldromercier: Bustier + catboi earlier...
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Now that'd be an interesting change for the remake.
WearingCats_CwC: It's the Roman version of the Athena Corset
thirsty_kitteh: singling out
Nydestroyer: focusing
whatthebus: If Cloud can wear a dress, surely Vaan can have a bustier
plummeting_sloth: Let Her Solo Us
ExachixKitsune: you can solo it
warboss5: "We were practicing good focus fire... FRAN..."
SuperWriterAndy: chat is this on console or steam?
bytecaster: And are you feeling the massive restrictions that is "now you must hoard the items .... by law"?
Nydestroyer: expeople
Didero: Does your chain affect your steal results too?
A_Dub888: previously skinned
TXC2: SuperWriterAndy I believe this is on steam
SpoonfullOfSugar: Flesh Inhibited?
Diabore: formerly fleshed
darko118: yes it does
eldritch_moose: animatedly-challenged, living-impaired...
bytecaster: The otherwise animated?
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @SuperWriterAndy Graham is on PC I believe, but this game is on Steam, PS4, and Switch at least.
io_Otter: fleshn't
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Mangledpixel: "You do know we charge by the letter?"
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I'm not sure about this gritty reboot of All Creatures Great and Small
BlueChloroplast: HahaBall
Vonbane: we're cool, we're badasses, blah blah blah...
whatthebus: @Mangledpixel does the effulgent glow cost extra or is that part of the base package?
LordManiMani: Well its either the Occuia, who are still some form of society and definitely poweful, or someone older than them 👀
TheNerdWonder: We were gods…honest. Why won’t anyone believe us?
eldritch_moose: is it me or do these texts feel like Ivalice boomer memes to anyone else?
darko118: I think after 20 you have a better chance of getting better and rarer items. I remember chaining lots in the original version to get items for weapons
Foxmar320: That looks like fun
SK__Ren: Its a "Behemoth"
bytecaster: @eldritch_moose All the tablets are in cursive?
Mangledpixel: it is a skeleton, just with extra bits
plummeting_sloth: Beastlord? Hide!
queercrafting_chonk: @eldritch_moose we're gonna find a carving of a Minion soon
Foxmar320: That guy was on it's way to the break room and you killed him
LordManiMani: Big fan of magic lighthouses in games. This, Goldens Sun, Arcane Lighthouse
eldritch_moose: @eldritch_moose definitely expecting a joke at the carver's wife's expense any minute now
kainboa: Ice you a question doesn't have the same ring as Axe you a question
TheNerdWonder: I would like to speak to the manager. We were not told there would be harder enemies to fight
Mangledpixel: a Bune platoon
lady_olynder: On the moon?
Mangledpixel: it has been many Bunetoons...
WearingCats_CwC: Is it the darkest dungeon?
TXC2: many bunetoons died to bring us this
bytecaster: @WearingCats_CwC More of a dark tower really
MonteTribal: i did this room with No Steel x_x rough times
NojhLivic: Hallo
TXC2: hello NojhLivic welcome
Mangledpixel: Haste Tigger? but he's so quick already
eldritch_moose: then you'll finally be able to cast fast...faster!
LordManiMani: Oh OK so it's the occuria
Didero: That's just bragging
eldritch_moose: see? Boomer memes about how the millenials know nothing
LordManiMani: Ascended to a higher plane. Y'all like Stargate?
Foxmar320: "Hey Idiot" they sound like Asher Mir
WearingCats_CwC: So Adam's an Occuria?
LordManiMani: Lolol
A_Dub888: Okay Occuria, we get it. You're jacking off
LordManiMani: Listen up Trogs seabatTROG
BlueChloroplast: Forbidden flesh? Ewww
EricTheOrange: How close are we to the end game at this point?
hammith: There is no end of the game, it just loops back like some sort of Final Fantasy Oroboros.
LordManiMani: @hammith that's very Final Fantasy 1 at least
Diabore: too many hunts
Didero: We've had hunts harder than them, yeah
bytecaster: We have already conquered the Carrot, what could possibly still stand in our way at this point?
thirsty_kitteh: you might have got a little distracted :P
TXC2: all those hunts made us stronk
djalternative: nah. let's go for lv100 before beating the boss
mhbmk2: iirc the boss coming up is a pain
djalternative: try for a 1 shot
mhbmk2: although I usually rush through main quest in ff games to make things harder
LordShadner: dragon cast death
Foxmar320: Never even hit the ground
hammith: Looked that way
Didero: "Did someone die there? I didn't even notice" is a very Manager thing to say :p
MrVirite: I now want to see 4x speed + max battle speed...
hammith: Had a bit of a fainting spell
Didero: Also, Graham, you were gonna check what 'Tula' is that you picked up earlier
Foxmar320: Wall sus
Critterbot: New mace for Balthier?
Foxmar320: Graham is outside the map again
A_Dub888: @Didero "Did someone die here? That's going to come up on your performance review."
thirsty_kitteh: I wonder if we could find a sub-ocean
Diabore: twas a trap
Squigel: don't you keep your skeletons behind a facade?
bytecaster: Maybe it was their break room?
eldritch_moose: Zeus...noted mace-user
Mangledpixel: the Zace Moose
hammith: 3.50?
Diabore: trap
Didero: They looked too closely at a trap
lady_olynder: And that is why we dont stand in glowing circles
TheNerdWonder: It’s not like it was clearly marked or anything
plummeting_sloth: phew, thank you for the company Graham, finally pushed through and filed my taxes. First year it's actually taken effort since I bought a house last Dec
nyperold: Maybe it's for use ON Zeus.
Didero: Oh right, I should do my taxes
eldritch_moose: @plummeting_sloth just realized I should probably do mine...
urkleturtle: a tax break so to speak
malsareus: yup, eff em
Diabore: thats not friendly
warboss5: You ever wonder where all the bones for these skeletons come from? Like, when the people were buried here, do you think they had to sign an Organ/Bone donor card beforehand?
eldritch_moose: Thank fuck the Dutch government is much better about usability
Didero: Oh yeah, taxes here are usually pretty easy, it's just the government going "hey are these figures correct?" and you can usually go "yeah", and you're done. If you don't do anything weird with your money
kiddykong525: It's always nice to happen upon a stream. Also have you been keeping up with wwe leading up to mania?
TXC2: why are there even tax companies, given tax is a thing you give to the GOVERNMENT ? :p
plummeting_sloth: Warboss, yeah... the amount of dead people we're having to rekill belies just a scale of death I'm not super comfortable with
Didero: @TXC2 To selflessly help YOU, of course!
plummeting_sloth: like, how many people died IN THIS ROOM, you know
SocraticMethod: @warboss5 Dynast-King didn't build his empire with pretty words and prayer circles
bytecaster: @plummeting_sloth I like to think of ourselves more as anti-necromancers than rekillers, personally
malsareus: yeah taxes took me about 30 minutes this year, and all of it was me going "yes that is correct tax system"
TXC2: Didero sure, I believe you Kappa
Gaz_L: @TXC2 But couldn't the government just do that for you? "Excellent question... next question"
LurkerSpine: @plummeting_sloth Just call the party all Abhorsen :D
Didero: This tower is too labyrinthine
MrVirite: 6 more floors
warboss5: The sheer volume of people you kill in any given action/RPG video game is often a major immersion breaker for me. It's like "Hey, we know you just basically depopulated this frontier western town in the last mission, but paying off a $120 bounty should just about cover it."
1fairy2boots: This tower is way too long without anything new.
Didero: Yeah, but you also have to keep moving in U-shapes for no reason
MrVirite: and waterfalls!
plummeting_sloth: I want an undead game where there is a massive safe area because that particular culture believed in creamation
BrindleBoar: Magic.
Gaz_L: they don't build em like they used to
Squigel: held up with bones from all the skeleton
MrVirite: I wonder if they are load bearing waterfalls?
bytecaster: You could ask the Bune platoon, maybe they know?
A_Dub888: rayfkWelp
TXC2: warboss5 that's one of the things Fallout New Vegas covers a bit, with the NCR will come to respect you over the course of the game
TXC2: "oh this guy kills whole death squads of legionnaires by themselves? lets hire them"
plummeting_sloth: there was one that lead to a treasure yesterday, I thought
bytecaster: Just trapped lore
Didero: I'm playing Yakuza 0, and at least there you just punch out the mooks, not kill them
Didero: Translation: "Do as you're told"
plummeting_sloth: "Hey fuckface, here's some lore from your gods"
LordManiMani: *a* chosen one
warboss5: @TXC2 Yeah, the Fallout universe has always been better than most about that kind of thing. But like, in the Red Dead series you could brutally murder ever resident of Valentine, pay a could hundred dollar fine, then come back to a completely repopulated town the next day.
Gaz_L: @Didero Kazuma Kiryu has never killed a man
warboss5: couple* hundred
SocraticMethod: @Didero Well, considering what kind of heat moves you get, I don't think death is far away
LordShadner: all of these just says "hey idiot OBEY US"
Didero: @Didero I can casually hit a person in the face with a motorcycle, but let's not worry about that too much :p
SocraticMethod: @LordShadner Written by programmers, apparently
urkleturtle: @Didero especially not those guys he shot with a rocket launcher
nyperold: Ah, stock SFX... I keep hearing the frog midboss from Majora's Mask.
SocraticMethod: @LordShadner Hey Idiot, read the lrrEFF ing manual
Gaz_L: @Didero Never. Killed. A. Man.
Didero: @Gaz_L Yeha, so far everybody's gotten back up after being repeatedly pummelled with a bicycle
plummeting_sloth: Wresting matches good enough to watch on 1x speed, dungeons boring enough to have to play at 4x speed
SocraticMethod: @Gaz_L rubber bullers. Rubber. Bullets.
Gaz_L: @SocraticMethod ugh
eldritch_moose: think of all the wealth you've sacrificed to get in, though!
Critterbot: Probably.
Didero: Speedrunners also probably don't fight every enemy
Squigel: the speedrun just uses rng manip to get a busted secret weapon
Gaz_L: there's people who play point and click games in DOSbox at unlimited processor speed and just zoop around the game
plummeting_sloth: I like when you are doing 4x and have to hug the wall to keep from pinging off in a weird direction
warboss5: Assuming they didn't find a way to skip the dungeon entirely
TXC2: eh, the matrix is timeless yet also groundbreaking classic
BlueChloroplast: Hey a matrix movie came out recently
TehAmelie: i once tried speedrunning FF6 with the aid of emulator fast forwarding. ran into a lot of walls
Didero: Speedrun record is 2 hour 38 minute
LurkerSpine: damn
Leonhart321: Necro been killed again
TXC2: more like Necrobeen'd !
warboss5: Good gods
1fairy2boots: Where would you recommend to watch a speed run of this? Might try watching one after you finished it.
plummeting_sloth: I know what it actally means, but I really like the idea that this is a no-pot zone
Gaz_L: could've been done in one stream, G
plummeting_sloth: with that symbol udner the map
LurkerSpine: I believe they are
Genie_M: "walk?"
MrVirite: yeah quad speed
Leonhart321: OK, NOW I'm curious about how they did it
Foxmar320: More G time is never wasted time
kristian_fischer: Magic card or Metal band? Necrofiend!
kristian_fischer: Hi all.
Didero: @1fairy2boots I usually go to for speedrun things. They have leaderboards, with a link to a video for each entry
TehAmelie: Speedrunalloneword should puil it off in two streams, right?
TXC2: hello kristian_fischer welcome
plummeting_sloth: I wonder if there's an exploit for using teleport cyrstals that you haven't been to yet
Snowcookies: Graham "time waster" Stark
1fairy2boots: Thanks for the info. Will check that out in the break.
nyperold: Necrofien-ISHED!
Didero: Now, that's Any%, how long would 100% take?
SocraticMethod: Wow, Original PS2 speedrun is 5h 38m
chaostreader: A four minute difference between first and second seems like a lot for a speed run.
warboss5: Its so goofy that a game where you can only control one character at a time has positioning-based floor traps >.<
plummeting_sloth: hehe, more maybe a pinewood chop duping exploit where you can get a thousand of them and hire an Arcadian cab to drive you everywhere
eldritch_moose: back in my college days I used to try and impress people after a night out by speedrunning Mega Man 2. I sometimes wonder if speedrunners still do that these days
novrdd: Hi, mr.G and hi chat, hope everyone is well and happy
TehAmelie: d picking up every unique item, maxing all classes with all characters and/or fighting all optional bosses, i guess
Leonhart321: All hunts, all cockatrices, Sandalwood chop, I missing anything?
TXC2: hello novrdd welcome
SocraticMethod: There is Platinum% speedrun in 9h 51min
SocraticMethod: ie. get all plat trophies
warboss5: Seems like a multi-day effort
LordShadner: 100% bestary?
djalternative: yeah. Plat% is usually "100%
matthaus_c: if people 100% DK64, people will 100% anything
plummeting_sloth: yeah, where it's easy to be the top runner of that category in the world because everyone else is like "nah, fuck that"
Gaz_L: i think Persona 5 Royal is the only game I have plat on
Pharmacistjudge: the Order of Ambrosia is basically the 100% run
Pharmacistjudge: it requires complete summon, complete trophy game, complete hunts, complete magic level should be above 50.
1fairy2boots: Oh my, this "same exact rooms forever" area cannot end quick enough.
SocraticMethod: Plat% is Complete story + grind tons
Gaz_L: and that was mostly because Joker's ultimate Persona basically makes him immune to everything
Diabore: according to google the hardest trophies are full bestiary and all concurences (because concurences is a lot of rng)
Squigel: im suprised 5% of people on steam have the yiazmat achievement
Didero: This ancient enchanted plaque could've been an email!
Leonhart321: Oh god, yeah the concurrences would be a nightmare
Pharmacistjudge: and it's basically 21 hours
plummeting_sloth: "I'm the fasted runner in the world in the Plat%, sticking hot nails under my skin% FFXII run" "That...that's cool"
BigDaddyBland87: Super Super boss
Diabore: kill yiazmat
SocraticMethod: Obtained 500,000 Clan Points. Spent 1,000,000 gil.
Leonhart321: The big superboss
lady_olynder: The mega boss to end all mega bosses
LordShadner: he is the superboss
Squigel: the 50,000,000 hp boss
Diabore: its the 4 hour super boss
Genie_M: The superest boss
matthaus_c: yiaaaaz queen
TheThirdTail: I imagine with 4x speed, it's less onerous
BigDaddyBland87: with like 12,000,000 hp
plummeting_sloth: "Hey idiot... peace be with you"
LordManiMani: Control is the only game I've 100%'d
SocraticMethod: Set up gambit and leave overnight boss
Leonhart321: And then Minerva came along with her 77,777,777 HP and said "Hold my Reraise wipe"
BigDaddyBland87: and Yiazmat can use Renew to full heal
TheThirdTail: Oh, but it's not only whatever-million-hp, it also caps damage at 6999 instead of 9999
Genie_M: Ajani?
plummeting_sloth: oh thank god some outdoors
matthaus_c: aren't you a KOF character
TXC2: Ajani!
A_Dub888: Kitty
LordManiMani: What a weird way to do minibosses
SocraticMethod: Ajani?!
Lord_Durin: Ajani?
Didero: we luchadores now
HunterLionheart: Ajani mad
plummeting_sloth: bad kitty
lady_olynder: Oh hey, a hrothgar
WearingCats_CwC: I think I got all the achievements in Oblivion. Nothing else
warboss5: This boss absolutely has "fan" art drawn of him
Diabore: no i think this is a shiny pokemon
Lord_Durin: Fenrir?!? that is clearly a cat, not a wolf
plummeting_sloth: but... that's a kitty and Fenrir is a puppy
TehAmelie: that doggo has a ridiculous sword!
ScrapyardGhostTrain: A Johnny? Kappa
Didero: Wow, Fran immediately yoinking off his skin
matthaus_c: if Fenrir wants to be a cat, I won't tell him no
TXC2: I have 9 games on steam I've 100% ;p
CAKHost: Wow I didn't know Square liked Wolf Game! Kappa
queercrafting_chonk: I've only platinum'd Bloodborne and Sekiro. Took forever but I love them
SuperWriterAndy: 10 or 8 as a first modern FF game?
TheThirdTail: "Ughhhh, not that Fenrir" - this cat probably
Didero: Is that what Libra does? Show elemental weaknesses? I keep wondering what Libra is even for
WearingCats_CwC: Oh, I see what it's doing now. Although "Slyt" was kind of a crappy Azure Dragon
Meecespieces: Hooray, it's Fenrisulfr!
plummeting_sloth: oh cool, an item we can't use
Juliamon: He's not actually Fenrir, just some white dude taking his name to look cool
TXC2: queercrafting_chonk oh 100% sekiro was such a pain
Squigel: gives you iuse items in a fight where items are locked. very cool
matthaus_c: I gave up accuracy in JRPGs when I saw the SMT Cerberus is a one headed lion :p
1fairy2boots: Yes, that Fenrir is a kitty and not a pup really messes with me.
HunterLionheart: @SuperWriterAndy I love 8, but doubt that's the answer to anyone's recommended first FF game.
queercrafting_chonk: @txc2 truly 😅😓
LordManiMani: Because a big dog enemy model would scale up badly?
lady_olynder: Is this boss why Hrothgar have bad posture in XIV?
plummeting_sloth: like many a podcaster, it's immune to silence
LurkerSpine: I'd say Super Mario RPG for anyone's first FF game
1fairy2boots: But, but....but can I offer you some poison?
matthaus_c: oh no, don't make the cat man HOTTER
LordManiMani: @lurkerspine the correct answer actually
Foxmar320: You would think all that fur would be weak to fire
Leonhart321: All that fur insulates
plummeting_sloth: Bad kitty, no! *sprays with water/sword*
WearingCats_CwC: ok, prediction for the next boss: some kind of vermillion bird
lady_olynder: Ashe's pose feels like it would be more appropriate with Penelo's Sword
TheNerdWonder: Fran, arrows are not chew toys. We’ve been over this before…
plummeting_sloth: oh cool, our reward for beating that boss is coming back to more featureless rooms
Foxmar320: Sounds like a fun place
Didero: A depressing sense of deja vu
SuperWriterAndy: paper mario or super mario RPG?
warboss5: Vibratey boy
LordManiMani: Jiminy this is a pain. I know the joke is that it's the long dungeon, but Jiminy
1fairy2boots: Game, please stop having more identical floors, please!
Genie_M: You can deal with these now
TehAmelie: someone keyboard mashed a bit with that Undying Entity eh
LordManiMani: @superwriterandy Mario RPG hews closer to Final Fantasy, if that's the goal
warboss5: Weirdly, that vibration is how my entire body feels when I have a hangover
Foxmar320: Nap time for the party
WearingCats_CwC: Battle Against a True Hero intensifies
CururuGuasu: Your hypothesis is 66% accurate
matthaus_c: beware the angry orb
Mangledpixel: apparently the four bosses Shadowseer summons are based on the Sì Xiàng, four beasts from Chinese myth corresponding to the four points on a compass. Fenrir is the White Tiger of the West.
queercrafting_chonk: This orb dislikes your pondering
Nydestroyer: oh no are we pondering an orb?
Didero: 1645 gil, at least
Genie_M: Ezpz
Foxmar320: lol
warboss5: I think the orb mostly pondered us
Leonhart321: What an awkward silence
BigDaddyBland87: awkward silence
matthaus_c: in this world of enormous dragons and dog-named cat men, the highest threat is a pulsating orb
omdorastrix: What is this... a Library?
TehAmelie: "the whole party is Silenced after the fight" works as a kind of metaphor for the trauma of battle
Foxmar320: :D
northos: well, we tried
MrVirite: hellow2Notcanon
A_Dub888: rayfkWelp
Nydestroyer: the work around didnt work RIP
Critterbot: Well then. :D
plummeting_sloth: well Vaan, you died as you lived... uselessly
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Death is supposed to cure all status effects. What kind of game is this?
EricTheOrange: silence curing items?
northos: eh, Vaan would be into it
northos: I don't feel so good mr. fon Ronsenburg
Nydestroyer: *insert piece out fade gif*
IviaRelle: Not only that but now she's gotta carry around his comatose half-corpse.
TXC2: flashes the peace sign, fades out
Nydestroyer: @TXC2 I see a person of culture
Snowcookies: it's a terrible day to have a itemless curse
TXC2: Nydestroyer thank you
WearingCats_CwC: I assume the "No Pots" sign is just to keep Link out
Meecespieces: Hyaaah!
Nydestroyer: Oh you smashed them all last week
LurkerSpine: Mr. Time Hero
eldritch_moose: Stupid question, but do you have an anti-silence accessory?
Foxmar320: Link walks by, sees the sign and walks away disapointed
WearingCats_CwC: "Sad hya"- Link, probably
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creasehearst: maybe he can find some pokemon in that tall grass too
Ritaspirithntr: That’s funny! Just beat Ocarina of Time yesterday and now playing Twilight Princess! Nice timing G LUL
TehAmelie: potions are back on the menu!
NDCazzy: I did it I got to the Nice Number in months!
Nydestroyer: if link cuts down the tall grass do pokemon trainers not have the ability to catch pokemon?
LordManiMani: 👀
LordManiMani: seabatClap
TehAmelie: i'm so calling elevators that now
Squigel: link is a pokemon, he knows cut
Foxmar320: Im calling every elevator the "Dais of Ascendance" from now on
Lazarus2511: \xd
Gaz_L: thank you Urianger
LordManiMani: No magic elevators. Only daises
Not_On_Twitch: Urianger, is that you?
eldritch_moose: emheighten you!
Nydestroyer: But wait, does that mean it only goes up?
Didero: I dunno, it really elevates the dais
LordManiMani: Aaaaaah
plummeting_sloth: in hindsighty, they probably should have put the call button for that on the bottom
LurkerSpine: Cheer100 Dais of mild convenience
TheNerdWonder: It will elevate our consciousness
Squigel: 3 floors to go
Squigel: to floor 69
GapFiller: Nydestroyer no thatd be a Dais of Descendance
Not_On_Twitch: Call maintenance, we have a wobbly Dais.
queercrafting_chonk: !clip
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TehAmelie: achieve the zenith of our house through the dais of ascendance
Alger_Waterlow: i love ads
Nydestroyer: Dang G just calling his shots on the highlights
LordManiMani: Orb comes by and TPK's Graham while he's away
Nydestroyer: Thats the real Dad comedian energy
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
northos: *regen noises*
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Nydestroyer: Daves discount Dias' of Ascendance
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Feriority: Oh, I've missed a few streams, I guess I'll be back for the vod later
TXC2: and we're back
Firewhiskers: Final Fantasy "I Like Towers" XII
Didero: What's "Touch the device" from?
BigDaddyBland87: Who's ready for a puzzle???
Didero: Oh, I thought it was a reference to something, especially with the voice
SocraticMethod: Great Alan Rickman impression you've got, G
ShaneLeeAtk: I hear it in Werner Herzog's voice
Lazarus2511: wait the elevator totally comes up here. we'd better be able to take it back down
Mangledpixel: a cornish pastiche, if you will
ghostPepperWonton: I thought Gandalf
northos: it also kinda works as a reference to T H E D E V I C E from past Desert Bus
LordZarano: Bad guy played by Alan Rickman in this instance
Firewhiskers: Porobolous doo dooo doo doo doo. Porobolous doo doo doo doo.
ShaneLeeAtk: So... F around and find out
northos: wow, I didn't know this was a Dark Souls clone Kappa
rynsfelda: The wine movie?
LordManiMani: Is that when the wine is too expensive?
BrindleBoar: snackrifice
CururuGuasu: By Grabnar’s Hammer…what a tower
SocraticMethod: Says sacrifice, but what do I know
SocraticMethod: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
ShamelessMatt: As someone who drinks too much wine Bottle Shock is a really good film
rynsfelda: I think they were trying to promote California wine is as good as French.
Didero: I feel like this would be a lot easier if you had just brought, like, a rope and a grappling hook, or something
LordManiMani: @rynsfelda hmnyaaaaa!
SocraticMethod: Doesn't Reddas have holy?
Firewhiskers: In their final moments, they should feel terrible than even their greatest explosions cannot defeat you.
Didero: That side corridor has a suspicious extra edge at the end, might be a Fool's Wall
Lazarus2511: lots of nonfrance places make good wine
1fairy2boots: Oh no, this reminds me of Twisted Castle in Guild Wars 2. Platform portal puzzles, my "favorite".
ShamelessMatt: I feel like all the wine growing regions of the world have their strengths. Just gotta try them all
Firewhiskers: I don't like that that Facade called you a name.
plummeting_sloth: oh god this area is so big
northos: I love Ardor
MrVirite: trap boots?
whatthebus: if it's named after a star, then it's a gun
lady_olynder: Ardor? Time to Rejoin worlds i guess
LordShadner: time magic
SocraticMethod: Antares is mantis paletter swawp in Salikawood
Critterbot: Float is green magic.
TheNerdWonder: Time to find the subocean
A_Dub888: Ardor, ettor, aster, onger
Foxmar320: Grahams escaped the map again?
Didero: Why aren't these spells sorted in any useful way
Pharmacistjudge: did you go back and get it from the chest?
TheTekkieman: @Didero Because he hasn't hit the Sort button.
TXC2: weren't we looking this up yesterday?
MrVirite: @Didero You can sort them with (x), just new ones go at the end of the list
Didero: @Didero Ah, that's at least useful, thanks
plummeting_sloth: ah, I like that it actually changes something in the game world
SuperWriterAndy: we all float down here
Didero: I hope these aren't load-bearing fake walls
SocraticMethod: Antares is also a gun, huh. I wonder why they named two different things so
Nydestroyer: Man I feel like floating would suck if you still had to walk
arkham1981: follow your heart G
plummeting_sloth: if only we had a passive aggressive pillar to call us stupid and give us cryptic advice for this
TheNerdWonder: I’m sure this won’t wear off at a comically appropriate time
SK__Ren: oooh
goatprince: I legit have brute-forced my way through this puzzle multiple times
TheTekkieman: May not be the "right" one, but still LOOT.
TehAmelie: what was that one Flare we found by the way? magic spell? a sword? an upgrade material for pants legs?
LordManiMani: Is that the Bustier Sword?
plummeting_sloth: that's a decorative kitchen countertop of a sword
ShaneLeeAtk: Give me the FF6 Ultima weapon, you cowards!
SocraticMethod: Someone's doing Scott Steiner math for Sacrifice promo?
Firewhiskers: The Ultima Sword sounds like something a Moogle's Discount Weapon's Shop would sell. "It's almost Ultimate!"
eldritch_moose: "Hey idiot! I don't see color!"
Diabore: oh sneaky game
plummeting_sloth: I mean, untainted by color could mean white?
goatprince: don't forget the loot!
Didero: "I have an urge for murder and you're here"
BigDaddyBland87: I was wondering if you were gonna miss that corridor
mendokusai_jamesdean: Doesn't Graham's Panelo use great swords as well?
TheNerdWonder: Charger barding is horse armor. We just got some horse armor
Nydestroyer: The best puzzle, a bunch of red herrings with the real path sitting behind a hidden wall
LordManiMani: @firewhiskers they probably carry Excalipoor there
Judders__: item in the corner
LordManiMani: Cowards.
BigDaddyBland87: game bad
plummeting_sloth: how dare
SocraticMethod: Balthier here thinks walking is too plebeian :D
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Don't they know how many nice numbers there are in between?
TXC2: boo, game unplayable
SK__Ren: Someone needs to make a mod to change that one text string
LordManiMani: What gives you the right
goatprince: in this instance the game played you
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Genie_M: Shinra building staircase here we go
LordManiMani: Uh ohhh
pacotaco009: This is by far my favorite Final Fantasy!
TheTekkieman: Something's going after you.
LordShadner: also we acended just to that a teleporter?
goatprince: you were ready for a boss fight riht?
Lazarus2511: RIP
plummeting_sloth: yes, can't have us ascending too far. That would be terrible
LordManiMani: I love this design
BigDaddyBland87: mini?
TheTekkieman: Oh hey, it's your Doordash.
Firewhiskers: Maxi boss
Snowcookies: I love this boss in ffxv
goatprince: this boss is SUCH a leo
Snowcookies: ffxiv*
WearingCats_CwC: That's not a vermillion birb
TehAmelie: trying to remember if you go through all the floors in Shinra Tower in FF7, or the Dais of Ascendance lets you skip some
MrVirite: or disable
CururuGuasu: Hashed Mal
SK__Ren: Why is it fire? Shouldn't it be Thunder?
hammith: Hashmal? But this doesn't look like a bird thing that shoots lasers out its mouth at mobile suits.
Didero: I feel like equipping the Treaty Blade on Vaan is some kind of sacrilege
Critterbot: Vaan pls. :D
SocraticMethod: uuh, Balthied could use some help
Genie_M: You can sort your weapons in the inventory
LordManiMani: Hope he gets to use his special attack
Firewhiskers: @LordManiMani I don't. You have to prep for it :(
Mangledpixel: teh roxxor
LordManiMani: ROXXOR'D
LordShadner: when their name is white they are not being targeted and can be switched
plummeting_sloth: well this one is giving you a better run for your money
Didero: O so that's what the red-coloured name is
plummeting_sloth: on right, our super weapon
northos: oops, lost the initiative
LordManiMani: He beat you to roxxor
LordManiMani: Love that pose
goatprince: it's whenever their name is 'red'
SuperWriterAndy: powerful magics
LordShadner: probaly also counted
Didero: Basch shatters reality, and Fran... punches a whole bunch
thirsty_kitteh: to be fair, the shatter reality is higher level than much punch
plummeting_sloth: ah, Mist Powers, where we punch a whole in reality... and then do it like 8 more times to really make a point o fit
Nydestroyer: wonder if anyone has ever modded in sephiroth blowing up all the planets as one of those
LordManiMani: "I lived"
TehAmelie: it was five digits :x
TXC2: I swear you say that every time Graham :P
MousseFilledCat: Oh hey, I recognize this guy from the FF14 ARaid
LordManiMani: Can you cast float to avoid Quakeja
niccus: how many floors of this is in the ff14 raid
ShamelessMatt: Dragging enemies into a whole other dimension just to kick them in the nuts is kinda weird tbh. Doesn't feel very heroic, especially when the enemy is just some weird dog
LordManiMani: Is that music esper exclusive? Or all bosses
goatprince: yeah, the... esper music was playing
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vinewood_og: I remembered to hit the button! So glad to have original recipe Graham back!
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Judders__: what squares this guy gonna unlock
goatprince: (lol)
plummeting_sloth: wish Basch was there, just collapsed on the ground in the cutscene
Snowcookies: @niccus there's a whole 3-part raid series called Return to Ivallice. It's a combo of this game and tactics
Firewhiskers: Basch is revived. "Did we win?"
1fairy2boots: So, if this a raid in FFXIV are the floors also as unbearably long and identical?
TehAmelie: i still like the arrow in mouth pose, cause i keep seeing it as a fake arrow through her head
Didero: Hey, Fran still has skills you can buy
Genie_M: Curaja
goatprince: curaja is clearly the winner here
Squigel: i think i had basch with the same jobs and he ended up getting like 5 espers
goatprince: great news basch. you're a leo
Didero: Fran still had things to unlock, though I don't know if they're important
lady_olynder: Im so used to watching the VOD that keep trying to tap the video to see time remaining
CururuGuasu: Faith, Bravey, and Curaja are all great gets
LordManiMani: Haaaha
lady_olynder: You are plenty entertaining, i am just sleepy and SHOULD be asleep
malsareus: excuse you, are you building a fusion reactor next?
Firewhiskers: You found proof of Dark Matter. Sell it to a physicist
TehAmelie: Ultima in a jar?
BigDaddyBland87: @Squigel Yea Basch and Balthier had almost all of mine
Genie_M: X to sort inventory
LordManiMani: @tehamelie I believe you'll find Ultima is Ultima in a Jar
MrVirite: She can hear you, you know.
Didero: You know she can hear you, right?
plummeting_sloth: at this point I want to take revenge on all these stairs
LordManiMani: Does Penelo have a specific accent?
BigDaddyBland87: Ashe: "I can hear you talking"
Firewhiskers: Ashe literally said it was a marriage of convenience
BrindleBoar: "boy sure is some themes. let's talk about themes. do you like themes? I like themes."
northos: @LordManiMani generic American?
Lazarus2511: also you know the whole oppressive empire thing
malsareus: Batlhier literally knows time magic
plummeting_sloth: "ACtualy, wait there is an Esper that can change the past. But let's not talk about that"
TXC2: grief doesn't tend to make people launch nukes Penolo
accountmadeforants: sajamSaint
malsareus: Imagine standing next to those gossips
beldromercier: it s stage whispers!
Nydestroyer: everyone knows you cant hear when you are waxing internally while looking into the distance
Firewhiskers: @TXC2 Unless its Doctor Strangelove
Judders__: right there in this clearly terrible acoustics
malsareus: That was So awkward for Ashe
CururuGuasu: Grief makes you hard of hearing, I guess
BigDaddyBland87: Ashe: "I'm nuking your houses after I nuke Archades
beldromercier: so what happenned between 45 and 98
SocraticMethod: I love Reddas. He chews scenery so cleanlu
MrVirite: this place has SO MANY save crystals, like, does any other region have this many?
malsareus: we got 99 floor but this aint 1
hesterbyrde: can we maybe not talk about this stuff around the lady with the birthright to magic nukes who's stuck in the anger stage of grief
LordManiMani: "Hey idiot! You made it!"
plummeting_sloth: "Only the chosen one would bother with all these stairs"
ExachixKitsune: so, I presume we're ascending this tower to kill god? that's what you do in final fantasy right
malsareus: shiny
accountmadeforants: Oh dang, I hope you get 3/5 wins to pass the challenge for the Celestial Floor.
SocraticMethod: @ExachixKitsune We are ascending to get magic nuke stone
LordManiMani: Y'all seen Everything Everywhere All at Once?
eldritch_moose: I can see why they named it that
beldromercier: full lenses flair!
plummeting_sloth: So this is where they make the soda Sun Kissed
TXC2: looks like a lot of cobwebs :p
beldromercier: flare*
accountmadeforants: LordManiMani Not yet, but I'm planning to
Firewhiskers: As opposed to taking its power with his foot
ShamelessMatt: They got some gnarly spiders up here i guess
LordManiMani: Woooo
malsareus: shut it Vaan
BigDaddyBland87: Finally!!
Didero: "Shut up, Wesley"
CururuGuasu: Twice the goofy swords!
BrindleBoar: "I'm monologuing, dick"
SocraticMethod: Shut up Vaan, oh wait, no, listen to him!
grgriffin3: She's going to destroy the Sunkist! We'll all have to drink Sunny D forever!
BigDaddyBland87: Someone just told him to shut up
ExachixKitsune: One thing after Vaan-other
Khasi1596: Distilled essence lens flare
LordManiMani: Kingdom Hearts!
LordZarano: Effulgent!
niccus: vaan i'm about to touch the demon core, be quiet
Leonhart321: Vaan, it's called Gravitas, and you're ruining it
Nydestroyer: destroying the tower from the top floor seems like a bad idea
Didero: oof ouch hot
TehAmelie: have a Capri Sun, Vaan
SK__Ren: Is this Spirits Within now?
LordManiMani: "Was that anything?"
TehAmelie: any kind of juicebox except Sunkist, of course
CururuGuasu: That stone was full of ghosts!
Didero: Rasler's ghost is just a puppet of the gods, right?
LordManiMani: @didero we may be about to find out
LurkerSpine: dark helmet
TXC2: how did he get here?
ShamelessMatt: I think ghosts get to be vengeful. They earned it
niccus: shepard.
accountmadeforants: It occurs to me that someone in full plate armour would not be a good spy.
lady_olynder: For an observer he sure is being an instigator
BigDaddyBland87: shut up Vaan
LordManiMani: And Scarecrow's brain!
TehAmelie: and Vaan was there too
Firewhiskers: This is just a WWE opener
Alahmnat: how about we just kill this guy and move on with our lives?
BigDaddyBland87: Let the hate flow through you
Critterbot: His name is Reddas.
plummeting_sloth: that's a terrible Limmrik
LordManiMani: He just wrecks (Reks) Vaan
BrindleBoar: I like how he was swinging at Ashe and now she's ten feet away
TXC2: "strike me down with all your hate and join the Sith!"
LordManiMani: The Dread Pirate Exposition
Firewhiskers: Is everybody an ex-Judge in this game?
LordManiMani: Would be a lot more meaningful if we'd seen Zecht
TXC2: ^
plummeting_sloth: super dispair!
SocraticMethod: @Firewhiskers Judge is a kind of officer, Judge Magister is the powerful one
Raincoast_Bear: Good Morning Coolest Graham. lrrGRAHAM_SG
BrindleBoar: the judge-to-pirate pipeline is real
thirsty_kitteh: Balthier has _notes_ on this part of the script
accountmadeforants: @Firewhiskers They're a very judgy people
TXC2: hello Raincoast_Bear welcome
CururuGuasu: The dead are so demanding
plummeting_sloth: Hey Judge idiot, she hates you and your kind. Maybe don't tell her to do things cause she's probably inclinded to do the opposite
LordManiMani: "Screw going home, I wanna be a witch!"
beldromercier: Vann reprresenting the people of Dalmasca here
Raincoast_Bear: lrrJUDGECALL
northos: *smoochy face*
Didero: ey, i'm ghostin' 'ere
TXC2: "hmm, dead husband, or living dumbass?"
accountmadeforants: :O
CururuGuasu: Unchained Melody starts to play
SuperWriterAndy: i chop the ghost
plummeting_sloth: oh cool, put your voice in her dead husband, excellent negotiating tactic
LordManiMani: Hm
BigDaddyBland87: We chose being conquered over using weapons
thirsty_kitteh: Basch is flanking
Firewhiskers: Does Venat believe in psychohistory?
LordManiMani: Yeah Basch might have words
SocraticMethod: @BigDaddyBland87 Being conquered over Magic Nukes. Necrohol used to be a real city
Didero: Basch, Balthier, and Fran are outside having a smoke
plummeting_sloth: "The dead, who I killed, demand justice. Please listen to me about them who I killed"
EvilBadman: <message deleted>What the shit, Lance Reddick died?
accountmadeforants: The muffled "you claim no need of power" sounds like someone heckling from the theatre.
Alahmnat: Basch was still climbing that last flight of stairs
LordManiMani: Why was that muted
SocraticMethod: Not the place
Alex_Frostfire: "Your oaths poison those you would protect!" Start of combat: *casts Protect*
Meecespieces: wait...did he connect his swords during the cutscene just to talk...only to disconnect his swords when he's ready to fight?
SocraticMethod: Anyway, in case someone missed, Gabranth has a bit of a death wish.
plummeting_sloth: also how did he get here? Was he ALSO the chosen one
LordManiMani: He's got a quickening!
BigDaddyBland87: He's very indecisive
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Off-brand Darth Maul.
WhiteWizard42: big "mr tiddlywinks and the ladder" energy there
SocraticMethod: Readies Guilt :D
mhbmk2: advanced anime sword techniques
niccus: truly the cupstacker of the sword world
ExachixKitsune: Look, good leadership is all about making connections
Nydestroyer: I dont think that connecting the swords counts as IaiJustsu
whatthebus: the kingslayer? I didn't know Jaime Lannister was in this game
Amras0x00: mixing fighting styles
TheMerricat: pump action swords OBVIOUSLY.
Didero: @plummeting_sloth He just took the elevator up
Manae: Just tearing that man apart
northos: interesting that the battle log just lists his name as "Gabranth" not "Judge"
lady_olynder: The named udges all seem to have gimmick weapons that connect
MrVirite: I do with the bosses scaled a lil bit more
EvilBadman: Sorry mods, I just got out of a meeting
LordManiMani: Absolute jobber
plummeting_sloth: the magnets in his sword are really weak alright
MrVirite: wish*
Firewhiskers: You just stole his pocket gil
accountmadeforants: He makes the hilts smooch to motivate himself
LordManiMani: Then again we fight gods and their avatars
Didero: Worse than killing him, he was fired
SocraticMethod: SO yeah, he wasn't supposed to fight Ashe
LordManiMani: "Boo!" lrrSPOOP
TXC2: EvilBadman it's poor form to say stuff like in a ongoing stream, don't know how it'll effect the stream
whatthebus: nothing personnel, kid
Nydestroyer: did these guys also solve all the puzzles or did they take the express elevator
Alahmnat: *that* was the rest of his health bar
TXC2: *streamer
LordManiMani: That *is* true, as is tradition
SocraticMethod: @Nydestroyer They got Occuria express to the top
LordManiMani: God I love him for that delivery
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, his delivery has been consistently great
LordManiMani: Pokeball! Go!
Diabore: remember when we played the game instead of watched it?
Didero: Yeah, let's just all stand around doing nothing, that's a good strategy
BigDaddyBland87: lrrHAM
grgriffin3: This man is ever so slightly hammy
MrVirite: SO GOOOD
SocraticMethod: OM NOM NOM
malsareus: so we summoning a demon god?
LordManiMani: Are those the other shards? Dawn, midlight etc
lady_olynder: Cid is so good even if his cadence is peculiar
CururuGuasu: He’s having a blast
Alahmnat: you really can't not play these characters like this, yeah
scientist_captain: So a flare for drama is genetic
Lazarus2511: bahamut? sounds bad
Nydestroyer: Lol just picture this character talking like everyone else, it would be sad
SK__Ren: Chewing the scenery like Jeremy Irons in Dungeons and Dragons
TehAmelie: maybe he learned from Cid in FF10
LordManiMani: Lolololol
accountmadeforants: He was doing a whole sing-song delivery for the entirety of his first scene. They had solid direction.
grgriffin3: I appreciate that you got the pause for laughter in there, G
Meecespieces: omg yes, Jeremy Irons in D&D was amazing
ZombieHendrix: so, an evil demon tricked everyone into this situation?
Juliamon: With the rest of the cast having such a ridiculously dry delivery, I appreciate this ham
mowdownjoe: It ain't a JRPG if you aren't trying to kill God.
Alahmnat: now I want Jeremy Irons to play this guy
plummeting_sloth: anyway, time to shot you with guns
Thandres: i mean two guns IS nifty
LordManiMani: Just hang tight
LordManiMani: Here we go
mhbmk2: you can't silence this acting!
Nydestroyer: LUL
Nydestroyer: what
malsareus: the issueu I'm kinda having is that mismatch of DBZ level attacks and GUN
scientist_captain: and he deadnamed Balthier!!
Alahmnat: Cid will not be silenced!
accountmadeforants: seabatClap
bytecaster: Behold my even bigger gun!
Firewhiskers: Heavy Cid
mowdownjoe: MORE DAKKA
ExachixKitsune: ok I love this
raulghoulia: you would silence this man? He's hilarious
LordShadner: @ExachixKitsune he is a Doctor Kappa
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Where were you keeping that?!
BigDaddyBland87: now where was he hiding that?
malsareus: were was he keeping that?
plummeting_sloth: the gods gave him the power of hammer space
ShamelessMatt: We've gotta start talking like Cid again. The world needs more absurdity
Leonhart321: Oh, it gets better
nickthecatbear: How campy can we get? I love this
Nydestroyer: he has a gatling gun but he just goes back to two guns?
lady_olynder: Now i see why my friend loved this fight
CodeIndigo: a gatling gun that does nothing
TheMerricat: _I am a GOD of guns!!!!_
accountmadeforants: Doktor, turn off my gun inhibitors.
TXC2: why does he have a gatling cannon ?
CodeIndigo: great inventor my butt
plummeting_sloth: see what this bar of soap can do!
BrindleBoar: the power of rock compels you
LordManiMani: Here's the pokeball
lady_olynder: His own Esper?
niccus: there's a second where i'd have guessed he'd just bite into it
CururuGuasu: Big jug time
plummeting_sloth: oh no, he made Smough
TehAmelie: Stone of Man sounds cool and all but have you tried the Stone of Avocado?
Alahmnat: that mob definitely store its hammer from dark souls
Nydestroyer: ifrit at home
TXC2: plummeting_sloth smough, that's the name, thank you
Meecespieces: this guy would make an amazing 1940's-50's black and white sci fi movie villain
malsareus: he has a ball on chain tail
northos: unfortunately this part of the fight kinda messes with lowest hp gambits
Yolysses: One hell of a stand…
BigDaddyBland87: You may have to alter gambits so they attack the esper
BigDaddyBland87: This fight can be a headache because of that
LordManiMani: He has Fire Emblem Awakening legs
SocraticMethod: I wish the localization team could have changed the line timings because Cid needs more space to for this presence
SocraticMethod: Just Hamming it up
Nydestroyer: I think he might be weak to fire LUL
SocraticMethod: The Esper of Water, he represents the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the Water Carrier, and he carries a large jug on his shoulder
malsareus: fam of frit
SocraticMethod: It's real
Nydestroyer: Exactly, I called him ifrit at home
WeenieRotini: i can't believe its not-frit!
LordManiMani: Belias is faux Ifrit xD
SocraticMethod: "The hideous, darkly clouded form of Famfrit, scion in opposition to Holy Queen Emmerololth, scion of light, was anathema even to his creators. Thus, after a great battle, was he broken and sealed within armor laced with wards. The confines of his armor are void of light, so is he called the Darkening Cloud. Men fear the rain that falls from the black clouds that ooze from that giant ewer as a herald of chaos and waste."
Firewhiskers: Fear his mighty ball
beldromercier: I thought Famfrit is nock off Fafnir
plummeting_sloth: I thought he was a Flan Frit
SocraticMethod: You might be a bit overleveled for story content :D
LordManiMani: I misunderstood and thought somehow Balthier, Ffamran, was tied to Famfrit from the speeches
ScrapyardGhostTrain: Cid's just a Destiny player at this point.
CodeIndigo: plink
MrVirite: can we get his guns?
malsareus: uh Cid, you're in here too
Didero: Looks like the special effects team had a lot of fun
plummeting_sloth: boy, Dr Cid loves giant guns that don't actually directly shoot things at you
LordManiMani: "Ho!"
BigDaddyBland87: Like the first Cid fight?
RayFK: Mean, and would scan with this era of JRPG design
SK__Ren: Did we steal anything good?
SocraticMethod: @LoadingReadyRun S-85 Cyclotrone
mhbmk2: I feel this is the exact point in the game the writers got bored of the heavy medieval political fantasy
LordManiMani: Nice
Lazarus2511: :)
goatprince: SUCH an aquarius
malsareus: free esper
plummeting_sloth: did we turn Dr Cid into an Esper
LordManiMani: Its a real one. But he harnessed it
Firewhiskers: It's all good Fam, Frit
warboss5: I wonder if the design for the Esper was inspired by WoW's design for the Naaru
northos: honestly it would have been way cooler in the lore if he made his own esper with the nethicite
nickthecatbear: Famfrit was the first totema you encounter in FF Tactics advance
TheTekkieman: To be fair, Venat's goals are still being attained.
WeenieRotini: this rock may be manufacted, but the esper is 100% real! thats what it says on the package, anyway
accountmadeforants: Fool of a took
SocraticMethod: And Cid gets in one last barb
Didero: THOSE are you last words? Insulting your son?
CururuGuasu: Nom nom nom
SocraticMethod: Father of the Year
LordManiMani: Hah
Firewhiskers: "Joke's on you dad. I passed through so many Fool's Facades to get here."
warboss5: @Didero Isn't that how Tywin Lanister went out?
BigDaddyBland87: snap snap snap
TXC2: Didero yeah Bad dad's 'll be like that :p
accountmadeforants: Mist do be burning
CururuGuasu: With Wilford Brimly?
Didero: Those are some stupidly long nails
SK__Ren: I mean, its twisted but I guess he did care? In so much that if Balthier wanted to run off, he was happy to let him. Ultimate freedom to do whatever the hell he wanted.
Alahmnat: can... can we not carry her?
RayFK: Balthier main character send tweet
ShamelessMatt: These cutscenes really driving home how Balthier really is the main character
plummeting_sloth: and by we I mean you
malsareus: we have some beefy bois who can help Fran
LordManiMani: Isildur!
Didero: try going around :p
CodeIndigo: Y'know what I want now? A Vagrant Story remake... as a Soulslike.
SK__Ren: @CodeIndigo GIVE
Didero: Wait, why can HE walk towards it?
whatthebus: kates7
Genie_M: Reddas left the party
Firewhiskers: And Static Shock was never heard from again
vinewood_og: Phil Lamarr. Killing. It.
Nydestroyer: @Didero better boot grip
LordManiMani: @didero he's just built different
WeenieRotini: he jumped! nobody else thought to jump :P
SocraticMethod: Oh right, there was an article how FF12 used 1500 polygons per character. FFX, for comparison, got budget of 3000
djalternative: @Didero never skipped leg dy
plummeting_sloth: so... we SHOULD have done that at the start?
matthaus_c: duilt bifferent
ExachixKitsune: and then TES IV starts
1fairy2boots: @whatthebus Harsh and true.
TheNerdWonder: Well then
Leonhart321: I mean, if you got to go, go stabbing a nuke in face
Lazarus2511: ooh nice ship
LordManiMani: @socraticmethod shame they lost most of those in the X Remaster
goatprince: so anyway let's check what that esper unlocked
1fairy2boots: Argh, chat was too fast.
TXC2: pre rendered now
WeenieRotini: how kind
Leonhart321: You don't say
LordManiMani: This isn't point of no return though.
Alahmnat: "several cutscenes will play in sequence"
ShamelessMatt: Just gonna skip over walking back down the stairs huh?
matthaus_c: oh no, my immersion
Leonhart321: "Several cutscenes will now play in sequence" vibes
CodeIndigo: "save, dum dum, it's getting real"
LordManiMani: Just 'hey you just did a LOT'
malsareus: uh huh, not threatening at all game
CururuGuasu: Several cutscenes will play in sequence
Firewhiskers: @ShamelessMatt I thought they could teleport to the floor now
ShamelessMatt: Fair
Critterbot: Reddas.*
Didero: Should've let Vaan do it Kappa
aria1027: Yup
lady_olynder: Shame we never got to see Reddas' wespon combo gimmick
thirsty_kitteh: I'm sure they will not be a problem
Lazarus2511: Vaan was keeping the group from being distracted
LordManiMani: Those were the deifacted nethicite shards, no?
SocraticMethod: Mist spirits, remeber when the big airship got nuked?
malsareus: wait how do the KNOW?
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Alahmnat: Graham no
TheNerdWonder: Good question. Next question
accountmadeforants: I still can't get over the little :) text bubbles
malsareus: are they telepathic?
northos: @malsareus time skip, we're already back without him
plummeting_sloth: well, that wrapped up the Reddas arc. Also I guess there was a Reddas arc
ScrapyardGhostTrain: *Vaan's* crew? It's Balthier's crew, thank you very much.
matthaus_c: worked out for Superman
LordManiMani: Maybe if these guys had turned up earlier in the story to comment on the plor
Didero: "My clothing is small because I haven't bought any new clothes since I was 6"
whatthebus: it's called fashion, look it up
Alahmnat: they're the only ones dumb enough to think Vaan was the main character
LordManiMani: Yooo Other Cid
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SocraticMethod: We killed Cid. Here's the Cooler Cid
raulghoulia: The Cid is dead. Long live the Cid
LordManiMani: @alahmnat well put!
BigDaddyBland87: His "little birds"? Is he Varys now?
TXC2: it's Vaan's crew for Liability Kappa
CururuGuasu: We would also accept Fran’s crew or even Penellos’s crew
matthaus_c: I could live with Vaan being the fall guy
Khasi1596: !fran
LRRbot: Fran, like all viera, is intended to have an Icelandic accent. "Marquis" has two different pronunciations, the one used in the game is valid.
plummeting_sloth: boy there is some plot going on that seems to be completely unconnected with the thing we just spent 8 hours doing
Alahmnat: the alternate A plot is back
beldromercier: @plummeting_sloth yep...
LordManiMani: Haha what a fantasy
lady_olynder: I like the gorget under an open shirt
Riiiiiiis: hello
thirsty_kitteh: We could...just go talk to Vayne?
Didero: Is he wearing medieval sunglasses?
LordManiMani: Different from what you think
ExachixKitsune: I'm sure Bahamut is fine.
TXC2: hello Riiiiiiis welcome
matthaus_c: Bahamut sleeby
accountmadeforants: The one writer who still cared about the politics was like "but guys, we still have some plot threads to close!"
ExachixKitsune: nothing bad's ever come from someoneing obtaining Bahamut
BigDaddyBland87: Well there's your answer Graham
plummeting_sloth: did it?
LordManiMani: @exachixkitsune Yuna fared pretty well
malsareus: with what Balthier?
Alahmnat: shut up Vaan
plummeting_sloth: everyone's designs vis-a-vis the crystal seemed pretty muddy actually
SocraticMethod: @malsareus He's the main character, you know
BigDaddyBland87: Shut up Vaan
ExachixKitsune: Bahamut with the Bahabutt. wait no
LordManiMani: Shut up Vaan. Thanks Penelo!
thirsty_kitteh: Wow, is that I first "Shut up Penelo" of the game? :P
vinewood_og: you killed my father, prepare to die!
lady_olynder: Actually the best interjection from Vaan
TXC2: Who the F asked you Vaan?
LordManiMani: Rich Rozarrian leather
MrVirite: oh my
1fairy2boots: Those sun glasses are sooooooo bad.
plummeting_sloth: got a metal gorget on bare skin would suck so much
matthaus_c: I mean he's not the least fuckable man in the room
jessieimproved: it's suddenly stuffy in here
beldromercier: @matthaus_c true
Genie_M: Balthier's face spoke volumes
theymerLoviatar: meowdy y'all
SocraticMethod: Balthier malding and Fran being amused in the background is the best
TXC2: hello theymerLoviatar welcome
plummeting_sloth: Balthier and Fran being like "why have WE never been invited back to al-Cid's place. We've made ourselves pretty obvious we'd be open to that"
goatprince: now to ignore the endgame
Didero: Ok, time for Hunts! Kappa
BigDaddyBland87: Hey look! Endgame section!
SK__Ren: So with all the joking about how Vaan - our player insert - is not the main character in this game, I can't help but see the mirror of Ramza's role in FFTactics where Ramza IS the MC but to the world at large sees nothing of his actions
ExachixKitsune: meanwhile, all these sidequests
scientist_captain: Balthier is Bi as eff
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Lazarus2511: @plummeting_sloth :D
MrVirite: correct
ExachixKitsune: can just pad out sidequests until the next PiF right
PaintingWithFariss: Yep, thats point of no return
SK__Ren: And I wonder if thats deliberate
BigDaddyBland87: yep
SocraticMethod: Oh hey, found the thread about FF12 polygon limits:
ShamelessMatt: There's no possible way we could finish the game while there are footraces to win and fishing to do. Unthinkable
LordManiMani: Huh. You can't leave? Forgot
plummeting_sloth: now, to cash in this loot to afford our own army
BrindleBoar: dosh
TehAmelie: so many of dem bones
matthaus_c: we're causing a price crash
CururuGuasu: Those skeletons paid out!
Alahmnat: you better spend it all in one place 'cause there's not much left ;)
Nydestroyer: walk up to the shop keep, I wonder if they question where you got all the bones
Firewhiskers: Look the liches are very particular about their spare parts
plummeting_sloth: we should get back to a million gil so we can afford that cab ride the hard way
beldromercier: Nearly all zodiac gem
SocraticMethod: Orbs are optional dungeon in Pharos. Up to you
vinewood_og: Dave spokesman's house of slightly used BONES
Critterbot: 69 arcana, nice.
Didero: Can selling certain weapons or armor unlock Bazaar goods too?
malsareus: rood
MrVirite: ahahahaha
SocraticMethod: :D
matthaus_c: we are so filthy rich we could ruin a social network
whatthebus: LUL
ScrapyardGhostTrain: LUL
Juliamon: LUL
accountmadeforants: seabatClap
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BrindleBoar: gotta get them pebbs
TehAmelie: we've discovered both dark matter and dark energy
LordManiMani: Think how many chops we could buy
TehAmelie: what a day for science
TXC2: accurate description of dark energy there
Juliamon: "So, about those pebbles I just sold you..."
LordManiMani: Give it to Balthier for poetry
Alahmnat: wait, does "double bladed knife" mean "sharp on both sides" or "an X-shaped knife blade if the knife's name is "crossblade"?
accountmadeforants: Memories of Yore:
SocraticMethod: 50k channel points that "Memories of Yore" was a pun in original Japanese
beldromercier: @LordManiMani Yes
BrindleBoar: Alahmnat it's shaped like an X, don't think about it
plummeting_sloth: Swole-ify Fran
LordManiMani: [Peter Serafinowicz voice] "Fraaaaan"
Alahmnat: @BrindleBoar cool, perfect final fantasy weapon then, no notes
LordShadner: I think you just gave Fran the HP you were looking at
Critterbot: Wow...
MrVirite: oh
Nydestroyer: well then
SK__Ren: Battle Lore?
BigDaddyBland87: well nevermind then
SocraticMethod: Cross-board interaction
Genie_M: Battle lore
creasehearst: because you bought HP 10 on the other board
plummeting_sloth: Basch I guess?
malsareus: Balthier for poetry then
goatprince: I don't remember famfrit being this useless on the board, lol
Alahmnat: an magicks
northos: balthier got a battle lore right?
beldromercier: Bathier
Didero: There's still a few non-equipment things to unlock on Fran's board
plummeting_sloth: but Baltier doesn't have enough LP
Genie_M: Sort your stuff in the inventory?
1fairy2boots: Maybe sell the 99 pebbles
SocraticMethod: Did you ever get the fishing rod?
MrVirite: it's more involved than talking
Orlantia: are the boards randomly generated w/in job?
SocraticMethod: :(
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
Alahmnat: thanks for streaming, Graham :)
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham
Squigel: famfrit is very good for the one classs graham isn't useful
accountmadeforants: Thank!
TXC2: !patreon
chaostreader: !next
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ScrapyardGhostTrain: Thanks, Graham!
Leonhart321: Thanks for streaming, been good to watch one of these without the stuttering of a return from work
plummeting_sloth: <message deleted>ah dang, Lance Reddick just passed
lady_olynder: I stayed up despite working tonight, have a good one!
SocraticMethod: @Orlantia Boards are same for each class
1fairy2boots: Thanks Graham for the stream. This PiF has been a blast so far. Take care, friend <3
EvilBadman: Whooo spring break
Gulleko: lrrSHINE bexyLURK
TuckstheRulesLawyer: March break is a different week in BC than Ontario?
TXC2: !next
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ShamelessMatt: Enjoy your family time!
ExachixKitsune: sproing
TXC2: !event
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Didero: Spending time with your kid instead of with Chat? Good choice for a wide variety of reasons!
Juliamon: Please don't share breaking news in chat unless it's directly relevant to the stream.
scientist_captain: have a good family time
lady_olynder: So no Brushwaggs?
djalternative: kithkin and moonfolk it is then
accountmadeforants: Oh, that's excellent
matthaus_c: let's go Griffins Stax
BigDaddyBland87: ohhh Jackbox
TuckstheRulesLawyer: that's my favourite type of restriction: make very tough rules and then let everyone go ham within those rules
bytecaster: Oh, we are going back to big head mode!
matthaus_c: Citizen Sleeper is a fucking baanger
TheAinMAP: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: stuff
LordManiMani: Its just 4 decks of Shapeshifters
BigDaddyBland87: nice
TXC2: nice
ExachixKitsune: noice
Alahmnat: *tips hat* l'tonberry
vinewood_og: lrrHEART
TehAmelie: thanks for the stream!
Didero: Thanks for the stream!
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
TXC2: !discord
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TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
Didero: Good night!
Lazarus2511: <3