benjamin_wheeler: Slay: The Spire
accountmadeforants: Yaaas Spire, SLAY
Fanklok: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Wheeler is jamming some Slay the Spire on Is This Your Card? Game: Slay the Spire) at Sat 05:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
h3rsh3yb4r: This isn't Sunday
Juliamon: It is not
h3rsh3yb4r: I got extremely worried
Juliamon: This is a make-up stream
h3rsh3yb4r: that I had work tomorrow
Juliamon: There will also be a stream tomorrow
Juliamon: (which is Sunday)
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accountmadeforants: Wow, make-up and StS? Two great tastes that taste great together!
Juliamon: that said, I did forget this was happening long enough to take an edible and immediately regret it
benjamin_wheeler: lol
Juliamon: oh well!
Juliamon: time for FUN
benjamin_wheeler: frankly, that's a good mood for the general tone of ITYC
accountmadeforants: Yeah, I was about to say that seems appropriate
robaphone251: quick I need a suggestion for an artisan commander deck for <$50
benjamin_wheeler: what colour
robaphone251: hmmm gruul
whelpmeister: esperrrrrrrrrr
benjamin_wheeler: does it have to be a legend or any uncommon creature
robaphone251: has to be legend
IbunWest: gyreHi
robaphone251: (for the ruleset my playgroup is doing)
benjamin_wheeler: Rosheen Meanderer
robaphone251: Rosheen it is! tyty
accountmadeforants: New Tatyova seems like a fun buildaround. What if ramp, but also aggro?
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
robaphone251: hmmm x spells tribal
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lightfut: Happy Wheeler bonus stream
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benjamin_wheeler: or General Marhault Elsdragon
innerbeard: Notification still is for fnpf
innerbeard: @wheeler
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benjamin_wheeler: See, here's the thing
Juliamon: accountmadeforants I definitely read that second sentence in the Spokesman voice
benjamin_wheeler: I literally don't have the permissions to make that change
thedoctorhope: Ok I'm ready for FNPF!
thedoctorhope: Lol
Juliamon: remote streams have issues with the wrong show being set
Juliamon: it's not just Wheeler
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TriChronos: Neat! ITYC on a Saturday!
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: highly experienced furniture yeeters
ihlendrax: Wrong game, LRRbot! LOL
mistycloud21: Time to Slay
FacelessManAboutTown: Saturday Night digital paper fight let's go
FacelessManAboutTown: I'm ready to slay king
benjamin_wheeler: ive got keys to the office and the company card
benjamin_wheeler: and yet, here I am, unmodded
FacelessManAboutTown: If you were modded, ben wouldn't be able to do things like time you out for saying water coolussy tho
Sibwow: it IS my card how did you know
TheSpindash: I hear Slay the Spire has many mods that can be installed
benjamin_wheeler: I'd be interested in try the Dark Souls mod
accountmadeforants: Surely the office has unlocked PCs with mod accounts
Sibwow: is that the sound of a phone bit
theamc2000: No
thraximore: hear what
theamc2000: Just you
BjjBrain: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
thraximore: excellent
clarinetman: wew k
SnackPak_: gg mic, I guess
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fjordsword: we good
BjjBrain: we are ok
thraximore: moanus
TheSpindash: We demand the standard amount of cards!
Fanklok: Did you win whatever you were doing last week
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2717 patrons for a total of $21,582.03 per month.
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mistycloud21: Just caught the YouTube vod of Slay
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Juliamon: !newtube
LRRbot: Find out the latest news on everything LRR:
fjordsword: New MoonBase!
ButterBewtz: wheelerY wheelerH
Cleekru: FN!
BjjBrain: is Pierce Brosnan your Lawnmower Man?
TheSpindash: Friday Nights: But now It's Yu-Gi-Oh
ButterBewtz: little wacky
IbunWest: I thought they played Bridge on Fridays
theamc2000: Asmrwheeker
h3rsh3yb4r: his throat is made of biotics
thraximore: let us ponder our orbs
TheSpindash: Ah, yes, the Roguelike choice: Do I be good, or do I be fun?
Fanklok: It didn't save since you didn't do s fight
GhostValv: amazonOrb
micalovits: Dogs makes everything brighter
Fanklok: You can save scum like that if you want to be a little cheaty
theamc2000: Enjoying your company?
FacelessManAboutTown: Pig lights up a room
TheSpindash: It's just sundogs
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
salamisuperstar: Go to bread (aka wheeler)
h3rsh3yb4r: slime dad and air tag dad
FacelessManAboutTown: Pig has figured out how to answer shop
FacelessManAboutTown: This is dangerous
Pywodwagon: Slime Dad making pig go to bed, unbelievable
micalovits: Bye gold! Was nice knowing you
thraximore: wheelerMuldr wheelerPope wheelerMuldr
SnowbirdMike: Wow, Sunday snuck up on me fast this week.
SnowbirdMike: hahahaha
pomegranatedarling: It's technically sunday where I am :3
Fanklok: We're not here to fuck spiders
TheSpindash: I mean, if you watch long enough it will become sunday
SnowbirdMike: losing my reality
theamc2000: Oh I slept through Saturday
micalovits: It is technically Sunday here
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tdfox12: Let go
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SnowbirdMike: Hey
Fanklok: Yeah
Frostwriter111: yes
Loonatic93: Loop is amazing.
thraximore: That was a statement but ok
SnackPak_: deece
Fanklok: Membership card also good
theamc2000: Loop is good
clockworkcrown: Membership card is nice
TheSpindash: I just want to see you move this person's bony finger around for minutes.
tdfox12: Hi lovely community
TheTunnelingCat: cold snap is an attack as well
Fanklok: The small red one in the back inflicts Entangled
clockworkcrown: That's why I usually attack the guy in the back, just so it doesn't get in the way
salamisuperstar: The Entangler, coming to an Elden Ring DLC near you
Loonatic93: I love Storm+ here.
Loonatic93: Personally.
zepinkone: Storm? with more steps?
Loonatic93: Kill the one in the robe.
Frostwriter111: no
salamisuperstar: Definitely one of them
Sibwow: it depends
micalovits: Mystic is easier to kill, but makes the other one angrier
SnackPak_: I go mystic first, but ive been told thats wrong
Fanklok: Killing the mystic makes the knights attack waaaaay more
Sibwow: kill the blue robot
Bruceski: Mystic heals and buffs, but knight does more damage so it depends on your ability to spike someone down.
TheSpindash: You could give up and uninstall the game, but I don't think that would be a good plan for winning long-term.
clockworkcrown: Both are annoying but the knight is the big damage dealer so I go for them.
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
micalovits: Thats pretty damn good
Sibwow: just like a woodpecker
TheSpindash: Orby Orbpecker.
Loonatic93: Hate this Elite.
accountmadeforants: What do you have there?!
bytecaster: Ah, the stabby book
Fanklok: Who gives a book a knife
Sibwow: classic sequencing
Fanklok: This is why literacy rates are so low
Fanklok: The book having a knife
clockworkcrown: Who would read a book that literally stabs you
bytecaster: Depends of what the book does with the knife I suppose. It could also be doing knife-point education.
accountmadeforants: Literacy rates are low, but study of the blade is through the roof!
thraximore: pft
Bruceski: Faster Than Light
Sibwow: faster than light
micalovits: Faster Than Light
AllTheWeasels: Faster Than Light
thraximore: Fatter Than Lard
Frostwriter111: for the lose
h3rsh3yb4r: Frick this loser
pomegranatedarling: Fighting The Losers
ArcOfTheConclave: faster thab light?
accountmadeforants: Wrong answers only?
saucemaster5000: Frank Theodore Loserveldt
Fanklok: Fist Like Thanos
mistycloud21: Faster than light
Greetings_Gentlemen: For the last-time
emboar2235: for the language
TheSpindash: !quote ftl
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
AllTheWeasels: Is it free?
clockworkcrown: Find the loser
bytecaster: I want that card to read: "Play a subgame of FTL, if you win the game, you win this combat"
emboar2235: from the loom
micalovits: Its usually good, but can be a bad draw in a long turn
thraximore: this thing umbral4Suffer
clockworkcrown: This is the most frustrating guy ever.
SnowbirdMike: Its Orbgastic
TheSpindash: "I love how many orbs we have" but in an ATHF Carl voice.
niccus: toxic stax defect
thraximore: sick
saucemaster5000: My favorite part of this game is when the Defect says "It's Orbin time" and Orbs all over the place
SnackPak_: ive always found it difficult to come back to a game of StS, never remember what my deck wants to do
Nydestroyer: morbing out
Sibwow: no cap
thraximore: he morbed wheelerPog
bytecaster: This is the orb content I tuned in for!
LathosTiran: god i love orb swarm
AllTheWeasels: Cap is 999 I think for energy
RoyalNPC: Is this the last is this your card before desert bus ,?
clockworkcrown: Well your good now.
Sibwow: desert bus is in november so no
accountmadeforants: I loved the part where Wheeler said "It's more orbing time" and then he orbed all over the Spire
LordZarano: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will return next year, start saving your donation money now!
RoyalNPC: Ohhh , thanks sibwow
GhostValv: D:
avslwtrees: the art on barrage is what you're doing. it's a sign
MurphEP: Orb
clockworkcrown: Draw orb
bytecaster: Or morb, if you will
pomegranatedarling: When in doubt, orb.
SnackPak_: m'orb
clockworkcrown: D'orb
MurphEP: Yes?
GhostValv: :O
thraximore: little borbs
MurphEP: Go on
niccus: just a little orb-to-orb
AllTheWeasels: Want to try that one again?
UnnnaturalD20: rayfkWelp lrrHERE
bytecaster: Orb on orb violence
Sibwow: focus on the little boys
saucemaster5000: It's amazing how fast you can be added to a list
Fanklok: What if we touched orbs in the city
frank_the_great: Just a lil guy
frank_the_great: doin sum stealin
clockworkcrown: You know, before the magician reveal the card just kill him and take it back
Fanklok: Basically invincible
Frostwriter111: famous last words
bytecaster: Everybody knows "Slay the Spire" is all about hubris!
saucemaster5000: Really hoping my last words are "Go Birds"
laundreydhull: Cool Paper Fight, Saturday; wait a minute....
frank_the_great: You're fine
laundreydhull: LUL
GhostValv: :)
Fanklok: You too can have Hyper Beam
Sibwow: yeah vgc is my favorite card game
cyanidevalentine: It feels really wierd to watch Ben on stream and not be able to play Stump the Wheeler
frank_the_great: LUL LUL
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Fanklok: Hey Hyperbeam
Sibwow: it upgrades good
Fanklok: Upgraded it evokes
avslwtrees: check upgrade
Sibwow: also it draws you a ton of cards and energy
Sibwow: fission is great
frank_the_great: Fission+ is evokes
laundreydhull: Oh, u can halve Hype beam?
frank_the_great: Fission is amazing +'d
Loonatic93: Meteor Strike is a very powerful work-around. But very bad if you can't work around it.
thegitrogsquirrel: draw for each orb
frank_the_great: Meteor is a meme, but when it works it's amazing
cyanidevalentine: Stump the Wheeler: Longhorn Firebeast
Sibwow: blackstar OP
micalovits: Black star is good, but a bit late
Fanklok: Meteor is neato with Snecko Eye
frank_the_great: Black Star - go hunting, die proud
micalovits: This is the floor you just where on also
Loonatic93: That's a "RUFF" end boss.
avslwtrees: that sounds like a defect orb deck
bytecaster: Threelite!
avslwtrees: it's mostly working out how to survive the first 1-2 turns
frank_the_great: Oof, tripple no fire. I'd pass
Fanklok: I think all this deck needs is a Blizzard and maybe another Defrag
greasymemes: We all love a big block deck
Fanklok: Question marks can he shops is you want to jamble
frank_the_great: Elite fire elite shop looks good to me
Fanklok: I want autocorrect to die
salamisuperstar: Oh boy, that spiky boy is going to be rough with barrage
Fanklok: You channeled
micalovits: F
SnackPak_: o7
salamisuperstar: LUL
ksenyo: F
GhostValv: benginO7
Sibwow: gamer alert
niccus: bit into that durian
SpoonfullOfSugar: killed ALMOST everyone
Loonatic93: Oops...
Frostwriter111: kill everyone, you say?
BraveOthello: Whomp whomp
frank_the_great: RIIIIIIIP
A_Dub888: rayfkWelp
TriChronos: Oh no!
personification2: Fire the hubris cannon!
chumpofthemonth: Overconfidence is a slow and insidious something something
hideki101: Ah....
frank_the_great: Salami warned you, o7
SnackPak_: gg go next
Fanklok: !clip
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Laserbeaks_Fury: CREDITS
TheSpindash: This time is definitely the time.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think the + is it loses Ethereal?
Loonatic93: No... Just 13 block instead.
A_Dub888: Benjamin “Hubris” Wheeler
Laserbeaks_Fury: Poo
GhostValv: :O
micalovits: That sounds pretty good
SnackPak_: sounds good
smtn93: sounds good to me
thraximore: That sounds tasty
Juliamon: I would eat that
Fanklok: 100% already exists
Sibwow: im not a fan of nuts in baked goods or bananas
Frostwriter111: I haven't heard of this before, but I would eat it
micalovits: Have never tried it though
noSmokeFire: I could see it. I usually do walnuts for banana bread
Loonatic93: I've made something like that. It's alright.
thraximore: even if it already exists there's no reason not to make it
Juliamon: I've had a PB&J cupcake before
mistycloud21: Sounds good
Loonatic93: I prefer Honey Roasted Almonds instead.
micalovits: Tiny friend!
Juliamon: FREN
thraximore: prettiest little pests you'll ever see
Juliamon: !clip
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SnackPak_: got that lady bug luck
Nydestroyer: pog invasive species Kappa
voslan: Why do you do this to us wheeler?
LiamRos: flavors sound right texturally might be weird as whole peanuts, chopped I could see it
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voslan: "We can't Lose!" - Wheeler, a minute ago
Loonatic93: I've done a muffin with Whole Cranberries and Sliced Honey Roasted Almonds.
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ShaneLeeAtk: Toss with a bit of flour, so the peanuts don't all sink to the bottom.
Loonatic93: Static Discharge > Mirror.
Pywodwagon: it's really good if you have powerful upgraded cards
e_bloc: depends on the best card in your deck
LordZarano: "Entomologists prefer the name lady beetles to avoid confusion with true bugs."
niccus: it's as good as how much you have a card you'd desperately want a copy of
thraximore: PrideLaugh
Cleekru: i like static, but hey i have never finished a run with defect so *shrug*
AllTheWeasels: If you've got a really good card, it can be really good. Would you pay 154 gold for any card in your deck right now?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Do you get to choose the copy?
TheSpindash: It was a trolladybug the whole time!!
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: Ive never been less ok
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP
niccus: you get to pick the card, yeah, but it has to be in your deck
AllTheWeasels: @Laserbeaks_Fury Yes
voslan: Yes? The Lady Bugs are only Invading Canada this time of year.
Nydestroyer: lady bugs are real mean. Total assholes to local environments lol
Laserbeaks_Fury: Booty has beencalls
niccus: it's the saturdasy energy
WiJohn: ladybug's curse
Sibwow: its because youre bad at the game 4head
voslan: @Nydestroyer What do expect for an invasive species?
WiJohn: They're jerks, known fact
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xXRealGamerThaigeXx: aphids have infiltrated the chat
Nydestroyer: damn he right
WiJohn: That scans
saucemaster5000: Look, the ladybug sucks at slay the spire
WiJohn: But only the hot ones
AdamYMHMI: Ladybugs are the best. I once met a ladybug, and he was very nice.
Loonatic93: Ladybugs are Miraculous.
Juliamon: ladybugs and dolphins get away with a ton of shit just by being cute
gizmofreak1: whats your excuse then wheeler?
Simonark: Death to Aphids
TheSpindash: I've heard they can be very grumpy.
Nydestroyer: @Juliamon true dolphins do a lot of messed up stuff
thraximore: didn't take the key?
Cleekru: it's very weird here from chat that ladybugs are invasive species when here there are programs to protect thatm LUL
RedJackz: Is this Wheelers first time playing?
Cleekru: *hearing
Nydestroyer: actually lets put the whole animal kingdom on trial
saucemaster5000: Unfortunately it's a kangaroo court
Nydestroyer: @Cleekru I think they are both, depending on the color. I think the orange/red ones are invasive and killed off the local pops
voslan: @Nydestroyer It is a monarchy.... I say it's time for a Reform!
Simonark: Ok, first docket is... dormice, the hoatzin and the blue ringed octopus.
thraximore: PrideLaugh
thraximore: that run was cursed
greasymemes: the insect's trick
Nydestroyer: oh no a lady bug infestation
Nydestroyer: LUL
Fanklok: "I'm standing up for the lady bug"
Simonark: Aren't ladybugs... poisonous?
Laserbeaks_Fury: For the Loss
voslan: For the Ladybug! Run is Cursed!
Cleekru: @Cleekru so we have an invasive one with a dot across the two wings. but i wouldn't have translated them to "ladybug" more to "mayfly" or is that s/t different?
AdamYMHMI: @Simonark They'll talk about you behind your back and spread vicious rumors if you get on their bad side.
matthaus_c: the claaaaaw
Laserbeaks_Fury: Santa must have visited because it's all claws up in here
Cleekru: @Cleekru forget me i mixed up two things completly my bad
thraximore: ItsHappening
Juliamon: claws up yall
Cleekru: Claw!
AllTheWeasels: jorbsBird jorbsBird
Nydestroyer: @AllTheWeasels clawclaw
saucemaster5000: The ladybug giveth
AdamYMHMI: Let's go for pizza 'cause we've got the claw.
lukeyf47: Pizza Planet?
AdamYMHMI: ^^
Cleekru: oh Toy Story
RedJackz: God daaaammnn
AdamYMHMI: I went for a long jog on that one.
RedJackz: This is a dang good claw build so far.
Loonatic93: All For One? What is this? My Hero Academia?
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Nydestroyer: nah its my hero macadamia
Laserbeaks_Fury: Someone contact UbiSoft, because we're going Just Claws
PiGuy2000: All for One and One for Claw
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Sibwow: borat voice my claw
Nydestroyer: shuriken
AdamYMHMI: Shurikan
lukeyf47: Zap goes to 0 when smith’d too for All for One value
RedJackz: Pooooog
Cleekru: shuriken... unfortunately
RedJackz: Already have 4 claws. Should be good.
sherlock_olms: What is the weirdest Canadian Highlander deck you have seen that surprisingly worked?
sherlock_olms: Wait, Owling Mine is still a thing?
Nuri_706: scratch the lack of eyes out
slopoppotamus: Popping off
RedJackz: Echo or reboot
Sibwow: echo form claw is a combo
Sibwow: clawmbo
gibbousm: Echo Form is so fun, probably my favorite power
greasymemes: reboot seems fine
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slopoppotamus: Reboot to reset the Pyramid
tehfewl: pyramid is probably 2nd best relic
Frostwriter111: Wait, who says pyramid is cursed?
Nuri_706: the pyramid just has a pharaoh's spirit inside, its fine
Laserbeaks_Fury: You can get stuck with crap in your hand
Laserbeaks_Fury: Streamline gets to 0
Loonatic93: The Claw wants what The Claw wants.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ohh, with pyramid you don't woff on all For Pne
thraximore: MOAR umbraHYPERS
Cleekru: clawCLAW!
niccus: time for greed
Jovh11: Look he doesn't make the rules. It's the law. The claws clause if you will
PiGuy2000: Greed is good
TheSpindash: Hmmm... I didn't think about that.
AllTheWeasels: How could this happen?!
Nuri_706: I'm thinkin' about it
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AllTheWeasels: blood vial heals you
AdamYMHMI: Blood vial works for that
niccus: medical kit is perfect for pyramid
noSmokeFire: just like twilight zone
Grimnus: Where has your greed gotten you Mr Wheeler
slopoppotamus: Remove chaf
Fanklok: Medkit is better than it seems
Nuri_706: panic button sticks around in your hand until you need it at least
gibbousm: Overclock to draw 2?
niccus: oh nice, more gold
Nuri_706: Good face, or bad face
gibbousm: bad face
Grimnus: That was decidedly a bad face
thraximore: that's a good face, but not for you
Nuri_706: bad face LUL
LathosTiran: nice face
thraximore: hahaha oh dear
WiJohn: Ladybug!!!!!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Bad End
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh dear
SymphonicLolita: womp womp
Frostwriter111: That ladybug is so vindictive
Fancy_frenchman: It's almost as if you would have like 20 more health lol
SymphonicLolita: more claw
tehfewl: removing your best damage early game is a choice
Sibwow: try this seed 3FGXT66YNV5 and take pandoras box
Nuri_706: frost spam is a good strat
SymphonicLolita: banan
YFiddler: Chewie?
Jovh11: Frost build? Pretty cool
Red_Dead_Monkey: hmmmm no
SnackPak_: please
thraximore: I KNEW IT
thraximore: god damn it
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Han, look out"
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
GhostValv: tqsClap
saucemaster5000: I didn't like it chewbakka
Laserbeaks_Fury: Sponsored by
Sibwow: show me quebecois joker
chumpofthemonth: Gimme your best Obama
Fancy_frenchman: Can I get Bill Clinton, Barak and Joe Biden playing Monopoly as an impression?
Jovh11: I love the power deck
Fancy_frenchman: All I bet have said Nancy at one pioint
wonder_wooly: that card is bonkers
AdamYMHMI: Creative AI is so fun, but so dangerous
Nuri_706: creative ai gets real funny
greasymemes: this is funny in a power deck
LathosTiran: unpredictable power!
Sibwow: its a run winner on its own
Laserbeaks_Fury: Unlimited Powah
Frostwriter111: Unlimited power(s)!
AdamYMHMI: If I can get it early, I will 100% take it, simply because it's so much fun to play with.
wonder_wooly: it's pretty much a one card power deck
Fanklok: Power from Chainsaw Man?
Jovh11: Storm and Heatsinks
Laserbeaks_Fury: Heat sonks
saucemaster5000: Power cards, mostly
Jovh11: Defragment is also cracked
wonder_wooly: you REALLY want electrodynamics
tehfewl: ways to stay alive long enough for creative to give you all the powers you need to win
Nuri_706: creative ai is a power
Fanklok: Any power that isn't Hello World
thraximore: hahaha
robaphone251: I'd also recommend boot sequence
r10pez10: hello gamers
thraximore: hi r10
Nuri_706: it won't give self repair either, so you can't heal off it
r10pez10: i see play the pyre is going well
ForOhForError: self repairs are nice to pick up, because creative AI will never make them
Loonatic93: It does give you Self Repairs.
ForOhForError: they though of that one yeah
AllTheWeasels: It does not give Self Repair
thraximore: does it or doesn't it
thraximore: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
saucemaster5000: and we'll do it again
AllTheWeasels: Card effects that give you cards and potions will never give you healing effects
Frostwriter111: It does(n't?)
Red_Dead_Monkey: Almost always maybe never
Jovh11: And the other one is me
Nuri_706: I'm the twitch chatter that always lies
TheSpindash: I'm the one that always lies
PiGuy2000: It will never give Self Repair; cards that generate more cards will never give cards that say "heal"
r10pez10: you can't both be spartacus
saucemaster5000: I always tell the truth
greasymemes: Me too
betweenmyself: Schroedinger’s card mechanic. Its state is only determined once viewed.
AdamYMHMI: saucemaster5000 always tells the truth.
cyanidevalentine: I have never seen it give self repair. I leave it your judgement to work out how many games of slay the spire I have played or seen
TheMerricat: - "This card will never produce Self Repair, preventing situations where players are encouraged to stall out fights in order to heal. "
DoktorNik: yes, white noise is great!
silenceaux: If you're trying to go in on powers, any power is a good one.
DoktorNik: especially with creative AI
thraximore: I don't know
Jovh11: Oh snap I didn't realize that the enemy had said Nancy at some point in their life
r10pez10: i'm here for slay the spire, but i'm staying for the wheeler ASMR of the kill noises
AdamYMHMI: Turbo can be really good too, since it gives you an early boost with creative AI
Fanklok: Very
greasymemes: pant will heal you more
robaphone251: Life is a resource
Loonatic93: So, in other words, reading the card does not explain the card.
TheMerricat: And to be fair to the folk who said Creative AI gave self repairs... appearently it used to but it was quickly nerfed out
Red_Dead_Monkey: To be faaaaair
silenceaux: Three new powers every turn!
thraximore: zippity zappity
r10pez10: the hell is happening
thraximore: this build is not crappity
ForOhForError: would have lived on x4 even
mistycloud21: Rainbow?
frank_the_great: Easy echo imo
Red_Dead_Monkey: Echo
robaphone251: Buffer
robaphone251: Just gotta stay alive
silenceaux: I'm on the Buffer train, I'm worried about your energy availability.
saucemaster5000: The real answer is inside you all along
Loonatic93: RJD says to get Rainbow.
ForOhForError: rainbow has historically been mid for me
Jovh11: I like buffer for stalling personally
r10pez10: that's me!
AdamYMHMI: Buffer or Echo Form. It depends on how confident you are in your survivability, and whether you think you can upgrade/use Echo Form. A lot of it will depend on the relics you hope to pick up.
h3rsh3yb4r: "Chat you are noobs"
Nuri_706: I'll be honest I don't love any of these
Fancy_frenchman: So Wheeler why did you cast Thoughtseize instead of Inquisition of Kozilek on turn 1
matthaus_c: do we ever know what we're talking about?
thraximore: I don't know what I'm talking about but I'll tell you up front
WiJohn: Which one's the ladybug?
wonder_wooly: honestly I'd say it's cause they're all good
frank_the_great: Don't listen to these people, they're twitch chat ffs. Listen to me and pick echo
Loonatic93: Roll a die. See what it says.
Fanklok: Echo is good with AI
chumpofthemonth: Buffer makes you not die
r10pez10: the streamer is meant to entertain us, but in this case, chat is entertaining the streamer
Larkonus: The important thing about Twitch chat is to pay attention to it so that you can not listen to they say. (/j)
AllTheWeasels: Echo is very fun, but I might have skipped there
r10pez10: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
Loonatic93: This just in: Chat is not a monolithic entity.
AdamYMHMI: Echo is fine, and basically just can be considered a skip. Sometimes it just means you didn't draw one card at the start. Since you have the pack, losing it doesn't matter *quite* as much.
r10pez10: that noise you made almost made me spit take btw
matthaus_c: the seal noise was very strong
violetblight: echo form is a hell of a drug
silenceaux: This orb always does a Frail attack on T2, it's rude.
matthaus_c: you've cast like seven recalls and I have no idea what this hand is anymore benginLul
Jovh11: Echo form copies make it so you get extra plays on your second third card I believe
frank_the_great: Next 1
salamisuperstar: Oh shit! We doing Powers Defect? That's my favorite build
Nuri_706: my hand is full
DoktorNik: Okay, so all you need now is mummified hand and he's a god
Mudd_II: Yay one of my favorite streamers playing one of my favorite games
DoktorNik: OMG
WiJohn: That was a series of game actions!
frank_the_great: LETS GOOOOO
silenceaux: You got it!!!!
Loonatic93: oh no!!!!!
Nuri_706: YEAH
Frostwriter111: OH WOW
niccus: now that's charity
irtehmongoose: well there's that
saucemaster5000: welp there it is
TriChronos: WOW
salamisuperstar: HELL YEAH
robaphone251: Wtff
greasymemes: HOLY FUCK
violetblight: beautiful
Fancy_frenchman: oh baby
Grimnus: The build has just gotten insane
AdamYMHMI: Never. Punished.
Pywodwagon: never didn't have it
Fancy_frenchman: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SnackPak_: sergeGG
Loonatic93: We're going all the way BAY-BEE!!!!!
AllTheWeasels: so this run is won. Go next?
definenull: i sense hubris
thraximore: oh my GOD
irtehmongoose: of course it hits the echo
thraximore: he can't keep getting away with it
frank_the_great: Never punished
Nuri_706: this game is so easy actually
saucemaster5000: There's a certain insect watching after all
SnackPak_: just gotta watch out for thorns
Nuri_706: the dazeds don't even matter since you're guaranteed a power anyway
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Pywodwagon: so chat, how is he gonna throw this run into the garbage
thraximore: boo
AllTheWeasels: inb4 Awakened One jorbsWoke
ForOhForError: the only thing you gotta look out for now is bird boss
silenceaux: @Pywodwagon Never establishing a defensive strat
frank_the_great: Good joke streamer
r10pez10: Pywodwagon accidentally targeting self
AdamYMHMI: I made a long walk Toy Story joke earlier, so I'm not going to judge you.
violetblight: just slavers things
Fancy_frenchman: Wow
Grimnus: RIP
definenull: like i said: hubris
Fancy_frenchman: THE RUN
Red_Dead_Monkey: Hubris for the win
matthaus_c: we couldn't just not fire the hubris cannon
thraximore: wheelerHub
SnackPak_: flew too close to the sun
frank_the_great: Overconfidence yada yada yada
AdamYMHMI: The powers deck is fun, but definitely not 100% reliable :)
Fancy_frenchman: @frank_the_great somewhere Adam just bolted upright
TheAwkes: Sometimes you just draw the wrong half of your combo deck.
frank_the_great: @frank_the_great LUL LUL LUL
AllTheWeasels: so what if. . .we add block cards to the deck
matthaus_c: trick question, block hasn't been supported in years lrrBEEJ
Nuri_706: boss relic is funny
chumpofthemonth: I want a win SilverTaps
AllTheWeasels: entrance is fine here
greasymemes: mind blast funy
laundreydhull: Think that you can win!
laundreydhull: The game: "NO. You Cannot; WIN"
r10pez10: none of your cards cost free :(
Nuri_706: you have my permission at least
matthaus_c: @r10pez10 me playing Pioneer forward
AllTheWeasels: warped tongs might have been good depending on where the next shop is
AllTheWeasels: recycle pog
Simonark: Remember, don't eat too many unripe persimmons, they form bezoars.
laundreydhull: @r10pez10 Oh, do Eyes have a Dampening Sphere for you... lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Fanklok: You can only win if you bring a signed permission slip
AllTheWeasels: its not bad
AllTheWeasels: Right now you can't block or deal damage, and this at least lets you taking damage kill things
silenceaux: It has some niche applications imo, and tends to make a fight you're losing end before you die.
AllTheWeasels: wowie these are some bad card rewards
Nuri_706: who up evoking they orb
AllTheWeasels: Silent, yeah
h3rsh3yb4r: yeah the rogue is the silent
thraximore: !card silence
LRRbot: Silence [W] | Instant | Your opponents can't cast spells this turn.
h3rsh3yb4r: have you played the monk?
Loonatic93: Silent but Deadly.
UncleExpendable: Butt deadly
Athelgar: the shiv build is quite fun i find
frank_the_great: Silent is my fave, especially when you break poison
greasymemes: The watcher?
Fanklok: Butt deadly is me after Taco Bell
h3rsh3yb4r: yeah whatever that loser is called
Spades_Slicc: I'm trying to play Silent but I'm dummy thicc and the clap of my butt cheeks is alerting the tower
UncleExpendable: lol
Jovh11: The Watcher? I love them. They represent me, the viewer.
frank_the_great: Yep
AllTheWeasels: This card is not great, but it's better than Strike
Spades_Slicc: Oooh are we forcing storm?
silenceaux: If a card is worse than strike, it had better be a status or a curse
UncleExpendable: payr
laundreydhull: @Spades_Slicc Damping Sphere
frank_the_great: Tempest would have evoked orbs, giving enough block
r10pez10: Loop+ sounds like a streaming service
Jovh11: Honestly permanent +1 dex is pretty cracked
Loonatic93: Trinisphere would be back-breaking in this game.
AllTheWeasels: Dexterity doesn't affect Frost orbs
tehfewl: it does not work with frost orbs
Spades_Slicc: from cards?
r10pez10: something about first pick bombs
AllTheWeasels: Only Focus affects orbs
thraximore: back to the beginning, viccini...
laundreydhull: gah! hedrons.
silenceaux: Oh nice, letter opener is real here.
laundreydhull: Wait, Zendikar's Hedrons could've had eyes!? GAVIN!
GreatGodOm: I just beat the heart on A8 with the silent with 34 relics. Good times.
Loonatic93: Hot MTG Lore Take: Oketra was Serra's long lost pet cat.
pointykitty: defect has a few good builds... my fav is the power build tho. defect has a ton of powers that combo with other powers
avslwtrees: too me the character relies too heavily on a three or four uncommons
frank_the_great: Defect is my second fave. Popping off w/ the orbs is satisfying
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SierraSaysDrinkWater: Meowdy
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avslwtrees: but when you get a couple of those it's super fun
SierraSaysDrinkWater: Meowdy mr wheeler how goes slaying a spire
GreatGodOm: @avslwtrees It's my favourite defect build as well. But you kinda need creative AI. Otherwise you just get to a point where you don't have any more powers to play.
laundreydhull: more like... Sleight Of Spyros, right? hehehehhhhee
Pywodwagon: I'm a lightning man with a lightning plan
definenull: poggers
definenull: unless.....
SirElgar: oh oh oh oh oh oh tthunder
r10pez10: can you do it in the nixon voice
thegitrogsquirrel: good acdc
AdamYMHMI: Edit it in in post.
silenceaux: Hmmm... These are a touch iffy, not sure what I'd choose.
greasymemes: it replaces your lightning thing
GreatGodOm: Frozen core is very good.
frank_the_great: Either of the bottom two is defendable. I like cracked core
SpoonfullOfSugar: when are you going to have no orbs?
h3rsh3yb4r: Frost V nixon voice?
UncleExpendable: For a week?
h3rsh3yb4r: for a month i hope
Pywodwagon: where you reinact frost v nixon as a one man show
avslwtrees: @avslwtrees nah, i was more referring to my feeling that defragment or biased cog are sort of a must find early in most decks at high ascensions. sure you can manage with consume/capacitor/loop/relics but their not as effective
greasymemes: a murder of birderers
betweenmyself: Birder most fowl.
silenceaux: Bullseye seems reasonable, for the lightning damage.
UncleExpendable: Carton?
betweenmyself: Bottled icecream clearly costs more than $5z
UncleExpendable: Eh. More of a jar.
thraximore: HUH
ShatteredShamrock: security sticker ugh
r10pez10: don't be stealing my ice cream
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
TheAwkes: RFID on ice cream?
frank_the_great: Not anymore it isn't
LathosTiran: WTF stores
adept_nekomancer: They take that ice cream seriously.
Pywodwagon: that ice cream is a national security threat
laundreydhull: weh?
Lord_Hosk: So people don't steal it!
DeM0nFiRe: "Ice Cream Enforced By Aircraft"
ShatteredShamrock: They started putting security at the ice cream section of our grocery store, it's wild
Loonatic93: Why are you putting icecream in the microwave?
greasymemes: I like that brand of ice cream but it costs more than 5$
thraximore: @Loonatic93 that was my question...
UncleExpendable: Run it under some warm water
h3rsh3yb4r: to soften it up a little @Loonatic93
frank_the_great: Ball lightning before tempest is free damage btw
SnackPak_: shoulda stole the ice cream, then the tag wouldn't be there
thraximore: rude
pointykitty: 5 secs in the microwave, classic move
ThanhtTheBoss: Ice cream in the microwave = chaos
AllTheWeasels: Yeah on higher ascension not buying deals damage to you
AdamYMHMI: You walked into her shop and wasted her time, of course she punched you.
Loonatic93: A little bit o salt does the softening job so much better.
r10pez10: you did lol
PMAvers: Recursive Cream
AllTheWeasels: Ice cream *does* go really well with ice cream
r10pez10: i get my cat to knead it a little to soften it
pointykitty: just a liiiiiiitle bit of peepee will soften it right up
betweenmyself: Ya just need to get a superior scoop. I recommend the Midnight Scoop.
r10pez10: is this deck more fragile than i thought
silenceaux: Cold Snap+, could be a lot worse.
Fancy_frenchman: cold snap+
Nuri_706: cold snap+
SirElgar: ^^
frank_the_great: Cols snap+, not bad lol
r10pez10: ice cream+
silenceaux: Ah, Worse has arrived
dumbo3k: the game heard you talking about ice cream, decided to give you some
Lord_Hosk: There is a real problem with Ice cream theft right now, the retail industry has lost nearly $27 from 2008-2018, but since implementing an aggressive theft prevention measure costing only $80,000,000 they have experienced only $7 in the past three year. I think you understand saving $20 is well worth the effort.
laundreydhull: "weh" is the deal with "eyes" creme?
PMAvers: Well, at least the plant's thing doesn't care about orb damage.
laundreydhull: & wouldn't ice want two swears!?
thraximore: fairy in a bottle coming in clutch
UncleExpendable: My local Macs has theirs locked up, so I believe it
pointykitty: I stole ice cream TODAY
AllTheWeasels: @Lord_Hosk 👏👏
r10pez10: that's so sad, alexa play cream isito
dumbo3k: You wouldn't download an ice cream, would you?
AdamYMHMI: I downloaded an Ice Cream.
frank_the_great: I remember being told baby formula was the most stolen good, so I googled it and it was actually cheese
QuixoticScrivener: Ice cream theft is a symptom, a depressing world, with expensive ice cream, is the problem.
UncleExpendable: @r10pez10 That song would be filthy
betweenmyself: @loadingreadyrun look into getting yourself a Midnight Scoop. Puts the strain on your forearm instead of the wrist. Feels good in the hand.
laundreydhull: duh heck, chat! LUL
Nuri_706: animate objects
Pywodwagon: someday, after losing his 10th run in a row due to not valuing his defense, he will maybe think about doing that once
UncleExpendable: Animate objects can absolutely be jerks.
r10pez10: would you call twitch chat jerks
pointykitty: an ice cream heist movie would be called Ocean's 31
AllTheWeasels: Did we pick up thunder strike before or after we got rid of our free lightning orb?
Nuri_706: before
cyanidevalentine: Before
frank_the_great: !Card Ancestral Recall
LRRbot: Ancestral Recall [U] | Instant | Target player draws three cards.
silenceaux: Amplify is really tough to pair up unless you have good card control.
thraximore: oh look it's Ancestral
AllTheWeasels: These all seem real bad, good skip
PMAvers: Well, it's more of a Diesel.
AllTheWeasels: It's 100% chat's fault
noSmokeFire: wheeler, I'm officially telling you not to do what I say
ShatteredShamrock: because we are
noSmokeFire: but I DO appreciate being called a foul temptress
laundreydhull: @pointykitty ya got it wrong, it would be dubbed as "Ocean's Bask-Inn" & it would be a parody anime!
UncleExpendable: S'the nicest thing anyone said to me all day
r10pez10: tie me to the mast, twitch chat keeps disagreeing
AdamYMHMI: Look, all we want to do is sing you a lovely song and have you wreck your ship up on the shores.
Fanklok: You're going to get so metaphorically seduced by us
definenull: uh oh
pointykitty: hey wheeler, it's me, Claw. Could you take me? You know you want to
thraximore: I think the race is over
thraximore: well it's break time anyhow
frank_the_great: It's always a delicate balance between giving advice / playing along, but not wanting to come off as backseating
definenull: hah get it, cos the relic is called cracked core
robaphone251: May I suggest charge battery for the next run
AllTheWeasels: I was really wanting to you to dial down on that line of thought you had. I don't think there is an orb deck any more than there is a strike deck or shiv deck. It's a selection of cards that play roles. I've played runs in Iraq that the more sensitive members of our community that would get ripped out of the room at, and I've taught little kids how to control the Centurion and Mystic intents. Its just a deck.
Jovh11: I'm here to watch you play game and have fun do what brings you joy
UncleExpendable: Have you tried pondering them?
thraximore: (he always says he's going to take it slower)
r10pez10: i was very close to deleting that lol
frank_the_great: snap pick letsgo
pointykitty: might i suggest..... claw
silenceaux: this is a trying time
AllTheWeasels: floor one genetic is pretty cool.
AllTheWeasels: this shop is nuts
UncleExpendable: @silenceaux lol
robaphone251: Egg
TheAwkes: #Branding
pointykitty: Peace pipe is always goated
tehfewl: egg good
Lord_Hosk: I beat the final boss several times with every character no problem... except this one, I can never seem to make it past level 2 with them. I can't figure them out.
ComradeMik: What defective nonsense are we up to?
cyanidevalentine: I frequently think every now and then
SnackPak_: early egg seems nice
Thoth7: "You will give me an egg"
robaphone251: This is like floor 2, gotta egg
h3rsh3yb4r: wheelerFry wheelerFry wheelerFry
GreatGodOm: It seems to me that you are a bit aggressive. You quite often take damage in places that I would block.
ComradeMik: Oh, yeah, egg good.
Sibwow: glob on the knob
TheAwkes: I haven't played for a long while, but I always loved engineering a turn to get that ooze to 1/2+1 HP for maximum split.
frank_the_great: Nice
PMAvers: nice
r10pez10: mr wheeler i don't think you can say that on the internet
DekiSystem: nice
definenull: unlucky...
UncleExpendable: I don't really understand this game, but the numbers seem less than ideal
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:11:45.
thraximore: oh hell
definenull: oh no
DekiSystem: oh no
pointykitty: boutta get robbed by the nob
definenull: most of the elites you gotta race, imo
Sibwow: wheeler do you want a claw seeed
greasymemes: nobbed
matthaus_c: Is Sat Your Card
Loonatic93: As loudly as you can.
TheSpindash: Not talk much
PMAvers: You play cards from your hand, and they do things.
Jovh11: Storm deck
AllTheWeasels: Lots of things!
Earthenone: i force shivs
thraximore: it's a Storm deck
LathosTiran: poison or shivs
robaphone251: Poison or shiv. Or possibly poison shiva
h3rsh3yb4r: rogue
cosmooooooo: shiv storm
Thoth7: take everything that says "shiv"
AdamYMHMI: Silent is basically cycling
betweenmyself: Poison, free shivs, etc
definenull: poison, discard, 0 cost shenanigans
Dalouer: discard is a theme
ComradeMik: The silent is all about skills and shivs
silenceaux: Poison is the Silent's ramping damage method
Thoth7: alternately, take everything that says "block" and "poison"
mrMorphius: They can also do a killer free cards deck
Tripleyew: I enjoy leaning into poison
TheAwkes: ThingsThatCostZero.dek
AllTheWeasels: Silent has good card selection, discard synergies, card effects that trigger on playing cards, and the most bullshit mechanic in the game - Intangible
Sibwow: noxious fumes is great
ComradeMik: Fumes is good
Nuri_706: noxious fumes is really good
silenceaux: Fumes is an actual signal to try and do poison, iirc.
AdamYMHMI: Fumes is so good
LathosTiran: nox!
DekiSystem: love the fumes
AllTheWeasels: Fumes is lit
cosmooooooo: fumes is real good
robaphone251: Fumes and stall time
Thoth7: fumes early is a great direction
robaphone251: You love a good stall team
AllTheWeasels: You can build around it, but it also is just good AOE and scaling damage
Tripleyew: Noxious Fumes can be a tight starter ability
ComradeMik: General archetypes are poison, shivs, discard.
Thoth7: block + poison, faceroll to victory
definenull: *bane voice*
AllTheWeasels: I like backstab more than bane tbh
silenceaux: You also want cards that let you defend effectively so your damage can scale up
UncleExpendable: Always
thraximore: Well, no
frank_the_great: backstab backstab backstab
ComradeMik: N9
ComradeMik: No
greasymemes: Why does he wear the mask
h3rsh3yb4r: 4 U
AllTheWeasels: and blade dance is just a gross card
tehfewl: 4u
AdamYMHMI: Bane is great, so is backstab for these early levels
pointykitty: bane is meh
robaphone251: Blade dance or stab
AllTheWeasels: No, don't skip
silenceaux: Backstab.
robaphone251: Or skip
AdamYMHMI: Backstab is super good
ComradeMik: Bane is better to confirm poison build. Blade dance is ok
Dalouer: backstab is very good
thraximore: more like wheeler's impression are the bane of my existence, amirite
AllTheWeasels: backstab or Blade dance IMO
Driosenth: Going for Bane but ended up with Regan
Nuri_706: going right there would have gotten you the key for free
UncleExpendable: The Urn!
pointykitty: ermagerd
matthaus_c: the lion the witch and the bird faced urn
AllTheWeasels: where was urn when we had creative ai and mummified hand smh
greasymemes: ermagerd, urd faced burn
Nuri_706: stab is fine
ComradeMik: Either of the attacks is ok
silenceaux: Poisoned stab is the bottom of the list for poison, but it's still poison.
adept_nekomancer: Urnings are through the roof!
PMAvers: Quick Slash is basically a better Strike?
PMAvers: Since it replaces itself
frank_the_great: Pass or slash
definenull: yeah usually the default strikes and defends are meant to be trash
laundreydhull: yes, yes deer opponent, poison is on the stack...
Sibwow: pog we are on the fish deck
pointykitty: catalyst+ is the gold standard for this deck
DekiSystem: sure does :)
pointykitty: or corpse explosion
silenceaux: Poison is the Silent's built-in ramping damage method.
ComradeMik: There's a poison detonator too isn't there?
ComradeMik: Masterful is a trap
robaphone251: Big ole skip
Nuri_706: yeah poison goes down by 1 every turn, but fumes makes it go up instead
silenceaux: with the way you play, pass on Masterful every time.
laundreydhull: imagine if they errata'd poison counters to go on the stack; just cuz... but likely for poison not being regular damage.
squ3e: just dont get hit 5head
AllTheWeasels: @ComradeMik There's Corpse explosion, which deals damage to other creatures when the poisoned thing dies
AdamYMHMI: Sucker Punch is good, you can go pretty heavy on debuffs. That or skip.
Sibwow: yeah masterful stab real not great
ComradeMik: Skip
AllTheWeasels: There's an argument to be made for sucker punch to help get through artifact charges, but I agree with skip
GreatGodOm: Avoiding elites? Coward stream confirmed. Kappa
niccus: sucker punch makes act 1 elite hunting a lot more smooth, but on the other hand, now you're eating elite damage
definenull: it goes through block too
AllTheWeasels: Catalyst wheelerMonkey
Jovh11: That is nuts
pointykitty: catalyst+ is goated
AdamYMHMI: Catalyst is the payoff
silenceaux: Catalyst is how you win boss fights.
UncleExpendable: Oooo
Nydestroyer: yea you can go wild with that
ComradeMik: Hell yeah
TheAwkes: Catalyst ends bosses.
Tripleyew: Catalyst starts gettin fun fast, yeah
DrChillbrain: catalyst is cracked
pointykitty: if you get 2 of those you can 1turn nearly anything
ComradeMik: Silent is the character i've gotten deepest on
DekiSystem: infinite blades can be a trap
silenceaux: I think this is a skip.
ComradeMik: Skip honestly
laundreydhull: wait, wut does the right one do?
AllTheWeasels: I like skip
Nuri_706: I wish shivs were good
dumbo3k: @laundreydhull start of ever turn, you get a free shiv
AllTheWeasels: @laundreydhull gives you a shive (0 energy deal 4 attack) each turn
noSmokeFire: @laundreydhull every turn you get a one-use zero-cost attack
PMAvers: You *do* heal when you play Infinite Blades at least?
ComradeMik: @nuri_706 shivs are busted so long as you get the exact right artifacts
DekiSystem: @laundreydhull adds a shiv to your hand every turn. but soon if you don't use them it will clog your hand
AllTheWeasels: A pox upon the shuffler
laundreydhull: okay, i lied. sorry! don't spams-sasms me.
laundreydhull: LUL
niccus: what are they gonna do, stab you?
Nuri_706: thats real good
AllTheWeasels: Bottled Tornado wheelerMonkey
robaphone251: Tornado!
UncleExpendable: I mean
laundreydhull: I only paid count to the right one cuz of its artwork... O_o
DekiSystem: oh my god
ComradeMik: Hell yeah
Fancy_frenchman: pog
silenceaux: Flask.
AdamYMHMI: Yesssssss
pointykitty: hmmmm which of your powers to pick....
TheAwkes: Stronk
ComradeMik: Envenom!
definenull: omg what a choice
pointykitty: yes
thraximore: flask!
DekiSystem: holy heck these cards
Sibwow: sequencing always matters
AllTheWeasels: Yes, sequencing mattered
pointykitty: envenom turns shivs into poison
violetblight: yeah its always worth checking
AllTheWeasels: Always look at card rewards before picking up relics that affect your cards
ComradeMik: It's not the end of the world
Frostwriter111: only if you have relics that affect cards
silenceaux: You probably should have opened the card first, but I probably would have still bottled Fumes.
Nuri_706: fumes is still probably better there
AllTheWeasels: Yeah not punished here
niccus: it's a good habit but also vroom
ComradeMik: I would rather have fumes in my opener, just for consistent damage
copperdinosaur: You're usually better off killing one thing than spreading damage around
Sibwow: nock shus
thraximore: nockshus
PMAvers: Noxus? Darius comes charging through the door
ComradeMik: So if their health bar is green, they die on upkeep
DrLigmaPhD: Nocdeez
Fancy_frenchman: Nan-Cy
UncleExpendable: Nawkshus
Jovh11: They get 3 poison at your turn so you should see how much they are going to be hurt for already
frank_the_great: No
tehfewl: ticks up at start of turn, damage at end of turn
Nuri_706: they take 6 and then it goes up to 8
mrMorphius: It's highlighting what they'll lose in green
TheTunnelingCat: fumes is the start of your turn, not end
silenceaux: Takes 6 , ticks down to 5, Fumes +3 -> 8 for start of their next turn.
AllTheWeasels: Noxious ticks at start of your turn, so it's already gone up yeah
ComradeMik: No. Noxious applies at start of your turn. Poison ticks at start of theirs
silenceaux: I would take exactly one Deadly Poison, yes.
AdamYMHMI: Prep isn't horrible
copperdinosaur: I like deadly poison here
AllTheWeasels: I like Poisoned Stab more than Deadly Poison now that we have envenom
ComradeMik: Either skip or stab imo, but only if you replace a strike
Dalouer: great for discard decks
AllTheWeasels: but since we have envenom and fumes, we don't really need that much more
TheTunnelingCat: faithless pot of greed
Loonatic93: "Looting is bad" - Benjamin Wheeler.
silenceaux: Might have to get fancy with the timing on Catalyst here.
ComradeMik: When he splits, poison either clears or stays with only one clone.
ComradeMik: Ok, it clears.
DekiSystem: explosion <3
copperdinosaur: corpse explosion is amazing
ComradeMik: Corpse explosion
frank_the_great: Corpse Explosion is my favorite card
Nuri_706: corpse explosion is good
EVAtelier: Oh, we got there
TheTunnelingCat: explosion is really good if youve got the build for it
r10pez10: the the the?
silenceaux: Corpse Explosion is kinda funny, Diex3 is easy to use. Either way.
Sibwow: corpse explosion is busted
AllTheWeasels: Die Die Die does some early damage here, but corpse explosion is just too good here
GreatGodOm: cuts combos with envenom.
robaphone251: Corpse can be good, esp late when you have 2-3 mid size enemies
violetblight: corpse explosion slaps
Sibwow: it just ends encounters
niccus: corpse explosion makes poison work for hallway fights
mistycloud21: Corpse explosion is good in mtg
MrsLlante: Corpse explosion best explosion
violetblight: @GreatGodOm pretty sure envenom is just attack damage
ComradeMik: It is the best payoff for aoe poison
AllTheWeasels: @GreatGodOm it's a power not an attack, does not add poison with envenom
silenceaux: What's a little curse between friends?
copperdinosaur: coward
Nuri_706: sneko eye is technically good, but I hate it
Fanklok: You can also stack multiple Corpse Explosion... explosions on one guy
ComradeMik: Curses are never as big a deal as you think
UncleExpendable: Corpse Explosion is how you order the appetizer platter at my hipster restaurant
ComradeMik: But also maybe i'm bad, so who can say
Mashamino: curses can be pretty terrible
AllTheWeasels: Silent and Ironclad are a lot better equipped to deal with curses than Defect is
ComradeMik: Either flip or throw are deece
robaphone251: Do a backflip! It'll be cool
AllTheWeasels: Between exhaust and discard effects
copperdinosaur: outmaneuver+ isn't terrible
copperdinosaur: yes
AllTheWeasels: It sure is
andvuaranaut: yes
DoktorNik: yes
WiJohn: Yep
copperdinosaur: take it
ComradeMik: Sure is!
Nuri_706: absolutely
copperdinosaur: DO IT!!
TheSpindash: I'd be pretty debuffed if I was poisoned.
SirElgar: poison is adebuff
robaphone251: Leg sweep imo
AllTheWeasels: This is the best Sadistic Nature will ever be
silenceaux: Lotta real cards here.
Jovh11: Crippling Cloud is great too
whoppernugget: Ooo waffle
EVAtelier: Oh, cloud is nice too
copperdinosaur: footwork is also good
robaphone251: Cloud or leg sweep for defense
ComradeMik: Cloud is good. Also waffle
Nuri_706: footwork is great in a stally poison build
copperdinosaur: footwork
ComradeMik: Dex gives a straight buff to block for each point
ComradeMik: Yeah, mtg discard rules
Nuri_706: sozu
PMAvers: Sozu ate it.
copperdinosaur: ladies and gentlemen I believe we have a deck
ComradeMik: You have sozu
AllTheWeasels: Sozu eats it
thalanir: Sozu say no
ComradeMik: No potions
robaphone251: Skip
SirElgar: fairy went right into your sozu
silenceaux: Distraction+ is funny but probably not an improvement.
copperdinosaur: skip
DoktorNik: bane isn'
AllTheWeasels: Blade Dance might be good
frank_the_great: distraction is fun
AllTheWeasels: 4 0 mana attacks with envenom is really good
Nuri_706: I love this event
silenceaux: One time not Nilry's...
GreatGodOm: I never read the book.
r10pez10: oh you found the competitive rules
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown lore
frank_the_great: The book that adds cards per tern slows the game to a crawl
Nuri_706: thats real good
niccus: do we have a 2+ attack?
ComradeMik: Double power babeeeeee
AllTheWeasels: This is probably not the relic this deck wants, but it's real good
niccus: we don't
silenceaux: Hmm, so we need to find a good attack that costs 2+
copperdinosaur: it's a trap
r10pez10: say yes
ComradeMik: No! Trap
DekiSystem: no
silenceaux: Already removed a couple strikes, and is one upgraded?
definenull: v--v?
AllTheWeasels: If we had more strikes left, that would be real good. But having just removed 3 strikes
silenceaux: Ah right, removed 3 of them.
UncleExpendable: That magazine has a knife
UncleExpendable: Sorry, that clip has a knife
Jovh11: But you miss the value of being a vampire who can sing Fall Out Boy's hit song "Fangs for the Memories"
AllTheWeasels: Oops we spilled poison all over the pages
mrMorphius: Yes, yesssss
AllTheWeasels: lol
Jovh11: Catalyst into triple is nutty
niccus: regal pillow is an incredible (...and probably hubrisy) enabler for facetanking elites
copperdinosaur: oh damn hand too
frank_the_great: pog
ComradeMik: It's all coming together
frank_the_great: Front one
DAC169: just got here. we doing a poison build? rooAww
ComradeMik: Cultist
copperdinosaur: cultist
AllTheWeasels: Cultist first
SirElgar: birdman
DaimyoAmerica: Kill the Cultist
whoppernugget: Cultist prolly
ComradeMik: The back one is annoying but does less damage overall
GreatGodOm: I always go for the cultist first. Cause it keeps getting stronger.
copperdinosaur: yeah kill the scaling thing first
AllTheWeasels: Flask pog
Jovh11: Flask can be real strong
DoktorNik: Upgrade flask is OP
UncleExpendable: Oh holy shit
copperdinosaur: flask is great
DAC169: bouncing flask rooAww
thraximore: flask+ is very good
silenceaux: Ooh, pre-upgraded flask?
AllTheWeasels: Each bounce will trigger sadistic nature btw
ComradeMik: Also, bird jar and hand is goob
robaphone251: Flask pretty good
DekiSystem: hell yeah to the flask
Nuri_706: sneaky strike goes with the necronomicon
ArcOfTheConclave: is that 4 5 damage procs with sadism?
mrMorphius: Flask is incredible in single target fights
whoppernugget: Man finisher is so good in a shiv deck
Nuri_706: to add mana
AllTheWeasels: @ArcOfTheConclave yes
ComradeMik: Great in single and group fights
Nuri_706: necronomicon doesn't work with flask, its a skill
silenceaux: At this point you're pretty set for poison sources.
Mashamino: it's not an attack, sadly
copperdinosaur: free relic
AllTheWeasels: Never punished
ComradeMik: Take the relic
Mashamino: oh...
copperdinosaur: yeah probably shouldn't have listened to us
whoppernugget: God not the plant
ComradeMik: You draw 7 cards, it's fine
thraximore: what just ate the fairy in a bottle?
silenceaux: Looking for corpse explosion.
thraximore: is there a relic that prevents potions?
Nuri_706: @thraximore sozu
thraximore: gotcha
definenull: Rip fairy
copperdinosaur: all of them
squ3e: all
WiJohn: More?
AllTheWeasels: Two is perfect
DoktorNik: 2-3
Mashamino: how many? yes
thraximore: two sounds about tright
DekiSystem: 50
ComradeMik: You have cushion, just rest at the next fire
UncleExpendable: At least 2
ArkhamArchivist: at least 8
robaphone251: 2
ArcOfTheConclave: poison is at the start of their turn
Jovh11: 2 is good
Redcoaster: more
Nuri_706: as many as you can get
frank_the_great: Never enough
DAC169: all the Catalysts rooH
robaphone251: Big boss need 2-3
AllTheWeasels: Oh this turn is so good lol
silenceaux: So from here, we just want better defend cards and removal, I think.
AllTheWeasels: RIP collector
thraximore: let's GO
DekiSystem: holy heck
ComradeMik: Lol
AllTheWeasels: Both teams played hard
dsavillian: speed run any%
WiJohn: Yep 2 seems right
lackingsanity: man the hand is working wonders here
robaphone251: That's why you need 2-3
Nuri_706: ggs ggs
DAC169: all the poison rooAww
frank_the_great: Game's easy
ComradeMik: GGEZ
salamisuperstar: Poison is okay I guess
DekiSystem: more corpse
ArkhamArchivist: correct
AllTheWeasels: Second corpse explosion *is* greedy
copperdinosaur: tools isn't bad here
silenceaux: If anything, it's Tools. But it might be nothing.
Mashamino: ehhh
ComradeMik: nah
thraximore: I don't think so lmao
whoppernugget: Longest Poison boss fight
Jovh11: You can pass yes
Nuri_706: corpse explosion is a status that stacks
DekiSystem: take the corpse
AllTheWeasels: Tools of the Trade might be ok, skip is also fine
ArkhamArchivist: Tools would be better
Dalouer: tools is very good
SirElgar: only 1 explosion
ArcOfTheConclave: tools is fun
ComradeMik: Either tools or pass
frank_the_great: I'd take it but I love it
DAC169: CE isn't an Exhaust card rooThink
Dalouer: especially upgraded
EVAtelier: Yeah... maybe tools for some filtering?
ksenyo: sometimes you don't draw the 1st one
WiJohn: You can pass, tools is solid
robaphone251: Skip or tools
copperdinosaur: tools with your relics is great
Mashamino: tools is good, especially since you have the hand anyway
ComradeMik: You have artifacts that give you heal and free casts with powers
PMAvers: Tools feels like it's a good way to turn your curses into usable cards.
AllTheWeasels: immediate punish for not taking tools lol
greasymemes: kite + tools would have slappedd
UncleExpendable: Snap our choker
copperdinosaur: choker was probably bad
frank_the_great: Easiest final boss, let's go
definenull: Uhh
frank_the_great: Also you can corpse explosion em
thraximore: poison doesn't care about thorns, thankfully
MrsLlante: With tools can discard the curses
ComradeMik: Choker isn't great, but in poison stall it's not the end
thraximore: uh oh they have lifelink
robaphone251: We're gonna die to this choker aren't we
silenceaux: T1 is gonna be the time choker gets you, because of the hand giving you so much free energy.
WiJohn: Splode!
AllTheWeasels: lol never mind corpse explosion
PMAvers: Sounds like it's a job for EXPLOSIONS
copperdinosaur: more footwork
DAC169: that fight is one of the reasons Corpse Explosion is so good rooH
Nuri_706: you know what they say: feet
frank_the_great: Late for shard, but it's still fun
AllTheWeasels: Strike probably
Jovh11: Curse
ComradeMik: Get rid of writhe
ComradeMik: Too late
definenull: Hoh hoh!
robaphone251: Poison scales well
AllTheWeasels: Getting rid of writhe instead of strike might have been ok, but since we can't play our full opening 7 I don't think the writhe even matters in this deck
r10pez10: "what about you, do you like me?" "no"
AllTheWeasels: I think writhe is genuinely a better card in the deck than strike was
frank_the_great: Plan+ was free
copperdinosaur: writhe isn't that bad considering that it removes itself
Mashamino: free except for choker
h3rsh3yb4r: it's northernlion's head
silenceaux: So now you need to ramp up a lot of poison. Like a LOT.
UncleExpendable: "Come get in my mouth"
DAC169: I've... not seen this mini-boss before aipS
ComradeMik: Ah, head with choker is annoying
violetblight: @copperdinosaur it doesnt?
ComradeMik: This boss melts to shivs
AllTheWeasels: Close fight, giant head
ksenyo: yes
violetblight: i mean
Nuri_706: yes
Redcoaster: yes
violetblight: you gotta
frank_the_great: do it
WiJohn: More?
thraximore: eh
UncleExpendable: 1 more?
Mashamino: dodge and roll is a maybe
thraximore: three is enough surely
copperdinosaur: I thought writhe was ethereal it's been a while
robaphone251: After all, why shouldn't I have it
definenull: So many bottles
violetblight: nah clumsy's the ethereal curse
frank_the_great: Should have picked backstab /jk
Redcoaster: upgrade neutralize maybe?
Jovh11: But you could have given Backstab double innate
DoktorNik: You haven't gotten the "the next skill is used 2/3 times in a row)
Mashamino: hurts, she hurts
robaphone251: Corpse explosion
ComradeMik: Corpse exploding a knife isn't bad
definenull: Welp
ComradeMik: Yeahhh
AllTheWeasels: You can clean up some of these little guys
silenceaux: Kill off one of the daggers.
ComradeMik: This enemy is fucking annoying
tehfewl: welcome to reptomancer
Sibwow: skill issue
WiJohn: She's a jerk
Nuri_706: you can kill the knives
AllTheWeasels: Deadly Poison deals 10
UWDJohn: you could always cheese and restart this fight
UncleExpendable: I think we're just dead here
Fanklok: You can save and quit to restart the fight
SnackPak_: still in it
AllTheWeasels: We're fine
DudelidouX: It's the weakness of poison
DoktorNik: wail is great
AllTheWeasels: That belt will look great with our sozu
Doctor_Pockets: Wail would be awesome
robaphone251: WAIL
copperdinosaur: evis is good with necro
Nuri_706: wail is good
DudelidouX: I'd skip
AllTheWeasels: Wail is less good if we're not going to <Redacted> but it's still good
Sibwow: wail wail wail what do we have here
PMAvers: The minus strength is a debuff too, right?
ArcOfTheConclave: is whale just fog?
salamisuperstar: That "jesus christ" sounded very Peter Griffin
ComradeMik: Never punished
Mashamino: completely and totally free
violetblight: wail's such a good block card
pointykitty: w/ strength loss its iportant to remember that if the increment of damage is lower than 8 it will straight up do 0.. that applies to like multi hit attacks too
Mashamino: umm?
pointykitty: 158 might do it
violetblight: sozu potion belt is funny
copperdinosaur: trops are good
copperdinosaur: more powers
AllTheWeasels: This looks like a skip
silenceaux: The only card I would take is a big block card.
AllTheWeasels: god no
ComradeMik: Only final boss left
definenull: Nah
violetblight: nah you have damage
frank_the_great: Not really
ComradeMik: Nah
copperdinosaur: powers with your relics
definenull: Just dilutes your deck
UncleExpendable: Flask!
DoktorNik: cloud?
AllTheWeasels: Imagine drawing caltrops instead of any of the cards already added to this deck
Doctor_Pockets: neutralize could be cool
copperdinosaur: flask is better
Nuri_706: neutralize probably, since you open it every game
ComradeMik: Upgrade neutralize
SirElgar: neutralize?
Jovh11: Not that it's mattering a ton for you right now you might want to play your powers to heal from your relic
AllTheWeasels: Upgrading the card that we always draw turn one seems good
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silenceaux: Not for long they don't
frank_the_great: Focus on the back one imo
thraximore: dramatic donut music
Sibwow: get choked lol
Nuri_706: remember you only need to kill one, thanks to explosion
AllTheWeasels: Corpse explosion waiting room
Jovh11: The one on the right scales their damage
DAC169: I've only seen these 2 once. aipS they slaughtered me aipBooli
DoktorNik: footwork first
h3rsh3yb4r: donu
WiJohn: They should both explode
Mashamino: I'd just kill the one that's lower health
SirElgar: i generally kill dono first
PMAvers: Well, Corpse Explosion will eliminate the other.
Sibwow: dont kill donu before you can explosde the corpse
AllTheWeasels: Don't catalyst
AllTheWeasels: oops
silenceaux: Uh oh.
definenull: Oops
AllTheWeasels: it's fine
pointykitty: oh hey there's corpse explosion
Mashamino: I mean, it should be fine
silenceaux: Well, likely to be fine since Deca has very little extra strength.
definenull: Ggs
violetblight: silent best girl
frank_the_great: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SnackPak_: sergeGG
ComradeMik: This build came together so well
violetblight: nothing quite like a discard infinite
robaphone251: This is also basically the platonic ideal poison deck.
definenull: Nap time
mistycloud21: Infect deck OP
thraximore: ResidentSleeper
robaphone251: So clean
Grimnus: Just a sleepy bones
Mashamino: granny needs a nap
Sibwow: and goodnight to you as well
SnackPak_: good run to end the stream
AllTheWeasels: jorbsHey great stream
robaphone251: wheelerOok wheelerOok wheelerOok
mistycloud21: Goodnight
r10pez10: enjoy your stolen ice cream wheeler!
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LathosTiran: MK 6!
MrsLlante: Thanks Wheeler x
Juliamon: It's not that it honked, it just wasn't scary
SnackPak_: ooo
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
thraximore: @r10pez10 LUL
r10pez10: lol