midnightcurryjazz: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James, and/or Graham, and/or Adam play Magic: The Gathering Arena! This week March of the Machine Early Access! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 10:00 AM PDT (10m from now).
Earthenone: oh right today is the post pre pre release pre pre release
TXC2: yes the PPPRPPR
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James, and/or Graham, and/or Adam play Magic: The Gathering Arena! This week March of the Machine Early Access! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 10:00 AM PDT (0s ago).
TXC2: GapFiller lrrHORN
midnightcurryjazz: khaosp4PuppyLove khaosp4PuppyLove khaosp4PuppyLove khaosp4PuppyLove
LordZarano: escher3MEOW
Earthenone: lrrSIG
GapFiller: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG 5! 5! 5!
Nebula662: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
HailtheRNG: Beep boop
LoadingReadyRun: This is probably one of my fav songs Jimmy has done. Always makes me smile.
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HailtheRNG: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
1y1e: LRRMtG, pronounced like "thaumaturgy"
heon0012: Hello longtime watcher medium time subscriber.
Earthenone: i still maintain thatg millenial bloop could easily be the song title, the band name, or the genre of music
TXC2: hello heon0012 welcome
beowuuf: @1y1e or lurmtug if you're beej :)
extra_spicy_ramen: @1y1e i'm partial to "lurr emm tejj"
Fanklok: @Earthenone Name Occupation and Title
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Nebula662: Lurmtug thegal27Cozy
Natedogg2: Good morning everyone
TXC2: hello Natedogg2 welcome
1y1e: @Nebula662 thanks I hate it
fungal_bird: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Y'all ready for some MOM? | That is to say, are you all ready to enjoy a full day of James, Adam, and Graham playing in the March of the Machine Early Access event on Magic Arena? | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1646560386475507713
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fungal_bird: How long is the stream estimated to be? (Or estimated end time)
heon0012: Twitter?
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vargasbball3: Seeing my favorite streamers playing a cool set on my break 😌
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vargasbball3: Seeing my favorite streamers playing a cool set on my break 😌
Earthenone: scheduled until 5 pst
heon0012: I don't have that.
beowuuf: @fungal_bird think it's set for double length-ish?
TXC2: heon0012 most don't these days
fungal_bird: @earthenone oh hell yeah
Earthenone: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, or http://lrr.cc/schedule for a Google Calendar version.
theymerLoviatar: some lads playing cards today?
Earthenone: is what i use :)
4 raiders from Darkheart54 have joined!
TXC2: hello Raiders
beowuuf: sergeHi raiders, good timing
widowmaker1806: lbflufYes lbflufYes lbflufYes lbflufYes lbflufYes
theymerLoviatar: tuaSquish tuaSquish tuaSquish tuaSquish
heon0012: @theymerloviatar In Connecticut a little later.
TXC2: Here we GO!
Darkheart54: Hey I wanted to drop my small steam here to learn about magic and your community
TheWriterAleph: heyyyy
BusTed: yo
TXC2: Hello James
Darkheart54: Love you guys and gals
cuttlefishman: Howdy James
TXC2: Darkheart54 lrrHEART
laundreydhull: Ayyyy, eights
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TheWriterAleph: be thick, it's thursday
TheWarbo: so many gold. so much gem
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GapFiller: double length seems a better description than bonus
1y1e: bumper edition
GapFiller: extended even
Darkheart54: Omg thanks for the sub
MorganteMaggiore: today is the day indeed
TXC2: "it's still Thursday" he said, menacingly
beowuuf: "cori, take the morning off" edition
heon0012: @darkheart54 send me a message after this I'll take a look.
Earthenone: Thursday will continue until morale improves
cuttlefishman: James - who is the cutest Phyrexian
Natedogg2: It's Thursday somewhere in the world.
TheArgentPhoenix: o/
Darkheart54: Np yes did my power hours magic stream
cuttlefishman: hehe, well timed call
beowuuf: magic through the also, also, also, also
TXC2: robo call time?
hugogol21: hi James
beowuuf: bees?
fungal_bird: Hallo
Earthenone: we will hum to ourselves its fine
lady_olynder: Okeeee
cuttlefishman: Music
theymerLoviatar: Music doesn't go here
laundreydhull: I actually wished LRR Robo-called me for a joke
cuttlefishman: Ambient
raaabr: Phyrexia, all will be one more lands
sephsays: Maybe the music was the friends we compleated along the way?
TheWriterAleph: ooh baby that ambience coxJam
Darkheart54: I got to get to work. Loved the pre prerelease so far
laundreydhull: Like Crapshots through the phone
Natedogg2: The music was in us all along.
Spades_Slicc: Also happy homestuck day
theymerLoviatar: (psst people go watch the music video for Croatia's Eurovision entry this year and don't tell me one of the guys doesn't look a whole lot like James)
Earthenone: im assuming its someone at the door with a beverage for james
beowuuf: march of the machines, april of the afk
heon0012: Where's the music?
laundreydhull: Imagine that
lady_olynder: I cant wait to force 5 color greed piles this weekend
sephsays: love a good chair stream. Chair is one of my favourite streamers! sergeChair
GapFiller: theymerLoviatar not the guy w/ the moustache presumably
RAZRBCK08: Kenrith being left out of Eldraine limited was the correct call
NDCazzy: sergeChairBanner
lazermeow: This sounds like the sounds I use to fall asleep every night.
laundreydhull: Like I answer the phone, & low behold... tis the "Crossing Wizard"
smirkypages96: Hey loading
Spades_Slicc: Does anyone know what's up with Arena pushing people to go back to the color challenge?
niccus: as luck would have it, james has to move marvel content _off_ the schedule
theymerLoviatar: @GapFiller no one of the other ones
niccus: that's because technically this is a new account on an event realm
polaris415: sergeChair stream
niccus: see the 500,000 gem
theguardianotter: Good old chair. My favorite LRR member
TXC2: Spades_Slicc it's a bug, Arena doesn't know it's ass from it's elbow
beowuuf: chair and spot, the OG background characters
Liliana_of_the_Valleys: Love a good chair stream
Earthenone: anyone read any good books lately/
polaris415: oh hai adam
RAZRBCK08: The color challenge thing happened to me on my normal arena account right after Innistrad remastered dropped it was Shadows and Color Challenge
TheWriterAleph: wait YOU'RE not james!
theymerLoviatar: huh, James got buff all of a sudden
dewrules235: James changed shirts
comrade_cards: A wild Adam appears
TXC2: Hello Adam
Nukified: wait a minute
BusTed: seabatOAK
codypsizzle: ADAMMMMMM
TwitchTVsFrank: You're not james
samu_btdp1985: Well that's a different james
niccus: the transfiguration of james
theguardianotter: Adam!
TheColorTurkey: James looks weird
lady_olynder: Howdy adam
pn55: Hi Adam!
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SpicyNapalm: So excited to play some MtG mommy I mean mommy I mean mommy I mean mommy
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BusTed: Had to take a call.
TheWriterAleph: yes.
Earthenone: classic james
lady_olynder: He got a seemingly real call
raulghoulia: no he took a phone call first and then left
TXC2: no...he had phone call first Kappa
1y1e: ah the James/Adam modal double faced human
NerdRadio: He left us, but not better James is here :P
laundreydhull: Greet Two Wreaks, lrrADAM lrrJAMES
heon0012: Think he had a visitor.
baskwalla: Adam Savidan! What a treat!
niccus: time for the responsible one to take over
pn55: Yea, he left us unsupervised
BrowneePoints: Adam your Cannons are SWOLE in that shirt my dude!
theymerLoviatar: He left us alone at Walmart
Nukified: definitely online
TheWriterAleph: not a lie
MorganteMaggiore: how you doin?
Earthenone: is chat now the target kids?!
TwitchTVsFrank: Fair assumption
polaris415: you're definitely online
a7xjoker93: Adam, we need an adult
morbis237: #blameJames
NerdRadio: Good morning Adam!
TXC2: Earthenone always was
laundreydhull: Standby title card?
cuttlefishman: Adam, can we put some candy in the shopping cart
SpicyNapalm: Dad left the car running, time to jam the our music and take a joy ride!
TheColorTurkey: @Earthenone Chat's always been the Target Kids
TXC2: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
BusTed: how 'bout that MoM
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NevermorePainting: LRR TIME LRR TIME
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NevermorePainting: LRR TIME LRR TIME
theymerLoviatar: We need an adult to buy us this Queens of the Stone Age record
comrade_cards: Stepped out for some cigarettes. I'm sure he'll be back any minute...
TheWriterAleph: Adam, show us your MoM
Nukified: another day, another set...
NDCazzy: he said "listen to some more music" maybe didnt actually click the button
saucemaster5000: need someone to help us rent a car
tru_boredom: Are you our MOM now Adam ?
TXC2: oh Gods I'm the adult aren't I?
disciple007: any good MOM jokes in chat?
bartimus_thundercask: Wow
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AkiraBalance27: damn
cuttlefishman: Would answer be different if never saw the dog?
laundreydhull: Ow.
underhill33: lrrWOW
uchihab7: damn james
BrowneePoints: She's gonna murder you
NevermorePainting: Your MoM lol gottem
theguardianotter: Woooooowww
GapFiller: Ashley readying the spray bottle as we speak
Natedogg2: Is the reason why he won't see his wife again is because he's going to go blind in five minutes?
colacadstink: What does a timbit cost Adam? Ten dollars?
Earthenone: is it time for #timbits?
theymerLoviatar: Also Adam sliding into the studio is gonna be the intro to the next highlight reel, isn't it
Didero: Speaking of cardgames, the rules for Disney Lorcana got put online today, and it seems fun. It's luckily not an MtG clone
Earthenone: !patreon
LRRbot: 2741 patrons for a total of $21,275.66 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
TXC2: !patreon
disciple007: they always advertise the jelly filled timbits in the states but they do not exist
a7xjoker93: Oh, not sure if Adam likes this god in particular - a story update on the tag-teams today confirmed Athreos survived on Theros
LRRbot: 2741 patrons for a total of $21,275.66 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
Earthenone: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy Shirt, or Sleeve, or Playmat, or Pin, or Other! Check out https://store.loadingreadyrun.com/ for the full catalog.
Earthenone: !lrrmove
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GapFiller: nalvThink actually as ways to make sure he never gets sprayed again go this is a lil extreme but w/e seems legit
TheWriterAleph: i've heard this MoM is huge and full of power boom gottem
foxwithaknife: Hi James hi Adam, I think you should first pick Etched Familier
cuttlefishman: We should play the mythics
codypsizzle: LES DRAFT
ghyllnox: Please tell me they're still doing fat packs
codypsizzle: So so so so so excited for this limited format, it's been like 3 years
TXC2: Adam is the colour commentary
saucemaster5000: need to label those chairs
laundreydhull: Less Draft Punks
baskwalla: @ghyllnox They are not
RevolverRossalot: James on the play by play, Adam for colour <3
ghyllnox: Awwww
codypsizzle: DINOSAURRRRR
a7xjoker93: ETALI!!!! IT'S TIME FOR JP3!!!
RAZRBCK08: @ghyllnox they're called bundles now or at least they're the closest thing to it
TheWriterAleph: i heard he's rather good at draft
BrowneePoints: ETALI
ghyllnox: That'd be a good "Your MOM's so fat pack"
bartimus_thundercask: Dino ahoy!
Earthenone: 11/11 trample indescructable infect
AkiraBalance27: ayye blightsteel dino
MorganteMaggiore: Etali Primal Colossus
sephsays: Look how they massacred by boy
LidofLoathing: it is good
neisan2112: Siiiick
baskwalla: @ghyllnox They do have Bundles now though, basically the same thing
TXC2: Dinosteel Colosus
flojosch: Choo choooo
Bugberry: this is a big, chunky format. I hope it's grindy.
Andymonium: yeah no etali is just silly
TXC2: *steal
neisan2112: You just slam and kill em
niccus: you mean how they perfected your boy
sephsays: Oh, wait, are we forcing mono-red again?
BrowneePoints: And its mono red
theymerLoviatar: @TXC2 Blightsteel Dinossus
dewrules235: Game of skill, no luck involved
disciple007: LUL
SydPreviouslyHeadache: They got Etali :) or :( depending on the who that's being referred
cuttlefishman: sorry
heon0012: No such luck.
RevolverRossalot: After all, why shouldn't we have second Etali...
laundreydhull: Weh?!
ghyllnox: @baskwalla but if I say "Your MOM's so bundle" it doesn't have the same impact
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: i like the 5 drop red creature a lot
Wolfstrike_NL: ramp ramp ramp!
SpicyNapalm: Time to ramp to Etali!
Earthenone: invasion ramps, then ramps again
mulligan2six: R/G face beating
codypsizzle: Explosive vege!
RAZRBCK08: The Invasion is just Explosive Vegetation
TXC2: "just"
macbody2: Ha! LSV is passing to you....
on_and_awful: Alright, moving you guys to the big tv.
Earthenone: there was a lot of sacrifice stuff at the ppr right?
a7xjoker93: Renata is sweet
slopoppotamus: Best Threaten in a long time
MorganteMaggiore: how about a flying etali?
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comrade_cards: The two metric years!
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polaris415: vanquish is also decent?
theymerLoviatar: It also pings battles
Earthenone: etali is pretty much a green card anyways with its mana cost :P
LidofLoathing: gruul gruul gruul
Earthenone: overgrown pest?
uchihab7: pest
JonHerzogArtist: Eyy, made it just in time
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: etali is double faced
sephsays: Etali has two faces
flojosch: Look at that smile
Earthenone: seems pretty imposible to miss on the 3 mana 2/2
codypsizzle: yeah
dreadfeather: DMU4
Fanklok: There's a goblin you can sac lands to to draw?
Bugberry: There was also a goblin in one of the recent core sets that sac lands for draw.
gibbousm: !card Sprouting Goblin
LRRbot: Sprouting Goblin [1R] | Creature — Goblin Druid [2/2] | Kicker {G} / When Sprouting Goblin enters the battlefield, if it was kicked, search your library for a land card with a basic land type, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle. / {R}, {T}, Sacrifice a land: Draw a card.
Earthenone: 4/2 flash blocker seems cool
gibbousm: that one?
theymerLoviatar: Herdbeast is garbo
Bugberry: the cycle of color haters aren't bad. This is a format with a lot of rewards for going multicolor.
TXC2: the 5 drop might wheel?
SpicyNapalm: Give etali death touch to trample over for the win, need to make reality win more
codypsizzle: hey, that's an alright ember wolf
SpicyNapalm: Moloch is sick
codypsizzle: common Questing Beast? MonkaS
codypsizzle: monkaS
sephsays: This mono-red deck is very green. I like it.
cuttlefishman: How often do we think we'll activate Moloch's effect?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Bunny.
hammith: Fungus Rabbit...
theymerLoviatar: Hare Without Set Mechanic
disciple007: phyrexian mana best mana
Bugberry: the rabbit kind of has Scavenge from RTR
SpicyNapalm: Can flip it and is a good defensive creature to trade with, seems good
nymistrya: I'm so excited for this set. This is gonna be my first pre-release since Dragons Maze
disciple007: need more nerds for our idiots
mulligan2six: Curve go up and to the right
SpicyNapalm: Rg big dumb idiots is an evergreen strstegy
MorganteMaggiore: a late furnace is really weird, sacrifice seems nice in this set
Wolfstrike_NL: Seed would probally work for the "storm" drafts
TheWriterAleph: because of MUL does this environment have more legends than the "legends matter" set we just had?
Earthenone: 6 damage instant seems good
hammith: This just in, Adam likes big giant beefy things... no one is surprised.
flojosch: Bear Rhino makes arguments invalid
TXC2: hammith Adam is a big beefy thing, it's self love Kappa
Dmc3628: just remember from the PPR rhino doesnt have convoke
niccus: pog
CanPlayGames: Protip: Put Lands in you deck, chat.
cuttlefishman: What is our curve?
SpicyNapalm: Battles are going to be heavily drafted by others so it kight be worth taking them early
bartimus_thundercask: I think we prioritize the zendikar battle if we get it again no?
TXC2: our Curve is the Matterhorn
Spades_Slicc: @canplaygames never
CanPlayGames: @Spades_Slicc Thats fair. I'm not your mom
TXC2: I assume people are gonna attack battles WAY more often then they should
cuttlefishman: I wonder... is that a Borg reference in the Invasion of Arcavios art?
cuttlefishman: I feel like it is
type_variable: i feel like battles will become a front face only choice
TXC2: possibly, the Phyrexians are VERY borg like
Two_Hats: Oh the music is still on
theymerLoviatar: Oh hey it's Adam's preview card
Earthenone: lets cheat out a vitali!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's your preview card. I think you're legally obligated to take it.
Dmc3628: right let's cheat our big bad dino
uchihab7: i mean shandalar free cast etali
bartimus_thundercask: But preveiw card
SpicyNapalm: 5 mana potentially draw 3 ain't bad
BrowneePoints: Radha might wheel
eh_yo_flake: 5 mana draw 3 with potential upside idk
Cptasparagus: you do have a 7 and 8 drop
Earthenone: we have no 4's
hammith: That thing in the art is a 0/1? I don't believe you
TXC2: that's 6 mana for a 5/5 and an 0/1 basically
cuttlefishman: Kavu is a cutie
dreadfeather: 5/4 flying seems deece in another deck
Dmc3628: momma bear does make etali cheaper
1y1e: I just realised how weird it is that "deals X damage to target battle" might flip it as a result but "destroy target battle" doesn't - bit of a gotcha
RevolverRossalot: There's the ramp you wanted - in bear form!
SpicyNapalm: Gore
SpicyNapalm: Goreclaw = ramp that punches
TXC2: 1y1e the latter is to deal with battles you have to protect
cuttlefishman: Is the present Timbits?
saucemaster5000: a knuckle sandwich?
Earthenone: large ididt with forestcyling?
hammith: It Goreclaws
uchihab7: gloves so he stops scratching himself?
NewtyNewts: How goes the grind?
ThibbleBird: This wobbly music is messing with me
asthanius: It looks so good
BrowneePoints: Yes
Bugberry: and you don't even have to play Blue
SpicyNapalm: 4 drop is good but forestcylcer is needed right?
iSmartMan1: Gremlin or Hermit
minibasher_: Play on 4, flip on 5, make that 0/1 a 5/5 and jam
accountmadeforants: @ThibbleBird Pause and unpause your Twitch player
laundreydhull: Nelson you say? LUL lrrNELSON
1y1e: @TXC2 yep! tricksy stuff
TXC2: wow that was Arena music?
dewrules235: Aw man, I liked the atmosphere music
DrLigmaPhD: Sorry for backseating but have you considered picking good cards?
Earthenone: its gravedigger?
theymerLoviatar: and was cute!
accountmadeforants: @DrLigmaPhD Picking good cards is last year's meta
iSmartMan1: Wrenn's Resolve is good, though
cuttlefishman: This is a good position to be in at end of Pack 2
beowuuf: whenever i open arena and have to update it for the next hour, i'm always surprised by the incidental mood music
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ZachtlyAsIntended: MAGIC BOIS!
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NewtyNewts: Fight
TXC2: Pick 8?!
Dmc3628: Snake Eat
NewtyNewts: sorry, Punch
BrowneePoints: It's a punch
Earthenone: also punches battles
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's punch anything that can be damaged except players.
BrowneePoints: Frontliner?
DrLigmaPhD: Snakes can't punch, just like I don't dance
eh_yo_flake: Monkey pack 3 lets goooo
SevereTrollingAddiction: umm, ackshuwally it's a bite 🤓
Bugberry: RG is the battle attacking color pair
ThibbleBird: bite fight!
DrLigmaPhD: (IDK why I was inclined to a HSM joke but here we are)
countingku: Wassup, folx?
SpicyNapalm: The secret is, if you don't have battles to attack you just hit them. Think that is the underrated thing this set
TXC2: hello countingku welcome
accountmadeforants: @beowuuf Arena's music team goes hard. They had a theme for GRN/RNA which changed dynamically when you played guild-aligned cards.
beowuuf: @beowuuf ooh, nice
dewrules235: THANK You Adam
ThibbleBird: The pause/unpause worked :)
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP
uchihab7: good luck i gtg to meijer to get medicine
NewtyNewts: Darn Elesh!
TXC2: so we splash...
BrowneePoints: URABRASK
lady_olynder: You can splash it
DrLigmaPhD: so with BRO and MOM how long until SIS and DAD?
type_variable: urabrask though
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Urabrask is fine.
JonHerzogArtist: Urabrask!
baskwalla: Urabrask good
lamina5432: Bad splash
flojosch: Naya it is...
ghyllnox: Thank you Adam seabatClap longcl1Love
QuixoticScrivener: Seriously, 45? Not 50?
ThibbleBird: bye elesh norn!
codypsizzle: PRAETORS
varazeal: Dual preator :D
Dmc3628: but Urabrask OG
hammith: Take a Praetor, leave a Praetor
SpicyNapalm: One praetor over another
beowuuf: sad inspiring music starts playing as they choose greed :p
galleadden: where are all the skittering surveyors? This pod is hogging all the bombs
Earthenone: maybe ellish V can play it :P
Bugberry: "just" urabrask
gibbousm: OH Urabrask the Hastey
BrowneePoints: Urabrask 1.0 is a GOD
BrowneePoints: Wtf yes he is
DrLigmaPhD: Urbrask is still strong
Dmc3628: still kills people ded
theymerLoviatar: Haste Etali
codypsizzle: CAPTAIN
disciple007: Thalia that gives haste
ThibbleBird: This format is hilarious. If only you could do like you did in Double Masters and double pick the first pack
slopoppotamus: Etali with haste seems dumb
codypsizzle: oh captain my captain!
baskwalla: Lannery is so good
Earthenone: treasures for etali
DrLigmaPhD: Vroom zoom, pirate doom
lady_olynder: Oh captain, my captain
gibbousm: she is surprisingly reasonable in my EDH deck
accountmadeforants: @beowuuf There's a playlist of all the variants, but they don't capture the hype of playing a card and having the music change on you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVouVxrcG5c&list=PL1n6vAc7CVU7JnzLCWvnKjq-4TQOIPx3N
baskwalla: MOM: Beep beep the creatures are coming through
Dmc3628: go go my zoomies
laundreydhull: Ello, Ura my deer friend...
Bugberry: haste helps take battles when their shields are down.
Earthenone: stoke the flames is real good
disciple007: LUL
Spades_Slicc: Is that OG brask?
ThibbleBird: Stoke time
SpicyNapalm: Stoke the flames baby! 🔥
Dmc3628: so stokes
DrLigmaPhD: A very fun commander
JonHerzogArtist: Commander card I think
CatTreeDreamCar: Dominaria.
BrowneePoints: It was the buy a box from Dominaria
bartimus_thundercask: Fun fact this set has the most haste creatures propotionally since alara
ThibbleBird: A bunch of box toppers
Natedogg2: The original Dominaria
SevereTrollingAddiction: Dominaria
Earthenone: buy a box promos are just custom cards, change my mind
on_and_awful: With Captain Lannery, you should always overact her name. Just go absolutely, scene-chewingly ham.
BrowneePoints: And got reprinted in double masters
lady_olynder: It was also in 2x2
Dmc3628: og DOM buy a box
TXC2: this got Ben at the PPR
BrowneePoints: It was in 2x2 but that's it
tru_boredom: It is
Bugberry: It was the first mechanically unique bob
BrowneePoints: It is
hammith: It's such a commander card
gibbousm: I missed it, was it the Wurm?
eh_yo_flake: Blasphemous act tribal commander
Bugberry: BoB
shendaras: hello all
DrLigmaPhD: Lightning Helix does 6 with it no?
dreadfeather: It is fun with blasphemous act
hammith: It makes Lightning Helix stupider
QuixoticScrivener: Fire song and Sunseeker are two the most popular Minotaur commanders.
CatTreeDreamCar: I just built a deck with it at the helm recently! Sunforger shenans.
TXC2: hello shendaras welcome
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Ktolos: This is the first limited set with that card in it :p
TXC2 laughs in HBrawl
BrowneePoints: It was Buy a Box for Dominaria and in 2x2 and is a very powerful boros commander
Dmc3628: that was the last pick of Pack 2
DrLigmaPhD: Adam, I don't need Jesus. Jesus needs me.
ThibbleBird: haha Valduk
1y1e: shout out to a set with dual lands at common
Earthenone: forestcycker/
BrowneePoints: Cycle right
baskwalla: Forestcycling baby
thebluecosmonaut: i'm a 4 mana 4/3 doublestrike
cuttlefishman: Forestcycler seems dece
thebluecosmonaut: beat that
SpicyNapalm: Forestcycler get IN
accountmadeforants: No discounts! You pay for Star of Extinction or you don't get to wipe my board with stupid amounts of damage!
hammith: A 9/9 Doublestriker is also hard to deal with
cuttlefishman: Cut crusher?
TXC2: this card is the "that has reach?" of the set
SpicyNapalm: Forest cycles works well with the battle
thebluecosmonaut: 🤝
slopoppotamus: You've got James. You won't miss land drops.
Rourke9: are there way more cards from the list in this set than others? I dont remember the list being on arena before. is this the first time?
Rourke9: cant find anything about it
roastbeefsandwitch: sweet Urabrask art there
Earthenone: more suprise mechanics
cuttlefishman: Umezawa?
SpicyNapalm: Moloch is great
theymerLoviatar: @Rourke9 It's a Multiverse Legends sheet, like Mystical Archive
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Goreclaw pumps the defender...after attackers are declared!
Rourke9: @theymerLoviatar aaah thank you!
DrLigmaPhD: What's the thespian pride flag again? A distressed director with a clipboard?
Earthenone: it attacks as a 4 mana 5/5
iSmartMan1: Fall for sideboard
Dmc3628: for nicknames what would Valor's Reach tag team finisher be
bippityjones: That +2/+2 could be great with that double strike but idk
BrowneePoints: Atraxas fall eatstick
BrowneePoints: Err beatstick
DrLigmaPhD: Convoke is an all time banger mechanic
SpicyNapalm: Ramp spell actually gets in thats huge
eh_yo_flake: dark souls sized greatsword right there
TXC2: it's happening!
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bippityjones: NotLikeThis
hammith: Big beefy beatsticks
ThibbleBird: We have sooome raaamp
laundreydhull: I don't suppose a LRRbot among bots keeps score(s) on Arena/Paper matches or runs atm?
cuttlefishman: Heck yeah, forest
JonHerzogArtist: It's a good sword
ThibbleBird: That sword is gross
Dmc3628: radha and convoke gonna get fools
baskwalla: I think that greatsword is great
BrowneePoints: Ramosian Greatsword and Beamtown Beatstick are both decent
RevolverRossalot: Goodsword confirmed
Mr_Horrible: wow we got a Burbabask?
Earthenone: this is the first draft of the day, no games played
Rourke9: instant speed tapping her though?
cuttlefishman: Cut crusher
ThibbleBird: Copper Crusher iiiiis not the strongest top end
Mr_Horrible: remember shatter has convoke, too
DrLigmaPhD: Radha is a character that with every appearance reminds me I have a thing for muscular women... and men... and enbys.
CaptainEnder7: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 39:56.
cuttlefishman: Either cut the crusher or add a second one
SpicyNapalm: You want shatter imo, kavu is mid
cuttlefishman: cowards
BrowneePoints: Crusher is an Abyss yall
DrLigmaPhD: Basically Carnage Tyranrt
ThibbleBird: oh wait yeah hexproof is fine
Bugberry: maybe one skald
Mr_Horrible: it has trample, who's chumping that?
P1xelPaul: copper host crusher with convoke would be nutty
ThibbleBird: shatter is also good to stay in with convoke
Mr_Horrible: I'd keep the shatter over ancient, imo
Angel_of_Iris: With your convoke Rhada would give her bonus to another creature though, that sounds dope.
QuixoticScrivener: Overgrown pest?
DrLigmaPhD: @P1xelPaul Isn't there a rare in the set that does that?
Mr_Horrible: it's good removal and the convoke makes it easier, I feel
P1xelPaul: @P1xelPaul yes
BrowneePoints: Sorry I meant Abyss in a good way but yea trample @mr_horrible
Earthenone: also soft tutor for etali
SpicyNapalm: Gets land gets bombs pests are great here
Bugberry: surprised by how little battles are in this deck.
unrivaledaesthetic: wait, ive been watching lrr for years, are y'all siblings???
Caryotip2: if you manage to pull an etali with urabrask on boar it s game
TXC2: unrivaledaesthetic they are not
Mr_Horrible: BrowneePoints yeah, it's def big, but it's more causing a shatterpause than a chump every turn LUL
cuttlefishman: All of LRR is siblings
Bugberry: brothers from other mothers.
NewtyNewts: Outside of marriage?
ThibbleBird: right???
gamercat88: yet
Earthenone: they are just former roommates
SpicyNapalm: Battles are only at uncommon and above and they are going to be taken highly, aren't going to get many
Cunobelenos: by blood...
Mr_Horrible: that's one of those "...oh fuck how do I actually block this?" moments
cuttlefishman: Marriage
dewrules235: Do couples not count?
mulligan2six: By marriage?
JonHerzogArtist: Mawwiage
QuixoticScrivener: What card would you replace with it. Make a mental note for when you draw that card, it could be removal.
lady_olynder: Only by marriage
kilnfiendpotter: Except by marriage!
type_variable: ian and beej come from the same pod but that might not count
BrowneePoints: I hope we get the Goreclaw untap cast Etali, flip Urabrask off Etali @loadingreadyrun
DrLigmaPhD: Not even same species
ghyllnox: Is Penelope "in" LRR?
Mr_Horrible: Urabrask The Hidden, front and center Kappa
TXC2: yeap that's an arena hand alright
lady_olynder: Ooh cool map
TXC2: ghyllnox not really no
Cptasparagus: Isn't Beej everyone's dad?
bartimus_thundercask: Damn good map and music
slopoppotamus: Or just trust in James
SpicyNapalm: Don't need to worry about drawing lands, you have James hwre!
dreadfeather: Never didn't have it
Earthenone: its loud here
TXC2: it's loud for us yes Adam
Mr_Horrible: it's p loud for us, yeah
Cunobelenos: Heather is LRRmom
shendaras: It's a little loud
ThibbleBird: music is a tad powerful...I do like it
DrLigmaPhD: Perfect
BrowneePoints: That's the signpost adam
Dragonicgar: Sooo much better on the noise. Thank you!!
ThibbleBird: STRIKE FEAR
TXC2: always had it
NojhLivic: Curious how arena handles battlefields. Where does it put them?
bytecaster: Get the boy!
P1xelPaul: fear the PEST
niccus: declaration of intent
1y1e: "nice!"
Mr_Horrible: reveals Etali, "Jaws" music starts playing
DrLigmaPhD: Trade every day
Mr_Horrible: odd trade, OP
TXC2: bold attack from Opp there
Dragonicgar: @LoadingReadyRun Will we see any new Friday Nights this year?
quancooffate: Failed bluff lol
DrLigmaPhD: Converter blocks it
Earthenone: the 0/1 seems good
Earthenone: so we can double block with one card
ThibbleBird: oh damn
Mr_Horrible: converter can't block, we can't flip the egg
ThibbleBird: this is gross
BrowneePoints: Convert can't block without flipping the token chat
DrLigmaPhD: Incubate makes a token
TXC2: incubation cards aren't cretures
bytecaster: But only for 2 mana is that token a creature
NojhLivic: Dang that was a turn
Mr_Horrible: in a bit of a pickle
ThibbleBird: next turn we try to hide
TXC2: Menace is kinda underrated
DrLigmaPhD: Ashen reaper is gonna be a pretty solid card in sac decks but I also think land decks will love it
P1xelPaul: holy aggro
brutusq13: "everything has haste"
TheWriterAleph: is this one of THOSE formats? holy cow
Seth_Erickson: hello gamers I see we have strong Urabrask
1y1e: woah cool way to dodge the "enters tapped" trigger
TXC2: hello Seth_Erickson welcome
TimeToFry: Wait, that's not at sorcery speed
sephsays: Interesting that the incubated token gets around Urabrask
hammith: Always snap decisions
bytecaster: The format has been solved!
TimeToFry: Neat!
ThibbleBird: 1/1 games was waaay too fast aggro format
northos: @sephsays and also the vehicle, that was a pretty sick play
mulligan2six: Format solved. Everyone can go home now.
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: no instant judgement just judging the format at sorcery speed then?
Mr_Horrible: also I'm peeved that their vehicle got around Urabrask's "ETB tapped" clause LUL
Marcanius: Too late, format blows, MTG is a dead game
braveheartlion7: I can't wait to open pack on arena for this.
TheArgentPhoenix: "oh boy i cant wait to see how the lrr team is doing in their first game of mom draf- oh..."
saucemaster5000: snap decision -- magic is broken, let's all go back to playing Bridge
lady_olynder: But if we dont make decisions that are far too hasty, are we truly magic players?
DrLigmaPhD: Very meaty
SpicyNapalm: Because so many things are built around hitting battles, my guess is that there will be some decks that can absolutely smash you quickly. Just the guess for now though.
Earthenone: anything to play with on it?
asthanius: not too fleshy
midnightcurryjazz: ew
BusTed: rayfkKing
TheWriterAleph: @Marcanius GAVIN
Mr_Horrible: is that the way that it's making you feel tonight?
Seth_Erickson: oh wait this is old urabrask not cool new urabrask
ThibbleBird: Simple and Clean IS the way that you having me feel tonight
Mr_Horrible: How hard, on a scale of 1-10, would you say it is to let it go?
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: how can I make popular viral content without making snap judgements >C
dewrules235: Love that song
Mr_Horrible: oh sick
Arcan0r: I think you shouldn't cast a battle you don't own
CanPlayGames: Wait, Battles are vertical in Arena? heh
Mr_Horrible: weird how free cards are good
BrowneePoints: Etali is INcredible
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smirkypages96: smirky4Smirkyhype smirky4Smirkyhype smirky4Smirkyhype smirky4Smirkyhype smirky4Smirkyhype
DrLigmaPhD: Kill the rider?
Seth_Erickson: alright so 1 of 1 game in and format seems slow Kappa
ThibbleBird: 100%?
Mr_Horrible: I'd sac 4/2 to kill reaper
DrLigmaPhD: Reaper
bytecaster: Menace is spooky
brutusq13: they do have menance
SpicyNapalm: Gotta get menace out of there, threatens you too much
Earthenone: yeah we trade the 4/2 to kill a menache
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Caryotip2: kill a menace limits risks
lady_olynder: Ashen reaper scawy
Cptasparagus: shouldnt you have gotten the value out of the moloch since the battle is black?
CommanderCrossing: 104 seems like a long time.
midnightcurryjazz: that so its fits on the stack, the battle is long ways on the board
Mr_Horrible: and slugfest trading is gonna make the reaper spooky
galleadden: you have urabrask they cant play and crew
DrLigmaPhD: A tribal machine gun
ThibbleBird: Wait to transform and go ham :D
Earthenone: they cant crew other than with incubate thanks to urabrask
bv310: Trading one creature for a Menace creature is pretty solid
ThibbleBird: oh wait...trample with the deathtouch next turn aaaaand there goes my plan
unrivaledaesthetic: they're totally siblings
Mr_Horrible: "Etali, you suck!" *dies*
Mr_Horrible: jeeegus
LibraryWitchKei: Holy Frazzle-cannon Batman!
Bugberry: Mardu removal
Earthenone: serpent blade then tandem?
braveheartlion7: @loadingreadyrun you guys pull the monkey in this drsft?
DrLigmaPhD: You'd habve enough
TXC2: braveheartlion7 sure didn't
heon0012: What?
iSmartMan1: Still enough to cast both removal spells
iSmartMan1: katesRip
P1xelPaul: should of played tandem and the red removal
Mr_Horrible: it's a bit spooky, but we make due
heon0012: All the spelling errors confused me,sorry.
Mr_Horrible: takedown only hits 1 critter, I think
DrLigmaPhD: Slam 2 bodies
Bugberry: if they have it they have it
Mr_Horrible: v fast, yeah
SpicyNapalm: All the removal
BrowneePoints: Wtf op
Earthenone: they had 12x removals
Wolfstrike_NL: answers.deck
NojhLivic: That was a tough game. Fun though.
bv310: A wild amount of removal
TXC2: opp has WAY too much removal
Mr_Horrible: onward!
Caryotip2: it s okay jut stop drawing land => win
Mr_Bitterness: 20X Removals
pn55: Cool removal deck
BrowneePoints: That was 7 pieces of removal
mulligan2six: Removal and Aggro. Unbeatable.
ThibbleBird: Play around removal :)
Bugberry: At least got out Etali.
Mr_Horrible: I like the random pacifism in Rakdos off a treasure LUL
accountmadeforants: ExactlyTheCardsINeed dot dec
SpicyNapalm: To shreds you say
pn55: True
ThibbleBird: Now we are the beep beep
heon0012: This is a removal heavy set.
wotc_jordan: Morning lads
TXC2: Hello wotc_jordan welcome
ThibbleBird: This is going to be beautiful
NewtyNewts: Why not on the 2/1 for a 3/2 doublestriker for a turn?
brainbosh: Backup would have given the assailant double strike for the turn, right?
Bugberry: I saw someone say Vanquish the Weak wouldn't have many targets in this set, so far it seems like there's plenty.
DrLigmaPhD: Hopefully just bounce spell
BrowneePoints: Oooo jordan on the official account
NojhLivic: This is early access so only VIPs are playing at the moment right?
TXC2: NojhLivic yeap
ThibbleBird: LUL
Graham_LRR: @wotc_jordan ooo fancy corporate username
DrLigmaPhD: The Boshy?????
JonHerzogArtist: ohgosh obosh
TXC2: Hello Graham
heon0012: Believe so
wotc_jordan: @Graham_LRR I'm at the office today, work PC. It's very fancy
couchboyj: All the comainins are in the mystical heroes archive, I think. WotC wanted to print them with the new companion rule.
ThibbleBird: most of our draws here are gas
NojhLivic: So these should be pretty awesome pro-level games.
passwordlost_hereiam: Does Obosh affect himself? Seems odd not to block Urabrask if so
TXC2: !card obosh
LRRbot: Obosh, the Preypiercer [3{B/R}{B/R}] | Legendary Creature — Hellion Horror [3/5] | Companion — Your starting deck contains only cards with odd mana values and land cards. / If a source you control with an odd mana value would deal damage to a permanent or player, it deals double that damage to that permanent or player instead.
NewtyNewts: People watching twitch at work... and it being their job?! Madness!
BrowneePoints: @passwordlost_hereiam they wanted the double striker dead
BrowneePoints: Dead
DrLigmaPhD: Cycle the ancient EOT if the don't play anything to remove
NewtyNewts: Can you kill the transforming creature in response to it transforming?
couchboyj: They aren't pressuring you at all, no reason to burn resources yet
tergonis: hack the planet!
theneatestburrito: How’s the set looking?
passwordlost_hereiam: @BrowneePoints Well yes, I just disagree with the choice.
ThibbleBird: Op likes looking at cards
dreadfeather: I knew the board reminded me of something
DrLigmaPhD: @NewtyNewts Yup. Ability goes on the stack
Vampyre_Lord: @NewtyNewts yes
ThibbleBird: This set has some powerful magic
BrowneePoints: Urabrask remains egregiously annoying
NewtyNewts: Got it, it's the ones that have the sac as part of the cost you can't really respond to
TimeToFry: Just topdeck a land
Bugberry: All of the legends makes this feel like Smash Ultimate. Everyone is here.
DrLigmaPhD: @BrowneePoints A quality I aspirre to have
heon0012: @theneatestburrito too early to tell.
TimeToFry: B)
bytecaster: Never punished
ThibbleBird: kaboooom
Laserbeaks_Fury: Red deck go Ururururur
1y1e: we won, so format = solved
ThibbleBird: Adam with the face lol
TheWriterAleph: "Mystical artifact? Are you talking about me?" -Siri
DrLigmaPhD: I live the archive cards! Your opponent can just randomly cast DT for a vanilla 4/4
tru_boredom: I love 3d both the artifacts and the archive but still I agree those are the best
BrowneePoints: People joked about Urabrask finally getting a good card this set, but everyone forgets his original is also just really good @loadingreadyrun
TXC2: the main problem with the mystic archive is that most of those card are beyond busted
slopoppotamus: Oh, hey, it's Numot
SpicyNapalm: Oh no its Numnuttummy! (Apparently there was a comment who mistakenly called him that somewhere and it is my new nickname for him)
LibraryWitchKei: It's Numot
raulghoulia: apple watch for two timbits? score
cuttlefishman: we should tell kenji we're big fans
DrLigmaPhD: RW is usually aggro of some description
brainbosh: I mean also a 2/2 vigilance is trouble
BrowneePoints: It's the signpost card so probably worth living
SpicyNapalm: Kill it
BrowneePoints: Killing*
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kilnfiendpotter: So fun fact: I'm watching y'all right now. And my husband is watching Kenji's stream
ADTalks: numotB1 numotB2
gamercat88: house divided
kilnfiendpotter: So y'all need to WIN.
kilnfiendpotter: YES
Graham_LRR: Haha
midnightcurryjazz: So, you like hair and your husband doesn't
kilnfiendpotter: I gotchu!
ph0enix__42: numotHELLO numotHELLO
trendel03: hi all...sealed or draft?
beowuuf: clearly need a couple's invite to the next jackbox stream MiniK
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TXC2: hello trendel03 this draft
trendel03: thanks
gibbousm: Team Jadam?
Snail_On_Speed: team Nummy! numotJAM
LibraryWitchKei: Yup this is exactly like Game of Thrones.
DrLigmaPhD: Is volcanic spite just a funtional reprint of the card from Ikoria?
LibraryWitchKei: No difference whatsoever
RiptideNet: you folks at LRR are amazing thanks for doing all that you do
TXC2: this is like Game of Thrones season 8 Kappa
gibbousm: I'm so happy to see Stoke the Flames in Standard again. Card is fun
heon0012: Subscribed with prime.
Bugberry: @DrLigmaPhD can target battles
GredGredmansson: you can hold up both
NewtyNewts: 2 mana 2/2
GredGredmansson: unless you want to convoke it
Dmc3628: ostensibly yes but now can hit battles and planeswalkers
heon0012: Also thinking of getting this set through prime,just in case I get all dizzy again.
Graham_LRR: @riptidenet Thank you!
TXC2: !card stoke the flames
LRRbot: Stoke the Flames [2RR] | Instant | Convoke / Stoke the Flames deals 4 damage to any target.
BrowneePoints: Chump and stoke it?
cuttlefishman: Tandem and block?
Artificer_Evan: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:02:02.
Mr_Horrible: tandem plus block seems good, 2-fer
Artificer_Evan: oh no, I'm late
SpicyNapalm: Block the 1/3 and tandem the 2/3
gibbousm: I mean, you have James of course you'll draw a land
gibbousm: *landcycler
MilkInBags: this set is the best in the last 10 years! it's also too bomb heavy, and tempo is super important! i can't believe removal is too good and creatures are really powerful, you can't skip turn 2 or you die and late game is about developing a good board
BrowneePoints: I'd set up the etali
type_variable: guarntee the etali
Fanklok: If you're up on cards trading seems good
bytecaster: Let the greed flow through you!
GredGredmansson: oh no
MilkInBags: I admire your restraint Adam
GredGredmansson: oh yes!
Badchop: Well.
Dmc3628: BEEP
accountmadeforants: seabatClap
MilkInBags: FBtouchdown
NewtyNewts: The 8-drop again!
BusTed: seabatClap
Earthenone: our large son came home!
pn55: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
accountmadeforants: Video games!
RiptideNet: ooo so good lol
SpicyNapalm: LUL
TheWooglie: FBtouchdown
TheWriterAleph: jlrrCoolgame
dreadfeather: LUL LUL LUL
midnightcurryjazz: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited
Fanklok: Never punished
Dmc3628: instant 15 power
AkiraBalance27: beautiful
theymerLoviatar: tuaStax tuaStax tuaStax tuaStax
Daggerpeak: iepinbWhataguy iepinbWhataguy iepinbWhataguy iepinbWhataguy
TXC2: beep fucking beep!
meepsalot: beep beep go!
kilnfiendpotter: YESSSS
TheArgentPhoenix: GOOD LORD
MilkInBags: oh and it's against Kenji? #JUSTICE
1y1e: ahhh yes and that's why we did the line that shuffled
pn55: Never didn't have it!
primalquagsire: Seems decent
baskwalla: Kenji's loving it
couchboyj: Numot was very excited for you
Bugberry: hope he doesn't have sunfall
theneatestburrito: Game of skill!
Thisbymaster: concede at 20 life?
Dmc3628: furnace reins dont even do it now Kenji
GredGredmansson: James Adam Etali Numot
Fanklok: It's 100,000,000 channel points to name his kid
kilnfiendpotter: BRB going down the hall to gloat at my husband
Badchop: Numot inventing swear words as we speak (probably not)
eh_yo_flake: mana, flip etali
TXC2: now we flip etali
Snail_On_Speed: nummy is quaking in his boots
Cptasparagus: they are having one soon, nows the time to reserve the name
niccus: alas, 9+P
ottovongoon: nummy quits magic
kilnfiendpotter: Kenji needs to name his firstborn "Etali"
Dmc3628: one more turn to get the big big bad
NewtyNewts: And 2 life
theymerLoviatar: @kilnfiendpotter this
eh_yo_flake: i think we collectively just meant you still beat the flyer if you can flip it
ThibbleBird: Poison Victory?
ThibbleBird: or wait won't we kill without poison
niccus: yeah it uhhhhh hurts
gibbousm: Math is for Blockers
SpicyNapalm: 19 trample power is pretty good
Earthenone: 19 power of trample he has 6 touchness
Dmc3628: hope he dont have stoke
dwchief: tramples over ez
Bugberry: kill or be killed
DegHag: Flunge
ThibbleBird: I think we lose because it's poison not damage?
A_Dub888: Math is for blockers
NewtyNewts: You have 19 trample damage
disciple007: well then
GredGredmansson: @ThibbleBird its both
SydPreviouslyHeadache: doesn't etali win by itself?
ThibbleBird: oh good
dreadfeather: math is for blockers
disciple007: exactsies
MilkInBags: 0!
BusTed: seabatClap
TXC2: Trample don't care
FofoATL: gg
NewtyNewts: It just doesn't die, you still deal the damage
quancooffate: Totally calculated
LibraryWitchKei: Still trample the extra
ThibbleBird: ggs
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i need to reread Etali
kilnfiendpotter: HAHAHAHA
Badchop: Collaboration successful!
wotc_jordan: I'm sure Emily would love that
Dmc3628: trample BABY
eh_yo_flake: Dinosaurs, man
coachNelly: kenji who
Bugberry: trample isn't stopped by the blocker being protected
TXC2: protection does not stop trample
Natedogg2: James Adam NumotTheNummy the 1st.
GredGredmansson: @SydPreviouslyHeadache yeah Etali does not have infect
ph0enix__42: numotB1 numotB2
dwchief: save the vod in your trophy case boyes
kilnfiendpotter: I mean, absolutely
theymerLoviatar: mochi ice cream
saucemaster5000: some flan
Dmc3628: save that for posterity
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH, yeah, thank you Gred
Snail_On_Speed: numotSAD
drcthulu: that was the dream crush for numot going 1/3
Graham_LRR: Tough beats, Doug
kilnfiendpotter: I shall inform Doug posthaste
cuttlefishman: Can adam say Gelato again
Fanklok: Do it
Dmc3628: ooh Mochi icream thanks loviatar
disciple007: Nummy in shambles
galleadden: that was kenjis final loss of his draft. you guys knocked him out
lazermeow: Has to get you some Meeso Rawman.
EvilBadman: Text him "cool topdeck"
TillianSwoard: Doesnt furnace goblin have firebreathing?
Mr_Horrible: playing and flipping Etali in your first, like, 2 games? Format is complete, we can retire
TXC2: Gods imagine feeling happy
theymerLoviatar: @Dmc3628 mochi ice cream just landed in my country so it's on my brain a lot
MilkInBags: Adam did you like my review of this format?
corefluxx: Cheer100
BrowneePoints: So Etali is absolutely gross
Mr_Horrible: it's expensive, but the payload is definitely a haymaker
MilkInBags: as it should be
Dmc3628: and it popped into mine cause there's a good shop that sells
pn55: If only we could all be casting 8/8 trample hexprof for free. Then we could all be happy.
codypsizzle: KEKW
SliverHoopoe: @kilnfiendpotter we just got ice cream yesterday
codypsizzle: that's my new favorite Adam line
raulghoulia: and we've cast it twice in two games
MilkInBags: I mean, 7 mana and then 10 mana *should* be gross
BrowneePoints: @graham_lrr also petition to call Etali Scorn, what with being a Spinosaurus Dinobot
Mierr: I am so excited for this set! Can't wait for my pre-release!
theguardianotter: Had to step away at the end of the last match, how did it end
Earthenone: i feel like this set will be 75% losing to random out of set legends
TXC2: theguardianotter we won
kilnfiendpotter: @SliverHoopoe You heard James & Adam, your punishment has been named
type_variable: 19 trample damage
RokuNalaar: @theguardianotter gloriously
NewtyNewts: It's still kinda slow if you can't control their growth?
theguardianotter: Hell yeah
LibraryWitchKei: @Earthenone And the other 25% to this set's legends, probably.
couchboyj: I wonder how Etali will affect standard? Whats better than Atraxa except stealing your opponent's Atraxa with Etali?
MilkInBags: gnottvold hermit, that's me
Earthenone: if i remember from the ppr the random legends arent standard legal
Earthenone: just draft winning bombs
NewtyNewts: Paddlehands?
theguardianotter: Adam
BrowneePoints: Nah
ThibbleBird: Adam please I can't spit my water
raulghoulia: definitely not. lord
MilkInBags: big hands to handle big things
brainbosh: Its a thing in Yaoi lol
Riiiiiiis: mongo hands
BrowneePoints: Fingers aren't big enough for Yaoi Hands
GredGredmansson: i wouldn't flip yet
slopoppotamus: Clear board
Mr_Horrible: @couchboyj I would guess *slightly* less big? Only 2 cards means more whiff potential, but the impact *is* immediate, so...
Fanklok: Some people have IRL yaoi hands
Earthenone: burgen and hunger seems good
theymerLoviatar: @Fanklok like Adam
LibraryWitchKei: @Earthenone But Etali isn't one of the random legends
couchboyj: Yeah I'm guessing Etali won't actually see that much standard play, but I dream of dinosaurs stealing Phyrexian angels :p
TXC2: O-ring with ward seems dece
JonHerzogArtist: That O ring has Ward 3??? dang
MilkInBags: blap
MilkInBags: RIP O-ring
Jethrain: Gavin!
BrowneePoints: If rg midrange is good etali will see play
pn55: Ward 3 is just rude
JonHerzogArtist: 2020Ward3
MilkInBags: I tried Standard, very fun actually
couchboyj: Ward 3 feels at least twice as good as ward 2
midnightcurryjazz: Standards good.
BrowneePoints: And reminder we get another Ixalan this winter
saucemaster5000: under construction
theguardianotter: Skittles!
Earthenone: yay infect!
Vampyre_Lord: skythix is in the pool!?
midnightcurryjazz: Pretty varied
TXC2: come play HBrawl it's """"fun"""" Kappa
Ackfu1: Skittles
Vampyre_Lord: yooooo, im hyped
couchboyj: Standard is in a pretty good spot right now, as far as Standard goes, imo
NewtyNewts: !card radha
LRRbot: Did you mean: Radha, Coalition Warlord; Radha, Heir to Keld; Radha's Firebrand; Radha, Heart of Keld; Grand Warlord Radha
MilkInBags: @TXC2 I wish there was an explorer brawl, so I don't have to care about alchemy and other non sense
BrowneePoints: Are you saying Kabira Takedown?
Bugberry: 1 point of damage missed, gg.
NewtyNewts: !card radha, coalition
LRRbot: Radha, Coalition Warlord [2RG] | Legendary Creature — Elf Warrior [3/3] | Domain — Whenever Radha, Coalition Warlord becomes tapped, another target creature you control gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of basic land types among lands you control.
Kit300: Standard is all grixis and mono black or mono green where im at right now
NewtyNewts: So it'd be one extra damage... when has one damage every won the game?
MilkInBags: standard was often bad in the last years, but right now it's interesting
Bugberry: Standard is always shifting, so someone is always made about it.
Fanklok: People complain about everything
crono3453: Complaining about standard never rotates out of standard
fungal_bird: You beat Kenji, you're extra entitled to a misplaced here and there
type_variable: just pump radha?
couchboyj: Standard was pretty bad for a few years
cobthegreat: All magic players do is complain about whatever
Wicket01: !searing barb
MilkInBags: I'm tired about people complaining about complaining, etc etc OpieOP
Vampyre_Lord: thats because standard has the most complaint equity in it since its a rotating format, its always new stuff to complain about.
Fanklok: Complaints have no intrinsic value if you keep them in equity
midnightcurryjazz: standard was bad when they pushed FIRE too much. its been pretty good for a while now
Ukon_Cairns: but i *want* to like the think i dont like
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Bugberry: @midnightcurryjazz people misunderstand FIRE. It's the reason Limited has been so good in recent years.
couchboyj: The standard that Eldraine was in never really got to a good spot, imo. Eldraine and Ikoria were just too pushed for a healthy standard.
eh_yo_flake: The most passionate people tend to be the most critical in a lot of circles.
Khyrberos: ^_^
kamkazi: There is millions of things people can do yet people will continue to do things they do not enjoy doing and complain about it. One of life’s greatest mysteries
Mediocre_Man5: @Bugberry FIRE is the new NWO: nobody actually knows what it means, but they're sure it's to blame for everything they dislike
drcthulu: what really grinds your gears
NewtyNewts: That's an easy fix. You just... oh
Kit300: Standard can be fun but hard to get more than casual friday night games anymore. People mostly play modern or pioneer for constructed
TXC2: kamkazi addiction is a hell of a drug
DrLigmaPhD: But Adam I do know everything
cobthegreat: Standard is fun right now because there are so many brews trying to upset the grixis menace floating around that the format is super diverse despite midrange decks being the definitive best thing
type_variable: wheres an etali when you need it
LibraryWitchKei: Passion doesn't automatically excuse the criticality though.
JonHerzogArtist: Identifying problems is easy - solving them is hard.
DrLigmaPhD: I am a doctor after all
TXC2: Hello Graham
BirdSorcerer: yeaaah, i'm probably guilty of that one
GapFiller: nalvHi hai G
bytecaster: No, that's just normal, users are great at pointing out problems, terrible at imagining solutions.
theguardianotter: Hi graham
NojhLivic: Someone summoned a Graham.
couchboyj: The best way to fix any game is to make the way I like to play stronger and make every other way weaker, of course.
bytecaster: As a rough rule of thumb
Khyrberos: Mark Rosewater often says that players are very good at determining Problems, but not great at figuring out the proper Solutions
mulligan2six: Big get bigger
Bugberry: Maro has talked repeatedly how he listens to what people need, not what they ask for.
drcthulu: killing the inquisitor is probably a good idea
LibraryWitchKei: @bytecaster Yeah I learned that one from Mark Rosewater talking about it years ago, coincidentally.
eh_yo_flake: Players are amazing at spotting issues but terrible at solving them. Same goes for anything. I can tell you a movie script sucks but I'm not racking up Oscars or anything.
Kit300: The bear is played.....poof graham appears
codypsizzle: Graham Cracker
disciple007: wow very rude
WrightJustice: so many phyrexian eggs
DrLigmaPhD: All this said about player feedback, it is important to listen to your players
MilkInBags: and James didn't specify the date or year!
wotc_jordan: Adam you can leave right now, make him eat those words
theymerLoviatar: shortened sentence for good behavior
codypsizzle: @eh_yo_flake people*
drcthulu: 5 good boy minutes
Fanklok: They need to stop pooping out eggs
GredGredmansson: a serra angel
gawsk: James confirmed the cool boss
couchboyj: Serra Angel
Bugberry: @DrLigmaPhD it's so weird when people say they don't listen, when they just are listening to a lot of different people.
dreadfeather: Good ol' serra angel
type_variable: pump once and eat a 3/3?
v_nome: Negativity also drives engagement. "X thing sucks" gets more people talking about it than "x thing is good"
Bugberry: The flavor text on the Serra Angel makes me so nostalgic.
Earthenone: battle lives at 1 here too
bytecaster: Them not having a flyer also buys us time to find a bomb
dreadfeather: They will just sac the one that will be eate
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Ackfu1: Huntmaster seems pretty good
quancooffate: Feels like the huntmaster is the bigger problem than that 1/1 we shot
bytecaster: That 3/3 is problem for Etali
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couchboyj: Censor stops the Etali trigger, doesn't it? Unless you hit Phyrexians.
TXC2: does Etail cast?
GredGredmansson: etali does cast
couchboyj: Etali is cast without paying the mana cost
MilkInBags: it exiles, so it must be cast
bytecaster: Etali goes: "Raaaaawwwwr". The censor goes: "Sssssssssssh"
Earthenone: just play their phyrexians :P
GredGredmansson: lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrJAMES
itsr67: If they cast a non phyrexian spell then attack the battle they can't cast the angel on the back
Fanklok: Playing cover casting spells and playing lands
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type_variable: he can sac his 3/3 to make more 3/3 its actually gross
Wolfstrike_NL: !they
LRRbot: Reminder! Your opponent may not be a "he" so try to use "they" or "opp" instead!
eh_yo_flake: OP's deck kinda slaps I dunno how you get out from under this.
gamercat88: yes please
NewtyNewts: Ooh, yes please.
MilkInBags: nah, I got Mr Puffs
Khyrberos: Sure
CanPlayGames: Yes Please
LurkerSpine: not it
theymerLoviatar: give it to Milk
bytecaster: Yes! Me!
Darth_Litigious: Can we share it?
raulghoulia: only if I can give you an applewatch
Fanklok: No thanks I'm avoiding sugar
DrLigmaPhD: I am very hungry
asthanius: Give it to LRRBot
galleadden: dibs
couchboyj: seabatCHOICE
HIYgamer: No thanks. I'm allergic
corefluxx: Im diabetic, so I will bow out
shendaras: I've never had one
tru_boredom: I'm from Europe I never had one
NewtyNewts: I don't need it THAT much, but I'd like one
CanPlayGames: Save it for Beej
DrLigmaPhD: Adam I'm your favorite docrot
huffboi1: I suppose I will take one for the team and eat the timbit
TXC2: I don't eat after 7PM
DrLigmaPhD: doctor*
GredGredmansson: @Wolfstrike_NL might not be the same since this is an open event and we'll likely know who the opponents actually are, but that's still a good reminder
BusTed: docrot
Wiliart: I volunteer Graham as tribute for the tinbit.
eh_yo_flake: bear time
jaimeblacken: why is it taped?
jaimeblacken: tapped*
GredGredmansson: goreclaw?
Draken03: Does it come with a double double?
GredGredmansson: or the Blademaster
bytecaster: Double strike goreclaw for flavor?
type_variable: censor is tapping it
quancooffate: Big goreclaw attack? Go out swinging
TillianSwoard: give it to the pumper
hammerswingames: the pumper!
corefluxx: Can you play the timbit for turn?
Fanklok: lil pumper
TillianSwoard: and swingout
hammerswingames: then pump and attack :D
asthanius: big pumpers
galleadden: you could give it to goreclaw so it profittably blocks
TillianSwoard: goreclaw gives it trample
asthanius: !pump
tsp397: Huntmaster seems broken
MilkInBags: if it were me, I would simply win by drawing the good answers and have my opponent not draw anything
GredGredmansson: oh hi elspeth
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
theguardianotter: Oh OK then
bytecaster: Rude!
gamercat88: m'lady
BusTed: wb
Khyrberos: Well then
disciple007: !dead
dreadfeather: That is a good card :)
jaimeblacken: i still have the question, why did the battle enter tapped
MilkInBags: flavour fail! judge!
DrLigmaPhD: OK Elspeth we get it, we all want you to step on us
bytecaster: Flavor fail though
MilkInBags: elspeth cannot side with the phyrexains!
jaimeblacken: the battle creature
galleadden: Hey elspeth where ya been?
couchboyj: Angel Elspeth is kinda creepy
NewtyNewts: Monkey's Paw: the reverse James
AkiraBalance27: you could also just wish to be the best magic player on planet earth
Fanklok: Hollow victory after hollow victory
raulghoulia: I just wouldn't play land against you
drcthulu: James made the same wish but it was a monkey's paw
Vampyre_Lord: @MilkInBags yeah, thats usually my strategy. but thats why i like these streams, to learn different play styles
TXC2: Worked for John Finkle Kappa
mulligan2six: You'd be weak to manaless dredge
saucemaster5000: genie rats you out on CNN
TheWriterAleph: but you can only wish for things OUTSIDE your deck
rainbowolf13: @raulghoulia Or defiately play lads combo
DrLigmaPhD: You'd be specifically targeted by landfall decks
rainbowolf13: *lands
Pnoy__: just play 5 lands and only gas against adam, you get all 5 lands and only draw gas
Genie_M: I don't do those kind of wishes
Sogheim: Only face Charbelcher decks
Fanklok: What happens if your opponent runs out of land?
AkiraBalance27: suddenly, next plane is all manaless dredge
Rourke9: you'd probably eventually get DQed even if they couldnt prove anything
Wolfstrike_NL: THAT would make you play standard?
galleadden: The monkey finger curls and manaless dredge is reprinted into standard
DrLigmaPhD: @rainbowolf13 Lads combo is very cool as a deckname
BusTed: What happened to A-L, anyway?
crono3453: Wish for a genie that does those kind of wishes
couchboyj: Jafar's LIst
Zoso_Wolf: Wish for a better genie
Genie_M: 😋
NewtyNewts: wish4wish exchange
bv310: Ki-genie-genie
TheColorTurkey: @galleadden don't threaten me with a good time
MilkInBags: instead of using grindr, just use genier or something
rainbowolf13: @DrLigmaPhD I think have a new name for my Highlander Deck then lol
dreadfeather: Wish for more wishes ofc
The_Lesser_Gatsby: m4g - Looking for Genie to help me win at card game
Gadora: Genie's wish might override what's in their deck list. Manaless dredge drawing nothing but lands would get people very suspicious, but not of you.
TXC2: better genie = Robin Williams?
saucemaster5000: wish for one that doesn't do Robin WIlliams Schtick
Neozyxn: Wish for a genie that would grant more wishes
Fanklok: "This Genie is better at screwing you over"
DrLigmaPhD: Wish for a device that grants wishes but has no capacity for ironic twists
Drewski346: Whats the last card in hand on the right?
drcthulu: more power but all wishes have to be sung in iambic pentameter and if you mess up you lose the wish
asthanius: I wish I could circumvent the rules
GredGredmansson: that's how you get Jerk Genies
NewtyNewts: You're wandering the forest, and you find a genie trapped in a jar.
thegiftedgrifter: Wish for a better genie you just gonna get a bunch of sass from the genie saying they're the best genie you are ever gonna get
Genie_M: Original story had unlimited wishes
MilkInBags: ok Adam you earn $20k a month, but you have to solve a genie conundrums per week and if you fail, you get trapped in a lantern
BrookJustBones: But Adam, you left the genie in a jar in the woods
saucemaster5000: who wins -- a genie wish or a thanos snap?
raulghoulia: Peeves is a good name for a pet
DrLigmaPhD: It is a good Lake Street Dive song
kilnfiendpotter: Craigslist genie does sound like a lrr sketch
BrowneePoints: Okay but you literally just did that saying you'd on play limited and standard
theymerLoviatar: Adam would never trust a genie, they live in bottles
gamercat88: Shaq Genie might do it
asthanius: Enigma-level
Vampyre_Lord: wish for the ability to have whatever you draw comes becomes real, and then wish for good art skills. then just draw more genies.
Badchop: You wish for omnipotence, omniscience, then immortality. Use your omnipotence to free the genie.
MilkInBags: aladdin level
galleadden: genies really are just lil magic dudes in jars
saintnutricious: can you sample a median level conundrum before opting in?
type_variable: adam would never let a small man out of a bottle right
Bugberry: solve Possibility Storm game states
LurkerSpine: and can you stop, or are you obligated to do the conundrums for an eternity
NewtyNewts: Probably all over the place... start 'em easy, then work up to 'spin straw into gold'
BrowneePoints: Very difficult. A Genie is smarter than you
DrLigmaPhD: Difficult enough for you to suddenly be all for loopholes in the hypotheticals
saucemaster5000: can we all agree the aladdin genie didn't actually make him a prince?
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DrLigmaPhD: @saucemaster5000 How deep do you wanna get into phenomenology?
MilkInBags: You have a month to solve it
raulghoulia: genie has infinite magic and is paying you in american dollars? getouttahere
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Sogheim: You’d have to be careful what genie you’ve got. Genie laws change over time and if they were bottled before the “three wishes” rule, you might only get one.
BusTed: It's basically paying your rent for 'not in a lamp'
BrowneePoints: Like, a genie is INFINITELY smarter than you, and if a DJINNI is having a conundrum, you are hopeless
mulligan2six: You'd be checking your mailbox like "Oh goody, it's conundrum day!"
couchboyj: I think Aladdin's Genie followed the spirit of Aladdin's wish, he wanted the appearance of a prince, not the responsibility
MilkInBags: Upfront
War_sheep: 2 months in advance and 1 month as security
bigger_frog: Sealed or draft?
shendaras: Take the money and run
TXC2: 20k a year to solve genie problems sounds like a lot like being a paralegal :p
saucemaster5000: why bother solving anything? Free Lamp, no rent?
MilkInBags: LUL
NewtyNewts: And then be trapped in a lamp?
Zoso_Wolf: With all these questions it sounds like you’d be good at it
shendaras: Only chatgpt
MilkInBags: you can use anything you want, just need to help the genie
drcthulu: no
BusTed: You wouldn't have to worry about paying rent I guess.
GredGredmansson: don't see why you can't
quancooffate: Hire a team
saucemaster5000: genies can't use the internet obviously
Vampyre_Lord: pay someone 10k to solve the puzzle for you
drcthulu: and you only have 5 minutes to come to a solution
quancooffate: Make a company out of this
Genie_M: I can
baskwalla: Regis would make a great genie
dreadfeather: Maybe will smith shows up?
Arcan0r: puts an ad for "solve this puzzle for 100$" lol
eh_yo_flake: Adam discovering what 'tech support' people in office jobs do all day
DrLigmaPhD: Is the lamp well-furnished? Can you come out under certain circumstances? How bad is the fail-state?
TXC2: the countdown music plays
disciple007: Can't wait for the first AI generated Magic Set
gualdhar: Living in the lamp would be great, it's bigger than my current cardboard box!
NewtyNewts: Now that's a hypothetical gameshow.
mulligan2six: I didn't even realize that Regis had died!
galleadden: You come upon a runaway trolley and can divert it to one of 2 paths On one is a genie that gives you 3 wishes, the other a genie plus 4 other genies you wished for
Sogheim: The lower the stakes, the harder Reddit will try to solve it
firebird163: You guys rock! Your youtube videos have been making me laugh for years PokPikachu PokPikachu
Fanklok: Wait Regis is dead??????
bv310: You could just do that to the LRR Discord, it would fit right in :P
Jethrain: @disciple007 so, roborosewater
Greyah: Better yet, go on reddit claiming to have solved it, but post the wrong answer so people feel forced to correct you.
Neozyxn: There probably is a subreddit for solving puzzles
MilkInBags: @Greyah seabatBRAIN
DrLigmaPhD: Genie: "You have 7 alligators and a box of donuts: Broker peace between Israel and Palestine."
Ackfu1: is that old Urabrask?
couchboyj: The trick is to post the question to reddit, THEN, on another account, post a horrible answer. People will fall over themselves correcting you.
drcthulu: wooooow
bytecaster: @Ackfu1 He prefers "well-aged" Urabrask
Caryotip2: the token game was way too good ^^
niccus: urabrask classic
DrLigmaPhD: @bytecaster Solver-fox
DrLigmaPhD: Silver
Ackfu1: haha nice
MilkInBags: just pretend to eat waffles with mold on it to boost engagement
drcthulu: that is genie-us
NDCazzy: quickest way to get the answer
Caryotip2: the ppr was super nice to watch
TheArgentPhoenix: is the audio outta sync for anyone else or is that just me?
quancooffate: That's classic Reddit-Fu
Riiiiiiis: audio seems fine here
MilkInBags: @TheArgentPhoenix you
GredGredmansson: just you I think
Jethrain: @TheArgentPhoenix looks in sync to me
drcthulu: audio is fine
drcthulu: here
ChrisMackGames: Oh my
MilkInBags: their board is so big for 4 mana
BrowneePoints: They want to flip it and kill your stuff
ChrisMackGames: Their board is nasty.
animaniacdot: i could swear "the best way to learn something on the internet is to post the wrong answer" is a named internet law
TheArgentPhoenix: okay yeah refreshed thats better
quancooffate: Opponent had a pretty great draft by the looks of it
BrowneePoints: Professor kills your board on flip
mulligan2six: Profitable trade
GredGredmansson: but how much is it to flip
drcthulu: hmm usually you want that to go the other way around
drcthulu: the cursed lives on
TXC2: everyone drafted better then we did :p
TheArgentPhoenix: just made the worlds worst burn/prowess deck for explorer but its performing well enough
couchboyj: @animaniacdot It is, apparently. Cunningham's law, named after computer programmer Ward Cunningham.
niccus: sometimes you have to trade a creature with the mana needed to cast it
animaniacdot: there we go, ty
saucemaster5000: asking is admitting defeat
Fanklok: Ma'lady invoker
baskwalla: M'lady
drcthulu: I mean you can get airforce people to post top secret info that way
MilkInBags: they were very kind to not kill your 4/2
Fanklok: But they do play Etali on tv
jaimeblacken: this deck was good
jaimeblacken: but the format is insane
DrLigmaPhD: Adam do you have even the slightest idea how much the words you just said would make my HS Humane Letters teacher cry with joy?
MilkInBags: ok I'll post my review again for you adam
bytecaster: I'm looking forward to drafting this!
gamercat88: the important thing is we beat Kenji with this deck
drcthulu: Format seems very bomby
TXC2: it's not insane, just powerful
BrowneePoints: It reminds me of War of the Spark
couchboyj: Interestingly enough, Cunningham does not take ownership of the law, claiming the name propagated through Internet misinformation
BrowneePoints: Big haymakers
saucemaster5000: "the format is very powerful"
DrLigmaPhD: "The best way to get an answer is just to ask"
drcthulu: Numot had brudiclad with all the incubate tokens was pretty insane
Riiiiiiis: what's a Humane Letters class?
drcthulu: until a giant dinosaur stepped on him
TXC2: Asking questions is how we learn
MilkInBags: Here's a question for you: can fish breathe in juice?
BrowneePoints: Chat can we pick a better word than insane today
saucemaster5000: such bravery
Fanklok: Then there's the people who get upset when you ask quesations
Riiiiiiis: @MilkInBags only Human juice
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
drcthulu: You learn less by being right than by being wrong
DrLigmaPhD: @Riiiiiiis Combo English, history, philosophy, economics, and a socratic format.
Riiiiiiis: Thanks, we had (almost) none of that :-)
Juliamon: I learned not to ask questions from parents who responded really dismissively to anything I asked
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LordZarano: Pretty sure that idea is way older than the internet. Like "If one wishes to learn how to pronounce a word to which they are unfamiliar with, simply speak it aloud in public and many persons shall rush forth to inform you of your error"
DrLigmaPhD: @Riiiiiiis I hated HS but the Humane Letters class is actually an amazing thing that I loved.
TXC2: Juliamon I don't ask my mum questions 'cause it means she'll talk at me for 30mins :p
Juliamon: TXC2 Oh yeah, that too
Earthenone: i learned from angelica pickles "if you have to ask, youll never know" :P
TXC2: yeah, but Angelica is a piece of shit :p
Fanklok: Angelica is the perfect role model
Riiiiiiis: yo
MilkInBags: so, you got the answer to my question?
TXC2: and we're back
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: at leat 2
Earthenone: dozens of them
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: maybe even as many as 3
Fanklok: Just keep track of each unique opponent
NewtyNewts: New draft
theblakdeth: CGB was cool to see on the PPR
Earthenone: standard is probobly fun during these events when everyone can access every card
TXC2: well there's 6 people in this just in my little twitch sidebar
MilkInBags: the existential dread of waiting in a queue for a game NotLikeThis
bytecaster: We can just use chat a sample and then extrapolate to the whole population, everybody whos in, raise your hand!
bytecaster: *as
saucemaster5000: any number higher than 4 is just a thousand to me
MilkInBags: ok I'll jump in
TXC2: 100% couldn't tell if my stream had frozen there :p
Caffine1138: ditto :D
Riiiiiiis: same
Earthenone: read any good books lately?
MilkInBags: I'm on book 8 of Malazan
Nukified: I only noticed arena slightly lol they were quite still
theblakdeth: Gideon's the 9th was fun
SwampHermit: Lord of Light is a great book
MilkInBags: other players are waiting for Elesh Norn to open more portals to the early access
EvilBadman: Draft requires 8 to start vs. Sealed just you to pop a pool
bytecaster: But we are almost there, soooo close
saucemaster5000: everyone got bored of the waiting game and are playing hungry hungry hippos instead
theblakdeth: Still faster than paper drafts
Greyah: Someone's keeping the last seat open for their friend.
MilkInBags: not about much for now, really
Fanklok: Ever since I had the worst sealed pool known to mankind for my m19 prerelease I never want to play it again
MilkInBags: Cutter's party is in Darujistan and people talk
BillTheCat: have Adam sign in on his phone and join the draft from another vip account :P
Wiliart: Arcades and stuff
AtrusOfMyst: Mystery Booster draft is fire
Nukified: Nicky
goombalax: elementals and 3 color omnath
Bugberry: M19 was the Bolas core set
EvilBadman: Flip Bolas
CururuGuasu: M19 was miserable. So durdley
drcthulu: I'm reading the first Brandon Sanderson mystery book Tress of the Emerald Sea and I'm really liking it
BrowneePoints: The nicol bolas m19 yea
BillTheCat: I had the last person not click join for 3 queues in a row once
raulghoulia: funnily enough goreclaw was m18
MilkInBags: let's blame Jamie OpieOP
kilnfiendpotter: ::old woman voice:: Ah, core sets! Those were the days...
raulghoulia: m19
Earthenone: guess we are 3 color
M0D3Uz: Can see both Numot and LSV are drafting aswell, so guess there is alot of people doing it
MilkInBags: p1p1 3 colours rare, let's go
drcthulu: no thalia is medium in limited
TXC2: thalia and her 10th art
Earthenone: zimone and poomba
AutumnGold: whatcha eatin?
Fanklok: I had 2 Death Barons and 0 other undead, Sarkhan and a single Sparktounge Dragon and no removal
saucemaster5000: here to fuck spiders
AkiraBalance27: but thalia is a cool card
Earthenone: and randomly is also a floodgate
orellien2773: Go Team Nerd Girls!
MilkInBags: what if opponent is casting creatures with 3 toughness
bytecaster: You know, Thalia, know mid card.
Earthenone: kami?
Earthenone: it fixes and ramps
saucemaster5000: @MilkInBags that's cheating, I'd call a judge
MilkInBags: can't believe they didn't bring back Soulshift NotLikeThis
bytecaster: Casts that 8/8 for 8
drcthulu: I'm not saying it's not good, just it's not as good as constructed where there's more non-creatures
Earthenone: time to change the equasion?
Bugberry: @drcthulu I know what you mean. It's a good card, but compared to other rares it's hard to call it a "bomb".
Earthenone: forestcycler?
accountmadeforants: And it makes the other thing hexproof, could be nice to blank some removal
TXC2: Holy Frazzle cannon Batman
MilkInBags: poor omnath
JinaMahavira: Meowdy gamers!
TXC2: hello JinaMahavira welcome
Earthenone: you dont want to invest too heavily into crypto :P
MilkInBags: you can sac your obtuse cryptomancer to zimone and dina though
JinaMahavira: seabatClap
Bugberry: Cryptomancer is also good with timone and pumba as it protects them and provides a disposable body.
JinaMahavira: oo did we fp my girlies?
Haroldholmes25: good with zimone and dina
DanTheMediocre: more bodies seems good
Earthenone: thalid makes 2 1'1s on flip its etb and dies
accountmadeforants: @Bugberry I mean, assuming we draw Timone and Pumba at all is a big assumption.
Earthenone: deathtoucher is more counters for kami
TheWarbo: if we end up not liking the familiar, can we get a refund on it 🤔
Bugberry: @accountmadeforants If we're letting a single card determine our picks
couchboyj: Rona's pretty good
Haroldholmes25: @TheWarbo no refunds
goombalax: @TheWarbo I don't think thats how it works, but then again I am Unfamiliar with the format
tru_boredom: I'm just hoping for Kairi and hidetsugu at this point
Haroldholmes25: tutorials I think
MilkInBags: every feet in the universe
TXC2: it's the how to play thing
volraths_bane: Codex is new, text tutorial
NewtyNewts: Convoke support
CAKHost: Is James team Phyrexian too?
Haroldholmes25: deadly derision tho
Earthenone: it taps for wubrg
MilkInBags: oh ok
JonHerzogArtist: Oh boy
yuan42: what was in that pack that they passed jin and juice???
DrLigmaPhD: The comic art mutate cards were so cool
Earthenone: halo forage is snapcaster mage in the sky
Bugberry: flying snapcaster
MilkInBags: 10 mana for a 5/4
goombalax: you're in the ramp color
dreadfeather: the wrong yet the right choice
Jethrain: with two kamis for the ramp though
xerjen: Honest question: Jin is a trap in limited, isn't it?
CAKHost: That's a xenomorph. ono
BillTheCat: get the card that gives it convoke
bytecaster: Jin will just mill you out
goombalax: @xerjen oh undoubtedly
Earthenone: deal 3 gain 3 seems good
uchihab7: im back from groceries, howd etali do?
Earthenone: etali beat kenji, thats all that matters
TXC2: uchihab7 it did great once
DrLigmaPhD: @uchihab7 Etali? Great. Deck? Ehhhhh?
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Walbogz: storm is great with kami
BillTheCat: F
TheArgentPhoenix: totally functional program, no issues at all
xerjen: Bye, Adam. Have a good day
laundreydhull: Same BRO, Same ...
laundreydhull: Crazy
TheArgentPhoenix: MTGA that is
BillTheCat: covoke
JonHerzogArtist: Big good
TXC2: it big
NewtyNewts: !card broodlord
LRRbot: Broodlord [X3G] | Creature — Tyranid [3/3] | Ravenous / Brood Telepathy — When Broodlord enters the battlefield, distribute X +1/+1 counters among any number of other target creatures you control.
Vampyre_Lord: big AND convoke
accountmadeforants: I was thinking we already had a card called War Historian, but no, that was Blade Historian. "While you were studying the Blade, I-"
NewtyNewts: !card hoarding brood
LRRbot: Hoarding Broodlord [5BBB] | Creature — Dragon [7/6] | Convoke / Flying / When Hoarding Broodlord enters the battlefield, search your library for a card, exile it face down, then shuffle. For as long as that card remains exiled, you may play it. / Spells you cast from exile have convoke.
Earthenone: racer fixes
laundreydhull: FAll sergeHubris Atraxa HyperSlam sergeFall
xerjen: Another Stormsculptor? That's criminal
Earthenone: concoke dragon
Earthenone: convoke*
BillTheCat: that's how you can play 10-mana jin
Draken03: Bomb 4a
TXC2: halo wheeld ?
NosiDM: I see we are not forcing mono red.
xerjen: You get convoke. And you get convoke. EVERYONE gets convoke
Draken03: *dragon
laundreydhull: Was that Quint?
TheArgentPhoenix: "how many can we play" hopefully as many as you can get your digital hands on
Earthenone: halo forager is definitly playable, even at worst its a 3 power flyer for 3, but yeah color issues here
offbeatwitch: These are not the lands you're looking for, traveler
accountmadeforants: Huh, a tutor for a card that can't be discarded (or even seen). That's pretty rad.
Jethrain: was that just a mountain in the second-to-last pick?
Earthenone: turns into an ophidian
Bugberry: double dina
Earthenone: free wheeler?
TXC2: but two Dinas!
Vampyre_Lord: i hear if you draft freewheeler, you get a free wheeler!
accountmadeforants: OG Dina is pretty swell. Blocks and sacs and doesn't afraid of anything
TheArgentPhoenix: New partner commanders, Dina & Zimone + Dina Soul Steeper
BillTheCat: incubate x twice seems good
TheArgentPhoenix: Inga & Esika are great fixers
Earthenone: yeah lets get on that rainbow road
Bugberry: Sultai Legends
xerjen: Splash for fixing :D
urkleturtle: most of the time that's gonna be a 6/6 that comes with another 6/6 on layaway
BillTheCat: land
crono3453: Renata seems good with the kami
DanTheMediocre: renata works wonders with the kami
JonHerzogArtist: Renata, bahama, come on pretty mama
Earthenone: takedown was good
xerjen: Takedown?
TheArgentPhoenix: I mean what're y'all working on rn? Golgari Aristocrats with a splash of blue?
TXC2: we're working on having good cards passed to us
Vampyre_Lord: nobody took 8 mana damage x3?
minibasher_: That card was fun during the pre-pre release :D
JonHerzogArtist: I think TarmoKat called it "Sultai Stuff"
Earthenone: atherborn is a good curve after kami
DrLigmaPhD: We didn't pick the fire, it was too expensive, don't have the fixing
couchboyj: Moist Golgari
DrLigmaPhD: To the tune of "we didn't start the fire" obviously
Earthenone: thespian seems real good, surveiling 1 twice on a blade
bytecaster: Aegar is in this set, excellent!
TheArgentPhoenix: clearly y'all need to play Golgari battles and sneak a copy of vampire hexmage in
Glittert00ts: How the drafts been goin?
Earthenone: cur the seeds?
Earthenone: seeds*
ladyjessica: Seed of hope
xerjen: Inga maybe?
DrLigmaPhD: Your curve is low... land?
mulligan2six: Easy 7-0
goombalax: Timbaland is only 51 I wouldn't consider that ancient
Earthenone: our top end has cycling or convoke
Earthenone: its lower than it looks
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catchyuniquename: Woooo yay
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catchyuniquename: Woooo yay
kilnfiendpotter: Minty Dimir, I like it
fungal_bird: Oh hey, they're showing LOTR: Return of the King tonight in theatres for the next week or so for its 20th anniversary
AliboyLive: The background music so good for this set
xerjen: Poor Mudcreep :(
DrLigmaPhD: @kilnfiendpotter Now I'm thinking of a signature dish per guild
APartofManny: this is MOM?
Vampyre_Lord: @kilnfiendpotter since we're splashing only one blue pip, i think this is wet golgari
Earthenone: wet rocks
TXC2: APartofManny yeap
Caryotip2: what a better way to start a game than having an 8 drop in hand
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thegiftedgrifter: Do the incubators jiggle if you click them?
LurkerSpine: woah that equipment is kinda busted
Clockwork_Penguin: Feels very Dr Who
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TXC2: Vigilance: the most underrated evergreen keyword
keroan0: One of us
Earthenone: !prime
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saucemaster5000: fuck, run, the 5-0!
NosiDM: What is this music, Three Steps From Hell?
Fanklok: Hey James how much money would it take for you to do a stream cosplaying as Jimmy Neutron?
TXC2: keeping a 2 lander in Arena is a bad idea :p
DrLigmaPhD: The patients run this asylum and yet we can't leave
bytecaster: That's fine?
xerjen: Surprisingly ok
ChrisMackGames: Wasn't that creature surviving and killing ours?
xerjen: Ours has deathtouch
ChrisMackGames: Ahhhh
BillTheCat: tuppYikes
ChrisMackGames: Suddenly makes sense now.
NosiDM: What happened to the curse?
bytecaster: Who in here said "easy 7/0"? Who jinxed us like that?
APartofManny: @NosiDM still very present
mulligan2six: I feel like I am responsible for this jinx. I can leave now.
NewtyNewts: What narrative?
DrLigmaPhD: Zoinks boys, lands where?
noSmokeFire: curse = a willingness to keep 2 landers and 5 landers
Vampyre_Lord: @NosiDM the curse is that james draws lands when he doesnt need them, and doesnt when he needs them
Mr_Horrible: "THERE IS NO CURSE!" *anime music starts*
TXC2: the Curse is real, Dana Fisher said so Kappa
saucemaster5000: genies are real but curses are bullshit
drcthulu: Curse denier
APartofManny: i mean 5 lands to 3
xerjen: Let James have his complaint equity :D
NojhLivic: Wait I have Jame's curse too?
petey_vonwho: There better be a curse, otherwise the voodoo doll I bought in New Orleans was for nothing
CAKHost: There are two lion avatars on the play-field and they are both screaming at each other. XD
Earthenone: !quote dana
LRRbot: Quote #6331: "If you're cursed, it's your fault." —Dana Fischer [2019-08-15]
Fanklok: Isn't there a clip of James admitting the curse is a hoax?
TXC2: ^
bytecaster: The thing is the curse exists and everybody has it
passwordlost_hereiam: This is part of the curse
beowuuf: we have several youtube documenteries called "stream highlights" that say its 100% real
EvilBadman: They call him James turner cause he be turning draws into lands
urkleturtle: at least we're annoying our opponent with all these deathtouchers
ace_elmandu: did I need to install the plugin to see better the cards or they need to activate it?
Mr_Horrible: nah, part of the curse is you have to have hope
BusTed: It's like a virus, it can't kill it for you completely.
Earthenone: lrr dosent use pluggins
TXC2: backup slayer angel!
CAKHost: The curse only works when it is funny, Chat!
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LegoMamateur: May the blessings of the mana gods be upon you, may you draw exactly the lands you need when you need them, and may you never flood or discard to hand size again.
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TheArgentPhoenix: that's a lot of backup
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Cartographers_Ink: Curse 50% of the time
corefluxx: Just get Ernie Hudson to make an announcement either confirming or denying the curse
mulligan2six: Good thing you kept that Atraxas fall in the main
APartofManny: nope she is the green god that doesn't have reach
bytecaster: The curse is just "You draw one card during your draw phase, normal luck applies"
beowuuf: @corefluxx ^
TheArgentPhoenix: the art is deceptive she doesn't have reach
xerjen: Curse 17/40% of the time?
theymerLoviatar: Tandem Tictacs
noSmokeFire: tandem bicycle
TXC2: she's not tall enough Kappa
Mr_Bitterness: Its BYOB Baneslayer
Quon84: curse is real
TheArgentPhoenix: balance reasons probably
leviathan3942: easy 7-1
dreadfeather: Why doe neither Nylea or Oketra have reach?
codypsizzle: it's the rare baneslayer lmao
codypsizzle: they powercrept BANESLAYER
couchboyj: And broken wings with set mechanic, right?
Earthenone: sac remata hope for plummet?
TheArgentPhoenix: she DESERVES reach tbh but unfortunately doesn't have it
urkleturtle: we need the deathtoucher for the tandem thingy
Caryotip2: a free wheeler always plays 5 colors
codypsizzle: cursed
NosiDM: Ah there's the curse.
bytecaster: Zimone potentially gets us another turn by gaining life
bytecaster: Dina in the back: "It's Zimone AND Dina"
TXC2: bytecaster hush pumba
TheArgentPhoenix: does Zimone and Dina have the "Only on your turn" clause?
Daggerpeak: wheelers fault, somehow
ChrisMackGames: Gross, gg
TXC2: Baneslayer, just as good as a mulldrifter
Zenergy142: Who okayed Baneslayer Angel? GAVIN!
TXC2: !card zimone and dina
LRRbot: Zimone and Dina [BGU] | Legendary Creature — Human Dryad [3/4] | Whenever you draw your second card each turn, target opponent loses 2 life and you gain 2 life. / {T}, Sacrifice another creature: Draw a card. You may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield tapped. If you control eight or more lands, repeat this process once.
ladyjessica: Gavin!
geail: between this and the PPR this feels like a slow but high-power format
bolas_dnd: What's up !
Glittert00ts: Oh its MentalMisplay
bytecaster: To be fair, that Angel is very good.
asthanius: Dawn's not bad, it's just more expensive than it seems, I think
TXC2: hello bolas_dnd welcome
NosiDM: The Curse is real.
NewtyNewts: Flyer with reach? Flavour judge!
urkleturtle: glistening dawn isn't bad, but it's essentially a 6-drop not a 4 drop
fungal_bird: Gg MentalMisplay
forshamesir: The Curse TM*
beowuuf: did you miss the lands, or did the curse strike you?
TheArgentPhoenix: glistening dawn feels like one of those cards you either play immediately on curve or wait until late game so you can get a bigger egg and flip immediately
Vampyre_Lord: but... i LIKE discarding to handsize
mulligan2six: Where were you last round mana gods?!
TheArgentPhoenix: NEVER PUNISHED
Mr_Horrible: wait are there 2 different Hardened Scales effects in this set?
Mr_Horrible: jeez
Caryotip2: knight deck?
TXC2: Mr_Bitterness yeap
bytecaster: It does produce 3 mana
opponentxcomic: Back from my daily walk how goes it doods?
JonHerzogArtist: Geometry angel
geail: it flips into a Fall target
TXC2: opponentxcomic it goes
dreadfeather: Can you fall battles?
QuixoticScrivener: You can destroy the battle.
Skajetolaf: You can fall battles
Bugberry: First Kithkin in Standard in nearly a decade
APartofManny: you had a 3/3 lol
TXC2: bless you
APartofManny: *they
NewtyNewts: Gesundheit
Skajetolaf: But now you gain some life by letting them hit it and fall it later.
Mr_Horrible: kami taps, yeah
TXC2: "it's my first day" "since I've never seen you before I'm going to believe that."
Mr_Horrible: oh, fall *does* hit battles
Mr_Horrible: wild
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cheezweazl: Oh Man! 99 Months, New Magic Set, Let's GOOOO!
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Mr_Horrible: alphabetical order sneaking it in there
Jethrain: 99 months? That's almost a year!
Bugberry: it's important to remember that destroying a battle doesn't flip it.
bytecaster: Other Kami first?
Mr_Horrible: can play 2nd kami first even
Skajetolaf: You could Kami into Kavu
Earthenone: can we double kami?
threekoboldinatrenchcoat: why not kami firrst
Mr_Horrible: yeah, it's just an extra counter, but still rockin'
Mr_Horrible: this mindstinger is paying out
TXC2: Mind games!
Skajetolaf: Smoooooth
fungal_bird: lrrFINE
Fanklok: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:23:50.
Earthenone: its ok only 680 peole know you dident draw it
Riiiiiiis: surely everything can't be fine..
Mr_Horrible: Jin-Gitdoyourtaxes
Bugberry: thankfully it's really hard for them to flip
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Skajetolaf: Ooowh
JonHerzogArtist: The curse
urkleturtle: there's the lands we wanted last game
TXC2: opp ALWAYS has the answer
codypsizzle: every magic player ever
fungal_bird: They draw removal, we draw lands.
Mr_Horrible: it's not real, Adam Kappa
DudelidouX: JAMES!
saucemaster5000: It's not a curse if you used a genie
Jericu: that's just magic the gathering, you never have the removal but your opponent always has 6 copies of fatal push in their opening hand
xerjen: Come on convoke flyer
TXC2: also removal isn't interaction, it's interference
Draken03: The curse cannot hurt you if you don't mention it
Mr_Horrible: such is the way of things
on_and_awful: not real, huh?
bolas_dnd: psssssh
Skajetolaf: James the Landening
bytecaster: Nobody say anythign!
Fanklok: Can we just give James a Witchbane Orb
Mr_Horrible: Flanking good, turns out
TXC2: wow flanking!
NosiDM: Adam "The Curse Isn't Real" Savidan.
Bugberry: they just have so many knights
bytecaster: Opponent: "Why do they always have the removal"
urkleturtle: OP just waiting to get to 7 cards to flex
BillTheCat: hell yea
Mr_Horrible: leveraging the curse
Draken03: Curse payoffs!!!!
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Jericu: oh my fucking god
JonHerzogArtist: Gaming
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
DaVeganPolice: LUL oh lord
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Nadriachi: 100 months whoop!
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cheshire_creeper: I love the curse
Mr_Horrible: James has lived with it for so long that he just uses it to his advantage now
TXC2: Nadriachi the one year!
MorganteMaggiore: the perfect card for the curse
fungal_bird: I am a 13/13 enjoyer
NewtyNewts: Nice curse
Earthenone: they call jin next turn right?
DaVeganPolice: good game
geail: !card blightsower thalid
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
bytecaster: Ours made a bigger sound!
couchboyj: What you call a curse, I call an opportunity
LurkerSpine: I wonder what oppo is hosed on
Mr_Horrible: James: "If it were me I would only touch a few specific things from time to time in order to have all the gold I need"
NosiDM: !card Triskadekaphobia
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Spades_Slicc: One less blocker Kappa
NewtyNewts: Full board bounce?
fungal_bird: Draw card feel good
jacqui_lantern234: hey all you beautiful, wonderful, amazing friends whomst i love AGGRESSIVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
BillTheCat: g.g.
JonHerzogArtist: Never didn't not have it
Invitare: finally found some removal
TXC2: hello jacqui_lantern234 welcome
Mr_Horrible: more like the MID Synthesis
geail: I agree with James
Mr_Horrible: The Curse changed you, James
janowiec01: How's MoM draft going so far? Seems like a bombastic format
fungal_bird: LUL
Draken03: The curae won
drcthulu: but value
Jericu: I like the 13/13 hitting last so you get the lowest number possible right at the end
jacqui_lantern234: no no no, james was doing right Kappa
xerjen: That flip wasn't worth to play nothing for 4 turns
DrLigmaPhD: James just wanted to see grandma
NosiDM: Praise be to the curse.
cheshire_creeper: The curse has changed...
urkleturtle: got saved by the BLESSING
BillTheCat: lrrFINE_SG
bolas_dnd: The best value you can get is Winning
Spades_Slicc: Never didn't have bofa
Mr_Horrible: Curse out here taking names
Spades_Slicc: bofa these gorillas
saucemaster5000: huh the column is empty
fungal_bird: Glad we finally drew removal
LurkerSpine: steve jobs
cheshire_creeper: Common Curse W
ladyjessica: lrrFINE
MilkInBags: bofave a nice day
saucemaster5000: bank of america
DrLigmaPhD: My research partner
wordlessRage: amy!
theymerLoviatar: I think it's that tea drink with the pearls
NewtyNewts: @jacqui_lantern234 Oh no, it's so aggressive!
clockworkcrown: When you just draw just land, landfall is pretty great
fungal_bird: Oh, it's Amy! <3
Fanklok: Bow of Faerdhenen, a high level ranged weapon in Oldschool Runescape
Earthenone: i think we flip here
Earthenone: 3 and 2 life\
Ossirion: I'm well aquatinted with the curse, like a bad house guest
jacqui_lantern234: @NewtyNewts its very warm out where i live and the suns out, my adhd and seasonal affective disorder are JACKED
NewtyNewts: @jacqui_lantern234 Nice...? Or not so nice?
DrLigmaPhD: Fall kills the tokens too
jacqui_lantern234: @NewtyNewts oh this feels great!
Jericu: you can't flip them until next turn though
Jericu: I guess that doesn't matter with artifacts
Skajetolaf: This is some epic music, kinda reminds me of Gladiator
Spades_Slicc: You'll draw more land James
TXC2: Skajetolaf yeah I can hear that
Earthenone: swing for 8?
fungal_bird: A lot of Starcraft-esque music with this set
bytecaster: What does the battle do on the back?
Bugberry: might want to fall their battle so they don't get what's in your graveyard.
QuixoticScrivener: Fall the battle?
bolas_dnd: a 4-4?
BrowneePoints: You dont want that battle to flip
Spades_Slicc: Being on the defense is usually how sieges work
Earthenone: it embalms something :P
bytecaster: That sounds like bad news
xerjen: That is bad
TXC2: experience counters baby!
jacqui_lantern234: UG EZURI MY LOVE
bolas_dnd: oh thats fuqed
LurkerSpine: post combat, probably
silentguy256: Hm, Amys chat is wondering if you prefer Jadam or Adames 🤔
Draken03: Wait after combat
Earthenone: !card deadly der
LRRbot: Did you mean: Deadly Derision; Deadly Wanderings
Earthenone: !card deadly derision
LRRbot: Deadly Derision [2BB] | Instant | Destroy target creature or planeswalker. Create a Treasure token.
Mr_Horrible: experience is only for critters played after Ezuri, yeah
LukeIsStrange: I saw something more scary going into your yard with the battle
bytecaster: Fall + Takedown?
Mr_Bitterness: This music makes me think of Slay the Spire
Mr_Horrible: and the experience counters don't matter once Ezuri's dead, since it's his ability which puts the +1/+1 counters on
LurkerSpine: could takedown and fall?
bytecaster: Yes!
Earthenone: does killing the seige give them the thing though?
TXC2: Mr_Horrible unless they bring him back
bytecaster: And then swing for 10?
Earthenone: guess not :P
AkiraBalance27: @Earthenone no, only through removing the counters
BillTheCat: they can also flip their other token
GSDestrier: battles only flip from losing defense counters, "Destroy" effects don't flip them
Mr_Horrible: true TXC2 but since when can green and black do that? Kappa
MillerDark: !card tandem takedown
LRRbot: Tandem Takedown [1GG] | Instant | Up to two target creatures you control each get +1/+0 until end of turn. They each deal damage equal to their power to another target creature, planeswalker, or battle.
TXC2: Mr_Horrible touché Kappa
theymerLoviatar: there's a G +2/+2
bytecaster: Dina still in the back: "It's Zimone AND Dina"
Haroldholmes25: oh no it's a big boy
Bugberry: it's a commander card
TXC2: it's ZIMONE! (and Dina)
BillTheCat: it's from commander
urkleturtle: it's a commander card
drrek0: Its from a commander set
accountmadeforants: It's a card from a Commander deck
Earthenone: no sides
geail: good thing you still have the Deadly Derision
leviathan3942: view printed card
TheWriterAleph: marit lage at home
Earthenone: just written in black
Mr_Horrible: it's just a land until all counters are off
Mr_Horrible: it's Dark Depths At Home
MilkInBags: it's a sleeping giant serpent that's an island and then wakes up
milk_the_cow_to_earn_gems: !card arixmethes
LRRbot: Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle [2GU] | Legendary Creature — Kraken [12/12] | Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle enters the battlefield tapped with five slumber counters on it. / As long as Arixmethes has a slumber counter on it, it's a land. / Whenever you cast a spell, you may remove a slumber counter from Arixmethes. / {T}: Add {G}{U}.
TheWarbo: you need to View Printed Card, arena removes the printed P/T if it's not currently a creature
leviathan3942: wow that's a really bad way to put that card into arena that you can't see it's p/t, I hope that's a bug
Earthenone: conviction triggers poomba
Earthenone: on their turn
BillTheCat: !card zimone and
LRRbot: Did you mean: Zimone and Dina; Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy
Mr_Horrible: Oiling Oracle
Haroldholmes25: new cards aren't in the bot yet
whiffle_ball: @TheWarbo you can, it's just really faint
Vampyre_Lord: sac saproling for corrupted conviction to trigger our pair
TheWarbo: lmao, because Quandrix has "and" in it
bytecaster: Yes!
TXC2: !card zimone and dina
LRRbot: Zimone and Dina [BGU] | Legendary Creature — Human Dryad [3/4] | Whenever you draw your second card each turn, target opponent loses 2 life and you gain 2 life. / {T}, Sacrifice another creature: Draw a card. You may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield tapped. If you control eight or more lands, repeat this process once.
TheWarbo: @TheWarbo ahh, fair. a moderately different kind of UI issue
TXC2: Haroldholmes25 we added this set's cards for the PPR
Haroldholmes25: oh sick
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Sac the token!
JonHerzogArtist: Sac in response to bounce?
Mr_Horrible: @TheWarbo famous legend, Zimonequ And Rixprodigy
JonHerzogArtist: Or just kill haha
TXC2: wow we've beaten Amy and Kenji
JonHerzogArtist: Got too fancy in my head
RevolverRossalot: But
RevolverRossalot: The value!?
Jericu: congrats on bronze 2!
bytecaster: Winning the important games!
TXC2: now if we can just get LSV
brutusq13: now we just need a Voxy win
DrLigmaPhD: Imagining that famous X-Men cover but with Magic streamers
MeepleSkillz: Steve!
TXC2: Steve!
Riiiiiiis: Al?
Mr_Bitterness: Eleven! Eleven
TXC2: Riiiiiiis Alan
DrLigmaPhD: JASON!
kilnfiendpotter: Is this a bounty event?
kilnfiendpotter: Steve!
Earthenone: whoever james beats owes him icecream
Harvest25: Great energy at the PPR Adam. Your play is also inspiring
NosiDM: Heh I'm eating Ben and Jerry's right now :D#
DaVeganPolice: massive vibes rn
opponentxcomic: Congrats on the deadlift btw Adam
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Partyin' like Rock Stars?
undecided44 in the voice of John Silver: "Anna? Anna... Ann-nah... Anna?!"
ryryu_: I love these EA days. I have like 5 streamer tabs up its NUTS
Skajetolaf: Love that for you homie!
ChrisMackGames: Blinded by the curse
djalternative: congrats on your ambiguously good news
quancooffate: Man those lands are almost indistinguishable
cheshire_creeper: You have a four drop so that's okay
Haroldholmes25: that's not sram
bv310: @undecided44 *Starts corpsing, shoves Stu over a table*
hd_dabnado: #freewheeler
BrowneePoints: That's reyav
BrowneePoints: Not sram
LurkerSpine: double strike
bytecaster: The dino does it
ChrisMackGames: Double strike? No bueno.
Earthenone: dinosaur eats the equipment
NewtyNewts: Hoooot?
baskwalla: Oh no, they're hot
beowuuf: gottem
xerjen: You could kill the Reyav?
comrade_cards: What's your tigerbeat cover story copy?
NosiDM: PrideLove
Haroldholmes25: LUL
lordericter: focus levels are at an all time low
djalternative: yeah. what's the title of Adam's story in Tiger Beat?
xerjen: Killing everything sounds good
BillTheCat: menace double strike puts you pretty close to dea
EvilBadman: @djalternative Some sort of Sidewalk Glam
JonHerzogArtist: Menace
Mr_Horrible: @djalternative it's gotta be "He's Heeeeeeeeere!", right?
JonHerzogArtist: *Menace DT is mean
Earthenone: if we get a 2 we can convoke it now
Earthenone: idk if we have the fire propfhecy or if that was last game
Haroldholmes25: nice
goombalax: avngrJam avngrJam
TXC2: we're on a roll now!
Spades_Slicc: @TXC2 What kind? Ciabatta?
ThibbleBird: Ajani Ajani
bytecaster: Look at this Dina and Zimone Deck working out for us.
gamercat88: more -said in the voice of that one npc from D4
TXC2: Spades_Slicc more of a baguette
lackingsanity: Mull imo
TophTheHermit: Been watching a few streamers today and I haven't really seen battles work yet
shaterri: You're already effectively on six, FWIW, because you're not playing the sac spell for at least a half-dozen turns.
rdiffee7: One limited got us on our toes
quancooffate: Not Renata first?
raulghoulia: Modern Limited sounds fun
satyropodobny: behold, a hill giant
MilkInBags: kamigawa wasn't fast
Earthenone: past 5 years was better have a 2 drop, one was better have a 1 drop :P
rdiffee7: I think One was somewhat faster, this one maybe not so much. I think this format is possibly more value-based and swingy
goombalax: if any format seems slower than usual its going to be the one that gives you your own alternate targets for attacks
DounixD: @quancooffate only had one forest
EvilBadman: Listen, we're pros on this format y'all have played the most of between now the ppr Kappa
Swickwick: Are all the Multiverse Legends on Arena? Or is it all but Ragavan?
ChrisMackGames: 5 in the air? Gross
bytecaster: I have yet to loose a game in this format and thus my opinions are valid and correct!
BrowneePoints: One was statistically verified to be faster than average, like well above average. The rest in recent years? Not ad much
BrowneePoints: Oh sick Venerated Flocksodon
NosiDM: I'm so pumped for Shadows of Doubt to come out on Steam ^_^
rainbowolf13: I think the format is punchy which can make it seem fast
bytecaster: "What did you get with your 7/6 tutor dragon?" "Plummet!"
Jericu: alright, so lesson learned: 4 land hand with nothing to play until turn 4 isn't great
Bugberry: people confuse aggressive with interactive
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
MilkInBags: I played ONE one time and had enough Kappa
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I want Magic to be a game where a 2/1 for 2 with no other abilities is a viable limited card.
rdiffee7: Cheap, efficient removal and abundant removal can be an indicator of format speed. One's removal was great. The removal in Mom seems worse
Earthenone: i liked the few games of one i played, but i also liked gatecrash format :P
Juliamon: ah Gatecrash, aka Boros Lilmited
Juliamon: *Limited gdi
BrowneePoints: I thought gatecrash was orzhov limited
Mr_Horrible: now now, sometimes you played against gruul and got got by 9 points of bloodrush out of nowhere OpieOP
Juliamon: my local meta was def Boros
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CanPlayGames: Ew, an Ad? Time to windmill slam that resub.
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BrowneePoints: Wasnt gatecrash the format where drafting bw literally had like a 10% higher win rate or something stupid
TehAmelie: hey chatterinos, what's happening? i understand there to be some kind of machine what marches
Mr_Horrible: it do be marchin'
on_and_awful: It do, in fact, be marchin' tho
Mr_Horrible: we got a funny win against Kenji earlier with Etali into Flipped Etali
TehAmelie: Phil Ochs "I ain't Marching Anymore" plays somewhere
Juliamon: Adam denied the curse being real, only to be proven wrong
TXC2: we've beaten Kenji and Amyzonian and that's all that matters
Earthenone: james is beating his friends at magic, and the curse is entertaining the chat
Mr_Horrible: and then the curse won them a game anyway LUL
TehAmelie: call it peace or call it treason, call it love or call it reason, but i ain't marchin anymore. that song has some real poetry to it
Juliamon: so what we're saying is, it's been a wild day
TXC2: and we're back
Earthenone: adam has timbits and G is on deck
TehAmelie: y helo thar
NewtyNewts: Nothing much
Earthenone: poop
bytecaster: We stop existing
Mr_Horrible: continue eating my burger
on_and_awful: I stop existing during the ads.
baskwalla: Chill
AkiraBalance27: watch ads
Spades_Slicc: die
codypsizzle: oh im always playing a video game when im here
TXC2: refreshed my water
JeremyDevoid: i play arena
leviathan3942: I'm writing an email
JinaMahavira: twitter usually
TophTheHermit: Stare into the void
Gekyouryuu: Wait for you to get back
Harvest25: youtube the PPR
raulghoulia: playing vampire survivors
Wiliart: Playing wall world
Swickwick: I get Water and do some pushups
TXC2: !store
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Riiiiiiis: just sit here, enjoying the silence
MrTulip: PoE
NosiDM: Playing Ark
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2741 patrons for a total of $21,275.66 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
nymistrya: Yell about getting adds for the early access event while I'm watching the early access event
Teebocks: I made a sandwich
MrPipboy3000: I'm eating pistachios
Earthenone: !prime
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LurkerSpine: slay the spire
Riiiiiiis: I ordered a new computer ... got the virus from James
on_and_awful: I don't exist when not being perceived by streamers
bytecaster: The natural sultai
TheWarbo: I…do in fact read every line of every LRR ad
Mr_Horrible: Adam that axe you tweeted looks sick
JinaMahavira: im currently playing PoE
PrancerInflatableReindeer: was just playing pokemon
JosephDeath: I love Power over Ethernet
Thandres: currently wiping to T16 maps
Mr_Horrible: for SSF? *mwah*
JinaMahavira: and it's Adam's fault
AkiraBalance27: egar allen poe?
MillerDark: I am currently Corrupting Fevering all over the atlas
MilkInBags: adam make sure to pronounce the O really clearly when asking that
TehAmelie: is it weird that pretty much everyone i know has Amazon prime?
gualdhar: Speaking of Timbits, I'd like to lodge a formal complaint to all of Canada. My local Tim Hortons said it was open weekends on their website, went all the way there, and they were closed!
Mr_Horrible: Dannig getting out the 1000lb training weights for Rog
Earthenone: normaly i would do some sort of steam card game, but right now im letting a friend use my steam for persona 4 :P
undecided44: Keep playing the mobile idle game I have under the twitch PiP on my phone.
bytecaster: Life IS important
comrade_cards: Where are the James lands?
Mr_Horrible: oh hey they reprinted Questing Beast
Earthenone: is that the questing beast effect?
ChrisMackGames: Oof
ChrisMackGames: That hurts
BrowneePoints: Redsting Beast seems gross
NewtyNewts: Oof
Swickwick: @comrade_cards be quite you will summon them all at once :P
codypsizzle: @Earthenone it sure is a red questing beat that pumps itself
GredGredmansson: gain 3 life
Jericu: even if you block I think firebreathing gets them to lethal
NewtyNewts: Well there it is.
TXC2: poo butts
Jericu: I can't wait to play RG questing beast in Pioneer
MilkInBags: meeting up with me
Harvest25: lrrFINE
Harvest25: jlrrFacepalm
Earthenone: i assume you are meeting with the marvel lawyers about your ban from streaming their content
comrade_cards: Beeeg
LurkerSpine: James is getting that unfortunate tattoo removed
BrowneePoints: Big at running away from his problems Kappa
comrade_cards: Morning gym = worst time
TXC2: I used to really dislike running back when I was 20, but now at 34 I love it
MilkInBags: JUICE
Earthenone: adam wakes up super :P
NewtyNewts: Adam confirmed screamy boy
TXC2: what's your Pre-workout Adam?
ipoddodd: AAAA
Quon84: powdered ragavans, thats what he snorts
yuan42: pre-workout is just legal coke with more caffeine than you'll ever need
comrade_cards: Hell yeah mid-afternoon gym
TXC2: I exercise at 11 am everyday
MilkInBags: it's called JUICER
Earthenone: if you never work out, everything you eat is preworkout
TXC2: the real pre-workout is just black coffee with honey and salt Kappa
MilkInBags: yeah just 6 coffee an hour in the morning, a little bit of coffee
MWGNZ: you know the preworkout has hit when you start itching
Juliamon: I could see it being a thing
theymerLoviatar: Anyone gotten on the coffee with orange juice in trend yet?
MilkInBags: i mean isn't that the equivalent by the pre workout?
BrowneePoints: Makes me think of that woman who almost died from caffeinated underwear
TXC2: so caffine and salt affect the ATP in your cells
comrade_cards: Yup, it's full of vitamin B? I think? And that makes you tingly
MilkInBags: walking at 20 km/h
goombalax: an beeg steppy
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: the strides of a giant sure go fast
MilkInBags: walking over the cars trying to overrun you
NosiDM: Large lads take large steps.
TXC2: you ever done creatine Adam?
Draken03: Language!
NewtyNewts: Is it specifically for workouts, or exercise in general?
MilkInBags: doesn't creatine make you covered in pimples?
newjusticeteam: I cut out any drinks other than water so I can still eat ice cream.....
NewtyNewts: I'm more thinking cardio over weights
NosiDM: Force Mono Red?
gualdhar: Adam has the ultimate knowledge: thr knowledge of Life
BrowneePoints: Also if your fitness trainer doesn't have a medical degree of some sort be very very skeptical of their advice
NewtyNewts: Ayaya!
bytecaster: Mono black aristocrats lets go!
accountmadeforants: evoAYAYA Ayaya!
NosiDM: I can get down with forcing Mono Black!
yuan42: mono-black rats part 2, the electric boogaloo?
neebusjeebus: yeah i like fitness, fitn'ess burger in my mouth
Jericu: mono black in limited! what could go wrong!
flowerseses: maybe rakdos so you can run both ayaras if you get them? :P
hd_dabnado: is obliterator still in draft? /s
incredulouspasserby: @neebusjeebus dang it now I want to make a burger for dinner tonight
bytecaster: Much better than 20
Jericu: YARGLE
Earthenone: are we down to bargle?
TXC2: Ironically, a burger is great for powerlifting :p
theymerLoviatar: duhduhdududu duhduhdududu
witchlocke7777: YARGLE!
bytecaster: Lets stay on brand!
Jericu: no take Yargle you fools!
Jericu: Don't throw away the incredible pick!
bytecaster: Yargle works with Ayara
jacketedrock: Yargle yargle yargle
Swickwick: But why not take no cards from this set
tru_boredom: You play mono black funstuff pick yargle
minibasher_: YAY Yargle!
goombalax: one time Yargle/Multani
Earthenone: !findquote fun
LRRbot: Quote #2007: "Remember kids: Kilver is gun for 'fun'!" —Ian [2016-03-01]
MillerDark: White black is the incubator colors
comrade_cards: Fun-ny
theymerLoviatar: Fun: monoblack
Jericu: it's a burner account, who cares
HIYgamer: Between Yarlge and Yargle/Multani, this set has more vanilla creatures than any set has in years
NosiDM: I like drafting, I hate playing.
incredulouspasserby: XXW does sound very fun
GredGredmansson: @MillerDark bg is incubators; wb is just genera Phyrexian tribal
APartofManny: ayara can get pretty fun in a monoblack black/x deck
NewtyNewts: And they're black!
Earthenone: its a black 1/1 so it trigfger ayayaaya
CanPlayGames: I like going wide and turning sideways
bytecaster: Also works incubator tokens
Jericu: hey you know what kills that battle in one turn? yargle
rainbowolf13: How did that get passes?
BrowneePoints: That's also Kaya's Plane
Swickwick: Synergy Baby
rdiffee7: one white pip here or there won't be too bad
bytecaster: We are wrong about being right before?
incredulouspasserby: I do think that a lot, yes
jacqui_lantern234: jokes on you, im often wrong
Spades_Slicc: Maybe we're wrong about being right
Nydestroyer: Having played 0 games, I cant imagine I am wrong.
Earthenone: is Gary, Merchant of asphodel in the legend slot? :P
TXC2: I guess it's day minus 3 and people haven't figured out this format yet :p
GredGredmansson: theros is a constructed card
yuan42: @Earthenone he should be, but sadly not
Greyah: Just because the cards in your deck aren't exclusively black doesn't mean you're not mono black.
codypsizzle: holy moly they printed another rat discard?
BrowneePoints: Okay does our passer just hate White Cards!?
accountmadeforants: Gary is only a legend in our hearts :(
BrowneePoints: And this rat sent an email(check the flavor text)
Earthenone: ich, or shade?
goombalax: LegenGary
tru_boredom: God I love juri so much
TXC2: wait a minute, that shade doesn't have the shade ability! it's a phony!
codypsizzle: intervention kinda nuts
codypsizzle: protection op
goombalax: it still gets +1, just takes a long walk to get there
jacketedrock: Ayara plus dena is dope
BrowneePoints: Seems like black is being cut now...hmm
tru_boredom: I love how much B/x sacrifice stuff we've seen
badaaron: Get a kitesail and give yargle flying
codypsizzle: BLACK BEAR!
badaaron: FLY YARGLE FLY
Jericu: invasion of eldraine seems p bad tbh
APartofManny: hand attack though always a win
BrowneePoints: Just get the counters removers pack 2
incredulouspasserby: @apartofmanny not for 4 mana imo
Earthenone: black has counter removal cards, might never need to attack it
APartofManny: @incredulouspasserby ture
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flowerseses: how did sram wheel that far?
badaaron: Aerial boost a yargle :( i just want yargle to slap someone
badaaron: Hes a good frog
BrowneePoints: It's also first draft day and battles are hard to analyze
bytecaster: And this is why we need to add continuous mana values, maybe at pi mana the card would be fair!
incredulouspasserby: They might have been costing it super high since they’re still figuring out battle balance
Earthenone: when it flips its a 5 turn clock from 20 life
tru_boredom: So what dow we want from pack 2 and 3 ? Old sheoldred?, new sheoldred?
Jericu: that's a constructed card for sure
Earthenone: is that devotion to black?!
Johnny_CashMoney: Tymaret!
yuan42: tymaret
Johnny_CashMoney: mono black devotion draft lol
Jericu: tymaret gonna have cake with ayara
bartimus_thundercask: Now your battle of theors can serch it up
incredulouspasserby: What’s the nezumi you passed?
bytecaster: Mono black, splashing for a great 5 drop seems reasonable
BrowneePoints: It was cool...when the bots didnt screw up
milk_the_cow_to_earn_gems: whats your least favorite planeswalker? card or character
yuan42: i didnt play duing eldraine, but it seemed cool other than a couple messed up cards
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Skajetolaf: Mono Black drafting is where it's at!
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bytecaster: get back a 2 drop?
Earthenone: its also menace on both sides
BrowneePoints: And good news Adam in just a few months we are BACK on Eldraine!
Earthenone: permanant from either gy
jacketedrock: Any graveyard as well
bytecaster: @BrowneePoints It's gonna be wild
incredulouspasserby: That seems pretty good. I might’ve taken it over tymaret imo but idk
Earthenone: pyroclasm
LibraryWitchKei: Also I think the bot drafting experience really influenced people's opinions of it. But yeah the draft format was neat.
BrowneePoints: Yea the bots being dumb aside Eldraine was great
Skajetolaf: Yup!
Skajetolaf: Nailed it
LibraryWitchKei: When they made it available with human drafting it was fun.
Earthenone: huntsmaster was great
Mr_Horrible: I think that Adventure was a cool mech for smoothing limited games and giving you more to do in them, but overall it wound up being too powerful of a mech in constructed
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Jericu: if rampaging raptor is still available Red is WIDE open, at least on your left
Jericu: I know it's too late to shift gears but
Earthenone: theres the black battle winner
BrowneePoints: 1. You're not old. 2. You're the only one that let's Satyropodobny's name right
BrowneePoints: 3 drop
nimsdir: Maybe pivot into black red here with the sacrifice cards?
BrowneePoints: Flips batlles
Earthenone: well actually two black battle winners
CygnusInfinity: fixing go brrr
trendel03: the uncommon can remove all the counters from your battle
BrowneePoints: Battles*
Teebocks: does render inert work of battles?
BrowneePoints: Yes render inert flips battles
Earthenone: ichor drinker is great
TXC2: !card render inert
LRRbot: Render Inert [2B] | Sorcery | Remove up to five counters from target permanent. / Draw a card.
Jericu: yeah red looking open as hell
Angreed66: I feel like attacking battles will be a trap in limited
Skajetolaf: Feels like a doomed traveler with more steps, great stuff!
Jericu: oh hey explorer anthology 2 is here
nimsdir: some wild cards getting passed in red for sure will be interesting to see next pack
BrowneePoints: Hand attack that makes a 3 power if it fails
BrowneePoints: Seems good
bytecaster: Eldraine!
PinballWitch: Cheer100 Hi James and Adam. Just having a bad brain day so I'm just gonna lurk while curled up in bed. Hope you're having a good day.
TXC2: PinballWitch lrrHEART
NewtyNewts: Remember, it also has first strike
TotallyNotaBeholder: Rank and Torb have first strike, that seems like it's gonna be crazy
StreetRach: Greetings! How's your MOM? ;p
theymerLoviatar: Rankle and Torbrankle
Earthenone: it lived up to its name
Earthenone: it wheeled for free
nimsdir: sacrifice with ichor shase is great as well
incredulouspasserby: noice
BrowneePoints: Torbrankle seems gross
RAZRBCK08: You can also fail on purpose if you really want with that hand attack spell
Mr_Horrible: Bed and The Boys, some good comfy content to fall back on
theymerLoviatar: Torbrankle is such a ship name
badaaron: Rankbran or torbrankle 🧐
Mr_Horrible: not the show The Boys, but these Boys
BrowneePoints: Yea Torbrankle, Zimina, Thitrog, Yargtani
BrowneePoints: Borborblthp
greasymemes: multargle
theymerLoviatar: Ghavren
PinballWitch: I've got a chronic form of depression so I tend to spend a lot of time in bed
Earthenone: invasion!
laundreydhull: geez
laundreydhull: The Niv is real....
BrowneePoints: LOL
CygnusInfinity: second tolvada is disgustingly good
NewtyNewts: No need for Niv-Mizzet
theymerLoviatar: Niv-Mizzle my shizzle
xerjen: But what if...5 color mono black
laundreydhull: The ONE Niv is Reeeeeel....
goombalax: ooh battles aren't legendary, sick
Mr_Horrible: more like Niv-Mizzet ReBORING
super731: oh my cycle to get a plains and cast it bring big boy back
bytecaster: Every game!
yuan42: we're here to make decisions, but not necessarily good ones
codypsizzle: the first Tolvada can attack the second!
Earthenone: lets just draft a render inert or something
Mr_Horrible: 5's not *wild*
DanTheMediocre: after you flip one the second should be fine
Skajetolaf: @goombalax Sometimes the flipside is
GredGredmansson: @goombalax some are legendary on the backside, but this isn't one of them
BrowneePoints: If we flip one we can flip the 2nd Real easy
Jericu: you have yargle! anything is possible with a 9/3!
Mr_Horrible: he's had it too good for too long
Earthenone: thats so good
NewtyNewts: How many phyrexians do you have?
theymerLoviatar: he's hot tho
Earthenone: we have so many phyrexians
tru_boredom: I just realized the brothers war and war of the spark will be battle cards in future modern horizons sets won't they?
BrowneePoints: 0 mana 20/20
CygnusInfinity: the definitely always a 0 mana 20/20
Earthenone: 7 and all tokens
laundreydhull: @Mr_Horrible no, that's Jodah The Unifier... too goof too longs!
Mr_Horrible: Big Idiot Tribal Lord
lackingsanity: 7 plus incubate
bytecaster: All the incubates are also Phyrexians
drcthulu: well if the first was good...
NewtyNewts: Heavy investment?
RAZRBCK08: It's the free 20/20 potentially
badaaron: 7 mana Green creature: do whatever, 20/20 trample
Bugberry: double anthem
Skajetolaf: Judith might be a good splash with the sac theme
TXC2: tru_boredom possibly, the LotR set will have battles as well probably
BrowneePoints: We have FOUR anthems
Earthenone: unseal is kind of divination at instant sepped
Jericu: god someone in this draft pool has to be doing RG and is having the time of their frikken life
BrowneePoints: @txc2 maro said no battles in LotR
theymerLoviatar: Invasions
Johnny_CashMoney: Mill card better than invasion of eldraine, probably
APartofManny: judy might be good
bytecaster: The backside of the Invasions
TXC2: BrowneePoints oh really?
codypsizzle: hell yeah we are
bytecaster: Let us live the dream!
LibraryWitchKei: @tru_boredom They could even make The Brothers War an Urza's Siege. Or another Battle type they come up with. :P
BrindleBoar: you have to have some hope
Nydestroyer: Cant wait to win a battle with yargle
APartofManny: oh nevermeind just saw no red
1y1e: alabaster into battle will be sweet
Haroldholmes25: just gotta believe
Mr_Horrible: I think you are, battles aren't crazy hard to flip from what I've seen
1y1e: ^cycling
geail: Prediction: will one of the invasions flip?
NewtyNewts: Let's get phyrexian
drcthulu: like a fox
jacqui_lantern234: foxrexian
TXC2: a phox
bytecaster: Gotta cut Sram, not a phyrexian!
APartofManny: i just got owned so hard in standrad by judith
theymerLoviatar: pogge
NewtyNewts: Auras, not enchantments
DanTheMediocre: aura's, though
StreetRach: cast trigger too
WalrusOntheCourt: Badger...raccoon? or mushroom?
Invitare: Where's Omnath?
Earthenone: flyer to flip battles?
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OrkaOrkinus: `22 Months is a long time, I guess I'll Sram?
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laundreydhull: if Niv doesn't wheel then there's a 5 colour pool in the table; or Omnath too...
ChrisMackGames: Omnomnom
incredulouspasserby: Man all the 5 color in the last pack
BrowneePoints: 3 mana 2/2 flyer
MrLephisto: invasion of theros cares about enchantments though
ChrisMackGames: I wish 5 color was good in draft.
LibraryWitchKei: @APartofManny Wait I thought the multiverse legends aren't standard legal?
Johnny_CashMoney: double strike Torbran & Rankle right there
bytecaster: I like this deck too, though
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Feriority: How's MOM?
Jericu: should have gone Mardu, oh well!!!!!
NewtyNewts: Alabaster is a cycler though?
APartofManny: @LibraryWitchKei i don't htink they are but during ravnica it was a super annoying deck with mayhem devil
GredGredmansson: give yargle flying
NewtyNewts: Ah, two of those, not two of the cyclers
MaxP0ti0n: the flyer might be useful for flipping the battles
Skajetolaf: Holy moly judith and rankle
1y1e: play all the cyclers for sure
LibraryWitchKei: @APartofManny Oh your message had 'just got owned' so I thought you were brewing in today's early access.
laundreydhull: cuz LOTR bits
bytecaster: Out of necessity
lackingsanity: Cyclers are good
baskwalla: It's a team up of necessity
BrowneePoints: The courts fell
Earthenone: i assume they are roommates
BrowneePoints: And rankle stole torbran's magic ring
laundreydhull: its a meme R&D decided to payoff
ace_elmandu: discard to swapcycle, reanimate with the battle
DanTheMediocre: Judith, Dina, and Ayara make for quite the team
theymerLoviatar: they're smoochin
Jericu: iirc it was more like Rankle was being a pest and Torbran kind of had to deal with it to try and stop the entire plane from getting f*cked
QuixoticScrivener: Sadly Rankle doesn’t survive the story.
badaaron: The cyclers with the reanimate battle is so dirtyyy
badaaron: And you have 2 of those guys
Nydestroyer: Where does magic lore rank, closer to books or videogames in your books adam?
Haroldholmes25: @QuixoticScrivener you mean thankfully?
RAZRBCK08: Rankle is still alive, just asleep
BrindleBoar: they forgot he exists again
codypsizzle: Garruk died
yuan42: i thought garruk was dead
raulghoulia: sir not appearing in this film
BrowneePoints: He was sir did not appear in this story
Juliamon: Garruk's just living his best life
TXC2: Gideon died
theymerLoviatar: Garruk is lost in the wilderness of Arcavios I think
Jericu: is Garruk still on Eldraine? he might have peaced out after telling the kenriths that their kids are alright
TXC2: Garruk's "fine"
Mr_Horrible: Garruk, Big Chilling
drcthulu: Garruk's just actually cursed
BrindleBoar: Phyrruk
Angreed66: Garruk did not show in story after he split from the twins
SwampHermit: Gideon is alive in the comics
TXC2: Bye James
Dromos_GHG: Bye James
badaaron: This will be the yargle deck of all time
bytecaster: He's alone, lets get him!
greasymemes: he was washed down el drain
BrowneePoints: We might see Quintorius on Eldraine or Ixalan
Nydestroyer: Now we can never draw lands :(
LurkerSpine: white 3 drop can go I think?
WiJohn: Garruk just want out for cigs, he'll be back!
a7xjoker93: Gideon, Tamiyo (now in literatary kami form), Tibalt and Lukka are the dead walkers
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Mr_Horrible: just running Mono-Adam
Earthenone: cut at least one conviction
Juliamon: Garruk, 2 sets late with a Starbux: "sorry, did I miss anything"
BrowneePoints: Quintorius was thinking of the Kenrith's when he sparked
Genasi_Gaming: ITS ADAM
theymerLoviatar: @BrowneePoints Quint didn't get a PW card tho, makes me wonder
badaaron: Give yargle flying with a backup guy? 🥺
Genasi_Gaming: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:29:25.
Skajetolaf: What does the white battle do again?
LurkerSpine: don't think you need 8 plains?
TXC2: a7xjoker93 and Dack
Jericu: @BrowneePoints Quintorius has to be a lock for Ixalan, he's an archeologist and it's an underground set
leviathan3942: !card sun blessed guardian
LRRbot: Sun-Blessed Guardian [1W] (back: Furnace-Blessed Conqueror) | Creature — Human Cleric [2/2] | {5}{R/P}: Transform Sun-Blessed Guardian. Activate only as a sorcery.
QuixoticScrivener: Cut the battle guy and kept gargle?
Raolin_Darkbane: I would cut a plain for a swamp. It's more of a splash then full second colour
LibraryWitchKei: @a7xjoker93 I thought Tamiyo has an AI hologram program going?
QuixoticScrivener: Yargle
SwampHermit: Ayara dies off screen, which is sad.
Swickwick: Yargle is there to flip battles
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Earthenone: invasion is so good with our land cyclers
leviathan3942: !card Furnace-Blessed Conqueror
LRRbot: Furnace-Blessed Conqueror (front: Sun-Blessed Guardian) | Creature — Phyrexian Cleric [3/3] | Whenever Furnace-Blessed Conqueror attacks, create a tapped and attacking token that's a copy of it. Put a +1/+1 counter on that token for each +1/+1 counter on Furnace-Blessed Conqueror. Sacrifice that token at the beginning of the next end step.
Skajetolaf: And the mono white one in your sideboard?
Jepardil: Garruk got cured of the Veil Curse and last we saw of him was him going off to search the Kenrith twins, but that story was set before Battlebond chronologically if I remember correctly
drcthulu: what's the invasion of theros?
WiJohn: Garruk: Hey Elspeth, nice wings. Where's Ajani?
bytecaster: Yargle doesn't even have trample
Mr_Horrible: flips into the sickest Bitterblossom you've ever seen
Earthenone: mono white one in sb tutors for auras or gods
GredGredmansson: invasion of theros tutors for an aura or tymaret
Skajetolaf: !card Invasion of Theros
LRRbot: Invasion of Theros [2W] (back: Ephara, Ever-Sheltering) | Battle — Siege [4] | When Invasion of Theros enters the battlefield, search your library for an Aura, God, or Demigod card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle.
a7xjoker93: @librarywitchkei Sort of. Sounds like a backup AI made out of literal word magic
badaaron: Backup yargle beatdown bestie
Johnny_CashMoney: land split looks weird for me
rainbowolf13: Do we have a way to discard rankle to reanimate with the battle?
MrPipboy3000: What about the white 4 drop that gives things double strike?
badaaron: Give yargle menace/flying and profit
QuixoticScrivener: Shift the land to more swamp?
Skajetolaf: !card Ephara, Ever-Sheltering
LRRbot: Ephara, Ever-Sheltering (front: Invasion of Theros) | Legendary Enchantment Creature — God [4/4] | Ephara, Ever-Sheltering has lifelink and indestructible as long as you control at least three other enchantments. / Whenever another enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, draw a card.
drcthulu: I think the flyer might be good
Skajetolaf: If you ever flip that white battle it seems pretty okay with your other enchantments
drcthulu: over yargle
thelastnoel1993: Coming here after getting my first 7 wins in the Tinkerers Draft.
incredulouspasserby: @mrpipboy3000 that only gives creatures w that already have first strike, double strike
BrowneePoints: I think we should play the 5 mana flyer to flip battles
MrPipboy3000: @incredulouspasserby Gotcha
Skajetolaf: Congrats TheLastNoel!
LibraryWitchKei: I'll have to remember that the flip side of Invasion of Tolvada pumps the flipped incubate tokens.
QuixoticScrivener: I would move at least one plains to swamp.
hunkyduncy: The double striking kithkin is better than it looks
DanTheMediocre: do we even have anything with +1/+1 counters?
Mr_Horrible: it's basically just a bear for us, yeah
flowerseses: why not cut eldraine?
Draco363: seems decent late game, can sac token
Skajetolaf: Seems good
bytecaster: Do we want to play Invasion of Eldraine?
Earthenone: its also awkward as a low cost white card
1y1e: justified
onarampage: you can flip it with life
lackingsanity: Its cuttable for sure
iconicshadow89: seems good grpi it and rip it
a7xjoker93: Kithkin 3drop?
drcthulu: yeah if you can put counters on it
hunkyduncy: It blocks for days though
drcthulu: but we have like one thing that does that
bytecaster: As long as Graham isn't here yet, we can continue to overanalyze!
Bugberry: The Mauler does have backup
BrindleBoar: a shame it doesn't have Goat type
flowerseses: invasion of eldraine is v v cuttable
Angreed66: run the dirty 41
drcthulu: we're yargling
Earthenone: do we go to 16 lands? we are basicly mono color and top end is all land cyclers
Ferisar: hello are we arguing?
bytecaster: Yes
a7xjoker93: I sort of agree keep the berserker, drop the invasion
Ferisar: bloodborne?
PrancerInflatableReindeer: oh lsv
NewtyNewts: Guess we're playing it now
Skajetolaf: !card Invasion of Eldraine
LRRbot: Invasion of Eldraine [3B] (back: Prickle Faeries) | Battle — Siege [4] | When Invasion of Eldraine enters the battlefield, target opponent discards two cards.
thelastnoel1993: Damn what is this battlefield
brutusq13: it's LSV!
theymerLoviatar: @thelastnoel1993 cracked in half
TotallyNotaBeholder: We won't find out if the deck is good or not unless it is played, good draws Adam
BrowneePoints: Yoooop this board is CRACKED
TXC2: oof
Skajetolaf: Ouch
BrindleBoar: he will rock you
theymerLoviatar: ouphe
LibraryWitchKei: @theymerLoviatar It's good, but I don't think it's /that/ good. RaccAttack
thelastnoel1993: oh boy
laundreydhull: gee, what a riot.
Forgotten_Lizard: ngl a little upset LSV's account isn't just LSVIP
Earthenone: judge! my oponent does this for a living
BrowneePoints: RAMOS
kilnfiendpotter: WELL, guess whose husband is watching LSV while I'm watching LRR?
NewtyNewts: They're gonna flip it, yuuuup
Bugberry: spellshapers rule
kilnfiendpotter: Y'all better win this one too!
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Earthenone: i dont think its going to work out as well as the kenji match
Johnny_CashMoney: that's a 5/5 now
thelastnoel1993: Love that goblin dude
Johnny_CashMoney: dang
bytecaster: @kilnfiendpotter I have bad news
thelastnoel1993: But oh boy
a7xjoker93: LSV curving out, Lordy
drcthulu: def not now
JonHerzogArtist: What a beating
kilnfiendpotter: Boo, guess I'm buying Doug ice cream.
dwchief: yeah t3 4/4 trampler + battle next turn was a bit rough
geail: Good to see Gruul Aggro is still on the table
badaaron: Yargle where are you :(
incredulouspasserby: LSV with the nut hand on top of, you know, being LSV
Skajetolaf: Jeez LSV has the cold stone nuts fomr his deck.
Earthenone: we get to see more of lsvs deck so we can learn what cards are good by milling him :)
TehAmelie: lrrJUDGECALL my opponent has a life
Skajetolaf: Oh my goodness
TXC2: LSV is what...the 4th greatest player of all time?
Mr_Horrible: oofa doofa
laundreydhull: LRR De-'tired' Chump-Pion?
laundreydhull: no, sorry Chum-Pion...
thelastnoel1993: We are stuck here with him, he chooses when we die
Jericu: yeah you got rocked by LSV my dude
Skajetolaf: You did gain a lot of life because of the battles I guess
a7xjoker93: That satyr is really good
BrindleBoar: milkshake time
Jericu: I don't think the lifegain matters much against 3 4/4s and a 5/5
brutusq13: your landbase disagrees with "Mono Black"
BrowneePoints: @txc2 I was gonna make respond with a joke but this isn't the place XD
Teebocks: invasions dot deck
incredulouspasserby: Hey you know what would be a good blocker here? Yargle
BrowneePoints: That invasion has flavor text from Jace's Family!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: did we ever learn what plane Angrath is from?
a7xjoker93: I think LSV is styling a bit, lol
Earthenone: !card settle the wreckage
LRRbot: Settle the Wreckage [2WW] | Instant | Exile all attacking creatures target player controls. That player may search their library for that many basic land cards, put those cards onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle.
laundreydhull: wait, what's the ruling for battles + devotion?
a7xjoker93: @sydpreviouslyheadache I wish. Love Cow dad
BrowneePoints: Battles are permanents
laundreydhull: Or do we refer to Curses ruling?
Earthenone: you still own battles
Quon84: how many battles does he have???
BrowneePoints: So they give devotion
Jericu: God LSV went ham on drafting Invasions huh
badaaron: @laundreydhull you dont control the battle you protect
Mr_Horrible: a firm drubbing from our friend Luis
Feriority: RG battles is a real thing I guess
CygnusInfinity: @laundreydhull you control the battles you play. Those will apply to your devotion, not opponent's battles you protect.
bytecaster: We are on the board!
Jericu: oh good, invasion of eldraine
badaaron: Invasion of eldraine to the rescue
badaaron: Take that mind rot
bytecaster: "No, bigger than a hand"
Earthenone: you got the best card in the set
QuixoticScrivener: The rampaging geoderm did a lot work.
Treio: What music is playing on stream?
QuixoticScrivener: It would have been a different game if it wasn’t played ahead of curve.
Jericu: woof
theymerLoviatar: tuaStax tuaStax tuaStax tuaStax
StreetRach: trounced
zhrang911: Huh, turns out LSV is pretty good at magic
Jericu: you'd think that dude had a limited podcast or something
badaaron: Surely next time yargle will save us
a7xjoker93: @treio new soundtrack for this set
Feriority: @QuixoticScrivener I don't know, slow him down 1 turn and he was still dropping bombs every turn for a while
incredulouspasserby: Still gotta cut eldraine
Treio: @a7xjoker93 ty
owangel1: You were playing against LSV though. Destined to lose against him
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Ctabbe: My last two digit resub. end of an era
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bytecaster: Plainscycling!
jacqui_lantern234: @zhrang911 big if true :p
badaaron: The cycling combo Poggers
laundreydhull: the 99
laundreydhull: nice, Ninety-Nine...
Skajetolaf: You got hit by Red Questing Beast
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jacqui_lantern234: @Ctabbe but the beginning of another! time for the 10 metric years jokes! :p
dwchief: man the haste in this set is scary
ace_elmandu: your battle can reanimate redsting beast for maximum value?
bytecaster: Cycle the big guy to reanimate?
QuixoticScrivener: Cycle the host to reanimate it
Quon84: cycle the big guy
Jericu: oh, plainscycle the alabastor host and then get it back with YEAH
laundreydhull: @dwchief which is terribly vorthos inaccurate; creatures across multiple planes don't all have haste...
Seth_Erickson: How have the games been going?
laundreydhull: That's how summoning "sickness" works
Night_xD: playing on james account seems rough with all these lands drawn
JonHerzogArtist: Noice
ace_elmandu: oh is only your graveyard
rdiffee7: Green seems op in draft
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ReynardWrecca: Good evening everyone, good evening Adam. Hope we're all well.
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StreetRach: Two Gruul decks in a row.
BrowneePoints: Hello Motha, Hello Renata, we gonna get you, with our Tolvada
badaaron: Seems like red green is the bomb
MrPipboy3000: Gruul seems to be the way to go
Bugberry: lots of these decks are being very synergistic
Jericu: yeah you got real mana screwed here
QuixoticScrivener: How many lands is that?
quancooffate: Seems like the decks are much less synergy based and more about good stuff piles
Skajetolaf: Jeeeez
Seth_Erickson: sometimes your opponent also just has it all
NosiDM: Look like either mono fatties or mono removal.
flowerseses: @StreetRach that lsv deck was 4 color Oo
bytecaster: Take Eldraine out?
BrowneePoints: I think some folks might be undervaluing battles letting the RG archetype go ham
Skajetolaf: Two times in a row smashed by Gruul
RAZRBCK08: Did we remember to remove Invasion of Eldraine?
TXC2: boy that was a pair of drumings
SkullHydra: Two of those dinos...
incredulouspasserby: That is honest to god my entire experience on Arena. I draft decks that seem good and people who watch my drafts say they’re decent, then I go 1-3 or max 2-3
laundreydhull: @Seth_Erickson gee, thanks opponent. Now when do I get to start my shift?
ghizmou: Bw is phyrexian, and in the story they get their butt kicked so lore wise, it checks
baskwalla: Remove everything they could remove, totally blank their cards. #gotem
trendel03: hand attack?
NosiDM: You're also in a pool of some of the best MTG players too.
1y1e: traumatic rev not terrible in hindsight
Seth_Erickson: @Seth_Erickson that's the fun thing you're fired Kappa
Skajetolaf: Theros into Tymet into Sculpted Perfections is the magic fairyland you want to live in
Kit300: James touched the deck so land curse is still in effect
theymerLoviatar: "I want to see what a Traumatic Revelation feels like" -Adam, 2023
Skajetolaf: *I want to live in
laundreydhull: @Seth_Erickson ha. You're fun.
RAZRBCK08: That hard attack does say you may remove a card so you can choose to get an Incubator token even if there is a hit in the opponent's hand
flowerseses: if this is gruul again, I swear
LurkerSpine: cmon swamp
BrowneePoints: Topdeck swamp cmon
Bugberry: another Red/Green opponent
ReynardWrecca: Man, I have not played Magic for three months, I am so hopelessly lost.
Seth_Erickson: the power creep is real
thegiftedgrifter: Is gruul the best pairing? 3rd in a row for opps
Seth_Erickson: RPGAyaya
theymerLoviatar: Zirda + incubate, btw
Seth_Erickson: makes incubate tokens only cost one :O
Skajetolaf: This set has a bit of a cubyfeel with all the weird rares in there
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themlin: magic time!
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GredGredmansson: why, autotapper
Seth_Erickson: it had to be black I believe Gred
Seth_Erickson: I guess the first incubate didn't have to be black
NewtyNewts: Y'alLRR doin good
GredGredmansson: yeah so why it it using up our black mana
bytecaster: @GredGredmansson It's natural to use black mana to hatch a Phyrexian on flavor grounds
NewtyNewts: Strong!
TriforceDrummer: I feel that LUL
quancooffate: Accidental lethal is my favorite lethal
Rojo37x: I guess we should just win here. Not a bad idea
Wolfstrike_NL: oops!
TehAmelie: woot
Draken03: 1/3 lets goooo
bytecaster: We saw the line
Dalouer: hi everyone
brutusq13: That's how you know you're in the zone
Dalouer: how goes the march?
robertvvv_: huge
TXC2: hello Dalouer welcome
TheWarbo: the accidental BM 😆
NewtyNewts: Bonk
leviathan3942: Hi Graham!
quancooffate: Where's Graham?
robertvvv_: grammus!
laundreydhull: it does happen, lrrADAM
Karvamammutti: Hey look! It's Adam! A part of my most favorite canadian internet comedy troupe and a friend of primate-cards!
TehAmelie: it it was me i would simply play lands and spells that were better than my opponent's and defeat them
Scarbble: it a graham!
MrTulip: excellent entrance
super731: howdy graham
gamercat88: Hi G!
NewtyNewts: Graham is an Adam-growth!
Rojo37x: Ooh spirit fingers
TXC2: Hello Graham
BrowneePoints: Woah a handsome man appeared suddenly
laundreydhull: To these overachievers here
MrTulip: A+
TehAmelie: hi Graham
quancooffate: Questionable keep?
Riiiiiiis: For a looong time I thought that name was something like Ellis Vee
Mr_Horrible: Ravenous?
BrowneePoints: So Graham we have 2 Phyrexian anthem and 2 invasion of tolvada
laundreydhull: yea, Gee Sus; Get OFF The Stage!!!
TehAmelie: a queeep?
Seth_Erickson: !card Shadowcleric Mage
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Rojo37x: Ravenous Rats
NewtyNewts: Plague Rats?
raulghoulia: phyrexian symbols on the rat art
CygnusInfinity: oh god invasion with landcycler
laundreydhull: LUL lrrADAM lrrGRAHAM lrrKATHLEEN lrrBEN
Seth_Erickson: What's the card that has the art lesbians like? dang it
cobthegreat: Ravenous rats
BrowneePoints: Alsonif you read the flavor text on that rat it's the first magic card to send an email @loadingreadyrun
GredGredmansson: graham your alara deck was bonkers
TheWarbo: Grahams 5-color PPR pile
GredGredmansson: Old the8bitAYAYA
CygnusInfinity: @Seth_Erickson I assume you mean Inga and Esika
Jericu: would gloomfang mauler be a better target for that
Mr_Horrible: @raulghoulia from what I can tell all the phyrexian transform cards have the symbol hidden somewhere in their front-side art
Jericu: the invasion I mean
laundreydhull: more like... Broke The Skype call, right lrrGRAHAM
NewtyNewts: I'm gonna use... BLOCK!
GredGredmansson: don't even need to sac it
LurkerSpine: don't need to sac anyway
Jericu: you don't even need to sack it, the boat is a 4/1
Seth_Erickson: @Seth_Erickson there's a black card from Kaldheim as well that's a common and makes the opponent discard a card.
quancooffate: Also sac is not needed
CygnusInfinity: there's some absolute memes in the flavor text of the Kamigawa cards
geail: or reanimate the mauler if you cycle it
NewtyNewts: Kicker cost
Draken03: 4th gruul in a row
bytecaster: Bone Splinters?
NosiDM: Oh, lil' skitters!
molllym4uk: @CygnusInfinity "Good luck getting through a class seven proxy ward, creep". -Saiba Cryptomancer, 2023
jacqui_lantern234: hey Graham!!! reminder that youre loved AGGRESSIVELY!!!!!!! <3
laundreydhull: lrrGRAHAM just said the crapshot "Huh."
BrowneePoints: Also Graham, my recommendation for Minneapolis if you get the chance, is to have a Scotcheroo
BrowneePoints: As a midwesterner
Mysticman89: where did you get alex from
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NewtyNewts: I thought you were talking about the 'Huh.' from The Coffee crapshot
Seth_Erickson: This is the card I was thinking of
Seth_Erickson: !card Elderfang Disciple
LRRbot: Elderfang Disciple [1B] | Creature — Elf Cleric [1/1] | When Elderfang Disciple enters the battlefield, each opponent discards a card.
NewtyNewts: They might next turn...
Jericu: they will if they get a forest
GredGredmansson: unless they have a green sourse
TriforceDrummer: They need one more green
bytecaster: And menace! Flips the battle
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goombalax: if they get a forest
Earthenone: if they have a forest they can monkee right?
Bugberry: While Yidaro did have a Godzilla alter, it more closely resembles Gamera
spiffinn: just me, the music seems a bit loud
NewtyNewts: And first strike damage
Ohpea: Messing up my Vannifar podding while watching this stream! Worth!
Riiiiiiis: is it? i can barely hear it
Jericu: the pause of a player who did not draw a forest
BrowneePoints: They can discard it to shuffle in right
Earthenone: they cant discard from exile
goombalax: its in exile
TriforceDrummer: Well it's in exile right now so it can't be discarded
BrowneePoints: Ooooh yeaaa
GredGredmansson: its not in their hand
Ant__R: they can egg now
APartofManny: they lose a lot in teh process
Robot_Bones: I went and right clicked that card like it would do something FailFish
BrianLIVE: I always forget they add new boards with each release because I only play historic brawl lol
BrowneePoints: And our battle wins games
NewtyNewts: Everything has lifelink too
BrowneePoints: Tokens have lifeline yea
bytecaster: Now they cant even flip their battle
BrowneePoints: Including our incubates
Mierr: If only opponent had a monke to break enchantments
APartofManny: at the risk of jinxing it i think you have stablized
GredGredmansson: they still gain, the gruul one pumps
raulghoulia: !card the broken sky
LRRbot: The Broken Sky (front: Invasion of Tolvada) | Enchantment | Creature tokens you control get +1/+0 and have lifelink. / At the beginning of your end step, create a 1/1 white and black Spirit creature token with flying.
incredulouspasserby: 5 mana reanimate is still pretty good
Seth_Erickson: If you play red with tolvada it's probably very good
incredulouspasserby: Even without a flip
BrowneePoints: Seismic Assault plus Birgi's Horn
Ant__R: first strike trick hurts
Dalouer: if they start discarding they will get the creature still
Wolfstrike_NL: I think i would just let them flip the battle and block the 3/3
NewtyNewts: They can keep discarding and pinging your stuff
Mr_Horrible: I'm less scared of seismic assault while we're making free 2/1 fliers
quancooffate: Two pretty powerful enchantments, let's see which wins
APartofManny: they only have so many cards though
xerjen: Still a good trade
Seth_Erickson: don't know how that beats 2/1's every turn
Dalouer: 2/1 flyers race will be tough to beat
Earthenone: even if all their lands are shocks,our 2/1 lifelink flyers outpace them
CygnusInfinity: Yeah this race is still favorable
BrowneePoints: Ope we have an engine
xerjen: This does not seem winnable for our opponent anymore
Wolfstrike_NL: the machine is marching
BrowneePoints: Each turn we can swing with token, Sac token, grow shade mIe. Token
BrowneePoints: Make a*
GredGredmansson: what can tymaret to again?
Mr_Horrible: no dead draws, but we're still gonna outpace that pretty fast
TehAmelie: lrrJUDGE my opponent doesn't have a chance, may i feel sorry for them?
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TXC2: hello raiders
DevillReaper: Im here because Kenji stopped, & you played an Etali against him
TehAmelie: hello raidahs
Vampyre_Lord: @TehAmelie you may attempt to, but pity DOES go on the stack and they have a chance to respond
control_rig: lrrGOAT
raulghoulia: lucky billy
GredGredmansson: recycler can also recycle itself
control_rig: Hek
quancooffate: Yeah, the tree is looking as powerful as it seemed
NewtyNewts: It's just a question of whether you can use the power
Earthenone: well the rare ones at least
DevillReaper: Reach in this economy?
APartofManny: i think you still got this
funguslore: Same
couchboyj: That was a very good Etali
aiolian: Hello LRR_James
ConjugateVoices: Oh hey, I'm also here from Kenji's stream
NewtyNewts: Big green plays
BrowneePoints: We just gotta hit our 2nd tolvada
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cy0nknight: It's MOM time! Excited to catch all the new cards in action :)
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Earthenone: we gotta battle the battle
Bugberry: defeating streamers to steal their viewers
TehAmelie: deep pity for our opponent is on the stack
TriforceDrummer: Oh good +2 and 2 spirits per turn
quancooffate: Definitely attack battle
DMGlol: the value
PiGuy2000: is the backside legendary?
funguslore: You guys have 2!? KEKW
TXC2: PiGuy2000 sure isn't
DMGlol: double life link PogChamp
GredGredmansson: it is not
raulghoulia: lifelink on attacking a battle? alright
Mr_Horrible: LMAO
freshbubba: The opponent mana weaved really well there
Haroldholmes25: LUL
NewtyNewts: So many hits
AliboyLive: LOL
RAZRBCK08: Give us 2 3/1s each turn sounds good
MilkInBags: conceding is illegal though
Mr_Horrible: that was perfect topdeck sequencing for them, too
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Feriority: I don't think OP was out of the game there but fair enough
TehAmelie: pity resolves
TXC2: Right I'm off
APartofManny: they were churning through pretty fast
Mr_Horrible: but yeah, you had better inevitability
amam741: Every turn they drew a land for the pyre and flipped a good spell
amam741: Wild
Earthenone: 2 drop 3 drop invasion!
TXC2: Goodnight everybody, and thanks for Streaming Adam, Graham and James
MilkInBags: I'm also encouraged to not rob banks
Mr_Horrible: Play it out, Streamer dazeGun
Draken03: Graham missed the best curse moment
Robot_Bones: ohthatsMonke PLay it out streamer
Seth_Erickson: I like Huntmaster into Tolvada seems good
ConjugateVoices: Can't build a reliable AI model if you don't play all sequences out
Vampyre_Lord: i think opponent gave us enough opportunity to do our thing, and took enough turns digging. i dont hold that concede against them.
NewtyNewts: Timmeh!
Mr_Horrible: big Tymmie
gamercat88: beeg Tims
control_rig: Wait! No AUUUGH?
Earthenone: ayayaay
Seth_Erickson: Ayayaya
zhrang911: Ayara
RAZRBCK08: Ayara
Nydestroyer: yargle?
quancooffate: Ayayaya
GredGredmansson: we drafted yargle but we cut him
APartofManny: ayayayayayay
freshbubba: Yargle!
NewtyNewts: Ayaya
thelastnoel1993: Ayara
Scarbble: ayayaya
BrowneePoints: Ayara
Bugberry: butt battle
DevillReaper: Timmy's Brother
GredGredmansson: oh yeah and Ayayaya too
Earthenone: also yargle
BrowneePoints: And yargle
GredGredmansson: oh is yargle in the deck I thought we cut him
Feriority: I'm a little sad that Ayara got compleated, but Furnace Queen is a sweet title and if she's with Urabrask it's not all bad
bytecaster: I'm pretty sure we cut him, right?
control_rig: That sounds like James
PiGuy2000: wow is James offscreen? I swear i can hear him talking
CanPlayGames: James 100%
BrowneePoints: Adam you almost didnt pick yargle
BrowneePoints: James wanted to
Greyah: Sure, and then he did that and incubated twice for 13 with those lands. I don't see the problem.
MrPipboy3000: James' deck had 35 lands in it before Adam saved it
couchboyj: Draw ten lands then the incubate twice to land size card, more like
DrThud666: to be fair i dont think there is a hill adam wont die on
NewtyNewts: They're backing up Daxos onto you
xtoxicmarvelx: do u think knights is fast enough for this limited?
funguslore: 🎵yargle🎵yahargle🎵
Karvamammutti: Yet still the question remains... is Yargle still ready to bargle?
Seth_Erickson: next turn if we don't get a land we could double spell too
quancooffate: Potentially infinite chump blocker engine starting next turn
NewtyNewts: Adam hasn't died on a hill yet.
Earthenone: adam would die on a 2 inch incline :P
Mysticman89: some hills you simply wont get on
Gekyouryuu: Hill Adam won't die on: Camlann
TehAmelie: ♫Helplessly yargling her harlequin bargles
NewtyNewts: Dang, no tolvada time.
Earthenone: play your 2's
Fanklok: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 4:08:57.
TheWarbo: At the very least, Adam won’t die on hills he doesn’t want to occupy at all
Earthenone: goodbye paladin
Seth_Erickson: I hit the boounce
beam1249: came for the MOM, stayed for the daddy Adam & Graham
couchboyj: Guessing Adam is indifferent at best about One Tree Hill
incredulouspasserby: There’s a difference between unreasonable but fun hill to die on and sludge pile
Angreed66: If Adam stands on a hill he'll die on it Adam won't die on hills he doesn't stand on.
Seth_Erickson: that's gonna eat your incubator tokens
BrowneePoints: Dont flip
DevillReaper: instant speed flip btw
BrowneePoints: They have a bounce
Mr_Horrible: turning Tymmie into a 4/4 if we need to is probably not bad
BrowneePoints: Non euclidean
NewtyNewts: I wanna see a Xerex set as well
PinballWitch: Cheer50 Hi Graham, hope you're well. I'm in no spoons, lurk mode today.
DevillReaper: Xerox is just a printer shop
NewtyNewts: I love Escherian art
Feriority: I mean, there are ways to "go to Xerex" if you just want reality to not make sense
bytecaster: I bet on Xerex they say our reality doesn't make sense
BrowneePoints: Yea the entire plane is non euclidean reality bending
GredGredmansson: sac egg for bigger egg
PiGuy2000: you can sac the incubator to make it a 3/3 one
Mr_Horrible: just turn your egg into bigger egg
Earthenone: sac your token to make a token then flip token?
NewtyNewts: Sac itself?
NewtyNewts: !card compleated huntm
LRRbot: Compleated Huntmaster [2B] | Creature — Phyrexian Elf Warrior [2/3] | {1}, {T}, Sacrifice another creature or artifact: Incubate 3.
zhrang911: Why not sac the egg at least?
MrTulip: Feel sorry for the art directors on the Xerex set
NewtyNewts: Ah, right, you can't sac itself
TehAmelie: hmm if i learned anything from BoJack Horseman it's that Xerox corporation is dangerouslu litigious. this Xerex business seems bold
Mr_Horrible: we do get to eat 2 attackers here, which is pretty nice
quancooffate: I don't think there was any reason not to turn egg into bigger egg
couchboyj: Bigger egg wouldn't be able to block that turn tho
Seth_Erickson: so we want to give them something else to seal away right
xerjen: I don't know if their attack was worth it. They threw away 2 creatures to get one?
NewtyNewts: That'd be what I'd do. Too strong
RedJackz: Wait does Huntmaster loop on itself?
GredGredmansson: its an evasive creature though
bytecaster: But if it isn't symmetrical how can it be fair?
BrowneePoints: Unless you're coat of arms
GredGredmansson: that can get bigger
MrPipboy3000: I used to play drums for One SIded Anthem back in college
NewtyNewts: Huntmaster can't sac itself
BrowneePoints: Cuz coat of arms is goofy
Bugberry: There are symetrical anthems, like Bad Moon.
Nydestroyer: Could you picture them printing a symmetrical anthem in a new set. I think people would explode lol
DevillReaper: 'Seal away this 🖕'
RedJackz: I mean on the incubators it makes, you can make them and sac em?
couchboyj: Like Balance! That was a fair card. Told ya right in the name.
NewtyNewts: Just enough mana to play two cards
Seth_Erickson: Etched familiar a decent sac target for tolvada
Mr_Horrible: I like pitching familiar here
Earthenone: unless we want to hatch the dog
Mr_Horrible: gives us a target for invasion
Mr_Horrible: ohh, right recycler is free
NewtyNewts: Recycler has to sac itself, right?
Mr_Horrible: nah, recycler is any artifact or creature
Feriority: Dog becomes big dog
DevillReaper: Weird looking dog you got there
GredGredmansson: recycler "can" sac itself but doesn't have to for its cost
NewtyNewts: !card dreg recyc
LRRbot: Dreg Recycler [1B] | Creature — Phyrexian Beast [2/2] | {T}, Sacrifice an artifact or creature: Each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.
DevillReaper: !card dog
LRRbot: Found 29 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
MarvelOfRain: @NewtyNewts Actually the only thing he can't sac is himself
NewtyNewts: Right
aiolian: Flip! That! Dog!
zhrang911: They have the protection spell, which is rough
Seth_Erickson: we're short a damage I think
DevillReaper: *Please dont flip dogs IRL*
Mr_Horrible: which makes the flier a 2/2 as well
Seth_Erickson: only one they can still transform the duneshaper right
Jericu: they got that combat trick though
xerjen: They can use their trick to eat two things
Mr_Horrible: full send seems fine
zhrang911: They save the battle if they full block
Earthenone: they lose 2 cards to not lose the battle
themlin: we're sergeOffByOne
Earthenone: weather creatures or tricks
greywolf7422: Math is for blockers
NewtyNewts: If they take damage on the paladin and it gets smaller, does that then kill it when it shrinks?
GredGredmansson: potentially yes
Feriority: @Seth_Erickson Only as a sorcery
Seth_Erickson: ah I wasn't sure if it hahd that text
Feriority: I think that whole cycle does
NewtyNewts: Dang, it goes to 1
themlin: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
petrichor_therain: lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM
Earthenone: if i was there i would have attacked with all but our egg maker, then made an egg out of whatever the daxos blocked
Mr_Horrible: I think the attack was still the right call, you gotta make something happen or they've just got their flier and the combat trick as a gotcha forever
nimsdir: Think vertex paladin counts istelf as well so would still be a 1/1 ?
Earthenone: but swinging all is valid
baronsamedi23: Meds reminders for those who may need it
BrowneePoints: This is a sick knight deck
MarvelOfRain: @LoadingReadyRun If you don't attack they just clock you with the palladin. No good scenarios honestly.
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Mangledpixel: boop
bytecaster: Gotta find that 5 drop that takes a counter of a battle
NewtyNewts: Didn't we just read that one?
Feriority: Daxos has gained them so much life this game. Basically Kenrith Kappa
Earthenone: lets draw our 5 drop that kills a battle?
Nydestroyer: or kill the pally lol
Seth_Erickson: flipping seems better than eating theh 5/5
silaslunark: so how we likin the format boys
bytecaster: Are we dead though?
GredGredmansson: can tymaret exile anything
Earthenone: we will get some lifelink chumps and timmys life
APartofManny: you could still activate so
Mr_Horrible: we can still eat some creatures for life if they do
LurkerSpine: oh hmm, thought you would've been dead on the crack bad
trendel03: even better
trendel03: duneshaper will flip with trample
PandaByName: if they didn't block don't they just win on the crack back?
DevillReaper: wait tymeret can die if the battle leaves and the 3/2 dies & they dealt 2 damage to timmy
Mr_Horrible: booooo
Earthenone: yeah that kills ys
GredGredmansson: we aren't interacting with that thing anyway
NewtyNewts: You can't block it?
unleashenlightenment: Super dead
Mr_Horrible: it doesn't *kill* us if they don't full send
incredulouspasserby: You can exile your own gy if you need to
GredGredmansson: block with our token?
Earthenone: suprise timmys!
bytecaster: Sneaky
Seth_Erickson: Stabilization 👀
BrowneePoints: You can eat your own yard too
PiGuy2000: you were dead to a flunge, that was so lucky
1y1e: timmy can hit your GY too, if that's ever relevant
Earthenone: silly oponent, not reading every card from evedry set in the past decade :P
Seth_Erickson: tymmie also can eat our graveyard
bytecaster: Let's just have that Enchantment take over the game
Mr_Horrible: 2 fliers to block means they can't attack with the paladin and other stuff
MarvelOfRain: @Earthenone Yeah there are whole 4 cards on the board. So many abilities
Mr_Horrible: because a double-block would kill it after shrink
NewtyNewts: Two flying blockers on the trampler then?
Seth_Erickson: if we cycle the mauler we're essentially at 7 life with tymmie
Earthenone: reading in magic happens pre game, during the game you only see pictures :)
mjiig: Do lifelinkers gain life hitting things with protection from them?
Mangledpixel: guess you could swampcycle the mauler just to deck thin
frozenphoenix7: @mjiig No
GredGredmansson: timmy will shrink though
frozenphoenix7: Tymaret shrinks if the fox dies
APartofManny: you eat now i guess
rdiffee7: d block flyer and trade with any ground creature kills the flyer
Mr_Horrible: double on the tymmie will die but so will their flier
unleashenlightenment: Yea. Block it so their flier fies
Seth_Erickson: 3 potentially 4 with the mangler
unleashenlightenment: Flier dies
frozenphoenix7: 4 life with the cycler
1y1e: paladin will shrink too
bytecaster: 10
Mr_Horrible: we're at 10 before blocks
unleashenlightenment: Because it shrinks to 2/2
mjiig: frozenphoenix7, thanks, that was my assumption but wasn't sure
Wolfstrike_NL: taking out the 2/2 still seems ok
Mr_Horrible: if they have no trick, they're left with just Daxos
GredGredmansson: oh right we can kill their flyer with we block with tymaret
Earthenone: timmy can trade, it shrinks the flyer and we are out of food for timmy anyways
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AtomicAlchemical: Hey Drs. LRR! How's the new format?
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Mr_Horrible: wut
MarvelOfRain: You are dead
rdiffee7: unlucky...
Earthenone: prevented lifelink damage lol
NewtyNewts: What a foolish card
ghoti12890: wow
bytecaster: We are dead
Jericu: LMAO
PiGuy2000: That does it by preventing lifelink LUL
WiJohn: Well, that's a beating
Seth_Erickson: don't forget we might need to cycle our mauler
bytecaster: No lifelink
naturesbrain: no lifelink now right?
funguslore: Dead
APartofManny: yea no life link
BrowneePoints: Why would they be playing that
APartofManny: that sucks
Jericu: What a topdeck!
Nydestroyer: opp printing cards to win the game
badaaron: Topdecked two combat tricks
Nydestroyer: LUL
Draken03: That card sucks
Fr0Dough: cant wait till we find out that wasnt even in the set
BrowneePoints: Legit why would you be playing that in maindeck
zhrang911: That sure was a string of topdecks LUL
badaaron: And the most specific ones too
greasymemes: that's a sideboard card
BrowneePoints: Wow
insane_42: Hey Graham and Adam
DevillReaper: wow, colour hate main deck KEKW
Angreed66: team hexproof is not a bad card
Feriority: Opponent has just had it all every game I've watched except that one early scoop
DudelidouX: Play for the hexproof get perfect bonus vs you
vigilanteheatengineer: dinner time - good luck on the next pool!
anhakha: Upside, more draft!
Bugberry: The hate color cycle cards aren't that bad. Most people are playing multiple colors.
CygnusInfinity: Hosed by Bo1 color hate sweetdrCry
nimsdir: gg!
Vampyre_Lord: this is why they dont often print new color hate
Scarbble: moooooooom~
Earthenone: !findquote mom
LRRbot: Quote #4013: "My mom spent a lot of time hidden behind a drawn curtain" —Ian [2017-02-13]
RAZRBCK08: Surge gives you hexproof, that's why you'd play it in main for limited
Mr_Horrible: team hexproof is not worth a card in limited tho Angreed66
saucemaster5000: back with grilled cheese and tomato soup, how has the last couple hrs been jamming?
Verrain2: @RAZRBCK08 Agreed.
Mr_Horrible: you need some actual value other than "bad counterspell
BrowneePoints: Yea that is not worth playing in limited
GredGredmansson: well clearly it was
funguslore: Sideboard card for BO3
spiffinn: no, that's results oriented thinking
Jericu: if it won the game, it wasn't THAT bad of an include imo
BrowneePoints: I can win with door to nothingness in draft but that doesn't make it a good limited card
Angreed66: Protecting your bombs has value. A while ago people didn't rrun 1 drops. times change
RAZRBCK08: I don't think it's the best idea to play it in limited but it isn't just a completely dead card like a lot of previous color hate cards
Jericu: idk sometimes your opponent just has the thing they need to beat you, that's MtG sometimes. Sucks but it happens.
Seth_Erickson: The thing is black and red have so much good removal that I think a one of team hexproof potentially negate removal is a fine card.
Seth_Erickson: It's nothing like Door to Nothingness
Earthenone: it hates 2 colors, and most decks are at least 2 colors math says it works enough of the time :P
TehAmelie: !card white knight
LRRbot: White Knight [WW] | Creature — Human Knight [2/2] | First strike / Protection from black
Earthenone: also this format seems very bomb heavy, 1 mana insurance for your random legend from the history of magic is probobly worth buying a non zero ammount of time
NewtyNewts: Ohay
TehAmelie: ah, mono color decks used to work. way back when
Seth_Erickson: ah hello
Jericu: ice cream?
TehAmelie: hello Adam, Graham
NewtyNewts: Gram and Jams
Jericu: gross!
shamblingkrenshar: As Cam once said: "The correct answer is to draft with them"
NewtyNewts: Or is it Grames?
Earthenone: my mom loves it
saucemaster5000: two scoops of vanilla cottage cheese in a cone plz
bytecaster: Isn't there a crapshot about it?
MilkInBags: just in case you need federal services, just know we're on the verge of one of the biggest strike in history, so if you need a passport, it's probably too late LUL
anhakha: Is that just a bowl of cottage cheese...?
DevillReaper: my mum makes fresh cottage cheese
BrowneePoints: Good cottage cheese is amazing. Bad cottage cheese is awful
Jericu: it's eating the cottage cheese straight that I dislike
Mr_Horrible: Earthenone disagree, a card whose value only occurs when you drew your good stuff already feels marginal. It can definitely *do* stuff but it's too narrow too often.
BrowneePoints: Also it has dairy fat
Nydestroyer: wait is it warm or cold cottage cheese? (if its opposite of ice cream I assume warm LUL)
Mai_Andra: insert Kathleen/Cori bit "Thanks, I hate it."
TehAmelie: now i want to taste a bite of vanilla cottage cheese
Ferisar: the gains wizard adam is here
Mysticman89: graham has ambitions to crush some melons.
Earthenone: pro teen anti teen debate leauge?
Ferisar: ask him to divine your muscles
MagnusVir: My dad loved cottage cheese and applesauce
kamkazi: is elesh norn just congealed cottage cheese?
MilkInBags: I have the shape of water (non descript)
spiffinn: you have to consider the average case of a card, not only the best case scenarios
DevillReaper: 'round is a shape'
BrowneePoints: Just dont be like Nixon and eat ketchup on cottage cheese
Mr_Horrible: yeah, like a 15-20 minute routine is nice, great way to keep movement feeling good
saucemaster5000: I'm just happy being pear shaped, like most of my decisions
JeremyDevoid: 30 minutes of workout 3 days a week is really all you need
TehAmelie: neutral flavor cottage cheese with cured ham and a dash of black pepper on a thick slab of bread, now we're talking
Perivale: the treatment I'm on for my joints is working so I'm back in the gym a little and it's so good to be back
Bugberry: I wish I could go back to the weight I was when I got Covid bad, just without the Covid part.
Draco363: this is how lrr volleyball league begins
BrowneePoints: Yea as someone currently living with a family member in a cancer battle, you take what weight they can get
Mr_Horrible: I gotta get back into that, tbh. gotta find a better time in the day where I have the space and energy to commit to it
Earthenone: LRR MMA?
BrowneePoints: Cuz hospital scares for neutropenia are terrifying
Mr_Horrible: VoLRRball
NewtyNewts: LRR Dodgeball?
Ferisar: that sounds kinda nice
Athelgar: y'all are very tall
Marcanius: So Moonbase Mk VI has a basketball court, right?
Jericu: that's a person who wants to see some stuff
saucemaster5000: been waiting on the edge of my seat for volleyball content for years
zhrang911: I would pay to watch LRR Dodgeball
MagnusVir: I'd watch that
TehAmelie: fite that cancer!
Nydestroyer: New moonbase has a vollyball court right?
anhakha: Beej volleyball
bytecaster: Always yes, anding
Earthenone: cori?
gamercat88: both
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Earthenone: libero is the small defender
NewtyNewts: Center guy who dives for the ball?
AtomicAlchemical: Jacob?
Jericu: I only know Libero from Pokemon
Vampyre_Lord: libero is the dedicated defensive dude. he's smol
SolarBlitz1: Libero is a position that about fast defending/receiving, who's usually the shortest guy/gal
greasymemes: this is the future liberos want
DevillReaper: LRR Lacrosse when?
ghyllnox: Someone better at clipping than me clip that
BrowneePoints: Libero is like the point guard in basketball
saucemaster5000: is one of those things defend the pot of gold?
Draco363: weird in pros too they're still like 6', just so small next to the 6'-5" everyone else
sherlock_olms: Why not a Dodgeball league? Lol
Bugberry: hyper specialization
TehAmelie: "like" a goalkeeper eh
SolarBlitz1: @Draco363 Ah the wrestling "small" problem
bytecaster: That's a 5/4 for 4
Jericu: but a companion though
Seth_Erickson: Keruga Keruga Keruga
NewtyNewts: Or a pre-combat trick
MilkInBags: keruga will wheel OpieOP
Earthenone: dino hippo?
bytecaster: Follow your heart!
kamkazi: halo forger stan <3
shamblingkrenshar: Keruga is technically more flexible?
Seth_Erickson: You have an infinite amount of gems have a good time
Earthenone: hippo is easier technicly
BrowneePoints: 4 mana 5 4 trample
Jorim: Follow your heart, pick the fun card
Jericu: they're both solid P1P1 I think
Greyah: If there was ever a time to just jam the fun and cool stuff, it's now.
DevillReaper: we have played with Karuga before
super731: beeg heepo
Lord_Hosk: 6 foot tall, also known as... The LRR shorty
Nydestroyer: Its fun to lose
Fr0Dough: Take the pick that makes you win *forehead*
Jericu: It's early access, none of this matters
petey_vonwho: Take the heckin chonker!
cachorubione: force companion
Wolfstrike_NL: "not our money"
spiffinn: you probably don't end up running keruga as a companion but it's still a great card
Jericu: you're spending wotc's money
Earthenone: gargantuan is sweet
spreadtheclap: The cyclers are so good!
bytecaster: That's too small
Jericu: you're already in ikoria, take the cycler
Kit300: Graham is here now so 7-0 is a lock
leviathan3942: !card keruga
LRRbot: Keruga, the Macrosage [3{G/U}{G/U}] | Legendary Creature — Dinosaur Hippo [5/4] | Companion — Your starting deck contains only cards with mana value 3 or greater and land cards. / When Keruga, the Macrosage enters the battlefield, draw a card for each other permanent you control with mana value 3 or greater.
Earthenone: cyclers seems great for things to do before turn 3 when we have keruga
kamkazi: chunky tribal
BrowneePoints: Keruga and some Timbs
Seth_Erickson: cycling is great for our first 2 turns off Kappa
Fr0Dough: Karuga, Jamaica...
TehAmelie: Keruga, Jamica, ooh i wanna sage ya
Seth_Erickson: Sailback seems good yeah
AtomicAlchemical: fixing?
bytecaster: Cycler Tribal?
Seth_Erickson: we could be green white don't even need to consider blue
Vampyre_Lord: thats why its a 4 drop that gives haste. because THG. geddit?
Seth_Erickson: really
Jericu: go for the companion!
Nydestroyer: killing a flipped battle seems good
Nydestroyer: on the sailback
bytecaster: Just take all the land cyclers and hope for "invasion of alara"
MadMalice22: Sailback seems good
Earthenone: sailback seems great will likely flip a battle or disenchant
spiffinn: yeah keruga is hybrid
Earthenone: yes my vatkeeper
RevolverRossalot: Not good enough to take here, but Burgeoning is ace with Kyruga
Seth_Erickson: uh oh we're losing the line Kappa
KingOfDoma: I can never hear that name and not think of Out Of This World and the Game Grumps playthrough (Mykaruba!)
freshbubba: Can vatkeeper flip them back to keep doubling the counters?
Jericu: saleman voice
raulghoulia: real spokesman energy
mulligan2six: Dave Spokesman voice here
Jericu: spokesman that's the one
clashowenbash8: get back in your egg!
DevillReaper: Phyex-Ian!
ArkhamArchivist: Imagine
saucemaster5000: baby got three backs
spiffinn: t looks for the Incubator subtype
Haroldholmes25: vatkeeper is giving me dark magician vibes
BrowneePoints: That's three whole asses!
Nydestroyer: not just a big dumper, multiple dumpers
Mr_Horrible: dang, I don't have 3 different -butt emotes for the joke
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CommiePuddin: I'm here for Phrexian backsides -- I mean...wait...
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ActualFactual: can't skip leg day if you wanna have 3 different backsides
Earthenone: !card keruga
LRRbot: Keruga, the Macrosage [3{G/U}{G/U}] | Legendary Creature — Dinosaur Hippo [5/4] | Companion — Your starting deck contains only cards with mana value 3 or greater and land cards. / When Keruga, the Macrosage enters the battlefield, draw a card for each other permanent you control with mana value 3 or greater.
bytecaster: Yargle
Jericu: ah yes, the lower back cake
saucemaster5000: my triple toilet is a plumbing marvel
Nydestroyer: People talk about triple chins, never about triples asses
Jericu: YARGLE
BrowneePoints: Leg press and lunges. They'll get you cake
MadMalice22: My god, that man’s ass has an ass!
GredGredmansson: or you can tick UP their battles
cachorubione: #FreeWheeler
Earthenone: did we play it last time?
frozenphoenix7: Wait, you guys get Wheelers for free? I have to pay to see him.
DMGlol: bargle with yargle
DevillReaper: Ben Fleshwheeler
RevolverRossalot: Thanks for picking Freewheeler, it's great to be here
greasymemes: I don't think you even drew yargle last time
raulghoulia: it's Free Wheelestate
Jericu: it'll wheel, don't worry
Haroldholmes25: but the dream!
urkleturtle: but what about multani and yargle?
Nydestroyer: wait broken wings is now bad LUL
frozenphoenix7: I like the 1 drop
testcartel: Where are multani and yargle? Are they okay?
DMGlol: it hits so many things
DevillReaper: I like the fall
MadMalice22: Does it hit creatures with flying?
Ohpea: Adam, did you like any bands on that playlist from twitter?
DevillReaper: Strawberry is my jam
Nydestroyer: You made someone discard one once
Earthenone: we saw one, lsv had it
Earthenone: so he took them all
bytecaster: Winddrake
Jericu: LSV discarded it I think
BrowneePoints: 3 mana 2 power flyer
milk_the_cow_to_earn_gems: Jeff rosenstock and PUP are my punk picks
BrowneePoints: Speaking of leg day, ajani didnt skip it
GredGredmansson: bad pack
mulligan2six: Does anyone have a link to the playlist?
frozenphoenix7: This pack is great, but not for us
DevillReaper: cycle
BrookJustBones: The tarkir special art frame is so cool
Jericu: wow there is NO green or black in this pack
Earthenone: swamp cycler i guess
MadMalice22: Stasis field?
NewtyNewts: What does Bolster do again?
GredGredmansson: cycler I guess
bytecaster: We do now
frozenphoenix7: I believe so
Vampyre_Lord: yep
urkleturtle: this pack is actually great, but for everyone but us
baskwalla: Yup, that's bolster
Mr_Horrible: or tied, yup
Vampyre_Lord: and you choose in a tie
Earthenone: bolster? i hardly KNOW her
ghoti12890: and it doesnt target so you cant get blown out
AtomicAlchemical: I hope someone is getting a sick mono white deck
wotc_jordan: I'm just on a Childish Gambino kick
wotc_jordan: That's my pump music
Jericu: double badgers!
MadMalice22: Amyl is great
Greyah: I love that battle. Such tiny sea monster.
Vampyre_Lord: i love that card. 1/1 tramplers attacking a phyrexians foot. because segovia is a smol plane
Earthenone: informant 2?
BrowneePoints: Folks are hoping the Dragon frame is implying a return to Tarkir soon
Ohpea: Spring time is Ska time. Summer time is also ska time ;)
baskwalla: No cards, only play
nimsdir: 2 halo forgagers would be nice! If you go blue/black mill
BrowneePoints: I'd splash the Invasion
Earthenone: we might not be green?
trendel03: Omen hawker really good
sephsays: bunny is real bad for this deck, which is a shame because bunny is adorable
cachorubione: this i lookin guuuud
bytecaster: Not much incubate though
raulghoulia: no early plays! only Keruga
Earthenone: if we are black blue we keep keruga
BrowneePoints: Blue is fairly open
asthanius: big skits
lackingsanity: The removal spell is good imp
anhakha: Gotta take the skitz
LurkerSpine: I think you need the removal, but I could be wrong
Life_of_Larbear: skitter me timbers
lackingsanity: Imo*
MadMalice22: Wicked slumber is good if you’re looking at blue
hd_dabnado: skitter's big day
asthanius: we want adam to be happy
bytecaster: We can't either
dewrules235: Green Black popular today eh? Could be biased info as I only also saw James first two drafts
naturesbrain: there's so many bombs in this format though
naturesbrain: removal seems real good
Vampyre_Lord: i personally say both. meme and enjoy
asthanius: no, we will yes you
Earthenone: you both have played more than chat
saucemaster5000: sure thing Adam
Tonyalaska: Meme deck = best deck
Spluuga: But we want you to have what you want! xD
mulligan2six: It's "yes and" not "no lets discuss"
cachorubione: overgrown pesto
Earthenone: pest is skitters with upside :)
FITorion: I don't play magic... So... sure sounds fine to me
Lord_Hosk: If we don't give Adam what he wants he yells at us and calls us names.
Bugberry: the kitesail flavor text is amazing
Karvamammutti: Skipping Skitters is like skipping Fanatical Firebrand or Colossal Dreadmaw. One does not simply.
BrowneePoints: Kamigawa is dece
TehAmelie: i feel my duty as a LRR chat member is to never become a yes-man
MadMalice22: Invasion of Kamigawa is so good
philippekav: it's not like we can know the format or anything
Spluuga: chat doesn't discuss, chat only states things and refuses to elaborate..
ThankYouUro: So... Keruga is gonna be our companion, yes?
Nydestroyer: wet golgari
Mangledpixel: "always yes and" is improv advice, not life advice :D
Wolfstrike_NL: !advice
LRRbot: I'm keenly aware of your existence.
MadMalice22: Moldy Dimir
anhakha: Skitz would look pretty good here with 3 land types...
Angreed66: Keruga screws the curve to much
Jericu: looks good to me!
bytecaster: @Mangledpixel What is life if not very intense improv?
MegaDosX: Good thing Keruga's just fine as a card in the deck
BrowneePoints: Lets hope for Amonkhet wheel
anhakha: Skitz is good fixing.
CygnusInfinity: companions are just good in the maindeck tbh
Earthenone: its no oracle of comedy, but cam is busy
tru_boredom: I also love cam
MegaDosX: What would your theoretical Oracle of Comedy do, Graham?
BrowneePoints: Maybe we saw a lot of open blue
Jericu: Tidal Terror will help with Keruga too!
spiffinn: nicceed
1MrGhost: Why so many cyclers? is astral slide or drake haven in this format?
LurkerSpine: overrun is good too though
Ellitb0: cycling is good
ThankYouUro: wheelerRagavan
Wolfstrike_NL: ook ook
GredGredmansson: Its like the Expertise cycle from Aether Revolt
BrowneePoints: Strobe knight good
Earthenone: strobe knight looks real good
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MrSarkhan: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
joallthedogs: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
CygnusInfinity: I like my wind drakes with upside to have additional upside, yes.
Lord_Durin: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Mangledpixel: heyo brew crew
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ExachixKitsune: 91 months?! actually sergeHolyMoly
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chrono2x: sergeHeart lrrHEART seabatClap lrrHEART sergeHeart
TheOneCalledStu: ssjSpikeChamp
Nydestroyer: cyclers
kamkazi: Baddie of the Shadows Kreygasm
LurkerSpine: that border still looks bad
MegaDosX: Imoti with that curve looks funny
bytecaster: Synergy with the cyclers!
Vampyre_Lord: oh hey, a readable invocation! i love it
Earthenone: imoti seems good in keruga :P
Andymonium: oh dang Imoti in this deck could be great
ExachixKitsune: ah, building a red deck because you've got all these Cascades
BrowneePoints: That text looks even worse in digital
GredGredmansson: dimir and simic have been wheeling anyway
bytecaster: Also good with the cyclers
Earthenone: lands!
GredGredmansson: ramp + fixing? sign me up
CygnusInfinity: I'll admit Imoti in a Keruga companion deck would be really funny.
Life_of_Larbear: so much fixing in this pack
ThankYouUro: Or the Thornwood falls...
CrazedOwlBeast: this pack is crazy
Cpt_P: hi adam :)
spreadtheclap: the land is good too
GredGredmansson: I think the invasion for sure
Earthenone: what if phyrexians had reach, that would be broken
Andymonium: that Atraxa's Fall is getting seriously valuable with this battle collection, I think
MadMalice22: Fixing here I think
rdiffee7: Battle
bytecaster: "No, but!"
Andymonium: (if it wheels)
wotc_jordan: Everytime y'all say skitters I think you're talking about Skithryx
Jericu: red whites open apparently
ExachixKitsune: wait there's an elemental fox?! I have a commander deck to build
LurkerSpine: what removal do you have?
urkleturtle: the knight is real good
MegaDosX: Loving that new Zirda art
ThankYouUro: Pest is becomming good in our deck
nimsdir: Protocol knight
BrowneePoints: Order of the mirror is dece
Jericu: Do you get the new Ikoria art if you get these cards in draft?
Earthenone: whats the 2 drop knight turn into?
bytecaster: the 2/1 is also good when flipped, flanking and all
CygnusInfinity: the IKO Showcase art in this set is so good! I'm gonna need to get them all
bytecaster: @Earthenone 3/3 with "flanking"
MegaDosX: She's medium, but her flavour text is a banger in this set
Earthenone: lets get some XP
GredGredmansson: OG Ezuri
CygnusInfinity: welcome back green :)
DevillReaper: commander card
shamblingkrenshar: WELCOME TO COMMANDER TOWN
spiffinn: seems dece
bartimus_thundercask: That ezuri lead my oldest commander deck and i love it
LurkerSpine: tbf, Amy flooded
BrowneePoints: Amy played it and we immediately killed it
lackingsanity: @gredgredmansson og ezuri is the monogreen one, no?
MadMalice22: Sultai’s back on the menu, boys!
Ferisar: hold on - go back: enhance
MegaDosX: Can also kill a planeswalker
BrowneePoints: Drake?
GredGredmansson: @lackingsanity i guess technically
Jericu: wait is invasion of lorwyn good? It seems Bad to me
kamkazi: Sutali Stronk
Vampyre_Lord: now that they've brought in exp counters, would they change intensity? or leave it as is so they dont play as well together?
polaris415: hand sized skits
BrowneePoints: It's a kill spell stapled to a fat butt
Mr_Horrible: it's expensive but worthwhile in limited
BrowneePoints: Its 6 mana, but it's a skill spell that flips into a chonk
Ukon_Cairns: nearly unconditional removal seems decent
shamblingkrenshar: 6 is a lot of mana though. But if you can flip it, seems solid. And a 6 mana kill spell isn't the worst in Limited so long as you don't take too many
Jericu: alright, fair enough
spiffinn: intensity aren't counters and is tracked per card name (sometimes per card), very different from exp
LurkerSpine: bounce seems good
BrowneePoints: Dispersal or Order
zombub: I saw a streamer annoyed that the white and red ones of the landcyclers are single pip so you can use them to fix or cast them if you draw the land naturally but the Sultai ones you can’t easily splash
lackingsanity: Yeah outside of limited its one of the worst battles, but getting a kill spell and a creature on one card is just gonna be good in limited
Bugberry: That green enchantment is basically the Honey Mammoth/Mammoth Spider of the set.
APartofManny: including power creep?
bytecaster: It's almost as if they playtest this stuff
Jericu: alright, now it's time to drop all the 1 and 2 drops so you can have Keruga as your companion
shamblingkrenshar: Now all they need to do is put Sage of Hours in this format and there will be an infinite loop possible! (I'm glad WotC don't do this)
GredGredmansson: don't forget to put your dual in
anhakha: Choose some pretty basics.
ThankYouUro: YES
Jericu: YES
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TheWriterAleph: it's 7 cards Kappa
Jericu: It's early access it doesn't matter!
Ratosai: There are exactly 7 cards less than 3... Kappa
PrancerInflatableReindeer: hippo
spiffinn: the thing is, paying that much for keruga is actively not good. it isn't worth 8 mana over 2 turns
lackingsanity: Like how the purpose of oko was to turn your own stuff into elks
BrowneePoints: Also has art of Ephara bodying Erebos
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shamblingkrenshar: I like seeing Surveil more. Good mechanic. Also brings back memories of Disinformation Campaign drafts
GredGredmansson: we have a dual land as well
polaris415: so many 6 drops
Mangledpixel: toot idle terrors
Kontendra: hi ! Small hello from France =) Can't sleep but i need to sleep to get to the prerelease quicker... So i'm watching you guys instead
polaris415: fair fair. forgot about the cycling
Gooseblast: From all 2 drops set to all 6 drops set wheelerClown
anhakha: Fleshy ben
lirazel64: Two Tidal Terrors, and a very smart goblin named Sqee.
averythetiger: A graveyard. Also: A permanent
philippekav: Gavin !
MegaDosX: You can go "power<3" in the search field alongside t:cre to see them all
RAZRBCK08: Do we want that 6 mana removal spell and the Lorwyn invasion?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: idk why the "Gavin!" is so funny to me
Mr_Horrible: you only need 1 hit to make Ezuri start going nuts
Earthenone: at 1 xp its going to do a lot
Nydestroyer: what is keruga really doing here LUL
BrowneePoints: Do we cut the 6 mana exile for the punch?
Mr_Horrible: he literally becomes Luminarch Aspirant after 1 hit
shamblingkrenshar: Ezuri is one of my favorite commanders. There's some fun things you can do with him.
Earthenone: i love gargantua, but maybe we have enough late game without it?
spiffinn: I would cut the village rites. not a sac deck
Bugberry: Is the Corrupted Conviction really essential?
GredGredmansson: don't forget we have a dual land as well
DevillReaper: xerox knite
MegaDosX: You can also give something big lifelink for a turn
gamercat88: what is unseal the necropolis?
Walbogz: unseal?
GredGredmansson: @gamercat88 it gets our cyclers back
ThankYouUro: We might want top put the Vatkeeper back in?
Walbogz: oh yeah
gamercat88: ahh neat
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh wait. with some of these cards, like Ezuri, being in this set, are they going to be historic legal?
shamblingkrenshar: Oh yeah the Unseal synergy with cyclers is neat.
Kontendra: With so many land cycling... cut a land ? ^^
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TheBorzoi: Don't bother cutting cards. Just cut your enemy life points.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, TheBorzoi! (Today's storm count: 60)
PrancerInflatableReindeer: i think with all the 2mana cyclers we would always do sth even with a companion hippo :D
MegaDosX: @SydPreviouslyHeadache Ezuri is indeed going to be Historic legal
TimeToFry: @SydPreviouslyHeadache Yes! All of them except Ragavan
beam1249: I think there's too much top end and can cut something up there
MegaDosX: But yeah, jail for monke; everyone else in MUL is legal in Historic
shamblingkrenshar: You also only have two green pips in this deck, strictly speaking
GredGredmansson: well keruga counts
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh no. i'm going to have to make a Brudiclad deck
GredGredmansson: sure
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MehallD: 100 months is celebrated as a year... and 12 months is a year... so 2 years?
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MegaDosX: I'm keen to see some of the MUL cards as commanders in Historic Brawl
BrowneePoints: Terror combos with ezuri pretty decently
anhakha: Don't forget to pick some pretty basics :P
MegaDosX: Yeah you gotta pretty up your land base
Fluffasaurus: Drop a familiar for another lookout for more Ezuri hits?
LurkerSpine: does the shop have anything?
MegaDosX: Oh shit Day9
BrowneePoints: We might just murder folks with ezuri and the flying knight
BrowneePoints: OH DAY9
Earthenone: 2 years, one metric one imperial
anhakha: Day9!
Sharkfists: it's that one guy
TehAmelie: it's the day of nine
flouncy_magooo: Oh hey, MOM is here for my birthday!
DevillReaper: I remember watching Day9 when he was still Day7
MehallD: Day9 "Sean" Plott
Earthenone: ohh a name i actualy recognize! i used to live with a semi pro starcraft player so that name came up
kamkazi: only real fans remember when he went by Afternoon1
KingOfDoma: I do genuinely miss Spellslingers. Loved that show
InquisitorGaia subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 47 months!
InquisitorGaia: Oh hey, fall asleep in the hospital wake up in the moonbase. Did i just become a planeswalker?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, InquisitorGaia! (Today's storm count: 62)
shamblingkrenshar: You can drop, stun, hit the battle with the creature?
mjiig: Haha, Day9 chat with the symmetrical "oh cool, LRR"
MegaDosX: Also yeah you can punch the battle immediately
LurkerSpine: I remember when Day9 was a Starcraft Broodwar pro
kirbytronic: No *you* forgot it was Thursday
MegaDosX: Day9 pls
bytecaster: This is so bad for us
space_turbulence: Ive been recovering from major surgery so Ive had, like no brain power for magic and know nothing about this set. Soooo, lets go, I guess?
Mr_Horrible: I've heard of Nuka Cola, but Nuka Penna?
DevillReaper: Day9 is merciless more like Night9
KingOfDoma: Oh yeah, Day9 is an excellent player...
lirazel64: @mr_horrible It's a hazelnut pasta
MegaDosX: Oh.
Jericu: damn if only Keruga was your companion that wouldn't have happened
MegaDosX: Day9 has drafted a good deck it turns out
yuan42: oh hey its day9
bytecaster: That so good in that deck
TheWriterAleph: with the frazz? no way
Jericu: seems good!
DevillReaper: Equpt 1 btw
Vampyre_Lord: and he wanted to make all his things phyrexians...
MegaDosX: I think you gotta get rid of that 5/3
Bugberry: they can give it Hexproof and Indestrucible
MegaDosX: Hexproof too
shamblingkrenshar: It does get rid of their thing though
MegaDosX: Welp!
ghizmou: removng that thing is still good
incredulouspasserby: It needed to get eaten eventually
bytecaster: That does take out the enchantment at least
Vampyre_Lord: i mean, at least their stuff stops growing
shamblingkrenshar: So it isn't like it didn't cost something
Jericu: they get it from the frazzle cannon though
MegaDosX: Or they can do that
Bugberry: they had a hit!
Omthebox: Is this set just mono bombs or something
Vampyre_Lord: oof
bytecaster: Hugher even
incredulouspasserby: I mean, as usual, no, it's just that our opponent's decks are mono-bombs
MegaDosX: You're getting ranched, yeah
averythetiger: We can take their battle from the graveyard at least
MillerDark: You can kill the battle imedietly
Earthenone: the menace could kill the battle
GredGredmansson: but then they have a crackback
GredGredmansson: and we'd be dead
GredGredmansson: forest cycle, play Ezuri?
Feriority: !card consuming aetherborn
LRRbot: Consuming Aetherborn [3B] | Creature — Aetherborn Vampire [2/2] | Backup 1 / Lifelink
MegaDosX: You are in an enormous amount of trouble
MehallD: I think attacking was still right, you needed the draw to try and dig out of trouble
MegaDosX: Good talk
Feriority: Wait, what's the thing we can do with the aetherborn? I don't see anything on the card
Vampyre_Lord: i think we needed to play to an out, which wasnt in our hand, so swinging w/ ophidian to draw a card was good
NewtyNewts: Yes, and...
MegaDosX: Day9 drafted something nuts, yeah
anhakha: It's fine... just top deck a board wipe u didn't draft.
MadMalice22: What did I miss? I get to watch live so rarely I forgot this wasn’t an upload on YouTube lmao
MehallD: lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP
MajorFrostbyte: Day99 problems but you aren't one of them
Wolfstrike_NL: proceed to day10
beam1249: Sean had a great draw
MegaDosX: No, fortunately
AtomicAlchemical: I see opp's life total is higher than when we started...
MegaDosX: Next minute, Day9 casts Temur Battle Rage somehow on Firja
MegaDosX: I can count the number of times I've seen Firja trigger on one hand >_>
Jericu: well gg
yuan42: the curse
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
BrowneePoints: So yea Day9 had nothing but incredible gas every turn and they were all cheap
shamblingkrenshar: This is what happens when you use James' screen name
DevillReaper: hand smoother
AtomicAlchemical: Dear Day9, Who let you have this deck?! Love, The LRR twitch chat
averythetiger: The curse is real. It's called Magic the Gathering
anhakha: Curse isn't real. Account is bugged though to give u extra lands.
MegaDosX: Just need an Island in the next two turns
petey_vonwho: It's like James is still here with us in spirit
Jericu: that's a lot of blue creatures to keep a hand with no islands
Jericu: alright fair enough
polaris415: never didn't have it
treacletart: never punished
MegaDosX: Graham how did you do that
MegaDosX: Tell us your secrets
MehallD: well he's logged in as James
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accountmadeforants: Looks like last game was a real learning opportunity for you: simply draw the cards you need!
lightfut: Never punished
MehallD: so of course he rew a land
MehallD: *drew
mulligan2six: The Nostradamus approach
MegaDosX: I smell shenanigans
DAC169: "called shot to the groin"? aipThink
AtomicAlchemical: Except when it's funny
James__Sea: Best non mythic/rare of the set so far?
GredGredmansson: combat tricks in boros? nah
accountmadeforants: I mean, we remember, but mostly because it was funny. Win-win
Jericu: if you point to the outfield every time you swing, you're bound to get a home run eventually
Earthenone: !findquote nostradamus
LRRbot: Quote #5434: "See that? Putting the Adam in Nostradamus!" —Adam [2018-10-23]
anhakha: Nostrograhamus
MegaDosX: !card ephara's dispersal
LRRbot: Ephara's Dispersal [2U] | Instant | This spell costs {2} less to cast if it targets an attacking creature. / Return target creature to its owner's hand. Surveil 2.
yuan42: if you call every shot, theres a 2/3rd chance it gets remembered, and a 1/3rd its forgotten
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shamblingkrenshar: Mark Rosewater actually talked about this exact phenomenon in a really old article. He called it the Blind Archer Theory
AtomicAlchemical: Hold on... I want some context from 2018 Adam
shamblingkrenshar: Granted he was talking about his bad ideas in dating while in college but still.
MegaDosX: !card xerex strobe knight
LRRbot: Xerex Strobe-Knight [2U] | Creature — Human Knight [2/2] | Flying, vigilance / {T}: Create a 2/2 white and blue Knight creature token with vigilance. Activate only if you've cast two or more spells this turn.
MehallD: i like stronbe knight a lot
MegaDosX: I kinda want to see some of these obscure plans again in a future set
Jericu: It's a shame Xerex is too borked of a setting to put an actual set there
bytecaster: Angles are weird
MegaDosX: I think Xerex is, like, Escher world
accountmadeforants: Xerox Knight for all your Knight copying needs
1y1e: space gets wibbly
Jericu: it's like MC Escher type stuff
Bugberry: doesn't follow natural geometry.
zeathean: the earth is non Euclidean
AtomicAlchemical: I feel like we want to trade with the lifelinker before they can give it the 1/2's counter
GredGredmansson: Xerex, Muraganda, Belenon, Karsus, all of these are great future sets
noSmokeFire: non-euclidean has a specific math meaning, but in fiction it's just "space is fucky"
Nydestroyer: dosnt follow Euclidian geometry
chaostreader: It’s cool that casting the back of a battle can help get two spells.
Feriority: The Planechase card we first saw Xerex on was a direct reference to Escher's stairs
Mangledpixel: in non-Eucidian space you could have a hexagon that has all right angles
KeytarCat: Eucliean generally means "normal space"
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averythetiger: Fun fact: If we cast and flip a battle, we have cast 2 spells.
KeytarCat: euclidean*
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itsr67: Xerex "you've ever seen an angle go over 360°?"
Earthenone: now we can strobe
MegaDosX: You also cast that
Earthenone: it counts as spell 2
Bugberry: strobe time
MehallD: but it does let us make a knight
MegaDosX: So you can make another knight
Ukon_Cairns: its a second cast spell tho
DevillReaper: you cast 2 things
MehallD: you cast it
Jericu: oh that's two casts too
ghoti12890: it is mana value 4
MegaDosX: You exile the battle and cast the other side
Feriority: The surface of the earth is non-euclidian but approximates being euclidian at small scales
AtomicAlchemical: galaxy brain
Jericu: your opponent seems to be getting mana screwed, which is a shame
Feriority: And by earth I mean our earth, the thing we live on, not Xerex
robertvvv_: xerex brain
MehallD: 2 activations is the sweet spot, if you get more than that it's gravy
Bugberry: ooh I wanna take ya
RAZRBCK08: Casting the other side is going to get someone when they get the other side countered
bytecaster: "No, bigger than a hand" is here
MegaDosX: And you can cast the six drop next turn
rentar42: It also means that the "counter spell with mana value <= 1" counter can counter the back-side of battles, which is just nasty
Fluffasaurus: Question, can you cast the creature side of a battle if you like burn spell on their turn? Instant speed
leviathan3942: big skits
polaris415: oh hey bigger than hand skits is here
MegaDosX: Or that.
Salvulant: Sure dont
xantos69: Hey Kids! You winning?
MajorFrostbyte: gg
GredGredmansson: @Fluffasaurus you can only cast the back of a battle the second you defeat it
cachorubione: ez
Earthenone: the LRRning channel
Fluffasaurus: @GredGredmansson Perfect, thank you!
DevillReaper: Learning in 2023? In this economy?
saucemaster5000: keep winning if you want to go to Outback Steakhouse tonight
keroan0: Mmmm bloomin onion
NewtyNewts: I never have
BrowneePoints: Outback is aggressively okay
goodwithcheese: it does suck
asthanius: Outback is for winners
n3ther: it doesnt lol
Duhstink: It's ...fine..
rdiffee7: It's Australian Applebees
robertvvv_: eh
EvilBadman: there's /no rules/ man
asthanius: It has Bloomin Onions
iconicshadow89: Fair dinkum
Mr_Horrible: I remember enjoying their burgers
Bugberry: Yall are obsessed with Taco Bell, so who knows
saucemaster5000: it's incredibly fine. Good sides
MegaDosX: I remember I went to one here, and it was aggressively fine
xantos69: It doesn't... but not every menu item is strong.
LurkerSpine: Outback is better than Applebee's
korvys: You can draw on the tables anywhere, Adam, if you're not a coward
Mr_Horrible: but I ain't been to Outback in like over a decade
BrowneePoints: Outback is better than Applebee's but not by much
MegaDosX: Adam.
GredGredmansson: I vastly prefer Outback Stabhouse
shamblingkrenshar: A one drop? In this economy?
Feriority: The natural
KeytarCat: Drawing on the table is a favorite feature
Dumori: Outback is Aussie themed Applebees
gamercat88: i mean you can draw on tables at Outback they may not like it though
asthanius: Further proof that Adam is the good version of James
saucemaster5000: @BrowneePoints this, yeah
Fr0Dough: Next card is Goyf, calling it
Feriority: Adam "Dustin Rhodes" Savidan
sprucebruce21: is this sealed?
Mr_Horrible: Adam: "Frankly, even *I'm* put out by myself here"
Masslost: after a hard days of work chillis is good
GredGredmansson: olive garden
BrowneePoints: No no
shendaras: Subway?
asthanius: McDonalds isn't Applebees
recursioning: I'm an Outback defender. It is so much better than Applebee's
saucemaster5000: cheesecake factory is the best of those
Mr_Horrible: Red Robin is good applebee's
itsr67: Culvers is just butter and burger Applebee's
Bugberry: Dennys is more a dinner than a restaurant
Duhstink: I prefer medium rare
goodwithcheese: I think Denny's is the prime chain restaurant
Earthenone: i always thought of applebees as an offshoot dennys
BrowneePoints: Applebee's is very mediocre
rdiffee7: It's....fine food. At least its predictable
TheOneCalledStu: its the applebee's index where everything is X variant of applebee's
Jericu: the red robin by my place is also the local mr beast burger
Sharkfists: I'm medium on chains in general
JeremyDevoid: Applebee's is for winners. thats why i am not allowed there.
MrPipboy3000: The Red Robin near me SUUUCKs
goodwithcheese: it all began with denny's
Earthenone: @goodwithcheese <3
recursioning: Some Applebee's are just awful
FITorion: Cheap Sysco supplied or Premium Sysco supplied
ActualFactual: Love white spot
lirazel64: Outback had animations stuffed bass the last time I was there.
NewtyNewts: I love white spot!
Ukon_Cairns: well all the chains are medium. red robin is higher end of medium
asthanius: It's like White Castle but a spot
Mr_Horrible: I only know about white spot because of an offhand reference in early cHustle so.....
MegaDosX: We have white tip spiders here, I assume it's not the same thing?
Bugberry: White spot is wherever I'm standing
TotallyNotaBeholder: Here I thought it was a ski resort themed resturaunt
ActualFactual: Go to whitespot in the afternoon and hang out with all the old folks
James__Sea: Lotta shaved heads at white spot?
jakd_in: Sad there are no Red Robin's in Alberta. Somome owns all the chain rights but no physical restaurants.
TheOneCalledStu: Deeply medium
Jericu: it's bad
saucemaster5000: it's terrible, honestly
goodwithcheese: go to Gencon
asthanius: It's not worth it
lirazel64: *animatronic
Mr_Horrible: White Castle is fun once
HoneyJack07: its bad
Earthenone: will that be the goal of roadquest 2?
asthanius: White Castle is not okay
goodwithcheese: there's one outside of the convention center
Feriority: White Castle is very not good
RAZRBCK08: White Castle is very overrated
Spades_Slicc: White castle sucks
freshbubba: The White Spot is the place to be
Jericu: like, it's worth for the novelty I guess but they are deeply mediocre at best
DAC169: White Castle is mediocre at best aipBlank
Duhstink: definitely not great
AtomicAlchemical: The internet would have me believe that Five Guys is shuttering
BrowneePoints: Speaking of food Graham, when you're in Minnesota you should try a Scotcheroo!
recursioning: White Castle is exactly what you'd think and it's worth a visit
Jericu: there's a reason it's where they go in harold and kumar when they're high as hell
asthanius: White Castle WILL make you shit your ass out
zeathean: White Castle is fine
Feriority: That's the joke in Harold and Kumar, they're super high and want White Castle but it's actually awful
Mr_Horrible: the novelty of the Crave Case is still *extremely* funny to me
gamercat88: Krystals also has the tiny burgers
goodwithcheese: its such good drunk food
Mr_Horrible: a suitcase full of smol burg
DevillReaper: Fuddruckers > Applbee's
goodwithcheese: at 2 am
MegaDosX: I mean.
saucemaster5000: just get really big then all burgers are tiny
asthanius: The food will put you in the bathroom
7gorobei: whitecastle is more bread than meat, wafer thin meat
Duhstink: You know who has good burgers? Dicks
goodwithcheese: @DevillReaper 100%
AtomicAlchemical: White Castle: The Original Steamed Hams
TowerSlayer: They have White Castles in Minnesota
HoneyJack07: more so lots of bad bread and not much burger
MWGNZ: mcdonalds isnt amazing either but my kids still want it for dinner every birthday
KeytarCat: The OG white castle used an industrial microwave to cook burgers so fuckin fast, if History channel didn't lie to me
BrowneePoints: They're called sliders cuz that's what they do out your butthole later
MegaDosX: I like punch
suntone: No, but you will destroy a bathroom afterwards.
Vampyre_Lord: i havent been to the restaurant, but i have had their microwave sliders
incredulouspasserby: On one hand, White castle is meh. On the other hand, my friend got some for when we wer drunk at his wedding
Jericu: I would legitimately recommend making your own tiny burgers, the extra effort will be made up for the fact that you'll be able to finish the burgers
Bugberry: It's probably just locally bad, but I've never had a good time at In and Out or Five Guys.
MegaDosX: Bye Yargle
RAZRBCK08: Good accident
urkleturtle: i wanna go to taco bell once in my life even though i know it's not gonna be great, because we don't have them in my country
MegaDosX: She does a lot
bytecaster: See, they are playing Yargle, the have courage!
Duhstink: wait, is that your battle or theirs? I missed it getting cast and am not sure where they land on Arena
LurkerSpine: good mistake
MegaDosX: Two sets in a row Glissa is cracked
darkrytofdemacia: @Duhstink Theirs
DAC169: best mistake aipS
Mr_Horrible: glissa herald of gg go next
zeathean: also got yargle
noSmokeFire: glissa's messed up and so's her card
Plebwing: Happy little accident
BrowneePoints: Its Glissa's final Hurrah
Ukon_Cairns: skywarden into glissa would have been gross. good nezumi
robertvvv_: didnt even know glissa was back back again
Joalni: !card glissa, herald
LRRbot: Glissa, Herald of Predation [3BG] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Zombie Elf [3/5] | At the beginning of combat on your turn, choose one — / • Incubate 2 twice. / • Transform all Incubator tokens you control. / • Phyrexians you control gain first strike and deathtouch until end of turn.
MegaDosX: Also yeah you milled their Yargle, so should probably feel good about that
freshbubba: And you milled Yargle!
Duhstink: sweet
recursioning: Taco Bell is amazing in its ability to combine the same 5 ingredients in so many different ways
Mr_Horrible: recursioning also their devil-may-care attitude toward food mad science
KeytarCat: @recursioning truly stoner food
TimeToFry: Hm.
TheWriterAleph: adam wtf
BrowneePoints: @recursioning wait until I tell you about the majority of popular mexican food
itsr67: cursed
saucemaster5000: taco bell crossed the line when they started putting dorito dust on their shells
eshplode: Truly a missed opportunity
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Mr_Horrible: I'm vetoing this
korvys: Every time you play an incubate spell, Incubus music plays
robertvvv_: here for it
Mr_Horrible: I'm using my One Time
MegaDosX: It must be fascinating inside your mind, Adam
ActualFactual: They hated him because he spoke the truth
asthanius: crossover with Incubus
Feriority: Taco Bell is as good as dirt cheap fast food gets
Bugberry: It's always sunny crossover with Danny Devito
MWGNZ: i'd buy it
Wolfstrike_NL: Doesn't work for me
Spluuga: we just clearly need vtubers for arena..
1y1e: charge a dollar to turn it off
spurius: i'll buy that for a dollar
TimeToFry: For a moment I thought you meant "Charge a dollar each time you want to incubate"
Gaz_L: Could've gotten famous eggsman Benjamin Wheeler to do the voice clip for the egg
recursioning: Jack n the Box is the ultimate stoner food location. They fully lean into it in their ads
Mr_Horrible: I don't even know *why* I find this upsetting but I do LUL
satyropodobny: but that's just Wheeler though
KingOfDoma: Have the client say "make a contract with me!" when flip it
saucemaster5000: while we're at it make five dollar footlongs six dollars you cowards
iP0lar: Ajani vs Cooler Ajani
Bugberry: Sonic the Hedgehog Secret Lair with Eggman Incubators.
Karvamammutti: incubase deez nutzzz
Ukon_Cairns: it can be both
bytecaster: Regi had a really bad day okay and it made him utterly indestructible
frozenphoenix7: No, I'm legitimately upset and you've ruined my night Kappa
anhakha: I would pay $5 for Danny Devito card sleeves on Arena.
rentar42: it feels like "this is cursed" is basically always a compliment.
Mr_Horrible: I've been called out OpieOP
DevillReaper: its not on Azuri its on you
Omthebox: True tho
sprucebruce21: i love that this is a fight between Ajani and Evil Ajani
saucemaster5000: crying self to sleep, god has nothing to do with it
saucemaster5000: no place for god in MY bedroom
Mr_Horrible: it *is* usually said while cackling, true
GredGredmansson: wait, is this why the new insult internet word is "mid"
LathosTiran: this is the age of the monkey paw
AtomicAlchemical: calling something cursed is like saying "thanks, I hate it" and meaning it
GredGredmansson: because the only thing worse than being bad is being average?
Mr_Horrible: tiny bedroom
rentar42: @GredGredmansson isn't that just damning with faint praise?
zeathean: Phrasing
Mr_Horrible: phrasing
Mr_Horrible: LUL
MegaDosX: Wow.
gamercat88: lmao
xantos69: God always comes inside!
Fr0Dough: god "I simply cannot fit"
BrowneePoints: Theres no space for god in my bedroom cuz I have too much cake
MegaDosX: Oh neat
Omthebox: Sounds more like Zeus
bytecaster: Make it tiny, so he has to get tiny, and then trap god!
anhakha: Catholicism in a nut shell.
sprucebruce21: i love getting EXP
Mr_Horrible: you sure did, buddy OpieOP
Nydestroyer: If god comes into a room does it make a sound
saucemaster5000: and on the seventh day God Came
fungal_bird: ADAM
realmairzydoats: Have we been seeing longer matches due to battle shenanigans?
bytecaster: @saucemaster5000 And it was good.
MegaDosX: That Regisaur is not OK
anhakha: God comes into rooms silently. That's how Mary got pregnant.
itsr67: x
Vampyre_Lord: no, but he makes a face
sprucebruce21: you could say it's... belligerent
Mr_Horrible: he does the Niko "OOOOOOO"
BrowneePoints: OH ME
xantos69: God is a yeller.
mulligan2six: This is going down a dark road
KeytarCat: Like vampires! They're very good at consent, they only come inside when invited!
frozenphoenix7: Thank you for being you Adam
Wiliart: No, but the others inside say: 'Oh my god'
A_Dub888: Is that what acid rain is?
Spades_Slicc: Let's ask Mary
robertvvv_: lizard god??
GredGredmansson: how close is Lookout to being unblockable?
MegaDosX: What is happening.
satyropodobny: god comes in mysterious ways
Nydestroyer: Oh me oh my
Bugberry: Honey Mammoth Spider
Nydestroyer: whole new meaning
Magicpokey: I can't stick around tonight but I wanted both of you to know that you are both awesome. Have a great stream!
fungal_bird: It's the sound of one hand clapping
anhakha: Many is mysterious ways.
Feriority: If God says Jesus Christ that means Jesus is in trouble and probably getting grounded right
anhakha: *Mary
bytecaster: Oh no, that flyer now has reach
MegaDosX: Going???
asthanius: "My son and also me"
Wolfstrike_NL: big big egg
Mazrae: Hello everyone
flatluigi: free wheeler
Earthenone: im just glad adam dident go full incu-bussy
TehAmelie: astronauts meme: "too much Magic?" "always was"
Mr_Horrible: the double fox
BrowneePoints: Do yall know what Jesus' middle name is? Hallowed, because Jesus H Christ, and Hallowed be thy Name
saucemaster5000: damn it brownee
SnowBuddy18: @BrowneePoints escher3PUN
Karvamammutti: The god bits could have been followed by a few select yo mamas.
KeytarCat: Fleshwheeler
Neddy471: Is that creature related to Ben?
GredGredmansson: can the 2/3 attack yet?
MegaDosX: I like punching anyway with the flyer since it has vigilance
DevillReaper: making 2/2 gains experience counter
NewtyNewts: Not a single bottom plum
Karvamammutti: incubussy
Mr_Horrible: that's a lie, Adam, you bully me constantly
NotCainNorAbel: is that because you are tall?
laundreydhull: On the menace?
BrowneePoints: The token will
saucemaster5000: that's cause you're tall
Mr_Horrible: Kappa
Nydestroyer: lifes too short to joke low tiers
Driosenth: Adam is to tall to pick low hanging fruit
laundreydhull: Maybe?
bytecaster: I'll plug low hanging fruit, life is hard enough
GhostValv: adam is that kind of plucker
fungal_bird: Incubait
GredGredmansson: ah, not yet
MegaDosX: Oh wait reach
AtomicAlchemical: What about... the Venga Bussy?
MegaDosX: No nevermind, don't attack :p
planeswalkagogo: every reach
kaffeetrinken89: No, the true mastery is to wait until the fruit falls down on its own.
flouncy_magooo: "This song sounds kinda incubussy."
sprucebruce21: adam might throw out his back trying to get to the fruit
fungal_bird: Inky batin'
SnowBuddy18: threech
Walbogz: drat should have made a 2/2 for the extra experience before attacks
Nydestroyer: That has reach? *gestures broadly*
MegaDosX: Is this the first time an enchantment is going to make people say "that has reach?!"
Feriority: The flier has reach? Double rude
greasymemes: strobe knight would have given you an experience counter too
sprucebruce21: just remember to lift with your knees not your back
BrowneePoints: We wanna flip Wheeler and go ham
TheOneCalledStu: Having thrown out back, dont recommend
anhakha: You call him Sir.
asthanius: Graham lives there
saucemaster5000: god's coming at you in your house
Nydestroyer: our house commrad
NewtyNewts: Wait, this is Graham's house?
ActualFactual: I don't kbnow what you mean, plz explain.
Athelgar: gotta get a blueberry rake, that way the low stuff is at least efficient
NotCainNorAbel: Adam, Protector of Graham's House.
MegaDosX: Yeah that thing's not OK
laundreydhull: & eat lrrGRAHAM 's food, & not converse with Said lrrGRAHAM even once!?
kilnfiendpotter: Awesome! Love Checkpoint
KeytarCat: Red rover red rover...
GredGredmansson: Invasion of Lorwyn?
kilnfiendpotter: Hi friends!
Granatapfelsafttrinker: A battle reward with haste? It's so rare you flip it precombat
saucemaster5000: one of those british guards that doesn't move
xantos69: Adam, If I said I would fly to Canada and have an MMA style fight with you. You get to film it for content and monetize it. And I promise to let you win.... would you do it?
sprucebruce21: build a portcullis for the house
BrowneePoints: I'd flip the nezumi
SnowBuddy18: in the middle of my street
Spades_Slicc: What does the strobe knight do?
bytecaster: @Granatapfelsafttrinker For the mana ability
darkrytofdemacia: @Granatapfelsafttrinker It's also a creature with a tap for mana ability so it has haste so you can use the mana right away
sprucebruce21: @xantos69 by that point aren't you just booking yourself as a jobber
MegaDosX: Yeah all you can get is a land
TheMandrew: the people in the house on the other hand, they're on their own
xantos69: @xantos69 That's the point. Would Adam be down for that.
drcthulu: backup itself it has swampwalk
Earthenone: gow lookout?
BrowneePoints: Backup the nezumi
jonodne: is there anyone watching
Ferisar: have you been in a fight
asthanius: I don't think you'd take a bullet for someone, no
sprucebruce21: what if you had to guard a man in a jar in the forest?
NewtyNewts: Who's watching?
saucemaster5000: my godless house?
Two_Hats: You aren't mean, but you are loyal
BrowneePoints: Cuz if we can make the Wheeler gigantic it will wipe their whole board
Nydestroyer: Ben? Never Kappa
spurius: that would make you a houseguard
MegaDosX: How non-lethal?
mulligan2six: Would you take a bullet for Ben though?
Angreed66: You don't have the experience
Vampyre_Lord: thats a true friend
BrindleBoar: yeah but Canada has healthcare
Walbogz: you wouldn't be a good bodyguard, you'd be a great bodyguard
laundreydhull: *game proceeds to have no more cards in opponent's graveyard*
meaninglessMeg: youd crush grahams enemies like a watermelon betwixt your thighs
MegaDosX: Who knighted you?
UnkeptFlea: its a bodyguard, not a bodyfight
philippekav: is it a bodyguard if you're watching a house
rainbowolf13: Good ole fashioned board stall
Ukon_Cairns: hypothetically, yes
bytecaster: Have you been in a fight with a house on the line, chat?
planeswalkagogo: does the person coming for the house have... a jar?
baskwalla: Are the attackers in a jar?
saucemaster5000: lordling's dad
asthanius: You're an honorary knight
yuan42: doesnt matter, he's jacked enough to crush a watermelon between his thighs
DAC169: you'd be a great bodyguard because anyone would feel too bad for attacking you! aipOMG aipLove
Granatapfelsafttrinker: Adam the bouncer. Sounds like a commander I would play
MrTulip: sceptical of your ability to hurt people for money
BrowneePoints: Pay the king
Two_Hats: Money, family, whim
SnowBuddy18: Adam has armour to block from non-lethal bullets
ActualFactual: Often people became knights as an accident of birth
KeytarCat: What about a non-lethal bullet from a USA cop?
galleadden: Yo Adam could crush skulls with a flex who is doubting him!?
satyropodobny: I believe this how Graham becomes a mafia don against his will
AtomicAlchemical: Adam would take a bullet for Graham's house but not Ben, smh
Feriority: Sir Elton John is a knight, I don't think he'd be a good bodyguard
quancooffate: We can only evaluate you from the waist up, hard to tell how intimidating you are
Sharkfists: I'd 100% become a knight out of nepotism
Haroldholmes25: you can be my bodyguard, I'll call you Al
rentar42: convoke?
TheOneCalledStu: screams combat trick
MegaDosX: I smell shenanigans
GredGredmansson: gotta be a combat trick
GreatGodOm: Inspired charge?
rdiffee7: me thinks they have a spell
Knuffles717283: You'd be good: just having a tall person is enough to deter.
sprucebruce21: just go full sideways opponent it'd be funny
asthanius: Mafia Dom
NewtyNewts: Mafia dong
laundreydhull: @haroldholmes25 ai? LUL
Sharkfists: mafia dominic sharkf11THINK
urkleturtle: might be tandem tactics
MillerDark: +1+0 and punch on two creatures
beam1249: the +1/1 protection trick
planeswalkagogo: disposable familiars?
Duhstink: familiar?
saucemaster5000: make you an offer you can't refuse
Nydestroyer: Domy Donny
averythetiger: If it's an instant, it turns on graveyard friend
MegaDosX: Show us what you got
Karvamammutti: One generally becomes a knight when the regent wills it. So, fighting, while not required, is still preferred.
rentar42: show me! put a card in your gy!
mulligan2six: I could have a side gig as a mafia sub
anhakha: Sir Adam, Guardian of Castle Stark, Defender of Canada
Agnememnon: does the flyer have reach?
MagnusVir: Graham could be a mafia dom too
rainbowolf13: Why not block with the foxes?
Walbogz: make em use something to fill the yard
beam1249: could be a good way to get another card in their graveyard though
itsr67: I mean this gets the card into their graveyard
MegaDosX: Oh. Neat.
GredGredmansson: "creature or land" whoa
MegaDosX: I want that for my Neyith deck
BrowneePoints: 8 in the bin now
MegaDosX: Also bin full
rainbowolf13: Ah by b
rainbowolf13: my
GredGredmansson: shanananana
laundreydhull: Kay, eights
MegaDosX: Oh hey you can punch for a bunch of lifelink
GredGredmansson: do we backup the defender
Walbogz: oooo this is gonna be a huge life swing
MegaDosX: Backup the defender and punch for seven
laundreydhull: Wait a minute- that wasn't in Eldraine...
Ukon_Cairns: ooh, thats a big lifelink swing
Walbogz: 2 exp
MegaDosX: Oh wait punch for eight
MegaDosX: Sixteen point life swing
flatluigi: !card fleshwheeler
LRRbot: Hideous Fleshwheeler (front: Nezumi Freewheeler) | Creature — Phyrexian Rat [4/5] | Menace / When this creature transforms into Hideous FleshwheelerHideous Fleshwheeler, put target permanent card with mana value 2 or less from a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control.
NewtyNewts: Please no basket-weave
shamblingkrenshar: 8/9 Unblockable is pretty good, I guess
satyropodobny: felt cute, might give it lifelink later
rentar42: but it's a bussin' nice basket!
Duhstink: But why shouldnt I keep all my eggs in this lovely basket
MegaDosX: Do not remove our basket!
kaffeetrinken89: This is neither a scene nor an armsrace.
Earthenone: i love that your basket is a 2 mana defender
rentar42: "op plays flunge" ...
BrowneePoints: If they remove it we get it back with Nezumi flip
anhakha: Your Avatars are also directly adversarial to each other too.
BrookJustBones: If our foxes die the merfolk is lethal next turn
irdeaded: put EDH cards in draft packs and you get EDH life point swings in draft
Spades_Slicc: Coward
TheArgentPhoenix: oh wow didnt expect yall to be playing still, a pleasant surprise to be sure but a surprise nonetheless
16 raiders from TheManaLeek have joined!
quancooffate: I think they have to go for the big play here considering you have presented a major win condition
MegaDosX: Aetherborn in front of Lathiel?
RAZRBCK08: Lathiel needs to die
GredGredmansson: block lathiel?
chaostreader: This went from a board stall to a race real quick.
laundreydhull: They has 3 tramples
Jabbott87: theman20Heart theman20Heart theman20Heart theman20Heart theman20Heart theman20Heart theman20Heart theman20Heart theman20Heart theman20Heart
lirazel64 waves atta leek.
GredGredmansson: not lethal, probably
drcthulu: maybe put 3 power in front of the 2/2
TheManaLeek: @lirazel64 theman20Heart
Postmythos: Make sure Lathiel dies even if they Charge?
Jericu: I left for like 5 minutes to flip laundry, what the hell happened here
MegaDosX: That's thirteen coming at you now
Duhstink: not for your unblockable
Feriority: Isn't the lookout unblockable?
MegaDosX: Opponent got Sunfall?
laundreydhull: We'll see...
BrowneePoints: Yep
MegaDosX: Sunfall is a huge problem if they have it
GredGredmansson: lookout is unblockable too
Jericu: might have just done that to do something
korvys: Mencing board
shamblingkrenshar: I think their line was "I can't win this. Math is for blockers, maybe they make a mistake"
MegaDosX: I think you've got them
rentar42: GG
BrowneePoints: And this is why ezuri is a gross commander
MegaDosX: Whoof
shamblingkrenshar: Ezuri no!
MegaDosX: Turns out unblockable huge creatures are good lrrBEEJ
quancooffate: Good lookin' out
Fr0Dough: azuri deez nutz
GredGredmansson: also we could have had a 10/11 unblockable
Vampyre_Lord: @shamblingkrenshar always play to your outs. sometimes your out is "opponents internet crashes and my attack gets through"
satyropodobny: Ezuri yes!
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
lirazel64: Nice.
spurius: math wins again
kaffeetrinken89: I am also afraid of maths. Very relatable.
BrowneePoints: Our opponent was playing limited while we were playing commander @loadingreadyrun
GreatGodOm: Op made a few... interesting attacks there.
shamblingkrenshar: @Vampyre_Lord Yep! I've done it before. Does it work? Almost never. But its above 0% chance of winning.
laundreydhull: Tis an old math, but it checks out lrrGRAHAM lrrADAM . . . .
robertvvv_: klappa
AtomicAlchemical: Ezuri collects that eternal reward
TimberTrannel: It was early in blocks.
TheManaLeek: It's been 87 years
Wolfstrike_NL: they were still at their starting life 3 turns before :P
jonodne: that's like 12 years in interent time
RAZRBCK08: It was when they were flunging
TheManaLeek: Yeah, those lands didn't work for ya :D
Karvamammutti: Man these cards have so many words on them.
MegaDosX: Just don't touch his dog
saucemaster5000: John Thiccs
laundreydhull: But that just makes them all Rick Sanchez...
Coinman1863: Well this will only go well
Spades_Slicc: No hello?
NewtyNewts: Uh oh!
shamblingkrenshar: Adam is assuming direct control
TheWriterAleph: Adam "Covering for your phone calls" Savidan
Feriority: That attack didn't go well but you were only 2 off lethal with the unblockable + ezuri so I get the desperation flunge, lots of ways you could have gotten the last two damage in
saucemaster5000: sounds good
Earthenone: just draw a 4
drcthulu: graham passes the can't do something till turn 5 driver's seat
robertvvv_: thats when it counts
laundreydhull: So I don't see who'd actually win that, unless you've seen R&M Season 6 finale.
SnowBuddy18: at least we have our mana
quancooffate: Do nothing until turn 4 didn't work well before so this should be much better
Earthenone: bury us with our mana
Fr0Dough: do you think magic pros unjustly see LRR and say "easy win"
kaffeetrinken89: Overconfidence ...
laundreydhull: No, 5 sorry....
satyropodobny: it has rares
DAC169: if you lose here it's Graham's fault for keeping it
RAZRBCK08: Graham got blinded by the forest cycler I think
freshbubba: I thought wew weren't playing keruga as companion
beam1249: well the battle saved you 5 life
laundreydhull: @kaffeetrinken89 a slow/& insidious killer...
TehAmelie: phone calls, the deadliest MTG foe of all
MrTulip: You don't have to hope Adam, you can make this happen
shamblingkrenshar: Sort of like removal
Jericu: @freshbubba it's not as companion, it's just in the deck I think
TheArgentPhoenix: your right white has never ever had removal ever
quancooffate: Call me crazy but this doesn't look that bad
braveheartlion7: How has drafting been so far?
TehAmelie: challenge for Adam can you narrate this game with Darkest Dungeon quotes?
saucemaster5000: not purple
TehAmelie: might have needed some punctuation there
kaffeetrinken89: I will only be slightly mad, if this works out.
BrowneePoints: 3
freshbubba: @jericu ya I was just saying because there were no plays pre turn 5 this game
Jericu: @freshbubba ah lmao
iconicshadow89: what does the archpriest do?
shamblingkrenshar: Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow, and insidious killer
Dread_Pirate_Westley: jlrrPit
quancooffate: Ok now it looks bad
Wolfstrike_NL: Back to the pit
AtomicAlchemical: Slowly. Gently.
SolarBlitz1: Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer
GredGredmansson: @iconicshadow89 reanimates things when it damages a player
Mr_Horrible: an impressive haul
Ferisar: bingo bango bongo etc etc even the big ones
Mr_Horrible: if you
Mr_Horrible: value
Mr_Horrible: such things
Bugberry: slowly, gently, this is how a life is taken
Spades_Slicc: Back To The Pit
n3ther: LUL
laundreydhull: @shamblingkrenshar but we all know that one already
Bugberry: my favorite quote is "many fall before the chaos, but not this one, not today"
MegaDosX: Gross
quancooffate: Played *right* into our draw spell, GG opponent
GredGredmansson: what does Amonkhet do again?
DAC169: can do Ezuri followed by Nezumi?
MegaDosX: Amonkhet becomes a Vizier of Many Faces
BrowneePoints: Ezuri nezumi swing?
MegaDosX: Or, I guess, more like a Body Double
satyropodobny: You may be pretty sure you don't rember any DD quotes. But remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.
Mazrae: Where did graham go
Avak4do: menace off the gloomfang?
heropileofgifs: @Mazrae vanished into the aether
TehAmelie: there's a far too long quote by Vincent van Gogh about believing in hope that seems like chat's jam
drcthulu: looks like
MegaDosX: They have eight in the air, you can block or chump the 3/3
saucemaster5000: way to guard graham's house
TheArgentPhoenix: something something prodigious size alone has no intrinsic merit unless inordinate exsanguination be considered a virtue
TheArgentPhoenix: thats the quote yeah?
n3ther: that line is golden
MegaDosX: You're pretty dead though
Seth_Erickson: OBLITERATED that's my favorite quote
n3ther: why were we afk? Kappa
korvys: Also when your opponent is Sam Black
shamblingkrenshar: I don't think this format is quite that slow
DAC169: Graham's fault aipJudge
Nydestroyer: or when both occurs
freshbubba: Did graham keep the hand and then leave?
El_Funko: I've lived my life not doing anything until turn 5
quancooffate: Might have better luck next game if we hold off until turn 6 next game
BrowneePoints: Pro Player has powerful but boring deck, news at 11
MegaDosX: Yeah Graham kept the hand and then had to go take a phone call
DAC169: @freshbubba yes
Wolfstrike_NL: G wasn't here to call "3 drop"
TheArgentPhoenix: man it sure sucks we lost connection right as he left
korvys: Nothing since like, M14
n3ther: facts
TheArgentPhoenix: right yall?
Sharkfists: @El_Funko same, but "turn 5" means "5pm"
drcthulu: unless you have 3 wraths
AtomicAlchemical: control mirror
TheArgentPhoenix: shame we couldnt play that game at all!
laundreydhull: A solstice per years, perhaps?
Spades_Slicc: Gentleman's agreement: nothing before turn 5
Gooseblast: If you do nothing until turn 5, are you really playing the game?
Granatapfelsafttrinker: In Commander Legends you can pass till turn 4
Pnoy__: just draft boardwipes, ez
laundreydhull: *per year
quancooffate: So what did we learn last time...
GredGredmansson: surely this won't go poorly AGAIN
Revelia: This person doesn't have VIP at the end of their name?
CygnusInfinity: no, BRO was two sets ago
WC_Kinghorn: Turn 5 theory test
spiffinn: you can't even cast keruga unless you draw an island
Sharkfists: when do we get the DAD set?
Nydestroyer: Turn 4 though, maybe it works out
Spades_Slicc: @Revelia They're a human token
drcthulu: maybe it's a bot
averythetiger: With hands like these, maybe we should have companioned Karuga.
TheArgentPhoenix: so whats everyone's thoughts on carrot cake?
TheArgentPhoenix: hey look a massive surveyor!
BrowneePoints: Yep
Nydestroyer: @TheArgentPhoenix thumbs down
TheArgentPhoenix: :c
beam1249: "no, bigger than a hand"
anhakha: Got big skitz, we can't lose.
TheArgentPhoenix: hes got personality!
NewtyNewts: Bigger than a hand!
anhakha: Giants have hands...
Spades_Slicc: What's your turn 3 3 drop? skittles or the knight
GredGredmansson: did they just whiff on the pest
drcthulu: 5
RAZRBCK08: Your rat
AtomicAlchemical: rat
Duhstink: you made them discard
GredGredmansson: discarded from the rat
beam1249: they know the true size of skitz
FofoATL: your discard rat
El_Funko: We made them discard
Earthenone: rat
SolarBlitz1: Your discard rat
Earthenone: do we save skitters for a knight?
Earthenone: i would
GredGredmansson: nah
GredGredmansson: we can draw off the berserker too
drcthulu: slow enough that it's fine now
rdiffee7: 5c invasion incoming
Duhstink: they just like big guys
beam1249: this is why we can't find many Skittering, they took them all
iconicshadow89: invasion or niv mizet deck for sure
mrf1shie: They either have invasion or niv, and I love that for them
TheArgentPhoenix: big skits baaaybeeee
freshbubba: They didn't get an island tho
spiffinn: except they searched for a forest
mrf1shie: Oh boo
mrf1shie: No omnath either I guess
quancooffate: Why no Ancient?
KeytarCat: Niv mizzet in this set? What's Niv mean here?
Nydestroyer: oh about bahama?
Bugberry: chump sac right?
Duhstink: Niv is in the bonus sheet
mrf1shie: @KeytarCat 5c niv is on the legends sheet
Haroldholmes25: niv reborn is in the legends pile
KeytarCat: Ah, thanks
NewtyNewts: Tolkein, go get them!
Nydestroyer: could have sacced the one one
quancooffate: Oh, we don't have double green, duh
TheArgentPhoenix: !Xerex Strobe Knight
TheArgentPhoenix: is that how that bot works?
KeytarCat: !card xerex strobe
LRRbot: Xerex Strobe-Knight [2U] | Creature — Human Knight [2/2] | Flying, vigilance / {T}: Create a 2/2 white and blue Knight creature token with vigilance. Activate only if you've cast two or more spells this turn.
drcthulu: you said Keruga first
couchboyj: Keruga, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Wolfstrike_NL: CuRsEd!!!
BrowneePoints: Then we flip Wheeler
laundreydhull: @haroldholmes25 better name than "The List" card slot in some boosters
BrowneePoints: Take the hit
quancooffate: Uh oh
drcthulu: I'd have taken 7 so I could get the draw next turn
incredulouspasserby: they have The Draws
Mazrae: Is James somewhere near Adam to curse this deck?
drcthulu: hindsight is 20/20 though
Earthenone: might as well eat skittles
beam1249: I blame James for this
mrf1shie: They didn't fancy doing maths
laundreydhull: TableHere FlipThis lrrWHEELER @browneepoints FBtouchdown NotLikeThis lrrWOW
Mr_Horrible: 5 inna row baybee
quancooffate: Graham took his luck with him
Earthenone: its just jame's account
couchboyj: Did James leave his mojo in the Moonbase?
Fr0Dough: @Earthenone This has to be it
Vampyre_Lord: 11/17 lands
drcthulu: oh it is James account that makes sense
GredGredmansson: not lifelink
Haroldholmes25: successfully snapped off two quick L's before graham came back, called shot
AtomicAlchemical: Maybe it's the name that's cursed
CygnusInfinity: obviously we're not playing enough colors
treacletart: you were at 1, just the wrong 1
lamina5432: Magic be like that
Nydestroyer: you predicted it
GredGredmansson: oh hey that thing you said would happen just happened
Wiliart: So... sealed?
violetblight: hows the format feeling?
DAC169: Graham aipJudge
SolarBlitz1: These called shots
Jericu: oh hey you have packs you can open
GredGredmansson: lrrBEEJ
Mr_Horrible: LUL
Haroldholmes25: thanks beej
Mr_Horrible: Sincerely Beej
BrowneePoints: We appreciate you Beej
DAC169: thanks Beej aipLove
n3ther: LUL
Wolfstrike_NL: <3
James_the_Dabbler: "Is that sarcasm" is SUCH a comeback
NewtyNewts: Chat does!
anhakha: He beats Adam when the camera is off.
korvys: It just went live
Spades_Slicc: To counteract Beej's affirmations, You didn't break even that draft Adam
noSmokeFire: !beejf
quancooffate: Adam just looking to squash all positivity
noSmokeFire: !beej
AtomicAlchemical: We appreciate experiencing beej
mrf1shie: Positivity on checkpoint, wonders never cease
KingOfDoma: Beej is the GOAT
drcthulu: both curve stomps
Sharkfists: gotta get the positive spin "I got this new draft for you!"
BrowneePoints: Sam black kicked our ass so hard we spat teeth
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Gaming news still happening? Yep. And CheckPoint is here to talk about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_HlgClpPP8 || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1646649357784195074
KingOfDoma: The LRRGOAT
mrf1shie: Oh I'm more about the news there
AtomicAlchemical: And also it's Sonic's 30th Anniversery
GredGredmansson: oh is it finally dead
Syntheticuh: i do wish checkpoint pulled some positive and good stories more often rather than just whatever the latest nonsense is, but checkpoint is still a good time
Badchop: Speaking of experiencing positivity I finally got to order the two shirts I've been wanting to get for awhile now :D
GredGredmansson: oh so its NOT dead
Syntheticuh: i understand the nonsense gets the better engagement tho
aitsu100: all i remember from Check point is Kathleen being amazing and hitting the camera square with her drink coaster one time
Jericu: they charged money for MULTIPLE battle passes during an "open beta"
AtomicAlchemical: Yay!
GredGredmansson: @AtomicAlchemical Sonic's also dead
korvys: Can you just... leave it up?
MegaDosX: Gaslight gatekeep girlboss
violetblight: the murder of sonic the hedgehog was frankly a goty
EvilBadman: I imagine Suicide Squad getting punted AGAIN to Feb of 2024 announcement was after writing/filming
Alness49: As yes, because we can trust WB to shutter something and bring it back...
BrowneePoints: WB is NOT making smart decisions atm
MegaDosX: The whole thing is scummy as hell
han_cholo55: what game is this for?
NewtyNewts: They probably need to rework the F2P background
MegaDosX: MultiVersus
n3ther: eff the customers
Nydestroyer: the will has been hunted
drcthulu: That's going to piss off so many people
Mr_Horrible: a Good Won't decision
BrowneePoints: Warner Brothers is NOT making ANY smart decisions
korvys: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #6776: "No matter how it makes us feel, we can't deny this is art." —Adam, on a penis monster [2020-02-22]
anhakha: Arena charged when they were in beta, but refunded any gem purchases when they officially restarted, so u had all your gems you'd spent back.
Jericu: it feels like an attempt to get a Release Bump again after numbers apparently dropped pretty badly
Mr_Horrible: PogChamp
MegaDosX: OK that's very good @Nydestroyer
AtomicAlchemical: Yayyyy
Mr_Horrible: we're improving
NewtyNewts: Good job chat, we've got the funny!
Vampyre_Lord: i wonder if the money spent will at least carry over when the game actually comes out?
saucemaster5000: we had to eat lunch first
RAZRBCK08: The Arena open beta reimbursed you the stuff you spent real world money on when they did a reset
Wolfstrike_NL: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
BrowneePoints: HEY I had SEVERAL good jokes
Boon_33: now bananna!
Mr_Horrible: at this rate we can be funny twice in a day
EvilBadman: Penis monster? Def Persona
niccus: that's too much funny in a day, we should scale it back
anhakha: Hey Adam, favourite card of the format so far?
asthanius: You're the Judge Judy?
korvys: Slow draft, guess the format is dead already lrrBEEJ
WC_Kinghorn: All 5 drop challenge draft!!
Fr0Dough: Whats it like being judge dred
BrowneePoints: Then end me coward!
Ferisar: alright judge bread
NewtyNewts: Adam the Dred
quancooffate: I get bad vibes when Graham leaves, that's when the bad luck imps get in the computer
Fr0Dough: called it
Mr_Horrible: holy shit you're Karl Urban's chin?
Alness49: I feel an executioner is a bit much for a joke assessment
laundreydhull: Can we Yeet it lrrADAM ?
Nydestroyer: I think I am on fire today on jokes LUL Got lucky enough of them hit well
aitsu100: Judge Jury and Excommunicator
ravak_: Cheer100
Dumori: Man Savadan is a decent Judge name too
Duhstink: what's new
KeytarCat: I'm the big gun that makes all of the rules!
AtomicAlchemical: Executioner in a kill us way, or a Ajani steppy way?
saucemaster5000: I'm never funny, but if you let six squirrels in a trenchcoat type they eventualy make a knock knock joke
northos: okay, but who are we in this metaphor?
beam1249: The only thing I said to make Adam laugh was quoting an Adam joke lol
elkae: Ook ook? seabatOAK
Wolfstrike_NL: Can I be hit by the funny bullet?
asthanius: Can I go home I'm tired
drcthulu: Hey no gatekeeping
NewtyNewts: Hey! I may be skeevy, but I'm no drug user!
Mr_Horrible: High Ex baybee
GreatGodOm: When does MOM come to arena for the rest of us plebs?
laundreydhull: Why would I want those?
korvys: Who are we drafting against this time?
mrf1shie: @AtomicAlchemical That costs extra
Fr0Dough: "I made this" Pew pew
Omthebox: Safidan
asthanius: savvydan
Duhstink: seems deece
n3ther: Savi-WHO
Earthenone: poomba!
xantos69: Judge me Adam Dad
GredGredmansson: its them again
Dumori: I can't spell my own fucking name right my dude
couchboyj: Well yeah, but what does that have to do with jokes?
Mr_Horrible: "I said... 'Hotshot'."
drcthulu: Timone and pumba
BrowneePoints: Have a better last Name
Mr_Horrible: I need to watch that movie again
quancooffate: Hey! I may be a drug user, but I'm not skeevy!
mrf1shie: Walue
treacletart: nah I'm gonna be the robot
ActualFactual: Spelling correctly? I can't even read!
Bugberry: raff could be fun
Mr_Horrible: and then be mad we haven't gotten the 2nd and 3rd ones yet
BrowneePoints: Adam plz
Nydestroyer: If I lose spell check I would be unable to communicate via text LUL
Mr_Horrible: give me the Dark Judges you fucking cowards
BrowneePoints: She's Zima
saucemaster5000: I was supposed to be MauceSaster!
Granatapfelsafttrinker: The act of treason is removal in rakdos
Earthenone: we take poomba, wheel fixing off to the races
couchboyj: Hakuna ma drafta
Bugberry: Just to do something other than Sultai stuff again
quancooffate: I am a big Zimone fan
GredGredmansson: go for it
lamina5432: Maybe it’ll go better this time
GredGredmansson: Inga?
GreatGodOm: It's pronounced Adam Savidan, but it's spelled Throat-wobbler Mangrove.
Mr_Horrible: pyrulea seems dece
mrf1shie: It's a cheap battle
WarKr0: its fixing, kinda
drcthulu: yeah that's the fun pick
Mr_Horrible: that's illegal
robertvvv_: yeye
badsync: Ive seen it flip a lot on other streamers games
Spades_Slicc: Saving the brain cells for this draft
beam1249: it's early release, it's all for fun, not for thinking
Earthenone: your braincell has been on loan to the brittish musem, its fine
WarKr0: island?
Wolfstrike_NL: Let's try and force UG
mrf1shie: Kavu looks like it's been good
lamina5432: New set valid choice to have fun
SolarBlitz1: Being 6 hours into a work day is enough to make my braincells check out
saucemaster5000: to be fair, brain's running mostly on cottage cheese
Mr_Horrible: "Think, Adam" *thinks about that 6L axe* "Okay that's not helpful"
noSmokeFire: activating your brain cells like a DBZ character taking off the training weights
Granatapfelsafttrinker: I like the 1 drop
Earthenone: remember how bad it felt not having a 2 drop?
troussej: the kavu looks good
Earthenone: use your hatred
drcthulu: prioritize getting enough 2 drops imo
GredGredmansson: I like herdbeast over kavu
spiffinn: i wish the kavu cost 2g
Earthenone: nah kamigawa
drcthulu: I don't like that one
violetblight: hell yeah
quancooffate: I smell syngery
mrf1shie: It's such a big butt
Duhstink: blocks nicely
Mr_Horrible: it counts egg tokens
drcthulu: I like umezawa
Jericu: I'd do invasion of kamigawa over it
Mr_Horrible: so it's not bad
spiffinn: kamigawa all the way tho right
robertvvv_: 0/5 blocker tho
troussej: transform also works with eggs
Duhstink: yeah it works too
Granatapfelsafttrinker: 0/5 flying is sooo good
drcthulu: oh yeah kamigawa
Harvest25: Agree dumb
rainbowolf13: Battles and incuation transforms
Earthenone: if it comes back, we can talk\
AtomicAlchemical: It's Kamigawa baebeeee
han_cholo55: rooftop all the way
spiffinn: the mutegen friend could wheel, it's multicolor
drcthulu: yeah those saboteurs are nasty
lamina5432: Wheel it
han_cholo55: card draw in limited is so strong
WC_Kinghorn: You got there, we believed
Earthenone: kami!
BrowneePoints: Connoisseur isnt dumb but will probably wheel
Nydestroyer: sorry brains closed, come another day
Wolfstrike_NL: I would say 11:30
magical_writer: For the brain being off you seem to be drafting pretty well.
breadisbest1: we trust your judgment
elkae: I didn’t know brains could be on tbh
MegaDosX: I love early in a draft when your curve is a solid bar
spiffinn: that card is good
FofoATL: flip it
spiffinn: it's removal
GredGredmansson: either that or Ephara removal
drcthulu: and it's a 2 drop
mrf1shie: Kami nice for splishing
makia0890: it also blocks for days
Jericu: for 2 mana? in this economy? what a steal!
anhakha: Isn't the kami a hardened scales?
inlimity: kami is mana fixing?
beam1249: it also destorys a small creature when it flips
Duhstink: spells work though
MegaDosX: Aegar's fun but not in limited
mrf1shie: It's more for removal spells
Seth_Erickson: there are lots of good red removal spells though
badsync: aegar is so weird to put in this format lmao
BrowneePoints: Lots of burn
Earthenone: there are instants and sorceries though
Jericu: just a way to for new art for people playing that deck
CygnusInfinity: Aerialist is A+
Earthenone: 2/1 flyer for 2 is great
AtomicAlchemical: 2/1 flier gets in
FofoATL: 2 mana flip
BrowneePoints: That card isnt stinky
mrf1shie: Sounds like a plan
violetblight: yeah we wheel the connoisseur
spiffinn: yeah i think you hope to wheel the 0/5
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: i like the wheel plan