ihlendrax: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (The LoadingReadyRun crew play a board game! Game: Streets) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (13m from now).
airylan: lrrSIG
innerbeard: Poggers
Metric_Furlong: lrrDOTS lrrSIG lrrARROW
red_shoes_jeff: lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS
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DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
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Butternades: Game time!
IbunWest: lrrSIG abatSQUISH lrrSIG
kusinohki: meows
StoneSteal: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for AFK! Tonight we are taking to the streets and playing Streets! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FuHZBlFaQAE-wm8.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1648838674304614401
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SymphonicLolita: as of today I have completed university (aside from formalities), and in celebration I have done something I've been putting off for 5 years...I bought minecraft for the first time
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Mischievous_Catgeist: hiya everyone
Getter404: Ryu? From Streets?
Metric_Furlong: hey Mischievous_Catgeist
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IbunWest: @SymphonicLolita prawnzHype prawnzHype prawnzHype
yalc321: Streets!
TheMandrew: Oh good, i'm not late, does that make me streets ahead?
Dog_of_Myth: Good evening all
Mazrae: Hello everyone
airylan: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Teeeeee-BUCK!
Shadowsoflife: o/
SymphonicLolita: I was supposed to be working this evening but then it decided to be a blizzard outside
FarleyF: i would love it if wheeler started singing the seaseme street intro
micalovits: Hello friends!
Butternades: I was reminded to use my bezos bucks for a good cause
Mazrae: !badadvice
LRRbot: UwU can be used against you.
KyranTheWalker: So used to living in the gods that I keep trying to skip the wait.
KyranTheWalker: Vods not gods...
Mischievous_Catgeist: PrideUwu
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Butternades: Any time I can use someone else’s money to give to LRR is a great time
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YeetTheRich_: !findquote toxic
LRRbot: Quote #1600: "Reject toxic masculinity, embrace taco masculinity." —Cameron [2016-01-17]
SymphonicLolita: the godly vods
FarleyF: @KyranTheWalker so how is mount olympus these days :P
FarleyF: Heather confirmed as Hera
FarleyF: which makes Beej Zeus
IbunWest: That's a terrifying thought
Butternades: Beej is the all powerful
Spades_Slicc: I don't think I want that for beej
FarleyF: It's why the Beejdrop exists
Earthenone: why is zues HR?!
Shadowsoflife: Beej would be better Zeus then Zeus
IbunWest: A guest!
SnackPak_: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
GhostValv: oh hi
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
TehAmelie: ohaio
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SnackPak_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SymphonicLolita: :0 woooo
Spades_Slicc: I have a bad joke to make
Spades_Slicc: one sec
Juliamon: With the best hair colour!
Metric_Furlong: a wild Jordynne appeared
MrSarkhan: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
micalovits: A Jordynne in person!
underhill33: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
SnackPak_: hi Paul
Earthenone: !patreon
LRRbot: 2744 patrons for a total of $21,173.12 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
Metric_Furlong: this is all our fault!
ab50luteunit: Got away from the front porch drinking.
IbunWest: You did this chat
niccus: oh hey that's where ryu is from
James_the_Dabbler: Hello all :D Going to get supper and enjoy some game
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
GhostValv: D:
Mischievous_Catgeist: me me viewer you you wheeler thanks for having us
Haroldholmes25: LUL
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SmithKurosaki: A button!
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SymphonicLolita: demonetized just like that
Getter404: LRR: Where this is all your fault(tm)
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
FarleyF: someone clip this and send it to him
SmithKurosaki: Also, Jordynne is from Hamilton?
MajorFrostbyte: I may be a Patreon but I take no responsibility for what is about to happen.
spinebustertee: when is Heather not mad?
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Travilogue: Hooray for Jordynne!
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Mischievous_Catgeist: didnt say which ben
El_Funko: I always knew James came from the streets
SymphonicLolita: gasp
lackingsanity: Put it in the Youtube Demonetization Jar
Earthenone: families in italics/
IbunWest: Not families
SymphonicLolita: ew tourism
brunomant_: Not the families
Butternades: You’re describing Columbus, Ohio lol
Sarah_Serinde: Affordable? Pfft, unrelatable
UnkeptFlea: affordable? so this is a fantasy game
Metric_Furlong: oh no, we're gentrifiying it
Getter404: Oh no, gentrifiers
DekiSystem: @IbunWest oh hey neat seeing you here too keliffWave
Dog_of_Myth: Oh no
innerbeard: Gentrification: The Board Game
SnackPak_: lrrSPOOP
psyduckrepublic: Is this Monopoly
Haroldholmes25: LUL
IbunWest: @IbunWest merlekHeart
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red_shoes_jeff: CHILDREN!? lrrSPOOP
Getter404: I was not told this was going to be a Let's Nope crossover
elkae: A wild Jordynne! Who let them out from the editing room!
micalovits: I try to avoid tourist
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SymphonicLolita: ski resort simulator
Heckhoundbolt: So this town is growning due to archology?
Earthenone: so this is gentrification monopoly?...so this is monopoly?
MajorFrostbyte: Monopoly in San Francisco?
Sarah_Serinde: NotLikeThis
DekiSystem: @IbunWest Thanks for the gift sub! <3 <3 <3
Haroldholmes25: closer to carcassonne but streets
kusinohki: have I played this?? stupid fuzzy memory...
Crad0k: jordynne physically in the moonbase!
FarleyF: If james is explaining the rules - is he Jamesgineering
TheMandrew: is it like Carcasonne?
saucemaster5000: nice of them to make a neighborhood we can target when the revolution comes
Butternades: Lovely nails Kathleen!
IbunWest: I remember spending my summers in the gravity defying park. Good times.
ab50luteunit: Kathleen doing ASMR tile fixing was very chefs kiss
TheThirdTail: "I've got little boxes of people here." Spoken like a true landlord
saucemaster5000: The people won't stand for this
BrowneePoints: OHMIGOSH! Jordynne in the MeatSpace!
Earthenone: how do you remove the peasents from the building you no longer monitize?
thefailedbeta: This seems like Carcassonne, but cities.
Haroldholmes25: yes
Haroldholmes25: and also yes
Mischievous_Catgeist: bike lanes only
Diabore: town is mono one way streets
goatprince: I'm calling it now: wheeler is forcing loss.jpg in the street layout
Heckhoundbolt: much less pretty than carcossone
saucemaster5000: @Diabore oh no it's berkeley
Diabore: this sounds a little like carccassone
Welbog: Wheeler making unbroken eye contact with chat while shuffling.
jwholla: @Diabore that was my thought. carcassone with bike lanes
BrowneePoints: This sounds like Carcassonne but good
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Heckhoundbolt: @BrowneePoints them fighting words
Haroldholmes25: @BrowneePoints what did carcassonne do to you? LUL
Earthenone: carcassone, with cars, for the modern ruling class
kusinohki: @browneepoints ouch! I like carc...
shurtal: Streets? is this the return of the West Coast Mother Lovin' G's?
plundypops: This seems like a bad town for driving in.
BrowneePoints: @haroldholmes25 Be boring!
TehAmelie: but will Danny the Street make an appearance?
jwholla: is the winner streets ahead?
saucemaster5000: the carcassone bait is strong tonight
FarleyF: @shurtal now thats a deep cut
niccus: most daycares are inedible
RandomTrivia: @Earthenone And you didn't go for the Car-cassonne freebie smh my head lrrBEEJ
IbunWest: That daycare doesn't look very structurally sound
SymphonicLolita: please do not eat the daycare
Spades_Slicc: Not with that attitude James
Haroldholmes25: I don't recommend eating the children
Mazrae: But where is sesame Street going to go
AdamYMHMI: "Why is this daycare made out of Gingerbread?"
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: everything is edible once
SymphonicLolita: ah, baba yaga daycare
saucemaster5000: slowly puts down the last bite of daycare....
Earthenone: no way the ruling class would use paper money, its fine
shurtal: @FarleyF That's the only way i know how to cut. It's a legitimate problem
LizErin: I've wondered about this game for awhile. It looks like it's really good quality.
TheMandrew: oh good
Shadowsoflife: but y?
bytecaster: Can I also enter laying down, when I enter play?
circusofkirkus: how do these people have the capital to move so frequently
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Heckhoundbolt: How is a game of this theming so uncomfortable
jessieimproved: It's an interesting mechanic based on a depressing premise
micalovits: System seems good, but god do I hate the term FOMO being in a game
saucemaster5000: this is one of those "don't think about the theme too much" games ain't it
Crad0k: *please* stop saying FOMO
LadyAiluros: Raccoons? Are we building N'sburg?
SymphonicLolita: o o f
GhostValv: oofa
RandomTrivia: Oh I would like to perish now
IbunWest: Wheeler
Heckhoundbolt: @Crad0k Unfortunately, that is the name of the mechanic
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Welbog: Get that cred
saucemaster5000: wow this game is working REAL hard not to win us over
jessieimproved: #accidentallyhipster
AdamYMHMI: "I want nothing to do with this" may be how you win that ;)
e_bloc: wanting to have nothing to do for it just makes you more hipster
Heckhoundbolt: @saucemaster5000 Millennial monopoly is more inviting than this
Haroldholmes25: It is part of a trilogy of loosely associated games with different mechanics, but made by the same people
PlzBeNiceToYaz: ppl do be shoppin
hd_dabnado: just got here, is wheeler being toxic?
RandomTrivia: Surely we can buy a less-depressing resource pack lrrBEEJ
Heckhoundbolt: @hd_dabnado no, the game is
jwholla: buying a mall in 2021 is a bold move
CaptainSpam: It's too wild, nobody goes there.
micalovits: Oh god thats weird
Welbog: It's the hipsters stampeding
IbunWest: Why did you build your city out of Jello
Caffine1138: *concern*
RandomTrivia: lrrSPOOP
Pteraspidomorphi: Earthquake?
blip2004: it did it last week as well
asthanius: Magic
PlzBeNiceToYaz: witchcraft
djalternative: an earthquake?
YTfriendofsquirrel: BASED
Mazrae: Dino ghosts??
PlzBeNiceToYaz: ppl be livin in places
YTfriendofsquirrel: flow chart ken
djalternative: does paul keep a sizemometer in the moonbase?
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Haroldholmes25: jokes on james, wheeler already fried his brain today
raulghoulia: Touche
azninsect: time to take this...to the streets!
asthanius: Good deflect
Welbog: Bananas not lickable
Crad0k: jordynne is regretting *everything*
saucemaster5000: valid points on all sides
NarishmaReborn: yeah but they're the gros michel bananas
El_Funko: James is a renaissance man
azninsect: yay jordynne!
micalovits: How hipster to go somewhere else
Mazrae: Am I the only one who read the name of that store as Rob Snider from water boy??
Heckhoundbolt: I just realized that this game made in 2021 unironically has hipsters
bytecaster: @Heckhoundbolt It is am important FOMO demographic.
bytecaster: *an
gualdhar: oh hey, Jordynne is live and in person, cool!
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Wheeler, you've changed!
Heckhoundbolt: @Heckhoundbolt Are you serious?
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lackingsanity: Presumably the game designer came up with the prototype several years ago
bytecaster: @Heckhoundbolt rarely
Paranundrox: Booo :P
Shadowsoflife: @Mazrae I do now
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SeaDiegoFC: benginUrgh benginUrgh benginUrgh
serramarkov: Hi all!
GapFiller: BEN RAID!!!
odium_chlorite: arrived
Heckhoundbolt: Oh hey Ben
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiders! lrrSHINE benginUrgh
Sibwow: streets up
Evil_John_Cena: and now i'm here
pn55: benginUrgh benginUrgh benginUrgh
azninsect: benginUrgh
saucemaster5000: okay, this cesspool is full of upper middle class hipsters and smug new homeowners, but at least there's a neat ride downtown!
DrLigmaPhD: Ah perfect, Nashville city planning.
hammith: I'm from the Streets! Also, Ben's stream
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Rourke9: So many Nimbys in this fictional city
Bengineering: look i found all these hoodlums on the streets
psyduckrepublic: Welcome, Bengineers
Bengineering: take care of them
saucemaster5000: @Bengineering they can't afford to live in this city
Sarah_Serinde: @Bengineering Well there goes the neighbourhood
pn55: Oi!
Heckhoundbolt: @Bengineering We'll put them with the Hipsters
Evil_John_Cena: I started with Wheeler, went to Ulmer, and now it's Wheeler and friends
James_the_Dabbler: Hoodlums and hipsters, what could go wrong?
odium_chlorite: chat, let's start singing toxic
Haroldholmes25: 6 plus two for the people
Evil_John_Cena: seems pretty toxic
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TheWooglie: This seems like many months
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DrLigmaPhD: @James_the_Dabbler Nothing man, I brought the guillotine
IbunWest: I am confused by this scoring
niccus: that "house" is already for airbnb use only
Heckhoundbolt: I have no idea how this games scoring works
IbunWest: is it not $2 per symbol so it should be 9 total?
IbunWest: for Kathleen
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TheManaLeek: Boardgames!
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TheManaLeek: Boardgames!
Haroldholmes25: On the street there is 1 hipster plus two wild for a total of 3 symbols, so 6, plus 2 for the people on it
DrLigmaPhD: Did Wheeler suggest 4 grown adults sharing a home was too much? Oh you sweet summer child
saucemaster5000: I'm mocking this game, but one of my favorite board games is "Suburbia" which is even more cynical in theme about how suburbs work
Haroldholmes25: I don't think ownership gives a point
Heckhoundbolt: @DrLigmaPhD I think they are referred to as Parents in the game so... yeah
LizErin: ownership means 1 for the tile
LizErin: doesn't it?
DrLigmaPhD: @Heckhoundbolt US city infrastructure and affordability is so very bad not even that is out of reality
Gascitygaming: Just got here, it's Jordynne!
micalovits: People don't move to wildcard spaces?
Haroldholmes25: correct
Travilogue: Ferris Wheel fomo?
IbunWest: All the parents are going to get drunk and then ride the ferris wheel
Gascitygaming: Lookout we Seattle! :p
saucemaster5000: the real question is what part of the pacific northwest we are building -- I'll go with Bend, Oregon for now
IbunWest: Not even playing MTG and Wheeler is dropping clones.
SK__Ren: It was a different generation
Akaiatana: This feels like a new Monopoly with actual gameplay
NonUniqueGuy: 2021 is somewhere between 5 months and 20 years ago.
Haroldholmes25: can be open like a pringles tube
CaptainSpam: A bicycle repair shop, which houses Bicycle Repair Man!
IbunWest: Standing up on the ferris wheel seems dangerous
niccus: i can see my future house from here
serramarkov: Hipsters, flipsters, and finger-popping daddios, knock me your 'lobes- I have not come to hip you to Caesar, but to dig him deep.
azninsect: no more FOMO!
NonUniqueGuy: The ferris wheel never stops. They have just been sitting on it for weeks, watching other people live their lives.
red_shoes_jeff: "I can see all the places I'd rather be from up here!"
Mazrae: They closed the Ferris wheel while the person was on the top
saucemaster5000: oh no, there's no mo FOMO Ferris wheel bro
Haroldholmes25: person got off the ferris wheel cause they were craving ice cream
SmithKurosaki: Active transportation!
SpoonfullOfSugar: Housing Nihilism?
Haroldholmes25: it doesn't copy the people
micalovits: Didn't it specifically not copy the people on it?
raaabr: Has wheeler done the Bit yet?
Shadowsoflife: @Haroldholmes25 they got to the top and saw the ice cream place
micalovits: Also, don't kidnap the people wheeler!
TheManaLeek: People don't move until scoring is done, then the current player decides where they all go
saucemaster5000: we can't resist the siren call of the Burger Boy
Akaiatana: Life cycles
macgirl75: 💕Jordynne💕
RandomTrivia: "What's that you've got?" A bag!" "NO!"
SymphonicLolita: bagno = italian for bath I think?
Pteraspidomorphi: Yes
Gascitygaming: Is this the town from Bob's burgers? :p
saucemaster5000: Wheeler was about say for each himbo and I would've been much more down with this city
Mazrae: Wonder how far zoomed out this game will get
SymphonicLolita: my 2 year duolingo streak over the pandemic finally paying off
Shadowsoflife: it clearly the city from steven universe
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saucemaster5000: isn't that like Rehoboth
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiders! lrrSHINE
CaptainSpam: So under a full moon, it becomes a house!
Haroldholmes25: kathleen popping off
Mazrae: $51??
micalovits: Yea, missing the point for the 1 person
micalovits: You said it but didn't actually give her the point
Mazrae: You did 35 + 15 not 16
SeaDiegoFC: I don't think I could play this game without singing "People on streets!" constantly
saucemaster5000: I'm warming up to this depiction of hipsters as ravenous jackals for the new
Featherweight_: I don't know what's going on but this is colourful and pleasant
Haroldholmes25: guessing there's <=12 of each symbol in the tile deck
SymphonicLolita: capitalism is going on
Haroldholmes25: there's 40 tiles, so we
Haroldholmes25: 're at a little over halfway through the stack
micalovits: Jordynne about to get rich
ChargingFurret: did jordynne remove her ownership from the unenclosed tile on the end?
micalovits: I think she did yes
ChargingFurret: that isn't scored yet, right?
Haroldholmes25: 55 is correct I think
mitomanox: if you say so!
RandomTrivia: seabatBRAIN
MrSarkhan: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
saucemaster5000: seabatBRAIN
azninsect: everyone wants to see the big head
iris_of_ether: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
saucemaster5000: game is mathey but surprisingly pacey
ShaneLeeAtk: Nice
SymphonicLolita: nice
mitomanox: 2 dollars for each hipster in the street IN VICTORIA? You're broke.
Haroldholmes25: yeah we're closing in on the end an hour in, so that's a pretty quick pace for AFK.
epos87: Jordynne's money... nice! cncpowBEE cncpowBolt
saucemaster5000: Burger Boy is a god in this town
azninsect: nice
micalovits: Does it also close itself right away?
thefailedbeta: Yes
Haroldholmes25: the building that was placed can be scored
RandomTrivia: !chat
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
Haroldholmes25: to the big head!
CaptainTalon447: Tomorrow is Gloomhaven?
LoadingReadyRun: @CaptainTalon447 yup!
CaptainTalon447: What scenario are they doing?
SymphonicLolita: VoteYea
Haroldholmes25: LUL
LoadingReadyRun: I believe the Gloomhaven team will be continuing the spooky voice quest line
CaptainTalon447: This looks like a horribly built outdoor mall
saucemaster5000: unless a butterfly flies by any of them, in which case they will immediately get distracted and follow that questline
CaptainTalon447: There’s one parking garage and it’s in the direct center
SymphonicLolita: daycare cul de sac
LathosTiran: imagine super mario, traveling every 21 frames
ChargingFurret: he could close jordynne's street, and get the people off of that tile onto his?
RayFK: Pick it up Jordynne, you're giving us a bad name
DarkMorford: @RayFK Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up?
saucemaster5000: and thus the town was abandoned. Let "The Last Picture Show" begin now
micalovits: Tripple digits!
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
Haroldholmes25: wheeler running away with it, let's go
Haroldholmes25: FBtouchdown
thefailedbeta: Clap
ShaneLeeAtk: 107.7 KLAZ! Your sounds of the Summer!
saucemaster5000: I do show up for colossal... nevermind
RayFK: Look at Wheeler with the BC geography joke
Spades_Slicc: So no head? *breaks street*
RayFK: Kathleen I've always been saying that
epsilon_vee: i wonder if canmore's big head guy is for hire
Kramburger: Man, FUCK youtube
azninsect: just the mirror?
saucemaster5000: Kramburger speaking the truth
Dog_of_Myth: 12345
azninsect: hunter2
Kramburger: My mothers maiden name was Hunter2
Gascitygaming: Mrs Palko
maidhco: music teacher's credit card number? aim higher.
Phailhammer: @Kramburger Your mother's maiden name was a bunch of asterisks? lrrBEEJ
saucemaster5000: Not giving my blood type to a streamer since I gave it to that Donny Racula fella
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Haroldholmes25: turn one student housing, turn two debt collector, go
azninsect: brand burger loves to be all about location
saucemaster5000: one of these city building board games needs to add a classic sim city Disaster mechanic
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atlr: no kidding. thought about springing for student housing for a child that commutes to university to have a fuller experience but housing costs more than tuition by quite a bit
LoadingReadyRun: @saucemaster5000 release cat on tabletop
Himyul: that daycare isn't credible!
airylan: @saucemaster5000 Food Chain Magnate + Godzilla.
saucemaster5000: oh no... town got hit by a meowster
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saucemaster5000: @saucemaster5000 oh god, the only way to make Food Chain Magnate even more hardcore
LoadingReadyRun: @saucemaster5000 Hurrican HungryWhiskers
Haroldholmes25: oof LUL
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Spades_Slicc: Okay everyone needs to be very very careful about what you do with the hanging ends of these streets
innerbeard: Time for some what
Haroldholmes25: it's time for some what
Haroldholmes25: 3 pairs, one from town center
DrLigmaPhD: I return after a profoundly depressing conversation. How goes gentrification game?
saucemaster5000: Burger Boy was elected mayor
DrLigmaPhD: @saucemaster5000 What's his policy on public healthcare?
Haroldholmes25: triple bypasses for everybody
saucemaster5000: they support a single fryer healthcare system
innerbeard: No 'angry german in the fourties' symbol please lol
saucemaster5000: oh no
TheThirdTail: Is it a giant store that sells regular-sized toys, or a regular-sized store that sells giant toys?
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
DrLigmaPhD: Did Milkshake Lad win their city council race? (Why am I engaging in this McDonalds ass fiction? Fun.)
niccus: just make it really, really long vertically
Shadowsoflife: @DrLigmaPhD why not?
saucemaster5000: Milkshake lad got dunked with fries and slander
Shadowsoflife: @TheThirdTail Yes
GhostofJeffGoldblum: sounds pretty toxic Wheeler
fuzzychub: Collusion!
Rourke9: he said the thing!
SymphonicLolita: one 45 minute song
SnackPak_: dripping tap on loop
niccus: 4'33" but 43'30"
DrLigmaPhD: @saucemaster5000 Typical for the Tosh A Salad campaign. Always ranching their opponents
DrLigmaPhD: We would play Banana Phone on repeat to chase customers out after close
saucemaster5000: if someone stayed did they get hired?
SymphonicLolita: for a fundraiser in high school our environmental club played some kidz bop version of "it's a small world" on repeat over the intercom until they raised enough money for their goal
SymphonicLolita: they got the money in a day
saucemaster5000: holy shit that's brilliant
Gascitygaming: That's Kathleen's Mayor from Jaws impression
DrLigmaPhD: @Gascitygaming Blatant disregard for public safety in the name of profit?
Gascitygaming: @DrLigmaPhD That's just Capitalism with extra steps!
saucemaster5000: Mayor did nothing wrong. Bad policy and coverups didn't kill people, the shark killed people
Gascitygaming: The shark's teeth killed people
Gascitygaming: technically the lack of blood in their body killed them
Haroldholmes25: there is a blue at the top
goombalax: Fear Of My Octopus
innerbeard: Wheeler's back of shoulder is too intense for twitch
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL @SymphonicLolita When I was in college, my next door neighbor in dorms was in the chef program and would be woken up at 5:30am by it's a small world :p
Shadowsoflife: oof
saucemaster5000: It truly is a world of laughter and a world of tears
Gascitygaming: My next door neighbor in the dorms was the local weed dealer and the toilet was constantly full of unflushed bong water :(
SymphonicLolita: @LoadingReadyRun that's cruel and unusual torture
Lord_Hosk: but they will get their own private lemonade history lesson!
saucemaster5000: @Gascitygaming ew
El_Funko: How many Warhammer stores does this town have so far?
saucemaster5000: not enough
Shadowsoflife: ^
iris_of_ether: ^
azninsect: ^
Gascitygaming: Yeah i eventually asked him to just flush after, was real gross (neighbors shared a bathroom in our dorm)
MrSarkhan: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
ShaneLeeAtk: That's their secret.... They are all Warhammer shoppes
Gascitygaming: Optimistic DIY, well if that's not warhammer i don't know what is
SymphonicLolita: any shop can be a warhammer shop if you're committed to LARPing
goombalax: @El_Funko They have one GW run by a single overworked employee but several comic stores with a single display of space marines
El_Funko: They probably all should be, the margins are ridiculous
Lord_Hosk: goombalax but all the displays say "not for sale do not touch"
saucemaster5000: and people wonder how the devil comes up with new portions of hell
Lord_Hosk: he hires ted danson to design them, we've all seen the time knife
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL a single GW store run by one employee who is overworked so that it is never open is pretty much what we have in Victoria
SymphonicLolita: smell like money? plastic-y, dusty, vague hint of maple syrup?
goombalax: same in Ottawa
Lord_Hosk: maybe its the same employee thats why its never open they have to commute
Travilogue: Jordynne's store should have people?
SymphonicLolita: it's all the same concept store, you just walk through a portal in different locations
saucemaster5000: @Lord_Hosk we found Santa!
RandomTrivia: seabatClap
RandomTrivia: @YeetTheRich_ You're up!
SymphonicLolita: truth
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500
RandomTrivia: OOF
Shadowsoflife: fair
innerbeard: TY Paul!
djalternative: !findbutts
LRRbot: Behind you.
djalternative: right where they should be
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
innerbeard: End the highlight reel with that
Shadowsoflife: ^
pn55: Hope you're enjoying your stay in Victoria Jordynne? lrrSHINE
LizErin: how much Gloomhaven isnleft?
Shadowsoflife: Yes
macgirl75: Speaking of mom…..hi Jordynne 💕
LizErin: *is left?
macgirl75: Lol!!!
pn55: HypeLUL
Travilogue: Hi Jordynne's mom!
Lysander_salamander: Hi Jordynne's mom!
azninsect: HypeLUL
saucemaster5000: d'awww
macgirl75: Oh I worry more about you than her lol
macgirl75: Oh lord lol
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RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
butt_ghost: need a mother's day AFK - everyone brings their mom
KeytarCat: oh no, I just missed it! Vodward I go
djalternative: No. This tower has a literal heart
djalternative: it's alive
butt_ghost: we built this spire on rock and roll
SymphonicLolita: woo
RandomTrivia: Nice
Dog_of_Myth: Nice
azninsect: nice
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Lysander_salamander: :D
azninsect: HypeLUL
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown dabits
macgirl75: 👍
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
pn55: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Lord_Hosk: I also choose that persons mom
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the great stream, everyone! lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Phailhammer: cya :)
azninsect: jennzLul
MrSarkhan: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
CanPlayGames: Oh good I made it in time for the stream....