computercolinx: You can get health and reverb upgrades
saucemaster5000: then there's cali, where we have safeway brand vodka
Anaerin: We don't in Sask, though they've started opening liquor licenses to third parties, and have been phasing out the government-owned liquor boards.
BrowneePoints: and I don't mean a lil liquor section, I mean an entire High end Liquor store attached
SocraticMethod: @mtvcdm Ian and Heather commented that they don't want to confuse the fights with new stuff.
RoastedGravy: Same here. A lot of the supermarkets here have a liquor store on the side.
ashesandmochi: you can get beer in gas stations in quebec tho
ninja_theory_ashrams: We'll be ready for the plot twist if we don't expect one
RockPusher: Outlook continues to suck
laundreydhull: Would that even be possible?
Anaerin: "Outlook not good" How did you know, Magic 8-ball?
RockPusher: tiltyhPLS tiltyhEXTREME
BrowneePoints: long
Anaerin: You're not at the end yet. At least 2 levels left.
DaxStrife: I think you can get at least 1 more episode after this bit.
ninja_theory_ashrams: It's a level and boss fight
BrowneePoints: short level and boss fight
Pteraspidomorphi: Two "tracks"
BrowneePoints: you can START the cutscene though
ninja_theory_ashrams: Project Armstrong were the friends we made along the way
mtvcdm: Today's weather: "Good Enough"
BrowneePoints: Also, I think this confirms Peppermint and Kale are Biracial?
SocraticMethod: @BrowneePoints dunno, they have similar skin tone and hair color.
Pteraspidomorphi: The voice acting is so good
SaxPython: I feel like Kale has Gaston Energy
ninja_theory_ashrams: Why do customers need to think about whether they need things?
RockPusher: This Mad Men remake is wild lrrBEEJ
Loonatic93: I think more "Handsome Jack".
SocraticMethod: Kale's VA is manifesting Handsome Jack energy and I'm here for it
BrowneePoints: @SocraticMethod I meant more by Kale and Peppermint having european features, but Roxanne IS voiced by an Indian Actress
BrowneePoints: @SocraticMethod It's Sonic
computercolinx: Man I hate Kale
BrowneePoints: Roger Craig Smith
BrowneePoints: So yes, this entire game we've been fighting Sonic
teejayrivers: Most mashup artists got their start inside a force cage?
SocraticMethod: @BrowneePoints no, like using Handsome Jack as a inspiration for the performance
ninja_theory_ashrams: He's starting to believe
Anaerin: Ready for QTEs...
laundreydhull: *cough* Force! - but sure...
Anaerin: Yup, it's Rhythm time.
laundreydhull: Kidding, sorry...
Invitare: As Korsica once said: "Stupid musical robot powers...."
DaxStrife: The most rhythm game section of this rhythm-based game.
CAKHost: Elite Beat Agents!
Newbiespud: Time for the Anime Turnabout, and it's pretty great.
BrowneePoints: this is the Power of Friendship Moment and it's SO good
SmithKurosaki: where are the cats eyes?
CAKHost: Sort Of!
Anaerin: And yes, the QTEs are playing the melody. Time to OSU it up!
Newbiespud: @SmithKurosaki Currently closed.
SmithKurosaki: It looks like theyve gone to the void
mtvcdm: Dental plan... Lisa needs braces... dental plan... Lisa needs braces
Newbiespud: Sweet WinAmp visualizer
teejayrivers: I don't need a guitar, I *AM* a guitar!
azninsect: just...the robot drawing a mouth and eyebrows
laundreydhull: Why not a mic?
BrowneePoints: CNMN screwing up the makeup is great
SaxPython: We are Wyld Stallions
laundreydhull: A literal microphone?
BrowneePoints: wait for it
laundreydhull: HA!
BrowneePoints: AND THE PAYOFF
NightValien28: HAHA
Pteraspidomorphi: Best subplot
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
azninsect: decaf!?
laundreydhull: The longest time of three ever!!
RockPusher: Decaf sergeMoly
BrowneePoints: Here's the licensed song for chat
KeytarCat: and now....this
BrowneePoints: the licensed track is AMAZING
laundreydhull: *rule of three* decaf
Anaerin: With the fistbump to 808 as he walks out.
excalgold: i love how long ago that decaf joke was set up
Seagulyus: @BrowneePoints yeah the licensed song for this segment is amazing
SocraticMethod: @excalgold Verse 3
mtvcdm: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Alex: | Ben Ulmer: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Jeremy White: | Kathleen: | Matt Wiggins: | Nelson: | Serge: | Wheeler:
laundreydhull: Will this track start over next time.
Redshift2k5: bbooM2
SaxPython: SingsNote CoolCat SingsNote
mtvcdm: !schedule
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mtvcdm: !youtube
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mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2746 patrons for a total of $21,443.51 per month.
chaostreader: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Wheeler is jamming some Slay the Spire on Is This Your Card? Game: Slay the Spire) at Sun 06:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
azninsect: for the rest of us
PMAvers: How can Ian break Jackbox this time?
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream!
ninja_theory_ashrams: I hope you enjoy the end of the game next week, I will be traveling next Sunday and will most likely miss the stream
KWardJenx: Thanks for the Stream
SaxPython: lol
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Dog_of_Myth: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
azninsect: o/ lrrSHINE
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart lrrSHINE lunarj1Heart lrrSHINE lunarj1Heart
SaxPython: Did they make a sequel to Mozart?
benjamin_wheeler: Dancerush stardom
Juliamon: They haven't finished Mozart yeat
KeytarCat: No, the dom was the wolf
Juliamon: the wolf was findom
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Juliamon: lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
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Earthenone: !findquote slay
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Earthenone: !findquote spire
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Elypants: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> What do you get when you add one part @BWheelerMTG and one part popular roguelike deck-building video game Slay the Spire? Why this evenings Is This Your Card? of course. Tune is now at ||
Juliamon: ooh, the rare ITYC tweet
NotCainNorAbel: the shocks must be at the right level
SnackPak_: sergeHi
SaxPython: CoolCat
shurtal: best stream ever
SpleenLord: Good night
Fanklok: Good stream
mtvcdm: Thank you for having me it's great to be here
letfireraindown: nice and quick
NotCainNorAbel: lrrHEATHER
raulghoulia: thanks for the stream
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2746 patrons for a total of $21,443.19 per month.
SaxPython: lol
NotCainNorAbel: dig up
the_real_deal_collin_beal: Hi Wheeler thank you for having me it's great to be here
computercolinx: Cheer50
James_LRR: Such a fucking professional.
shurtal: !cheer 500
Fanklok: Non sequential bills?
shurtal: cheer500
ElfLawyer: hidey ho Benjamin & chat!
Juliamon: He GOT bits
Snowcookies: ani told me cash by mail is taxable
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
SaxPython: !clip?
the_real_deal_collin_beal: I just bought this game. I dunno how it all works yet
s_lynch: @james_lrr If you come for the Wheeler you best not miss... or something
shurtal: infinite increase in bit production, WHeeler knocking it out of the park
computercolinx: I was too slow to give bits for rhythm cafe
s_lynch: Vaping is bad tho
the_real_deal_collin_beal: Miasma
Earthenone: may the spire?
saucemaster5000: Dark Souls 3?
Juliamon: uh oh
YawnLance: Oh dear
gualdhar: uno?
Loonatic93: Neoverse?
shurtal: does Zombie Whale have a name?
ElfLawyer: big whale
AdamYMHMI: Neow iirc
aitsu100: get a comfy stance relax and enjoy
Diabore: just saw the name and choked on my water
James_LRR: high risk high reward and all that
James_LRR: take the damage
aitsu100: lol James
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thymato: Wheeler the spire time
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thymato: Wheeler the spire time
raulghoulia: leave a handsome looking corpse
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TheThirdTail: <3
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SquareDotCube: Oooooooo I'm a shield~~~
aitsu100: you might have beta ..yeah that
TheThirdTail: Spirit shield is top tier beta arts
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Sibwow: oh no did i miss the phone bit
dockers88: EGG RAID!!! dunnstCROC dunnstDANCE dunnstDOG dunnstFACE dunnstGUS dunnstHEART dunnstKAREN dunnstPOG dunnstRIP dunnstSCUFF dunnstTANK dunnstCROC dunnstDANCE dunnstDOG dunnstFACE dunnstGUS dunnstHEART dunnstKAREN dunnstPOG dunnstRIP dunnstSCUFF dunnstTANK
Dunnstopher: EGG RAID!!! dunnstCROC dunnstDANCE dunnstDOG dunnstFACE dunnstGUS dunnstHEART dunnstKAREN dunnstPOG dunnstRIP dunnstSCUFF dunnstTANK dunnstCROC dunnstDANCE dunnstDOG dunnstFACE dunnstGUS dunnstHEART dunnstKAREN dunnstPOG dunnstRIP dunnstSCUFF dunnstTANK
Juliamon: Welcome raiders! Please keep your emote spam to 7 if possible!
ShaneLeeAtk: Hello, Raiders!
Dunnstopher: sorry @Juliamon :D
Juliamon: It's OK, it's not a hard rule
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dockers88: Oh we've been watching A LOT of poorly played STS already
dockers88: Kappa
Sibwow: has someone made a mod to swap this art out for the potion seller
h3rsh3yb4r: you guys like eggs too? wheelerFry wheelerFry wheelerFry
Dunnstopher: haha they were watching me trying to play it... you can't get worst than that
dockers88: dunnstHEART dunnstHEART dunnstHEART
Sibwow: yes the weird headed guy
Juliamon: yooooo EGG HEART
funslingertheguy: love watching your stuff ben. hope you get all the best cards this run
Juliamon: I found next month's Prime sub
dockers88: dunnstDANCE dunnstDANCE dunnstDANCE
ElfLawyer: @Sibwow I have a name you know
alexanderthefine: Have we found out who watches the watcher?
ElfLawyer: @alexanderthefine yeah, its chat
Sibwow: yeah that would be your 4th potion
Sibwow: german joke
Sibwow: ahahaha
Cptasparagus: Funko is trying to steal James from you by also playing STS
Sibwow: stempo as we in the biz call it
alexanderthefine: @elflawyer alright perfect can do!
h3rsh3yb4r: stormpo
KeytarCat: strempo
couchboyj: Temporm
KeytarCat: Torm
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Mudd_II: A number of months
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the_real_deal_collin_beal: Colossal Dreadmaw
KeytarCat: Tormpo works better than I thought it would
Mudd_II: A number of months
AndHamGames: Ouch
mortin_martin31: Yayy I made the Dunnstopher raid. Now to judge and see if I should follow lol. Well well well if it ain't loadingreadyrun and this is my first time to see u stream yayyy
Cptasparagus: @mortin_martin31 he's the premier Watcher pilot of the format
AndHamGames: Meditate will make it half
mortin_martin31: @cptasparagus wow amazing
mortin_martin31: @cptasparagus you have a new follower yayyyyyy
mortin_martin31: Oh no gave away my follow lol
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robaphone251: Yeehaw
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robaphone251: Yeehaw
Sibwow: orichalcum? i hardly know him
Sibwow: and yes its stance dancing
SnowBunSarah: Empty mind? She just like me fr fr
h3rsh3yb4r: its a thing yeah
SquareDotCube: Stancing all night
h3rsh3yb4r: remember when warriors in WoW had to stance dance?
h3rsh3yb4r: good times
h3rsh3yb4r: isn't it more of a time vault?
h3rsh3yb4r: sorry i'll see myself out
Formerly_Beef: art of war is good with vault too
thegitrogsquirrel: Who is the boss that hates you?
mortin_martin31: Awww cat
h3rsh3yb4r: that's where saffi went
Haroldholmes25: wheelerMuldr
mortin_martin31: I wish I was loadingreadyrun cat lol
SpleenLord: It's fine
PigmyWurm: Wheel kick good
Juliamon: Mulder gonna muld
TheThirdTail: i find wheel kick hard to find energy for
TheThirdTail: but i almost always want a halt
the_real_deal_collin_beal: Idk I've only done my very first run
AdamYMHMI: It's a tough choice. Wheel kick or roll over all the magic cards.
mortin_martin31: Sorry about your dog
ghyllnox: Wait, piggy?
Juliamon: Oh, I didn't know about Piglet. I'm so sorry.
ghyllnox: :(
ghyllnox: I'm sorry
AdamYMHMI: Condolences
mortin_martin31: !lurk
mortin_martin31: Brb keep on streming
Earthenone: wish you coward :P
Formerly_Beef: "it's not the first timewalk that kills them it's the second" or something
TheThirdTail: Vault is still kind of a mulligan, but it's not necessary
Formerly_Beef: Vault + art of war is good though
Formerly_Beef: even if you just end the turn
AdamYMHMI: You probably do not want a second vault
ariborealis: whats better than 1 time walk?
hatboozeparty: You cant lose if the enemy never gets a turn
SnowBunSarah: @ariborealis 4 copies of Shaharazad on the stack
AdamYMHMI: I did not think of the memes. You want a third vault.
definenull: not the avocado D:
h3rsh3yb4r: avocado or snake plant
h3rsh3yb4r: who do you hate more?
Snowcookies: I think snecko is fun in a chaotic way
Snowcookies: avocado is just tedious
AdamYMHMI: Sphagetti monster?
SnowBunSarah: Writhing mass
the_real_deal_collin_beal: How many levels are there? I only made it to The City in my first run yesterday
SpleenLord: Membership card first
squ3e: bag is giga strong
Snowcookies: there's 3 acts
squ3e: card first though
the_real_deal_collin_beal: @snowcookies thanks
SpleenLord: Seems legit
squ3e: technically 4 acts, if you do the 'real' ending
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SollyStitch: What’s this? prambiBee prambiBee A stream woefully underpopulated by bees? prambiBee prambiBee This raid full of PRAMBEES ought to put a stop to that! prambiBee prambiBee ALSO prambiAibou prambiAibou prambiAibou
Peach_Jello: What’s this? prambiBee prambiBee A stream woefully underpopulated by bees? prambiBee prambiBee This raid full of PRAMBEES ought to put a stop to that! prambiBee prambiBee
Ullitharid: What’s this? prambiBee prambiBee A stream woefully underpopulated by bees? prambiBee prambiBee This raid full of PRAMBEES ought to put a stop to that! prambiBee prambiBee ALSO prambiAibou prambiAibou prambiAibou
Winsterton: What's this? prambiBee prambiBee A stream woefully underpopulated by bees? prambiBee prambiBee This raid full of PRAMBEES ought to put a stop to that! prambiBee prambiBee
lilman0402: prambiHeart The Library is here to check you out! prambiHeart The Library is here to check you out! prambiHeart The Library is here to check you out! prambiHeart
harroh_graves: What’s this? prambiBee prambiBee A stream woefully underpopulated by bees? prambiBee prambiBee This raid full of PRAMBEES ought to put a stop to that! prambiBee prambiBee ALSO prambiAibou prambiAibou prambiAibou
Prambi_and_Tome: What’s this? prambiBee prambiBee A stream woefully underpopulated by bees? prambiBee prambiBee This raid full of PRAMBEES ought to put a stop to that! prambiBee prambiBee
Dmcmuffins: What’s this? prambiBee prambiBee A stream woefully underpopulated by bees? prambiBee prambiBee This raid full of PRAMBEES ought to put a stop to that! prambiBee prambiBee ALSO prambiAibou prambiAibou prambiAibou
xlSiNlx: What's this? prambiBee prambiBee A stream woefully underpopulated by bees? prambiBee prambiBee This raid full of PRAMBEES ought to put a stop to that! prambiBee prambiBee
ShaneLeeAtk: Hello, Raiders!
Prambi_and_Tome: prambiWave
Winsterton: Hi Wheeler!
BanquosStepson: What's this? prambiBee prambiBee A stream woefully underpopulated by bees? prambiBee prambiBee This raid full of PRAMBEES ought to put a stop to that! prambiBee prambiBee
Winsterton: How's the Slay the Spire?
Sibwow: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
Juliamon: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE COUNTER-BEE OFFENSIVE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
Winsterton: prambiBee prambiBee prambiBee prambiBee
Larkonus: I love the Dr. Bees raid reference.
h3rsh3yb4r: wheelerCyber
Prambi_and_Tome: prambiBee prambiBee prambiBee
Prambi_and_Tome: Thank you~
Prambi_and_Tome: I am not a bee, but I do love them and the good Dr.
Snowcookies: Bees just want to bee
Winsterton: the snecko randomized cost is a run ender sometimes
Sibwow: i thought it was nectar of the flowers
Larkonus: I'm just gonna casually lay out some flowers for this sudden influx of bees. katesFlower guyjudgeFlower mystickFlower katesFlower guyjudgeFlower mystickFlower
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AdamYMHMI: It's one of those you either breeze through or wipe out on (or get low enough that your next encounter wipes you out)
Winsterton: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Gooseblast: wheelerFry ?
Frostwriter111: fear no evil is still quite good
violetblight: fear no evil is still solid for infinites
ariborealis: fear no evil is cool. no idea if its good
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DoctorHutch: E G G
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AdamYMHMI: Miracles are 1 energy retain cards
ariborealis: pressure pog PogChamp
Reaper_IsMyName: i was literally watching your other slay the spire stuff and decided to pop over. What fortune!
violetblight: 1 energy skill, the one you get at the start of fights
h3rsh3yb4r: check beta art for pressure point?
AdamYMHMI: +1 energy at 0 cost I mean
Gooseblast: Are miracles like mox pearl? wheelerOok
Winsterton: Love Pressure Points decks, they're so funny
Frostwriter111: more like lotus petal
Winsterton: peachj1Cheer
trevorwisn: BOX
Winsterton: just gotta get some more of the bad cards out of there and streamline it, then it's gonna be smooth like butter
violetblight: pbox seems best?
AdamYMHMI: The curse from the bell isn't awful
trevorwisn: believe in the rng
Snowcookies: you can always skip
AdamYMHMI: It's just a card you can't remove
chumpofthemonth: Nah gimme the key
violetblight: we have a decent amount of block already but like most cards are bvetter than strikes and defends
AndHamGames: Key!
WastedSaturday: but the bing bong
TheThirdTail: I'm a sucker for Pandora's box, but you need non-Defend defensive options
Earthenone: isent a random card better than a strike or defend?
Elypants: Bell curse is fine, honestly
Loonatic93: Key is good. You can always get them removed.
Winsterton: and the curses you get from the key can be removed after you pick them up
AdamYMHMI: Honestly, bell curse is better than randomly transforming your strikes and defends. I feel like that's a trap or a meme relic depending on why you choose it.
AdamYMHMI: (the key curse is not too bad, especially this late in the run where you're only guaranteed to get 1 curse instead of 2)
AndHamGames: What about dongus?
Diabore: @AndHamGames out sick
Earthenone: i just started a run for the first time in a few weeks, got the 1hp next 3 combats to hit the glowing elite :D
Earthenone: aaaaand randomed into another elite, that is some of the best luck i have ever had :D
the_real_deal_collin_beal: One With Nothing
mortin_martin31: !unlurk
AdamYMHMI: You sadly can't reorganize, iirc :( Some mods play with that limitation in fun ways by doing adjacency stuff with cards.
mortin_martin31: Yayyy me back
CAKHost: Highlight Reel! ...Wait
Cptasparagus: das boot
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream! Good night everyone.
mortin_martin31: Wow end of stream already
mortin_martin31: Great stream encore encore
Juliamon: You did nothing, someone else just left
lawful_neutral_wizard: Hi all
mortin_martin31: Lol
mortin_martin31: I'm cracking up with laughter right now lol
AndHamGames: That was dongus
mortin_martin31: Yayyy still here
h3rsh3yb4r: take the hit for 140 i dare ya
Juliamon: It's about 10pm on the east coast, and a Sunday night, good time for some people to be going to bed
lawful_neutral_wizard: Is this the first run of the night?
mortin_martin31: I'm new here yayyy
trainpants: best track in the game
A_Dub888: Benjaming "Barely Any Damage" Wheeler
h3rsh3yb4r: one million damage
Juliamon: time for everyone's favourite duo
fjordsword: why don't you grab the keys?
AdamYMHMI: I was about to say what about double vault, but then I remembered that it ends the turn on cast lol
lawful_neutral_wizard: Barely any damage? Who do you think you are, an Ajani Steadfast emblem?
fjordsword: just curious
fjordsword: im also curious if they just ran out of boss ideas and were like, yeah ... big donut ... thats good
violetblight: i mean
definenull: uh oh
violetblight: it is pretty good
fjordsword: seems so odd considering their other bosses
Juliamon: simple shapes can be the most terrifying
chumpofthemonth: I would eat a big donut
imgpw: theres an achieve to kill donut with 'feed' card so at least they made it have some flavor
Loonatic93: I should play "Monster Train" again....
ComradeMik: were there no flurry of blows this run?
fjordsword: I'd absolutely eat a big donut but not stab it 5000 times
imgpw: welp
fjordsword: oof
definenull: twas a good run lrrAWW
imgpw: hp reduced to 0
violetblight: yeah double decay will do that
ComradeMik: you did take like 30 damage on a turn
definenull: too much incidental life loss from the curses i think
AndHamGames: Damn, at least you killed dOngus
AndHamGames: And you can not open the chests to not get curses
Juliamon: A normal, chill, ad break
Juliamon: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
AdamYMHMI: I overvalue relics, so my runs tend to end to too much elite hunting
ComradeMik: my usual struggle in this game is not taking every card i think is cool
ComradeMik: deck bloat is a real problem
Snowcookies: I like going ? hunting and end up in hubrisland
violetblight: the skip card button is the most powerful of them all
violetblight: god this game's music is subtly great
violetblight: like it doesnt really stand out but it's still very good at sticking with you
SaxPython: @Snowcookies I didn't have my glasses on, and thought that said "husbandland", and was very confused.
elah806: it is my life's work to travel to husbandland
elah806: if only you could do it through StS
SkylerRingtail: Ragnarok Mantra is always fun to pull off.
asthanius: my dad got his prostrate checked recently
h3rsh3yb4r: ragnarok always feels really good early on, then baldur gets killed by a mistletoe and a giant wolf eats odin and it sucks
ComradeMik: hope your dad's back is holding up @asthanius
ComradeMik: or his knees
violetblight: love me a good fasting deck but this aint it
chumpofthemonth: You're just too handsome
elah806: Prostrate is something more straight guys should learn about
ComradeMik: scry can be powerful if you find the right card
ComradeMik: the free one that comes back on scry
definenull: its a lot harder to pull off tho, cos that's an uncommon card
ComradeMik: love me a good flurry
definenull: uh ohh
asthanius: i could go for a mcflurry
elah806: oooo I wanna stance with somebody
mortin_martin31: Amazing singing encore encore
mortin_martin31: You can sing me to sleep any day of the week lol
ComradeMik: mask sleeper OP
h3rsh3yb4r: can you sing blinding lights then?
h3rsh3yb4r: if your weeknd
asthanius: call me a pop rock band from ontario because i'm The Weekend
h3rsh3yb4r: no this is a different guy
asthanius: Weeknd is a rapper
Sibwow: ladies and gentlemen: the weekend
elah806: the weeknd is now about doing **** and being sad but ultimately it's fine. where it used to be doing **** and being sad and it was definitely not fine
asthanius: oh sorry hiphop, not rap
Testosteros: mom's spaghetti or whatever that talking singer says
ComradeMik: weave, my beloved
asthanius: it's still on compact disks
chumpofthemonth: I guess being sad isn't cool any more
ComradeMik: reset the run
ComradeMik: missed flurry trigger
frizbehobit: What is up???
frizbehobit: I love this game.
Diabore: language
ComradeMik: hola
ComradeMik: it's ya boi
gualdhar: I still enjoy the Weeknd that did a song all about doing **** while at a kids award show
asthanius: quebecois
violetblight: wish is fun but we dont really have the energy for it
ComradeMik: devotion is just gravy
Sibwow: quebecois bill clinton be like i deed nat 'ave sex with that waman
mortin_martin31: Chicken tenders too
asthanius: okay but it'
asthanius: it'll take a while
mortin_martin31: And a cookie
asthanius: postal service ain't what it used to be
definenull: muscle memory will get ya
ComradeMik: can I get a mod to give me permission to post a link. it's to fill wheeler's request for biscuits and gravy
Juliamon: go for it my dude
Gekyouryuu: Hello, friends. Have we figured out whose card this is? I only know it's not mine because mine is the serialized Elesh Norn I opened today
ComradeMik: @LoadingReadyRun got you covered ^
h3rsh3yb4r: what was the thing we were supposed to send wheeler from last week?
Formerly_Beef: correct
asthanius: sure is
Diabore: @Gekyouryuu ooh what number?
Juliamon: yep
ComradeMik: yeah
h3rsh3yb4r: like a single lifesaver in a plastic baggie?
ComradeMik: look, i was contributing to the bit ok.
Gekyouryuu: @diabore 272/500. I posted a pic in the magic channel on the discord earlier
Diabore: @Gekyouryuu i have most channels in the discord muted, theres a lot
elah806: it is wild to see you pop off with it, i have put hundreds of hours into this game and never once cracked Talk to the Hand
Gekyouryuu: Oh, I meant that as "you can check out the pic later" is all, @diabore
Gekyouryuu: And that it was earlier, so you may need to scroll up a bit
trainpants: yeah the card is bonkers
Gekyouryuu: I have basically every discord I'm in on mute except for when I'm @-ed
hatboozeparty: The biggest downside to Talk to The Hand is that sometimes you don't get the card
definenull: its kinda sad that some of the bosses kinda get around it
ComradeMik: @LoadingReadyRun dunno if you answered this, but are you likely to check out Downfall? it's the dev endorsed mod for StS?
AndHamGames: Your enemies should start a podcast with your hands
Juliamon: Wheeler's not planning to look at mods
definenull: thanks mods! LuvSign
Sibwow: 👏
Snowcookies: !clip
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ComradeMik: fair. was just curious since it's essentially an expansion pack.
elah806: woo
mortin_martin31: Yayyy encore encore
Larkonus: The mods here are absolutely fantastic. lrrHEART
Juliamon: bis in 5... 4...
Gekyouryuu: I was just about to make a joke about you not looking at chat mods. I type too slow
SnackPak_: but the googley eyes
Sibwow: the only mod you need is potionseller and googly eyes
Freezie_3z: Bruh mod me. I got no pre-existing bias
Anubis169: 3.. 2.. 1..
Juliamon: you ain't even following bud
Anubis169: :P
saucemaster5000: More of a rocker than mod
violetblight: true googly eyes are worth it
Sibwow: except hades
Anubis169: and yes it is currently 3:30am UK time
Juliamon: go to bed nerrrrd
Gekyouryuu: The only mods for this I care about are I wanna check out the Sailor Moon one, and my friends talked me through adding one that enables multilayer
elah806: this game just plays so nice on Switch is the thing
Fanklok: There's a mod that shows the amount of damage you'll take and speeds up slow animations
Gekyouryuu: Multiplayer*
Anubis169: i'm up doing uni work >_<
Sibwow: thats worse!
hatboozeparty: I play a game until i'm tired of it and then look at the mods, thats how i went from 120h in Stardew to 480h
Sibwow: you cant get good work done at 3 am
SkylerRingtail: Been having fun with the...Packmaster mod, I think it is? Adds a new class that drafts card packs to form their card pool each run.
FacelessManAboutTown: juzSnug
Juliamon: aight wind-down time is legit
FacelessManAboutTown: Anubis: sounds like a job for tea
niccus: welp
Haroldholmes25: oh no this run is too cracked
Anubis169: tea ftw
elah806: Love Rushdown
trainpants: two huge pickups
Fanklok: I will say with absolute confidence that Rushdown is good 100% of the time
Sibwow: feeesh
elah806: Rushdown turns the stance dance from radio edit to extended mix
Laserbeaks_Fury: I swear the merchant says a bad word every time
Fanklok: What no he says fuck off
SnackPak_: sergeHubris
ComradeMik: oof ouch owie, your bones
FacelessManAboutTown: lush50RIP
Snowcookies: Imagine going to elite with 6 hp
ComradeMik: play to your outs, even if that out is dying
Haroldholmes25: wheelerHub
Fanklok: Is that a comically oversized card i spy behind you?
imgpw: reducing opp to 0 is the most efficient way to not take damage
Haroldholmes25: it is the multiverse legends emry
Fanklok: Wreath and tantrum can get silly
violetblight: laga do be like that
AndHamGames: Just slow down a little man
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Fanklok: Win fast die fast
imgpw: LUL
Juliamon: !cliip
Juliamon: !clip
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Larkonus: Hubris, thy name is Wheeler. LUL
h3rsh3yb4r: see that one on the highlight reel
Cptasparagus: "gotta go fast" - Ricky Bobby
Fanklok: A the premier Watcher player of the format...
elah806: f it we ball
Fanklok: Big PP deck
elah806: amazing
BloodnBullets: but our Marks!
elah806: oooo top is great! wait
elah806: Judgement is fun
mortin_martin31: Gotta go see you all next time. Amazing singing encore encore. You can sing me to sleep any day of the week lol
elah806: Check the upgrade
imgpw: its kinda meme=y
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Reaper_IsMyName: no tantrum is godo
Snowcookies: It can be good if you draw it at the right time I think
Reaper_IsMyName: good*
ghizmou: it's absolutely magnificent against that armored ball in act 3
AndHamGames: Damn on a roll here
Fanklok: Tantrum is a key piece of a bunch of combos
elah806: Judgement messes up a couple fights where you want to sequence damage, but makes up for it with the times it saves your ass imo
Xavion333: Yeah, like judgement is great against that one enemy that is like 20 HP and 50 block. It's got notable uses.
Haroldholmes25: kunai is sick
Haroldholmes25: all very good pick ups
elah806: if we get a flurry it's so over
Haroldholmes25: what
Reaper_IsMyName: Calibrate reality. Seek inevitability. Embody divinity.
Fanklok: Or a Rushdown really
definenull: jackpot
elah806: Lesson learned is sO much fun
Fanklok: Don't talk to me or my hand ever again
koodooman: F?
Diabore: F
Juliamon: F
DeM0nFiRe: F
elah806: F
BloodnBullets: F
definenull: uh oh
AndHamGames: The snek gottem
SkylerRingtail: Cat demands attention. No stream, only me.
sassaboss92: F
chumpofthemonth: G
Reaper_IsMyName: snecko busted nerf plz
Juliamon: I would honestly laugh if Mulder stepped on a power switch
Diabore: back
BloodnBullets: I got a #2000 error.
Sibwow: hes just doing a phone bit
Fanklok: panicBasket panicBasket
definenull: we back?
ariborealis: icb sneko killed wheeler
benjamin_wheeler: hello
Juliamon: We are back now
Diabore: refresh if you dont hear wheeler
Sibwow: we did leave
BloodnBullets: back now.
Sibwow: we are back
SnackPak_: youre back
Elypants: You left.
koodooman: we are now, we went down for a bit
Juliamon: It went full offline
Diabore: we had a 30 second drop
SnackPak_: blame twitch
DEATHlikescats: Back!
DAC169: Twitch dropped?
ghyllnox: Oh yay, enforced ad break
Fanklok: Wheeler flipped his lag switch to timeout the Snecko
Juliamon: "father has spoken my name!"
Fanklok: The way it's ball undulates concerns me
Juliamon: Twitch has been kinda bad today, Chillpoint had it die as well
Sibwow: what if instead of tilting you just improved
Fanklok: Tilt into a sweet kickflip
Sibwow: dont should, just do
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bullseye3265: Hello Mr. Wheeler
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bullseye3265: Hello Mr. Wheeler
AndHamGames: Big brain
Sibwow: im adding 'dont should, just do' to my list of sibwows strategems
BloodnBullets: the "?"s is when its summoning more.
Fanklok: You're a little over 2 hours
Juliamon: Yeah, same thing with Chillpoint
Sibwow: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 7:13.
Snowcookies: twitch said LRR streams too much
Juliamon: I've reported the issue to Heather 👍
benjamin_wheeler: I've also reported the issue to Heather
Juliamon: two reports are better than none
Fanklok: Should all of us report it to Heather?
Fanklok: She can't get mad at all of us
Juliamon: Only if you have direct Heather access
benjamin_wheeler: Few can claim the privilege that I boast*
benjamin_wheeler: *heather likes me
h3rsh3yb4r: probably
niccus: anything above like 2400 is hacked
DAC169: that's gotta be a hacker
Laserbeaks_Fury: That seems like an error
Fanklok: That's the maximum value of an integer
BrindleBoar: big cheats
Sibwow: vintage is a great modifier