lady_olynder: Against thw advice of others, i tend to blame fae for anything going wr9ng
gonz0games: 15+ minutes without any word from @LoadingReadyRun makes me think no garbage today :(
Drasvin: !badadvice
LRRbot: Tell Dale.
DarkMorford: Is there still salami in mount garbage?
matthaus_c: if you've been good
TXC2: gonz0games have a little faith
GreatWahooney: well I certainly hope the salami is still Kappa
Aenir798: I hope this isn't another "we thought we were streaming but actually weren't" scenario
AtomicAlchemical: Unrendering textures...
GreatWahooney: @Aenir798 wait, that happened?
warpstonewarlock: @DarkMorford There surely is a free snorkel
Metric_Furlong: yeah, it did
Juliamon: It has happened
DarkMorford: Reticulating splines...
Metric_Furlong: @Aenir798 apparrently part of the problem was that chat just randomly happened into a covnersation topic vaguely related to what they playing
Gizmoloid: @cakhost I tried sticking with one of those Merge (or Scapes?) games for the story, eventually the waiting and greedy events demoralised me into quitting LUL If you want a good mobile game, check out Sky - it's basically Journy on mobile (same dev) with extra bells and whistles.
Metric_Furlong: so they didn't notice until about half-an-hour in
AtomicAlchemical: 90s Webage-ifying menu...
GreatWahooney: Adding more fonts... No, MORE fonts...
CouldntPickAUsername: ok what we should do is we should all go to the dicord and ping both graham and alex repeatedly
Aenir798: @Aenir798 it was W+P, chat was just chatting, and they thought chat was responding to them and they were having a back and forth, then someone said something along the lines of "any word on when they're starting?" and then they asked in chat "Wait, are we not live?"
Admiralmatt: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Watch + Play (Graham and Alex are prepared... are you? It's Garbage Day!) at Wed 01:00 PM PDT (19m ago).
Pteraspidomorphi: Today that would be mobile games I guess
TheMerricat: So Cori was going to suggest that Graham reboot the gaming PC prior to starting stream, and if they are having the same 'fun' with Windows update that I was having... we may just be waiting for them to clear out the aftermath of that chat. Be patient. :D
GreatWahooney: @Aenir798 oh wait I think I was there for that one :D
matthaus_c: Racing Hannah...
DarkMorford: @GreatWahooney De-serif-ing Arial...
AtomicAlchemical: Updating Windows...
Metric_Furlong: becoming horse...
Metric_Furlong: acquiring little gnome...
GreatWahooney: Publishing on Steam...
flatluigi: Unpublishing from Steam...
matthaus_c: @Metric_Furlong oh god the flashbacks
Pteraspidomorphi: It's impressive how updating windows is still so difficult. Only updating the kernel and a couple other things should even require a reboot
JusticeJuice: This is the horror we must watch today. Chat entertaining themselves. OooooOOOooooo.
TXC2: just the word gnome can give me flashbacks :p
Greyah: Touching the device...
DarkMorford: @Metric_Furlong I don't know why, but this got me thinking... What if LRR re-recorded the lines for some of these games and modded them to replace the originals? Would that make the games better?
Metric_Furlong: @Metric_Furlong fun fact: I'd actually played Spud! back in the late 90s and managed to put it out of my mind until the stream happened
AtomicAlchemical: Draining subocean...
lady_olynder: Aggroing the boss before the tank...
flatluigi: has LRR ever played Please, Don't Touch Anything
DigitalSeahorse: A bunch of red things to stand by are loading...
CAKHost: @TXC2 I only just found merge games on mobile so I had no prior experience with them. That being said, in the short time I have known them, I can see problems with it. Namely the constant need of having to get the same object again and again to get the higher level objects is 'ugh'. Coupled with Merge Mansion's tasks that consume said item so you have to keep getting it again for other tasks. Because I'm sure axes always break on sticks, boards or a single normal tree all the time! DX
Sacrenos: @Pteraspidomorphi if only.... Microsoft has made windows backwards compatible to a fault. So much stuff is intertwined due to things that cant be updated without breaking some ass backwards compatibility thing
frnknstn: Warning cardiac people...
KV1NN4: @flatluigi I think they did... maybe a Talking Sim?
flatluigi: @CAKHost i only recently found out that the Threes/2048 situation blossomed into an entire subgenre of those games
TXC2: CAKHost oof
SpacePotato01: We could pretend to be reacting to a game? All that matters is the endorphins, right?
Metric_Furlong: making the right choise...
CAKHost: Honestly I'm kinda mortified that Maddie has been throwing away all the gardening gloves I have to work so hard to get for her and there is just a sad pile of them off screen somewhere. :c
Sethalidos: @frnknstn oh god I forgot about cardiac people
matthaus_c: Misplacing collision maps...
Sacrenos: I'm deffo drinking whiskey to forget the imaginary garbage I'm watching :P
Pteraspidomorphi: Sacrenos: I particularly like it when I have to go through 4 versions of the same settings dialog in reverse chronological order. Makes me feel like an archaeologist
Metric_Furlong: getting drunk. very very drunk...
bytecaster: @frnknstn How could you be so heartless?
DigitalSeahorse: Plumping my instant noods...
matthaus_c: Standing against the devil...
accountmadeforants: In the absence of garbage, I've used SF6's demo to create a giant vaporwave alien
TXC2: exploring the dream void
DarkMorford: !findquote dream void
LRRbot: Quote #2233: "Translator's note: Dream Void means Ass." —Alex and Graham [2016-04-01]
elkae: Who takes drugs out of a test tube?
DarkMorford: Thank you, LRRbot
Diabore: did watch and play get cancelled or just running behind?
TXC2: Diabore we don't know
DarkMorford: We don't know
Anaerin: We're not sure, we've not heard yet.
GreatWahooney: we're suspecting technical difficulties. no word so far.
lady_olynder: Excellent question
Diabore: fair
elkae: It's the little chopper... of GOD
Sacrenos: @Pteraspidomorphi and it's always in the oldest one. I can never find the setting I'm looking for. Then again, I'm also the "give me the command line" kind of software dev.
flouncy_magooo: Schrödinger's Watch+Play
CAKHost: TL;DR: You can still occasionally find good mobile games but like finding anything good in a sea, it takes a while! ...sigh
NewtyNewts: So... Beautycopter, eh?
matthaus_c: @NewtyNewts where's my crème de minthe
NewtyNewts: I'm sorry....... we don't serve al co hol
LoadingReadyRun: Hey is W+P on the schedule for 1PM this week?
Sacrenos: Farming spiper venom...
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
TheMerricat: Yes. :D
elkae: Sure is
NimrodXIV: it is!
NewtyNewts: It is!
LoadingReadyRun: Cauuuuuse James wrote it down internally as 2PM
LoadingReadyRun: WELL THEN
Anaerin: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Watch + Play (Graham and Alex are prepared... are you? It's Garbage Day!) at Wed 01:00 PM PDT (26m ago).
NimrodXIV: #BlameJames
TheMerricat: We can wait. :D
NewtyNewts: WHOOPS
iris_of_ether: OMG
empyreon: LUL
Juliamon: #blamejames
matthaus_c: #BlameIt
flouncy_magooo: Bwahahaha
LoadingReadyRun: LOL
TXC2: of course he did
Gizmoloid: LUL
margieargie: Ah, good, a proper #blamejames moment
CAKHost: Darn you James!
Foxmar320: foxmarWELP
Sarah_Serinde: That explains some things :D
elkae: *shakes fist* james tuuuurnerrrrr
EricTheOrange: #blamejames
Anaerin: Timezones!
Socratesnote: LUL
sethtriggs: Ahaha
bytecaster: Finally, Catharsis!
SpacePotato01: time is an illusion. So long as we get our 2 hours of garbage we're good.
NewtyNewts: *mutters* Turner...
Juliamon: Now James owes us all ice cream
accountmadeforants: Oh well, we can wait. LUL
LoadingReadyRun: one sec... lemme check something
herph: jlrrDang
JusticeJuice: The AI in reality is so bad. :D
AtomicAlchemical: Blaming James...
Pteraspidomorphi: One hour late is better than no W+P!
Sacrenos: *james casually getting fired in the background*
Pteraspidomorphi: Is this a DST thing? :p
Metric_Furlong: prepare the turner burner
gonz0games: always blame james
elkae: He'll never live this down... unless he gets us some ice cream
GreatWahooney: *hilarity ensues*
Sarah_Serinde: It would make sense for it to be 2pm in order to leave some time after PIF
matthaus_c: Jameslight Savings Time
TheMerricat: @Sacrenos If they fire James, they have to do his job, no, I think he just gets everyone ice cream instead. :D
Foxmar320: Yeah 2pm gives G time to setup and install stuff.
evilspoons983: if it's starting at 2 pm, maybe I can have a shower
Anaerin: I have no idea if this is a DST thing or not, the province I'm in doesn't mess around with our clocks twice a year to try and get more sun.
accountmadeforants: I think this is evidence that James outsourced calendar duties to someone an hour's worth of timezone away.
Melfina__: Dangit James, first my channel peaks and now this! lol
DigitalSeahorse: is this number wang?
LoadingReadyRun: Okay, we're gonna split the difference and go live at 1:30!
NewtyNewts: Ooh, I need some ice cream. Think I'll go find a bowl and scoop actually
Diabore: well, we reconvene in a half hour then
elkae: if your wang is number, see a doctor
Juliamon: (it's not a DST thing)
DarkMorford: #BlameJames
Sacrenos: @Sacrenos fair point.
Diabore: or we rconvene now LUL
CAKHost: Yay \o/
elkae: @LoadingReadyRun lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Sarah_Serinde: @Anaerin It absolutely has nothing to do with DST, which happened weeks ago and everyone streaming is in the same timezone
Pteraspidomorphi: Just kidding Juliamon
Anaerin: Yay! So 3 minutes to go. :D
TXC2: so soon!
flouncy_magooo: @LoadingReadyRun Don't stress yourself. We're a chill angry mob
GreatWahooney: excite!
elkae: They's so good to us :(
NewtyNewts: !changenext 2 minutes
Pteraspidomorphi: Well you never know Sarah_Serinde, maybe James forgot to update his microwave clock
AtomicAlchemical: Fomenting unrest...
bytecaster: Okay, chat, we did rehearse this for 30 minutes, everybody be ready for when it starts!
NightValien28: shame I already ate all my snacks because I brought them in "early"
Gizmoloid: @flouncy_magooo true lrrHEART
Sacrenos: Ok, so chat, let's get up for a minute, so some stretches, especially the laughing muscles, so we are well prepared and don't pull a face muscle in the first minutes of the stream...
NewtyNewts: @bytecaster I thought I had time to learn my lines! NOO!
Foxmar320: bytecaster i already forgot my lines im nervous
Metric_Furlong: @NightValien28 if you're fast you could get more snacks...
matthaus_c: @bytecaster trust me this will be the best performance of Waiting For Godot we've ever done
GreatWahooney: I misplaced the script :(
TheMerricat: In commemoration chat, do I have the can of "fruit cocktail" or the can of "Chunky Mixed Fruit" for lunch?
Tempest2097: Okay we've got some time, did everyone get the sheets for the musical number were supposed to practice?
Sacrenos: @TheMerricat porque no los dos?
TXC2: your lines are "this is garbage" and "hahaha good joke streamer"
Sarah_Serinde: Well, I appreciate the stream not starting before I'm done with work :P4
Metric_Furlong: @bytecaster Waiting for God-Oh No
GreatWahooney: For reasons unknown in spite of the tennis the facts are there but time will tell!
Sarah_Serinde: :P
iris_of_ether: @themerricat It's The Same Picture
TheMerricat: The pictures on the cans are literally the same fruit, just in a different order...
WearingCats_CwC: I guess I'll wait for Godot, but only because he's got cool theme music
matthaus_c: so chat are y'all more of a Gogo or more of a Didi
Foxmar320: txc2 "This joke is garbage" and "good garbage streams" I think i messed that up
TXC2: Foxmar320 eh, close enough
Sacrenos: Been getting high on resin fumes for the past half hour, I am so ready for garbage.
TheMerricat: @iris_of_ether So I just looked at the back of the cans and they are literally the exact same thing...
flouncy_magooo: @Sacrenos I read that as raisin fumes at first and got very confused... and curious
NewtyNewts: @bytecaster Could even shorten it further for the awful ones. Waiting for God No.
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Metric_Furlong: @flouncy_magooo pretty sure that's a Clone High episode
Sacrenos: @flouncy_magooo I mean, I have a jar of raisins that have been soaking in rum and sugar, and smelling those will get you drunk :P
TheAinMAP: Title change.
iris_of_ether: @themerricat lemme guess: pear, pineapple, cherry, peach?
TXC2: "waiting for God? no, money down"
TheAinMAP: Signal.
NewtyNewts: lrrSIG
Manae: lrrSIG lrrGARBO lrrSIG
CAKHost: \o/
elkae: √lrrSIG lrrALEX lrrSIG lrrGRAHAM lrrSIG lrrGARBO
TheMerricat: @iris_of_ether Yep. :D
Sacrenos: lrrSIG lrrSIG
Metric_Furlong: lrrDOTS lrrGARBO lrrARROW
DarkMorford: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
flouncy_magooo: @flouncy_magooo Excellent LUL
matthaus_c: lrrSIG lrrDOTS lrrGARBO lrrARROW
bytecaster: lrrSIG
frnknstn: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
DoodlestheGreat: WE GET SIGNAL
DigitalSeahorse: error 5000
elkae: lrrSIG lrrALEX lrrSIG lrrGRAHAM lrrSIG lrrGARBO
empyreon: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
gooey_xylophone: wooooooo
lamina5432: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
AtomicAlchemical: we've got movie sign!
TXC2: REFRSH if you get error
Foxmar320: Here we go again
elkae: idk why my keyboard decided to square root Alex but here we are
Drasvin: Singal get! nakateGet
sethtriggs: Heh heh
NewtyNewts: Fursuit Vehicle announcing the arrival of the garbage.
TheDangerWaffle: Woo!
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Anaerin: Fursuit Vehicle delivering the garbage.
KeytarCat: ii timing desu!
SkylerRingtail: @NewtyNewts Something something furry trash?
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margieargie: 71 months of garbage! (and also the genuinely amazing stuff LRR does ^.^ )
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the_pallid_mask: lrrHEART
flouncy_magooo: Garbage Apes reporting in! Ook Ook!
sethtriggs: That was such a great name for the Crown Vic
CAKHost: Now to find a chicken to give them a gift-wrap rock in New Horizon while I wait.
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyEmpty vicksyDed oh no ads
sethtriggs: You know I wonder if those vehicles are stil driving up there in Yukon
richard_ermen: Late Garbo today?
Foxmar320: Wow that tweet :D
matthaus_c: technically early!
ExtraWubs: distComfy
flouncy_magooo: @richard_ermen Late AND Early
matthaus_c: schrödinger's punctuality
TXC2: Learly!
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyTrash
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Metric_Furlong: @richard_ermen #BlameJames
TXC2: LRRly!
NewtyNewts: That tweet sure... has an image.
Foxmar320: Garbage day is never late and always on time
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for WATCH+PLAY! Join @Graham_LRR and @alexsteacy for terrible games. | 📷 ||
flatluigi: blames jame
elkae: A Garbage Day happens precisely when it means to
NewtyNewts: Ah yes, that one.
CAKHost: I don't know what everyone is saying that seems to be a normal W+P tweet to me. Kappa
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ShadowFirelaw: Whee
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Ladyrhea: I love remembering that this button exists
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TXC2: both of those faces are me after I've typed a joke :p
DigitalSeahorse: Red things now loaded in case they need to stand by...
NewtyNewts: @TXC2 Left is public face, right is inside face?
sporkraptor: gar bage day
elkae: lrrALEX lrrGARBO lrrGRAHAM
TXC2: NewtyNewts both inside and outside, I am a conflicted man :p
NewtyNewts: Garb age day
IbunWest: lizstarTrash lizstarTrash lizstarTrash
flouncy_magooo: Age of Garb
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyTrash vicksyTrash vicksyTrash
TheMerricat: So chat, I heard a funny joke today and wanted to tell it before I forgot it. "What do you call someone who is lactose intolerant and gender neutral?"
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad voxlunGeiger
DigitalSeahorse: today is also Chernobyl Day
Tempest2097: I mean, technically we as a species have been garbed for a long time. The Garb Age began sometime in the paleolithic.
TheMerricat: "Non Buy Dairy"
CAKHost: The closest red things by me are Celeste, an infinity cube and my giffy fry bunny. I guess to my right is still a bunch of unfinish perler power berries...
iris_of_ether: OMG
NewtyNewts: quick, finish the preparations
flouncy_magooo: @TheMerricat Boooo! <3
TXC2: TheMerricat awful, 3 stars
Anubis169: Garbage Day!! lrrAWESOME
Pteraspidomorphi: :(
sporkraptor: closest red things to me are the handles of two pairs of pliers
DoodlestheGreat: @TheMerricat UnSane
AtomicAlchemical: @TheMerricat Thanks I hate it
Metric_Furlong: @TheMerricat boo!
Metric_Furlong: boo
TXC2: hello Anubis169
Anubis169: yo!
TheMerricat: :D
NewtyNewts: booboo
Foxmar320: Hello Anubis169
DarKovalord: I don't know if I'm prepared for this but its going to happen!
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nostra83: Wohooo
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TXC2: here we GO!
PhantsyPrantz: I don't catch streams live often but here I am
matthaus_c: hooold
Foxmar320: Good start
TXC2: HERE we go!
elkae: lrrALEX lrrGARBO lrrGRAHAM
Anubis169: Just got out of the shower, and now to feel filthy again
empyreon: lrrDOTS lrrGARBO lrrARROW
theevermist: oh yay garbage time!
CAKHost: Wake up intro. It's time to Stream!
TXC2: Hello Graham and Alex
sethtriggs: Wooohoo!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
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Foxmar320: Hello Alex and Graham!
WearingCats_CwC: hoi
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
sporkraptor: Patch and Whey
Anubis169: hahahaha
warpstonewarlock: Hello Alex, Hello Graham!
NewtyNewts: Good timing
Diabore: i wonder if we're ever gonna get a new w&p intro
Melfina__: yay lrrGARBO
elkae: lol i made that joke earlier :D
TheDangerWaffle: Sure is! LOL
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matthaus_c: #Blame lrrJAMES
NightValien28: Hi G Hi alex
Sarah_Serinde: Neither late nor early but kind of both
margieargie: It arrived at 1:30, just as scheduled
bytecaster: The garbage rises to the top.
Electrodyne: 24-hour WAP marathon
Anaerin: Give us this day our fortnightly garbage...
sporkraptor: ew
JusticeJuice: By garbaging the time of garbage, time being garbage itself, we reveal the true garbage, garbage.
Diabore: right to the bottom of the bin
Anubis169: yo kickass suspenders dude, you don't see people rocking those often
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2743 patrons for a total of $21,520.87 per month.
TheAinMAP: mattlrHeck
matthaus_c: the Steam Sphincter
IbunWest: Barely have control, much like most of the games
sethtriggs: Ewww great analogy
sporkraptor: until you find something lumpy, squishy, and smelly
CataclysmicReverb: Like that scene in Jurrassic Park, eh?
GreatWahooney: oh god it's lumpy
richard_ermen: I'm so happy that the string of bad games will most likely never end due to the "incest of games". What a time to be alive.
LordZarano: lrrGARBO
Nigouki: is lumpiness the base minimum?
NightValien28: please wash your hands aftewards
NewtyNewts: Barely need to get your arms coated in Steam anymore.
Juliamon: Plunge your hand down the drain, and grasp the clog
sporkraptor: time to roll in the filth, wheeee
Astra7525: Did you see that the dev behind Beautycopter made two more games?
PhantsyPrantz: reaching into the steam store "up to the elbow"
elkae: oh no
teammanfred: That was too much juice in one sentence.
cmdrud87: I don't know what Art Barr has to do with this, but sure
Electrodyne: Hey can we get a "I ♥️ WAP" shirt or hoodie?
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MenomeAlice: Five years of subs, many more of watching!
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thunderbird32: That was a really 90's company logo
MenomeAlice: Five years of subs, many more of watching!
IbunWest: Time to do steroids i guess
sporkraptor: it really is the juicer. oh no
Foxmar320: Fruit platformer shouldn't be a gnre but W+P has proven to me that it is
matthaus_c: decent title screen for our standards
elkae: Last time we had pears and apples and banans it was a bad time
sethtriggs: These buttons make me think mobile port
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Darleysam: it's time to press button
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Anubis169: Let's get ready to rumbaaaaaaaaall
TheMerricat: "The game is a cheerful shooter with a user-friendly gameplay in an original setting."
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elkae: Science!
Foxmar320: good good solid plan
Anubis169: GMO at its finest :P
Sarah_Serinde: Oh dear :D
A_Dub888: HOKAY
elkae: sergeScience sergeScience sergeScience
TheDangerWaffle: it's canon now
NewtyNewts: Easy GMO time
interiorexplosion: This has big Flash Game Energy
TXC2: this is your reminder that all food is geniticayl modified
Foxmar320: Yessss!
KeytarCat: This feels like a golden age flash game
Maltramac: Who could have possibly predicted this turn of events.
Anaerin: Come on down to Genetic Labs, for all your finest Genetics...
sporkraptor: blunderbuss
A_Dub888: Where'd it get the boxing gloves??
JusticeJuice: I promise I have no bias abot this game.
Foxmar320: Why does he have a space gun
accountmadeforants: You merely adopted the pesticides, I was born in them, MOLDED by them
Anaerin: Wait, isn't this just the plot of Maize?
Reecer6: i love a gun with a loudener
DigitalSeahorse: pegaRIP
CAKHost: The Juice brought belts!
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Pteraspidomorphi: So saturated
NewtyNewts: Fear for Peer
sethtriggs: Ahahahaa
IbunWest: They look like minions
DigitalSeahorse: pegaYuck
NewtyNewts: Or Fare for Pear
Juliamon: It's not even backdoor
NimrodXIV: :D
matthaus_c: are you supposed to pronounce Pear like Fear or Fear like Pear
TheDangerWaffle: what till you learn about bananas!
elkae: Fruitaganda
PhantsyPrantz: minion pears against gmos
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah seems pretty blatant to me :D
sethtriggs: Kinda makes me think Plants vs. Zombies tower defense
elkae: blat blat
Anubis169: oh this seems simple enough
Foxmar320: Juice that fruit!
TheDangerWaffle: sorry what
Mediocre_Man5: the juice is stored in the head?
GhostValv: reluice the juice
A_Dub888: ~Fill this tube with juice~ *clap clap*
TehAmelie: oh my are we standing against the debil
MehallD: Sean Bean
NewtyNewts: Thoroughly
teammanfred: I looked great on paper.
Anubis169: LOL
Gizmoloid: Is that basically Moorhuhn?
MenomeAlice: It's turned all your fruit into Dilbert
bytecaster: Is this what happens inside a Juicero?
LordManiMani: Tears of the Kingdom means it has holes in it
DigitalSeahorse: do not dis pear!
Nigouki: Is this just a reskin of another game but with propaganda?
Foxmar320: LOL
Tempest2097: That sponsor lives in my head rent free whenever I think of how crazy English is
warpstonewarlock: "It does a thorough job!"
sethtriggs: I hate reading this font
0x6772: Okay, so what's the equivalent of Duck Hunt's dog for this?
evilspoons983: there's so much text too
Anaerin: "Aircrafts"
Diabore: "some enemies are deserters, shoot at them"
DahudLefthanded: Do these pears even mean you any harm???
KV1NN4: Hey farmer! Leave them kids alone!
Juliamon: The head is smaller, therefore you are inflicting less damage to the harvestable juice while maximizing the likelihood of killing
evilspoons983: just like, let me figure some of this out on my own?
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KeytarCat: if it's propaganda, you know why they're in a school bus
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tru_boredom: Hell yes garbage day 30 months ago w+p was some of the earliest content I watched of you guys
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sethtriggs: The copyright said 2012(?)
tru_boredom: Hell yes garbage day 30 months ago w+p was some of the earliest content I watched of you guys
TehAmelie: feels very early 3D age
elkae: Is this the... third fruit shooter game on W+P
Genasi_Gaming: your tlling me this isnt a modern game
TheMerricat: RELEASE DATE: Sep 6, 2012
zeathean: Militant veggie tales?
RealGamerCow: I think I got this game in a pack with Elf Bowling
Foxmar320: Came out in 2012
bytecaster: Why aren't we shooting the pears while they are still on the tree, eliminating the problem at the stem and all that?
flatluigi: mobygames says 2015
Reecer6: this definitely seems like it was released on a 5-for-1 cd for ten bucks
Juliamon: Rhynerd Because Cori streamed earlier
Astra7525: The garish interface really reminds me of a specific Moorhuhn clone
Diabore: this one is unlimited, later ones not unlimited
IbunWest: Steam says 2012
LordZarano: 2012 Accoring to Steam
matthaus_c: 4:3 in 2012, holy moly
NewtyNewts: Release dates Windows September 6, 2012
Foxmar320: Games soundtrack is Free on Steam
Anubis169: These were all people...
Rhynerd: @juliamon I was refreshing the page to see if they had gone live ten minutes ago!
Anaerin: It's in 4:3 to make it easier to port to Mobile too.
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: Wow this aimlabs update looks weird
Anubis169: LOL
Juliamon: Rhynerd That's why chat has the lrrSIG system
PhantsyPrantz: @diabore oh no, are you familiar with this game?
sethtriggs: Maybe they used a 90s Game Maker
TXC2: are...are we the baddies?
elkae: wow so much commentary in this game
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
A_Dub888: uh ohhhhh Juicyyyyy
velexirapt0r: this sure is a font choice!
teammanfred: Can you buy Juicy jeans here?
CptCorallis: This music is kinda great though
matthaus_c: I don't think that font works for all the uses they're trying to get out of it
thunderbird32: At least the game has a robust tutorial system?
LordManiMani: @juliamon but... if we're not in chat already..
flouncy_magooo: Can't believe W+P have resorted to promoting Big Juice
TehAmelie: clearly they put a lot of thought into designing this map and it could only work in 4:3 without compromising the artistic vision haha right
IbunWest: This feels like a Neopets flash game
GreatWahooney: two different spellings of Armo/ur?
Diabore: @PhantsyPrantz no, that was in the instructions at the start
Foxmar320: Fill the tube
Tom_Bruise: Please don't fill up the juice tube
TehAmelie: ooh, more maps
TXC2: fill this tube with juice
Diabore: remember your nades
Sacrenos: I mean, this is, although not great, a playable game with a gameplay loop and progression...
LordManiMani: I'm just glad I'm only 10 min late and not 40
margieargie: Fill up the tube with juice? I don't think you can do that on a Twitch stream...
sethtriggs: RockBeat2.midi
epsilon_vee: war crimes bonus
JadedCynic: dis pear...dammit
matthaus_c: this is just like Fallout: New Vegas
bytecaster: This is not a fruit of honor
SquareDotCube: isn't also shooting a deserter of an enemy army a war crime?
TehAmelie: basically a carbon copy of Atomic 79 am i right
JusticeJuice: There is no Justice in this juice.
EvilGenius_9: The soundtrack for this is so weird
Aenir798: "You want to make sure the enemy fights to the death"
GreatWahooney: which pear?
Astra7525: and there's teh title for the Youtube-video
NewtyNewts: Juice-tise
Anubis169: Dispear
sporkraptor: pear in degrasse
Tom_Bruise: there is no honor in attacking the pears?
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: this music is very upbeat for pear slaughtering
flouncy_magooo: How to diss a pear completely
TXC2: "we don't tolerate turncoats in these parts"
Anubis169: Nice Pear
JadedCynic: I mean, there's always "he who fights and runs away can come and fight another day"
Foxmar320: The fruit wars have changed us all
DigitalSeahorse: don't dis pear
miniMacGuru: Now I have "Dis pear... So delicious" stuck in my head from way back in WoWarcraft boss history.
TheAinMAP: Shooting school buses looks very bad.
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: they ate the children
Anubis169: from their Pearants
matthaus_c: Ms. Frizzle is a war criminal
flatluigi: are they... children
elkae: they fruitjacked it
thunderbird32: Where did they clothes, Graham!
Foxmar320: oh no lol
kumatsu: same place the genetically modified corn from that one game would get one
CranstonSnord: sundae school?
EvilGenius_9: Wanton pear slaughter to the off brand crazy taxi soundtrack
interiorexplosion: They have pear-ents
TheMerricat: Why are they wearing punching gloves...
Angnor33: You get a school bus from the school busyard, like all school busses.
some_callmetim: what happened to the kids they jacked the bus from
sethtriggs: Apparently evil GMO fruits can earn CDLs too
Tom_Bruise: Look, budget's tight, the school buses were up on auction...
NewtyNewts: And that's why they rush straight at you.
Anaerin: Pear-C-P
nuclearstulle: sounds reasonable
elkae: wait is it fruitjacked or jackfruited
warpstonewarlock: Ah, it's a Pyro-vision
Juliamon: We huffed the Round-Up
RealGamerCow: Huffin that Roundup
elkae: one brain cell
frnknstn: is it dessert pear joke?
velexirapt0r: you really do need that infinite ammo huh
EvilGenius_9: New meaning to Round Up Ready
evilspoons983: did you read how a company is trying to build a farm machine to kill weeds by shooting them with lasers instead of using pesticides?
TehAmelie: i was thinking the mutant pears was made up as a legally distinct version of Minions but wow, this game is older than Despicable Me
Aenir798: Where did these pears find so many boxing gloves
Nosser2: It would be so easy to reskin these pears as Minions.
elkae: @TehAmelie hhhhwhat
NightValien28: I like that they have prescription glasses
JadedCynic: for that matter, if the premise is 'genetically modified is evil' might also follow the premise 'state education is evil too'?
kumatsu: this game definitely feels like a fever dream in that it doesn't feel like it's going anywhere
KeytarCat: Multikill
ZoBo_: greetings...good lord what fresh hell is this?? :D
Anaerin: Ye old pear chain gang?
Drasvin: Gang might be for multikill?
matthaus_c: fly like a coin, sting like a pear
KeytarCat: @JadedCynic That's how I read it
TXC2: this upgrade menu is VERY Flash game
teammanfred: Does that say Honey or Money?
flouncy_magooo: Can we become a bard and romance the pears?
Foxmar320: oh yesssss
sethtriggs: Oh that can't end well
Anubis169: oh boy
GhostValv: D:
TXC2: hello ZoBo_ welcome
elkae: uh huh
ContingentCat: wat
Mushbie: is it agent orange?
Anaerin: Anti Government Management Office.
matthaus_c: milking the mutant pears
SkylerRingtail: De-genetically modifying is...still genetically modifying?
Juliamon: He wants a cup of that pear's piss
KV1NN4: oh, pee? Whew I thgouht I had to 'milk' one of 'em...
Nigouki: look sometimes you just gotta juice your enemies
sethtriggs: You wouldn't shoot a pear with glasses would you?
NewtyNewts: Very different from what we were doing before.
IbunWest: I need a cup of that pear- dammit
TehAmelie: let's make Fox-Die but it's only gonna kill Monsanto bosses
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: I need to genetically modify the pears to make them stop being genetically modified
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Ace__of__Hearts: I am getting my ass kicked in Iron Banner today how is everyone here doing?
Anubis169: lol
sethtriggs: A different song, cool
whittacre: that's an american thing, isn't it?
Anaerin: Like UHT milk.
Nigouki: lots and lots of food is irradiated to disinfect it
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaBanana feliciaBanana feliciaBanana
CAKHost: Does GMO also involve selective breeding to make a hardier crop?
JadedCynic: irridation for antibacterial
elkae: guess what i'm irradiated right now
Anubis169: We were having a talk in another channel about "organic" milk
SquareDotCube: basically it passes under UV light
WearingCats_CwC: Irradiated. For extra spicyness
RealGamerCow: generally UV
geail: milk and fruits commonly get irradiated
Favre_the_Undead: irradiation is a disinfectant
NewtyNewts: Particularly if they sit next to your bananas
Tempest2097: GMO foods are literally all crops we grow
Anubis169: and i'm thinking isn't all milk organic?
matthaus_c: I always go to the grocery store with a Geiger Counter
Favre_the_Undead: usually uv
CataclysmicReverb: How do you protect from solar radiation?
TXC2: CAKHost no, becuase people are idiots
amythist: typically it's like UV to disinfect it
DigitalSeahorse: banana amount feliciaBanana
elkae: background radiation all day long up in here
Astra7525: You heard of "cured meats", but have you heard of "Curie'd meats"?
Raincoast_Bear: Radiated food has longer shelf life. The radiation kills microbes.
sporkraptor: if you let them sit in the sun they become irradiated. so they have to be grown entirely in darkness
ZoBo_: gives the food a healthy glow!
TheMerricat: "Food irradiation is the process of exposing food and food packaging to ionizing radiation, such as from gamma rays, x-rays, or electron beams."
Tempest2097: It's just HOW we GM'd them that these people care about
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: yeESSSSS the watching and also the playing!
TXC2: _____ is not well understood by the public
Rhynerd: My brain went to “we collected these before WW2”
elkae: @TXC2 this
Anubis169: but not the rest of you?
SquareDotCube: Non-pasteurized milk was another thing
Steelwolf171: The radiation does make the seeds sterile though. That's why it's difficult to grow things like apple trees from seeds from mass market produce
Anubis169: background radiation freaks people out
theevermist: I feel like people also dont appreciate how big the pacific is
RealGamerCow: I saw a scientist on TikTok take on someone that was saying that the government banned lead paint because the lead paint was blocking the 5G waves because lead stops radiation.
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunGeiger voxlunGeiger voxlunGeiger
Caffine1138: don't underestimate the anti-nuclear lobby's fearmongering
matthaus_c: a new peariant
Anaerin: It was detectable, because the background radiation measurements went from 2-4 to 3-5.
DigitalSeahorse: pegaLemon
ValtheDrake: ah yes, I remember all the sushi places around here desperately switching from "all original Japanese components" to "all fish locally sourced!"
matthaus_c: Su-pear Mutant
TehAmelie: "how can you shoot mutant pears like that?"
Azralorne: It's like how everyone bought out all the toilet paper when the pandemic hit lol
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I was reading about tree hybrids and I discovered there's a person whose job is to irradiate seeds with gamma rays and then grow them to see if any interesting mutations fall out. And this WORKS.
NewtyNewts: Fence, not hedge.
KeytarCat: hehehe hedge fence
CAKHost: @TXC2 Didn't think so. I'll admit I don't know what counts as GMO other than maybe chemicals were used before you got the food and I know that isn't a bad thing because that makes food last longer and other benefits that come from them.
bytecaster: Don't pear-shame!
sethtriggs: So which are the pretty pears?
Raincoast_Bear: There was a guy across the alley from me selling non-pasteurized dairy out the back door. It was a gonzo circus back there on the days he was selling.
Anaerin: Ugly pears? So those Foreign pears crossing the Rio Grande...
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CouldntPickAUsername: just remember 'short, controller, bursts' you can have 2 out of 3
SquareDotCube: Boxing.
Anubis169: it's a pear of boxing gloves Kappa
Creideiki_SE: For those interested in learning, MIT has a free introductory course on "nuclear stuff" on YouTube. It covers food irradiation, among many other things.
NewtyNewts: What would you wear it for?
GreatWahooney: a pear of boxers
TXC2: boxzing
sethtriggs: They box for TEAM in CITY
malc: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: A MIMIC, RUN!
DaxStrife: Hand them out to everyone during the move.
TehAmelie: would you like to own a juicer that only makes pear juice?
SquareDotCube: Suitable for December 26!
JadedCynic: wait...huh
JadedCynic: that's just a headache
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: do you think they found the clothes or are they part of the genetic mutation
Anubis169: This isn't half bad
Caffine1138: This seems "Fine"
JadedCynic: this is a shooter...just a little 'old'
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
sethtriggs: It is definitely working fine
Foxmar320: Yeah this is fine
niccus: it's a game
Darleysam: coulda been a 00s timewaster of a Flash game
TheMerricat: 180 ratings for this on steam and it is 'mostly postitive'
KeytarCat: Functional game w/ propaganda on the side!
Foxmar320: The reviews on Steam are positive
TXC2: actual gameplay shocks everybody
NewtyNewts: It juices! It spruces!
thunderbird32: This isa good first game. Like a solid college project they decided to sell.
SevenishMagpies: if this was on newgrounds 20 years ago i would've played the heck out of it
Rhynerd: You do shoot pears
ZoBo_: there's a certain "Minions" quality to these pears
Gooseblast: One of the games of all time
PhantsyPrantz: thinly veiled is extremely generous
Anubis169: the pears wouldn't look out of place in Psychonauts
Tempest2097: You like literally any crop
TheMerricat: Bananas
Ace__of__Hearts: or anything with wheat in it
Gekyouryuu: Ah, heck, I'm late
JadedCynic: for games on newgrounds... this is amazingly smooth
DigitalSeahorse: or bananas
TheMerricat: Grass
Juliamon: Fucking bananas
sporkraptor: or cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus
TXC2: or tomamtos, or apples, or organges
Caffine1138: carrots
LordShadner: grapefruit
margieargie: You like literally any domesticated food products for the past 15000 years?
JadedCynic: "chemicals" - like WATER???
Steelwolf171: Cauliflower, sprouts and broccoli
Gizmoloid: "veiled" that's quite generous, considering how blatant it was LUL
drthvd3r: Olives.
theevermist: or like carbon the chemical
Foxmar320: lol
sethtriggs: LOL
iris_of_ether: :D
Caffine1138: ah yes. PETA. The bastion of rationality
Gizmoloid: lmao
ContingentCat: Lol that sounds like Peta
Forgebold: Oh yeah, the big tiddy dinosaur
sethtriggs: I forgot about that
JadedCynic: or OXYGEN
TXC2: sounds like PETA :p
CranstonSnord: um
Anubis169: hahahaha
matthaus_c: I mean
niccus: oh people would
sporkraptor: no I've seen those
ZoBo_: ohhh I think I saw that
Juliamon: (except we do)
sporkraptor: in deviantart
Kaorti: wouldn't we?
nuclearstulle: yeah that one was something xD
evilspoons983: insert hank green screaming "EVERYTHING IS CHEMICALS"
Metric_Furlong: Alex.
sporkraptor: and.... Places
KV1NN4: pffft
iris_of_ether: ALEX
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TSSaloic: Seventree Months! I can't wait for MagicCon
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Ace__of__Hearts: oh that's...that's a thing PETA
matthaus_c: the internet loves milkers
theawesomeonev2: Oh peta. If ever there was a group of people I wish a hole would open up under
Shadowsoflife: @evilspoons983 DFTBA
TXC2: "you wouldn't milk a person!" stares in newborn
JadedCynic: "Get the goverment to stop adding Dihydrogen Monoxide to everything"
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: what I've heard about PETA is that there are a loooot of chapters and mostly those chapters do their own thing, so some are WILDLY more radical than others.
Juliamon: nobody show PETA a breast pump, they would get mad
NewtyNewts: Still just pears
SquareDotCube: pearmander
TehAmelie: this fantasy that modern microscopic engineering where you can insert genes into things directly is "unnatural", like, the only difference between old fashioned selective breeding is that it's faster
A_Dub888: The CommandPear
DoodlestheGreat: OH YEAH! I remember that one. Everyone at the furcons was laughing like chipmunks on helium.
rentar42: They can't just write "now you have a machine gun" without prefixing it with "ho ho ho ..."
matthaus_c: oh my GOD
Foxmar320: Is this the dark future of Vegie Tales
richard_ermen: "Have a machine gun, will travel to fight pears"
SevenishMagpies: isn't pear commander just partners?
Caffine1138: this soundtrack is far better than it should be for this level of production
DanTheMediocre: so far the music has been pretty good tbh
flouncy_magooo: Message in a butthole...
BigDaddyBland87: Sting's gonna sue somebody
Rhynerd: I wonder if this was made in-house by a an anti-GMO group or if there’s a company pr two that gets contracted to make stuff for these groups.
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TheMerricat: @Juliamon "PETA @peta · Mar 29, 2019 There's no functional difference between drinking milk from a glass versus drinking from the cow directly. Dairy is breast milk either way." - I'd post the link but even W+P chat can be scared... :D
Reecer6: i don't like that the camera scrolls but the original view already captures all the pears
sporkraptor: whenever you are near
Pteraspidomorphi: Was typing that Graham :D
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: sorry was that an earthquake or an "eartquake"
sporkraptor: oh my pear-fruitin' dear
Gekyouryuu: I was having the same thought!
JadedCynic: I still just look pEta as the corporate HQ being a 'non-profit' that have suspiciously high wages for their staff...
Khalahd: Suddenly, a Pear!
matthaus_c: that is why all the pears in town follow you all around
sethtriggs: War Crimes for Cash
Tempest2097: We shall not suffer cowardice, not even in the enemy
KeytarCat: So are deserters non-combatants? It feels like a war crime
bytecaster: "No GMO fruit is allowed to get away!"
ImmortalLen: I just got here, why is Alex massacring nerdy pears???
Astra7525: "You did a warcrime. Congrats!"
Anaerin: PEARTA - You wouldn't Juice a pear!
NewtyNewts: So... what are you shooting the pears with? And why doesn't it harm the fruit that's still on the trees?
GreatWahooney: I like that the boxers come in pairs
AtomicAlchemical: Yeah this reads like some lobbying group hired an indie studio to make a propaganda game but didn't give oversight beyond that and the devs just had fun
Anubis169: Scorched Fruit?
matthaus_c: we're killing deserters and stealing dogtags
Anubis169: you have seen my cooking style
Darleysam: I'm assuming they didn't think it through further than "dessert pun"
JadedCynic: "if'n you let 'em run away...they might come BACK"
gualdhar: can't let the GMOs get away to spread their filth to another field
GreatWahooney: mm, desserting
Nigouki: they might sprout elsewhere and spread their seed beyond our reach
DanTheMediocre: the orchard knows no mercy
Foxmar320: omg
CouldntPickAUsername: anyone else disappointed the grenades aren't pomegranates?
Foxmar320: Graham why :D
JadedCynic: GRAHAM
NimrodXIV: Graham.
sethtriggs: Well met
Critterbot: Boo!
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
DigitalSeahorse: lol
Juliamon: jlrrFacepalm
ContingentCat: yes Graham
KV1NN4: Yeah if you could fofer a reward to deserters to get bonuses or soemthing
Mai_Andra: can't let them GMOs get out in the wild, they will corrupt the whole earth!
NewtyNewts: Pear Organisms (Wadjusted-genetically)
TXC2: boo, boo this man
PhantsyPrantz: Pears Of War
SK__Ren: Pears of War? I love that game
Anaerin: @CouldntPickAUsername They're clearly Pineapples.
Anubis169: brakka brakka brakka brakka
sporkraptor: it's the fruitbasket of the apocalypse
sporkraptor: the pears of war, the grapes of wrath
margieargie: Don't forget to pretend to surrender before attacking them! Opening fire while still dressed as a pear may be an option too <_<
Gekyouryuu: @couldntpickausername you mean bombegranates?
Calyte: This is what pears deserve. I hate the bastards. All of them.
SquareDotCube: It's pretty apparent if you ask me
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyBanana feliciaBanana
Foxmar320: LOL
kristian_fischer: As opposed to Piers of War from RE6.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: get a WHAT?
SplittingImage77: @SquareDotCube you mean pretty a-pear-rant?
TheMerricat: So the company Anvate Games made this, their website is just a logo that is a link to an info email address...
TehAmelie: maybe this is the prequel to Pears and Grey Witch
DigitalSeahorse: blue pear
bytecaster: Maybe the deserts should just grow a pear.
bytecaster: *deserters
elkae: @TehAmelie Right??????
Anubis169: Nicely done
Drasvin: A lot of large pears. Just a shame that some of them are angry
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: GRAHAM. lrrJUDGE
GhostValv: can't stop the MiliPeary Industrial complex
emberBecky: i'd eat a blue pear
rentar42: Prepear!
CataclysmicReverb: Also like... pears might be juicy, but I don't know anyone else who has drank pear juice
SpacePotato01: I think this solves world hunger. Look at the size of these chonkers
sporkraptor: @rentar42 you got it
Reecer6: i hope we get pumpkins
NewtyNewts: Across an open field!
Ummon_: Then you get apples
Godofmuffins: I'm invested in the pear war.
Anubis169: the swarm!
flouncy_magooo: Make them pearish
Khalahd: Then, juicetice
Foxmar320: The Apples attack? Watermelon army? Grapes of wrath?
SevenishMagpies: it's a pretty peared down plot tbh
Sarah_Serinde: So while I definitely wouldn't discount this being actual propaganda, I also wouldn't be surprised if it was just someone going "lol GMOs are bad, what if we made a silly shooter about it?" Like not trying to advance a cause, just making a game on a popular talking point
NewtyNewts: Next up: oranges. Not a tropical climate, but that's what GMOs are for!
Juliamon: I wish to know how the vegans feel about this masssacre
sporkraptor: dates of death
BigDaddyBland87: Pretend these are the Minions and these would be pretty damn cathartic
TheMerricat: @Juliamon Happy warm glow? :D
TXC2: "you weren't there man, you didn't see the horros of the pear war"
Aenir798: "I was juicing so hard"
Caffine1138: i'm guessing there is not "auto fire" on mouse hold?
hesterbyrde: Currently the biggest issue with GMOs is the capitalism.
niccus: alternate universe plants vs zombies
Lithobraker: Yeah, we just need a some Crispr Cas9 to knock out an important gene for brain development and it'll be fiiiiiine
ContingentCat: commiting fruit based war crimes lol
my_wasted_youth: Is it deserting or desserting?
NewtyNewts: This reminds me of that one crapshot where Alex says 'pear'
SquareDotCube: man remember fruit ninja
Sacrenos: "Like, fruit ninja? You still play that?"
SacrificialToast: desserters
ContingentCat: @my_wasted_youth yes
WearingCats_CwC: It's official, the landing at Juno Beach was weird
rentar42: so I just tuned in, and I can accept all of this except: why are we exploding a randomly passing school bus?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I feel like someone just had a pear allergy and wanted to take their revenge
Mediocre_Man5: is shooting the deserters against the Chiquita convention?
richard_ermen: Great scott, those pears had a family!
Aarek: more daka
margieargie: Really just sent over an open field at a prepared position... pears led by donkeys
Juliamon: rentar42 It's being driven by GMO pears
gooey_xylophone: when was minions?
iris_of_ether: @mediocre_man5 OMG
JadedCynic: thank you for the E6 I'm gonna have that in my head for days :D
Veraphage: are we human, pear commander SingsNote
Tempest2097: I guess we're all revisiting the roots of W+P with Pear Warriors
Juliamon: rentar42 I'm not even joking
rentar42: @Juliamon oh, of course, I could have thought of that
sporkraptor: the Final Boss will be the UltraPear
TXC2: Mediocre_Man5 luckily these are del monte
Mai_Andra: and blowing up school buses for bonus casualties...
CataclysmicReverb: Ah yes, a modern retelling of an ancient story, truly a pearable for the ages
bytecaster: @richard_ermen Most pears are actually adop... eh grafted.
Anaerin: Desserters? So more of a cobbler then...
niccus: unfortunately actual factual chiquita corporation probably has engaged in war crimes
TheMerricat: So on the steam forums... there is a suggestion they are working on Juicer 2.....
sydnius: Pearea 51
Rhynerd: None shall be peared.
NewtyNewts: Flee at your pearil
JadedCynic: @Tempest2097 well played SeemsGood
Izandai: Isn't shooting at a retreating enemy a war crime?
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drthvd3r: Can we acknowledge that these pears also look like minions?
Anubis169: they're trying to disapear
JonnyGlitched: Hey look! it's my favorite garbagefolk!
matthaus_c: ribbed, for pear pleasure
ContingentCat: We take no prisoners and leave no survivors in the GMO pear wars
SplittingImage77: If they had lightsabers, then maybe they could pear-y the shots
DanTheMediocre: all shall pearish
NewtyNewts: Watermelons.
Foxmar320: O_O
Maltramac: Corn time?
SK__Ren: Broccoli?
Anubis169: is that a Weezing
Foxmar320: I have questions
TXC2: the grey goo?
TehAmelie: Pears of War (rhymes with Gears of War)
sethtriggs: I swear these look like meme drawings
sporkraptor: I hate it when that happens
SK__Ren: oh no
Zalthia: Hm
Jobot180: The Corn!
Anubis169: Children of the Corn
ContingentCat: they've got the juice!
margieargie: I'm disappointed the grenades aren't a literal pineapple
Rhynerd: The pears bought drones?
Greyah: Corn to be Wild?
sporkraptor: corn juice
NimrodXIV: like ya do
DigitalSeahorse: uhoh
Sacrenos: Blood for the blood god!
0x6772: mmmmmm CORN JUICE!
Juliamon: Now these are just reskins of Larry the Cucumber
Anaerin: Veggietales took a DARK and sinister turn.
Gulleko: aameel1LOL
evilspoons983: mmm, corn juice
Manae: Corn has the juice
Gekyouryuu: Why not Corn to be Wild?
Gizmoloid: CORN BIKERS
sporkraptor: it's time for corn juicin'
JonnyGlitched: Hell's Kernals
tenthtechpriest: Corn bikers go against the grain
The_Kraken19: That's that corn water
Gizmoloid: lmao
MLGTaylorSwift: Not to be confused with Khorne bikers.
gooey_xylophone: yeah, corn bikers.
geail: they be scootin
DanTheMediocre: It's total cornage out here
rentar42: Good ... the previous enemies where starting to be unpearable.
IbunWest: This is fine. merlekFine
iris_of_ether: It's got the juice!
CouldntPickAUsername: corn juice, aka ethanol
Tom_Bruise: So this is what'd it'd be like if Resident Evil Village was set in Nebraska?
margieargie: Filling it up with high fructose corn syrup
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Sarah_Serinde: Amazing. GMOs plus bikers, so incredibly menacing. All the things that are wrong with society
WearingCats_CwC: Why do the corn bikers all look like meth addicts?
Jobot180: Get that delicious corn syrup
morgoth_bauglyr: Khorne Corm
matthaus_c: loose definition of bike
TXC2: Cobs for the cob throne
Calyte: Scooter-Corn?
SquareDotCube: They're all hopped up on ethanol
GreatWahooney: we had pear commanders, so corn colonels?
SkylerRingtail: We're _definitely_ hallucinating and mowing down children
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyGun this game getting corny vicksyTrash
NewtyNewts: The youts
JadedCynic: I lived in the Midwest for a couple of years, in the middle of Corn Country...I'm fine with shooting them all
Izandai: Wow, these corns really do have the juice.
KeytarCat: My city has it all in the skate shops
Izandai: And we gotta shoot it out of them.
Anubis169: Rollerblades became less popular when phones became very fragile :P
Darleysam: we've got banks of electric scooters for the public to use all around me. It's.. strange.
SplittingImage77: Is their leader the Kernel?
GreatWahooney: this game is amaizing
DigitalSeahorse: LOL
TehAmelie: The Children of the Corn is. . .the corn itself
matthaus_c: it's a great lump with knobs
0x6772: Nobody tell Alex that he *is* at work.
BillTheCat: oh I've been killing corn
KeytarCat: I was expecting leather bikers, to make it also homophobic
geail: That's how I play Arena
Astra7525: But Alex.. the other tab at work is already occupied with LRR Streams
miniMacGuru: I was searching recently, and there aren't many places that allow in-line skates anymore. None of the nearby roller rinks allow them, and most park areas with tracks ban them.
KV1NN4: my grandpa used to make similar scooters in his garage until they moved to the new place that didn't have the same space
pokilm: Alex you’re currently playing this in the MAIN tab at work
sethtriggs: Game is actually pretty alright.
DigitalSeahorse: there's a spreadsheet in the other tabs at LRR
DaxStrife: Yeah, this does have "late 2000's insurance ad flash game" vibes.
Mai_Andra: I'm literally avoiding spreadsheets by watching this stream right now... =|
SquareDotCube: Jimmy killed corn and you'd better care.
Astra7525: Jordynne's editing is top notch
matthaus_c: Jordynne's been killing it
Anubis169: !youtube
LRRbot: LRR's main channel is . For Stream VODs check out . MtG vods and other MtG content are at . Tabletop related videos are at . LRR Videogame videos (including Checkpoint+) are at
JonnyGlitched: Any business that lets me install this is doomed
KeytarCat: The W&P edits are great
rentar42: So well edited!
TheMerricat: "For guys who skipped the tutorial :) In fact, many miss training and they do not know what a head shot inflicts far more damage. And open a small sadistic secret: hit in the groin, also does more damage than a hit in the body!" - from the Steam forum.....
Azralorne: I've been watching them and they're so goooooood
Azralorne: They bring me so much joy
Foxmar320: ?That games was amazing
Anubis169: hehehehe
elkae: Jordynne is doing such a good job! Their edits are fantastic
sethtriggs: I love the W+P edits. Love Beautycopter and the Scapes games
Tempest2097: Beautycopter was ART
NewtyNewts: Oh beautycopter...
SevenishMagpies: my terrible attention span thanks yall for making mini watch and play
JonnyGlitched: This reminds me of Space Dude
Rhynerd: The beautycopter video is great
Anaerin: Fun fact: Razer scooters (And electric scooters) are illegal to ride on the road or sidewalk here in Saskatchewan, thanks to them failing to qualify as Bicycles and thus require licensing.
JadedCynic: oh yes: Thanks to Jordynne for excellent work in feeding my nostalgia :D
raulghoulia: I just came from the latest episode when I realized the time and came here
lady_olynder: Beautycopter sure was an experience
TowerSlayer: Chex Quest was hilarious
sethtriggs: They got rid of all the orphan torture in Homescapes since you played it! It's all Austin now in the pin games!
IbunWest: Beautycopter is an all timer
ContingentCat: Oh yeah I've been meaning to check those out, I've been too busy to catch many streams live nowadays dang work
elkae: I knew Jordynne was ON IT when they went and grabbed that SPUD! clip for the gnome reference
KeytarCat: I was too invested in beautycopter to watch the highlights idly :P
amythist: so I saw Ben post some pictures, how is the Moonbase move going?
Juliamon: I wish all the best for the Beautycopter dev, they definitely had a vision and they made it happen
Zalthia: I aspire to create games like Beautycopter
TehAmelie: speaking of youtubes, that last Crapshot was amazing
NewtyNewts: They just ram their scooters into you
Simriel: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 30:14.
MatthewDennisMTG: I bought Beautycopter for myself and a friend after watching your video
KeytarCat: Noooo, kamikaze is a specific thing!
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constablecrab: I once had a dream about hostile corn. It didn’t resemble this in the least.
Reecer6: sir, a second corn has hit the farmer
GetColor: Corn on skooters what did I join into LUL
A_Dub888: How much GMO did the farmer get from that lab?
DaxStrife: Kamacornze.
whittacre: corn-ikaze?
DigitalSeahorse: curious about the fail state
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GreatWahooney: @A_Dub888 yes
SevenishMagpies: ka-maize-kaze pilots
JadedCynic: shades of North By Northwest there :D
TheMerricat: @DaxStrife All the GMO. :D
MatthewDennisMTG: Can’t wait for the Beautycopter LRL flythrough
Astra7525: Gameplay?
Gekyouryuu: Haven't watched the Beauty Copter solo episode yet, but the run time seems shorter than I feel like we spent on that game. Are the solo episodes just cut out, or are they further edited down?
sporkraptor: you gotta watch out, corn can be crafty
Anubis169: gameplay?
Izandai: Gameplay?
gooey_xylophone: they are children...
flatluigi: corn?
velexirapt0r: gameplay?
rentar42: a story?
TXC2: A_Dub888 all of it, all the Gs to MO
sporkraptor: true
margieargie: This Hat?
theevermist: functionality?
velexirapt0r: oh that too
Izandai: Wow yeah
Foxmar320: Very true
Sarah_Serinde: Yeahhhh
Calyte: What is this gun anyway? It looks like the Launcher for a Pinball game.
Anubis169: defo
JadedCynic: YES
Juliamon: Gekyouryuu They are edited down
ZoBo_: true!
Izandai: @Anubis169 #drift
sethtriggs: The art is definitely consistent.
Maltramac: The art is sure going in a direction.
Anubis169: lol
Robot_Bones: ripped straight from Vegitales
Foxmar320: DED
Sacrenos: And a slapping soundtrack
Izandai: 10X
NewtyNewts: Kabewm
UncannyJimjams: Oh no, it's garbage day!
GreatWahooney: pop that corn!
Tom_Bruise: talk about combine harvesting
ContingentCat: Yup, it's ugly as hell but it's consistently ugly
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tatyl_and_tael: hey guys hope the new moon base is coming along
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DigitalSeahorse: two truck!
KeytarCat: The animation is faster then they desert!
Simriel: Okay I just got here but
sethtriggs: So the juice you're getting is actually corn syrup isn't it?
theevermist: that truck was made of paper
DigitalSeahorse: vicksySpook
Simriel: Why is the Corn on scooters
DoodlestheGreat: Jordynne, can we make a request for particular games to make into highlights? I was thinking of "Sonic Suggests." ConcernDoge
TheVoxtric: beautycopter supercut was great
TXC2: Simriel it's GMO corn
Drasvin: Bullet time!
A_Dub888: ZA WARDO
accountmadeforants: This really reminds me of those old Shockwave games. (I.e., the ethos of Flash games, but in 3D!)
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyNoU vicksyGun vicksyNoU
Juliamon: If they weren't edited down they'd be able to release them much faster
Utopos: Kernel time!
margieargie: Maize Paine
Simriel: @TXC2 Is... that the actual reason?
theevermist: time to pop some corn!
MatthewDennisMTG: This is a great Aimlabs redux
hb8u: they look so happy while falling off
TXC2: Simriel sure is
Reecer6: the fact that flowers bend back to your bullets is honestly a nice bit of polish
sethtriggs: I love the comedy edits.
Maltramac: Wait did that one corn just get ran over by a truck?
SkylerRingtail: Short, controlled bursts. No need for a...kernel panic
JonnyGlitched: personally not a fan of the TikTok cuts, but I'll get over it
sethtriggs: "ALCHEMY!" I hope gets put into some supercut one day.
Anubis169: oh those have blue scooters
TXC2: adds some....comentry
JadedCynic: I've enjoyed Jordynne's 'additions" <3
TehAmelie: more dakka
Wiliart: Will this vod contain corny jokes?
UncannyJimjams: The... juicy.... shop
SevenishMagpies: @JadedCynic same
sethtriggs: Oh those teeth
evilspoons983: that is a cursed looking dog
Juliamon: Those Rs look like Ps
DaxStrife: That cage only had bars on on side.
JonnyGlitched: They wern't already mad?
Caffine1138: Shotty to hotty!
NewtyNewts: Shotgurn
TheAinMAP: dyketaWave dyketaWave dyketaWave
GreatWahooney: ok that convinced me to watch those, as I haven't yet. curious about the editorial shenanigans
SevenishMagpies: game manager corn
malsareus: so is this normal corn?
sethtriggs: This music is too cheery for what's happening heh
thunderbird32: General Motors Corn
elkae: what an apt emote
Astra7525: did somebody say "padding"?
DigitalSeahorse: will there be blue corn?
rentar42: if that's the non-GM corn , then I'm a bit worried.
Chronomagistrate: Gross Maize Organisms
matthaus_c: I wonder what the defeat screen looks like
JadedCynic: if they weren't mad before, now I'm even more scared
JonnyGlitched: @TheAinMAP Did you look that up and sub just for the emote?
interiorexplosion: If you squint the corn looks like Marge Simpson
TSSaloic: The Corn Lobby has purchased General Motors.
malc: bye plane
TemporallyAwry: Plants Versus Zombies took a real turn when they gave the plants legs.
raulghoulia: Graham, loved you and Kathleen on Elder Dragon Hijinks
bytecaster: That biplane is hitting the sprite limit
elkae: GMO = Great Mad Organisms
Caffine1138: The tutorialization isn't horrible in this either. good spacing, clear direction (font is obviously an issue)
Rhynerd: I guess you’ll get one?
JonnyGlitched: This does sound like a real song
TheAinMAP: @JonnyGlitched I went and spent channel points to get it.
TehAmelie: and then John was the GMOs
malsareus: who gave the zombies machine guns?
richard_ermen: The Zombies....come from INSIDE the house!
JonnyGlitched: @TheAinMAP well done!
matthaus_c: wonder when we unlock the Howitzer
sethtriggs: There already was an opposite PLants Vs. Zombies, called Undead vs. Plants.
JadedCynic: looks like a blunderbuss
HIYgamer: Clearly I need to watch the latest Elder Dragon Hijinks
angryoptimist: SHORTGUN
TimIAm: Are we murdering the Veggie Tales?
JadedCynic: witht he bell on the muzzle
TheVoxtric: i never really appreciated the nuance of how plants technically feed on decomposing animals in that way
fiftymcnasty: Oh I havent seen Hijinks, but saw the great episode of Game Knights
Rhynerd: Now the zombies have lawns!
elkae: @TheAinMAP An excellent investment
GreatWahooney: I haven't seen any EDHijinks, I should check that out
JadedCynic: @TimIAm promise?
EvilBadman: And will be Commanding again live in Milwaukee next week
teholsblanket: It‘s very fun
DigitalSeahorse: where'd they get so many bikes?
TalpTheScot: Booo
Tempest2097: Can be if you prepare it right
ContingentCat: corn syrup gets used in a lot of thigns
Anaerin: It's America, they'll put corn in EVERYTHING. As HFCS if nothing else.
ContingentCat: *things
thefightnerd: this is appropriate for me because my girlfriend just saw Shucked on Broadway today, which is a musical all about corn
TXC2: ContingentCat too many things
malsareus: corn suryp goes with everything, at leats according to US food corps
Tempest2097: We have so much Corn
sporkraptor: suddenly, pumpkins
sethtriggs: Maybe it'll be peppers next.
Maltramac: I'm betting that it's gonna be potatoes after corn.
SquareDotCube: What they don't tell you: they're all children.
Jobot180: I'm betting on Tomatoes
CouldntPickAUsername: I'm preditcing carrots on.... pogo sticks
UncannyJimjams: Blood for the Blood Go- oh wait wrong corn
NewtyNewts: My guess: Leaping Lettuces
thefightnerd: Shucked is the hot new show on Broadway and will be the first Tony award winning show about corn, guaranteed
Reecer6: even the larger bikers do not have a bike
flouncy_magooo: @Jobot180 Attack of killer tomatoes? That'll never work!
Mai_Andra: completing 99 waves unlocks attack of the killer tomotoes
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: there are some good sweet corn desserts
DigitalSeahorse: scooter bikes
Izandai: heritage corn?
NewtyNewts: Husk?
matthaus_c: if you find the right secret this turns into Tomato Way 4
CataclysmicReverb: potatoes or chicken
sporkraptor: halberdier?
TehAmelie: have you seen that olde magazine ad for corn? where they suggest a dinner recipe: corn. just a huge bowl of corn. like eight cans
SkylerRingtail: Smut?
Sliibee: huit la coche
sethtriggs: Corn smut?
JonnyGlitched: Smut
Tempest2097: Huitlapoche?
KV1NN4: smut!
Lithobraker: Have you ever had raw sweet corn thats been chilled in the fridge? It's so sweet it's practically a fruit dessert.
Tempest2097: I've always wanted to try that
Azralorne: you got it right
Tempest2097: I love mushrooms
Sliibee: I remember it from the Iron Stomach smoothie challenge
LithelyUnshod: uh-show-lotl
JonnyGlitched: I remember it from the Iron Stomach Smoothie Challenge
Sliibee: because it's seasonal!
KeytarCat: Ash a lot
sethtriggs: Oh I didn't know that about axolotls!
Anaerin: "Snake Dragon"
TXC2: Kevin Kappa
matthaus_c: Quetzalcoatl y'all have down
Rhynerd: What?
JonnyGlitched: Quet-Za-coat-all
thefightnerd: the artist formerly known as Quetz
GreatWahooney: good plan Alex
LithelyUnshod: The TL is like an aspirated L
NewtyNewts: Probably Ketcha koe or something
thefightnerd: Quetz Love
JonnyGlitched: or cot-al
MehallD: And yet despite knowing better, I will continue to call the shark "blah-haj"
Gekyouryuu: Quetzal's Pretzels
ultin00b: I believe its pronounced Blahaj
Anaerin: The Conquistadors manifested Destiny all over them.
JadedCynic: they didn't kill ALL of them, they interbred with the survivors
satyropodobny: slowly. you're supposed to pronounce it slowly.
margieargie: There's a good number of Nahuatl speakers still around, thankfully
SquareDotCube: invulnerable
Spluuga: the same way we pronounce any final fantasy monster
Reecer6: i believe the aztec civilization was wiped out after the europeans genetically modified their corn
NarishmaReborn: i mean, no, they've just kind of become the modern central americans
Anubis169: temporary invincibility
Jobot180: Nahuatl (Aztec/Mixtec) Language is still spoken in Mexico
JonnyGlitched: looks like the texture broke
CouldntPickAUsername: man the veggie tales reboot went places
TheMerricat: _someone_ wasn't paying attention during the tutorial. :P
sethtriggs: The devs knew how to do game mechanics
Brozard: Those corn look absolutely deranged lrrSPOOP
Crokoking: i kinda wanna see what the death-screen looks like in this game ^^
sporkraptor: profound theorycrafting here
KV1NN4: I doubt you'll get a flame-thrower otherwise you could have popped corn
LithelyUnshod: We don't have anything like the "TL" in English, so you kinda need audio.
Simriel: Are we trying to collect Corn Juice?
CataclysmicReverb: Ultra Miner?
Izandai: Uncle?
Astra7525: Miner Adventures?
Anubis169: Power Rangers?
NewtyNewts: Ayaya
sethtriggs: Super Miner Adventures
matthaus_c: oh! Mineirinho Adventures
CouldntPickAUsername: Alpha 5?
ZoBo_: ohhh that
LordManiMani: Miner Adventure
Sliibee: Indiana Jones?
CouldntPickAUsername: Xena?
JadedCynic: short round from Temple of Doom?
DigitalSeahorse: the bee from Simpsons?
sethtriggs: Also with the "Healthy!"
KeytarCat: "Where did the ancient cultures go?" They were displaced, but still exist in the regions they started in.
InquisitorGaia: tum tum from 3 ninjas?
DigitalSeahorse: no wait that's not it
SquareDotCube: also known as ethanol
thefightnerd: precious corn juice
Foxmar320: wat
ContingentCat: because Corn has the juice, and we must have it
sethtriggs: A tree garden?
Izandai: what
TheMerricat: it's a garden, it's already DEFORESTED.
TehAmelie: wait, this is like a strangely "more" playable version of Probably Archery
Simriel: Why Juice from Corn. What purpose?
sporkraptor: you've already defortested the garden
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: nah plants compete for space all the time
sporkraptor: you can't grow corn in a forest
KeytarCat: "started", I guess
JadedCynic: corn juice - veg oil
amythist: gotta say making Ethanol is more hardcore than I thought
JonnyGlitched: monoculture
sporkraptor: that's... /facepalm
SpacePotato01: They have you cornered now
CataclysmicReverb: @Simriel Distill it for corn syrup
Izandai: wow graham
Anubis169: the fog of war
malsareus: our granddad's garden can hold an entire forrest?
BusTed: tree jiggle physics
YawnLance: Oh is this the mythical fog of war
matthaus_c: the speedrun for Mineirinho Ultra Adventures is incredible, btw
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyPoint
Reecer6: it's difficult to believe plants are pro-monocultures
TSSaloic: Deforest to make more room for agriculture!
Astra7525: The Cobbening
Bassios: Only just popped in, is this the first game tonight or have I missed more hell?
Aingidh: They're in the trees!
thefightnerd: is this game actually good?
Izandai: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 39:45.
TXC2: it's corning time
Dezufnocosem: they're plant racists
EvilBadman: Cornie's in the trees, man
DigitalSeahorse: pegaSass vicksyTH
Gizmoloid: according to the clip on wiki it's pronounced Ah-sho-lotl, so the difference not as bad as I thought
NewtyNewts: Definitely no cornucopia if they keep it up
evilspoons983: first game
Sarah_Serinde: Bassios This is the first one
Utopos: This game has some surprisingly complex commentary on the long-term ecological impacts of agricultural subsidies in the corn industry. Maybe? I think?
Anubis169: The field of view's getting wider on later levels
TXC2: Bassios this is first game
teholsblanket: I feel like shooting the trees a bunch might not help with the deforestation
0x6772: Guitar solo going unnecessarily hard in this bg music.
Rhynerd: Oh, plane does bot play well with fog
Aenir798: Suddenly elevator music
Foxmar320: Soundtrack is great honestly
tru_boredom: I wonder what jeff cobb thinks of this
BusTed: More fog than Turok
frnknstn: getting turok vibes
bytecaster: Chill deforestation
JonnyGlitched: I think the most money was spent on the music
Bassios: Thank you, Sarah_Serinde and TXC2!
satyropodobny: We're only missing WH40k reference to complete the sequence
TheAinMAP: Is that why they didn't make the game in widescreen?
Rhynerd: It’s like we’re on the weather channel.
Izandai: Just a lazy wednesday afternoon.
SK__Ren: Their establing a COB to trying and corner you
Rhynerd: But with more corn murder
SK__Ren: They're
constablecrab: So when people say they hear popcorn in PUBG, this is what’s happening across the map?
baskwalla: I didn't grow you corn to turn tail!
TehAmelie: did you see they made a new Children of the Corn movie? which judging by the poster makes the children the protagonists
malsareus: they have a consistent art style and solid vibes, not bad for garbage
sethtriggs: Maybe the aspect ratio is to make it more difficult and keep you from seeing your flanks
uncomfortablepinecone: this is terrifying
drthvd3r: Those planes have definitely started having graphical glitches.
SquareDotCube: @Rhynerd Today's forecast: Fog, with 90% chance of CORN
Anubis169: One click, One kill
Jelkimantis: This game is oddly endearing.
Rhynerd: “Forecast today is heavy fog and rapid assault corn”
Tempest2097: @drthvd3r They had them before but they've gotten worse
Astra7525: "Corn to die"
Maltramac: It's not graphical glitches, it's prototype cloaking tech.
sporkraptor: Veggie Vengeance Tales
uncomfortablepinecone: those are my PEOPLE, graham
Aitsu111: I'm a Maized you are doing so well in this fig
InquisitorGaia: do you think the corn are more scared of their commanders than they are of you and thats why they keep lining up
Rhynerd: @squaredotcube ah, we were thinking the same joke
Foxmar320: :D
sethtriggs: LOL
Aitsu111: *fog
EvilBadman: Do you think all this corn has a shared meeting place or hub
matthaus_c: it's like asking an Apple what they think of Tomato Way
Anubis169: Veggietales got really dark
SpacePotato01: They are worshippers of Khorne
constablecrab: Incredible aim! Shot every single target right in the ear.
elkae: I think there's a kernel of truth there
A_Dub888: not a kernel of honor among them
WearingCats_CwC: They could both be uncomfortable, depending where you put them
Anaerin: I believe your fence is your health.
uncomfortablepinecone: my cousins. alas
Razdak: alex is slaughtering your people by the bushel
malsareus: what does corn desert from?
flouncy_magooo: Dumb question: Is corn a vegetable?
TheMerricat: Fence Health
Rhynerd: This corn is interested in deforestation
JonnyGlitched: I fiddled with my monitor yesterday and portrait mode / TATE gaming is kinda awesome
TehAmelie: no esteemed crops are commemorated here
Pteraspidomorphi: There would be no visibility issues if the game was in 16:9
sporkraptor: @Anubis169 there are no atheist corncobs in foxholes
Pal_Friendpatine: Corn is a grass
Brozard: I'm predicting a horrifying fail state
Khalahd: Gore or Gourd?
sethtriggs: "I shoot you, a bushel and a peck, a barrel and a heap..."
elkae: @Pal_Friendpatine TIL
fiftymcnasty: it seems your juice goes down a tad when you get hit
Aitsu111: Ah shucks we won
NewtyNewts: They're gonna stick you in a Wicker Man
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: the mere idea of corn juice worries me
Anonymousless: sorry caps
JonnyGlitched: Stellaris's UI is a little busted but it's fun
flouncy_magooo: @Pal_Friendpatine Oh, neat!
Dezufnocosem: the human juice
Rhynerd: I assume that if the fence breaks you die.
CataclysmicReverb: I'm assuming the fence has model based health
Anaerin: Level Cornplete
Endrion: I think your life might be tied to the fence in front of you?
YawnLance: Spikey no
BusTed: NotLikeThis
CouldntPickAUsername: oh now it's on
EvilBadman: The screen gets smeared with actual jam
Sacrenos: GMO dog?
TXC2: dognappers!
Aingidh: Oh, now it's ON
NewtyNewts: Cornmander
CataclysmicReverb: We have snails for ears?
DigitalSeahorse: I think it does take some juice away, a wee bit
Razdak: Corn stole my dog!
DoodlestheGreat: Corn Wick...
elkae: Cob Wick
KeytarCat: Now THIS I can get behind
elkae: PrideLaugh
sethtriggs: Oh wow so this game has a DamselDog like Spelunky!
satyropodobny: Relatable protagonist
malsareus: John Wick but with corn cobs sounds WILD
JonnyGlitched: Time for some INDY POP ROCK
Rhynerd: John Husk
Anaerin: They should be in a Zero, after all.
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
bytecaster: Weirder than the school busses?
TSSaloic: Is this corn farming propaganda?
elkae: John Maize? idk
JadedCynic: The Kamikaze Biplanes is my fave Jefferson Starship cover band
TXC2: goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming graham and Alex
matthaus_c: @TXC2 take care!
angryoptimist: I feel like this is WWI machinegun emplacement simulator meets some sort of unnecessarily long joke involving Iowa somehow.
DanTheMediocre: it wasnt more left field than the deserter executions...
elkae: Take care TXC2!
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SplittingImage77: I don't remember this episode of Veggietales
sporkraptor: beware the Children of the Corn
Rhynerd: Anti-GMO propaganda, actually. @tssaloic
matthaus_c: just like The Impossible Game
Reecer6: 99 grenades which i'm pretty sure refill between stages
TheMandrew: i just got here, what in the Veggietales is going on here
nuclearstulle: those are my retirement grenades
uncomfortablepinecone: it gets worse the closer they get. heck
JonnyGlitched: 99 grenades, my favorite anti-war song
TehAmelie: haha i got it. remember the title they had originally planned for John Wick?
TehAmelie: sCORN
elkae: their... their teeth is the worst part
JadedCynic: @angryoptimist or Nebraska...or 'The Grain Belt' in general
Anubis169: nicely done
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KeytarCat: Can we not use Kamikaze for general suicide bombers? It feels wrong to use that specific a term out of context
elkae: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
djalternative: is this some sort of veggie tales?
sethtriggs: Wow they made the different weapon types matter too. Good job devs
Brozard: It's the nixtamalizacolypse
elkae: yes, veggie wartales
Anubis169: This is actually fun
DanTheMediocre: @djalternative veggie war tales
LordZarano: So is this game trying to imply that people who think gmos are bad are a-ok with warcrimes?
elkae: Graham I thought you had bad games today
DigitalSeahorse: how's Alex's hand doing?
SplittingImage77: The Kernel
Anaerin: The blue pickup is indeed Quad Damage.
evilspoons983: quad damage is purple
JonnyGlitched: Is it purple? IDK I was a Flak Monkey
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: The Cornmissar
ZoBo_: really shoulda called the boss the Kernel
fiftymcnasty: Conmander is my favorite MTG format
TehAmelie: Hrng, kernel, i'm trying to desert but i'm dummy thicc
Tom_Bruise: that slo-mo shot is just making me think "Who can say where the corn goes / Where the juice flows / Only time"
NewtyNewts: It's fun...ctional.
JonnyGlitched: Unreal Tourney objectively better
GreatWahooney: it's pretty solid by W+P standards
bytecaster: I'd take this over Elden Ring any day!
matthaus_c: head and shoulders above STALKER lrrBEEJ
sethtriggs: LOL jinx
elkae: oh noooo
Foxmar320: Wierd is perfect for W+P
YawnLance: We're just easing into the terror
TimIAm: Beautycopter is ART
Reecer6: i think this might be the hottest indie game of 2012 actually
thefightnerd: beauty copter: never forget
JadedCynic: I think chat is overthinking this a bit - the whole premise might not even be SINCERE 'anti-GMO propaganda' and just 'lol that's in the news right now - let's make a game around that"
Rhynerd: It’s a work of art
niccus: beautycopter was the closest lrr has gone to a commentary-free playthrough of a game
Sarah_Serinde: I really enjoy the deeply bizarre ones
TheMerricat: For those interested in this one - - it's $4 USD
sethtriggs: Beauty copter is amazing
Pteraspidomorphi: Me too
malsareus: Beauty copter is a unique experience
GreatWahooney: Beautycopter sequel when? I'd back a kickstarter
JonnyGlitched: Games as art is not my cup of tea. Games as games for me
LordZarano: Beautycopter is art yes
richard_ermen: Dog is corn now.
DigitalSeahorse: we had a dog?
DigitalSeahorse: corndog
elkae: @JadedCynic living up to the handle, but also, fair point PrideLaugh
Tom_Bruise: We will have to go on Corndog Quest some other time
sethtriggs: Maybe the dog becomes a double agent!
sethtriggs: They really do have faces like the Veggie Tales cast!
bytecaster: @TheMerricat The soundtrack is free!
JadedCynic: this seems silly enough to ignore Poe's Law; it's the painfully sincere and very navel-gazing ones that rub me the wrong way
Half_Duplex: what crazy children of the corn nonsense is this?
Endrion: Man, Veggie tales got dire....
Anaerin: Your "shotgun" is firing deer slugs.
sethtriggs: Thought he had bad pathing there but he worked it out
elkae: they were pear slugs, now they're corn slugs
JonnyGlitched: Corn-manders
Anubis169: hehehehehe
Aenir798: The number of grenades you get reminds me of that terrible FPS game you played where you invented a stealth grenade game out of it
satyropodobny: More of that high fructose corn syrup, it's probably nothing.
Mai_Andra: good ol' fashioned corn-juice, just like grandpa used to make
evilspoons983: i'm just imagining this being a mmo and people talking about the "commander juicing meta"
uncomfortablepinecone: who is the target market for this and why is it children
DigitalSeahorse: corn colonel
JadedCynic: "Me? I got two moms; my first one goes to work, and my ma deuce helps me protect our land" Kappa
Mordin_Solus_Sings: This feels like a flash game we'd all waste lunch period playing.
sporkraptor: where is your corn god now
elkae: PrideLaugh
JonnyGlitched: Isn't shooting fleeing combatants a War Crime?
elkae: Alex you are a treasure
richard_ermen: Clearly, this was the weirdest of the 80s style action movies.
CouldntPickAUsername: secretly hoping the final boss is Jimquisition's Cornflake Humonculous
The_Kraken19: Cheeked up!
NewtyNewts: Dump.
thefightnerd: Juicer rule 34
koodooman: 👀
DanTheMediocre: Reap what you've sown
IbunWest: abatCAKE
Anubis169: smokeBUTT
flouncy_magooo: T H i C C
lackingsanity: spandex overalls
JadedCynic: chubby pit bull terrior :D
malc: !findbutts
LRRbot: Behind you.
A_Dub888: benginButt
sethtriggs: Farmer's got a cake
elkae: oh myyyyyy
Tempest2097: I didn't realize we'd be having some corn cake
TehAmelie: hey are we Mario?
YawnLance: Farmer's lookin kinda thicc 👀
Tom_Bruise: we're gonna have to bust out the cornicide
JonnyGlitched: You need a Herbicide
Anubis169: LOL
NewtyNewts: Melonic Irrigation?
Anubis169: Melons?
elkae: why does it look EXACTLY like Ben's emote
Tom_Bruise: or the cumbercide
JadedCynic: HERBicide would work, yeah
sethtriggs: It's Piccled Ric!
SevenishMagpies: the insecticide is to kill the plants
WookieCookie64: Are you winning, son?
JonnyGlitched: pickle farts
DigitalSeahorse: pfft
Anubis169: Cucumber!!
matthaus_c: Cucümbermensch
satyropodobny: Ze Gurken
NewtyNewts: Very cumbersome.
TheAinMAP: mattlrHeck
JadedCynic: Cuke combat
DigitalSeahorse: pegaYuck pegaYuck pegaYuck
teholsblanket: Anti GMO, but pro pesticide?
Mediocre_Man5: cucmber uber alles
TehAmelie: cucümber, if you will
Gizmoloid: @matthaus_c LUL
Azralorne: If they were a pickle wouldn't that make them zombies?
elkae: It's all taking place in such an idyllic setting
malsareus: hold it, are we hunting together a salad?
JadedCynic: no, Cuke Commandos
Rhynerd: Maybe it was a banned insecticide?
BigDaddyBland87: Led by Benedict CuCumberbatch
SkylerRingtail: The Cu-boat
KeytarCat: oooh, boat (U-boat pun)
TheMerricat: I'm not sure I'm ok with cucumbers with gas masks....
NewtyNewts: Hehe, he's going to eat me
Anubis169: Cucumbermensch?
niccus: so now that we have our ww1 simulator
Critterbot: Pickles doesn't become pickles before you pickle them, these are just cucumbers.
JonnyGlitched: I laugh every time I dessert
Anubis169: "For ze Farmerland!!"
TehAmelie: gherkins and ghurka special forces? is this the joke they wanted to make?
KeytarCat: Like me in Destiny!
satyropodobny: fixed bayonets
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @Anubis169 lol
Drasvin: They have guns, but do they have ammo?
Tom_Bruise: well here's hoping those cucumber boats to sink to the briny deep, they'll become pickle boats if they do
Lithobraker: We don't need insecticides, we need som 2,4-D
Maltramac: Wait, has anyone made a picklehaube joke yet?
Aenir798: They wait until they see the whites of your eyes
JonnyGlitched: most farms are
miniMacGuru: Do you have a health bar or anything?
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Gizmoloid: Good thing that cucumbers are near-sighted
CouldntPickAUsername: I'm reading reviews of this game, ti's rated 'very positive' on steam. here's one review in its entirety: "This game is God's magnum opus "
elkae: It's so pretty!
NewtyNewts: Or, maybe he just keeps dragging that fence around with him.
elkae: Like those trees, the rolling green hills
Luminaire_p: jorbsAYAYA
Tom_Bruise: This isn't a farm actually, it's just Cairns, Australia
elkae: I could have a nap if there wasn't a war going on
Calyte: I guess Cucumbers are just crap at making guns with any lethal range.
matthaus_c: Reduice
SevenishMagpies: jube
sporkraptor: reduce the juice
JadedCynic: yeah, this is totally satire (or staggeringly ignorant...but I feel someone who doesn't know the diff btw herbicide & insecticide wouldn't be able to produce a game this competently
JonnyGlitched: Just like real life
TheMerricat: And your fence is your 'armor' it reduces the amount of damage you take.
BillTheCat: ah yes the juice tube
Razdak: reduce the juice
CouldntPickAUsername: time to fill up my juice tube
sporkraptor: stealing your precious bodily juices
CataclysmicReverb: So the punishment is having to play the game longer?
Azralorne: Juice tube, but it's to the tune of Goof Troop theme song
gooey_xylophone: Juice Tube.
theevermist: Aren't we all just tubes of just trying to be filled?
EvilGenius_9: Strategic Juice Reserve
DaxStrife: "Do you have a low juice tube? Ask your doctor today."
sporkraptor: oh no beware the pickleboat
niccus: juice tube extruder
JonnyGlitched: Blood donors get juice AND a cookie
ryuhimora: Reduce the juice tube is now the haunt of my nightmares
DogFatherDave: if your juice tube is green please consult a doctor
uncomfortablepinecone: joose
NewtyNewts: With... 'juice'
TehAmelie: pickle juice is at least better than pear juice
NewtyNewts: With... thiquid.
elkae: they run on corn syrup
elkae: of course they have the zoomies
SevenishMagpies: once you filled the juice tube they run like they're in a pickle
matthaus_c: specifically on THIS KIND of cucumber
baskwalla: Cucumbers, known bugs
Desruprot: These plants have so much technology
satyropodobny: SCIENCE
sethtriggs: They tampered in God's domain
poly_rebel: "Stop meditating and shoot"?
matthaus_c: I mean that's the plot of Fallout 1
EvilBadman: Oi, they're on the protein
Anubis169: It's a zeppelin!!
SevenishMagpies: they use the farm subsidies to hire defense contractors
margieargie: Oh the humanity...
Razdak: These veggies are going Normandy on your ass
Anubis169: manLOL
JonnyGlitched: Ah yes, the War Zeppelins, an actual real thing
Tom_Bruise: Somehow this is still a better invasion plan than anything Umbrella's ever cooked up
Rhynerd: Maybe thete’s an airbase nearby that the plants have been raiding
Aingidh: This is some I Am Legend stuff, isn't it?
duckace11: this is what they mean by genetic engineering
JadedCynic: obviously we need to perform commando attack behind the GMO-plants' lines...
Utopos: Honestly, self-organizing crops seems like it could be useful?
Anaerin: Aren't Cucumber supply lines called "Roots"?
Elsenova_: Why do the sentient plants have it out for this guy in particular?
TehAmelie: wait, why don't we just get a panda or two?
sethtriggs: Next come the Cauliflower Sabrejets
TehAmelie: pandas are the cucumber's enemy, you know
Calyte: Bofors would sell to em.
Anubis169: hahahaha
cmdrud87: lrrPAUL is working on that technology
DigitalSeahorse: pegaSass vicksyPoint vicksyTH
Tempest2097: Listen the minute they start digging trenches we're all screwed
Dumori: I've heard of invasive species but this takes the cake
TheMadChicken: wait is this what they mean by G.I. Joe?
Anaerin: "I can't eat GMO Cucumbers anymore" "Oh, why's that?" "PTSD"
bytecaster: "I just really hate how the gasmasks taste"
TheMandrew: You'd think they'd be real big on ethanol
BusTed: The log pile animation is pretty neat.
richard_ermen: @Tempest2097 World War Cucumber?
Tom_Bruise: "I would've eaten my vegetables mom, but their guerilla tactics are really good"
matthaus_c: the real question is are they still into vore
SevenishMagpies: i thought cuke-ba was already sanctioned
accountmadeforants: I heard China sells weapons to GMO foods
JonnyGlitched: I think a lot more people would have starved to death in the past 3 years without GMO
EvilGenius_9: They were hybridized with a copy of clausewitz
JadedCynic: when are we going to make the GMO-foods nation sign the Geneva Conventions?
Astra7525: "I can't eat GMO-veggies, they give me GI-problems" "Can'T properly digest them? "No, not that kind of GI"
Anaerin: Commandant Joe, the former Trader.
satyropodobny: In the end, it was not guns or bombs that defeated the veggies, but that humblest of all God's creatures: a redneck with a gatling gun
Dezufnocosem: breaking news, the Arch Cuke Franz Ferdinand has been assassinated
richard_ermen: Clearly these are jominian believers.
velexirapt0r: we corn-demn their actions in front of the security council
sethtriggs: Surprise bucket!
Mai_Andra: sandwiches against GMOs
DoodlestheGreat: North vs South Korn-ea?
jessicaengle: Garbage day! Yay!
flouncy_magooo: @Dezufnocosem OMEGALUL
Tempest2097: @velexirapt0r A+
LordManiMani: @astra7525 correct
darkcyril: "Oh no GMO for me. I'm a conscientious objector."
elkae: @DoodlestheGreat *golf clap*
sethtriggs: Is that our food bucket for the bunker?
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: The Republic of Gros Michel lieves Economic Sanction on the GMO Federates
TheMerricat: Do our grenades regen between levels or do we have to rebuy them every time?
TehAmelie: oh the 'cumberanity
Anaerin: @Dezufnocosem Okay, that's awesome.
JonnyGlitched: What gets you more points?
SquareDotCube: oh the cucumbity
NewtyNewts: Nah, that was first level. They cucumberish instead.
koodooman: LUL
Anubis169: lrrSPOOP
sethtriggs: They've achieved WMD
Reecer6: WHAT HEAD
Desruprot: oh no Cucumbers not following the Geneva Convention
malc: The National Gourd, surely
JadedCynic: oh man, this is SO silly! <3
satyropodobny: backstory!
JonnyGlitched: cucumbers are the best get out
LurkerSpine: I agree, cucumbers too bitter
uncomfortablepinecone: now it's personal
richard_ermen: They've achieved naval superiority!
Gizmoloid: what does the test-tube in a bubble do? Extra juice for the juice-tube?
CranstonSnord: we're in quite a pickle
richard_ermen: And the song playing is "send me on an sos" again
miniMacGuru: So is the GMO vegetable army for or against using biofuels for their ships and zeppelins?
ZoBo_: this is annoyingly engrossing
elkae: Who is it in LRR that really hates cukes? Ben, right? I feel like he said that on LN last night
niccus: what happens if you try to die? do they just pile up trying to empty an empty tube?
Razdak: He called a scientist and the scientist said to use guns and grenades
TehAmelie: nobody remembers the Weebl's song about cucumbers eh
elkae: He may like this game
kusinohki: meows
Anaerin: Stop Gherkin' me around!
uncomfortablepinecone: oh i see now. the tube is veggie blood
JadedCynic: wetlands? are we going to see cranberries next?
JonnyGlitched: Is this like old games where the last level was impossible?
KV1NN4: This place is so swampy why aren't you fighitng cranberries?!
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GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: "aim for the head" of lettuce?
lirazel64: This is a not-Prime prime sub!
JadedCynic: swat cukes - they do tactical rolls!
TimIAm: That sounds like a win to me
SplittingImage77: It's actually Joose
CouldntPickAUsername: for some emptying the juice tube is actually the victory condition
SevenishMagpies: the wide open terrain ishard to defend
sethtriggs: This game actually has a competent difficulty curve.
Anubis169: It's so open here
Simriel: Any explaination for why we want the juice
satyropodobny: [gaming intensifies]
elkae: Number go up, Simriel
JadedCynic: @CouldntPickAUsername but before you can do that, you have to fill it...
Anaerin: @Simriel To reverse-engineer an anti-GMO vaccine or something.
SkylerRingtail: The cats tried to warn us
kusinohki: is this an homage to operation wolf and operation thunderbolt??
Mushbie: This game needs more fortunate son
TemporallyAwry: Count our brussels before they sprout?
WearingCats_CwC: If you want to use a cucumber to empty your juice tube that's fine, it's just not for me
Dezufnocosem: the cats tried to warn us about this
NewtyNewts: FOV slider when?
accountmadeforants: Cucumbers are clearly servants of the Cylinder
sethtriggs: Yep that's probably why the 4:3 to make this harder
Anubis169: I wonder... is it a straight game over?
elkae: @Dezufnocosem PrideLaugh
JadedCynic: ACAB - All Cukes Are Bastards
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyGun pegaYuck
Rhynerd: @simriel scientist can find a way to undo the modifications to the plants with enough juice to study.
LordManiMani: Classic W+P callback
Rhynerd: I got to see that video once!
matthaus_c: and then he said "I turned myself into a foot soldier in the GMO pickle infantry, Morty" funniest shit I've ever seen
djalternative: honestly, W+P is the one LRR stream where I constantly go to my iTunes to play music over it
TehAmelie: Looking Out My Back Door makes about as much sense as the game
LordManiMani: "Grown in the USA"? Is there a better pun?
NewtyNewts: Good grab Tempest, I smirked
BigDaddyBland87: yea Fogerty is pretty protective
Gizmoloid: oh, that fish jump! Classic! LUL
Rhynerd: I wonder if you could modify “better run through the jungle” as “better run through the farmland”
JadedCynic: chat can just open a new tab...or if you're old enough, just listen to it in your head
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djalternative: omg. Fortunate Son is legit working so good right now
butt_ghost: Chex quest 3 is weird
tru_boredom: Can we get cori to makes a venga bus Version of fortunate son so we can play it on stream ?
Tempest2097: My favorite Fortunate son one is the swimming crab with helicopter noise.
matthaus_c: @butt_ghost bleeding into Tomato Way 4
satyropodobny: Zack Snyder's Veggietales
LordManiMani: Durr. Corn in the USA
DanTheMediocre: @LordManiMani Goodnight Daikon?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: that tune quickly ascending and descending the scale just awoke a deep EDM memory and I'm trying to work out what the song is
LordManiMani: @danthemediocre LUL
Rhynerd: So their guns are single action revolvers?
matthaus_c: where were you during the 2012 Juicekrieg
TehAmelie: i like the bit in Jarhead when some helicopter plays Fortunate Son and the troops, in the Iraq war, go "that's Vietnam, can't we get our own music?"
bytecaster: Everybody knows fence reduces juice damage.
NewtyNewts: I make sure to buy new fences regularly, to protect my juice.
KV1NN4: I don't always watch an hour of vegetable destruction, but when I do, my choice is always LRR
Tempest2097: We really need some artillery.
elkae: LUL
JonnyGlitched: Which one?
TehAmelie: we're hidin behind a pile of human fences
Anubis169: I reckon come the end, he's going to open the world only unethically sourced juice bar
DaxStrife: Grandpa getting PTSD from a salad.
elkae: Billy? Dilly, surely
DigitalSeahorse: pegaFail vicksyShy pegaYuck
JadedCynic: "Billy stop asking questions and drink your juice"
Maltramac: Don't offer grandpa a glass of juice, either.
butt_ghost: Where's Robert Oppenpickle with that damn bomb we ordered
Diabore: cucumber sandwich? wouldnt that just sog the bread?
SevenishMagpies: grandpa's unit died without juice, as prunes
elkae: That's why you use butter on a cucumber sandwich
DigitalSeahorse: pegaSass
SquareDotCube: we had to stop them before they developed cuklear weapons
Athelgar: The song 'Salad of Doom' by SJ. Tucker seems appropriate for this game
TehAmelie: i love the smell of burnt pickle juice
Diabore: @SquareDotCube gdi that got me
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bytecaster: Salad, salad never changes
Mediocre_Man5: Oh, the Cukemanity!
EvilGenius_9: Nuke the Cucu
JonnyGlitched: "One time we ran out of rations, we were eating cucumber sandwiches for weeks"
sethtriggs: It was a flawless plan with one flaw
Critterbot: Boo!
elkae: Salad? They're really getting a dressing-down
Drasvin: Where are Cucumbers going to get Helium?
NewtyNewts: It's not cannibalism if they're vegetables.
Tempest2097: @SquareDotCube A++
TotallyNotaBeholder: That would be quite the pickle
elkae: Cuke-clear weapons v good
Anubis169: That's a violation of the Geneva Convegetable
ZachtlyAsIntended: This Vegitales sequal is very weird
TimIAm: I mean this is like grade A mid 2000's flash game
empyreon: genre: salad shooter LUL
dougma: Salad Shooter
3PlayerPolitics: OMG its watchnplay!!
Azralorne: it's got early 200s Newgrounds vibes
Luminaire_p: Makes no sense. Compels me, though
accountmadeforants: Wait till they start using non-biological weapons
omdorastrix: Cucurbit king
DigitalSeahorse: those chemical weapons got me; my eyes are watering
lamina5432: the tomato way
GreatWahooney: is that what this war is for? vegetable oil?
butt_ghost: are they wearing gas masks because we used... mustard gas
TehAmelie: gardening, gardening never changes
cmdrud87: is this why they call it a pea-shooter?
munocard: This font is horrid!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Do we deploy the mustard gas?
Nenluen: a tomato... with a fork as the final boss
LordManiMani: An interesting prequel to Plants Vs Zombies
JadedCynic: @munocard yeah, back when we thought that was okay
bytecaster: @Laserbeaks_Fury Only if mustard pairs well with the salad
NewtyNewts: So, that's one of the bonus objectives?
niccus: wait why would they be stronger at night
flouncy_magooo: This is night? Are we in Finland during the summer?
bytecaster: @niccus Everybody knows cucumbers see better at night than humans
NewtyNewts: Maybe that's what gives you gold vs silver vs bronze medals for the level
3PlayerPolitics: god, the ONE LRR stream I wanna watch over all others, and this is the one it doesn't notify me of mgnsmpCranky
TehAmelie: call it peace or call it treason, call it love or call it reason, but i'm not juicing anymore♫
DanTheMediocre: just a pleasant evening storming the veggie somme
thefightnerd: chilled cucumber
Lithobraker: Wait, but pineapple will digest the gelatin proteins in the aspic so it won't set...
munocard: Now we wait 8 minutes
narset6691: oh no im late to garbage day
Anubis169: Yeah...
Thefluffiestguineapig: Same!
3PlayerPolitics: lmao
Foxmar320: Nice
Anubis169: oh cool
Critterbot: Huh.
NewtyNewts: Good progress then.
twistedsylvan: yeesh
Thefluffiestguineapig: Oof
bytecaster: But did we get a steam trading card?
sethtriggs: Dang
Metric_Furlong: one of those 'cheevo farm' games, eh?
3PlayerPolitics: now THAT'S speedrunning!
twistedsylvan: Are all asset flips that blatant about it?
sethtriggs: Does this game have achievements?
jessicaengle: It takes me an hour and a half to unlock all the achievos in my laundry
JadedCynic: good gameplay duration to price ratio?
Anubis169: Please!
LordZarano: @3PlayerPolitics Twitch doesn't notify if the last stream was less than 4 hours ago
KeytarCat: Pack them all into gem packs and sell those
matthaus_c: Tomato Way 4 like Frog Fractions 2
Pteraspidomorphi: Tomato fractions
Thefluffiestguineapig: Yeah, do you still have the dissilusions Manga horror card?
butt_ghost: This is actually Frog Fractions 5
matthaus_c: they don't look disturbing enough YET
niccus: tomato way does in fact have steam trading cards
CranstonSnord: no trenchcoat flashers
3PlayerPolitics: @lordzarano well, that makes a sort of sense. dammit!
NewtyNewts: Biggest promo material for sure
DigitalSeahorse: yes, shoot all the tomatoes to get sweet revenge for me! vicksyGun
Simriel: Are you guys friends with the tomato way guy now
tenthtechpriest: we stan tomato way in this house
TehAmelie: at one point i was able to turn all my trading cards into gems and trade them in for like a dollar in steam store credit. yay trading cards
CouldntPickAUsername: I appreciate the Dev being a good sport
NewtyNewts: Also, Tomato Way DOES have trading cards!
Anubis169: it's worth promoting, the game is freakin' cool
sethtriggs: I do hope the Beautycopter crew send you stuff too
butt_ghost: Friend of the show Tomato Way
munocard: hothouse?
flatluigi: flamethrower??
Astra7525: peels?
Anubis169: peel
Brozard: So peel off all your skin
malc: Cucummander
Lizardman175: husks?
TimIAm: Remove your waxy coating
satyropodobny: makes sense, cucumbers are mostly waterbased
NightValien28: where are they getting this infra structure ?
mnemonicman: Pickle PT boats
DigitalSeahorse: NOW you're in a pickle
Simriel: Surely it's Cucumannder
accountmadeforants: They've sent in the Navy Peels
IbunWest: Cucummander
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I'm pretty sure teh veggies and fruits in Tomato Way didn't become sentient till humans died out
Mediocre_Man5: This farmer is turning into some sort of fruit and vegetable-based Doomguy
3PlayerPolitics: hho boy @brozard HypeHide
ZachtlyAsIntended: I have Jason Mews in my head shouting "I am the Cuke Commander!"
SquareDotCube: Don't turn around, uh oh, cucummander's in town whah-oh!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: y'know. that deep Tomato Way lore.
Simriel: Oh my god this is a tomato way prequel
GreatWahooney: @Mediocre_Man5 Pruneguy?
JadedCynic: @ZachtlyAsIntended chef-kiss dot gif
matthaus_c: @Mediocre_Man5 rip and pear
Simriel: This is HOW the humans died out
DigitalSeahorse: uhoh buffer
niccus: tomato way card, Onion Burp: "Onion burp in the toilet."
butt_ghost: yes
DigitalSeahorse: am I still here?
Brozard: so many
thefightnerd: static electricity?
KV1NN4: Butterfly?
butt_ghost: rattlesnake?
DigitalSeahorse: there we go
baskwalla: Isn't it the Drip one?
KV1NN4: Or Rattlesnake?
Rhynerd: Hot watwr?
satyropodobny: big fig wasp
obionedrop: Head On Pill?
Simriel: @DigitalSeahorse Existential question that
ContingentCat: something off polygondonaland I thing
djalternative: Gamma Knife
ContingentCat: *think
Brozard: Sounds like it might be on Murder of the Universe
Thefluffiestguineapig: @DigitalSeahorse I think its more appropriately "why are we still here?'
roseofloki: Now this is Podracing!
jessicaengle: I came in late, why are the cucumbers invading?
DanTheMediocre: I love how so far none of these suggestions were similar
bytecaster: I feel like they shouldn't have build their infrastructure out of explodium.
Juliamon: jessicaengle GMOs
Anaerin: @jessicaengle GMOs.
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KeytarCat: @jessicaengle Anti-GMO propaganda
DigitalSeahorse: I'm still here cause of garbage day, I think
Lysander_salamander: Hello everyone!
margieargie: They're using human... well, cucubmber wave tactics
jessicaengle: I seeeeeeeeeee.
jessicaengle: :D
Lysander_salamander: oh, is this a lima bean version of Duck Hunt?
CataclysmicReverb: It's night of the living deadgtables
Anubis169: Complete defoliation run
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ZachtlyAsIntended: This game seems kinda seedy to me
DigitalSeahorse: I'm not all there tho, my constitution and mental state wanes
thefightnerd: this is our life now
EvilBadman: Armagerkin
jessicaengle: We're in a pickle
satyropodobny: Ze Gurken Obersturmbannführer
Anubis169: lol...
NewtyNewts: I think this became Watch and Shoot Veg
Anubis169: Armagherkin
sethtriggs: Hope that's not your drawing arm Alex!
ZachtlyAsIntended: is a Slap Chop this game's version of a nuke?
Anubis169 hugs EvilBadman
munocard: It's frustrating when a game looks bad, but it's still mostly playable.
sethtriggs: That didn't quite scan
nuclearstulle: what
DigitalSeahorse: make it
Critterbot: Can't quite... parse that one.
Brozard: Around the survivors a perimeter make
DigitalSeahorse: you know
munocard: Was that a Yoda "Well, you shoot."
Diabore: is this the end of cucumbers?
EvilBadman: @Anubis169 Same hat!
Gerrimeister: You did well! Now do it again!
DigitalSeahorse: dang buffer
cmdrud87: You shoot well. It's necessary to do that once again
Lysander_salamander: guessing that was fed through google translate or some other ai.
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: I await an inevitable black hawk dawn level
GreatWahooney: I'm claiming Dave's Spokesman Grammar on the bingo for that one
Tempest2097: The field is starting to look like the Somme.
Brozard: Well, you.....shoot
sethtriggs: I guess that was an "eats shoots and leaves" problem wasn't it?
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyEmpty vicksyEmpty vicksyEmpty
Gerrimeister: Not being a native English Speaker helps
bytecaster: We are many!
Anubis169: We have practice deciphering crappy English
accountmadeforants: Apocalypse Chow
KeytarCat: Studying linguistics helps
TehAmelie: are we gonna have to shoot a well too?
Katsche__: @Gerrimeister definitly what helped me
cmdrud87: @Gerrimeister Yes, definitely
3PlayerPolitics: so.... why are we murdering a million veg peoples?
DigitalSeahorse: save game would be nice
Mordin_Solus_Sings: This has got to cause unit confusion
Anaerin: @3PlayerPolitics GMOs.
Maltramac: Tomato time?
richard_ermen: This remake of Platoon is weird.
Brozard: These commanders have no ETB effects, it seems
NewtyNewts: Might be 5, 6... maybe even 7
fiftymcnasty: to the top maybe?
3PlayerPolitics: @anaerin ohhhh GOTCHA. Kill em all, then!
Foxmar320: YES!
NewtyNewts: What!
Maltramac: Oh no.
DigitalSeahorse: eating meat I guess
NewtyNewts: PUMPKIN!?
Anubis169: Ring Ring Pumpking
Drasvin: Pumpkin bros!
TehAmelie: WHAT are we eating?
malc: oh my gourd
DigitalSeahorse: pump it up!
NimrodXIV: Trick or Treat?
GreatWahooney: oh gourd
baskwalla: Deserters make me so hungry
flouncy_magooo: This is gettig gourd
CataclysmicReverb: This game is out of its gourd
NewtyNewts: I called it earlier!!!
JadedCynic: soemone asked about pumkins
Thefluffiestguineapig: Revenge from Spooky's
emberBecky: aw they're cute tho
twistedsylvan: IT HAS A KNIFE
koodooman: lrrSPOOP
WookieCookie64: Where was his stem going into...
Rhynerd: !findquote pumpkin
LRRbot: Quote #5411: "I throw caution and pumpkin guts to the wind." —Kathleen [2018-10-18]
jessicaengle: Jumpin Punkings
KV1NN4: get forked!
accountmadeforants: Pumpkinfiltrants!
EricTheOrange: how dare
Foxmar320: If any of them have a sniper I know who to blame
NewtyNewts: Jumpkin!
munocard: destroy these gourds who ruined your food.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I
Maltramac: This feels like a downgrade.
satyropodobny: A pumpkin? WITH A KNIFE?!
TehAmelie: oh no we're gonna face the captain of the gourd
IbunWest: Really lowering the stakes here
CouldntPickAUsername: in Soviet Russia pumpkin carve you
DigitalSeahorse: wow, self carving pumpkins! vicksyPoint
KeytarCat: The bikers did, too!
DanTheMediocre: They have a low profile
DigitalSeahorse: buffer pls
bytecaster: "head"
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I'm honestly kind of impressed this game has different models/animations... Shows what this show has trained us to expect.
DigitalSeahorse: >.<
DanTheMediocre: it's an evolution in armed garden warfare
VanAvant: In fairness this is totally competently designed, just bizarre
bytecaster: We made salad
BusTed: We're invested now.
Critterbot: And fruit.
jessicaengle: Oh the gourdanity
accountmadeforants: I'm so invested
flouncy_magooo: Shoot the big pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
Metric_Furlong: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:13:48.
SK__Ren: I'm surprised we heven't shot lettuc yet
Simriel: When do we move on XD
DaxStrife: "We shot vegetables for 2 hours." I thought that was the last Crapshot?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun so in the steam forum, someone mentioned that groin shots do more damage than body shots, so... I suspect the dev put a lot of effort into locational damage.
Master_Gunner: well, successful game then
Simriel: Are we beating this?
Brozard: We must go until we die
SK__Ren: Wait
jessicaengle: Go get 'em boys.
Godofmuffins: In for a penny…
Drasvin: They don't have ranged weapons, so presumably they'll have to get closer to hit you.
Nosser2: Lotta juice in The Juicer, I guess.
lady_olynder: Its always the ones we dont expect that go for a while
JadedCynic: sunk cost fallacy? Or maybe...the game isn't THAT bad
Thefluffiestguineapig: This feels like that dinosaur game where the levels were the same and the story was the unedited fiction
SK__Ren: Are we making a Salad? Is this a Salad Shooter
bytecaster: Already a more successful juicer than the juicero
sethtriggs: Boy this is sure an angry orchard
matthaus_c: wait they have knives and forks? do the pumpkins want to eat us?
accountmadeforants: Alex and Graham didn't start this war, but they will finish it.
Anonymousless: Watch & Play It Forward?
3PlayerPolitics: uh
ContingentCat: whoops game doesn't suck, just very strange plot
SacrificialToast: You underestimated this game, and now have to take your just desserts
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Bassios: Honestly wouldn't complain if this week was just this, this game is entertaining as hell
TehAmelie: the war of the gourds
DigitalSeahorse: now I'm not here and one of my router lights is orange instead of green for a moment
thefightnerd: how do vegetables have groins?
3PlayerPolitics: mmm, headjuice riffYeti
Razdak: wait, these things have groins?
Nosser2: Is it the question? Among all this IS it the question?
emberBecky: where is the groin on the pumpkin
SevenishMagpies: wait these are vegetables do they have like an extra "cucumber" at their groin so you can crit it???
Sethalidos: maybe they meant a different head?
DigitalSeahorse: *clips again to get what I missed*
LordZarano: How do VEGETABLES have A GROIN?
uncomfortablepinecone: these pumpkins are out for revenge
bytecaster: @emberBecky Opposite the head
Rhynerd: W+P and games involving violent produce. Name a more iconic couple.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun if I parse the post correctly the hierarchy is headshot - groin shot, body shot.
Anubis169: Pumpkin Spice Filet
jessicaengle: Worth
JadedCynic: yeah, that's a fair price for this
Foxmar320: With free soundtrack as DLC
ContingentCat: Yeah, 4$ seems about right
WearingCats_CwC: I'm just curious if the game distinguishes between thick juice for healing and thin juice for upgrades
Rhynerd: Worth it
cmdrud87: I've seen much worse
amythist: yeah this is a sold $4 game
Tempest2097: That's a reasonable 4 dollar game
TehAmelie: @LordZarano they have to have nuts
SevenishMagpies: i have spent more than 24 bucks on games that fill me with regret
EvilBadman: It does what it needs to do, no bugs, and has personailty
WookieCookie64: LRR stamp of approval.
JadedCynic: if I ran an office, I'd make sure this was installed on everyone's PCs
BigDaddyBland87: $4 for this pretty much tells that this was made with love and earnestness
cmdrud87: Go for the eyes, Boo!
EricTheOrange: some of the garbage on here has been like 40 USD and I wouldn't play them for free.
SquareDotCube: But *why* groin shot? This isn't Saints Row or anything
Anubis169: what happens if you shoot the wateringcan?
DigitalSeahorse: these guys are all named Gourd
amythist: yeah so far pumpkins seem easier than the Cucumbers
nuclearstulle: the music alone is worth the 4 bucks
JadedCynic: rudimentary? They worked out rotary aircraft...
bytecaster: @nuclearstulle And you can get that for free!
jessicaengle: It used to cost $4.99 to rent a new release VHS tape at the video rental store.
Thefluffiestguineapig: Could they beat the eight crate challenge?
evilspoons983: at this point I think they're going to outpace the human race in days
Bassios: "Looks like... we're forked"
jessicaengle: This is at least as much entertainment as that
ZombieHendrix: I keep thinking that semi is Optimus Prime
uncomfortablepinecone: you really should get to use a flamethrower in this
DigitalSeahorse: this level needs smashing pumpkins soundtrack
Maltramac: Okay, I looked at the Steam screenshots and there's at least a part 5.
jessicaengle: Bullet with cucumber wings?
DapperKoala2: Sir, it's as we've feared: they're ISO-9001 certified.
flouncy_magooo: They're just coming over to say Gourden Tag
GreatWahooney: in soviet russia, pumpkin knife you!
sethtriggs: I love these grumpy faces
GhosteEye: that weapon looks like Northrop Grumman and Nerf joined forces to create the worlds cutest paintball gun...
Anubis169: 'cause it's a pie chef
TehAmelie: wait, maybe all the things we are killing here are Steven Universe's children
Brozard: It's a gourddamn butcher
DigitalSeahorse: like you wear an apron to pumpkin carve
Drasvin: Ah, so it seems like these pumpkins have shorter range than the cucumbers but higher dps, maybe?
sethtriggs: Gallagher would've loved this stage.
Anubis169: a pumpkin pie chef
Foxmar320: Harvest was good this year
Maltramac: Oh, actually, I see a screenshot of the highscores, there seems to be 36 levels total.
Anaerin: It's an ugly planet, a GOURD planet!
bytecaster: @Drasvin We should look into the frame data of these gourds!
eric_christian_berg: Just got here. The new Tomato Way looks slick!
matthaus_c: there could be speedruns of this
satyropodobny: Cucumbers in gas masks don't even raise an eyebrow, but pumpikns in aprons are suddenly questionable?
Shooer: Make fruit salad, not war
Anubis169: you mean the Pumpking?
niccus: what are grenades if not another potion to hoard
Anubis169: Oh please let there be a jack o'lantern
Jobot180: The commander will be enGOURDged?
SevenishMagpies: i do really appreciate that the pumpkin levels are not halloween themed
BloodnBullets: so we are clear you just commited war crimes gunning down fleeing enemies right?
sethtriggs: They have Deuce and a quarters too eh?
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyKnife vicksyKnife vicksyKnife carving time!
SquareDotCube: organized tactics?
Anubis169: Convoy?
satyropodobny: soon we'll move to sabotaging turnip railways
Anubis169: oh that blast radius manAWW
CouldntPickAUsername: that's more of a row of trucks than a column
NewtyNewts: Nope, by full-grown-tree
JadedCynic: @BloodnBullets and got a 'deserter' bonus too
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: Combined Arms doctrine!?
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunBabhed infant tree
HIYgamer: Did the pumpkins just bleed?
3PlayerPolitics: LUL
Anubis169: what they're hitting trees?
elkae: i just noticed they get stabbed by their own utensils
Anubis169: ah
sethtriggs: Helicopters yep they're going to have jet planes next
bytecaster: A weapon to surpass Metal Gourd?
elkae: @bytecaster very good PrideLaugh
Master_Gunner: Combined Arms!
cmdrud87: hey, those tanks have been serving them for 80 years!
SquareDotCube: turns out man with rocket is harder to hit than another tank
Thefluffiestguineapig: The fact the utensils sometimes flip into the bodies of the fallen is really weird
epsilon_vee: tanks, part of a complete breakfast
Anubis169: Yeah tanks aren't like the cavalry
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Reecer6: i thought russia had like, tons of disposable infantry, famously
Master_Gunner: a lesson we only learned over a hundred years ago.
Foxmar320: oh no
Jobot180: The little aprons are so cute!
TehAmelie: just like in Starcraft you don't go mono siege tanks
elkae: oh no oh my
Anubis169: it's a big momma pumpkin
matthaus_c: you need a solid infantry base to act as a protective layer for the tank
Brozard: or a pro-wrestler pumpkin?
NewtyNewts: Muscleshirt-pumpkin?
tenthtechpriest: nothing but cover
TotallyNotaBeholder: Are we squashing the enemy?
sethtriggs: Looks like jelly donuts
Simriel: Ladypumpkin is my Cannibal Corpse Cover Band
elkae: very supportive of those melons
satyropodobny: @Reecer6 The did. It got disposed.
evilspoons983: see: kelly's heroes
sporkraptor: in the grim, dark future of Veggie Tales, there is only war
elkae: Super Truck, Super Truc,
elkae: dammit
SpacePotato01: The Russians have a solution to all these problems though. See Zapp Brennigan
ZombieHendrix: it's about the juice, not the kill
tenthtechpriest: "drop a bomb on the tank from your 2nd story window" was a big part of britain's war planning
GreatWahooney: suggested pearing?
northos: no, pears were chapter 1 Kappa
DanTheMediocre: especially if that RPG is a Javelin instead of the shaped charge RPG your reactive armor is supposed to stop
sethtriggs: Wow they actually rank you
TehAmelie: spicing up the pumpkins a bit
SevenishMagpies: omfg
matthaus_c: LMAO
sethtriggs: Farmer's Mom who lives in CITY
Anubis169: HAHAHAHA
BusTed: Seems legit.
3PlayerPolitics: lol
Foxmar320: This is great
koodooman: farfaY
Tempest2097: I love this game so much
matthaus_c: it's your Pump-kin
richard_ermen: lol
LurkerSpine: Cheer100 Game Good
Thefluffiestguineapig: YES
wench_tacular: i'm convinced
elkae: hee hee
sethtriggs: LOL
Nigouki: "Signature unintelligible"
flatluigi: that's straight up a pvz joke
TheMerricat: benginLol
Simriel: This is genuinely a good bit
elkae: OK
JadedCynic: very good penmanship
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyDed
elkae: I love this
NightValien28: very plants vs zombie
satyropodobny: Now this just ripping off PvZ
uncomfortablepinecone: INCREDIBLE fiction writing here
sporkraptor: oh no they have your mom
Critterbot: Cute. :D
Melfina__: Wow
Azralorne: The plot thickens!!!
cmdrud87: well, more than I expected
CaptainSpam: Well, I guess take your jokes from the best...
jessicaengle: They're learning
pokilm: Pretty good joke
MDK_Marshal: Oh dear gourd!
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Legit would fit as a Plants vs Zombies sequel
sporkraptor: they're holding her hostage
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: the coherent ongoing narrative continues to impress
DoodlestheGreat: Gotta give this game credit, it goes for it.
CranstonSnord: COINTELPumpkin
sporkraptor: so they could forge her handwriting
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyInspect vicksyPoint that not her signature
accountmadeforants: This is amazing
Anubis169: They understand correct postage
CouldntPickAUsername: ok, I'm just gonna say it, this game rocks
SpacePotato01: I see potential for a 40k crossover, with Imperial Gourd.
DigitalSeahorse: "Farm Mom"
uncomfortablepinecone: next they'll deepfake farmer's mom
sethtriggs: So are some of the pumpkins trying to dress like your mom?
HIYgamer: Why do the pumpkins have clothes?
sporkraptor: no, they held up a post office and stole their stamps
Mediocre_Man5: They've taken control of the postal service
NewtyNewts: Are you sure that wasn't just a potato stamp?
interiorexplosion: Who sold these pumpkins a stamp?
Foxmar320: I have questions for the person who sold them the stamp
Thefluffiestguineapig: Was it three pumpkins in a trench coat?
Reecer6: if a pumpkin tried to buy a stamp from your post office, would you approve the sale
Creideiki_SE: Mincemeat.
Master_Gunner: Mincemeat?
EvilBadman: Someone /sold them a stamp/
Luminaire_p: Or even scarier: counterfeited a stamp
TheMerricat: So chat, about Alex's theory earlier in stream about this just being you high on drugs and these are actually government agents you are mowing down....
AtomicAlchemical: Mincemeat
Tempest2097: Mincemeat, you're thinking of Operation Mincemeat
Calyte: Who sold a stamp to a Gourd?
sarsum33: Mincemeat
sethtriggs: Also nice DX-7 in the music heh
GreatWahooney: we can foil their plans by just not selling stamps to vegetables
theevermist: mincemeat
JadedCynic: operation mincemeat -
Simriel: Mincemeat was wild
Razdak: not only are these pumpkins trying to kill you,. they're also committing mail fraud
3PlayerPolitics: mincemeat
Anubis169: Operation Mincemeat
HIYgamer: @TheMerricat There might be something to this
elkae: Maybe they stole the stamp
Anubis169: that was a nasty one
elkae: They have no morals after all
DaxStrife: Don't the clothes just imply all the other pumpkins are naked?
NightValien28: they done now, they committed a federal crime
JadedCynic: they made germany think greece was the attack direction instead of italy
TotallyNotaBeholder: WW2 was a wild time
TheMerricat: "Dead Man Floating: World War II's Oddest Operation : NPR. Dead Man Floating: World War II's Oddest Operation In April of 1943, the body of a British Royal Marine washed ashore in Spain, carrying top secret letters about Allied plans to invade Greece and Sardinia.J"
Ard_Rhys: WW2 British intelligence was on another level
DigitalSeahorse: nice when they all line up like that
sarsum33: fun fackt ian flemming worken on that mission.
GreatWahooney: @DaxStrife good point, I'm checking off gratuitous nudity on the bingo card
koodooman: I love the pumpkins attack
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the fact that they mailed it begs a LOT of questions.
Bruceski: To be fair they didn't just dump a body, they put a LOT of effort into making it believable
Tempest2097: Dropped it in "neutral" territory where they knew the Germans would be able to access the material and then checked to see that it had been read, which it had
Thefluffiestguineapig: In our society is it profit before all else, even notifying people of the new sentience of the pumpkins
matthaus_c: those pumpkins are definitely trying to dress as our mom
elkae: omg matthaus
sporkraptor: they've got your mom's jogging outfit on
thefightnerd: big tiddy goth pumpkins
TehAmelie: big pumpkin melons
AtomicAlchemical: I still think those are singlets
elkae: i think you've cracked this case wide open
NewtyNewts: Gourditos
Anubis169: lol
sethtriggs: They're doing the Wave!
Simriel: Oh yeah they are pretending to be out mom!
elkae: Love slow-mo gourds
Thefluffiestguineapig: @sporkraptor They are doing mom cosplay
Anubis169: Mowin' the garden
Nosser2: My god, it's a slaughter.
Calyte: Some say the reicent Classified Document leak is a new Operation Mincemeat. I dont believe that myself but its a thought.
Lithobraker: That's why the pictures of Soviet tanks with a bunch of infantry hanging off them is was a good doctrine, the idea was the infantry wouldn't have to walk, had better situational awareness than the tankers inside, and would dismount and provide protection for the tank when contacted the enemy
Bruceski: "What are you dressed as?" "Your mom."
Tempest2097: Pumpkins look great in slowmo
elkae: is there no other???
elkae: aw
cmdrud87: I mean, have you ever tried to juice a pumpkin?
margieargie: You're really smashing those pumpkins
breadisbest1: did anyone make a it's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown comment?
Thefluffiestguineapig: We Silent Hill 2 now
fastlane250: LUL
sporkraptor: gourdillas in the mist
sethtriggs: LOL
koodooman: LUL
empyreon: LUL
NewtyNewts: Oh Beej
Tempest2097: LUL
SquareDotCube: What's the song they play as they're ambushed in slow-mo on The Godfather? That's what needs to play when slow-mo hits
KeytarCat: It ends on the click when you shoot the last coin
Lysander_salamander: hahahahahaha
3PlayerPolitics: lololol
GreatWahooney: can it, as in can the pumpkin?
thefightnerd: graham has gone mad with juice
JadedCynic: Beej just rolling with it is GLORIOUS <3
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyTH
cmdrud87: get him in here for a bit!
elkae: holy shit LUL
ANeMzero: Oh no, we're farming in Silent Hill now
Mushbie: Operation bongo 2, tho a peach time op, was also weird
Rhynerd: I hope somebody clipped that
jessicaengle: Gotta keep Beej on his toes somehow
Gerrimeister: that was crapshot LIVE!
arkham1981: You guys are the best.
DigitalSeahorse: vicksySmug
flatluigi: beej should guest on W+P
Lithobraker: Now days we have APCs and IFVs to carry the infantry to keep up with the tanks, but those didn't exist then
satyropodobny: It's a good thing they are wearing thos bright pink tanktops
Mushbie: *peace time
jessicaengle: jlrrCooltunes GlitchCat
3PlayerPolitics: beej is good ppl
DanTheMediocre: @sporkraptor ok but Gourdilla Warfare is a pretty good pun, compliments
elkae: I prefer a chunky jam, myself
koodooman: quwebsJam
elkae: Need the fruit bits
Laserbeaks_Fury: This is something that would happen in Nsburg
Anaerin: I believe if you're preserving Gourds, that's more of a Relish Graham.
Thefluffiestguineapig: While they have CONIN their camo leaves much to be desired
Anubis169: Time for veggicide
matthaus_c: we should check the music credit, maybe it is KG after all :p
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyDance vicksyTail
BrowneePoints: You're gonna do WHAT to Pumpkins!?
sporkraptor: @sporkraptor /salute
Gekyouryuu: "you ever try to spot a pumpkin in the fog?" has the same energy as "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FIND A STRANGER IN THE ALPS!"
EvilBadman: Oo rah
arkham1981: I've seen that youtube channel. Hickok45 right?
DaxStrife: yeah, this is starting to sound like a Qwerpline episode.
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyTap vicksyBounce
ZoBo_: need to play some Smashing Pumpkins, surely
Lithobraker: We need a FLIR camera to deal with the pumpkins in the fog
Punching_Bag: new gardening with greg episode: pumpkins mailing letters
Anubis169: oh jebus
InquisitorGaia: you think it would give you kuru?
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Pumpkins defeated, but get the last laugh as the Farmer dies of pumpkin pie overdose
JDMan94: I'd prefer to blow away some lettuce heads to some Hall and Oates
sporkraptor: those are some. startlingly big pumpkins
cmdrud87: you just gotta cook them real well, so that the DNA disintegrates
AtomicAlchemical: God this *does* feel like a QWRPline sketch
matthaus_c: except Thatcher's, I hope
Mordin_Solus_Sings: The Leprechaun movies are *wild*
Simriel: New Fear Unlocked
Gekyouryuu: Leprechauns are Candiru?
elkae: the power of transference!
sethtriggs: Holding your own against the superior technology of the GMO veggies
fastlane250: I don't have an emote to properly register my disgust with that.
bytecaster: How have people not learned to not mess with the fae?
evilspoons983: apparently LITERALLY EVERYONE clipped the same thing
Thefluffiestguineapig: Yeah, I feel like they consumed many drugs in developing those movies
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: that the ONLY reason you wouldn't...?
WookieCookie64: Leprechaun with context does not make much sense to begin with.
TheDangerWaffle: LMAO
Anubis169: Warwick Davis is a treasure
Simriel: @bytecaster No one told me I couldn't piss on them though!
DigitalSeahorse: the pumpkin Wilhelm
jessicaengle: bweep
EvilBadman: kombucha squashtages
Anubis169: Armagherkin manYES
3PlayerPolitics: aint no noncombatants on the farm jimmy
sporkraptor: do it
darkcyril: @3PlayerPolitics Parsnip-an fighters.
munocard: Your grenades are purple?
sethtriggs: So are you maxed out on everything except grenade?
SevenishMagpies: grenades look purple?
sporkraptor: curiosity throws the grenade
ANeMzero: my, what big ears you have grandma
margieargie: Once way to find out?
elkae: gramma comes out and whoops your ass
matthaus_c: grandma will be disappointed
bytecaster: Maybe that's the only way to get the "good" ending
3PlayerPolitics: @darkcyril LUL
DigitalSeahorse: if you not supposed to use them they should just disable them
DigitalSeahorse: "challenge yourself"
elkae: i bet gramma comes out wearing the same mumu
sethtriggs: I remember a breakout game I had, instead of calling it "anti-bonus" called it a "malus"
elkae: and tells you to shut up
sporkraptor: remember grandma doesn't mind the sounds of trucks exploding or machine guns, it's *just the grenades*
ZoBo_: the sustained hail of automatic gunfire is fine, grenades though? way out.
Thefluffiestguineapig: @3PlayerPolitics Those there are why we shouldn't have let the vegans do science
thewolfisonfire: two endings, the good endkng and the gourd ending
empyreon: but meemaws nap BibleThump
munocard: Grandma is just very disappointed
matthaus_c: if you throw enough, grandma joins the pumpkin side
KeytarCat: We still don't know you haven't failed
jessicaengle: Turns out your grandma was replaced by a pumpkin!
elkae: but... the cheevos!
DigitalSeahorse: bragging rights
munocard: Firing off the guns doesn't bother her, but grenades?
gnyrinn: You haven´t failed the level yet. They could just check at the end of the level.
eric_christian_berg: I understand shooting the pumpkins. They are menacing you. Why shoot the trucks?
Simriel: But is it Loose
darkcyril: "Listen grandma. We've all got to make sacrifices here."
Gizmoloid: It's peculiar that it looks like inverted controls don't invert controls, but rather invert your cursor's position? So it flips when it ends
Lithobraker: @zobo_ maybe we're firing suppressed subsonic Blackout?
bytecaster: @eric_christian_berg You gotta cut off their supply line!
elkae: Grenade = pomegranate in French. Maybe grandma is French
NightValien28: eric_christian_berg we gotta disrupt their supply line
3PlayerPolitics: of course grandma doesn't mind quiet quiet automatic gunfire
eric_christian_berg: Logical.
Shooer: Grandma's been twitchy since her tour in Nam
munocard: supplies of what?
Tempest2097: Logistics are the real warfare
Thefluffiestguineapig: @munocard Hey, grandma has a 10 hour track of machine gun fire that is the only thing that lulls her to sleep
WearingCats_CwC: They're pump trucks
Mai_Andra: After this level is just a scene where grandma is angry - roll credits.
ZoBo_: @Lithobraker that's a kitted out farmer!
sethtriggs: Never fight a veggie war on a farm
dougma: relieve supplies like ranch dressing
InquisitorGaia: do you think the vegetables are cannibals?
Mai_Andra: You have to complete it without grenades to unlock the "true" ending. =P
ANeMzero: Napoleon, famously routed during the batter of Watermeloon
satyropodobny: @munocard ...Forks, knives, and vaguely feminine clothing?
sethtriggs: Nice muscle shirt
uncomfortablepinecone: :o
Thefluffiestguineapig: Those startled faces tho
empyreon: love those little punkins
WearingCats_CwC: They shot the cargo truck. And the cargo was people!
uncomfortablepinecone: :O
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyBork
Anubis169: the ground
dougma: from the fields of course
fiftymcnasty: The ground
matthaus_c: the pumpkin patch
uncomfortablepinecone: amazing that even the naked pumpkins seem to be wearing slippers
offbeatwitch: the ground
emberBecky: @ANeMzero *applause*
jessicaengle: The patch
Luminaire_p: There's patches of them all over
BloodnBullets: the pumpkin fields obviously
darkcyril: Troops fresh from the farm.
NightValien28: your farm?
satyropodobny: The pumpkin patch. duh.
Simriel: Pumpkin Jail
infranova: Pumpkonscripts
JadedCynic: obviously from....the bad seed
Mai_Andra: pumpkins don't grow on trees, you know
ContingentCat: local veggie high schools with a promise of a postsecondary education
Thefluffiestguineapig: The gourd-lags
dougma: It was a grass roots effort
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyPls vicksyS
arkham1981: It's either this or end up in a pie. Most choose to fight.
darkcyril: The seeds of revolution were planted long ago.
damnitscraig: Pumpkins are known for their experience in the field
Carlioo: it's a lawless land beyond the hills
sethtriggs: I am honestly surprised this isn't a mobile port.
theamc2000: gang gang
theevermist: they are being conscripted from the goulash
accountmadeforants: Gang Gang
flatluigi: gang gang
Nigouki: Dev grew up watching Scoobie Doo and the gang
sporkraptor: gangbeets
TehAmelie: should we reroll our seed?
malc: @theevermist wow
3PlayerPolitics: yang gang
DarkMorford: That would track with the "Well you shoot!" message, I guess
gualdhar: GMO produce are notorious for murdering their way across IOwa
NightValien28: maybe it was supposed to be Bang and it got wrong?
Anubis169: "Gang Gang" it's a slang term
Steelwolf171: Squad or Squash?
Gizmoloid: Maybe just a typo of Bang?
accountmadeforants: Pumpkins are subject to cornscription
AtomicAlchemical: lang gang
KeytarCat: Denotative synonyms with connotative differences
DigitalSeahorse: each cluster of pumpkins would be called a patch in farming terms
Thefluffiestguineapig: @KeytarCat Precisely
Pheonix888: Hey Graham, not to blame your or anything, but I seem to be getting served more disturbingly sexy Hero Wars adds. ;)
sporkraptor: moar gune
gualdhar: I'll be honest I'm surprised we're still on vegicide
doubledbear: Must be a sponsorship with the game audio network guild Kappa Kappa Kappa
KeytarCat: @accountmadeforants press-ganged into the truck
Thefluffiestguineapig: @KeytarCat That is actually a genius phrase for most of the chat in this stream
SquareDotCube: Time for more SOS
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyGa vicksyInsane
3PlayerPolitics: here we gooo
TheDangerWaffle: SAME FOR ME
Thefluffiestguineapig: UM
ContingentCat: wat
cmdrud87: well, I do blame you
DigitalSeahorse: huge
Carlioo: I've been getting one where he gets vored by a giant slime woman
doubledbear: I saw one that implied a woman was doing it with a horse
Anubis169: lowest common denominator marketing
CouldntPickAUsername: I also have been getting more weird hero wars ad, including one with a princess making out with a horse
Simriel: Who is the Target Audience for this
dougma: They hired a 14yo for their social marketing
Razdak: lot of bondage and vore in those ads
3PlayerPolitics: riffYeti
Astra7525: no ad regulations and the race to the bottom, graham
Rhynerd: Not the weirdest horny ad I’ve gotten
sporkraptor: damn eucalyptus
jessicaengle: Bottom of the barrel
A_Dub888: I saw one where the protagonist took a massive dooker into a genie's lamp.
sethtriggs: Well I guess that's another way to polish a sword!
Thefluffiestguineapig: I've been getting poorsona ones for the Scapes series
Pheonix888: That and the horse one yup
lady_olynder: I had one where it looked like his interest was going to have intercourse with a horse and it was greatly disturbing
bytecaster: @Carlioo Consensually?
elkae: i got a ton of homescapes ads
Carlioo: @Carlioo not sure!
flatluigi: interhourse
SquareDotCube: @Simriel Veggie Tales masochists?
elkae: and some candy crush ones with "not actual play" at the bottom
TheDangerWaffle: the horse one omg.
Invitare: oh yeah I've seen the horse one
TehAmelie: chat has been bringing the cream of the crop of puns today. it's such a rich field, of course. fruitful.
Thefluffiestguineapig: Also other ads that are clearly reskins of those gardenscapes ads for different games
Simriel: That sure is a sentence
sporkraptor: I wonder if they're AI-generated
DigitalSeahorse: yup
LordZarano: I keep getting ads for "Top War"
TheDangerWaffle: I have seen all of them on FB.
Dezufnocosem: it's post-modern stage capitalism
sporkraptor: I remember seeing something about ad companies starting to invest in ChatGPT stuff
DigitalSeahorse: with only slight shame
TurnedToFrog: How else do you get centaurs?
TheDangerWaffle: I don't go there no more
raulghoulia: Mansion Merge asks the question "What's Grandma up to?"
sporkraptor: it'll be like those kid's shows
Thefluffiestguineapig: Those ads are like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, a joke that is wildly out of hand
Thefluffiestguineapig: But so much worse
doubledbear: Lots of hero wars ads with giant women
sporkraptor: the weird procedurally generated YouTube videos
duckace11: I saw a homescape ad where the player dropped acid on the women and child and money on the I'm going to asume rich ex
CouldntPickAUsername: I have a reddit post with a screenshot from the horse ad, am I in trouble if I link it?
matthaus_c: as someone who does creative writing, it's buckwild how many absolutely real things you just -can't- write, because they're unhinged batshit
Thefluffiestguineapig: @doubledbear So for a
Thefluffiestguineapig: Adam?
thefightnerd: do we think we are in endgame yet?
Carlioo: I mean they did say a huge enemy force was approaching
Sacrenos: NICE grenades
Elsenova_: nice
DaxStrife: Nice.
sporkraptor: how long until we get to procedurally generated advertisements? or are they already here?
LordZarano: Including "In 2023 I'm exposing fake game ads, so this is Top War..."
Elsenova_: no longer nice
emberBecky: oh I saw the lamp ad. hate it. I bet YT and twitch encourage folks to make the worst possible ads so more people subscribe
matthaus_c: could also see this track being from an early King Gizz album
TehAmelie: the weirdest ones i've seen are ones that launch right into technical jargon, clearly trying to sell a game exclusively to people who already know all about how to play that game
DigitalSeahorse: felt dizzy for a sec there
Sacrenos: OW NO
DigitalSeahorse: uhoh
TheAinMAP: Oh no.
wench_tacular: jlrrNo .
uncomfortablepinecone: that seems... safe
sethtriggs: Welp
matthaus_c: YES
DigitalSeahorse: mushrooms
infranova: They've gotta be gunning for the morbid curiosity so people watch more of the ad
IbunWest: You dummies
elkae: good job science dudes
Tempest2097: They found them
Reecer6: that's a different kingdom!!!
emberBecky: ohhh the teef
DigitalSeahorse: the weirdest plant
BusTed: 🍄
Brozard: From the moldy bread used to make prison wine
theevermist: I mean I feel like it was mushrooms this whole time
elkae: they're double barrelling it??
malc: mushroom juice, then
JadedCynic: I'm surprised they were able to squeeze in these - there's not mushroom
Lord_Hosk: Cause they were in prison Alex... but they escaped
Rhynerd: Mushroom bandits?
bytecaster: Parashrooms!
LordZarano: Mushrooms aren't even plants!!
malsareus: param shrooms
KV1NN4: Menaced by mycelium!
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: parashrooms
Elsenova_: FROM WHERE
ZoBo_: paratroopers!
wench_tacular: spores
Carlioo: where else would the mushrooms come from?
DigitalSeahorse: umbrella shaped
Luminaire_p: You cannot kill them in a way that matters!
Astra7525: para-shroopers
SevenishMagpies: they strrafe!!!!
uncomfortablepinecone: their spores drift in on the wind...
TheAinMAP: Airborne spores.
epsilon_vee: oh sweet, is there a bomber wave after this :P
sethtriggs: Oh Toad, no!
doubledbear: Armed Fungi
satyropodobny: Canonically vegetables are racist.
thefightnerd: its a new game mechanic!
ZuNy77: you know this game actually seems decent
Sacrenos: I mean, all the previous ones were like... OK weird but ok. The mushrooms are just their own fault and the humans deserve to die now.
Abracadingdong: Because they are high
Laserbeaks_Fury: Amanita have ya'll dial back the mushroom puns
DigitalSeahorse: ah yes, spores
Dezufnocosem: #NotMYcology
leondebowa: spores travel on the breeze?
Anubis169: because they're the Sporecial Forces
matthaus_c: do I have a fever right now
Razdak: fool, you cannot kill them in any way that matters
Amentur: Isn't it a war crime to shoot paratroopers while they're in air?
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Lithobraker: I don't know, to me they seem like a bunch of fun guys
Pheonix888: its the SAF!
fiftymcnasty: Buddy they dont even let me dual wield
Nosser2: I like that the trees give you a massive incentive to take out the mushrooms in the air.
jessicaengle: Delicious delicious enemies
sethtriggs: Skipped jets went right to rockets
dougma: They arn't vegtables
Aenir798: they're mushrooms not vegetables though
KV1NN4: I'll give this game credit - at least you don't have a girlfriend who abandons you for a particularly suave cuke
LordZarano: Fungi are more closely related to animals than they are to plants!
SerGarretCameron: if you can go to jail, you can fly a rocket.
Brozard: They connect to form a skycelium network
malsareus: So this is how Elmo gets to Mars
Rhynerd: @amentur it’s also a war crime to shoot retreating enemies I think
malc: there's so mushroom up there
Anubis169: Sporecial Forces rollout!
niccus: they're culinary vegetables, not botanical vegetables
Thefluffiestguineapig: But because it is gourd
sporkraptor: not because it is easy but because we want the mushrooms ON THE MOON DAMMIT
Tempest2097: @Brozard I want you to know I am proud of you for that pun that is a good one
aitsu100: one step for morel kind
Favre_the_Undead: they are vegetables, veggie is a culinary, not botanical, term
azninsect: theyre just a bunch of fun guys
Amentur: @Rhynerd Fair point
DigitalSeahorse: if there's no mushroom cloud it will be wasted opportunity
duckace11: This makes a smidge of sense seeing how some mushrooms can spread spore coulds super far
ZachtlyAsIntended: mushrooms aren't..why.....juicing mushrooms is NOT pleasant
Simriel: Ask not what your Juice can do for you
Simriel: Ask what you can do for your juice
Brozard: @Brozard Thanks sergeJustRight
bytecaster: The Sputnik shock really got to the fungi.
ANeMzero: land trains? are we in australia?
GreatWahooney: most trains are land trains, no?
infranova: I love how every game that involves paratroopers actively encourages warcrimes
KeytarCat: train gang
3PlayerPolitics: wait wait... im starting to this this game isnt very serious?
sethtriggs: The eyes roll like Cookie Monster after you kill them.
Steelwolf171: The 'shrooms have a more successful rocket program than Musk. Theirs actually fly
Critterbot: Technically it was a locomotive.
Lithobraker: @amentur nope, you can't shoot bailed out pilots, but paratroopers are considered to be in combat and are fair game
TehAmelie: sporulate is the term. sounds so dirty
SquareDotCube: My god, they've developed... PUBLIC TRANSIT!
Sacrenos: lol that one deserted mid air
matthaus_c: did not expect the Chattanooga Choo Choo reference but I'm here for it
bytecaster: I really don't want to know what we are gonna do with all that Shroomjuice.
DigitalSeahorse: chew chew
Shooer: They've developed space rocketry and steam engines, what's next bicycles?
ZachtlyAsIntended: We need a kamakazi Mushroom called the Mushboom
Pheonix888: Special Air Fungus?
TehAmelie: would you rather be sporulated or masticated
sethtriggs: Rocket ship + steam train
A_Dub888: Oh good Parashroomers
DigitalSeahorse: I chew chew on you
interiorexplosion: I reckon they're doing a Wallace and Gromit with the train tracks
darkcyril: @bytecaster That's how *we're* getting to the moon.
Thefluffiestguineapig: This is the opposite of the fruit train
Gizmoloid: Fighting a bus reminded me of this DS game, where you are a giant bug fighting other giant bugs, but in certain areas there are bonus fights and I think one of them was against a bus. The first one was against a giant fly swatter!
Thefluffiestguineapig: That song would be much worse
jessicaengle: The vegetable trolley? @Thefluffiestguineapig
matthaus_c: very funny, now make some room
Thefluffiestguineapig: @jessicaengle Nailed it!
SirMorek: she is very far away
Anonymousless: Right down the.. bye-bye!
doubledbear: Sigh i love darksouls 2 scholar
Thefluffiestguineapig: I love that and am so glad someone managed to get there
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Far away and filled with basilisks, sand and awful spiders.
SevenishMagpies: it would be real funny if you got locked out of the true ending b/c you didn't do all the objectives
sethtriggs: With the spawn rate, isn't it impossible to not use those guns?
accountmadeforants: RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD, and BAWSE WEAPONS have made their way into my normal vocabulary and I can't stop myself anymore.
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bytecaster: @sethtriggs Maybe if you prioritize upgrading the gun?
SquareDotCube: Anyways, what we've learned from this is: don't do shrooms while reading Jules Verne, kids.
Thefluffiestguineapig: So I know there were horrible giant spiders in bunches of bananas in the news a while ago, was there something similar for vegetables they could pull out for their WMD?
Thefluffiestguineapig: Sorry, VMD
sethtriggs: Oh that is tricky!
Foxmar320: I leave and when I come back your on shrooms?
avi_miller: This game clearly ends with the PC coming to in an ambulance after being brought out of his trip by the medics
Lithobraker: @rhynerd nope, retreating enemies are still valid targets, you have to be surrendering to gain protections under international law
bytecaster: Are we getting attacked by Shitake?
jessicaengle: @Thefluffiestguineapig Daylight come and me wan go home
matthaus_c: hehe, mushrooms, penal system
ANeMzero: Prison conscripts
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: does the advancing vegetable society imply the existence of vegetable religion
neebusjeebus: great question, next question
3PlayerPolitics: um.
Dumori: They are penal conscripts for criomes against the Mushroom kingdom
Gizmoloid: maybe a striped shirt means it's a sailor?
TehAmelie: the shrooms are sovereign from all laws of gods and men
bytecaster: I wonder what the fungi constitution or charter reads like?
darkcyril: Mushrooms law works on a very different morel system.
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Gizmoloid So mashed? (I tried for a pressganged thing there and it didn't quite work)
jessicaengle: @darkcyril amazing
sethtriggs: Ahahaaa
satyropodobny: They are forming penal legions. Truly barbaric
TehAmelie: lrrWOW
sporkraptor: ouch
DigitalSeahorse: morel
Beleqwaya: lol
malsareus: top marks
fastlane250: lrrWOW
wench_tacular: jlrrDang
Tempest2097: @darkcyril Glorious
Gizmoloid: @Gizmoloid lol
RainyMint: LOL
Thefluffiestguineapig: That is very good
jessicaengle: You win chat.
Lithobraker: Wait, does the stripe shirt mean they're the Russian Navy? Is this where the VDV landed?
LordZarano: escher3PUN
Jasoman: @darkcyril You win this round you shroom
Thefluffiestguineapig: NO, none of this is silly
SquareDotCube: I really wish I knew the name of the song I want to suggest to play when you go into slow-mo
SK__Ren: I'm lichen chats humor today
JadedCynic: lrrWOW moosea2Nope
GreatWahooney: at the end of the game you'll be declared champignon
darkcyril: @Jasoman And now I retire on top.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Amanita have ya'll dial back the mushroom puns
NewtyNewts: Dangit, I stepped away for 15 minutes and apparently I return to a room of funguys.
ZachtlyAsIntended: In the end credits I REALLY want to see a "based on a true story" line
wench_tacular: this is a war crime
Tempest2097: Deserters do spawn coins
Thefluffiestguineapig: @GreatWahooney LUL PogChamp
Rhynerd: Imagine if this game just ended with your farmer getting arrested for the war crimes
Anubis169: They're deserterns, they all spawn coins when running away
lackingsanity: what do the geneva conventions have to say about bullet time
malc: ooh, grilled mushrooms
Thefluffiestguineapig: I don't want to see what is made of those desserters. I don't think the earthiness fits the flavor profile of that entire meal
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyTap
accountmadeforants: I wonder if there's a cap on these shrooms...
SquareDotCube: They all just wanna cap yo ass
TehAmelie: i hope the mushrooms don't get angry
TehAmelie: or we'll be in for a madcap adventure
NewtyNewts: Mushroom duallies
elkae: @accountmadeforants boooo
Serivus: "Night Mission is a difficult mission. especially if your enemies are the angry armed mushroom paratroopers."
jessicaengle: Psychadellic, even
neebusjeebus: theres a joke here with mushroom soldier and cordyceps militaris that my brain cant think of
Thefluffiestguineapig: The fact one of the death animations is they sit down and go crosseyed is weirding me out
ZoBo_: they're sombreros>
elkae: they stole the hat from Miner Adventures
Anubis169: Well they're western themed
Uzaniii: I really want to watch the rest of this but I must go to bed... Damn it
Anubis169: so maybe farmhand?
Thefluffiestguineapig: Yeah, how is that a shift
darkcyril: Did *they* understand what they were going for?
Anaerin: Pith helmet, or Vietnam-style conical straw hat?
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyLUL
ZachtlyAsIntended: wow
DigitalSeahorse: pegaSass
Tempest2097: Yeah for a 4 dollar game this is actually good
TehAmelie: [obvious shiitake joke]
Lord_Hosk: Paratroops are 200% better than regular troops both at fighting and in bed
Thefluffiestguineapig: I just tried a screen capture to try to read the stripy shirts and realized that I could be doing more productive things
accountmadeforants: The bubble pops also constantly get me.
sethtriggs: Well we can tell the devs were really having fungus making this game.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: comin round the bend?
cmdrud87: So, this is Shroom-aha Beach?
Anubis169: lol
wench_tacular: good to know
JadedCynic: TMI?
Thefluffiestguineapig: Alex's face
3PlayerPolitics: um
elkae: LMAO
3PlayerPolitics: Hosk?
Anubis169: he has 3 kids, not 1 kid
Anubis169: 200% better
WearingCats_CwC: How often do you fight in bed?
CataclysmicReverb: Are you sure it isn't because they come in pairs?
A_Dub888: benginFingers
DigitalSeahorse: pegaFail
Metric_Furlong: whereas most troopers only have 1.5 kids
ZachtlyAsIntended: pair a troopers....200% better....
NewtyNewts: If this is at all representative, they've got much bigger heads for sure.
elkae: ohhhhh
BrowneePoints: Number of Progeny does not equate to skill in the sheets
neebusjeebus: are we fighting the cordyceps militaris?
cmdrud87: Or, in Beej's words: BRING THE KIDS
Thefluffiestguineapig: @WearingCats_CwC Depends on what you're into
BrowneePoints: however I HAVE heard it told that the Air Force are the Nerds of the Military
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sethtriggs: Is the I and II a rank?
BrowneePoints: and the Punching bag of the other branches
DigitalSeahorse: digita435Octo wat now
matthaus_c: is it Marilyn Mushroom
jessicaengle: nuuuuuu
margieargie: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: enhanced skin awareness
elkae: A wild Ben Soileaux!
matthaus_c: IT'S NAKED
Carlioo: hands up!
accountmadeforants: LUL
Amentur: LUL
fastlane250: LUL
elkae: HOLY SHIT
SAJewers: !clip
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sethtriggs: dat thigh gap
Anubis169: Trojan Airdrop
Thefluffiestguineapig: That is so good!!!!
NewtyNewts: Flash!
Elsenova_: paxitiPLEASE
ZuNy77: maplea5ItsOver maplea5ItsOver
3PlayerPolitics: LOL
NewtyNewts: AAAAAA-Ahhhhhhh!
Razdak: beware of gifts from shrooms
CranstonSnord: no shiitake
Tempest2097: Game Good
DandyGeek: welp
doubledbear: Trojan box
epsilon_vee: this is a stick up
Shooer: Didn't know this game had jump scares
emberBecky: :o
neebusjeebus: holy shit hes about to put a CAP in him
matthaus_c: new favourite reaction image
lackingsanity: the farmer's still so pleasantly surprised though
BrowneePoints: there wasn't mushroom in that box
Anubis169: neebusjeebus!
jessicaengle: A+++
GreatWahooney: ok this game is rad
KV1NN4: it's been tweaking my brain all game but this art reminds me of Google How-To instructions (but more fun)
ZoBo_: this game is kinda fantastic LUL
Nosser2: Bamboozled.
satyropodobny: Dear God they read the Liliad
gualdhar: there's nothing to appreciate. humanity has died.
gnyrinn: Weren't all the other mushrooms clothed?
Tempest2097: He's about to empty all his Boletes into him
DandyGeek: that mushroom is a terrible shot
Carlioo: boom! boom!
sethtriggs: "BOOP? BOOP?"
3PlayerPolitics: nice shout @kv1nn4
Dezufnocosem: did you a heckin frighten
Thefluffiestguineapig: The clip race
elkae: hahaha
thefightnerd: this is a gift that keeps on giving
Thefluffiestguineapig: Do we need to post it in chat?
elkae: guaranteed to be in the highlights
jessicaengle: If this was a student project, they deserve a job job, not just an A+
Metric_Furlong: chat hivemind is strong today
DarKovalord: Definitely a fungai
gualdhar: have we figured out how mushrooms have guns?
Laserbeaks_Fury: SingsNote What if say I'm not like the others.... SingsNote
ZoBo_: not giving you mushroom, are they?
elkae: We need more Alex laughter in the Highlights, always lrrSHINE
Mattmitchell45: @satyropodobny Who knows what they learned from Fungdyseus
A_Dub888: @gualdhar The same reason the pumpkins had cutlery
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Metric_Furlong I think you mean the chat root network
arkham1981: THey're americans
doubledbear: science, probably
DigitalSeahorse: ZoBo_ vicksyPoint
Anubis169: they're fun guys
morgoth_bauglyr: the gor them from teh cucumbers obviously
BrowneePoints: Cuz they like to shoot Bolete @LoadingReadyRun
accountmadeforants: That's a species of gungus
SquareDotCube: they have a great network
margieargie: Because they're GMOs, that's how those work right
CAKHost: the juice provides
ChaoticGood007: Is this that last of us game that the TV show is based on?
bytecaster: 2nd amendment to the shroom charter.
bondeulv: pretty bangin soundtrack
ANeMzero: The guns were delivered either by rail, truck, helicopter or rocket ship.
amythist: I mean the've had airships and helicopters so why not guns, it's simpler technology at least
ContingentCat: trying to answer any "why is this like this" questions about this game seems futlie
jessicaengle: @arkham1981 Ouch But fair :(
AtomicAlchemical: This is literally the "you cannot kill me in any way that matters" meme
NewtyNewts: Why don't they have rifles... at least those have stalks?
sporkraptor: trane
elkae: The sergePun sergeCrimes are sergeJustRight today
3PlayerPolitics: mmm, mushr9om juice
wolgo: What;s a fun but a deathcap dispenser
doubledbear: "Gonna tell my kids this was 'The Last of Us'"
NarishmaReborn: well how elsewould they face
LordZarano: @ChaoticGood007 Yes
Lord_Hosk: what? I ummm... maybe.
elkae: :O
elkae: Face reveal from Lord Hosk
margieargie: It's raining shrooms, hallelujah...
Anubis169: bustin' caps right left and centre
DigitalSeahorse: they're sporing
Thefluffiestguineapig: That took a long time to publish
gnyrinn: The thing that intrigues me is that the dead para-shrooms fall faster than the alive ones.
matthaus_c: pears couldn't fall down from the sky like that
KeytarCat: psh, not even a vegetable lrrBEEJ
bytecaster: @KeytarCat We started with fruit
lady_olynder: Id argue that mushhrooms aren't vegetables, but then again, there is no such thing as a vegetable
satyropodobny: Mushrooms are not vegetables. They are abominations.
elkae: @gnyrinn I guess they don't have their caps deployed and so divebomb to the ground
NewtyNewts: Imagine if the flask was a red herring, and you're only halfway done
Lithobraker: Shouldn't the fungi be on our side? They're closer to animals than they are to plants
gnyrinn: @gnyrinn Makes sense, I guess.
bytecaster: The mushrooms have a space force and a train force.
DigitalSeahorse: which one of them is the real fun guy?
Thefluffiestguineapig: There are no guns in Chex Quest!
Anubis169: it's a hoobleyblat
DarkMorford: Oh man, Chex Quest. That takes me back.
TehAmelie: these are gmo mushrooms, i guess. with hearts full of evil
KeytarCat: Some manner of Zorcher
Simriel: You mean a Zorper right? Not a gun
Simriel: Zorcher
Mai_Andra: aren't all edible plants technically "vegetable" - whether fungus, root, fruit, leaf, etc...
3PlayerPolitics: @digitalseahorse DansGame
infranova: They're not guns, they're zorchers!
DigitalSeahorse: good
KV1NN4: this music sounds like it belongs in some cute highschool-life anime
DigitalSeahorse: I'll see myself out
JadedCynic: when I joined 10min in I assumed this was a Chex Quest sequel or something
infranova: Zorchers, as we all know, are legally distinct from guns
NewtyNewts: Rokkit
Thefluffiestguineapig: What has it got in its rocketsess
Dragonfirewiz: Soo much shrooms
margieargie: @Mai_Andra Fungi aren't plants, in fact they're more closely related to animals.
KeytarCat: Payload of dude
satyropodobny: 99 rot luftballons
Astra7525: Maybe this is what he would star in if the Chex guy really got into GMO-conspiracies in his later years
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyDerp pegaTilt tootSocky ssandDERP each one with derp faces
NewtyNewts: Pal-load
ShatteredShamrock: it's called sporing
CAKHost: 'Shroomload
KeytarCat: "What are fungi? Please stop asking, we don't know"
jessicaengle: This is not garbage, it's compost!
Carlioo: oh no you're blue now
NewtyNewts: 20x!
elkae: strats!
Drew_64: Graham working on the speedrun strats.
Thefluffiestguineapig: Also wait, why are there normal mushrooms without horrifying googly eyes as part of the level?
satyropodobny: I surrender suckers
bytecaster: @Thefluffiestguineapig Those are non GMO, non irradiated.
TehAmelie: the final boss here ought to be the meme fungus
jessicaengle: Gotta leave. Thanks for the stream, continue to slaw your enemies!
Serivus: definitely seen other x20 before that one
DigitalSeahorse: needs more mushroom cloud
jessicaengle: o7
elkae: @TehAmelie YES
elkae: take care, jessicaengle!
NewtyNewts: What?
accountmadeforants: This game is genuinely fun, visually, those rockets flying over the horizon are so cool
3PlayerPolitics: @thefluffiestguineapig they didn't get the GM serum
elkae: Man this is almost as good as Putt-Putt
DigitalSeahorse: ssandSAD oh Kate's sub expired too
Thefluffiestguineapig: @elkae This is the gritty Pajama Sam reboot
matthaus_c: A Mike Oldfield Soundtrack
elkae: truuuuue tho
Carlioo: these are some very nice tunes
DigitalSeahorse: pegaBop vicksyDance
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyTap
iris_of_ether: Tubular bells are hella fun to play
sporkraptor: joobs
NewtyNewts: toob jooze
sporkraptor: no wait. wait
elkae: tomb juice vs tube juice
sporkraptor: that is not where I meant to go
Brozard: 2Loose2Jooce
infranova: Those bells ARE pretty tubular
Simriel: Honestly this feels like someone put Work and Care into it with limited resources
3PlayerPolitics: huh. couldn't hear the tubulars with only on headphone on my ear
ButButTheJesus: ohai folks, is this der garbendaag?
sporkraptor: free-range train
insane_42: maglev
sporkraptor: welcome to the garbage pit
elkae: @ButButTheJesus welcome to the only game played today
DigitalSeahorse: they've trained them well
LurkerSpine: all-ter-train?
BloodnBullets: buses
TheAinMAP: That's just train wrong.
shurtal: Mutlitwrrain drifting?
Anaerin: So Choo-Choo Charles?
NewtyNewts: Trainrains?
kakmize: It's the train from Back to the Future
Luminaire_p: All-train vehicles
Aenir798: They've invented alternative modes of train
Camail: altered trains
sporkraptor: this actually isn't too trashy
Astra7525: landship
thebrokenhaiku: Isn't that just Choo Choo Charlie?
malc: they've been training for this moment
matthaus_c: All-Terrlocomotive
WearingCats_CwC: A weapon to surpass Metal Gear!
ButButTheJesus: @elkae wait wut
Spades_Slicc: All Tetrain
CururuGuasu: It’s Choo-Choo Charles!
A_Dub888: All Choorain
Gekyouryuu: Alt Train Vehicles
ButButTheJesus: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:00:16.
ZachtlyAsIntended: They're called Busses
infranova: They had off-road steam locomotives!
satyropodobny: They have almost achieved undreground tunnels filled with teslas
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyTH
elkae: @ButButTheJesus you heard me
SquareDotCube: They have a loco motive
elkae: er, read me
sporkraptor: it's putting a sTrain on my imagination
Anaerin: So "Traction Engines" then.
KeytarCat: I tech'd a week of Grease in hs that ruined 50s rock for me
elkae: This game, for 2 hours
SK__Ren: A locomoldive?
NewtyNewts: Parashhooters
DigitalSeahorse: heheheh
infranova: They had huge drive wheels and steering wheels in the front, and were mostly used for hauling felled trees
ShatteredShamrock: Parashroomtists
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DigitalSeahorse: vicksyTrash pear o shootists
ButButTheJesus: @elkae i am concern
matthaus_c: flavour fail for being a triple, not double, entendre
sporkraptor: they could have gotten a triple if they'd given them pear-shaped shutes
infranova: @anaerin those are the ones!
elkae: @ButButTheJesus don't worry about it
Dezufnocosem: we're all waiting for that juicy bonus in the sky Graham
DigitalSeahorse: pair o shutists
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Gekyouryuu: I recently learned there's a company making electric tractor trailers and such because Tesla is awful, and they called themselves Edison Motors, because they're stealing Tesla's ideas.
elkae: woowwww
ed_v0n_schleck: whats our beef with the trains?
elkae: Supplies
3PlayerPolitics: lol nice @gekyouryuu
aWabbajack: choo choo train!
CAKHost: Yeah what happen to the pears? Did we do a genocide?
Foxmar320: Dudes showing feet for free
NewtyNewts: Another flasher!
ZachtlyAsIntended: so no beef, but some pate
Camail: 👀
Carlioo: what a nice day FOR A MUSHROOM ATTACK
ButButTheJesus: SIR
Thefluffiestguineapig: CHOO CHOO
accountmadeforants: seabatClap
elkae: OMG
KeytarCat: mmm, I have arnold palmers in the fridge
elkae: i'm dying
Gizmoloid: um
DigitalSeahorse: digita435Octo digita435Octo digita435Octo
SevenishMagpies: omfg
CataclysmicReverb: our spores shall blot out the sun
wench_tacular: nigntmare fuel
DigitalSeahorse: xD
JadedCynic: it's the buck teeth that does it for me
EricTheOrange: gonna fall on ya taint first
KeytarCat: 5-7
3PlayerPolitics: riffYeti HeyGuys
CAKHost: This game is a gift that keeps on giving XD
IbunWest: God these panels are just an absolute delight
TehAmelie: they're trying to Deadpool us
SevenishMagpies: have y'all been playingthis for TWO HOURS?
Rhynerd: Yep
sporkraptor: no time to relax, gotta shoot more fruit
ButButTheJesus: @SevenishMagpies that's what I'M saying!
ShatteredShamrock: Shoot Fruit (woo-oh)
Rhynerd: they’re invested
sporkraptor: first-person fruiter
Lord_Hosk: Which is... Not illegal unless they are bailing out of a damaged aircraft. if they are paratroopers jumping into combat they are active combatants and legal targets from the time they exit the aircraft.
ZachtlyAsIntended: has anyone stopped to wonder where a farmer got this Chex Blaster of a Minigun?
elkae: Good job @Thefluffiestguineapig PrideLaugh
margieargie: @SevenishMagpies Hey, this is a very good game... well.. by W+P standards it is at least
elkae: I'm surprised it let you use "groin"
NewtyNewts: Wonder if you could get a 30x
elkae: I need that as a reaction image
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunFoam
satyropodobny: Is it just me, or does this track have huge Hi-Fi Rush vibes?
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sporkraptor: Gamering
bytecaster: I feel like this game might lead to a sticker or two on the discord.
CataclysmicReverb: Sure all the game has a similar enough asthetic , but I'm not sure that these aren't stalk assets
margieargie: Really figured out the optimal strats for this game
Thefluffiestguineapig: We are now actively gaming
korvys: Hey, for what it's worth, did you know it's againts the Geneva convention to kill who have laid down arms
korvys: *soldiers
Aingidh: This reminds me of arcade light-gun games in a weirdly good way
Cephallope: FBtouchdown
matthaus_c: ayyyy
bytecaster: People who say they don't like turret sections in games must have never played "The Juicer".
DigitalSeahorse: woot
ShatteredShamrock: Ooh Banana~
Gizmoloid: MAXIMUM GUN
sporkraptor: this is making me seriously want some VeggieTales/Warhammer 40k crossover fic
lady_olynder: Actual final battle?
thefightnerd: more KGLW music
elkae: oh my goodness
SevenishMagpies: why are there radar dishes on your gun?
elkae: the endgame!
NewtyNewts: Your gun now has radar dishes
matthaus_c: two hours and 36 levels later
0x6772: Radar dishes definitely make the gun better.
TehAmelie: the dakka is max
ShatteredShamrock: final mushroom battle, inbefore the fennel starts attacking
BloodnBullets: its a... Biggun
JadedCynic: @korvys but we get a "deserter" bonus and somehow I don't think these combatants are signatories
sporkraptor: the Emperor survives on fruit juice
Reecer6: what is the farmer even going to do after this? will his life have meaning when he's not shooting gmos?
accountmadeforants: final *decisive* battle, not final battle. After this is the stragglers, clearly
BloodnBullets: you have 56 grenades to use on this level
TheMerricat: I guess money means little if this is the last mission.
slopoppotamus: The spinning satellite dishes
Simriel: Time to use all the grenades
GreatWahooney: why are they called Commanders and not CapTains?
Brozard: When does Choo-Choo Charles show up?
korvys: You have *so* many grenades
NewtyNewts: Training montage.
Gizmoloid: Don't forget to save those grenades in case you need them later! LUL
elkae: this is very Gravity Falls
interiorexplosion: Remember to use all 57 grenades
elkae: in a way
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Brozard He already did, there was a train that had no tracks earlier
Dezufnocosem: surely there are stages that mix the types of enemies
Rhynerd: Frag out, as they say
Brozard: This song is putting me more in the King Gizz mood
sporkraptor: grenade grenade grenade
matthaus_c: that's gotta have been way more than 20
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Dezufnocosem Nope, from what I have seen there has been strict division along species guidelines
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elkae: it has to be 20 commanders right?
Simriel: Carpet Bomb the area
satyropodobny: he's actively dieharding them as we speak
elkae: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
matthaus_c: he filled the beaker with veggie piss
niccus: oh i thought he's drinking it
ZachtlyAsIntended: now drink it
NewtyNewts: antigmo
ButButTheJesus: ANTIGMO!
Simriel: Genocide huh?
elkae: GRIM
offbeatwitch: well
accountmadeforants: We used the gmo to destroy the gmo
flatluigi: good job
Cephallope: Sure.
ShatteredShamrock: what
fastlane250: Antigmo
thefightnerd: this game was too preachy
korvys: I just came from the VOD (I was here late), where G was just saying "Don't worry, we'll be playing something else very soon"
elkae: you defeated the GMOs
Aingidh: We just enabled a war crime!@
SevenishMagpies: wow
matthaus_c: are those real people
BusTed: tqsClap
offbeatwitch: the scientists just committed genocide on those intelligent vegetables
doubledbear: The Hague would like to speak with you
TemporallyAwry: In the world? PridePog
BigDaddyBland87: GMO has been defeated
TehAmelie: we modified their genes back to normal
fiftymcnasty: Or just fake names
elkae: lrrJUDGE
3PlayerPolitics: NAISU
matthaus_c: wow
DigitalSeahorse: 3rd vicksyPride vicksyParty vicksyPog
evilspoons983: the names aren't stupid enough to be pulled from a live high score list
Simriel: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:09:04.
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyTrash
SevenishMagpies: woooooow
lady_olynder: Love a good ganda game
ZachtlyAsIntended: from 2012
ZachtlyAsIntended: not too bad, really
sethtriggs: GG
ButButTheJesus: Ajony?
Carlioo: congratualtions juice!
clarinetman: Good ole mushroom juice
Gekyouryuu: You're The Mango Now Dawg
KeytarCat: Champignon Champions!
doubledbear: Pretty good
NewtyNewts: Alex 'The Juicer' Steacy
matthaus_c: elected to the position of 3rd Juicer
JadedCynic: Alex "TheJuicer" Steacy
Simriel: Is that the whole stream? Amazing XD
A_Dub888: Alex "Juicer" Steacy
Artificer_Evan: 3rd!! nice
LordShadner: the 3rd best Juicer
AtomicAlchemical: Alex is a 3/3 for 3 with haste
satyropodobny: Now that's a great pick-up line
Dezufnocosem: in this world it's juice or get juiced
Anaerin: Ad break?
elkae: Extra long strim? :D
3PlayerPolitics: the WHOLE plate.
Diabore: ooh next game
NewtyNewts: Adam is The Boshy, and Alex is The Juicer
Aenir798: More vegetables?
wench_tacular: a good balanced diet
Pteraspidomorphi: Andy Weir?
korvys: Got a whole vegetable theme going here, G?
hskh1n: yoo wassup how you doing
Anubis169: stretch break?
Thefluffiestguineapig: We Matt now
JadedCynic: an all veggie W+P stream this time?
DigitalSeahorse: we go a bit late to make up for the late start?
KV1NN4: tubular
Anubis169: oooooo
MurphEP: Select your country orb
Pteraspidomorphi: Tuberlar
Thefluffiestguineapig: Sorry, Mark Walhberg
DigitalSeahorse: woo nice truck in
3PlayerPolitics: o r b
offbeatwitch: change of radio
accountmadeforants: Solid menu
dougma: even the on-vr is making me motion sick
sethtriggs: Change of radio?"
Thefluffiestguineapig: I just looked at the actual cast list
elkae: i'm gonna hurl lmao
TheMerricat: - "The galactic government has sent you to explore new lands. The heavy burden of the discoverer of a planet suitable for agriculture will fall on you. But you are not the only ones living on this planet. All kinds of pests will try to stop you. Fill warehouses and barns, exterminate pests and do not dare to defame the proud name of the astro farmer! "
lady_olynder: Interesting menu decisions
Carlioo: deep into the potato we go
Lord_Hosk: well... it is... UNREAL
elkae: what a derpy intro
NewtyNewts: It's a DVD menu.
DigitalSeahorse: interesting loading screen
KV1NN4: these are some startlingly square hallways
SevenishMagpies: alex has ptsd now
VanAvant: Oh good it's these assets again
Foxmar320: Everything is so shiny
offbeatwitch: why is every surface reflective in this
SevenishMagpies: from the juice war
elkae: hurghl
sethtriggs: Ahh this seems familiar
doubledbear: So ridiculous
elkae: MAWP
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Alex is going to go home and have a PTSD flashback at the fruit bowl
SpacePotato01: Produce traumatic stress response
EricTheOrange: we built this whole space station for the menue and god damn we're gonna use it
sethtriggs: Heheheh
ShatteredShamrock: The hell is this?
sporkraptor: ? ...... ???
3PlayerPolitics: LUL
DahudLefthanded: Big Get Smart vibes on this one
SpacePotato01: disorder
Anubis169: lrrSPOOP
SK__Ren: Agricultluralization
Morrigan9: mars axe
HIYgamer: Well, that was a graphical downgrade
Simriel: Why do you hae a wooden axe
sethtriggs: That accent!
evilspoons983: all of that menu and then it didn't line up with the actual level
accountmadeforants: So uh... ran out of budget after the menu, I see
flatluigi: what is this accent supposed to be
fiftymcnasty: Why did we send him to Mars with an axe?
Nigouki: I'm no sure they got separate actors for Russian and English
elkae: you hyave nooo pRRRoblemo
ZoBo_: I have low hopes...
Rhynerd: The heck is that axe?
Aenir798: Martian Russians I can't hear youuuuu
Gizmoloid: lol what is that axe?!
ShatteredShamrock: Holographic...animatronics?
Thefluffiestguineapig: Weird rankor knockoff
ButButTheJesus: holographic. animatronic.
HIYgamer: Holigraphic animatronics. I don't think that's how that works
TheMerricat: From the Steam Page: "Features: Choose your own announcer: Woman or Man to your liking"
DigitalSeahorse: Russian Martian training?
JonnyGlitched: holomatronics
Thefluffiestguineapig: What does this have to do with potatos?
malc: a simulation of a simulation
Diabore: ok im not the only one who heard that
fastlane250: Those terms seem mutually exclusive
sethtriggs: I wonder how much these assets cost
ShatteredShamrock: I don't think that word means what you think it means
elkae: Are... are we the potato?
dougma: you keep saying those words. I don't think they mean what you think they mean
DaxStrife: Okay, the dev is definitely Russian, but this sounds like they're intentionally doing a stereotypical Russian accent.
satyropodobny: We were promised potatoes seabatUseless
3PlayerPolitics: i haff question
lirazel64: Does Disney know?
flatluigi: i think that guy is just making the radio static noise with his mouth
Thefluffiestguineapig: @ShatteredShamrock Beat me to it
LordShadner: wait I remember those gatermen models!
EricTheOrange: our high tech space weapon of, a blade tied to a stick
Brozard: That’s quite the inventive story for their asset flip
Gizmoloid: did they go PSHHHH into microphone to make those sounds?
sethtriggs: I mean would that kind of generator even work in this atmosphere?
JonnyGlitched: hammer fix evereything
sporkraptor: you don't do much damage to these guys, sheesh
matthaus_c: ahh just like dark souls
ButButTheJesus: was the explosion supposed to kill that one
JonnyGlitched: there is no problem you can't beat into sumbission with a hammer
sethtriggs: Well at least it's not contact damage
Thefluffiestguineapig: @sethtriggs The same kind that lets a station on a planet covered in sand and dust be that clean
Serivus: I think they were all supposed to die in the generator explosion
morgoth_bauglyr: bloodsplats so real
sporkraptor: welp
DanTheMediocre: No, you see, they are hard light holograms of functioning animatronics of these monsters, not holograms of the monsters
elkae: Ha!
NewtyNewts: The Ennnnnnnd
Carlioo: I feel like this guy was supposed to die from the explosion and, uh, didn't
Rhynerd: Dead
eric_christian_berg: You Died
DigitalSeahorse: blyat
SquareDotCube: got nyop'd
3PlayerPolitics: 💀
JonnyGlitched: AAAHHHH
sethtriggs: Oh nooooooo
JadedCynic: overlapping narration
sethtriggs: This is some quality whiplash
DigitalSeahorse: echo
margieargie: I'm hearing double... four voices!
Melfina__: Blyat Souls
3PlayerPolitics: argh
Thefluffiestguineapig: Voice jamming
Lord_Hosk: Well graham if you would have listened to the clear desctiption the voice over gave you would know exactly what was going on
DigitalSeahorse: hope that narration doesn't echo again
ShatteredShamrock: oh boy, i don't think it's going to recover from the break
evilspoons983: thse guys respawned a couple times the first go around
eric_christian_berg: Imported wood. Very expensive.
Foxmar320: Flawless game
Thefluffiestguineapig: @eric_christian_berg From the old country
CAKHost: Oh by the way, I feel I should mention that I recently bought a tarp for my personal use.
JonnyGlitched: I don't think it's getting better than this
cmdrud87: are we even suposed to kill these?
NewtyNewts: @CAKHost Tarp budget!
VanAvant: Rancor faucet
sethtriggs: Oh that is unfortunate
Gizmoloid: that was not just "You died" in Russian it's in official/respectful tone LUL
ShatteredShamrock: oh boy now we get to fly through the station again
Boomyakalolo: it's shittered
Simriel: Was it in the Tarp budget?
Thefluffiestguineapig: The tutorial got borked by you dying
Carlioo: in any case?
JonnyGlitched: blerg my motion sickness
Greyah: I love how it does this whole walking animation bit, and then SNAPS to the gameplay.
Thefluffiestguineapig: Stepping laboriously over those tiny divisions in panels
NewtyNewts: @Gizmoloid So... "You Perished"?
JadedCynic: @Thefluffiestguineapig but they DID have a death screen...
ButButTheJesus: P O T A Y T O E S
Iluvatardis: is this now a point-and-click adventure game?
sporkraptor: it's... a farming simulator?
sporkraptor: wiiiith monster killing
JadedCynic: apparently
satyropodobny: mash'em boil'em, put them in a stew
elkae: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Foxmar320: Menu Simulator is goign hard right now
CAKHost: I had the money for it and me-thinks I should have gotten one earlier to go under my drying rack for laundry a while ago D:
NewtyNewts: Oxygen bar
midnightcurryjazz: Its me your mother from homeland
Aenir798: I like how your O2 is depleting during the cutscene.
SpacePotato01: the music is the best part of the game tbh
empyreon: O2 ticking down during cutscene, v good
3PlayerPolitics: riffIce riffDance riffIce riffDance
gnyrinn: Someone is showing off their Balalaika loop.
ShatteredShamrock: Live---able
JonnyGlitched: more words, less sense
lirazel64: Balalaika is nice... odd choice, though.
malc: pardon?
CAKHost: Stop talking you are killing me!
midnightcurryjazz: sure did
Simriel: Vernus and Belerus
Thefluffiestguineapig: WHAT
Simriel: Two comparable places
Aenir798: Belarus, famous source of interplanetary supplies
offbeatwitch: you know, the two foreign worlds
BrowneePoints: betelgeuse?
LordShadner: your losing o2 in the cut-scene!
Gekyouryuu: losing O2 REAL fast.
Simriel: Ya know, two normal places, Venus and Belarus
Nigouki: Vilnius?
Brozard: Is this just Russian Terra Formas
midnightcurryjazz: yeah, could be betelgeuse
Thefluffiestguineapig: Velarus?
DigitalSeahorse: forget Belarus
flatluigi: i mean, sure
fiftymcnasty: Thats very spacy Graham
DigitalSeahorse: Bell Ruse
IzlanntheLion: Genus
elkae: just like home
epsilon_vee: yeah that's what planet crafter is missing, jaunty music
3PlayerPolitics: SingsNote SingsNote SingsNote
SquareDotCube: looks like a gamer fridge
Elsenova_: Venus seems much harder to settle than Mars but we
Thefluffiestguineapig: Someone in chat literally called hammer fixes everything
SpacePotato01: wow russian army kit really isn't great these days
sethtriggs: Thats gotta be a default asset
Gekyouryuu: I like our UNGLOVED hand
accountmadeforants: seems we were overthinking terraforming all this time
Carlioo: oh boy I love 10 second loops
elkae: bet we're nekkid
JonnyGlitched: It would be a lot of pressure to colonise Venus
margieargie: Like Harvest Moon, but since you're on Mars there's double the moon!
Thefluffiestguineapig: @SpacePotato01 I mean, was the standard one ever that great?
matSund: This has to be built using default assests or free stuff lol
JonnyGlitched: Skin is airtight
MichaelSnowbird: If you gonna be stuck on Mars it might as well be with a cheap Hoe.
offbeatwitch: we have space adaptation, it's fine
evilspoons983: this music would kind of rule if the loop was more than 15 seconds long
fiftymcnasty: its your mace
Koshindan: You're the lich king now.
Simriel: An unreal engine asset XD
Rhynerd: I get this being an asset flip but there has to have been a more sci-fi axe on the asset store, right?
fiftymcnasty: or mine?
Thefluffiestguineapig: Isn't that from a previous asset flip?
SpacePotato01: @SpacePotato01 There's always room for downward movement it seems.
elkae: ummm
sethtriggs: Nice that they were able to get a nice little Cat generator trailer
Gizmoloid: @Gizmoloid Not exactly? It's a difference between Ты and Вы. Both mean "You", but the first one is when you're talking to one person informally and Вы is for addressing a group or one person respectfully. Like when you address an elder or a boss.
3PlayerPolitics: LMAO
ShatteredShamrock: wait are they mines?
Rhynerd: Landmines?
WearingCats_CwC: I believe that's the Mace of Molag Bal
ShatteredShamrock: OH Nu
flatluigi: oh, no, the preorders
Thefluffiestguineapig: That function was telegraphed not at all
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh no, the pre-orders!
bytecaster: No training could have prepared us for this
3PlayerPolitics: this is... too many mans
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyTrash vicksyE
Simriel: Ah yes the... Freeloaders
Greyah: Shame they gave you an axe, and not some sort of cleaving weapon.
Simriel: on mars
midnightcurryjazz: thats sure a sound effect
ButButTheJesus: temps on mars can be "+70 degrees F. over the lower latitudes in the summer." so we could be fine
ContingentCat: wait what the hell, I stepped away to make dinner and things have escalated
offbeatwitch: percussive maintenance
sethtriggs: Percussive maintenance!
NewtyNewts: TF2-style fixes
philippekav: they really hate those generators in particular
SpacePotato01: literal percussive maintenance <3
DigitalSeahorse: just like deep rock!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Placin' a turret here!
Aenir798: Percussive maintenance of circuitry
BooperOfHonks: hammer solves all problems
evilspoons983: one third oxygen left
Rhynerd: Oxygen low
EricTheOrange: we repair things like the engie in TF2
GreatWahooney: don't you love Belarussian technology
JonnyGlitched: is there no wiring on that PCB?
sethtriggs: Healthy!
TheMerricat: From the Jucier to this....
accountmadeforants: Work first, then potato
bytecaster: You get used to the music, and then suddenly you realize again, this is the music for a game set on Mars.
elkae: maybe a potato made this game
mnemonicman: Will the potatoes attack us too?
JonnyGlitched: this music loop is so short it's infuriating
midnightcurryjazz: hot
muondecay: The only consistent thing about this game is the bouzouki
malc: ????
VanAvant: I beg your pardon
KV1NN4: thoguht it was a reference to 'The Martian'?
midnightcurryjazz: Yup
sporkraptor: uummmmm
Thefluffiestguineapig: Yeah, that potatoes thing feels like someone saw the Martian (absolutely did not read it) and said "I know the marketing hook for that game!"
JadedCynic: farming is hard
3PlayerPolitics: Sir.
sporkraptor: translation issues? >___>
DigitalSeahorse: this song is on Faerie Tale Theater Sleeping Beauty
Elsenova_: We'll learn in 10 minutes
shurtal: I mean, Matt damon made it look easy
Aenir798: I love this sequel to Unskippable
Coogrr: this music is somewhat incongruous
Rhynerd: I guess anything the announcer says is meant to mean “an enemy wave spawned”
DigitalSeahorse: this part is the motion sick corridor
matthaus_c: this episode has been auspicious, to say the least
NewtyNewts: Now, what asset did this spaceship walking scene come from?
bytecaster: I hope these potatoes we are growing are not GMO!
accountmadeforants: I wonder if this menu sequence/area is a wholesale "asset", what with the decidedly fancier animations
Laserbeaks_Fury: F Wings
satyropodobny: Why would you want to skip this lovingly rendered corridors
midnightcurryjazz: How its industrial?
DigitalSeahorse: no problemo
butt_ghost: russia jumpscare
NewtyNewts: Those are robots?
JadedCynic: I'm not seeing any flickering...
DigitalSeahorse: like Arnie would say
shurtal: Scandinavian/Eastern Europe YOLO is a vibe
dougma: I love that they are making the radio static noise with their voice
CAKHost: In all my time playing Harvest Moon games, you hoe the land, throw seeds in the air, water and then go to bed to repeat watering each day until you have tato.
JadedCynic: and if they were robots...poof
KeytarCat: Forgive me, POTAT, for I have sinned
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun so heads up there are a total of three comments in the steam forum for this. 1 saying "First" one asking where the nudity is, and one pointing out you can't quit the game and need to alt-tab to close it.
DigitalSeahorse: uhoh
Thefluffiestguineapig: to reiterate: I do not think those words mean what you think they do
Elsenova_: I think it done broke again
Dae_Draug13: at this point is alex even phased by tthese games?
Aenir798: I think broke
evilspoons983: The first time he DEFINITELY killed the three at least twice
Spades_Slicc: It looks like there's a list behind alex?
sethtriggs: Love dat ragdoll
DigitalSeahorse: what if just leave?
Greyah: Maybe kill one with the light attacks or w/e?
Thefluffiestguineapig: So dying permanently borked the tutorial?
Koshindan: Maybe they need to all spawn.
DigitalSeahorse: dangit
amythist: try a non charged attack?
Rhynerd: Is it just me or do the radio sounds seem to be made using a human voice and effects?
HIYgamer: Perfect game. No notes
ShatteredShamrock: reading the tutorial explains the tutorial
sporkraptor: go see if you can find the edge of the world
ShatteredShamrock: gross
Aenir798: wow...
Gizmoloid: LMAO
DigitalSeahorse: >.<
JadedCynic: oh lrrWOW
iarethel0ser: Just gently stab things to make progress.
Elsenova_: oh the tutorial just sucks
accountmadeforants: That's sadly pretty standard for tutorials
sethtriggs: Wow not even text on screen
elkae: i - what?
ShatteredShamrock: Wowee
sporkraptor: look out
elkae: UM
sethtriggs: Goooood morning
midnightcurryjazz: pssszztt
sporkraptor: they're oging to start shooting at you
Thefluffiestguineapig: UMMM
Lord_Hosk: Ahhh yes, when a generator explodes, hit it with a sledge hammer and it will fix it
Nigouki: is Totoro there helping?
CAKHost: Watching tatos
Crad0k: he *did* say carrots
elkae: Wait is THIS the sequel to Tomato Way???
sporkraptor: it's Veggie Tale Apocalypse all over again
CataclysmicReverb: It generates carrots
Cephallope: Ah yes, the carrot generator
Foxmar320: I was promised potatoes!
NewtyNewts: those aren't growing... they're stretchhing
JadedCynic: wow, I should call my father in law; he's been farming wrong for decades
CAKHost: or carrots
Greyah: Long, loooong
DigitalSeahorse: lol
Rhynerd: So, the plants are grown using electricity?
midnightcurryjazz: This is how the last game started by that way. Good job
Elsenova_: L O N G C A R R O T S
Gekyouryuu: this is where the GMOs went
3PlayerPolitics: um
fiftymcnasty: They grow bigger on Mars, thats why we farm there
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyHeck
elkae: Graham PrideLaugh
Elsenova_: hoew
CAKHost: Why do they pop?!
Thefluffiestguineapig: Man, peeled and everything
3PlayerPolitics: POP
JadedCynic: >POP<
Crad0k: external similarity... TO WHAT?
ShatteredShamrock: roots so strong they POP
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh, it's not a hoe, it just *looks* like a hoe
JadedCynic: default assets, G
laundreydhull: the heck did you fools do to Minecraft!?
elkae: @Laserbeaks_Fury unluck168Itme
accountmadeforants: @Crad0k To a hoe. But it's actually a special sci-fi thing
Simriel: "High tech equipment, totally not just a regular fuckin hoe"
TheAinMAP: RPGEmpty
KeytarCat: It's a mimic! They didn't adapt well to space
gooey_xylophone: !game bad
azninsect: Progress!
Thefluffiestguineapig: Graham, why are the land mines skull eldritch things?
Rhynerd: Because they bought a fantasy tool pack
DigitalSeahorse: ORB
Elsenova_: ORB!
Shooer: Is the going psshht?
JadedCynic: weirdest minecraft mod i've seen....
Foxmar320: Yesssss
Gizmoloid: it broke again!
Cephallope: PrideLaugh
iarethel0ser: You must ponder the orb.
sporkraptor: let's gooooo find the ocean weeee
Carlioo: climb! that! mountain!
butt_ghost: borat voice my martian wife
Foxmar320: Freedom!
CAKHost: Sub ocean!
3PlayerPolitics: bugarama
Rhynerd: Time to find the promised land
Foxmar320: :(
CAKHost: Noooo!
Thefluffiestguineapig: Back to the core purpose of this stream
GreatWahooney: curses!
wench_tacular: jlrrNo jlrrNo jlrrNo
Elsenova_: trash game
Dae_Draug13: why is grams headphones covered in semingly random wires?
CAKHost: One time!
accountmadeforants: See that mountain? You can't go there
sethtriggs: Of course there's a stamina meter
Spades_Slicc: @Dae_Draug13 Ian
bytecaster: @Dae_Draug13 Ian repaired them
evilspoons983: @Dae_Draug13 Ian "fixed" them
elkae: @Dae_Draug13 They all are, Ian did a fixin'
Foxmar320: wat
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyInspect
sporkraptor: there's gotta be a gap somewhere
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunGeiger voxlunGeiger voxlunGeiger
elkae: oh hecc
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saltysandyhs: Gaaaaarbaaage Daaaaaayyyy!
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sethtriggs: Ohhhhhh that's how they do it
Thefluffiestguineapig: An in universe reason for the kill field?
Forgebold: poggers! it's radiation!
sporkraptor: look out, dangerous radioactive vegetables (with guns)
accountmadeforants: Wow, layers upon layers of invisible wall
emberBecky: lrrAWW
Dalrint: First person barrens?
CAKHost: We devs, you got one thing right
CAKHost: *Well devs
sethtriggs: Dev is like You WILL stay in your sandbox!
Thefluffiestguineapig: Or they bought that world
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyTrash vicksyShrug
Giraldi657: Thank you guys for doing what you do
elkae: What a bumper crop this was
Foxmar320: Thanks for the stream Alex and Graham
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
3PlayerPolitics: muzak was amazing though
TennoHyena: Yeen Bling
sporkraptor: veggiegobang
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream!
Thefluffiestguineapig: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
DoodlestheGreat: Thankee muchly for teh silly.
WearingCats_CwC: bai
sethtriggs: Seeya!
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Boomyakalolo: ALL The LOVeS!!!!
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elkae: It's Gru
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margieargie: Mamma mia...
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gnyrinn: That accent seems to be a mixture of Corsica, Rural Serbia and <expletive>, the capital of Snorsh.
azninsect: tqsClap
djalternative: What's on AFK?
DigitalSeahorse: digita435Seahorse
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyHeart vicksyHeart vicksyHeart
Foxmar320: Thank you James!
Aenir798: #BlameJames
Crad0k: thanks james!
Gekyouryuu: Dollars to Donuts?
Gekyouryuu: iirc
elkae: Praise Jameses
BooperOfHonks: @gnyrinn Add Norwegian/Swedish into the mix too
3PlayerPolitics: HSWP mgnsmpLUL
empyreon: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
DoodlestheGreat: DO-NUT
sporkraptor: buhbye
Gekyouryuu: later
KeytarCat: If I don't have work today, I'll be there!
gualdhar: that doesn't sound like a real game
elkae: bye and thank you!
DigitalSeahorse: !alex
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CAKHost: Bye!
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
niccus: 2 dollars 2 donuts
midnightcurryjazz: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (The LoadingReadyRun crew play a board game! Game: Dollars to Donuts) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (56m from now).
DigitalSeahorse: vicksyWave pegaWave
TotallyNotaBeholder: @niccus we keep the donut recipie in the family?