Thefluffiestguineapig: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James, and/or Graham, and/or Adam play Magic: The Gathering Arena! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (12m from now).
v_nome: I heard a rumor this week we have a Cam
Juliamon: Indeed...very exciting
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Juliamon: lrrSIG
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cameron cannot post a w in MoM limited and would welcome your insight into this acclaimed environment since he likes to post a return on company gems. | 📷 ||
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v_nome: Hi Cam!
Sorator13: hello!
SharpCookies: oh hi!
Spades_Slicc: AH
PigmyOcelot: Hi cam!
SharpCookies: nobody make any sudden movements
TimIAm: I think you're swell
GhostValv: :O
wharra: Hello Cam! You are a good interesting person and you are valid regardless of the outcome of your drafts today.
interiorexplosion: Reduce their life points to 0
Spades_Slicc: A terrible choice really
IzlanntheLion: This draft is bad
rasterscan: Draft your favorite Praetor thematically then pray.
hugogol21: hi!
v_nome: In my experience, you get passed the incubate wrath in a mediocre Orzhov deck and go 7-x
PigmyOcelot: Draft monkeys?
gehennam_reborn: Have you drafted knights?
IzlanntheLion: Really I feel like it's so random
Spades_Slicc: So far I've gone 4:3 twice by taking a busted legend first pick and building around
Spectre_ecks: you gotta respect them but you don't gotta be happy with 'em
Sorator13: I have also had a very hard time with this format (I say, as I lose my last game with an attempt at a Yorion deck)
SharpCookies: I really liked doing sealed but have not had luck in draft yet
SharpCookies: i lost to the green praetor twice in a row
v_nome: Well good stream
Alness49: That's the 10% right there
IzlanntheLion: Let's get these dubs
Spectre_ecks: you could do what Special Agent Dale Cooper did and throw rocks at bottles as you mention cards
Spectre_ecks: see what you hit
v_nome: Sounds good if you actually do want input
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LiamK712: Hi Cam!
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gehennam_reborn: Ah, peak bulk rare
Spectre_ecks: I respect how it looks like it's made of milipedes
v_nome: That RB battle is good
Spades_Slicc: card bad
Spectre_ecks: "MILLipedes" is this anything
Spades_Slicc: Tetsuko good for battles
rasterscan: Important question: Cam, how much input/advice/exhortation do you actually want from chat?
Bugberry: while not a first pick, Negate is very maindeckable. it hits battles and removal is constantly flying around.
mishrasbauble: well howdy chat
twistedsylvan: Testuko sounds BOSS for a Ninjutsu deck
mishrasbauble: a rare cameron lurmtig
Spades_Slicc: Strobe strobe strobe strobe
Spades_Slicc: go grixis spells
Bugberry: Halo Forager can buy back removal and is a flyer that can win battles.
magical_writer: hasty artistan is decent but just not exciting as a second pick.
Spades_Slicc: i've dont it consistantly
Sorator13: If you build it right.... lots
Spades_Slicc: done
Sage0fMadness: Halo Forager is gas
Spades_Slicc: flipping a battle is one spell
Spades_Slicc: Strobe knight flips battles real good
Spades_Slicc: simply don't decline battles
ThePixelSavage: hello Cam !
ThePixelSavage: nice to see you :)
Spades_Slicc: also halo forager is 2 spells
ThePixelSavage: Invasion of Azgol is absurd... I had a deck with 3 of them .. it was ugly :D
Spades_Slicc: if it wheels or you pick one up later
26 raiders from AvaVII have joined!
Sorator13: oh, nice
Spades_Slicc: you'll pick up lands and removal later
Eramis8: You got this Cam!
Spades_Slicc: no
ThePixelSavage: storm the seedcore is game ending
penutbuster138: Epilepsy warning; we're on mono Strobe Knights
Spades_Slicc: this is 2023 magic 3/3 for 3 isn't good enough anymore
Sorator13: I just lost a game to an opponent casting Storm the Seedcore on Zara
Bugberry: The skaab is aparently highly rated, I haven't used it much though
Sorator13: I was very happy for them, and very sad for me
Eramis8: lrrCAMERON_TK
Spades_Slicc: ehh on juri, I like the battle
Spades_Slicc: swamp cycler?
penutbuster138: I'd go knight here
magical_writer: when in doubt I tend to go with the creature.
Sorator13: Protocol Knight is kind of leaning more blue-white
RixtonSnek: Knight tribal here we come
Bugberry: Mercadia helps hit land drops early too.
Sorator13: because that's where the knights are
Eramis8: Team Knights we ride!
Spades_Slicc: the backside of that battle wins games
ThePixelSavage: also you need creatures to kill battles in the first palce
Sorator13: Eyes!
penutbuster138: Eyes seems goood on curve as well
Spades_Slicc: the fan is cheap and can save a creature + counts for strobe on op's turn
Sorator13: Especially since we're wanting to be a spells deck
v_nome: Skitter?
ThePixelSavage: convoke flyer is better
Sorator13: Kamigawa is excellent
Eramis8: lrrHERE
Spades_Slicc: negat?
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SharpCookies: i'd take the battle
Spades_Slicc: What we're saying is things might wheel
SharpCookies: esp if you got a lot of flyers to fight them
penutbuster138: Personally I'd always go with a negate
ThePixelSavage: flyers seem to be good in this format though
Bugberry: skits also has little synergies with things like convoking.
Spades_Slicc: !card invasion of kani
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Spades_Slicc: !card invasion of kami
LRRbot: Invasion of Kamigawa [3U] (back: Rooftop Saboteurs) | Battle — Siege [4] | When Invasion of Kamigawa enters the battlefield, tap target artifact or creature an opponent controls and put a stun counter on it.
Eramis8: Surveyor is more important unless you somehow end up mono colored
Sorator13: I'd take the battle; it's a great one
penutbuster138: Just because there's so many 'busted' non-creatures here in my opinion
LiamK712: The packs in this format seem very deep
PigmyOcelot: I think battles are just so prevalent that limited negate is fine
Spades_Slicc: !card rooftop sab
LRRbot: Rooftop Saboteurs (front: Invasion of Kamigawa) | Creature — Moonfolk Ninja [2/3] | Flying / Whenever Rooftop Saboteurs deals combat damage to a player or battle, draw a card.
Bugberry: we're still pack 1, negate is probably going to come around again.
hd_dabnado: you can get another negate yeah
Sorator13: Zada.... is an interesting option for us
ThePixelSavage: take zada youl find something to target her with
henrycrun: Back on the spell plan with the cantrip?
ThePixelSavage: 2-3 combat tricks are enough for her to be worth it
Bugberry: Zada with the shapecraft is hilarious
Mangledpixel: something to build around, I guess
penutbuster138: Hope you're doing well btw Cam!
henrycrun: yeah, you'll probably get another shapecraft
hd_dabnado: beatstick is great
BloodnBullets: ooo a beatstick, I like those
satyropodobny: we take Zada for cosmic hunger
Sorator13: Negate or the Beatstick
kamilucky: whelp its cool
ThePixelSavage: but Cam the Donato Giancola artwork!
Sorator13: the equipment is actually really good in the right deck, though ours might not be it
Spades_Slicc: Whelp bad
Spades_Slicc: whelp bad specifically here
Eramis8: Beatstick is surprisingly good
hattingston: Beatstick is better than it looks imo, esp if you wind up more than 2 colors
PigmyOcelot: beatstick helps flip battles
penutbuster138: Fixing!
Sorator13: land is great
ThePixelSavage: its really good
Juliamon: nah, fixing
Eramis8: Fixing
Bugberry: whelp would be better with a lot of incubators
Sorator13: oh man, that enchantment is so good
Sorator13: not for us, but
Spades_Slicc: sideboard the urn?
snowyowlly: I've been surprisingly impressed with the urn as a one-of
Spades_Slicc: fury is actually pretty cute
SharpCookies: no sideboard in quick draft
Sorator13: the combat trick with Zada makes sense, Urn is also an okay backup option for fixing
Eramis8: Sideboard as filter?
lackingsanity: urn is pretty bad imo
BloodnBullets: convoke tricks are always a neat gotcha
Sorator13: The Fan is pretty good. Combat trick that sticks around.
Sorator13: also a cheap spell for our strobe knights
PigmyOcelot: welp, time to pivot
v_nome: Dang. Wish we could take that
Eramis8: WOW
SharpCookies: aurelia my love
penutbuster138: wow..that's a good one
Spades_Slicc: splash white?
RixtonSnek: time to be in white?
Bugberry: double white though
Sorator13: So.... how tied to black are we?
gehennam_reborn: We could pivot
Bugberry: archpiest definitely
penutbuster138: I was talking about the black card...
SharpCookies: aureliaaaaa
Sorator13: oh wait, Archpriest is just as good
Eramis8: Both are so good....
Sorator13: yeah, take the priest
Spades_Slicc: what is the Black card?
Spades_Slicc: yeah that rules
Sorator13: !card archpriest of shadows
LRRbot: Archpriest of Shadows [3BB] | Creature — Human Warlock [4/4] | Backup 1 / Deathtouch / Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player or battle, return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield.
PigmyOcelot: flourish is good\
Spades_Slicc: yorion is playable here
Sorator13: Fluorish is great removal
penutbuster138: Double blue might be a hard ask but I'm inclined to agree with Sky Noodle
lackingsanity: final flourish or the surveyor
SharpCookies: if you flashed the archpriest that'd be pretty fun
Spades_Slicc: flourish has been doing work for me
Spades_Slicc: but I don't think you pass noodle
opponentxcomic: Lancers a good knight pickup
SharpCookies: flicker*
Spades_Slicc: flicker your battles
WarKr0: yorion is just a good card
WarKr0: its also a 4/5 flier
Spades_Slicc: use strobes to make dudes and flicker strobes
LiamK712: Red doesn't seem too strong. We could grab yorion and go towards UB
Sorator13: Yorion is definitely fun
Spades_Slicc: flourish is the cowards choice
wharra: Swamp cycler
Spades_Slicc: familiar is decent at flipping battles
Bugberry: The merfolk as an early drop isn't aweful
Eramis8: invasion
Sorator13: Definitely could cut red, and possibly splash the invasion
lackingsanity: I like the invasion here
penutbuster138: Swamp cycler will likely come back
wharra: That's fair Peanut
Sorator13: The ogre is surprisingly good, yeahg
asleepykitten1: It do just be a big boi
Eramis8: Solid javelin
Sorator13: but I think we're likely to cut red
LiamK712: I'd stay away from red for now
Bugberry: Javelineer can tangle and is good in stalled games.
lackingsanity: I think you already have 2 good 5 drops, you don't need to pick one up here
PigmyOcelot: i like the battle
Eramis8: Battle b
Spades_Slicc: choose your battles
Sorator13: 4 slot is *often* crowded in this format, I find
lackingsanity: like in these colours you want lots of cheap creatures for convoke imo
hd_dabnado: you might cut one of the colors
Eramis8: Splash. i find 2 and 4 gets choked
penutbuster138: It's alot of 4 drolps
penutbuster138: drops*
Sorator13: That... is not something I've ever run into, personally
SharpCookies: you got plenty of fliers so far to handle battles
hd_dabnado: rona is fine tm
Sorator13: Eyes, or the black creature?
Sorator13: Rona has not been good IMO
SharpCookies: oooo that seems good for what your deck wants to do
Bugberry: The skaab is expensive but is a good flicker target with Yorion.
GreatGodOm: Rona is very mid.
Spades_Slicc: DMU rona isn't good
Sorator13: @Bugberry ooh, true
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hd_dabnado: I like the eyes
PigmyOcelot: Im not sure a 3/4 gets through in this format
lackingsanity: I probably take eyes here?
penutbuster138: 3/4 no evasion seems kinda meh to me
Bugberry: that too
Spades_Slicc: bring the doom
Eramis8: Eyes. Card draw and body
Bugberry: I know we're cutting red, but that jackal is so good.
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: Son r u win?
PigmyOcelot: the khenra is so good
lackingsanity: dreg recycler to have a 2 drop
v_nome: Spell spear is such a beating
Eramis8: Love that little Khenra
rasterscan: How fast would people rate MoM limited meta? Is it get a two drop or die, or slower?
drcthulu: yeah that's the mythic uncommon
Sorator13: Jackal is worth splashing in our deck
Sorator13: IMO
Spades_Slicc: take the spellspear
PigmyOcelot: ward two is also a lot
drcthulu: It's really good
Sorator13: It's absolutely busted, yeah
lackingsanity: splashing a 2 drop is rough, the value goes down if you dont have the right colour to play it on curve
lackingsanity: its a very good card though
Eramis8: I played 5 color little phyrexian flips and Spellspear was all-star
BloodnBullets: hey you know swiftspear? what if it had trample and prowess twice?
penutbuster138: Yeah i like the 6 drop alot here
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: Don't want to drop in 2
Bugberry: dropping a gargantua never feels bad
drcthulu: Yorion likes night whisper flickers
SharpCookies: that guy is annoying to fight against
Juliamon: From the makers of Cascade, cascade, cascade, cascade, it's Prowess, prowess!
Spades_Slicc: There's a reason I kill the aetherblade asap
Eramis8: Aetherblade
drcthulu: I like the aetherblade
androgyknits: Oh hey chat lrrAWESOME
Spades_Slicc: It's certainly not bad
Eramis8: Better Disentomb
Sorator13: Unseal is great
Bugberry: Unseal being instant is the real big deal.
drcthulu: yeah and you have the good creature density to really make it work
drcthulu: order of the mirror is solid
Eramis8: Yes Mirror
penutbuster138: it trades with stuff
Bugberry: Flanking
lackingsanity: flanking
henrycrun: Flanking
Eramis8: Flanking
James_the_Dabbler: man there are cards in here I haven't even seen
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: Lol horsemanship
drcthulu: another 2 drop works
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: Is just flying v2
Spades_Slicc: isn't there a green card in this set with legit horsemanship?
tomnar: Flankmanship
Sorator13: @imatwitchstreamerplzsub I thought that was shadow :D
Eramis8: Order of the Mirror has crushed small body decks
Spades_Slicc: rona can go in the sideboard
Spades_Slicc: aethorborn
drcthulu: dealers choice
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: Shadow creatures cannot block any but shadow tho
hd_dabnado: with the two strobe nights I like more low drops
lackingsanity: I like the 2 drop here
Sorator13: Aetherborn has backup for Yorion fun?
Eramis8: Aetherborn
Bugberry: backup and lifelink can help get you out of danger zone.
drcthulu: I like the double strobe=nights and spellspears
Eramis8: Hi Spear!
Bugberry: red/blue land too
Juliamon: Prowess prowess prowess prowess!
Spades_Slicc: Double SpearSpell Pog
PigmyOcelot: hope the UR land wheels
Sorator13: might wheel the land
lackingsanity: see double is a fun card
LiamK712: see double is awesome
Mistborn83: Hi friends
penutbuster138: See Double is a good...Commander card
lackingsanity: it's baseline just a clone but can be a big blowout
drcthulu: strobe night
GreatGodOm: WE don't have any interaction. We might need the bounce.
Bugberry: see double can be a serious blowout. Baseline it's a flash copy
magical_writer: see double can do some ridiculous things
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: Instant clone doe
Eramis8: Prickle Fairies is petty
Sage0fMadness: it's a bomb
v_nome: Black demigod is handy?
kapunkt: 'See Double' is surprisingly good in limited, an instant speed clone effect.
drcthulu: It's a good commander card
drcthulu: I'd take the strobe night
PigmyOcelot: copys yorion
Eramis8: Instant Clone can be good
Sage0fMadness: there's a lot of incidental mill too
Sorator13: @PigmyOcelot Yorion is legendary, so it's just an evoke, basically
wharra: Can copy an opponents Removal battle, which can be very real
Favre_the_Undead: yorion seems worth evoking
Eramis8: 4 mana, retrigger Yorion?
Spades_Slicc: @sorator13 and as we all know creatures with evoke are bad Kappa
GreatGodOm: I think we take the bounce. We are lacking in interaction
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: Fun/weird > good/consistent but gold/gems r now disposable income
drcthulu: It's the fun pick
Eramis8: Three Strobe isn't too much
Sorator13: @Spades_Slicc oh not at all, just pointing it out!
drcthulu: so is judy
drcthulu: but not this deck
penutbuster138: Judith might be splashable
Thefluffiestguineapig: Theme of the day "let's take it , it's cute"
SharpCookies: heeeey judith, won't you come out to playyyy~
Eramis8: Splash Judy?
drcthulu: I like the kamigawa
penutbuster138: We do have the Black Red land as well
Bugberry: render inert can kill incubators and battles, so it's not nothing.
BloodnBullets: innert is quite versitle in this set
Sorator13: Render Inert flips a battle or kills an incubator, which isn't terrible. But I probably take another Kamigawa here.
Eramis8: Render Inert.
drcthulu: yeah me too
SharpCookies: id take expensive removal
PigmyOcelot: I like the counter or the kill spell, render is situational
SharpCookies: it kills stuff!
Bugberry: it does draw a card, so while not instant it does replace itself
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: Render redraws Kappa
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: And is bad removal
Eramis8: Render does draw
drcthulu: render at worst cantrips
v_nome: Kills battles?
Sage0fMadness: the effect is a lot more than marginal
hd_dabnado: id take the counterspell
Spades_Slicc: 3 mana flip a battle draw a card activate strobe
PigmyOcelot: do we have any hard removal yet?
Sage0fMadness: and phyrexians
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: I'd take quench also
Eramis8: Kills incubators too
Bugberry: counterspell is good too, and can be a body late game.
drcthulu: I'd take the invasion
drcthulu: bounce is pseudo removal
henrycrun: You are your own person Cam. Don't let us bully you
Spades_Slicc: take a real removal card
geail: black decks low on removal are usually not great
PigmyOcelot: I like the aura
Eramis8: Don't ;et us sway you
kapunkt: I'd take the 'Failed Conversion', you really want removal in this format, and expensive removal is still better than no removal.
Favre_the_Undead: failed conversion seems good
v_nome: Alright, the couple hundred of us will come to a consensus and get back to you next century. :P
drcthulu: fair, the stasis field is a good option
drcthulu: shapecraft is so good with zada
GreatGodOm: I think we need to take the bad removal
PigmyOcelot: thats removal alright
SharpCookies: stasis field is basically removal
hattingston: Stasis field is reasonable soft removal, bad against incubation tokens though
Bugberry: bad removal is better than no removal.
penutbuster138: I like oracle for the body and the effect but that's jkust me
SharpCookies: can be really useful on those annoying praetors
Spades_Slicc: You could always run your red and companion yorion
Sorator13: Stasis Field or Oracle or the Order, IMO
drcthulu: normally I wouldn't but we're so light on removal
hd_dabnado: I think you just take another 2 drop creature
Favre_the_Undead: stasis field!
magical_writer: the see double and halo-charged skaab went combo against me a draft ago.
Jturbobanana: Are we planning to companion Yurion?
offbeatwitch: me, at every fnm draft
offbeatwitch: Where Is All The Removal
drcthulu: we could take the barb
drcthulu: or the charger
Sage0fMadness: mountaincycler also an option
penutbuster138: There we go!
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: Negate is spell removal Kappa
kumatsu: I feel so bad for Reyav, every time I see them in a pack they wheel
drcthulu: I like negate in this format
drcthulu: hits a bunch of battles
Sage0fMadness: one of the better battles tbh
hd_dabnado: that card is insane
GreatGodOm: Amonkhet is a mythic uncommon
Sorator13: Amonkhet is excellent
Sage0fMadness: very strong
penutbuster138: Amonkhet has to be the PICK
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: Yes you have 6 knights?
drcthulu: eyes are great
hattingston: Grant us
magical_writer: two eyes just seems right
Bugberry: eyes on the inside
drcthulu: wrenn's resolve
SharpCookies: can one really have enough eyes?
penutbuster138: Now barb?
Feriority: Hey friends, how'd the draft go? Looks pretty spicy
drcthulu: you could go 60 cards
penutbuster138: Grixis Knights seems pretty DEECE here
Spades_Slicc: @Feriority We certainly have a deck
imatwitchstreamerplzsub: No removal no meeting of the minds not even -x/ blue enchantment wtf are these packs
Spades_Slicc: Now cam is this 7 cuts or 13 additions?
Mistborn83: do we have enough to play yorion as our commander?
Eramis8: The Grixis with Yorion
Mistborn83: *compainon
Jturbobanana: a number of them would be lands
Eramis8: Don't forget lands!
penutbuster138: We don't have the tech for COmpanion
Sage0fMadness: it's like 7 more cards and 8 lands
Spades_Slicc: 15 more cards*
lackingsanity: tbh I don't love the splash here, I don't think the off chance of casting the red two drop early is worth making your mana worse
Spades_Slicc: run 23 ish lands
drcthulu: your side board is actually quite good
GreatGodOm: You only need to play about 10 more nonlands for a yorion companion.
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rosesmcgee: is companion worth it?
drcthulu: probably
geail: it isn't
Mangledpixel: I don't think so
drcthulu: 23
Sorator13: Companion is not worth it for us
Eramis8: Yeah, you can get away with it
drcthulu: 24
Zoltaris: I don't think companion is worth
GreatGodOm: I think that we needed to draft differently if we wanted to companion yorion.
Mistborn83: yeah 23 is typical
hattingston: Probably not worrh it, but it would be very cool
Zoltaris: 23 in a 3 colour 60 card deck wouldn't be great
a_Weakling: you have no inherent ramp, you cant risk missing landdrops
drcthulu: yeah
Mistborn83: seems good
Eramis8: Probably not worth it
magical_writer: that does seem to work
kakmize: do it
henrycrun: That makes sense
Sage0fMadness: the disciplined play i think
Eramis8: Seems solid
LiamK712: I like that move
SharpCookies: looks good to me
drcthulu: you dont' really have the non-creature spell density for the spellspears
penutbuster138: Good luck Cam!
Jturbobanana: LSV talked about the number of lands to run in a Yorion companion deck in the last LimitedResources but I can't remember the number he said. Any other listeners here?
Sage0fMadness: red is also the weakest color overall
Sage0fMadness: so forcing a splash is probably mid at best
Sorator13: yeah, that's fair
penutbuster138: Nice opener!
drcthulu: yeah that's the smart move, the fun play is the 60 card yorion pile
Spades_Slicc: @Jturbobanana 25-26
Bugberry: are no arena sounds intentional?
Eramis8: Oh gods, they drafted speedy weenie
sprucebruce21: uh oh
penutbuster138: We're fine i think
Sorator13: Oh dear
drcthulu: black/white aggro does that
Spades_Slicc: OP thinks they're playing ONE
Eramis8: Flip Mirror and attack.
drcthulu: interesting choice there
drcthulu: I am also confused
Sage0fMadness: knight holds down the fort pretty well here
Bugberry: My first few games I kept getting run over by Red/Green, despite that apparently being a bad color pair.
penutbuster138: Yeah we're stabilizing pretty well here.
drcthulu: yeah
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Spades_Slicc: Does stasis field remove abilities?
drcthulu: it's not a bad line
Sage0fMadness: OPs removal use has been .. interesting
drcthulu: okay they're just curving out
Spades_Slicc: I see you've killed goerge, here's their twin george
Eramis8: OP chose speed removal. Just need to outlast it
penutbuster138: I think we cycle end of OPS turn
Sage0fMadness: yeah need that fifth land
drcthulu: unseal can always get it back later
racoonius: Hi Cam and hi chat
Eramis8: Flip in combat for blocker?
penutbuster138: Just wait till sky noodle comes down
Sage0fMadness: next turn we can double spell!
Sage0fMadness: nice
Laserbeaks_Fury: Jin-Gitaxis giving folks eyes like that is real stalker behavior
ralphthellama: I too enjoy spending time and effort building what I think is a great deck just to have my opponents field decks that shut down whatever I'm trying to do
Sage0fMadness: i like this block
Spades_Slicc: good block
Spades_Slicc: reanimation time
drcthulu: two nights is good
drcthulu: not this turn though
Eramis8: Reanimate and make night?
Sage0fMadness: wow that was great
Sage0fMadness: attack first!
Spades_Slicc: poggers
Sage0fMadness: oops
penutbuster138: But the Knight came back...the very next turn
Sage0fMadness: LUL
drcthulu: three nights if we top deck a land =)
theamc2000: Blue has vigilance
drcthulu: kinghts*
Eramis8: Lets hope that 2 damage didn't matter
Tom_Bruise: oh that looks painful
GreatGodOm: Vigilance. The evergreen blue mechanic.
penutbuster138: Can we see double their 6/5 during combat?
gearhead644: Hey Cam!
penutbuster138: Booooo
Eramis8: OOF
Eramis8: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Seth_Erickson: Hello friends
Seth_Erickson: Archpriest of Shadows :O
Seth_Erickson: that card's natty
penutbuster138: ye old mull to 4
Sorator13: It is, except when it isn't :D
SharpCookies: a win's a win!
penutbuster138: lmao
drcthulu: none elesh norn is a 4 drop so next turn
easterncaveofwonders: I wonder if Billie eilish could be convinced to cosplay eilish norn.
YTfriendofsquirrel: based
Seth_Erickson: I mean this seems fine
Juliamon: ok, so rather than Norn, this is just the 12x removals deck
interiorexplosion: Can't play a removal spell if there's nothing to remove
Majorbandgeek: jamietLand jamietLand jamietLand
YTfriendofsquirrel: lrrJUDGE
Tom_Bruise: They keep. Playing. Cards. How dare they
TaylorHistory: Did I jinx things? This looks like my luck. Sorry.
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Sorator13: Oh, is anyone else not hearing game sound?
Sorator13: just realized what felt off
penutbuster138: OP stop playing spells please
Seth_Erickson: all lands for the rest of the game please arena
huffboi1: lol COPY IT
Juliamon: jlrrCoolgame
theamc2000: Nice opponent
LiamK712: that's dangerous
drcthulu: I'd wait for it to attack
penutbuster138: Yes!
Seth_Erickson: We would die very fast if we copied it I think
Tom_Bruise: iunno, giving them *two more* cards might be bad
korvys: can you handle 4 cards and 4 life a turn?
penutbuster138: Wait for attacks
drcthulu: yeah then you can trade it off
Seth_Erickson: I like that
Eramis8: Copy and block
hd_dabnado: why would they attack like that
Tom_Bruise: if they corrupted conviction...
Tom_Bruise: dang it
Sorator13: Hmm
sprucebruce21: huh
Seth_Erickson: this is acceptable I think
drcthulu: that's not the worst
theamc2000: @tom_bruise
Eramis8: Unexpected?
Sarusta: Honestly, that's probably better than losing 4 drawing 4 next turn...
Sarusta: and this way it was "removal"?
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Tom_Bruise: @theamc2000 Look, it's not my fault I am an actual factual brainwizard
Sorator13: battle!
Sorator13: good
theamc2000: @tom_bruise fair
drcthulu: that's quite the mull to 5
SharpCookies: so the lesson is go orzhov huh
Eramis8: Apparently everybody drafted all the removal
penutbuster138: Would have been nice if we had seen more removal during the draft portion
flatluigi: hi cameron
Eramis8: Firja is dumb
TheWriterAleph: they're playing white, the color of card draw Kappa
flatluigi: i also have had a lot of trouble with this format and i don't know why
interiorexplosion: I believe Cameron is has a bad case of "getting Cameroned"
Sarusta: The format is INCREDIBLY snowbally and requires a board presence very quickly.
flatluigi: especially since i have, like, been enjoying myself despite it
Juliamon: It's a case of doing everything right and still losing
drcthulu: work on drawing 2 drops
geail: I've only been doing sealed. I didn't realize it until the new season that sealed is no longer included in limited ranking
korvys: That is a strategy, and it seems to have worked for them, I guess
EOstby: This is a very weird format.
Seth_Erickson: Adam's been having a similar issue with this draft. sometimes I draft a deck that I think is fine and cruise to 7 wins and sometimes I draft a deck I think is good and I get crushed.
easterncaveofwonders: When you can third pick mythic creatures it’s not unreasonable.
flatluigi: @geail i don't think it's ever been included on arena
Eramis8: I think everybody just chooses removal first pack and then actually drafts after pack 2
SharpCookies: awww im sure it could have done something
Sarusta: Baraaaaal.
drcthulu: world tree
Juliamon: Maybe try mono-legendaries-and-removal, it worked for your opp
drcthulu: =D
DudelidouX: mono green
SuddenlyARabbit: Baral for cheaper removal, genius
Sorator13: The green enchantment is bonkers
penutbuster138: Yeah it's busted
Eramis8: Tribute is BS, but you need to get it
hattingston: Tribute is hard to cast but very good if you can
flatluigi: i've found green to be really weak in this format unless you _really _get good cards
Tom_Bruise: well, it is triple pipped
camusmtg: It’s good with token creators.
drcthulu: correct
Sarusta: Invasion of Eldraine?
Eramis8: Blighted burgeoning is good
Sarusta: Mind Rot is unironically good in this format
Seth_Erickson: I like stoke and Burgeoning
drcthulu: moloch is also good
Sorator13: Correct; incubate doesn't trigger Tribute
huffboi1: stoke her imo
huffboi1: with convoke its not that bad
Sorator13: I'd take Stoke
Seth_Erickson: stoke can be mitigated with red creatures
Juliamon: Take Stoke, make a decision later
Eramis8: Stoke and pray burgeoning wheels
drcthulu: wary thespian is good
Sorator13: We're not committed to green; we're one pick in. Take the good card.
bartimus_thundercask: The thespian is very good
Sorator13: Black battle is great
huffboi1: inquisitor tho... and gw is the +1 counter theme
hattingston: Norn's Inquisitor is very strong
Sorator13: inquisitor is also great
Sarusta: Norn's Inquisitor is a great 2 drop
DudelidouX: If you're not heavy green Tribute will be a cut.
Sarusta: Inquisitor itself is a creature
Sarusta: you still get one trigger
hattingston: They both work well in a gw counters deck
Sorator13: There are other payoffs where they'll work together, fwiw
camusmtg: I would go with thespian.
drcthulu: they're doing different archetypes
Sarusta: Sure, but they're both good in GW counters, and it's now a 2 mana 3/3 with also incubate
Sorator13: There are green cards that say "when a +1/+1 counter is put on a creature you control, <thing>"
Sorator13: which they both do
Sorator13: *but* you have many good options here
v_nome: Uncommon
Caryotip2: or double faces
hattingston: Kami of Whispered Hopes is at uncommon, Shattered Ozolith at rare
Sarusta: Wary Thespian is still a strong safe pick, it's just a good workhorse 2 drop
Sarusta: another Eldraine invasion... mmm
v_nome: mountaincycle?
Sarusta: Also Ephara's Dispersal is premium interaction
Sorator13: @hattingston also the GW uncommon creature; forgetting the name
huffboi1: I think radha or the historian
Sorator13: I honestly might take the land here?
hattingston: @sorator13 Oh yeah the Botanical Brawler I think?
drcthulu: I like the mountain cycle
Sarusta: No, but we're only on pick 4, we have time to pivot
yalc321: 7 color good stuff
DudelidouX: Focus on green splash as little as posible.
korvys: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
Sorator13: Because you have a lot of options :P
drcthulu: kitesail is good evasion
Zoltaris: bolas is great
sblue333: Hi cam I heard you need help play dimir
catsarelegends321: yes
Sorator13: Ooh, Zendikar is nice
drcthulu: flywheel is good
drcthulu: for fixing
Sarusta: What are we fixing for?
sblue333: Or golgari / similar tbh don't like our red
Angreed66: MOno green it is
DudelidouX: Well now it's mono green
huffboi1: thats a reason to go into green
drcthulu: renata is the counter theme you want
Sarusta: Renata is sweet
camusmtg: Do it
Sorator13: @Sarusta Tribute often requires some fixing
Tom_Bruise: Let's G-G-G-Goo
Sorator13: Renata with Tribute is wonderful
drcthulu: cosmic hunger
huffboi1: cosmic hunger is great removal
Sarusta: Easy Hunger
catsarelegends321: oooo cosmic hunger
sblue333: Halo Forger is still in the pack?
drcthulu: nice all the green wheeled
Sarusta: I'm very sad about that wheeled Halo FOrager lol
huffboi1: traker is also good
Cptasparagus: im too much of a fan of ramp and fixing
Cptasparagus: burgeoning is fun
DAC169: I swear I see those "Legendary Enchantment Creature - Demigod"s so often that they're common
Sarusta: lol, white it is.
Juliamon: "You were saying?"
sblue333: Artistic is sweet
Cptasparagus: @DAC169 they kind of are, since that slot in each pack is either a rare or uncommon, its mostly going to be the uncommons
v_nome: Dagron in case?
drcthulu: the exarch is really good
Tom_Bruise: "So you comitted in P1 huh?"
Sarusta: The card is just too insane
Sarusta: OOH lurrus
drcthulu: the lurrus is insane
Sorator13: We don't really have a second color yet, so.... dragon?
hattingston: Kitty!
Sorator13: oh man
180 raiders from SergeYager have joined!
joallthedogs: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
yalc321: o7 raid time
chrono2x: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
catsarelegends321: pest
drcthulu: love me the pests
Tom_Bruise: maybe this format just doesn't like us
Sarusta: Pest!
camusmtg: Pest
DAC169: Serge! aipOMG
Juliamon: Welcome Brew Crew! Draft is silly!
SnackPak_: sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergePrideLove
jessieimproved: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Sarusta: Kami
huffboi1: fynn really annoying with lurrus lol
Angreed66: kami is so good
catsarelegends321: kami
BrookJustBones: Kami seems great
SuddenlyARabbit: Guess we're Naya now
drcthulu: I like the kami
Seth_Erickson: Fynn is just a 1/3 wit hdeath touch as well
Sorator13: kamiiiiiiii nice
Sarusta: @SuddenlyARabbit Why would we be naya, we have no good reason to play red lol
catsarelegends321: thespian?
BloodnBullets: now we just need an ozalith pack 3
drcthulu: thespian is good
Nuha: @Seth_Erickson Straight value with built in 5 turn clock
DAC169: Kami also seems to be common, not uncommon snooty2Think
Sarusta: Another Thespian or Converter Beast are both good
Sarusta: Incubate 5 is HUGE.
Sorator13: I like Converter Beast
ThePixelSavage: you want 2 or less now that you got lurrus
Angreed66: Yeah you might want more 2 drop creatures
camusmtg: I’d go with the two drop
Sorator13: especially with Renata & Tribute
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's a 5/5 for 6 with a bonus 0/1 chump blocker.
Sorator13: *but* 2 drops are good
drcthulu: the kavu is decent
Sarusta: combat trick seems fine
Seth_Erickson: It's much better with the Kami too but I like thespian a lot as well
ph0enix__42: kavu
BloodnBullets: backup is counters
Sarusta: Blademaster is a reasonable 2/2.
drcthulu: blademaster I like over the 3/1
Sorator13: Blademaster gives you stuff to do with your excess mana lategame, which is nice
Sarusta: "hatedraft" the cryptomancer :D
JustLuckeh: not even one telling yargle :D
Sarusta: Carapace is unplayable, just take the trick
Sarusta: Rottentail > Herdbeast
drcthulu: cotton tail I've found good
Sarusta: Yay it wheeled
drcthulu: grasp
Seth_Erickson: I like Grasp here I think
Sarusta: Grasp for removal
Sorator13: Strike is nice
BloodnBullets: pacifisim
Wiliart: Grasp is good removal
Sarusta: Smite a touch too conditional
Sorator13: Grasp and Cut Short are too
camusmtg: Smite is good
Seth_Erickson: Permanent removal to grab back with Lurrus potentially
drcthulu: it's an arrest for 2
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Premium removal that you can get back with Lurrus? Seems good.
Sarusta: ummmmmmm
drcthulu: ok
TheWriterAleph: kitty again!
MegaDosX: But does he know about second Lurrus?
catsarelegends321: yes
camusmtg: Can you companion two of the same card?
Sorator13: LUL
kamkazi: meOW
drcthulu: 2nd kami
Hulyen: baerHERO
Sarusta: Second Kami!
BloodnBullets: second kami ?
MTBoot: The Deck of many purrings!
Angreed66: second kami
virgil82: Dew It!
Sorator13: @camusmtg No, but you can companion one and run the other in your deck, if you want
Sarusta: fixing
Feriority: Signaled well, got rewarded
Sarusta: oh wait, pacifism
drcthulu: grasp is great, hopefully shanna wheels
Angreed66: fixing?
MegaDosX: Am I the only one who's medium on Shanna?
Sarusta: Shanna is likely to wheel, take Grasp first
BloodnBullets: this pack is stacked
Seth_Erickson: I like pacifies with many lurrus'
catsarelegends321: grasp works well with lurrus
ghyllnox: Fixing
Sarusta: Tangled Skyline is WAY better than you think it is, take it
drcthulu: the skyline is really good
Sarusta: Gain 5 life is suprisingly huge in this format
Sarusta: Angelic Intervention?
drcthulu: me too
MegaDosX: The white one drop is also good
Seth_Erickson: I like the protection here as well
MegaDosX: THat one
Sarusta: Hunger, more removal
drcthulu: cosmic hunger is great
Sarusta: Slinger is also great
Wiliart: Remeowal?
MegaDosX: Bolas Lingers
drcthulu: we did a good job cutting green and white doesn't seem to be being drafted
MegaDosX: You're being passed all of the removal this pack :p
Sarusta: Aerial Boost is fine
jackulhaups: here in saint louis a "slinger" is the most cursed breakfast imagineable
Sarusta: probably better than the other trick we have
Juliamon: Shanna's back
Sarusta: This seems dece
Seth_Erickson: Have you heard of Sisay's Legacy you ignored me the last time I came around
Sarusta: Nice interaction, good beatdown plan
Seth_Erickson: so I wanted to circle back and talk with you again
Sarusta: Cut Kavu and Invasion of Zendikar as medium 4 drops?
catsarelegends321: i dont know about the racer in 2 color
Seth_Erickson: I think Kavu and a land can go
v_nome: Kavu refuses to leave
jackulhaups: casual double lurrus we love to see it
Sarusta: Moag has been *surprisingly* weak
hattingston: I like Invasion esp with a triple pip card
Seth_Erickson: invasion pretty good with two Kami's I think.
Sarusta: Like, I always think it'll be good but it frequently isn't for me?
Sorator13: I really like Zendikar
Seth_Erickson: I think this deck cuts a land
Sarusta: but yeah with the Kamis..
adamshandy: 2 lurrus is so much better than 1 lurrus; I can't get lurrus to stick on the battlefield longer than a turn
camusmtg: How much ramp do you need really
Sarusta: Maybe Cut Short? We already have lots of interaction and we're usually the beatdown?
KeytarCat: !card lurrus
LRRbot: Lurrus of the Dream-Den [1{W/B}{W/B}] | Legendary Creature — Cat Nightmare [3/2] | Companion — Each permanent card in your starting deck has mana value 2 or less. / Lifelink / During each of your turns, you may cast one permanent spell with mana value 2 or less from your graveyard.
Nuha: i really like the carpace but that is me.
drcthulu: you could probably cut a converter beast
Sorator13: We are pretty low to the ground, actually; fair
Seth_Erickson: if we cut removal I think we cut a cosmic instead of cut short
MTBoot: Or Moloch isn't that exciting to me
DudelidouX: To tell you how powerful Tribute is I'd cut the white entirely.
drcthulu: this is a great keep
Sarusta: @DudelidouX The white has so much of our removal, 2 Lurrus, and the Exarch... no way lol
Sorator13: Nice
Sarusta: wait they have a companion lol
drcthulu: that's scary
drcthulu: lets kill them before they get there
MTBoot: No game audio?
MegaDosX: !card shanna sisay's legacy
LRRbot: Shanna, Sisay's Legacy [GW] | Legendary Creature — Human Warrior [0/0] | Shanna, Sisay's Legacy can't be the target of abilities your opponents control. / Shanna gets +1/+1 for each creature you control.
MTBoot: It's fine if it's intentional ^^
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Sarusta: Think that needed to be binned, we need to find a green source
bytecaster: Yeah, she is not as good as you think ^^
roastbeefsandwitch: I find that GW in the format is very much "Mono Decent", with a side helping of great combat tricks and removal. Nothing special, just better than average on the whole.
TheOtherTrevor: Has anybody made a mod yet that replaces Arena's audio with MTGO's?
bytecaster: I mean, if they let us keep the Lurrus now, I don't mind them removing everything else.
drcthulu: Lets play everyone favourite game, don't remove my lurrus
Sarusta: block with the thespian
Sarusta: So we can bring it back when we free Lurrus by giving it pro blue
Sarusta: (later not now)
Seth_Erickson: we can give lurrus pro blue with intervention and get them back
Nukified: how many? yes
drcthulu: yep
MegaDosX: Yes
Sarusta: It does
Seth_Erickson: yes
Pharmacistjudge: yes
hattingston: Ye
bytecaster: Yes
MTBoot: In this format? yes.
whoppernugget: Yes
roastbeefsandwitch: That still makes Lurris a 4/3 however, which trades badly with the Thesbian
hattingston: 5/4 if Kami sticks around
sprucebruce21: protection also unequips any equipment of that colour, fun fact
Angreed66: also all their removal is even costed
Sarusta: Kami makes it a 5/4
Sarusta: no wait, kami's a mana dork lol
Sarusta: we wanted to cast the Thespian
MegaDosX: Would it have been worth casting Shanna there rather than attacking with the dork?
jackulhaups: such a treat to have you here for thursday afternoon mtg cam! hope you've been having success and/or fun.
Sorator13: grasp one, cut short the other?
Seth_Erickson: and if they don't attack we can moloch instead
Sorator13: assuming they attack
drcthulu: no
drcthulu: but it uses our mana
Sarusta: I think we just play the thespian
MegaDosX: Now it's your turn to cast removal spell after removal spell
Sarusta: don't forget cut short has convoke
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kirbytronic: Cameron is a good person who is good at their job and always good to see
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GreatGodOm: Why not play one of the 2 drops from your bin last turn?
whoppernugget: I like just casting the grasp and passing there
camusmtg: God Lurrus is so good
Seth_Erickson: lurrus is wild
BloodnBullets: oh right you can tap out and still cast it with lurrus
Sarusta: I want to resolve our 2nd kami and then tangled skyline at some point
drcthulu: beeg shanna
Sarusta: so that we have a 7/7
Sarusta: that can beat through their nonsense
Sarusta: we can just trade and replay he-
Sarusta: or... not.
MegaDosX: Is the only wrath in the format in black Invasion of Fiora?
Seth_Erickson: even if they wrathed I think we're still in a good position
Sorator13: boooo
whoppernugget: Booooo
camusmtg: Don’t they know you needed that?
kirbytronic: I should really not be able to lose my phone as consistently as I do just next to me on my bed
Sorator13: @MegaDosX !card Sunfall
GreatGodOm: Was that the 1st or 2nd lurrus?
Sarusta: 1st
Nukified: that's a thick egg
Seth_Erickson: Megados the glistening oil -1/-1 is a wrath for us
Sarusta: still got another
Sorator13: oh rip, does that not work as a reply?
MegaDosX: @Sorator13 No, I know about Sunfall. I meant specifically in black
Sorator13: Ahh, gotcha
Sorator13: Yes, it's the only one in black AFAIK
MegaDosX: @Seth_Erickson Thank you, I'd forgotten about that one
Sarusta: if we get rid of gyruda we can swing with other things, so yeah
whoppernugget: I like crunching
ThePixelSavage: math is for blockers afterall
Sorator13: oh right, there's the bad one too; I always forget about that
dwchief: There's the black spell that hoses us - each creature gets -1/-1 but green/white get an extra -3/-3 I think
Sarusta: oof.
MegaDosX: Nooooooo
MegaDosX: Oh well
Sarusta: Straight to the bottom
whoppernugget: Noooo
Seth_Erickson: never lucky no invasion of moag NotLikeThis
drcthulu: 2nd lurrus nooo
Sorator13: oh, that hurt
Sarusta: Moag would've been sick there
laundreydhull: You okay?
Sarusta: oh.
roastbeefsandwitch: wait, you have TWO lurris?!?
MegaDosX: Ayyyyyy
Sarusta: That works too!
drcthulu: op has seen enough
MegaDosX: Got there anyway
MegaDosX: We take those
Sorator13: @roastbeefsandwitch we do indeed
laundreydhull: You made odd noises in my kitchen, lrrCAMERON
Sarusta: Good old Augur of Bolas
Juliamon: OP saw the second Lurrus and panicked
ThePixelSavage: Magic, a game of skill. no luck involved.
LibraryWitchKei: Cam did you hit your knee again?
kumatsu: OP played around cut short by just not playing
DAC169: at what cost? aliwayCry
Dread_Pirate_Westley: OP declined on Pest? That's a show of dominance that cannot be withstood.
Sarusta: ETB: Look at the bottom 5 cards of your library.
LurkerSpine: any means necessary
WiJohn: What profits a man to win the game at the cost of his own soul?
drcthulu: Op didn't want to find out if there was a 3rd lurrus
virgil82: @WiJohn Greatness at Any Cost
Juliamon: I'm trying to make a 2 Fast 2 Lurrus joke and it's just not working
KeytarCat: @Juliamon something something FAMILY
Sorator13: but what are you going to DO with your returned?
korvys: 1-0, that's an infinite win ratio
Mangledpixel: Lurri?
Twilight_Spark: stripYum
Gooseblast: SNEEP
Sarusta: Honestly? Seems fine
Mangledpixel: ha
Sarusta: Pest fills the gy
Nukified: sneep
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Sorator13: WutFace
Gooseblast: LUL
Sarusta: Pest finds the white source!
korvys: Two Lurrus, but you can't cast either, lol
RuiFaleiro: unarmeHeart unarmeHeart unarmeHeart
camusmtg: The pest can get a plains
Nukified: LUL
CommanderZim: Or is it Lurrusi?
whoppernugget: Sneep, pest grabs plains ftw
Twilight_Spark: Lurrus looking uncomfortably buff.
Sarusta: or it can look at the bottom 5 cards of our library again.
Sorator13: look, Pest didn't do anything for us last game...
Sorator13: I'm not getting my hopes up LUL
Sarusta: uhhh grasp that
MegaDosX: That thing is a problem
Sorator13: Nice
Sarusta: Spellspear is a HUGE problem if it flips
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sprucebruce21: that treasure is gonna be fun
Sarusta: oh no
Sorator13: oh no
MegaDosX: I have some bad news
MrHotBinJuice: oh dear
Sarusta: no its okay, plains, lurrus, grasp
Sarusta: OH... noooo
Nehraa: guy doesnt know how prowess works lol
MegaDosX: UH
MegaDosX: Yo I think you're dead
Sarusta: wait, really?
camusmtg: It’s not looking good
Sarusta: Grasp the spell spear now
Sarusta: and.. play renata?
Sarusta: We can live for a bit with lurrus' lifelink...
MegaDosX: I mean maybe?
EOstby: The amount of green cards that should have reach and don't is too damn high.
MegaDosX: You desperately need the lifegain with Zurgo and Ojutai dashing in
kirbytronic: Look, her god's a 60 foot tall archer and even she can't block a storm crow, so
drcthulu: yeah having a backup lurrus makes this ok
hattingston: For every secret reach card there is a corresponsing secretly not reach cars
camusmtg: It’s nice to have a backup Lurrus.
Pharmacistjudge: same reason that despite having a giant bow, her god Nylea doesn't have reach
Sarusta: well this is all kinds of unfortunate
Twilight_Spark: stripHmm seems red to me boss
Sarusta: Renata first
drcthulu: no one expects the 2nd lurrus
Sarusta: aw.
Sarusta: too late.
MegaDosX: Yeah Renata first was better
MegaDosX: Would have put a counter on Lurrus
whoppernugget: Oh no order lul’d
MegaDosX: It's all good!
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Jovh11: The Allurus of the second cat is all consuming
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EOstby: Magic: the Wordening
Sarusta: No worries I was just trying to type the words in time lol
whoppernugget: My b it’s fine, I’m on a bigger delay
MegaDosX: See now you can put a counter on Lurrus anyway
TheWriterAleph: Summon Webster's Dictionary
drcthulu: it's ok Lurrus found the +1/+1 counter from a friendly cat
Sarusta: swing everything
Sarusta: SHeesh
Sarusta: All the red removal.
Sarusta: and the perfect mana.
MegaDosX: Don't you just win here?
drcthulu: dead on board
Sarusta: oh, wait yeah
EOstby: So they're just dead.
Sarusta: lol...
MegaDosX: Yeah they're dead
WiJohn: Huh
Faulpyr: They spent all there mana on that flier
MegaDosX: Bola Slinger is pretty good huh
Sarusta: Apparently, math is for attackers.
DAC169: why would they do that?
TheWriterAleph: heh
whoppernugget: Let’s just hope they forgot it existed
Sorator13: Bolas: better than they look!
sprucebruce21: bola slinger is very capable of getting you in for lethal
MegaDosX: I remember people being medium on it early on in the format
Twilight_Spark: The mean-centering on that stat has be gnarly.
Cptasparagus: @Sorator13 if I had a nichol for every time I heard that....
MegaDosX: Turns out it's outperformed their expectations
WiJohn: I suspect they made the bigger misplay by bouncing their dragon every turn
Sarusta: Yeah, after the Grasp was played they had no reason to
1y1e: zurgo and card advantage gives opp a blind bloodlust debuff
lZodsl: Came to send you good vibes, Cam. Best of luck in your games
sprucebruce21: i had a RW deck where i had a bunch of back ups including two bola slingers and a couple of the double strike backer uppers
Sarusta: Kami is a mana dork, we're fine
Juliamon: ehhh
Sarusta: :D
Sarusta: (no don't)
LurkerSpine: I believe
LurkerSpine: :D
Sorator13: not on the play
theamc2000: Baaah
vogon_poet: So, which card triggered the "Did you have fun?" Lurrus? Zurgo/Ojutai? It's always done with an eye toward evaluating balance in a format...
drcthulu: on the play I'm inclined to mull
DAC169: no trust
Sarusta: ooh
Juliamon: Perfect
drcthulu: yeah that's way better
Sarusta: Massively better.
Mangledpixel: leagues better
Sarusta: Bottom Thespian #2...?
1y1e: honestly the thespians do so much work
Sarusta: they do
drcthulu: skyline
Sarusta: This is a hard pick
Boon_33: woo!
GreatGodOm: This hand is cat-aclysmic. Kappa
drcthulu: yes the thespians will dig us to land
Sarusta: We have a significant number of kitties
Nukified: we can't be punished by this, nope..
Sarusta: That's also a cat!
Mangledpixel: painful butt?
Sarusta: :(
Sarusta: The hard counter
Nukified: I was just teasing
Sorator13: @Mangledpixel that's the green 0/2 backup 1 that deals damage according to its toughness
Boon_33: Cam is trying to tell us a secret message about Butt
Sarusta: This is so painful.
whoppernugget: Haha, 2 more Surveil triggers
TehAmelie: i can dig it
MegaDosX: Yeah
theamc2000: Oh
sprucebruce21: aggro invasion there
whoppernugget: Move to uh-oh step?
Sarusta: Yup.
kakmize: ouch
Sarusta: That's what I would have done too
Sarusta: xD
Sarusta: jeez
camusmtg: Bad beats
Sorator13: :(
MegaDosX: You were pretty far behind, yeah
whoppernugget: Seems it
MegaDosX: Oh well, live and learn
Sarusta: Maybe the answer was to ship the Exarch
Sarusta: tribute mana
Sarusta: sneep
MegaDosX: Banger hand
Faulpyr: That's a fun hand
Sarusta: CURVE OUT
MegaDosX: Nah, curve out
Sarusta: Play the Rottentail at least
Sarusta: But we should definitely just curve
Sarusta: ship it
MegaDosX: Plains off the top one time
MegaDosX: Awkward
MegaDosX: Come on, deck, one Plains
Sarusta: I think we swing for the surveil?
MegaDosX: RNG why
Juliamon: Now Arena's just mocking us
whoppernugget: This is still winnable
MegaDosX: At least opponent appears mana choked too
Sarusta: True.
Sarusta: oh hey.
MegaDosX: Ayyy
Sarusta: umm
WiJohn: Maybe slinger?
smoke_knight: Nobody gets mana today
MegaDosX: I like grasping the Seraph
Cptasparagus: bola onto rabbit and tap the 3/3?
Sarusta: Grasp the Seraph yeah
sprucebruce21: grasping seraph seems good
Sarusta: Moag does nothing on this board state unfortunately
MegaDosX: Firmly grasp it
sprucebruce21: they're obviously hoping on incubator tokens to either sack to seraph
Sarusta: At least one more land for exarch
Sarusta: Eh, the cards are both powerful together.
Sarusta: yikes...
smoke_knight: What does "non-bo" mean?
Jovh11: @smoke_knight anti-combo
Sorator13: @smoke_knight The opposite of a combo
MegaDosX: @smoke_knight Opposite of a combo
smoke_knight: Thanks all!
MegaDosX: Plains on the top one time?
Sarusta: Does that even do it?
Sarusta: Lurrus Thespian?
MegaDosX: Lurrus and Thespian isn't bad
whoppernugget: I like that
Sarusta: surveil first
vogon_poet: @smoke_knight More specifically, it's "combo" which is actively worse than if the cards were played separately.
Sarusta: uh
Sarusta: Well, the engine's running...
Sarusta: Now we need to... not die
Sorator13: @Sarusta better go catch it!
MillerDark: If we get to play kami next turn... oh boy
Sorator13: yeah, Kami and then the one drop would be lovely
MillerDark: It's gonna come down as a 4/4
Sarusta: If opponent does literally nothing, yeah Kami would be fantastic
Sarusta: that counts as nothing
blastedman: logo and account have the T capitalized but the title doesn't twice?! i thought this was a channel of professionals
Sarusta: Blademaster is now a 5/5?
whoppernugget: Oh yeah now we’re cooking
Sarusta: love it
MegaDosX: OK that's pretty hot
Sarusta: uhh
smoke_knight: I look away for one second and op's board suddenly got really wide
sprucebruce21: this is the exact magical christmas land i wanted during the prerelease but i never saw my tribute
Sarusta: They may be playing around the convoke +2/+2
Sorator13: or they wanted the incubate?
MegaDosX: Yeah it's not bad but not what you need
Sarusta: or that
Sarusta: OH NO
sprucebruce21: oh fuck
mister_nibbles: Hello Cameron and chat! You're all looking very distinguished today.
blastedman: uh oh
theamc2000: Oh f
MegaDosX: Cameron you are dead I think
Juliamon: oh
sprucebruce21: well then
MegaDosX: Elspeth is an enormous problem
MillerDark: Okay, now it's flyerS
whoppernugget: Oh no
Warpzonius: just tune in what's goin- oh jesus christ
Phosfur: Flyers you say
Sarusta: opponent
Juliamon: But Elspeth, you like cats, right?
Sarusta: mmmm...
MillerDark: 10 mana here
MegaDosX: Ten mana isn't bad
Sarusta: Slinger on Blademaster, swing at Elspeth...?
MegaDosX: But goddamn Elspeth
MillerDark: 11, actually
Sarusta: no, cam you DO have 10 mana
Sarusta: kami taps for 4
MegaDosX: Kami taps for four right now yeah
MegaDosX: Yeah
MegaDosX: Kami's a good card if you can put counters on it
Sibwow: oh shit are we slamming with cameron toda
Sibwow: today
Sarusta: Thespian with floating mana
Sarusta: we can't lose Lurrus, just eat a chump blocker
MillerDark: @Sarusta They can double block with tiller and 3/3
Sarusta: play it, 4/4 bunny
ThePixelSavage: floating
mister_nibbles: its been a while so i may not be up on all the rules but wouldnt it not be possible to have two lurrus out at the same time? legendary and all
Sarusta: You had G floating before combat
drcthulu: 4/4 for 1 g seems good
whoppernugget: Man tribute is nuts
UncannyJimjams: Hey all, how's magic going today?
korvys: !card Kami of Whis
LRRbot: Kami of Whispered Hopes [2G] | Creature — Spirit [1/1] | If one or more +1/+1 counters would be put on a permanent you control, that many plus one +1/+1 counters are put on that permanent instead. / {T}: Add X mana of any one color, where X is Kami of Whispered Hopes's power.
Juliamon: UncannyJimjams Very minmaxed
Sarusta: I feel like we should be very dead but opponent is giving us a chance to crawl our way back in
whoppernugget: Although I guess it’s more the Kami
Sarusta: Its' definitely both
Sarusta: Drawing cards is sick
drcthulu: now everyones favourite game, how many token can I make
MillerDark: 12 mana next turn. Progenitor's gonna be SICK
Sarusta: ^
Sarusta: aw.
Juliamon: boooo
Sarusta: I mean, as long as opponent isn't ticking down Elspeth I think we have a chance
Sarusta: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
drcthulu: okay
Juliamon: WELL OK THEN
Nukified: ultimate ability isn't necessarily any safer
Sarusta: I think we still play Exarch
MegaDosX: That is so much mana
Seth_Erickson: think you exarch for 6 here
Wolfstrike_NL: 4
MillerDark: x should be 3
MegaDosX: X can be four
MillerDark: so we can flip one
Sarusta: yeah 4
MegaDosX: At most
Seth_Erickson: so you can activate one
ThePixelSavage: Cam is doing it he is actively gaming!
Sarusta: oh.
MegaDosX: !card archangel elspeth
LRRbot: Archangel Elspeth [2WW] | Legendary Planeswalker — Elspeth [4] | [+1]: Create a 1/1 white Soldier creature token with lifelink. / [−2]: Put two +1/+1 counters on target creature. It becomes an Angel in addition to its other types and gains flying. / [−6]: Return all nonland permanent cards with mana value 3 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield.
theamc2000: @sarusta rally the ranks
ThePixelSavage: man storm the seedcore right about now would be brutal
Martin_FcG: Just got in. Wow that board state sure is something
Sarusta: I don't think there's much in there
MillerDark: Oh, that's not that helpful for them
Sarusta: Yeah the ult is nothing
MegaDosX: There's not much worth ulting for
drcthulu: I think we attack with lurrus next turn just to gain some life
drcthulu: and play the backup one
offbeatwitch: this is, as they say in france, a board state
MegaDosX: They really should have started making angels a while ago
Mythallian: this is a hell of a board cam
Sarusta: oh.
Sarusta: We have to alpha this turn?
Silver_Drgn: they finally saw the jump
Seth_Erickson: time to slam I think all face right
MegaDosX: Flip all your tokens and punch with the team?
Sarusta: wait flip tokens
drcthulu: wait do they die if
Sarusta: nooo
whoppernugget: I think now is flunge time
drcthulu: we flip the tokens
Silver_Drgn: flip incubates and swing all?
MegaDosX: Oh well
Sarusta: I think we swing out
Sarusta: at their face, not elspeth
dougma: doing better than I would be doing
Cptasparagus: can also surveil first then draw with renata
Sarusta: Force them to block everything, then they can't kill us next turn
Sarusta: in theory.
Sarusta: what.
whoppernugget: Ooo renata into second Lurrus should be crazy
Sarusta: OPPONENT.
Sarusta: oh we're still dead to fliers.
Seth_Erickson: there's no guarantee that they're dead even with the full attack, but also we're dead I think no matter wat because of two flyers shoot
Sarusta: wait
Sarusta: We can draw
1y1e: you draw cards
MegaDosX: Thespian might draw you something
Sarusta: we could draw into tangled skyline
Sarusta: 1 time
MegaDosX: And you do still have a billion mana
Seth_Erickson: another grasp would work as well
Sarusta: "thespian second to surveil"
Sarusta: yes
MegaDosX: OH
drcthulu: that'll do
sprucebruce21: WOO
Seth_Erickson: that's it PogChamp
Sarusta: do it now before they untap
MegaDosX: Yeah that saves you
Sorator13: That works
MegaDosX: You have a million mana to pay for the Ward
drcthulu: yes
MegaDosX: Yeah
ThePixelSavage: Magic is easy. just draw the cards you need
camusmtg: This is a fun deck
theamc2000: Sure
Sarusta: careful you'll need to pay ward
Sarusta: YAY
MegaDosX: !!!!
sprucebruce21: YES
MegaDosX: Holy shit
offbeatwitch: well!
dougma: Ok then
Mythallian: HA
Wolfstrike_NL: Whooooo
ErrorCode404: WHAT
Seth_Erickson: seabatClap
dougma: GG
Risturbeat: Whaaaat XD
whoppernugget: Yes!
Silver_Drgn: Got there
Risturbeat: Let's goooo!
offbeatwitch: gaming
mister_nibbles: sergeGG sergeGG sergeGG
korvys: We take those
ghyllnox: Niiice!
Sarusta: Whoo!
WowoT: good job cam!
MegaDosX: He's gaming out of his mind!
1y1e: we count those
Sorator13: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
LurkerSpine: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
drcthulu: they would have gone to 3 if we had rumbled with the team and full blocked
ghyllnox: Game of skill!
Mythallian: guess they had to poop? as voxy says kinda
Boon_33: Cam crushed their will to fight
Jobot180: We sell make the "Well then" face
Silver_Drgn: I didn't realize that said tapped creature. I thought it was only planeswalker
vogon_poet: *Looking at map* I can't figure out how we got here from where we started...
Banrael: Yay gloomhaven
drcthulu: so that was the correct play
v_nome: Maybe have a food?
Sarusta: Lands and spells, can't go wrong
WowoT: ooooo we get gloomhaven tonight! niiiiiiiiiiice
Juliamon: I just remembered tonight is gonna be Joe's Apartment's debut
Juliamon: yesss
Sarusta: No need to kill the Informant, hopefully we curve into Moag and can swing past it
drcthulu: hungry hungry thespians
Sarusta: ummm
Seth_Erickson: Horobi :O
Sarusta: yeah no... get that outta here.
Silver_Drgn: Kekw
Sorator13: LUL
theamc2000: Ah horobi
Sarusta: Did you know Horobi turns Backup into a kill spell? Good stuff.
RealGamerCow: @Juliamon Do I need to go and watch last VOD?
theamc2000: Dies to a lot this format
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drcthulu: yeah
Sorator13: Horobi, the Double-Edged Sword
drcthulu: dangit
Mythallian: crap is untapped down?
Sarusta: put tokens on blademaster?
Juliamon: RealGamerCow Otaku Jeff retired and Adam starts a new character tonight
Sarusta: er. counters*
Seth_Erickson: I like rotten tailing the 2/2 and making it a 4/4
drcthulu: chump blockers for days though
Seth_Erickson: If lurrus isn't answered though I think we pull ahead in one fail swoop
Sarusta: They're flipping it anyway, don't chump
Sorator13: I don't think you're *that* far behind?
Sarusta: just eat the sanctifier with the blademaster
Sarusta: it's gonna flip anyway
Sarusta: I like skyline here?
Sarusta: so we can get a 5/5 that can block their anthem'd creatures
Sorator13: don't we need to grasp the 4/6?
DAC169: I would have gotten rid of their lifelinker
Seth_Erickson: I like getting value from lurrus before she dies
Sorator13: doesn't *have* to be this turn, I suppose
Seth_Erickson: now we can hold up removal and chump with the 1/1 at no cost
drcthulu: boo
Sorator13: hey, that could've happened at a worse time; not bad
Sarusta: yeah this is fine
shea_wolfe: Lurrus sure is a card
Sarusta: Opponent is also cared to attack for some reason?
Sarusta: scared*
Sarusta: lol.
aerohydra: we take those
camusmtg: That 5 life hits right
trebuchetboy: nice
Sarusta: The 5 life from Skyline is honestly insane
Sorator13: hey look, we made it to basically money back territory
theamc2000: This is the kindest stream snipers run I have seen
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Sarusta: It's a 5/5 with reach and 5 life
Seth_Erickson: The Thespian putting in good work too.
Sarusta: It's so massive
Seth_Erickson: Thragtusk
Sarusta: Thragtusk?
drcthulu: Swagtusk
offbeatwitch: Big Pig
Illuvater01: Bossing it
Mythallian: pelaka worm?
Sarusta: Restoration Angel + Thragtusk...
offbeatwitch: thragtusk still good tbh
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Twilight_Spark: I 'member.
korvys: Yes. It was... not fun (for me, the person who did not have Thragtusk)
DoodlestheGreat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Adam, Heather, Cori, and Cameron continue their playthrough of Gloomhaven! Game: Gloomhaven) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (45m from now).
MegaDosX: Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit!
RealGamerCow: he's got great pointy teeth!
theamc2000: What about their attempt to boggle a bunny?
DrThud666: monty python hubris
Sorator13: careful, we'll get a Monty Python Secret Lair one of these days...
drcthulu: at least any non vizzidrix bunny
ThePixelSavage: I remember Magic when Putrid Leech was played by Luis Scott Vargas at a Pro Tour
Sarusta: Yup.
SerGarretCameron: but what if, and hear me out, it's the FFXIV crossover, and the bunny is actually a really scary board threat.
korvys: !card When Fluffy
LRRbot: When Fluffy Bunnies Attack [3B] | Instant | Target creature gets −X/−X until end of turn, where X is the number of times the letter of your choice appears in that creature's name.
Mangledpixel: message recieved
Sarusta: lol
Sarusta: Love it
offbeatwitch: message received
Seth_Erickson: easy game
Sethalidos: !findquote rabbit
LRRbot: Quote #3819: "Then I fell down a rabbit hole of leather" —Ben Soileau [2017-01-09]
Sarusta: "Oh no, my 0/5! Concede"
camusmtg: Cameron, Master of MOM
Sorator13: Sometimes I'm surprised at when opponents choose to concede
SgtBrink: that message is, "I surrender"
Sarusta: Do we not do phrasing anymore?
korvys: That's what she said?
UnnnaturalD20: Turns out deck is good
ghyllnox: :D
ThePixelSavage: we ignore that first draft around here
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yalc321: A Mom Dom you say?
Juliamon: !clip
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Banrael: Mominating, even
mibukotaro: Dommy Mommy?
theamc2000: May someone quote Cameron saying turns out I am dominating mom
Sarusta: On the draw, we have a surveil
Sarusta: Keeeep
Sarusta: Never punished
Juliamon: OK LMAO
Ukon_Cairns: @Illuvater01 Thanks for the gift sub!
Sarusta: Swing, we WANT to trade
Ukon_Cairns: lrrSHINE
drcthulu: this guy is a real jerk
Sarusta: Oh.
Sarusta: I forgot that was a crew 1
Sarusta: Gross
Seth_Erickson: they didn't immediately answer lurrus this game is heavily in our favor I think
Sarusta: Trade with the 3/3...?
drcthulu: I like blocking the flywheel
Sarusta: Keep
Sorator13: yeah, it's annoyingly good
Sarusta: One step closer to Tribute
drcthulu: I like double 2 drops
Sarusta: I like Thespian Blademaster
Seth_Erickson: I like the double spell here yeah
drcthulu: close one
Sarusta: nooooo
Sarusta: yes.
theamc2000: Good save
theamc2000: Oh no
theamc2000: Anti lurrus
Sorator13: booooo
Sarusta: Trade again
Sorator13: "oh yeah? well MY 2 mana 3 power disposable creature surveils! Twice!"
Sarusta: bah
Sarusta: oh, RIGHT
Seth_Erickson: can't believe they had exactly the right answer NotLikeThis
Sarusta: They had several exact answers
MegaDosX: Alas
Sarusta: Unfortunate
trebuchetboy: Started binging stream highlights and man LRR has funny people. Currently in 2019 but we will persist @LoadingReadyRun dougdougTeeth
MegaDosX: Sometimes your opponent just has the silver bullet. Or, three, I guess.
MegaDosX: This hand is fine if we draw a third land
MegaDosX: Firmly grasp the 3/3?
Sarusta: I think we're supposed to grasp the 3/3?
MegaDosX: I like Grasping the 3/3 and punching with Shanna
MegaDosX: And you can hold up Intervention if they try to get you
MegaDosX: Huh.
S4phiron: First time joining a non ppr stream live shadowatPeek hi chat
trebuchetboy: Man autotapper really wanted Kami tapped over land
Sarusta: It had to
Sarusta: Its' the only 2nd white source
MegaDosX: F
trebuchetboy: ohhh
Sarusta: Damn
Sorator13: @S4phiron ahoy!
trebuchetboy: Thought it was 1 white not 2
Sarusta: Very high actually, there's so much removal in this format
Sarusta: It's kinda ludicrous
MegaDosX: Doombringer can remove counters
trebuchetboy: uh oh
Sarusta: Protects is a state, not a verb, in this sentence
MegaDosX: You do
Sarusta: I was ALSO very confused
korvys: You are protecting it
drcthulu: you're protecting it
Feriority: You're protecting it, because you block for it
ArcOfTheConclave: you are the opponent who is protecting it
wandering_t: when battles ETB, you choose an opponent to protect it
MegaDosX: That's the way they work, yeah
drcthulu: well you were protecting it
laundreydhull: protect likely means "in play"
trebuchetboy: yup
MegaDosX: It's a little weird grammatically but it's how it works
korvys: "Protecting it" means "its on your side, and can be attacked, etc"
laundreydhull: or vaguely implies it
BloodnBullets: its not a clear mechanic
camusmtg: You are already protecting it
Sarusta: aw
Sorator13: "battle your opponent protects" in a 2 player game means "battle you played"
drcthulu: the pest needs to stop doing that
SacrificialToast: rather than "blocking for it" it just means "is it yours or an opponents"
korvys: "Protecting" is the word that goes there instead of "Controlling" for your permanents, basically
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
wandering_t: if you hold lands you'll stop taking damage from the fairies
MegaDosX: Oh no
Sarusta: oh dear god
Sorator13: oofta
offbeatwitch: archpriest is cracked
laundreydhull: those tattoo films have nothing to do with each other, do they?
MegaDosX: You are definitely in trouble here
trebuchetboy: not looking awesome
MegaDosX: It's fine just draw Sunfall lrrBEEJ
Mythallian: well fuck that sucks
Datnade012: Hey Cam! How is the Phobos team coming along? I'm getting the exaction squad soon
MegaDosX: I mean you got to five wins, that's pretty good
trebuchetboy: Happy to provide deep insight
Sorator13: Well, we won some games
lZodsl: good golly
drcthulu: 200 gem profit
Mythallian: 5 wins is damn good in this not quite cube format
Nukified: so many bombs with the bonus sheet, it's either they draw those or removal
trebuchetboy: Like going 5-3 is a good result dougdougChatting
drcthulu: oh wait yeah
zarbit: 5-3 isn't infinite anymore?
Sarusta: But did you have 100 gems worth of fun? :D
zarbit: oh noooo
laundreydhull: gems gone quick, eh?
MegaDosX: Not in quick draft it isn't
MegaDosX: In premier draft it makes your gems back
ghyllnox: It nearly does and you get packs
Mythallian: well quick draft rewards suck anyways
korvys: True, but you got a bunch of cards and fun (and twitch subs) for 100 gems
drcthulu: but we did get 3 packs in addition to 650 gems
GreatGodOm: 5-3 is good in premier draft.
lZodsl: It's like running alongside someone except the ground is actual lava and only your feet save you
trebuchetboy: better than 0-3 for sure
MegaDosX: I think 5-3 is still good even if it didn't make all of your gems back
lZodsl: I.E. don't stumble and fall
MegaDosX: I have yet to hit five wins in this format >_>
MegaDosX: Best I've done was a 4-3
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Datnade012: @megadosx same, I can only get 3 wins lol
MegaDosX: Some of the bombs just kill you
lZodsl: the set does seem heavy on removal
MegaDosX: "Oh you played a 2/2? Cool, I cast Aurelia, attack you twice, kill you?"
drcthulu: Thank your for entertaining us
drcthulu: you*
MegaDosX: She's a six drop
MegaDosX: 2WWRR
Sarusta: 2WWRR
Mythallian: this one is 6 drop
Sarusta: But there are manadorks
MegaDosX: Lost to her in Sealed pretty badly
korvys: I guess with those sort of bombs around, the "Draft all the common removal" plan starts to make a lot of sense
MegaDosX: !card aurelia the warleader
LRRbot: Aurelia, the Warleader [2RRWW] | Legendary Creature — Angel [3/4] | Flying, vigilance, haste / Whenever Aurelia, the Warleader attacks for the first time each turn, untap all creatures you control. After this phase, there is an additional combat phase.
Sarusta: Unsure if t4 is possible...? seems unlikely.
WizardDanceParty: Old Aurelia was 4
MegaDosX: Keyword soup with extra combat steps
Sarusta: Still a nutty card
MegaDosX: Also technically new Aurelia
MegaDosX: The one from GRN
Mythallian: LANDMINE
1y1e: jumpstart is an option
Juliamon: That's no fun
drcthulu: you could take a break and grab food before tabletop
Sorator13: @Sarusta with Satyr Wayfinder and/or Flywheel Racer shenanigans, *maybe*
Datnade012: Jumpstart?
ThePixelSavage: landmine!
MegaDosX: Jump In
drcthulu: there's free jumpstart
MegaDosX: It's Jump In not Jumpstart
Sorator13: You said you needed to leave a bit early for Gloomhaven anyway, so you could do that
Datnade012: Oh sorry, meant jump in
EOstby: Jump In
ThePixelSavage: right the first one
MegaDosX: It's Jumpstart At Home
Feriority: jump in is arena jumpstart
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
Sorator13: aye, ty for stream!
KWardJenx: Thank you, Streamer.
camusmtg: It was nice spending time with you today
MegaDosX: The two drop uncommon is ridiculous in GW counters
Datnade012: Thanks Cam, you rock
1y1e: agreed
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drcthulu: you're not wrong
Sorator13: Yes, incubate is more WB, buuut they can synergize a touch
I_Am_Clockwork: heyho friends
Ramiel117: Thank you Cam!!
Sarusta: Jumphaven!
Sorator13: have a good break!
MegaDosX: Gloomstart!
Sarusta: Sounds like a Fall Guys ripoff
MegaDosX: You can't tell me what to do, you're not my real dad
Pharmacistjudge: pharma2Vial pharma2Vial pharma2Vial
drcthulu: laterz
Ramiel117: I do need to refill my med tray...
MegaDosX: Speaking of the future
drcthulu: revisionist history you did do it on this screen
Juliamon: There's a bonus stream on Saturday!
macintose: as someone who is unmedicated I don't know what to think... head empty
Spanked42: says LRR tech on sat
Juliamon: Paul's gonna LRRtech us
drcthulu: that's sounds cool
Twilight_Spark: I do this more frequently than the weekend you're making me feel bad.
jessieimproved: or if you just like lrrPAUL
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care