TehAmelie: that was good advice lrrWOW
LordZarano: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Heather and Paul are back for more Meg's Monster! Game: Meg's Monster) at Mon 10:00 AM PDT (0s ago).
TXC2: title change!
LordZarano: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
CAKHost: Success LordZarano!
CAKHost: Hi everyone!
TXC2: hello CAKHost welcome
CAKHost: lrrSIG !
Snowcookies: yay
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for a Bonus stream with Paul and Heather! We're gonna not explode Meg's Monster this time... maybe. | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/Fvnw2nkaAAEJ-Gi.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1655619164260933633
LordZarano: lrrSIG PrideRise
accountmadeforants: seabatClap lrrSIG sajamVibe
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CAKHost: To be fair, there is a timeline were Roy does blow up... (I guess for like 20 years????)
TXC2: here we GO!
TXC2: hello Paul and Heather
josh___something: Hi paul, Hi heather!
Snowcookies: I think it's communication with another timeline
TXC2: the flower is a transmitter
CAKHost: I want to know if the flowers will come up as a failed experiment that the scientists just dumped
CAKHost: It's in the pit now. It's the pits problem! Kappa
TXC2: "why did you do this?" "half of what we do here is make work projects to maintain our budget."
johnjohn657: !discord
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malsareus: @TXC2 that is how Skynet happens
TXC2: malsareus exactly
malsareus: poorly prepared terrorists
CAKHost: You must come with us! No. Okay, that's fine *leaves* XD
josh___something: They might've made meg cry
CAKHost: Also everyone is suprisingly buff in this game
malsareus: we could be Cori for extra power
CAKHost: Except for Meg and I guess Golan?
Metric_Furlong: we in the facility for the endgame. again.
Metric_Furlong: he got tetsuo'd the first time
CAKHost: We saw here very briefly during the first end
accountmadeforants: We saw her at the very end yeah
Mischievous_Catgeist: hazmat suit
A_Dub888: lrrSPOOP
accountmadeforants: Let the little girl dress up as a doctor and then put the other two in the cart :p
TXC2: good job on calling it Heather
CAKHost: Wow
Mashamino: LUL
Mischievous_Catgeist: the lobster claw
josh___something: But... what about the lobster claw eye?
A_Dub888: "Jerry, what happened to your ears?"
CAKHost: He can close the eye...?
CAKHost: Real Fake Doors
Earthenone: !findquote door
LRRbot: Quote #3899: "I can't door, could you door?" —Graham [2017-01-24]
Mischievous_Catgeist: we lift
josh___something: rude?
josh___something: That feels rude
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Mashamino: study the science of security
TXC2: Gods how I wish that command was mod only :p
josh___something: ba dum tss
Snowcookies: humans sure are idiots
accountmadeforants: I hope he turns around again and goes "Hey wait, you're a little girl! GUARDS!"
josh___something: I mean, that was a very nice prompt
CAKHost: Yee
Snowcookies: yes that's Paul
Mischievous_Catgeist: Sebastian paul the 3rd
josh___something: Oh no, it's liquid twitch chat! :p
JakeKamas: Your buddy is Golan.
Metric_Furlong: sebastian's the old guy on the council, iirc?
accountmadeforants: Oh no, Kawaii marshmallow is back.
josh___something: He was the fall guy
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrHEART I missed this last time so I have no idea what this game is about but it looks adorable
TXC2: hello RandomTrivia welcome
Metric_Furlong: RandomTrivia well, you're in time for the end game
Metric_Furlong: (we think)
CAKHost: They were making Roy, but Roy wasn't doing what they thought it was supposed to do and then kicked Paul into the pit
Metric_Furlong: (we thought we in the end game at the start of the last stream of this, but we weren't)
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josh___something: Waste management is very poor here
CururuGuasu: “Waste Management” hole
TXC2: this is what happens when local tips start charging
josh___something: Oh no, he sniffed the weed flowers
Metric_Furlong: psychotropic time travelling flowers
accountmadeforants: I'm suddenly reminded of that CYOA book Adam read where a fairy led him into a field of flowers and he immediately fell into a permanent sleep.
TXC2: calling it now, he's both
CururuGuasu: There were two fall guy scientists
mercano82: E's not dead yet.
JakeKamas: Yes, Paul is that scientist. Sebastian was the elder on the monster council.
Mashamino: oh no, he's... hot? maybe?
niccus: have you had a game with *two* pauls
AshBurnem: We're the sleepy council member.
josh___something: Paul is a very common, and mundane name.
accountmadeforants: Oh, so he becomes the old guy who helps Paul?
josh___something: Wait...
TXC2: to be fair, who hasn't been buff in this game?
Snowcookies: golan is the friend
josh___something: This is the old man!?
Metric_Furlong: chat hivemind is strong again
josh___something: MF
Metric_Furlong: @josh___something yes? Kappa
A_Dub888: Inside you there are two Pauls
josh___something: So that's why he could use a chainsaw
AshBurnem: Ohh, more memories
vegetalss4: Wonder why he choose to change his name instead of continuing to go by the name Paul
accountmadeforants: And it explains why he could fix the robot
niccus: so at least it's not a loop
accountmadeforants: And why that robot thought he was Paul
TXC2: remember when this game was a lost 5 year old girl? :p
josh___something: This field of flowers is just a field of plot conveniences!?
vegetalss4: I mean this is a trashpit
Mashamino: a newspaper in the trash, it must be current
CururuGuasu: Turns out the real Meg’s Monster was the time paradoxes we made along the way
vegetalss4: I like that he adressed it with the wear and tear comment
josh___something: Does the field of flowers turn people into monsters?
josh___something: Feels a bit presumptuous to call yourself a higher intelligence just by virtue of being a human
Metric_Furlong: josh___something I mean, he was a scientist
Kumakaori: yaaay! more of this! been loving the vods so far o3o!
josh___something: @Metric_Furlong I was just about to say, he could've attributed it to that
A_Dub888: "Oh crap, the monsters are unionizing!"
Travilogue: Are humans the real monsters? Yes, usually.
Mashamino: oh no, it's the Undercover Boss Crapshot but everyone's secretly a human monster! LUL
josh___something: I mean... I don't know if there's a calendar in the pit... nor a way to track it
josh___something: "I fucked up the dial on my time machine"
TXC2: "I'm future you from the past" instant nose bleed
josh___something: Look, if he breaks the timeline. It'll be VALUEABLE research data.
Metric_Furlong: well, he did work for a lab genetically engineering doomsday weapons
Snowcookies: Paul: If I was Paul...
josh___something: But you are paul!
TXC2: Paul "if i was Paul"Saunders
RandomTrivia: "But doctor..."
TXC2: RandomTrivia :D
Thisbymaster: it is all Pauls all the way down
josh___something: New game plus be damned :p
GhostValv: oops all pauls
TXC2: it's like being John Malkovich, but it's being monster Paul
Mischievous_Catgeist: pauls to the wall
josh___something: Are you implying Paul and Joey are robot husbands?
accountmadeforants: This is just the Sol vs. Order-Sol ending, "I don't remember getting killed by future me, so you're not past me!"
TXC2: it's gotten deeper, ironic given we started at the bottom of a pit
josh___something: I... guess?
Thisbymaster: always be your own best friend
CAKHost: So are we the players only learning about this? Or is Roy and co also learning about this?
josh___something: What if you grow to hate your other self?
Thisbymaster: Meg and Roy are really just other Pauls..
Snowcookies: Golan is the other dude
Mashamino: Paul is God as the universe experiencing itself
A_Dub888: @Thisbymaster All will be Paul
vegetalss4: Why not tell them about Paul's pathway mentioned earlier?
Metric_Furlong: he's a real Paulitician
TXC2: Paul-latics
josh___something: Paul-itics you say? :P
Mischievous_Catgeist: paul=a=ticks
CAKHost: Glad I wasn't the only one to hear that XD
josh___something: He's had 40 years to process it
josh___something: Paul on the other hand...
josh___something: Whaaat... The Director science man was negligent?
Metric_Furlong: directoy Victor
Metric_Furlong: *director
Snowcookies: lol
niccus: gordon... free... human...
Metric_Furlong: I don't think Victor needs that much of a reason to hole someone, tbf
Metric_Furlong: he uses it like a crutch, if anything
Mashamino: I mean, what's a bigger hole than space? HahaThink
TXC2: !holes
LRRbot: Did someone say Holes??
Metric_Furlong: "also, you can go in the hole for questioning the rocket plan"
josh___something: Didn't he use this before?
sephsays: Golan's more of a talker than a stopper
Metric_Furlong: time to make some security guards tactically retreat?
GhostValv: oh no
josh___something: victor really wants to get snapped in half like a twig
Boopity: Not even remotely the worst thing about that game tbh
RandomTrivia: Uhhhhh
CAKHost: "Well that didn't work"
GhostValv: glow up?
TXC2: and he' still ripped inside
Boopity: It's hot in there!
Travilogue: Good to see he still took his shirt off
niccus: so that he's perfectly safe
Metric_Furlong: it's powered by his muscles
vegetalss4: My question exactly Paul
Snowcookies: I like how in Nancy Drew games, if you try to do the same thing multipe times it kills you
sephsays: It's pec-flex controlled.
Travilogue: This card was so large that it tore the sleeves
A_Dub888: Okay I clicked away for a minute, why is smug scientist in a mech suit?
JakeKamas: I thought Golan told him about it by now?
Travilogue: @A_Dub888 Why not?
TXC2: A_Dub888 we gonna fight him
Snowcookies: !clip
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josh___something: My dude, I'm the first of my kind.
Boopity: They're fashion glasses
josh___something: Hopefully, we punch this dude hard enough the waste enters HIS body instead
Boopity: Talk about waste ception Kappa
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
Boopity: Thanks Golan
TXC2: no shit Golan!
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josh___something: gatling guns WHERE?!
Metric_Furlong: that's the gamer's choice
Boopity: Oh, I just realized what this thing reminds me of, it's that Pokemon that screams like a man
RandomTrivia: Guzzlord? :D
RandomTrivia: Good shout, cannot unsee
Boopity: Yes, that's the one LUL
TXC2: game is sponsored by Reign fuel ironically Kappa
Travilogue: The used the word "monster" while there is green on the screen, a clear example of copywrite infringement.
RandomTrivia: UH
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
Boopity: LUL
Snowcookies: Somehow, Sebastian's machine gam is coming to use...
Wolfstrike_NL: Human Prowess Roy, that's why everything is puzzles
Boopity: Roy from hit video game Fire Emblem
niccus: get em socrates
CururuGuasu: Like putting too much air into a balloon!
Metric_Furlong: !findquote more
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
RandomTrivia: Uhhhhhhh
Boopity: Oh... that's fine
niccus: millenial (thousand year old)
CAKHost: Ewww
GhostValv: akira'd
TXC2: this reminds me of a Batman Beyond episode
Snowcookies: a taste of his own medicine
RandomTrivia: He turned into a MMBN final boss
CururuGuasu: Skullk?
niccus: golan no! this boss only has aoe attacks!
Boopity: I thought it was a sacrifice moment LUL Nah, he's just running around
RandomTrivia: Welp
TXC2: Science time!
Boopity: :(
RandomTrivia: LRRning!
Boopity: Yeah, the fights are interestingly "scripted" in a way. It's not really your standard JRPG where you level up, grind and gain news skills
Metric_Furlong: now we know
TXC2: now we know, and that's enough
RandomTrivia: It's conspicuously dropping you to ~9% health and only killing you from there
Boopity: He tired :(
Boopity: WHAT
Boopity: Who gave Meg a stone brick LUL
RandomTrivia: Tell me Meg has a remote control or something :D
TXC2: Meg used brick, it's super effective
RandomTrivia: D'awwwww
Boopity: NAKAMA
Lazarus2511: Brick brick brick!
RandomTrivia: Limit Brick! lrrBEEJ
Snowcookies: the power of friendship
Boopity: Meg is just vibing
Wolfstrike_NL: "you can't hurt Roy no matter how hard you punch him"
Lazarus2511: yeah!
vegetalss4: I also notice that with Meg you get to make a big punch every other turn instead of every 3rd
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Snowcookies: thisnews headline for this is gonna be unbelieveable
Boopity: Don't do that to our monster friends, they don't need him there LUL
accountmadeforants: "Where could we find Meg's mom? Dunno, we should look for places where lots of people live!"
accountmadeforants: "Like major population centers!"
Lazarus2511: Dev's didn't jave tome to make outside the lab :P
Boopity: LUL
Boopity: That evil tunnel where bad thoughts happened?
Metric_Furlong: they blew up the bridge, so we had to scale the clifss
Metric_Furlong: current Paul and current Roy haven't spent much time together, so it's likely Paul's knowledge is a bit limited
Boopity: It's fine, just a short stream. Just fishing the game real quick. We're totally near the end now.
Boopity: *finishing
JakeKamas: Golan's alive and Meg & Roy didn't get into a big fight before he left
accountmadeforants: So we save one person per loop. Presumably there were like a million other loops before this for each person who died when Roy stayed on the surface. :B
Lazarus2511: a fart that wont leave...
Boopity: It would be really hilarious if the solution to this predicament was just "he was bluffing"
Boopity: Protag swap :O
RandomTrivia: Oh dear
Lazarus2511: noooo
CururuGuasu: This could take a while
RandomTrivia: The bar didn't even move...
RandomTrivia: Welp
TXC2: Cool game Kappa
Bruceski: Gweh
Boopity: Double protag swap :O
Boopity: LUL
RandomTrivia: Physical stats don't stop emotional damage
TXC2: "Friendship? friendship again?!"
accountmadeforants: Golan was only thrice as strong as a 5-y/o girl
couchboyj: Looked more like an unhappiness meter for him
Boopity: He has his own happy meter BibleThump We're coming full circle now
RandomTrivia: HypeLUL
Boopity: Making him sad is making US sad
TXC2: I like that the rocket ship is greyed out
vegetalss4: Roy used Lie - it's super effective
Boopity: Meg is SHOOK
GhostValv: D:
Boopity: Ruined D:
CAKHost: Nooo D:
RandomTrivia: benginCry
TehAmelie: how goes the monstering?
accountmadeforants: Meg is filled with DETERMINATION
Boopity: Yeah, I think Paul's comparison with VNs is pretty accurate, these fights are kinda like interactive cutscenes
GhostValv: try not to cry. cry a lot
Boopity: LUL
Lazarus2511: :D
RandomTrivia: I don't know anything about these characters but I'm being stabbed in the heart anyway
RandomTrivia: This game is a masterpiece
Boopity: It's very good
Boopity: D:
CAKHost: D:
Snowcookies: oh noo
Metric_Furlong: yes
CAKHost: \o/
TXC2: heroic 2nd wind time!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: FBtouchdown
vegetalss4: Liar Liar pants on fire
niccus: roy's gotta get rid of so much goop in him before he can hit the happy ending
Mischievous_Catgeist: finish him!
CAKHost: I love that eye-shoulder is emoting too XD
Boopity: Omg he has tiny tears LUL
Lazarus2511: awwwwwwww
accountmadeforants: He has tears on his arm eye too
CAKHost: ;u;
Travilogue: The arm eye is crying too!
Mischievous_Catgeist: even the arm has tears
Boopity: Oh my god, you're right the shoulder eye is also crying LUL
RandomTrivia: lrrCOW
CAKHost: Hug-ality!
Boopity: Critical hit in the FEELS
Snowcookies: hug OP pls nerf
TehAmelie: well now he's crying
Bruceski: That wasn't the hug, she used the opportunity to pull a knife
GhostValv: even the big eye was crying
Wolfstrike_NL: O no, we made Roy cry, now the world is gonna end?
Travilogue: Crying releases the toxins that have built up from eating the Magic Tar
Boopity: No the world is going to start instead Kappa
Mischievous_Catgeist: maybe its all the pent up waste expelling in the tears because we have never seen him poop
Boopity: Mood
Lazarus2511: @Mischievous_Catgeist XD
Boopity: @Mischievous_Catgeist Roy is a vampire confirmed
CAKHost: Oh no we left Paul on! ...A Paul at least. :P
niccus: wrong series
CAKHost: Meg?
CururuGuasu: Just needs some baking soda
TXC2: well she's 5, so she probably counts a bit Kappa
Boopity: If the moral of this story is just cry it out, then it's GOTY 10/10
GhostValv: honestly the world would be a better place if people were okay with crying
Lazarus2511: everyone does need a good cry
100viewbots: plothole D:
Mischievous_Catgeist: papa
TXC2: "yes, but actually no"
Boopity: Thanks LUL
noSmokeFire: GET convoluted
CAKHost: Flowers, man
TehAmelie: now the game TRULY begins
CururuGuasu: Solution: TWO lobster arms!
Boopity: "We accidentally created Spore"
accountmadeforants: "Which might be why you're such a big weirdo ya lil weirdo"
niccus: oh we're doing a nier
TXC2: it sure is the brain
Lazarus2511: brain
TXC2: we gonna have to forget Meg
Boopity: We gonna forget our tomodachi :(
TemporallyAwry: lrrAWW ... this game.
Boopity: Of course
accountmadeforants: Time to get in the accelerated time chamber so we form long-term memories.
vegetalss4: @noSmokeFire Possible Sebastian/Paul is planning to give him a new one or to put it back after cleaning it of Tar
noSmokeFire: Paul, you just reinvented 50 First Dates
Lazarus2511: he can't read :O
Boopity: He got better at kicking it weakly :O
CAKHost: Awww!
SourcePlaysGames: 50 First Dates is one of the two good Drew Barrymore movies. The other being E.T.
EvilBadman: @SourcePlaysGames Original Charlies Angels.
accountmadeforants: Magical Revolution did that for a side character, too, ancient memory who wrote diaries for herself, and then got extremely sad when she realized all the things she forgot, so she stopped reading the diearies.
niccus: i recommend looking up Clive Wearing for a related heart wrencher on the topic
TehAmelie: see also Palm Springs, where we only see the last of the first dates
Metric_Furlong: the anime I was thiniking of with that premise was Ef: A tale of memories, although in her case her working memory was about 30 hours
Metric_Furlong: there were also a bunch of other side-plot involving other characters have significantly less interesting romance problems
Metric_Furlong: but, well, romance anime
Lazarus2511: oooh are our inside organs changing?
Boopity: Oh, are they playing Magic again?
Metric_Furlong: last time around there was more emotional distress going on, to be fair
Metric_Furlong: e.g. Golan got tetsuo'd and died
MomoNo9: "You make me feel lonely" is an odd compliment
Boopity: "Ugh, Meg, you made me emotionally open up, how dare"
Boopity: Meg's Monster, prequel to Celeste
TXC2: "you made me feel my own feelings !"
Boopity: Awwww, that's so cute BibleThump
TXC2: I feel like the morale is more Beauty in the eye of the beholder
accountmadeforants: I mean, best shoot your shot befriending the monster, not like she's gonna be able to get away from it if it is aggressive.
Boopity: LUL
CaptainSpam: "Well, you were playing with Meg for a few weeks, so..."
TXC2: and now we flashback to flowers......
Boopity: Called out
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
frozenstump: "Its like wearing some VERY dirty socks!"
Boopity: Baka
Boopity: Ooooh, right, that will undo his character development LUL
Lazarus2511: bros bros bros!
Boopity: Bros BibleThump
accountmadeforants: Bros!
noSmokeFire: bro! now we're *bro* bros, bro!
CAKHost: Yay more flashbacks!
Boopity: Isn't this game japanese? The localization has been _on point_
TXC2: and now the begins for the 5th time
Boopity: Real credits BibleThump
Metric_Furlong: Boopity it is, yes
Boopity: This is Laura Shigihara! Instantly recognized her voice
RandomTrivia: I guess this makes the last two weeks the mid-credits scene then
Snowcookies: We've been in post credits forever
LordZarano: The memories are burning away 😭
TXC2: ah it's all burning up because Roy is forgetting
CAKHost: :c
TehAmelie: ;_;
josh___something: His robot husband
MomoNo9: I missed the rest of these. Which time Paul are we watching?
CAKHost: A human hand-burger!
Thisbymaster: Meg is also Paul
Boopity: Are we all Paul?
CAKHost: We already made the joke about it being Pauls all the way down. Kappa
Boopity: Oh, darn LUL
TXC2: we're all Paul, until we get Beej-dropped Kappa
RandomTrivia: "AAAAAAAAA" - that fish
Thisbymaster: the flow chart is just circles.
accountmadeforants: "Don't cry" continues to be a powerful command
Lazarus2511: H U G
RandomTrivia: That's the trick - soften 'em up with memories and then hit 'em with the hug finisher
Boopity: The hug was definitely the peak of this narrative mountain
Boopity: "Don't gaslight me mom, I know Roy is real this time"
RandomTrivia: Awww
CAKHost: ;n;
accountmadeforants: When that "...not to forget" line appeared I heard the Terminator *dun-dun dun dun*
Boopity: Oh, ok. LUL
frozenstump: girls kept it in for long enough clearly
CAKHost: By the way, my name is Paul
Boopity: Sure grandpa, let's get you to bed
RandomTrivia: Ah, I see Paul is fully inducted into Heather's House of Lies by this point :D
accountmadeforants: "I have become Revolver Paulsalot"
CAKHost: I was wondering about that
Boopity: Oh no, they gave him good taste!
RandomTrivia: Give it a second, I presume
accountmadeforants: Post-credits-post-credits
CAKHost: Flower-machina?
Boopity: How many posts deep can we go
noSmokeFire: counterpoint: golan is an idiot
RandomTrivia: He hasn't Donna Noble'd after all
frozenstump: man, its the cupboard that kicks the dramatic remembrance?
Boopity: @noSmokeFire Fair LUL
Boopity: Riight, cause his house was just an empty house at the start LUL
Boopity: *empty cave
accountmadeforants: @frozenstump Maybe it's always the last thing you pick?
accountmadeforants: Which probably makes this one the most joke-y version :p
Boopity: 100% at the dump
noSmokeFire: I've had worse moves, tbh
MomoNo9: That would be a better way to move
KaleidoscopeMind: you havent ever had a 3 week decorating fugue
TehAmelie: or did they throw in some Clockwork Orange style conditioning?
Boopity: LUL
Boopity: Amazing
CAKHost: Uh
Boopity: That's how it feels when I fall sometimes
TemporallyAwry: He did say he wanted to go back to not feeling lonely. Not healthy, but it is what he asked.
CAKHost: Hmm Fish
RandomTrivia: jlrrFishin
frozenstump: Pfff, Golan has an excuse to not eat sludge anymore. He is gonna TAKE it!
noSmokeFire: c'mon post-post credits fishing game...!
CAKHost: Rocket Ship?
Boopity: Two many presents
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noSmokeFire: it's a minecraft shack
accountmadeforants: And one quarter of a window
MomoNo9: That is the present opening room
LurkerSpine: Futon in the closet?
drrek0: Because the window is cut off, I assume you aren't seeing the whole room
MomoNo9: It's sealed off the rest of the year
vegetalss4: This looks like only a slice of a room, the window is cut off
CAKHost: \o/
Angreed66: not all the room is seen
accountmadeforants: Mom, why are you like this
RandomTrivia: Aww, from when Roy threw it on the ground...
RandomTrivia: *uncontrollable sobbing*
MomoNo9: New Soccer ball=broken rocket ship.
Lazarus2511: cuuute
noSmokeFire: soccer ball drops on his face in 3...2...1..
accountmadeforants: Threeee deeeee
CAKHost: Title screen!
Boopity: Double credits!
accountmadeforants: Sure, we've had credits and second credits, but what about third credits?
noSmokeFire: post-post-post-post credits scene, in...
TXC2: really real for reals this time
JakeKamas: This was a great game.
TehAmelie: third time is the charm?
CAKHost: True Credits this time?
niccus: paul keeps his record for how far a game goes past the credits
JakeKamas: Thank you for playing this Heather and Paul!
Boopity: This game was an absolute delight! Thank you for streaming this.
Boopity: After the first time loop, things got WEIRD
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream!
accountmadeforants: Wait, what if there's a New Game+ in the menu? :p
Metric_Furlong: !uptime
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Wolfstrike_NL: But leaving that open for Meg's Monster 2 possiblities
noSmokeFire: catharsis% speedrun
RandomTrivia: A speedrun would be mostly text-mashing, which isn't interesting for anyone
Boopity: This game did SO much more than I initially expected
frozenstump: I mean hey, can't put a good book down and what not pfff
Boopity: They could afford game design for the second loop
Boopity: The video game character with a "don't cry" prompt is the representation we all need
accountmadeforants: I think Eastward is a bit more what you'd want. Similar vibes, more gameplay and exploration.
accountmadeforants: Ascendance of a Bookworm?
Lazarus2511: VirtualHug zellyHeart TwitchUnity <3 bleedPurple
ShaneLeeAtk: Ascension of the Bookworm?
noSmokeFire: fight the sick child for dominance. normal anime stuff
accountmadeforants: Also, "The One Within The Villainess" is probably my favourite take on that kind of isekai.
Angreed66: The new body died trope makes no sense though since a body that dies loses function to sustain a new person
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Boopity: LUL
RandomTrivia: As far as I can tell, this game seems to be about optimism
Boopity: Take a shot every time the indie game turns out to be secretly about depression
Lazarus2511: it is sorta about a nuke
Boopity: It was very heartfelt
accountmadeforants: @Lazarus2511 Ah, the theme of every *other* indie game KappaHD
TXC2: thanks for streaming Paul and Heather
Boopity: Oooh, right LUL
RandomTrivia: Hey, It Takes Two also had hopeful elements!
Lazarus2511: @accountmadeforants yeah like Braid :p
TehAmelie: sad AND wholesome
CururuGuasu: It takes two wasn’t that sad
TXC2: then there was a game that was clearly about grief :p
TXC2: !patreon
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LurkerSpine: Thank you for the stream!
CAKHost: It Takes Two didn't have the best parents...
Snowcookies: ty for stream
MomoNo9: I thought Blanc was more bittersweet
Boopity: I am here for the pH sad but also wholesome vibes
TXC2: !youtube
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RandomTrivia: Oooooh
TXC2: oooooh!
Boopity: Oooooh!
RandomTrivia: Well then
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CAKHost: Trine again!
RandomTrivia: Trine 4 a positive outcome lrrBEEJ
Boopity: Trine to do teamwork!
CAKHost: Prince has scary magic. Maybe we try to not make magic so scary?
RandomTrivia: So there's Heather of the House of Lies, Cori the Chaos Goblin and Alex the Wild Card? Definitely full teamwork there :D
CAKHost: Ooo grass airplane!
niccus: very likely RE4 remake
RandomTrivia: Did they play the RE4 remake yet?
LurkerSpine: might be an Adam only stream for that too, right?
CAKHost: You can't tell me that the grass doesn't take off in the airplane in the trailer.
TehAmelie: after Dead Space, clearly they must play Dead Time
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Paul and Heather! lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Boopity: Thank you for the stream!
CAKHost: Byee!
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TehAmelie: bye!
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NojhLivic: !next
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