Juliamon: oh, yeah, it's worse every time you load it
Greyah: This. This thing right there. I despise this.
therealama: smart to not give them your email. they might geo guess your location
couchboyj: Enchant Wordle
StringCheeseRiot: Oh this sounds actually pretty fun
uchihab7: Omg he listened to me
Rootpotato: but wait, i thought wheeler wasnt streaming today
Rootpotato: wheelerClown
uchihab7: Transfer me 100 dollars
StringCheeseRiot: Cheer50 Thanks for the supportive words I'm going to do my best
Juliamon: this is a lot
Earthenone: bump in the night?
EvilBadman: Storm Crow
Cptasparagus: Gandalf
couchboyj: Yes
grometty: yes?
1y1e: the only hit is "not subtypes"
MaxP0ti0n: means no subtype
g_rey2996: Not a sorcery, no subtypes
uchihab7: Has no subtype
thegitrogsquirrel: It means no subtype
Diabore: higher than common
Earthenone: higher than common, higher than 1 mana
1y1e: higher than a common, newed than innistrad
magicsandman: probably not a creature
Diabore: yup
LurkerSpine: seems like
thegitrogsquirrel: Not b or u
cmdrzellgaudis: It’s at least a rare
WowoT: artifact?
Diabore: lets go the wanderer from war of the spark
Greyah: Considering the only creature without a subtype is incredibly old, it can't be that.
cmdrzellgaudis: No
tehfewl: could be uncommon
g_rey2996: Rraity has no yellow marker
cmdrzellgaudis: It’s yellow when it’s close
tehfewl: rarity doesn't have that
cmdrzellgaudis: It’s green when it’s right, yellow would be close
arkham1981: no. rarity doesnt do that
uchihab7: I like trying the Wanderer
thegitrogsquirrel: Rarity doesn't 🟡
cmdrzellgaudis: Cyclonic rift
emonotony: I'd go Whirlwind Denial just 'cuz
LurkerSpine: I'd guess Jace for fun
uchihab7: Oh wait no planeswalkers do have subtypes
Greyah: Can't be a planeswalker either, yeah.
LurkerSpine: oh wait there's a subtype for planeswalkers
LurkerSpine: yeah
LurkerSpine: blue artifact then?
LurkerSpine: are there artifacts without subtypes?
tehfewl: could be enchantment
Diabore: or enchantment
neebusjeebus: one with the multiverse
BloodnBullets: shark typhoon
Phosfur: Shark typhoon?
cmdrzellgaudis: One with the multiverse
tehfewl: shark typhoon too expensisve
Diabore: oh yeah newer than 2020
grometty: oooo
LurkerSpine: chromehost
Diabore: 4 or 5 mana, newer than 2020
therealama: wiretapping?
oatway: vesuvian duplimancy?
MegaDosX: I got this one yesterday, I had never even seen this card before benginLul
DrThud666: Decroduality
LurkerSpine: nah that's wrong
EvilBadman: Shark Typhoon still solidified a lot of hunches
MegaDosX: Chrome Host Seedshark is a creature
oatway: or wait that was mythic I think
LurkerSpine: don't listen to me
DrThud666: Necroduality
cmdrzellgaudis: Not chrome host. Not an enchantment
MaxP0ti0n: chromehost is a creature
Cptasparagus: whats the new blue EOT bounce something with a counter on it
Cptasparagus: from aftermath
cmdrzellgaudis: And it’s not an enchantment creature
onefreeman28: Grafted Identity
Cptasparagus: oh its not rare nvm
Diabore: that was mythic
BloodnBullets: close on set
DrThud666: oops sorry
MegaDosX: Would you like a hint James?
Banana_Swonk: but the target is mv 4
Diabore: oh we're close on year now
cmdrzellgaudis: If you look at the sets now it shows you what sets
thegitrogsquirrel: Your in the right year
couchboyj: Between ikoria and vow
tehfewl: its from 21
neebusjeebus: no clue
tehfewl: thats what the yellow means
MegaDosX: Do you want a hint?
onefreeman28: Grafted Identity was MID right
MegaDosX: Green means the right set
Earthenone: right year wrong set
Diabore: wrong set right year
1y1e: hover over the set symbols and it'll tell you the year they came out
therealama: iteration of kamigawa?
Banana_Swonk: vow was fall 21?
uchihab7: Reflections of litjara
MegaDosX: That's a five drop
tehfewl: reflections was 5
arkham1981: grafted identity?
Mierr: couldn't it be the steal a creature one from innistrad?
drcthulu: Netherese Puzzle-Ward
cmdrzellgaudis: Oh and it could be a commander product
Greyah: Could it be Netherese Puzzle-Ward?
MegaDosX: I have a hint ready if you want
EvilBadman: Known Blue player James Turner
Diabore: @arkham1981 thats an aura iirc
Earthenone: tefaris ageless insight from the core set maybe?
Greyah: The D&D thing was 21, right?
DAC169: Grafted Identity?
onefreeman28: Phasing of Zalfir
WiJohn: He's quite good at it
tehfewl: wheeler is VERY good at this game
Diabore: grafted is an aura
arkham1981: hes amazing at it
DoctorHutch: he plays it on his stream all the time
aerohydra: wheeler plays it to start his stream
cmdrzellgaudis: Wheeler does it all the time
tehfewl: phasing is a Saga
couchboyj: Wheeler starts every stream with this and he gets it in like a minute
emonotony: Wheeler would get it wrong constantly just to piss off chat, I'd guess
MegaDosX: Empty subtype means not a saga
onefreeman28: Wait no phasing
uchihab7: It could be from a commander deck
couchboyj: Its kinda scary
onefreeman28: I was wrong re phasing, I like Grafted Identity tho
g_rey2996: @uchihab7 I hate when it's in supplemental products
Diabore: its an aura chat
cmdrzellgaudis: Try dress down to narrow the years
theandew: Netherese puzzle ward
onefreeman28: Can't be Teferi's Ageless Insight since that's legendary
Diabore: @cmdrzellgaudis we know the year, its 21 but we need the right set
couchboyj: AFR, MH2, or Strixhaven most likely
MAPBoardgames: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Adam, Heather, Cori, and Cameron continue their playthrough of Gloomhaven! Game: Gloomhaven) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (56s from now).
tehfewl: is that the d4 rolling one
uchihab7: Netherese puzzle ward
LurkerSpine: I don't remember this card at all
Diabore: the fuck is that
drcthulu: thanks scryfall advanced search
cmdrzellgaudis: Ugh commander products…
tehfewl: dnd commander deck
g_rey2996: Hurray for commander cards
couchboyj: That ws from a commander set
LathosTiran: the puzzle was a puzzle
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gualdhar: what about a subway sub?
Banana_Swonk: known moderator earthenone
shendaras: Eat Fresh
Wolfstrike_NL: !advice
Riiiiiiis: C ya
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Riiiiiiis: thanks for strimmin'
MegaDosX: !badadvice
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MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
Fanklok: How is that bad advice
Earthenone: lrrSIG
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Gloomhaven on The Long Game! Tonight the team is doing everyone's favorite type of quest, Escorting! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FwcxlgQaMAE7Udi.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1659349584710352899
jamesk902: I'm off work this week, so I get to watch live for once. Appropriately enough, I'm loading my copy of Frosthaven into its new organiser while I watch this.
Thatwasademo: oh, we're doing a quest with a scenario ally this time?
emonotony: I kinda wanna make a joke about Adam trying to open a door, but I can't work it to be funny enough to be worth the confusion.
saucemaster5000: @jamesk902 That took me a whole day...
Juliamon: He's also not here today
blip2004: wtf prime. give me a chance to renew before you start blasting me with 5 minutes of ads
emonotony: That's why, yeah, the deets are on his Twitter.
jamesk902: @jamesk902 That's about how long it will have taken me by the time I'm done.
Thatwasademo: you can always refresh after renewing to kill the ads
blip2004: it says my sub is still active. and still gives me ads
Juliamon: It not perfect system, unfortunately
Thatwasademo: okay that I'm more confused by
Juliamon: There is a several-hour gap between when your Prime lapses and you can renew it, for reasons I'm unclear of
blip2004: its just taking a bit to replicate
MAPBoardgames: Simple. It's an excuse to run ads
emonotony: Twitch is very poorly maintained, news at (timezone conversion error)
blip2004: jokes on them, I can wait them out
Fanklok: Especially the mobile app
emonotony: Oh I think the autoplay is the worst part but
blip2004: I don't even bother with the mobile app anymore. Takes 3 tries to do anything including closing the damn thing
FITorion: also ads still run even when I'm prime subbed... Which I'll be re-upping momentarily
Nigouki: I appreciate y'all waiting for me to finish laundry before starting
Fanklok: Ok gloomer
LathosTiran: Go Gloomers!
hatboozeparty: Go Gloomers!
Getter404: Go Fightin' Inoxes!
saucemaster5000: Oh god, reunion? Do we have to try and remember people's names?
MAPBoardgames: I'm glad I tuned in, I wasn't aware Spoopifer was playing!
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Earthenone: @FITorion Grats
DoctorHutch: have we seen Adam pilot the plagueherald yet?
Fanklok: The double retirement paradox will prevent the wipe
saucemaster5000: @DoctorHutch He's played it once and very much enjoyed it
xantos69: I put in an order for a dice tray literally today.
Banana_Swonk: beej, when will the patches be ready to ship?
MAPBoardgames: store.loadingreadyrun.com has dice trays you won't be using when playing Gloomhaven.
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MAPBoardgames: Sempai noticed me!
BusTed: seabatTROG
DoctorHutch: wheelerMonkey
emonotony: I'm fairly sure they're just descriptions of the shadows in the cave above.
Thatwasademo: Hail, Hail
Getter404: Turn your head and cough... TO DEATH
Fanklok: Yknow Cam some people pay good money for that
shendaras: Very underpowered class there
MAPBoardgames: Is Heather playing the same game as the rest of us?
saucemaster5000: Everyone else is playing a fantasy game and Heather is playing Ash from evil dead
Getter404: I generally heard that Three Circles was the "worst" class, mainly because of the core game rules
MAPBoardgames: Quote Heather: Git Gud!
Fanklok: What about your character Beej?
Thatwasademo: Tinkerer damage generally requires losing cards, but in a four-character group you can get away with using the support half of your cards instead of burning them for the attack half and it's fine
Thatwasademo: and then you still have the attack half to burn when it matters most, as it should be in Gloomhaven
Kramburger: Gotta love how my phone sends out notifications 15 full minutes late
DoctorHutch: Deploy!
emonotony: Are babies vampires?
MAPBoardgames: Baby teeth are like wolverine's claws
TemporallyAwry: Baby Shark! PrideHeyyy
Fanklok: My God the teeth are coming from inside the baby
Kramburger: Babys also want to bite more as they come through and those things are SHARP
Nigouki: huh, the ultimate tensile strength of skin is 21.6±8.4 MPa
saucemaster5000: @Kramburger sounds like from experience
MAPBoardgames: 10 for 2 blessing
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Kramburger: @saucemaster5000 yuuuuuuup
Thatwasademo: you always must do an event, you may also shop
MAPBoardgames: Vaugly eastern European?
Kramburger: It sounds like Adam's One Voice™
Thatwasademo: and then the road event technically happens as part of scenario setup for any scenario outside town rather than as part of visiting town
Bugberry: when adam isn't here, someone has to do ambiguously european accents
TemporallyAwry: @Kramburger EXACTLY this, big agree.
Raincoast_Bear: That's weird. Adam looks like Beej...
Fanklok: It's probably real
CururuGuasu: Sounds like the merchant from Aladdin
saucemaster5000: Sounds like a one of the various ... "persian" accents from the prince of persia movie
Bugberry: it's like I can hear Adam now
MAPBoardgames: Ooh, I like that mission
Thatwasademo: should just involve putting stickers on the map and writing on the party sheet
saucemaster5000: I do love the board in this board game is pretty much entirely useless except to hold some stickers
korvys: There's a X where the treasure is, and also a glittery bubble sticker of a unicorn
MAPBoardgames: Green = Go, Red = Don't eat the berries.
saucemaster5000: What do mice squirrels and ferrets know?
hatboozeparty: YEY
Nigouki: wow this game sucks
gualdhar: what was the *good* option?
shendaras: What was the alternative there?
hatboozeparty: This one suck :)
Thatwasademo: Start the scenario by putting two ability cards from your hand into your discard pile. Note: Not your lost pile.
TriseAlpha: @saucemaster5000 Where the fire is, and where it isn't
saucemaster5000: One of the highest rated board games of all times, folks
hatboozeparty: WOW
hatboozeparty: Thats soo mean, i love it
TriseAlpha: It's called "Gloomhaven" not "Happy Fun Town"
v_nome: Why didn't we go to Happy Fun Town?
WiJohn: @TriseAlpha What's in Happy Fun Town?
TheMerricat: @TriseAlpha Fire.
emonotony: @TriseAlpha Fire.
TheMerricat: Jynx :D
Juliamon: "Gloomhaven" is a conveniently ambiguous name. Haven FROM gloom or FOR gloom? Yes.
emonotony: Great minds.
TriseAlpha: @TriseAlpha Fire, mostly. And/or zombies.
saucemaster5000: (I do kinda love hail)
jamesk902: I just saw Hail's icon lrrAWESOME
Nigouki: do we have to go to Gwyneth Paltrow for this "elemental cleanser"?
WiJohn: Yo MTV rots!
Fanklok: Wait wait wait, if the entrance was covered in heavy roots how did they get in?
BusTed: 🤔
saucemaster5000: Ghost Face? We Scream now?
CururuGuasu: Scream 7?
MAPBoardgames: You want cultists? This is how you get cultists!
Thatwasademo: three negative 1s would be worse
Thatwasademo: since curses at least go away
korvys: lrrSPOOP
saucemaster5000: The likeness is uncanny
MAPBoardgames: Escort missions are terrible!
Fanklok: Oh boy escort quest
korvys: An escort quest where the NPC moves forward at a constant pace
Fanklok: At great personal peril
DoctorHutch: yall may have support cards that move allies?
saucemaster5000: Is she a tonberry with a single arget?
saucemaster5000: er target
Fanklok: Arget
Thatwasademo: "grant an ally move x" or something like that
Thatwasademo: you know, if you wanted to make the scenario faster and bring more monsters to attack you
e_bloc: Corgo100 Corgo100 Corgo100 Corgo100 glooooooooooooom
Mazrae: Now where is the card that stops target allies from moving
gualdhar: phrasing?
saucemaster5000: Friend has been playing Banner Spear in our Frosthaven party -- love being shouted at and moved around the board
Thatwasademo: I believe if the card granting the movement doesn't say you control the action Hail just moves toward the altar like her normal turns, to be clear
MAPBoardgames: yes?
LoadingReadyRun: Folks who have played Frosthaven, did they at least get a better font for the tokens? The font they chose is amazingly bad. the a,b,d,e are almost identical
saucemaster5000: @LoadingReadyRun nnnnnope!
emonotony: A font worse than Papyrus?
saucemaster5000: We stopped using the tokens and just referred to the map because they are so confusing
TheMerricat: According to google Frosthaven uses https://www.dafont.com/pirata-one.font
MAPBoardgames: DELETED!
saucemaster5000: jesus are they okay?
MAPBoardgames: @emonotony Actually, yes.
LoadingReadyRun: Believe it or not, the tokens you see on the map right now are all different letters :(
emonotony: @emonotony I'm impressed, low bar, amazing limbo skills.
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: papyrus is cliche and overused, but at least it's legible
Thatwasademo: yeah the frosthaven scenario aid tokens only have b and d looking the same
Thatwasademo: a and e look much more distinct
WiJohn: Wow, that's dedication!
saucemaster5000: are the cultists actually oozes?
gualdhar: my cousin had his hand degloved, it's not a fun experience
Nigouki: I'm reminded of the slomo video of football to the head where the flesh lags the skull
Thatwasademo: note that player-placed obstacles can't completely cut off any part of the map
Thatwasademo: so at most you can slow enemies down
Thatwasademo: No, the thing you just said works.
hatboozeparty: Its your boardgame
saucemaster5000: (it is in the rules, ready to be ignored)
Thatwasademo: Making the path longer is fine and intended, cutting off the path entirely is all that's not allowed
Thatwasademo: I think more than anything it's to stop you from making the scenario unwinnable for yourself
hatboozeparty: You can bully players too
TheMerricat: The link I posted was more of a explanation of how you can cheese monsters using it thus the rule and a proposed house rule to treat them like traps/constructs if they block off a portion of the map.
saucemaster5000: the healer doesn't want to run ahead and get dunked on by everything and their grandma this session?
Thatwasademo: so far I haven't seen any frosthaven characters that can place or move obstacles the way cragheart can
LoadingReadyRun: I mean, there's lots of ways to lose a scenario, blacking yourself in seems like a you problem
saucemaster5000: c...can I go to cheese mountain?
v_nome: @saucemaster5000 Only if you take Charly
Thatwasademo: I should also note that this rule is in fact completely unsportsmanlike on the game's part because there are scenario-placed obstacles that isolate portions of the map
TheMerricat: @Thatwasademo No one said life/or the game had to be fair. :P
Thatwasademo: including in a scenario you've already faced
Raincoast_Bear: I do like a nice cheese. StinkyCheese
LoadingReadyRun: @Thatwasademo "Do what we say, not what we do"
Thatwasademo: shield is for attacks only, beej is right
noSmokeFire: suffer ignores shield
DoctorHutch: ^
hatboozeparty: Love it
MAPBoardgames: Hurting and confusing his allies is how the Craigheart shows love LuvHearts
Thatwasademo: time to read a section link
Thatwasademo: I mean, uh, look at the next part of the map that's all on the same page
MAPBoardgames: Suggested house rule: When the escort opens a door at EOR, the monsters DONT get a turn.
saucemaster5000: aw, farts
MAPBoardgames: GG next
Thatwasademo: good thing there's two characters with substantial healing abilities in the team
Fanklok: "I'm going to keep walking and if I die it's your fault"
Thatwasademo: hail in this scenario is one of the dumbest scenario allies the game will ever have
saucemaster5000: @Fanklok To be fair, this does sound like how my grandma acted
TheMerricat: My brain is slow, I've been reading Hail's card as a play on Hail Eris, now I just realize that she's "Escort" because they need to escort her....
Thatwasademo: Letters are scenario aid tokens which are referenced by scenario rules; numbers indicate that opening that door also adds additional text which may include rules
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Hail just being a lemming does seem kinda dumb
Thatwasademo: since the opening special rules didn't do anything with the letters you can assume the numbers do so
Spades_Slicc: Is Greg the Commode Guff of Gloomhaven?
saucemaster5000: she's supposed to be this incredibly powerful being... but for these two hours she's on break apparently
Thatwasademo: good use of loss card
LoadingReadyRun: Rooftop has the Autocrossbow from FF6
ShaneLeeAtk: Edgard would be so proud
saucemaster5000: @LoadingReadyRun I would genuinely not be surprised if the tinkerer has the chainsaw and can auto kill anything
Thatwasademo: I don't think gloomhaven has wall overlay hexes
MAPBoardgames: "I use my broadsword!" "I cast 'fire of wrath'!" "I use my machinegun with attached flamethrower."
Thatwasademo: (frosthaven does though)
gualdhar: so much boning here, Captain Holt would be furious
MAPBoardgames: BONES!
hatboozeparty: Hail knows no fear
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saucemaster5000: does Carl get a boboklin arm?
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL An escort quest where the ally always moves towards any gold on the ground would be interesting
saucemaster5000: do they pick it up and you don't get them?
MAPBoardgames: The secret tech in escort quests is blocking the escort so it cant run off and kill itself.
LoadingReadyRun: @MAPBoardgames telling the ally to wait and clearing the entire level before going back to bring them through is a long accepted strategy in escort quests :)
Thatwasademo: Persistent bonuses stay active over resting, but you *may* expire them early if you wish (you don't want to with autoturret, since I'm pretty sure that's a loss icon I'm seeing there, but there are persistent bonuses that would go to discard)
Thatwasademo: (and a ton of round bonuses that do, of course)
Despoiler98: good lord how long does it take them to set this game up?
TheMerricat: There is a reason why it's in the "long game" category. :P
saucemaster5000: Poor dr. feelbad, wanted to be a doctor but his party keeps insisting they are a tank.
MAPBoardgames: If you jump 5, you can open the door,then decide if you want to move further
Thatwasademo: oh and auto turret in particular ticks down on your turn even on rounds you're long resting, since it just says "at the end of your turn"
TheMerricat: So I don't know if it matters or not, but according to reddit, she _only_ moves if she can find a path to her next goal. If the path is blocked she doesn't move at all.
Thatwasademo: Right, normal monster AI rules except that her focus can only be the altar
Thatwasademo: (or a door, technically since focusing on things in unrevealed rooms is weird, iirc? but that just works the way you'd expect)
MAPBoardgames: @TheMerricat It hasn't so far
Thatwasademo: and yeah, she hasn't been actually blocked yet
LoadingReadyRun: Don't Monsters still move towards a player as much as possible, even if they are blocked?
Thatwasademo: I know they definitely don't in frosthaven, I don't think that was one of the monster rule changes
Thatwasademo: I can check
ShaneLeeAtk: Run off the mill
saucemaster5000: just innecent skeletons!
LoadingReadyRun: It just seems odd
saucemaster5000: innocent, damn my parnets
HorusFive: "Normal" skeletons don't walk around and try to hit you
TheMerricat: "Hail's AI is supposed to be identical to monster AI with a move 2 action and a focus of the next unopened door (or the altar) iirc. If her path to her focus is completely blocked she won't move, just like monsters won't if they can't find a hex to attack from"
ShaneLeeAtk: Sure they do, just in their flesh next door
MAPBoardgames: He can hit them all!
Thatwasademo: A monster won't move or attack if it cannot find a path with infinite movement to get within range of its target
Thatwasademo: *focus
MAPBoardgames: Gneiss hit!
saucemaster5000: dirt tornado!
MAPBoardgames: Greg needs a power potion for his next dirt tornado
Thatwasademo: There are situations where a monster won't be able to move its full movement amount due to not being able to stop in the same hex as allies, but would be able to reach a focus with infinite movement, and in those circumstances the monster will move as far as it is able
saucemaster5000: I do miss the cragheart, my first gloomhaven class and one of the most fun I got to play
Thatwasademo: but not if, say, all hexes adjacent to its only enemy are occupied and it has no ranged attack
ShaneLeeAtk: Big whiffa'
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL huh, seems strange they don't try to get as close as possible even if they can't reach. Another weirdness in gloomhaven
Thatwasademo: it ends up making sense in practice
Thatwasademo: except for the one cheese strat of blocking a doorway and going invisible
saucemaster5000: which they changed in frosthaven, and I'm still a little mifffed about it
MAPBoardgames: Time to lurk.
Thatwasademo: note for chat: when cam says the cultists blow up, that's specifically "On Death: Attack +2 [melee aoe showing each adjacent hex]"
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I imagine the autoturret is on Rooftop is like the Predator's shoulder canon
saucemaster5000: Someone's gotta go there or grandma will just walk into the street.
Thatwasademo: Avalanche is 1 xp total if any ability on the top action is performed
Thatwasademo: plus one more XP if earth is consumed
Thatwasademo: so a total of 2 regardless of how many targets
saucemaster5000: HP in this game is so weird -- it's just a shield till the real damage happens
Mazrae: Does his chain mail still do -1 to damage??
Mazrae: Just wanted to double check
SquatchBear: what class is Cameron?
TheMerricat: Shouldn't have been throwing around so much mud he needed that bulk him up.
saucemaster5000: Sawbones @SquatchBear
HorusFive: Greg has a sudden hankering for Bloomin' Onion
SquatchBear: havent come across that one yet
SquatchBear: @saucemaster5000 thanks!
noSmokeFire: gloomhaven doesn't really reward you for tanking in the traditional RPG sense
saucemaster5000: Thing we learned -- cragheart looks like a tank, but is 100% not a tank
LoadingReadyRun: @HorusFive lrrPAUL No Greg! Don't go towards the appetizer!
hatboozeparty: You can die and win
Thatwasademo: It does help that the tank-ish classes have not just the higher HP track values, but also generally higher hand sizes
Thatwasademo: two from discard
Thatwasademo: ouch
saucemaster5000: we found the only starting class that "worked" as a traditional tank was the brute, but in practice that didn't help because they are slower than anyone else
shendaras: Poor dirt tornado
DoctorHutch: the brute is a pretty solid tank, you just need to group up at each door for a round before moving on (not possible with this escort mission)
hatboozeparty: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
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serramarkov: Back again!!!
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Thatwasademo: beej has four whole options
Thatwasademo: go faster, go slower, short rest, or long rest
saucemaster5000: That would be an awesome card ability - "Do both the top and bottom of your other card"
Nydestroyer: drank lots of milk
Thatwasademo: illegal bone speed
jamesk902: Do not drink Bone Fasting Juice without also drinking flesh fasting juice.
Thatwasademo: oh is that what the cultists have been doing
saucemaster5000: beautiful
saucemaster5000: hell yeah!
Thatwasademo: good news, you still get to remove the curse
saucemaster5000: yeah f that curse
DEATHlikescats: Heck yeah!
Thatwasademo: bone hurting party
serramarkov: I'm happy and excited- Not A Drop inspired me to get a copy of Vampire 5e, and some friends wanted to play, so I've been running for them, and we're having tons of fun, so thanks, LRR & Jacob!
Yiu113: This scenario really is the Tinkerer and Brute experience.
Yiu113: Sitting on gobs of experience while everyone else is not.
saucemaster5000: "The Awesome Blossom calls for me" (Jumps on grenade)
SaxPython: @serramarkov lunarj1Fangs KomodoHype lunarj1Fangs
Thatwasademo: Summoned monsters do not take actions that round.
Fanklok: "Hmm I'm full of bones..."
Yiu113: They only took Necromancy 100, 101 is where they teach you how to get bones from people that aren't yourself.
Thatwasademo: ah yes, saying numbers during the start of round
ghyllnox: A bit of a jape, even
Fanklok: It's like rolling a 1 on a heal check "the patient can't bleed if I take all the blood out"
saucemaster5000: no fun while playing complicated board games. Also no fun playing mobas, fighting games, or anything else people take capital S "seriously"
serramarkov: But boots are made for walking...
Yiu113: @serramarkov Some are made for striding.
serramarkov: @Yiu113 Jacks are made for jumping...
saucemaster5000: just normal whiffs. Innocent whiffs.
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:57:45.
DoctorHutch: did the poison on the skeleton get counted?
Thatwasademo: I think so, I heard a base attack value of 2 and 2 final damage on a +0
MAPBoardgames: GG, next
HorusFive: I would simply decline to take the damage
pipshardfour: On ranged attacks monsters prioritize not having disadvantage on their primary focus
LoadingReadyRun: @DoctorHutch yup -1 for shield, +1 for poison
ThePixelSavage: hey Cameron, you guys should have a look at Demon Ship from Malev. Its miniature game played on a 6x6 inch board where you try to get to an engine room on a demon infested ship. its miniature agnostic so you can use whatever you want and all the materials you need to build board layouts come as prepainted MDF terrain. would maybe make a nice one of stream for the miniature wargaming crew. it can be played cooperatively.
saucemaster5000: Just realizing the cultists doing this might run out the bones miniatures if there are more bones in the final chamber....
pipshardfour: Don’t forget to place the loot
LoadingReadyRun: @ThePixelSavage lrrPAUL haven't heard o fthat one, but it douns neat
DoctorHutch: @ThePixelSavage sounds neat, I would message bengineering about it, he plans the AFK stuff
DoctorHutch: at least last I knew
LoadingReadyRun: You are correct DoctorHutch, lrrBEN is the one to talk to
ThePixelSavage: @DoctorHutch ok, will do :)
saucemaster5000: They weren't unionized yet
Thatwasademo: it's amazing how much more effective living corpses are in a tiny room
SnowBunSarah: They WERE unionized in the past, Jekserah busted that union
saucemaster5000: yeah... fun in early levels to outrun the corpses and watch them fall apart
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WiJohn: Gneis block
Thatwasademo: actually, with the med pack he can take another real turn
Thatwasademo: yeah
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: smack my bones up
HorusFive: HyperCrate Greg HyperCrate
Thatwasademo: cori got there right as I did
Thatwasademo: After playing the med pack and his last real card, he can't long rest again, though, since you can't declare a long rest with fewer than 2 cards in discard
saucemaster5000: Shout outs to Beej Btw, playing a weird class and getting hit like a champ, making dirt tornado work, and doing this all on their 3rd game
Thatwasademo: he'd just get exhausted at start of round
pipshardfour: You have to have two cards in your discard in order to ling rest
Yiu113: Medical packs are so nice for keeping someone around longer than they necessarily should be
HorusFive: @Yiu113 and in the game!
pipshardfour: Yay Beej!
saucemaster5000: ooo the sacrifice is loving?
SnowBunSarah: Their shield is their beefy hp pool
Nydestroyer: I hope that comes soon, I need to remelt my brain
saucemaster5000: PrideLaugh Invisible btw
HorusFive: This hole was made for Greg
Thatwasademo: Invis stops that
Thatwasademo: "all adjacent enemies" is an attempt to target
pipshardfour: Forgetting to drop loot?
saucemaster5000: Thank god the next room has a piece of cake, a bunch of blankets to snuggle up in, and some lo-fi beats
WiJohn: The final chamber in the Crypt of Chill
Thatwasademo: As long as each hex it moves increases the range between you and it
DoctorHutch: huh, its really only ep 9 of gloomhaven long game?
LoadingReadyRun: Oops, Ep 19
Thatwasademo: Fun fact: Forced movement is very good for dealing with traps
SnowBunSarah: Classic brute, pushing those dead people around
DoctorHutch: ah 19 seems much more reasonable
SaxPython: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
saucemaster5000: jesus christ Karen the predator, give the poor humans on earth a chance
Thatwasademo: Hail won't walk into a trap if there's any other route to her focus
Yiu113: She will avoid traps if she has any other route, but if all routes are trapped she'll just go through the nearest one.
Thatwasademo: yeah
Thatwasademo: or whichever one is along the shortest route
SnowBunSarah: She'll just shrug and walk right into it, assuming you knew what you were doing
Evil_John_Cena: Hi Heather, Hi Cori, Hi Beej, Hi Cameron, Hi disembodied Paul voice
saucemaster5000: poor meema, we really gotta get hail some glasses
Thatwasademo: You don't shuffle your discard in
DoctorHutch: just gotta shuffle what is left
SnowBunSarah: The living corpses are now just corpses
Yiu113: Unliving corpses
Thatwasademo: that's plenty
saucemaster5000: wait for it
SnowBunSarah: Now
MajorFrostbyte: Now
ghyllnox: Keep going
ThePixelSavage: feel so involved right now.
SnowBunSarah: You know that chat would keep you shuffling forever if it was a poll
saucemaster5000: don't have the book near me -- is the scenario end just get hail to the altar?
WiJohn: Yep
Thatwasademo: (frost should be waning)
SaxPython: honk
Yiu113: Conditions are still applied on null damage, yeah
saucemaster5000: (again, Beej did great.)
SaxPython: Gneiss Job!
Yiu113: This is a *nasty* scenario and he's on one of the hardest of the starter classes.
SnowBunSarah: @saucemaster5000 Really? I thought he did gneiss
SaxPython: @SnowBunSarah FBtouchdown
SnowBunSarah: @saxpython Same brain cell!
Thatwasademo: oh and of course there's a treasure chest in the final room
Thatwasademo: Beej can't lose a card anyway
Thatwasademo: he only has 1 card in discard and none in hand
DoctorHutch: anyone still have a move an ally card?
Thatwasademo: Beej is exhausted now since he can't act or rest, right?
Yiu113: This party comp doesn't have ally movement.
Thatwasademo: You can't declare long rest with 1 card in discard
Yiu113: You need at least two cards in discard to perform a long rest.
SaxPython: F
MajorFrostbyte: Greg was a good Greg
saucemaster5000: Beej saved their butts and played the situation right
SaxPython: duDudu o7 duDudu
Yiu113: There's a lot of value in just making a massive pile of enemies not fight the party.
Thatwasademo: yeah
Thatwasademo: especially when the goal isn't kill all enemies
Thatwasademo: Enemies can move onto treasure and coins
MajorFrostbyte: I saw the dirt tornado take out a little league kid on reddit. Good job Greg, trash those damn children!
Thatwasademo: No, enemies don't do end of turn looting
Thatwasademo: they only loot if their card actually says loot
Eldre127: Become ONE WITH the chest.
saucemaster5000: also, Greg gets all the good appetizers
SnowBunSarah: Stand on top of the chest and leap off of it swinging your ritual dagger wildly
saucemaster5000: @Thatwasademo (F$%ing oozes)
Yiu113: @Thatwasademo Enemies also don't loot treasure chests with loot cards, I believe.
Thatwasademo: correct
Thatwasademo: had to check
Thatwasademo: they only destroy coins
saucemaster5000: mmmm....
Bugberry: Chili Releno are good.
ShaneLeeAtk: Chile Rellano
DoctorHutch: ^
SaxPython: #Stuff
saucemaster5000: there are several "stuffed pepper" traditional recipes in SA but Chile Relleno is probs what cam is referencing
ShaneLeeAtk: They are quite tasty
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I like the idea that when an enemy lands on a chest they both disappear as the monster takes the chest and leaves
saucemaster5000: @LoadingReadyRun Oh, I LOVE that
Yiu113: @LoadingReadyRun "Mine now" and just sneaks off with it in a one-exit room.
Bugberry: Used to sell Chile Relleno a lot when waiting tables. Haven't had one in awhile.
SaxPython: New TTSF cooking option
Yiu113: Oh wow I forgot Sawbones had an ally movement card.
Thatwasademo: This does mean you don't get the chest
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Yiu113: They're looking at Greg in the doorway and cursing at him
WiJohn: Living spirits just cuss a bunch
Mashamino: muttering under their breath
hatboozeparty: I think you guys need to shuffle the monster cards btw, because of the curse drawn earlier... that way they might whiff again. :D
saucemaster5000: Some days you just need to curse everything within range
Nydestroyer: they are just cursing at the knocked out greg
hatboozeparty: oh wait, doesnt matter
Thatwasademo: a completed scenario is a completed scenario
SaxPython: FBtouchdown PogChamp FBtouchdown
saucemaster5000: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Yiu113: @hatboozeparty You only shuffle at end-of-round.
NeoGabi: Woohoo!
hatboozeparty: seabatClap
Yiu113: Or if you draw the entire deck.
SaxPython: CurseLit
Thatwasademo: @hatboozeparty I think they might have been neglecting to do that
saucemaster5000: meema better send one hell of a birthday check
SnowBunSarah: Immolate all the enemies, which also immolated the wooden treasure chest that one of them was standing on
Yiu113: Just pick Greg up and put him in a wheelbarrow, he'll be fine afteer a nap..
Thatwasademo: We got the thing we needed to use to close the rift
SaxPython: @yiu113 tie up the sleeves on the chain mail and you have a pouch
Thatwasademo: There is the one in the rules where if two scenarios are in the same named region of the map you can choose to not visit the city or do a road event between them
Thatwasademo: but why would you do that
ghyllnox: From the Wikipedia entry: "The most common pepper used is Puebla's poblano pepper, though New Mexico chile, pasilla, or even jalepeño peppers are popular as well. It is typically stuffed with melted cheese, such as queso Chihuahua or queso Oaxaca or with picadillo meat made of diced pork, raisins and nuts, seasoned with canella; covered in an egg white batter, simply corn masa flour and fried, or without any batter at all."
Yiu113: @Thatwasademo Is that true? I thought that was only a thing on linked scenarios.
Thatwasademo: He gets checks for his battle goal if it doesn't involve him not being exhausted, as long as the scenario was completed
saucemaster5000: Yay sun!!
WiJohn: Dr Feelbad has a bucket of paste
SaxPython: FallWinning FallWinning
SnowBunSarah: Yea as long as you win, you're eligible for checks even if you super died
Mashamino: \[T]/ Praise the sun!
saucemaster5000: I personally went cragheart, sun, saw, music note
Thatwasademo: @Thatwasademo hmm I think I misremembered that as being a frosthaven change
Mazrae: Standing on Greg
Yiu113: Don't forget to increasse prosperity for retirements.
Thatwasademo: anyway what was Beej's battle goal
SaxPython: Penthouse Karen
MajorFrostbyte: Hoping to see a painting stream
SnowBunSarah: I went brute, eclipse, lightning, music note
MajorFrostbyte: Calling all Ians
Thatwasademo: Also yes, don't forget the prosperity bump from retiring
saucemaster5000: Sunkeeper best tank!
SaxPython: #TasteTheSun
Bugberry: so basically Tiefling Cleric?
Mashamino: @Bugberry I'd say paladin
saucemaster5000: Yeah sunkeeper is straight up demon paladin
Yiu113: My path was uuuuh. Tinkerer -> Brute -> Mindthief -> Angry Face -> Spears -> Saw
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DoctorHutch: i enjoyed the sunkeeper, i personally found the elementalist really frustrating
SaxPython: CurseLit + MorphinTime + duDudu?
saucemaster5000: We never got elementalist, or plagueherald in our run. Excited to see them played!
SaxPython: PogChamp lrrCORI PogChamp
Bugberry: either way, smashing ensues
Yiu113: Yeah, +2 prosperity from 2 retirements.
WiJohn: The undead are a scourge that must be destroyed! Except these guys, they're alright!
Mashamino: oh, I was uhh... spellweaver > Cthulhu > angry face > sun
NeoGabi: Thank you for strimb!
SnowBunSarah: Look, I pay as much attention as I can, but in this economy?
Banana_Swonk: when will the new moonbase things ship out? ihave coworkers asking
SaxPython: lunarj1Fangs NewRecord
Mashamino: y-yeah
WiJohn: One mom aftermath! They're gonna find that mother skin!
ghyllnox: This draft has 2 MOMs
ghyllnox: The microtransactions were not the issue
SaxPython: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Iris
xantos69: Donkey?
saucemaster5000: A shrorse is a shrorse of course of course
Mashamino: ^ beat me to it
rosesmcgee: would really be a shame if those... delightful.. creations got lost in the move... eugh
WiJohn: Apparently yes
SaxPython: SabaPing
xantos69: Cheer50 Bits!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
KWardJenx: Thank you for the Stream. Was a great time.
NeoGabi: Take care everyone!
SaxPython: lrrSHINE
Mashamino: umm?
ghyllnox: Spelled 'paupers' I'm sure
emberBecky: ohhh the food
Phailhammer: cya :)
Mashamino: ohhh
Mazrae: Night all
SaxPython: I'm happy that the whole starting party has retired. It feels nice.
Juliamon: They've fully Theseus'd.
Mashamino: LUL
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