Juliamon: a penis just for you, that solves crimes
paronomasiac042: i am so glad to have context for that outburst
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macintose: love me a good exclusive richard
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: beefy jeefy
ihlendrax: Oh no. Not the beefy jeefy!
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #7998: "Why do you have three of those six-drops?" "Because they're sick!" —Ben and Adam [2022-03-11]
paronomasiac042: i cannot tell who's saying what in that quote.
Juliamon: We list them in order
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIG lrrARROW
paronomasiac042: lrrSIG
Melfina__: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
SymphonicLolita: lrrARROWS lrrSIG
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DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
Juliamon: !cardview on
LRRbot: Card viewer enabled
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Earthenone: its called a block draft, but its 2023, no one blocks anymore :P
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SpiritedChampignon: lrrSIG
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midnightcurryjazz: khaosp4PuppyLove khaosp4PuppyLove khaosp4PuppyLove khaosp4PuppyLove khaosp4PuppyLove khaosp4PuppyLove
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Ritaspirithntr: ooo! A Block party?! Yay!!
philippekav: Witty message
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RockPusher: Slippery block all covered in oil
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frank_the_great: Howdy chat, how
frank_the_great: s it going?
theevermist: urge to rewatch road quest growing
couchboyj: MOM is coming to this oily block party I presume
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SymphonicLolita: it's a christmas miracle, I haven't touched my nail polish in 3 years and only one jar dried up
CanPlayGames: !card island
LRRbot: Island | Basic Land — Island |
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minibasher_: Lets goooo
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theevermist: !card is land?
LRRbot: Island | Basic Land — Island |
philippekav: !card Montagna
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
jets0n_: lets goooo
MegaDosX: lmaoooooooo
Haroldholmes25: LUL
midnightcurryjazz: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
thraximore: umbral4KEKW
TheWriterAleph: the hubris!
RockPusher: gabyLul
Juliamon: !clip
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DeM0nFiRe: LUL
theevermist: LUL
MegaDosX: That's the second time that's happened!
Wonderdoc: LUL
laikagoat: fionLOL fionLOL
Dog_of_Myth: hahaha
Ritaspirithntr: tqsLOL tqsLOL tqsLOL tqsLOL
thraximore: LUL
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
matthaus_c: this is for Wizards 101
Melfina__: LUL
RockPusher: jlrrTenner
frank_the_great: LUL LUL
kumatsu: in before James doesn't pay up
land_manatee: oh ho ho, I've made it!
Earthenone: !patreon
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Dog_of_Myth: Oh, no. We did this. :p
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SpiritedChampignon: lrrSHINE
RockPusher: A Kathleen who made it into the Moonbase tqsClap lrrDARK
djalternative: also, thanks to Kathleen for coming into the office
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CanPlayGames: I didn't vote for the king
ElektroTal: hahahahahaha
GhostValv: amazonPumpkinDance amazonPumpkinDance amazonPumpkinDance
korvys: A pack of New Phyrexia, right? Right?
Earthenone: already done with math in pack 1!
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RockPusher: All? Will be one?
Welbog: You can't start with the aftermath. You have to do Red Alert, then Counterstrike, then Aftermath.
ElektroTal: a single concentrated burst of fun
cmdrzellgaudis: Machine singular
frank_the_great: Is this some sort of card game?
SymphonicLolita: man of his word
Wonderdoc: Oh I thought it was like Invasion, New Phyrexia, Mom
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
matthaus_c: Wizard $101
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fox_of_forest: Magic! Magic! Magic!
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Dog_of_Myth: Thanks Paul
Haroldholmes25: what
matthaus_c: WHOA
Earthenone: lmao
MegaDosX: Good joke streamer
frank_the_great: YOU MUST PALY IT
SymphonicLolita: e a t
matthaus_c: that's totally legal
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djalternative: excised from the draft
laikagoat: wheelerRagavan wheelerRagavan wheelerRagavan
SymphonicLolita: shiny means it's worth more right? right?
saucemaster5000: give me a playmat of gravel on the schoolyard afterschool to bring back early magic memories
bwk789: Hard to scan with the camera tho Paul?
laundreydhull: Take the greed, yes Nelson!
laundreydhull: Did he take it!?
BatenicYork: Yeah he took the Niv
bytecaster: MOMONEMOM
MegaDosX: That would be so weird
maniac_fish: Did they purposely use the wrong set symbol for MOM?
DeM0nFiRe: Wow that is actually a $20 pack of 6 cards lol
ElektroTal: aftermath would be hilariously unplayable with the fact that it's like 80% creatures
definenull: but the legend rule tho
MegaDosX: James Rumpelstiltskin Turner
adambomb625: "Public Information" is a weird middle name
Dog_of_Myth: Big Legends set flashbacks.
frank_the_great: James Yes-the-Pokemon-guy Turner
laundreydhull: @MegaDosX didn't Rankle dye dough?
bytecaster: I thought it was Video James Turner?
MegaDosX: @laundreydhull I think Rumpelstiltskin died in some versions of his story too, so at least it's kinda canon
maniac_fish: It's aftermath, they're mostly bad anyway
RockPusher: I met someone recently whose middle name is literally 'Danger'
as_ever_ellesandra: @MegaDosX no no that was famous youtuber James Rankle Turner
MegaDosX: Sick Sigarda there Ben
bytecaster: @RockPusher Was the middle name accurate?
AngelicKnighthood: What set(s) are they drafting? Just got here.
janmelantu: pack wars of aftermath is just bad jumpstart
frank_the_great: Rip sellers - must be frustrating to keep track
MegaDosX: @AngelicKnighthood ONE, MOM, Aftermath
RockPusher: bytecaster they didn't come across as particularly so… dunno about their parents tho
janmelantu: @AngelicKnighthood MAT, MOM, ONE, MOM
AngelicKnighthood: Thx all.
MegaDosX: Man, Arni seems like he'd be besties with Ilharg
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: This just reminds me that my FLGS announced its closure today :(
MegaDosX: Oh yeah the card reader is going to struggle with this foiling :p
matthaus_c: we'll burn that bridge when we cross it
QuixoticScrivener: We'll cross that bridge after we've burned it!
MechaNoelle: LuvHearts
Welbog: I'm sorry, @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat. That sucks.
MegaDosX: "Oh you wanted a rare? Sorry I sold it lmao" - Paul, probably
bwk789: Basics stay in right as there’s duals in that slot?
Dog_of_Myth: Yep, still a rule.
MegaDosX: Nelson also did announce one just now
Jadaris: basics have stayed in packs for like 7 years now
Graham_LRR: I asked a judge at Minneapolis and they said it’s not a rule anymore
Veshnikard: That isn't a rule anymore
laundreydhull: @MegaDosX "It's a foilier code PaulOnTech. I can't make it out!" -LRRMTGReader
SymphonicLolita: gottem
Jadaris: announcing DFCs is only a rule at competitive REL and above
mishrasbauble: absolute heater from wheeler
bytecaster: Yeah, while practical when it was one double-faced card a pack, I can see how that could get tedious these days
laundreydhull: *coat, or "coating" idk
Dog_of_Myth: Oh, wow. When did they change that?
JackalCostuming: Evening @LoadingReadyRun and chat
PsiMaster54: they just did it at the pro tour
MurphEP: They did it at the pro tour
Graham_LRR: Is THIS comp REL?
matthaus_c: don't listen to us
mishrasbauble: hiya jackal
as_ever_ellesandra: @Graham_LRR as always
Veshnikard: They do it at the pro tour
janmelantu: It’s REL:AXED
MegaDosX: @Graham_LRR I mean, when you draft three sets at once, surely it's gotta be competitive REL
Jadaris: chat it is only for Comp and above. pro tour, not FNM drafts.
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I had to prescan the packs for tonight like I do for a chaos draft because even though it is only 3 sets, with all the alt art and special versions, there are over 1000 different card arts that could potentially be in these packs
bytecaster: @Graham_LRR Who knows maybe the next Pro Tour is gonna be MATMOMONEMOMMAT format?
theender92: Just got here chat. Nelly or Cam get any bombs?
Ramy1999: There is nothing in the MTR about announcing DFCs during draft
Juliamon: theender92 mmmmm wellllll
mishrasbauble: @LoadingReadyRun jeez
bo_brinkman: What is the most times a single copy of Sunfall has been cast in a game? I had a game where I cast it twice and my opponent cast it once from my graveyard.
Graham_LRR: During the LRR Chaos event, someone did have a rare “Pack 5 pivot”
mishrasbauble: thats many lots of cards
bwk789: Those 1/1s with deathouchie are a pain in limited
JackalCostuming: Hope all is well by you @Graham_LRR
theender92: @Juliamon that good huh? lmao
MegaDosX: The Skittering Surveyor bit at the MOM PPR was so great
mishrasbauble: agreed
Gooseblast: Let's go Nelson!
kumatsu: Chat should be asking "Where's Omnath"
laundreydhull: Om- Nom-MOM
SacrificialToast: @bwk789 deathtoosh
bytecaster: @kumatsu Where's Omnath?
Heckhoundbolt: Adam trying to argue Skits was big when the card clearly said its size was great
bwk789: @sacrificialtoast deathsmoosh
MegaDosX: I loved the juxtaposition of Ben and CGB popping off over Ragavan, then Adam similarly popping off over Skits
janmelantu: just need a savior of memes reprint to make the 5-color deck work
land_manatee: Write that one down
MegaDosX: Have the person they're asking be dressed like a mime, all in black and white makeup and clothes
Robot_Bones: Until Moral improves Wheeler
hd_dabnado: OH NO
Jovh11: Being cut on all 5 colors is just the average KTK draft
dsavillian: twilight zone style friday nights where there are no colors at all in draft packs, but everyone else thinks it's normal
MegaDosX: Nelson making some brave choices thus far
MegaDosX: And I'm all about it
bytecaster: @dsavillian There is already .... the "Exile Zone"
kujalet: Hello chat
bwk789: @megadosx bravo choices then?
as_ever_ellesandra: @MegaDosX nelly just needs the invasion now
MegaDosX: @bwk789 Very good
circusofkirkus: there's worse things to be addicted too
matthaus_c: Plains, Plains, Plains
hd_dabnado: he tried it with Wizard101
janmelantu: @dsavillian There is a devoid cube where you can only add wastes to your deck, and have to draft the colored lands.
dsavillian: @bytecaster :D watching it now
frank_the_great: Like gambling with ice-cream
circusofkirkus: yeah there's no return so its not gambling
MegaDosX: Man, I'm so damn sick of seeing gambling ads everywhere
teammanfred: Peanut butter
drcthulu: it's not gambling, it's charity
Simonark: Gambling needs hope. James abandoned it so long ago
bytecaster: It's not gambling if you always loose.
land_manatee: Small mistake there, shouldn't matter tho
BlodMaane: Nelson gave an extra card
bwk789: God pack for Nelly
hd_dabnado: not really
philippekav: meh
MegaDosX: Probably not in limited
photosinensis: nah
matthaus_c: the art is good!
MurphEP: I didn't see the card but I'll say maybe
MegaDosX: You could make it work elsewhere but in limited it seems medium
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Austere_Squire: Greetings, LRR. Hope the draft's going well
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Austere_Squire! (Today's storm count: 41)
Jovh11: It goes in aristocrats though
drcthulu: It's ok, but not great
thraximore: Kathleen hates the phyrexians? D:
AriaDreamGirl: It's hard to evaluate tbh. That was such a warped format
Austere_Squire: Everything everywhere all at once
Haroldholmes25: it's a slow durdle card in an extremely fast format
photosinensis: That seems off-brand for Kathleen.
maniac_fish: he sent over the last two packs at the same time, but cameron grabbed it as one. it was just a mountain I think
MegaDosX: Elesh Norn was an overconfident wingus
shurtal: Ah, Hurbis
Austere_Squire: They tried checks and balances and Norn stabbed them
MegaDosX: She thought all her plans were magnificent and perfect
RaklarLS: they got written as big idiots and kinda ruined the whole vibe
photosinensis: And then, reality hits.
frank_the_great: Hubris feels like every color besides green tbh
MegaDosX: I mean, Kathleen's point is a good one about white, so I think it made sense for a Phyrexian invasion organised by Elesh Norn fell apart due to her hubris
photosinensis: You're telling me that hubris is flying.
frank_the_great: @photosinensis LUL LUL LUL
Simonark: In all fairness, only Elesh Norn is really an idiot.
Austere_Squire: MOM with its lovely array of Team-Ups and then ONE being Toxic
maniac_fish: Brother's War is still my favorite
bwk789: Koth the hunter x kraven
as_ever_ellesandra: I really wish I enjoyed MOM
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Stripe_dog: o/
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matthaus_c: it'll be good against the Bloated Contaminator going around :p
raulghoulia: "Bring me pictures of Chandra!"
Austere_Squire: Someone's gonna ult Vraska and proliferate once
Simonark: Atraxa did ignore all the New Capenna Watch For Falling Boroughs signs but otherwise
SymphonicLolita: e g g
matthaus_c: just wait to hear what Nelly has to say about Darkwater Egg
as_ever_ellesandra: purely because its an egg
janmelantu: Dominaria United is my favorite draft format in the past few years
MegaDosX: Wheeler eggsplaining
BrowneePoints: Norn's Wellspring? I believe you mean the Oozie Jacuzzi
kumatsu: that reminds there's an anthology I think Cameron would like I need to send him
MegaDosX: That was basically them on Innistrad
RockPusher: Very oily muskets
henrycrun: Getting stuck in traffic in Ravnica Central
bytecaster: And then their blood starts to boil
matthaus_c: "oh good, LARPers"
DoodlestheGreat: "Who called for the costume party?"
matthaus_c: the Golgari are doing GREAT :p
frank_the_great: Reminds me of Attack the Block
Simonark: Harry Turtledove, alternative history and alien invasion? Strange he never did that combo again
MegaDosX: I mean, Ravnica kinda got ruined too, at least two of the guilds are gone and Dimir have vanished again
ThorSokar: "The invade LA with muskets... and then the LA PD show up... "
photosinensis: Meanwhile, Ravnica is basically armed with modern rifles.
MegaDosX: Oh, three guilds
bytecaster: Parhelion XXII
Austere_Squire: Pepperonimelions?!
MegaDosX: Izzet and Simic both were like "oh neat this oil looks fun, what can we do with it" and Vraska ruined the Golgari
korvys: Parhelion 2 2
photosinensis: And a modern rifle behind every brick.
Paranundrox: "I can't believe the Dimir are gone forever"
janmelantu: Parhelion *Enraged* tyvm
shurtal: Parhelion II.A II.B II.C
henrycrun: Parhelion II 10
matthaus_c: think of all the sausage standard paperwork that was lost
bytecaster: Parhelion 2 2 comes with 4 angels!
djalternative: Parhelion 2 is the model name. Each one has a VIN number
Austere_Squire: I feel like Ben forgetting 2 drops is emblematic to Ben drafting
Dog_of_Myth: @matthaus_c The true victim of the invasion.
DeM0nFiRe: Parhelion 2: Episode 1
SnowBuddy18: @Austere_Squire truly
Heckhoundbolt: Interestingly, too high tech is hard countered by Phyrexia
Heckhoundbolt: Because metal and oil
LoadingReadyRun: Parhelion 2 2 Final FINAL
photosinensis: What comes after Parahelion 2: Episode 2? We all know Valve can't count to 3.
SnowBuddy18: @matthaus_c that was probably on purpose so they could put oil in the sausages
DoodlestheGreat: @ThorSokar As a lifelong Angelino, I say that's the moment the aliens win.
RockPusher: Parhelion, Parhelion 360, Parhelion One
Paranundrox: How will Ravnican sausage standards be impacted by the invasion
KeytarCat: @DeM0nFiRe Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun Paul, how many people in the room are aware of what you asked us to do on discord?
bwk789: Parhelion II revengeance
LoadingReadyRun: @djalternative a few
matthaus_c: @SnowBuddy18 now, I love phyrexia, but that's way too smart for them
ElektroTal: i see that you have a tears of the kingdom cart to push packs across the table
MegaDosX: But Ben, Gyox doesn't exist in paper
hd_dabnado: thats a good one
djalternative: @djalternative okay. Just wanted to be sure it could be talked about openly as a thing that's happening
MegaDosX: Well that seems very Cameron
janmelantu: Cam I think that rare goes in aristocrats
Austere_Squire: aahhhhhhhhhhh, i wanna go get packs of MOM and i already own most of this set
MegaDosX: Oh I just realised what Ben got
maniac_fish: @ElektroTal What do you mean, it hasn't immediately disintegrated yet
matthaus_c: it's a shame Plargg and Stangg will never get to meet
Austere_Squire: can our next team-up card be Codie and Blex because i need that as a card name?
bytecaster: When one "gg" is just not enough?
nic_nax96: @LoadingReadyRun Paul do you have a favorite magic card?
Graham_LRR: Time to playyyy Zombie! Or! 5-drop!
MegaDosX: @Graham_LRR But what if both?
matthaus_c: !card grimgrin
LRRbot: Grimgrin, Corpse-Born [3UB] | Legendary Creature — Zombie Warrior [5/5] | Grimgrin, Corpse-Born enters the battlefield tapped and doesn't untap during your untap step. / Sacrifice another creature: Untap Grimgrin and put a +1/+1 counter on it. / Whenever Grimgrin attacks, destroy target creature defending player controls, then put a +1/+1 counter on Grimgrin.
kumatsu: Adam would be proud
Austere_Squire: i LOVE grimgrin; went out of my way to include him in a zambo deck and was very happy to see him get a multiverse card
shurtal: *insert Wrex huehuehuehue gif here*
moreduffy86: Yay it’s Friday night paper fight
matthaus_c: when will WotC give me a Miscalc with Islandcycling
janmelantu: It’s a 7 mana vindicate
SnowBuddy18: @matthaus_c 2052
bytecaster: @matthaus_c Second quarter, to be precise
thraximore: @matthaus_c hell yeag lesgo
janmelantu: @matthaus_c Ah yes, Modern Horizons 12
kirbytronic: Table Friend!
CavemanKellen: sorry guys vegas game :)
korvys: "Clean up all this crap" - it's called *deckbuilding*, Wheeler
Appoth: I wish I had tables
Appoth: I mean friends
saucemaster5000: Hm, wasn't going to go away, But Ben said "don't you dare..."
RockPusher: [happy bloops intensify]
mutableQc: is the table extra wide near the camera ?
matthaus_c: yes
mutableQc: cute
computercolinx subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 24 months!
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korvys: 'tis a trapazoid
mutableQc: never realized before the skateboard pass
Juliamon: It's a trapezoidal table to provide extra player space
Appoth: Or is it a rhombus
kirbytronic: With everyone getting to be on Camera
Juliamon: You can see everyone that way!
kumatsu: I forget, is it custom made, or acquired for that purpose
Juliamon: Custom
mutableQc: my brain tought it was just really long lol
kumatsu: @mutableQc Fisheye lens drafting
Juliamon: It's a very cool illusion
mutableQc: gotta love it
gualdhar: It's so everyone is in camera shot from the front, without learning back or forward to see pepple
superdude097: @Appoth Trapazoid. Robus has all 4 sides equal length, but no right angles
mutableQc: masterfull camera work and props setting then
matthaus_c: what if the table is a dyson sphere
Athelgar: a rombus to me was always just a square in italics
mutableQc: then the sun is near
kirbytronic: The MC Escher Furniture Collection
MegaDosX: Mobius strip table
matthaus_c: lewd
Juliamon: If you look at the topdown from the going live tweet you can see the woodgrain isn't parallel to the sides.
BriceShatzer: it's morbin time
Appoth: Gotcha
kirbytronic: @BriceShatzer Sorry, that was a few hours ago
kirbytronic: Cori's play it forward is at 10 am, this is the Paper Fight
BriceShatzer: really isn't it always morbin time?
matthaus_c: it's never too late to morb
mutableQc: when is panalyst season 3 ?
Juliamon: !when
LRRbot: When will your favorite prerecorded show return? Graham has your answer here: https://clips.twitch.tv/LightSpinelessStarOSfrog
RockPusher: One can never morb too late or too early — one morbs precisely when one means to
Earthenone: sometime between the moonbase move and the heat death of the universe
mutableQc: i have time to make pesto
matthaus_c: you have time to make so much pesto
Appoth: Enough for the whole class I hope @mutableQc
patrick_stonecrusher: Do you blanch your basil?
mutableQc: im invested
saucemaster5000: If you replace the basil with a pack of MOM, it's on theme
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Earthenone: mothers skin was Wednesday
mutableQc: pesto is more like a vibe
BriceShatzer: thallid's are like pesto right?
janmelantu: @saucemaster5000 Please don’t eat the delicious cards
saucemaster5000: (mouthful) B'othkay
RedJackz: Cool 8-bit music
Earthenone: !bgc
LRRbot: Jimmy Hinson AKA "BigGiantCircles" makes chiptunes, which are featured during commercial breaks. His music, including LRR remixes and the soundtrack for Road Quest, is available here: https://biggiantcircles.bandcamp.com/music
matthaus_c: @janmelantu if everyone could eat a Black Lotus, world hunger would be solved!
RedJackz: I would honestly play vampire survivors to this or HoloCure.
TehAmelie: to be fair Vampire Survivors is a perfect not-really-paying-attention game
moreduffy86: are they building decks now?
superdude097: yes
mutableQc: panicking
matthaus_c: very shiny decks
saucemaster5000: I believe in pesto!
Dog_of_Myth: Witness those decks!
matthaus_c: @saucemaster5000 we've been over this, you can't draft the pesto!
TehAmelie: i found i had so much trouble with the powerup that gives you more HP the more damage you take, because i was constantly steering away from the monsters to avoid taking damage without thinking about it at all
Ritaspirithntr: Oooo! They're going back to Everdell!
saucemaster5000: @saucemaster5000 seabatUseless
mutableQc: pesto aïoli
saucemaster5000: @mutableQc PrideUwu with what?
MegaDosX: Just a hint
mutableQc: spoon
MAPBoardgames: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: spoilers!
saucemaster5000: awesome
matthaus_c: !findquote mom
LRRbot: Quote #4834: "Where you going little buddy? Do you, do you want to join your mom in hell?" —Serge, While herding cats [2018-03-24]
lirazel64: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:48:12. lrrSPOT
matthaus_c: jesus christ serge
Dog_of_Myth: !venga
LRRbot: Turn down for BUS!
RedJackz: I don’t think that timer is accurate.
saucemaster5000: to be fair, its nice serge let them know where mom was
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matthaus_c: @RedJackz it's in dog time
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RedJackz: That’s the ioke
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RedJackz: Joke
Oreo1369: Red Bull built the leaning tower of pizza
TehAmelie: as everyone knows, dogs experience time exactly 7 times faster than humans at all times
matthaus_c: that's why they're always so excited
saucemaster5000: It's why they always win races
Oreo1369: One day for us is a week to them
emonotony: They only get fed twice a week!
Oreo1369: Nuts right
RedJackz: Watched the Minneapolis game knights match and that was an awesome play by Kathleen at the end.
TehAmelie: there is a fascinating post talking about how humans must seem like elves to dogs
Oreo1369: Where are the dwarfs
saucemaster5000: Look, it's not my fault that one dog saw me with long hair shield surf down some stairs at helm's deep
emonotony: Wednesday, play it foward?
RedJackz: How long has the break been so far?
squ3e: Aw man wheeler is no longer on the quest to be the greatest wizard? thats sad
MegaDosX: Nah
paronomasiac042: i did
photosinensis: Yes.
MAPBoardgames: We did!
Desruprot: @RedJackz yeah it was a real game winner
frank_the_great: A little
RedJackz: I did
underhill33: oops woops
Oreo1369: Yes
TehAmelie: ageless, posessing of crafts and skills that seem like incomprehensible magic to them, caretakers who'll live past generations of dogs and protect them with unfathomable weapons and medicine, etc
MegaDosX: lmaoooooooo
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
matthaus_c: good bit
TehAmelie: also hi Moonbase
jets0n_: kinda
saucemaster5000: Ben's hands has too much control over how close I am
Oreo1369: BITS
thraximore: pile-oting
matthaus_c: you've heard it, Standard players
matthaus_c: Red sucks
MegaDosX: Oh did James draft Atraxa?
squ3e: Kappa @saucemaster5000
LoadingReadyRun: !cardview on
LRRbot: Card viewer enabled
LurkerSpine: shiny
MAPBoardgames: Nice sleaves, K!
IbunWest: James is already winning
emonotony: @TehAmelie I wonder what I'd be, given I've got the ageless down, but I'm mostly just perpetually angry, and unlikely to do much anything.
Austere_Squire: because of the foiling, i thought Kathleen said Forest very confidently and played a Plains
Desruprot: oh right they were all collector boosters, so this should a fairly high powered draft
adambomb625: Flanking!
matthaus_c: bring back Banding
matthaus_c: just while we're at it
northos: I mean, legitimately I have heard people ask for flanking back lol
kakurenbo69: Flanking is the best mechanic.
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photosinensis: Ah yes, natural Tron.
Desruprot: at least they are not asking for banding
Austere_Squire: but is the pest vexing?
TehAmelie: bring bank blambing!
LRRbot: Invasion of Amonkhet [1UB] (back: Lazotep Convert) | Battle — Siege [4] | When Invasion of Amonkhet enters the battlefield, each player mills three cards, then each opponent discards a card and you draw a card.
Austere_Squire: ooooh, i love Amonkhet's invasion\
janmelantu: Invasion of Amonkhet, Constructed Playable
Akaiatana: This is supposed to be a block draft, and no one's blocking. What gives?
gualdhar: oh yeah, has Kathleen showed off her shiny on stream?
janmelantu: @gualdhar It was on TTC
emonotony: @Akaiatana James is there, he's mined thousands of blocks today, I dunno what more you want.
superdude097: Best art in that set
matthaus_c: it's funny that all spells cast so far are from MOM
vaelhellion: as opposed to unhappy rainbows...
TruPhantomAngel: OMG! YES!
Rogue_07: Glad Kathleen's foot is well enough to play!
mutableQc: cat chariot is so good
Rogue_07: Always great to see her
korvys: "Premium"
drcthulu: foiled again
TruPhantomAngel: I really need to pick these two in foil.
Austere_Squire: but shiny charizard is a card?
Bionull: Isn't a shiny charizard a different thing?
saucemaster5000: "shiny" was banned after Moana
Desruprot: A shiny would be super rare
nic_nax96: I just reorganized all my shinny cards today
benjamin_wheeler: Holo
Rogue_07: Holo, Wheeler
Robot_Bones: tan-diddly-andem'd
matthaus_c: James is the Abyss
laikagoat: exiled
TruPhantomAngel: There is a Shiny and Shining Charizard card in Pokemon TCG. There is also a Radiant Charizard!
kakurenbo69: Fox should indeed be exiled
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Akaiatana: Aftermarch cards could be pretty fun here
drcthulu: Atraxa
SnowBuddy18: oh NO
lamina5432: Which atraxa?
MegaDosX: !card atraxa grand unifier
LRRbot: Atraxa, Grand Unifier [3GWUB] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Angel [7/7] | Flying, vigilance, deathtouch, lifelink / When Atraxa, Grand Unifier enters the battlefield, reveal the top ten cards of your library. For each card type, you may put a card of that type from among the revealed cards into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
maniac_fish: wait which atraxa tho? They're both in this "block"
janmelantu: Big Skits dot Deck, featuring Artraxa
matthaus_c: Ben has only paid one Black mana for Atraxa
MegaDosX: Though it's possible James has OG Atraxa
Austere_Squire: it could be either or both
kirbytronic: Atraxa costs 1 black, pay 7 life
MegaDosX: Oh god could you imagine getting both in one draft?
Orxolon: @kirbytronic xD
Austere_Squire: OG Atraxa IS 4 mana 4/4 with flying, vigilance, deathtouch, and lifeline, even if you aren't using counters
janmelantu: @matthaus_c Could be 1 generic and a black, if he used Life // Death
maniac_fish: Still slower than ONE draft
matthaus_c: manifesting Sunfall and the mana to cast it
MegaDosX: Yeah both Atraxa cards are just strong creatures even ignoring their additional thing
korvys: Nashi, Moon's Pear
tehfewl: rat friend
Mr_Bitterness: Nashi, Dutiful Son
TheWriterAleph: Nashi, Dat Doity Rat
LRRbot: Invasion of Tolvada [3WB] (back: The Broken Sky) | Battle — Siege [5] | When Invasion of Tolvada enters the battlefield, return target nonbattle permanent card from your graveyard to the battlefield.
MegaDosX: Oh.
maniac_fish: sweet jesus
MegaDosX: Ben with the tech!
definenull: lrrAWW
MegaDosX: Just play around the Atraxa, ez clap
matthaus_c: putting his Canlander lessons to work
Austere_Squire: which Atraxa?
Akaiatana: Kathleen should have a bonus to cast spells because of her leg
Austere_Squire: awww
definenull: Both
UnkeptFlea: Both
MegaDosX: OG Atraxa dies to removal, but new Atraxa draws you cards even if it dies
saucemaster5000: That was adam for like a whole week
Earthenone: remember when adam saw the monkee
matthaus_c: this Urza character, let me tell you
MegaDosX: Adam flipping out over Brainstorm was equally hilarious
lochnessseammonster: i love us PrideLaugh
janmelantu: @matthaus_c Seems like a terrible person
Austere_Squire: wait, is there a stream of Adam discovering Oko? I might need to watch that
MegaDosX: Sucked, past tense, he's apparently dead now
eh_yo_flake: Show adam Urza, Lord High Artificer lmao
Orxolon: sol?(sucks out loud)
Haroldholmes25: only mostly dead
janmelantu: @Austere_Squire Canadian Highlander B-team
Akaiatana: @MegaDosX Someone cast return to the rankles
Austere_Squire: Sometimes all you draw is all the 5 drops
matthaus_c: Torbran is good and very patient
Austere_Squire: @janmelantu aha, thank you
korvys: We
frank_the_great: The Torbran + Rankle story was really funny
saucemaster5000: Torbran < RaisinBran
korvys: We're just normal dwarves
Earthenone: not in terms of height
laikagoat: kobolds
korvys: innocent dwarves
midnightcurryjazz: dwarves small gnomes rule
matthaus_c: don't say Merfolk
MegaDosX: Atogs
matthaus_c: nice
saucemaster5000: gungans
RaklarLS: Brushwaggs
Akaiatana: Man with red beard loves dwarves, news at 11
airylan: Loxodon
northos: I bet they'd be really dangerous Kappa
kynelwynn: Water puppies
matthaus_c: if hippos aren't real, how do you explain whales?
hd_dabnado: I mean, they are really dangerous
Earthenone: house hippos, scorge of brittish columbia
Orxolon: pokemon
Mr_Bitterness: D&D does have space-faring Hippo people in Spelljammer
koodooman: lammasu
janmelantu: @Austere_Squire He played a Sultai Control deck that Wheeler brewed for him
philippekav: wait till James hears about Narwals
MegaDosX: "I also forgot to do that"
raulghoulia: entrepreneurs tried to bring hippos to america in the 1800s as a new food staple
ShaneLeeAtk: Love that Muffin. Positive Affirmation Muffin.
MrPipboy3000: I'm mad James's deck isn't named "Left Unred"
Austere_Squire: Kathleen's deck is flexing so hard on mana, it's forgetting to give her cards she can play
Akaiatana: @raulghoulia They are pretty large staplers
SacrificialToast: the phyresxians are avid recyclers
MegaDosX: Adam just felt a shiver down his spine and doesn't know why
LRRbot: Voidwing Hybrid [UB] | Creature — Phyrexian Bat [2/1] | Flying / Toxic 1 / When you proliferate, return Voidwing Hybrid from your graveyard to your hand.
matthaus_c: imagine being a Dune Mover in a world of Skittering Surveyors
MegaDosX: Turns out that if you want to play with poison counters in standard, you go GW
hd_dabnado: Fable 😔
kynelwynn: Nothing beats Rakdos, Ben. It's just too good.
matthaus_c: no beat Rakdos, only join Rakdos
eh_yo_flake: I'm playing 5C ramp at the moment and I do pretty well but yeah it is everywhere.
Mr_Bitterness: Good old rock, nothing beats rock.
MegaDosX: Wouldn't surprise me
matthaus_c: resolve Sheoldred, ???, profit
Orxolon: does every Kathleen land shine?
SnowBuddy18: I saw it at like 54%
MegaDosX: I think I run into Rakdos more than anything in Historic too
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Nicarrow: hi all
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philippekav: I mean, BU proliferate is an OK cheap deck but ya Rakdos is better
laikagoat: @MegaDosX crucias will do that
janmelantu: @Mr_Bitterness But The Rock is Green-Black, not Red-Black
maniac_fish: It is nice to see so little green in standard tho
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kynelwynn: half of the top8 of the last ProTour was Rakdos control
MegaDosX: @laikagoat Not wrong tbh
saucemaster5000: DM says you can't do that
saucemaster5000: house rules
eh_yo_flake: Surveil trigger
Orxolon: dispersed!
MegaDosX: And you can reorder the two if you leave them on top
ShaneLeeAtk: Here comes the thunderstorm... Time for hiccuping Internet!
hd_dabnado: nah its elspeth
Orxolon: @kynelwynn half?80%
MegaDosX: She's one of the last standing I think
MegaDosX: *shrug* about Elspeth
MegaDosX: She's on Deification
janmelantu: Ephara was uncorrupted
Akaiatana: Elspeth, Serra Connor
LRRbot: Oil-Gorger Troll [3GG] | Creature — Phyrexian Troll Warrior [3/4] | When Oil-Gorger Troll enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life. Then if you control a permanent with an oil counter on it, draw a card.
Robot_Bones: if she goes to Theros there is a chance
matthaus_c: imagine Xenagos' face
Mr_Bitterness: Elspeth is getting worshiped, we're unsure what that may cause
marxmarksman: Mini-Linda
kynelwynn: @Orxolon I did say the Top 8
mister_nibbles: i dont think she's a god, just an archangel planeswalker, basically Serra 2.0 ... if she still has her spark that is
Orxolon: James gains a life?
LRRbot: Stinging Hivemaster [2B] | Creature — Phyrexian Warlock [3/2] | Toxic 1 / When Stinging Hivemaster dies, create a 1/1 colorless Phyrexian Mite artifact creature token with toxic 1 and "This creature can't block."
MegaDosX: Ben did it already
MegaDosX: He was at 19 before the Blossoming Sands
Orxolon: kk
vaelhellion: Pretty sure her return to life is part of the deification process
GirlPainting: So it might die
a_Weakling: 1/5 of the way
LRRbot: Ichorspit Basilisk [2G] | Creature — Phyrexian Basilisk [1/3] | Deathtouch / Toxic 1
MegaDosX: It's both poisonous and venomous!
saucemaster5000: Which part of the deification process is the defecation process?
Bionull: You can't tell me what to do
Zjivarra: I regret my life... Why did I buy a 24kg box of bulk xD At least it was cheaper than fire wood...
ShaneLeeAtk: Oh god... Been why?! I see the video in my third eye!
janmelantu: I think there might be a god version of Elspeth created on Theros by people’s prayers. Then Archangel Elspeth meets her and has to resist the urge to kill her
ShaneLeeAtk: And I am not Canadian
MegaDosX: Gesundheit Ben
Orxolon: salúd Ben!
BrightstormRising: @Zjivarra you grabbed a card catalogue drawer set from the library and really wanted a purpose for it?
VAB0L0: -Compleated Austin Powers, probably
ShaneLeeAtk: Hoagies and grinders, hoagies and grinders
LRRbot: Ravenous Necrotitan [2BB] | Creature — Phyrexian Horror [6/6] | Corrupted — When Ravenous Necrotitan enters the battlefield, sacrifice a creature unless an opponent has three or more poison counters.
Jadaris: has anyone pointed out that the set symbols in the overlay have mom commander instead of regular mom @LoadingReadyRun
Haroldholmes25: the boy
janmelantu: Not Skits!
MegaDosX: Impeach James, he's corrupt as hell and sacrificed a Skits!
7ukanda: @Jadaris Multiverse Legends. ^^
LRRbot: Invasion of Amonkhet [1UB] (back: Lazotep Convert) | Battle — Siege [4] | When Invasion of Amonkhet enters the battlefield, each player mills three cards, then each opponent discards a card and you draw a card.
MegaDosX: Oh imagine if James mills the Atraxa
janmelantu: And Eternalized Nashi is so depressing
MegaDosX: What's that clone, Body Double? The one that becomes a thing in the graveyard
BjjBrain: I think it's also any graveyard
couchboyj: When it enters the ballet, you may search your library for a toe shoes card
JohnPraw: You can just get a land into hand.
MegaDosX: @BjjBrain It is indeed "a graveyard"
Orxolon: i feel like the "and" part of that text is redundant,"black or blue" done
janmelantu: @BjjBrain It was great in the reanimator mirror matches at the pro tour
MrPipboy3000: Lands are perminats
Haroldholmes25: "none" permanents huh
Earthenone: lands are permanant
matthaus_c: parnets
TotallyNotaBeholder: 'may reveal'
MegaDosX: Permant
hd_dabnado: lands are not permanent, look at climate change
JohnPraw: Anti-mill techh
saucemaster5000: Every good joke is followed by the phrase "I think that's a good joke"
matthaus_c: this is where James goes "dammit, I needed one more mana"
LRRbot: Tyvar's Stand [XG] | Instant | Target creature you control gets +X/+X and gains hexproof and indestructible until end of turn.
definitelynotlazav: TYVAR WITH A STEEL CHAIR
definitelynotlazav: FOR SHIELDING ONESELF\
VAB0L0: Transformed Incubate tokens aren't artifacts, right?
Earthenone: is that a jojos reference?
northos: @definitelynotlazav it's tyvar's stand, not tyvar's sit
matthaus_c: @VAB0L0 they are
PsiMaster54: no
janmelantu: Tyvar, killing literally everyone’s least favorite character
MrPipboy3000: No
Veshnikard: you can't flip it
MegaDosX: lrrJUDGE
Jadaris: yes
7ukanda: @VAB0L0 They are Artifact Creatures.
Flyingdelorion: no
janmelantu: DON’T FLIP IT
Jadaris: the rules of tokens and flipping changed with this set
tehfewl: can't flip clones
northos: token copies can flip, not card copies
definitelynotlazav: @definitelynotlazav an excellent point, I also stand (corrected)
tehfewl: can flip tokens that are a copy of something
JohnPraw: I think they confused a lot of people with that rules change. Could be communicated a little clearer.
Pywodwagon: You can physically flip it because it’s a double faced card, but it will remain a 4/4 because of the copy effect
7ukanda: This card copy can't flip...
janmelantu: Even if it was a token copy, tt will become a battle with 0 counters and sacrifice itself
northos: @janmelantu also true
Jadaris: talking about making a copy of a differerent card @janmelantu
Jadaris: the flier, not a battle
northos: sometimes you need a 2 mana 1/3
MegaDosX: Sometimes a Blood Artist is just fine
MegaDosX: It's a Witherbloom thing
Fruan: Tea is just a potion, no?
Gooseblast: Best gal, just making some tea
midnightcurryjazz: dont forget your incubate token
definitelynotlazav: take a sip of babe -dina
midnightcurryjazz: wow
MegaDosX: WHAT
LRRbot: Atraxa, Grand Unifier [3GWUB] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Angel [7/7] | Flying, vigilance, deathtouch, lifelink / When Atraxa, Grand Unifier enters the battlefield, reveal the top ten cards of your library. For each card type, you may put a card of that type from among the revealed cards into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
laikagoat: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
midnightcurryjazz: ok
MegaDosX: An awful lot
MegaDosX: This Atraxa is wild
janmelantu: wut
ShotGunShelz7: Wow ok LUL
definitelynotlazav: UHOH
JohnPraw: Grab a cup of tea, this card takes a while to read.
MegaDosX: Plus she is keyword soup
7ukanda: The worst part at the moment... Lifelink...
Jadaris: omfg the called shot
midnightcurryjazz: land x10 inc
northos: Kathleen with the appropriate reaction :D
matthaus_c: Griselbrand's gender reveal party
eshplode: Maybe James will draw a ton of cards and deck himself
definitelynotlazav: kathleen kill spell off the top, I believe
AluvianSprinter: C'mon Dina!
MegaDosX: Kathleen needs removal right now or that's game I think
matthaus_c: peel that BUG Bolt
MegaDosX: !card dina soul steeper
LRRbot: Dina, Soul Steeper [BG] | Legendary Creature — Dryad Druid [1/3] | Whenever you gain life, each opponent loses 1 life. / {1}, Sacrifice another creature: Dina, Soul Steeper gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is the sacrificed creature's power.
MegaDosX: Shocking
hd_dabnado: so no wheelerRagavan then
midnightcurryjazz: nissa is like the most in aftermath
Dog_of_Myth: Yeah, that Nissa is seeing lots of play
MegaDosX: Atraxa is busted strong
7ukanda: He has Nissa, too?!? xD
northos: card is strong
Dmc3628: and in the end it didnt even matter
definenull: Got any direct damage?
matthaus_c: I think he made back that $5 :p
Austere_Squire: i believe in you Kathleen
couchboyj: Yeah Nissa goes into Modern Money Pile. So she has to be expensive.
MegaDosX: Kathleen needs removal this exact next draw or that's game I think
lirazel64: Too many bombs in this format.
CaptnCheesebeard: Just drain him with Dina.
7ukanda: Burn Spell? Who likes Red not?
eh_yo_flake: For 7 mana with 4 different colors on a legend, yeah I want it to slap
Austere_Squire: i don't actually understand what makes Nissa so good
definitelynotlazav: double blue sun's twlight on an atraxa would be the most disgusting play in the history of the game
Earthenone: if only james had one more mana Kappa
rosesmcgee: James has decision paralysis, time seize the initiative. Is the initiative in these sets?
thanzo: atraxa being absolutely broken
ActionJB: @Austere_Squire The pitch elementals are elementals
MegaDosX: No
PsiMaster54: not yet
laikagoat: nope
couchboyj: In Modern, Nissa is a lotus cobra that draws pitch elementals off fetch lands
laundreydhull: dang it. The one match meant for... !card Bump in the night
MegaDosX: What does Ben see!
definitelynotlazav: @Austere_Squire lotus cobra on a legend with easy build-around to dig up the most powerful elves and elementals for very little work in green, pretty good card
laundreydhull: !card bump in the night
LRRbot: Bump in the Night [B] | Sorcery | Target opponent loses 3 life. / Flashback {5}{R}
MegaDosX: That however
definenull: Oofa
AluvianSprinter: Are we allowed to give play advice in chat?
MegaDosX: Who is dealing the damage though
Earthenone: also gain 8 :P
Haroldholmes25: atraxa has lifelink
MegaDosX: So James gains eight
earlgrey82: if james attacks kathleen can block sac and win on the crackback.
Haroldholmes25: oofa doofa
Juliamon: AluvianSprinter I mean, sure, but they won't read it
laikagoat: 8
PsiMaster54: 8
MegaDosX: Outside game assistance! :O
definenull: lrrJUDGECALL
7ukanda: Dina Sac?
Juliamon: And if they read it they'll probably disregard it because they're just having fun
laundreydhull: Bump, bump, bump, bump!
RetroHibiscus: It’s okay James got outside assistance from god with the atraxa
LRRbot: Invasion of Lorwyn [4BG] (back: Winnowing Forces) | Battle — Siege [5] | When Invasion of Lorwyn enters the battlefield, destroy target non-Elf creature an opponent controls with power X or less, where X is the number of lands you control.
MegaDosX: James your deck tho
Orxolon: nice deck James,was Atraxa pack 1 pick 1?
fizzymtg: Hello all
matthaus_c: James is playing 40 card constructed
janmelantu: @Orxolon No, Pack 1 was Aftermath
MegaDosX: Oh my god
matthaus_c: shove at the battle lrrBEEJ
MegaDosX: I don't see how Kathleen wins this game tbh
Orxolon: iwas asking if he opened Atraxa in the all will be one pack
MegaDosX: Atraxa has Vigilance notably
matthaus_c: one of the words on Atraxa is Vigilance
eh_yo_flake: Vigilance on your angel
Juliamon: James wasn't one of the camera views so we don't know
laundreydhull: James "Math A Taxes" Turner
laundreydhull: *Math-a-taxes
AluvianSprinter: Tandem Takedown would've added 2 more damage right?
7ukanda: Nashi!
ShotGunShelz7: Just rip atraxa :)
Austere_Squire: The pain of the land flood
MegaDosX: Nashi and Nissa both showed up, though Nissa didn't get played
NotCainNorAbel: love the nails
definenull: That's coach nelly to ya
eh_yo_flake: Nelson the god
Austere_Squire: on the topic of Nissa one more time; are "pitch elementals" like fury and solitude, etc...?
Austere_Squire: have not heard the term before
matthaus_c: yeah
eh_yo_flake: @Austere_Squire the incarnations, yeah
Austere_Squire: aha, thank ye much, chat, as usual
matthaus_c: pitch cards is a not uncommon but not ubiquitous name for the FoW cycle, gets repurposed for pretty much every card with that mechanic
vaelhellion: wait - i missed that commercial
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xxxnumxxx: yep
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vaelhellion: puce is green
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the Hatchet Men from Jackie Chan's Drunken Master 2
MAPBoardgames: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a messenger
adept_nekomancer: Or is it more of a companion cube?
saucemaster5000: put Ben in the Box to Abu Dhabi
matthaus_c: they fought over the same Norn's Wellspring
LRRbot: Sinew Dancer [W] | Creature — Phyrexian Soldier [1/1] | {3}{W}, {T}: Tap target creature. / Corrupted — {W}, {T}: Tap target creature. Activate only if an opponent has three or more poison counters.
definenull: Uh oh
LRRbot: Blightbelly Rat [1B] | Creature — Phyrexian Rat [2/2] | Toxic 1 / When Blightbelly Rat dies, proliferate.
definenull: How does cam always get to build aristocrats?
tehfewl: ah yes, just like ONE drafts
matthaus_c: manifestation
thraximore: big SKITS seabatClap
LRRbot: Chittering Skitterling [2B] | Creature — Phyrexian Rat [1/4] | Corrupted — Sacrifice an artifact or creature: Draw a card. Activate only if an opponent has three or more poison counters and only once each turn.
matthaus_c: Cleveland Browns are still perfect after all this time
janmelantu: and now we get to see ONE draft vs MOM draft
thraximore: the curve
Dmc3628: cam really is curving like it's ONE al over again
tehfewl: your poison runnin thru my veins!
Haroldholmes25: that's the only 3 cards from the one one pack LUL
janmelantu: Your Toxic I’m slipping under
matthaus_c: she makes Audacity kinda look like Rancor
LRRbot: Blightbelly Rat [1B] | Creature — Phyrexian Rat [2/2] | Toxic 1 / When Blightbelly Rat dies, proliferate.
tehfewl: i saw the "Punch the rat" "which one" coming a mile away
thraximore: @tehfewl to be fair, it was a BIG rat
Muddy_Thunder: Who are the players tonight?
definenull: Excuse me?
tehfewl: and thats why you don't mess with trade unions
thraximore: whooooof
laikagoat: love these friends
Haroldholmes25: starting to think mono aftermath cards are a bit stronger than mono one cards
thanzo: no one stops fantasy new yorkers, not even angel horrors
thraximore: oh BABY
definenull: Oh my god
MegaDosX: Yeah these things look good
Dmc3628: hi Danitha
GhostValv: :)
matthaus_c: imagine doing Odric better than Odric
adept_nekomancer: Build your own keyword soup
thanzo: ouphe
7ukanda: Love these Aftermath cards!
hd_dabnado: Ben "The Body Machine" Ulmer
couchboyj: Mmmm mmm, thats some good keyword soup!
saucemaster5000: The body massage machine is broken again
janmelantu: Wait a 3 mana 3/3 in black? with upside?
LRRbot: Melira, the Living Cure [GW] | Legendary Creature — Human Scout [3/3] | If you would get one or more poison counters, instead you get one poison counter and you can't get additional poison counters this turn. / Exile Melira, the Living Cure: Choose another target creature or artifact. When it's put into a graveyard this turn, return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control.
matthaus_c: @janmelantu welcome to 2023 :p
janmelantu: @janmelantu 2020 green cards amirite
hd_dabnado: in another world
matthaus_c: in a better world
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TrueNateNemesis: is Nelly throwing shade at my boy Mahamoti?
Dmc3628: look skits wings
MegaDosX: Atraxa is probably filet mignon for them
couchboyj: Glissa is pretty tasty too I bet
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Ca$h for Dreg! Call your local Dreg Recycler!
philippekav: it is bigger then a hand now
janmelantu: Here at Dreg Recyclers, We pay in $2 bills!
Dmc3628: i've heard that style of ad in '08
squ3e: Sounds like the graham salesman skit guy
thanzo: all dreg jewelwery must go!
matthaus_c: RuPaul's Drag Recycler
LRRbot: Goldwarden's Helm [2W] | Artifact — Equipment | For Mirrodin! / Equipped creature gets +0/+1. / Equip {1}{W}
hd_dabnado: this sounds like the start to a Dave's skit
AriaDreamGirl: 4-Myr Odin
couchboyj: Please don't mix your dross and your dregs, its a pain to sort that at the recycling facility
niccus: muradin is in this?
squ3e: Do you have too many dreg and not enough space? come on down to Daves Dreg recycling plant1
MegaDosX: See my vest
janmelantu: Dave’s Dreg Recycler and Land Upcycler!
vaelhellion: Such a Cam card
GhostValv: wheelerRagavan
hd_dabnado: Dave's Dreg Recycling and Drag Upcycling
Austere_Squire: spitting gorilla?
vaelhellion: milling apes
Dmc3628: tell me that last card is unseal the necropolis
midnightcurryjazz: new ff patch next week
Orxolon: wait until the guerrilla return them XD
midnightcurryjazz: Im set with 700 of each materia cluster
janmelantu: What if you played Planechase draft?
definenull: Rip monke
MegaDosX: Both players milled a land and a six mana exile spell
matthaus_c: froge
matthaus_c: just an innocent man
janmelantu: froggy!
saucemaster5000: just normal man
MegaDosX: Oh man this card
squ3e: jesus that cards good
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:57:15.
hd_dabnado: !card Urborg Scavengers
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
MegaDosX: Sevinne's Reclamation with upside
matthaus_c: here you go hd
Dmc3628: at instant speed no damn less
hd_dabnado: thanks, yeah ben could react to the trigger
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janmelantu: Unearth is a sorcery
djalternative: luckily, plain old earthing can be done at instant speed
bloodedscar: Cheer 100
Orxolon: the 7 turn clock
thraximore: umbraHappy
couchboyj: Goodbye pretty mama
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Looks like the aftermath cards aren't currently in LRRbot's database
Diabore: The scavengers are on the escalator again
MegaDosX: Can't be tapped down notably
frozenphoenix7: Good question. Next question.
Alspect: did they change life with cameron last card?
MegaDosX: !card skullbriar
LRRbot: Skullbriar, the Walking Grave [BG] | Legendary Creature — Zombie Elemental [1/1] | Haste / Whenever Skullbriar, the Walking Grave deals combat damage to a player, put a +1/+1 counter on it. / Counters remain on Skullbriar as it moves to any zone other than a player's hand or library.
MegaDosX: Oh my god
janmelantu: I think it does mean she can’t be hit by o-rings because that’s a triggered ability
MegaDosX: WOW
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7ukanda: Skittles, you make it!
MegaDosX: That is unfortunate
Austere_Squire: flood
Diabore: 5 lands in a row now?
LRRbot: Ozolith, the Shattered Spire [1G] | Legendary Artifact | If one or more +1/+1 counters would be put on an artifact or creature you control, that many plus one +1/+1 counters are put on it instead. / {1}{G}, {T}: Put a +1/+1 counter on target artifact or creature you control. Activate only as a sorcery. / Cycling {2}
matthaus_c: ready for the Sunfall coming up
Austere_Squire: the flood is so real
TheWriterAleph: @Diabore that's mtg baby
MegaDosX: Ozolith is an extremely good Hardened Scales
LRRbot: Basilica Shepherd [3WW] | Creature — Phyrexian Angel [3/3] | Flying / When Basilica Shepherd enters the battlefield, create two 1/1 colorless Phyrexian Mite artifact creature tokens with toxic 1 and "This creature can't block."
h3rsh3yb4r: this or maybe the flensing raptor
frozenphoenix7: Crawling Chorus might've actually been better tbh
Diabore: Flensing was uncommon wasnt it?
frozenphoenix7: Flensing was common
janmelantu: Crawling Chorus was almost Pack 1 Pick 1
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL No one likes being Flensed
matthaus_c: speak for yourself
squ3e: !card crawling choruss
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
h3rsh3yb4r: bens land is sooo shiny
squ3e: !card crawling chorus
LRRbot: Crawling Chorus [W] | Creature — Phyrexian Horror [1/1] | Toxic 1 / When Crawling Chorus dies, create a 1/1 colorless Phyrexian Mite artifact creature token with toxic 1 and "This creature can't block."
MegaDosX: We have a reader
LRRbot: Blot Out [2B] | Instant | Target opponent exiles a creature or planeswalker they control with the greatest mana value among creatures and planeswalkers they control.
CaptnCheesebeard: I also dislike being raptured...
Diabore: Cam showing signs of life
thraximore: the game is a leg
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matthaus_c: living on a prayer
janmelantu: Wrong Sigarda
adept_nekomancer: That's a good wisdom
LRRbot: Bola Slinger [3W] | Creature — Cat Soldier [2/2] | Backup 1 / Whenever this creature attacks, tap target artifact or creature an opponent controls.
DoodlestheGreat: The game is a nostril.
squ3e: !card sigardda
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
MegaDosX: Bolas Lingers
vaelhellion: sunshine of uour love
squ3e: !card sigarda
LRRbot: Found 9 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
janmelantu: I think it was SOI Sigarda gave you hexproof
frozenphoenix7: @janmelantu Yep
LRRbot: Streetwise Negotiator [1G] | Creature — Cat Citizen [0/2] | Backup 1 / This creature assigns combat damage equal to its toughness rather than its power.
MegaDosX: Counters, in fact
Diabore: So wise
MegaDosX: !card goldwarden helm
LRRbot: Goldwarden's Helm [2W] | Artifact — Equipment | For Mirrodin! / Equipped creature gets +0/+1. / Equip {1}{W}
MegaDosX: Yeah that was a rough flood
matthaus_c: just mana weave, 4head
squ3e: !card travel prep
LRRbot: Travel Preparations [1G] | Sorcery | Put a +1/+1 counter on each of up to two target creatures. / Flashback {1}{W}
Perivale: host of herons was very good
hd_dabnado: honestly they all just kinda do the same things
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superdude097: !card Segarda, host
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
frozenphoenix7: First one is flying, hexproof, you can't be forced to sacrifice permanents
Diabore: !card sigarda, host of herons
LRRbot: Sigarda, Host of Herons [2GWW] | Legendary Creature — Angel [5/5] | Flying, hexproof / Spells and abilities your opponents control can't cause you to sacrifice permanents.
djalternative: maybe a constructed angels deck?
matthaus_c: Sigarda was a big dragon in her time
matthaus_c: first one that is
hd_dabnado: I mean, that one gives an anthem
Radyin: !card sig her gra
LRRbot: Sigarda, Heron's Grace [3GW] | Legendary Creature — Angel [4/5] | Flying / You and Humans you control have hexproof. / {2}, Exile a card from your graveyard: Create a 1/1 white Human Soldier creature token.
matthaus_c: !card ambitious farmhand
frozenphoenix7: Midnight Hunt one IS an anthem notably
Pywodwagon: I’ve been playing a humans Angel deck in standard that’s really well positioned against Rakdos which means I win 80% of my matches
saucemaster5000: Big big dragon, or BIG big dragon?
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djalternative: 3 creatures with different power
duresspls: ambitious farmhand sometimes makes it into modern d&t incredibly enough
janmelantu: Ambitious Farmhand, 4 copies in the Top 8 of the last pro tour
AriaDreamGirl: Hey, augur of autumn is good
squ3e: quick, cut his mic hes getting coven wrong!
Austere_Squire: the two midnight hunt decks: Wilhelt and that other one
h3rsh3yb4r: what's the coven 3/2 that exiles a card from a GY when it attacks?
midnightcurryjazz: oh serge
matthaus_c: !card Sungold Sentinel
LRRbot: Sungold Sentinel [1W] | Creature — Human Soldier [3/2] | Whenever Sungold Sentinel enters the battlefield or attacks, exile up to one target card from a graveyard. / Coven — {1}{W}: Choose a color. Sungold Sentinel gains hexproof from that color until end of turn and can't be blocked by creatures of that color this turn. Activate only if you control three or more creatures with different powers.
h3rsh3yb4r: and for coven it gains hexproof
superdude097: the 2-mana 3/2 that can give hexproof from [color] gets into Gladiator Mono-W (I'm pretty sure, it's been a bit since I played the deck)
djalternative: la mayo?
h3rsh3yb4r: that one yeah
TheWriterAleph: ReadyPlayerLoadingRun
HadesLeprechaun: Lready Ready Ready
a_Weakling: i love bob ross peaking at us
frozenphoenix7: Ben starts with a coin
matthaus_c: Thran Crypt
Xavbull: an un-Commander set would feature Darksteel Sol Ring
frozenphoenix7: Darksteel Relic
DarknessKingCoH: LoadingReadyRunTheJewels
adept_nekomancer: Make it a contraption for an unset
LRRbot: Shanna, Sisay's Legacy [GW] | Legendary Creature — Human Warrior [0/0] | Shanna, Sisay's Legacy can't be the target of abilities your opponents control. / Shanna gets +1/+1 for each creature you control.
midnightcurryjazz: fancy
frozenphoenix7: Darksteel Relic, the hockey puck that costs nothing and does even less
LRRbot: Blot Out [2B] | Instant | Target opponent exiles a creature or planeswalker they control with the greatest mana value among creatures and planeswalkers they control.
LRRbot: Danitha, New Benalia's Light [1GW] | Legendary Creature — Human Knight [2/2] | Vigilance, trample, lifelink / Once during each of your turns, you may cast an Aura or Equipment spell from your graveyard.
LRRbot: Chittering Skitterling [2B] | Creature — Phyrexian Rat [1/4] | Corrupted — Sacrifice an artifact or creature: Draw a card. Activate only if an opponent has three or more poison counters and only once each turn.
LRRbot: Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma [3G] | Legendary Creature — Bear [4/3] | Creature spells you cast with power 4 or greater cost {2} less to cast. / Whenever Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma attacks, each creature you control with power 4 or greater gets +1/+1 and gains trample until end of turn.
hellspikey: Sigarda, Host of Herons Sigarda, Heron's Grace Sigarda, Champion of Light Sigarda, Font of Blessings Sigarda tribal commander coming soon !
7ukanda: The name of the deck... xD
matthaus_c: parry the attack
rosesmcgee: sounds like an un-set mechanic
a_Weakling: ug, but iam terrible at parry mechanics
thanzo: gotta mash the block button to fill the bar
thraximore: Sekiro has prepared me for this moment
LRRbot: Halo Hopper [3] | Artifact Creature — Frog [3/2] | Convoke
LRRbot: Keruga, the Macrosage [3{G/U}{G/U}] | Legendary Creature — Dinosaur Hippo [5/4] | Companion — Your starting deck contains only cards with mana value 3 or greater and land cards. / When Keruga, the Macrosage enters the battlefield, draw a card for each other permanent you control with mana value 3 or greater.
matthaus_c: I wish I could parry every time someone plays a Territorial Hellkite against me
LRRbot: Flitting Guerrilla [2B] | Creature — Faerie Rogue [2/2] | Flying / When Flitting Guerrilla dies, each player mills two cards. Then you may exile Flitting Guerrilla. When you do, put target creature or battle card from your graveyard on top of your library.
Mazrae: Dinostorming
adambomb625: Announcing storm count at random times is always great
HadesLeprechaun: Shitting Gorilla
LRRbot: Chomping Kavu [3G] | Creature — Kavu [3/3] | Backup 1 / This creature can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less.
janmelantu: MOM Sealed is practically Commander Sealed
MegaDosX: Back that frog up
Austere_Squire: what IS a kavu
HadesLeprechaun: that
matthaus_c: @MegaDosX america's favourite new game show
powerflapjack: @Austere_Squire Nature's perfect lil guy
matthaus_c: @Austere_Squire rude, you don't see kavu going around asking what's an austere squire :p
LRRbot: Crawling Chorus [W] | Creature — Phyrexian Horror [1/1] | Toxic 1 / When Crawling Chorus dies, create a 1/1 colorless Phyrexian Mite artifact creature token with toxic 1 and "This creature can't block."
thanzo: the choir I want to set on fire
WiJohn: Where'd that bus come from?
Orxolon: wow,that 2nd match
LRRbot: Gold-Forged Thopteryx [WU] | Artifact Creature — Dinosaur Thopter [1/3] | Flying, lifelink / Each legendary permanent you control has ward {2}.
LRRbot: Guardian of Ghirapur [2W] | Creature — Angel [3/3] | Flying / When Guardian of Ghirapur enters the battlefield, exile up to one other target creature or artifact you control. Return it to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.
LRRbot: Metropolis Reformer [2W] | Creature — Angel Cleric [2/3] | Flying, vigilance / You have hexproof. / Whenever Metropolis Reformer is dealt damage, you gain that much life.
Orxolon: @WiJohn did anyone get the plate¿?
Austere_Squire: between DMU and MOM, my legendary tribal deck abruptly began to actually work
powerflapjack: @Austere_Squire for real though, kavu are basically dominarian dinosaurs
matthaus_c: jesus christ benjamin
MegaDosX: Holy shit Ben
GhostValv: D:
LRRbot: Ria Ivor, Bane of Bladehold [2WB] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Knight [3/4] | Battle cry / At the beginning of combat on your turn, the next time target creature would deal combat damage to one or more players this combat, prevent that damage. If damage is prevented this way, create that many 1/1 colorless Phyrexian Mite artifact creature tokens with toxic 1 and "This creature can't block."
MegaDosX: Ria Ivor's great, Reyav is medium
powerflapjack: Ria Ivor's better than you expect
MegaDosX: It also has Battle Cry
benjamin_wheeler: Liked it in one
GredGredmansson: I just got back from a draft where I ran Reyav with 3 equipment
MegaDosX: So make a bunch of 1/1s and make them bigger
GredGredmansson: I also lost horrendously so that's a thing
HadesLeprechaun: Reyav is one of my favorite commander decks ever, dont know about limited
matthaus_c: Hero of Oxid Ridge was always the cooler one
DudelidouX: You need the deck for it for her to really be powerful
powerflapjack: fun fact, that's literally the hero of bladehold
Austere_Squire: Reyav? I run in a Tiana, Ship's Caretaker deck; Ria, no idea
CururuGuasu: Squirrellink
flustered_blue: Mitelink or mitefect
janmelantu: I have lost to Ria Ivor several times
frank_the_great: It's a fun lower powered card. B/W flyers is kinda fun. Abyssal Persecutor is an allstar in her deck
Dog_of_Myth: I've played against someone who had a Ria Ivor commander deck. It can get scary fast.
powerflapjack: and when they reprinted Hero in MOM commander, they gave it a new art to reflect
powerflapjack: Ria Ivor does a lot of heavy lifting in an infect deck
definenull: Greed
Dog_of_Myth: Just popping out mites
powerflapjack: er, toxic
GhostValv: :O
MegaDosX: I mean, I'd imagine her Battle Cry ability would give infect creatures a boost too
powerflapjack: lmao, wizard 101 drove wheeler to "screw it, we monster train"
matthaus_c: imagine Bitterblossom but the 1/1s have Infect
thraximore: @powerflapjack James didn't pay him five bucks 😔
Juliamon: Hey chat, this is random but does anyone have label maker recs?
matthaus_c: you really just asked any label enjoyers in chat :p
r10pez10: do you mean like, dymo
r10pez10: or like, punch tape
goombalax: are you looking for a service or a device?
Juliamon: Dymo ideally
powerflapjack: @MegaDosX it does, but a lot of good infect critters are in green, so she's more of a role player than a commander
Juliamon: Our old label maker died
definenull: The hive mind knows all, apparently PrideLaugh
powerflapjack: either way, she's in my atraxa tribal deck and she definitely pulls her weight there
powerflapjack: *atraxa phyrexian tribal
MegaDosX: Unsurprising
MegaDosX: I'd imagine an Ixhel list would appreciate her too
r10pez10: any off-the-shelf dymo should be fine, but if you use it a looooot get one model up
Juliamon: there's just a billion goddamn label makers on Amazon and they all look straight out of the early 2000s
thraximore: how advanced does a label maker have to be, really?
powerflapjack: @MegaDosX oh yeah, ixhel, VISHGRAZ THE DOOMHIVE, if it's toxic themed and has WB in the identity, she can do some work
powerflapjack: hell, i think she's even in my brimaz incubator deck mostly for screwing up the math with battle cry
r10pez10: label maker form factor peaked and stayed there
Juliamon: you'd think by now more of them would be rechargable, but no they still want like 6x AAAs for no goddamn reason
Juliamon: what is this, a Game Gear
powerflapjack: they're in the pocket of Big Battery
powerflapjack: hey, hey, hey,
powerflapjack: the game gear took 6 AAs, thank you very much
MegaDosX: I mean, you joke, but I'd imagine the big battery manufacturing companies have got solid lobbying connections
Xavbull: Remember when you could take out your mobile phone battery?
definenull: Tbf that's how you know the designs are reliable
Juliamon: well, the cell size depends on the brand, the Brother ones use AAs
powerflapjack: @MegaDosX oh 100%, why do you think xbox controllers are still largely battery powered
SymphonicLolita: I have a brother P-Touch label maker and it is my ol' reliable
laundreydhull: silly protag hype track
Juliamon: Our dead one was a Brother P-Touch and it was... fine? It should not have lived in the kitchen though.
powerflapjack: i've got a gilded foil ziatora's envoy looking at me on my desk and it's making me want to make a jund party deck
Juliamon: also it went through tape like a motherfucker, so much waste even with 0 margins
powerflapjack: *riveteer party deck
r10pez10: most things migrate to the kitchen junk drawer eventually
laundreydhull: I spotted Aftermath packs at the store today and gladly passed.
r10pez10: hi gamers
NotCainNorAbel: turn on the lights?
AriaDreamGirl: get MAD
definenull: The g is for gamer
janmelantu: I’m not a Gamer, just a Gay
r10pez10: glasses crew
frank_the_great: You get one fuck
Bruceski: It's still light out
Alas_Babylon: PG: Pretty Guys
laundreydhull: It Is!?
NotCainNorAbel: haircuts all around?
powerflapjack: thank you for having us wheeler, it's great to be here
GredGredmansson: lrrWHEELER lrrCAMERON lrrNELSON
couchboyj: Catchphrase!
Orxolon: @Bruceski here is 23:33
Orxolon: xD
LRRbot: The Dross Pits | Land — Sphere | The Dross Pits enters the battlefield tapped. / {T}: Add {B}. / {1}{B}, {T}, Sacrifice The Dross Pits: Draw a card.
LRRbot: Trailblazing Historian [1R] | Creature — Human Shaman [1/3] | Haste / {T}: Another target creature gains haste until end of turn.
janmelantu: Unsleeved, baybeee
LRRbot: Aetherblade Agent [1B] (back: Gitaxian Mindstinger) | Creature — Human Rogue [1/1] | Deathtouch / {4}{U/P}: Transform Aetherblade Agent. Activate only as a sorcery.
NotCainNorAbel: noope
djalternative: it's not out yet
r10pez10: that bad, huh
wizkid7123: Oh yes there is
Alas_Babylon: They've wheeled out Harrison Ford to do yet another one
LRRbot: Contagious Vorrac [2G] | Creature — Phyrexian Boar Beast [3/3] | When Contagious Vorrac enters the battlefield, look at the top four cards of your library. You may reveal a land card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order. If you didn't put a card into your hand this way, proliferate.
djalternative: oh wait. it's friday. it might be out?
Dog_of_Myth: @r10pez10 Reviews have not been kind.
Austere_Squire: what does the vorrac have
LRRbot: Volcanic Spite [1R] | Instant | Volcanic Spite deals 3 damage to target creature, planeswalker, or battle. You may put a card from your hand on the bottom of your library. If you do, draw a card.
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LRRbot: Thirsting Roots [G] | Sorcery | Choose one — / • Search your library for a basic land card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle. / • Proliferate.
frozenphoenix7: This land is I land. This land is your land.
r10pez10: haha
r10pez10: root means sex right
Alas_Babylon: I love being a person in Melb'n
Mr_Horrible: if that shipyard doesn't have a big boat stuck in it I don't care
Xavbull: 🚨
definenull: Huh?
r10pez10: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
GredGredmansson: lrrFINE
Dog_of_Myth: lrrSIG
midnightcurryjazz: evo17MindBlown evo17MindBlown evo17MindBlown
LRRbot: Joyful Stormsculptor [3UR] | Creature — Human Shaman [2/3] | When Joyful Stormsculptor enters the battlefield, create two 1/1 blue and red Elemental creature tokens. / Whenever you cast a spell that has convoke, Joyful Stormsculptor deals 1 damage to each opponent and each battle they protect.
GhostValv: picnic????
djalternative: lrrSIG
thraximore: aaaaaaaaaaa
Alas_Babylon: Just sounds like the microwave's done
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
matthaus_c: can we get a QI Klaxon
NotCainNorAbel: lrrHERE
LRRbot: Chrome Host Seedshark [2U] | Creature — Phyrexian Shark [2/4] | Flying / Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, incubate X, where X is that spell's mana value.
GredGredmansson: with the fur?
Alas_Babylon: The whole table's looking at her?
CaptnCheesebeard: cardcaDamage cardcaWild cardcaWild cardcaWild
LRRbot: Plargg and Nassari [3RR] | Legendary Creature — Orc Efreet [5/4] | At the beginning of your upkeep, each player exiles cards from the top of their library until they exile a nonland card. An opponent chooses a nonland card exiled this way. You may cast up to two spells from among the other cards exiled this way without paying their mana costs.
MegaDosX: It's like a weird mini Emergent Ultimatum but every turn
LRRbot: Shatter the Source [5R] | Instant | Convoke / Choose one — / • Shatter the Source deals 6 damage to target creature, planeswalker, or battle. / • Destroy target artifact.
brainbosh: So cast means if only a land is available then nothing?
MegaDosX: Yes
Alas_Babylon: @brainbosh Yes, but P&N specifically exile until everyone exiles a nonland card
frozenphoenix7: @brainbosh Yes, but Plargg flips until both sides hit a nonland.
GredGredmansson: "until they exile a nonland card"
GhostValv: Yeah...
MegaDosX: You absolutely did that :p
Xavbull: I love microplastics
LRRbot: Invasion of Pyrulea [GU] (back: Gargantuan Slabhorn) | Battle — Siege [4] | When Invasion of Pyrulea enters the battlefield, scry 3, then reveal the top card of your library. If it's a land or double-faced card, draw a card.
MegaDosX: Cam you should know better than to listen to Cameras Georg
djalternative: I love breathing cameras
Mr_Horrible: and how badly is Cameras Georg skewing the numbers
definenull: It's the plane of simic micro-value
Mr_Horrible: I want it to form a credit card
Diabore: i consume macro plastic
sologamer2030: how many magic decks can i make with the plastic in me
janmelantu: It’s the plane of Horizon Canopy
djalternative: what about all the macro plastics you both consume
saucemaster5000: (looks at hamburger right beore eating) Take a picture, it'll last longer!
JusticeJuice: All the unprotected head injuries I had.
LRRbot: Ruthless Predation [1G] | Sorcery | Target creature you control gets +1/+2 until end of turn. It fights target creature you don't control.
LRRbot: Shatter the Source [5R] | Instant | Convoke / Choose one — / • Shatter the Source deals 6 damage to target creature, planeswalker, or battle. / • Destroy target artifact.
CaptnCheesebeard: Pyrulea is the plane that Dyfed showed to Yawgmoth being like "I can planeswalk and you can't!" and we all know how that ended...
MegaDosX: Tezzeret's hiding and preparing mysteriously
Athelgar: I think thats where Jace went, he did mention only Jace knew where he would be
laundreydhull: imma hedge out or something...
janmelantu: I hope Tezzeret still has a spark
hd_dabnado: unless he got lucky with his spark
MegaDosX: Depends on if he keeps his spark I suppose
Xavbull: well can the Omengates now access Tezzeret's plane?
CaptnCheesebeard: He's just sitting there playing Mahjong...
laundreydhull: Nah, he can stay in there.
LRRbot: Invasion of Mercadia [1R] (back: Kyren Flamewright) | Battle — Siege [4] | When Invasion of Mercadia enters the battlefield, you may discard a card. If you do, draw two cards.
Mr_Horrible: Tezzeret buying MREs but they're just darksteel ingots
janmelantu: Tezzeret, the Prepper
Athelgar: he does still have the bridge, and hes 98% metal
GredGredmansson: the lands stay exiled too
goombalax: !card invasion of Tarkir
LRRbot: Invasion of Tarkir [1R] (back: Defiant Thundermaw) | Battle — Siege [5] | When Invasion of Tarkir enters the battlefield, reveal any number of Dragon cards from your hand. When you do, Invasion of Tarkir deals X plus 2 damage to any other target, where X is the number of cards revealed this way.
MegaDosX: Wheeler's is exiled already so it's all good
LRRbot: Kyren Flamewright (front: Invasion of Mercadia) | Creature — Goblin Spellshaper [3/3] | {2}{R}, {T}, Discard a card: Create two 1/1 blue and red Elemental creature tokens. Creatures you control get +1/+0 and gain haste until end of turn.
MegaDosX: Nelson flipped the Oathsworn immediately
definenull: The synergy...
LRRbot: Hangar Scrounger [2R] | Creature — Dwarf Pilot [2/1] | Backup 1 / Whenever this creature becomes tapped, you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.
Mr_Horrible: Shoulda never smoked that shit now I'm invading Mercadia
CaptnCheesebeard: Kyren Flamewright ... awesome flavor text.
Xavbull: Token seller, I require your most foil tokens
7ukanda: @Xavbull No refunds!
janmelantu: Wheeler still managing to play goblins in all the formats
LRRbot: Deadly Derision [2BB] | Instant | Destroy target creature or planeswalker. Create a Treasure token.
r10pez10: treasure too eh
goombalax: normalize 1/1
CaptnCheesebeard: Goats, assemble!
Xavbull: Dude, is that an indestructrible counter on you?
r10pez10: cheers
LRRbot: Chrome Host Seedshark [2U] | Creature — Phyrexian Shark [2/4] | Flying / Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, incubate X, where X is that spell's mana value.
CaptnCheesebeard: cardcaWild
Diabore: seedshark is pretty good huh
LRRbot: Radha, Coalition Warlord [2RG] | Legendary Creature — Elf Warrior [3/3] | Domain — Whenever Radha, Coalition Warlord becomes tapped, another target creature you control gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of basic land types among lands you control.
mrverbal: may-be shark do do de doop de do
GredGredmansson: We've finally found the drawer to the Shark Dimension
definenull: Have a 7 card cycle that makes a sonnet
adept_nekomancer: And right as he says that, "Radha, Coalition Warlord" works for TMNT
LRRbot: Chimney Rabble [3R] | Creature — Phyrexian Goblin Warrior [3/3] | Haste / When Chimney Rabble enters the battlefield, create a 1/1 red Phyrexian Goblin creature token.
thraximore: seabatClap
janmelantu: *Phyrexian* Goblins
definenull: I already gave up
WiJohn: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
r10pez10: hell yeah cameron
Alas_Babylon: benginJam
Diabore: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
kumatsu: sharkf11CALP
drcthulu: the token GOATer
Mr_Horrible: Cameron's got square pupils?
saucemaster5000: seabatClap seabatClap
definenull: Death by goat, no better way to go
kumatsu: the foil goat is integral to the moonbase move, sorry
Mr_Horrible: build your deck like a Greek Underworld punishment
KeytarCat: Make them choose suffering -- Cam
definenull: Dosh per cardboard rectangle
Altazzzzz: best explanation to play magic
janmelantu: Beginning of Turn, Plargg and Nasari, You Lose
goombalax: gettin' nivvy mizzet nananananana,nananananana
r10pez10: yeah probably
goombalax: baby jace tho
MegaDosX: I don't know if anyone said Atraxa was garbage at spoiler time
Alas_Babylon: I still feel like that honor belongs to Arclight Phoenix
Austere_Squire: yeah; people were meh on her, as i recall
Austere_Squire: and now she's a banger
Alas_Babylon: Atraxa had her fans, but yeah, she's definitely earned her keep
LRRbot: Aetherblade Agent [1B] (back: Gitaxian Mindstinger) | Creature — Human Rogue [1/1] | Deathtouch / {4}{U/P}: Transform Aetherblade Agent. Activate only as a sorcery.
DarknessKingCoH: Jace, Vryns Prodigy is probably equal
LRRbot: Trailblazing Historian [1R] | Creature — Human Shaman [1/3] | Haste / {T}: Another target creature gains haste until end of turn.
Dog_of_Myth: It's true, we are.
LRRbot: Invasion of Ergamon [RG] (back: Truga Cliffcharger) | Battle — Siege [5] | When Invasion of Ergamon enters the battlefield, create a Treasure token. Then you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.
r10pez10: !addquote (Wheeler) [Now] Yeah, Magic players are idiots.
LRRbot: New quote #8538: "Yeah, Magic players are idiots." —Wheeler [2023-05-19]
definenull: He is a speed reader
Xavbull: a trailblazing historian is just a reporter
randombillfolds: He leaves history in the dust.
thraximore: umbral4KEKW
thanzo: really good at skimming
squ3e: no land from nelly?
LRRbot: Sawblade Scamp [R] | Creature — Phyrexian Beast [1/1] | Haste / Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, put an oil counter on Sawblade Scamp. / {T}, Remove an oil counter from Sawblade Scamp: It deals 1 damage to each opponent.
MegaDosX: lmaooo
MegaDosX: !card blisterspit gremlin
LRRbot: Blisterspit Gremlin [R] | Creature — Gremlin [1/1] | {1}, {T}: Blisterspit Gremlin deals 1 damage to each opponent. / Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, untap Blisterspit Gremlin.
janmelantu: Thermoil Alchemist
Pharmacistjudge: Trailblazing historian is a Tiktok reporter
LRRbot: War Historian [2G] | Creature — Human Monk [3/3] | Reach / War Historian has indestructible as long as it attacked a battle this turn.
squ3e: good band name
definenull: Medium omelette the new canlander deck tech
Mr_Horrible: Trailblazing Historian doesn't have *TIME* to learn how to properly pronounce Svyelun
Xavbull: 👏
hd_dabnado: "let me talk about WW2 tanks"
thraximore: umbraHappy
MegaDosX: Could you imagine what social media would be like during the Phyrexian invasion?
MegaDosX: Holy shit Paul
LRRbot: Volcanic Spite [1R] | Instant | Volcanic Spite deals 3 damage to target creature, planeswalker, or battle. You may put a card from your hand on the bottom of your library. If you do, draw a card.
Mr_Horrible: love to be Milkshake Gilded Goose'd
WiJohn: Volcanic spite in the comments
Alas_Babylon: Everyone loves War Historian, the Youtube sensation that raps about historical events! (5 minutes later) We regret to inform you...
saucemaster5000: (Cam just reminded me I made sure to have stuff to make eggs benedict with smoked salmon in the morning and now just want to go to bed so breakfast is sooner)
Xavbull: @Alas_Babylon War Milkshake Duck
LRRbot: Chrome Host Seedshark [2U] | Creature — Phyrexian Shark [2/4] | Flying / Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, incubate X, where X is that spell's mana value.
LRRbot: Assimilate Essence [1U] | Instant | Counter target creature or battle spell unless its controller pays {4}. If they do, you incubate 2.
djalternative: no, no, you guys, it's a sentient war that's also a historian
janmelantu: Sorry war historian, I can’t here you over how successful my Sherman tank is
WiJohn: Farewell seedshark we hardly knew thee
MegaDosX: I mean, there's Blade Historian
Mr_Horrible: it's actually Deep-Slumber Titan's channel
MegaDosX: But that doesn't seem like they fit
LRRbot: Shatter the Source [5R] | Instant | Convoke / Choose one — / • Shatter the Source deals 6 damage to target creature, planeswalker, or battle. / • Destroy target artifact.
LRRbot: Invasion of Pyrulea [GU] (back: Gargantuan Slabhorn) | Battle — Siege [4] | When Invasion of Pyrulea enters the battlefield, scry 3, then reveal the top card of your library. If it's a land or double-faced card, draw a card.
r10pez10: war thunder historian
MegaDosX: !card blade historian
LRRbot: Blade Historian [{R/W}{R/W}{R/W}{R/W}] | Creature — Human Cleric [2/3] | Attacking creatures you control have double strike.
Xavbull: when's the War Thunder Crossing the Streams?
sologamer2030: perun is great
LRRbot: Joyful Stormsculptor [3UR] | Creature — Human Shaman [2/3] | When Joyful Stormsculptor enters the battlefield, create two 1/1 blue and red Elemental creature tokens. / Whenever you cast a spell that has convoke, Joyful Stormsculptor deals 1 damage to each opponent and each battle they protect.
LRRbot: Ayara's Oathsworn [1B] | Creature — Human Knight [2/2] | Menace / Whenever Ayara's Oathsworn deals combat damage to a player, if it has fewer than four +1/+1 counters on it, put a +1/+1 counter on it. Then if it has exactly four +1/+1 counters on it, search your library for a card, put it into your hand, then shuffle.
frank_the_great: I leaked docs... in Minecraft!
Mr_Horrible: look at least it wasn't on the official forums this time
adambomb625: War Thunder historian discussing how many times they leaked classified docs. Leaks more during the presentation
Mr_Horrible: that's progress
Diabore: ooh that pretty
LRRbot: Urn of Godfire [1] | Artifact | {2}: Add one mana of any color. / {6}, {T}, Sacrifice Urn of Godfire: Destroy target creature or enchantment.
LRRbot: Xerex Strobe-Knight [2U] | Creature — Human Knight [2/2] | Flying, vigilance / {T}: Create a 2/2 white and blue Knight creature token with vigilance. Activate only if you've cast two or more spells this turn.
janmelantu: Hell yeah any other Historia Civilis fans in chat?
LRRbot: Volcanic Spite [1R] | Instant | Volcanic Spite deals 3 damage to target creature, planeswalker, or battle. You may put a card from your hand on the bottom of your library. If you do, draw a card.
LRRbot: Hexgold Slash [R] | Instant | Hexgold Slash deals 2 damage to target creature. If that creature has toxic, Hexgold Slash deals 4 damage to that creature instead.
MegaDosX: No knight tokens for you!
LRRbot: Omnath, Locus of All [WU{B/P}RG] | Legendary Creature — Phyrexian Elemental [4/4] | If you would lose unspent mana, that mana becomes black instead. / At the beginning of your precombat main phase, look at the top card of your library. You may reveal that card if it has three or more colored mana symbols in its mana cost. If you do, add three mana in any combination of its colors and put it into your hand. If you don't reveal it, put it into your hand.
MegaDosX: Godfire
MegaDosX: Good thing you played that Urn
MegaDosX: And if it has three pips he can make mana
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Blade Historian *definitely* has a youtube channel.
LRRbot: Wicked Slumber [3U] | Instant | Convoke / Tap up to two target creatures. Put a stun counter on either of them. Then put a stun counter on either of them.
MegaDosX: Omnath trigger
MegaDosX: Yeah just needs three pips, doesn't have to be different
MegaDosX: It triggers off Gigantosaurus benginLul
LRRbot: Hidetsugu and Kairi [2UUB] | Legendary Creature — Ogre Demon Dragon [5/4] | Flying / When Hidetsugu and Kairi enters the battlefield, draw three cards, then put two cards from your hand on top of your library in any order. / When Hidetsugu and Kairi dies, exile the top card of your library. Target opponent loses life equal to its mana value. If it's an instant or sorcery card, you may cast it without paying its mana cost.
MadWolf1290: on time!
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
undeadpixel00: First Magic Stream
janmelantu: Wheeler, in a commanding lead, seeing their opponent brainstorm: “God I wish that were me”
undeadpixel00: Loved it!
Xavbull: 👋
WiJohn: Still here
MadWolf1290: we never leave!
MegaDosX: We can leave if you like Cam
NotCainNorAbel: we are still here
MegaDosX: In the year 3535
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500 - Cam Love
thraximore: hahahaha
KamenCorgi: I'm from 252525
MegaDosX: Oh right that guy
Bruceski: Google's already started deleting inactiuve accounts, do you think Youtube videos won't follow?
laundreydhull: LRR won't call it The Moonbase for nothing.
Xavbull: Wait a second, that isn't Wizard 101!
Juliamon: ON STREAM
Juliamon: The argument was LIVE ON STREAM
MegaDosX: benginLul
laundreydhull: rude, Nelson.
thraximore: 👁️ 👃 👁️
KWardJenx: I love that everyone, all week, made the same comment about Wheeler bailing on Wizard 101.
laundreydhull: kidding, lawl...
saucemaster5000: glad to now which LRR member is the BIg Brother
WiJohn: Terrible horse things
Juliamon: A horse with a Shrek head
adept_nekomancer: "horse cryptids" is a terrifying phrase
WiJohn: The donkey is behind Wheeler on the shelf
WiJohn: Shrorse is upcoming
CaptnCheesebeard: Aren't horse cryptids just unicorns?
WiJohn: Err Nelly not Wheeler
HadesLeprechaun: that's Terraforming Mars
saucemaster5000: I believe Paul is thinking of Terraforming mars
WiJohn: Yep that was it
adambomb625: Into some sort of imperium?
frank_the_great: They made a fourth one?!
djalternative: In the year 3000 we'll have the Jonas Brothers again
definenull: Mood
definenull: The return of everdell??
JonnyGlitched: Hi everyone! What did I miss?
thegitrogsquirrel: You did! You did meet me!
Juliamon: JonnyGlitched The stream
DeM0nFiRe: nice
Dog_of_Myth: Nice
KWardJenx: nice
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSHINE
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Xavbull: 👋
KWardJenx: Great Stream. Thank you!
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
Orxolon: g night!
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
thraximore: HypeWave
janmelantu: It was great having you