TehAmelie: i'll take it
Boiler_bot: Nice.
Metric_Furlong: did a look through the forums earlier, and a bit of 'wonder what X is doing now' stuff at users
TehAmelie: and here's the hottest fresh sample of bardcore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4UZRYShjYU
TehAmelie: everyone chat knows goes away in the end, am i right
Metric_Furlong: and now I'm going to have to try and get in contact with the DB staff due to one prize donator having apparently made some rather concerning statements about the trans rights movement in the last couple of years
Metric_Furlong: so, that's fun
Juliamon: ugh, who is it this time
Metric_Furlong: Robert B. 'Garwulf' Marks
TehAmelie: boo. i've read his books
Metric_Furlong: it's possible this is old news, since it's from 2022, but his stuff was still in the giveaways in that year's DB so I suspect the crew didn't see it
Metric_Furlong: anyway, in the early part of that he posted a fairly long piece where he repeated a bunch of 'LGBT movement is full of Groomers' moral panic stuff, said JK Rowling did nothing wrong (along with some 'anti-racists are the real racists' stuff)
Juliamon: ewww
Metric_Furlong: it's possible he's changed his mind since, but it's still up and apparently unedited as of right now so I don't think there's much reason to assume that
jessieimproved: oof I just read some of that guy's stuff. He sounds like an "I'm an internet person and edgy and I have opinions" kind of guy.
Earthenone: from what i can remember of my conversations with them, @jessieimproved thast a fairly accurate assesment
TehAmelie: guess we know why he hasn't been in chat in a while
Metric_Furlong: anyway, I'm assuming the feedback address (stuff@desrtbus.org) is where I should probably be email them about this?
Metric_Furlong: *probably email
Juliamon: If that's what it says on the site, yeah. I'm not involved with DB at all so idk
Manae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Terraformers) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (0s from now).
TheAinMAP: lrrHORN
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cameron and Cori form some terra, but it is not Terra, isn't that weird? | http://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/Fw1wanxaAAABJpM.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1661107449749991425
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
GhostValv: amazonTasteTheRainbow amazonTasteTheRainbow amazonTasteTheRainbow
TheAinMAP: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Manae: lrrSIG lrrSIG
They_Are_Alyx: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Earthenone: Terra formers, planets in disguise?
Metric_Furlong: @Juliamon yeah, it seems as good a place as any to start with
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DoodlestheGreat: H'lo
TehAmelie: i guess if you wanna be super ethical reach out to him first
TehAmelie: oh, it's terraforming but NOT more Terra Nil, what a twist
MrVirite: but what about terror forming?
beowuuf: terraformers, gaming in disguise
Juliamon: ugh it's time for the daily helicopter buzz (the neighborhood is all really tired of this helicopter buzzing us EVERY FUCKING DAY)
MrVirite: rofl copter goes soi?
Juliamon: there's a nearby field they land in, lower a chain into a bucket, and then leave again, and nobody can figure out who it is or why they're doing it every day
djalternative: you near a military facility or hospital?
RealGamerCow: Wubbing intensifies
Juliamon: we ASSUME it's some sort of training
MrVirite: do they take the chain up again?
Juliamon: I don't know! This is only what I've been told!
MrVirite: r are we talking a bottomless bucket of chains?
djalternative: what kind of helicopter is it? does it look military or humanitarian?
TehAmelie: cryptids are now helicopters
SnackPak_: sounds like training for doing water drops
TheAinMAP: Hello.
TehAmelie: hello!
DoodlestheGreat: Hewwo!
Boiler_bot: Squashed
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Radjack: Flat Hair Day has been declared.
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GhostValv: high gravity?
MrVirite: visited flatland?
Ranakel: You'd think the low gravity of Mars would make hair poofier
Juliamon: That sounds nice
Mischievous_Catgeist: ooohb
Mischievous_Catgeist: opera
Boiler_bot: Hmmmm!
WowoT: @Juliamon seems like training for forest fires?
iris_of_ether: unarmeOkay
djalternative: can we get it to 200%?
TehAmelie: hammock Zelda marathon, that's the dream
goatprince: moon's haunted?
djalternative: can we light the sea on fire?
djalternative: sea of fire
iris_of_ether: foxmarICE foxmarRIP
goatprince: speaking of humidity, let's make mars wet
goatprince: I'm gotten,,,,,,,,
DoodlestheGreat: Formin' them there terras.
Boiler_bot: GJ goatprince
Mischievous_Catgeist: ohhh the waters of mars
djalternative: We gotta go from Red to Green to Blue
TehAmelie: apparently water on mars just wants to be in every single state at the same time, except liquid
Juliamon: Noise gating is tough
RealGamerCow: I thought it was the HORNER-TECH headphones maybe
Science_and_Magic: I caught the first level of the last Terra Nil stream. Here's hoping Cam has learned to accept imperfections.
Boiler_bot: Hmm
TheMerricat: The noise went away when you made the funny voice
djalternative: we're at the bottom of a sea
Mischievous_Catgeist: just sounds like belching for abit
iris_of_ether: !clip
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SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
RealGamerCow: If Satan was very polite
MrVirite: I understood none of that
djalternative: I rarely get speech jammed
Wiliart: Would a high pitch make the 'noice' go away?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: ting tang, walla walla bing bang
Science_and_Magic: Which song?
iris_of_ether: Ooooh
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djalternative: #Butts (pronounced pound butts)
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iris_of_ether: Portishead's Glory Box, or another one?
DoodlestheGreat: Goblinz
Ranakel: I've played this game a few times, and enjoyed it a lot
DoodlestheGreat: Or even tear-a-pants.
SocraticMethod: Do you think Mars terraforming genre caused Musk or Mush caused the Mars terraforming genre?
goatprince: you're going to hate the planet scrolling!
djalternative: the rest of the year is just terraforming games on TS?
DoodlestheGreat: Call one of the craters Judge.
Science_and_Magic: Oh I misread the tweet and didn't look at the stream topic. I thought we were actually back to Terra Nil, lol
TheMerricat: There's definitely enough of them that we could do a whole year.
RealGamerCow: hopefully not drowning in anyone's pee, really.
Creideiki_SE: Optimistic to think we'll have enough water to drown in.
DoodlestheGreat: Mouldy old satellites
Earthenone: hopefully we will at least have enough rope to hang ourselves with
RealGamerCow: Mars does suck.
Science_and_Magic: What was that weird mutant cockroachs on mars anime?
TheMerricat: The same as this game's name.
SocraticMethod: @Science_and_Magic Terraformars, but it's a really racist
MrVirite: pretty cities preties
RealGamerCow: Doem
Haroldholmes25: I love the leadership qualification of "I like their face more than that other guy's"
goatprince: the 'specialization' there is a passive that applies going forward until you're done this attempt btw
TheMerricat: If I recall correctly this is the game that my brother told me is less about terraforming and more puzzle solving....
DoodlestheGreat: Perfect for preserving bacon!
TehAmelie: i'm reminded of a transcript from Apollo 11 i read today that was like "it's another crater, another a big mother" "you gotta give them a more scientific name, Neil"
TehAmelie: cause now we live in a crater?
Haroldholmes25: asuncion is the capital of paraguay
Earthenone: we have moistened mars!
DoodlestheGreat: Funky Cold Medina City.
Wiliart: Wet Container?
TheMerricat: "Asunción is one of the oldest cities in South America, being known as "Mother of Cities". It was from here that the colonial expeditions departed to found other cities, including the second foundation of Buenos Aires and of other important cities such as Villarrica, Corrientes, Santa Fe and Santa Cruz de la Sierra."
Earthenone: we need delicious nitrates to plant potatos right?
goatprince: You Must Spread Wet
mulligan2six: Wait a second. Where are the robots in disguise?
Boiler_bot: Yeah, not an Autobot or Decepticon in sight.
djalternative: oh. gotta love tritium!
CAKHost: That looks like the protagonist of that one boat, decipher language game played on Talking Sim.
TehAmelie: more population equals more food, am i right
Earthenone: sail up your mother
Haroldholmes25: doubled the food production pog
goatprince: >[E]at [T]ube
TehAmelie: wait, what's a trade route between two planets?
djalternative: NGU
CAKHost: Heaven's Vault! That's the game I am thinking of!
TehAmelie: oh yeah they do
Creideiki_SE: @TehAmelie Hopefully, it means someone built an Aldrin Cycler.
CAKHost: Wow that playthrough is 3 years old now.
goatprince: it's set
Earthenone: i guess earth handled the bulk of that process
TehAmelie: i still haven't booted up Heaven's Vault myself x_o
goatprince: can't be mad at him, he's just a little guy and it's his birthday
goatprince: you don't need silicates for robots
RealGamerCow: Nachos Major
Earthenone: but the robots are next to the lab right?
LordZarano: Mars has 0.28x the surface area of Earth
Haroldholmes25: do you need the lab though?
TehAmelie: have you seen that map that portrays the solar system in realistic scale with earth reduced to one pixel and has you travel at light speed out from the sun? so much empty space
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Earthenone: beep boop
goatprince: the robots are happy
Creideiki_SE: Happiness is mandatory.
TehAmelie: a machine for dirt? sweet
Juliamon: The robots are programmed to be happy
TehAmelie: ah yes, it was the moon
LordZarano: Oh yeah to scale maps of the solar system are very fun. Really shows you why it's called "space"
Earthenone: maybe if we build enough robots they will figure the rest out
LordZarano: Because it's basically impossible to show how much space there is and also have the planets be reasonably visible
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Boiler_bot: This is a very solo boardgame kind of experience.
Earthenone: 4 green cubes
TehAmelie: yelling "you're on Mars, why aren't you just happy?" might not work
SourcePlaysGames: > "Do we have anything that improves happiness?" If I had the answer to this question I wouldn't be in therapy :-/
goatprince: this is a game about wetting the dries
TehAmelie: i'd be a lot happier right now if i had like, 75000 dollars
goatprince: you can undo an action
KV1NN4: @TehAmelie Me too..
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DoodlestheGreat: I like Jorge.
Earthenone: we need titanium to make titanium
Boiler_bot: Ironic
Earthenone: bread and circusus!
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Creideiki_SE: Negative happiness? Who wouldn't be entertained by the warm tritium glow of the power plant?
goatprince: (the happy building adds happy to adjacent human residences btw)
Earthenone: need more wet
NoxStryx: Dwarf fortress flashbacks
TehAmelie: apparently we need titanium to turn into more titanium
RealGamerCow: lrrSCOOP
Earthenone: we could break rocks for free
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goatprince: I sure hope it does?
Earthenone: does founding a city cost zappies?
goatprince: you also have to explore all regions next to a potential city location
goatprince: (before founding it)
Haroldholmes25: marsha marsha marsha
goatprince: you can turn cards into 1 science each as well
TehAmelie: i love the story of how Ridley Scott "accidentally" combined the names of two fairy tale smiths into Weyland-Yutani
goatprince: I know nothing
goatprince: only that I start with meth and try to get wet when possible
TehAmelie: hmm why do these games not simply give you meth as a short term solution for happiness?
TehAmelie: let you start some opium wars
dumbo3k: it does mean it
goatprince: spread! that! bacteria!
TehAmelie: bacteria are so good at being alive, we need them to live even as they try to kill us
goatprince: Carnegie can help with making the planet warm, which is good and ethical,
Mischievous_Catgeist: she has cute little robot friend in the photo <3
richard_ermen: Huh, weird. For a short moment I thought this was about giant martian roaches attacking humanity.
goatprince: crunchy!
Zu_o: @richard_ermen I don't think Martian successor Nadesico would make a good game.
richard_ermen: Hihi ^^
goatprince: that space project is very good, honestly.
Creideiki_SE: Melt the planet so we can breathe it in!
TehAmelie: The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet makes large bugs sound delicious
richard_ermen: ^_^
TheMerricat: @richard_ermen So funny thing about that.... (https://nadesico.fandom.com/wiki/Martian_Successor_Nadesico:_The_Blank_of_3_Years)
Earthenone: we have the food and water for a city now right?
goatprince: naw, need 15 water
Zu_o: @richard_ermen huh... neat
Earthenone: why does the ocean get the water! :P
kimmibeans: Dumb question for the mods: Can we suggest games for future streams in the chat?
Zu_o: Thanks TheMerricat
kharnor: It's Sonic's 30th anniversary!
Boiler_bot: Ocean is so selfish, keeping all the water.
Anubis169: i think we've got a section on the Discord for that :D
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richard_ermen: @richard_ermen Learn something new Oo
Anubis169: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! And you don't even need to be subbed or anything! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
Ranakel: I'm just picturing a magical girl shooting bacteria now
TehAmelie: you just need a lot of energy to jam hydrogen and oxygen together, don't you?
goatprince: the orange bar on the city? that's city building slots
JakeKamas: Okay that is a goofy joke but I like it a lot thank you Cameron
Earthenone: we could fill the ocean bar with one of those, maybe the ocean will give us water?
Earthenone: i have not played this game, just think the ocean will owe us for filling its bar
goatprince: the ocean will become wetter, but no, no water giveback
mercano82: Just a 3D printed steak
Red_Dead_Monkey: Meatsa! meatsa!
Ranakel: It's like a gigantic, continuous tongue
richard_ermen: Does the existence of "Cultured Meat Labs" mean there are "Uncultured Meat Labs"? And howd oes that look? Are unculutured meats all proles?
TehAmelie: primordial soup -> meat
TehAmelie: checks out
Ranakel: Anyway, come to mysterious flesh pit national park
Mischievous_Catgeist: poopoo power
LordZarano: This is almost as bad as when Mine O'Clock made a meat lake
Zu_o: (this might be more obscure than Martian successor.) but I would watch Ewan Mcgregor and Emily Blunt try to establish salmon fishing on mars
TheMerricat: If your poop is burning, consult a doctor chat.
Earthenone: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Earthenone: !prime
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dumbo3k: Terraf- Ormers
goatprince: you made the planet purple!
goatprince: don't know why it isn't cyan!
Earthenone: yay the blight is spreading
Earthenone: maybe blue bactria on a red planent corrects to purple?
Earthenone: who is "they"
Metric_Furlong: what
Lord_Hosk: Who is "they"
SnackPak_: lrrFRUMP
Brozard: jlrrFacepalm
Metric_Furlong: what.
Earthenone: goku?
DrLigmaPhD: I'm a he/they with godlike power
CptMurphey: batman
Brozard: Lex Luthor
Makimachine: Q?
gualdhar: Oh, oh, oh, I know! It's the underground molerat people
badpandabear: Plot twist: "they" turns out to be Ian
LurkerSpine: Dark Universe launched 6 years ago, so I'm gonna say Tom Cruise
Lord_Hosk: Its always Horner!
Earthenone: white is one step closer to beige
gualdhar: Have we *asked* Horner if it's him?
IndustrialRocketScientist: that'll be a good tinker tailor though, fixing the sun's color
electric_claire: Why wouldn't they work?
gualdhar: wait, why don't they work?
FarleyF: On the next tinker tailor solder fry we change the color of the sun
DrLigmaPhD: Orbital drop dongs aren't viable
Invitare: they wobble
dumbo3k: damn, now I'm imagining it's Ian's character from that Beige sketch, changing the sun's color to create better beige
kimmibeans: YeH, it’s definitely Ian. He wears too many
kimmibeans: Neutrals to not be that powerful
Bruceski: The payload is also in orbit
gualdhar: so it's basically a missile anyway. great.
TehAmelie: orbital speed is like 8 km/s i think
Invitare: you need to put like, rockets on to keep it going the right way, the right way up and oops you just build a rocket
LordZarano: Yeah it needs to deorbit
Brozard: A space pool cue
BlueDaNewb: Now how am I going to hold the world hostage
Manae: Once the tungsten goes up, who cares where it comes down? That's not my department
TheWanderingNomad: Water is pretty great. I hear we need it to live
DrLigmaPhD: Sci fi setting question: do I do 1 ringworld or hundreds of O'Niell cylinders?
Earthenone: stelth in space is great, no one can hear me
electric_claire: You can put your satellite in a low orbit so that the launched payloads can decay, it's just not an immediate weapon.
Invitare: stealth in space is hoping no one's looking out the windows
Lord_Hosk: The people are probably not happy because you are forcing them to dring grey water
CAKHost: Did Cameron and Cori turn more yellow to anyone else?
Invitare: no we've just jumped into the Simpsons Universe
Earthenone: i assumed it was a simpsons reference\
CAKHost: Oh okay
TehAmelie: the color balance might have shifted to extreme summer
dumbo3k: I assume the color shifted because of that conspiracy Cam was talking about
TehAmelie: ah, the moonbase is where they put all the yellow they stole from the sun
LordZarano: The US and Russia have already demonstrated satellite destruction rockets. You just fire something into the path of its orbit. Sprays debris (space junk) everywhere though
Earthenone: no longer simpsons, now avatar
empyreon: Less Perfect Sphere is my Big Giant Circles cover band
DrLigmaPhD: Next you'll tell me my investments in a Nicol-Dyson Beam was wasted
CAKHost: The Chat collective is blue?
BlueDaNewb: So is everyone in Star Trek pretending not to see the Romulan ships to be polite?
Sundrall: I think its like a 10 mile distance between the highest point on earth and the lowest. which isn't a lot when compared to the diameter of the planet.
KV1NN4: Mr Lauder!
Invitare: @BlueDaNewb Actually they aren't using a window, historically anyway. It's a viewscreen. The Romulans are just hacking it and photoshopping themselves out
Sogheim: planets are a huge waste of material when it comes to living space.
TheMerricat: I have this on the second monitor and every time I look my brain keeps asking me who the third streamer above Cori is.
goatprince: (you need water levels for any plant growth)
Earthenone: whats the space one do?
Earthenone: ohh a meth hookup!
BlueDaNewb: @BlueDaNewb The power of photoshop. I wouldn't have guessed.
goatprince: the game tells you where the ocean will flood
Lord_Hosk: AI makes the arts
Sogheim: I could produce one unit of art if I wanted to...
SkylerRingtail: This hurts my soul
dumbo3k: I have consumed at least 84 units and 30 sub units of art at this time
Boiler_bot: Yep....
DoodlestheGreat: Well, I just got off Fur Affinity, so I got LOTS of art.
LurkerSpine: we're all going to go back to piracy
Earthenone: TV 2
DrLigmaPhD: Don't you love free market capitalism?
Brozard: A cabal of content
Serivus: @LurkerSpine Going to? My dear person, we're already there
Boiler_bot: TIL about Shudder.
Earthenone: yeah thats the way to survive, i contribute amazons thing because they gave me a discount due to food stamps
Sogheim: having a rule where you can only join the polycule if you have a different subscription service would cut down a lot on the duplicate apps
TehAmelie: my cousin contributes Netflix and i contribute a little piracy know-how
Brozard: Forget "What's your sign?", it's all about "What's your streaming service?"
Sogheim: "I don't have a streaming service, I buy shows on DVD"
goatprince: that trade route one is primo
Earthenone: new santas just droped
DrLigmaPhD: We should all also know somebody who converts digital media into physical media because A) Fuck them companies and B ) Everything digital only isn'y great for long-term preservation if a company goes under or someone hits "delete"
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Earthenone: is this where w ebuild our martha?
Lord_Hosk: It was pretty fun
LurkerSpine: May 26th it will be removed
Lord_Hosk: Willow is still available in the US anyways
KV1NN4: it's being removed from Disney+??
DrLigmaPhD: Seed this world
LurkerSpine: I couldn't handle the way the kids talked in Willow. The modernity of it was jarring to me for some reason
DrLigmaPhD: @KV1NN4 YUP better learn to burn CDs
KV1NN4: I am so friggen upset right now
goatprince: sewage treatments means water! love water.
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Lord_Hosk: Yes, its being removed to avoid paying long term residuals, apparently Warwick davis got a very sweet deal and the show didn't perform well (probably due to a lack of promotion)
DrLigmaPhD: Baby come back!
goatprince: you can replace buildings
dumbo3k: buildings are also moveable
goatprince: I know, I know, it's hard to let go of your children,
Earthenone: can we move them cross planet?
dumbo3k: but it's so amazing to watch them grow into self sufficient terraformers
goatprince: you can't take away pop buildings once you expand with them, unfortch
Earthenone: your food has been replaced with sewage, rejoice citizens
gualdhar: I thought we put our sweage in the sewer, so we make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Lord_Hosk: now you see why the water is grey water
Astramentha: lrrGARBO
Earthenone: i wonder how many people came to mars just to pee outdoors without the stigma
TehAmelie: imagine, an entire planet of outdoor toilets
DrLigmaPhD: @TehAmelie Man's Romance? Man's Romulus.
Earthenone: if we wanted to make it hot and wet we shouldent have added toilets
goatprince: hey kids, did you make mars hot and wet yet?
DrLigmaPhD: Will the robots be hot or the boring practical kind?
verifiablyhuman: coming soon to solar systems near you: Wet Hot Martian Summer
Earthenone: a cylon?
goatprince: agency
Boiler_bot: Processing?
geail: Can it decide which of the 10 is the best setting on its own?
noSmokeFire: one of my professors defined most robots as a system cable of sensing, thinking, and acting
noSmokeFire: it's a good way to start arguments around robotics people
KV1NN4: Basically
DrLigmaPhD: My family has always had a rice cooker and outside the US we've only lived in Australia briefly
BloodnBullets: I feel like this line of thinking ends with existential crises of "am I a robot? You would tell me if I am a robot right?"
DoodlestheGreat: My rice cooker also has a chamber to cook thinly-sliced meats, fish, or vegetables. A full meal in one shot.
Boiler_bot: I mean, yeah.
Boiler_bot: That tracks.
DrLigmaPhD: So sexy robots then? That's what we're making?
TehAmelie: RUR had it right from the beginning
dumbo3k: robots should unionize
Earthenone: its a simulation of talking
JoTyler: really into these beep boops
geail: My microwave is a robot because it can sense what food is in it (actually the relative density and water content of the food), choose what setting to use to cook the food, and then cook the food
Earthenone: life goals?
DrLigmaPhD: Ricecooker-Chan
BlueDaNewb: Official DOA rice cooker
richard_ermen: I'm unsure if boobs on a a rice cooker are what people are actually looking for Oo
Brozard: A rice coowoker
LordZarano: Baby turtles are very much robots, if you lift them up by their shells they automatically start swimming.
DoodlestheGreat: Rice Cooker maid cafe? lrrSPOOP
DrLigmaPhD: Does my microwave get a massive dong?
TehAmelie: i'm picturing a rice cooker with a fleshlight
Boopity: This is the hole in the niche that needs covering
goatprince: one of the most important features of a rice cooker is whether or not it's hot
Brozard: I've 100% seen lacey aprons made for rice cookers
KV1NN4: BRB going to design a bunch of boob and apron decals for Rice Cookers
BloodnBullets: @DrLigmaPhD I have seen people use dildos as handles for various things.
DrLigmaPhD: Wait we've just reinvented the Jetson's maid
KV1NN4: @Brozard dammit.. weait that jsut means there's a market for 'em!
BlueDaNewb: I want mu rice cooker to assure me I am doing the best I can.
Lord_Hosk: I have put both testicles AND boobs on every truck I have ever owned. Im equal opportunity.
KV1NN4: @DrLigmaPhD Rosie had to statrt somewhere
Earthenone: onigiri chan!
TehAmelie: computers: rocks that count real good
DrLigmaPhD: @KV1NN4 Rosie's origin was a Roomba with a pair of tits taped to the top?
Brozard: @KV1NN4 Hop on the new trend!
Earthenone: the kitchen polycule
KV1NN4: @DrLigmaPhD Depends how you want to define chronology
Boopity: Are fridge and rice cooker dating?
TehAmelie: one week from now there will be fridges mating with rice cookers
ghyllnox: The oven
TotallyNotaBeholder: Dishwasher, microwave, stovetop, oven
TehAmelie: or dating I GUESS
DrLigmaPhD: The oven has big they/them vibes
omdorastrix: The fridge, the stove, the microwave, the kettle...
goatprince: microwave
ghyllnox: Then there's the single-use appliances
ghyllnox: Also the air fryer
ghyllnox: Pressure cooker
omdorastrix: The dishwasher, the laundry pair
ghyllnox: Blender
Brozard: This is my polycule: Zojirushi, KitchenAid, and Ninja
Earthenone: faucent chan?
DrLigmaPhD: How smart is your sink?
Boopity: Not even a portable hole :(
Brozard: and you instantly know what they are
ghyllnox: "Just a hole" big polycule member energy
Lord_Hosk: The Garbage Disposall is a dude though
dumbo3k: Thank you Sink-Chan
Brozard: @Xed_Regulus Who's your kitchen waifu?
TehAmelie: my grandparents were early microwave adopters, but granny always insisted on calling it the "cake TV"
Boopity: We are anthropomorphising kitchen appliances LUL
goatprince: god. the idea that a sink is a service top. sorry, the thought passed through my mind
DrLigmaPhD: You're welcome everyone!
Xed_Regulus: @Xed_Regulus The juicer
TotallyNotaBeholder: Toaster, toaster is a dude, and an annoying one
TehAmelie: it's a television you put cake into to thaw it from the freezer, you see
inconsideratehat: I've been taking my countertop sink for... Granite! LUL
Earthenone: whats your appliancesona?
Brozard: @Xed_Regulus Mhm, mhm.
Boopity: @inconsideratehat Boooo! (also amazing)
BloodnBullets: hopefully
Earthenone: !break
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Earthenone: !prime
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DoodlestheGreat: Please let them be unsexy...
Boopity: Flashback to Graham talking about his Netflix's horny pls come back email
Earthenone: so i remember i carly reminding me of some lrr stuff back in the day, the one that sticks out is they did a long stream and to keep energy up music would play at random intervals and everyone on set would dance
LoadingReadyRun: we learned everything we know from i carly
Boopity: That's just the precursor to Desert Bus RDPs
Earthenone: i just saw the first episode of the revival and it reminds me of lrr today, someone got a bunch of marketing emails saying its never too early to start skincare so they pretended to put it on a baby
Boopity: @LoadingReadyRun Suddenly everything makes sense
CAKHost: Ceiling Egg came from i Carly?!
silenceaux: LoadingCarlyRun......
Boopity: LUL
TheMerricat: Ceiling Egg wasn't learned, it became.
Boopity: Ceiling Egg didn't come to us, WE came to IT
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TheMerricat: Factorio?
Boiler_bot: Making colonies/cities connected by a spoking "hyperlane".
TehAmelie: makes me think Opus Magnum might be a good stream
SnackPak_: huh
goatprince: it's a meal replacement
ghyllnox: So, you're concerned about... The tequila
Boopity: Replacement is the key word here Kappa
CAKHost: Hmmm worm
tycoonbosh: Mezcal is by far the better cactus alcohol.
TheMerricat: Is it actually a meal worm? That's interesting, why would they make it a pop instead of a chip?
ghyllnox: You're concerned about the "tequila" part of "tequila flavored worm pop"
TheMerricat: Not intentionally.... :P
DrLigmaPhD: I've had dried crickets
DrLigmaPhD: They were alright
Invitare: *laughs in vegetarian*
DoodlestheGreat: Crayfish.
Earthenone: people like wet bugs
Boopity: Crabs activate my arachnophobia sometimes
Mischievous_Catgeist: im ready for the day someone trys to trick me into eating bug candy and i get to tell them im allergic
ghyllnox: I'm vegetarian, I don't like eating the crawly stuff
DoodlestheGreat: The Gargon. >_<
silenceaux: But you can take the shells off those, do you do that for crickets?
goatprince: [Wormsucker] is quite the title
SnackPak_: at least they let you know
TheMerricat: For the most part the thing that makes me leery of eating insects is just the leg stuff. insect legs really trigger my "Nope" hard.
ghyllnox: I know there's a certain amount of bugs in peanut butter but I don't have to think about it
Earthenone: dnd goblin name or porn name
goatprince: gobblin' on these WORMS
silenceaux: Or if you do anything goblin-like, maybe?
DrLigmaPhD: I interpreted it as calling the worm a sucker
TehAmelie: the crunchy exoskeletons probably trigger some kind of "not food" reflex
KV1NN4: There's a webcomic set in Future Canada where the pronoun default is 'they/them' and Robots that appear sapeint are about (the main character is befriending(?) a 'general purpose' robot who... would like to make money wiht it's mouth so it can afford to stay charged.
KV1NN4: there's also UBI and body-mods are common espc. amongst college students
gualdhar: Oh, I didn't know this was a card game too
Earthenone: future canada sounds way better than present america
Boopity: @gualdhar Now Ben can play this on ITYC!
goatprince: I have now contributed my sneeze to the stream
Boiler_bot: Bunnies!
inconsideratehat: Bun!
Boopity: Thank you for your hard work @goatprince
Earthenone: how much food do we get from bun buns?
TheAinMAP: tqsFlower
TehAmelie: bless
DoodlestheGreat: Bnuys!
inconsideratehat: Oh god
KV1NN4: It does ask the question of what is a person and how a bit (Mars is also colonised and has its own culture in that setting)
inconsideratehat: Yeaaaahhhhhhh
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Boopity Hey, his bar isn't high for what it takes to be a card game. He did try Wizards 101 (which I have a lot of fond feelings for)
TheMerricat: Zootopia. Zootopia happens.
Lord_Hosk: The gender neutral Microwave?
KV1NN4: @Earthenone Would u like a link to the webcomic? It's been running for a few years but it updates once a week (Mondays)
DrLigmaPhD: Don't talk about appliances again
Boopity: @Thefluffiestguineapig True LUL
gualdhar: did Adam leave the bathroom door open?
Earthenone: @KV1NN4 sure!
TheMerricat: So are you all excited to get a new set of smells downstairs in several weeks?
DrLigmaPhD: Yea. Surplus value
Lord_Hosk: If there is a strange smell coming from downstairs, you should move
TehAmelie: speaking of webcomics there is a short one called Mare Internum where they find water on Mars, and themselves
goatprince: planning out a campus now?
TehAmelie: very cool stuff
TehAmelie: how are you so good at this game?
goatprince: there's an icon next to the location spot
goatprince: i... didn't know you could move a building to an unowned space
SkylerRingtail: I infer this game is a roguelite - is there any meta progression to speak of?
Boiler_bot: I'm not sure if it is very roguelite perse.
goatprince: yesish
goatprince: you unlock new buildings and challenge modes
dumbo3k: @SkylerRingtail yesish, you are earning points, that go into a progress bar
TehAmelie: New game+: Mars Harder
dumbo3k: and that progress bar leads to new buildings and leaders
SkylerRingtail: I see. Thank you!
goatprince: the lady likes making rabbits happen
goatprince: trees are honestly more difficult than rabbits
goatprince: earth is the enemy here honestly
CAKHost: *Me checking the mini washer I set on the drain cycle* I don't like the look of that wobble... XD
Earthenone: how dare you matt!
Earthenone: the 10 food we get is just someone not coming home from the expedition right?
goatprince: so,
goatprince: we could,
They_Are_Alyx: Uuuuhhhh
goatprince: what about that water mine right there..................
CAKHost: My washer betrayed my trust. >:[
goatprince: need more wet
goatprince: plant need wet
dumbo3k: plant need many wet
goatprince: free expansions are really useful
goatprince: you'll be warned if an area would flood anyway
goatprince: [radiation level lowered]
dumbo3k: as well as your bank login info and passwords, just to be extra secure
goatprince: I don't... think so?
goatprince: it's tied to each city's pop
dumbo3k: yes, but not if it cuts off the chain from it's source
ghyllnox: I got an email from a gig job I did asking me to fill out a survey for how well I liked working for them, they wanted me to log in with my SSN and birthdate by following a link in the email
dumbo3k: and you need sufficient expansion from the other city to take it over
dumbo3k: but you'll get refunded the original cities expansion points
inconsideratehat: @ghyllnox Wow.
goatprince: they want you to fail
goatprince: they are despicable
Earthenone: is it the cold kind of pop or the candied kind of pop?
Boiler_bot: Maybe space telescope will come back into rotation.
goatprince: [your gas load is ready]
goatprince: you can take that space project
TehAmelie: wait, aren't all our projects space projects?
TehAmelie: cause we're in space, hue hue
TehAmelie: experiencing dismay at their long commute, just like Matt Damon in The Martian
TheMerricat: Ok, so I get why they do it, but does anyone else find it funny that in games like this the leader art is like "Design me using only the most stereotypical character traits - and then turn the dial up to 11"
goatprince: you could empty that water spot....
Boiler_bot: I guess the artwork is doing a lot of heavy lifting in terms of conveying personality.
Boiler_bot: Since these aren't characters that express themselves through dialogue AFAIK.
Boiler_bot: Which could explain why there's a certain density of characterisation via aesthetic design elements.
goatprince: rabbit time!
TheMerricat: @Boiler_bot Yeah, like all of the lifting. :D "How do you know I'm the leader who is really into nature? Cause I have a parrot on my shoulder, am wearing something that looks like I came from a village in the rain forest, and have plants all over my background."
TheMerricat: :D
gualdhar: looks damn like her
Boiler_bot: That is just Rachel Maddow, yeah.
Juliamon: It's pretty uncanny
RebekahWSD: I just got twitch working, and with the floating portrait above Cameron, I thought, briefly, there was a third person in the room. A very tall person
goatprince: unify that wet tritium
TheMerricat: @RebekahWSD Hehe I was having the same problem earlier
gualdhar: @Juliamon I'm guessing they couldn't make it *exactly* like her, so had some minor differences just so they could say it wasn't her
goatprince: if you wet the planet, you get points
TheMerricat: Real Talk chat, you are going to be a tourist to Mars and the place you are staying at is located in the "Wet Cantina Outpost"... are you worried or no?
Boiler_bot: "Impossible!"
silenceaux: In the pocket of Big Wet
goatprince: excuse me, cori?
TheMerricat: You heard her.
goatprince: mars demands bacteria waives, got it
RebekahWSD: The lines and stuff remind me of Spore's Civilization/Space stage building...bits
TheMerricat: So I'm looking forward to the sequel to this game where the colonies start the inevitable civil war against the Earth....
goatprince: the devs are beginning work on updating this game and also making DLCs, it's fairly early in post-development
TheMerricat: When my brother played this he complained that about the only 'tension' in the game was keeping ahead of the numbers. There was no real 'conflict'
goatprince: not all games need 'conflict' to be fair
Boiler_bot: Yeah, there doesn't seem like there is much pressure to succeed. Or questions posed about what kind of Mars society you are creating.
KharadBanar: I play Terraforming Mars a lot with my board gaming group. Whether or not to engage with the terraforming mechanics is a very interesting decision in that game
Metric_Furlong: Alpha Centauri still quite unusual in engaging with those questions, unfortunately
Boiler_bot: Oh yeah, that was me!
Metric_Furlong: (unfortunate in that few other 'social development' games make that attempt)
oblequy: I like these kinds of games more science-y like Per Aspera
TheMerricat: @oblequy Playing Per Aspera right now but had to put it down for a few because I got so pissed when father figure got screwed... :D
Laserbeaks_Fury: Reminds me some of Terraforming Mars
oblequy: @oblequy Yeah, story mode kind of hits :((
Boiler_bot: It's a quite chill solitaire experience, it seems like. Though a little narrative flavour would be nice.
silenceaux: Theme is a valid metric
goatprince: I think they're adding more to this game in the future
goatprince: we crave Themes, here
goatprince: (you can make a city on that small rock)
oblequy: Bye!
DoodlestheGreat: Thanks for having us. It was an interesting stream.
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream, Cori and Cameron!
Gekyouryuu: no, Dracula has Moon Knight's money, the effin' nerd
Boiler_bot: Zoids huh? Neat.
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
DoodlestheGreat: LIIIIIIIIIIVE
LordZarano: Incidentally, all that stuff about how space is very big does not apply to Phobos & Deimos, they are tiny and in very low orbits
KharadBanar: Douglas Adams-iversary? Towel day is in two days!
empyreon: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
CAKHost: Clams
KharadBanar: Bye!
CAKHost: Bye!
Laserbeaks_Fury: You don't have stay here, but we can't go home
LordZarano: lrrHEART Bye!
Boiler_bot: !next
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