LarkSachrosis: R4mak4
Nigouki: oh boy oh boy oh boy
mitomanox: hello, chat! <3 <3 <3
Mister_BlueSky: MEESTER KENNEDY...
dumbo3k: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 4 Remake) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
jessieimproved: lrrSIG lrrSPOOP lrrBEN lrrADAM lrrSIG
GhostValv: amazonTasteTheRainbow amazonTasteTheRainbow amazonTasteTheRainbow
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circusofkirkus: welcome to Let's Remake!
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mitomanox: yasssssssss
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GhostValv: almost a year :O
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Thefluffiestguineapig: This song is so perfect for this
matthaus_c: lrrDOTS lrrSPOOPY lrrARROW
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIG lrrSPOOP lrrSIG
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's finally time for Ben & Adam to take a look at the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Apparently there's been some major changes and they're interested in seeing whats new?? | ||
azninsect: oh buddy its RE4!
saucemaster5000: Resident Peevil....
saucemaster5000: I'm not off to a great start tonight
NorthstarTex: So looking forward to this
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YawnLance: This sub make look new but it is in fact a remake of one of my resub messages from when you two first played RE4.
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DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
LessIsMorii: Hidey ho neighbours
matthaus_c: @saucemaster5000 I want a cup of Salazar's piss
Mister_BlueSky: Meester Savidan and Ulmer.
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ButButTheJesus: hi folks, whadd're we bouyin'?
saucemaster5000: @saucemaster5000 me too, same reason
LessIsMorii: Whadd're ya selling?
Thefluffiestguineapig: Of course I just realized I accidentally used my resub during play it forward!
Steel_Wish: Guess who was let out of the cage today
mitomanox: the snare in this song <3
Steel_Wish: Who's ready to Touchdown?
spo_okymulder: hi nopers maxyyH
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DaFhaye: Hello everyone
mitomanox: 2020Glitchy SUBprise 2020Glitchy SUBprise 2020Glitchy
Mister_BlueSky: I've been speedrunning this game since it came out, so I will be judging. Silently.
Mischievous_Catgeist: lrrSPOOPY lrrARROWS lrrGARBO
TwilightAvalon: Its time for the best game of 2023!
lasse_0731: Hi
lochnessseammonster: no new games! seabatClap
Mister_BlueSky: There's lots of cool skips too that are easy.
They_Are_Alyx: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
TwilightAvalon: This game is so much fun
MegaDosX: #TooSpooky
GhostValv: lrrSPOOP
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Gildan_Bladeborn: "Meester Kennedy" intensifies.
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LessIsMorii: Never seen RE4, so this should be interesting
azninsect: ok byeeeee
DeM0nFiRe: okbaiiiii
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hurricanealpaca: Kobe!
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shendaras: lrrSPOOPY
BrowneePoints: Da Cheeeeeese Leon!
BusTed: It will always be the same in our hearts.
Blakemcm: added and changed. same bones
TwilightAvalon: I think my current PB speedrun for Professional is 2:37:14
Blakemcm: more changes than deadspace
korvys: Is 4 the one with the suplexes?
circusofkirkus: LET'S REMAKE
Mister_BlueSky: Merchant is different VA but retains the same feel for sure.
BusTed: Let's run it back!
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Seth_Erickson: Silent Hill remake was happening?
spo_okymulder: Ben those headphone wires
Makrosian_Tae: no new games!
Seth_Erickson: or one of them
Thefluffiestguineapig: Yup!
saucemaster5000: Callisto Protocol. Duh.
korvys: Choo-choo Charles
ButButTheJesus: Signalis
sgowell: Maybe Dredge?
Seth_Erickson: Singnalis
Mister_BlueSky: Martha Is Dead was very good horror.
Blakemcm: signalis
mitomanox: Mothered was AMAZING
LessIsMorii: PT
BrowneePoints: Signal is yea
BusTed: Callisto Protocol SeriousSloth
matthaus_c: Dredge is real damn strong
GhostValv: D:
MAPBoardgames: The ocean is full of liquid nightmares
Mischievous_Catgeist: subnautica
MegaDosX: Oh no I'm scared
BusTed: gottem
azninsect: oh actual spoops D:
itsr67: true horror
korvys: Gottem
Thefluffiestguineapig: TOO REAL
couchboyj: But what if the fish are WEIRD?
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh
Seth_Erickson: That's why I fish on the shore Kappa
frozenphoenix7: Too real Adam
saucemaster5000: Pushed into the lake it is
LessIsMorii: Would you folks play Subnautica? I know Ben did once
BrowneePoints: The Game Grumps' horror game comes out in a week and a half too
yuan42: KKona
BusTed: usm
NorthstarTex: And all you have is bud light
Seth_Erickson: and also Legumes
YawnLance: Meom?
WiJohn: and he just got in to a new conspiracy!
Thefluffiestguineapig: Pulls out the cigarrettes he claims not to smoke anymore
Makrosian_Tae: moichendize
Mischievous_Catgeist: body pillows?
frank_the_great: Howdy Ben and Adam, howdy chat
azninsect: no buttons...yet
BusTed: you can buy pins and you'll like it
mitomanox: moet chandize
MAPBoardgames: Beej will send you an email demanding you buy DvDs
azninsect: beej will be like "buy our dvds please"
KeytarCat: @Thefluffiestguineapig "don't tell my sister, eh kid?"
saucemaster5000: Beej's particular set of skills all involve baseball facts
BusTed: I was going to make the same joke.
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Mischievous_Catgeist Serge got good response to that suggestion
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frank_the_great: Ben
BrowneePoints: The original Korean Taken is even better
quigonginnjuice: Darkman hands down
Rourke9: I really liked that one!
ButButTheJesus: BANGER
Thefluffiestguineapig: I like a lot of it
SeismicLawns: it's still good
Rourke9: podracing ruled
BrowneePoints: Adults hated it on release
saucemaster5000: Pog racing
BrowneePoints: Like hated hated 1
cle0deen: I forgot that was him.
Drathak: Podracing and space taxes everyone loves it
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Fanklok: We ruin everything
WiJohn: Then the next two movies came out and stank it up
matthaus_c: the number
LessIsMorii: Best sand-related pickup lines
Makrosian_Tae: podracing was my whole jam as a child
Gildan_Bladeborn: No, Adam, I didn't love Star Wars Episode 1; I thought it was drek, but the music was good (and lightsabers were still "kind of" cool).
Orxolon: what's up!?
korvys: I mean... he was nominated for an Oscar for Schindler's List...
Thefluffiestguineapig: I have a shirt that is a disapproving cartoon of Qui Gon with "The ability to speak does not make you intelligent" on it
WiJohn: Although Jarjar was garbage from day one
Greyah: I would argue the pod racing part is perhaps my favorite bit of all Star Wars.
ShifuDaxiongmao: Millennials, the people who have opinions about things.
BusTed: mouseley
Thefluffiestguineapig: I love that shirt
squ3e: I would change the number to a 5
saucemaster5000: I'd change Leon into Leon form The Professional
BrowneePoints: Moushley!
DaFhaye: Honestly I'm sick of that meme
Steel_Wish: I would change every person's voice to the vendor's voice
BrowneePoints: Love the meme
Fanklok: I'd replace the Red 9 with a Red 10
goatprince: would you still love Ashley if she were a worm?
saucemaster5000: normal men. Innocent men
matthaus_c: success is mostly luck
tod_vom_himmel: After watching this chauffeur for years on YouTube I finally catch one live
Seth_Erickson: because it was funny in the same way that Heathcliff is funny
BrowneePoints: Cuz gen z humor is Dadaist
Austere_Squire: greetings gentlemen, chat
frank_the_great: Haven't pondered the orb enough
shendaras: Adam needs to ponder the orb more.
korvys: Funny picture
tod_vom_himmel: Show for*
LordZarano: lrrCIRCLE
MegaDosX: Wingardium leviosa
Makrosian_Tae: O R B\
ShifuDaxiongmao: you're just normal wizards?
ButButTheJesus: OEURB.
saucemaster5000: It's why heathcliff is funny now
goatprince: we're all just wizards stuck in our own personal jars
Phailhammer: We're just normal wizards.
frozenphoenix7: I'm hoping by watching these two I will understand the origin of mouse Ashley
Thefluffiestguineapig: Magnets
LessIsMorii: Deeze orbs
emboar2235: you every just look at a spherical object for 20 minutes and admire its beauty
couchboyj: Its in fantasy art. Like a lot. Beard, pointy hat, staring at an orb.
korvys: Funny picture funny. Inspires funny caption. The end
frozenphoenix7: Wait, so LRR has 2 Bens that dropped out of Wizard school?
NorthstarTex: Orb.
Mischievous_Catgeist: and thats why we are here
YawnLance: !cw
LRRbot: This game contains, or we have found it to contain, material that may be upsetting to some of our viewers. If that content is a problem for you, it's okay to not watch this stream. Self-care is more important.
MAPBoardgames: I flunked flank.
Gildan_Bladeborn: I came to positively loathe Episode 3 though, from having it play - on perpetual repeat - as the demonstration of a portable DVD player an old retail job was selling. Hearing all the dialog divorced from the visuals just... really drives home how godawful they all were.
MAPBoardgames: Zambies!
matthaus_c: we're gonna kill a lot of spanish people
HorusFive: Shebang, Shebang. Oh baby, she move, she move
NorthstarTex: Chainsaw gore?
korvys: Is RE4 the one with the suplexes?
Greyah: Ey! A guy!
azninsect: its resident evil, thats the warning
cle0deen: I went to wizard school for awhile but they kept hiring teachers who tried to kill students.
ShifuDaxiongmao: that's not a choice, ben :P
MegaDosX: You better save the dog, or else.
ButButTheJesus: @Gildan_Bladeborn oh... oh god...
frank_the_great: The dog is behind everything
BusTed: How many bear traps are *we* going to step in?
Thefluffiestguineapig: OH NO
Mischievous_Catgeist: oh no
StrifeTgZ: Pls save dog!!
Thefluffiestguineapig: Save the doggo
Makrosian_Tae: oh no
SymphonicLolita: save dog or I unsub
LessIsMorii: Aww, that doggo is TOAST
frozenphoenix7: Dog's so dead, smh
BrowneePoints: An artist on Twitter thought Ashley's new model has kinda mousey ears and then someone drew her as a mouse and it exploded from there
YawnLance: sergeModLove
HorusFive: @korvys Indeed
frank_the_great: Mods cool
Mister_BlueSky: Maybe they took it out. Maybe the dog is the one we're rescuing, not Ashley.\
NorthstarTex: mods are great.
codypsizzle: @BusTed smashcut to bear trap compilation
Kramburger: YOU be nice to the mods
couchboyj: Bear trap aint in a jar, is it?
KeytarCat: ORB was a thing from SMB3 speedruns several years ago, and I saw it in AGDQ just before the Pondering the ORB picture came through my sight
Thefluffiestguineapig: lrrSHINE Mods
Gildan_Bladeborn: @ButButTheJesus - It was a special sort of hell for about 2 weeks.
paronomasiac042: mods = really cool people
Mischievous_Catgeist: we love mods and only heckle the streamers for bananas
MWGNZ: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
SkylerRingtail: So much DLC
Blakemcm: ben is sus
matthaus_c: oh he's up to something
Seth_Erickson: He's playing the long con
lochnessseammonster: seabatUseless
matthaus_c: did he download the Moushley mod
saucemaster5000: He did it. my five bucks are safe
HorusFive: lrrBEN 2020Suspicious
YawnLance: YES YES YES
matthaus_c: oh my GOD
SymphonicLolita: LUL
BusTed: Hahaha
MWGNZ: googly eye mod?
MegaDosX: Holy shit Ben
Blakemcm: sussy baka
azninsect: hahahahahaah
TheWriterAleph: LUL
MegaDosX: What did yo udo
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
StrifeTgZ: LUL
MegaDosX: you do*
empyreon: LUL
ButButTheJesus: what
BusTed: how strange
TwilightAvalon: oh god
Thefluffiestguineapig: HAHAH
Seth_Erickson: crazy update change
Fanklok: Ben's schemin
NorthstarTex: Letsa Go!
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TheWriterAleph: Let's-a Go!
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trebuchetboy: coxPet coxPet coxPet
MAPBoardgames: Hehehe!
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh
StrifeTgZ: Seems legit
couchboyj: Letsa Go!
Austere_Squire: Ben, what did you do
Thefluffiestguineapig: lrrBEN
HorusFive: Might be a winner
empyreon: seems right to me riffYeti
Blakemcm: watch this be a porno version lul
korvys: Let's a go!
NimrodXIV: let's a go
Gildan_Bladeborn: Just as Capcom intended, clearly.
ShifuDaxiongmao: Ben IS both resident and evil :D
YawnLance: God please just install new mods every week
Makrosian_Tae: I'm sorry? Benny. Sorry? Benny
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ChippTunes: Redisent Ebul
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Austere_Squire: Benjamin Lenjamin Ulmer, what did you do
CururuGuasu: Garfield mod?
couchboyj: Chris Pratt voices Leon in this version, right?
azninsect: bowser
Seth_Erickson: I think Leon will be Leon
HorusFive: But Waluigi in RE4 you cowards
itsr67: LUL
YawnLance: Wow haha free save file
NorthstarTex: wen Garf Cart mod?
LessIsMorii: Ew, Crisp Ratt
YawnLance: Must be nothing
BusTed: 🤔
saucemaster5000: weird
TwilightAvalon: I have a bad feeling about this
cle0deen: Yoshi?
azninsect: Leon is the only unchanged character
matthaus_c: oh it's Ben Drowned all over again
Austere_Squire: Let'sa go
StrifeTgZ: RE the way it was ment to be
saucemaster5000: @matthaus_c I was the ben that drowned
lochnessseammonster: let's a nope
Steel_Wish: But the Touchdowns
MegaDosX: lmaooooooooooo
azninsect: hahahahahahah
GhostValv: ???
Nigouki: hahahaha
TheWriterAleph: o m g
itsr67: LOOOOL
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SecretOwl: Continue... so like when you buy a used pokemon game and there's already a Mewtwo on it? XD
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azninsect: OH MY GOD YES
Eggmojii: I'm sick as a dog so this is perfect timing
YawnLance: Holy shit
SymphonicLolita: omg
BusTed: hahaha'
Eggmojii: WAIT
ButButTheJesus: BEN
NorthstarTex: OH NOOOOO
Eggmojii: what
MrSarkhan: This is amazing
HorusFive: Got dark quick
Thefluffiestguineapig: BENJAMIN
Makrosian_Tae: Unbelievable
MurphEP: They took some interesting liberties with the new version
raulghoulia: I'm so mad
Vergotterung: Jesus
TwilightAvalon: I already dont like this
azninsect: 10/10 no notes
cle0deen: Same @eggmojii
Austere_Squire: what in the actual hell have you done, ben
Blakemcm: the blatant disrespekt
itsr67: I'm so excited now
Hallontagg: o,o
Drathak: I love it thank you for this blessing Ben
Seth_Erickson: wow surprised they went with a Mario collab for this remake
Omthebox: Not so shy now
Sarah_Serinde: I'm glad I tuned in for this gabyLul
TheWriterAleph: something about shyguys with moody realistic lighting is just WRONG
YawnLance: Ben, this was worth you taking the day off homestreaming
Mischievous_Catgeist: great new mario party
BusTed: They're trying to cater to an older crowd
ShifuDaxiongmao: "not so Shy now, are you?"
Steel_Wish: This is very based
DeM0nFiRe: I had to go pick up my food right at the wrong time I missed the reveal lol (I could hear it on my phone)
BrowneePoints: Weeehurrrr! *shy guy sound*
squ3e: No spoilers for TotK please!!
paronomasiac042: i can't believe nintendo collaborated so much with this
korvys: Why was there a cop inside you, Leon?
ChippTunes: good for you Leon, ACAB
squ3e: Just in general por favor
Seth_Erickson: pew pew
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frank_the_great: This is a unironically a good idea for when you play remakes. Mix it up w/ mods
Scy_Anide: Zelden Ring is def pretty great.
Steel_Wish: Ben is a Ganondorf guy
Drathak: too early to say not even to june
matthaus_c: wouldn't it be funny if TOTK lost GOTY to one of the remakes
YawnLance: I can see Adam just waiting for the next thing to hit
Diabore: game is very good
Laserbeaks_Fury: Leon was a cop for like *one* day
saucemaster5000: I bet TotK loses to Snowboard Kids 3
Seth_Erickson: I'm not a Zelda person but BotW and TotK are just really good games
thatguysteve2709: I just looked at my screen and just saw a group of shy guys beheading someone what is going on?
a_Weakling: wait is this a xanex ad?
ButButTheJesus: @Scy_Anide heh
GhostValv: amazonPumpkinDance amazonPumpkinDance amazonPumpkinDance
BrowneePoints: 2
Austere_Squire: i am surprised that was just Leon
ShifuDaxiongmao: @thatguysteve2709 the usual :D
Orxolon: yeeeaaaahhhh,Mr.Keneeeeddyyyyy
azninsect: ashleyyyyyy
satyropodobny: csmiteCHONCC csmiteCHONCC csmiteCHONCC
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wait, she's not a mouse at all!!!
Eggmojii: YANQUI
MAPBoardgames: Yanqui?
YawnLance: Oh we're back
TheWriterAleph: LUL
Orxolon: Liberated
BusTed: Hahaha
Seth_Erickson: Ben jesus christ
azninsect: hahahaha
DiscordianTokkan: lol
GhostValv: D"
TwilightAvalon: oh my jesus
MrSarkhan: LUL
GhostValv: D:
Blakemcm: jesus krist
Vergotterung: What
NorthstarTex: WUT!
NimrodXIV: uhhh
ButButTheJesus: OH GDI
frank_the_great: LUL LUL LUL
MegaDosX: Ben what have you done
Steel_Wish: Wait a minute
MrSarkhan: Ben I'm dying
hatboozeparty: WAIT
Austere_Squire: What the hell are you playing?!
GenericGlitterGoth: PrideLaugh PrideLaugh PrideLaugh
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown lrrSPOOPY FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
BusTed: Dead Space 4 confirmed
StrifeTgZ: Great stuff.. .lmao!!
empyreon: LUL Ben, you are a treasure
itsr67: Jesus fucking christ
Makrosian_Tae: Dead Veil 4
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Fanklok: 5 seconds in and Leon starts trauma dumping
trebuchetboy: coxBongo coxBongo coxBongo coxBongo
azninsect: resident dead space 2-4
Makrosian_Tae: FBtouchdown
ShifuDaxiongmao: Ben, you're a meanie :D
Austere_Squire: Ben, what did you do?!
DaFhaye: I
Brainsample3D: Wow everyone's in this game!
DaFhaye: I can't
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
couchboyj: Lets a Nope!
Kelderan: This is amazing
spo_okymulder: gonna be a long night, brother
DaFhaye: This is the best
frank_the_great: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Eggmojii: Dead Space 4: Isaac once again has a terrible day
matthaus_c: you know it's not the real Isaac because he doesn't sound like Todd Howard
Steel_Wish: FBtouchdown
NorthstarTex: Ben you fucking legend! ❤️
SeismicLawns: the smash bros of horror games
Blakemcm: smoke the whole pack
TwilightAvalon: Intersellar Evil 4
YawnLance: They changed stuff, Adam :)
Seth_Erickson: What do you mean Adam
ButButTheJesus: who can say
voren_chalco: Isaac Clarkedy
Seth_Erickson: This is the Remake
LessIsMorii: The other thing better than Ben's mischief = Adam's reactions
Tangsm: Ben has Frankensteined a game just for Adam.
hatboozeparty: This is much better
KV1NN4: It;s April 1st somewhere in the world *cracks into a can of silly string and chugs it*
azninsect: this is so much better
Brainsample3D: Is this the new Smash Bros?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Stop disparaging Capcom's clear consistent creative vision, Adam. Kappa
MegaDosX: Was that a Goomba?
GhostValv: value added tbh
Juliamon: It looks normal to me, maybe your concussion's worse than you thought
saucemaster5000: "But only if Savidan is playing>"
Darleysam: every platform gets a tie-in character, like fighting games
Makrosian_Tae: Patch notes: increased Isaac Clark damage by 1000%
Austere_Squire: Benjamin has committed some kind of video game crime
Darleysam: Xbox gets Yoda
matthaus_c: clever work with the tweet tonight, Benjamin :p
DaxStrife: Now I'm just waiting for all the mods to crash the game, Fallout-style.
korvys: I want to know what they replaced Ashley with
MAPBoardgames: He was never heardfrom again
azninsect: benginUrgh
Thefluffiestguineapig: I love how Ben keeps saying he didn't do anything. I am waiting for Adam to just stare him down completely deadpan
ButButTheJesus: AOURGH
Eggmojii: Oi no durries
BrowneePoints: Unfortunately Isaac Sex Clarke doesn't have the same ring to it
Eggmojii: bad bad bad
Seth_Erickson: LUL
ButButTheJesus: LUL
circusofkirkus: limited oxygen
azninsect: "helmets in the way"
jessieimproved: sorry, can't
YawnLance: Face guard's too thick, man. Can't smoke
HorusFive: Silent protag Leon Kennedy
WowoT: most of this stream is just gona be the higlight real XD
matthaus_c: you know these guys are gonna die because they don't speak American
StrifeTgZ: Goomba maybe??
Seth_Erickson: It's a good language
ChippTunes: Takes off the helmet and it'sjust Wario in there
saucemaster5000: Leon was REALLY afraid of getting covid with that mask
MegaDosX: I'm fairly sure I saw a Goomba while they were driving
Laserbeaks_Fury: BACK FOUL BEAST
ShifuDaxiongmao: is he going to "dies in spanish"?
frank_the_great: I'd say sign language if that counts
Steel_Wish: Wario Clark
Eggmojii: This is the new Luigi's Mansion?
BrowneePoints: It's like Italian but more direct and better food
El_Funko: yeah but what's Spanish for g'day mate? That's right, nothing
MAPBoardgames: That puddle wasn't there before he started peeing
LessIsMorii: Where the hell is everyone going, bingo?
MegaDosX: @El_Funko Facts.
ChippTunes: España!
Fanklok: You can make anything sound suave and mysterious in Spanish
DaFhaye: Man Isaac just can't catch a break
Brainsample3D: Leon called in sick so we're stuck with this guy
BrowneePoints: @el_funko Hola Muchachos
KV1NN4: fall in.. to nature?
HorusFive: He's your pal. You go
jessieimproved: This Spanish sounds SO different from the Spanish I usually hear (SE US)
matthaus_c: muchacho >>> mate
Tangsm: He went into the woods to set up your surprise party.
ButButTheJesus: he's high
Laserbeaks_Fury: Now if they made the Disgetic UI work, I will be super impressed
StrifeTgZ: "It's a trap!"
BrowneePoints: It's Catalan I thi k
Thefluffiestguineapig: The backpack
Makrosian_Tae: How is this possible?
Thefluffiestguineapig: Oh so good
LessIsMorii: Ben's laughs are giving me life
MegaDosX: That was going to be my question
cle0deen: That giggle is lifting my spirits
Austere_Squire: i'm so curious and so scared for what might be to come
MegaDosX: European?
a_Weakling: quick get mauled so we can test the health bar
korvys: Europeein'
saucemaster5000: challenge them to a stream fight
BrowneePoints: Either way it's Spain dialect, not Mexican/Hispanic
Greyah: Holy moly Isaac learned to run like a normal person.
azninsect: eyy, eyyyyyy, you good? peein going good?
Thefluffiestguineapig: Sir, maybe you should get your prostate checked?
matthaus_c: atmosphere
willdebeast64_: Sorry, twigs in the way
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YawnLance: Isaac's moving a lot better in this suit nowadays
saucemaster5000: to teach you how legs work
MegaDosX: a e s t h e t i c
Seth_Erickson: environmental story telling
HorusFive: Tutorial section
BrowneePoints: Make you feel vulnerable
Blakemcm: when you are in a more intense experience later and have to duck it will be skurry
jessieimproved: this is the embedded tutorial
azninsect: oh bud, the new mario movie looks sick
paronomasiac042: euro peeing is my punk abba cover band
YawnLance: Oh deer :(
ShifuDaxiongmao: the gamedev excuse is "because we can"
WiJohn: Went in to the woods, peed, killed a deer torturously, seems fine
Nydestroyer: wait whats with issac being here? LUL
ButButTheJesus: b has a circle in it
Nydestroyer: Just got here
matthaus_c: if my pee ever did all that to a deer, I would never drink water again
Thefluffiestguineapig: @WiJohn Your pee doesn't vivisect anything it comes in contact with?
MegaDosX: @Nydestroyer Resident Evil 4 *shrug*
BusTed: Ah, nice place to rest my head.
ButButTheJesus: hell no
Quarthian: What difficulty is this?
saucemaster5000: I bounce on the bed for fun
Blakemcm: in the corner facing the door
frank_the_great: Floor seems nice
MegaDosX: Shots fired
laundreydhull: Resident Space?
BusTed: probably fewer bed bugs here too
SymphonicLolita: real tho
HorusFive: Sleep on floor- use bed to block door. That's a murder house no matter who's there
Laserbeaks_Fury: Blair Witch?
Greyah: Absolutely not. I've played enough of Fear and Hunger to know not to ever sleep.
Sarah_Serinde: I mean
Seth_Erickson: Isaac Clarke's return to Earth is looking to be not quite what he was hoping for
laundreydhull: Is this a mod?
laundreydhull: Weh!?
paronomasiac042: yeah, get wrecked best western
matthaus_c: no
MegaDosX: You don't scare me
GhostValv: D:
BrowneePoints: Secaera es Judio I think
empyreon: I regret nothing riffYeti
yuan42: i mean, i thought we knew chat was judgemental
Eggmojii: Gotta make this game good somehow
laundreydhull: I don't even know what that is...
SymphonicLolita: santa?
Kramburger: You haven't seen shit
YawnLance: Even me? D:
ShifuDaxiongmao: Residead Spacevil
TheWarDoctor8: what did I just walk in on? Isaac?
saucemaster5000: and yet I'm not banned. Interesting.
GenericHerooo: Hi, everyone! KonCha VirtualHug
WowoT: why has LRR gotten so many bans in one night? oh don't worry it's just ben and adam
raulghoulia: So is Ashley going to be Samus or Bayonetta?
MegaDosX: X to doubt Ben
hatboozeparty: Geez im sorry
eric_christian_berg: *zip* Sorry.
frank_the_great: Judgement is nigh, and if one of us is wrong, we're all wrong
GenericHerooo: uptime!
HorusFive: They've seen what you've been doing. They know if you've been bad or good HolidaySanta
patrick_stonecrusher: Still waiting for the pizza reckoning
Steel_Wish: We're all wrong at all times
Eggmojii: Isaac you can literally rip aliens in half, just kick the door open
GhostofJeffGoldblum: this was VERY confusing to load into
saucemaster5000: (I hate it when he says that and I'm doing it)
GhostValv: wowie
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
MegaDosX: Holy shit
matthaus_c: that right there, is the face of judgment
EikoandMog: What the hell did I just walk in to.
Steel_Wish: Hammerbro!!
StrifeTgZ: That was a surprise
TheWarDoctor8: O_O
Gildan_Bladeborn: Just as Capcom intended.
laundreydhull: :O
MrSarkhan: seabatClap seabatClap
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh jlrrFacepalm
azninsect: hahahahaahha
RedRaptor: This is truly the spoopiest game
Blakemcm: i wonder if headshots will be harder?
Kelderan: Ben. Ben... Ben.
Makrosian_Tae: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
BrowneePoints: Im betting 100% Ashley is a Mouse
ThankYouUro: Oh no, it's a European!
Seth_Erickson: You seen Princess Peach around?
HorusFive: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! How does taxidermy change the mouthfeel of a dead goose?
SnackPak_: art.
dtgill: What in the holy hell is going on
MAPBoardgames: Brother!
Boon_33: sup troopa
Blakemcm: did they alter hitboxes?
YawnLance: Is judgement the Koopa? You have to tell me if it's the Koopa?
ButButTheJesus: ITS TOO GOOD
BusTed: seabatHITBOX
Gildan_Bladeborn: @dtgill "Art" is what's happening.
Seth_Erickson: tbf it wasn't going to scare you normally anyhow
BusTed: The angry eyes
MWGNZ: might pass out from laughs
azninsect: idk what youre talking about I'm totally spooped
lochnessseammonster: scary how great it is
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
spo_okymulder: I'm more scared honestly
DaxStrife: I am *dreading* what Salazar looks like now.
HorusFive: Just waiting for a Goomba to ace Issac with a chainsaw
LessIsMorii: Those angry eyes
Steel_Wish: Pencil gang
SnackPak_: omg
Thefluffiestguineapig: I am waiting for Ben to be utterly incapacitated by giggles
laundreydhull: What timelines have been breached!?
ShifuDaxiongmao: "Get stomped!"
azninsect: hehehehe
Eggmojii: Insane screen tearing damn
Kelderan: This is... amazing
Nydestroyer: Damn kuppa murder
GhostofJeffGoldblum: a certain amount of the gravitas has certainly been lost
Greyah: That's such a tiny gun for Isaac. Does he even know how to operate that?
StrifeTgZ: Intense mario remake
Fanklok: He won't be in Resident Evil 4 Remake 2
Tangsm: You hit him so hard he didn't even retreat into his shell.
saucemaster5000: tonight we dine on turtle soup
GhostValv: the hammer is his penis
Lionhardt544: what is even happening lmao
BrowneePoints: His Kooaca
TwilightAvalon: MARIO!
TwilightAvalon: NOOOO
MegaDosX: Then he pulls out the bottle of amyl
ChippTunes: AQUI ESTA
KeytarCat: He's packing? I'm happy for him
LessIsMorii: Wow, that Dr Horrible reference
EikoandMog: WHAT IS THIS
Eggmojii: @BrowneePoints cursed
Steel_Wish: Hammer brother-husband in the South
saucemaster5000: if you don't grunt the founding fathers kick you out Kkona
Eggmojii: Only real Americans moan when they ADS
Brainsample3D: This is just what it's like to go to a video game convention.
MegaDosX: A fucking pencil
LessIsMorii: Mr Wick
GhostofJeffGoldblum: MEESTER WEECK
BrowneePoints: John Wick
Blakemcm: green screen is showing a bit behind Ben
Seth_Erickson: Number 2 pencils are dangerous weapons Kappa
ButButTheJesus: @EikoandMog Ben and mods
azninsect: john weeek
MegaDosX: Oh man is there a mod for this that turns Leon into John Wick?
laundreydhull: Cuz baba yaga I guess
frank_the_great: Do you want to see a magic trick?
Laserbeaks_Fury: That has to be the #2 weapon in all of video games
Diabore: if the pen is mightier than the sword, than a pencil must be better than a knife
a_Weakling: thanks now i need to go watch John Wick 4
HorusFive: Meester Weik
matthaus_c: did you now
MegaDosX: No!
saucemaster5000: What?!?
Mister_BlueSky: Noooooooo... really?
BusTed: whaaat
Thefluffiestguineapig: REALLY
Tangsm: Really?
frank_the_great: D:
Quarthian: Wait, this is modded?
niccus: you modded dead space this far?!?!
Thefluffiestguineapig: You don't say
MegaDosX: Awesome.
LessIsMorii: Yes plz
MegaDosX: So you could be John Wick
SnackPak_: asking the hard questions
Tangsm: I hope that conversation required a white board with columns.
Dalrint: This game looks a bit different from what I remember
Thefluffiestguineapig: With John Wick line reads?
GhostofJeffGoldblum: what THINGS we have in store for you
Thefluffiestguineapig: And Ashley being a puppy>
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Ben has such things to show you
DaFhaye: Tramp stamp leon is my favorite outfit
DaxStrife: Leon is not cool enough to deserve the Keanu treatment.
BrowneePoints: Ashley is 100% a mouse
saucemaster5000: Ben built that koopa with his bare hands
Seth_Erickson: mods aren't too hard to install
Brainsample3D: can we get Keanu for the second day?
BrowneePoints: Calling it now
GhostofJeffGoldblum: @BrowneePoints I feel like it has to be a zag on that
a_Weakling: He built this mod IN A CAVE
LessIsMorii: Mod Ashley to have a pair of pants, the poor girl
GhostofJeffGoldblum: the mouse is too easy
laundreydhull: LUL FBtouchdown FBBlock VoHiYo voxyKnife
circusofkirkus: Ashley is Minnie Mouse
BrowneePoints: Minnie Mouse
BrowneePoints: Same braincell
korvys: How far into this game before we meet Ashley? Cause I *really* want to know what the mod does for her
SymphonicLolita: rats rats rats
GhostofJeffGoldblum: oh yeah I think you twoi called it with Minnie
saucemaster5000: Leon's wearing the gravy helmet again
Nydestroyer: Not going to lie that koopa bit made my day and cheered me up quite a bit, I really appreciate it :P
KV1NN4: i'm so glad I didn't decide to have an adible earlier I would be wrecked right now
Thefluffiestguineapig: That would be solid gold
ButButTheJesus: "yyyeeeaaahhhhhh..."
matthaus_c: it's good to see Isaac is working on his posture too
laundreydhull: Issac never could in his own universed game?
LessIsMorii: @KV1NN4 Ooh, good idea
Thefluffiestguineapig: This is super well done
Seth_Erickson: The dead space model is fantastic
laundreydhull: Move this fluidly I mean.
TwilightAvalon: The RE:Engine is so customizable
ShifuDaxiongmao: keeping the pencil was an S Tier decision :)
Diabore: you know hes dead because hes not a koopa
Eggmojii: hahaha\
a_Weakling: scream in English damnit
GhostValv: why did it sound like necessito pollo?
azninsect: hahahaha
iondream: the heck
GhostofJeffGoldblum: oh that really got my ass
MegaDosX: Oh my god
SnackPak_: it looked so sad
raulghoulia: That was the noise Adam made going down the railcar tunnel
Thefluffiestguineapig: CURSED
MurphEP: Oh I hate them
Austere_Squire: i cannot handle the koopas
KV1NN4: @LessIsMorii Yeah, once I've done a fe wmore chores I'll be popping one to ride out the stream XD
MegaDosX: Also how do hitboxes work with these mods?
gualdhar: this is fantastic
dtgill: This is Resident Evil: Universes Beyond
Thefluffiestguineapig: That Koopa will haunt my nightmare
korvys: Oh, those skins are going to make it hard to see the hitboxes, aren't they?
azninsect: ive seen this in the club
spo_okymulder: do they jave a huge hitbox now?
BrowneePoints: Oh this is gonna make the game way harder
fiftymcnasty: Do they up the hitbox sizes on them too?
Seth_Erickson: stomp it
Dalrint: those koopas are going to be a mess for hit boxes
lesbianpunkpyromancer20: i don't think it will be safe to take a sip at any point
ShifuDaxiongmao: problem is... where the bus to aim for headshots? :D
laundreydhull: Let's NOPE? More Like Let's NOPE-Delorean, right!? LUL
codatski: I see that they didn't mess with hitboxes.... playing on hard mode I see
TwilightAvalon: How do the new models effect their hitboxes though because this game can have very fucky hitboxes with normal models
saucemaster5000: let's make these koopas poopas
Thefluffiestguineapig: That is a change I dd not like
Diabore: if it gets low do we have to refill the lead?
LessIsMorii: The pencil has durability, haha
nervousdavid: is there a list of mods that have been installed?
Greyah: Gotta sharpen the pencil now and then, otherwise it won't stab good.
niccus: looks accurate to spain for me
BrowneePoints: Grunt's Birthday Party
TwilightAvalon: WHY
laundreydhull: Conspiracy theorists? In a cult!?
YawnLance: Wow that is a subtle mod
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight sergeJustRight sergeJustRight
SymphonicLolita: LUL
LessIsMorii: HOT
Juliamon: NO
DiscordianTokkan: lol
GhostValv: D:
itsr67: Loool
MegaDosX: Was not expecting that
Seth_Erickson: LUL
nervousdavid: lol
Usquebaugh67: D:
EikoandMog: LUL
MurphEP: :O
Makrosian_Tae: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
frank_the_great: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP
Vergotterung: Hagaha
ButButTheJesus: GAH
BrowneePoints: Wait was that Heather from Silent Hill
MrSarkhan: lrrWOW
laundreydhull: Ha.
snowyowlly: yeah ok that's my favourite one so far
GhostofJeffGoldblum: holy shit LUL
azninsect: i was NOT expecting that
GenericGlitterGoth: noooo o,g
ShifuDaxiongmao: she looks a bit... boned...
ChippTunes: S P O O K Y
Austere_Squire: oh that was a jumpscare and a half
Thefluffiestguineapig: I almost did a spit take
LessIsMorii: Hot hot hot hot hot hot
MegaDosX: Spooky scary skeletons
TheMerricat: Chat.... I just joined.... did.. they mod the game?
StrifeTgZ: Wha!!
DaxStrife: Oh I'm having Grateful Dead flashbacks now.
Greyah: Eek an skellington
GenericGlitterGoth: omg even
MrSarkhan: holy shit ben I'm dying lol
Nydestroyer: smash cut to bleach white skeleton
DarknessKingCoH: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Thefluffiestguineapig: OH that is amazing
PotatoWraiths: smash cut to a bleached white skeleton
Makrosian_Tae: This is TOO GOOD
saucemaster5000: those two are definitely boning
Seth_Erickson: skeleton model a little less good
gualdhar: is this a total overhaul mod? this is fantastic
LessIsMorii: This woke something in me apparently
SnackPak_: @TheMerricat sure did
MegaDosX: That diet must be working for her
laundreydhull: This is 'that' timeline, isn't it?
WiJohn: Her diet has gone too far
CaptinOfBeez: an edible was the perfect choice tonight
Boon_33: did she lose some weight in this version?
Thefluffiestguineapig: lrrAWESOME lrrBEN
Kelderan: @CaptinOfBeez Right?
Lithobraker: SMH, such unrealistic beauty standards for women's weight Kappa
GhostofJeffGoldblum: agile Isaac is VERY weird
an_asp: Gonna throw that hammer at you
Greyah: Dang, Isaac really got a lot quicker on his feet.
Usquebaugh67: HypeLol
raulghoulia: F U C K
TheWriterAleph: this is a FEVER DREAM
MWGNZ: this is perfect
LessIsMorii: They're so MENACING
mrjujubeans: This. This is the RE movie we deserve
circusofkirkus: it will be
Laserbeaks_Fury: I am SO here for this
ButButTheJesus: help i can't stop giggling
Seth_Erickson: it will be
MAPBoardgames: I thought those were hammer bros, not hatchet bros
niccus: if it's not, there are other options
laundreydhull: Are they all Koopas, Ben?
Quarthian: I feel like this takes away from part of the horror but well here we are
Thefluffiestguineapig: That koopa face was genuinely unnerving
SymphonicLolita: just swap it out if it gets old
LessIsMorii: D:
Drathak: SeemsGood
nervousdavid: i feel like i need to be higher
saucemaster5000: I.... do have edibles. Hmm.....
hesterbyrde: I just got here and I'm so confused.
Dalrint: You can kick boxes and barrels to save knife durability
Nydestroyer: I have been really laughing max volume out loud
Shparky2197: Yeah, I'm having a good time being a little stoned.
Kelderan: Can confirmed this is better with them
WiJohn: Oh I see
Quarthian: What difficulty is this?
MegaDosX: Normal I think
Seth_Erickson: I also have not seen it
EikoandMog: Standard
Thefluffiestguineapig: Honestly seeing Isaac being so agile is some serious cognitive dissonence
circusofkirkus: dead space difficult
KeytarCat: I took some just as stream started
empyreon: You ARE watching everything I.. I mean we do 2020Snacking
saucemaster5000: On "Mushroom Course" difficulty
Boon_33: dificulty: koopa troopas
Diabore: aint got time for very hard anymore
korvys: Are the big koopa heads going to mess with headshots?
YawnLance: Oh god I've noticed it I think
SymphonicLolita: oh...I think I got it
TwilightAvalon: OH GOD
TwilightAvalon: I think I know
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah
GenericGlitterGoth: I think I've figured it out
MegaDosX: !card shahrazad
LRRbot: Shahrazad [WW] | Sorcery | Players play a Magic subgame, using their libraries as their decks. Each player who doesn't win the subgame loses half their life, rounded up.
MegaDosX: Oh not that kind of subgame
ActualFactual: yeah, weirdly the koopas are base game
Laserbeaks_Fury: Did they take the wolf out of the remake?
BrowneePoints: Also heads up, on Ben's side the chroma is showing through a bit @loadingreadyrun
TwilightAvalon: I have a feeling ADam needs to look up
MegaDosX: Goddamnit Ben
ButButTheJesus: gdi
Kelderan: Oof. That pun XD
flatluigi: first time i've seen anyone mod leon to wear even more clothes
laundreydhull: Ri g h t... Blankets,...
Seth_Erickson: There is still a dog to save Laserbeaks_Fury
ShifuDaxiongmao: first the mods, now the puns? :D
Quarthian: Have either of you played the original RE4?
laundreydhull: That Spanish sounds, french?
Thefluffiestguineapig: That face is actually genuinely unnerving
Usquebaugh67: nope
Fanklok: Hearing a Koopa yell in Spanish is very funny and I don't know why
laundreydhull: I can't tell, really.
NightValien28: this is disturbing
GhostofJeffGoldblum: gonna see THAT in my dreamsa
Mechsican: the big cheese better be a hunk of actual cheese.
hesterbyrde: I mean it's spain-spanish which kinda does sound more like French
NightValien28: this is scarier than the base game
YawnLance: Oh yes
GhostofJeffGoldblum: shopkeeper is Xur
GhostofJeffGoldblum: 100%
saucemaster5000: It's ben wheeler
Seth_Erickson: do the ones with the blades have a different model Ben
patrick_stonecrusher: @quarthian vod's on the YouTube channel SeemsGood
TwilightAvalon: Im more worried about Ashley
niccus: i mean, the shopkeeper is already so iconic, why replace him
Seth_Erickson: the neck blades that is
MegaDosX: "Don't worry about it" is possibly the most ominous thing you could say Ben
nervousdavid: just think what he did to the boss's
laundreydhull: What ar ye buying!?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Okay, Trapper is the killer
MegaDosX: WHAT
YawnLance: Hahaha
MWGNZ: elfunkChunk
circusofkirkus: LMAO
itsr67: LOOOL
Omthebox: HAHAHhhhhhhh
Makrosian_Tae: WTF
Lionhardt544: LMAO
BrowneePoints: Roadhouse
ShifuDaxiongmao: Mario could learn from this :D
Boon_33: RoundHouse!
BusTed: Tatsu'd
azninsect: oh. OH.
willdebeast64_: Tornado kick?
Vergotterung: Oh no
GhostofJeffGoldblum: oh lord
ButButTheJesus: holy shit
EikoandMog: HAHAHAHA
YawnLance: Oh
TwilightAvalon: YES
MrSarkhan: BEN
Seth_Erickson: LUL
laundreydhull: Huh.
empyreon: lrrCOW
SymphonicLolita: LUL
Rourke9: HAHAHAH
ShifuDaxiongmao: watch out for holes
Thefluffiestguineapig: OH man
GhostValv: huh...
MegaDosX: OK Ben I have a question. What /didn't/ you mod?
SkylerRingtail: Who *makes* these mods?!
Lionhardt544: omg yessss hahahaha
SeismicLawns: god this is a top tier cackling stream
Makrosian_Tae: Jesus H Christ
CrazymattCaptain: just kick with the leg that was in a bear trap
BusTed: it's a mystery
saucemaster5000: no one plays that old game anymore
willdebeast64_: oh my
patrick_stonecrusher: SSSsss
laundreydhull: What a mystery this is...
Thefluffiestguineapig: 10/10 no notes
Shparky2197: *slow claps*
GhostofJeffGoldblum: but is the green herb weed
nervousdavid: i'm just sad he does not say "Roadhouse" on the melee attack
BrowneePoints: Just lil snoop dogg heads
squ3e: So Head?
Kramburger: Are we doing bell skip?
Mechsican: atpSuspect
Greyah: Look at them all. All these normal men.
itsr67: incredible
Seth_Erickson: This really is Koopa Kingdom
Usquebaugh67: D:
laundreydhull: Silly Koopa stomping
MAPBoardgames: He's fine
GhostofJeffGoldblum: shjow this to someone out of context
GhostofJeffGoldblum: no explanation
Thefluffiestguineapig: I am waiting for the chainsaw man and the weirdness there
GhostValv: how did those koopas get a fire flower...
matthaus_c: that's what you get for smoking :p
CaptinOfBeez: nintendos gotten dark
Orxolon: that's your fire flower
EikoandMog: I CANNOT wait for chainsaw
lamina5432: it is slightly creepy like this though
Darleysam: @EikoandMog I was just thinking that
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh, are the regular koopas the women?
laundreydhull: You just said, "Book Study" maybe...
korvys: Of all the things, you didn't mod the green herb? Too obvious?
ShifuDaxiongmao: eat.. lead?
EikoandMog: @Laserbeaks_Fury Yep
Masslost: the Koopa war was a dark time for the mushroom kingdom
laundreydhull: Jk, tis but a 'Library'.
Usquebaugh67: 2020Shhh
LessIsMorii: The amount of Koopa leg on display is the thing that makes me uneasy for some reason
laundreydhull: Friends? Where?
Seth_Erickson: I think I've identified the mod that's very subtle
ButButTheJesus: bawk
episvont: Just got here what the hell?
CaptinOfBeez: this is an exquisite mod selection so far
an_asp: Koopas can only see one screen around them, they're not playing in first-person.
LessIsMorii: @episvont Ben's cheeky with mods tonight :D
frank_the_great: Must have been the wind
Quentastic: I hope every character is moded except for Napoleon - his just himself
Saintnex: Yea, I think I e got the subtle mod too
BusTed: That's a least a light level of 15
niccus: it's nice to have a revival of Touch the Skyrim without having to conveniently forget half of it
ShifuDaxiongmao: kinda sad the axes were not modded into hammers :P
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
yuan42: did he just place a bear trap, then immediately step in that bear trap
TheMerricat: Chat.... did the enemy just lay down a bear trap... then step in it?
YawnLance: Hahahahaha
MrSarkhan: LUL
BusTed: Hahaah
GhostofJeffGoldblum: oh GOD
DaFhaye: I really really wish they had hammers
Juliamon: OH NOO
circusofkirkus: OH NO
EikoandMog: YESSSS
TheWriterAleph: OH NOOOOO
Usquebaugh67: LOL
gualdhar: FUCK YES
Rourke9: oh noooo
Seth_Erickson: LUL
SymphonicLolita: LUL
episvont: Holy shit, i'll catch
Dog_of_Myth: LUL LUL
Thefluffiestguineapig: OH NOOOO
Makrosian_Tae: LMFAO
episvont: Lol
Saintnex: NOOOO
LessIsMorii: BEN NO
SnackPak_: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
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azninsect: BEN OMG
frank_the_great: BEN YES
ButButTheJesus: SOME
CaptinOfBeez: HEY NOW!
Laserbeaks_Fury: GET OUTTA MY SWAMP
Thefluffiestguineapig: BENJAMIN
GhostofJeffGoldblum: I am howling
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh jlrrFacepalm
LessIsMorii: I'm not high enough for this
EikoandMog: I'M dying
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown Game of the year.
saucemaster5000: Still not as upsetting as Shrekuiem for a dream
an_asp: Imagine you're chasing someone with a chainsaw trying to cut him in half and he just stops to bend down and pick up some money he found
Seth_Erickson: how's he still plus after that attack it's bs
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Dalrint: Green and Red makes a full cure
ShifuDaxiongmao: it was a pleasant surprise, Ben :D
yuan42: got hit with the mixup
LessIsMorii: Ben-boozled
TruPhantomAngel: I remember winning a round of trivia where they were playing bad coffee house covers, As soon as I heard "Somebody" I knew which song it was. lol
Seth_Erickson: the triple combo
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's fine. You've still got full health judging from the green bars on your back.
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'm going to get a stomach ache from laughing, I just know it.
codatski: No spoilers, but does anyone know if they coded the "easy out" for this scene for the remake?
ChippTunes: I am shaking with anticipation over what you could have POSSIBLY done with Ashley and the shopkeeper
Eggmojii: Will Ashley be Nicole? Only time will tell.
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Kramburger: Oh wow, I didn't know you guys were into Fortnight
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flumph234: What glorious mayhem have I stumbled into?
ButterBall000: Just got here and OMG YES to this!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wait a minute, how is Hillbilly using bear traps
yuan42: i like how clean the tatsu animation is though
ButButTheJesus: noice
ButButTheJesus: E G G
LessIsMorii: Where the hell is everyone going?
Seth_Erickson: did we change the bell tower
saucemaster5000: going back to world 2-1
hyrulesavior: Where's everyone going, Mario party 6?
MAPBoardgames: I'm hearing ACDC in my head
Thefluffiestguineapig: The foot got me
Diabore: just gets right under the shell doesnt it
Greyah: These updated faces convey such powerful emotions. It's very impressive.
TheMerricat: the fact that the modded game models are actually inthe cutscenes... *chef kiss*
LessIsMorii: Not used to so much bright colour in RE
azninsect: Mario Party round is over, time for a minigame
TheWarDoctor8: Bingo night at Bowser's castle?
ThewayMutt: Looooooooord bowser
BusTed: tqsHmph
YawnLance: Take me to turtch
MegaDosX: No Isaacs allowed
azninsect: "stay out of riverdale"
Nydestroyer: not koopa enough for the koopa club
Eggmojii: It's either church time or street fight time. Makes sense
LessIsMorii: say it say it say it
matthaus_c: and all this on world turtle day
LessIsMorii: :D
Eggmojii: he gottem good
Seth_Erickson: Killer one line Isaac
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Isaac a man is dead
ShifuDaxiongmao: hey, 2nd cop is still hanging out
WiJohn: Isaac's having a weird day
noSmokeFire: isaac, people died
empyreon: This Mario Party is invite-only
magresta: wheres everyone going? gokarting?
saucemaster5000: This is Isaac's binding
GhostofJeffGoldblum: oh, good, she got her skin back
YawnLance: @matthaus_c Holy fuck you're not just doing a bit lmao
Eggmojii: Love that for her
itsr67: she found it
Seth_Erickson: she put her clothes back on you mean
shendaras: Fancy zoom filter
TwilightAvalon: She needed to have her skin drycleaned
Mischievous_Catgeist: its a chat filter
matthaus_c: @YawnLance sure fucking am not benginLul
DarknessKingCoH: She turned off the xray filter
Thefluffiestguineapig: I watched the Jackbox stream yesterday and all I can think of it the cat host who has his flesh melt and reform on his face.
MAPBoardgames: Just break into someone's house and rearrange the furniture
Thefluffiestguineapig: Maybe that is what is happening
Mister_BlueSky: Fun fact: You can skip that whole fight if you have a sniper rifle. You can shoot the bell in the distance and it ends immediately.
ShifuDaxiongmao: what was the grenade SUPPOSED to be? :D
Thefluffiestguineapig: Or she has a filter to look normal
Seth_Erickson: this village didn't seem very safe to begin with
El_Funko: they're ready to party
Boon_33: it was chekov's gun, always kept loaded.
matthaus_c: if they cared about safety they wouldn't have let "Leon" in
Eggmojii: Safety? Unconstitutional
YawnLance: What does it turn his banana into?
yuan42: you mean you don't just have a shotgun on your shelf fully loaded? thats not the true KKona experience
Seth_Erickson: Doom shotgun would be a fun mod if there is one
TwilightAvalon: Not to backseat, but this is the first Resident Evil where Enemy drops do not de-spawn unless you completely change the area, so the map becomes a strong tool since they show up on the map
voren_chalco: Who needs to worry about gun safety when you have infinite hammers?
saucemaster5000: Baneener
Eggmojii: You can't take my right to injure myself due to terrible internal structre of my house
LessIsMorii: Jumpscaaaaaaaaaaaare
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
empyreon: LUL
ShifuDaxiongmao: does it give the gun more a peel?
PotatoWraiths: LMAO
matthaus_c: YES
Seth_Erickson: LUL
GhostofJeffGoldblum: oh very goodf
TwilightAvalon: OH WOW
Rourke9: NICE
MAPBoardgames: Confusing guns with dicks is a phallusy.
SymphonicLolita: omg
azninsect: FBtouchdown
Steel_Wish: FBtouchdown
Boon_33: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
itsr67: looooooooool
LessIsMorii: Highlight reel!!!!!!
Thefluffiestguineapig: GOLD
MegaDosX: Wait what happened I was afk
GhostofJeffGoldblum: this is a fun game
BusTed: FBtouchdown
Thefluffiestguineapig: 10/10
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Critical Hit!
Makrosian_Tae: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Cunobelenos: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Vergotterung: Hahahahaha
They_Are_Alyx: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
GhostValv: counter!~
frank_the_great: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
YawnLance: benginTD benginTD benginTD benginTD
DeM0nFiRe: Ah shoot what did I miss
blip2004: lrrGOAT_SG
Boon_33: @MAPBoardgames lul
nervousdavid: what did i miss?
TwilightAvalon: a Critical Hit indicator....thats not even in the base game most of the time LUL
saucemaster5000: God I hope that never appears above me
Shparky2197: I'm so glad I tuned in today
ActualFactual: Hey Ben, do you think Leon and Isaac ever explored each other's bodies
Quarthian: I can't handle this
Micsig: Guess there's no COUNTER mod
raulghoulia: can you submit an entire stream for the highlight reel?
LessIsMorii: @DeM0nFiRe Koopa Troopa jumpscaring Adam
Seth_Erickson: you can parry in this remake right
niccus: i wish you could also mod in tf2's hit + hitpitch noises
matthaus_c: I fear no man, but that /thing/...
WiJohn: I like how the understated mods are subtly enhancing the experience
niccus: love pitching down the hit noise on crits and it just goes ringing like a bell forever
Eggmojii: That is so Isaac
Phailhammer: Do we know what the subtle one Ben alluded to earlier is yet?
BrowneePoints: I've missed that TF2 DING! crit
Mattmitchell45: Was there a final count of total Mods applied?
Eggmojii: It's an easy no-sell, it's his MO
Seth_Erickson: if we didn't have the armor on he wouldn't have fallen through
saucemaster5000: I'd do other things in that bed
Scy_Anide: I wouldn't kick that bed out of bed.
korvys: Athiest
Eggmojii: He is an atheist
Seth_Erickson: couldn't hear the bell through the closet
BrowneePoints: Of note I DO believe the remake kept the "combining treasures for more money" mechanic
Mischievous_Catgeist: heretic
thatguysteve2709: Did we figure out the subtle mod
matthaus_c: @BrowneePoints can confirm it did
thatguysteve2709: I know what it is
Seth_Erickson: I think I know what it is now
niccus: best of luck to Jordynne
saucemaster5000: Ben is the mod, adam's alone rn
YawnLance: Not going to spoil it but it's very good
ActualFactual: imagine being kicked out of the cult cuz you couldn't stand in the closet for 24 hours
matthaus_c: once you see it you can't unsee it
Seth_Erickson: ok I was right then
frank_the_great: The kicking is street fighter, yeah?
TwilightAvalon: He is doing something weird with the Melee Weapon out
thatguysteve2709: I don't want to spoil
cle0deen: I'm calling Dreamworks
BrowneePoints: chat be good
MAPBoardgames: Now fortified with Resource S!
Phailhammer: I might have spotted it, but I won't say anything.
BrowneePoints: There's a Shrek Rave an hour from me next week
Seth_Erickson: Shrek's a very religious Ogre
circusofkirkus: Don Quixote
willdebeast64_: I feel like that chicken made a chicken noise from another game, or maybe it's just a generic chicken noise
YawnLance: Ah we're Don Quixote
saucemaster5000: peak performance looks like that windmill
The_Color_Twelve: the sacred heart hospital
BrowneePoints: Remember when you NEEDED type rolls to save?
matthaus_c: windmills were actually invented by Dark Souls 2
BrowneePoints: Fun mechanic Capcom(not)
Thefluffiestguineapig: @The_Color_Twelve He's there. Then he'll be there
Eggmojii: What do the eggs do?
cle0deen: It might be a giant
MAPBoardgames: Not a bramin?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yup...that's a cow alrgiht
EvilBadman: Needs cucco
The_Color_Twelve: dark
thatguysteve2709: Chicken eggs should have been ostrich eggs
Seth_Erickson: innocent koopa civilian casualties NotLikeThis
azninsect: the pencil is so good
Eggmojii: No bueno
Fanklok: Replacing animals with pokemon would be funny
Laserbeaks_Fury: Resident Keyvil
LessIsMorii: Trying to tell if Isaac has a decent booty
MAPBoardgames: Keys and generators
MegaDosX: Is that the key difference in this genre
MegaDosX: ?
BrowneePoints: Ben, this is giving me "My College Left 4 Dead 2 with Friends" days with all the mods
thatguysteve2709: Yes miltank cows would be amazing
Driosenth: Return the Blue quest notes, NOT THE RED NOTES
Thefluffiestguineapig: Pidgeys instead of chickens
Mechsican: mop
MAPBoardgames: I'm just waiting for a snake.
zeathean: ‘Urb
BrowneePoints: You've never played L4D2 until Attack on Titan starts playing as Roshan from Dota appears with a horde of Care Bears to rip you in half
Greyah: All snakes are just using the Solid Snake model.
DarknessKingCoH: Why can't I place that weird melee movement?
MrTulip: just catch a 5cm wood splinter to the spleen and keel over
LessIsMorii: Ben, we don't deserve you
yuan42: KKona
korvys: Ben, can you tell us how many separate mods you installed?
ShifuDaxiongmao: it's the US squad.. "We need to diffuse that" *shoots bomb".... "we need to open the lock" *shoots lock*... "I am making dinner" *shoots pan*
Seth_Erickson: next question
TwilightAvalon: 392
Thefluffiestguineapig: Good question, next question
BrowneePoints: Wait a second, is Fortnite actually just how playing L4D with mods felt?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Shitters full
YawnLance: Uh oh poopies
MAPBoardgames: I think it isn't well
MegaDosX: You couldn't pay me enough
fiftymcnasty: 15 bucks?
Seth_Erickson: 100k
TwilightAvalon: I think you'd die
ShifuDaxiongmao: the answer to amount of mods is.. an adequate amount :D
SnackPak_: none monies
Boon_33: wow, that is very full
Darleysam: the mod that just turns this into Skyrim, but Skyrim is also modded
Makrosian_Tae: infinite money
frank_the_great: I'd do it for 10k for sure
Fanklok: 20 bucks
Steel_Wish: 6 digit minimum
hatboozeparty: can i puke after?
BrowneePoints: That's how you shit blood and die. No thanks
raulghoulia: it's just a sip
LessIsMorii: 69
Seth_Erickson: I could be convinced for 40k I think
Thefluffiestguineapig: In the US you would need to at least have them cover your medical expenses
SeismicLawns: 40 grand plus expenses
saucemaster5000: I'd do it if I got a cup of isaac's piss to wash it down
Seth_Erickson: if it's a small sip
Laserbeaks_Fury: You gotta have enough to cover the hospital bill
MegaDosX: Nice thousand dollars
HatsWearCats: Its not a question of how much unfortunatly
Mischievous_Catgeist: needs to pay more then the hospital bills it will cause
dougma: in the US the $100K would not cover the ER visit
YawnLance: Also I'd need a guarantee I'd recover from all of the diseases that'd give me
Eggmojii: no way that cow wouldnt be spooked by that
Quarthian: It's just a sip, probably wont hospitalize you
KeytarCat: Food or money
Mister_BlueSky: What about secret egg 2: electric boogaloo?
saucemaster5000: no chicken eggs are the one type of eggs humans can't eat
Steel_Wish: Wait hold on
TwilightAvalon: Brown Chicken Eggs heal slightly more than 1 Green Herb
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EvilBadman: Why Wheeler is all about em
BrowneePoints: well no, they're expensive cuz of virtual Monopoly
yuan42: eggs, eggs, e-double g-s eggs
Fanklok: Leon needs his protein
BrowneePoints: but they ARE good for you
code1300: In orange juice do u don’t see them lol
code1300: So
MAPBoardgames: When I was a lad I ate 4 dozen eggs, every morning, to help me get large.
BrowneePoints: she said Donde Esta!
lochnessseammonster: just gonna gaston our way through the game PrideLaugh
Seth_Erickson: pretty sure one is near where you got the blue note
matthaus_c: the return of liberated
Lysander_salamander: hello folks
ButterBall000: 4 raw wggs for breakfast is called "Slamin' Ella"
BrowneePoints: and we showed her la biblioteca
Orxolon: happy to see you are better adam
Lysander_salamander: oh, is this a modded version?
EvilBadman: They don't know I'm Isaac from Dead Space
BrowneePoints: @Lysander_salamander heavily
MegaDosX: @Lysander_salamander Oh, just a little bit
Fanklok: Isaac out here stompin some turts
Quarthian: No, this is completely normal
Juliamon: Lysander_salamander Just a tiny bit
Lysander_salamander: nice
MegaDosX: @Fanklok Perchance!
circusofkirkus: lame
Steel_Wish: Based
willdebeast64_: lame
Eggmojii: it would be incredibly devious if the last blue medalliion was much later in the game
matthaus_c: that's not much of a scavenger hunt, but I respect it
Seth_Erickson: Yeah you did walk past there already
Darleysam: just a couple of QOL mods, really
Orxolon: what dificulty are we on?
willdebeast64_: But you have the ultimate key: gun
YawnLance: @matthaus_c I respect you. Get got.
MAPBoardgames: Turns out, the guy you turn the quest into was the one you stabbed in the neck with a pencil
MegaDosX: Normal difficulty
Darleysam: fix some mistakes Capcom left in
Lysander_salamander: Is this the first day of playing with mods?
Juliamon: willdebeast64_ please use a different word
frank_the_great: Was that a GTA map? The diamond looked familiar
Orxolon: @MegaDosX thx
matthaus_c: @YawnLance NotLikeThis this is bullying
MegaDosX: @matthaus_c lmao get got
NightBook1: ok, i just got here...WTF is this? it says Resident Evil on the stream description but im seeing Deadspace...WTF?
Steel_Wish: Isaac no stab, only wildly whack
Quarthian: No gotta see the merchant
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Steel_Wish: And stomp
matthaus_c: @NightBook1 don't worry about it
HatsWearCats: They just venmo'd him 200p
BrowneePoints: You Stephen Merchant!?
LessIsMorii: @NightBook1 You're seeing Ben being cheeky with mods
YawnLance: @NightBook1 They changed some stuff in the remake :)
BrowneePoints: yep!
Orxolon: is it backsitting if i tell them about combine?
NightBook1: ???ok???
an_asp: What a strange mechanic
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MAPBoardgames: @voren_chalco It does! it contains the brew which is true!
Dalrint: You get a bonus for how many different colored gems you get on an item
Juliamon: Orxolon They've played the original game, so they know about it
CaptinOfBeez: merica
MegaDosX: Kitchen pencil
Omthebox: Any lock any tool brother KKona
AtomicAlchemical: @voren_chalco yes, and the brew that is true
Juliamon: SUMO BOYYY
yuan42: HE LORGE
YawnLance: Thiccoopa
saucemaster5000: isaac is from space, he knows not of earth knife
LessIsMorii: Big boi
Steel_Wish: The Dragon Flagon, my favorite tavern in the Forgotton Realms
MegaDosX: Sekiro
ChippTunes: BIG BOI
voren_chalco: Sledgehammer borther
zeathean: oh, lawd he thick
hyrulesavior: It's gorp!
BrowneePoints: So fun fact, the normal model for those guys is TERRIFYING
Eggmojii: Gaming out of his mind
Kibbik: profes168Cuddly
Diabore: that one ate its wheaties
WiJohn: Oh lawd he comin'!
ButButTheJesus: MEGA CHONK
an_asp: Sledge bro!
circusofkirkus: ellies1Littleguy
an_asp: With an actual sledgehammer, nice
I_Am_Clockwork: Cheer10000 'Ello 'Ello 'Ello, What Fresh Hell is this!? XD
MAPBoardgames: Blue Velvet, if you please
MegaDosX: Holy shit
MechaKuuga: brucegClap
MegaDosX: That's amazing
Nebula662: Welp, I shouldn't have expected anything other than this benginSip
CaptinOfBeez: whoa
epicduece: the kick reminds me of double dragon, lol
Lysander_salamander: that's a fun-looking spin-kick
LessIsMorii: Ew, the floppy necks
Eggmojii: Reminds me of mascots
BrowneePoints: I also found out I THINK you can deflect hatchets with the knife?
saucemaster5000: Adam's gonna run out of shells before they do
MechaKuuga: honeygobGlare
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BrowneePoints: and completely by accident?
ButButTheJesus: @I_Am_Clockwork Great Scott!
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Xaunaught: Oh this game looks great
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ChippTunes: dem bits
SirMorek: i just got here and i'm so confused
Eggmojii: lockpicking lawyer
yuan42: @SirMorek lrrFINE
EvilBadman: The APM on the menuing. Indescribable.
WalkingProfanity: What nonsense is this?
SirMorek: yep no questions, just feelings
The_Color_Twelve: thats fair
SirMorek: keep being great
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Quarthian: This is Resident Evil 4 remake on standard difficulty
MAPBoardgames: I'm feeling like the mods might be reducing the horror factor. Not much, just a bit.
eric_christian_berg: Just enjoy the sunset.
nervousdavid: this is the best deadrising game i have ever seen
saucemaster5000: Poirot couldn't solve this one
matthaus_c: what horror factor
arkham1981: Says Mr. Has to know about the orb.
LessIsMorii: Hey, we got a good jumpscare still
BrowneePoints: I think I noticed another subtle Mod
DiamondMX: Wait, is this actually RE4 - but... with a Dead Space mod?
saucemaster5000: I was gonna get scared
matthaus_c: we never get jumped by the closet koopa without mods
Thefluffiestguineapig: Those koopa faces are pretty unnerving
raulghoulia: that koopa coming out of the closet was scary
Mattmitchell45: Koopa in a box scared me
jessieimproved: I do miss my himbo Leon a little
ShifuDaxiongmao: to be fair, it was a very scary closet
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Lysander_salamander: can you make your own flour at the mill?
BrowneePoints: her name is Portia Cullis now Adam
saucemaster5000: I'm scared of the fact you can use amazon prime for a free sub
LessIsMorii: Cheep cheep
korvys: Ashley
MegaDosX: I'm shocked.
nervousdavid: who is ashley?
D4pperDan: its scarier if you imagine the villagers are wearing koopa suits
MAPBoardgames: But not Salizar?
Mister_BlueSky: Is Ashley modded? Y/Y
MAPBoardgames: Yes!
MegaDosX: What about Salazar mods?
Quarthian: No Saladbar mod?
Fanklok: Is there a mod to replace Leon with John Leguizamo
Tangsm: Is there a pokemon mod?
saucemaster5000: Mod him to be Jamie Kennedy
niccus: ah, an oasis of normalcy.
Mechsican: over under on thomas the tank engine fish monster?
matthaus_c: Leon? no. Isaac? yeah
fiftymcnasty: Its on wheels
BrowneePoints: it has wheels. just gotta get it moving
MegaDosX: Isaac could do it
Mischievous_Catgeist: punched a bolder
Nydestroyer: Chris could totally do it
Eggmojii: Adam could do it
saucemaster5000: he uses space technology
MegaDosX: Also the wheels would help
MAPBoardgames: Its on wheels, he might be able to, on flat ground.
fiftymcnasty: You can push a car, why not a cow on wheels
Eggmojii: Isaac couldn't, he's a little nerd boy
MegaDosX: That's sorta the whole point of wheels, makes it easier to move heavy shit around
matthaus_c: how far do you think you could push a cow uphill
Greyah: True. Isaac has the power of physics and stuff. He'd know how to move a cart good.
BrowneePoints: there's dipshits complaining about it
KeytarCat: The man walked in a half crouch for 7 hours
patrick_stonecrusher: I can't remember, was the minecart ride where Adam yelled 'Baugh!' In RE 4 or 5?
CaptinOfBeez: nah LRR needs a new summer games where they push cows in carts
saucemaster5000: yellow paint is horribly xenophobic to other paint
korvys: Is he doing karate poses whenever he does a knife attack? Is that normal?
BrowneePoints: "how dare they put readability aspects in this!"
DiamondMX: Immersion these! These what? These nuts with yellow X's on them!
ShifuDaxiongmao: I have a hope for the shopkeeper, so looking forward to see what Ben did :D
BrowneePoints: OMG IT IS
YawnLance: We got there benginLul
SymphonicLolita: perfect
MegaDosX: And there it is
Mattmitchell45: He Wipes his Katana
DiamondMX: Jesus? Is he in here too?
EvilBadman: What no Sekiro?
frank_the_great: I was close, I said street fighter
saucemaster5000: that's a job for the goombas
KeytarCat: just wait a sec and they'll jump to your level
LessIsMorii: I want to see someone speedrun this mod
an_asp: Turtle shells: not actually bulletproof
BrowneePoints: I dare you to try deflecting a hatchet with your knife
Dalrint: Are the dogs modded?
Greyah: Mods are the real hard mode.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Headshot 8 in a row and get a 1-UP
yuan42: i hope g comes back in SF6, such a cool character
BrowneePoints: RE engine is REAL good
hyrulesavior: Haven't gotten around to the Dead Spain remake yet, looks fun though
HorusFive: @Dalrint What happens later when the enemies start to have tentacle heads?
Oreo1369: About to go get mushrooms and sausage pizza
ShifuDaxiongmao: just a flesh wound
Thefluffiestguineapig: The schlorping noises when they resurrect are deeply upsetting
DiamondMX: Ben. You are a very silly man.
saucemaster5000: Pro tip -- these guys are much easier with the tanuki suit
EvilBadman: Left Bumper is a parry. Or maybe RB?
LessIsMorii: Parry?
Oreo1369: Damn what happened to Mario
Greyah: Parry? What is this, Sekiro?
BrowneePoints: the animations for breaking stuff changes on your weapon
BrowneePoints: I think the shottie is a stock smash
HorusFive: The fact that he's NOT stomping them to get extra cash is weird to me
Laserbeaks_Fury: Trapper main here
LessIsMorii: Never change. Adam
ShifuDaxiongmao: nailed it!
an_asp: @saucemaster5000 So you wear the tanuki suit awkwardly over the spacesuit, right?
protojman: where in the hell
saucemaster5000: @saucemaster5000 yes
NorthstarTex: ok, was away for awhile and wtf koopa?!
Nydestroyer: luckily you happened to sneak up on a deaf koopa
BrowneePoints: Then how come I'm not there
Mischievous_Catgeist: they have a real bear probably
BrowneePoints: *rimshot*
MrTulip: and so few bears
animated_fairy: How did we get here lmao
saucemaster5000: @BrowneePoints benginFingers
noSmokeFire: this is like that libertarian town with all the beras
PixelsAtDawnGaming: Ah gaming logic. Get your leg almost severed in a bear trap... just walk it off
MegaDosX: To the walls?
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Valyote: Don't forget the blocking!
NorthstarTex: the hammer bros feel out of their element throwing dynamite
Fanklok: Isaac this is a sneaking mission
TotallyNotaBeholder: I gotta admit, I'm a bit late but RE4 doesn't look the same as I remember it
Mischievous_Catgeist: needs a mod that says parkor when you jump through a window
yuan42: adam embracing his inner american KKona
epicduece: hahahaha
Laserbeaks_Fury: These *are* trying times
Mattmitchell45: Let's go!
Orlantia: This TotK mod is amazingly immersive
saucemaster5000: sideshow bob and the rakes
HorusFive: Aggregate the beartrap counter
matthaus_c: it's alright, just walk it off and find another egg
Faulpyr: This is definitely how I remember RE4
saucemaster5000: shake the chicken to make more eggs faster
LessIsMorii: That timing tho
NorthstarTex: does shooting the dynamite still explode it?
ShifuDaxiongmao: thank you for the demonstration
KeytarCat: Does the coup de grace drain knife stamina?
saucemaster5000: Wow he really is sideshow bobbing
Greyah: So the tech when entering a new area is to step in every trap before aggroing enemies.\
zimmercj: This all happened because Mario beat Bowser. Get rid of a tyrant, get zombies instead.
eric_christian_berg: Break?
Robot_Bones: To bad this is dead space
TotallyNotaBeholder: "Sideshow Bobbing" I am going to steal that phrase, thank you
saucemaster5000: Elden rung of ladder -- everyone, everytime
Orxolon: open it
YawnLance: Keep it down
Robot_Bones: no loud music after 10!
matthaus_c: banging? couldn't be me
Greyah: Whose footprints are these?! What was that noise?
BrowneePoints: I've been to some Midwest Emo and Pop Punk shows in better barns
BrowneePoints: ben you sly dog
ShifuDaxiongmao: stop stop, he's already dead!
Orxolon: how are you gonna aim at heads with this mod? xD hahahahah
HorusFive: seabatClap Got there KappaClaus
yuan42: LOL
GhostValv: wowie
Orlantia: Was that a tornado kick?
SurfDownstage: !clip
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Omthebox: Magic
thefightnerd: did adam figure out the subtle mod yet?
CataclysmicReverb: How is Callisto Protocol still going?
ButButTheJesus: YEET
WowoT: thats one strong arm
LessIsMorii: Can we get a Highlight Reel that's all this?
Quarthian: Peek gameplay
Mattmitchell45: Thumbs Up Dude!
KeytarCat: @thefightnerd yeh
patrick_stonecrusher: Please clip l suck at clip
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun you know hes not a baddies because hes not a koopa
roastbeefsandwitch: Quite the mod there.
saucemaster5000: modded to be less a stereotype?
patrick_stonecrusher: Yeeeeesssssssssss
azninsect: hahahaha
YawnLance: Resident Cheesevil
LessIsMorii: Ben
HorusFive: PIzza the Hutt?
red_shoes_jeff: PIZZA THE HUTT!?
KV1NN4: ew
saucemaster5000: that man IS the tax
ButButTheJesus: my god, the smell
Loa_Ayizan: Spongebob holypants
ShifuDaxiongmao: resident cheesewheel?
noSmokeFire: resident brievil
HorusFive: @red_shoes_jeff Drift compatable
patrick_stonecrusher: Spongbub?
LessIsMorii: Cheese tax!
Orlantia: Sponge Bob?!?
DaxStrife: Gritty remake of Mayor McCheese
AutonomousTurtle: I'm really glad I don't have trypophobia
Seth_Erickson: back from dinner just in time for the commercial break PogChamp
red_shoes_jeff: @red_shoes_jeff benginFingers
Quarthian: This has been a trip, thanks Ben
KeytarCat: @AutonomousTurtle I wish I didn't O_o
Mischievous_Catgeist: i thought he was spanish turns out he was swiss all along
LithelyUnshod: Trypophobia warning on the cheeseman
ButButTheJesus: @Mischievous_Catgeist OH U
saucemaster5000: I'm making baked beans, pork tenderloin, and cheesy brussel sprouts tonight
Quarthian: @LithelyUnshod I'm an idiot what's that
LessIsMorii: fear of holes
LithelyUnshod: Hols
LithelyUnshod: Holes
LessIsMorii: Legit phobia
Quarthian: Ahh
Kibbik: Président Evil
Fanklok: So cheese tax when?
KeytarCat: Many many holes
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LithelyUnshod: Specifically multipile, irregular holes
LithelyUnshod: Do not Google it.
Shparky2197: Woot! I cancelled some unused subscriptions to resub!
Kibbik: wb
saucemaster5000: mod changed his name to "Louis"\
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Rift_goose: Is this the beginning of Unitology?
hesterbyrde: oh god bad eyes
matthaus_c: Leon Sex Kennedy
Loa_Ayizan: body of gouda, who died for your sins
circusofkirkus: LOL
MrTulip: why would he lie to the poor guy
azninsect: OH MY GOD
matthaus_c: HAH
YawnLance: Beautiful
GhostofJeffGoldblum: amazing
ChippTunes: HE'S JUST A BAG
empyreon: ahahahahahah
NorthstarTex: XD the poor lad!
Thefluffiestguineapig: That's so good!!!!
BrowneePoints: He's not happy he's IN A BAG
KV1NN4: Nooo but he's beautiful!
matthaus_c: he's just an innocent bag
BrowneePoints: he's got sunshine, IN A BAG
GhostofJeffGoldblum: To horny jail with all of you
SomePersonNo: Thatsapenis.gif
BrowneePoints: With Leon, he's IN A BAG
ShifuDaxiongmao: he looks better now :)
Makrosian_Tae: Too good
saucemaster5000: cat's out of the something on this one
Juliamon: he's useless, he's IN A BAG
MAPBoardgames: Burlap returns!
Thefluffiestguineapig: The feet tied together
LessIsMorii: Not hot-- doesn't he get a bit pervy about the kid Ashley? :/
noSmokeFire: once he got a taste for the bag he never wanted to get out
AdamYMHMI: Video Games: Distilled
Mr_Horrible: I like how the ties on the bag are just t-posing
circusofkirkus: waddles away
Thefluffiestguineapig: This is some Fountain levels of art
matthaus_c: I've got sunshine in a bag
ButButTheJesus: wibble wibble wibble
DaFhaye: You made an even better remake than Capcom
raulghoulia: game literally unplayable
AtomicAlchemical: They also didn't take your phone
NorthstarTex: magic = ruined
LessIsMorii: They're Scalies
Thefluffiestguineapig: Is this an MSG thing with the tiny portrait and ringtone?
Laserbeaks_Fury: they're just normal men
fiftymcnasty: They're just normal men, just innocent men.
Mr_Horrible: Las Plagas just turns you into a dedicated carney
YawnLance: You're murdering all of the employees at the Nintendo theme park
empyreon: Super Nintendo World is in worse shape than I thought
KeytarCat: Once a year, in generally
GhostValv: radical
KeytarCat: *general
saucemaster5000: Nothing is as cool as snowboard kids
red_shoes_jeff: "I've got another confession to make..."
Mr_Horrible: God's a dumb nerd, why he gotta hear what I done so he can post some callout tweets
Thefluffiestguineapig: Tony Hawk pro skater 2 levels of radical
Kelderan: Wow, I haven't thought of snowboard kids in ages
Pharmacistjudge: The assumption of catholic/east orthodox is there
Orlantia: I can't wait for the ada reveal
BrowneePoints: TiconderOH GOD
Mr_Horrible: "Stealth Kills" "Wait who's that guy in the tutorial video?""
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Pharmacistjudge They are in Spain, it's Catholic.
MAPBoardgames: Metal gear!
EvilBadman: Ticonderoga sends their regards.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: There's a knife over there. Your gear didn't have a knife.
Thefluffiestguineapig: LUL LUL
Bloodrush192: LMAO WTF?
BrowneePoints: It's Dixon like Donkey Kong
Mr_Horrible: the simulation is breaking don
matthaus_c: seeeeeekiro
NorthstarTex: gottem
Thefluffiestguineapig: lrrBEN lrrGOAT
El_Funko: Remember only crits can parry if they Have Brutal
Fanklok: I hope Krauser is Duke Nukem
BrowneePoints: I THINK you can Parry thrown hatchets too
BusTed: More bear traps would be hilarious/gross
EvilBadman: You can parry ALOT
DaFhaye: Did you do a Ryu spin kick?
Pharmacistjudge: We bloodborne now
LessIsMorii: I don't drink anymore, but past-me might have made a game for every bear trap
Valyote: you can parry things you absolutely should not be able to in this game
gualdhar: you should have replaced the rats with the ROUS from Princess Bride
Mr_Horrible: Koopasetas
Thefluffiestguineapig: @LessIsMorii You can still do that with water and be amazingly well hydrated
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are there any sound effect mods?
KeytarCat: @gualdhar Just scaled up 130%, still no collision LUL
Mr_Horrible: Leon's got a LOTTA fanfic to write
raulghoulia: It's Test Time!
GhostValv: time to write down things
Seth_Erickson: well you don't buy pencils in packs of 1
MWGNZ: stationery cupboard!
Thefluffiestguineapig: That's enough for a 1st grade class
ShifuDaxiongmao: the pen(cil) is mightier than the sword.. :P
ButterBall000: Get the FPS Reload guy
Thefluffiestguineapig: Yeah upgrade from manual to mechanical sharpener
BusTed: Awesome.
MegaDosX: WOW
hyrulesavior: Or he just pulled a knife out but only uses it to sharpen the knife
GhostofJeffGoldblum: this is not what i expected
ShifuDaxiongmao: nooo... that needed voice change :
Mr_Horrible: holy shit
DaxStrife: O_o
Orlantia: I assume Ada is just a lamp
saucemaster5000: Where's the mod?
Thefluffiestguineapig: AAAAA
KeytarCat: This pen is mighty as a sword!
ButButTheJesus: HEE HEE
EikoandMog: YESSSS
Lysander_salamander: Nice
hesterbyrde: you are kidding
APartofManny: wtf is this mod?
Wightwhiskey: There has to be a voice mod right?
Himyul: man, the mario movie is not what I expected
NorthstarTex: YES! YES! YES! YES!
Mr_Horrible: this is how he lays low
ShifuDaxiongmao: he's just a normal man
Darleysam: Oi mistah, wanna buy a shootah?
voren_chalco: He's undercover
raulghoulia: Is that also Keegan Michael Key?
Kibbik: What are ya buyin'?
Juliamon: Sad it's not Xur
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: :3 in real life is actually terrifying, it turns out
Thefluffiestguineapig: Is his mouth sewn shut?????
saucemaster5000: still not as silly as the shopkeep from village
MAPBoardgames: Rather than send you in with all the gear you need, we want you to kill and rob all the locals and buy everything you need.
TheWarDoctor8: Spinels are now power nodes confirmed
SymphonicLolita: 10/10
BusTed: close enough!
LessIsMorii: What that mouth do
circusofkirkus: the pencils in the hoslter
GhostValv: psychic toad D:
Mischievous_Catgeist: its in the vest
raulghoulia: literal hammer space
Thefluffiestguineapig: Defying physics
SymphonicLolita: it's :3
APartofManny: its the limp dimple
Lysander_salamander: telekinesis
Wightwhiskey: Crab mouth
LessIsMorii: :3
emboar2235: *toad voice* hey isaac im sorry but your resident is in another castle
Pywodwagon: =3
Dalrint: Treasure map!
LessIsMorii: Ew, the fingertips at the top of the frame
saucemaster5000: the goonies love each other more than treasure
Yolysses: If you ever wondered what it’d look like if Toad made the UwU face
MAPBoardgames: Every time Ben makes a suggestion, I think there is a mod he wants to show off.
Thefluffiestguineapig: This is powerful weird
BrowneePoints: Ben, gives us your Best Merchant impression with Toad's voice
BusTed: Upgrade to a number... 3 pencil?
LessIsMorii: Why the fingertips glowing
thefightnerd: whats the bolt thrower do?
Thefluffiestguineapig: I wish with durability the hardness of the lead went up
lannersong: hire this man
Lysander_salamander: aaaa
JakeKamas: Ben you are a delight
matthaus_c: mario movie material
frank_the_great: LUL LUL LUL
ButButTheJesus: LUL
BrowneePoints: perfect no notes
Lionhardt544: LUL
koodooman: smashed it, 11/10
an_asp: Wow why are you so good at that
BrowneePoints: Fire Keegan Michael Key, hire this man
Lionhardt544: Toad as voiced by Gilbert Gottfried
LessIsMorii: Ben, how long have you been planning these mods? :D
Thefluffiestguineapig: @BrowneePoints Why fire? Why not have both?
BrowneePoints: Ben for Toadette
LessIsMorii: 👏
KV1NN4: Looking forward to Leon being Bowsette next week
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Thefluffiestguineapig: Is it another enemy?
saucemaster5000: Fun fact -- yellow is the color of u hydrated pee
MAPBoardgames: The flagon has both a hot and a cold side
saucemaster5000: unhydrated, shit
BrowneePoints: Fun Fact, Amber is the Color of my Energy
Thefluffiestguineapig: @saucemaster5000 Eh, isn't it more orange or brown?
YawnLance: I mean you tried, saucemaster5000
MegaDosX: Depends on how dehydrated you are
Thefluffiestguineapig: Light yellow is the appropriate color
EikoandMog: 'normal' pee should be about the colour of straw.
SymphonicLolita: what is this Alberta
Thefluffiestguineapig: @MegaDosX Or what other things are in there that shouldn't be
ButButTheJesus: you just killed moushley
patrick_stonecrusher: @eikoandmog white with a red s
MegaDosX: @Thefluffiestguineapig That too, but I was assuming otherwise normal health and bodily function
methodical_monk: @eikoandmog what kind of straw?
vaelhellion: or what you ate - lots of stuff affects the colour
lackingsanity: what is this, alberta?
gualdhar: I love raccocoonie references
CataclysmicReverb: If it's not barely not water, you are drinking too much fizzy sips
Thefluffiestguineapig: @MegaDosX Fair
saucemaster5000: beet pee is the weirdest pee
Seth_Erickson: Teemo hunting
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EikoandMog: Straw as in HAY
patrick_stonecrusher: Stupid touch screen typing gah
Thefluffiestguineapig: @saucemaster5000 Weirder than asparagus?
saucemaster5000: @saucemaster5000 yes
code1300: Chef toad can cook them up
SymphonicLolita: back hurts from carrying that giant head
Rhynerd: I have arrived to something
raulghoulia: Too long working for that monarchist princess
Mister_BlueSky: It isn't.
LessIsMorii: Ew, the arms hunching back up into his body
Juliamon: I don't love how talkative the shopkeeper is
saucemaster5000: @Rhynerd Mario Odyssey 2
Quarthian: No still handgun
Nydestroyer: sharpens it on the way out Kappa
fiftymcnasty: Because videogames dont know how guns work
matthaus_c: if you load the same ammo into different guns it does different things
TheMerricat: Chat I had to run for errands, did the shop keep get modded?
AzureishDragoon: Magic gun, imparts a buff onto the bullet
thesurfaceofthemoon: Um, I just got here. WTF is happening?
EikoandMog: @TheMerricat Shopkeep is Toad
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Rhynerd Good luck making sense of this lrrBEN is the source of it
TheMerricat: @eikoandmog :D
noSmokeFire: @TheMerricat no, he's a Toad in the base game
Rhynerd: Did Ben do this right at the start?
LessIsMorii: Yeah
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Rhynerd Yuuup
saucemaster5000: ever shoot a turtle across a chasm in rural spain?
Lysander_salamander: non-regulation hitbox there
Rhynerd: At least I didn’t miss a break where everything was suddenly this afterwards.
lackingsanity: does the mod also make the hitboxes bigger to match their giant koopa heads?
Thefluffiestguineapig: The spin kick keeps getting me because of the suddenly altered physics
EikoandMog: WAIT
EikoandMog: I SAW THAT
matthaus_c: @lackingsanity you best bet it doesn't
TheMerricat: @lackingsanity unfortunately no.
MegaDosX: F
Lysander_salamander: huh
BrowneePoints: and then he's eating me
emboar2235: got his iron content
BrowneePoints: Oh my Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
MAPBoardgames: Eating? or Frenching?
Nigouki: I mean, I'd eat Leon too
Sevinon: Uh... What did I walk in on?
JarofGoats: Yknow its almost odd to see "Isacc" die in such a tame way
Dalrint: this is why the rifle was on sale
matthaus_c: @Sevinon just a normal RE4 stream
saucemaster5000: random recommendation -- the documentary "Best Worst Movie" about the cult rise of "Troll 2"
EikoandMog: The melee is a Ryu spin kick
brutusq13: What did I just walk into...
Orlantia: Little sad that the health isn't displayed on Isaac's suit, but 1st world problems, eh?
MegaDosX: The RE4 remake is pretty weird, guys
TheMerricat: @megadosx this is how the director always wanted it to be
MegaDosX: @TheMerricat Release the Koopa Cut
matthaus_c: @TheMerricat it's good to finally see Kojima's grand vision realised
Thefluffiestguineapig: The TF2 crit notifier is so good
Rhynerd: Oh dang, we’re also playing TF2
matthaus_c: the bridge is just happy to see you
lackingsanity: you know what else this game needs? halo killstreaks
BrowneePoints: the tatsu gets me EVERY time
azninsect: the spin kick though, always gets me
CaptinOfBeez: are there more mods to discover?
Juliamon: CaptinOfBeez You bet there are
ShifuDaxiongmao: too bad we don't have the halo grunt headshot sound :D
saucemaster5000: there are mods?
mugulord: Which darksouls is this?
patbaer: Hey I just got here- what the fuck, guys?
BrowneePoints: Ben did a goof @patbaer
Juliamon: patbaer Welcome to Watch+Nope
patbaer: nice
MegaDosX: Hey Ben got a suggestion: brand new set of mods next week. Just keep mixing it up.
matthaus_c: @MegaDosX that's gonna break the game in half benginLul
LessIsMorii: I want to see other LRR crew's reactions, whoever's around tonight :D
MegaDosX: @matthaus_c I more meant swap them all out
MegaDosX: @matthaus_c But that could be equally funny benginLul
Thefluffiestguineapig: I am waiting for the G Mod to show up
TheMerricat: - The Nexus has an entire section for resident evil 4 mods but I have a feeling Ben has already mined the most glorious of them.
matthaus_c: @MegaDosX yeah, that usually breaks things too benginLul
SymphonicLolita: blat blat
BrowneePoints: okay, is that the normal nade animation?
raulghoulia: right in his beak
Thefluffiestguineapig: The physics defying spin kick is so good
ShifuDaxiongmao: "So, what is Resident Evil 4 about?" "Turning Koopas into pencil necks"
MegaDosX: OK but why though
circusofkirkus: are there mods to make leon say more
code1300: Roadhouse
Lysander_salamander: very crunchy sound effects
saucemaster5000: we're playing resident evil now?
KV1NN4: @ShifuDaxiongmao or Pencilled necks
Thefluffiestguineapig: I would use that in the Dead Space remakes because I think in that game there is value in the silent protagonist
matthaus_c: to make Leon Seymour? you might be onto something...
frank_the_great: Ben, what was your favorite mod that you didn't include?
EvilBadman: Doesn’t g+y+r add max hp
Orxolon: green+red+yellow gives you additional life
LessIsMorii: I'm amazed shit's not lagging
squ3e: are we doing a full modded playthrough?
Lysander_salamander: great timing
patrick_stonecrusher: Did you add a 'Leon is Canadian' mod where he says 'sorry' a bunch? Kappa
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
willdebeast64_: amazing play
frank_the_great: @LessIsMorii Yeah, I kinda want to know their PC specs
TheMerricat: So scrolling through the mods on the Nexus for Leon I just have to say that there are some very thirsty people out there.
matthaus_c: are there booba mods for Leon?
LessIsMorii: Ew, Ashley's so young
MegaDosX: How many wang mods are there? Or is it just booba?
TheMerricat: There's some for Leon as well... There are a whole bunch for Leon.... Speedos galore
niccus: is there shirtless merchant?
Juliamon: It's more fun when mods desexualize, like the Luis mod
BrowneePoints: Nah, Leon's base Vampire the Masquerade outfit is 100% sexier than shirtless
HatsWearCats: Theres tramp-stamp leon thats just same outfit but croptop and stamp-tramp
Lysander_salamander: nice
LessIsMorii: @niccus Yeah, Toad just wears a vest :D
koodooman: I've seen an emo ashley mod with a MCR shirt and stuff
KV1NN4: @LessIsMorii Isn't she supposed to be 20?
HatsWearCats: Im very exciited for FISH mod
korvys: Whenever there's a jump-scare with a koopa, it's hilarious
Lysander_salamander: I'm almost afraid to see what you replaced Ashley with
KeytarCat: Have any of the mods not worked?
TheMerricat: There are also so many character replaces for Leon Arthur Morgan from Red Dead redemption, two different replacers for two different female characters from dynasty warriors as Leon....
BrowneePoints: Dudes being horny? Naaaah
Sevinon: Turn Ashley into a Koopa you cowards!
code1300: Loving the roadhouse kicks lol
Juliamon: KeytarCat The Shrek mod was a bit weird
circusofkirkus: the flash grenade was great
BrowneePoints: The grenade animation seems different
TheMerricat: @keytarcat The cutscene when the chainsaw zombie was introduced had both the Shrek model and the Cooper models overlapping in the cutscene but Shrek came out in the end when the gameplay actually started
TheMerricat: Koopa
Lysander_salamander: I like how Leon is asking the player if he's cool
HatsWearCats: Is it the grenade mod that matches the fish mod?
raulghoulia: parrying the pitchfork is a progamer move
circusofkirkus: you parried a pitchfork with a pencil
Lysander_salamander: Is there an exploding banana mod?
saucemaster5000: John Thicc over here
They_Are_Alyx: @circusofkirkus A FUCKING PENCIL
MadmanOreo: I kind of lowkey hate that isaac's health meter doesn't work.
Thefluffiestguineapig: A yellow #2 pencil specifically
Mattmitchell45: Perry the Pitchfork?!
lannersong: these might be a problem with the parasites
Nydestroyer: back to school shopping time
Thefluffiestguineapig: That head tilt is just not good
Kramburger: Happy knife, happy life
TheMerricat: There are four different mods to give Leon puppy ears....
Mischievous_Catgeist: maybe you could mod it
LessIsMorii: @KV1NN4 Apparently, yeah. I thought she was 16, and the skeezy complaints about not being able to look up her skirt now just bleeeeeh'd me out
Lysander_salamander: Is there a mod that makes infinite knives?
sounderfan84: wait koopas?
The_Color_Twelve: yeah hard to tell where the parasite is in there
rosesmcgee: Ironically I've been informed today is world turtle day
TheWarDoctor8: Resident Koopa
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I've heard that a man can never have too many knives
Fanklok: Is partying the pitchfork like burying the hatchet?
raulghoulia: @Lysander_salamander love the shiv build in StS
Thefluffiestguineapig: Honestly the durability thing makes sense for the pencils, unless the knives are pure garbage then it does not make sense for those
KV1NN4: @LessIsMorii Yeha I thoguht she was 16 as well but apparnetly the previous game jsut made her look younger i guess? Not sure
saucemaster5000: You think Toad doesn't give this stuff to Mario because of one look at the overalls?
Eggmojii: Third time in a week hearing about Duotangs, all from Canadians.
Eggmojii: Still don't know what it is haha
EvilBadman: Tune Up has a knife repair I think
Tangsm: It would be funny if the pencil just kept getting shorter as you sharpen it.
circusofkirkus: spoiled
Mister_BlueSky: Auto sort is very PogChamp
Thefluffiestguineapig: Genuine Ben surprise is great
HatsWearCats: I'd take points away for that
azninsect: quality of life improvements? poggers
saucemaster5000: game immersion ruined
LessIsMorii: Nothing but welcome
emboar2235: he sharpens the pencil
circusofkirkus: wait how did he make the pencil big again
saucemaster5000: worse than signalis
MegaDosX: You could almost buy your own knife for that!
SymphonicLolita: economy is in shambles
Lysander_salamander: dang that's an expensive knife
LessIsMorii: Toad's a chatty one
Nydestroyer: this is what happens when they have monopolies on the sharpeners
NorthstarTex: the remake autosorts! wtf
Nydestroyer: eat the rich
matthaus_c: @circusofkirkus I'll tell you when you're older
CataclysmicReverb: Oh it's a pencil, for drawing blood
Lysander_salamander: the weirdest crank
Thefluffiestguineapig: WHAT
MegaDosX: @CataclysmicReverb OK that made me cackle, well done
Thefluffiestguineapig: That door is nonsense
circusofkirkus: @TheMerricat June is almost here :D
guardianzero666: Are they really playing the whole game with this dumb mod
Sevinon: @TheMerricat Glorious Leon/
Thefluffiestguineapig: That crank is worse than the weirdness in RE7 because this is civil infrastructure
Juliamon: guardianzero666 They're enjoying it. If you don't, you don't have to watch.
NorthstarTex: @themerricat Approved, and just in time for June
BrowneePoints: yes you can
LessIsMorii: Nice Egoraptor reference Ben
Lysander_salamander: oh she went around the trap
Lysander_salamander: rude
BrowneePoints: you 100% can parry a thrown hatchet Adam
BrowneePoints: found that out in a panic
BrowneePoints: on accident LUL
Mischievous_Catgeist: always trust chat
Lysander_salamander: left resources?
ShifuDaxiongmao: as we all know, chat is very trustworthy
azninsect: honk shuuu
LordZarano: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
SymphonicLolita: FBtouchdown
saucemaster5000: Isaac's looking kinda dumb with their pencil and their thumb in a shape of an "L" on their resource
BrowneePoints: @Mischievous_Catgeist I have never consciously lied to Ben and Adam, and only been patently wrong a few times. I'm a goof, but I try to be a HELPFUL goof
Mr_Horrible: is this... an obelisk? FBCatch
willdebeast64_: bone on wire?
Forgotten_Lizard: @Mr_Horrible Is there a mod where it just replaces Ashley with an obelisk?
Quarthian: It's the thing on the wire
Orxolon: inside?
Mister_BlueSky: There are things in the trees, if it helps.
saucemaster5000: the dream
BrowneePoints: god DAMN
azninsect: this pencil
Lionhardt544: LMAO
Lysander_salamander: nice
Lionhardt544: THE PENCIL
Mr_Horrible: GET. OUT. OF. HIS. SWAMP!
BusTed: The graphite core.
Tempest2097: So uh
Tempest2097: I see we're playing with some mods here.
Lysander_salamander: oh dang
rosesmcgee: get shrekt
lannersong: that'll teach you to enter his swamp
circusofkirkus: walk it off
gualdhar: he's ok
DeM0nFiRe: Your health bar on you rback is still green you are fine
saucemaster5000: Get Shrek'd nerd
EikoandMog: LUL
Tempest2097: Just jumping in and Shrek chainsaws Isaac to death..
frank_the_great: You get Shrek'd
raulghoulia: Isaac gonna be okay, right?
Tempest2097: So..
TheMerricat: @tempest2097 all the mods. :D
ButButTheJesus: its all ogre
Mr_Horrible: rare Dreamworks W
matthaus_c: we can see your health bar, Isaac! walk it off!
LessIsMorii: Game ogre
Kelderan: You picked a good time to tune in
raulghoulia: shoot the plank on the well
baltimore_667083: Best mod in human history and it’s not even close
KeytarCat: Do you get more stuff if you close the well first?
TheWarDoctor8: @KeytarCat It stays clean and worth more
LessIsMorii: Some
LessIsMorii: BODY once told me
Mr_Horrible: LUL
saucemaster5000: on to shrek the 3rd
circusofkirkus: shrek is love
The_Color_Twelve: just parry it of course
Mr_Horrible: Leon like "wait, need to time skip again"
Mr_Horrible: on that grindset
Mischievous_Catgeist: go birds
KeytarCat: I remembered you COULD, I didn't remember what it gave you
LessIsMorii: Check yourself before you shrek yourself
ShifuDaxiongmao: get shrekked!
ViscountStyx: OK I've picked a weird time to tune in
Mr_Horrible: he's had 4 movies, Ben, he's doing fine
Lysander_salamander: dang
Blakemcm: he got swamped
rosesmcgee: Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me...
LessIsMorii: Here I am, stuck in th emiddle with you
rosesmcgee: he ain't the sharpest tool in the shed
BrowneePoints: severe case of heartburn
frank_the_great: 3-0 for the Shrekster
saucemaster5000: We need lord farquad to exile his ass
baltimore_667083: ded
Dog_of_Myth: This is Shrek's Swamp
MAPBoardgames: Seriously, the least bloody death for ol' Isaac there
BrowneePoints: omg Salazar should've been Farquaad
matthaus_c: why is everyone stabbing me in the back today?!
saucemaster5000: @BrowneePoints shit that's good
sounderfan84: if this is sherk wonder what donkey is
baltimore_667083: IS THAT HAMMER BRO?
Blakemcm: pooped out an emerald for ya
Mr_Horrible: YESSSSSS
LessIsMorii: 🐻🪤
circusofkirkus: lmao
saucemaster5000: Dreamworks coming -- you killed their golden goose!
matthaus_c: you kill shrek and he drops one of his kidney stones
BrowneePoints: but yea, Farquaad Salazar would be PERFECT
Mr_Horrible: got one last snipe in
Kelderan: Those bear traps are never going to get old.
Mr_Horrible: I'm so fuckin' proud of you, Bear Trap
EvilBadman: Mod in the Sideshow Bob rakes
CataclysmicReverb: @sounderfan84 The dogs that have to be in every game, even if I don't remember them here?
BrowneePoints: Golden Goose? have you SEEN Shrek 4?
Lysander_salamander: feels like you could drink it to restore health
YawnLance: No dom objective?
BrowneePoints: oh god that reminds me of the that anime gag where they point out the movement frame and then fall through a completely different spot
LessIsMorii: 🐻🪤
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown
Juliamon: we're gonna need a compilation of these
Tempest2097: 100% beartraps speedrun any%
Loa_Ayizan: I hope someone is clipping every bear trap
Makrosian_Tae: I need a supercut of Adam getting his foot stuck in these traps
saucemaster5000: Sideshow bob grumbles again
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Laserbeaks_Fury: Koopa Poopa
matthaus_c: shitter's full
MurphEP: They're just chilling!
Lysander_salamander: nice
MegaDosX: Oh man imagine if there was a mod that changed the beartraps into rakes on the ground
NorthstarTex: that pencil does damage
Seth_Erickson: I really gotta shit
saucemaster5000: koopa killed on the krappa
YawnLance: We do?...
GhostofJeffGoldblum: it looks like you're killing like, Disney World character performers
GhostofJeffGoldblum: grim.
Blakemcm: bet they dont even have the blue water
HorusFive: Poor Koopa, Died on the pooper
saucemaster5000: like elvis
BrowneePoints: that was a Koopa Poopa
EikoandMog: Correctamnudo, Adam.
Dog_of_Myth: E G G
KeytarCat: The mod list implies the keys go to cabinet locks
KeytarCat: I almost said "Yes, the keys go to locks"
raulghoulia: I hear you like...Azure Dreams
Boon_33: things they don't tell you about Spanish cuisine
saucemaster5000: not exactly steven king
SymphonicLolita: booo
BrowneePoints: I thought you were makin a Pontiac joke
Seth_Erickson: grandam gram ma
Orxolon: do ya do ya do ya doya?
hieroglyphica: Oh wow send me back to my childhood why don't cha
Mischievous_Catgeist: quest?
Orxolon: @hieroglyphica here is where the age gap shows xD
SymphonicLolita: o r b
Blakemcm: pnderin
EikoandMog: Contemplate orb
ButButTheJesus: OEURB
Kelderan: ORB
Natimus_Prime: Time to ponder this orb
Seth_Erickson: this place is overrun with koopas NotLikeThis
saucemaster5000: stoopa koopas
DaFhaye: I can't wait to see what happens when they start to get tentacles
Seth_Erickson: this is a cool type of puzzle
LessIsMorii: Worst ASMR, haha
MAPBoardgames: Who designs these?
hesterbyrde: Now I wanna drink some Orbitz. Anybody remember those?
hieroglyphica: Dang this noise triggers the shivers
saucemaster5000: there's no "Ben" in "team"
Nigouki: inb4 gimbal lock
willdebeast64_: Stay at that and rotate 120*
Blakemcm: trigger twistin
Juliamon: this is THE worst noise
MegaDosX: Turn the middle side topwise
7gorobei: clockwise
LessIsMorii: My ears are barfing
Robot_Bones: SingsNote 2020Party 2020Pajamas
Phailhammer: "Chevron 3 encoded." Kappa
MurphEP: seabatClap
NorthstarTex: eyyy
BusTed: FBtouchdown
saucemaster5000: Recording it now so I can sleep easier tonight
ShifuDaxiongmao: aww.. I was just starting to vibe to that..
Makrosian_Tae: seabatClap
hieroglyphica: Whooo!
MegaDosX: That's such a convoluted lock to put on a door
Quarthian: I'm glad that's the only one of those puzzles
Kelderan: You don't have weird marble doors in your house? Weird.
frank_the_great: Adam's dream house's bathroom
LessIsMorii: Man, eff the patriarchs
Natimus_Prime: Who *makes* these lock mechanisms?
saucemaster5000: two outsiders? there goes mario and luigi
MAPBoardgames: The big cheese himself
NorthstarTex: THE BIG CHEESE!
hesterbyrde: CHEESE TAX!
Blakemcm: u opened the snax
BrowneePoints: It's Gorganzover!
koodooman: he's actually the big cheese! :D
CaptinOfBeez: CHEESE TAX!
Blakemcm: now you gotta pay da tax
MegaDosX: Cheese Tax minor key remix when?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Spongebob
BrowneePoints: he's gonna beat us Black and Bleu!
Lysander_salamander: pizza the hut!
lochnessseammonster: cheese tax cheese tax
hesterbyrde: That is actually weirdly worse... trypophobia to the max
aceofroses_: I started watching lets nope with RE4 we're back! Lets go!
Thefluffiestguineapig: His eyes are unpleasant
BrowneePoints: He's gonna hit us so hard we camembert anything afterwards!
Blakemcm: omg... what was that outfit......
Seth_Erickson: who could it have been
raulghoulia: I saw her
YawnLance: Oh what did you do to her
Thefluffiestguineapig: Short shorts????
saucemaster5000: Shit it's the IR-Stiltin
BrowneePoints: this is a no gouda situation!
NorthstarTex: Ada but not Ada
koodooman: tbh he looks more freaky as the cheese man
KV1NN4: Lara..?
Nigouki: why is Leon only vulnerable to Cheese Daddy?
MAPBoardgames: There's only one person it could be
ButButTheJesus: my god, the smell
Lysander_salamander: what kind of cheese is he?
LithelyUnshod: Cheeseman heralds the break
BrowneePoints: He's gonna have to Oaxaca loogie
rosesmcgee: big scary dude... meunster for sure
AdamYMHMI: @Lysander_salamander Head Cheese
Juliamon: Thank you for the reminder that I have snack-size Dubliners in the fridge
LessIsMorii: Thinking of that cheese creature from the Game Grumps' 10 Min Power Hour
ButButTheJesus: k i gotta go to bed, take care all, goodnight and eat fresh
NorthstarTex: I want cheese now. Time for cheese!
LessIsMorii: @ButButTheJesus Eat fresh!
saucemaster5000: I got some brie.... but it's not very good brie
SymphonicLolita: resident brievil
LessIsMorii: Brie-on Kennedy
CAKHost: I failed at sleeping again and now have corn chips and a grand ice honey bun
LithelyUnshod: I once used brie and Cinnabon bread to make dessert grilled cheese.
Lysander_salamander: oh, there's a mod to turn your handgun into a bananna
saucemaster5000: @LithelyUnshod I love this
LithelyUnshod: @LithelyUnshod It worked.
Tempest2097: Did you guys get some cheese?
Blakemcm: salty
saucemaster5000: tastes like victory
Thefluffiestguineapig: Blue cheese
LessIsMorii: Not gouda at all
YawnLance: I don't think he tastes very gouda
lochnessseammonster: the stinky cheese man!
Thefluffiestguineapig: What is that kazumarzu?
CAKHost: Wow this is all kinds of weird. I like it! XD
The_Color_Twelve: inconSniped
Laserbeaks_Fury: I thought Mendez was Spanish, I didn't realize he was SWISS Kappa
circusofkirkus: oh
Blakemcm: what the fuck is that
YawnLance: Oh
BrowneePoints: Adam, be honest, did you ever get your head stuck in the bannister?
Seth_Erickson: Ben How could you
SnackPak_: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Thefluffiestguineapig: AAAAHHHHH
SymphonicLolita: hm
lannersong: poochie and a chomp chomp?!
brutusq13: OMG....
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: no I like it
Lionhardt544: This is HORRIFYING
lochnessseammonster: seabatYIKES
Thefluffiestguineapig: NO
MurphEP: lrrSPOOP
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
LessIsMorii: Oh it looks like fly eyeballs no
Blakemcm: spoop!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Can't unsee that! Yay.
Kelderan: Cursed
saucemaster5000: looks just like remy
brutusq13: we in the backrooms now
Rumiir_the_Dragon: Just how I remember it
The_Color_Twelve: katesSmile katesSmile katesSmile
BrowneePoints: oh, one for that dog in specific and one for the dogs at large right Ben?
Omthebox: It was like a piranha plant
NotCainNorAbel: well I didn't have time to sleep anyway
BrowneePoints: I b et?
willdebeast64_: I'm gonna have nightmares
saucemaster5000: alright I went too far benginLurk
Quarthian: And people thought that the mods made the game less scary
CataclysmicReverb: @Omthebox With Duck Hunt textures?
ShifuDaxiongmao: "I've only known pupper for 5 seconds, but if anything were to happen to it..."
Tempest2097: Did we install a Mouse-Ashley mod
Omthebox: Maybe yeah
CAKHost: :O
EikoandMog: Ashley is Peach, I bet.
Kaaosa: something about this game feels.. off
saucemaster5000: a vintage compussy
matthaus_c: not sure what you mean @Kaaosa :)
MurphEP: ope
SymphonicLolita: ok sure
hesterbyrde: Those are some FNAF looking assholes
MAPBoardgames: ROUS's
matthaus_c: Princess Bride?
Seth_Erickson: Maybe the mod was just for the trapped dog
GhostofJeffGoldblum: The Princess Bride
GhostofJeffGoldblum: bt I like the idea of those in Princess Diary
BrowneePoints: yea the dogs in this are FUCKED UP
LessIsMorii: Princess Diaries, hahaha
vaelhellion: Princess BRIDE :)
Gildan_Bladeborn: Pfft, I don't believe they exist.
TherapyforNarwhals: Is this a red dead mod orrrrrr
MAPBoardgames: Or the Wargs from Willow?
KV1NN4: ROUS, like House
Dalrint: What are the dogs supposed to be?
EvilBadman: When they eat Anne hathaeay
TherapyforNarwhals: resident evil mod*
saucemaster5000: love it when Anne Hathaway says "As you wiiiiish"
BrowneePoints: you old yeller'd that thing jesus
matthaus_c: @TherapyforNarwhals nah fam this is fallout 4 :p
SymphonicLolita: the ROUS' scared the shit out of me as a kid
Lysander_salamander: dang
Rhynerd: I don’t believe they exist
TherapyforNarwhals: @TherapyforNarwhals oh shi my b
EikoandMog: @BrowneePoints Holy shit.
MegaDosX: Ah, so both of you are taking a shotgun approach
NorthstarTex: Nice to know the dread pirate roberts invades San Francisco
BrowneePoints: @EikoandMog I didn't write the book
ShifuDaxiongmao: would be even more fun to just jumble up mods and change 'em out.. keep Adam on the toes :D
BrowneePoints: Genderswapped Princess Bride with Anne Hathaway as Westley
SK__Ren: No... way....
Lysander_salamander: too bad they don't give you the bomb to toss at folks after disarming it
CAKHost: Behold a Man
BrowneePoints: I'm so excited for Rashid after launch man
saucemaster5000: random shoutout -- Mandy Patinkin is still awesome
BrowneePoints: I hope Rashid's theme is a banger again
drcthulu: I'm fairly certain this mods is more disturbing that the og, not gonna lie
matthaus_c: don't go breaking my knife
NorthstarTex: I can't wait to see what was done to the Regenerators
saucemaster5000: you're tearing me a knife lisa!
Boon_33: if i got chun-li'd in a fight I'd be smart enough to stay down
couchboyj: A good koopa never dies, they just fade away
TheMerricat: So chat at the start Ben was laughing because of one of the mods but Adam didn't see what was going on and neither did I did he ever figure out which mod it was that was triggering Ben's laugh?
matthaus_c: @TheMerricat yeah, the combat animations are from Ninja Gaiden
Seth_Erickson: Outside the window perhaps
saucemaster5000: you could've just opened that Isaac
SpoonfullOfSugar: in space, no one can hear you knock
saucemaster5000: just in time for confession you two
CAKHost: Get to church on time?
YawnLance: Take me to snurch
Kramburger: They're talking about your friend and mine, Jeezy Creezy
Kaaosa: hyper.. viper
brutusq13: Sell its oil
willdebeast64_: *pockets snake*
saucemaster5000: @YawnLance pray to snod
Lysander_salamander: an entire live snake in your backpack
The_Color_Twelve: decent but not as good as the previous
lannersong: only HALF a bull? harsh
Omthebox: @themerricat some guy was a bag. Adam though whater the mod was was under the bag but the bag was the mod
Oreo1369: Pokemon trainer-style open all of the door
BrowneePoints: Los Gigantes Ben
CAKHost: Is there a Mod to change one of these to a random FanFic?
YawnLance: Toad jumpscare
LessIsMorii: Skeleton skulls
saucemaster5000: Start the lawrence fight but it's Donkey Kong
Rhynerd: … is El Gigante Bowser?
LessIsMorii: Ooh, like Hawkeye
BrowneePoints: and they call it a Mine Thrower...a MINE thrower! *laughs in Gimli*
ShifuDaxiongmao: it's all just mine-games
LessIsMorii: Those who mine don't matter, and those who matter don't mine
Thefluffiestguineapig: DON'T DRINK SNAKE WINE
Kramburger: Mind Throwing is like ventriloquism but the puppet's mouth doesn't move either
BrowneePoints: i can't wait until they reveal Gimli and Legolas' cards for the LotR set
BrowneePoints: they better be sick
MAPBoardgames: Did I miss anything cool in the last 5 minutes
CAKHost: The snek isn't a mod?!
Kramburger: Stoked on pistols
MegaDosX: You're a pistol, Adam
saucemaster5000: @Kramburger I'd pay top dollar for that show.
circusofkirkus: MERICA
vaelhellion: Having worked on one of the RE games, can I just say this mode is fab to see in the game
Orlantia: Can you equip the laser sights?
rosesmcgee: Gun rhymes with Regina?
MAPBoardgames: Smash the State!
matthaus_c: let's get that out on a tray -- nice
willdebeast64_: someone didn't skip leg day
Thefluffiestguineapig: SMASH THE STATE
raulghoulia: I feel like the Joe Biden RE 4 videos pair well with these mods
YawnLance: @matthaus_c I could *hear* that
Kramburger: The toad mouth looks a bit uwu
epicduece: havent seen a bear trap in awhile...
Lithobraker: Does this game still have sneggs?
MAPBoardgames: Snakes on the plain
matthaus_c: @YawnLance hell yeah you could
Seth_Erickson: Who's Leon Ben?
SymphonicLolita: rude
Kramburger: No Witnesses
LessIsMorii: Aw, birb
hesterbyrde: oh you gonna get it now
MAPBoardgames: Did the bird drop loot?
SymphonicLolita: the crows will remember this
circusofkirkus: not that one, it's dead
MegaDosX: Crows are smarter than people think
hesterbyrde: Corvids do. They're super smart
saucemaster5000: they squak, the snitches
Boon_33: that crow was about to go form a murder
CaptinOfBeez: crows have funerals for other crows, they gather and mourn
NorthstarTex: birds never forget, just like Pepperidge Farm
Rhynerd: Crows can sort of remember a face
Gildan_Bladeborn: Birds aren't real Ben, they're all autonomous spy drones for the gubmint! Kappa
DaFhaye: The day the music died
therisingtithes: @MegaDosX I read this quickly as 'crows are smarter than people' and you are still not wrong
Kramburger: Vigilante? isn't he the guy that hangs around with Dante?
Rhynerd: Piss off a Crow, they’ll spread the word about to.
YawnLance: Oh the lake's gonna have a surprise
Seth_Erickson: think the big fish still jumps out of the lake when you shoot it a bunch
matthaus_c: feesh
azninsect: surprised? oh yes (oh YES)
saucemaster5000: @MegaDosX Great story -- Friend was taking an E.A. Por tour in baltimore -- guide had a crow, started talking about how smart they were -- crow starts eating his styrofoam coffee cup
saucemaster5000: er poe
CAKHost: Plz let the water monster be that one giant fish from Mario Bros. XD
CAKHost: (I can't remember if RE4 has a water monster in it)
EikoandMog: @CAKHost Nah, it'll be the Eel.
Rhynerd: It does
MegaDosX: @saucemaster5000 Amazing benginLul
Kramburger: Destroy tombstones? Definitely the actions of a hero
Kramburger: The world is safe for another day
CAKHost: Thanks Chat! I started to think that maybe there is, given that I remember many of the other RE games usually does have some water monster in it.
CAKHost: I think.
CAKHost: Unsure of Code Veronica at the moment.
DaFhaye: I didn't know Isaac clark was just shredder
circusofkirkus: OK
Kramburger: Self five!
unicornly: what game did i walk in on?
Seth_Erickson: Rammus mode activeated
Seth_Erickson: ok
The_Color_Twelve: vandalism
Lysander_salamander: just a little desecration
rosesmcgee: Desecrate the state!
matthaus_c: it's more morally acceptable if you quip about your crimes
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Cheer 69 nice
matthaus_c: did you know Leon Kennedy died of Lago
MAPBoardgames: lrrSPOOPY You ruined my gravestone!
saucemaster5000: @matthaus_c James Bond's license to kill is his puns
inconsideratehat: @unicornly That's a great question. No more questions.
MurphEP: That's rough, buddy
omdorastrix: I just got here and I have NO idea what's happening
unicornly: @inconsideratehat understood o7
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Cheer69 nice
matthaus_c: @omdorastrix context is pretty overrated
Thefluffiestguineapig: That's weird
NorthstarTex: @omdorastrix dead space got weird
azninsect: skrt
Kramburger: O_O
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
nightraven949: How many layers of mod are we on here?
omdorastrix: Did they finally put Dead-Space in Smash?!
saucemaster5000: I'll take consext over context anytime
Lysander_salamander: snake!
Kelderan: @nightraven949 Enough
laundreydhull: Wow, that accent resembles my dad, "The Voy a Matar!" LUL FBtouchdown NotLikeThis
Seth_Erickson: there was a sanke in there
drcthulu: that koopa was one day from retirement
Thefluffiestguineapig: @laundreydhull Is your dad a professional henchman?
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Badchop: Have you deshelled your share of Koopas today?
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CAKHost: So regular Koopas are the women and the hammer bros are the men?
NorthstarTex: snake? un a box?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Turns into Dry Bones
BrowneePoints: Every Disney Parks Mascot's nightmare
Badchop: Hey wait a second, I'm Prime'd and Twitch just asked me to renew it
ShifuDaxiongmao: koopas looking lit today
gibbousm: How many mods did Ben add on?
Lysander_salamander: mmmm egg
BrowneePoints: @gibbousm yes
NorthstarTex: I miss getting egg
EikoandMog: egg
matthaus_c: that's how basilisks happen
MegaDosX: e g g
LessIsMorii: @gibbousm He doesn't remember, that's the fun part
The_Color_Twelve: I remember that highlight
Tempest2097: Now? Sneggs only
therisingtithes: wait don't snakes lay eggs?
gibbousm: lrrWHEELER egg
Lithobraker: snegg
saucemaster5000: look they're not beavers
Seth_Erickson: listen puzzle castles don't build themselves Adam
BrowneePoints: yea that was with graham
omdorastrix: When does thomas the tank engine get here?
Fanklok: What is a snake but a long egg
BrowneePoints: cuz graham hit adam with the "Good question....Next question"
CAKHost: It's weird how well the Isaac model works in this. But then there are times I'm like "Wow, I didn't know Isaac was so nimple/zoomy" XD
e_bloc: Cheer100 Corgo100 Corgo100 Corgo100
Lithobraker: Do you add snilk to your sneggs when making snomelettes?
saucemaster5000: free feet
gibbousm: lrrFINE
gibbousm: Sneaky Savidan
matthaus_c: jinx
Lysander_salamander: Leon...
Rourke9: bud
The_Color_Twelve: why?!
NorthstarTex: Bruh...
inconsideratehat: You don't just SAY that
BrowneePoints: he IS Leon Sex Kennedy
saucemaster5000: Leon you absolute melon
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Lysander_salamander: this is so action-movie
frank_the_great: I get the quiet mod now
saucemaster5000: Leon legit certified moron
matthaus_c: at least he's cute
Shparky2197: BrÖ ther
Nydestroyer: liberated
gibbousm: Ben and horror doggos
Boon_33: I want to see leon/issac walk into a rake just once.
KV1NN4: what did u do..
Lysander_salamander: is there a multiplayer mode in this one?
saucemaster5000: not my fan, just the hitachi
Lysander_salamander: darn
gibbousm: Sorry, the ac unit in my apartment is loud
Mister_BlueSky: You can also buy it back if you change your mind.
Blakemcm: bolt thrower is bait
Blakemcm: i took it on my run, ehhh whatev
matthaus_c: @saucemaster5000 dang I didn't know you were forklift certified
EikoandMog: No
Quarthian: No
brainbosh: Nope
Blakemcm: no its just for selling
Mister_BlueSky: If it says "for selling only" it doesn't.
brainbosh: It shows if you can combine stuff afaik
Phazon_Kiwi: Toad? Whut
EikoandMog: Only things that combine specifically have slots to do so.
drcthulu: The toad makes this mod worth it
Fanklok: We?
Boon_33: did he just upgrade his pencils?
saucemaster5000: @saucemaster5000 yeah it's great, sorry about the noise. Didn't notice cause I'm working my fingers rn.
saucemaster5000: @saucemaster5000 typing of course
EikoandMog: I spent SO LONG here
Lysander_salamander: wait, is this a rhythm game now?
BusTed: gaming
frank_the_great: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Blakemcm: good shootin tex
BusTed: Rest of the stream
matthaus_c: Putt-Putt trained him well
Boon_33: o, he;s gaming now
Lysander_salamander: Nice
Boon_33: S tier gamer
saucemaster5000: got ten peanuts, got ten cars!
MegaDosX: S for Savidan
They_Are_Alyx: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
ShifuDaxiongmao: first try every try :D
Diabore: isaacs model LUL
circusofkirkus: LUL
BusTed: mod discovered
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
EikoandMog: LUL
Blakemcm: gamer mode
Lysander_salamander: hahahaha
MegaDosX: Any regrets with the mods Ben? :p
sounderfan84: i sense we are being trolled here
Lysander_salamander: nice shootin, tex
zarbit: robbery!
MegaDosX: F
theamc2000: new dead space game?
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
matthaus_c: @MegaDosX I'm sure /Ben/ doesn't have any :p
circusofkirkus: LUL 󠀀
matthaus_c: YES
Diabore: LUL
Lysander_salamander: monkey?
matthaus_c: FUCK YEAH
NorthstarTex: PERFECT!
ShifuDaxiongmao: mankee!
GhostValv: benginO7
tehfewl: wheelerRagavan wheelerRagavan wheelerRagavan
YawnLance: BEN
blip2004: Mankey
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
frank_the_great: LUL LUL
adept_nekomancer: Gotta catch 'em all!
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500
MegaDosX: m a n k e
theamc2000: How
EikoandMog: HOLY SHIT
Lysander_salamander: oh a pokemon
saucemaster5000: mankey ftw
DEATHlikescats: Mankey!
empyreon: 10/10
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
BrowneePoints: it's the Adam pokemon!
zarbit: Dead Space Kaizo?!
Boon_33: GATCHA
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Lysander_salamander: look what you did
frank_the_great: Gotta catch em all
brutusq13: assemble a battle party
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh
ShifuDaxiongmao: does this mean there are at least 151 of them to collect?
DEATHlikescats: This is the rest of the stream
circusofkirkus: WHAT
MegaDosX: What.
Diabore: you moptherfucker
SkylerRingtail: Are the shinies just cosmetic?
MegaDosX: Who does that?!?
GhostValv: lrrSPOOP
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'm here for it.
adept_nekomancer: Time to be the very best
lochnessseammonster: seabatOAK seabatOAK seabatOAK
brutusq13: time to bet those channel points on if we get a shiny
DEATHlikescats: Same. I’m here for it
Valyote: does he realize he can zoom? :P
7gorobei: it's junimo cart all over again
saucemaster5000: the next game ben plays, adam's installing a "mod" the smacks him in the back of the head at random intervals for 3 hrs
Electrodyne: I have sat and watched Adam do dumber stuff than this, many times
theamc2000: Wait, this is your ammo?
Electrodyne: Junimo cart for 2 weeks
frank_the_great: Junimo cart is pog
lackingsanity: me, when I'm mates with an artist
Mister_BlueSky: There are different conditions for the bonus round, so it's worth checking each time.
brutusq13: rrobbeddd
saucemaster5000: robbed!
zarbit: holy shit noooo
Lysander_salamander: nicenicenice
brutusq13: this music slaps
KV1NN4: i am high now and you're both amazing
Electrodyne: S tier!
saucemaster5000: @KV1NN4 hell yeah
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: He's gaming out of his mind
empyreon: SingsNote riffGasm SingsNote
Lysander_salamander: nice
MegaDosX: I know I'm spooked out
brutusq13: Shint bet!
MegaDosX: Shiny Pikachu let's go
BusTed: gotta catch 'em all
brutusq13: shiny*
MegaDosX: Gotta grind 'em all
matthaus_c: ooooooh
empyreon: the true horror is how much that song slaps
Dog_of_Myth: Let's go BrÖ ther
frank_the_great: MEW!!!
Boon_33: Mew!
NorthstarTex: MEW!
circusofkirkus: EPIC
Lysander_salamander: heck yeah
Kramburger: yooo
rosesmcgee: the entire remake budget went into the shooting gallery minigame
GhostofJeffGoldblum: and it wasn't even under the turck
DEATHlikescats: Awww mew
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown
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saucemaster5000: Dugong or I walk
matthaus_c: show me Dewgong
EikoandMog: This mod is RAD
7gorobei: HyperCrown
Quarthian: Typewriter
Dalrint: At a typewriter
KV1NN4: Play-it-Forward/Bonus Stream jsut for this Target Practice mode?
itsr67: you do it at typewriters
TheMerricat: Can I just bow my head and appreciation for what Ben has done for this game.....
TheMerricat: In
Gildan_Bladeborn: If you can get to the lake, then yes.
Dalrint: You're like five minutes from the fish
Boon_33: Yeah, Ben has made this game way better
Lysander_salamander: heck yeah
Lysander_salamander: save!
The_Color_Twelve: do you need to save for those to stick?
saucemaster5000: (sigh) another game on the massive backlog for me
circusofkirkus: I'm surprised Capcom got so many cross-platform IP for the remake
YawnLance: The Koopas were a weird choice, but they did a great job generally
brainbosh: This part is confusing, too many ways to go
The_Color_Twelve: impressive they got nintendo to play ball
MWGNZ: the hexagon represents 5
Robot_Bones: Koopas only available on the Switch version
Lysander_salamander: nic
saucemaster5000: Mario Odyssey with zombies next plz
Boon_33: daww
Lysander_salamander: so good
brutusq13: "don't mind us"
circusofkirkus: oh
an_asp: Not gonna kiss, then...
saucemaster5000: there goes the third mario brother
Thefluffiestguineapig: YEET
The_Color_Twelve: gritty new remake
TheMerricat: They didn't even bother to weigh him down he's still floating there
Tempest2097: This is so fucking funny
Rourke9: this mod is SO good
adept_nekomancer: "That'll teach that plumber to keep stepping on us."
lannersong: OH
Lysander_salamander: fish!
ThirdGames: "The Hammer Bros say you're gonna sleep with the Cheep-Cheeps."
Blakemcm: what was that....
niccus: behind the scenes of the mario movie
Rourke9: orca trend!!
epicduece: was that a skateboard?
Kelderan: Ben. What did you do?
nervousdavid: left shark?
Thefluffiestguineapig: Does it have piercings?
MegaDosX: Oh man left shark would be hilarious
DEATHlikescats: I think so
Mr_Horrible: you know what you must do, Adam
Bloodrush192: there's an easter egg coming up
adept_nekomancer: This absolutely needs a left shark reference
EikoandMog: Youy can shoot the water to make it eat you.
Fancy_frenchman: Really tripped up by it being Isaac and then realizing we were playing modded RE4
AriaDreamGirl: Huh, Dead Space looks interesting tonight
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Tempest2097: OH NO
azninsect: OH MY GOD
Lysander_salamander: hahahaha
lackingsanity: Yeah ok
EikoandMog: It's THOMAS
Drathak: xomHYPERS
Bloodrush192: LOL
Mr_Horrible: good lord
gualdhar: fuck yes
Blakemcm: fukin LOL
KV1NN4: So you're going to play as Leon Kennedy int he next Deadspace
circusofkirkus: CHOO CHOO CHARLES
The_Color_Twelve: jesus
Lysander_salamander: everyone loves Thomas
hesterbyrde: BEN
Tempest2097: This... okay
Fancy_frenchman: HAHAHAHA
HatsWearCats: I was hoping for Kyogre
Thefluffiestguineapig: CHOOO CHOOOOO
empyreon: FROOT FROOT
ShifuDaxiongmao: Ben. S tier. :D
saucemaster5000: Got Thomas the Prank Engine'd
Lysander_salamander: yay
MegaDosX: #BenHasTooMuchPower
The_Color_Twelve: that is a little horrifying
Rhynerd: they made a thomas mod for the sea monster?
Natimus_Prime: Not Choo Choo Charles?
Bloodrush192: Thomas said choo choo bitch
DEATHlikescats: HypeBlob HypeBlob HypeBlob
CAKHost: Beeg
MegaDosX: Thomas had never seen such bullshit
GhostofJeffGoldblum: FOOSIES
Bloodrush192: this actually works with what he's wielding LOL
frank_the_great: I remember people criticizing the remake for the monster coming out slowly. In the original game it was a jumpscare for sure
ThirdGames: Are the hitboxes also changed to fit their bigger models?
saucemaster5000: I learned Koopas are spanish tonight
Feriority: I don't usually watch Let's Nope because I don't like horror games but I took a peek in now and I have no idea what I'm looking at
rosesmcgee: Those koopas were dumping Mr. Conductors body into the lake
MegaDosX: Absolutely they aren't @ThirdGames
ThirdGames: Oh boy
Fancy_frenchman: I’m sad we aren’t Mario to go with the Koopas motif
Mr_Horrible: can't believe they taught Isaac the tatsu
Feriority: Oh god that hammer bro's neck
Mr_Horrible: Gen takes on just anyone these days
Lysander_salamander: dang
Feriority: Oh god YOUR neck
Boon_33: Adam's savage is guest starring tonight
Tempest2097: Jacked by Kooaps
saucemaster5000: woah those koopas are fucked up
Mr_Horrible: Los Koopados
MegaDosX: Why would they put a screenshot of something not in the game on the load screen?
Kelderan: No. They're supposed to look like Koopahs
MegaDosX: C-c-c-combo!
saucemaster5000: holy shit Isaac Mario is gaming
TheMerricat: So chat in the unmodded version what was the move that got replaced by the spinning kick and did it have an AoE too?
ActualFactual: Not bad, right?
CAKHost: Isaac "Butterfingers" Clark is what they called him in High School
azninsect: tatsu
BrowneePoints: it's a MASSIVE roundhouse
saucemaster5000: @TheMerricat it was a hadouken, it killed everyone in the village. And in asnwer to your question I don't know
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BrowneePoints: like a shit kicker of a roundhouse
The_Color_Twelve: finally got him
EvilBadman: Did you mod the suplex?
CataclysmicReverb: Get got'd
Feriority: Are critical hits a thing in the actual game or is that also modded
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Quarthian: @Feriority Modded
azninsect: It's in the game *now*
Seth_Erickson: water suitr
saucemaster5000: Ben's terrible at kayfabe
DaFhaye: aquaman
Thefluffiestguineapig: He hates trains
Feriority: I mean the text was clearly modded but I don't know if there are different looking cits
CataclysmicReverb: shiny coin
Thefluffiestguineapig: Fear gives him speed
Feriority: *crits
MegaDosX: Boo
Lysander_salamander: there's a snake in the room?
LithelyUnshod: is the VA Canadian?
Phailhammer: I had to go audio-only for a bit. Why was the Thomas theme playing?
TheMerricat: Critical hits themselves are in the remake vanilla if that is what we were asking.
EikoandMog: @Phailhammer Don't worry about it.
MegaDosX: This was wild
YawnLance: Thank you Ben
Lysander_salamander: have a good evening! That was fun
Dog_of_Myth: Thank you ben
Quarthian: Thank you Ben!
Kelderan: That was absurd. Thank you
dougma: TY Ben
Blakemcm: thank you BEN!
an_asp: Thank you for your crimes
MegaDosX: Thank you Ben and Adam :)
Tempest2097: Thank you Ben for doing all that work
Thefluffiestguineapig: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
drcthulu: It's not perfect yet
MurphEP: This was so funny
saucemaster5000: thank you Benfurputtingaltehwork
Makrosian_Tae: Thank you Ben
KeytarCat: Thank you ben!
NorthstarTex: TY ben!
brutusq13: Thank you both!!
lochnessseammonster: thank you ben PrideLaugh
drcthulu: there can be so much more
hesterbyrde: It's gonna be unrecognizable by the last session
darklore42: thank you ben
azninsect: This was perfect
willdebeast64_: Thank you Ben, it was great
Natimus_Prime: Way to make a medium game amazing
hesterbyrde: Thanks guys! y'all are the best. I needed this tonight.
Orxolon: thanks for the stream!!
Phailhammer: @eikoandmog I'm worried about it.
Boon_33: here's to hoping Nintendo never finds this VOD
Tempest2097: This was lovely and I enjoy both of you streaming
ShifuDaxiongmao: can you post a list of the mods that worked somewhere? :)
7gorobei: thank you ben
azninsect: Heather will be upsetti
patrick_stonecrusher: FutureMan FutureMan FutureMan
TheMerricat: Spoilers
ShifuDaxiongmao: ok, that's fair :)
Tempest2097: Don't want to ruin any surprises after all
Mr_Horrible: hey now, RE4 used to be a Gamecube exclusive. Nintendo is *clearly* down for this Kappa
Juliamon: Can you send a list to the mods? Y'know, for reasons.
Robot_Bones: Shirt! BAg!
Mr_Horrible: hell, I'll go to your store even though I *do* want to support you through the patreon
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GhostofJeffGoldblum: great stream 11/10
Thefluffiestguineapig: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream, Ben and Adam!
Kramburger: Good luck getting that VoD up for longer than like two days
steelfox13: I just noticed bend headphones
Mr_Horrible: it's gotta be at least 7am Suns at this point
whitebadgerwolf88: Well done Ben!! This was amazing lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrAWESOME lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
steelfox13: Ben's*
CAKHost: She said she asked James for 5 more sessions.
Thefluffiestguineapig: I am excited to Heather to put together a compilation of all of Adam's initial reactions to the mods with Ben's reaction to the autosort
saucemaster5000: Elan Musker
koodooman: Cheer100 lrrHEART seabatClap
Lysander_salamander: nice
BrowneePoints: Mid 2000s animal gundam anime
Mr_Horrible: big T-Rex robot
MrSarkhan: accurate
Boon_33: Ben...
TheMerricat: So just for consideration especially because I don't know where Ben got his mods but Nexus mods added maybe two years ago a collections feature which lets people create mod lists and install them in one go for a game. I know it's heavily used in the Skyrim community I don't know if they've set it up for RE4 yet.
Lysander_salamander: He's not wrong
Thefluffiestguineapig: Do not google that phrase!
Fanklok: But I'm not a furry
Boon_33: @Lysander_salamander that's what hurts the most :)
KV1NN4: I wante dto protest 'zoids for furries' but the biggest collector i know is defintiely a furry XD
Electrodyne: Hey was that my card
Thefluffiestguineapig: It is nice to see Rhyhym cafe playing a game that doesn't make Ian need to leave the room
BrowneePoints: a t ouch of JAUNDICE
baskwalla: Nice tan, y'all
lochnessseammonster: looking tanned
CAKHost: lrrFINE
Lysander_salamander: Make sure to clip and title your clips, if you want it to show up in the highlights
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Kipstar: ty ty
Makrosian_Tae: seabatClap
Makrosian_Tae: Nice
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
azninsect: clip it. thats the highlight.
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
empyreon: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
azninsect: thanks for stream!
willdebeast64_: Thank you, goodnight!!
Makrosian_Tae: Byeeee
Phailhammer: cya :)
Lysander_salamander: Have a good night!
Orxolon: g bight
Orxolon: g night*
Thefluffiestguineapig: Thank you mods and chat for being wonderful!
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: You shouldn't let Beej read pamphlets.