TXC2: Hello everybody
Earthenone: hello
TXC2: hi Earthenone
Didero: Hello! I'm on literally the final mission of Midnight Suns myself, so I can watch this stream again, hopefully. How far along is Cori?
TXC2: Didero close ish to the end
Didero: I understand why Cori doesn't, but I keep talking to every character as much as possible, so I've been going slower. Game's got fun and good writing
LoadingReadyRun: My next story mission is Crossroads
Didero: Thanks!
Didero: And thanks for playing this, since that made me buy the game, and I've been enjoying it immensely
Earthenone: lrrSIG
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Earthenone: !findquote smash
LRRbot: Quote #1292: "It's that she was SMASHED, not that she was FEMALE..." —Graham [2015-12-16]
TXC2: which ever meaning they consent to Kappa
CAKHost: Hello everyone!
TXC2: hello CAKHost welcome
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Didero: Oh hey, 49 months of fantastic entertainment, great! And thanks to @beowuuf for my sub gift!
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beowuuf: np didero :)
TXC2: Here we GO!
beowuuf: suns!
Didero: Hi Cori!
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: Hello Cori
cle0deen: Hi Cori!
BusTed: As one does.
cle0deen: Home sick so I get to watch live
Didero: Just hold your Switch upside down next time Kappa
Invitare: if yuo're on Steam you can tell it to switch the controls to Nintendo arrangement
beowuuf: chat will know
BusTed: Dastardly.
Didero: Come on, how hard could fighting Dracula be? Kappa
TXC2: now there's a Crapshot!
Didero: Oh man, I forgot how wild your Hunter looks
Simonark: Who are we to judge how hard you wish to violence a Dracula?
CAKHost: Just like me when I hit the power button on accident with the 3DS thinking it acts like the Switch verion... While playing ACNL
CAKHost: (I'm sorry Resetti ;n;)
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LordZarano: @CAKHost Don't apologize, it'll only encourage him
TXC2: the torb of Morb?
Didero: I keep forgetting that 'move to cure' thing, but the one time I did remember it was very useful
TXC2: not much of a reroll there
Simonark: He pounced to the left?
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TXC2: bless you
Didero: Good mute reflexes. And gesundheit
CAKHost: Venom's picture is literally: :D
CAKHost: Plan text version, not the Twitch verion...
Didero: There's a 'Restart the Encounter' option in the menu ;)
Didero: I've used that a few times when I made mistakes in the first turn
TXC2: Didero oh we know
Didero: @TXC2 Ah, sorry, I just assumed Cori wouldn't need that
TXC2: Didero oh of course not, Cori has NEVER made a mistake, not a ONE!
Didero: Exactly!
CAKHost: First time, every time!
Mollylele: only happy accidents
BusTed: benginTry
Didero: Yay, more targets!
TXC2: "when these guys get hit, the split in half" "with half health right?" "...." "with half health right?!"
Didero: @TXC2 Luckily they do, makes them easier to kill, especially when these Guardians waste health on temporary block
TXC2: Didero ah good
Didero: Winds is Quick
Didero: Corruption? These dogs are a bad influence
TehAmelie: how superheroic are we being today?
TXC2: TehAmelie about a 4
Didero: Also, man, you play this far faster than I do, I overthink my moves far more
Mangledpixel: explodog!
TXC2: Mangledpixel for kids!
Didero: Right in the crotch!
TehAmelie: i like Dr Strange's seal-logo thing. looks like it would be hard to get exactly right, but every artist i've seen does it just the same
TehAmelie: the curly harshtag
TXC2: everybody loves laser O'clock
Didero: Let Dr Spooky work out some of his frustrations from working with Tony
Didero: What difficulty is this on?
Didero: "Dr Strange, stop being weird"? It's right in the name!
Didero: Maybe if you slam them together faster. Gotta keep trying
TXC2: it works for atoms, why not "people"
Didero: People consist of atoms, so it's sound logic
TheMerricat: Afternoon chat, just woke up. How goes the fight? Have Wolverine and Capt America kissed and made up yet?
TXC2: "Hunter's back, yay!"
Anubis169: People consist of cheese
TXC2: hello TheMerricat and Anubis169 welcome
Didero: Did you just pickpocket your friend?
Anubis169: That's an epic beard Cori :D
TXC2: it's our money comrade
Didero: Oh, so you rescued that money, that's good!
TehAmelie: indeed, Strange Tales seems to be the name of Dr Strange's actual comic book, like Amazing Spider-Man and Uncanny X-Men and all that. it's both his name and his personal adjective!
TheMerricat: Maybe people would be happy to see you more if you weren't walking off with anything they dropped on the ground :P
Didero: I still don't know why you need to scrounge for money when there's a literal actual billionaire here
Didero: It's all the DLC characters, and Blade, I think
TXC2: the Dracula mission is all the DLC people + blade
chrisvonclause: Just finished this game over the weekend. It was super fun, just wish more people bought it so they’d continue to put out more content for it
Didero: Magik is DLC too though: Disinterested Limbo Chief
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Hawkwreak: 29 months! Thats... Time!
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tsp397: Yeah I really enjoyed the game and I'm disappointed it underperformed
Didero: :)
Didero: @tsp397 People seem grumpy it isn't just XCOM with a Marvel skin, which is disappointing, because I agree that it's a great game
Didero: eh, who cares about Deadpool Kappa
Didero: You could punch her into the crack
TXC2: did it? Kappa
Didero: I played this mission on Heroic II, which wasn't a great idea
Didero: Good news, egg's hatching :p
Didero: Yeah, bodyslamming weenies into cracks, that's what this game is all about!
TheMerricat: @tsp397 So yes and no. Watching Cori's playthrough of this was entertaining but there are some faiirly big flaws that stick out to me like the fact that each character has maybe four barks at best, there is little 'story' interaction between all these characters, and the fact that despite all this they cut a huge amount of story scenes from the game because they thought it was 'too much'. The base game might be solid but if you are going to do a MARVEL game, you need to actually interact more wi
Didero: @TheMerricat Cori does skip a lot of (side-)story stuff though. I didn't, and there's plenty of interaction then, I feel. And there's an option to disable the bark after KOs
Molladia: It is one of the best Marvel games that's been produced though, but that wasn't a hard goal to achieve.
TheMerricat: @Didero Turning off the barks isn't a fix it's an acknowledgment that they are a problem and a refusal to fix it, IMO. I'm not saying it's a horrible game but saying people were just pissed that it wasn't X-Com isn't accurate. The game has good gameplay it just doesn't do enough with the Marvel Universe IMO.
TXC2: get morb'd on
Didero: She's taking the Gaston approach to fitness
TheMerricat: @Didero And when you find out that the producers actually thought ADDDING more story to the game would have made it worse, it's hard to get behind it as "we need to make more of this"
Invitare: making one hell of an omelette
CururuGuasu: Just egg things
TXC2: we gonna fight Bat Man Kappa
TheMerricat: SIn should be getting used to being zapped by storm everytime she jumps at someone by now.
Didero: @TheMerricat it not being XCOM is definitely a complaint of some people. And I'm not saying it's a perfect game, but I do disagree that there's not enough story
Didero: More damage IS more better
Molladia: I'm happy to be corrected, but is that Storm skin from a comic? Because I only know it from the movie with Apocalypse
TXC2: Molladia it's from her punk phase in the 80s
TheMerricat: @Molladia You mean biker chic with mohawk? https://cdn.marvel.com/content/1x/mohawk_storm.jpg
Didero: I should use Storm more, she's cool
TheMerricat: @Molladia There is also ...... this. https://cdn.marvel.com/content/1x/goddess_of_thunder.jpg :D
PixelArtDragon: But what if...?
Invitare: maybe.... use Venom to attack Dracula? *thinking*
Didero: I'm starting to think that Dracula isn't very friendly
Molladia: @Molladia sometimes I miss the 80's but then....
Didero: Simply pick up the Dracula and yeet
Didero: @TheMerricat I do agree that they could've added more barks, and also more phrases for when you talk to heroes in the Abby
Didero: Can't bleed if you've lost all your blood *taps forehead*
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Didero: Probably not a good idea
TheMerricat: maybe not till everyone else moves
Didero: I don't understand why Resist doesn't work against attacks like that
TheMerricat: Bosses
Didero: Resist doesn't work against anything a boss does? I guess that kind of makes sense, but it's also disappointing and confusing
PixelArtDragon: He's literally cool, he's got no body heat
TheMerricat: I'm just guessing.. But if I were designing boss attacks having a card ability that just shuts down the primary danger of a boss seems.... bad.
tsp397: Yes believe boss attacks can't be resisted.
BusTed: rayfkWelp
Didero: @TheMerricat That big Dracula attack could work like a Chain attack from our cards. Say it counts as 3 or 4 attacks, then having 2 Resists prevents half of it, which helps but isn't too overpowered
TXC2: too porky for our jorky
Molladia: too lamby for our slammy?
TXC2: ouch
Didero: It's Deadpool, he deserved and and he'll be fine :p
Didero: That pirouette was vital
tod_vom_himmel: i mean he probably shoulda pulled that thing out
Didero: And now it's a nice badge!
TheMerricat: why would you leave that there....
EricTheOrange: lode bearing boss
tod_vom_himmel: not dr manhattan?
BusTed: 🤔
Didero: "Only until they make more DLC"
TheMerricat: He's right THERE, grab the corpse and intern him in the abby....
Hangedman: from the gamers
EricTheOrange: ya know you coulda like cut off his head, burned him to ash, ya know something more permanent
Didero: @TheMerricat It's ok, the castle is collapsing, there's no way he can escape from that, it's fiiine
tod_vom_himmel: red sin
TheMerricat: Oh no! Red Skull Jr!
Didero: "girl, did ya do somethin' with yer hair?"
BusTed: Nice weather for it.
TheMerricat: LOL
TXC2: "Dracula is dead" "yes, he's a vampire he's been dead the whole time"
tod_vom_himmel: wait why isnt carol just punching all these people into space
beowuuf: @TXC2 what a twist!
Molladia: Carol those goosebumps thats the rain
EricTheOrange: about the soggy tacos
Didero: Cori: I know you don't like talking to all these people, but there's a fun small bug I ran into when I talked to Wolverine twice
BusTed: A nice, rain-proof roof.
TXC2: the roooooof!
Didero: Abbey's haunted, the ghosts would just steal the celebratory tacos
CururuGuasu: Now for a new ultimate advisary: Gingivitis!
TXC2: how much product do you think Logan use to style and hold that hair?
Didero: @TXC2 Especially in this rain...
TXC2: right?
PixelArtDragon: @TXC2 Maybe he's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline.
EricTheOrange: does caretaker run a dry abbey.
CururuGuasu: Secret robot!
Didero: Glad you like it :D
TXC2: !clips
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Didero: Swap fluids with who? D:
TehAmelie: the sky here is full of rain. but it's nice
TXC2: !break
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TXC2: Didero a consenting party
TehAmelie: the warm bright summer night rains of the north
Didero: This feels vaguely self-indulgent since I suggested it, but: https://clips.twitch.tv/ArtsyEvilPuddingStrawBeary-O9CFssi4vTI5Dart
TehAmelie: hey, somebody gotta clip it
Molladia: #notarobot
Wolfstrike_NL: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Yorri
Molladia: What's a "Yorri" ?
TXC2: Molladia it's from a racing game Ian played when doing the 24 hours of LRRmans
EricTheOrange: @Molladia a car brand, it's from a clip from ians Lrrmans stream
Molladia: Once I had the context reminder it came back to me, thanks
Didero: Also, all this card-based superhero fighting reminded me of the boardgame Sentinels Of The Multiverse and now I really want to buy that
Didero: It's co-operative villain fighting, with each person playing a hero, all based on heroes from a 80 year fake comicbook history
TXC2: and we're back
TehAmelie: hi again
Didero: Dahlia's here too, she's a nice kid
Didero: Good voice actor too
TehAmelie: hey, that bottle on the serving desk of the truck is HUGE
TXC2: Deadpool isn't Pan, Deadpool is the whole fuckin Kitchen :p
TheMerricat: Yeah, stop bringing up horrible memories Huntere
Didero: When I talked to her, my Hunter had the same hairstyle as Dahlia, it was kind of awkward >_>
tod_vom_himmel: yet we did let them get away
TheMerricat: Deadpool speaks the heavy truths
tod_vom_himmel: i know its 2023 and all but why does lady have a beard
TheMerricat: @tod_vom_himmel Because it's fabulous
EricTheOrange: @tod_vom_himmel to cover up our baby face
TXC2: I'd be willing to believe that deadpool has timed travelled to be his own parents, both of them
tod_vom_himmel: YES DO THAT
tod_vom_himmel: oh god dammit blade
TheMerricat: @TXC2 That Robert Heinlein story was.... interesting.
Didero: I also thought more about some conversation choices than which battle cards to play :p
TXC2: tod_vom_himmel we hit random on character creation and there is was so we ran with it
TheMerricat: Hunter did NOTHING.
Didero: Hunter brought the vibes
BusTed: 🌮
EricTheOrange: mmmm soggy
Didero: Yeah, there's SO MUCH food just... lying around the Abbey, it's weird
TXC2: sogitos
TheMerricat: Is the truck magic? who is cooking?
Didero: The taco truck is probably also haunted
Shortfall: There were a couple more people to talk to back at the Grotto as well
EricTheOrange: hah
EricTheOrange: can morb eat food
TheMerricat: tacos come presmoothed? Am I or she doing tacos wrong?
Seagulyus: thats...a very out of the blue joke
Seagulyus: yeah morbius can eat food, just doesn't do much for him IIRC?
PixelArtDragon: Hang on, why are they tacos and not chimichangas?
Didero: @TheMerricat Deadpool made the tacos, there's probably a lot wrong with them
EricTheOrange: and unexpectedly soggy
niccus: they probably had a long talk about bringing a deep fryer to the abbey
Molladia: I thought Deadpool made Chimmychanga's
TheMerricat: They really want to sell us on these tacos.... was there a Tacobell marketing tie in that fell through? :D
Didero: Wait, I think for me there were some people in the pool
Shortfall: Spider-Man was at the grotto in my playthrough & had some dialogue, so I don't know where he went here.
tod_vom_himmel: am i just a negative nancy or is this bad
Didero: "I am...... YOUR FATHER"
Didero: @tod_vom_himmel bad how?
tod_vom_himmel: like, bad acting, bad writing, more bad writing
Didero: I don't know if I'm just not very discerning or what, but I mostly like all the characterizations and conversations in this game
Astramentha: Now kisssss
TheMerricat: Of course you can change your origins Hunter, comics do it all the time....
PixelArtDragon: The writing feels very comic book, which can be a miss for some people
EricTheOrange: coke, theirs coke in the tacos
TXC2: we also have a matching outfit to that one
tod_vom_himmel: the whole "refuse to make sure the bad guy is dead" is so annoying
TXC2: EricTheOrange cola, carbon or cocaine?
Didero: @tod_vom_himmel That's a bit annoying, yeah. Maybe they wanted to leave room for DLC
EricTheOrange: @TXC2 I was thinking the drug
BusTed: Not
TXC2: EricTheOrange fair
Molladia: @tod_vom_himmel Almost as bad as people not discussing their feelings with the people they're close to
PixelArtDragon: It's like a witch test: stab them through the heart, and if they die, they were a vampire!
Molladia: just look on the map
tod_vom_himmel: somehow the test has never failed to find a vampirew
Didero: You could check the map to see where the rest is?
EricTheOrange: did we ever discover what vampires with a Y are?
tod_vom_himmel: @EricTheOrange misspelled
TheMerricat: IMO the writing for this game is on par with most comic book writing, it's just that... there really isn't much of it other than playing the "go exhaust everyone's dialog tree" or cutscenes that for engine reasons renact the fight we just had, but with the writers minds eye instead of what 'actually' happened.
Didero: @EricTheOrange 'new breed vampyres', they're made differently than 'normal' ones
tod_vom_himmel: @TheMerricat yea that cutscene after the boss fight was super awkward
tod_vom_himmel: like, "your fight wasnt cool enough, WATCH THIS"
Didero: Aww, they skipped the party to hang out with you!
TheTekkieman: Back when it was New Amsterdam.
TXC2: bigger, louder, clean...
Molladia: @TXC2 smells about the same though
tod_vom_himmel: wait thats supposed to be steve rogers?
tod_vom_himmel: man i wouldnt get half these characters without hte name tags
TXC2: Molladia oh of course, ain't nothing getting rid of that smell
tod_vom_himmel: them arms
PixelArtDragon: A lot of the characters' looks are also very in line with their comic book looks, we've just gotten very used to the MCU versions.
TheMerricat: I thought we 'knew' how the new breed were created. Wasn't that a whole part of the OG storyline?
tod_vom_himmel: @PixelArtDragon that was definitley not americas ass
Mangledpixel: could do with a bigger pool
Didero: Morbius is such a dork, it's great
TheMerricat: TBH given they didn't use MCU VA's, having character models that don't match the MCU seem fine for me. Though there does seem to be a large amount of reuse on the animations and only a few actual models being used (and reused) for charcters. Like "Buff man, skinny man, buff woman, skinny woman, and Caretaker"
tod_vom_himmel: does he say "its morbin time"?
PixelArtDragon: @TheMerricat So it's the 90's comic book character designs?
tod_vom_himmel: if he did i would like this game
TheMerricat: @TheMerricat :D
PixelArtDragon: Except with visible feet?
Didero: Morbin' hard
Molladia: Was that computer outside the library door always there?
Didero: I generally pick a mission based on which resources I need and/or who I want to possibly hang out with
Mangledpixel: his digital red-string board
Molladia: Ah righto,I don't have any of the DLC
Mangledpixel: show gnome hearse E
Didero: @Molladia It's worth it if you can get the season pass at a discount
Didero: Making enemies attack each other is always so satisfying
Molladia: @Didero honestly I've already put 112 hours into it, I don't think I could play any more.
Didero: @Molladia I'm at 121 hours and I'm kind of ready for it to be done, so I understand
TheMerricat: Storm just walks up to that lady, gets in her face, yells "Face your end" then turns her back to them? :D
Didero: @TheMerricat Maybe she had to fart
PixelArtDragon: @TheMerricat More like "face my rear end"
TheMerricat: The most comic book way of saying "Kiss my ass" I've seen :D
Didero: At least you can get rid of the corruption witha Move now
LordZarano: @Mangledpixel ʃoʊnoʊmɜːsi
Mangledpixel: @LordZarano *nods* excellent
Didero: Just reload the last autosave and try again Kappa
Didero: After two missions with Storm, I just removed that Overload from her deck, it's far too situational
TheMerricat: So have we actually ever been in a situation where overload was actually useful? Not snarking, I've missed some streams.
Didero: There's usually some globules in the library, but that's probably just me being greedy :p
Molladia: you didn't pet Charlie
Didero: Oh wait, Hunter has fully black eyes and shiny eyeliner, that's why their eyes looked off
TheMerricat: Was Capt trying to give us an unprompted pep talk.
Didero: I think that sound clip didn't play for me, so I just had a random mission to find a notebook, this explains it
Molladia: I'm Sorry
TXC2: Ebony 10000% is actually a person
Didero: nah, we're a cool cat too
Didero: Did our dog eat his homework?
Didero: It's hard not to backseat sometimes :p
CanPlayGames: Get Fit, Get Thot
TXC2: Pump that Iron!
BusTed: tqsSmug
TXC2: Moist hideaway and the shady valley huh? Kappa
Didero: Have you ever bought anything from the Gift Shop? There's some fun jokes in there sometimes
Mangledpixel: the Iron Fist logo, aka skinny Batman
TXC2: Didero yes, we got Iron man's book
Didero: I just ended up with so much Gloss that I just buy all the gifts everyday :p
TXC2: more grinding!
Didero: You do need to specifically active those bonus objectives, took me a while to realise that
Didero: *activate
Didero: They cost intel to activate
Didero: @Invitare I think he just brings his own rainbow
TXC2: Invitare yes, but only if it's funny
Invitare: why do you even need Storm?
accountmadeforants: "I don't want peace, I want problems always"
Didero: Mystic doesn't have a target, so she'll probalby start summoning
TXC2: flawless game, no notes
accountmadeforants: I love that they just walk by everyone and point guns at the back of their heads.
Mangledpixel: his final moments were of complete confusion
Mangledpixel: let me tell you, being an egg sucks
Didero: That vampyre is undead! Judge!
LurkerSpine: Inside you there are two vampires
TXC2: Mangledpixel yes all your body parts melted into a liquid, but then you turn into a butterfly
Didero: Can't get hit if you just phase into the ground
Molladia: Any redraws?
LurkerSpine: wait, they KO'd their own teammate?
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Didero: Yeah, confusingly 'Marked' only seems to work when you kill them with an ability, not with shoving or knockback kills
Didero: The Wolverine power move!
Seagulyus: I love that the enemy just went "oh hey Cap, sorry im in your way" and stepped aside
TheMerricat: Storm, if you want to stay regulated... add fiber.
TehAmelie: everyone likes it when the weather god keeps regular
Didero: The Avengers have a good union, can't make 'em work after-hours :p
Didero: Yeah, it's a shame it apparently didn't sell well, or well enough at least
EricTheOrange: is magneto her father or grandfather.
TXC2: Father in the comics
TXC2: but, as is always the case, it's complicated
Shortfall: They did mention in the Developer overview for Storm that she was the last character in the 1st Season Pass, so that's a small amount of hope.
TXC2: are we not marrying Magik?
Juliamon: polycuuuule
EricTheOrange: we can marry everyone but tony.
Didero: Tony is already married with himself
TXC2: Didero :D
Juliamon: yeah, Tony is married to Strange
Molladia: Or Strange
TehAmelie: i was just gonna type the same thing
TehAmelie: as Didero
azureHaights: Edroom?
Didero: I'm the kind of dweeb that decorated these bedrooms with the end-of-mission comicbook covers of missions they were in
EricTheOrange: when did eddie go from meat head jock bully to conspeircy nut?
Didero: @EricTheOrange I think after the symbiote joined with him?
Juliamon: EricTheOrange Are they not the same thing?
Zaghrog: Eddie Brock is a journalist, just in a very jocky body
azureHaights: "Rule #1, Eddie, don't talk about Bite Club" "you mean WE don't talk about Bite Club?" "no"
EricTheOrange: @Zaghrog was he a journalist back in high school
Didero: I would've assumed it was Magik :p
EvilBadman: "Touch grass"
Didero: Also, way to go with the teambuilding there, Hunter
Didero: How many more dark points do you need to max it out?
Zaghrog: ALso, Friendshi points! Win-win!
Juliamon: This is a terrible place to paint
TXC2: boy we better be doing charcoals or something :p
TheMerricat: I mean if you aren't confident about your ability, painting fog isn't... that bad of a choice. :P
azureHaights: It makes a prac out of ti and ce?
EricTheOrange: "remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer."
Sliibee: lrrFINE
TheMerricat: Doom all over again
TheMerricat: big momma again
Didero: So rude that these enemies tend to stand just too far away
TehAmelie: just wanna share, i have accomplished an laundry
TXC2: TehAmelie congratulations
TehAmelie: you think any of these superheroes do their own laundry? it always seems professionally done
Molladia: @TehAmelie I strive for a goal so mighty
TXC2: 100000% Tony has invented a machine to do it for him
Molladia: @TXC2 It's named Jarvis
TXC2: Molladia :D
TehAmelie: ouch
Didero: In my game Wanda once posted a Superlink message saying she was gonna do her laundry and if anybody else had red clothes too that wanted to join her
TehAmelie: lrrWOW
azureHaights: Simoleons!
TheMerricat: that's a lot of guards for $28...
Didero: Oh yeah, they keep going on about Hydra in the THREAT room too, it's annoying
TXC2: Lilith got the group rate
Didero: Wait, they can move to themselves to cure themselves? I just assumed it had to be another hero...
TehAmelie: similar to the Neil Gaiman story "We can get them for you wholesale"
LurkerSpine: this is on the upped difficulty, yeah?
TehAmelie: if past a certain point, hiring hellspawn minions in bulk doesn't just get cheaper per unit but cheaper overall, it's best to put the brakes on
TXC2: LurkerSpine I think we're on Heroic 1
Didero: That Quick one for Blade can at least take out one of the smaller enemies
Didero: Oh, or that, even better
TXC2: woah, deja vu
TehAmelie: she's not distracted, but she's got enough head trauma to suffer some short term memory loss
TXC2: !findquote learn
LRRbot: Quote #7792: "The tragedy of learning to draw anime is never learning to draw noses." —Ashley MacKenzie [2021-09-27]
Didero: A cliffhanger :O
beowuuf: dun dun duuuuun
TXC2: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a boat! We've always wanted one of those...
azureHaights: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the absolute fattest internet
TehAmelie: thanks for having us!
Didero: Thanks for doing the stream!
Didero: @TehAmelie It's great to be here?
TXC2: Thanks for streaming Cori
TXC2: !events
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LurkerSpine: final live in current studio
Didero: Wait, I think I blinked, was there no PiF listed for tomorrow?
TXC2: so something may or may not happen
Molladia: The last LRL from the moonbase
TXC2: Didero it's on the events page
Didero: @TXC2 Oh, so there is, phew
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Didero: Bye Cori!
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: !patreon
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TXC2: !discord
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TXC2: !mastodon
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TXC2: !store
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Earthenone: !prime
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Wolfstrike_NL: 2 more PiF's this week and 2 more PiF's next week
TXC2: Goodnight everybody
beowuuf: night txc2!
Molladia: Or Good Morning
Didero: Thanks for modding, TXC2 ! Night!
Didero: I bought Marvel's Avengers on discount so I can continue playing with superheroes after I finish Midnight Suns
TehAmelie: i remember an X-Men game on SNES that was at least halfway good if you run out
matthaus_c: let's get ready for garbaaaage
Didero: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (The LoadingReadyRun crew play a board game! Game: Everdell) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3:59 from now).
Didero: No W+P on the schedule for today, it seems
matthaus_c: oh, it must have been an old scheduled message on alex's discord
Didero: Or maybe it got removed from the schedule, that happens sometimes
Earthenone: it was on the schedule fairly recently, probobly canceld in the past day or so
matthaus_c: the garbage will continue piling until morale improves
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DarKovalord: garbage
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Juliamon: James mentioned yesterday at the end of MoC that Alex couldn't make it in today
Admiralmatt: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (The LoadingReadyRun crew play a board game! Game: Everdell) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3:52 from now).
Juliamon: I can't complain too much though, my neighbors are doing loud yardwork again that would have drowned it out
TehAmelie: dang