TXC2: Hello Everybody
coachNelly: good morning fight enthusiasts
TXC2: hello coachNelly
Manae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Oki Oki Fight Club (Join Adam, Ben, Nelson, and Wheeler for some Street Fighter 6! Game: Street Fighter 6) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (0s from now).
NewtyNewts: !next
NewtyNewts: Manae dang, beat me to it!
TXC2: Manae lrrHORN
Manae: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
beowuuf: sergeHi
coachNelly: so we're a little late due to technical challenges :'(
beowuuf: no problem
coachNelly: hard hat sign etc.
TXC2: hmm, what a cryptic stream title, who is this Johnathan? and why does he have donuts?
TehAmelie: kick o' the morning to ye
beowuuf: excited for this one, adam seemed impressed with your last fights nelson :)
coachNelly: i've been trying!
saucemaster5000: oooh are we learning about johnny donuts today?
Manae: lrrSIG expexpFighting lrrSIG expexpFighting lrrSIG
beowuuf: i was lurking in your sf6 stream this week, it seemed to be going ok :)
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
NewtyNewts: Mics!
beowuuf: lol, mic5
Blakemcm: lol
creasehearst: mics be hot
Blakemcm: hot mics
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NewtyNewts: Them's some fighting words, literally
accountmadeforants: Imagine the smash cut to revealing that today's Oki Oki Fight Club is on EVO's main stage, starting the event. EVOOFC.
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TXC2: accountmadeforants we'd need a lot more mods for chat :p
NewtyNewts: EVeryone Oki Oki Fight Club
accountmadeforants: I'm sure Evo can spare a few :p
beowuuf: just mod all of chat and let the problem sort itself out fighting game style :p
undecided44: @accountmadeforants I can't read that initialism without first hearing and discarding extra virgin olive oil football club
NewtyNewts: @beowuuf That sounds less 'fighting game' and more 'fight club'
beowuuf: eh, close enough :p
accountmadeforants: Listen, all I'm saying is Evo is still showing as "Starting soon", just like this stream is. Coincidence, I think no- oh it just started showing a timer and it's different from this one. Carry on then
undecided44: The third rule of mod club is if it is your first night you must mod.
TXC2: the 4th rule is do not look directly at LRRbot
TXC2: Here we GO!
accountmadeforants: sajamVibe
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beowuuf: boom!
Blakemcm: Ready....? FIGHT
TXC2: Hello Adam
josh___something: Got here just in time!
DaVeganPolice: LUL
NewtyNewts: Because we don't have an intro yet probably lol
LordManiMani: We're here!
bobbyerman: Hello! Is this EVO?
cmdrzellgaudis: Hello!!
Manae: It's time to Fight That Logo
josh___something: Hello OkiOkiDightClub logo
beowuuf: branding on point
beowuuf: have you annoyed paul recently?
saucemaster5000: worked out so hard grew two fists from the head
TehAmelie: hello Adam
NewtyNewts: Oh, it's Adam!
aesir_blade: time for Lesbian Flag Fight Club
181 raiders from James_LRR have joined!
GapFiller: JAMES RAID!!! jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
CaptainSpam: FITE
hyperialguard: Hi
TXC2: Hello raiders
accountmadeforants: Oh dang, we're in full colour now!
They_Are_Alyx: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TheAinMAP: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
brieandbacon: The Shoooooes!!1!
baskwalla: What up
coachNelly: whatup pit crew
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2708 patrons for a total of $20,662.94 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
Didero: Oh sweet, it's an Adam. Good evening!
wizardwd: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TXC2: !store
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LordZarano: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrCarrotmilk
itsr67: lrrSPOOP
GapFiller: coachNelly nalvHi hai Coach
thegreatwyrdling: COOL STREAM
wizardwd: It's the jlrrPunch raid
TXC2: this stream is sponsored by YOU, THE VIEWER!
brieandbacon: jlrrCoolgame
loufghyslaufey: Subtle logo; tis lit Adam
DaSunao: jlrrCoolgame
josh___something: Our club members
NewtyNewts: Our little fightgamers?
GapFiller: jlrrCoolgame !?
beowuuf: bad move
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momma_tatts: Number go up!
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Blakemcm: Dhalsim?
wtrob: Look at all these street fighters in here
cmdrzellgaudis: I can hear a Ben and a Nelson I believe
LordManiMani: Mute mute mute
luke1x: hell yeah made it for a stream!
Invitare: you need to pracice?
bobbyerman: who is playing who nowaday?
TXC2: hello luke1x welcome
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bobbyerman: We can
Didero: Nelly's a bit quiet
hyperialguard: Yup
Blakemcm: confirmed
NewtyNewts: Yes, Nelly maybe a bit quieter
jessieimproved: yep
TXC2: yes we can hear all of you
GapFiller: Nelly is quiet
Angnor33: Nelly is quiet, but yes.
gralamin: First time watching Oki Oki. Not big on fighting games, but always find you guys entertaining
GapFiller: esp compared to Ben
cmdrzellgaudis: Is Wheeler here?
beowuuf: you're litttle lower nelson, or nope bois are a little louder
beowuuf: there we go, all good
couchboyj: Thats a solid quote "My butt slam capabilities have become stronger"
luke1x: Bueller?
cmdrzellgaudis: Can’t hear Wheeler
beowuuf: wheeler muted by being sir not appearing in this stream
pn55: benginO7
saucemaster5000: oh god. Hear a child crying "we're coming for you" but it's not coming from the stream
bobbyerman: He died of ligma
GapFiller: o7 Wheeler is so muted hes not even here
Didero: No thanks for not having him, it's not great he's not here
TXC2: !addquote (Nelson) [now] If you hear any babies crying, that's from your house chat.
LRRbot: New quote #8614: "If you hear any babies crying, that's from your house chat." —Nelson [2023-08-04]
Didero: Or something
wtrob: Just waiting for wheeler to come in at the end saying "sorry I've been muted the whole time" wheelerKappa
Obos_TAB: Good morning!
TXC2: hello Obos_TAB welcome
couchboyj: Pocket sand! Shashashsaaa
shendaras: Hello all
TXC2: hello shendaras welcome
LordManiMani: @didero LUL
couchboyj: seabatClap
Blakemcm: beginner ranks are all jumps all the time
Obos_TAB: good AA will rank your ass up so fast.
josh___something: DP is air invuln, right?
Blakemcm: @josh___something mostly
saucemaster5000: some AA and one combo got me to plat.
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loudestmute: 19 months of leaning how much there is to learn
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TXC2: AA is forever
josh___something: -8 means you can get combo'ed
loudestmute: Nelly learning to anti air gives me hope that I will one day learn to use Marisa's QCB punch as a fly swatter instead of a combo extend.
accountmadeforants: Not just AA, but actually being able to deal damage off of AA. People will eventually stop jumping (or accidentally get in) if you just slap them out of the air each time. So for most ranks, you need to be at a point where you can kill them before they learn :p
Blakemcm: rhythm game
1fairy2boots: I think I figured out why they are barefoot/handmade sandeled. They have to order specials I assume and I get that they just don't.
luke1x: I can't remember which content creator posted about doing down back in the corner and hitting throw to help block or tech throws in the corner
Blakemcm: i need to get more used to parrying, i always just block. bad habit
NewtyNewts: Perfect parry is not something to plan for/rely upon yet
Obos_TAB: also helps the characters who don't have throw loops get back in
mowdownjoe: The new Drive Rush Cancel shortcut is very nice.
loudestmute: So what you're saying is, my 9.5 4E grippers are meant to telegraph my kicks?
josh___something: Luke's drive rush is pretty quick.
Mr_Horrible: oki oki my artichokies
accountmadeforants: @loudestmute Yeah, bystanders need to be able to read whether you're doing a light, medium or heavy kick.
TXC2: hello Mr_Horrible welcome
Obos_TAB: is ben throwing hands?!
mowdownjoe: Ben's moved to Honda from Manon? Huh.
Blakemcm: @mowdownjoe and from Dhalsim!
Mr_Horrible: the Manonda pipeline
Obos_TAB: You gotta try out the roster to see what sticks
loudestmute: @accountmadeforants Legacy patches (i.e., my childhood) had me in comically long shoes before I learned to buy the wide ones.
luke1x: Side note chat who do you think has the best theme in the game?
saucemaster5000: honda is just manon from japan and a sumo wrestler instead of judo and doesn't have medals and has a headbutt and butt stomp. Simple
luke1x: Kens theme is my banger of choice
Mr_Horrible: @luke1x I consistently jam to JP's, but I also really like Cammy's, Manon's, and Ken's. And Gief's if I'm feeling something slower
NewtyNewts: I hate Hondays
CanPlayGames: Happy Honda Days
bobbyerman: Jamie theme is a banger
mowdownjoe: @saucemaster5000 Honda kind of is a grappler this game, which surprised me.
saucemaster5000: yeh honda got the throws
Obos_TAB: honda's AA is just being honda
accountmadeforants: @luke1x Jamie's theme is the only one I really like, the rest is sadly just... eh.
Blakemcm: that leg goes WAY out
Obos_TAB: Oh SNAP they announced Under Night in Birth 2 !
trebuchetboy: @Obos_TAB What is birth 2
Obos_TAB: An anime style fighter
trebuchetboy: ah ok
saucemaster5000: so... no rebirthing
accountmadeforants: The sequel to birth, it's real big
Blakemcm: i think its spacing
Blakemcm: leg is out for a few frames?
trebuchetboy: @accountmadeforants Once was enough for me
itsr67: +1 normals good
accountmadeforants: @trebuchetboy You were just a baby back then, maybe your tastes have changed
Obos_TAB: Haha don't lok to deep into the honda abyss
Blakemcm: gotta eat big to get big plus frames
bobbyerman: Adam sensei
bobbyerman: Coach adam
ArkhamArchivist: Entertainment Honda
Blakemcm: Ben, the Dhalsim love dissapeared?
werebears_arms: Dr Seabats giving a clinic
holo_raptor: honda is extremely funny, be a problem
Mr_Horrible: we're all whiny babies
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bobbyerman: Edward Hyundai
TXC2: Honest Honda?
Mr_Horrible: hit them with your car
josh___something: TOTSUGEKI
accountmadeforants: What're they gonna do about it, die?
Mr_Horrible: people whine about Honda because he gets to control the game, usually
trebuchetboy: @josh___something coxSteven
couchboyj: Dosukai!
Obos_TAB: Disagree. Once you know how to fight him the matchup becomes even
Blakemcm: the punch will hit them as they are falling
bobbyerman: When i fight honda, i just think about parry that adam taught
Blakemcm: have to cancel the 3rd animation, dont let it finish
bjorlamn: You have to do the qcH really fast
Obos_TAB: Once again suggesting an online training room so you can do this stuff with each other if you want
Obos_TAB: but learning the training room system is important
josh___something: It's not the auto combo, it's just the target combo, Nelly
josh___something: lewd
Simriel: Nice.
Blakemcm: i wish i wasnt in the office!!!
bobbyerman: Adam you should explain how to do the safe parry against headbutt
Roger_Job329: It's Ed's world
Blakemcm: its josh something atleast
bobbyerman: Can anyone join?
TXC2: bobbyerman yeap
bobbyerman: Im eating rn, but ill join asap
Mr_Horrible: target combo isn't automatically *input* but it *is* a combo built into the game
Blakemcm: yay!
bobbyerman: Wait im from europe
Blakemcm: go Nelly
bobbyerman: Lag will be unbearable
Mr_Horrible: where it strings together without having to cancel anything
the_fanerdic: Dude, Nelly, you look huge!
itsr67: Target combos also are usually unique looking normals
AceGun_: The term 'target' combo is also confusing... what is it targeting?
Obos_TAB: target combos are like a completely different mov
Roger_Job329: Yep
theblakdeth: like "double Luigi"
AceGun_: Magic players can't relate.
Obos_TAB: It's also hard because autocombos are new to SF with this game and Modern controls
Roger_Job329: Tournament condition term
Gaz_L: Adam should wear a towel around his neck for these streams
Blakemcm: its like 3 layers deep from a japanese pronunciation
Obos_TAB: I did holy crap
trebuchetboy: not one but 2 luigis coxHypers
violetblight: not yet but i wanna
BrowneePoints: Double Riichi from Mahjongg
the_fanerdic: Not yet. It’s on my list
Gaz_L: proper trainer now
Simriel: Proper coach now.
trebuchetboy: big coach energy
Obos_TAB: i love paris music
silenceaux: Oh it's a joke on Double Riichi? That's a very deep cut then
Blakemcm: yea Adam will be chasing The Bens and Nelly with a bike
saucemaster5000: by god, where did adam go and who is this professional coach just trying to get their champ ready
rosesmcgee: "he's a bum! He's a bum, Rock!"
NojhLivic: I was completely new to fighting games, and bought a strategy guide to MvC3. The guide was super in depth, but it immediately started using some jargon without explaining it, and I was so lost. The first one that really tripped me up was "cancel".
Obos_TAB: Adam are you gonna tell your boys to watch EVO?
BrowneePoints: But yea its round 3 match 5 in a best of 5 nelly
mowdownjoe: Why I can't play charge characters.
BrowneePoints: Double riichi from mahjongg became "double luigi"
Blakemcm: i love the inputs
LordManiMani: Thank god for that glossary. Now I don't have to ask what a DP is after so long 😎
loudestmute: You're not their dad, Adam. And it would be super weird if you were Nelly's.
Roger_Job329: Game on!
Mr_Horrible: I was about to ask if Ben had the stream open in a background tab LUL
NewtyNewts: Now we don't have game audio either?
Blakemcm: now there is no game audio for stream
Obos_TAB: oh haha now we don't have game audio
Blakemcm: sorry to say
Mr_Horrible: cuz yeah now *we* don't get game audio
Obos_TAB: is ben watching the twitch stream somewhere?
Mr_Horrible: probably just one of the other things toggled off
NewtyNewts: Not yet
Mr_Horrible: nope
AceGun_: not yet
TXC2: no game audio
NewtyNewts: Now yes
Mr_Horrible: it's back
Roger_Job329: Yep
mowdownjoe: There we go.
WanderingOmen: there we go
AceGun_: There it is.
TXC2: there we go
Roger_Job329: Weird
bobbyerman: Game is very low but i can hear it
Mr_Horrible: oh, I could see that
LordManiMani: lrrHERE
NewtyNewts: Maybe it's pulling all the audio and sending it both places, rather than splitting it so only we get game audio?
Mr_Horrible: discord LOVES getting its settings fucked up any time windows decides to
NojhLivic: @BrowneePoints Thank you for letting me know! I just ordered the demo deck.
beowuuf: gone?
AceGun_: When in doubt, blame a Windows update.
Obos_TAB: God, streaming is hard as hell.
pn55: lrrFINE
NewtyNewts: Just refreshed and yeah, gone.
TXC2: hmm..
betazed15: @Mr_Horrible Anytime windows does anything?
GapFiller: !picnic
TXC2: and we're back
DaSunao: jlrrDang
josh___something: we back
Blakemcm: you are back
Obos_TAB: It's back. there was a hitch
Mr_Horrible: @betazed15 that was what I was supposed to say LUL but the scuff is also oddly appropriate
beowuuf: stream blipped
silenceaux: We can fix this, we have the intelligence
DaSunao: It blipped
LordZarano: !updog
LRRbot: Not much. What's up with you, dog? lrrSPOT
NewtyNewts: Refresh and it's up again
Blakemcm: blipped we cool
Talin06: stream blinked off
DaSunao: I have an extension that autoreloads, so it came back instantly
accountmadeforants: @NojhLivic I was in the process of ordering the demo and then I saw that shipping was as much as a full board game (*womp womp*)
GapFiller: nalvLUL
TXC2: blaming Heather? bold move
Mr_Horrible: I mean, I'm cool with it if y'all wanna troubleshoot
LordZarano: @DaSunao Ooh what extension?
Mr_Horrible: lmao
TXC2: no one is fighting, that's the problem Kappa
Blakemcm: i wonder if Ben has good Oki in real life
saucemaster5000: please no fighting on the fight club stream!
wtrob: People are fighting in the streets
BusTed: Aren't we all fighting our own inner conflicts?
Mazrae: My stream is saying that the broadcast has ended
Mr_Horrible: Mom & Dad are fighting (the world) again! dazeAAAA
accountmadeforants: @Mazrae Just refresh
Blakemcm: @Mazrae refresh
TXC2: BusTed every damn day :p
saucemaster5000: my inner conflict won't stop hitting buttons on wakeup
Mr_Horrible: getting a sick meaty on my inner demons and taking a set
violetblight: my inner conflict is getting out of bed when im so comfy
saucemaster5000: we are
Obos_TAB: we're good
creasehearst: we are
AceGun_: We're getting it
Blakemcm: yes it all looks good and sounds good
Mr_Horrible: we can hear game audio
Ukon_Cairns: til the E in E Honda stands for Engineering pkmnHmm
saucemaster5000: graci
gualdhar: Mobile app is not cooperating today
Mazrae: Anyone else having trouble watching on moblie
Obos_TAB: yeah JP has down down inputs
mowdownjoe: LUL JP mains apparently know that too well.
Mazrae: There we go my mobile app is working again
Blakemcm: its funny that 2 of the more "annoying" characters have built in T-bags
gualdhar: Ok we're back
Obos_TAB: @Blakemcm Ken has a down-down?
Blakemcm: @Obos_TAB lol that is actual genuine tbaggin
Obos_TAB: nice!
1fairy2boots: Go Nelly <3
Blakemcm: yeaaa and did the add on damage for kill
TXC2: lets go Nelly!
Obos_TAB: nelly's real forearms just swelled up
1fairy2boots: @Obos_TAB And the feet, too?
1fairy2boots: Nevermind, please do not answer :)
Blakemcm: or ex dp if he wants to win all his games right?
Obos_TAB: does ex sandblast get 2 hits?
BrowneePoints: It implies fault
NewtyNewts: Wrong is a put-down
luke1x: No matter what you have to make a decision
TXC2: it wasn't the wrong move, it was the right move at the wrong time
Obos_TAB: incorrent guesses
Obos_TAB: throwing rock versus paper isn't wrong
Blakemcm: yeaaaaa just let it rip
Ukon_Cairns: make decisions that got punished. it happens
Obos_TAB: Now, if your opponent Wrote the book "I Always Throw Rock" and you know this, throwing paper is probably the correct choice
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NewtyNewts: that's a beeg bicep
therepoman__: God Guile's triceps are ridiculous
bobbyerman: Are the match best of how much
gibbousm: oh cool, they got LRR to commentate EVO
TXC2: bobbyerman best of 3, but people often rematch
Obos_TAB: Jumping. Vs. Guile? No thank you energy
bobbyerman: I meant the set mb
NewtyNewts: I feel like I'm no good at offense, at least from the execution barrier pov... I don't (want to) spend enough time in the training room
bobbyerman: Thx
mowdownjoe: But for real, Adam will be co-streaming EVO on his shome stream.
mowdownjoe: *home stream
LordZarano: “Everybody has plans until they get hit for the first time,” Tyson said
huffboi1: i jump probably way too much
Obos_TAB: Yo that commentary was great
Blakemcm: its genius really
NewtyNewts: Sorry, so it's a win-and-quit tournament?
BrowneePoints: I found out one of my best friends Mods for Bones for those tourneys too
gibbousm: I am struggling to overcome the instinct of pressing A to jump
Obos_TAB: @NewtyNewts Yeah its a beginner tourney so if you win, the implicaton is your too good now
1fairy2boots: That is literally what happened to Rodney Mullen with tournaments.
Mr_Horrible: it's the same with any discipline, you learn fundamentals -> theory -> application
BrowneePoints: @newtynewts theres an elo limit and winners of both brackets get banned yea
NewtyNewts: Hopefully you don't fluke your win then lol
mowdownjoe: Some things are situational, and that's hard to explain when the good situations are.
Mr_Horrible: and then you can synthesize your own answers from whatever information
bobbyerman: I get flashkicked everytime tho
BrowneePoints: Theres a bit of luck in FGs but you dont fluke win a tourney