TimIAm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (The LoadingReadyRun crew play a board game! Game: Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (10m from now).
El_Funko: chill team chill team chill team
SnackPak_: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (The LoadingReadyRun crew play a board game! Game: Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (1s from now).
SnackPak_: sergeOffByOne
Getter404: Bring forth the faithful, with fisftulls of Melta for all!
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TheWanderingNomad: FOR THE GREATER GOOD!
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ReaperTitan152001: For the greater good!
Bruceski: Ain't no party like a Kill Team party 'cause a Kill Team party *rolls dice* ... misses.
ReaperTitan152001: @bruceski WhySoSerious
AtrusOfMyst: I have no idea how to play this game but I'm really hoping we get to see some people roll dice and move little buds around a table
Getter404: @Bruceski Yes, but this time there's Miracle Dice. Oh ho hoo.
Agu_Sakku: drrhinOThicc drrhinOThicc drrhinOThicc drrhinOThicc drrhinOThicc
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Mattmitchell45: Nice T'au be here among friends!
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Agu_Sakku: brushf1Ravecorn brushf1Ravecorn brushf1Ravecorn brushf1Ravecorn brushf1Ravecorn
trebuchetboy: @AtrusOfMyst Lil guys doin things coxBongo
DideRobot: LRR: Time for Kill Team on AFK! Tonight Ian's T'au take on Ben Adepta Sororitas Novitiates in the age old battle of pew pew vs QQ. https://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun (has image) | https://kind.social/@LoadingReadyRun/110862385243954168
loufghyslaufey: More like, "Trials of 'Meh'", right!? LUL FBtouchdown NotLikeThis lrrSPOOP TableHere LuvOops FBBlock NewRecord PridePog
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Mazrae: Wooo almost the two year!!!
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trebuchetboy: coxHypers
omdorastrix: WAR(hammer) what is it good for?
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIG lrrJUDGE lrrSIG
ReaperTitan152001: Maximum plasma vs Maximum bolter and blessed promethium...
Akaiatana: @omdorastrix Games Workshop, mostly
Juliamon: omdorastrix ABSOLUTE AGGRESSION
Mazrae: Stop!! (war)Hammer time!!
James_the_Dabbler: ALL HAIL THE EMPEROR
jacqui_lantern234: @Juliamon im not warhammer Kappa
Getter404: @James_the_Dabbler And his normal amount of arms!
natedesuka: MOAR DAKKA
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trebuchetboy: it might just be me but the names of these armies is so funny to me it feels like Ian playing Dave's boys and Ben playing Lord Zagaroth's destroyers. Have fun fellas coxBongo
ReaperTitan152001: BOP BOP BOP
TheWanderingNomad: WHAT?
jacqui_lantern234: muted!
midnightcurryjazz: noise marines!
Juliamon: Cold mic
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
Shadowsoflife: muted
trebuchetboy: HUH?
MAPBoardgames: mite mic
NorthstarTex: mic 5?
Agu_Sakku: No voice.....
Getter404: Muted
Orxolon: no sound
loufghyslaufey: duh heck, "Mike"!?
ReaperTitan152001: We can't hear you!
CururuGuasu: Mime Team!
kodalith: RIP Mic
trebuchetboy: Who's boy?
Mazrae: Cold mics??
midnightcurryjazz: The silence offends slaneesh!
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun Mic 5
James_the_Dabbler: Sorry could you speak up please?
Gekyouryuu: they're either muted or VERY good actors
couchboyj: Someone must be on Sisters of Silence
SnackPak_: I bet what they're saying is very funny
tehfewl: take 2
Orxolon: yes
Juliamon: there's the recognition
jacqui_lantern234: do over! do over!
Getter404: Hey!
trebuchetboy: Hawt mikes
NorthstarTex: Hi Paul!
Mazrae: There we go
RockPusher: Reroll!
Shadowsoflife: o/
birbarino: Lol
OldUncleDan: So Ian is playing the Weebiest of all armies. I adore it!
betweenmyself: Tonight’s broadcast is meant for those who hear *too well*.
JadedCynic: mulligan!
Brozard: It's live, and something happened
trebuchetboy: Nat 1 start
WiJohn: Always quick save before the intro
Akaiatana: That opening was cocked! reroll
Mazrae: Take two and action
ReaperTitan152001: Round two, fight!
James_the_Dabbler: I feel like pretending to be muted should be a bit
LordZarano: SingsNote Do-over, dooo-over!
CururuGuasu: Aw, Mime Team over
JadedCynic: @WiJohn and then quick save AFTER the intro too...
Juliamon: James_the_Dabbler At least one stream has done it as a bit
lazermeow: So when is Ouija Board night?
jacqui_lantern234: benginTry benginTry benginTry
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight sergeJustRight sergeJustRight
JadedCynic: yay!
terribleplan: Like nothing even happened
lazermeow: rogueh18Sassydance rogueh18Sassydance rogueh18Sassydance
JadedCynic: so glad to be here!
terribleplan: For the blood god?
El_Funko: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
CururuGuasu: With 500 new camera angles!
OldUncleDan: So, the ladies vs. the weebs. Cool!
Sudobyte: Minis bleeding would be kind of creepy, really
JadedCynic: resin for the resin god!
JadedCynic: paint for the paint throne!
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El_Funko: oooh open board? be still my heart
CodeIndigo: T'au and Sisters are my main two armies so I'm unbelievably hyped for this
Fanklok: *puts down a tree and an ankle high wall* "is this enough terrain?"
Mazrae: Is this a new team for Ben?
El_Funko: Pathfinders just got a couple of nice buffs for Into The Dark boards
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ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: Why was 6 afraid of 7? Please tell me soon, I'm taking a test!
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JadedCynic: actually that would go better the other way around: "Paint for the paint god; resin for the resin throne!"
OldUncleDan: Nuns with Guns!
TemporallyAwry: !advice
LRRbot: Gain notoriety. Acquire prestige.
Garfman314: meem?
trebuchetboy: Meem?
Shadowsoflife: we did this
Getter404: Passes the 3 foot test, that's all you really nneed
trebuchetboy: @Garfman314 dammit garf
Garfman314: @trebuchetboy same idea
Agu_Sakku: brushf1Aaaaabow brushf1Quebounce brushf1Aaaaabow
omdorastrix: *haiya!*
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El_Funko: one gold Krugerrand will get you at least half a warhammer
trebuchetboy: @Garfman314 dougdougTeeth
SnackPak_: the real estate market in Hyrule is out of control, I could use some rupees
JadedCynic: Ian's first mistake was not coming prepared ;)
gualdhar: Just smash some pots five head
Getter404: Echo
gualdhar: Double audio
TheMandrew: double ben!
TheWriterAleph: uhoh
aholz: double audio
trebuchetboy: double audio
El_Funko: ooh double audio from the cam
Alas_Babylon: Double audio
Mazrae: Echo??
Agu_Sakku: double mics.....
ReaperTitan152001: Echo!
terribleplan: Souble and crackle-y audio
UncannyJimjams: Damn, double audio
josh___something: mawp D:
Getter404: We found where the muted mics went!
Camail: fixed
aholz: got it!
josh___something: fixed
Alas_Babylon: Yay feexed
gualdhar: Fixed!
Shadowsoflife: that was a thing
Akaiatana: Thanks Paul!
LoadingReadyRun: sorry about that
CodeIndigo: Shas'O Ya'boii and Sister Superior Bigge MacLarge-Huge
Agu_Sakku: nikkikSPIN nikkikSPIN nikkikSPIN nikkikSPIN nikkikSPIN
TheWriterAleph: whip it good
loufghyslaufey: Weh? Where am I earing double?
terribleplan: (err, crackle was on my end, nvm that)
JadedCynic: no problems, Paul :)
OldUncleDan: I think I've seen that on Cinemax!
JadedCynic: nice to know that that overhead camera has a usable mic...
James_the_Dabbler: Man that's kinky
birbarino: Whip AND nay nay
DaxStrife: "She whip and I get 8 inches" is way too dirty.
Alas_Babylon: good ol' Disciplinary Action
trebuchetboy: roop toop
Fanklok: Sisters are less disciplinary action and more flaggelation
Alas_Babylon: but muh speed boost ;-;
Bruceski: "we call this weapon the Beg Forgiveness"
CodeIndigo: They're using the Eviscerator in penitence of not using the Eviscerator prior to this
JadedCynic: they are using the weapons for OUR pennance B)
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OldUncleDan: Name idea: "The Shame Granny!"
Mazrae: Got nuggies and watching Warhammer, I like this
JadedCynic: @Bruceski "The Settler of St. Peter's Ledger" :D
couchboyj: Tau think Psykers aren't real, right?
CodeIndigo: T'au have psychic abilities! They're just made of FRICKIN' LASER BEAMS
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL drop the Chainsword of Triumph! you must now use the Chainsword of Penance!
RockPusher: Debate Her!!!
JadedCynic: MC!
Lysander_salamander: hello everyone
Shadowsoflife: o.
Shadowsoflife: o/
JadedCynic: \o
couchboyj: What song are you playing for the Tau on repeat?
Shadowsoflife: sandstorm :p
LordZarano: duDudu duDudu duDudu duDudu
couchboyj: Sisters are religious fanatics, I was thinking Creed :p
Dog_of_Myth: Ah, yes. Burn the Heretics plan
Fanklok: Sisters love two things, The Emperor and Flamethrowers
CodeIndigo: @Fanklok And they show their love for one with the other
Kramburger: Mum?
JadedCynic: @couchboyj Nah; A dirge by Bach - they're holy rollers that are *appealing* so obv not Creed
OldUncleDan: "In the name of the Emperor! I will Chastise You!"
CodeIndigo: The Auto-Chastiser, or as we like to call it, "Catholic Guilt"
couchboyj: Nedry's "Ah ah ah" screen from Jurassic Park
Fanklok: The cup is probably full of psyker hurting juice
3 raiders from patch_witch have joined!
JadedCynic: latin is dying more and more as the generations pass....
Dog_of_Myth: Heya Raiders
Shadowsoflife: raiders o/
El_Funko: 3 faith per turn
Dog_of_Myth: Got to have faith....
RockPusher: tiltyhPLS
Robot_Bones: the power of God and Anime
CodeIndigo: so we;ve gone from Creed through Bach and now to Limp Bizkit
zeathean: it can be very powerful, it is in regular 40K
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: dammit Ian I *just* escaped Enterprise, I don't need more of that song!
Alas_Babylon: Doctors T'au
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JadedCynic: now, for the Tau? Raymond Scott's Powerhouse
Fanklok: I assume it shoots trains
CodeIndigo: The Perforator
RockPusher: Book em D'anno
saucemaster5000: Paul D'ano
TheWriterAleph: they fly now??
midnightcurryjazz: I thought you cant fly in kill team
OldUncleDan: A Conceal, don't Feel order.
CodeIndigo: @midnightcurryjazz Into the Dark and Shadowvaults disallow fly, but plain KT doesn't
midnightcurryjazz: Oh okie
zeathean: am not seeing fly on the card
Dog_of_Myth: On the bottom @zeathean
CodeIndigo: @zeathean Bottom line
Cosmonautilis24: they call me El Fusilado
zeathean: Yep just saw it
CodeIndigo: Droney Mc DroneFace
midnightcurryjazz: yeah, close up on that panel line marker
zeathean: Ben’s phone is so hot right now
Dog_of_Myth: Oooo fancy
TheWriterAleph: nice
Shadowsoflife: ooo
couchboyj: PogChamp
TheWanderingNomad: Shiny!
Morrigan9: nice
midnightcurryjazz: I love isometric
public_key_reveal_party: neat!
Blakemcm: isometric
swaggytaco: this is nice
Blakemcm: like my favorite triangle
kodalith: Ooooooo. Fancy
AtrusOfMyst: Nice-o-metric
RockPusher: Wired for video PogChamp
midnightcurryjazz: Im 60 hours into BG3. That angle is all I know
Fanklok: This Paul guy knows his stuff, he should get a job in production
Dog_of_Myth: It's a great angle.
CodeIndigo: Hey Paul, IIRC GoPros should be able to do live-casting for the model showcase closeups,. yeah?
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: so just a minor point towards Markerlights - the "better" version Ian described is the one that the bespoke Pathfinder team uses, this compendium team uses the weaker version
NonMint: I’m mastering my terminals guy.
betweenmyself: Sappin’ on gin and juice? pennyWhat
CodeIndigo: @ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa Has there been any word on when Leagues of Votann will get a Compendium team at least?
NonMint: If there was a solo Votann kill team box I’d be playing Kill Team.
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: @CodeIndigo word is that GW's basically washed their hands of the Compendium entirely, but Votaan have the Hearthkyn Salvagers team from the latest KT boxed set
El_Funko: @NonMint There will be soon, they will all get standalone box releases
CodeIndigo: OK, so the Compendium is more or less obsolete?
El_Funko: No there are still Compendium teams
NonMint: Yeah. I’m content to wait and not spend money. As an MTG player, not spending money is a nice change of pace.
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: unsupported, more like - there are still plenty of teams in it that don't have KT-specific boxed sets
El_Funko: Ben is talking about the Critical Ops rules which are the current competitive rules/maps/tac ops
LoadingReadyRun: @CodeIndigo Might be worth trying, but in my experience gopros are a little flaky to use for streaming. Newer models might be better, idk
El_Funko: Some Compendium teams have been replaced by their bespoke equivalents, like Ian's Pathfinders are now a bespoke team which replaces their compendium entry
CodeIndigo: @LoadingReadyRun Fair enough, thanks for the response.
DaxStrife: Both teams starting by trying to locate the nearest restroom.
Sudobyte: just co-op kill team, they're both exploring this place together
zeathean: yes, that one, is a good one
Dog_of_Myth: @DaxStrife The enteral struggle
NonMint: @daxstrife “I told you you should have gone in the battle barge!”
kodalith: Have they placed Barricades?
dumbo3k: We're trying to charge our phones
Dog_of_Myth: They have @kodalith
kodalith: Coo beans
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: @El_Funko so not entirely true there, Ian's using the Hunter Clade compendium team, that can take pathfinders, stealth suits, or fire warriors, while the bespoke Pathfinder box is more limited
NewShanePlus: I joined in for "stealing cable." I thought they were playing Sororitas, not Blood Ravens.
Mazrae: Should they put something on which objective is turned off??
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: some teams *have* been entirely replaced, like the AdMech and Thousand Sons teams
El_Funko: I thought Hunter Clade was the Ad Mech team
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: also Hunter Cadre, not Clade, whoops
El_Funko: yeah okay
LoadingReadyRun: @NewShanePlus Ben is playing the Sororitas
Getter404: Drop pods sighted, sir
NewShanePlus: Yes, I was joking because Blood Ravens be stealin stuff XD
LoadingReadyRun: Hunter *Clade* is the Kroot, hunter *cadre* is the T'au
NonMint: @newshaneplus hippity hoppity time to steal some property
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: join the Greater Good, get a jetpack!
El_Funko: Yeah Vantage is really key for some armies/units
Getter404: They did errata the Vantage Point rules recently, didn't they?
El_Funko: No?
El_Funko: Yeah S3 being open again is a safe bet. I'm holding out hope for deathworld jungle
Rhynerd: Into the Dark season for LRR or GW?
El_Funko: Correct
Dog_of_Myth: @El_Funko Would make sense for a tie-in to Space Marine 2 coming out.
El_Funko: The next box coming is the launch box for season 3
Sudobyte: The gallow has fallen
El_Funko: We should be hearing about that in the next month or two
Rhynerd: Last box was Inquisition vs Cultists, right?
Akaiatana: We've gone into The Dark, now it's time for Fallen Empires!
Rhynerd: Or is that box not out?
El_Funko: technically yes, that was the first narrative focussed box
El_Funko: it's out yeah
El_Funko: They actually just nerfed both the teams in that box because they're too spicy
El_Funko: and beastmen
qc_l33t: I'm a sisters faction specialist and they are on the shelf for a while.
El_Funko: Cultists, Inquisition Agents and Beastmen just got nerfed in an emergency balance update
lazermeow: Yes, cultists were nerfed this week
Mazrae: Point on the wrong person??
PadawanTK16: They actually buffed the dwarves because they were struggling a lot
Mazrae: Point Ian not Ben??
James_the_Dabbler: Well now they know
Getter404: @El_Funko Hah, turns out by recently I meant LAST August. Where they now can still gain Cover (but not Obscured). Shows how much I've played recently.
El_Funko: The big change was the mutant and torment feel no paint is 6+ now instead of 5+
Agu_Sakku: brushf1Derpicorn brushf1Derpicorn brushf1Derpicorn brushf1Derpicorn brushf1Derpicorn
El_Funko: and the icons abilities are activated instead of just happen
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL now I want a literal NERF Chainsword
El_Funko: it wasn't a huge nerf, they're still easily an A or S tier team
El_Funko: they're still 15 dudes who mutate super quickly
Getter404: @LoadingReadyRun I think they might actually have one as part of their Zombie Strike line (or whatever they call it)
lazermeow: I hoping one day we get a Ratling Killteam.
El_Funko: I want a lot more weird teams yeah
lazermeow: Ratlings are Halflings.
El_Funko: I want a Deathworld jungle monsters team with like big plants that eat people and weird space jungle cats
Grimlai: Make a bunch of Skaven guardsmen models
couchboyj: They are in lore but no models I think
Kramburger: Their technically in the imperial guards
putz12a: Ratlings are in 40K, they're an "abnormal human" the same way Ogryn are.
EkstraLangeDruer: That giant d6 really messes with my perspective in the overhead shot
El_Funko: That's Close Quarters, yeah
Get_Diced: nah theres no space rats
El_Funko: sorry yes, guard not overwatch
Getter404: @Kramburger That's Ratlings (Halflings), not Skaven
TheWanderingNomad: I don't think they're united enough to be a faction, but could probably mod Imp Guard Ratlings
putz12a: But they're not Skaven in the same way
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CodeIndigo: @putz12a Or my Felinid Sisters.
Grimlai: @Get_Diced Not with that attitude /s
couchboyj: Doing crazy dangerous warp shit
lazermeow: Space Skaven would would be cool though.
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: maybe there are Skaven, but nobody's found them yet
Getter404: I'd say GSC are the Skaven, especially with the radar blips now functioning as burrowing holes
El_Funko: Blast weapons are a little less powerful on open compared to Into the Dark too
Kramburger: I always thought that the little green men abducting people/items trope could fit into 40K as essentially space scavengers/hillbillies
OldUncleDan: Hey! If there is any chance that Skaven would be coming into 40K, then I want Lizardman! Slaan in battle armor!!!!!!!!!!!!!
El_Funko: Guard becomes way more powerful on open boards because most weapons (other than pistols) have no range
El_Funko: So guarding on open you could be "watching" like 80% of the board in key spots
Get_Diced: lizardmen are the old ones, and the rats dont fit in with the chaos scheme
lazermeow: Void Dancer Troupe rules.
Getter404: Too bad Fly got nerfed pretty badly in Actual 40K. I can see why, people still have bad memories of 8th edition.
lazermeow: I painted my Void Dancers like comic book characters.
OldUncleDan: Silent... But deadly.
Getter404: Knights CP: You have A Leg
El_Funko: I saw someone say there's a community named Combat Patrol for Knights
El_Funko: but yeah that's not official or balanced, probably
Sudobyte: Any potential for playing Warcry (ie Age of Sigmar’s kill team equivalent)?
CururuGuasu: Pump up the jam, pump it up!
El_Funko: I would be interested in checking out Warcry, I've heard it's pretty good
El_Funko: honestly I'm a fan of any game that's just a box of dudes and that's your team, let's go
couchboyj: Imperial Rock is in the house tonight, everyone have a non heretically good time
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I don't even think it would be too fun for either player - Knight would kill everything but not be able to contest objectives with only like 2 guys
control_rig: Knights Combat Patrol: Knight who just got out of the shower, no armor or weapons, only towel.
El_Funko: yeah Knights barely work at full 40k scale, let alone combat patrol scale
El_Funko: they're super hard to balance, they either dominate or get dominated most of the time
Grimlai: Funnily enough, an Armiger Helverin, two Armiger Warglaives, and a max size Exaction squad is exactly 500 points. But it would mulch pretty much every other combat patrol, even if you trim the abilites from the armigers
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: meanwhile the Tau combat patrol is sitting at just barely over 400 points with half the units as other similarly-statted armies :C
Getter404: @ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa Could be worse, the Custodes patrol doesn't get to use 1/3 of their box
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: that's true
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Sudobyte: Aiming for someone’s cup just seems cruel
OldUncleDan: Nun Saves?
Getter404: The curse of T3
Grimlai: The cup is so very, VERY squishy and when it's shot, it hurts a LOT
El_Funko: critical ad break
kodalith: Is command reroll not a thing in this?
El_Funko: no it is
Grimlai: @kodalith It is
El_Funko: it's just command points are a very limited commodity in KT
kodalith: Oh I see
El_Funko: so rerolls aren't usually worth it vs paying for a tac op or strategic ploy
Getter404: CP is harder to generate than Faith Points, yeah
CodeIndigo: It is but I wouldn't have used it on the cup
El_Funko: depends on the team though
kodalith: Haven't played KT yet.
I_Am_Clockwork: Cheer10000 I've missed AF40K! Glad to see it back!
El_Funko: Kill Team is my favourite of the GW games I've played, it has a lot of really interesting gameplay choices
El_Funko: and really reduces the whole alpha strike "oops you deployed slightly wrong, now you've lost" aspect that 40k has
kodalith: It does looks sick
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: KT's great, I got into it with my dad and it's been the most fun I've seen him have with a tabletop game in literal decades
El_Funko: plus you can knock a game out in 2 hours compared to 3-4
kodalith: @el_funko yeah. 10th can really suffer with that
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ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: we've been into it a little under a year now
kodalith: Especially against Ad Mech.
Mazrae: Okay this sucks I had to take my GF her phone to her to work, that's not the part that sucks the part that does is that my cars ac is a bit touchy and it's about 90° at the moment
El_Funko: yeah I'll sing the praises of KT to anyone who'll listen
Lobo_Apache: AH YEAH, I'm gonna paint my 30k kill team during this stream
kodalith: Sing on Chum
El_Funko: Fingers crossed the season 3 box terrain is another banger like Octarius
I_Am_Clockwork: I really need to get some of my Kill Team's painted
Sudobyte: I just painted some kasrkin over the past week that we’re sitting around since they released. First thing I’ve painted in ages. Hard to get the motivation going sometimes
kodalith: I'm working on Tome Keepers myself
Sudobyte: Though streams like this help with painting motivation. Good thing to have on in the background
kodalith: Those colors look sick on a Dreadnaught
El_Funko: a while back I was doing the #hobbystreak thing where you try to do at least 15 minutes of hobby a day and post a photo on social media
El_Funko: That helped me keep my motivation up
El_Funko: even if it was just assembling a model
Getter404: Meanwhile I've started collecting BattleTech of all things after stumbling across the Essentials box. Too many plastic mans!
El_Funko: I really like listening to hobby podcasts on YouTube while I'm working on stuff. My current favourite on is The Painting Phase
El_Funko: they have a lot of ex-GW staff on to talk about their side of the business, like sculpters and people who made their hobby products
El_Funko: super interesting stuff
kodalith: I'm super into those guys.
kodalith: That ep where they talked about Contrast Paint was great stuff.
James_the_Dabbler: Turner point 2?
NotCainNorAbel: Kill Team pacifist run?
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: currently painting up a Hammerhead, myself
kodalith: Really nice job on this terrain as well btw.
El_Funko: yeah it looks rad
El_Funko: love a grey wall
kodalith: It looks so good man
El_Funko: lets the miniatures really pop out
kodalith: Wait? AP just REMOVES save dice in this?
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: which gets really wild when you see AP2 on a weapon...
kodalith: By the emperor that's nutty
El_Funko: some units do have an invuln save which isn't affected by AP
El_Funko: Genestealers have an invuln save which is effectively a dodge
SmashTCG: yes you can, they have Vaugely japanese accents in Dawn of war
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: hey, there are people here on earth who have vaguely japanese accents *and* people with irish accents, there's precedent for both
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Simonark: 66 months of the Greater Good.
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Falannt: Hi chat! Hi @LoadingReadyRun !
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: recon drone, deploy tactical bumper!
El_Funko: my favourite thing in warhammer is the names they give melee weapons to things that don't really melee
El_Funko: like the dreadnoughts in 40k that have a melee weapon of "armoured feet"
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: yeah, tau broadsides have "crushing bulk"
CururuGuasu: Perry the Crit?!?
kodalith: Mu buddy calla em Steel Toed Dreadnoughts
James_the_Dabbler: A crit? Parry the Crit?
El_Funko: first one is discard one of their normals, second crit is their next activation is -1 APL
OldUncleDan: I prefer Perry the Platapus!
kodalith: Is "Battle Shock" a thing in this?
Mazrae: I empathize that pain sucks
kodalith: Or morale etc
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goombalax: the cops are the only ones who can shoot into comabts
compactdisco: Doesn't tau hs a strat to shoot into melee?
El_Funko: Blooded can also because they don't care about shooting their own troops
TheHarmAlarm: tau have a ploy for it
TheHarmAlarm: supporting fire if I recall
ElektroTal: i brought the war, who brought the ham?
TheHarmAlarm: tac ploy
Lobo_Apache: tactical plow I think.
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: aw yeah more plastic wars
Sudobyte: @kodalith No battleshock/morale, but individual models get less effective/injured at less than half wounds
kodalith: Oh neat. And is there a roll for it at all?
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: yeah, movement and shooting suffers at below half HP, no roll, it just is a state they're in
Sudobyte: Nah, just -1 bs/ws and -2” move at less than half wound
kodalith: @thirtycubicfeetofsalsa I actually REALLY like that. Way easier to re
kodalith: To track*
CodeIndigo: Is the Hospitaller still up?
Sudobyte: I mean, wearing a cup does make you a little harder to hurt
mercano82: I’m not dead yet. I feel happy! *THUNK* So, see you next Tuesday?
kodalith: Does KT have custom list building etc?
goombalax: @kodalith most of the teams have a couple options but their composition is generally the same
CodeIndigo: J'ohn C'ena, noted Tau tactician
Getter404: @kodalith Somewhat. Most of the game is built around "one box, one team", but there is some wiggle room within a boxed set to set regular foot soldiers as specialists instead with bespoke parts
iondream: yooo, 2 great armies you don't see that much!
Akaiatana: @CodeIndigo You can't see me, my nime is Tau?
goombalax: you cannot reroll a rerool
El_Funko: You can only reroll a dice once
TheHarmAlarm: can only reroll dice 1 time
pn55: Yea, you can't reroll a dice twice
El_Funko: correct
Mazrae: Try splashing some water on the motherboard??
Mazrae: Or overheat the CPU with the fire??
CodeIndigo: "Sister, how do we defeat these abominations?" "Have you tried fire?" "Yes!" "Have you tried MORE FIRE?!?!?"
Akaiatana: This atmospheric music always reminds me of Subnautica
Agu_Sakku: Tau, Tau, Tau, Tau!
LoadingReadyRun: @Akaiatana one of my favorite games
trebuchetboy: Is Ian winning pretty hard?
trebuchetboy: I don't know the game well
goombalax: Ian has a commanding lead but once he starts losing suits it will be difficult to maintain, there are two more turns after this
CodeIndigo: He's got a good lead but not insurmountable
trebuchetboy: ty
CodeIndigo: Yeah, Tau are great at taking positions, but holding them, not so much
kodalith: They do 4 turns?
CodeIndigo: at least not without a bazillion drones to tank hits
Kramburger: Activating a dialogus sounds like a euphemism for pooping
citizen_pain: what's the Tau for "die, heretic!"?
LoadingReadyRun: @kodalith yup! 4 "Turning Points"
trebuchetboy: Ya know I honestly thought for the longest time that Cameron's name was UnnamedOracle not unarmed and it honestly shook me to my core dougdougClaude
CodeIndigo: @citizen_pain just pick a random line from Majima in any of the Yakuza games, you'll be close enough
trebuchetboy: Love me some Yakuza references
LoadingReadyRun: @trebuchetboy You were surprised that Cameron was Unarmed?
trebuchetboy: @LoadingReadyRun Ya I had his name wrong for so long
Kramburger: She does the vampiore glide
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DrakeSD: The one year!
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trebuchetboy: Real Mandela effect stuff
Kramburger: What if the mother superior is from the Minnesota
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: minnestorium
Dog_of_Myth: @Kramburger Big oofs are coming atcha.
kodalith: Oooof
trebuchetboy: dougdougHmm
El_Funko: lrrHAM
CururuGuasu: Chastise that car!
kodalith: RIP
Kramburger: lrrCOW lrrCOW
TheHarmAlarm: lrrAWW
trebuchetboy: coxSeafood coxSoup
Kramburger: @Dog_of_Myth :D
Fanklok: It's a 1 in 36
CodeIndigo: it was a calculated risk by a man who does poorly with math
El_Funko: it's more of a debuff yeah
El_Funko: You can only score 2 VPs from tac ops but yeah
Sudobyte: Max two points per tac op
El_Funko: well, from a single tac op
kodalith: I think I might get into this. Are the big boxes still available?
El_Funko: You can still find certain boxes around the place yeah
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JAndersonCAD: Heck yeah go killteam
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El_Funko: but the next big release will be in a month or two and will be two brand new teams with a new set of terrain, if you don't mind waiting
Fanklok: That's a headbutt that could find a Heracross
CodeIndigo: @kodalith Definitely stop by your local game store first to see if they will demo the game for you
CodeIndigo: (as in play a sample game with you to teach you)
El_Funko: Unfortunately GW had some major stock issues with the Kill Team season 2 boxes so they sold out quite quickly, and can be hard to find now
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I hear that Into the Dark, the season 2 starter with the rules, tac ops cards, dice, and the navy breachers + kroot farstalkers is still available on amazon for a good discount, but the other ones are gonna be really hard to find
El_Funko: That's a good box yeah
El_Funko: the boxes that began each season (Octarius, and Into the Dark) were really great value imo
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: for sure
El_Funko: so I'm hoping the season 3 box will be the same level of goodness
El_Funko: current popular rumour is that it'll be new space marine scout models vs new eldar striking scorpions
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: say this much, KT has been great for highlighted the less-popular factions/parts of factions and getting them new models
CodeIndigo: @El_Funko Sweet, Eldar... I'm working on a Ynnari army
kodalith: Ooooooo. That'd be fun. New Primaris Scouts!
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UnseenAcademical: Yay! The return of Murder Club!
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krellen: You gotta have faith.
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baronsamedi23: Bottoms for the top god, subs for the sub throne
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UnseenAcademical: Ahh, I see we have arrived at "find out"
El_Funko: Why does Ben not simply roll the largest dice?
PadawanTK16: who would the 40k equivalent of jebus be? guliman?
El_Funko: pretty much yeah
CodeIndigo: he sploded good
El_Funko: Bobby G resurrects on a 3+, just like Jesus
Fanklok: @padawantk16 Sanguinius
5 raiders from compuNIC have joined!
CodeIndigo: @El_Funko he doesn't look a thing like jebus, but he runs the ultramarines, like he remembered when G was young
El_Funko: and it can only be one, it can't be something with GA 2 and do 2 models (I'm not sure if Novitiates even have any GA2)
Mazrae: It looks like teams are pretty even at this point
UnseenAcademical: Bonk
El_Funko: woof
CodeIndigo: @Mazrae Ian took a bad hit just now losing his big drone without taking a shot
El_Funko: 4+ can be brutal like that
pn55: Any faith point shenans?
CodeIndigo: wow, a Tau beat an Imperial unit in melee....
UnseenAcademical: That Tau is secretly an Alpha Legion marine!
Lobo_Apache: He's Farsight reborn and not a traitor
PadawanTK16: pathfinder beat someone in melee! get this man a crisis suit!
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JonnyH: :)
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El_Funko: I love when games get really down to the wire like this, it's still anybodies game
El_Funko: god I love Kill Team
UnseenAcademical: The sisters, energized by having Done Fucked Up, retake the initiative!
Simonark: Yeah, and, say, Jacob winning would be something of a twist
El_Funko: I'm excited to get to Vic and play against Novitiates and Geller Pox and all these teams no one places in our scene here
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Dalouer: they got obliterated!
James_the_Dabbler: Hey where did that red mist come from?
CodeIndigo: sister got misted
Wicker_Guide: Just a pair of smoking boots left
KeytarCat: @CodeIndigo that 70s band, Misted Sister
CodeIndigo: Autocannons are pretty nifty
DaxStrife: Life flashes before your eyes, don't actually die but reliving those memories deals emotional damage.
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Autocannon laser pointer
CodeIndigo: @LoadingReadyRun we have 5 cats. i would like to buy an autocannon laser pointer please
LoadingReadyRun: Jumping: See Falling
CodeIndigo: i will film it and put it on the youtoks for monies
thexor99: @CodeIndigo You want an aiming reticule for a catling gun?
adept_nekomancer: It would definitely be some sort of automeowtic weapon.
thexor99: Once it got spun up, you could listen to it purr.
CodeIndigo: @adept_nekomancer and you would know about its pawer level
Fanklok: Sisters do wear power armor
UnseenAcademical: It has one disadvantage, in that it only operates on feline-of-sight
CodeIndigo: @UnseenAcademical it's also pretty underpowered, only does scratch damage
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: yeah, but if it was made after 1986, you'd really be in trouble with the leos
thexor99: I dunno, this weapon sounds pretty clawsome to me.
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Are we still talking about a laser pointer gun, or is a Catling gun something that *shoots out* cats?
James_the_Dabbler: This gun sounds like the cat's meow
couchboyj: @loadingreadyrun Why not both?
adept_nekomancer: I'm not sure which one it is at this point, but I'm sure that whichever one it is, it's powered primarily by puns
couchboyj: Shoot out the cats, then direct their furry fury
James_the_Dabbler: Have faith, Ben. Literally
kodalith: Had to step away. What'd I miss?
thexor99: @kodalith Nothing you can't hit after reloading and firing again.
kodalith: Lawlz. Truth
KeytarCat: @LoadingReadyRun There's an old CS:GO mod that's a cute cat that meows bullets at people and reloads by getting scritches. the link I found was to an inaccessible YT vid
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
pn55: lrrWOW
NotCainNorAbel: lrrCOW
James_the_Dabbler: More of that red mist?
e_bloc: all damage no save
kodalith: RIP
Fruan: Double Martyr'd!
pn55: Obliterated, but may have the moral victory.
BrokenMinis: Hey all, looking to get my wife into Kill team and was thinking of building her a Adepta Sororitas team, would I be making a wise choice? No idea about difficult or how they play
couchboyj: Oh noes, I hope the Tau don't kill me~~~~
El_Funko: hmm I don't actually know how Novitiates play for newcomers
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EOstby: Gee, Ben, how come your Kill Team lets you have two martyrs?
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El_Funko: honestly, I'm seeing Novitiates described as an "agressive, high-stakes Kill Team with a lot of special abilities and synergies" which doesn't sound like a great starter team
BrokenMinis: @El_Funko Any recommendations for easy beginner army then? Shes not a big gamer so simpler the better probably
goombalax: they are pretty complex and require some pretty deft use of their abilities to get wins. best thing to start with is Intercessors or other 3APL marine teams
pn55: Phew!
James_the_Dabbler: WOW
CodeIndigo: Marines are a good starter but pretty much any compendium army would be good... straight Chaos Space Marines are also pretty good
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: Compendium teams might be a good place to start, but their overall power level is as low as their complexity. For boxed teams, Kommandos (orks) and Kasrkin (imperial guard) are pretty straightforward
adept_nekomancer: If you've got time to blast guys, you've got time to chastize.
LoadingReadyRun: @adept_nekomancer lrrAWESOME
Lobo_Apache: Are Novitiates just Millennials of the 40k universe?
Simonark: It says a lot about the 40k mindset that they don't realize many of us already have an autochastiser, in our skulls, all the time.
Simonark: But it's a confidence we all can't help but find charming.
CodeIndigo: @Simonark I already made the Catholic Guilt joke
BrokenMinis: Thanks everyone! Knew I could count on all of you! Im looking to print her army so the Imperial Guard might have alot of good options
El_Funko: I really love Kommandos as a starting team, but not everyone digs on Orks
CodeIndigo: Oh yeah, Guard is a great starter because you have a lot of flexibility
Simonark: @CodeIndigo Well, I was going for more "Self-Awareness" too, but there are so many brands on the market already
El_Funko: You could also get sisters of battle models and play them as the free space marine intercession squad, they're a pretty good starter team
CodeIndigo: @El_Funko This is also a great idea
kodalith: Are the Mechanicus any good in this?
El_Funko: although you'd have to make sure the base sizes match up, I think SoB are on 25mm bases?
Sudobyte: Kasrkin are a great starter. simple faction mechanic that makes them very forgiving. But you need to actually find them (or find something else to proxy) as they are not readily available
CodeIndigo: @El_Funko I know Novitiates are on 25mm but the Sister Superiors are on 32s
goombalax: @El_Funko they are on 32s
Sudobyte: @El_Funko For the novitiates, the superior is on a 32 and the others are on a 28. For the compendium team, normal sisters are 32, repentia are 28s
CodeIndigo: And the Superiors are just straight Sisters models anyway
El_Funko: The "pick what you think looks cool" should be the overall first choice IMO
BrokenMinis: @Sudobyte Yeah, I had alot of great Novitiates so thats why I was originally going to go that
El_Funko: Even if what you end up picking ends up being a bit tricky or not your style of team, enjoying the look of the models will go a long way to having a good time
CodeIndigo: (I know this because I printed a lot of 32mm bases for my novitiates before realizing that)
goombalax: unless they are heavy intercessors, pour one out for the 5 model 2APL boys
El_Funko: I only just realised the boards for Into the Dark and open terrain are actually slightly different sizes
El_Funko: ITD is wider, and open boards are longer
Sudobyte: @goombalax #JustCompendiumThings
kodalith: Are the Ad Mech in this?
goombalax: they are
El_Funko: yup they're a white dwarf team called Hunter Clade
El_Funko: their rules were released in white dwarf magazine, and in the kill team 2022? annual
goombalax: literal edge case
kodalith: So what you're saying is. I can rep the Omnisiah in this as well.
goombalax: I mean the real solution is to clearly define which terrain is passable or not before the game, flying models tend to run the show if there's a lot of weird verticality (I play harlequins)
e_bloc: TOS
TemporallyAwry: !findquote stick
LRRbot: Quote #8345: "Don't touch another wizard's wizard stick." —Graham [2022-11-15]
CodeIndigo: she werfs flammen
CodeIndigo: that's some good werfin'
CodeIndigo: !findquote flamethrower
LRRbot: Quote #2263: "This guy sleeps with his flamethrower..." —Paul [2016-04-06]
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Kuhfeek: GG
Kuhfeek: oh wait!
El_Funko: does the signal break if they end their activation on it, or at the end of the turning point?
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
El_Funko: yeah it gets a second VP if you're still controlling it at the end of a subsequent turn
noSmokeFire: perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything
El_Funko: 1 for initially grabbing it, 1 for still holding it on a subsequent turn
pn55: A tie? Friendship wins again! seabatClap
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
SnackPak_: sergeGG
TheWriterAleph: lrrHORN
TemporallyAwry: Perfectly Matched PrideUwu
TheHarmAlarm: GG!
compactdisco: GG
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500
El_Funko: it's definitely important to establish pre-game what sections of terrain are passable and what traits they have
Dog_of_Myth: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
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noSmokeFire: I hope he painted his Eclesiarchy minis green, so they can be funny orks
Dog_of_Myth: !patreon
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Dog_of_Myth: !store
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SnackPak_: sergeHolyMoly
Simonark: The Goodest Boys!
Mazrae: I feel like we need to get Paul on more streams and not just on tech
loufghyslaufey: The Dirtiest Anniversary...
pn55: Sounds about right
Simonark: Only monsters play Ken though. Nelson's right.
KeytarCat: Fightstick repair looks fun and simple, and I'm sure it's not
El_Funko: Yeah Tarkov wipe is happening tomorrow, so James has booked us in for some GAMER HOURS on Sat
Juliamon: WIPE TIME
loufghyslaufey: The Won MORE....
Lobo_Apache: Hmmmm... Do I get back into tarkov for wipe?
KeytarCat: Get busy Tarkin' or get busy kovin'
Robot_Bones: do a Tarkir?
PadawanTK16: they make a tar-coven?
loufghyslaufey: Like an Open Season...
Dog_of_Myth: Yeah, I've got this on wishlist
pn55: Got a strong cast too!
Simonark: Isn't someone Ian once did Dice Friends with in the cast of that, too?
loufghyslaufey: Wait, is this somehow tied to the strays game?
Fanklok: Jackbox? Ben promised us Glurp
Juliamon: Glurp will return
UnseenAcademical: And one month in the future, more Kill Team!
epsilon_vee: @loufghyslaufey just stray gods, no stray cats afaik
loufghyslaufey: Promises? in what timezone(s) did lrrBEN say this? LUL
loufghyslaufey: @epsilon_vee Oh, kay. I thought the title read "Stray Dogs"...
KWardJenx: Thank you for the stream. The Emperor protects.
NotCainNorAbel: Clockwork lrrSHINE
pn55: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
El_Funko: bye friends!
kodalith: Well. I'll be back next time
kodalith: Nite all
TemporallyAwry: !findquote night
LRRbot: Quote #6751: "Turns out all of us are degenerate night people." —Kathleen [2020-02-06]