coachNelly: everything is fine
LurkerSpine: Hello fellow OOFers!
TXC2: hello LurkerSpine welcome
beowuuf: sergeHi
Metric_Furlong: if you've time to spoof, you've got time to OOF
00clank: Soon.
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00clank: Wha
00clank: Thank you generous stranger.
Metric_Furlong: another vitcim of the Masked Sub Gifter
Metric_Furlong: *victim
beowuuf: that monster :( unless it's spoopifer
TehAmelie: lrrSPOOPY
TXC2: Title change!
beowuuf: yay, title change
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TheAinMAP: Signal.
beowuuf: except my video errored
TehAmelie: [announcer voice] FIGHT
Metric_Furlong: lrrDOTS lrrSIG lrrARROW
Ritaspirithntr: Oh thank goodness!
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tod_vom_himmel: just perfect KOed a ken, cathartic
tod_vom_himmel: stay on the ground ken
Ritaspirithntr: Was running out of things to watch!! lrrSHINE
tod_vom_himmel: no more jinrai kicks
00clank: But consider: Jumping?
tod_vom_himmel: jumping is the devil
Heefnoff: @tod_vom_himmel Not cool Tod
Heefnoff: Don't do that again
beowuuf: no fly zone
Heefnoff: Kappa
Just_Herby: Just got in from work, well timed me.
therepoman__: Hi Heef seabatTROG
josh___something: Meowdy gamers!
Heefnoff: Why did I JUST get that this show's name is a Doki Doki Lit Club reference
Heefnoff: God damn it
00clank: Mhmmm.
tod_vom_himmel: looool
TXC2: if man was meant to jump, then why did god give men such breakable knees? Kappa
00clank: Can sneak up on ya.
josh___something: Mixed, lol
Metric_Furlong: the delayed pun strike
Metric_Furlong: brutal technique
tod_vom_himmel: i guess we cant all be on all the time heef
Metric_Furlong: should be banned
Heefnoff: I’m just Ken
Heefnoff: heefnoDelay
therepoman__: No Heef, you are Kenough
Heefnoff: Thank you repoman
Heefnoff: I AM Kenough
tod_vom_himmel: ive had kenough
Heefnoff: doodLUL
starmute12: starmu6TacoKenIntensifies
Metric_Furlong: yeah, don't be upset. you Ken't get every joke
Heefnoff: heefnoDelay
Just_Herby: That t-shirt had me in giggles for a full 5 minutes XD
beowuuf: @Heefnoff cause you missed chat workshopping it or else most of us would be equally as oblivious for too long :)
Heefnoff: Mods, ban that person
Heefnoff: Kappa
tod_vom_himmel: i would rather get splapped around by dhalsim
TXC2: but are you tough Kenough ?
r10pez10: next you'll tell me "is this your card?" is a pun
beowuuf: @Metric_Furlong boo / escher3PUN
josh___something: Stares at "The Long game"
tod_vom_himmel: well the stream hasnt even started yet and the puns have already caused several universes to implode
TXC2: LRR? making puns? the devil you say
TheAinMAP: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW guyjudgeFight
TXC2: Here we GO!
beowuuf: @r10pez10 no, it's a three year horse joke :p
beowuuf: morning
TXC2: Hello James
TXC2: fuck
therepoman__: LOL
Blakemcm: mawp
TehAmelie: hiya
josh___something: LUL
TXC2: Hello Adam
TheAinMAP: Hello.
Metric_Furlong: hey Adam
00clank: Bad smell in the headphones?
r10pez10: rip TXC2
TXC2: I'm sorry
accountmadeforants: Quick, Adam's been deafened, say nice things about him!
therepoman__: Someone ban TXC
josh___something: TXC2 getting banned, RIP :p
therepoman__: Kappa
DiscordianTokkan: oof
TXC2: I'm so actually sorry
loufghyslaufey: Oh. Missed the intro?
Prop_PT: mornin' Adam, OOFers
trebuchetboy: @TXC2 dougdougHmm
Didero: Good evening!
tod_vom_himmel: all you lrrers look the same?
00clank: Welcome to the stream, Kled.
Metric_Furlong: LRRcism has been called
Heefnoff: Rhythmless heefnoDelay
loufghyslaufey: Does Oof have one now?
Heefnoff: What’s good
iDangero: Hey o7
Heefnoff: Magneto my beloved
beowuuf: i mean we were thinking james because we understood james's need to hear tarkov sounds probably just killed you
therepoman__: We're just normal men
TXC2: just a small town boy
r10pez10: i hope OOFC
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2721 patrons for a total of $20,888.31 per month.
tod_vom_himmel: just innocent men
jjake_with_2_Js: me :)
Invitare: The thing about being Simple is that it doubles stat changes
r10pez10: i hope OOFC's intro is zangief spinning for 30 sec
Metric_Furlong: !store
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Darleysam: Let's go Feet Strighters
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Heefnoff: I actually picked up a playmat from y’all not too long ago, loving it so far
Metric_Furlong: and where are we right now?
TXC2: Hello Nelson
beowuuf: sergeHi
tod_vom_himmel: man this james guy is such a professional
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w4stel4nd: Borrowed a spare stick from a friend, picked up SF6 as my first fighting game this week, already feeling some big improvements lrrSHINE thanks for inspiring me to finally try and break into fighting games
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Metric_Furlong: Wheeler running away from the street fight, eh? Kappa
Heefnoff: Yeah that would do it
Metric_Furlong: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 10:18 AM
LadyLockwood92: Morning folks~
Prop_PT: Nelson Training Arc
Prop_PT: LFG!
TXC2: hello LadyLockwood92 welcome
Didero: So it's Nelson V James
Heefnoff: Addy heefnoDelay
tod_vom_himmel: addy
beowuuf: neldam or adson?
00clank: Adammy.
accountmadeforants: Nelson and Adam are truly the most committed members of LRR
Metric_Furlong: Nelson and Adam is already a slant rhyme, tbf
SK__Ren: Adam-Nelam
DiscordianTokkan: Nelly Savvy Fight Club?
rosesmcgee: We are filming the training montage for Nelly today!
00clank: Adaddy.
josh___something: Nellm, adam fight club... nahh
Heefnoff: I would’ve gone with Savi
Metric_Furlong: @00clank no
beowuuf: neldam adson is my D&D thief
tod_vom_himmel: @00clank oh no
Blakemcm: yea! Luke it up
shendaras: seabatClap
Heefnoff: The plan is play Marvel Kappa
00clank: Adaddy SaviDad.
Blakemcm: straight to Memphis
TXC2: Lukes all the way down
r10pez10: Salahub, Savidan and Son
beowuuf: @00clank jlrrNo jlrrNo jlrrNo
TXC2: r10pez10 are we the son?
josh___something: @00clank Oh no, you said the nono word
Metric_Furlong: @beowuuf is he one of Randalkeith from Candlekeep's party members?
r10pez10: TXC2 i'm mumford
Heefnoff: I learned Blanka :)
beowuuf: @Metric_Furlong lol, well he is now :p
jaymorri87: street fighter 6?! There's so many! lol Hi everbody! :)
TXC2: the wall hits us all
Metric_Furlong: hello jaymorri87
TXC2: hello jaymorri87 welcome
beowuuf: adam feels like that, usually before he levels up or has huge success from previous evidence.
Didero: That happens with learning any skill: Your perception grows quicker than your output, so it seems like you're doing worse
wtrob: Hello gamers
jaymorri87: :)
josh___something: It's incredibly HARD to be good at street fighter
Heefnoff: Be the best in the world, at having fun
TXC2: you wont be the best in the world, you'll be the best YOU that you can be
Heefnoff: heefnoFOOTDIVE
josh___something: It's even hard to get okay at Fighting games
beowuuf: yeah, the art graph curve is where i've seen that, but it's just a general skill thingie
simplytheonion: thats when you have to hit the lab
r10pez10: it's like bowling or piano, anyone can do it but it takes ages to do it well
jaymorri87: Lately I played King of Fighters 98, and Darkstalkers for the first time, and I couldn't in the late 90's! lol
josh___something: Nelly fancies a bit of ranked modes
TheGreatHarambino: its ok to be a family man FamilyMan
freshmaker__: I feel like fighting games more than most have such a dunning kruger effect. Initially learning the fundamentals is quite fun when you get to use them in the game, and then suddenly you realise all the things you don't know, which isn't bad, but a bit of a daunting road, especially when you don't see a way forward.
TXC2: one day it will click
Heefnoff: Oh absolutely @freshmaker__
Heefnoff: It’s a very harsh contrast
chucklesaurus: Coach Nelly receiving some good charging coaching
Heefnoff: Once you start learning the basics it’s easy to think you’re better than you are, the confidence crash is hard
Greyah: The points don't matter and the rules are made up.
Metric_Furlong: better to lose a fun match than win a boring one
beowuuf: learning any muscle memory things is really frustrating. i've sat trying to play guitar and a riff has just not stuck right up until it suddenly has. brains are weird
josh___something: Winning is cool, but you'll have more fun just trying to do the cool thing
Greyah: "Woops lol"
Heefnoff: Can’t be a strong tournament player unless you can let go of momentary mistakes
saucemaster5000: coming in -- what's the topic of this lecture? (Also I dropped from plat to gold 3)
NojhLivic: Good morning everyone
trebuchetboy: Riddles pog
TXC2: hello NojhLivic welcome
Heefnoff: Winning is a side effect of training
recklessrev1: I came in an thought he was just coaching chat
beowuuf: @saucemaster5000 figuring out the wall nelson's hit
saucemaster5000: kk
josh___something: Adam's a really considerate teacher
josh___something: Hello Saucemaster!
beowuuf: or they change gear
TXC2: when I did Karate, I hit a wall that took me 15 months and completly breakdown everything I did back to basics to advance.
00clank: So many times I get stomped the first round and it feels hopeless, but I managed to take the set because I didn't stop trying.
Heefnoff: It’s a tough thing to get over and it WILL hit you but it’s fine
Heefnoff: Having fun is the main goal my friends heefnoShake
tod_vom_himmel: why is one of the tags "killteam" lol
freshmaker__: yeah team based games have a lot of scapegoating you can do mentally.
ThibbleBird: It’s the start of Nelson’s training arc
00clank: Leftover from a previous stream for Warhammer, @tod_vom_himmel
Heefnoff: Fighting games are one of the most humbling activities I’ve ever experienced
leachjus: Tidus voice: this is my story!
00clank: Real Life SPD Incoming.
gualdhar: promise?
josh___something: They will get shot by the mod beam
Heefnoff: Oh? I’m garbage?
Heefnoff: heefnoGlocku
ThibbleBird: Let’s have fun! Nelson’s getting further than I ever have and I’m rooting him on
freshmaker__: I will street fight all the rude people.
NojhLivic: Okay stating now, if anything I say comes off as mean, I totally didn't mean it meanly.
rosesmcgee: We just love to watch you all learn and jam together!
Heefnoff: Nelson, I will personally fight everyone who makes a mean comment toward you or anyone else in the crew. (In the streets)
Blakemcm: Ryu is one of the greatest fighters in fiction and all he talks about is trying to improve
TehAmelie: breakin those skill ceilings
Blakemcm: improving is the game, not being good just improving
ThibbleBird: I’m antsy to see some gameplay now
saucemaster5000: don't do what I do and basically only play ranked and lose 50 times in a row
Heefnoff: That’s why Adam’s the GOAT
Heefnoff: heefnoFOOTDIVE
josh___something: smth smth (365 days of SF6)
Heefnoff: Poor mental equals poor gameplay
NojhLivic: There's science showing breaks help your solidify the skills you're practice. Pushing through actively worsens that.
josh___something: Unique is a valid descriptor for SF6
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tod_vom_himmel: when i was new the lvl 4 cpu seemed like a matrix ninja lol
josh___something: Even for smaller things
tod_vom_himmel: now he seems to be standingf still doing nothing
LadyLockwood92: Yeah, the other day I tried to play some ranked when I was absolutely drained. I got rolled...went to bed, then was a *lot* better.
00clank: A Mystery~
TXC2: also, everything we've talking about? that works IRL too
00clank: Good punish.
LadyLockwood92: Cheer200 Bits for some solid wisdom from Coach Adam.
Heefnoff: Decent
josh___something: Oh right, the move I got hit by every time
therepoman__: Great AA
00clank: Could do a heavier button there.
00clank: But it's easy to neglect punishes on things like that early on.
Heefnoff: Dragonlash, my beloved
freshmaker__: who up lashing their dragon?
josh___something: Using your options is much better than never presenting it
Heefnoff: Monkey See Monkey Do, coined by me heefnoFOOTDIVE
jjake_with_2_Js: i swear every person i DR grab will grab at the end of the their next DR
josh___something: EX dragonlash is... NOT SAFE
00clank: My brother uses air-throw way more against me as Cammy than against any other opponent because I constantly air-throw and other JPs don't.
josh___something: Knowing is half the battle
Heefnoff: Knowledge is power
Heefnoff: Every version except Heavy is punishable
therepoman__: Every dragon lash except for heavy is the only one that is safe right?
therepoman__: Ope
Heefnoff: During the Heavy version, he says “how’s this!”
therepoman__: Thanks heef lol
Blakemcm: there are like 1 or 2 moves every character does that is a "fram trick" once you memorize those your winrate will go up a bunch
therepoman__: Wow I structured that question poorly
TXC2: knowing frame data is knowing chess openings, but at 100 mph :P
freshmaker__: Wheeler realising the buffering was a big brain level up moment. At least it seemed like it from this side of the camera.
LurkerSpine: I'm so bad at Drive Impact reactions
josh___something: You don't need to react to DI if you use moves that break DI (Lmixer) :p
LurkerSpine: Yeah, and they were in burnout so you got the chip!
freshmaker__: If it's a mistake, your brain wanted you to do it.
Heefnoff: Yeah that’s good
beowuuf: feels like nelson is aware of the stuff he'll have to train himself out of later, without letting himself enjoy them now?
Heefnoff: Yeah that was me I think
Heefnoff: If it worked, it was a sick read
Heefnoff: lytJACKPOT
LadyLockwood92: 'I meant to do that'
00clank: "That wake-up command grab that killed Adam for me? Totally not a missed input, very intentional."
Greyah: If you take credit for it, you at least become aware that it's a thing you can do, and it might teach you to do it on purpose in the future.
ThibbleBird: Option select is like RPS but you have a move that beats paper and rock
00clank: An anti-air there instead of backing up may have killed, clinched in anyway though!
r10pez10: ah, super-scissors
LadyLockwood92: Boom Divorced
holidayMD: Evo ended with a low kick
LadyLockwood92: Man...the Ken gets bigger every time Nelly tells this story.
leachjus: Sometimes your fight is just the hallway scene in Oldboy
leachjus: You won, but it was ugly
josh___something: 90% of fighting game matches are Back-alley brawls that end in a wet fart :p
Greyah: Sometimes a match is a beautiful dance of back and forth, with a dramatic climax. Sometimes it's two people angrily flailing and someone falling over somehow.
leachjus: But you still won
beowuuf: the story ended 20 seconds ago with a choice you made
Invitare: He's standing there! Menacingly!
TXC2: "he's not done anything, you know it's gonna be cool when he does"
freshmaker__: reeled em in
josh___something: It worked
josh___something: Gdamn
freshmaker__: conditioning
00clank: It's something I have to work on, because if they jump my first instinct is to jump at them to air-grab if I have one, or intercept with air-to-air. A lot of the time it's way better to do a good anti-air, especially when they're trying to escape corner.
josh___something: Aerial movement DETECTED : Rising Uppercut
00clank: The set is the whole thing.
LurkerSpine: Round is 1
LurkerSpine: Game or Round
00clank: A round is an individual You Win
LurkerSpine: usually round for sf
josh___something: Game is usually the Bo2 rounds, the set is the Bo2 games
00clank: Well, I mean that a round is a single life-bar. A Game is the 2 out of 3 rounds.
Genasi_Gaming: guess who just made gold
00clank: Heck yeah Genasi.
josh___something: @Genasi_Gaming POG
coachNelly: grats!
LurkerSpine: That Ken would've been wrecked by shimmies
tod_vom_himmel: how is this ken ranked this low he should ber silver or gold
LadyLockwood92: @Genasi_Gaming Hell yeah~
LurkerSpine: @tod_vom_himmel really need a win streak to not have to grind
LurkerSpine: ohterwise it takes forever
LurkerSpine: like if you 2-1 your way up the ranks, you're gonna have a LOT more fights (but your play might be better for it)
Greyah: Good ol' bag of tricks.
josh___something: Mashing on wakeup is one of the tools you can use, but it's one of many
josh___something: I'm sending it
tod_vom_himmel: wake up super is the best choice of course
Genasi_Gaming: i eat soooo many wake up supers and ex dps how do ou stop that
LurkerSpine: shimmy
therepoman__: @Genasi_Gaming Block
therepoman__: Sometimes you just gotta walk up to them on their wake up and not do anything
tod_vom_himmel: are we doing a lobby today or is that only on the seabats streams i cant remember
Genasi_Gaming: can you block after DR?
josh___something: yes
josh___something: It takes... 20+ish frames?
TXC2: tod_vom_himmel doesn't seem to be a lobby today (yet)
therepoman__: Yeah there is a certain amount of frames that the DR will last for but you can block
LadyLockwood92: I'm really digging Kimberly~
Genasi_Gaming: so i can DR up to them after lock down then block
therepoman__: Definitely
josh___something: Yeah, DR has a set minimum active time
therepoman__: DR do nothing can really scare people into doing something
josh___something: DR throw is also very funny
therepoman__: They're like oh shit I should DP cuz they're gonna meaty me
Prop_PT: Practicing jabbing them out of Heavy Lash is a realy good drill, especially as Modern only has Heavy
therepoman__: And then you're just standing there
therepoman__: It feels very good
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itsr67: gaming
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Genasi_Gaming: goooo adam
00clank: Still need to master Drive-Rush into Command Grab as JP.
tod_vom_himmel: oh nobody is there is this just for them not oubplic
tod_vom_himmel: public*
TXC2: I don't like that Adam's name is in red, yet he's the blue Luke :p
00clank: We can always throw up our own room to play in on the side as we watch.
therepoman__: @00clank Thanks I hate it
josh___something: @00clank Maniac behavior
00clank: My brother told me he saw Brian_F do it and it opened my third eye.
00clank: Condition for half the game with drive-rush low, to make them crouch block, then Snag Em.
Benzil666: What's happening folks?
Cpt_P: hello adam
00clank: Nelson is Learning.
therepoman__: Hi Cpt
TXC2: Benzil666 Adam and Nelson are doing Luke mirrors
beowuuf: @Benzil666 morpheus is fighting neo :p
Cpt_P: sup repo
TXC2: hello Cpt_P welcome
Cpt_P: are u a ken god yet
gualdhar: why does Luke have to be so sweaty
Benzil666: I think @beowuuf takes it for best answer.
LurkerSpine: better to hold than tap
itsr67: drive begone
therepoman__: I AA Level 3 someone the other day so I'm pretty close I think
TXC2: gualdhar that much forearm meat comes with a price
itsr67: Make sure you're not holding down
Cpt_P: or back
josh___something: If you do it off of a move, it cost 3x as much
LadyLockwood92: I keep forgetting about Drive Rush and Overdrive ^^:
itsr67: warcrime button
josh___something: LUL
00clank: Oh right today is my farewell. I'll never be able to catch Oki Oki live again, banished to VODs unable to participate. Can still get in on Adam's Sunday Lobbies when he runs them though.
beowuuf: noooo
itsr67: dang
BusTed: benginO7
josh___something: riv Clank o7
Greyah: Some things, such as the shortcuts to certain inputs, are really poorly explained, if at all. It's interesting.
00clank: I'll still be around plenty just my work hours going back to normal instead of starting at 2AM.
TXC2: well it's great to have you here now 00clank
LurkerSpine: hey that sounds good though, I hated graveyard
00clank: Speaking of which...
LurkerSpine: shift
Frizzlenill: can you do all the different knuckles on modern?
CatTreeDreamCar: You have to manual input them, but yes.
josh___something: Yes, but you have to do motion inputs
josh___something: medium is the only simple input knuckle
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Frizzlenill: crouching heavy lets you charge light knuckle and then simple medium knuckle after
josh___something: One-button supers my beloved
beowuuf: marisa brain
TXC2: we all wish we were Marisa
00clank: Until the OkiOki lobby goes up I put up a room, search 00CLANK PW: 2023
Blakemcm: had the marisa brain, need the Memphis brain
Blakemcm: yeaaa nice string there Nelson
Genasi_Gaming: oh did you know if you Di at the exact same time as your op you just bounce
CatTreeDreamCar: @00clank This is a lobby already as a heads up.
00clank: Oh was I mistaken, is the Oki lobby open?
ThibbleBird: There’s an Oki Oki lobby?
TehAmelie: i just figured it out, Luke's forearms are full of sand
00clank: I thought it was closed for a bit?
Frizzlenill: standing light is just a fantastic tool for new players - helps with whiff punishing, has a combo, can cancel into sandblast to teach hit confirming, etc
josh___something: It's open, PW:6969
00clank: Ahh then forget that. Silly me.
TehAmelie: sand glands, like Spider-Man's web glands
Blakemcm: lol yea Nelson gets it,
TXC2: less Kenaotic
josh___something: Master gamers usually play less like a chimp with a typewriter
itsr67: @frizzlenill the literal only downside is that the move is 7 frames, it's slower than his
josh___something: (Keyword usually)
Frizzlenill: the skill it takes to NOT tap the second button on block is hard to over state
Frizzlenill: @itsr67 yeah but crouching light still gives Modern a way to learn the value of fast mash buttons
Prop_PT: ggs @tod_vom_himmel
beowuuf: the only honest character is your own one :p
TXC2: "there's no fair in baseball"
Cpt_P: whoever says fair in this genre is lying to your face
itsr67: oh yeah 100% I thought you were saying st.lp exclusively
itsr67: when you've exhausted every trick in the book, improvise
Frizzlenill: it's fair like MMA is fair - there ARE rules, but it's basically a race to see how many ways you can get around them as possible
goobasedlifeform: are yall stick, pad or hitbox users?
itsr67: I'm a Nintendo powerglove user
w4stel4nd: MadKatz racing wheel
LMAOkai_: i would love to see someone play fighting games on a powerglove
accountmadeforants: "I just prefer playing the neutral, and honest interactions, unlike [this game]" -Person who just lost their Nth game in a row
nyoomgoom: i'm using tilt controls!
saucemaster5000: @itsr67 It's so bad.
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Frizzlenill: y'all have my sub indefinitely for creating a fighting game series
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tod_vom_himmel: im playing in vr
Riandisa: I have trouble getting some moves off on pad so I always wonder if I'd do better with stick, but that's such a big investment for a 'might fix things'
Roger_Job329: Superscope
w4stel4nd: I've just started on stick and it's honestly super fun, although taking a while to get used to
Frizzlenill: @Riandisa there's also shortcuts that can make pad specifically more straightforward/consistent - each control method has shortcuts that help them. Which things are inconsistent for ya?
TXC2: we call that move the full Nelson.....wait
itsr67: DDT is wack
Cpt_P: its a sideswitch
Frizzlenill: it's a cool way to end a round
itsr67: Don't do it unless you wanna side swap or kill
accountmadeforants: @Riandisa Tons of pros play on pad, and I switched to pad a few years ago, there's no meaningful downside. (The only thing I'd recommend with pad is making sure both your thumbs return to a "neutral" position whenever possible. It's very easy to mess up inputs once you start "leaning" a certain way.)
LadyLockwood92: GGs @00clank
00clank: GGs!
wtrob: The sandblast!
Blakemcm: sandblast is a bullet. its so hard to react to
00clank: Ah didn't mean to rematch?
LadyLockwood92: Whoops ^^; Didn't realise the set wasn't done.
00clank: Well we can wrap real quick.
Frizzlenill: @Riandisa fwiw @Riandisa you could always try keyboard for a bit, it's a reasonable approximation of hitbox. Best way to learn that method is to play some 2d platformers with spacebar as jump (instead of WASD, that'd instead be ASD + space)
Frizzlenill: that way you can see if it's more comfortable for you
Genasi_Gaming: what more can you teach us adam?
tod_vom_himmel: bigbird vs menard was crazy
accountmadeforants: Sven is a legend
LadyLockwood92: @00clank You weren't kidding, well played.
00clank: There we go! No need for you to vacate the slot though, get some more games in with more folks.
Frizzlenill: @Blakemcm you gotta watch him wind up. It's actually a very long-duration move, punish-counterable on jump-in, but you have to see the windup and jump it
Blakemcm: @Frizzlenill ahh all the frames are on the windup not the actual fireball like a ryu or ken
Frizzlenill: yeah exactly - think of it like a shotgun he cocks and then fires
tod_vom_himmel: hes gotta stop to pick up the sand
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LadyLockwood92: Nah, it's pocket sand. He has it on him.
therepoman__: I like that Nelson
MinaturtIe: Luke is going to Memphis
therepoman__: Sometimes I forget to spend my super meter as well
baskwalla: His arms are full of sand
TXC2: is that why they're so big
Frizzlenill: you can do sandblast out of the target combo to make it safer on block
LadyLockwood92: Just turns out Luke is a robot designed to take Ryu's place as protagonist.
TXC2: LadyLockwood92 you mean like Alyx ? :p
tod_vom_himmel: luke has a theme?
tod_vom_himmel: i thought all audio just drops out when he comes on cause his personality is a black hole
LadyLockwood92: @TXC2 ...I'm not familiar.
TXC2: LadyLockwood92 from Street Fighter 3
Blakemcm: caught him for the hug
LadyLockwood92: Huh...genuinely didn't know that was Alex's backstory.
Frizzlenill: grappler protagonist remains one of the wildest swings in fighting game history
NewtyNewts: Just got here, what's been going on?
Kaaosa: oh we fightin
Frizzlenill: @NewtyNewts teaching nelson Luke and fundamentals
tod_vom_himmel: in the streets
TXC2: LadyLockwood92 it's not, I'm riffing your joke of him being a blank slate to replace Ryu
LadyLockwood92: @TXC2 Ah, fair enough
NewtyNewts: @Frizzlenill Nice, looks like he's doing well
beowuuf: monkey see monkey do :p
Genasi_Gaming: is the nelson special bad?
TXC2: he's LRRning at an accelerated rated!
saucemaster5000: no cinnamon roll? crime
Heefnoff: How’s the mirror matches going gang?
LadyLockwood92: All things considered, I actually quite like Luke as a character. World Tour mode really helped. That and Aleks Le being pretty cool.
Frizzlenill: modern luke is arguably a little better, as long as you can still do motions to get the different knuckles by hand
tod_vom_himmel: i hate how his shirt sticks out the front of his vest
Genasi_Gaming: are some characters more effected by modern than others?
tod_vom_himmel: looks so goofy
tod_vom_himmel: @Genasi_Gaming yes some have really bad modern assist combos
tod_vom_himmel: some are good
BrowneePoints: Charge Characters are not great on Modern
Genasi_Gaming: affected or effected?
tod_vom_himmel: that too
Frizzlenill: @Genasi_Gaming essentially, because modern is a tradeoff of losing special move strengths (sometimes) and certain normals in exchange for instant supers. So depending on what you lose, and how good your supers are for utility, it can be better or worse
Genasi_Gaming: whats a charge character?
BrowneePoints: Modern makes some chars eat WAY too much meter for things, or doesn't do great with their mechanics(like charge characters like Guile)
BrowneePoints: They "charge" moves @Genasi_Gaming
BrowneePoints: like flash kick is "charged" by holding down back
Frizzlenill: @Genasi_Gaming 'charge' inputs require holding a direction for a period of time, followed by pressing the other way to 'release' the charge like a rubber band
tod_vom_himmel: modern marisa i like cause most of her combos dont burn meter and the one that does it only 2 bars and still good
Genasi_Gaming: wait thats flash kicks input!
Genasi_Gaming: i would have thought the damage nerf would hit marisa bad
BrowneePoints: not really. The good thing about Marisa is most hits are pretty significant
tod_vom_himmel: i cant miss the damage if i never had it xD
Frizzlenill: holding down, yes, although holding down-back allows you to charge both downward and backward simultaneously so you can choose which you 'use' when you 'lock in' a move
Genasi_Gaming: i switched from modern to classic marissa
tod_vom_himmel: im too smooth brain
tod_vom_himmel: GRAVITY SQUEEZE
Mr_Horrible: thinkin' 'bout that Magnus
TXC2: gotta get the gravity squeeze on
Genasi_Gaming: why does magneto say gravity squeeze he doesnt control gravity?
therepoman__: You said Heef's activation phrase
BrowneePoints: This game has fundamentals. UMvC3 has Stimulants
tod_vom_himmel: @Genasi_Gaming good question, no more questions
freshmaker__: whenever you hear sand blast your brain just substitutes in optic blast.
TXC2: Genasi_Gaming comics Magneto controls all the fundamental forces, not just magnetism
Genasi_Gaming: ive never heard htat
TXC2: eh, Comics are weird
LadyLockwood92: I fuckin' love Dormammu in that game.
therepoman__: Dorm is sick
BrowneePoints: Nah
BrowneePoints: Magneto only controls magnetism
TXC2: is Marvel an anime fighter? Kappa
LadyLockwood92: I was so disappointed when they changed his voice in Infinite.
BrowneePoints: BUT, he controls all FORMS of Magnetism @TXC2
NewtyNewts: You 'can' do this... the question is, 'will' you?
LadyLockwood92: 'I'm just a little guy' - Adam
BrowneePoints: there's other characters that can manipulate gravity, or the Nuclear forces. Or wavelengths of light (Like Spectrum. who I hope kicks ass in The Marvels)
tod_vom_himmel: check this super *poke*
Genasi_Gaming: Gravity Reduction: Magneto's control over the magnetic and electromagnetic force is so refined that he can shut off gravity within a limited radius of himself by reversing the polarity of the earth's own magnetic field. not strictly speaking science
NewtyNewts: Adam got to the Find Out part of the flow chart.
tod_vom_himmel: tahts not how that works....
LadyLockwood92: Well yeah, it's comic books.
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QuixoticScrivener: I've been meaning to ask, what the heck does "dry brush" mean?
tod_vom_himmel: drive rush
BrowneePoints: Drive Rush @QuixoticScrivener
Genasi_Gaming: Drive rush
Frizzlenill: @Genasi_Gaming why didn't they just keep it simple and have him take iron dust from the ground/air and push his feet up with it
Heefnoff: You can
BrowneePoints: that's the green sprint you're seeing @QuixoticScrivener
QuixoticScrivener: that makes so much more sense
TehAmelie: that may have been the most comic book thing i've heard since Superman's super-ventriliquism power
QuixoticScrivener: and explains why I couldn't google it
Frizzlenill: @LoadingReadyRun heavy knuckle perfect gives drive rush, THEN light knuckle
tod_vom_himmel: ok no problem nelly
Heefnoff: Wait you mean the other way around @frizzlenill
Frizzlenill: like, perfect heavy > drush standing heavy close hit > charge light
BrowneePoints: Eh, it mostly makes sense on the premise that Gravity is the "weakest" of the 4 fundamental forces and is easily negated/overpowered by things like electro or ferromagnetism
Genasi_Gaming: magnetos also has genius intellect. which if you know anything of comic books is not that unique
Frizzlenill: MBMB
Heefnoff: Yeah Medium that’s the one
Frizzlenill: medium > dr > light
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Heefnoff: heefnoDelay
freshmaker__: pay to win Kappa
beowuuf: sergeHi
Genasi_Gaming: magneto can become invisible apparently
therepoman__: Oh no Cpt's Honda is locked and loaded
Kaaosa: i just got out of bed
TXC2: if not subbed, enjoy capitalism :p
saucemaster5000: plz nap
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NewtyNewts: 3 minutes of chili
saucemaster5000: I want nap
Cpt_P: not against jp its not
SK__Ren: I want a snack and a nap
beowuuf: lrrHEART lrrHEART
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TXC2: LadyLockwood92 lrrHEART
w4stel4nd: Sure am glad I had a sub burning a hole in my pocket
BrowneePoints: So apparently they're making a card game based off the FIghting Fantasy books Adam
magical_girl_amelia: hey there oki oki how's it going?
LadyLockwood92: Enjoy my rewards from Capitalism.
Frizzlenill: it looks really cool in training, you do perfect medium to driverush sHP (hit em with the elbow not the fist), to charged light!
Prop_PT: @LadyLockwood92 Thanks for the gift sub!\
LadyLockwood92: lrrSHINE
NewtyNewts: Not like that spy book, right?
BusTed: It's a delicate balance.
TXC2: that goldilocks zone of good badness
BrowneePoints: They need to be Campy, not Bad
saucemaster5000: I did some research, found the literally worst, silliest fighting fantasy book
bobbyerman: Hello
Genasi_Gaming: no
Frizzlenill: you get uncharged heavy @LoadingReadyRun but you need perfect light
Metric_Furlong: you get to say you've done two perfect things?
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Frizzlenill: off charged light you get uncharged medium instead
bobbyerman: Is adam alone today???
NewtyNewts: I meant in the 'so bad it's good' camp, not the 'not bad enough to be so bad it's good'
beowuuf: @bobbyerman nelson is also on
LadyLockwood92: @bobbyerman Nelly's getting coffee
Frizzlenill: in the corner you can do the jump to air knuckle to super yeah, or sandblast to uppercut
offbeatwitch: i am too powerful to be contained by ads
offbeatwitch: i can hear EVERYTHING
therepoman__: That seems so short for a program
bobbyerman: Love some nelson gameplay
therepoman__: Are you meant to loop it at all?
Frizzlenill: medium sandblast to light uppercut if you miss the perfect, otherwise medium sandblast to heavy uppercut if you get the perfect
w4stel4nd: Are you now closer to having arms like Luke?
Roger_Job329: New program on Monday?
MilkInBags: wait, how are the stream cameras so much better?? this looks crisp
BrowneePoints: They upgraded the setup Milk
Metric_Furlong: the magic of the new moonbase
Frizzlenill: new moonbase new setup maybe?
BusTed: @MilkInBags did your prescription change
MilkInBags: now we can see adam is tan for real
jj_q: interested in mk1?
hilltopper_: ggs LurkerSpine
NewtyNewts: New lunar cams?
Genasi_Gaming: Modern marisa
LurkerSpine: @hilltopper_ ggs!
LakeInLove: I made it
BrowneePoints: Adam doesn't care for the hyper gore
MilkInBags: who would play a 1992 game nowadays
TXC2: hello LakeInLove welcome
Kaaosa: 1992 isn't even a real year
offbeatwitch: full agree
BrowneePoints: Can confirm, I was born in an Unreal year
NewtyNewts: Bit too gratuitous violence...
Kaaosa: "i was born in 199X" okay megaman
Frizzlenill: also ngl dial-a-combo is NOT my jam
therepoman__: Seems big on BM
jj_q: it has peacekeeper and omniman!
jj_q: oh
TXC2: 1992 is when the Simpsons is set (IMO)
MilkInBags: -71 😬
Kaaosa: -71 on block
TXC2: -71 is a geological epoch of time :p
magical_girl_amelia: hey there oki-oki! thanks for oki to getting me into the game and my friends @LakeInLove and robin coaching and encouraging me I made it to diamond with lily in my first fighting game (i'm nekomimi in the club)
Frizzlenill: but you can hit her feet!
BusTed: @magical_girl_amelia PogChamp
magical_girl_amelia: @BusTed i've been learning so much it's so good
saucemanon5medals: Mortal Kombat should be banned jack thompson was right
saucemanon5medals: damn the things I type
Frizzlenill: @magical_girl_amelia congrats! Diamond is huge! That's like top 1%!
bobbyerman: I love the " in response " mtg jargo appearing
LakeInLove: IT'S MIMI! She's the best gamer of all time
LakeInLove: Diamond Modern Lily
saucemanon5medals: @magical_girl_amelia that's awesome
magical_girl_amelia: oh yeah i'm pushing modern controls haha
w4stel4nd: That's the biggest thing I got from watching this stream
NewtyNewts: Yeah... that's why I haven't gotten into it much, solo FG isn't much fun if you're not learning with someone
Genasi_Gaming: Nelson special FTW!
saucemanon5medals: @NewtyNewts yeah, adam's discord has been awesome
Frizzlenill: how many people would go pro at table tennis if they started learning the solo version with the table half folded up?
LakeInLove: Hard shoutout for Nelly for being an absolute champion!
w4stel4nd: The constructive friendly attitude made me realise that learning fighting games could actually be fun
bobbyerman: We can jam with u sunday? What time?
BusTed: Seachats Discord:
Blakemcm: probably no 3 touching at this rank
Blakemcm: dont mean that as a negative
bobbyerman: Oof, im from europe, i can only catch u in morning
Obsc: Marisa is only scary when she is on the screen rawrSip I lose alot to her is what Im saying rawrLUL
DaVeganPolice: Get the nooch pop, boot up the lobby.
Kaaosa: become the stuff doer
bobbyerman: Okioki is the best time to see u
saucemanon5medals: ooo heef is on blanka? I gotta see this
Dalouer: i have never seen anyone do that super minus move.. is it any good for anything?
Prop_PT: ggs @josh___something some of that rollback was rough but was a great set
saucemanon5medals: yeah imagine learning this while timing food cooking all day, would be awful
Frizzlenill: @Dalouer it's one of the follow-ups to her armor stance. It's risky but it's an overhead - she has a low, overhead, and command grab, and importantly the overhead also hits high enough to catch jumps
BusTed: @saucemanon5medals 😬
TXC2: the celebrity effect
tod_vom_himmel: HE DID IT
Decaped: streamer privilege is real.
bobbyerman: Yeee
tod_vom_himmel: im so happy
LakeInLove: TO MEPHIS!
beowuuf: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
magical_girl_amelia: let's go nelly
Daedalus423: God luke has such big arms lol
magical_girl_amelia: to memphis!!!
Prop_PT: get your ass to MEMPHIS
josh___something: GGs @Prop_PT , I didn't expect to get that many rounds on a gold gammy
Dalouer: @Frizzlenill ohh cool! thanks for the info :)
Mr_Horrible: wakeUpTwoper
josh___something: Felt nice
beowuuf: w4keupsuper
TXC2: "I'll just a 2 on it" coughs
beowuuf: LOL
w4stel4nd: Bit infringement at LRR, unheard of
Mr_Horrible: WakeUpDeuxper for the Quebecois
beowuuf: @Mr_Horrible escher3PUN
Prop_PT: @josh___something definitely got in the scramble a little. wish I could get a single drive rush cancel combo
loufghyslaufey: & The Rest of The Cake Too!!
josh___something: We've only talked about it in passing, yeah
loufghyslaufey: Welcome to the Oki Oki Fight, Clubbers!!
ElektroTal: what about meaty?
SK__Ren: Its the counter point to a wakeup
TXC2: hello ElektroTal welcome
Decaped: It's when your heart goes oki oki
darknevaeh: Hey Adam did you see Khleo Thomas win the MK tourney dressed as Powerline from the Goofy movie?
TehAmelie: everybody was doki doki fighting♫
w4stel4nd: Being new to fighting games is hearing sentences which are entirely terms you don't know, and you can't ask what literally all of them mean
Genasi_Gaming: what are some other oki options?
Frizzlenill: it's placing danger on the screen while they're waking up to restrict the number of things they can safely do while waking up
TXC2: He can see the matrix!
magical_girl_amelia: I love modern reaction supers
LMAOkai_: one button supers are so good
josh___something: quarter circle twice + button
Frizzlenill: you have to buffer it
LMAOkai_: there's a reason why Haitani got a 72 win streak
josh___something: It's harder to hide
DaVeganPolice: I think there's like 10 frames before you're active on wake up that you can buffer it in
NewtyNewts: You just do a bunch of it while you're down
bobbyerman: Its more telegraphed
Prop_PT: you can do the motion supers in Modern right for the extra damage
CatTreeDreamCar: Yeah. I think most high level players can do it in 7-10 frames. But with Modern you can do it in 1 frame basically. It's so much faster.
bobbyerman: Tv gameshow: Teabag or buffer??
saucemanon5medals: woops I quit out, sorry @LadyLockwood92
darknevaeh: Hey Adam or Nelson did you see Khleo Thomas win the MK tourney dressed as Powerline from the Goofy movie?
Frizzlenill: @Prop_PT yeah, you just also have the ability to do them instantly at a damage penalty if you need to
bobbyerman: 20%
LadyLockwood92: @saucemanon5medals No worries ^^ GG's
josh___something: Knocks an instant 20% scaling
Daedalus423: That... may explain why my Cammy supers feel like they do no damange...
Frizzlenill: which means you can take something that's barely unreactable, and make it reactable with super, which is huge
LurkerSpine: Autocombo also does full damage
Prop_PT: @Frizzlenill yeah the utility of instant is incredible but having the motion backup for in Combos is still good
bobbyerman: But in combo it doesnt rly matter it get scaled down anyway
magical_girl_amelia: @LurkerSpine yeah cos of minimum damage amounts
saucemanon5medals: let's go josh!
darknevaeh: Anyone excited for Tekken 8?
Genasi_Gaming: Todd that scutum punch isnt a good option imo
josh___something: Time to do various flips!
LurkerSpine: magic pixel
Frizzlenill: @Prop_PT yeah it's why pros playing on modern basically never have the damage penalty unless they're doing stuff EXCLUSIVE to modern. It means the only 'real' downside is losing access to some normals
LurkerSpine: netcode looks bad for tekken 8
AceGun_: I like that new coffee girl.
offbeatwitch: ive played tekken 7 in a bar and that game has so many goddamn buttons
Mr_Horrible: Adam's gonna be a Yoshimitsu player Kappa
Frizzlenill: Pocket Bravery beta came out today! It's kinda sf3/fatal fury esque if that interests u adam
Obsc: I was a big Marduk player in tekken tag 2 rawrSip
Genasi_Gaming: how can you tel if its bad
therepoman__: To be fair it was just an initial test so they might work out the netcode as time goes by
Prop_PT: oh no. @saucemaster5000 on Blanka, big Degen hours incoming
therepoman__: The game still has a while to come out
MilkInBags: if you like good netcode, name 5
ylegm: if I were ever to pick it up, I'd stick myself with the impossible task of azucena
saucemanon5medals: SHIT I'm on modern!
ylegm: TFH
Prop_PT: Strive
offbeatwitch: strive before they broke it
zeathean: Monster hunter world
Mr_Horrible: Nickelodeon All-Stars Kappa
Decaped: Monster Hunter World is my favorite fighting game
TXC2: Dark souls Kappa
MilkInBags: no no no not the name of the game that has good netcode, name the good netcodes seabatUseless
Mr_Horrible: strive's matchmaking honks but its netcode is good
Mr_Horrible: @MilkInBags UDP
Prop_PT: same with KI tbf @Mr_Horrible
Mr_Horrible: that's it
Mr_Horrible: that's the tweet
Frizzlenill: yeah Pocket Bravery open beta launches today, just confirmed. IDK if you've seen it but it's gorgeous
bobbyerman: Lets go nelson
LurkerSpine: I mean, delay based netcode works in tiny areas
offbeatwitch: yeah strive's generally fine once you're connected but they fucked up the matchmaker with the crossplay update
Frizzlenill: it's an indie sf3/KoF style game
Dalouer: how does a company still decide not to use rollback in our year 2023? baffling
darknevaeh: If you Enjoyed Monster Hunter: World, might I suggest Wild HEarts?
NewtyNewts: Name all fighting game characters that everyone likes. I'll start. ...
Frizzlenill: @Dalouer harada's personal pride and his unique tendency to ESPECIALLY entrench himself in ignorance if challenged about something
loufghyslaufey: Do all the games you mentioned use that one netcode? lrrADAM
saucemanon5medals: hangon @josh___something I gotta get off modern!
freshmaker__: yeah did strive ever recover from server death? I stopped playing when I literally couldn't start games against my friends in the same country.
Frizzlenill: 'unique' in airquotes
LurkerSpine: Harada "It's harder with 3D games" (that's not true, btw)
josh___something: Yeah, np @saucemanon5medals
Kaaosa: every time i watch this game i'm kinda floored by how fun it seems; i want to play
Frizzlenill: @freshmaker__ yeah it got fixed with Asuka but sf6 launched at the same time so it kinda got buried
offbeatwitch: it's slightly better
josh___something: I figured when you afk'ed for a bit on one of the rounds
Mr_Horrible: I enjoy Harada's shitposts occassionally but I will never trust any pronouncement that man makes
offbeatwitch: theyve said theyre continuing to fix it in season 3
MilkInBags: better than diablo 4????
LurkerSpine: I mean, nowhere near as broken as KoF15
Kaaosa: i really need it to hit ed.0
MinaturtIe: Strive is still good. Some server issues here and there but much better than when crossplay started.
hilltopper_: ggs heef
Kaaosa: maybe aki.0 will convince me
Frizzlenill: @Kaaosa there's world tour mode for single player and learning the game if that helps as a selling point!
freshmaker__: ah ok. im glad its better. I should start playing again. (a thing I say every time I think about Strive, and then dont.)
MilkInBags: goodbye $120
Invitare: oh no
Prop_PT: @Kaaosa did'nt you play V?
Invitare: wait D4 is $120???
DaVeganPolice: Canada babyyyy
TXC2: Invitare Canadian
Invitare: wow
Invitare: POE is free
Blakemcm: if strive had good matchmaking id probably still be playing it a lot
Frizzlenill: her armor stance blocks mids and overheads
TXC2: Invitare a soul is not free Kappa
Blakemcm: SF6 is just heads and shoulders above with matchmaking
Decaped: It's because they built a mishmash of systems in D4 that don't work together, and also left a bunch of systems in states where they just don't work.
Kaaosa: @Prop_PT yeah i'm waiting for ed in SF6 to pick it up because i've never resonated with a character like i did 5 ed
freshmaker__: I was having fun with d4 and put a lot of time into S1 but then Baldur's Gate came out.
MilkInBags: on the other hand, I had no interest in bg3 and did not regret buying it
Prop_PT: Modern Luke has V Ed Vibes right
Kaaosa: hmmmmmmm
bobbyerman: Nelson should try other lv of super
Kaaosa: @Prop_PT today was payday.. lmao
BartuBurcu: <message deleted>Did you see the Game twitch announced today?? SeemsGood
Mr_Horrible: I cannot get into DnD style rpgs for whatever reason
Prop_PT: its gonna be the same price when Ed Releases and you'll have to buy Ed when hes released ANYWAY so....
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freshmaker__: My biggest gripe with D4 was the devs undoing a lot of good QOL choices from D3. I was astounded that I couldn't tp to my friends from anywhere, for example.
Kaaosa: i'm just in my head about betraying my pal ed :P
hd_dabnado is continuing the Gift Sub they got from DeM0nFiRe!
NewtyNewts: I've started emphasizing demonfire's name based on where the caps are... da-mon-fuh-ree.
Genasi_Gaming: is that medium step kick?
Genasi_Gaming: after the di mach
Genasi_Gaming: its the heavy auto combo
Genasi_Gaming: can you do heavy step kick off dimach?
LurkerSpine: When they're burned out I have a bad habit of just trying for a chip win
smoke_knight: Nice job not panicking when you hit burnout!
NewtyNewts: It turned into video games.
TXC2: away, the time went away
LurkerSpine: You are, but you shouldn't completely change your offense
LurkerSpine: which is what I do
Darleysam: I find it easy to get reckless when my opponent's in burnout
Prop_PT: if OP is in in burnout the best thing you can do (if you get in) is try and just loop "safe" pressure and force them to take it or spend Super to get out
Prop_PT: but if they are in chip range then by all means try and set it up
tod_vom_himmel: i di too much
TXC2: Darleysam you smell the blood in the water and go crazy
Genasi_Gaming: if they do that just hit them back
NewtyNewts: 'Gets to' means 'isn't punished for' pretty much
offbeatwitch: since they like doing it so much, prepare to counter-di or throw when you've taken a blockstring
Darleysam: @TXC2 I do, indeed, play SF6 much like a shark
Genasi_Gaming: how many Dis has tod landed
thegreatwyrdling: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news!) at Fri 02:00 PM PDT (2:01 from now).
therepoman__: Owie wowie I practiced combos for too long and now my wrists hurt
tod_vom_himmel: ggs nelly that was a ton of fun
therepoman__: Ive never had this problem before
Genasi_Gaming: i should try ex scutum on wakeup
tod_vom_himmel: you learn way faster than me'
bobbyerman: Gg!
TXC2: therepoman__ breaks are important
therepoman__: Yeah I'm really bad at taking breaks
smoke_knight: Is "empty jump" still a term that gets used?
LakeInLove: There are just so many new fighter players
NewtyNewts: At one point I thought about trying to play FGs using a keyboard for my controller, trying to emulate a hitbox... I don't think it'll work though, too many buttons
LakeInLove: It's incredible
DaVeganPolice: One day I'll add my name to the list coach
tod_vom_himmel: @smoke_knight yes
tod_vom_himmel: mechanical keyboard only though
LakeInLove: I play keyboard
therepoman__: Keyboard is a good holdover, thats what I did
tod_vom_himmel: standard jkeyboardds dont let you use more than 2 or 3 buttons at once
w4stel4nd: Hopefully I can pick things up fast enough to be one of those success stories before people move on 😂
LakeInLove: cos most hitboxes are too small
LakeInLove: I'm a girthy they, I need my hand space
josh___something: hello I am keyboardsmn
NewtyNewts: That's the part I had issues with, mine has that sort of limiter
TXC2: keyboards are fine except for doing full circles
DaVeganPolice: haven't even dropped Akuma yet LUL
LMAOkai_: the razer kitsume looks sick
Dalouer: look at how many people played SF5 till the end as a reference
therepoman__: Gimme Akuma
DaVeganPolice: Akuma is getta hella people to play
Gaz_L: a guy i knew vaguely at uni would bring a tablet PC with Melty Blood to the student union and played on keyboard and let other people use the controller.
Kaaosa: wacks and wayne
Blakemcm: I come back for DLC characters
therepoman__: I preordered the Kitsune, I couldn't help myself
DaVeganPolice: I'm not ready
therepoman__: I'm a peripheral geek
Mr_Horrible: can't wait for his 12-notch drive gauge Kappa
LadyLockwood92: I just want them to bring back Sakura.
LMAOkai_: it's crazy pricey, but likely well worth the price
Blakemcm: so Akuma traditionally gets balaned with LOW health, they arent doing that in this game so i wonder if they will be removing a lot of his tools or nerfing damage?
tod_vom_himmel: i dont even plan to use any of the dlc characters but i still got the character pass
tod_vom_himmel: i dont know why
slowboygofast: I just hate that I have to pay for the pass to practice against the dlc fighters
Blakemcm: Balanced with low health*
tod_vom_himmel: late to memphis
tod_vom_himmel: deejay looks like hes enjoying himself
therepoman__: Dee Jay is so cool
magical_girl_amelia: @slowboygofast this is my biggest gripe - i can't even practice against cpus
violetblight: yeah ive started playing dee jay and he’s very cool
Rourke9: You played a little blanka the first few days, didn’t you?
LadyLockwood92: He's absolutely having a great time.
tdonuma2: being able to use dlc in training mode to actually try them seems like a good idea but no company does it
LakeInLove: I think the rental stuff is the most predatory thing I;ve ever seen
slowboygofast: I'm a lab monster though, so I spend like 3-4 hours learning punishes for each character, the pass ain't enough
tod_vom_himmel: and the battlepass is suuuper easy in this game
tod_vom_himmel: took me like 2days
Blakemcm: @LakeInLove naw, horse armor
freshmaker__: oh neat. i didnt realise the bp went infinite. that's so good.
LadyLockwood92: Love Dee Jay's win screen.
LurkerSpine: @LakeInLove How so? I feel like I've seen so much worse
slowboygofast: I mean, diablo immortal exists
slowboygofast: If we wanna talk about bad monetization
NewtyNewts: Wow, did that move pull you straight to the ground?
tod_vom_himmel: WHERE ARE YOU GOING?
EvilBadman: @slowboygofast literally any sports game is worse
Blakemcm: did you see the wedding dress outfit?!?
Blakemcm: so stoked for that
DaVeganPolice: whoops :)
tdonuma2: yeah i almost never stick with my prelaunch character choice either. Thought i was gonna play marisa but manon throws are too satisfying
Kaaosa: y'all got me :') game is downloading as we speak
LakeInLove: @LurkerSpine Okay hyperbole, but it is absolutely disgusting the level of predatory stuff in this game. Charge for characters, charge for skins, charge for recolours, charge for a battle pass, charge for stages, charge for music. Other things can be worse whgile this is still fucking awful
Brozard: beeg woman
tod_vom_himmel: THE HAIR
bobbyerman: I jsut wish i could train against dlc, bc i cant deal with rashid eagle kick.
tod_vom_himmel: the mohawr with the sdress is fiiiire
tod_vom_himmel: mohawk*
violetblight: tell capcom we got another
Brozard: I actually just picked up SF6 like half an hour ago, need to figure out who I want to play
LurkerSpine: @LakeInLove So that's pretty typical of any recent fighting game (like the last... 10ish years)
bobbyerman: Yeah but he bounce back
bobbyerman: Outo range
tod_vom_himmel: drive rush
slowboygofast: Drive rush
tdonuma2: you can drive rush in and punish him
bobbyerman: Damn
LakeInLove: Okay? Why does taht make it an invalid point @LurkerSpine
tdonuma2: it's like minus 27
LakeInLove: It sounds liek Copium
violetblight: yeah if you block eagle spike he’s -36 if it’s not buffed
Prop_PT: HK Spiral arrow ruins Rashid's life
bobbyerman: Well incouldnt try that bc i cant load him in dlc
slowboygofast: Literally half a second damn
TheMandrew: whenever they block my eagle spike, i cry...a lot
LurkerSpine: At least most of those (costumes, colors, some other things) are unlockable by just playing the game too, @LakeInLove
bobbyerman: In training
LurkerSpine: Characters and stages aren't though
CatTreeDreamCar: That was a hella good match Nelly.
slowboygofast: Is this room joinable?
Mr_Horrible: still feels like a jumpscare LUL
TXC2: slowboygofast yeap, name is seabats, password is 6969
tod_vom_himmel: 3 spots left
Heefnoff: Ggs
Blakemcm: they have nerfed it 1% every patch so you wouldnt notice
Mr_Horrible: esp with his fakeout potential
LakeInLove: @LurkerSpine That's not an excuse, there ahve been studies done on how that isn't a valid reason and why it is predatory. James Stephanie Sterling basically dedicated their entire channel to things like this. It's just not something anyone should tolerate.
Blakemcm: trust me my dad works at nintendo
Mangledpixel: I feel for the poor shopkeeper who has to pick up all their fruit
magical_girl_amelia: @Mangledpixel i'm sure the monkeys will help
Mr_Horrible: @Mangledpixel on the bridge level I weep for the watermelons falling into the river every time
violetblight: atla cabbages guy vibes
NewtyNewts: They should've known better, they set up shop behind a SF stage.
bobbyerman: <message deleted>Those monke lookslike ragavan and trigger me
Mr_Horrible: but *any* street can be an SF stage
violetblight: god i need to rewatch that show
Mr_Horrible: nowhere's safe!
Heefnoff: Blanka is so fun
LurkerSpine: level 1 might've chipped out
Juliamon: please don't use "trigger" that way
tdonuma2: level one super to chip out would have been great
bobbyerman: Sry tilt
smoke_knight: Most of the characters just have such good style. I'm just having fun watching DeeJay's animations rn.
bobbyerman: I m french and indont have the exact word
slowboygofast: i wish i could play him but i just have so much trouble with charge
TheAwkes: The story mode establishes that everyone in Street Fighter World is down to scrap at any time. I think "they fought on my tomatoes" is just the cost of doing business here.
Mr_Horrible: smoke_knight yeah, everyone feels really dripped out in this game
Mr_Horrible: TheAwkes what a time to be alive
tdonuma2: it helps when it's your friend playing the wierd matchup and not some rando tbh
saucemanon5medals: help my day 1 blanka sucks
josh___something: You're doing great
Cpt_P: god that character drives me insane
Cpt_P: they gotta shoot the old man
freshmaker__: The Blanka feeling is me playing Bridget in Strive. At a base level I'm having a good time. Yoyos are fun. Air movement is fun. Theme is a banger. It's a win-win-win.
00clank: Feeling is mutual.
Cpt_P: honda is an honest meatball
slowboygofast: whats the name of the room?
00clank: Truth can be relative.
TXC2: slowboygofast seabats
00clank: @slowboygofast Search up Seabats and join their custom room. 6969
DaVeganPolice: Its a lot of DI after unsafe moves
cosmooooooo: what does -6 mean?
tdonuma2: it's the amount of frame advantage/disadvantage that a charater has in that moment
slowboygofast: @cosmooooooo after an attack is blocked, the attacker gets to move six frames after the defender
tdonuma2: if you're + you act faster than your opponent. if you're - your opponent acts first
00clank: @cosmooooooo Basically it measures recovery before you can do stuff agian.
00clank: *again
LurkerSpine: If you're minus, it's no longer your turn
cosmooooooo: makes sense ty
00clank: Bigger Plus means you can safely do Bigger Moves.
freshmaker__: lets go nelly
freshmaker__: that was a good jump on that first grab
Diabore: minuscule timing difference
hilltopper_: That was luck
josh___something: umm
saucemanon5medals: fiddlesticks
ImplicitRobin17: Oh, I thought Adam was playing this whole time. Is he coaching Nelson?
saucemanon5medals: game?
josh___something: oop?
Mangledpixel: must be such a huge task to design these kinds of games, deciding exactly how many frames to make animations, exact size and placement of hitboxes etc, knowing that any tiny change could throw off the whole balance
00clank: Correct, NineBears.
freshmaker__: the fighting robot sent back from the future
beowuuf: psychic robot sent from the future to ruin nelson's game MiniK
saucemanon5medals: yo josh your rashid is sick
00clank: Err, Robin.
NojhLivic: Frame counts clicked with me when I thought of them as an inverted stamina system from DarkSouls. You're constantly losing 1 point of stamina every 1/60th of a second but your attack/block resets your stamina (usually plus, but sometimes not).
00clank: Mixed up the username of the Guile I just saw.
josh___something: Thank ye
Diabore: @ImplicitRobin17 yup, thats oki oki, adam coaches bengineer, nelly, and wheeler
ImplicitRobin17: This is fun! I understand very little about this game
00clank: They said it takes like, 2 years start to finish to make a character?
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TXC2: the 10 years!
josh___something: Fighting games are a nice spectator sport
beowuuf: the ten years! lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Brozard: holy moly, the tenner
BrowneePoints: The Stussy S
Brozard: jlrrTenner jlrrTenner jlrrTenner
TXC2: the cool S
slowboygofast: The skullgirls devs wrote a great article about them wanting to crowdfund a ton of money to make just one character
LurkerSpine: Not the first
saucemanon5medals: ggs josh! was my first blanka match! hella fun
beowuuf: some started coming in on monday apparently
offbeatwitch: woahh 120 months
tdonuma2: somebody get that mod made right now
TXC2: no, we hit the first one on Monday
offbeatwitch: nutty
w4stel4nd: lrrSHINE great name
violetblight: its a tenny now
TXC2: we call them tenners in the UK
josh___something: @saucemanon5medals GGs as well! You were really giving me the gears there on the latter half
saucemanon5medals: I remembered my buttons!
offbeatwitch: true...
beowuuf: jlrrTenner
w4stel4nd: We are, thank you for noticing
freshmaker__: Is that a saxophone I hear because we just got a Tenner
TXC2: we are, send help
w4stel4nd: The duality of man
tod_vom_himmel: oops caps
Mangledpixel: tenners and fivers, but not twentiers and fiftiers
LurkerSpine: I need to fight hilltopper more to learn Drive Impact reactions
LurkerSpine: if only I didn't have work during this stream lol
TXC2: Mangledpixel rich people don't use slang Kappa
00clank: That'll be me from now on, LurkerSpine.
Mangledpixel: TXC2 or they do, but they don't let us peons know about it
00clank: Try and harass them to fight you in the Discord?
TXC2: Mangledpixel touché
slowboygofast: In older new york slang you called a fiver a finster
w4stel4nd: They call £50 notes firestarters I think
saucemanon5medals: nice!
Heefnoff: TO MEMPHIS
00clank: Whole EVO crowd shouting a misquote that everyone has just accepted.
Heefnoff: God I love the FGC
slowboygofast: I still don't know what he'
slowboygofast: is actually saying
saucemanon5medals: it's easy just give manon a fireball and give gief back lariat
tdonuma2: the memphis thing has gotten to the point that it's what i actually hear now
00clank: "You picked the wrong guy to mess with!"
violetblight: he says memphis i will not believe a word otherwise
Heefnoff: Just a small guy from Memphis
Mr_Horrible: return the Green Hand
slowboygofast: I want green hand
Heefnoff: Yeah I agree
Mr_Horrible: *return the slab voice*
TXC2: Blanka doesn't need a fireball, he is the fireball
Heefnoff: Green hand is still in the game, it’s called Drive Rush MP Kappa
violetblight: we found yesterday that rashid’s projectile has a hitbox behind it at the start, literally better than lariat
smoke_knight: Do you think the VA is on board with the meme?
00clank: SO what you're saying is....make Gief's Drive Rush ignore projectiles?
tdonuma2: let blanka EX the doll and he just throws it as a projectile
saucemanon5medals: I want turquoise hand
Heefnoff: He explicitly is actually @smoke_knight
smoke_knight: @Heefnoff Love it
saucemanon5medals: @Heefnoff luke's VA is awesome
violetblight: aleks le is a great shitpostsr
saucemanon5medals: aleks le
Heefnoff: Luke’s VA is so funny
Heefnoff: Aleks Le
Mr_Horrible: @tdonuma2 a Blanka YEET would be pretty choice
00clank: @smoke_knight He's facilitated it. He made a post where he turned all the game audio but voices down to 'prove' it's the fake line but he redubbed it.
hilltopper_: ggs Nelson!
josh___something: Aleks le is a top tier shitposter
Heefnoff: That was hilarious
beowuuf: o7
violetblight: BOOM DIVORCED
TXC2: Lets go Nelson!
therepoman__: RAOWR
smoke_knight: @00clank Oh my god that's excellent
tod_vom_himmel: noooo legm u panicked!
offbeatwitch: oh god heef has a 20 win streak
beowuuf: retire champion
00clank: Aleks has got Marisa and now DeeJay's voice actors to guest on a stream with him where they play some SF and goof off.
josh___something: LUL
therepoman__: @offbeatwitch Sounds like heef
BrowneePoints: For those in Chat, Heef was at EVO!
00clank: With DeeJay they had people send in their most trash beats.
saucemanon5medals: NELLY WON! FBtouchdown
BrowneePoints: and I think they made it out of the Pools stage?
EvilBadman: Caring about win streaks is the first way to lose
LadyLockwood92: GG's mod guy, don't know your twitch name ^^;
00clank: @BrowneePoints Out of pools in all four games they played.
Cpt_P: ggs lockwood
00clank: @LadyLockwood92 It's Cpt_P
violetblight: oh yeah heef is a gamer and a half
josh___something: Heefer is a top ~120 Evo finalist on SF6
Heefnoff: Thank you friend
Heefnoff: Yeah Ken
freshmaker__: holy moly
Heefnoff: Dragon ball
00clank: Idol Showdown
smoke_knight: That's so many games
Mr_Horrible: the 4th game was "being a homie"
saucemanon5medals: qualified in mario party it was wild
josh___something: they got out of pools in every game they entered
Kaaosa: heef one of them capital G Gamers
w4stel4nd: Let's go Heef!
BrowneePoints: and a Reminder that by Adam being in Master he's ALSO in an incredibly high percentage of players
LurkerSpine: Oh Heef's a DBFZ player too? hell yeah
josh___something: IIRC
MilkInBags: ok but do they know how to play Crusader Kings 3?
violetblight: does anyone milk
NojhLivic: I don't understand how playing so many different fighting games doesn't mess with someone's muscle memory
saucemanon5medals: @MilkInBags no one does, not even you
Heefnoff: Crusader what
BrowneePoints: There's Families of Fighting Games
Kaaosa: what if heef is top 6 CK3
Mr_Horrible: no, that's the Drizzt move
BrowneePoints: some play similarly
NojhLivic: I can barely switch between Zelda: TotK and any other game and not accidentally hit the cancel button all the time.
EvilBadman: teabag is yes, shake is no
tdonuma2: he actually did answer
tdonuma2: what a chad
Mr_Horrible: Crusader Whomst?
josh___something: Heck yes, nelly!
LadyLockwood92: Can they see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
TXC2: he's LRRning!
josh___something: Oh MY god, heef
DaVeganPolice: heef said no more games
Heefnoff: Nelly kinda goated
Mr_Horrible: @LadyLockwood92 because it's +5 on block?
DaVeganPolice: its real now
Heefnoff: That’s so sick
bobbyerman: "you are dead here but thats okay"
Prop_PT: like whan I jabbed a Ken out of Heavy Lash 7 times in a row, they just hit an error loop
saucemanon5medals: @josh___something Sure, I can do that....
00clank: @Prop_PT That sounds like Ambrosia.
TXC2: Heefnoff may be able to day 2 4 different game, but can they chug a sparking water and not burp? Kappa
Mr_Horrible: Fighting game mental is "Ya gotta make your own Pogs"
Prop_PT: it felt like I had reached Nirvana
josh___something: I love blanka's little ook ooks
smoke_knight: @Prop_PT I think I would just lie down after the first 5
Prop_PT: its just proof that Ranked players are unconditionable
00clank: I have a replay saved of when a Cammy just...fell apart, after a set of getting out of the farside corner just fine they just broke down in the last game and died.
Mr_Horrible: "You'll never be round in this town again, Blanka"
00clank: Never forget the Monkey D. Luffy move.
josh___something: SauceMaster just bullied me by playing Blanka like a Grappler
TehAmelie: ooh, a decoy ball
LurkerSpine: @00clank it happens. The ghandi vs FPS clip is making the rounds again
Mr_Horrible: @josh___something given his build and stance I'm always surprised he's *not*
saucemanon5medals: oh yeah give manon's command grab THE SAME distance as blankas'
therepoman__: Sometimes he goes "raow" and then sometimes he goes "RAOWR"
LadyLockwood92: Blanka is such a wild concept when you think about him for a bit.
Prop_PT: Take. The. THROWWWWW
josh___something: I wanna see manon do the blanka throw animation XD
TehAmelie: what i like about this game is how many characters are super weird, all in their own special ways
Heefnoff: Oh I thought
Heefnoff: I thought that was neuch
Heefnoff: heefnoDelay
Heefnoff: Oh it was ok
freshmaker__: those blanka noises are very banjo kazooie
DaVeganPolice: LUL
TehAmelie: random question, is it possible to get a double KO?
Prop_PT: I'm a big DB Gamer
josh___something: Nelly with the Master bait
Mr_Horrible: similar to the No-Mixup-Mixup
00clank: @TehAmelie Yes, it counts as a victory for both I believe.
TXC2: TehAmelie yes, we had one on stream a month or so ago
Prop_PT: I have won and lost to a Double KO in Ranked
TehAmelie: cool
smoke_knight: I LOVE that Nelly was just standing still. I remember when Adam was telling him to do more of that. It's such a power move
saucemanon5medals: (still feel kinda bad about hitting nelson with a lvl 3 from neutral on oki last week)
BusTed: oshit
Mr_Horrible: *rexxar voice* "Let the hunt begin!"
saucemanon5medals: YES!
bobbyerman: He got him!
Heefnoff: heefnoDelay heefnoDelay heefnoDelay heefnoDelay heefnoDelay heefnoDelay
yukichocomilk: TO MEMPHIS
josh___something: MEMPHIS
smoke_knight: oh DAMN
LadyLockwood92: Woo~ Go Nelly~
Mr_Horrible: hey, free trip to memphis
TehAmelie: nobody expects the super finisher
bobbyerman: Retire champion
Prop_PT: Nelly sent Heef to Memphis
AtrusOfMyst: Blanka Ball got deflated
TXC2: Nelly got them Dad reactions
bobbyerman: He is going off
saucemanon5medals: let's never use the phrase "young boy reactions" again
yukichocomilk: NICE
00clank: Yesssss
saucemanon5medals: YES!!!!
josh___something: LET'S GOOOO
bobbyerman: LETS GOOOO
TehAmelie: the full nelson!
DaVeganPolice: The Full Nelson PogChamp
NojhLivic: Well done!
LurkerSpine: Cheer200 NELLY!
beowuuf: lol
BusTed: Nice
tdonuma2: lets gooo
LadyLockwood92: Hell yeah~
NojhLivic: That was exciting to watch.
josh___something: NELLY YOOOO \
TXC2: !clips
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BrowneePoints: Heef Panics SMARTLY
bobbyerman: HE IS ON THE BOARD
ImplicitRobin17: I have no idea what's happening but that was pretty hype
Mr_Horrible: so powerful sofieGasp
Kaaosa: truly evil
TXC2: full on just jumped in my chair, lets go
smoke_knight: Nelly trained his reaction time on catching toddlers. Gotta be lightning quick.
josh___something: This character is a MENACE
Prop_PT: especially when MenaRD plays him
BrowneePoints: AND, not highly played at high ranks, which is why Mena??? was knowledge checking folks during the Tourney
saucemanon5medals: playing blanka after manon is like going from chopping onions with a butter knife to a chainsaw
ImplicitRobin17: The thing about Blanca is he has trample if you've cast three or more spells this turn
starmute12: LUL
BrowneePoints: but yea MenaRD was using those checks WAY to his advantage during EVO
josh___something: @saucemanon5medals So, more inconvenient, sloppier, but technically faster?
Heefnoff: Fighting Blanka is like raising a toddler
Heefnoff: Gotta stop them from going wild
Prop_PT: Blanka is the Epitome of Gruul monsters
saucemanon5medals: @josh___something Like, I can hit heavy buttons and not die for it.
bobbyerman: Nelson is proficient in raising toddler
BrowneePoints: Luckily, Blanka also gets to play the video game unlike some Gimmick Chars
TehAmelie: that floor-slide-hand-leg-sweep move has to have the biggest reach of anything not signed by Dhalsim
Mr_Horrible: defeating Blanka is putting your foot down that we're NOT stopping for Maccas on the way home
josh___something: I love blanka's little ooks
slowboygofast: damnnnnnn nice
slowboygofast: mod guy
saucemanon5medals: the lvl 2 is NUTS. if they are in the air you press ANY direction and punch and the blanka ball goes straight at them
AtrusOfMyst: Blanka sounds like someone put a Scooby Doo filter on Donkey Kong
tdonuma2: @TehAmelie wait til you see him do it out of a drive rush
josh___something: Cpt_P is mod guy, they're very good
smoke_knight: Y'know, the devs had to animate a skeleton for every model JUST for Blanka. So much work for the flash in this game.
ylegm: @LadyLockwood92 we weren't ignoring you, I just can't do crossplay
Mr_Horrible: I mean, true
Syntheticuh: you arent getting any dessert til you finish your veggies blanka
BrowneePoints: with Hands like Adam's Marisa you make Slappy Meals
LadyLockwood92: @ylegm No worries ^^ I left 'cause I'm gettin' sleepy.
BrowneePoints: or Clappy Meals. Take your choice
jellybean57: the entire time i was literally just watching heef thinking 'what are they buffering'
josh___something: This is some far neutch XD
Mr_Horrible: when to neutch and when to full send
ylegm: @LadyLockwood92 ^.^
BrowneePoints: Knowing WHEN and HOW to apply your pressure is a skill yea
BrowneePoints: you know you CAN do it, but you don't know HOW yet. But you're doing great!
josh___something: You have the bones of good play, but not the combos
Diabore: gotta add the muscles to the play
Obsc: avoid the neutch, dr in at all times rawrCool
TehAmelie: fortunately Blanka is here to make the monster come alive with lightning
BrowneePoints: luckily. Nelson's building a hell of a foundation, and once he's comfortable combo game will be NOTHIN
tdonuma2: yeah knowing what to do it one thing. it's actually applying it that can be tough
GhostofJeffGoldblum: a very oki oki Friday to you all
TXC2: hello GhostofJeffGoldblum welcome
DaVeganPolice: lil baby ball
josh___something: We need to get the meat* on them **bones. *combos **playing the game
Mr_Horrible: yeah, the short ball is a good fakeout tool
Thefluffiestguineapig: Ok, well, the place that I was super hopeful would hire me and I was told that they would let me know one way or another by today (they end their days at 3:30) I just had to call to discover that no one had bothered to contact me. I'm here to watch two fisted face punching and feel like a human whose time and effort matters
josh___something: I'm having a blast, and half the time I think I'm just mashing on rashid
DaVeganPolice: Ok, so you can just jab outta that huh
Mr_Horrible: @Thefluffiestguineapig well I can tell you that you absolutely are. That honks and I'm sorry to hear it, friend
DaVeganPolice: I gotta remember that
TXC2: Thefluffiestguineapig I'm sorry to hear that, and you do matter lrrHEART
josh___something: (Rashid is fun, but I don't know wtf to do as not-a-zoner)
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Mr_Horrible Thanks, it means a lot for you and TXC2 to say that
DaVeganPolice: Medium assist without the bar/meter gives you a basic version yeah
freshmaker__: I pressed my gameshark button to do those moves.
Thefluffiestguineapig: @josh___something All I can think is you normally are a mid level city official who does a lot of paperwork for zoning and can't not do that
DaVeganPolice: lets fucking go nelly
SkylerRingtail: 1 HP and a dream!
AtrusOfMyst: Sniffed out that timing window like Detective Pikachu
TXC2: "I raised that boy"
Thefluffiestguineapig: Nelson seems to be doing good today!
josh___something: I love blanka
jellybean57: 1 button DPs are really good though. not cheating, since theres a dmg nerf, but it really reduces the mental stack for newer players to not have to worry about exexuting the dp input
Thefluffiestguineapig: Also I just noticed does one of Blanka's attacks put electricity in the opponent and make their skeleton visible?
TXC2: Thefluffiestguineapig yeah Blanka's always been able to do that
tdonuma2: you made him spend level 3 with like 5 hp. that's a W
josh___something: Nelly got a game against heef, he's gaming out of his mind
DaVeganPolice: LMAO
RetroHibiscus: FBtouchdown
TehAmelie: the mindgames
josh___something: Punish counter, it works!
Thefluffiestguineapig: @TXC2 Man, that's awesome
DaVeganPolice: Nelson is gaming
Thefluffiestguineapig: I believe that today Nelson is Actively Gaming heading towards ACTIVELY GAMING
jellybean57: tbh, i feel like yolo'ing out 1 button lvl 3s is a good way to train yourself to take advantage of 1 button supers on reaction to whiffs or fireballs
Heefnoff: Bro you’re actually gaming today
DaVeganPolice: yeah, crouch block and party on
Heefnoff: That was really good my man
ImplicitRobin17: Become Unpunishable
DaVeganPolice: you thinking mahvel or sf tonight adam?
Mr_Horrible: yeah, that's the approach game with Blanka, trying to pressure them into the unsafe choice and anticipating when they'll resort to which options
Heefnoff: Always a pleasure!
Heefnoff: Thanks for the games
josh___something: Nelly got the punish counter on that super. That means it was 100% an amazing super!
Heefnoff: Good DPs on the Blanka balls
Thefluffiestguineapig: Also how are you today Adam? did that chest day make you want to go into the coffin from the eponymous presses?
Thefluffiestguineapig: That man is a confirmed monster
TXC2: man I could not be paid to do leg presses, that machine scares me :p
shendaras: Do you think it was a good program overall?
flowerseses: oh on the exercise train - my dad is visiting me for the first time in 4 years, and the first thing he said was "WHERE DID THOSE ARMS COME FROM?" (mind you, this is after a year of muscle loss from estrogen as well). Felt pretty great, tbh
freshmaker__: Does anyone happen to know what the fnpf is later today? I think the schedule still has it as the generic "maybe it's paper maybe Arena, who knows?" description.
ghyllnox: Have you seen those competitions where someone has to hold something relatively lightweight out in front of them for a long time? Doing something over time is a whole nother thing
TXC2: Nelson has got that super down
Thefluffiestguineapig: @TXC2 I can only do them with a workout buddy or the most volume I've done was in Physical Therapy post hip surgeries where the whole thing is unfun but effective
tod_vom_himmel: nelson, confirmed memphis enjoyer
bobbyerman: I love standing nelson
Juliamon: freshmaker__ It's a very goofy rotisserie draft "cube"
ghyllnox: @freshmaker__ Iirc Nelson made a rotisserie draft
beowuuf: ooh
freshmaker__: oh awesome
Thefluffiestguineapig: Yeah, I really hate people who are at the gym, don't know how to really workout and are just trying to pull by lifting what they see as an impressive amount of weight but are stupid
beowuuf: nice match up
BrowneePoints: Thought he was headed to a big highlander tourney or somethin
Thefluffiestguineapig: Is your rotisserie spicy or more like the chickens sold at the grocery store?
aiamethyst: wheeler's coming to mxp tacoma for highlander
BrowneePoints: yea that's what I thought
josh___something: That's what we call in the business, a "Checkmate"
DaVeganPolice: 🧍 Nelson
josh___something: Standing still is not ceding ground
Thefluffiestguineapig: We will all laugh like mad people
bobbyerman: Even as spectator standing makes me inconfortable
TXC2: good old dlit bifferent
tod_vom_himmel: inb4 new nelson meta
bobbyerman: So hype
tod_vom_himmel: nobody moves
Thefluffiestguineapig: Are those two guys behind the fence dressed up for professional wrestling or as superheroes?
tod_vom_himmel: yes
ylegm: they show up in world tour like that and give you tickets to meet gief
LurkerSpine: There is
TXC2: implying that Pro Wrestlers aren't superheroes Kappa
LurkerSpine: double heavy or double med, I think?
josh___something: Only in classic
LurkerSpine: oh wait, maybe not in modern
slowboygofast: daaaaaaaamn capt
ylegm: gesuyndheit
ylegm: damn fingers and typos today
Thefluffiestguineapig: @TXC2 Hey, I wasn't questioning whether they had powers, just how they were dressed up
ylegm: they both do running bear grab, which is essentially a superpower
TXC2: Thefluffiestguineapig but wrestlers always have the best fashion Kappa
thewolfisonfire: I just love Blanka in the background
Thefluffiestguineapig: @TXC2 Yup, jeggings and jean shorts all the way Kappa
Mr_Horrible: those poor watermelons laynaNotLikeThis
Cpt_P: ggs squeebs
slowboygofast: @Cpt_P great games
slowboygofast: youre a tough opponent
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Thefluffiestguineapig: Is this where Blanka is from? Because if so that titanoboa in the background makes any and all of her moves make sense
magical_girl_amelia: ggs bear
00clank: Unless...(Purple Magic Smile)
magical_girl_amelia: thanks for the games ninebears
NineBears: ggs! Your lily is tough!
TXC2: Blanka is from Brazil
jellybean57: guile gets way more manageable if they don't have enough drive bar to DR forward and beat you up
Juliamon: The snek is cheering Nelly on
DaVeganPolice: LUL at least he's honest
Thefluffiestguineapig: Honesty is the first step to learning
Cpt_P: @slowboygofast btw against guile as ken i find doing ex fireball and DRing behind to be good
beowuuf: nelson is basically saying the same things adam says on his stream
slowboygofast: honestly i feel like having the mtg mentality of "who;s the beatdown" is valuable
beowuuf: it's a universal feeling
LurkerSpine: (my anti-airs are still terrible lol)
00clank: Weirdly, sometimes I feel like I do my motions and combos better in-match than in training.
slowboygofast: @Cpt_P yeah i gotta try that, the projectile wars are def the thing that i struggle with the most this game
DaVeganPolice: oh my
Cpt_P: yeah ken loses that projectile war every time basically
Cpt_P: very few characters can fuck with guile in a straight up projectile war
TXC2: Ken has the weaker hadouken
slowboygofast: when you had me in burnout with level 2
slowboygofast: goddamn that hurt
Cpt_P: yeah thats pretty much checkmate
DaVeganPolice: Nelly snapping ankles out here
CalicoComplex: I have trouble anti airing with. any tips?
DaVeganPolice: with who?
CalicoComplex: with juri
slowboygofast: @CalicoComplex with who? generally each character has a normal that is a great anti air. try to just use those instead of trying for dp
00clank: @CalicoComplex Set the dummy to jump at you and just do it a bunch o' times. Or, as Juri, jump at them and air-grab.
LurkerSpine: not blade, boom maybe?
Cpt_P: juris crouch fierce is good but you need to be able to dp too
LurkerSpine: or heavy blade?
LurkerSpine: light blade comes out p-quick
Cpt_P: her dp is probably the best aa dp in the game
00clank: It's very good.
slowboygofast: which strength?
slowboygofast: or is it situational
00clank: Medium or Heavy.
gualdhar: The experiment is more important than the result
00clank: Light doesn't go up as high.
CalicoComplex: @00clank will do. thanks
slowboygofast: this game is a very mental stack heavy game
LurkerSpine: that was heavy blade with the boom
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slowboygofast: you'd be angrybird, and win evo
Pharmacistjudge: Howdy y’all. how’s everyone’s drive gauge?
saucemanon5medals: where's my medals for blanka
accountmadeforants: I love the image of Luke seeing Guile throw out the boom and just getting all fours crawling under it like an animal.
Pharmacistjudge: I’m on about 4 bars
TXC2: hello Pharmacistjudge welcome
magical_girl_amelia: @saucemanon5medals when i throw a manon as lily i like to say "medal!"
DaVeganPolice: 😭
TXC2: !clips
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Mr_Horrible: @magical_girl_amelia Blanka's medals are all the profits from Blanka-chan sales
Thefluffiestguineapig: The unexpected Adam cackle that leads to small continued laughing as he thinks about it is amazing
00clank: OD Sandblast can punish that Blade set-up big time, punching through it for a punish.
freshmaker__: gg folks
LMAOkai_: ggs Nelly!
Thefluffiestguineapig: That was great!
accountmadeforants: This is better Luke gameplay than I see in Diamond sometimes tbh. The patience is commendable.
tod_vom_himmel: 1 sec squeeps i gotta turn on msi im getting some lag
beowuuf: thanks for the stream!
DaVeganPolice: good shit today Nelson
Thefluffiestguineapig: Nelly has to put the final spice rub on his rotisserie
LadyLockwood92: Cheers for the stream, fellas.
TXC2: thanks for streaming Adam and Nelson
LadyLockwood92: Peace
coachNelly: thanks for watching!
Thefluffiestguineapig: Thanks for streaming!
LurkerSpine: bye Nelly! bye Adam! ty for the stream!
LadyLockwood92: lrrSHINE
Metric_Furlong: streets were fought
freshmaker__: that was really good
LMAOkai_: hell yeah he's gaming
offbeatwitch: our boy's improvin'
StacyHeart333: Thanks for the stream
magical_girl_amelia: thanks for the stream everybody
yukichocomilk: he was cookinh
00clank: Catch ya'll later.
TXC2: !patreon
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DaVeganPolice: OpieOP Ok bud
beowuuf: smoooooth
LMAOkai_: i'm trying to play in a way where he's not overwhelmed and can try things. i hope it's not disrespectful
Thefluffiestguineapig: Yeah, observing both the inputs and what he's doing
TXC2: !store
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accountmadeforants: Ok byeee
GhostofJeffGoldblum: engage with the bongle
TXC2: !next
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Thefluffiestguineapig: And now only the degenerates remain!
freshmaker__: wiping is important
Mr_Horrible: A single blue heat Tarki
Thefluffiestguineapig: @freshmaker__ Thoroughly
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
beowuuf: byyyye!
Thefluffiestguineapig: Consume all the protein!!
Metric_Furlong: bye Adam, thanks for the stream
Thefluffiestguineapig: Thanks so much
Mr_Horrible: thanks for the stream!
DaVeganPolice: seabatClap kbai
shendaras: seabatClap
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LurkerSpine: l8r sk8r
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Thefluffiestguineapig: Anyone know who is playing Jackbox?
Metric_Furlong: ~whichcord
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TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
Metric_Furlong: night TXC2
Thefluffiestguineapig: @TXC2 Night TXC2! I hope you sleep well and dream of two fisted face punching
beowuuf: sergeHi
LordZarano: ~lasttoot checkpoint
DideRobot: Time for The Long Game! Tonight the team is going into the sewers. Get ready for Snakes, Oozes and Vermlings! (has image) | 20 hours ago |
Juliamon: I don't think DideRobot can do context search
saucemanon5medals: phew ggs @Prop_PT
Prop_PT: ggs. I wish i could react to more than 1% of the Drive Impacts I KNOW are coming.
saucemanon5medals: @Prop_PT Sorry, my manon habit (hers is better).
saucemanon5medals: You blocked a lot of them tho!
Prop_PT: its my problem, I need to work on i
saucemanon5medals: @Prop_PT Sorry I kept grabbing out of spiral arrow too, I feel that pain playing manon with her sweepy kicks
Prop_PT: the arrows I need to get out of doing in neutral at best they are 0 when perfectly spaced, and I forgot the lab I did for blanka ball punished
Prop_PT: I also dropped a lot of combos that got punished by DI or grab so that made it worse
saucemanon5medals: yeah I worked on blanka ball for an hr last night (new to charge timing) and you blocked 99% of them. Need to learn to put them in combos....
saucemanon5medals: also blankas command grab is fucked up
Prop_PT: I THINK I should be parrying or NJ-ing them
Prop_PT: the command grab is fine, I can Punish it on reaction but my reactions are bad (see DI)
saucemanon5medals: I think they are pretty unsafe. What is cammy's up spiral kick thing? I think that'd kill it unless OD
Prop_PT: Cannon Spike is airborne frame 1, I just don't have that in my arsenal yet. its on my list of lab workons
Prop_PT: first job is DI Cancels and whiff punishes
saucemanon5medals: DI cancels are literally the hardest. You watch EVO? Folks dropping that in the final match.
Prop_PT: not mid-combo that is literally LAST on my work on list, I'm talking about DI buffers behind low forward to get in, should be consistent
Prop_PT: problem is I'm hella inconsistent in matches so when I do I dont input the button for the cr HP in time or at all so I spend 3 bars for very little
saucemanon5medals: ah gotcha. Yeah, the 3 bar thing SUCKS. Manon's ONlLY goo combos use a DR cancel. So... one combo a match I guess
Prop_PT: it refills quick if you get in, you get at least 1 back during the combo (more if you can Super in there) plus the Oki pressure will get another one
saucemanon5medals: that's fair. Anyways, GG, really appreciated the match on my new char. Gotta do... you know... the work thing. NotLikeThis
Prop_PT: yeah. I wanna get Cammy to Plat then I'll pick a second up
Prop_PT: maybe I'll play Marisa
saucemanon5medals: well I got manon to plat and fell back to gold 4/5 NotLikeThis . This blanka is me trying to take a break. Game hard