TemporallyAwry: !findquote escape
LRRbot: Quote #3562: "When you die, the pigment escapes from your beard." —Graham [2016-10-19]
Juliamon: And when you dye, it returns!
Nigouki: !findquote ikea
LRRbot: Quote #4373: "You know what they say at Ikea, "If it ain't flatpack, it's Beej."" —Graham [2017-08-14]
Nigouki: huh, didn't know Moving Time quotes are in there
Juliamon: There are a few prerecord quotes in the database
TemporallyAwry: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEJ
Nigouki: is the entirely of Wheeler's horse joke in there?
Juliamon: It doesn't fit, sadly
Nigouki: awww
Juliamon: We are restrained by Twitch's character limit
TemporallyAwry: Also, that assume the horse joke has ended Kappa
TehAmelie: has anyone transcribed it? that'd be a heroic effort
Metric_Furlong: I've joked about transcribing it, if that counts
NotCainNorAbel: This looks like it is all of the words to the joke: https://shorturl.at/cijEU
NotCainNorAbel: It skips all of the extra items like: MTV, Music Television
TheAinMAP: Title change.
TXC2: Hello everybody
TheAinMAP: Signal.
Metric_Furlong: lrrDOTS lrrSIG lrrARROW
Metric_Furlong: engage the needlessly dramatic music
TehAmelie: lrrSIG
TXC2: Metric_Furlong right?
TehAmelie: it sets a mood, well, it tries
Juliamon: that mood is very "you're gonna die"
ReaperTitan152001: Time for more shooty shooty fun...
TehAmelie: i wonder if they tried having the music in game but everyone just turned it off in order to hear footsteps
James_the_Dabbler: mmmmmmmmmOnemore?
LoadingReadyRun: The music in this game goes so fucking hard. It's wild.
TXC2: the mood is: one of these four brothers who are also cops is the murderer
terribleplan: Don't forget to toot @Gibb@kind.social for some advice: https://kind.social/@Gibb/110877958282037960
Anexmedia: @LoadingReadyRun would you say it gets you right in the head,ears ?
BrowneePoints: Ik glad you enjoy it but it's VERY 2004 action movie end credits music to me
Juliamon: You say that like it's a bad thing
LoadingReadyRun: You ever see that tiktok about the golden eye pause music. this is like that.
TXC2: here we GO!
TheAinMAP: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW elfunkScav
terribleplan: uhhhhhhhhhh
Decaped: it's denouement music
TXC2: uhhhhhhh
Anexmedia: elfunkGold
James_the_Dabbler: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
BrowneePoints: @juliamon well it's certainly of a genre
DiscordianTokkan: !a
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TXC2: waits for the gear shift
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circusofkirkus: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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DiscordianTokkan: elfunkScav
thefightnerd: WHAT A RUSH!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
TXC2: oof James needs a new gearbox :p
TXC2: hello James
James_the_Dabbler: Where's that video of the THX sound when we need it
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xerjen: Pew Pew Pew
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DideRobot: LRR: TARKY TIME! It's day 3 of the Escape from Tarkov summer wipe and James, Serge, JoeKim and Funko are ready to whip the llamas* butt! | Disclaimer, I don't think there are llamas in Tarkov, and even if there were we wouldn't harm them, llamas are great! https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun | https://kind.social/@LoadingReadyRun/110878080290379852
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TXC2: Hello Serge, JoeKim and El_Funko
TXC2: 2:30 am is the mourning, not the morning
NotCainNorAbel: elfunkPopcorn
e_bloc: Cheer240 pm here
matthaus_c: Funko wakes up at Window Covering Installing Hours
Anexmedia: I'm a solid 2
mwlsn: @matthaus_c or at Windows Update Installing Hours?
e_bloc: #almostnice
Dread_Pirate_Westley: sergeOffByOne
TXC2: !tarkov
LRRbot: Other members of the Tarkov Squad can be found at: Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager El_Funko: twitch.tv/El_Funko Joe Kim: twitch.tv/joekim Dylan: twitch.tv/VonShnigglewitz
TXC2: good we still have that
Anexmedia: Just find a bitcoin
Anexmedia: easy 400k
Anexmedia: Tarkov tracker
e_bloc: just keep all your junk in the funk(o)
Anexmedia: it has quest/hideout item tracking
NotCainNorAbel: this is Tarcov content baby
Critterbot: Inventory tetris, let's go!
manfred909: classic Tarkov. Murder Tetris for the win
TXC2: I like how the suppressor is long the the rest of the gun :p
Anexmedia: I got an awl first scav run
swaggytaco: nice mask
goombalax: Deez 4 Nuts
Anexmedia: more junk box
TehAmelie: that's how you know it's a good suppressor
TehAmelie: be like "arms dealer, give me your longest, thickest suppressor"
manfred909: hands you a two foot 12 gauge suppresor
TXC2: "my suppressors are too wet for you traveller"
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Firnsarwen: Whee! Taky with the Bois!
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Zatengo: greetings from the loading screen of my first raid
TXC2: hello Zatengo welcome
Anexmedia: night time interchange isn't that much different than daytime inside
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Dumori: No. go UUUUP!
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e_bloc: petrol
e_bloc: when it rains do you wear your rubbers
e_bloc: sorry I meant in australia
manfred909: thats a new one to me
JadedCynic: I mean, a lot of canaidans would KNOW what 'petrol' or 'a torch' is
DiscordianTokkan: Frangers and Smash
manfred909: I think thats just Pearth
stizzet: Wait I'm came in at an on time ..
TXC2: 'cause condom is just dripping in sexual frisson :p
Firnsarwen: I mean, does "rubber" really sound much sexier?
Firnsarwen: Chockoblock, full
Critterbot: I'm very curious about the etymology behind that one.
TXC2: no name for contraceptives is sexy
matthaus_c: go for some cheeky frangers late at night
Critterbot: Cuz... what the heck?
Dumori: Waiter
Firnsarwen: Sorry, Chockablock
matthaus_c: !unsubscribeservofacts
Firnsarwen: Speedo!
JadedCynic: y-fronts
LurkerSpine: no way that's real
manfred909: lol
TheWriterAleph: Mornin, everybody!
Firnsarwen: No, there's even a swimsuit company that's called Budgie Smuggler
TXC2: like a banana hammock
Dread_Pirate_Westley: A servo small artifact from Kaladesh. A large percentage of servos are named Eustace.
TXC2: hello TheWriterAleph welcome
matthaus_c: uwu buwgy smuggwy
Dumori: Clobhobbers Funko?
DiscordianTokkan: I only know Jandals and Clodhoppers from Nona the Ninth
fragilepaper: PrideLaugh PrideLaugh
MDK_Marshal: An interesting regional British slang, which I'm curious if folks know: Grockle
Juliamon: That makes it even worse
Anexmedia: I have questions
TXC2: I need to NOT Know :p
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Don't ask questions you don't want answers to.
Garfman314: fraaaang!
Firnsarwen: LUL
TehAmelie: take your jandals off if you're going to jed https://i.imgur.com/g1UB04F.png
JadedCynic: yeah, you hop over the clods of dirt in the farm fields in you clodhoppers, Funko :D
Dumori: Flip um used across the room into the bin
stizzet: What has this air turned into?
matthaus_c: love to see the self-esteem
TXC2: we had a heat wave for 3 hours here in the UK, then it pissed it down again :p
manfred909: the office needs a 4090 right?
Anexmedia: Tarp budget includes a 4090
Dumori: @TXC2 Yeah summer was long this year
TXC2: Dumori indeed
e_bloc: underwear
JadedCynic: *your* interface
Anexmedia: I apparently have tennis ball sized hail to look forward to in a few hours, would love to take the heat instead
LurkerSpine: Yeah might as well back out and get Joe in lol
Lord_Hosk: This game is perfect in every way no corrections needed
Anexmedia: Also I need y'all to go to streets to see if the FPS was actually improved by this tech patch
Anexmedia: dynamic computers
Anexmedia: same with jackets
manfred909: they learn't how to build all in ones
brainbosh: I think every container. Seen stashes not spawn
TXC2: Tarkov: the only place bitcoin still has value Kappa
Lord_Hosk: Those GPUs are easier to find in game than they are IRL
JadedCynic: wait, was that thunder in game? Or are James & Serge's connections at risk?
Anexmedia: they've definitely cranked up the higher end of the loot tables
LurkerSpine: time to gtfo
TXC2: "the same GPU"
manfred909: tqsClap tqsClap tqsClap
swaggytaco: theres something funny about sticking a bunch of gpus in a rig
Dumori: What was this mall a Micro-fucking-center?
Lord_Hosk: And Exit camp headshot
Anexmedia: more supply, lower demand
Anexmedia: I'll actually get my farm done this wipe
manfred909: well this got tense
LurkerSpine: start crawling backwards
Wicker_Guide: now I wish I could spend Creeper Hiss bits
Firnsarwen: benginFine
Anexmedia: are you on full auto
Dread_Pirate_Westley: lrrHERE
Anexmedia: didn't think so lol
Anexmedia: "and he never found another one ever again"
Firnsarwen: lrrFINE lrrHERE benginFine
Wicker_Guide: that seems healthy
LurkerSpine: I'd check that dead scav for armor or a better gun
Anexmedia: I think this is probably the best we can get in this situation
beowuuf: someone donate for creeper hiss... sorry, wrong channel
Anexmedia: force a close fight and aim for teeth
Lord_Hosk: pew pew
Lord_Hosk: No PEW PEW? are you even James anymore?
TXC2: we're on the board!
Firnsarwen: seabatClap PogChamp seabatClap
MWGNZ: seabatClap seabatClap
JadedCynic: even 1 in a million chances eventually turn up
Firnsarwen: clocktowerChefkiss
AngryFil: that's one clean desktop pgeCrisp
AngryFil: i'm with you, the only thing i've got is the recycle bin on the second monitor
JadedCynic: wait...you mean you can just...start games from the Start menu? You don't *HAVE* to have a desktop shortcut??? *mind_blown* (no, seriously)
Firnsarwen: I was wondering if that time that you guys went into the raid and got kicked immediately, but your stuff was no longer FiR, if that counted as a successful extract
Mangledpixel: boop
AngryFil: i have all the different launchers on the taskbar and i start the launcher and boot the game from there
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
brainbosh: So many games default to giving you a shortcut I forget to delete them half the time.
AngryFil: i've disabled the 'show desktop on mouse in corner' as soon as i saw it in the settings LUL
Mangledpixel: I have a desktop full of icons that I don't use
JadedCynic: (I have gotten into a habit of having installed games on my desktop - I forget what I've got otherwise)
TXC2: I have 7 icons, one is the recycle bin :p
mwlsn: thanks for reminding me to delete the 10 or so unused shortcuts that had accumulated on my desktop
Wicker_Guide: sergeScopeCreep
Anexmedia: ceiling mount
JadedCynic: (and when I look at a shortcut and say "I haven't touched that in ages" it behooves me to uninstall it)
Firnsarwen: I just have a couple of rows of most used stuff in very pleasing pairs (think IV, V, VI icons), but most of my desktop is empty
Dumori: James wanting that Tie-Fighter setup
Pazy160: I love a clean desktop. Everything is tucked away until I need it and I open programs by typing in the start of their name.
Eggmojii: hell yeah, tie-fighter gang
AngryFil: that's a thing i don't like about the hardware industry. oh the model is over a year old? good luck finding it anywhere
beowuuf: can you make it a tiny monitor jade can havr strapped to her back? cute and useless
BlackIsis: I don't know how you can punch a chunk with only two monitors, clearly you need a third one
Dumori: I kinda want 1 vertical as my 3rd but all my spare monitors are older builit into the stand LCDs
JadedCynic: @AngryFil amen!
Firnsarwen: @beowuuf LUL
beowuuf: :)
gualdhar: I upgrade my main monitor, use the old one as my secondary, and sell the old second monitor
brainbosh: Just get something competely different. A curved monitor turned sideways
Firnsarwen: benginLurk benginLul
1 raiders from zoathegalliant have joined!
TXC2: hello raiders
Anexmedia: my samsungs have been champs, other than I had to buy extra desk to put them on
Dumori: @brainbosh 3 16:10 curved verticals
zoathegalliant: Heyoooooo zoatheRaveRaid zoatheRaveRaid zoatheRaveRaid zoatheRaveRaid zoatheRaveRaid zoatheRaveRaid zoatheRaveRaid zoatheRaveRaid
Dumori: live that cockpit life
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Atiota: \o/
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zoathegalliant: Love the channel love the content :D I was unboxing stuff from my mods xD
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Eggmojii: Good luck James
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Firnsarwen: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Dumori: it likely also loads gorups based on the fastest PC in said group
Wicker_Guide: probably better, assuming everyone in Korea is playing on PC Cafe's
Anexmedia: simply loot it from a jacket
zoathegalliant: i was send a really cool D20 Ice mole :D and Slavic soda :3
zoathegalliant: Sent**
zoathegalliant: Mold**
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP
NotCainNorAbel: By famous Youtuber James Tuner?
TXC2: "it is a very photo of James Turner, signed by James Turner"
TXC2: *rare
Zatengo: ahh crap, i wanted to start usec for the mdr
Zatengo: well, time to start learning the ak
TXC2: the MDR is a starter weapon? it's brand new :p
73 raiders from Seabats have joined!
TXC2: hello Raiders
fragilepaper: seabatClap seabatClap
saucemaster5000: seabatOAK seabatOAK seabatOAK
Oreo1369: Sup James
zoathegalliant: welcome in raiders!!
tod_vom_himmel: he literally accidentally streamed
Oreo1369: Was fun
josh___something: A bonus stream
Firnsarwen: seabatClap lrrHEART lrrSHINE
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dragonflare9: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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Kaaosa: started stream by accident while he was practicing combos :v
Diabore: he super did
Oreo1369: He left to go to the beach
Lord_Hosk: Adam was playing Tarkov, he is really into it, he is halfway to kappa already
Diabore: then he played like an hour because it was already on
Firnsarwen: @lord_hosk love it. LUL
Oreo1369: There are 4 of you ?
TXC2: Oreo1369 yeap
tod_vom_himmel: we were there for like 15 minutes before he noticed
TXC2: Adam's gotta keep that Tan going
Oreo1369: Fun
Oreo1369: How's your day James
dragonflare9: careful of sniper scavs
lukyhemee: lots of guns
Sacrenos: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (Tarkov has been wiped clean, time to start fresh and escape like we always do! Game: Escape From Tarkov) at Sat 11:30 AM PDT (51m ago).
dragonflare9: inspect armband
TXC2: Sacrenos takes an hour for 1next to show the next show
Lysander_salamander: hello everyone
TXC2: hello Lysander_salamander welcome
Oreo1369: 👋
Lysander_salamander: how is the tarkov-ing today?
TXC2: we killed Unionized SCAVs? doesn't that make us union busters? ;p
Juliamon: Lysander_salamander So far so good, James found 2 GPUs in his first scav run
Lysander_salamander: neat
matthaus_c: I wonder how it would feel to play Minecraft with Tarkov sounds in the background
dragonflare9: just be careful high, I got domed by sniper scavs right by the truck yesterday
duskcheetah: @Juliamon a scab scav?
Mangledpixel: matthaus_c or vice versa
Oreo1369: First time watching Tarkov
matthaus_c: @Mangledpixel oh my god vice versa
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TXC2: one ghast noise and I'd empty my gun in every direction :p
Oreo1369: 0 idea what's going on
Juliamon: Oreo1369 They're looking for loot and trying not to die
Lysander_salamander: like, wandering through here and hearing a "sssss" instead of a grenade pin?
Sorator13: just finished a 300k fic reading fugue and I feel drained; how's the tarks going?
beowuuf: @Oreo1369 loot and scoot
dragonflare9: !tarkov
LRRbot: Other members of the Tarkov Squad can be found at: Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager El_Funko: twitch.tv/El_Funko Joe Kim: twitch.tv/joekim Dylan: twitch.tv/VonShnigglewitz
Juliamon: !whatstarkov
LRRbot: Tarkov is a survival shooting & looting game. You go into a raid to collect gear, kill other players (and AI/NPC scavengers) and complete quests to earn better gear. If you make it to an extraction point without getting killed you get to keep what you collected and you can sell it to make $. BUT if you die you lose all the gear. For more in depth details check out https://bit.ly/2zGqu0y
stizzet: !tarkov
LRRbot: Other members of the Tarkov Squad can be found at: Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager El_Funko: twitch.tv/El_Funko Joe Kim: twitch.tv/joekim Dylan: twitch.tv/VonShnigglewitz
matthaus_c: What The Kov
Kaaosa: oh yeah serge recommended i try it out and then i got distracted and never did
Oreo1369: Sounds difficult
TXC2: what Stark ov ?
Oreo1369: But fun
Lord_Hosk: We can't know who has the key... ITS UKNOWN!
stizzet: TX, is that the marvel tarkov crossover?
Sorator13: here I was thinking we got G to play
TXC2: stizzet sure why not
beowuuf: @Oreo1369 we get to offload all the stress to the streamers and just get the fun part :)
dragonflare9: oh the sealed weapon crates?
dragonflare9: gg
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LarkSachrosis: Get dat loot!
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Sorator13: LUL
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Retire champion has been called.
fragilepaper: voxlunCarp
beowuuf: retire whole wipe champion
Nigouki: downhill is how slides work and they're very fun too!
dragonflare9: 1 friend from the west kills
matthaus_c: @Nigouki especially the one that fucked up that cop
dragonflare9: kill*
Oreo1369: Bravo. 👌🙌
TXC2: Nigouki unless you're Boston PD Kappa
matthaus_c: we really got a good turneround on those quests
matthaus_c: game of skill, no luck involved, best wizard always wins
Lord_Hosk: Is Funko your friend from the west Joe?
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62MGcobra: oh my fav streamer ... and James
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Juliamon: James, you left the paid promotion tag on
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ExachixKitsune: uhhhhhhh uno mas
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brainbosh: I got that on my second scav lol
Oreo1369: What is the end goal for this game
TXC2: Oreo1369 good question....
Sorator13: @Oreo1369 there isn't one, really? You keep incrementally improving your gear and hideout.
Juliamon: Oreo1369 Ostensibly to escape
Juliamon: but that's not yet possible
Sorator13: Eventually they're going to add a way to escape, I think? but they haven't yet
matthaus_c: no paid promotion, but still intended for certain audiences
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Sorator13: @matthaus_c the audience: us
TXC2: game is still in early access no?
Sorator13: Beta, yeah
Oreo1369: Ohh dlc or not finished
Sorator13: Not finished. Might never be finished >.>
Oreo1369: I see
dragonflare9: it's been fixed
Sorator13: but yeah, it's listed as an open beta.
dragonflare9: per NoiceGuy it should be fixed
Sorator13: noice
matthaus_c: late-stage early-access
KeytarCat: @matthaus_c Capitalism?
dragonflare9: friendly walking wiki happy to help
Anexmedia: The game entered closed beta on 28 July 2017
Sorator13: lrrHEART
matthaus_c: @KeytarCat if capitalism had early access I have some harsh words for the beta testers
TXC2: Early access capitalism was the 17th century tulip maina in Holland :p
Juliamon: ooh bougie sausage
gualdhar: lewd
KeytarCat: Leeeeet's SAUSAGE~
Sorator13: byoweiners
James_the_Dabbler: Wow
Zatengo: well, i just found a nv scope.. time to nightraid woods?
Oreo1369: Damn
ExachixKitsune: nope
62MGcobra: just call the game released and anything new is free dlc or balance changes
dragonflare9: please no
Alas_Babylon: owo?
Sorator13: lrrWOW
James_the_Dabbler: SERGE
Oreo1369: Slides
Anexmedia: this is the not fun slide
gualdhar: there's a certain image I can't get out of my mind
matthaus_c: peep these weenies!
Firnsarwen: Randomly going back to Aussie nomenclature, I love the chippie = carpenter, sparky = electrician... 😄
beowuuf: quicker than usual
Juliamon: !addquote (Serge) [now] Call me "8 Sausage" Yager.
LRRbot: New quote #8619: "Call me "8 Sausage" Yager." —Serge [2023-08-12]
Firnsarwen: @juliamon 👍
TehAmelie: i have found the best way to have sausages is to mix as many different kinds as you can get in a big pile and share with your friends. a sausage fest, if you will
Anexmedia: the playstyle is VERY different
Firnsarwen: @tehamelie LUL
TXC2: Firnsarwen in the UK a chippie is a place that sells chips (fries)
matthaus_c: korean meta soft
JadedCynic: moar chaotic
Juliamon: everyone loves a sausage party
TehAmelie: (it's funny cause it's true)
62MGcobra: @TehAmelie with lots of different kinds of dips too
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Casual Tarkov players? I don't believe such a thing can exist.
Lysander_salamander: when is peak playing time for this game in NA?
TehAmelie: well, sides are a matter of taste
Firnsarwen: @txc2 ah yes! I think I've heard that!
Anexmedia: @Dread_Pirate_Westley my level 2 PMC says it's possible
matthaus_c: I'd take Victorians over New Yorkers
JadedCynic: Yanks camp!
LurkerSpine: Eh, I haven't found extract camping to be *that* bad
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NotCainNorAbel: We don't even want to run in a video gam
LurkerSpine: like, maybe every once in a while?
Firnsarwen: lrrHEART lrrSHINE lrrHEART
matthaus_c: hashtag island time
JadedCynic: "I know that music...let's change the beat."
ExachixKitsune: or it could just be a wash now
beowuuf: uh oh
Sorator13: oh dear, your arms
MWGNZ: time to staple our everything together
beowuuf: that slide goes down real fast, weeeeeee
KeytarCat: This area looks a lot like a Hunt: Showdown engagement zone
ghyllnox: Heavy light bleed? How does that work
Sorator13: @ghyllnox ask your parents
62MGcobra: is there a light heavy bleed?
Firnsarwen: Heavy and light bleed, I'd guess? I missed the icons
beowuuf: @ghyllnox don't even worry about it. also pass the small large stapler
Firnsarwen: But you can have both from different wounds, I think?
Juliamon: LUL
KeytarCat: several lacerations or one arterial wound!\
dragonflare9: @Firnsarwen yeah, it was both
dragonflare9: they are doing shooter part 1 and were trying to get scavs to rush them, also unprotected but dangerous
Sorator13: whelp, the pot I've been *trying* to grow sage in has sprouted mushrooms instead. Bleh.
Juliamon: are they at least edible mushrooms?
Sorator13: I'm not gonna risk it, heh
TXC2: all mushrooms are edible...once
Sorator13: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
dragonflare9: good shooting
ghyllnox: My succulents have sprouted mushrooms, I'm rather fond of them
KeytarCat: "The house with the mattress and the food" Is a good line
Sorator13: sounds like a good house
dragonflare9: your hydro and energy are low
manfred909: stop loadikng that gun with peas
Sorator13: lrrFINE
NotCainNorAbel: this slide has been fun weeeeeeee
MechaKuuga: James if freaking out!
MechaKuuga: *is
KeytarCat: Game over man!
TXC2: we're gonna bug out and call it even
KeytarCat: Chorch!
MWGNZ: funko got them snacks
TXC2: Snikers!
Sorator13: you're not you when you're hungry
dragonflare9: @TXC2 slickers
Sorator13: have a snickers
JadedCynic: James, have a snickers - you're not you when you're bleeding out Kappa
dragonflare9: the new color is better for streaming
Firnsarwen: @jadedcynic LUL
Sorator13: definitely thought funko just tripped and fell, lol
SnackPak_: sergeGG
MWGNZ: didnt dead tho
Nigouki: it's nice of the downhill to start as a gentle slope instead of a sudden drop
Sorator13: "limbs lost: 5" is not comforting
Dumori: El Funko can click on heads gud
KeytarCat: Ketter, not Ketamine, ah
Sorator13: "streamer luck" is not always positive
KeytarCat: @Sorator13 You get good drops and die to random crits!
JadedCynic: well, def survied!
beowuuf: it always seems such a shame to not have tetris music available
dragonflare9: grab daily reward
beowuuf: @Sorator13 i mean four limbs is above average
Sorator13: @beowuuf to *have*, not to lose!
KeytarCat: @Sorator13 to have and to hold...
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Sorator13: holding your limbs is not as comforting a thought as one might think
Zatengo: i got some moonshine on top of some filing cabinets... cant wait for the luck of the first few raids to subside
beowuuf: @Sorator13 eh, james was just a little enthusiastic in trying to trim down to the average
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
beowuuf: night txc2
DaSunao: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:29:02.
TXC2: Goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming LRR
creasehearst: hello windows noise
Sorator13: stream windows noises!
Sorator13: night txc2!
DiscordianTokkan: Friendly windows noise
Firnsarwen: See ya @txc2 ! benginHi
KeytarCat: booth mic hot?
DiscordianTokkan: G'night TXC2!
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tod_vom_himmel: did anybody else just see an ad for a twisted metal show?
tod_vom_himmel: wtf?
DiscordianTokkan: Utensil Clinking Intensifies
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Nigouki: Welcome to James Turner's Kitchen Noises
DaSunao: I am here for Tarky Malarky
Firnsarwen: clocktowerGggood
stizzet: Lol hot mic in the kitchen
tod_vom_himmel: also why the heck cant i use my prome sub, it says prime sub will be available august 11, and its the 12th....
beowuuf: @DaSunao wear a coat, it's a little parky
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stizzet: Tod, it has a weird cool off. It'll probably hit later today
tod_vom_himmel: oh wow thanks i appreciate that
KeytarCat: @beowuuf watch Funko get Snarky!
beowuuf: hopefully prime will sort itself out later for you to spread the love
LoadingReadyRun: wow, impressed you can hear that
Tiber727: @tod_vom_himmel Guess you missed the chance. Better luck next year. Kappa
tod_vom_himmel: we hear everything
stizzet: Lol yep
tod_vom_himmel: lol ya august 11 2064
beowuuf: kitchen noises much louder than music :p
beowuuf: guess they caryy better
Raincoast_Bear: Hey! I'm here... just in time for a break.
beowuuf: break should be over soon
Raincoast_Bear: Yoo!
Raincoast_Bear: Joe! Now with extra Serge!
KeytarCat: Scab Gum!
Sorator13: Funko is also around
Sorator13: (Funko is always around. Lurking. Silently. In a bush. *always*)
KeytarCat: Joe and Serge, not to be confused with Jo and Serge
tod_vom_himmel: @Sorator13 hes just STANDING there... Menacingly!
Sorator13: @tod_vom_himmel making kitchen noises!
Raincoast_Bear: The syringe. James' nemesis from last season.
dragonflare9: FOB and USEC are both super spicy right now
DiscordianTokkan: Hi Ashley
DiscordianTokkan: Bye Ashley
Sorator13: bye ashley!
Raincoast_Bear: Conveniently pre-dead enemies.
KeytarCat: @Raincoast_Bear I read that as "Pre-Dread" and tried to come up with iconic Metroid enemies that only show up in games before Metroid Dread
beowuuf: this one time, at scav camp...
Sorator13: TWO slices of cheese on the ground? Nice!
Sorator13: I wish I had some cheese...
Liebury: Ground cheese is so good
Sorator13: @Liebury oh, the stuff you use to make a cheeseburger? yeah, it's great
northos: @Sorator13 I hate this mental image, thank you
beowuuf: i scavenge the cheese, the cheese does not scavenge me
Sorator13: LUL
Sorator13: what, you can't put a sledgehammer in your toolbelt? smh
Raincoast_Bear: Do not forget. The cheese stands ALONE.
Sorator13: should totally fit in your sheath
Sorator13: @Raincoast_Bear ugh, I hated that book
Sorator13: mmm, ground crackers
Sorator13: they go well with ground cheese
JadedCynic: stream is steady here
Sorator13: Fine for me
Firnsarwen: Stream looks fine for me
62MGcobra: lrrFINE
JadedCynic: all the way across the continent
Raincoast_Bear: Looks fine to me across the sea in Van.
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP
JadedCynic: #FixSergesISP
MrTulip: much closer
SnackPak_: gottem
Raincoast_Bear: #FixSergesISP LUL
Sorator13: LUL
Nigouki: Serge cashing in the jlrrBreak bullets
JadedCynic: Serge "Tractor" Yager B)
Sorator13: Serge "Eight Sausages" "Dump Truck" Yager
Sorator13: Also depends what you have? If you find something good, more reason to get out
Sorator13: it's the classic James Turner!
Spanked42: I got the greatest spawn for jaeger's introduction quest and now I'm hiding until things cool down and I can make my way to extract lul
Sorator13: good luck!
Spanked42: I also have the last salaewa I need
Firnsarwen: Was that a Pilgrim on that scav?
Firnsarwen: Nice!
Spanked42: oh man, always a butt clencher when you hear multiple people run past
Firnsarwen: I got distracted by the sweet beard, then saw it right at the end
beowuuf: sure
Spanked42: I want chocolate
Firnsarwen: Baby chocolate do do do do do do
Spanked42: but I've had enough sugar today I'm sure
Sorator13: chair!
beowuuf: ooooooh
Sorator13: nice!
ghyllnox: A knife?
Firnsarwen: Niiiiice
DiscordianTokkan: Oooo
Spanked42: oh man make sure to fit it in your butt stash
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: what kind?
TheWriterAleph: wooo
beowuuf: you scavenge them in the game you scavenge them in real life?
matthaus_c: melt the chocolate over the gpu
Firnsarwen: Hosk did great with that
Lord_Hosk: Uhhhhh One more?
Nigouki: chocolate as thermal paste
beowuuf: @Nigouki ^
Lord_Hosk: Im looking for a GPU for Joe and Serge, but they are REALLY hard to find
matthaus_c: PUBGackets
stizzet: Joekim, so missed you were at GenCon. Would have stop to say hi
matthaus_c: !holes
LRRbot: Did somebody mention famous Shia LaBeouf vehicle Holes??
matthaus_c: do you have an item from 1999 or earlier
Dumori: 750 ti
Dumori: I have my old 770 some place
Zatengo: oh wait, i might have one of those laying around at my parents somewhere
Dumori: you'll could pretend
JadedCynic: oof, I remember when those were the only things in stock in places like Newegg
TheWriterAleph: my 750ti carried my gaming for a good amount of years
JoeKim: @stizzet i'm there every year. and pax unplugged. come find me if you go to those
stizzet: Will do!
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical) at Sun 04:00 PM PDT (1d, 2:24 from now).
Firnsarwen: @lord_hosk I think there's a couple used on Kijiji in my area... $40 & $65.... 🤔
Firnsarwen: The GPUs, I mean
Sorator13: why is there a "mustache" item...
MWGNZ: #fashion
Firnsarwen: @sorator13 so you can wear a mustache, of course!
beowuuf: all about the drip
TheMerricat: Afternoon/evening chat. How's the weather in Tarkov today?
Sorator13: I'm not sure I've ever *worn* a mustache
Earthenone: here i thought the verb associated with mustache was ride, not wear
Sorator13: Depends which side of the mustache you're on
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:10:46.
beowuuf: lrrGREED
Garfman314: looking at that tall grass thinking about ticks
Sorator13: oh god, yeah
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stizzet: Hi friends!
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Garfman314: make sure to check yourself after extraction, no one likes lyme disease
Spanked42: well, killed my first pmc for the wipe and A) thought it was a scav and b) no clue I killed him lol
Firnsarwen: Hiya @stizzet benginHi
TheMerricat: Chat, silly question. Does Tarkov havee an actual story yet or is it still just 'impied'
TheMerricat: implied
tod_vom_himmel: stories are for nerds
Spanked42: on woods, shot at each other, I thought they ran off after we broke line of sight
Spanked42: wondered why they never pushed me
Relentless_Bread: I don’t watch ppl@play this game unless it’s James idk why it just brings me so much joy
Juliamon: Still just implied
Sorator13: Is that... a set of screwdrivers?
Krat_Arona: @TheMerricat Fictional former Bloc country collapses, influenced by eastern and western actors.
Sorator13: Ahh
Juliamon: mechanics are the devs' priority, the story details will come later
CururuGuasu: It’s actually an alien invasion, they just haven’t implemented the aliens yet
Sorator13: yknow, that does explain the cultists...
TheMerricat: To be clear I wasn't bagging on the game, my current 'favorite' game is 7 Days to Die, which has been in development for almost a decade and they still haven't pushed out a storyline. Just wondering if these devs had added one yet or not.
Firnsarwen: I'm assuming Funko died this run... I was briefly distracted by my baby being mesmerized by the lights on the speaker 😄
Sorator13: @Firnsarwen he died pretty early, yeah
Firnsarwen: Thanks @sorator13 !
oreo_pirate: damn how long have you had that MDR
Raincoast_Bear: @TheMerricat 7 Days and Valheim are my favorites.
Spanked42: yeah they give it to you when you start out as USEC
TheMerricat: @TheMerricat I just started picking up Valheim since they showcased it in Talking Sim. I'm enjoying it too.
Raincoast_Bear: @TheMerricat I don't play either as PvP though. Just Co-op and base building.
Firnsarwen: What faction did James, Funko, Joe & Serge pick this go round?
TheMerricat: @TheMerricat Same. PvP has it's place but neither game is really the place for me.
CaptainSask: Just passed 14 minutes waiting for this scav raid to pop
Firnsarwen: @captainsask Rough!!
Sorator13: I have the hiccups :(
Firnsarwen: Hiccups are the worst
CaptainSask: It's made a little easier watching the boys here play but it's the first really long scav load in I've seen so far this wipe.
Sorator13: what else goers in the special slots, right of your pockets?
KintchD: @TheMerricat Got great amount of enjoyment playing 7 Days to Die, didn't expect it, from how the game looked, certainly surprised me. Deffo one of my fav buildy-crafty games! Currently binging on Icarus, and that one also has no story to speak of, but at least there is quite a lot of structure -- do enjoy flip flopping between the objective-driven "missions" and more open ended mode.
Firnsarwen: @sorator13 you can put markers and the like, I think wifi cameras?
Sorator13: oh, you have special slots for those now? nice
Raincoast_Bear: Streets ahead!
Firnsarwen: Yeah, and they work like the secure container, you don't lose if you die
Firnsarwen: Can't put the toolkit in, though, 'cause it's a 4slot
dragonflare9: @Firnsarwen toolkit can go in secure container, you just have to empty other stuff out
dragonflare9: KABAN!!!!
TheAinMAP: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Sat 11 Nov 02:00 PM PST (91d, 1:00 from now)
Sorator13: The secure container, yes, but not the special slots
dragonflare9: hydro and energy are low James
Firnsarwen: @dragonflare9 yeah, I know, we were talking about the special slots though :)
TheMerricat: @TheAinMAP why! why!
dragonflare9: @Firnsarwen oh ok
dragonflare9: you ready to see the PKP Pecheneg?
TheMerricat: Congratz!
beowuuf: jlrrIcream
TheMerricat: So the traditional 15 anniversary gift is crystal... does that mean Serge needs to mine a Geode?
TheAinMAP: jlrrIcream
Sorator13: is it really summer if you haven't laid naked under your ceiling fan?
CaptainSask: Like 7 onches from the mid day sun?
ExachixKitsune: Oh No
Nigouki: nope, fuck that heat
Critterbot: 38C? Yiiiikes!
TheMerricat: Wet bulb temps are suck.
MechaKuuga: Its worse in TX
Nuurgle: start the cold brew now!
Raincoast_Bear: Vancouver the same. And we're going up the Fraser valley too.
Juliamon: Bad heat is not a contest.
Spanked42: we had 'feels like' 43c/110f the other day
MechaKuuga: @Juliamon But Suffering is
Garfman314: knee shots
Sorator13: I still want to move somewhere where, if it's hot, it's at least not humid :(
Nuurgle: serpentine, serpentine
Juliamon: Sorator13 I miss getting to go to Arizona every year. Been a long time now... such sweet dryness
prankprogenitus: Hello runners it’s great to be here!
Sorator13: one of many reasons I would not be any good at this game: y'all see people that are absolutely invisible to me, lol
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VonShnigglewitz: At work :(
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rhapsodyblue92: A whole two ears! Both to listen to LRR with
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Sorator13: poor guy, he's just taking a nap and you're rifling through his pockets
Sorator13: he's all comfy on the couch
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AleisAlpto: is that a ump or an mp5, can't tell from that angle
manfred909: James has a UMP
Boiler_bot: UMP probably?
manfred909: they all prefer UMP over MP5, i'm assuming Joe has one as well
AleisAlpto: fair enough
Boiler_bot: MP5 is a very 90s movie gun.
manfred909: it's a classic
MWGNZ: Fergie has a whole song about her UMPs Kappa
AleisAlpto: gg
Sorator13: nice!
prankprogenitus: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Sorator13: Yeah, that seemed good
Sorator13: Serge "Eight Sausages" "The Problem" "Dump Truck" Yager
dragonflare9: keep that
JoeKim: i'm using MP5 since i have them
JoeKim: and a lot of PST 9mm
creasehearst: the COF-DM are for Lightkeeper stuff
KeytarCat: @creasehearst :O Destiny crossover?? lrrBEEJ
AleisAlpto: yep. a ump
dragonflare9: you don't, the 101 is the gunsmith
dragonflare9: it's 55.6
dragonflare9: the 102
AleisAlpto: god. i gotta get this game
dragonflare9: and you can't buy the mags yet
creasehearst: @KeytarCat Tarkov is where Cayde-6 has been taking a vacation
Tiber727: They're all good guns bront.
KeytarCat: Guns is for kill, yes
dragonflare9: 5.56*
Sorator13: beep boop!
KeytarCat: @creasehearst Doin his 3? year scav run
dragonflare9: Kaban spawns in Lexos, it's also mined
Sorator13: LUL
dragonflare9: Rem3r's map has the mines now
Sorator13: I like how Funko thinks
gualdhar: this is where Serge gets his new nickname "Hoppy"
dragonflare9: every quest we have now are sidequests
dragonflare9: also if Nikita has his way, all traders will be in game only
Sorator13: @dragonflare9 ew
dragonflare9: @Sorator13 he has said it's more difficult than they thought and probably not possible
txzen_: quick q. was there an LRRMTG this last Thursday?
Juliamon: there was not
Juliamon: James streamed Tarkov instead
Sorator13: @txzen_ there was not; tarkov wipe preempted it
Sorator13: well, that plus arena not having much of interest at the moment
EmilyDefiesLogic: well, they did add a quest where you collect literal bear asses
txzen_: thank you!
Juliamon: and it was also just James and solo meh Arena was less appealing than a fresh Tarkov wipe
KeytarCat: meh arena
Sorator13: running on top of a car because you can: parkour!
hatsfullofrabbits: Yay, finally able to catch a live One More?!
Sorator13: welcome!
Sorator13: we have chocolate and we have old outdated GPUs, whichever you'd like to munch on
hatsfullofrabbits: @Sorator13 :D
Raincoast_Bear: Why did Serge cross the road? To get the to the other side.
hatsfullofrabbits: Never seen this map.
hatsfullofrabbits: Looks great.
Sorator13: Why did Serge cross the road? So he wouldn't get shot!
Sorator13: @hatsfullofrabbits this is Streets. Notorious for being very large and hard on performance, and also bloody
Juliamon: They avoided it previously because of how badly optimized it was
Juliamon: it just wasn't worth the effort
Juliamon: now, though...
Sorator13: man, what a kitchen
SocraticMethod: Oh hey, a funko rhyme!
hatsfullofrabbits: Well, it looks amazeballs now.
Sorator13: hey wait a sec, that's the wrong kind of meat for this freezer
hatsfullofrabbits: What are the party looking for on this run?
Sorator13: Serge wants some medical supplies
Raincoast_Bear: Joe's bar.
dragonflare9: it's been looted
hatsfullofrabbits: Okay
Sorator13: possibly a salewa in particular? not sure
JadedCynic: Joe found....the Iron Curtain!
dragonflare9: the elevator is a scav extract I think
Sorator13: man, something about the image of a man in camo holding a gun running into a closed door to see if it opens is hilarious
dragonflare9: I can post an updated map in chat if you want
LurkerSpine: Cheer100 more hands make less work
dragonflare9: from the trailer
Boiler_bot: Huh
Sorator13: omg
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Above you.
Lord_Hosk: OMG! thats a Masha and the Bear VHS! My favorite!
dragonflare9: do you guys want me to post a link to an updated map?
Sorator13: Unoptimized Prime
Lysander_salamander: wild
hatsfullofrabbits: lol, this is when they lost all focus and started playing.
SocraticMethod: SUPER MEGA Battle Robot!
TheWriterAleph: wakka wakka wakka
Aarek: ooo puck man
JadedCynic: welcome to Russia
KeytarCat: @SocraticMethod tmnt cadence
Boiler_bot: Boptimus Prime
JadedCynic: *discovery* is fun :)
Sorator13: oh no, james found the backrooms
NotCainNorAbel: wht the
JadedCynic: papa joes! Kappa
dougma: fake papa johns
SocraticMethod: Papa James's XDD
Juliamon: Notpa John's
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Knockoff Papa John's
dragonflare9: that's new
Pal_Friendpatine: And I saw some FCK chicken too
Sorator13: Bilbo Coffee??
JadedCynic: glass floor!
Sorator13: oh no
gualdhar: Underway subs
Nigouki: Burger Spot
JadedCynic: NotSubway!
Lord_Hosk: Noptway subs
SocraticMethod: Undeway instead of subway
SocraticMethod: Underway
JadedCynic: by the Underway bilboard
Sorator13: Right or left?
Juliamon: Why make this totally cool map and not give people a reason to tour it?
hatsfullofrabbits: Dis nuts!
JadedCynic: multi-floor food court
Boiler_bot: It's a fine balance I'm sure.
SocraticMethod: FCK
JadedCynic: FCK!
TheWooglie: gamers don't look up
terribleplan: FCK
Dread_Pirate_Westley: FCK, huh?
ghyllnox: F*CK
Dumori: FCK the most Tarky food chain#
JadedCynic: Fried Chicken Kentucky
Sorator13: Cook less, eat more
SquareDotCube: Not enough flies buzzing around
Sorator13: @JadedCynic Fry Chicken, Kentucky! [command]
JadedCynic: at this point, the foods rotted away
SocraticMethod: I love all these "Domestic substitution" chains, it's so mid-2000's XD
JadedCynic: "Kentucky Fried Chicken" would translate to "Кентукки жареный цыпленок" or KFC == Кжц
JadedCynic: wonder what the 'retronym' is that they came up with? :)
Critterbot: You what, James?
Sorator13: james said he got FCK
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown deer
TheWriterAleph: D E E R
KeytarCat: SMASH
MDK_Marshal: Oh, Deer Lord...
Sorator13: polygonal deer is the best kind of deer
HeadingtoFall: haven't seen that map before, seems wild. way busier looking than many of the other maps
Dumori: @SocraticMethod or early 2020s...
Sorator13: yeah, I love the idea of the glass floors, honestly
Lord_Hosk: They can make it very large, but then you run into the daggerfall problem. Its the largest map in a video game every created. But it was a whole lot of nothing.
Dumori: The Mongolia of game maps
Lord_Hosk: Thousands of towns you could visit... nothing to do in any of them
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Stripe_dog: I love tetris
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Dumori: Just like real life
Juliamon: The Canada of game maps
Sorator13: @Juliamon oof
Dumori: I never get any good quests when traveling
dragonflare9: it works now
Dumori: Remember the Mosin is a 3 line rifle so remain in formation, one standing one kneeling one kneeling lower
Sorator13: alright, I'm getting sleepy; calling it a night. good luck!
Nigouki: Serge summoning the downhill drop
Lord_Hosk: Im going out tonight and Im wondering. Should I order my own, personal Jesus? Or should I get a extra Large Jesus and split it with the table?
SergeYager: big fan of sharing
Raincoast_Bear: Yes. Yes you should\
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DiamondMX: Tarky malarky with the boyzky.
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Dumori: @Lord_Hosk Order every one a personal pan Jesus
DiamondMX: "twerk"? James is gonna twerk?
gualdhar: that sounded an awful lot like QWRP
Raincoast_Bear: People with kids and Face Tatoos are especially unsettling.
ghyllnox: If Jade's there it's Tarky Malarkey with the Barky
KeytarCat: In a national parky!
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Niahlah: oooh.. murder tetris!!
dragonflare9: after the beta, that string of characters is the raid code, it should be very similar if Serge is in this raid
Niahlah: wow... I didn't know you could fix a blacked out limb
dragonflare9: beta version*
Niahlah: he was in the grass
Spanked42: are you sure you didn't get him and he's in the grass?
Spanked42: oh no that's the one he was shooting at
Seabats: are you winning
loufghyslaufey: In tarkov? I can't tell...
TheWriterAleph: well, he hasn't escaped yet, sooooo
Mr_Horrible: as much as one can win in Tarkov
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: swings and roundabouts
JadedCynic: after the firefight, they're alive to use meds so...
Seabats: you could literally tell me anything and the string of words wouldn't make any sense
DaSunao: Serge has just died, but that was a sacrifice you were willing to make
NotCainNorAbel: yeah, I remember there was talk about a slide
Mr_Horrible: tree falls on him, insta-dead
Seabats: we escaped with 30 PMV scab STV's
loufghyslaufey: On Arena, I've streaked three players that auto-scoopes against WUBRG OG Jodah... lrrSPOOP LUL StinkyGlitch StinkyCheese FBBlock NewRecord lrrADAM
Dread_Pirate_Westley: James is basically plus superman punch right now.
loufghyslaufey: But I kind of wanted to play them out, so....
Mr_Horrible: They're plinking to the evac site
Seabats: frame data
Seabats: it's actually the volume levels
xantos69: Oh yay! ...One More. Gonna go watch the vod so I don't miss anything, but here you go. Cheer50 Bits.
Mr_Horrible: SF6 is actually just a very elaborate WinAmp skin
Seabats: yeah we asked for it to be in training since SF4 and they finaally gave us some quality of life
Aarek: new winamp visualiser just dropped
loufghyslaufey: Wait, so I just remembered when I heard someone mentioned Smash Bros from a co-stream & wondered...
TheWriterAleph: i say that after eating chipotle
KeytarCat: I happened to spend the night with a friend of a friend who was into fighting games and I decided I was going to learn what frame data meant, so I asked him to explain his hyperfixation. really helped me understand fighting games
Mr_Horrible: wait does Canada call them torches too?
loufghyslaufey: lrrADAM Did they build up Smash Bros with the Netcode? Or what if they did make smash bros with Netcode?
KeytarCat: Code switching, or something
Mr_Horrible: just rooting around in your backpack for a granola bar
Lord_Hosk: Canada calls them toque bright spottys
Mr_Horrible: at a full sprint
Mr_Horrible: ah thank you Hosk
DaSunao: @Lord_Hosk I don't believe you.
loufghyslaufey: @lord_hosk Toque? Like the chef's cap?
SocraticMethod: Taste the pea-ness Kappa
RebekahWSD: The peas being a flat image, but a spoon coming out of the flat image...is something
LurkerSpine: 2001?
Mr_Horrible: 2001????
Mr_Horrible: James what are the next winning lotto numbers
Niahlah: internet time a week feels like a month and a year feels like a decade
James_the_Dabbler: Wow hello all
Mr_Horrible: since you're a time traveler and aall
Wicker_Guide: for a 2001 game the graphics are fantastic
ghyllnox: Where was Tarkov on 9/11
DaSunao: Sounds like serge just got out
SnackPak_: sergeOwl sergeOwl sergeOwl
TheWriterAleph: haha gun doesn't go brrrr
LordZarano: "The gun it went 'click', which if you speak gun means not loaded"
TehAmelie: they should mention that in the Poet-B-Gon manual
dragonflare9: did you barter for a PACA?
Wicker_Guide: accurate portrayal of hte circumstances and result of drinking moonshine
SocraticMethod: What, cant get krunkt in the firing range? Boo!
shurtal: hilk?
Niahlah: but warmed milk tasty and makes you feel cosy
Tripleyew: Not even with carrots?
shurtal: chase the Hilk with Pilk
Krat_Arona: Serge LUL
Mr_Horrible: Ling of the Hilk
LordZarano: jlrrCarrotmilk
Mr_Horrible: also if I'm not supposed to Hilk then what goes in my coffee? sofieThink
SocraticMethod: Oatilk
SocraticMethod: Love how cigs are considered "rations." Very WW2 of them
Mr_Horrible: came in every MRE, after all
LurkerSpine: Pop elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
shurtal: yup
WiJohn: Yep
Wicker_Guide: *raised hand*
Niahlah: I know it
SocraticMethod: What's SNL?
KeytarCat: yup
CompSciJedi: yup
Juliamon: A fav of mine
BusTed: 👴
Mr_Horrible: literally have never watched SNL
SnackPak_: hi I am old
Alas_Babylon: I know of SNL, but haven't watched a single episode of it
iconicshadow89: yep
CompSciJedi: I, too, ama fellow OLD
BusTed: Recurring character.
TWCblank: I'm glad you said "one of" the most famous, because the most famous is still probably "More Cowbell"
WiJohn: Chris Farley motivational speaker should get you there
Lord_Hosk: His name is Matt Foley, it was Christina Applegate and David Spade as the kids
jvetting83: into a table
DaSunao: SNL? That's that thing that Andrew referenced with his Desert Bus entrance?
thefightnerd: Who's better, Chris Farley living in a van by the river, or Hans and Franz, who want to pump (clap) you up?
iconicshadow89: That character was an answer in an early This or That on Loading Ready Live
jvetting83: Churchlady
shurtal: Spade tried SO HARD not to break
chaostreader: @iconicshadow89 Yes. SNL character or Canadian MP.
DaSunao: I want that tape measurer so badly
DaSunao: The one I've seen I lost on a scav that bled to death
Wicker_Guide: sergeSqueak
Mr_Horrible: perfectly normal human noises
Niahlah: yay.. we get squeaks even with James on screen
Sogheim: I just rewatched the LRR Highlights with Serge's first outing as a Scav
Sogheim: how far we've come
KeytarCat: @Mr_Horrible perfect and normal 👍
Niahlah: how many people can you have in a party??
SocraticMethod: Did they change or didn't factory night have lower party limit?
viperion_nz: Funko is correct. 5 on Factory Day, 6 on Factory night, except I think if you have a party of 5 you can get a 6th on Factory day (the poor bugger)
KeytarCat: Oh, last wipe there were server takeovers, I think that's why we talked about player limits
SocraticMethod: I see. I must misremember that someone had to leave the party when you were grinding factory night a while ago.
KeytarCat: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! And you don't even need to be subbed or anything! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
DoodlestheGreat: @viperion_nz Unless the "poor bugger" is Landmark, whereupon the lot of you are gonna get zapped.
Mr_Horrible: I've been kicked off the site for not having an account, so it's taken care of for me OpieOP
Mr_Horrible: but I do miss the shitposting and art
KeytarCat: !mastodon
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun is now on Mastodon! You can find them at kind.social/@LoadingReadyRun, and LRRMtG at kind.social/@LRRMTG
Mr_Horrible: it true
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EikoandMog: On this episode, do we finally Escape?!
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ghyllnox: Mastodon was as easy to sign up for me as any website
DoodlestheGreat: Mastofon is good, BUT, it has the Linux issue of no goddamned instruction manual.
Mr_Horrible: good onboarding for purpose-built spaces is a big help for it, for those that want it for that
Wicker_Guide: good riddance
SurfDownstage: Thank god for that
ghyllnox: If you wanted to set up your own server I'd imagine it'd be complicated
BrowneePoints: As a member of a marginalized community for which Twitter is an incredible safety and information network for disseminating crucial info and networking, sorry but I'm on Twitter until it explodes
SergeYager: ^^
TheMerricat: That's what they said about Ines James.....: kappa
DaSunao: I feel like there won't be a new Twitter because the times have changed. Its like there will never be a new WoW
Mr_Horrible: but sometimes the yelling is very clever, James
TheMerricat: Vines even
Lord_Hosk: Thats the problem. there are currently 4 frontrunner replacements that each offer 1/4 of the advantages of twitter
TehAmelie: maybe one website with 500 million users is hard to moderate with any human budget
Wicker_Guide: also, feel obliged to point out, whatever Twitter Was early on is not indicative of what Twitter was even in just-before-musk era
DoodlestheGreat: Some scav is dead. We heard the Oscar performance.
Lord_Hosk: That needs to be clarified. facebook claims that instagram has a billion accounts. Yes its way bigger than twitter, but there is no way in hell that 1 in 7 people on the planet are actively using instagram when 2/3rds of the world doesn't have regular internet access.
Wicker_Guide: I suspect it no longer is
KeytarCat: I think talking about social media as business ventures is dangerous to start with
DoodlestheGreat: @Lord_Hosk Same way Threads has all those users because Zuckerschmuck gave an account to every Insta user.
Mr_Horrible: the classic curse of "all our decisions are data-driven (and we just collect the data that we purport justifies our decisions)"
BrowneePoints: Anyways find the Avenue that fits your needs the best and causes you the least amount of consternation
Mr_Horrible: that's just good advice in general LUL
Lord_Hosk: That was world bank estimates in 2020. im sure the numbers are different now, but probably not massively. Also regular internet access means "consistently available most days, even if its not used every day" an estimated 25-30 million people in the US don't have regular internet access.
Krat_Arona: @Lord_Hosk "First World" County btw
Krat_Arona: Country*
Mr_Horrible: a question I should probably already know the answer to, but: I get that the map is bespoke, but are all containers also bespoke and deterministic, and just their content and lying-around lootables are procedural?
Juliamon: Mostly
SocraticMethod: @Krat_Arona That's 9% of the US population. Could be extreme rural population
EikoandMog: @Mr_Horrible Used to be completely the case that that was true, recent update has changed around some of those containers.
Wicker_Guide: @Lord_Hosk that's a higher threshold than I was thinking, but still a higher proportion than I was expecting. India/China are probably doing worse on infrastructure than I thought
Dumori: They've recently made it so the exact containers in areas are dynamic
Wicker_Guide: @Krat_Arona a reminder that "first world" basically just means "NATO"
Mr_Horrible: ah, thanks. The conversation about the new boxes and bags in that shipping crate park got me wondering
Krat_Arona: @SocraticMethod Absolutely, totally agree. But for as much as we have in the US, there's no reason the number should be even remotely that high
NotCainNorAbel: @SocraticMethod extreme rural, homelessness, poverty, and underserved areas in some cities even
TheMerricat: @mr_horrible my understanding is the container locations are fixed but n the new patch if a container shows up or not is random
Mr_Horrible: makes sense
MWGNZ: PowerUpL elfunkSickest PowerUpR
DaSunao: elfunkSickest
Mr_Horrible: you'd still want consistency in your landmarks, so players know what to look for and where to look
Mr_Horrible: El "Kneecapper" Funko, they call him
LordZarano: "First/Third World" terminology isn't actually used anymore, since "second world" countries don't exist anymore. It's "Developed World" and "Developing World" now
Mr_Horrible: enjoy party, Serge!
TheMerricat: As a reminder "A second world country is a historical term developed by the West for the states that made up the Soviet Union and other communist nations of the world."
LoadingReadyRun: !players
LRRbot: Today's players: Heather (P1 Blue), Cori (P2 Orange), James (P3 Green), and Ian (P4 Red)
Wicker_Guide: I snark, but the use of First World to mean "Western Developed Liberal Democracies" has a 20 year history at this point. it's been kind of redefined
Juliamon: !tarkov
LRRbot: Other members of the Tarkov Squad can be found at: Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager El_Funko: twitch.tv/El_Funko Joe Kim: twitch.tv/joekim Dylan: twitch.tv/VonShnigglewitz
KeytarCat: !tarktarktarktark
viperion_nz: Better chance of not dying if you wear armour 5head :p
Mr_Horrible: is that 4pm PST?
loufghyslaufey: The Tark-LRR Squad/Batch
manfred909: it was downhill from that high but not that downhill
KeytarCat: LRRkov?
Mr_Horrible: I don't have a great frame of reference but this seems to have been a pretty successful Tarkov day, yeah
JadedCynic: saw some cool new shops
Mr_Horrible: ah, I at least vaguely recognize this particular deathtrap of a place
Mr_Horrible: forklift area? is *anyone* in Tarkov certified?
Wicker_Guide: they might have been before
loufghyslaufey: Do players drop in all at once or do they queue in waves at a time, I ask?
Wicker_Guide: waves
viperion_nz: JoeKim was talking to Funko
EikoandMog: The comms confusion
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JadedCynic: thanks for sharing the fun!
Lysander_salamander: have a good evening! Thanks for playing
Nigouki: And before you know it it's Desert Bus
GhostValv: D:
Nigouki: no, grass is too wet right now
GapFiller: what if its midnite where we are
Nigouki: not touching that
Mr_Horrible: but I already *touched* grass today!
GapFiller: shd we still go outside then
JadedCynic: but it's dark and scary out there!
Lord_Hosk: I just mowed the lawn yesterday I touched enough grass for this week
Mr_Horrible: well, I touched grass on the way to the theater
Mr_Horrible: thanks for the stream, James & Co.
LordZarano: BNF tonight?
r10pez10: i ate grass
r10pez10: on the internet no one knows you're a cat
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500 - was busy making dinner, thanks for the stream
Seagulyus: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical) at Sun 04:00 PM PDT (23:29 from now).
Seagulyus: dont know who will see this, but have a good night/day/timezone based farewell
Wicker_Guide: you too @Seagulyus
TimIAm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical) at Sun 04:00 PM PDT (23:24 from now).