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trebuchetboy: dougdougTeeth
LordZarano: !next
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TemporallyAwry: !close
red_shoes_jeff: Off by one... BY ONE!
trebuchetboy: !findquote adam
LRRbot: Quote #992: "I miss Adam already." —James [2015-10-29]
Diabore: i do to james
trebuchetboy: Sometimes I can still hear his voice
SnackPak_: sergeHi
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LRRbot: Quote #2: "The day I stream Minecraft is the last time I stream." —Adam [2015-01-17]
WowoT: someone should make him eat thos ewords :P
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Earthenone: any word on what mysterious accident is canceling marvel champions this time? :P
Shadowsoflife: an event comic ending the verse :P
SnackPak_: a cruse ship dragged it's anchor and cut off internet to the island
PMAvers: I'm going to assume Snerge manifested itself into reality and hooked up the studio to some blimps and flew off with it.
trebuchetboy: @Earthenone Me :)
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TheMerricat: LOL
SnackPak_: gg lrrbot
SaxPython: #Got'em
Earthenone: ~lasttoot
Shadowsoflife: thanks bot
DideRobot: Hey hey it’s garbage day, make way | @Graham_LRR and Alex are here for WATCH+PLAY on (has image) | 6 hours, 59 minutes ago |
Juliamon: I don't know why the bot's ignoring lrrbot in particular
Juliamon: I'll ask Didero about it tomorrow
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LRRbot: Quote #6794: "What if I toot and I explode?" —Adam [2020-03-02]
Diabore: did... did the marvel champions curse strike again?
Juliamon: Unknown
trebuchetboy: @Diabore What happened before
Sarah_Serinde: It's not that long past the hour yet
Juliamon: Several things
Sarah_Serinde: Sometimes setup takes a while
Juliamon: This is either the third or fourth attempt
LordZarano: Probably set to ignore bots for safety reasons (so they don't get into an infinite loop replying to each other)
TemporallyAwry: James did say he was going to jump in a lake, hopefully the lake gave him back lrrSPOOPY
Sarah_Serinde: I only remember 2 past attempts but it's very possible there was a third
Fruan: And no one from LRR was ever heard from again. spoooooky.
PMAvers: I mean, it can't be as bad as that one time James got into a (minor) car accident.
LordZarano: Which has happened several times in the irc with various bots
Diabore: iirc this is like the 4th time theyve tried to play this, the 2 i remember are this was scheduled for like the week victoria went into lockdown for covid, and another time james got in a car accident
Sarah_Serinde: Oh look, title change
trebuchetboy: coxBongo
Juliamon: I still remember the car accident discussion in modslack. G came in asking why they were playing Flesh & Blood instead of Marvel. "Was the game that bad?" Because he didn't know about the accident.
TheMerricat: The truth... they actually got everything together to play the game... Ben went to grab the box.... and they realized they had sold it during the move flea market sale!! Multiple LRRCrews People are desperately racing around the island - Hanna Barbara Great Race Style to find a copy to bring to the table for us chat.
WowoT: oh pinned message go bye
Sarah_Serinde: Haha I forgot about that Juliamon
OldUncleDan: I thought that one of the times was because of Wheeler's concussion.
SaxPython: it would have been a good day for a random ice cream trip
baskwalla: We gaming tonight friends?
Manae: lrrSIG lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
Earthenone: lrrSIG lrrFINE lrrSIG
WowoT: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TheMerricat: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Getter404: The curse is broken! Probably!
TemporallyAwry: guyjudgePopcorn it's happening!
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Professor_Colin: Sup
OldUncleDan: @Getter404 Game ain't started yet.
Shadowsoflife: Oh hai ads
ihlendrax: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always restarting the generator.
Ritaspirithntr: It’s HAPPENing!!! lrrSIG benginChamp mattlrHype2 lrrSIG
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IbunWest: Always throws me for a loop when I get ads here.
Orxolon: maybe we get to play this game tonight
Orxolon: i hope every1 is ok
ShaneLeeAtk: !players
LRRbot: Today's players: Heather (P1 Blue), Cori (P2 Orange), James (P3 Green), and Ian (P4 Red)
Juliamon: sigh, am I gonna have to lock that command again
SaxPython: FBtouchdown
DekiSystem: @IbunWest Ibun!! keliffWave
DideRobot: LRR: Time for AFK! Tonight we are, at long last, playing Marvel Champions. (has image) |
shurtal: Camera cuts to the wide shot after the intro plays, theres' 4 racoons in the chairs, they've somehow bribed Paul to stay on tech, Marvel Champions once again goes unplayed
kusinohki: so funny story - at game day (new location) they had a large collection of Marvel Champions. Me and someone else suggested playing. Owner said every thing was a disorganized mess. "tell you what. before next game day I'll organize it and bring it over to play" next game day comes along "I lied. Not only did I not bring it, we sold it off"
Earthenone: im pretty sure two marvel card games were released between the first attempt and this attempt at streaming this marvel card game
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red_shoes_jeff: Oh Snap! It's Marvel Champions!
Orxolon: @red_shoes_jeff Oh Champions!It's Marvel Snap!(in other universe)
kusinohki: praise the marvel sun?
Shadowsoflife: the midnight sun?
LordZarano: Fully expecting a portal to Hades to open and swallow the players up as they start playing
FarleyF: Oh snap it's *dust in the wind as Thanos smiles*
serramarkov: Oh, I was confused, :( , I thought this was an rpg. I'll live.
TheMerricat: Character customization chat, that's what a card game needs. POD cards with your own custom designed avatar!
Orxolon: have faith XD
Juliamon: well, my chat client died for a bit, that's not ominous at all
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Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
Getter404: Ian's muted.
SaxPython: FBtouchdown
gualdhar: WOOO
MyrddintheWizard: Its ahppening
DekiSystem: nackyfYay
underhill33: FBtouchdown
MyrddintheWizard: benginDab
Texan_Reverend: Good evening to everybody in the studio.
Texan_Reverend: And hello, chatfolk.
DeM0nFiRe: F
SoaringDragon42: XD
Alas_Babylon: riparoni
Dog_of_Myth: haha
RealGamerCow: It's been great, thank you for having Wheeler
spawnofhastur: Rocking the new haircut Ben
Getter404: Two Blacks Panthers?
TehAmelie: such handsome boys
Getter404: Oh nm
rabbitgta: Silly CD, you can't stop these people
Sarah_Serinde: Of course James is Iron Man
BrowneePoints: @spawnofhastur accidental haircut
TemporallyAwry: When you don't know where Beej is, he can be anywhere lrrBEEJ
Darleysam: oh no way we're introducing a new LRR member, Villain? PogChamp
YeomanAres: The disembodied voice of God, beej
Earthenone: wheeler got that selfish concussion
Juliamon: One of them was lockdown
Getter404: A month ago when Telus was stiffing you?"
BrowneePoints: Covid
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I'm pretty sure there was one after the car accident
PMAvers: I think one got Telus'd?
flatluigi: covid
kusinohki: I think last time was no internet at new moonbase??
HiCallMeRusty: Was serge trying to fight a wasp nest this game or canlander?
Alas_Babylon: It's been a while, but I do remember that Marvel and DC both had banger deckbuilder games
Earthenone: !patreon
LRRbot: 2748 patrons for a total of $21,118.43 per month.
BrowneePoints: I think it was Telus Car and Covid
Shadowsoflife: We did this
Dog_of_Myth: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy Shirt, or Sleeve, or Playmat, or Pin, or Other! Check out for the full catalog.
BorealMage: Excited to see a busted Quicksilver deck.
BrowneePoints: I remember y'all trying to do this 2 years ago I think
saucemaster5000: why is the villain of this game paul giamatti?
James_the_Dabbler: That was ominous
flatluigi: eternals
SaxPython: CurseLit
spawnofhastur: I've watched exactly two MCU films. So... those two?
TemporallyAwry: The Original Hulk - yes THAT one.
TehAmelie: Thor Ragnarok
trilemma85: Does that mean if I don't buy a thing on the store I'm actively murdering Beej?
HiCallMeRusty: The Incredible Hulk
Nigouki: Does Norton Hulk count because of post-credit?
voren_chalco: @saucemaster5000 Why isn't the villain of every game Paul Giamatti?
Getter404: Are we allowed to stack rank
DeM0nFiRe: Paranoid is the best thing that has Iron Man in it
jessicaengle: Heyo.
coolbond: even spiderman 3
TwitchTVsFrank: What if it only has tony stark?
kusinohki: not sure I can choose between the 2 spidermans...
Orxolon: thanks Paul
Diabore: mama said if i dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all, so...
BrowneePoints: least Kang was threatening?
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Getter404: Twist: Ben's playing Superior Spider-Man and is a traitor
Orxolon: i love Co OP
myknorman: This game reminds me of Thunderstone and that is SICK
Simonark: That One Spiderman movie!
coolbond: spiderman can kick rhinos ass alone, bringing in iron man is a bit overkill
Despoiler98: yay Spoodermans
TehAmelie: nobody has ever failed to beat Rhino. does that make him a good villain or a bad one?
TemporallyAwry: Lol, on my screen the view count scrambled when James pointed down at it.
jessicaengle: Friends! sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeFriend
BrowneePoints: Everyone makes fun of Rhino until they're the one getting yote threw a city block
flatluigi: the superhero music might be a little overpowering
BrowneePoints: Through*
OldUncleDan: Sort of like "Arkham Horror."
shurtal: thought Ben said shit mint
Orxolon: writers can always come up with something so Spidey alone cannot stop Rhino
Simonark: Rhino's managed to beat HIMSELF a lot, @TehAmelie, does he count as a bad hero and a good villain?
e_bloc: it's getting hot in these rhinos
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Bunnarchist: I know we're explaining cards but I'm just looking at how amazing Ben's tats are
GredGredmansson: rhino am smesh
BrowneePoints: For real though this is a great co OP deck builder
Despoiler98: Rhino, not known for the smartsness
Simonark: Rhino is Russian. Why are you erasing his stereotypical heritage?
GredGredmansson: "I don't want to take over the world or anything, I just want to smash into walls"
jessicaengle: @e_bloc I'm glad someone else was thinking that too
CaptainSpam: I mean, Rhino's a simple man. He knows what he does, and he does it. Can't fault 'im for that.
voren_chalco: It's hard to take a villain seriously when they've been beaten by Ka-Zar
trilemma85: @Simonark He contains multitudes.
ogier300: 14HP x # of players
TehAmelie: Paul is the villain we deserve, and need
Simonark: @trilemma85 Does he though?
Orxolon: @voren_chalco ahahahhaa
ogier300: The little player icon means you add that much for each player.
Getter404: Made of some sort of compressed paper
GredGredmansson: @ogier300 oh for real? that could be a fast match otherwise
Simonark: Saunders, or Giamatti?
KeytarCat: Is This A Card?
betweenmyself: So at least some similarities to Sentinels of the Multiverse it seems
JadedCynic: Ceci N'est Pas un Carte.
trilemma85: @Simonark Yes. He even has 2 horns to represent more than one.
ogier300: So he'll start with 42 HP.
OldUncleDan: I'm just going to that guy for a bit: I'm pretty sure any of these heroes can solo Rhino.
TehAmelie: Alex Maleev's Daredevil, now. there's a handsome devil
raaabr: @OldUncleDan That's literally what spidey does, yep
PMAvers: Some characters do, like Captain Marvel gets extra effects off using Energy resources.
Orxolon: their cost is the resources they generate?
IbunWest: Did he just call it Heroic Intervention
ogier300: Some heroes/cards do care about what resources you use.
Simonark: Rhino, for when the Sinister Six are unavailable, or off the table for complicated rights issues.
trilemma85: Sorry, I just thwarted.
Getter404: +1 Thwip, very important for a Spidering-Man
saucemaster5000: I've heard this is kind of a dumbed down version of Arkham Horror: LCG (Which was a dumbed down version of the LOTR LCG) and I'm here for it
TehAmelie: Baman Piderman here
BrowneePoints: Rhino has also hecked up Peter. He doesn't usually walk away from those rhino fights without a broken bone or a bruised ego
LordZarano: jlrrIronball
Getter404: @saucemaster5000 I wouldn't say "dumbed down" so much as "bite sized". For the most part it's single scenarios with no campaign/xp systems (although there are exceptions)
ogier300: There are neat campaigns.
kusinohki: 1st time I played we played wrong starting on the hero side instead of secret identity side which really borked iron man's start
ogier300: Iron Man takes a while to get going, but once he's got the armor assembled, whoo by.
TehAmelie: is Rhino one of the bad guys J Jonah Jameson sponsored? i forget
Simonark: I think that's mainly Scorpion and the various Spider-Slayers
BrowneePoints: Rhino was Hired Muscle that got stuck in an Experimental Combat suit
ogier300: First, add the base amount to the scheme.
kusinohki: rhino has multiple origins. probably in one of them maybe??
Getter404: And that time JJJ bought an Iron Man suit in the newspaper comic
ogier300: Then Rhino either attacks (if in HERO mode) or schemes (if in Alter-Ego)
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Tony Stark: With the ability of Alcoholism!
BrowneePoints: Scorpion is the one that JJJ basically created
Dog_of_Myth: @LoadingReadyRun He got better
TehAmelie: would rather be alcoholic than a Rhino
ogier300: Each hero also adds a bad effect to the deck.
ogier300: And could have a nemesis join the fight, too.
r10pez10: mahvel
PMAvers: 7 per player, Ben.
ogier300: If it hits 21.
TehAmelie: i was today years old when i realized abbreviating "mercenary" to "merk" makes no sense
ogier300: He schemes for 2.
OldUncleDan: So, Rhino can do Commander damage?
Orxolon: so if all the Avengers came to fight him Rhino would be Cosmic xD
r10pez10: @TehAmelie see also "pleb" for "plebian"
ogier300: But the player Icon on his scheme means he'll add 3 at the start of his villain phase.
ogier300: First thing in the villain phase is adding Scheme based on the scheme.
Chesul: TehAmelie I've only seen it abbreviated as Merc with a C, not with a K.
Zenergy142: Is this more like DC dec builder or Marvel Legendary. Sorry just tunning in
ogier300: There's a card "Shadows of the Past" that will trigger the nemesis.
Orxolon: should be Green Goblin but ....whateves
zeathean: Vulture killed Peter’s parents
BrowneePoints: Vulture IS a big one.
Shadowsoflife: or doc oct
TehAmelie: but how do you pronounce it?
KWardJenx: Vulture was there first.
kusinohki: green goblin is a main villain in this game...
r10pez10: good game everyone
saucemaster5000: michael keaton's not sure why he's in the morbius verse, but he thinks it has something to do with spider man
PMAvers: Green Goblin has his own Villain deck in one of the first expansions.
Orxolon: @kusinohki makes sense
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DaxStrife: Good 'ol Pater Perker.
Shadowsoflife: o/ raiders
TehAmelie: hello lambs
Simonark: Wait. Wait. We're going to be held to accuracy standards now? So much for trying to convince everyone that eating the cards gives you superpowers.
LordZarano: !advice
LRRbot: Parry everything.
Orxolon: that defense reflects the spider sense
BrowneePoints: Yeah Green Goblin has an entire villain deck. So Vulture is the nemesis.(I assume the same for doc ock)
FarleyF: Welcome Cam Fam
ogier300: Important to note - Shadows of the Past has you shuffle the Nemesis cards into the active Encounter deck.
ogier300: So the nemesis is actively working against you immediately.
Getter404: Is there any sort of penalty for cycling your deck?
UncleExpendable: Greetings from our illustrious commander. Cam is unwell but wishes you all the best.
r10pez10: hello raiders
ogier300: When you finish the players deck, you get dealt an encounter card face down to deal with in the villain phase.
voren_chalco: @Zenergy142 More like Legendary, in that there is a mastermind and a scheme. But each hero has a fixed deck from the start.
zeathean: is that every turn or only during setup?
ogier300: When the encounter deck is exhausted, the scheme gets an acceleration counter and adds an extra scheme.
shurtal: is the aggression of the ruthless variety?
BrowneePoints: Yeah outside the starting scenario it plays like a deck builder
BrowneePoints: Adds a lot of replayability
Shadowsoflife: @shurtal well we can't see that one
trebuchetboy: Ramp
Getter404: Huh, oddly *more* punitive for cycling the Encounter deck compared to Arkham
ogier300: Aggression generally focuses on doing damage, Green is Protection - focuses on damage mitigation.
ogier300: Yellow is Justice, wants to defeat schemes.
LordZarano: @UncleExpendable Oh no! Has the Marvel Champions curse struck down Cam by mistake?!
r10pez10: ah, pet summon
TehAmelie: me, now realizing how spoiled we have been with basically the foremost artists in the world doing Magic cards
shurtal: @Shadowsoflife *Ba BA DA Baaah*
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theamc2000: How did James get the invincible iron man cover as his icon?
notsoc00l_guy: t'challa's set up thing happens once at the start of the game, not every turn
TriseAlpha: So you assign traditional class roles to your heroes, so no one hero is pigeonholed or typecast. Nice idea.
ogier300: And Blue is Leadership, trying to a little of everything with help from friends.
Simonark: He's a minion, and that's why the card type is yellow
Shadowsoflife: @shurtal LUL
ogier300: And then the hero themselves has a "deck" so Spider-man is doing Spider-man stuff always.
Mr_Horrible: don't tell MJ
TriseAlpha: Go get 'em, Tiger!
ogier300: Daredevil is yellow because he's Justice Aspect.
UncleExpendable: @lordzarano Possibly!
ogier300: Daredevil takes 1 damage
ogier300: Consequential damage.
TehAmelie: Silver Sable, now there's a name i have not heard in many years
ogier300: Minions takes damage equal to the number of stars under their stat when they use their stat.
OldUncleDan: Foggiest Idea is a Daredevil character.
Shadowsoflife: @TehAmelie I think she was in the ps4 Spidy game as a DLC
kusinohki: does the villain take a turn after ben's turn and before james??
red_shoes_jeff: The studio paid top dollar for RDJ, so you HAVE to be Tony Stark for a bit!
TehAmelie: lrrWOW
ogier300: No, all heroes go first.
ogier300: Then the villain goes.
voren_chalco: @Shadowsoflife She's in the main story.
shurtal: Panther Clause, an addendum to the Santa Clause
Getter404: HULK READ
Shadowsoflife: @voren_chalco I forgot about that
saucemaster5000: alright, c'mon. they have a a hulk
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Simonark: He escalates this minor robbery into something that will level half of Queens, is what Hulk does
TehAmelie: would you rather have a pair of Hulk's purple pants or the world's biggest diamond? this is a serious question
theamc2000: Hulk is quite smart
ogier300: Note, hulk will damage alter-egos.
PMAvers: Yeah, you can swap forms once per turn.
Simonark: That many words, he's a regular Mr. Fixit.
red_shoes_jeff: Gotta remember Banner's in there, which explains all the reading.
Chesul: and a 50/50 chance of going away.
v_nome: I guess that's why they fired him off into space
theamc2000: @simonark a Joe fixit?
Shadowsoflife: @Chesul *Cue sad walking away music*
Mr_Horrible: given the events of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk I'd bet Hulk has more than "a chance" of wanting to hurt Tony Stark
TehAmelie: huh an arc reactor can be "exhausted"?
ogier300: Yeah, only when in Hero mode.
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Simonark: @theamc2000 It's not an absolute, either works. There are shades of gray.
OldUncleDan: Throwing Pepper Potts right into the Goop!
ogier300: Note - Pepper lets you generate an extra resource a turn.
Shadowsoflife: more raiders o/
BorealMage: Note it is a *hero* action--alter egos can't do it.
theamc2000: @simonark ok you win
theamc2000: Iron man is Tony’s alter ego
TriseAlpha: Hulk good at Smash.
TehAmelie: !smash
LRRbot: Sakurai has left. His planet needed him.
Getter404: So Tony's running mono-Red
LordZarano: !smash2
LRRbot: Put Alex Kidd in Smash, you cowards!
ogier300: And a hand size of 2.
TemporallyAwry: @Getter404 It feels wrong to call Hulk "Mono-Red"
mowdownjoe: Stark: "So anyways, I start blasting."
ogier300: Which is where Pepper Potts is helpful.
voren_chalco: @Getter404 Now I'm imagining goblin Ironman.
Shadowsoflife: @TemporallyAwry What about red hulk?
PMAvers: So since it'll probably come up, the stuff that gives Tony +HP affects both current and max hit points. But if it's destroyed, he'll lose those hit points that were gained, and might defeat him.
TriseAlpha: So if Hulk's "hit everyone" effect procs, does Black Panther hit him back?
Orxolon: wasn't that good
Orxolon: but well
TheWriterAleph: wakanda whenever
ogier300: Need to get cards out so you draw more cards to get that Wakanda Forever card.
Getter404: Intermittent Wakanda
Mr_Horrible: Wheeler no
BrowneePoints: Iron Goblin is kinda what Osborn did when he was in HAMMER
Mr_Horrible: do not invoke the cursed words
TriseAlpha: Wakanda Occasionally!
Chesul: TriseAlpha I'm assuming "Attacked" is different from being dealt damage.
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
Orxolon: Flesh and blood?
r10pez10: a new weekly stream?
Sibwow: pokemon 99 lets go
TehAmelie: by the way what is Black Panther's adjective? we've got the Spectacular Spider-Man, the Invincible Iron Man and so on and so forth
PMAvers: I mean James put it on the schedule... unless it's changed.
Alas_Babylon: Is This Your Card: Gin Rummy
theamc2000: 5e Witcher card game?
eshplode: Marvel Champions in September?
RonaldMcDownload: why is she in whiteface?
Haroldholmes25: LUL
r10pez10: mind resource these nuts
Getter404: Oh, so she's a Mystic
betweenmyself: Black Widow minion… Short, yellow, one bug eye and striking red hair
ogier300: Paul is correct. Useful if Shadows of the Past turns up.
Orxolon: If Black Widow never attacks she never gets damaged?
Dog_of_Myth: @TehAmelie King
ogier300: Discard to cycle cards to get cards you need.
Haroldholmes25: I believe the gloves do 2 base and then do something more when wakanda forever happens
Dog_of_Myth: @TehAmelie more of a title though I admit
ogier300: They activate with Wakanda Forever.
PMAvers: Yeah, Tony can kind of sit on his alter-ego side for a few turns to build up, then come out blastin'.
Haroldholmes25: ah ok I thought wakanda forever just activated the parentheses text
TehAmelie: ha Dr Dppm has to be so mad T'challa gets to be the kingly one
TehAmelie: Doom
Getter404: Nothing bad ever happens to the Starks!
TemporallyAwry: Sorta love that the Rhino Schemes about Scheming
Yrefe: there's 2 simbols tho
BorealMage: Bomb Scare does have two boost
Dog_of_Myth: Doom should be DOOM. The Doctor is big on capitalization
tod_vom_himmel: why would they make it sideways'
ogier300: It's a side scheme
ogier300: If it came out as an Encounter, it'd be put into play.
ogier300: And to defend you have to tap.
ogier300: You flip a boost.
BorealMage: ^
SnackPak_: hi Paul
red_shoes_jeff: What's up Paul?
ogier300: Sorry, that was a Boost, so he can't do that.
ogier300: Boost is not Encounter.
PinkfloydYES: I just got into this game aswell glad to see you guys playing it
TriseAlpha: Rhino am stronk!
Getter404: Black Widow cheats. Spy stuff.
PMAvers: So what he would do is use it to cancel the Assault causing the attack in the first place, I think?
KeytarCat: I don't like that the encounter deck has so many concurrent uses
CaptainSpam: We'll just say that issue had worse writers and move on.
ogier300: This is where you toss minions in the way.
Orxolon: @ogier300 i've got a feeling you've played this before
r10pez10: hahahaha
MarkovDescendant: Goosebumps: Piano Lessons Can be Murfer
TehAmelie: me, just realizing we have two Bens in the same room here. better watch out for robbers
MarkovDescendant: Murder*
BorealMage: Black Panther's gloves need a hobby for when they're not being worn
ogier300: Ah, right, it's that one.
ogier300: BP gloves are cousin Its.
KeytarCat: or is it cousins It?
MarkovDescendant: @ogier300 You mean Thing? Cousin It had no limbs.
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KeytarCat: right, It is hairy
TehAmelie: did you know? Ben Parker is the ONLY person in the Marvel universe who's never come back from the dead
ogier300: The hand was Thing, right. Not The Thing.
Kramburger: @TehAmelie Wellll....
Getter404: @TehAmelie Unless you count robots
ogier300: Tony looks for more armor bits.
Shadowsoflife: @TehAmelie only when re tell his backstory
theamc2000: Canon to what?
TheMerricat: Chat, I may have missed it, what happens when you mill out in the game? Just shuffle the cards back into your deck or die?
DaxStrife: I'm sure Black Panther would love to troll colonialists.
r10pez10: ben flips the table i guess
voren_chalco: @Getter404 Or clones
BorealMage: Tony's mechanic feels more like looting the junkyard for parts than building
ogier300: You reshuffle, and get an extra encounter card to face in the villains turn
ogier300: That's an Iron Man card.
Getter404: Doesn't have the aerial trait? But... jet boots
ogier300: Yep
BorealMage: @Getter404 Some other part might give him that trait or something
Getter404: Allies don't count?
ogier300: All characters. And minions.
MarkovDescendant: Does that trigger Black Panther?
theamc2000: Oh jr jr art
BorealMage: @MarkovDescendant No
r10pez10: with his hands, right?
Orxolon: the heroic intervention acts as an enchantment?
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Orxolon: how many action per turn do the players have?
ogier300: BP is still tapped, though
r10pez10: the three genders
MarkovDescendant: If you're gonna be dumb. You gotta be tough.
BorealMage: @Orxolon They can keep going as long as they have resources
Orxolon: @BorealMage oh,great,so if it says"action" with no cost it is for free?
BorealMage: @Orxolon Those exhaust, typically
TheMerricat: Aunt May punching Rhino...
Orxolon: cool
ogier300: pg 16, the cost of the attempted attack must be paid, including exhausting.
TriseAlpha: AntMay. From the universe where May Parker dated Hank Pym
Orxolon: thanks
Getter404: Get them weatcakes
Dalouer: peter.. bro.. you gotta eat
Orxolon: go get Tiger!
Orxolon: get'em
Shadowsoflife: call doctor strange
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Wiliart: LRR Champions.
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ogier300: Daredevil can soak an attack from Rhino
MarkovDescendant: Rhino doesn't get trample? Flavour Fail.
ogier300: Unless there's a special power on it, he'll take the whole hit.
dpfried: He never saw it coming
ogier300: There's Overkill, which sends the excess damage at someone else.
BorealMage: Let's keep Aunt May *out* of combat this time lol
Orxolon: Peter casually throwing Ant May under the bus XD
Land_Manatee: That's not lore-accurate! Aunt May dies all the time!
Getter404: Golden Oldie, that time she was a Herald of Galactus
OldUncleDan: That would be the Aunt May from Spider-verse.
betweenmyself: Ultra Instinct Aunt May
red_shoes_jeff: "Shame on you!" *Beans villain with an umbrella*
Shadowsoflife: There was the aunt may from spider verse
coolbond: was it not 7 for insta loss or do i not understand the threat counters?
Shadowsoflife: @OldUncleDan Same hat
ogier300: 21 - it's 7 per player
coolbond: ah
Getter404: Bob?
ogier300: The little meeple icon there means you add that amount for each player
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BorealMage: Sometimes that icon shows up on other stuff, too
MarkovDescendant: So a shield counter?
GredGredmansson: oh no he has divine Shield
Getter404: Rhino has Super Armor, Capcom nerf pls
dpfried: that's War Machine
Orxolon: is that Blackagon Boltagon?
voren_chalco: poor Rhodey
Orxolon: yeah,maybe War Machine yeah
Getter404: May noooooooooo
GredGredmansson: rhino caught Spidey off guard by killing Aunt May
tod_vom_himmel: WAS warmachine
Duwani1: screw that that image is from civil war 2
dpfried: yeah, he spent some time being dead after that hit.
Orxolon: Black widow it
ogier300: That'd be one BW would want to stop.
GredGredmansson: Shadow of the Past: aka Alcoholism
Shadowsoflife: or ulton
ogier300: Unless you want to deal with that Nemesis.
BorealMage: Shadows of the Past is pretty bad
flatluigi: oh no, a nazi
Sorator13: Came in late; is this a cooperative game?
Orxolon: @GredGredmansson that comic "Demon in the bottle" is some read
Orxolon: wow
BorealMage: @Sorator13 yep
Sorator13: neat!
Getter404: This Rhinoceros is surprisingly sneaky!
BorealMage: When you get into deckbuilding this game gets even better
voren_chalco: as a treat
GredGredmansson: Rhino: Wall Smashing has reached 36% efficiency
Orxolon: you like it?i hope you love it,i want to continue until Thanos!
ogier300: Yes.
ogier300: You just remain exhausted.
r10pez10: turning over in bed
ogier300: (unless something would unexhaust you)
GredGredmansson: no wait 43%
TehAmelie: would you rather fight a rhino or a hippo? this is a silly question
Orxolon: 'Cause he's tough
Asimech: @TehAmelie That's a unexpected way to spell "be mauled by".
TehAmelie: heeh
Orxolon: ready set go type of character
Orxolon: ?
ogier300: Yes, he attacks the first player first.
BorealMage: He is supposed to go in player order, yes
BorealMage: That can be relevant
Orxolon: so Black cat in the Webbed up art?i see what Devs did there
TehAmelie: you could avoid a rhino's charge, in theory. a hippo though?
ogier300: Note, an attack is not the same as a scheme.
Chesul: TehAmelie the thing is, you can only avoid one, maybe two, rhino charges, but you'll run out of stamina way before it does.
TehAmelie: the top ten list of animals that kill the most humans goes 1) malaria mosquitos, 6) humans, 10) hippos
ogier300: So he gains +1 HP back, and his max HPs go up by +1.
Orxolon: i love that James' look kind of ressembles Tony's
voren_chalco: Art for that should have been Spider-Man in costume in the hospital bed
BorealMage: Hulk's doing work, but not the kind we want
CaptainSpam: Geez, how many people are getting wiped out over a fight with RHINO?!?
Orxolon: He didn't "kill" her ^^
BrowneePoints: I've seen that fanart benginBonk mattlrBonk
Orxolon: hahahaha
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Sorator13: "taking a nap"
TehAmelie: but yes if you manage to anger a rhino you may be in trouble
TriseAlpha: They're out of the fight.
ogier300: She'll come back if the deck cycles.
Kramburger: Marvel Champions Nuzlocke Run When
Sethalidos: Is Hulk going to eat Freddy Pirnce Jr. next?
Orxolon: @BorealMage actually Hulk have done 12 of the damage Rhino is missing
Orxolon: or even maybe more
voren_chalco: @Sethalidos I understood that reference
itsr67: LOL
Sorator13: What music is playing, btw? I recognize it but can't name it
Chesul: TehAmelie the thing about that list, while it's true, it's partly because people know that a rhino is dangerous, so are more careful (usually) around them then they are around hippos.
BorealMage: James is almost at a normal-ish hand size!
ogier300: Good thing they webbed him
Sorator13: @Chesul see, I would also expect people to know that a hippo is dangerous
LoadingReadyRun: @Sorator13 "superhero royalty free" :p
TriseAlpha: So do they just win if Rhino goes down, or do they draw another villain?
ogier300: Scheme first
notsoc00l_guy: also there are just less rhinos then hippos
BorealMage: @TriseAlpha phase 2
Sorator13: @LoadingReadyRun Huh, interesting. Thanks!
ogier300: Need to add 3 more to the main scheme.
Sethalidos: @Sorator13 bold of you to assume that common sense is....well common.
Orxolon: what happens if a hero reaches 0?
Chesul: Sorator13 I would hope so, but people tend to view a lack of things that look like weapons as an indicator that an animal is less deadly.
ogier300: They're knocked out.
Orxolon: ok
ogier300: And the game continues as though there's still 3 players, but that hero doesn't do anything.
red_shoes_jeff: Joke's on you, Rhino! We KILLED all our allies!
ogier300: Once.
BorealMage: Does the attachment go away when changing phases? I don't recall.
dpfried: I've played this game once, and I do remember it being brutal.
TehAmelie: Sandman, my favorite TV show of this decade
Orxolon: can other heroes help you with the criminal in front of you?
ogier300: Comes in with 3 on it.
Getter404: 3 threat
ogier300: Plus the 2.
Getter404: Ah
ogier300: The first player gets an extra encounter card.
flatluigi: i feel like things are going... poorly
ogier300: And the attachment stays after the flip.
Orxolon: is Rhino at 17?=
voren_chalco: That escalated quickly
Orxolon: very
BorealMage: Yeah, need to wait until an actual scheme
ogier300: It's when he does the "Scheme" action when the hero is in alter-ego mode.
Orxolon: oh Peter
Getter404: He's doing the Spider-Man 2 train stretch
Orxolon: taking the weight of the world in your shoulders :( i'm so proud
BorealMage: I don't actually know if that works either way
ogier300: But then it'll come back when Rhino flips.
ogier300: And you'll need to do it again.
James_the_Dabbler: Magic players :P
mulligan2six: Carefully. He's a hero.
CaptainSpam: "I know what I'll do! I'll get great responsibility WITHOUT great power! Ha ha! Wait, hang on..."
TehAmelie: come to think of it, Spider-Man 2 predicted The City We Became wonderfully
trebuchetboy: Are we winning chat?
BorealMage: Ooh, nice
Orxolon: Artemis
r10pez10: mark valberg armor
TehAmelie: somebody almost has to be winning
Sorator13: @trebuchetboy We are... not exactly winning. It's difficult.
Getter404: I think that was 3?
ogier300: And that Max HP is higher now, too. Very nice.
coolbond: thats mark 5 not 6
red_shoes_jeff: Yeah that was 3.
theamc2000: What mark is Tony on now?
James_the_Dabbler: Flavor fail
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BrokenGolem: lrrSHINE
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coolbond: unless i misheard him
BrowneePoints: 3 had individual bits, 2 was the briefcase I think
Getter404: @theamc2000 The parts suit in 3 was like 53 or something nuts like that, then they just stopped counting.
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BrowneePoints: Unless the individual bits happened at Hammer Con
theamc2000: @getter404 oh yeah, I meant comics but wow
ogier300: Need to get that Threat down
loufghyslaufey: Nah, I know how it went but I'll give lrrPAUL 's take the benefit of the doubt.
Orxolon: when does Rhino changes into phase 2?
ogier300: When he gets to 0 hp.
ogier300: And yes, you can consult with each other.
BorealMage: This game is complex, too
Orxolon: like when the heroes tell each other their plan
BrowneePoints: Also fun fact Genndy Tartakovsky storyboarded the big final action sequence in Ironman 2, hence why it was good
BorealMage: It stays
ogier300: No, it sticks.
Sorator13: LUL
James_the_Dabbler: Anyways I started blasting
loufghyslaufey: @BrowneePoints He did what?! oh my gosh
ogier300: He'll scheme on James too
voren_chalco: "James can eat it." -Ben, 2023
BrowneePoints: Yep. Genndy fought the studio tooth and nail to keep to the storyboard, they tried to deviate a bunch
ogier300: Hero Action only.
DemoniacDeath: not from the main scheme, from "a scheme"
ogier300: Need to be in Hero mode.
ogier300: He'll scheme on James.
BrowneePoints: And Ironman 2 which is a very, had that incredible action sequence with IM and WM
BrowneePoints: So thank you Genndy
Getter404: "That's not Iron Man, that's just Tony Stark in an Iron Man helmet! ...hey wait."
ogier300: Then he'll be close to completing his scheme.
ogier300: Also, read the flavour text on the scheme.
TehAmelie: i remember a comic where Tony deployed a "Mark 6" that was basically an Independence Day flying saucer with repulsor beams
ogier300: There's a linked story with the starter box villains.
Sorator13: Wakanada for sooooooo long
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ogier300: It's right on top?
ogier300: And he gets more HPs.
Orxolon: WHAT!?the whole thing again!?=
voren_chalco: Oops, No Heroes
Sorator13: Eep
r10pez10: will our heroes survive?
BrowneePoints: EXCELSIOR
TriseAlpha: Signs point to "no"
flatluigi: is it supposed to be scaling like this? how long until the scheme makes the game lose
red_shoes_jeff: No More Heroes, eh?
ogier300: They're pretty close to having the scheme win.
voren_chalco: @BrowneePoints Stay tuned, True Believers!
Shadowsoflife: has Rino got juggernut's gem before?
Orxolon: wait what?so now he is at 19 scheme and 45 life while attacking with 2 cards!?
ogier300: And yeah, the difficulty scales up with the number of heroes.
TehAmelie: i have some very fancy gin-flavored gummy candies, and chat can't have any
ogier300: The side scheme doesn't add to the main scheme count.
flatluigi: i get that it's supposed to scale up for more heroes, but this seems like it might be a bit too far
Shadowsoflife: Well I have my own gummy @TehAmelie :P
TehAmelie: they taste so weird
ogier300: But it does mean that first player gets an extra encounter card on them.
ogier300: For the first play through, this is pretty normal.
r10pez10: ooh highlander
BrowneePoints: There's spike moments throughout a scenario
ogier300: The game play looks to have you balancing attacks against thwarts.
Orxolon: @ogier300 to struggle?
BorealMage: The level of challenge in the game is good, makes wins feel like you've earned them.
ogier300: Yeah, because you usually haven't figured out the balancing act between the attacks and the thwarting.
ogier300: And when to be in Alter-Ego vs. Hero mode.
flatluigi: it's going to be awkward if we return from break and immediately lose, is all
BrowneePoints: MHM when I played there were spike moments like this that seemed panicky, but it evens out
ogier300: Well, it's not impossibly.
TehAmelie: raise your hand if you have played the game Alter Ego
ogier300: some good boost icons on Rhino's scheming could end it.
BrowneePoints: Like, there's usually a few turns where the pressure gets BIG but if you handle that turn or 2 it settles back down
trebuchetboy: @ogier300 Truly the Marvel Champions savant coxBongo
ogier300: And Ben will need to defend and hope for no boosts on Rhino's attack, or he's gonna be knocked out.
BrowneePoints: @ogier300 my first time was the Cosmic Cube Scenario
ogier300: Nice.
Orxolon: let me see if i got this correctly,there is a new scheme that starts with 5 that must reach 21?
ogier300: No, the new scheme comes in with just the 5.
ogier300: It's effect is to add an extra encounter card to the first player in the villain phase.
TehAmelie: no one? Alter Ego is a heckin trip, and free in your web browser
ogier300: Which means more chances for things to go bad for the heroes.
BorealMage: It's a side scheme, so it hangs out making things harder, but it's not a lose condition on its own
ogier300: Some side schemes add acceleration to the main scheme, or have other special effects.
ogier300: Like you can't remove threat from the main scheme until you deal with them.
Orxolon: @ogier300 those 5,what do they do then?
BorealMage: The ones that lock out dealing with the main scheme *suck*
Orxolon: so the main scheme is at 18 still?
Sorator13: @TehAmelie Ooh, looks interesting! I'll give it a go later.
ogier300: They need to remove the 5 threat from the side scheme to defeat it and remove it's effect.
BrowneePoints: I think main scheme is at 12
TehAmelie: hmm, there's a premium version. i think i shall buy that
ogier300: Main scheme is at 12, but will got to 15 at Rhino's start, then will go up when he schemes two more times against the Alter-egos.
BorealMage: @Orxolon Theoretically they could just ignore the new scheme, but that's usually not a great idea
TehAmelie: hi again, Bens and James
BusTed: rayfkWelp
ogier300: Ooofah, they're all alter-ego, so it'll be really game over.
Mazrae: hope i didnt miss too much of the game
theamc2000: Mr sandman, man made of sand
Chesul: and that's 21.
Chesul: now 24.
ogier300: No boost on Sandman
ogier300: There are special minions that do get boosts, but he's not one.
BrowneePoints: Don't count the side scheme chat
Gadora: Great Responsibility is a hero response; can't play it as Peter Parker.
Sorator13: main scheme is at 21 rn, I count?
flatluigi: isn't there 21 on the main card?
ogier300: Yeah, have to be a hero.
flatluigi: 5+3+3+5+5
DemoniacDeath: it's already 21
Chesul: are the 3s not 3? because I see 2 5s, 2 3s, and 5 1s.
DaxStrife: Tony Stark and Peter Parker undone by MATH.
Chesul: you had 18 on it when you came back.
Orxolon: Rhino won
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown ...wait
trebuchetboy: lmao
Sorator13: rip
DekiSystem: nackyfYay yay death! ... wait
ogier300: Yeah, you gotta work to stop his schemes.
Sorator13: off by... five?
Kramburger: What is this, Gloomhaven?
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown run it back
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote cheating
LRRbot: Quote #6510: "Well we cheated, and we did the easier one, but we did it!" —James [2019-10-22]
ogier300: yeah, at worst, just play to Rhino I.
Orxolon: now you know what you are doing
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Gadora: I was a bit late. How's the game been enjoyed?
BorealMage: How do you feel about the game as a whole so far?
flatluigi: was the black panther nemesis card still accidentally in the encounter deck
Mazrae: now i want to know where that quote is from
FarleyF: i mean if things get really bad there are beds/couches at the moonbase to sleep on
Sorator13: @Gadora There's been some growing pains, and we might've lost just a bit there. Starting over now. Enjoyable, though!
flatluigi: peter feels like he might want to tank damage?
DaxStrife: You know what Peter needs to be doing? Getting pictures of Spider-Man!
ogier300: Do you have everyone's Obligations in the encounter deck?
Gadora: @Sorator13 Makes sense, and :D
Dog_of_Myth: Learning a new game, mistakes are bound to happen.
BorealMage: You did good, game's tough!
Orxolon: more hero mode,less alter ego?
ogier300: You find out when you face KLAW in the next villain.
pn55: "Why do we fall down Master Bruce?" wait, wrong franchise...
BrowneePoints: But yeah, this doesn't rank among the easy board games
BrowneePoints: But it's not like....hard hard
ogier300: I figured since there was just the one BP nemesis card in there, maybe it'd been swapped for the Obligation.
Sorator13: @BrowneePoints well, it's not a *board* game Kappa
ogier300: And yeah, mulligans and discards to cycle cards is important.
Sorator13: @ogier300 considering wheeler had it, yeah, that's possible
TehAmelie: hmm has anyone ever seen Tony and Graham Stark in the same room?
Sorator13: @TehAmelie They're siblings.
BrowneePoints: Unlike Tony Graham has actually done things to make the world a better place
TehAmelie: zing
MrPipboy3000: so is this kinda like Sentinels of the Multiverse, but with the Marvel IP?
Orxolon: Aleksei Sytsevich is just misunderstood
ogier300: That Helicarrier turns out to be really useful, too.
Sorator13: :O
BrowneePoints: Look Ben you just gotta turn into a giant spider, die, and rebirth yourself from your own spider-corpse to get Bio Web Shooters
TriseAlpha: Maximum Spider
Sorator13: Tally-ho!
TehAmelie: maximum effort
BrowneePoints: And yes that happened, that's how the comics made sense of the Raimi movies giving Peter bio webs
ogier300: It's a minion clearer.
SnackPak_: blat blat
BorealMage: Get that Rhino!
Shadowsoflife: @BrowneePoints was that part of "the other" plot?
Sorator13: Did it only deal one base damage? cause that was 8 bonus
ogier300: Attack
flatluigi: so it appears we've understood what the tempo of this game needs to be
Orxolon: this is what anger looks like XD
TriseAlpha: Pulling out the big guns early this round.
ogier300: And yeah, 1 base, plus 2 per energy resource.
Sorator13: cool
pn55: Why not just beat the crap out of the villian?
ogier300: Because he'll scheme and eventually win that way if you can't defeat him in time.
ogier300: You need to do 87 damage total to Rhino to win.
Sorator13: Oh hey, that suit is what Rhino's trying to steal
BrowneePoints: Yep kinetic redirect
TehAmelie: to be fair, the "teenager invents a super-glue that even 60 years later scientists think is impossible and use it to swing around in the sky" was a pretty weird move
BrowneePoints: It helped highlight the fact Peter is a super genius
BrowneePoints: Like Tony's Tech is basically toys to Peter and Tchalla
Orxolon: full anger mode!!!
Shadowsoflife: He did that in high school too
ogier300: Avengers Assemble is a card.
ogier300: Captain America likes that one.
BrowneePoints: I cannot stress how much smarter they made tony in the mcu compared to the comics
Orxolon: @ogier300 what does it do?
DemoniacDeath: don't forget to scheme
Orxolon: @BrowneePoints word
ogier300: Untaps every Avenger you control, and gives them all +1 ATK and THW.
Orxolon: woaw
ogier300: This is where you start to defend, and rely an the cards to do things.
Shadowsoflife: @Orxolon Think cause comics tony was drinking more
BorealMage: He was taking so much damage, he needed some armor
BrowneePoints: Comics Tony is very Smart, but there's like a dozen and a half folks that are much, much better. Peter and Tchalla being two VERY notable ones lol. (Reed, Doom, Hank and Amadeus Cho being other big ones)
Sorator13: well, it might absorb more than 5 if more than 5 is dealt at once? not sure
BrowneePoints: Oh and Bruce
Chesul: Sorator13 given the wording, yep.
flatluigi: what's the difference between removing it from the game or discarding it
ogier300: No, he needs to flip to Alter-Ego and tap hm to get it out of the game.
Sorator13: Discarded cards get shuffled back into the deck when the deck empties
Shadowsoflife: @BrowneePoints Also Cho being a Hulk is great
Sorator13: Rhino said "y'all hurt! lemme boost my defenses"
pn55: Rhino didn't like being punched.
TehAmelie: Marvel oughts to read Worm to get some ideas about how super genius works imo
BrowneePoints: Yes the Amadeus Cho hulk comics were great
Sorator13: nice!
BrowneePoints: @tehamelie counterpoint. Reed Richards is a great example
ogier300: Yep.
ogier300: His suit be like that.
Orxolon: continue the onslaught on his face
TehAmelie: i mean, Reed Richards is about the only one of his kind, that's sort of the problem
BorealMage: Sometimes you've just gotta waste some damage, and it never feels good
ogier300: You laughed at Rhino, but it turns out he's not a pushover. (Rhino gets pushed over)
BrowneePoints: God I hope they make Reed the Heart of Gold Overwhelmed Sad Boy like he is in the comics
Shadowsoflife: @TehAmelie other then the Reed council Cause comics
BrowneePoints: And not another Smarmy Quipper.
BrowneePoints: It's kinda why I hope the rumors of Adam Driver being in talks to play Reed are true
pn55: Nice
Sorator13: nice!
Orxolon: way to gooo
johnny_lingster: Hello!
flatluigi: adam driver might be a real good reed honestly
BrowneePoints: Does he look like him? No. Can he play Reed perfectly? Hell yes.
ogier300: Consequential on Daredevil
Orxolon: FBtouchdown
TehAmelie: ooh i could see that
BorealMage: Don't forget to damage Daredevil
Shadowsoflife: Maybe we could get a good fantastic four movie
TriseAlpha: @Shadowsoflife There's one in the works that looks promising.
TehAmelie: maybe Adam was always playing Reed Richard
BrowneePoints: Honestly as hit or miss phase 4 has been I definitely still trust Feige to pull together a good F4
Orxolon: Spidey:"Daredevil you have to see this! Daredevil:"Tell it to your uncle Spidey"
ogier300: This is where you think about defending
tyrsredritehand: What? You didn't like Fant 4 stick?
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ogier300: And Daredevil needs that 1 consequential.
Shadowsoflife: @tyrsredritehand LUL no
ogier300: Spider-man likes to Defend, and then use event cards to do damage.
BorealMage: You can defend for others, too, just in case you didn't know
r10pez10: wakanda 2ever\
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL For some reason, I thought that spider-man's webbing was originally *from* him. Like mechanical shooters, but the web stuff inside was derived from his mutation.
ogier300: Yeah, sending your allies into the way of other people's getting attacked is a good move sometimes.
Orxolon: see James,just like before in 20 mins
r10pez10: LoadingReadyRun ... is it not?
Sorator13: @LoadingReadyRun now I'm picturing him crouching in the bathtub, refilling his cartridges from a little spinneret
Gadora: He tends to block a hit before he leaves.
flatluigi: he's got places to be
mercano82: Does a couple of things then just leaves. Sounds like Nick Fury in card form
ogier300: He's expensive, but he's often worth it.
Sorator13: also 1 damage to Daredevil
Sorator13: right?
BrowneePoints: Yep synthetic webbing. But after the Raimi movies they had a story where they turned him into a spider died and rebirthed to gain bio webs to match the Raimi movie Paul @loadingreadyrun
Shadowsoflife: @mercano82 my work here is done
BorealMage: Phase 2!
ogier300: Need to get that Breakin' and Takin'
Pharmacistjudge: where is the drive impact card?
ShaneLeeAtk: What about the Confused?
empyreon: the pipes are bwoken!
BorealMage: Spider Man has feet
Spooky_Noises: @loadingreadyrun always thought the same thing, like he synthesised it from his spit or something
Sorator13: @ShaneLeeAtk only applies on thwart, IIRC, not attack
ogier300: The webshooters can help pay for stuff, too.
ogier300: Which can save a card.
Orxolon: spiderman can rise panzers up his head
Orxolon: AND throw them
TriseAlpha: everyone is Stunned
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Orxolon: leave it at 1
ogier300: But knocks out Spidey.
Sorator13: @Orxolon I don't think he has the option to choose how much he takes
Sorator13: it's all or nothing
ogier300: He has to take all the threat as damage.
Orxolon: @Sorator13 ooohh i see
ogier300: I'm not 100%.
BorealMage: i honestly have no clue. The number of times I've had to read threads for niche cases like this...
ogier300: I've mostly only used to to stop the regular scheme add at the start of the villain phase.
flatluigi: woooooow
Spooky_Noises: including any card that says (thwart): do a thing
ogier300: Must discard down to hand size
ogier300: pg 6, end of player phase.
ogier300: Throw him in front!
red_shoes_jeff: He's a really good lawyer.
Gadora: Talk about a personal injury lawyer!
flatluigi: venom: eating you
ogier300: First Player
GredGredmansson: I almost asked "is there a superhero lawyer" and then I remembered both Daredevil and She-Hulk exist
BorealMage: I looked up Great Responsibility. You can stop the added threat from the "When placed" effect, but not the printed starting threat. @LoadingReadyRun
mercano82: Daredevil jumps in front, yelling, “Objection!”, Phoenix Wright style
ogier300: Ah, so you can stop the +1(Meep) add, but no the starting 2.
BorealMage: @ogier300 yep
TehAmelie: Matt and Jennifer play some great parts in the comic Alias
Orxolon: oh no
Shadowsoflife: oh yes
ogier300: That makes sense, since it enters with the starting threat, and then adds.
Gadora: Shadows of the Past is such a neat mechanic.
Sorator13: oh dear
ogier300: Starts engaged with BP.
GredGredmansson: you don't have to fight your demons alone, T'Challa
Sorator13: Killmonger's side scheme comes in too, doesn't it?
ogier300: I think the side scheme goes into play, too
ogier300: Check Shadows of the Past?
Sorator13: into play, not into the deck
ogier300: The card Shadows will tell you.
TriseAlpha: "Spinning Nerd Kick!"
ogier300: So that would go to the next player.
saucemaster5000: with the hand cycling this actually seems even swingier than arkham horror which is kind of impressive
GredGredmansson: 9
TehAmelie: i just now realized both Magneto and Killmonger's legal name is Eric
notsoc00l_guy: 3 per person
Sorator13: look at the thighs on that lad
DemoniacDeath: 3 per player
Sorator13: and yeah, that's 3 per player
ogier300: Yeah, comes in with 9.
Orxolon: let's secret invasion them!!
Spooky_Noises: i….often play without shadows : ) its verry spikey punishing
Orxolon: if tthose reach 0 they leave
ogier300: We've learned to keep the cards that counter Encounters to counter it.
Shadowsoflife: @Spooky_Noises Yeah, people don't invite me places :p
ogier300: Which speeds up getting through the encounter deck, which leads to Acceleration counters on the Main Scheme.
Sorator13: @Shadowsoflife lrrHEART
Orxolon: remember the web shooters!
Sorator13: and the helifortress
ogier300: Web shooters! Helicarrier can reduce the cost of Nick, as well.
Shadowsoflife: @Sorator13 I'm joking, but thanks
KeytarCat: X🦸‍♂️
TehAmelie: Eric the revolutionary. i have a cousin named Erik who makes a living of slam poetry
Sorator13: @Shadowsoflife oh, I understood that it was a joke; I felt like showing you some love anyway :D
Shadowsoflife: @Sorator13 :D
Orxolon: we got this
Orxolon: let's gooo
Sorator13: is that 1 damage to Nick Fury? (unsure)
ogier300: Yep, hangs around, so you could take a hit for someone else.
ogier300: And yeah, 1 to Nick, but he's coming off anyway.
Spooky_Noises: yea but that nick dmg doesnt really matter unless they have trample
Sorator13: @Spooky_Noises given how things have gone...
Spooky_Noises: true, charge is rhinos best card
ogier300: He's unique.
KeytarCat: I wonder how good a Three-Act Structure this game follows
Orxolon: dew it
Sorator13: @ogier300 meaning Wheeler can't play him since he's already on the board?
ogier300: So he can't come in because there's already a Nick Fury in play
TehAmelie: maybe he should have monged something differerent
Sorator13: yeah, makes sense. oops.
ogier300: pg 17, Unique.
TehAmelie: no one would kill somebody called catmonger
ogier300: the Flare icon by the name.
Spooky_Noises: particularly painful when someones playing a character that is someone else’s ally
Sorator13: byebye killmonger!
ogier300: Similarly, you can't play out a Spider-Man/Peter Parker ally if his a Hero.
Orxolon: the legendary rule huh?
BorealMage: Who needs Nick Fury, anyway, when you can just punch Killmonger?
KeytarCat: @Spooky_Noises Wait, you can cancel an ally's card just by existing??
GredGredmansson: pime taradox
DemoniacDeath: 1 damage on Black Widow
ogier300: Scheme first.
Sorator13: @KeytarCat "sorry, I can't help you; I'm too busy helping you"
Spooky_Noises: @keytarcat yup, most character allies have wild resource to “make-up for it”
ogier300: Oh no!
Shadowsoflife: Oh yes
ogier300: Oooofah
KeytarCat: If we do this again, I'd like to request we have a Main Scheme tracker on the health overlay
ogier300: It's at 19.
BorealMage: Should be 19, yep
Veshnikard: you didn't add the 3
Sorator13: you traded a 3 and two 1s for a 5; you didn't add the 3
saucemaster5000: for not being the smartest cookie, Rhino sure is very scheming
Spooky_Noises: rhino: surprisingly lethal just cause u don’t have the safety net of a second scheme.
ogier300: Both Ben's first
TehAmelie: oofa doofa fight club is not until tomorrow
ogier300: Alter-ego, it gets Surge.
pokilm: I’ve just come back after watching the beginning of the scheme, did the fellas figure out that Tony Stark and Peter Parker don’t have to Exhaust to use their alter-ego abilities?
ogier300: So it comes in with 5.
DemoniacDeath: 5, not 3
ogier300: Starts with the 2.
Sorator13: 3 (for players) +2 base, should have 5
ogier300: Unless it's a Thwart.
ogier300: Man, I love this game.
Orxolon: so Thino is at 19?
Orxolon: damn is this game hard?
flatluigi: he is currently at 19
Sorator13: Rhino's scheme is at 19; Rhino's health is 45
pokilm: Yeah, this game is not easy your first time through
KeytarCat: 19/21?
Spooky_Noises: base decks are _quite bad_
ogier300: It eventually gets easier, as you get familiar with the heroes and the play.
pokilm: Gets significantly easier over time
ogier300: They're alright.
pn55: It's fine. We're learning.
KeytarCat: so scheme has 3 TIMs left?
pokilm: Even just with base decks, there’s a lot of play optimization
ogier300: They're not "optimized" but they're decent.
BorealMage: Quicksilver is my main deck. Basically built as a storm deck lol
flatluigi: can't ben not deal with threat until confused is gone
Sorator13: Ben: Is your "remove 3 threat" a thwart action? can't do that when confused, even if it's a card (if it says thwart)
saucemaster5000: fantasy flight does seem to have a bad habit of giving you kinda doodoo base decks so you have to expand
Spooky_Noises: @ogier300 i find their main issue is the aspects feel mismatched
pokilm: Ben and James, your alter-ego abilities don’t require exhausting, they’re free to use
pokilm: Just in case you don’t know
ogier300: Yeah, if it doesn't say "exhaust" you don't exhaust.
pokilm: A lot of character abilities don’t require exhausting
pokilm: Since they mainly want you to exhaust to attack or thwart
Orxolon: thwarting is a very important stat, looks like
Spooky_Noises: its been a while since i played; what is it that you can do out of turn order? Is it events but not assets, or just actions?
ogier300: Main scheme
KeytarCat: Gotta get that *thwp*
ogier300: Remember, the scheme adds 3 right off.
ogier300: And if anyone is in alter-ego mode...
pokilm: Very fun to see y’all playing my favorite game, I know it’s a lot, but very fun to see it played
TriseAlpha: It's Morbin' Time
flatluigi: someone recommended quicksilver upchat
pokilm: With the base decks, the most important thing is to get your permanent upgrades into play asap
pokilm: Oh yeah, quicksilver rules
pokilm: Most fun hero deck
ogier300: Those get to be a lot, if you haven't gotten use to the base game.
BorealMage: Yep, Quicksilver's easily my favorite.
Orxolon: i would like to play Dr strange or Cap america(now that i see what spidey do)
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL This is a very Secret Wars Nick Fury :p
Orxolon: secret invasion yeah
KeytarCat: Nick Fury is basic
pokilm: Quicksilver is the Marvel Champions equivalent of a storm deck
BorealMage: @Orxolon Cap *loves* alllies
Dergib: Nah, that's just regular nick fury stuff
Orxolon: i see myself in that role playing this
Dergib: man has "died" a million times
pokilm: Orxolon The Dr. Strange deck is veryyyyy strong
pokilm: He gets a separate deck of spells
Spooky_Noises: same for allies, they kinda “solve” the game, leadership very strong
red_shoes_jeff: Even his mother calls him Fury.
Orxolon: "nobody calls me Nick,nor Nicholas,just Fury"
Nigouki: Isn't that exactly how the scrull messed up in Captain Marvel?
pokilm: That’s Nicholas Fury Jr. to you
Orxolon: @pokilm is it!?i'd love to see it
pokilm: @orxolon Yeah, very much so
pokilm: @orxolon The Scarlet Witch deck is also fun, plays using the cards from the encounter deck
ogier300: Stabilized
ogier300: For the moment.
pokilm: Great turn fellas
Orxolon: @pokilm how they reproduced the chaos magic?
Dergib: How does the hulk deck work?
ogier300: James up to 3 cards now, too.
red_shoes_jeff: Rhino's Stunned, tho.
Veshnikard: Rhino is stunned
pokilm: @orxolon Yeah, you get random effects based on the encounter deck
Sorator13: Stunned, aye
Spooky_Noises: for my money Starlord is very fun; nothing like recklessly flipping half the encounter deck for _value_
ogier300: Rhino is stunned, so that was on Wheeler.
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ogier300: Yep.
ogier300: Yep, immediately shuffle.
ogier300: And add an Acceleration Token to the main scheme.
Veshnikard: does black panther do damage back?
ogier300: So next turn it adds +4 threat.
pokilm: Playing on the edge of life total and maximum threat on the scheme is the nightlight of this game
pokilm: Yeah, need to add an acceleration token
ogier300: And BP should have done 1 retaliation, yes.
Orxolon: let's go team you can do this!
Sorator13: rip his horn off!!
pokilm: Oh no!!!
Sorator13: uh oh
flatluigi: he's been shocked
red_shoes_jeff: Y'all blasted Rhino down to nothing in the first half, AND HE TOOK THAT PERSONALLY.
saucemaster5000: damn of all the people to die to.... shocker... that's insulting
pokilm: First Aid can’t happen during villain turn
Orxolon: shooooooockeeeerrrrrrrr
pokilm: Unfortunately
shendaras: I mean, just travel to the parallel world where you first aid'd him just before this turn?
ogier300: Goes to the First Player.
PhantomZeppelin: GET BACK HERE, SHOCKER!!!
Spooky_Noises: yuuup
PhantomZeppelin: YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ME!!!!
BorealMage: It does
ogier300: Yes, the meeple count remains 3.
pokilm: Yes, per player effects count dead players
Orxolon: we were stabilzing
TriseAlpha: That
flatluigi: i think we're overcooked
Shadowsoflife: We were
Countjondi: As a longtime Arkham Horror player that hasn't played this game, it seems similar, but different in interesting ways.
pokilm: Losing your first game to Rhino is a time honored tradition to be fair
KeytarCat: "It's symmetric so it's fair!"
TriseAlpha: That hardly seems fair...
Sorator13: @pokilm well, this is our *second* game against Rhino, and we're still losing...
Spooky_Noises: I only caught the second half of the game but they got some brutal draws back-to-back
pokilm: Oh damn, I missed the end of the first
ogier300: The "he'll never do 1 more scheme/damage" ... villain does 1 more scheme/damage is how I lose most of my games.
pokilm: Rough, but hope it doesn’t dissuade y’all from playing the game again
Jackomaning: out here fighting Shocker like Kamen Rider
pokilm: Yeah, playing around the encounter cards is so hard
saucemaster5000: I was quite surprised by wheeler's death. Flummoxed. Taken unaware. You could say....
saucemaster5000: I was shocked
pokilm: You plan out around taking so much damage from the attacks, then the encounter can just do anything
Shadowsoflife: escher3PUN delevePun
BorealMage: @saucemaster5000 Thanks, I audibly sighed
TriseAlpha: can they at least heal dead players?
ogier300: Spider-man thwarts using his Justice cards.
pokilm: Spiderman gets paired with justice usually to makeup for his lack of thwart
Spooky_Noises: Yea it feels like they try and cover weaknesses with the starter deck aspects, instead of synergy, spider defence is very fun
pokilm: He’s got insane defense and some really good attack cards, so the justice stuff let’s him be decent all-round
Orxolon: now we just have to do 45 dmg and we are done
Orxolon: easy XD
pokilm: But yeah, not always the best way to go, sometimes better to just focus on one niche
ogier300: So +4 on the Scheme
pokilm: Yeah, the deck got shuffled
BorealMage: Yeah, the deck shuffled
ogier300: 3 base, +1 Acceleration for going through his Encounter Deck
PhantomZeppelin: superheroes don't kill.
TriseAlpha: Sure they do.
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL it seems like a shame that the *suggested first game* is so difficult. it would be nice to give you a win to get you going
saucemaster5000: Batman kills. Like all the time. Keaton and Affleck were just straight up murderers
Orxolon: @LoadingReadyRun i agree,but i also like that you have to earn it
Jovh11: Yeah it's kind of wild how hard this seems to be for a beginner game
pokilm: It’s a very winnable encounter if you know how to play the cards, but just running in blind, it’s definitely not easy
Spooky_Noises: oh yea, rhino is brutal and leaves very little room to explore.
Orxolon: or maybe this formation just sucks XD
PhantomZeppelin: Keaton did a bit of it in Returns. I honestly have yet to watch Batfleck
ogier300: It's the payback for the inevitable "Rhino?! What a joke".
TriseAlpha: They do everything they can to avoid straight-up murder, but they absolutely kill when necessary or unavoidable.
Orxolon: who are the heroes availables in the base set?
pokilm: I usually recommend you start playing Champions with someone who’s already played
pn55: Wheeee!
Sorator13: rip
PhantomZeppelin: i withdraw my statement on superheroes and killing.
BorealMage: Getting beat down by Rhino is what got me into this game. I wanted to beat him so bad.
pokilm: @orxolon Panther, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and She-Hulk
Sarah_Serinde: "Winnable when you already know how to play" seems like not the best choice for an introductory encounter
TehAmelie: enter 40 Youtubve videos titles "Killmonger was right"
TehAmelie: titled
ogier300: Wheeler gets it.
pokilm: Yeah, building up upgrades early is the way to play
pn55: I would like to see that
BorealMage: Heck yeah
Orxolon: @pokilm maybe Spidey,Iron man and Carol
Orxolon: i didn't like T'challa at all
pokilm: The base decks especially are super reliant on upgrades
BorealMage: How do you feel about the game as a whole? Sorry if we've been a bit overbearing in chat!
saucemaster5000: I don't know this one, but in arkham horror which this is vry much based on, it's incredibly important to take a turn at least to build up
Spooky_Noises: its an unfortunate paring of heros, they are all very engine focused
pokilm: Some more recent heroes are not as reliant on them
ogier300: You build up, you keep down the scheme, then you beat him down.
Sorator13: Weeeel, superheroes do generally put on their super suit before diving into the fight...
Orxolon: so,next Wednesday?
pn55: This was fun to watch though. I hope you come back to it.
pokilm: The first few hero decks they made are almost entirely upgrade reliant
ogier300: Captain America is strong.
Sorator13: @pn55 Yeah, I liked this, would like to see it again
Spooky_Noises: There is a deck db for it thats very good to just netdeck from lol
BorealMage: There's a bunch of good ones
pokilm: Y’all gotta try Quicksilver, he’s the storm deck of Champions
ogier300: Ironheart is cool too.
pokilm: Yeahhhh
Orxolon: but are the decks precons or is this a TCG type of game?
pokilm: @orxolon Both!
Orxolon: both!?
Orxolon: nice
Sorator13: They come as precons, and then you can mix & match, I think?
ogier300: It's core deck for the hero, and then you build Aspects to mix & match.
Haroldholmes25: glad y'all finally got this to the table, was a great stream
pokilm: They come as precons, but then you can modify as you like
Spooky_Noises: @orxolon u have half ur deck that’s prebuilt, then u pick a colour and can put in any cards of that colour
Veshnikard: Also if you build your own decks you know how they are supposed to operate
ogier300: Yep, Spider-woman who's a mixed Aspect deck.
BorealMage: Red Skull kicked my butt *so* hard
ogier300: Red Skull is -tough-.
Orxolon: @Spooky_Noises beautiful
pokilm: Excited to see y’all try Ultron
pokilm: Max four people
ogier300: 4 players is max.
pokilm: Usually easiest with 2-3
pokilm: But four is very fun
BorealMage: Three is pretty optimal, imo
Spooky_Noises: if you have green goblin he is a great starter imo
ogier300: 3 is optimal.
pokilm: Gets very out of hand super fast with four
Orxolon: please bring it again soon
Orxolon: i loved this
ogier300: Thank you for playing!
BorealMage: Thanks for the stream! This was a ton of fun.
pokilm: So fun to see, thank you all for playing it
pn55: We can get revenge on Rhino in the future
Shadowsoflife: <3
BorealMage: Hopefully we weren't too overbearing!
Sorator13: hope that we were helpful and not annoying, aye
pokilm: PrideHeartL PrideHeartR
ogier300: You guys did well.
Orxolon: we did this!?
pokilm: Y’all did so well!
Shadowsoflife: We did this
Orxolon: <3
TriseAlpha: Whoms't is Youm? Kappa
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Sorator13: On the porch, obv
Sorator13: outdoor shower
Sorator13: for when you come back from the beach
Juliamon: On the roof, yeah
ghyllnox: Still time to hook up a hose on the roof
BorealMage: Beej's office
pokilm: Wheeler and Ben you would like Quicksilver
pokilm: He’s the storm deck
r10pez10: beej has a penthouse office?
Spooky_Noises: hulk :3
ogier300: Hulk is awful.
pokilm: Bye!
BorealMage: Hulk is quite bad, unfortunately
Spooky_Noises: @ogier300 you take that back, he can solo everything
ogier300: Dr. Strange for Wheeler.
pokilm: Yeah the hulk deck sucks unfortunately
Spooky_Noises: (he is quite traditionally bad, but he can just put out enough damage to solo expert a lot of bosses)
Fistacles: Its mill time!
Orxolon: of the Eldraine variation
pokilm: The Ant-Man deck has a triple-sided card!
iris_of_ether: I lost a draft due to Embercleave outta nowhere. So it's still very Eldraine.
Orxolon: @pokilm how's so?
BorealMage: Yep, and not nearly enough slats. That box fills up fast.
pokilm: @orxolon It folds out in a cool way
Orxolon: but you mark the card
Orxolon: Marvel vs Capcom?
pn55: We'll watch it.
pokilm: No, it’s built to do so
BorealMage: @Orxolon It doesn't go into the deck
Brozard: Dive Kick tourney
flatluigi: he absolutely should play marvel, it'd be a blast
Orxolon: any plans of bringing Flesh and blood anytime soon?
flatluigi: i really hope the rollback mod for umvc3 pc ends up happening
pn55: Crimes yet to be determind
frank_the_great: Running back ruin your evening
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Orxolon: yeeeyyyy Live!!!
BorealMage: LRL!
Shadowsoflife: Something going to happen
BorealMage: Something, for sure
iris_of_ether: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
frank_the_great: Most streams are live Kappa
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
pokilm: Genuine big thanks to y’all for playing this game, absolutely made my week
pokilm: Scarlet Witch uses the encounter deck to generate random effects
pokilm: Not really control, sort of midrange
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500
NotCainNorAbel: benginChaos sergeOrder
Dog_of_Myth: Nice
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pn55: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Sorator13: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
KWardJenx: Thank you for the stream. Do tihs again.
pokilm: Big, big love to y’all for playing this
BorealMage: It's a good sign :)
empyreon: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Juliamon: myparentsprimesubscriptio Did you refresh after doing it?
Juliamon: Sometimes it takes a refresh to pop
myparentsprimesubscriptio: Ah, I didn't
Juliamon: as they say, it not perfect system
Juliamon: You are appreciated nonetheless!
myparentsprimesubscriptio: @Juliamon Thanks!
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