NewtyNewts: Oh look, a second lance
Earthenone: witches is alright
Greyah: Blades are sweet. Love me a good 3/1.
kirbytronic: @Diabore But he likes it better with a lucky clover because it means he has a lucky clover *and* a skittering surveyor
NewtyNewts: Snack Attack
DrLigmaPhD: Skittle Clap
Robot_Bones: or PUBG
Diabore: sultai lets gooooooo
DrLigmaPhD: Grom Strok
JoannaTastic: Foiegras Bibimbap
NotCainNorAbel: well the penguins didn't like it
bondeulv: collect some eyes
Genasi_Gaming: is this some sort of eldraine draft?
Robot_Bones: give me your special eyes
zed_alpha: Yeah if I was getting Dr. Strange paychecks, I'd let people call me Bendyback Candyfloss ALL DAY. Hell, I'd *suggest* demeaning nicknames if I had Marvel money.
NewtyNewts: And a knight, if that's relevant
Diabore: someone took the other secret keeper
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Robot_Bones What ended up happening with the legacy and Urza's contribution
bondeulv: charmed sleep
Earthenone: sleep?
Seth_Erickson: charmed sleep also good
bondeulv: you're currently splashing green
Seth_Erickson: I'd take reaper
Greyah: Outmuscle is sweet, if for no other reason that because that homie is going all Zangief on a bear.
zed_alpha: Hey, there's Syr Carah, you can pack 2 pivot to jund
Seth_Erickson: I don't think 2 drop is better than run away and secret keeper
Seth_Erickson: Garruk probably beats all 3 but also it's Garruk so
kirbytronic: Or you can take a bunch of Raven's whatevers and be the other problem
Land_Manatee: I am very torn between this and Baldur's Gate rn.
Akaiatana: Faren Balanced
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Land_Manatee: My computer might have... issues with that lol
Diabore: adam seemed slightly offended when you said that G
Countjondi: im playing Baldur's gate 3 right now.
Mr_Horrible: Baller's Gate?
Sorator13: It is good! It is also buggy. Not a bad idea to wait a month before diving in, honestly.
Mazrae: I've already put like 80-90 hrs into BG3
Gekyouryuu: is Queen of Ice supposed to be the same character as the new legendary witch, or does Eldraine just have a bunch of women running around freezing shit?
NewtyNewts: Heavy black start once again, hopefully we see our good cards this time!
Diabore: second monitor
Cardune: already playing bg3 on my other monitor... haha
Seth_Erickson: How dare you Graham
Akaiatana: That would be Gatekeeping
zed_alpha: oh it's fantastic. The gorgeous tiefling barbarian is fun. And there's also supposedly other characters, but my attention appears to be wavering whenever the gorgeous tiefling barbarian isn't on screen.
Bugberry: I've never had a second monitor and I feel like I wouldn't know what to do with the realestate.
Seth_Erickson: I remember when Adam punched Graham because he hadn't played enough Elden Ring last year. Was absolutely wild Kappa
Gekyouryuu: @zed_alpha Karlach? yeah, 100% still love that we have all those characters as MtG cards
kirbytronic: I'm very torn between this and eating today
kirbytronic: I should do that
zed_alpha: never forget when Adam chokeslammed Graham through the announcer's table when G-Money admitted on camera that he hadn't ever even attempted I Wanna Be The Boshy
couchboyj: Adam reserves all his harsh judgments for Twitch Chat
bytecaster: Clover
zed_alpha: Eh fair. Everyone's got a preference.
Seth_Erickson: how dare you have opinions adam smh
NewtyNewts: @zed_alpha From 16 feet up?
GhostofJeffGoldblum: well. we're enemies now.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: sorry dude.
Seth_Erickson: It's fair Shadowheart is my favorite anyhow
kirbytronic: How dare you! I dunno who that is
josh___something: D:
Countjondi: Il simp for Shadowheart all day
Akaiatana: Cloverrated
zed_alpha: @NewtyNewts From sixteen feet up, yes. At Desert Bus 2019
GhostofJeffGoldblum: I'll see you at dawn to fight to the death.
AtomicAlchemical: she got horns
papagette: but shes so nice
tehfewl: adam secret shadowheart enjoyer
Gekyouryuu: Graham, how can you not know Karlach? she was in Commander Legends 2? Kappa
bytecaster: Forever young to recycle the secret keepers!
TheWriterAleph: they're all great. even gale :D
LidofLoathing: From watching like 3 different playthroughs, Wyll is the one I like the most
Bugberry: I haven't played BG3 but I feel like I see more Shadowheart praise than anything else.
bytecaster: How is alliance still here
SolarBlitz1: Look I am a man of simple tastes and she hits a lot of them, but I agree the other characters need more love too
zed_alpha: I genuinely like all the characters. They're really fun.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: I'm sorry what
zed_alpha: I'm enjoying Gale
Land_Manatee: Karlach and Shadowheart seem to have the best storylines.
kirbytronic: Most of my knowledge of Baldur's Gate comes through Voxy and Michelle's posts
TheWriterAleph: @SolarBlitz1 she hits a lot of things, that's her job Kappa
raulghoulia: would love to see Adam to a large lady tier list
Marethyou: Karlach is not only a big lady but also the low-key most relatable companion
Robot_Bones: alright time to pivot to red
MrTulip: I guess it's a good sign you haven't thrown them all off a cliff
rasterscan: !card Lucky Clover
LRRbot: Lucky Clover [2] | Artifact | Whenever you cast an Adventure instant or sorcery spell, copy it. You may choose new targets for the copy.
bytecaster: Queen
Land_Manatee: I cannot draw Forever Young without humming the song. I give it away every time.
Gekyouryuu: !card Karlach
LRRbot: Found 7 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Diabore: @Land_Manatee start whistling it, throw them off with the abrupt change
Gekyouryuu: !card Karlach, Fury of Avernus
LRRbot: Karlach, Fury of Avernus [4R] | Legendary Creature — Tiefling Barbarian [5/4] | Whenever you attack, if it's the first combat phase of the turn, untap all attacking creatures. They gain first strike until end of turn. After this phase, there is an additional combat phase. / Choose a Background
Land_Manatee: But pie though
bytecaster: Pie? Don't mind if I do
Land_Manatee: Just take the rest of this pack
korvys: !card Run Away Together
LRRbot: Run Away Together [1U] | Instant | Choose two target creatures controlled by different players. Return those creatures to their owners' hands.
Akaiatana: It's so gourd.
MegaDosX: Mystic Sanctuary? That card's banned.
bytecaster: Pie and Pumpkins, we are getting spoiled here
NewtyNewts: Putting it back on top of the deck, however...
kirbytronic: I think you just say it like "Well"
korvys: I wonder if that 3rd Run Away Together will come back
bytecaster: Reanimate the secret keeper for a 1/5 vanilla, perfection!
kirbytronic: Like you were going to say something but you just stop there
Land_Manatee: What eating, Graham?
anhakha: Wishing well, do-do-da-do-da-do...
hugogol21: it goes llike lalalalaa lalaal
Sorator13: uhhhh
Juliamon: uh
Diabore: uh
Spades_Slicc: Que
gualdhar: uh
Sorator13: !panic
SolarBlitz1: uh
Kuhfeek: oh no
Boon_33: effff
GhostofJeffGoldblum: welp
korvys: !picnic
hyperpuppy64: uh
MrPipboy3000: Airborn Toxic Event has a song called Wishing Well too
tehfewl: wrong button
hd_dabnado: hmmm
anhakha: it is the dead
hd_dabnado: well
NewtyNewts: Huh, that was quite the song.
hugogol21: oh i know my joke was bad but guys
coiax: F
Land_Manatee: Oh no! Now I'll never know what he was eating!
bytecaster: The stream could not contain all those secret keepers!
hd_dabnado: comedy is dead today
Thefluffiestguineapig: Ok, glad it's not just me
Thefluffiestguineapig: Also TELUS!!!!!
Calhoun327: lol, I get on and they leave
BigDaddyBland87: I look away for 2 seconds and the stream go away
Mazrae: Picnic
kirbytronic: And then they exploded, the end
TemporallyAwry: #BlameTelus
Robot_Bones: Hello darkness my old friend
NewtyNewts: *shakes fist at ISP conglomerate*
anhakha: who else f5'd cos they thought their internet was dead?
Wiliart: I only put bg3 on my main screen...
hd_dabnado: I thought I missed a stream ending announcment
Boon_33: @NewtyNewts lol, it's cloud based now :)
TheMerricat: How long do you think it'll take them to realize stream died chat? Kappa
NewtyNewts: @Boon_33 Virtual fist then!
NewtyNewts: @TheMerricat Probably until the Pack 3 Pivot
Juliamon: Streaming PC crashed
SacrificialToast: @Boon_33 angry twitch viewer shakes fist at cloud
Sorator13: @Juliamon Oh dear. That sounds bad.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: @Juliamon rude of it
DoxCapital: sad
definenull: Uh oh
NewtyNewts: Wonder if that was caused by that error they mentioned earlier?
Land_Manatee: We come back and they're mono-red with an Embercleave
Juliamon: "Back ASAP"
TemporallyAwry: !checkpoint
NewtyNewts: @Land_Manatee And got a 10th pick Bucket
Graham_LRR: Hey uh, the computer HARD crashed. BRB.
definenull: I had my pc recently crash to force a windows update so
saucemaster5000: it's the heat
NewtyNewts: No prob G, gives us time for a bio break too!
Earthenone: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Sorator13: ooh, good idea
AngelicKnighthood: What a time to walk in.
MegaDosX: Did the computer get offended at Adam calling an 80s song boomer music?
Boon_33: that deck was too good for this world :(
Genasi_Gaming: sttreams over
Juliamon: lrrSIG
GapFiller: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Diabore: we back!
AngelicKnighthood: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
LoadingReadyRun: or am it?
TheWriterAleph: start over!
TehAmelie: turned it off and on again, eh
EOstby: Hello!
Diabore: am deck bonkers?
beowuuf: wb
Sorator13: @TehAmelie Not sure that they voluntarily turned it off...
Wiliart: So computer, what the F?
Sorator13: welcome back!
TemporallyAwry: #BlameWindows
NewtyNewts: Good job WinDOS
NewtyNewts: Everything changed when the update nation attacked
TemporallyAwry: Youtube is going to have a fun Vod PridePog
enbyKriss: win update is my current nemesis raysD
BrookJustBones: Broom is prob still bad?
Sorator13: So... is now a good time to mention that the local recording crashed earlier too?
Diabore: are we saccing anything for broom to do a thing?
RayFK: I like how you have mill going and Garruk
Genasi_Gaming: cut garruk I think
Diabore: @Genasi_Gaming heresy
DAC169: UB Mill starring Garruk aipEZ
TemporallyAwry: Cut some swamps? PrideShrug I dunno I'm bad at this.
Genasi_Gaming: what does he do apart from make creatures have effcient removal and have a game finisher?
bojuka_pog: Hello there
SolarBlitz1: Special guest Garruk? He's the reason we're seeing this episode!
MrPipboy3000: I cut Garruk just to feel something ...
Thefluffiestguineapig: That is the real response "alright, just tell him it was your idea, want to do that now?"
DrLigmaPhD: Bold of you to assume I wouldn't climb that tree of a man
Land_Manatee: Who do you think you are to cut Garruk? Some kind of Ginger knight?
Spades_Slicc: The Natural
korvys: Paul, Bill Gates personally objected to our Merfolk deck
Sorator13: @DrLigmaPhD no, he's not treefolk
Gekyouryuu: wait... did Arena add sleeves to make your cards look like they're beat up from you playing with them in the 90s, before we knew better?
Mr_Horrible: Mill yourself! Not your deck, use my deck!
James_the_Dabbler: Nights do tend to be black, yes
Sorator13: @Gekyouryuu yep! They were an april fool's thing, but they recently added them to the store.
Gekyouryuu: that's amazing
MegaDosX: Click clack
BtownMC: Hello
Sorator13: klax(on)
Sorator13: klax(off)
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
Mangledpixel: the clacks, son lrrHORN
Gekyouryuu: Clackbridge seems like a good response to an opponent playing the ONE Elesh Norn
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: please, call me Jeremy. Clacks was my father
DAC169: why do I keep saying "clickity-clack" now? what did you do? aipHyperREE
Sorator13: hey wait, that's *our* line!
Spades_Slicc: The computer crash was to protect y'all from this, but you just had to play arena didn't you
MegaDosX: !card bog naughty
LRRbot: Bog Naughty [3BB] | Creature — Faerie [3/3] | Flying / {2}{B}, Sacrifice a Food: Target creature gets −3/−3 until end of turn.
Sorator13: yeah, I like bouncing bog naughty
MegaDosX: You still get your stuff
Sorator13: :D
MegaDosX: This deck is miserable benginLul
Sorator13: when you're getting tempo'd *and* half your library is in your graveyard... time to call it a day
TemporallyAwry: You're opponent just Alt+F4'ed - did you have fun?
Sorator13: see, when I get dumpstered, often I *did* enjoy it cause OP was doing cool things
WowoT: i wonder if they take notes of peoples opinons of the games, i'd love to see the stats
MegaDosX: I'm having flashbacks
Sorator13: it's mostly when I get flooded or screwed that I would click no
TemporallyAwry: @MegaDosX It's called adventure in this set Kappa
Sorator13: @WowoT they absolutely do, or they wouldn't ask
Aarek: I got that after playing the tempo ninja deck in the pauper weekly I was at one life for like 4 turns of just tempoing them hard with man o war and a ninja to bounce it
Sorator13: @TemporallyAwry LUL
MegaDosX: @TemporallyAwry Listen, you.
MegaDosX: You can also get it back later
Spades_Slicc: !card lucky clover
LRRbot: Lucky Clover [2] | Artifact | Whenever you cast an Adventure instant or sorcery spell, copy it. You may choose new targets for the copy.
Thefluffiestguineapig: Is this going better?
Thefluffiestguineapig: I took out my recycling
Diabore: i think we keep forever
Gekyouryuu: Graham, do you perhaps know if Queen of Ice is supposed to be the new legendary creature "Hylda of the Icy Crown"? or does Eldraine just have a bunch of women running around causing ice based problems?
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Diabore: doesnt do anything twice
anhakha: @Thefluffiestguineapig I did my bins
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Gekyouryuu Or is the aforementioned crown actually the hydra itself
Sorator13: @Thefluffiestguineapig last game, opponent couldn't get stuff to stick on the board cause we kept bouncing it, and we also milled half their deck; they surrendered at 21 life. So... yes!
Mr_Horrible: Queen of Twice
MegaDosX: Run Away Together
Earthenone: 2/7
Thefluffiestguineapig: Also it certainly doesn't seem like we did mono Buckets, did we do the eponymous three Buckets?
Sorator13: We did not. We instead went blue black + Garruk
Earthenone: !card embercleave
LRRbot: Embercleave [4RR] | Legendary Artifact — Equipment | Flash / This spell costs {1} less to cast for each attacking creature you control. / When Embercleave enters the battlefield, attach it to target creature you control. / Equipped creature gets +1/+1 and has double strike and trample. / Equip {3}
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Sorator13 Hey, that certainly is a better start! Also seems like a board state that would be absolute hell not on arena
Sorator13: LUL
MegaDosX: Mill eight?
DAC169: what? "say worse things"?
Sorator13: Oh... oh dear
couchboyj: Leave it to Cleaver
korvys: Oh, I'd forgotten embercleave... never want that again
TemporallyAwry: If it happens, it happens PrideShrug - don't fear the sword.
MegaDosX: Is half their library in their graveyard yet/
Diabore: mill anything good?
MegaDosX: ?
virgil82: Hans.. Are we the baddies?
Juliamon: TemporallyAwry You SHOULD fear the sword... but don't live your life in fear of it
Mr_Horrible: Settle Standard: "I can't believe you attacked, you fool". Cleave Standard: "I can't believe you let me attack, you fool".
anhakha: if they waste mana to make u discard a land, that seems fine
Diabore: tr-tradsies? please?
Diabore: booooo
Sorator13: deck pls
MegaDosX: Uh oh
MegaDosX: This way they can't cast the Reaper this turn too
Spades_Slicc: Don't fear the reaper
MegaDosX: Yeah it does
MegaDosX: And you get food to offset some of the damage from the redcap
Greyah: That's some fast baking you do there.
Mangledpixel: !findquote pump
LRRbot: Quote #2958: "I don't wanna pump a dog! Oh no! OH WHY?! Why am I pumping dogs...?" —Alex [2016-07-13]
RayFK: uh ohhhhhhh, pumpieeees
Sorator13: @RayFK thanks, I hate it
Diabore: where garruk, someone call garruk
anhakha: James is hiding in the corner
definenull: that's magic: the gathering
James_the_Dabbler: That's true in every format
anhakha: check behind the foam!
DAC169: the deck shuffler doesn't work correctly aipBooli
bojuka_pog: Weasel so pumped, it got mistook for Voxy
MegaDosX: Welp.
MegaDosX: Yeah you're dead on board
Sorator13: DECK PLS
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Sorator13 I also hate this, and I hate I know people who would say this so in real life
MrPipboy3000: 5 lands in a row
BigDaddyBland87: Somebody locate James
Diabore: we drew bake
MegaDosX: OK good they saw it
anhakha: 4, but there was a pie mid-day
Thefluffiestguineapig: Wait, do we not have answers this deck for this?
Gekyouryuu: was James the one who installed Arena on this computer?
raulghoulia: what's it like being Master Chief fighting the Flood?
definenull: any non-land really
MegaDosX: Did Adam have a stroke?
Sorator13: the what now? LUL
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Gekyouryuu: Beaselwack Pedcar
definenull: buhhh
MegaDosX: It's not super great
Diabore: loses you the game
bytecaster: blue henge
ghizmou: it just kills you
Bugberry: it's the same cycle as Great HEnge
Earthenone: gotta love knowlage counters
saucemaster5000: trapped in a mirror
MegaDosX: It's the blue one of the cycle
Thefluffiestguineapig: This seems like they tried and built around it
Sorator13: that's quite the 9 mana do nothing artifact
DaVeganPolice: LUL Self Mill
Thefluffiestguineapig: I am not seeing the path to this in draft
duke_dice: sup gamers.
James_the_Dabbler: What a great hit
MegaDosX: Cleave, Henge, Cauldron, Circle, and Mirror
RetroHibiscus: should be indestructible and make you lose life Kappa
Gekyouryuu: Graham, imagine the mirror with your preview card Kappa
Bugberry: Each color had a legendary artifact that got a cost reduction based on a condition.
Diabore: !card the magic mirror
LRRbot: The Magic Mirror [6UUU] | Legendary Artifact | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each instant and sorcery card in your graveyard. / You have no maximum hand size. / At the beginning of your upkeep, put a knowledge counter on The Magic Mirror, then draw a card for each knowledge counter on The Magic Mirror.
Spades_Slicc: You also milled a card draw spell but it's . . . good
Diabore: theys UG
anhakha: if ur running spellslinger and there's a lot of mill going around, not that impossible i suppose?
Wicker_Guide: Opponent says: "My plan is to draw my deck. Also you're here, hi."
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Diabore Both in abbreviation and in that as a syllable
Sorator13: @Wicker_Guide our response: "Good news, we can help with that! Milling counts as drawing, right?"
MegaDosX: Do you got it opponent
Mr_Horrible: Clover online
MegaDosX: Now you can Profane Insight twice!
anhakha: or... they have nothing?
MrPipboy3000: Clover is online
MegaDosX: It's an instant speed Divination with the Clover out
Thefluffiestguineapig: Oh man
James_the_Dabbler: Can't spell clover without lover
definenull: boom divorced?
Thefluffiestguineapig: That does not bode well for what they have
josh___something: Boom DIVORCED
xantos69: Cheer50 Bits!
Thefluffiestguineapig: LUL
Gekyouryuu: now I'm imagining Sagat from Street Fighter, but saying Clover instead of Tiger
Thefluffiestguineapig: That is a very good meme
anhakha: "Shaka, his arms wide!"
GhostofJeffGoldblum: The Soulsborne boss fight text
GhostofJeffGoldblum: YOU DIVORCED
Sorator13: "time for a late game flunge"
definenull: oooh
definenull: let's go
MegaDosX: OK but do you want to mill them for 16
MegaDosX: You can mill, cast it, bounce it, mill again
Gekyouryuu: incoming island so we can do it TWICE
bojuka_pog: Hoppity Clackity
MegaDosX: Oh right yeah
MegaDosX: Maths is hard
Thefluffiestguineapig: @MegaDosX That seems silly and a way to just accelerate their own demise
James_the_Dabbler: 16 cards for 3 blue mana? Wild
DAC169: "so let me tell you the time I saw a Merfolk runaway together with a goat..."
DAC169: you about the*
anhakha: not a falsehood if the top card is island...
Mazrae: Can't do math before 11 pm
bytecaster: That can't be true, we lied before!
MegaDosX: Oh I'm sure I can live with it
definenull: oh no op
saucemaster5000: congrats on your first time
Spades_Slicc: Garruk, notably not an island
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Mazrae For me it's can't do math not related to jumping courses or arrival times for drives
Wolfstrike_NL: :)
Diabore: keep up run away
MegaDosX: Oh this is going to be painful
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Spades_Slicc Very much so, I think even the shard the vedalken come from would say that as a given
bytecaster: Bounce the dog?
Thefluffiestguineapig: Wait, is that one Merfolk from the alaara set?
Diabore: how many cards left?
definenull: poor OP
MegaDosX: Fair
Thefluffiestguineapig: From after the conflux
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: Keep your secrets.
Diabore: are we the baddies?
Thefluffiestguineapig: That was a deck that tried something bold
bytecaster: It was banned in Standard for a reason
MegaDosX: That thing got banned in Standard
definenull: clover is buh-roken
bojuka_pog: What if double vision costed 2?
Diabore: @MegaDosX oh shit it did didnt it
MegaDosX: It was cracked in half
MegaDosX: Temur Adventures was ridiclous
WowoT: clover reprint in new eldraine set?
MegaDosX: ridiculous*
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Eldraine had a lot of balance problems.
Mr_Horrible: clover innkeeper bonecrusher borrower beanstalk
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Cat cauldrons, Oko, Clover...
RetroHibiscus: this hand is looking constructed
Thefluffiestguineapig: This hand is very good
kumatsu: Lovestruck Beast and Clovers
Genasi_Gaming: eww
Bugberry: While Clover was an issue, banned in standard isn't always the best indicator.
MegaDosX: One Clover is strong but fine, but when you start landing more of them it just snowballs
Mr_Horrible: and into the wilds? iirc was the core of that deck
Spades_Slicc: Nice hand ya got there OP, sure will be a shame when something happens to it
MegaDosX: Da goos
bojuka_pog: Gross
Sorator13: Oh, well, at least OP deserves what's about to happen to them
PantherTuer952: i really liked bonecrusher giant, neat little friend
ElektroTal: yeah, turns out eldraine? p broken
papagette: hey i played smgmasoldier a few days ago. they seem to enjoy eldraine LUL
Thefluffiestguineapig: If they don't have "baked in a pie" I will be disappointed
MegaDosX: It's a Goose Hydra
Mr_Horrible: Hydroid Goosis
anhakha: I prefer "Megoosa"
RayFK: :)
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MegaDosX: Hydroid Krasis but fair
kumatsu: there's also a Goldilocks porridge artifact that's a DELIGHTFUL piece of design
Sorator13: @anhakha that is quality
MegaDosX: When it attacks you can sac a food and draw a card
koaxkoax: Opponent’s name is upsetting
Bugberry: @Mr_Horrible Into the Wilds was just a key piece of the Gruul ramp deck. It also wasn't banned until very late, as it was in Standard for a long time before it actually started to see play.
James_the_Dabbler: Man that reaper is gonna be DEVESTATING
jmchap: what do you think of the new white saga that on turn one just exiles a creature
Thefluffiestguineapig: @MegaDosX I know someone that has a resin printer that created multiple versions of this for each time they cut a head off. It was truly deranged
Mr_Horrible: @Bugberry yeah, I do remember that, just as a big payoff card that finally found a home
koaxkoax: @jmchap it comes back after the third chapter
ElektroTal: @jmchap the problem is that turn 3 it gives it back
Mangledpixel: !Y
jmchap: @koaxkoax and the set has bargain as a keyword
koaxkoax: @elektrotal but you can sac it to bargain and then it never returns
MegaDosX: I am so keen to make this in Historic Brawl
Mr_Horrible: honkhonkhonkhonkhonk
James_the_Dabbler: That would be hilarious
TehAmelie: the most goose
TheMerricat: !card the goose mother
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
koaxkoax: @jmchap lol I was just mentioning that!
Mr_Horrible: this implies the first head is a 2/2 while all subsequent heads are 1/1
MegaDosX: lmaooooooo
Sorator13: !
Sorator13: oof
duke_dice: we take those.
Gekyouryuu: oh, THAT'S why there's a goose hydra on the Doubling Season art, it's what lets you make X food instead of half X
Thefluffiestguineapig: That sucks
Bugberry: @Mr_Horrible that and Commune with Aether are my examples of standard bannings not indicating a card is inherently broken.
ashteranic: oof
Thefluffiestguineapig: I wanted to see what they were going for
RayFK: That was the snap concede of someone who's deck is not performing and are done
RayFK: I have been that person
Sorator13: @Mr_Horrible eh, the rest of the body counts for 1/1, and then each head is also 1/1
MegaDosX: Simic Food is back on the menu
ashteranic: "Well, i see how the rest of this match is going. see ya"
Mr_Horrible: @Bugberry oh yeah, they were very much "of a context"
GhostofJeffGoldblum: "bird hydra" is a hell of a type line
Mr_Horrible: @Sorator13 I'll buy that
Diabore: no graham its knights
Sorator13: @GhostofJeffGoldblum it's no Legendary Artifact Creature - Equipment Jellyfish, but it is quite good
Juliamon: It's no legendary artifact equipment jellyfish, but it'll do
ThorSokar: Is each additional head a multiplayer for how angry / aggressive the goose is?
Thefluffiestguineapig: @GhostofJeffGoldblum When you go into D&D rules to spec that out as a creature it gets more and more existentially horrifying as you go
Juliamon: Sorator13 HAT
Sorator13: @Juliamon same hat!!
GhostofJeffGoldblum: @Thefluffiestguineapig oh no doubt
SquareDotCube: "Megoosa"
TehAmelie: existentially horrifying normal goose
Thefluffiestguineapig: @ThorSokar I think each head increases the likelihood of the head having chaos magic
Diabore: makes it a 1/5 we can run away with
Gekyouryuu: opponent is a fun hating monster /s
Sorator13: @Thefluffiestguineapig It's a goose. It inherently has chaos magic.
Thefluffiestguineapig: If you make it have enough heads you just end up praying that when it rolls on the Wild Magic table it's not horrible
ReachW: @ThorSokar No, all the rage of a regular goose, finally with enough heads to exact it all upon the world.
MegaDosX: Oops
bytecaster: Never punished
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Thefluffiestguineapig: @Sorator13 Yes, but most often that is just in it's body. The likelihood would be about it being able to externalize it
Sorator13: @Thefluffiestguineapig mm, fair
bytecaster: But baking can be so therapeutic!
Thefluffiestguineapig: I may have thought way too much about the mechanics of different versions of this hydra goose and none of them are good. It's just how sadistic of a DM/GM you are
MegaDosX: Oh hello there
Thefluffiestguineapig: @bytecaster This is gluten free baking which is always a trial
SacrificialToast: @Sorator13 Equipment Jellyfish is my favorite Mega Man X boss
bytecaster: 1/5 vanilla!
bytecaster: Drawing extra cards means the mill out faster!
jmchap: the saga that just exiles on turn one is probably playable in more than just limited/standard... I mean removing the counters to repeat step 1 or blinking it seems pretty good
Mr_Horrible: @SacrificialToast Launch Octopus's younger cousin
bytecaster: But what if we mill our secret keepers?
definenull: uh oh
Diabore: the adamant could hurt us
Mr_Horrible: 5/6 that threatens flying seems dece
RetroHibiscus: oh god
MegaDosX: Remember when Syr Konrad killed you on Game Knights?
Sorator13: @MegaDosX I 'member
RetroHibiscus: that would have domed for what, 5?
TheMerricat: Chat, is this a set and if so, which?
MegaDosX: This is Eldraine
ReachW: @TheMerricat Yes and Throne of Eldraine
definenull: redcap melee?
TheMerricat: Thanks!
Sorator13: @TheMerricat Throne of Eldraine (the first/old one, in preparation for the new one)
MegaDosX: !card redcap melee
LRRbot: Redcap Melee [R] | Instant | Redcap Melee deals 4 damage to target creature or planeswalker. If a nonred permanent is dealt damage this way, you sacrifice a land.
Mr_Horrible: worst case we forever young it
iarethel0ser: Eye collector gives us 6+6 over 2 turns
definenull: they didn't have it, phew
Diabore: you can return all and stack troll
hattingston: They can also mill your creatures on top with Conrad
MegaDosX: So you know your next four draws
definenull: ggs
Diabore: playing things killed them
brainbosh: Hmm, they shouldn't have played a card. would have lived
MegaDosX: Konrad killed Graham on Game Knights
SirSlipps: GG :>
MegaDosX: As well as Jimmy and Josh >_>
Mr_Horrible: rather pushed, that lad
big_paw_paw: Good game
big_paw_paw: You milled my answers early on, there wasn't much left there for me
RangerAlpha7: they don't call him syr bombrad for nothing
Calhoun327: look at that scramble man
big_paw_paw: yeah, both the recursions were gone early
ReachW: Forever Young + Konnie is such a cool synergy, too.
soramayura: Just here, what we looking at deck wise?
RetroHibiscus: dimir misery splashing garruk
RetroHibiscus: 3 secretkeepers
Sorator13: @soramayura UB adventures + garruk + lucky clover
definenull: thats a problem
Robot_Bones: no, it "Does" nothing
EOstby: No thoughts, only dreams.
soramayura: Explanation 2 I understood more lol, given Eldraine was my first set I'm vv happy w sat
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Adam is such a gentle soul. "Yeah get shit on! I'm sorry that was unkind."
definenull: oh no is penelope getting into the mtg rabbithole too?
DAC169: Garruk! aipOMG
Thefluffiestguineapig: @GhostofJeffGoldblum I would argue his soul is gentle, his persona is not
MegaDosX: We take those!
Thefluffiestguineapig: Hey!
MegaDosX: A victory is a victory
Thefluffiestguineapig: P is doing good
RetroHibiscus: penelope match fixing lrrBEEJ
RayFK: Penelope can now retire champion
Thefluffiestguineapig: Also supporting her in learning things and not micromanaging her is super great
Sorator13: @soramayura WOS?
Juliamon: It's important that Penelope learns how to take easy wins.
RayFK: Inside you are two wolves
MegaDosX: Wow
ReachW: Correct
TyrisUnbreakable: I want a new garruk so bad he is my favorite planeswalker
TehAmelie: inside each wolf is two emotions, chomp and awoo
BatenicYork: peepoNotes
Robot_Bones: Trying to keep the fact you made a magic prodigy on the DL
MegaDosX: "Garruk, huh? Welp, I'mma head out."
Sorator13: we have gotten so many early surrenders...
couchboyj: OP says leave the bouncing to me
anhakha: garruk got you to platinum
Mr_Horrible: "we take those" is an important lesson
Thefluffiestguineapig: @RetroHibiscus Honestly if she takes after either of her parents if/when she found out she would be PISSED
definenull: W is still a W
GhostofJeffGoldblum: dubya's a dubya
Bearudite: bank error in your favor
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MrTulip: We take them, b/c we sure give them out
RetroHibiscus: @Thefluffiestguineapig no no, penelope as the fixer lrrBEEJ
GhostofJeffGoldblum: sub with a gun LUL
RetroHibiscus: slipping dana a fiver to keep those lands in hand
Bearudite: just reminds me that I just got paid for a job I forgot I did
Robot_Bones: Here's Garruk.... With a GUN
Bearudite: like hell yeah
Thefluffiestguineapig: @RetroHibiscus Yeah, with Kathleen plus the other LRR people as influences I can see her being very powerful
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Robot_Bones That makes me want a parody of those old spice commercials
Diabore: 7 spells
GhostofJeffGoldblum: oofadoofa
Thefluffiestguineapig: That was Brutal
MegaDosX: OH NO
definenull: with the bucket? oh no
anhakha: 1/3rd of his spells most likely
Thefluffiestguineapig: Dude
ReachW: Torbran + Ballista. Lovely.
Bearudite: no morebran
SnowBuddy18: Torbran any morebran
MegaDosX: And that's an instant
GhostofJeffGoldblum: torb LESS, thanks
RetroHibiscus: we should wait for the bucket on the stack
BatenicYork: in response to the treb activation
anhakha: in response to trebuchet
Diabore: wait till they activate bucket
RetroHibiscus: yeah
Robot_Bones: Garruk is to Powerful for this Old Spice AD. Sings mario music
definenull: op is gonna have a rough game
Thefluffiestguineapig: @ReachW This is the tech for the OTD (One true deck) of Three Bucket. Torbran followed by Ballista followed by Bucket
MegaDosX: Good thing Torbran's gone, good lord
GhostofJeffGoldblum: there is anotehr....skywalker. i mean, bounce spell.
Diabore: remember not to attack
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Bearudite There are other ways to ensure regularity
GhostofJeffGoldblum: man remember the bucket walrus
Diabore: bucket got that reach
GhostofJeffGoldblum: bring back mid 2000s memes
GhostofJeffGoldblum: so i can feel young again
MegaDosX: And it chumps
anhakha: secretkeeper again
Thefluffiestguineapig: @GhostofJeffGoldblum I'm jealous that would make you feel young, it would just emphasize to me how much abusive isolation I was under
GhostofJeffGoldblum: "they have 13 cards left" it is turn FIVE
MegaDosX: You are in an awful lot of trouble here though
BatenicYork: nope
MegaDosX: They did not
definenull: nope
Diabore: they got that one
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Diabore As that prerelease repeatedly shows
Thefluffiestguineapig: This is a race
Thefluffiestguineapig: Can they kill you before they are out of cards?
definenull: was close D:
Thefluffiestguineapig: How many left in the deck?
Earthenone: we can run away in blocks to live
MegaDosX: How close to decked out are they?
Diabore: 10 cards
Thefluffiestguineapig: Also the Overwhelmed Apprentice is a Big Mood that I unfortunately feel
anhakha: forever young could get u another secretkeeper
MegaDosX: So nine
MegaDosX: You need another Secretkeeper off the top to mill them out I think
Thefluffiestguineapig: It's just do they have lethal this turn or not
Thefluffiestguineapig: Because by my math we could deck them next turn, right?
freshbubba: could have forever youged the apprentice for the last mill
Thefluffiestguineapig: "Bucket!"
Mr_Horrible: they have one card left after mill, so not decked next turn
anhakha: merfolk off the top?
Thefluffiestguineapig: In the cadence of the swears
definenull: oofa
Thefluffiestguineapig: This is going to be so close
MegaDosX: You are
Diabore: we're dead, bucket puts us to 3
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Mr_Horrible I saw someone mention Forever Young to get an additional secretkeeper, is that reasonable?
MegaDosX: That's about it I think
RetroHibiscus: no counter with no adamant right?
MegaDosX: If they have another knight you die to buckets
bojuka_pog: Forever young could have gotten there, by having the apprentice dead last turn?
RetroHibiscus: oh jk the adamant is the mill I see
Mr_Horrible: @Thefluffiestguineapig I'm not sure of the timings but probably not? Since we only have the one so far (unless you just blind draw and get lucky)
MegaDosX: Or any removal for that matter
Diabore: if they have a non human we're dead too
Thefluffiestguineapig: Ok
definenull: ah
MegaDosX: Now you're dead
BatenicYork: I think we could have let the apprentice die, forever young to get it back, mill 10 (if they had 10 cards left in deck)
definenull: op has a neat deck tho
MegaDosX: Just mono-red things
Thefluffiestguineapig: DAMM
GhostofJeffGoldblum: proper good match, though
Thefluffiestguineapig: It was very close
Thefluffiestguineapig: That was a great game
GhostofJeffGoldblum: love a game that comes down to "one of us wins next turn"
Thefluffiestguineapig: That is the kind of loss I don't feel bad about
Thefluffiestguineapig: @GhostofJeffGoldblum Especially with different win conditions
definenull: they had so much removal
Diabore: needed them to draw land land off the thrill
duke_dice: on today's lrrmtg: Math :P
Thefluffiestguineapig: @definenull They also saw those Secretkeepers going around and thought "Not today Satan!"
Thefluffiestguineapig: @duke_dice Isn't that every LRRMTG?
Greyah: No. Math is with letters. This is arithmetic.
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Greyah Thank you!
Diabore: and a BR torbran
duke_dice: unless they are on monored then its zoom
Thefluffiestguineapig: Torbrans seem to be utility answers to a lot of decks here
Bearudite: fighting games are just speed chess but with the board on a trolly and you have to run along with it
RetroHibiscus: ambitious
Diabore: 3 colours
BatenicYork: hmmm
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Bearudite So chess boxing but with more cardio?
definenull: im intrigued
Diabore: green 3 colour adamant?
RetroHibiscus: they're cooking
Diabore: op is popping off
Thefluffiestguineapig: This deck intrigues me, not as much as goose hydra but little ever does
definenull: bruh
Thefluffiestguineapig: Oh man
Diabore: op made a stew
Thefluffiestguineapig: This deck is fast
Thefluffiestguineapig: Also their pet being the projection koi is very good
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ChrisGMiller: Huh, would you look at that.
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TehAmelie: the eleventyone :o
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Sorator13: love that that's a sentence ("Do we just hold up turn into a pumpkin?"
theamc2000: Your o pie
Thefluffiestguineapig: "God's perfect land" "Yes, you said, but which god, this is important"
Sorator13: get in the pie, Yorvo
Diabore: we've seen so many of the triple pip legends today
hd_dabnado: dang they got a lot of rares
korvys: Improbable Alliance into Yorvo - perfect colour balance, no notes
definenull: good discard
Sorator13: :O
Thefluffiestguineapig: That is stacked!
coiax: wait, those aren't rats! those rats can block!
Diabore: if we had clover we'd have won already
Diabore: 8
Thefluffiestguineapig: Their graveyard is kind of frightening just from a power level
RayFK: I uhhh, think you might die
graal_smith: You appear to be getting punched in the face
Diabore: troll gains 3 life
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Hobby Night with Ian, Cameron, and Heather!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (12m from now).
DAC169: sleep on the mana fixer?
GapFiller: oooh Cam and Heather
Sorator13: @Diabore Not reliably
Diabore: 6
graal_smith: Mill zem
Diabore: i dont think they need the hatter anymore
definenull: its sending a message
RayFK: Yeah you are big dead.
RayFK: You gotta hope they don't swing out
RayFK: You're exactly dead
Bearudite: visions and hope for a secret kepper>
definenull: woof
Diabore: what if 3 lands
Sorator13: LUL
definenull: good deck OP
Juliamon: oooor we James it
graal_smith: wait wat?
ziyeinverse: rip
BigDaddyBland87: ohhh the James draw
Thefluffiestguineapig: That was a cool deck to see, but boy was it so OP
RayFK: Just call these boys Star Platinum
graal_smith: I just got the Honor Troll joke
Sorator13: as someone who only plays limited, I wish we had an "open all" button to just get it over with
BatenicYork: Alchemy version
Earthenone: your mom let you have two nahiris?
Sorator13: I miss war of the spark
Insane_joker769: !lurk
Sorator13: The pleaneswalker day (where you could cast planeswalkers with any color of mana) was so fun
Sorator13: hunter2?
Sorator13: !ppr
LRRbot: The Wilds of Eldraine PPR will be on 26 August 2023 at 10am PDT! More info:
Sorator13: #LRRWOE (the woe of the LRR)
GapFiller: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN eyyy LadyLavinias FINALLY
MegaDosX: Oh hi there Gadwick
DaVeganPolice: Filthy
MegaDosX: Two Sanctuaries too
definenull: magic: the gathering
Sorator13: Wow
MegaDosX: Adam, what the fuck
DAC169: aipNope
RedArrogantKnight: yo okay
ElektroTal: that's real clean
RayFK: and it went 0-3
RaklarLS: this is almost like the standard deck I played in Eldraine
ProfBadger: Didn't knoiw we were playing Constructed here
Sorator13: was this a human draft or botdraft?
kumatsu: as Richard Garfield intended
MegaDosX: Six priests
Sorator13: that monowhite deck was legendary
anhakha: seven if i remember
MegaDosX: What the hell was the rest of your pod doing?
ProfBadger: not drafting Blue , clearly
MegaDosX: You can
DAC169: search at the top
MegaDosX: Holy shit
kumatsu: oh yeah I remember this draft
BatenicYork: LUL
ThorSokar: hahahaha
theamc2000: Ty for example laugh
definenull: stick this one on the fridge
Wicker_Guide: you monster
MegaDosX: "No, you can't, you have to draft RB!" "Haha UG go brrrr"
GapFiller: thanks for streaming lrrGRAHAM lrrADAM lrrSHINE
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
TehAmelie: thanks for having us!
bigpearlentertainment: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:06:08.
Sorator13: ty for stream! Was fun
ReachW: @TehAmelie It was great to be here.
Texan_Reverend: !Patreon
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Texan_Reverend: !youtube
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Texan_Reverend: !schedule
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Thefluffiestguineapig: Heather is doing some Miku
Juliamon: Heather has a cute Miku kit
GapFiller: and Cam?
Gekyouryuu: Ian's gonna do a thing we promised not to warn Heather about
GapFiller: no ChillPoint tmrw
GapFiller: its Sunday this week right
Texan_Reverend: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! And you don't even need to be subbed or anything! You can join here:
Texan_Reverend: !mastodon
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun is now on Mastodon! You can find them at, and LRRMtG at
TehAmelie: some yandhams, maybe some robotesch
Professor_Colin: Sup
Professor_Colin: lets get to it
TehAmelie: let's party like it's 1945
definenull: that sounds more like a threat than an invitation
BigDaddyBland87: Tolkien knew how to party
SaxPython: @definenull agreed
SnackPak_: Tolkien was always holding that pipeweed
Thefluffiestguineapig: ^Agreed
Serivus: So I know what "pistols at dawn" is, how does one "Horses at Daybreak"?
Thefluffiestguineapig: With the threat more than invitation thing
TehAmelie: i think CJR is "that" Tolkien's younger brother?
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Serivus You are in the saddle ready to leave at daybreak
Thefluffiestguineapig: @TehAmelie No his son
TehAmelie: oh
Thefluffiestguineapig: Christopher is his son and he was the one who started publishing the unfinished stuff from his dad
Serivus: @Thefluffiestguineapig I assumed it was much more threatening. Like you need to swing horses at each other and see who survives :D
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Serivus Have you ever tried to do anything with a horse in the dark or even half light? That shit is dangerous. The threat is to your bodily integrity. Or stepping/sitting on/falling on a cactus
Earthenone: memories are the weirdest things, seeing that message i remembered that Daybreak is an annagram of Dear Kaby. which i saw in an anime years ago
KeytarCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Hobby Night with Ian, Cameron, and Heather!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (2m ago).
Thefluffiestguineapig: Honestly most things related to horses the threat is gravity
Earthenone: thats why the main horseman in elden ring was a gravity mage :P
Juliamon: Horses: an omnipresent danger
terribleplan: Horses: not even once
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Earthenone Yup, it was a skill he learned to continue to have an only minimally busted skeleton
BigDaddyBland87: There's a reason they avoided the wild horses on Road Quest
Fanklok: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Hobby Night with Ian, Cameron, and Heather!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
Thefluffiestguineapig: @BigDaddyBland87 When you visit Alaska they tell you the bells are for the bears, but it's really to ward off the horses.
Earthenone: the bells are for the bears, the bears are for the horses though
Thefluffiestguineapig: @Earthenone So are they called bear bells because you use it to attract the bears in case of horse?
BigDaddyBland87: that's why bears hibernate...they get sick of dealing with the horses
definenull: lrrSIG
SnackPak_: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
BigDaddyBland87: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
Thefluffiestguineapig: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Kuhfeek: lrrSIG
Scarbble: yay model building!
Earthenone: yeah like those break in case of fire signs, its ring in case of horses :)
Scarbble: break in case of fire horses?
BigDaddyBland87: oh now I'm getting FFXII flashbacks
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Thefluffiestguineapig: @Earthenone My favorite one of those "In case of emergency break glass" things was that 10mm head Beej got on Mail Time
TehAmelie: weird, the stream unpaused a podcast for me when it went live
DrakoniteDev: @TehAmelie twitch be twitch
Thefluffiestguineapig: @TehAmelie Programming interactions are often a strange thing
TehAmelie: globalplayer dot com: it's global?
Thefluffiestguineapig: This remix makes me think of those concerts where the entire floor is headbanging
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definenull: SourPls
SaxPython: CoolCat SingsNote CoolCat
Thefluffiestguineapig: DinoDance DinoDance DinoDance
TehAmelie: howdy!
Critterbot: It's our boy! sipsO
Nigouki: awww heck, it's Miku
Thefluffiestguineapig: Is this the Miku that was received on Mail Time?
DaxStrife: Oh boy, Cameron's a guest on the House of Lies tonight!
definenull: doll used very loosely
Juliamon: If anyone wants a closer look at the Miku box:
SaxPython: Ok chat, over/under on Cam knee impacts set at 2.
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Gekyouryuu: oh, is Sturm Tyrann just a pallete swapped Berserk Fuhrer?
Thefluffiestguineapig: @definenull Doll mostly meaning a toy that is loosely figurative I guess?
Thefluffiestguineapig: That makes so much sense!
DrLigmaPhD: So no head?
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TehAmelie: give yourself a HEADstart
LidofLoathing: @DrLigmaPhD No hand, either