Metric_Furlong: it's a little weird how Shinji's jumpsuit isn't colour-coded with his Eva when Rie and Asuka's are, tbh
Metric_Furlong: I guess you could view that as a reflection of how he, unlike the other two, actively doesn't want to pilot it
TehAmelie: now i have about 100 variously concerning questions about who designs those suits for the kids
Metric_Furlong: probably Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, the show's character designer Kappa
TehAmelie: meanwhile, hooray for Blahaj
TehAmelie: standing (and stabbing) up for trans rights
beowuuf: TransgenderPride
Metric_Furlong: quite
Metric_Furlong: okay, recap section over
Metric_Furlong: finally, time for some despressed teenager being introspective and waxing philosophical
Metric_Furlong: there is no ' Kappa ' because I am being entirely sincere
TehAmelie: ooh, we have reached post-post-post irony
Metric_Furlong: unironically, Eva's biggest weakpoint is that it doesn't do this *enough*
Metric_Furlong: yes, I'm aware that's not a popular opinion
Metric_Furlong: no, that doesn't make me reconsider it
TehAmelie: i agree
Juliamon: since when has popular opinion ever been correct
TehAmelie: they could have cut right through the obtuse Marduk conspiracy subplot and put in more teenager philosophy
Metric_Furlong: ah
Metric_Furlong: well, that's a fiar enough spot to pause
Juliamon: lrrSIG
Metric_Furlong: *fair
TehAmelie: lrrSIG
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
corianderd: i can take us back offline if you need to finish the clip episode of Eva
Metric_Furlong: no no, it's fine
corianderd: if im reading the chat right
Metric_Furlong: but thank you for offering
Metric_Furlong: I don't need to be up early tomorrow, so I can pick-up after the stream
corianderd: Me n Ian watched Shin Kamen Rider last night and now I wanna rewatch Eva
GapFiller: good job I tabbed over just now cz otherwise the intro wdve totally caught me off guard
Metric_Furlong: @corianderd there are significantly worse things to rewatch, imo
TXC2: if SG1 taught me anything, clip episodes are the MOST important episodes Kappa
iris_of_ether: Hello yes I am here for Horse
corianderd: well you're in luck
beowuuf: but the one where they play golf using the gate is the funniest
TehAmelie: my favrote episode of Community is the clip episode
TXC2: beowuuf oh indeed
TehAmelie: Paradigms of Human Memory, which i think was the most expensive one
Metric_Furlong: to be fair, the clip stuff is only the first half of episode 14, second half is actually pretty good
Metric_Furlong: I'd still say the absolute best clip episode of an anime is the one from Blast of Tempest, though
Metric_Furlong: which is the one that also, y'know, introduces a completely new paradigm to the premise and also has a post-credits scene that's very important
TehAmelie: in Community's typical "taking TV to the next level" style, the flashbacks are all new material from unseen episodes
Juliamon: I should rewatch Blast of Tempest.
Metric_Furlong: it's very good
Metric_Furlong: I've seen it 3 times
Juliamon: It was better than any anime adaptation of The Tempest had any right to be
Metric_Furlong: might honestly have enjoyed it the most the third time roung
Metric_Furlong: *round
Manae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori, and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed). Game: Art Stream) at Mon 01:00 PM PDT (1s from now).
beowuuf: !next
LordZarano: !next
Manae: lrrFRUMP
Manae: Two in a row darnit
TXC2: Here we GO!
beowuuf: lol, manae got there first as I got lrrbotted, but apparently we were both wrong :(
iris_of_ether: escher3DOOT
TehAmelie: [neigh]
TXC2: Hello Cori and Alex
TehAmelie: hiya
beowuuf: hey lex! hey cori!
iris_of_ether: Yay books!
LordZarano: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori, and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed). Game: Art Stream) at Mon 01:00 PM PDT (59s ago).
CanPlayGames: Thats a lot of Pencils
LordZarano: 59s PrideRise
TehAmelie: is that a coloring set for a mantis shrimp? i don't believe a human could see that many colors
CanPlayGames: I thought Horses were illegal?
PixelArtDragon: I get it, paint horses
bytecaster: We are not allowed to draw horses, but nobody said anything about coloring horses!
beowuuf: that horse is a unity organism in disguise
iris_of_ether: Horse! I saw that at the craft store, so glad that someone picked it up
Calyte: We cant "Draw" horse in here, but we CAN color them!
RealGamerCow: SCIENCE
iris_of_ether: Roll a d12 IMO
DigitalSeahorse: oh I expected a countdown
TXC2: i vote swears
TehAmelie: we have seen the lrrEFF one and the farts one, right
DigitalSeahorse: colouring!
CanPlayGames: !card island
LRRbot: Island | Basic Land — Island |
Metric_Furlong: Cori, should we be prepping music links for this stream, or is that unnecessary since there's a guest host?
TehAmelie: greataxe?
beowuuf: cori knows streamers who use timers and they're all cowards
Calyte: Great Axe.
TXC2: great axe is d13
TXC2: *12
DigitalSeahorse: Alex's cam is a bit fuzzy
PixelArtDragon: I think this depends on the edition
bytecaster: @TXC2 Is that what the +1 means?
Metric_Furlong: because I can do it
iris_of_ether: I mean *I guess* you can roll a d6 like a peasant
animemequeen463: And his mic is a bit muffled
LordZarano: SCIENCE! is fun to shout, but I'm voting farts
TXC2: bytecaster kinda :p
DigitalSeahorse: hehehehhe
RealGamerCow: lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE
DigitalSeahorse: derp eye honse
beowuuf: @bytecaster d13 feels like it's just rolling the battleaxe :p
DigitalSeahorse: HONSE
TehAmelie: it looks so sad
TXC2: this is some renascence horse art
Calyte: I want a coloring book made EXCLUSIVELY depicting Failed Taxidermy and failed art-restoration.
DigitalSeahorse: a colouring book of Cat Farts?
TXC2: it's d13 so that the average is also a whole number Kappa
Metric_Furlong: okay, well, in-keeping with the old 'non-English language music' I have some French Shoegaze/black metal
TehAmelie: welp, now barbarians officially use D13s
TehAmelie: for their hit dice too, presumably
Metric_Furlong: yes, that's how numbers works
TXC2: numbers work how we tell them to work
LordZarano: 13i
FITorion: They have an eye
Calyte: What even IS Non-Imaginary "numbers" ? Are not all numbers imaginary concepts?
Metric_Furlong: I mean, everything's imaginary if you subscribe to a extremely anit-realist view of exist
FITorion: ;)
Metric_Furlong: *anti
DigitalSeahorse: or go to index and find horse
iris_of_ether: I got an electrical engineering BS. There are *so many* imaginary numbers in electricity....
Metric_Furlong: quick chat, get your music youtube links ready
animemequeen463: Intregway
NoxStryx: French shoegaze black metal? Is this non serviam?
Metric_Furlong: @NoxStryx Alcest
NoxStryx: Ahh
LordZarano: cis man is *very* low fidelity girl
beowuuf: flat bottom of handle, side of handle, edge of primary blade, edge of secondary blade, four side of each blade, spikey point on top - 13 sides!
PixelArtDragon: @Calyte I like the term "lateral numbers" instead of imaginary numbers
DigitalSeahorse: fyi for chat: if you do get the big C there is an antiviral available and I'm not talking about the bs elephant meds, an actual anti-viral pill that limits damage while infected
Metric_Furlong: oh right, it's also just shy of 9 minutes long so, chat, you've got a bit of time to get your suggestions together
PixelArtDragon: If you think imaginary numbers are bad, wait until you hear about hyperreal numbers
DigitalSeahorse: not an excuse to not get vaccine*
RealGamerCow: DigitalSeahorse name?
Metric_Furlong: oh no, we're being observed!
beowuuf: i wouldn't MiniK
QuixoticScrivener: I don't like sub-cellular things having being anthropomorphized.
QuixoticScrivener: Can't explain why, just feeling an aversion.
TXC2: depends on the science
beowuuf: if you are dealing in hyper geormetery, ask your doctor if cthulhu is right for you
LordZarano: "Many other mathematicians were slow to adopt the use of imaginary numbers, including René Descartes, who wrote about them in his La Géométrie in which he coined the term imaginary and meant it to be derogatory."
DigitalSeahorse: I don't remember what it's called, there might be varied names for it depending on pharmacy
iris_of_ether: Isn't green Pixar evil?
TemporallyAwry: Civilization taught me that science is blue PrideShrug
TehAmelie: math sucks. i tried a university application test today. out of nowhere, questions like " if 0 < A < 1, is A^-! smaller than A^2, bigger than, the same value or is it impossible to determine? your answer is timed."
iris_of_ether: Or Disney evil
Metric_Furlong: I thought Disney evil was purple
DigitalSeahorse: RealGamerCow I'll look for link
Juliamon: Please include a short description of your music links!
TXC2: ^
PixelArtDragon: @TehAmelie A^-1 is always greater than 1 if 0 < A < 1, and A^2 is always less than A if 0 < A < 1, so A^-1 is the greater of the two
iris_of_ether: A^-1 inverts it, so for a fraction that makes it bigger than 1.
iris_of_ether: Yeah what @pixelartdragon said lol
PixelArtDragon: @iris_of_ether Helps that I have a degree in math :)
beowuuf: it is a valid link, but i am in no way recommending you click it.
TehAmelie: well, that was one question easy enough for me to remember
beowuuf: but maybe you can if you like
DigitalSeahorse: oh I'm not sure if everyone has equal access to it
animemequeen463: @Juliamon Cruel Angel's Thesis (Evangelion Theme) - Bike Horn Cover
iris_of_ether: I have an ancient minor in it myself, @pixelartdragon , haha
TehAmelie: [Justice - Stress]
Anaerin: Such Boba, very tea.
beowuuf: this should not be such a bop, and yet...
RealGamerCow: DigitalSeahorse ah, Paxlovid. That's what I expected
TXC2: dangerously high boba levels
FITorion: will we though?
Metric_Furlong: I get it
TehAmelie: did you see the Boba Yaga painting?
TXC2: it was on QI one time
TehAmelie: the internet's new darling
Calyte: Imagine jumping into Ice-water in winter. That wakes you up.
Akaiatana: Have you considered that humans should be drawn by horses?
NoxStryx: You have had Boba tea? But have you had kiki tea?
Metric_Furlong: @NoxStryx I found the flavour to be a bit... sharp Kappa
PixelArtDragon: Training AI on real examples < training AI on surreal examples
TXC2: we've come full circle
iris_of_ether: I'm a bit upset about the paper test thing, because my spouse has nerve damage that makes his writing hand go numb
Metric_Furlong: cheating? on a test?!
QuixoticScrivener: Just cite wikipedia's sort as your source.
TehAmelie: sad fact, a horse's painting cannot be copyrighted
TXC2: i was allowed to do a number of my test on a computer because I have dyslexia
iris_of_ether: In a perfect world that would be taken care of by accommodations, but
beowuuf: @animemequeen463 that was beautiful
TehAmelie: only human art gets copyright
LordZarano: I can see there being an AI test and a non-AI test in the future. The same way we have a calculator exam and a non-calculator exam now
Metric_Furlong: I dunno, I kind of like the secret club vibe it currently has
Metric_Furlong: but it's Cori's stream, I don't get to make the calls
TXC2: "each generation cries out for a new social media network, but makes the same old one, corrupt and weak."
Metric_Furlong: boys can be lo-fi too, sometimes
Anaerin: What kind of beets are you listening to, Harvard?
LordZarano: It Synthwave Boy
beowuuf: why must you lie about the month cori? oh no...
TehAmelie: the one score and first day of the eighth month
FITorion: Are there any Lofi channels that Don't include hip hop?
FITorion: yay!
Juliamon: I would argue that most Boards of Canada is lofi non-hip hop
NoxStryx: Winding down? So another 3 minutes then
TehAmelie: it'd wake Alex up :3
animemequeen463: When is Kathleen's next music stream?
Metric_Furlong: how do we feel about Japanese Math Rock
Juliamon: animemequeen463 Every Saturday night
Metric_Furlong: (song title romanises as "Karma no Inu" iirc)
beowuuf: @animemequeen463 sunday
TehAmelie: a good use of math
beowuuf: oops, that was uk centric of me :(
Akaiatana: I can recommend Musicolet as an android music app for playing stored music.
animemequeen463: I added the description afterwards (^_^)
Metric_Furlong: math rock: rock that messes around with weird time signatures and things
Brozard: math rock: a die
iris_of_ether: I'm also fond of the 40 kazoo version of I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Akaiatana: @Metric_Furlong So... not Dice Core?
NoxStryx: 夢遊病者 - Sitting for the road experimental psychodelic ambient black jazz metal
KeytarCat: Android is also losing the jack
animemequeen463: I don't think you can show your dongle on Twitch
Metric_Furlong: @KeytarCat Why?!
Juliamon: Metric_Furlong because phone companies are hateful
TXC2: money my dear boy
DigitalSeahorse: oh no a dot leaked
DigitalSeahorse: more dots
TehAmelie: okay this website is a bit of a cheat. pick any country and decade on the map
KeytarCat: I've been shopping for a new phone, and I need a 3.5mm jack. Motorola has 2, Samsung has 1. There are more, but that's the scale
LordZarano: Android has lost the jack, except for enthusiast phones like Sony and Fairphone
Juliamon: Sony phones have their own unique problems though
Juliamon: (why are they SO TALL)
Akaiatana: Vikarious embarrassment?
LordZarano: I really want an Xperia 1 but they are SO EXPENSIVE
Metric_Furlong: @Juliamon I must concede that is a good point
Brozard: Oh heck, 36 & zakè put out a second Stasis Sounds for Long-Distance Space Travel album last year, enjoy some comforting ambient drone
animemequeen463: I use lightning connector earbuds- plugs directly into the phone and I use a lightning to USB-C adapter to connect to my laptop.
Metric_Furlong: @NoxStryx I'm getting a video is not available message
Juliamon: also oh my god NA networks need to support Asus phones already
DigitalSeahorse: gross
DigitalSeahorse: cool mug
iris_of_ether: Cori why
TehAmelie: that's how we invented the word "lagom"
TXC2: Cori please, don't invoke that dark magic
DigitalSeahorse: wrinkle paper
animemequeen463: Put paper towel between current page and next one maybe?
Akaiatana: The creator for Copy and Paste passed away recently.
TehAmelie: i feel like we need a different word than "bleed" when it's watercolors doing it
animemequeen463: To soak up leakthru
Metric_Furlong: some musicians/bands do sort of do that, to be fair
LordZarano: Isn't this exactly what blotting paper is for?
Akaiatana: A man's Romance probably happens
NoxStryx: The experimental is the important part
Calyte: What is "Dead Dove"?
TehAmelie: of course, if everyone could archive their stuff archivists wouldn't have a job
Juliamon: A bag in the fridge labeled "Dead Dove, do not eat"
Calyte: Thank you verry much!
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Metric_Furlong: Prog Metal from the Philippines (pretty sure it's in Tagalog, but my knowledge of languages from the Philippines is pretty bad, so I could be wrong)
TehAmelie: and people will react to that tag by playing along with the joke and then be surprised when it happens just like in the show
Metric_Furlong: everyone loves lawsuits
DigitalSeahorse: when I wished I hadn't looked up snail parasites
iris_of_ether: Weeeeelp
Akaiatana: In a radiation sense
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunGeiger
Calyte: The whole "Alpha" concept has been miss-used to hell and back so many times over.
bytecaster: I am away for 15 minutes, and the first thing I hear when coming back is "alpha bitch". Do I want context?
TXC2: bytecaster not really
animemequeen463: From Coheed and Cambria's 2022 album.
Metric_Furlong: kind of sad how the original researcher who coined the term 'alpha male' has had to spend the rest of their career trying to get people to understand that was only a thing in cpative wolves and isn't actually a natural thing in other species
Akaiatana: Scientist makes incorrect conclusions studying wolves, and then has to spend the rest of his life trying to get people to stop propagating it.
TehAmelie: and applying it to human relations. . .
TXC2: a sonsona ?
bytecaster: You basically only need two words one for before the "the" and one for after.
animemequeen463: Also you get to take preexisting characters you have emotional connections with and put them in situations
TXC2: the fan art was made earnestly
Metric_Furlong: oh right, I saw those
iris_of_ether: Oh wow!
Metric_Furlong: they were neat
iris_of_ether: Does chat have a link??
Metric_Furlong: not to hand, sorry
TehAmelie: it's so sparkly
iris_of_ether: No worries, I may look later on my home computer :)
TXC2: god's own honse
DigitalSeahorse: it's eye is perfect
DigitalSeahorse: for a derpy human
iris_of_ether: Excellent acid honse
5 raiders from Weslyphon have joined!
TXC2: hello raiders
Metric_Furlong: as one does
iris_of_ether: You gotta warn us before dropping Peanut Butter Solution, I almost did a spit-take
TXC2: is this a Wes Anderson movie?
TehAmelie: i remember School of Rock differenrly
DigitalSeahorse: paint brushes out of pubes? that would be awful to paint with
NoxStryx: When does greedwatch finish?
iris_of_ether: There is a "Hey, Check It Out!" podcast episode for chat to catch up with
DigitalSeahorse: don't remember
TehAmelie: i keep recommending Schizopolis to people but only like one guy in 15 years have tried it
Metric_Furlong: "If I've seen it, how obscure can it be?"
DigitalSeahorse: I usually mention Rubber but it's one of the less obscure of the obscure
TXC2: I worked out the other day, that I've seen at least 400 movies, and I don't watch that many movies :p
Brozard: maaaan, Kindzadza is great
NoxStryx: Also Shin Kamen Rider on "Hey check it out!"?
Brozard: *clap clap* koo
DigitalSeahorse: Alice is good, saw dust rabbit
DigitalSeahorse: using taxidermy
Metric_Furlong: yeah, the album version leads-off into something else, sorry
DigitalSeahorse: Alex is speed painter
KeytarCat: @animemequeen463 ooh, yes, my favorite off it!
Metric_Furlong: anyway, if chat wants some extra time for finding their links, I have a 19.5 minute Japanese experimental progressive metal track
TXC2: I have seen that once (I assume we're talking about the Terry Gilliam movie"
Metric_Furlong: (note: it is fairly discordant for a fair amount of it)
KeytarCat: I was told to not use Brazil on my SAT essay, even though it was the only pieces of media I actually understood at the time
KeytarCat: As much as I understood anything at the time
DigitalSeahorse: idea for the stream: purring up poles to rate everyone's mic volumes in comparison to others so nobody has to feel weird about speaking up in chat
RealGamerCow: Whenever anyone asks a question like "What is your favorite X" or "Recommend a Y" my brain goes *blank*
DigitalSeahorse: putting***
DigitalSeahorse: polls*
DigitalSeahorse: am bad spells today I guess
Lysander_salamander: Are we talking about animated movies to try?
Metric_Furlong: @RealGamerCow same, honestly. You can ask me what I'm reading/watching/listending to *right now* and I'll struggle to give a clear answer
TehAmelie: related problem, if you ask an author what their book/comic/thing "is about", expect nothing
DigitalSeahorse: ticket takers?
DigitalSeahorse: what was the name?
TehAmelie: we like if you ask what "happens" in it
DigitalSeahorse: was it from Suspect Video?
TXC2: DigitalSeahorse control, I think
DigitalSeahorse: thanks
Metric_Furlong: @TehAmelie to be fair, when most people ask 'what's it about' they mean 'what happens in it', although that can be a bit of problem itself
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DigitalSeahorse: xD
TehAmelie: quite
DigitalSeahorse: hehehheheh
TXC2: KBKarma lrrHEART
Metric_Furlong: en-honse!
iris_of_ether: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
KBKarma: @TXC2 lrrSHINE
TehAmelie: maybe add some spinners, some floor lights
Riiiiiiis: much much more tail?
KeytarCat: @TehAmelie Tangentially, Someone asked me to tell them what Over the Garden Wall was about and I said "Family, despair, trust, and hope" and my friend got upset because that isn't what happens in the show...
DigitalSeahorse: robot jocks
Metric_Furlong: rock n rule is the post-apocalyptic cartoon film about rats in band, right?
Metric_Furlong: *in a band
KBKarma: Mystery Men?
DigitalSeahorse: Roughlandia?
KBKarma: Rifflandia, I presume.
TehAmelie: the most unlikely movie i can recommend is called Morvern Callar
TXC2: how old is Iggy pop? :p
Metric_Furlong: (I'm assuming the last music link I posted was deemed a bit 'too long' which... fair, honestly)
DigitalSeahorse: I think Alex's playlist is helping relax me
Lysander_salamander: I keep meaning to sit down and watch The Thief and the Cobbler
DigitalSeahorse: katesFlower katesSnug
DigitalSeahorse: katesNoted
TehAmelie: it's got some staggering animation and that's about it
Metric_Furlong: don't know if I've got much else that's in a non-english language that's both on youtube and isn't a repeat from previous streams, unfortunately
DigitalSeahorse: yesssssssssssss
KBKarma: Oh, here's one that's probably weird and obscureish: Rock-a-Doodle.
DigitalSeahorse: I love Buckaroo Bonsai
Metric_Furlong: (repeat in terms of band/artist, anyway)
KBKarma: :D
KBKarma: You're not really missing out, as I recall.
DigitalSeahorse: theme song to Buckaroo Bonsai is so fun
KBKarma: Bluth?
KBKarma: Don Bluth
Brozard: ^
Angnor33: ^^
iris_of_ether: I saw Rockadoodle in theaters....
Lysander_salamander: Rats of Nimnh?
KBKarma: Yeah, Don Bluth did Rock-a-Doodle. And Rats of NIMH.
DigitalSeahorse: Oliver the doge
Metric_Furlong: oh wait a minute, might have something
DigitalSeahorse: I think
KBKarma: I saw Rock-a-Doodle when I was but a youth. I can't recall much of it.
bytecaster: Why not both
DigitalSeahorse: SHOE
TehAmelie: Christian priests are all magicians, aren't they?
Metric_Furlong: oh we're actually doing gonin-ish then? neat
Metric_Furlong: you're in for a ... time
KBKarma: Excuse me *what*.
TheMerricat: The Magic Christian is the Beatles movie that has the Racheal Welch as the whip mistress of a slave gallery of naked women....
Lysander_salamander: That's not the one where he plays an man from India?
TXC2: sounded great until you got that last name
KBKarma: Yup! Kills ya pretty dead.
TehAmelie: don't put improperly folded proteins in your pipe
Akaiatana: That's the only way you get Prion Knowledge
DigitalSeahorse: The STUFF is silly
DigitalSeahorse: dead silly
Akaiatana: It's Trot Pilgrim.
Riiiiiiis: that's the center of boyancy
TehAmelie: X-Horse from X-Force
DigitalSeahorse: hehe Canon
Riiiiiiis: bouyancy?
DigitalSeahorse: the camera brand
Riiiiiiis: bayujjansy?
TXC2: the Stuff AKA what if yogurt was evil and tried to kill you
Boopity: The x is a bulb if this horse were an electrical diagram
RealGamerCow: Akira bike/horse
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh
TehAmelie: i don't know if i've thanked you Alex for recommending Rubber
TXC2: or the goo from Ghostbusters 2, but good
TheWriterAleph: Rubber is amazing
DigitalSeahorse: "You've bearly touched your STUFF. Eat it!"
FITorion: the killer tire movie?
KBKarma: There was some film I watched as a youth which was, as I recall, religious Christmas propaganda.
Metric_Furlong: was rubber the one about the tyre that can kill people?
TXC2: Metric_Furlong yes
DigitalSeahorse: it's good to watch while you're wide awake and able to focus
TehAmelie: the evil psychokinetic car tire, yes
Lysander_salamander: sounds familiar
Brozard: I thought Wrong was their next movie
DigitalSeahorse: Pearl
Akaiatana: Movie mashup: 'Rubber' meets 'The Road'
KBKarma: I need to finish watching that, actually.
DigitalSeahorse: Alex's honse is so fuzzy
DigitalSeahorse: that was a good movie
DigitalSeahorse: Labyrinth is ART
aiamethyst: I assume it was a maze rather than a labyrinth
Lysander_salamander: sort of mumblecore sureality
Tempest2097: Dave Made A Maze was good
TehAmelie: John Dies at the End was a pretty underrated movie i think
Lysander_salamander: Was it made by the same folks that did Being John Malkcovitch?
DigitalSeahorse: Dave Made a Maze is art and super creative
DigitalSeahorse: a must see
NorthstarTex: Good afternoon horse drawers
TXC2: hello NorthstarTex welcome
Metric_Furlong: hello NorthstarTex
DigitalSeahorse: tightass?
DigitalSeahorse: lol
Riiiiiiis: Am I the only one who mostly watches movies I've seen before and know I like?
Metric_Furlong: Titus
DigitalSeahorse: Titus
DandyGeek: she was also involved in the spider-man musical
Metric_Furlong: Titus Andronychus being Shakespeare's edgiest play
TXC2: Riiiiiiis no, most people do that
DigitalSeahorse: V dock?
DigitalSeahorse: Vidocq?
Riiiiiiis: fair, was just curious
Riiiiiiis: and also, good night peeps
TXC2: so long Riiiiiiis sleep well
Akaiatana: I don't think I can recommend Mad God, but it's very weird. It has nothing to say and its scenes have no connection to one another.
DigitalSeahorse: HONSE pill
Akaiatana: I was excited for it until I watched it.
Tempest2097: @Akaiatana Yeah I saw trailers and was like "Oh wow this looks awesome" but the minute I heard there was no dialogue or subtitles I was like.... yeah nah.
TXC2: i'm trying to think of obscure movies I've seen, and all I can come up with is Riki-oh :p
TehAmelie: i have an uncanny ability to know if i'm gonna like a movie in avance. think the last movie i regretted spending time on was Cradle 2 the Grave
Metric_Furlong: the part from 8:25 onwards? yeah, it's like that
LordZarano: lrrHAM lrrHORN ?
DigitalSeahorse: record each crew member saying lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM
Tempest2097: Akira
Lysander_salamander: Tetsuoooooo
DigitalSeahorse: sad for what?
DigitalSeahorse: it too blurry
TehAmelie: a horse called Tetsuo
DigitalSeahorse: bad for....
Tempest2097: Education
DigitalSeahorse: ah
Lysander_salamander: ok that would be cool
Lysander_salamander: Kind of like the wild west version of Harlock
Tempest2097: Yeah I've only seen it subbed.
Boopity: Dubs sure have gone a _long_ way :D
Tempest2097: For a reason
Boopity: Good meme LUL
TehAmelie: by the way was i the only one who got the impression Tetsuo wasn't any kind of mutant but the drugs he was on made him give a false positive and then they broke his brain to give him powers
LurkerSpine: I feel like the Yu Yu Hakusho demonstrates that dubs can be superior at times
Lysander_salamander: I haven't seen Yu Yu Hakusho yet
DigitalSeahorse: that's a good flesh tone pencil
Metric_Furlong: it's another Shirow adaptation
Lysander_salamander: I still need to see patlabor
DigitalSeahorse: for white ppl I mean
Akaiatana: Black Magic M66 sounds like a microphone model.
Boopity: It really does
DigitalSeahorse: cooooooool
KBKarma: Sounds like a hard cel.
Boopity: LUL
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh
Metric_Furlong: @KBKarma boo
Metric_Furlong: boooo
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh nothing at all
KBKarma: You boo me because you didn't think of it first.
TXC2: "nothing at all, nothing at all! NOTHING AT ALL!"
Metric_Furlong: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
DigitalSeahorse: fresh
Metric_Furlong: Bees!
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE seabatClap
TXC2: live bees!
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh PrideLaugh PrideLaugh
KBKarma: Beez?
TehAmelie: loading bees
Boopity: B B b b B
DigitalSeahorse: PrideFloat PrideCute PrideFloat PrideCute PrideUwu
Boopity: @TehAmelie Oh no, how long has it been since those bees have been let out :(
TXC2: right chat I'm off
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Cori and Alex
TehAmelie: in hindsight James Cameron really missed a big opportunity when he made Arnold Schwarzenegger his sexy robot instead of like, Grace Jones
beowuuf: night!
Boopity: Good night TXC2!
KBKarma: @TXC2 Night!
beowuuf: i do like his first idea was lance hendrickson
Metric_Furlong: @TehAmelie no one would have bought Grace Jones getting destroyed
TehAmelie: hmm point
Metric_Furlong: she radiates too much power
TehAmelie: she would have had to win
TehAmelie: would take some rewrites
KBKarma: Haha! I've found the film I was thinking of earlier, and then another one!
Metric_Furlong: congrats
DigitalSeahorse: PrideCute PridePog PrideCute
TehAmelie: gasp
KBKarma: Oh, not today's CTS.
Metric_Furlong: no, next week
Metric_Furlong: this week is... some fps thing?
KBKarma: But yeah. Turns out the film I was thinking of wasn't religious propaganda. But the *other* one I remembered was!
Metric_Furlong: yay?
KBKarma: Eh.
KBKarma: They're both... not very good, I think.
DigitalSeahorse: PrideFloat PrideFloat PrideFloat
DigitalSeahorse: PrideCute PrideCute PrideCute
KBKarma: What's the sample from?
Metric_Furlong: I have no idea
LordZarano: @Metric_Furlong Destructible terrain voxel fps but not Ace of Spades a different one. iirc
TehAmelie: this song is pure original Cori, if memory serves
TehAmelie: hi again
DigitalSeahorse: colourful waters
beowuuf: danger drinks
Boopity: Watercolors, the medium that doesn't give a fuck
TehAmelie: ooh
DigitalSeahorse: Molly is a jem
Boopity: It is iconic thb
Metric_Furlong: it's ~*Iconic*~
KBKarma: I semi-recently discovered that Molly Lewis isn't Molly Lewis, and vice versa.
Boopity: The music needs to take a long nap before it can be made again
TehAmelie: the Molly Lewis who's the first one you see on wikipedia is the one
LurkerSpine: those music streams are also great. We learned Nelly plays trombone
KBKarma: YES
KBKarma: I did not know that at the time.
KBKarma: And had forgotten what she looked like.
Boopity: LUL
Metric_Furlong: Molly Lewis isn't a proffessional whistler, but Molly Lewis is
KBKarma: Then I saw her, then I saw the video, and... oh.
bytecaster: A tiny paper cut of the mind
TehAmelie: then there's a basketballer too i think but who can keep track
NorthstarTex: Whats the theme today?
KBKarma: Query: is instrumental stuff okay?
TehAmelie: of all the Molly Lewi
bytecaster: @NorthstarTex Coloring books with pencil crayons and rebellious water colors.
Metric_Furlong: oh good
Tempest2097: I mean the longest song I've ever listened to was Mirror Reaper by Bell Witch
Metric_Furlong: (I have songs in english that are longer as well. plus at least one instrumental that's even longer)
Boopity: @TehAmelie I assume that's a typo, but I'd like to think Lewi is the plural of Lewis
Tempest2097: Which was like, 1:23:15
TehAmelie: i'm almost sure it is
corianderd: Oasis falling Down Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Mix
Metric_Furlong: oh yeah, Mirror Reaper: the Album that's one track
Tempest2097: @Metric_Furlong It doesn't even fit on one CD
KBKarma: I remember watching that and enjoying it.
KBKarma: It's a great series.
Metric_Furlong: Oasis: they're quite listenably
Metric_Furlong: *listenable
KBKarma: Oh hell yes.
Metric_Furlong: yeah, I too remember whatching the series and mostly enjoying it
Tempest2097: I kind of like long songs more than short ones TBH
Tempest2097: Just give me a good 20+ minutes to get in the groove
Metric_Furlong: I also remember watching the movie.
KBKarma: Ergo Proxy used Radiohead's Paranoid Android as the closing theme.
Metric_Furlong: @KBKarma they did indeed
KBKarma: Which was the first time I'd ever heard Radiohead.
Boopity: Speaking of non-english songs, has anyone here played Venba? That OST is BANGING
LordZarano: Molly has a drop down on their contact page to select which Molly Lewis you are trying to contact
TehAmelie: i like a song that's just as long as it has to be. can be two minutes or 20
KBKarma: Something something Godspeed.
LordZarano: "Molly Lewis - Ukulele Player / Song-Writer / Online Personality" or
KBKarma: On which topic:
TehAmelie: oh dang that's good
TehAmelie: can we name the horse Godspeed?
LordZarano: "((Molly Lewis, classical whistler)) – OOPS this is not her website and I'm in the wrong place! I meant to go to & will do so now. Thanks for your help, goodbye!!"
Metric_Furlong: the pan flutes are a nice touch, imo
KBKarma: @TehAmelie Well, no-one else has come up with a name, so why not.
Metric_Furlong: in the oasis remix
TehAmelie: i think i learned everything i know about your city's counter-culture from LRR videos about fake gang wars
TehAmelie: i figure Alex has the last word on the name
KBKarma: True true.
Boopity: All (and i mean ALL) of my Canadian knowledge comes from LRR LUL
KBKarma: (at least, *an* Alex)
TehAmelie: the other Alex
KBKarma: Oh. That makes more sense.
TehAmelie: at least say your name isn't Alex Steacy or this will get silly
KBKarma: It is not.
TehAmelie: that horse looks like it's from Doctor McNinja
DigitalSeahorse: muscle horse
KBKarma: The head of that horse is *way* too large for its body, I think.
KBKarma: And its body is so *long*.
Boopity: This horse looks _tired_
LordZarano: Stupid? On Horse Club? *Gasp* Say it ain't so!
Boopity: Which, same
DigitalSeahorse: CHONSE chonky horse
TehAmelie: a horse that was just never even considered for the most rad title in Radical Land
DigitalSeahorse: or skinless horse
Metric_Furlong: now, how much more non-english language artists do I have that I haven't posted in previous streams and are singing in an actual recognised language instead of a language-resembling set of sounds they invented themselves
LordZarano: Contourse?
Boopity: Would a woodgrain horse be sturdier than an ordinary horse?
DigitalSeahorse: 90 year old wrinkle horse
Metric_Furlong: (and who's songs are up on youtube in some capacity)
zeathean: this is very quickly becoming the can draw horses club
LordZarano: Conthourse?
TehAmelie: Metric did you see ?
KBKarma: @zeathean No one is drawing horses!
TehAmelie: someone who might appreciate it
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie yes, although I'm sticking to stuff from my own library for these purposes
bytecaster: @KBKarma Exactly, the horses were already there, those are not our fault!
KBKarma: precisely!
KBKarma: They came pre-drawn!
Boopity: We are... adding to the horse
Boopity: Can Append Horses Club
TehAmelie: i beheld a chonky horse, and the name of that horse was Vivisection
TemporallyAwry: I feel like me might not be "adding" to the horse lrrSPOOP
Metric_Furlong: @TehAmelie I do appreciate the site though
LordZarano: Or are we... removing from the horse?
TehAmelie: yay
DigitalSeahorse: contour lines horse
TehAmelie: a kind of a question of how content is measured eh
TehAmelie: a smaller brain with more wrinkles can have much more information, like
bytecaster: Topological honse
Boopity: @TehAmelie Using algorithms that no one seems to know how they actually work Kappa
bytecaster: Welcome to can't shrimp to much club.
bytecaster: *too
Metric_Furlong: okay, I do have some Bulgarian World Fusion (only a mere 7 minutes 47 seconds long)
LordZarano: Attack on Titanorse
KBKarma: Music for a Forgotten Future, by Mogwai. Possibly their longest song at 23 minutes. It was recorded for an art exhibit.
Metric_Furlong: KBKarma oh yeah, that's a fun one
Tempest2097: @KBKarma Huh, says it's not available for me
Metric_Furlong: I'd say what I like to imagine when I'm listening to it, but I don't want to influence people who might listen to it for the first time
DigitalSeahorse: xD
TehAmelie: that's art
Boopity: LUL
Metric_Furlong: also, this oasis remix is pretty good so far
TehAmelie: (f)art
DigitalSeahorse: F art
bytecaster: That IS a classic choice!
LordZarano: Press F to art
DigitalSeahorse: HOW
TehAmelie: what color should a fart definitely not be? a howling brink cerise maybe?
DigitalSeahorse: the fuck
TehAmelie: bright
DigitalSeahorse: did I press mute and not realize til now
KBKarma: @Metric_Furlong Mogwai do some great tracks. I need to listen to their new album some more. From what I recall, Ceiling Granny was pretty good.
DigitalSeahorse: >.<
Boopity: @DigitalSeahorse LUL
DigitalSeahorse: I had my mute on
Boopity: "Why are they silently lip syncing"
Metric_Furlong: @KBKarma neat. I don't think I've actually listened to much from then since...
TehAmelie: well we still have the tapes
DigitalSeahorse: I'll have to visit VOD for what you said during that
Metric_Furlong: hang on, checking
DigitalSeahorse: hehehhehhe
Metric_Furlong: 2013?!
KBKarma: Good heavens!
Metric_Furlong: jesus I'm old
DigitalSeahorse: usually Wheeler tells those
LordZarano: @DigitalSeahorse Typing without the chat box selected and pressed m?
DigitalSeahorse: yup I must have
KBKarma: @Metric_Furlong Not sure what your definition of "old" is, but I'm pretty sure I'd meet that definition as well.
TehAmelie: this horse is coarse. looks like it wants sandpaper
DigitalSeahorse: I wanna disable that if I figure out how to disable m for mute
Metric_Furlong: @KBKarma "a number of years past 30" in this case
Tempest2097: Scat?
Boopity: Breathing percussively is an excellent combination of words
TehAmelie: an unexplored land west of skat?
Tempest2097: Beatboxing?
bytecaster: If we pretend long enough, it can eventually be!
v_nome: I think it should be called flautulence
KBKarma: @Metric_Furlong Ayup, I meet that description as well. In fact, I'm a bit over halfway to 40.
iris_of_ether: "Hocus Pocus by Focus, Live"
Boopity: @v_nome Booooo LUL
DigitalSeahorse: the old grey mare ain't what she used to be
Metric_Furlong: @KBKarma time relentlessly drags us all
LordZarano: @v_nome escher3PUN
TehAmelie: *saxophone gently squeaks*
FatherandSonHomesteadGame: @loadingreadyrun that looks freaking amazing, I’ve followed y’all for a while but just now saying howdy 🤠
KBKarma: @Metric_Furlong I'd appreciate if the bastard would at the very least let me live past fifty.
Metric_Furlong: (although according to a number of people I look about 5 years younger than I actually am so... I guess 'moisturising works' is the takeaway)
Metric_Furlong: @KBKarma such is the hope, yes
TehAmelie: it is a finely textured horse
FatherandSonHomesteadGame: @loadingreadyrun we live in the horse capital of Texas so we love the horse 🐴
SquareDotCube: Eheeheheeheehhehe pianist
bytecaster: marbled honse
Tempest2097: Muscle horse
KBKarma: @Metric_Furlong Currently, getting past another few years is looking pretty unlikely.
DigitalSeahorse: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! And you don't even need to be subbed or anything! You can join here:
bytecaster: anatomhonse
Metric_Furlong: @KBKarma I'm sorry to hear that
Tempest2097: Horse anatomy
bytecaster: Is that allowed?
TehAmelie: horse carcass?
iris_of_ether: Alas, I have no new cursed horses to share
KBKarma: @Metric_Furlong Hopefully, the hospital will call me in, do surgery unto me, and then (eventually) things will be better.
LordZarano: What would be the best instrument to play awkward_fart.wav on?
TehAmelie: we love reference
KBKarma: @Metric_Furlong And thank you. lrrSHINE
bytecaster: @TehAmelie reference, almost as good as callback
Boopity: @LordZarano The buttcheeks are a sort of instrument
Tempest2097: Hurdy Gurdy
TehAmelie: the human mouth
TehAmelie: (or butt)
iris_of_ether: The mouthpiece of a brass instrument
bytecaster: I'd say we go with the classic, the well-tempered butt
Metric_Furlong: @KBKarma I hope they do; and that you'll keep getting some good days while you're waiting
KBKarma: @Tempest2097 The hurdy gurdy would actually be quite bad for that. It sounds like multiple string instruments playing all at once. A woodwind or brass would be best.
SquareDotCube: Bagpipes
Tempest2097: Sometimes I just want to hear a Hurdy Gurdy fart and that's okay
Boopity: A reed..?
Metric_Furlong: @Boopity no, those are for woodwinds
TehAmelie: hmm farts that sound like bagpipes, there's a joke idea
teaspoonC: reed iirc
DigitalSeahorse: reed is the wooden bit
Boopity: Oh, nvm then LUL
KBKarma: @Metric_Furlong My family and friends are taking me on holidays. The part I'm not quite saying out loud is that they could possibly be a sort of bucket list for me. Like "I've never been to X, or done Y."
NorthstarTex: reed or something that the reed goes in?
Tempest2097: I know I make a whistling when I breathe
KBKarma: Overall, I've been trying to actually enjoy life until the surgery.
iris_of_ether: Brass instruments don't have reeds
DigitalSeahorse: mouth piece is all I remember from trumpet lessons before I quit
Tempest2097: I had a surgery that turned my skull into a bad flute a little.
FatherandSonHomesteadGame: @loadingreadyrun I was born without my left hand so I started a Twitch channel to show everyone how I paint warhammer with one hand, want to show folks anything is possible!!!
Mushbie: @iris_of_ether saxophones do
Boopity: Music. Achieved.
KBKarma: Hello!
KBKarma: I did.
iris_of_ether: I thought saxes are classified as woodwinds...
Metric_Furlong: kbkarma did
Mushbie: @iris_of_ether oh they might be
Metric_Furlong: I also posted some bulgrian world fusion a little earlier
Boopity: Foiled by territorial copyright
Metric_Furlong: *bulgarian
Metric_Furlong: which isn't Mogwai, but it is music
KBKarma: @Metric_Furlong lrrSHINE
Mushbie: just looked it up, they are woodwinds
Metric_Furlong: @iris_of_ether they are, yes
TehAmelie: @FatherandSonHomesteadGame respect
iris_of_ether: Anyway don't look at me, I'm just a lapsed percussionist :D
FatherandSonHomesteadGame: @tehamelie thank you so much!
KBKarma: Don't look at me, I'm a failed hurdy gurdyist.
TehAmelie: just call it the trumet-tooty tooter
Tempest2097: I agree Alex, it did need fangs.
DigitalSeahorse: droooly fangs
Metric_Furlong: Music for a forgotten future: it's about as happy as the title sounds
Boopity: @Metric_Furlong Oh, I guess that makes sense. They are woodwinds _because_ they use reeds LUL
KBKarma: (I made a hurdy gurdy with my brother, but the damn thing doesn't work properly and needs to be looked at)
TehAmelie: snaggly fangs
iris_of_ether: lunarj1Fangs
iris_of_ether: I assure you that the opposite is true. I am an insufferable tapper
Boopity: I feel like I've seen this horse in Elden Ring
TehAmelie: is this a Fleshmad Steed?
LordZarano: Yeh it's just "Mouthpiece" and it goes into the "Mouthpiece Receiver" on the "Leadpipe"
iris_of_ether: Excellent nuckalavee(?) no notes
Boopity: 10/10 would not go near it. Although I wouldn't go near a regular horse either...
iris_of_ether: I think that's the skinless myth horse?
TehAmelie: sure it would work as art for some spoopy Magic horse card
GapFiller: there any kinda theme to todays music suggestions today?
Tempest2097: Yeah this horse is metal as fuck
bytecaster: @TehAmelie Does this horse go into aristocrats?
Boopity: You ever just so good, the paper refuses to let the ink bleed through?
TehAmelie: don't see why not
DigitalSeahorse: the curle on the back attracts my eye
Tempest2097: Might have to use that as a monster in a D&D game now.
ThorSokar: composNotes Alex cheats at coloring... somehow stewsNotes
bytecaster: Your ink bleeds through? Skill issue, I guess
DigitalSeahorse: nobody braided his tail today
Boopity: LUL
Tempest2097: Lowres horse
Boopity: They ran out of budget for detail by this point
TehAmelie: this horse needs a few years to mature i think
Metric_Furlong: we've had en-honsed, this is unen-honsed
DigitalSeahorse: meanwhile it's eye looks far more horselike than the mandala horse
cloudeon5: Now I'm far from an expert but that looks like a horse
TehAmelie: some angelic unicorn material here maybe
TehAmelie: or a glass horse?
KBKarma: @cloudeon5 Currently.
bytecaster: Are we doing horses for the four horsemen of the apocalypse?
DigitalSeahorse: muffler
matthaus_c: the four horsemen are, in fact, four horse men
bytecaster: @matthaus_c As in centaurs?
Boopity: Or satyrs?
Boopity: What ratio of horse to human
TehAmelie: i did get a little doomsday prophecy that the name of the last one was Vivisection. but that's none of the classical horses. . .
matthaus_c: how about like satyrs but they also have horse heads
Boopity: That's just a horse on two legs
TehAmelie: we can have our own apocalypse, with fun riders and horsies
Metric_Furlong: kind of like a centaur, except the human half is just another, smaller, horse half
matthaus_c: @Boopity but with human arms and fingies
Boopity: @matthaus_c O-OH...
matthaus_c: like that time in Regular Show when the deer takes its hoof gloves out
TehAmelie: ah now it seems to become some kind of Tyrant frankenstein cyborg zombie horse
DigitalSeahorse: lol hip face
iris_of_ether: My pal forwarded me art of a centaur and Medusa looking out lovingly at their child, a girl with tiny horse heads for hair
Boopity: Now that's a true friend
TehAmelie: aww
bytecaster: @iris_of_ether A tiny horgon
TehAmelie: can we see it?
iris_of_ether: Gimme one sec to find it haha
KeytarCat: @iris_of_ether My pal sent me that, too!
matthaus_c: @iris_of_ether I... I must see this
iris_of_ether: I don't have Insta so hopefully this works:
Tempest2097: It works, wow
matthaus_c: that rules
TehAmelie: haha
Boopity: That child... is going to have SO MUCH neck pain
TehAmelie: neck muscles like Herakles
bytecaster: Those horse heads are bigger than I expected.
KeytarCat: Achilles neck
Boopity: Same LUL For some reason I expected them to be slender like snakes
Boopity: But actually that would be horrifying
TehAmelie: i would easily believe there are Giger-made cryptids roaming midland Europe
bytecaster: At what head size of your multiple additional heads do you become a hydra?
KBKarma: Oh no, Alex has gone full Herzog.
matthaus_c: its mouth parts in four directions
Boopity: @TehAmelie It's true - source: live in midland Europe
FatherandSonHomesteadGame: Not sure if you saw my message earlier or not but I was born without my left hand so I started a Twitch channel to show everyone how I paint warhammer with one hand, want to show folks anything is possible!!! @loadingreadyrun
iris_of_ether: Hahahaha
Boopity: Vaginifix
Mysticman89: intersecting vulva is much less likely to upset the censors.
TehAmelie: double the vagina, add some blasphemy, and NOW it's fine with the censors
matthaus_c: I wonder how you find the clit in that
bytecaster: Cookie is always worth it
Boopity: That hip face has big face on the moon energy
Boopity: Or mars, rather
bytecaster: @TehAmelie Gotta get the censor to overflow to a negative value
TehAmelie: when you mention it, it looks a little like the "face" of Mars
Tempest2097: @matthaus_c Quadruple
DigitalSeahorse: Cori desinging what a cat fart smells like if it were visual
jessicaengle: Hello
Metric_Furlong: hello jessicaengle
Metric_Furlong: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
jessicaengle: Coloring in stoic silence today I see.
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
bytecaster: Will we ever find out who really dealt it? Was it who smelt it or someone else? Tune in again after the break!
GapFiller: while we on break is Cori still taking music suggestions?
corianderd: yes
TheAinMAP: PrideFloat PrideCute
Metric_Furlong: okay, I think I've found 2 more non-english language artists in my library who's stuff is on youtube
Metric_Furlong: after that I'll have to start repeating musicians
TehAmelie: i might as well throw in a classic Swedish tune that's about 50% made up words
DarthRagnar815: PrideFloat PridePog PrideCute PrideLaugh PrideUwu
TehAmelie: well, made up by the singer
KBKarma: Hmmm... OK, here's a good one. Mullally, by And So I Watch You From Afar.
bytecaster: All words are made up
TehAmelie: exactly
GapFiller: meanwhile heres some CanCon
DigitalSeahorse: b b b b b b B b b b
DigitalSeahorse: PridePog
DigitalSeahorse: PrideUwu PrideFloat PrideCute PrideFloat PrideCute
Boopity: Words so made up that only the creators know them Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: PrideCute PrideCute PrideFloat PrideUwu
KBKarma: Ah, here's another good one. I Am S/h(im)e[r] As You Am S/h(im)e[r] As You Are Me and We Am I and I Are All Our Together: Our Collective Consciousness' Psychogenic Fugue, by Giraffes? Giraffes!
DigitalSeahorse: I bought a buncle of cat puzzle games
DigitalSeahorse: Cats Hidden in Paris is cute and has easter eggs
KBKarma: Spoiler: I'm basically just gonna be linking to instrumental music.
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GapFiller: defacement implies orthodoxy
TehAmelie: huh, Outremer. that's horse country. coincidence?
matthaus_c: I like the kitty toot
bytecaster: @GapFiller horsodoxy
DigitalSeahorse: stream of consiousness doodles
LordZarano: This is a really cool way of using a colouring book
ThorSokar: how about no lyrics?
TehAmelie: reformist horse stanceism represent
Boopity: Meanwhile, me listening to the same 3 albums I have for the past few years
Metric_Furlong: oh instrumentals work too? nvm, I've got material for at least another entire stream then
ThorSokar: I'm pretty sure I would just stop listening to music if I was stuck with 3
Boopity: Oh I'm not saying they're particularly good, I'm just too lazy to curate my music LUL
KBKarma: Oh. I actually have a non-instrumental suggestion! Hamsáfár, composed by Christopher Tin and performed by Sussan Deyhim. ttps://
Metric_Furlong: @Boopity okay, but what are they? :p
GapFiller: eight recordings
KBKarma: It is fucking *beautiful*
gsyhiap: eight music tracks, a book and a luxury item
GapFiller: plus a book and a luxury item of their choice
DigitalSeahorse: my choice would be songs teaching me how to survive and thrive on an island
TehAmelie: apropos nothing, have any artists here tried the holding the pen/brush/stylus with just the tips of your thumb, first and second fingers technique? forces you to work from the shoulder. super irritating to practice.
KBKarma: Right, I've fired off my musical suggestions, and now I am going to hie myself to bed. Have a good time y'all!
DigitalSeahorse: newsprint quality
Metric_Furlong: goodnight KBKarma
LordZarano: I found this really cool picture of a real horse painted to show where its muscles are
beowuuf: man, can you imagine if you found out, after escaping the desert island, that actually the accident that caused you to crash was the end of the world, and now all the culture you have left o live with is escaping manuals?
DigitalSeahorse: Alex mumbled something
ThorSokar: non-english: FEUERSCHWANZ no-lyrics: Dance With the Dead
Metric_Furlong: the luxury item is not allowed to be 'a boat' or similar
TehAmelie: i'd settle for a mechanical typewriter with supplies
WowoT: so i came here to not see horses... because we can't draw them..... but all i see is a really big horse
TemporallyAwry: The Special Horse Meth? PrideHeyyy
GapFiller: mmm horse ket
TehAmelie: i don't know but my guess would be Giger was too busy to know or care anything about drugs
Boopity: The three albums are Ghost City and Younger Years both by Delta Sleep; and Piano EP by Yvette Young :P
DigitalSeahorse: Motorhorse
DigitalSeahorse: >.<
DigitalSeahorse: can't hear him
jessicaengle: Mi yo hoy minoy?
Boopity: Looks at the size of those tracks Kreygasm
Boopity: LUL
ThorSokar: The tallest of chairs
Boopity: Do you think chairs look at ladders and get insecure about their height?
ThorSokar: AM Cori OK?
Boopity: ALEX
DigitalSeahorse: if your period is blue you might be an alien
TehAmelie: another question we'll never get answered until Greendale Community College's course "Ladders" becomes real
DigitalSeahorse: or doing a napkin commercial
DigitalSeahorse: it was Jordyne
FITorion: what?
Boopity: Oh, THAT
TehAmelie: you think they used to test napkins with blue jello to simulate snot? naah
Boopity: @FITorion I believe it was something along the lines of "they have only recently started using blood to test the absorbancy of tampons"
bytecaster: Cat vomiting is best as an audio-visual experience
DigitalSeahorse: yuuuuup
beowuuf: reminds me of the toilet flush testing, a sample uk factory had just used a huge marble rather than anything more representative
DigitalSeahorse: powdered sharpies?
TehAmelie: marbles? that's a bad dooker
GapFiller: beowuuf tbf the marble was prob easier to get ahold of
DigitalSeahorse: coloured
DigitalSeahorse: your lamp is lampooning you
TehAmelie: is this a portrait of the world's most tattooed horse?
Atarra: I feel like at some point these kinds of products need, well, actual product testing
Metric_Furlong: horse is to lamp what lamp is to moth
TehAmelie: wait probably horses don't like tattoos. but henna or something
GapFiller: nalvLUL
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh
inconsideratehat: No, Alex, it's a horse not a deer
DigitalSeahorse: ssandSAD muddy the mic
Boopity: LUL
DigitalSeahorse: thanks
DigitalSeahorse: yes pls
UtilityPunk: The Path - Zoe Keating is a mood
DigitalSeahorse: I should draw a bunch of this stuff to later have for clolouring
DigitalSeahorse: cLOLouring
ThorSokar: sounds cool
Boopity: Paper getting that sweet vindication rn
iris_of_ether: So my mind went from "using those spandex tattoo sleeves on hairless cats to make them look tattooed" straight to "full horse sleeve"
TehAmelie: hey, i know that artist. Zoe Keating's Into the Trees was the last album i bought
inconsideratehat: You end up ignoring ants
DigitalSeahorse: they'll Igg Nore you
bytecaster: This is my buddy, who can levitate
GapFiller: nalvHi hai background Ian
TehAmelie: slamming the brakes? that's probably a thing?
DigitalSeahorse: one of my exes was good at that
DigitalSeahorse: make up stuff then later say that was made up
bytecaster: If you get frozen easily, I recommend investing into some equipment with high cold resistance!
Boopity: Yeah, I listened to this one and I was like "WHAT. IS THIS"
DigitalSeahorse: is*
iris_of_ether: Good LRL. Hopefully your gin will recover
Metric_Furlong: Nihilist Spasm Band are aptly named
TehAmelie: i gues the word should be "going tharn", as the animals in Watership Down calls the deer-in-headlight status
Boopity: Whenever there's improv on LRL, it's always the best kind of chaos
Metric_Furlong: it has kazoo
GapFiller: somebody on another channel said this sounded like an Ian LRL bit
DigitalSeahorse: color with ohohu?
iris_of_ether: Por que no los dos
BrowneePoints: The band recorded all their parts separately with no click track as a test obvs
Metric_Furlong: "ahhh"
TehAmelie: good lettering, good lettering
iris_of_ether: unarmeTried
DigitalSeahorse: Governm ENT
GapFiller: governmen T
TehAmelie: a radical horse
iris_of_ether: I'm still happy we got an emote out of Horse Club
Boopity: The song was recorded during covid over discord Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: ssandMOD
ThorSokar: hahaha
Boopity: This title is _ridiculous_
Metric_Furlong: I assure you, it is quite diculous
Boopity: "What's your favorite song?" "Oh, well it's I am S/H(im)e[r] As you Am..."
TehAmelie: the Man don't tell this horse where the lines go
whitefirecomix: Horse about to start singing the Black Parade
Metric_Furlong: (to quote an old lrr vid)
Boopity: Whoa
iris_of_ether: Shrorse!
Metric_Furlong: (well, paraphrase rather than quote, if you want to get technical)
Boopity: First we had Kirby to Dog, now we have Horse to Donkkey
Boopity: What other forbidden alchemy will be taught to us on CDHC?
DigitalSeahorse: give it cat eye liner
BrowneePoints: First, change a couple of chromosomes
whitefirecomix: I admit nothing!
iris_of_ether: !clip
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Tempest2097: You ever really think about the fact that the Father in The Black Parade is putting too much on his child?
Tempest2097: That's a lot of pressure to live up to.
BrowneePoints: He said, Foal when, you grow up, will you be, the Carrier of Legs Broken, the beaten and the damn(tired)
TehAmelie: i learned like yesterday MCR formed right after 9/11. never would have thought Black Parade was not written in the early mid 1990s
DigitalSeahorse: Never Again
jessieimproved: Ah that old chestnut. It sucked for us and so it shall suck for you.
Tempest2097: I mean I know it now
BrowneePoints: He wrote the comic
iris_of_ether: I feel like I would have listened to Black Parade if it existed in high school
BrowneePoints: And yeah he did a doom patrol run too
Tempest2097: I mean I was big into Nu-metal back in the day
Boopity: Shh keep all of your fun facts for until this bit appears again on LRL LUL
Metric_Furlong: despite not listening to MCR nor reading Doom Patrol I somehow I already knew that
ThorSokar: So is this horse really in to 500?
BrowneePoints: Who is Kaneda?
TehAmelie: i'm afraid of overdosing on Morrison
Metric_Furlong: I think TehAmelie is reading enough to compensate for those who aren't Kappa
BrowneePoints: Morrison uses they them right?
TehAmelie: *sweat drop*
BrowneePoints: I think morrison came out NB right?
TehAmelie: yes
MrQBear: Warren Ellis was next wave
saintniklausofpwood: UK 90s kid here, Marvel and DC were too expensive for me. We read 2000AD instead.
MrQBear: Next wave DOES rule.
TehAmelie: we'd like to forget who wrote Warren Ellis' stuff
Metric_Furlong: yeah, who did some... not so good stuff outside of writing things, shall we say
BrowneePoints: That's what I thought. Was a big thing of Morrison coming out NB and chuds being angy
Metric_Furlong: @BrowneePoints when aren't the chuds being angry?
saintniklausofpwood: @metric_furlong That sounds like a trap...
saintniklausofpwood: Or a riddle
Metric_Furlong: it was a rhetorical question, but I suppose it could be multi-purpose
saintniklausofpwood: Rhetorical, eh?
BrowneePoints: But yeah I just remembered cuz Frank Miller is a shittass Alan Moore is a misanthropic weirdo, but Grant is still a decent person and Also under the queer umbrella
Boopity: LUL
Metric_Furlong: yeah, this'd count as being broardly prog
Boopity: Math rock?
Metric_Furlong: prog's a pretty big umbrella
TehAmelie: that You Are Me and We am I line is from some Beatles thing, isn't it?
TehAmelie: either Beatles or Burroughs
BrowneePoints: Probably an I am the Walrus reference @tehamelie
Boopity: I love all of these detailed horses, and then there was just that skrunkly one earlier LUL
Boopity: No more chat for Cori
TehAmelie: noo we don't exist
Boopity: *fades away*
ThorSokar: "I can just leave?!"
iris_of_ether: The blue bird eats itself...
Boopity: Elongated Muskrat deevouring the blue bird
DigitalSeahorse: Barbie Horse?
iris_of_ether: Sauve
BrowneePoints: Resplendent
v_nome: Lovely?
TehAmelie: glorious
Angnor33: Some Horse
Boopity: very horse
ThorSokar: Turgid
BrowneePoints: Stoic
TehAmelie: Effulgent
BrowneePoints: Efflorescent
BrowneePoints: Effervescent
TehAmelie: ineffable
DigitalSeahorse: High Viscosity
ThorSokar: Pungent
DigitalSeahorse: xD
BrowneePoints: Invigorating
Boopity: @TehAmelie "Does that mean unfuckable"
TehAmelie: factory strength
DigitalSeahorse: Epoxy
TehAmelie: industrial strength i meant
ThorSokar: "Not Glue Material"
BrowneePoints: Proud
Juliamon: sublime
Tempest2097: Hoerse
Boopity: Not the Proprietary LUL
Metric_Furlong: okay, I have some Japanese dreampop/shoegaze
DigitalSeahorse: horse hoofs
Boopity: They're very condensed horses
ThorSokar: There's this thing called an industrial blender
GapFiller: idk how we're doing for time or song suggestions but heres a singer from Maple Ridge
TehAmelie: ouroboric
KeytarCat: Many bottle, Cori. Many bottle
Juliamon: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:55:18.
ThorSokar: Clop+
TehAmelie: Wicked
DigitalSeahorse: Unicorn Sans Horn
Boopity: Today I learned shoegaze is a genre that exists
iris_of_ether: Now I'm just remembering the Tumblr about PhD students trying to make linen armor with rabbit glue and giving their dog a fancy new chew toy
DigitalSeahorse: bully
DigitalSeahorse: double nef
DigitalSeahorse: neg
TehAmelie: is shoegaze music for heels?
ThorSokar: It's Cori's show and it's her prerogative to bully you if she wants
TehAmelie: or for your sole?
DigitalSeahorse: we all heard everything
Metric_Furlong: supposedly shoegaze is called that because it uses an so many effect pedals the guitarists would spend a lot of time looking down during performances
GapFiller: Metric_Furlong yep
LordZarano: She gets a little bit Genghis Kahn
GapFiller: and it was originally derogatory
Boopity: That makes sense
Tempest2097: Shakespoilers.
BrowneePoints: When Alex is streaming he's Titus AnDROIDicus
Boopity: Wtf I was in the middle of reading that! Kappa
TehAmelie: Khanate, that'd have been a good adjective
Metric_Furlong: and Shakespeare wrote a *lot* os sex jokes
BrowneePoints: Ope yep
KeytarCat: @BrowneePoints Outer Worlds uses that joke on one of their fake ad loading splashes!
Metric_Furlong: *of
Tempest2097: I MIGHT not be impartial when it comes to The Tempest.
BrowneePoints: They're boinking under the blanket
Tempest2097: Just a warning about any opinions I have about the play.
BrowneePoints: And I think Calaban goes under the blanket as well?
GapFiller: Neil Gaiman tapping The Tempest for Sandmans ending was pretty cool
BrowneePoints: It's been over a decade
GapFiller: got a soft spot for King Lear mysln due to Akira Kurosawas Ran
DigitalSeahorse: gory I'll bet
Metric_Furlong: @Tempest2097 what's your favourite Beethoven piece? Kappa
Tempest2097: @GapFiller I still need to see Ran, I saw Throne of Blood
GapFiller: which was not originally an adaptation until Kurosawa actually read the play and changed his movie to match it more
TehAmelie: i did a project on King Lear in high school and i still know almost everything i know about Shakespeare from Sandman
Tempest2097: @Metric_Furlong Tough tie between his 5th Symphony and his 9th TBH
ThorSokar: wouldn't northern canada be "in the fire"?
KeytarCat: I've only read the Atwood...adaptation? Metaframe? of The Tempest, Hag-seed
BrowneePoints: I did a soliloquy from Henry VI in college for my acting final and got a perfect. Was happy about that
Magnifisquatch: old timey insults and disparagements are the best
TehAmelie: solipsolidy
BrowneePoints: Solid Quay
DigitalSeahorse: squeeloquay
Metric_Furlong: side effects may include songlessness
GapFiller: v nice
BrowneePoints: Soliloquy is my favorite Moby Dick character
TehAmelie: it's very blue
iris_of_ether: Thank you very much for all the cats and horses
GapFiller: theyre good horseies
DigitalSeahorse: !Alex
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matthaus_c: ships! in space!
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aiamethyst: ice cream
iris_of_ether: I'm heading to pax!
Metric_Furlong: Pax West: it's happeneing
LordZarano: !mastodon
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TehAmelie: byee
TehAmelie: thanks for the stream too
LordZarano: !next
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Metric_Furlong: bye Cori, thanks for the stream
ThorSokar: composLove until next time
KeytarCat: Is Ian going into the office for this one, too?
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
LordZarano: escher3FOX
Metric_Furlong: bees!
Metric_Furlong: right, time to finish this Eva episode
LordZarano: escher3BEE escher3BEE
TehAmelie: get in that robot!
Metric_Furlong: you dad loves you, get in the robot
Metric_Furlong: *your dad
TehAmelie: and i mean all the way up in that robot
DigitalSeahorse: PrideFloat PrideCute PrideFloat PrideCute
TehAmelie: which is definitely not your mother
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh PrideUwu
DigitalSeahorse: PridePog PridePog PridePog
Metric_Furlong: relevant crapshot
TehAmelie: nice
Boopity: And also the cH episode where Ian and Kathleen do a Eva rewatch podcast
iris_of_ether: That's such a great episode
DigitalSeahorse: that sketch where they have a box of live bees
TehAmelie: oh dear, that's why Nerv security got butchered. . .
LordZarano: Also relevant Crapshot
TehAmelie: so weird. my recommended videos after The Weapon 3 is 11 different LRR skits and a yoga instruction video
DigitalSeahorse: two days left for Lackadaisy fans to backer for card game and plushies and such
TehAmelie: completely disconnected from any algorithmic relation i can imagine
DigitalSeahorse: I shall eventually take a photo of the Lackadaisy plushies playing the card game
KeytarCat: I was into Lackadaisy for a bit, good to know it's extant
Juliamon: it had a very good short film and has an upcoming miniseries too
DigitalSeahorse: the animated short pilot is so pretty
TehAmelie: the series has shattered all projections for their kickstarter goals
DigitalSeahorse: ^
TehAmelie: turns out people on the internet really like cat videos
KeytarCat: hell yeah!
DigitalSeahorse: xD
Earthenone: !findquote cat
LRRbot: Quote #4332: "I am too busy to manually anger my cat." —Kathleen [2017-07-31]
DigitalSeahorse: they also really like cat card games and plushies and pins
DigitalSeahorse: and books
Earthenone: was that the marketing slogan for the roomba?
TehAmelie: i like the cat comic but that will probably get on the back burner again. . .
DigitalSeahorse: "This project will end on Aug 25, 2023 at 1:00am EDST. "
DigitalSeahorse: oh I thought it was Wed, nope it's Friday
TehAmelie: the last couple of days tend to reliably escalate in pledges don't they
Metric_Furlong: project end wednesday: now on a friday (saturday in Japan and Australia)
DigitalSeahorse: very early so like an hour after Thurday ends
DigitalSeahorse: last days mean more people put in cause they know the stretch goals are met and they can then choose all of what they want better
TehAmelie: it's a bold new world of indie animation
DigitalSeahorse: I kinda wanted the shot classes from the last thing but I think it was a limited availability thing
Juliamon: I just wish they were working with different people, I am... not a fan of Iron Spike