Metric_Furlong: we, we'll find out one or another
Metric_Furlong: *well, we'll
Metric_Furlong: also, ten minutes out
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori, and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed). Game: Art Stream) at Mon 01:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
Metric_Furlong: time to post a very normal poll again
Metric_Furlong: so chat can participate in Democracy™ if they want
Metric_Furlong: (all four Furlong Points™ still available, for anyone playing the guessing game)
TXC2: Hello everybody
Metric_Furlong: hello txc2
beowuuf: cori letting az and hosk be on stream at the same time seems like a choice she has made :D i mean, a supporting choice, because of all the support az and hosk give cori when in chat :p
TXC2: hi Metric_Furlong
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: hi beowuuf
TXC2: yes it's a stacked card tonight
Metric_Furlong: everyone loves support
Metric_Furlong: like a buttress, but for your emotions
Juliamon: !findbuttress
TXC2: is it a flying buttress? and we're the wind beneath it?
beowuuf: i can't believe it's not buttress
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
GapFiller: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG nalvNote nalvNote nalvNote
Juliamon: Strap in, nerds
Metric_Furlong: saddle-up everyone
Lord_Hosk: Hi chat... Im going to mess everything up
TXC2: hello Lord_Hosk
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP PokPikachu
emberBecky: lrrAWESOME /
GapFiller: yes sir Rhythm Cafe is def back for more
Azralorne: PrideLaugh hiii
beowuuf: i can't wait for all the bits
iris_of_ether: Horse horse horse horse
beowuuf: sergeHi
NorthstarTex: Time for horse
TehAmelie: is this a horse?
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eddieatthegov: Something something thoroughbred horse.
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Metric_Furlong: @TehAmelie well plaid
Juliamon: definitely a horse
TXC2: TehAmelie is that Snake eyes on a Tonton ?
beowuuf: @TehAmelie are you tauntaun us with 80's stuff?
TehAmelie: either that or a transformer
TXC2: Here we GO!
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eddieatthegov: @beowuuf don't throw a tartan.
beowuuf: horse!
Metric_Furlong: Horse!
TehAmelie: hello!
beowuuf: hey hosk! hey cori! hey az!
TXC2: hello Cori Az and Hosk
beowuuf: send d4 3hs
EvilBadman: Who is herb
GDwarble: "HETb" indeed
Phlip45: b7Eh?
TXC2: flip it turnwize
TheAwkes: Az ruining Cori's day by trolling with upsidedown text when it was already correct.
beowuuf: it is
EvilBadman: The enemy gate and is down
beowuuf: so, the calm start to the calm stream we all predicted from this grouping, right?
AugmentingPath: 9U
Metric_Furlong: there we go
TXC2: success
iris_of_ether: benginUrgh
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2756 patrons for a total of $21,373.08 per month.
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
Metric_Furlong: can't orientate screens club
GDwarble: The only one?
tod_vom_himmel: flawless intro
iris_of_ether: escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY
Metric_Furlong: and now a powerless peasant, like the rest of us
beowuuf: o7
emberBecky: wooooo hii frands o/
TheAinMAP: Hello.
eddieatthegov: Blame Hose.
eddieatthegov: Blame Hosk.
Metric_Furlong: Lord Horsek
eddieatthegov: Blame Horse?
eddieatthegov: @metric_furlong I like that one.
Metric_Furlong: thank you
TXC2: goku shaped
EvilBadman: I was thinking of Bart Simpson as a convict
beowuuf: #blameHosk #thankHosk
BrowneePoints: If you wanna make it funnier you can make it so they can only be described via questions from the Artist
Metric_Furlong: a vengabus?
TXC2: !venga
LRRbot: It is Venga Bus, put it on the train. It is Venga Bus, let's set off again.
beowuuf: damn you lrrbot
TXC2: art takes time Hosk Kappa
AugmentingPath: you control the horizontal and the vertical (eventually)
Metric_Furlong: clear! That! HORSE!
TXC2: the hit new game show
Metric_Furlong: oh, cori, do we need music for this week?
beowuuf: lrrWOW lrrGARBO
iris_of_ether: lrrGARBO lrrGARBO lrrGARBO
Metric_Furlong: ok, I will save Things™ for next week
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beowuuf: sqiiiiball
iris_of_ether: (PAX is Friday-Monday; will there be Horse next week?)
EvilBadman: Unlikely Cori will be at pax
TXC2: "the eyeball is calibrating"
Metric_Furlong: oh, I see
Metric_Furlong: Long, Long, neeeeeeck
SquareDotCube: Is this one of those London Olympics 2012 abominations?
beowuuf: must be
Metric_Furlong: @SquareDotCube no, this is too coherent
GDwarble: Ah, I know who this is
beowuuf: so, we started with nightmare fuel
Juliamon: it's Jigglypuff!
Metric_Furlong: It's Pikachu!
TehAmelie: it's Snorlax!
TXC2: I was gonna guess Agh real monsters, but then space ship came up :p
beowuuf: teferi!
Metric_Furlong: @TehAmelie god damn it!
Metric_Furlong: (this is a refernce to an old internet video)
beowuuf: oh my god, it's full of stars
Metric_Furlong: the era of stuff
TehAmelie: if i was an eyeball and a neck i'd like a beanbag chair
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emberBecky: hmmm I don't know this guy bet I know what thing he's from..
TXC2: you won't believe it's butt missile
Earthenone: !findquote butt
LRRbot: Quote #760: "Crap! Damnit! Damn crap! Aw butts!" —Graham [2015-09-30]
GDwarble: Fwiffo!
SquareDotCube: Classic Hosk
emberBecky: yeh I thought Star Control cuz Hosk ^.^
TehAmelie: i think you nailed it
TehAmelie: the essence of the butt missile man
TXC2: memories are a scam
beowuuf: cori has forgotten all those times she didn't remember#
beowuuf: perfect. game.
Metric_Furlong: no, I have no object permanence
loufghyslaufey: Da Bu De Ba Bu Dye . . .
Metric_Furlong: okay, it's not the headless horseman
beowuuf: to be fair the eyeball was the defining characteristic of the character...
EvilBadman: they have an entire head on their body
beowuuf: @Metric_Furlong cori has not stipulated real head yet...
beowuuf: nor it's its own head...
TXC2: "suspect is hatless, repeat, hatless"
AugmentingPath: They have a nez, yes
iris_of_ether: Oh I know who this is
EvilBadman: is this that disappointed soccer dad
TehAmelie: oh yeah the red on blue makes sense now
TXC2: Bluey McCaneguy
iris_of_ether: Do they pogo on their cane?
ThorSokar: composNotes Not trusting Cori seems to be a wise move stewsNotes
panpan_unbroken: is this scrooge mcduck?
TXC2: who knows?
iris_of_ether: Yeah Az knows what's up
TXC2: Az making a BOLD presumption here Kappa
emberBecky: before the cane I was stuck thinking it was one of the gummi bears XD
EvilBadman: the lego they're building could be anything. OH sorry, when into cruise control
beowuuf: yeah, why are you duck the question, az?
beowuuf: *ducking
Metric_Furlong: big cheats!
TXC2: EvilBadman oh I'm very much moving into that brain space :p
EvilBadman: high 5
beowuuf: scrouged up in concern
ThorSokar: Az about team chaos, nooooo, who woulda thought that?
TXC2: duck bill, whoo ooo
TehAmelie: good call Az
beowuuf: @ThorSokar like a hurricane
Juliamon: You should have led with saying it was a white male
TXC2: from the duck bank?
beowuuf: this is a very obscure character, like one of the 1%
TXC2: Hosk's looks more like Mr Ben
beowuuf: for some reason those feet make it look like his toursers have fallen down to his ankles
beowuuf: @TXC2 mr ben who has just been surprised by a grey carrot
beowuuf: glad hosk went with the more scientifically accurate rainbow feathers, rather than the white scales we used to believe cartoon ducks possessed
EvilBadman: y he hot tho az
TXC2: he got that swagger
SquareDotCube: Young Scrooge's Adventures
TheMandrew: Quackstafarianism?
beowuuf: wasn't expecting this perfect history lesson, but here we are
beowuuf: *gasp*
TheAinMAP: mattlrPika
ThorSokar: wooo-ooo
LordZarano: Cease And Desist!
BrowneePoints: you could've been REALLY evil and said "he has yellow lips and feet"
TehAmelie: d-d-d-danger
Metric_Furlong: danger
Metric_Furlong: high voltage
beowuuf: daaaaawm
TXC2: damn Hosk :p
emberBecky: we'll take screenshots for posterity
NorthstarTex: def not kirby
LordZarano: Dark Santa!
ThorSokar: "and then draw the rest of the f*ing owl"?
TXC2: Cori has strong Winnie the pooh energy early
TheAwkes: Cori going strong into Strong Sad until the ears came in.
TehAmelie: at first i thought this was the Greendale Human Being but i'm starting to think that was off
beowuuf: :D
emberBecky: wait..
Azralorne: shhhhh
emberBecky: >.>
Azralorne: lol
NorthstarTex: oh...ooh!
EvilBadman: Az the one person who is actually loling when typing lol
Metric_Furlong: yet
Azralorne: it me
TheAwkes: Oh. Now I know it.
iris_of_ether: OH
TehAmelie: it's Scrooge McDuck!
Mollylele: it's build a bear day on horse club
TXC2: hello Mollylele welcome
emberBecky: :D
TehAmelie: if you aren't drawing your character's skeleton and then skin before the clothes, what are you doing? probably not a 10 minute drawing game
iris_of_ether: :D
Metric_Furlong: despite never having experienced what this character is from nor learning it's name I somehow know what it is
TXC2: you had a childhood? boomer Kappa
emberBecky: perfect
wordnerdify: @BrowneePoints Well, now I have a song stuck in my head
BrowneePoints: magic and mystery, are part of their history
beowuuf: indeed, we have to preserve the magic and mystery of this character
beowuuf: it's part of their past
BrowneePoints: @beowuuf eyyyyyyyyy
BrowneePoints: benginFingers
beowuuf: lol :D
ThorSokar: composOld dang whippersnappers
TXC2: this is some internet malarkey isn't it?
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FITorion: Or do it more?
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TehAmelie: time flies when you're having eye crimes
ThorSokar: This must be some H.R. Puff-N-Stuff character or something, I have no idea who this is
emberBecky: wooo my earlier guess came true :D funny square glasses made me think of this guy before Scrooge
BrowneePoints: well this was a high adventure, some say beyond compare even
SquareDotCube: Stripes in a golden spiral layout
ThorSokar: Who is it?
TXC2: to be fair staring naked and adding cloths later is how people work
emberBecky: I do not remember. I only remember the name Gusto because I liked him..
TheAwkes: Adventures of the Gummi Bears
TehAmelie: i had no memory of this character before the reveal, you both rule
Metric_Furlong: please do rate the gummi bears by fuckability
beowuuf: yes
Metric_Furlong: *do not rate
ThorSokar: ohhhh
SquareDotCube: Care Bears were naked Kappa
beowuuf: bad typo :p
BrowneePoints: i mean, he kinda IS the leader insofar as he's the smartest/wisest, but he doesn't lead them as the group
ThorSokar: Tier List LETS GOOO
BrowneePoints: Lion-O isn't a daddy
BrowneePoints: PANTHRO is a Daddy
Metric_Furlong: yeah, the introductory warm-up round is over
beowuuf: panthro and tigera were clearly a power couple
TehAmelie: i think She-Ra is the daddy
TehAmelie: a human person?
BrowneePoints: I think I know what this is
TheAwkes: A Dominant pose.
beowuuf: LMAO
beowuuf: uuuuuh
Metric_Furlong: metal gear
beowuuf: this is hosk, so... i have a vague guess as to the general character here...
iris_of_ether: SingsNote
Juliamon: Admittedly that's one of the few Disney cartoons I *didn't* watch
EvilBadman: cuse you'rre toooo good
TXC2: !findquote DMCA
LRRbot: Quote #7700: "If my singing gets a DMCA takedown, I'm gonna take that as a win." —RebelliousUno [2021-07-20]
Juliamon: (the other being Gargoyles because I made bad choices as a child)
ThorSokar: Lord Hosk has the singing voice of an angel, clearly
TXC2: ThorSokar the one that heralds the end of the world right? Kappa
ThorSokar: I mean, sure
Metric_Furlong: never skip chin day
NorthstarTex: Chin needs to get swole
Juliamon: I have suspicions
ThorSokar: oh, I think I figured this one out
TehAmelie: did Ninja Turtles ever have a human mutated into a human?
TXC2: too fast, too slowious
iris_of_ether: OH
TheMandrew: i know this character, but can't remember the name or where he's from
TXC2: ah it's Dr Jan Itor
FITorion: I've got no clue
EvilBadman: strong lungs? better draw a leifeld chest
TXC2: fun story: they tested people who live in high altitude, it's not strong lungs they have, it's more capillaries
BrowneePoints: Oh yea! Disney VFX artists just filed for Unioniship today!
ThorSokar: sad trombone dot wav
TXC2: the goal of capitalism is to create a singularity named Disney Kappa
TXC2: BrowneePoints hell yeah
ThorSokar: Seaquest Season ?2? where things started going down hill
TXC2: Seaquest DSV, 30 years old this year
Metric_Furlong: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Metric_Furlong: bees!
beowuuf: ah yes, the star trek spin off seaquest dsv that followed a group of dolphins in citation ops
loufghyslaufey: 2nd person narrative?
TheAinMAP: PrideFloat PrideCute
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
NorthstarTex: PridePog PrideUwu
iris_of_ether: escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY
TXC2: beowuuf if only
Metric_Furlong: while we're on break, if chat wants to influence my to-watch list, there's a very normal poll open
beowuuf: @TXC2 i think we need that mop for the dust i just turned in to
Metric_Furlong: (4 Furlong Points™ are available for anyone playing the guessing game)
Lord_Hosk: How are we doing chat?
Metric_Furlong: bees
BrowneePoints: Doing great! i say go evil and be even MORE vague with descriptions
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
TehAmelie: i've got a little cheap garlic bread and salami
beowuuf: bee unionised
emberBecky: bebebeees
beowuuf: this is fun :)
Lord_Hosk: Would you say this is more High adventure thats beyond compare, or bouncing here and there and everywere?
TehAmelie: the latter one
beowuuf: the song had *just* left my brain thanks to bees :(
emberBecky: hmmm. so far lots of bouncing. but not for a lack of adventure.
beowuuf: it's all sort of a duck-blur to be honest
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
TehAmelie: that line survived in the swedish dub of the song, but instead of high adventure we got false advertising about the gimmi bears bouncing through every fairy tale
jessieimproved: BEES
TehAmelie: gummi
beowuuf: gimli bears
beowuuf: and my flask!
TehAmelie: gumbi bears, they were called
TXC2: but gumby's a different guy :p
beowuuf: gumbi bears sounds like the monty python cross over i never expected
beowuuf: my brain hurts! *bounces off of a tree branch* my brain hurts! *bounces off a tree branch again*
TXC2: Gumbi = gummy Bambi
TehAmelie: i was like 12 when i realized they were just bouncing back in the same generic medieval fantasy tale every week :x
beowuuf: survive hunters by bouncing, good plan
beowuuf: that is an annoying localisation
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Kaymlyn: nice
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beowuuf: wb
TXC2: and we're back
TehAmelie: woo
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MugiwaraLexi: Art with my favourite person! Yeah! I mean you, Az!!!!!!
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Azralorne: lol hi nerds
Metric_Furlong: good old PIccolo DeLouise
TXC2: it was the one who produced a bunch of SG1
BrowneePoints: be evil!
BrowneePoints: be extra vague!
FITorion: where was Sea Quest filmed anyway?
beowuuf: that's why i recognise him!
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
Juliamon: Cori, we're also on booth view
TehAmelie: spoilers!
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
TXC2: ok I just found out the dolphin in Seaquest wasn't real
jessieimproved: lithe
beowuuf: played by a shark called bruce?
TXC2: 30 years of my life I thought that thing was real
Kaymlyn: Darwin was real. he did some stuff on evolution, if I remember correctly.
beowuuf: it feels like it would have been more effort to have a fake one...
TXC2: beowuuf right?
beowuuf: what.... what about flipper? flipper? flipper? faster than lightning? i mean he must be real, no one could have been as faster as heeee... m
BrowneePoints: speaking of Jumpsuits, Nikaido from Dorohedoro is PEAK character design
Kaymlyn: Combat Janitor!
TXC2: beowuuf flipper was real, female, and killed herself
beowuuf: oh no :(
EvilBadman: two mops glues together like a staff
beowuuf: i want fake dolphins, i want to go back to fake dolphins :(
BrowneePoints: there's multiple shades of grey. if you suck at bdsm fanfic you may even say there's 50
TXC2: beowuuf yeah, don't ever watch the movie The Cove if you like Dolphins
iris_of_ether: MmmmHMMMM
beowuuf: @TXC2 so noted :(
EvilBadman: stage left
iris_of_ether: It is a testament to Az's skill that I figured it out from their artwork
TehAmelie: ok we know it's not gonna be Judge Dredd cause it's impossible to even describe his character design in ten minutes
Juliamon: iris_of_ether I mean, Az clearly has a strong idea of who it is, but that doesn't mean it IS that character
beowuuf: one nose. check
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NorthstarTex: perfect
TehAmelie: love it
emberBecky: ohh nooo
beowuuf: counterpoint: perfect timing
TXC2: Az has drawn a fallout 4 character
beowuuf: no one left room for hands!
NorthstarTex: my god, hands!?
TheAwkes: I'm starting to experience a bit of Strife from this description.
EvilBadman: making artist draw hand wtf
beowuuf: no no no, you wield a sword, you draw a bow
NorthstarTex: claymore? zweihander?
BrowneePoints: can this sword...bust things open?
TehAmelie: maybe they have like, hands made of four polygons attached by a monodimensional stick arm?
Juliamon: This is a ludicrous sword
TXC2: many people's hands...because of the polycule you'll build up Kappa
ThorSokar: Is there perhaps some guy on the internet with Cuthulu in his user name famous for making one of these swords?
TXC2: do dodo dodo dodoloo, do do do BIG SWORD
BrowneePoints: excuse me
BrowneePoints: that's Zach
beowuuf: who knew!
NorthstarTex: thats totally zach
TehAmelie: i'd totally play FF7 with a Az style mouth mod, instead of just the one that removes everyone's mouths
TXC2: !addquote (Cori) [now] Did you just exhaust yourself with your own shenanigans?
LRRbot: New quote #8635: "Did you just exhaust yourself with your own shenanigans?" —Cori [2023-08-28]
LordZarano: Is it bad that "leave room for their big weapon" is when I got it
TXC2: LordZarano not really, it's a famously big weapon
LordZarano: The biggest
SnackPak_: E G G
iris_of_ether: foxmarEG
TXC2: toque eyes
LordZarano: Light brown, but not orange the other one
NorthstarTex: how many c's?
Mazrae: Ummm what did I just tune into
beowuuf: one person describes a character they are looking at, the other two draw
Juliamon: Mazrae Can't Draw Horses Club
TXC2: Mazrae drawing from descriptions
beowuuf: the people are cori, az, and hosk so.... you know...chaos :p
TXC2: ok how did Cori pop that can to make it sound like a Slack notification? :p
jessieimproved: sergeJustRight
EvilBadman: i have remember which thing az told me this is now :D
TXC2: is this Big bird from some non-english speaking country ?
EvilBadman: TXC technicaly yes
TXC2: oh no
NorthstarTex: oh...
emberBecky: O-o
Mazrae: Juno??
BrowneePoints: you forgot the Bird Boobies!
BrowneePoints: and Chipples!
BrowneePoints: that stands for Chicken Nipples
SnackPak_: thanks, I hate it
beowuuf: show us the lie
NorthstarTex: cant unsee that now
Metric_Furlong: Chicken Nipples (clap clap clap-clap-clap)
beowuuf: we expected no less.... or no more, depending upon your perspective :p
ThorSokar: *Smash Bros. Announcer Voice* A NEW RECORD!!!
xantos69: So hey... just got here. What are we doing?
LordZarano: That's a very powerful claim
Metric_Furlong: @xantos69 art
TXC2: xantos69 drawing while having a character described
EvilBadman: @xantos69 keep talking and no one sketch slodes
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
LordZarano: A tan oh-my-goodness? I haven't seen one of those in forever!
Mazrae: Think Ian beige
ThorSokar: is Cori secretly colorblind?
NorthstarTex: will there be a color theory episode?
beowuuf: when you go out in the daystar and it burns you, what colour follows the angry red?
TXC2: NorthstarTex I think we've done one already
Metric_Furlong: @beowuuf sad red
beowuuf: that's it :)
BrowneePoints: woah black buttons. wham ba lam
beowuuf: lol
Metric_Furlong: brue and blown
LordZarano: tan is #d1b26f
Juliamon: normal guy, normal shoes
jessieimproved: I uh, think I know who this is lol
LordZarano: IT'S PIKACHU!
TheAwkes: Oh, cool! If you search a colour hex value on DDG you get a swatch, it's equivalents in HSL and CMYK, complimentary, and analogous.
Akaiatana: I've been called an eyesword before.
Mazrae: Does he take a bite out of something
beowuuf: i feel watching this makes me complicit MiniK
jessieimproved: abort abort
xantos69: dig up
Akaiatana: A Goodboyled detective
ThorSokar: Is this individual wearing a hat?
ThorSokar: interesting...
TXC2: "suspect is hatless, repeat hatless"
MugiwaraLexi: Az! That dog is on the good stuff!
NorthstarTex: tail?
LordZarano: mlem
Juliamon: Tail is under the coat
MugiwaraLexi: It is beautiful!
BrowneePoints: McGruff the class traitor!
ThorSokar: we got there
Mazrae: Who could of guessed
NorthstarTex: knew it when boopable nose was said
Akaiatana: Draw enough lines and it's tartan to look plaid
SnackPak_: @Akaiatana sergePun
ThorSokar: McGruff: The Snitch
emberBecky: ehee they're cute <3
Metric_Furlong: ACAB is ACAB, sorry
TXC2: you know, they called him the crime dog, they never said he FIGHTS it...
Mazrae: Kirlin
Akaiatana: They look fedorable.
BrowneePoints: like a trillby but less douchey
SnackPak_: Carmen Sandiego wears a fedora
LordZarano: escher3THUMBSUP lrrFINE but actually
BrowneePoints: Humphrey Bogart, Carmen Sandiego, Indiana Jones
BrowneePoints: Fedoras have WIDE brims
LordZarano: If it moves around randomly it's a Brownian Fedora
Akaiatana: I'm calling it: Peter Falk as the grandfather from Princess Bride.
SaxPython: Hosk is crushing it.
NorthstarTex: mouth shaped mouth
LordZarano: Happy, Sad, Angry. Ah yes, the three genders
loufghyslaufey: @lordzarano Weh? Am not familiar with these emojis... *slaps down button panel*
SaxPython: oh wow. Hosk's zoomed in mouth is menacing
Mazrae: Hear what??
Mazrae: In danger or is the danger
TXC2: hosk set us up the bomb
BrowneePoints: You said Maybe?
KeytarCat: Castiel explosive
BrowneePoints: We're gonna be the ones that save thee?
SaxPython: The danger is from the falling piano
BrowneePoints: Cuz afterall....
NorthstarTex: Hosk makes believable explosives
TXC2: Hosk was in the military
beowuuf: i am assured
BrowneePoints: I'm sorry
BrowneePoints: you mean Sir Daddy Hoskins
SaxPython: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
TXC2: bomb Lord Hosk...ins
ThorSokar: Hosk even got the correct hat
EvilBadman: Lord Bomb Hosk
Mollylele: Hoskins x Hosk collab
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
BrowneePoints: also you think i'm joking, but like...there's been a whole WAVE of Millenials and Gen Z that all have come together to agree Bob Hoskins is just the Peak Male Form
TXC2: Goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming Cori, Az and Lord_Hosk
SaxPython: @TXC2 <3
Mazrae: Gir??
LordZarano: A square is a degenerate rectangle
emberBecky: wehhh wish I could stay for whole stream but I gotta go to a class. ='( bye frands, see you in the vod! <3
SaxPython: @emberBecky <3
NorthstarTex: blep
Mazrae: Tootie pop owl??
Zornplays13: Is that a Demon green bean spitting blood?
KeytarCat: @Mazrae ooooh
bytecaster: At the arm attachment points, of course!
Mazrae: Called it
Mazrae: So far I think
NorthstarTex: the turtle couldnt do it
BrowneePoints: well thumbs aren't fingers
BrowneePoints: so there
beowuuf: is there an 'all' option? including chat?
iris_of_ether: All of the Above
KeytarCat: "I ruined this? You ruined this"
EvilBadman: James
EvilBadman: is that exactly as described or exactly az described
Mazrae: Hooo indead
TheAwkes: The Tootsie Roll owl!
Metric_Furlong: made the poll hosk requested:
loufghyslaufey: Ah, ah , ah! She didn't say, "which James"...
ThorSokar: I KNEW it
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
beowuuf: @Metric_Furlong looks like everyone is in a strong lead, with james in second place so far :D
Mazrae: Do I get anything for calling it early??
Mazrae: Other than make shame??
bytecaster: Ask any biologist to describe owl feet, and 100% will say: "normal human feet but like with long toes"
Metric_Furlong: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
beowuuf: @Mazrae you got to have the mental torture for longer :p
NorthstarTex: !findquote owl
LRRbot: Quote #2519: "Beej... I don't want to lrrEFF an owl!" —Alex [2016-05-14]
Mazrae: Nooo...... okay I guess @beowuuf
iris_of_ether: escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE jlrrFacepalm
jessicaengle: Hi bee.
Metric_Furlong: while we're on break, if chat wants to contribute to deciding what I have to watch next, there's a very normal poll open
Metric_Furlong: (4 Furlong Points™ are available for anyone playing the guessing game)
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE seabatClap
jessicaengle: I don't understand the question
TemporallyAwry: @Metric_Furlong Shoot for the Moon :p
Metric_Furlong: @TemporallyAwry nope, sorry
jessicaengle: Watch Freakazoid
Mazrae: Watch Bees
beowuuf: metric has obscured four anime titles which they are going to watch next. , and gets chat to vote for which next. points are available for guessing the titles being obscured
Metric_Furlong: @jessicaengle these are real shows with fake names, poll results determine what order they get cycled in to my watch list
Metric_Furlong: chat may attempt to guess what the real titles are, for Points™
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3THUMBSUP
jessicaengle: Ahhhh.
Metric_Furlong: also I have already seen Freakazoid
TemporallyAwry: Oh! That wasn't a guess, that was a joke about the name. LuvOops
Metric_Furlong: @TemporallyAwry ah, fair enough
beowuuf: wb
Metric_Furlong: and mysterious normal human feet
beowuuf: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
TemporallyAwry: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
iris_of_ether: I know I've destroyed half a bag of Sour Patch Kids
Mazrae: For some reason I always thought that Hosk would have a deeper voice for some reason
LordZarano: I feel like Hosk should have booming reverb
Mazrae: Time to Google characters with trench coats
FITorion: Just FYI... I've just discovered one can order a box of 40 of the blue Tootsi pops... for 15$
Mazrae: Okay googled it and I think I cheated
jessicaengle: @FITorion With great power comes great responsibility?
Mazrae: Not saying anything till about the end
LordZarano: 🍑
jessicaengle: Wallace and Gromit in a trenchcoat
LordZarano: escher3BEE lrrEFF lrrGRAHAM
beowuuf: hosk kept that under / in his hat
jessicaengle: jlrrBaby ?
jessieimproved: what
beowuuf: lrrWOW wh would have thought of it? what an amazing gadget to inspect with!
iris_of_ether: Doo do do, do do
SnackPak_: and surprise rollerskates lrrBEEJ
jessicaengle: sergePopcorn
beowuuf: so who's volunteering to ruin their throat with the villain impression?
jessieimproved: @beowuuf Where's Adam when we need him
beowuuf: lrrWOW
beowuuf: @jessieimproved :D
jessicaengle: Oh, it's James Bond!
jessieimproved: this level of confusion is on brand tbh
Akaiatana: Inspector Gadget mobile game, call it Go Gadget Go.
beowuuf: sergeJustRight
ThorSokar: and totally not a desktop completely covered in icons with no organization
beowuuf: ah, interesting automod, sadly understandable
LordZarano: You're only allowed to have bear hands if you're in America, they're the only people that have that right, it causes issues
jessieimproved: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
beowuuf: only the arms, not the hands Kappa
Mazrae: Is this man super??
EvilBadman: Omg, it's sonic
jessicaengle: @EvilBadman sergeJustRight
Mazrae: It's Vegeta
beowuuf: and an 'h' on their chest for 'hope'
iris_of_ether: Jack in the Box mascot in cosplay
bytecaster: @EvilBadman THE famous hedgehog?
EvilBadman: the very same
jessicaengle: Stinkoman?
EvilBadman: pentagram
Mazrae: Super Luigi
beowuuf: bizzaro?
Texan_Reverend: Greetings, chatfolk.
beowuuf: sergeHi
jessieimproved: Excellent Letterman Jacket L over there on Hosk's side
jessicaengle: It's SupLRRman
SquareDotCube: It's Luperman!
beowuuf: lol
TehAmelie: Louis Lane!
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Mazrae: The twist
Metric_Furlong: uh... one more?
beowuuf: uuuuuuuuh... one more?
jessieimproved: nailed it
jessieimproved: jlrrCai jlrrLlou ?
KeytarCat: Tape a cat to it!
jessicaengle: D:
Mazrae: It's a chicken
SquareDotCube: Nermal's not looking that cute anymore
EvilBadman: az if you're doing one i suggested, amazing
EvilBadman: ah, nevermind :d
Mazrae: Have completely no idea
KeytarCat: Well now I'm thinking YGO bullshit
SquareDotCube: That or Digimon
EvilBadman: uh giraffes have black tongues, so pink is not a given
EvilBadman: oh right I 'member this one now <3
SquareDotCube: Yeah I think I know what this is
ThorSokar: I feel as though I am lost in a field
SnackPak_: maybe a lil bit
Akaiatana: Close the lupin
beowuuf: it might just be the 20 to 12 in the uk :p
DideRobot: LRR: As promised, if you missed this past weekend Wilds of Eldraine PPR, the entire VOD is now up on the LRRMTG YouTube channel! #Sponsored | #MagicTheGathering #MTGWOE | |
jessicaengle: Poochy!
beowuuf: az obeyer of rukes
jessicaengle: Doge is small horse
jessicaengle: Horse am big dog
ThorSokar: ooo0o
iris_of_ether: I have gifts for the booth. Look "forward" to that
iris_of_ether: escher3THUMBSUP
beowuuf: thanks for the stream all! and great idea lord hosk!
Texan_Reverend: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy Shirt, or Sleeve, or Playmat, or Pin, or Other! Check out for the full catalog.
Akaiatana: Cori will Ander
jessicaengle: Cloudy with a chance of bees
KeytarCat: You are the hills of Roham, Cori!
beowuuf: lrrHAM lrrJUDGE
Wolfstrike_NL: row row row that ham
TheAinMAP: lrrHAM
iris_of_ether: lrrHAM
beowuuf: zathras or zathras?
Mazrae: About who??
jessicaengle: lrrHAM_HF
ThorSokar: No on, no one listens, no one listens to Zathras
Texan_Reverend: !Patreon
LRRbot: 2755 patrons for a total of $21,373.08 per month.
beowuuf: oooooh
ThorSokar: no, you're thinking about Zathras, not Zathras
beowuuf: easy mistake
beowuuf: @Mazrae babylon 5 character
EvilBadman: if you're seeing this it's too late
beowuuf: sergeJustRight
iris_of_ether: Nice
beowuuf: the one year! lrrHORN
jessicaengle: Gooooood memes
beowuuf: sergeJustRight
Wolfstrike_NL: 7? that's an uncountable amount
ThorSokar: ~NICE~
Texan_Reverend: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
KeytarCat: GLORP
Mazrae: Forgot that glurp was tonight
Akaiatana: IT'S BEN
DandyGeek: the third ben
jessicaengle: Yay! Glurb
beowuuf: :D
KeytarCat: Wait, everyone else uses BenBen for Wheeler??
LordZarano: 𝙂𝙇𝙐𝙍𝙋!
LordZarano: Beard Ben?
Mazrae: The Horse Ben
jessicaengle: There's a horse ben?
jessicaengle: Why do we even have that ben?
EvilBadman: Ulmer's mentioned on twitter he may be gettin' glasses
EvilBadman: which is why az keeps sayin' that
Invitare: omh Imakuni!
Invitare: Pokemon TCG game was amazing
LordZarano: Oh that's a good card
Texan_Reverend: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! And you don't even need to be subbed or anything! You can join here:
Metric_Furlong: so we really can't draw horses
Texan_Reverend: !mastodon
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun is now on Mastodon! You can find them at, and LRRMtG at
TheAinMAP: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun crew join hands (sometimes from the comfort of their homes) to play some video games! Game: Drink More Glurp) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (1:04 from now).
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
beowuuf: uk friendly wheeler? nice
Metric_Furlong: goodnight Cori + guests
beowuuf: night!
beowuuf: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
LordZarano: escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE escher3BEE
Metric_Furlong: also, as we're wrapping up, there's a poll still open if chat wants power over my watch list
iris_of_ether: escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY escher3ANGRY
Wolfstrike_NL: Now this needs a remix with Ben BenBen
Metric_Furlong: (4 Furlong Points™ available, to anyone trying to guess the actual titles)
TheAinMAP: PrideFloat PrideCute
jessicaengle: jlrrCooltunes