Didero: I mean, I'd be pretty annoyed if I thought I was watching a 90 minute movie and it turns out it's an 8 hour saga
midnightcurryjazz: Why is that annoying? You get more stuff to watchg
TehAmelie: i guess most people have things to do with their time
Didero: Something like that is why I stopped reading the Star Wars High Republic series. It's in phases, and I thought each phase would have an actual ending, but phase 1 ends in the middle of a story and phase 2 goes another century into the past for some reason
midnightcurryjazz: You dont have to watch it all at one time
Didero: Maybe I'm boring, but I like to know what i get into, at least timewise
midnightcurryjazz: k
Didero: I also overthink everything so I could easily be wrong here :p
midnightcurryjazz: Or could be fomo since you have to commit to something.
Didero: There's also just SO MUCH to watch
TehAmelie: in other news. i'm tackling the challenge posited by Seven Psychopaths and writing "Seven Lesbians who are All Disabled and Have Overcome All their [Difficulties] and Are Really Nice to Everybody and Two of them are Black"
Didero: I'm also not in the best of moods since work is being very dumb, which never helps
TehAmelie: it'll be a horror comedy
Metric_Furlong: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: enhanced skin awareness
Metric_Furlong: oh good
TehAmelie: y helo thar
Metric_Furlong: hello
Metric_Furlong: I see after Evangelion you've just fallen into a tragic rewatch spiral, eh?
Metric_Furlong: @Didero I can empathise
TXC2: title change!
TehAmelie: such surprise
Metric_Furlong: well, time for me to leave then
Didero: We still have to deliver all our code before tomorrow's code freeze, so I've been trying to finish my task in time (with its own headaches), and the rest of the team just... went to some unrelated and unimportant workshop instead of actually delivering our code
Metric_Furlong: have fun everyone
Didero: Bye!
TXC2: so long Metric_Furlong stay safe
TehAmelie: sounds stressful
Didero: I don't really follow MtG either, I just like listening to LRRfolk enjoy themselves
TehAmelie: same
Manae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Join James, Graham and Adam (in that order) for the Wilds of Eldraine Streamer Event! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 10:00 AM PDT (0s from now).
Didero: nice
ShaneLeeAtk: Nice
TXC2: you've been on fire lately Manae
beowuuf: lrrHORN
Manae: I've got a good method down
accountmadeforants: @Didero Ah yes, feature requests before code freezes, the best way to get the worst code in the least amount of time and then be stuck with it :p
Didero: accountmadeforants Yeah, I'm literally trying to deliver my code without code reviews just to get it in in time, which I know is bad form but we only release every 3 months so it'd be a long wait otherwise
Didero: Plus with our processes it's easier to deliver bugfixes after the codefreeze than actual features, so delivering broken code just in time is kind of rewarded
Didero: I'll stop venting about work now so we can get ready to enjoy the cardgame
TXC2: this is why we can't nice things :p
accountmadeforants: Wild, so your code freezes are more like a major release schedule? :p
beowuuf: oof didero!
Didero: Yeah, we have a code freeze to set a release, then 3 months of acceptance testing and bugfixes, and then finally a full release around the time of the next codefreeze so those always get in each other's way
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
freshmaker__: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Didero: Time to gather some magic
ShaneLeeAtk: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
accountmadeforants: Corn pact! And also I got a Subtember banner right as the stream started
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freshmaker__: howdy folks. what good timing i have. I only just remembered that the early access was on.
accountmadeforants: SUBprise
arkham1981: Should be a good stream. This set looks sweet.
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iSmartMan1: Eldraine looking spicy
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TehAmelie: i heard tell of the term "going gold" back in the day when game devs would finalize and print a master disc, supposedly made of gold if they were fancy. sounds more fun than "code freeze" but i bet it means the same thing
JaymicUnyielding: Howdy yall
iSmartMan1: Woo!
TXC2: hello freshmaker__ and JaymicUnyielding welcome
ladyjessica: Hey everyone whatever time zone you’re in. For me it’s afternoon!
TehAmelie: dangit, i should make dinner
TXC2: hello iSmartMan1 and ladyjessica welcome
Didero: @TehAmelie Not really. Going gold means nothing can be changed again, a code freeze is more like going from alpha to beta, you're not adding new features but only fixing bugs. Though of course we also work on a new release with new features alongside in a separate code branch
DideRobot: LRR: James, Adam, and Graham are live all day long for the #MTGEldraine Streamer Event on LRRMTG. We promise nothing short of prefection! https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun | https://kind.social/@LoadingReadyRun/110985309237132875
Didero: But the good news is that my bot still works :p
ladyjessica: Also I wonder if we’re drafting or sealed
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP
Orxolon: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TehAmelie: aha
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MajorFrostbyte: NOOS
freshmaker__: knowing graham's preference, surely a sealed or two are happening.
TXC2: here we GO!
Prometheon: SOONtm
Orxolon: let-s see what this set has for us
BusTed: hello
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TXC2: Hello Adam and James
Orxolon: helloooo!!!
beowuuf: (hello)
freshmaker__: hello
Caryotip2: Heyguys
Prometheon: one two test
themlin: So we startin with the tall boiz!
trebuchetboy: Sandblast
jacketedrock: Asmr with LRR
therepoman__: sajamDude
BusTed: rip
Orxolon: auch
ghyllnox: Feeling like a TS intro in here
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
freshmaker__: oof
beowuuf: 11/10 bit
Badchop: James no
TheWriterAleph: good start good start LUL
ShaneLeeAtk: That is going to be a swollen lip
Badchop: no eating the microphone
gibbousm: so does James owe everyone icecream again?
Genie_M: good start :D
Arikell: That seems more on brand.
Prometheon: Man down
firehawkzoa: How's it taste
stizzet: I missed it! 😭
MajorFrostbyte: Mistakes were made. Much like during games of Magic.
TXC2: good bit stremer Kappa
TehAmelie: how was that on the lickability scale?
TheWriterAleph: jlrrFacepalm
tru_boredom: Moments like these are why i adore you people so much
SixthMonarch: arent you glad to be working today james
undecided44: I'm hoping to see James and Adam square off against the team of Voxy/Amy.
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Davlenagain: 30 mouths, yeah!
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stizzet: @orxolon ty
Harvest25: Those shelves are so huge when Adam moved back for prospective
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ghyllnox: Kathleen mentioned some Studio G as well
Orxolon: @stizzet just doing my part XD
TheWriterAleph: 99 packs full o' cards on the wall...
gibbousm: oh wow
Badchop: That's rad
TXC2: Wild
freshmaker__: okay thats pretty cool
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DinoDDY: It made me dizzy
themlin: Thats new
beowuuf: llllllllllllrrrrrrrrrrrrWOW
trebuchetboy: x10
Badchop: DEW IT
gibbousm: only 8 more times
tru_boredom: Cowards
Orxolon: hahahaha
jacobaugust: DRAFT!
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klapparandgil: New set hype! PPR was sick
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freshmaker__: ooo good draft background image
TXC2: that's a lot of animation for that
Badchop: That's between-rounds content right there though, chat
Orxolon: Voxy
ghyllnox: Hat draft?
Mischievous_Catgeist: voxy
Davlenagain: Voxy!
ShaneLeeAtk: Voxy!
Gaz_L: but Adam, gems can be exchanged for sleeves and pets!
Orxolon: Nizza
Orxolon: woww
Orxolon: this pod
trebuchetboy: Lets go land 1st pick
Masslost: Voxy and Amy oh snap
kilnfiendpotter: Just choose the one with the best art!
wandering_t: creature land is nothing!?!
themlin: Stacked pod for sure
jacobaugust: Two witches ... one pack
tru_boredom: Its a creaturr land so its better than nothing
kilnfiendpotter: Cooped Up seems like a solid choice
Robot_Bones: all cooped up playing draft all day
kilnfiendpotter: But Imodane's Recruiter is fun
theymerLoviatar: meowdy n'y'all
TheWriterAleph: cher
urkleturtle: sharae seems nuts
jacobaugust: Sharae is quite good
GhostofJeffGoldblum: early lurmtug!
Prometheon: Sharae is nice
TXC2: hello theymerLoviatar welcome
tru_boredom: Maybe the red blue land comes back ^^
kilnfiendpotter: Living Lectern looks like a rejected character design from Beauty and the Beast
Asp3rg3r: 5 color good stuff incoming
freshbubba: What is the background art for this?
MajorFrostbyte: Aww Little Red Ridinghood, Gruul is cool though.
TXC2: that is 4000% the rings of briteherth in the art here :p
Seth_Erickson: seems good to me
kilnfiendpotter: @freshbubba It's Virtue of Loyalty
MikeProvencher: Aggro card that triggers Celibration seems good in this format.
gibbousm: at worst its a 2 mana 2/2 with haste
Seth_Erickson: It's just a Command on a creature body
Orxolon: is there an argument in should it be rare?
Prometheon: good
jacobaugust: Grasp is premium removal
freshmaker__: yeah grasp is just o ring in 1v1 right
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MyNameIsSeven913: Return og Grasp good picks
TheMerricat: Holy cow I open Twitch today on my browser and get _two_ banner ads forced on me from Twitch on the LRR page, one to buy Twitchcon tickets and one to 'celebrate subtember'.... they really want money it seems.
Seth_Erickson: !card Sharae of Numbing
LRRbot: Sharae of Numbing Depths [2WU] | Legendary Creature — Merfolk Wizard [2/3] | When Sharae of Numbing Depths enters the battlefield, tap target creature an opponent controls and put a stun counter on it. / Whenever you tap one or more untapped creatures your opponents control, draw a card. This ability triggers only once each turn.
Didero: That is a good castle on a cliff
urkleturtle: we tapping all day, boys
iSmartMan1: UW looks really open
Mischievous_Catgeist: combos as well
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tehfewl: Giant Lady 👀
samu_btdp1985: Your drafting with voxy is amazonian and elidh @loadingreadyrun
urkleturtle: the enchantment might wheel, since it's only good in WU
MrPipboy3000: Or if you draw it late, you see 4 cards
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Seth_Erickson: I don't know,enchantment is always a hit I think which Giant might not be
theymerLoviatar: dark toots!
jacobaugust: Azorious is not playing high cost spells though.. think that giant is more a gruul card
TXC2: jacobaugust a blue gruul card?
iSmartMan1: Elmer
Didero: What happens when the timer runs out?
TehAmelie: huh, players can be the monarch and creatures can be royal now?
freshbubba: That 5 mana flier couldn't put the role on itself
theymerLoviatar: @Didero game autopicks for you
Seth_Erickson: we do need the 5 drops for our giant
Orxolon: @TehAmelie is possible
Didero: @theymerLoviatar Does it at least make a (semi-)smart choice, or is it just straight-up random?
urkleturtle: not a lot of food in WU
bytecaster: Food
jacobaugust: Maybe a splash for it... but gruul and simic are play big stuff right?
theymerLoviatar: @Didero it gives it the old college try
Didero: @theymerLoviatar So perfect picks every time, got it :p Thanks
jacobaugust: So I guess I meant simic
brainbosh: Is Aerie a reprint?
Badchop: I wonder if there's enough griffins to do a griffin typal commander deck
TXC2: brainbosh yes
Lushian_Cybasi: It's funny got out of Magic for Digimon because of Eldraine, now I'm watching Wilds and wnat come back to the game.
theymerLoviatar: @brainbosh yep, it's from the enchantments bonus sheet
theymerLoviatar: @Badchop it... will not be a good or densely populated deck
TXC2: kinda shocked tremors wheeld
theymerLoviatar: but you have a couple commander options for Griffins
brainbosh: I thought I recognized it lol
anbuagent12: People who read the lore, what are those rings in the background? They look like the rings of brighthearth, but i don't think they're in this set.
MyNameIsSeven913: @anbuagent12 Aren't those Rings of Brighthearth?
Badchop: I think it is Rings of Brighthearth though
theymerLoviatar: I suspect the Rings are Omenpath shenanigans
TXC2: the rings of brighthearth are on Lorwyn
Harvest25: Auto picker wants you in green
Orxolon: that white card lets you celebrate
urkleturtle: let's open the WU mythic
Orxolon: @urkleturtle the witch_
theymerLoviatar: bröther I desire the ötter
Orxolon: ?
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kilnfiendpotter: One of the BEST arts!
kilnfiendpotter: Oh man, if we only had curiosity
Seth_Erickson: @theymerLoviatar Brotter
bytecaster: Well, it's an otter so we gotta pick it!
theymerLoviatar: @Seth_Erickson there we go, there's the joke
jaimeblacken: the white enchantment is dumb
Seth_Erickson: We have some good stuff for Neva
matthaus_c: Devouring Sugarmaw has me feeling a certain kind of way PrideUwu
Robot_Bones: could also just be orzhov?
theymerLoviatar: @matthaus_c "I should call them"
Gaz_L: the same Legend?
Seth_Erickson: With two of those recommision type effects as well
jaimeblacken: big old draaaags
urkleturtle: time to pivot into orzhov i guess
theamc2000: Blinded by the light
Seth_Erickson: I think we could shift out of blue here
tru_boredom: Take neva turn orzhov
jacketedrock: I mean the rate is good temoval
TXC2: no twitch, I will not do a survey while watching a stream :p
BoofTroupe: "curious, it says here that dragons can't read"
jaimeblacken: oof
Lushian_Cybasi: splash blue go White black
MrPipboy3000: Deck name, "Neva gonna stop me"
Haroldholmes25: gotta loop grave diggers
MyNameIsSeven913: Esper here we go!
tru_boredom: Or take the rare and go full esper
urkleturtle: back for seconds is really good though
bytecaster: Flying man and a merfolk looter
matthaus_c: c-o-r-n
freshmaker__: if you get any of those nasty uw tap synergy cards you're in business.
theymerLoviatar: it's early into pack 2, anything could happen
Seth_Erickson: That card seems pretty juiced
jaimeblacken: removal is good
Gaz_L: i mean, adventure is remand and the creature is fine
freshmaker__: sharae being a good start
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Gaz_L: and Neva gets it back
jaimeblacken: white could be a splash if black seems this open
freshmaker__: oh i missed the giant lol
Seth_Erickson: Stab wound is good with Neva
bytecaster: We are waffling toward victory!
Gaz_L: Esper pile
Seth_Erickson: Sanctuary can work with Neva too
iSmartMan1: Sanctuary
tru_boredom: Esper tap enchantments
Seth_Erickson: easy enchantment for neva
urkleturtle: full esper, take all the evolving wilds
tru_boredom: Sanctuary works with both
matthaus_c: fun is a zero sum game and Esper decks want all of it!
Haroldholmes25: evolving wilds wheelerOok
jacketedrock: Prophetic prism?
matthaus_c: you're here, James, we have all the fixing we need
Guevon_Jon: that prism
gibbousm: the Restless Lands are all rares
forshamesir: I think prophetic prism is in this set
TheSerbianStreamer: Prophtetic prism
Orxolon: no easy fixing it seems
bytecaster: The creature land we saw was rare
DMGlol: magic the gathering
Seth_Erickson: New Grim Guardian variant is cool
theymerLoviatar: Cup of hot tea and some nice boys drafting a set I haven't wrapped my brain around yet. Great way to spend a chilly autumn evening
matthaus_c: !card rat out
LRRbot: Rat Out [B] | Instant | Up to one target creature gets −1/−1 until end of turn. You create a 1/1 black Rat creature token with "This creature can't block."
Seth_Erickson: -1/-1 make a rat
jaimeblacken: -1/-1 make a rat
freshmaker__: fungal infection but you get a rat
DinoDDY: You have rat out in sideboard
MrPipboy3000: Rat out give -1/-1 and makes a rat I think
iSmartMan1: Candy
jaimeblacken: the merfolk is good
bytecaster: egg?
Haroldholmes25: ooooh commune with nature is back
TXC2: theymerLoviatar it's still August :p
jaimeblacken: oooh that card is busted!
jaimeblacken: you need that white 2 dro
Seth_Erickson: Vigil would be fine here too I think
theymerLoviatar: @TXC2 it's my first week back to uni, it's cold and rainy, it's autumn
MerlinZero: Hello from Seattle!
TXC2: hello MerlinZero welcome
Izandai: Stroke is uncommon because of how hard it mucks the UG archetype.
TXC2: theymerLoviatar touché
jaimeblacken: the -1 to the board is too good in this format
bytecaster: Must be good against all of the adventures with big costs, as it blanks both parts.
Guevon_Jon: sanguine in the GB food deck??? wow. I cant wait to play this
Seth_Erickson: A Wotter :o
Gaz_L: oh, it just has prowess?
DMGlol: wind drake with text
bytecaster: We could have been in otter tribal
TXC2: now that needs to be a plushy
Gaz_L: i thought they were using those kind of keywords more
bytecaster: *typal
theymerLoviatar: ngl I want to build mustelid typal now that we have more Otters
ztghostie: it doesn't just tap, it also turns it into a 1/1 with the role token
RassilonDND: I mean we could always hat draft :)
Seth_Erickson: Night or wings and I'd take the creature probably
Haroldholmes25: scarecrow is pseudo fixing
Orxolon: !quote water
LRRbot: Quote #8257: "Just because it's not going your way doesn't mean we didn't playtest!" —Mark Rosewater [2022-10-02]
iSmartMan1: Stroke
Caryotip2: scarecrow is fixing
tru_boredom: So there is a otter with keyworded prowess in this set and one with non keyworded prowess ? Thats kinda weird
Gaz_L: don't hate it
Seth_Erickson: There's another transmuter as well
Robot_Bones: some of the best flavor text as well
iSmartMan1: Transmuter
matthaus_c: @tru_boredom no. the Uncommon one says Instant or Sorcery, Prowess is Noncreature
silaslunark: I am unholy excited for this set
Gaz_L: i think you can play one Neva no matter what, with the fixing you have
TXC2: bless you
Gaz_L: but maybe not both
jaimeblacken: the elk
tru_boredom: @matthaus_c oh i didnt catch that, thx
iSmartMan1: Elmer!
Seth_Erickson: works with Sharae and Neva 👀
urkleturtle: the elk works great with the tap theme
janowiec01: How's the draft feeling so far? This set looks dope!
iSmartMan1: Valor!
Zaghrog: the 5 drops also pump our 2/1 that cares about big spells
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volraths_bane: One of your black cards has a blue adventure
Seth_Erickson: Can return get back the Porridge?
TXC2: the enchantment list is bonkers, it's gonna break HBrawl something fierce :p
jaimeblacken: the counterspell for the merfolk could be a change
unawokennightmaredeath: I rate interference
iSmartMan1: Cut Break the Spell for Coralsmith
Robot_Bones: more like neva gonna get play'd Kappa
Caryotip2: merfolk has a nice synergy with the young hero role if you keep protective parents in
unawokennightmaredeath: Interference makes combat one sided
Seth_Erickson: !card Triumphant Return
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
funguslore: I can't wait to assemble curiosity+catapult in this format PogChamp
Seth_Erickson: !card Return Triumphant
LRRbot: Return Triumphant [1W] | Sorcery | Return target creature card with mana value 3 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield. Create a Young Hero Role token attached to it.
jacketedrock: Return triumphant seems good
quartzblade: return triumphant has like no hits
Seth_Erickson: how many creatures do we hit with return yeah
quartzblade: i think one???
Seth_Erickson: you still have one mainboard thoughh
jacobaugust: One grotto?
lackingsanity: interference seems decent
lackingsanity: idk
jaimeblacken: egg
quartzblade: candy trail dece
DinoDDY: Candy trail for redraw
jacketedrock: Candy trail?
Harvest25: Splash B
MyNameIsSeven913: Egg
funguslore: Just add the food clue
Caryotip2: could play the candy trail
bytecaster: We could take the counterspell
unawokennightmaredeath: could run candy trail over interference
Mr_Horrible: on a scale of 1 to 10, how wild are these wilds?
Orlantia: candy trail lets you go to candy mountain
midnightcurryjazz: egg
LordManiMani: Candy... Camouflage!
Haroldholmes25: counterspells are for jerks
MyNameIsSeven913: Trail of Eggs
TheWriterAleph: voxyyyy
jacketedrock: This sure is one of the decks of all time
unawokennightmaredeath: nah cutting counterspell felt right
Seth_Erickson: We caught Voxy and Amy right away :O
Mr_Horrible: it seemed very solid in the PPR so I've high hopes
brutusq13: Voxyy!
BoomerAang_Squad: Amy and Voxy send their regards
Mythallian: hey james check voxy's deck count
ShaneLeeAtk: Lands AND spells?? In this economy?
invickthus subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 19 months!
invickthus: I'm here for the goose hydra companion.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, invickthus! (Today's storm count: 15)
uchihab7: They want u to know they have a 47 card deck
renaissance_rat: amy and voxy want you to know that they are running 47
funguslore: Playing against voxy/amy :D
tehfewl: the gooses
MrPipboy3000: Wait, you';re playing Voxy?
Mischievous_Catgeist: !y
BoomerAang_Squad: Amy's influence
LordManiMani: What kind of sandwich is 47
TheWriterAleph: T-posing your deck count to assert dominance
Oreo1369: Just popped in how was the draft slash sealed
beam1249: They're playing a 47 card deck
TXC2: LordManiMani a McBLT
TheCardq: candy trail seems like such an Adam card. It's probably going to be a staple in the 55C deck that looks like it's in this dormat.format.
WrightJustice: oh it's voxy
unawokennightmaredeath: Can you click the goose?
NoSocksFox: Voxy
jaimeblacken: play the merfolk first
Mr_Horrible: sure is a 3/4 for 3
quartzblade: young hero role on coralsmith actually p good
Robot_Bones: omg its Voxy
funguslore: Rare tribal LUL
sophieghost: Oh no the goose is perfect
Seth_Erickson: Adam it's your favorite card from LoR
Mr_Horrible: sanctuary is goofy
Haroldholmes25: that does a lot huh
iSmartMan1: Sanctuary is GOOD
DinoDDY: It can be bargained too, cool
Mognet_t: voxyHype it's voxy and amy over there
jaimeblacken: and you have 2 of them
Mr_Horrible: the icy archetype is cracked when you have the payoffs
bytecaster: It is a lot of tempo
Mognet_t: accidental two-headed giant game
silaslunark: this board is amazing
Mr_Horrible: that otter ate my stolen goodies! D:
PixelArtDragon: Stormkeld Prowler looks like it could be interesting in Pauper
AdamYMHMI: Voxy and Amy vs. Adam and James...
Mischievous_Catgeist: just noticed the moose on the board
urkleturtle: 47 cards and three colors. these girls have no restraint
iSmartMan1: Accidental genius
TXC2: Arena has music? :p
tiredandjaded: rough
iSmartMan1: Oof
hd_dabnado: actually not a bad position
Mr_Horrible: I keep thinking lightblades is a power-buffing combat trick
bytecaster: "Tap. That. Otter"
TXC2: so what we're learning from this match is that 47 cards is the way to go in this format :p
samu_btdp1985: Is that voxy and amazonian
EvilBadman: yarp
TXC2: no, this is Adam and James Kappa
MrPipboy3000: @samu_btdp1985 Yes
tiredandjaded: can't beat the 47
Seth_Erickson: what does the young hero role do?
urkleturtle: the uw legend let's us live a turn longer
walkeroftales: did you see that your opp is Voxy?
Arikell: But listening to both streams is a fun experience
freshmaker__: Only Up? I thought we were playing magic. Kappa
TXC2: Seth_Erickson you get counters when you attack if toughness in under 3
urkleturtle: a lot of the creatures we took were black yeah
lirazel64: @walkeroftales Since today is all streamers, you're going to see a lot of Names.
bytecaster: Yeah, this is exploratory drafting!
trendel03: I do think the the tap down archetype is pretty good...has a decent amount of support with a good balance between tappers and payoggs
fsforwardsound: have we gotten more than we bargained for? :)
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OldUncleDan: Oh, Oh, Oh, It's Magic! Ya knoooooooooow....
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Orxolon: !quote grotto
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
iSmartMan1: Volume of what?
design_constraint: LUL
freshmaker__: Yeah the couple of times I was allowed into the early access event it was very beneficial to get so many reps playing free drafts.
munchingwalrus: Its best of 1? I thought it would be best of 3
OldUncleDan: They generally don't do Bo3 on Arena Limited.
lirazel64: Mean.
nottooold2playthisgamemtg: Are you guys brothers?
fsforwardsound: what is that thing on the left side of the battlefield?
TXC2: nottooold2playthisgamemtg nope
iSmartMan1: Elmer!
lirazel64: Adventure?
GhostofJeffGoldblum: @fsforwardsound goose hydra.
fsforwardsound: @GhostofJeffGoldblum D:
silaslunark: Brothers only in spirit
EvilBadman: Brothaaa
TXC2: the Guydra
funguslore: LUL
walkeroftales: are you brothers (in christ)
iSmartMan1: @lirazel64 Adventure is 7 mana
munchingwalrus: Thanks for the info @olduncledan i just got back into magic and haven't explored arena much
Seth_Erickson: @walkeroftales LUL
Gaz_L: and with you
DinoDDY: Oh my God they were roommates
Guevon_Jon: lol LUL
freshmaker__: Much love brothers -HH
jaimeblacken: now the 4 drop
bo_brinkman: I am very embarrassed that I didn't know which of you was which at my first Vegas, back before the pandemic. :(
Akaiatana: I've gotten 'are you siblings' wiht ex-roommates a bunch.
hd_dabnado: are you hulk-hogan brothers?
urkleturtle: that's some suspicious open mana
betweenmyself: Do you *have* brothers? Are they single? riffYeti
EvilBadman: Kifflom, brother borthers
nottooold2playthisgamemtg: my wife was asking. She thought y’all seemed close.
iSmartMan1: Stroke?
funguslore: Wait, opp drafted 2 of the same rare!? LUL
TXC2: nottooold2playthisgamemtg they were roommates for a years
arkham1981: They once went on a road trip together.
iSmartMan1: EW
silaslunark: Mayer can't miss, the art in the last few years they've made is spectacular
kamkazi: that nasty dose of Val-U
iSmartMan1: Disgusting
silaslunark: SYNERGY
midnightcurryjazz: gaming
invickthus: that reindeer looks incredibly determined
Orxolon: ice ice baby
TXC2: a circus of value!
silaslunark: this feels like commander, i LOVE it
iSmartMan1: lrrWOW
funguslore: UW doing its thing!
Badchop: I see I can look forward to UW Fun Police on Saturday :D
Guevon_Jon: omg the UW control deck looks better than I assumed
urkleturtle: the giant is much worse, yeah
TXC2: and it's doing it without a counterspell or a wipe
undecided44: That's what they call an enabler.
Caryotip2: the other way would ve made you draw on the tap
Guevon_Jon: a premium being ench removal? would think so...
Orxolon: are there flash creatures in this set?
urkleturtle: i'd play a 3 drop, leaves 2 mana for trail
ALLxISxLOST: Wait? are they playing against the one ring?
TXC2: Orxolon almost certainly
lackingsanity: yeah also the giant is just a 3/3 with no 5 mana spells in hand
Didero: @ALLxISxLOST The ring doesn't seem engraved, so it seems to be just a ring
lirazel64: @allxisxlost I think it's just a pet here.
bytecaster: @ALLxISxLOST I just hope the goose hydra doesn't go over there and take the ring.
kristof162028: Good afternoon Adam and James how's it going today?
TXC2: hello kristof162028 welcome
iSmartMan1: Parents!
Badchop: The ultimate counterspell: concession
gibbousm: tippy taps
Guevon_Jon: i hate the surveys lol
silaslunark: I mean we had fun
TheWriterAleph: market research!
freshmaker__: I'm so interested in what they do with that info.
silaslunark: also the tear on the no is so salt inducing
OldUncleDan: It's only useless if you are unwilling to see the use in it.
Guevon_Jon: ive started skipping those
klapparandgil: Did you win? Yes or no
Gaz_L: i sometime click happy if i lost but it was a good swingy match :)
TheWriterAleph: i always say sad-face after i win just to futz with the data
MrPipboy3000: I ALWAYS hit skip
Asp3rg3r: maybe it also counts if people skipped it
funguslore: Tap tap concede Kappa
fsforwardsound: doesn't that make the deviations worth looking into?
Guevon_Jon: @klapparandgil lol true
accountmadeforants: I mostly just don't answer because I'm ambivalent about the last game
PixelArtDragon: I've done happy when it was a well-fought game even if I lost
anbuagent12: It's the 10% of useful data they get out of it that makes it worthwile.
Gaz_L: and i'll do sad if people scoop after i play one land
Ukon_Cairns: idk even some of my wins make me feel :(
freshbubba: maybe the data for when it doesn't match is really important though, like what situations cause people to say they had fun when they lose, or vice versa
Guevon_Jon: same ^^
tehfewl: the standard Arena hand
undecided44: I always say no after I play against a lantern sac/discard deck, whether I won or lost.
Seth_Erickson: plains imo
kristof162028: Hey James what format are you guys playing tomorrow on the fnpf stream?
accountmadeforants: I guess it's more about tracking happy/sad over time, like to see if a set's making people miserable
Seth_Erickson: on the draw I send a plains back
Guevon_Jon: monowhite :D
Akaiatana: Porridge removes jam?
walkeroftales: nah, it's the aggregate of thousands of small reactions - it lets them get the idea of which cards are problems the same way the community will land on.
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, or http://lrr.cc/schedule for a Google Calendar version.
bytecaster: mono white commander
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ALLxISxLOST: @Akaiatana weird counter
Guevon_Jon: ruh roh
freshmaker__: oh nice another mono colour night
Asp3rg3r: now's the time for the curse to be lifted
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silaslunark: ah yes, the eggy porridge
funguslore: 2 Sanctuary's with no creature FeelsBadMan
silaslunark: never punished
invickthus: do you think he has a smaller rat in his hat doing a ratatouille?
trendel03: break the spell on their token draws you a card
ALLxISxLOST: If porridge removes jam, what's counters porridge? a jug of honey??
freshmaker__: Because I am the main character of the universe, if my favourite mono W commander, King Darien is not on tomorrow's FNPF I will be personally offended. Kappa
silaslunark: @invickthus he has a flea going on his own journey of self discovery
trendel03: read the card
TXC2: ALLxISxLOST a full english breakfast Kappa
theamc2000: Roles are tokens enchantment
undecided44: The roles are token enchantments
Ukon_Cairns: reading the card 5 times explains the card
funguslore: You can bargain the bowls because its a food
trendel03: my bad...i didn't read the card
anbuagent12: We need to Mana-weve.
urkleturtle: still not an enchantment
walkeroftales: waitwaitwait - the text in the book is actual factual lorem ipsum
r4inbow18: hey guys, hey chat
Caryotip2: there is actually a 2 drop in the deck
ArtemisHuntress: hahah
TXC2: hello r4inbow18 welcome
GhostofJeffGoldblum: one's all you need
GhostofJeffGoldblum: simply draw it every game
silaslunark: when its in a book we call that Lore-um Ipsum
fsforwardsound: Lorem opossum?
silaslunark: ow our bones, we need those to live
ArtemisHuntress: was this draft or sealed?
hammith: Limited in this seems reeeeal oof
silaslunark: oh no
lirazel64: @artemishuntress draft
Asp3rg3r: anti-james ecnhantment
ALLxISxLOST: octoOOF octoNut2
ArtemisHuntress: thx
silaslunark: wheelerY wheelerH
Gaz_L: oh, crud, that enchantment totally bones my Nissa HB deck
ALLxISxLOST: HyperCheese
urkleturtle: 4 hp and a dream
silaslunark: as the ice deck, chilling seems optimal
Ukon_Cairns: chillin' do be the UW archetype this set
OldUncleDan: @Gaz_L Too bad Green doesn't have any ways to remove enchantments... Nope... None at all.
TXC2: Removal in HBrawl is an admission of defeat
geo1771: Faerie’s lethal too
fsforwardsound: if they dont flunge
Caryotip2: doesn t their flyer have a pump ability?
Caryotip2: ohh right
fawltymtg: whoa you're those guys from that thing!
TXC2: we're only mostly dead
GhostofJeffGoldblum: "where did this Sunfall come from?"
Gaz_L: secret Depopulate up our sleeve
GhostofJeffGoldblum: maybe they'll disconnect
dragonstech: even a whrath kills you the flyer has a wicked role
OldUncleDan: Did they just draw Settle the Wreckage?
Asp3rg3r: just topdeck 8 mana ugin
Asp3rg3r: i'm very smart
Ukon_Cairns: need the channel into ugin
matthaus_c: that role? wicked
TriseAlpha: Twoo
matthaus_c: you could keep this in KTK draft
OldUncleDan: Damn... That No Ban Alchemy queue was a mess. But I did win a game after my opponent cast Emurakule twice on me that game.
Caryotip2: pray for the 2 drop
Asp3rg3r: the hell was that ouphe noise
OldUncleDan: Alchemy... Historic... Whatevs.
TXC2: OldUncleDan same thing at this point :p
TriseAlpha: !card Besotted Knight
LRRbot: Besotted Knight // Betroth the Beast | Besotted Knight [3W] | Creature — Human Knight [3/3] // Betroth the Beast [W] | Sorcery — Adventure | Create a Royal Role token attached to target creature you control.
ArtemisHuntress: hey chat, do you know where the Court of X cycle is getting printed? it's WOC set symbol, but I don't see it in any of the commander decks. Is it just set and collector boosters?
GhostofJeffGoldblum: goose hydra!
silaslunark: HONK
undecided44: Is titanic growth in the format?
Orxolon: @undecided44 yes
theymerLoviatar: @undecided44 yes
silaslunark: wheelerHub wheelerHub
funguslore: @olduncledan I mean, if you are building the channel deck just build the one with 4 karn, 3 realmbreakers (+1 in sideboard) and all the preators SeemsGood
forshamesir: @artemishuntress just set and collectors
BraveOthello: Doing the PR tomorrow, WOE hype!
ArtemisHuntress: @forshamesir thx
malexus101: Porridge+ porridge activation + role looks good too
undecided44: Thanks all, just thinking what they may have in the "make them have it" scenario.
silaslunark: wheelerY wheelerH
Caryotip2: porridge taps
Pharmacistjudge: Morning y’all
silaslunark: Goose mother is a house
GhostofJeffGoldblum: didn'
invickthus: I'm really delighted by the whole aesthetic of this set, a nice follow up to just so many teeth from the phyrexians.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: didn't pay 0 dollars to hit block
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Derthon: endydCorgi Good evening
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TriseAlpha: it's a real mother
TXC2: hello Pharmacistjudge welcome
OldUncleDan: @funguslore I always just feel sad not channeling into Blightsteel Collosus.
silaslunark: "fun" fact, geese have pseudo teeth called tomia
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Didero: "Slam And Die" would be a good slogan to put on the back of a leather jacket
invickthus: @silaslunark thanks for putting fun in quotes.
BraveOthello: @silaslunark and they're horrifying
urkleturtle: the porridge taps the goose
lamina5432: Portage tap goose?
OldUncleDan: Also geese are just glorified ducks. Swans are the real threat.
ArtemisHuntress: time for some Tap Tap?
silaslunark: they have ridged edges like a saw
TXC2: Didero or a Judo gi
DAC169: Lightblades with Bargain aipEZ
BraveOthello: Swans are big, but geese are assholes
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TXC2: OldUncleDan not if they're Canada geese
Didero: @TXC2 Didn't know you were allowed to put decorations on those
ALLxISxLOST: @urkleturtle with no context this is such a ridiculous phrase
TXC2: Didero you're probably not :p
GhostofJeffGoldblum: your goose is COOKEDD
Chichen: I did! Thank ya
Orxolon: big
invickthus: thick boy.
Didero: @ALLxISxLOST At boardgame club, I sometimes just listen to conversations at other tables, and a lot of games lead to ridiculous phrases like that :D
OldUncleDan: @TXC2 Canada Geese included. Once you grab one (by wrapping your arms around their body,) they go all docile. I worked with Waterfowl here in Minnesota when I was younger.
Gaz_L: it's 5 basics, i'm sure
OldUncleDan: Swans will still fight back.
invickthus: @OldUncleDan hello fellow Minnesota denizen!
TXC2: OldUncleDan "once" is doing a lot of work in that sentence :p
OldUncleDan: @invickthus Greetings from Katoland!
Caryotip2: if you draw your rare maybe you can climb back
matthaus_c: welp, they didn't brick
Caryotip2: yay new draft
ghizmou: good but the not good kind
Fluffasaurus: Whats the initial feel for the format @LoadingReadyRun
matthaus_c: LRRning
silaslunark: so on one hand i'm sad for our heroes that the games went badly but on the other hand i'm glad the UW tapper deck isnt oppressive
TXC2: and what did we learn?
Bruceski: The geese I had to deal with as a kid were territorial and "owned" the local pond. Good luck getting close enough to grab them in an y way without getting bit.
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: When life closes a dog, it opens an opossum.
DinoDDY: lessons learned - tapping creatures is not a good form of removal
OldUncleDan: @TXC2 Not that hard, honestly. They may be intimidating, but there is nothing real threatening behind them.
Caryotip2: they did say that the azorius archetype was the least supported in the set
Izandai: mattlrLul
matthaus_c: I beholden deez nuts
GhostofJeffGoldblum: isn't that the point of giveaways
Chichen: I was gonna do anyway, but its also subtember
Chichen: so cheaper
TimIAm: Adam
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Adam's a Krogan, huh?
Chichen: it started early
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TheHaCoFo: started early
Chichen: it only cost 3.74
midnightcurryjazz: its septermber in japan
midnightcurryjazz: atm
anbuagent12: Subtember started early
TimIAm: You're two extra balls?
ArtemisHuntress: is it subtember in Japan?
heckengine: sub-aust
bondeulv: they could be from Australia
funguslore: August 31st Kappa
theamc2000: boxHi
Chichen: @LoadingReadyRun it started early
TriseAlpha: Subtember creep is real...
ReachW: It's always September somewhere in the world.
bytecaster: Eh, the sun is overrated.
josh___something: It's september over here
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
malexus101: Fuck Victoria weather was so shit monday-wednesday
invickthus: ok I am ready for not a billion degrees though.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: counterpoint: summer stinks, bring on the fimbulwinter
AdamYMHMI: I feel like Adam should adopt an Andy Rooney voice whenever he says that...
TXC2: big mood there Adam
TriseAlpha: @ReachW in Portland, Oregon.
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jackulhaups: oooh just in time for a fresh drafterino
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DinoDDY: Subs are 25% cheaper
heckengine: 25% off
theamc2000: Global warming for summer! boxFine
silaslunark: so the thing is global warming doesn't just mean more summer it means more intesnse weather
Pharmacistjudge: Yeah I brought shorts to Victoria and didn’t use it that often
ArtemisHuntress: just move between the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. Follow summer around the globe!
TXC2: it's not about the heat of summer, it's about the daylight
Bruceski: Meanwhile we're coming out of a heatwave here so it's 17C, pouring rain, and glorious
raulghoulia: Drew Carey did that joke on his sitcom in the 90s spraying aerosol outside his house. you're not alone Adam
midnightcurryjazz: Same adam. Its like a hug
undecided44: Rooney is from 60 minutes
urkleturtle: i hate heat so much
invickthus: adam is a lizard confirmed.
OldUncleDan: He was a humourist who did a bit for 60-minutes.
jaqofspades: Adam confirmed giant lizard that needs heat.
kilnfiendpotter: Hissssss I hates the heat. I will hide in the shade like a vampire.
midnightcurryjazz: the cold is awful
AdamYMHMI: I hate heat. I'd live in a freezer if I could.
urkleturtle: i would move to iceland if i could, i hate the summer that much
josh___something: There are non-zero ways to make that lewd
GhostofJeffGoldblum: I would love to live somewhere that it never broke like 10 C
lackingsanity: Light jacket weather is the best weather
ReachW: I like it when it's like, mid-twenties at night but I really dont like it during the day.
funguslore: KEKW
lamina5432: If I’m not shivering it’s not a good day.
josh___something: But I'm not gonna figure it out
ghyllnox: Hate sweating myself and I have built-in insulation, winter for me please
malexus101: Love this little guy
Izandai: No
Oreo1369: Hate heat 65 f is life
funguslore: Its fine
bondeulv: it's good
Haroldholmes25: it sucks so much imo
kilnfiendpotter: Fall and Spring are my seasons for sure
MrPipboy3000: Shorts and Hoodie weather is best weather
GhostofJeffGoldblum: it looks Fine for limited
Izandai: I dunno maybe it's fine in limited?
lackingsanity: It's part of an infinite mana combo in standard
ghizmou: I think for science, you have to try it
malexus101: It's insane on turn 1 or decent on turn 8
heckengine: rats
tehfewl: rats
Izandai: But if you don't activate the ability it takes 5 turns to be able to attack.
ReachW: rats is support
funguslore: Just force the rat deck
bondeulv: ooh, impact tremors rats/celebration
urkleturtle: the rat deck loves is
iSmartMan1: Tremors definitely seems RB
tru_boredom: Rakdod rats boiiiisssss
Zenican82: Tremors lets go!
TheAwkes: It's kinda like a creature with suspend. You really want it T1.
EvilBadman: Ratdos
funguslore: 2 mana rock PogChamp
bytecaster: It's a stone that becomes a sword
heckengine: Ratcatcher!
Gaz_L: it the stone where the sword is
ztghostie: ???
Avak4do: rat time baybee
ReachW: Irene and Craig
TXC2: 2 mana rock in stanard
iSmartMan1: 2 mana rock, GET
bondeulv: that trainee seems dece
Marvoleath: Irene's crack? D:
Haroldholmes25: Honestly it seems fine as just a two mana rock with occasional upside
bytecaster: Ratcatcher Trainee though
ArtemisHuntress: XD Voxy just saw she was drafting against y'all, and started yelling "JAMES! fricken JAMES!!!!"
AdamYMHMI: Rat draft is only one letter off of the thing you're known for ;)
ReachW: cool mana rock
urkleturtle: you can sac rats for the bargain
heckengine: siege rhino
Gaz_L: Bargain is good if you're doing tokens, too
lackingsanity: negotiator seems good
iSmartMan1: I thought it was drain 2
bondeulv: Basilica Haunt?
Haroldholmes25: !card grasp thrull
LRRbot: Grasping Thrull [3WB] | Creature — Thrull [3/3] | Flying / When Grasping Thrull enters the battlefield, it deals 2 damage to each opponent and you gain 2 life.
bytecaster: Bargain + Rats also works well
TXC2: ArtemisHuntress we're in her head Kappa
Gaz_L: Dark Tutelage?
Fluffasaurus: Butcher makes rats
tru_boredom: Rat in the pack
Haroldholmes25: james is right for once
max_wang: Basilica bellhaunt?
tehfewl: Rat big
Chichen: RATDOS
Zenican82: Yoo that lich-knight's looks sick
DinoDDY: Ratdos
ArtemisHuntress: Rat-dos
bytecaster: It's also just a good card
PixelArtDragon: Celebration might be easy to trigger with rats
raulghoulia: I knew James was secretly a cat
lackingsanity: shatter the oath?
JosephDeath: But what if... Mardu?
urkleturtle: ctrl+f "rat". dec
bytecaster: Ratter!
heckengine: card says rat
PixelArtDragon: Rat!
Gaz_L: red 2 drop?
OldUncleDan: I'm just going to say this... I find anybody referring to themselves as a "Kindly Lord" while also having the U/B color identity highly suspicious.
lackingsanity: ooh tattered ratter
tru_boredom: Rat detected
Marvoleath: Green could be worth a splash if you hit one of the 3 enchantments that double tokens
Didero: Mono Rat deck
GhostofJeffGoldblum: rats, rats, we're the rats. we prey at night we stalk at night, we're the rats
bytecaster: Just gotta get the rat fireball now!
kilnfiendpotter: Ratatouille Deck confirmed
DinoDDY: Go away Sanguine Bond!
bondeulv: sanguine bond huh
ReachW: Seven foot rats, rats along his rats.
tru_boredom: Come on pack luck we need 1 or 2 totentanz
lackingsanity: visitor plays into the same enchantment graveyard theme as the tabby
raulghoulia: I get it
bondeulv: wicked visitor also dece
bondeulv: torch is good
Didero: So far most of your picks are 2-drops
Pharmacistjudge: I’m a Minh-strocity
Gaz_L: Shock or bolt if you sac a rat
Haroldholmes25: cool pillar of flame
Oreo1369: It's a bob enchantment
TXC2: Gods i'mma get diabetes just looking at Minystrosity :p
freshbubba: Does watching James play make you flood?
bondeulv: prism?
bondeulv: for bargain
PixelArtDragon: Banned card alert!
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Eagle1701E: Looks like it is time for an enchanting adventure!
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TXC2: the prism art is CGI no?
OldUncleDan: I still think that Mintstrosity not having some combination of the Naya color identity as a severe flavor fail.
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Gaz_L: might as well be Phyrexian Arena
Mischievous_Catgeist: no
tru_boredom: Yes
BrindleBoar: hungry hungry ratdos
Oreo1369: Yes
urkleturtle: yes, very low
edgelord75: a little
ghyllnox: It's super faint
iSmartMan1: We hear
Gaz_L: game sound yes
TXC2: unicornery <3
Eagle1701E: Going for all the Rats it appears
GhostofJeffGoldblum: we heard the cat
PenguiShark: realllllly quiet
Zenican82: Very quietly
Seth_Erickson: it's very quiet
monkeyboyktc: Sound no music
heckengine: we got a faint meow from the cat
Juliamon: I heard the cat when you drafted it
ghyllnox: I had to crank my volume to tell
DinoDDY: At worst you can Shatter the Oath your own Tutelage so you don't die to it lol
Zenfear: very quiet
Oreo1369: It's good
anbuagent12: no
ArtemisHuntress: very quiet game sounds, no music
QuantumTwitch: super quiet
Wonderdoc: Can hear when the cards flutter in but thats mostly it
anbuagent12: I hear game sounds, no music
Xed_Regulus: Thank you for the gift sub!
bondeulv: you can bargain the tutelage
Pharmacistjudge: I hear sounds and music
heckengine: much louder yeah
ReachW: That's good.
Didero: It's a bit better
ghyllnox: Now it's subtle
QuantumTwitch: thats good
Oreo1369: It's good 👍
ghyllnox: Nah I'm here for y'all
Seth_Erickson: Yes it does
Seth_Erickson: also now you're quiet James
Marcanius: James' mic is now muted
midnightcurryjazz: is james mic off?
Didero: Now it sounds like James's mic is off
bondeulv: now we lost james
shendaras: James is now very quiet
TXC2: wow James sounds far away
Gaz_L: James alone with his thoughts
garble86: 3vening
b1g_ch4d: Fire stream so exited
urkleturtle: gas gas gas
bytecaster: We got the ambient noise but lost James
GhostofJeffGoldblum: do you like, MY RATS
GhostofJeffGoldblum: my rats. my rats.
ztghostie: WAKE ME UP INSIDE
bondeulv: somnophage ooh
OldUncleDan: So are others going to be joining the stream, or do we get the exalted honor of having James and Adam entertain us all day?
garble86: These,names sound like un cards
AdamYMHMI: Dead air is notoriously something that you want in broadcasting lrrBEEJ
Oreo1369: Take it
Seth_Erickson: The bruiser then?
Seth_Erickson: it's aggressive
bytecaster: The bargain draw spell?
EvilBadman: It's a 2drop
infinite_legend: Rare
Didero: @OldUncleDan Graham will be here later, according to the schedule
Rootpotato: its just a draw 2
PixelArtDragon: Take mice if not rats?
munchingwalrus: Take the ** 2 drop
AdamYMHMI: It's an instant speed read the bones
iSmartMan1: Rowan's Grim Search seems solid
bytecaster: Almost rat
kumatsu: Draw 2 + set mechanic
Gaz_L: honorary rat
Oreo1369: Take it
TriseAlpha: #CloseEnough ?
Seth_Erickson: Close enough
garble86: All birds get 1 type but we differentiate rats and mice?
edgelord75: ayo intruder alarm on arena?
Oreo1369: Pivet
Seth_Erickson: ye old porridge seems fine
OldUncleDan: All of this power creep and before ya know it you'll be getting a 1-Drop instant Draw 3. Like in Blue or something! lrrBEEJ
QuixoticScrivener: it has firstest strike
invickthus: I want that chicken bowl.
TriseAlpha: I shall call him "Ratigan".
bondeulv: slam
bondeulv: recruiter
lackingsanity: I still think you play recruiter
TXC2: garble86 it's mammal privilege Kappa
lackingsanity: even without the adventure
Gaz_L: i mean knights aren't rats, but they're still tokens
bondeulv: gingerbrute!
Seth_Erickson: Gingerbrute works with tremors
kumatsu: oh hey, the stolen Magic product from Gencon was recovered
Oreo1369: Pump spells kill people
Dandyfloss: rat upon ye
Rootpotato: rat out! i choose you
GhostofJeffGoldblum: rat out is my favorite card in the set just for the name + art
urkleturtle: we're definitely getting cut on rats
bondeulv: I'd cut the tutelage
bytecaster: Works well with chip damage from rats
Oreo1369: 100%
lackingsanity: assassin works well with a bunch of 1/1 tokens swinging in
Zaghrog: rats might just not have been in those packs
Gaz_L: cmon pack 3 Totentanz
Seth_Erickson: a core set
bondeulv: M19 or 20?
munchingwalrus: Is no one playing simic?
edgelord75: m20
heckengine: m20 something
Mindfire13: m20
garble86: That was a normal sound
Seth_Erickson: m19 or 20
funguslore: Core set m20
gibbousm: Core 2020
lackingsanity: goes well with bargains
infinite_legend: Voxy is playing green black
zhrang911: Or curse itself and bargain the curse
bytecaster: "That rat? Cursed!"
Seth_Erickson: Harried spearguard is perfect yeah
Gaz_L: doomed rat
Zenfear: or just bargain the curse
EvilBadman: @infinite_legend no one need a draft update from other table folks
garble86: Why not a cursed roll for food synergy
Daggerpeak: DO IT
Oreo1369: Take IT
edgelord75: yoooo blood moon on arena finally
TXC2: lets go!
Pharmacistjudge: That mage gave me a headache during the PPR
theymerLoviatar: blood rats blood rats
josh___something: cowardice
Chichen: blood moon is useless guys
Oreo1369: DO IT
Ackfu1: LUL
gibbousm: But, its Blood Moon. It kills the Restless Lands
CanPlayGames: !card blood moon
LRRbot: Blood Moon [2R] | Enchantment | Nonbasic lands are Mountains.
Earthenone: conquest lets the rats have a glow up
bytecaster: It doesn't do anything
plundypops: ooh no blood moon is in arena now Q_Q
DanTheMediocre: send a message
RevolverRossalot: Bad Moon
Daggerpeak: voracious vermin tho
QuantumTwitch: in this set it his nothing
DinoDDY: Conquest is sick tho
Seth_Erickson: Lich-knight works well with impact tremors right
Rootpotato: take it for historic brawl Kappa
heckengine: vermin
Oreo1369: So what do it
lackingsanity: vermine bottom left
CanPlayGames: !card island
LRRbot: Island | Basic Land — Island |
Avak4do: rat
Daggerpeak: TJE RAT
Zenican82: conquest saccing your rats for more from the grave could be good
BartlebyTheScribbler: Vermin
kewkyc: There's a rat
Avak4do: vermin
Didero: Still, it's a pretty card
tehfewl: rat
urkleturtle: rat on the bottom
edgelord75: vermin at the bottom
HamSneak: Vermin bottom left!!
Chichen: the rats descend from the blood moon
bytecaster: There is a rat!
milk_the_cow_to_earn_gems: Rat
Lushian_Cybasi: Crensendo
edgelord75: vermin look
TXC2: and it will do NOTHING in HBrawl :p
Fluffasaurus: Gnawing Crescendo buffs rats and makes rats too
johedl: Take the rat
edgelord75: yesssd no punt
forshamesir: haven't seen the chat explode like that in a bit
TriseAlpha: Rats do make more rats
gibbousm: Gnawing Crescendo makes rats
Earthenone: gnawing cresendo is rats
kirbytronic: Retweet to scare a gladiator player
bytecaster: Throw a rat at the opponent!
Lushian_Cybasi: Gnawing Cresendo
MaelstronSolenor: doesn't the lich use your rats to get more cards that make rats back into the game?
heckengine: raid!
lackingsanity: lmao
Seth_Erickson: Raid easy
midnightcurryjazz: wooooo
funguslore: Raid bombardement PogChamp
Zenican82: YOOOOOO
edgelord75: this is a gnager deck
Oreo1369: Hell yeah
manfred909: tqsClap
edgelord75: banger
Juliamon: Oh baby this is never gonna happen
Mischievous_Catgeist: popping off
iSmartMan1: lrrGREED
Rootpotato: rat bombardment
gibbousm: SYNERGY
Asp3rg3r: never punished
Bruceski: Rats! Rats! Rats!
monkeyboyktc: POGGERS
Marvoleath: Rat bombardment
quartzblade: lets goooooooo
hd_dabnado: I love dragon mantle
DAC169: Raid Bombardement aliwayGlare
TXC2: always were
Earthenone: thast good
Seth_Erickson: Dreamthief not a rat but good
malexus101: That is a rat with wings
ArtemisHuntress: ooh Impact Tremors is in this set? It's one of my favorite cards!!!
Gaz_L: they're pinging them! And then they're gonna ping me! oh my gooddddddd!
garble86: Mintstrosity escaped from an un set...
AtomicAlchemical: if we're wrong I don't want to be right
TehAmelie: something something morally ambiguous five-way conflict
TriseAlpha: Dragon Ratz
Darleysam: bring out the Ratapult!
Zenican82: Almost missed it
Seth_Erickson: Thief helps us find tremors and bombardment though
bondeulv: gingerbrute
midnightcurryjazz: give em the brute
EvilBadman: gingerbrute
edgelord75: ooh new gingerbrute art
TXC2: "first they're gonna impact me, then they're gonna bombard me! OH MY GOOOOD!"
bytecaster: Gingerbrute works with bombardment
bondeulv: gingerbrute with dragon mantle
zhrang911: Gingerbrute, honorary rat
quartzblade: dragon mantle + brute yes
Dandyfloss: this curve looking like a mana block
ghizmou: it s bargaining fuel
Gaz_L: i think you want to aggressively mull to one of the enchantments
theymerLoviatar: the mana cube
Mischievous_Catgeist: a line
Juliamon: Add lands and go, perfect
Zaghrog: 17 lands seems a bit many for this curve
TriseAlpha: Mana line
bytecaster: How many land are we cutting?
Earthenone: block of chesae, for the rats
urkleturtle: the rat block
edgelord75: take it
anbuagent12: Love a Block Draft
iSmartMan1: Works with Dark Tutelage
anbuagent12: Take it.
kevsta47: What was P1P1?
lackingsanity: crescendo
gibbousm: I've build a deck that wound up as Oops All Three Drops. It was not good
Pharmacistjudge: Block constructed
TemporallyAwry: It's not a curve, it's a wall
TXC2: Gods chosen mana curve
Wonderdoc: Is this why they call it block constructed? Kappa
DanTheMediocre: we can cut a land for a single 4+
lackingsanity: I think this deck really wants a trumpet blast
shendaras: A second chance at blood moon
lackingsanity: tbh
Seth_Erickson: Lich kNight lets you sac all the rats you make to recur the cards that made the rats
gibbousm: Trumpet Blast with set mechanic
Seth_Erickson: I think it might be worth it
ghizmou: I don t think you play 17 lands in this
EvilBadman: It's stilla combat trick
CharlieFrown: It makes rats lol
forshamesir: 15 lands?
TXC2: kevsta47 impact tremours
Dandyfloss: shatter ruins the mana block though
bytecaster: A single decadent 5 drop
Oreo1369: The mass reanimation vlild be a
RevolverRossalot: You can go down a land with your "curve"
Fluffasaurus: If you only go up to 3 drops you could cut a couple of lands
DinoDDY: Crescendo is sick
kevsta47: Nice.
Caryotip2: well you re definetly playing less than 17 lands in this deck
Avak4do: yuck mouse
QuantumTwitch: 16 lands curv to 3
Ktolos: With this curve the trumpet blast and max 16 lands
OrangeBeard: The sac tokens sorcery seems good here, sac rats to return the creatures making rats
Oreo1369: The 5 mana mass reanimate can be a reverse board wipe
QuixoticScrivener: celebration auto equips it
MaelstronSolenor: explain to me why doesn't the lich combo with making rats?
bytecaster: Free attach?
bytecaster: Cut two land, done?
garble86: Wish Amazing Maurice was an avatar
johedl: White the handsmoother in best of one you could go 15 lands
Oreo1369: Also, 15 lands because James is here
Gaz_L: god's perfect deck
lackingsanity: I genuinely think you can go 15
TriseAlpha: This should be... interesting
DanTheMediocre: beginning to feel like a rat god (rat god)
Dandyfloss: name the deck "rat upon ye"
Caryotip2: the aggro is gonna be heavy
gibbousm: Dark Tutelage
edgelord75: dark tutelage\
ghizmou: rat out
Oreo1369: Is good
jcullen6598: Gonna draft into the new meta
cheezweazl: PrideHeartL lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW PrideHeartR
garble86: @danthemediocre <3
urkleturtle: ra(t)kdos aggro
gibbousm: Flings
TXC2: Keeper Sutherland
Gaz_L: 1 drops?!
midnightcurryjazz: rat
Earthenone: its instant not that it super matters
urkleturtle: that's an instant
zhrang911: Making rats is instant, btw
Oreo1369: And so it begins
TriseAlpha: Remember kids: rat tokens don't block.
theymerLoviatar: Rats are too intelligent to chump
Caryotip2: ratcatcher can punch no?
Fluffasaurus: Dragonmantle on Trainee is pretty nuts
Caryotip2: ohh the punch is then sac
Marvoleath: yea, it's a fling
Marvoleath: like
Marvoleath: !card thud
LRRbot: Thud [R] | Sorcery | As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature. / Thud deals damage equal to the sacrificed creature's power to any target.
ghizmou: the mouse adventure!
Marvoleath: but you sac at the end, not as an additional cost
garble86: Thud Is fling?
Caryotip2: dragon rat !!!
garble86: Drat
monkeyboyktc: Play the mouse first
iconicshadow89: mouse first gets bombardment in
Asp3rg3r: mouse reduces costs
Reece42: You can battle mouse then bombardment right?
Caryotip2: mouse has discount
Zenican82: And the rats can't block anyway, so yeah bombard them
Jobot180: Whee! Mouse party
monkeyboyktc: This board looks excellent. Very good vibes.
funguslore: Opp has a rat avatar so we can't kill him LUL
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TXC2: remember when Raid bombardment was all standard was like 5 years ago? :p
quartzblade: no blocks and theyre dead on the crackback if they brick lol
garble86: What's up with token behind cart
Gaz_L: i'd just draw
Fluffasaurus: Can sac after attacks
Caryotip2: so weird that they don t draw discard, if you re happy with your hand just discard what you drew
QuixoticScrivener: attack and sack the one that gets bocked
lackingsanity: I'd attack first
Zaghrog: @Caryotip2 it's discard first though
invickthus: just like beyblades.
Caryotip2: @Caryotip2 ok so now i understand ^^
Zaghrog: red cards do it that way around
Chichen: raid bombardment earlier on would have crushed it
Caryotip2: that 4 2 was the perfect counter to rats
plundypops: look at all these'd you
Gaz_L: still had all these
Guevon_Jon: reported for BM! lol
garble86: Rats
Gaz_L: yeah, i'd mull to get one of the enchantments
EvilBadman: Also free preview time. Fun low stakes goofy decks
garble86: That, ackdrop looks like Disney castle at home
ReachW: A+B decks either get there very well or not at all
EvilBadman: @garble86 or does Disney cast such a long monopolistic shadow on castles.
QuixoticScrivener: rats at instant
garble86: Mosh pit!
lackingsanity: play butcher? 2/3 lines up well against the board
Chichen: I think bell into ratcatcher instant next turn for double celebration triggers?
bytecaster: Keeping the mouse lets us do more next turn?
tyrantcorporation: vermin will benefit from the trade
Caryotip2: i like voracious vermin
Seth_Erickson: next turn we can 3 drop and attack with sugar rush
Caryotip2: can t believe vermin is common
Earthenone: vermin and sugar rush
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Belligerent of the Ball is such a great name, I'm shocked that's not like a mid 90's thrash album
garble86: The 1 time hill giant is better
Gaz_L: both sides of ratcatcher?
urkleturtle: you can play the adventure and the trainee
tyrantcorporation: pest then rush maybe
bytecaster: Pest Problem + Trainee
garble86: Remy!
bytecaster: True
Jethrain: ok the celebration trigger animation is cute
garble86: Is someone the monarch?
Seth_Erickson: vermin and attack seems good yeah give the first striker +1/+1
urkleturtle: 14
urkleturtle: 16 lands btw
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Zatengo: Hehe, number go up
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Gaz_L: soooo maybe 15 lands?
GhostofJeffGoldblum: there's that classic Turner hand
heckengine: not a token so
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Turner Classic Magic
Caryotip2: can t bargain a creature
bytecaster: pump?
garble86: I got lands they multiplyin
Earthenone: why would you play 16 lands if you dident want to draw 16 lands :P
Dandyfloss: you put those 16 lands in your deck so you could draw them
RevolverRossalot: Can't bargain the Stab Wound (not yours) or the creature (not a token, artefact or enchantment) sadly
Haroldholmes25: blame james Kappa
gibbousm: you're playing with James, what did you expect?
lackingsanity: swing out, hope they block wrong
Seth_Erickson: good game lads both teams played hard
Caryotip2: ohh no a maw !!! bit it s so sweet
funguslore: Thats a donut that will eat YOU!
gibbousm: sends a message
GhostofJeffGoldblum: gotta assert dominance
Gaz_L: ngl, that is why i don't enjoy Limited
TXC2: welcome to my life :p
Seth_Erickson: what if we aggressively mull for impact tremors Kappa
GhostofJeffGoldblum: no format is immune to land flood
Zaghrog: Maybe we we got unlucky with our opponents having decks well suited against the rats, but I'm not sure this is a format were going super low is great
Marvoleath: can't draw too many lands if you play mana-less dredge in legacy Kappa
Gaz_L: if i get flooded in Constructed though, I can play that deck infinite times without paying
Orxolon: AND they bottomed 2¿?
echochrisx: Lord of the rings has been my favourite limited set mainly because of the land cyclers and level 2 on the ring. Rarely flood out
MWGNZ: hard to flood out in momir
GhostofJeffGoldblum: well thjat's an issue with WotC's aggressive monetization of the interesting formats rather than the format itself
Gaz_L: @GhostofJeffGoldblum eh, even if it wasn't paid, the whole 'limited number of games' thing for a cool deck puts me off too
10of9: It's always when I'm flooding that I strongly consider a Borborygmos and Fblthp Commander deck
Caryotip2: but you lose all triggers on the vermin
urkleturtle: tremors!
Seth_Erickson: It begins 👀
Trahas: And then you slam, and welcome to the jam?
Grimnus: Gotta say i like this board a lot
Sterosz: Engine online
bytecaster: Play a 10/1, I dare you opponent
TriseAlpha: incoming 6/6
Seth_Erickson: Lord Skitter's is 2 damage 👀
novrdd: 😀Mmbuat mh
Grimnus: More mana efficient to play the butcher here ya
Chichen: rat and tattered next time ye
Dandyfloss: butcher puts more rats for the tattered ratter next turn
Didero: !card Lord Skitter's butcher
LRRbot: Lord Skitter's Butcher [2B] | Creature — Rat Peasant [2/3] | When Lord Skitter's Butcher enters the battlefield, choose one — / • Create a 1/1 black Rat creature token with "This creature can't block." / • You may sacrifice another creature. If you do, scry 2, then draw a card. / • Creatures you control gain menace until end of turn.
Earthenone: tattered ratter has psudo haste
Seth_Erickson: Yeah tattered makes rats just as hard to block next turn
Gaz_L: oh, dear, op
Grimnus: Bitterblossom not the best against rats
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TXC2: !card tattered ratter
LRRbot: Tattered Ratter [1R] | Creature — Human Peasant [2/2] | Whenever a Rat you control becomes blocked, it gets +2/+0 until end of turn.
Nydestroyer: bitterblossom impact tremors is going to be fun if it ever happens in this environment
silaslunark: Heyyy we got a win
Nydestroyer: witches cant play diablo
urkleturtle: left on scryed
Gaz_L: sure, they do, Adam, SPELLphones
Pharmacistjudge: Witches are still using pagers
QuantumTwitch: Atleast the land curse is thematic
Seth_Erickson: I mean funny yes good also yes I imagine
Erix33: karkalNo karkalPuns
bytecaster: Ill gotten inheritance at home
Mr_Horrible: joke's on you, I've never been funny once in my life
Seth_Erickson: a 1/1 with flying every turn that pings both players seems great
Earthenone: mull it
TriseAlpha: Wasn't "spellphones" a main gimmick of Power Rangers at one point?
Gaz_L: is he related to Cardblade Jay Whiteboard?
NorthstarTex: Next 5 draws are swamps
Seth_Erickson: dragon mantle pumps looking huge in this gand
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Earthenone: i would mull, we want impact tremors or raid bombard
jackouk: Enjoying the draft in between trying to get my 4m old daughter to sleep. So if you could keep the noise down that would be great (Adam) 😂
Didero: James is traditionally very good at drawing lands
theymerLoviatar: easy swampy toppy
funguslore: How about bitterblossem, raid bombardment/intangeble vertue
bytecaster: months?
Mr_Horrible: damn, daughter's lookin' huge
TXC2: tall baby
Dandyfloss: that's a long daughter
jackouk: She’s quite tall but not that tall lol
freshmaker__: my daughter is a snake btw
Mr_Horrible: LUL
CaKnuckleguy: Longdaught
Seth_Erickson: 4 meters tall Old Daughter so like how old though we talking 40's 50's
Wiliart: 4 decimeter baby sure, but 4 meter, wow
funguslore: Or you read it as 4mil... Kappa
BrindleBoar: giraffes can watch twitch if they want, you don't know
Seth_Erickson: no you have not been loud
jundinator: Where is Graham?
Izandai: I enjoy your loudness.
Nydestroyer: same, my voice carrys hard so I make sure to be quiet
remyjette: I like loud Adam
jundinator: Hi there James
Nydestroyer: because people always told me I was loud
MrPipboy3000: Adam, you're TOO quiet, speak up man!
Didero: You're only loud when James hits his teeth on the mic, Adam, and that's a good loud
Pharmacistjudge: Definite agree with James here
freshmaker__: you're a good volume. everyone watching controls the (volume) buttons they press.
zhrang911: I like Adam, agnostic of volume
Grimnus: Slam jam
jackouk: Haha. I’m sorry for making you self conscious I was jk. You’re doing great.
lirazel64: My motto is, "always embarrassed, never quiet."
freshbubba: Does the rat do celebration by itself?
anbuagent12: You're loud when you're having fun. Or with Ben. Usually they tend to coincide.
Bruceski: Back in the 90s my high school did some groundbreaking video call thing with some other classrooms and I got called out for clapping too loud. Microphone must've been tuned to my hands or something, I was in the back of the room.
NorthstarTex: Adam's noise level can be louder, my boyfriend isn't complaining, I actually would be impressed if he did hear you
shendaras: Adam, you're fine as you are.
Jethrain: maybe we're talking light-meters, like how lightyears are a measure of distance - which would mean 13 nanoseconds old
Nydestroyer: classic
heckengine: is your rat single
EvilBadman: Yeah, but he's 4 meters
Scarbble: it *is* always funny
Seth_Erickson: never not funny
NorthstarTex: Open to hugs from Adam, not James
Earthenone: ohh that flyer is a lucky clover!
Earthenone: they snuck it in
Nydestroyer: gnawing for the win right?
heckengine: raid and then swing with the rats
funguslore: Crescendo is lethal
Scarbble: kind of like when wheeler says to not tell his husband that he's gay. always funny
Grimnus: Theyre dead to crescendo
urkleturtle: crescendo is lethal
MrPipboy3000: I got my buddy to double over by telling him his wife was pretty cool and asked if she was seeing anyone ... its ALWAYS funny.
TXC2: Scarbble Wheeler's gay? Kappa
plundypops: rats rats rats
Seth_Erickson: We've won 2 games now
jackouk: Gg.
TriseAlpha: reallt ratted em out.
Sterosz: The rats are unstoppable
gualdhar: Keep it under the floor
forshamesir: having to fight tooth and rat for these wins
bytecaster: @Sterosz Actually rats can't block
Seth_Erickson: Could you stream in absolute silence please Kappa
accountmadeforants: Easy, you push your hands in people's faces, right?
shendaras: CA them
lirazel64: Wow, two colors!
Mr_Horrible: zero volume ASMR
Earthenone: cam and ian christmas has the format solved
jundinator: When will Graham be on
Mr_Horrible: in THIS economy?
Nydestroyer: I feel like thats the case whenever I have randomly tuned into high viewership streams
Pharmacistjudge: Well you are in an office. It’s not like you have a strata that has some noise policy
NorthstarTex: !badadvice
LRRbot: DO NOT push those buttons.
omdorastrix: your mom lets you have TWO colours?
Mr_Horrible: holy shit repeatable on a bear?
anbuagent12: Put up a cardboard cutout of yourself, and have James talk to it
TXC2: jundinator later, we don't know exactly when
Mr_Horrible: that's wild
ghizmou: such a tempo breaker though
jundinator: !badadvice
OldUncleDan: I want to make a Celebration deck featuring Hylda, of the Icy Crown... Calling it "Cool and the Gang."
Marvoleath: should attack first, maybe they wouldnt read the dwarf
RAZRBCK08: That seems like a very good rare
NewtyNewts: Dang, showed up real late... was this a draft?
Oreo1369: I've been loud my whole life, learned to embrace it
jundinator: !commands
funguslore: A rol EVERY TURN!? Kreygasm
lirazel64: @newtynewts yep
Mr_Horrible: oh hey, Skybilz
Mr_Horrible: neat!
bytecaster: Party two turns in a row, the decadence!
heckengine: rats rats were the rats
Gaz_L: oh lawd
Chichen: prerelease gonna be fun tomorrow
Pharmacistjudge: I guess I should start moving to the Clipper.
Seth_Erickson: We tremoring bois
jundinator: !advice
Mr_Horrible: *extremely Mischief Makers voice* "Shake shake!"
Sterosz: The dream is real
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NewtyNewts: That card has quite the... impact.
Scarbble: mischief makers was the stuff
TXC2: more tremors then a Kevin Bacon movie
Scarbble: love that game
BOTGrant: Is Adam eating falafel?
NorthstarTex: These tremors are gonna be quakes soon
bytecaster: Only 14 more creatures!
Gaz_L: cmon raid bombardment
Grimnus: Rats rats rats
arkham1981: Adam only seems loud right nor because he is sitting next to James. Replace James with a caffeinated and excited Alex and Adam would be the quiet one.
Nydestroyer: rat fireball
jackouk: Thoughts on the set so far? Seems fairly powerful. Maybe not on the level of MOM ?
Mr_Horrible: what do you think the Song of Totentanz is? My money's on Bad Guy
noSmokeFire: fureball
Seth_Erickson: almost half our lands Kreygasm
rabbiti3: Is this early access or available to play now?
Gaz_L: steal it when they shuffle Kappa
Seth_Erickson: that means it's all gas
jundinator: !spam
LRRbot: Today's spam counts: 0 hits, 0 repeat offenders, 0 bannings
beam1249: @rabbiti3 early access
ReachW: FiRatball.
NorthstarTex: Ever fireball so hard everyone turns into rats?
lackingsanity: play the land imo with tutelage out
MrPipboy3000: @NorthstarTex haha, yes, once
Nydestroyer: it is the best worst most mid format of ever sometimes
Scarbble: @Mr_Horrible he's the raaaaaaat guy~ (duh)
tru_boredom: With tremors and bombardment being both uncommon i feel like rakdos rats can be so much fun to draft
heckengine: lol
funguslore: KEKW
Mr_Horrible: @Scarbble 10/10 no notes
Jethrain: @Mr_Horrible surely has to be that song from the pallbearers dancing meme
jundinator: !y
Sterosz: Ooof
bytecaster: They ratted harder than we
plundypops: hey! they took the deck you wanted to make!
NorthstarTex: !findquote rats
LRRbot: Quote #8444: "I'm also okay with becoming a Rat King." —Ben [2023-01-28]
silaslunark: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
Seth_Erickson: no blocks pray for raid bombardment
Mr_Horrible: Kellan beat up by a random dwarf with kebabs
Mr_Horrible: what a time to be alive
Nydestroyer: might as well sugar rush the rat
lackingsanity: attack with a rat to cycle sugar rush
Earthenone: you should have gotten 2 rat fireballs, it seems to work out for the oponent Kappa
AtomicAlchemical: Should have drafted the double Rat Fireball
owangel1: Your draws are bad cause of James and his curse
tru_boredom: I still think that 15 lands would have worked for this deck
DAC169: James and his lands curse. smh
bytecaster: Two rares and a mythic, also their bear was a rare
bytecaster: So that's unfortunate
urkleturtle: two rares and one mythic and uncommon removal
NorthstarTex: Eyy more draft!
MrPipboy3000: To be fair, they are looking at your impact tremors thinking the same thing
Mr_Horrible: long bronze
silaslunark: Just ratted to death
Earthenone: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Earthenone: !prime
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TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
freshmaker__: god its been 2 hrs already
Sterosz: Only rats can stop the rats
jundinator: !advice
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Conduct combat with the nugget.
forshamesir: the more I see rats the more I think that orzhov adventure that gives -1/-1 is better and better
Earthenone: ohh wow, lorcana on afk and balders gate on pif!
freshmaker__: oh hell yeah. that's a stacked schedule
theymerLoviatar: Ooh, who's PiFfing?
Earthenone: heather
theymerLoviatar: sweet
Wiliart: awesome
Didero: I mean, I'd also prefer talking to Paul over talking to us :p
Earthenone: il mull
Grimnus: James hates us clearly
Seth_Erickson: Adam you sound perfectly loud with no one around us Kappa
jackouk: Paul is so lucky
MrPipboy3000: Chat?
James_the_Dabbler: A wild James appeared!
James_the_Dabbler: ADAM
freshmaker__: Always happy to have you Adam. :)
gualdhar: Oh we hate ourselves sooooo much
Mr_Horrible: true, we're kinda cracked
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: I'm People?
Haroldholmes25: are we?
ghyllnox: Oh, well in that case
NewtyNewts: The gestalt is pessimistic.
ThankYouUro: Don't tell me what to be
theymerLoviatar: We average out to good
EthirealPlayer: Now that James isn't here I can finally turn up the volume :D
plundypops: LRR twitch chat at least, other twitch chats I wouldn't say are all "good people"
ghyllnox: Always listen to chat, we have the best opinions
Didero: Thanks Adam, that genuinely made me feel better :)
James_the_Dabbler: I feel like Adam would do the best ASMR
Oreo1369: Hold up we good?
rabbiti3: What can we do to combat the climate crisis
Seth_Erickson: Sure but self deprecation is funny at time. It just gets lost when you arrive in a twitch chat and it's impossible to tell how many self deprecating jokes have been made.
Darleysam: James tries to eat the mic, that gets loud
Oreo1369: 70% people is good?
Mischievous_Catgeist: we prefer trash pandas
TXC2: rabbiti3 eat the rich
lamina5432: We’re a hoot
ghyllnox: One rotten apple spoils the bunch and all that
theymerLoviatar: @Darleysam my brain: "James Eats Mic, Loves PCP" and no one but Adam will get that
Haroldholmes25: I mean y'all have cultivated a good chat. praise mods
Scarbble: so true bestie
koodooman: twitch chat are good eggs
ghyllnox: We're mostly good
Sterosz: We are a mass, it’s hard to be fair
Seth_Erickson: tbf that's kind of a thing that twitch chat perpetuates because they often find it funny too, but I agree be nicer to yourselves and those around you
Robot_Bones: No, I've had it too good for Too long
James_the_Dabbler: I won't speak for all of chat but I think I'm pretty great. Real humble too/j
MommaGart: I do my best to love myself and I hope you love yourself too <3
theymerLoviatar: that song is such a goddamn banger
Oreo1369: I'd say LRR chat is 80% good people
bad1arry: Does that actually happen with apples?
Izandai: Thing is, the Twitch chats you interact with are far far better than the average Twitch chat for a streamer of your size.
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: most garbage remains useful and valuable if not for public consumption after a while.
TXC2: bad1arry yes
Scarbble: good luck with that person's boyfriend adam
hd_dabnado: marriage? are they married?
theymerLoviatar: I could def see getting married to that, I wish you good fortune in this
Seth_Erickson: I don't thhink so either
QuixoticScrivener: We're forcing Izzet next draft, right?
Oreo1369: What is
ghyllnox: You have actively cultivated a good community though
rabbiti3: @txc2 any recommendations. Do some taste better than others
Seth_Erickson: there are a lot of rotten eggs but also there are an incredible amount of eggs so
Orlantia: im indefensible...wait...
plundypops: You need two rat fireballs
Didero: A good Twitch chat also requires good moderators, so thanks mods lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
TXC2: rabbiti3 Jeffy B is probably well marbled
QuixoticScrivener: more rat fireballs
tru_boredom: Totentanz and totentanz,s song
hd_dabnado: ive been in very full twitch chats, the shit people get away with to streamers is not okay
Sterosz: Rat fireball makes it work
funguslore: Izzet curiosity, catapult :O
Oreo1369: More people more degen
bytecaster: Could have used a Totentanz
TXC2: Didero <3
Oreo1369: RAT -Ball
freshmaker__: Totentanz and Throwin Hands.
bytecaster: Btw: Totentanz is Dance of the Dead in German.
avicado___: hi gamers
TXC2: and that's when we ban the IP address :p
ghyllnox: Greetings from Michigan
tru_boredom: Greetings from germany
bytecaster: Greetings from Germany
TXC2: hello avicado___ welcome
panquernic: oh hi, I'm from Argentina
rabbiti3: Greetings from brazil
Oreo1369: Could both of you 1v1 a 6' ft tall rat
James_the_Dabbler: Hello from Oklahoma
freshmaker__: greetings from australia. I should be asleep. :)
TehAmelie: greetings from the northland
WhyYouDuds: Greetings from Brazil
Gadora: Greetings from the greater Seattle area.
RocknGrohlNerd: Oh I was in chats that I did NOT enjoy. I was so glad that LRRchat is sweet always
jingoistical: greetings from ireland
palma1002: do you think fast red decks are usually better in draft/sealed events?
QuixoticScrivener: Greetings from Demos
NorthstarTex: Greetings from the magical place called Minnesota. Have you been there?
remyjette: Greetings from.... uh Seattle that's not very far
funguslore: Greetings from the Netherlands
Bogan026: Greetings from the Bermuda triangle
ThankYouUro: Well, Greeting from Denmark then!
shendaras: Another Oklahoman? What's the chances.
kumatsu: Greetings from right behind you
Sterosz: Greetings from Hungary
hd_dabnado: greetings from jupiter
RocknGrohlNerd: Greetings from Czech Republic
avicado___: sigh ig we're just not funny, gottem
James_the_Dabbler: @shendaras Omg no way
Wiliart: Greetings from below the sea (Netherlands)
Seth_Erickson: it's tough to pull off
Izandai: If you can get it though, hoo boy.
rabbiti3: Gr3etings from New Zealand
Scarbble: shout outs to my oklahomies
EOstby: Hello from the state of Indiana
WhyYouDuds: Once again being Brazilian pays off
funguslore: @wiliart LUL
Oreo1369: Hello from Ohio US
Marenai: Greetings from Ottawa?
Izandai: mattlrLul
davesummersdave: Actual greetings from São Paulo, Brazil
TheWriterAleph: watching for spidermans
kumatsu: I also laughed
walkeroftales: greetings from 5 minutes ago
Marenai: :(
mielkevejen: Actual greetings from Denmark
Darleysam: "when one of you's funny, you're all funny. When one of you's bad, you're all bad." - the milkinbags gambit
ThankYouUro: Chat every time Brazil is mentioned:
James_the_Dabbler: Why is the rimworld music playing in the background
forshamesir: why play aggro when you can play control and go to turns every round?
Izandai: Greetings from Florida!
malexus101: Greetings from the stinky building at ubc
Zaghrog: Greetings from Finland
Loooooony: Greetings from my sofa, Warsaw, Poland.
tru_boredom: Doesnt being brazilian immediately pay off just cause of the double jumps
Oreo1369: Gamers never look up
Seth_Erickson: Now is it Dave Summers Dave or Daves Ummer Sdave.
TXC2: !mastodon
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun is now on Mastodon! You can find them at kind.social/@LoadingReadyRun, and LRRMtG at kind.social/@LRRMTG
ThankYouUro: what's a tweet?
hd_dabnado: your xort
remyjette: I do like your xeet
NewtyNewts: Your 'sh-eet'?
jackouk: Describe your tweet
EOstby: James gon' give X to us.
Scarbble: definitely not a xeet
Didero: ~lasttoot
DideRobot: LRR: James, Adam, and Graham are live all day long for the #MTGEldraine Streamer Event on LRRMTG. We promise nothing short of prefection! https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun | 2 hours, 18 minutes ago | https://kind.social/@LoadingReadyRun/110985309237132875
fiinnnaaaaannnnnnnn: Greetings from the Pyrenees
DadlyPuns: oh well, actually greetings from Brazil :D
davesummersdave: @Seth_Erickson amazing question. No more questions
QuixoticScrivener: A tweet, is that like a toot or something?
James_the_Dabbler: Lunch probs
Oreo1369: Didn't see it
kumatsu: Lemme call WotC and get an account, I'll jump in the queue SeriousSloth
Seth_Erickson: @davesummersdave LUL
funguslore: Not eveyone lost that fast Kappa
irdeaded: clearly the rest of you draft pod didnt scrub out this time
Saintnex: Greetings from Canada Kappa
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thaigeprime: greetings from the extraplanar void
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avicado___: greetings from america, i bet im the only one from there
walkeroftales: did you see that elon plans to roll out audio and video calls on X? After a certain point, why even have bought twitter?
Seth_Erickson: I should go around twitch chats and say Greetings from Twitch Chat.
tru_boredom: The first ones to do it are always germans and brazilians also
TophTheHermit: Greetings from the US just doesn't hit the same
SpleenLord: Greetings from behind you
panquernic: Greetings from Argentina (it's close to brazil)
freshmaker__: I always wonder if I mention I'm from Australia too much, but it's generally relevant context, and I also don't expect streamers to remember my name.
theymerLoviatar: greetings from the frozen hellscape known as Finland
tru_boredom: Oh and australians
CanPlayGames: !findquote holes
LRRbot: Quote #4333: "How is a cat different from a bird? Oh right, two holes." —Ian [2017-07-31]
RocknGrohlNerd: I love how international chat is FBtouchdown
QuixoticScrivener: Opinions on the the song "Oh Canada!" by Fire Iron Frenzy?
QuixoticScrivener: *Five
chrisvonclause: Greetings from…Bucksport, Maine.
rabbiti3: Try draft the infinite combo in the set
palma1002: greeting from Poland, i found you on yt first and now i can enjoy streams :D
avicado___: greeting from the edgewall inn
Oreo1369: James could you 1v1 a 6 ft tall RAT
Grimnus: Player 8 exists even in early access
Earthenone: twitch is so us centric people tend to say greetings from "state" or even "city" and expect people to understand
Seth_Erickson: Not a chance
Grimnus: Goose is loose
TheWriterAleph: !Y
avicado___: goose mom
Scarbble: GOOTS
funguslore: Goose PogChamp
TXC2: 1v1 in basketball? sure
Lordofironstorm: !honk
theymerLoviatar: hjönk
thaigeprime: unleash the geese
ThankYouUro: *Honk Intensifies*
Didero: !card goose mother
LRRbot: The Goose Mother [XGU] | Legendary Creature — Bird Hydra [2/2] | Flying / The Goose Mother enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it. / When The Goose Mother enters the battlefield, create half X Food tokens, rounded up. / Whenever The Goose Mother attacks, you may sacrifice a Food. If you do, draw a card.
Seth_Erickson: rats are survivors they pull out any dirty trick in the book to beat you
SmoreThanAFeelin: honk honk
NorthstarTex: !y
Invitare: would you want to?
forshamesir: time for BUG food
Boon_33: how about 6 1foot rats?
Izandai: Or you bargain the saga away.
TriforceDrummer: It returns if you don't Bargain the Saga away
MWGNZ: James could you and Adam 2v1 a slightly taller Adam?
Grimnus: Great to just bargain away that saga after chapter 2
JosephDeath: Just bargain it, it never comes back
Marvoleath: does not return if you bargain the saga
remyjette: It returns... unless you bargain it
Seth_Erickson: or you bargain it before the third chapter
shendaras: Bargain
WrightJustice: unfortunately goose mother uses regular bird noises like that screech :(
loufghyslaufey: G o o s e
Mattmitchell45: Moooother
Marvoleath: Hónk
Mattmitchell45: the Goose
theymerLoviatar: Mother? Sorry. Mother?
Sterosz: It’s simic time babyyyyy!
theymerLoviatar: no u
MommaGart: Yeah that saga is nuts with Bargain
A_Dub888: !findquote chat
LRRbot: Quote #7594: "You hear that, chat? Ian might do something one day and you might like it." —Heather [2021-05-02]
DAC169: imagine even considering not taking The Goose Mother aipSRSLY
ghyllnox: Is your streamer single?
Seth_Erickson: Wow 😊thanks
NorthstarTex: Goose Mother, I crave violence.
thaigeprime: LUL
Izandai: mattlrLul
Didero: Is Ben... bored? :p
QuixoticScrivener: this pack isn't red enough
Bogan026: Cool bit next
Seth_Erickson: Shared Animosty so good with rats
Seth_Erickson: NotLikeThis
theymerLoviatar: James full on "that's nice, dear"ing Ben's bit
TalismanG1: picnic?
ThankYouUro: Porridge here probably?
undecided44: Wow... I guess there's no sale on bits today from James.
BrindleBoar: James.
hd_dabnado: picnic time? the sorcery isnt bad
theymerLoviatar: James.
rabbiti3: Change archetype rn before you commit
tru_boredom: And i misread the flavour text
Mattmitchell45: 👏👏👏
plundypops: no gyno should ever be called red
tru_boredom: Its thorny apparently
freshbubba: I wonder why all the royal roles get attached to another creature?
loufghyslaufey: Each LRR member is require to draft at least ONE Goose. Lawl. (jk...@ me during combat)
theymerLoviatar: Let's not think about why the tooth of the gynecologist is red
Marvoleath: redtooth gin, still better than brown-nose gin
walkeroftales: "that is one royal hooha, and I should know!" -redtooth gynocologist
Grimnus: Cottage is fantastic
loufghyslaufey: Also, geez tithe
kumatsu: "not playable in limited" sounds like quitter talk
thaigeprime: who up smothering they tithes
forshamesir: I don't hate the land here
Grimnus: All the creature lands are
TalismanG1: not at all
bytecaster: There is a fighty dude
funguslore: Champion is nice
loufghyslaufey: chump up the champ
Seth_Erickson: also blue green wants it's 5 drops
silaslunark: tithe seems slow in this format
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Abavus: I wish you luck to go 7-2
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silaslunark: you really need some 2 drops
loufghyslaufey: SingsNote Chump it up SingsNote
TalismanG1: I would splash Blue for the goose rather than splash black
NorthstarTex: tithe doesn't fit well in limited
silaslunark: hate to say this format feels a bit dependant on the coin flip so far
James_the_Dabbler: @silaslunark Don't encourage him!
Sterosz: Sweet-sweet big green boys
funguslore: Is necropotence playeble in limeted?
Seth_Erickson: if you're mono black maybe
silaslunark: what is ego drain? jawdroppingly good art
rabbiti3: You're still in the colours for the infinite combo
loufghyslaufey: what? Wish werewolves, or at least Arlinn were here.
Grimnus: Itll get you killed more often than not in limited
Seth_Erickson: Never
plundypops: refuse
Avak4do: im never not a gamer
bytecaster: I've seen 2 drafts and I think rares and mythics are good this format!
EOstby: If you aren't trying to game the system, the system is gaming you.
Seth_Erickson: I snap decide and live by it unless it's baldur's gate and I feel bad because of it.
Grimnus: Sprawl is always nice to have
panquernic: is that background rings of brighthearth??
silaslunark: sorry adam :P not trying to hate on the format just feels like we got curved out a lot today
funguslore: Ramp PogChamp
loufghyslaufey: A Planeswalker from an Innistrad set should at least be obliged to visit Eldraine once.
jackouk: Green 2/2
Mr_Horrible: I'm hating this set purely because the background art should've been a rings of brighthearth reprint but they denied it to me Kappa
tru_boredom: Living lectern sung to live and let die
hd_dabnado: easy to bargain, yeah
lirazel64: Sounds like it's time for the LRRlympic Summer Games.
Gadora: Sprawl is interesting with Bargain.
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bytecaster: It was funny though!
TXC2: the 2nd deck was a meme :p
silaslunark: the last three formats have been pretty vroom zoom fast formats so just a bit gun shy to it is all
silaslunark: having fun is always valid deck choice
DaveNine: mother comes
Mr_Horrible: I like the bargain bounce
loufghyslaufey: draw three plus fae?
Seth_Erickson: 3 drop might be fine too
NorthstarTex: the draw is nice
loufghyslaufey: If only a modal card at an instant.
TriforceDrummer: That card is so funny
Mr_Horrible: Tooth And Nail At Home
freshmaker__: weird tooth and nail
silaslunark: its tooth and nail basically
Seth_Erickson: Alright what if 👀
silaslunark: awh yeah
accountmadeforants: Wow that art is rad
Oreo1369: Take it
silaslunark: get goose mother
Mr_Horrible: 8 mana AND a permanent OpieOP
silaslunark: x=0
edgelord75: ooh phyrexian unlife now we just need ad naues
NorthstarTex: all lands for the 20 cards
hd_dabnado: gatekeeper seems good
QTL7: oops caps
TXC2: what if coco but 3 times bigger
funguslore: Withing on that in limeted LUL
Caryotip2: can t wait to never get to 8 mana
Sterosz: Aaaaand it’s a meme deck :)
loufghyslaufey: om nom for doof token LUL
bytecaster: Good target for Debut too!
silaslunark: ramp + pamp time
Mr_Horrible: gatekeeper is pretty great for the GU gameplan
Seth_Erickson: Beluna is like exactly what we want in blue green yeah. Early game tempo with late game pay offs
silaslunark: nummy would be proud
TXC2: edgelord75 please Gods no
Mr_Horrible: early stall, late big spell and big body
Seth_Erickson: shared animosity wheeled :(
silaslunark: i missed the last draft did we moon anyone
bytecaster: How has nobody forced rats with shared animosity?
accountmadeforants: @TXC2 No, no, let them speak
loufghyslaufey: oh, the Middle-Earth food token might be used for Spider Food too. heh, would be flavorful.
silaslunark: @accountmadeforants he's out of line but he has a point
Oreo1369: Big RAT
Seth_Erickson: Praying on a Troya
NorthstarTex: ask and you receive
Mr_Horrible: *stabs you* "Just a prank bro"
silaslunark: ah yes the prankle that killed graham
James_the_Dabbler: Bargain targets are always a plus
Mr_Horrible: I'd def value Stopgap a little higher
silaslunark: love the bun
Mr_Horrible: Into The Roil has never not been good in limited
James_the_Dabbler: Really, it's a bargain if you think about it
silaslunark: delicious sharp apple
loufghyslaufey: nice mechanic clause, probably...
Seth_Erickson: Wurm let's us ramp
loufghyslaufey: wuf woof?
bytecaster: But 4/4 4 4
jackouk: 4/4 vigilance seems good
Mr_Horrible: explore that doesn't cantrip is significantly worse
loufghyslaufey: Wuf Up The Woofs Wolf'm Up...
panquernic: you should draft some giant creatures
RocknGrohlNerd: Chat, is it me or do the fullart basics give big Samurai Jack vibes?
loufghyslaufey: Somehow Garruk cameo'd in here...
lackingsanity: I think you want the uprising
Seth_Erickson: I mean uprising seems like it'd be good in this deck too
Mr_Horrible: @loufghyslaufey I mean, afaik he's *still* on Eldraine
panquernic: YESSS
funguslore: LUL
panquernic: DOUBLE RARE
Mr_Horrible: just chilling after getting uncursed
James_the_Dabbler: Garruk is probably around somewhere
GhostofJeffGoldblum: do it
GhostofJeffGoldblum: you know you want to
panquernic: make a 60 card deck
silaslunark: awh yeah, bad chocies.dek
bytecaster: Almost as good as double totentanz
NorthstarTex: do it
Asp3rg3r: what are they cooking
James_the_Dabbler: Let them cook
bytecaster: Just gotta find some ramp
Mr_Horrible: Thunderous Redebut, where they show off their new VTuber models
Grimnus: Kenji is off today actually
accountmadeforants: Gotta get that consistency, we need it in our opening hand :)
avicado___: double debut is hilarious
Marvoleath: we gonna always hit goosemom with debuts, aren't we? :D
lackingsanity: looking forward to hitting goose mother off of thunderous debut
Seth_Erickson: Can't wait to hit Goosemother off of the Debut PogChamp
jackouk: Curve looks perfect so far.
silaslunark: we are here to make bad choices and double down
Sterosz: I’m only realising…
Grimnus: Baby setup stuff
silaslunark: baby stuff
trendel03: Kenji is doing all his tomorrow morning
ghizmou: Kenji is only drafting tmr
avicado___: its ramps! yay!
bytecaster: Ramp!
silaslunark: Chatjr is on the way
lackingsanity: technically ramp
panquernic: wurm
accountmadeforants: 4-mana ramp :)
panquernic: WUURM
urkleturtle: wurm is great though
TalismanG1: take itt
Sterosz: Wurm
bytecaster: Also dog
uberlieder: this is going to be great watching none of these cards hit
TXC2: this is a throwback to when green mythics sucked
Mr_Horrible: *does* and *can* are not quite the same LUL
Marvoleath: "Tortoise", type: turtle :/
Sterosz: Apple?
Mr_Horrible: @TXC2 Questing Least
panquernic: eriette?
loufghyslaufey: Durd Up The Turts, kay imma stops
TXC2: Mr_Horrible ah ha ha!
James_the_Dabbler: @TXC2 A throwback? Wasn't aware it ever stopped
NorthstarTex: it'll all come together pack 3 right?
undecided44: We appreciate you Adam. 🙏
panquernic: isn't garruk's uprising good
TehAmelie: are they streets of. . .rage?
jackouk: The fewer 2 drops you take the more powerful your Debut’s are 😂
BrindleBoar: "how's the deck coming along?" "UG."
TXC2: James_the_Dabbler the odd Nisa is overpowered
panquernic: switch colors, go rakdos
funguslore: Studie
TalismanG1: quick study 100%
Mr_Horrible: it was from Champs, so it sucks :)
OldUncleDan: Spider Food, Spider Food... Feeds a Spider mightily good.
Asp3rg3r: just sneak in 3 mana oko into the deck Kappa
Haroldholmes25: instant speed divination wheelerPog
James_the_Dabbler: Pack 3 pivot?
TalismanG1: vault?
Izandai: mattlrLul
loufghyslaufey: uh tight grows
TalismanG1: vault helps you put a land in the bin for the tortoise
walkeroftales: I mean, gatekeeper is a solid hit for debut?
funguslore: Titanik growth without 2drops Kappa
sanguinetribunal: Which archetypes are looking good so far?
walkeroftales: so all you gotta do is survive to 8 mana
Simonark: Nice, it’s a Simic Uncommons bonus stream
TXC2: sanguinetribunal none of the ones we've drafted :p
loufghyslaufey: eek.
bytecaster: @sanguinetribunal I think Gingerbrute turbo is gonna be the deck
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Sterosz: The cake is not a lie!
Oreo1369: Splash it
Mr_Horrible: sweettooth is gangbusters with bargain
silaslunark: welcome to the sweetooth, we've got fun and games
Mr_Horrible: 3 permanents from 1 card
Marvoleath: just realized, are those Rings of Brighthearth in the background art?
Sterosz: What is Sweettooth, a place?
Marvoleath: That's not the right faery world for those
bytecaster: @Sterosz It's where all the sweet monstrosities are from.
Mr_Horrible: you mean the non-specified summer or winter games rings?
Earthenone: i just assumed it was a welcome to nightvale reference
Sterosz: @bytecaster Cool,
Simonark: Did the IOC sue to stop WotC using all five rings?
Sterosz: !
hd_dabnado: 2 drop!
loufghyslaufey: spoop
hd_dabnado: we got one!
Oreo1369: Splash
Haroldholmes25: beeg lady
avicado___: oof
Mr_Horrible: Greta's pretty rad
James_the_Dabbler: Oof
loufghyslaufey: oh gosh, is it worth it?
Mr_Horrible: very good value
Mr_Horrible: Gre2
BrindleBoar: Greta #2
Oreo1369: It will weel
TXC2: Greta played by the girl from Last of us
loufghyslaufey: no, not the spire...
loufghyslaufey: aw, oh well.
Oreo1369: Trample kills people
avicado___: faun!!
TalismanG1: bangin
bytecaster: Hey, we have two rares that cost 8 and one that is an X spell, how bad could it be.
Mr_Horrible: they're the greatest to ever play the game
Asp3rg3r: 7-0 incoming now with that mana dork
Mr_Horrible: curse is deece
Earthenone: the draft portion is my favorite part of lrrmtg, so these train wrecks are a positive for me :P (more drafting)
Sterosz: Goosemother will take care of all problems
Mr_Horrible: +1/+1 counter and fight
panquernic: quick study?
bondeulv: +1/+1 trample and fight and bargain fodder
Mr_Horrible: I'm telling ya, Stopgap's really good
Earthenone: its bounce and draw
Mr_Horrible: bounce and draw, cheaper if you bargain
Marvoleath: !card stopgap
LRRbot: Johann's Stopgap [3U] | Sorcery | Bargain / This spell costs {2} less to cast if it's bargained. / Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand. Draw a card.
Mr_Horrible: it's Into The Roil
omdorastrix: dammit now I see it too.. :D
panquernic: sleight of haaand
Mr_Horrible: gotta take that Pogging Farmer art Kappa
omdorastrix: If your gyno has red teeth...
bytecaster: Not exactly, instead of kicker it has bargain
bytecaster: And it costs 4 by default
panquernic: maybe not vault?
lamina5432: Turtle is an infinite enabler
polaris415: HONK
TalismanG1: @lamina5432 not in this deck
theymerLoviatar: @omdorastrix you're Bella Swan?
Obos_TAB: Sure sure, Eldraine Preview Stream, but what if y'all just plaed more Cube
Marvoleath: the fae court is meh, isnt it?
silaslunark: spider food, spider food, does whatever spider food does
Sterosz: God speed
bytecaster: Perfect hand
Marvoleath: it could give you 2 faeries for that rate
Obos_TAB: Ooooo awesome board
OldUncleDan: Wow... Rowan looks kinda miffed.
Grimnus: The plans coming together
Marvoleath: just always draw Faun, ez
silaslunark: auto conceded and move on
Marvoleath: D:
Grimnus: The plans ruined
bytecaster: Rude!
TXC2: Riker's Yikers
Sterosz: This is the real fun police
Earthenone: its ok, we can ramp in 3 turns!
Asp3rg3r: this hand is too good, conced
Obos_TAB: James can you mute the OP for a second so we can see the sleeping version of their pet?
Caryotip2: never heard of freeze the bird
Marvoleath: bolt the bird, freeze the faun
Mr_Horrible: yuppers
Marvoleath: it checks out
Invitare: I am
Mr_Horrible: its pretty good
Wormsbane: pretty fun
Mr_Horrible: the mech's fun once you get the hang of it
Mr_Horrible: pretty lucrative too
gualdhar: PoE league was fine, autobattler was fun after the buff
Mr_Horrible: got half a Bottled Faith today
ThankYouUro: No but have you seen they've announced a new Grim Dawn expansion?
Mr_Horrible: I keep saying *luke sullivan voice* "hexblast!" to myself
Mr_Horrible: YES
Grimnus: Heard good stuff about it
Mr_Horrible: Sea of Stars slaps
bippityjones: SoS looks like they took notes from Golden Sun
koodooman: I watched someone play that today, it seems good
urkleturtle: I've also been playing. yeah it''s been great so far.
hd_dabnado: you wanna play it for that big spell right?
Sterosz: We can cast the rare green spell :O
bytecaster: Also patched
Mr_Horrible: @bippityjones it's big inspired by all those early-era JRPGs. Notes of Chrono Trigger and Mario RPG as well
Earthenone: ahh the streamer strategy?
bytecaster: What is a Yu-Gi-Oh card doing in this set?
Mr_Horrible: even got Chrono Trigger's composer to make some tracks for it
TriforceDrummer: It exiles X creatures and those creatures cost more to cast. Then once per turn when a spell is cast from exile, they draw a card
blackroseimmortal7: draw oko win game?
Kaaosa: shut up adam
DAC169: aliwayGun
Bearudite: damn son
tehfewl: low quality bait
SpleenLord: Get 'em
Earthenone: is james chrono TRIGGERED?
Mr_Horrible: *rattles cage* nyxieBabyJail
bippityjones: salted up bait huh
TXC2: Nuclear hot take from Adam there Kappa
undecided44: Adam drives engagement.
silaslunark: Don't fall for poor bait
urkleturtle: amazing sprite art
Mr_Horrible: the soundtrack is a banger
freshbubba: I tried the demo for it last night, it looks really pretty
Gaz_L: Tom Hardy dot gif
Grimnus: Switch is so good for JRPGs
accountmadeforants: Is it worse than Shadow of the Colossus though?
kumatsu: ol' rage-farm Adam
avicado___: LOL
GhostofJeffGoldblum: god DAMN brother
loufghyslaufey: why? Why... "would we"!??
silaslunark: HONK
Sterosz: Motherrrrrrr
QTL7: honk
Chichen: sipsipHonk sipsipHonk \
Earthenone: !y
bytecaster: The goose is loose
Mr_Horrible: oh actually, Adam this might make it relevant for you: it's by the folks who made The Messenger
TXC2: !y
Sterosz: It’s a feast!
Oreo1369: YAY
Obos_TAB: Honkdroid Krasis
silaslunark: wheelerPog wheelerPog wheelerPog
avicado___: HONK HONK
Chichen: sipsipHonk
Kaaosa: a guy who liked wow cataclysm having an opinion is just.. wow
NorthstarTex: !y
Oreo1369: Beep beep
Obos_TAB: ty
walkeroftales: nah, Hydroid Nuisance
Mr_Horrible: lmao
bytecaster: It should play phrase of the goose game music when you play it, and the length is determined by X
SmashTCG: I'm torn, watch a starfeild stream, or spend 130 bucks on it and play it myself
Obos_TAB: Cancelling it
Obos_TAB: if were lucky
Mr_Horrible: they're finally killing it Kappa
lirazel64: @walkeroftales Well done
Asp3rg3r: they will set it on flames to have a nice campfire
Marvoleath: you're playing a 30 years game now :D
Sterosz: Continue running it in the ground
SmashTCG: This will be my solution, watch magic
novrdd: Cheer SeDDr tR
Oreo1369: Who was going to mtg con Vegas
Bearudite: full wipe and start over
bippityjones: Hasn't production on WoW stopped after all the lawsuits
QuixoticScrivener: Honk?
Chichen: no
bytecaster: Because those flyers can't compete with the goose
Mr_Horrible: not even a little, that's got nothing to do with the individual properties
Earthenone: lawsuits dont affect companies
theymerLoviatar: Today in my first class I found out I have to write a 4-5k essay on a game. WoW, MtG and Planescape: Torment were all on the list and I picked none of them
silaslunark: No Kotick just blamed the union and continued on with his normal business
hd_dabnado: who's fault is that?
Mr_Horrible: it's all about the company culture
Mr_Horrible: @theymerLoviatar well you can't say that and not tell us your pick
bytecaster: Tier 3!
Grimnus: Believe in the goose
munchingwalrus: Goose mother OP
TXC2: if someone says goodgame, they should concede
Grimnus: Beating a preemptive GG is one of the best feelings
theymerLoviatar: @Mr_Horrible I picked a larp called Just a Little Lovin'
Mr_Horrible: gg shake my hand
TherapyforNarwhals: They said it irl?! bro
Mr_Horrible: @theymerLoviatar I am unfamiliar but nice!
Obos_TAB: whatre you standing up for
bytecaster: Gotta click that IRL mute button
Oreo1369: Asking for like to kick your ass
theymerLoviatar: @Mr_Horrible it's a very sad larp about the AIDS crisis
TehAmelie: i understand you can take it as conceding if you want to be a dick about it
QuixoticScrivener: goose this turn then?
silaslunark: the fact goose can just be a constant card draw engine is pretty great
Earthenone: i think we goose last, its an X spell
Mr_Horrible: @theymerLoviatar oh, well then, my enthusiasm may be inappropriate LUL but I imagine there's a lot to write about there
7ukanda: Was a good game. And the GG was just, because I knew it was over. ^^'
NorthstarTex: goosing later feels good
Chichen: goose finisher
Obos_TAB: Hows this set feel so far?
bytecaster: Goose at your convenience
theymerLoviatar: @Mr_Horrible there is, and there's a lot of writing on it already
theymerLoviatar: me goosta
Mr_Horrible: I think goose is def something you get as greedy as you can get away with
silaslunark: @Obos_TAB very synergy focused, lots of back and forth, gotten curved out pretty hard but still learning the format
AtomicAlchemical: that was not a honk rdropPout
Caryotip2: wasn t waiting another turn and playing prowler better?
Mr_Horrible: also only bounces things you *don't* control
Obos_TAB: Any degenerate quick draft nonsense like last Arena Eldraine (Lucky clover + merfolk mill)
Grimnus: We can still draw yes
bytecaster: The trigger is already on the stack, so yes
silaslunark: trigger is still live
Oreo1369: Yo bois who is going to mtg con Vegas
Sterosz: Yes, attack was declared
silaslunark: adam "right opinions about fae court and nothing else" savidan
bytecaster: Good for us!
BrindleBoar: rood
Mr_Horrible: I'll take a 4-for-1 fae court
avicado___: oofin time?
James_the_Dabbler: Big oof
Mr_Horrible: probably wanna get prowler down soon
blackroseimmortal7: ouphe
Mr_Horrible: so it can grow
hd_dabnado: this feels like a "cast 3 two drops" turn
Seth_Erickson: both two drops seems good
bytecaster: 2 2/2 4 2
Mr_Horrible: and now we can have double prowler value
Earthenone: we could study for a land and play the 2 if we draw a land
Grimnus: We only had 2 blue
Mr_Horrible: you can filter through faun
Seth_Erickson: there was no way to tap correctly
Mr_Horrible: *inhales* BIG
Obos_TAB: is UG the +1/+1 counter archetype?
Caryotip2: @Seth_Erickson how can it be correct if there s no way to do it?
theymerLoviatar: Ug is 5+ mana cost
Marvoleath: @Obos_TAB 5+ cmc
Obos_TAB: ty
Marvoleath: (and ramp, it's always ramp in UG :D
bytecaster: Yes!
Mr_Horrible: divination's old and busted
Mr_Horrible: the future is now
Seth_Erickson: Divination Power Creep smh
PixelArtDragon: I really want to try brewing with it in Pauper
Mr_Horrible: this isn't Dig Through Time, basically trash
SurfDownstage: FBtouchdown
TXC2: this isn't brainstorm...
silaslunark: the power of goose
edgelord75: 7-0 dream
Sterosz: Looks like this deck makes the cut
James_the_Dabbler: Maybe this deck is a little better than you thought!
Mr_Horrible: goosing the throttle just a little
goombalax: mull into goose
ReachW: Taking notes
jaimeblacken: blue green apparently is the sauuce
owangel1: The goose... is loose
SurfDownstage: !goose
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ThankYouUro: when you draft good cards, AND draw them!
NorthstarTex: this winning thing feels good
Seth_Erickson: I would simply win is a winning strategy I've found
silaslunark: numotB1 numotB2
avicado___: yung guuse
Oreo1369: Mtg Vegas ?
Gaz_L: Goose Robinson
bytecaster: We should do this winning thing more often, it's nice
TheWriterAleph: yung mama geezy
TXC2: there's Goose loose aboose this hoose
Avak4do: yung hero
Obos_TAB: It's only working because its a canadian goose
Earthenone: its amazing for any amount of X
James_the_Dabbler: It is a beautiful day and you are a horrible Goose-Hydra
QuantumTwitch: Drafting good cards is that not cheating, are you not supose to draft goof cards
lirazel64: Beej and Heather's
Oreo1369: Exited?
ThankYouUro: Flying and Tramble, or Trying, as it may
Asp3rg3r: nah it doesn't have trample
Mr_Horrible: parnets
freshmaker__: this mfer said yurkey
1y1e: was the grink there?
Earthenone: no goose, ship it back
Obos_TAB: Ryan from streets
Seth_Erickson: Hand looks fine yeahh
James_the_Dabbler: A little slow
MrPandaaaGaming: Will there be times to ask y'all to sign stuff at Vegas?
bytecaster: Our 8 drop is also double green
TXC2: MrPandaaaGaming almost certainly
ThankYouUro: and now we draw a big donkey
Caryotip2: cooooome on wurm !!!
DanTheMediocre: they wont block
onbeklimbare_os: Bo"mwah"t Courier
theonlybarber: but it's worse than bomat, cause this has to it to sacrifice itself
theonlybarber: has to hit**
DanTheMediocre: role gives +1/+1
Earthenone: i like fighting the 1/1, gives our grower trample for later too
Mr_Horrible: it can play the harp
silaslunark: is that north 100 episode out
bytecaster: Maybe it has a neat hobby, you don't know
Seth_Erickson: only two mana off of debut 👀
Mr_Horrible: while courier is not musically inclined
DAC169: Thunderous Debut with Bargain? aliwayPog
TXC2: it is worse the bomat. 'cause bomat was colourless :p
Wormsbane: it also has menace
AtomicAlchemical: It's not just worse, it's StRiCtLy WoRsE
loufghyslaufey: the whole playmat looks like... Arena emotes, everywhere...
dilbert11: @TXC2 but was it? was it really?
midnightcurryjazz: what if something has protection from colorless?
silaslunark: i really hope we get to play this debut, i want the dream
TXC2: dilbert11 technically, but I know what you mean
ReachW: @Mr_Horrible They recently updated Bomat Couriers to play delightful tunes when you pick up from them. It's pretty neat.
midnightcurryjazz: Those kind of comparisons dont get you anywhere
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OldUncleDan: What's a Five for?
MrPipboy3000: @OldUncleDan Fighting
Mr_Horrible: @ReachW drat, the competition is expanding
bytecaster: What if they get our goose?
Seth_Erickson: A Five is for it's power
OldUncleDan: @MrPipboy3000 Kudos! That was next level!
notsoc00l_guy: just gotta hope they don't steal the goose
Mr_Horrible: 1 off debut noww
Seth_Erickson: one more mana for the debut 👀
Earthenone: land lets us draw 20 closer to goose
Seth_Erickson: but we can't bargain it NotLikeThis
Mr_Horrible: can even sac the sprawl for bargain
Caryotip2: 1 more land and you cast a big spell
bytecaster: Didn't get the goose
Atomskin: Drafting Eldraine, drafting simic, what year is it???
loufghyslaufey: phew, they didn't find your goose- still oofs.
Seth_Erickson: we can bargain I forgot about sprawl :O
silaslunark: noooo our bones
accountmadeforants: I love that they make these "Charming" cards.
TalismanG1: sqoosh
loufghyslaufey: pffft.
bytecaster: Loooooong bronze
accountmadeforants: Bronze Tier (but tall)
Caryotip2: excuse me sir you sat on my bronze rank
silaslunark: just look in the top 20 and play titan from your deck that you have in your deck right
ReachW: LUL
NorthstarTex: goose n tooth
bytecaster: Also that 4 drop, excellent
ReachW: The two genders: Sweettooth and Goose.
Kaaosa: welcoem 2 sweetgoose
theonlybarber: that's one good limited hand
Mr_Horrible: Goose: "What am I, chopped liver?" Adam: "Not for like a year, no."
loufghyslaufey: Duck Up Duh Goose, Duck'm Up...
TXC2: !card welcome to sweettooth
LRRbot: Welcome to Sweettooth [1G] | Enchantment — Saga | I — Create a 1/1 white Human creature token. / II — Create a Food token. / III — Put X +1/+1 counters on target creature you control, where X is one plus the number of Foods you control.
accountmadeforants: Gotta build a constructed deck around Thunderous Debut if you never get to play it :p
Obos_TAB: Tooth and Honk with entwine
SmashTCG: Did they reprint golden goose?
Caryotip2: if you cast goose before chapter 3 of sweettooth it could be so good
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vigilanteheatengineer: Go go gadget goose
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Earthenone: we can grow goose later
panquernic: why would he trade your 1/1 for his flyer=
panquernic: ?
bytecaster: There it is!
accountmadeforants: Well now you gotta ramp :p
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freshmaker__: I genuinely enjoy seeing Adam appreciate different cards, but I also hope you don't get sick of people pointing it out every single time anyone mentions a card you like.
loufghyslaufey: The goose do be honking out of spite, at everyone; a l w a y s. . .
bytecaster: This is so much pressure
Mr_Horrible: somehow doesn't have reach
Mr_Horrible: I like prowler here, yeah
Mr_Horrible: we can afford a hit or 2 from the giant, and we've got decent blocks regardless
GhostofJeffGoldblum: oh that's a godo card back
silaslunark: i wish they would actually put dammnation on arena though
OldUncleDan: Damnation! Those sleaves are awesome!
freshmaker__: I hope they put toxic deluge on arena
Earthenone: you can play it, but they draw
Mr_Horrible: if you replay it, they draw a card, but that's it
OldUncleDan: I just want Dubious Challenge!
OldUncleDan: on Arena.
Mr_Horrible: can make food to bargain next turn
loufghyslaufey: They don't print Dubious on Arena, bro. Why is that?
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Mr_Horrible: and fight their reacher
bytecaster: If we make a food, the 5 drop can fight the reacher next turn?
TXC2: !card dubious challenge
LRRbot: Dubious Challenge [3G] | Sorcery | Look at the top ten cards of your library, exile up to two creature cards from among them, then shuffle. Target opponent may choose one of the exiled cards and put it onto the battlefield under their control. Put the rest onto the battlefield under your control.
panquernic: i would play spider food
Avak4do: champ can fight with food
goombalax: @loufghyslaufey Cowardice, same as Battle of Wits
Mr_Horrible: and that'll also make prowler trade with giant
Seth_Erickson: one off of Debut again
OldUncleDan: Dubious Challenge should have come on arena with the Kaladesh remaster... Still incredibly salty about it.
loufghyslaufey: @goombalax What do they mean cowardice? It doesn't really do anything...
loufghyslaufey: LUL
Mr_Horrible: oh the injustice
Seth_Erickson: we can't bargain NotLikeThis
Grimnus: Guess we'll just win...
accountmadeforants: Damn video game, can't even let us win more
Asp3rg3r: Adam...
goombalax: woo Bronze 3
Mr_Horrible: actually, if *any* set were to have Pig Advantage
Mr_Horrible: it'd be Eldraine
James_the_Dabbler: No win +
SurfDownstage: FBtouchdown
bytecaster: If they playtested this set, that card would be 2 mana isntead of 8
midnightcurryjazz: then throw a dumpster at you
OldUncleDan: @loufghyslaufey Dubious Challenge + Trostani Discordant + Big Dumb Eldrazi/Praetors = Awesome Winningness!
midnightcurryjazz: Yup
quartzblade: Breach the Multiverse at home
freshmaker__: haha anyway *throws a dumpster at you*
accountmadeforants: It was always Superman's turn
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Pharmacistjudge: So much dumpster
OldUncleDan: By the way "My Adventures with Superman" is freaking awesome funtimes!
Mr_Horrible: *has stage hazards that do like 1/3rd of a player's health* "I'm a serious fighting game"
Spades_Slicc: Howdy
TXC2: OldUncleDan that's animated right ?
NorthstarTex: no goose, mull. lrrBEEJ
TXC2: hello Spades_Slicc welcome
Spades_Slicc: Are we on goose?
TXC2: Spades_Slicc we sure are
OldUncleDan: @TXC2 Yep. It's been on Adult Swim, but you can find in streaming on Max.
silaslunark: Galefang not being a wolf just makes me confused
TehAmelie: the new One Piece show is fun too by the way. though i guess nobody in North America has had time to watch it
TXC2: OldUncleDan neat
Mr_Horrible: grabby giant catching these hands
Spades_Slicc: Is the arena interactive>
Spades_Slicc: ?
Seth_Erickson: @TehAmelie the live action one you mean I have heard positive things
TehAmelie: yeop
Mr_Horrible: I like 3-drop and monster role
Grimnus: Can only have one role
panquernic: noo
tyrantcorporation: they dont stack
avicado___: only 1 role!
Pharmacistjudge: Put a monster role on target player
QuixoticScrivener: already a monster
panquernic: roles don't stack
Grimnus: Per player
MehallD: You can only have one role!
walkeroftales: limit one role per creature
silaslunark: Roles are individual
bytecaster: Roles don't stack
Ackfu1: No
jaimeblacken: noooo
panquernic: roles don't staaack
Ackfu1: 1 role per
Grimnus: Saved by arena reminder text
silaslunark: phew, good warning
freshmaker__: oh nice that it gives you a warning
Mr_Horrible: put it on an 3-drop I'd say
Grimnus: Id just play it as the 4/3
walkeroftales: play the sentry and make it a monster?
QuixoticScrivener: put it on a centry
Seth_Erickson: could play sentry and put it on the sentry
OldUncleDan: Hey, does anybody know if Roles stack? lrrBEEJ
Mr_Horrible: LUL
DAC169: FailFish
Seth_Erickson: That's alright I forgive you
Mr_Horrible: it's okay, just win and then it'll have been the correct play Kappa
TalismanG1: it's also an instant
MurphEP: It's not a misplay during early access
panquernic: I won't forgive you
silaslunark: sub optimal play? on my LRR stream?
TXC2: good content though
Seth_Erickson: because I'm unbelievably magnanimous and benevolent
Robot_Bones: I'll remember forever :^)
bytecaster: We can't even play this set yet, so what do we know
theonlybarber: !card icewrought sentry
LRRbot: Icewrought Sentry [2U] | Creature — Elemental Soldier [2/3] | Vigilance / Whenever Icewrought Sentry attacks, you may pay {1}{U}. When you do, tap target creature an opponent controls. / Whenever you tap an untapped creature an opponent controls, Icewrought Sentry gets +2/+1 until end of turn.
AdamYMHMI: You can tell roles don't stack because it's hard to stack things that roll.
Caryotip2: thuderous debut showing up every game ^^
Avak4do: a missplay? thats MY streamer
Mr_Horrible: I understand that the "sentry" has vigilance but WHY doe it need vigilance?
Atomskin: @silaslunark it's more likely than you think.
quartzblade: that card is a HOUSE
Mr_Horrible: LUL that card's so good
theonlybarber: VROOM VROOM
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mrharrydresden: One more till the big 5!
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TXC2: AdamYMHMI boooo, but also that a good reminder
TalismanG1: <message deleted>the Oppo punt? LUL
TXC2: TalismanG1 we don't use that word round these parts
bytecaster: Still dead on board
bytecaster: See, the monstrous role on the faun was correct!
silaslunark: they saw the liiiine
midnightcurryjazz: lol they moused over the rat even
midnightcurryjazz: to block with it
Avak4do: @bytecaster facts
mielkevejen: So the monster role was important!
TXC2: at least as many as I've lost to thinking mites can block :p
lirazel64: Onward!
silaslunark: objectively correct monster role application
GhostofJeffGoldblum: great beach series novels
Spades_Slicc: Wait is Dresden Files a books or a show?
GhostofJeffGoldblum: they aren't, like, challenging, and the male gaze int hem can be pretty bad, but they're fantastic goofy fun
EOstby: The first book is good, the second is OK, the third is where things get better.
LurkerSpine: It's uh, kinda weird at spots
TXC2: Spades_Slicc yes
freshmaker__: Yeah I had to be careful remembering the Phyrexian Mites couldn't block
korvys: I really like them - I've listened to the audiobooks, which are read by James Marsters (Spike from Buffy)
GhostofJeffGoldblum: @Spades_Slicc long book series, one season of a bad TV show
QuixoticScrivener: The show was a glorious trash fire.
Mr_Horrible: book first, show adaptation
LurkerSpine: @Spades_Slicc both!
TehAmelie: oh no, the goose hydra is upon us
silaslunark: i bounced off dresden files pretty hard, i think it doesn't quite land as it feels a bit too in love with itself
Spades_Slicc: Woe, Goose Momther be upon ye
panquernic: bounce, attack
Mr_Horrible: I mean, most teens by volume at that time were obsessed with Buffy
Bearudite: that tracks
iconicshadow89: Doesn’t the bounce put counters on
TXC2: now to be fair, James masters was fucking hot
panquernic: bounce the bird
TXC2: he still is, but was then too
Mr_Horrible: @iconicshadow89 nah, the adventure has mana value 2
jessieimproved: The Buffy to Angel pipeline tho
panquernic: this is like the third simic deck you play against
notthepenguins: I loved Spike, but also he has always been best when not being nearly as cool as he thinks he is
TehAmelie: Fallout 2 had a Buffy easter egg so it wasn't even just all the teens
Avak4do: lrrCIRCLE_SG
tyrantcorporation: you could curse their 4/4
accountmadeforants: Simic Uncommons baybeee
QuixoticScrivener: Kill it with fire
Gaz_L: oh, hey, it's the one dude from Ravnica
adambomb625: Well that's going in Kinnan Brawl
AtomicAlchemical: Which is more cringe: to have been a teen obsessed with buffy or to have been a teen obsessed with supernatural?
silaslunark: freeze in place is utterly wild
Mr_Horrible: neither, they're both shows for that demo
silaslunark: what a strong card
TXC2: AtomicAlchemical to have been a teen obsessed with Harry Potter :p
GhostofJeffGoldblum: @AtomicAlchemical nothing teens do is truly cringe; or, rather, everything is, because being a teen is about being cringe
lirazel64: Speaking as a teen who was obsessed with Mr. Spock...
accountmadeforants: You can also bargain the troublemaker with a role I think?
silaslunark: time to gatekeep this faun
Gaz_L: @lirazel64 so a current teen? :P
Avak4do: bounce it again lol lrrCIRCLE_SG
silaslunark: James with the near "your go"
lirazel64: @gaz_l Always!
Mr_Horrible: speaking of food for free, I should make lunch
bytecaster: For free = play a 5 mana spell
silaslunark: galefang is nearly free
James_the_Dabbler: Free food is the best tho
silaslunark: after 10000 years
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Juliamon: I was the "obsessed with Invader Zim and had a fursona, but sparkledogs were for losers" cringe teen
goombalax: Honk
panquernic: 3 simic decks, and the 3 decks had this card
Avak4do: can you adventure again?
James_the_Dabbler: Galefang should have haste
Avak4do: or is it only creature?
bytecaster: We do have a creature with adventure in exile, just not from the adventure :D
panquernic: I think you can
Ackfu1: its says play
TalismanG1: there is no valid target for the bounce
bytecaster: I'd assume we can. Science?
panquernic: try to bounce, you could cancel if not
TalismanG1: unless you can target your ouphe?
panquernic: I really think you can
panquernic: the card says you can cast that card
TalismanG1: there isn't a valid target for the adventure at the moment, all the opponent's creatures are 4 mana value
accountmadeforants: Yeah, I don't think the enchantment cares about whether it was originally a creature, it's just a card you can cast now
panquernic: @TalismanG1 aah that's true
James_the_Dabbler: Come on land
rasterscan: !card cursed role
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
James_the_Dabbler: WE GOT THERE
Avak4do: lets gooooo!
TXC2: it's happening!
bytecaster: The goose does come in as a 2/2 flyer, right?
hd_dabnado: you can sac your encahntment
panquernic: you can bargain the cursed token
QuixoticScrivener: you can bargain the saga
TalismanG1: bargain is a cast only, not an etb
dilbert11: is bargain etb or cast trigger
Avak4do: they dont cast
TXC2: !card the goose mother
LRRbot: The Goose Mother [XGU] | Legendary Creature — Bird Hydra [2/2] | Flying / The Goose Mother enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it. / When The Goose Mother enters the battlefield, create half X Food tokens, rounded up. / Whenever The Goose Mother attacks, you may sacrifice a Food. If you do, draw a card.
MommaGart: Bargain on cast only
theonlybarber: Isn't bargain as you cast the card?
James_the_Dabbler: No cast
midnight_0il: You can't bargain, you aren't casting it
bytecaster: Can't we remove the cursed role by attaching a different one to the wolf?
Invitare: Bargle the sargle
Scarbble: no, cursed stays if your opponent puts it on
TalismanG1: still 9 mana of cards is pretty good
James_the_Dabbler: @bytecaster Sadly no
midnight_0il: No, only roles you control are replaced
Avak4do: @bytecaster yes
Scarbble: it's one per person not one period
dilbert11: @bytecaster it can have multiple roles but only one you control
Gaz_L: role is one per player per permanent
bytecaster: Interesting
Ackfu1: 8 mana and a food
Gaz_L: actually, how does that work in 2HG?
AdamYMHMI: One role per player per permanent.
QuixoticScrivener: lol, the saga wouldn't have done anything
Gaz_L: can both people on a team have a role on the same thing?
panquernic: can you bounce their curse?
accountmadeforants: -1 mana, draw two cards, then those two cards happened to be big creatures :)
panquernic: you can bounce the role
panquernic: oh no
panquernic: nevermind
TalismanG1: @QuixoticScrivener it would give 1 +1/+1 counter, the formula is number of foods + 1 counters. But yeah wouldn't have done much
panquernic: I thought it was permanent
bytecaster: Role is not a creature
Grimnus: You can absolutely cast it
theonlybarber: !card unnatural growth
LRRbot: Unnatural Growth [1GGGG] | Enchantment | At the beginning of each combat, double the power and toughness of each creature you control until end of turn.
panquernic: unnatural is disgusting
accountmadeforants: If only we had a second Thunderous Debut
SmashTCG: Subbytemby is starting early?
Juliamon: Apparently
Earthenone: its subtember somewhere
AdamYMHMI: block with food
Gaz_L: is Thunderous Debut just a 'fixed' Last March Of The Ents?
ecam87: Magic Arcanum is GREAT! Love them.
midnightcurryjazz: Its not early. Its been september here for 5 hours
Caryotip2: that s gonna be a huge goose when it comes
midnightcurryjazz: same with Australia. The world is big
bytecaster: Are we paying the one?
Grimnus: Study is pretty terrible in limited
adambomb625: Do you pay the one
tehfewl: who was passing all these cards
bytecaster: The answer is yes
TalismanG1: 3 mana bargain fodder LUL
TehAmelie: wow, still 30 minutes to go over here
Amentur: They announced it would start 3.5 hours ago back in the blog post PrideShrug
TehAmelie: 90 even. i can tell time
bytecaster: It is something we can bargain
Gaz_L: do you pay the 1?
Caryotip2: how far are they to milling out?
silaslunark: that rhystic study art is TO DIE FOR
silaslunark: replacing all my copies if possible
James_the_Dabbler: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh one more
LurkerSpine: pizza arrived
freshbubba: I think they DC'ed, their stream is rip
Grimnus: Looking a little like a DC ya
NorthstarTex: ummmmm
Zaghrog: pretty lame end for a game
Gaz_L: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! DUALSHOCK 4 battery level low.
silaslunark: they've suffered a sudden dc from too much value
DAC169: opponent ran to bathroom?
accountmadeforants: @LRRbot Perfect
Scarbble: ooh, pizza
TalismanG1: F
SmashTCG: riiiip
TehAmelie: aw
TXC2: oh dear
accountmadeforants: They have enough timeouts, they could maybe get back in time :p
theonlybarber: their deck draws sooo many cards
midnightcurryjazz: I wouldnt think he just plug pull
hd_dabnado: alright, what is everyone's favorite chip?
SmashTCG: a good thing to note, when play NOT commander, always pay the 1 for Rhystic study
QuixoticScrivener: cards in deck? how close are we to HONK?
LurkerSpine: not in an event where the prizes don't matter at least
arkham1981: I've really been into Pop Corners lately.
silaslunark: @hd_dabnado all dressed is p1p1
midnight_0il: A good thing to note, when not playing commander, don't play rhystic study
NorthstarTex: does minecraft count?
Kaaosa: he admits it!
raisins4life: james that'
raisins4life: s genius
Kaaosa: day off babyyyy
Atomskin: @hd_dabnado I really like the queso fritos I first saw, like, last month. Super good.
TehAmelie: yeah, the VIP account don't need those Ws so bad
Seth_Erickson: I've often gotten mad at multiplayer games, but I never quit something to look forward too.
freshbubba: Ya they had one stream crash at the beginning, and then again
El_Funko: Morning boyos
LurkerSpine: elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn elfunkPopcorn
TXC2: hello El_Funko welcome
bytecaster: Yeah, if at all, I haven't in a long time.
James_the_Dabbler: That's one way to clear a boardlock ig. Poor OP
NorthstarTex: Adam, stop fawning over the opening hands :P
Avak4do: explore time?
bytecaster: They are on it!
DAC169: don't forget Beanstalk Wurm's Adventure
freshmaker__: I've definitely quit games. Sometimes people are insufferable. Earlier in my life, sometimes that person was me.
Grimnus: Do love some beans
Juliamon: I did see some chips earlier that I opted not to buy on principle. "Ruffles All-Dressed" flavored Lay's. Why would I buy flat Ruffles??
Seth_Erickson: I've definitely been frustrated at single player games and just exited out, but yeah there's too much imagined social anxiety for me to quit out on multiplayer games
Ackfu1: That person isnt a VIP
TemporallyAwry: Life's too short for bad vibes. I've been criticized for scooping games where I'm dob before - I don't get people sometimes.
bytecaster: Just a P
freshmaker__: Is there a character limit on the names?
irdeaded: Table top tians are a warhammer youtube channel thats moved into MTG
hd_dabnado: 5 > 4 toughness
Seth_Erickson: You mean we're playing with non famous people DansGame
Seth_Erickson: Kappa
EvilBadman: Maybe they changed the formatting since these are all early access so vip wasn't needed?
BrowneePoints: So how's the format so far Adam? Has James lost us many games yet?
Atomskin: The only multiplay3r game I play anymore is arena or mtgo. And if I'm dob, I'll just scoop.
Asp3rg3r: maybe their name is too long for the VIP at the end?
BrowneePoints: Love ya James
NorthstarTex: wow
raisins4life: they're living the dream
TheWriterAleph: gross
Sterosz: The combo!
Grimnus: Theyre doing the thing
OldUncleDan: @raisins4life Yes... But who's dream are they living?
El_Funko: Oh yeah, these guys
panquernic: no, don't attack
theonlybarber: 4+tremors
raisins4life: @OldUncleDan ours! sort of?
Grimnus: I think attacking is playing to win
EvilBadman: plus any impact tremors
theonlybarber: we can attack for only 6 too
Seth_Erickson: incoming second rat fireball
theonlybarber: still would have letal next turn
BrowneePoints: Firerat Blitz is a heck of a card
Grimnus: Theyre dobs yes
bytecaster: Not quite
bytecaster: With the bounce they are
TalismanG1: because its funnier
Juliamon: Their rats had the same success yours did
Ferisar: more like…… tabletoff titans…..
Ferisar: (I dont mean that I’m sorry)
lirazel64: Second rank up!
bytecaster: Awww, the bronze is not long anymore D:
Grimnus: Deck is rolling
Grimnus: Chonkers just get you there
Seth_Erickson: it's only rat fireball if they have impact tremors, it's just rat ball otherwise
jaimeblacken: blue green apparently is the sauce
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midnightcurryjazz: its ok tabletop titans is pretty memey. Bridger can take it @Ferisar
Avak4do: golden goose more like goated goose lrrCIRCLE_SG
BrowneePoints: I mean, seems just like last eldraine ug has a lot of hidden power
Ferisar: @lurkerspine tyyyyyy
Caryotip2: i think prawler is the key card
LurkerSpine: yw
Kaaosa: ferisar sighted
freshmaker__: Oh god it's already 6am. Okay I should sleep so I can be well rested for prerelease. Have fun folks. :)
raisins4life: otter shock
TalismanG1: otterly shocking
jaimeblacken: i just cleaned my sleeves for tomorrow's prerelease
Seth_Erickson: could also hold up stroke now
Mr_Horrible: "I like just not paying" me too, Adam, but the gas station gets mad for some reason
BrowneePoints: Look, Casey's pizza is worth it @mr_horrible
bytecaster: @Mr_Horrible What kind of mana do they take?
Mr_Horrible: "Don't yuck my yum, bro"
TXC2: Mr_Horrible because it's socialism Kappa
Atomskin: Man, Casey's pizza is so good.
BrowneePoints: Casey's pizza is scrumptious
Mr_Horrible: man, ain't had that in a hot minute
nymistrya: Casey's has breakfast pizza figured out for sure. It's a Midwest Staple
BrowneePoints: They DO deliver
Asp3rg3r: @TXC2 gommunism even
Atomskin: I also am mostly talking their breakfast pizza. I got it a lot when I lived closer to one.
BrowneePoints: Casey's Sub Counter, Pizza, AND donuts!? Truly the convenience store with a whole lot more
TalismanG1: LUL
Harvest25: Auto pilot
derk023: I miss Casey’s pizza so much
NorthstarTex: its to send a message?
bytecaster: What about second otter
lirazel64: A pox upon the Autotapper!
quartzblade: tap the giant bounce the familiar?
Zaghrog: could tap the giant
Mr_Horrible: sprawl's mana neutral
OldUncleDan: What's it like having multiple copies of all the answers?
Only_Exception: oof
theonlybarber: they playing standard lul
bytecaster: Remember that card we told you about?
A_Dub888: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Are you wondering what's causing our movement to be controlled?
Mr_Horrible: gyaat
TalismanG1: we're toast
BrowneePoints: THREE stopgaps!?
James_the_Dabbler: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! I have many opinions about Peeps.
lirazel64: lrrJUDGE
NorthstarTex: !findquote deck
LRRbot: Quote #2937: "My strategy for this deck is I'll be playing both of the planeswalkers I pulled." —Kathleen [2016-07-09]
TXC2: wow why was that so sqiuished
Mr_Horrible: as UG, we're also pretty uniquely soft to tempo
JackingWolf: topdecked three of those cards holy moly
Grimnus: Seems plenty keepable
A_Dub888: Snaaaahhhh-kee
itira: a sneaky snek?
TXC2: badger badger badger
Only_Exception: pricey hand
Mr_Horrible: sure do, Streamer
TehAmelie: or is it pronounced snake-e?
Kaaosa: mulligans are for cowards
lirazel64: Voice in his ear...
midnightcurryjazz: quick study though!
Invitare: I remember it like it was yesterday
Kaaosa: if the lord wanted you to mulligan he'd have done it for you
mtvcdm: LRRBot, would you have mulliganed that?
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Whimsy is highly encouraged!
BrowneePoints: I wish I had been able to make it to MagicConMinne and bring the crew some Casey's. Stupid health being health
BrowneePoints: @mr_horrible
jaimeblacken: 2 damage missed
Mr_Horrible: @BrowneePoints aww, that honks! D:
James_the_Dabbler: Maybe you're holding something
lirazel64: 40%
Only_Exception: the chances are high young one
BrowneePoints: Yea I wanted to bring em a couple dozen assorted donuts and maybe a couple pizzas @mr_horrible
James_the_Dabbler: Never punsihed
NorthstarTex: @browneepoints Casey's can be ordered via doordash too, wondering how viable it is for ordering to the con venue
DAC169: more Forests! aipOMG
Asp3rg3r: never punished
bytecaster: Sometimes punished
Juliamon: Don't doordash a convention please
bytecaster: Oh, I do it all the time!
NewtyNewts: Never not unpunished
James_the_Dabbler: Oh my keeps are SO greedy and I regret them every time
TXC2: no one should ever have to see me play mtg
Ferisar: never punished…….
Mr_Horrible: @BrowneePoints damn, yeah, that would've been great. Damn unfortunate timing
Only_Exception: i once pumped the breaks, then got rear ended
BrindleBoar: is this not the pro tour?
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cisco236: i just keep blind sevens all the time
lirazel64: Since I don't play... never punished
Kaaosa: i have never mulligan'd because i do not understand what a good starting hand looks like
Ferisar: fuck
Pharmacistjudge: Are you sure it’s not an elk
Ferisar: no anything but that
ghyllnox: "Pet the moose" -> !badadvice
saucemaster5000: sounds like a free mars trip and someone to murder for fun
Kaaosa: ben was gonna teach me once but then i got shy and never took him up on it
bytecaster: Honestly, going on any roadtrip with Elon seems dire
hd_dabnado: idk why but now im thinking of Mars needs Moms
BrowneePoints: @juliamon I doordashed at c2e2 but I also told them which door and waited for them
ghyllnox: @hd_dabnado Mars Needs Musks?
Earthenone: nerfolk role lets us pump more
jaimeblacken: nightmare blunt rotation
Kaaosa: true tho
Atomskin: Mars DOES needs
Atomskin: Musks. Get him outta here.
Sterosz: Is that a jar?
Mr_Horrible: can prowler first too
TalismanG1: 2 drop first
LurkerSpine: in limited, a good opener is IMO: Can I play any of this and does it do anything?
Mr_Horrible: damn, Adam's brain is bigger than mine
Earthenone: do we fight with the fae or the food?
NorthstarTex: Chat sees all Adam
bytecaster: @Earthenone Never fight with the fae, that never ends well
BrowneePoints: Adam is like...good at Magic
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benv0li0: this has been almost cool enough to make me want to go back to arena. you guys are awesome
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BrowneePoints: Hi frickin hungry, I'm BrowneePoints
Ferisar: treesemooouuuth
Ferisar: huuungryyy
TXC2: a lot of LRR are good at magic..like they play it every week
Earthenone: its almost like they have been paid to play magic for over a decade or something
tsuuisalie: utopia sprawl is free
bytecaster: Enables Debut next turn, when we will obviously draw it
freshbubba: You can keep it for a suprise bargoon
Earthenone: goose
bytecaster: Thunderous Debut?
James_the_Dabbler: Hey, celebration
TalismanG1: Thunderous Debut
Mr_Horrible: Thunderous Debut
jackouk: Debut
El_Funko: The goose is not yet loose
raisins4life: and it was thundering outside?
MrPipboy3000: I used to play drums for Thunderous Debut back in college
Mr_Horrible: every turn you have Thunderous Debut in your hand but can't cast it you have to post about your upcoming new VTuber model
shendaras: What did you stream?
Ferisar: no adam that was a thunderous debutt
walkeroftales: thunderous: de butt
Ferisar: he he
Earthenone: you started magic streams before that
NorthstarTex: good old Gamehaus
Ferisar: @walkeroftales jinx
Juliamon: Sure wasn't
korvys: IDDQDerp
lirazel64: Things...
Earthenone: it was ihorner
OldUncleDan: Things on My Stream.
Sage0fMadness: Thunderous Debussy
BrowneePoints: A swiftly tilting cameron
Earthenone: horners corner is what i called it
ghyllnox: Who was Book of Passwords?
cisco236: first time im hearing these, holy moly these names are sick
Mr_Horrible: Book of Passwords, now there's a throwback
BusTed: I, Horner
Avak4do: yung hero
Flyingdelorion: GPLP
korvys: @ghyllnox Jer
Juliamon: ghyllnox Jer Petter
Zaghrog: Book of Passwords was Jer
Earthenone: jet was book of passwords
TXC2: ghyllnox Jer
ghyllnox: Ty all :D
A_Dub888: rayfkDont rayfkDont rayfkDont rayfkDont
Robot_Bones: i miss iddqderp
bytecaster: We are helpers!
NewtyNewts: Chat wants to sound smart
Mr_Horrible: but Adam we have to prove to you we know
TXC2: man I miss Now Kiss
bondeulv: mtgacademy whacky drafts were fun, but I don't think those count
BrowneePoints: I didn't hear the challenge
cisco236: horny corner
NewtyNewts: Corner horner is a Monster Hunter thing
Kaaosa: if you ever ask ian a question about electrons i'm gonna answer it so fast
bytecaster: Sounds like an Ian thing
TimIAm: Hornin' and cornin'
Kaaosa: (they're not playing by the rules)
ghyllnox: Horn Corn
Mr_Horrible: I mean that's essentially TTSF Kappa
bytecaster: Called it!
theonlybarber: LESSS GOOO
Avak4do: Pog
Trymantha: I thought Adams Debuet was getting into the diablo 3 beta in Commadore hustle
Zaghrog: no Bargain with Debut
TXC2: horney corney was that Live segmeny
TXC2: *segment
Seth_Erickson: we hahve a role to bargain with @Zaghrog
TalismanG1: there is
TalismanG1: you faerie token
Pharmacistjudge: Young money young hero
bytecaster: Also sprawl
Zaghrog: @Seth_Erickson Debut is not casting
OldUncleDan: Forgot about Matters of Import.
Juliamon: Trymantha I think his The Dutch! Again! bit from Phailhaus predates it
Seth_Erickson: oh I see we misunderstood
Mr_Horrible: yeah, 100% pitch sprawl
croisvoix1: @OldUncleDan they're talking about Older than those
Juliamon: but really, what is time
lirazel64: Goose?
TimIAm: @Juliamon fine, I'll go watch all the spokesmans again
edgelord75: are we still in the 7-0 dream ive been away for abit
Mr_Horrible: goose would just be a 2/2 flier, yeah
lirazel64: Ok
BrowneePoints: Now we top deck goose
jaimeblacken: still would be a 2/2 flier
Earthenone: we are 6-2
uberlieder: lolno
bytecaster: If we had food, goose would be pretty good
Mr_Horrible: okay, so you've debuted, now stream for 3 weeks and go on hiatus for a redebut with a new model lrrBEEJ
freshbubba: "Gettin' Goose!"
MrPipboy3000: That quick study's just been chilling our in our hand since the start ...
Avak4do: 7 wins baybee
edgelord75: came back just in time
TXC2: 7 wins baby!
lirazel64: Huzzah!
cheezweazl: PrideHeartL PrideHeartR
Mr_Horrible: the prophecy
jaimeblacken: gingerbrute with the young hero role though it's quite the combo
jackouk: Gg
NewtyNewts: What a prophet
Ferisar: our position: commanding, our boardstate: full, their turn: not happening
NorthstarTex: eyyy!
Earthenone: is it bother G time or draft time?
walkeroftales: it turns out, big creatures, are good!
lirazel64: Orb!
Earthenone: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
BrowneePoints: We witnessed tha Thiccness
Earthenone: !prime
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TXC2: right chat I'm off
ghyllnox: o/
Mr_Horrible: have a good one txc2
TXC2: Goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming Adam and James
koodooman: goodbye @TXC2 !!
NorthstarTex: goodnight @txc2
RocknGrohlNerd: Goodnight TXC2
Atomskin: Sleep tight, @txc2
BrowneePoints: Man all that talk and now I want Casey's Pizza
Atomskin: I was just telling my wife that!! We're having frozen pizza for dinner tonight.
BrowneePoints: I wish I liked their Taco Pizza more, but it ain't for me
RocknGrohlNerd: Yo chat what color combo impressed you the most so far? I need ideas for my upcomming prerelesse...
Atomskin: What's the crust like? I feel like that's a nake or break for taco pizza.
NorthstarTex: Nearest Casey's is a 3.5 mile jaunt from me...through road construction...eww
Earthenone: hot pockets are close enough to frozen pizza for me, and infinitly more affordable
BrowneePoints: It's been a while since I tried their taco pizza
TimIAm: I had Casey's snacks all the time after school as a kid but no Casey's around me in st. louis
TehAmelie: did you know, if you have pizza on a bagel you can have pizza any time
Earthenone: love the arcade spirits reference :)
BrowneePoints: Apparently Happy Joe's invented it though
TimIAm: @TehAmelie What about the morning/
MommaGart: When you have pizza on a bagel--!
Atomskin: Makes me yearn for awful gas station food. Like the Circle K hot food? Ohhhh, yeah, baby.
korvys: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #6869: "'Is there a strategy I should be using?' 'Don't get hit.'" —Cameron and Adam, Risk of Rain 2 on Talking Simulator [2020-03-31]
Atomskin: Hi, guys!
BrowneePoints: Speaking of Pizza things I miss, know what I haven't had in over a decade? Godfather's Pizza
TehAmelie: hay guys
Grimnus: Welcome back
TimIAm: QT stations have what is essentially a mozzarella stick inside a buffalo chicken boneless wing
Earthenone: !quote 2
LRRbot: Quote #2: "The day I stream Minecraft is the last time I stream." —Adam [2015-01-17]
TimIAm: it is my guilty pleasure
accountmadeforants: Chonkponk!
Atomskin: @timiam that sounds incredible.
Earthenone: did you want to get a goose from the store?
BrowneePoints: Nope new
NorthstarTex: !findquote float
LRRbot: Quote #7635: "it's Amazing how as a floating head, you can still fart." —RebelliousUno
LurkerSpine: I have never waited on this screen ever
TimIAm: @Atomskin They are delicious in a very particular way that is definitely shaving years of fmy life
accountmadeforants: Animation! sajamVibe
TehAmelie: things that would be hard to explain to someone from like, 1650: boneless buffalo wings
Earthenone: 8 rares? in this economy?
Atomskin: @timiam better than cigarettes, at least!
TimIAm: Fair lol
Earthenone: its a wrath
Invitare: oh Smothering Tithe is back. That was useful
accountmadeforants: I do wish they let you open the packs one by one, just for the build-up :p
Oreo1369: Black white taxes / control
MommaGart: The Otter is so good
Earthenone: wait we have 2 wraths?!
BrowneePoints: That otter is cracked
Robot_Bones: it was Agatha all along
GhostofJeffGoldblum: wash your caulrdon 'Agatha, come on, we all need to ues the sink and your cauldron has been in there growing mold for a week already
Faulpyr: If this were me, I would simply force red/green even though we didn't open too many.
walkeroftales: goddric is the one doing the destroying on Expel the Interlopers!
lirazel64: Is zero a number.
Oreo1369: Black white taxes
TimIAm: Agatha starts with A, Adam starts with A, gotta be Gruul
BrowneePoints: I think we opened both wraths in this set
AzaleaCloud: @lirazel64 According to the inventors of algebra, yes. According to Magic: the Gathering? Depends on the card.
TimIAm: @lirazel64 no it's a sandwich
accountmadeforants: Oriflammebreathing
bondeulv: Johann is great if you can support it
Seth_Erickson: yes
Seth_Erickson: !card Ash Zealot
LRRbot: Ash Zealot [RR] | Creature — Human Warrior [2/2] | First strike, haste / Whenever a player casts a spell from a graveyard, Ash Zealot deals 3 damage to that player.
Zaghrog: No, Ash Zealot is graveyard hate
Seth_Erickson: you might be thinking of ashling
Seth_Erickson: !card Ashling,
LRRbot: Found 6 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Caryotip2: there was the one that was played in the feather deck
Oreo1369: Mardu
BrowneePoints: Tenth Street Legionnaire
Seth_Erickson: !card Ashling, the Pilgrim
LRRbot: Ashling the Pilgrim [1R] | Legendary Creature — Elemental Shaman [1/1] | {1}{R}: Put a +1/+1 counter on Ashling the Pilgrim. If this is the third time this ability has resolved this turn, remove all +1/+1 counters from Ashling the Pilgrim, and it deals that much damage to each creature and each player.
walkeroftales: glassket!
Oreo1369: Red black white sounds good
BrowneePoints: !card Tenth District Legionnaire
LRRbot: Tenth District Legionnaire [RW] | Creature — Human Soldier [2/2] | Haste / Whenever you cast a spell that targets Tenth District Legionnaire, put a +1/+1 counter on Tenth District Legionnaire, then scry 1.
FlameReetardantPanda: they really need to add sort by color on arena
Oreo1369: Boros
GhostofJeffGoldblum: the UI for Sealed on arena is uniquely miserable.
MommaGart: always love a good stab wound
Atomskin: No fixing, though.
lirazel64: !card Spreading Seas
LRRbot: Spreading Seas [1U] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant land / When Spreading Seas enters the battlefield, draw a card. / Enchanted land is an Island.
Zaghrog: Wow, can't believe the Sealed builder has no color sort
AzaleaCloud: Would a Pack Rat with Bestow make more copies of the enchanted creature or more copies of Pack Rat?
FlameReetardantPanda: or i guess stack by color, for the pool
BuggySnap: Just got here what did i miss
AtomicAlchemical: constantly
Juliamon: BuggySnap 4 hours of play
BuggySnap: torch the tower has been insane from what ive seen today
OldUncleDan: I want to make a Celebration deck featuring Hylda, of the Icy Crown... Calling it "Cool and the Gang."
bondeulv: combos with princess takes flight
Seth_Erickson: 3 torches LUL
Seth_Erickson: You want Goddric as well
Seth_Erickson: Harried spearguards
Seth_Erickson: can hep as well
BrowneePoints: It's card draw
Seth_Erickson: I guess it depends on how many bargain spells we have
Grimnus: The grad ball guests are great for this deck tbh Would replace a few of the 3 drops with them
walkeroftales: grand ball guest seems okay if we want 2 drops, and cheap creatures can celebration on their own with enough
Grimnus: *grand
Seth_Erickson: no nvm not as good as I was thinking
Grimnus: A Graham appears
onbeklimbare_os: James have you eaten?
Zaghrog: is the Spearguard worth it in Sealed?
avicado___: hello mr graham man
Seth_Erickson: Do you drop a sage for one of the Ball Guests?
BrowneePoints: Ah! A tallmans!
Atomskin: The G-Man lies in wait....Hi, Graham.
TwitchTVsFrank: Oh no the boss is here everyone look busy
walkeroftales: frostbridge guard is too slow here imo - you don't want to spend 3 mana on a tap
nymistrya: Cutting one sage seems decent since it's 4 to trigger celebration
Seth_Erickson: I feel similarly about the Rimefur Reindeer
avicado___: i like that aggro 4/2 w that combat trick tho idk
Mr_Horrible: in my estimation you'll spend that 3 mana when you're out of cards in hand on turn 5
lirazel64: It was splody, though!
BrowneePoints: Tbf it was UG big beef Graham
NorthstarTex: did you just call Goose bad?
Zaghrog: How good is a 1/1 for 1 in Sealed?
Atomskin: Is 10 noncreatures too many?
Seth_Erickson: Is Rimefur doing muchh for us
walkeroftales: witch's mark is that same red loot we always see with upside?
bondeulv: I'd cut the parents
TehAmelie: you can run 10 lands if you want to. MtG's version of the slow roll build
raisins4life: I see Graham is supervising
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dev_3: tiny graham is a little uncanny
avicado___: bye bye graham
Mr_Horrible: 2 from the sages
panquernic: oh no, graham has a cursed role
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SirTrae: 47 months? That's a lot of months
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hd_dabnado: its like graham is still here with us
BrowneePoints: Graham no come baaaaaaaack
DudelidouX: Is Graham the devil on Adam's shoulder?
BOTGrant: I like how the new studio is big enough that Graham can play shoulder devil
kumatsu: I guess Graham's playing a Hobbit with all this perspective
panquernic: Adam, let Graham out of the jar
TehAmelie: devils to some, angels to others
WrightJustice: ominous graham in the back
Mr_Horrible: you have a lot of grow, though
Mr_Horrible: through roles and triggers
Zaghrog: Ash could get big
lirazel64: Graham's shooting a new W+P intro
BusTed: Adam and James dancing in the foreground
LurkerSpine: bye James!
TehAmelie: "they don't know i have many nickname ideas"
Atomskin: Bye, James!
BrowneePoints: It's a Gwam!
TehAmelie: Agatha in the wrong game :o
BrowneePoints: Yall opened both rare wraths
Kazman20a: Adam needs to tell Graham the new nickname James came up with
lirazel64: Omnomnom
Kazman20a: fair
Gaz_L: so look forward to that on TTC in a few weeks!
hd_dabnado: cant wait until the nickname episode where you forget about that
Mr_Horrible: strictly speaking that *is* family-friendly
adambomb625: Remember that for nicknames people
BrowneePoints: It's funnier knowing that the Redtooth are the furries
FlameReetardantPanda: you can just go to the main menu and come back
FlameReetardantPanda: but can't save drafts, sadly
lirazel64: Perfect program from a small, independent company.
Mr_Horrible: LUL
Look_at_the_Cards: Hi John
walkeroftales: yes you are
Gaz_L: omg!
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Kaaosa: not falling for the bait answering a streamer question
Fluffy776: katesMega
Mr_Horrible: wouldn't be surprised
Fluffy776: katesAw katesFlower
itira: tqsHype
arkham1981: Did you buy their secret lair Graham?
Gaz_L: Ben sings one of their songs on Desert Bus every year, Adam
TimIAm: Mr. Darnielle
TheGatherers: I hope your deck is all adults annnnd No Children
Atomskin: Omg, the mountain goats!!! Hi, John!!
sneeks83: Mana on the other side just threw me
Fluffy776: We're gonna make it through this match, if it brings us to zero
nymistrya: I'm gonna make it, through this sealed, if it kills me
OldUncleDan: And I am hoping they are goinging; wholly crap! Is that James Turner from LRR?
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Adam "fake LRR fan" Savidan
bondeulv: yeah, they had a cool Secret Lair
EvilBadman: me neither
walkeroftales: "And in 23' I lost a game to LRR/ Graham Stark's a real PoS" - John Mountain Goats
LurkerSpine: Adam needs to hear the album "Beat The Champ", which is an album based on mostly territories wrestling
korvys: Have you considered getting John Darnielle for a PPR?
Gaz_L: Heel Turn 2 is legit one of my favourite songs, full stop
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bondeulv: the celebrant you discarded is a combo with The Princess Takes Flight
TehAmelie: Sidewalk Slam could do a music review, that'd surprise everyone eh
Atomskin: I saw them a few years ago. He said, "This is a song about wrasslin'!" And everyone cheered.
panquernic: you can sac the saga with bargain and the creature never returns
Professor_Colin: This isn't Bear Force III :(
panquernic: you can sac the saga with bargain and the creature never returns!
notthepenguins: leyline of ping
OldUncleDan: New Leylines?
adambomb625: no, old leylines
NarishmaReborn: player or planeswalker
NarishmaReborn: can't hit creatures
OldUncleDan: Oh... Darn.
panquernic: bargain the sagaa
Mr_Horrible: well, they're leylines from different periods
panquernic: bargaiiin the sagaaa
Mr_Horrible: Lightning is OG Guildpact
sneeks83: Torch sac
panquernic: nice
panquernic: you're welcome
Chichen: he's smart because chat is smart
OldUncleDan: Yeah... Now I remember about Leyline of Lightning. It was a while ago.
bytecaster: @Chichen Together we are almost as smart as a single smart person!
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LionsEyeDiamond: Each player can’t cast more than one noncreature spell each turn.
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Mr_Horrible: it's okay, he'll think James is the jerk who ran him over with Boros lrrBEEJ
TehAmelie: chat's collective intelligence is additive but collective wisdom is subtractive
walkeroftales: "I hope you die! / I hope you, specifically, Graham Stark die!" - John Mountain Goats
Mr_Horrible: they're flicking it like a paper football, p sure
Chichen: theyre not spinning it, they're lining it up to flick it at something
MurphEP: FBtouchdown
bytecaster: As we have won, do we now gain the title of mountain goat?
Mr_Horrible: John Magiconline, the inventor of Magic Online
TehAmelie: no John you are the mountain goats
GhostofJeffGoldblum: I think that makes us the golden eagles
GhostofJeffGoldblum: noted predator of mountain goats
Gaz_L: beware, Graham, you will be immortalised in song following that cruel defeat
TehAmelie: and then John was a Capcom
Juliamon: It's James' account, so it'll be James immortalized in song
warboss5: That's not Godrick, he doesn't have NEARLY enough extraneous limbs!
Mr_Horrible: they push them off cliffs
Gaz_L: oh, right, lol
koodooman: they grab them and yeet them
ElektroTal: heya friendos,
Mr_Horrible: Golden Eagles are cold-blooded
FlameReetardantPanda: have seen that
adambomb625: Syr Dragonton
Gaz_L: hey it's that guy who likes Magic with Wheeler
r10pez10: hi shivam
Mr_Horrible: red pouncing lynx ain't bad
Atomskin: @elektrotal hi, Shivam!
OldUncleDan: So bad pun deck idea: I want to make a Celebration deck featuring Hylda, of the Icy Crown... Calling it "Cool and the Gang."
ElektroTal: loaded question! I broke my toe
Mr_Horrible: it was from War of the Spark you nerd
TehAmelie: oof
lirazel64: Ouch!
Fluffy776: katesHug
bytecaster: @Mr_Horrible Also know as the far, far, far away past
Mr_Horrible: diesofold
ElektroTal: it hurts in a way i didn't anticipate, lol.
DAC169: @OldUncleDan nICE aipEZ
Grimnus: Hate to break it to ya but War of the Spark was 4 years ago
OldUncleDan: @DAC169 *blush* Thanks!
Mr_Horrible: 4 years is not that long!
Mr_Horrible: *yells at cloud*
bytecaster: Only once, I want the clouds to yell back
Gaz_L: broken toes suck, cuz they can't really do much so it's like 'put a splint on it and take ibuprofen, i guess?'
bondeulv: four mana 3/3
Mr_Horrible: it just *feels* long because WotC has released as much in the last 4 years as they did between Magic's creation and 2019
BrowneePoints: 4 mana 3/3 even!
hd_dabnado: WAR comes out tomorrow wdym
iMekX: @LoadingReadyRun Adam, do not advocate Elk Glue
GhostofJeffGoldblum: @Mr_Horrible oh, that's why everyone at LRR is so tired
bytecaster: What do you mean, Eldraine hasn't even come out yet, we are still on WAR.
warboss5: Only thing worse than a toe injury is a tongue injury. Those basically NEVER heal.
Mr_Horrible: @GhostofJeffGoldblum yeah turns out there's too much goddamn magic and I will die on this hill
BrowneePoints: Also, Elk are WAY bigger than you think
Gaz_L: melting down peasants for glue, who are you, Ted Sarandos?
iMekX: @LoadingReadyRun Sorry, I forgot the extra cost so the only 4 mana was the elk
TimIAm: Adam could you beat an Elk in a fight
BrowneePoints: Adam could NOT
tsp397: I broke my toe three months ago and I've discovered nobody has any sympathy for a toe injury.
Grimnus: I mean youre still fine trading for that at least
TimIAm: I know that, but I wanted to heard your thoughts
BrowneePoints: Elk are huge
TehAmelie: in my cousin's case, they took an x-ray and then said she was a crybaby and sent her away to stand up all day for some election day volunteering. with a broken toe
Land_Manatee: Elk are only slightly smaller than Moose
BrowneePoints: Elk aren't that much smaller than moose
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Fluffy776: Absolutely
Grimnus: Humans get rolled by almost anything
RetroHibiscus: You can barely fight a small animal 1v1 yeah
notthepenguins: an elk would 100% destroy just about any human
Omthebox: Without tools or training, 99% of people would not win in a fight of any kind.
NarishmaReborn: i could probably take a box turtle
Mr_Horrible: KKona not the way Ah'd let it happen brother
TimIAm: how did I get reasonable Adam on this
kumatsu: just suplex the elk, Adam
saucemaster5000: This is why we invented bazookas
GhostofJeffGoldblum: I can beat an elk in a fight with a gun and the element of surprise
MurphEP: KKona
BrowneePoints: How long are they and how high are they at the shoulder?
Fluffy776: I have a dwarf cow and no, I am not fighting something 600 pounds with horns
CururuGuasu: Does the elk have time to prepare?
Mr_Horrible: @kumatsu ah, the Nichijou Method
groovemancery: batman could beat an elk with prep
Land_Manatee: beep beep
BusTed: Hangin' With Mr. Cooper
NotCainNorAbel: I think the Internet really needs a short series of 'human verse large animal' to prove we would get reall messed up
korvys: "I could 100% beat a bear in a sactioned fight. Because the bear would murder me, and that's a disqualification."
TehAmelie: eatenbyagrue from chat once wrestled a water buffalo. ask him about that if he shows up sometime. . .
OldUncleDan: If we're talking strictly unarmed, yeah an Elk wins in a fight. But humans don't fight fair. A human with a spear is a very different fight.
Mr_Horrible: Goddric's a dragon for the foreseeable future
Mr_Horrible: it was me, Austin
AzaleaCloud: "Well of course I know Obi-
BrowneePoints: Even with a spear I give it to a Bull Elk most of the time
AzaleaCloud: Wan Kenobi."
BrowneePoints: Bull elk are like 7 fucking feet high yall
GhostofJeffGoldblum: yeah once you bring weapons into it it's different
bytecaster: I can take an elk, ... in a tank
Mr_Horrible: use mah superior brain KKona
CururuGuasu: Elk don’t have arms
GhostofJeffGoldblum: what if the elk has swords on its antlers
MurphEP: Thumbs and the ability to sweat
GhostofJeffGoldblum: what if the elk has a helicopter
Chichen: Elk are gonna evolve to have thumbs
saucemaster5000: A mouse with a knife?
arkham1981: Could you fight an elk with a lacrosse stick?
OldUncleDan: Hey, if we allow animals to use all of their abilities, why can't we?
kumatsu: I can beat an animal in Red Dead Redemption, that's the same as IRL, right? SeriousSloth
TimIAm: What if you found the elk in a jar
Kaaosa: what if the elk is just naturally 45 seconds from dying; i think i have the edge
TehAmelie: persistence hunting in packs is how we got to the top of the food chain, thumbs is just a bonus
Mr_Horrible: frankly how dare you
TwitchTVsFrank: What if i make the weapon myself? Like a spear out of tree branch
scytop: what if I had a slightly smaller elk as an ally
bytecaster: We can also exile the Elk!
Mr_Horrible: remember we get a tap off the the sage kickers
A_Dub888: !card rimefur rein
LRRbot: Rimefur Reindeer [3W] | Creature — Elk [3/4] | Whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, tap target creature an opponent controls.
Mr_Horrible: anti-exploit
bytecaster: "Causing problems on purpose" is a goose thing though.
TimIAm: People are for glue, not bargains
Ackfu1: unless its a token creature
Mr_Horrible: cut in is ludicrious
onbeklimbare_os: The elk?? They have the famous magic card GUN
GhostofJeffGoldblum: turns out we could not beat an elk in a fight, because of its sorcerous magicks.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: an unexpected turn.
Gaz_L: the 3/3 at least can trade?
bytecaster: Well, we already proved our supremacy over the mountain goats, so this sealed pool is already a winner.
BrowneePoints: Top deck wrath
Mr_Horrible: woulda been perfect
TehAmelie: new scenario: you have a gun, but the elk has a gun tied to every horn in its crown
TehAmelie: every thorn?
BrowneePoints: Branch I think
sithenin: Free gun
Mr_Horrible: I mean one probably goes off by accident
Gaz_L: Elk is now an Olympic mascot
Angreed66: human still wins the elk can't pull the triggers
Omthebox: The odds of a gun misfiring isn't 0 though
petey_vonwho: I'm pretty sure even if I had a gun an elk would still kill me.
ZachtlyAsIntended: So THAT'S how animals drop rediculous loot in video games
josh___something: And here's Elk with s GUN
Gaz_L: also, saw the mascot vid is doing NUMBERS, G :)
BrowneePoints: I can't remember when you use branch vs whatever else for antlers
onbeklimbare_os: Okay but what if the elk has a gun that fires more elks
walkeroftales: turns out this particular elk is a prepper and is SUPER good with those guns
kirbytronic: What did I walk back into
TimIAm: The animals are armed Graham, keep up
Mr_Horrible: we're saying the Elk is not entirely without the ability to fire
Omthebox: All I'm saying is the Elk having a gun only makes it more dangerous even if its only a little bit
TehAmelie: well i think we bank on the elk NOT misfiring before we figure out how to shoot straight
AzaleaCloud: James? o.o
arkham1981: What if you make sexy elk mating noises to distract and confuse it.
TimIAm: Did the bird have a gun?
walkeroftales: god, what a day ruiner
BrowneePoints: Show Bird Shit Streamer
LurkerSpine: kill all birds
Mr_Horrible: Corvid said "Eff this guy in particular"
bytecaster: The rare "Don't go birds"
AzaleaCloud: Now I understand why Adam's opinion of birds did a 180
OldUncleDan: All I am saying is that Human with a stick > Most large animals.
josh___something: Gun Elk vs. Gun man is a 10-0 matchup in our favor
Mr_Horrible: "excellent work agent crow, your payment will be wired to an anonymous offshore account"
Gaz_L: always seek informed, enthusiastic consent to block
TimIAm: It's important to get consent before grasping the ash
BrowneePoints: Royal Goddric. Is Godded
kirbytronic: That sounds like a crapshot, "I think someone's out to get me." "Because a bird pooped on you?" Cut to Adam paying someone in the Pidgeon head
AtomicAlchemical: I dunno @OldUncleDan... Gimme "several humans with sticks" and I'm on board
onbeklimbare_os: Would you rather fight one elk-sized duck or fifty duck-sized elks?
BrowneePoints: He's better than elden ring
sithenin: I like this baord style
josh___something: Godrick the grafted
BrowneePoints: Cuz he's hot
TehAmelie: TBH i have no confidence in my chances of going from picking up a gun for the first time to hitting the elk before the elk stands on me
DEATHlikescats: And he’s in Red too, so… thematically appropriate
Mr_Horrible: Witch's Markey Mark
NorthstarTex: He's betrer than Godrick the Grafted, doesn't have extra limbs
Mr_Horrible: he's a whole dragon rather than just a dragon head
Mr_Horrible: he also isn't a disappointment to Godfrey
Mr_Horrible: Monsterfucker canon
Mr_Horrible: they're a werefox like their wife now
Mr_Horrible: well, like their spouse, I should say
bytecaster: 2 drop, combat, see what we get first?
jhoehing: Hello! First time Twitch viewer. Love y'alls YouTube channel, particularly the PPR!
Omthebox: @TehAmelie Plus you'd probably get surprised by the recoil which would make you both, miss and probably hit yourself in the face with the gun. OpieOP
bytecaster: They did the thing we almost did
TehAmelie: among other obstacles
bytecaster: Damn, for profit even
Omthebox: Its certainly not a risk free situation
Chichen: say 3
jmchap: 4
scytop: 4 to keep ash?
Veste: yeah you want to say 4
Chichen: choose 3
walkeroftales: you can say 4 and keep ash
BrowneePoints: Say 3
AzaleaCloud: Say 4 so you can keep Ash
bytecaster: Can't we also keep ash?
sneeks83: Say 4
Mindfire13: Say 4
Grimnus: Ya wanna say 4
Chichen: oh
bytecaster: 4?
sneeks83: 4
Chichen: yes 4
Chichen: youre right
warboss5: I'll bet they scoop right here
Chichen: can also remove enchantment on ash
kirbytronic: Mountain, shock
sneeks83: Grasp the enchant
accountmadeforants: The Advantage Muffin has moved back over to LRR
jmchap: grasp the cooped up?
sneeks83: Cast both
bytecaster: What a card
walkeroftales: glasket grasp is win
Chichen: grasp the cooped up
sneeks83: Use the other enchant and attack
Veste: they'll just activate cooped up, yeah. and they have a food also
sneeks83: Ah good call
jmchap: now grasp the cooped up?
sneeks83: Yeah grasp all in
OldUncleDan: Checkpoint is already out on Das Tube!
BrowneePoints: Gives us another body
Grimnus: Its better grasp the coop imo
Wiliart: is cooped exile later?
bytecaster: Is there a 1 mana trick?
Veste: the royal role thing
BrowneePoints: 2 bodies or die op
kirbytronic: Keep getting James those wins
Grimnus: Lot of 1 mana stuff in general this time
Grimnus: Thats 2
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ZachtlyAsIntended: Run-DMC loves this format
DideRobot: LRR: A new CheckPoint for your face and its sensory parts. | #Videogames #Comedy #News | https://youtu.be/dVOXuPbnSRc | https://kind.social/@LoadingReadyRun/110986453308918945
jmchap: how does OP not have VIP on the end of name???
bytecaster: @jmchap We don't get those in Germany
Caryotip2: there s the white destroy enchant
GhostofJeffGoldblum: rat out, the best named card in the set
AzaleaCloud: New card for Bear Force One
GhostofJeffGoldblum: instead of a grenade it's just a living rat
Veste: leaping ambush and also the uncommon that adds a royal role
MurphEP: What a top deck
Grimnus: Nice nice
jmchap: @bytecaster ah
kirbytronic: Never didn't have it
BrowneePoints: Graham just too good
Fluffy776: katesParty
bytecaster: @jmchap Just to clarify, that was a joke
BrowneePoints: 7/10
MegaDosX: Gesundheit
Chichen: yah 7/10
BrowneePoints: Good sound, no staying power
kirbytronic: Arena likes Graham more than James, confirmed
ElektroTal: i taped an episode with James yesterday that is very conveniently gonna come out during @LoadingReadyRun's anniversary week
ghyllnox: Good timbre
Wiliart: 7/5 if towards mic
BrowneePoints: Shivam is a workhorse
ElektroTal: i didn't realize it until i mapped out how many eps i had banked, lol
Konda020946: the proper german response would have been jeder andere hätte gekotzt ( everyone else would have puked ) at least thats what dad tends to say
ElektroTal: so, uh, if you want to have some cross synergy, lol
panquernic: how old is penelope¿
GhostofJeffGoldblum: greetings, child
BrowneePoints: That blade is very good
loufghyslaufey: Y'know, looking at Rowan avatar art? I wouldn't mind if played out as a thorough villain beyond this set.
loufghyslaufey: You'd think red would have as many antagonists...
Veste: that lifelink counterspell LUL
millenomi_Aura: @loufghyslaufey she is in fact an antagonist in this set.
BrowneePoints: I don't want Rowan to go full villain cuz I think that's lazy
BrowneePoints: But she was deuterantagonist this set
Grimnus: Its a better flame blessed bolt basically
kirbytronic: I mean, there's not that many mono red walkers in general.
kirbytronic: And the red/x walkers tend to lean a bit more antagonisty
rasterscan: @kirbytronic RIP Jaya. T_T
loufghyslaufey: @millenomi_Aura nono, after this set.
BrowneePoints: Look I'm just freakin stoked for Lost Caverns
loufghyslaufey: This set on story, has happened by now.
bytecaster: That is a lot of auras on that sage.
Mr_Horrible: @BrowneePoints can't wait for them to finally reprinted Underground Sea lrrBEEJ
kirbytronic: This is why witches have hunches, too many auras
bytecaster: Yes!
BrowneePoints: Look, as a huge dinotopia and Lost World/pulp adventure fan with also a big interest in mesoamerican history? Lost Caverns is PERFECT for me
Grimnus: Beep beep
loufghyslaufey: heh, it didn't matter...
loufghyslaufey: oh, huh.
keyboardmage: hahahaha
keyboardmage: thank you
MegaDosX: Knightly Valour on your opponent's creature is quite the desperation play
loufghyslaufey: wait, what does oppo's aura do?
argetbrisingr: good things
DAC169: that reminds me of how I've had an opponent cast Security Bypass on one of my creatures several times LUL
AzaleaCloud: Makes the enchanted creature base P/T 1/1.
remyjette: They tap tap conceded
MegaDosX: !card knightly valor
LRRbot: Knightly Valor [4W] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / When Knightly Valor enters the battlefield, create a 2/2 white Knight creature token with vigilance. / Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has vigilance.
AzaleaCloud: Oh, you meant Knightly Valor.
sneeks83: Add another torch
Mr_Horrible: "You like that, huh? You think that's 'poggers'?"
bytecaster: That was disgusting, are you feeling good about yourself?
midnightcurryjazz: It has to do with matchmaking. It askes if someone gets dumpered or if its super close to see if it was a good mmr match
sneeks83: I think it's too good to not run the third
midnightcurryjazz: a check for the algorythm
korvys: I never seem to get asked those on a competitive game - only complete blowouts (one way or the other)
loufghyslaufey: oof.
MegaDosX: What a revelation!
itira: tqsNoted
loufghyslaufey: Lawl, Mister Stark...
BrowneePoints: How about you Graham, which set from the upcoming year are you most "pogged out of gourd" about?
loufghyslaufey: ha.
KeytarCat: I've not played very much, but I've had some very close losses that felt really good
QuixoticScrivener: then why do people lay commander, there are three times the losers?
BrowneePoints: For me Lost Caverns and Bloomburrow have me very hyped
loufghyslaufey: Oh, I just skip it.
AzaleaCloud: What was that one red enchantment Adam and James drafted a couple weeks ago where they copied a billion spells from the graveyard, and got the "did you have fun?" prompt?
Bruceski: It's like when a gacha game asks you to rate it only after pulling a top-rank
loufghyslaufey: I don't want them to know.
Jethrain: "i very much enjoyed getting mana flooded yes"
TheCardq: @AzaleaCloud Arcane bombardment?
TehAmelie: but then you win four times as hard
Seth_Erickson: The sets I'm excited for are Lost Caverns, Bloomburrow, and Duskmourne
AzaleaCloud: !card Arcane Bombardment
LRRbot: Arcane Bombardment [4RR] | Enchantment | Whenever you cast your first instant or sorcery spell each turn, exile an instant or sorcery card at random from your graveyard. Then copy each card exiled with Arcane Bombardment. You may cast any number of the copies without paying their mana costs.
shendaras: single player games ftw
bytecaster: But after a commander game there isn't a smiley prompt!
NapalmSideburns: Oh hey, it's Graham and Adam, I watched the AEW show in London live. Had great fun!
DAC169: really stupid when you get asked if you had fun that match when your opponent never showed up or conceded during set-up FailFish
AzaleaCloud: Yup, this was the one. :D
Seth_Erickson: I think of those 3 Duskmourne sits the highest
rasterscan: It does boggle me that the most popular video game genre of our time is a format where 99 people lose and 1 person wins.
rasterscan: ((Battle royale.))
TheCardq: Dawn of hope is one of my favorite white cards
kirbytronic: "Yes, I enjoyed that game where I drew 16 out of 17 lands, sure."
nymistrya: I tend to play control, so in mirror matches that last 40 minutes I always say yes just to keep WotC on their toes.
unleashenlightenment: 16 land problem amazonRUDE1 amazonRUDE2
Veste: TWO dawn of hopes?
salamisuperstar: It's always nice to see another player who moves all the expensive spells to the left and the lands to the right
loufghyslaufey: Let them feed off someone else's feedback because of mere baseless spite. LUL
kirbytronic: Is this the same opponent?
loufghyslaufey: sick saga there
DAC169: name looks familiar... 2020Suspicious
AzaleaCloud: Abzan? Playing creatures? Next you'll tell me there's a Rhino that has Lightning Helix stapled to it.
loufghyslaufey: Remember the days of Elspeth's saga, stream?
loufghyslaufey: hehehehe
MegaDosX: X to doubt Graham
avicado___: elk elk asf
DAC169: 2020Suspicious
boyesie: X
Fluffy776: No more silly than the noises they do make
MegaDosX: Adam you can't talk, Mr Australian Dolphin
ThankYouUro: What the elk was that
adambomb625: No, elks go "Dangit Oko"
TehAmelie: and then you get the edgelord elks, they say m'elk
TwitchTVsFrank: Elk confirmed Pokemon
BrowneePoints: So Graham, which set from now through Duskmourn has you the most intrigued or excited thematically?
avicado___: pokemon moment
Greyah: That's a pokemon you're describing.
Staryx__: Pokemon rules for animals. lol
hd_dabnado: she elk my elk until I squelk
Chrysoprase: Works with pokemon
millenomi_Aura: sometimes you skim the delicious beverage at the top of the barrel, sometimes you drag up the stuff that sedimented at the bottom
SmashTCG: big donk
kirbytronic: I started playing Alan Wake yesterday and just can't help but think of Graham and Alex "shouting" "WhErE's My WiFe!?!?"
InTheHouseOfHavok: That elk is a Pokémon?
Avak4do: elk elk thats the sound of the police elk elk thats the sound of the beast
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warboss5: But would they say "Dog", "Labrador" or "I WAS ONCE A WOLF, PROUD AND STRONG!"
SpoonfullOfSugar: <-has done that
loufghyslaufey: Well, least am kind of out that pokemon phase for now...
lirazel64: Klonk...
Grimnus: Done something similar, dont underestimate that damage from that
Mr_Horrible: yeesh, definitely been there before, G
kirbytronic: We need to make sure herum keeps having a bad day against us
rasterscan: What record are we at for this run?
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Simriel: Cameron Lauder sends his regards
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Fluffy776: katesHi
kirbytronic: *stab stab*
AzaleaCloud: Cameron raaaaaid :D
rasterscan: Something-to-one
BrowneePoints: Dawn of hope has to go
zianna_jean: Woot
Mr_Horrible: Me: "I will maneuver strategically so this spout is directly above my head." Me 2 minutes later: "OW! Why is this spout directly above my head?"
lirazel64: Cam Fanon
josh___something: No, it's a gargoyle
loufghyslaufey: oh, right. & then they'll attack.
kirbytronic: King Dorgo the 1st of his name
BrowneePoints: Excuse me
BrowneePoints: He's Duke Duke
KeytarCat: Not the count-duke?
DAC169: MoV the SV, CU the PP?
milk_the_cow_to_earn_gems: !card dawn of hope
LRRbot: Dawn of Hope [1W] | Enchantment | Whenever you gain life, you may pay {2}. If you do, draw a card. / {3}{W}: Create a 1/1 white Soldier creature token with lifelink.
BrowneePoints: It's a joke about how Duke is a common dog name @keytarcat
xantos69: Hey team, are you winning?
loufghyslaufey: GrrrNight?
AzaleaCloud: I think we've found the thing to play Cooped Up on.
TehAmelie: why is Duke a popular dog name? is it because of the dook?
BrowneePoints: Idk
urkleturtle: or put another role on it
hd_dabnado: id only wrath when you need to
milk_the_cow_to_earn_gems: how many cards are in their deck?
Kumakaori: oppo looking to deck themselves >>;.
TehAmelie: as the song says, you have to let the grapes of wrath grow up their vintage before you come and trample them
DAC169: we let them mill themselves aipEZ
urkleturtle: yeah wraths are not great against token engines
AzaleaCloud: "18 cards in hand." Wrong game. That's Master Duel.
salamisuperstar: Got autotappered
MegaDosX: They can't recast it
scytop: they don't have black :*
rasterscan: !card the green knight
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
milk_the_cow_to_earn_gems: !card dreadnight
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
MegaDosX: !card mosswood dreadknight
LRRbot: Mosswood Dreadknight // Dread Whispers | Mosswood Dreadknight [1G] | Creature — Human Knight [3/2] | Trample / When Mosswood Dreadknight dies, you may cast it from your graveyard as an Adventure until the end of your next turn. // Dread Whispers [1B] | Sorcery — Adventure | You draw a card and you lose 1 life.
rasterscan: @MegaDosX ty
krfsm: hey, G, will you do an episode of TTC along the lines of the "mythic origins of (theros, kaldheim, etc)" but for fairytales for WOE?
Laserbeaks_Fury: When the Werefox menaces you, but they're just being kitsundere
BrowneePoints: Return elk!
accountmadeforants: So, in looking up the text for Courtier, I found out that the French version of "Shield Broker" is called "Courtier en boucliers" and that's great.
BrowneePoints: Elk bugle
mcaleaveb: Nine nine
WhyYouDuds: Do you guys have a favorite dumpster-level archetype from any limited set?
Simriel: Elk, that well known pokemon
Easilycrazyhat: Malkovich malkovich? Malkovich!
DEATHlikescats: kofdouSexy
TehAmelie: send helk
Kumakaori: waow
A_Dub888: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You got ten peanuts; try to knock all ten cars down. Good luck and go!
Chrysoprase: That is one cooped up elk.
ItsLogeybear: LA Knight haters be like no no
TheCardq: !card expel the interlopers
LRRbot: Expel the Interlopers [3WW] | Sorcery | Choose a number between 0 and 10. Destroy all creatures with power greater than or equal to the chosen number.
sneeks83: Does the wrath exile?
AzaleaCloud: Elk... :<
TehAmelie: which is funnier, Elkenheimer or Oppenheimelk?
panquernic: Oppelkheimer
korvys: Hey G, did you see that Volition Games is closing?
levim39: has anyone noticed that the text on the right next to the arena logo is lorem ipsum
xantos69: Are Elk Pokemon?
BrowneePoints: Nah, it got exiled so it's Elk in Himmel
elah806: elk is for the way you elk at me, elk is for the only elk i see
MegaDosX: #BlameJames
Veste: dawn of hope, good card
MegaDosX: I don't think they've missed a single land drop, and they've had so much card draw, my god
BrowneePoints: They also had a ton of removal
Bruceski: Any chance of them milling themselves?
Chichen: mosswood dreadknight slaps
SmashTCG: they will mill out soon
sneeks83: The rest of the deck is not bad either
Simriel: @MegaDosX Those things MAY be connected
MegaDosX: Hot take Adam!
urkleturtle: a game theory
DAC169: how many cards they got left?
MrTulip: drawing cards, good? big if true
adambomb625: Turns out Dawn of Hope is a good value engine, who knew?
Nydestroyer: more cards == more cards? what nonsensical
AzaleaCloud: Also Dawn of Hope.
MegaDosX: The Dreadknight is kinda nuts
MegaDosX: It's one of the cards people have been wondering if it'll show up in Constructed
BrowneePoints: Constructed Plant(Knight)
Simriel: None of you are James. This is Fraud
AzaleaCloud: OFF THE TOP PogChamp
MegaDosX: What a draw!
Simriel: Never didn't have it
Laserbeaks_Fury: In the midst of the writer/actor strike, it's important to remember to pay artists for their work, especially if they have control of all the rats in your country.
timfreilly: Party Asher
MurphEP: JamesVIP
Juliamon: It's his acct
MegaDosX: Yes that's Bitterblossom
accountmadeforants: Zoooom
kumatsu: signing up for the OnlyJames
Simriel: LRR_JamesVIP
warboss5: Oooo, pretty Bitterblossum
korvys: James' account
Veste: pretterblossom???
MegaDosX: Your deck is saying beep beep right now
SmashTCG: party time!
TehAmelie: hey Blossom, bitter much?
TheWriterAleph: our godrick is an awesome godrick
SmashTCG: two rats in a dagon mantle!
KeytarCat: How would one deal with Mossknight?
AzaleaCloud: "Would you like entrails with that?"
Wiliart: sounds like two.. in a trenchcoat
TehAmelie: i'd take Godzilla over Godrick any day
korvys: Oh, that's that great Beck song - "Two Black Rats and a Dragon Mantle"
SmashTCG: go ooooooof
sneeks83: You need that 3rd shock
KeytarCat: Right, "goes to graveyard"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Look at me, Morty. I have all power of an immortal deity! I'm God Rick
BrowneePoints: You don't, you get grasp grasp
MegaDosX: Do we Grasp their Grasp?
TehAmelie: deja vu
Grimnus: That card is pretty wild with bitterblossom eh
ReachW: Gallant Pie-Wielder is such a good card name.
Easilycrazyhat: Yo, I was watching a vod of someone playing Family Feud, and on a question asking what a fried chicken place would sell if it ran out of chicken, *7 people out of 100 said RATS*.
Avak4do: grasp grasp celebrate
BrowneePoints: Grasp grasp ratcatcher
SmashTCG: grasped rat?
Veste: grasp their grasp for celebration obv
MegaDosX: Grasp their Grasp to get Goddric and celebration
SmashTCG: godric yeeee
Foxmar320: Hello Adam and Graham, hope you're well
Caryotip2: id get rid of the rhare
BrowneePoints: RatJam
MegaDosX: Because he entered too
SmashTCG: He and the graspe
Avak4do: he entered
quartzblade: grasp and godric lol
Grimnus: Grasp and he entered
MegaDosX: Grasp and Goddric both entered
NarishmaReborn: your grasp entered then he entered
DudelidouX: He was the second to enter
ThankYouUro: He entered the field, makes 2 with Grasp
BrowneePoints: Also in the story Ash and Goddric are a couple!
TriforceDrummer: Celebration doesn't say "other"
MurphEP: He can celebrate himself
SmashTCG: yep
BrowneePoints: YEP!
ReachW: Yeag
Grimnus: Correct
Avak4do: yeah
MegaDosX: Yes he is!
mcaleaveb: Yes
AzaleaCloud: Yes.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Godric's a dragon? So phase 2 then
zombub: I wish they’d included the seals on the bonus sheet, I dunno if there was space concerns or balance concerns but they seem like a slam dunk with all the things that care about enchantments dying
millenomi_Aura: Ash = Cinder
josh___something: Oh, shit. Goddric IS hot
josh___something: damn
BrowneePoints: And the wrath is Goddric showing he's a dragon by burning the monsters who crash it @loadingreadyrun
MegaDosX: Casket the faerie
MegaDosX: Play a thing
MegaDosX: You win
BrowneePoints: You have all 3 Cinderella cards
DAC169: Pie-Wielder, Casket the fairy
NarishmaReborn: aggression
MegaDosX: Deck said vroom
Easilycrazyhat: Goddric seems good
SmashTCG: had your rares on curve
ZachtlyAsIntended: Glassket MVP
sneeks83: Add the third shock!
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Grimnus: The set has a lot of token permanents
accountmadeforants: 2-drop haste into 3-drop haste into double spell worked well yea
Bruceski: "You brought a rats with you? Now it's a party!"
Caryotip2: celebration with roles is pretty easy
warboss5: "Draw 2 cards" has always been a really rough ask in Draft
warboss5: At least in consistency
argetbrisingr: supporting "draw two cards" is hard to support because its... drawing cards
Easilycrazyhat: The draw-2 theme was very cautiously supported. It felt like they didn't want it to be *too* good.
argetbrisingr: you can make way more cards that make two permanents than ones that draw a card
BrowneePoints: But yea you have Ash, her prince Charming in Goddric, and the wrath in your deck is Goddric revealing he's a dragon by incinerating a bunch of red caps etc that came to crash the party @loadingreadyrun you have all 3 cinderella story cards!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are any of the Role enchantments bad?
panquernic: you could have added the royal role to ash
panquernic: last turn
Caryotip2: why not turn ash royal with the aventure of the knight ? would ve triggered celebration
panquernic: and triggers celebration
Easilycrazyhat: Celebrate D O G
AzaleaCloud: I just realized Evolving Wilds triggers celebration. ._.
MegaDosX: Opponent's on that greed plan
Swamplor: A dog and a rat! Now it's a party!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hey Ash, Whatcha Partyin?
MegaDosX: h j o n k
Serivus: @AzaleaCloud non-land
AzaleaCloud: Goose jumpscare. o.o
BrowneePoints: No land @azaleacloud
Grimnus: To baby jail it goes
AzaleaCloud: Ohhh, nonland, I see.
MegaDosX: Casket and Role for celebration
josh___something: Get in the GLASSKET
AzaleaCloud: My bad.
SmashTCG: Who shoved the hydra in box
koodooman: goose in the jar!
korvys: KING DOG
josh___something: Good dog
MegaDosX: Good lord
BrowneePoints: Beep and I cannot stress this enough. Beep
ThankYouUro: Adam, if you came upon a 5-headed goose in a glass box in the woods, would you free it?
Jethrain: your goose is cooked
Easilycrazyhat: Amazing XD
MegaDosX: I mean you gotta
Swamplor: Oppo had two goose mommies
DAC169: double goose? PridePog
whitefirecomix: they gooseled it
ZachtlyAsIntended: Noone expects SECOND goose
Mr_Horrible: Twose
Easilycrazyhat: It's actually Goosopodes
TehAmelie: two gox
A_Dub888: Twoses Gooses
Omthebox: I'm throwing it into the sea is what I'm doing
MegaDosX: "Gee opponent, how come your mum lets you have two Gooses?"
ReachW: Gee, how come your Goose Mother lets you have two Goose Mo wait
shendaras: I might
BrowneePoints: The Twose Mother
SmashTCG: i wouldnt free a NORMAL goose
Seth_Erickson: I'd think it about it at the very least
MegaDosX: (yes I know it's geese don't @ me)
hd_dabnado: Goosepi
SmashTCG: Gooses suck
Saintnex: wait what box are we opening?
Jethrain: statistically 70% of us here would probably open that box, let's be real
ZachtlyAsIntended: Geese are not so secretly evil
MurphEP: hehehe
Oreo1369: It's for science Adam
DudelidouX: Of course you free it. Who else is going to destroy the world?
MrTulip: I would make fat stacks selling the box, is what I would do
Laserbeaks_Fury: "You come to me, on the day of my daughter's HONK!"
Grimnus: Poll it
milk_the_cow_to_earn_gems: make a poll
SmashTCG: lets get a poll
NapalmSideburns: I would free the goose, surely it will grant me a wish, if that wish is to unleash chaos onto the world
Oreo1369: Do a poll
kamilucky: its for content me thinks
MurphEP: Statistically 70% of us are goose
BrowneePoints: Swans are actually MORE evil than Geese but they had a better PR firm
freshbubba: What if it was a nice goose tho
MegaDosX: Small ouphe
ZachtlyAsIntended: I've played Untitled Goose Game...
kamilucky: oof
Swamplor: Wait, I came in late, what's in the box?
Mazrae: I would burn the box and roast the goose
Grimnus: Bogles time
Laserbeaks_Fury: Big Ouphe
Oreo1369: I wanna poll for goose
TehAmelie: almost a whole ouphe doupha
DEATHlikescats: Schroedinger’s goose
milk_the_cow_to_earn_gems: poll open
Easilycrazyhat: Le Grande Ouphe
Oreo1369: All hail Schroedinger’s goose
SmashTCG: for 5 mana?
Wolfstrike_NL: Chat, be honest
emberBecky: I wouldn't personally open the box, but I'd support someone else opening it. Goose should be free. But I
BrowneePoints: If they make it huge we just wrath it
Laserbeaks_Fury: That's gonna be a Big Ouphe for 3, dog
emberBecky: I'd be scared
DEATHlikescats: Vote now with your phones
korvys: NO
AzaleaCloud: Ice cream so good
Nydestroyer: spicy
AzaleaCloud: :3
hd_dabnado: Adam.
Oreo1369: There is 600 of us we need more votes
Mr_Horrible: no spicy!
ElektroTal: suddenly filled with the urge to give you money
warboss5: Adam could absolutely live that NPC life
Wiliart: what box?
Juliamon: Not even 30 votes smh
SmashTCG: oh no do they have negate?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Do you think the rat is piloting the dog like a Ratatouille?
TehAmelie: oh, a vote
Mr_Horrible: I'm so mad I have that brain worm without having ever seen one of those tiktoks
Grimnus: Getting fully bogled
Easilycrazyhat: Whooops
DEATHlikescats: Loving chats commitment to 50%
SmashTCG: coop and just get rid of it
Grimnus: Theres a blue hexproof common trick too
Juliamon: Exactly 50% of you voted to open the box
Oreo1369: Ghram can you 1v1 a 6ft tall rat in boxing
TheWriterAleph: great votes chat LUL
MegaDosX: That adventure again probably
DEATHlikescats: True neutral chat
Mr_Horrible: 17 of us would not last the winter
EvilBadman: perfectly balanced
SmashTCG: Dont forget the claws
korvys: "I could 100% beat a bear in a sactioned fight. Because the bear would murder me, and that's a disqualification."
SmashTCG: and teeth
Laserbeaks_Fury: that doesnt count the tail
josh___something: They're friend shaped! D:
BrowneePoints: And a 6ft tall rat has 1ftlong incisors
RayFK: Sup nerds
shendaras: Try hugging it out
Saintnex: Also, the TEETH
Oreo1369: Damm right
Going_Medium: ROUS's I don't think they exist.
YeomanAres: Their bones probably couldn't support them though
xantos69: As you are being mauled to death "Judge?"
Mr_Horrible: posthumously given the belt
Oreo1369: 6 ft tall Ratatouille from the movie in a 1v1 boxing match
ItsLogeybear: A wins a win
Oreo1369: What 6 ft tall animal could you beat?
DEATHlikescats: @oreo1369 creator clash got weird
BrowneePoints: Elkganggang
Laserbeaks_Fury: Do you think in the year 2023, they have a amended a rule that says dogs can not play basketball?
sneeks83: Moose moose!
AzaleaCloud: Is that an Oko container?
TehAmelie: me, i'm still not over the newspaper headline i read about a dog getting attacked by rats. it warned about "grathic" images
Oreo1369: 😂
Bruceski: "Cause all I wanna do is go the distance. Nobody's ever gone the distance with a bear, and if I can go that distance, you see, and that bell rings and I'm still standin', I'm gonna know for the first time in my life, see, that I weren't just another bum from the neighborhood."
DEATHlikescats: Grathic = wrath/graphic portmanteau?
MurphEP: Pogging, hesitantly
BrowneePoints: That wrath is goddric btw
TehAmelie: graphic/rat pun
YeomanAres: Flamingo
emberBecky: baby giraffe
livingthememe92: Sloth?
MegaDosX: A six foot frog would be enormous
Wiliart: a 6ft wurm?
emberBecky: actually probably not
Going_Medium: llama?
ReachW: Whael, I could beat a 6ft whale.
ghyllnox: A frog is just a mouth on legs
ghyllnox: It'd eat you
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BusTed: aren't they carniverous
warboss5: Have you SEEN the stat block on Giant Frogs in D&D? Those things can wipe low level parties on their own!
tsuuisalie: the fight kills your thing
Chesul: 6 foot tall blue whale, easy.
mcaleaveb: Frogs can eat you whole
Oreo1369: Damn on land
Laserbeaks_Fury: I imagine a 6 ft tall Trout couldn't beat the 10 count
Omthebox: I could probably beat a six foot tall blue whale.
josh___something: jokes on the frog, some people are into that shit
TehAmelie: just picture Shark NImona, so light on her fins
DEATHlikescats: 6ft tall giraffe maybe?
sneeks83: 3 shocks!!
Easilycrazyhat: This *is* Jame's account
Oreo1369: What about the bug-eyed frog looking thing from dark souls
camille7_ttv: is this a draft?
DEATHlikescats: @tehamelie ooh good point and reference!
warboss5: A Pox on the Autotapper!
Oreo1369: Sealed
Juliamon: camille7_ttv This particular deck is sealed
Chesul: Oreo1369 the basilisks? they petrify you, so nope, definitely not.
camille7_ttv: did they pull good?
MegaDosX: Nothing good one time?
sneeks83: Very good game regardless
TehAmelie: basilisks have pseudo eyes. they're awful
Laserbeaks_Fury: BTWm those arent it's eyes
Bourdain: You could beat up a 6ft duck
Grimnus: Well i mean theyre forced to trade chump
Oreo1369: Wait really
SmashTCG: THose are Poisen sacs
A_Dub888: No deck, our OPPONENT
DEATHlikescats: Giant goose terrifies me
Grimnus: Or chump chump apparently
Easilycrazyhat: Not so great blocks there
Grimnus: Theyre did it the wrong way ya
MegaDosX: First strike normally and double strike on celebration
quartzblade: why did they block like that lol
Grimnus: *they
Oreo1369: What's the CR rating for a multi-headed 10 ft tall goose
BrowneePoints: Don't call it a comeback!
MurphEP: Pogging, confidently
Grimnus: Survived the bogling
sneeks83: 3rd shock!
tsuuisalie: final boss lets go!
Shadowsoflife: @Oreo1369 Yes
NapalmSideburns: I think they missed the first strike as well
MegaDosX: That was a pretty solid UG bogles deck
MurphEP: You're right
MegaDosX: Or I guess auras
KeytarCat: Full count, bases loaded
ReachW: @quartzblade I would guess they weren't aware the creature had first strike natively as well.
Nydestroyer: Pogging (darkly)
Oreo1369: Pogging sneaking
SmashTCG: draw red once time
MurphEP: Pogging (poggingly)
Omthebox: Pogging (uncomfortably)
theamc2000: {Pog}
DEATHlikescats: I’d fight a 6 ft tall capybara, cus I’d just immediately concede to the gentle giant
Swamplor: never didn't have it
TheCardq: @Oreo1369 2 plus 1 for each head
ReachW: 6ft tall sloth might be beatable? I wouldn't feel good about it though.
MegaDosX: Is it a male platypus?
Oreo1369: Yeah
Bruceski: Platapi are venomous
Nydestroyer: those things are deadly
TehAmelie: i mean not even crocodiles fight capybaras, what chance does a human have
onbeklimbare_os: Dude
josh___something: Don't they have venom?
YeomanAres: They have venom
Juliamon: Capys actually can and would bite your arm off
midnightcurryjazz: male platapus are venomus
Wolfstrike_NL: 6ft tall sloth?
Chesul: Platipi have venom stingers.
BusTed: venomous claws!
onbeklimbare_os: Yhey are poisonous
WiJohn: They have venomous spurs
MegaDosX: Platypus venom won't kill you, but it'll make you wish you were dead
onbeklimbare_os: Venomous I mean
Laserbeaks_Fury: You can't beat a platypus, I've seen Pheneas and Ferb
ZachtlyAsIntended: On land? Yes. In water? No, oh my no.
Oreo1369: You and any one animal are stuck in a 10x10 ft tall room and the Animals 6 ft tall from hind legs one of you gets to leave alive
onbeklimbare_os: Also they glow under blacklight
Zenfear: I could prob take a squirrel
onbeklimbare_os: Which probably would not kill you
MegaDosX: Queen Ash!
Oreo1369: Are you nuts a 6ft tall squirrel would kick my ass
camille7_ttv: platypus have six senses
Gekyouryuu: Goddric, aka Prince Charring
ghyllnox: A squirrel is another 6 ft tall rodent though
kamilucky: 6ft tall sheeep y/n?
hd_dabnado: rats plus torch?
Oreo1369: Ram
BrowneePoints: Platypuses have venomous spurs on their back feet ya
Oreo1369: Hell no
Chesul: Basically, if you have to make it larger for it to be 6ft, then most humans would lose to it.
NarishmaReborn: 6 ft tortoise?
sneeks83: Need moment for the ovre
Mazrae: I might be able to take a squirrel at it's normal size
NapalmSideburns: I'll fight a 6ft tall whale
Veste: make rats and then bargain a rat?
Oreo1369: Remember it's just you no weapons
onbeklimbare_os: A six foot fish
Grimnus: Racing seems in our favour
onbeklimbare_os: Jellyfish, assuming it is on land
KeytarCat: Goddric and smash sounds nice 👀
camille7_ttv: but could you beat just a normal horse in a fight?
Nydestroyer: harmonize
MegaDosX: You need another mountain, yeah
ph0enix__42: Only 6ft animal I'd fight is a giraffe or whale or something normally big that would just be silly smaller
ghyllnox: I'd try a 6ft stork
Oreo1369: Yeah I just thought about that
ghyllnox: Not saying I'd beat it, but I think I'd have a chance
MegaDosX: !card goddric
LRRbot: Goddric, Cloaked Reveler [1RR] | Legendary Creature — Human Noble [3/3] | Haste / Celebration — As long as two or more nonland permanents entered the battlefield under your control this turn, Goddric, Cloaked Reveler is a Dragon with base power and toughness 4/4, flying, and "{R}: Dragons you control get +1/+0 until end of turn."
loufghyslaufey: Goddric, The Allegedly Distinct WOTC's "Gaston"
MegaDosX: lmaoooooo
BusTed: FBtouchdown
Mazrae: I would fight a 6ft chicken in which I had a gun to shoot it, I'll bring a gun to a chicken fight just think about all that roasted chicken
MegaDosX: I think you go for it?
Grimnus: Like forcing the issue
ReachW: vroom vroom
MegaDosX: Maths is for blockers
TehAmelie: i'd fight a 6' tall manta ray just to see how amazing it would look
Nydestroyer: 6ft tall romba?
Gekyouryuu: give it triple strike and menace
TehAmelie: six feet from back to stomach
KeytarCat: @TehAmelie That's normal size, isn't it?
Oreo1369: 6 ft praying mat is like on baki
MegaDosX: What if they have that spell that costs RG that says "target opponent loses the game"?
SmashTCG: chump?
Lysander_salamander: hello everyone
sneeks83: Gg
Grimnus: The big 7
Oreo1369: Welcome
ReachW: Hi Lysander!
Veste: that plus the werefox monster role thing giving ash trample might have been lethal lmao
camille7_ttv: how many 60 feet animals could you beat if you had a gundam
MegaDosX: Mythic packs
Oreo1369: Talking about what 6ft tall animal / insect you can fight
SmashTCG: mythic packs
AzaleaCloud: Alchemy?
spellotape: alchemy
ReachW: Mythic packs, yeah
Haroldholmes25: yeah mythic packs
SmashTCG: to get mythics
loufghyslaufey: the weird 9 pack voucher
YeomanAres: Mythic packs
millenomi_Aura: the orange streak ones are Mythic packs,
midnightcurryjazz: mythic
tsuuisalie: the one with stripes has mythics
silaslunark: Mythic packs
mcaleaveb: One may be mythic
millenomi_Aura: they have a guaranteed mythic.
ReachW: It's a Mythic, spoiler.
BrowneePoints: So we title this deck "The Dragonf*ckers may be on to something"
RayFK: a total defense of the heart
Grimnus: Defense of the heart is pretty wild, even in limited
MegaDosX: Generally speaking they aren't worth the money, but they're pretty flashy
Oreo1369: Good card
MommaGart: Wait do all the packs open like that now? The Sealed packs had a new animation
silaslunark: defence of the heart is busted
BrowneePoints: Defense in Gladiator POG
Juliamon: Gonna switch off James' account now?
remyjette: Open all?
SmashTCG: Its so you can play Constructed
TwitchTVsFrank: Open 10
Oreo1369: White hoof
SmashTCG: flyinghoof
NarishmaReborn: love myself a stab wound
MegaDosX: Yeah that thing's wild
silaslunark: ghosthoof baybee
Avak4do: Gavin!
remyjette: Does open 10 have a new animation?
Mr_Horrible: @BrowneePoints just name it "Raucous, Terrifying Applause" and iykyk
tsuuisalie: gavin!!!
MegaDosX: Tooth and Nail, find Hoof and that thing
silaslunark: it doesnt have haste though, which does matter
Easilycrazyhat: It's busted af is what it is
loufghyslaufey: Will Graham get to pick a Goose?
Avak4do: force catapult?
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SmashTCG: I would DEF entiwine that and hoof in commander
MommaGart: Congrats on being James
Oreo1369: What about insect 6ft tall
BrowneePoints: It IS a trade off yes
Simriel: That's the fraud I mentioned! Being james XD
Gekyouryuu: there's a FULL ART textless Moonshaker Cavalry up for grabs as a store champion prize
MegaDosX: It is definitely relevant, but giving a big board flying can just kill people
silaslunark: can we do the cameron deck
TehAmelie: who wouldn't like to be James the VIP
SmashTCG: where my buddy garruk
MegaDosX: Hate to break it to you, Garruk's not coming Adam
Grimnus: He only shows up in a saga
BrowneePoints: Tio Garruk isn't here
hd_dabnado: once again, we are asking where Garruk is
silaslunark: i'm genuinely sad we only got a reference to garruk
KurseKobold: on holiday
ReachW: @Oreo1369 Heck no, insects are terrifying at scale.
hd_dabnado: he came back
ElektroTal: he's relenting
hd_dabnado: and he is gone again
MegaDosX: He's on break
korvys: Where's Poochy?
Lysander_salamander: Wait is that Ajani in the splash page?
Oreo1369: Hanging out with Gary
SmashTCG: Adam, hes right next to you
Gekyouryuu: Garruk might still be a walker, and there's only one walker per set now
Simriel: When Garruk isn't on screen, we should be asking Where's Garruk
loufghyslaufey: He was last seen on an adventure... Lawl, Imagine?
Robot_Bones: ah, Plain Simple Garruk
Camthelion: Whys Garruk?
Haroldholmes25: here fox
loufghyslaufey: Garruk as an Adventure Planeswalker? LUL
hammith: Adam cares about Garruk until the announce a beefier planeswalker than Garruk
MommaGart: There Fox!
silaslunark: ah yes the furry maker
Lysander_salamander: That art looks cool
Nydestroyer: get in the box
fattimbo5: still hate that its a elf
Oreo1369: Flicker it
Caryotip2: it s true that garruk is supposed to have followed will and rowan afetr rhtone of eldraines
ItsLogeybear: Did adam see the large giant woman
UnnnaturalD20: Everyone's asking where's Garruk, no one is asking how's Garruk
MegaDosX: Blue Steel!
Gekyouryuu: wolves also know pounce
shreddieevans: Adam: 2/2 :O
Kaaosa: inside you are two similarly posed...
lifecharacter: These wolves don't vogue
MommaGart: Inside you are two similarly posed wolves.
Mr_Horrible: paint me like one of your French wolves...
Nydestroyer: its huntched or crouched only
Easilycrazyhat: "Paint me like one of your wolves"
ReachW: Okay but why not?
korvys: Draw me like one of your french wolves
Oreo1369: But sexy wolf Adam
Gekyouryuu: were-foxes
ZachtlyAsIntended: Blue Steel....wool?
warboss5: Has anyone checked if FurAffinity has gotten ahold of the Werefox yet?
dtigertron: No Vogue Wolves, lol
Grimnus: The werefoxes are all elves yes
Lysander_salamander: :D
jonodne: stormfallHUH
TehAmelie: wolves can express two different emotions: chomp and awoo
Haroldholmes25: half elf half fox
ReachW: Yassify the wolves, cowards.
violetblight: LOL
A_Dub888: Oh no the fox is hot
Nydestroyer: at the fox hole
BrowneePoints: Redtooth Elves are cursed with lycanthropy @loadingreadyrun
Oreo1369: Gonna be down town
silaslunark: anticipation
silaslunark: flash . dek time?
xantos69: Oh I know this one! Adam is doing a "Yiff"!
tehfewl: Elk
MegaDosX: !card vedalken orrery
LRRbot: Vedalken Orrery [4] | Artifact | You may cast spells as though they had flash.
AtomicAlchemical: This set is gonna awaken things in a lot of people
Laserbeaks_Fury: Do you want to build a SNOWMAN
Caryotip2: yeah in the lore, it s a troupe of werefox elves
BrowneePoints: No yiff implies fugging
bondeulv: that art for the leyline is so good
loufghyslaufey: heh, X is 0 but still 3...
TehAmelie: good way to make an upside
loufghyslaufey: Did I read that right?
hd_dabnado: Oh no
ghyllnox: No...
ReachW: It's a special cuddle.
gualdhar: yiff is definitely furry porn
garash2k: counterpoint to adam saying wolves only have one pose
warboss5: Yes, VERY sexual
quartzblade: oh adam no
violetblight: nope yiff is sex
Simriel: Adam stop while you are ahead
Grimnus: Its a few steps past that
MommaGart: Isn't Yiff just a noise?
korvys: It's less like cuddling and more like "cuddling"
BrowneePoints: Take it from a furry Adam, Yiff is sexual
Mr_Horrible: ayyy we got the canon couple
bondeulv: very Tunic-like
ghyllnox: Yiff is definitely sexy
tehfewl: besotted knight
garash2k: twitch...
DEATHlikescats: Specifically sexual
tehfewl: for more fox lovin
garash2k: !Bounding Wolf
Omthebox: Another episode of Adam learns something about the internet.
ReachW: No.
Mr_Horrible: Besotted Knight + Werefox Bodyguard
remyjette: I thought BeeJ explained yiffing off-camera?
garash2k: !card Bounding Wolf
LRRbot: Bounding Wolf [2G] | Creature — Wolf [3/2] | Flash / Reach
DekiSystem: setsuConcern
Oreo1369: Cuddling with someone is one of the best experiences a human can have
jonodne: you're remembering all the times you've used it thinking it meant something else aren't you
Lysander_salamander: we probably don't need to educate them more than tnat
DEATHlikescats: Oooh shiney!
MommaGart: Ooh Besotted Knight
silaslunark: adam asking about Yiff, iconic moment
ghyllnox: So Adam tell us about that fox again
krfsm: G's right
Simriel: I love Adam. His joy is infectious
warboss5: This is the internet, no amount of bonk will ever permanently drive out the horny
SmashTCG: covered in gross smoke and crystal
BrowneePoints: Graham YOU'RE the one who first picked Hot Fox Boyfriend
gualdhar: Adam learns, yet again, the internet is SO horny
ReachW: @remyjette Maybe Beej explained it as a special cuddle too?
DEATHlikescats: PokGengar PokGengar PokGengar PokGengar PokGengar
SmashTCG: Furry knight
Genasi_Gaming: is adam thinking of glomping?
Mr_Horrible: it's a flying frost lynx it's perfectly fine
SpoonfullOfSugar: that fairy is a 1/1 flying frost lynx
silaslunark: apple seems a lil expensive
Lysander_salamander: You could continue this discussion on the finer points of furry mature on their discord
silaslunark: like in real life
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Genasi_Gaming: dammit
jonodne: are apples good?
BrowneePoints: Glomp is a tackle hug
Oreo1369: Ruffle da jimmys
TehAmelie: i do want my dreams spoiled
Mr_Horrible: Dreamspoiler Witches is back, in pog form!
sneeks83: It's a fairy too
EvilBadman: Werefox is a spell we can cast on their turn :D
Oreo1369: Boo
jonodne: D:
ReachW: @jonodne They keep doctors away from me.
Lysander_salamander: Glomping has been forbidden at conventions
Easilycrazyhat: Depends on the apples
TehAmelie: way too many twists and turns these nights
Faulpyr: Apple isn't worse than banana, though
bondeulv: pears > apples
scytop: worst?! that's crazy
Mr_Horrible: how are you on Apple *Juice* tho Adam?
jonodne: bet you're getting SWARMED by doctors with that take
arkham1981: Whats the best fruit?
silaslunark: a shame we aren't in blue white or we could have UWU fox boyfriend
garash2k: apples get points for versatility
SmashTCG: Cosmo apples
Easilycrazyhat: Fuji apples are great
warboss5: Gala is BEST apple
Omthebox: Apples also vary wildly in goodness by type
YeomanAres: Macouns
nymistrya: When an apple is good, its REAL good. But when it's bad it's very bad.
Faulpyr: Cosmic Crisp is also great
Mr_Horrible: honeycrisp for life
Oreo1369: They keep your skin looking yung
loufghyslaufey: Ben's is a Granny Smith, he says.
mcaleaveb: Grapefruits are pretty bad
ZachtlyAsIntended: Cosmic Crisp
silaslunark: honeycrisp apple for premium, empire for day to day
Camthelion: granny smith
BusTed: floabcSmug
hd_dabnado: Do you all have Honeycrisp apples on Vancouver island?
ElektroTal: you all should try envy apples
Kazman20a: if we are talking worst fruit, it has to go to Durian
itira: honeycrisp best imo
Chronomagistrate: If you can get them, Discovery
groovemancery: honeycrisp is best apple
SmashTCG: @Faulpyr Ayy. excent taste
Zenfear: I as a Washingtonian am offended by your preferences
emberBecky: apples vary widely in quality.. and I think they're better sliced
fattimbo5: golden delis
DEATHlikescats: Pear apples are neat
silaslunark: Bojack horseman's fantasy cousin
EvilBadman: Horace Felmann
BrowneePoints: I like Red Delicious but I live where the Cultivar was invented and fresh from the tree they are COMPLETELY different beasts @loadingreadyrun
MommaGart: Ok so two nicknames achieved?
Dustpuma: honeycrisp was made at the u of minnesota random info
camille7_ttv: many fruit names were just variations of apple at one point. Like Oranges where: Chinese apples
warboss5: Granny Smith is best apple to combine with cheese
Easilycrazyhat: Golden Delicious > Granny smith
korvys: I like tart things
Zenfear: Golden Delicious
Oreo1369: Yo horse how's u doing
SmashTCG: Anyone in LRR tried Cosmic crisp yet?
arkham1981: pie or caramel apple
SkiaSymphonia: Ambrosia are top tier
lirazel64: Cortland, Roxbury Russet, Northern Spy... I'm very old-fashioned.
TehAmelie: i like the hard crunchy apples. probably like 30% of all kinds
jhoehing: Granny smiths are the bottom layer of apple pie. Straight up? Like sour cardboard
earlgrey82: Dang now i really want an apple crumble.
DEATHlikescats: Granny Smiths and sharp cheddar is the bomb
Mr_Horrible: they can't legally stop you
ReachW: Apple breeding innit
Camthelion: i had a tree on my street growing of granny smith so i just went and picked them all the time
BrowneePoints: Yes. Cultivars are invented
silaslunark: adam has been exposed to chat for too long, he's going off
Nydestroyer: nothing in the rules says a dog cant make an apple
sneeks83: Just like you make weed
Dromos_GHG: Red Delicious is trash thouhg
Laserbeaks_Fury: Doctors hate this one thing
jhoehing: Cosmic Crisp is new and delicious!
SpoonfullOfSugar: that giant seems good
TehAmelie: if you can invent the universe, you can even make apple pie
xantos69: Braeburn Apples are the best apple.
xblue007: The most broken card in the game: Spreading Seas
ReachW: If I made an apple it would end up as like, 70 layers of skin.
ElektroTal: oh adam
silaslunark: highlight reel here we come
itira: yes apples. born this way.
Omthebox: God didn't make this apple
Oreo1369: Adam apples come from trees
ButterBall000: IDK, Monsanto might have something to say about that
Nydestroyer: came into existence as a pink lady
DEATHlikescats: Apple breeding is gotcha genetics
Flyingdelorion: I eat an Elstar apple everyday and have always been a happy guy!
Mr_Horrible: Maybe they're born with it... maybe it's grown in a lab
Juliamon: They literally just splice one type onto another's tree
itira: LUL
sneeks83: Cross em together like mutate
Lysander_salamander: I mean, that can happen too
Jobot180: Lady Gaga apples
xantos69: I guess same apples are built different
SolarBlitz1: Little knwon fact, Lady Gaga was talking about apples
ArdCollider: @ElektroTal this
DEATHlikescats: *gatcha
Avak4do: doctors quaking in their boots
Wiliart: That Gaga, a gaga smtih apple?
CmdrLyrandar: Watch out!! Big orchards are going to come after you guys for spreading that!
BrowneePoints: Red Delicious don't ship well, when they are fresh they are good and I will die on that hill
Oreo1369: New apples just "pop" into existence
MTGDiversity: the grandpa of a friend of mine made the yukon gold potato
camille7_ttv: would the type of apple be their race?
TehAmelie: an apple born of man and woman
itira: someones gotten into the sugar LUL
RevolverRossalot: Apples don't fall too far from the tree, as they say
EvilBadman: These apples fall far away from the tree
tehfewl: draw spell
BrowneePoints: Also Red Delicious make great cider apples
ArdCollider: yiffing an apple into existence, etc.
Athelgar: Im a big fan of granny Smiths, i like a tart apple, but i also sprinkle some citric acid on them for soke extra sourness
Oreo1369: I wanna buy Chinese for dinner any ideas
camille7_ttv: starwok
BrowneePoints: @oreo1369 Szechuan something
Easilycrazyhat: Fun fact (if I"m remembering right) - apple species only exist from taking samples of the tree, not from growing the seeds. All apple seeds will grow into different apples.
camille7_ttv: itsnin california
ButterBall000: @ArdCollider Time to make an apple 'sona
DekiSystem: @Oreo1369 pepper steak
Laserbeaks_Fury: Guess whos back. Back again. Draw a card, and it's friend
hd_dabnado: The fact we haven't had instant speed divination until now is shocking
arkham1981: just get a bunch of dumplings and crab rangoon
EvilBadman: You can just make ginger beef?
Haroldholmes25: freeze seems solid if you're just tempoing
TehAmelie: just thinking about how at some point in prehistory, plants had sex so weird animals were born
DEATHlikescats: Honney walnut shrimp ftw
Oreo1369: Mini unster
freshbubba: I heard they were the same wolf
Lysander_salamander: oh wow, it's a candy golem
lifecharacter: Ministrocity is a a great name for a different card that someone at WOTC should make a note of
SmashTCG: whats with the knight in the background walking at the rings of brighthearth
Laserbeaks_Fury: This should be a Fiddlesticks skin
Veste: ministrocity should be a soup monster in the next eldraine for sure
CururuGuasu: It is a cellular peptide cake…with Mintstrocity
EvilBadman: That rat is on the exercise wheel again!
TehAmelie: ah, a minion of Menthor, the freshmaker
timfreilly: can we get a flex for our boy gingerbrute?
Juliamon: That's too much text
Sogheim: I'm always surprised by how much value Gingerbrute gets
bondeulv: good card
CururuGuasu: Gingerbrute wears a Young Hero role very well
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warboss5: I wondered if Wizards toyed with making all the Sweettoothians type Food without necessarily giving them the 2, Sac: Gain 3
Laserbeaks_Fury: Bill and Ted's Extraordinary Journey
ReachW: That's a sweet card
loufghyslaufey: Why is he running scared? Isn't that "Ginger" a "brute"? LUL
TehAmelie: more like exilordinary journey
EvilBadman: Second caluse fires off Adventures
Forgotten_Lizard: Oh that's bonkers with adventures as well
Oreo1369: Sweetooth reminds me of a nightmare before Christmas
loufghyslaufey: They will pay the one....
Sogheim: ooh ooh Syr Ginger!
SmashTCG: its a blue thalia
camille7_ttv: oh its the girl from the trailer
SmashTCG: id say its okay
definenull: Hello gatherers how're the wilds
hammith: Extraordinary Journey gives you a draw whenever someone cast a spell that was adventured
lifecharacter: Do. You. Pay. The. One?
Lysander_salamander: oh, a continuation of the gingerbread lady's story
CururuGuasu: Oh hai fae
camille7_ttv: how do I see what she does?
ElektroTal: however, smothering tithe is exceedingly good in limited
papagette: i like attendants
groovemancery: one could argue it's bad everywhere but commander
Simriel: I think Study does work in 1v1, but it's not AS busted
Oreo1369: Have y'all ever seen the nightmare before Christmas
bondeulv: diminsher seems pretty good
lifecharacter: Do we have roles for reaper?
loufghyslaufey: Garruk!
loufghyslaufey: ha.
definenull: This claustrophobia is so pushed
drewm1022: I love Johan's Bodega.
Lysander_salamander: does it have a cat?
xantos69: I feel like mocking sprite will see lots of play. A Goblin Electromancer that has flying seems real strong.
Oreo1369: !bodega
Mr_Horrible: can I get a chop cheese at Johan's?
remyjette: Nickname number two for this set
BrowneePoints: Ooo can I get a chopped cheese?
freshbubba: Garruk again!
BrowneePoints: @mr_horrible eyyyyy
ArdCollider: nutcrackers are on-theme for Eldraine.
Easilycrazyhat: "Homemade energy drinks" oh lordy
TehAmelie: come on down to Johann's bodega
drewm1022: Its right next door to Stangg's Barber Shop.
Oreo1369: Mini witch
CodeGreen101: it's like a cheeseburger on a sub roll
Mr_Horrible: @BrowneePoints benginFingers
BrowneePoints: It's a popular sandwich in NYC you get at bodegas Adam
SmashTCG: 4 years ago when smothering tithe came out i was telling everyone that it was good, And no one believed me. and here i am, never invested in them when they were 50 cents
CodeGreen101: cheese n meat chopped up and mixed instead of like a burger patty
ElektroTal: i have leyline of lightning in my deck and it's been incredible
BrowneePoints: With veggies sometimes too
SkiaSymphonia: thats a meatball sub with extra steps
MrPipboy3000: Its fantastic
Juliamon: It's a chop steak (hamburger)
RayFK: It's a Harlem classic
Mr_Horrible: yeah, chopped up beef & cheese, veggies to taste
CodeGreen101: Picture a filly cheese steal
Lysander_salamander: Because you're out of hamburger buns, originally
CodeGreen101: but a cheese burger
freshbubba: It's never a hamburger to start with, just ground beef
Omthebox: It was born that way
korvys: More like a cheese steak (but ground beef rather than steak)?
DEATHlikescats: It’s a long hamburger
freshbubba: The way Ive seen it
RayFK: There's a wing place in Seattle doing chopped cheeses now
definenull: Long looong buuuurg
Oreo1369: Like love the idea of food just "popping " into existence
Nydestroyer: cant wake up
Nydestroyer: great card name
Mr_Horrible: ooh, I may have to peep that RayFK
philippekav: can't wake up !
CururuGuasu: Save me!
groovemancery: @korvys so it's loose like a ground beef taco?
TehAmelie: but if it eats sleep doesn't it make you wake up?
RayFK: @Mr_Horrible Vindicktive Wings in Belltown
Oreo1369: Call my name
Mr_Horrible: sick, noted
sneeks83: Long burger ftw
Lysander_salamander: @TehAmelie no you just wake up tired
ArdCollider: all the chopped cheese in Google Images are way too photogenic.
Oreo1369: Pot
Dustpuma: oh, i met graham at the hotel in minneapolis I think he was suprised i knew who he was, super nice dude!
Nydestroyer: incepted from chat LUL
xantos69: Wanting good Chinese food is my default state
Oreo1369: What you wanna get
arkham1981: I just want a big bowl of white rice
Mr_Horrible: the fact that that's the actual flavor text is so good
DEATHlikescats: Oh man… I want hotpot
Easilycrazyhat: Stewart the Fairy
Mr_Horrible: 10/10 no notes
Oreo1369: What that fae high on
CodeGreen101: Adam, can we look forward to you and graham playing League ranked to Platinum?
Saintnex: dim sum?
definenull: (mockingly) "mi mi mi mi mi"
CururuGuasu: I prefer Mocking Siera Mist
QuixoticScrivener: what's the original source of that joke?
DEATHlikescats: Dim sum yasssss
MegaDosX: Oh hey look a banned card
BrowneePoints: Read the flavor text
TehAmelie: that's a name i haven't heard in. . .ten years?
ThankYouUro: you gotta pay the land tax, everytime tou searching
adambomb625: Oh no taxes
BrowneePoints: Too late
Nydestroyer: I dont think this is what they meant by cube draft
DEATHlikescats: Or buffet style.
NapalmSideburns: I had some great fried squid with curry in London
Oreo1369: Squidly boi
DEATHlikescats: Ah! A comedy noise!
CodeGreen101: Dormamu, i've come to bargain
Oreo1369: YO I wanna go to a buffet so bad now
bytecaster: They should have put Yargle in this set, cause he is always ready to bargle
Lysander_salamander: crab rangoon
Lysander_salamander: :D
TehAmelie: camera left seems to be the spot where people get hurt, viz. Graham yesterday
Nydestroyer: crab rangoon is like a toss up
philippekav: miller light
Nydestroyer: its either terrible or alirght
Mr_Horrible: what about things of that nature?
drewm1022: I kind of judge a Chinese restaurant by its eggrolls.
Oreo1369: First name crab last name rangoon
bondeulv: stopgap
Masslost: i love rice noodles when i get Chinese food as of late
bondeulv: diminsher witch creates a token
MrPipboy3000: General Tso is a blood thirsty foe, but his chicken is delectable
beam1249: stopgap is an odd way to pronounce bodega
Konda020946: i either gofor beef witrh onions or stir fried noodles with chicken most of the time
CodeGreen101: The internet has destroyed my brain, every time they say Bargain i just hear "Dormamu" in my brain
Nydestroyer: @CodeGreen101 does thou' bagle with dormamu
Nydestroyer: bargle*
Nydestroyer: lol
jonodne: @CodeGreen101 dormamu, I have come... to bargain!
Oreo1369: Yep scans ☺️
cheshire_creeper: It's a good cat
Leedopo: did adam take a break earlier?
Oreo1369: Run the bob enchantment
bondeulv: spell stutter seems great for you
hammith: Nothing has ever gone wrong with Dark Tutelage.
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beam1249: udon noodle?
Mr_Horrible: they're not *like* all the other noodles...
Konda020946: udon, konjak
Easilycrazyhat: A noodle never before seen by man
Oreo1369: Visi noodles
Faulpyr: I love flat noodes
definenull: You're a different kinda of noodle
Oreo1369: Swole noodles
xantos69: I just want T-shirts that say "A Different Kind of Noodle"
Konda020946: hand pulled?
itira: you talkin Shanghai noods?
bytecaster: You can just make a different kind of noodle?
BrowneePoints: Bang Bang?
Darleysam: a noodle to surpass Metal Gear
Jobot180: Chow fun?
drewm1022: No, noodles are just born that way.
Oreo1369: Birth new noodles
Nydestroyer: not as broken
Easilycrazyhat: I really wish they would fix that >.<
MrPipboy3000: "The Noodle has changed. Everything we thought we know about noodles do not apply here."
CodeGreen101: dont forget the roles
Nydestroyer: well also the roles
Atomskin: @darleysam hrrnn.....Noodle Gear...
remyjette: Roles?
TehAmelie: Noodles. . .noodles never change
Skeletonman1100: How is the set looking? I didn;t really follow spoilers cause of work and life
Oreo1369: Banana noodle 🍜
BrowneePoints: Banoodle
drewm1022: Pie noodles. Panoodle.
BrowneePoints: Dog noodles, Labradoodle
drewm1022: Touche.
Fluffasaurus: Don't rate the Giant here
BusTed: thought it was a goner
Oreo1369: GRAM/Adam if you could fuse any 2 foods and from them what would you choose
AtomicAlchemical: Cake noodles. Canoodle
Oreo1369: Grow
definenull: Ship it
Nydestroyer: came back but went away
spellotape: D:
TehAmelie: you can't fire Ajani, he's Aslan
CodeGreen101: good ol "kill the cat" Savidan
Oreo1369: Mill it to win it
stammerjohan: Firing the cat? You monster XD
Lysander_salamander: I should look up the lore of this set. Did Adjanni get better, or is this taking place in a different timeline?
Nydestroyer: bot draft allstar
BrowneePoints: Adam's middle name is Curiosity. Luckily Graham's is Satisfaction
definenull: I mean that is 100% gonna be the nickname
TheWriterAleph: hot damn!
krfsm: well, it's 1:15 in the morning here, I should probably sleep
krfsm: good night and good luck!
Oreo1369: Fat Rat makes good music
cheshire_creeper: ohhhh...this backdrop...
NapalmSideburns: curvaceous rats
Oreo1369: Good night
Skeletonman1100: That is so cute!
Fluffasaurus: could play grotto for the adventure on that
Oreo1369: 7:15 here
definenull: So much for not being aggressive
Nydestroyer: "Not that aggro" LUL
CodeGreen101: Boo. Hoo.
BusTed: tqsSmug
warboss5: Wooooo, break time baby! The next 15 minutes are mine and mine alone!
Oreo1369: Gram Adam passed a 1 mana 3/2
MegaDosX: Also your mill was 3/4 hit
ReachW: Wait, a 2-mana claustrophobia variant that also taps? Power creep alert
MegaDosX: hits
definenull: Rat big
MegaDosX: Rat got big
tehfewl: flying siege rhino
bytecaster: Makes the rat bigger
BrowneePoints: Siege Flyno
jamesinor: Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Guess who got their first real job, and an apartment? ... Wait, is this also a fairytale? AM I IN THE SET?!
warboss5: So much value!
definenull: Beep beep
AtomicAlchemical: woooooooo
warboss5: @jamesinor Gratz dude!
GhostValv: muy poggante
jonodne: no you gotta guess
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Lysander_salamander: Congratulations, Jamesinor!
jamesinor: I'm teaching, I just graduated
ReachW: Love that for you!
Dalouer: good... JOB
Mr_Horrible: let's go seabatClap congrats jamesinor !
jamesinor: I'm so tired
Fluffasaurus: Boh Kay
CodeGreen101: Jobs are a myth
jamesinor: All jobs are real, this is just the first full time job I got with benefits. I have insurance
bytecaster: No jobs are real, all jobs are made up
LMAOkai_: @koodooman Thanks for the gift sub!
NarishmaReborn: hi five fellow teacher!
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ElektroTal: dude, i just got run over in draft by a monored player with 4 gingerbrutes
jamesinor: @NarishmaReborn Cue the exhausted high-five
jamesinor: I need a nap
dragon_panda37: Pride1000 Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 Pride100
definenull: Uh oh, splashy
BusTed: @ElektroTal seabatYIKES
TehAmelie: man it's not even nearly Halloween and there's already gingerbread everywhere
NarishmaReborn: @jamesinor good luck, and catch those naps when you can
MegaDosX: Run run run, as fast as you can...
jonodne: should have played around it tbh
Earthenone: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 4:20 PM
pn55: lrrWOW
jamesinor: I get the sneaking feeling this is a kinda aggro format?
ElektroTal: i definitely "tried"
ThankYouUro: Wait, I can Intercept?
ArdCollider: seems like a skill issue, Tal
TheWarbo: DTT with set mechanic
ArdCollider: (ducks) :D
ElektroTal: lol
warboss5: Now to stroke the opponent for value! Wait...
TheWarbo: math is for intercepters?
ElektroTal: bargaining chip, or chocolate chip
DAC169: they want you to mill them more? PogBones
definenull: More milling
TehAmelie: i'd rather have a unit of bargaining power than an equivalent unit of chocolate, but that's just me
warboss5: Oh YUCK
MegaDosX: La problema
definenull: Oh no
tsuuisalie: ward 3 total
MegaDosX: Oh and scry on attack
bytecaster: 2!
tsuuisalie: oh yeah mb
bytecaster: Royal
MegaDosX: That's a really god Curiosity target
MegaDosX: good*
definenull: The catapult is a good one too
Oreo1369: Just ordered good
Serpens77: MoCkInG SpRiTe
Oreo1369: Cood*
Oreo1369: Food*
ReachW: Mood
DAC169: Dood
Kuhfeek: dood
philippekav: Cood Good Food
Kuhfeek: damn
Oreo1369: Seafood soup and dumplings and sweet and sour pork
TalismanG1: oooo that sucks
godlax: They didn’t sac the hatching plans at least
jamesinor: This format seems incredibly aggressive
MegaDosX: F
thaigeprime: big dead
Oreo1369: Cost 30 US
ElektroTal: this is also day 0, so folks are just messing about
godlax: I typed it out before the second bargain spell…whoops
jamesinor: Tempo?! I can't read sheet music!
silaslunark: this feels less aggro than LoTR
Dustpuma: yugioh incoming
CururuGuasu: Earlier they were able to cast 8 mana spells multiple times. Doesn’t seem overly aggressive
definenull: Adam no
philippekav: better common means everything is faster in limited
Skeletonman1100: Yeah two spells per turn is kinda the idea. . .
SmashTCG: powerful feeling
korvys: That's just cereal
Lysander_salamander: like, instead of crutons
Oreo1369: They didn't have any on my menu
drrek0: Tortilla soup is great
ShaneLeeAtk: Chicken Tortilla soup is delicious
LurkerSpine: ^
TehAmelie: does it involve a cornbread bowl?
Jobot180: Pozole ftw
jonodne: dorito soup; instead of crumbling crackers into it, you make very bad decisions at 2am
Kaaosa: if i'm gonna get a mexican soup it's albondigas every time
korvys: Is tortilla soup cereal?
Omthebox: Cant wait for my 1 mana 3/3 in green with no downsides
Dalouer: many 2 mana 2/2 with upsides in common which are snap picks
Durdenstein: Imagine a chicken noodle soup with tortilla strips instead of noodles, and you are close
jamesinor: I will never outlive the Brothers War prerelease where I instant speed-ed a door to nothingness, and activated it against the same opponent twice
Oreo1369: Look at Treasure nanber
BrowneePoints: Most commonly it's Chicken Tortilla Soup
Kaaosa: it's got meatballs in it, adam
DEATHlikescats: AlBONdigas
emberBecky: al BONE dee gahss!
CaptainSpam: I still say, Cheez-Its make a fine soup cracker.
kumatsu: I'll always remember the Kaladesh prerelease where I hit my opponent for 65,536 damage
jamesinor: Urza's Battlethopter + Door + Chromatic Lantern is a hell of a drug
Oreo1369: The fish flip against wheeler
DEATHlikescats: So very true
loufghyslaufey: No one like Xerox, eh?
jessieimproved: I would happily destroy a printer
xantos69: At the UnStable pre-release I first picked Spike who lets you pull cards that were banned in other sets into the game. I just happened to have my Time Vault and Key with me. I went infinante in limited draft.
violetblight: pummeler?
thaigeprime: my best prerelease memory was opening two wingmate roks in the khans prerelease and not even playing them cus it was my first prerelease
ReachW: Electrostatic Pummeler?
kumatsu: Electrostatic Pummeler and a heap of energy
tsuuisalie: pummeler i guess
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's a power of 2, so presumably a doubling effect.
Oreo1369: What the hell is a z rox machine
TehAmelie: i haven't had a job like that and i still get it
loufghyslaufey: @Oreo1369 Wheeler lost to Dan-Dans?
NotCainNorAbel: I had a boss that had not seen the movie and was exactly like Lumbergh
Konda020946: i played that card in standard soooo long
Mr_Horrible: James: "I wish to play magic." Adam: "Lol. Lmao."
jamesinor: I did murder someone at LotR Pre-Release by just killing Boromir and bringing him back with Samwise Gamgee. Mirkwood Bats, five damage each time it cycled
Oreo1369: No Adam had the blue-black vampire that copied fish
loufghyslaufey: @Mr_Horrible but X is 0?
thaigeprime: this is why I always play pyroclasm in my U/B limited decks
Phaers: Coolest thing I've done in prerelease is Jengtha as companion, play it and activate it into NivMiz reborn
Mr_Horrible: I wish I'd thought of it, but alas
Mr_Horrible: OpieOP
definenull: Make Em tap it
Mr_Horrible: good mouthfeel tbh
Oreo1369: Wheeler had that messed up green werewolf that gave everything hexproof
loufghyslaufey: oh, you target for 0? nevermind...
Bearudite: when have you ever listened to us anyway 🤔
bytecaster: @Oreo1369 Averbruck Caretaker?
Oreo1369: Yeah
Mr_Horrible: Guilds
Oreo1369: Damn
Mr_Horrible: oh yeah that'll kill folks
jaypulay: lrrBEEEJ
thaigeprime: how are you not in jail
bytecaster: Just a light blading
Konda020946: one of my oponents in the eldritch moon prerelease put togethter the meld angel pair that was hardcore
Oreo1369: Boro's beatdown
panquernic: exile the tokens?
Ukon_Cairns: dragons maze 2headed giant prerelease our team managed to 1 shot our opponent with a bunch of birds and fuse spells. that was neat.
Oreo1369: Speaking about the meld angels I bought the secret lair for it and it was cool as hell
Mr_Horrible: and might draw you some cards
Veste: ok so they have break the spell
Mr_Horrible: hell yeah
ArdCollider: my husband says "Johann's Bodega sounds like an unreleased Beastie Boys album."
thaigeprime: what a legend
Mr_Horrible: best first chat
CaptainSpam: That's how we roll here.
definenull: They understood the assignment
panquernic: I thought he had written "Beej's face"
DEATHlikescats: Win
TomCatFrost: Going to my first prerelease tomorrow. 😬
NotCainNorAbel: winner, shut it down
TehAmelie: can i offer you a comedian's face in these trying times lrrCORI
Oreo1369: It's fun
Pal_Friendpatine: Now I want to know what my first chat was
Konda020946: i am going to bed now
Konda020946: bye
thaigeprime: "First time beej's face" is the name of my ska band
SmashTCG: they reply "bet"
MegaDosX: I think what happens is you get escorted out
Oreo1369: Pleasant deams
pn55: So first and LAST pre-release then
ElektroTal: my first preprerelease i lost both matches
jonodne: getting banned any% LETS GO
kumatsu: and then get summarily removed by the Judge SeriousSloth
DEATHlikescats calls judge
TomCatFrost: Got it.
jamesinor: This deck's got more tempo than Beethoven's hidden 47th symphony, written in a coke-fueled stupor
DEATHlikescats: lrrJUDGECALL
TheWarbo: sit down, look your opponent in the eye, and turn your face into Beej
Exxaxl: @TomCatFrost Make sure you don't forget your 'stuff n things'. Sleeves, lands, playmat, dice (if you have any of those), a deckbox is always useful to seperate your actual deck from your pre kit. Water.
Robot_Bones: but above all else make sure you follow through on your promises
Oreo1369: WAT
arkham1981: take a big sip of a four loco after you tell them about the screaming without breaking eye contact
TomCatFrost: Someone clip that for me so I have proof streamer said so
TheWooglie: the opinions of Adam Savidan are not those of Bionic Trouser media
Oreo1369: Nope
NotCainNorAbel: I know it
LurkerSpine: I do
beam1249: I get it
CaptainSpam: I do.
violetblight: a what
tehfewl: i get it
Robot_Bones: I do
Lysander_salamander: I recognize it
cheshire_creeper: Casey Kasem? From Scooby Doo?
jonodne: chat doesn't even know who that is
LurkerSpine: good old voice of Shaggy
Shadowsoflife: I got it
TheWarbo: wow adam just called me nobody
aiamethyst: I got you
warboss5: I mean... I GET it, but I never listened to the dude
Kazman20a: sure do
Bearudite: 🤚
DEATHlikescats: I am an old
TehAmelie: not i
Oreo1369: Never heard of it
UnnnaturalD20: I get it.
thaigeprime: LUL
ArdCollider: I'm a lich, so I've got this.
iconicshadow89: i love casey cassum aka robin
jessieimproved: I appreciate them Graham.
c_dabs: nobody was saved by Casey
cheshire_creeper: Oh also he's that guy as well
loufghyslaufey: What "Queso" egg-ference?
jaypulay: 👍
WizardDanceParty: He was the voice of Shaggy!
arkham1981: I sure do but I'm old
YeomanAres: You could do your kasy kasem impression and sing wasn't me by shaggy
Oreo1369: I know what that is
jamesinor: I did one time watch a kid at the shop I worked at turn to a kid in his campaign, said, "Your character dies" and then ate the character sheet. While MAINTAINING eye contact!
emberBecky: I do! He did classic TV countdown on Nick at Nite. I think.
jhoehing: Casey Kasem! I'm a radio guy and from Detroit, too!
jammergrl: He's Shaggy!
MegaDosX: This porridge is too hot!
kumatsu: no, my dreams
randomblathering: I understand Kasey Kasem! I’m old.
BrowneePoints: They still do reruns of Coast to Coast on oldies channels on US radio every weekend Graham
TehAmelie: the references are generating themselves now
DEATHlikescats: I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… scared!
Oreo1369: Avatar cabbages man is eternal
bytecaster: In a set full of good food, don't eat a rat
SmashTCG: yes
SmashTCG: no
warboss5: Oh, very much so
Robot_Bones: "We can't just eat a rat"
c_dabs: i listen to AM
MegaDosX: My dad does
itira: yes
xblue007: For traffic updates
Oreo1369: %%%
warboss5: Where do you think all those disgraced Fox News hosts went?
MrPipboy3000: AM radios is a thi8ng and its ALL Conservative talk shows
Oreo1369: FM
ElektroTal: i do, because that's where the ethnic indian stations are
UnnnaturalD20: I get baseball games on AM radio
monkeyboyktc: How'd the rat deck go from this morning? I had to head to class
yellow_leadbelly: sigh... I listen to AM...
Jobot180: I only ever listened to AM radio for traffic reports
SkiaSymphonia: The Zone? Like YTV?
thaigeprime: welp
Malazim: I do in my car for sports talk
bytecaster: Stuck in time
BrowneePoints: He was that prolific and recorded so much they just...rebroadcast Casey Kasem Coast to Coast a LOT
Mr_Horrible: @monkeyboyktc unfortunately died to the Cooler Rat Deck (double Song of Totentanz)
Oreo1369: Ahh
DEATHlikescats: Red Red Wine, eh?
arkham1981: I see a shit load of Christian am radio station bumper stickers here in armpit ohio.
korvys: Casey Kasem used to be Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo
violetblight: lmaooooooo
philippekav: "modern" rock
Oreo1369: Called out
Dylanb2cm: Hello from Nanaimo BC
KeytarCat: That's steaming hot
thaigeprime: welcome to hot takes with adam savidan
Mr_Horrible: killed by video? Skill issue
Omthebox: Hes not wrong
Micsig: books on paper level take
TehAmelie: i only listen to 66.6 The Drive
bytecaster: You know what is a lot like radio, Podcasts
lamina5432: adam this is radio but with a camera
MegaDosX: I got a sunburn from here from that take
monkeyboyktc: @Mr_Horrible oof that sucks, did we get any wins?
warboss5: Shots fucking FIRED
Oreo1369: Adam is ready to go to war
jonodne: it is just podcasts
monkeyboyktc: Okay boomer LUL
BrowneePoints: And yes Casey Kasem was original Shaggy and gave Matthew Lillard his blessing to take 9v5wr the role
Bearudite: "better"
MegaDosX: Adam with the OK Boomer benginLul
BrowneePoints: Over*
Earthenone: video Killed the radio star
panquernic: It reminded me of a friend who argued that VHS was a bad invention
Mr_Horrible: @monkeyboyktc I don't recall exactly but I think there were a couple W's
Oreo1369: Yeah
jonodne: then explain this calebMAD
LurkerSpine: you are wrong
thaigeprime: Adam stop engagement baiting Kappa
rainreign7: I like my local radio
xantos69: Um... Get rid of Twitter....?
DudelidouX: You said it's never been usefull
Faulpyr: Depends on how new your car is
TheWooglie: they got rid of analogue TV
cheshire_creeper: Yeah radio is kind of useless
ButterBall000: There was some kerfufle about getting rid of AM recievers in cars recently
bytecaster: Have you heard of this thing: "Social media"
ghyllnox: I'd be more upset about radio going away than TV
KeytarCat: I'd be sad. I used radio when I was working without an mp3 player or a smart device
rainreign7: TV sucks
Mr_Horrible: there's no form of media you can get rid of and (no one* would be really upset
philippekav: radio survives because it's so cheap to make
DudelidouX: So useless in the 1920s?
jamesinor: Hear me out: The next Crapshot is the Radio Star coming for Revenge on TV
jessieimproved: Keep radio, tv can go
Mr_Horrible: *no one*
monkeyboyktc: @Mr_Horrible noice. glad it got some stuff done. Thanks for the answer!
DEATHlikescats: Some places I think are dropping support for radio
TheWarbo: i suggest that someone whose job *needs* the internet is not among the crowd that uses actual radio the typical amount
A_Dub888: Adam "Just Asking Questions" Savidan
QuixoticScrivener: Radio is more relevant than MTV. Radio survived the video star.
Oreo1369: Yo what would both of your radio name be
SmashTCG: drakezillaRat Post this rat?
thaigeprime: Adam you should become a HAM radio guy
arkham1981: There are a lot of good shows on NPR. It would be a shame to see all that go away.
emberBecky: radio is nice if you don't want quiet and don't know what to listen to. which is often me in a car trip.
ghyllnox: @oreo1369 Graham's already G-Star
Mr_Horrible: cursed role is just 1/1, right? Doesn't remove abilities?
TheWarbo: like, i never listen to real radio. but i'm one of the small percentage of people i know who've ever used twitch
ReachW: @Mr_Horrible That's right.
definenull: Yung hero
jonodne: radio survived the video star KILLING them
haltben2514: The wiggle flip on the flim flam
Mr_Horrible: the Qoot Retoots
ballesta25: With Spoilers, couldn't you h