Metric_Furlong: new tom cardy vid dropped today
SaxPython: Hey pregame chat. Hope you're having a chill Wednesday. Do we know who the Lorcists are tonight? Lorcannoneers?
Juliamon: damn, this is a good one
Earthenone: illumineers is the marketing term
Earthenone: and it is G J and the bens
SaxPython: KomodoHype
Welbog: So one Lorax plus one Morgana = one Lorgana?
ihlendrax: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (The LoadingReadyRun crew play a board game! Game: Disney Lorcana) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a man wondering about box contents
Earthenone: although considering my current deck revolves around looping the spell "fire the cannons" lorcannoneers might be a good deck name for me :P
ihlendrax: I’m in the box?! 😱
SaxPython: @Earthenone FBtouchdown
Welbog: Load the lorbuchet?
SaxPython: Illumineers makes me think you're all playing as
Haroldholmes25: LRRcana wheelerOok
Earthenone: illumineers is disney for planswalker i guees
Haroldholmes25: wheelerY
Manae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (The LoadingReadyRun crew play a board game! Game: Disney Lorcana) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (0s from now).
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
SaxPython: OffByZero
jessicaengle: Hai
Diabore: time for some lore cana
Metric_Furlong: right, off to bed
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
magical_writer: signal
Metric_Furlong: have a good stream everyone
Earthenone: night metric
Getter404: Aaaaaaarre you ready to Disneyyyyyyy
ChaoticObserver: Was wondering if this would come up here
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IbunWest: Almost nice.
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Gekyouryuu: I have some friends that've been playing this, and apparently Blue + Silver/Steel/whatever is a ridiculously powerful combo
Earthenone: one of the starters is blue steel, so you will probobly see it in action :)
SaxPython: Is blue-steel called Zoolander?
Haroldholmes25: Steel has access to a wheel of fortune and a one sided damage based board wipe, which are both pretty strong
BrowneePoints: Sapphire and Steel yea
LordManiMani: One day, the flgs will have this.
Orxolon: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
BrowneePoints: although you can be cheeky and call the color pie WUBRGY
IbunWest: Does Blue Steel also play The One Ring
BrowneePoints: cuz there's Steel, Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, and Amber
kusinohki: meows
Shadowsoflife: o/
Earthenone: i imagine blue (the color of ramp) and steel "has a wheel" will be the top deck in constructed, but the wheel card is high rarity so i have to pretend it dosent exist :P
Orxolon: good evening every1
DideRobot: LRR: Time for AFK! Tonight we are getting our Disney on with Lorcana (has image) |
Philocalist: BREAST: B-Amber, R-Ruby, E-Emerald, A-Amethyst, S-Sapphire, T-Steel
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @Philocalist no. I can't believe that's the acronym
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
KeytarCat: @Philocalist I vote this one!
Orxolon: helloooooooo
Haroldholmes25: @Philocalist thanks I hate it
underhill33: didney time
Orxolon: draft!?¿
Getter404: Oooh, a draft?
Haroldholmes25: didney worl
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BrowneePoints: IT'S A GRAHAm!
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Getter404: Currently considering the coconut
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Gekyouryuu: "to the tune of my tatas"
BrowneePoints: Shalalalala my oh my, look like the boys ain't shy they gonna, Ink the Wells
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Dog_of_Myth: Perfect
Welbog: James "Oh Hi" Turner
Orxolon: profesional
GreatGodOm: A well oiled machine
BrowneePoints: Graham on AFK!? MADNESS!
SnackPak_: Hi Paul
Orxolon: loved the Vlog G
ghyllnox: Is wheeler okay
munocard: How much of a premium did y'all have to pay for these?
Juliamon: is Wheeler ever okay
Orxolon: is it expensive?
TheWriterAleph: card games for babies??
magical_writer: Did someone say child audience?
Bunnarchist: A child audience? It's perfect for us chat
Welbog: Wheeler representing the Phyrexian invasion of Disneyplane.
Dog_of_Myth: !store
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Shadowsoflife: We did this
superdude097: It's OUR fault
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Gekyouryuu: I've heard mixed reviews
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Orxolon: @Welbog that is Canon XD
Getter404: The new Futurama has been... it's a thing that exists.
kusinohki: I still think of the gen con theft and early reports wondering if it was lorcana stuff...
forthehoard: So we did this, what have we done!!!
Bunnarchist: @getter404 oof, that bad eh?
RechargeableFrenchman: My hoodie is already on order
RechargeableFrenchman: Looking forward to it
LPS_97: Funny you mention that, we had a heat wave here
underhill33: ugh, it was nearly 100 today
RechargeableFrenchman: Kinda pricey, but looks so comfy
Dog_of_Myth: @kusinohki Good news, they charged to two involved in that today.
Haroldholmes25: Lilo with a gun is the best character
SaxPython: NotLikeThis
TheWriterAleph: what's your disney main chat
emberBecky: aw
Dog_of_Myth: *the two
Welbog: I want to see Teal'c so I will indeed never be pleased.
Quarthian: @Haroldholmes25 What!?
munocard: There is some Rescuers cards in the set.
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SaxPython: #PeaSoup
Getter404: Which seagull, Buddy Hackett or Awkwafina?
KeytarCat: Joanna!
Haroldholmes25: @Quarthian look up the steel lilo card
Dog_of_Myth: Heya Raiders
Juliamon: Welcome raiders!
BrowneePoints: No Joanna!?
BrowneePoints: *flips tables*
CastleOtranto: Um... four frames
kusinohki: does the great mouse detective show up?
FlynnRaccoon: I'm holding out for Ratigan.
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KeytarCat: Wheeler would fit a Joanna deck
munocard: @kusinohki Not yet, but I wouldn't rule it out.
Gekyouryuu: between this tonight, LRRMTG tomorrow, and FNPF being WoE draft, we're here for three straight days of "card game stream with the game that has an ice queen and an evil witch with a cursed apple"
serramarkov: Me, I'm the one that knows nothing about this game!
circusofkirkus: are there Hidden Mickeys in the game
FlynnRaccoon: #BuySingles
Gekyouryuu: O_O
jessicaengle: Is this game MTG?
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GredGredmansson: I've heard about this and I'm curious as to what this actually entails
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ghyllnox: Holy shit
Orxolon: hahahaha
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Haroldholmes25: LUL
loufghyslaufey: ScaredyCat
munocard: That's like 1 100% markup?
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
RechargeableFrenchman: wheelerGreed
johnny_lingster: Hello!
Welbog: Lifegain!?
Orxolon: 12.99!?is that like the Alpha of the game?
Getter404: It's poison counters?!
SaxPython: FBtouchdown
TheWriterAleph: disney is toxic. got i
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a lasagna tray full of bran
BrowneePoints: PAUL!
GredGredmansson: friendbox?
magical_writer: looks awesome.
RechargeableFrenchman: I like tiny box table friends
azninsect: table friends!
NotCainNorAbel: Paul likes to put people in the box
kynelwynn: I want to build a Steel/Emerald Mill deck. There's a grey card that does wheel of fortune (A Whole New World), and a green character that lets you buy back actions (Lady Tremaine). Grey also has a lot of removal.
adambomb625: Life gain players are happy
circusofkirkus: we got the Statler and Waldorf box!
dumbo3k: very nice overlay!
Orxolon: they've been Lorcaned
munocard: What is the muffin for?
A_Dub888: You find a man in a tiny box, do you let him out?
Texan_Reverend: I really like this table friend overlay setup!
Abelzumi: I think you gotta channel Griffin-McElroy-Doing-A-Child's-Voice impression for box-men.
Shadowsoflife: @munocard who won a round
GredGredmansson: Sergeant Tibbs!
Shadowsoflife: o7
kynelwynn: Untap (Ready) Upkeep (Set) Draw (Draw)
munocard: I love their "summoning sickness" is "the ink is still drying".
red_shoes_jeff: "Tibbs? Tibbs... O-OH YES Tibbs! On the double, Tibbs!"
niccus: sorry, my <insert disney character here> is still wet
Abelzumi: Shoot and Shoop
Orxolon: don't they remain face up to know what color are they?
Earthenone: streangth and willpower?
Pharmacistjudge: Willpower
itsr67: willpower?
AtrusOfMyst: Heart and Fart
DrChillbrain: gumption
GredGredmansson: circle and square
Abelzumi: Fire and Ice
Fruan: Chuzpah and Moxie
munocard: @Orxolon Nope, you're just limited to two colors in a deck
circusofkirkus: Kingdom and Hearts
Welbog: Fortitude and Dudifort
SaxPython: Kingdom Hearts
Abelzumi: Goof and Troop
ladyjessica: HP/DMG
kusinohki: simple and clean
GredGredmansson: so they have Loyalty
Pharmacistjudge: Damage does not clear
AtrusOfMyst: Swooty and Booty
SaxPython: @circusofkirkus beat me to it PogChamp
BrowneePoints: It's "Victory Point value"
bytecaster: lolue
WardsarTheWriter: -Matpat voice- The LOOORE value.
Abelzumi: -goes up to a couple- "So who's the strength and who's the willpower"
Welbog: Damage!? I thought this was a game for children!
Orxolon: !card stampede
LRRbot: Stampede [1GG] | Instant | Attacking creatures get +1/+0 and gain trample until end of turn.
dumbo3k: I hope there is a house rule that you have to sing the song cards
CururuGuasu: You can Crew your Song
Earthenone: ands yes dr.s lrr, we expect your attempted singing when you play a song lrrHEART
Juliamon: Look, Disney isn't sponsoring this stream, you can use the wrong words.
kusinohki: oh shoot, I should have started a "compared to magic" counter earlier. I think we're already at 8...
circusofkirkus: where are the Mickey Planeswalkers
Pharmacistjudge: Remember characters do not die, they banish
HadesLeprechaun: Banish, like, to hell, cuz they died
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL at the moment, We have the card recognizer, but LRRbot isn't currently set up with the Lorcana card text.
NonUniqueGuy: To the shadowrealms
DaxStrife: Always appreciate a Stinkoman 20X6 reference, thanks Graham.
SaxPython: Donald Duck Fainted
CururuGuasu: Send them to the next dimension
Pharmacistjudge: And it’s the discard pile not the graveyard
Decaped: Mufasa definitely didn't kill anyone.
JDMan94: Like how Micket banished Pete to the Shadow Realm in KH
Featherweight_: It’s just a friendly hug to the death
kusinohki: "we poured DIP on them"
PMAvers: Note that, like all good card games, damage on characters is permanent and doesn't go away at the end of turn.
GredGredmansson: dang rapunzel what you got against cats
Orxolon: does damage stay in the end steps?
WiJohn: Banished, to hell, with murder
GredGredmansson: @PMAvers blasphemer
dumbo3k: @GredGredmansson cats keep attacking her hair
munocard: @Orxolon yes
BrowneePoints: yes orx
Pharmacistjudge: Damage stays
IbunWest: Damage persists
Orxolon: thx
IbunWest: Like hearthstone or pokemon
Welbog: Life totals count UP? Counters are -1/-1 counters?! This game is upside-down!
Vilun: this is very close to Disney Keyforge
Orxolon: @IbunWest aha
niccus: do they recommend damage counters or life counters
Pharmacistjudge: Upgrading characters is important too
CururuGuasu: Damage is dealt in the form of -0/-1 counters
Featherweight_: yogi-stone,
itsr67: LUL
BrowneePoints: They enter Wet
Haroldholmes25: they're wet
munocard: damp cat
GredGredmansson: no one likes wet cats
WardsarTheWriter: That's good rule flavouring.
Orxolon: imagine saying that with Elsa or Moana
azninsect: damp, cat
trashyopossum: I have literally no idea how this is going to play from what of this game I've seen, im excited to see how it goes
Haroldholmes25: james on the pro gamer strats again
GredGredmansson: dang even in another card game Ben can't stop playing Gruul
Sogheim: I'm still shocked that there's a Turbo Fog deck in Lorcana already
Decaped: Stream sponsored by Cardi B, Disney brand ambassador
gryfyn1: "cant use my Mr Tibbs cuz its to wet" .. ccan we get that on a button
ShaneLeeAtk: 4 is right out
Alness49: No four colour good stuff then
Welbog: James is playing blue artifacts.
CururuGuasu: 4 is right out
forthehoard: Is there a way to draft?
kynelwynn: Hey, James won't be cursed in this game, as you can opt to play a card as a land, you won't flood!
Orxolon: haste
IbunWest: Ben is on Gruul and I won’t hear otherwise
bobokiddo: isn't draft, you can have any number of colored ink?
kynelwynn: Steel has more removal than Ruby
circusofkirkus: don't tell Crim that blue is ramp
BrowneePoints: Red likes to Challenge, Green is very Stompy, Sapphire likes to Ramp, Steel is very Controlly, Amethyst is Card Advantagey, Amber is very Support/Mono White ish
GredGredmansson: draft is heavily unbalanced from what I heard
HadesLeprechaun: I wonder if internally they considered "Erased" instead of "banished"
raulghoulia: for all the new mechanics I like that we're still doing muffins on the overlay
forthehoard: So draft is possible
Orxolon: @GredGredmansson how so?
munocard: Yep, sure is.
GredGredmansson: @Orxolon because you can play cards of any color
Haroldholmes25: there's turbo fog and pseudo eggs
Ukon_Cairns: kinda funny that the card is either divination or pot of greed
Rhynerd: Song of Greed
BrowneePoints: Yea, Ravensberger did their research
Orxolon: @GredGredmansson and how does that unbalances draft?
trashyopossum: ooooh turbofog my beloved
IbunWest: How many of any given individual card can you have
munocard: Oh right, the mulligan system in this game seems BROKEN
Welbog: Sounds broken
Rhynerd: (Are there any names of musical pieces that start with a P?)
Haroldholmes25: you then shuffle as well
xecutionerofall: Then shuffle @LoadingReadyRun
Quarthian: Partial Paris lets go
FlynnRaccoon: I'm sure Disney not having to be worried about lawsuits from Hasbro had "some" influence on their confidence going their own way.
HadesLeprechaun: also from like, regular 52 card poker games
GredGredmansson: @Orxolon because the game isn't designed for that
Gekyouryuu: we USED to do that in my LGS for commander before London Mulligans happened. we called it Partial Paris
Orxolon: ok
Fruan: I hope there's no strong combo decks, because that mulligan is NUTS
xecutionerofall: Then you shuffle @LoadingReadyRun
loufghyslaufey: Ben, say Visions now!
Philocalist: 4 player games feel VERY different though, getting yourself up to 20 instead of 3 people down to 0
Orxolon: Grull vs Azorius
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loufghyslaufey: SW: Visions.
kynelwynn: The high ink cost stuff should probably be your early inkwell cards
Sogheim: James over here trying to psych out his opponent already
stizzet: Hi friends
josh___something: Ben on red green. sounds bout right
BrowneePoints: To note for Chat, Magic has gone over SEVERAL mulligans in 30 years, so if this ends up getting a tournament scene, expect potential changes
GredGredmansson: also kinda like hearthstone
Mattmitchell45: Who owns the Commodore license?
WardsarTheWriter: I would buy and play a LRR trading card game.
GredGredmansson: dog
niccus: is that not roborally
Welbog: Pongo has flying
munocard: rip pongo
AzaleaCloud: You have to make saying "enter scoop phase" when you lose an official rule. :)
Orxolon: "i play my moonbase mk 5"
Haroldholmes25: that's just the plot of 101 dalmatians
Jackomaning: put pongo in the dip
MAPBoardgames: I make board and card games. I will say, that no, you don't need more of a basis.
SkylerRingtail: Loading, Ready, and Run phases sound like a card game where you program your actions each turn
Earthenone: turn 1 put the dog in the well ben is clearly the villan here
Pharmacistjudge: you reveal now rather than at end of game like morphs in mtg
BrowneePoints: that's some good graphic design
ElektroTal: whoa there, he inked? in public? is that allowed by tos?
munocard: That's a wet hook
josh___something: "official disney sleeves" makes me throw up
Haroldholmes25: yes
PMAvers: You know where you can get some good Dragon Shield sleeves? At store dot loadingreadyrun dot com
WardsarTheWriter: Captain Hook, Fearful Croc-Hater
CururuGuasu: No legend rule here
Orxolon: question shouldn't the "mana" be face up to know what colors you have?
Pharmacistjudge: this is dreamborn captain, dreamborn being "slightly altered history"
BrowneePoints: correct
circusofkirkus: yooo
Pharmacistjudge: storyborn being "in canon" and floodborn being "what if? versions"
GredGredmansson: @Orxolon I think mana only cares about the total, and not the specific color
BrowneePoints: Dreamborn is "different timeline"
kynelwynn: Scar from an AU
Earthenone: put a cat AND a dong in the well to summon cruella, definitly the villan
ghyllnox: This... Scar... Is on fireeeee
kusinohki: I think 'ink' is all one color instead of different colored mana (but unsure)
munocard: There is however a "pokemon evolution" mechanic where you can pay a reduced cost to turn a character into another version of the character if the card allows it.
Shadowsoflife: @josh___something Well if you a long sleeve shirt that's an official merch you would have official disney sleeves :P
CururuGuasu: This ..Scar…is on fiiiiiiire
CururuGuasu: Wow, I’m slow on the jokes today
HedgehogKnight: Dreamborn are the "what if?" And Floodborn is overpowered
Robot_Bones: Finally my dream of a all Gupper Dinglehopper combo deck can become a reality
Sibwow: then theres floodborn which hasnt been explained
WardsarTheWriter: So when he fell into the fires around Pride Rock, he was reborn as a elemental lion.
YareNiDaze: Scar is a cat though?
loufghyslaufey: HAs Graham been reading Twisted Tales? Or...?
GredGredmansson: Scar was also turned into a rug in Hercules
Abelzumi: Disney acquiring Bungie
itsr67: they should really remake floodborn
CururuGuasu: There is a giant Tinkerbell, for example
TheWriterAleph: what's bloodborne tho
GredGredmansson: Talion what are you doing here
munocard: They visited the Halo and got exposed to the flood
Haroldholmes25: LUL
HadesLeprechaun: can't wait for Mufasa to maul Lilo to death, I mean banish
PMAvers: The Kingdom Heart games, clearly.
kynelwynn: I'm just waiting for the Bloodbourne
Gekyouryuu: Kingdom Hearts
Sibwow: ok yeah so then the main thing is you cant put your hand facedown near your ink
HedgehogKnight: When I did the demo at Gen Con they told me Floodborn are "overflowing with power"
Earthenone: @HadesLeprechaun its ok, the steel lilo has a gun she will be fine
ChaoticObserver: Inking Maleficent to cast Aurora
ChaoticObserver: Heh
CururuGuasu: Eventually Dumbo will fight Iron Man and Jar Jar Binks
Cleekru: Aurora is a 2/2/2/2!
Diabore: wheres ma counterspells!
Orxolon: for now
circusofkirkus: legally distinct trap cards
loufghyslaufey: @CururuGuasu They retconned them to "Jir Jir Banks"...
lackingsanity: is there a downside to having 2 colours in your deck vs 1?
forthehoard: Solitaire the disneying
HedgehogKnight: Everything is just on your turn right now
adambomb625: Control players are sad
itsr67: LUL
Welbog: Pongo was also flying
Pharmacistjudge: @HedgehogKnight as a person who knows the often, magic judges, who they taught to teach the game. don't trust what they say about the lore.
Getter404: Counterspell but it's just Jeffery Katzenberg getting sued
GredGredmansson: Peter Pants indeed
Shades_Corvid: the only response is 'reactive'
CururuGuasu: @loufghyslaufey Is he now related to the family in Marry Poppins?
loufghyslaufey: When did this Pan "drip" bruh?
Shades_Corvid: like cards that banish those that banish them
circusofkirkus: stop thief!
Orxolon: if you would draw from your deck but cannot you lose?
philippekav: Prince Ali !
Abelzumi: If you have a horse named Shadow, you have both Shadow and Horsemanship. Life is suffering.
Robot_Bones: PG13 he gets 1
Scar_Red_Tiger: This is a Miramax stream now
loufghyslaufey: @CururuGuasu No, that's- that's Yondu, friend. Ravager.
GredGredmansson: HE'S GOT A SWORD
PMAvers: Early Screening
Shadowsoflife: We all got SWORDS
emboar2235: gorsh is this the mouse game?
NarishmaReborn: can we get mary poppins to a PPR
ChaoticObserver: Yep
Getter404: Touchstone for the "mature" films, Hollywood for the really, really bad ones.
AzaleaCloud: Yeah, but everybody saw through Touchstone's ruse because all their movies in the 90s had Tim Allen in em.
KeytarCat: Something Wicked This Way Comes was Touchstone
Diabore: sleight of hand
LithelyUnshod: Nightmare Before Christmas was Touchstone
GredGredmansson: Sleight of hand!
Diabore: literal sleight of hand
GredGredmansson: also king arthur themed
Fanklok: There's a DreamWorks water park and it just looks like s Shrek themed water park with the animals from Madagascar wandering around
luke1x: Man, universe is beyond has really gotten out of hand
kynelwynn: any order
Pharmacistjudge: it's more hearthstone
itsr67: v hearthstone
kynelwynn: It's like each character (when not drying) has an action they can take.
Haroldholmes25: It's chosen
PMAvers: Also it doesn't have to be the character that attacked them, right? You can choose
Sibwow: its any character not the one that challenged
Sibwow: so you could bounce aurora
KeytarCat: Cruella gets to choose?
loufghyslaufey: Yeah, um- somehow Eldraine jumped across dimensions.
itsr67: its got good elements of a lot of games
GredGredmansson: lrrJUDGECALL
jwholla: could you bounce aurora?
azninsect: Hearthstone (derogatory)
YareNiDaze: Hearthstone (Approving)
Getter404: Runeterra (pejorative)
AzaleaCloud: "This feels very Hearthstone" (Rarran reaction video)
GredGredmansson: @KeytarCat cruella herself chooses? Is she a Spuzzem?
kynelwynn: James should be up more Lore
Earthenone: yeah as chat says, ben can unsummon anytheng when she dies
Sogheim: Hearthstone (offended)
HadesLeprechaun: who remembers the ACTUAL Warcraft TCG
LPS_97: Artifact (defunct)
toddbepraised: the turn cards to ink thing feels like the Quest system from the World of Warcraft TCG (not Hearthstone)
Fanklok: Doesn't Ben Brode work for disney?
bytecaster: What is the official Lorcana terminology for bounce?
munocard: @Fanklok No, his company is licensing the rights to make a Marvel game.
Scar_Red_Tiger: Sequencing!
Getter404: @Fanklok Second Breakfast is independent, Disney doesn't really like having game designers in-house
itsr67: LUL
azninsect: Consider: Coconut
ChampBlankman: Second Dinner is the name of the company.
GredGredmansson: chosen = target then
YareNiDaze: The island gives you what you need~!
midnightcurryjazz: Please, consider the coconut
kusinohki: re:laxed rule set?
CururuGuasu: Ponder the coco-orb
adept_nekomancer: Have you ever just thought about coconuts?
Earthenone: consider the coconut sounds like good !advice
midnightcurryjazz: *In the arms of an angel*
itsr67: chosen = target
Sibwow: chosen is target
PixelsCatCafe: James is MOANA
bytecaster: Legally distinct: "Ponder the orb"
Bellectrons: consider the humble coconut
Haroldholmes25: Um ackshually it's 2 ink
Getter404: @ChampBlankman ...damnit.
YareNiDaze: Meg! Best girl!
Scar_Red_Tiger: My childhood trauma!
TherapyforNarwhals: Oh is Ben playing the red deck?
kynelwynn: Stampede costs Ink
HadesLeprechaun: Banished, by hooves, definitely not dead, though
Calaban161: pay 1?
dumbo3k: did ben pay ink for stampede?
YeomanAres: Exert ink
Decaped: oh neat, it does have teh Warcraft TCG mana system
bobokiddo: fun little challenge, whenever you play a character, you have to sing one of the songs from the associated movie
munocard: Judge! Ben is cheating.
YareNiDaze: @TherapyforNarwhals Red/Green. Not sure whether it actually plays like Gruul or not.
WardsarTheWriter: Hired goons!
itsr67: g o o n s?
GredGredmansson: @bobokiddo songs are a card type
MAPBoardgames: Hired goons?
cheshire_creeper: this game's got it all! goons, goons, and of course. goon
northos: m'leficent
Scar_Red_Tiger: Hiring Goons?
DrChillbrain: she ink on my goons till i
LPS_97: Ah yes, Goons, famous Disney hockey movie
BrowneePoints: Ink my Goons, make Maleficent Wet
Getter404: Oooh, a GYM
kynelwynn: Cocnut trigger, (not that it matters, I just wnated to say Coconut trigger)
AzaleaCloud: !card Hired Goons
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
munocard: Please sir, my wets.
AzaleaCloud: Awww. :<
Sogheim: are there no coconuts in MtG?
BrowneePoints: That's kinda what Disney did to Bobby Discroll
Sibwow: did we mention that summoning sickness is called being dripping wet
A_Dub888: You'll believe a boy can ink
itsr67: LUL
kusinohki: hired goons? but I ordered hired goonies!
WardsarTheWriter: I didn't realize he had a mom?
YareNiDaze: What mother!? :P
munocard: Does that mean the cards you're playing face down are being exposed to "The Dip"?
Juliamon: Sibwow repeatedly
SkylerRingtail: Proud of your boy, mother knows best.
mazingolfer: @sibwow yeah we did
Haroldholmes25: Oh snap mad hatter is insane
BrowneePoints: This is one of the best creatures in the set
YeomanAres: It's nice you can't "flood" in this game
BrowneePoints: hands down
mazingolfer: I love seeing my twinks dripping wet
Bruceski: Once a card becomes ink there's no way to get them back is there?
Alness49: Change Places!
PMAvers: Banish that man.
jwholla: is there a rarity symbol somewhere on the card?
Orxolon: happy unbirthday
FlynnRaccoon: Hats off to that card :p
Featherweight_: more like ban hatter
philippekav: you need how many thingy to win ? 10 ?
Orxolon: happy unbirthday everybody
kynelwynn: @Bruceski I believe that is true
bytecaster: Is Questing Beast in these decks?
MyrddintheWizard: lrrPAUL Very good!
Sibwow: hey wheeler
Sibwow: fuckin gotcha
Bruceski: Oh, the reveal before inking isn't for later strategy, it's to prove you played an ink-able card. That makes sense
kusinohki: 20 lore to win
munocard: Ben, we don't talk about that! We don't want the C&D!
AzaleaCloud: The totally legitimate digital client operating with permission from Disney
mazingolfer: god there are so mant puns
NarishmaReborn: how did this game launch in 2023 without its own digital client
NonUniqueGuy: @jwholla Bottome middle. The book like symbol on Simba
Sibwow: wheelers gonna open a secret rare card in his booster pack
philippekav: @kusinohki thanks
itsr67: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
ChaoticObserver: It's the circle of LIFFEEEEE
mazingolfer: can I use the ink from the dripping wet twinks to mark simba as king of the pride
azninsect: LUL
munocard: doom blade!
midnightcurryjazz: t e mpo
Earthenone: no banished is dead
Getter404: Ben with Temop, ye gods
itsr67: ygo brain
Getter404: tempo*
Diabore: straight up murder
Haroldholmes25: you can't say kill in a disney game
haltben2514: missed the start. What is lore used for/do?
circusofkirkus: is there a reanimation strategy
KeytarCat: Can we read the epithets? i like the vibe of long silly names
mazingolfer: you can kick them iut
itsr67: @haltben2514 20 lore to win
ampthedog: shadow realm lol
WardsarTheWriter: Kind of gives me "I'm firin' mah lazer!" energy.
Haroldholmes25: @circusofkirkus there is a grave digger
itsr67: it's a win con
kynelwynn: Banished is the YT compliant term for kill >.>
Sibwow: coconut is real bad
haltben2514: Gotcha thanks
HadesLeprechaun: Mufasa didn't DIE in a raging fire, he was just banished in it
mazingolfer: it fires in spurts
CaptainSpam: "Our Gracious Host"
YareNiDaze: Still I think he's rather tasty!
Bruceski: Sent to the shadow reralm
Earthenone: read the flavor text too, why not :)
BrowneePoints: Yea there totally isn't a fanmade client you can play with folks that totally doesn't have all the cards, and doesn't totally have matchmaking and definitely isn't gonna get C&D'd
munocard: Rural Juror
Robot_Bones: some sort of riff raff
niccus: does mufasa have 3 willpower
WardsarTheWriter: Maleficent and her goldfish.
Getter404: Oh, iChalomet
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YareNiDaze: @Robot_Bones woah, let's not be too hasty :P
Earthenone: glorious he?
Deusis: my buddy got me to try this game. It
Deusis: It
Earthenone: alli ababwa/
IbunWest: At no point was Flounder ever a voice of reason
mazingolfer: aladdin the liar
Deusis: It's interseting but I hate using cards in hand as resources
RechargeableFrenchman: No target, only fight
Deusis: the WORST mechanic
SkylerRingtail: Rapunzel, Letting Down Her Hair. Shaka, When the Walls Fell.
Shadowsoflife: Does he have the monkey?
PMAvers: Something I've been impressed with is that you can really tell what color a card is by the general vibe of the art.
Diabore: so GR is control
munocard: Dammit @SkylerRingtail I was just about to make that same joke
HadesLeprechaun: son of a b****? no, daught of a witch
Duwani1: did ben - 1?
itsr67: LUL
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Sibwow: !pobox
LRRbot: LRR has a PO box! Bionic Trousers Media Inc., PO BOX 8132 Victoria Main, Victoria, BC V8W 3R8, Canada. If received, your mail may be featured in a Mail Time. Please ship responsibly.
TherapyforNarwhals: Ben's moved to the dark side
Robot_Bones: some of these sound like that star trek guy; Rapunzel, letting her hair down
AzaleaCloud: Let's get down to business, to exert my dudes
Abelzumi: Let's get down Rapunzel, and she'll ping, for oooone....
MF_Yosh: been having fun with yellow green aggro
Getter404: I'VE GOT FRIENDS ON THE OTHER SIDE... to send me packs to crack
mazingolfer: is there’s an eggs deck
Dog_of_Myth: Looking forward to a future Mail Time with Lorcana
Earthenone: @mazingolfer yup!
WardsarTheWriter: OH! Kronk has to be in this game then.
superdude097: Faithless Looting
Pharmacistjudge: Ravensburger is been trying to say "we're printing more, please be patient with us"
Featherweight_: They should make a Disney land set, I wanna see a Handwich deck
RechargeableFrenchman: Are you looking for ... THIS?
munocard: Looking forward to a card just called "Wrong lever!"
YareNiDaze: Emperor's New Groove STILL holds up.
Getter404: Oh yeah, it's all coming together
Scar_Red_Tiger: No Touchy
trashyopossum: Oh i hope they include like, treasure planet or atlantis at some point in a future set, that would be amazing
BrowneePoints: "No Touchy"
YareNiDaze: "The card. The card for Kuzco. Kuzco's card."
Diabore: !card kuzko
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Earthenone: there is treasure planet in this set
Diabore: dinger
BrowneePoints: James threw Mufasa off a cliff!
RechargeableFrenchman: Don't throw off his groove
CaptainSpam: This needs a Perry the Platypus card at some point.
AzaleaCloud: @munocard Wrong Lever would have to be some kind of instant that changes the target of an action that targets.
KeytarCat: oop, time to set up for work, I'll be back for the tail end lrrSHINE
Haroldholmes25: hercules hercules hercules
itsr67: taunt
YareNiDaze: @RechargeableFrenchman I'm sorry sir, you've thrown off the emperor's groove...
Gekyouryuu: Hercules, wearing Scar as a cape
WardsarTheWriter: Cue the muses singing.
Haroldholmes25: it's hearthstone taunt
adept_nekomancer: Ah yes, I remember the movie where Hercules protected Flounder and Malificent.
YareNiDaze: @Haroldholmes25 I think you mean Hunkules~ Mmm... I'd like to make some sweet music with him!
Haroldholmes25: LUL
forthehoard: Cheat Step
itsr67: *sequencing*
stizzet: Wheeler is pro flavor over game play lol
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BrowneePoints: I s2g if they cast a White Hercules/Muses in the Live Action I will riot
WampaX: If Ben is going to be talking to G and Wheeler, could he move his mic to the other lapel ?
WardsarTheWriter: His boat's a lot more colourful than I remember.
BrowneePoints: Have you SEEN Tangled Paul?
BrowneePoints: She brains EVERYONE with that Pan
jwholla: catching up in this game seems hard
Pharmacistjudge: she can do quite a bit of damage with a pan
kynelwynn: Big butts are pretty good in this game
Earthenone: rapunzel has tentacle powers, every rpg player knows how powerful those are
josh___something: Have you SEEN tangled, she's a killer with the pan
HadesLeprechaun: is there something board-wipey in the game? it seems possible to just snowball pretty easily, so far
Bellectrons: can you quest past bodyguard? also, does the bodyguard have to stay exerted to be in taunt mode?
BrowneePoints: Steel has a pyroclasm @HadesLeprechaun
adept_nekomancer: @WardsarTheWriter Gotta give it a green art theme to match the card color, I guess
Shadowsoflife: @kynelwynn they can't lie
Earthenone: @Bellectrons yes, and yes
Getter404: Wow, resorting to public domain designs to pad out their launch roster
AzaleaCloud: @kynelwynn Damage doesn't go away at end of turn, so all the butts need to be big.
Bellectrons: @Earthenone ty
WardsarTheWriter: @adept_nekomancer Fair point.
munocard: The secondary market card prices are also absurdly unrealistic.
BrowneePoints: AND, made by a Veteran Game Developer in Ravensberger
ALLxISxLOST: Where did they get these alt art magic cards?
Pharmacistjudge: Ravensburger made it not disney
kynelwynn: @AzaleaCloud I know. But something like a 1/3 or a 2/4 is GREAT vs. a 2/2
CururuGuasu: Next printing isn’t until early 2024, apparently
asddsa28: there do it the pokemon way
Gekyouryuu: no
munocard: no wet songs
Gekyouryuu: they aren't "dry" yet
Pharmacistjudge: I am very glad Ravensburger did not put "1st edition" or other nonsense on the early print runs.
Juliamon: too wet to sing
Scar_Red_Tiger: Bandai card game growing pains
Earthenone: @Bellectrons that being said, after that first turn, you can exert the bodyguard for any reason, to quest or fight or sing and it will still do its bodyguard thing by being tapped on your oponents turn
swatb0t: they've already committed to a reprint of the exact same cards with no differences
BrowneePoints: That's called Drowning @Juliamon
Gekyouryuu: the irony they can't sing while wet when most people sing in the shower
LordManiMani: Wouldn't it be nice
yuan42: i think they're reprinting set 1 after set 2 releases due to set 2 already being on the print lines
HedgehogKnight: There is a book or pen right above the flavor text shows if the quote is from original source or made for the game
stizzet: But set 2 comes out in Nov...
kusinohki: board game printing and shipping has been borked the past few years.. I've heard of some kickstarters failing because of the issues
CaptainSpam: I still wish Nintendo had some old playing card manufacturing plants they would bring back to life for the Pokemon TCG cards...
ThorOfKenya: Looks like a mash of Hearthstone, Yu-Gi-Oh, and MTG
Getter404: No wet songs, this anti-Mermaid bias will not stand!
Sibwow: take up arms
YareNiDaze: Flavour Win: If they ever print Part of Your World, it should be singable even when drowning.
BrowneePoints: This is the Pyro
YareNiDaze: @Sibwow Ah, my arms!
Haroldholmes25: this card is very good
NarishmaReborn: coconut heal?
midnightcurryjazz: VoHiYo VoHiYo VoHiYo
munocard: woof!
MF_Yosh: kind of sucks cause I want to join the league at my LGS and I only have a start deck and they are selling packs for double the suggested price. so no packs to boost my starter decks
itsr67: c o n s i d e r
AzaleaCloud: Pondering my coconut
Dog_of_Myth: Good turn
munocard: James, he's already dead!
HedgehogKnight: New set every 3 months
WardsarTheWriter: Wow. Nice turnaround.
YareNiDaze: Phrases never said before.
swatb0t: I'm going to consider the coconut too, brb
CururuGuasu: Goons?
Sibwow: there is a board wipe
Bruceski: Well that just turned quickly
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adept_nekomancer: "Okay Malificent, time to think of coconuts. You'll feel better."
Sibwow: its red and costs 7
Orxolon: wooooooooooowwwwwwww
CaptainSpam: Ponder the coconut.
stizzet: Look at James sequencing
Scar_Red_Tiger: Raigeki the board
Sibwow: its red not gray
AzaleaCloud: "Consider, for the sake of argument: coconut."
Earthenone: no the full boardwipe is in ruby
jwholla: grabbing your sword sounds dirty
Haroldholmes25: the full board wipe is in ruby
asddsa28: of corse that the other one
Countjondi: Im imagining Someone joyfully tossing Maleficent a coconut, and I find that charming.
CururuGuasu: Have to crew your song
Gekyouryuu: Steel has A Whole New World, which is a Wheel
BrowneePoints: but yea, this game has legs
snaxattack123: so what colors are controls decks?
snaxattack123: steel?
Haroldholmes25: I thought grab your sword was pocahantas
BrowneePoints: in a very real way
Featherweight_: Sing the song to end the Disney world
itsr67: very neat flavor wins
Haroldholmes25: oh no it is beauty and the beast
munocard: That rules
Laserbeaks_Fury: Lyrics are on the card too
WardsarTheWriter: Good that they do credit them.
midnightcurryjazz: face down ascap
emberBecky: i like it yeah
LoadingReadyRun: I appreciate that the art isn't just stills from existing sources. It must have been pretty tempting to do that
Gekyouryuu: @midnightcurryjazz that's the way we like to "A-hyuck"
Haroldholmes25: big stitch
jwholla: wheeler is studying. he's learning
circusofkirkus: Jumba!
red_shoes_jeff: And this monster is mysterious at leeeeeeast...
kynelwynn: Must do it in the voice
itsr67: @LoadingReadyRun yeah that would've been a very easy route that could have been easy to get away with
ThorOfKenya: Family
Decaped: Lilo - Apprentice Zombiemancer
BrowneePoints: Rockstar Stitch I think
stizzet: Wheeler's mind for card games continues to amaze me
BrowneePoints: is GROSS
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah, that DC game used a lot of comic art and it kinda sucks
ALLxISxLOST: Ohana means family, and family means EVERYONE gets left behind
CururuGuasu: Stitch of the meek
ThorOfKenya: wait what?! weenie ETB, draw a card
BrowneePoints: Luckily Ravensberger already has a huge working relationship with disney cuz of Villainous
Decaped: I wonder if new art is actually cheaper.
munocard: That's funny considering how much art Hearthstone reused from the WoW TCG.
WardsarTheWriter: Limited editions based on rare or unused animation cells maybe?
Orxolon: did James just Challenged Mickey Mouse?we are doomed
Laserbeaks_Fury: Remember the Decipher Star Wars game that was all still from the movie, so you had characters that were way in the background of the cantina for 3 seconds
Earthenone: rapunzel
ghyllnox: This could be old unreleased art from The Vault and nobody would know the difference
Gekyouryuu: Rapunzel
HedgehogKnight: Tangled
Sibwow: tangled
kynelwynn: Rapunzel
Juliamon: They probably wanted art consistency, which would *require* new art rather than stills
BrowneePoints: Tangled is real good Wheeler
CururuGuasu: @laserbeaks_fury I still have a bunch of those cards
Sibwow: from is an interesting word
BrowneePoints: AND it's Mandy Moore
HedgehogKnight: It's in her hair
yuan42: "i'm going to challenge mickey mouse" is wild to hear lol
BrowneePoints: Like, Tangled is legit the movie that should've gotten all the press, NOT Frozen
Sogheim: makin' me wanna get Disney+ tonight
BrowneePoints: and I will DIE on that hill
Juliamon: BrowneePoints You're right and you should say it
YareNiDaze: Horace! My man!
Featherweight_: James has forgot the game is all about the cones
circusofkirkus: get lored on
Orxolon: you are lored
WardsarTheWriter: The fact I'm not recognizing a few of these minor characters is making me realize I ought to go back and rewatch some of these movies.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I wanna take a moment to appreciate that this game is taking away life points form an opponent but players trying to score up to win
SnowBuddy18: @BrowneePoints truly
Orxolon: gg
HadesLeprechaun: @BrowneePoints I also much preferred, but for different reasons
Gekyouryuu: yeah, that's one complaint my friends had is that games tend to get one sided VERY quickly
Shadowsoflife: @BrowneePoints you have to let get go :p
Kuhfeek: gg
randombillfolds: Oh, dolorous day.
BrowneePoints: but yea, Tangled is legit great
CururuGuasu: Ben is now the Lore-ax
munocard: Wheeler is READY
immortalzealot17: This is a really weird game of mtg
kusinohki: losing never bothered me anyway...
AzaleaCloud: Clean cup! Move down!
dumbo3k: rotate the players!
red_shoes_jeff: It's time to ROTATE THE CONTESTANTS!
SnowBuddy18: amberthyst
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Earthenone: it has micky mouse and moana on the cover?
Sibwow: its got a princess theme
WardsarTheWriter: Amberthyst?
Scar_Red_Tiger: Blurple
BrowneePoints: I like WUBRGY
Sibwow: Graham is on AA Princess
circusofkirkus: SaaS
Bruceski: Do the colors mean something? Is there a cap on how many you can have in a deck?
Pharmacistjudge: anti air princess?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Steel//Sapphire POkemon
kynelwynn: AmbAme and StSaph
WardsarTheWriter: Alcoholics Anonymous Princess?
Earthenone: the deck G is using is the one i went 12-1 with at my release events
BrowneePoints: White(Steel) U(sapphire) Black(amethyst) Red(Ruby) Green(Emerald) Yellow(Amber)
BrowneePoints: plus WUBRGY is funny
baltimore_667083: American Airlines princess
snaxattack123: oh man drafts must be NUTS
Philocalist: I AmAm Princess
AzaleaCloud: Woo Birgi? Uhh, no thanks, I'm not into infinite combos.
dubbydoesdraw: But you could also have SEASAR
Sibwow: gramma tala is also real good
Fanklok: Blue Steele you say?
Haroldholmes25: yeah rampy control stuff
WardsarTheWriter: -Zoolander flashbacks-
Gekyouryuu: S(teel), E(merald), A(methyst), S(apphire), A(mber), R(uby). HAIL SEASAR.
Sibwow: the little pamphlets sthat come with the decks have strategy writtten out for the deck
asddsa28: to cute
Haroldholmes25: good dog
Haroldholmes25: love that flavor text
forthehoard: Wheller already intimating
stizzet: Yes, blue steel is ramp
Scarbble: "ink this dinglehopper"
Gekyouryuu: he's Isamaru!
IbunWest: Stitch is basically Isamaru
Earthenone: shock!
MurphEP: lrrWOW
dumbo3k: you dog murderer!
AzaleaCloud: I love this game already. It lets you consider the coconut and ink the dinglehopper.
WardsarTheWriter: Killing dogs? Unthinkable!
snaxattack123: steel seems so gross
YareNiDaze: It's okay, he's fluffy.
kynelwynn: "Banished", James. "Banished"
gibbousm: Shock the Stitch
Haroldholmes25: yes
Revenant77x: He shot the dog
CururuGuasu: That was a cannon event
Orxolon: balanced as in color balanced?
WiJohn: Banished to a nice farm upstate
Bruceski: Just refer to the colors by pokemon. Kyogra, Rayquaza, Groudon, Pikachu, Reshiram and Zekrom (why do white/black have black/white cover pokes?)
Getter404: How many legs?
Scar_Red_Tiger: I like some universal Vanilla stat lines
azninsect: human legs!
BrowneePoints: and she can't sing!
Sibwow: she cant sing!
circusofkirkus: Ariel en human legs
Chichen: I'm also on human legs!
Gekyouryuu: the flavor text!
munocard: She can't sing!
WardsarTheWriter: STRONG name.
MrSarkhan: LUL
Haroldholmes25: the flavor is very good
gibbousm: There's an Egg deck and you didn't give it to Wheeler?
Earthenone: ariel has the best flavor text
LPS_97: 7 legs
azninsect: and she cant sing
azninsect: oooh hi best character in Tangled dont at me
kynelwynn: There's an Areil that sings songs as if she cost more
emberBecky: not *with* human legs. ON them. =[
TheWriterAleph: amber is the color of my energy
HadesLeprechaun: @azninsect I'm at-ing you, it's Maximus
MurphEP: Choose 1: Dashing or Brave
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Orxolon: so Eric defeats Hook?
WardsarTheWriter: @MurphEP Dashing, so I can run away faster.
Scar_Red_Tiger: Can you Sing if summoning sick?
Gekyouryuu: Michael Entertainment Mouse
NonUniqueGuy: Mickey Mouse? They are going for the deep cuts there
Earthenone: @Scar_Red_Tiger nope!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Can you Ink any card?
azninsect: @HadesLeprechaun im sorry that you're wrong Kappa
Earthenone: @Laserbeaks_Fury the card has to have an inkwell symbol on it
NonUniqueGuy: @Laserbeaks_Fury No, it needs an ink symbol
Gekyouryuu: @Laserbeaks_Fury no, the inkables have a fancy border on their mana cost
HadesLeprechaun: @azninsect Happy to agree that all disney animals are better than disney humans
josh___something: Ho ho, *puts mouse into ink blender*
CururuGuasu: @laserbeaks_fury The card has to have that gold ring around the cost symbol to be able to be ink
WiJohn: @Scar_Red_Tiger I don'
WiJohn: t believe so
munocard: Wheeler is playing some of his favorite cards.
Bruceski: I think all the permanents are inkable and spells aren't?
Sibwow: lets go detective michael
WardsarTheWriter: Cool hat.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Steampunk Willie
YareNiDaze: Good joke on flavour text.
buttayobread: is there something similar to a legend rule? stopping you from playing the same named character?
NonUniqueGuy: @Bruceski Looks like not
Getter404: THREE Mickeys? This is just getting silly now
josh___something: Wha happun 🤔
NarishmaReborn: we rampin
adept_nekomancer: Ramp? In blue?
RechargeableFrenchman: But is he a GREAT Mouse Detective? I think not.
Bruceski: IMMEDIATELY proven wrong
lackingsanity: wow, thats an epic mickey
Featherweight_: Not MY great mouse detective
NonUniqueGuy: Also most of Ben's card that he turned to ink were actions.
Sogheim: oh hey you can't ink Detective Mickey because it makes an ink, neat
Orxolon: can't wait for Disney to be self referencial and show their characters playing Lorcana
bytecaster: blades
HadesLeprechaun: Hey, half of my namesake
munocard: This Mickey is common too
YareNiDaze: @Orxolon Genie needs to do this, please.
jwholla: does prince eric get the +2 when its attacked?
Bruceski: Now I want a Roger Rabbit expansion where you can hit characters with the solvent tank.
Laserbeaks_Fury: WHen's Disney Afternnon Expansion
WowoT: how many of a card can you have in a deck?
Fanklok: So is this like a Kaijudo style mana system?
Orxolon: @YareNiDaze yeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss
raulghoulia: there is a pokemon card game anime coming out
munocard: Pot of Greed
AzaleaCloud: I activate POT OF GREED
Laserbeaks_Fury: Sora, Donald, and Goofy
Sogheim: @Laserbeaks_Fury I wanna see Tail Spin Baloo
CururuGuasu: Rumors are Gargoyles in an upcoming expansion
ALLxISxLOST: Oh, I know what sapphire steel can be called: moonlight
loufghyslaufey: What? That's absurd.
asddsa28: good old bill
Orxolon: so Mickey has friends on the other side?flavorful
Getter404: But what does Doctor Facilier DO?!
Earthenone: notably, she is also a princess
snaxattack123: wait princess tribal?
midnightcurryjazz: including herself!
Nigouki: "Gentle and Kind"? Is there a "Going Postal" version too?
DeM0nFiRe: Singer is a flavor ability win lol
Orxolon: @snaxattack123 nice XD
red_shoes_jeff: @Getter404 His worst.
DeM0nFiRe: Kinda like pilot
Scar_Red_Tiger: So that action modifies combat math, but can only be used on your turn
dumbo3k: Although using her to heal does leave her open to being challenged
Jackomaning: man I really like amber and amethyst a lot so far
Getter404: Princes Aggro
HadesLeprechaun: it is strange to be watching this while house-mate is watching the new live-action Little Mermaid in the other room, so I'm getting actual Disney songs while watching this
Orxolon: she can heal herself?
WiJohn: @snaxattack123 If the Disney game didn't have a princess tribal deck there would be riots
Scar_Red_Tiger: "Prince"
ChaoticObserver: It's the Circle of Liffffeeeeeee
Earthenone: the main boss of the princess tribal deck ins in G's starter deck
Earthenone: moana
JDMan94: Reminder that the official term now is TYPAL
CururuGuasu: Coconuts were considered, and found wanting
Earthenone: she untaps your princesses when she quests
Shadowsoflife: @WiJohn 110%
snaxattack123: ok so whats the over-under on a Kingdom Hearts expansion?
JDMan94: Even in magic, it's now typal.
AzaleaCloud: "I have considered the coconut, and decided it'd be better as ink."
josh___something: Wha Happun?!
Getter404: wha hapun
kynelwynn: @snaxattack123 Pretty bad, because you'd need SquareEnix on it
munocard: God... I hope they make a "Wha Happen?!" card
emberBecky: is that. is that flavor text in The Lion King? I had that movie like memorized as a kid.. I don't remember that line
TherapyforNarwhals: Marvel Lorcana?
Fanklok: So where's Sora?
asddsa28: i want the muppits
Scar_Red_Tiger: Star Wars Lorcana
lackingsanity: ooh a donald duck zettaflare card
munocard: Lorcana Bob Hoskins from Roger Rabbit
Getter404: They did eventually diversify Villainous, BUT kept the three brands siloed off
YeomanAres: Is Pixar included?
Pharmacistjudge: well with dreamborn and floodborn you can do alot already
snaxattack123: man Squeenix was going in on NFTs, they'll do anything for money rn :^)
ghyllnox: We'll eventually get the Disney Channel shows
Decaped: this game will be good until they make the Star Wars set, and then that's jus the money-making phase.
TherapyforNarwhals: Phineas and Ferb secret lair when
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Orxolon: i figure when they release Sora he is gonna be busted
jwholla: the MCU expansion just obliterates all of them
emberBecky: or is it from the 1 1/2. never saw that.
ALLxISxLOST: Mary Poppins?
CururuGuasu: Plus they are already creating new versions of the characters, so they have lots of design space
stizzet: Set 2 goes into Winnie the Pooh and the last dragon
CururuGuasu: They can do a mirror universe/shattered glass set
HadesLeprechaun: @emberBecky some text is from the original source, some is newly written
niccus: so what are some non-"disney" disney princesses
WardsarTheWriter: Intent is important.
HedgehogKnight: Right now they have stated they only have the license for animated movies and shorts
TheWriterAleph: don't take the mickey
Featherweight_: I play
Ukon_Cairns: i am curious to see if kingdom hearts existing means that they can scoop up a Cloud card before magic does jebroLoljeb
Bellectrons: if it was on either end it would just be the same as having that base attack right? since it's disconnected from the quest lore amount already
SkylerRingtail: @niccus Frank N Furter
kusinohki: I read "last dragon" and thought "the bruce leeroy movie?"
snaxattack123: @Ukon_Cairns oh man, oh boy
YareNiDaze: @SkylerRingtail Excuse you, Frank N Furter is a QUEEN
kynelwynn: Maul her to "Banish"
WardsarTheWriter: That's... kinda brutal actually.
Scar_Red_Tiger: That does make sense though, because otherwise it'd be redundant to just printing the high number
Juliamon: emberBecky If the line above the flavor text has a book, it's from the movie. If it has a pen, it's made up for the card.
Earthenone: feed the little girl with a cannon wound to a lion
Orxolon: hahahaha,good one Paul
WiJohn: First she got shot, then she was stumbling away and got mauled by a lion
snaxattack123: I dont remember this from cinderella
Featherweight_: I play “marge doer of krump”
WardsarTheWriter: Lions, Cannons and Princesses, oh my.
Getter404: So how much Rescue Rangers is in the starter set
ALLxISxLOST: Is than an all animal villains deck?
CururuGuasu: Bippity boppity blown away
Orxolon: "What can i say except you're welcome"
HedgehogKnight: No Star Wars, Marvel, KH, or Disney afternoon
jwholla: this pascal is just living the best life
7gorobei: Cinderelly in my belly
HadesLeprechaun: so magic rules
Getter404: @HedgehogKnight Not even Scrooge?!
Orxolon: where is Maximus from?
Earthenone: @Orxolon Tangled
HadesLeprechaun: Tangled
Shadowsoflife: Tangled
HedgehogKnight: Tangled
dumbo3k: Tangled
Juliamon: Not even Darkwing :(
Laserbeaks_Fury: what's Dreamborn?
Orxolon: thx
Abelzumi: ill ink UR dinglehopper
Scarbble: dreamborn is like alt univers imaginings
midnightcurryjazz: such a dinglehopper
Orxolon: @Laserbeaks_Fury @what if" cards
josh___something: "Ink this dinglehopper"
RechargeableFrenchman: Why do we even HAVE that lever?
snaxattack123: ink the dinglehopper has roborosewater vibes idk
swatb0t: is this a 4 of format or can I have like 12 dinglehoppers?
inconsideratehat: "I'm just gonna ink this dingle hopper"
Shadowsoflife: PULL THE LEVER
HedgehogKnight: Scrooge was in shorts and I'm crossing fingers for Christmas Carol
WardsarTheWriter: The dinglehopper was the lever.
kynelwynn: Pascal win con let's go
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is Yzma making the poison?
WowoT: @swatb0t 4 of
adept_nekomancer: @snaxattack123 I hope nobody draws Companion Cage.
bytecaster: Banish wheeler, banish
Shadowsoflife: @Laserbeaks_Fury Who is the poison for?
Haroldholmes25: there's 8 drops even
HedgehogKnight: There is a nine drop
snaxattack123: man I cant wait to get priced out of this cardgame too :^)
AzaleaCloud: One draw, ahead of the cheat step~ One tap, shoot your guy for 2~ Next, I'm gonna quest with Kanga & Roo~
ALLxISxLOST: Just waiting for the online version BibleThump
Lord_Durin: is the 9 drop like, Satan (or whoever the deomn was) from Fantasia
HedgehogKnight: Dragon
CururuGuasu: Chernabog
WiJohn: Graham deep in the tank
HadesLeprechaun: @snaxattack123 already has $1000 unique cards released only at conventions, ahah
YareNiDaze: @Lord_Durin Chernabog.
LathosTiran: the mountain king
Earthenone: 9 is in ruby, and its a high rarity card
munocard: Yeah, it's dragonform Malificent
bytecaster: @WiJohn It is actually called the well in Lorcana
WardsarTheWriter: @CururuGuasu I almost called it Balthabog
Getter404: 9 drop hulked out Ratigan, let's go
Abelzumi: i'll churn your bogs
Lord_Durin: @YareNiDaze that's his name! thank you
josh___something: Chornobog? JP's Lv1 super?
SmashTCG: Oh yeah he sure is
stizzet: Don't believe dragon Mal is in the starter decks
AzaleaCloud: So let me get this straight... You can consider the coconut, ink the dinglehopper, AND kick Mickey in the face with a horse?
HedgehogKnight: Can't wait for Monstro
AzaleaCloud: Best TCG, Magic is dead to me.
snaxattack123: my main problem with new cardgames is usually resolving rules things. had a lot of trouble with the fantasy flight lcgs
Abelzumi: Dinosaurs hasn't been released tho
stizzet: @azaleacloud fair
CururuGuasu: Is hard to not break out into song for some of these cards
munocard: This game is a Stefan SNL bit.
ALLxISxLOST: be our guest, be our guest, put our fighting to the test
AzaleaCloud: LUL
azninsect: "This Mickey deck is just made to be beaten. That's gonna be winning to me"
bytecaster: I don't like Disney, that's why only play Stax in Lorcana
Getter404: How long until the Parks expansion where I can Challenge with the Aerosmith's Rock 'n Roller Coaster
Laserbeaks_Fury: She's got a massive chest...of drawers
WardsarTheWriter: Oh no, I just realized Bambi's in this. I'm going to get flashbacks balling my eyes out as a kid.
CururuGuasu: So we’ve had a lion, a witch, and now a wardrobe. Secret Narnia TCG?
SmashTCG: it would Def be a Cruela Stacks deck
Earthenone: no its a rare
munocard: Rare
kusinohki: bambi? how long before old yeller is in this??
HedgehogKnight: Rare
NonUniqueGuy: Rare
Haroldholmes25: it's rare
bytecaster: Weaken. That. Horse!
circusofkirkus: off to the glue factory, Maximus
Gekyouryuu: "get right back up and EAT! THAT! HORSE!"
snaxattack123: wait how many rarities are in this game btw?
Haroldholmes25: goes bronze silver gold on the three "rares
snaxattack123: pls no secret rares
ShaneLeeAtk: Eat that horse!
Abelzumi: "KILL .... .... ... .. .. that HORSE."
Getter404: Long live the king
NonUniqueGuy: Got Common/Uncoommon/Rare/SuperRare/Legendy
Earthenone: c/u/r/sr/l
Laserbeaks_Fury: That horse was the glue holding Grahams board together
DaxStrife: "I'm gonna weaken that horse, then I'm gonna kill that horse" belongs in the quote database.
Abelzumi: It is now
Earthenone: and some lottery alternate art cards like all card games do these day
Fanklok: If this is as Hearthstoney as it looks tempo should be king
Featherweight_: Bob’s burger lorcana deck when?!
snaxattack123: NotLikeThis
munocard: Circle = Common, Book = Uncommon = Triangle = Rare, Square = Super Rare, Pentagon = Legendary, Hexagon = secret foil rare.
adept_nekomancer: When it comes to horses, just say neigh.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: who's legs
YareNiDaze: SVEN!
Orxolon: thicc
azninsect: Sven!
WardsarTheWriter: I love how proud he looks.
Laserbeaks_Fury: now she's a Shiverobe
Deusis: Sven is a solid uncommon
WiJohn: Check out the caboose on that moose
Abelzumi: Mickey Moose
HadesLeprechaun: Can we a get a read on that Ariel flavor text?
CururuGuasu: But whose human legs?
Earthenone: james chose the wrong deck, that one had a moose
YareNiDaze: Best character in Frozen, fite me
niccus: is this a horse deck
ALLxISxLOST: Someone dropkick the over sized dog!
Earthenone: the rock
Orxolon: hahahah
kiddykong525: How is lorcana
YareNiDaze: You're face to face with greatness and it's strange!
Orxolon: only that
TheWriterAleph: wowie zowie!
snaxattack123: BIG BOI
MurphEP: Sometimes that's enough
munocard: Can you smell what he's cooking?
WardsarTheWriter: Dayum.
laikagoat: wowie zowie it maui
bytecaster: The Dreadmaw of the format
salsy82: im assuming you need to get some specific number to win?
Deusis: c-tier card
Scarbble: beeeeeg
DrChillbrain: dwayne the rock johnson real
YareNiDaze: I know it's a lot! The hair! The bod...
NonUniqueGuy: @salsy82 20
FITorion: wrong lever Cronk
Earthenone: @salsy82 yes, 20 in this case
kynelwynn: You sing at the demigod with a crusteacean
Getter404: Gimme a cup of that god's ink
Orxolon: "What can i say except you're welcome?!"
snaxattack123: i summon dwayne johnson in the attack position
CururuGuasu: This man considered the coconut
YareNiDaze: @CururuGuasu and the tree.
red_shoes_jeff: What's the moral? What's the takeaway? Don't mess with Maui when he's on a breakaway!
LoadingReadyRun: With all the IPs that Disney has access to, it is interesting they started with multiple versions of characters. Shows that will be a focus of the game. MtG didn't have multiples of legends until for quite a while
munocard: Should have used those guns on Pascal
Deusis: Evaise is def a problem
Deusis: Evasive*
dumbo3k: I assume there isn't anything with Ward and Evasive?
Earthenone: yeah cannons and swords are the answers you get
Shadowsoflife: how do you beat a demigod, get a decapod
snaxattack123: tbf there's only so many characters before you have to start making cards for that one extra behind gaston
CururuGuasu: Pongo is very good in Graham’s deck. Evasive and quests for 2
bytecaster: @dumbo3k Sounds like an expensive control win con
kynelwynn: @Shadowsoflife Thank you
YareNiDaze: @Shadowsoflife look it up
BrowneePoints: I mean, Historically, Maui is REAL good at going on Quests
Haroldholmes25: LUL
Shadowsoflife: @kynelwynn Welcome
Bellectrons: what's the graveyard called? just the discard pile?
Earthenone: banish pile
ALLxISxLOST: is there any way to drain someones ink well?
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Cat vs chest of drawers: the age old conflict
Getter404: @Bellectrons The Disney Vault
Shadowsoflife: ^
dumbo3k: the Nega-Zone
WardsarTheWriter: I would call it the banishing zone.
ChaoticObserver: @Getter404 Ok, nicely done
munocard: The Disney Vault is the exile zone
haltben2514: He did kinda fish my country out of the sea
Quarthian: @Bellectrons That's great
RechargeableFrenchman: Ponza or riot
ALLxISxLOST: I'm no evil, I'm minful
TheArchitectX: Are there creatures that have abilities you use ink to pay for?
munocard: What's the over/under we ever get any Song of the South cards?
circusofkirkus: @munocard never
YareNiDaze: @munocard Absolutely not.
Shadowsoflife: ^
TheNerdWonder: negative
LPS_97: yeah never
Gekyouryuu: Disney owns Marvel, so when do we get a House of M x House of Mouse crossover?
Bruceski: Sven doesn't quest for much given the cost, but anyone who wants to stop him has to mess with a caribou.
Blakemcm: you would think they would make Mickey Mouse the most powerful
DrasonSpike: @Gekyouryuu Oh god Mouse Magneto
Gekyouryuu: @Blakemcm there's a Red mickey who quests for 4 and has a ton of keywords
azninsect: LuL
snaxattack123: classic
niccus: huh, doesn't die to stampede
MechaKuuga: LUL
Haroldholmes25: LUL
laikagoat: fionLOL fionLOL
Getter404: Again, given both the success of Marvel Snap AND Ravensberger's own history with Villainous, I don't think we'll be see any Marvel or SW in this in any sort of compatiblle form
BrowneePoints: It's the Mickey from Jack and the Beanstalk @Gekyouryuu
YareNiDaze: @niccus flavour fail
WardsarTheWriter: Mickey: You're dead Maui! Ha-ha!
Earthenone: rafiki from the top rope!
YareNiDaze: Ook Ook?
BrowneePoints: but yea, out of all the newer Card Games, this is the one that has felt the most like Magic
Getter404: Benson just beat The Rock?!
CururuGuasu: Monkey paste
kynelwynn: Monkey just jumps on Maui
munocard: Maui taken out by a babboon
Bellectrons: rush seems excellent in this game
Gekyouryuu: it's Maui Monkey Madness
Lord_Durin: Another monkey with haste? smh
BrowneePoints: I really enjoy it and hope to pick it up when the cards aren't exorbitant
Orxolon: 4:3/3 haste for Rafiki makes a lot of sense
snaxattack123: this episode of Death Battle is sweet
RechargeableFrenchman: Monkey loops
RechargeableFrenchman: What's not to love
Bruceski: Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!
Shadowsoflife: @Lord_Durin Monkeys are fast
kynelwynn: First Ragavan, now Rafiki
CururuGuasu: They’ll rip your face off
munocard: Shrink! That! Mouse!
Haroldholmes25: phyrexian rager pog
HadesLeprechaun: @BrowneePoints It looks really great but when every booster and box is priced liked Commander Masters it's :/
bytecaster: Someone tell Adam!
midnightcurryjazz: pascal mvp
WardsarTheWriter: Pascal is the hero here.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Aurora Briar Rose, at this time of year....
Earthenone: malificent, also great to loop with dr facilieer
shendaras: Pascal has been doing some work, yeah.
Bruceski: Pascal has been doing the hobbit trek here, just one step at a time.
snaxattack123: wheeler is finally getting comeuppance for all the N100 episodes
Gekyouryuu: Yzma keeps Pascal alive
munocard: LRRning
circusofkirkus: we found a card game Wheeler didn't immediately win at!
WiJohn: Flying man got there
jwholla: pascal does it
munocard: widdle chameleon wins
midnightcurryjazz: get em pascal!
YeomanAres: Chameleon wins it
WardsarTheWriter: 16?
BrowneePoints: Did you two have fun?
Diabore: probably 15+
HadesLeprechaun: also, this game was like 25 mins!
azninsect: eyyyy
BrowneePoints: Whatcha think?
Fanklok: Wait, so can you send Beast (Beauty and the Beast) on a quest?
code1300: Hey chat how much are the starter decks
jwholla: using cannon to kill stitch on turn 1 might have been a mistake
Orxolon: Conclusion:Steel is bad at questing?
dumbo3k: playing Yzma saved your pascal from getting killed in the crack back
munocard: @jwholla MSRP or current market?
BrowneePoints: This really is the card game that feels the most like Magic
BrowneePoints: in a good way
code1300: Msrp
mark_cimino: 4 boosties???
BrowneePoints: but being different enough to be intriguings
Earthenone: @code1300 ~17.99 msrp, honerable retailers selling for 20. they come with a pack inside too
MurphEP: Boosties! wheelerMonkey
munocard: @code1300 $15
mark_cimino: give aways?
ChaoticObserver: @code1300 Supposedly about 18 dollars, but there's been a lot of shortages so the prices have jumped so far, but they are working on it.
code1300: K
FlynnRaccoon: @mark_cimino Not Sponsored
BrowneePoints: yea the starter decks are supposed to be about $18
TherapyforNarwhals: LRRcona?
phillipcharliedaniell: give aways???
josh___something: LRRcana?
BrowneePoints: but some places have them jumped to $40
TherapyforNarwhals: @josh___something Jinx
mark_cimino: *sad face*
munocard: Don't overpay for this. Reprints of the first set are confirmed.
Faulpyr: $50 on amazon
Earthenone: not sponsored, james bought 3 decks and a booster pack with his own money
josh___something: @TherapyforNarwhals Nooooo *crumples into dust*
WardsarTheWriter: Pricey, but from what I'm seeing so far, seems like a solid, fun game.
TherapyforNarwhals: @josh___something I'm shocked they didn't think of it before the stream though... it's perfect!
mark_cimino: @Earthenone his own money???
mark_cimino: lol
Earthenone: (he dident have the company card on him)
josh___something: James is just THAT poggers :)
DrasonSpike: MIrrorVERSE! Thats what this game makes me think of
ChaoticObserver: Funny to get a Disney+ ad during this stream
BrowneePoints: but yea, out of all the post pandini card games, I think this and Digimon are the most interesting, and this seems like it might have the most longevity
BrowneePoints: AND it plays the most like Magic
Scar_Red_Tiger: I'm still enjoying One Piece. It just has a dominate deck issue atm.
HadesLeprechaun: yeah I think everyone who plays Magic would probably be able to play it using all the terminology they're familiar with
CururuGuasu: The game is also multiplayer, so they could try all three decks at once too
ShaneLeeAtk: Woo! Just got the tracking info for my hoodie!
Martinkaca: I may have finally got my hands on a single starter. Lets see if it is true when i go to pick it up in the morning.
Haroldholmes25: I'm hoping between the second set coming up and reprints, that this game becomes a lot more easily available
Martinkaca: I have tried out pixelborn and it is keeping me busy for now.
Martinkaca: But I heard the restock wave for LGSs has been delayed another month
Diabore: boostie time!
TheWriterAleph: uh ohhh poggers
ghyllnox: LUL
Shadowsoflife: LUL
azninsect: LuL
Earthenone: the only problem i have with pixelborn is is want to test decks i can make myself with cards i own and everyone on there plays 4 of legendaries
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Martinkaca: Good being back
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JDMan94: Good joke, streamer
freshbubba: !card sea legs
LRRbot: Sea Legs [U] | Enchantment — Aura | Flash / Enchant creature / Enchanted creature gets +0/+2 as long as it's a Pirate. Otherwise, it gets −2/−0.
azidbern95: squak squak squak
bytecaster: I have indeed human legs! I feel engaged!
DeM0nFiRe: Maybe you will open a reserve list card (you know when they make a reserve list in 10 years)
WardsarTheWriter: Roulxkard
Orxolon: wait!
Diabore: art cards in regular boosties?
Orxolon: are we trying to hit anything in particular?
Gekyouryuu: it's the art for the super OP mickey, iirc
Fanklok: Ariel Human Legs is my favorite font
Haroldholmes25: oh yeah I think that's the 8 mana red micke
Scarbble: AAG
bytecaster: Banding is in this game?
JDMan94: Almost in alphabetical order
YareNiDaze: AAGSRS
snaxattack123: quick, wheeler
Earthenone: two good simbas in this pack
snaxattack123: touch james
azninsect: 2 simbas!
randombillfolds: Who's that Lorcanamon?
Getter404: Topdeck Simba, mill yourself to death!
WardsarTheWriter: Aiiiiicerst?
YareNiDaze: Aye Aye, Sirs!
Haroldholmes25: Yep
NonUniqueGuy: Yes, uncommon
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dingle_hxpper: how illumnating!
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midnightcurryjazz: aye ayeeee
Shadowsoflife: o7
raulghoulia: Stark. there's your ironman card
midnightcurryjazz: that little shit
Bruceski: Or quest and then keep them safe
Haroldholmes25: or just quest and ready so they can't fight you
Orxolon: For the first in forever
Earthenone: grats!
midnightcurryjazz: woooooooooo
TabbyLavalamp: We're so used to power/toughness so we use 1/3 but with lore I'm thinking 1/3/1 is more appropriate.
azninsect: yoooooo
azninsect: YOOOOOOOO
Orxolon: nice
Haroldholmes25: Yep middle rare rarity
NonUniqueGuy: Super Rare, not mythic
snaxattack123: ~wooooow
Sibwow: thats a 4 rare not a 5 rare
Chichen: $17 card
DrChillbrain: 17 bucks on tcgplayer not bad
Haroldholmes25: bronze silver gold is the easy way to tell
bytecaster: I can see the perfect Stax deck, only play Frozen cards and sing "Let it go" while locking them down.
Earthenone: its the second most expensive non legendary
FlynnRaccoon: Not a fan of "Super Rare" as a rarity.
YareNiDaze: A whole new Hand!
TherapyforNarwhals: Ya know for a super playable card, not very expensive like MTG
kynelwynn: Lady tremaine and Works; not done or something along those lines, brings an action back from the discard
WardsarTheWriter: Shiny feesh.
Getter404: And you can recur that with Fan the Flames for +2 Lore on everything
Sibwow: strictly better
snaxattack123: strict upgrade flounder
swatb0t: are the foils good?
TabbyLavalamp: @swatb0t No curling.
code1300: On tcg it says $16
ChaoticObserver: How are the foils?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Mickey, Giantslayer
midnightcurryjazz: Aladdin matters
snaxattack123: @TabbyLavalamp Kreygasm
BrowneePoints: Common, grey circle/Uncommon, white book/Rare, bronze triangle/Super Rare, silver square/Legendary, gold pentagon/Enchanted, rainbow hexagon for Rarities @LoadingReadyRun
WardsarTheWriter: Abu!!
Getter404: When I was a young wart-HOG!
bytecaster: "Simple and Clean?" Kingdom hearts set when?
Shadowsoflife: When he was a young warhog
Laserbeaks_Fury: Pumba, Mister Pig
midnightcurryjazz: omg
midnightcurryjazz: that hat
DarknessKingCoH: Those foils are sort of similar to MtG Etched Foils
circusofkirkus: :O
WardsarTheWriter: It used destiny bond.
red_shoes_jeff: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Diabore: 2 lore too
FlynnRaccoon: CoolCat
Shadowsoflife: lrrCREEPR
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Getter404: Go kick a cat and your man just instantly explodes
RechargeableFrenchman: Jayce?
RechargeableFrenchman: Jayce from Arcane?
Bruceski: Between that and Mad Hatter Wonderland's shtick seems to be discouraging being challenged.
circusofkirkus: eggs!
WardsarTheWriter: Equipment deck?
bytecaster: @circusofkirkus Actually the Lorcana term for egg is coconut
Diabore: 7.50 for grab
YareNiDaze: Guessing that's her picking up Maurice's work. Maurice was an inventor, iirc?
forthehoard: Double gold
RechargeableFrenchman: @bytecaster Consider them
Getter404: Was Horace Hugh Laurie or Ron Weasley's dad?
shasra: Eldraine looking different than i remember
Earthenone: e have feet!
Gekyouryuu: Horace, aka Ron Weasley's dad
BrowneePoints: RARITIES: Common(grey circle) Uncommon(white book) Rare(bronze triangle) Super Rare(silver square) Legendary(gold pentagon) Enchanted(rainbow hexagon)
Earthenone: orange is regualr rare
Laserbeaks_Fury: And in the 4th pack is....Park Place
Getter404: Orange is regular rare
protojman: so like when will i be able to buy these for my nieces at regular prices?
NonUniqueGuy: number of sides pretty much (with book for 2)
Bruceski: Aside from book being 2 it looks like it goes up by polygon.
FlynnRaccoon: Hexagon - as ever, the Bestagon
BrowneePoints: number of sides goes up in rarity, with book being 2
Bruceski: I think both of Ben's were super rare
Diabore: why are there 6 rarities
Getter404: Jetstream Sam?
snaxattack123: @Diabore because money
FadedOasis: @Diabore Lootboxes.
Scarbble: clearly more rarities is more better
Earthenone: the 6th rarity is just for alt arts of cards at other rairities
WardsarTheWriter: I like when cards pair together.
Orxolon: i don't understand the purple cards shtick,is it don't hit me while i quest?
Earthenone: purple's shtick is card draw
snaxattack123: all the new card games seem to be going the japanese route and including a million rarities
BrowneePoints: Purple Cards are kinda like U/B card advantage stuff @Orxolon
Bruceski: Purple seems to have some buddy cards
Orxolon: kk,thx
chaostreader: Did James get a blue card in his first 6?
Bruceski: Anna/Elsa, Flotsam/Jetsam
Orxolon: unsummon
Haroldholmes25: 5 mana path to exile!
Earthenone: its path to exile
Diabore: 10.50
TherapyforNarwhals: $6 let it go
BrowneePoints: it's Path
Earthenone: 5 mana, or free
red_shoes_jeff: AND THEN ALONG CAME ZEUS!
itsr67: flavorful, throws lightning
WardsarTheWriter: It means he's lazy unless provoked into fighting.
Sibwow: wheeler sees a foil cantrip and monke brain activates
Laserbeaks_Fury: Park Place
AzaleaCloud: Let's go! :D
Earthenone: nice!
CaptainSpam: WE WIN!
swatb0t: ayyyy!
Orxolon: woooooooowwwww
Chichen: Clap
WardsarTheWriter: Wooo!
snaxattack123: oh my GOD
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
YareNiDaze: Wasn't she building the castle in that scene?
Haroldholmes25: exodia assembled!
BrowneePoints: that's such good art too
MrSarkhan: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Getter404: HE EXODIA'D!
Shadowsoflife: woo
Orxolon: what are the chances
DeM0nFiRe: never didnt have it
BusTed: seabatClap
KWardJenx: Nailed it!
dingle_hxpper: what to go ben!!!!
azninsect: tqsClap
Scarbble: ez clap
adambomb625: what does that do?
Laserbeaks_Fury: We have assembles Exodia
RechargeableFrenchman: It's like Revitalize lol
bytecaster: Mass heal
Getter404: EACH
Orxolon: Steve Rogers has a musical
TheWriterAleph: "I can do this aaaal DAAAAY!"
Pharmacistjudge: "sad hulk song"
AzaleaCloud: I dunno, Paul. Ultron loves to sing. That's canon.
sag3error: It's that game I had to constantly walk around the line for at Gencon
snaxattack123: why cant tony sing a song, cmon paul
YareNiDaze: But Paul, Iron Man by Black Sabbath as a card?
raulghoulia: can't wait until we get an mcu musical movie
YareNiDaze: Agatha All Along?
kynelwynn: My Darth Vader will sing LEt it Go
NonUniqueGuy: MCU musical movie when?
Sibwow: the musical from hawkeye
CururuGuasu: Steve Rogers has his own musical
BrowneePoints: Cruellla De Vil!
BrowneePoints: Cruella De Vil!
adambomb625: What does the 4 card Mickey do?
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Orxolon: @kynelwynn hahahahahahaha,that got me hard
WardsarTheWriter: PHIL!
Getter404: Gotta pay the Troll Toll
YareNiDaze: If she doesn't scare you! No evil thing will!
Gascitygaming: are the packs colour balanced?
WardsarTheWriter: Abu! Put that down!
kynelwynn: @Orxolon *takes a bow*
Getter404: What do you have?
snaxattack123: the flavour!!
raulghoulia: we've all got swords
NonUniqueGuy: @Gascitygaming Seem to get one common of each color
YareNiDaze: You fool!
ShaneLeeAtk: You fool! We've all got swords!
loufghyslaufey: dang it Ragavan!
robaphone251: that horse is a joke
WardsarTheWriter: I forgot Captain existed...
Sibwow: Captain synergizes with the pirate that wants to see a captain
Getter404: Oh, I thought it was the Cop Horse from Tangled
BrowneePoints: Jasper is also good
Orxolon: @kynelwynn made my day,thank you
itsr67: ally btw
loufghyslaufey: Oh that scar, Herc.
mjiig: The hardest part of this game seems like it would be not revealing your hand by singing the lines on your cards
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap
Haroldholmes25: Kuzco!
WardsarTheWriter: Hell yeah!
Getter404: THERE'S THE BOY
red_shoes_jeff: NO TOUCHY!
azninsect: Kuzcos card
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raulghoulia: boom baby
bytecaster: No Touchy!
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun 23 on tcg
YareNiDaze: I'm sorry, you've thrown off the Emperor's groove!
BrowneePoints: Super Rare!
Haroldholmes25: Broom mickey!
TherapyforNarwhals: $15 james
Getter404: Leven 2 rare
Chichen: $15 Kuzco
DrasonSpike: From MIrrorverse?
adambomb625: Can only be dealt with using poison specifically for kuzco
snaxattack123: broom tribal my god
Sibwow: that magic broom is the only broom so far
Scarbble: aw yeah, brooms deck
ALLxISxLOST: how many broom characters are there?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: nah, pass
shasra: with a hammer?
loufghyslaufey: they must try dabbling into Fantasia for this, gosh.
Sibwow: cut the coconuts for sure, upgrade flounder
loufghyslaufey: Oh, faithless looting!
inconsideratehat: I want a foil chernabog so bad
loufghyslaufey: LUL
swatb0t: keep it because it's a frying pan
Earthenone: it seems bad
loufghyslaufey: How did I get that right? Before reading the card Ransack?
snaxattack123: *L4D pan noise*
WardsarTheWriter: It makes a funny sound when you hit someone with it.
loufghyslaufey: My favorite Pan!
red_shoes_jeff: Yes.
Orxolon: so we hit around $42 ?
DeM0nFiRe: Do foil cards make foil ink?
ALLxISxLOST: @DeM0nFiRe glitter gel pens
forthehoard: What is the mana curve, live how many inc cards do you need?
loufghyslaufey: Format; Ben? There's More Than One?
Sibwow: Starkey works with Captain the horse
ALLxISxLOST: @forthehoard seems like 8 or 9 if you want big drop
Orxolon: LEt it go can target non exerted cards?
Sibwow: yes it is
Earthenone: belle is good without item synergies, she quests for 2 as a 3 mana creature
forthehoard: @ALLxISxLOST Max yes, but you will play some so how much in a deck?
BrowneePoints: So the 4 most expensive non alternate cards atm, are the Legendary Rapunzel, Elsa and Belle, and the 9 Mana Legendary Maleficient, all of which are going for $50
BrowneePoints: if we're talking alt arts? well...the cheapest is like $220 atm
snaxattack123: how much is a "comp" deck?
snaxattack123: in average
ALLxISxLOST: @forthehoard I assume you want enough that you can every turn get like 3 or
Getter404: Captain.... we named the horse Captain... we named the monkey Jack OH NO we're 100% getting a PotC set at some point aren't we
ALLxISxLOST: 4 card drops a turn*
Sibwow: 5 rarities plus alt art
Earthenone: 5 rarities, and fancy art as a 6th
forthehoard: Seems like money
Haroldholmes25: common uncommon rare super rare
millenomi_Aura: exotic
Haroldholmes25: legendary
BrowneePoints: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Legendary, and then "fancy art" Enchanted
laz0tep: just got here, have we played yet? i see a pile of unsleeved cards and suspect we were deckbuilding
Sibwow: i opened the fancy art elsa and sold it for like 500 bucks
Earthenone: alt art cards, most expensive one is elsa, shes going got over 1k usd
BrowneePoints: yea fancy art Elsa is $750 atm
Juliamon: laz0tep Played with the stock decks, now cracking packs to upgrade them
YareNiDaze: @laz0tep Played 2 rounds with the starter decks, then opening boosters and upgrading them.
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I like the keyword section on the characters. It is similar to creature types in MtG in that they can be referenced by other cards, but they can be anything, not limited to just "types"
Sibwow: im waiting for the money to come in
stizzet: Gg!
bytecaster: Wheeler already brewing Lorcana Highlander
forthehoard: Is it still at least 40% inc cards or its it higher at like 60 or 70%?
BrowneePoints: if you throw in the D23 Promos, 6 of them are $1,200, and the d23 Promo Elsa is about $2,000 market price, but all the listings are like....5 grand
Shadowsoflife: lrrCREEPR
Laserbeaks_Fury: Do the decks have to be 50/50 if you play two colors?
Getter404: Angrily questing
Earthenone: @Laserbeaks_Fury nope!
Earthenone: any ratio is fine
TabbyLavalamp: @Laserbeaks_Fury Nope.
stizzet: GenCon promo is over 100 again
AzaleaCloud: @LoadingReadyRun Considering Magic has "Brushwagg," "Lhurgoyf," and "Phyrexian" as creature types, this applies to Magic too tbh.
Getter404: @stizzet How about the D23 promo? I want to say it was a Tailor Mickey
bytecaster: Is there a Narset available to facilitate the Wheel.
CompSciJedi: One thing my local group has honed in on: Purple is the ONLY color with direct card draw, and like Pokemon card draw is KING in this game
kynelwynn: The Red/Green deck doesn't have Robin Hood? Pity
Getter404: Bah, reading comprehension
Sibwow: robin hood is blue
BrowneePoints: Ooof. Apparently there's a 2/7 Mickey Mousketeer with Bodyguard
kynelwynn: Thought I saw a green Rob. Must be conflating his clothes
forthehoard: Subbroom
Laserbeaks_Fury: You wanna know how I got these Scars?....I got a Starter deck
red_shoes_jeff: This... is my BROOMSTICK!
Earthenone: zeus is 4 mana 4 damage
TabbyLavalamp: I went 4-0 at my LGS when I got to play so being undefeated I'm considering joining the pro tour.
Haroldholmes25: I think simba is pretty solid
Earthenone: simba protects pacals well
Earthenone: cut all the cards that say heal
Earthenone: except cinderella
malpandagobbo: Hm is mid
SpoonfullOfSugar: healing salve? ghasp
Earthenone: also control your tempor, same idea - power for a turn is basicly healing
circusofkirkus: just like potions in pokemon, generally useless
Getter404: Heal cards are only really worth it if you're running Carolyn Fern or Vincent Lee... wait no
TriforceDrummer: It'd be more interesting if there were like, cards that damaged your own characters for a benefit
HadesLeprechaun: I have NEVER intentionally dug a grave
Laserbeaks_Fury: I ain't saying he's a gravedigger
ArcOfTheConclave: if you do a pile of chalenging, you could heal back up?
DuelingBudz: Rapunzel is a better healer more $ but gives that draw too
YareNiDaze: But is there an Ursula?
kynelwynn: Go in on Brooms, remove eel
Sibwow: theyre very cuttabble
TabbyLavalamp: One of the things I like about the game is that as long as it's inkable playing a meh card won't hurt you as much as it would in Magic.
ArcOfTheConclave: slivers?
swatb0t: There is something appealing about all the art/frame treatments being so cohesive.
red_shoes_jeff: I would add the additional Jetsam, myself.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Jetsam is an INk card, while Flotsam is not
TabbyLavalamp: @swatb0t There are full art foils but they are very rare.
Sibwow: princess matters
Earthenone: control your tempor and healing glow should be cut
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:56:28.
malpandagobbo: You can probably cut the dingles
Sibwow: dinglehopper surprisingly not bad
red_shoes_jeff: They Dingle! They Hop!
YareNiDaze: Always dingling that hopper
LoadingReadyRun: @AzaleaCloud I guess so. Creature type feels a little different to me. Lorcana can have stuff like villain, hero or the "*born" keywords on almost every creature, which MtG wouldn't do
forthehoard: I mean fan yes, but they bad
dingle_hxpper: I enjoy a dingle hooper...
WardsarTheWriter: I wonder if there's a villain tribal. I would be interested in playing that just for theming because villain teamups are usually pretty entertaining.
JDMan94: They are good inking cards, yeah
dingle_hxpper: they are good inking cards
Sibwow: you want a vast majority inkable
Haroldholmes25: I think the recommended ratio is about 2/3-3/4
Laserbeaks_Fury: Fun Fact: The only difference between flotsam and jetsam is intent.
asddsa28: just pokmon then so 15 at least
Earthenone: i think you should have roughly 45 inkable but im not a mathmatician
dingle_hxpper: and they're good against the natch up of like low drop aggro
Orxolon: what is the role of the player?summoner?Storyteller?Inkmaster?
KeytarCat: ooh, round 3?
Earthenone: @Orxolon Illumineer
dingle_hxpper: @WardsarTheWriter 8 drop Hates cares about villains
niccus: lawyer
kynelwynn: Ben is one Pokemon Generation, Wheel is two spread out over years
JDMan94: Blue and Grey? I love that BTS song.
dingle_hxpper: @Orxolon Illumineer!
Orxolon: @Earthenone cool name
Orxolon: @niccus hahahahah
RayFK: I can not calculate this level of betrayal. /s
SinbadEV: Hearthstone style mulligan?
josh___something: @dingle_hxpper Aren't those the people that design disney rides at disneyland?
BrowneePoints: Good old Alan Tudyk
Earthenone: yeah openeing hand put any number back and draw that number, only once
kynelwynn: WEaselton? It's Wesselton!
YareNiDaze: Ah yes, the Duke of Weaselton!
raulghoulia: weaselton
Camthelion: ohai @RayFK
RayFK: heyoooo
code1300: Saw the lorcana sleeves are Mickey,Elsa and hook
LordManiMani: Gonna make me a Alan Tudyk / David Ogden Stiers tribal deck mmhmm
YareNiDaze: Oh man, Aristocats...
MF_Yosh: Y’all going to make up names for these starter decks?
DeM0nFiRe: "What do you have?" "A sword!" "NO"
NotCainNorAbel: Paul is amazing
Shadowsoflife: ^
LathosTiran: theres a button?
Gascitygaming: do the cards with challenger get their bonus when they are being challenged?
josh___something: Doesn't the big snowman have a name?
kynelwynn: @Gascitygaming No. It's an aggressive mechanic
protojman: i was thinking the same thing Paul!
kireawolf: Tibs is 101 Dalmatian
TabbyLavalamp: @Gascitygaming No, only when they challenge.
Gascitygaming: cool :)
YareNiDaze: @josh___something Marshmallow.
Getter404: So only attacking, not defending
Laserbeaks_Fury: I wanted to make a "Hulk Smash" pun, but I couldn't find the right rime for it
Gekyouryuu: don't forget to ink your spawn or you're just throwing away points
Shadowsoflife: @Laserbeaks_Fury ha
Laserbeaks_Fury: Steampunk Willie
Mr_Horrible: Micherd
KeytarCat: Michael moose
LordManiMani: Michael Eisner card
YareNiDaze: No no, he's right.
snaxattack123: Pokemon expansion lets go
Getter404: @LordManiMani "Hullo"
Orxolon: The great mouse detective?
LordManiMani: @getter404 Aw man he's back again
Getter404: @Orxolon Again, Ravensberger give me Yoked Up Ratigan
Orxolon: so,starting player has a lot of advantage?
LordManiMani: Boo
YareNiDaze: Megg
kireawolf: Nooo not tibbs
snaxattack123: ink meg? i heardly know her
Gascitygaming: give me the drunk mouse that sings that
Orxolon: @Getter404 who is Ravensberger ?=
YareNiDaze: "3 words! YOU GUYS AIN'T HEROES!"
YareNiDaze: @Orxolon The company that makes this game.
Laserbeaks_Fury: So I started bouncin'
Sibwow: more like mepty
Getter404: @Orxolon The slightly more Germanic Ravensburger, I assume
Sibwow: empty
TheWriterAleph: questing beast oh nooo
adambomb625: oh no its questing beast
Haroldholmes25: oooooh there's only one of those in that deck :(
Earthenone: think digivolving
kynelwynn: Legend of the Five Rings Experienced mechanic
WardsarTheWriter: Oh no... mutate...
YareNiDaze: Digimon, Digital Monsters...
Haroldholmes25: and the shift ones are the floodborn
Diabore: wait what the fuck was that ability
NoxStryx: Disneymon
WardsarTheWriter: Two in your kitchen? Illegal.
TheWanderingNomad: Man, this Disney x MTG Collab looks neat Kappa
emberBecky: ominous
Mr_Horrible: my favorite FromSoft game
YareNiDaze: Hook's crew, the Agrabah guards... the little coconut people from Moana...
Getter404: Give me Baloo (Jungle) and Baloo (Sherwood Forest)
Fanklok: Full on gooning deck?
Diabore: that alladin had a bonkers ability
LordManiMani: Epic Mickey, but ink is good
Sogheim: @Getter404 and Baloo (Tail Spin), you can't forget him
Shadowsoflife: @Getter404 what about tail spins Baloo?
CompSciJedi: Goon Force One deck?
FlynnRaccoon: So Flood will be like Kicker <]
Truly_Sharp: So confused on how this game works
Laserbeaks_Fury: Alternate universe where it's all waterworld and not a desert
Gascitygaming: give me the snake that folds it's arms somehow
red_shoes_jeff: @Getter404 And Baloo (Tale Spin) for th-DANGIT!
kynelwynn: Hey, if you're making Lil' John Baloo, then you need to also make Thomas O'Malley a Baloo (same VA)
freshbubba: I thought it was crapshot
Laserbeaks_Fury: BEAST WARS
Ukon_Cairns: make them all sapphire cards so you can play mono Baloo
NoxStryx: The all baloo deck would be the bearforce one deck of lorcana
YeomanAres: Is jungle book baloo jealous the others get to wear clothes or happy he doesn't have to?
Diabore: wait, does cruella only bounce when shes banished? it reads like a "when this card dies" ability
Shadowsoflife: A little late there @red_shoes_jeff :p
Rhynerd: The term Floodborn is for some reason just reminding me of the Epic Mickey concept art.
josh___something: Michelin mouse
red_shoes_jeff: @Ukon_Cairns A True Baloo deck, if you will!
Sogheim: if they make Brother Bear cards, too, you would have enough for Bearforce One
CompSciJedi: @Truly_Sharp Quest to be the first to get 20 lore, characters that quest gain lore based on the diamonds in the bottom right of their cards
NoxStryx: @yeomanares i feel like jungle book baloo chooses to not wear cloths
Earthenone: whinnie the pooh is suposadly in set 2, think he makes it into bearforce 1?
TabbyLavalamp: I'm hoping they don't just stick to animated characters so we can get a Herbie the Love Bug card.
kynelwynn: Beast has a banish
WardsarTheWriter: Oh... if there's a Bears deck, we need Shark Tale cards for a Shark deck.
Sibwow: the draft format seems real neat
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Haroldholmes25: 5 color soup is not my cup of tea
LordManiMani: Implying Americans fare better LUL
miniMacGuru: Is there an official draft ruleset for Lorcana?
LithelyUnshod: Canada's Wonderland is no longer PAramount
emberBecky: they'd need a lot of open land so you never know
Getter404: Paramount Parks has come and gone, yeah. IIRC they're owned by King's Dominion now
LordManiMani: What's his name??!
red_shoes_jeff: WwwwwwHAT'S HIS NAME!?
Diabore: dont worry, 25 years after disney land toronto theyll make a disney land vancouver
freshbubba: why not build it in Mission?
mazingolfer: it is technically paramount but it’s owned by cedar fare
Earthenone: @miniMacGuru for the draft ruleset basicly ignore ink color
Sibwow: drafts are 4 packs, 40 card deck
JDMan94: Cedar Fair owns Canada's Wonderland. Have for a while.
RayFK: That's an understatement
Featherweight_: yeah Topgun is now generic jet coaster
Haroldholmes25: all the colors
Gekyouryuu: there's no Disney's Land in Canada because of Alberta's unceasing vigil to refuse to allow rats to exist
stizzet: They did limited events at GenCon
NoxStryx: When Hugin and Munin make Odin mad, Ravensburger
Bruceski: Does Kuzco get hit by pyroclasm?
kynelwynn: yes. Ward is only for "Chose" (target)
ThirdGames: Toronto does technically have a Disney Resort that includes "Toronto Disneyland"
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YeomanAres: Plus you play 40 cards you drafted instead of 23
Easilycrazyhat: The secret is diarrhea
WardsarTheWriter: Wait... is Indiana Jones a disney property now?
Haroldholmes25: yes
mazingolfer: fun fact: my dad used to work for Paramount as their head roller coaster engineer for control systems
robaphone251: @arkilyd you're eleventy one!
milkydeew: bens deck needs a goad mechanic
freshbubba: Disneyland:Paris:Canada?
Laserbeaks_Fury: What would they call Disney___ in Canada?
Sibwow: you cut 8
LordManiMani: We'll just enjoy Epcot Canada Pavilion
Earthenone: you would draft 48 and cut 8
Getter404: Just anchor one of the Disney cruise ships in international waters JUST off the coast of Quebec
Sibwow: but all your cards are lands too (well not all)
WardsarTheWriter: Then we need some original Indy Trilogy cards in this.
Gascitygaming: disney quebec feels like euro disney jr.
SinbadEV: There's La Ronde in Montreal.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Long live the Mouse
josh___something: Ho hoOH FUC-
Diabore: takes wheeler off the win
red_shoes_jeff: So THAT'S why they retired Mickey...
Mr_Horrible: Simba watching Mickey get trampled and just like "...I feel nothing for this creature"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Grand Moff Tala
Earthenone: no no, a ward lord
TheWanderingNomad: One swing ahead of the sword...
kynelwynn: Ward Lord
LordManiMani: Of the goblin horde!
snaxattack123: ah so they put Kira in the game right away
malpandagobbo: Just a heads up, you aren't supposed to see the cards one jump ahead and Micky detective puts into your inkwell.
Deusis: Aurora giving herself lord cmon
Gascitygaming: breaker of vines
Haroldholmes25: more of that strange flood, probably nothing
TabbyLavalamp: It's fine because there are no stakes but in a sanctioned game when you use that effect to put a card into your ink pool, you're not supposed to look at it.
TheWriterAleph: wark wark
Narset: ENCHANTED !!!
1y1e: ward lord? mad lad
YareNiDaze: For Graham - Never mind that shit, here comes Pongo!
lamina5432: has only characters with shift been floodborns?
Diabore: still not lethal
TheWanderingNomad: What's the name of big boi in AEW? Ward Low?
YareNiDaze: @TheWanderingNomad Wardlow, one word.
YareNiDaze: Who they did SO goddamn dirty.
NoxStryx: Floodborn probable mean "from events that dont make sense in their main stories"
TabbyLavalamp: @TheWanderingNomad Oh crap, I just realized how long it's been since he last showed up.
YeomanAres: I saw a lrr skit on a botchamania ending
YareNiDaze: @TabbyLavalamp They ruined him so badly.
Deusis: RIP Tarzan I heard Disney couldn't confirm the rights
Earthenone: welcome to LRRcana
snaxattack123: LRRcana
kynelwynn: @YeomanAres wait. really?
TheWanderingNomad: @YareNiDaze Ooof, that's sad to hear.
WardsarTheWriter: The Bens are fighting.
ShaneLeeAtk: That's Numberwang !
Earthenone: !patreon
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Earthenone: !pobox
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CompSciJedi: I played an Amber Amethyst constructed deck at my LGS release event, I'm currently working on an Emerald Steel deck
TheWanderingNomad: Imma crease your J's Spiderman!
Gascitygaming: !patreon
LRRbot: 2758 patrons for a total of $21,515.90 per month.
nightsreach: that dreamborn rapunzel said "each opponent", have they said how many players can be played?
RechargeableFrenchman: This match between Graham and James cast by everyone's favourite Akki Hermit
snaxattack123: Saturday Morning Lorcana Fight
bytecaster: New show: "Thursday Night Lorcana Fight"?
Deusis: I never looked, does Lorcana have a 1st Edition
Abelzumi: "Willing to trade husband for Lorcana"
azninsect: wtb lorcana sponsorship...wait
TheWanderingNomad: So instead of colors, Lorcana uses gems?
Earthenone: @Deusis nope!
Diabore: @Deusis thats where the money is
Orxolon: wait!3rd?which is the 2nd?
freshbubba: Lundi Night Lorcana Fight
Getter404: Only Warhammer? much for the Arkham Horror stockpile
WardsarTheWriter: These gemstone designations keep putting me in the mindset of pokemon gen 3.
Tiber727: There's no rule FNPF has to be Magic. Lorcana is paper too.
Mr_Horrible: it reminds me a lot of Hecatomb, honestly
Earthenone: for multiplayer its great, you go until someone wins, not until N-1 people lose
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Deusis: I love most of Lorcana except the discard for mana. the Final Fantasy TCG did that too and I hate it
Wicker_Guide: @Tiber727 I'm still holding out for "Dueling with Rolled up Newspapers"
Sibwow: you use lore opportunity as a resource
YeomanAres: @kynelwynn yes I can't remember which one but I think is was in the last years and used the bad news sketch
Deusis: "get rid of cool cards to do stuff that might not matter"
Deusis: feels baaaaaad
kynelwynn: Neat
Quarthian: Also the game is over when it's over, you don't have to worry about one person being eliminated quickly
Getter404: Ink! Those! Human Legs!
red_shoes_jeff: I'll catch the rest after work. Night!
Armstrong11139: She'
FlynnRaccoon: Notably not a human.
Easilycrazyhat: Which human's legs?
Armstrong11139: *She's half human, half mermaid
BusTed: benginO7
Sogheim: that's... an interesting thing to say. that implies the top half of Ariel is still a mermaid
TheWanderingNomad: @Easilycrazyhat Don't worry about it :)
Tiber727: If only the legs are human, does that mean the legs came from a human?
BusTed: They call me Mr. Tibbs!
Deusis: Yzma is great cost
Wicker_Guide: Per HCA, still doesn't have a soul
Deusis: 2/2 just not annoying enough, and 1 quest
Deusis: but that ability
Earthenone: ohh this seems like an aporpriate question for this chat, albeit not the perfect time, but would a person named "ellipses" be more likely to present as male or female?
Sogheim: where did Ursula get the legs? also, why is she named for bears?
Getter404: EVERY time I think about that Neil Cicierga comic. "How many legs?" "Eight" "Eight legs"
Gekyouryuu: "They call me... MISTER PIBB!"
Rhynerd: It also got a TV show
Rhynerd: I saw some episodes of the TV show
Deusis: Comedy Bangbang just had a podcast with an Ursula character who cursed herself and had 16 human legs because of it
YareNiDaze: The quest for the correct lever.
Wicker_Guide: @Earthenone if they spell it "..." then male, if "elipses" then probably non-binary or leaning femme
millenomi_Aura: @earthenone full custom.
snaxattack123: that wardrobe has killed a man
FalkDeKeysergracht: It feels very interaction light, just from watching it. Especially since you can't do anything against non-exterted cards, unless you've got specific spells. So In MTG terms if a control deck stabilized at 2 life, a single creature wouldn't do much with blockers up etc, but here the aggro deck can still quest uncontested
snaxattack123: never forget
purposesunknown: No lions or witches yet, but Graham has ensembled 1/3 of the combo
kamilucky: we're all thinking it. I think. So yes to the wardrobe
LordManiMani: Why tf doesn't Wardrobe have or grant Ward
Sogheim: @snaxattack123 yes! why does everyone act like she's innocent?!
Earthenone: @Wicker_Guide thanks!
TheWanderingNomad: @Sogheim Look, it was kill or be killed....
Earthenone: why dosent it grand robes
CompSciJedi: @FalkDeKeysergracht It is, in much the same vein as Pokemon
YareNiDaze: It doesn't give Robe either! Awful card.
Sogheim: because it's a Wardrobe, not an Armoire
LordManiMani: Ahaha
NoxStryx: A robe that grants ward, a ward-robe
TabbyLavalamp: I like the card back design on these. Not having the word mark on it means they won't have the same problem as Magic every time WoTC makes changes to it.
Deusis: The most interesting part of the game I think is declaring quest or not, because the whole Exerted window is so important
Abelzumi: Sorry, I missed that, what does Pot of Greed do?
freshbubba: Refreshing you hand?
Deusis: but it's also where most of my thinking happens, like will they attack this exerted card or wont they
Getter404: "And so I inked a dinglehopper, as was the style at the time"
WiJohn: Ink! That! Dinglehopper!
Armstrong11139: "Inking the dinglehopper" --Jamuraan expression meaning "putting the flim-flaim on the wibble-flup"
Sibwow: yes
Abelzumi: So there's broom for improvement?
LordManiMani: Seems like limited top down design space.
Rhynerd: That’s Graham, always inking his dinglehopper
CompSciJedi: Yes, there is currently only the one broom card
kynelwynn: Brooms to become the new slivers
Sogheim: do the Mickey discounts stack?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Remember to smash that Like and Ink that Dinglehopper
Fanklok: There goes Graham, inking his dinglehopper in public again
FlynnRaccoon: @kynelwynn Splinters?
LordManiMani: [Homestar voice] Witch's Bwoom
Gascitygaming: think mickey yells at them like a curling skip?
josh___something: oh no
Sibwow: RIP gilbert
Deusis: lol he taunts
Abelzumi: Wiseau's "The Broom"
circusofkirkus: nice spittle
Deusis: he goads
kynelwynn: PrOBLEM with yer DAUGHterrr
roastbeefsandwitch: mm. Cid Ceaser did Iago's voice, right?
kamilucky: do you think there'll be a kingdom hearts dlc?
toddbepraised: Whenever something is inked, I think of the dip from Roger Rabbit.
Mr_Horrible: it's all ya fault, Jafar
snaxattack123: and the Bens are losing it
RechargeableFrenchman: @Abelzumi I did not animate them, I did not. Oh hi Mickey.
YareNiDaze: @roastbeefsandwitch Gilbert Gotfried
WardsarTheWriter: Reminds me of all of Matt W's Rito in his Breath of the Wild playthrough for some reason...
TabbyLavalamp: I got to see Gilbert Gottfried at a show once and after when he was at his merch table he talked soooo quietly.
WiJohn: 3 for 2?
shendaras: Broom boy from Star Wars.
YareNiDaze: @TabbyLavalamp Does he still have the inflection? How much of that is for show?
Rhynerd: @kamilucky I could see it happening and the characters from it being called Heartborn
Tiber727: I like how the sub-title implies these cards have tribes. Therefore I want to see a foul-mouthed bird tribal deck.
Sogheim: is there a maximum hand size in Lorcana?
Getter404: @kamilucky Probably not? Lately Disney seems to like evoking KH vibes without actually using KH. Like they just put out a dang Kamen Rider belt with Bandai that uses giant keys and has a character that looks like *but is legally distinct from* Sora
TabbyLavalamp: @YareNiDaze It's mostly for show. He didn't talk the same way at all.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Jasper? I hardly know her!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Mickey got Norted
kamilucky: @Getter404 sora 2 thekamen rider dlc
Mr_Horrible: Mickey back down to the World of Darkness
snaxattack123: ar there any cards that interact with the inked cards?
LordManiMani: Get back in the Realm of Darkness where you belong
niccus: i wonder if they'll add mirrorverse characters as dreamborns
snaxattack123: like bounce them back to hand or smt
josh___something: Put mickey in the DIP
TabbyLavalamp: I have four Part of Your Worlds but only one Dragon Fire.
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DrakeSD: This game seems wild
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LordManiMani: Eight legs!?
Mr_Horrible: that's what you get for leaving Aqua there, jerkass
kynelwynn: How does she breathe!?
WardsarTheWriter: Are there any Roger Rabbit cards in this set?
WardsarTheWriter: I would love that.
CururuGuasu: She’s got legs. Don’t know how to use them
Gekyouryuu: @LordManiMani seven _____. maybe more. imagine.
TheWanderingNomad: I mean she was perfectly fine from the waist up, just needed to able to walk on land
Laserbeaks_Fury: No one she was walking on *her8 legs
Abelzumi: As someone who's never had a top half in my life—
Armstrong11139: @CururuGuasu LUL
NotCainNorAbel: the illusion is broken
kynelwynn: @WardsarTheWriter Not yet.
Deusis: Rapunzel is annoyingly costed
Earthenone: Gankles
TabbyLavalamp: @WardsarTheWriter No. Not yet.
kamilucky: she got bottom surgery smh
Gascitygaming: the toenail lifts up
LordManiMani: @gekyouryuu ñ
itira: cursed so cursed
YareNiDaze: @kynelwynn She can go above water even with the tail, just not walk on land. So assumedly she's amphibious.
josh___something: NOPE
control_rig: Ew ew ew no no no
Abelzumi: Two halves of a whole bottom. Just like Eric.
purposesunknown: You've created a different kind of Lorcanna Ben
MrSarkhan: Oh i hate that so much
CompSciJedi: Thanks, I hate it
Rhynerd: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You come across the altar of a false god. What do you do?
control_rig: NO
Mr_Horrible: Ariel in cahoots with Emrakul?
josh___something: nopenopenope
Laserbeaks_Fury: No one said she was walking on *her* legs, she could very well be walking on someone else's legs
NotCainNorAbel: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
CaptainSpam: SIR.
raulghoulia: Beej isn't even here
josh___something: Banish the Bens
MrSarkhan: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Your back looks fantastic!
kynelwynn: Poor G
purposesunknown: You've created a different kind of Lorcanna Ben..
WardsarTheWriter: Thank you to the both of you for using the word "yet" to preserve my hopes and dreams.
Gekyouryuu: !y
FlynnRaccoon: !Don'tClipThat
control_rig: Can we reverse commission an artist to NOT do that?
aiamethyst: hard pass
YareNiDaze: @Laserbeaks_Fury Well yeah, they were part of the deal from Ursula. Where she got them who knows?
Earthenone: the doc is in!
Deusis: rip
LordManiMani: @purposesunknown Anna? Anna of Lorcanna?
CaptainSpam: Now THAT is character design.
Tiber727: The part about Ariel reminded me of a joke in a webcomic where a centaur freaks out the first time she sees a horse.
LordManiMani: Gettem
niccus: uh oh, value engine
Rhynerd: LRR plays Lorcana: come to see beloved comedians play a new card game, stay(?) for cursed considerations of Ariel’s Anatomy
Deusis: Facilier is one of the better top down cards
Sogheim: why's the reindeer hanging with the villains?
Diabore: does damage stay when you shift?
Orxolon: so if you don't exert him for anything your whole board is undying,wowwww
YareNiDaze: @Sogheim Sven secretly plans to throw Kristoff into a ravine, of course.
Deusis: wait Kuzco over Hatter? did I miss something?
TabbyLavalamp: When I got to play I almost shifted a card until I realized I had the ink to pay full cost so shifting would have been a bad decision.
JDMan94: Man, I wanna make an Amethyst Steel deck...
Deusis: is Kuzco meta now
JDMan94: Value and Removal
Sibwow: is the value train like the toxic gossip train?
YareNiDaze: @Sibwow The value train has more ukelele.
control_rig: The value!
Deusis: my buddy said red steel is a top tier and amethyst is the best color by itself
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AlchemicalPanda: Lorcana!
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control_rig: Duuuuude
WardsarTheWriter: It's happpening!!
MrSarkhan: wow this is messed up
TheWanderingNomad: Asante sana squash banana....
roastbeefsandwitch: eww. that loop.
Sibwow: he puts the silly in facilier
TabbyLavalamp: You all need to get in touch with Ravensburger and get on the pre-pre-release train in time for the next set.
YareNiDaze: But it's okay! He's fluffy!
Deusis: it says right there, new dog
purposesunknown: Ohana means beatdown
Deusis: checks out
TheWanderingNomad: *Elvis Presley intensifies*
lonestarbl: He was at 5
TriforceDrummer: I thought it said "Alive" instead of "Alien" and got really confused why that was a type
YareNiDaze: @purposesunknown And beatdown nobody gets not punched.
YareNiDaze: beatdown means*
Deusis: the fun for chat watching this game is infinite. I thought it was broad with lotr and mtg, but oh boy
lonestarbl: 5+4=?
Earthenone: graham found the sealed bomb :P
NotCainNorAbel: And we all thought Magic had power creep
lonestarbl: TY Ben
CompSciJedi: I don't think Facilier works on Kuzco, since Kuzco's effect isn't banishing in a challenge
snaxattack123: i feel like lorcana matches are just gonna devolve into disney movie quotes for the next 5 years
JDMan94: Absolutely bonkers
YareNiDaze: @snaxattack123 I see no problem with this timeline.
WardsarTheWriter: That's a pack of weird dogs.
niccus: what does decking yourself do
Deusis: best timeline
kynelwynn: Stitch Tron
kamilucky: so many dogs
TheWanderingNomad: Who let Stitch in the cloning machine!?
Deusis: dude TRON cards. We could see a literal TRON deck
Earthenone: just pyroclasm off the top :P
YareNiDaze: Alt art the other weird dogs into Reuben and 627
roastbeefsandwitch: that would be a Lilo & Stitch plot, a cloning machine. Fitting.
purposesunknown: Lelo and Stitch and stitch and Stitch...
Mr_Horrible: the world's most violent Isamarus gabyAggro
control_rig: Hat Tribal!
Gekyouryuu: @Deusis put them in the color with ramp to make TRON tron
LordManiMani: Chaining dogs? Even a weird dog doesn't deserve that. Haven't you seen Disney movies?
Deusis: @Gekyouryuu already brewing brb
randombillfolds: Ah. No sweepers for Mickey then.
Earthenone: 7 ink ruby song, banish all charicters
circusofkirkus: isn't this just DOBs
TabbyLavalamp: Graham wins the race if he just quests now.
TriforceDrummer: Doesn't Graham just win?
Deusis: so his deck plays Hatter and Kuzco
Deusis: they're really similar
FalkDeKeysergracht: He's just got "lethal" on board doesn't he?
circusofkirkus: story lethal
toddbepraised: Lore on board.
dravman: lorethal
kamilucky: Lob
Deusis: woops lethal
Abelzumi: Do you feel orful?
WiJohn: So lorethal he didn't even need his weird moose
niccus: isn't lorethal from guilty gear
Quarthian: Swing for Lorethal is great
Sibwow: theres a sweet ruby sapphire ramp deck
snaxattack123: The real Lorcana was the friends on the other side we made along the way
Laserbeaks_Fury: Monkey SHines
Deusis: It's a very interesting game. Resource system is not fun
Abelzumi: Monkey Loops, part of a balanced breakfast
Deusis: YES exactly
Laserbeaks_Fury: Baboonzled
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Orxolon: got take
Deusis: it's the Magic problem. Who can do a better mana system
lonestarbl: Just MDFCs 4eva
TabbyLavalamp: Just play 20-something cards that you will only use for ink.
YeomanAres: Worse than flooding lately game?
WardsarTheWriter: Being landstuck in MTG feels worse the longer you're stuck. Playing a great card as ink feels crappy immediately.
lonestarbl: Oops all the spells
Abelzumi: It's like finding a twenty-dollar bill, and having to buy dinner instead of the new card you want for your EDH deck.
Sogheim: @Deusis Hex TCG had a better system for as long as it lasted
Orxolon: runeterra has the best yet
Abelzumi: The dinner's not gonna taste as good.
NotCainNorAbel: well not everyone draws land like James lrrBEEJ
HadesLeprechaun: turns out card games with randomness will always have problems that stem from randomness at a mechanic, who knew!
roastbeefsandwitch: Magic's land system is a FLAW, not a FEATURE of it. At least as built with random draws, where you can guarantee that you'll get shorted on land CONISTENTLY.
TabbyLavalamp: Dice.
snaxattack123: you NEED dice to play this game
Sibwow: land system is absolutely a feature and leads to interesting deckbuilding ideas
Deusis: my friend and I immediately had to redo the starters
NoxStryx: Digimon has one of my favorite resource systems
loufghyslaufey: what about a format of non-persistent damage?
RayFK: 30 years? Damn James you're old
Deusis: one is much worse than the other
toddbepraised: I liked the WoW TCG quest cards or face down cards for resources.
Mr_Horrible: the amount of *beads* necessary for pokemon NotLikeThis
loufghyslaufey: Cause Ben did imply there's more than one format(!?)
Pharmacistjudge: the one thing i don't like in Lorcana is the decision of the what to ink. it can be quite paralyzing.
RechargeableFrenchman: When your opponent has Lorwyn on board?!
roastbeefsandwitch: Consider also the old Star Wars TCG by Decipher system: each 'land' provided resources to both players (sometimes more to one than the other).
Fancy_frenchman: Next Set they are apparently printing more forms of interaction
Diabore: @loufghyslaufey theres draft
snaxattack123: this game is incredibly snowbally
TabbyLavalamp: That happens in Magic too, though.
SoulEater50210: I saw someone mention digimon. Out of interest does anyone know if they've played digimon on the show at any point?
Armstrong11139: @SoulEater50210 Yes, they played once or twice a few months ago. I'm pretty sure the VODs are you YT
YareNiDaze: @SoulEater50210 Wheeler's played Digimon on Is This Your Card, I think
Armstrong11139: *are on
Earthenone: i think it should become a custom to say something like "check" when you have lorethal on the board
Orxolon: cause you can't block it?=
niccus: board lethal is often stopped by the most common verb of "play a creature"
Deusis: I hate to say it but Hearthstone got it right. One mana per turn, escalating
MyrddintheWizard: G, i felt the same way when i played the first time.
freshbubba: You could have like 10 more creatures than them is the difference
FalkDeKeysergracht: That was the example i mentioned, with like a control deck stabilizing with defenders. Here a creature can quest uncontested, since you can't attack it when it's not exerted
NoxStryx: @souleater50210 they played starter decks on AFK
HadesLeprechaun: winning is MORE visible, because of the inability to respond
Deusis: Lore needs to be a big-ass number, not those little tribal tattoos
SoulEater50210: Thanks for the replys all
circusofkirkus: "climax"
asddsa28: uno
forthehoard: Leathel damage on board you always feel you could have done something about it
Mr_Horrible: @Deusis except that's also hell to balance because part of Druid's early identity was to circumvent that and it needed to be nerfed like 10 times
TabbyLavalamp: When I got to play I interacted early then late game raced for lore.
YeomanAres: Not being able to "block" any creature makes it feel different
LordManiMani: Knowing lore counts is something we'll just get used to
Transmuted_Elf: so it is interesting in that at no point you are directly attacking your oponent, seems less agressive that way(this is a positive)
Deusis: @Mr_Horrible yeah Druid cards and all the like, the basic principle was clean
LordManiMani: The guy doesn't have haste
Mr_Horrible: none of the systems are "correct", they all have problems, and all have strengths not inherent to the others
Chesul: Having the lore thing means you have to keep track of three different stats on your opponent creatures, which is a huge increase in tracking.
KeytarCat: Ben got a good drain on Wheeler
WardsarTheWriter: When you have Lorethal on board, you are required to sing a disney villain song to announce it.
RechargeableFrenchman: Many of these are likely similar to having a spell countered in Magic
RechargeableFrenchman: Yeah
icyfirestormphoenix: real decks have a lot more removal
IzlanntheLion: I think more ways to manipulate Lore will make it feel much better
freshbubba: Counterspells
YareNiDaze: Future sets *might* fix some of this?
WiJohn: @WardsarTheWriter Can it always be poor unfortunate souls?
HadesLeprechaun: not having instant speed reactions means that when your turn is done, means you know if your opponent has won or not
Deusis: The rulebook has "recommended combos" and stuff like old mtg literature which is pretty funny
LordManiMani: "Day one feelbad" is really well put
Gekyouryuu: that, and it's only set 1. they need to break something in order to fix and balance it better
TabbyLavalamp: I remember trying to tap an Evolving Wilds for mana when I first started Magic.
Quarthian: I feel like if you play more competitive decks the game might feel better
YeomanAres: Maybe in the future you could play certain cards from your inkwell
WardsarTheWriter: @WiJohn It can be if you want it to be. But I'd also support "be prepared" or "hellfire."
Shadowsoflife: @WiJohn be prepared or oggie boggie song
TriforceDrummer: I think an interesting card could be being able to add cards in your ink back to your hand, giving you the chance to play it later, but losing the ink because of that
YareNiDaze: @WiJohn I'd like to submit Hellfire for your perusal. Cruella DeVille also acceptable.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Inking a 7 drop is like Cycling
airddragon: I get weird throwback feeling to the WoW TCG when playing Lorcana. Might just be me.
Deusis: attacking your opponents minions is crucial
JohnPraw: My biggest challenge with any new game is convincing my friends to play something other than Magic or their newest board game. Looks cool, though.
TabbyLavalamp: @YeomanAres It would require some luck because once inked you're not allowed to look at them again so you'll lose track.
icyfirestormphoenix: ink mechanic is really strategic. makes a lot of choices early
Armstrong11139: I haven't played it, but seeing how the mechanics work almost gives me KeyForge vibes (especially re: win cons)
Orxolon: why wouldn't you play a thing?
snaxattack123: this feels like momir basic XD
Quarthian: @Orxolon Card advantage
Earthenone: there is one!
WardsarTheWriter: @YareNiDaze I like how you think.
icyfirestormphoenix: ursula is a beast in multiplayer
Deusis: @icyfirestormphoenix agreed
airddragon: Set 2 is right around the corner
TriforceDrummer: Ah yes a Dr Facilier commander deck would be neat
Haroldholmes25: I think there is a planned set for Novemberish
malpandagobbo: Quarterly set releases
Earthenone: one is coming out in november
mexplor: the preview for the 2nd set i think is in november
Orxolon: and?the board seemed more important
stizzet: 1 set a qtr, they have 3 more planned already
airddragon: Nevember is the next set.
Haroldholmes25: LUL
LordManiMani: LUL seabatClap
Laserbeaks_Fury: Set 1 is already going into theVault
Deusis: welcome to the modern tcg. and now it's DISNEY
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500
loufghyslaufey: ouch, Magic.
Earthenone: i really hope you can somehow aquire a draft box for the moonbase
malpandagobbo: Supposedly they have a ten year plan.
WiJohn: usst?!
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Mr_Horrible: yeah, this definitely seems neat. Always love a new take on this general CCG skeleton
purposesunknown: Gee Gee's Lrr crew!
WardsarTheWriter: Roger Rabbit!
YareNiDaze: Remember to Ink the Dinglehopper!
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Laserbeaks_Fury: I want to see Broadway shot someone with a gun.
Earthenone: if you came here for disney referecnces, you will love WoE
Gascitygaming: all i'm gonna say is rats and goblin bombardment is good
stizzet: James, I'll keep my ear to the ground for a reasonablely priced box
josh___something: OOF club OOF club!
Mr_Horrible: @Earthenone honestly yeah, I hadn't thought of it, but great synergy
cpm_edc: Just spent 1095 on an Amethyst /Ruby deck, I don't think prices will tank anytime soon.
DrakeSD: Graham can I ask you what size your 20th anniversary hoodie is? I'm not quite sure what size to get and I think you're about my size
Orxolon: YES!
Gekyouryuu: three straight days of "let's play the card game with the ice sorceress and an evil witch with a cursed apple!"
WardsarTheWriter: The Odyssey of Play it Forwards.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Any sex% speedrun
Mr_Horrible: thrill as Wheeler tries to take Nelly's lunch money and Nelly performs a real-life Sonic Boom
Wicker_Guide: Owlbear Pet %
kynelwynn: That doesn't take too long, really.
loufghyslaufey: so like, Heather plays until she completes a dungeon, in ARF rules?
loufghyslaufey: *AFR
Earthenone: im 4 hours in and have an owlbear egg
Mr_Horrible: Eggs & Coins dot deck
Mr_Horrible: it's happening
protojman: relatable content
NotCainNorAbel: Wheeler is second largerst cat
WardsarTheWriter: That's some game whiplash.
Gekyouryuu: ooooooooooh~ Backjox
loufghyslaufey: Jack of Eights?
Sibwow: whats the 9/11 joke tolerance gonna be?
snaxattack123: first time catching a live stream! have a good one, guys!
loufghyslaufey: @Sibwow Disney+? I don't know. I saw a doc there on the dashboard...
Mattmitchell45: Sounds good, James!
Neddy471: @Sibwow I mean, if you bomb twice you know it's going to be a disaster. lrrAWESOME
RemzLab: <3
KWardJenx: This was a great stream. Loved the energy in the room. Please see your way clear to do this one again.
protojman: i gotta take my dog out he's been over-inked
Abelzumi: It's relevant to a subsection of us
NotCainNorAbel: I might have gotten a size much too big...
DrakeSD: Thank you!
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
WardsarTheWriter: Thanks guys!
loufghyslaufey: weh?
BusTed: I hear you have to express the ink glands for that.