trebuchetboy: dougdougChatting Time to game
trebuchetboy: oooh countdown time coxBongo
Sorator13: lrrSIG
bigpearlentertainment: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TehAmelie: oh, it's that time already
tod_vom_himmel: What time
TehAmelie: time for magical cards
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richard_ermen: Wasn't a Bonus Stream planned for today? Or is this the bonus stream?
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EOstby: I'm still waiting for the Theros/Eldraine crossover set: Born to be Wild.
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Diabore: why is draft a question?
raulghoulia: what up fellow train humpers?
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Scarbble: wooooo magic
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trebuchetboy: @raulghoulia I do not wish to be a part of this group
richard_ermen: Magic time ^^
trebuchetboy: Im guessing James/Graham
theawesomeonev2: Random lil sound there
TehAmelie: hello!
trebuchetboy: 100% wrong lol
AleisAlpto: AYOOOOOO.
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Hulyen: out of focus
djalternative: you're def out of focus
richard_ermen: Out Of Focus = OOF
Scarbble: hello gamers
azidbern95: Kathleen and Adam, oh my!
trebuchetboy: Camera needs to put on its glasses
richard_ermen: Finally I get what a big OOF is.
Sorator13: Guess what? We're out of focus!
theawesomeonev2: "you got any focus for sale"
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trebuchetboy: we got focus at home
sophieghost: Smooth
theawesomeonev2: "sorry kid fresh out of focus"
TehAmelie: i think the blackness is escaping from Kathleen's soul, or your glasses catch some greenscreen
richard_ermen: Is it just the lights or is Adam really that much tanner?
GhostofJeffGoldblum: beautiful thursday for a lurmtug innit
trebuchetboy: The end is a good card
suvghxjb: Rats
Spades_Slicc: Yeah, winning is good, losing is bad
richard_ermen: I think "a specter" was once called "Noblesse" xD
Mr_Horrible: Magic: the Gathering
AugmentingPath: That's good, I'm tired of all the unrealistic Adam standards in this industry
theawesomeonev2: @ghostofjeffgoldblum don't doctors recommend that atlwst a few times a week?
CururuGuasu: I tried drafting a half rat, half catapult deck. I’m sorry to report that Rat-A-Pult did not get there
AugmentingPath: 5 mana black removal spell with set mechanic
volraths_bane: I 1st picked the Temur legend and drafted a stupid temur adventure deck with Extraordinary Journey. My first game i drew myself to death without realizing I was even close to doing so.
Diabore: snap it off
Diabore: bunnicorn is any nonland permanent
rasterscan: "4/4 flier for 4 is good right?" "Nope, better staple trample, treasure gain, and an adventure on it"
KingOfDoma: Dragon also good for Celebration or whatever
sophieghost: Hunter ends games
suvghxjb: The adventure ogre seems good
rasterscan: Flick is good
tehfewl: its strong on rate
LordManiMani: Did they fix the role token art in digital?
sophieghost: How did Sharae wheel
Diabore: sharae is one off enabler and payoff, imo shouldnt wheel
tehfewl: you have a black adventure so the evolving wilds is really good
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lamina5432: shirae is 4 mana draw a card though
AleisAlpto: has arena gotten better or is it still pointless?
AleisAlpto: got*
1y1e: curiosity and catapult is a combo to watch out for
micalovits: Small chance that the land wheels
Mr_Horrible: draw 3 and make a token seems deece
QuixoticScrivener: beseech is good with the one ring
Mr_Horrible: Mirror is very good but probs not for limited
LordManiMani: That adventure dragon did quality work for me at PR
Mr_Horrible: Johann's Bodega
GhostofJeffGoldblum: heard that killed the cat
Ukon_Cairns: that transmuter is better than average limited blue removal innit?
Ukon_Cairns: well, "removal"
micalovits: Catapult also like casting spells
sophieghost: P3 Otters
Seth_Erickson: Fae Court good too
micalovits: Spell stutter is also decent
LordManiMani: Heyy they did fix the aura token art! 💙
KingOfDoma: Jot down "Johann's Bodega" for the nicknames
Seth_Erickson: Grabby is really good for the spells deck I think
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Natedogg2: Curiosity killed the cat(apult)?
Seth_Erickson: The Elemental isn't so bad
1y1e: fun fact, both parts of Witch's Mark are optional, so it can be a "3 mana do nothing" if you like
LordManiMani: @natedogg2 solid deckname
Seth_Erickson: Freeze is very good imo
Ukon_Cairns: also the cursed roles make flick the coin more of a removal spell
micalovits: Might splash 1 plains for the adventure in addition to treasure
admiral_ackbar_dsa: Evening all
Spades_Slicc: Adam will see a perfectly OK 3/2 for 3, ask if anyone's taking them and not wait for an answer
KingOfDoma: Targain bargets
kumatsu: Curiosity Catapult PogChamp
Seth_Erickson: 3 stun counters for 2 mana is quite good imo
Spades_Slicc: wait is priest of ancient lore not a 3/2 for 3?
sophieghost: Counterspells always a bit awkward with UR spells as you often don't get the prowess value
lackingsanity: do you want to throw a plains in there for the adventure on threadbind clique?
Spades_Slicc: oh yeah it's a 2/1 for 3
LordManiMani: I mean. You don't *need* to make cuts. But it does make it harder to sideboard in random cards without swaps as you play rounds Kappa
Akaiatana: 'Bargain Target' sounds like a great independent store.
Seth_Erickson: Transmuter might be better than Hatching Plan?
Seth_Erickson: Hatching plan is pretty slow
Texan_Reverend: Kathleen, maybe I missed it, but I don't think the tweets/toots went out for this stream.
Spades_Slicc: Do you want the prowler?
Featherweight_: Oh hey, Magic The Gathering?
Texan_Reverend: Indeed, it is, @featherweight_
Texan_Reverend: Also, hi.
Akaiatana: @Texan_Reverend I wondered if this message was from someone who didn't check, but then I looked at the name <3
Featherweight_: Heya Tex
Seth_Erickson: do we want to splash a plains for our 2 adventures on the cliques
Seth_Erickson: we do have an evolving wilds
Texan_Reverend: Heh, thanks for the vote of confidence.
QuixoticScrivener: its the company tab, its fine
Seth_Erickson: That's fair I was thinking literally just 1 plains since you could grab it and if you never see it it's not that big a problem
DideRobot: LRR: It's time for LRR MTG with your friends Adam and Kathleen, and they're here to draft red blue spells until the hurting stops. | |
Ukon_Cairns: we also have the spreading seas to make the plains into an island when we need it :p
Seth_Erickson: I mean you can always just flick face too
DrLigmaPhD: I'll flick ur face
Ukon_Cairns: oh, opp is no longer mono red
micalovits: Wrong order right?
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QuixoticScrivener: rate fireball
QuixoticScrivener: *rat
Spades_Slicc: wheel and play elemental?
Spades_Slicc: mini wheel
Diabore: it gives them hastee
Spades_Slicc: rat fireball gives haste
Featherweight_: they do have haste
LordManiMani: seabatClap
gualdhar: they only had 5 mana, 6 with a land drop, rat fireball wouldn't kill with the hearth blocker
aggieblakers: Never stop never stopping
Sorator13: you're vibing, and you won, so clearly you didn't misplay *that* badly!
Plasterboard: a win is a win. As long as you saw the line, that's what counts
Diabore: that cards fucked up
Genasi_Gaming: has the camera changed?
Akaiatana: Hey Adam, you played it well, because you played it. It was a learning experience regardless of the victory <3
gualdhar: yes, I would like to play creatures a mana behind to give them +1/+1
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StageMgrRob: NICE!
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LordManiMani: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
micalovits: Can flick and adventure the faerie
gualdhar: I thought young hero was toughness 3 or less?
Spades_Slicc: it stops at toughness 4
Featherweight_: Sometimes you punch face, sometimes the face punches you
kassyy: I am the dinosuar every day. Big kinda scary looking but above all. pointless
tehfewl: sometimes they play their 2 drop rare, and you die
betweenmyself: Blocking and Flicking are two of the functions sadly lacking in Hasbro’s Bop It. pennyWhat
LordManiMani: This... might be the set that gets me to play Arena
betweenmyself: Wait, it DOES have Flicking
betweenmyself: REJOICE riffYeti
RayFK: Sometimes you just die to rares
RayFK: Source, dies to rares
irdeaded: i mean they did also have the imediete recursion for the awnser you had as well
freshbubba: Do you have any cursed roles to help the flick?
Akaiatana: Segment name idea: "Fblthp it or rip it."
gualdhar: how many fractions of an orgasm was that?
trebuchetboy: I thought that was a dog
trebuchetboy: ngl
kumatsu: it gives adult swim vibes
ReachW: And beside, Matt's a goat.
irdeaded: stupid co workers and having needs
kumatsu: it was actually Adam's talking dog sneezing
DrLigmaPhD: But only the good bits right? Beebop reruns and Harvey Birdman?
betweenmyself: @drligmaphd sorry, only Moral Orel BibleThump
DrLigmaPhD: @betweenmyself Fuck
SacrificialToast: 3 stuns wow :o
GhostofJeffGoldblum: having a cool dragon is its own reward
GhostofJeffGoldblum: now it's a VERY cool drago
DideRobot: LRR: Learn how Baldur’s Gate 3 is killing a whole Xbox, on CheckPoint! | |
GhostofJeffGoldblum: because it's frozen
GhostofJeffGoldblum: get it. cold like frozen.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: be here all week.
walkeroftales: freeze in place buys them time but it is *not* removal against your big lads
ReachW: Thanks, Jeff.
kumatsu: Doing Things is Illegal
Spades_Slicc: Freeze in place
gualdhar: how many freeze in place does it take to win the game?
Seth_Erickson: Freezer in place good card I'll always be it's staunchest defender.
walkeroftales: well, you do have 10 power on the board
MajorFrostbyte: A regular pair of land moguls you two are.
azidbern95: greatness at any cost
EOstby: Dark Tutelage seems like a good Commander card and a pretty bad Limited card.
irdeaded: its for the rat fireball agro deck, not the control deck
Spades_Slicc: I mean, I wouldn't put it in boros aggro
GhostofJeffGoldblum: removal is great but you have to also do things
ReachW: Saw someone have Tutelage with Polluted Bonds earlier and like, that's ambitious on a level I can't reach
Ukon_Cairns: dark tutelage its not bob before they not bobs that bob wrong.
Ukon_Cairns: that is an instant
micalovits: Thats just the same as playing into spell stutter
zeathean: seems better if they stay and leave stuff on top
pn55: Could try casting the giant instead?
micalovits: I like playing the giant
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Akaiatana: I upset my LGS judge by calling the dragon's black spell 'fixing'
TimIAm: Maze Mind Tom is such a good name
Ukon_Cairns: curses
satyropodobny: foiled again
micalovits: If we adventure the giant... Do they get to cast the giant part?
pn55: Can you bargain curse tokens? Or do they still control it?
ReachW: No, in fact we do
LadyLockwood92: Oh hey~ Howdy folks.
Natedogg2: No, you cast it and resolve it, so you can cast it later from exile.
Sorator13: @pn55 They control the curse, so we can't bargain it away
micalovits: Oh, neat
baskwalla: The value
ReachW: No, you get the instruction to exile it.
pn55: @Sorator13 Ahh boooo lrrAWW
LadyLockwood92: I need to try out some WoE limited...been enjoying some of the stuff for Commander tho.
Mangledpixel: boop
ReachW: Happened with Covetous Urge in Throne too
RaklarLS: tbh i did too. For some reason it said "owner exiles it" or something
RaklarLS: in my mind
1y1e: anything with flashback
Sorator13: It's a good spell, yeah
rasterscan: Ewwww
rasterscan: That was rough
Sorator13: oops all fae
RayFK: It's a Faerily good strat
MegaDosX: That's so naughty
mugulord: a bounce effect on your adventure creatures would be nice right now
Akaiatana: Kathleen called that an ouphe but pretty sure it's just a fairy
GapFiller: been afk all day do we have our Sketch Remake Final 3 yet
micalovits: So much value
MajorFrostbyte: Pretty good indeed.
Sorator13: "as an additional cost, draw three cards" is pretty darn good
MegaDosX: Twitch chat, making jokes? Well I never
DMGlol: those ouphes really making the round on mtg twitter
Sorator13: catapults are generally not great at hitting flying stuff, sadly
1y1e: it's an inside catapult judging from the art
Spades_Slicc: Okay you try hitting a sparrow in flight with a 90 Kg stone
thegitrogsquirrel: We're on thin ice chat. We have to be funny
GapFiller: !remake
Sorator13: bolt the -bird- faerie
CururuGuasu: The Adventure spell makes the dragon a lot better
GapFiller: damnit cant remember the cmd
Sorator13: @GapFiller voting is up for another ~17 hrs
Sorator13: !bracket
LRRbot: Vote in the Sketch Remake Brackets here: | |
GapFiller: ty
Spades_Slicc: give the catapult double strike
Sorator13: Oh dear
Sorator13: Bargain doesn't help you with that
Spades_Slicc: is the catapult an artifact?
BrowneePoints: Kathleen stream! Poggifers my Doggifers
Sorator13: Oh right, my bad
Huskey3737: if they attack you can double block and kill your own creature to force them to kill the catapult
Sorator13: 🙈
aggieblakers: bounce the role on the 4/4?
Sorator13: losing 2 life per turn is a more urgent problem, yeah
GapFiller: oooph Ransom vs Quantum Doc is TOUGH
Spades_Slicc: Wait why didn't arena let you activate the catapult a second time?
aggieblakers: That's what I get for trying to work and watch magic at the same time
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Ravynn: Yo friends
AleisAlpto: !card Scalding Viper
LRRbot: Scalding Viper // Steam Clean | Scalding Viper [1R] | Creature — Elemental Snake [2/1] | Whenever an opponent casts a spell with mana value 3 or less, Scalding Viper deals 1 damage to that player. // Steam Clean [1U] | Sorcery — Adventure | Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand.
EOstby: 9.5 years
BrowneePoints: 9.5 years?
GapFiller: 6 months from 120 Motnhs
GapFiller: which is yes 10 ears
Ravynn: I'm almost a decade old
Akaiatana: Time needs a catch up mechanic
rasterscan: For a second I thought Kathleen said "We appreciate people's -unwilling- support" and I was very confused.
theamc2000: I appreciate the pent magic symbol in the pop up book battlefield
GapFiller: its pretty wild that we are now approaching the point where LRR has been a Streaming Entity as long as a Sketch Comedy Video Entity
KeytarCat: !bracket
LRRbot: Vote in the Sketch Remake Brackets here: | |
HasturTheYellow: To repeat a point that's been made before, there's a lot of sketches that still *really* hold up
rasterscan: What's the third phase?
GapFiller: not true Adam yr were in sketches
Mr_Horrible: and then onto phase 3: VR lrrBEEJ
BrowneePoints: Adam, you were in several sketches!
Spades_Slicc: Adam I remember you in Friday Nights
Sorator13: hey now, you were involved in at least one very early sketch!
Ravynn: Third phase live stage performances?
DMGlol: was really hoping for more at 11 to move on 😭
HasturTheYellow: @rasterscan Probably some as-of-yet-scene new thing
GapFiller: nalvThink we never DID get Adam as Core Unit
Sorator13: one that was in the bracket, even!
TimIAm: Is there enough LRR lore for an MMO yet
Akaiatana: The Dutch again!
BrowneePoints: You were also assaulted by fries season 1!
1y1e: viper suprisingly relevant here
Ravynn: Oh third phase Cruise Ships?
YeomanAres: The fries sketch made the brackets
Sorator13: (when they stuffed fries into your face)
djalternative: yeah. Like the one where the crew force fed Adam a fry
azidbern95: which video game rapper was Adam?
Spades_Slicc: Phase 3 of LRR, you actually go to the moon
Mr_Horrible: I still randomly think "Now who wants to play High Tide?" to myself
GapFiller: tho it figures if 64k ever get back together at this point itll be a duo of G Star and Core Unit
micalovits: Dungeon bosses
BrowneePoints: Yall are members of the Canuck Council
richard_ermen: What about a LRR gamejam for Let's Nope?
GhostofJeffGoldblum: You're the classes.
rasterscan: I could at least see a LRR "Vampire Survivors-like"
CamazotzJr: @Mr_Horrible Same.
MrPipboy3000: As long as all the quest from Wheeler are in German, but he's got a hand piece of paper that decodes them
richard_ermen: But instead of being horror-themed its just "Watch+Play"-themed terro :D
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Adam is a strength DPS class, Kathleen is an int caster class, Beej is a Charisma based debuffer, etc
GapFiller: azidbern95 Adam was Core Unit but he never rapped in a video
hattingston: The Friday Nights where Adam invites Cameron and Kathleen to play and is genuinely just being nice is one of my faves
GhostofJeffGoldblum: My level 17 Beej turns a lot of heads
MajorFrostbyte: @Ravynn I think phase 3 is doing live shows at Vegas casinos.
Sorator13: I like putting it on top, personally
GapFiller: he was the band member they lost to addiction (WoW)
DrLigmaPhD: LRR is 3.5~ Confederacys old
rasterscan: That's gonna be a land I bet.
richard_ermen: Beej is deffo a Wildmage!
Painfully_Dyslexic: those card sleeves are great
Mr_Horrible: no one sees the white removal spell coming
Ravynn: MajorFrostbyte Oooo yeah that's probably right
BrowneePoints: Kathleen is a Sorcerer
Sorator13: These treasure sources have done a fair bit for us in enabling those adventures
BrowneePoints: Who also happens to have a Patron
rasterscan: Murderous Rider was a standby in my black Standard decks for a long time.
Spades_Slicc: and you ping
EOstby: Modal spells tend to be at least decent in Magic, regardless of what those spells may be.
rasterscan: Just really flexible.
Athelgar: Kathleen is far to efficient for limiting herself to two spell slots
AleisAlpto: indeed! athelgar
richard_ermen: Isn't Kathleens Patron just the Lizard Gizard Band?
DrLigmaPhD: Kathleen is an Arcane Trickster roguenobvi
Mr_Horrible: I like how even as a 1/1 that dragon has been an all-star this game
BrowneePoints: Actually, Kathleen is the Critical Role College of Drama Bard
MegaDosX: !card johann's stopgap
LRRbot: Johann's Stopgap [3U] | Sorcery | Bargain / This spell costs {2} less to cast if it's bargained. / Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand. Draw a card.
rasterscan: @BrowneePoints Truth
Ukon_Cairns: either spellstutter or ice out but they dont wanna sac the curses to cast it.
shea_wolfe: The bounce for that catapult was incredibly well timed
Spades_Slicc: College of Drama is what if a bard was goth
josh___something: There are some subclasses designed by Matt mercer/crit role staff
BrowneePoints: It's a Homebrew subclass, lot of orator themed stuff and debuffs @loadingreadyrun basically goth bard
josh___something: A source book, too IIRC
Featherweight_: I watch CR at 2x speed and I still don't enough enough time to watch it
MajorFrostbyte: vroom
HasturTheYellow: @Featherweight_ I listen to Dimension 20 when on walks, rather than music
HasturTheYellow: At least when they've got a new episode out
DrLigmaPhD: "Alas, poor Yorrick. He was my little pogchamp, Horatio" - College of Drama bards
Ravynn: @Featherweight_ I do the same, and sometimes skip excess combats
rasterscan: That was a pretty amazing turnaround.
Cunobelenos: sergeGG
GhostofJeffGoldblum: it's basically a mana dork that also attacks
GhostofJeffGoldblum: so...pretty good
juzztshay: Great game
richard_ermen: Btw @Adam did you know there's a tabletop RPG called LIFTS where you do fitness exercises instead of dice rolling?
MrPipboy3000: that was a really good back and forth game
Mr_Horrible: mmm
BrowneePoints: Yep!
HiCallMeRusty: Love a chopped cheese
Mr_Horrible: basically a hamburger but chopped up and on a hoagie
BrowneePoints: Chop Cheese is like a hamburger and fixings mixed up and put on a roll
Ravynn: It's basically a burger, but it's seasoned ground meat and american cheese
LadyLockwood92: Iirc it's a cheeseburger that has been turned into a sandwich.
zeathean: more like a cheese steak
rasterscan: Who are the two most different MTG players in LRR? Like different in play and brew style.
zeathean: with burger meat
GapFiller: richard_ermen this the RPG
richard_ermen: Yes!
BrowneePoints: It's halfway between a cheeseburger and a cheesesteak
Ravynn: Yeah, cheeseteak if you started from ground beef instead of sliced ribeye
GapFiller: richard_ermen nalvLUL Vampie the Muscle Gain
richard_ermen: @GapFiller It's puntastic and highly amusing!
BrowneePoints: And they have become ICONICALLY NYC
kumatsu: Wheeler and Beej
rasterscan: Monkey's Paw curls
Akaiatana: Beej is Wheeler's (german) foil
Sorator13: you didn't specify untapped land!
Sorator13: your deck was listening
GrumpyOldFarts: They have the land
rasterscan: Womp.
Mr_Horrible: it's easy to forget them in this format
GolgariGlenRoss: that land being a 5/5 is a beating.
Mr_Horrible: they don't show up often
Sorator13: I think you were dead regardless; they had 3 2/2s and a 3/3, and you had one blocker and 6 life
RobertMakesGames: I still think y'all are neat
Mr_Horrible: and we're so used to them just being Thornwood Falls
Sorator13: that was very rough draws, though
Mr_Horrible: they probably aren't spending on firebreathing either
Sorator13: I'd totally double strike on that, personally
Mr_Horrible: I kinda like slamming and seeing if they block
Mr_Horrible: cuz you could frenzy 2-for-1
BrowneePoints: For Adam and Kathleen, here's an authentic Harlem style Chop Cheese(albeit from a restaurant and not a bodega)
RobertMakesGames: mmm chop cheese
Ravynn: Tasty but unhealthy is a good summary of most NY Bodega food
Sorator13: where's the veg though? :(
RobertMakesGames: bodegas and veg don't know eachother
TimIAm: Yeah, it's food for us Americans
Mangledpixel: my arteries hurt just looking at that, and yet...
BrowneePoints: And different places have different fixings
BrowneePoints: So yea, halfway between a cheesesteak and a burger
LordManiMani: That looks delicious
TimIAm: Surely that would just be a cheeseburger
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Brownee you're frmo the midwest aren;t you supposed to hate New York due to the Blood War?
Fanklok: That;s just a cheesesteak
Ukon_Cairns: but burger instead of steak
MegaDosX: Turns out recurring spells is good
Mr_Horrible: it seems *real* good if you've got a frenzy or cut in
MegaDosX: And for three mana, no less
BrowneePoints: Nah, only thing the Midwest hates is Ohio and Indiana @ghostofjeffgoldblum
LordManiMani: @browneepoints it's true! And the white socks
Astrovore: how's the draft going?
Mr_Horrible: Only Cali *actually* hates New York because they think they're supposed to be the most important state, but NY is louder than them
BrowneePoints: Cali NY and Texas have a mutual loathing triangle
LordManiMani: Reasonable autocorrect
MegaDosX: Now that's a wall of beef
satyropodobny: bet ya they're splashing a fog
Sorator13: @MegaDosX no, the beef goes in the hoagie, not into a wall
LordManiMani: @browneepoints anything in the triangle suffers constant mild psychic damage.
Sorator13: Kappa
3 raiders from Earp have joined!
Mr_Horrible: weirdly, *this* catapult doesn't have reach
MegaDosX: @Sorator13 I was talking about the Magic game not the very American sandwich :p
Earp: Wyatt Earp indeed!!!!
serbubblez: its because it isnt a trebuchet
BrowneePoints: Wyatt Earp
micalovits: Only buckets have reach
MegaDosX: Where's Doc Holliday?
Spades_Slicc: You try hitting a sparrow in flight with a 90 Kg stone
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Wyatt ERP would be a funny name
ReachW: I am a capricious granter of my keyword
BrowneePoints: Cay-tuh-pull-tays don't get reach
jundinator: Hello LRR
satyropodobny: their dignity
Magicpokey: @Spades_Slicc Is that an african or european sparrow?
Spades_Slicc: You worked out your back with half your ass? which half?
MegaDosX: Aren't they just dead if you flunge?
MegaDosX: Oh right
Spades_Slicc: @magicpokey eldrainian
jundinator: How was your paper prerelease Adam and Kathleen?
MegaDosX: Yeah it's number of creatures attacked, not just yours
Mr_Horrible: Hearth Elemental has been just giga-value every game I've seen it in this format
Sorator13: Adam, your brain is enormous
LordManiMani: seabatClap
MegaDosX: Adam so clever
Sorator13: I absolutely would not have gotten that line
Magicpokey: @Spades_Slicc lolol Mangled Python quotes for the win!
ghizmou: would you say you didn't put all of your back into it adam?
micalovits: There are many clips in the highlights of Adam having the biggest brain
LordManiMani: seabatBRAIN
Mr_Horrible: speaking of half-assed workout, I should go take my walk and get groceries LUL
BrowneePoints: Adam, you are way smarter than you think you are
WavesOfBabies: DinoDance
Fanklok: It'd betragic is kathleen got fired for losing gems on Arena
Magicpokey: Allrighty guys! gotta run, have a great rest of your stream!
Sorator13: ~bracket
Sorator13: !bracket
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Sorator13: reminder!
Sorator13: also, Checkpoint is up
GapFiller: ~17 hrs left right
GapFiller: ?
Sorator13: yep
GapFiller: !checkpoint
GapFiller: nalvThink is there even a CP+ cmd
Sorator13: not that I know of :D
BrowneePoints: Chenk Ponk
LordManiMani: Bonk Songk
Sorator13: LUL
LadyLockwood92: Now we can see both of you~
Genasi_Gaming: i was right
BrowneePoints: The Tol and the not so Tol
GapFiller: nalvLUL cue the Adam is Big memes
jundinator: How was prerelease @loadingreadyrun
ghizmou: closeness, not even once
couchboyj: How ya'll liking the format so far?
Sorator13: I wouldn't keep this, yeah
GapFiller: why doesnt Adam the Largest Streamer ect ect
LordManiMani: LUL
Genasi_Gaming: how good is the format?
Seth_Erickson: How bad is the format Adam?
definenull: Hello gremlins
Sorator13: weeeeeell, occasionally you get a New Capenna
Fanklok: Why good is the format?
GapFiller: What good is the format?
Incognitolens: how formatted is the format?
jundinator: Is red black the best colors again Adam?
serbubblez: when good is the format
MrPipboy3000: Where is the format good?
Sorator13: Ha! Hu! Format! What is it good for?
satyropodobny: why good is the format
BrowneePoints: For! Mat! What is it good for, absolutely BONKERS!
Akaiatana: Nature's Timbit
GapFiller: People Like Grapes to quote a lesser internet comedy gruppe
Sorator13: Any time I try home grown fruits & veg, they're so much better than anything you can buy from a store
GhostofJeffGoldblum: what is this, a grape for ants?
Seth_Erickson: I mean I think I like the 3 mana draw 2 from opponent personally
ReachW: Week one of every new format is good. The real test is "is this still good 50 drafts in?"
BrowneePoints: Jayant!? Quasimodo's father!?
jundinator: It would be nice if WOTC ever brings back the multiple set draft format
BrowneePoints: Wait Jeann? I forgot how to spell his name
betweenmyself: I do a set of five pounds, followed by a set of zero pounds, followed by a set where my friend comes over and lifts my empty hands for me riffYeti
Sorator13: @jundinator IIRC they've said it's really hard for them to design for that well
couchboyj: Same
Akaiatana: Of course you don't have Standards, you play limited.
saucemaster5000: after mid 30s everything is just "okay"
Grimnus: Secret reach claims another
midnightcurryjazz: khaosp4HappyPuppy
ReachW: D:
definenull: Through the mountain!
Sorator13: riPepperonis
GolgariGlenRoss: it's less secret in Arena than in paper Magic
MrPipboy3000: Wait, that has reach?
KingOfDoma: F
couchboyj: Pulled a sneaky on em
satyropodobny: seabatBRAIN
jundinator: @sorator13 then maybe they should go back to block planning/block structure
GhostofJeffGoldblum: secret reach had an incredibly high body count for me in MOM
Fanklok: My favorite "secret Reach" was when someone tried to Invasion of Lorwyn my Ayara
BrowneePoints: Johan! That's his name!
midnightcurryjazz: well thrn
couchboyj: Mythic uncommon
BrowneePoints: Jehan* AUTOCORRECT WHY
definenull: It's cookin
LordManiMani: Secret reach?
Sorator13: @jundinator that's what I meant, they said it's super hard for them to design multiple sets (in a block) to be drafted together and also have a good limited environment
ghizmou: @BrowneePoints seabatClap
GhostofJeffGoldblum: secret reach is when you forget a card has text
GolgariGlenRoss: a lot of removal is double black pip. I'd be tempted to run out the Seas to keep them off BB
GhostofJeffGoldblum: and get owned thereby
definenull: There're 2 secret reach cards this set I think
Micsig: @LordManiMani any red card with reach
ReachW: Turret Ogre still killing it in 2023
LordManiMani: o7
Sorator13: you fool, now they can cast their quad-blue pip do-nothing enchantment!!
Grimnus: Beep beep
Sorator13: The dragon is so good
jundinator: @sorator13 you forgot your Kappa Kappa
Sorator13: And that's even if you don't ever cast the adventure!~
Sorator13: The adventure is good too!
MegaDosX: Goldspan Dragon at home
satyropodobny: Shivan Dragon feeling really silly RN
LadyLockwood92: I mean, Goldspan Dragon at home is still most of a Goldspan dragon.
jundinator: I'm curious what eldraine alchemy will have in store for us in a few weeks
kumatsu: I choose to blame Crim
jundinator: @loadingreadyrun would you buy a LRR themed secret lair?
kumatsu: one presumes they'd get that one for free
Pharmacistjudge: depends on the value of it
Sorator13: I would expect a LRR themed secret lair would be given to LRR complementary
MegaDosX: Oh, how curious
TinkerTezz: if LRR gets some of the money from it, yes
Fanklok: Hmm, everyone has this enchantment, curious
BrowneePoints: Hear me out. Uril the Miststalker but it's Gibb
Athelgar: I would hope LRR would get copies of the LRR SL for free lol
kumatsu: a LRR secret lair would defintiely have a Serge-themed Hedron Crab
Pharmacistjudge: I appreciate LRR, but if it's the same value level as the LOTR Secret lair, I'm not. Sorry
couchboyj: Is the theme LRR members, or LRR Magic-isms? I want a "Jund em out" Tarmagoyf
midnightcurryjazz: Who cares about the value if its cool art
Akaiatana: LRR expresses themselves through magic cards, they don't need to *be* cards
Fanklok: Call me when there's a LRRgoyf
BrowneePoints: Dark Confidant Bartleby
Pharmacistjudge: Like Adam is going put in Grim Guardian, and that card is 50 cents.
MrPipboy3000: @Fanklok You mean Cam?
Seth_Erickson: Grim Guardian
Fanklok: Black Lotus
saucemaster5000: the one ring
Akaiatana: Wait, LRR *HAS*8 a secret lair! It's an orbiting underground moon base!
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Yargle.
couchboyj: Sky scanner with your face on it
jundinator: I could see Kathleen as Oona
Just_Herby: Gray Merchant of Asphodel, but renamed to Gary
uchihab7: Yarok?
Just_Herby: With the Godzilla border thing
BrowneePoints: I mean the short hand Kathleen is Adam as Ral Zarek
uchihab7: Oh no adam would want villainous wealth
couchboyj: Yarock?
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ghyllnox: o/
Fanklok: I keep forgetting that Dack Fayden existed and confused him with Ral Zarek on the regular
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ArdCollider: o7
Pharmacistjudge: hello camfam
KingOfDoma: Hey Cam
jundinator: <message deleted>lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TheAinMAP: unarmeHeart unarmeHmm unarmeHeart
GapFiller: CAM RAID!!!
jundinator: <message deleted>Raid
satyropodobny: It's just 15 Relentless Rats
baltimore_667083: lrrSIG
emberBecky: unarmeHeart
jundinator: <message deleted>TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid
MrPipboy3000: @satyropodobny In a trench coat?
ghyllnox: Cam fam or Cammune
annoyedandconfused: cam fam i think
GapFiller: Cammune
baskwalla: A Murder of Cams?
RayFK: The Laud Bearers. (This is not right)
ArdCollider: Cammune.
HiCallMeRusty: The Cameron Fameron
BrowneePoints: But yea Kathleen my short hand would be Rap Zarek but it's Adam in the art. Or like Champion of the Parish
BrowneePoints: Ral*
BrowneePoints: Rap Zarek eh thumbs?
satyropodobny: @MrPipboy3000 Isure.
Fanklok: Rap Zarek is the attempt at rebranding the Izzet League into something hte kids are interested in
jundinator: <message deleted>It could also just be memes of LRR magicisms
couchboyj: I also want a card with Serge trapped in a mirror now
jundinator: <message deleted>Oops oppo
TheWriterAleph: heheh
jundinator: <message deleted>!opppunt
UncleExpendable: @Fanklok Something something Niv Mizzle
jundinator: <message deleted>!punt
BrowneePoints: Magic players hate when op gets value
MrPipboy3000: Well, the difference between 1 and 3 for them is nothing
Gooseblast: Dragons and whales, name a better duo
jundinator: I forgot that's what !punt did
Grimnus: Ye what they said above, 1 and 3 was no different in that situation
jundinator: @kingofdoma exactly
drewm1022: I mean. It's CONNECTED to the foot bone.
BrowneePoints: Yep! Biotin and Collagen is great for connective tissue, as well as vitamin....c? E?
jundinator: That bit is from so many years ago but still funny
Fanklok: Find the powders that taste good
midnightcurryjazz: Yeah, you mix it to not be bad
constablecrab: Collagen is the only thing holding my decaying body together.
ReachW: @kingofdoma The secret bonus card is another bump in the night
ghyllnox: See if they can get you the chocolate Biotin
GhostofJeffGoldblum: A better way to get that is to whole cook chickens and consume the broth.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: That gets tons of collagen out of the carcass.
UncleExpendable: Mom used to make protein powder pancakes when she was doing bodybuilding. They weren't bad
Spades_Slicc: Yeah bone broth is the way
Simriel: Yeah my preworkout and protein shakes are delicious XD
ghyllnox: Make a strawberry shake, but mix in the powders
ghizmou: they make collagen gummies now
BrowneePoints: But yea, make a shake to mix the powder in
Akaiatana: @UncleExpendable Did she get flapjacked?
Simriel: Collagen Gummies are neat
UncleExpendable: @Akaiatana xD
shea_wolfe: The one game spreading seas would be great and it's hiding
rosesmcgee: If powder too gross, see if available in capsule form
GhostofJeffGoldblum: :D
ghyllnox: Oh, no not in water
Ravynn: Are there any bone broth people locally?
BrowneePoints: Yea make a shake flavor you like and mix it in
Sorator13: yeah, do it in a shake or smoothie of some kind
Akaiatana: What you do not smell is called iocaine protein powder.
constablecrab: The collagen powder I take dissolves in hot liquids, so I put it in my tea.
Simriel: You on the Creatine yet Adam? XD
Fanklok: I order my stuff from MyProtein and I've only had one thing that didn't taste good. They do collagen and stuff too
GhostofJeffGoldblum: Kathleen, my wife says vanilla collagen powder in oatmeal is the way to go apparently.
GhostofJeffGoldblum: She knows more about thes things than I do.
MWGNZ: cant wait till i can get the churro flavour protien powder here
Sorator13: Fun fact: I have a disorder where my body doesn't arrange collagen properly, which makes a bunch of things stretchy that really shouldn't be!
Sorator13: it causes problems but it's also kind of fascinating
Seth_Erickson: we could have clique'd it too
LadyLockwood92: Okay, I'm gonna tap out. Have a good stream folks, catch you in the vod ^^
Seth_Erickson: with white from the treasure
GhostofJeffGoldblum: @Sorator13 oh I have a couple friends with hypermobility
Simriel: I recommend Creatine, it helps with muscle recover a LOT
TheMerricat: Adam .... 'old'.... :D
Sorator13: @GhostofJeffGoldblum it affects so many things that you wouldn't expect!
leroygardner81: flotCHAOS
midnightcurryjazz: he said older, its not a competition
BrowneePoints: Yea that one eye thingy that makes people need glasses is cuz of a collagen gene thing
LadyLockwood92: !chat
LRRbot: Chat? At this time of year?
korvys: Aside from protein, Creatine is basically the least controversial supplement in fitness, is my understanding. It's just all upside
BrowneePoints: Keratokonis?
BrowneePoints: Keratoconis?
ghyllnox: How much did the top of the leaderboard do XD like 80?
Simriel: You burn most of your calories by Existing
MegaDosX: But food is so delicious Adam
Seth_Erickson: food calorie counting is pretty rough
leroygardner81: fitness regime with Magic? I dont even know how to shower, slow down!!
PenguiShark: I lost weight in my first year of uni just from all the walking
Sorator13: Oh dear
BrowneePoints: Plus monitoring food can cause eating disorders
Seth_Erickson: The system is not built to make it easy
loufghyslaufey: I almost do not know...
Simriel: Calorie Counting is hard, I don't recommend it unless you REALLY need it
TheWriterAleph: FBtouchdown
protojman: aw i wanted to see those seas get spread
WowoT: i gained weight my first year uni from all the beer.... i mean water with hops XD
ghyllnox: Oh, you lost weight in uni? I added 25% on top of what I had
AugmentingPath: riparena riPepperonis
loufghyslaufey: I just stop eating out of spite with people spitting over my health already.
drcthulu: walking is great, also walking is good for fat burning because you can do it for an hour and short burst high intensity generally isn't as effective at depleting your glucose store in your muscles before you start burning fat
GapFiller: isnt that just keto
Pharmacistjudge: No
Fanklok: MyFitnessPal is a great app for counting calories. It has a beuilt in barcode scanner
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I try to exercise every day but I don't really have anything beyond bodyweight stuff and some 20lb dumbbells
Pharmacistjudge: Keto means no starch and you go into ketosis
vrulg: monitor calories to the maintenance level for the weight you'd like to'll lose weight slowly, but when you get to the target you'll already be eating like you have to maintain it.
Pharmacistjudge: keto diets are extremely strict
BrowneePoints: And keto is a no no unless prescribed
Spades_Slicc: Calories are a terribly way of measuring the chemical energy our bodies get out of food
BrowneePoints: Plz do NOT do keto unless a physician or dietitian SPECIFICALLY SAYS SO
Spades_Slicc: All calories actually measure is how hot a food burns
WowoT: that dragon paired with the 5 drop dragon that doubles the value of each treasure seems awesome
Simriel: Keto can cause epigenetic damage
Countsacula: Keto reminds me of the Atkins fad of the early 2000s
vrulg: @Spades_Slicc that's not what they measure. They measure how much heat is released, which is a different thing.
emberBecky: YEP
Pharmacistjudge: Doing a low carb diet is fine, doing an actual keto diet is unadvisable
BrowneePoints: Ketogenic diets are for people with specific dietary needs
Pharmacistjudge: or seizures
djalternative: My fitness pal or lose it are great for making diet tracking easy
Gooseblast: Nice island ya got there bud
Bruceski: It's all about figuring out what works for you and what you can do consistently. The best diet in the world doesn't work if you hate it and keep trying to find reasons to stop.
Spades_Slicc: @vrulg I would love for you to explain the difference between "how much heat is released" and "how hot it burns" are different
MegaDosX: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
BrowneePoints: But yea the dangerous thing about calorie counting is it can very easily slide into an ED without being careful
ghizmou: whos that!
aiolian: wheezy waiter just posted a very good video about why he won't do keto
Genasi_Gaming: you went seven and 2 which is the most games you can play
MegaDosX: Beluna looks like a card for Brawl or EDH
vrulg: @Spades_Slicc that's really easy: how hot is a temperature, how much heat is released is an energy. Don't talk chemistry unless you know chemistry.
BatenicYork: It's a fun card to build around, but definitely not the spike pick
KingOfDoma: Beluna is a Commander card
Bruceski: I haven't tried to full on pick up a diet, but over the years I've explored a lot of ways to get into my own head and circumvent reflex soda-drinking and such.
adambomb625: EZ mythic
UncleExpendable: The red back rat guy is no joke
djalternative: as someone who works out every day and lost 50 lbs over the last two years, my two secrets are a calorie tracker and lots of plain popcorn.
MegaDosX: Scryfall says 62 adventure cards in Temur in Commander
QuixoticScrivener: And adventures in CLB.
adambomb625: Siege Fly-no
Pharmacistjudge: I need to get back to my old diet. It's called "sklp the fries" which is you stop eating empty starches
UncleExpendable: Hamlet Glutton rocks
freshbubba: Beluna is pretty good in draft too, 4/4 trample for 3 and you can get a lot of random adventures
MegaDosX: Mono-red draft, let's go
Tiny_Genius_: Had Beluna in my last draft and I whiffed on the adventure every single time, but its also a 3 mana 4/4
Easilycrazyhat: The only thing I don't like about Glutton is a UI issue. The way Bargain is implemented is unnecessarily confusing.
Pharmacistjudge: no fries, onion rings, dinner rolls, texas toast...all those empty calories starches that come with fast food meals
Seth_Erickson: I think the prankster is very good with firebolt
UncleExpendable: Adventure cards do rock.
loufghyslaufey: does dragon mantle do more than the functional reprint mythic we saw in BRO?
BatenicYork: Totin' Hams
AugmentingPath: take the sanguine bond, drop from the event, and build a silly historic combo deck
MegaDosX: That's kinda spicy
baskwalla: UR is back on the escalator
cy0nknight: I went 2-1 with a RB Rats deck in my last draft. Rats get obnoxiously good!
bigpearlentertainment: did we go 7-x with the last deck?
AugmentingPath: yep, 7-2
bigpearlentertainment: nice
cy0nknight: Twisted Sewer Witch is no joke
UncleExpendable: Can we talk about how House Mouse is Savanna Lions but better?
BatenicYork: I don't think you passed one
MegaDosX: Paying? Attention??
Seth_Erickson: I think skewer slinger is quite good personally. 1/3 reach that trades profitably against x/1's and x/2's
cy0nknight: She gives Wicked roles to your ears - don't think you got one yet
Countsacula: Magic players are too cool to read all the cards
cy0nknight: Rats, I mean
loufghyslaufey: silly sword rock
loufghyslaufey: or rock sword...
AugmentingPath: take the irencrag, drop from the event, build a different silly historic combo deck
xxxnumxxx: comon mono red
cy0nknight: Reading? In MY card game?
ghyllnox: She's a flavor text *writer*
UncleExpendable: Wow, that is so late for Totentanz
Easilycrazyhat: Is this Tarkov? Cause we rattin'.
DAC169: @Countsacula as seen several times daily on Arena's Bug & Suggestions forum NODDERS
midnightcurryjazz: It really got them though
Cupstr: How on earth did that wheel????
Haroldholmes25: people hate rats
Cupstr: That’s fair
couchboyj: Pretty strong signal rats is open
UncleExpendable: It's true! Some people like blue. Imagine!
AugmentingPath: nice, we're live for the historic combo deck
Seth_Erickson: I mean we kind of can all the gold uncommons are signposts for the respective decks in limited.
MegaDosX: It's Into the Roil that can be conditionally cheap
Sorator13: Stopgap is excellent
Easilycrazyhat: Bargain isn't a given even in this set, but it is very easy to set up
Fanklok: What if Into the roil had a negative kicker cost?
UncleExpendable: Oh hey!
shea_wolfe: Yoooo
PuritanPuree: THE PAYOFF
Seth_Erickson: I think you're way undervaluing that two drop
xantos69: Sing them the song of your people Adam.
baskwalla: They're gaming
MegaDosX: Squeak squeak motherbusser
Sorator13: ratfireball babyyyy
WowoT: never didnt have it
Haroldholmes25: adam doots as he pleases
Sniknob: 🐀 🐀 🐀
couchboyj: Its Rat O'Clock!
satyropodobny: Ratjam
AugmentingPath: what fruit is that rat token holding?
BrowneePoints: Firerat Blitz!
Seth_Erickson: Rat out 👀
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xantos69: Another rat?
MegaDosX: Time for rats!
couchboyj: Vermin
Sorator13: @AugmentingPath Looks like a raspberry to me (if it's a RL fruit)
Easilycrazyhat: Screampuff for something top end?
CururuGuasu: Scream puff is surprisingly good. 5 toughness is a lot
novrdd: toot teen taanz
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Sorator13: Voracious Vermin is excellent as well
Tiny_Genius_: My last draft deck had two songs plus impact tremors and raid bombardment. It's fun to kill people with 20 instances of 1 damage.
xantos69: No such thing as too many 3's
MegaDosX: He's Bargain bait
cy0nknight: I love Belligerent
Easilycrazyhat: Two rares in the pack pick 5. That's interesting XD
AugmentingPath: @Sorator13 It looks to me like the top is flat like a strawberry, rather than indented like a raspberry. Maybe it's an underripe blackberry
CururuGuasu: Vermin too
UncleExpendable: Belligerent of the Ball and Belle of the Brawl should hook up
MegaDosX: Oh shit
MegaDosX: That with the Song would be absurd
Sorator13: here we go
MegaDosX: Rat Bombardment!
Countsacula: Fire the ratapult
Sorator13: You didn't have the ratball, though
Seth_Erickson: we also did get double rat fireball'd in one game though
Akaiatana: Passing a voracious vermin for the raid bombardment is sad but important.
MegaDosX: That curve tho
DAC169: I'm surprised no one took it
baskwalla: Sure is 3 in there
n3ther: lol
Fanklok: Mana wall
Easilycrazyhat: Mono 3 drops
Sorator13: Those two as the last two picks in the back is very interesting
WowoT: when your curve maxes out at 3 youre fine right?
Seth_Erickson: well well well if it isn't ye old 3 drop hater Savidan back again
shea_wolfe: I kinda like questing druid
BatenicYork: works well with rats
shea_wolfe: With treasures
Easilycrazyhat: Stingblade works well with 1/1s that can't block
DAC169: with your lack of green the Questing Druid could get rather big
Mr_Horrible: it's very good but only in specific archetypes, which you can't swing easily in draft
Fanklok: But Intangible Virtue
Sorator13: Shatter seems not great to me, personally? So expensive...
Easilycrazyhat: Tremors might even wheel XD
shea_wolfe: I think impact may wheel
n3ther: waste not want not
Easilycrazyhat: That is some awesome art, tho
MegaDosX: I'd imagine the dream is Waste Not and Oppression
korvys: Love the art on the showcase cards in this set, though
Seth_Erickson: the 2 drop good with all the rats
Seth_Erickson: the one with celebration
MegaDosX: The cat makes a rat
UncleExpendable: Shatter the oath is slow but ok
Mr_Horrible: I like the shatter, even if it's 'spensive
Genasi_Gaming: kathleen you might know is Syr elianora dead? the old lady knight from the first eldraine that cared about hand sized
ghyllnox: Dark toot
shea_wolfe: come on impact wheel
Easilycrazyhat: WOW
MegaDosX: OH
Gooseblast: YES
MegaDosX: This draft wants you playing rats apparently, holy crap
n3ther: wtf
BrowneePoints: all 5 of the Knights are alive @Genasi_Gaming
Sorator13: lrrWOW
SolarBlitz1: Let's gooo
Easilycrazyhat: Pick 8. Amazingt
zelukester: wowza
Genasi_Gaming: yay!
BrowneePoints: they are on the mythic enchantment cycle questing @Genasi_Gaming
MegaDosX: @cy0nknight I don't think anyone was disagreeing with you benginLul
BrowneePoints: the Virtues I think?
UncleExpendable: Aww
Akaiatana: Thought: Skeleton Rat named Bone Splinter
cy0nknight: Let's go rats let's goooo
lackingsanity: grand ball guest
Haroldholmes25: that card definitely killed me and tilted me off the planet
MegaDosX: Impact Tremors and a big Song seems funny
Mr_Horrible: one-sided fogs have historically been "better than you think" in limited
highelectricaltemperature: a cat in a rat deck? they'll never expect it
Countsacula: cats in the rat deck? D:
Mr_Horrible: esp because no one counts on them
Easilycrazyhat: How much do we care about having blockers?
Sorator13: rats rats rat ratsratsrats everybody-
Genasi_Gaming: what abut the house leaders? is ayara on phyrexia or did she die?
ImplicitRobin17: Who needs 2 drops when you have 2 1 drops
haltben2514: I’ve already been completely blown out by that card. It ducks…
shea_wolfe: Is the dragon mantle what this deck is doing?
lackingsanity: cut the hunter imo
MazemindTom: Tremors + song of totentanz seems sweet
BrowneePoints: and if bargained it's gross
BrowneePoints: bargained it's basically a self FoF
LordManiMani: Search was nice
Seth_Erickson: Maybe don't need the assassin anymore
Sorator13: do we want 2x rat out?
ImplicitRobin17: If the sewer witch is your only 5, can you go 16 lands?
lackingsanity: cut the spellscorn coven?
Easilycrazyhat: How many roles do we have for the Tabby?
Mr_Horrible: yeah, coven seems perfectly fine
Sorator13: also not sure about the Giant
UncleExpendable: Cut a forest?
virgil82: cut one forest?
LordManiMani: Doesn't have trample
TriforceDrummer: It'll just stay in exile until you get a treasure
TriforceDrummer: So it's fine to just stay
virgil82: Run a ham sandwich?
Sorator13: yeah, I don't like the grabby giant, personally. Doesn't really synergize with what we're doing.
zelukester: Song with Raid Bombardment is bonkers, took opponent from 14 to 0 lategame
UncleExpendable: 2 mana get a thing back is wicked cheap
zelukester: of course that's situational
jundinator: Let's go rats
virgil82: Oh cut frantic firebolt?
jundinator: Did we get a lord skitter?
n3ther: chat pls
Sorator13: @jundinator no
jundinator: Oof
LordManiMani: Uh oh Oko
Sorator13: Hm
n3ther: not a fan of this hand
jundinator: Skitter did so much work for me at prerelease @loadingreadyrun
virgil82: Eh. My expreience with firebolt is that it sits sadly in my hand
lackingsanity: this is not doing anythign
n3ther: well
n3ther: just draw it off the top
BrowneePoints: Lord Skitter is Gobblin' Rattlemaster
jundinator: Helped me to go 3 and 1
BrowneePoints: he does work
Easilycrazyhat: Never didn't have it
LordManiMani: Welp gg
Sorator13: like that!
LordManiMani: Ope
jundinator: It can fight too
Mr_Horrible: it's nice that playing hunter off the treasure keeps bargain
TriforceDrummer: the fight wouldn't kill your 5/5 because they'd lose the +1 from the Aura
MVlat_: they could sac the hopeful vigil
Sorator13: excellent
virgil82: And firebolt pays off.
Sorator13: !card hopeful vigil
LRRbot: Hopeful Vigil [1W] | Enchantment | When Hopeful Vigil enters the battlefield, create a 2/2 white Knight creature token with vigilance. / When Hopeful Vigil is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, scry 2. / {2}{W}: Sacrifice Hopeful Vigil.
Mr_Horrible: fun not allowed in Totentanz's town lrrBEEJ
Easilycrazyhat: "No fun allowed!" >:|
Sorator13: yeah, stockpiling celebrant is quite good with a number of things, but especially that enchantment
Mr_Horrible: it's a sorcery, no?
BrowneePoints: there's a reason it's an uncommon
Mr_Horrible: oh no, I'm a fool
GreatGodOm: Kathleen, when we met in Barcelona, I warned you about the lack of ventilation on the London Underground. How did you fare there in the end?
Mr_Horrible: Jolly Green has our back
Akaiatana: I'm a punny snack.
Akaiatana: Vigil is pretty rad
mjiig: The tube stuffiness is not so bad as a tourist, it's commuting that makes it miserable in summer
GreatGodOm: It's a good thing that you avoided the current heat wave in the UK. We don't know how to deal with temps over 25 degrees.
Sorator13: LUL
Mr_Horrible: internet parlance for mundane things is a good bit
earlgrey82: @GreatGodOm Your not wrong. Anything over 20 and i melt.
MegaDosX: Snack time!
Professor_Colin: xD
couchboyj: Plays real good with Song, yeah
Mr_Horrible: yeah, it can be an awkward draw, but this really is the deck it wants to be in
Akaiatana: A coop de gras
Professor_Colin: Kathleen we need to get you back on GameKnights
BrowneePoints: Good thing
BrowneePoints: go to MagicCon Vegas
BrowneePoints: she might be there
MegaDosX: I think we need to get Adam back on Game Knights
Professor_Colin: i know i seen :D
Professor_Colin: awesome
Sorator13: "the replay will be live" is fun phrasing :D
Professor_Colin: ya i have Binge watched all of the games knights . i swear i have seen each episode of game knights at least 3 times PS Yawgmoth is also my Fav Commander
UncleExpendable: Gallant Pie Wielder is a cool thing to be called
ImplicitRobin17: Kathleen, your winrate in edited multiplayer Magic content is really high! I just watched the original Conspiracy draft video for the first time recently
MegaDosX: Yawgmoth is very strong
ghizmou: kathleen has skulking
Mr_Horrible: Yawgmoth, good commander, terrible doctor
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i need to train my brain specifically for celebration, i've tapped out twice to trigger it and it has screwed me
MegaDosX: I like Thief into Bombardment
Akaiatana: Kathleen just quietly builds a limit break gauge
Professor_Colin: add Gravepact to your yawgmoth Brawl deck now :D on here
MazemindTom: Tremors might be better than raid bombardment in this deck
Mr_Horrible: they're both very all-in
ghizmou: it provides a lot of reach
MegaDosX: You can block and bait out a pump spell to get another rat can't you?
UWDJohn: I had a draft with both and yeah, it wasn't great.
couchboyj: You gotta make more rats than this decks makes to make them work
korvys: I think they're both pretty good in the right deck - they're worth a decent amount of damage if reach is what you need
salamisuperstar: My first 7 win deck has Impact Tremors. But it also had Goblin Bombardment, which was the real winner
korvys: !card raid bomb
LRRbot: Raid Bombardment [2R] | Enchantment | Whenever a creature you control with power 2 or less attacks, Raid Bombardment deals 1 damage to the player or planeswalker that creature is attacking.
MegaDosX: lmaoooooooooo
baskwalla: nice
Mr_Horrible: opponent nooooo
Sorator13: they did that in the wrong order, lol
couchboyj: Now Goblin Bombardment...
Easilycrazyhat: whoopsie doopsie
MegaDosX: That was a poorly timed removal spell
UncleExpendable: That mouse is so much value
Mr_Horrible: yeah, gotta wait for the trigger, nothing gained by killing it early
WowoT: !card rowan's grim search
LRRbot: Rowan's Grim Search [2B] | Instant | Bargain / If this spell was bargained, look at the top four cards of your library, then put up to two of them back on top of your library in any order and the rest into your graveyard. / You draw two cards and you lose 2 life.
MegaDosX: Killing a rat here also isn't super great because the Wicked role going away drains them for 1
MegaDosX: So even if they put the first striker in front
MazemindTom: You get a lot of extra rats in this deck, they would be at like 6 life now
Mr_Horrible: they're staring down a lot of guaranteed damage
MegaDosX: I like slamming tbh
Sorator13: I like playing Vermin and slamming
Sorator13: Vermin gets big
xantos69: just play your rat first and let the chips fall where they may
Mr_Horrible: I like going ham and holding a Totentanz activation
Sorator13: !card totentanz
LRRbot: Did you mean: Song of Totentanz; Totentanz, Swarm Piper
Sorator13: !card totentanz, swarm
LRRbot: Totentanz, Swarm Piper [1BR] | Legendary Creature — Human Warlock Bard [2/3] | Whenever Totentanz, Swarm Piper or another nontoken creature you control dies, create a 1/1 black Rat creature token with "This creature can't block." / {1}{B}: Target attacking Rat you control gains deathtouch until end of turn.
MegaDosX: Whatcha got opponent?
Spades_Slicc: Settle
MegaDosX: Oh imagine if they somehow cast Settle benginLul
Mr_Horrible: yeah, this board is pretty strong because unless you kill in the proper order, you're not really reducing it
LordManiMani: Seattle
xantos69: Great turn honestly. They are very dead to Raid bombardment
MegaDosX: Aren't they dead?
Mr_Horrible: like they're dead to Raid next turn
Spades_Slicc: @LordManiMani Seattle: The Wreckage
Sorator13: the rats deck has such good dies triggers, yeah
xantos69: May I suggest putting in 1 forest so you can fetch it in a pinch?
WowoT: and adam said raid probably wasnt good here :P
Mr_Horrible: VROOM
MegaDosX: Deck's perfect
Easilycrazyhat: Opp hopping you passed attack phase XD
Easilycrazyhat: *hoping
TriforceDrummer: I wouldn't say just as fast
MegaDosX: Opponent was on the "maybe they forget to attack" plan
TriforceDrummer: But man at least it's very funny
CururuGuasu: It’s the swole Ratigan that they wanted on last night’s stream
dwchief: solid argument tbf
TriforceDrummer: We have the combo
Sorator13: @xantos69 We have three(?) treasure sources; that's plenty, honestly. Not worth potentially messing up our colored mana just for another two sources for a spell we don't need to cast.
UncleExpendable: Oh dear
SolarBlitz1: It's not as reliable for the win, but it's fun still
argentslipstream: at the end of the day it only goes face, and that's fine, but versatility is king
korvys: It did (if those triggers resolved) 11 damage for 2 mana
DSolanaceae: Classic
Sorator13: arena pls
ghizmou: arena!
Mr_Horrible: it's probably a *bit* too cheeky but still strong enough to keep around
LordManiMani: Oof
Easilycrazyhat: Games can be played for fun
Mr_Horrible: arenan't
ghyllnox: Do you want to quit the prograaaam, and just run around the haaaalls
callinallcreeps: Bombardment def cinched a couple games for me earlier
DAC169: MtG is so crash-happy since the update aliwayDead
RealGamerCow: "Do I want to be Cameron?"
crono3453: Bombardment triggers together strong
Mr_Horrible: it's like when you and James played the BG storm deck in Strixhaven :p
korvys: I think it's fine, for the same reason you *sometimes* play Lava Axe - in your deck it gives you reach you don't otherwise have
Spades_Slicc: Wait, with WoE releasing they banned the bonus sheet in some formats. I wasn't paying close attention when that was happening. What formats can raid bombardment be played in?
couchboyj: RB can be way heavier on rats than you are, and bombardment and tremors are better in those decks
Sorator13: @Spades_Slicc Think of it this way: it's a reprint of those cards, but they aren't in the set. So they aren't added to standard.
UncleExpendable: I remember Cavalcade of Calamity being ok in constructed for a while
xantos69: @Sorator13 I understand that perspective. But on an aggressive deck I find typically it is better to use up treasure for ramp rather than fixing. Also, based on their deck's color requirements, they are very VERY flexible since they don't have double pip spells. A single forest doesn't really hurt that plan and it opens up options for the late game as they have 2 chances to draw it with the fetch land.
argentslipstream: i mean, blue just has counter spells, it can go in any pairing that has blue
Sorator13: @xantos69 We do have at least one double-black spell, fwiw
Sorator13: but mostly I just disagree re: whether it's worth the potential mana issues
dwchief: thief + bombardment, then rats for 6/7?
couchboyj: Song gives em haste, so i like playing the other two first, yeah
MazemindTom: 5 rats and bombardment next turn, ohhh baby
Spades_Slicc: It's a gambit like in chess, play suboptimal to make OP mess up
couchboyj: Witch off the top next turn, please
TriforceDrummer: Come on Sewer Witch
Easilycrazyhat: Boooo
ghizmou: opp hates fun
xantos69: BOOO
Sorator13: :(
tetradd01: Op is in Cram mode
Akaiatana: Is Royal Treatment sort of like Dive Down in this set?
Sorator13: oh, I would've swung out with the rats there
couchboyj: Royal treatment is real good. Better snakeskin veil
freshbubba: Definitely have lost games to combattricks.deck in this format
virgil82: op has all the answers
4 raiders from DuchessRaine have joined!
InTheHouseOfHavok: I love Royal Treatment in enchantress commander decks
UncleExpendable: What are we digging for though?
Spades_Slicc: Howdy raiders
freshbubba: So many tricks stapled as adventures
DuchessRaine: hello all :D
vlast03: hello all :D
Professor_Colin: almost 7 here
vlast03: 00:50am here :D
DuchessRaine: lol I went offline cuz its our dinner time here XD
haltben2514: 10am babyyy
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #3812: "Look man, you can't just call someone a thopter" —Adam [2017-01-06]
Sorator13: lrrHEART
Easilycrazyhat: That was odd
Fanklok: Auto focus is off
Sorator13: \o/
MazemindTom: GGs friends
ghyllnox: They can't stop you from saying "Card Kingdom: A Kingdom of Cards"
Mr_Horrible: their in-person locations are great, visit them if you get the chance
Mr_Horrible: "You figure it out"
FlynnRaccoon: "Because the Algorithm" is a complete sentence these days.
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500
MazemindTom: Math is for blockers should be an emote in arena
Fanklok: Can I send you a bunch of assisted forgein currency in the mail?
Fanklok: Assorted
RealGamerCow: oh no, con crud?
Mr_Horrible: my god, that *is* my card sofieGasp
Spades_Slicc: Yung Wheelies?
xantos69: Cheer50 Bits!
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
MrSarkhan: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Mr_Horrible: excited for more puzzle-solving in Homebody
Shampp: Kathleen love your hair! have a good night pals!
Mr_Horrible: thanks for streaming!
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
MAPBoardgames: !next
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