Obos_TAB: omg i WISH i could draft time spiral
Mr_Horrible: time spiral is good, you just have to remember that green isn't good until Future Sight
drizztnailo: god i miss neon dynasty draft
Izandai: NotLikeThis
Obos_TAB: Still awesome.
TXC2: strong "I;m a genius...oh no" energy there
hyperialguard: Oh Rashids. Such a bouncy boy
itsr67: look I try to stay on the ground
Izandai: demipyroLul
itsr67: oml
hyperialguard: I get it.
saucemaster5000: despite all the shenanigans it does feel like rashid is surprisingly squishy in the air
hyperialguard: I'm a Lily. Birds wanna fly
itsr67: yeah if you get him during arabian skyhigh rashid lands as a scared baby
Obos_TAB: They must be trying to get something else when they get H spinning mixer
drizztnailo: my first ranked game of the day and a kim rage quit when i hit gief level 3
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RassilonDND: Give em the footsies!
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hyperialguard: Hell yeah
LadyLockwood92: Way to go, Nelson~
Obos_TAB: lets go nelson. that was awesome
saucemaster5000: @drizztnailo wasn't a loyal fan
TXC2: !break
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Izandai: I put a screenshot of the frame of that limb DP in the fighting games channel of LRRcord.
Mr_Horrible: @saucemaster5000 it really was their last ride
beowuuf: lrrWOW 8pm already
TXC2: yeah, and dark already :p
LordZarano: @Genasi_Gaming That page actually has this absolute banger of a quote which I think is even better than Hanlon's Razor: "misunderstandings and neglect occasion more mischief in the world than even malice and wickedness. At all events, the two latter are of less frequent occurrence." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1774
Izandai: We don't use "occasion" as a verb enough these days.
Genasi_Gaming: Im just a lil guy
abracadaver23: is it oki oki fight club day?
Genasi_Gaming: it is
abracadaver23: Oh it is yay
beowuuf: wb
hyperialguard: Great stream so far
LadyLockwood92: Nice, right on time.
Genasi_Gaming: oki oki is always a friday except for when its not
hyperialguard: Love that Gief
Ferisar: gief mentioned
Ferisar: show headbutt streamer
drizztnailo: GIEF ON SCREEN
drizztnailo: im so proud of you wheeler
hyperialguard: Haha
itsr67: always has rekkas, but on his non rekka stuff it's at level 2+
TriChronos: I have a hard time figuring out when Jamie is done hitting me...
drizztnailo: fighting jamie as gief is rough for sure. very hard to stop him from getting drinks
itsr67: like he doesnt get fmk rekka until level 2
hyperialguard: It is whatever you think it is plus three second
hyperialguard: :(
NanoDelta: I think that's just a didcord thing
Bearudite: disconnect and reconnect works for me on discord
drizztnailo: MY LOYAL FANS
Ferisar: NO MERCY
drizztnailo: NO REMORSE
hyperialguard: Lol.
hyperialguard: We are all marks for Gief
hyperialguard: And we are right
drizztnailo: @hyperialguard h's just a silly lil guy
hyperialguard: A beautiful boy.
Juliamon: F?
Sorator13: stream ded for anyone else?
drizztnailo: f
ghyllnox: F
pn55: lrrFINE
saucemaster5000: not just me!
dungeonmasteralek: yup
drizztnailo: strem ded
beowuuf: not just me then
starmute12: PopNemo
dungeonmasteralek: F i
NewtyNewts: Full out.
JinaMahavira: F
Mr_Horrible: we back
TXC2: and we're back
saucemaster5000: we back
beowuuf: back
Prop_PT: F
ThibbleBird: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
Sorator13: And back!
dungeonmasteralek: THEY HAVE RETURNED!
NewtyNewts: Refresh to go on again
10of9: benginO7
A_Dub888: It died and then it got better
LadyLockwood92: It flickered a little.
JinaMahavira: there we go
LordZarano: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 4:05. lrrSPOT
TXC2: looked like chat died a bit there too :p
saucemaster5000: hellos kenneth mars
dungeonmasteralek: Found my new favourite thing to have on the second screen while I work <3
A_Dub888: @TXC2 Each day we die a little more
TXC2: A_Dub888 too real :p
ThibbleBird: love the energy
CatTreeDreamCar: As someone said early. "Discord: What a tool." goes both ways.
Prop_PT: Wheeler SPD'd the stream
drizztnailo: wheeler out here performing for the loyal fans
saucemaster5000: we can just sit here in silence
saucemaster5000: wait for sleep
TXC2: it's time for Adam to put in some work Kappa
CatTreeDreamCar: Chun arc?
bobbyerman: Pk sandblast
TXC2: Pocket sand!
drizztnailo: hitting a raw level one as gief will make you think you are the smartest person alive
Obos_TAB: "Look sir, punishes!"
drizztnailo: great zangief wheeler
GhostofJeffGoldblum: increase your pipe size with this one weird trick
Bearudite: when you gotta wait for the audio in the mail its time to bail
Obos_TAB: what dos she say at start of level 3? It sounds like "kokoro"
Prop_PT: can you level 3 Superman Punch on reaction or is it too fast?
v_nome: Did Discord crap out?
SK__Ren: M-erase-a
Izandai: It's all they needed.
Prop_PT: SaltKnight... OK
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: The train tunnel is for trains, not for Serge.
ThibbleBird: OP does seem to be waiting for sandblast sometimes
Ferisar: don’t let the cops know you’ve sandblasted
NorthstarTex: send adam some coffee
Mr_Horrible: (can't wake up)
TXC2: Wake Adam up, wake him up inside, save him
ThibbleBird: YES
Kuhfeek: the shimmy!
unstablucifer: adam has become gaming
LurkerSpine: Salt Knight... hmm
tod_vom_himmel: ggs everybody who came to the lobby
tod_vom_himmel: acegun was about to wash me for 10 rounds straight but a work call saved me
Prop_PT: LUL
TXC2: LurkerSpine really thought that said CIA Knight :p
AceGun_: @tod_vom_himmel lol, only after being crushed for 6 straight rounds.
ThibbleBird: OP's first thing in neutral was always a pause...fun to see their trend to first react and then start considering an approach
tod_vom_himmel: but you learned
tod_vom_himmel: i didnt
tod_vom_himmel: thats a big difference
AceGun_: I'm sure you would have, there wasn't much to learn from me when everything was working the first few rounds.
tod_vom_himmel: i gotta say youre the leaast jumpingest juri ever
tod_vom_himmel: i miss getting to stuff divekicks
kinginfernal: Im not super into fighting games, but isn’t this game where you got your handel of wakeup super?
ThibbleBird: ooo yeah tell them to stop pressing
AceGun_: @tod_vom_himmel I've had my fill of getting my divekicks stuffed, thanks.
ThibbleBird: that was BRUTAL
tod_vom_himmel: haha
kinginfernal: Love me some buttonmashing.
tod_vom_himmel: yea juris dive is not great
kinginfernal: And so does this guy apparently.
beowuuf: yeeeeeeees
Camail: woo!
bobbyerman: Gj nelson
Obos_TAB: nice nelson
TXC2: nice job Nelson
freshmaker__: nice nelly
NorthstarTex: hell yea nelly!
Ferisar: let’s go Nelson
ThibbleBird: @kinginfernal when your character can zone it's easy to get into a spam mindset
Obos_TAB: How's Wheeler's Marisa?
kinginfernal: Fair enough.
ThibbleBird: let's goooo
ThibbleBird: god that was such a good idea too
TXC2: just a small guy from mininapolis
dungeonmasteralek: LMAO at "a bee's dick away"
Ferisar: no amnesia gamer
ThibbleBird: zoners forcing you to be patient
beowuuf: lol
TXC2: we've built a monster with Nelson Kappa
hyperialguard: Johnny Doughnuts: defeated
hyperialguard: But they will ride again. Forever and always
itsr67: LUL
MrSarkhan: RIP
Izandai: NotLikeThis
ThibbleBird: wow
niccus: wait it's apple this time
beowuuf: sunuvu
TXC2: WINDOWS! shakes fist
CopperAstronaut: Oofa
Mr_Horrible: blames windows for an Apple popup
WiJohn: iTunes says no
Ryxiene: NotLikeThis
Mr_Horrible: smh mh
Saintnex: QuickTime!!!!
Ferisar: JP strikes your PC
itsr67: LMFAO
Obos_TAB: you brothe gotta update quickti- HAHA BEN YES
LurkerSpine: thanks APPLE
Boopity: Microsoft colluding
ylegm: That was an APPLE update bruv
TXC2: !clips
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NorthstarTex: fuckin itunes!
ThibbleBird: APPLE
rosesmcgee: Quicktime? God damn Apple strikes again
CopperAstronaut: QuickTime counter attack!
beowuuf: thank goodness that vitally important update happened at that completely unimportant time
v_nome: Bill Gates really needs to stop cheating at Street Fighter like this.
saucemaster5000: I take it back THAT's why I got 2nd
ylegm: Itunes always picks the worst times to do anything
niccus: not enough practice on quicktime events
Ferisar: “Observe” *updates your windows*
NorthstarTex: apple trying to sabotage the stream
Mr_Horrible: JP handing tim cook 50 bucks to tank your match
Ferisar: “Haha haha”
Prop_PT: Wild Cammy Alert
Mr_Horrible: Spin Knuckle: "It could be anything!"
Ferisar: cammy screaming “DIE” at the screen
hyperialguard: Camille on a tear
unstablucifer: damn they just b hitting buttons huh
NanoDelta: the SAME spiral arrow
ThibbleBird: everybody loves pressing buttons today
TXC2: sometimes being Johnny Dohnuts worls
unstablucifer: i sensé thé johnny dohnut
TXC2: *Works
ThibbleBird: and hey...who doesn't love pressing buttons?
itsr67: wtf is happenening
TXC2: I swear the buttons on this board keep moving :p
itsr67: I wish I could cannon spike all my issues away
Izandai: There's the shit
Prop_PT: they wanted Sandblast for CA
Izandai: The macro mixup.
CopperAstronaut: Maybe their hot pockets finished cooking?
ThibbleBird: never sandblast
TriChronos: The Doughnuts went stale, I suppose
Izandai: There it is.
itsr67: just gotta breathe
ThibbleBird: just gotta jab until they stop moving
tod_vom_himmel: well that call definitley couldnt have been an email or anything
Izandai: There ya go
TXC2: Jab until they stop moving also works in boxing
ThibbleBird: I loved that kick exchange lol
Prop_PT: Cammy Perssing buttons after -2 OD Strike
ThibbleBird: they definitely got shook a bit
ThibbleBird: and now that you reminded them that grabs exist...lol
Izandai: mattlrDogchamp
BusTed: seabatClap
beowuuf: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
hyperialguard: seabatClap
NorthstarTex: hell yea!
pn55: seabatClap
TXC2: Lets go Nellson!
bobbyerman: rank time
croisvoix1: hell yeah nelson
saucemaster5000: let's GO NELLY!
AceGun_: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
bobbyerman: Nelson on his way to Diamond
LurkerSpine: you don't owe them anything
LurkerSpine: I usually wait 10 though
Izandai: Damn
therepoman__: The fighting game sleepies are so real
saucemaster5000: I thought chars only had 1 lvl3
NorthstarTex: it means ya need a snack, and water
AtrusOfMyst: I could go for a croissant
TXC2: that Chinese dinner breakfast starting to hit Ben Kappa
RayFK: Adam smarter than all of us
niccus: sleeping well is cheating
Ferisar: guy who goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 7
Boopity: What the hell, I didn't come here to hear about responsible sleep habits Kappa
TXC2: I go to bed at 11, and wake up 2 and 4 and 6 :p
unstablucifer: dude i need like 10 hrs of sleep
CopperAstronaut: So James turned into a vampires?
saucemaster5000: the real trick is to wake up at super
Ferisar: now that’s sleeping
NorthstarTex: Im also a 10pm to 6am sleeper
SquareDotCube: that explains why James did those 24-hour streams
hyperialguard: Alarm clock good off *hammer foot*
Prop_PT: I'm usually an 11-7 or 12-8 depending on what I'm doing the next day
DanTheMediocre: @niccus this reminds me of that 'I got carried to first!' clip
TXC2: I'm a 9 hour guy who is forced by his body to have 6 at best
TXC2: big mood there Adam
Ferisar: can’t wake up
Prop_PT: @niccus God Bless Eli
AtomicAlchemical: These days I tend to be a 9-5 sleeper, but sometimes I get away with 11-5
AtrusOfMyst: When my dog wakes me up at 430 am to shit, I feel like can take on anything
unstablucifer: is edmund actually his name?
SK__Ren: I'm a 10-6 sleeper. 10 Am to 6 PM
Mr_Horrible: "I've got this great trick where you spend gauge for nothing"
TXC2: unstablucifer sure is
AtomicAlchemical: it really is
unstablucifer: that’s v funny to me
Izandai: what
dungeonmasteralek: been on that 2-9 lately
LadyLockwood92: Yup, Edmund Honda.
Ferisar: it is edmund honda yes
LurkerSpine: Edomondo Hondo
Ferisar: he also likes to fiddle with computers
dungeonmasteralek: Finishing work at 1 am doesnt help lol
drizztnailo: i think he changed his name to edmund cause he thought it would make him sound foreign i think
Ferisar: he’s a real nerd
Izandai: lmao
Prop_PT: hes one of the few who you see their full name in the character selection (inside trainign mode)
freshmaker__: My sleep is like 4-6am until midday. I make exceptions for oki oki where I have to sleep early and wake up at 3am
TXC2: I wonder if Edmond honda is his birth name or his Sumo name?
Ferisar: uhhhhhhhhhh
Ferisar: yeah?
unstablucifer: my dogs expect their chronchies at 8 am sharp it does not always happen that way tho
RayFK: Ben, are you okay?
Ferisar: ben is playing briar
Ferisar: arrarar ararar
AtrusOfMyst: Joe Pesci from home alone 2 when he's trying to shoot Kevin but the gun is full of paint?
LordZarano: Skill issue I guess
Boopity: School is cancelled :(
saucemaster5000: we are home "that was fast"
dungeonmasteralek: Please don't leave, senpai Wheeler
10of9: "I've shared my screen with you, please respond" Kappa
TXC2: "lets go home" "we are home" "that was fast"
RayFK: If the stream doesn't show up in 15 minutes that means we can all leave right?
saucemaster5000: @TXC2 jinx you owe me a coke
dungeonmasteralek: Those are the rules
Ferisar: it’s foot time
LurkerSpine: Always wear boots when riding motorcycles, kids
niccus: what do you put on instead of bill nye when fighting game school has a substitute teacher
Mr_Horrible: *taps mic* "Bringing the heat"
TXC2: niccus we put on old EVO videos
Ferisar: me jump
Ferisar: me go up
Mr_Horrible: *jumps again*
therepoman__: Got a johnny donuts on our hands
LeonisCo: boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing boing
unstablucifer: boing boing bitch
Mr_Horrible: didn't pick Juri to not work the legs
Prop_PT: Moon toes Juri (would be shoes but... Juri)
LadyLockwood92: Ngl, looking forward to her Kigu costume.
Ferisar: starts playing briar
TXC2: Juri is more then feet
Ferisar: becomes foot guy
Ferisar: big surprise
TriChronos: Juri is fun! She's my main.
unstablucifer: it’s v funny that juri is the foot fetish character lol
Mr_Horrible: it's literally just the splash art you freaks
RayFK: Ben cares not for meta, only feet
Ferisar: @mr_horrible she kicks you in her autos
LadyLockwood92: When Briar's not on the screen, people should be asking 'Where's Briar?'
Mr_Horrible: @Ferisar well that's egg on my face
beowuuf: where *is* briar?
TXC2: beowuuf right on screen Kappa
Seth_Erickson: Briar's been fairly fun I just haven't gottne the hang of their kit yet
TriChronos: At the show store?
Ferisar: her kit is very goofy for league
unstablucifer: what game is briar in?
Ferisar: he is
drizztnailo: so true wheeler
Izandai: Guilty Gear
beowuuf: @TXC2 they disappeared for a split second on that win screen and i got scared
therepoman__: Good ol strike throw
saucemaster5000: ryu licks the relish off the hot dog and throws away the rest
unstablucifer: thank @izandai
LadyLockwood92: Ryu? From Streets?
Izandai: Right, nvm
Ferisar: you’ve heard of strike throw
unstablucifer: oop
Ferisar: how about jump throw
Camail: that was fake
Camail: light DP is punishable
Ferisar: lmao
Ferisar: this is hilarious
Izandai: Holy hell Juri's dash is fast.
Prop_PT: the amount of people who NJ, get AA'd, NJ to avoid throw, get AA'd again and then get thrown vs me is comical
therepoman__: I genuinely have a hard time dealing with very jumpy ops
TXC2: there's a juri - jury joke and I can't quite get there
Izandai: The Juri finds you guilty of horny crimes.
ghyllnox: Juri's verdict is guilty
Prop_PT: @TXC2 something something kangaroo court
TXC2: thanks chat
Izandai: np
Falannt: I dont think, i am your bro, bro!
Ferisar: hahaha
Camail: correct, fireball that close is like -3 or worse
Izandai: Make them.
Ferisar: me go up
Izandai: Then keep punishing it.
LadyLockwood92: Juri want uppies
Izandai: Damn
Prop_PT: I know you are mostly Fucking around with Luke but maybe time to work on some crosscut DPs
Camail: a well timed half circle back does a cross cut
Camail: at least, thats what nephew does
TriChronos: It's like, you half circle and it'll cross cut?
Camail: yea, the forward counts as forward, then the rest of it happens when they switch sides
Camail: so it ends up being a DP motion
Ferisar: so true bestie
Ferisar: but irl
Prop_PT: you can also do DB > DF > DB and button and itll work crosscut
unstablucifer: @ferisar i relate
Ferisar: feast mode baby
TXC2: but getting burnt out is all I have :p
Mr_Horrible: feast mode baby #hungry
Ferisar: feed me more dot com
Mr_Horrible: @Ferisar *shakes your hand*
Boopity: Can you get burnt out on burn out? Cause something it be like that
Boopity: *sometimes
TXC2: like tired of being tired
Boopity: Exactly
beowuuf: @Boopity IRL? god yes.
unstablucifer: i am all too familiar
drizztnailo: @Ferisar hashtag hungry
TXC2: yeah that shit is just life sadly
beowuuf: aww, o7 wheeler
TXC2: thanks for streaming Wheeler, Nelson and Ben
TXC2: I heard that as "work on my bed man"
beowuuf: did anyone explain meaty to nelson after he asked earlier?
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP
TXC2: Bye Wheeler
unstablucifer: byyyyyeee
chaostreader: !next
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Camail: you actually have a true block string LUL
Camail: which is basically a myth in this game...
TheMerricat: "Shotokan (松濤館 Shōtōkan?), or Shoto for short, is the colloquial term used to describe the fighting style used by characters such as Ryu, Ken Masters, Akuma, Gouken, Sakura Kasugano, Dan Hibiki, and Sean Matsuda."
therepoman__: Ironically they don't even do Shotokan
Camail: fireball + dp + tatsu = we're calling you a shoto
TXC2: yeah Mokoto does actual Shotokan
Bruceski: A pre-action
CmdrLyrandar: after watching oki oki for a few weeks, i think i might pick up SF6...
CmdrLyrandar: starting to understand the terms adam is saying
Narzareth: Thanks y'all!
LurkerSpine: ty for the stream
LadyLockwood92: Cheers for the stream, lads~
beowuuf: thanks all!
AceGun_: Great job, Oki Oki boys!
HaphazardHaberdashery: Take care
Ryxiene: Everyone grab an orange slice xD
freshmaker__: good stream folks. lots of progress
TXC2: !next
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Ryxiene: Thanks for the stream KPOPvictory
TXC2: !patreon
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GhostofJeffGoldblum: do shots of patron
TXC2: !store
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GhostofJeffGoldblum: i mean, support on patreon
dungeonmasteralek: Love you, byeeeee
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: !events
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Mr_Horrible: thanks for the strim, gang
gualdhar: we are sad, and patiently await Beej's good healthj
TXC2: Beej hit hard by the concrud I presume
AtomicAlchemical: Nooooooooo. Beeeeeeej BibleThump
LadyLockwood92: Draft: Set to be determined.
Juliamon: https://kind.social/@beej@octodon.social/111069260421324095 Interpret this Beej toot as you will.
Invitare: beejlander being delayed is becoming a tradition
NorthstarTex: :< beej got hit by con crud? that sucks
TXC2: "stuck"
AceGun_: Adam hosts all the shows? Nice.
Mr_Horrible: oh no whatever will we do? Kappa
LadyLockwood92: Peace~
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
TXC2: !mastodon
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TXC2: !discord
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gualdhar: !next
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TXC2: Goodnight everybody
LordZarano: Well, time to watch Checkpoint https://youtu.be/ReDtY-E688E