RockPusher: !search for treasure
LRRbot: You find: a Pit Trap!
RockPusher inspects all the pits in the trap, poor things
LordZarano: That was a good Checkpoint
TheAinMAP: jlrrPit
GapFiller: meanwhile still not deep dived on getting that Rez shirt even tho its been in years worth of stuff at this point
RockPusher: !quote paul
LRRbot: Quote #4344: "But we killed everybody! What more could we have done??" —Paul [2017-08-09]
GapFiller: nalvThink neu hedcanon X Defiant failed its BVT thats how bad it was
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIG lrrARROW
TheAinMAP: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
GapFiller: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG NEU!
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
richard_ermen: Chatpoint Time!
Earthenone: lrrSIG
TehAmelie: wow, three twitch surveys within two weeks. that will mean 300 bits for me to donate at some point in the next 3-6 months
TehAmelie: also, lrrSIG
kusinohki: meows
GapFiller: dae start wracking the memory banks for times ENN mentioned Riccitiello when G mentioned theyd been covering him for literal decades? no just me oh well
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TehAmelie: fun fact to turn your bones to dust: Eve Online is on its third decade of life
GapFiller: yeh some video games have been going a long time thats hardly newsworthy
DideRobot: LRR: Time for Chillpoint! Hang out with Heather and Paul and chat about the week's gaming news (has image) |
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Knittinglibrarian: I mean, I feel kinda old reading that.
Kuhfeek: lrrSIG
RockPusher: TehAmelie I mean, that will too soon be true of LRR :D
GapFiller: nalvThink maybe theres a commentary to be made on our times in how few people these days seem to have ahandle on the fact that time moves
betweenmyself: Just read an article saying that one of the alleged death threats made against Unity was sent in by a current employee. Will be interesting to see if that holds up to scrutiny.
GapFiller: then again 2020 did a number on everyones time perception so maybe its a lil understandable people cant hack it there
TehAmelie: i mean, people will ne excused for not understanding time, with our three-dimensional, forward-tachyon brains
GapFiller: !picnic
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
Knittinglibrarian: Eh... judging by some headlines, you'd think we're stuck in the dark ages
RockPusher: lrrFINE
TehAmelie: some wise guy said, "don't try to understand time. i mean it, just don't. it will only hurt your head."
Invitare: oh no
DoodlestheGreat: LUL
TheAinMAP: HahaReindeer
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richard_ermen: Oh nooooo, Chillpoint has a TOS?
Juliamon: Paul's hair is looking very nice today
GapFiller: good evening PH Balance lrrPAUL lrrHEATHER lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
RockPusher: Balancing the PH
BusTed: rayfkWelp
NorthstarTex: No deal
GhostValv: :O
TehAmelie: helloo pals
QuixoticScrivener: Is Beej safe?
TheAinMAP: Hello.
GapFiller: TehAmelie and yet people bang on abt getting old non stop
kusinohki: trying to remember an article - stating tech is changing faster than ever historicall, but day to day lives are more samey than ever...
lirazel64: Welp, my hatches are as battened down as they're going to get.
TheWarDoctor8: hammock?
Knittinglibrarian: Evening
GapFiller: mmm pox
ewhac: The Lurgie.
forshamesir: the Pox Plague TM
TheWarDoctor8: heal up, get well <3
RockPusher: Swaggity Pox
red_shoes_jeff: But it's their most popular product!
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jolly6100: ohh good news i hope
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Drasvin: Oh that's a hammock behind Heather? At first I thought it was a bundle of cables.
davidgrizzlysmith: Hope it's not one a them computer viruses.
NorthstarTex: The complimentary con crud
forshamesir: can't believe Unity got into a knife fight with the entire games industry
Knittinglibrarian: Indoors hammock is a personal life goal
beowuuf: i mean if you're a dev for no man's sky, the increased popularity of it after starfield is a plus :p
loufghyslaufey: 2/2?
RockPusher: Lament! Lament! For we live in Interesting Times™
beowuuf: @forshamesir i mean sideways they're starting on google, disney...
RockPusher: ChonkPoint HypePurr
ewhac: Is that one of every color of Ethernet cable behind Heather?
Drasvin: Chonk story takes the space of two stories
Juliamon: ewhac it's a hammock
LordZarano: ChonkPont!
Scarbble: ThickPoint
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Juliamon: Chonkpoint is a very good name
red_shoes_jeff: Beautiful name.
TheWarDoctor8: I think there will be more use in the future too
RockPusher: Big news - and company self immolating is funny, but the collateral damage is sad lrrAWW
GapFiller: also unlike certain people who have a tendency to go on rants G knows howto stay On Point nalvCool
LordZarano: NUANCE! Yeah! PrideRise
SmithKurosaki: Greetings
rubikdarkwill: Had? Past tense?
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SmithKurosaki: A button!
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TheMerricat: So the weird thing chat.... all this news about unity convinced at least one stock analyst to upgrade Unity stock to a 'buy' rating....
richard_ermen: "People weren't happy" feels like an understatement considering how even People from Unity voiced how dumb it was
Juliamon: "This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move" to quote Adams.
betweenmyself: Shortened link to article claiming one death threat against Unity was sent by a current Unity employee:
NorthstarTex: Like it will sucks for every unity game I have becauss I'm waiting for a new PC :/
RockPusher: 'calculating'
RockPusher: aka, making up
fastlane250: source: dude trust me
richard_ermen: "Propriatery Data Model"....basically: "They make it up"
NorthstarTex: pure 'statistics'
GapFiller: anyone else remember the OGL thing from the beginning of the year? cz in my red string addled head this feels similar to that in the sense of both being a case of the C Suite cluelessly trying to close an open environment for the most naked greed imaginable
TheMerricat: ^^^^
Knittinglibrarian: As someone who's currently bingeing The Magnus Archives, my first thought was along the lines of "are they The Watching Eye"?
Juliamon: Incidentally, Humble has a Godot bundle that they put out in response and it's doing big numbers
TehAmelie: i've never been happier i have not devlever far enough into game dev to decide on Unity over, say, Godot. cause i will never ever want to use Unity now
richard_ermen: A number of games actually can detect if they're pirated, like Software Game Developer Studio the Pixelgame
TehAmelie: delved
TheMerricat: As a reminder the current CEO of Unity is the former CEO of EA, and the one who thought it was a great idea to float the idea that they should set up Battlefield so that players would have to PAY TO RELOAD THEIR GUNS.
emberBecky: mtg arena built in unity iirc
GapFiller: we shd be glad Cori doesnt do CP+ cz it figures shes got some choice words on this tooic
JadedCynic: @GapFiller yeah, feels like the same 'carrot and stick' method - release something horrible, then walk back to a 'much less crappy thing that still gets them some advantage' which everyone accepts...
red_shoes_jeff: @Juliamon Welp, I guess we're no longer Waiting For Godot.
lirazel64: WotC should be furious. I believe Arena uses Unity.
Metric_Furlong: most digital CCGs are built in Unity
NorthstarTex: Small devs: This sucks. Large Devs: we are working with legal to put out a statement.
RockPusher: Juliamon ooer, I thought that would be games made on Godot, but texts for the engine is an even better idea :D
EvilBadman: Cult of Lambs tiktok said they were joking about actually doing that
rubikdarkwill: The "Silksong is delayed another 5 years to get ported off of Unity" tweet being liked by a programmer at Team Cherry hit me like I just got shot
TehAmelie: it's not "carrot and stick". the name of this dominance strategy is "face in the door"
mowdownjoe: Red Hook was great with starting theirs with "We know a thing or two about madness." You could hear Wayne June's voice in it.
richard_ermen: Isn't such a change basically an illegal TOS change?
JadedCynic: @TheMerricat Yeah, obviously John Riccy never learned from being made to 'submit his resignation to the Board' of EA - he still doesn't grok the gaming market
red_shoes_jeff: Ouch
SmithKurosaki: Very good malicious compliance on the Monster prom thing
Juliamon: richard_ermen A lot of this kind of thing is too new to have any legal precedent
JadedCynic: changing engines in mid-development? Ask 3D Realms about DNF.
GapFiller: JadedCynic C Suiters not understanding their industry!? say it aint so!
richard_ermen: @Juliamon Now imagine how stupid this must be outside of the US where parts of those TOS are already illegal from the get-go and we're in grayest waters xD
Metric_Furlong: @richard_ermen I imagine there's going to be some Fun Times In Court finding that out soon
rubikdarkwill: Gee, like, I don't know, Among Us?
TheMerricat: I'd love to see how they'd bill someone who hasn't kept their contact info uptodate.
betweenmyself: The airport industry takes note and starts send people baggage handling bills for trips from ten years ago.
emberBecky: yeh the fact that this affects games already built and released is bizarre and horrifying. It feels like it could wipe out a lot of amazing games from existing.
RockPusher: The big question is whether it annoys any of the big players into lawyering up and beating the utter tar out of Unity
emberBecky: I can't imagine how it can be legal to hold people to a set of terms they didn't agree to...
JadedCynic: 'we're not going retroactively...but actually we are'
emberBecky: my fear is that the big players will get their own separate side agreements with unity and indies will still get screwed
TehAmelie: it's pretty handy, though depressing, a lot of tools for identifying and resisting psychological dominance techniques for avoiding abusive personal relationships are just as useful for idenfitying and resisting capitalist sales strategies
They_Are_Alyx: @emberbecky Probably, yeah
JadedCynic: @emberBecky "We have the right to amend these Terms by 'notifiying' you via means you might not see at all, but YOUR CONTINUED USE OF THE SERVICE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF THESE NEW TERMS"
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QuixoticScrivener: Welcome Raiders!
They_Are_Alyx: Hello raiders!
saiarcot895: i think they've removed the github repo now as well?
Lord_Hosk: Games are now all limited edition, Devs track them when they are all limited to 100,000 units, then change the name. This isn't MonsterFightPlus. This is MonsterFightPluss. This isn't MonsterFightPluss This is MonsterFightPlusss.
JadedCynic: @RockPusher it'd be nice, but all that would happen is everyone's lawyers would meet in a closed room, work out a compromise and then never say anything publicly about it ever again.
FelanEntane: wasnt july was around the time where unity got bought out by that advertisement company?
UmbralFern: @Lord_Hosk ShinyNewGameRed, ShinyNewGameBlue.
NorthstarTex: new 'sequels' each month
rubikdarkwill: You mean when they bought that malware company and made it's founder one of the presidents
Knittinglibrarian: Angrying people sounds pretty accurate
TehAmelie: TIL the public transit company that runs the busses in my town have decided if you try to save money on a card with prepaid trips, you gotta use all of them within 3 months or they just get deleted. but the Unity thing is still way more irritating
Earthenone: i mean it sounds like it started in july
saiarcot895: they respected the checkpoint news cycle
Juliamon: I would bet they intended to, but made an oopsie
JadedCynic: One key thing to remember: CEO John Riccitiello has made significant efforts to transition Unity's products away from the gaming market, and towards the Enterprise Software market - if this causes game devs all over to drop Unity, that's *still* a win for him.
Earthenone: yeah, its how america does politics too
TheWarDoctor8: I hate overton windows
Juliamon: lrrWOW
suvghxjb: Have you talked about Mtg arena saying they will be useing unity even more?
Pinwiz11: Right now it also adds an extra layer of "oofa" during W&P episodes.
TheWarDoctor8: @Earthenone True!
Lord_Hosk: Im looking at it from the insider trading angle, most of the C-suit sold significant portions of their stock last week before the anouncement.
Juliamon: Pinwiz11 Not really, as most of those games do not get enough downloads to matter
freshbubba: They also tucked in unity plus being retired as a plan
SquareDotCube: It seems like the cycle becomes "company comes up with genuinely neat idea, company becomes popular and valuable, company decides growing problems aren't big enough to address, company goes public and new members join the board that are bad actors, bad actors push out other people and turn the idea against its own users to a death that doesn't matter becuase they made money overall"
Pinwiz11: @Juliamon True, but right now I think that any time the logo pops up :)
Juliamon: (and those devs would *absolutely* remove and rerelease their games under a new name)
GapFiller: CP+ covered it beginning of the year
JadedCynic: they've already made two 'conciliatory compromises' - if clients upgrade to a higher-paying subscription plan, they will be exempt to the Runtime Fee, and they'll also exempt devs that accept Unity using their engine to put advertising in their games.... sounds SO much better, huh?
Earthenone: yeah they have lost a lot of trust, they might as well get paid for selling that trust
kumatsu: I have a friend wrapping production on a 6-year passion project made in Unity and he is UPSET
TheMerricat: Fun fact, was losing money before this... "In Q2 alone, Unity posted a net loss of $193 million on $533 million in revenue. The problem is not necessarily revenue but expenses. For one, Unity doled out a whopping $158 million worth of stock-based compensation in the quarter, roughly equivalent to 30% of revenue." - so the question is... are they even going to be relevant in a few years?
TheMerricat: !humble
LRRbot: LRR is a Humble Partner! Go to and LRR will get a cut of any purchase you make at Humble.
GapFiller: vaguely tangentially saw this on fb today (thanks to Bill McCormick and ICC): no doubt the video game dev equivalents have been making the rounds this week
JadedCynic: @SquareDotCube yep, exactly that with Unity - Riccitiello replaced the co-founder as CEO in 2016, and then immediately went fundraising and pulled in like 2.5 million in new investors, and of course since then he's been struggling to constantly push that bottom line to satiate his new investors
GapFiller: for good reason
Pharmacistjudge: Are we waiting on it?
RockPusher: I bet Ian is insufferable right now about open source alternatives being the only solution to corporate malfeasance lrrBEEJ
Juliamon: ah yes...
Juliamon: *this* bullshit
JadedCynic: lrrEFF DCMA
Lord_Hosk: So the C-suite buy all their stock back at the lower price. then announce. "we are walking back the change and adding a clause that "the TOS will remain as is until at least 2035"
JadedCynic: abuse the system to harass legit content creators
RockPusher: ♫ It's fun to fight with the D! M! C! A! ♫
DideRobot: LRR: The Wilds of Eldraine Nickname website is open and ready for your submissions! It should be open for the next 10 days so be sure to get your suggestions! |
TehAmelie: remember the google motto, which is "not 'don't be evil'"
Juliamon: Digital Millennial Copyright Act
Lysander_salamander: hello everyone
JadedCynic: @TehAmelie Yeah, I remember when they struck that down....
TheWarDoctor8: Wait, how is LoadingReadyRun listed as involved in that Humble Bundle?
LordZarano: Doodoo Merde Crappy Ass
Earthenone: lrr is a humble partner, their referal applies to the whole site
Juliamon: TheWarDoctor8 It's just their partner link
TheWarDoctor8: (Oh it was a partner link nvrmd)
TheWarDoctor8: @Juliamon Yup I just caught that, sorry
TheMerricat: @TheWarDoctor8 If you clicked the link Juliamon included it included the partner tag for LRR, so they get a cut as an affiliate link.
GapFiller: cruel as this is it always warms a particularly hardened corner of my black heart to know Sonny Bono (the man most responsible for the DMCA) ended up skiing into a tree
NorthstarTex: @gapfiller only a tree? shame.
TheMerricat: At some point someone is going to create a class action lawsuit against Youtube et. al. about lost of revenue due to poor handling of DMCA claims.
InquisitorGaia: its an assumed guilt clause
CaptainSpam: Yep, that's how the law's written.
TheThirdTail: Yeah, it's a really unfortunate consequence of how the law works for media hosting. If the host site doesn't immediately take something down, they become liable. And unfortunately they don't care enough to take responsibility for the process beyond that.
Juliamon: It's basically Phoenix Wright rules
CaptainSpam: @TheMerricat How? Them shutting things down IMMEDIATELY once a DMCA claim comes in is *literally how the law is written*. They actually ARE handling it "correctly".
TheThirdTail: (Because doing good things for your creators costs money :v)
accountmadeforants: I feel like the content host should be responsible for the damages, and then they can try to get those costs back from the claimant if the claim ends up being false. That'll light a fire under their ass.
GapFiller: CaptainSpam sometimes the law itself is wrong
GapFiller: and action to rectify that has to start somewhere
TheMerricat: @CaptainSpam They don't have a responsibility to respond to obviously false claims.
Earthenone: there is a soundtrack playing in tunic, weather or not they "have" it is up for a legal debate, aparently
JadedCynic: the blame rests in the process being automated - which ties into the whole 'Safe Harbor Clause' of US legal Code: if Google employs human beings to deal with IP claims and complaints, that constitutes 'involved curation' that makes Google an editing publisher like a newspaper, and then they are liable for ALL the content they provide, since the take the effort to restrict SOME; but if 'TeH aLgOrItHm' does all the Content ID automatically, Google isn't monitoring the content and thus isn't liable
Juliamon: just checked, Tunic still unavailable on Spotify
GapFiller: it shd be noted streaming doesnt pay anyway but thats well trodden turf at this point
GapFiller: common knowledge even
CaptainSpam: @TheMerricat If they don't, they're implicitly assuming responsibility for distributing the material (that is, they lose the whole "safe harbor" thing).
Pinwiz11: Obligatory "FF16 would have cost me $560 so they haven't gotten my $60" comment. :)
RockPusher: Dysfunctional Corporations‽ In *this* economy‽ lrrBEEJ
accountmadeforants: I mean, all you have to do is read the "Message from the CEO"s from the last few years to see what happened. C-suite brain rot. An unfortunate but very common condition, there is no known cure under capitalism :(
TheMerricat: @TheMerricat They take things down regardless any review of merit of a claim because it's simpler and cheaper for them to do so. Rejecting claims that are clearly false without action is entirely in their rights per the law. They just don't.
JadedCynic: a human employee dealing with claims would quickly filter out erroneous and abusive claims without them ever being a thing...but as stated, that would put Google on the hook for any 'bad'content that slips through, so the result is - we have a 'guilty until you prove yourself innocent' system
SquareDotCube: The magic of Hironobu Sakaguchi is well and gone over at Square Enix and it certainly shows
CaptainSpam: @GapFiller True, the law itself is wrong here, but I don't feel like class-actioning is going to do much unless legislators are paying attention.
SquareDotCube: It's not as much people like them, they want to like them
SquareDotCube: and then it disappoints
nickthecatbear: The wildest thing about their development system is their names. "Triangle Strategy" is one of my all-time favorite games and its name is so stupid, haha
30teracyte: square enix has always had super weird sales targets for their games
SpoonfullOfSugar: games can now sell record breaking copies and not break even
30teracyte: like both the blockbuster games and the smaller games
GapFiller: yuuup
SquareDotCube: Square Enix is having the same mismanagement problems as 2000s-era Sega when you think about it
GapFiller: its all v late capitalism: more more more is intrinsically bad
30teracyte: and they suck at marketing their smaller titles, and then they're like well why didn't this budget title we didnt market sell 10 million copies
JadedCynic: the REAL headline was "FFXVI's success is still not sufficient to pull Sqeenix out of financial loss"
SquareDotCube: Or they expected their non-Japanese games to sell numbers similar to CoD or FIFA
Invitare: hardware has gotten carried away. Software can't keep up. That's why Nintendo make so much money. They keep their hardware back, so their software stays in line
accountmadeforants: @nickthecatbear The best part is that they called it the "prototype" name and were like "we'll come up with a real name later!" And absolutely everyone called that they'd be stuck with Triangle Strategy. Same with Octopath Traveler.
JadedCynic: "Just make more big games" um
Juliamon: "higher budget" is not... yeah
GapFiller: thats literally putting more eggs in less baskets
Lysander_salamander: bunch of business buzzwords
TehAmelie: so, it will be 12 years until the next game
TheMerricat: "Square Enix has lost almost $2 billion in value since the release of Final Fantasy 16 in June. The Japanese publisher's stock has fallen 30% from its peak this year, and closed at its lowest level since May 2022."
SquareDotCube: Fire the board, but they won't do that
kamilucky: so its like
Invitare: Nintendo already found the solution
kamilucky: yee
novrdd: They should charge us more for their games Kappa
nickthecatbear: @accountmadeforants absolutely. And Octopath is also a phenomenal game. If only they had decent names, haha
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ErisOfSpace: I'm begging "AAA" Publishers to fund cheaper, "Worse looking" games. Ray tracing & other marketing buzzwords isn't worth breaking the backs of your devs and having terrible performance day one
QuixoticScrivener: Is it still tank controls?
Pinwiz11: I can't wait for the PC version of FF16 next year so I can finally play it without the PS5 tax.
TheMerricat: "Crystal Dynamics, Inc. is an American video game developer based in San Mateo, California, and part of Embracer Group. The studio's games include entries in the Gex, Legacy of Kain, and Tomb Raider series."
MehallD: Embracer bought them last year
TehAmelie: i just now found out Super Mario RPG has a mecha from FF6 in it, standing around in someone's office
JadedCynic: @ErisOfSpace I've had my ass beaten with 4K monitors for suggesting such heresy ;)
InquisitorGaia: did squenix sell deus ex?
TheMerricat: "Saudi-funded Savvy Games was the mystery partner in collapsed $2B Embracer deal. The previously unknown partner in a $2 billion video game mega-deal that mysteriously and dramatically collapsed last spring was the Saudi government-funded Savvy Games Group, Axios has learned."
accountmadeforants: I think a really great bit of context is the letter from the CEO from the year *before* they claimed they'd go all-in on NFTs: "Cloud gaming!" "5G!", "AI automated content!"
TehAmelie: just a random homage that no serious game has the budget to do these days
Sorator13: Video games would be a new direction for the Saudis
GapFiller: also Steamed Hams is nearly 30 years old!
JadedCynic: not YET
SquareDotCube: @InquisitorGaia IIRC they did sell Square Enix Montreal (formerly Eidos)
JadedCynic: it WILL happen...
ErisOfSpace: @JadedCynic I've never seen a 4k monitor that was worth the price
Invitare: the most exciting thing is adding a brightness slider...
couchboyj: Mmmm, button
RockPusher: Soon you will eat…
swaggytaco: theyve got their top scientists working on this problem
InquisitorGaia: @SquareDotCube ah, thanks
QuixoticScrivener: Road map? We’re more just walking away from the angry shouting.
JadedCynic: @ErisOfSpace I'm 51, I *recently* upgraded to 1440p.
Sorator13: just finished making dinner, so that speaks to me
kumatsu: Paul we have concerns about your health
Snowcookies: !clip
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LordZarano: @ErisOfSpace 2560x1440 best resolution
Sorator13: there's a crapshot about that! for drinks, at least
Sorator13: I think Paul was the one who knew what it was, actually
accountmadeforants: What's the odds on the eat button secretly putting stuff in your inventory first? And on that then breaking weird things if you organize your inventory in a weird way?
JadedCynic: the downside of this means, the 'Eat' button won't pause combat like opening one's inventory
ErisOfSpace: @LordZarano I still use 1080 and I see no reason to upgrade
CaptainSpam: I still just want more 16:10 displays, dangit!
CaptainSpam: Stupid TV industry ruining everything...
Laurence72: It all depends on how the food is packaged. Some stuff you microwave. Some stuff is wrapped in some sort of foil, where you do NOT want to microwave it!
accountmadeforants: I saw it on the "World's Greatest Gamer" show on YouTube (which was surprisingly fun!), it seemed okay-ish.
GapFiller: ErisOfSpace whats yr neu years resolution Cam? Cam: VGA my dude!
accountmadeforants: The devs seemed enthusiastic, at least
RockPusher: Publisher:"Game's complete!" Platforms:"Lol, no"
ThirdFloorDraft: the game cannot run on the console
TheThirdTail: @Laurence72 Oh, I -want- to microwave it, I just shouldn't
TheMerricat: @accountmadeforants So someone created a mod to add the 'eat' button to Skyrim years ago... it was just a script that meant when you activated the object in the world it was deleted from the world and applied the eating related effects.
Laurence72: @TheThirdTail LOL
spurius: its also like certain things like what happen if you unplug the controller
JadedCynic: @ErisOfSpace SeemsGood but careful who you say that to - graffical gatekeepers are out there and will jump down your throat and speedbox your uvula if you dare suggest that 120fps 8k res isn't ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY
accountmadeforants: @TheMerricat That already seems far too clever for Bethesda
GapFiller: N64
Juliamon: Jiggling a cart means it wasn't Spyro
ThirdFloorDraft: n64 had a memory registry thing
Foxmar320: Yeah thats N64
accountmadeforants: @JadedCynic I mean, not so much the resolution, but I will take *all* the hertz
DeM0nFiRe: I think that was a Sonic game for Genesis that you are talking about
SquareDotCube: That was Sonic Blast 3D, if you moved it around you got the Level Select screen
TehAmelie: remember when Micro Machines put their SNES game out "without" the Nintendo seal of quality? it was such a big deal
novrdd: Meghan hack PridePog
flamewave7: It's a default state for a crash
CaptainSpam: Yeah, that's definitely Sonic Blast 3D.
fastlane250: Wasn't it New Tetris on N64 bor somethin
fastlane250: *or somethin
Spongehorn: I remember a friend and I crashing the original FIFA on the Megadrive.
accountmadeforants: Imagine it crashed because it tried to phone home and the servers had a hickup
CaptainSpam: New Tetris had... other interesting things. Like one huge, massive rant by a dev hidden in ROM.
Foxmar320: N64 had lots of things with tilted carts but yeah this level select thing was Sonic 3D on the Gen
TheMerricat: @accountmadeforants Bethesda folk are actually fairly savvy codingwise the reason their games have a reputation for bugs mostly has to do with content bugs (i.e. holes in the world, quests that can be broken because the script didn't account for this or that state, etc.)
ThirdFloorDraft: the other error
CaptainSpam: Reminds me in a way of the "Secret Warp" in the arcade version of Smash TV...
betweenmyself: You can also swap an NES Tennis cart out for a SMB1 cart to access Error levels aside from the infamous Minus World
DrakoniteDev: You can pass cert even with a crash if it is rare and the console owner is in the right mood
ErisOfSpace: Writing all of my code with a checkError() wrapping that sends a message to the console that says "how could you have done this?"
accountmadeforants: @ErisOfSpace "this should never happen"
ThirdFloorDraft: try{ progrom } error ("oops!")
DrakoniteDev: as a developer, I hate the current reliance on day1 patching
TehAmelie: i want more games to crash into a "arbitrary hexadecimal code insertion" state. they do such amazing things with Super Mario World that way
CaptainSpam: In Smash TV, if the game crashes while someone's playing, it reboots, checks a flag in NVRAM to make sure a game was in progress, and if that checks out, it skips all hardware initialization, goes to the level-end screen, claims you found a secret warp, and continues to the next level.
Juliamon: oh I adore arbitrary code execution tricks
ErisOfSpace: @TehAmelie Agree, all games should have arbitrary input vulnerabilities :P
accountmadeforants: @TheMerricat I'm being slightly facetious, I'm frankly surprised whenever any video game isn't just a rube goldberg machine of hacks to just get that one feature to work.
Laurence72: I liked Sea of Thieves' day 1 patch being a cosmetic eye patch for your pirate
TheMerricat: @ErisOfSpace Afterall, that's often how we jailbreak them :D
ThirdFloorDraft: all hard copy versions are broken code
JadedCynic: the idea of DEPENDING on 'Day One Patch' to provide an actual functioning product, aka abusing the system
TheMerricat: @accountmadeforants :D Subway train hats. :D
JadedCynic: @Laurence72 I love my Day One Eyepatch :D
TehAmelie: they found an arbitrary code insertion vulnerability in original Doom, you know. and programmed Doom to run on Doom
accountmadeforants: @TheMerricat Exactly what I was thinking of, yea :D
manfred909: screams in Australian
LordZarano: @TehAmelie Of course they did
BusTed: Let them eat fiber
ThirdFloorDraft: rural gamers scream into darkness
Juliamon: screams in Comcast
Foxmar320: Screams in Comcast as well
luckyyypants: in other words, there was probably a reason they preloaded in the first place
GapFiller: isnt this just the desktop equivalent of 'dont yr guys all have phones'
roastbeefsandwitch: it varies by part of world. Other streamers have said that Japan and Australia had absolute terrible internet compared to mid-size city in the US
dm818: up until recently I had 20mb download which yeah a 150gig download would take a while
corpocracy: It also means if you buy physical, the disc is useless (respectable for games preservation)
RockPusher: !y
corpocracy: *especially
Laurence72: Screams in--- "We're sorry, your internet can't handle this voulme of screams"
Invitare: oh thank god
fonkoncle: they invented fibre in my town, and there's a mural of Sir Charles Kao about 150 metres from my office. our down and up in the office is 3mbps and .3mbps
DrakoniteDev: It is actually common for games to get a day0 and day1 patch, i.e. a patch is released in the week before release and then another for the release day
accountmadeforants: I mean, internet caps are an affront to sanity. I don't think any provider in my country's had those since the early 2000's (and those caps were mainly on UseNet stuff). But then, the next country over *still* has them, sooo....
Invitare: I was so concerned they'd learn the wrong lessons from Andromeda
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Snowcookies: CLosed world games
JadedCynic: it's 2023, *surely* EVERYONE has fibre-optic gigabit ethernet connections right to their PC, and NO one ever has a download cap, and NO ONE ever uses WIFI but has fast wired connections, right? ....right? Kappa
Sorator13: as someone who really doesn't enjoy open world games... yes, exactly
betweenmyself: “Untitle Mass Effect Game” in which you terrorize a sleepy mountain town as a crazed Mass Effect ohnoHonk
nickthecatbear: I'm very much over open-world at this point. Just make the setting interesting and I'm happy
Foxmar320: I like open world games but you have to make the open world interesting to explore
Boopity: Of course there's nothing there, then the world would not be open Kappa
Juliamon: half the buffet is just various forms of potato
v_nome: @Juliamon Tell me more.
Sorator13: @Juliamon I would enjoy that buffet
JadedCynic: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
DrakoniteDev: I literally chose where to move based on availability of uncapped internet
RockPusher: USB-C wins!
ErisOfSpace: Ooh, survival horror set in two halves of a Cheesecake Factory, Light and Dark sides ala *lists a bunch of indie games*
manfred909: thank the EU USB-C wins
ErisOfSpace: Yes, but which *Kind* of USB-C? :P
Lord_Hosk: They also went back on their "we will support all the old Iphones with new updates" my Iphone 6 goes out of support this year so I finally have to upgrade my phone.
mowdownjoe: @erisofspace Thankfully, in spite of Apple being Apple, it's *just* USB-C.
GapFiller: had my i6 for pushing a decade now and given the battery is now apparently in need of service thinking its finally time to upgrade
accountmadeforants: @ErisOfSpace USB 2.0 on the "cheap" model (because it's just mapping the old Lightning signaling), 3.0 10 Gbps on the expensive model
GapFiller: Lord_Hosk nalvCool great minds cluely
Juliamon: v_nome steak fries, home fries, French fries, smiley fries, cajun fries
betweenmyself: Indie Horror Game Pitch: Someone has invaded your house and you have to evade capture while placating your Tamagotchi so as not to have it “Boop and Beep” enough to give away your location.
GapFiller: not least since it feels this year some of the updates have dev had a planned obsolescence feel abt em
fonkoncle: I remember xcom on phones being 39.99
roastbeefsandwitch: I'm still trying to swallow the $950 cost for a new PC [that also has a great additional graphics card, to run triple-A games], so I'm not sure how much i want to pay for individual games
InquisitorGaia: the whole 60-90gb game, on a phone?
PixelArtDragon: Raytracing isn't that hard to do. Real-time raytracing that also looks good, that's what's difficult.
Boopity: Nintendo tried to do a one-time payment once, no one wanted to pay and then proceeded to spend 500$ on their gacha gambling nonsense
GapFiller: nalvThink Old Man Yells At Cliud Storage
RockPusher: Old man yells at Azure. Old man yells at AWS.
Invitare: speaking of high speed shooters, they're putting Warframe on the phone at some point
RockPusher: you know, the usual
jessieimproved: I can't even fathom playing a game like that on a phone either
Invitare: it's been in development for a while now
Juliamon: stream slack
Snowcookies: slack?
ThirdFloorDraft: it's counter intuitive to the platform
BusTed: "Wait, I don't use Slack."
jessieimproved: I tried to play Minecraft on a phone and quit in like 2 minutes
Foxmar320: I thought that was my slack lol
DrakoniteDev: too many of us on slack
JadedCynic: oh, Paul - you mean like an RF adapter? Don't forget to turn to channel 3 Kappa
EvilBadman: Change your slack sounds chat :P
loufghyslaufey: The bit they're trying to do with PS Portal?
TehAmelie: old maid yells at the cloud: "always asks who profits from your smartphone apps"
ThirdFloorDraft: one of the more expensive consoles, the iphone
JadedCynic: the terrible part was Google letting it die, like 2/3 of everything it tries.
Boopity: LUL
accountmadeforants: I recently attached my phone to my desktop monitor using the USB-C dock I have for my laptop (I was cloning the OS drive). It actually gave me a full desktop-ish experience, which was wild. (I just wanted to watch Wheeler play Pokémon TCG on the big screen, I didn't know it'd go this hard!)
DrakoniteDev: I would, if it was a lot cheaper
Foxmar320: Unboxing channels are the only people who will by it lol
LordZarano: @TehAmelie A bunch of the apps I use are open source, from f-droid, so... no-one?
fastlane250: It was already HD
JadedCynic: wow, just what it says on the tin
fastlane250: the box just gives it HDMI
GapFiller: lrrWOW three ethernet ports
JadedCynic: so the "HD"part is short for "HD(MI)"
princess_intell: A LAN party? In 2023?
betweenmyself: The only drawback, you have to attach their own proprietary controller, the DUKE +++
Boopity: @JadedCynic I goddamn hate acronyms LUL
GapFiller: the original IS retro now
betweenmyself: It’s so BIG
TheMerricat: $190 for the adapter?
InquisitorGaia: id do it, if i owned every xbox i owned that ever broke
fastlane250: If you have component inputs on your TV in this day and age it's not worth it. There was an official breakout box that gave you HD over component.
fonkoncle: it's the worst emulated of that generation
princess_intell: Do people still have lan parties?
SquareDotCube: I mean, people still have their Wii to play Smash Bros Melee
fonkoncle: except on 360
accountmadeforants: The DirectX-Box :)
GapFiller: accountmadeforants eyyy DirectX
Texan_Reverend: My original XBox is currently hooked up, and I still wouldn't really be interested buying that adapter for it.
DrakoniteDev: the original xbox devkits was a literal off the shelf pc with a special OS
GapFiller: now THERES an age shibboleth if ever there was one
PixelArtDragon: It also helps that IIRC the 360 was backwards compatible so there's nothing that you'd need an XBox specifically for
princess_intell: Heh, Xbox is a retro console now lol
EikoandMog: The 360 is almost a retro game now.
nickthecatbear: mood
Boopity: What are video games even
Snowcookies: "Nobody's a real gamer" - Paul Saunders
InquisitorGaia: nobody can afford to be real gamers toh
betweenmyself: Video Games: what am and how do? riffThink
RockPusher: maybe he was really into Chess 2.0?
JadedCynic: he wasn't much for cards, no
Foxmar320: wat
GapFiller: nalvThink it figures a guy who cut off his ear wdnt be into CCG's
loufghyslaufey: Maybe Da Vinci? LUL
princess_intell: Ok that actually looks delightful
GapFiller: or maybe he wd who knows
sirspate: gorilla.bas anyone?
TehAmelie: van Gogh is my hero
Lysander_salamander: sure why not
betweenmyself: Are we getting a severed ear Pokemon?
JadedCynic: sounds like AR work?
EikoandMog: Okay, that's actually pretty legit.
Juliamon: Sunflora
JadedCynic: um...
Foxmar320: Yeah Sunflora
princess_intell: If it gets kids thinking about art, I'm for it
Lysander_salamander: I hope it's real art and not put through a ai filter
JadedCynic: ^^^
nickthecatbear: Probably stills and some in-museum AR. Those have been common in art museum circles the past decade
BusTed: Good way to get kids into art, yeah.
DigitalSeahorse: he'd love to have seen his paintings being used in games probably
JadedCynic: @princess_intell exactly
red_shoes_jeff: @betweenmyself Like, one sans an ear, or just the ear?
accountmadeforants: yes
Foxmar320: Sounds like a cool idea to me
JadedCynic: that's about right for Vincent
DigitalSeahorse: like that one
PixelArtDragon: He sold exactly one painting in his lieftime
EikoandMog: I would buy the Sunflora version of Sunflowers.
Boopity: Van Gogh, noted hypothetical Pokemon Fan artist
JadedCynic: Van Gogh would've done card art for MtG
betweenmyself: @red_shoes_jeff ¿Por que no los dos?
princess_intell: @jadedcynic there will probably be some digital rendering just so they can put it into their dev software
jessieimproved: Dr. Who Van Gogh arc highly recommend
nickthecatbear: I mean, I was suggested far worse when I was a museum curator, haha
EikoandMog: Van Gogh only got as popular as he was when his brother really, really promoted his work after his death.
red_shoes_jeff: @betweenmyself Fair enough.
FarleyF: Im surprised Smeagle isn't the mascot
GapFiller: nalvLUL
JadedCynic: not quite as dead as Van Gogh either
accountmadeforants: Van Gogh did really like sunflowers, so the Sunflora checks out at least
Foxmar320: BRB I need to take my pain pills now
GapFiller: JadedCynic but only just
red_shoes_jeff: Yes
nickthecatbear: "fond"
JadedCynic: it's not *alive* but...
DrakoniteDev: no.
princess_intell: Some extremely hazy ones from when I was four
GapFiller: jlrrFacepalm
red_shoes_jeff: what
Foxmar320: omg I do want this
saiarcot895: LUL
JadedCynic: oh, for-
30teracyte: we were a rogers video family
saiarcot895: it does look cool
SquareDotCube: ooookay....
fastlane250: That's stupid. I MUST OWN IT.
betweenmyself: Movie Rental VHS Cassette released to middling reviews.
Juliamon: I only ever rented games, so...
Snowcookies: Are they blanks?
DigitalSeahorse: I see Paul is planning to be on Zeta this year, or just has the logo in office
accountmadeforants: that is funny though
jessieimproved: this is so niche holy crap
NotCainNorAbel: This was a great idea on some drunk Friday; you shouldn't make those ideas though
emberBecky: tbh blockbuster was the worst of the rental places, where I was at least.
nickthecatbear: It's like the hollowed-out book on your bookcase to store candy bars
PixelArtDragon: @DigitalSeahorse He was Zeta last year
JadedCynic: Jumbo Video was our place until Blockbuster put them out of business
saiarcot895: @DigitalSeahorse he was on Zeta shift last year
dm818: just in case
DigitalSeahorse: yup
chaotic_good_ferret: Paul I love your haircut
princess_intell: Hot Topic
DigitalSeahorse: woooo
accountmadeforants: Hang on, that looked smaller than an actual VHS tape!
DigitalSeahorse: I like it
JadedCynic: I'd worry that I'd see it sitting on the table and reflexively run out to return the tape Kappa
princess_intell: YES
accountmadeforants: (Based on the picture beside the joycon)
SquareDotCube: The case should at least contain a port of one of the exclusives they had, like Hagane
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JadedCynic: oh good!
Juliamon: ooh
They_Are_Alyx: RIP ThinkGeek
DrakoniteDev: hall sensor
red_shoes_jeff: I bought chainmail off ThinkGeek... wonder where that got to?
accountmadeforants: We had the solution in the Dreamcast era yea
DeM0nFiRe: WHat's a Halifax joystick?
DeM0nFiRe: (I am kidding)
Boopity: Words
Foxmar320: wat
princess_intell: @dem0nfire well, the year was 1778, how I wish I was in Sherbrooke now
DrakoniteDev: oh, that is for force feedback
red_shoes_jeff: Oh. Good. Controllers that LEAK. Yay.
TehAmelie: Magnetic Fields, such an underestimated band
SquareDotCube: @DeM0nFiRe it's like a Ahawinigan Handshake
InquisitorGaia: thats super cool, wonder it it works
princess_intell: Have they said why joycons keep drifting?
SquareDotCube: *Shawinigan
LordZarano: GuliKit drop-in replacement Hall effect joysticks for Switch
betweenmyself: I like it when the controller makes my fillings vibrate riffYeti
Boopity: Gives a whole new meaning to "Nintendo leaks" Kappa
Lysander_salamander: apparently
Invitare: Switch 2 Magneto-boogaloo
princess_intell: Is it a mechanical bit wearing down?
30teracyte: of course its right after i buy an oled switch
Snowcookies: Nintendo is not known to be kind to leakers
loufghyslaufey: (spits coughing) Duh Heck!?
FarleyF: My uncle who works at nintendo told me about it
kusinohki: well my uncle at nintendo told me....
JadedCynic: it takes a LOT of work and time to even just file for a patent, and there's no guarantee it'll be granted
nickthecatbear: Did he have an uncle who works at Nintendo?
princess_intell: We should treat parents more like theoretic engineering papers. I know they're not, but it's helpful to think of them that way for me.
InquisitorGaia: nda maybe
JadedCynic: there's always the risk that your research failed to find 'prior art' of someone else making a similar product (and not even filing for a patent)
accountmadeforants: @princess_intell There's little resistive pads that they scratch bits of metal across and the resistive pads wear down. (The sticks work because depending on how far along those metal bits are across the pad, the measured resistance changes.)
LordZarano: Is Switch 2 the new name of the Switch Pro?
TehAmelie: i often think of this guy who resigned from the patent office in 1899 because he thoiught everything that could possibly be invented already had been
Invitare: I'd beleive March 24
MAPBoardgames: Nintendo is designing a new console? Weird!
EvilBadman: @LordZarano Seeing as whatever it will be hasn't been named at all by nintendo, no?
Invitare: with a release in September, for Christmas?
JadedCynic: @princess_intell if you mean 'treat patents' like that, you're not as far off as you think
accountmadeforants: (Hall-effect sensors fix this because nothing touches anything. Though obviously springs and the outer plastic can still wear out.)
JadedCynic: wait MOAR Picross???
Boopity: If you want a visual novel picross, Murder by Numbers is great!
accountmadeforants: Very fun game!
Boopity: Oh Paul got there ahead of me
JadedCynic: I just finished playing that! <3
TehAmelie: did Picross use RISC programming?
JadedCynic: yeahhhhhhh
JadedCynic: you have NO CONTEXT for what you're trying to make
Juliamon: It doesn't even have basic tools that the old Mario Picross did
Grimnus: When qol built over years is taken away it always feels odd
JadedCynic: and the final product is a color pixel art, which changes things COMPLETELY from the black-and-white picture you've been working on
Boopity: The "it's a picture!" aspect of picross is basically just a gimmick
Juliamon: Over time I've found the colour ones to actually be easier
TehAmelie: last week i saw a video of someone plugging in an anonymous Gameboy Color cartridge they bought at a garage sale, and it delivered a video of a speech by Obama. such weird things people do with the old pixel machines
TheMerricat: Not just NMS, the X4 community has been flooded with new/returning users this month.
Lysander_salamander: Rising tides lift all ships?
JadedCynic: people CAN like more than one game, imagine that - "a rising tide raises all boats"
Lysander_salamander: whatever works
TehAmelie: Starfield did very pointedly market itself as "No Man's Sky but 10x more"
JadedCynic: it's win-win-win
Laurence72: A rising tide swamps all shores?
emberBecky: one day I'll try out NMS. It looks broadly like my kinda thing
JadedCynic: ironically NMS has *too*much* content now - I keep getting executive paralysis whenever I start it up :D
TheMerricat: NMS has been one of those games where I pop in for the new expedition, play it through... realize it's still NMS and while it's fun it's not as fun as anything else I have on deck, and leave.
accountmadeforants: Mario Kart 8 for the Switch 2!
Invitare: Reminder that Mario Kart 8 was an early WiiU game
TehAmelie: i recommend hardcore more. i think like 10 people have the cheevo for finishing that
CaptainSpam: I'm sort of impressed at how... well, MASSIVE Mario Kart 8 got.
TheWarDoctor8: ^
CaptainSpam: A standard Mario Kart lineup, 8 cups of 4 tracks each... then 4 more cups of DLC... then double all of that in more tracks...
princess_intell: I was always shocked they tried mobile at all
loufghyslaufey: What if their next "Switch"... is functionally a phone?
accountmadeforants: "Damn, I guess gacha does work" -Nintendo, after getting a 1,000,000,000% return on JPEGs
TehAmelie: Nintendo were always toymakers at heart. . .we should probably be happy they don't "just" make mobile games
CururuGuasu: As one of the few Dragalia Lost enjoyers, I hope they revive that as a proper console game at some point
JadedCynic: oh right!
accountmadeforants: Gearbox: Publisher of Desert Bus VR.
TheMerricat: Oh, they are leaving, not being dismantled.
IsaTheEngie: Dragalia was good but had issues with disputes between Nintendo and Cygames (the developer)
thelomdr: Though they cut some people from Gearbox, Merricat
JadedCynic: @TheMerricat rumor I'd heard previously was it was up for sale
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Either way that sucks
JadedCynic: but they're not limiting themselves to one course of action apparently
GapFiller: Mikey Neumann worked for Gearbox didnt he? hes got stories no doubt
thelomdr: I wouldn't be surprised if 2k decides to snap up Gearbox since, you know
CururuGuasu: Unicoverlord
SquareDotCube: It's very Ogre Battle by its mechanics
nickthecatbear: still better than Square Enix's naming process :p
They_Are_Alyx: @gapfiller He did, yeah
ImmortalLen: That one looks kind of like Orge battle tatics
SquareDotCube: it's not Ogre Tactics
GapFiller: heck yeh Thousand Year Door
LordZarano: There was a Hatsune Miku Boxing game in the Japanese Direct
Invitare: Kung fu Peach!
GapFiller: remember watching Heathers homestream playthru of Thousand Year Door at the height of the pandemic
nickthecatbear: Oh wow, that's kinda trippy
CaptainSpam: I like how the character "paper" looks like it has physical depth now.
Lysander_salamander: of all the paper mario games, this is the second one
nickthecatbear: it's my favorite of them
GapFiller: LunarJade that playthru of the original game WAS 2020 right?
nickthecatbear: Yup
accountmadeforants: One of the last Mario games where they got to introduce new and actually interesting characters.
fastlane250: Looks like they actually restrained themselves with the paper aesthetic for this
ImmortalLen: It's so much fun!
CaptainSpam: F-Zero 99 is actually fun.
DeM0nFiRe: I haven't played it yet but it looks neat
thelomdr: It's more F-Zero super multiplayer
CaptainSpam: You can bonk them around, but yeah, it's just F-Zero.
TehAmelie: who among us didn't play F_Zero X as a last man standing game?
CururuGuasu: It’s a death race
LordZarano: F-Zero 99 is A GIGABYTE, somehow
accountmadeforants: Peachy Honey!
Boopity: She can Utena!
Bruceski: What I found most impressive is the catchup mechanic. It works well to keep anyone from running away with it and turn human players into rubberbanding AI
thelomdr: It's a bit of a weird leap to go SP only to "You vs 98 other racers for F-Zero
CaptainSpam: Princess Peach: Master of Disguise. :p
GapFiller: Untitled Peach Game has certain connotations
Invitare: isn't that Super Mario Sunshine?
SquareDotCube: and baking cakes
GapFiller: !y
WiJohn: Wait is this FF X-2?
Lysander_salamander: ninja?
CururuGuasu: Kung-fu
josh___something: It's barbie peach
ShaneLeeAtk: Kung-fu Peach!
accountmadeforants: It gave me big-time Cutey Honey vibes
Lithobraker: I feel like that's more a princess Daisy thing to do
SquareDotCube: that's more prima donna behavior
josh___something: Like, you can just wholesale switch out peach for barbie and it'll probably work
v_nome: Mario RPG?
CururuGuasu: @wijohn We can only hope
red_shoes_jeff: No, she just eats the scenery
Arikell: If at any point peach turns into a car....
josh___something: amogus
Boopity: Trace Memories is apparently a banger according to people who have played it
EikoandMog: Unicorn Overlord looks FANTASTIC.
LordZarano: Trombone Champ is on Switch now
Juliamon: 4p local Trombone Champ looks AMAZING
nickthecatbear: I love suikoden!
TehAmelie: F-Zero has a point system where the winner of a race gets 100 points and then it decends pretty evenly among the 30 racers. so killing every other racer gives you a HUGE lead in a cup. Battle royale is just an obvious next step
nickthecatbear: 108 stars of destiny
TheThirdTail: swee-ko-den
Bruceski: It's pronounced "the 108 character game)
nickthecatbear: So excited
munocard: It's a lot of the same designers
thelomdr: I remember the time when Konami put Suikoden songs in IIDX Red home and Pop'n 13 Home
iris_of_ether: Yay Suikoden! Yay Eiyuden Chronicles!
nickthecatbear: It's a Kickstarter spiritual succesor of the series
jessicaengle: Hi chat.
ImmortalLen: I thought it looked very similar to Suikoden
kumatsu: more details about Romancing Salsa was interesting
nickthecatbear: Single player rpg where you recruit 108 people (not all fight)
nickthecatbear: Some of them are dogs you can pet
raulghoulia: second game had iron chef
GapFiller: Suikoden looms large in the personal memory cz back in the day the OG PS1 games went for ridiculous money in PAL land due to collectors
GapFiller: menaing they were mostly unplayable
accountmadeforants: That's more characters than actual open world games
GapFiller: but they had that cachet cz of that
munocard: Was it avenging Gremio?
Boopity: LUL
thelomdr: Oof, Gap
nickthecatbear: Suikoden is the only reason I own a PS Vita. I have Suikoden 1 and 2 on it because they're impossible to get otherwise
munocard: @nickthecatbear The upscaled remake of 1 & 2 should be coming next year.
GapFiller: nickthecatbear THIS
nickthecatbear: @munocard Yeah, that's on my radar, too
Mai_Andra: I loved 'Assassin's Creed: Liberation" on PS Vita. It was remastered and re-released for PS4 though.
Boopity: Knowledge is power Kappa
TehAmelie: i'm sold
Invitare: nah it'll be next Christmas
ImmortalLen: I thought it was amazing!
TehAmelie: wait Untitled Peach Game is real? does it involve vibrators again?
Mai_Andra: It's actually a real Assassin's Creed game, just smaller. It functions better than AC3, which was built on the same engine.
Bruceski: Yeah, there's some big remastering going on these days
thelomdr: Granted, TR 1-3 are stubborn to run on modern PCs
CururuGuasu: And a weird random inclusion of a SpyxFamily game
TheAinMAP: lrrHAM
GapFiller: 22 Short Films About Sprinfield
GapFiller: is the name of the episode
princess_intell: That episode is three years older than me!
raulghoulia: stop stop. I'm already dead
Mai_Andra: Oh, yeah. Bart Simpson was already "the devil" when I was a little kid in school.
TehAmelie: am i old and out of touch? no, it is the lrrHAM that is wrong
princess_intell: 6 years older than me!
Juliamon: But how old is "[X] is back, in [Y] form"?
GapFiller: fess up chat who else here is younger than that episode
princess_intell: I don't even remember AOL
Master_Gunner: I had the same confusion about the plums as well
kumatsu: don't question the hams, just inhale the vapors
TheDailyMapleSyrup: An eternity later
fastlane250: I m ean, we get Looney Tunes memes, and those are even older
Master_Gunner: oh, next week is 14 years since the start of ENN.
SquareDotCube: "Someone touched-a my spaghetti"
munocard: FF7 Rebirth!
beowuuf: lrrAWW
TehAmelie: i'm turning 43 during Desert Bus. old enough to think it's an achivement to have lived another year
GapFiller: also Billie Eilish just headlined Reading Leeds again so even people born after 2000 get to feel theyve wasted their lives now
EvilBadman: State of Play was primarily anlready announced stuff
Metric_Furlong: there were memes about the cask of amontillado
MAPBoardgames: Is Beejlander happening tonight?
LordZarano: Have you seen the Steamed Hams filmed under actual Aurora Borealis? It's very beautiful
Snowcookies: ty for the stream
GapFiller: Ghost Beej!
JadedCynic: I'm so old I was an adult when the Simpsons first premiered :( it's raining and my knees ache
nickthecatbear: lrrSHINE lrrAWESOME lunarj1Heart
They_Are_Alyx: : (
JadedCynic: "...which was the style at the time..."
Juliamon: personally I want "Aha! Pronoun trouble" to make a comeback as a meme
CaptainSpam: Aww... lrrAWW
RockPusher: Safety Third! (but Health First!)
JadedCynic: @Juliamon oh! A fellow connoisseur I see B)
DigitalSeahorse: I hope that isn't UPS trying my doorbell before the tracking even says "out for delivery"
Snowcookies: Collector's Chaos draft? lrrBEEJ
Juliamon: JadedCynic My aunt was a devoted Mel Blanc fan
loufghyslaufey: PiF: The OwlQuest
GapFiller: been a long time coming this
nickthecatbear: Love a Sunday Character Creation stream
nickthecatbear: Chat won't let you
JadedCynic: "it's not 'he doesn't have to shoot you now', it's 'he doesn't have to shoot ME now' and he DOES have to shoot me now, so SHOOT ME NOW! SHOOT ME NOW! *click* mother? *blam*"
DigitalSeahorse: could be Rogers again now that I see my connection dropped for a moment
Boopity: Oh boy
Wicker_Guide: !heychat
LRRbot: Please ONLY offer advice when the streamer uses the phrase "Hey, chat...". Let them try to learn the game on their own, even if it means they miss a thing or two.
TheMerricat: Oh Heather... oh Heather....
terribleplan: Help? Chat?
TheThirdTail: Trusting chat to help?
loufghyslaufey: Stray of the Gawds...!!
Wicker_Guide: !listen
LRRbot: Chat? Engaging in mimicry?
TehAmelie: i'm very happy to see a Baldur's Gate stream. love the games, never managed to play them a lot
Boopity: Can't wait to solve a murder through song
JadedCynic: turns out we liked the sponsored product enough to play it all the way thru <3
Lysander_salamander: I've heard it has a large amount of branching paths, which is surprising for a musical
RockPusher: lrrSHINE lunarj1Heart lrrSHINE lunarj1Heart
DigitalSeahorse: I'm really suspicious of "Robbers" lol
TheMerricat: :D
accountmadeforants: Thank you Heather for doing all of this for us in the EU :)
Metric_Furlong: *just for EU
Boopity: *Points at self* That's me! I'm EU person!
Juliamon: ooh!!
DigitalSeahorse: LRR streams are often one of my reasons for getting out of bed
SAJewers: 👀💣
Boopity: I expect maximum chaos
DigitalSeahorse: that and knowing hunger will make me feel a lot worse if I don't eat right away
JadedCynic: @LRRbot now listen here LRRbot... ;)
Sogheim: Paul's beard trim looks nice today lrrPAUL
red_shoes_jeff: Cheer100
Mai_Andra: lrrAWESOME
GapFiller: Cheer100 BIT SNIPE!!!
fastlane250: I would LOVE to see Bomberman 64 on CTS one day
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
GapFiller: thanks for streaming PH Balance lrrPAUL lrrHEATHER lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
emberBecky: lrrSHINE lrrAWESOME