Metric_Furlong: @NightValien28 love to play a game that spent 3 years going "please pay us full price for an early access build based on a name we bought" and then wait for them to rewokr parts of it after it's "fully out" Kappa
Metric_Furlong: *rework
Metric_Furlong: "games in the 2020s, etc."
benjamin_wheeler: Hey chat, moving a little slow this morning so expect +5 min for airtime
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP
Metric_Furlong: !panic
NightValien28: Metric_Furlong and that is one of the best triple A this year Kappa
MDrift314: @Metric_Furlong I'm fine with post release updates that take a game from an 8 to a 9, it's when a game starts at a 4 or blatantly isn't finished I take issue
PharaohBender27 enters chat with a breakfast of scrambled eggs
MDrift314: Previously if sections of a overall good finished game were bad you just had to deal with it
beowuuf: sergeHi
TehAmelie: i don't mind waiting, but then, i just don't buy new games. or any $50 and up games if i can help it
Metric_Furlong: @NightValien28 famously high bar Kappa
Metric_Furlong: (more seriously, it's nice that people did actually get a game they like out of it, as it didn't really start with the best impression imo)
Gascitygaming: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TheAinMAP: lrrSIG
Snowcookies: lrrSIG
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TehAmelie: woop woo
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
DideRobot: LRR: | Eggs and coin flips. | Eggs and coin flips. | Eggs and coin flips. | Today, and forever, on Is This Your Card? |
beowuuf: rebell1Eggs
beowuuf: !vaselineorbarcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
FurthestChunk: eggs and coin flips, we eat
MurphEP: What child are we going to bully for cards this morning?
Gritgutz: just cooked up some eggs benjamin ready to watch the stream
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beowuuf: @MurphEP whoever they are, they had it coming to them Kappa
LoadingReadyRun: we might have an extended bullying segment
LoadingReadyRun: need some Bulba line
FurthestChunk: idk about ben but i'm playing the second, japan-only game and I'm bullying Nikki to death for one (1) copy of Itemfinder
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beowuuf: this is why you put ityc on at such a child friendly time, for the wholesome moralistic sreams Kappa
IbunWest: merlekWave
LordZarano: The music has a quiet echo
TXC2: beowuuf the children must learn their place in society Kappa
MDrift314: Honestly, the bully children and hang out segments are pretty fun
beowuuf: it's an epic dub mix
Yosiel_: so many acronyms! I love it
beowuuf: @TXC2 under the eggy heel?
LadyLockwood92: Howdy folks
TXC2: hello LadyLockwood92 welcome
FurthestChunk: ooh just got my fourth itemfinder, now to find some team rocket idiot to bully into the dirt for scythers
ForIHaveTastedTheFruit: I’m here for the jambling.
Snowcookies: I'm glad ityc is at an earlier time cos now I can watch the whole thing without losing sleep Kappa
TXC2: beowuuf exactly
Jgirl13245: Man this music is bomb.
Snowcookies: !bgc
LRRbot: Jimmy Hinson AKA "BigGiantCircles" is a musician whose chiptunes are featured during commercial breaks. His music, including LRR remixes and the soundtrack for Road Quest, is available here:
PharaohBender27 prepares
TXC2: I think this was made for DB5
markvd: With? PTCG GBC NSO in ITYC on LRR? LOL
Alas_Babylon: WTF
Jgirl13245: What does nso mean
Gritgutz: nintendo switch online
TheAinMAP: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW PikaRamen
TXC2: Nintendo switch online
IbunWest: abatJAM
TXC2: Here we GO1
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
LadyLockwood92: lrrFINE
Armstrong11139: @markvd IKR?
Croc64: First try lmao
beowuuf: go time!
Jgirl13245: Ah okay. I thought it was Now Showing On
Gritgutz: surprise presteam wheeler cameo
markvd: @armstrong11139 FTE
TXC2: Hello for the first time Ben
Croc64: LMAO
PharaohBender27: Oh dear
GhostValv: D:
Alas_Babylon: Ghost Bens!
markvd: Ftw*
FadedOasis: Stream's open.
TXC2: like 5 times...
h3rsh3yb4r: BenJamin Echo Wheeler
Creideiki_SE: Stream's haunted.
Gritgutz: five mimes you mean?
TheAwkes: Stream's Haunted.
Alas_Babylon: Mic 5 (Times)
TheAinMAP: Hello lrrWHEELER and lrrWHEELER and....
Jgirl13245: Rererereremix!
Gritgutz: its all the mime power
chellybeans: like.. 5 times
GhostValv: ecjp
GhostValv: echo
TXC2: Is there anybody in there?
Gritgutz: they're all using copycat
thecrownjules_: egg
Snowcookies: "new"
GhostValv: ??
PharaohBender27: They reproduced!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Alas_Babylon: THEY GROW
TheAinMAP: Seems to be an echo of Mr. Mimes as well.
beowuuf: brand new, you have to expect technical issues with such a brand new stream Kappa
Jgirl13245: Three mines.
MaygeKyatt: Good morning, Wheeler- and second Wheeler, and third Wheeler, and fourth Wheeler…
TXC2: hmm, what is the life cycle of a Mr Mime?
FadedOasis: You just got way quieter
Snowcookies: Mom Dad and baby?
Asp3rg3r: new episode of where is egg?
Alas_Babylon: (ty)
beowuuf: stream of barely conscieousness
TXC2: 2 hours of sleep means you didn't sleep
trebuchetboy: dougdougClaude
GFreeGamer: I thought this stream would allow me to watch the Pokemon TCG Barcelona matches, but I have no idea what was going on.
h3rsh3yb4r: shouldn't have jambled on your sleep
Alas_Babylon: Th-thanks...
Jgirl13245: Caffiene sounds needed
thecrownjules_: Good thing the coins do all the lifting, you’ve got this Wheeler
TXC2: !pateron
TXC2: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy Shirt, or Sleeve, or Playmat, or Pin, or Other! Check out for the full catalog.
TXC2: !patreon
FadedOasis: So, which small child are we picking on today?
LRRbot: 2776 patrons for a total of $21,397.89 per month.
Creideiki_SE: Do not grab mimes without consent.
Hotspurztv: Have you tried the one piece trading card game?
beowuuf: not enough though
Alas_Babylon: Is This My Egg?
PharaohBender27: We discussed the dish Eggs Matthew at length
Gritgutz: well children, so not really people
markvd: I used to play so much of this game when I was little
h3rsh3yb4r: green skull is science
Alas_Babylon: [fish.]
Jgirl13245: Crystals
FadedOasis: Science is my favorite Pokemon type.
trebuchetboy: rupee
Jgirl13245: And Agatha fisty
beowuuf: need / want
Alas_Babylon: Science seems like one of those types you'd find on Vietnamese bootleg Pokemon games
markvd: I'm always okay with bullying children
beowuuf: psychci?
Quarthian: Bully for chansey
Alas_Babylon: Psychic, por favor
taeasakura: psychic
FurthestChunk: have we done the second challenge cup?
godskeep: Fire!!
beowuuf: "need" gotcha
Invitare: imagine psychic being overpowered in gen 1
Gritgutz: that mime is seriously fucked
h3rsh3yb4r: Ben if you don't know... there's Mr Mime in a chair next to you
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TXC2: it sure was
FadedOasis: Mime Pyramid?
Jgirl13245: Pyramid mimes don’t really stay yeah.
TXC2: was ghost also bugged in gen 1 to NOT do double to physic? yes, yes it was
taeasakura: We all know mimes don't deserve to be on top
Gritgutz: well good thing there won't be anymore mimes
Rogert3: Played this game so much as a kid
Gascitygaming: Why does Mr. Mime talk, they're a mime :P
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I'm glad you're looking out for your co-hosts
FadedOasis: "I'm twelve!"
Alas_Babylon: Average internet user
TXC2: yet, you're not an anime yet
raulghoulia: That's just what an anime character Would say
jundinator: Hi wheeler. How's the moonbase
corefluxx: No on wants to have bad gas....tly
Gritgutz: not much what's moonbase with you
bobbyerman: hi wheeler, hold down B to increase the chance of getting the coin flip you want
Invitare: have you checked the Moonbase is OK?
h3rsh3yb4r: are you going to leave an egg on beej's desk?
Jgirl13245: *blows a raspberry at that pun*
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FurthestChunk: it's like you're at school at like, 5pm
Snowcookies: Wait, Paul doesn't live at the moonbase? Kappa
beowuuf: --> lrrWHEELER you have the emote, you're allowed to do anything :p
jundinator: LUL
MurphEP: wheelerJoke
corefluxx: I get that same vibe one Im the first one in the office at my work.
FadedOasis: Oh hey, the GOOD Haunter
A_Dub888: benginFingers
Jgirl13245: So this is why he said opponents had problems hitting him.
Metric_Furlong: ah, one of those "Game Design" cards
TXC2: so in a way this guy has 100 HP
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CanPlayGames: Is this my Sub?
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Statist42: Hi friends
h3rsh3yb4r: just use body slam, it's gen 1
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TXC2: hello Statist42 welcome
DreamyPants: So you're just 25% to be able to attack it every turn? That's miserable
bobbyerman: was that a bill of greed?
TXC2: Nightmare makes them asleep instead of needing them to be asleep? busted
Gritgutz: currently building a gengar deck in this game, its super fun
shurtal: Does Wheeler stand....a GHOST of a chance?!
Invitare: ask Agatha
raulghoulia: Well this song is a banger
CopperAstronaut: I am still waking up and for a split second my brain thought it was watching a vod and not live. Good morning Wheeler. :P
Gritgutz: I was looking through my cards and I have a mismagius with the pokemon power "magical trans"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wasn't there exactly 3 ghost types in gen 1?
markvd: That reminds me of one of my favorite MtG cards: Yusri. A.k.a. attack for 2 damage, take 10 damage from declaring attacks
Gritgutz: @Laserbeaks_Fury yeep
A_Dub888: !findquote egg
LRRbot: Quote #8267: "Eggs and nuts. S'great. Gets my seal of approval." —Wheeler [2022-10-07]
TXC2: Laserbeaks_Fury yes, all in the same evo line
SaxPython: #Fainted
h3rsh3yb4r: and they're all weak to the psychic types they were supposed to counter
h3rsh3yb4r: gen 1 is a mess
TXC2: and you had to trade a haunter to get it to evolve into gengar :p
FurthestChunk: this poor fuckin' ditto
beowuuf: bullied! lrrHORN
coiax: aw yeah, trade evolution sucked when you were the only person who played pokemon
h3rsh3yb4r: speaking of pokemon breeders, did you guys wanna hear a cool fact about vaporeon?
Ukon_Cairns: ooh rare candy
Metric_Furlong: !findquote pump
LRRbot: Quote #8141: "Can we pump out the feculence and unleash the monkeys on it?" —Featherweight [2022-07-18]
Alas_Babylon: owo?
Zath_: Wartortle erasure out of control
TXC2: coiax or when only ONE kid in school has the universal link :p
Gritgutz: i have no clue how trade evos are still in the games with no alternative
TXC2: h3rsh3yb4r get out Kappa
coiax: did _anyone_ ever use the infrared feature to get free cards
jundinator: So I'm at my Lgs for commander. I have Karlov, Krenko, Rhys, Sheoldred, Azami, and Perrie. Who should I play wheeler and chat?
Simbionis: Krenko
h3rsh3yb4r: what does he mean "putting them in order" is he mana weaving?
markvd: @jundinator rhys
Invitare: in Gen 1 there's a reason to be arrogant about using psychic types
Ukon_Cairns: @Gritgutz they have been putting them out in the wild and in raid dens in recent games so you can at least catch them.
Metric_Furlong: gotta heal those cards
DanTheMediocre: @h3rsh3yb4r he is standing conspicuously in the corner by the big plant
beowuuf: wait, we're destroying a kid's future due to an old man's desire? when did we get in to politics MiniK
TXC2: in gen1, I had a Kadabra that could solo the elite 4
jundinator: Legendary. Like Birbs?
jundinator: Yup
MurphEP: I remember the game
coiax: @beowuuf it's too early in the morning for these sorts of harsh truths
jundinator: I have a cart of Caravan Heart in English.
jundinator: It's a repro
FurthestChunk: that's a hell of a gender there
Invitare: I've seen the future and it's full of eggs
SaxPython: Steffi Bad News
beowuuf: @coiax sorry, it's later on sunday in the uk here, time for the dark thoughts before work tomorrow :p
TXC2: strange power? like from star trek?
h3rsh3yb4r: what's wrong with it's eye
jundinator: Probably
coiax: yeah I'm also in the UK, so I probably should be paying more attention to the time and not just napping constantly on Sunday 💀
h3rsh3yb4r: slowpoke lookin like uncle ruckus (no relation)
FadedOasis: I think this is the deck with Mimes and Mews.
beowuuf: @coiax it's a valid strategy
beowuuf: can't be jambling if we win, then it's just strategy
FurthestChunk: it's fine they're not killing us we can do nothing for as long as we want
CopperAstronaut: Slowpoke looks he just realized he forgot to charge his game boy
beowuuf: use the passive voice, a game became bricked
silaslunark: Are we stuck in a loop
TXC2: and we call it that 'cause it's like hitting a brick wall
coiax: oh my god, Stephanie is trying to mill us
coiax: one card at a time
beowuuf: lol
TXC2: LordZarano too soon :p
DreamyPants: LUL
silaslunark: Back to the beginning
Gritgutz: stephanie is a war criminal
FurthestChunk: i love casting two strip mines
Gritgutz: this is why we can't feel bad for bullying children
Invitare: wait until they pull out the Ultra Energy Removal. Then the Max Energy Removal
silaslunark: I feel like this is just a troll from the developer to make you sit there as long as possible
coiax: anti-egg tech
silaslunark: How does this kid have a mew
silaslunark: Thats not ancient mew though
h3rsh3yb4r: slowbro is so cool
TXC2: they went to that one place in Japan where you could get one
silaslunark: We found our true nemesis
beowuuf: lrrJUDGE my opponent studied the meta
CanPlayGames: Trust in Egg
CopperAstronaut: Time to scramble his eggs.
violetto: vibrating, huh?
TXC2: 8 in a row is fool's gold
violetto: you would get 8 heads on mime
otakon17: oh wow Pokemon TCG
silaslunark: I wish they had kept this series going, it's genuinely well made
mtvcdm: Hello. How crispy is an egg, normally?
violetto: if they had made a game for the gen 3 era of the card game that wouldve been sick
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revjakenash: I need to eat this egg burrito
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DentedPockets: Fear is the mime killer
bobbyerman: do you get milled in this game?
bobbyerman: its been so long
TXC2: bobbyerman you can be year
TXC2: *yes
accountmadeforants: Why are we fighting an 80s Rocker version of Red?
violetto: this is the pits
timetwister7: 2 more than you needed
squ3e: oh heck yeah, are we beating up matthew again?
IbunWest: Never didn’t have it
ThePerrBearr: never didn't have it
TheAinMAP: sergeGG
beowuuf: eat lrrEFF lrrHORN
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CopperAstronaut: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
LadyLockwood92: I forgot how low-key terrifying the Tangela in the early TCG was.
TXC2: the meme deck that wasn't
squ3e: Its a "my uncle works at nintend"
IbunWest: abatNAP
taeasakura: im ready for nap time
Gritgutz: alright chat its nap time go to bed
GFreeGamer: damn, daniel
LadyLockwood92: He looks like a little baby
Jgirl13245: Naptime for the lil chillin
bobbyerman: gameplay
Gritgutz: gg game of skill no luck involved
violetto: new kid to bully!!
DreamyPants: welcome to is this your card! a stream of bullying children and slaughtering babies!
bobbyerman: farm the child
corefluxx: Eggs Daniel?
CopperAstronaut: Farm the child for labor.
violetto: Matthew 2: Daniel
LadyLockwood92: A round of Eggs Daniel for the chat~!
Gritgutz: where do you get oaks in this game
Jgirl13245: Is this your card rebranded into “is this your bullied child?” XD
FadedOasis: Oak is a Colosseum uncommon.
DrChillbrain: Why does he look like that
Gritgutz: @FadedOasis ty!
TXC2: look out, he's got a spoon!
CopperAstronaut: Dude looks like he’s about to eat breakfast in a very aggressive way.
beowuuf: jlrrCooltunes
LadyLockwood92: He looks like he's gonna teleport behind his cereal and take it by surprise.
CopperAstronaut: Chewing on mouthfuls of food while not breaking eye contact.
coiax: casual land destruction in Pokemon TCG
iarethel0ser: He's trying to bend the spoon but isn't very good at it.
TheAinMAP: tqsSpoon
shurtal: isn't Toggle'ing against TOS /s?
FadedOasis: Scoop Up can scoop benched pokemon as well.
Gritgutz: bro is oaked up
LordZarano: escher3PUN
TXC2: is anyone Truly ready for Mr mime?
violetto: double oaked up on a sunday afternoon
FurthestChunk: there's a fun game boy exclusive combo deck with scoop ups, where you play the legendary game boy zapdos over and over and try to win at RNG
Gritgutz: you can never be ready for mimes
Jgirl13245: Maybe we just mill him out.
FurthestChunk: venusar just firing the GDI Ion Cannon over and over
FurthestChunk: Space Battleship Venusaur
accountmadeforants: The fifth energy is for good luck
coiax: mime this
TXC2: it's like the movie, the fifth energy
Jgirl13245: Time for pun-ishment?
DentedPockets: Fear is the Mime killer
Gritgutz: more like mr slime
FurthestChunk: jesus christ ben
Croc64: 10/10 boss gottem good
DekiSystem: mr mime your charade is over
shurtal: Mr. Mime, i'm the doctor and YOU"RE Pagliacci
TheAinMAP: sergeGG
Salbastro: "I dont have MIME for this fight anymore"
nightsreach: mr! mime the dese polens
IbunWest: We got a second eye
accountmadeforants: We joined the Round Illuminati!
nightsreach: fuck, i messed it up
CopperAstronaut: Applause
FurthestChunk: murray officially a camboy Kappa
coiax: don't forget to check with the old man
coiax: who hates children
shurtal: Murry Murray kyun!
bobbyerman: he so ugly tho
Armstrong11139: Oh man the movie VHS promo Mewtwo, that brings back memories
DrChillbrain: Chris Rush Mewtwo superior
FadedOasis: HAAAANDS
coiax: he literally hangs out in the Psychic Club building complaining about the Psychic club
Gritgutz: @coiax yeah he's a gamer
violetto: im surprised wotc didn't hire more magic artists to draw pokemon promos. i think foglio could've done a good one
Marcanius: This Mewtwo posts on r/AmIUgly
accountmadeforants: @violetto WotC wasn't in charge of the art I think. (Except for the US promos.)
accountmadeforants: They just handled printing and distribution
Gritgutz: oh yeah thats some stall
FurthestChunk: the double christian club huh
accountmadeforants: Only girls are allowed to touch grass
FurthestChunk: to be fair i personally prefer oddish to vileplume
FurthestChunk: oddish is just a cute li'l guy
Invitare: Bellosom
FurthestChunk: gloom's great but i have a weakness for li'l guys
accountmadeforants: Hold on, the Pokémon Trading Card Game isn't the most important thing in this game's universe? They just do this on breaks? What the hell is our protagonist up to then?
ArkhamArchivist: Gloom didn't survive the 60's
Gritgutz: gloom is like one of those pugs breeded to be eternally in pain
TXC2: oddish just a little guy from Memphis
Gritgutz: famous grass charmander
Invitare: there's grass in its art
bobbyerman: she pokeball the cham
DreamyPants: LUL
TheAinMAP: HahaThisisfine
FurthestChunk: lmao hard countered
coiax: Classic Gruul player
FurthestChunk: oh she's on bad potpourri
HoneyJack07: is there a fastbond for pokemon energy ?
bobbyerman: mono green charmander
Gritgutz: they're on 8 colour energy burn
Invitare: someone should tell this place's Master that Brittany is cheating
petey_vonwho: Sometimes you gotta burn away the dead growth so new plants can grow
timetwister7: brittney has the literal worst deck in the game, yet somehow she draws what she wants
FurthestChunk: @HoneyJack07 yeah, blastoise, but it's only water energy onto water types
TXC2: a charmander and a a grass deck?
eshplode: And a lightning energy
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LunchB0x_13: Wheeler you’re making me consider getting into the Pokémon tcg and I don’t know how to feel about it
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bobbyerman: bad fashion
TXC2: she Britney bitch Kappa
Rootpotato: I'm late but I heard there was egg?
thegiftedgrifter: Crimes against the geneva convention?
FurthestChunk: soon we're going to sip from her devil cup
ThePerrBearr: did she ever state her deck is grass? being in the clubhouse doesn't mean much
LadyLockwood92: Brittany's responsible for the Hindenburg.
Gritgutz: ill buy everyone in chat eggs brittany if wheeler wins this
DreamyPants: I would love nothing more than MTG with PTCGs monetization strategy
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
shurtal: Matthew Uses SHAME, it's SUPER EFFECTIVE
CopperAstronaut: Ouch
DekiSystem: eggs matthew break
A_Dub888: ask bartelby
Simbionis: thank god the pokemon tcg has like 3 different versions of the good cards so the collectors can fuck off with the fancy stuff and still leave affordable stuff to play with
shurtal: time to MAKE TACOS
Rootpotato: Paul does not strike me as a gun owner
TXC2: Paul is the gun
BiscuitHipster: That's what makes his revolver such a surprise
shurtal: show idea: TTSF where Wheeler actually invents Eggs Matthew
FurthestChunk: are you saying Eggs Matthew isn't real?
trebuchetboy: Hello *bang*
shurtal: @FurthestChunk Eggs Matthew is quantem, inventing them at any point makes them retroactively exist in the past
shurtal: they're like Tachyons
FurthestChunk: so it's been like seven years since i fucked up my degree but i'm fairly sure quantum mechanics don't work like that
TXC2: that is how historical revisionism works yes
LadyLockwood92: Eggs Matthew is Roko's Basilisk for hungry people.
shurtal: @FurthestChunk there was an update to Quantum mechanics a couple years ago, that patch fucked up a LOT of things, but allows for awesome speedrun strats
trebuchetboy: @shurtal dougdougTeeth
FurthestChunk: what the fuck is that emote
beowuuf: having to set your character to explicitly wave or explicitly a particle for the whole run on the character screen was much needed but nerfed so many strats
TXC2: and we're back
trebuchetboy: @FurthestChunk Bell pepper with teeth
FurthestChunk: why
TXC2: why is any emote ?
bobbyerman: mono green 5color
shurtal: so, how many new holes in the walls are there?
BigDaddyBland87: @shurtal Oh I see. So all those insane times I see aren't just hackers breaking the game. They're just using Quantum to really master the game.
SK__Ren: Why does our character look like they've had no sleep and 10 cups of coffee?
h3rsh3yb4r: whats your plan for destroying brittany?
BiscuitHipster: That's just Ben, not a character
FurthestChunk: it's labelled the etcetera deck, so i guess it is a bad potpourri deck
SK__Ren: In game lol
shurtal: @BigDaddyBland87 Existence is one big "skill diff" now, it's a wild world
bobbyerman: 5 color green
Invitare: famous grass type Jinx
corefluxx: AI Cheats
TXC2: 5 colour good stuff has left Hbrawl and come to haunt me in real life :p
FurthestChunk: gust of wind them into idk a fuckin' dratini
Awexdio: She's the new person to the Grass club that the rest of the members hand their draft chaff too
eshplode: It’s like a garbage 5 colour goodstuff deck that somehow wins FNM
BiscuitHipster: Brittany's deck could be described as OkayMaker
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shurtal: it's opperating on a different level, it's going for the physchological kill
Armstrong11139: Mo~om, the AI's metagaming me~
bobbyerman: c-oddish-blade
FurthestChunk: she only has two oddishes
FadedOasis: Her deck is called "Etc. Deck"
LordZarano: They have a transformative sideboard
h3rsh3yb4r: and mio
violetto: shes really relying on hitting weaknesses here
Rootpotato: Ben you gotta go to bed at James time to wake up at James time
revjakenash: I've been up all weekend playing Starfield
FurthestChunk: so you should probably wait till you've murdered her but here's the decklist
Snowcookies: Wake up Wheeler, you're late for ITYC Kappa
TXC2: James is a pod person
h3rsh3yb4r: James is the Sleepless elite
Rootpotato: Bug and coffee
BigDaddyBland87: James is in the wrong profession...that's CEO productivity there
TXC2: is James Tyler Durden? Kappa
Invitare: Bug/Poison is a classic type combo
Snowcookies: I thought his diet was mostly pumpkin pie
h3rsh3yb4r: bug/poison? he eats beedrils?
FurthestChunk: she has two machops in her deck
Rootpotato: Metagaming already are we
FadedOasis: All basic pokemon, no evolutions
coiax: oh my god, she is playing 5 colour good stuff
A_Dub888: @FadedOasis That sure is a list
BiscuitHipster: 5 colour okay stuff
coiax: or like 5 colour meh stuff
Snowcookies: Is she cheating?
malanorea: I also decided to play this after the last ITYC, and I finished the other day, now I'm grinding for the last of the catalog
Dish_KP: she's fipping coins like we did in the 90s
TXC2: it's like a draft gone wrong
h3rsh3yb4r: 5 color cards i own
xerjen: five colors mediocre stuff, my favorite deck
LeonisCo: this poor nidoran didn't deserve this
coiax: we should build this deck
FurthestChunk: i think doing eggs to this poor girl is both evil and the correct course of action
Izztar: For people who love this game, there's a sequel that was JP only but has translation patches and it is a blast to play with more cards/content
violetto: @malanorea keep in mind that theres a card you literally cant acquire legitimately
Dish_KP: Good egg ^^
FurthestChunk: @violetto yeah but it doesn't count for the 100% so it's fine
micalovits: So... What charity? For no reason
DentedPockets: That's just a kitchen sink
Rootpotato: 3 bill decks good
BigDaddyBland87: A little bit of everything
ThePerrBearr: sounds like a picknicker to me.
LadyLockwood92: Mermaids is a good one.
BigDaddyBland87: The actual pokemon game strat...have a counter to everything
FurthestChunk: god if this is 5c again i s2g
Edgarware: lunarj1Heart
PharaohBender27: Dueling lrrHEATHER is always a bad idea
TXC2: Duel Heather? well timed to die
micalovits: I would also not fight Heather, Heather is scary
FurthestChunk: oh so it's only 4c
petey_vonwho: Brittany's out here playing 5-color ok stuff
TXC2: oh no it's an Atraxa deck! Kappa
h3rsh3yb4r: isnt this the grass gym
TXC2: grass is for ramping into other colours Kappa
FurthestChunk: i think there were more grass pokemon in the science gym than the grass gym so far
FurthestChunk: we're getting all the bad coin flips out don't worry
Cavemanhar: this egg is broken can I get a refund
mallyx0: yay more eggy action
malanorea: To quote Mr. Torgue Fleggsington: EGGSPLOSIONS?
TXC2: from the Kindergarten cop, a kinda alright movie
FurthestChunk: if they play any other pokemon we're good
coiax: untracked game state changes smh
FurthestChunk: her decklist also isn't good
TXC2: 10, 10 damage, ah ah ha
LucasTheDrgn: Evolving Venusaur would give more flips no?
Izztar: Still less annoying than Mr Mime in this game
LucasTheDrgn: Lmao
FurthestChunk: scyther AND pinsir? is this the safari zone?
Invitare: ah the 90's
FadedOasis: An actual Grass deck.
coiax: yet another unrealistic standard for women in the pokemon universe
SquareDotCube: Chansey tanks the attacks
SK__Ren: Gengiskhan?
LucasTheDrgn: Kangaskhan too
thecrownjules_: hello wheeler and egg
SK__Ren: right, that was it lol
FurthestChunk: yeah kanga, scyther, tauros, solid mons
TXC2: you could fish for Dratini
captainwolfstar5: I built it in my own playthrough and it was real fun
thecrownjules_: doing good! just put together venucenter in paper, gonna fight Croc tomorrow!
SaxyGuitar: this game slabs. Hope you're enjoying
SquareDotCube: it's great because you don't feel bad slaughtering the bad decks
petey_vonwho: I played the hell out of this back in 2000ish
FurthestChunk: yeah my last playthrough of tcg was a poison deck with nidoking
FurthestChunk: that was sick as hell
coiax: wouldn't Kanga be better tanks because of Fetch?
FurthestChunk: we have a theme dangit
violetto: 🥚
bobbyerman: i played this game the same way i play regular pokemon: charizard and potion only
dheid1: Venucenter reminds me of the Energy Flow/Pokecenter subtheme in Gym-era Raindance...always felt great when it worked
bobbyerman: stilll beat it too
captainwolfstar5: My favorite theme is viridian forest bug catcher
UncannyJimjams: I went through my old pokemon cards last night and I just ordered the rest of what I need for Venucenter, god help me lol
FurthestChunk: butterfree is honestly pretty okay in this game
captainwolfstar5: Yeah butterfree rules
dheid1: For the ultimate challenge: build the old "Zap!" theme deck and take it through the game.
mallyx0: bill nye the science guy
LucasTheDrgn: Bill! Bill! Bill!
FurthestChunk: i almost heard 80HP as ADHD
trebuchetboy: lol
FadedOasis: 1
coiax: So is the Orbital Laser + Eggs theme, the Orbital Eggs theme?
FurthestChunk: now we can learn nikki's hanging out at ishihara's
captainwolfstar5: Three starters breeder deck is pretty fun too
FurthestChunk: i think kristin just told you and you ignored her
Tidom_Kamf: The last one did
Snowcookies: Does your character also carry around booster packs to give out to ppl you lose to?
Edgarware: egg vs egg
FurthestChunk: egg mirror!
LucasTheDrgn: Mirror match
LeonisCo: egg off
aitsu100: an egg off
JessKay: egg fight!
FurthestChunk: oh hell yeah another pinsir for our safari zone deck
TXC2: eggs all round
Simbionis: time to crack some eggs
beowuuf: rebell1Eggs v rebell1Eggs
FurthestChunk: i think it was a one-time dialogue box so uh, whoops
beowuuf: also called heather, op
TXC2: fight Heather AGAIN? mad man
LeonisCo: I think you might need to fight the 3rd member in the other room?
Eriandis: There are some club members in other clubs at some point in the game, not sure when, though.
malanorea: The guy in the lower left of the main room of the Rock Club also gives Coliseum packs
FurthestChunk: venonat is another real cute one tbh
FurthestChunk: too bad it just took 80 damage
LeonisCo: Did you fight them before talking to heather? iunno
MyrddintheWizard: PogChamp
LucasTheDrgn: Eggs! Eggs! E Double G S Eggs!
ThibbleBird: EGG
Invitare: Heather has altered the arrangement. Pray she does not alter it further
Haroldholmes25: men want only one thing
FurthestChunk: oh poor matthew
SquareDotCube: Matthew time
Tidom_Kamf: Time to bully matthew again
beowuuf: straight up all every egg
ThibbleBird: What? Again?
FurthestChunk: what makes an eggs andrew distinct from an eggs matthew
shurtal: but if there's time, can you fit in some more Matthew Bullying, for nostalgia?
malanorea: Also swing by the Fight Club because the members for that one are at other clubs and that spawns them
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beowuuf: @FurthestChunk quantity over quality? i don't actually know
beowuuf: lunarj1Fangs
malanorea: Oh good job then
LadyLockwood92: Looking forward to Matthew's egg cracking and meeting Matilda in a few years.
Florador: are you planning on playing the sequel as well ?
SquareDotCube: I thought it was the curl
TXC2: Eggs Matthew is over easy, eggs Andrew is sunny side up
beowuuf: revenge is an egg best serbed cold
silenceaux: The humble onion
Invitare: sounds damp
Simbionis: oh?
SquareDotCube: after all, they say your tears... delicious
FurthestChunk: oh hey cubone's making an eggs andrew
TXC2: hey chat is active
Snowcookies: These breakfast items get more complicated every year
FadedOasis: Sara from Water gym
malanorea: Pretty sure the only one with 2 prizes is the tutorial
AllTheWeasels: Yeah some guy showed up with a trio of mimes and has been bullying children, better go stop em
beowuuf: mimes will protect you
SquareDotCube: don't worry, Wheeler knows Shaq-fu.
shurtal: so someone DID break in
LadyLockwood92: She heard you wanted to duel
Invitare: she heard you were fighting her
beowuuf: heather is piffing later
Snowcookies: ominous Heather
PharaohBender27: I mean, she is on in like 1.5 hours
Meltalar: i mean, you did want to fight heater
silenceaux: Okay good, Heather will keep you safe
Meltalar: *heather
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
TXC2: and now she's here for Revenge
shurtal: she's just standing in the hallway, with a pipe, waiting
beowuuf: that too
aitsu100: watch your back
FadedOasis: Sara from the Water club only has two prizes, gives Colosseum packs.
PharaohBender27: I was low-key hoping she'd just pop onscreen and be all "What's this about fighting me?"
Jethrain: water club member sara
aitsu100: atleast you and the mimes can watch north south east and west
FadedOasis: Yep
FadedOasis: Wait no
BiscuitHipster: Heather with a gun 200% scarier than Paul with a gun. Completely different "hello"
FadedOasis: Rain Dance
malanorea: I was wrong and in fact am fighting Sara at this very moment so I have no excuse
coiax: smh wheeler thinks all women look alike
ChrisMackGames: This game is so nostalgic.
Jethrain: amanda is mystery booster
FadedOasis: Amanda is the Do the Wave deck
AllTheWeasels: LUL
Asimech: @PharaohBender27 IDK if you meant it this way, but in my head that came up as Heather's face popping up in-game, in the game's style.
aitsu100: eh this strat seems chansey
Snowcookies: I love tuffs
FurthestChunk: love me a good duck
SquareDotCube: apparently tasty
malanorea: Lucky duck
PharaohBender27: @Asimech No I meant her popping into the studio. Your idea would be truly terrifying
SK__Ren: Untitled Farfetch'd Game
A_Dub888: rayfkWelp
violetto: the farmed becomes the farmer
FurthestChunk: farfetch'd has the pot for your eggs
coiax: that's a fun animation though
LucasTheDrgn: Eggs got cracked 🥺
Jethrain: farmfetch'd
frozenphoenix7: Best 2 out of 3, ez
aitsu100: hows it feel to be fish food
ThePerrBearr: the chickens weren't laying
TXC2: why? they're a dragon
TXC2: dragon's are cool...right?
LucasTheDrgn: I may be biased,
aitsu100: i know one kid was playing a mankey
captainwolfstar5: I'm glad wigglytuff is really good in this format theyre one of my favorite pokemon
captainwolfstar5: EGGPOG
FurthestChunk: i assume an eggs sara is even wetter
FurthestChunk: well because you make it in a pool
LadyLockwood92: It is if you do it right.
TXC2: eggsplaining?
shurtal: Everything's betta down where it's wetta
violetto: eggsplaining
mallyx0: EGGsplaining
LucasTheDrgn: Eggsplaining....
DentedPockets: Wheeler knows where eggs come from
NorthstarTex: What a strange time to join the stream
shurtal: ^hive mind at work
Chichen: yep you got it
LucasTheDrgn: Eggs come from packs of colosseum
shurtal: eggs are traded on teh Clown Jones Industrial Market
FurthestChunk: i was just trying to make sure that it was known that i'm above board and mean nothing weird about eggs sara being wet
aitsu100: the egga market
FadedOasis: Computer Search is a rare in Colosseum
SquareDotCube: fitting
FadedOasis: Goose egg.
zelukester: On that egg grind I see
DanTheMediocre: not until you give us the eggs you wont
shurtal: i want that BEEG EGG
SquareDotCube: gonna rob you blind for your booster packs
Snowcookies: "just buy it from the store and stop bullying me~"
FurthestChunk: aggressively dueling this poor child until she empties her booster box
aitsu100: but sir i dont know anyone named clancey
shurtal: "Tell your mom to kick rocks, we got business"
violetto: buying singles does not exist in this world
SquareDotCube: booster boxes must be this worlds form of lunch money
TXC2: the proff's nightmare
BlueMechanic: you would like an egg in this trying time
coiax: tell us Wheeler, where can we buy affordable singles
shurtal: @violetto i read that as "Buying shingles" and i thought "guess everyone has metal roofs then"
DanTheMediocre: a world where boosties are legal tender
TXC2: !cardkingdom
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mallyx0: how do you get to card kingdom in game?
dheid1: Buh....I remember playing the game in actual '99, before the Pokemon TCG singles market was really developed. It was a miserable time.
violetto: @mallyx0 you have to go under the truck
LadyLockwood92: Yeah, the worst part would have to be buying boosters to hand over if you lose.
shurtal: Wheeler out here, going neighbor to neighbor, asking to borrow a cup of egg
TXC2: we can plug Card Kingdom, but we also have to mention channel fireball Kappa
Snowcookies: inb4 someone sends Wheeler 3 Chancey cards irl
FurthestChunk: because slowpoke is cute
mvt9: lol
mvt9: is the neo genesis one still expensive?
JuneBlue58: Card Kingdom doesn't sell Pokemon cards.
shurtal: Get in the robot, Cleffa
FurthestChunk: does the gb version of comp search still have an identifiable magnemite in the art?
mvt9: yeah thats what I thought. I played a bit of Pokemon 99 so I remember
mallyx0: i liked tetris 99 and f zero 99. when is pokemon 99
DanTheMediocre: I'm curious now, how does this game generate booster contents?
shurtal: @mallyx0 by my count, about 24 years ago lrrBEEJ
mvt9: yeah I remember reading once the packs in this game are seeded depending on who drops them
LadyLockwood92: Blindfold and a dartboard
mallyx0: its randomized before you open the booster so you can save state and get different stuff in the booster
TXC2: DanTheMediocre presumably pseudorandom rolls on a petset table
TXC2: *preset
mallyx0: its based on the frame you open the pack
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JuneBlue58: @DanTheMediocre Each pack type has a list, which is then weighted based on who is giving it out. Then the game applies a randomisation seed as you're about to open them.
DentedPockets: Yeah, save state
mallyx0: you can save state to reroll packs
FadedOasis: It generates on the popup of getting the pack
violetto: doop doop
JuneBlue58: You can indeed manipulate them, go back to the convo and then start opening them again the contents will be different.
FadedOasis: so save just before
JuneBlue58: It saves *so* much time.
FurthestChunk: yeah but gameplay
Armstrong11139: We're here for the journey
mallyx0: save scumming is TERRIBLE content
accountmadeforants: Wheeler wants the authentic experience
FurthestChunk: are you say jambling is suboptimal
accountmadeforants: @mallyx0 Hey now, Beejtrayal at Krondor was a great watch :)
FurthestChunk: *saying
ThePerrBearr: can't make eggs without craking some children's spirits
NapalmSideburns: If Ben savescummed for all his packs he'd be done with the game by now
JuneBlue58: Yeah, it wouldn't make for a fun stream. When I was playing I had to spend upwards of ten minutes resetting packs sometimes.
mvt9: 8
Haroldholmes25: if you had one chansey, one opportunity
DentedPockets: 12
FurthestChunk: we have every gyarados in the world
ThePerrBearr: 7
coiax: 20
TXC2: 3
shurtal: 69
DeM0nFiRe: 6
eshplode: 15
FadedOasis: 12
Simbionis: 17
violetto: 5
NorthstarTex: 17
accountmadeforants: Like 5 my dude
FurthestChunk: 9
LadyLockwood92: 8
DanTheMediocre: 5
Snowcookies: 20
InquisitorGaia: 9
NapalmSideburns: 11
LegionLoyalist: Gambling on average is 4.5 cards? How is a 2.25x better Bill suboptimal?
mvt9: price is right rules?
godskeep: 14
beowuuf: 3.14
mvt9: called it
NorthstarTex: oof by one
TXC2: and just like that we made a number station
LadyLockwood92: Woo~
FurthestChunk: we can build two gyarados decks now
coiax: did someone in chat earlier say that the pack contents were modified by who was giving them out?
mvt9: do you have 4 scythers?
mallyx0: wouldnt that make him a gyaraocho?
TXC2: Garyocho
coiax: maybe it's not a coincidence we're getting Garados from Sara
coiax: or like _more of them_
DanTheMediocre: at least the odds for individual cards are weighted differently
DanTheMediocre: maybe there is a 4 prize trainer who is more generous with their eggs
JessKay: so I was wondering and apparently Mr. Mime doesn't learn Metronome on its own, but it _can_ learn it from TMs and TRs and Move Tutors in some generations
JessKay: so the cohost Mimes might!
mallyx0: just farm the colorless gym leader to get chansey
TXC2: chancy? of course it's chancy, we're jambling here
mvt9: there isn't a colorless gym yet*
mvt9: there is in the sequel
SoulSurgae: there is a sequel??
FurthestChunk: yeah it was japan only
mvt9: @SoulSurgae Pokemon Card GB2
mallyx0: Ithought oko was banned
JessKay: japan-only but it got a pretty solid fan translation
mvt9: would love to watch a gb2 stream
SoulSurgae: omg im gonna have to play that one
LegionLoyalist: Time to hit the Oko... turn them into an Elk
coiax: then trade them for a food
ArkhamArchivist: Bill Guy, the Science Nye?
FurthestChunk: GB2 wasn't released over here because it was released so late into the GBC's life span, it would've been released after the GBA here
coiax: BannedInStandardAny%
mallyx0: it depends on the rng seed
JuneBlue58: Go back to just before you get the packs to re-roll them.
LegionLoyalist: That's a #10
violetto: the Double Dos
FurthestChunk: GB2 is great even if its main innovation is "the rocket set" which isn't the best set for the health of the game
TXC2: it's probably based on how long the games been on
LegionLoyalist: I refuse to do math properly before 3 PM EST
JuneBlue58: As a player of Standard PTCG, some of the unbalanced things you can do in this period of the game are wild.
FurthestChunk: I don't remember if any of the NPCs in GB2 have a Dark Vileplume deck
JuneBlue58: No supporter limit, first player gets to attack on their first turn, DCE with no drawback, etc.
FurthestChunk: i hope they don't because that would be incredibly rude
beowuuf: jlrrPongchamp
FurthestChunk: honestly if i were to make a romhack of tcg gb2 i'd probably stick a dark vileplume deck in there because i'm an asshole
SquareDotCube: So Wheeler, if you want to make your eggs deck even better for PTCG2, trade out your Eggsecute for Erika's Eggsecute because it has a slightly weaker form of Eggsplosion
dheid1: @JuneBlue58 There was a mid-tier archetype in around the Gym era that was built around ending the game on Turn 1 by dealing in excess of 80 damage. Pluspowers and Mistys on a Misty's Staryu...
JuneBlue58: XD
Rootpotato: jambling?
JessKay: there's a reason people play P99 and not P2000, and it has a lot to do with Rocket being the first '00 set :p
SquareDotCube: and it only costs 1 energy.
beowuuf: jamble promised land
LegionLoyalist: Or 11 more Garydos until... something!
FurthestChunk: we can do a whole wave by now
JuneBlue58: Yeah, the some of the current rules make a lot of sense after re-playing this game.
FurthestChunk: i honestly like rocket but i'm the kind of degenerate asshole to want zero downside duresses and hard lock pieces
FurthestChunk: the gym format seems like a horrible mess though
LegionLoyalist: Gary!
FurthestChunk: snorlax is a decent pickup though
TXC2: "Yeah? well I eat eggs from breakfast!"
Quarthian: How many venusaurs are you on?
TXC2: *for
FurthestChunk: time for our gyarados packs
JessKay: computer search though!
LegionLoyalist: Gary! Gary!
mallyx0: packs def not weighted
FurthestChunk: the innovative new pokemon set that is just 200 different gyaradoses
FortunaeRota: Computer search though
TXC2: existence is suffering
violetto: @FurthestChunk Gyarados Legions
FurthestChunk: it's a shame this game doesn't have something like the black box in gb2
FurthestChunk: Fallen Gyarados Empires
Quarthian: Would you play Jambler if you had more Oaks?
DanTheMediocre: the switches developed a drift issue where they drift to the bottom of the deck
TXC2: what are the odds we roll the fire gym after being ranched in the grass gym
BiscuitHipster: We're gonna get well and truly scrambled
odium_chlorite: well will you look at that, this is my card
coiax: maybe we should just fight someone else with Colloseum packs?
LegionLoyalist: Good thing that was the regular garydos and not the F-ing kind...
TXC2: giving up is a sign of giving up
BiscuitHipster: Packs are colour type seeded based on the gym so that gyarados is literally replacing chansey
godskeep: Calling it now. Gonna get a chansey when you beat the fire trainer with coliseum packs.
BiscuitHipster: Just gotta luck out
captainwolfstar5: The reasoning is that there's no color type so why would it seed against chansey
Invitare: *Whitney has entered the chat*
A_Dub888: Upside, you got a Comp Search
FadedOasis: Adam and Jonathan both do
JuneBlue58: It weights it, but doesn't completely overwrite it. I got basically everything I needed for Rain Dance and Whirlpool farming the fire club.
UncannyJimjams: Apparently Mystery packs have Chansey? That's what GameFAQ message boards tell me anyway
FadedOasis: Mystery do not have Chansey
mvt9: the cards don't overlap in packs, each card is only available in one pack
SaxyGuitar: I think it's still the 1st fighting her in general
UncannyJimjams: You mean the GameFAQ message board lied to me??? Sorry for the bad info Wheeler
violetto: unfair
LeonisCo: XD
FadedOasis: Oh wow
mvt9: jesus christ
silenceaux: The second time is always funnier
NorthstarTex: XD
GalacticCyrus: you're trying to replace gyarados for gyarados, is that it? LUL
violetto: clip
captainwolfstar5: Welcome to the highlight reel
LegionLoyalist: Garydos storm count 30
TXC2: Gyrados will continue until morale improves
violetto: im doing good \:)
FadedOasis: Time to cut the Bulbasaur line for Gyarados :-D
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
NorthstarTex: doing good, getting entertained while shiny hunting
Tom_Bruise: Nurse Chansey, bring out more copium
captainwolfstar5: I'm sure imakuni will give you an egg in this trying time
DanTheMediocre: benginHeck
godskeep: Is eggs wheeler the saltiest eggs?
accountmadeforants: It's not always about the Venusaurs, Spider-Man... It's about the Gyarados, baby! Let's go Gyarados!
JessKay: Ishihara? From the Pokémon Company?
TXC2: " the world!"
trebuchetboy: dougdougTeeth
Invitare: but how many Gyarados does he have?
BiscuitHipster: Bet he doesn't have as many gyarados or tangela as us
silenceaux: Going to your friend's house to use pokefall
accountmadeforants: No, no, he has all the Pokémon cards ever made! All three sets worth!
Invitare: Erika wannabe
FurthestChunk: went away for a moment, we got all our chanseys?
Invitare: accurate
JuneBlue58: The gender stereotyping in this game is so weird.
Grimnus: Music in this game always hits me right in the nostalgia
TXC2: FurthestChunk ha ha no :p
FurthestChunk: i have no reason to do anything other than blindly trust you ben
aitsu100: as many Chanseys as the time slot allows
shurtal: there is no video evidence that all the chanseys have not be acquired
ToastedArts: Man, I forgot how much of a banger this OST is
mvt9: truth
JuneBlue58: There's the KO.
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violetto: compserge
92MilesPrower: Have we met the best character in the game yet, Tomoaki Imakuni? imaWhat
TXC2: 92MilesPrower we sure have
92MilesPrower: Good.
coiax: EGGS!?
aitsu100: comp serge aka the poutine tax
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JuneBlue58: I did this playing the Dragonair and Poliwrath deck. Her deck doesn't do well when you just keep discarding her energy.
FurthestChunk: it's the exeggutor of my estate
JessKay: the ones in the anime dub definitely pronounce it like the executor of an estate, yeah
92MilesPrower: It’s Rain Dance or nothing for me when it comes to this game lol
JuneBlue58: Whirlpool; 40 damage, and removes an energy from the defending pokemon.
FurthestChunk: oh hell yeah we can set up our egg- oh she's dead
malanorea: Turns out Hyper Beam is v strong
FurthestChunk: oh hey the typo ninetales
ChrisMackGames: 1 more coin!
FadedOasis: Adam and Jonathan. Not John.
malanorea: Tempo disruption being not insignificant
JuneBlue58: Ah, Fossil Golduck has Hyper Beam too; 20 damage, discard an energy from the defending pokemon.
Sibwow: youre gonna wanna back that up
Sibwow: thats the only way to get a slowpoke promo
FadedOasis: Yeah, you just missed the Slowpoke promo
FurthestChunk: i mean we have trading and save states there's nothing truly missable when you have friends and easily abused emulator mechanics
TXC2: you got your pokemon fever jab?
DeM0nFiRe: Corviknight-teen
FurthestChunk: also who gives a shit that slowpoke sucks lmao
FurthestChunk: snorlax is like chansey
MurphEP: Fire
MurphEP: Fire Pokemon
violetto: they really put jonathan and john in the same gym
FurthestChunk: wait they have both a john and jonathan in this club?
Invitare: "Yell FIRE! in this crowded room!"
LucasTheDrgn: he's going to wheel you
DanTheMediocre: Pokemon Workers Rights Now!
DanTheMediocre: no more unjust dismissal
goombalax: Fetch. Tutor. Wheel. I've shuffled 3 times, I win
violetto: oh no he has Myr Mindservant
LucasTheDrgn: eggs are shelled
coiax: Strip Mine smh
FurthestChunk: !card myr mindservant
LRRbot: Myr Mindservant [1] | Artifact Creature — Myr [1/1] | {2}, {T}: Shuffle your library.
92MilesPrower: I love how this game constantly recommends bad strategies by saying you need at least 20 energy cards and barely any trainer cards, but then again it’s meant for kids lol
LastCenturion: !card madblind mountain
LRRbot: Madblind Mountain | Land — Mountain | Madblind Mountain enters the battlefield tapped. / {R}, {T}: Shuffle your library. Activate only if you control two or more red permanents.
JuneBlue58: It hobbles them severely.
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FurthestChunk: this guy's running 26 energy fwiw
FadedOasis: If you're not removing an energy every 1-2 turns, you're not really having too muh of an effect
jwholla: this game is a huge nostalgia hit
jwholla: what does Bill do?
captainwolfstar5: Bill of Greed
mvt9: yes it does
FurthestChunk: but where do you put them after you draw them
TXC2: pot of bill
captainwolfstar5: LOL
mvt9: lol
GalacticCyrus: LUL
FurthestChunk: gyarados and itemfinder
JessKay: I do like how this and MtG end up with pretty similar land/energy counts for the same reason (60 card decks and you want to draw one per turn but you want to avoid _missing_ that one per turn)
FurthestChunk: we're back in the fucking water club
Snowcookies: Have you tried asking nicely?
LucasTheDrgn: the reshuffle deck...
beowuuf: belief
captainwolfstar5: This blows the seeded pack idea out of the water pretty hard
FurthestChunk: well at least we don't give our opponent cards for mulliganning in this game
Tom_Bruise: the shuffle has bided its time, and has now begun to rig
silenceaux: "Sara sends her regards"
Rootpotato: i think the nerd community would be a better place if everyone did standing squats for their idle animation like the players in this game. or atleast we would all have better glutes
FurthestChunk: as a corollary eggs jonathan is probably the driest eggs you've ever eaten, positively saharan
violetto: @FurthestChunk and a bit burnt
FurthestChunk: oh hey typo ninetales
A_Dub888: What about Eggs Sara?
LucasTheDrgn: eggs johnathan is when you scramble eggs and forget about it until it turns to dust
mvt9: I would pay for r-rated pokemon stadium announcer
BiscuitHipster: Last guy that ate an Eggs Jonathan lost his sense of sight
Tom_Bruise: I think Scyther just exploded
violetto: fullbody cramp
eshplode: So this deck is a good kegel workout?
Mr_Horrible: you send out mewtwo and the announcer just goes "what the fuck is that???"
92MilesPrower: It’ll never happen, but man I wish the sequel to this game got an official English translation and release worldwide
TXC2: "oh shit it's ninetails!" Pokemon : :) Naruto: :(
jwholla: jonathan is going to take your lunch money
Tom_Bruise: Yeah it sure sounds like you love that fact
FurthestChunk: gyarados and itemfinder
MurphEP: ThankEgg ThankEgg ThankEgg
beowuuf: lulls opponent in to factual sense of superiority
TXC2: chancy chancy chancy! CHANCY!
Larkonus: What if the other big colorless nerd instead?
Jethrain: kangaskhan is basically the same thing as chansey right?
JuneBlue58: Time for me to head to work. Good luck on the off-season Easter Egg hunt.
beowuuf: maybe we should be going for a CERTAIN-ty instead?
LucasTheDrgn: kangaskhan is just mammalian chansey
TXC2: so long JuneBlue58 stay safe
FurthestChunk: chansey's a mammal, she's basically a big platypus
BiscuitHipster: Wow so friendship
92MilesPrower: It’s why Haymaker is always a powerful archetype, you just need one energy on Hitmonchan or Magmar or Electabuzz and can start swinging
LucasTheDrgn: @FurthestChunk alright, kangaskhan is VIVIPAROUS chansey
TheThirdTail: is kangaskhan a mammal? it always looked reptilian to me
92MilesPrower: It’s a kangaroo
TXC2: a lizard kangaroo
Rootpotato: its a pokemon
TheThirdTail: is it? i mean, i guess with the pouch, but...
ggodopaste: is Heather's Long Game happening today?
yuka34: winnerTap
TheThirdTail: eh, it's pokemon
xchange: The music in this game is such a banger. Remember it being my favorite part when i was a kid
LucasTheDrgn: i forgot marsupials a) exist and b) are not mammals
FurthestChunk: at least we're not trying to figure out if the legendary trio from johto are cats or dogs
TXC2: ggodopaste yeap, on after this stream
Rootpotato: kangaskhan has a pouch, like a seahorse, so therefor its a fish
TheThirdTail: @Rootpotato solved it
FurthestChunk: the theme song goes pokemon are the champions right
Grimnus: As she does
goombalax: Pokemon, Poketal Monsters
Mr_Horrible: I'm certainly not worried
BiscuitHipster: But, does she have a gun?
Rootpotato: like a bayonetta
Sibwow: baby nut?
BiscuitHipster: Ahhh, the final fantasy Gunblade
Rootpotato: or
LucasTheDrgn: i'm in the gunblade camp
The_Ninjurai: They are in Canada, not the US
Rootpotato: babynutta
Tom_Bruise: could've been worse. could've been a gun that shot knives
malanorea: Oh, like Alex?
BiscuitHipster: True Ork Tier weapon, that
ChrisMackGames: Lickatung has that tongue 👅
FurthestChunk: we could've also flipped four more coins
Grimnus: Menacing
Tom_Bruise: is that bird a super sand?
Rootpotato: that pidgeotte has its own shonen
BiscuitHipster: Pidgeot woke up and chose Carnage
FurthestChunk: oh john's on dredge
LucasTheDrgn: zapdos is a bird, that's egg-adjascent, right
MDK_Marshal: Oh, he's playing Ironclad?
Armstrong11139: Taurii
BiscuitHipster: Is everyone here just some variant of John?
goombalax: wait zapdos isn't one of the legendaries that everyones looking for?
Rootpotato: bill
bobbyerman: Poor bulbasaur
goombalax: WEAK
bobbyerman: That dog killed 3 onions lizard
LucasTheDrgn: eustace
LeonisCo: Eustace
LeonisCo: you made me look bad!
bobbyerman: Hard countered
Grimnus: John dont mess around
bobbyerman: Huh
bobbyerman: Casual 140
NapalmSideburns: hard switch to your one million gyarados
FurthestChunk: it's fine it's not like there's a grand master with fire cards coming up later right we can stick with nothing but eggs
yuka34: egg
bobbyerman: Aww
bobbyerman: Look at his beeg teeth
LucasTheDrgn: not gonna 80 damage this 30hp rat?
DrChillbrain: Not a cage free egg
FurthestChunk: love a four energy 20 damage attack
TXC2: we're back baby
SquareDotCube: super fang only works well if you have a Switch card
FurthestChunk: love a comp search for basic grass energy
LucasTheDrgn: DT for a forest real
mallyx0: is it just me or is energy search just a fetch land
coiax: it's a fetch land that comes in untapped
TXC2: and now we play frump or moustache
SquareDotCube: energy retrieval?
bobbyerman: Kenneth
DrChillbrain: sit down and shut up
TXC2: oh no, we are Kenough?
FurthestChunk: the man's gonna shoryuken on frame one
coiax: I think he probably refuses to fight you unless you have X cards in your collection
coiax: but luckily we have 200+ gyradoses now
Tom_Bruise: in order to collect many cards, many cards must be collected before you can collect many cards what
SquareDotCube: this hand is fire
bobbyerman: Dragon lash time
HungryTanuki: MEMPHIS. Wait, wrong super D:
ButterBewtz: so were not going to memphis?
ButterBewtz: james said no memphis
bobbyerman: Wait the dog is back
TXC2: "she...she took the kids and shacked up with a Mr Mime"
Tom_Bruise: "all my primapes. Gone."
SquareDotCube: Ken looks like the guy you have to tell to calm down and that it's just a card game
bobbyerman: Kaiba
TXC2: "only I can reveal the TRUE heart of the cards!"
bobbyerman: Did u fight your rival yet?
HungryTanuki: Draw your last pathetic card, Gamst !
mallyx0: my pathetic grandpas deck has no cards
BiscuitHipster: Ronald knows to leave us alone
HungryTanuki: Only Eggsodia :D
ChrisMackGames: Oh no. He's gonna try to out Chansey you.
Invitare: imagine having a Chansey
LoadingReadyRun: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Heather takes over the Play it Forward hot seat, and doesn't intend to relinquish it for some time. It's Baldur's Gate III time y'all! Game: Baldur's Gate III) at Sun 12:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
Zoltaris: This music is the absolute anthem to my childhood. It always reminds me of fighting an articuno with a geodudr and somehow flipping 15 heads
TXC2: it's interesting that people always refer to their grandparents in the singular, like you have 2 pairs of them :p
beowuuf: heather warning
beowuuf: like a waether warning
FurthestChunk: never punished
HungryTanuki: I think their coin is weighted D:
SquareDotCube: gg
FurthestChunk: ken has to be malding about never getting a scrunch flip
TXC2: "Heather approaches, Heather approaches"
beowuuf: lrrHORN
TXC2: BOOM Still divorced! Kappa
beowuuf: thanks for the stream!
HungryTanuki: Thanks for the stream Ben DinoDance
TXC2: thanks for streaming Ben
Snowcookies: ty for the stream
TXC2: where hopefully Vegas will stop being hacked all the time :p
beowuuf: ooh
FadedOasis: Thanks for the stream!
Simbionis: oooooog
Simbionis: h*
TXC2: !patreon
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AbyssEtc: sweet lrrHEART
TheSpindash: Thanks!
Zoltaris: The switch version has ovp???
Zoltaris: Pvp*
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Heather takes over the Play it Forward hot seat, and doesn't intend to relinquish it for some time. It's Baldur's Gate III time y'all! Game: Baldur's Gate III) at Sun 12:00 PM PDT (2s ago).
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: !events
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Grimnus: Heather cannot be stopped
eshplode: Wheeler has to stop because Heather can't be stopped
beowuuf: lol
eshplode: Lmao
TheThirdTail: record time
hatboozeparty: lrrSPOOPY
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TXC2: My gods, he's sub welcoming at an accelerated rate!
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TXC2: *Gods
OldUncleDan: !next
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beowuuf: heather is in he office
OldUncleDan: Just running late?
LoadingReadyRun: I'm just setting up
TXC2: ^
OldUncleDan: Coolio!
beowuuf: escher3THUMBSUP lunarj1Heart
Gaelan_Maestro: i like heather's streams, she always makes me laugh
OldUncleDan: @Gaelan_Maestro Whether you want to or not!
beowuuf: heather is good people and only sometimes to be feared
TehAmelie: agreement