Aceman119: your main sp will come from the drinks tap gives the most iirc
Mister_Hush: Kamoshida's a creepy pervert, his castle is gross af on purpose
circular7: secrets!
drfox17: shortcut
drfox17: ?
ArcOfTheConclave: #shortcut!
NoNane09: dungeoneering is how you fund your exploits
adambomb625: save point
NUTSOFODEN: this is close to the safe room though, right
Cold_moon23: first palythrough?
alas_babylon: yep
TXC2: Cold_moon23 yes
Aceman119: yeah its Adams 1st
cervantes_13: I think there are some items around here you can get access to, now.
Mister_Hush: I really love how often the dungeon design in this game gives you opportunities to checkpoint yourself
circular7: open ALL the short cuts
adambomb625: I was really hoping for a switch version, because I don't have a PS$
Brozard: Adam is doing great too
accountmadeforants: Limited save slots DansGame
Brozard: 🙌🙌🙌
NoNane09: @Mister_Hush as the first persona game with non-procedural dungeons they did a great job.
shaena: I'm really hoping Royale will be on the witch
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sterbathwater: dang twitch did an amazing job at notifying me that lrr was going live for biejelander.... 19 hours after the fact
Wrexadecimal: If you wanna split hairs, P1 was the 1st persona with a non procedural dungeon, but yeah, first modern persona
Aceman119: @adambomb625 I doubt that will happen the switch is just not powerfull enough
NoNane09: @Wrexadecimal fair
killerpommes: @adambomb625 i think its also on PS3
NoNane09: I've not played p1, so I wouldn't know
circular7: there was other stuff to explore in that room but whatever
noSmokeFire: it doesn't seem like you get anything vital from the chests
Cold_moon23: just a word of warning, the tutorial is VERY VERY long, as in 10 hours long so don't judge the game with only couple of hours in, it takes a while to pick up but when it does it's a hell of a ride
TheUnknownVeg: Alright got a hop house 13, let's go gamers
cervantes_13: You'll have a chance to make more lock picks and grab any unopened chests before you finish off the Palace.
GDwarf: Aceman119 P5 is on PS3, the Switch is more powerful than the PS3, it's not a power issue, just whether or not Atlus has the time/resources to do the port
TXC2: Cold_moon23 we're already 10 hours in
noSmokeFire: someone said the official tutorial ended partway through the second dungeon, I think
niccus: ooo you got a kaja
TheUnknownVeg: CUUUUUTE
Wrexadecimal: lrrBEN
Phosphatide: smoooooch
Drathak: LOL
circular7: PrideLionChomp
adambomb625: Hi highlight reel
TXC2: Hi Ben, Bye Ben
shaena: benginDab benginDab
alas_babylon: A wild lovable Ben appears
sterbathwater: :0 i didnt realise yallre dating!
Hawkwreak: Clip it. that's the ticket
NoNane09: @noSmokeFire they're more important to the money aspect of the game than the dungeoneering.
Brozard: BENNNN
TheUnknownVeg: That lift is the big yikes
ArcOfTheConclave: those pillars
sterbathwater: awh F
NightValien28: did he pack your lunch??
Pheonix888: What? No lunch money?
NightValien28: there it is
TXC2: sterbathwater they're not, Ben is Adam's "son"
circular7: what a tsun PrideLionChomp
faxmachine1: Did you not listen Ben is his parent
noSmokeFire: it'd be weird to date your parents
NightValien28: there's the lunch
Mister_Hush: Ryuji's persona:
TheUnknownVeg: Wait, if you take the letters of Adam, take away some and add some others, you DO get Nicole, just saying
circular7: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
alas_babylon: @TheUnknownVeg galaxy brain
Brozard: That was so fucking cute
DirgeNovak: Time to put your butt on EVERYTHING
Primarch_IX: Where did the whole Ben being the son come from? His age
Primarch_IX: ?
TheUnknownVeg: @alas_babylon my brain is expanding at an exponential rate
Hawkwreak: @dirgenovak Yeah! Our butts! Yeah!
Paranundrox: @TheUnknownVeg you might want to get that checked out :P
DirgeNovak: Yeah Ben is considerably younger than the rest of the cast
TXC2: Primarch_IX no, Ben made a video on his twitter using LRR clips set to the theme of the show "my two dads"
Ridgenator: Run
ArcOfTheConclave: gun!
Pharmacistjudge: Afternoon Adam and chat, how goes the high school life?
jojorock184: nice hair u deserve a followw
DirgeNovak: I think he's still in his 20s?
noSmokeFire: except this one actually has weaknesses, yeah
TXC2: hello Pharmacistjudge welcome
Rioxcon: that was a mini boss version of this, the real one is different
circular7: this guy isn't as strong as the mini boss but still tough
Wrexadecimal: UHOH
Primarch_IX: Ah thanks y’all I missed that one
Paranundrox: JESUS
niccus: oh hey lv16
drfox17: wow
noSmokeFire: what the HELL
Diabore: WHAT
givemeabreak432: ruuun
accountmadeforants: Good thing we saved. :D
SK__Ren: Yeah that guy is a beast. Just run
NintendoMasterNo1: yeah
Wrexadecimal: enigmaS
DarkMorford: YIKES
DelightfullyAverage: Yikes
TXC2: yeah Ben is like 27-8 and Adam is like 35
Wrexadecimal: run?
BusTed: Oh dear.
Ridgenator: Run Adam run
TheUnknownVeg: 1v1 time gamers
Pharmacistjudge: ouch, he's weak to elec
Sannindi: Oh, right. These guys are assholes.
drfox17: can he run?
TwilightAvalon: The Beauty is OHKO Holy Attacks
shaena: Yikes
NoNane09: lrrSPOOP
SK__Ren: Its literally the miniboss
betsytheripper: well it's good you just saved right
Paranundrox: good thing we saved!
NoTomToLose: "L16"
niccus: yikes outta there
NintendoMasterNo1: you don't fight this guy yet I think
accountmadeforants: I guess just hit him with a persona attack to get some information?
sterbathwater: skbhtob you can 'gun'??
Wrexadecimal: oh. welp
arcanist1740: that's a yikes
circular7: he was weak to lightning btw MorphinTime
TXC2: how do we beat this lrrbot?
BusTed: the god proc
Paranundrox: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
Draynus: Yooooooo
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: No, the other way.
Dared00: YESSS
shaena: NIce
Cold_moon23: I would say heal morgana cause morgana is healer
Mister_Hush: @TwilightAvalon That wasn't an OHKO move, that was just regular-ass holy damage. Just a lot of it.
TheUnknownVeg: Is that line "Ravish" or "Ravage" ?
TheBob58: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
Roland_Malius: that proc!
NUTSOFODEN: RNGesus is with us
drfox17: what
givemeabreak432: you're so lucky
TXC2: MC popinoff
noSmokeFire: :OOOOO
NoNane09: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
Pharmacistjudge: that was intense
Wrexadecimal: @LoadingReadyRun pro-tip: when enemies are frozen you can physically hit them for a guaranteed crit
Paranundrox: Holy Moly
NintendoMasterNo1: NICE
BusTed: Never lucky.
cervantes_13: SICK
betsytheripper: wow
NintendoMasterNo1: Pog
givemeabreak432: you're so goddamn lucky
circular7: nice dodges
Paranundrox: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
noSmokeFire: "you don't fight this guy yet" PAH
NightValien28: you god damn luck sack
TwitchTVsFrank: lrrSACK
Laurence72: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
shaena: sick moves
arcanist1740: lrrSACK
Lanthess: Never didn't have it
alas_babylon: And Joker drowns in XP
AgentMagicMaster: Easy game for babies
Roland_Malius: never didnt have it
betsytheripper: seabatBRAIN
Paranundrox: the lucksack is real
TheBob58: lrrSACK
Wrexadecimal: yoooo
shaena: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE
NoNane09: NEVER. in doubt.
n0t_multiple_r0b0ts: wow
Hawkwreak: kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM hawkwrSong hawkwrSong
Paranundrox: what's it like to be a god, Adam?
givemeabreak432: nah just heal
TXC2: Remember: Adam is the fucking BOSHY!
DirgeNovak: heal your friends bud
accountmadeforants: PRO PERSONA GAMER Adam "GOKU" Savidan
circular7: mad Lucky
shaena: save room next door
TheBob58: There's a saferoom connected to the next room
TheUnknownVeg: btw if you play this on your home stream and upload it to the youtubs i'll totes subscribe to your channel, just sayin
Primarch_IX: Having an ice source this early is bonkers!
Cold_moon23: you never have to leave
circular7: use so items
circular7: so*
alas_babylon: Using items is for the weak
circular7: damn you autocorrect
noSmokeFire: yike
NoTomToLose: Does he always leave everyone half-dead like this?
circular7: sp
noSmokeFire: they're immune to gun :O
NintendoMasterNo1: did anyone else find the boss of this dungeon the hardest of the entire game?
redfalcon360: Knight beats gun??
shaena: @NintendoMasterNo1 yes
TheUnknownVeg: Ryuji is best boy
noSmokeFire: what skills does your knight have, btw?
RavingPenguin: Thats the goal right? Don't die?
n0t_multiple_r0b0ts: oof jokers sp is super low
circular7: that's some good armor if it's bullet proof
RassilonDND: what was that giant booty in the background during that fight?!
circular7: it was
TXC2: RassilonDND probably
noSmokeFire: probably a giant butt, Rassilon
Shfflecat: Morgana does still has SP to heal, but I'd suggest wrapping up your run for today.
RassilonDND: sorry, new to persona 5 and wasnt expecting it 5 seconds from tuning in
Rioxcon: y'all play these games so different than I do.
BusTed: Also lockpicks.
circular7: just use the sp!
morealpacas: Double fang is very good
DirgeNovak: Kamoshida is a literal rapist, so butts are on theme
noSmokeFire: remember to register persona
Rioxcon: not a bad thing, I just kinda forget other people do thing different
alas_babylon: @RassilonDND The owner of the place the gang is raiding is a pervert and sexual predator, so it kind of runs the course
Diabore: its a sackpuppet!
Mister_Hush: Mokoi is such a homie tho
niccus: no elements is a bit weird...
Drathak: He's always almost falling over
RassilonDND: what did they do to poor gumby?
TXC2: boomerang mummie ninja?
NoTomToLose: Part of the joy is that there is huge variety of ways to play. It also makes it a little tough to break into
ChessBobPhil: Lucky Punch Kreygasm
NUTSOFODEN: is this Meowth?
NintendoMasterNo1: I usually look at fuse by result
Earthenone: lucky punch adams secret mve
Stevie_T: You can summon personas back after you fuse them
ImSincerelySorry: Don't worry Adam, the best first persona playthrough is where you don't worry about everything and just do what you want. Spend a week doing nothing but batting cages and going to the bath house if you want
n0t_multiple_r0b0ts: wanna register first?
Mister_Hush: Yo get that Mitama
Diabore: wind wall is 18 sp?
TXC2: 3.6: not terrible but not impressive Kappa
Mister_Hush: Get Growth so you can pass it on to future personas
Pharmacistjudge: lucky punch is nice
Cold_moon23: don't feel pressured into fusing personas cause it's often times very tricky to make something that is actually worthwhile without fucking yourself over
BusTed: Sackboy grew up
givemeabreak432: the growth skill
givemeabreak432: exp boost
niccus: are the mitamas as important as in certain other SMT games?
NintendoMasterNo1: get the cutest one
Pharmacistjudge: honestly I say fuse with no can always recruit stuff
Mister_Hush: Growth is such a good skill, brother
Pharmacistjudge: recruit more stuff
morealpacas: You can buy back old persona
Cold_moon23: I very rarely fuse stuff
drane10: You should register the personas
RassilonDND: never seen/played persona. so this will be an experience for me
lostindagame: u can just inherit the fire skill for pyro jack
Cold_moon23: only when I have few powerful spares that I don't use
Mister_Hush: Marin Karin is pretty sweet tbh
Pharmacistjudge: always have all elements on joker
NoTomToLose: Rakunda is hugely valuable
NUTSOFODEN: fire took care of the derss ladies, but ann has that
Primarch_IX: Diversification is key
Cold_moon23: ann has fire
circular7: don't need to over think it
Earthenone: you are losing fire
noSmokeFire: Growth 1: "Persona gains 1/4 EXP while inactive."
Cold_moon23: so if you have her in party you don't need it
Earthenone: if you dont inherit
NoTomToLose: Rakunda is one of the best early skills because it's basically the same as giving your whole team stronger attack
Pharmacistjudge: but ann may not be in your party's a JRPG after all
NoTomToLose: against a single enemy
givemeabreak432: yeah
Pharmacistjudge: growth is very good
noSmokeFire: that's really good
ChessBobPhil: Growth just means less grinding
accountmadeforants: Sure sounds good
circular7: it's good
Mister_Hush: I rarely ever used the stat buffs / debuffs, because they're rarely better than just attacking
niccus: it's good but also mostly as inheritance fodder
Shfflecat: As long as you get the ambush on an enemy, Ann will get a turn to exploit fire weakness before the enemy can act.
redfalcon360: You executed a spirit to get a spirit of ironic.
BusTed: cute lil guy
noSmokeFire: awww, it's a little man
givemeabreak432: you can now fuse that persona so other persona inherit it. It's basically 25% extra exp per battle
niccus: fused persona are auto-registered right?
RonnyConcrete: Growth is very good. It means less grinding for you, and that persona getting stronger quicker if it wasn't even used in a battle
Mister_Hush: Skull Cracker is doooooope, that fool's rad
circular7: obayian is good because he resist physical
RavingPenguin: Why does gumby have a boomerang?
noSmokeFire: I think there's a button to compare the potential persona against what you're merging
Primarch_IX: Having joker with multiple reduncies is excellent
Pharmacistjudge: you can hit L1-R1 to look at components from this screen in case you forget
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accountmadeforants: GivePLZ Would adopt these cute personas
Earthenone: you can only inherit the wind i think
Pharmacistjudge: garu is a decent inherit
noSmokeFire: if you don't see -- Open -- you can't inherit a move
Earthenone: but that skill is very you
Mister_Hush: Just fuse everything, bruh
Mister_Hush: It don't matter
cervantes_13: Obariyon's resistance to physical is pretty good for the boss fight.
TXC2: you're not, it's fine
GDwarf: You're doing fine, no worries
DirgeNovak: Lucky punch is fantastic tho
RonnyConcrete: Oh you're going to do a ton of stuff wrong on your first playthrough. That's what NG+ is for
Mister_Hush: If you find you're REALLY hurting for something, you can summon an old bro
givemeabreak432: you're not. If you find that you're not happy with your fusions you can just resummon the base persona from the compendium
Pharmacistjudge: I say don't worry about it, when you recruit a persona you had auto succeeds
Mangledpixel: unlike previous Persona games, you can't screw up badly with fusing in this one
alas_babylon: You're doing good, and as others have said, you can buy back old Personas
Wrexadecimal: You're doing great. I always think about my loadouts to an extreme as well
Pharmacistjudge: so you don't have that annoying talking section
circular7: you're fine for a new guy
Officinalis: As long as you register your mons its pretty forgiving.
GDwarf: Absolute worst-possible case, if you mess up your fusions you just spend some time grinding up money to buy replacements (or recruiting them directly)
Revelia: you can check what they will inherit before you fusr
Draynus: You can always just register your current personas so you can buy them back later
ChessBobPhil: The Fuse By Result menu is probably easier to use.
Earthenone: it goes up to level 9 when you fuse it but yeah, you do you
ImSincerelySorry: If I remember I think Obariyon has a gun skill so you don't have to worry about bullets?
Mister_Hush: I think that's absolutely not the way to think about it. There's not really "stuff to do wrong." Your Persona fusing is NOT so critical that you can fuck it up.
Wrexadecimal: Pro-tip: even if your personal is a higher 'level", stuff starting at a lower leve as a fusion can have higher base stats
givemeabreak432: remember that you get EXP boosts when fusing based on your confidants. So it is listed as levle 8, but it could level instantly a few times
lostindagame: u know u can just fuse and resummon frim the compenduim
Wrexadecimal: So if you fuse something that's level 9 into something with level 8, it can potentially be better stat-wise
noSmokeFire: "The Obariyon is a Japanese "piggyback demon" from local folklore."
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ZeniteZero: Been a while since I was able to catch a Gamehaus, is Adam enjoying Persona 5?
Pharmacistjudge: You want some money advice?
n0t_multiple_r0b0ts: i also found this part confusing in my first play through but I was on easy so it made a lot of this not matter
itsr67: hey adam! hey lrrchat!
circular7: sp soda doesn't restock until Monday Adam
n0t_multiple_r0b0ts: heyo friendi
n0t_multiple_r0b0ts: friendo*
TXC2: Hello itsr67 welcome
Revelia: you can buy better weapons/armor for people
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accountmadeforants: Imagine being such a huge creep that reality itself tries to get away from you.
givemeabreak432: you can't do anything on nights you go to the dungeon
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givemeabreak432: right now
Earthenone: going to the dungeon uses both "slots"
DirgeNovak: You can't do shit after dungeon
justwhatever_idk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 51:38.
Paranundrox: I think Dungeons take all day?
Rioxcon: dungeon is an all day affair.
Primarch_IX: Must sleep after dungeon
itsr67: I'm pushed
circular7: dungeon run eats a day and night slot
justwhatever_idk: how far are we into this game? I've note gotten to it yet
givemeabreak432: There's' ways to earn your evenings after dungeons later in the game, but right now you have to go to the sleep after dungeons
itsr67: I'm tired today
ArcOfTheConclave: big mood
givemeabreak432: @justwhatever_idk almost to the end of kamoshida's dungeon
TheUnknownVeg: it's our strange dumb goofball son ;3
TXC2: We all want a nap Adam
circular7: think about it
justwhatever_idk: where would that be percent-wise you think @givemeabreak432
Pharmacistjudge: be non-committal on these
DirgeNovak: this locks you in iirc
Primarch_IX: It will commit
NoTomToLose: It will throw you into a meeting but you can still get out
givemeabreak432: um, it's been awhile. Maybe one more short trip, then the calling card
Wrexadecimal: nah
Rathalok: You're never locked in. They'll auto bring you to the hideout to decide, if I remember.
Rioxcon: doesn't effect relationships
Paranundrox: Confidant
shaena: no it won't
Pharmacistjudge: it won't ruin it
NoNane09: MMMMMMM noooooo
Paranundrox: yeah, apparently that's pretty clear when it's at stake
Pharmacistjudge: you aren't saying something mean, after all
Sannindi: Your relationship points-things never go backwards, I don't think.
GDwarf: Relationships only matter at certain times, you don't have to worry
cervantes_13: I don't think it's possible to lose confidant points in this game.
TheBob58: Most conversations don't effect relationships
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n0t_multiple_r0b0ts: no
josh___something: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 53:52.
Sannindi: Unless you cheat on girlfriends, maybe?
circular7: maybe
TheUnknownVeg: Go-kun
alas_babylon: G o k u k u n
Paranundrox: Go-kun
Invitare: Goku only enjoys Martial Arts
betsytheripper: man a desk cat would have been awesome in school
circular7: SingsNote
icekitsune777: hi there
itsr67: GOKU kun
noSmokeFire: let us know if you want to cheat
Rioxcon: middle button on the pad for hint
morealpacas: Singing
TwilightAvalon: Sining
NightValien28: I doubt an emperor could even bodybuild
Pteraspidomorphi: But Nero liked to sing right?
Mangledpixel: Nero, bodybuilding?! Heck no
Paranundrox: Nero was not a big lad
Pharmacistjudge: no he added because he was not atheltic
Pharmacistjudge: so singing
circular7: sing SingsNote
NightValien28: my bet is sing or dance
noSmokeFire: the olympics used to have WEIRD stuff
Invitare: Adam he's not talking about the modern Olympics
radioshackraider: Nero was famous as a musician
SquareDotCube: something about a fiddle while Rome burned
BusTed: That's the intenet connectivity thing.
givemeabreak432: it's what other people chose
Rioxcon: it's what everyone else chose
Officinalis: Hints are literally easy mode.
NintendoMasterNo1: whoa I beat the game and had no idea there were hints
morealpacas: Yeah but Nero is weird
noSmokeFire: "hints" in this case is looking at what other people did for that quest, or that day
circular7: cheats = hints Kappa
DirgeNovak: that always gives you the right answer, it dumb
DarkMorford: That's actually an online feature. It shows you what other players chose.
TwilightAvalon: Emperor Nero was a dink
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLUL
accountmadeforants: Maybe they're shocked because they didn't know either?
RavingPenguin: rudeDude
justwhatever_idk: "I can't believe Goku is Smart"
circular7: welcome to highschool Adam
TheUnknownVeg: Brain size increase
RavingPenguin: nkoLUL
SajuukSjet: :laughing:
Paranundrox: we all know, random facts are a measure of intelligence :P
Mister_Hush: Known Genius Adam Savidan
Draynus: "GOKU-kun will remember this"
icekitsune777: to be honest, i wish i was able to copy other's notes
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
ruscobrog: booooook
noSmokeFire: bouk
RavingPenguin: Buk!
Dared00: bhook
DirgeNovak: Bouke
josh___something: seabatBRAIN
sifonaonline: That's a very Canadian book.
Wrexadecimal: Bük
betsytheripper: soon yer gonna be Piccolo " seabatBRAIN " GOKU
Pteraspidomorphi: bukku
cervantes_13: I like that all of the trivia questions are thematically related to whatever the current Palace is.
Sannindi: Wot is dis bôôk you speek of.
TXC2: bóók
circular7: everyone is sucking kamoshida's d
SK__Ren: I leave him... a Bouke to the head
redfalcon360: Why is there a cat in class?
alas_babylon: böök
Pheonix888: you could wash the gear?
itsr67: makin' lockpicks
betsytheripper: why isn't there a cat
Paranundrox: that's your question?
TXC2: morgana is not a cat
sifonaonline: Read a book on the bus.
Paranundrox: and not why the cat is talking?
NoTomToLose: secret pocket cat
radioshackraider: Why wouldn't there be a cat in class?
cervantes_13: Because he's trying to learn math.
icekitsune777: they don't know that the cat in in the bag
shaena: yeah you won't n
Rioxcon: you can get around it later in the game yes
NintendoMasterNo1: what are you checking vending machines for?
noSmokeFire: KAKAROT
Wrexadecimal: Best decision
ruscobrog: It's VEGETA
shaena: need them
redfalcon360: That face.
Revelia: sell your stuff and get new equipment?
givemeabreak432: there are much better ways of getting SP later, but checking vending machiens never hurts
TXC2: "I'm building up my soul bomb"
noSmokeFire: or new consumables
circular7: SP sodas refill every Monday Adam, don't need to check everyday
noSmokeFire: ^
TheUnknownVeg: More like Kamo-shiit-a
Pharmacistjudge: I always suggest saving up money for the SP regen accessory
Mangledpixel: "you will regret your words and deeds"
Diabore: that guys such a turd
drfox17: oh yeah, maybe sell some of the treasure?
givemeabreak432: SP Adhesives are the best accessories
NUTSOFODEN: it was red ones that had SP items, right?
accountmadeforants: The SP ones were a different colour, right?
Robot_Bones: going to regret your words and deeds
icekitsune777: i really love the makami demon. it is so cute. <3 icekit1FrozenLove icekit1FrozenLove icekit1FrozenLove icekit1FrozenLove
Pharmacistjudge: the same machines sell SP items
ArcOfTheConclave: good old sp regen
Pharmacistjudge: you'll memorize them over time
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun if the letter on the icon are red its sp
Earthenone: only need red machines, and they refikk weekly, not daily
shaena: they refill every week
TheUnknownVeg: Lowkey thinkingof picking this game up when I get a job
shaena: there won't be any left rn
NoTomToLose: SP sodas in the courtyard, arcade, and the cheap one at your house. They refill Monday
GoodSirMortimer: Hey chat, I miss anything important in the first hour?
nosole: Ah, now the true Persona game begins, hunting for SP items
accountmadeforants: Looks like it, yeah. (Though I haven't played this game myself, so I'm just guessing.)
TXC2: Big Red Machine
Dared00: @GoodSirMortimer not really, just some dungeon progress
GoodSirMortimer: Aces
drfox17: go sell the treasure first?
Rathalok: Laundromat takes time
NUTSOFODEN: does the grocery store have SP items?
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givemeabreak432: yeah
NoNane09: yeah
drfox17: yeah, the airsoft store
shaena: yeah
NintendoMasterNo1: buy a crt to play some melee
circular7: Adam there is a red machine in Shibuya that sells SP items in the arcade, check there
Earthenone: gotta get that CRT, play some melee
drfox17: you can fst travel
DirgeNovak: Sell stuff to Alex-san
Pharmacistjudge: wait til you have 4 piecces
givemeabreak432: don't do it now
GDwarf: I'd wait until you have four pieces, yeah
Rioxcon: only use if you have 4 or wait longer
betsytheripper: only 200 yen, dang
NoTomToLose: I never do laundry tbh
NintendoMasterNo1: it's not very efficient for just one thing
Primarch_IX: Sell first
circular7: not worth washing for one piece
TheUnknownVeg: Steacy-san
Wrexadecimal: lrrALEX
Paranundrox: Mr. Steacy
Pharmacistjudge: my advice adam, save up to 100k yen early on
OmnipotentTrevor: So these treasures are items you pulled from his mind into reality?
josh___something: lrrALEX
Pharmacistjudge: Guns are only used to knock down really
Invitare: Pharmacistjudge Ah, to build the bank, right?
noSmokeFire: I think heat whip would deal fire damage without sP?
GDwarf: I mostly used guns to knock down enemies weak to them
NoTomToLose: How often have you been using guns for damage? Ever?
Rioxcon: the limited ammo really hurts their uses
shaena: guns are not a big source of damage
TwilightAvalon: ITs not that guns are useless, its just their Damage is irrelevant
Pharmacistjudge: with limited ammo and moderate generally don't need to invest in them
GDwarf: In terms of raw damage there was only once or twice that I actually used guns for that
cervantes_13: Guns are good for knock downs and finishing off multiple enemies with low health.
NoNane09: you can use R1 & l1 to swap between characters without backing up 1 menu
Shfflecat: You really have to spec hard into guns if you want to deal damage.
Mister_Hush: Oh right! The guy who runs the airsoft store! Alex Steacy!
Pharmacistjudge: However...Anns starting gun has bad accuracy, so you may want to upgrade it
DirgeNovak: You only use guns to incapacitate enemies weak to them, so more damage is pointless
circular7: melee and armor are a priority, only guns if you have spare change
shaena: yeah
TwilightAvalon: +10 SP is pretty strong, but after the 3rd Dungeon, its not amazing
Wrexadecimal: Ann or MC are both good options.
drfox17: good point
shaena: Mc has to be stacked on sp
Pharmacistjudge: Save money for now
NoTomToLose: If you want an SP item go to the doctor
TwilightAvalon: +SP Items should go to Healers
Mister_Hush: +SP is always good
Pharmacistjudge: the doctor sells an SP regen item for 100k if you rank her up...
ImSincerelySorry: Money is easy to run low on in this game
Shfflecat: If you unload your entire gun clip you can deal decent damage, but that's maybe only a good idea against bosses.
Pharmacistjudge: and it regens like 5 SP at the beginning on their turn
Monkeybooty4: anyone can baton pass to anyone as long as you have it unlocked in their confidant
Rioxcon: you stop taking damage if the enemy never gets a turn
drfox17: yeah, i think the doc has that stuff
Pharmacistjudge: it drops to 50k if you rank her up more...but that takes a while
TwilightAvalon: Minor Spoiler(Iguess)....Save your money for later in the game, when you get SP Regeneration Items. They are FAR more useless but are FAR more expensive
ronike21: You can baton pass between anyone you have it unlocked on. You just only have it unlocked on Ann right now
CururuGuasu: You’ll want to keep up on guns, but they are third in priority after weapons and armor
circular7: go into the arcade, there's a red machine in there Adam
icekitsune777: i looked up what a fundo-kusari is and it is practically what bolos are. you know, the chains with 2 balls on each side for coiling around people's legs or to wrap around someone.
SK__Ren: @Pharmacistjudge Yeah I farmed cash for one of those, basically never had to leave a dungeon again.
Pharmacistjudge: the arcade has SP item vending machine
betsytheripper: I thought that store's music was "if you're happy and you know it"
Mangledpixel: they are in Japan
NoTomToLose: SP in vending
shaena: same
shaena: arcades are dope
drfox17: i think you can do stuff later?
ronike21: My bad, if you have it on ryuji too, you can pass from Ann to ryuji and vice versa then too
TheUnknownVeg: Ahh yes, placenta water
TheUnknownVeg: A fine year
alas_babylon: yep
circular7: yum
Soggypizza: wtf blended with placenta
noSmokeFire: lol @ "definitely not Monster" Creature brand soda
NoNane09: yuuup
BrindleBoar: placenta soda lrrSPOOP
Diabore: claw machine?
brainiac4: I'm not okay with that.
noSmokeFire: nobody said it was human placenta (:
circular7: DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple
shaena: spend time with daddy Sojiro
Pharmacistjudge: hang out with the doctor
brainiac4: I bet I'd never buy that one, and refuse to use it if it dropped
josh___something: Placenta WutFace
Mister_Hush: Time Management Simulator
Shfflecat: You could boost some social stats or hang out with the doctor.
alas_babylon: Ann wants our Kindness to not be 1
NoTomToLose: go to map and press a button to see who's out
brainiac4: still not okay
circular7: gotta beat the dungeon first
Rioxcon: you can see who is avalible on the map
ImSincerelySorry: You can only spend time with him at night
Shfflecat: Sojiro only hangs out at night.
Wrexadecimal: Yeah, you need to read a book to make your kindness go up before you hang with Ann
josh___something: Get that hot coffee
DirgeNovak: Sojiro is evening only
Rioxcon: the card icon above a location
Rathalok: If you look at the train mao it shows who you can spend time with
Earthenone: sojiro is other time slot
Pharmacistjudge: doctor is a good investment
circular7: sojiro night only
Saulens181: doctor?
Soggypizza: life soda, more like just-after-life-has-been-shoved-out soda
TwilightAvalon: Level. Up. Doctor.
NoNane09: can you do kindness stuff?
noSmokeFire: doesn't he need more Guts to hang out with the doctor?
NexVesica: We don't have the courage for doctor
ArcOfTheConclave: do you have the guts?
cervantes_13: Student confidants are during the day, adult confidants during the night.
TwilightAvalon: You'll thank us later
DirgeNovak: Tae is better
NoTomToLose: doctor is best early
josh___something: Go hang out with idiot best boi
Wrexadecimal: Bae Takemi enigmaGasm
circular7: you're not courageous enough to chill with doc Adam!
Mister_Hush: Doctor is so cool
circular7: see
Pharmacistjudge: crap you're guts locked
NoTomToLose: ah too bad
Mister_Hush: Gotta get higher Guts skill
ArcOfTheConclave: need Bold Guts
Shfflecat: Ah, so you need to increase your social stats.
DirgeNovak: Oh build guts then
shaena: you should up your stats
Dared00: Ooooh, topical breaking news: "Just announced at the #ATLUSartshow, Persona 5 Royal coming to the West in Spring 2020!"
Pharmacistjudge: don't buy anything...go build guts
josh___something: Need more guts :P
Primarch_IX: Need to up guts
cervantes_13: Leveling up your personal stats is the most important thing to a first playthrough.
circular7: study or ryuji
Soggypizza: a lot of the social stuff is for NG+
TwilightAvalon: If you cant do any social links....go eat Burgers for stat increases
lostindagame: u need better stats for proggression
ImSincerelySorry: Books mostly
circular7: study
SK__Ren: Study and only order coffee
Primarch_IX: Burger
Xafty: @Dared00 the only thing in that new is "spring"
InquisitorGaia: there is a movie on that will give you 3 guts
DirgeNovak: You can study in the library to get both knowledge and guts
Shfflecat: Guts can be hard to build. I would study in the diner and not buy any drinks there.
TheBob58: You can take the Big Bang Burger Challenge in the evening
Officinalis: Ryuji is most efficient. Kill two birds with one stone.
justwhatever_idk: Get Swole
shaena: books
josh___something: Study librarby
noSmokeFire: god. bettering yourself through burgers.
shaena: get books
Primarch_IX: Burger challenge helps
NoTomToLose: Diner coffee is strictly better for studying
circular7: studying at diner is way better