TheDailyMapleSyrup: Silence?
RockPusher: Ah yes, notable Queen song, Drum Vision
RandomTrivia: LUL
CururuGuasu: The movement of the tiger wurm is somewhat hypnotic
NomenNeminis: LunarJade Closest I could find. Not very Japanese-looking.
FacelessManAboutTown: juzBanger
hexy_lexy: the slow music into LINDA LINDA always gets agiggle out of me
SplendidFD: ooof
RandomTrivia: Awww
hexy_lexy: F
RockPusher: Fail! sergeHubris
NomenNeminis: I think the popping sound is from all those balloon animals on the top.... o_O
RandomTrivia: Uh
CururuGuasu: Kung Fu angler fish
chaostreader: Origami Cranes!
niccus: i think you can give the start of this the neil cicierega YMCA treatment
asthanius: i just realized that's a japanese lanternfish
RockPusher: \o/ \o/ \o/
hexy_lexy: full combo!!!
midichlorianuser: Linda Linda yo
SplendidFD: shenYay shenYay shenYay
RockPusher: Full comboing it out
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
hexy_lexy: thanks for the stream! it was fun <3
RockPusher: lrrHEART lunarj1Heart tiltyhEXTREME lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: Commerce!
SmithKurosaki: Thanks for the stream :)
SmithKurosaki: lrrHEART
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
NomenNeminis: lrrHEART Thank you so much for the stream! lrrHEART
RockPusher: lrrHEART lunarj1Heart lrrHEART
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Alex: | Ben Ulmer: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Jeremy White: | Kathleen: | Matt Wiggins: | Serge: | Wheeler: | Nelson:
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrARROW lunarj1Heart
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Ian and Heather! lrrHEART lrrHEART We made it to the other side of the Taiko drum!
RandomTrivia: And what a journey it was
RockPusher: tiltyhCheers tiltyhEXTREME
NomenNeminis: Any idea what's next in the Cafe?
RockPusher: tiltyhYAS tiltyhPLS
wynternyghtynggale: watch out on the heather section of the map there is a sudden drop off into beej named the beej drop
hexy_lexy: tiltyhYAS tiltyhPLS
RandomTrivia: The finale of the Double Ben Special!
RockPusher: wheelerMuldcb wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
Phailhammer: cya :)
PMAvers: And if it's bad, it's James' fau lt.
wynternyghtynggale: please get out of my radio
RandomTrivia: Name sounds intriguing...
RockPusher: Inside my radio is a small man trying to escape?
RockPusher: lrrBEEJ
RandomTrivia: LUL
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart tiltyhEXTREME lunarj1Heart tiltyhEXTREME
hexy_lexy: LUL Ian plz
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Linda Linda! Good night all ;)
RandomTrivia: Oh no did I miss a secret Ian message?!
RandomTrivia: Wait, never mind
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
TheMyrMan: Woot woot
Bengineering: oh dang it time
TheMyrMan: Been looking forward to this episode for months!! cheer100
FacelessManAboutTown: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
ElfLawyer: I'm hyped for this Ben on Ben action
Haroldholmes25: 3,2,1 Team Ben is Blastoiseing off again
FacelessManAboutTown: trexhaBlush
TheMyrMan: I love the name Wheeler gave to my deck
FacelessManAboutTown: So when you speed run pokemon, if you don't get a turn 1 KO, do you have to reset?
MegaDosX: Time for Pokeymans?!?
CommiePuddin: Time has no meaning here!
CommiePuddin: fonk-ay
Haroldholmes25: not quite yu gi oh yet
TheMyrMan: This intro is soo good
Haroldholmes25: Last week of pokemans
RandomTrivia: LUL
FacelessManAboutTown: Ben squared
circusofkirkus: oh look it's the two bens responsible for getting me hooked on Pokemon TCG
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FacelessManAboutTown: benginHype
Stormthius: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Haroldholmes25: wheelerRita lrrWOW wheelerJoke
TheAinMAP: Hello.
RandomTrivia: Amazing
djalternative: Has the next game been announced yet?
Haroldholmes25: Purrfect you say?
Dr_fragenstien: ben's a little low
RandomTrivia: #Content
djalternative: We have a laugh track now?
PMAvers: And that's how people discovered the refund function on Twitch for subs.
RandomTrivia: "The final episode where we pretend we're playing anything else ever" lrrbEEJ
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
TheMyrMan: Can we revisit pokemon again sometimes?
PMAvers: Leader of the Plaid Gym
RandomTrivia: LUL
FacelessManAboutTown: Is he the pokemon master or the bots master?
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ritchards: IS this my card???
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RandomTrivia: Smooth
Dr_fragenstien: "if you don't know what we're doing, don't worry, neither do we"
themlin: are these my cards?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: smoothest Segway I've ever ridden
Earthenone: whats the game in may?
RandomTrivia: Good joke, Ben
Loonatic93: You definitely could have done this without my support!
TheMyrMan: best format, my format :P
FacelessManAboutTown: Turtle Horse LUL
Earthenone: its is also known as BW on since its from black and whit eon
TheMyrMan: Yea, Black and White sets
YeetTheRich_: soo modern?
Earthenone: its modern for pokemon
TheMyrMan: Basically Modern yes
djalternative: and Unlimited is New Historic, right?
discoisbackbaby: Hi
asthanius: I only know Block Constructed
FacelessManAboutTown: That seems really rough with the single set rotations @asthanius
themlin: whats the next game?
TheMyrMan: Explanded is a great format for brewing, the meta is so wide open
discoisbackbaby: want a shiny dragapultVmax code?
TheMyrMan: You have busted trainers for consistency, which can hold together all sorts of weird strategies
djalternative: Which is better? Left facing level ball or right facing level ball?
TheMyrMan: And because the ladder doesn't punish losing, you can feel free to tinker with things!
TheMyrMan: For anyone interested, the easiest entry point to Expanded is probably Leon Charizard, which can be upgraded from a Theme Deck
HundreydAundre: The most X/Y Energy I've ever seen.
TheTekkieman: Ah, the Billy and Jimmy Energy.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Is that some aromantic energy I saw PrideCute
Loonatic93: Double Dragon Energy? I've put a lot of quarters in that energy cabinet back in the day.
vellebastet: Hello!
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Nicarrow: HI all
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vellebastet: lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: Can you play 4 Juniper AND 4 Sycamore in a deck?
TheMyrMan: cheer100 it's a great time to get into Pokemon TCGO right now, since the ladder rearwards this season is the absolute STAPLE Dedenne GX
Loonatic93: Juniper? Sycamore? Elm? Oak? ALL OF THE PROFESSORS ARE TREES!!!!!!!!! What's next? Naming cities after colors?
RandomTrivia: This card looks like so much fun to play
gghighslows: I love that Togekiss is pokemon demonic tutor
RandomTrivia: Is that also zero retreat cost? Neat.
TheMyrMan: Blastoise Tinfins can OHKO it :P
TheMyrMan: Well Wheeler, hit me up sometime, and I can get you playing Togekiss
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Oko's in this format?
Loonatic93: Oko is in this game too? Turning Pokemons into Stantlers?
APartofManny: ok too stronk
APartofManny: oko
hidingbox: Well shit. Oko has permeated into ptcg
TheMyrMan: The Dragapult Garbodor deck is my favourite other than Blastoise Tinfins, I love that deck
TheMyrMan: ADP isn't quite as unbeatable in Expanded as standard, don't worry
SirMorek: Well aaachtschually
asthanius: "Now, let's assume-"
Loonatic93: Adonese DiPhosphate?
vellebastet: For the fans
Earthenone: you slected wrong adp deck\
TheMyrMan: Ben, you clicked the standard ADP deck?
Earthenone: you are using standard legal one
Ritaspirithntr: Actually that is Arceus’s Dragon Type color palet on the card
hidingbox: Wrong one?
Durzostarfire: ADP, arceus dance party
TheMyrMan: @LoadingReadyRun u have the wrong deck
RandomTrivia: Welp LUL
FacelessManAboutTown: I own an Ash's Greninja IRL, is this card playable?
asthanius: Great practice run
circusofkirkus: wait, a TCG online platform with a working friends list?!?
Earthenone: !pkmn ash's greninja
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
99dcwolf: Wait, an online TCG that DIDN'T wipe your Friends List?
FacelessManAboutTown: !pkmn Ash-Greninja
LRRbot: Ash-Greninja-EX (PR-XY XY133) | Pokémon {Water} [170HP] — Basic EX | Pokémon-EX rule: When a Pokémon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards. | {1W} Dancing Shuriken: Flip 3 coins. This attack does 20 damage imtes the number of heads to 1 of your opponent's Pokémon. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.) / {1WW} Ninja Blade (130): This Pokémon can't use Ninja Blade during your next turn. | weak: Grass×2 | retreat: {1}
TheMyrMan: The megas are really slow
asthanius: It's a very pretty card, at least
DarkMorford: !pkmn mega lucario ex
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
bradical2300: hey @themyrman
TheMyrMan: Mega evolutions only really see play in Mew3 decks, and then gererally not ones with so much energy requirements
FacelessManAboutTown: @LoadingReadyRun Where is the best place to find metagame information?
ArgentumFlare: It Feels very Digimon Tbh
TheMyrMan: Because Mega Evolving taking a whole turn is oopha
Earthenone: the mega evolution is probobly too "fair" to see competitive play
TheMyrMan: @FacelessManAboutTown try Limitless
asthanius: oh my god I thought Wheeler was joking about the text being in English on the JP cards
asthanius: It was not a joke
circusofkirkus: is there a pokemon lab man effect?
99dcwolf: I've been rewatching Indigo League on Netflix, lately
TheMyrMan: Maybe he thought he was joking
sirspate: 'When you play a pokemon, learn'
MoxBismuth: mallow&lana?
99dcwolf: I miss reading the Pokemon manags with Red, Blue, and Yellow in them
TheMyrMan: There's a really fun niche supporter in expanded, N's Resolve. That's fun to build around
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TheMyrMan: Something interesting to note about expanded, for those more used to standard etc, is in expanded most decks actually prefer to go second
vellebastet: sykLaugh
ArcOfTheConclave: Bonk kai?
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quietcat: oh gorsh
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ImmortalLen: That gave me psychic damage Wheeler
hidingbox: Does that dragon energy do something special?
thelordofelba: off-topic, but are the banned mystical archive cards gladiator legal?
Muddy_Thunder: yes
TheMyrMan: There's an Excadrill that likes being almost decked out
HundreydAundre: Max could've been a boss fight in one of those kingdom hearts games. Just from stemming off of "Kylo" Max memes.
MegaDosX: Oof
Muddy_Thunder: for about a month, then they will evaluate to see where gladiator is sitting with these powerful cards
Muddy_Thunder: absolutely no guarantees, but channel, the card that's banned and restricted in most formats, is probably gonna see a ban.
RandomTrivia: What a terrible arm, almost "Junk" one might say lrrBEEJ
TheMyrMan: tbh I probably would have N'd or used Field Blower + Tapu Lele to get Professor and try draw new cards to set up Zacian for a knokout
MegaDosX: That's a very shiny foil card
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Wheeler and Ben are wrapping up their look at the Pokémon Online TCG on this weeks Is This Your Card? | ||
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: PrideKoala
RandomTrivia: Notable in particular for not being supporters
TheMyrMan: Yea, a lot of Ace Spec cards are making printable versions of old broken cards, dowsing Machine and Computer Search being the two big examples of that
ImmortalLen: I just started playing Collective, a fascinating premise letting the players make the cards. Have you tried it yet Wheeler?
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MegaDosX: Ben didn't you have the opposite problem last week when searching your deck? :p
TheMyrMan: I like to think about Ace Spec cards similar to high pointed cards in Canlander, since you can only have one in the deck, and most decks have one, the question is which of the powerful options fits your strat the best
MegaDosX: Good joke streamer
RandomTrivia: Good joke Ben
Durzostarfire: What if they aren't the dog, what if they are the sword
RandomTrivia: Oh no, Ben Guz-led himself! lrrBEEJ
Earthenone: that togekiss is back on the elevator again
TheMyrMan: Well no special energy apart from the Double Dragon that lets him do the ADP GX attack on his first turn potentially
asthanius: Simply cast Shadow of Doubt to stop Ben from searching his library
BrofessorElm: You lose the potions, AZ/acerola is the better options
TheMyrMan: There's no complete loop with potions
TheMyrMan: Dowsing Machine gets and extra, but Acerolla is the main one you loop with
TheMyrMan: The main differences between Wheeler's current deck, and the standard list, is more available supporters, double dragon energy, and more energy acceleration
TheMyrMan: And don't forget Float Stone
TheMyrMan: Float stone is (often) Expanded's version of switch
TheMyrMan: Since it's a tool that gives 0 retreat
Wodar9: Is this what high level pokemon tcg looks like
frozenphoenix7: Ben sure has a lot of blimps over there
YeetTheRich_: jokes on you kaiba my deck only has pathetic cards
TheMyrMan: It's interesting the different ways Standard and Expanded do Hand Disruption
TheMyrMan: Expanded matches can be over really quickly, but Togekiss isn't generally one of those
F1SHOR: look ben knows hes great and im always here to support him but i cant cheer against ben here his deck looks so fun
Dane_VII: I havn't looked at Pokemon TCG since the GB game.. Dang I'm confused
vellebastet: sykLaugh
vellebastet: whipXD whipXD
RandomTrivia: benginLol
BrofessorElm: I mean I coach the TCG if you need help
hexy_lexy: i mean, hes not wrong
Robot_Bones: IF 1000 chimps played the cards they would eventually produce an extended pokemon game
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat stands up and yells "YOU'RE BOTH GREAT"
Dillatont: So it's been a while since I've played, but the Togekiss strategy reminds me a bit of how the Wailord decks were played back in the day (though there's obviously some big differences)
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
MegaDosX: Woooooooow
hexy_lexy: lrrWOW
djalternative: I can't wait for the day where there's a live show of this so we can make Ben's situation come true
Muddy_Thunder: wow what a jerk
TheMyrMan: Silent Lab messes up so much stuff in expanded, you really have to watch out for it with the supporting pokemon
SrMuskrat: He didn't know that f3 is the best move after the exchange karo cann what a loser
TheMyrMan: This looks like a powerful start for Wheeler
djalternative: Turn -1 format. The format where you blackmail your op into conceding before it starts
Earthenone: there is no next turn for people who miss a play sequence!
TheMyrMan: Discard the Catcher with Guz&Hal
TheMyrMan: get your Double Dragon
TheMyrMan: Great Catcher doesn't do anything against Togekiss sadly
TheMyrMan: Sandbag your stadium for replacing his silent lab
TheMyrMan: or not
TheMyrMan: Wheeler demonstrating how Expanded really powers up this archetype
Earthenone: yeah yugioh is rough without muligans, since it is a combo heavy game you can end up with literally unplayable hands and you just have to sit there
TheMyrMan: (Sorry if I've been really prolific in chat today, it's just this is my format, I love it so much and can't stop talking about it)
djalternative: Chat, what would a Turn i format be?
asthanius: @djalternative Rock Paper Scissors
Fanboy_of_Bolas: mommy!
MegaDosX: Ah yes, the scariest champion in any Pokemon game
vandristine: cynthia "wheel of furtune" Shirona
hexy_lexy: i hate how accurate wheeler is with that
djalternative: I absolutely love nihilistic scottish Gloria memes
TheMyrMan: Honestly just get Dedenne here?
TheMyrMan: Yes,
BrofessorElm: N is usually better
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TheMyrMan: N is better than Marnie unless you're ahead, in which case you don't usually need the help
BrofessorElm: @TheMyrMan Ace trainer would be the better option then
BrofessorElm: Never mind, that's if you're behind
TheMyrMan: N has more powerful upside to build around, and is easy to include, but still works in most situations
vellebastet: sykLaugh
Raiger: You never seen stealthy hood cuz it's too stealthy
vellebastet: Really though
Haroldholmes25: So adp gets one stealthy hood between the three of them?
TheMyrMan: Ace Trainer is still pretty good, but they banned some of the best ways to intentially get behind
Xx_JAG_xX: I left the stealthy hood, but the stealthy hood never left me
TheMyrMan: Wheeler, do you want to break down for us what just happened?
TheMyrMan: With the Ranger?
MegaDosX: Was it cool /and/ good?
TheMyrMan: Most decks don't use Tapu Cure, but that's on of the fun options in the Dragapult deck!
asthanius: Basically Thalia
TheMyrMan: So, for those that miseed it, in Wheeler's first turn he used the GX attack (which he can only do one of per game) to make his attacks do more damage and take and extra prize. That was his turn. Ulmer played a single card that just erased all of that, and Wheeler can't do it again.
RandomTrivia: LUL
asthanius: clout
DreamyPants: Oh hey it's my 1st and 3rd favorite bens!
Nuurgle: thank god your opponent cna't hear the fear in your voice
TheMyrMan: So, it'd be nice if Togekiss was weak to steel
MegaDosX: Big Bird: Even Bigger
ArcOfTheConclave: Bigger Birder?
lilacandlilies: gotta love Togeskill
MegaDosX: Ah.
hexy_lexy: Biggest Birdest
TheMyrMan: Kill the small one with Guzma
TheMyrMan: N is pretty good at dirupting the search from Togekiss
TheMyrMan: When I first started playing Pokemon TCGO, I had a screenshot of my decklist, so I could cross off things that were prized or otherwise not available etc, so I could keep track of my options when searching etc. This is when I was learning to pilot Blastoise Tinfins
TheMyrMan: Many years ago
TheMyrMan: back when 170 damage was more than anyone ever needed
Twilight_Spark: Evolution curling.
llahsram555: Sup Ben and Ben
TheMyrMan: Supporter use is such a defining part of a turn
TheMyrMan: Guzma into float stone
TheMyrMan: Classic Expanded
TheMyrMan: It would be 4 prizes if not for the Ranger
TheMyrMan: Always advance the one with float stone, gives you maximum flexibility
TheMyrMan: Well, not always, but usually
The_Kraken19: What is TinFins in the Pokemon context
azmx157: archie's ace in the hole returning a blasoise with the deluge ability
TheMyrMan: Ooh, I have basically a Lantern Control deck
RandomTrivia: Eyyyy, good joke streamer
vellebastet: whipXD ysbrydPunjail
SmoreThanAFeelin: oh yeaaaa
MegaDosX: Good segue streamer
Xx_JAG_xX: good bit
The_Kraken19: Thanks
RandomTrivia: ysbrydPunjail sergePun ysbrydPunjail
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TheMyrMan: see you all after the break!
RandomTrivia: Sounds great!
Nuurgle: ice bucket challenge!
vellebastet: sykAds
Nuurgle: wait, is it a second or a bit? How much time do I have??
gralamin: Oh no, can't take bathroom break, they will know if I left
Nuurgle: take the mouse with you, it's where the tracking device is
RandomTrivia: Bathroom breaks are fine, they'll know that you came back. It's only if you leave that you have to worry benginSpoop
benjamin_wheeler: @Nuurgle when its us two, we're unlikely to just stop at a second bit
benjamin_wheeler: *laugh track*
vellebastet: ysbrydPunjail
RandomTrivia: ysbrydPunjail benginFingers ysbrydPunjail
TheMyrMan: good joke streamer
vellebastet: This is why I love Wheeler sykLaugh sykLaugh
RandomTrivia: Gah, my brain is so conditioned by the LRR break slides that I can hear Mojang Party in my head
LonelyTex: hello mr wheeler
djalternative: HY! DRATE!
TheMyrMan: Is it time for my deck? My baby?
djalternative: Can we just have a laugh track for every episode of this stream?
hexy_lexy: Ben "Ulmer" Gineering
PMAvers: pmaverPSY
MegaDosX: Would a Psyduck deck be called a Psydeck?
The_Kraken19: It's the best deck name
RandomTrivia: Huh.
TheMyrMan: My beautiful beautiful archie
Loonatic93: Archie's Ass in the Hole.
vellebastet: Ulmer sykLaugh sykLaugh
MegaDosX: Oh, it's /that/ trainer? Toss him overboard!
vellebastet: whipXD whipXD
RandomTrivia: LUL
vellebastet: OMF
hexy_lexy: LUL
Mattmitchell45: We Stan Saucy Fisherman
vellebastet: Mmmhmm sure
MegaDosX: e g g
djalternative: E g g
RandomTrivia: "The glorious fruit of the noble hen"
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RandomTrivia: It's just... Squee...
bonejammin_weedler: May I ask streamer how you came across such a fine deck?
Earthenone: it also has a hidden ability that it will always be the only basic in your opening hand
vellebastet: omg
vellebastet: Both of youuuu
hexy_lexy: im still laughing at wheeler saying "but i pressed B"
vellebastet: @hexy_lexy I'm just crying at this point
hexy_lexy: JFC these boys are too funny! LUL
Mattmitchell45: Squeedot Deeedot
glencon: Can we get a cover of that song but everyone is making the noises with their mouths?
RandomTrivia: Hey, you did a bit! Good job Wheeler!
MegaDosX: Someone's been dupe cheating!
Earthenone: its mew3!
Durzostarfire: so mew all combined they are mew four
TheMyrMan: We call it Mew3 where I'm from
solemn_storm: wheeler an archie's player, i never would have guessed
TheMyrMan: Sounds like triple entomb for 0 mana
Stormthius: two mews and a mewtwo at the same time?
Hayamo: Or as they call it in the business, Buried Alive
MegaDosX: Was that a Deoxys and Espeon tag team?
TheMyrMan: Perfect
TheMyrMan: You can now use your retreivals
vellebastet: @megadosx Wow, it is.
MegaDosX: Like, I can get Mewtwo and Mew as a tag team, but why Deoxys and Espeon?
vellebastet: Right??
vellebastet: Is there a lore reason..?
TheMyrMan: They both Psychics
Earthenone: i dont think it was lore, i think they are both popualr psychic pokemon that the pokemon company thought would sell cards when teamed up
TheMyrMan: He's doing the thing!
RandomTrivia: He's popping off!
bonejammin_weedler: Ooh, I do like this deck
Earthenone: !pkmn water bucket
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
TheMyrMan: Deck thinning is actually a thing in this deck
solemn_storm: eggs are so goofy
TheMyrMan: Good eggs
RandomTrivia: R E T U R N E G G
Earthenone: whats the storm count at?
biggoof125: k
TheMyrMan: I love how the "once per turn" is completely meaningless
bonejammin_weedler: More Eggs!
biggoof125: Is this dredge or Eggs?
Durzostarfire: ofc wheeler plays eggs in pokemon
Earthenone: its what people in the yugioh comunity would call a "soft" once per turn\
TheMyrMan: Can KO with a Blastoise Attack right?
TheMyrMan: Oh I forgot weakness
TheMyrMan: silly me
vellebastet: sykLaugh
glencon: I didn't warm up before the game.
Hayamo: "There was lag"
Earthenone: gods perfect hand?
TheMyrMan: Last round Wheeler had the tough end of the matchup, this one is honestly suprisingly even, but Wheeler has a slight advantage probably
MeadyOchre: My little brother was playing
vellebastet: laaaag
MrWrann: Valid in Teppen
hexy_lexy: just in paper matches "there was lag"
ArcOfTheConclave: is the mew/mew2 just necrotic ooze?
TheMyrMan: I would have probably started with the Eggs
MrWrann: I'm new, why can he have two
TheMyrMan: It's not really "on the draw" in pokemon, more like "on the supporter" or "on the attack"
TheMyrMan: So many Falinks
TheMyrMan: All Wheeler's hand needs is a compressor
TheMyrMan: Comp search for more discard
TheMyrMan: then get the compressor
MrWrann: Is Ben's deck called The Battle of Thermopylae
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TheMyrMan: Compress the Espeon
TheMyrMan: Need to find lapras now
TheMyrMan: Bin Tapu Lele
MegaDosX: Why are Espeon and Deoxys in a tag team?
TheMyrMan: You can use Lele's attack
TheMyrMan: With Blastoise
TheMyrMan: And Mew3
TheMyrMan: Compress Lele and some energy
chimpfunkz: oh man, Archie's ace in the hole. I remember the Worlds Finals turn 1 where the guy had basically the perfect archie's ace turn
TheMyrMan: This deck is my baby
TheMyrMan: What we needed to do was search up Lapras to be our attacker, not Mew3
glencon: @chimpfunkz Which World Finals?
TheMyrMan: But this way we should be ok for a Espeon + Deoxys GX attack next turn
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ebo0102: lazorl1VictreebelLove1 lazorl1VictreebelLove1 lazorl1VictreebelLove1 lazorl1VictreebelLove1
MegaDosX: Raiders!
lilfrizz415: lazorl1VictreebelLove1
Lazorlamon: Aye, You playing inn the PC4
Lazorlamon: ?
TheMyrMan: Welcome raiders!
TheMyrMan: This is the most fun deck in the best format!
circusofkirkus: guzzled by guzma
vellebastet: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
chimpfunkz: @glencon 2015. Jacob Van Wagner's deck
vellebastet: Welcome raiders!
glencon: @chimpfunkz thank you!
TheMyrMan: Can we find our own Guzma or Float Stone
Teslamat: Hello fellow raiders
Lazorlamon: Archie's blastoise
spazzywackjob: yo, how goes the pokemans?
lilfrizz415: ❤️ ♥️ 💜
spazzywackjob: out of curiosity will you ever cover the monstrosity that modern day yugioh has become?
TheMyrMan: Yea, rough prizes this match
Lazorlamon: Tomorrow we get to burn PC4 keys! Who else is stoked?
Lazorlamon: lazorl1VictreebelLove1 lazorl1VictreebelLove1 lazorl1VictreebelLove1 lazorl1VictreebelLove1 lazorl1VictreebelLove1 lazorl1VictreebelLove1 lazorl1VictreebelLove1 lazorl1VictreebelLove1
hidingbox: Should the Lapras be binned?
spazzywackjob: ben's avatar is terrifying
TheMyrMan: Wheeler, you're supposed to be showcasing how busted this deck is, and you're not really doing that when you prize like a chump like that :P
hidingbox: ah I see
chimpfunkz: My favorite thing in pokemon is when the Symmetrical Elixer of Immortality got banned
DerangedHermit: exeggcute propa is so busted
fatboyunslim66: Ben you can't just play eggs from your yard in every format
TheMyrMan: Lapras is good because with Body Surf it can kinda just do something anyway when the rest of the strategy doesn't want to cooperate
TheMyrMan: Now for the Expeon deoxtys GX attack
thraximore: LUL
TheMyrMan: Bench the Unknows first
gazerbeam2k: you gotta bumb his stadium
gazerbeam2k: trickygymDuck trickygymDuck
Earthenone: bengeneerings pokerap is just falinx i guess
SmoreThanAFeelin: hahaha
Nuha: it's crazy how much hp pokemon have now
DerangedHermit: all i can think of with falinks is that video with love train playing
TheMyrMan: @Nuha yea, when I first started playing this deck, the 170 damage with Keldeo was plenty, but that doesn't really cut it anymore
DerangedHermit: the power creep is real
spazzywackjob: how many different falinks are there?
Nuha: I remember when I finished playing in platinum I shocked that my rhyperior had 170
chimpfunkz: Feels really weird that you can knock out two pokemon and win the game. 3 prize card pokemon are really pushing it
spazzywackjob: thx
Nuha: @themyrman
spazzywackjob: Clap
DerangedHermit: eternatus vmax has freaking 340 lol @Nuha
SharkHero08: kobClap
Nuha: that is so much oh my gosh
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spazzywackjob: why is crobat weak to fighting? excuse me?
DerangedHermit: dede and crobat being weak to fighting is actually relevant in standard
SharkHero08: Dark is weak to fighting
TheMyrMan: rock
MegaDosX: Fighting takes the place of Rock, doesn't it?
rhapsodyblue92: "I attack the darkness"
DerangedHermit: considering one of the best cards in standard is urshifu vmax rapid
nanacomehome: yeah 4x resist to fight
RechargeableFrenchman: @spazzywackjob TCG typing has basically no relevance to the main game typings aside from strength/weakness charts being kind of the same some of the time
RandomTrivia: Yeah, Crobat is Poison/Flying, 4x resistant to fighting
MegaDosX: And probably also Ground, hence why Dedenne's weak to it
RechargeableFrenchman: But also yeah Fighting is also kind of Rock and Ground
TheMyrMan: crobat is weak to rock, but yea double resists fighting
TheMyrMan: and immune to most ground moves
Earthenone: nah a wizard did it stoped being an excuse when the pokemon company took the rights from WotC
SharkHero08: Turns out, pokemon the video game, doesnt cleanly translate to a tcg
TheMyrMan: Is Wheeler calling me a super genius?
TheMyrMan: :P
MegaDosX: Is it, all the small things?
YeetTheRich_: all the
YeetTheRich_: small things
MegaDosX: @YeetTheRich_ Too slow! :p
tangokilo421: Small the, all things
YeetTheRich_: dammit
MegaDosX: Alternatively, benginFingers
MegaDosX: I do love how it seems like half of every card you guys play is a wheel, be it symmetrical or not
TheMyrMan: That's part of why that Archie's Blastoise deck is so fun, sometimes it does it's thing and steamrolls, but sometimes you have to take all these crazy lines
RandomTrivia: lrrHAM
Earthenone: hey advertisment money!
TheMyrMan: There's so much thinking in Blastoise, so many options for various setups
Earthenone: so far it seems all loses in expanded have been due to pilot error, does that mean expanded is essencially judges tower?
djalternative: The $20 LGS challenge is back! Woot!
Teslamat: lrrHAM
TheMyrMan: @Earthenone not exactly, but it is a crazy format with a lot of really fun and complex lines
DarkMorford: Bring back Beejlander!
TheMyrMan: It might seem like a lot of RNG when you start, but the experienced pilots have lines for either outcome of most things like that, so it isn't as RNG as it might seem, and a lot about how you play, and how you tune your deck for the metagame
tangokilo421: Beejlander basically requires irl, gotta be able to feel the opponent's despair wafting off of them
Earthenone: ohh i know, i played some of it a few years back @TheMyrMan i played a vespiqueen/flareon stage 1 revenge deck
TheMyrMan: Oh, I think I remember that deck
TheMyrMan: Wow, havn't seen that in a while, I guess it doesn't really tangle with the V and Tag Team shenenigans they have going on these days
Earthenone: yeah i think i still have most of it together im sure its powercrept out of existance by now though
vellebastet: Yes
Phailhammer: lrrHEATHER
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vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
HundreydAundre: Stream? Stream! I think you must be live!
Vulfe: the coin flip was rigged, everyone knows a blastoise isn't weighted symmetrically
Nuha: do they still draw an extra card if your opponent mulligans?
Earthenone: an extra card per mulligan, yeah
Nuha: crazy lol
Barbarosa6874: Yo what constructed?
Vulfe: Pokemon, pocketal monsters, Pokemon are the champions
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
MegaDosX: Baron von Popinoff over here
Earthenone: they came from the galla region ben
Vulfe: all of my personal falinks coming back to haunt me
abrightlight: Ah yes, Falinks tribal
PixelArtDragon: Ben is on Mono-Phalinks here
MegaDosX: Good joke streamer
Teslamat: LUL
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
MegaDosX: lmaooooo
MegaDosX: That was a loud silence
Mal2mad: something something Oscar Mayer something
PixelArtDragon: *pushes up glasses* Technically not the _worst_ joke
abrightlight: You won't believe the jokes this streamer tells
Teslamat: not the worst joke... so far
MacabreAurora: Well it certainly was the ‘wurst’ joke so far
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DoctorHutch: 40 months! that's four tens!
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HundreydAundre: But if one not belief joke then does it still come true? @abrightlight
PixelArtDragon: This is the first time I've seen the Pokemon virtual card game's interface and I have to say, looks quite good
DerangedHermit: the interface is solid even though it hasn't been touched in almost ten years
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DerangedHermit: same thing as if a eternatus vmax dies
Sibwow: are we tinning the fins yet?
ArcOfTheConclave: How many copies of falinx can you have in a deck?
DerangedHermit: or like getting a HP increasing tool blown off and getting a knockout off of it
whoinviteddavis: Either I know nothing about the Pokemon tcg, or wheeler plays this game exactly like he plays canlander
PixelArtDragon: I haven't played this in literal decades, is Bill still way overpowered?
Teslamat: LUL
nupaladinace: Stream her? I barely know her!
Ukon_Cairns: he is literally recycling eggs right now. very on brand
DerangedHermit: bill hasn't been printed in like 20 years @PixelArtDragon
TheMyrMan: @PixelArtDragon they made him a supporter, so only one per turn, which makes him really bad.
TheMyrMan: Professor Oak (or technically the equivalent reprints) are still really strong
DerangedHermit: yeah, almost all character-based cards are a supporter now
Earthenone: i wonder if bill or pot of greed was printed more recently
RandomTrivia: Not Otto Fourof, Bill Fourof! lrrBEEJ
SharkHero08: what about 5 Bill?]
ShatteredShamrock: Bill went full Clefable, there's no returning now
Fanboy_of_Bolas: @ShatteredShamrock i do not get that reference
DigitalSeahorse: xD
DerangedHermit: the draw supporters tend to be professor's research (which is the catch-all now), marnie, N, and Cynthia amongst the most popular
Fanboy_of_Bolas: LUL well
Sibwow: yeah its
ShatteredShamrock: @ShatteredShamrock Because Bill turned himself into a Clefable in both the anime and games. with his "teleporter"
benjamin_wheeler: !stream
Sibwow: !wheeler
circusofkirkus: gdi sibwow
Sibwow: !homestream
Earthenone: !findbutt
LRRbot: Behind you.
Sibwow: !homestreams
YeetTheRich_: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That appears to be some sort of sidewalk slam.
Sibwow: !home
hidingbox: Someone will figure it out
TheAinMAP: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Alex: | Ben Ulmer: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Jeremy White: | Kathleen: | Matt Wiggins: | Serge: | Wheeler: | Nelson:
Sibwow: its sub only
Sibwow: aha
Sibwow: solved it
biggoof125: Droopy, is that you?
DerangedHermit: modern strong bad is probably just dril
ShatteredShamrock: Modern Strongbad is just a VTuber
rhapsodyblue92: How does one stream with boxing gloves on
Earthenone: can you hear "pog" in strongbads voice?
traccer224: mariatJJWhut
DigitalSeahorse: aww my wheeler just lapsed
djalternative: I'd watch a brothers chap twitch channel with a Strongbad stream
PixelArtDragon: Wow, it's amazing how little Wheeler had to hum for me to get the techno stuck in my head
Mr_Horrible: "Some kind of Pig Champ Wow Lizard."
PMAvers: Strong Bad: "Poggers my doggers... AHH I need to wash my mouth out with some bleach now."
TheMyrMan: Yea, I love rocket spash
TheMyrMan: Not all Archie's Pilots run that, but they really should
DerangedHermit: GARBAGE DAYyyyyy?
matleigh35: Oh yes! garbodor!
Mr_Horrible: seeing "Turtle Time" and "Turtle Horse" I am now trying to understand the "Time / Horse" dichotomy and I think it's messing me up, chat NotLikeThis
Vulfe: this is the deck that has Garbovoir in it
TheMyrMan: Turning off abilities is a really strong thing to be able to do in this format
DerangedHermit: adp is just busted
Fanboy_of_Bolas: do all decks use ADP?
PixelArtDragon: ADP? Is this a biology class?
TheMyrMan: just decks with double dragon energies
DerangedHermit: might be moreso in standard
I_Am_Clockwork: ADP: Attack Damage Parry Kappa
Teslamat: @PixelArtDragon isn't that ATP?
DerangedHermit: expanded at least has ranger
ShatteredShamrock: Would you Rather? EX/GX/Z etc cards OR The return of the BREAK mechanic
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PixelArtDragon: @teslamat There's both, tri vs di
Teslamat: @PixelArtDragon right
nupaladinace: What does altered creation do?
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Paranundrox: almost there
nupaladinace: ooh, nice
LocalTrey: its a bit op
MegaDosX: I guess that's what happens when you smash three powerful legendaries on the one card
tenthtechpriest: but can it tail whap
MegaDosX: Not only that, the manifestation of time, the manifestation of space, and literal Pokemon god
DerangedHermit: when people look back on tag teams, it'll be this, Mewthree and Reshizard
RandomTrivia: BOP
Twilight_Spark: Bonk, go to energy jail.
SharkHero08: cap22BONK
MegaDosX: Double Demonic Tutor on a stick is pretty strong
Paranundrox: the resource system of Pokemon is fascinating
Earthenone: wont people remember pikachu tagteam too? i mean it has the main charicter on it
DerangedHermit: that too, pikarom
LocalTrey: yeah energy as a resource is pretty different compared to magic and a bunch of other tcgs
TheMyrMan: Top contender for best deck in Expanded too
tenthtechpriest: it has the main characater zekrom?
Fanboy_of_Bolas: oh i get it
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
DerangedHermit: chuchu rocket
PixelArtDragon: sergePun
wiggins: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
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Izandai: xProctitis is a condition in which the lining tissue of the inner rectum becomes inflamed.Proctitis is a condition in which the lining tissue of the inner rectum becomes inflamed.Proctitis is a condition in which the lining tissue of the inner rectum becomes inflamed.
redsevn: @MegaDosX Rai are chu so mad about that?
Teslamat: LUL
Izandai: oops
matleigh35: im so sad that they changed patches' line to "yarhar"
DerangedHermit: cccccombo
Izandai: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
Mr_Horrible: Ben no D:
matleigh35: or whatever
MegaDosX: @redsevn Booooo
vellebastet: Wiggins!
Mr_Horrible: wait that doesn't work in this stream
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiding friends! lrrHEART Hi Chatt!
Thomas: thomas28Wave thomas28Wave thomas28Wave
Xafty: @Izandai what in the hell
MegaDosX: Oh hey, Wiggins raid!
vellebastet: mattlrHeart Welcoke raiders!
vellebastet: *Welcome
Teslamat: Hello fellow Raiders
Izandai: @Xafty My copy failed at first.
vellebastet: mattlrBork mattlrBork
HundreydAundre: I attempted to cold brew coffee at this time, but somehow ended up regretting it at the edge of a gulp.
Xafty: @Izandai that raises other questions
Ba_Dum_Tish: Chatt is here to bork
quillilian: @Izandai I was there for that and I was still confused for a moment
vellebastet: @izandai whipXD
MegaDosX: The Togekiss deck looks pretty powerful
tenthtechpriest: I can't beat it, I must join it
vellebastet: It certainly does look powerful
Izandai: @Xafty I tried to copy mattlrBork to clipboard so I could paste it a few times for the raid, but I fucked up. That message was in my clipboard because EVA had Proctitis and none of us knew what that was so I looked it up.
TheMyrMan: Togekiss is pretty good, but struggles agaisnt decks that can one-shot the Togekiss
LocalTrey: yeah thats why i usually make oddball decks, cause i dont want to follow the trendy (usually expensive) decks
Xafty: @Izandai ah, that makes sense
TheMyrMan: Yea, Archie's Blastoise is decent against it, and it hates pikarom
DerangedHermit: like maybe reshizard gx move and a zig poke
WallofSleep: Is Alex still with LLR, haven't seen anything with him
cardboardhorde: These avatars are wild
Ba_Dum_Tish: @Xafty Also we came from MGS so assume weird stuff came up
TheMyrMan: Mewbox and Mew3box are not too bad against it I think
TheMyrMan: I can't remember
KeytarCat: @Xafty That was a trip when I scrolled back up, thanks @Izandai
LocalTrey: i like to make mill or spread/snipe decks whenever possible, though with all the big EX/GX/V/VMAX spread is kind of hard to do
HundreydAundre: Aw, noes! Did the game finish, ChATT?
Izandai: @Xafty PrideLaugh You're welcome.
Xafty: @Ba_Dum_Tish i was there, i just havent been paying close attention for like 2 hours
PixelArtDragon: How is Wheeler's avatar the more sane-looking of the two avatars?
TheMyrMan: I think Durant is also ok against it
Ba_Dum_Tish: @Xafty Yeah that's how I feel about MGS sometimes
tenthtechpriest: lrrJUDGE
Karfsma778: what the fuck
Paranundrox: uhhh
Durzostarfire: make a flying V formation
vellebastet: sykLaugh
MegaDosX: Hang on I was alt tabbed, what just happened?
Veraphage: the ol' fourgekiss
ShatteredShamrock: I run Ho-Oh Oriented Rainbow Decks
ShatteredShamrock: and they are GREAT
ShatteredShamrock: just all about moving energy around
WallofSleep: Did Alex get fired from LLR. Haven't seen anything with him in forever?
TheMyrMan: Ugh, I hate Honchrow. I mean I slaughter it regularily, but it's still my least favourite deck since Milotic was banned
DerangedHermit: guzma my boi
Earthenone: alex does the art things
Fanboy_of_Bolas: @WallofSleep was on LRR live like yesterday or two days ago
TheMyrMan: Ho-Oh is so fun to brew with
Izandai: @WallofSleep Alex is mostly doing art and his webcomics these days.
Mr_Horrible: I remember more of the cartoon show than the movie
Mattmitchell45: Head and Shoulders is all I remember
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Mattmitchell45: Just used it, must have stuck with me
Sibwow: fairy is super efective on dragon this checks out
mishotem: RAWR IT'S A RAID
r10pez10: yo
Sage0fMadness: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
MegaDosX: And Olivia's here too!
Teslamat: Hello raiders
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LadyAtarka: Catch them all!!!
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affinityartifacts: <3
boidanny: TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid
charredspark: my two bens
ShatteredShamrock: @TheMyrMan Rip to Fairy energy, one less type to work with v.v
Balaur1135: breyaBust breyaChut
Teslamat: LUL
rdbaron102: BUST CHUT
Earthenone: its 2021, why are you playing a non supported type like dragons? :P
LadyAtarka: breyaPotato breyaPotato breyaPotato breyaPotato
MegaDosX: Good lord Ben
vellebastet: whipXD whipXD whipXD
APartofManny: lol
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
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ArmadilloAL: breyaBust breyaChut
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rdbaron102: LUL
r10pez10: that was amazing
MrOrion24: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiding friends! lrrHEART Hi Olivia!
boidanny: TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
MegaDosX: Olivia I blame you for this
vellebastet: Bust Chut!!!
RandomTrivia: LUL
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Dog_of_Myth: breyaChut breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
vellebastet: OMG
PixelArtDragon: breyaBust breyaChut
rdbaron102: lol
affinityartifacts: breyaBust breyaBust breyaBust breyaBust lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Ba_Dum_Tish: Bust is coming
Veraphage: bust chut is coming
Mr_Horrible: Ulmer you cann't do this to me LUL
Sibwow: bust chut makes me feel good
vellebastet: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Fanboy_of_Bolas: I'm confused and afraid.
Trashweazel: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
PixelArtDragon: breyaChut breyaChut breyaChut breyaChut
vellebastet: Welcome raiders
mishotem: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
Sage0fMadness: @Sibwow LUL
MegaDosX: #BenHasTooMuchPower
LadyAtarka: Hello Ben, Hello Ben, and hello chat lol
Balaur1135: Chuttin makes me feel good!
Sage0fMadness: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust
rdbaron102: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
vellebastet: OMG
randombillfolds: The new boompile ASMR.
Trashweazel: breyaBust breyaChut
PixelArtDragon: breyaBust breyaChut breyaChut breyaBust
WallofSleep: Thank you @Izandai and @Fanboy_of_Bolas
Balaur1135: AY ESS EM AR
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Quillpaw: A little late to the party, but thanks for the great content Ben and Ben! Started playing because of you a few days ago and it's been great!
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Dog_of_Myth: B O O M P I L E
nupaladinace: *need to bust*
mishotem: Morgan Freeman narrates Pokemon
vellebastet: It is criminal to have both of you in one stream. whipXD whipXD whipXD whipXD
lightfut: mmmm smooth sounds of benny white
vellebastet: lrrHEART
electra310: He should get commission for that :D
affinityartifacts: omfg Ben
Sage0fMadness: the sultry tones of late night Pokemon gamers
djalternative: oh hey. I got a shiny trubbish today in PoGo
RandomTrivia: Pffft, what does James know? :D
PMAvers: James doesn't l ike anything he can't dig a hole with or in.
PixelArtDragon: He underestimated your power
nupaladinace: Shut up James, you're not my real dad!
Fanboy_of_Bolas: James, known hater of fun.
rdbaron102: High stakes Pokemon here LUL
nupaladinace: If I can laugh at Julian Knab's soundboard, I'll laugh at anything
vellebastet: whipXD whipXD whipXD
MegaDosX: WOW
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
vellebastet: PLS
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
MegaDosX: Shots fired!
r10pez10: HAHAH
Fanboy_of_Bolas: LUL LUL
r10pez10: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
Teslamat: that shade
LadyAtarka: roasted
Paranundrox: wheelerClown wheelerClown
TheMyrMan: Wheeler has quite a good soundboard
WallofSleep: Guess ill go then
charredspark: take it easy on him, he's old
Phailhammer: Hi highlight reel! :D
ArmadilloAL: James probably thinks kids these days have it too easy to create content with their Twitches and their YouTubes.
SquareDotCube: Is James' personal just all his friends trying to act like morning DJs with their GoXLRs?
SquareDotCube: *personal hell
smertmonkey: Ok but, question, is it weird to actually want to learn how to play pokemon tcg just because of the deck with the 2 raichus? >_>
Gadora: I like the sound board, but the voice changers on these things kind of make streams unwatchable for me. :(
MegaDosX: "Honey, you've got a big storm coming" - Ben, probably
YeetTheRich_: lrrGARBO
Karfsma778: Garbotoxin is very good
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seasikberry: here is my high effort and very creative and funny message
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ArmadilloAL: Ah yes, Muk.
Karfsma778: it absolutely ruins things
Mr_Horrible: Wait Garbodor Mucks better than Muk?
germangaryoak: @LoadingReadyRun wheeler! my Prismatic piper deck just won a Commander game and I will dedicate this win to you <3
rdbaron102: to funny
TheMyrMan: Yea, Archie's Blastoise hates Garbotoxin
MegaDosX: Glad I could help Ben :D
matleigh35: some guys will just feed you lies, but ill take you to mickey dees
Fanboy_of_Bolas: Garbodor spelled backwards is Rodobrag.
LadyAtarka: booooo
Teslamat: LUL
r10pez10: wheeler pls
charredspark: pg+
DerangedHermit: well f
Mr_Horrible: good pivot there
MegaDosX: TOS
rdbaron102: LUL
MegaDosX: Wow, Ben just gave you the gears
Mr_Horrible: Oh pleeeease Mr. Ulmer he's just a level 1 trainer
tenthtechpriest: it's like he has a toolbox filled with every answer
rdbaron102: to to funny
djalternative: by Nirvana?
Mr_Horrible: "Keep minding, just... a little less"
charredspark: this is what happens when you meet a stranger in the alps
Karfsma778: not Nevermind, one of Nirvana's other albums
ShatteredShamrock: I don't think they really worry about... Balancing
MegaDosX: I'm not super familiar with this game, basically only what I've seen on this stream, but I feel like nil retreat cost is particularly strong
TheMyrMan: Yea, no retreat cost is really strong
ShatteredShamrock: very
TheMyrMan: That's why so many decks run stuff like Float Stone, or switch
Paranundrox: the amount of tutoring and card draw is wild, coming from Magic
ShatteredShamrock: especially on something like VMAX
Teslamat: LUL
RandomTrivia: LUL
Twilight_Spark: Big Beast Energy
MegaDosX: Wheeler's firing on all cylinders tonight!
r10pez10: i had no idea these streams were like this
Quillpaw: wait. this isn't a vod. i can meme in the chat!!
seasikberry: this is the first time ive seen pokemon played not by myself as child. you mean you dont just endlessly windmill slam pokemon onto the field???
r10pez10: this is fuckin' amazing
Fanboy_of_Bolas: @r10pez10 you should come to wheeler's channel more often.
charredspark: gotta fold em all
HundreydAundre: Well it's Prisma so yea. 1 hour topps!
vellebastet: @r10pez10 Yeah, I'm usually in tears whipXD
mishotem: @Benjamin_Wheeler I love that 8-land Octavia decklist, it's amazing. By the way, Search For Azcanta is 16 letters
TheMyrMan: Expanded is a great format, wide open meta, so much room to tinker and brew, etc
djalternative: Water we playing next month, Ben?
Quillpaw: well. i will have to watch the rest of the stream in vod form since i came in so late.
r10pez10: Fanboy_of_Bolas I would! but the timezones mean i usually cannot
RandomTrivia: TinaChomp looks like a load of fun
Anonyman41: giratina and garchomp are doing the Ghost scene
MegaDosX: That's a lot of Mewtwo printings
PMAvers: Rowlett! Heather approves.
LadyAtarka: Where's the Eevee deck
MegaDosX: Wheeler pls
xy_gamer_xo: Hey
LadyAtarka: lol
vellebastet: sykLaugh
Teslamat: LUL
Fanboy_of_Bolas: LUL
Quillpaw: ya took a poke at it
djalternative: let me search "the" and see what comes up
vellebastet: I loooove Dragapult
vellebastet: As a pokemon.
TheMyrMan: Yea, don't have the tutoring of the Togekiss
tenthtechpriest: dragapult is such a good design
tenthtechpriest: as a pokemon
TheMyrMan: But they have the Garbolock, and attacks the bench really well
vellebastet: sykLaugh
TheMyrMan: Dragapult kinda attacks on 2 axes, it can get free wins from ability locks, then grinds out a long game by protecting the big HP and damaging the bench
vellebastet: Huh
tenthtechpriest: too big to fail
Mr_Horrible: oh shit that's a wild Zorah Magdoros
TheMyrMan: Coalossal gets the stone energies, that reduce damage, makes is soooo tanky
Veraphage: coaltron
Earthenone: so many gathering nodes on that lad
Quillpaw: coalossal being too big and unreasonable? where have i heard that before?
MegaDosX: That sounds like a challenge
Fanboy_of_Bolas: cold-cut combo, run it through the garden.
Sibwow: john coaltron?
TheMyrMan: I gotta go now ya'll good stream! Glad I could catch it live!!
circusofkirkus: I've definitely jumped on the PokeTCG
vellebastet: I've only ever played the games.
TheMyrMan: cya l8r ben-ben & chat
benjamin_wheeler: @TheMyrMan wait lemme give the shoutout
vellebastet: Used to collect cards back in the gen 1 days
tenthtechpriest: a lot of people's memories of the pokemon tcg begin and end at the game boy game
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Eramis8: I keep forgetting that I have this streak!
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vellebastet: That is super cool
RandomTrivia: This has been a great month of PTCGO! lrrHEART lrrHEART
vellebastet: You are both just wonderful humans. Thank you for the stream.
Fanboy_of_Bolas: @TheMyrMan OSFrog
vellebastet: lrrHEART benginHeart
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Ben and Ben!
SharkHero08: More Pokemon next week?
djalternative: No. New game next week
YeetTheRich_: lrrHEART lrrHEART
Veraphage: !advice
LRRbot: No washing feet in cake.
MegaDosX: !badadvice
LRRbot: The other one is East.
djalternative: !y
vellebastet: Wheelerneering? Ben Squared?
MegaDosX: Ben-Ben
MegaDosX: !card ben-ben
LRRbot: Ben-Ben, Akki Hermit [2RR] | Legendary Creature — Goblin Shaman [1/1] | {T}: Ben-Ben, Akki Hermit deals damage to target attacking creature equal to the number of untapped Mountains you control.
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RandomTrivia: LUL THERE IT IS!
vellebastet: sykLaugh
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
ShatteredShamrock: Shattered Momma
Paranundrox: one more
LadyAtarka: Ben, you are not a quitter!!!
Earthenone: you cant catch them all in ptcgo- uri geller exists
vellebastet: whipXD
ChainedDreamer: Boo
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
LadyAtarka: booo
Quillpaw: i wish qwilfish wasn't. what it was. i usually make quilava jokes instead.
vellebastet: And we'd love to hear that
djalternative: How do you get a shattered shamrock? First, go to McDonnalds on St. Patrick's day and order a shamrock shake. Second, throw that shake in the freezer. Third, take it out of the freezer after it's frozen and finally, chuck it on the floor
RandomTrivia: Welp
LadyAtarka: this was a mistake
LadyAtarka: gabyTehe
MegaDosX: I feel like Ben and Ben is an even more chaotic pairing than Adam and Ben, which is quite something
HundreydAundre: Stakes? Were is thee!? Innistrad!?
Phailhammer: cya :)
RandomTrivia: Ah yes, Small Indie Company Simulator
Electrodyne: IT'S GONNA BAY MAY
Mal2mad: ACTIVISION-Blizard
Quillpaw: hearthstone you say??
Earthenone: who will be on the stream explaining the wow jokes to you?
Wodar9: Oh shit! you got ADAM!
Mattmitchell45: Is YugiOh on the horizon?
RandomTrivia: WOAH
vellebastet: oooooh, Adam
vellebastet: lrrHEART
MegaDosX: Neat!
vellebastet: This will be fun!
RandomTrivia: I mean, Adam is DEEP on WoW lore, so that surely appeals to him
Mal2mad: Activision "Kaplan is no longer holding us back" Blizzard
djalternative: Will we be unlocking the demon class on stream?
RandomTrivia: And I GUARANTEE you that you will face Jaraxxus
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Dog_of_Myth: You are not prepared
MegaDosX: Thanks for the stream!
JuniorRoll: TY
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
djalternative: and now, for the rest of the pokerap
RandomTrivia: I...... AM POWER....... INCARNAAAAAATE
RocknGrohlNerd: benginHi
RandomTrivia: (the pauses are very important to the bit)
Electrodyne: Time for Ben Wheeler's Secret Paul Message
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Electrodyne: Yes it should be a Secret Paul Message no matter who does it
djalternative: doesn't he have quite a few pokemon to go through?
benjamin_wheeler: @djalternative uh I heard he mentioned he didn't think he'd get through all of them so its spotty and will just finish it off
APartofManny: XD
TheAinMAP: SingsNote SingsNote
APartofManny: was waiting for it
iris_of_ether: SingsNote
RandomTrivia: There it is!
Mattmitchell45: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Electrodyne: Good Pokerap
Boon_33: good night
dweebert91: Damnit Ben
HundreydAundre: One Last Cache Jingle
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap
RandomTrivia: Night Wheeler, thanks again for a great stream!
dweebert91: sergeJustRight
APartofManny: night yall
djalternative: adios