wildpeaks: plot twist: Sam discovers a passion for geology
LoadingReadyRun: There probably won't *not* be rocks :p
Didero: Oh yeah, you're finally going to investigate the sound, or whatever the mission description was
wildpeaks: a sound ? must have been the wind, don't even worry about it
Didero: Oh, ok, cancel the stream then :p
wildpeaks: :D
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Paul loves a good long walk, so Death Stranding seems like the perfect fit! Game: Death Stranding) at Wed 10:00 AM PDT (13m from now).
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Sam: "Oh, was something happening at Edge Knot City? I didn't notice"
beowuuf: Something about meeting Eevie? Can't have been important... :p
wildpeaks: poor Edge Knot City, waiting for their free wifi
Didero: @beowuuf Isn't Eevie a Pokemon?
beowuuf: they had free willy in the shape of those BT whales, that's good enough, right?
LoadingReadyRun: "I thought the flash light and siren was just a routine test"
beowuuf: didero: i'm scared to see what the evolution will be then!
wildpeaks: just a fancy alarm clock
Didero: @beowuuf Ghost baby Eevie? :p
Didero: "I've been carrying a baby around for weeks, I'm used to ignoring random loud sounds" :p
wildpeaks: :D
beowuuf: sam rocking his beer back and forth wondering why it's still crying
TXC2: Hello everybody
beowuuf: sergeHi txc2
wildpeaks: hey TX
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TXC2: hello beowuuf and wildpeaks
beowuuf: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Paul loves a good long walk, so Death Stranding seems like the perfect fit! Game: Death Stranding) at Wed 10:00 AM PDT (1m from now).
PsychoI3oy: 👍
beowuuf: darn, i thought someone could cheat using the clock :p
Genie_M: hi everyone!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Play it Forward! Today on Death Stranding: there is something real bad happening on the west coast, let's check it out! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/E0E3gIyVEAAS8af.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1387451190888189957
beowuuf: hey hey
TXC2: Hello Genie_M welcome
Genie_M: it's the final strand-down!
Genie_M: (pre-final, but whatever)
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Rhynerd: So, time to visit the West Coast?
PharaohBender27: Party1600 Time for some cutscenes!
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beowuuf: Cutscene: The Movie: The Game
lirazel64: Wheee
Genie_M: yep, west coast and the beginning of the ending
KV1NN4: let's gooooo
lirazel64: lrrFINE
PharaohBender27: lrrFINE
TXC2: Here we GO!
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
TXC2: Paul song HYPE
TheAinMAP: SingsNote lrrPAUL SingsNote
wench_tacular: jlrrCooltunes jlrrCooltunes
nullvoid8: yay Paul song
PharaohBender27: katesLol
HundreydAundre: 89? This is a Wednesday after all.
TheMerricat: lol
TXC2: clap clap clap
Didero: Paul, you're amazing
beowuuf: that could be really true :p
TheAinMAP: Hello.
TXC2: Hello Paul
LlewellynZ: <3 <3
TheMerricat: jlrrCooltunes
KV1NN4: oh i hope that makes the highlight reel
lirazel64: Big Robeson vibes.
ContingentCat: probably getting close
nullvoid8: Just popping in to get my regular dose of Paul song, and say that I remembered to be on time today :P and now I have to miss the most of the stream in favor of shopping :/
HundreydAundre: You could... recommend to chat, right??
BusTed: "it's ok"
Didero: "Not sure yet"
TheMerricat: Check out this clip! LoadingReadyRun streaming Death Stranding! https://clips.twitch.tv/EncouragingAmazonianPassionfruitTBTacoRight-h1YpZ-DUo2AXv2rm
TXC2: "you've played Dark souls 3 for 300 hours, would recommend it?" "nope"
TehAmelie: i LIKE it but i'm not going to play into Steam's marketing games
Aenir798: I've seen reviews with over a thousand hours not recommending the game
Tom_Bruise: Those screenshots of people explicitly not recommending a game after 2000 hours are just beautiful
beowuuf: i am bad for leaving games running in the background, so I log ridiculous hours in some games cause I've played weekeend to weekend and it's been running during the week while I've been working :p
GodPrinceJester: Good afternoon
TXC2: I legit don't know how people put 1000's of hours into a game :p
TXC2: Hello GodPrinceJester welcome
Tom_Bruise: "I just came by to say I've got nothing to say, First Prepper."
wildpeaks: time to upgrade Edge Knot City to 5G Knot City
saberpilot: lrrPAUL <3
TXC2: "I just called, to say, goodbye"
Didero: @TXC2 It kind of makes sense for games like MtG, or multiplayer games like them MOBAs kids are always on about
tugbadelal_: HeyGuys
Genie_M: and you can create lots of stuff there too
Aenir798: The montage
wildpeaks: wooo, road trip
TXC2: Didero Yeah, MTGA is probably the only game I've played where I'm even close to 1000 hours
Genie_M: Realm Grinder has over 3000 hours clocked for me in Steam
PharaohBender27: "Time to load up on poop grenades!"
Didero: Why is there even a 'Jump off zipline' button? That always seems like a bad idea
Genie_M: second is Elite Dangerous, with a little shy of 700 hours, then lots of 200-s
Genie_M: Didero : i tried it - it's painful :D
saberpilot: that's a good point. the game doesn't want to kill you by accident
Didero: But even then you're slamming into the ground at a pretty high speed
TehAmelie: i've played Dark Souls probably over 3500 hours. it's mostly a meditation aid at this point
Didero: Now, Sam is used to that by now, but still :p
saberpilot: oh man his poor face :(
saberpilot: I just realized he doesn't sleep on the bed like a normal person XD
tugbadelal_: Have you finished this game before?
Genie_M: I never understood why he doesn't shower _before_ sleeping....
TXC2: tugbadelal_ nope
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dkosa: 👍👍
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ContingentCat: if the snow isn't melting on your face overnight, see a doctor immediately
beowuuf: funny the sponsored stream tonight, i thought i should know it... it's david malki ! 's new game. Worlds collide once again
TXC2: I put it to you that Sam doesn't do anything the way a normal person would :p
tugbadelal_: @txc2 ok thkns
Aenir798: "Sam, we've got an important order for a half-cheese half-pepperoni..."
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wildpeaks: edge !city
Tom_Bruise: Let's go safe the president's daughter from Troy Baker, I guess
TXC2: it looks like bubble wrap before it's spiky :p
wildpeaks: oh I bet cosplayers are on this
Genie_M: probably cosplayers did that
TheMerricat: I think the hardest part would be figuring out where the spikes go when it's not inflated
wench_tacular: y'all developing photos?
Tom_Bruise: oh that's just the "Everything is fine." alarm. Nothing to worry about
saberpilot: eep
beowuuf: lol, sam just chilling
wildpeaks: this looks like the perfect place to have a little nap
TXC2: Cosplayer do some incredible stuff
sydnius: lrrFINE
Aenir798: You know, Fragile teleports you. But what about Lou?
PharaohBender27: "Huh, this alarm's being going for like 3 days now. How imminent is this, really?"
Rhynerd: Is it time for a nightmare or are we just effed?
wench_tacular: mission achieved
Genie_M: entity!
beowuuf: monster's back on the menu bois!
Didero: Your drunken bender worked!
TheAinMAP: DrinkPurple
CaptainSpam: "Now, what was I doing out here... alarms, red lights, unknown entities... what was it... hm..."
tugbadelal_: NotLikeThis
beowuuf: sam gets too hyper and has his monster revoked for beer
wildpeaks: you are what you eat
HundreydAundre: Won't that hurt you some?
TXC2: "to beat evil you must become evil!" "that just sounds like adding to the evil"
Didero: Being called 'Sammy boy' is enough to discard the email
beowuuf: wait, someone even more pro than sam??? unbelieveable
saberpilot: lrrFINE
Genie_M: up there
wench_tacular: good tip
saberpilot: XD at the AMC ad
wildpeaks: never skip poops day
saberpilot: no mads video :(
Genie_M: no, you get to bossfight naked :D
keroan0: Hey, I was just watching Matt Wiggin's playthrough of Metal Gear 4 and pooping during battle is apparently a real issue Kojima cares about
saberpilot: @keroan0 do you happen to know if he played through all the games, or just 4?
Genie_M: you don't need thermal and oxygen protection
beowuuf: I believe he's been going through them in order
saberpilot: excellent. I was hoping to watch some streams of those after Paul finishes this
OldManJohnsonMB: Is today the day we finally deliver the package that will allow us to go home?
saberpilot: thank you!
sydnius: Marsupial Sam
TXC2: OldManJohnsonMB possibly
wildpeaks: maaybe
wench_tacular: it's be rude not to
Genie_M: quad rockets ftw!
Genie_M: ooooh yeah
beowuuf: @saberpilot https://twitter.com/Matt_LRR/status/1378909941193318402 this tweet thread shows where he's at with the series in terms of enjoyment LD
TXC2: !findquote quad
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
beowuuf: * :D
CaptainSpam: And it fires poop grenades, too.
Genie_M: naah. you're going against BT
TehAmelie: nobody expects to run into someone packing a 20 kg weapon
Genie_M: shocking airwave
beowuuf: what we should have been doing is keeping all the nukes and pretending MULEs took them
oplinger: i don't want to know what fluid tranq grenades are
saberpilot: @beowuuf thank you so much!
TheAinMAP: Knock out explosives?
TXC2: I think the name pretty much sells what it is
shakzilamicrula: Got to shoot your blood at your enemies.
Genie_M: @LoadingReadyRun remember to save before going surface
Genie_M: there was for me :)
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Genie_M: welll....
wench_tacular: let battle commence
TehAmelie: about as lean as two refrigerators stacked on each other
Genie_M: you can say so
PsychoI3oy: yes, just one guy
wench_tacular: that's a large lad
saberpilot: big boi
TXC2: one VERY large guy yes
Veste: omg it's sonic adventure
wench_tacular: absolute unit
ContingentCat: hello big boy
Genie_M: hi Higgs!
saberpilot: big boi and crazy boi
CaptainSpam: Well, you've got all of America, not the whole world.
HundreydAundre: B i g.... HEFFALUMP
shakzilamicrula: I don't get how these dead things are supposed to be dead stuff
Tom_Bruise: he's got the whoooole world in his hands, he's got the whoooole world, in his hands
HundreydAundre: OH, humans dye now. Sure.
beowuuf: he doesn't like to be touched you evil man
NightValien28: just because
TXC2: yes yes the Excition entie of a comet, or too much oxygen yes :P
beowuuf: like that she's posed like the figure behind
CaptainSpam: Well, don't look it directly in the eyes, that's how endermen attack.
Veste: having not been here for any of this game, this sure is something
Genie_M: Higgs is so easy to hate :)
wildpeaks: *gasp* such a twist
beowuuf: why knot
CaptainSpam: "Why are you doing this?" "I dunno. Something to do, I guess." "That's fair."
wildpeaks: this is what happens when people get bored because they don't have internet
TXC2: really? 'cause the first kill like 90% of all life :p
Genie_M: yep
TehAmelie: is he Thanos? i mean comic book Thanos
beowuuf: some people just want to watch the world burn, i guess
flyingelevator: The writing of this game is “interesting”...
kharnor: He's just two Thanoses
ParaGamer85: Top five villains played by Troy Baker... Higgs is my number 1.
TheAinMAP: Nope.
wench_tacular: nope
Didero: Hey Sam, consider doing literally anything
beowuuf: you have two thanoses inside you
wildpeaks: cutscenes, our only weakness
wench_tacular: pithy
TXC2: "surely you've figered it out?" fucking how higgs?
Genie_M: Sam, man of many words
Tom_Bruise: sharp as a hammer, that Sam of ours
Rhynerd: I just noticed Sam still has the otter hood on
TXC2: Rhynerd oh yeah, nice
Didero: Don't push him away, stab himin the throat!
TehAmelie: the villain's posturing and expositing their evil plan is a free action
saberpilot: :( Higgs's poor baby
Mkingston: Go
Genie_M: let's gooooo
wildpeaks: we might be in a bit of a pickle
Tom_Bruise: oh ok, we're fighting an EVA
Brozard: Throw your piss at him!
beowuuf: as a reaction to a cutscene, villain can monologue 1d6 times
Mkingston: rocket launcher
CaptainSpam: Well, his BB being stressed isn't really hurting him much, he knows where the BTs are.
Rhynerd: We are gonna beat up Higgs and stop the apocalypse while wearing an Otter Hood.
Didero: Shit on his feet!
Genie_M: you will use your quad rockets
flyingelevator: At what point do we get to consider this really bad writing? Asking for a friend
beowuuf: flying scorpion, did anyone notice the flying scorpion?
Lord_ZYRK: We need to get on top of a building and pee down in its neck
Genie_M: it has a boss-sized HP bar
Didero: @flyingelevator About 20 minutes into the game? :p
Mkingston: @flyingelevator you ain't heard nothing yet.
Genie_M: hit the gold parts
wildpeaks: sir, have you considered another hobby than world destruction ? crochet can be fun
Tom_Bruise: Not a great tactic on Higgs' part; "I dare you to kill me"
OldManJohnsonMB: This guy is big, and I mean big big
Didero: Do headshots do more or less damage?
beowuuf: five gone conclusion, aiming for six
OldManJohnsonMB: Sorry, this *lady* is big
CaptainSpam: Now is not the TIME, Lou...
Mkingston: head
flyingelevator: @didero Lol seems about right
saberpilot: we need a crying prepubescent with a mecha, stat
Didero: "Shoot at me! Hey, why'd you shoot at me?!"
TXC2: time for phase 2
Tom_Bruise: "Hihi, I'm over here now"
CaptainSpam: "Hey, no fair! Nobody said anything about poop grenades!"
Mkingston: get it?
OldManJohnsonMB: "Note to self: move the weak spot to somewhere other than the middle of the chest"
Genie_M: bubbles!
lirazel64: So, whenever a big bad tries to make us give up before the fight, they can be beaten.
BrindleBoar: quad rokkit
Tom_Bruise: Second note to self; see if I can do anything about the weak spot being bright gold
sydnius: This isn't even my final form
Mkingston: Wednesday, actually.
wildpeaks: welp, bad guy already ran out of one liners
TXC2: it's play on words
OldManJohnsonMB: "Ouch my arm!"
TehAmelie: well, we are whittling away at the thing
LordZarano: Has the DOOMs acronym been explained?
BrindleBoar: I already have an all-terrain skeleton inside me.
jedi_master_zll: So after trying not to kill anyone the whole game...
TXC2: LordZarano not in dialogue, no
wildpeaks: sir, would you kindly keep your tentacles in check
OldManJohnsonMB: My skeleton is pretty non-terrain without it's best friend musculature
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CAKHost: 25 months? that's almost as many feet tall as that BT!
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beowuuf: given the length this fight will be, couldn't they have had more incidental lines?
OldManJohnsonMB: I want to see the Pacifist-run ending for this game
Tom_Bruise: "You should see the view from up here" Higgs, it's misty as all heck, you're seeing nothing!
CaptainSpam: So in the end it all comes down to a really big guy who hits things.
TXC2: beowuuf or at least spaced them out more
beowuuf: yup
TheExactSame: I' sorry I couldn't hear you over the MWwoorrorowoworw
Didero: Please limit your attacks to the designated weakspot :p
Mkingston: head is also gold
OldManJohnsonMB: Everyone knows that the final death knell of the world would be brought by a 10 story mud monster with tentacles. Does nobody even READ the bible anymore?
wildpeaks: ah yes, the plan that already failed twice will surely work the third time
wildpeaks: good job, bad guy
Genie_M: halfway there
beowuuf: i'm waiting for the movie oldmanjohnsonmb
Genie_M: there's another luncha'
Mkingston: Can I interest you in this toaster?
Didero: I think his weakspot moved to his right side
OldManJohnsonMB: "This is the world's greatest Limbo champion!"
TheExactSame: Maybe take the eleavator?
oplinger: at this point i'd seriously be asking myself if there's an easier way lol
Invitare: I feel like there are better ways to destroy all life
flyingelevator: The crying really just sucks...
beowuuf: woah-oh, we're have way there...
TehAmelie: you know, the giant ghost we saw in the beginning of the game took like two minutes to wipe out a whole city if i remember right. this final boss is a lot less impressive
TXC2: maybe trying to destroy all life is a mistake?
OldManJohnsonMB: If only someone had invested the 5-barrel rocket launcher. Curse Dr. Quadloader
tugbadelal_: ovv Sam so swee5 :D
dkosa: why not change ammo on the rocket launcher once you're out of the one?
saberpilot: oooh, a ladder
ParaGamer85: Thanks for the otter hood, Conan!
TehAmelie: Unreal Tournament's rocket launcher would be pretty sweet to have here. six rockets in one shot, probably easy to get a target lock with this slow boy
Genie_M: 2 sessions
Didero: Why does he keep making 4th wall breaking quips?
TXC2: well we're scheduled for 3 hours higgs
oplinger: i love the floating crabs, they have to be very confused
beowuuf: kojima
jedi_master_zll: This reminds me of the boss of Mass Effect 2, highly ineffectual.
DarkAbyssKeeper: This delivery sim got intense.
TehAmelie: of course that one was basically a fetus
Lord_ZYRK: Oh lawd they comin'
wench_tacular: nice
beowuuf: 3/4 down
TXC2: Gross
jedi_master_zll: Why was her in quotes?
Genie_M: those would've been the balloons
OldManJohnsonMB: "IN the grim-dark future, all couriers will have to come face to face with their mortality. In this case, mortality is a giant mudman
LordZarano: The regular BT lions are more effective...
SoloJayGo: lrrHORN lrrSCOOP
Lord_ZYRK: saberpilot they come bearing goodies
beowuuf: it represents another player giving us stuff, sort of souls like
saberpilot: oooh okay.
tugbadelal_: dont cry bb
rudisc: The umbilical cord thing releases the jellyfish when it reaches the Bt
jedi_master_zll: How exactly did the skeleton come off?
OldManJohnsonMB: can we just punch him in the shins?
TXC2: Rowkit lawn chair
beowuuf: :D
Lord_ZYRK: Did one of the pale dudes just dunk one of the gold ones?
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NavelWarfare: Oh they're big
OldManJohnsonMB: "Tone it down I bit, I'm trying to destroy the world here"
NavelWarfare: Heya friends!
saberpilot: :(
Mkingston: oops
beowuuf: nooooo (
BusTed: Doop.
OldManJohnsonMB: NO
PixelArtDragon: This is one hell of a scene to come into with no context
Invitare: Kojima is a very strange man
CaptainSpam: Well. Live and learn.
TXC2: poo butts
Tom_Bruise: ruh roh
tugbadelal_: hof
saberpilot: oh wait, are you not dead?
beowuuf: we were so close
TehAmelie: i like how the guy has been talking non stop since the start of the pre-battle cut scene and Sam hasn't said a word. except "Amelie"
Genie_M: Sam doesn't really die
saberpilot: oooh okay. he's reincarnating or whatever
Mkingston: trista36Dead dadiGlum trista36Dead
TheExactSame: well. at least that wasn't a long and tedious sequence
saberpilot: I thought maybe that was just the game XD
Genie_M: keep on keeping on
TheExactSame: oh
BrindleBoar: this man's full of babies
Aenir798: "Sam, humanity has gone extinct."
Mkingston: oh good
OldManJohnsonMB: Fortunately, he patiently waits for you to revive before destroying the world
PixelArtDragon: I don't remember this part of NGE
beowuuf: oh thank goodness, you don't get reset
TheExactSame: thank you baby?
Tom_Bruise: Woohoo! No consequences! We're unstoppable!
jedi_master_zll: That's nice, but yeah did he just wait for you to revive?
OldManJohnsonMB: Oh, so your death has no consequences. That's good to know
Genie_M: not long to go
TXC2: so our death is meaningless?
tugbadelal_: this is the way :)
niccus: i think kojima is surprisingly aware that sometimes the game isn't what people are here for
beowuuf: i mean if it's just a cinematic muck around, that's fine
TehAmelie: does he actually need to fight Sam to carry out this extinction? cause he should know killing Sam would pose a problem
niccus: good usability at the price of a little bit of ludonarrative is fine by me
OldManJohnsonMB: Hey, he may be a world-destroying monster - but he's not going to kick a man when he's down
saberpilot: yay!
BusTed: lrrHORN
Genie_M: gottem
PsychoI3oy: 👍
Angnor33: Phase 2?
Didero: We did it, time for end credits! :p
BusTed: Classic.
TheAinMAP: lrrHORN
PharaohBender27: lrrHORN_HF lrrGOAT lrrHORN
Genie_M: Didero yeah
wench_tacular: that's not even his final form!
beowuuf: boom, and clearly that's the game over with no more cut scenes or content. God stream all!
Robot_Bones: You've been... Stranded
wildpeaks: glod split
HundreydAundre: Queue in 2nd heal-, NOPE. He's dead, sorry.
OldManJohnsonMB: More like LIFE Stranded, am I rite gamerz?
jedi_master_zll: Is this the start of a 40 minute end cutscene?
Lord_ZYRK: Turns out this whole game was just the start of Goldfinger
TXC2: jedi_master_zll probably
TehAmelie: a chirallionaire
OldManJohnsonMB: Sam was King Midas all along
beowuuf: sam porter bridges miner
dkosa: 2 chiral collected
Mkingston: @TehAmelie nice
flyingelevator: I’m rich beach
Angnor33: Chirality!
CAKHost: And it all just flies away
TheExactSame: i knew it. made of glitter. proveable evil
beowuuf: how about blood? you didn't reckon with blood!
saberpilot: rockets > end of world
Tom_Bruise: Just shoot missiles at Death until it's dead
PixelArtDragon: If only the dinosaurs had rockets, they'd still be around
OldManJohnsonMB: I love that this is a Misc mission
BusTed: +420
CAKHost: Damage is a liquid
Didero: Wait, only 40 likes for preventing the end of all life?
Genie_M: 3 packs
TheAinMAP: Why not explosives?
beowuuf: that's almost an armful :p
TehAmelie: he sure took his pound of flesh
beowuuf: nice
nullvoid8: hey again all. Did I miss the big fight?
TehAmelie: or three
wildpeaks: reminds me of that Buffy episode where a monster couldn't be stopped by any weapon, but that was written before humans had rockets
Lord_ZYRK: Blazed right through that boss
Mkingston: @beowuuf I get that reference
TXC2: hello nullvoid8 you a big fight yes
OldManJohnsonMB: "Yeah, I know you saved the world but my pizza is late, and my assorted gun parts were 70% damaged"
niccus: norman has about 5L of blood in him
jedi_master_zll: After trying to avoid killing, the solution in the end was overwhelming firepower. I'm sure that's the lesson Kojima was going for.
CaptainSpam: Anyway, Sam's got this package he needs to deliver, so if you can just move your dead corpse out of the way... cool, thanks. *packs up and keeps walking*
Didero: Technically you delivered a bunch of rockets to Higgs's face
beowuuf: mikingston :D
wench_tacular: seems fair
Tom_Bruise: Yea, we ported missiles to that EVA's weakspot
TheMerricat: the human body contains around 5 liters of bloof
nullvoid8: you delivered missiles
keroan0: Mailpeople - the only thing standing between us and the end of the world
Rhynerd: Much like how Doom taught us that demons can’t withstand shotguns, Death Stranding teaches us that rocket launchers can solve the end of the universe
niccus: i mean we already delivered antimatter bombs
nullvoid8: it's never over
saberpilot: Lou's mad
BusTed: baby angy
TXC2: Higgs aim BEFORE shooting for Gods sake
Genie_M: thingy-shield!
beowuuf: lrrEFF yeah BB!
wench_tacular: babby angry
NightValien28: BB MAD
MaliceHobbit: Baby is a jedi?
beowuuf: oh no BB
Lord_ZYRK: Lou's ready to THROW DOWN
saberpilot: noooooooooo
NightValien28: not LOU
jedi_master_zll: That would have been a useful skill before now.
Didero: Consider... not just standing there while being SHOT AT, Sam
beowuuf: higgs dun eff'd up now
KV1NN4: baby! D:
wench_tacular: get your hand off her ass!
Mkingston: Did Troy Baker get to grip the actress' bum?
jessieimproved: makes me wonder wtf higgs has got in his pod
TheExactSame: how you gonna top that?
OldManJohnsonMB: DOn't know that the butt tap was necessary
CaptainSpam: Look, Higgs, just because you're bad at taking care of your BB doesn't mean you have to take it out on everyone else.
keroan0: Ew, please don't pat the butt strange man
Invitare: was that not the grand finale jsut now?
nullvoid8: did he HAVE to tap her
KV1NN4: Also, what is Amelie's dress made out of?!
TheExactSame: What am I gonna fight a planet next?
NightValien28: did the bullets even do anything to us?
shakzilamicrula: Was he patting her butt?
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrHEART This seems lrrFINE
wildpeaks: because Kojima
Angnor33: How many mL of damage was that cutscene?
TXC2: hello RandomTrivia welcome
TehAmelie: maybe a. . .larger giant
Lord_ZYRK: KV1NN4 ghosts, probably
niccus: i'll kick your ass. i'll kick earth's ass. i'll kick my own ass
MaliceHobbit: Kojima does a lot of drugs
jedi_master_zll: That death a few minutes ago? Fine. This one? matters?
Tom_Bruise: oh so THIS death will have consequences, will it? Huh? Will it?!
PixelArtDragon: Maybe it matters more because Lou got shot at
OldManJohnsonMB: You took down a tentacle horror that could destoy the world, but a dude with a gun is too much
nullvoid8: I never did work out the "encounter other souls" thing
Aenir798: You know we've died a couple times now. Shouldn't we be voidingout?
Genie_M: shiny ghosts
oplinger: There were a couple last time you died
niccus: the scanner is trying its best
wench_tacular: look, its trying its best
Rhynerd: @oldmanjohnsonmb clearly the Extinction Entity needs a gun to function
wench_tacular: snap!
RandomTrivia: That never fails to unsettle me...
Genie_M: sooooo
TXC2: I sware it looks like the BBs thumb is in it's nose at first
saberpilot: and it wasn't even their honeymoon!
MaliceHobbit: What a sentence
Mkingston: Time to loot
Lord_ZYRK: Damn, Higgs took her on vacation!
wench_tacular: they'll get all the jlrrIcream
jedi_master_zll: But feel free to do some deliveries on the wya.
wildpeaks: time for the beach episode like any good anime
CAKHost: Is there a difference between DOOMS day and doomsday?
Genie_M: well we have friends who can go to beaches
RandomTrivia: Beach Episode WOOOOO
PsychoI3oy: CAKHost, mostly the soundtrack
Didero: Can Fragile warp to beaches?
CAKHost: Mr. Die-Hardman, I have questions
OldManJohnsonMB: Sam: Got to get the beach immediately. can't get sidetracked with anything else. ALso Sam: oh, but shinies
TXC2: "he took her to the beach!" "oh no, I didn't make sandwiches for them!"
aWabbajack: Keep on Keeping on! lrrPAUL awabbaCheeseBB
Mkingston: @wildpeaks well, we've had the hot springs episode so why not.
TehAmelie: you got a fast car, i got a plan to get us to the beach
CAKHost: @PsychoI3oy I assume that is a music reference
CaptainSpam: Man. And this could've been Domesday, where we could go around cataloging wildlife and conducting surveys.
sydnius: She burns easily!
Angnor33: Do you have anything that can get you to 88 mph?
nullvoid8: @TehAmelie will we still have a car after this "plan"?
PsychoI3oy: The soundtrack to DOOMSday features Mick Gordon; the 'doomsday' soundtrack is one Nero track over and over again
TehAmelie: i'm not sure about the details
Genie_M: not recycling? the President does not like this.
Mkingston: Chirilliam
OldManJohnsonMB: I haven't seen about 80% of the story, but I'm thinking that even if I did I still wouldn't really know what is going on
Mkingston: @OldManJohnsonMB true
nullvoid8: @OldManJohnsonMB yup! :D
OldManJohnsonMB: "I am going to go to the beach, right after this nap and shower"
TXC2: OldManJohnsonMB yeah pretty much
TehAmelie: actually, is the beach left or right?
CAKHost: If you get sun burn, does it turn black? Does your skin flake off into chiral crystals?
Genie_M: OldManJohnsonMB it makes surprisingls much sense after reading the most of it
Genie_M: and Fragile
TheMerricat: or fragile
niccus: is this the part of the dating sim where you pick your partner
wench_tacular: you need your rest
Aenir798: can we check on Lou
beowuuf: there isn't a moment to lose! zzzzz
Genie_M: have a shower before sleeping!
Mkingston: never uses his pillows
OldManJohnsonMB: *checks wikipedia story summary: nope, no help
shendaras: Why does he handcuff himself to the bed or whatever?
TXC2: there's probably a coding reason why you have to rest when going to the privet room
saberpilot: poor Lou :(
LordZarano: We went to the beach in our sleep in the early game
Genie_M: big BT statue!
CAKHost: Oh hey the monster is back!
aWabbajack: awabbaCheeseBB awabbaCheeseBB awabbaCheeseBB
LordZarano: In our dreams
Lord_ZYRK: shendaras some people are into that sort of thing. Also, it sucks some of our blood out.
x0den: what happend if you drink all five monsters?
TXC2: fun story: glass is more effective at stopping bullets then some kinds of steel
PixelArtDragon: You fought a monster, now you drink the monster
wench_tacular: HR just quietly dealt with it
PharaohBender27: "He won't even notice the difference."
wildpeaks: butt++
PixelArtDragon: But then you get the 4Loco effect, which is even more dangerous
Tom_Bruise: they propably put in an email you didn't read
NavelWarfare: Damn. We get dressed fast
nullvoid8: spruce up before your date
jedi_master_zll: Did her teleportation ever get explained?
Genie_M: she did ask you to have him
beowuuf: let's leave the dangerous evil man alive for reasons of revenge
wildpeaks: we're trying to save the world, lady
TXC2: jedi_master_zll only as far that it's a DOOMS thing
CAKHost: Oh hey, the big BT is on your table
Tom_Bruise: "Look lady, it's not like you're the only one he's molested, I'll do my best, but no promises"
OldManJohnsonMB: That's not a tie, Sam
aWabbajack: awabbaCheeseBB
jedi_master_zll: I feel like you take a weapon anyway.
Genie_M: that's nice
beowuuf: callback
BusTed: monch
wench_tacular: I was thinking a sandwich...]
TXC2: we have a Jar of those right over there on the Table
nullvoid8: where's a facepalm emote when you need one? "No weapon" indeed.
wildpeaks: om nom nom
jedi_master_zll: Unless weapons don't work in dreams? If it is a dream?
drdudeman: Do we just eat bugs and pound monsters in this?
beowuuf: yup
OldManJohnsonMB: Last time I brought a gun to a gun fight, but it didn't work . This time I'm trying "no gun" at a gunfight
Mkingston: You didn't pick up the boss crystals
Genie_M: but that was Mads's beach
flyingelevator: Was the whole story a dream and Sam is going to wake up half way through a regular delivery?
drdudeman: ooh spikey
PixelArtDragon: Oh hey, spiky jacket
TheExactSame: putting holes in things is a solid strategy
Genie_M: "credits roll" huh?
beowuuf: that was a gestalt war beach maybe necklaces work in amelie's beach
Genie_M: oh, you're in for a ride
flyingelevator: Lol brown shorts and everything
X_modem: 👍 @genie_m
TehAmelie: Sam's got to feel so naked without at least 80 kg of stuff on him
nullvoid8: the whole game was a dream during the inital fall from the tricycle in the prelude
Mkingston: the plot thickens
OldManJohnsonMB: If I had a gun I would shoot you"
CaptainSpam: Look, Higgs, you did a pretty bad job of "ending everything" last time...
jedi_master_zll: A gun sure would be handy right now...
niccus: while you were delivering, he practiced the blade
drdudeman: why does he get a sweet smokey eye and we dont?
nullvoid8: he has level 11 DOOMS, it gives you super powers
RandomTrivia: Hmmmmm, that's probably fine benginSpoop
wildpeaks: soooo giant spider ?
foopoiuyt: That's not hygenic!
TheExactSame: this guy needs a punch in the baby
Mkingston: he was kneeling in front of her
Mkingston: baby battle
jessieimproved: Has he asked why, like even once?
TehAmelie: you first
TheExactSame: oooo baby sit-down
PixelArtDragon: How do we know there's a baby in that opaque jar?
Mkingston: Battle Babies (TM)
noSmokeFire: why NOT delay the inevitable
Invitare: babies can't talk Paul
Epinephilim: I haven't been watching this stream, but I'm sure that I have about as much of an idea what's going on as the rest of chat.
Lord_ZYRK: PixelArtDragon yeah, maybe it's a hamster
wildpeaks: title drop
Didero: "Nothing is permanent so why not end everything now" is a 12 year old's idea of edgy
Tom_Bruise: oh dear god, he's just some mopey teen who discovered nihilism, isn't he?
TheExactSame: actually. I do wonder how a ballkick would go here. think this guy is wearing a cup?
Robot_Bones: Ah he said the thing!
Lord_ZYRK: Oh, nevermind. You can see it now.
BusTed: 🐋
TXC2: Where's the whale? Kappa
wildpeaks: Edge Knot City called this way because it has the edgiest emo
jedi_master_zll: I wouldn't have been surprised in the least if the game had ended at the title drop.
Genie_M: "good old fashioned boss-fight"
keroan0: Just you, me, and this assault rifle. The good old fashioned way
Epinephilim: "Hello, I'm a bossfight"
jessieimproved: So like, is Higgs trying to end the world because his life sucks? It's kinda what this feels like
PixelArtDragon: Higgs seems very aware that this is a video game
CaptainSpam: The whale? What about the bowl of petunias grumbling "not again"?
Epinephilim: lol
Scy_Anide: You've been practicing your CQC right?
Lord_ZYRK: Boss fight. . . oh no, it's worse than we thought. . . Higgs is. . .
Angnor33: @CaptainSpam lol
Lord_ZYRK: A GAMER WutFace
noSmokeFire: imagine if that cutscene ended and you just wasted him with a rocket launcher
nullvoid8: cos' he's "Higgs" geddit? Kappa
Epinephilim: He's not a real gamer, he hasn't used the N-word yet. ;)
Genie_M: packs can be thrown
Scy_Anide: Kick his ass, literally
Angnor33: Was that 'destroyed houseplants"? lol
Tom_Bruise: @nullvoid8 no I don't get, could you spell it out louder?
Genie_M: and used to hit
TXC2: "the partical of God" Higgs you give things mass, you aint shit
cartboy1234: don't do it daddy
CAKHost: So the final battle is just hog-tying the bad guy?
OldManJohnsonMB: "I don't need a gun, I'm going to take him alive" *kicks him in the head 15 times
Didero: Surely there's something smarter to do than just kicking him
beowuuf: pretty satisfying
PixelArtDragon: As far as quicktime fights go, this is pretty rad
Genie_M: you can use the boxes to throw and hit
Zaghrog: considering our goal is to save Amelie, not taking out Higgs, I suspect tying up Higgs is only a means to an end
noSmokeFire: higgs' aim is pretty terrible
TXC2: OldManJohnsonMB he said alive, he didn't say not braindead Kappa
TehAmelie: he seems to think he is the big bad boss in the videogame of Sams life. that's a kind of character motivation i guess
Lord_ZYRK: A destroyed Playstation? Did they get into Paul's stash?
Rhynerd: There’s gotta be cryptobiotes or aomerhing around here, right?
OldManJohnsonMB: "Ah, the sweet release of death"
Mkingston: throw boxes at him
Genie_M: yep
Robot_Bones: Sam, Try to remember the basics of CQC
Ivannorr: Healing is avaliable
Genie_M: throwing boxes does work
sydnius: My chemical supplies!
Rhynerd: I really hope Higgs get domed with a ruined playstation.
Lord_ZYRK: Special delivery! YEET
niccus: time for the fedex approach huh
CaptainSpam: Good ol' "the villain can teleport whenever plot-convenient".
Genie_M: they also pack a punch if you swing at him
LordZarano: I wonder how Peter Higgs feels about this
noSmokeFire: hit him with a whale
jedi_master_zll: He can teleport but throwing bozes works?
Didero: Ugh, bossfight retries replaying the cutscene is so annoying
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Hangedman: Defeating evil with the power of Carrying and Rope
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Zaghrog: Higgs has been teleporting all through the story, having him not teleport here would be a big disappointment
x0den: i wonder if anything happens if you pee on him after you hog tie him
lirazel64: Wait, is Higgs a bosun?
Aenir798: maybe use M+KB?
Tom_Bruise: Just one good kick in the dick, Sam, how hard is it?
Didero: Does the game have a lock-on?
noSmokeFire: can we hit him with boxes while he's on the ground?
Zaghrog: @lirazel64 maybe, but he certainly references that
Genie_M: you can whack him with boxes
Genie_M: you have cryptobiotes?
NightValien28: I like how death stranding is a happier outcome from the nonsense we are all going through
saberpilot: @Tom_Bruise maybe Higgs lacks a dick?
Genie_M: not just throw just have it in hand and hit him
PixelArtDragon: Can you somehow block with boxes?
TehAmelie: to be fair, we suck at kicking a guy until he stays down
OldManJohnsonMB: Hit him while he's tied up? I wonder if he stays tied up until you hit him a couple times
Ivannorr: there are cryptobios all around
Mkingston: health on the right
nullvoid8: there are cryprobiote colonies
Tom_Bruise: @saberpilot damn these dickless mass particles, why can't things ever be easy
Alephred: "Package for you!" *clonk*
Zaghrog: yeah, cryptiobiot nests are around
TheMerricat: their is a hint on the wiki on how to do this but I'll wait for Paul to decide he wants it before sharing.
Mkingston: you can punch
nullvoid8: as Cam would say "too much gameplay"
TheMerricat: there even
TXC2: Ok, wrong, first tool was a flint knife
Tom_Bruise: I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the stick was invented significantly earlier than the rope
TehAmelie: does that mean he can run out?
Anubis169: uh oh
Zaghrog: cryptobiots are around if we look for them
Anubis169: i think he means business lrrSPOOP
Aenir798: would M+KB be easier than controller?
Mkingston: yes
TXC2: Hello Anubis169
Anubis169: yo
Rhynerd: Oh, there were cryptobiotes right where tou died!
Epinephilim: I think the first "tools" were like, rocks, right? I mean, they're power amplifiers.
nullvoid8: yup, you literally died next to some
Ivannorr: there are a bunch of nests you can scan for them
Alephred: Yes, those pink rockpiles are cryptobiote locations.
PixelArtDragon: The popup came up right before you died
Lord_ZYRK: Nice shot PridePog
Genie_M: I never used the strand - just whack him with fists
Ivannorr: You don't have to put the strand away to pick up a box
noSmokeFire: it's a shame we can't just take his gun while he's tied up
sydnius: Pee on him
TXC2: hitting a person in the groin doesn't incapacitate them as much as people think it does
TheMerricat: you aee
TehAmelie: animals without thumbs can use rocks, sticks and most of the simple machines. except pulleys, i guess, which have ropes. . .
MAPBoardgames: A destroyed boardgame? No! laynaCry
LordZarano: I have seen no cryptobyotes this whole time, so the game definitely isn't making it obvious
TXC2: the borrowed time of 4.5 billion years?
NightValien28: yeet
Aenir798: Higgs *really* loves the sound of his own voice.
TehAmelie: ha, we should show Higgs that end of the universe video that goes on to proton decay and then more and more theoretical stuff and unimaginably long timescales. it would blow his mind
Tom_Bruise: Geez, how many more stomps in the side before we give him that good kick in the genitals?
Rhynerd: Did he shoot you in the ass?
TXC2: TehAmelie Wikipeida has a good line about there where by the end it doesn't matter if you measure in secounds or the lifespans of Stars, it's still a massive number of time
Rhynerd: Phase 2?
sydnius: Higgs is Andrew WK?
TehAmelie: i like it
Tom_Bruise: "Hand to hand is the basis of all combat" huh?
Rhynerd: Ah, knife time
ArcOfTheConclave: Rope V Knife
Epinephilim: Here's the CQC section of this program.
Brozard: Like bullet time, but sharper
keesonman: Hi everyone! LD
Justintime_vz: he's a murderous asshole
keesonman: :D
TXC2: hello keesonman welcome
noSmokeFire: never bring a knife to a box fight
TehAmelie: and teleportation
CAKHost: So many floating Whales
BusTed: seabatHITBOX
Genie_M: going easy on him now?
Mkingston: would be funny if you could pick his gun up
TXC2: "come Bennit, put the gun down, stick me with the knife, see whats going on in there"
PixelArtDragon: "Hang on, I need a snack"
TehAmelie: now that you mention it, this background is kind of a. . .whale plaid
CAKHost: It's snack time
OldManJohnsonMB: "i'm just eating these rocks. I'll come tie you up later"
MAPBoardgames: Another game which asks: "Is this a combat encounter, or a picnic?"
Anubis169: "Give me 5 minutes already! I'm still munching on this slug!"
keroan0: How many times do I have to teach you this lesson old man
Lord_ZYRK: Higgs, eat one of these. You're not you when you're hungry.
Didero: ok, but FUCK that high-pitched whine
Rhynerd: Oh, you git him you swear
Rhynerd: Nice!
wench_tacular: you're not our mother!
OldManJohnsonMB: The best practice for throwing grenades is to stand perfectly still and watch them explode.
NicoTheSly: You're kicking kiss ass, Paul :)
ArcOfTheConclave: Samual Portermire Suspension Bridge.
Epinephilim: I love how a broken briefcase is a better ranged weapon than a grenade.
NicoTheSly: his*
Tom_Bruise: has this guy ever been in a fight? Mixups man, c'mon!
wildpeaks: Jesse Faden would yeet an entire whale at this guy and be done with it
Invitare: What does he have in his hand?
MAPBoardgames: @Epinephilim Haven't you seen Hitman? Briefcases are deadly.
noSmokeFire: bawp
Anubis169: second form is scarier if you've had somebody bear down on ya with a knife :P
Caldurin: bawp indeed
PixelArtDragon: You'd think that with a knife he'd sometimes cut himself free
Epinephilim: Those briefcases are guided, @MAPBoardgames
TXC2: I do like the idea of a boss gets easier as the fight goes on, showing how weak and pathetic they really are.
TehAmelie: Dr Evil? is that you?
sydnius: Load. Ing
TheMerricat: we will
ArcOfTheConclave: Nanomachines!
Lord_ZYRK: If no one can stop it, then why don't you leave us alone?
Rhynerd: And now it’s a fighting game.
Zaghrog: Yes!
BrindleBoar: we goop fighter now
wench_tacular: we've got DOOMS, time for a fistfight
MAPBoardgames: Round 1.... FIGHT!
PixelArtDragon: Oh we street fighter now
azureHaights: Round 3! Fight!
LurkerSpine: Isn't this just the UFC game?
Caldurin: Now it's just witcher 3
Mkingston: Go go gadget Kojima
Aenir798: Maybe the more deluisonal you are, the more powerful you become
OldManJohnsonMB: Mano e mano
noSmokeFire: buh-buh-buh-buh-buh MORTAL KOMBAT
TehAmelie: hip deep in tar. i think he thought he was going to Dark Knight Returns us
CAKHost: Rock-em-Sock-em People?
Rhynerd: Super Punchout Stranding
Tom_Bruise: oh it's Super Punch Out now! Except none of it's super, and this guy's the first fight
x0den: so i unironically liked the last fight of mgs4
nullvoid8: apparently, the punch out is a reference to an mgs game
OldManJohnsonMB: All games should require to beat a man to death with your fists
Zaghrog: this was in MGS too
Mkingston: Kojima has watched a lot of movies
sydnius: Glass Joe
Genie_M: they even have the portrait
Epinephilim: "This isn't a fight, this is an operating room. And I'm the surgeon." Something like that.
niccus: i appreciate Kojima pulling this trick again but i also wish there was any reason to care about Higgs
RatekStormcrow: that is some serious martial kung fu stuff
MAPBoardgames: If you hit him on the chin hard enough, his head pops up.
Epinephilim: That scene was good.
Tom_Bruise: This is the dopiest boxing match I've seen in ever
wench_tacular: ouch
CAKHost: Ewww
OldManJohnsonMB: "My jaw!"
Genie_M: x-ray shot
TXC2: the two of them stading in a heap
TXC2: *standing
Mkingston: I got all the recessive genes!
azureHaights: @Tom_Bruise Well yeah, we just had the "rope-a" part in the first two phases Kappa
BrindleBoar: mid-fight snack
Lord_ZYRK: Snack break
OldManJohnsonMB: @TXC2 *stranding
PixelArtDragon: We literally were rope-a-doping
Lord_ZYRK: Just like real boxing Kappa
TXC2: OldManJohnsonMB :)
Didero: Why is there sad music playin
TehAmelie: ever punch someone so hard giant water bears fall out?
NicoTheSly: Will there be a fatality at the end?
Tom_Bruise: done with the strand-a-doping, now we're just doping
OldManJohnsonMB: real boxers know to always throw haymakers as hard as you can
noSmokeFire: @Didero it's for the cryptobiotes we're eating
sydnius: Go Machop
PharaohBender27: @Didero Because of the tragedy of violence?
TheMerricat: sad music is playing is because we're supposed to feel sad for both of them now
beowuuf: feel sad for humanity or higgs i guess
Genie_M: whack him with his health bar
CAKHost: Why do they only come out when you need them? Are they like "Oh someone needs to eat us! Time to go!"
wildpeaks: tbh I prefer the similar fight in The Last of Us 2
wench_tacular: Finish HIm!!
Mkingston: Finish Him!
CAKHost: Tie him up?
Aenir798: The music makes it sound like we should feel sympathetic with Higgs. But we haven't been given any reason to do that
MAPBoardgames: I just said the same thing as Paul
Sogheim: oh hey Paul! looks like you're kicking ass!
frnknstn: Expressing feelings with our fists like one of them narutos
x0den: does higgs have equations on his forhead?
shendaras: Should have kept that gun I think
TehAmelie: mm this would be so much more sad if Higgs had anything like a human motivation
aWabbajack: KO
TheMerricat: yes x0den
Invitare: he forgot to practice his CQC
aWabbajack: HypeKO HypeKO
Genie_M: tarality
PixelArtDragon: Round 2: FIHGT
OldManJohnsonMB: You haven't actually rescued her yet, but good to know you got the objective
Tom_Bruise: he really is just a mopey teen who discover nihilism; can't throw a decent punch for the life of him, all talk
Mkingston: @x0den "Damaged"
sydnius: FBtouchdown
CAKHost: Tie him up to be sure?
Sogheim: lrrHEART lrrPAUL
Alephred: Mr. what?
x0den: higg's subtitles changed color
niccus: mr. touch-phobic
TXC2: turns out he's just a dink
Aenir798: Turns out he's just a psycho
ArcOfTheConclave: Paul won the game!
Epinephilim: Aphenphosmphobia. The fear of being touched.
fcloud: "you won the game" start a timer to measure how long it is until the game is over
TheAinMAP: There's Fragile.
wench_tacular: Oh, she'll make her own fun
Rhynerd: Oh, Fragile got to bring a bag with her.
Genie_M: hi!
TehAmelie: Fragile stays out of fights. her name actually refers to her jaw
PharaohBender27: Oh right, Fragile did ask Sam to leave Higgs alive for her
jedi_master_zll: Just guessing, do we time travel back to before the death stranding in the end?
X_modem: 👍 @fcloud
OldManJohnsonMB: That bag is filled with puppies! Kojima twist!
Tom_Bruise: Kojima really can't write a decent line of dialogue to save his soul, can he?
fcloud: @X_modem i just finished this game recently and im still bitter
nullvoid8: that phrase gets worse every time I hear it
PixelArtDragon: Could someone get Amelie some flats or something? This doesn't seem like good terrain for heels.
Mkingston: She reminds me of Brit Marling
wench_tacular: oops bad timing
MAPBoardgames: Use the force, Higgs!
fcloud: @Tom_Bruise he makes up for it in quantity
wildpeaks: this is an odd dating sim
Angnor33: Ohhhh. He's a boson.
TehAmelie: guy, you're about to be the Higgs Boss-off
nullvoid8: @fcloud the hours upon hours of "I can turn off the computer and go to sleep now right?"
TheExactSame: the namingis all just too silly for me
Didero: I'll damage your goods
azureHaights: NO U
Tom_Bruise: You're just a doofus, Higgs, just go into the eternal night with no fuss, no muss, no spills
wildpeaks: we still need to work on those one liners, people
TheAinMAP: HyperSlam
OldManJohnsonMB: YOu had to beat the shit of him for like 20 minutes, and she just punches him once and it's game over?
Sogheim: she's fragile (undamaged, shipping bonus)
sydnius: Now kiss
noSmokeFire: wait. did we get EXTRA likes for how much damage Sam took?
beowuuf: silly naming? https://www.kojimanamegenerator.net/
wench_tacular: only an A rating?
beowuuf: we opened the jar lid!
TehAmelie: i would have liked a whole game about Fragile actually
Didero: Is this a good point for a break?
MAPBoardgames: Was NOT defeating Higgs an option?
Genie_M: you lost a lot of blood
TheExactSame: @beowuuf understood. and I'm not limitting that comment to this game
frnknstn: Delivery: 1 x beating for Higgs
Tom_Bruise: Preventing the world's extinction is it's own reward
Alephred: If the world is destroyed, who will give you likes?
TehAmelie: one knuckle sandwich, express
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
fcloud: good call paul
TheExactSame: @beowuuf ooooh. I see. that is fun
Epinephilim: whoopass, one jar
Mkingston: I think it's 2 hours of cutscenes until the end. I think. It's been a while.
TehAmelie: seems reasonable
nullvoid8: not just cutscenes, there's more gameplay too
TehAmelie: reasonable relative to Kojima
TheMerricat: so chat the "official" way we were supposed to beat higgs was to throw the boxes to distract him. he was supposed to shoot at where they'd land. then we could sneak up on him and strand' him. I liked paul's method better
wildpeaks: what's going to be the next PiF by the way ?
beowuuf: @TheExactSame It is fun :) I am Belomancy Fork, except I have a clone called Bose-Einstein Condensate Cat, therefore making me Belomancy Cat.
fcloud: hot mic?
Mkingston: @nullvoid8 the beach walking
nullvoid8: @mkingston and whale chasing.
beowuuf: i want to say someone's mentioned the next PiF in passing but I can't recall
TheMerricat: Beej is next up but I don't know if he's picked a game yet
beowuuf: clearly he' running back Odama :p
TehAmelie: oh no, i just realized him trying to force the "Higgs Boss" wordplay in there was also a reference to Big Boss
beowuuf: wb paul!
TXC2: and we're back
Invitare: getting hit with a suitcase can be very distracting
Ivannorr: Never tried distracting him
Genie_M: i did throw one at him, he staggers and i whack him with another box
X_modem: there's no official way there's a bunch of strats, I just punched him to death
TehAmelie: i expect it's more of a precision puzzle at higher difficulties
Genie_M: worked well enough
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OldManJohnsonMB: We tied him up, so he can't go anywhere
Lord_ZYRK: I mean, I'd find boxes thrown in my face way more distracting than boxes thrown off to my side
x0den: pizzas
Genie_M: "here we don't repatriate"
TXC2: America is a BIG place amile
OldManJohnsonMB: "I had a lot of packages to deliver. You wouldn't understand"
TheExactSame: I mean. I waswalking for most ... yeah
nullvoid8: I played it exactly how Paul did, but I think I got luckier with my aim
Rhynerd: [distant gunshot]
Tom_Bruise: I had pizzas to deliver, Amelia, don't pretend you don't understand!
TehAmelie: with a LOT of backtracking
X_modem: I didn't even realize you could throw boxes at him
OldManJohnsonMB: WHAT
ArcOfTheConclave: no gunshot?
PixelArtDragon: That's a little heavy-handed
beowuuf: hideo "subtext is for cowards" kojima
x0den: that line hit got me harder than it should have
noSmokeFire: isn't porter syndrome the thing that makes MULES?
TheMerricat: @nosmokefire yep
Alephred: I like to think "I brought you a metaphor" is the game being self-aware.
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BusTed: new baby jar
Tom_Bruise: All she had to do was hold the flask, that's it
aWabbajack: awabbaCheeseBB awabbaCheeseBB awabbaCheeseBB
beowuuf: wow, harsh
wench_tacular: rude
TehAmelie: i wanted her spikes to go out there
josh___something: ok rood
TheMerricat: amile being the cockblock
OldManJohnsonMB: "Fuck you, Fragile"
wildpeaks: sure sounds like someone happy she was saved, isn't she
Angnor33: Yeah, this exchange is odd.
TXC2: she is our sister Fragile
TheExactSame: don't trip over a whale on you're way out
TheMerricat: except she's not our sister.....
fcloud: THE END fade to black
TehAmelie: what are the odds one of the whales would explode from decomposition right now and kill them?
noSmokeFire: the Dr Doom platform
OldManJohnsonMB: "If you don't vote for me I will literally end the world"
BrindleBoar: diet Thanos
Tom_Bruise: Student loans? Ended. National debt? Ended.
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darkora: Vote for me, I'll make this bullshit go away.
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Rustpile: ThanosLite
wildpeaks: and just when you think the sister/wife vibe wasn't weird enough..
OldManJohnsonMB: Can't have an economy if the world ends
Lithobraker: That's why I volunteered for the Giant Meteor 2020 campaign Kappa
NicoTheSly: Sam, I am your father?
Rhynerd: How many votes did Giant Meteor get in last campaigns?
MAPBoardgames: So this whole thing was to manipulate Sam.
noSmokeFire: refrances!
OldManJohnsonMB: Fuck, I forgot about Die-Hardman
PharaohBender27: katesLol
TehAmelie: that's what you get for being such a huge Steve, Sam
azureHaights: She's clearly Pauline
wildpeaks: "I understood this reference"
TXC2: Gods :p
darkora: "Yippie kai-yay" Die-Hardman
noSmokeFire: @OldManJohnsonMB it's german for "the hardman" KappaPride
Tom_Bruise: I can only hope Kojima follows through on his threat to make movies
sydnius: PokPikachu
Genie_M: there you go
Alephred: Have we learned Die Hardman's real name yet?
Lord_ZYRK: Well, there's your gunshot
jedi_master_zll: Did the Kojima naming thing, I'm apparently "Sublimation Lightsaber".
TXC2: Alephred nope
wildpeaks: well, someone
PixelArtDragon: So we got a gunshot in the distance in the end!
noSmokeFire: thanks I hate it
ContingentCat: um
RandomTrivia: WAT
Saulens181: So, uh, i was late, what happened up to Sam and Biggs MGS4-ing eachother?
MAPBoardgames: Like Sonic
keroan0: Excuse me
OldManJohnsonMB: I AM SO ANGRY
nullvoid8: uurrrrgh
fcloud: hot mic?
PharaohBender27: You already made that reference!
Angnor33: Huh.
Buumann: booo
fcloud: THE END fade to black
OldManJohnsonMB: FUCK YOU
Alephred: UUUuuuugh
wildpeaks: *ends the world because of this pun*
KV1NN4: wait who got shot..?
Didero: What an AWFUL pun
darkora: Nintendo called, they want you to stop referring to their characters like that
OldManJohnsonMB: WEE We're running on a beach!
Alephred: Worst line in the game.
Rhynerd: Ma’am.
TXC2: and now, Baywatch
noSmokeFire: mario and peach, famous for *checks notes* running on the beach?
beowuuf: PLease don't look me in the eye when you pun at me like that
TheExactSame: welp. this ruins mario games for me
azureHaights: Tired: Princess Beach / Wired: Breakdance Peach
ArcOfTheConclave: Run in heels in the beach?!
Angnor33: So, is Princess Peach Mario's sister and I just never knew?
nullvoid8: that's even worse the second time around
x0den: this feels so... sarcastic?
TehAmelie: everyone thinks they're in a videogame huh
Penguino_Rojo: queue Baywatch openning theme
OldManJohnsonMB: Running on sand in a heels is a terrible idea
CAKHost: Can Sam take a shower?
PharaohBender27: Oh wait I thought she said "Peach." I revise my post to BOOOOOOOOO
LurkerSpine: running on sand in heels?
noSmokeFire: *please* someone give her some real shoes
Lithobraker: how is she running in heels?!
TheMerricat: @kv1nn4 we are supposed to think higgs.
NicoTheSly: So romantic... oh wait.
CodaPDX: Heels in sand...
PixelArtDragon: How are those heels not sinking into the sand?!
MAPBoardgames: How do you run in heels on sand?
Didero: Kojima wanted them running on a beach regardless of if it makes sense, huh
Furrbahl: wait. she's runnin on the beach... in heels?
niccus: it's an S-tier i'm-not-sure-if-this-is-joking quote
CAKHost: Or get some medical treatment?
KV1NN4: running in heels in general is hard imo
CAKHost: He looks like he could use it
Angnor33: @PixelArtDragon I have been asking that for weeks.
nullvoid8: she's a magical walking extinction. she can run in heels if she wants to
TXC2: still waiting for the game to explain why she is the same actress as out mom
wench_tacular: all terrain heels
noSmokeFire: @Didero that's an evergreen sentence structure for this game. "Kojima wanted ____ regardless of whether it made sense"
jedi_master_zll: So...run away from our problems?
ContingentCat: @PixelArtDragon I don't know, some kind of magic, it bothers me every time it happens
MaliceHobbit: This lady is a champ with those shoes
lirazel64: She's in heels. Again, heroines don't get sensible shoes
darkora: Oh no, she's in another castle
nullvoid8: @txc2 all in good time
Didero: "Wait here?" "Ok *doesn't wait at all*"
KV1NN4: whyd di he have to wait..?
sydnius: All terrain heels
TXC2: ask I shall recive I guess :p
x0den: for game game that put footwear as a mechanic having her in heels seems like an odd choice
Tom_Bruise: oh his villainous turn, perfect time for his voice to turn evil
dumbo3k: do we know why he has that skull facemask thingy?
KV1NN4: what
fcloud: how did fuck it all up?
wildpeaks: well
ArcOfTheConclave: @dumbo3k wait 20 min
nullvoid8: the mask is just for metaphors I think
fcloud: THE END fade to black
Didero: What IS this
darkora: undead navy seals?
wildpeaks: oh it gets weirder, don't worry
Didero: Are they on a beach? Is this the real world?
TXC2: it's SEAL team 6 feet under
Genie_M: Didero you though we will have loose ends?
x0den: hi mads
Sanityis0verrated: ok what did Imiss I had a meeting after giant battle
wench_tacular: hi mads
darkora: @TXC2 LUL
Rhynerd: Look out for that Cliff!
TehAmelie: Metal Gear?!
KV1NN4: @Sanityis0verrated i don't even know where to start or how to continue
Tom_Bruise: oh but it is
MAPBoardgames: I know the president is commander in chief and commands the military, but I didn't realize it extends to after death. That seems like a 'good to know' fact.
nullvoid8: @fcloud, how quickly would we die if we took a shot every time the game could have ended?
fcloud: this game is mads-ening
Sanityis0verrated: @kv1nn4 sounds right
fcloud: @nullvoid8 i skipped all these cutscenes and i'm sure it took me more than an hour
PixelArtDragon: @nullvoid8 We probably wouldn't die because they're so spread out
ArcOfTheConclave: John Die-Hardman?
beowuuf: mcclane?
Lithobraker: So I've only seen like a third of this game being played, but II have the feeling I wouldn't understand it any more even if I saw all the streams
foopoiuyt: Wait - he had a real name?
TXC2: John hardman?
Aenir798: JoJo?
dumbo3k: I like the little touch of the compass on his chest rig wigging out
darkora: I thought his name was John McLane?
fcloud: not as sorry as you're gonna be
Tom_Bruise: John CLane, middle name Mc
noSmokeFire: JoJohn's Bizarre Adventure
jedi_master_zll: I feel like I'm going to read the wiki entry about the story and it's just going to confuse me more.
KV1NN4: anyone int hsi being a Joestar increses how much sense this makes
sydnius: Grappelli
nullvoid8: @fcloud you're a smarter man than I, I watched them all. it was excruiating
aWabbajack: awabbaCheeseBB awabbaCheeseBB
OldManJohnsonMB: @jedi_master_zll That's what I did earlier and you're right
MAPBoardgames: I want my, BB back, BB back, BB back...
aWabbajack: he wants his BB back
OldManJohnsonMB: My BB
beowuuf: he's digging in the wrong place!
wildpeaks: finger pointing intensifies
ArcOfTheConclave: Oh just throw us under the bus!
OldManJohnsonMB: I want my BB and my blankie and my ba-ba
wench_tacular: he has a name
nullvoid8: good thing fragile brought BB over eh?
fcloud: what a NARC! amelie, you jerk
RandomTrivia: Oh hecc I clearly missed something with the skeleton marines
Tom_Bruise: Regretting that decision not to pack a gun now, Sam?
KV1NN4: Monkey-pointing Meme image
noSmokeFire: we're sending the fire skeletons after the baby. that's nice.
MaliceHobbit: Ceasar give me back my BB!
beowuuf: sam should have stayed
Rhynerd: It just occurred to me, are these the Skeleton Wars we’ve bene warned about?
Genie_M: that wasn't Amelie, that was the president
x0den: why does mads control a skeleton squad?
RandomTrivia: Wait how the hell did she get up here?!
wildpeaks: not suspicious at all
fcloud: wtf amelie
CAKHost: Wat
wench_tacular: bitch
josh___something: What hte heck
Angnor33: If you can't trust family, who can you trust?
Tom_Bruise: Rude!
TehAmelie: wait has anyone ever seen Mom and Sister in the same room?
PharaohBender27: Just did the Kojima name generator (you know you can hit submit more than once, and it gives you options)? I'm going with "Walking Archivist," though "Healthy Multisword Climate Change" is the funniest
CAKHost: She just killed us?
TheAinMAP: sergeIntoTheSea
Didero: No but really, ARE we still on a Beach, or what?
RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea
MAPBoardgames: I've had some dreams like this.
TehAmelie: where was that name generator?
ArcOfTheConclave: Have we ever seen Bridgid and Amilie in the same Scene Kappa
Genie_M: Didero we're still on Amelie's beach, but her being the "time bomb" creates a bit different things
beowuuf: @PharaohBender27 Walking Achivist is your Death Stranding name, clearly Healthy Multisword Climate Change is your MGS name :p
x0den: if you hold X do you just zoom to your body?
accountmadeforants: I picked an interessting time to tune in, I see.
TXC2: I'm waiting for the game to confirmed my suspicous that Mother and Sister are the same person
Didero: @Genie_M Ah, thanks. So how and why is Die Hardman here?
fcloud: @x0den yes
TheExactSame: I really can't handle much more of this nonsense,
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
wench_tacular: yikes
PixelArtDragon: WTF?
CAKHost: Um
PharaohBender27: @PharaohBender27 Having cycled through a few more, "Helpful Archivist-Man" is a much more Death Stranding-y name for me :D
Aenir798: nononono
beowuuf: @accountmadeforants you've missed a lot of plot. Good news is, so have we, and all we did was blink
Tom_Bruise: Oh c'mon, they've been teasing that jumpscare the whole game
CAKHost: Kids, don't swallow scary baby dolls
Zaghrog: Didero Die-Hardman himself said he had been invited by AMelie
KV1NN4: am i glad i glanced away to read soemthing right that minute?
Angnor33: OK, maybe don't wear the evil man's mask?
jedi_master_zll: Is there a delivery game like this that doesn't have all the kojima in it?
TXC2: he's probably a hologram
fcloud: we havent done the credits yet, correct?
RandomTrivia: Every time I go to check on my dinner I come back to chat being full of more "WTF"s and lrrSPOOP s and at this point I don't care enough about the plot to ask
lirazel64: Can I just say that Kojima has issues?
niccus: oh he has so many issues
Didero: @jedi_master_zll American Truck Simulator?
Temperature_Droplet: i thought the skeletons and everything where a dream
sydnius: Amelie wants a pizza
Invitare: where did Deadman get all these powers from?
wildpeaks: um, why does he have a copy of the director's mask ?
nullvoid8: I looked away to fill in the name generator, what happened after Amelie pushed us?
noSmokeFire: I can't give Deadman too much shit here, because if I had a hologram I'd play with the filters, too
Genie_M: Cliff is Mads
Caldurin: oh.
Aenir798: @Caldurin Mads
TXC2: nullvoid8 the BB inside us looked like a massed up doll
Genie_M: Clifford Unger
Caldurin: thanks
KV1NN4: this feels like bad writing..
noSmokeFire: "we'll explain everything" > Doubt
Tom_Bruise: But FIRST first, you should take a shower
PharaohBender27: ^
CAKHost: Baby sleepy
foopoiuyt: We'll give you a 2 hour cutscene, take a rest before we start.
TheExactSame: I mean. he can sleep in the car?
dumbo3k: oh, I guess neither of them are sociopaths
Genie_M: most of the story WILL make more sense in the next 3-5 hours
x0den: hah yawns are contagious
Lithobraker: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:48:38.
nullvoid8: oh right, thanks @txc2
Dandinstorm12: what up chat
TXC2: hello Dandinstorm12 welcome
beowuuf: sergeHi
MAPBoardgames: Don't interrupt the sanctity of nap time!
KV1NN4: @Genie_M oh good grief but ...good. XD
Invitare: what if you held an election?
fcloud: your final mission is to plan the logistics and scheduling for the inauguration
TehAmelie: hmm we have moved from needing the baby to live to the baby needing us
accountmadeforants: America = President, that's just science.
Featherweight_: Lou for president!
Invitare: why can everyone teleport suddenly???
Buumann: 'private' room, eh?
Tom_Bruise: Perfect time between his 21 minute stretches of being alive
beowuuf: they are holograms
PixelArtDragon: @Invitare These are holograms, I think
jedi_master_zll: Oh yeah, the whole thing where the president died in the beginning that we didn't do anything about.
Dandinstorm12: it's a tarp
nullvoid8: I would argue the next president is actually dumber than having Lou for president
NicoTheSly: Who forgot to pay the electricity bill?
wench_tacular: the gang's all here
lirazel64: The team is together!
keroan0: She moved 4 people and then... can't move one more
KV1NN4: this feels like Cartoon All-Stars tot he rescue for some reason
noSmokeFire: Sam you just spent the whole game making a zipline network. don't act like you're hauling yourself
wildpeaks: at least now we have all the roads we built, so it should be faster
MAPBoardgames: I knew upgrading to 5G would cause problems.
OldManJohnsonMB: "Look, I'm about to get completely naked and take a shower, then crush some Monster Brand Energy Drinks. you're welcome to stay if you want, but it's going to get nasty"
jedi_master_zll: Do you really have to walk across the entire continental US to end the game?
Lithobraker: See this is why you needed to upgrade to IPv6 last year!
nullvoid8: I think the point is that was the last jump she could manage
TheExactSame: Look everybody. I haven't had my shower. Stay or go. all the same to me.
fcloud: theyre NFTs
fcloud: if you had a vehicle, it would be easy
fcloud: if
beowuuf: it must be serious, heartman isn't giving us likes
beowuuf: less snow
nullvoid8: perhaps if dooms is magic, yours is MORE magic
PharaohBender27: DICK MOVE, Deadman!
Lithobraker: This has strong "AND MY AXE" vibes
MAPBoardgames: The Cannonball Run record is 27hr and 25min. I think Paul/Sam can beat it.
fcloud: "i can just use my vehicles, right?" "well, not exactly" "no problem, i'll just use ziplines" "well, about that"
KV1NN4: ok that was kindda cute
TXC2: "this time the mission is a man"
TehAmelie: i'm just going to jog across the continent in order to save all life on this planet, it's cool, i didn't need my breakfast
OldManJohnsonMB: One Monster Brand Energy Drink every 10 minutes will give you the PUSH you need to make it there
Genie_M: you can use any non-fragile transport
sydnius: Sam deliver thyself
Lord_ZYRK: "I've got a delivery of one Sam 'Porter' Bridges, from one Sam 'Porter' Bridges, for a Sam 'Porter' Bridges. Is he available to sign?"
Caldurin: Could we put Sam onto a delivery bot? :P
BusTed: :/
foopoiuyt: So if you're the cargo, do you need to carry yourself on your back?
beowuuf: wow peter
Lithobraker: You are transporting the most dangerous cargo.... ...MAN
Genie_M: you can go inside his house!
Dandinstorm12: dag
keroan0: Higgs wants a pizza. Really.
Genie_M: look at the signature
TheMerricat: Peter = Higgs :)
keroan0: Just... why
noSmokeFire: Higgs was using us for pizza this whole time?
aWabbajack: dun dun duuuun
Aenir798: wat
Genie_M: Peter Englert is/was Higgs
beowuuf: LMAO
NojhLivic: Surprise!
KV1NN4: yay rummaging thru someone's stuff!
TXC2: what a TWEST!
BusTed: Nice.
noSmokeFire: I love Higgs's use of emoji
wildpeaks: top 10 anime betrayal
wench_tacular: dun dun dun
Tom_Bruise: The End of the World for a Pizza
qwertp_22: I'm very confused right know
Rhynerd: Higgs made you deliver him pizzas this whole time
beowuuf: no wonder he was such a prick to us!
Genie_M: yup
OldManJohnsonMB: That bastard. FIrst he tries to destroy the world, now we find out he was eating my pizza?
ContingentCat: dun dun DUNN
TheMerricat: and now his shelter is full of Easter eggs
TXC2: I'm starting to think Amile isn;t real
jedi_master_zll: You've been delivering the bad guy pizza? Also they just let him go after he tried to destroy the world?
Genie_M: now there's a thought
TehAmelie: i'll believe we really see her if she's wearing clothes that don't look like some weird special effect
Lithobraker: What's the purpose of being a super villain if you can't have pizza?
wildpeaks: time to chug more product placement
PixelArtDragon: Some generic, unbranded energy drink
dumbo3k: ugh, watching him chug multiple monsters makes me nauseous
nullvoid8: oh, did we finish the pizza deliveries?
TheMerricat: Yes you did you threw his nuke in the tar pit
PixelArtDragon: I think that was the nuke
TehAmelie: they're one liter cans too
Rhynerd: @jedi_master_zll I think he actually died back there, the email was probably something he sent while waiting for the final battle
Genie_M: you did with his nuke
Ivannorr: he is refering to the Nuke
keroan0: I think he means the nuclear bomb you threw in the pit
Aenir798: You threw that nuke
Dandinstorm12: and now he can here his heartbeat in his feet
fcloud: the nuclear pizza...?
jedi_master_zll: @Rhynerd He ordered a post mortem pizza?
aWabbajack: awabbaCheeseBB
PixelArtDragon: Maybe the real pizzas were the nukes we yeeted along the way
wildpeaks: le twist
darkora: that mask is definitely going to scare the babby
fcloud: rarely seen footage of die-hardman's real face
nullvoid8: PLOT
fin9n: die hard, man
wench_tacular: die harder-man
Tom_Bruise: But how else are we supposed to understand they're being evil?
Sanityis0verrated: but we are all wearing a mask
TehAmelie: the next twist is Sam becomes the real die hard man
sydnius: lrrSPOOP
Lithobraker: Clip that out of context and get LRR canceled for being anti-maskers Kappa
MAPBoardgames: I missed several PiF, did they explain what the masks are for?
Genie_M: well, time to go home
beowuuf: not yet
Tom_Bruise: Aurora Borealis? At this time of day?
Zaghrog: MAPBoardgames not yet
nullvoid8: and now the masks are metaphors
dumbo3k: otter hood best hood
Rhynerd: It never rains in southern california, it pours
TXC2: Lithobraker lets not make that kind of joke please
fcloud: oh the weather outside is frightful~ but lake knot city is so delightful~
Rhynerd: At least that’s what a song tells me
nullvoid8: Huh, that left over message fragment was surprisingly readable
Lithobraker: sorry
Didero: Can you MAKE a truck?
josh___something: that otter hood is adorable
jedi_master_zll: Boots and blood.
wildpeaks: "you wouldn't download a truck"
Genie_M: fun tidbit: the first ladders and lines you used when you brought the president to the crematorium - they were all built by one "Peter Englert"
OldManJohnsonMB: I'm sure they could have found a way t make you carry your mother's corpse on your back across America again
beowuuf: wow
nullvoid8: @genie_m oh man
TXC2: Genie_M dang
PsychoI3oy: Genie_M, i thought they were built by the porter that we got BB/Lou from?
nullvoid8: bring both
Genie_M: some, yes - some by Peter
jedi_master_zll: Over the mountains and through the sludge, to the bad guy's house we go.
Genie_M: and you could give him lots of likes :D
Featherweight_: can you bring cargo? just to style ?
fcloud: a floating carrier would just be toboggan' you down
Genie_M: i took a bike :)
accountmadeforants: I like the seal helmet
accountmadeforants: It's a good look
nullvoid8: you can, but the game locks you into a cutscene if you get too close to <redacted>
PharaohBender27: @accountmadeforants It's an otter. Conan O'Brien gave it to us
accountmadeforants: PharaohBender27 Oh yeah, that was a thing!
Dandinstorm12: pssh stole is such a harsh word
OldManJohnsonMB: @PharaohBender27 That is basically the best non-sequitur explanation of this entire game
TXC2: I prefer extort, the x makes it cool
TehAmelie: we're a post-scarcity society, probably
TehAmelie: what even in property
Genie_M: yes, that's the most sensible anti-anything weapon
Genie_M: but then there's the rocket launcher....
accountmadeforants: TXC2 Is that why people like 4X games?
TXC2: accountmadeforants pretty much
nullvoid8: iirc, isn't the assault rifle +grenade clouds better than the anti bt pistol?
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Dandinstorm12: Paul 'AND THEN" Saunders
Genie_M: I applaud the choice of not jumping on a bike like I did
TehAmelie: the 4 X-es: Exhume, Examine, Extort, Explode
aWabbajack: I brought the Long Range Truck lv 3
aWabbajack: 1st play, I carried heavy stuff on foot and kept taking stam breaks
aWabbajack: wurst mistake ever :D
aWabbajack: the mission to build the way station, I forgot to use the floating carriers
aWabbajack: so Sam was taking all the weight
Genie_M: oh, that's a choice :D
nullvoid8: @awabbajack same :D
Genie_M: I mostly did bikes and floaty carriers
Genie_M: didn't really like trucks
CanPlayGames: PrideHeartL lrrPAUL PrideHeartR
LordZarano: Ooh, Inside My Radio. That's a rhythm platformer iirc
nullvoid8: fill your pack, plus one in each for ballast
aWabbajack: 2nd/3rd runs I knew what to expect made everything trivial
TXC2: and we;re back
nullvoid8: *each hand
Tom_Bruise: Let's get it on, not unlike Donkey Kong kidnapping Princess Beach or whatever
Genie_M: you CAN do anything now
Genie_M: even sidequests
nullvoid8: as a squad of nine...
TehAmelie: get it on like the Higgs boson (rip)
beowuuf: choose your lap of honour i guess?
beowuuf: uh oh
Genie_M: be ready for lots of gold BT-s
fcloud: not like those chill friendly bt's from before
aWabbajack: lrrSPOOP awabbaCheeseBB
nullvoid8: I do enjoy the ost for this game, it's just right for roaming alone
TXC2: has the cause of the timefall been explained yet?
nullvoid8: chiral particles in the air get trapped in the the rain I think
Didero: What are those plants you can pick up?
Lord_ZYRK: Sandalweed
aWabbajack: Sandal Weed: Shoe plants
beowuuf: this song is a little one the nose
Didero: Ah, ok, thanks
Genie_M: shoes if you _really_ run out of shoes
MAPBoardgames: That jump! He really IS Mario.
Rhynerd: Into the snow!
TehAmelie: Sam Mario Mario
beowuuf: oooooh
wildpeaks: contained entirely in this videogame ?
wench_tacular: immersion ruined
Tom_Bruise: I'd ask if we could see it, but we already can
Didero: A game that just procedurally generates infnite landscapes like this that you have to make your way through could be kind of fun
MAPBoardgames: Sam Mario Porter Doomsslayer Bridges Reedus
TXC2: "he just....had to go home"
Tom_Bruise: Isn't that just minecraft if you go from village to village?
beowuuf: bitter much sam?
niccus: it's a long, long way to walk
TXC2: "it;s a long way to Tipperary, it's a long way, to go"
sydnius: no more in & out burger for sam
neacon: I cant get over the the waddling like he shit himself...
PixelArtDragon: I've been referring it to "inverse kinematics the video game"
Tom_Bruise: Some insane person, if you're watching this, mod QWOP controls into this game.
jedi_master_zll: I'd like a game like this but not so bizarre.
OldManJohnsonMB: "Leg Day: The Video Game"
MAPBoardgames: You get there and they say "Amilie has gone back to the Pacific for some reason. Go get her then carry her back here, on your back. No vehicles."
MAPBoardgames: REd's the fastest color
KV1NN4: Sorry porter, Your Amelie is in another State
wildpeaks: bright orange, the stealthiest
jedi_master_zll: @MAPBoardgames Given this game, the color making the truck faster would be pretty tame.
Genie_M: you will get _lots_ of story on your way home
sydnius: betterhelp.com
Tom_Bruise: Well, throw pee at him all the same, but you know
TXC2: the Whole Story? sounds like a jog for Nigel Fitzgerald Bridges
wench_tacular: run Forrest, run
TheMerricat: take the car to the zip lines
Aenir798: It'd be rude to not take the car
sydnius: crank the Maiden
TheMerricat: I mean we've learned our lesson about how often people actually connected to zip lines in the same manner
TheMerricat: sane
MAPBoardgames: Go left?
sydnius: need cori’s superior truck skills
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
Manae: XTREME OffRoading!
Zaghrog: while the vehicles in this game can never flip, one can't cheese that too much without being thrown out of their vehicle
ArcOfTheConclave: I want there to be a damage grading of Sam at the end of this delivery
wench_tacular: meh, he wasn't using that spine anyway
GDwarf: This thing needs better shocks, doesn't matter *what* terrain you're driving over, it pains Sam
Tom_Bruise: Boy it's gotta be fun stepping into the VA booth, recording those exertion grunts
lirazel64: Think of your kidneys, Sam!
Genie_M: we call that "tar"
TXC2: "Eastbound and down, loaded up and truckin"
firebird1616: This is why you always wear your seatbelt kids :)
Manae: TXC2, no one said this couldn't be done
dkosa: not if they don't sing paul
dkosa: but they do lol
beowuuf: ok, this song has the vibe that matches paul talking through it, i want this remix
GDwarf: "Don't mind me, I'm just driving through your crops"
Genie_M: thanks for the beer
sydnius: grab some beer
Genie_M: that river is ....
Lord_ZYRK: Ya otter pick up a sixer there, bud lrrBEEJ
nullvoid8: book it!
TXC2: cheese it!
Genie_M: lou likes your driving
nullvoid8: pretty sure that river bank is not entirly truck navigable
Genie_M: it's entirely NOT for trucks
GDwarf: Looking very low-poly there, Deadman
wench_tacular: that went well
OldManJohnsonMB: Makes you wonder why he didn't do this research earlier
Tom_Bruise: "Heartman, could you put this in an email once you're all the way done? I'm kinda doing something here!"
sydnius: an original et cartridge?
noSmokeFire: hey, Deadman, could you maybe just let us know when you FINISH your research instead of giving us updates every five minutes?
MAPBoardgames: *gasp*!
GDwarf: Also, I keep hearing "beach" as "Beej", and it makes this game better, honestly. :P
nullvoid8: why does he sound so happy about this
KV1NN4: here's my surprised face
Genie_M: yes, remember you brought the last one
Lord_ZYRK: "If I become president, I can promise you a baby in every bridge!"
TXC2: so everything is being run on the soul of lost orphan?
shendaras: Don't you have to replace the babies over time?
Lord_ZYRK: This country is run by BABIES
GDwarf: @TXC2 Those who overland hike away from Omelas
CaptainSpam: So, forsaken child plot. Gotcha.
Tom_Bruise: "So remember when we had you deliver that BB flask to that ghost town? Yea."
keroan0: Those babies have to be attached to their mothers in stasis also, right? So there's like a room full of internet mom servers?
nullvoid8: @TXC2 soulS, plural
shendaras: Oh, there's your problem. Faulty baby. Let me just replace that...
sydnius: shame none of the preppers were psychologists
TXC2: Forsaken, that was the word Venture bros used, thanks CaptainSpam
Genie_M: well it's either going the long way with truck, or zip
TXC2: nullvoid8 indeed
X_modem: You don't know how to feel about it deadman??? Your internet runs on stillborn babies, You should be a little freaked out by that.
nullvoid8: presumebly all the prepper terminals also have bb's?
Didero: Can you drive across/
nullvoid8: or are the BBs antennas?
GDwarf: XD
Genie_M: no, this river is too deep
wench_tacular: wheeeee
Genie_M: I'm sure it's been done, yeah
nullvoid8: is there enough bandwidth to link up EVERY prepper and plot relevant location with ziplines?
aWabbajack: awabbaCheeseBB awabbaCheeseBB
KingKool2099: Hey, Paul! Started playing this after I saw you start it. You had much less trouble with the first boss than I did.
Genie_M: nullvoid8 I think if you only build ziplines, and everything is up to 5 stars it may be possible
sydnius: lrrSPOOP
Genie_M: they told you BTs dont heck around now
nullvoid8: I deffo ran into bandwidth issues near then end, but I think I left some bridges and the like up
sydnius: pittsburgh here i come
Territan: Coming in way the hell in the middle of this. What's happening?
TXC2: Territan we're heading back east
Saulens181: a lot
nullvoid8: @Territan the end game
Saulens181: a lot is happening
MAPBoardgames: I was just thinking, it'd be great to finish this trip riding Lord Stormaggeddon .
noSmokeFire: @Territan we're trying to get back to HQ so that Amelia can send us to the Beach to find our sister, who shoved us into the afterlife ocean after we rescued her
Tom_Bruise: Everyone's having a party on the east coast and we were too late to hitch a ride so now we gotta take the long way
Didero: NOW we're cookin' with ghost babies!
noSmokeFire: (this happened after a weird cutscene where the dead ex-president of the US, our mom, was crypic at Mads Mikklesen and Die Hardman after Mads emerged from the sea with a fire skeleton SEAL team)
sydnius: FBtouchdown lrrPAUL FBtouchdown
niccus: this is what, triple the distance of Road Quest in one sitting
Aenir798: This is the preview of the next Road Quest
noSmokeFire: I'm getting some real Shepard Tone vibes from this motorcycle
wench_tacular: eyes on the road
sydnius: BT Quest
Tom_Bruise: good thing that rock was there
TXC2: wasn't road quest 3000KM? or am I misremembering?
MAPBoardgames: From 55mph to a dead stop
nullvoid8: we're on episode 16 of this PiF right? which is ~48 hours of gameplay
OldManJohnsonMB: Guard rails don't exist in the future
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 That sounds about right
noSmokeFire: guard rails are an admission of defeat
nullvoid8: there is a slight bounce back form the edges
nullvoid8: like, the game steers you away
noSmokeFire: jesus Deadman, don't force us to use a cellphone while we're driving
wildpeaks: thank you, lore-dump-man
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 Yep, Google Maps confirms it's 3,000 km
nullvoid8: I feel like no one used a vehicle when play testing this
TXC2: so America is about 4,800KM across, so road quest is 3/5 of America, Canada is TALLLLL chat
Genie_M: well, depends on your definition of "something bad"
TXC2: thanks PharaohBender27 lrrHEART
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 I mean, Canada *is* the second-largest country in the world by size
noSmokeFire: surely some of this exposition could've happened organically
sydnius: i am unfriendung cliff
TXC2: PharaohBender27 Indeed it is, but that can be hard to Visualise some times
nullvoid8: mean while, the longest route in my country is 1400km
noSmokeFire: they need you and your dreamcatcher
Genie_M: yep, you're connected
wildpeaks: because you are The Protagonist
nullvoid8: hey look weather
Aenir798: You are The Chosen One.
Didero: Also, if it's so important that you're in the East, WHY did Fragile teleport Lockne over of all people first, instead of you as a priority?
Territan: And the dramatic music has cued up.
nullvoid8: only the central strip of road is powered
Juliamon: unsubscribe Deadman
noSmokeFire: Deadman, please, we're driving
wildpeaks: thank you for subscribing to deadman facts
sydnius: need dnd
MAPBoardgames: If we were on foot these would've been more spaced out.
Lord_ZYRK: Didero she probably did it while you were still on the Beach
TXC2: we're gonna spend more time listening to deadman then traviling aren't we? :p
Tom_Bruise: "Deadman, you know that if you never bothered to call, I could've been there already so you could tell me all of it, right?"
wildpeaks: they never heard of hands-free phones
TXC2: Hello Juliamon
Juliamon: 👋
Didero: @Lord_ZYRK That still doesn't explain why Lockne is even needed in the first place
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 Though Googling it, Canada, the US and China are all kind of close in size - Canada's 9.984 miliion sqaure km, US is 9.833 million, and China is 9.56 million. Of course Russia dwarfs everything with 17 million square km :p
beowuuf: yeah deadman, i saw all this, sorry, i forgot to mention it
wildpeaks: this is one of those meetings that should have been an email
TXC2: An hour? we learned of that conection like 4 episodes ago :p
wench_tacular: that seems bad
Territan: Wasn't this also the plot of Persona 3?
noSmokeFire: soooo you're saying the chiral network was a mistake
Lord_ZYRK: Didero why are any of the people she collected from across the country needed?
Didero: @Lord_ZYRK An excellent question!
noSmokeFire: Beach....TWO!
Taveena: Totally misheard it as "My Own Beej"
Tom_Bruise: oh dear God, SUPER HELL
wildpeaks: it's beaches all the way down
Territan: Metabeach? Superbeach? Ur-beach?
PixelArtDragon: Wouldn't two beaches just be a peninsula?
Juliamon: Subocean-beach
Genie_M: The Beachest of Beaches
nullvoid8: I'm hearing a lot of what ifs and very little testable predictions
accountmadeforants: To trigger the final Beejdrop
KV1NN4: two cakes! :D
TXC2: "assert controll over every other Beej!"
sydnius: beaches 2:the Beachening
TehAmelie: we're moving into David Cage's Beyond Two Beaches
OldManJohnsonMB: NOW we're in serious trouble
Didero: Soooo... Cliff wants to end all life on Earth because... one lady was mean to his baby?
Tom_Bruise: We've only ever been in jovial light trouble so far
Territan: Some parents are schmucks.
wildpeaks: the internet is a series of beaches
Aenir798: You know...if Amelie didn't knock us off that cliff, we wouldn't have had to go all the way east to go back to get Amelie from her Beach.
nullvoid8: @Didero tbf, she was going to turn his baby into an antenna
Genie_M: it's a supercell again
LadyGrey21: I assumed they collected people with irreplaceable knowledge, and locked
wildpeaks: oh no, we ran into another cutscene
noSmokeFire: did they really have that call TEN FEET from a cutscene
Didero: @nullvoid8 Sure, but ALL life...
TXC2: Gods this game makes me shouty, I apologise Chat
LadyGrey21: *lockne
Territan: That's a LOT of chunky updraft.
sydnius: @wildpeaks so… we unclog the beach tubes
Tom_Bruise: oh good, another Torwhaledo
noSmokeFire: whale helll....
TheAinMAP: It's a twister.
lirazel64: Yes, my personal tragedies and misjudgements mean I get to end the world.
x0den: !whale
PsychoI3oy: no that's the same whale
Didero: whale, whale, whale, what do we have here
nullvoid8: quick, someone sacrifice a sunshine girl
TXC2: Whale whale whale, whats all this then ?
Lord_ZYRK: Didero not that excellent of a question: they wanted all the characters together for the finale, like. . . most every other piece of modern media
wench_tacular: all the beached whales
x0den: look out for flying potted plants too
TheAinMAP: The otter hat really added to that close-up.
niccus: how many whales has kojima seen die
TXC2: it can cause both
Tom_Bruise: what is bravery if not scaredness persevering?
HesGotNoPants: hey paul
sydnius: I kinda miss Ben strolling through the cutscenes
wildpeaks: someone seemed unhappy with Mads
beowuuf: sounded like bridget]
nullvoid8: you know it's Die hardman, you've already heard that his name is John
Tom_Bruise: yea no, 'cuz A) Kojima, and B) using babies to sense ghosts
accountmadeforants: It's mainly the specifics of their evil that's interesting :P
tknomncr: crabe
HesGotNoPants: if you get put in a jar I think adam is obligated by his code of honor to hunt you
TXC2: clearly Clifford was in charge of the BB program, but then objected to it
keroan0: "The government was using innocent babies to power the internet all along!" Yeah... you told me that in the first hour of the game
TheAinMAP: An aircraft.
wench_tacular: mads, your eyeliner is running
Genie_M: yeah it's more about the details of their scummery
wildpeaks: suddenly, trailer footage
Tom_Bruise: And now we're in 'Nam, great
Rhynerd: Welcome to Beach ‘Nam.
TXC2: we already this episode, Damn repeats
Alephred: "I Live! I Unger!'
HesGotNoPants: someone help please. how do babies power the internet? did babies have 10k internet all along?
Aenir798: We've done WW1, we've done WW2, time for ol' Nam
TXC2: it's not 'Nam until the Fortunate Son plays
Lord_ZYRK: HesGotNoPants there's no fatter pipes than an umbilical cord
LadyGrey21: there isn't really a "using innocent babies" scale like yes using
niccus: did we not already have a Cliff chapter
Rhynerd: Did Kojima get the rights for Fortunate Son for this game?
Tom_Bruise: Just around that corner we'll find Michael Sheen stabbing an old Marlin Brando with a spear
Genie_M: we can't not to Vietnam in an American Story
TXC2: niccus we did yes
beowuuf: i think it was called clifford?
Alephred: @HesGotNoPants These are special babies, born to dead mothers, so we can use the afterlife as a super-fast internet.
Alephred: I am serious.
Genie_M: there's 3 chapters with him "Clifford"
aWabbajack: def not Kansas Sam
Tom_Bruise: 'Nam, Sam, we told you already
accountmadeforants: What's worse, these weren't just leftover science experiment babies, they were purposely science experimented-upon babies, just for internet access!
Genie_M: "Unger" and this
Didero: Sam isn't very good at history, is he?
Territan: So this is a "beachhead?"
wildpeaks: and dead baby internet isn't even the wierdest part of the story
HesGotNoPants: @alephred anime thinks that story makes no sense
beowuuf: yeah, episode 4 was unger, episode 7 was clifford
NicoTheSly: @Alephred And that's the fun part. This game is bizarre, it gets weirder with each minute :)
sydnius: bring him a pizza he’ll feel much better and stop all this
Taveena: crave the 'grade
Didero: That's what gramma always said: "No such thing as too many cryptobiotes"
Genie_M: and still things fall into place in the end
Sanityis0verrated: isn't all of it the weird oart
Sanityis0verrated: *part
Genie_M: too bad we didn't visit Engler's home
Didero: There's some parts where we're just climbing mountains or driving a car, those aren't too weird
OldManJohnsonMB: Beached whales are the new waist-high wall
NicoTheSly: Depends on how you decide to drive the car.
Tom_Bruise: Take cover behind that whale, I'll hide behind this fire
nullvoid8: a cryptobiote a day keeps the doctor away
HesGotNoPants: @alephred also tell me they use artificial insemination
NicoTheSly: Getting yeeted though the front window was weird
Genie_M: if there is time after all the endings, we really should
sydnius: blood bag sounds like a nickname mosquitoes have for people
Alephred: @HesGotNoPants No, all indications point to mothers who have suffered accidents.
nullvoid8: @HesGotNoPants we only know the provinance of one BB, and it's the kid of the guy we're about to fight
Didero: But what's the fascination with dolls?
HesGotNoPants: @alephred so get pregnant, dies, gives birth. I strangly feel better
RocknGrohlNerd: benginHi gamers, this game got lot weirder, huh
Territan: I can't help thinking something weird: Sam is that BBB.
KV1NN4: i have no idea why him poppin out of the tar like that made me laugh
TXC2: hello RocknGrohlNerd welcome
wildpeaks: yet more trailer footage
ArcOfTheConclave: using your fire powers to light your cigarette
wench_tacular: mistakes were made
Rhynerd: “Ah, my legs”
sydnius: don’t smoke
accountmadeforants: "Okay, act natural Clifford, just do the sign thing. You did that on purpose."
TXC2: pretty sure that much tar would smother the flame
jedi_master_zll: SO is Mads "dead" at this point?
TXC2: jedi_master_zll yes
NicoTheSly: He was already dead before
Lord_ZYRK: He's been dead the whole time
nullvoid8: @Territan zero time travel in this story thankfully. It's screwed enough as it is
keroan0: @jedi_master_zll Oh yeah, super dead. He is just so mad... he won't go to heaven XD
TXC2: Thanks for streaming Paul
wildpeaks: tbh I'm not sure we'll manage to finish next stream
NicoTheSly: It's some weird memory thing. Beach stuff.
Genie_M: yep we're going fine
beowuuf: thanks for streaming!
TXC2: it's the UCA now
Territan: Good luck with the thing!
sydnius: thx lrrPAUL
Rhynerd: I think you can finish the game in the next strea
Tom_Bruise: it's the United Cities, get it right
Aenir798: We're about to get mad with Mads
wench_tacular: that seems like a good day's work
TXC2: !next
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wildpeaks: baii, thanks fot eh stream
Alephred: Thanks for streaming!
X_modem: only twice that seems like a slow day.
MAPBoardgames: The Panaylists, the game
jedi_master_zll: Truth or dare but all truth in yes or no questions, and then people predict the answer. I think.
TXC2: a game version of no right Answer
ContingentCat: dang work, I'll have to catch the vod
TXC2: !events
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PharaohBender27: Thanks for the stream, lrrPAUL ! lrrHEART
Territan: East coast, that'd be 8 PM. My game night will be in full swing at that time, but maybe I can catch the middle.
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Didero: Thanks for the stream, Paul!
HundreydAundre: It over. It's finally over...
beowuuf: btw david malki ! behind the game is the mind behind wondermark, machine of death, did tweet me harder with kris straub, etc
TXC2: !patreon
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TXC2: !twitter
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firekiwi22: Bye!
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CAKHost: Bye! Thanks Paul!
nullvoid8: thanks paul. Night all
beowuuf: thanks paul! see you later! have good day!
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
HundreydAundre: Oh, gawsh! I was about two *cries* like Reedus from the DS-Trailer.
Metric_Furlong: !secret
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CanPlayGames: !next
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Metric_Furlong: for now, The Void
Earthenone: !card void
LRRbot: Void [3BR] | Sorcery | Choose a number. Destroy all artifacts and creatures with converted mana cost equal to that number. Then target player reveals their hand and discards all nonland cards with converted mana cost equal to the number.
Metric_Furlong: the great streamless void
Metric_Furlong: which is a rather roundabout way of saying I'm probably going to have to leave running the next poll until Friday
Metric_Furlong: (off-stream chat doesn't really have the numbers, these days)
Earthenone: yeah, gone are the glory days of dawnguard
Metric_Furlong: lost to Discord, as is the way of things