IbunWest: Same. Which is honestly kind of exciting.
dangerous_safety: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (Join us for an early look at TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. #Sponsored. Game: TBH) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (10m from now).
letfireraindown: yeah, it seems like it will be fun
Mortimew: katesHype
Earthenone: from what they said on stream its like split the room, wich makes me excited
letfireraindown: Oh that excites me now! I love that game and even more so from what I watched in this past year
mitomanox: i've never seen TBH, but I imagine it's something in the line of Cards Against >
mitomanox: am i right?
Juliamon: But by a better company
mitomanox: ouch
Juliamon: well, better-run anyway
A_Catastrophic_Success: !advice
LRRbot: All relationships should start with a tutorial or a video.
A_Catastrophic_Success: !badadvice
LRRbot: Magic the fire.
Juliamon: It seems more like a Jackbox sort of game
Gekyouryuu: !vaselineorbarcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
NovaTiempo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (Join us for an early look at TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. #Sponsored. Game: TBH) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
letfireraindown: Is A_Catastrophic_Success just rating our advice?
letfireraindown: How bad is the gatcha game for Disgeae
Sheikun07: !badadvice
IbunWest: That's hardly bad advice
Gekyouryuu: !y
Sheikun07: I said BAD advice, LRRbot
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kusinohki: !findquote honest
LRRbot: Quote #3666: "To be honest, 750V does scare me a bit." —Ian [2016-11-28]
Gekyouryuu: I just had a stupid idea
Earthenone: i got 3 .7% units in one 10 pull on the disgea gatcha, so im biased there "_"
gnome_friend: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4802: "THEY FLY???" —Cameron [2018-03-16]
gnome_friend flies
gnome_friend: Wait, why does that look different now?
gnome_friend: lrrAWW
Gekyouryuu: "your honor, I was following my bosses instructions when I illegally diverted all of that water to create a new tributary through that section of town. he said "crime me a river" I swear!"
Calaban161: @Gekyouryuu what is your idea
NovaTiempo tries it too
NovaTiempo: Aww.
FacelessManAboutTown feels disappointed
Mcgwee: hahahaha
FacelessManAboutTown: :(
theleerm: !upnext
Gekyouryuu: @Calaban161 the thing I posted just before you asked that
Dog_of_Myth: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (Join us for an early look at TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. #Sponsored. Game: TBH) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
Sheikun07: *does this italicize now*
Juliamon: Twitch changed how /me works
gnome_friend: !panic
Sheikun07: Nope! Neat.
Sheikun07: Aha
gnome_friend: Is there still a way to do the colored text?
Juliamon: It's probably to combat the fake donation messages
Juliamon: so, no
Snowcookies: Hi I heard it was panic time
Juliamon: you need to be on a channel with highlights as a points option
gnome_friend: That's my secret, I'm always panicking
laikagoat: fionaGoat
Gekyouryuu tests the text
Mangledpixel: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm Hideo Kojima.
gnome_friend: lrrWOW
Earthenone still looks coloured, i musht not have refreshed recently
Gekyouryuu: guess not
Snowcookies is a bot
Gekyouryuu: !smash
LRRbot: Put a chewy nougat center in Smash, you cowards!
gnome_friend eats Smash
letfireraindown: It's fun when you get to the point of anxyity that everything is distressing so no surprise fazes you
PotatoWraiths: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (Join us for an early look at TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. #Sponsored. Game: TBH) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2m ago).
FacelessManAboutTown slips on a banana peel to the sound of a slide whistle
Snowcookies: The italics look much better than the previous thing imo
gnome_friend: I really liked the previous version, but
gnome_friend: It's not a major problem
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote italics
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
kusinohki: *salutes "major problem"
gnome_friend: The aesthetics of a streaming platform owned by a megacorporation aren't really the biggest issue
NovaTiempo: o7
tehcrashxor: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (Join us for an early look at TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. #Sponsored. Game: TBH) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
Mangledpixel: o7 General Disarray
MAPBoardgames: !findquote honest
LRRbot: Quote #7155: "Damn my honest face." —Jacob [2020-08-24]
tehcrashxor: !quote cam
LRRbot: Quote #3521: "Oh, lrrEFF me running!" —Cameron [2016-10-12]
FacelessManAboutTown: Agreed @gnome_friend , though second biggest issue for sure
NotCainNorAbel: you really think that Cam would have a quote about italics
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy!
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrHEART
NovaTiempo: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
MidgardSerpent: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Gekyouryuu: I had another stupid idea. someone who only likes one specific "fighting" game franchise and one specific platformer franchise considers there to only be three kinds of video game: Smash, Crash, or Trash
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
laikagoat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
gnome_friend: lrrSIGNAL
FenrisSchafer: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
Earthenone: signal
tehcrashxor: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL katesAir
FacelessManAboutTown: gc7Comfy
firekiwi22: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL duskth2HY
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote font
LRRbot: Quote #7363: "Comic Sans is the funniest font, fight me." —Kathleen [2020-11-19]
IbunWest: cliffBanger
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TrinAndTonic: hoorayyy
Mortimew: katesHype
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Sheikun07: Gentleman, behold. CORN!
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Earthenone: @laikagoat Thanks for the gift sub! lrrHEART
gnome_friend: sergeHi @TrinAndTonic
justgravey67: WOOP WOOP lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrAWESOME
djalternative: hola chat
laikagoat: @Earthenone lrrHEART lrrHEART
KeytarCat: I exist!
TrinAndTonic: @gnome_friend WAVE EMOJI RIGHT BACK AT YA
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KeytarCat: I got a couch today!
constablecrab: My stream just froze at 4:20
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KeytarCat: it was supposed to arrive on 5/5
Mcgwee: SingsNote lrrWOW
KeytarCat: @constablecrab Kappap
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Crossing the Streams! This week we are playing TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions! #sponsored http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E0GYnSGVUAEiLFu.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1387558412645404673
TheMerricat: Evening chat! :)
MAPBoardgames: Weird. My winamp was playing a different BGC song (Houston) off beat from the song on stream. Very weird sounding.
RandomTrivia: Time for some #SponCon
NovaTiempo: Quick! everyone grab a drink for the stream! *flees*
saramchenry: hello everyone! I'm Sara and I'm working on the TBH Kickstarter with Cut. If you have any questions about the game or the KS campaign, please ask me!
neisan2112: Ay I'll actually be here on time for one of these streams
KeytarCat: I keep forgetting to : before kappas
PharaohBender27: @constablecrab Clearly you need to start smoking a joint to watch this stream Kappa
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Serifina: 64! A full stack of months!
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gnome_friend: Welcome @saramchenry thanks for sponsoring a LRR stream
Mortimew: Yay, super blurry ads
TheMerricat: Welcome @saramchenry :)
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TrinAndTonic: sara is amazing and smart and the best and you need to be cool and nice to her and ask her good questions or I will seek vengeance
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amative1: Only 91 days til Desert Bus!.......... just kidding. Did I scare you?
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Juliamon: Hi Sara!
KeytarCat: @Mortimew I'm just getting BAD ads
Juliamon: !tbh
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
NightWingMistHawk: Wish me luck chat - about to turn in my final project for my final class for my first year of college
FacelessManAboutTown: I beat you to it @TheMerricat juzSmug
gnome_friend: lrrHEART @NightWingMistHawk good luck
SmithKurosaki: Greetings
PharaohBender27 wishes @NightWingMistHawk luck
gnome_friend italics
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Mcgwee: @nightwingmisthawk Godspeed O7
Slyguy46: lrrSIGNAL
constablecrab: @constablecrab I just finished a double session of Ring Fit Adventure. Smoking would destroy me right now.
FacelessManAboutTown wonders how one bends a Phareoah
JadedCynic: @NightWingMistHawk all the good luck <3
saramchenry: @TrinAndTonic lrrHEART
Mortimew: @Mortimew I didn't even realize I was watching a Walking Dead game ad
PharaohBender27: Wait, why do self-posts come out as italics instead of the user colorname!?
RunningMonkeys: @NightWingMistHawk gl
Juliamon: PharaohBender27 They changed it today
gnome_friend: @PharaohBender27 a weird new change
TheMerricat: Self posts?
PharaohBender27 is unhappy with this particular change
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floki4242: look a button must.. press the button
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TheMerricat well poot.
Sarah_Serinde: Hullo friends
JadedCynic likes this a little more, to be honest
amative1: Hello!
kusinohki *shrugs*
Juliamon: The /me command was changed probably to combat fake donations and such
Sarah_Serinde: And yes Twitch just updated how /me appears
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RandomTrivia: Hey there Sarah_Serinde!
KeytarCat: @NightWingMistHawk That's a great feeling! I've had incompletes almost every semester, so it's good to see folks managing!
Fruan contemplates the fragility of existance
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spicyFerret_: 3 months already? My, how time flies!
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amative1 is testing out the new /me command
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FacelessManAboutTown: catJAM
PharaohBender27 leans
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Fistacles: 12 months? thats almost 2 years!
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gnome_friend tilts slightly forward
FacelessManAboutTown: juzBanger
RandomTrivia is tilted
Mortimew italics
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
SnowbirdMike: Good evening chat
Snowcookies likes this change
sithenin: lrrARROW_HF lrrCIRCLE_HF lrrDOTS_HF
egonomogo: hihihi everyone
TheMerricat wonders if this is the start of a Stranding! Or has the Hiss invaded?
PharaohBender27: @gnome_friend We had the same idea! katesLol
KeytarCat doesn't really like that we have to use /me for italics and can't do it in color
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Hello Paul & mods, let's get this stream going lrrHEART
kusinohki: for some reason, the chat line has my sub badge covering the first few characters...
JadedCynic tilts his head to one side and thinks to himself...
constablecrab: banger alert
CastleOtranto: Twitch made a change that people don't like? I am shocked. Just shocked.
Corqren: hiyo
LeeshaJoy: oh good I got here just in time
NovaTiempo: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: another box, and in that box is another box which I mailed to myself. And when it arrives, I'll SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!
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Sibwow oh no
egonomogo: yeah i'm feelin this song <3
PharaohBender27: @CastleOtranto True :p
MTBoot: brionyPanic new game, new game? what's this what's this!
Sibwow *in pink* there i fixed it
BusTed: Looks like FFZ has already updated to make it like the old way if people like it.
BradenMTG: Can someone explain what crossing the streams is
IbunWest: My only complaint is that I wish they would address more important issues instead of something so frivolous.
Sibwow: @BusTed genius thank you
Sarah_Serinde: Sibwow sergeJustRight
hexy_lexy: hey all you wonderful friends who i love beyond measure!!!
NovaTiempo: @Sibwow how do that!
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LiveFaust: Boop!
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gnome_friend: @BradenMTG a stream of multiplayer games
JadedCynic: @BradenMTG multiplayer games
sydnius: lrrFINE
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Sibwow: @NovaTiempo "/me " at the start of your message
TrinAndTonic: Aaaaaaaa game time GAME TIME yayy
TheMerricat: TBH I'm with the folk who prefer it as italic simply because I have seen trolls attempt to use /me in LRR chat even to fake donations. sergeModLove our mods typically get them before they have a chance to be seen though.
FacelessManAboutTown: wheelerY wheelerH
KeytarCat: @BradenMTG Group LRR show with no consistent theme beyond Multiplayer
TrinAndTonic: @AnAnonymousGifter Thanks for the gift sub! omg I don't know what this is thank you
hd_dabnado mwahahaha
JadedCynic: I agree with @TheMerricat
MAPBoardgames: I'd love more Gang Beasts
Juliamon: TheMerricat Maybe don't use that acronym for this stream lmao
Sarah_Serinde: TrinAndTonic You have LRR emotes now! lrrHEART
CastleOtranto wants to see what the fuss is about
NovaTiempo: nice background, Ian
MTBoot: Cori's immigration of the gang beasts animations in that intro is SO flawless, gets me everytime
TrinAndTonic: @Sarah_Serinde THE POWER. !!!
egonomogo: lmao
SnowbirdMike: What?
TheMerricat: doh @Juliamon I just realized that :)
MichaelVYee: katesHype
offbeatwitch: i see Ian is at the metro
lithopseffect: D I S C L O S U R E
kusinohki: hashtag octothorpe
emberBecky: Hi chat. Been a while. So happy they still have that intro. :) <3
saucemaster5000: #fiscalresponsibility
Snowcookies: #sponsored
neisan2112: Crossing the streams time while leveling Black mage
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Non_Terminator: Thank you all again for all you do.
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offbeatwitch: #hashtag
Sarah_Serinde: !patreon
LRRbot: 2519 patrons for a total of $18,886.65 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
RomanGoro: !sponsored
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
gnome_friend: #octothorpe
TheWooglie: is that a Japanese metro map?
drfox17: we also did this!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: this stream is ##sponsored
NotCainNorAbel: Pride500 - Fiscal responsibility.
SnowbirdMike: Good evening LRR
quietcat: octothorpe sponsored
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Sarah_Serinde: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy T-shirts, MTG playmats and sleeves, Qwerpline and Road Quest official merch, and much more! Check out https://store.loadingreadyrun.com/ for the full catalog. (Please be aware that Wyrmwood products purchased from THIS store do not benefit from the Wyrmwood shipping promo, but they are worth it!)
85Hawk: #ogsponsors rock
gnome_friend: Patreon! Hashtags!
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TacitusVigil: the bones of treej and the skins of beej!
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Anubis169: Chat... Start! Your! Engines!
wizkid7123: Wheeler is definitely feisty after that commander game this afternoon
NovaTiempo: nex mailtime will be interesting...
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Ian no! I already give the queen my money!
Earthenone: elizabeth will remember this
Sarah_Serinde: !tbh
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
op3rs: aww @princeofdorknes ! that you SO much for the gifted sub! <3 <3
op3rs: *thank you
fastlane250: So I send them 20 doll arms? Kappa
PharaohBender27: So, can anyone tell which subway/rail system is in lrrIAN 's background?
kusinohki: money orders for penelope start coming in...
laikagoat: we had a whole war to not give the crown money
TheMerricat: No such thing as "overfunded" for well run projects :P
JadedCynic: Warning: do NOT send currency in the mail
benjamin_wheeler: @PharaohBender27 the one pulled from the walls of Subway restaurants
saramchenry: Hey that's me!
SnowbirdMike: Hello Sarah
Sarah_Serinde: Welcome saramchenry!
Corqren: welcome
Snowcookies: Hello sara
IbunWest: cliffLove
TrinAndTonic: Sara Explains It All <3
saucemaster5000: congrats on the game!
letfireraindown: HELLOOOO SARA
TheWooglie: @PharaohBender27 I think one of the Japanese cities
djalternative: Welcome
j0randax: pathraPOG
xantos69: Hello Sara!
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Sarah_Serinde: SnowbirdMike No "h" for her :)
MidgardSerpent: Hi Sara! Welcome!
control_rig: Hello @saramchenry
Tmpyst: Howdy Sara
Mcgwee: Hello!
Serifina: *gets out the bonking stick*
PharaohBender27: @PharaohBender27 That would scan
NightWingMistHawk: The power of Sara(h)s grows!
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85Hawk: #callajudge
Slyguy46: lrrJUDGE
Wrexadecimal: Ian's background is just the tube map? nice.
JadedCynic: CRTC? Industry Canada?
Corqren: sergeWelcome sergeWelcome
IbunWest: Sponsor overflow.
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CyberColossus: <3 the home of forever smiles :)
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Mcgwee: ah the overflow
Sibwow: dont you mean 9 @benjamin_wheeler
Veraphage: my favorite hashtag sponsored hashtag content
TheMerricat: #hashtag.
Loonatic93: Can the FTC do anything to y'all?
Sarah_Serinde: Fancy
amative1: Hashtag Sponsored Octothorpe Content
JadedCynic: SHINY!
MTBoot: LRRTBHjudge account in the chat lrrJUDGE I have a question! are you having a good day?
TacitusVigil: but what about the Ferengi Commerce Authority?
Oneiros96: so has Wheeler only to answer 8 questions ?
maxthefourth: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
benjamin_wheeler: @Sibwow 999, its gen 2 marowak rules
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sydnius: ##
RannaBella: Beej what is that hair
Mcgwee: nice colora
Mcgwee: colors
Sibwow: @benjamin_wheeler its gotta be octavia rules
Terr0rc0tta: You can definitely legally shoot the moon
Xan_The_Quiet: all this #content AND there's a game, too? wow, such value!
IbunWest: spin to win
JadedCynic: wheee
NovaTiempo: spin!
MAPBoardgames: Weee!
RomanGoro: 10/10
CleeKru: oh its TTS
Corqren: sergeHolyMoly
Snowcookies: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
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PharaohBender27: @PharaohBender27 OK, saw one of the bigger names, Googled it, and it looks to be Tokyo
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: weee
EvilBadman: @loonatic93 Maybe not, but they can penalize the company for the product
justgravey67: best game ever
HundreydAundre: Board game, board game, board game!
fastlane250: Dedicated Spin Key, 10/10 game
LiveFaust: Tap to... lrrJUDGE
letfireraindown: you spin me right round
Fruan: Best feature.
SnowbirdMike: Good thing i had a light supper.
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sydnius: sudden urge to get a new cell phone
constablecrab: Rotate the cushions.... wait
Tmpyst: Thank you, disembodied voice
fcloud: tap for mana?
TheMerricat: @RannaBella that's beej's quarantine hair, it's its own character in Chillpoint sessions :P
Loonatic93: @EvilBadman Fair point. Plus things like Twitch/Amazon.
Sibwow: tad cooper!
Juliamon: !fart
LRRbot: A lil' of the ol' anal applause!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: that's a commmand?
Terrible_Gaming: Beej and Cori are definitely tied for best hair atm
NovaTiempo: no? no.
hanquoc: LUL LUL LUL LUL
Scy_Anide: Oh, like a Discworld dragon
HundreydAundre: !barf
Sibwow: infinite CTC? hell yes
TheWanderingNomad: Just gotta make everything out of absetos Kappa
TrinAndTonic: Cinnamon Toast Crunch or you're wrong
kusinohki: sonds like panalyst prombts. or possibly split the room
FacelessManAboutTown: All I hear is "Get diabetes"
BigJDerpy: Honey Grahams? Heck yes!
IbunWest: I would absolutely eat my favorite cereal for breakfast every day for 10 years
fastlane250: is this just physical split the room with no user input? because i can dig that.
Lord_Hosk: YES!
ChainedDreamer: How much is a small bowlful?
HundreydAundre: Oh, guess that was not as clever as I'd like.
TheMandrew: i mean, i already eat the same cereal...so yes
Xan_The_Quiet: do they even make cookie crisp anymore?
NightWingMistHawk: How small are we talking?
sivakrytos: no, absolutely not
SnowbirdMike: Yes, I have cocaine instead of sugar.
Loonatic93: Infinite Almond Delight! Please!!!!!! Loved that as a kid!
Mcgwee: oh no mine was fruity pebbles
letfireraindown: dry and out of a glass, sure
TheMerricat: My favorite childhood cereal would be 99% fake marshmellows.
amative1: Reeses Puffs still tastes amazing, so yes?
hanquoc: frosted flakes for days
letfireraindown: can't take milk
Faulpyr: French Toast Crunch.
Snowcookies: I get bored of food fast
Faulpyr: Definitely
Sibwow: @benjamin_wheeler do loose almonds count as cereal?
Crad0k: i do that anyway, so... yes
djalternative: CTC still tastes as good as it did
JadedCynic: They stopped making...ohhhh, like someone found a stock of it (that didn't go off)
Cimurph: My biggest barrier to entry here is if I can be assed to keep up with having milk on hand
Wrexadecimal: For mine; yes but as long as it's the recipe from the 90s and not the new version :P
NovaTiempo: approx 150% sugar
HundreydAundre: Actually, it's between Total & Life.
Loonatic93: (Pretty sure Almond Delight no longer exists.)
sharkeyandthewizard: I already eat this much raisin bran
ArdCollider: Kix is absolutely probably still made of something remarkably like wholemeal packing peanut flour, so sure
Pteraspidomorphi: My favorite childhood cereal was incredible, only existed for 6 years and was then cancelled forever by Nestle. This was 30 years ago and I've never had anything like it.
LariatWest: CTC for me as well. Do't hink I could do this
Pharmacistjudge: actually they have reduced the sugar in most cereals
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TheMerricat: Old school Ghostbusters Cereal.
Fairgrim: Yea it's like I already have cereal 7 days a week so this would be me cutting back.
Alex_Frostfire: My favorite cereal, I got really sick after eating one time and it's never tasted as good since.
Lord_Hosk: How are points scored?
Jamfalcon: Ah yes, sugar power creep
emberBecky: I guess we're assuming continuing fresh supply? not a bunch of stale lucky charms. XD
YeetTheRich_: can i eat my cereal with whiskey?
RocknGrohlNerd: how small is the small bowl ?
SnowbirdMike: I will also eventually learn that whiskey can be a subsitute for milk.
fastlane250: Nintendo Cereal System
Sylenctone: I 100% do this already
Loonatic93: You can get it in little boxes or something.
Draynus: Would French Toast Crunch work if it's somewhat discontinued?
sydnius: i eat rice crispies and banana daily, warum nicht
fastlane250: although apparently the nintendo cereal was disgusting when new soooo
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Five days every week, or can I eat it seven days one week and three the next?
Wrexadecimal: Also "small bowl" is very open to debate about what a small bowl is
EchoChris93: Pack a box
Sibwow: haha pax some cereal
SnowBuddy18: you'd have to Pax cereal
TheMerricat: @Wrexadecimal shot glass sized :P
saucemaster5000: I've got some very small bowls this is easy
Wrexadecimal: @TheMerricat yyyyyep
Juliamon: I have no idea what my fav cereal was as a kid because it was "whatever organic/all-natural crap my mom allowed me to have"
constablecrab: Can you even transport cereal into Australia?
JadedCynic: ohhhh, doublethink (I like)
Spooky_Noises: You could do first 5 days week 1, then skip the first 2 days of week 2 to get a 4 day break.
TrinAndTonic: @Juliamon big same, oh no
PharaohBender27: Pretty sure I can guess lrrKATHLEEN 's answer at this point :p
SnowbirdMike: Me too
Tangsm: It would be a much more challenging question if you weren't allowed to explain the arrangement with anyone you ate breakfast with.
Pharmacistjudge: cereal is cheap, this isn't worth it to me
kusinohki: I'm still an overgrown man child though...
BjjBrain: easy yes lol
underhill33: I still do
emberBecky: I'm a "no". There's no food I like enough that I won't get sick of it at that quantity. And definitely no cereal.
JadedCynic: but I was allergic when I was a kid...I eat MUCH tastier cereal now LUL
hexy_lexy: my favourite childhood cereal was oatmeal with brown sugar and milk, easy yes
YeetTheRich_: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 13:49.
Earthenone: i still eat fruitloops at least once a week, this would just be value for me
saramchenry: I simply could not eat that much sugar every day, I think
TheMerricat: to be honest, I didn't like cereal as a kid, I was more of a scrambled eggs smothered in cheese or grilled cheese...
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I'm not that into cereal anymore and there's no reward besides a supply of this cereal, which I would probably get sick of not long into that 10-year stretch...doesn't seem like there's much in it for me
CastleOtranto: This kinda makes me want Frosted Flakes, but also kinda not.
ravenlord_xix: I’m the boring kid who liked oatmeal crisp as a kid (and still do)
TrinAndTonic: I believe Ian and Beej will say yes and Kathleen will say No. everyone else, is a wildcard
TheDailyMapleSyrup: Cinnamon toast crunch
Juliamon: There's video of me eating Oatios (because even Cheerios weren't "healthy enough") so I guess that would be fine?
chesul: Spooky_Noises only every third week, otherwise you'd have four days off, then ten days on.
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NovaTiempo: M'genta
NoTomToLose: We need some way to indicate this on the screen...
Fairgrim: Ohh if Paul color codes them it will be magic
TheMerricat: OH! Important question - do we still get the toy inside the box?
TheWooglie: I liked the multi packs of little boxes so that would be good for me
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aerobeing: I remember mine being "honey puffs" or a variation of and choco puffs as a kid. And "Fuel Wheaties" (IIRC) later in life.
Darleysam: I mean, what are the consequences for stopping halfway through if you get bored
gonvillebromhead: This isn't great for us Daltonists
Riandisa: At least some cereals mix well with others so you can potentially get variety that way
Slyguy46: What’s the resale value
SnowbirdMike: Whats sad is my favorite cereal as kid is Shreddies..WTf ... why isnt it Coco Crisps or Frenken Berry or something good.
Sarah_Serinde: Hey Darleysam how goes?
JadedCynic: @saramchenry well, it DID say "a small bowlful" - like what you get at a hotel restaurant for breakfast...like a bit bigger than a teacup
Featherweight_: how do they know? is this just the honor system?
Spooky_Noises: Hmm, do you have to prove it, like do you have to post a pic every day?
Sarah_Serinde: Featherweight_ Hey Devin!
PharaohBender27: @saramchenry So, out of curiosity, was this inspired by Dix? I ask because this seems like Dix, but with Split the Room-style prompts
IbunWest: It specifies bowl
Featherweight_: Hi Sarah!
Wrexadecimal: bowl of cereal, drop it into a bowl, it's good. ;)
Darleysam: @sarah_serinde heyo! yeah doing alright thanks, yourself?
JadedCynic: But Kathleen - that would be MORE cereal! :D
HundreydAundre: Wow. Life Total. That's a magic thing from two cereals. Wait I lied. I still like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I would've eaten more Cinnamon Toast Crunch back then.
DeGunner: a bowl of rice crispy treats
amative1: It says "a ten year supply" and "at least one small bowlful"... I'm totally having two meals a day that are cereal
snowmonkey99: I could do a chocolate crackle for breakfast every day
Sarah_Serinde: Darleysam Tired but good :)
ChainedDreamer: Does a ten-year supply mean you get supplied for ten years or you get as much as they think someone will need in ten years?
JadedCynic: Hmmm, yeah, nice idea
neisan2112: I assume they'll talk about what the different "stations" are?
saucemaster5000: Yeah like a lot of chat mine was also cinnamon toast crunch
letfireraindown: smacks bars!
SurfDownstage: I mean you can cement together any cereal with marshmallows, really
NovaTiempo: you cant skip breakfast!
saramchenry: @PharaohBender27 I haven't played Dix! So I don't know.
djalternative: @DeGunner there is a literal rice crispy treats cereal
Darleysam: sounds fair! @sarah_serinde
SnowbirdMike: LOL
Wrexadecimal: Mine was french toast crunch. >_>
kusinohki: 20 min for 1 question... I foresee a long game
Sarah_Serinde: Okay I do like Wheeler's logic
Sibwow: hypotheticles returns
PharaohBender27: @PharaohBender27 Fair :)
Snowcookies: I only eat brunch. Breakkfast is too early
Sarah_Serinde: I'm a little scared I said that though
SnackPak_: kids are the best rules lawyers
saramchenry: thank you to whoever sent me points!
TheMerricat: Tweet it every day.
mercano82: If you don’t break your fast until 2PM, it’s still breakfast.
NightWingMistHawk: They install a camera in your cereal box
KaleidoscopeMind: Yeah. I was like.. how do they know?
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NovaTiempo: The Crunch Report?
Cimurph: They just plug into one of your various webcams
fastlane250: Breakfast Monitor
aerobeing: It's a magical bowl.
Lord_Hosk: My favorite cereal as a child was rice krispries, but our choices were Rice Krispies or Cheerios. Those were our ONLY CHOICES
TheWooglie: it's hypothetical
HundreydAundre: @SnackPak_ No, I wasn't.
TrinAndTonic: @kusinohki imo the longer the better! the more details, the weirder things get
taareek1976: I always liked chex, so if you could make other things with the required amount, that's a lot of chex mix to make and experiment making.
Raigne86: Daily zoom call
TheMerricat: Tiktoc you eating every day.
constablecrab: Big Cereal is watching you.
JadedCynic: Nah, Cori - General Mills just puts a CC camera in your kitchen - welcome ot the 21st century
snowmonkey99: Livestream it
chesul: I mean, popcorn works as a breakfast cereal, so crackerjacks counts, right?
Tangsm: You have to send them a selfie of you eating every morning.
Nigouki: self-reporting is notoriously unreliable
Slyguy46: The Truman Show it
SnowbirdMike: I bet no one picks Bran Flakes.
Loonatic93: @saramchenry Question: Are the questions generally "family friendly" like these? Cause this looks absolutely in line for my families get-togethers.
CleeKru: does Wheeler have to many guesses?
PharaohBender27: Well, lrrBEEEJ is sure making this dystopic
RandomTrivia: LUL
ArdCollider: what if it just has one of those GI-pill internal camera in it
Terr0rc0tta: Can the 5 days a week vary?
sorinthecat: i couldnt do it too samey same
Riandisa: What if you're sick and just not up for eating breakfast that day?
TheDailyMapleSyrup: What is the serial goes away or company goes bankrupt
Juliamon: Loophole option: is oatmeal a cereal?
RandomTrivia: @PharaohBender27 Like moreso than usual? :D
nyperold: Lift the napkin...
fastlane250: Eat verification bowl to continue.
omdorastrix: What about circumstances where you can't eat due to sickness, dental issues etc etc
hanquoc: LUL
BusTed: tqsHmph
letfireraindown: follow your nose
prince_infidel: you/Ted from general mills; enemies to lovers; slow burn
EvilBadman: @juliamon 10 years of oatmeal sounds dreadf
EvilBadman: ul
JadedCynic: Amazon wants to control a camera on your front door, of course the cereal company would spy on your kitchen
ItsAstridEh: Beej eats the Bowl Thing
PharaohBender27: @PharaohBender27 Honestly, yeah :p
ChainedDreamer: Why do you all know what a parole officer sounds like?
RandomTrivia: Oh it's from a Monkey's Paw!
saramchenry: @Loonatic93 Yes! We have an NSFW expansion pack where things get dirty, but the base game is suggested for ages 14 and up.
Juliamon: EvilBadman Speak for yourself, I would go all-in on this offer for some maple brown sugar oatmeal
Rytel: Why do I feel like this is what The Panalysts is like unedited
Cimurph: This feels like a dangerously long game for a room full of improv people
JadedCynic: @saramchenry oh! Oh MY....now you're talking my language :)
Loonatic93: @saramchenry Excellent! So good for my friends as well! Heading to Kickstarter now! :)
TrinAndTonic: @Cimurph dangerously.... or delightfully???
TheMerricat: @Cimurph dangerously? I think awesomely
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fastlane250: I'm digging this game already
saramchenry: I don't know if anyone from the game is watching, but you can select multiple cards at once by holding shift, and then you can flip all at once!
HailtheRNG: Yup, i'm trying this game with my friends
TrinAndTonic: the game is here: https://cut.com/TBHLRR hash tag sponsored
hanquoc: love the game
Juliamon: !tbh
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
YeetTheRich_: ewwww
sharkeyandthewizard: YES MATT
PotatoWraiths: EYY
x0den: i am too
underhill33: Wow
Graham_LRR: @trinandtonic hi Trin!
Corqren: bleh
JadedCynic: I lived on Raisin Bran <3
Wrexadecimal: eyyy
NovaTiempo: raisins are correct
HundreydAundre: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
NightWingMistHawk: Matt and I are on the same page here :D
PharaohBender27: I actually like Raisin Bran
JadedCynic: it was sweet but not TOO sweet
omdorastrix: Hi @Graham_LRR
Sarah_Serinde: saramchenry You can probably @ loadingreadyrun if you need to, that's Paul and he keeps an eye on chat
Orgmastron: I also enjoy raisins Matt!
PotatoWraiths: the Rasin Bran Cromch is the best
Slyguy46: Sup G
TrinAndTonic: @Graham_LRR HI!!! I feel like I'm at a party! I haven't felt this way for... like a year and a half!!!!
sharkeyandthewizard: oh nevermind matt i feel so desperately betrayed
amative1: Yes but WHICH Raisin Bran? There are two different ones.
Serifina: And they do taste different!
mariomario42: raisin bran crunch >>> raisin bran
SnowbirdMike: Those damn raisins are now hard like pebbles. Even in milk.
Graham_LRR: @trinandtonic Same!!
LinearGif: Raisin Brands
RandomTrivia: Eyyyy benginFingers Good job Cori
johnalogue: what brand is your bran?
omdorastrix: Yeah I think the bigger issue is a child eating and enjoying raisin BRAN.... that said I did too >.>
saramchenry: @Sarah_Serinde thanks!!!
Serifina: I like Kellog's Raisin Brand. I am not a big fan of Post's.
PotatoWraiths: @mariomario42 yooo
IbunWest: That's a good cereal
johnalogue: Know your brands, or get bran'd
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aerobeing: How long has that cereal been there? :)
saramchenry: lmao at "six boxes?!" I buy oatmeal in eight-pound boxes
JadedCynic: Post in canada? We only ever got Kellogg's out in the remote parts out here when I was a kid - I never saw Captain Crunch in local stores until the 21st century
TheWooglie: why did green get 3 point?
Wrexadecimal: chargin' some depths, alright
RandomTrivia: OH NO
Terr0rc0tta: Been has been the oldest man on earth for as long as he’s been alive
saucemaster5000: depth charge is a much better cereal name
SmithKurosaki: I never knew there was more than one maker of RB
rangerboy87: So for me that would be either Frosted Flakes or Peanut Butter Crunch
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SnowbirdMike: I can do this challenge since im using a bottle cap as a bowl.
letfireraindown: that's why itook to snacking on granola
DeM0nFiRe: Fiber One Honey MIRV
spoopifer_oh_spoopifer: that was a beautiful description Beej. and by beautiful I mean horrible
Graham_LRR: Frosted Depth Charges
EvilBadman: @loadingreadyrun Can you explain scoring for the chat again
steven_strangle: @TheWooglie I think the less people that guessed on a given person, the more points a correct guess is worth?
TrinAndTonic: corn.. AND bran?? at the same time?
PharaohBender27 is suspicious of this bonejammin_weedler user
maxthefourth: @TheWooglie you get a point for each star where you voted
mercano82: Fiber one clusters sounds like a server networking technology
saramchenry: @TheWooglie the points are assigned by how many stars are visible. the center star counts as one (so the minimum points you can get for guessing correctly is one).
bonejammin_weedler: @PharaohBender27 what's suspicious about me?
SnackPak_: so much value
Dammit_Liz: Wheeler, I'm so sorry
Rashwe_: I love Quaker Corn Bran. I can never find it.
TheMandrew: i assumed Canadians only ate Whole Wheat Shreddies
TheWooglie: thanks everyone
sharkeyandthewizard: friendship ended with raisin bran now corn bran is best friend
kusinohki: re: scoring - each revealed star is a point. each guess covers a star so the more people who guess an answer, the fewer points they get
DerRitter42: I don't understadn this interface at all :/
TheMerricat: So the answerer gets points for empty spaces but the people who guess get points on right guesses, right?
Sarah_Serinde: Hi Dammit_Liz :D
JadedCynic: @TheMandrew and Grape-Nuts™
SirSlipps: I mean it could be worse, it could be grape nuts
PharaohBender27: @bonejammin_weedler The similarity to one of the player's usernames
djalternative: Liz is here! Hi Liz!
Snowcookies: lol
NoTomToLose: I mean mine was Crispix, so
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Dammit_Liz: @TrinAndTonic hihi
Cimurph: I feel like I have literally never seen "Corn Bran" cereal before
drawnbinary: I love Raisin Bran but my favourite childhood cereal is Shreddies, which I can't get in Australia
Dread_Pirate_Westley: As someone born in Iowa...yeah, I get that.
RandomTrivia: Hi Liz!
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, Liz!
TrinAndTonic: @Dammit_Liz YAY HI FRIENDS
kalira77: am i the only one who's never heard of Corn Bran?
Graham_LRR: @dammit_liz Liz!!
Imnotpocket: i was on my way back from a regatta and had no money but was able to buy discount jumbo cornflakes for 49 cents
PharaohBender27: @bonejammin_weedler Also, it was joke :p
Dammit_Liz: hello! This is good bran(d) content
bonejammin_weedler: :P
saramchenry: @TheMerricat No, the answerer doesn't get any points no matter how many people guessed on them.
JadedCynic: @Dread_Pirate_Westley yeah, I'm not gonna go wake my Cyclone wife to mention the reference ;)
RandomTrivia: @Dammit_Liz *polite applause*
e_bloc: wait I knew Kathleen was from NZ but I didn't realize she grew up there
PharaohBender27 sees what @Dammit_Liz did there
JadedCynic: ooooo yeah...
EvilBadman: explaining the scoring here in chat doesn't do anything for the YouTube audience who won't have this chat
LadyDKat: Yeah Weetabix!
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asthanius: Milk
NovaTiempo: yup, yup.
TrinAndTonic: Kathleen, Hot Slime Disgusting Queen
sorinthecat: what are wheatabix?
LeeshaJoy: Yeah, the sugariest cereal my brother and I were allowed was Kix.
Jake_the_Snake_95: hey y'all
underhill33: lrrWOW
drawnbinary: condolences for your brick of sludge XD
asthanius: ewwwww
SnowbirdMike: What?????????
margravetech: plz delet kefleen
qrunchmonkey: gross
RandomTrivia: Kathleen that's porridge. You're making porridge
YawnLance: Heck yeah
SnackPak_: I'd try that
KaleidoscopeMind: So it's basically oatmeal
SmithKurosaki: That tracks
Snowcookies: !clip
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PharaohBender27: O_o
YeetTheRich_: why would anyone do that
neisan2112: OH my
RomanGoro: What the actual bus
control_rig: What... what abomination is THAT
Spacepup: That's "We Have Oatmeal at Home"
NovaTiempo: Or oatabix
Sibwow: wheatmeal
Naarius: #HotWheatSlime
spoopifer_oh_spoopifer: hot wheat slime
Demonlemming: I also do that Kathleen.
Pteraspidomorphi: I hate it
FacelessManAboutTown: I am not ok
JadedCynic: so basically eating poor cream of wheat
SnowbirdMike: LOL
amative1: And then you dump your coffee and a banana on it... a balanced breakfast!
saucemaster5000: that went south so fast
circusofkirkus: but oatmeal is good
RocknGrohlNerd: unsubscribe wheatabix facts!
BloodnBullets: thats what I do. (also from NZ...)
Spooky_Noises: Thats how an alien eats breakfast.
Kramburger: Okay in Aus they're called Weet-Bix,where's this A coming from New Zealand?
Slyguy46: Whatabix
YawnLance: I used to eat that all the time as a kid... :p
snowmonkey99: Weetbix, pour boiling water over til it's just damp, then cold milk, mix it all together, serve with sugar.... that's my childhood cereal
Serifina: Oh my GOD
Snowcookies: just buy oatmeal
constablecrab: #hotwheatslime
Cartographers_Ink: I eat that the exact same way!!
TheMerricat: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weetabix - chat this is what she's talking about
sydnius: lrrWOW love it
Juliamon: That's just Cream of Wheat
tangokilo421: Kathleen why
RandomTrivia: BEEJ NO
Countjondi: I like crushing my cereal before I pour in the milk in
ArdCollider: LOL my grandmother used to just make weetabix with hot water
johnalogue: Kix: Kid tested, mother watching horrified
aerobeing: @LoadingReadyRun Sounds like what they eat outside of The Matrix.
Radyin: That sounds totally vile and unnecessary.
YeetTheRich_: thats what a supervillain would eat for breakfast
YawnLance: Not from New Zealand, did that as a kid!
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Phailhammer: @kramburger Probably the UK
SnowbirdMike: Might be.
Graham_LRR: I watch her do this and say nothing. I’m sorry, all.
DerRitter42: My sister does that
Fruan: Can confirm, horrible New Zealand secrets being exposed here.
Naarius: It's a deep dark Kiwi secret
quasi79fu: i come back to someone talking about hot wheat slime?
DerRitter42: I hate her
asthanius: @Graham_LRR You're complicit
underhill33: Maybe Kiwis are broken
SerGarretCameron: is that just home-made frosted mini wheats/
Nyxjbm: I mean you want your weetbix as stodgy as possible yeah
NoTomToLose: lol G
TrinAndTonic: @Graham_LRR excellent work. change nothing
letfireraindown: I can't handle milk and icecream
FacelessManAboutTown: @Graham_LRR I assume the shock and horror make it hard to react
corpocracy: Omg G
constablecrab: People do that with Grape Nuts
Demonlemming: I'm UK based and do it.
Cartographers_Ink: I'm Canadian and ate the equivalent the same way (Shredded Wheat)
Williams4jesus: It's about having a breakfast cereal that you can add things to like cheerios
tangokilo421: @graham_lrr I admire your restraint
Slyguy46: Graham pls tell me no one else in the house eats it
Drakas: this is also what we did and im from australia
drawnbinary: honestly it sounds less vile when it's warm
sydnius: it’s just steamed shredded wheat
Serifina: Dear sweet heavens
JadedCynic: wheetabix blended would not become 'oatmeal' chat - it's made from WHEAT, not OATS - so it'd be *cream of wheat* B)
darklordfoamy: Uck I never get why people like Weetabix here. Yuck.
Tangsm: @Graham_LRR People respond to shock differently.
Juliamon: I've never had Weetabix but I love/d Cream of Wheat so I'd try this
JadedCynic: @darklordfoamy different strokes for different folks
Veraphage: Just Wheat
Dammit_Liz: this explains a lot about Ian
quasi79fu: Fear the Hot Wheat Slime
LinearGif: Wheat and Wheat Alone
Sibwow: loose wheat
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SnackPak_: #TeamSkipBreakfast
asthanius: WOW
drawnbinary: Shreddies supremacy
PharaohBender27: DANG
underhill33: lol
Snowcookies: oh my
NoTomToLose: @TrinAndTonic Does this leave your predictions 0 for 3? :D
EncryptedSquid: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 26:13.
SmithKurosaki: Gotten
SmithKurosaki: Gottem*
steven_strangle: My god, Ian absolutely fuckin Gottem
mercano82: For Ian, we say “Gundam”
TrinAndTonic: @NoTomToLose YES but in a way, I still win.... because I received a delightful surprise
SnowbirdMike: HaHa
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
NoTomToLose: We definitely are all winning :D
JadedCynic: @Juliamon Weetabix is dry and crunchy until you let the milk soften it - think shreddies (without any coating) in one big 'cake' that you break up with your spoon - but yeah, you'd almost have to stick it in a blender to make it like Cream of Wheat
Loonatic93: Now Breakfast doesn't have to be in the morning. It's just the first meal of the day! It's when you "break" your "fast."
asthanius: wait hold on
drawnbinary: breakfast can be at 1pm if it's the first meal and it's cereal
asthanius: explain
SnowbirdMike: Me too
SnackPak_: Cori is totally a yes
Juliamon: Now I legit want to try this Weetabix disaster
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niccus: forced loops
TheWooglie: So not Ian forcing you then
RandomTrivia: OMG Ian
saucemaster5000: yeah they just show up and make you
LeeshaJoy: A Year of Forced Breakfast sounds like someone's quirky memoir
jkoon78076: cori talked about this on the panalysts
KeytarCat: Uh cori
LinearGif: My childhood relationship with cereal was all very cyclical, couldn't say I had just one favorite, and in hindsight, that's probably because I was allergic to each and every one
Gekyouryuu: phrasing
nyperold: Eat or die, make your choice.
JadedCynic: ooof, 15 years ago, I was married (am now too, but...)
saramchenry: @LoadingReadyRun my other tip on flipping the answers is it's more dramatic if you flip the guesses and THEN reveal your answer.
BjjBrain: @Gekyouryuu yep! lol
SnowbirdMike: ^ hour
Countjondi: I wouldn't complain.....
SnowbirdMike: 6 hour
letfireraindown: reminds me... Psyche ward got me dailyfood. It was effing great to eat a good4
nyperold: You're just dragon? That would haveben better for the other question...
saramchenry: @LoadingReadyRun you can grab all the cards with shift and then drag them back
Nyxjbm: I got 12 hours, long stream it is
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JadedCynic: yeah, rice crispies, raisin bran, eventually special K for a bit....and then meh.
EvilBadman: Hey what?
SnowbirdMike: Ultra Badman
TrinAndTonic: omg I love this question
rabbitgta: people are here to listen about all that childhood trauma
DigitalSeahorse: harrowing heroing
Pteraspidomorphi: EvilBadman: Your evil alter-ego?
chesul: is this TTS?
Lord_Hosk: Isnt He in chat
A_Dub888: !findquote drama
LRRbot: Quote #6772: "Let me get on my drama clothes." —Cameron [2020-02-18]
RandomTrivia: @EvilBadman What do you have to say for yourself? :D
NovaTiempo: ohno
hexy_lexy: Ultra Batman?!?! Kappa
Luminaire_p: Ultraman Belial?
EvilBadman: This is Libel!
Micsig: from Death Stranding
LarkSachrosis: I often participate
fastlane250: Strong > Ultra
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Lord_Hosk: Hey EvilBadman IS HERE!
NovaTiempo: Paid$420?
TheMerricat: $240 - chump change.
LeeshaJoy: oh FUCK that noise, you'd have to pay me at least three figures before that's worthwhile to me
SnowbirdMike: Cheap Bastards $240
x0den: not enough
KeytarCat: @EvilBadman Oh hi!
rangerboy87: For $240? Cheapskates...heck no
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Matt Griffiths) [now] We're all YouTube people...unfortunately.
LRRbot: New quote #7589: "We're all YouTube people...unfortunately." —Matt Griffiths [2021-04-28]
Featherweight_: starting something is amidst the guild of calamitis intent treaty
RobotInProgress: Can I just normally breakdown?
JadedCynic: personally, my time is worth more than that - it sounds fun tho
hanquoc: haaaaail no
maxthefourth: The LRRwitch Project?
sydnius: lrrSPOOP fer mcChicken
Sibwow: luigis mansion 4
Countjondi: 240 $ for a bad night's sleep. I do that for free now
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I'm also on team That's Not Enough Money
TheWriterAleph: the YouTube series is obviously a prank show and they're gonna get your ass lrrSPOOP
djalternative: $240 is sooooooo cheap
RomanGoro: 240 bucks is nowhere near enough
sivakrytos: 240 dollars is absolutely not enough money for this amount of time
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RandomTrivia: That is a VERY small amount of money for a night's work
EvilBadman: 240, that's the tweed number
PharaohBender27: katesLol
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asthanius: Always USD
Mortimew: That $240 is mine... ghosts just don't come around me
SnowbirdMike: NIIICCEE
JadedCynic: No, there's a $
InkyGhoast: $240 for 8 hours is $30 an hour which is p good
A_Dub888: Australian?
TheWooglie: you need £
ani_laurel: Aussie
SnowbirdMike: booo
Nyxjbm: Lets Nope getting a bit extreme isn't it?
Master_Gunner: About what I make a day anyways... but hey easy money.
Aenir798: Australian
Seth_Erickson: 240 dollars for what 8 hours that's great
JadedCynic: ouch
underhill33: Dollarydooooos
Tangsm: What is the likelihood of being attacked by raccoons?
quasi79fu: i would stay overnight it would be just another night of Lets Nope Irl
LinearGif: That's no dollar sign, the lines is all wrong
EmpressTila: Pre or Post-Brexit?
Calaban161: Australian WOOO
TrinAndTonic: Matt is the Dilemma Boss! He can do whatever dollars he wants dangit
kusinohki: Norwegian Kroger?
johnalogue: Brexit will probably trash that currency anyways
Spooky_Noises: No you don't want it to be aus :(
control_rig: Those are called dollarydoos
Kramburger: OH HELL YEAH
Serifina: I can tell you I'd do it
Calaban161: Many
sydnius: zenni
GDwarf: So, like $5, then? :P
Lord_Hosk: Zimbabwe Dollars
Raigne86: As long as it isn't australian.... oh man. That's even less than canadian dollars.
ChainedDreamer: Just sleep for the 8 hours
constablecrab: Underbucks
SpicyNapalm: if I'm up all night due to insomnia anyways might as well get paid
TacitusVigil: DolleryDoos
drawnbinary: I mean it's like the same as the Canadian usually
patbaer: Honestly, it's the filmed the whole time part I don't like. You gotta pay more more for that time!
mercano82: Zimbabwean dollars.
saucemaster5000: yeah honestly I'd do this for a hot meal and some grocery change
sydnius: dogecoin
Manae: Creepy abandoned Aussie hospital probably has plenty of biiiiiig ol' spiders
TrinAndTonic: @patbaer PAT. PAT. PAT!
LadyDKat: Can I sleep the whole time in the hospital?
Ba_Dum_Tish: New series so 0 eyes
Earthenone: easiest 240$ ill ever make
Nyxjbm: Oh yeah, we have creepy abandoned hospitals, quarantine facilities, asylums...take your pick :)
rasterscan: I feel like in Australia it's going to be the hospitals that did really bad stuff to Aborigines.
SnowbirdMike: does the letters PBS mean anything
sharkeyandthewizard: yeah melbourne is about a quarter creepy hospitals by volume
RandomTrivia: Chat, it's not just $30/hour, you're effectively performing in a recorded work, you need to get paid for your likeness
Sheikun07: No matter what kind of dollar that is it's too little
patbaer: @TrinAndTonic HI TRIN
blaw2020: Australian dollars? You mean dollaryoos?
quasi79fu: freee money to stupidly act scared
YeetTheRich_: not enough clout for beej
kusinohki: reading the card explains the card?
Robot_Bones: How much exposure are you being paid in? Kappa
SmithKurosaki: Random is correct
TheMerricat: Depends on the amenity's, am I going to be sleeping in a crappy unkept and falling apart hospital room with OSHA violations?
LarkSachrosis: I think if they're willing to pay you in something other than exposure they're at least decently sized.
johnalogue: I'd assume they set up pranks and crap in the hospital to film your reaction
Seth_Erickson: THey never said what I have to do just that I have to film being in a hospital for a night. Can they stop me from sleeping? Exacctly Ian
SnowbirdMike: so basically C-span audience levels
amative1: @TheMerricat if you think you can sleep, sure!
sorinthecat: can ian make himself louder?
HadesLeprechaun: it's a youtube show!
RomanGoro: You can be the killer!
Rytel: If I trusted them to not screw with me for the drama, maybe, but they absolutely will so no
LarkSachrosis: Therapeutic!
quasi79fu: is the hospital a lair for a serial killer?
saramchenry: do ryan and shane come with me?
aerobeing: Do I get a budget for stuff to bring with me?
Lord_Hosk: Paid to break Australian windows?
fastlane250: SMASH THE STATE... hospital
EvilBadman: BTW thank you TheMerricat
JadedCynic: @Nyxjbm oh yeah, we had a 'sanitarium' for the big tuberculosis outbreaks here - we smashed it down and rebuilt from scratch like 20 years ago
YeetTheRich_: they are all just sitting around and playing magic
odamadillo: I would just barricade myself in a room.
Kramburger: Hey, those windows should be broken by local hooligans!
ArdCollider: haunted red vines in a Costco container
sydnius: good ahuyasca times lrrAWESOME
El_Funko: Australian dollars are about the same as Canadian anyway, they just look cooler
InkyGhoast: well abandoned hospital doesn't mean old hospital necessarily....at least in america
PharaohBender27: @RandomTrivia Though you might have to go to court *cough*One of those NBA 2kWhatever games*cough*
Loonatic93: They will fly you home... If you survive!
Serifina: Oh, now this sounds like less of a good deal
SnowbirdMike: They pay your way back.... if you make it.
quasi79fu: is there rabid animals in the hospital?
TrinAndTonic: I have a twitch question: when someone says something cute and/or funny, is there some sort of Like button with which I may show my approval
EvilBadman: Sadly no trin
LarkSachrosis: What are Australia's laws regarding per diem?
RocknGrohlNerd: just go, get drunk and sleep through the whole night, easy
TrinAndTonic: I approve of so much though :(
Nyxjbm: $240 Australian dollarydoos is like...6 collector boosters
saramchenry: Trin I really wish they had that too
Sibwow: @TrinAndTonic not really, you can reply though
Kramburger: I did a 3 day trip from Aus to the US and Back (1 week inc travel) and let me say it's a HECK of a trip
SnackPak_: real alone or TV alone
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SnowbirdMike: so a blair witch thing
Serifina: They've set up cameras everywhere!
aerobeing: Who's filming? The ghosts?
Seth_Erickson: Is their a body cam?
Unpronounceable: Does anyone know if the symbols on the voting/answer cards will also be put on all the other pieces/voting squares? The colours aren't great for me
jedi_master_zll: Survivorman style?
PharaohBender27: @TrinAndTonic Not really? You can make an emote reaction when it happens
Lord_Hosk: I would do this in a heartbeat. El_Funko how close is the nearest abandoned hospital near you? Im coming to visit!
TrinAndTonic: @TrinAndTonic I am so worried of talkin too much! but if that is the only way I can show my approval then that is what I shall do
SerGarretCameron: maybe a thermal for the 'most haunted' rooms.
RobotInProgress: it'll be a shitshow alright ;;;;;D
niccus: $240 says not-Gaki...
Sibwow: @TrinAndTonic chat is for chatting
johnalogue: I mean it's a "creepy" hospital
nyperold: GoProdents
aussie_rob_w: lrrSPOOP
quasi79fu: Get Punked kind of show or haunted house pranks?
TrinAndTonic: @TrinAndTonic I approve
odamadillo: My next question is if this series is PG or not
saramchenry: @Unpronounceable Yes! It's designed that way so it reads even if you can't distinguish colors
sorinthecat: are the ghosts free?
Pteraspidomorphi: If you're "alone" though there isn't anyone there to mess with you, by contract
Lord_ZYRK: Lord_Hosk impromptu airsoft Tarkov match? PogChamp
El_Funko: @lord_hosk can’t be that far, all hospitals are haunted
aussie_rob_w: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
A_Dub888: Maybe its some haunted murder mystery and one of the people is designated as a ghost
Loonatic93: Kathleen is really Utena?
Seth_Erickson: 👀
LiveFaust: @TrinAndTonic I approve of your approval.
Lord_Hosk: Such content Lord_ZYRK
steven_strangle: Is there a limit to how many guesses you can make?
Dog_of_Myth: @Lord_ZYRK I'm down
saucemaster5000: @saramchenry play a lot of board games, have trouble with colors, really appreciate that
Tangsm: I am shocked by the lack of concern about the bug level of this hospital.
TheMerricat: @saramchenry @LoadingReadyRun I think @Unpronounceable is asking for the actual boxes for the players to have the symbols in them since you can't tell which color goes with the symbol if you can't see the colors.
kusinohki: @steven_strangle 3 guesses with this number of players I believe
TrinAndTonic: @Tangsm omg you're right, this is Australia, there are probably Such Bugs
JadedCynic: @El_Funko we got the shiny polymer bills idea from you and turned it up to 11, and kept our bright color schemes
Veraphage: Down to hospital gown
quasi79fu: Ian is the one haunting the hospital though
DigitalSeahorse: people sneak into abandoned hospitals for free for photos
Kramburger: IT SUCKS HARD
underhill33: pls no clowns in the abandoned hopsital
steven_strangle: @kusinohki tah
Nyxjbm: It's Australia, if you've survived the wildlife then what's a ghost gonna do to you
aerobeing: What if the hospital comes to you?
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DigitalSeahorse: and for parties
NovaTiempo: Goats on a plane
Earthenone: we call that :loading time"
InkyGhoast: that's a gvlog
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djalternative: Hey, they gotta pay for all of that. Union says they gotta pay for out of zone costs
CaptainTalon447: Is this a party game?
Dammit_Liz: @Tangsm Australian hospital bugs. Nooope
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Unpronounceable: @TheMerricat That, and also the scoring pieces on the scoring track
TrinAndTonic: @Tangsm they probably love blood oh nooo
JadedCynic: @CaptainTalon447 yeah, the physical tabletop party game is being kickstarterd right now
saramchenry: @TheMerricat I'm sorry but I don't understand "boxes for the players"--everything that's the same color has the same symbol on it, from the vote cards to the player mats (where you put your guesses)
NoTomToLose: The camera boxes on the screen
Sibwow: saramchenry i think they mean the boxes around the images of the people
NoTomToLose: have been colour-coded by Paul
TheMerricat: @saramchenry the actual player feeds, talking heads :)
WitchyWynne: 6 entire years subbed, jeeze
underhill33: Dingos are real tho
Kramburger: But King Pythons are Kathleen
Lord_ZYRK: That's exactly what a ghost would say. . .
saramchenry: @TheMerricat Oh, that's just LRR's streaming setup! They'd have to set that up themselves
Featherweight_: counter point spiders are real
LinearGif: Kathleen says, I ain't scared of no ghosts
WarKr0: plane forgot
KeytarCat: @Featherweight_ OH NO
TheMerricat: @saramchenry but as @Unpronounceable also mentioned might want to put them on the score pips to if that's possible.
RocknGrohlNerd: bulletproof arguments, Kathleen
aussie_rob_w: Kathleen has seen the coffee hipsters of Melbourne, we can't scare her now
SnowbirdMike: Its not the ghosts , its the homless guy they hired to help you that has been off his meds for three weeks.
TheMerricat: too even
JadedCynic: yeah, heck with the ghosts, I'm more worried about the wandering spiders!
Seth_Erickson: Counterpoint once I'm asleep spiders are for all intents and purposes are fake.
Pteraspidomorphi: Three days sleeping in a quiet place without being disturbed? Sign me up
DeM0nFiRe: @Featherweight_ 100%. My answer would be no not because ghosts but because bugs, spiders, and animals
Despoiler98: @Featherweight_ counter counter point......snakes are real
TrinAndTonic: @Graham_LRR would you join your wife in the haunted Australian hospital full of bugs
johnalogue: @Pteraspidomorphi they'd disturb you constantly and you know it
saramchenry: @TheMerricat that's a very good point! thank you @Unpronounceable and I will suggest this!
Dammit_Liz: good to know Ian's price
JadedCynic: @Seth_Erickson until one bites you and you suffocate in your sleep
odamadillo: Didn't Ian once live with Beej? That sounds like perfect training for that series
Pteraspidomorphi: johnalogue: Contract says "alone". I'll sue!
Shirts_: by morning Ian would fix the hospital back to working order
nyperold: Free expired and possibly gone-off stuff.
steven_strangle: Honestly the thing about our wildlife is that the stuff that can kill you with poison is usually tiny and therefore way more scared of you than you are of it. Like yeah you don't wanna get bitten by a Brown Snake but also they're gonna run the minute they feel you stomping around.
kumatsu: That's what checking your bag is for, Wheeler
Lord_ZYRK: Joke's on you, mysterious YouTube channel, I ain't afraid of no ghosts AND bustin makes me feel good. You're getting your money's worth on this footage Kappa
amative1: !tbh
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
crimsonxerg: @loadingreadyrun beej gets to move two more spaces. because of the points on wheelers answer
El_Funko: Yeah you can take whatever you want out, no skin off our hides
Kramburger: Oh no, we care if you take animals out
aussie_rob_w: just don't try and abduct our koalas
RandomTrivia: Most of them angry at the wildlife that killed them, I presume :D
Sarah_Serinde: tiltyhYAS
El_Funko: Which is a phrase meaning it’s fine, don’t take our hides
steven_strangle: Big animals like cassowaries or kangaroos, on the other hand, those you absolutely should be wary of cause they can and will kill you
Seth_Erickson: @JadedCynic but see if I die in my sleep, what am I going to do be sad about it? Kappa
aussie_rob_w: You can have the furious convict ghosts
patbaer: Cori gets it.
TheWooglie: Cori is expensive
LinearGif: It's true, that's not enough money
Nyxjbm: It's because we made it Australian currency, isn't it haha
amative1: Even without Australia, it's like $20 to $30 an hour
JadedCynic: Please, there's no 'hospital smell' in an ABANDONED hospital - they keep cleaning all the time to GET that smell
LinearGif: I might not even spend the night on my own couch for that much
bainard656: Cori's not getting murdered by ghosts for less than her day rate.
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TrinAndTonic: all the players had different things to say about this and YET, I feel everyone has been correct?! everyone is right
tehcrashxor: Did Wheeler forget to score his points?
PMAvers: Because Beej would commit to the bit.
ihlendrax: Shouldn’t Wheeler be on 3, not 1?
Sarah_Serinde: That's a big mood
TheMerricat: Mood
sivakrytos: you might as well not be in australia is part of the problem
JadedCynic: @LinearGif amen to that
TheMerricat: LOL
Sarah_Serinde: gabyLul
PharaohBender27: katesLol
Sarah_Serinde: Hahaha
Aenir798: LUL
JadedCynic: LUL
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Despoiler98: BRANDING BEEJ
ani_laurel: LOL
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHa
TheWooglie: LUL
Featherweight_: GOT EM
Dammit_Liz: lol
NovaTiempo: Fal.
rhade7: There seems to be some scoring issues 😅
SmithKurosaki: F
Snowcookies: If Beej could work, maybe
fastlane250: womp womp
asthanius: You know they wouldn't bother blurring the logos
kumatsu: and keep hydrated with your Roadquest bottle
amative1: @LoadingReadyRun Wheeler should have 3 points, because of three stars on Ian's space, right?
Sibwow: official lrr pajamas and night gowns
SnowbirdMike: LRR Downunder Edition
aerobeing: Get the ghosts to wear the merch.
NotCainNorAbel: LRR Pajamas?
BigJDerpy: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
gizmofreak1: Come on BEEJ!!
spoopifer_oh_spoopifer: Beej's QR code tattoo to the store is finally paying off
JadedCynic: Maybe a couple more years...
Sarah_Serinde: lol from Ontario
Kramburger: It's okay, neither have we Beej
Nyxjbm: We're gonna take you to SO MANY abandoned hospitals
Spooky_Noises: Its aus, _no one_ is vaccinated
Loonatic93: C eh? N eh? D eh?
SmithKurosaki: What Sarah said
sithenin: lrrARROW_HF lrrCIRCLE_HF lrrDOTS_HF
x0den: i got my second shot monday :)
Featherweight_: I'm in a hot spot I might be able to soon TM
NoTomToLose: Set my first jab app't today!
omdorastrix: crying in ontarian...
aussie_rob_w: We can't wait until you can come visit us again!
letfireraindown: US Vet, Just got my second!
NovaTiempo: !birb
LRRbot: Wark, wark!
Sarah_Serinde: Featherweight_ Fingers crossed!
Lord_ZYRK: And you can make references to LRR the whole time. "Wow, this is just like an episode of Let's Nope starring Ben Ulmer and Adam Savidan, every Tuesday on twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun with VODs available on youtube.com/loadingreadylive
letfireraindown: Keep on keeping on!
rasterscan: Who would say no to this?
johnalogue: I got my single-shot JJ a couple weeks ago
aussie_rob_w: @spooky_noises you're correct, but still, lrrAWW
kusinohki: drunk?? at work??
saucemaster5000: that's up to you
RomanGoro: Yes, but sotto voce
TrinAndTonic: @rasterscan I wouldn't do it! I aint no rat
rangerboy87: To everyone public or just mention it to the co-workers...thanks Beej
NovaTiempo: also, nemisis? hell yes.
Despoiler98: lol Kathleen
Loonatic93: Why would it matter?
JadedCynic: Newfoundland has finally finished jabbing the 'at risk workers' and elderly, and are doing 55+ now ...I'm 49 *grumble*
SnowbirdMike: I make a letter- photocopy it and hand them out
PharaohBender27: @kusinohki It's not on the clock, it's a workplace party :p
hexy_lexy: im not above being petty when im sover
Seth_Erickson: Me, I hate social interaction and avoid it at all costs. @rasterscan
x0den: do i have evidence?
rasterscan: @rasterscan But your nemesis! Lying about homemade is a cooking sin!
Dog_of_Myth: @x0den Yes, you do
rasterscan: @Seth_Erickson That's fair tho. x.x
nyperold: Or do you bring it up with the person?
saucemaster5000: when they're going off you just ask when they aren't thinking "how much did they cost?"
Loonatic93: There are far better ways to destroy my nemesis. This is so low hanging.
aerobeing: And that store is... store lodaringreadyrun.
TheMerricat: I have a feeling if it's LRR workplace or auxiliary work place, I don't feel like anyone in LRR would burn a LRR 'nemesis' like that but outside of LRR everyone is open season.
neospark16: What happens if they have family in a bakery?
Countjondi: I could go for some subway cookies right now tbh
rangerboy87: Subway cookies rock!
JadedCynic: or worse yet, you saw her taking them out of package...
x0den: @Dog_of_Myth if only i knew how to read :D thank you
TrinAndTonic: @rasterscan I think I feel differently because I can't cook hahaha
Lord_Hosk: Cori just confirmed that Kathleen is her office nemesis
SnowbirdMike: Maybe make a powerpoint presentaion indicating the fact.
fastlane250: nrrrgh subway cookies lgioLion
Dog_of_Myth: @x0den You secret is safe with me. :)
Countjondi: subway cookies are easy to make at home, can confirm
Loonatic93: In fact, I generally prefer bakeries over homemade.
djalternative: did you know Subway sells pizza?
DeM0nFiRe: subway cookies are actually pretty good though
ChainedDreamer: Already making excuses
InkyGhoast: I can do this in a petty innocent way i'd do it
asthanius: sbuby cooky
Despoiler98: @Lord_Hosk quick add it to the Wiki
RomanGoro: Does everybody else know that this person is your office nemesis?
JadedCynic: ZING, Kathleen! Burning your opponent AND Subway at the same time! LUL
LinearGif: Subway cookies taste like the memory of disappointing sandwiches
Dammit_Liz: I take cookies very seriously
saucemaster5000: I used to work at subway a decade ago and genuinely don't remember anything about the cookies
AdamYMHMI: These cookies are built on lies.
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TheMerricat: How did Ian get his card under the ...
Tangsm: Well, they're free cookies. Those taste better than the ones *you* buy.
Fairgrim: I'm sorry but free cookies are free cookies
Dammit_Liz: look into your heart
IbunWest: I'm a big fan of Wendy's cookies tbh.
revhologram: let's see who's petty
JadedCynic: I'm a real cookie gourmand - I'm still making up for being allergic to chocolate until I was 16...
shurtal: Ah yes, the almond Joy dilema
Goorguy: Talking mad gossip on my nemesis? windmill slam
Pharmacistjudge: i just don't have an "office nemesis"
NoTomToLose: Search your feelings, you know it to be true
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Raigne86: Why announce it wheny ou can blackmail them later?
LarkSachrosis: We get Subway cookies sometimes because the owner also owns the Subway franchise in town.
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
circusofkirkus: yeah, JAMES
underhill33: Holy shit
PharaohBender27: @Dog_of_Myth katesLol
niccus: what happens if everyone brought grocery store cookies
NovaTiempo: Jacob - Eat the bread. Beej - you bought that!
Sarah_Serinde: Bartleby?
LinearGif: @JadedCynic I'm going the other way, became allergic to chocolate in the past year :'(
YeetTheRich_: "But what if I were to purchase subway cookies and disguise it as my own baking? Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho. Delightfully devilish, Wheeler."
FrozenRoseFour: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 45:15.
stevefromdetroit: free cookies are free cookies
DeM0nFiRe: NovaTiempo LUL
HundreydAundre: There's a cookie crumb coffee drink I'm intrigued to remake myself too. Back in the occasional visits made at some Barnes & Noble.
JadedCynic: I mean, this would be petty, but then it's pre-ordained that this person is MY NEMESIS, so game on
Micsig: It's twitch chat
Despoiler98: SAME
omdorastrix: pistachio?
Gadora: I'm my own nemesis. It saves so much time.
Featherweight_: Ian has one. I can see it in his eyes
letfireraindown: I've been a nemisis... I forgotwhot they were
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saucemaster5000: I choose one randomly first day of the job
LinearGif: "Tact is just not saying true things. Pass."
TacitusVigil: Ian's is Pistachio
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HundreydAundre: Nemesis: *Ben glances at Ben glancing back two Bens*
fastlane250: Tact? That's for people who give a damn
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NovaTiempo: Officbando?
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petey_vonwho: I would rat out my nemesis in a heartbeat
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Lord_ZYRK: Workplace Waifu
Loonatic93: I learned my social skills from Saturday Morning Cartoons.
Pteraspidomorphi: "You should say something else"
Sibwow: kiefer lives in your office wheeler
Sarah_Serinde: I definitely have had people at my day job who drive me up the wall...but I don't know that I'd call any of them a nemesis
JadedCynic: @LinearGif ohh! Sorry to hear that (allergies come and go as people age - puberty reset everything for me, apparently) I bet I could get some decent carob recipies from my parents...
Dammit_Liz: whos the snitch?
stevefromdetroit: right @Sarah_Serinde ? i had a nemesis in highschool but that was decades ago
FacelessManAboutTown: Wheeler's not a cop
PharaohBender27: I mean, that scans - people who suck at their jobs seem to be the type who would get that petty about it
asthanius: He would NOT be subtle
Sibwow: hed steamed hams it
kusinohki: mmmm, I really like subway cookies
amative1: "Who brought the grocery store cookies?"
JadedCynic: Nah, I'd be passing the info off to others in private whispers
Featherweight_: Sarah_Serinde a nemesis needs a base level of competence
Sibwow: what if i were to purchase fast food cookies and disguise it as my own baking?
Sarah_Serinde: Featherweight_ Well, some of them do have that
TrinAndTonic: Wheeler Yes
Cimurph: Wheeler would do it, but only if he brought the cookies
Rustpile: My work nemesis is the dishwasher that breaks every other week
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL "These cookies are delicious! What store did you buy them at?"
sydnius: this is literally a hallmark channel plot
amative1: @Sibwow Steamed Cookies?
aerobeing: Ask for a recipe.
Dog_of_Myth: HAHA
Loonatic93: @LoadingReadyRun Oooooh. That's good!
Sibwow: @benjamin_wheeler you would never break the steamed hams opportunity
Sarah_Serinde: "Gosh these cookies really remind me of [bakery] cookies, how did you get them so similar?"
fastlane250: @LoadingReadyRun lrrWOW
PharaohBender27: @Rustpile Equipment is *always* the worst nemesis
JadedCynic: But wheeler, they are YOUR Nemesis - they take a grudge against YOU, regardless of how much 'the bigger man' you would be
NovaTiempo: Yes. windmill slam
A_Dub888: "Do I detect a hint of <brand name>?"
SnowbirdMike: Wheeler casually mentions in passing that Safeway cookies taste great.
SnowbirdMike: LOL
TrinAndTonic: I feel like Kathleen would call the person out and it would be Glorious to behold
Sarah_Serinde: Yeahhh I'm not interested in getting into office drama
NovaTiempo: Toss! those! cookies!
Dammit_Liz: Kathleen will burn you down
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW Beej
RandomTrivia: Holy shit Beej
Snowcookies: lol
YeetTheRich_: now THATS subtle
rangerboy87: Beej: not hard enough
LinearGif: You know these cookies are quite similar to the ones they have at Krusty Burger
Tangsm: Why embarrass them when you could destroy their property.
TrinAndTonic: omg I've guessed wrong at every turn
fastlane250: as someone with a faulty gas cylinder on their chair: ouch.
NoTomToLose: It's glorious Trin :D
LizardDucks: Living well is the best revenge
TheMerricat: Cori has inside info on Ian, is this fair chat? :P
Dammit_Liz: @TrinAndTonic and yet, you still win. because fun
aerobeing: So... Ian would poison the cookies...
Juliamon: We all saw Road Quest
Dog_of_Myth: YES, Ian
bjorlamn: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 49:48.
SnowbirdMike: The Nuclear reaction
TrinAndTonic: @TrinAndTonic see, you Get It
JadedCynic: for ian, this is too weaksauce for him to bother with
LarkSachrosis: Ian seems too nice and professional to have a workplace nemesis. :)
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
RandomTrivia: sergeHolyMoly
fastlane250: LUL
shurtal: Ian is not about proportional response, overwhelming anihilation is more like it
Cunobelenos: Cori shaking her head in strong affirmation.
SmithKurosaki: sergeJustRight
NovaTiempo: 100% Ian agreement. Yaaas
Lord_Hosk: Hang a subway cookie in the little paper baggie on their locker
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Sarah_Serinde: lrrDARK
Sarah_Serinde: Yes
Despoiler98: fucking brutal
GredGredmansson: I'm coming in a bit late, I'll see if I can figure out the rules
GredGredmansson: how is everyone?
Steelwolf171: I know what you did last potluck
Dammit_Liz: the passive aggression
JadedCynic: "I don't approve of the death penalty.....because it's too EASY on the punished" B)
aerobeing: Bring the same cookies they brought in.
control_rig: They know that you know.
sydnius: Red Shirt away mission that mofo
johnalogue: I wish I was capable of such powerful passive-aggresion
JadedCynic: I love Kathleen's idea
Rytel: I love how everyone is saying No because they would come up with something worse
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
Sarah_Serinde: gabyLul
JadedCynic: Cori is my spirit animal!
RandomTrivia: Cori makes a compelling argument
Sarah_Serinde: tiltyhYAS
Ham_Hamilton: cori got it right
damn_i_am_pretty: So far all the panelists are... Canadian, can confirm
t_peazy: anyone else lose sound?
Dammit_Liz: is beej going to be the first yes?
Alex_Frostfire: I'd probably bring it up, but not out of malice. No, I'd bring it up because my filter sucks sometimes.
TheMerricat: @GredGredmansson having fun :) The group gets asked a question, then everyone guesses what everyone else would say. Three guesses per round so not everyone is 'guessed on' by everyone... you get points for getting your guess right.
Loonatic93: If the cookies are good enough. I may even ask my nemesis where they got them.
Spooky_Noises: I'm with Wheeler here; If someone cares enough to lie about cookies they need that W
JadedCynic usually has three boxes of store-brand cookies in the pantry - deal with it
tehcrashxor: I think Wheeler has been scoring only one point each time?
RandomTrivia: LUL
samuraitiger19: The vibe I'm getting here is DO NOT MAKE ANY LRR MEMBER MAD. They play the long game and they will make you suffer.
Enmity777: LUL
patbaer: Hmmm.
johnalogue: I'd bring it up because I hate liars
asthanius: Beej is a messy bitch who loves drama
SnowbirdMike: Stir the pot, Stir the pot
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
RocknGrohlNerd: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
NovaTiempo: lrrWOW
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MadWolf1290: Where is the lie?
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Dammit_Liz: best answer
HundreydAundre: WUT?
TemporallyAwry: lrrBEEJ ... yup, that tracks.
Seth_Erickson: The man's a content machine of course he loves drama Kappa
patbaer: IAN
spoopifer_oh_spoopifer: lrrWOW
Tangsm: How else are you going to entertain a potluck?
LarkSachrosis: Stir. That. Pot.
shurtal: Beej "Finding Out" Dery
MAPBoardgames: !findquote anime
LRRbot: Quote #6494: "Our car is an anime villain." —Adam [2019-10-14]
johnalogue: @samuraitiger19 On the other hand, LRR members are excellent allies
RandomTrivia: I don't think any cookie-related actions are gonna lead to slow-burn Yuri, so...
neisan2112: Ah yes, 2 things that I always think of together Beej and Drama
JadedCynic: @samuraitiger19 oh yeah, these are improv artists and comedy writers - you will RUE the day you run afoul of anyone with LRR....
sorinthecat: !quote
Sarah_Serinde: :D
RandomTrivia: HAHA
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
SnowbirdMike: Seems only fair
PharaohBender27: katesLol
sithenin: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 6:11:19. lrrSPOT
RandomTrivia: MATT! ONE JOB!
TheMerricat: Press X to doubt :P
revhologram: aww, you guys are all too pure to be petty
TheWooglie: Too Canadian answers
FacelessManAboutTown: I am deceased
NovaTiempo: but NEMISIS
TheMerricat: Remember chat, Canadians are constitutionally required to be polite, not nice. :P
GredGredmansson: I'd say Yes, because I'd bring it up but not make a BIG deal out of it
gamerzach108: @LoadingReadyRun Beej we need to know when your next going to Princess auto
TrinAndTonic: precious angels of the north
SnowbirdMike: Damn rules
Dammit_Liz: too much Canadian
rasterscan: Man, I feel like a terrible person for windmill slamming yes now.
Twilight_Spark: Far too Canadian for this.
GredGredmansson: Like, I'd mention it to someone else but now shout it from the rooftops
Critterbot: I mean, that tracls.
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Sarah_Serinde: Yeahhh
ani_laurel: We will judge you silently
JadedCynic: yeah, this is too petty for me; if this person is literally a problem for me in the workplace, they are a problem with EVERYONE, and I'm talking to HR
letfireraindown: I would make a sarcastic comment of these being home made, with ful.l packaging... cause everyone i know knows I can't bake
TrinAndTonic: one more one more on more
MAPBoardgames: A Canadian standoff.
JadedCynic: they're all nice people, they're all canadian, plus they all work together with their friends...
kusinohki: uh..... one more?
Dammit_Liz: yay!
JadedCynic squints
CnCPOWERHOUR: Good news!
JadedCynic: GOOD NEWS!
TrinAndTonic: omg I wrote this one
Master_Gunner: slam dunk yes
ani_laurel: windmill slam yes
Lord_Hosk: YES
RandomTrivia: Oh thank goodness, I was worried for my great aunt Euphemia for a second...
Spooky_Noises: Hardest yes
SmithKurosaki: Windmill slam yes
RandomTrivia: Woah
RomanGoro: nope
asthanius: FUCK
sydnius: GOOD NEWS
Sarah_Serinde: Kathleen you originated the Panalysts voice, it's yours too lrrDARK
Sibwow: trans reacc
MAPBoardgames: Do I have to discard?
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PharaohBender27: Nope
TheMerricat: What is the range of randomness?
Earthenone: RNG baby!
saramchenry: @TrinAndTonic yayyyyy very good question
Dog_of_Myth: Good Question
NovaTiempo: 70 years, I'll take it
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I'd take it
ani_laurel: I'm trans and disabled, I'm already mulliganing this body
Wrexadecimal: oh nooo
underhill33: hell no
SnowBuddy18: windmill slam it
rangerboy87: healthy body is guaranteed so hell yes
hexy_lexy: hard no!
Pteraspidomorphi: Your dear aunt euphemia passed away and left you a perfectly healthy body...
Veraphage: Only if its a london mulligan
floki4242: yes
BusTed: No middle sliders!
asthanius: Does that mean you can get a height of 11 feet?
Haroldholmes25: I don't even want 70 years in this body
GredGredmansson: Presumably still human
Tangsm: Are all of the characteristics human?
PharaohBender27: @Sarah_Serinde Damn straight lrrDARK
nyperold: Hey, Mulligan Man!
Goorguy: So let me tell you about the RPG FATAL
JadedCynic: my arhtritis and dyxleia are keeping me from clicking 'eys' properly
Earthenone: it dosent even say human roll the bussing dice!
Lord_Hosk: WINDMILL YES do you know how unhealthy this meatbag is right now?
Juliamon: If the random doesn't affect your lifespan, it's not gonna be enough to make you a freak
Unpronounceable: Oh hell no, I've heard enough to know I don't want to chance gender dysphoria (among other things)
NoTomToLose: 'Mulligan' makes it :D
TemporallyAwry: Eh... variables not withstanding, yeah probably.
TrinAndTonic: @saramchenry IM VERY PROUD. we made a good game!! it's very good imo and people should buy it
DerDrongo: is the bodys starting age also random?
magical_writer: No where on that card does it say the world "human" body
ghyllnox: Another coin flip on configuration of the bits? Yes please!
Lord_ZYRK: Kathleen button mashed past the character creation before she was born LUL
jkoon78076: what age does this start at
TheMerricat: @Juliamon gender change?
MAPBoardgames: I'm not an animal! I'm a human being!
rangerboy87: and I interpret "healthy" as "in shape with no faulty parts"
SnowBuddy18: @Lord_Hosk right, and it's guaranteed 70 years no matter what you do to it
Loonatic93: Can only go up from here.
niccus: This Body Does Not Exist
Spooky_Noises: @magical_writer Oh no...
Terr0rc0tta: Does random imply mixed primary and secondary sex characteristics?
hd_dabnado: stream?
TemporallyAwry: 105% human PrideLaugh
LarkSachrosis: How random? Could my body decide to start growing a pancreas in my lung?
Rytel: Still, hard yes
aerobeing: @NoTomToLose Carey
Niahlah: wow.. that would be.,.. terrible
Dammit_Liz: like Kipo
neospark16: probably say yes.....
Luminaire_p: YOU got all the DOMINANT genes
GredGredmansson: I'd say no; I'm not living another 70 years now but I've gotten used to this body
shurtal: Does one get to choose if they have an innie or an outie?
sydnius: more human than human
Angreed66: Dna is dna
djalternative: also, fresh body implies you're a baby
TrinAndTonic: @Dammit_Liz L I Z
Kramburger: Usually the body tries to select the best option... ususally
ani_laurel: Oh yeah, totally random would probably be intersex
JadedCynic: oh yeah, I'm almost 50
jameswanders: are the 70 years consecutive?
MAPBoardgames: How I make babby?
PharaohBender27: @jameswanders O_o
ani_laurel: 20-90?
RedPhoenixCasts: 70 years extra?
FroggoPrince: scrambled baby egg body
RedPhoenixCasts: hmm
Despoiler98: After 70 years do you turn to goo
NoTomToLose: Wait, wait... how is baby formed?
TrinAndTonic: Puberty 2.0
NovaTiempo: Sparti cylenders make adults, right?
JadedCynic: wait, I gotta go through childhood and puberty?
stevefromdetroit: i would take a redo
LinearGif: Oh that is a very different scenario
GredGredmansson: its random
Goorguy: Wait so... life?
Sarah_Serinde: @TheMerricat Given the comment you're responding to, this response doesn't come off well...
RandomTrivia: Ooh, that's a strong deterrent
neisan2112: Oh that' soooooo much worse..... Wtf
YeetTheRich_: reverse benjamin button ... huh
control_rig: That took me a moment
Rytel: Oh
RandomTrivia: Kathleen...... lrrWOW
neisan2112: Jesus no
Rytel: That's worse
RedPhoenixCasts: I mrean
ani_laurel: I could take a redo tbh
Dog_of_Myth: lrrWOW
DeM0nFiRe: lmao
drawnbinary: God that's so hard - I'm disabled but trans, finished my whole transition and I'm hot now
Dammit_Liz: can I skip the teens?
RocknGrohlNerd: reverse benjamin button AKA normal life?
JadedCynic: it's like '18 again'
odamadillo: Hard no on this one.
Rytel: I mean maybe still yes but that's worse
hexy_lexy: reverse benjamin button?! so NORMAL
Seth_Erickson: Nah, I might highly dislike myself but I doubly dislike the idea of having to grow up again
ani_laurel: @drawnbinary big mood
MTBoot: this one's had cancer and chemo, I'll spin the wheel on the new body, any day.
DoodlestheGreat: Well, a few decades ago I might have said yes. Then I played SOMA...
Loonatic93: Wait... Adult intelligence as a five-year-old? Elementary school is going to be amazing!
rangerboy87: ok childhood ruined this...I was hoping for a Wolfenstein: New Colossus type scenario
stevefromdetroit: if you get to keep the knowledge you have now, why not?
Spooky_Noises: what is life like for a child who everyone knows is an adult... Do you have to get a job when you are like 1?
PharaohBender27: So wait, I'd have to go through Middle School again? HARD PASS
saramchenry: @drawnbinary congrats on being hot!!!
TrinAndTonic: @drawnbinary oh my god I'm so happy for your hotness, congratulations
ravenlord_xix: How can we prove this isn’t just dying and being reincarnated?
SnowBuddy18: wouldn't that make dating a little, uhh, awkward?
sydnius: 7 arms!
TheMerricat: @Sarah_Serinde sorry, meant that random means you might be assigned a body of a different biological gender than you identify as. Beej's question just answered the issue.
Sarah_Serinde: Good question, good answer
Rytel: Okay that's worth the risk
SkylerRingtail: Good way to phrase that
JadedCynic: @PharaohBender27 but, this is your second chance...
RandomTrivia: That was a great question
ani_laurel: as a trans person I would totally do it
LinearGif: It does specify healthy, no dysphoria seems like it counts
Pteraspidomorphi: That would be fun
asthanius: The soda?
hexy_lexy: as a trans woman 100% YES
johnalogue: I'm pretty sure autistic physiology is different on top of neurology so I'm worried about what I could lose
PharaohBender27: @JadedCynic I repeat: MIDDLE SCHOOL
Master_Gunner: yeah, no limits, just roll the dice
RandomTrivia: Do I get to keep my memories? My gathered knowledge? My experience-formed wisdom?
Niahlah: what an interesting question Beej asked
CastleOtranto: I mean, I'm feeling old these days, but as a cis het cis het white man, I know I'm not going to be min-maxing any better. So Imma say no.
jameswanders: can I take a raincheck for like 30 yeras?
rangerboy87: I saw 42up in college
Wrexadecimal: @PharaohBender27 manokaOof NOPE
Loonatic93: 70 years? Regardless of lifestyle?
SpoopsAHoy: Randomness? Count me in!
ravenlord_xix: Rotate the cushions, but with bodies
drawnbinary: I guess, as a trans person, we know that there's customization if we're not totally happy
RandomTrivia: And then 28UP later lrrBEEJ
JadedCynic: @PharaohBender27 with foreknowledge I would WELCOME the chance - I know what to do this time B)
GredGredmansson: "function" not "thrive"
Sarah_Serinde: @TheMerricat Yeah it just doesn't look good in response to "it won't make you a freak"
JadedCynic: totally stay under the radar this time
odamadillo: I live in the UK and have never heard of those shows
fastlane250: i'm more of a dnL person Kappa
jameswanders: yeah, I gets you're basically immortal (for 70 years)
ArdCollider: Michael Apted died this year so IDK how the Up series is gonna go from there
TheMerricat: @Sarah_Serinde sorry :(
amative1: Yup, he worked on TWINE
djalternative: correct
NimrodXIV: holy shit dnL
Jamfalcon: Yeah the director also directed The World is Not Enough
Simonark: Apted died recently
Niahlah: butt up ? face down?
FacelessManAboutTown: That's where I heard about 7 up, I remember i heard about it recently
Sarah_Serinde: TheMerricat lrrHEART I figured it wasn't intended that way
NoTomToLose: I don't think they would either make nor ALLOW adult minds to go to school with children, chat :D
GredGredmansson: oh, you CHOOSE who you want to guess
GredGredmansson: and you have to go fast
JadedCynic: @NoTomToLose awww
Graham_LRR: Michael Apted, yeah
BusTed: A cautionary tale.
DeM0nFiRe: So now everyone who voted yes gets to feel like shit LUL
RandomTrivia: Kathleen! Value yourself more! lrrDARK
JadedCynic: @NoTomToLose that would be bad for my socialization tho....
Terr0rc0tta: 2100 gang here using up resources
rangerboy87: I mean I'm sure they had a plan for when he died considering they had to know they wouldn't outlive the children when they started
oplinger: heck i'd be a child with my current brain, that owns
TrinAndTonic: I want to know what the chat would pick!
GredGredmansson: I'd pick no
Niahlah: I think Ian would have a BLAST with it..
Pteraspidomorphi: "one of the"
Kipstar: one of the only kids
drawnbinary: I want to wear fun child clothes
Veraphage: This question is just a continuation of the cereal one.
SnowBuddy18: "mentally I'm 30"
johnalogue: @JadedCynic could it really be worse than the socialization you got as an actual kid? If not, *congratulations.*
Seth_Erickson: but would the government let you avoid school?
Cimurph: If you already knew everything the witch trials may return
RandomTrivia: So we've been Isekai'd into our world... Hmmmmm
johnalogue: being a kid and *not* having to go to school
TheMerricat: @TrinAndTonic 100% yes for me, there's zero chance random would give me worse than what I have now and redoing childhood knowing what I know now would be invaluable.
TacitusVigil: I'm also predicting uuuuh problems with this
ani_laurel: My first childhood sucked, re-do please
Niahlah: I would want to take advantage of the increased learning speed of being young again
Lord_ZYRK: You could enjoy your new-found neuroplasticity
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
SnackPak_: oofa
fastlane250: yeah this tangent has implications :/
jameswanders: just get home schooled... though I guess you wouldn't get new "parents" persay
TrinAndTonic: I feel like I know all of you so well now
drawnbinary: would my husband also get to do this
Sarah_Serinde: Chat let's not go down that road
JadedCynic: Oh man, growing pains, and the awkward lack of coordination and balance...
TacitusVigil: this is the whole twighlight age thing
SmithKurosaki: Nice
Dammit_Liz: ok, now I'm back on board with this
Serifina: I'm sure glad someone has confidence. :p
Cimurph: I'm sorry Ian, that doesn't work anymore according to tha tiktoks
stevefromdetroit: that was my thought exactly
oplinger: you get a new body, not a new identity. You wouldn't go back to school
Loonatic93: You have confidence at 40? I'm 46 and absolutely no confidence whatsoever!
aerobeing: Literally. A private middle school owned by a middle schooler.
lonlycracker: is it ethical to date in that scenario though?
johnalogue: oh gosh no
DerDrongo: i think wheeler keeps adding 1 for correct answers not the number of stars visible, he might have missed 3 points atleast
valravenapocalypse: So I just need to wait six more years to finally have confidence?
asthanius: Please do not date a middle schooler
JadedCynic: But yeah, man, I'd be the BIGGEST 'gifted child' burnout EVER!!! :(
lonlycracker: the mental age gap?
Darleysam: it's a reverse Big!
thraximore: @lonlycracker thank you for pointing it out
SnackPak_: not at all
rangerboy87: I mean this physically impossible anyway...adult brains won't fit in child head...and it states your brain is transferred
bigwigthebunnysoldier: Ian that would not be legal to date hsers
underhill33: Can speak from experience on that
Master_Gunner: oooh, right
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
Tangsm: I feel like this scenario is prone to hubris.
HammerTheWise: Children are incredibly mean
Lord_Hosk: Perhaps also factor out the whole you are a 55 year old in a 15 year olds body dating 15 year olds
aerobeing: @rangerboy87 Mind. Not necessarily brain. Some super-tech.
jameswanders: talk the hand is out, now it's talk to the nose?
drawnbinary: children are mean but we have the maturity to ignore that petty drama
TheMerricat: ^^^
NovaTiempo: oh. Cori didnt say "talk to the nose"
rangerboy87: @aerobeing True
NovaTiempo: I dumb
A_Dub888: !findquote middle school
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
oplinger: you couldn't be a 15 year old body dating 55 year olds either.
Sarah_Serinde: NovaTiempo That was my first thought too
SK__Ren: Its not just that kids are mean, its that they're blunt. Their words don't stab you so much as slap you in the face.
Niahlah: put your body in a blender and reset??
RealGamerCow: It doesn't say "baby body" which is interesting
TheTunnelingCat: every trans person ever just saying yes in a heartbeat
Serifina: In my case, I'd do this... just because the odds my body would be worse are low.
Loonatic93: It's the "Monster Girl" situation!
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Bluedevyl: The quarter year!
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aerobeing: Also, it doesn't say that the body is not actually a GITS-style artificial body.
jameswanders: yeah, I think they're missing the 12-18 years where you basically have no income or way to support yourself
valravenapocalypse: @oplinger your dating pool is exclusively other people in this experiment
JadedCynic: @Lord_Hosk yeah, no. I got a life-partner (oops, they'd have to bring her back too or no deal) - but yeah, with my knowledge, I ALMOST wallflowered through public education, with the added experience, I'd SO be a ghost
MAPBoardgames: You get new, exciting, allergies and problems.
LinearGif: Fixing my immune system is hundred percent reason enough
Sibwow: youd get different ones
NotCainNorAbel: or or a lot more
aerobeing: Or one of those Fallout brain-bots.
asthanius: Apple Disease
Crad0k: yeah, i feel that
RandomTrivia: Wow that came from somewhere VERY deep
TheDailyMapleSyrup: New animated series idea LRR babies
TrinAndTonic: lol @ "spin the wheel"
drawnbinary: if I was older I would probably. I can't imagine having legs that work
Sunmare_Dragon: spin the wheel
couldntpickausername: there is a chance of new allergies
Shadwhawk: I'd do this in a heartbeat, just to guarantee getting to the 2090s
TheMerricat: @jameswanders you are someone who just transplanted your mind into a new body, you aren't going to be hurting for money, even just being in the talk circuit.
amative1: Wait, when it says "guaranteed", is this like a 70-year warranty? If there's a problem can I get a replacement?
Niahlah: All of a sudden this seems more like the price is right
johnalogue: @aerobeing I'd take "robot body" over this easily
LinearGif: @couldntpickausername it says "perfectly healthy"
JadedCynic: no arthritis, no dyslexia, no auditory processing disorder, no kidney stones, no GERD
Aenir798: LUL
YeetTheRich_: noo
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
RandomTrivia: LUL
NovaTiempo: yeeees
asthanius: WOW
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
valravenapocalypse: free of endangered voles
mariomario42: hahahaha
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHA
TheMerricat: ^_^
F1SHOR: benginLol benginLol
RandomTrivia: IAN YES
control_rig: HAH!
SmithKurosaki: OMG YES
thraximore: LUL
hexy_lexy: IAN HORNER
SnowBuddy18: oh god yes
drawnbinary: oh god no adhd
Niahlah: LOL
MTBoot: hahahahauha
fastlane250: lrrWOW
Niahlah: OMG
JadedCynic: GDI. that college fund would so magnify
Rustpile: oh lrrWOW
Crad0k: oh, ian, i've got bad news for you about interest rates these days
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I like the idea that in a world where this technology exists, children with adult brains would be a relatively common thing, so you wouldn't have to go to school, etc
afp1975: i was about to dip but ... Ian
SmithKurosaki: Mood right there
HundreydAundre: Dammit! What's happening. All I saw was 'IAN' on the chat!
djalternative: o/
ChainedDreamer: Who doesn't want to live forever?
NovaTiempo: We are working on this technology
Sarah_Serinde: If I don't have to work for a lot of those years, yes please? Free time in a healthy body? Do want
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Dammit_Liz: Beej, are you ok?
Loonatic93: @jadedCynic Actually they put your mind in that body. So Auditory Processing Disorders and other neurological issues would likely still apply.
afp1975: compound interist
JadedCynic: Beej, 4-5? remember being a clumsy teen?
Nigouki: I wanna live long enough to see whether capitalism or the ecosystems collapse first!
Sarah_Serinde: Gimme that interest :P
DarkNacht: who takes care of you for the first few years?
jellybean57: breastfeeding would be weird tho
oplinger: i mean not forever but...if i had an easy to use toggle switch on life i'd like it
stevefromdetroit: could study something completly different
drawnbinary: Child librarian
LordZarano: I do, I'd happily live for a few trillion years
TrinAndTonic: @jellybean57 im... dying
Niahlah: so many people would be polyglots
MAPBoardgames: how quickly do you think baby you would learn to walk?
HundreydAundre: You'd probably have to be an alien though.
drawnbinary: Future Child Star
Juliamon: I would be a lot more willing to live longer if I were healthy
JadedCynic: @Loonatic93 no, 'mind' not 'brain' - I wouldn't have that fever-begotten lesion over my left ear
Darleysam: retire at, like, 30
theblakdeth: with my new body i would do the same thing becuase my birnout brain would be the same
valravenapocalypse: as a trans, I'd be a hard yes. There's a 50% chance that I get the right sex this time
Mollylele: ok, I backed this game.
TrinAndTonic: @Mollylele THANKS MOLLY yayy
Sarah_Serinde: Darleysam Sounds like heaven
TheMerricat: @valravenapocalypse Beej asked and you get a body that affirms your gender so 100%
Loonatic93: @JadedCynic Fair point. My appologies.
saramchenry: @Mollylele thank you for your support! I hope you love it!
valravenapocalypse: oh right
Aenir798: what?
SmithKurosaki: Yea Im pretty sure many people in chat are in favour of a less broken body
Angreed66: Reminder 5 of those years will be nearly helpless without people taking care of you. Of which those 5 years you don't remember.
asthanius: wat
CompleatedPinkie: I've been thinking of writing a movie involving this idea...
Niahlah: Yeah.. I think Matt is still at that point where he's riding the good times of life
rangerboy87: wait what?
valravenapocalypse: I forgot that almost as soon as it was answered
stevefromdetroit: i'm bored, let me try a new body
valravenapocalypse: being enby trans makes that... weird
HundreydAundre: A sentience unknown to us just outlasting other sentience across the infinite cosmos. There's bound to be one.
rangerboy87: Matt changes out of boredom
aerobeing: Oh. I just realized. Altered Carbon.
drawnbinary: @darleysam my mom retired at 32 XD (couldn't get a working visa)
asthanius: oh god
Mollylele: @saramchenry I've enjoyed Truth Or Drink so I expect I will! :)
HammerTheWise: Same Matt
thraximore: same
oplinger: @Angreed66 that's not true, your mind is still yours, it's a new healthy body. You might struggle to talk with a baby mouth for a while, but you'd developmentally be your current age
Loonatic93: I don't fear death. I fear pain and suffering.
JadedCynic: @theblakdeth no, not 'brain' transplant, but MIND transplant - the hardware faults (neither neuron miswiring, nor gland imbalance) are back in the old body
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Matt Griffiths) [now] I fear death every day. | smiling
LRRbot: New quote #7590: "I fear death every day." —Matt Griffiths, smiling [2021-04-28]
Darleysam: @drawnbinary fair SeemsGood
Juliamon: *minimum* 70. That's just when the guarantee ends.
Terr0rc0tta: Matt doesn’t fear death but old age
Spooky_Noises: Best bit is I imagine after <70 years they perfect tech and you can go again, maybe picking this time.
TemporallyAwry: I love that "function for 70 years" has turned into "will shut off at 70"
TacitusVigil: 70 is guaranteed, you could get more
Seth_Erickson: Truly this is an unprecedented turn of events
TrinAndTonic: Everybody Dies! the sequel to the well-loved Everybody Poops
theleerm: god this question is making me think about the inevitability of my death
TheMerricat: lol
Angreed66: @oplinger Moving a 5 year old body such as to do adult activity is nigh impossible.
Seth_Erickson: He cleared the bar PogChamp
a_Weakling: The joys of joining in mid stream and not knowing the rules to the game. I get to watch and play a mystery game of my own!
aerobeing: @TacitusVigil Planned obsolescence.
Sibwow: @benjamin_wheeler wouldnt you want to not be bald?
Rytel: I'm 6'1" and I would hella mulligan
oplinger: @Angreed66 you don't know that
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JadedCynic: tbh, I don't remember anything of my life before my 3rd birthday, I wouldn't mind starting over and trying to pay attention this time :D
Despoiler98: fire me into space
benjamin_wheeler: @Sibwow loooooooooooool
NovaTiempo: I want to be eaten by cats
stevefromdetroit: what a good question / thought experiment
JadedCynic: burn me and sow me back into the soil
couldntpickausername: as a fellow 6'1er, mood
RandomTrivia: Kathleen truly embracing the Golgari way there
johnalogue: cremated or just yeeted into the sea?
Favre_the_Undead: I mulligan
Mollylele: @trinandtonic hello pal
Crad0k: sky funeral, you leave yourself out for the birds and beasts to... recycle
Favre_the_Undead: I want boobs
pimiento: turn me into a nutrient rich slurry and fertilise a tree
Cimurph: Sky burial plinth costs far more than hucking a corpse into the sea
DoodlestheGreat: Dump me in the desert and feed the buzzards.
Niahlah: yeah.. pine box and then feed the land
Fruan: You can't be a crone if you keep resetting your age to 0.
Manae: they have that hot lye bath to dissolve bodies now
theblakdeth: how does dating underage people work?
Dammit_Liz: @Mollylele hihi
x0den: i'm hoping to be wealthy enough to be turned into a jewel and then put into a knife handle
underhill33: my brain just broke
valravenapocalypse: I backed. I can't wait to gather my far flung friends and play this after the pandemic
SydPreviouslyHeadache: reminds me of Aesop Rocks latest album
JocelyneAnne: I think this is going to be a great sit around the table with friends and have a drink game but there is something really off about the pacing for streaming I think. But it's been a good stream so far.
nyperold: Sign: "She's supposed to be here, DO NOT MOVE"
Sarah_Serinde: !tbh
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
LarkSachrosis: Put me in a body farm, let forensic scientists study how I decay in some super specific environment.
Tz_BG: In Washington and potential soon in Colorado, you can legally be composted after you die.
Sarah_Serinde: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Mollylele: @dammit_liz LIZ
NovaTiempo: Well, I'm loving this
SmithKurosaki: Galaxy brain from Cori there
JadedCynic: I mean, my mother's father was 5'2" my father is 6'3" - I'm 5'5" with a mismatched torso & arms vs legs
SmithKurosaki: HI Molly
DarkMorford: I think I might have to back this.
hexy_lexy: Molly!!! <3
saramchenry: @valravenapocalypse thanks for your support! when you get the physical game, you can still play over video using screentop and the real cards you have... no travel required! :)
serramarkov: This seems so much fun!
JadedCynic: my arms are literally longer than my legs - I'd love to mulligan that freak roll of the dice
TheMerricat: Cori are you an immortal? You have to tell us if you are a Highlander....
ArdCollider: hiya molly
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rabbitgta: I feel like this is revealing a bit about the lrr personalities that we haven't heard too much about
rasterscan: This definitely feels like a game that benefits from funny/creative friends, right? I'm worried it wouldn't work so well with my shy-er group.
SerGarretCameron: otherwise it's entrapment.
drawnbinary: I'd give it like 20 years before doing a mulligan cus I do eventually want legs that have a normal range of motion where my shoes don't cost $2000
JadedCynic: @TheMerricat nah, she came back in a DIFF body - she's a Time Lord
TheMerricat: LOL @JadedCynic
Sarah_Serinde: rasterscan Seems like it could still be interesting to talk things out and find out what people want and why
TrinAndTonic: @rasterscan shy people can be very funny! you just have to warm 'em up with some love and affirmation. "This is a safe place to be weird" always makes a storytelling game go better imo
valravenapocalypse: Is there a london mulligan option? Can I keep mulliganing until I'm happy, provided I put some traits back?
JadedCynic: ^^^
CaptainSpam: "Some traits" meaning like an arm?
drawnbinary: like a yahtzee situation?
TheMerricat: This works on a stream with improv folk because they are good at improv. I feel like this would also work in a private group who aren't improv just as a nice icebreaker. Like @Sarah_Serinde said, it'd be fun to talk about how everyone answered the way they did.
JadedCynic: @valravenapocalypse speaking as someone who has hundreds of hours in RPGs and MMOs, but the bulk of that is in CharGen, don't drag me like that LUL
valravenapocalypse: London mulligan, put height back, be short like I want
Dammit_Liz: what's the link again to back the kickstarter?
Seth_Erickson: !tbh
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
JadedCynic: e.g. I have 600+ hours in Fallout 3...and I've finished it ONCE, about 1/2 fo that time was in the character generator
NoTomToLose: @rasterscan Often you get the funniest stuff from giving The Quiet One a safe space to talk through their thoughts
JadedCynic: ^^^^
JadedCynic: this is true
Angreed66: The physicality and impracticality of growing human bodies without assistance means imo only people with a real bad body but economically safe place would actually get much out of the scenario.
SerGarretCameron: 2400 hours in Skyrim, powerful same....
valravenapocalypse: I think I've spent more time downloading and configuring mods for Bethesda games than actually playing them, @JadedCynic
TheMerricat: I'm crap at character generators, for some reason I can never figure out how to get the image in my head to show up on screen so I just download pregen templates. I wish I could do better there.
JadedCynic: exactly
TrinAndTonic: @rasterscan omg so true. this is like Human Understanding Level 400 stuff right here
Radyin: Paul, if it is not too much trouble, could you move the player video windows so they are closer to their spots on the board?
Mollylele: I think this game would actually work really well for shy friends because it is kind of a structured way to open up? & also everyone else is answering the same q so they're not gonna feel singled out
rangerboy87: @TheMerricat Same here...I usually just play as Default Man
JadedCynic: @TheMerricat ....I'll admit, a not-inconsiderable chunk of time was spent figuring out the controls fo the char gen software to get it to do what I want...
SerGarretCameron: the worst part is when you think you've got the character creator just right, and you select ok, and the in game lighting options just make everything you labored so hard on look like trash, and you just have to start over.
JadedCynic: I mean, I'm anglo-saxon, brunet, male, Caucasian skin, light brown eyes...if I wanna do me, there's probably a default already in there :(
TheMerricat: That is a beautiful couch.
TrinAndTonic: I am suddenly overcome with memories of trying for HOURS to make a hot Shepard
CnCPOWERHOUR: "Federal Commission Trade"
kusinohki: #poundsign #octothorpe
Sarah_Serinde: !tbh
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
Cimurph: Remember when # was pound and not "hashtag"
TheMerricat: lol @kusinohki
x0den: thank you, i was about to ask @CnCPOWERHOUR
rasterscan: @rasterscan Fair, I guess I didn't mean shy per se. I just know that some of my friends feel intimidated in situations like this where they feel compelled to be funny on demand instead of at their own pace
JadedCynic: @SerGarretCameron I've sent developers angry emails about stuff like that - the char gen 'scene' is lit in a way that doesn't match ANYWHERE ELSE in the game :p
Mollylele: Beej's hair took a turn
NoTomToLose: 'Random' could mean 'average', or it could mean 'Monster Factory' :D
MTBoot: Will they give us a 1 inch button?
Loonatic93: Well, I just pledged because of LRR!
TrinAndTonic: oh me!
Dammit_Liz: @Mollylele a new player has entered the game
TrinAndTonic: HI! THANKS!
Seth_Erickson: That's them PogChamp
Sarah_Serinde: I should still have a death card around somewhere from the Machine of Death launch...
RandomTrivia: LUL
amative1: She's heeeeeeeere!
amative1: </adam>
Cartographers_Ink: Hanks for adding the symbols in everyone's corner!! Now I'm not confusing Beej and Cori!
NoTomToLose: Trin IS great!
Sarah_Serinde: So many friends :D
TrinAndTonic: I've been here the whole time!!!!! You're playing a game I like!!!
SmithKurosaki: Was waiting for that
RandomTrivia: benginLol
Rodbotic: he's ageing too fast!
JadedCynic: ow, I literally hurt my back from laughing :)
saramchenry: adding the symbols in the corner is SO good, thank you LRR
HbombAndFriends: Hi Trin & Molly!
ShifuDaxiongmao: no no... wheeler was not too stubborn, but too perfect ;)
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nobodez: Huzzah, CTS with a new game!
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Seth_Erickson: a 3 instead of a 1 no way
CataclysmicReverb: (starts chanting) Work-ing-lungs! Work-ing-lungs!
IbunWest: Absolutely not
TheMerricat: LOL that's how it works already
Despoiler98: NOPE
Featherweight_: slam yes. I already sound liek that
Despoiler98: hate that noise
TrinAndTonic: Thank you LRR for playing this game that @saramchenry and I helped write! You all are so funny and sweet and good-hearted, and it's lovely to watch you tell stories together
Seth_Erickson: that's basically no difference Kappa
Diabore: do i get to know my current number
MTBoot: SLAM it down and read it down, does he not mean "lube it up and SLAM it down?"
couldntpickausername: so we'll sound like Adam?
InkyGhoast: easy nope
Sarah_Serinde: You know, I don't need to know where I *currently* am on that scale
fastlane250: sounds like a neat party trick
Despoiler98: slam nope
Loonatic93: So, I would be a 42?
NotCainNorAbel: what if I'm a 9 already?
DarkMorford: So this is just Adam's laugh?
JadedCynic: okay, for me that would be PART of the 'hotness scale' would be voice and laugh...
odamadillo: So I'd be Jimmy Carr?
TheWriterAleph: goes up to 11
Seth_Erickson: @NotCainNorAbel then you get to be the first 11
amative1: Can the sound be "Road Quest Awooga"
TheMerricat: Olympian god.
Kramburger: This hottness goes up to 11
Benevum: It's like Sabin's Klaxxon horn
rangerboy87: as much as I would love to be 2 levels hotter...that trade-off would cancel it out and then some
saramchenry: loop around and become 1 on the scale
x0den: overflow to 1 Kappa
Angreed66: A large part of the practical 1-10 scale is laughing with a person.
saramchenry: like in Civ
ShifuDaxiongmao: You become Wheeler.
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLaugh
LeeshaJoy: I'm aro-ace, so windmill slam "no.P
LadyDKat: Wait but I'm already a 10, any higher could be dangerous to those around me
kusinohki: I don't think going from 1 to 3 will help me all that much...
TrinAndTonic: lol
Despoiler98: you go full Sean Connery
drawnbinary: windmill slam no. I've already established I'm hot to my satisfaction 😂
sydnius: S rank
Driosenth: aHooga sound
Sheikun07: If I'm a 12 on a scale of 1-10, then that means my car alarm laugh is somehow the sexiest thing on the planet
hexy_lexy: can i have Saabine's Ooga Ooga horn instead?
JadedCynic: logarithmic scale!
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Havok4: I return once more to be merry.
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Niahlah: Do you get to choose the alarm sound??
DigitalSeahorse: katesBless
neospark16: so i can never laugh and just be hot and serious
XombieMagic: <message deleted>WHEN DID BEEJ ACHIEVE MAD SCIENTIST HAIR?!?!?!?
Haroldholmes25: This is all upside. More attractive and a cool part trick.
FadedOverseer: hotness is relative
TrinAndTonic: @saramchenry oh my god the Gandhi bug is a deep cut and I am in awe
Sarah_Serinde: Easy on the capslock
TacitusVigil: if you become a 10, you turn into a lizard
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL added the card backs to the overlay. Hopefully that will make the color->symbol connections clearer
TheMerricat: @XombieMagic he pretty much grew it the moment the lockdown happened. :P
Sheikun07: Or wait, does this mean you go up by 2 from your current point?
FadedOverseer: requires special hotness relativity
Despoiler98: @XombieMagic pandemic man....pandemic
RedbeardTheTechnical: It rolls back over to a 1
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun thanks! :)
drawnbinary: just become literally lava
RealGamerCow: I think of it like hot people who smoke. Immediately drops them down in attractiveness
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ExhaustedElox: I feel like this is a modern version of that Talk board Game from Tabletop Day a few years ago.
ShifuDaxiongmao: question that matters is.. "WHICH car alarm sound?"
saramchenry: @saramchenry lol thank you u_u
kusinohki: @LoadingReadyRun thank you! you're amazing! (again)
jonnykefka: strong split the room energy
Angreed66: two steps forward 5 steps back
Tangsm: Are you this hot at your current age, or do you have to start over as a baby for this body, too?
Niahlah: it would be great if you could choose the alarm sound... so that when you laugh.. the caramel dansen song plays .. or something equally absurd
drawnbinary: is it YOUR car alarm and you could like get an expensive custom car alarm
MTBoot: only 2 stages? what's really the difference between a two and a four? I'll wait until I see what my new body looks like
JadedCynic: yeah, I'd nope this - I'm comfortable with my looks, and I'd hate that change to my voice
PharaohBender27 sneaks back into chat after dinner
DoctorHutch: is it muffled like its a smaller thing stuck inside you, or full car alarm volume?
TrinAndTonic: Beej you have to remember that being Hot isn't just Being Hot, it's the POWER that comes with it
gravity_pike: look, I could go from a 4 to a 6 just by getting off my ass once in a blue moon
RandomTrivia: Wow yeah this is SUPER dangerous ground among friends LUL
NimrodXIV: oh noooo
TheMerricat: @PharaohBender27 you missed a good one :)
SmithKurosaki: Good self awareness Beej
Juliamon: I am at a level where I only rarely get catcalled, and I'd like it to stay that way
johnalogue: car alarm is the main factor and hotness adjustment is just a side incentive
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat This is why VODs exist :D
RandomTrivia: Oh that's a good point
JadedCynic: Matt would know *fans self*
Angreed66: Hot people are treated better in society
kusinohki: with great hotness comes great responsibility??
circusofkirkus: Midwest 10
tangokilo421: I would’ve assumed Wheeler would say yes because the car alarm would be great for his Twitch branding wheelerY wheelerH
wynternyghtynggale: <3 hi everyone had a crappy day at work that included some tears. im ready for some good lrr laughs to help me out <3
TacitusVigil: uncle Ben wheeler
Easilycrazyhat: Wait? There's responsibility? Why did nobody tell me?!
Kaaosa: A where ever you are 10
SmithKurosaki: Also, who would weaponize the car alarm power
Kaaosa: it shifts if you move
RandomTrivia: Yeah I'm windmilling slamming no on the AroAce train because it's plenty easy enough to avoid attention :D
TheTunnelingCat: im a Bermuda triangle 10
TheWanderingNomad: @Easilycrazyhat - Did you not get the pamphlet?
johnalogue: @Easilycrazyhat don't ask questions you don't want answered
hexy_lexy: tiltyhPLS
TheMerricat: @SmithKurosaki I'd stand outside my office nemesis's office door and laugh and laugh and laugh.... :P
saramchenry: @wynternyghtynggale welcome and I hope your day improves!
Mollylele: a 10 knows know region, a 10 is mythical
Favre_the_Undead: sure, if I can have hips
ItsAstridEh: What about a Prairie 10?
Featherweight_: I could be a like a 6. free real-estate
SmithKurosaki: @TheMerricat Right? Like, I
Boon_33: my current laugh reflexively spits acid at predators, would not lose that for a Hollywood butt.
Darleysam: does your appearance actually change, or just how people view you?
Mollylele: you can be a west coast 9 but a 10 is hot even in space
hexy_lexy: id take this, i could stand to be a 3
SmithKurosaki: I'd take a step up on the hotness scale and blast those who offended me
sorinthecat: are they a 10 just on looks, or the whole package?
JadedCynic: nah, wheeler it's by the beauty standard of an undiscovered amazonian tribe that has had no contact with other humans in over a thousand years and has nothing in common with 'common civilization'
Juliamon: Darleysam It's like the Gorgeous skit
DoctorHutch: does the hotness also correlate with health improvement? Like am i gonna get a six pack, or just a super symetric face
TheArchitectX: Imagine Desert Bus with this laugh.
drawnbinary: @itsastrideh As a Manitoban, that sounds like a low bar XD
Favre_the_Undead: It better change, I need thighs
Easilycrazyhat: @TheWanderingNomad I guess not. To busy fighting street crime.
Sarah_Serinde: Juliamon Ooh, deep and excellent cut
tdapenguin: do you get to pick /which/ car alarm sound?
emberBecky: yah I think there's a gender factor here. I'd think I'd be a 7 or 8 but that just sounds like a hassle.
valravenapocalypse: initially, I would have said yes and to hell with the consequences, but thinking about it.. nah. I don't care about being *hot* I care about things that come *with* it, like partners, and being able to buy clothes in stores easily. Neither of those require *hotness* and I'd much prefer to just be "weird, but in a way that's attractive to the people I'm into"
RedbeardTheTechnical: The hotness level would increase despite the car alarm noise, right? Like, overall hotness has to consider all factors. +2 hotness *should* more than cover it, imho :P
circusofkirkus: Ian's treating this like a debate
Darleysam: @juliamon @sarah_serinde I'm going to have to educate myself.. old Crapshot?
elah806: The next step after achieving Ian's dream of becoming a racer is becoming a car
asthanius: Ian's already a 9, you can't go two levels hotter on a 10 scale
Mollylele: this is a man who plays trombone in his home in the daylight hours
Juliamon: Darleysam Older than that. Gimme a minute and I'll grab a link
Sarah_Serinde: Darleysam Oh it's well before crapshot days
Darleysam: righto, cheers!
TrinAndTonic: I cannot overstate how happy I am to get to know all of you far, far too well, far too quickly
PharaohBender27: In before someone goes "No, because I'm a 10 already" Kappa - Well, except not because our players are too modest :p
valravenapocalypse: @asthanius stack overflow
johnalogue: @PharaohBender27 being a 12 would certainly offer a lot more power
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Sarah_Serinde: Hah, the listing on LRR's site was still blip :D
Aenir798: LUL
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
PharaohBender27: katesLol I *almost* called it!
Dog_of_Myth: WOW
Darleysam: thank you!
LarkSachrosis: oof
JadedCynic: lrrWOW
Stormthius: SeemsGood SeemsGood
hexy_lexy: but, ian, think of cori!
underhill33: poor cori
iris_of_ether: Oh no Cori!
NoTomToLose: CORI :D :D
Mollylele: aww do it for Cori
RandomTrivia: LUL
thraximore: wheelerKappa
DoctorHutch: the Burn, CounterBurn/
Aenir798: Cori LUL
Kramburger: So would argue that Ian IS a hot Daddy
bigwigthebunnysoldier: Ian Selfish
CyberColossus: This is LIVE ;)
Loonatic93: Notice that neither Ian or Cori predicted for the other.
TheMadPunter: What I want to know is how the hotness transfer will work! Do you just wake up the next day and look in the mirror like Paul and you're like "........I'm GORGEOUS!"
sydnius: lrrIAN too sexy for this stream
LarkSachrosis: !stop
asthanius: "Father"
FadedOverseer: lrrSPOOP
TrinAndTonic: of course we would never call Ian a daddy, he is clearly a zaddy
WarKr0: someone clip it
ItsAstridEh: I don't think we've ever seen so much emotional range from Cori before LOL
tangokilo421: !badadvice
LRRbot: Touch the minecart hoppers.
thraximore: well now it's gonna get clipped
wynternyghtynggale: clip it so she must relive it
JadedCynic: Now THAT is a couple there, folks - comfy with each other, and willing to work together for the humour :D
CyberColossus: praise @RandomTrivia
valravenapocalypse: @TrinAndTonic Ian doesn't have Zaddy *fashion*
TheWriterAleph: f l e s h s p a c e
fastlane250: Did somebody say "Everybody clip that?" lrrBEEJ
asthanius: Cori has mentioned before that she doesn't want to be perceived.
ShifuDaxiongmao: "Beeeeeej" she said accusingly.. :D
Fruan: FLESH
PharaohBender27: Beej's improv training betrays him!
sorinthecat: what did cori say about ian i misses it
Sarah_Serinde: tiltyhYAS
JadedCynic: BAM!
iris_of_ether: tiltyhYAS
bigwigthebunnysoldier: Imagine a stranger saying "Smile more" then honking in their face tho
TheMerricat: @sorinthecat she's never going to call Ian Daddy.
NimrodXIV: that's wise
Rytel: Beej "Hot Enough to Get By" Dery
PharaohBender27: Wise, lrrBEEJ
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I like "As handsome as you need to be"
JadedCynic: @sorinthecat @TheMerricat and Ian was happy about that denial :)
drawnbinary: How Much Do You Value Your Vanity
asthanius: 8 legs
TheWriterAleph: hey man you got legs?
asthanius: 7 vaganias
PharaohBender27: katesLol
NoTomToLose: as many as you wnat
drawnbinary: imagine
nyperold: Doesn't cost much, just your laugh!
Sheikun07: I knew someone would say that
gravity_pike: so, flareon is the ONLY fire type pokemon that can't learn the move Solar Beam
Juliamon: maybe more!
amative1: Spider-Matt, Spider-Matt, does whatever a Spider-Matt does
LPS_97: *plays under the sea*
JadedCynic: yay!
sorinthecat: just silent laugh bam
thraximore: wheelerClown
Mollylele: little mermaid would be a way different movie if she made car alarm sounds on land
asthanius: "Oh hey, it's the hot guy who laughs like a car"
TrinAndTonic: beep beep part of your world toot toot
elah806: "I love distinctions" - Matt Griffifths
Easilycrazyhat: yes
Cimurph: This board badly needs any kind of UI/UX designer
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x0den: why are people REQUIRED to place a "yes"?
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
RandomTrivia: LUL
JadedCynic: Dear Disney MAKE THIS NOW
ShifuDaxiongmao: She'd probably have ended things sooner
Mollylele: so say we all, release the cariel cut
TheMerricat: @x0den to make it more fun :)
JadedCynic: @x0den you get a fixed set of 'tokens'
TheMerricat: @x0den and plausible deniablity.
Tz_BG: @x0den They appear to have 2 yes and 2 no cards to vote with. They have to place 3 votes.
sorinthecat: can ian turn his mike up please
ShifuDaxiongmao: Mollylele : begrudgingly applauding the "Cariel" :P
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL maybe this wish makes you 3 points more attractive and the laugh drops back 1 point. So +2 net
RandomTrivia: Does he underflow
RandomTrivia: LUL
RandomTrivia: Overflow, rather
Kramburger: Elder Scrolls Elves
TheMerricat: I don't want to see what happens when you get to the beauty scale kill screen....
JadedCynic: Wheeler - Elves/fey are GLAMOROUS
Nuurgle: Wheeler just crosses the uncanny valley
tangokilo421: But Wheeler, wheelerGreed and wheelerHub !!
drawnbinary: hohoho hohoho we are Santa's elves
Cimurph: Only married people go to christmas elves
nyperold: Galadriel
Master_Gunner: oh yeah, if I could overflow into an eldritch being...
Lord_ZYRK: Elves? There's button for that. . .
ShifuDaxiongmao: Legolas Wheeler
TheMadPunter: What I'd be curious about but also somewhat concerned with is the scenario where it turns out my hotness doesn't really correlate to a significant degree with how much attention I get from women or any career opportunities afforded me. So like yeah I'm a couple steps hotter but it makes basically no difference in my life, and now I'm stuck with the car alarm laugh. That'd be pretty much the worst case scenario.
Pteraspidomorphi: JadedCynic: They cast glamors?
Juliamon: "Terrifying ethereal beauty"
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Kathleen) [now] I want to be an unsettling beauty.
LRRbot: New quote #7591: "I want to be an unsettling beauty." —Kathleen [2021-04-28]
RedbeardTheTechnical: LotR would be a much different film if they were all Keebler elves
Tiber727: Well, that depends. You may only go from a 9 to a 10, but isn't going from a 9 to a 10 harder than going from a 1 to a 3?
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
JadedCynic: @Pteraspidomorphi traditionally - yes; they lure off people in folk tales
PharaohBender27: O_O
TheMerricat: @RedbeardTheTechnical https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw7dexoX4pQ
PharaohBender27: * O_o
thraximore: :)
Niahlah: self esteem issues
niccus: threatening hot
iris_of_ether: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
elah806: Kathleen wants to go full Greta Garbo
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Pteraspidomorphi: JadedCynic: Just paraphrasing Discworld, nm me :)
kusinohki: learn to never laugh might be tough for professional "internet goofball"
x0den: i imagine kathleen wants to look like morticia adams
PharaohBender27: katesLol
TrinAndTonic: Sexy Evil Sorceress Kathleen.... please subscribe me to your newsletter
TheWriterAleph: "hONK HONK"
niccus: my worry with a car alarm laugh is the positive feedback loop
EvilBadman: Jimmy Carr already made that trade
thraximore: Jimmy Carr made a career being hot and having a laugh like a car alarm
SmithKurosaki: !y
Tangsm: She wants to be Galadriel with the one ring. She wants terrible beauty.
Tiber727: I mean, Adam aleady kind of laughs like that anyway.
TheMerricat: Lily Munster.
Niahlah: Cori is WAY in the lead
NoTomToLose: Treacherous as the sea, stronger than the foundations of the earth
EvilBadman: @thraximore Yeah!
JadedCynic: @Pteraspidomorphi oh yeah, Terry had it - "elves are awesome - they inspire awe; elves are wonderous - the provoke wonder; elves are terrific - the incite terror." :D
asthanius: Does that include cooking appliances?
RandomTrivia: That would SIGNIFICANTLY impede your ability to cook...
SmithKurosaki: nope
ShatteredShamrock: yeaaaaaah
DirtCadaver: Nooooo....
hd_dabnado: hard no
Lord_ZYRK: That just means you'd be amazing at hundred year old technology seabatBRAIN
Xed_Regulus: A wheel is technology
TemporallyAwry: "fire is magic"
jedi_master_zll: There are tech savvy people that are older.
TheMerricat: My grandmother is actually fairly tech savy so......
rangerboy87: "hell" and "no"
couldntpickausername: can I choose the 100 yo?
x0den: hard pass, i get by with expert cooking as is
DigitalSeahorse: mattlrConfus mattlrPika
RedbeardTheTechnical: Driving would get really rough really quick
asthanius: Levers
LPS_97: does it include like cooking tech?
x0den: without*
Countjondi: awwwwwww as much as I would love to be able to make a flawless souffley, not worth
Sarah_Serinde considers how much of her life and work currently revolves around technology
LarkSachrosis: Is... is guy Fieri's grandmother some kind of bog witch?
RocknGrohlNerd: aahhh the fabled stick technology
Darleysam: recipe, fine. But you're going to need ingredients. No sale.
LadyDKat: It doesnt say the food will turn out perfect...
jedi_master_zll: Like Skyrim Grandma?
ShifuDaxiongmao: This question has straight up Panalyst energy!
JadedCynic: a KNIFE is an inclined plane, and thus a technology
RedbeardTheTechnical: also, ovens are technology, so cooking w/o heat will be tough
SnackPak_: no more jacquard looms
RandomTrivia: I mean, Captain Tom worked out how to Social Media, so...
TheMadPunter: Wait, ALL technology?? But that would include - yeah what Beej said - kitchen appliances! So like, I couldn't be trusted around a gas range... Yeah no deal.
Niahlah: skyrim grandma
e_bloc: prince philip :p
trilemma85: Googles "best centenarian".
niccus: we're getting close to "operate it like an astronaut"
Terr0rc0tta: Does technology include clothes and glasses?
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
LordZarano: Some 100 year olds are very good with technology
drawnbinary: become a cooking youtube who outsources the tech use
Tiber727: It's cheaper to pay for a chef than pay for someone to do literally everything else for you.
thraximore: took me a full three seconds
gravity_pike: @jadedcynic old people know how to use knives
amative1: !tbh
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
asthanius: Bobby Flay, Queen, Flay
JadedCynic: fire is technology @gravity_pike
ghyllnox: Like an older Stephen Hawking?
Seth_Erickson: Nah I'll find recipes with my technology I can use like a person born into it
Earthenone: pizza rat had a musical?
Tz_BG: Could we operate tech as well as Agatha Fisty?
e_bloc: 95 or 100 it ain't good
PharaohBender27: @gravity_pike Yeah, but do 100-year-olds have the dexterity to use them?
NoTomToLose: I live completely on my computer, but I would take this deal instantly. Finally, I would have a single useful, marketable talent!!!
TheMadPunter: The proverbial hundred year-old
Niahlah: as the years pass.. does your skill change?
Sheikun07: Agatha Fisty just punches tech, though.
emberBecky: nah. following recipes is fine. And I need my technology proficiency.
JadedCynic: yeah, @gravity_pike I don't see "cannot use tech" just "like a 100-year-old"
KaleidoscopeMind: But is it a 100 year old who took the 70-year body replacement?
fastlane250: He's seen the difference, and it's not getting better, none of the time.
TheMerricat: THe real question, it says I can cook anything, but it doesn't say HOW WELL. Am I that anime girl who cooks anything into poisonous sludge?
Niahlah: like a 100 yr old in 1980 is WAY different from a 100 yr old in 2040
drawnbinary: my great grandma was competent enough to make a Skype call and use facebook
JadedCynic: @PharaohBender27 depends on the 100-year-old
ShifuDaxiongmao: can cook anything, can't open the smartfridge
Tangsm: You'll be able to start your own youtube cooking channel, but every episode you'll be asking if this thing is on, and if youtube can see you okay.
NoTomToLose: I could be useful!!!!!!
e_bloc: meth>
neospark16: So i am a master chef, but im slow with my tech......hmmm
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Angreed66: Only things with no recipe
TheMadPunter: And does this mean you forget all your tech skills, or do you remember them but it's essentially a curse on your hands; they wouldn't do what your brain was telling them to do re. tech.
oplinger: but in the future, tech will cook anything in the world without a recipe <.< so..
IbunWest: Following rcipies isn't even that hard this is a terrible tradeoff.
PharaohBender27: @JadedCynic True, but we probably should think average 100-year-old for the purposes of this question
LarkSachrosis: My Grandmother set up her own router, age doesn't affect your relationship to technology it's when you decide to stop learning new things.
Decahawk: Do I also remember the recipes when I need to buy groceries?
Lord_ZYRK: You can already cook anything without a recipe, it just won't necessarily turn out well lrrBEEJ
trilemma85: LUL
amative1: ALL the tools!?
YeetTheRich_: LUL
Lord_Hosk: all technology, includes ovens, rolling pins, spoons, chairs, knives
RandomTrivia: You can't COOK yourself a kid! LUL
MolaMolaphant: so all the time, got it
e_bloc: unlike Ian, he has all the tools Kappa
x0den: can you cook old OLD foods that we don;t have the recipe for?
JadedCynic: @PharaohBender27 again, Captain Tom tweeted just fine...
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
ShifuDaxiongmao: very slowly, but experienced
Tiber727: Wait, I realized, what if the power to cook anything was actually the power to generate enough heat to burn any object? You can be your own power plant!
neospark16: remember its all tech, outside of cooking.....so its tough
Niahlah: and then finishes with a cloud of dust
Angreed66: Cooking at the most bare bones just means you change the food with heat
e_bloc: the power to cook . . . . . man
Mattmitchell45: A Sexual Luddite
JadedCynic: yeah, I'd be no - I *LIKE* following a recipe
Lord_Hosk: anything more complicated than a tree is technology
emberBecky: and If we're talking about marketable skills, I think technology proficiency still might be better than cooking
LordZarano: @Tiber727 It says without a recipe, not without an oven
JadedCynic: @Lord_Hosk heck, depending on the definition and application, even trees could be 'tech'
amative1: @Lord_Hosk good thing, as I don't know how to operate a tree
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Gascitygaming: TBH, all of ya'll are great, the big 2-0!
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PharaohBender27: @JadedCynic Sorry, you calling Captain Tom average!?
TheMadPunter: Everyone's so pithy with these answers!
WarKr0: she's a devil
Earthenone: i mean thats just the future of LRR conetent matt!
Sheikun07: Why would we question Guy Fieri's grandmother?
Sheikun07: Have you met the man?
TheMadPunter: @KaleidoscopeMind Is no one asking why Guy Fieri's grandmother is still alive???
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
Loonatic93: The "burner answers" just seems off. Probably best to have enough yes and no cards for all the votes.
drawnbinary: i hang out with some near-100-year-olds and like... they have smartphones
fastlane250: lrrWOW
JadedCynic: @PharaohBender27 biased sample- I don't contact centigenarians who AREN'T online - esp in the last year of quarantine
Sarah_Serinde: gabyLul
PharaohBender27: katesLol
trilemma85: He would have taken it at 95.
Cimurph: Guess we have hit the point where people weren't often without internet for long enough to play solataire for 4+ hours
SnowbirdMike: Toast doesnt count
saramchenry: @Loonatic93 they're not necessarily burner answers... they can be long shots, too! it's about strategy
Easilycrazyhat: It's called a microwave.
Niahlah: I only cook with recipes
Niahlah: OOOHH does cooking mean Baking too?
ShifuDaxiongmao: not having enough of the right cards forces interesting interactions :)
Loonatic93: @saramchenry I suppose. Just not personally a fan of that mechanic.
NoTomToLose: A N Y T H I N G
CataclysmicReverb: Okay, but would being able to operate technology like a 100-year-old not be its own sort of superpower? Think of all the lost paintbrush techniques
PaperDoopliss: I kind of like having to place a yes/no to help balance questions where you expect everyone to go in one direction
Cimurph: Cooking =/= Baking. Baking is exact, cooking you can do w.e. you want that tastes good
JadedCynic: but yeah, I'd vote no on this, because I *like* cooking by following a recipe - why would I take that calming, comfortable activity from myself?
CnCPOWERHOUR: "...yeah..." lmao
RocknGrohlNerd: leason learned from this dilema is that nobody would give up technology
amative1: Wow this round only seemed about 5/6 the length!
RandomTrivia: Cooking is like 75% Google-Fu
ShifuDaxiongmao: most of it is preparing XD
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
trilemma85: Nobody took the deal! In conclusion, don't make deals with Guy Fieri's grandmother.
TheMerricat: LOL
SnowbirdMike: And dont drink the cooking wine too fast
SquareDotCube: programming calories
Lord_Hosk: Reading the recipe card... explains the card
Pteraspidomorphi: :|
jetpixi: Just tell me what to do, recipe-San
Kramburger: Learn to bake: DO AS YOU'RE TOLD
SnackPak_: Ian pls
Sheikun07: Once you cook something according to recipe, THEN you can experiment with it.
Crad0k: yeah, baking is 'do this or you'll end up with unedible goo'
JadedCynic: recipes are the KEY example of 'standing on the shoulders of giants'
johnalogue: everyone can cook without a recipe, they just might not do so very well
amative1: Instruction 1: don't install Ruby on Rails
Adamantcheese: it's like installing gentoo
albatros064: except then you're using ruby on rails
x0den: i view cooking as mostly fancy waiting anyways
Lord_Hosk: DAMN matt beat me
Angreed66: Don't reinvent the wheel or ignore the wheel
Tiber727: As a programmer, that's nice until you look something up and it still doesn't work.
Easilycrazyhat: @RocknGrohlNerd I mean, the level of technology included was "sticks", so that's a lot to give up.
TacitusVigil: wow, wheeler is a Vorlon. who knew?
LunarRai: Not following recipes is why a friend of mine has come up with such concoctions as "Nacho Cheese Ice Cream" and "Skittle Milk"
LarkSachrosis: Building my own computer was suprisingly easy thanks to the lego-esque instructions.
Sarah_Serinde: Hah, hello Hitchhiker's
Niahlah: Hitchhikers!!!
TrinAndTonic: oh god that *is* a rough one
amative1: Where's my towel!?
x0den: hello mr's adams
TheMerricat: Hook me up.
ChainedDreamer: Easy yes
RandomTrivia: Huh. Windmill slam yes. I'm not done thinking about stuff yet
Sheikun07: It's a combo Hitchhikers/SOMA scenario
ShifuDaxiongmao: Think about it people.. how many foods became a thing because someone was brave/dumb enough to go "I wonder if.."
johnalogue: this really feels a lot like panalysts
neospark16: yes
spurius: easy sign me up
Critterbot: HMMMM
hexy_lexy: PLUG ME THE F IN
JadedCynic: I mean, yes, baking is a science, and cooking is an art; but lots of people like paint-by-numbers too
NimrodXIV: gimme that cloud
e_bloc: me and my towel to the cloud
thraximore: Fuck it, I'll take the risks.
Loonatic93: Nah... I'm good.
LordZarano: @Easilycrazyhat 100-year-olds aren't completely incapable of functioning you know
x0den: we get isekai'd
Orgmastron: Windmill slam Yes. Goodby meat body!
NoTomToLose: Get me my electronic thumb
notthepenguins: yea?
LunarRai: Am I conscious inside the virtual world? Or am I just stored as data that exists?
rangerboy87: Matrix time...can I pick my own body?
DoctorHutch: you are joining the galatic community maybe
Angreed66: It's an easy yes. For all we know this is a virtual world already.
ChainedDreamer: Why would you ever say no?
DarkMorford: I'm assuming Sword Art Online here
Dammit_Liz: i want super powers
saramchenry: do you all know you don't have to vote and guess until you've heard the answers to all the questions?
johnalogue: why would you want a skueomorphic world? Like fake wood paneling.
SpoopsAHoy: Be who I actually want to be? Character Creator here I come!
gravity_pike: try to make the decision as hard as possible, imo
Species5618Beta: Only five senses? Pass
notthepenguins: die vz not die
nobodez: Friendship is Optimal
MAPBoardgames: Do you want to live in WoW?
saramchenry: I keep seeing you all vote and guess immediately!
PharaohBender27: I don't know - how's my consciousness is going to be used?
TrinAndTonic: ^see that's the thing, are you like STUCK in there forever, forever alive? forever knowing that you and everyone you know is dead?? I dunno folks
LeeshaJoy: I pick Option 3 where an alien give me a ride offplanet and hijinks ensue.
Juliamon: Is this SOMA-style where I'll still exist on Earth until I die even as my consciousness lives virtually?
Mollylele: o no it's Ready Player One
RedbeardTheTechnical: Can you die?
odamadillo: Can I go to the digital world? I want a pet Impmon!
Bratmon: Don't you all know that you're all part of my virtual world?
RocknGrohlNerd: @Easilycrazyhat true, I could not live without my sticks, never mind phone or car
TacitusVigil: so Matt is the easy yes, right?
LunarRai: Dead people get reborn as children!
thraximore: is it an Ark?
johnalogue: "There should be no children." --Kathleen, 2021
Loonatic93: @ChainedDreamer Because at some point I'm going to be mentally exhausted and want to be done.
Fruan: I strongly recomend "Diaspora" by Greg Egan if you're looking for a neat scifi story that grapples with a bunch of these questions.
thraximore: how many people are in here?
Mollylele: who asked about children
ShifuDaxiongmao: Mollylele I don't know... this sounds like it has a plot
x0den: do you need new minds when you're in a functionally immortal world?
Tiber727: If you can upload a mind, you can probably combine them to make new minds.
notthepenguins: i love that he thought this out
DarkMorford: Yeah, this feels very Sword Art Online to me
stevefromdetroit: or very upload
SnowbirdMike: How come i cant choose to just go live with the crazy alien MOFOs that are destroying earth?
LunarRai: Windmill slam the "Yes" for me with what's been explained so far.
Easilycrazyhat: I've actually thought about this a lot, hah. I would go with yes.
JadedCynic: 'feed implants'
bullseye3265: its not really your consciousness, its a machine representation of your consciousness
WarKr0: Wait, I've seen this crapshot before
ShifuDaxiongmao: Would you have any privacy or could any mind go where it pleases?
Decaped: This question deserves the BOTH answer, for practical reasons.
valravenapocalypse: Better question- can I finally not be contacted by people I don't want to talk to?
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Anyone seen Upload on Amazon Prime?
PaperDoopliss: @SnowbirdMike Probably no compatible food or atmosphere. Digitizing you is the only way they can be bothered
Luminaire_p: Hold on, I need to bring up my menu
Lord_Hosk: SnowbirdMike they dont want you interrupting their poetry writing
Tangsm: Oh, I really don't want that. It would be so much more insulting when I'm ignoring what people are saying to me.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun not yet but now you've added it to my queue :)
Dammit_Liz: What kind of Spam filter do I have?
SeismicLawns: this is a much better deal than Douglas Adams said
Angreed66: The consciousness is just an illusion anyway.
stevefromdetroit: @LoadingReadyRun yes! i'm excited for season 2
Darleysam: I want to say a strong "sign me up", but then I've recently read that horror wiki article about the first saved human consciousness..
sorinthecat: is my body destroyed
Lord_Hosk: Dammit_Liz All you have to eat is virtual spam sorry
EncryptedSquid: Do I have Superuser access?
TacitusVigil: is this vr world ad supported?
sorinthecat: and is there an evil overlord?
Sarah_Serinde: TacitusVigil Oh god
SeismicLawns: i mean the question is "Is the VR world worse than death"
NotCainNorAbel: can I just dig 16x16 holes?
Dammit_Liz: @Lord_Hosk noooooooo
mitomanox: lrrHEART lrrBEEEJ
stevefromdetroit: but who controls the cloud?
oplinger: how long until they threaten to turn us off like the PSN stores?
TacitusVigil: @sarah_serinde Yeah, oof huh?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: they're going to destroy a planet for a highway, so they're capitalists, so that digital world will almost certainly be shoddy
TheMerricat: You don't have personhood
NoTomToLose: The cloud is obviously maintained as a form of entertainment. You would be a videogame. :D
Earthenone: use the hubble telescope to find the red trucks on the space highway where earth used to be
Bratmon: The Hubble is being turned into the median.
Loonatic93: Question: How do we know we aren't already in a simulation?
Species5618Beta: Wait, if the earth is gone, what does hubble orbit?
stevefromdetroit: we are all River Song
LeeshaJoy: We don't.
johnalogue: @SydPreviouslyHeadache non-capitalist societies also build roads.
ShifuDaxiongmao: doubting the last bit
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Clearly they haven't observed humanity for very long.
Pharmacistjudge: so...we're friend computer?
stevefromdetroit: ^
Mollylele: who is using this highway? what beings, can we move in?
Easilycrazyhat: I'm dying anyhow. I don't see a downside here.
RedbeardTheTechnical: I love how deep Beej's headcanon is on this
JadedCynic: man, I tuned in to have lulz, and now I'm getting all these fascinating ideas and quandries and thoughts <3
SmithKurosaki: Hood Place
Critterbot: Not sure I even agree with "somewhat".
ChainedDreamer: @Loonatic93 There you go, you can quit any time you want.
ShifuDaxiongmao: can we "hitch a ride" with specific aliens?
theblakdeth: I would "die with the ship" because there's no such thing as objective position in space. A Space Highway is implausable at best
SydPreviouslyHeadache: @johnalogue yeah, but not typically at the cost of environments
ihlendrax: Hmm…what happens when the simulation needs a patch release?
PaperDoopliss: @Critterbot Look, you need to be at least a little bit intelligent to be stupid on the scale that we are
BluePlainCreek: will Brenda be there?
Mollylele: "liquid/flesh battery" lrrBEEJ
JadedCynic: @ShifuDaxiongmao we HAVE to; they own the hardware we're in
jedi_master_zll: Can we get new robotic bodies?
Nuurgle: oh hey, I just finished reading this book
Darleysam: are we able to interact with the outside world at all, or just stuck sealed in there
stevefromdetroit: just take a nap @ihlendrax - nothing bad happens on patch day
Lord_Hosk: You are so simple, that you can be uploaded at a snap
mitomanox: it's like like in animal crossing
JadedCynic: post-scarcity environment
TemporallyAwry: VR Minecraft ... nice.
EvilBadman: you're the mayor of your own second life, baybee
notthepenguins: I'm still on thd
SnowBuddy18: got it, 1,000 car garage here I come
nyperold: Do we even need to eat? Is eating purely for pleasure?
Mollylele: there's not a ton of electricity in a human body
NoTomToLose: it's like a reverse Benjamin Button
MalBeam: are the brains stored on the blockchain?
PharaohBender27: But is there enough server space? Kappa
johnalogue: @SydPreviouslyHeadache the only reason for that is because capitalist societies are the majority of examples of industrialized societies, though...
notthepenguins: the alternative being death
TacitusVigil: Eh, is anything real real anyway?
SeismicLawns: post scarcity VR world sounds like a strict upgrade
Lord_Hosk: TemporallyAwry damn! Im going to build such a big wall
TrinAndTonic: ok so who is gonna write this fic
Easilycrazyhat: oh many...digital personality children is an interesting concept...
notthepenguins: ill take even messy VR over death
MAPBoardgames: All of MY relatives? Pass.
DarkNacht: Where you ever real?
Spacepup: No such thing as a soul, your kids are just as real as you are.
jedi_master_zll: This reminds me of Shlock Mercenary
johnalogue: @SydPreviouslyHeadache any spacefaring society would've been industrialized in some way in order to build spacecraft
stevefromdetroit: do i get to use my 1998 AOL handle as my user name?
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW
Nuurgle: @TrinAndTonic Ernest Cline has at least twice
Dog_of_Myth: lrrWOW
TacitusVigil: space racism!
Species5618Beta: If we decide to stop living, do we get a nice flute?
Dammit_Liz: my brain..
Angreed66: Souls aren't a thing
SeismicLawns: what is reality but a simulation of your processes?
bainard656: Your kids are going to become successively less human.
TheDailyMapleSyrup: A simulation within a simulation that's farfetched
ShifuDaxiongmao: We're having a great time!
RandomTrivia: LUL
SquirrelLord1111: I LOVE THIS!
RocknGrohlNerd: @NoTomToLose again :D:D so many reverse Benjamin Buttons
neospark16: So this is like SAO in a way
JadedCynic: @SnowBuddy18 man, dream bigger - a mechanical parking facility that can bring the car to you (or a repair bay where you can tinker if you choose)
Sarah_Serinde: tiltyhPLS
lamina5432: kathleen never thought we're matrix
asthanius: ian pls
Snowcookies: wow Ian
TheMadPunter: We're assuming as well that we've identified and isolated "consciousness" and there's continuity between our meat selves and digital selves and they're not just copies
Tangsm: Who has time to vote when you're world building?
hexy_lexy: tiltyhPLS
Decaped: man, how weird would it be if the minority of intelligent life in the universe had souls
Darleysam: I'm going to say Philip K. Dick has covered this one a couple of times
dkosa: fake life or death
DarkMorford: @neospark16 That's my read on it
SkylerRingtail: Based on the game name, I was expecting less Split the Room and more Fibbage: Enough About You.
JadedCynic: Plato's Cave, folks! :D
Spacepup: Souls aren't a thing, the digitized you is exactly the same as the meaty version, given appropriate computing power.
SnowBuddy18: @JadedCynic of course, but I also want the ability to just walk among all the cars
mitomanox: lrrSPOOP what if...
nupaladinace: I would volunteer to do this right now. This is 90% of what I want
theblakdeth: there's no way to make everyone happy. Some people's happiness is predicated on others unhappiness
nupaladinace: This is basically flawless
abaoa_qu: But assuming humans do have souls, then this choice doesn't matter, right?
Loonatic93: @SkylerRingtail I was thinking the same thing. This is very "Split the Room".
asthanius: afterlife design is fucked
nupaladinace: 0 downside
Bratmon: The afterlife is instanced?!
LordZarano: We already live in a simulation. Moving into another simulation inside it with more control over the parameters seems like a strict upgrade
LunarRai: I'd prefer my soul to be read/write
JadedCynic: @SnowBuddy18 ahhh, so a warehouse like Jay Leno - the space is digitally infinte as required
jedi_master_zll: How much of an advantage do programmers have in this computer world? Could you hack the plantet?
Qvdv: so, oblivion or morrowwind?
mitomanox: oblivion sounds comfortable
spinebustertee: This is way more existential than I expected for a stream without Cameron
TacitusVigil: Is Beej a prophet now?
TheMadPunter: But what if what you really want is to exist in "reality"??? In that case an afterlife that curated experience in that way would be basically hell for you...
LunarRai: Just take the option to yeet yourself out of life.
Bratmon: What if I want to spend my afterlife with my ex, but my ex doesn't want to spend their afterlife with me?
RomanGoro: The question is certain afterlife vs. totally unknown afterlife and my answer would be 100% yes
TrinAndTonic: yolo imo
asthanius: @jedi_master_zll I assume everything is sanitized (and also in a non-human programming language)
Decaped: ohhh, i totally get what tv show Beej was referencing now
Pharmacistjudge: Kathleen has seen this world in Nocturne.
RocknGrohlNerd: lrrBEEEJ avngrGroovy
lamina5432: going to oblivion in a way anyway
SnowBuddy18: @JadedCynic yes, digitally infinite, but, being a program, always puts the car I want at the time, if I'm trying to go driving, beside me and a door out
JadedCynic: @spinebustertee to be fair, I think Cameron would be rather nihilistic
Sarah_Serinde: Yeahhh
Loonatic93: Alex... Alex streamed Soma.
Favre_the_Undead: I wanna live foreve
johnalogue: I imagine in a utopian afterlife people who would've no longer need others' unhappiness to be happy without the damage the world did to them...or they don't qualify
Pharmacistjudge: So it's basically Isami's ending of nocturne?
mitomanox: i fear life
nupaladinace: @TheMadPunter We have no way to verify we live in "reality" right now
NoTomToLose: The terms as presented make it pretty obvious to say yes, you can just change your mind if it's bad
mitomanox: life is way harder
jedi_master_zll: @asthanius Probably, but someone will figure out something eventually.
SmithKurosaki: Mood
JadedCynic: @SnowBuddy18 that's up to you, you'd have admin privledges to this space - you can adjust it as you wish
YeetTheRich_: death fears wheeler
JadedCynic: LUL
JadedCynic: yeah, I called this
mitomanox: @YeetTheRich_ fair
theblakdeth: im with wheeler
johnalogue: how do we know it's an alien virtual world and not our own creation to save our minds?
TrinAndTonic: +1 to Wheeler tho
TheMerricat: There can only be one!!!
SeismicLawns: oh god what if the VR world is a jrpg
dragonwarrior000: Change to Just Chatting
RedbeardTheTechnical: "I don't want a digital clone, but thank you for asking"
compactdisco: I really want them to get into this
ShifuDaxiongmao: short version: "You can't copy greatness"
TyranidSliver: but we need to know
NDCazzy: no sad robot Wheeler
Phailhammer: Hive buuuut!
Decaped: Asimov had some real interesting thoughts on this.
SnowbirdMike: We are Borg
RedbeardTheTechnical: We're just an insect hive with less connective meat as-is :P
DirtCadaver: sign me up to the human hive
PharaohBender27: katesLol
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Kathleen getting where i was coming from
JadedCynic: but you'd have admin access - it's not like facebook, constantly turning off your blocks and privacy settings
RedbeardTheTechnical: human hive! human hive!
TacitusVigil: The Beej Collective?
Wrexadecimal: Having to live with 8everyone*'s thoughts? Yuck. I like my privacy
TheMadPunter: @nupaladinace Correct, but the assumption is in "heaven" you get what you want, and if what you want is certainty in that regard, the managers would be basically compelled to comply. The problem is you either end up with some people's experiences falling short OR logical paradoxes out the ass.
johnalogue: oh gosh I'd hate to be that close to EVERYONE
albatros064: have the aliens never heard of process isolation?
TemporallyAwry: If there is a pod that could put up with me - I'd love to find them.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: thank you
PharaohBender27: Well-put, Wheeler
Wrexadecimal: Ian. Ian plz.
amative1: Wark wark!
SeismicLawns: get in the robot wheeler
JadedCynic: meh, I'm dying anyways - why not give me a copy backed up somewhere else for a while
Sarah_Serinde: Animal Crossing *is* a good game
SnowbirdMike: The earth moves thru the universe. couldnt the aliens just wait a week
RedbeardTheTechnical: We cant' get revenge on the aliens if we don't exist
TrinAndTonic: I just feel like: it's not Me! I'm dead
nupaladinace: @TheMadPunter People who ask for irrational things not getting them is not a downside for me
asthanius: He can become a bird
ShifuDaxiongmao: Ian would ask to see the feature sheet, then suggest changes, THEN accept.
RobotInProgress: Ian becomes god
Nuurgle: Ian just wants to be a train girl
JadedCynic: @SnowbirdMike the whole solar system has to go vOv
hexy_lexy: Ian understands me
Terr0rc0tta: I dig that so hard
stevefromdetroit: is this virtual world set in creative mode or survial mode?
RandomTrivia: *the sound of a thousand SM58s being dropped simultaneously*
DeM0nFiRe: Hahahaha
asthanius: It's actually Dr. Frankenstein's allegory
DirtCadaver: plato isnt here in my virual world
PharaohBender27: katesLol
Sheikun07: I love that this is the question that's making me learn about everyone here more than any other
SeismicLawns: new 100% original cave allegory
Styxseus: If nothing is real, everything is real? I like it.
TrinAndTonic: Yes Cori omg
BusTed: gottem
saramchenry: HELL yeah Cori lololol
thraximore: lmao
PharaohBender27: :D
RedbeardTheTechnical: it's like a star trek teleporter
MAPBoardgames: It's a photocori
TheMadPunter: @nupaladinace Might be a downside for them though - but even beyond that, even if no one has "irrational" desires, it's still a near certainty different people's desires would come into direct conflict
Spooky_Noises: If the options were chance it or get blown to smitherines
neisan2112: I do love the Prestige comparison
PharaohBender27: GOTTEM, lrrCORI !
x0den: wasn't there an underwater horror game that dealt with this question?
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
TacitusVigil: Oh no, Cori and Ian are star crossed!
DirtCadaver: your in an app on thier phone.
nobodez: Anything is better than nothing
neisan2112: @x0den SOMA
JadedCynic: I mean, if I find the 'administrators' don't care about us - I'll ghost out of this sim and hack the overall system and rewire things to protect us and maintain our server blades
Sheikun07: Hasn't Cori already won though?
TheMadPunter: @x0den Bioshock?
Angreed66: Time means you're constantly no longer the person you were a second ago so continuity issues are moot
Loonatic93: Yeah... The points really don't matter in this game.
johnny: Hello friends!
JadedCynic: Yeah, this was fascinating
Despoiler98: OOOPS WINNER
Dog_of_Myth: HAHA
Mollylele: hello! you're just in time for Cori win
BloodnBullets: Kathleen is convincing me because screw those aliens for killing me, they can carry my damn memory.
neospark16: go for second
x0den: @TheMadPunter it was soma. thank you @neisan2112
pimiento: tqsIrene
RandomTrivia: LUL
Sarah_Serinde: Hey johnny!
TheAinMAP: lrrCHKN
JadedCynic: Such socialist Canadians - they don't even care about 'winning' :D
LeeshaJoy: @JadedCynic What makes you so sure that's even an option?
ChainedDreamer: lrrCHKN
Bladinus: WARK WARK
asthanius: You did a Fortnite!
nupaladinace: @TheMadPunter That's why I said this was only 90% perfect. In a perfect world such beings would be incapable of making irrational decisions, thus would be incapable of significant conflict
BloodnBullets: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 7:02 PM
AlexanderDitto: OOPS I extremely missed the time for this stream!!!
JadedCynic: @LeeshaJoy what makes you think it's not?
Sarah_Serinde: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Decaped: @BloodnBullets you'd be a "spite consciousness "
SeismicLawns: once you get to the end of the board you die
ShifuDaxiongmao: Anyone calling in a sub so we learn weird stuff about another LRR or two? :D
LunarRai: @SeismicLawns And then get uploaded to an alien computer
JadedCynic: okay, so Cori was the first 'loser' now let's see who dies next? ;)
BloodnBullets: @Decaped pretty much.
TheMadPunter: @nupaladinace Wait, so when humans enter this afterlife they BECOME "perfect" beings?
kusinohki: I have an early morning. Good night chat. catch the rest in the VOD
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ShifuDaxiongmao: JadedCynic you mean, Cori was the first to get uploaded to the cloud. :P
JadedCynic: @ShifuDaxiongmao ...against her will
StarWarsTHX1138: is there a referral link for this game
TheMerricat: I'm just curious, does being uploaded to an alien computer void the 70 year warranty on my body, and will I still get free cereal in the VR world?
nupaladinace: @TheMadPunter If it is composed properly, yes. The primary limitation on human beings as far as I can tell is biology. Remove that and it's easy from there
TheMerricat: !tbh
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TheMadPunter: @nupaladinace And also no; it's entirely possible - probable even - that perfectly logical beings can still come into conflict. Logic speaks only to methodology, not axiomatic values.
Decaped: I do hope that when we eventually need to transfer our minds into something else, we can dodge the Ship of Theseus problem by providing a continuum of experience.
StarWarsTHX1138: TY
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TheMerricat: And again that was a beautiful couch :)
Mollylele: head transplants are possible, on humans, just nobody wants to test it.
JadedCynic: @TheMerricat it's a post-scarcity environment - you can have infinite cereal daily if you choose, and the T&C on your digital 'body' makes that 70year warranty seem like a blip
nupaladinace: @TheMadPunter It's probably worth adding then that I am a moral realist. I think moral values are not only objective but discoverable. As such perfectly rational beings have the same morality, because they have discovered the only morality
EncryptedSquid: Oh! It's *that* CUT. the YouTube one!
hexy_lexy: hey friends! reminder that yall are loved!
Earthenone: @hexy_lexy lrrHEART
Dog_of_Myth: @hexy_lexy No, U!
asthanius: @nupaladinace Wouldn't that require perfect information, though?
TheMerricat: including you @hexy_lexy lrrHEART
fastlane250: didn’t think among us would return to CTS
JadedCynic: @TheMadPunter heck, for a fictional example, the logical Vulcans still were cold-warring with others, and ssometimes themselves
EncryptedSquid: Amogus is forever @fastlane250
TheMadPunter: @JadedCynic Bingo!
JadedCynic: sometimes conflict is a logical necessity
nyperold: @TheMerricat I don't know, but those virtual cookies that guy said he made without a recipe? Totally virtual store-bought.
TheMerricat: To be fair though, weren't the vulcans at that time not logical and that was the problem? Till Saren showed up they were hot blooded warriors.
nupaladinace: @asthanius Sure, but computers are way better at computing information than we are. so machine beings would run out of unknown information in a finite amount of time
nupaladinace: Perfection does not become a matter of if, merely when
TrinAndTonic: I hope they get a question about farts or butts in the next round. fingers crossed
TheMerricat: lol @nyperold :)
johnny: More Butts!
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote butts
LRRbot: Quote #3918: "Just because the griffin's butt is more well defined does not mean the snake does not have a butt" —Heather [2017-01-27]
JadedCynic: @TheMerricat Why are there 'logical' Vulcans in StarFleet - during the dominion war? Fed-Klingon wars, even when humanity discovered vulcans and Andorians, the post-Saren Vulcans were inches from war
asthanius: @nupaladinace You've got me thinking now about situations where new information is limited in its spread by the literal speed at which it can travel, and how that could affect decision-making, but I don't think we have the time nor space to get into it
LordZarano: @Mollylele Surely it is a body transplant?
HundreydAundre: A POG track hath reel in queue
MAPBoardgames: LOL!
Mollylele: @lordzarano I think that's correct.
TheMadPunter: @nupaladinace Fair enough; based on what though? The way I see it, morality matters only as it pertains to the experiences of sentient beings, and those experiences are ultimately subjective. Even if you could come up with a morality encompassing all sentient beings, it would just be a meta-property of that group. It's not like "laws of morality" are floating out in the aether somewhere, and would still be there even if all sentient life were erased.
JadedCynic: This game has triggered some FASCINATING thoughts and discussions that I never expected :)
HundreydAundre: Henn-Lows!
Proprietous: The last session I saw of this the talk was primarily focused on a Sex Ottoman but I guess it's unsurprising that LRR would go ontological. XD
nupaladinace: @asthanius The speed of light being the most significant limiter on human development is at least an improvement on what we have now, eh? :P
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Terr0rc0tta: My Dad’s sister is my Aunt Ological
saramchenry: @Proprietous hello!!
TheMadPunter: Yeah do I get residuals??
valravenapocalypse: fuck yes
asthanius: Paid in exposure
TheMerricat: Eff them. No money no speaky.
jedi_master_zll: None of my life is juicy enough for me to care about reading it.
odamadillo: Who said I had any high school friends!?
Mollylele: !tbh
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Proprietous: @saramchenry HI SARA!!!
Lord_Hosk: a tell all about me would be SUPER boring
JadedCynic: oh god no - this book is gonna FLOP, since the spiciest things I did back in high-school would put speed freaks to SLEEEP :p
Sarah_Serinde: Honestly if they've written this kind of book basically about me without vetting anything with me, I don't think they're my friend anymore. So nah
LarkSachrosis: Relevant: are they still my friend?
tangokilo421: I've work with some of mine!
valravenapocalypse: also, an actual long term friend would value your time and fairly compensate you
PharaohBender27: The "about you" part is what worries me
JadedCynic hive-fives @Lord_Hosk
JadedCynic: o/\o
nupaladinace: @TheMadPunter This is the primary difference between realists and relativists. You say murder is wrong because we assign it the value of "wrongness" but I say murder is wrong by its very nature, it is possessed of the intrinsic property of "wrongness"
Lord_Hosk: o/\o
Featherweight_: If you ask me to red things out load your not a real friend
Featherweight_: read
Proprietous: @Lord_Hosk LISTEN this book could be all about how deeply you care for your friends and that would be lovely
TheMadPunter: @TheMerricat Do... do you mean Surak? IIRC Saren is from Mass Effect 😛...
LunarRai: Slam the 'no' from me, I know my friends.
JadedCynic: Hell, I'd be so telling my longtime friend to revise their book and not focus on me, unless they want their book to be a sleep-aid :D
Angreed66: This prompt assumes I had friends.
Sarah_Serinde: In extreme, juicy detail, without telling you what they're saying or asking if you're okay with them sharing it
Orgmastron: I've not kept up with anyone I went to high school with so this is a hard no
El_Funko: Yeah I want a cut of this or no deal
NoTomToLose: It's not *just* about you...
TheMadPunter: @nupaladinace K, but what IS that?
TheMerricat: @TheMadPunter I did indeed, I had to look it up after saying it but didn't think it'd be worth correcting myself since @JadedCynic got who I meant :)
PharaohBender27: Wheeler's asking the right questions
Tangsm: I mean, if you've been doing worse things since, the high school tell all might be improving your reputation.
Easilycrazyhat: @NoTomToLose It is
SK__Ren: Its not about us, but is extremely detailed regarding us...
Sarah_Serinde: Honestly it wouldn't be that juicy if it was about me anyway but I am here for consent thanks
Easilycrazyhat: I think
TheMadPunter: @TheMerricat Well yeah, of course; I just thought it was funny 😁👍
asthanius: Written by your high school friend David Sedaris
LarkSachrosis: It *is* a tell-all.
Proprietous: lol Matt yes because the book is coming out
TheMerricat: :D
johnny: It said juicy!
NoTomToLose: @Easilycrazyhat The question says it's a memoir, it's about their life, you just happen to feature prominently
saramchenry: hey folks! I wanted to let you know that the Kickstarter for this game is now (thanks to y'all!!) at 901 backers. when we hit 1,000 backers, we'll add a BONUS PACK of KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE cards to every reward! we're so close to it!
Sylenctone: Yeah, no. If I had a friend who wrote a memoir and they didn't ask me to beta read it, there is no way.
Easilycrazyhat: @NoTomToLose Well, there it is XD
johnny: So probably not we’ll known
TheMerricat: WOOT! @saramchenry
JadedCynic: I mean, AFTER I got out of High-School, my life got INFINTELY more fascinating, but yawn for secondary-education me.
PharaohBender27: A tell-all memoir about *you* *IN HIGH SCHOOL*
NoTomToLose: Ah yes well Matt can make it how he wants :D
Aenir798: It doesn't say that it's *only* about you
nupaladinace: @TheMadPunter It is an a priori principle. Murder is wrong in the same way mortals die. If someone doesn't die they are not a mortal, if someone does something that is good it cannot have been murder
jedi_master_zll: Not getting paid is a kicker for this I think.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i haven't done shit, but i have intense depression. i'd havet o go with no
NoTomToLose: aaaaand there we go back again :D
TheMadPunter: My biggest concern is there's a whole bunch of stuff I've completely forgotten, then I read it and I'm like "o shit"
TheMerricat: If they were really your friend and this wasn't a trap they wouldn't be asking you to read it sight unseen.
asthanius: They're the kind of person to write this book
Easilycrazyhat: @NoTomToLose Reality is flexible, hah
The_Voices: hmmmmm......
Mollylele: you'd have a chance to rebut the claims as you read it?
JadedCynic: I mean, *I* had a friend that had an AMAZINGLY interesting high-school life, but I was his wallflower sidekick
TyranidSliver: i'd say no to myself then?
jedi_master_zll: Yeah idk if a "friend" would ask you to read it sight unseen.
The_Voices: my answer would be yes, the worst i did was walk nude to the shower
Tangsm: Everyone in Wheeler's life is on a ticking clock to their friendship expiration.
PharaohBender27: Probably not someone who would write a "tell-all" book
oplinger: would i read it out loud? Probably, it'd be hilarious i'm sure.
thraximore: The unspoken question: does this book fall within the statute of limitations?
TacitusVigil: They're not a very good friend of they didn't vet the parts of you in the book with you first
valravenapocalypse: I think my real, close friends who might write a tell all that goes into heavy detail about me know that I would love to travel the country and just full on DRAMA all these juicy details to people I will never fucking see again
asthanius: tbh, I don't know what would be super embarrassing that they could write about
Proprietous: @saramchenry :O bonus cards!!! Dang this game is gonna have so many cards
JadedCynic: oh hell, in that case, I'm Cease & Desisting this book, as there's statutes of limitations that aren't up on my college days yet - not just not helping the launch but STOPPING it
TrinAndTonic: I love when people literally say "tbh" in this chat I LOV IT
LunarRai: Ha! Wrong page. I get it.
valravenapocalypse: They would also know me enough to great me at every reading with a rum and monster
JadedCynic: lrrBEEJ
Lord_Hosk: The tell all book included that he hung out with high schoolers long after he left high school ;) In anime club
TheMadPunter: @nupaladinace So you're defining that if it wasn't wrong then it wasn't murder? If so, the problem I see is then you could have a killing declared "not wrong" and thus not classified as murder, which not only seems like a silly technicality but also doesn't solve the problem - the problem being "how do we assign wrongness and rightness in the first place?"
Featherweight_: Look no one can know of my highschool crimes
PharaohBender27: ^
ShifuDaxiongmao: All Ian needed to know, is if the not yet publically known stuff is far enough back that he can't be nailed by it :P
RandomTrivia: lrrWWO
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Despoiler98: @Featherweight_ what? highschool crimes? What?! I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN katesSus katesSweat katesSus katesSweat
Max_Mckayful: This is a like a weird episode of the Panalysts set in our own reality
JadedCynic: I did NOTHING of note in highschool, either way...in College on the other hand, there's stuff that happened that *I* don't remember
Earthenone: release the snyder cut!
mitomanox: HSWP lrrSPOOP
SnowbirdMike: One Time At Band Camp.
TheMerricat: I love that we still have a philosophical discussion from the last question still going on in chat. I feel like this game would be awesome icebreaker.
nupaladinace: @TheMadPunter You seem to still be thinking in terms of assigning moral value to things. We do not assign or decide right or wrong, we can only learn/discover the rightness or wrongness that is already intrinsic to the thing
TheMadPunter: Yeah what are their motivations here? Seems weird..
JadedCynic: this person is NOT a friend
mitomanox: it's a TRAP
Terr0rc0tta: Juicy dirt is mud?
TacitusVigil: if you're there in person, you can call bull on it live
Proprietous: Maybe they think it'll be a splashier read if you haven't read it before when you read it
SnowbirdMike: LOL
RandomTrivia: LUL
TrinAndTonic: "An Indoor Child of my own Volition: A Memoir"
Proprietous: "Indoor Child"
JadedCynic: I mean, I can't even get oversight on a book- DAMMIT WHEEELER :D
LunarRai: Last time he got out, there were 4 casualties
Kramburger: If Matt gets out he could threaten native wildlife
JadedCynic: @TrinAndTonic chef_kiss.gif
RandomTrivia: WELP
JadedCynic: BZZZZT
ElissenRedux: LUL
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Mollylele: HSWP
hexy_lexy: WELP
Veraphage: uuuunity?
RandomTrivia: Good start
TheMerricat: and Kathleen doesn't want a hive mind anyway. :P
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JadedCynic: Wow, you hit his battleship, Ian ;)
NDCazzy: Wheeler has no fox to give back
TheMadPunter: @nupaladinace K, but then what is the nature of those properties? Even the "things" to which the moral values are attached are defined by us humans. Anything we define as "an action" is actually just a continuum, and we only assign boundaries defining a specific, discrete action for convenience. That's fine for the legal system, necessary even, but doesn't seem to me all that useful for exploring broader issues of morality.
RandomTrivia: LUL
JadedCynic: let's see, I lost a library book and got detention a couple of times for tardiness; that was highschool
Easilycrazyhat: Not getting compensation is a big red flag
valravenapocalypse: I maintain that if they're truly a friend, they would compensate you
magical_writer: cheer50 thank you
Proprietous: Unanimous on Kathleen.
Veraphage: There's a whole chapter about Wheetabix
Sarah_Serinde: TheMadPunter nupaladinace So this conversation isn't really related to either the stream or other discussions in chat anymore, can you take it to DMs or some other place?
PharaohBender27: Smart answer lrrDARK
ShifuDaxiongmao: Ian: "The world needs to know!"
JadedCynic: on the other hand, college...let's see, just the stuff that is done and settled and case closed; wrongful death, tresspass, petty theft, and even a failed paternity suit
TheMadPunter: @nupaladinace Also I don't think the common colloquial concept of "free will" is even a thing, which kind of renders this metaphysically moot. It matters only insofar as we're here IRL and have to interact with each other.
Proprietous: Ian "I Get To Spin A Yarn About Myself"
TheMadPunter: @Sarah_Serinde Yeah that's fine
PharaohBender27: lrrHEART
Wrexadecimal: Amen, Ian.
JadedCynic: lrrHEART
The_Voices: wow
LarkSachrosis: mood
Loonatic93: So Ian went to the same High School that I did.
nupaladinace: <message deleted>@TheMadPunter 1: Things certainly exist apart from our definitions or even perceptions of them. Rocks do not disappear if we stop looking at them. 2: I'm not sure what you mean by action being a continuum, unless you mean some sort of fatalist claim where all of our actions are predetermined by our biology. 3: Legal systems only exist because humans suck at deducing moral principles, so we have to use violence to enforce the ones the masters of violence prefer.
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART
valravenapocalypse: "Let go of the past, kill it if you have to"
SeismicLawns: powerful ian but also that was very quiet
Forgebold: I relate very strongly.
EncryptedSquid: *clap*
Sarah_Serinde: nupaladinace As I said, take it somewhere else now please
JadedCynic: none of my friends from that era are still a) alive or b) on the same hemisphere
TheMadPunter: @nupaladinace Per Sarah's request, DM me if you want to keep this rolling 👍
Mollylele: sharkf11CLAP ty @sarah_serinde
ElissenRedux: LUL
RandomTrivia: LUL
PharaohBender27: lrrHEART Mods lrrHEART
corpocracy: Yeah, my friend had one of those, lol
SmithKurosaki: Same Cori
TrinAndTonic: The Gremlin in the Walls: A Memoir
Proprietous: I love how all of these extremely clever Internet Comedians are like "my life is so boring and unusual" :B
RandomTrivia: sergeModLove sergeModLove
Proprietous: *usual
AziraphalesShop: My HS janitor once handed me the giant keyring and just said "bring it back when you're done."
Mattmitchell45: High school was so forgettable
DarkNacht: The best master key for high school is a 2 ft length of wire.
JadedCynic: yeah, I was mr. boring - I got taken outta classes to do help with menial admin work in the office, because they knew I'd not miss any learning from not being in the class itself
TheMerricat: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 7:25 PM
PharaohBender27: @AziraphalesShop I . . . trust you asked for it?
valravenapocalypse: @Proprietous my understanding is that people with boring lives make good comedians, because all the weirdness and wackiness in consciously created
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
Wrexadecimal: LOL
RandomTrivia: LUL
SmithKurosaki: I had my principle joke about paying me because I was out of class so much in grade 12
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
JadedCynic: @Proprietous I'd say their comedy blossomed later in life
NoTomToLose: @Proprietous TV and movies have taught us that everyone has extremely traumatic highschool careers compared to reality
AziraphalesShop: @PharaohBender27 I said I needed to get into a room.
iris_of_ether: lrrWOW
NimrodXIV: lol
SeismicLawns: Got those callbacks Baybeeeeeee
Loonatic93: Succulent Details? I don't even have Succulent Plants!
TheMadPunter: Yeah I'm kind of with Beej on this one...
PharaohBender27: SAME, Beej
sorinthecat: oh? do tell
Proprietous: @valravenapocalypse @JadedCynic @NoTomToLose Sure! But it's not _just_ high school, the later comedy times are covered! Desert Bus!
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TrinAndTonic: if you don't look back on your life and cringe, you haven't grown enough
TheMadPunter: @TrinAndTonic True story 🤣
Mollylele: oh snap
valravenapocalypse: I don't need plausible deniability for the juiciest detail of my life because state law has a cut out for that specific thing
SnackPak_: We never have to talk about that theater ever again
saramchenry: @TrinAndTonic this is so smart
Proprietous: @TrinAndTonic *snaps in approval*
RandomTrivia: LUL
PharaohBender27: @TrinAndTonic That doesn't mean we want that laid out in print! :p
ShifuDaxiongmao: Make up your own questions :)
LarkSachrosis: Newsboy cap!
Sarah_Serinde: I mean, who says you can't make up your own questions
Mollylele: BUTTS
Wrexadecimal: Just impromptu panalysts Kappa
saramchenry: yayyyyy a fart question
Lord_Hosk: YES!
EagleAndWolf23: Yes please
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
NimrodXIV: LOL
Wrexadecimal: YES
RandomTrivia: sergeHolyMoly
ShifuDaxiongmao: I'd put Beej down for a yes :D
Despoiler98: katesPalm katesPalm katesPalm katesPalm
SmithKurosaki: Windmill slam YES
neospark16: LUL
hexy_lexy: SLAM DUMK YES
RandomTrivia: #TootForLove
Mattmitchell45: I spent most of high school making friends across class years
Snowcookies: omg
JadedCynic: windmill slam YES
amative1: "enough"
Favre_the_Undead: Yes
xantos69: I have found my mate
Mollylele: lrrGARBO lrrGARBO
Easilycrazyhat: Well, it's not serious...XD
SnackPak_: Is my grandma there?
LunarRai: Windmill the yes.
Proprietous: Small-LRR? :B
Seth_Erickson: yes!
TheMadPunter: I'm not an audio engineer, but I'm pretty sure that's not how microphones work 🤔😝...
Dammit_Liz: this is amazing
Evochron13: small lrr wedding or small-er ?
KaleidoscopeMind: smaller or smallrr?
EvilBadman: a small-lrr?
SnowbirdMike: Well that was a 180 degree turn
NoTomToLose: A small LRR wedding? Sold!
Lord_Hosk: a small Lrr wedding?
Radyin: Do you need to pregame your wedding with beans?
Sibwow: LLR?
hexy_lexy: Loading Leady Run
JadedCynic: if this is the person I've already been wedded to for over 20 years already, and we went back and she wanted to do this, I AM IN!!!!
amative1: smalLRR
NDCazzy: <100?
LeeshaJoy: See, as an a-spec person there are a lot of these questions I don't relate to at all.
bullseye3265: like 50
YeetTheRich_: Tables Ladders Chairs wedding?
Sheikun07: Getting married on Loading Ready Live
Favre_the_Undead: anything to embarress people
EagleAndWolf23: It's on day 5 of desert bus
Nuurgle: so no waterfall chasing
DirtCadaver: man what do you eat before ignition
oplinger: if i'm having a wedding, it wasn't my idea. >> so yes i'd fart into the mic absolutely
TrinAndTonic: I remember reading this question for the first time and feeling just a deep, profound respect for whatever weirdo dreamt that up
LadyDKat: It's your dream wedding, so if you want 500 people you can have 500 people
ShifuDaxiongmao: Wheeler, held in a small enclosed space? :D
valravenapocalypse: Or you invite a bunch of people you hate....
Tangsm: So, after this speech, do you just hand the mic back to the dj?
JadedCynic: I don't care if I alienate everyone at the wedding, if she wants to do it, I am there for her!
TheMerricat: SingsMic lrrHORN lrrHORN seabatUseless
TheMadPunter: I'm curious WHY this is so important to them...
Angreed66: That contradicts the dream wedding
hexy_lexy: i would totally rip the loudest fart in front of my grandma, yes
Mollylele: I've seen weirder shit at weddings
TheMadPunter: OOOO, Beej with the technical read!
Electrodyne: friends of "The Family", like mafioso?
saramchenry: BEEJ that question kicks ass
JadedCynic: oh MAN
hesterbyrde: I've read that fanfic
Sarah_Serinde: Platonic soulmates can be a thing
Tangsm: You said it, Beej loves drama.
TrinAndTonic: @Sarah_Serinde 100%
Lord_Hosk: Your soulmate doesnt have to be your romantic partner
valravenapocalypse: Or just "heterosexual life mates, one gets married"
saiarcot895: I've seen that!
Dammit_Liz: this is beautiful
JadedCynic: With Dabney Coleman? LUL
hexy_lexy: i dont care if its romantic or plantonic, im 100% ripping that fart
Mollylele: your soulmate knows you're on a reverse Benjamin Button trajectory
saiarcot895: good show, sad that they cancelled it a season before runaways
valravenapocalypse: Silent Bob Gets Married, someone get Kevin Smith on the phone
Proprietous: The "invite all the guests to breathe it in" is the breaking point for me. I just could not
Mattmitchell45: Your Dying Grandmother's Dead Wish was for someone to fart at your wedding
Angreed66: And marriage doesn't have to be romantic
Lord_Hosk: Nice one Mollylele
Driosenth: Is there an expectation that the guests must comply? That puts an upper limit on how many could attend (GI system and diet may vary output)
TheMadPunter: Beej is technically correct - nowhere in the question does it specify your soulmate is the one you're getting married to. It's implied by the subsequent "you both", but there's enough linguistic ambiguity there...
SnowbirdMike: I think id take them for a drive in the car to the edge of the city, push them out .Drive back home, pour a drink and thank god i dodged that bullet.
Electrodyne: In the comics Cloak was interested
saramchenry: can I do a huge car alarm laugh after my fart
Proprietous: That's when it goes from "haha funny joke" to Y I K E S
Sogheim: I can see Dagger doing that
Serifina: I am so hard no on this
TheMerricat: ah I was hoping that Beej was talking about the 80's Cloak and Dagger movie based on the Atari 2600 video game...
NDCazzy: the clock and dagger series was under rated
saiarcot895: yup, it was a great show
RandomTrivia: Oh dear
oplinger: but what if when the time arises...you can't fart?
Naarius: Beej no
SnackPak_: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
RandomTrivia: BEEJ! ToS!
TrinAndTonic: GOODNESS
ShifuDaxiongmao: JadedCynic If they want to celebrate with a toot of joy, who am I to deny?
hexy_lexy: BEEJ NO
JadedCynic: @TheMerricat Oh thank god I'm not the only one! :D
TheMadPunter: That famous movie "Ass to Ass"
Mollylele: @saramchenry then do your car alarm laugh straight into that microphone
Sarah_Serinde: Serifina I'd like to think that if they're my soulmate, they either wouldn't ask me to do this or would accept "no" as an answer
TheMadPunter: @Mollylele 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍
RandomTrivia: LUL
ShifuDaxiongmao: Important question: What is the size of the room? :D
Easilycrazyhat: wait...*are* fart allergies a thing? o.O
TrinAndTonic: @Mollylele applause
YeetTheRich_: why does beej have a microphone on his desk?
TacitusVigil: if they're your soulmate, of course you would, and if you wouldn't then clearly you're not actually soulmates
SnowbirdMike: Can you at least play them like a sea shanty
Natedogg2: What about upwind from everyone else?
oplinger: farting into a microphone....it's how we determine soulmates
valravenapocalypse: Look, if you can fart a sea shanty, take that on the road
bullseye3265: im not some beej that describes his farts on camera LUL
TheMadPunter: Also that's covered by the registry. "In lieu of gifts, please buy a number of carbon offsets"
JadedCynic: @ShifuDaxiongmao heck, if they wanna have fun like this, I'm right alongside them (she's always been the spark to incite my best humour - I've always follow her lead)
Mollylele: menage a toot
ShifuDaxiongmao: JadedCynic : we only have the fun we make ourselves :D
JadedCynic: Nah, Kathleen, it's like the end of "The Graduate" :D
NDCazzy: @mollylele exactly
MolaMolaphant: menage a toot
JadedCynic: @ShifuDaxiongmao too true!
saramchenry: the toot goes like thrrthhhrrrhtttttthhhrrrOUPLE
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL And now, the new couple presents a duet for fart and car alarm
PharaohBender27: O_o
JadedCynic: groom, ian
Sibwow: lavatory microphone
Mollylele: @molamolaphant (elbow bump)
RandomTrivia: Holy shit Paul LUL
ArdCollider: "let's all huff a toot in a marriage rite" is like some weird satire of an Ari Aster film
Naarius: The communal toot
delta__vee: "someone in the orchestra"
Lord_Hosk: only one of those mics will be HOT as it were?
RandomTrivia: OMG IAN
JadedCynic: LUL
Sheikun07: "Mike 5!" has a whole new meaning now
Tangsm: I really hope this question results in more world building than uploading humanity to the cloud.
valravenapocalypse: Yes! That, Ian!
JadedCynic: @Sheikun07 oh lrrWOW
LunarRai: Remember, whoever smelt dealt it.
valravenapocalypse: I think it's called a mercy round, but I'm not sure
TacitusVigil: And then Wiggins shouts MIC 5!
Mollylele: crap into the bouquet before you toss it
MolaMolaphant: @Mollylele hehe, my hands weren't on my keyboard.
bullseye3265: well this got into the weeds
ShifuDaxiongmao: soulmate is assking it :D
TemporallyAwry: @Mollylele PrideLaugh
JadedCynic: gdi, mic 5! LUL
TrinAndTonic: ass-uming B)
bullseye3265: i think you woulde be marrying your soulmate no?
aphroditetheclown: I love this impromptu panalysts episode
ShifuDaxiongmao: why do people assume you only have one soulmate?
JadedCynic: a loving relationship needs spontaneity
TheMadPunter: Beautiful. Beej’s technicality has taken us SO far off on a tangent, and I’m entirely here for it 😄
EncryptedSquid: y no fart
Sibwow: hes already married
Proprietous: Y NO FART???
thraximore: tru WUV
ShifuDaxiongmao: true llrrrrrffft
Mollylele: y no fart tho
RandomTrivia: LUL
asthanius: fwatuwance
Dammit_Liz: wuv
RandomTrivia: Peter Cooke, be here with us! LUL
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
hexy_lexy: UwU Fwatuwate Dis
asthanius: joie de beef
ShifuDaxiongmao: toot de joie?
JadedCynic: @bullseye3265 arranged marriages, obligations, precedence, narrative tension (look at all the stories with 'star-crossed lovers' and 'my true love is marrying another right now' trope)
saramchenry: LMAO
JadedCynic: @asthanius joie de toot?
asthanius: BEN WHY
NimrodXIV: omg
thraximore: LUL
HundreydAundre: If you fart by someone & they love you,... it means they love you for who you're really not.
Proprietous: He LOVES his HUSBAND!!!
amative1: Wuv. Twue wuv, and fwatuwence, is what bwings us togever, today.
Sibwow: youre mister wheeler now
Mattmitchell45: A Dutch Oven on the Wedding Registry
circusofkirkus: wheelerBless
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
asthanius: Kiefer is a saint
JadedCynic: @Proprietous and his husband loves his Wheeler <3
thraximore: wheelerCurse
TrinAndTonic: honestly half of love is farts and the other half is mostly boogers
Proprietous: @JadedCynic <333
nyperold: The joining of two farts.
Mollylele: wow lrrKATHLEEN
JadedCynic: heck, practicality...I dunno if I - yeah what they said
PharaohBender27: I also figure that's not lrrKATHLEEN 's style
Proprietous: Listen, with enough kale in the diet, anything is possible
ShifuDaxiongmao: kathleen would've de-farted hours before :D
YeetTheRich_: you ... can prepare for it ...
JadedCynic: nerves - it's my wedding day, I've been farting all day before this, and not eating ANYTHING for nerves
saramchenry: the ceremony doesn't end until you can fart. everyone waits for hours
Phailhammer: I mean, there was that Crapshot...
LunarRai: A higher bar, he says, like that bar isn't a trip hazard.
NimrodXIV: phrasing
Lord_Hosk: Dumping on the mic wasnt the question Ian
TheMadPunter: @saramchenry Yes.
saramchenry: SHOCKING
asthanius: OH
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW
asthanius: GET GOT
Proprietous: UPSET
Tz_BG: We need to know Graham's answer to this question now.
Mollylele: lrrWOW
rangerboy87: wow
JadedCynic: @Proprietous wait, you ATE within a week of your wedding day? I was too rushed and busy first, and then too nervous to keep anything down
amative1: saramchenry in lieu of money and registry, we're asking everyone to bring a 6-pack of really fizzy soda
HundreydAundre: XD
nyperold: Dumping? Sounds like there's more than gas coming out...
TheMadPunter: O snap!
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NimrodXIV: Graham! Get in here!
RandomTrivia: LUL
NoTomToLose: Kathleen you legend
JadedCynic: secret: I flubbed my vows
Proprietous: @JadedCynic I guess we'll see, hasn't happened yet! (But I'm a hungry boy so I'm sure I'll be chowing down)
RandomTrivia: SingsNote "I walk into the chapel and get quietly hysterical!" SingsNote
hexy_lexy: because its you ian
Nuurgle: onions? I thought it was cheese
asthanius: Trick question: Ian wouldn't have a wedding
JadedCynic: Officiant said "Will you..." and I said "I do - crap"
NDCazzy: definitely the methane making the tears
Mollylele: the DJ also farts into the mic before the toasts
YeetTheRich_: i could see graham pitching this and making a crapshot out of it
ShifuDaxiongmao: Ian, you're known to... throw a curveball :D
SnowbirdMike: Plus the 5 percent chance of Sharting in a white wedding dress is just too much risk.
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW
Sibwow: "i did a wedding"
Dog_of_Myth: lrrWOW
Proprietous: "I did a wedding and it was fine"
Aenir798: wait what
amative1: Cori is possibly about to learn a lot about Ian...
TrinAndTonic: o90p[
TheMadPunter: Besides, you can always have the DJ ready with a prerecorded fart queued up on the soundboard. As long as it wasn’t too obviously a sound effect, no one would ever have to know!
LarkSachrosis: Ian knows how to 'yes, and...' lrrBEEJ
JadedCynic: and my wife was so nervous she EMPHASISED her correct wording just so that she didn't make the same mistake :)
SnackPak_: lrrHORN
JadedCynic: @TheMadPunter brillaint.jpg
RandomTrivia: LUL
Sibwow: is everyone saying yes on this one
Mollylele: marriage is a PARTNERSHIP
RandomTrivia: Amazing
DeM0nFiRe: Haha
TheMerricat: ian would research and build an amplifier
hd_dabnado: this stream has SO MANY GOOD QUOTES
ShifuDaxiongmao: the rip r.i.p
Proprietous: @JadedCynic awww. That's an understandable mistake though
JadedCynic: "you've got guts; I'd like to play with them"
EncryptedSquid: Reject Tradition. Return to Flatulence.
Naarius: How many subs do I need to gift to immortalize that quote?
PharaohBender27: Uh-oh
asthanius: Ian voted with his heart
SnowbirdMike: Cori, The look on her face
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ElissenRedux: KEKW
JadedCynic: @Proprietous meh, I chuckle about it now :D
hexy_lexy: UH ON
hexy_lexy: UH OH
NoTomToLose: D Y I N G
NimrodXIV: oh boy
Mollylele: lrrDOTS lrrIAN lrrDOTS
saucemaster5000: this was supposed to be a fun round
TacitusVigil: It's 2021, we can rip ass again
amative1: !addquote (Cori) [now] 2021: Rip Ass
LRRbot: New quote #7592: "2021: Rip Ass" —Cori [2021-04-28]
EOstby: Not anymore. :D
Sarah_Serinde: Haha same Cori
TheMadPunter: @jadedcynic Thank you! 😊 *small bow*
Lord_Hosk: and this was the end of the Cori Ian wedding
Proprietous: @JadedCynic It's a cute story! I feel like of the wedding stories you could have, this is a good one.
Naarius: @amative1 Bless you, you wonderful human
hexy_lexy: 100% yes on Beej, its Beej
djalternative: eating lots of beans
JadedCynic: HAW and d'aww all at once <3
Despoiler98: OMG IAN NO
JadedCynic: yeah, there's the circumstances
SnackPak_: why
TheMadPunter: I would watch that show.
hexy_lexy: IAN YES
Easilycrazyhat: XD
SnowbirdMike: LOL
Mollylele: ian shame on you
JadedCynic: the bromance for the ages
RandomTrivia: HOLY SHIT
RandomTrivia: AMAZING
Snowcookies: lol
TemporallyAwry: That's too Far sergeCrimes
YeetTheRich_: i'm shipping ian/beej
zimmercj: The true OTP
LoadingReadyRun: Coming next season to WB: Cloak, Beej and Dagger
hexy_lexy: holy shit! im howling, ian
bullseye3265: wheeler is dead
JadedCynic: Cloak lrrBEEJ and Dagger
Raigne86: I have ice cream and I need to stop eating it because if I almost inhale it laughing again it'll be bad.
nyperold: Gasserole?
saucemaster5000: @LoadingReadyRun I'll give it one ep while cooking
ShifuDaxiongmao: I bet Matt is "They'll be talking about it for days!"
Proprietous: A serious Banff
JadedCynic: who needs the securtity deposit back?
ShifuDaxiongmao: well, I was wrong :D
JadedCynic: d'awwww <3
amative1: @LoadingReadyRun Not "Cloak and Dery"?
NoTomToLose: You don't GET to breathe it in!
Mollylele: goats on the streets, toots in the sheets
RandomTrivia: LUL
hexy_lexy: BENJAMIN
Despoiler98: AHAHHAHA
RandomTrivia: WHEELER NO
SnackPak_: we have a dutch oven at home
JadedCynic: and Beej - that's EIGHT hundred people
hexy_lexy: BEN
Proprietous: WHEELER
ShifuDaxiongmao: Wheeler is just going through the whole family :D
Pharmacistjudge: A La Cruset dutch oven are pricey
EncryptedSquid: CEASE
TemporallyAwry: Yup - this is certainly a light topic.
JadedCynic: SeemsGood
valravenapocalypse: "My fart box is corroded"
YeetTheRich_: urban dictionary cleared that up for me
asthanius: A brown note
JadedCynic: loved that
Sarah_Serinde: !tbh
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
Raigne86: A potentially brown note as well
Kramburger: I knew a Dutch Over was a thing but I thought they were more complicated than just a casserole dish
TrinAndTonic: @asthanius oh no
Forgebold: A strong toot to end on.
Stormthius: this has been a real interesting stream
corefluxx: Cheer100
JadedCynic: holy hannah my ribs ache now :D
ShifuDaxiongmao: we're let that one be the last one you delivered
TrinAndTonic: @Forgebold OH NO
RandomTrivia: This was absolutely amazing
Sibwow: cut.com/TBHLRR
Snowcookies: Yay Kickstarter
Proprietous: It's a good game!!!
TheMadPunter: That was great! More of this in future plz 👍 lrrHEART lrrHAM
Driosenth: a high, brown, note to end on
serramarkov: OMG, I had to run to the bathroom I was laughing so hard
PharaohBender27: Corgo300
SnowbirdMike: Thanks LRR
Sarah_Serinde: !patreon
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Juliamon: !fart
LRRbot: Ffffffffff...
TrinAndTonic: you folks are wonderful, what a delightful stream!
ShifuDaxiongmao: This stream was typical LRR quality <3
Lord_Hosk: If you didn't like what you saw here... but thought you and your friends could do it better... You can ALSO buy the game!
Snowcookies: Us
SnowbirdMike: LOL
RandomTrivia: That shortened URL looks like someone wrote down a Dutch Oven...
saramchenry: thanks everyone!! if you have any questions about the KS, you can send a KS message and it will be me that answers!
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
JadedCynic: o/
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote fart
LRRbot: Quote #3600: "I didn't sniff any koala farts." —Kathleen [2016-11-12]
PharaohBender27: katesLol
RandomTrivia: LUL
SnowbirdMike: later
Sarah_Serinde: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
Phailhammer: cya :)
Aenir798: ??? LUL
ShifuDaxiongmao: is that for the reel? :D
RocknGrohlNerd: peace...
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
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Sethalidos: How is Twitch babby formed?
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JadedCynic: hey chat wave to the highlight reel :D
djalternative: both
JadedCynic: ooooh!
djalternative: G will probably pilot so I'm guessing sealed
SnackPak_: fun!
LarkSachrosis: Make it functuon!
ShifuDaxiongmao: The Button, but for feet! :D
TheMadPunter: Like for a guitar?
Pteraspidomorphi: ooo
Pteraspidomorphi: That's a great idea
tangokilo421: Push-to-talk foot pedal is an amazing idea
Naarius: Floor it to talk
saramchenry: fart pedal
JadedCynic: wa-wa pedal
PharaohBender27: SingsNote Jam on the gas! Jam on the gas! SingsNote
JadedCynic: I mean, there IS more than one switch in that thing, so 'why not both?'
ShifuDaxiongmao: death walking and walking and walking?
valravenapocalypse: Alternatively, under-desk elliptical set up so you can only talk while using it
RandomTrivia: """plot"""
Kramburger: Paul heads up the ending is like 3 hours long for real
djalternative: Is Paul going to bring popcorn for the long final cutscene?
RandomTrivia: There is A LOT of random "Kojima" happening
JadedCynic: @valravenapocalypse yeah, I still wanna work that up for myself - my monitors only display if I'm pedalling
TheMerricat: @kramburger we beat higgs and are now working on cliff
HundreydAundre: It hasn't been 3 hours left yet!?
PharaohBender27: Look, that game started weird, then turned towards Bonkersville and cut the brakes
Snowcookies: Yay Chillpoint
HundreydAundre: Uh Oh. LAwl!
xantos69: Oh that sounds AMAZING!
PharaohBender27: A . . . Beejlander?
Max_Mckayful: Ooooh, I LOVE the $20 paper fights :)
valravenapocalypse: @JadedCynic I know I mentioned the idea, but why would you torture yourself like that? (but really, I do understand, and wish you luck)
HundreydAundre: Yes! Someone force Mono Blue Goof Stuff.
bullseye3265: sounds like an interesting brewing
JadedCynic: @valravenapocalypse exercise while I'm watching streams or movies etc and action less stressful on my arthritic joints than walking/jogging in place :)
bullseye3265: fun jank im sure
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
HundreydAundre: Clap Clap Matt! *applause*
RandomTrivia: We finally conquered Deborah!
hexy_lexy: HES FREE NOW
Snowcookies: Yay
valravenapocalypse: @JadedCynic yep, I get it. Good luck :)
amative1: New month!
MichaelVYee: katesHype
JadedCynic: tyvm
LordZarano: It's a rhythm platformer I think
Kramburger: Inside My Radio? Finally a rythem cafe/TTSF crossover!
JadedCynic: it's kinda underground, you probably haven't heard of it
HundreydAundre: Coolie O's!
RandomTrivia: Ooooh, mystery!
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
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RandomTrivia: Clearly it will be Kaplan lrrBEEJ
saucemaster5000: It's richard hearthsone himself!
amative1: !tbh
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Sarah_Serinde: !tbh
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
JadedCynic: !tbh
LRRbot: This stream is sponsored by TBH, The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions. Their kickstarter is closing in just a few days so preorder your copy today! cut.com/TBHLRR
Sarah_Serinde: gabyLul
saramchenry: thank you everyone for being so nice and funny here!
SnackPak_: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
ShifuDaxiongmao: Question, will LRR be getting the game for when you can get together for game night streams? :)
saramchenry: thank YOU LRR!!!!
iris_of_ether: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Sarah_Serinde: !youtube
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Dammit_Liz: go team!
saramchenry: lmao there I am
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xantos69: cheer50 Bits for the amusing games!
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
JadedCynic: @saramchenry thank you for helping us with our questions - this is a great thing your making <3
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saramchenry: @JadedCynic :)
HundreydAundre: Fist Tickles. Ha!
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RandomTrivia: oh no
Sarah_Serinde: sergeOrder
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
TheAinMAP: sergeOrder
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
corefluxx: lrrHEART
saramchenry: Good night all!
TheAinMAP: guyjudgeBits
HundreydAundre: b-b-B-Bu-BITS!
YeetTheRich_: lrrHEART lrrHEART
firekiwi22: Bye!
RomanGoro: I'm actually going to do that
SmithKurosaki: night
fastlane250: okay byeee
Kramburger: I wish, I'm working and it's only midday
Snowcookies: Thanks for the stream!
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
PharaohBender27: Well, unless there's a secret lrrPAUL message, of course!
JadedCynic: thanks for the fun, gnite all
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the great stream, everyone! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
father_time89: Damnit I JUST missed it
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HundreydAundre: Fair night to this stream. Thanks LRR.
FenrisSchafer: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
emberBecky: bye all!
NoTomToLose: @father_time89 you're in for a heck of a VOD
TheAinMAP: @AnAnonymousGifter Thanks for the gift sub!
TheMerricat: Chat, remember you are all beautiful people. Even if you sound like a car alarm when you laugh. Be well, be safe, and be happy!
JadedCynic: @father_time89 to the VoD! (it was hillarious)
ShifuDaxiongmao: Paul would NEVER do a secret mesage ;)
JadedCynic: shhhh
DeM0nFiRe: But if you DONT sound like a car alarm when you laugh, you're 2 levels less beautiful than you could be
TheDailyMapleSyrup: good night
JadedCynic: @DeM0nFiRe which is STILL beautiful and perfect as is
ShifuDaxiongmao: DeM0nFiRe not if you've maxed out your stats :P
HundreydAundre: @TheMerricat It wouldn't hurt all that much to have alarm ring of that, right!? XD
DeM0nFiRe: Heh
TheMerricat: Unless you are a nine or ten already, in which case.... be careful about overflow.
JadedCynic: @TheMerricat well, I'd like to think the devs of the simulation we're in now would catch overflow/underflow errors; I mean they managed to patch out those cheat codes 'witches' and 'magic users' were using like a thousand years ago
TheMerricat: Nah @JadedCynic those folk just got better about hiding the exe file :)
DeM0nFiRe: I still feel like the punishments they gave witches before they patched them out was kinda harsh
PharaohBender27: @JadedCynic If we are in a simulation, I have questions about what games the runners are playing!
laikagoat: zoeyLOL
TheMerricat: lol
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
Easilycrazyhat: lol
Sarah_Serinde: gabyLul
FenrisSchafer: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrPAUL
RomanGoro: Hahahahahahahahahaha
RandomTrivia: LUL
Sheikun07: Amazing
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART lrrPAUL
PharaohBender27: katesLol lrrSIGNAL
xantos69: You brilliant man.
Snowcookies: lol
RandomTrivia: AMAZING
fastlane250: LUL
Nigouki: damnit
iris_of_ether: lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN
djalternative: this is great!
kalira77: rip headphone users lol
FacelessManAboutTown: Goddamit Paul LUL
JadedCynic: @DeM0nFiRe see the problem was, that was player-versus-player iirc they handed down bans on both side, but...
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
jedi_master_zll: lrrHEART lrrPAUL
DeM0nFiRe: Paul is a comedic genius
TheAinMAP: benginLol
Snowcookies: Paul exists to jump scare us
JadedCynic: Whale Plaid lrrPAUL
TheAinMAP: Good night, Paul.
obionedrop: and now I know what it would be like to have that as my laugh
Sheikun07: lrrPAUL lrrHEART
LordZarano: The plink plink on the end was perfect
JadedCynic: @PharaohBender27 well, that's the rub, who said any of us had authoriziations to KNOW any of that?
JadedCynic: the car-laugher REALLY liked it -they couldn't stop laughing for AGES
LordZarano: I'm honestly really impressed with Paul's ability to source a perfect car alarm sound effect whilst simultaneously running the stream