TehAmelie: we have finally taken Control eh?
LoadingReadyRun: no control here
LoadingReadyRun: not sure what you're talking about
LoadingReadyRun: this is a wobbledogs zone
ggodopaste: We're out of Control!
TehAmelie: oh no, someone's neuralized everyone who watched the Control stream
beowuuf: do the wobbledogs fire rockets?
djalternative: can someone refill the Control machine?
beowuuf: "You are a dog through space. The barking song wobbles you. Happiness comes."
TehAmelie: a soda called Control would be so conceptual, yet irresistible
LoadingReadyRun: [applauds]
LoadingReadyRun: these are all very good questions and sentiments
TehAmelie: meanwhile, i have hot peanut chicken dumplings. they're wondrous
djalternative inserts dollar into Control machine
djalternative presses button for cherry Control
Invitare: *the machine gets stuck*
v_nome: That sounds like you now have Cherrykinesis
djalternative: cant beat the taste of cherry Control
TehAmelie: *chugs the control cool-aid*
TehAmelie: you know, ironically, but not really
LoadingReadyRun: this sounds like how we end up in Bioshock. pls no drinking the plasmids
beowuuf: You can make something that tastes like cherry control by mixing in professor layton
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Talking Simulator is without a Cameron but *with* some Wobbledogs http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun đź“· https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/E0kheW2VIAIvpjg.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1389678770739580928
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
beowuuf: 1) cool music
TehAmelie: did the dogs get Cameron?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Cameron always knew the dogs would get him
offbeatwitch: did we get cat ears yet
beowuuf: 2) i see, so operation: project: car ears may be gone but not forgotten? However, all is dogs this week. There was never not dog ears
djalternative: did Cam drink the can of Dark Control? I was saving that
beowuuf: *cat
djalternative: (Dark Control is anise flavored)
beowuuf: also, warning from legal. Please do not ingest the delicious plasmids
RandomTrivia: Uh
beowuuf: mic 5!
Amentur: Uhm
flatluigi: more like rustledogs
InkyGhoast: oh dear
v_nome: crinkle asmr
kusinohki: mic 5??
noSmokeFire: it's chris chrinkle
djalternative: she turned of the music for THIS?
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flatluigi: mouth noises
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KeytarCat: Oh I was muted
KeytarCat: Welp, back to muted
Ba_Dum_Tish: Those are sounds
Amentur: I don't blame you, KeytarCat
beowuuf: the shell has left the tortoise. we repeat, the shooting star has won it's first world series
nullvoid8: hi all
StarWarsTHX1138: that's the game??
kusinohki: I think we've completely lost control now...
flouncy_magooo: The best thing about this is that I have no idea if it's intentional or not
nullvoid8: what's a wobbledog?
beowuuf: @StarWarsTHX1138 it has been and forever shall be wobbledogs
noSmokeFire: it's 100% intentional
InkyGhoast: mmm [COLA]
niccus: damn, that's the pepis
noSmokeFire: or else cori is really struggling with that bag
djalternative: the music disappeared. it has to be intentional
Ba_Dum_Tish: One bepis
StarWarsTHX1138: @StarWarsTHX1138 understand but is that cori or the game I think it's the game
TehAmelie: darn burglary proof game cases
nyperold: Wrustling with it, you might say.
InkyGhoast: im concerned if its the game
flouncy_magooo: Okay, agreeing on intentional :D
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Archonic_Energy: simulate the talking
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beowuuf: nailed the post!
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RandomTrivia: LUL
TehAmelie: hello!
flatluigi: gaming
beowuuf: why hello cori, you didn't see us there :p
sfn____: oh is THIS where the noise is from??? ive been going crazy trying to figure it out
kusinohki: how many bags do you have inside the bag??
InkyGhoast: how is that bag so crinkly!?
StarWarsTHX1138: I was wrong lol
nacho_babby: hi
Damien_E1: Woo I finally got a sub babby!
Orgmastron: Sour Patch Kids! PogChamp
nullvoid8: Hi Cori, nice foley you have there
djalternative: That entire gag will be just for us in twitch chat since it'll get cut from the vod
FuzzyFozzy: Nice hat
beowuuf: sealable bags, why?
noSmokeFire: uwu
cmdrud87: is Cory going to become a vulcano?
Damien_E1: That did not look like a pleasant eating experience...
flatluigi: hardy patch kids
corefluxx: have they gone hard?
niccus: looks like they're going hard on you
kusinohki: but candy never expires!
djalternative: just melt the kids into syrup
EdoardoZone: Quory
NojhLivic: Hi Cori
EdoardoZone: wubbledawgs
TurboEmily: Professional streams!
kusinohki: I am now worried about Cam...
noSmokeFire: dog.wobble = true
Orgmastron: Such a terrible burden you have Cori
aerobeing: @beowuuf Because some people have enough willpower to not eat them all at once.
nullvoid8: that is exactly what I expected when I heard "wobbledogs"
flatluigi: wobblemouse
nullvoid8: @aerobeing I don't believe you
flatluigi: wobbledogs is a very good game
nyperold: So, not World Gone Sour (PS3, Xbox 360), then.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Is there a bork setting
RandomTrivia: That's a perfectly valid reason :D
aerobeing: @aerobeing I'm not sure I believe myself.
noSmokeFire: Bepis
kusinohki: weeble
Amentur: lrrSPOT ?
flatluigi: "cori"
TurboEmily: Cam
djalternative: Cherry Control
Ba_Dum_Tish: Boo
NojhLivic: Names? Already? This game's difficulty curve is curvy
beowuuf: @beowuuf huh. i guess it's true, the world really is full of all kinds of people!
sfn____: LED Panel is a good dog name
flatluigi: hive
Damien_E1: mutated you say
RandomTrivia: YAY
RandomTrivia: DOGGO
DaMullet14: Dog names dog names!
SquareDotCube: Mugs
beowuuf: @beowuuf by that i mean people who can almost fool themselves, clearly not about the sealable bag users :p
aerobeing: LUL
noSmokeFire: plumbnum
Ba_Dum_Tish: Did I see Extra as a name?
flatluigi: this game has a lot of very good terms
beowuuf: donut name it anything else
NimrodXIV: uhhhh
Amentur: It's spelled Pb lrrBEEJ
RandomTrivia: Oh dear
kusinohki: so this is the farm upstate
Ba_Dum_Tish: Soooo this is a farm upstate
kusinohki: this "screen" ...
Ham_Hamilton: CAM cause we miss Cameron.
flouncy_magooo: Is this the Nintendogs of video games?
Astra7525: umm... are we about to get droped into FrogFractions 3?
niccus: oh, no, this is entirely dog simulating
nyperold: Ooh, I always have trouble finding storage for my dogs.
beowuuf: i think this is jumping ahead to frog fractions 5
v_nome: It's got what dogs crave
flatluigi: these dogs are always trying their best
DaMullet14: it needed to learn how to walk
Sarah_Serinde: Okay so now we take photos right?
empyreon: UM
RandomTrivia: EXCUSE
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NimrodXIV: sorry what
beowuuf: dogs crave cherry control
Dog_of_Myth: Ummm
nullvoid8: uhh
LidofLoathing: Dogs do that, right?
Amentur: Come again?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Uhhhhhh
noSmokeFire: oh, it's a pupa, not a pickle
FuzzyFozzy: Pardon?
Mangledpixel: you know, like dogs do
justajester: what now
sfn____: Seems normal.
niccus: just like dogs
aerobeing: Very educational.
juneblue58: That's not a thing dogs do...
kusinohki: I don't want insect dog
TehAmelie: a pupper pickle
FarrinDelmirre: that's a normal things for dogs, right?
flatluigi: these are very normal dogs
beowuuf: putting the wobble in wibbpledog
DylPage: Why else would you call them 'pups'?
beowuuf: no wait what were those words?
StarWarsTHX1138: O_o
RandomTrivia: Well that's deeply unsettling
FuzzyFozzy: Thanks, I hate it
marshacado: im scared
Ba_Dum_Tish: Welp thats me
noSmokeFire: zoom, enhance
NimrodXIV: bigger than before
Mangledpixel: bigger than before
RandomTrivia: Huh
flatluigi: EGG
Damien_E1: I shouldn't have seen that at the end of an allnighter
justajester: no thank you
v_nome: Perfectly normal dog things
NimrodXIV: I have questions
BusTed: drawfeEggyboy
Piratical_tendancies: OK
empyreon: E G G
Amentur: cakejuEgg
Parkes04: so when did this become let's nope?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Have these people ever interacted with a real dog
beowuuf: i've never owned a dog, but i suspect the simulation is 120% accurate
kusinohki: *baby voice* "cori? where do dogs come from?"
TurboEmily: If your dog has eggs, see a vet!
gualdhar: dog... eggs?
noSmokeFire: to mutate a pie, you must first invent the doggiverse
beowuuf: D fault
nyperold: @Ba_Dum_Tish Or a real insect, I mean...
niccus: i need a dog expert
TehAmelie: Most Def
empyreon: gotta have a fresh dog
TurboEmily: Next dog should be named default
corefluxx: "Fresh Dog!"
Mangledpixel: F R E S H
beowuuf: dog is an instar of nightmare
flouncy_magooo: I'm learning so much about dogs right now
Mangledpixel: it has that fresh dog smell
LordZarano: What a brave doggo
niccus: ooh show the any key
FuzzyFozzy: Its a board full of keyd
nyperold: Better than that wet dog smell.
TurboEmily: 40% gang!
flatluigi: cannot wait until we see breeding mode
Mangledpixel: travelling to breeding mode? is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?
beowuuf: i'm glad cori has a groove, stream around this time of day, terrify chat with an otherwise cute stream :p
corefluxx: Randy Go!
flatluigi: you should get randy
noSmokeFire: the existence of a peaceful trait implies the existence of a warlike trait
RandomTrivia: Oh dear
djalternative: They're the Randy-est dog you know
noSmokeFire: maybe we can paint the dogs
beowuuf: in this hand, the randies are wild
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Frankenfruity: Go Randy go! Good dog!
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nyperold: They probably weren't intending to let slip the dogs of war.
beowuuf: lol
aerobeing: And it's almost never the caterpillar's blood.
DanTheMediocre: 'randy! you were supposed to be peaceful!
Mangledpixel: there was another thing to claim there
TehAmelie: i'm trying to guess what place this game came from
TehAmelie: not a dark place, but. . .
TurboEmily: Ew
RandomTrivia: I think this came from a very hallucenogcenic place
niccus: it's like if giger was max prep instead of goth
RandomTrivia: *hallucenogenic
TehAmelie: but with less genitals
Genderi: This is so wild
DaMullet14: we have to go deeper
noSmokeFire: I love that simulation stability is falling
NimrodXIV: COri, no
TehAmelie: we will create the Final Dog
nyperold: Okay, so we're in a repurposed holodeck...
DaMullet14: those two are so wee
TurboEmily: Genetic algorithm, The Game
noSmokeFire: Final Dog! Ready? Fight!
DaMullet14: I bet you expected this too
flatluigi: i love this game
Piratical_tendancies: uuuh
Muspel: Is this a real game, or am I having a stroke?
aerobeing: Star Woofs: The Final Dog.
nyperold: Suddenly runes!
kusinohki: those were unknown... clearly this is a pokemon game
Genderi: f i n a l d o g
BlindProphet32: Mecha Dog!
CaptainSpam: Seems normal SO far, what's the catch?
BusTed: NotLikeThis
corefluxx: WHY!?!?!
flatluigi: *squeak*
LidofLoathing: that's how you make babies
kusinohki: reminds me of my first time...
Amentur: How romantic BegWan
TehAmelie: this is like how Raymond Holt thinks dogs breed
grim_gnaw: So THATS how that works. I always wondered
noSmokeFire: that's how dog breeding works IRL
Bunoc1: at least they looked happy about it
KV1NN4: i cannot wait toi spring this game ona f riend of mine when ic an fianlyl visit them
Mangledpixel: and thats how babies are made
Muspel: That's what it means to smash, right?
juneblue58: What the hell is this game? XD
DeM0nFiRe: Yeah, I have a question: wat?
beowuuf: when a mummy dog and daddy dog love each other very much, mechadogzilla comes along and smashes them above the egg...
NimrodXIV: this just became How You Do It or whatever that's called
Damien_E1: It seems my sex ed classes rather mislead me...
Styxseus: Ok. I don't know what this is. but I now love this.
dangerseeker77: Is this how dogo is formed?
Genderi: Now we know what the hearts are! :)
CaptainSpam: As not a veterinariansm'n at all, I can confirm that is how dogs are bred.
Mangledpixel: very Toy Story
Anubis169: Helloooooo
beowuuf: sergeHi anubis
Genderi: This feels like Frog Fractions 4
beowuuf: welcome to this perfectly accurate and wholesome game about dog breeding
nyperold: All the ball pits I've ever been in have just been flooring with a ball pattern.
empyreon: riffHeyGuys Anubis lrrHEART
DeM0nFiRe: lol
Genderi: Surely those weird ivy bits go in the dirt?
NimrodXIV: of course
noSmokeFire: y'know, I think this game MIGHT have been made by nerds
SnackPak_: real sneaky game
TehAmelie: i can't help but wonder if Cameron would think these dogs are better or worse than the real thing
v_nome: Honk
corefluxx: Red Bull
SquareDotCube: Jerf
noSmokeFire: aww, Goose is a good name
Piratical_tendancies: rudolf
Mangledpixel: !Y
beowuuf: this is exactly how cameron believes dogs behaves, and i cannot contradict him
djalternative: Cherry
TehAmelie: Two Robocops
Ham_Hamilton: CAM
DaMullet14: would it be rude to name things after your cowoerkers
Genderi: Goose
Ham_Hamilton: oh, there's a pet option in the top left
caetzer: otaku jeff
niccus: get simulation stability really low and name that cam, i'd guess
beowuuf: doggo accidentally got shot up by a street gang twice, now they're two robocops
noSmokeFire: is this WatchDogs?
flatluigi: you can change what foods it dispenses btw
aerobeing: A Watch Dogs game unlike any other.
Genderi: I thought we've already WatchDogs
Genderi: Can you switch what the food thinger produces/
Genderi: ?
BusTed: I didn't think dogs sweat, but I didn't think dogs pupated either, so.
noSmokeFire: does it have...flora?
beowuuf: learn by doing!
TehAmelie: i think these are jello dogs
beowuuf: lol
Mangledpixel: chikkie nuggies!
corefluxx: Is that what nuggies are made of?
TehAmelie: better not ask what the non-chicken parts of the nugs are
Mangledpixel: lrrCHKN
TehAmelie: too late
Mangledpixel: hardly ever get to use that emote
CaptainSpam: Can you train the doggos to use the button themselves?
10of9: "chicken" nuggets
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TehAmelie: the burrito is larger than they are
flatluigi: these dogs are really trying their best
wynternyghtynggale: hi everyone
noSmokeFire: it's hard to see the dog meltings in the ballpit
Genderi: Burrito might be too spicy for de fault? hence the pepper and sweat?
flatluigi: @noSmokeFire i've always said that, personally
DaMullet14: poo really blends in to this carpet
TehAmelie: i learned from the Apollo 11 mission shrews eat six times their body weight per day
Genderi: oh my bad, that's for a chrysalization
BusTed: WutFace
ContingentCat: oh no
TehAmelie: is that like scabies and staph?
djalternative: So, are we going to make the Omega Dog?
noSmokeFire: can we make a dog with one long leg?
flatluigi: dogs in this game can get Real Weird
TehAmelie: maybe we can make them into. . .horses
corefluxx: default eating poop
marshacado: doggo oriented farming game?
Piratical_tendancies: um
flatluigi: Okay!
SohNata: Okay!
oneiropticon: What in the name of all things good and cheesy is this?
UraharaSci: Ooo-Kay
TheThirdTail: Yes And
EricTheOrange: pupate the baby
flatluigi: this is wobbledogs! they are perfectly normal dogs in every way from the eggs to the cocoons
SohNata: FBtouchdown
corefluxx: Jerf is ready to p;ickle
Mangledpixel: enthusiastic acceptance is mandatory
NimrodXIV: they're playing tug
Genderi: I like that you can get "rewarded" with bad bacteria for eating poo
TehAmelie: i think De Fault is contemplating puberty. or puperty
TehAmelie: oh, Jerf
ContingentCat: Wow
TehAmelie: Jerf skipped back leg day huh
corefluxx: and lost body size
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wilcoxchar: Jerf girth had been nerfed
The_Voices: oh my
beowuuf: i prefer l'egggurth
ContingentCat: that's what happens when you spend all leg day on the calves
TehAmelie: more burritos i guess
KeytarCat: I just tabbed in from office hours and I'm scared
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canoecrasher: Girthy Cube Dogs
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wynternyghtynggale: must make an absolute unit
flatluigi: more burritos for fluff
SquareDotCube: a real down to girth dog
v_nome: New goal : Jerf Gerf
Mangledpixel: is that a toy dog on the left there?
Genderi: Jerf has the first non-default color! so that's something
NavelWarfare: !box
LRRbot: Box box box!
flatluigi: BOP
corefluxx: SLAM!
RandomTrivia: C'mon Jerf
ContingentCat: !findquote jerk
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
The_Voices: murdered by burrito.... been there
NavelWarfare: !quote cori
LRRbot: Quote #3096: "That's not the kind of bam I meant, but it's the kind of bam we got." —Cori [2016-08-03]
Genderi: !quote jer
TehAmelie: i have definitely thrown food for a dog to catch that they succeeded in catching and was knocked over by
RandomTrivia: An impostor!
RandomTrivia: benginTraitor
Vyous: This isn't my beautiful dog.
10of9: !findquote dog
LRRbot: Quote #4217: "I clearly gotta be a bunch of dogs!" —Ben [2017-05-24]
flatluigi: i mean
flatluigi: accurate
RandomTrivia: Dammit Jerf!
Genderi: nuggets come from outer space
NimrodXIV: Jerf hungers
oneiropticon: Imposter? Are there false wobbledogs?
flatluigi: is it time to smash more dogs together
CaptainSpam: Yes, you can pet the... dog?
Orgmastron: lrrHAM
BreakfastMeta: mmmm.. ham
wynternyghtynggale: anime meat
RandomTrivia: There's an achievement for petting the dog? 10/10 Game of the Year
TehAmelie: is this the origin story of Gang beasts?
corefluxx: Love it... Game: "ITEM!" player: "um.... okay?"
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flatluigi: weaponized burrito
RandomTrivia: I can't help but think about the endless patchwork grassland outside the box... It implies the existence of a SubOcean by it's very finite-ness
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CaptainSpam: Are you hungry again, Jerf? HERE COMES THE BURRITODOZER AGAIN!
TehAmelie: as one does
KeytarCat: chat with Uni advisor today, and got a lot of information! Time to...not really do anything about it right now because there's so much
zed_alpha: This is the weirdest Geneforge mod I've ever seen
RandomTrivia: UH
nyperold: Yeah, you don't what your dogs being smashed together by a giant stone robot too early in life.
corefluxx: LOL
RandomTrivia: Welp
flatluigi: what are you feeding this wobbledog
NavelWarfare: As one does
CaptainSpam: Why just shit bricks, when you can shit FAKE bricks?
TehAmelie: hmm this looks like a challenge for this game https://i.imgur.com/ekCd4GG.jpg
BooperOfHonks: I'd be more distressed by the fact that the dog is now a gacha machine
corefluxx: poop by food machine
flatluigi: what if the dogs have always been gacha
atinyspacemarine: hello
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atinyspacemarine: suuuuuuuuub
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The_Voices: tunnel?
TehAmelie: a whole new world!
RandomTrivia: A second box!
flatluigi: ah, a dog hive
TehAmelie: wait, is this Cube?
RandomTrivia: This game is a RIDE
NimrodXIV: I...uh...
Trashweazel: big boy tube
CaptainSpam: Like ordinary normaldogs do, yes.
DeM0nFiRe: Pretty typical dog nest, yes
corefluxx: one of the dogs just stopped
10of9: I guess Tall Dogs go to heaven
RandomTrivia: We need a supercut of all of Cori's reaction faces to this game
Trashweazel: i love these perfectly normal dogs
corefluxx: or is that a toy?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Uh it one of our dogs dead?
Genderi: Start to Crate reached!
ieva_art: one dog is fake
CAKHost: Oh good its a toy!
efortmanteau: wobbly dogs!
Genderi: @Ba_Dum_Tish it is a tow
Genderi: toy even
flatluigi: teen dog
efortmanteau: the dogs can die in this game, but you can turn that setting off
TehAmelie: a little dog juice can only improve a burrito
CAKHost: :C
The_Voices: your making corgis?
SquareDotCube: thick dogs, long snouts
Ba_Dum_Tish: Burritto for that thiccc dog
TehAmelie: burrito eunt domus?
flatluigi: 'a dog was inside of this'
BloodnBullets: i just got here... what am I looking at?
flatluigi: very normal dogs
efortmanteau: TARDIS dog cave
flatluigi: for jungle foods
v_nome: Do they have fun and games?
goatprince: hello yes i am here for mutating dogs
nyperold: Well, it's good to know dogs can't pop, at least. My preconceptions involving dogs are more shattered than sugar glass in an action film.
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Dandinstorm12: hub sype
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Genderi: We can now dispense jungle food
ieva_art: exit to the room selection thing?
CaptainSpam: Maybe it thinks that room is still "active"?
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN
Dandinstorm12: lrrSPOT
Dandinstorm12: ohai chat
CaptainSpam: Dungeongle.
ieva_art: can you put the tunnel lower?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Don't let the eye out of the jar
goatprince: it's a geode
RandomTrivia: Hey there Dandinstorm12
efortmanteau: you can adjust tunnel height, yep
RandomTrivia: Oh hello Matt
TehAmelie: i hope that implies the coconuts are not cut open
The_Voices: smash dogs?
flatluigi: yeah cori made it a ceiling tunnel as a goof
KeytarCat: I thought the tunnel was to simulate natural separation of populations
goatprince: i'm done for today, you NERD
RandomTrivia: LUL
Ba_Dum_Tish: to create default jerf
KeytarCat: You can get some cool stuff if youcarefully mix populations!
efortmanteau: tunnel can be log so doggies can come and go, or it can be high so they only move cells when you drag them
Genderi: I am very curious as to the purpose of ceiling tunnels
ContingentCat: dogs have no laws
efortmanteau: *low, not log tunnel... i wish there was a log tunnel
Dandinstorm12: no smashy smashy
Genderi: like, you could make one-way tunnels I guess?
goatprince: teenagers legally can smash, but the dog statue will not do it for them
beowuuf: put smash in dogs you coward
Ba_Dum_Tish: Dog law
flatluigi: @Genderi (i do not know) this is clearly for flying dogs
TehAmelie: what is a dog's generation? probably like 6 hours like a fruit fly right
The_Voices: so corgi food
corefluxx: Burrito slam the dorgs
DaMullet14: what an incredibly Lamarckian system
KeytarCat: @Genderi It's an evolution simulator, so you have to control population crossing
Ham_Hamilton: put two default eggs in the jungle room?
DaMullet14: Fries make dogs long and thin, burritos make dogs thicc
KeytarCat: *be allowed to control...
CAKHost: Jungles are like an arcade experience!
efortmanteau: arcade floor......... just like the jungle
goatprince: can we make a dog that looks like sonic the hedgehog
TehAmelie: dogs love the 90s
nyperold: Are the foods actually dead Bugsnax?
CAKHost: (I don't really know this I'm just putting it out there)
Mangledpixel: fwoomp!
efortmanteau: l a u n c h e d
nyperold: Cannoned ham.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Launchpad mcdog
KeytarCat: can you chain those tube launches?
TehAmelie: such a wobbly dog
CAKHost: How will LED breed though?
KeytarCat: if more rooms, ofc
corefluxx: Juicyfruit
CAKHost: More poo?
goatprince: there were 2 that you discovered
SquareDotCube: avocado, yum
efortmanteau: they don't breed on their own--they just lay eggs that you can put genetics into
TehAmelie: hmm are the dogs the gut flora of this structure?
nyperold: Unless you can make the rooms smaller, or the tunnel-cannons more powerful, probably not.
goatprince: can you plant the poo?
Genderi: the great taste of flora!
Ba_Dum_Tish: I am learning so much about dogs
ieva_art: dog rebellion...
Dandinstorm12: uh
ContingentCat: relatable
flatluigi: he's TRYING
RandomTrivia: They're trying to do the Running Man?
goatprince: it.... layed an egg
Dandinstorm12: uh, what
TehAmelie: dogs are gacha machines, don't you know
Genderi: @goatprince dogs do lay eggs, yes
BloodnBullets: im guessing you can fill holes?
SquareDotCube: fake dog to other room?
TehAmelie: put in burritos, receive surprise gifts
Ba_Dum_Tish: Pretty sure the only things you get out of dog is poop and love
TehAmelie: this is actually how real dogs work. i've seen it
eightbitrocket: Plant burrito for burrito tree
Dandinstorm12: look in my eyes, what do you see
Genderi: I almost wish there was a fast forward option
Dandinstorm12: lrrGOAT
efortmanteau: burrito GET
Dandinstorm12: Coriander "Smash them" Dickenson
KeytarCat: this seems like a good speed for the number of things you could be doing in later stages
Ba_Dum_Tish: Now pet
TehAmelie: i guess it makes sense to start out slow to get you accustomed to the mechanics
CAKHost: What's that little cream colored circle? It looks...odd
Mangledpixel: there appears to be a new thing to click on the left
flatluigi: can you pet the fake dogb
goatprince: can you put a room below this one and throw all the poo down into it?
flatluigi: aw
flatluigi: well, good thing we have real dogs
Dandinstorm12: makes sense
ieva_art: is led stuck?
TehAmelie: it wants to be one with the papayautomat
ContingentCat: ah realistic dog hiding logic
efortmanteau: step broooooo i'm stuuuuuck
BooperOfHonks: Look, it's cute, not smart xD
goatprince: oh nooooo
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh nooo
RandomTrivia grabs another pristine reaction gif
Dandinstorm12: sure is an adult now
flatluigi: zzz
TehAmelie: time to go up to the farm
goatprince: if you're gonna smash randy.... now's the time
flatluigi: oh yeah, give randy one smash for the road
ieva_art: one last smash...
DaMullet14: the "do you want to look at this dying dog" popup is like, a 2 minute warning
BloodnBullets: randy and LED are adults right?
KeytarCat: we're gonna...make Randy randy?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Mutate that pupper
corefluxx: poop by nest entrence
goatprince: big 'n' large! classic jerf!
Dandinstorm12: thanks for that Cori
ContingentCat: same as it ever was
goatprince: mushrooms? where did those come from?
efortmanteau: it's kinda wild that we ever had ballbits... what a dirty concept
rotarysorter: I feel like ball pits are on the list of things not coming back post pandemic
flatluigi: these dogs are very accurate
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yep the ballpit fills with stuff you do not want to think about
efortmanteau: it's Wobbly Dog Summer
ieva_art: theres bacteria news?
goatprince: oh, you got a tree developing too
ShaneLeeAtk: I mean, banana is on brand
ContingentCat: any way that works is correct in my book
Mangledpixel: peel from the middle"
KeytarCat: I'm mildly alergic, so both are wrong
goatprince: classic jerf!
corefluxx: SMush the young adults?
CAKHost: Dogs love their dirt!
Ham_Hamilton: PSA remember to save
LordZarano: Peel your banana from the middle!
TehAmelie: lrrHAM
ContingentCat: lrrHAM
RandomTrivia: @Mangledpixel benginRage
NimrodXIV: just like real dogs - plenty of toys but dirt is more fun
Dandinstorm12: lrrHAM slider
SquareDotCube: we have the meat (sweats)
flatluigi: leg gloss
Genderi: Ham burger :)
RandomTrivia: Increasing G I R T H
efortmanteau: girthin up
Ba_Dum_Tish: THICCC
TehAmelie: but dogs don't even have arms
ContingentCat: lrrHORN
goatprince: how's the old man doing?
efortmanteau: oh heck yeah, nostalgic carpet
Ba_Dum_Tish: We're on the road to carpet
TehAmelie: i always knew one of those mats spawned whenever someone had a child, but i didn't think it applied to dogs too
flatluigi: yes
Dandinstorm12: uh
ieva_art: oof
ContingentCat: uh
RandomTrivia: lrrAWW
efortmanteau: rip randy
efortmanteau: randy in peace
Dandinstorm12: lrraWW
Dandinstorm12: lrrAWW
xerjen: :(
beowuuf: noooooooooo
NimrodXIV: whyyyyy
RandomTrivia: benginO7
offbeatwitch: RIP
ContingentCat: lrrAWW
beowuuf: uuuuuh
Piratical_tendancies: o.O
ContingentCat: WHAT
Faulpyr: Pop!
Dandinstorm12: nope
goatprince: f
Angnor33: Ummmm
efortmanteau: xD
corefluxx: Eat the bits?
NavelWarfare: I don't like this game anymore
flatluigi: edible
Seagulyus: ahhhh what did I just walk into?!
efortmanteau: headible
Angnor33: Edible...
xerjen: I didn't know that that's what happens with dogs
RandomTrivia: Nope, don't like that
nyperold: Push the ham slider all the way up. Go absolutely ham.
DaMullet14: "Useless without the rest of the dog"
Ba_Dum_Tish: Nonononono
KeytarCat: Well that's not the emotion I was prepared for...
TehAmelie: [The Binding of Isaac intensifies]
Genderi: :O
ieva_art: noooooo
TurboEmily: My real dog just got freaked out by that
Genderi: "Edible" :(
efortmanteau: mmmmm pryon bacteria
Dandinstorm12: classic
UnbanTwyn: uh quick question, what the hell
NimrodXIV: okay hate that
ContingentCat: oh good
Dandinstorm12: so uh
beowuuf: dog parts? some day you will eat like i eat...
Dandinstorm12: lrrEFF
offbeatwitch: the dog core
KeytarCat: waste not want not
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: what on earth have I stumbled in on!?
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heartofgoldfish: wobldog
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Ba_Dum_Tish: So uhhh when did lets nope move to this time slot
Nemo_Rasa: No part of the dog is wasted
goatprince: a good dog
nyperold: So they're cani-bals.
Dandinstorm12: a...pet semetary?
TehAmelie: a pet cemetery if you will
ContingentCat: uh
beowuuf: sergeJustRight
Rhynerd: Wobbledogs! Come of the weird dogs, stay for... dog cannibalism?
RandomTrivia: I never expected a virtual jellybean abstraction of a dog to stab me in the feels, but here we are https://clips.twitch.tv/SuperTacitSalsifySoBayed-tBdEQIKR9cunBb3E
xerjen: So if I don't like and subscribe we don't have to smash dogs?
offbeatwitch: the prompt "Do you want to watch this dog die?" is incredibly darkly funny
nyperold: And they look like canid-y.
beowuuf: if you like this content and want it to continue, support it! if this content terrifies you and you want something else, throw in some support to make other things :p
LordZarano: Ooh! Name a dog "Like Button" so you can smash it!
flatluigi: i really want a second stream of this where cori calmly explains all the dog experiences to cam
Mangledpixel: !smash
beowuuf: so anyway, who had money in the pool on a stream getting darker without cameron? I know i lost big :p
ContingentCat: !quot
LRRbot: Put Krog in Smash, you cowards!
ContingentCat: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #64: "Please don't stick MLP things in my butt, even if they're designed to go there." —Cameron [2015-03-26]
Mangledpixel: 2015 was an interesting time
beowuuf: it was the wild west of streams back then, things were said, mlp things were positoned in unfortunate ways
maxthefourth: !findquote mlp
LRRbot: Quote #64: "Please don't stick MLP things in my butt, even if they're designed to go there." —Cameron [2015-03-26]
beowuuf: !findquote mlg
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
maxthefourth: is it always the first quote or random?
Mangledpixel: random
RandomTrivia: It chooses randomly from the search results
Dandinstorm12: !findquote R1
maxthefourth: !findquote Cam
ContingentCat: it might be the only quote about MLP
Mangledpixel: you can pull up all the quotes for a particular search at https://lrrbot.com/quotes/
TehAmelie: hi again
ContingentCat: uhh
flatluigi: i think you need more dogs at once
TehAmelie: we must breed dogs for parthogenesis in future
Genderi: Oh good, there's a second MLP quote
Rhynerd: Oh no, we came back just in time to watch another die?
goatprince: perhaps it is coconut that will make live forever
Mangledpixel: I think you need to create a half dozen default eggs or so, get a larger breeding pool
Dandinstorm12: gratz
TheAinMAP: Um.
niccus: congratulations!
maxthefourth: !quote 2318
LRRbot: Quote #2318: "Don't touch anything. Don't touch anyone. I caught death from a pasty guy in a MLP t-shirt. Pale horse, pale rider." —Cam [2016-04-15]
TheM8: everytime?
ShaneLeeAtk: I would have so many TVs! Wait...
Genderi: Spooky foods, for the Pet Cemetary
TehAmelie: going to funerals don't count :x
corefluxx: Continue LED bloodline
Dandinstorm12: !findquote R1
LRRbot: Quote #2317: "That guy isn't actually that scary, you just stay behind him. You stay behind him and mash R1. Just like every other thing in these lrrEFF ing games. You just stay behind it and mash R1. And then you tell other people to git gud. That's how this game works. Stand behind it, mash R1, go to other people's chats, tell them to git gud. I think I've got it now." —Cameron [2016-04-13]
Mangledpixel: I reckon you should hatch a bunch of default eggs, just to give you a start
flatluigi: green!
corefluxx: GREN!
TehAmelie: inbreeding is just a part of life, at this stage, i guess
goatprince: must make.... longer?
ContingentCat: so long
goatprince: curl?
nyperold: Because the condition was "watch someone die", not "see someone who is already dead", I think. So yeah.
Dandinstorm12: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Dandinstorm12: smash
Dandinstorm12: that was odd
corefluxx: DOG SQUISH!
flatluigi: never skip this
xerjen: Is it a problem that some of them seem to not be able to stand?
bokochaos: Cori, you doing alright? you look weirded out
RandomTrivia: E G G
TehAmelie: i got the idea from how Raymond Holt describes his dogs having puppies he might picture the breeding process just like this
Cannons_are_an_instrument: ROBOT DOG
flatluigi: the squeak toy noises
RandomTrivia: I love the ears
ContingentCat: UM?
hatboozeparty: lrrJUDGE
RandomTrivia: That happened
Ba_Dum_Tish: Now kiss
Faulpyr: Definitely how sex works.
RechargeableFrenchman: Thats uh
RechargeableFrenchman: Yeah
ContingentCat: AsexualPride uhh
RechargeableFrenchman: lrrFINE
CAKHost: Is that what the bird meant by let me smash...?
goatprince: Pizza
Dandinstorm12: wobbledogs is now our new Now Kiss game
corefluxx: SOUP
ShaneLeeAtk: Fontleroy
xerjen: That's exactly how I remmber it from Biology class
Seagulyus: [Dog that passed] the second
ContingentCat: like button so it can be smashed?
goatprince: Italian Wedding Soup
gravity_pike: garbage truck
Ba_Dum_Tish: Extra donut
Mangledpixel: Norf
ContingentCat: Soup is a pro teir name
Mangledpixel: Blarf
Seagulyus: nice corefluxx
TehAmelie: they're gonna be dog soup too (in the cocoon)
beowuuf: part blarf marfcarf
ieva_art: look at what the bacteria does?
corefluxx: @Seagulyus Thnx
RandomTrivia: Hooray! We have receieved the reward of stationery! lrrBEEJ
Mangledpixel: time to make space dogs!
ContingentCat: oh wow it's 90s in here
BloodnBullets: graves?
RechargeableFrenchman: SpooOOOOooky armchair
TehAmelie: it's like hamster tubes for dogs. dog tubes. or hot dogs
goatprince: can we make a corn dog?
SquareDotCube: conical?
RandomTrivia: UH
RechargeableFrenchman: lrrHAM
nyperold: Candy apples, the spookiest of treats.
TehAmelie: is Measurehead in this game?
RandomTrivia: lrrHAM
wynternyghtynggale: chunk
Mangledpixel: lrrHAM
ContingentCat: I mean, it's what it says on the tin
Ba_Dum_Tish: Ham makes you ham
ShaneLeeAtk: Lightly cured and perfect for slicing... The Ham-like Body
corefluxx: Get LED's core for the graveyard
Ba_Dum_Tish: Can we move the grave to the spooky room?
goatprince: ham also makes droopy faces, which is intriguing
BloodnBullets: the grave should go in the spooky room right?
RechargeableFrenchman: Uh
CAKHost: I think De Fault is getting too long for it to walk well
nyperold: It's when you don't much like going out places. A real ham-body.
chaostreader: Does one of the dogs want to mutate?
ContingentCat: this dog is broken!
wynternyghtynggale: well it lives in a nightmare zone
flatluigi: @LoadingReadyRun there's an 'expel dogs' button on the den which is a fantastic button name
goatprince: Jerf will be ready to SLAM
offbeatwitch: "i should acquire MANY dogs"
RechargeableFrenchman: Lovely
BloodnBullets: did not wake the dog...
Mangledpixel: ptyoo!
Cannons_are_an_instrument: YEET
goatprince: Creamsicle?
heartofgoldfish: the perfect dog
wynternyghtynggale: clementine
ieva_art: citrus?
djalternative: Creamsicle!
ContingentCat: Melon
goatprince: soup cooks quickly
TehAmelie: soup is their natural state i guess
flatluigi: if you do want to make a lot of dogs, i think you can make unlimited amounts of every machine including incubators
ContingentCat: Soup is good
maxthefourth: !quote 3313
LRRbot: Quote #3313: "My dog's cooking itself." —Graham [2016-08-26]
gravity_pike: is uh that dog in a cacoon?
ieva_art: jerf is so hungry...
snowmonkey99: I appear to have walked in in the middle of a Nintendogs x Creatures nightmare....
goatprince: have we checked the newer dogs' natures?
RechargeableFrenchman: Spooky corn
flatluigi: these are all perfectly normal wobbledogs
RechargeableFrenchman: Spoocorn if you will
djalternative: food adverse?!?!
RechargeableFrenchman: Or spookorn, whichever is spookier
goatprince: downward dog nose!
corefluxx: Ham related nose
CAKHost: SOUP is kind of looking like a mouse?
flufff42: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog?
ieva_art: doesnt ham give dogs droopy faces? i think soup has that
flatluigi: soup looks like that dog that got stung by a bee
TehAmelie: shall we name the next one Bread?
TehAmelie: Bread and Soup
goatprince: has the other corpse been ate yet?
RandomTrivia: LUL
TehAmelie: well that's one name
ieva_art: you can make another grave
corefluxx: Doggo Core in Blanaba room
RandomTrivia: "bork bork bork, banana-dog"
Ba_Dum_Tish: Bananana dog do do do do do
CAKHost: I don't see the body anymore in that room
Mangledpixel: ah, LED's Dog Core has been extracted
snowmonkey99: I still can't tell if I love this or hate it... and I adored genetic shift games back in the day
flatluigi: this is a real lovely game
xerjen: We need more corndogs. The one we have might be lonely.
DeM0nFiRe: F
goatprince: LED burnt out :(
RandomTrivia: No-one tell Ben lrrBEEJ
Ba_Dum_Tish: Two doggos per room
TehAmelie: small dogs would be more economical, clearly
heartofgoldfish: are you okay honey? you've barely touched your ham sliders
Ba_Dum_Tish: So a centruion of nuggets makes toy dogs
TehAmelie: these dogs are strangely reluctant to explore or eat anything not nailed down
flatluigi: i think these dogs are still in the stage where moving is kind of a big thing for them
TehAmelie: you mean we need to breed. . .for speed?
BloodnBullets: what do they get for eating cocoons?
flatluigi: i don't think cori's let anyone eat poop or a cocoon yet (intentionally)
goatprince: you got at least one tast reward too
SquareDotCube: is soup chewing on another dog?
nyperold: Is that burger made from ground beef, then?
Ba_Dum_Tish: What are you thinking about? Just dog things
goatprince: Bigger Than Before
STALKERsoldiers: !live
gravity_pike: bigger than before!
goatprince: which body is most ham-like?
flatluigi: @LoadingReadyRun can you crossbreed until the simulation gets unstable
sandball: what is the secret to these dog's wobble abilities?
SquareDotCube: tiny head!
goatprince: tiny head!
flatluigi: you went from 100 to 98
gravity_pike: purple
corefluxx: Purple body?
TehAmelie: hey, new colors
NimrodXIV: down to 89
Juliamon: Stability is crashing
flatluigi: these GOS
flatluigi: DOGs
gravity_pike: you're getting fewer dogs
goatprince: uh oh
inconsideratehat: This game looks so ridiculous
inconsideratehat: I love it
sandball: Unstable dogs
wench_tacular: poor doggos
sandball: get wobblier msic
Ba_Dum_Tish: So what happens when we run out of stability?
BloodnBullets: we apear to have rhinos
sandball: music
inconsideratehat: OH NO
wynternyghtynggale: Fin
goatprince: it looked like a rhino too
RandomTrivia: Welp
bokochaos: Tiny?
NimrodXIV: this is why inbreeding is bad
ContingentCat: Frank
flatluigi: Curse
DeM0nFiRe: Tater Tot
Darleysam: the undog
CAKHost: Dog fight!
Kaorti: Shrt
ieva_art: bob
Seagulyus: Rhino
gravity_pike: rocksteady
SquareDotCube: Whal
BloodnBullets: gary
TehAmelie: what was the name of the last mini black rhino?
LathosTiran: stable
Juliamon: Uno
TheMandrew: Ian
Alness49: Absolute Unit
ContingentCat: Potato
sfn____: the end of all things
wynternyghtynggale: potator
10of9: Waluigi
flustered_blue: Horny
Zu_o: Jimothy-Anne
Seagulyus: I think Cori is just hungry
Mangledpixel: Snorp
bokochaos: Taco
Styxseus: Thorne
Seagulyus: to be honest :V
mysticsage1: beej
Kaorti: Scallop
ieva_art: tater
gravity_pike: ube
CAKHost: Fong
PhoenixShaman: Gravy
m_logan2000: Dickbutt
FarrinDelmirre: Tot?
alphazomego2: Frodo
Mangledpixel: Flork
Alness49: Bork
ContingentCat: We can do better
Darleysam: Tony
ContingentCat: yes
CAKHost: :|
xerjen: Only hornier
TehAmelie: cause it's a rhino
Styxseus: OFCOURSE
rocketjohn: corndogs make you thirsty
ImmortalLen: Cori, are you playing god with dogs?
goatprince: litter is so scary
ieva_art: its by the tunnel!
Seagulyus: good eyes
Phillammon: i have dog concerns about thesealleged dogs
SquareDotCube: Ooh, can we get stubby front legs and long rear legs?
wench_tacular: are we sure this isn't a crime?
ieva_art: can u get any bacteria from eating their shells?
flatluigi: we're just accelerating what happened with real dogs
ContingentCat: uneven legs sounds like an unfortunate situation
corefluxx: can the dogs eat the mushrooms?
Mangledpixel: remember you also have space food to check out
KeytarCat: Bread makes you thicc
goatprince: what's horndog's nature?
ContingentCat: isn't that decorative corn? can they eat it?
Seagulyus: wait decorative corn?
SquareDotCube: cream's just scooting their butt against the floor
wynternyghtynggale: its so derpy
Drakas: hello
KeytarCat: So Horndog understands consent
RandomTrivia: Cori pls
SquareDotCube: horndog the hoardog
flatluigi: rude
ContingentCat: aww
wench_tacular: harsh
goatprince: have we tried coconuts?
wynternyghtynggale: like a pug
BloodnBullets: intense pattern sounds exciting'
nyperold: Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of Wobbledogs! Toss aside everything you know about dogs, relax, and watch the madness unfold!
flatluigi: you should let them eat the cocoons/poop to See
flatluigi: oh no he turtled
Phillammon: are these dogs okay
goatprince: ear length: yes
corefluxx: NO MORE HAM
sandball: the dogs are always okay
sandball: except for the dogs that get mashed into the egg
goatprince: what if.... ear flop
DeM0nFiRe: they're all ok dogs bront
CAKHost: Could we have Dumbo?
flustered_blue: That’s just a greyhound
ieva_art: new bacteria
SquareDotCube: meat sweats?
nyperold: I hope corn increases ear length.
Faulpyr: Does the middle room have food?
corefluxx: it's the ham sweats
Faulpyr: Seems like it's just dirt
bokochaos: Is there poop bacteria?
RandomTrivia: LUL
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armoredscarves: This game feels like an adequate representation of 2020 and 2021 (aka 2020 NG+)
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RandomTrivia: "Seriously, it's just dirt"
flatluigi: and eating ham gives you ham skin
electric_claire: That just plain makes sense
snowmonkey99: Is brown skin then passed on? I this a Lamarckian breeding simulator?
ieva_art: what does poop bacteria do
goatprince: we still don't know what v'ham body' means
flatluigi: teenage soup is one of my favorite songs
wynternyghtynggale: he did!
ContingentCat: oh no
RandomTrivia: OH NO
wench_tacular: oh noes
armoredscarves: This is very irritating. I like this.
ContingentCat: that looks uncomfortable
RandomTrivia: We're gradually breeding a kangaroo!
armoredscarves: Also, what is this?
SquareDotCube: butt always up in the air
ContingentCat: poor baby
xerjen: Poor dog :(
RandomTrivia: AWww
wynternyghtynggale: soon horndog you will be people
ieva_art: there are puddles
nyperold: I mean, we threw out any assumptions that things were scientific long ago.
goatprince: daisies! how pleasant!
flatluigi: *throws the dog across the room*
corefluxx: mismatched legs makes them sweat i think
goatprince: daisies are scary, right?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Fill this horn with corn
ContingentCat: it must be tiring moving like that
Phillammon: is this how dogs
flatluigi: i missed it, did you set up the space food yet
Ba_Dum_Tish: Real fake dogs
Phillammon: pretend I missed the beginning, what is the... objective?
goatprince: any new dogs to smash together?
Mangledpixel: Phillammon dogs
flatluigi: it's a creature creation simulator
LathosTiran: byrds but dogs
niccus: more or less the goal is to understand the system and find its corners
wynternyghtynggale: one is ready to pupate
niccus: do dogs export to a string
nyperold: And maybe one day, it will be a real dog. We just need a blue fairy to issue a test of character.
snowmonkey99: I'm not sure why but I'm not liking this. It's just making me miss Creatures
goatprince: now narnle is banana dog
Ba_Dum_Tish: Does putting them in the farm upstate suspend their growth and aging?
wynternyghtynggale: now i wanna get this game....
flatluigi: i really like what's in this game so far, but i'm waiting for it to get expanded and out of early access before i pick it up
Gildan_Bladeborn: Dogs are a species well known for laying eggs and pupating, yes. Very normal dog behavior.
goatprince: bananas look like they lengthen back legs
ieva_art: capsule!
goatprince: soup need ham, maybe
goatprince: to thinken soup
Ba_Dum_Tish: Looks like the ham room is out of ham
nyperold: I guess that was the needed en-cur-agement.
goatprince: slides are scary, i think
corefluxx: main room... Ham doggos need exercise
djalternative: If we lengthen back legs enough, fo we get dogs that walk on two legs like humans?
RandomTrivia: YAY!
ieva_art: praise jerf
ieva_art: yayy
RandomTrivia: !yay
LRRbot: Yaaaaaaaay...
xantos69: Just got here. Can anybody explain?
KeytarCat: Jerf has been a pain for a while
RandomTrivia: \o/
goatprince: jerf sneeze. big sneeze
KeytarCat: @xantos69 We make dogs into weird dogs by smashing them together
Mangledpixel: xantos69 dogs
flatluigi: sleep pupating
niccus: that's just kafkaesque
ieva_art: thats just puberty
RandomTrivia: You mean like pup-erty? lrrBEEJ
Drakas: this game is weird
Sogheim: welp these are terrifying, enjoy your day y'all
RandomTrivia: Or even pupe-erty, hehe so many puns in one word
KeytarCat: @RandomTrivia I was thinking through a pupa joke, but that just works
goatprince: how tall can a single dog get? intriguing
RandomTrivia: @goatprince WE MUST FIND OUT
Rhynerd: Why are they born teenagers?
flatluigi: they're born puppies
KeytarCat: @Rhynerd they evolve through life stages in cocoons
Rhynerd: Oh
flatluigi: @goatprince i'm hoping the space food gets some Weird mutations
wynternyghtynggale: i just noticed the tiny buttholes
Mangledpixel: Rhynerd that wasn't a birth, that was a metamorphosis
Mangledpixel: births are from eggs
djalternative: Can we eventually transform dog into literal banana?
flatluigi: if people hadn't seen the dog smashing https://clips.twitch.tv/PatientFairRaisinCopyThis-0ID8JwPB4ZaaVFMZ
KeytarCat: ^^^
goatprince: any other tasks we can do?
maxthefourth: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 6) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1:45 from now).
inconsideratehat: FLOP
KeytarCat: I love when animals fall over from the pettings
corefluxx: SOUP is a ham dog
djalternative: any sick chievos we're looking to get? maybe a specific reward is cool?
KeytarCat: The Lupin III grapple hook is a good touch
flatluigi: definitely things to try for
KV1NN4: cold dog hot dog?
inconsideratehat: Whyyyyy
cuttlefishman: YES
goatprince: you can have pizza at suppertime!
cuttlefishman: Anytime
RedPhoenixCasts: wobble dogs?
Sarah_Serinde: So...I've only really been listening to this in the background while making dinner. I feel like I've both missed a lot but also not very much, based on the first bit of the stream gabyLul
Godeke: I'm wondering when the first use of "I did it for the chevo" will appear in court.
Alness49: I do not want a pizza bagel that much
flatluigi: i wanna know what's in the space food dispenser still
flatluigi: astronaut ice cream?
inconsideratehat: D'ohoh no poor horn dog
RedPhoenixCasts: its the rock doges.
wench_tacular: head bang away
9802: Rockin out
BloodnBullets: appears to have a bit of scurvy too
RandomTrivia: Yeah, vibin'!
flatluigi: bounce with me bounce with me
9802: Do nothing but bounce for the rest of your days
RedPhoenixCasts: is that bad for their health?
KeytarCat: If you give a dog the trait "Likes Bouncing", I'm going to lose it
Faulpyr: Horndog keeps bouncing!
wench_tacular: life goals
Phillammon: no thoughts head empty
bokochaos: Someone insert angry zen master here
ContingentCat: oh soup
4 raiders from MooseAndTato have joined!
NrgSpoon: is that a green capsule in the first room too?
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiding friends! lrrHEART lrrFINE
JadedCynic: moosea2Dab moosea2Suki moosea2Dab
MooseAndTato: moosea2Dab
Phillammon: i wish to stress again
beowuuf: as is tradition
TehAmelie: lrrSPOT
Gildan_Bladeborn: This is how dogs work. lrrFINE
ContingentCat: oh no
Phillammon: are we certain these are dogs
goatprince: snout smaller now too
9802: They're wobbledogs!
Sarah_Serinde: It's right there in the name
Sarah_Serinde: Gotta be3
niccus: i don't see what else they could be
The_Potato_Cat: Howdy! Now im in the proper chat,. did you say "Hatch" a wobbledog?
FarrinDelmirre: Nominal dogs
RandomTrivia: @Phillammon There doesn't seem to be any other animal life in this universe, so... sure?
TehAmelie: would the game lie to us?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Everyone knows dogs hatch from eggs, and pupate multiple times throughout their lifespans.
djalternative: wobbledogs ≠ dogs
Angnor33: They are, by definition, dogs.
LathosTiran: we have labeled them as dog
JqlGirl: is one of our dogs a rhino
bokochaos: wobbledogs > dogs
goatprince: what other spooky food is there?
Phillammon: puppate
heartofgoldfish: maybe they're actually some kind of bledog of the wob sort
The_Potato_Cat: IDK what this is, but its adborable
JadedCynic: @Phillammon I'm guessing it's a 'working name' until we accumulate sufficient data to support a different name
The_Potato_Cat: moosea2Dab
nyperold: Water bears.
JqlGirl: nin-ten-dogs?
nyperold: As in, they may no more be dogs than water bears are bears.
wynternyghtynggale: ninTENdogs
flatluigi: you could try for 0% again
JadedCynic: @nyperold you have a point there
9802: But you'll have a backup breeding stock
Songar87: This weirdness reminds me of Cubivore! lrrFINE
inconsideratehat: I don't understand what's going on in this game at all. (because I missed the beginning, TBF.)
wench_tacular: the science must be pure!
TehAmelie: peacock mantis shrimp are neither birds, mantises or shrimps. wobbledogs are probably closer to what they're called than that
JadedCynic: ^^^
goatprince: horndog it angery!
Songar87: @9802 Saw my first video a few months ago...and read about it waaaaay back in my EGM days.
bokochaos: horndog needs more headbangs
JadedCynic: "what is in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
goatprince: can't walk to food, maybe?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Horndog appears to be digging a burrow.
FarrinDelmirre: Teenage angst?
Faulpyr: I think Hoirndog was hoarding that stash.
LathosTiran: someone touched his horde?
flatluigi: maybe a friend landed on him
TehAmelie: Doge
Faulpyr: And new dog raided.
wynternyghtynggale: pinky
Zu_o: Jimothy-Anne
Mangledpixel: Flarp
ContingentCat: Egg
JqlGirl: Def
wench_tacular: Bob
NrgSpoon: Fridge
flatluigi: fresh
maxthefourth: Bledog
goatprince: Noodle?
BloodnBullets: cherry
Mangledpixel: Gnort
JqlGirl: Ault
Alness49: Loaf
LathosTiran: Horde
ReynardWrecca: Fruik.
djalternative: next one must be Brain
goatprince: you have to coconuts currently available for pinky
flatluigi: green!
9802: I was super obsessed with cubivore, eventually played a sketchy rom but the text turned into cyrillic and then everything started to break v.v
KeytarCat: I wanted to make a korean joke, but I forgot that it's "Nim", not "Nin"... ninTENdogs was the clear joke, and now I'm too late for this to have context
TehAmelie: footlong dogs are sweet
Faulpyr: Cocoguts
goatprince: Gogurt?
JqlGirl: Fault
flatluigi: this dog got norted
wynternyghtynggale: brain
djalternative: The Brain
ContingentCat: bort
Phillammon: "no stop eating that!" nevermind yes they are dogs
armoredscarves: GĂĽts
korvys: Jessica Telephone
goatprince: Brian?
KeytarCat: Cocobutts
ReynardWrecca: Speaking of long animals, and as a resident of York, England, has anyone been introduced to 'Long Boi', our very long duck?
LathosTiran: im watching a dog bite a dog
goatprince: soup is delicious
Mangledpixel: lrrHAM
ContingentCat: it's 2021 bronut can eat ass
TehAmelie: have you heard of the japanese bakery chain that invented a robot that can tell crossiants apart from bear claws?
wench_tacular: stealth banana
NrgSpoon: Contrabananand
JqlGirl: is that dog dead?
wench_tacular: it's a toy
Mangledpixel: JqlGirl that's an inflateable dog
TehAmelie: (they're putting it to use to identify cancer cells)
Mangledpixel: dead dogs fall apart, of course
flatluigi: soup's on
TehAmelie: do they eat the whole nut?
wynternyghtynggale: soups up
ContingentCat: the head pops off, it's toubling
KeytarCat: @flatluigi I was gonna say that LUL
goatprince: will soup's child be named stew?
djalternative: baby must be named gazpatcho
flatluigi: a memorial with their soul orb
The_Potato_Cat: Excuse me, you WHAT
wench_tacular: a marvelous specimen
RandomTrivia: LUL
TehAmelie: it's looking a bit like a capybara
NrgSpoon: what a beautiful waluigi
9802: Soup is the deflated cartoon meme dog
mysticsage1: it looks like a mouse snout from a Disney cartoon
wench_tacular: chonky
niccus: toaster
goatprince: more of that please
ContingentCat: so girthy
TehAmelie: that one has to be named Toaster
djalternative: 0% Stability!
wynternyghtynggale: thats a ham body if i have ever seen one
Kramburger: This is how pugs get breathing problems
flatluigi: no you weren't at it, i think they were cheering you on to 0%
djalternative: no. I was encouraging you to go for it
NrgSpoon: the absolute size of these lads
bokochaos: Oh hey off pink
goatprince: one's peachy!
9802: Wasn't there a chev for 0 stability
wench_tacular: beautiful
niccus: that's like eraser pink
JqlGirl: Pbeach
Faulpyr: Pork
ContingentCat: Name: Toast?
goatprince: is its name peach, then?
heartofgoldfish: ham toast
wynternyghtynggale: Spam
Kramburger: Hambone?
BooperOfHonks: Hampeach
flatluigi: please tell me the industrial fan is physics-enabled
Faulpyr: Ham-ster
djalternative: I say we name soup baby Gazpatcho
Faulpyr: Oh! Ham-Star!
wench_tacular: all body, no legs
JqlGirl: i see poop
flatluigi: do you want to turn the default dispenser into space food to see what those do?
wench_tacular: good dog
ThirdFloorDraft: terrified
korvys: Friendship ended with ham. Now nuggies is my best friend
wynternyghtynggale: breeding our most unstable dog
ContingentCat: poor Cam missing out on this beauty
TehAmelie: gonna charge that pupper with a full nugget phalanx
Thagnok: Awwww, no Cam?
beowuuf: o7 saabine
TehAmelie: 256 nugs in square formation armed with kabob sticks
TehAmelie: well, skip the sticks
flatluigi: i said this before but i'd very much enjoy a second stream of this once progression has gone further with cori just showing off the wobbledog crimes to cam
TehAmelie: by the way i've been thinking about this since we talked about making a hole in the ground for poop http://dresdencodak.com/2009/09/22/caveman-science-fiction/
flatluigi: i just really want to see his face at the breeding cutscene
KeytarCat: @flatluigi Cori's Island Tour: Mad Scientist Edition
Isaac3567: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 6) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1:21 from now).
Phillammon: there is something distinctly nietzsche-esque about this game.
Phillammon: "Dog is bred, and we have filled him"
TehAmelie: maybe the Overman was a dog all along
ContingentCat: oh nooo
flatluigi: pop
RandomTrivia: lrrAWW
wench_tacular: jlrrDang
TehAmelie: stil more dog than corn
flatluigi: LONG
RandomTrivia: WOAH
RandomTrivia: So much L E G G
TehAmelie: normal dog about to go for a normal walk
RandomTrivia: Can you show that much leg on Twitch? lrrBEEJ
ContingentCat: this dog could be a model with those gams
Thagnok: I feel like "dog" is a stretch.
RandomTrivia: @Thagnok Very streched :p
InquisitorGaia: i just came in expecting control i get, whatever this is
RandomTrivia: *stretched
wench_tacular: "normal"
wynternyghtynggale: getting thick
flatluigi: this is wobbledogs
j3573rblack: are we naming these...dogs...or is the game?
Thagnok: @RandomTrivia I thank you. :)
flatluigi: these are all cori names
heartofgoldfish: just look at toaster struggling to live
wench_tacular: catchy
JqlGirl: breed narmle and toaster?
heartofgoldfish: i love them
djalternative: there's an egg in main room
djalternative: and like 3 capsuls
flatluigi: make the longest dog
heartofgoldfish: long doooog
wench_tacular: all legs all the time
flatluigi: narmle/breed and try to get to 0%?
Phillammon: oh no
j3573rblack: soup is a sad dog
ContingentCat: so much legg
Phillammon: oh no oh no
RandomTrivia: Look at all our lovely long bois! benginLove
ContingentCat: so long
wynternyghtynggale: those eyes
Juliamon: purble
flatluigi: you *might* be able to crossbreed the same dog if you get tiny litter
rembe0: this whole thing reminds me of paul rudd's computer
djalternative: Get me Tane
RaklarLS: they're getting purple-er
ContingentCat: this might be as long as they'll get?
djalternative: down to 67%
TehAmelie: they're going full freedom fries
goatprince: they're glossier
wench_tacular: goat there
KettlesAtWar: hi heather
heartofgoldfish: those dogs can barely stand anymore
RandomTrivia: Got there!
heartofgoldfish: what has science done
goatprince: i elect nailpolish as the name
ContingentCat: loooong
KettlesAtWar: wait nevermind cori
TehAmelie: Longdog works
Faulpyr: Craig
goatprince: or Acrylic
Thagnok: Is Zero taken?
KettlesAtWar: im blind
korvys: Chorby
BloodnBullets: nooooodle
JqlGirl: pitka
flatluigi: chorby....
bokochaos: Nathan
flatluigi: YES
SK__Ren: Loong Doog
Sarah_Serinde: Beautiful
flatluigi: chorby long
FarrinDelmirre: Long Friend
TehAmelie: Wendy's
Juliamon: perfect
wynternyghtynggale: oscar
heartofgoldfish: chorby long, attorney at dog
ContingentCat: chorby lomgman
KeytarCat: Shorty
mysticsage1: slinky
bokochaos: Eclair
goatprince: you can now make a [dark type] dog
wench_tacular: for science!
BloodnBullets: i think you were supposed to breed at 0%, not sure it counted
flatluigi: @goatprince imagine if you just sometimes get a chao
bokochaos: wait, did you not get the 0% because you didn't cross-breed again?
wench_tacular: heartless
Phillammon: this feels unethical
TehAmelie: eh, the doges are happy
TehAmelie: somehow
Phillammon: are they
flatluigi: yeah, you haven't done space yet
djalternative: I would like twin peaks carpet
wynternyghtynggale: corn was yeeted
flatluigi: this is space
TehAmelie: just normal regular hotel floor carpet
flatluigi: soupcicle
wench_tacular: cream soup
heartofgoldfish: cream soup
goatprince: 'friends'
rembe0: the best food pairing
djalternative: a melted popsicle?
TehAmelie: i'm reminded of the saying, poop with ice cream doesn't improve the taste of either one
djalternative: look at the eyes!!!!
goatprince: make tiny?
flatluigi: can we get below 0%
ContingentCat: so smalll
Faulpyr: Miniature soup time
Faulpyr: Cream of Mushroom
NrgSpoon: Souper
djalternative: Gaspatcho
Thagnok: Stu
mysticsage1: chowder or stew?
RandomTrivia: Usually the main follows the soup, right? lrrBEEJ
ContingentCat: Gestapo?
goatprince: big eyes small body
korvys: Tiny, with weird faces - you're making chihuahua
wynternyghtynggale: this is how weird toy breed dogs are made
SquareDotCube: borscht
Faulpyr: Chili
RaklarLS: oh no, they're turning into actual tiny goats
TehAmelie: Soup 2: Judgment Day
goatprince: what is space food tho
Thagnok: Bouillabaisse
TehAmelie: anything, if you freeze dry it
corefluxx: Spider floor for spooky room
TehAmelie: wait, no, space food is potato
KeytarCat: I want a thematic dog named roux
wench_tacular: d'awwww
ContingentCat: so baby
RandomTrivia: SO SMOL
goatprince: cute puppy
inconsideratehat: SO SMOL
rembe0: aw it walks so patheticaly!
RaklarLS: wait, you can set up their microbiome? what the hell is this game?
Faulpyr: Moon cheese!
corefluxx: Poor dog will get the cheese farts
TehAmelie: i'm worried about what bowel bacteria makes you walk wide legged
KeytarCat: I have the moon cheese
flatluigi: voop
ContingentCat: um
djalternative: and onion rings!
wynternyghtynggale: yeet
Faulpyr: Gespatcho just doesn't want to stay with the cheese.
goatprince: there's 2 capsules in the main room too, maybe get more cheese, who knows
wynternyghtynggale: we must breed toaster and gespatcho in the future
flatluigi: flop
SK__Ren: @wynternyghtynggale Toastatcho!
goatprince: rude!!!!!
Faulpyr: They ate all the cheese!
TehAmelie: never ever try to warm soup in a toaster
wynternyghtynggale: cornstipated
heartofgoldfish: gespatcho is too smol
heartofgoldfish: we have lost him
goatprince: tiny!!!!!!!
corefluxx: tiny pupper
ContingentCat: awwwww
RandomTrivia: D'awwwwwww
flatluigi: picasso pup
Sarah_Serinde: It's beautiful
wynternyghtynggale: it has toe beans
rembe0: make a T H I C C boy
TehAmelie: you ate a whole wheel of cheese?
flatluigi: expand chorb
BloodnBullets: nuggies do that to me...
NrgSpoon: pinky's thread didn't work :o
Faulpyr: That top right area is the sink.
Clockwork_Penguin: Chorby (not so)Short
ContingentCat: the cheese is as big as him
InquisitorGaia: Theres no more cheese
TehAmelie: shall we see how small dogs can get before they fall through the level geometry?
inconsideratehat: Lomgboi
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Greendrag13: Horndog looks like maybe more of a HornFrog
RandomTrivia: I hope they won't get as small as individual atoms
wynternyghtynggale: leggys for eggys
NrgSpoon: so when's Wobbledog Racing or Wobbledog Karate?
goatprince: purple ears?
raaabr: This seems kind of cursed
fcloud: when's QWOPpledog?
flatluigi: this is wobbledogs and it's perfectly normal
RandomTrivia: Yes raaabr. Yes it is.
flatluigi: @LoadingReadyRun you should let the cutscene play this time for the new people
goatprince: they're getting more gloss
RandomTrivia: ^^
heartofgoldfish: that dog almost did a frontflip
JqlGirl: Porf
flatluigi: oh no!
RandomTrivia: oh no
RandomTrivia: Welp, there will be another along soon enough
9802: Time 2 smash
flatluigi: nutrients
RandomTrivia: Gespatcho so smol and precious
raaabr: T-the noises
raaabr: Nope, I'm out, this is already messing with me
nyperold: Does it make you dairker?
flatluigi: OH NO
flatluigi: THAT HEAD
wench_tacular: absolute unit
wynternyghtynggale: the head
RandomTrivia: Heh
goatprince: toaster's head is..... almost nonextant
Gildan_Bladeborn: Toaster's head to body ratio is a thing to behold. Kappa
rembe0: we may have gone too far
SquareDotCube: that's a cardboard box
Juliamon: Toaster is a perfect and flawless dog
YeetTheRich_: what the hell is going on here?
ContingentCat: "dog"
RandomTrivia: We're making """""dogs"""""
flatluigi: they're going to the store upstate
mrlector: would it be fair to say this is precisely what it appears to be? by which I mean purified concentrated madness?
RandomTrivia: I think that's accurate, mrlector
TehAmelie: what's the name of Ian's cool toaster? sunline or something. could be the next generation of Toaster
heartofgoldfish: keep going past 0% stability
flatluigi: can you see if you can go into the negatives
BloodnBullets: were going to 0%!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Remember - don't hit the "skip" button this time.
TehAmelie: yes that makes more sense
flatluigi: past zero!
wynternyghtynggale: no leg
Gildan_Bladeborn: That seems... difficult.
wynternyghtynggale: we missed the chivo for missing front leg
Juliamon: It's for science
bokochaos: No leg!
heartofgoldfish: NO LEG
ContingentCat: is that possible?
RandomTrivia: Brace yourselves, Chat!
flatluigi: here is how wobbledogs are made
SquareDotCube: oh, there were two
Gildan_Bladeborn: This is how dog breeding works.
wench_tacular: pupper god?
ContingentCat: time to smash
Gildan_Bladeborn: This is completely normal.
Sarah_Serinde: Perfectly normal process
9802: I want to know if you can sequence your own puppers off of those runes
wench_tacular: oh no!
Invitare: er.... er.... ER....
wench_tacular: the dog juices!
BusTed: now kith
flatluigi: the squeaky noises are so good
NrgSpoon: just a couple of chalkboard erasers
plummeting_sloth: I can't tell if this is better or worse that Persona 5's fusions
RandomTrivia: That, kids, is what they refer to as "smash"
wench_tacular: disturbing
adamjford: Hey everyone! Just got here. Quick question: what the fuck?
STALKERsoldiers: what in the unholy bus was that
Gildan_Bladeborn: Truly, nature is a beautiful thing.
fcloud: and thats how babies are made
Sarah_Serinde: adamjford Yes
Mysticman89: oh geeze, my parents did that? gross
wynternyghtynggale: put wobbledog in smash
flatluigi: now you get a wobbledog egg
RandomTrivia: @adamjford Nobody here has the answer to that question
eshplode: As an unofficially uncertified dog expert, I can confirm that that's how it works
adamjford: @RandomTrivia Great!
flatluigi: the devil's egg......
LidofLoathing: eggies for leggies?
CAKHost: Just realize that would be a great bit with saying "Bring out...The Machine!"
TehAmelie: it's like something right out of the nsburg middle school teacher's lounge crapshots
JqlGirl: Threez
ContingentCat: wobble
heartofgoldfish: Three
STALKERsoldiers: Tri-Tip
SquareDotCube: Tripod
flatluigi: duster is a good name
NrgSpoon: Delta
gualdhar: I'm surprised the ceremonial butt sniffing introductions are left out of this mating ritual
LathosTiran: Timmy
Juliamon: A reminder for those just joining, here is what Steam says about the game: "Wobbledogs is a casual and chill sandbox for players of all ages who want to care for their very own virtual pets in a surprising, unique, and stress-free environment."
plummeting_sloth: Buster?
ContingentCat: tipsy
wynternyghtynggale: Ilean
Greendrag13: ahmedzWow always amazing to see smashbot in action
Darleysam: Bustin
BloodnBullets: your dogs can currently progress anticlockwise around the enclosures but get stuck in the jungle room.
letfireraindown: I was gonna say Tripod
inconsideratehat: YAAASSS that's my other internet handle!
adamjford: The devil's egg...
Sarah_Serinde: Juliamon It's certainly unique :D
RandomTrivia: It's also definitely surprising
NrgSpoon: Legz stole the egg
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corefluxx: legz stole ttrifids food
JqlGirl: we need to make toaster wider
ContingentCat: nugs?
corefluxx: Burito is wide
wynternyghtynggale: ham
flatluigi: tater tot
Faulpyr: Freedom Fry
RandomTrivia: The rest of the potato?
goatprince: triple bakes potato skin?
SquareDotCube: pepperoni slice
plummeting_sloth: a whole potato
TehAmelie: a sideways french fry
RandomTrivia: Or is that the inverse...
ContingentCat: sushi?
Faulpyr: Or maybe Chip
JqlGirl: what's that jar?
fcloud: this game is like chill katamari
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ContingentCat: why not?
eshplode: Why not Wobbledogs?
goatprince: it's telling us: woddle your dog
9802: How does one wobble a dog
JqlGirl: We shouldn't play god?
RandomTrivia: "Life is strange and that's ok?"
Juliamon: We enjoy playing God
shendaras: What's the subtext? Or just the text, even?
corefluxx: Corgo100
plummeting_sloth: i think the more important question is "how wobble dogs"
wench_tacular: "just because you can, doesn't mean you should"
Sarah_Serinde: Dogs good
djalternative: I would like to start next week with touring Cam through our wobbledogs pens
bokochaos: we should be smashing dogs together over unfertilized eggs to make more dogs
Godeke: That the developer is from another planet with advanced DNS manipulation and have never seen a dog.
RandomTrivia: @Sarah_Serinde ^^^THIS^^^
Gildan_Bladeborn: A lot of very interesting, very good, normal dogs.
ContingentCat: you are what you eat?
TehAmelie: "not enough scientists are too busy asking if they could to stop and ask if they should"
Sarah_Serinde: gabyLul
fcloud: you are correct, this is not destiny
flatluigi: dogs very good
plummeting_sloth: put wobbledogs in destiny you cowards
ContingentCat: both?
wynternyghtynggale: Dogs big doofs
Gildan_Bladeborn: And these are, very obviously, "dogs".
Juliamon: Breeding dogs is only good when no real dogs are involved
Dog_of_Myth: Dog are good, can confirm
9802: full of doggo
ContingentCat: oh it's not finished?
goatprince: i'm sold on wobbledogs.
9802: It's early access
LordZarano: They're all good dogs
flatluigi: it's in early access, keeps getting updates and more weirdness
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
TehAmelie: it'll keep the doggos warm
flatluigi: was that for someone expanding the dog den
BloodnBullets: triffid is ready to mutate
fcloud: eating a balanced diet of poop, eggs, and cheese
heartofgoldfish: legz is struggling to live
TehAmelie: i love our weird jello cube children
wynternyghtynggale: but mostly toaster
djalternative: I wonder if we'll ever be able to make immortal dogs
MortifiedPenguins: while all dogs have thier day, we hope triffid's never comes
flatluigi: don't forget to save before you quit cori
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: !patreon
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NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: !ytmember
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djalternative: NOOOO! SOUP
corefluxx: SOUP! don't leave us!
fcloud: but really, are there any other shows "like this"?
BusTed: "We Have Things" ™️
flatluigi: mouth noises
flatluigi: one of your dogs just ate dirt and puked
djalternative: someone puked!! oh no!
BusTed: :(
Greendrag13: @flatluigi they ARE dogs! Solid evidence!
TehAmelie: i do wonder what garlic does. could have radical intestinal effects
RandomTrivia: benginSpoop
gualdhar: man I can't imagine what it would be like seeing this as your first LRR stream
KeytarCat: @TehAmelie wait, we can feed these DOGs GARLIC?
Electrodyne: they become dangerous to vampires
RandomTrivia: lrrAWW
TehAmelie: we just unlocked it
electric_claire: Why is Soup so sad?
KeytarCat: oh noooo
Juliamon: lrrFINE
flatluigi: toaster's head is so small
9802: head so smol
wynternyghtynggale: shiny toaster
plummeting_sloth: Somewhere in the depths of the HQ of Sunbeam there is a room marked "Toaster Breeding"
RandomTrivia: Oh nooo, Soup!
RandomTrivia: lrrAWW
BusTed: benginO7
flatluigi: pop
RandomTrivia: benginO7
ContingentCat: lrrAWW
TehAmelie: now there's no such thing as soup
corefluxx: lrrAWW
eshplode: RIP Soup
jubale1: awwMuffin
Electrodyne: poor soup
flatluigi: will we see toaster eat soup
Ba_Dum_Tish: Sorry but the soup bar is closed
rabbitgta: o7
flatluigi: nope, nugget instead of soup
9802: Welp, time to toast the soup
Electrodyne: pour soup?
ClankyLily: F
RandomTrivia: The soundtrack is giving me so many FTL vibes, I wonder...
flatluigi: toaster is trying his best
heartofgoldfish: maybe toaster's head is TOO small...
9802: Go around the tombstone, you need to come eat this corpse
wynternyghtynggale: he is to wide to make the turn
TehAmelie: soup's on
BusTed: It's the circle of life.
ContingentCat: look at that head, not much space for brain
wynternyghtynggale: soup for lunch
ATrophonian: What, pray tell, have I just tuned in to see?
flatluigi: the cycle of life
rabbitgta: unlimited Soup and salad
BusTed: Stuntin'!
Juliamon: Eat brain, consume its knowledge
9802: @ATrophonian Some very wobbly dogs
ContingentCat: @The_Myrddraal wobbledogs
ATrophonian: Some very wobbly cannibalism?
wynternyghtynggale: no thats a nowandlater
LidofLoathing: cutest cannibalism ever
Jwiley129: so...who will eat Gespatcho's body?
The_Myrddraal: oh, I see. Corey is doing mad science with living beings. nice.
flatluigi: one final smash
ContingentCat: yeaaa
Juliamon: Glossy gene!!
9802: I want to see a wobbledog as big as one of the rooms so much
heartofgoldfish: all dogs end up in the jungle eventually
SquareDotCube: so many dogs in this room
ContingentCat: toater and leggs?
The_Myrddraal: Wait, eggs?
flatluigi: let's hit negatives
The_Myrddraal: Is this Dog-cest?
flatluigi: this is just a simulation
NewtyNewts: I don't know what this is... time to go back to the beginning and watch, I guess...
ATrophonian: I love the music - it feels like it's getting discordant as the Stability drops.
Juliamon: ORNJ
QuixoticScrivener: mutation?
TehAmelie: orange, what even is it
SquareDotCube: aww no orange
9802: This is simulation, but also probably dog-cest
Juliamon: I love how the music warps
KeytarCat: White is dominant, red is recessive?
goatprince: wide.....
flatluigi: aw no negatives
Juliamon: bork bork
9802: Job's done
flatluigi: can you crossbreed it with itself
The_Myrddraal: Tripod
ATrophonian: That poor wobbler....
heartofgoldfish: oh nooo
GredGredmansson: that dog's missing a leg.
TehAmelie: we may have gone too far
KeytarCat: A three-legged dog
rabbitgta: tripod
Subrand0m: Wait is this how Pugs were made???
wynternyghtynggale: ilean
flatluigi: what'd you get for 0%
Gildan_Bladeborn: No matter how much you might want to.
KeytarCat: a three legged dog!!!!!
flatluigi: the achievement
9802: did it for the chievo
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mariammistressofmanifolds: 34 months!??! that's almost 3 years!
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SquareDotCube: capsule
flatluigi: can you show off the achievement reward
ContingentCat: pet your dog
Phailhammer: cya :)
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Cori! lrrHEART
flatluigi: byee
TehAmelie: you do want your toaster to sleep when it's not needed
fcloud: bye-bee
Electrodyne: byeeeeeeee
ClankyLily: this game is oddly intriguing
ContingentCat: !net
ContingentCat: !next
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Ba_Dum_Tish: That was a dog gone stream
KeytarCat: @Ba_Dum_Tish ba dum tish