Lithobraker: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 6) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (5m from now).
KeytarCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 6) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
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TheWriterAleph: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 6) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (5s from now).
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: !next
RandomTrivia: Good tries, but not quite there.
TheWriterAleph: Curses! Foiled again.
RandomTrivia: I think Narwhals might have had it if LRRbot didn't have cooldowns
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: nah, I think I was still too early
Ba_Dum_Tish: And now we play the waiting game
DarkMorford: Very close
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Dog_of_Myth: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam play horror games until they find the key that will bring them true happiness. Game: Resident Evil 6) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
Spacepup: Sometimes spoopifer gets a little camera shy, but that's OK, he can come out when he's ready.
Lithobraker: should we panic (in the disco)?
Juliamon: Nah
Juliamon: lrrFINE
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Panicing is never helpful. Picnics on the other hand...
elkae: Big chillin'
ButButTheJesus: !picnic
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> On today's going live tweet for Let's NOPE: | Ben and Adam make a self depricating joke about how stupid they are, but don't actually believe it but use humour as a coping mechanism to stave off the effects of imposter syndrome. | haha resident evil spooky | ||
GhostValv: FBtouchdown
Ba_Dum_Tish: Ben must have been trapped under Remy again
elkae: Twitter too real
RandomTrivia: OOF
RandomTrivia: Adam pls
ThingsOnMyStream: lrrPAUL Put away the picnics, everything is fine
elkae: benginRemy
Protein_Curry: "haha resident evil spooky"
xantos69: FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: Oh hey there Paul
CyberColossus: FBtouchdown
elkae: A wild Paul!
CastleOtranto: I don't wish to alarm anyone, but I think the stream may start within the next few minutes.
RandomTrivia: Were you summoned by the !picnic command? :D
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mnemonicman: Oop. Gravy train has no breaks. Many died.
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RandomTrivia goes to make a sandwich anyway
DarkMorford: Aw, but I was still hungry!
Protein_Curry: @randomtrivia A jill sandwich?
lirazel64: @castleotranto Thank you for the warning!
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Ba_Dum_Tish: RE6 is very onbrand for Adams Lets Nopes
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TeamDarkBeginning: haven't been able to tune into Let's Nope since they finished RE5, is RE6 as bad as they expected?
SmithKurosaki: greetings
Juliamon: They're having an absolute blast with it
KeytarCat: Got an REvill ad!
Bengineering: seabatTROG amazonStalling2 amazonStalling2 amazonStalling2 benginUroPog
mochabeanie: @TeamDarkBeginning worse yet somehow better?
electra310: RE6 is hot delicious garbage 😄
akmorris13: @teamdarkbeginning oh it’s both wonderful and awful
elkae: benginDab
Favre_the_Undead: benginDab
The_Myrddraal: benginDab
wolvsbane: benginDab
Naesiir: benginDab
Protein_Curry: Glad to hear theyre having fun with it, I also missed most of resi 5 due to new work schedule
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wolvsbane: Just watching old Feed Dumps waiting for the stream to start
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrADAM lrrBEN lrrSPOOP
elkae: 2020Pajamas
fastlane250: i gotta find a way to tether my PC to my phone, quick!
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electra310: I have started re-watching Road quest, it’s so good!
wolvsbane: @electra310 agreed. I listen to the soundtrack at least once a week.
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BusTed: good evening
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Seth_Erickson: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Protein_Curry: @electra310 we make it a winter tradition in our house to watch it now, worth it
ThingsOnMyStream: lrrPAUL the Let's nope Trinity: lrrADAM lrrBEN lrrSPOOP
Electrodyne: Hi internet friends
LizardDucks: lrrSPOOP
elkae: Amen
SAJewers: lrrSPOOP
KeytarCat: mic thunder!
NDCazzy: lrrSPOOP
Makrosian_Tae: lrrSPOOP
BusTed: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
xantos69: lrrSPOOP
Protein_Curry: Okay hiiiiii!
hesterbyrde: Yassssss! It's spoop time!
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wolvsbane: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP_HF
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
BusTed: No limit to this man's talents.
Gildan_Bladeborn: When we last left our heroes... they had faked their deaths, so that they could go to China. Which honestly seemed a bit unnecessary, considering they had clearly gone through the center of the Earth and wound up in China in their many adventures underneath the ancient cathedral, in the greater Washington D.C. area.
Seth_Erickson: lrrSPOOP
LurkerSpine: it's been so long since I've been on time for a let's nope
neisan2112: What ya roll?
frank_the_great: Skillz
wolvsbane: roll it adam
ButButTheJesus: HEH
itsr67: namaste
elkae: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN FBtouchdown FBtouchdown seabatTROG
Makrosian_Tae: seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood
YeetTheRich_: wow look at this streamer
elkae: The TALENT
hatboozeparty: lrrWOW
theanthonydee: benginFingers benginFingers benginFingers
LizardDucks: Impressive
fastlane250: FBtouchdown
DiscordianTokkan: Such skill!
sydnius: lrrWOW
RayFK: Your one talent, that isn't hooking
wolvsbane: FBtouchdown
ThingsOnMyStream: lrrPAUL that seal training is paying off
BusTed: FBtouchdown
Tangsm: Just stop the clip before it falls, and nobody will know it isn't still there.
MegaDosX: benginTry
frank_the_great: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
ClankyLily: FBtouchdown
Dog_of_Myth: Press X to Doubt
CyberColossus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
HundreydAundre: 1st lrrSPOOP I've heard in a while!
wargodmogis: FBtouchdown seabatBRAIN FBtouchdown
zeldakid1999: FBtouchdown
elkae: Look at those magnificent curls
neisan2112: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
HundreydAundre: I miss those too often.
jamesthedabbler: FBtouchdown
Protein_Curry: Rolled a nat 20 for quality stream check
frank_the_great: Radar?
HundreydAundre: Adam channeling from the Faerie Mound Stream.
Gildan_Bladeborn: So... Godzilla then.
NDCazzy: red vines!
Seth_Erickson: The horrors they lurk lrrSPOOP
gualdhar: wtf Ben's a kaiju
plummeting_sloth: now run the Enterprise background humm
zeldakid1999: Nice
Sunmare_Dragon: or benzilla
LizardDucks: Scarier than this game
cotillion1850: So Ben's a Kaiju
frank_the_great: lrrSPOOP
computercolinx: sounds like ripping a bong
Tangsm: Ben hungers.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Ben requires more nuggies
Gildan_Bladeborn: Red Vines aren't going to eat themselves, don'cha know.
Manae: I thought you were a Benusaur
xantos69: oh me too! I am about to eat an entire pizza.
Protein_Curry: Or Benguiris, you could be the spikey boy
KeytarCat: I'm eating a pizza today!
CastleOtranto: Onion is what makes it evil.
NDCazzy: new life goal... slam some red vines with Adam and Ben
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x0den: all pizza is good pizza
Arclight_Dynamo: Shit-tier pizza is good.
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'm pretty sure that you could in fact make bad pizza.
Juliamon: But would you eat bath pizza
Nigouki: isn't greasiness the whole point of pizza?
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ClodiumSoride: No matter how bad this game gets, it could be worse: you could be playing The Dark Occult.
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neisan2112: I greatly disagree
Blessings_from_the_Void: School lunch pizza?
Moonspeak721: they're good pizzas bront
RandomTrivia: Well, maybe None Pizza, Left Beef is bad pizza
gualdhar: I object, my local pizza place was bought out, now their pizza sucks
Gildan_Bladeborn: If you really tried.
TeamDarkBeginning: Bad pizza is good actually
aleunwolfe: There is no bad pizza, only bad toppings Kappa
YeetTheRich_: what about banana + toothpaste pizza?
BjjBrain: @Bengineering sooooo last week Peter Weatherall's Choo Choo song shut down their comment section on the YouTube vid, I blame you and Adam...mostly Adam lol
Aenir798: Papa John's is trash
wynternyghtynggale: ive gotten food poisoning from dominos
LurkerSpine: Little Caesar's is $5, domino's is expensive af
NarishmaReborn: dominos has improved significantly
Mister_BlueSky: I'd rather have Dominos than a frozen pizza.
Protein_Curry: Have you seen the TMNT pizza recipe book?
neisan2112: Domino's is expensive
HundreydAundre: Even the one you've kept in the fridge & all forgotten to the aegies.
neisan2112: For what it is
The_Myrddraal: When I complain about Dominos, I am comparing it to other 5 buck pizzas
wargodmogis: @Aenir798 their bread sticks are good.
jamesthedabbler: So are you a pineapple on your pizza sort of guy then?
cotillion1850: I mean fundamentally all pizza is good unless you are lactose intolerant in which case you really should not eat most pizza
SnackPak_: lrrSPOOP ?
InkyGhoast: pizza hut is really grease but becasue of that it is excellent left overs
HundreydAundre: You guys have a Little Caesar's out there?
gualdhar: friday
NightValien28: its friday
Tangsm: Pizza is great because you eat it hot for dinner and cold for breakfast.
Invitare: you *attempt* to. Capcom disagrees
itsr67: fridaaaay
Sarah_Margaret: On Friday
the_card_father: It’s like body horror?
Mister_BlueSky: Gotta get spooked on Friday.
Ba_Dum_Tish: The village will steppy
Aenir798: it's on Friday
Invitare: it's Friday outside of North America
EvilBadman: nintendo used to be sunday
isabelnoid: Good morning from Japan!
itsr67: nintendoes really whatever the heck it wants
DarkMorford: I normally get Papa John's because there isn't any Pizza Hut that's close enough to me for delivery. >_>
Invitare: Nintendo just does the global release on the correct date for the rest of the world
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YeetTheRich_: because nintendo think theyre special
SnackPak_: your not my dad, nintendo!
Nigouki: Friday used to be home media day and video games followed but then physical media died
frank_the_great: Good evening from Boston!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Its not a terrible reason
Veste: they're not wrong
HundreydAundre: I'd like to be relatable to pizza but I hardly touch pies from dominoes or the hut. Cuz...... too far? Or forget they exist.
EvilBadman: Greetings from Germany, donation goes to runners choice
SmithKurosaki: Greetings
Protein_Curry: Good evening from FL
hexy_lexy: good morning from somewhere!
Mister_BlueSky: Greetings from Germany!
RandomTrivia: They're the one video game company that HASN'T put out a buggy mess any time recently
Kramburger: Something something Smash melee
Electrodyne: Good morning from Uranus. The planet, not the other thing.
cotillion1850: Wait is Jordan actually in Australia?
CyberColossus: Good morning from the You Knighted Kingdom
Veste: well....
Cupstr: Good evening from Hell itself
SnackPak_: oh blizzard
the_card_father: I dunno Ben. That Vespiquen was frustrating.
LurkerSpine: Nintendo has absolutely let me down, but they aren't like, oligarchy bad
itsr67: Lots of indie companies haven't put me down
RayFK: @cotillion1850 Not even a little
frank_the_great: No shinies in Pokemon Snap though
Decaped: Nintendo overcharges their games more than Blizzard does.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Nintendo does screw up but at least they are trying
dragonwarrior000: I believe Dragon Quest is always scheduled to release on the weekend in Japan.
Talin06: that is a low bar
LizardDucks: @protein_curry hey same! Greetings friend!
YeetTheRich_: well by comparison they are one of the good guys i guess
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KeytarCat: Love me some spoopy bois AsexualPride
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TeamDarkBeginning: Good Evening from Missouri
AtomicAlchemical: Nintendo: Still some standards!
Protein_Curry: @lizardducks AYYYYYY
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fastlane250: and the award for least disappointing AAA dev goes to...
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
Ba_Dum_Tish: Everyone under the blanket
plummeting_sloth: content warning, there are blankets
frank_the_great: This game has blankets?
HoodedBowman: Okay Streamers!
gamercat88: dinger
RayFK: Content Warning: A mental image of a human fellating a giraffe
BusTed: classic savidan
Gildan_Bladeborn: Time to rejoin Leon and Helena as they discover that their airplane's pilots have been replaced by... zombies! Let's see how long it takes them to notice. Kappa
amuseoffirebane: oh nooooo
RandomTrivia: lrrAWW
Blessings_from_the_Void: Mr. Burrito Pants
sydnius: Shoey Hungers
Tangsm: That's what you get for wearing pants.
jamesthedabbler: @RayFK what
NotCainNorAbel: you can't game in dirty pants
the_card_father: Raccoons of an Unusual Size?
RayFK: @jamesthedabbler Look at the box art for Resident Evil 6
RandomTrivia: LUL
Ba_Dum_Tish: Content warnings: Nipple monster incoming
RayFK: The least fucking subtle person in the world
fastlane250: With the delicacy of an underwater leviathan
jamesthedabbler: @RayFK Do I want to?
frank_the_great: $600 well spent
Invitare: you'll see the logo soon enough
RandomTrivia: HAH
RandomTrivia: Gottem
NightValien28: james play minecraft he doesn't know what fun is Kappa
YeetTheRich_: ouch
Invitare: and then you'll never unsee it
Ba_Dum_Tish: @jamesthedabbler Once you see it you cannot unsee
DiscordianTokkan: jlrrDang
lemmel: jlrrFacepalm
RayFK: Holy shit
LizardDucks: James “not fun” Turner
Blessings_from_the_Void: lrrWOW
Naesiir: is that why you all stopped playing Valorant??
RayFK: There. Giraffe Sucking
sydnius: lrrWOW
Makrosian_Tae: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
RayFK: Right there on screen
hexy_lexy: hae we just witnessed a murder?
NotCainNorAbel: jlrrDang jlrrCoolgame jlrrPillow
ButButTheJesus: @RayFK yup
jamesthedabbler: @RayFK I STRONGLY dislike this
Tangsm: Yup. There it is. The most disturbing number 6 ever made.
daredewley92: Spoop boys got me to sub my first sub ever!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Graham put that "alternate title" into my head years ago, and I can't say he was wrong.
ShaneLeeAtk: Giraffe...
rabbitgta: Ben is super tired from thlrying to take pictures of BEES
Makrosian_Tae: I can't actually compute how that's a giraffe and a human. I see the giraffe head, but I can't parse out where the donger is supposed to be
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Manae: @RayFK Jeffrey fell on hard times after ToysRUs closed, went to back-alley clandestine meetings like this
cuttlefishman: You're loud though
DarkMorford: Is Vespiquen the new Magikarp?
the_card_father: @manae Toys R Us still is open in Canada.
plummeting_sloth: yeah, it's STILL going
Gildan_Bladeborn: You were boarding a plane to China, but your pilots turned out to be zombies.
Nigouki: we're going to china!
LizardDucks: Is the giraffe wearing clown shoes or is that just me?
Makrosian_Tae: You'd journeyed to the center of the earth and then came UP
TheWriterAleph: this is unarguably the sixiest resident evil ever
gualdhar: so I missed it, are the Nope boys switching to 8 next week or are we sticking through 6?
Gildan_Bladeborn: You dropped her sister into a bottomless pit.
Cupstr: man, last time I was able to catch this stream live, I was getting drunk and playing metal gear. can't do that anymore, i have a job now lmao
cuttlefishman: Yeah
Ba_Dum_Tish: Still 2 more chapters, so about a steam and a half probably
rabbitgta: @darkmorford yeah like over an hour on one shot today
plummeting_sloth: and then when it's done you have 3 more of these
Saintnex: We're going to china baby!
Blessings_from_the_Void: loud boi
SnackPak_: I'm here for the loud
Talin06: yes
rasterscan: No, this is good
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Gildan_Bladeborn: Then you fell through the center of the earth while being pursued by a shark with crab legs.
GhostValv: no please :)
frozenphoenix7: Well I want to hear Adam's voice Kappa
Veste: i do
Gildan_Bladeborn: And faked your deaths.
elkae: @HoodedBowman Thanks for the gift sub!
rasterscan: This sound balance is good.
BusTed: Haha.
dragonwarrior000: Fake our deaths, we're going to China.
Moonspeak721: love to hear adam and ben's beautiful voices real loud
Aenir798: The game is too loud I can't hear my bois
YeetTheRich_: shh adam im trying to hear the amazing dialogue in this game
sydnius: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Makrosian_Tae: Tell Adam to be quiet? NEVER!!
Goorguy: Mood Ben
Tangsm: But you did it, Ben! You got that bee.
DiscordianTokkan: Oh yeah! Zombs on a Plane!
plummeting_sloth: oh right, we're in the nicest airplane ever
bv310: Adam Saviloud is much preferable to Adam Savidimmed
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wanted for killing the president, we faked our deaths and went to china
Driosenth: Telling Adam to be quite is like telling the ocean not to erode the shore, or Ben not to push the big red button
Naesiir: oh right, you faked your deaths so you could go to China
saucemaster5000: You're both lovely people that bring joy -- punch that
NightValien28: can't hear the game, just me?
frank_the_great: Are they in some sort of air-jet-ski?
Invitare: not just a bee, a Beequen, her actual Japanese name
cuttlefishman: You boarded it
galak_c07: Neil, my man
Shiferl: @HoodedBowman Thanks for the gift sub!
AtomicAlchemical: What airline lets dead people fly first class?
like_100_bears: gotta wonder how they managed to get their guns through customs
Dog_of_Myth: Anybody else hear the game?
SnackPak_: didn't you kill the president?
Aenir798: their talking is super quiet
gualdhar: wasn't this pre-9/11?
Gildan_Bladeborn: The answer to that question is simple Ben: Hunnigan faked your deaths.
Dog_of_Myth: Better
plummeting_sloth: not just on a plane, but like in first class
Robot_Bones: You went to the airport
Pteraspidomorphi: Thanks
NightValien28: thank you adam
ughman617: These people all need haircuts. Long hair like that is a liability in combat
BusTed: oh noooo
frank_the_great: 10/10, thanks Adam!
TheWriterAleph: @AtomicAlchemical Dead-lta. Sorry, that's all I got
RandomTrivia: Patience, Chat, Adam's a professional
BusTed: pilot was drawfeEggyboy all along
sydnius: pudipudi
OmnipotentTrevor: You're officially dead. Guess you found a plane that takes dead people. For better or for worse.
The_Myrddraal: This is like air force one or smthg
Invitare: can someone fly the plane???
CyberColossus: suddenly alien?
Arclight_Dynamo: Why do we have guns ona plane?
Invitare: ha!
mitomanox: grosse
BusTed: I got to do that.
OmnipotentTrevor: zombie airlines
Invitare: shooting inside a plane is a bad idea
GuilKato: don't worry he can fly the plane
LizardDucks: I’ve had it with these zombies on this plane!
fastlane250: oh great, another one of THOSE things
BusTed: I remember when they gave you stuff too.
hexy_lexy: isnt firing a gun on a plane SUPER bad?!
frank_the_great: Um
YeetTheRich_: game is maybe a bit loud now
YeetTheRich_: ye
Protein_Curry: the game is a tad loud yeah
Arclight_Dynamo: I got to ride in the front of the Disney monorail once.
HoodedBowman: ShowLove100 LRR has been a big part of my life for a while now and I figured it would be nice to finally support now that I'm out of debt.
Cupstr: ah yes, firing guns at the control panels in a plane
Spacepup: Game was very loud compared to ben, much better now.
Tangsm: After you kill this hell beast, they'll give you some wing pins on your way out.
neisan2112: Game was so mcuh loader than yall
Makrosian_Tae: Game is MEGA loud
BusTed: 🦅
plummeting_sloth: lightening hog
LuckieIsLive: Jpey have you ever been in a turkish prison?
neisan2112: Much better
Invitare: oh no, it's Snakes on a Plane, but with Zombies
OmnipotentTrevor: Wonder if you can go into the settings and lower the sfx without lowering the voices
DiscordianTokkan: Shooting guns on a plane WOULD be loud
YeetTheRich_: sergeJustRight
frank_the_great: The custscene audio was WAY quieter than the gameplay audio
Kipstar: went, there's air vents on the plane?
Protein_Curry: Thats better thanks boo
Pteraspidomorphi: The problem was that they were muttering quietly at first and then the action scene was loud, you were right both times
Gildan_Bladeborn: Game is a tad quiet, but it was too loud initially, so this is still preferable.
TheWriterAleph: Airplane!
Saintnex: wait, how would we know how to fix the issue?
cuttlefishman: Airforce One
Ba_Dum_Tish: Hunnigan there is no pilot? that seems like more of an issue
BusTed: Executive Decision
bv310: Red Eye?
Gildan_Bladeborn: That is the film you are referring to.
Lithobraker: Don't they have like 30 seconds before passing out from oxygen deprivatoin?
BusTed: Where Steven Seagal dies in the first scene.
GuilKato: or like snakes on a plane
Protein_Curry: Con Air?
Invitare: Snakes on a Plane
Arclight_Dynamo: Why does this 747 have, like, nine passenger seats?
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Lithobraker: or all they flying at a really low altitude
Tangsm: Airplane?
Kramburger: Olympus has Fallen?
Cupstr: Airplane 2?
TheWriterAleph: I just wanted to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.
lord_wertornion: snakes on a plane totally
saucemaster5000: You talking about Hook
Nosser2: Passenger 57?
lyropithic: Not to be mistaken with Bear Force One, the classic Commander deck
Gildan_Bladeborn: Kurt Russell is the one who actually gets on the airplane, if memory serves.
ButButTheJesus: Leon's pathfinding needs some work Kappa
The_Myrddraal: I could tell it was a 90s movie from the title alone.
flapjacksofwar: Im excited for 'Big Lady' sim this Friday. Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100
rasterscan: Hunk
plummeting_sloth: chunk
ughman617: Steven seagao AND kurt russel? Must be a gem of a movie
NightValien28: a plane looks like a plane ben ulmer
Invitare: Tuchanka? The Krogan homeworld?
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BusTed: tatanka
ButButTheJesus: @flapjacksofwar same
MagicalAttackGecko: Tercunky
LizardDucks: @busted ....buffalo?
flapjacksofwar: Chonky Kong
AtomicAlchemical: What *is* this plane?
BusTed: exactly
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wait why is this on a plane?
plummeting_sloth: so yeah, a bunch of national fugatives got a ride on basically Air Force 1
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
CyberColossus: regret
IbunWest: And to go even further beyond
hexy_lexy: adam plz LUL
Gildan_Bladeborn: @ughman617 - Steven Seagall is barely in it, actually - his character never even makes it onto Air Force One.
sydnius: lefty loosey
Protein_Curry: Leons like 40 something elena hes weak old man
Caedynna: Kreygasm
Dog_of_Myth: lrrSPOOP
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elkae: um
eric_christian_berg: This here is why I watch this stream.
BusTed: drawfeGoodjoke
ButButTheJesus: FBtouchdown good joke streamer
flapjacksofwar: Ill become a Supder deDuper Sayian!
rabbitgta: this is what we get for making adam read fairy mound again
bv310: These sound effects are powerful
spoopifer_oh_spoopifer: Cheer420 hey LRR'speople, I'm listening to you while I disassemble my entire PC.because my new motherboard was DOA, but on the plus side, I just happened to have the meme number of bits left over. thanks for the entertainment while I get mad at this whole thing
Protein_Curry: Professional Comedians
Gildan_Bladeborn: You know, the time-release fire extinguishers.
Invitare: er what are you doing, you don't have parachutes
Gildan_Bladeborn: All planes have those.
Tangsm: There were people on board... are you just leaving?
Invitare: put the parachutes on before opening the door
plummeting_sloth: lotta cranks on an airplane
ButButTheJesus: @spoopifer_oh_spoopifer godspeed pilgrim
Saintnex: This is a definitely safe thing to do
flapjacksofwar: If only Chris were here. He would punch the door
Kramburger: Good joke, streamers :)
fastlane250: get le-on that valve
Ballistic_Meatball: ha...ha-ha
Aenir798: LUL
Omthebox: I'll laugh when it becomes funny
mochabeanie: ahah
Invitare: sure what good that you locked the door earlier
hexy_lexy: hahaha
Protein_Curry: ehehehehehe
Nigouki: all those structures are way too beefy to be on a plane, this is built more like a submarine
nyperold: Fu hu hu
prince_infidel: I HATE THE GAS HOLE
fastlane250: uh oh, instant zombie gas
sydnius: sir please return to your seat
RandomTrivia: Welp
saucemaster5000: I didn't get it better do it fifteen more times
plummeting_sloth: wait, this is the first time the gas has bothered you? Weren't you surrounded by this shit for the last 2 chapters?
Robot_Bones: But he has Adam's Eyes
wolvsbane: uh oh stinky
jamesthedabbler: Naw, its been an issue before
Blessings_from_the_Void: Damn! That ass!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Monsters with 1-hit kill animations that can't be interrupted are just the apex of good game design.
saucemaster5000: horray!
Veste: no i think you're riding an airplane to the ground
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wait when did ben and adam become family guy?
NarishmaReborn: 40000 feet in the air its a long way to the ground
flapjacksofwar: Ben and Adam: Riding this joke right into the ground
SnackPak_: If jackbox has proved anything, it's that we like callbacks
Tangsm: Is there a die and not die button?
Naesiir: seems like that guy needs to be LIBERATED
prince_infidel: Don't isult the boys like that
Earthenone: good luck surviving long enough to live through the hatch joke
Gildan_Bladeborn: The difference is that the things Family Guy repeats, ad infinitum, aren't strictly speaking "jokes". Or funny.
AtomicAlchemical: Quick, let's just dump this biohazard into the sky
flapjacksofwar: Saved by the cutscene
RandomTrivia: WHY
SnackPak_: sorry china
plummeting_sloth: what exactly are you grabbing?
inconsideratehat: GAMEPLAY
Invitare: well you just dropped an infector zombie on a city
CyberColossus: Best gMe <3
flapjacksofwar: VIDEOGAMES
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yep exactly Adams kind of gameplay
ughman617: Is this whole game quicktime events?
Gildan_Bladeborn: The animations for this part are just... they're just the best.
fastlane250: FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
Styxseus: Ah yes "keep out the gas" *throws everything out of the plane*
ArkhamArchivist: I remember this sequence from the start of Saints Row 3
sydnius: no sam’s printer cartridges!
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
GhostValv: :)
Mister_BlueSky: Haha they said pit.
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
DiscordianTokkan: They said pit, tee hee
Invitare: I assume everyone on the plane is a zombie now
Makrosian_Tae: Wasn't that basically the end of Resident Evil 5?
Kipstar: that zomboi is gonna land on someone below now though, right?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Also, herb.
chaostreader: Is Let’s Nope slowly becoming Watch and Play?
Gildan_Bladeborn: But you're full, so... maybe dispense some first?
neisan2112: Looks down at beer...
Kramburger: Straight Edge 4 lyfe
neisan2112: Oop
flapjacksofwar: Leon carrying like 14 guns
Himyul: usually one becomes dead when full of ammo
plummeting_sloth: you stole the airlines precious treasure
Cupstr: booze is bad, but you gotta get that green herb to heal you
Saintnex: @LoadingReadyRun you can combine 3 green herbs to gets 6 tictacs of health
LightingExpert13: yet no snakes
pygmytortle: Is anybody driving this plane while you goofballs fool around?
lord_wertornion: we got there!
Protein_Curry: -works at at a distillery- i agree with ben alcohol bad
BusTed: They had a contest to get on the soundtrack.
plummeting_sloth: oh no, the gas that we were much closer to and did not affect us has affected all of these people for some reason
ArkhamArchivist: There was an entire Snakes on a Plane album and it slapped
flapjacksofwar: Zombie Snakes? Znakes, if you will
Naesiir: Cobra Starship
monakai: That music video was a trip
LizardDucks: Oh yeah, Cobra Starship
RumbletumStudio: Cobra Starship?
Rhynerd: Wait, there were people on this other than you two and the pilot?
Usquebaugh67: jefferson airplane = built this city
Styxseus: I never heard of that, but that does not surprise me..
Ba_Dum_Tish: Why aren't these two infected?
Gildan_Bladeborn: I've never heard of that band.
Stormthius: that's a band name I haven't heard in years
IbunWest: Wow I haven't thought about cobra starship in forever
toomanybears: is resident evil village next?
Kramburger: They did a song with what's her face from gossip girl then disappeared
xantos69: plot armor
Invitare: Plot Armour
Protein_Curry: They had like 3 okay songs in the mid 2000s
RandomTrivia: Plot Armour, I believe
Juliamon: That song was the exact level of cheese for the movie and it slapped
amuseoffirebane: So kiss me goodbyeeeeeeee
like_100_bears: plot armour
Earthenone: plot vaccinations
rabbitgta: plot Armour?
monakai: You got plot antibodies
Talin06: plot armor
NotCainNorAbel: vaccines
plummeting_sloth: we have an immunity of zombie infection until it's plot convenient for us not to
OmnipotentTrevor: RE protagonists clearly have some virus power of there own
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well you see Ben... you have this thing called... hey look over there! Kappa
hexy_lexy: anime plot armour
LightingExpert13: smash the state
Veste: anti-plot-tie
flapjacksofwar: Its all the product in Leon's hair
Himyul: this is why you get vaccinated
GhostValv: :O
fastlane250: Instant Zombie Gas only works on 99.9% of humans, you're just the 0.01%.
mochabeanie: dem anti - bodiyodiyodies
Veste: rip playing video games
fastlane250: *0.1%
saucemaster5000: dang guys safe some of these for primetime
NightValien28: hubris in 5...4...3
Dog_of_Myth: WOW
prince_infidel: They got their vaccinations!
Veste: im ok spending my time with the cooler narita boy
xantos69: Oh cool when do they get here? Kappa
NotCainNorAbel: or Adam
rabbitgta: sergeHubris
Ba_Dum_Tish: We gotta let Adam have a win once in his life
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh, THIS part.
Earthenone: !prime
flapjacksofwar: RE^: Pratfalls
Gildan_Bladeborn: Have fun piloting this plane now.
flapjacksofwar: Oh no
cuttlefishman: Is this how planes work
Tangsm: I was kind of hoping this game would do a parachute out of the crashing plane bit. Like Saint's Row.
Usquebaugh67: hang on chat
xantos69: That's true actually. This is absolutely my favorite LRR stream.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yes... you'll "fly".
AtomicAlchemical: So is the second or third time this game that these two have gotten everyone around them killed?
flapjacksofwar: Leon never got his license
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monakai: We're all counting on you
KeytarCat: The first one up the stairs gets to fall back down
LizardDucks: Here we goooo
Lord_ZYRK: Oh great, something ELSE for Adam to drive into the ground
like_100_bears: lrrFINE
cthulhudude23: you cant fly by punching, ben
pygmytortle: Leon is in the danger zone now
Invitare: switching off autopilot seems like a terrible idea
Kramburger: They have to let Leon fly, it's his birthday
plummeting_sloth: RE6, as sure of it's since of aeronautics as it is of biology
NotCainNorAbel: MS Flight Simulator
A_Dub888: How do zombies know how to use guns?
RandomTrivia: G A M E P L A Y
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yes... "gameplay".
Earthenone: need the boshy mash
LizardDucks: Where did those zombies get sunglasses?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Mash faster?
hexy_lexy: "gameplay"
gibbousm: You have to Fall: In Style!
x0den: hammer the buttons and wiggle the sticks!
neisan2112: Mashin too fast
GhostValv: gameplay :)
YeetTheRich_: why does plane go up?
Protein_Curry: Hearing ben in the distance yelling about sunglasses gun zombies is way funnier than it has any right to be
Arclight_Dynamo: "Wait, why did the altitude number go up?" Kappa
xantos69: How many levers is this plane on my dude?
plummeting_sloth: Leon never played Flight Simulator
NightValien28: how did he even see her????
RandomTrivia: We were DEFINITELY higher than that
hexy_lexy: hi ada!
LizardDucks: Resident Evil: Top Gun
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
RandomTrivia: We were stable at 1000ft
gibbousm: ADA?! You live!
itsr67: why is ada on the train
flapjacksofwar: Ada never did lern how to travel by train properly
Tangsm: Huh. That seems bad.
Catcard: they're fucken dead.
Usquebaugh67: Ada's like... plane crashing... must be Leon
Ba_Dum_Tish: Trada
Arclight_Dynamo: Good flying, idiot.
YeetTheRich_: don't tell me you survive this
Invitare: oh you're dead
Phailhammer: This Air Crash Investigations reenactment is a bit over the top. lrrBEEJ
Manae: This feels like it should be a game over
Kramburger: 8 levers, 8 directions baby
rabbitgta: nice flying ace
ashteranic: well, they died
LurkerSpine: killing hundreds
plummeting_sloth: soo... we just killed thousands
Protein_Curry: Ada waited
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Blade_Tiger: Hundreds dead!
ButButTheJesus: "Another happy landing!"
AtomicAlchemical: lrrFINE
sydnius: um
nyperold: Man, either gun control laws are way too lax or enforcement is, if a zombie can get a gun.
Mister_BlueSky: LIBERATED!
hesterbyrde: LIBERATED
Gildan_Bladeborn: Time to kill thousands upon thousands more!
Tangsm: America!
saucemaster5000: con air?
NightValien28: and that's how america makes it to other countries
CyberColossus: another happy landing
NotCainNorAbel: adam you driving of that plane was decent
SnackPak_: any landing you can walk away from
zeldakid1999: AMERICA
hexy_lexy: FREEDOM
ArkhamArchivist: Hello China, the Americans have arrived
Himyul: they were all zomblebees anyway
x0den: they were zombies anywasy Kappa
prince_infidel: HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE???
fastlane250: Your zombie plague has landed
AtomicAlchemical: The freedom has landed!
The_Myrddraal: Put it on the tab
Teakasaurus_rex: hey friends! much love from portland
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
GhostValv: :O
DerRitter42: Good Morninggg Shangai!!!
pygmytortle: LIBERATE
cuttlefishman: Isn't this Shanghai or something?
CyberColossus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
LizardDucks: LIBERATED
ButButTheJesus: FBtouchdown
Ba_Dum_Tish: FYI this is looking for people to play the other people
A_Dub888: Nah, this was the Abandoned Shipping Containers District
Micsig: crashed a helicopter in the US and a jet liner in China
Gildan_Bladeborn: You two are fine of course.
Gildan_Bladeborn: That's how plane crashes work.
Arclight_Dynamo: IIRC from G's playthrough, this is where the game starts to get REALLY stupid.
RandomTrivia: Oh good, another level where everything is on fire lrrFINE
jamesthedabbler: Just wait, there's gonna be zombies
Himyul: get American takeout
cthulhudude23: eat some batwing soup
BusTed: could get a bite
lirazel64: damn straight we'd skip schoHoypot!ol.
plummeting_sloth: now remember where we parked
Usquebaugh67: Liberate?
x0den: chinese bbq?
DiscordianTokkan: "Such Devastation! This was NOT my intent!"
NotCainNorAbel: I hear they have great bat
sydnius: well wanna get some chinese
RandomTrivia: @Arclight_Dynamo That's a concerning thought
Ba_Dum_Tish: Sherry birkin from RE2
OmnipotentTrevor: You don't remember Sherry?
cthulhudude23: Id take some legit dim sum
hexy_lexy: who are these people?!?!
quigonginnjuice: New game, who dis?
Ba_Dum_Tish: The child
Veste: you'll find out
Duwani1: Why did you have to crash into the flamable box factory
ButButTheJesus: WHOMST
LizardDucks: See the Wall of China?
plummeting_sloth: right, we haven't done their campaign yet
Saintnex: Sherry from RE2
Earthenone: ahh the crossover episode :P
flapjacksofwar: Sherry just appears out of nowhere
Gildan_Bladeborn: You'd be forgiven for not recognizing her Ben, because last time you saw her, she was a child.
Protein_Curry: Sherry and Jakr
prince_infidel: Wait. Have you been in a vehicle that didn't crash?
NightValien28: that's sherry the tiny child from re2
Kramburger: Can we get disappeared for critising the CCP?
Gildan_Bladeborn: That's Sherry from RE:2.
Rhynerd: The child from RE2 and Some Guy
Gildan_Bladeborn: And... character you haven't met yet.
ughman617: Re4 girl?
SnackPak_: rodger?
BusTed: The close-talker!
Protein_Curry: sherry birkin
ughman617: Or re2
NarishmaReborn: from state farm?
CompletelyUnsure: Jake is great
Ballistic_Meatball: from state farm?
cuttlefishman: They should kiss
cuttlefishman: Leon and Jake
x0den: the dude is a new character for re6
cuttlefishman: come on
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Arclight_Dynamo: "My ManAnger means I hate you and YOUR ManAnger!"
like_100_bears: awkward...
RandomTrivia: Wait this series has a PLOT?!
OmnipotentTrevor: Yeah, Sherry is your #2 when you play Jake
plummeting_sloth: saved me from raccoons
CyberColossus: yes
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DeGunner: Hey its 2 spooky boys playing a spooky game! Have a great day all!
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Gildan_Bladeborn: Correct - that is the girl you saved from the creepy dude.
NightValien28: yes
like_100_bears: oh hey a friend
Kipstar: Oh it's SHerry?!?
prince_infidel: Yes
Gildan_Bladeborn: The police chief.
RandomTrivia: Also, WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!
LidofLoathing: she's one of the scientist's daughters
CompletelyUnsure: yeah
Saintnex: yup
Gildan_Bladeborn: The very, very evil police chief.
LizardDucks: Diabeetus?
The_Myrddraal: Is this a marvel movie?
Protein_Curry: Sherry is Birkins daughter
plummeting_sloth: and Jake is new to this game I believe
GhostValv: ?
Arclight_Dynamo: He said that like it's a universal experience.
NarishmaReborn: they dated, obv
DarthRagnar815: jenlosiFail
Arclight_Dynamo: Jake... you got trubs.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Jake is new to this game, yes.
ButButTheJesus: wut
hesterbyrde: Right @Arclight_Dynamo ??
Mister_BlueSky: Dollar store Nemesis over here.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Jakes exgirlfriend was a cyborg?
Lord_ZYRK: He's got Nemesis face, at least
Earthenone: bargin bane
Sniknob: An ex-girlfriend but is a guy? So an ex-boyfriend?
Kramburger: This is from the other campaign, you'll play up to this bit from their POV
saucemaster5000: everyone pauses and stares at jake
flapjacksofwar: Youve merely adopted the dark, Jake
sydnius: he has my synchronicity cd
Gildan_Bladeborn: The thing you're fighting now shows up in their campaign a bunch, but this is your first introduction to it.
monakai: The best part is you'll get to hear that line again when you do their cmapaign
itsr67: bionic aaaarm
Invitare: This is Mr W
plummeting_sloth: the boobox
RandomTrivia: "You have a metal arm? That's so cool!"
Micsig: I'll save this one for later
Himyul: get in my oobliette!
OmnipotentTrevor: Is a cage a jar?
eric_christian_berg: Sproing!
OmnipotentTrevor: Is Adam allowed to free him?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: You seem to be trying to liberate Jake. from life
ashteranic: yeah no worries, just unload a clip into both the monster and jake
QTL7: ah yes all those bullets dont harm him at all
QTL7: lool
Lord_ZYRK: Who rules Bartertown?
mochabeanie: 'il save you jake" proceeds to shoot the shit out of jake
Kipstar: ok bye!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Adam did you just save Jake from the jar?
x0den: oh god he does look like scion
gibbousm: Will you be starting 8 after this or doing another playthrough of 7?
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think... you might need to use some environmental objects in this fight. At least I remember Graham climbing/pressing buttons and stuff.
pygmytortle: Naughty children go in the back cage
BusTed: SV4? Is that you?
Protein_Curry: okay byyeee
maestrith: Discount Hulk Smoosh!
maijstral: Someone modded the RE8 demo and replaced the zombies with Barney the dinosuar
BusTed: SF4
Cupstr: Jake? From State Farm?
rasterscan: I love how in parts of this game you have absolute tons of ammo, then a boss fight happens and you drain fucking all of it at a bullet sponge.
Usquebaugh67: LUL
rasterscan: No inbetween.
control_rig: HAHAahahaha
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
elkae: THere's only one word in that song
drawnbinary: I havent thought about slurpie straw sound in years...
control_rig: Slurpee straw oh God that got me
Himyul: dang, now I want a slurpee
jedi_master_zll: I was thinking more of the Disturbed version.
x0den: the only SF song i remember is the theme from thr=ird strike
x0den: 3rd*
MacSquizzy: brizziOOK brizziOOK
ButButTheJesus: same, Ben
plummeting_sloth: yeah, telling us this enemy is indestructable does not make me want to chase it in good order
saucemaster5000: dang that song's kinda a banger
Gildan_Bladeborn: More boxes to your right Adam.
Saintnex: oh wow, I havent had a slurpee in so long
OmnipotentTrevor: Did you guys get access to vaccines up there?
Gildan_Bladeborn: There was a thing you could have pushed off, for whatever reason.
cuttlefishman: I want ice cream from beacon hill
Earthenone: !searchfortresure
Juliamon: yeaaaah I wouldn't touch a slurpee machine for a good long time
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think the name of the game here is "avoid" the monster.
NotCainNorAbel: just think of how well cooked that hotdog will be at the end of all this
BusTed: support main baybeee
Himyul: Druids are the best
ElissenRedux: Clerics domme their entire party and make them say thank you for it
Rhynerd: Which domain?
BusTed: :)
plummeting_sloth: good joke streamer
LizardDucks: Domain of War cleric is the best
rabbitgta: clerics get to chose who dies and who live, totally trust Adam with that
Ferisar: uhh it was siege of orgrimmar ty
Goorguy: I understood that reference
Ferisar: deep lore
Protein_Curry: I'm about to join a campaign as a halfling necromancer, very excited
Earthenone: gameplay
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yes, that's how things work.
The_Myrddraal: They really have to make every possible reference to Raccoon City
Lord_ZYRK: Oh no, Ben's only practiced in playing the killer NotLikeThis
Usquebaugh67: Yup
Faulpyr: Jumpin' busses!
Gildan_Bladeborn: You're going to "hotwire" this bus.
flapjacksofwar: Im playing a Twilight DOmain cleric. Shes the one that keeps the party from doing stupid things
Gildan_Bladeborn: Clearly.
jedi_master_zll: Thought they were about to push the bus.
plummeting_sloth: we're fixing the bus we broke with our plane
Saintnex: This seems dangerous?
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
monakai: Hot wiriting a bus, obvs
RandomTrivia: Welp
Blessings_from_the_Void: Nice picture of an engine
Rhynerd: Weapon proficiency: BUS
NotCainNorAbel: Resident evil is engine repair simulator
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @Protein_Curry That sounds rad
Invitare: Roger? No it's Leon
Rhynerd: !venga
LRRbot: The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Venga Bus Warning for the entire viewing area. Seek shelter immediately.
gamercat88: Jake from State Farm?
sydnius: sparks fix everything
hexy_lexy: "ROGER" "its leon"
A_Dub888: BEEP BEEP!
maxthefourth: Bus is coming
elkae: the bus is COMIN'
Protein_Curry: oh lawd bus is coming
Usquebaugh67: backscratcher
Kramburger: This guy's New Dad
plummeting_sloth: Jims claw hand Dept
Gildan_Bladeborn: He keeps it in a knapsack.
DiscordianTokkan: Backpack
Dog_of_Myth: The CLAW
sydnius: one man ARMY
Tangsm: So far you've fixed a plane and bus. Now comes a train?
OmnipotentTrevor: This is a good tease for when you pick another character
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yes.
Gildan_Bladeborn: You can.
RandomTrivia: That went well
Protein_Curry: The Claw decides who will go and who will stay
theleerm: hey gamers
ElissenRedux: went from f around to find out on that REAL quick LUL
plummeting_sloth: don't worry, he's 'armless
elkae: Ni!
A_Dub888: He's been disarmed
Kipstar: equip the claw Adam!
jedi_master_zll: Now attach the arm...
Haroldholmes25: I honestly don't understand anything in this "game"
Gildan_Bladeborn: There's probably a way to get the crates on top that much bigger crate Adam.
Dog_of_Myth: @A_Dub888 Beat me to it
ButButTheJesus: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
RandomTrivia: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
Sniknob: ????
Kipstar: I hoped...
Invitare: ha
Protein_Curry: Okay that negaverse bomb is very abrupt and bad game design
Ferisar: one shot
rabbitgta: Adam poggers as usual
Arclight_Dynamo: And now: Everything is on fire.
Naesiir: stupid, sexy leon
Ferisar: sick widowmaker plays
Invitare: I'm sure Ben will see it in the Highlights
RandomTrivia: @Arclight_Dynamo I fail to see what has changed
YeetTheRich_: the what at where to meet who?
Gildan_Bladeborn: That monster is definitely dead and not still alive and going to come back later. Definitely dead.
pygmytortle: Coochie??
Arclight_Dynamo: @RandomTrivia It just... keeps exploding.
Haroldholmes25: ez game
LizardDucks: JK Simmons?
elkae: How is no one full of shrapnel yet
cuttlefishman: Jake and Leon need to kiss
wargodmogis: When do they run into chris?
mochabeanie: "i feel threatened"
GhostValv: duke nukem
Cupstr: Battle of the toxic masculinity
Enki1256: Leon feels the need to protect short blonde women.
DiscordianTokkan: Sigma BALLS
Ferisar: sigma balls
Ferisar: damn
Ferisar: beaten to it
MacSquizzy: lmao
saucemaster5000: abraxis?
elkae: LUL
pygmytortle: What's sigma?
Gildan_Bladeborn: They shot up my ride!
Lord_ZYRK: Those zombie bastards shot up my plane
Ba_Dum_Tish: How have NONE of the government agents with Hunnigan noticed that she is communicating with Leon?
Sniknob: This sequel to daymare is very interesting
Earthenone: chicken!
plummeting_sloth: Eastern European or Vince
Earthenone: can we get egg?
mochabeanie: egg?
RandomTrivia: Varying amounts of Strongbad
ZombieHendrix: Duke voice is always appropriate
ButButTheJesus: chickums
SquareDotCube: "Cousin! It is your cousin"
elkae: lrrCHKN
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Protein_Curry: the resi 4 merch voice usually
SnackPak_: egg!
wargodmogis: Why is that in english?
circusofkirkus: come on chat, eggs come from snakes, not chickens
Invitare: don't torment chickens, have neither of you played Zelda??
plummeting_sloth: That's my knock off fruit of hte loom
ElissenRedux: LUL
CommanderPulsar: Adam v. Chicken Cage Match
elkae: oh no
control_rig: WHY
YeetTheRich_: why would you google that?
BusTed: ty
hexy_lexy: adam, why would you google that?
ButButTheJesus: THANK FRUT
Cupstr: you're welcome
dimensaur: time to Google sexy thresh
Haroldholmes25: choo choo thank you fruit
RandomTrivia: LUL
frank_the_great: Just the one?
Usquebaugh67: "Special Fruit"
GredGredmansson: SPECIAL Fruit!
Tangsm: Special Fruit.
hexy_lexy: "quality" "banana"
CommanderPulsar: Quality Banana Special fruit
elkae: Special Froot
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh RIGHT. When you were playing RE:4 Adam, remember your most favorite type of enemy, that you certainly didn't hate, that definitely didn't devour all of your ammo like a bottomless pit? I'm just bringing them up for no reason.
Enki1256: That Tresh is pretty sexy.
juneblue58: As someone who works in a fruit shop, none of these are terribly unusual. I've seen worse IRL.
wargodmogis: Ok, but this is china, why are those all in english?
Protein_Curry: i got your quality banana
Arclight_Dynamo: On the other hand, Quality Banana is a dead ringer for actual Dole banana boxes. I had to deal with them a lot volunteering at a food bank.
plummeting_sloth: "Our company is named 'Fuck you Fruit', we only serve Red Delicous apples
xantos69: Ok, look we can all laugh about this. But as somebody who spent time living in China...Yes that is actually how they brand things there.
DiscordianTokkan: What's a Thresh?
Juliamon: wargodmogis Prepped for export probably
Gildan_Bladeborn: A... special zombie.
elkae: Pàckage?
gibbousm: yes, but what KIND of zombie
viridimayai: How the hell it so quiet on a street in goddamn hong kong?
GredGredmansson: Brain Fruit?
Lord_ZYRK: A well-silhouetted thresher
Arclight_Dynamo: @wargodmogis Maybe this is in or near Hong Kong?
Invitare: Donkey Kong will get involved at this rate
YeetTheRich_: i think i found the exact image you are talking about and i am not happy about it
amuseoffirebane: the zombies have scurvy!
Himyul: Froot froot?
sydnius: FRUITDOM!
cuttlefishman: Can Adam say Banana like a minion
Haroldholmes25: @YeetTheRich_ I mean you were warned
Blade_Tiger: Wait if we're in China why are all the brand names in English
elkae: Or is a well-accented package: pâckäge?
plummeting_sloth: Leon, REACH THROUGH
YeetTheRich_: @YeetTheRich_ fair
ButButTheJesus: aw, he happy
Invitare: it might be noodles
CommanderPulsar: the peas. are. upside. down.
BusTed: p sure it's spaghetti
cuttlefishman: that's fried rice
control_rig: That's rice and General Tao
Usquebaugh67: Spaghetti confirmed
plummeting_sloth: I mean, Marco Polo did bring back noodles to Italy
LizardDucks: Lo mein?
frank_the_great: That's a spaghetti energy drink
Gildan_Bladeborn: Reaching through the open bars that are obviously wide enough for your arms to fit through is not what's done in proper society.
ElissenRedux: oh fuck. I could go for some rhubarb pie
Haroldholmes25: nah definitely some spicy buffalo wings
GredGredmansson: Spaghettergy
saucemaster5000: true story -- in china spaghetti is called italian slaw
Gildan_Bladeborn: You go around, like a civilized person.
rasterscan: Who locks a door like that?!
Tangsm: This is the most secure fruit ever.
frank_the_great: Oh look, keys!
wargodmogis: 3 seperate keys
Haroldholmes25: man this game stinks
RandomTrivia: OH NO
BusTed: Haha.
notthepenguins: UHHH
Invitare: Hand spiders
YawnLance: MEAT!
GredGredmansson: HANDS
ElissenRedux: FUCK. THAT.
HundreydAundre: LEON. The power of friendship confides you!!
RandomTrivia: NOPE
Protein_Curry: ugh, and i can only count to four
monakai: Oh right, the worst enemy in the game
elkae: WTF
Lord_ZYRK: Maybe it's friendly :)
Gildan_Bladeborn: So... remember regenerators?
drawnbinary: oh yuck
RandomTrivia: Nope, do NOT like that
elkae: So scooty!
prince_infidel: WTF
LizardDucks: Nooooope
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: alright, that's a cool design
rasterscan: Wow, we found actual horror again
BusTed: Meat.
gibbousm: thats......Las Plagas?
fastlane250: Wow, I hate this.
Saintnex: Oh goodie, these enemies
Ferisar: it's zac!
Gildan_Bladeborn: These are like those... except... you can't kill them.
Invitare: a meat baby
GredGredmansson: now THAT is spaghetti
maxthefourth: venom is having a bad day
Protein_Curry: this is just a silent hill monster the fuck
Gildan_Bladeborn: Like, really actually - they won't die - they just fall apart into bits.
gamercat88: that's what happens when you eat the not quality bananas
hexy_lexy: omg its so funny to me XD
quigonginnjuice: Thats just Bacon Steve
OmnipotentTrevor: kill it with fire?
Invitare: Meat Baby never dies
JosephDeath: Is it....
Tangsm: I believe the solution is fire.
LightingExpert13: chat, favorite RE game today?
Gildan_Bladeborn: You can basically only incapacitate it.
frank_the_great: Started off interesting, then turned into a basic humanoid
HundreydAundre: I half belief this was a prison complex.
sydnius: bad spring roll! down buy!
Tangsm: Fire usually solves things.
Pharmacistjudge: where is a convenient furnace when you need one?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Jinkies
LightingExpert13: I think mine is still the first even with all its quirks
Gildan_Bladeborn: The noise they make as they fall into pieces is really quite upsetting, after a while.
DirgeNovak: RE2make is the best one
HundreydAundre: Go away, sir. You're clearly NOT WELL.
Sniknob: This enemy kinda looks like Bartleby
Protein_Curry: REmake followed by og Resi 3
Gildan_Bladeborn: Also, it "should" go without saying, but don't let it grab you.
Himyul: is that the 'going to the store' guy?
rasterscan: I thought near the triple lock was the ways around to the sides
plummeting_sloth: I think that Zombies drunk
Invitare: distract it with fruit
Arclight_Dynamo: Bartleby is your co-worker.
ButButTheJesus: did you just say who the fuck is bartleby
e_bloc: lrrWOW
saucemaster5000: that dude's got a strut
sydnius: QWOP zomb
Gildan_Bladeborn: Adam, Bartleby is your FAVORITE in the Felterweight division.
Arclight_Dynamo: I think he runs HR for LRR?
RandomTrivia: The disturbing pink one with no eyes
letfireraindown: the flesh colored puppet
NightValien28: bartleby is your superior
xantos69: Wow...did we just find the fake LRR fan?
pygmytortle: Jinkies gang looks like we have to split up *queue scooby doo music and multiple doors in hallway scene*
e_bloc: lotta shade on bartleby
frank_the_great: WHAT?
SnackPak_: Adam!
Mr_Horrible: D:
NightValien28: YES IT IS
Arclight_Dynamo: KAYFABE ADAM
cuttlefishman: Adam, no
DiscordianTokkan: LIES
HundreydAundre: U're no Oddworld & you shouldn't get back up together like that!
Invitare: it's the pink eyeless on
BusTed: NotLikeThis
Protein_Curry: Quick, use the quality banana against him!
Sniknob: D:
DirgeNovak: Who's Adam Kappa
rabbitgta: Adam
Earthenone: !findquote kayfabe
LRRbot: Quote #5524: "We are gathered here today to mourn the death of kayfabe." —Jordan [2018-11-14]
RandomTrivia: Adam the Kayfabe!
Lord_ZYRK: Better hope word doesn't get back to Graham about this seabatYIKES
saucemaster5000: anyone else see that bus coming?
Pharmacistjudge: Bartleby Senpai?
gibbousm: How dare you be so rude to Bartleby. Is this how you interact with Gibb as well?
e_bloc: Corgo100 Corgo100 way to break kayfabe
Stormthius: *holds back tears* what?...
EvilBadman: Adam's shooting, brother
ButButTheJesus: CRABE
elkae: Did I hear right? Adam is a puppet?
BusTed: pennyCrabgod
Mr_Horrible: tfw the puppet pulls rank on you DansGame
NotCainNorAbel: Next you will sat that Gibb doesn't answer tweets
Cupstr: Vince is gonna come yell at you for breaking Kayfabe
Tangsm: This is why Adam isn't invited on Sesame Street.
YeetTheRich_: bartleby is on another plane of existence ... like beej
plummeting_sloth: the zombies one weakness, a shellfish alergy
Protein_Curry: He never took self defense against fruit classes so throw the thank you fruit at him!
Kramburger: If Bartelby isn't real, how did it win the UFW Felterweight championship? CHECKMATE
HundreydAundre: What puppet? Right?
monakai: I think the gnarliest death scene in the game is with these dudes in a kitchen
frank_the_great: Is Beej real though?
Catcard: it;s not scary, but it sure is cool and gross
RandomTrivia: Are you sure, Adam? You've played Putt-Putt
Gildan_Bladeborn: The hands self ambulate and can grab you, FYI.
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
gualdhar: boogie woogie woogie?
HundreydAundre: Euuu, you can have him. I'm not uying that dish, sir.
Pharmacistjudge: oh look convenient furance
hexy_lexy: @RandomTrivia i dunno, putt-putt is pretty spoopy Kappa
Invitare: hot oil
SnackPak_: soups hot!
Ba_Dum_Tish: The illusion of puppets
Ferisar: oh hey it's SOUP
CompletelyUnsure: Estus
frank_the_great: Some casual lava
SquareDotCube: the hottest of hot pots
Mr_Horrible: it's Egg Drop Soup
ButButTheJesus: MAHG MAH
plummeting_sloth: also, showing that there's no reason why Leon couuldn't have reached thorugh and did that at any time
Gildan_Bladeborn: "Soup".
Earthenone: !card hot soup
LRRbot: Hot Soup [1] | Artifact — Equipment | Equipped creature can't be blocked. / Whenever equipped creature is dealt damage, destroy it. / Equip {3}
NightValien28: that's soup
RandomTrivia: Actually I withdraw that statement. Putt-Putt was TERRIFYING once you started to consider the implications of sentient cars that build a zoo
drawnbinary: tasty hot bowl of lava
plummeting_sloth: rendering down some Ghee
NightValien28: hoooooooooooot soup
Tangsm: Cheddar soup with LEDs.
hexy_lexy: im at soup!
eric_christian_berg: Hope you are hungry! I got a big pot of molten iron on!
Mr_Horrible: "I am once again At Soup"
YeetTheRich_: the forbidden soup!
x0den: iirc i think there's a way to put a hand in that furnace
LizardDucks: Broccoli lava soup
sydnius: I need sugar
Gildan_Bladeborn: To show you the ladder.
Lithobraker: We got the soup at the pants store
Gildan_Bladeborn: Basically.
OmnipotentTrevor: I think you can use some of this environment against the enemy, like that giant pot
saucemaster5000: that man gave up
Protein_Curry: "what do you mean SOUP?"
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh no...
HundreydAundre: Guy from SOUP:
Manae: Wait Hot Soup is a M15 card? That reads like Unglued
Gildan_Bladeborn: Don't let him touch you, for serious.
YeetTheRich_: i feel bad for the dude now
CompletelyUnsure: I think his pathing is glitching
prince_infidel: Ladder by the body
Mr_Horrible: "No I'm not okay, you insulted my SOUP!"
Protein_Curry: VIDEO GAMES
Makrosian_Tae: Are straight zombies okay?
viridimayai: hi
EvilBadman: Man are y'all feeling the tension
RandomTrivia: Another pathing glitch? benginFacepalm
Gildan_Bladeborn: You might want to shoot him so he falls apart.
hexy_lexy: benjamin
saucemaster5000: he's gonna sing the chimney sweep song from mary poppins
Gildan_Bladeborn: No, that's another one.
Protein_Curry: Step in time!
KeytarCat: I thought incendiary was on contact
RandomTrivia: Is that the zombie president? He also like to walk into objects
hexy_lexy: yeet
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's a very... small musical loop.
Ba_Dum_Tish: This does not seem very horror
frank_the_great: I could see the pitch for this part: A maze where a monster is chasing you
Gildan_Bladeborn: There's a "point to the objective" button, somewhere.
eric_christian_berg: Some was inspired by "Going to the Store". :)
frank_the_great: Welcome to Let's Nope
Gildan_Bladeborn: Because Ben didn't open it.
ButButTheJesus: honestly this is maybe the most horror this game has been
BrindleBoar: LUL
Makrosian_Tae: LUL
sydnius: CoolCat
Gildan_Bladeborn: Friendo is coming.
hexy_lexy: big stwong man UwU
LizardDucks: He needs a hero
frank_the_great: lrrSPOOP
gibbousm: who hides these keys?
ArkhamArchivist: You need a big strong man, unfortunately all you have is Leon Scott Kennedy
gibbousm: Fishies
gibbousm: Praise Belopa!
plummeting_sloth: the keymaster
CompletelyUnsure: This is some engaging game design
Makrosian_Tae: You know, from a visual standpoint this is a pretty well designed level. There's a realistic sense of clutter, the "walls" hemming you in aren't some fallen branch you could easily step over, and the layout is also pretty realistic to life
HundreydAundre: Then you will all run away together, start up an old shop of Hot Soup, Brewed from an Everflowing Chalice, & finally chare toasts with some Cruel Celebrants before they give y'all up as triutes to the Spark Harvest Citadel.
frank_the_great: Do it!
Cupstr: it's all the little spanish boy from the last game
Gildan_Bladeborn: The bit where they don't seem threatening leads you to letting your guard down.
plummeting_sloth: and so the world ended because Adam was distracted by some fish
LizardDucks: What kinda Shape of Water creature is that?
HundreydAundre: tributes, not "triutes" keyboard
ButButTheJesus: @Makrosian_Tae yup
monakai: That's a generous checkpoint
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ladder?
RandomTrivia: *Proclaimers intensifies*
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Gildan_Bladeborn: You can't fully kill them, but you can at least slow them down by shooting them.
RandomTrivia: Why was that the electrical shutoff?! Who designed that?!
Makrosian_Tae: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Protein_Curry: TO BE FAIR, none of us saw that
Cunobelenos: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
saucemaster5000: it's a puzzle
Pharmacistjudge: well...none of you are leveling Monk
Pharmacistjudge: those are Monkfish
HundreydAundre: So would this be one of the mini-boss levels where the NPC comes back, but is weaker after encountering them once?
frank_the_great: I'm glad Let's Nope is returning to their roots of key collecting
The_Myrddraal: Just dodge roll through
monakai: Worst death here!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ah, this part.
Mister_BlueSky: Man I just wanna roundhouse doors open.
RandomTrivia: frank_the_great Truly we have come full circle :D
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yup!
RandomTrivia: FUCK
oak0: rough
plummeting_sloth: one day there's going to be extra reenforcing on a door and you're both going to break your ankles
Haroldholmes25: cool game
RandomTrivia: That'sbrutal
BusTed: seabatYIKES
HundreydAundre: Sure. You first, ma'am.
frank_the_great: Gnarly
bv310: Brutal
ButButTheJesus: oh god, is he okay?!
0x6772: That's dedication.
Protein_Curry: Not the hair!
YeetTheRich_: thats a strong blender
monakai: I was right!
pygmytortle: Hardcore
Gildan_Bladeborn: That happened to Graham as well.
PerfectDarkRitual: I take that trade
KV1NN4: Ooh Naaasty :x
Makrosian_Tae: lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM
sydnius: worthit
Kipstar: respect the 1v1
Cunobelenos: lrrSPOOP
saucemaster5000: nothing could be done
Ba_Dum_Tish: Helena like to watch
wargodmogis: Ben respected the 1v1
viridimayai: Two mashing QTEs directly after eachother, into a specific trigger scene
ForOhForError: he wanted a smoothie
NightValien28: have fun ben
Makrosian_Tae: !findquote watch
LRRbot: Quote #1535: "Now we get to watch this gnome die again. We get to send him to his death. Alright, little gnome, I need you to be very brave right now. Daddy needs you to do something very important for him and he'll be very proud of you. It's going to be okay. Only dreams now." —Alex [2015-03-27]
rasterscan: So that one was infamous in a playthrough I watched where your co-op partner can NOT help.
RandomTrivia: Adam respecting the 1v1 here
Arclight_Dynamo: Man, like, if Beej got sucked into a meat grinder, you wouldn't just stand there and calmly watch.
rasterscan: Weirdly.
frank_the_great: Adam, why are you just watching?
ButButTheJesus: OOH NICE
Manae: Mmmmm, zombie burger
pygmytortle: I love how you just watch
Tangsm: Why is that even on?
Protein_Curry: A lot of people pay money for this usually ya know
plummeting_sloth: well, let's invite the other ones and grind them too
viridimayai: What a terrible area btw
sydnius: well i’m thirsty
Cunobelenos: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Naesiir: ah, so that's how the sausage is made
xantos69: Adam loosened the pickle Jar on that one.
The_Myrddraal: Man this is a small town, meeting people you know
HundreydAundre: YOU.
Gildan_Bladeborn: So from now on, you "may" encounter those - you can "kill" them in the sense that they fall down/break into pieces/drop stuff, but the individual body parts that are "dead" will never stop moving/making that sound.
YeetTheRich_: ???
Ba_Dum_Tish: Lady grapple
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's Leon Kennedy and Leon Kennedy in "Two Wongs Don't Make a Right"
hesterbyrde: Ada is actually batman
DiscordianTokkan: Batmans the fuck outta there
HorusFive: It's Spider-woman
saucemaster5000: batman??
HundreydAundre: I mean... Ada, right?
Cupstr: she's batgirl i guess
plummeting_sloth: wong aWAY
LizardDucks: Ok byeeee
gibbousm: is this real Ada or fake Ada?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ada has always had a grappling hook.
ZawaAmaz: my people need me
Arclight_Dynamo: Mythbusters tried it, and no, it would not.
rasterscan: Gibbous, shush.
NarishmaReborn: she mabeled on out of there
HundreydAundre: If that is who you is, Wong.
YeetTheRich_: not at that speed no
DiscordianTokkan: Isn't she mega strong?
prince_infidel: Yeah your arm would come out
Himyul: in a game with zombie gas, you're questioning the grapple gun?
viridimayai: Would any of the monsters in this series even remotely work?
Gildan_Bladeborn: You can tell which Ada is which by looking at the color of her outfit.
NotCainNorAbel: it is a lot of cable to get into a gun
NightValien28: ain't she a super zombie clone thing though?
Cupstr: i mean yes, but also you couldn't generate enough force to pull you with something that small
rasterscan: !spoilers
LRRbot: Please do not discuss spoilers in chat, even jokingly. It's a massive dick move which ruins the fun for others, and you WILL be timed out or even permanently banned. This even applies to "obviously fake" spoilers, so seriously, just don't. Thanks for you co-operation, and enjoy the show!
gualdhar: 250lb test fishing line isn't hard to get. you need a slower crank up
Protein_Curry: she has hollow bones, clearly
Phailhammer: Lady Grapple strikes again!
Saintnex: Remember folk, careful about spoilers
The_Myrddraal: And a hook strong enough. And the wall it goes into to be strong enough.
RandomTrivia: The tensile strength of the cable, the strength of the winch and its housing AND your grip strength and upper body strength are all factors
GhostValv: you gotta get up to get down :)
Gildan_Bladeborn: That was clearly "Ada in the red dress".
Haroldholmes25: oh no
frank_the_great: There was a "real life" superhero guy who's friend's talked him out of using a grappling hook
Lithobraker: It might work if you have a harness clipped to the gun.
Kazman20a: it is more the energy required to move you. not enough energy density yet
RandomTrivia: Welp LUL
Haroldholmes25: This is profoundly stupid
Gildan_Bladeborn: And here's Ada in "not that red dress". She's very quick at changing clothes.
brokedownhilldrifter: lol "like what I've done with the place?" LASERS
hexy_lexy: welp LUL
gualdhar: oh man it's like from the movie
Kipstar: just tank the damage
Dog_of_Myth: It's on the screen.....:P
Gildan_Bladeborn: That's your buddies!
Himyul: con based trap disarming
infinity_225: Speed run strats
monakai: You'll get to know them real well
Gildan_Bladeborn: From one of the other campaigns, that you haven't met/played.
Cupstr: 5 bucks says those two are dead
beckett_brass: I heard the sound of the best RE game, and decided to see what was up. How's everybody doing?
wargodmogis: It's chris and other meat head
Rhynerd: I bet one of those two could punch a boulder
frank_the_great: China feels incredibly empty
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well... ONE of them you haven't met. You're very familiar with Chris.
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beckett_brass: Is it still spatially confusing like before?
GhostValv: :O
NDCazzy: well the lasers didnt protect anything thats for sure
Pharmacistjudge: ok chat, who here has seen any door ever that requires you to hit buttons both sides of the door to open it
Mister_BlueSky: Time flies, yo.
ButButTheJesus: is it actually Chris?
ShaneLeeAtk: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 6:46:31. lrrSPOT
YeetTheRich_: nah
DiscordianTokkan: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Cunobelenos: Come on! Roger!
Gildan_Bladeborn: ButButTheJesus - Yes, it is actually Chris.
Gildan_Bladeborn: And new character Piers.
ButButTheJesus: ah ok, that Roger was on point then
LizardDucks: Just want to say, y’all are awesome.
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beckett_brass: @LizardDucks Thank you.
Protein_Curry: youre welcome
hexy_lexy: hey friends! reminder that yall are great and i value this community!
beckett_brass: @hexy_lexy Thank you.
LizardDucks: @beckett_brass anytime friend
beckett_brass: HEllo
CyberColossus: hi
ButButTheJesus: henlo
Lithobraker: I just got a Michelin ad that featured the guide. Do they still own that brand?
wynternyghtynggale: howdy
hexy_lexy: hola
LizardDucks: Hiii
hillwitheyes: 'lo
couldntpickausername: I've returned to watch more,see Adam, I can commit
Protein_Curry: Without a doubt the most welcoming community I've seen on twitch
Electrodyne: I should have changed that stupid lock
Makrosian_Tae: SingsNote I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face
GhostValv: everybody loves a dinosaur
JonnyGlitch: Hey look it's my favorite Adam! AND my favorite Ben! AND my FAVORITE CHAT!
JonnyGlitch: Robot WAAAAARS
beckett_brass: @JonnyGlitch Hello. Welcome to robots, apparently?
ZawaAmaz: roomba fight
wynternyghtynggale: murder roombas
Mister_BlueSky: Murder Roombas!
HorusFive: Sir, this Roomba is defective
e_bloc: its just a fucking roomba
Arclight_Dynamo: Boombas.
hesterbyrde: Ada is a great primer on how not to do a morally gray character.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yeah, you basically just run at them and then move away.
ForOhForError: DOOMBAS
SajuukSjet: ah yes, Release the Death Roombas :D
Pharmacistjudge: the roomba is lava?
Dog_of_Myth: Battle Royale Roombas
plummeting_sloth: they were infected by the Zoomba type virus
CyberColossus: bleep test
Gildan_Bladeborn: Graham certainly thought so when he played this.
YeetTheRich_: this game is hella weird
ZawaAmaz: I've played this WoW quest
Mr_Horrible: evil roombas are the real zombies
JonnyGlitch: wow they're like mines but completely ineffective
Quaseymoto: "What if Resident Evil was more like the movies" "We don't have the ability to do effects like that." "Do your best."
HundreydAundre: Abmoods! Suddenly, Abmoors!
Protein_Curry: Sigma really let himself go
Mr_Horrible: "The Gang Gets Stunlocked"
Lithobraker: Oh wow, Umbrella's working on drones, something that's actually effective as a weapon for once.
eric_christian_berg: I step away for a moment and Adam's being attacked by roombas?
Mr_Horrible: <always sunny music starts playing>
Sniknob: The roombas demonstrated a loop, Adam mus concede
JonnyGlitch: nice scarf
Arclight_Dynamo: Can we stop for a sec to appreciate how silly that was?
beckett_brass: @eric_christian_berg Yep. Welcome to murder roombas.
Gildan_Bladeborn: That's how hacking works, yes.
wynternyghtynggale: love that redvines returned for this stream
Gildan_Bladeborn: Now you see... the roombas go... FASTER!
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RandomTrivia: WOW
JonnyGlitch: is that red licorice or a salami stick?
EvilBadman: cool game
ButButTheJesus: cool gaaaaaame
viridimayai: This game is a masterwork of game design
GhostValv: cool game
Gildan_Bladeborn: Aren't they SCARY?!!! Because of how FAST they are?
Mister_BlueSky: Gotta gotta get up to get down.
Pharmacistjudge: robots have make Oki game
LightingExpert13: oh dang
YeetTheRich_: speedrun strats
plummeting_sloth: huh
Gildan_Bladeborn: You'll never know.
beckett_brass: @Gildan_Bladeborn So does that mean that hacking causes roombas to go faster?
RandomTrivia: Hope it wasn't important...
e_bloc: speedrun strats
hexy_lexy: speedrun strats!
JonnyGlitch: one died, one passed, passed mission?
NightValien28: the game is letting you go through LUL
notthepenguins: yeah you hit a checkpoint as you were dying
Mister_BlueSky: Maybe someone else got them.
sydnius: install Deadly Boss Mods geez
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Gildan_Bladeborn: @beckett_brass - When you do it correctly, sure.
CompletelyUnsure: Check your inventory? Maybe a new gun?
BusTed: gottem
hexy_lexy: goteeem
Protein_Curry: The best selling Resident Evil everyone
The_Myrddraal: Apparently the grapple gun deactiviates gravity too
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beckett_brass: @Kramburger Thanks for the gift sub!
mochabeanie: damn @Kramburger
NightValien28: its him meat redfield
Gildan_Bladeborn: Hurray! Chris is here, to tell everyone that his name is Roger.
Sniknob: I am so confused
plummeting_sloth: Leon what are you doing you complete melon
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yeah, it doesn't work out so good.
monakai: My two meaty boys at it again
wynternyghtynggale: beef
mochabeanie: that man punches rocks!
The_Myrddraal: They're still pretyy big
RandomTrivia: HAH
Mister_BlueSky: He skipped arm day.
LizardDucks: Chris Roger Redfield
GhostValv: nerfed sir flexalot
Pharmacistjudge: well...stuff happened to Chris
mochabeanie: ROGER
LightingExpert13: man chris let go during quarentine
DeM0nFiRe: Roger?
RandomTrivia: "Roger!"
Kramburger: NOW KISS
YeetTheRich_: *spiderman pointing meme*
spoopifer_oh_spoopifer: they had a lot of room to scale them back to be fair
Protein_Curry: Capcom camt decide what this man looks like okay
EvilBadman: Dr. Scott?
Cupstr: Psycho Mantis?
Kipstar: then they kiss
rasterscan: Have they ever actually met?
e_bloc: it's a mexican standoff
GuilKato: but where is his sister!?
hexy_lexy: roger!
MyBuddySuperfly: Chris? Leon? Roger?
bv310: Chris looking lless like a Batista character here
OmnipotentTrevor: chris's mini-me?
viridimayai: HAHAHAHA
SajuukSjet: ah yes, this scene, that yet again cemented so much shipping of Chreon >D
spoopifer_oh_spoopifer: writing!
Mr_Horrible: Including the damn President
JonnyGlitch: wow that is one RED tounge
monakai: AND the president?!
LightingExpert13: sounds like Ada. She does cause chaos
HorusFive: MESTER Kennedy!
Cupstr: She's like the cat meme with the knife
plummeting_sloth: oh, I just got a new umbrella myself
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Leon knew all 70000 people personally
plummeting_sloth: it has polka dots
Zath_: Perfect, flawless, dialogue
GhostValv: game?
The_Myrddraal: aaandj zombies
JonnyGlitch: gun on the right is bigger he has an advantage
Gildan_Bladeborn: Leon is not particularly smart, as it turns out.
CompletelyUnsure: Have Chris and Leon *ever* met before? Like in games, that we've seen?
NightValien28: where did she take that from?
InkyGhoast: it's amazing how quickly ada can switch between a blue dress and a red jacket
e_bloc: wong answer!
JonnyGlitch: left, dammit
MyBuddySuperfly: is that... a metaphor?
mochabeanie: whos taht guy?
DiscordianTokkan: The only banging Leon will EVER get from Ada
Kipstar: quick everyone! Look at the flash bang!
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's also possible he's colorblind I suppose.
YeetTheRich_: "captain! look at that flashbang!"
RandomTrivia: You don't want to know where she was hiding that
shurtal: it's the ada wong special
TheAlmightyCheddar: That's XCOM baby
DiscordianTokkan: Flash Bangin
Gildan_Bladeborn: @mochabeanie - the brand new character you'll meet properly later.
Sniknob: Said freeze and then shoot that's a cop alright
LizardDucks: Tactical scarf
Makrosian_Tae: @hesterbyrde The gaping cavern of cleavage that outfit is showing?
viridimayai: I don't think we do, Leon
Gildan_Bladeborn: Aka, Chris's sidekick.
Protein_Curry: Ada, waiting? impossible
MyBuddySuperfly: Chris! Roger!
hexy_lexy: LUL ADAM
fastlane250: LUL
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JonnyGlitch: tiny pistol with an explosive grappling hook charge, sure.
sydnius: kung pao chicken
elkae: LUL
monakai: We're all counting on you
RandomTrivia: "Did we just become best friends?" "I think we did!"
Dog_of_Myth: Now Kiss
YeetTheRich_: i was waiting for that ben
e_bloc: ah we snuck a star wars joke in today
JonnyGlitch: That's a lot of nuts!
ArkhamArchivist: Longer, actually
Laserbeaks_Fury: Merry May the Fourth
Naesiir: just make out already
mochabeanie: @Gildan_Bladeborn ah thanks im assuming chris also has a campaign and thats his partner?
Pharmacistjudge: Chris already has a partner
e_bloc: this is when RE6 becomes a dating sim
Gildan_Bladeborn: @mochabeanie - Indeed, he does.
HundreydAundre: XD
NarishmaReborn: type a for adorable
plummeting_sloth: Chris is a scorpion mutant
OmnipotentTrevor: I wonder if these are set up with the intention of doing Leon after Chris and Jake, based on the way these scenes are being introduced.
DiscordianTokkan: They're both Type D amirite
hesterbyrde: Mercury is in gatorade,
Kramburger: I'm not talking about a Relationship, I just thing they should BOOOONE
Sniknob: Is Chris a sigma male aswell?
YeetTheRich_: no chris is an idiot
Naesiir: who said anything about a relationship
Gildan_Bladeborn: Chris's section is what Graham referred to as "Piers of War".
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: fkin' mercury. always getting in the way of my plans
Kipstar: we're not here for a relationship Ben - just good kissing times
wargodmogis: What's wrong with Aries, Adam?
ElissenRedux: @YeetTheRich_ LUL
saucemaster5000: leon's a sunny side up, chris is an omelette
cuttlefishman: They prob have canon birthdays, we should be able to chekc
Laserbeaks_Fury: So, we're shipping Creon?
Enki1256: Well.
Stripe_dog: Ya know their birthdays are probably on the wiki we could find out their actual signs
LizardDucks: Chris has that Aries energy
Mr_Horrible: which sign is most likely to Punch Rock
shurtal: "That's So Aries, Starring Chris Redfield"
plummeting_sloth: it was literally said by Ares in the game Hades
GhostValv: more like air deez nutz
EvilBadman: Chris birthday is Jan 1 Capricorn
Kramburger: Stop being such a Virgo
JonnyGlitch: Of all the starsigns, Capricorn is objectively the best
Saintnex: @Bengineering Its probably because you have a full inventory
QTL7: aries
hexy_lexy: Aries what you breath! :p
Mister_BlueSky: Aries likes: Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports, punching rocks
drawnbinary: i don't know how I would react if they genuinely like just kissed out of the blue XD
Makrosian_Tae: Always has been
QTL7: cause i have punched many things harder than my fist
Protein_Curry: yeah well chris is year of the boar and leon is year of the monkey it just wont work
Kramburger: The Target is Simmons?
wynternyghtynggale: chris is apparently a libra
sydnius: gemini 2 for 1
aleunwolfe: Worry about Ada lata
letfireraindown: Japan tends to be weird and actually give birthdates to their characters
BrindleBoar: Kratos: "A lot of things are wrong with Ares, actually." Kappa
The_Myrddraal: They do know that a whole lab can be run by more than one person right?
Pharmacistjudge: Chris was born in January, so he's a Capricorn
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ah... what fun you two are going to have when you meet Simmons again.
Mr_Horrible: Welp that answers that
Enki1256: I don't know signs, but Redfield's birthday is said to be Jan 1st, and Leon's isn't listed.
MyBuddySuperfly: wait, do people have BIRTH DATES??
JonnyGlitch: @Pharmacistjudge YEEEEE THE BEST ONE
Mr_Horrible: Chris Redfield confirmed Aries
LightingExpert13: birthdays are very important
GhostValv: D:
Gildan_Bladeborn: Or as the game will refer to him, for a good stretch, _____ Derek.
elkae: I learned it from you, streamers :)
JonnyGlitch: what's up dog?
RandomTrivia: Huh, hexy_lexy someone beat you to that one
EvilBadman: Leon's birthday is unknown via the wiki
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 8:12:11. lrrSPOT
shurtal: have you heard about Grabon?
Earthenone: i thought chris was a capricom :P
LightingExpert13: no idea what ligma is
Arclight_Dynamo: That's the face of a man who isn't evil.
drawnbinary: As an Aires Kris, I got a little spooked :P
CompletelyUnsure: Oh shit, he does
viridimayai: Why the hell is Simmons here? Why does he have goons? What the fuck?
MyBuddySuperfly: Luigi?
elkae: For 'Murica!
plummeting_sloth: I still don't know how this guy can think he can pull off a bolo tie
hesterbyrde: I feel like all these goons wish they were Wesker.
Cupstr: how can anyone think he's not evil? he's wearing a bolo tie
Goblinsinsuits: holy, yeah that looks like him
saucemaster5000: it's dollar store ethan hawke
JonnyGlitch: It does look like a US actor
JonnyGlitch: get out
ChippTunes: Of course the guy who is doing an evil for the US is wearing a bolo tie
GhostValv: :O
RandomTrivia: sergeJustRight
hexy_lexy: BOO (i love it)
YeetTheRich_: just shoot him
The_Myrddraal: The shaky cam hurts
Sniknob: Does the only thing sherry does is get tossed out of danger by men lol
wickaboxet: Dispose of them, no wait, they’re useful
plummeting_sloth: like, it's 6 guys with guns. This is literally the least threatening thing you've ever encountered
Stripe_dog: Simmons wants this thing, so here, take this thing that he must never have while you fight him.
Cupstr: C virus? that's barely a passing grade
drawnbinary: howard stark lookin a little to calm for all these bullets
Arclight_Dynamo: ICP virus.
shurtal: Eden Riegel
DiscordianTokkan: "Thanks" *Eats it like a listorine tab*
Sniknob: Wat
HundreydAundre: What else did say voice actor voiced in?
monakai: You'll find out in another campgaign
CompletelyUnsure: It'll make sense in Chris's story
EvilBadman: Sherry's VA is Hifume from Persona 5 or Estelle from Vesperia among others
mark_cimino: ada?
JonnyGlitch: Welcome to the paaaarty
GhostValv: ggwp
DiscordianTokkan: C-Virus Simmons
Stripe_dog: Ada.
e_bloc: wp wp
Gildan_Bladeborn: @wickaboxet - well... ONE of them is. For reasons.
ForOhForError: gg wp
OmnipotentTrevor: This might be relevant to Jake's playthrough
viridimayai: Again, what the fuck was Simmons doing here?
elkae: Chekov's train!
e_bloc: I guess he was at the right place at the Wong time
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh... you'll get to.
MyBuddySuperfly: Choo choo
Tangsm: You've been on a plane, you've been on a bus, you needed a train sequence.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Whether you want to, or not.
drawnbinary: mugen train time
NightValien28: you want a fight eh, you get one
OmnipotentTrevor: oh right htis fight
LizardDucks: Fruit fruit?
hexy_lexy: froot! froot!
Kramburger: MOVIE NIGHT
Naesiir: sherry's voice actor is Eden Riegel
DiscordianTokkan: @e_bloc It all Adas up
Sniknob: Froot froot
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MarkBarks: it's wild how all these years later I can kind of remember Graham's commentary over all these cutscenes from House of Stark
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objectivefailure: Shut up baby, you love it.
shurtal: But you're laughing
e_bloc: made Adam laugh FBtouchdown
hexy_lexy: @e_bloc YES
ButButTheJesus: fruit? fruit!
fastlane250: why does this passenger train have an open flatcar?
prince_infidel: Leon is on a vehicle. It's gonna crash!
Rhynerd: Is it time for the fight against Simmons?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Welcome to a section of the game that just keeps getting more and more improbable with each subsequent revelation. It's a hell of a ride.
beckett_brass: @e_bloc @DiscordianTokkan I appreciate your puns.
BusTed: 😤
plummeting_sloth: also adam laughs at shooting fishin a barrel
Gildan_Bladeborn: Graham LOVED this section.
JonnyGlitch: It's fun for me but not the fish?
e_bloc: jokes on you . . . I like shooting fish in a barrel
NightValien28: shooting fish in a barrel is fun
plummeting_sloth: he likes the noise
elkae: But so much more precious, Adam
Cupstr: those poor fish
shurtal: or shooting fish at the end of a pier in Spain
Ritaspirithntr: @evilbadman Aaaahhh!!!! I can’t un-hear the comparrison now!! Why would you do that!!
cuttlefishman: Isn't shooting fish how you get Carpal Tunnel?
sydnius: tickets please
frank_the_great: You've been pretty stoic tonight tbh
NoTomToLose: I just realized that Jake is probably from RE0? Is that who he is?
wynternyghtynggale: chat wins when we make the streamer laugh or smile it one way be support you
Gildan_Bladeborn: And by "loved", I mean "not loved, at all".
Arclight_Dynamo: Yep. Welcome to The Stupid Part. :D
Pharmacistjudge: you have to get a good laugh from adam. a small smile and a chuckle don't count.
RandomTrivia: IMDB tells me that Sherry's voice is Eden Riegel, among other things has voiced someone called "Handler" from Monster Hunter World
Saintnex: Time for the longest boss fight ever
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's REAL bad (and awesome).
gibbousm: a Train? That didn't end well for RE2
saucemaster5000: hey we got more comedy gold than McDuck's swimming pool
NightValien28: the hell else you going to shoot fish in the ocean? gonna take a 50 cal to the pacific?
beckett_brass: @Gildan_Bladeborn On a scale of 1 to WTF, how insane is this section?
elkae: @BusTed The minimum
HoodedBowman: We can't let him escape! *Opens door VERY slowly.*
Saintnex: WTF+
sydnius: avoid the subway busker
Gildan_Bladeborn: @beckett_brass - 11.
plummeting_sloth: why... did that section exist?
Sniknob: Gratuitous booty camera angle as usual
EvilBadman: @ritaspirithntr oops
plummeting_sloth: why didn't we just go straight ot here
ButButTheJesus: @Arclight_Dynamo you mean we haven't been in the stupid part yet?
SquareDotCube: Sign in 5...
Stripe_dog: Wow what a cheap ass phone
Arclight_Dynamo: @ButButTheJesus You just wait.
Cupstr: just shoot him
JonnyGlitch: Oh I can already tell this is going to be AWEFUL
ButButTheJesus: oh heck
elkae: idk about anyone else but i'd be terrified and clinging to the roof of the train
NightValien28: plummeting_sloth I want say loading the next section but not sure
YeetTheRich_: still not shooting him
Phailhammer: Waiting for the Gang Beasts characters to show up.
elkae: like how do you stand on top of a moving train
frozenphoenix7: @ButButTheJesus It's like an ever amassing pile of stupid. The mountain just keeps getting bigger.
drawnbinary: he crushed that phone like he forgot flip phones aren't a thing anymore
OmnipotentTrevor: Has any RE villain given a good reason for turning the planet to zombies yet?
aleunwolfe: Ate a wong
Kramburger: Rule of cool, man
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's about to get... more impossible.
hesterbyrde: They have high speed trains in CHina.
the_card_father: So wasn’t looking at the comments because I was playing Arena. So I also don’t know if anyone did this yet. But Chris is actually a Capricorn and Leon is an Libra. Because I guess Alliteration?
elkae: Wow beat you to it streamer
JonnyGlitch: the dust would be like a pressure washer
NarishmaReborn: impossible to have this conversation at least
fastlane250: it's... difficult
RandomTrivia: Once you get going it's just fine, like a strong wind
Munchill: very hard, hard to talk too
Cupstr: yeah definitely
wynternyghtynggale: its not if you know how to
NightValien28: OmnipotentTrevor complete global saturation
MyBuddySuperfly: bonk
Tangsm: You definitely can't talk on top of a train.
Blade_Tiger: @OmnipotentTrevor Something something survival of the fittest
Makrosian_Tae: Is that Guy Pierce?
plummeting_sloth: Kissenger, the first Zombie
Kramburger: MST3K Mantra
viridimayai: Bruh, you suck
Ritaspirithntr: @evilbadman no it’s fine. It would’ve happened eventually :D
cutaos: ive stood in pickups while driving at highway speeds, seems doable
ashteranic: more possible than jumping onto a moving train from a stationary platform and not falling flat on your butt
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh here we go
Scy_Anide: They got their train vaccinations.
plummeting_sloth: how dare she make me bleed my own blood
Stripe_dog: Shoot him
Lithobraker: Yeah, Simmons was just trying to protect the rules based liberal international order Kappa
beckett_brass: Wait, what?
JonnyGlitch: dust is the worst thing on something moving high speed with no winscreen
Pharmacistjudge: did he just Henshin?
Zokarist2: he's simped too much
e_bloc: why don't you shoot him before he becomes something crazy
KaminaDuck: did he just Kaioken?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Perfectly normal man
RandomTrivia: Well that's horrifying
beckett_brass: Um.
Cupstr: yeah, sure
DiscordianTokkan: Swolmons
Sniknob: Uh
Stripe_dog: No? Don't shoot him? Just let him do that huh?
ButButTheJesus: OKAY
BusTed: sure
LizardDucks: Wat
Makrosian_Tae: Fuckin TRANSFORMERS??????
ashteranic: hell yeah just stand there for 15 seconds without shooting him
GhostValv: game?
drawnbinary: hmm... yucky
Gildan_Bladeborn: He's a TRANSFORMER! Except made of MEAT.
Saintnex: Transformer Derek
Laserbeaks_Fury: Meat transformer
thesimbiote: Ugh. Catboys.
saucemaster5000: alright
JonnyGlitch: Oh hey it's my puppy dog from Warframe!!!
HadesLeprechaun: if you think this is wild, you are NOT prepared
rasterscan: what the fuck?
beckett_brass: @Gildan_Bladeborn WTF?
xantos69: he like a biological transformer?
LizardDucks: Tabaxi!
lirazel64: Unfair to cats.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh get used to that mission
elkae: @thesimbiote LUL
Earthenone: its the C virus,
plummeting_sloth: "Mutated Derek? He's 19!"
amuseoffirebane: was... there robot bits in there?
johnhelix: Oh it only gets weirder. I remember when Graham did this.
shurtal: i like how the C-Virus just violates the law of Conservation of Matter
Protein_Curry: I love all this extra magical mass he has
Styxseus: That face of disbelief
Earthenone: the C is for cat
wynternyghtynggale: its the creature from ghostbusters
Cupstr: i remember reading this Animorphs book in middle school
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yeah, him being "a guy again" is going to be a running theme of this bit.
RandomTrivia: EYYYY
BusTed: got there
RandomTrivia: benginDab
GhostValv: :O
prince_infidel: The look on Adams face was priceless
shurtal: FBtouchdown
hexy_lexy: EYYYYY
RandomTrivia: THERE IT IS
gualdhar: wow
ButButTheJesus: OH SHI
drawnbinary: ass so hot he looks deepfried
fastlane250: LUL
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
YeetTheRich_: you got bear fists?
johnhelix: Wait until he's, like a dinosaur or something before you get too excited.
control_rig: Drift compatible
AtomicAlchemical: GOTTEM
e_bloc: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
LizardDucks: Hahaha
BusTed: benginRemy
x0den: drift compatable!
Gaytanic_Panic: 👈🤣👈
Protein_Curry: BEST FWENDS!
RandomTrivia: benginRemy
ButButTheJesus: YES REMY
The_Myrddraal: benginRemy benginRemy
Ba_Dum_Tish: benginRemy benginRemy
EvilBadman: Good joke, Streamers
gualdhar: seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood
sydnius: ScaredyCat
NightValien28: let remy talk
A_Dub888: FBtouchdown benginRemy FBtouchdown
Ba_Dum_Tish: Overbork
elkae: benginRemy benginLol
ButButTheJesus: boof! boof!
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
e_bloc: remy doesn't like cats?
Gildan_Bladeborn: No, you actually do need to shoot him, because then he turns back into a dude, and you get a QTE to punch him.
frank_the_great: Run where?
ForOhForError: man this new pokemon snap game has some pokemon i don't remember
plummeting_sloth: damn tha gas... and it's locked
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'm not joking.
Tangsm: Remy is just upset Ben claimed someone else as his best friend.
Earthenone: to be fair, dogs like to bark at cats
hexy_lexy: remy gib an bork!
x0den: they are giving you bullets
drawnbinary: That was the flattest line delivery with an exclamation point ive heard this week
john_boy427: I’m currently sitting in a Dairy Queen parking lot. Love you guys
Gildan_Bladeborn: Now punch him!
LizardDucks: Split up and look for clues
Protein_Curry: Remy contributes good points tho Ben dont argue with him
Sniknob: PogChamp
Gildan_Bladeborn: And... run away again.
HoodedBowman: Cheer1000 Cuz he's a Cat-Man! That was one of my favorite parts of the Leon campaign.
plummeting_sloth: ah yes... fists. Somehting that will definitely solve this
The_Myrddraal: Is a Titan from AOT
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yeah, he's definitely dead.
wargodmogis: He's a flesh transformer
Ba_Dum_Tish: Good thing we are on this no stops train
Electrodyne: more than meets the eye
frank_the_great: He's like a transformer
monakai: The real mystery is how his pants keep reconstituting
Rootpotato: is that a meat transformer
plummeting_sloth: oh no! your shotgun shells!
notthepenguins: what the
Gildan_Bladeborn: And now for form #2.
JonnyGlitch: but he dropped loot! That's cheating!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Multi track drifting
e_bloc: use your training
LizardDucks: Yeet
Sniknob: Wait it has a gun?
drawnbinary: good thing there was another convenient train
elkae: what.... is happening
RandomTrivia: Of COURSE the cat-monster dropped shotgun shells. Of course. Why wouldn't it
Gildan_Bladeborn: Centaur-turret "thing".
JonnyGlitch: once the enemy drops loot = dead. That's the law!
ChefStephen: damn leon got hops
Lord_ZYRK: He's like if John Romero made Vectorman
OmnipotentTrevor: It has a bone-based machine gun
drawnbinary: did he become dinosaur shaped?
gualdhar: it's a centaur?
Protein_Curry: Wait this isn't the demon slayer mugen train movie
RandomTrivia: WHAT
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wait he has a machine gun
Arclight_Dynamo: Bonegun centaur!
xantos69: So he is a horse-bone-gun?
elkae: Stinky!
Ba_Dum_Tish: ho ho ho
elkae: Stinky game!
beckett_brass: @Gildan_Bladeborn So, what is this guy again?
A_Dub888: He's got a freaking DRAGONATOR
Moonspeak721: where's he gettin all them bones
NightValien28: you think it sucks now wait till you see more of it
frank_the_great: FBtouchdown
Gildan_Bladeborn: @drawnbinary - no... not yet.
viridimayai: Machine Bone
Tiber727: He's like a meat Zoid!
sydnius: did leon train for this
Neddy471: @hesterbyrde To be fair, if you're on the train, you only have to run as fast as the train that is faster is going faster than the train you are on....
drawnbinary: where'd he get all those extra bones
plummeting_sloth: look, RE Zombies already had a tenuous relationship to the law of the conservation of mass, but this is just too muc
hexy_lexy: this game is awful!!! i love it!!!
Saintnex: Remember folks, defeat Mutated Derek
Gildan_Bladeborn: @beckett_brass -the national security advisor.
itomeshi: And personal insults/threats! That's not nothing!
GredGredmansson: !card It That Rides As One
LRRbot: It That Rides as One (front: Lone Rider) | Creature — Eldrazi Horror [4/4] | First strike, trample, lifelink
JonnyGlitch: He looks like an Infected from Warframe
SeismicLawns: is that a creature from magic the gathering
EvilBadman: Bone Guns and Harming Me
RandomTrivia: One day I will put together a supercut of every moment Adam says "This game sucks" from Let's Nope
Gildan_Bladeborn: And secretly part of some cult you've never heard of, but was definitely behind all the Resident Evil scenes all along.
beckett_brass: @Gildan_Bladeborn I know what he was, but he is now?
NightValien28: JonnyGlitch prime nidus
frank_the_great: Isn't his goal to get away? Can't he just stop?
VoodontWoW: The deer is packing heat.gif
elkae: No seriously what is happening
drawnbinary: who is this gross man i've missed every other part of this game
GhostValv: bloobyWeird
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh boys this is still a 4/10 for this game
JonnyGlitch: @NightValien28 Prime Nidus wen!
OmnipotentTrevor: If I were going to get mutated into any RE boss, this guy is making a compelling case for the one I'd choose.
fastlane250: @RandomTrivia I'd definitely watch it
YeetTheRich_: ok
YeetTheRich_: sure
GhostValv: wat
Styxseus: Oh god
Gildan_Bladeborn: @beckett_brass - a mobile turret gun, made of meat I guess?
Kipstar: uh
rasterscan: WHA
SeismicLawns: ok that's not scary but it's cool as fuck
plummeting_sloth: cardboard subway train there
Neddy471: @drawnbinary It's Resident Evil, does it matter?
sydnius: lrrWOW
Gildan_Bladeborn: Nope!
Stripe_dog: LEON! SIMMONS!
JonnyGlitch: game over
Rhynerd: Hey, am I remembering it right that the Simmons fight took up a whole session of House of Stark?
Arclight_Dynamo: "There was a rail disaster today as a commuter train hit the United States' National Security Advisor and was destroyed."
SeismicLawns: wait what
DiscordianTokkan: Tetsuooooo! Kanedaaaaaa!
Ba_Dum_Tish: WREX
Sniknob: ok
LightingExpert13: this conductor is a champ
SeismicLawns: why did an oncoming train work that time
rasterscan: Shoot him!
RandomTrivia: Bullets definitely shouldn't be affecting it if it can turn aside a moving train without damage... benginFacepalm
Neddy471: SHOOT HIM!
rasterscan: Stop staring!
itomeshi: keep.... shooting!
DiscordianTokkan: "Ah, I fell on my KEYS"
Saintnex: I wish I could say this was the weirdest part of this game...
SajuukSjet: arclight_dynamo: >D
Gildan_Bladeborn: The best part is... that wasn't even the most ridiculous thing he turns into.
Stripe_dog: So why did the first train that hit him explode but the second one got him good?
Protein_Curry: IIRC, again, the BEST SELLING Resi game so far
NightValien28: shoot him!!!!
EvilBadman: ow you shot me you a hole
ZawaAmaz: nanomachines, son
plummeting_sloth: you... have no idea... what this game is about
A_Dub888: !findquote shoot him
LRRbot: Quote #5849: "We're troubleshooters. We find trouble and then shoot it." —Cameron [2019-02-26]
ButButTheJesus: "I'm pointing my gun as hard as I can!"
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh Ben, he has so many more forms to show you.
Kipstar: he still has shoes on somehow
KaminaDuck: "crawling in my skin / these wounds they will not heal"
Saintnex: yuuuuuuup
Gaytanic_Panic: GET BETTER
Zath_: You mean better
Neddy471: "Oh, sorry, can't shoot him, he's monologuing."
monakai: Oh strap in for some even wilder stuff
Gaytanic_Panic: *GETS BETTER
Saintnex: it gets weirder IN THIS CAMPAIGN
JonnyGlitch: The cutscene graphics are solid, which highlights how bad everything else is
x0den: no... it gets BETTER
GhostValv: wat
BusTed: Do you think there's someone running the train that's thinking that this is all just fine?
Moonspeak721: nah. nope.
johnhelix: So much weirder.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Better, weirder, these are both words.
Kramburger: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
OmnipotentTrevor: 1 bullet
plummeting_sloth: ah yes... a single bullet. That did it
ElissenRedux: Ok, that was pretty dope
Neddy471: How do you even know you could do that?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh, you're about to.
Gaytanic_Panic: 2020Party
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown
Haroldholmes25: They sure did make design decisions
SeismicLawns: again, this isn't horror, but it is good cinema
Aenir798: what
Mister_BlueSky: Cheese it, it's the fuzz!
sydnius: magic bullet pudi
drawnbinary: arrest this catboy
Gildan_Bladeborn: You really shouldn't complain about not having to fight Simmons more in this part.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: visually, this is stunning. I just don't have to play it.
ShaneLeeAtk: Cutscene bullets are way more lethal
Moonspeak721: arrest that meat horse!
Gaytanic_Panic: YEAH
Stripe_dog: Capital F Family
plummeting_sloth: wait, THAT"S what made them decide to leave you alone
Blade_Tiger: Multi-track drifting?!?
wickaboxet: Are you allowed to show this much of a movie on twitch?
ForOhForError: become skelecoptor?
drawnbinary: humans have 206 bones and he was just kindly offering you some of his spares
frank_the_great: :(
elkae: Adam's face is exactly how I feel
Brentisin: true story?
JonnyGlitch: train derailing at high speed on a bridge, totally survivable
Arclight_Dynamo: Looks like he just got... trainfucked.
Neddy471: Yeah, they dead.
Sniknob: What is going on
SeismicLawns: again, this dude flipped a train like it was nothing, why did a train beat him twice
fastlane250: train made the ultimate sacrifice
YeetTheRich_: awww
BrindleBoar: gottem
Aenir798: what the fuck even happened
GhostValv: :O
drawnbinary: gottem
elkae: Oh damn
ButButTheJesus: GOTTEM
Saintnex: hahah GOTTEM
prince_infidel: Don't let Leon onto a vehicle]
hexy_lexy: GOTTEM
JonnyGlitch: just ignore that water would be like concrete hitting it at those speeds
SmoreThanAFeelin: gottem
Ba_Dum_Tish: Just jumping off a train off a bridge
lirazel64: Why was no one on that train?
beckett_brass: And they survived.
rasterscan: Adam yes
ButButTheJesus: there it is
wargodmogis: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Phailhammer: He sounds like Mr. Blobby
Lithobraker: how did they not slam into the suspension wires and get cut in half
ChainedDreamer: Savagedan strikes again
GhostValv: tqsSmug
mochabeanie: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
e_bloc: FBtouchdown
elkae: Feels cute
Protein_Curry: Wholesome insult comedian adam savidan
plummeting_sloth: why was that not a chapter end!
Saintnex: yes NOW we are too hurt to run
YeetTheRich_: no u
beckett_brass: @JonnyGlitch Attempting to ignore...ignorance failed.
hexy_lexy: can confirm, Adam is a heccin cutie!
The_Myrddraal: the shaky cam muh god
Neddy471: @JonnyGlitch I mean, I get the feeling the writers have been watching too many Paul W.S. Anderson RE movies.
elkae: Ben LUL
LightingExpert13: Leon will tell you Helena no it is never over
monakai: Oh right, this part
Makrosian_Tae: LUL LUL LUL
Gaytanic_Panic: You'll never fiiiiiiiind
hexy_lexy: benjamin!!! LUL
RandomTrivia: Ben has gone full Marvin
thesimbiote: Walk it off. Act natural.
Gildan_Bladeborn: So the VERY beginning of this game, when it wouldn't let Ben play until Adam finished the "tutorial" - that was actually taking place a bit further on from where they are now in the game, chronologically speaking.
fastlane250: Are we allowed to encourage Ben the same way we did yesterday with Paul & Beej?
gibbousm: walk up those stairs all sexy like
EvilBadman: War, war never changes dude
wargodmogis: Simmons was liberated
Tempest_of_Thought: Adam's hiar on point, ngl
Himyul: no more questions
Mister_BlueSky: Good question.
Zokarist2: I'm ready to talk normal
xantos69: Magnets!
Tempest_of_Thought: hair*
Gildan_Bladeborn: He has it implanted in his voice box.
drawnbinary: @Tempest_of_Thought high-key agree
vogonna: Love Ben's SFX!
kumatsu: false memories implanted by the government
YeetTheRich_: that was a clone
BusTed: That was an actor.
JonnyGlitch: Precovid is a lie! The Earth is only 1 year old!
elkae: Adam's hair is peak cute
VoodontWoW: Holograms
EvilBadman: Noone remembers pre covid
Aenir798: That's the edibles Adam.
monakai: That was Ben's twin brother, Neb
Neddy471: "...and the military hasn't place spotters on the riverside, because that's just dirty pool!"
hexy_lexy: good question. next question
Tiber727: I feel like Ben should never have been given voice modulation. He's out of control!
viridimayai: Leon. Why would you ever say that?
x0den: don't look behind the curtain
Zath_: Still sane exile?
Arclight_Dynamo: Undersea oil field!
JonnyGlitch: Show us the mullet!!!!
Gaytanic_Panic: It was a Doom Ben
Mister_BlueSky: The Superman curl.
hesterbyrde: Oooh a superman curl
JonnyGlitch: NOOOOOO
Tiber727: @Arclight_Dynamo Time to liberate the ocean!
LizardDucks: Aww like Andrew!
Protein_Curry: Grow it out into a devil lock my dude
EvilBadman: Fake mullet fan spotted
Saintnex: Thought this campaigns over? HAH
gibbousm: inter continental ballistic missile?
Stripe_dog: I've got a singular Chris Redfield
Neddy471: NUKE 'EM! NUKE 'EM! NUKE 'EM!
LurkerSpine: nuke?
gibbousm: yup, missile
Makrosian_Tae: NO WAIT
DiscordianTokkan: OOF
fastlane250: _A_ Chris Redfield? Well I hope they got the right one!\
YeetTheRich_: L I B E R A T E D
elkae: TF
BusTed: sucks to be them I guess
BrindleBoar: is this a terrorism
hexy_lexy: LIBERATED
x0den: zombie missle
GhostValv: liberatedc
Sniknob: oh
ButButTheJesus: Its the only way to be sure
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yeah, so the beginning of the game, where you thought it was America? It was actually China.
VoodontWoW: America
RandomTrivia: UH
Stripe_dog: Damn, the gas!
gibbousm: C-Virus mass attack bomb
Pharmacistjudge: dirty bomb
Protein_Curry: Freedom Nuke
rasterscan: Are.... are we watching a genocide?
Gaytanic_Panic: Get L I B E R T A T E D
Ba_Dum_Tish: Just a giant stinky
e_bloc: running seems . . . . futile
Stripe_dog: FREEDOM GAS
cyclesprefect: oh what a time to arrive
DHCanadian: this is what you would call a "war crime"
wynternyghtynggale: good thing we have Anti-Plot-ties
LizardDucks: Oops
JonnyGlitch: Live free or DIE
plummeting_sloth: ah good, our death count wasn't high enough
Cupstr: how does that freedom feel?
EvilBadman: Ho Chi Minh City!
Makrosian_Tae: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
YeetTheRich_: thats also what edibles feel like adam
frank_the_great: Like after a night of drinking?
thesimbiote: Water tastes ugly. I don't make the rules.
Makrosian_Tae: Some were indoors
jonasjonIV: oh. zombies.
Gildan_Bladeborn: They were inside.
DiscordianTokkan: They were indoors
JonnyGlitch: HO CHI SHIT
wickaboxet: Cold Water FeelsGoodMan
Saintnex: good question Adam... no more questions
jetpixi: Fuckin love that good ol’ H2O
Earthenone: some people were vaccinated
Gildan_Bladeborn: As you do.
KaminaDuck: hepa filters?
Aenir798: Some people were inside.
jamesthedabbler: Didn't breathe
wynternyghtynggale: genetic disposition ?
viridimayai: This looks like and ad for Fanta Purple. "Taste the Purple!"
VoodontWoW: Looking for that water sponsorship
Lithobraker: The gas didn't reach them
ashteranic: people in building tops?
Cupstr: because it would make this cutscene way less cool
mark_cimino: the ones in the cloud got infected
EvilBadman: Yeah no air indoorz
Rhynerd: Could also be that some people turn slower?
lirazel64: Zombie-making missles...
BaconL0rdes: I mean if the zombies are breaking through the windows...
CompletelyUnsure: They were inside, zombies broke in. It was in the cutscene
Aceofkings72: its in thjeir...jeans
aClonedPickle: they were all participating in breath holding contests
xantos69: With literally every infectious virus....some people are just immune.
SeismicLawns: Zombie virus is a luck based game
frank_the_great: Only the bad people turn into zombies. The good ones get to live
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JonnyGlitch: We bully Adam, Adam does not bully us
HadesLeprechaun: some people just don't catch the flu when they're coughed on *shrug*
e_bloc: famous twitch bully Adam Savidan
KeytarCat: even with a filter, my city's water is pretty bad. I have to add lemon juice to drink it
itomeshi: Percentage of natural immunity? People inside? Wind flow in certain directions?
Aenir798: Ben, Adam is bullying us D:
Gildan_Bladeborn: I mean, it WASN'T a smart answer, but this game isn't smart in the first place.
like_100_bears: some people are immune like Jake. most aren't
Gaytanic_Panic: @plummeting_sloth 👏🏽NEW 👏🏽HIGH👏🏽SCORE 👏🏽NEW 👏🏽HIGH👏🏽SCORE
YeetTheRich_: i live to get bullied by adam
ashteranic: the gas was heavy, so it didn't affect people at the top of the skyscrapers
JonnyGlitch: Not a famous Twitch anything
plummeting_sloth: Famous Twitch Bull
wynternyghtynggale: i thought Adam was the troll king?
Arclight_Dynamo: Moderately well-known Twitch bully Adam Savidan?
GhostValv: hold on let me do that ;)
itomeshi: One minute, going to the LRR subreddit.
xantos69: Well off to Reddit to post about Adam and his bullying.
Moonspeak721: oh boy
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh yeah, the whole... kerfuffle about the PPR.
SeismicLawns: famous twitch bully versus infamous twitch bully
ughman617: There was a radius and the zombies are mobile
Cupstr: pog
the_fanerdic: Obscure niche variety Twitch Streamer Adam "The Bully" Savidan
JonnyGlitch: r/LoadingReadyRun doesn't count
BusTed: Adam has his own subreddit Kappa
e_bloc: Adam has his own subreddit
wargodmogis: r/mtg is full of babies
circusofkirkus: what about the Seabats subreddit
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yep that got you on top
Mister_BlueSky: General Reddit. o7
JonnyGlitch: r/DreamDaddyAdamSavidan
RandomTrivia: LUL I love the description on Adam's subreddit
Stripe_dog: Chris can apparently just fly a jet btw
BrindleBoar: WESKER
Blade_Tiger: Albert Wesker fucked??
Blessings_from_the_Void: Adam's subreddit has THREE posts
ButButTheJesus: whoos a good bork?
elkae: This is Wesker's son, Jake
Gildan_Bladeborn: You DID kill Wesker - they're referring to his kid.
wynternyghtynggale: wesker never dies
RandomTrivia: benginRemy
DiscordianTokkan: Wesker FUCKED?!
Kramburger: Wesker's Jake's dad
GuilKato: was wesker in a volcano
gibbousm: surprised, Wesker had sex
TheThromborax: Joean etherium coin variant
OmnipotentTrevor: You did. They just said Jake is Wesker's son.
Rhynerd: But wesker has a kid
Protein_Curry: Oh hes bashful about his subreddit yall~
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OmnipotentTrevor: That's why Wesker's name came up
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yes you will be in a jet plane in his story
e_bloc: every RE game is a standalone game
izzalyn: 😎
Enki1256: How did they suddenly get radios as well?
Jensling: nobody answer this... but is there a r/seabats?
wynternyghtynggale: someone get the jetski!
ghyllnox: @kramburger thanks for the gift sub! Just got the notif lrrHEART
Arclight_Dynamo: If Wesker isn't dead, surely Ada must be!
Micsig: how does he fit?
juneblue58: Wesker seems like he'd have absolutely no interest in sex.
Stripe_dog: Wesker would constantly be talking about the Tyrant virus during sex
EvilBadman: Seabats subreddit has three posts and 69 subs.
Neddy471: IVF
elkae: NotLikeThis
elkae: How did we end up here
wynternyghtynggale: test tube baby ?
Rhynerd: I’m surprised nobody’s asking why Chris is in a Jet
elkae: Adam plz
Gildan_Bladeborn: Your new best friend.
Stripe_dog: And how he's going to become a god
Arclight_Dynamo: Why is the army Americans... in China?
prince_infidel: WTF Adam?
e_bloc: damn! the gas!
kumatsu: Damn! The gas!
Kipstar: wesker would be the deadest of dead fish lovers
Blessings_from_the_Void: Damn! The gas!
saucemaster5000: nah wesker's a teddy bear
Kramburger: Wesker sees sex as a competition, finish first or don't finish at all
Naesiir: Adam, your subreddit has exactly 69 members
lovelesspoison2112: Put a pair of sunglasses down there and he'd have to go down
GuilKato: WEsker would go down on you - as long as you said it was part of an elaborate plan for UMBRELLA
CompletelyUnsure: I just thought about how funny it would be to have Ada talking to Ethan's gormless ass in RE8
Neddy471: He's dead.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh RIGHT - I'd forgot all about this next section.
JonnyGlitch: It's cutscenes all the way down!
Gildan_Bladeborn: You guys are going to... love it.
the_fanerdic: Everybody knows nobody wants to play video games when they play video games, Ben.
RandomTrivia: Do you ever play a game and think "I feel like they wanted to make a movie"?
Protein_Curry: It's Let's Watch, with Adam and Ben
jonasjonIV: damm. the gas!
akmorris13: Wesker would be the type of guy who would think going down on a woman was demasculating
beckett_brass: How does one not go near gas?
JonnyGlitch: end it, go in the smoke
lovelesspoison2112: It's a good thing gas doesn't spread
Stripe_dog: Kick that fence down and just knock out some poor passerby
Moonspeak721: is that how gas works
Gildan_Bladeborn: Probably actually for real, because of how stupid it is.
beckett_brass: Doesn't it kind of fill its container?
Tangsm: Good thing that gas is stopped by doors.
Arclight_Dynamo: It's Liberty Gas. You know... freon. Kappa
thesimbiote: This guy is full of useful tips.
Rhynerd: @arclight_dynamo they’re supposed to be the BSAA, the international anti-bioweapon force from RE5
Dog_of_Myth: Cloudy with a chance of zombies
Kramburger: NOT GREAT, BOB
xantos69: partly cloudy, chance of zombies
ButButTheJesus: @Arclight_Dynamo OH U
Gildan_Bladeborn: You heard that right - he said "vehicle".
elkae: Ze gas!
GuilKato: blue thing on shelf downstaris
JonnyGlitch: YAY, I mean, aww
Neddy471: "You see, we have these wonderful things called "WINDOWS", you should try looking out one of them."
plummeting_sloth: your plot gas immunity has worn off
Rhynerd: Damn, the gas.
The_Myrddraal: There was a shooty blue thing
Gildan_Bladeborn: One guess who gets to drive it.
DeM0nFiRe: You died from metal cap
e_bloc: the gas gives you a great tan
prince_infidel: blue on shelf!
itomeshi: OK, you have to tell me the truth: did they hire Hideo Kojima for this.... story?
Blessings_from_the_Void: 'What's the weather like out there?' 'Zombies.'
e_bloc: its tanning gas
viridimayai: Silver Surfer Cosplay gas
like_100_bears: good lord her face
plummeting_sloth: wait, there's shit in the gas too? Those monsters!
elkae: This is no time for shopping!
Mister_BlueSky: OMG shoes.
elkae: They won't have your size!
sydnius: need more vespene gas
elkae: Adam you're too tall to shop there
JonnyGlitch: It would be too much to ask from this game but it would be awesome if you could get infected, and the co-op became PvP
JonnyGlitch: was it big?
hesterbyrde: No wayyy
RandomTrivia: What?!
GhostValv: noice
elkae: Oh no
the_fanerdic: Congrats
GuilKato: congrats Ben!
viridimayai: Why don't you close doors behind you to stop the gas?
RandomTrivia: UGH
elkae: D:
neisan2112: Wait wut???
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown ?
Dog_of_Myth: Ben made it to the big time
karpma: wait, unsolicited/
prince_infidel: Nice!
hexy_lexy: WHAT
Kramburger: Ben you promised not to say anuything
saucemaster5000: hit the big time!
Lord_ZYRK: Congrats, Ben! You're a real adult now!
Earthenone: finally made it to the big time
VoodontWoW: Iiiiiick
The_Myrddraal: benginOh
x0den: what!? why!?
thesimbiote: They're never good.
ArdCollider: the only good dick is solicited dick
Neddy471: It's a Dick Pick. There is no such thing as a good Dick Pick.
frank_the_great: Why would anyone do that? Honestly?
AtomicAlchemical: Unsolicited is never good
Gaytanic_Panic: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown ???
inconsideratehat: Yeah I have no good opinion about dicks.
jessieimproved: real talk
Protein_Curry: @ardcollider big agree
Cupstr: yeah they're not great
KaminaDuck: yeah that's real
Arclight_Dynamo: All unsolicited dick pics are pathetic and laughable, even if they aren't. That's the rule.
jonasjonIV: fair
Tangsm: Would it be diamond quality on Snap?
RandomTrivia: Preach Ben
Makrosian_Tae: Ben, you're a man of principle and I appreciate that <3
LizardDucks: Yeah, my ace ass would be so not thrilled
GuilKato: Ben was the lighting and and compisition of the photo good at least
jetpixi: They’ve been Liberache’d!
YeetTheRich_: ben don't destroy the fanfics
ZealousCrow: My friend showed me his grindr inbox the other day. Sooooo many
Gaytanic_Panic: Morale is important
elkae: @jetpixi LUL
like_100_bears: @arclight_dynamo absolute truth
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @Tangsm Mirror is an infamous size queen
jetpixi: Thanks @elkae ! LUL
Makrosian_Tae: =3
BrindleBoar: =3
circusofkirkus: =3
Sniknob: meow =3
Stripe_dog: =3
GhostValv: =3
DiscordianTokkan: =3
RandomTrivia: They clearly didn't realise you're a dog person
hesterbyrde: sexy meow
hexy_lexy: meow =3
Haroldholmes25: That's a penis
thesimbiote: No backstory? What's the dick's motivation?
Triforcecwp: =3
Kramburger: Sullivan slid into your DMs?
mijichu: =3
LizardDucks: Lol
Officinalis: =3
JonnyGlitch: uhh
plummeting_sloth: I think they meant Meoth but it got cut off
Cupstr: could it have been a bot?
wynternyghtynggale: uwu
Protein_Curry: at least it wasnt 'nyaa' ?
elkae: 3=D
monakai: Wait, is the =3 also a dick?
Blessings_from_the_Void: c=3
jetpixi: Lol omg @elkae
Ba_Dum_Tish: Time for a cut scene
OmnipotentTrevor: Better hope this car has an well enclosed air system
RobotInProgress: I returned to hear "Wang"
Arclight_Dynamo: Aw.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Look at how sad everything is
Cupstr: i got sexual pics from a bot one time just randomly
JonnyGlitch: it got cut off?! ouch
Saintnex: How in any way is this car sealed air tight from the outside?
elkae: I mean that's what I thought of when Ben said =3
LizardDucks: Ada Wang?
Neddy471: @monakai If it is, it really needs to get looked at by a Medical Professional.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yes, you're in this hermetically sealed jeep.
plummeting_sloth: Ben was just beside himself with fear
beckett_brass: @RobotInProgress Ben got an unsoliticted dick pic.
YeetTheRich_: why would james even send you that ben?
Xenopenumbra: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:33:04.
sydnius: 8==D
Kaorti: I just got here. is this a wrong number sext story?
jetpixi: I’m besides myself at this news
Gildan_Bladeborn: There's a reason for that Ben.
RobotInProgress: @beckett_brass ah!
Pharmacistjudge: the horrors of horror
wickaboxet: Don’t you just love this interactive gameplay?
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'll let you discover that reason for yourself.
QTL7: war....war never changes
beckett_brass: @Kaorti Ben just got an unsolicited dick pic.
gualdhar: how about unsolicited spotted dick?
Kramburger: Now gamers will think twice before they do a zombie
electric_claire: Lucky you
RandomTrivia: @plummeting_sloth benginFingers
Kaorti: but y?
ZealousCrow: On TWITTER?!
elkae: Never do that, anyone plz
Lord_ZYRK: Somebody Tweeted their twotter to Benjamin
Kramburger: Linker no linking
JonnyGlitch: retweet it?
DiscordianTokkan: Turn the wipers on!
Lithobraker: Yeah, wait a second, whey are none of the soldiers in CBRN gear?!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Don't you feel so much emotions from this part?
sydnius: first one is always free
electric_claire: the wingle wongle
elkae: Their puheeeniss
Ba_Dum_Tish: Maybe they wanted the real bengineering twitter
JonnyGlitch: I'
ZealousCrow: Lmao
Gaytanic_Panic: No PP
RandomTrivia: "Sam-I-Am"
plummeting_sloth: Game, this is WAY to late to try and just make some sort of serious point. You just had us fight a zombie cat man NSA advisor on top of a metro
viridimayai: This feels like an advertisement for Military jeeps
ButButTheJesus: @elkae :d
jetpixi: Peeple
Saintnex: Soo emotional
Triforcecwp: When is send Ben a DM he doesnt get it but he gets dickpicks. :\
ButButTheJesus: :D
KeytarCat: I don't even like MINE
MadWolf1290: is this "horny on main" if it's LRR instead of your home Twitch stream?
Juliamon: Sometimes smooching boys doesn't mean you want to smooch all parts of them!
mark_cimino: its a prismari thing, i guess...
electric_claire: What's your finsta, Ben?
like_100_bears: you never see him again
BaconL0rdes: Cheer100 Is it just me or is this generic soldier obeying traffic laws in the middle of a zombie apocalypse?
monakai: That's just money on the table
YeetTheRich_: is it ok if i send you a unsolicited pic of my mouth ben? Kappa
JonnyGlitch: Ben's secret Onion Ring review twitter
xantos69: I wager its more like showing off your dance moves. Sometimes you just want people to see what you got.
Pharmacistjudge: that's what instagram is for
cuttlefishman: But what if you have Aang
JonnyGlitch: but it's chicken nuggies
cuttlefishman: like in fanfic
Ba_Dum_Tish: A secret twitter to scream into the void
elkae: Chicky nuggie pics
Enki1256: Welp, that guys ded
Pharmacistjudge: post angst on instagram
drawnbinary: only doof pics
SrMuskrat: You don't pull out the ol burner account on occasion
e_bloc: Corgo470
RandomTrivia: What the SHIT was that?!
kumatsu: The real Bengineering twitter, you know, the one that hasn't posted since 2009.
GhostValv: boom
Kaaosa: everything explode
shurtal: oh hey, its the beginning of the game!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Welcome to the prologue
RandomTrivia: I mean, I know it was a fuel truck but WHAT
Officinalis: TikTok is for dance
e_bloc: cool cutscenes game
elkae: How are they still alive
The_Myrddraal: have they eaten at all today?
Tangsm: I'm beginning to think Leon might not be very lucky.
like_100_bears: aaaand now they're concussed
Naesiir: ah, we've finally caught up to the beginning of the game
jessieimproved: It's amazing how much agreement there is that we don't want to see pee-pees. It's almost like that's not actually why people send the pictures...
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yeah, this is the beginning of the game.
DiscordianTokkan: If I had a secret twitter, it'd probably be "I have no idea what the giant bomb news was, and since I never listened I don't care"
Saintnex: Hey remember the prologue?
JonnyGlitch: Every cutscene they keep dialing it up to 11
VoodontWoW: Who let Micheal Bay in?
Gildan_Bladeborn: You were in China all along.
like_100_bears: oh hey it's the opening scene
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Stripe_dog: This actually ISN'T the beginning of the game, it's completely different
jetpixi: Time NotLikeThis
Arclight_Dynamo: And now we loop!
RandomTrivia: Except that time it gave you ALL the guns!
jetpixi: Oh nvm
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drawnbinary: symmetry
OmnipotentTrevor: That was in DC, this is China
GuilKato: theyre in pergatory - looping through time
mark_cimino: ada is alive
Stripe_dog: The beginning of the game was a straight up lie
RandomTrivia: Turns out they couldn't imagine many story beats
Sniknob: It wall all get explained when they get to the chapel
OmnipotentTrevor: Or wait, no, now I don't remember
Aenir798: It's called bookmarking
e_bloc: don't you fools know Ada has plot armor
Neddy471: Now she opens fire on you.
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's more a case of the game forgetting the way the tutorial played out/slightly changing the sequence.
jetpixi: I think they reused assets maybe?
Gildan_Bladeborn: This IS in fact the area, yes.
shurtal: it is, it's just not tutorialized
JonnyGlitch: reusing assets?
Kaaosa: it's the beginning again
Phailhammer: It is.
jetpixi: Oh well
OmnipotentTrevor: Oh yeah, I rememberr now
GuilKato: the hallway is in China! not Murica F'yeah
Gildan_Bladeborn: The last thing that happened was a "thing" dropping in and Leon saying "back for more?".
Stripe_dog: The beginning of the game was a lie
shurtal: flashbacks yall
Ba_Dum_Tish: We have broken the time loop
RandomTrivia: So the first time was a flash-forward?
Tangsm: Now, that was way in the past.
Naesiir: it was a flashforward
Kaaosa: this is a video game
monakai: You can't actually complete the game, it just loops
Gildan_Bladeborn: It wasn't a flashback, it was a "flash forward", to now.
RandomTrivia: Or this has all been the "X time earlier"
jetpixi: The President Must Die. Twice.
CompletelyUnsure: This game is purgatory. You just loop till you've atoned for sins
Naesiir: or you just played through a flashback
Stripe_dog: It wasn't a dream it was just a straight up lie it didn't happen it had nothing to do with anything
JonnyGlitch: dafaq?
like_100_bears: nope potus is still ded
Mister_BlueSky: Is it a Final Destination type thing?
inconsideratehat: Can't catch me man, Fox news C-SPAN
ButButTheJesus: HI MOM
MadWolf1290: mom?
GhostValv: resident evil: president's die twice
RandomTrivia: LUL
BusTed: Hi Adam's mom
JonnyGlitch: Hi Adam's Mom!
Cupstr: BYE MOM
Officinalis: Hey Savimom!
jessieimproved: No! must hi the mom
Sniknob: HI ADAM'S MOM
Lord_ZYRK: Hi Seamom bye Seamon seabatTROG /
elkae: hi @churn16
Rustpile: Hi mom!!!
e_bloc: hi Adam's mom, join the stream!
hexy_lexy: hi adams mom!
Protein_Curry: HI SAVIMOM
like_100_bears: hi Adam's mom!
RandomTrivia: HAH
ButButTheJesus: CHAT SAYS HI
LizardDucks: Awww
Gildan_Bladeborn: You shot the POTUS ages ago my dude.
Pharmacistjudge: wow
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
hesterbyrde: HI MOM!!!
ArdCollider: hi Adam's mom!
e_bloc: lrrWOW
hexy_lexy: WOW
Lord_ZYRK: She really IS Adam's mom
Makrosian_Tae: So toxic. Time her out LUL
Pharmacistjudge: adam's mom didn't say hi back
ElissenRedux: LUL
Cupstr: GOTTEM
Mister_BlueSky: BLAT BLAT
inconsideratehat: Your mom's adorable
AtomicAlchemical: lrrWOW
Naesiir: that was wholesome
GuilKato: ben!!!!!! call adams mum!
the_fanerdic: MONKEY DID WHAT?!
hesterbyrde: Hi Savi-mom!
jetpixi: lol oh god Monkey did that? Hahaha
frank_the_great: Hi Mom!
Kramburger: Ben got blanked by Jan
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'm trying to remember if they make you crash that helicopter twice.
Juliamon: Monkey has no power here
Omthebox: Monkey is secretly Chaotic Evil
Gildan_Bladeborn: I wouldn't put it past them.
LizardDucks: That is so sweet
JonnyGlitch: She must be a great Mum to produce someone like Adam
GhostValv: I'm glad for the cool streamer and their mom :)
ElissenRedux: Adam's mom showing up in his chat is literally the sweetest thing I've ever seen on twitch
ZealousCrow: yes "collect" the serpent emblems
DiscordianTokkan: @Omthebox SECRETLY
jetpixi: Secretly? @omthebox
BusTed: it was just a single deleted message.
Omthebox: Secretly. Not a good secret
BusTed: But it's funnier this way.
jetpixi: lol
JonnyGlitch: no friendly fire on grenades is just silly
Omthebox: He's at work. Like a newb
LurkerSpine: gd
wargodmogis: Monky is LoLing
YawnLance: Wow Monkey, even *I'm* here
vogonna: fish in a barrel!
Gildan_Bladeborn: You didn't.
LurkerSpine: y'all harsh on ramen
Kaaosa: everything up to now was the tutorial stage
YeetTheRich_: you're in NG+ now
Gildan_Bladeborn: The cold open was just "this moment".
Kaaosa: now the game really opens up
0x6772: I think the theory was that the flash-forward also worked well as a tutorial with all the weapons.
RandomTrivia: It was a "3 days earlier" or however long, right?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Starting "in medias res" is the hip thing to do, don'tcha know.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Certainly doesn't make anything confusing.
jetpixi: It’s all in good fun. We love Monkey. I hope it’s all in good fun anyway...
BusTed: Oh right, you had all that loadout.
Pharmacistjudge: Adam and Ben know Monkey well enough that they can rib on him like this. Do not feel obligated to watch every stream.
wargodmogis: Maybe because it's coop and not singleplayer
plummeting_sloth: well, you see Ben this game, which has bene going on for 8ish hours and has 3 more 8ish hour campaigns, was worried about dragging on too long
Gildan_Bladeborn: Also, this is the answer to why you had so many guns at the very beginning adam.
Talin06: up until now it has been a flashback
Neddy471: @Gildan_Bladeborn I mean, we're in the middle of someone's story at all times....
Protein_Curry: This soundtrack, vwey scawy
Twizted_Seed: How would experience be in VR?
wickaboxet: Ben, do you think continuity is the top priority for a RE game
The_Myrddraal: Is That Chri's jet?
Neddy471: Because, THAT is the way that aircraft move.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: How many fuel tankers are just wandering around this city?
jetpixi: If there’s an accelerant
like_100_bears: no Chris is fine
The_Myrddraal: Fire Tsunami
Kaaosa: adam, certified exlposionologist
JonnyGlitch: if it were a gas main that would all happen in a fraction of a second
Protein_Curry: was this game directed by micheal bay?
Ba_Dum_Tish: How many Micheal Bay movies did they watch before this?
Duwani1: sequencial explosions
Lithobraker: Oh yeah, and the we leave this guy to die
RandomTrivia: No that's not remotely how that would go. There would be a bunch of smaller explosions, but not a bunch that big
Lord_ZYRK: This is the moment that breaks Adam's suspension of disbelief
JonnyGlitch: without the cars but with more dead bodies
jetpixi: Too bad you don’t have a backpack with jets
BusTed: sucks to suck I guess
Rhynerd: “I hope that’s not Chris’s Jet.” - Barry, probably
Lord_ZYRK: Six games in, and this is the thing
Stripe_dog: He knew what he was in for
plummeting_sloth: BSAA agents are suicdally brabe
viridimayai: This is almost as Cheesy as 2018 movie.
plummeting_sloth: brave
Stripe_dog: He read the contract
Gildan_Bladeborn: Time to fly the helicopter again, because it went so well last time!
BaconL0rdes: *And then the zombie despawned*
Ba_Dum_Tish: Also our pilot took off then died
Pharmacistjudge: he knows his role. nameless person signed contract "will die for protagonists"
OmnipotentTrevor: Maybe that's why he didn't get back in the chopper
like_100_bears: lrrFINE
Neddy471: He thought "I'll be safe behind my face-obscuring mask!.. I'm dead aren't I? LEEEROY!"
Arclight_Dynamo: How many times have we been in a crashing aircraft this game?
The_Myrddraal: Leon has experience crashing aircraft
Tangsm: Is the goal of this game to make Leon pilot every possible vehicle?
jetpixi: Gotta pull up in time
BusTed: Emotional support.
Kaaosa: streamer try pulling up
ughman617: That guy must have thought wxplosions dont work that way either
Stripe_dog: Can helicopters actually hit things with their props like that? Wouldn't they just crash instantly?
amuseoffirebane: good thing I learned how to pilot a few scenes ago!
sydnius: now do some burpees
plummeting_sloth: AFTER ALL YOU"VE SEEN
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I like that you saved the zombie just so youcould fight it/
e_bloc: its cool that the Man gets to both pilot the chopper and kill the zombie
GhostValv: :O
jetpixi: Let’s go to the mall?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Waggle like you've never waggled before!
Stripe_dog: Good job Adam
Gildan_Bladeborn: Maybe you can actually fail it this time?
JonnyGlitch: never seen a train and a chopper have a fender bender
like_100_bears: weeeee!
GuilKato: you're making all the same mistakses as the start of the game! and attempt 2 even
Kaaosa: adam is the worst helicopter pilot I've ever seen
Kaaosa: this is not how you helicopt
RandomTrivia: Well you WERE flying a helicopter. Now you're flying a teapot.
Toxxick: this is absurd, but would actually make a really fun Fast and Furious scene
prince_infidel: Every vehicle Leon gets to crashes
Protein_Curry: its probably very hard to shoot a gun in a falling helicopter so thats realistic at least
kumatsu: caught in the time loop
eric_christian_berg: The world would be a safer place without Leon behind the controls of an aircraft.
Triforcecwp: what is this game its so silly.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well... everything past here will be new, at least.
jetpixi: Omg it’s Jurassic park 2
Kipstar: rave still going at least
Pharmacistjudge: does that mean you get to fall into a pit and do that weird ruins section again?
viridimayai: Why the floor made outta glass?
SmithKurosaki: mmm zombie soup. My favorite
Mordin_Solus_Sings: That was... A lot.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Time for the fight the game made you wait hours upon hours to experience!
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
LizardDucks: I mean...what the hell
plummeting_sloth: mulligan mulligan
plummeting_sloth: even Leon's hitbox is thicc
Gildan_Bladeborn: And....
e_bloc: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
HadesLeprechaun: oh dang
JonnyGlitch: Hey look it's Dead Space
Gildan_Bladeborn: I'll give you one more guess.
HadesLeprechaun: this part
Mordin_Solus_Sings: ANother fuel tanker?!
Arclight_Dynamo: It's you: Obelisk!
Makrosian_Tae: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
The_Myrddraal: too quiet...
Triforcecwp: Why is there another gas truck????????!?!!?
GhostValv: mecha wesker :O
Saintnex: Who is ready for more BS?
EvilBadman: the Washington monument????
BaconL0rdes: What if it cuts back to chapter 1 again.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ben got it in one.
like_100_bears: it's not Wesker
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walkeroftales: Time to FINISH THE FIGHT
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Sniknob: It's the president
plummeting_sloth: it's a Marker from Dead Space
jonasjonIV: the *obelisk*
Protein_Curry: rebecca chambers
Pharmacistjudge: it's was DIO
Officinalis: The obelisk! It's a Dead Space tie in!
HadesLeprechaun: nah man, this is the best
ughman617: Didnt wesker dissolve in lava
jetpixi: It’s gonna be May
SrMuskrat: It's Kaiba
Gildan_Bladeborn: Except he's not a dog this time.
JonnyGlitch: laaaame
plummeting_sloth: man, those are sturdy shoes
RandomTrivia: OH COME ON GAME
Sniknob: What a shitty plot twist
Gildan_Bladeborn: He's a....
blip2004: but now he has MORE FORMS
like_100_bears: there he iiiiis!
Kaaosa: good video game
Gildan_Bladeborn: Wait for it...
RandomTrivia: Have at least a LITTLE imagination
Orgmastron: LMAO
Ba_Dum_Tish: Give it a minute
JonnyGlitch: he was such a punce on the train
Ba_Dum_Tish: It gets dumber
drawnbinary: this tectonic plate lookin bastard
fastlane250: How does he still have remnants of pants?
LizardDucks: Are you kidding me
BusTed: Ada!
A_Dub888: ADA
HoodedBowman: Cheer50 The Cat-Man!
Gildan_Bladeborn: This section is amazing, by the way.
Rhynerd: ADA!
Stripe_dog: Oh I forgot how this chapter ends and now I remember and oh god
GhostValv: k
Kramburger: I thought the state took Wesker's son away because he was an unfit parent
gibbousm: someone is dead
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hesterbyrde: Why is it that in cut scenes they always have the puniest guns out?
plummeting_sloth: I'm glad he has the fortitude to keep plot exposing
frank_the_great: Didn't we JUST see him?
e_bloc: has anyone ever talked about how Ada Wong is vaguely vulgar Kappa
The_Myrddraal: Just shoot him
Twizted_Seed: USe the bullets now
BusTed: Maybe he just really dislikes the American Dental Association.
LizardDucks: That’s not how skin works
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Not your best line Leon
Gildan_Bladeborn: Wait for a bit.
RobotInProgress: I've seen that tanker somewhere before...
BaconL0rdes: That was way too good of a one-liner for this game.
RandomTrivia: BIG LAD
Moonspeak721: he big
Gildan_Bladeborn: You absolutely CAN shoot the tanker, at some point.
blip2004: T-REX T-REX
Styxseus: Uhhhhhhh
RobotInProgress: oh yeah! T-rex!
jessieimproved: I can't stop thinking about how much fun Matt and Laura had recording for this game
JonnyGlitch: That's one beefy boi
Makrosian_Tae: WutFace WutFace WutFace FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
YeetTheRich_: what the shit
Gildan_Bladeborn: He sure did!
plummeting_sloth: no, fuck off game WHERE DID ALL THAT MASS COME FROM
ElissenRedux: POG CHAMP
DiscordianTokkan: Bone Rex!
Officinalis: The BEST RE game.
e_bloc: Kaijued the shit out of you
Mordin_Solus_Sings: We Monster Hunter now
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Gaytanic_Panic: YES YES YES YES
ashesandmochi: i dig the gore dino
like_100_bears: how does mass work
BusTed: We've made another loop.
HadesLeprechaun: ZOMBIE REX
jetpixi: did I NOT say Jurassic Park 2?!
Mister_BlueSky: T-Virus-Rex!
ughman617: I love how they spontaneously gain so much mass
jonasjonIV: Derek, the T-Rex
A_Dub888: Mitosis is one hell of a drug
gibbousm: Pro Tip: Shoot them down BEFORE they complete the giant Bioweapon transformation
x0den: BEST RE GAME!
ClankyLily: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
EvilBadman: Snap the fuck out of this Pokémon
fastlane250: where did the extra matter even- never mind
sydnius: PokGengar
Gildan_Bladeborn: He'll turn back into a dude a number of times during this fight, and then back into a T-Rex.
Naesiir: We're Monster Hunter NOW!!
The_Myrddraal: Is that a giant eyeball!?
Manae: Treat it like an Anjanath
jetpixi: What a guess I made
RandomTrivia: God this game is just tonal whiplash and opinion whiplash all the way down
Stripe_dog: You mean a tongue ben?
JonnyGlitch: it's a T-Rex with a giant eye in it's mouth! Acadamy Award!
Himyul: mass conservation, mass shmonservation
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think you also get a mounted machine gun at some point.
GredGredmansson: reverted to Bro Mode
Protein_Curry: @fastlane250 i ask myself this question for every RE boss
gibbousm: you have a Chopper helping you
MadWolf1290: and just on fire for some reason
VoodontWoW: Open the door, get on the floor
like_100_bears: shoot the squishy boi
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
Gildan_Bladeborn: There are red barrels and fuel tanks around as well.
EvilBadman: Oh god, imagine monster hunter with Resident Evil cross over monsters
viridimayai: Why are there cars up here anyways?
elkae: There's more cheese here than on Ben's pizza
Lord_ZYRK: Capcom briefly thought about bringing back Dino Crisis, but then were like "lol Resident Evil tho"
itomeshi: This is so dumb.
Jim02762: @jetpixi yes, you guessed it
wickaboxet: CatBoy > Bone Gun > T-Rex, what Pokémon is that?
Pharmacistjudge: Is Derek Digivolving?
fcloud: mass status: not conserved
LizardDucks: Going Agatha Fisty on Sullivan
ButButTheJesus: I mean i do like the transformation animation at least
jetpixi: Heck yeah! @jim02762
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Guns don't doshit to the armored form.. But punching him in the face is great
The_Myrddraal: Oh, the helicopter is still here
Aenir798: Where does all this mass come from
control_rig: This is literally a crappy Monster Hunter fight
DeM0nFiRe: LUL ben
control_rig: When's Rathalos showing up
beckett_brass: @wickaboxet Are you sure this isn't a mega evolution?
Rhynerd: Place your bets: is this even his final form?
GredGredmansson: THAT'S AN EYEBALL
rasterscan: HAH
Gildan_Bladeborn: Now given what we've seen so far, for anyone who HASN'T experienced this game before, do you think this is or isn't Simmons "final form"?
Ba_Dum_Tish: This game is just 300% extra
ughman617: I like how he spontaneously loses mass then gains it back
plummeting_sloth: thanks nameless man who is soon to die
BusTed: must go faster, etc
RandomTrivia: I mean, spacing out the matter that much would make it incredibly non-dense, and presumably structurally flimsy as a result
GredGredmansson: that's a GIANT. EYEBALL. IN ITS MOUTH
gibbousm: time for a chace scene
Styxseus: Proof of a Hero starts playing? xD
Arclight_Dynamo: Oh, that's the dude who didn't get back in the helicopter!
Kaaosa: streamer did you know that this is the same company that makes monster hunter
Dog_of_Myth: Must go faster!
gibbousm: oh its an EYE
Arclight_Dynamo: He lived!
beckett_brass: @Gildan_Bladeborn I'm expecting one moer form.
The_Myrddraal: Who is the driver!? Does he not get a name?
xantos69: Ok so the T-Rex is chasing a Jeep? I saw this movie!
like_100_bears: wait who's driving?
elkae: That's not an eye, he's laying an egg Kappa
EvilBadman: Faster. Must. go. faster.
Aenir798: Must go faster must go faster
mark_cimino: vitamins
ButButTheJesus: silly mouth, that's not where eyes go
cthulhudude23: there has to be a must og faster joke
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GoAmpDog2: you should go faster
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Himyul: what we need now is an asteroid
Makrosian_Tae: Faster. We must go faster
Gildan_Bladeborn: @beckett_brass - as well you should.
ElissenRedux: I love how the constant fire from the helo is doing exactly NOTHING
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's... upsetting.
Twizted_Seed: chest/gut eyeballs?
like_100_bears: oh god that IS an eyeball
GredGredmansson: oh, and the other one is in its chest because OF COURSE IT IS
YeetTheRich_: that has to be the worst place to have an eye
plummeting_sloth: I mean, shit. Shame that driver doesn't get a name cause they're good at their job
RandomTrivia: What riveting gameplay - for 1.5 seconds in between cutscenes...
Sniknob: Ah yes I love it when the final boss is a turret section
lirazel64: I guess his eye is bigger than his stomach?
ZawaAmaz: I dig the meat rex
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah. Now he's dead.
Protein_Curry: @permagrin206 HAPP BIRTH
Stripe_dog: RIP that guy
BrindleBoar: um I think you'll find as a creature created by the C-Virus, this is actually a C-Rex? In this TED Talk I will.... Kappa
JonnyGlitch: I mean, how many times can ANY creature's eyeballs be shot by a mounted turret?
Rhynerd: Jerf!
like_100_bears: you'll shoot yer eye out
Kipstar: OMG - give them more than 4 seconds of gameplay per cutscene PLEASE
VoodontWoW: Welcome to Jurassic Park, now presented by Umbrella
Stripe_dog: Guess he won't be in RE7
RandomTrivia: They DEFINITELY should have made this into a movie instead of a videogame
mark_cimino: this is how someone loses an eye
EvilBadman: He's not gonna be in RE7
NoTomToLose: Must've been the guy who jumped off the helicopter :D
Ba_Dum_Tish: Why is every car made out of explosives
plummeting_sloth: oh right, wasn't this the origin of JERF?@ Or was that later in the game
fcloud: yes, the problem is lack of focus. chris keeps checking his facebook
Crimall: is it almost jetski o'clock???
Twizted_Seed: smething something rocketlauncher
beckett_brass: I appreciate those puns, Ben.
control_rig: Ben...
prof_membrane: This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen since the last set piece in the same game.
xantos69: Ben you sure have an eye for comedy.
Himyul: I SEE what you did there
Alephred: Eye see what you did there.
KaminaDuck: I see what you did there
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think now you can shoot the fuel tanks when he's nearby.
Mr_Horrible: I keep thinking it can't get more ridiculous, and then it gets more ridiculous
e_bloc: eye really don't know what I was expecting
JonnyGlitch: Occan't believe you right not Ben
zanz8: I dino if he caught that
beckett_brass: I think that Ben has a great comedic vison.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Also he throws cars.
cthulhudude23: i love how there is a GIANT waymarker on the giant dino
Arclight_Dynamo: Is he Truckasaurusing us?
Gildan_Bladeborn: And Ada is shooting him from the helicopter.
mark_cimino: almost got him - down to 10000 hp
like_100_bears: oh hey he wants to play fetch
Styxseus: Ah yes, all these unbeatable bioweapons that will destroy the world.. Their only weakness? Bullets.
gualdhar: isn't this Shin-Ra HQ?
plummeting_sloth: no the bombs dirty now. You can't touch it.. It was on the floor
GredGredmansson: oof, he's decompressing
like_100_bears: he's lookin a little gassy
Pharmacistjudge: Derek Digivolve to VirusRexoMon
LizardDucks: How is there steam...nvm
jessieimproved: These games have serious conservation of mass issues
Gildan_Bladeborn: No, he has a number of transformations into a T-Rex booked, and has to meet his quota.
BaconL0rdes: And this, ladies and gentleman, is a perfect example of the difference between campy horror, and horrifyingly campy.
ughman617: @jessieimproved yes thank you
BrindleBoar: extra carves Kappa
SnackPak_: go for the tail cut
Protein_Curry: quick give him a tradtional prefight donut (complete with icecube anti mutagen)
GhostValv: mounting the creature
jonasjonIV: he drops a sweet katana
Spacepup: Shooting the grundle.
control_rig: Adam are you snipering him in the taint?
Spacepup: Devistating move.
A_Dub888: break his back and all youget is a scale
Gildan_Bladeborn: There should be some around the arena too.
like_100_bears: fun fact: the tiles on the floor of this room form the Umbrella logo
elkae: Oh fuck it's the Gunch!
OmnipotentTrevor: You can't run out of ammo for fist
ashesandmochi: i love the gore dino
Stripe_dog: This boss fight is an entire chapter
Ba_Dum_Tish: Since there has been no rocket launcher I must assume that this is not his final form
codatski: Adam you will be happy to know that r/seabats on Reddit has 69 people following it
Arclight_Dynamo: "Survival horror."
The_Myrddraal: hotwire the bus
Gildan_Bladeborn: You should probably heal Adam.
BrindleBoar: I like that his human parts are still intact even after turning back and forth into a zombosaur
BrindleBoar: *pants
Makrosian_Tae: Are ya winning son?
shurtal: maybe
Styxseus: I mean, I am sortof terrified.. But..
Kaaosa: good quick punch event
mark_cimino: nope, not winning
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Gildan_Bladeborn: You're "winning" the fight in the sense that you're doing what they want you to, yes.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Are ya' winning son?
ughman617: This is so bad
Moonspeak721: why run in and punch that man when y'all have so many big guns
ArkhamArchivist: The Apex Anjanath fight went weird, huh?
Juliamon: I remember this fight being a slog for G
ButButTheJesus: did he just explode on himself
viridimayai: Oh, you gotta wait for him to pick up the oil tankard, right?
Naesiir: Headline: "Two Agents Assault Virus Patient"
fcloud: turned out they were DIE-frames
ughman617: Wait did something in that fight matter?
ughman617: It didnt seem like it
Ba_Dum_Tish: This fight is a lot
beckett_brass: It occurs to me: what sort of sensibility is there to having the eyeball in the mouth, from an evolutionary standpoing?
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @Moonspeak721 It's about sending a message or something.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Keep away from him, take pot shots when possible, run up and punch when applicable, let the helicopter do the heavy lifting, is what I remember Graham settling on.
LizardDucks: You think Leon?
Mister_BlueSky: "Defeat mutated Derek" is such a strange objective. Derek.
bionicborp: Im sorry: Defest mutated Derek XD
like_100_bears: get him to eat the splodey barrels
KeytarCat: The fun way and the intended way are different sometimes? I haven't actually seen this part of the speedrun :P
Styxseus: Yeet
ughman617: Mouth eyeballs evolved to be bullet receptacles
Kramburger: The extra mass is stored in Z-Space when you morph
YeetTheRich_: where does the extra everything come from?
Moonspeak721: the extra tissue is inside, clearly. man's dense.
like_100_bears: good question Ben. next que6.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Where all the mass comes from is the eternal question poised by RE games Ben. There is never an answer to that question. It just "appears".
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Shadowhex92: This T-eye-rannoosaurus is fight is crazy!
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like_100_bears: *question
GuilKato: do the dinosaur
Saintnex: if I remember correctly, this is just a massive bullet sponge
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's a long fight, yes.
PaperDoopliss: Tiny zombie T-rex arms
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
JonnyGlitch: cool effect
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
GuilKato: send teh dinosaur dick picks on twitter DMs it the only way!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Do not ask questions of RE logic there are no answers
YeetTheRich_: technically he should weigh the same in both forms
elkae: If it's a dino then it's cloaca pics no?
YeetTheRich_: *same amount
Himyul: bork!
BusTed: benginRemy
hesterbyrde: REMY!!!
ButButTheJesus: boorooroo!
NavelWarfare: benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy
Mr_Horrible: Which weighs more, a T-Rex of meat or a T-Rex of feathers? Kappa
Naesiir: benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy
like_100_bears: jeez i forgot Ada eas still up there
saucemaster5000: good dog
beckett_brass: @YeetTheRich_ Physics...brain...breaking...biology...brain...breaking...
elkae: tqsBORK benginRemy
Sniknob: I like how Ada is just circle strafing without doing much
Mister_BlueSky: OhMyDog Borf!
like_100_bears: doggo!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Remy has a mouth and he must bork
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yup, that is what you do.
plummeting_sloth: rule of 3? Nah, Konami does the rule of 6
CyberColossus: soft orange parts on his underside too
viridimayai: Resident evil boss fights are not known for their clear communication
fcloud: they took away the boss health bar but they forgot to replace it with any feedback whatsoever
mark_cimino: what kind of tail was it?
BusTed: Aw, I needed a Simmons tail carve.
Gildan_Bladeborn: You sure did Ben! You killed Simmons once and for all!
Talin06: now phase 2
like_100_bears: well you've done something
ButButTheJesus: jaiuwu
Saintnex: yup, we definitely killed mutated Derek for good this time
elkae: o7
BusTed: Simmons scute
ughman617: He definitely was taking calcium supplements
jessieimproved: here i come to kind of help you and then steal your shit
viridimayai: Who wants to tell leon that you can't take someone who can turn into a dinosaur to jail
Ba_Dum_Tish: We used to rocket launcher therefore not final
Twizted_Seed: I have just unloaded multiple shotgun rounds into his centre of mass, detonated multiple incindiery devices under his gigantic meat-o-saurus frame, and watch it constantly get straffed by chopper fire. Lemme punch him in the face
Gildan_Bladeborn: Mutated Derek certainly won't show up multiple other times after this.
juneblue58: There's three more campaigns. XD
Gildan_Bladeborn: Directly after this.
MegaDosX: I thought they were playing Destiny on the Long Game
Ba_Dum_Tish: uh used no rocket
itomeshi: Nah, he's super dead.
itomeshi: He has to be.
bv310: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Beej fires up Betrayal at Krondor, the 1993 classic from Dynamix and Sierra Entertainment. Game: Betrayal at Krondor) at Tue 08:00 PM PDT (58m from now).
adi_sheep: well... I've finally been convinced this game sucks
YeetTheRich_: wheelerFee wheelerEed ?
Gildan_Bladeborn: This bit is kind of hilarious, actually.
Alephred: It's not the final fight of a Resident Evil game unless there's a rocket launcher.
bv310: Orange Cassidy?
GredGredmansson: KABOOM BABY
like_100_bears: almost wish there was cruddy musak
beckett_brass: @Gildan_Bladeborn Simmons has totally become King Kong, hasn't he?
Kipstar: we smooched once in a sewer
Makrosian_Tae: "You've met me during a very strange phase in my life"
Kaaosa: good synchronized jump
Styxseus: I dont remember why, but remember this is the most cohesive part of the game..
Gildan_Bladeborn: @beckett_brass - no, but he "should" have.
sydnius: you say she’s just a fried
like_100_bears: you know what? sure.
BusTed: Hey an elevator, I'm sure things will go perfectly fine.
Kramburger: The House of Stark playthrough of this game is NINE episodes long
aClonedPickle: RE6 says no pause, only QTEs
plummeting_sloth: GAMEPLAY
e_bloc: of course the woman has to go first
Kaaosa: this is gaming
fastlane250: uppies
ashesandmochi: g a m i n g
GredGredmansson: neh
Styxseus: Gameplay!
MegaDosX: Game why
GredGredmansson: nnnnneh.
Triforcecwp: game play!!!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Peak gameplay.
viridimayai: Why is all this stuff blowing up?!
like_100_bears: this is why they tell you never to take the elevator in an emergency
plummeting_sloth: ultimate ninja zombie warrior
mark_cimino: good thing the elevator still works
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh look!
BobROE: Gameplay!
A_Dub888: G A M E P L A Y
Saintnex: If I remember Graham correctly, this was really terribly designed climbing too
Moonspeak721: how much of this game is just qtes
ZawaAmaz: what a thrill
xantos69: Oh wow. I LOVE rhythm cafe!
GredGredmansson: look at that naturally jerk motion
ashesandmochi: is he a centaur now
YeetTheRich_: he is machine gun again
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JonnyGlitch: high production value, no substance
Kaaosa: she's got the graple
Arclight_Dynamo: "Cool but also fucking stupid" is RE in a nutshell.
Kaaosa: grapple
Gildan_Bladeborn: No, that wouldn't have been proper "gameplay".
ArkhamArchivist: Ada with the sick wirebug skills
ughman617: Omg their voices are matt mercer and laura bailey from critical role
Gildan_Bladeborn: You have to hit the QTE prompts, that's how you know you're playing a game.
Saintnex: Wasnt this game designed by committee?
Naesiir: You're playing RE 6, Ada is playing Monster Hunter Rise
ButButTheJesus: Ada why don't you, um, grapple out of there
wargodmogis: How?!
Mister_BlueSky: What's neat is that when it came out these parts with other characters would have other players in different campaigns doing stuff.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Get used to zombies just magically appearing throughout this section, by the way.
beckett_brass: @JonnyGlitch Very carefully.
Styxseus: Hahahaha
bv310: The Sparta kicks are pretty great
like_100_bears: THIS. IS. SPARTA!
Makrosian_Tae: @Mister_BlueSky Is that true? That's awesome game design actually!
MegaDosX: Leon also has a mighty spinkick
Ba_Dum_Tish: Man Adam has soo much healing
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh you'll move somewhere else in a bit Ben.
JonnyGlitch: was there a zombie part on the roof and they're trying to get down without the elevators we destroyed?
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah. There's a few places the campaigns cross over. This Ada would be another player.
Glaciopolimer: Everyone gets their chance to pummel Simmons
fcloud: this guy has absorbed several times his body weight in lead
Moonspeak721: is there a crouch button
Ba_Dum_Tish: Also weren't we taking a break?
KeytarCat: can't hold your breath in most of them
BrindleBoar: fcloud which body Kappa
Mordin_Solus_Sings: @fcloud That must be where all the extra mass came from
Sniknob: @Ba_Dum_Tish the game said no
mark_cimino: these are not the droids you're looking for
elkae: ACTION happened
Gildan_Bladeborn: There "should" be a "catch your breath" moment after this fight.
JonnyGlitch: it's hard to break after a cutscene because they keep happening
mark_cimino: time for a nap?
MegaDosX: "We built this section, and you will play it to the end!" - the game devs, probably
Gildan_Bladeborn: You're not "done" done after this bit, but I don't think it chains fights back to back.
Tripleyew: ‘Evening Adam and Ben and howdy all
Styxseus: One, two, one, two
elkae: Scooty that booty up!
wargodmogis: Umbrela symbol
like_100_bears: climb faster Adam!
Makrosian_Tae: And the umbrella logo right underneath. I dig it
Kaaosa: try to climb better streamer
JonnyGlitch: this is about 20 meters too long
Triforcecwp: this looks uhhh fun?
Kaaosa: if that helps
Tangsm: That umbrella symbol down at the bottom.
fcloud: yep
Gildan_Bladeborn: And....
Arclight_Dynamo: Wah, her hair is going nuts.
Sniknob: Punch her in the chest
elkae: TF
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Glugh
Styxseus: The music xD
fcloud: don't let it end like this...but, please, do let it end
e_bloc: time to Aid a Wong
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yeah... that's the correct read Ben.
Lithobraker: gross
Kramburger: OH FOR FUCKINS-
Kipstar: what, blergh
Gildan_Bladeborn: He both loves and hates her.
elkae: What the heck
GhostValv: seabatYIKES
like_100_bears: ew clingy ex
LizardDucks: Gross
YeetTheRich_: what
Styxseus: *dies*
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yes women are only objects to be possessed
LightingExpert13: yeah sure ada
Gildan_Bladeborn: Also Leon is fine, and not impaled. Somehow.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: OH MY GOD!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Thanks for that message Simmons
Mordin_Solus_Sings: SO DUMB
YeetTheRich_: did he just take the bullets? wtf
CaptainSpam: But he's 19!
plummeting_sloth: he's 19!
Arclight_Dynamo: IM NINETEEN
fcloud: you thought i was dead! but i was fine actually
bv310: Maximum Derek
jetpixi: Fuckin Derrick
MegaDosX: DODGE!
e_bloc: his first name is clearly Mutated
Moonspeak721: i hate mutant derek
jetpixi: Or derek
e_bloc: he goes by his middle name, Derek
JonnyGlitch: "Derrek' will always be Derrek from The Good Place in my mind
GredGredmansson: @bv310 derek for MVC4
Beowulf_Bjornson: Ada confirmed not a gamer
ashesandmochi: derek WOULD
Twizted_Seed: but everyone loves magical trevor
Kramburger: Derek Simmons is totally this dude's name though, like he looked and acted like a Derek Simmons
like_100_bears: of course his name is Derek. he is absolutely a Derek
ButButTheJesus: he's got some HARD HITTING questions!
drawnbinary: dude's shaped like the slizzards from spy kids 2
BaconL0rdes: You know, for the longest time, I wondered why everyone hated this game so much.
jetpixi: I thought that too @jonnyglitch !
Twizted_Seed: it says so in his song
jetpixi: DEREK
Sniknob: What is ben doing durng this bullshit?
BaconL0rdes: I think I get it now.
YeetTheRich_: bullets don't hurt you apparently
GredGredmansson: Hi up there in the corner ben
plummeting_sloth: man needs a parry button
RandomTrivia: Silly Adam, your boshi skills have no power here! lrrBEEJ
LightingExpert13: ben is doing magic
Kaaosa: use your anti-derek rounds
ashesandmochi: is that zombie just.... there
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Let's design a co-op game, buit uh, just leave one of the players to sit on a ledge for climactic sections.
bv310: What's up Kojima Zombie?
plummeting_sloth: I like that Adam had the right idea of trying to kick him over the side and Leon was like "No, I need to do some MMA shit"
e_bloc: more like getting De-recked
EvilBadman: Khaki pants zombo wanted next
Ba_Dum_Tish: This is a very stable platform
the_card_father: His cat form reminds me of like a really gross zoid. Like if they were all flesh and not robots.
jetpixi: Oh damn @e_bloc
bv310: FBtouchdown right there
fcloud: he takes shotgun blasts at point-blank range and doesnt even flinch. it makes the weapons feel worthelss
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
ashesandmochi: the RE monsters look very cool and those transformations look PAINFUL
ICitizenErasedI: that's derek's best friend chad over there
LightingExpert13: @the_card_father that is weird and kind of a cool varient zoid
e_bloc: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
viridimayai: This isn't a game, it's a movie
jmhodges: Zero stakes, woof
GredGredmansson: stop iiiiiiiit
like_100_bears: @the_card_father thank you for that i can't unsee it now
YeetTheRich_: long live the king
BusTed: My kidneeeey
the_card_father: @lightingexpert13 Like the Masamune Liger except gross.
Kaaosa: "beg for your life!" "no thank you"
fcloud: not my sensitive hip!
Gildan_Bladeborn: My only weakness - ordinary arrows!
e_bloc: not my spleen!!!!
hesterbyrde: Ada OUT!
the_card_father: @like_100_bears You’re welcome?
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
CaptainSpam: Wait, so after all those bullets, just one arrow kills him?
jetpixi: Fancy arrow
couldntpickausername: I'm always curious about mass in transformations like those, are they basically hollow? they grow to 5 times their size without absorbing any mass
mark_cimino: not dead yet
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
monakai: Get ready for excellent imagery
ButButTheJesus: FBtouchdown
x0den: i mean he didn't
BusTed: Or when you ran him over with a train
bv310: Ada Wong, grappling hook master
Arclight_Dynamo: This is plot fire.
EvilBadman: Kryptonite arrow
plummeting_sloth: i mean, are they dead?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well you see Adam... he... totally DID just die, yes.
Tangsm: He got run over by a train!
LightingExpert13: @the_card_father oh man that would so rad in concept
frozenphoenix7: Plot
jonasjonIV: it was anti-derrickium
Moonspeak721: no more questions
jetpixi: It was a special arrow
Naesiir: strange zombie anatomy?
GhostValv: salud :)
e_bloc: good question. next question
Mister_BlueSky: GOOD question. NEXT question.
MegaDosX: So I missed a lot of the stream thanks to my internet being a butt, and yet I somehow feel like context wouldn't help explain what the hell just happened
KaminaDuck: it was a special PLOT arrow
YeetTheRich_: i somehow don't think he is dead
mark_cimino: he will be back
drawnbinary: he got stabbed by all those bullets first??
ashteranic: why did the arrow work when bullets didn't?
baronsamedi23: Twass beauty that killed the beast
Gildan_Bladeborn: That's 100% what just happened, and certainly not NOT what just happened.
GhostValv: D:
like_100_bears: plot fire
fcloud: we're already there
ICitizenErasedI: you try being set on fire TWICE
viridimayai: Can't wait to fight Derek again next chapter
e_bloc: wow she is fucking fast on the text
BusTed: is it a bazooka
Gildan_Bladeborn: Mutated Derek is all cooked, by that fire.
TheAlphaKiwi: It was a plot arrow of fire weakness ofc ofc
the_card_father: @lightingexpert13 Personally I’ll take my zoids with less body horror.
DiscordianTokkan: She sent him a dick pic and a =3
Gildan_Bladeborn: That fire is what kills him.
monakai: Oh she had a draft of that waiting
CompletelyUnsure: She had that shit in drafts
ughman617: Talking isnt mysterious enough, obv
Omthebox: Text to speach
Lithobraker: She had the text queued
jetpixi: Lightning Thumb Ada is what they call her
ashesandmochi: that was a romance moment
mark_cimino: yes
Himyul: it's the helicopter
wynternyghtynggale: its a jetski
bv310: She has that on a shortcut if she just writes "Leon"
Forgotten_Lizard: Is it another text?
MegaDosX: It could be anything, even a boat!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Spoilers: It's a bazooka.
eric_christian_berg: Another helicopter to crash.
e_bloc: and a hot plate
lirazel64: Hot tub.
Sniknob: Is it an orbital lazer?
Makrosian_Tae: It could even be a boat! You know how much we wanted a boat!
mark_cimino: its a brewski
Twizted_Seed: it's THE jetski
ButButTheJesus: it could even be a boat!
A_Dub888: Is it a Jetpack?
Triforcecwp: Its a Box, that could have a boat in it
zeanith_helfire: I'm pretty sure that was the arow of never fail monster slaying
ashteranic: it's simmons 2, simmons harder
LightingExpert13: @the_card_father I would as well but people do love variants
Tangsm: You've been on everything but a jet ski in this game.
viridimayai: Oh, that looks like a boxx area
Naesiir: Leon and Chris speed off into the sunset
Mister_BlueSky: A boats a boat Adam, but the mystery box could be anything.
ArkhamArchivist: Ada has a folder full of drafts of mysterious bullshit
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Was the gift more zombies?
TheAlphaKiwi: Leon Jetski's across the city from the roof of the building
elkae: Game said no pausing
fcloud: oh good, finally some butscenes and combat
Gildan_Bladeborn: Guess who's back!
GredGredmansson: that's how he died
like_100_bears: i think it's a helicopter
fcloud: *cutscenes
plummeting_sloth: it's a manniquin virus I guess
YeetTheRich_: he is still alive what a TWIST
Arclight_Dynamo: Derek. Lives.
mark_cimino: still alive
ZawaAmaz: gattai
the_card_father: @lightingexpert13 That’s not a variant I want. Ooh look. Another thing.
Styxseus: But wait, there's more
BrindleBoar: om nom nom
LizardDucks: Bus sake...
Kaaosa: well you complained that the fire was gonna kill him
GredGredmansson: oh no he's going Super Zombie
Kaaosa: so this is what you get
GhostValv: k
KeytarCat: Zombies in Disguise SingsMic
plummeting_sloth: END
QTL7: Might morphin power rangers
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Fucking Derek
plummeting_sloth: ENNNND
LightingExpert13: alright fair
gualdhar: Resident Evil: Metal Gear edition
Kipstar: god take a hint Derek
RassilonDND: wow did they just turn all those people into tetris pieces?
sydnius: Zombie Voltron
Mister_BlueSky: Something something further beyond.
Gildan_Bladeborn: I really thought we got a breather here, but apparently not.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: How? What is possibly different this time Leon?
ughman617: Release the biotic Derek Simmons. COME ON, COME ON, GIRLS!
NoTomToLose: "Enough is enough," the motto of the RE6 developers
fastlane250: jesus BUSSING christ what is this, fight 5?
bv310: Yes, this time will be terminal Derek
like_100_bears: transformers! zimbies in disguise!
BaconL0rdes: So Derek is now a...mutant zombie scorpion?
xantos69: Ok, if we shoot him, then coat him in lava, then coat that with a nuclear blast, then drizzle acid on that....will THAT kill him?
frank_the_great: This is surprisingly forgettable
like_100_bears: *zombies lol
fcloud: @xantos69 i had an entree like that at chili's once
EvilBadman: Welcome to FINAL DEREK (I have no idea if that is true)
Gildan_Bladeborn: There may be a bit where you have to change zones a bit, that you could pause and run some ads?
lirazel64: You know how, in some classical music, the ending just goes on and on and onnnnn?
MegaDosX: Probably not
mark_cimino: not dead yet
Styxseus: How many forms is that? humanoid, cat, cat-turret, T-rex, and now he's a scorpion?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Of course he's dead Ben - that's how Resident Evil games work.
CaptainSpam: I guess the definition of "horror game" in this case just means "bosses don't have health meters"?
Faulpyr: But, like, when does this end?
viridimayai: Still not dead
Moonspeak721: and then the whole crowd of zombies turned into dereks
jetpixi: He’s not dead yet. He doesn’t want to go on the cart.
sydnius: liber…ated?
Styxseus: Wait.. Why..
bv310: He is absolutely not dead yet. Come on now
LizardDucks: Nom nom
the_card_father: Can I just say. Yuck?
thepirateofthesea: You fool, the zombies only make him stronger
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yeah, pause here.
mark_cimino: ad ad
Ba_Dum_Tish: How many final forms can one man have?
Pharmacistjudge: i'm eat them...and then they are eating me! oh my gooooood
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Even for the RE series this just seems nonsensical.
ArkhamArchivist: Did you hit it with some sort of special rocket launcher? Then it's not dead
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StockTradingRiverOtter: Resident Evil: Man Fellating Giraffe. Loved Graham's playthrough
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Gildan_Bladeborn: This is technically the end of this campaign.
EvilBadman: This seems very End of the Game
do7calm: Derek is THE resident evil. As in he doesn't leave.
SandwichKed: oh no, they're helicoptering
fcloud: joke's on you, the simmons fight lasts another 17 hours
plummeting_sloth: yeah if you pause you might not finish the chapter tonight. Please finish this nonsense tonight
Ba_Dum_Tish: @fcloud not that far off
archon458: I won't tell Graham on you guys
like_100_bears: why helicopter again. last time didn't end well if y'all remember
CaptainSpam: Resident Evil 6: A Hideo Kojima Production
mark_cimino: simmons not dead yet
OmnipotentTrevor: Makes sense that Simmons would be these two character's boss. He kinda started their whole thing
Gildan_Bladeborn: This is literally the last fight in the campaign.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yup.
Tangsm: How was the T-rex not his final form?
elkae: Mothra?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well... why not?
Styxseus: WHAT
xantos69: ok Adam, but is it the worst?
wynternyghtynggale: lord of the flies
Pharmacistjudge: he has digivoled to his Mega form
gibbousm: big bug is last form
like_100_bears: ant man
x0den: beelzebub
ButButTheJesus: SURE
GhostValv: kafka-esque\
bv310: What the actual hell was that line, Leon
Mister_BlueSky: Resident Evil 6: Just don't bother asking questions at this point.
DarthRagnar815: HahaHide
pygmytortle: Science explain
KaminaDuck: Ah, we've reached Starship Troopers level now
Pharmacistjudge: Digivolved to his mega form
Makrosian_Tae: More like BORED of the flies, am I right?
GredGredmansson: So he's been a T-Rex and a Fruit Fly? Derek Simmons = Jeff Goldblum confirmed
fcloud: why do they think bullets are going to hurt him now?
beckett_brass: @Gildan_Bladeborn You know, I normally have an irrational fear of undead insects. Yet, I'm just tired of this one.
CaptainSpam: You want to play rough? Okay! I'll just... keep using the same gun I've been using for the past hour or so. That's... that's rough.
like_100_bears: nooe my mistake. it's the fly
the_card_father: Megakabuterimon
hesterbyrde: IT's like they got a bunch of people to design some boss fights and then just shoved them in at random
Gildan_Bladeborn: This form will make a "tiny" bit more sense later, when you've seen the other campaigns and more of the C virus. But not all that much.
KeytarCat: @GhostValv two streams in a row today!
AtomicAlchemical: We're on our 3rd final boss fight now
Gildan_Bladeborn: @beckett_brass - Entirely fair.
HadesLeprechaun: honestly, legitimately, the reason is devolution, if you've been following the progress of forms
Faulpyr: Why is he a fly?
Styxseus: He's weak to bullets!
Kipstar: the symptoms of this virus seem ... implausible
Pharmacistjudge: he's like a bug dragon thing?
like_100_bears: @the_card_father oh gid it is!
plummeting_sloth: well, sometimes one bullet kills him and sometimes it doesn't
mark_cimino: eyes made out of kevlar
Gildan_Bladeborn: You have to do a thing with some... well you'll see Adam.
BusTed: You got it.
couldntpickausername: I got it
like_100_bears: *god
itomeshi: TMNT
ShaneLeeAtk: TMNT
couldntpickausername: Ninja Turtles
Saintnex: This is basically RE x Dragonball Z where all the enemies keep saying "This isnt even my FINAL form"
sydnius: RAID!!
cutaos: ya tmnt
frozenphoenix7: Why is it a fly
Jensling: Is that a Fallout New Vegas Cazador?
EvilBadman: New York 3Am
Himyul: I thought it was Jeff Goldblum
Gildan_Bladeborn: This isn't a fight that you win "just" with bullets.
TheAlphaKiwi: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way the Derek Bug should be able to fly
the_card_father: @like_100_bears Yup. From Zoids to Digimon. I got it all.
GredGredmansson: No
MegaDosX: No
plummeting_sloth: do you want us to answer that
Trashweazel: i got your joke Adam
Himyul: it's a trap!
monakai: Is this entrapment?
BusTed: I'm saying you got the first reference.
wynternyghtynggale: never
ughman617: Yea
e_bloc: good question. next question
jetpixi: Idk where the jokes are from
elkae: seabatBRAIN
Mordin_Solus_Sings: "That's bait"
Saintnex: No, I think you are great Adam
fastlane250: A fool, yes. Idiot, no.
Hangedman: if anyone jokingly says yes, coconut gun them
RandomTrivia: "Yes" "No" "[non-sequitur]"
BaconL0rdes: Tentative maybe.
gibbousm: you cannot win with Twitch Chat
jetpixi: I never know what’s going on
Banana_Swonk: no
aClonedPickle: "twitch chat, do you think-" no
couldntpickausername: we don't think you're an idiot
Zath_: Well...
DiscordianTokkan: It could've been for chat that didn't get it!
itomeshi: No, we're helping the other chatters and/or we got the joke, hahaha
n3ther: I retain my right to remain silent Kappa
couldntpickausername: do we know?
like_100_bears: Jeff Goldblum wants a eord
e_bloc: love you Adam <3
GredGredmansson: That's a great question I'm glad you asked!
drawnbinary: How can you be an idiot with that gigantic brain?
Twizted_Seed: business casual accounting zombie
CaptainSpam: Roger!
MegaDosX: Adam has the biggest brain
Gildan_Bladeborn: So these zombies are actually an essential part of this fight, and not just an annoying spawning in to distract you.
Gildan_Bladeborn: They're also that of course.
Saintnex: I will say having an actual human as a partner is definitely making this game not nearly as bad
Himyul: you know it's time to quit when you start hearing the yakety sax
fcloud: oh, THIS is bad. i see. we just this instant crossed the border into badness
plummeting_sloth: honestly this game has such crazy scaling problems that by this point seeing a random normal zombie walking around is just quaint
RandomTrivia: YIKES
MegaDosX: Hey look it's Buzzwole
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yeah, you have to use the fact that he does that to finally, FINALLY kill him.
RandomTrivia: NOPE
the_card_father: SPIDER
fcloud: didnt skip chest day
Gildan_Bladeborn: Correct!
Hangedman: it looks cooler than the usual random bone dog blurry transformers
Ritaspirithntr: Oh hey! Beezelbub!
bv310: Bug zapper!
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Great art... terrible... basically everything else
GredGredmansson: bust them sacs
amuseoffirebane: shout out to the people in chat who pointed out the zoids similarity to the cat thing, thanks for cursing my childhood <3
Gildan_Bladeborn: You can impale zomblebies with the zappy things.
sydnius: that won’t fit on my spice rack
ICitizenErasedI: need to find a store around here that sells giant fly spray
the_card_father: @mordin_solus_sings So a resident evil game?
Arclight_Dynamo: Pus sacks.
MegaDosX: Someone get the Mortein
xantos69: @fcloud He didn't skip thorax day. Kappa
gibbousm: shoot the glowy pus sacks
Gildan_Bladeborn: Like that.
Saintnex: Ben, you got the right idea
KeytarCat: the juicy underbelly?
the_card_father: @amuseoffirebane That was me. And you’re welcome.
fcloud: if his head is the weak spot, why does he have all those obvious-looking weak spots on his body?
mark_cimino: if you cant get a clean shot, take a dirty one
jetpixi: Can’t just try to kill the monster. You have to wait your turn.
Saintnex: get it to need to eat zombies, and it will use the spike
Gildan_Bladeborn: Is there another zappy stick?
BrindleBoar: shooting his glowy bits did seem to work
Duwani1: shoot him then he eats zombies to regen health
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well... no, you have to make it want to "heal".
Gildan_Bladeborn: Like that.
Sniknob: What
GredGredmansson: ha, stupid
AkiraBalance27: wat
RandomTrivia: Is it really a "Shoot it until it dies" boss? Way to ruin a cool design.
YeetTheRich_: huh?
HundreydAundre: Shoot & YEET! Chute & TeeYs!
GhostValv: huh...
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Was that a lightning rod?
plummeting_sloth: Thanks Zeus
amuseoffirebane: @the_card_father oh ty I missed your username
Toxxick: ah, lightning rod
EvilBadman: ha h idiot
MagicalAttackGecko: K
Gildan_Bladeborn: Now you find the zappy stick and impale another zomblebie friendo.
ashesandmochi: LMAO SURE
Gildan_Bladeborn: Rinse, repeat.
MegaDosX: "Benjamin Franklin sends his regards, asshole!" - Leon, probably
ashesandmochi: the timing
Alephred: Where are these lightning rods coming from?
Gildan_Bladeborn: The stick went off to the right I believe.
the_card_father: @amuseoffirebane NP. I wouldn’t risk you blaming someone else for making you think of a Fleshy Liger Zero.
sydnius: silly lean, it uses mcpherson struts
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yeah, you guys needed to have impaled a zomblebie there.
e_bloc: what's it going to take to . . .. finish the fight?!?
KeytarCat: OH that was unpleasant...
Gildan_Bladeborn: Stabbeth a zombie.
YeetTheRich_: ben has big rod
Kramburger: Ben's got the Rod in his DMs ;)
e_bloc: it was clear from your story earlier that you got the rod Ben
Mister_BlueSky: :3
RandomTrivia: Oof
gibbousm: LEON!
fcloud: ben status: munched on
frozenphoenix7: Guys I think
Hangedman: these games have fuckin miserable encounter design
GhostValv: bloobyWeird
frozenphoenix7: This game MIGHT suck
EvilBadman: And now he's eating you. Oh my goddd
ButButTheJesus: oh god is she ok
YeetTheRich_: whis is this cutscene so long?
Banana_Swonk: did she live
Kramburger: Break?
saucemaster5000: what an electrifying finale
balfizan: time for ads
Tangsm: That was a really long death we all had to watch.
Gildan_Bladeborn: The amount of zombies it throws at you is not insignificant.
MegaDosX: Now here's the question: is this better or worse than the Wesker fight in the volcano from last game?
viridimayai: He takes a single bite, and then he's like "Actually this food sucks" and then dips.
ughman617: You cant ignore all zombies forever i guess
Arclight_Dynamo: We have been playing a boss fight for two and a half hours.
YeetTheRich_: no we will never play the ads
HundreydAundre: How likely would it be for any of these boss monsters to overrun the planet? (Besides nuclear winter rebuttals)
Sniknob: I just realized the continue screen is flyshapped that's kinda neat
Saintnex: The boss fight is overly designed
bv310: Okay, the "Your partner died" being through the segmented eyes is pretty cool
RandomTrivia: It's absolutely a demonstration of TOO MUCH of a good thing
jetpixi: Looooong death
Gildan_Bladeborn: Well... from start to finish.
BusTed: A dog's age.
plummeting_sloth: this entire campaign is based around fighting two people, this chungus and Helena's sister
Gildan_Bladeborn: Graham didn't take an entire episode for just THIS bit of the fight.
couldntpickausername: dear game designers, checkpoint AFTER cutscenes
EvilBadman: G also did it solo and had to rely on the npc
e_bloc: if Adam ever has his own solo game show he should call it Adam's Gamehaus
lilsaxyboy: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:17:44.
Arclight_Dynamo: "we need to ass this groundhole."
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think it only took a couple of tries total on this part.
fcloud: airborne? he doesnt even have wings
like_100_bears: on the plus side this is absolutely the final boss
quixy23: Have you played Resident Evil 4?
Saintnex: good question... next question
Omthebox: Its plot lightning
DrWreckage: video games
viridimayai: Narrative convenience
fcloud: that would have made it too obvious
Banana_Swonk: it wasn't high enough
RandomTrivia: @Arclight_Dynamo "Hey Beej! Get the Butt!" lrrBEEJ
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Glaciopolimer: I miss twink leon
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Arclight_Dynamo: @RandomTrivia :D
Gildan_Bladeborn: Stab a zombie with it Ben!
sydnius: that bug is very attractive
fcloud: why is it so dark? worse than a dc movie
HundreydAundre: Somewhere in RE5 Graham replying: Good question. Next question, pls.
Saintnex: uhh so there is a design reason for all the zombies
jetpixi: They oughta make something like Raid for Zombies.
Arclight_Dynamo: Nah, we gonna Wiggins this fight and do it the hard way.
mark_cimino: thingys, is that the technical term?
Mister_BlueSky: Finish this... fight?
RandomTrivia: Yes, yes it is
fcloud: you use the rod to stab a zombie and then he eats the zombie and gets zapped
Gildan_Bladeborn: You impale a zombie with the lightning rod Ben, you don't stab him with it directly (yet).
Duwani1: rod goes in zombie
Mordin_Solus_Sings: Put the rod in a zombie?
MegaDosX: Maybe need to clear the zombies so he can't regenerate?
HundreydAundre: I hear petty theft but I'm not playing magic yet. WHY?
Gildan_Bladeborn: You get him to pull it towards him by himself.
do7calm: Spike the zombie, make him heal
balfizan: you need to be in between his mandibles
e_bloc: is there even an IRL semi-auto sniper rilfe
Gildan_Bladeborn: He'll always grab the zombie you stabbed.
e_bloc: *rifle
Pharmacistjudge: can you not lightning rod on first down because they want to lengthen the fight?
like_100_bears: spike the zombie not the simmons
jetpixi: Oh let’s get stabby
HundreydAundre: Anyone hearing petty theft on occasion from said stream?
ButButTheJesus: stab zombie
ButButTheJesus: no
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ben, you have to stab the zombies, not Derek.
DrWreckage: You put it in the zombie
viridimayai: Oh you gotta stab a zombie.
Mister_BlueSky: The lightning rod goes in the zombie hole.
saucemaster5000: THAT makes sense?
Hangedman: context-less actions, coool cool game design
elkae: Does anything in this game make sense
Gildan_Bladeborn: I think later you also use it like a literal spear.
jetpixi: As much as we all wanna stab Derek. Gotta stab zombie apparently.
like_100_bears: got there!
plummeting_sloth: it's like a baby, here comes the airplane
Gildan_Bladeborn: But not at first.
RandomTrivia: @saucemaster5000 Making sense is relative when it comes to RE games
the_card_father: Wasn’t Derek the name of the brother in Step Brothers who sings?
the_card_father: Is that the Derek we want to stab?
Gildan_Bladeborn: Probably.
e_bloc: ah the spear of longinus
Pharmacistjudge: do you know what happens to a giant bug when it's hit by lightning?
EhItsRy: Good job tentacle grabbing the ONE zombie with the lightning rod idiot
Glaciopolimer: lmao get smote
fcloud: phase 1 complete
quixy23: Nothing better than a roasted bug.
the_card_father: “Thor says you’re ugly”
jetpixi: Once? Twice? Three times a dead Derek? Oh just once ok
Kipstar: any guess for his next form?
the_card_father: @pharmacistjudge No. Bad.
Gildan_Bladeborn: And now he's definitely, definitely dead.
saucemaster5000: few halfway through the fight
Mister_BlueSky: Get to the chopper!
mark_cimino: not dead yet
xantos69: Ok well they got him for sure this time...
RandomTrivia: benginRemy
CaptainSpam: And we're definitely for totally sure he's dead now. The end!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Certainly not still alive.
ButButTheJesus: aw remy
sydnius: choppa
viridimayai: Can't wait for the on rails helicopter Derek bossfight
TotallyNotaBeholder: Actual get to the Chopper moment
do7calm: Got him? Press X to doubt
Pharmacistjudge: @the_card_father come on, that was perfefct
novaecorvidae: I just clicked on this stream... I feel like I missed something from last time
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LightingExpert13: remy just wants some ben hugs
beckett_brass: @novaecorvidae Hello. WElcome to the final boss!
MegaDosX: He will revive and come after you as you fly away, I bet
the_card_father: @pharmacistjudge I mean. My objection is to the original use more than your reference.
ICitizenErasedI: that's a weird looking jet ski
Gildan_Bladeborn: No... he would never do that.
Mister_BlueSky: I'm sure this helicopter won't be attacked and/or exploded.
MegaDosX: Oh hey guess what
Drag0nrun: He wasent actually dead..
fcloud: it's a sky jet ski
RandomTrivia: Welp
Mister_BlueSky: Oh wait.
mark_cimino: nope
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
Mr_Horrible: this boss has been... SO long
viridimayai: RPG means it is over. It's RE tradition
MegaDosX: You hit him with lightning, what more do you need to do?!?
Saintnex: Honestly, the first chunk of the Leon campaign was actually good, and then there's this
Gildan_Bladeborn: Because it's not Resident Evil unless you kill the last boss with a bazooka.
drawnbinary: where is he getting all these bones
wolvsbane: benginFacepalm
gibbousm: you had to say it Ben
xantos69: Oh no! Who could have predicted this?
GredGredmansson: it turns out that derek was not actually dead
CaptainSpam: What ? He's alive ? This is a twist ! ! !
gibbousm: lrrFINE
YeetTheRich_: nobody could have seen this coming
jetpixi: *Picard facepalm*
sydnius: RAID?
elkae: He just keeps getting bigger wtf
bv310: ShockedPikachuFace/jpeg
NightWingMistHawk: "We need to make sure our players get the maximum value out of the boss for this campaign!"
jetpixi: Yeah need a big can of RAID
HundreydAundre: Were back at RE3. Cept this isn't how it ended.
like_100_bears: what a twist!
Gildan_Bladeborn: It IS traditional.
CaptainSpam: And then the helicopter turns into a jetski.
Mister_BlueSky: As is tradition.
saucemaster5000: okay six more forms to go
plummeting_sloth: the only thing that can kill a mutated National Security Advisor... an oblesk
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah. The Cable Man death.
Banana_Swonk: oh hey that's how dio died
Rootpotato: great, not its jojo
Styxseus: Really?
GredGredmansson: I think that enemy got...THE POINT
Gildan_Bladeborn: Look how poetic this bit is my dudes.
beckett_brass: That's what kills him?
RandomTrivia: Oh yeah, THAT one kills him benginFacepalm
jetpixi: HONESTLY
GhostValv: k
Forgotten_Lizard: BEN
wargodmogis: Dio is dead now
RandomTrivia: Good joke Ben
viridimayai: A single spike? THAT'S what did it?!!?!?
e_bloc: lrrWOW
Gildan_Bladeborn: It gets cooler, actually.
elkae: BEN
wolvsbane: Checkpoint
beckett_brass: Ben, I appreciate that joke.
GredGredmansson: Well Done Ben
Gildan_Bladeborn: And dumber.
MegaDosX: That's an unreasonable amount of blood
xantos69: Ben you spiked that joke.
Hangedman: and this isn't cool again
HundreydAundre: He got something.
CaptainSpam: Then the entire spire comes to life and attacks, we know, we know...
Styxseus: Oh wait
Arclight_Dynamo: Umbrella. GET IT
EhItsRy: Lightning: No, Rockets: No, Iron Spike: Yes
jetpixi: It was nifty
jonasjonIV: its....umbrella
bv310: Very subtle storytelling
ButButTheJesus: NEAT
Saintnex: do you GET it?
ifritleviathan: t that the viscerl sound effect from bloodbone
GhostValv: symbowism
BusTed: ohhhhhhh
jetpixi: Oh noooo?
SmoreThanAFeelin: wwoooowww
Sniknob: That's kinda cute
BusTed: i seeeeeeeee
Banana_Swonk: get what
Omthebox: I'm lost tbh
HundreydAundre: Crap. a ritual.
JonnyGlitch: what are the chances?!
StockTradingRiverOtter: I don't get it
SnackPak_: I don't
GredGredmansson: I GET IT
wynternyghtynggale: no
xantos69: Ben I don't get it. Can you explain?
MegaDosX: symbowism
Forgotten_Lizard: No I don't get it. Can you explain?
boardham: i get it
CaptainSpam: We might need to review a few more times.
n3ther: so not on the nose
e_bloc: could you try it one more time
couldntpickausername: can you explain it better?
BrindleBoar: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
gibbousm: cheesy af
Drag0nrun: That person has way way too much blood.
mark_cimino: got it
Beowulf_Bjornson: I need it explained, please
Gildan_Bladeborn: This game is soooooo smart. Is what bizarro universe me would say.
DiscordianTokkan: Oh! TMNT
lemmel: No, explain it again, but slower
saucemaster5000: can you explain?
elkae: Haha :)
jetpixi: I blinked and missed what did they do
frozenphoenix7: No Ben I don't please explain in detail
RandomTrivia: And now the blood transfers his consciousness into something else, right? That would be a very RE thing to do
Pharmacistjudge: but neo umbrella and umbrella are not the same thing
Aenir798: I don't get it can you explain
HundreydAundre: He'll probably be back...
ICitizenErasedI: umbrella? what a twist
sydnius: LUL
SmoreThanAFeelin: hahaha
NotCainNorAbel: I don't get it, please explain
wolvsbane: do it now
plummeting_sloth: that giant drop off the building was for my sister. She had a very specific request for revenge
maxthefourth: I think that enemy got.. THE POINT
Trashweazel: i dont see it
Rhynerd: It’s the only way to survive!
JonnyGlitch: Did they just complete an ancient ritual? Did you just take a level in Warlock?
Mister_BlueSky: FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: Imagine if that blew up the chopper
Kipstar: now you fight the monolith
RandomTrivia: Pffft
BrindleBoar: FBtouchdown
ButButTheJesus: you HAD to say it
Saintnex: hehehe
tergonis: good talk
ltkAlpha: helena...
Styxseus: HA
SandwichKed: This is before new improved Blue Umbrella.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Never call Adam's bluff.
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
ltkAlpha: please...
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
YeetTheRich_: yes avoid the A D S
GredGredmansson: LEON'S BETRAYAL
bv310: Go land the chopper next to a beach so we can get on a jetski as god intended
jonasjonIV: that's for MY sister!
ya_boi_choco: that boy had a lot of blood for someone who's died 10x
jetpixi: GOAL
GhostValv: long live the king....
gibbousm: that wasn't very cash money of you Adam
Styxseus: *shake*
elkae: No ads, only goofs
GredGredmansson: does Leon HAVE a sister?
Phailhammer: This is basically how all my co-op sessions end.
quixy23: If you kill each other, you have to restart the entire boss fight.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Roll credits.
Banana_Swonk: a macaron
DiscordianTokkan: Egg
Saintnex: @LoadingReadyRun So there is a post credits stinger
quixy23: I think that's how it works in Co-op RE6
jetpixi: I thought it was an egg for a second too
sydnius: adatag
Duwani1: they are so dirty
RandomTrivia: Oh you are NOT serious
RandomTrivia: WHAT
MegaDosX: Oh of course, give her the makeup kit
hesterbyrde: No way in hell she wears those colors.
BrindleBoar: "I can't hold this"
mark_cimino: the antidote
MegaDosX: Good lord
saucemaster5000: opens makeup, simmons pops out
Styxseus: Oh god
viridimayai: W O W
Gildan_Bladeborn: That's actually the present she left you, along with the rocket launcher.
StockTradingRiverOtter: Did that say vd card?
CaptainSpam: Oh, hey, it's Ada's vacation pics! How lovely!
Makrosian_Tae: COMMUNISM
plummeting_sloth: Their Innocence
hesterbyrde: AWWWWW *puke*
Pharmacistjudge: lament of innocence
Styxseus: Uhhhhg
e_bloc: now kissssssssssssssss
Forgotten_Lizard: WE DID IT
MegaDosX: WHAT
GhostValv: k
RandomTrivia: FUCK
saucemaster5000: yaay
plummeting_sloth: the solution was EXPLOSIONS
NavelWarfare: Yeah, because being the giant monster that destroyed the city didn't
like_100_bears: anybody else having trouble with lag?
control_rig: What
Gildan_Bladeborn: Turns out, you just shoot the zombies a bunch!
CompletelyUnsure: Look, the problem is over!
Gildan_Bladeborn: Who knew, right?
YeetTheRich_: oh why that IS good news thank you
Kipstar: "You have to shoot it a bunch"
Omthebox: #Phone Calls that could have been a text
Styxseus: Ohhhh wow
GredGredmansson: turns out Derek is just SHIT at making zombies
wargodmogis: I assume that was because of another play through
CaptainSpam: "It involves a lot of gunfire and a lightning rod. See, all you have to... why are you crying, Leon?"
viridimayai: What is causing all of these explosions by the way?
Haroldholmes25: Mission Accomplished FBtouchdown
Gildan_Bladeborn: Sadly, he doesn't.
mark_cimino: no ads?
RandomTrivia: @like_100_bears Stream looks smooth from here
Tangsm: "Hey, Leon. While you were off playing around, we cured the virus."
Kramburger: >Heather has entered the chat
LightingExpert13: what chapter are we on again? It has been too long.
MegaDosX: If Mutated Derek appears again now I'm going to be so mad
Sniknob: And to think this started with the president being shot
plummeting_sloth: wait, didn't Helena explicitly say she didn't how to pilot
Mister_BlueSky: Could've been worse.
Gildan_Bladeborn: That was actually his final form, as much as I want to troll you and tell you that he shows up more times in even more ridiculous forms.
GredGredmansson: no, the VIRUS killed millions of people
Hangedman: too bad about all those incidentally-non-white NPCs who lived in this massive metropolitan city
jetpixi: So long and goodnight
hesterbyrde: But the white people are alive
HundreydAundre: The End....??
zeanith_helfire: FBtouchdown
ltkAlpha: @CaptainSpam LOL
e_bloc: my work here is done!
chesul: and thus ends RE: Man Fellating Giraffe.
wynternyghtynggale: and we didnt get a jetski
like_100_bears: ah good my internet is just garbage
Sniknob: What is this song
RandomTrivia: Yeah how does the game get worse from here?!
BusTed: gg
sydnius: jetski!
zeldakid1999: FBtouchdown
LightingExpert13: what?!
Mister_BlueSky: ROLL CREDITS
Makrosian_Tae: ROLL CREDITS
elkae: Post-credits scene!
Forgotten_Lizard: We did it Patrick! We saved the city!
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
hesterbyrde: JETSKI
Banana_Swonk: there's a post credit stinger apparently
BanditoHorse: This is the end of the game??
HundreydAundre: W U T?
e_bloc: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
tergonis: we got the funk
wolvsbane: FBtouchdown
GhostValv: FBtouchdown
Makrosian_Tae: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Hangedman: sex jazz
YeetTheRich_: funky
gibbousm: there is an Epilogue
SmoreThanAFeelin: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Kramburger: Killing Simmons fixes our problem of having to fight Simmons
drawnbinary: your mans looks like Edgeworth had a rough time
ButButTheJesus: ADAM
Arclight_Dynamo: "New ringtone" is what this music is. Kappa
xantos69: Welcome to my German Disco Tech!
CyberColossus: jazz flex
Kazman20a: 70's funk
Saintnex: There is a post credit scene too
Forgotten_Lizard: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
ashesandmochi: OH NO
KaminaDuck: What
CaptainSpam: But wait! You've got more campaigns to do!
MagicalAttackGecko: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
the_card_father: panicBasket
Stormthius: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Rhynerd: Congratulations! You completed the Leon campaign!
jetpixi: A Little too upbeat I think
prince_infidel: The good part of the game is over!
CyberColossus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Styxseus: XD
Gildan_Bladeborn: Is this not the appropriate music for this game's first campaign's conclusion?
jibkat: What did I miss?
HundreydAundre: Was this three streams long?
DiscordianTokkan: =3
JonnyGlitch: Did you fly out over water towards the horizion?
jetpixi: Ben sure didn’t
e_bloc: sounds like you did Ben :p
frank_the_great: Also that train crash
absorbedtulip9: Weird
ya_boi_choco: even the devs had enough of this game
Duwani1: congrats 1/4 complete
Gildan_Bladeborn: Oh they're going through ALL the campaigns.
elkae: Let's see what's after this
Ba_Dum_Tish: You got away with it because the city got virused
rabbitgta: seems like Capcom phoned in the ending a little bit
Arclight_Dynamo: Yeah, actually, the other stories are worse.
RandomTrivia: Oh noooo
CyberColossus: Lol
quixy23: Hey Adam, I just checked your last videos on your Seabats channel. You still play League of Legends?
the_card_father: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Hangedman: it's 3.5 campaigns basically, and this was 1
Talin06: end of part one
mark_cimino: noooooooo
Gildan_Bladeborn: You guys are in for a world of shit.
GhostValv: bloobyWeird
HundreydAundre: I don't get it.
ButButTheJesus: yay! its (a quarter) over!
the_card_father: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
BusTed: Credits ran, that means you beat it.
Mister_BlueSky: Now it's time for the good bad parts.
Gildan_Bladeborn: But it's also kind of cool, in a lot of places.
ughman617: So i might think “why is that the end?” Instead, it’s like “yay its over”
GredGredmansson: Let's NOPE truly living up to its name
Gildan_Bladeborn: There are entire types of enemies you haven't even seen yet.
aClonedPickle: the rest of the game isn't, like, significantly worse
gibbousm: Chris and Ada each have a story
Ba_Dum_Tish: Ready for gears of Chris
Kramburger: RE8 RE8 RE8 RE8 RE8!
ashesandmochi: oh god chris next
the_card_father: benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy
jetpixi: Did you really?
Gildan_Bladeborn: They're... well they're interesting at least.
Pharmacistjudge: yeah...this was the arguable best of the branching paths
Kaaosa: adam congrats on beatin a video game
ashesandmochi: i'm so excited
Kaaosa: didn't think you could do it
Tripleyew: “I need a way to kill a lot of zombies, but I don’t have any way to pay for it - can we… work out a trade?”
jibkat: Run adds for 26 mins?
Gildan_Bladeborn: You could watch the intro of the chapter though.
Zath_: No one will think less of you if you stop now
Kaaosa: ben I never doubted you
Duwani1: epilogue
plummeting_sloth: well, 2.5 more
Styxseus: It's true, but my I think my brain has erased the memory in self defense. I dont remember ANYTHING... This is wild.
Rhynerd: Wait! There’s a stinger!
xantos69: cheer500 Thanks for the amazing stream!
Talin06: subs?
YeetTheRich_: just 26 mins of remy cam pls
elkae: Stinger!
RandomTrivia: Oh good grief this is gonna take a while
YawnLance: We did say it was very bad
Banana_Swonk: who is jake
jetpixi: Wait it’s not over? Wtf why are there credits?
Moonspeak721: are y'all doing re7?
Saintnex: @LoadingReadyRun there is a epilogue to the campaign, so maybe watch that first?
Mister_BlueSky: Just a little more campaign? As a treat?
CyberColossus: James story is great
saucemaster5000: will it be though?
ButButTheJesus: remy cam pls
ughman617: I think i need drugs even just to watch re6
Hangedman: i will say that the other stories are also very very dumb
ICitizenErasedI: can't wait until 2028 when you guys start re8
ChippTunes: Wait hold on is this game shitty AND long?!
HundreydAundre: Well, technically.... you could end game to how this went down.
itomeshi: stinger: campaign two
Gildan_Bladeborn: Jake is Wesker's son, and Sherry's "partner".
ashesandmochi: j a k e
ButButTheJesus: oh adam
Styxseus: Hahaha
saucemaster5000: sorry we forgot
mark_cimino: define bad
CaptainSpam: We were rather subtle about it, yeah...
jetpixi: I’ve been duped, too!
Mister_BlueSky: That was sarcasm.
MegaDosX: I'm sure some people said that
elkae: It's the best RE game tho
jibkat: They feed on your suffering
Gildan_Bladeborn: Yes, we all told you it was amazing, and the best game in the series. Certainly not the opposite of that.
circusofkirkus: I'll own that L
Saintnex: yup, definitely our fault
ughman617: You could play demo of re8
Banana_Swonk: it sure does look pretty tho
YawnLance: I deserved that :p
gibbousm: is 6 viewed as the worst or was that 5?
EhItsRy: its a resident evil with a number above like, 3 on it, The assumption is there
hesterbyrde: Graham didnt' warn you
e_bloc: I genuinely enjoyed this game
viridimayai: RE6 is like the Last Airbender movie. We block it from out memories.
Mister_BlueSky: They didn't use the sarcasm tags.
Haroldholmes25: I figured the fact that it was bad was why y'all we're playing it
GredGredmansson: We all said "Let's Nope" and you thought we were hyping up the show
bionicborp: I mean still not as bad as 5
Ba_Dum_Tish: We were just luring you in
kumatsu: oh hey, someone already modded Thomas the Tank Engine into RE Village
CyberColossus: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alephred: I think RE6 is considered the Assassin's Creed Unity of the franchise.
Saintnex: we definitely said RE6 was the BEST RE game ever
Pharmacistjudge: I am very excited legitimately, because I don't want to play it but I want to see it.
Styxseus: I mean, I'm having a good time watching this <3
jetpixi: Subjective or objective?
Arclight_Dynamo: Man, imagine being "English Language Dialogue Supervisor" for Resident Evil 6...
Kaaosa: re5 wasn't bad
ButButTheJesus: yep that's what we said
JonnyGlitch: To me, this was time and money well spent
Kaaosa: re5 was best
ButButTheJesus: !listen
LRRbot: Chat? Engaging in mimicry?
Hangedman: re5 was dismal
jibkat: 700+ people say they love this content
ButButTheJesus: :D
GredGredmansson: !quote best
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Gildan_Bladeborn: I mean, I legitimately AM excited to see you two play this.
JonnyGlitch: cos I saved money and braincells by never buying this game
GredGredmansson: !findquote greatest
LRRbot: Quote #1667: "I'm the greatest Cori?" —Cori [2016-01-26]
ICitizenErasedI: sounds like graham
Makrosian_Tae: !badadvice
LRRbot: Try challenging the chat.
Kaaosa: re5 is literally the only RE I have ever finished
aleunwolfe: I liked 5, but in a cheesy bicep kinda way
Gildan_Bladeborn: This is the content that I crave.
EdoardoZone: 6th best RE
GredGredmansson: Graeme Stark
MegaDosX: Someone clip that so Graham can hear it
Tripleyew: Truly, the real horror was the gameplay along the way
Moonspeak721: he just goes around saying that
jamesthedabbler: Part of the fun of this is watching y'all mock the game
ButButTheJesus: that was a good GRAIL?
Kaaosa: every other RE has bored me into oblivion
Mister_BlueSky: Gotta finish the fight.
JonnyGlitch: I leave it to my favorite Streamers to spend their time and braincells on games I'm unsure of
jetpixi: That’s how they get you
jibkat: Gdog stark always says his name mid sentence
Gildan_Bladeborn: You have to finish all 4 campaigns to know how it actually ends, yes.
plummeting_sloth: yeah, very nice of the game to give you an offramp
jetpixi: I’d just google it
ButButTheJesus: we know how much you love lore
HadesLeprechaun: it is the most FUN of the series, is it the best? well that's more subjective
fcloud: unless you know HOW MANY times simmons dies, REALLY
Arclight_Dynamo: No, it's like watching a trainwreck. You can't look away.
plummeting_sloth: "ARe you SURE you want do that 3 more times?"
Saintnex: @Gildan_Bladeborn I mean... know is a pretty strong word
plummeting_sloth: Ooookay
circusofkirkus: A queen bee
NightWingMistHawk: Wait, hold the phone, Liam F-ing O'Brian did the voice direction for this game?!
Gildan_Bladeborn: It only "kind of" starts to make total "sense" (in the way that anything ever makes sense in these games) until you've finished Ada's chapter.
bv310: Oh hey, Liam O'Brien did the VA direction for this
bv310: That's fun
EvilBadman: Ya gotta play through Shadow and Amy's story still
RandomTrivia: But on the upside, Ben is now VERY good at yeeting apples :D
jibkat: We need proof
Styxseus: Yup. It's that "I cant look away" -feeling
JonnyGlitch: It seemed super smooth
jmhodges: That was a WILDLY difficulty bee pic tho
saucemaster5000: I'll. be honest having never seen this one, it''s been fun to watch
couldntpickausername: honestly, as the goal of a game is to have fun then I'd argue the most fun could be called the best by some metrics
JonnyGlitch: the story was a war crime
frank_the_great: Hey, it was the queen bee
NavelWarfare: @jibkat Was there, can confirm diamond 3 star
Hangedman: and Ada, aka Big The Cat
Mister_BlueSky: Chaos Control!
JonnyGlitch: this Engine would be great modded
KeytarCat: I want these mechanics in a better game
Gildan_Bladeborn: And for all the very truthful warnings we were giving you about how garbage it's going to be, there are a lot of parts you're 100% going to unironically enjoy.
YeetTheRich_: it's the most "fun" in the same sense that faerie mound is the most "fun" of the series
jibkat: How could I not trust NavelWarfare ?
plummeting_sloth: this game needed to be about half as long at a minimum
Mister_BlueSky: He's already DEAD!
Styxseus: I mean, it leaves an impression for sure
saucemaster5000: they needed the snyder cut editor
hesterbyrde: This is a game about how -not- to do committee design
kumatsu: so Resident Evil is a Tarantino movie?
NavelWarfare: @jibkat :D
Saintnex: they Yes and... WAY too much
GredGredmansson: you can only kill a character multiple times if it isn't all done in the same cahpter
CaptainSpam: Wow, these credits are scrolling fast and they're STILL too long.
Ba_Dum_Tish: This might have done better if it wasn't a mainline game
CompletelyUnsure: "You get T-rex, fly, OR gun-cat; not all three!"
jetpixi: Always seems awful when doing the making
RandomTrivia: Every game design team should have one person who's job it is to disagree with anyone who says "yes and"
JonnyGlitch: People can fall for their own hype about things
Kramburger: The developers knew, but the higher ups overrulled them
ashesandmochi: me all the time
Gildan_Bladeborn: The first campaign with Leon is the most like a "normal" Resident Evil game, in terms of tone/execution. Chris and Piers was jokingly referred to as "Piers of War" by Graham for good reason, and Sherry/Jake's has... well you'll see.
ElissenRedux: That's why you always get outside eyes on stuff you're producing
JonnyGlitch: then they just keep jamming content in
Hangedman: the two other main campaigns actually overlap with each other a lot more, at least
plummeting_sloth: the person that said that got to direct RE7
The_Myrddraal: I just imagine the game director was like Jameson saying "I want more cheesy dialouge goddammit!"
elkae: gunkata
Gildan_Bladeborn: Ada's will have a character that wasn't in the single-player game for Ben to play (assuming Adam is playing as Ada).
EvilBadman: lemme get uhhhhh scorpion Derek
jetpixi: Damn I missed the gun cat. Like a Palico?
Mister_BlueSky: You would think.
GredGredmansson: is "Piers of War" supposed to specifically reference anything?
EdoardoZone: Japanese people are too polite to tell the director their stuff is crap
Arclight_Dynamo: Yeah, the other stories are... weird.
Pharmacistjudge: Ben, it's simple, Derek is a have to beat his rookie, champion, ultimate and mega forms.
Styxseus: They say the worst thing you can feel is "unmoved" this is.. impressive. In its own way
drawnbinary: y'all got boned by gun-cat?
Gildan_Bladeborn: @GredGredmansson - the popular game series "Gears of War", and the name of the character that Graham picked to play as.
BusTed: They threw it all out the window.
Tangsm: I feel bad for the guy who pitched the T-rex fight, and then his boss went, "And then what happens?"
ughman617: “The board insists we kick it up to 11. Everything to 11”
hesterbyrde: RE7 was coherent.
GredGredmansson: @Gildan_Bladeborn oh, i guess that game also has similar pacing?
Banana_Swonk: this feels like a movie, re7 seems like a game
gualdhar: RE8 next week?\
Arclight_Dynamo: "Welp. We fucked it with 6, boys. Better do a reset for 7."
Ba_Dum_Tish: This is RE as Richard Garfield intended
Styxseus: :D
Subject_XY3: BEEGER
Saintnex: TBH, at this point of game design, games just kept jamming more and more to have more of that "Bang for Your Buck" so games had to be SUPER long
hesterbyrde: @Tangsm GOD RIGHT?
Makrosian_Tae: GIGGA ZOMBI
Gildan_Bladeborn: @GredGredmansson - it has a lot of chest-high walls, and beefy men pushing themselves against them, mostly.
JonnyGlitch: Yeah people who complained about the shift to FPS obviously forgot about the last few installements
EvilBadman: RE8 has an actual demo now too. pretty good
jibkat: T Rex fight should of been level 1
DiscordianTokkan: Giga puddi zombi
lirazel64: Giant, bulbous fly
BusTed: Jumbo Salazar
RandomTrivia: LUL
Styxseus: XD
JonnyGlitch: THAT would have been BONKERS
sydnius: giant flyswatter
CaptainSpam: Geez, how long are these credits?
Jim02762: @jetpixi No. Not a Palico! How'd you miss the subway battle??
saucemaster5000: salazar is always big time
JonnyGlitch: he totally WAS
ButButTheJesus: our little lord boy
Glaciopolimer: YES
JonnyGlitch: it's why 4 is my favorite
BaconL0rdes: In the BEST way possible.
Officinalis: RE please save Salazar's DNA for RE8.
Saintnex: This game would have been a lot better if they just went full absurd
plummeting_sloth: if these credits are any indication, there was probably too damn many cooks in this game and every one wanted their own thing in it
jetpixi: Dude idk. I can’t tell you what I was doing. I didn’t remember lol @jim02762
fastlane250: Whaaat?
YeetTheRich_: this is just a l4d2 mod
Styxseus: Wait
ughman617: Remember when salazar had a 100 foot tall statue chase you somehow
Kramburger: Salazar was like a Monster factory Character that got canonised
EhItsRy: every single one of those people spent hours of their life working to make this project best they could,
Hangedman: it was some unlockable chars in Mercenaries
jibkat: Cant forget DAG music
GredGredmansson: look at all of these logos
Arclight_Dynamo: Maybe Valve sued and had them put the note it? Like for Terminator?
JonnyGlitch: game mechanics are not copywritable
Hangedman: the MP wave defense thing
fcloud: everybody in japan worked on this game
Mister_BlueSky: So many people worked on this game.
CaptainSpam: These logos seem to imply the entire game industry was brought into make this.
GredGredmansson: just...not with each other
YeetTheRich_: thanks to getty images lol
Hangedman: i respect the effort but not the design
itomeshi: Wiki says the L4D2 were added as RE6 DLC
Omthebox: Aaaaand they failed. Sometimes it happens
itomeshi: L4D2 chars*
HundreydAundre: VALVe cameo
Arclight_Dynamo: they put a lot of effort into the atomic bomb, too.
RandomTrivia: It's important to recognise when a thing is bad even when it took effort to make
Saintnex: Honestly, maybe too many people worked on this. It maybe should have been streamlined a bit
EhItsRy: I was more taking the piss out of the game than the people,
MegaDosX: Ben spilling the tea
jibkat: Bad games take WAY MORE effort
jetpixi: When was this game made? Was one of the folks an MCR fan?
amuseoffirebane: @jetpixi it was more like... you ever see zoids? the liger mechs? it was a flesh robot saber cat with a bone machine gun
plummeting_sloth: it really should ahve ended wiht "Fuck you for playing"
EhItsRy: "and it still ended up like this"
rasterscan: I mean, this one feels squarely the fault of the director and writers
Phailhammer: They did a tie-in thing. I think L4D2 has RE6 stuff as well.
ughman617: Now when i leave the house, i am scared 100 foot tall stone statues are going to chase me. Because ill have to hit x repeatedly
RayFK: Roll credits
Gildan_Bladeborn: There are 3 more campaigns.
BaconL0rdes: It's the same feeling I have about the Sonic '06 animation team. (You know exactly what I'm referring to.)
jetpixi: Oh ew fun @amuseoffirebane
ButButTheJesus: yay! its (a quarter) over!
Omthebox: The credit credits
Gildan_Bladeborn: Very little of them specifically overlap with this one.
GredGredmansson: 8 years later... Kappa
kumatsu: @RayFK Credits 2: The Revengeance
Gildan_Bladeborn: Basically just the parts where you saw the other characters.
plummeting_sloth: uh, we saw her body. that grave needs to be bigger
JonnyGlitch: I feel like there are a lot of extremely talented coders who feel betrayed by the writers
saucemaster5000: hand out of ground, it's simmons
jetpixi: Sorry Deb
Arclight_Dynamo: DEADbrah.
ButButTheJesus: @saucemaster5000 i lol'd
Omthebox: Where are we
RandomTrivia: And yeah, to be fair the people who made the game engine, the graphics, the soundtrack, the visual FX and a bunch of other mechanical stuff did great. This definitely felt like a "writers with no brakes" problem
GredGredmansson: nah her body contracted to human form, like Simmons did
SandwichKed: I don't think she's washed that vest.
JonnyGlitch: it's a solid game engine, it's almost criminal this game was so bad
aClonedPickle: "kill me"
bv310: I love that the placard in the background just says "Cemetery"
YeetTheRich_: "shoot me"
hesterbyrde: Like... do these people not have any actual friends? No way in hell am I going to my sister's grave with my coworkers.
Lithobraker: please let deb's hand come out of the grpund
jibkat: Now, shoot yourself?
plummeting_sloth: here is your mourning gun
BaconL0rdes: It's weird, you'd think that once they made it back to society Leon wouldn't look like shit.
jetpixi: Murica
Jim02762: @jetpixi Aw, you missed it by just a few minutes! (just checked the log)
rasterscan: Uh
Styxseus: Pfff
e_bloc: you get a gun before you got to prison
rasterscan: She helped kill 70000 people
itomeshi: Because THAT is how the law works.
Gildan_Bladeborn: That is that gun's purpose, yes.
RayFK: It's your Evoker.
rasterscan: Even if she was blackmailed
HundreydAundre: Would he, though?
kumatsu: quicktime event to Press F
RayFK: Youknow what to do
Saintnex: yup, helped kill the President? just get back to work
JonnyGlitch: This is why PC games need to be open to dedicated modders
elkae: That's why it's black
EdoardoZone: kith
Kramburger: Don't talk to me before I've had a cup of Gun
ughman617: Here, kill yourself with this pistol
Dumori: A Grief Glok
Pharmacistjudge: you get, Leon is the president now, that's how American works.
hesterbyrde: Press F to pay respects.
JonnyGlitch: this game would be LEGIT modded
fcloud: "you actually need to carry two guns, by law. here, have another. if you need extras, let me know"
Arclight_Dynamo: "This gun is for losing your virginity."
jetpixi: Ah. I can tell you. I was unclogging the toilet LUL @jim02762
Ba_Dum_Tish: That is not what happens when you betray the president
Gildan_Bladeborn: Press F to give the mourner a gun.
like_100_bears: wait was that supposed to be a smile?
MegaDosX: And here's your mourning makeup
GredGredmansson: Welcome to America, here's your Glock
wargodmogis: Am American, can comfirm
jetpixi: McD’s can be wild
ButButTheJesus: you DON'T get those in Canada?
Mister_BlueSky: French Fry gun?
ashesandmochi: no badge just gun
rabbitgta: ah my brunch Beretta
Moonspeak721: that ain't how y'all do it?
RandomTrivia: "All we have left are the earthquake ham and the wedding ham!" "Marge, they're just hams"
jibkat: Most of the time you just give a bullet
Tangsm: It shoots ketchup. And bullets.
BrindleBoar: have you not seen our gender reveals?
NotCainNorAbel: Baby's first gun
0x6772: "WOMEN"?!?!
itomeshi: did... did he just 'Women'?
elkae: "women"
JonnyGlitch: A modded RE:6 could knock number 4 off my number 1
kumatsu: OK the sweet 16 gun is probably a real thing, knowing how awful some people are
0x6772: Wtf, Leon.
e_bloc: bar mitzvah? gun
bv310: They give you your Big Mac-10
KWardJenx: Do you wear the same clothes to every event? No! A gun for all seasons
jibkat: But the whole gun?
ughman617: Your awaiting McGun
GredGredmansson: You are correct Leon
BusTed: FBtouchdown
Kramburger: TBF, McDonalds employees need guns more than most Cops
HundreydAundre: >_< Leon, why
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
zeanith_helfire: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
plummeting_sloth: HEy, that was mine line!
elkae: "WOMEN", Leon woooow
plummeting_sloth: I won!
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
Officinalis: FBtouchdwon
elkae: FBtouchdown
ButButTheJesus: FBtouchdown
CyberColossus: BibleThump FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Kaaosa: damn ben were you even aiming
saucemaster5000: when people sneeze here folks give a gun
Banana_Swonk: FBtouchdown
DiscordianTokkan: FBtouchdown
MyBuddySuperfly: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Stormthius: FBtouchdown
xantos69: So I have literally seen funerals that devolve into people arguing about who gets the gun collection.
drawnbinary: did it kill you because it was a gun
JonnyGlitch: I was working in a GAME shop when this game came out
EdoardoZone: pew pew Adam
NotCainNorAbel: FBtouchdown
Drag0nrun: Really it ends with Leon saying "Women"?!?!?!?
YeetTheRich_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
zeldakid1999: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Gildan_Bladeborn: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown lrrFINE FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
prince_infidel: Mcdonalds no. BK yes
MichaelVYee: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SmoreThanAFeelin: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MyBuddySuperfly: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Sniknob: one hour and 12 minutes for a single bossfight
KeytarCat: Giraffe successfully felated!
Ba_Dum_Tish: benginHeck benginYe
Kaaosa: i'll never shut the fuck up
JonnyGlitch: we knew it would be bad from the Girraffe man and the lady logo
Makrosian_Tae: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
plummeting_sloth: but yeah I love that the last line of this campaign was "Women"
Kaaosa: you can't make me
e_bloc: wow how did Ben have twice as many deaths as Adam Kappa
YeetTheRich_: better than your toilet adam
Graham_LRR: Now the game truly begins.
jetpixi: Don’t make a phone call it’ll kill the stream
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
hesterbyrde: @plummeting_sloth fucking right, tho??
elkae: Graham!
RayFK: @Graham_LRR This is a game?
Tripleyew: Well, sure, every 4th of July, we’re gifted a new gun for the year… doesn’t every country do that?
itomeshi: Hotels aren't AOL dialup - they're slower and you don't get ANY free hours.
elkae: Why didn't you warnt hem
like_100_bears: 2 and a half
Styxseus: Oh boy
RandomTrivia: Graham! Also, OH NO
Gildan_Bladeborn: I am so legitimately stoked for you two to experience the NEXT campaign.
HadesLeprechaun: 2.5
MegaDosX: @Graham_LRR That's ominous
Saintnex: Hi! @Graham_LRR
Jim02762: @jetpixi Gotta love plumbing! I had to go up on the roof to unclog the vent pipe.
HadesLeprechaun: Ada is much shorter
Gildan_Bladeborn: You can... in fact, you "should".
jetpixi: Roger?!
EdoardoZone: Ada... what a treasure that campaign is
Mister_BlueSky: JERF!
plummeting_sloth: they're "best" if done in that order
YeetTheRich_: the crossbow is named ada
ICitizenErasedI: ada is a mimic
Tripleyew: “Experience” the next campaigns
sydnius: Roger
Styxseus: So *mysterious*
frozenphoenix7: Ok but is the Grappling Hook broken in the Ada campaign
ashesandmochi: chris next plsss i'm so excited
Gildan_Bladeborn: They put them in that order for a reason.
JonnyGlitch: I'm sated on RE:6 but go nut's I'm here for you!
LightingExpert13: so are they playing all the characters?
jetpixi: That was a game
Arclight_Dynamo: Oh, it's gonna be GOOD next week.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Roger Cmon
drawnbinary: i guess a spider has enough limbs to use a crossbow?
ButButTheJesus: FUN
YeetTheRich_: simmons is a giant bug ... ada is a crossbow
rabbitgta: that sure was something
Pharmacistjudge: I'm just slowing watching them ruin Chris like he's Cyclops from X-men
ButButTheJesus: yeah I wanna play it first
elkae: benginO7 LuvSign 2020Pajamas
Gildan_Bladeborn: You're going to love how the Chris campaign ends Adam. I'm not even joking.
Gildan_Bladeborn: It's so rad.
jetpixi: Glhf!
jibkat: The thirsty train will have more time to build up hype
Gildan_Bladeborn: Rad, and also hella dumb.
Kramburger: Probably don't talk to Graham until you play it
Talin06: time for guides to be written too
Saintnex: good ol JERF
Mister_BlueSky: Ehh...
HadesLeprechaun: no
Arclight_Dynamo: Ada's is shorter, right?
Graham_LRR: No
plummeting_sloth: Ada's is shorter
MAPBoardgames: By the time you get to RE8 people will be over being stepped on by giant women.
Gildan_Bladeborn: The 2 and 3 are about this long, Ada's is a bit shorter, yeah.
JonnyGlitch: Ada I'd be interested in
Duwani1: pretty muchish
Graham_LRR: Chris’ campaign is the same, Ada’s is short
Styxseus: Yeah, I might not get it for release, so big same
kumatsu: @Pharmacistjudge Chris Redfield was Right.
Pharmacistjudge: whoa, G is here.
CompletelyUnsure: @MAPBoardgames NEVER
Tangsm: @Gildan_Bladeborn Chris or the campaign?
isabelnoid: It was fun to watch Adam san and Ben san playing on live! Thank you! I enjoyed a lot =D
like_100_bears: i remember Ada being shorter
wargodmogis: Oh, Among us
BrindleBoar: @MAPBoardgames I don't believe you
wargodmogis: Yay
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Pharmacistjudge: oh @Graham_LRR I hope you heard.
HundreydAundre: Nice!
JonnyGlitch: WOOHOOO
JonnyGlitch: YAAAAS
ButButTheJesus: oh riiiiiight i forgot about that one
Banana_Swonk: what is thi
Gildan_Bladeborn: @Tangsm - Well... both, really. But specifically the way it ends.
control_rig: Oh yeaaaaahhhh
JonnyGlitch: I had no idea!
Tripleyew: It’s a full week
Lizardman175: classic game
hesterbyrde: Beej is doing Beej things
RandomTrivia: Oh boy, time for WINDOWS 3.1!
aClonedPickle: hell yeah
zeldakid1999: Thank you for streaming, it was fun. Bye VirtualHug
CaptainSpam: Kickin' it old school, back to 1993 for you!
aClonedPickle: lrrBEEJ
jetpixi: And you miss Beej
control_rig: Sierra classic
JonnyGlitch: A core gaming memory from my childhood!
saucemaster5000: actually pretty stoked for this
Drag0nrun: WoW I actually remember playing that game.
YeetTheRich_: good pitch i'd also watch that
SandwichKed: Very very retro.
frank_the_great: Peace out!
BusTed: Classic Beej
fcloud: Chillin With Beej
Styxseus: Never heard of it! I'll check it out!
BusTed: theblu69MEETING
RayFK: Hell yeah
Banana_Swonk: Amogus
EdoardoZone: a mongus
RayFK: Gonna stab some friends
HundreydAundre: Among Us, but it's a lrrSPOOP emote.
plummeting_sloth: humungus amongus
Gildan_Bladeborn: @Tangsm - Chat convinced Graham he needed to play as Piers instead of Chris (when Graham was playing that by himself) because of how it ends.
Pharmacistjudge: Amoongus?
James_LRR: I watch Beej do stuff all the time.
jetpixi: Oh people still play that?
CaptainSpam: They're playing A Fungus.
MAPBoardgames: LRR Among Us seems sus.
JonnyGlitch: gaming even
like_100_bears: is krondor anything like betrayal at house on the hill?
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jibkat: Tell us BEEJ road quest stories
e_bloc: I think Jordynne said she was on it
YeetTheRich_: @James_LRR lucky bastard
jetpixi: That won’t be confusing
RayFK: The revenge of team Jordynne(an)
fastlane250: please tell me there's crewlink or whatever its called
e_bloc: I saw it on the bad website
HundreydAundre: *Crossing The Streams was ejected*
Pharmacistjudge: oh no, not jordan and or jordynne violence
TheBearBee: Next up: Beej. That's the name of the stream. Beej. Just Beej sitting in a chair existing.
HundreydAundre: War of the Box.
RandomTrivia: Overlay says Wheeler
jibkat: TheBearBee does Beej know whats going on?
bv310: Beej doing a Cam and Ian Christmas but on Arbor Day is probably the best possible stream
Saintnex: Box wars
jibkat: Please tell me no
EvilBadman: Wheeler(it says in the slidel
like_100_bears: crackbox
jetpixi: New stuffs!
TheBearBee: @jibkat absolutley not
HundreydAundre: Hope ya crack Codie, Ben.
jibkat: Yesss
jetpixi: I gotta destroy all my shaders
DiscordianTokkan: I'm lookin forward to the new Destiny season
TheBearBee: He's just told to be in a room and sit in a chair for an hour
bv310: New season has Fallen Babies, it's already the peak
RayFK: One takes photos, one takes gamer rage
YawnLance: That damn Vespiquen
BusTed: 🐝
HundreydAundre: Wait. do they pre-determine their commanders before the packs stream?
RandomTrivia: benginRemy
hesterbyrde: BORK
ButButTheJesus: bork!
RayFK: 6,000 Headshots
like_100_bears: lrrSPOT lrrSPOT
TheBearBee: No context Beej
RayFK: @HundreydAundre No
Banana_Swonk: god!
Banana_Swonk: *dgo!
e_bloc: or
Banana_Swonk: *dog!
elkae: seabatBRAIN
Ba_Dum_Tish: benginRemy benginRemy
jetpixi: LoL Pro
Hadouken_lol_catz: oh god adam
ElissenRedux: PogChamp I'm def gonna try and catch that stream
Mister_BlueSky: Ahhhh memories.
kumatsu: I already watched the Sonic fight, Adam
saucemaster5000: learning? Nah, game's learning from him
Mysticman89: You're the scapegoat for the whole team!
MegaDosX: Best of luck Adam!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Have you turned off LoL chat?
like_100_bears: anyone else seeing double posts in chat?
Mister_BlueSky: No that's Jungle.
fcloud: your team will blame every loss on you. but that happens in every role
Mister_BlueSky: It's always Jungle's fault.
MaelstronSolenor: not in overwatch
EhItsRy: Junglers eat shit all the time
kumatsu: I blame the Zoe
EhItsRy: More than most
jetpixi: Yeah equal blame!
Hadouken_lol_catz: the mute all function may get some work
YeetTheRich_: you've not played ranked solo queue though
Mysticman89: As soon as the team wants visions, they will complain you 'only' have 3 ward son the map
fcloud: League Players: Just Like Human Beings
CaptainSpam: You're a braver man than I, Adam, playing MOBAs.
aleunwolfe: It's always one specific role each game. Which one changes from game to game though
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
fastlane250: okay byeeee
ButButTheJesus: ok byeeeeeeeeee
Phailhammer: cya :)
YeetTheRich_: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
wrapscalion: I'm guessing the LoL chat goes from toxic to Superfund site
Banana_Swonk: byeeeee
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
hesterbyrde: thanks guysss!!!!
YeetTheRich_: beeej
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Adam and Ben! lrrHEART lrrHEART
Banana_Swonk: :heart:
kumatsu: obligatory Experience Beej
aClonedPickle: standby for beejcast
Ba_Dum_Tish: Beej incoming
like_100_bears: thank you streamers
ButButTheJesus: lrrSPOOP
MAPBoardgames: lrrSPOOP Okay, byyyyeee!
jetpixi: Beeeeeeeeeeeej
ashesandmochi: yay! night!
DiscordianTokkan: Gooodniiiiight
jibkat: Spooky
Cunobelenos: Byeeee
LizardDucks: Night all!
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP
fastlane250: ben yes
YeetTheRich_: hi beej do you have a cold?
Ba_Dum_Tish: So clearly Beej is going to use his PiF to educate us on anime
RandomTrivia: Ben I think your noise gate is letting a motorbike through lrrBEEJ
gualdhar: pls ben I spoop easily
JonnyGlitch: THAT WAS COOL
ButButTheJesus: have Remy bork into that
RandomTrivia: LUL
Aenir798: Thank you Ben, love ya buddy
blip2004: lrrSPOOP_TK
Saintnex: bye!
JonnyGlitch: BYE!
JonnyGlitch: love you two!
like_100_bears: you're supposed to say "excuse me" after you burp
Jim02762: I was afraid Derek was back
hatboozeparty: Bye lrrHEART
Banana_Swonk: snack and stretch break!
RandomTrivia: ^
Banana_Swonk: dibs on the green cup
like_100_bears: snickity snacks
JonnyGlitch: Glad I'll be here for Bee! see you lot when the whistle blows!
JonnyGlitch: Beej too!
MAPBoardgames: I'm excited for a PiF closer to my schedule.
Banana_Swonk: ^
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
HundreydAundre: Crap. That should say Beej, but now it's ruined & chat knows it.
Banana_Swonk: snignal
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RandomTrivia: @HundreydAundre You can edit the title of clips you make via your Twitch creator dashboard
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Beej to take on Play it Forward with Betrayal at Krondor! | Beej has many memories of this game. ⚔️ | ||
HundreydAundre: I did. Ashame that it's imprinted on the log now.
MAPBoardgames: Hands up. Who here has played this game (or return to Krondor)?
MAPBoardgames: o/
RassilonDND: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Beej fires up Betrayal at Krondor, the 1993 classic from Dynamix and Sierra Entertainment. Game: Betrayal at Krondor) at Tue 08:00 PM PDT (24s from now).
jibkat: aye
DeM0nFiRe: I am just here to find out whether we are gonna be betrayed or if we are doign the betraying
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MrQBear: Why not both?
djalternative: I haven't though from what beej said, today won't be much playing anyway. Only cheating
jibkat: ep1: Beej eats the whole wheel
RandomTrivia: 00:00 lrrSPOOP
jibkat: zero, zero, zero, zero
like_100_bears: Beej imminent
ContingentCat: s00:00n
Banana_Swonk: this is... the Beej hour
PixelArtDragon: Beejs Eats All the Rations
RandomTrivia: *distant Beej noises*
Banana_Swonk: similar to the twilight zone
YeetTheRich_: beej is teasing us
RandomTrivia: *slightly less distant Beej noises*
like_100_bears: zero zero colon zero zero
PixelArtDragon: Even the spoiled and poisoned ones
KakuEpsilon: Beejstream so late at night.
LunarJade: [Beej] Ads are still running...
Banana_Swonk: :)
RandomTrivia: Aha! That'd do it
ContingentCat: ah ok
like_100_bears: lrrBEEEJ
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ContingentCat: I'm so excited to see this, I remember hearing Beej talk about this game during Desert Bus and it sure sounded like a thing
PixelArtDragon: Beej Drinks the Whole Milk
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL
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BrindleBoar: 2020Pajamas Beejtrayal at Krondor 2020Party
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W_Livi: I remain quite fond of that intro video
HadesLeprechaun: robot voice!
IbunWest: Robo Beej
62MGcobra: woah
e_bloc: oh no
RandomTrivia: OH NO
YurikosWife: robo beej
OmnipotentTrevor: Beej-bot
DeM0nFiRe: Audio is suuuuper rough
ContingentCat: Hi Robo Beej
codatski: Got some buzz
like_100_bears: oof that sound
Juliamon: Audio bad
JonnyGlitch: Hi Beej! I'm SO EXITED
EhItsRy: robobeej
DarkMorford: Hi Robo-Beej!
InquisitorGaia: Robo voice
RandomTrivia: ROBO BEEJ
kakmize: robo beej
MAPBoardgames: Beej has the squirrels.
dweebert91: BibleThump
jibkat: Oh noes
TheJoe743: The Borg have got to beej!
DirgeNovak: Hi Beejbot!
RomanGoro: Oh no, it's robo Beej!
YeetTheRich_: this isn't beej this is a robot impostor
Styxseus: Very much so
red_shoes_jeff: CyBeej!
Aenir798: Hello roboBeej
Arclight_Dynamo: Sub notice was not robot. So it's just voice.
62MGcobra: mic to hot
PixelArtDragon: Beej is using that 1993 voice compression
like_100_bears: ro-Beej
LightingExpert13: does anyone having audio issues? He sounds pretty distorted.
JonnyGlitch: ah cool I just refeshed
HundreydAundre: Sup, Mister Beej?
RomanGoro: Sub notice is pretty loud too
JonnyGlitch: unglad it's not just me
jamesthedabbler: Autotune beej
JonnyGlitch: Heather even more robo!
KakuEpsilon: And today I learn why there is music for the opening animations, because I needed to turn up my volume to hear Robo Beej and Heather
RandomTrivia: Quick, fire up the TTSF intro while we fix this! :D
e_bloc: hi Heather
jibkat: Beejtuned
RandomTrivia: Heather I love your shirt
DirgeNovak: Gonna need some Jig-A-Loo in the vocal cords
JonnyGlitch: Hi Heather!
ContingentCat: Hi Heather
JonnyGlitch: byeeee!
IbunWest: Cozy heather
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
JonnyGlitch: Great show!
jibkat: <3
TheJoe743: cool beans
Joalni: See ya soon!
jibkat: And so conclued ep1
62MGcobra: fisherman friends or halls????
NotCainNorAbel: speed run
EvilBadman: Betrayal at Komputar
IbunWest: Turns at the Betrayal at Krondor was the audio all along
RandomTrivia: Oh no, that was episode 0. Now the REAL fun begins
HundreydAundre: Oh, no. That'd be rude.
jibkat: True true
PixelArtDragon: Much shorter game than I remember, and it's been a whole *checks watch* 14 hours since I've played
YeetTheRich_: betrayal at krondor is a weird game
Mysticman89: I have the vaguest of memories of playing this, but no memories of the game itself
jibkat: Sorry, the cat walked across my keyboard
HundreydAundre: I was thinking of a crapshot idea from this, but this is an issue I don't comprehend from the stream's end, so I rather not.
SnackPak_: lrrBEEEJ_FC
SnackPak_: lrrSIGNAL
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL ! (again)
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
RandomTrivia: Here we go for definitely the first time!
HundreydAundre: lrrHORN