CaptainEnder7: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno, and Serge are playing Modded Minecraft! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PDT (3m from now).
TXC2: Hello Everybody
Didero: Hello!
TXC2: hello Didero welcome
DiscordianTokkan: Greetings, friends!
TXC2: Hello DiscordianTokkan welcome
MDrift314: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno, and Serge are playing Modded Minecraft! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PDT (1m ago).
GapFiller: !uno
LRRbot: RebelliousUno is streaming as well. Be sure to check out his view of the stream and give him a follow!
LoadingReadyRun: One second. OBS was a butt and crashed when I hit start streaming
Didero: James just tweeted that his coffee isn't waking him up, so get your jlrrFall emotes ready :p
GapFiller: how come Uno never has to worry abt shit like that
Didero: (sorry James <3 )
RebelliousUno: My OBS set up is probably a lot less complicated than James'
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RebelliousUno: since I only have my stream on here, and I won't have all the countdowns and intros and stuff
DiscordianTokkan: I got my vaccine appointments booked today! At long last~
TXC2: DiscordianTokkan congrats
cassaclyzm: Congrats!
DiscordianTokkan: Thanks TXC2! :D
TXC2: great thing about the intro music: it lets you know when Twitch has pinned the audio to 100% again :p
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kat2kool: 7 whole sub babies! Oh god
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Didero: I could use some block-based shenanigans, since my day so far hasn't been great
cassaclyzm: Sorry to hear that @Didero - hope things look up from here
Didero: @cassaclyzm Thanks. LRR streams are usually good for my mood
TXC2: Didero lrrHEART
TXC2: Here we GO!
SergeYager: and jaaaaames
malc: er, RIP audio? or was that me?
donuts_are_holy: Hi everyone sergeHeart
TheWriterAleph: audio dead
themaskedferret: no audio suddenly?
flatluigi: audio has riped
TheAinMAP: Sound?
FuzzyFozzy: No audio here
BrookJustBones: Did the music just stop?
Stratavarius: Audio died for me too
TXC2: hmm, where go audio?
FITorion: lost sound
DiscordianTokkan: RIP Audio
vouru: rip audio
malc: and silence.
LordChrusher: no snare in my headphone
TheAinMAP: lrrCOW
R_Craddz: intro muted??
MDrift314: No audio for me either
malc: there we go
Didero: Wait, who's streaming? Do we need to shout 'And Serge!' or 'And James!'? This is important!
donuts_are_holy: RIP audio.
FITorion: back
GapFiller: there we go
Dread_Pirate_Westley: And Serge!
themaskedferret: there it is!
TXC2: there it is
DiscordianTokkan: And SERGE!
TheWriterAleph: THERE!
CanuckWizard: yay
FuzzyFozzy: Yup, there it is
R_Craddz: ahh its back
LordChrusher: snare in my headphone
AbraHeron: this is cool
malc: and Mixer!
TheAinMAP: And sound!
Didero: And Uno!
flatluigi: everyone sing along at home
beckett_brass: Hello. I heard the sound of chunks, and decided to see what was up. How's everybody doing?
Tandtroll_OG: And seeerge
GapFiller: evening James
TXC2: Hello James
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AlchemicalPanda: Lets Goooooooo MoC
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TheWriterAleph: JAMES BACK
Didero: Hi James!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
malc: ooh it's James
themaskedferret: hi james!
cassaclyzm: Morning! Serge has a beard, weird
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Tandtroll_OG: Itsa james
SergeYager: i have never hit a wrong button in my life
wench_tacular: buttoning is hard
Didero: I'm a programmer, I hit the wrong button more often than the right one Kappa
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R_Craddz: It's Not Serge!
Wolfstrike_NL: Cool poem!
tidehollowcat: Serge looks weird
malc: it's been a while
beckett_brass: Pretty good.
Tandtroll_OG: Serge is always right
malc: welcome back
GapFiller: SergeYager nalvLUL bodied
Luthien_frejya: buttons are hard and dumb
TheWriterAleph: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrIronball jlrrIronball
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malc: sergeHi
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R_Craddz: Corgo100 Corgo100 Corgo100 Corgo100 Corgo100 Hey it's Not Serge
GapFiller: dont worry James we barely noticed KAppa
Cunobelenos: Hi James!
Didero: I'd call it a side-grade, because you're both great!
CorvaxIsClever: hi, not Serge
TXC2: Not Serge = nSerge?
manwiththegoldencard: Hi beardedSerge!
AlchemicalPanda: yup
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: oh hi surge!
TheWriterAleph: Cookie.
Cunobelenos: lrrFINE
DiscordianTokkan: I do
Didero: Ok, so James is Strictly Better Serge, and Serge is Strictly Better James, right?
TXC2: yes there is music
AlchemicalPanda: I see 1080, yes
NimrodXIV: yes 1080
edgar_j: confirmative
GapFiller: 1080p60 Source yeh
TXC2: Confiremed
Dread_Pirate_Westley: No, it's 10:10 where you are.
DiscordianTokkan: 1080 confirmed
Didero: Yeah, 1080p60
BrookJustBones: I see 1090
AbraHeron: are we gamers benginChaos
donuts_are_holy: Yes 1080
FuzzyFozzy: Yes, 1080 source
FromBrainToKeyboard: yes 1080
MDrift314: I see 1080
LathosTiran: 108060
TwitchTVsFrank: 1080 60
Gadora: It's just 10:10 right now.
BrookJustBones: in my defence, I am also eating and mistyped
TheWriterAleph: One of us! One of us!!
GapFiller: oooh glasses
themaskedferret: ooh, James is gnna look even smarter
Didero: Oooh, GlassesJames!
flatluigi: congratulations
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TXC2: yes.....Join us James
kat2kool: But how will we recognize you?
stizzet: 1080x60 is the source
wench_tacular: we'll need updated emotes
GapFiller: thatll mean The Derys will be the only Crew w/o glasses
queenwalrus: tune in next week for the New and Improved James
Tandtroll_OG: I mean James with glasses is just superdad
Didero: As long as there's no fake nose with a moustache attached to James's glasses, it should be fine :p
TheWriterAleph: that's how it STARTS, James...
Count_Nodonora: Think those glasses will help you identify holes before you fall into them?
TXC2: GapFiller doesn't Ben not have glasses?
beckett_brass: @Didero But what if I like fake noses with moustaches?
Penguin__Tzar: what are the mods?
GapFiller: TXC2 Ben yes
Tandtroll_OG: Beej uses contacts
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies, a mod pack by Serifina, get it here:
kat2kool: Yet
GapFiller: totes forgot abt him
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Wife got that blue-whatever filter... definitely helped her.
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kinslayer6788: I have blue light filter on my glasses. They help so much
flatluigi: ben definitely has glasses, but ben doesn't
TXC2: Beej only sees in 2D
TheWriterAleph: we hadn't noticed lrrBEEJ
GapFiller: I forgot Ben doesnt need glasses AND Beej does thats really embarassing
Didero: @beckett_brass Might make job interviews slightly awkward though :p
FuzzyFozzy: Yeah, when I replace my glasses soon I think I will be doing the same
GapFiller: Beej is like Jer in that way
Didero: And Serge!
GapFiller: which is odd given he drives
Manae: I want a blue light filter but need safety lenses. Which means plastic. Which means no filter -_-
TXC2: Hello Uno and Serge
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Oh right videogames
GapFiller: and Jer never did for vision reasons
Didero: And Uno!
wench_tacular: good
GapFiller: fine on this end
themaskedferret: sounds good
manfred909: Uno sounds very English
beckett_brass: My favorite dino is a bird.
TXC2: it has Serveal large ostoderms
Piratical_tendancies: It has a thagomizer
momma_tatts: Uno sounds good
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: It has a tail composed of several large osteoderms
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: KFC?
DiscordianTokkan: The tail is Officially called the Thagomizer
wench_tacular: birb
SnuggleFoxes: stegosaurus PrideLove PrideLove
wench_tacular: so do dinosaurs
themaskedferret: Serge sounds good too
flatluigi: what noise do birds make
beowuuf: first we must definie the universe...
kat2kool: start with basic principles
chrono2x: Corvus brachyrhynchos caurinus!
SnuggleFoxes: what about... featherless bipeds?
wench_tacular: big brain info
Didero: There are non-birds that lay eggs though
kat2kool: Behold: a bird!
manwiththegoldencard: we literally are starting ab ovo
GapFiller: birds are dinosaurs too
DiscordianTokkan: !y
TXC2: it's a combination of things, eggs and Feathers are part of it
wench_tacular: honk!
TheAinMAP: HahaTurtledove
SnuggleFoxes: most of them are rude <.< that's rude :D
ExachixKitsune: Hello friends! What have I missed so far?
Didero: Wait, does Australia have jungles?
GapFiller: Cassowaries ARE terrifying
TXC2: hello ExachixKitsune welcome
beckett_brass: @ExachixKitsune Hello. Welcome to birds.
BrookJustBones: sorry, jungle in australia?
themaskedferret: Australia has many climes
TXC2: Didero yes, an EXTREMELY dangerous one
Tandtroll_OG: Such an adorable answer
wench_tacular: self denial
steelfox13: Minebirds
kat2kool: Birdcraft Birdcraft Birdcraft
Didero: @TXC2 Sounds typical for Australia :p
donuts_are_holy: @ExachixKitsune Not much, just the fact that James is getting blue light filtering glasses.
Didero: And Cori can have a whole stream series about horses, you can have a bird stream if you want
BrookJustBones: I think there is also a modpack that does that with chickens
RebelliousUno: Roost
wench_tacular: that just sounds gross
TXC2: yes but only one of those fuilds are drinkible
kat2kool: Jokes? On this stream?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @TXC2 Unless vampire?
TXC2: MyClosePersonalFriendJohn Touché
wench_tacular: oopsie
TXC2: Story time with Serge
ElektroTal: what do you even need rotten meat for
hammybone_: just keep shoving emerald upgrades in
Didero: @ElektroTal For a rotten barbecue, of course!
TXC2: Alf?
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Zoso_Wolf: !!!!
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TXC2: !addquote (RebelliousUno) [now] Does this mean I get to eat cats?
LRRbot: New quote #7603: "Does this mean I get to eat cats?" —RebelliousUno [2021-05-11]
hammybone_: legally distinct elf?
ExachixKitsune: That ain't alf bad
TXC2: right the farting is back
Didero: I keep forgetting James farts and it's funny every time
beckett_brass: @ExachixKitsune I appreciate that jokes.
hammybone_: i think its a speed effect?
TemporallyAwry: Speed Increase expands FOV - i thinking newer minecraft you can disable that, don't know about 1.16
DiscordianTokkan: Crisis a Ferted
RayFK: Set it on fire
AnderKryst: Cheer1000 Farting around with James Turner?
SnuggleFoxes: the clock is looking super good
ElektroTal: serge is the most lawful good, jesus
RayFK: No room? Make room with fire.
sirpythias: sorry just joined in, @SergeYager did you give them the items you wanted to give them?
TXC2: sirpythias yes
ExachixKitsune: Yes that has happened sirpythias
sirpythias: great :)
beckett_brass: @sirpythias Hello. Welcome to Alf Armor.
drakythe: Whoa... what modpack is this?
malc: F
SnuggleFoxes: oh noo
FITorion: ha ha ha ha
TheAinMAP: Uh oh.
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies, a mod pack by Serifina, get it here:
Harvest25: LOL
TwitchTVsFrank: lmao
manfred909: LOL
AlchemicalPanda: Oh god
owen_thunderguns01: lolololol
beckett_brass: What just happened?
manfred909: jamess
Skakerman_: F
ExachixKitsune: D:
KidoftheThird: uuuuuhhhhhhh
TheWriterAleph: POW.
SnuggleFoxes: that was the one that took super long to make, right?
malc: the floor took a whole stream!
hammybone_: my soul
momma_tatts: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
hammybone_: its gone
chrono2x: hahahaha
m_logan2000: Excavate
baskwalla: oh
FromBrainToKeyboard: jlrrFacepalm jlrrDang
ExachixKitsune: did it also remove the pillars of the building
beowuuf: wow
baskwalla: wow
SnuggleFoxes: it has tree chop activated james lol
kinslayer6788: WOW
Didero: Sinking both literally and figuratively through the floor
Caedynna: uh?!? oh noes XD
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
DiscordianTokkan: DANG
NimrodXIV: RIP
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Today on Mine o Clock, fixing what James just did.
drakythe: hahahahahaha
cassaclyzm: omg
LordChrusher: wft
CorvaxIsClever: #blameSerge
hammybone_: james has to do it all now
Bluedevyl: holy shit ALL The logs are gone
RayFK: You know, I asked for fire but uhhh, that works too
beowuuf: where was this axe when serge originally messed up the floor?
Angnor33: LOL
SnuggleFoxes: literally 1+ hrs to make
TemporallyAwry: Time to rollback the save?
Didero: Why even give James a tool like that?
Zoso_Wolf: SeemsGood100 SeemsGood100 SeemsGood100 Amazing
malc: so, the server backups...
ExachixKitsune: ~clipping in progress~
ElektroTal: what in the fuuuuuuuuu
DiscordianTokkan: The Tree-cluster choppingw as on!
hammybone_: i don't care if it takes the whole stream, james has to redo that stuff
cassaclyzm: That is not on James, omg
kdefinition: Do not #blameJames
TemporallyAwry: Cutting Down Forests*
m_logan2000: well we know what this stream today is gonna be
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW lrrWOW
stizzet: wow, that was a lot of damage with a single stike
SnuggleFoxes: tree chop, James, tree chop
Angnor33: I watched that stream, and then when they found they'd made a mistake in the pattern and had to fix it. This is hilarious.
RayFK: I'm so happy
Favre_the_Undead: #blameserge
Natimus_Prime: load a backup
steelfox13: Yup roll back the server due to griefing
TXC2: shut it down, we're done here :p
cassaclyzm: Roll it back!
Didero: #BlameSerge
woolynelson: lrrFRUMP
NimrodXIV: James confirmed monster
KidoftheThird: oh hey, here's a nuclear bomb disguised as an ax
tidehollowcat: That's just the normal modded thing for axes.
Gadora: Heck.
Bluedevyl: welp, thanks for coming, everyone we're done here
RayFK: This is what we call a big poggers
ElektroTal: "oh god, it's everywhere"
TemporallyAwry: I am so glad I got to watch this live lrrFINE
elah806: Well, now we know how we'll blow up the world at the end
TXC2: I feel like having a cigarette after that :p
beowuuf: laughing until we fall unconscious?
CaptainSpam: I just got in, and apparently Serge grew a beard! Kappa
momma_tatts: all I can say is . . . WHELP! There it isn't
beckett_brass: What happens if you use that ax on dirt outside?
Harvest25: James you have homework tonight...learn to build hairing bonoe floor
cassaclyzm: Well that sure was a thing
drakythe: James just _could not_ handle the potential for a "create a chunk" play through
FITorion: there's one on top of the coat of arms
FuzzyFozzy: Oh... I missed that
ElektroTal: James just sang the song of obliteration
TemporallyAwry: On the bright side - you can make it even better the second time!
Angnor33: That was too funny.
TheWriterAleph: Welcome back, James!
hammybone_: I know I started the stream with a soul I don't know where it went though
malc: #content
Didero: Just consider the first floor-laying stream a practice run!
SnuggleFoxes: ahh, nothing like Serge literally screaming "the hering bone! the hering bone!", from an external view it's pretty hilarious
zanderbander321: hi
Didero: I feel like a tool that can destroy THAT many wood blocks should also be able to collect all the wood...
R_Craddz: Well we know what is going to be on the next highlight
TemporallyAwry: Hey, maybe we should try out the TerraShatterer downstairs Kappa
hammybone_: burn the axe
beckett_brass: @zanderbander321 Hello. We blew up the house.
ExachixKitsune: also going to make a v2 because I can do better than that
TXC2: Hello zanderbander321 welcome
zanderbander321: hi btw
OrkaOrkinus: #herringbonefacts
Bluedevyl: "The herringbone" needs to be an alert sound somehow... MAN that was great :-D
FITorion: missed the one on the coat of arms ooutside
zanderbander321: omg
TXC2: we need to check the previous stream :p
hammybone_: the pattern would be in the chat where it was posted last week?
hammybone_: not this chat
R_Craddz: What is that axe and why???
zanderbander321: @zanderbander321
MDrift314: The server saves, so restoring from a backup should be doable, but I don't know if you want to do it on stream
TheWriterAleph: James: *farts sadly away*
SnuggleFoxes: chat should try to be actually helpful and collect screenshots for the original finished build?
ExachixKitsune: I'm just glad it didn't break any adjacent buildings
Cinominn: this is probably the hardest ive laughed at minecraft in a while
beckett_brass: I wish I could help, but I don't have any data on the original build of the house :( .
Angnor33: Why would you make an axe that does that?
FromBrainToKeyboard: kudos to @WokenClick and @ExachixKitsune for those great clips
Angnor33: I mean, hilarious, but dang.
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ExachixKitsune: You can see how it looked originally in the clips that myself and WokenClick posted
beckett_brass: @Angnor33 Because we as humans love taking things to a hilarious extreme.
Angnor33: FAir
TXC2: that axe is probably great for turning a mountain into easily dug up dirt
Cinominn: why veinmine a tree when you can veinmine a forest
Dergib: I feel like serge is to blame for not warning you
beckett_brass: @TXC2 Question: any idea on what would have happened if James had used the ax on dirt outside the house?
JoeKim: good morning friends
Didero: Maybe James can start on the roof?
JoeKim: hows the crafting of mines
beckett_brass: @JoeKim Hello. We blew up the house.
TXC2: beckett_brass no idea, probably something bad
manfred909: MOrning Joe James did a thing
JoeKim: nice to see #realjames back in the chair
TemporallyAwry: It goes ... "Herringbone"
WokenClick: @ExachixKitsune did yours take forever to process as well?
TXC2: hello JoeKim James killed the Herringbone
Didero: James gave everybody a fun new surprise project!
ExachixKitsune: WokenClick : Mine wasn't so bad honestly
JoeKim: LOL
ExachixKitsune: WokenClick : I've noticed it's taken longer in general but that's just twitch clips in general at the moment
CyberCypher: just got here. are we redoing the floor again?
JoeKim: tree chopping mod strikes again
WokenClick: @ExachixKitsune gotcha. I haven't been clipping much recently, but I couldn't help myself on that one haha
TXC2: CyberCypher yes, but only because James destroyed it
TheWriterAleph: @CyberCypher Yes. Yes, we are.
beckett_brass: @CyberCypher Yep. James got an ax that destroys all blocks a given type in a given area, and accidentally used it.
CyberCypher: that seems completely on brand
ExachixKitsune: <3 also DiscordianTokkan
WokenClick: Mince doesn't have a lot of the floor, I think the others might be more useful for that
FITorion: never 3 in a row James
OrkaOrkinus: Never 3 in a row
hammybone_: *never 3 going the same way in a row
JoeKim: tree chopping mod is definitely the culprit
SnuggleFoxes: also never 2x2 parallels!
elah806: James had the coooombination alfen axe and tree chop on
beckett_brass: @JoeKim What does tree chopping do?
JoeKim: you chop one block and all connected wood blocks break
hammybone_: tree chopping mod getting banned for griefing
SnuggleFoxes: @beckett_brass instead of chopping each wood block, you can chop the entire tree at once
beckett_brass: @SnuggleFoxes Ah. I see what happened from here, then.
malc: obviously the house was indistinguishable from a tree
Genie_M: the fun times of herringbone
SnuggleFoxes: mmmhm
CAKHost: Wasn't I watching Serge and Uno do this on Youtube?
beckett_brass: @SnuggleFoxes Also, you have a nice username.
JoeKim: classic overly complicated floor plans
TXC2: CAKHost yes, and then James happened
SnuggleFoxes: with weaker axes, there is an animation of the log you're hitting getting cut thinner, but since the axe was so strong, it was instantaneous
beckett_brass: @CAKHost James accidentally blew up the house with the tree chopping mod.
SnuggleFoxes: @beckett_brass thanks ^^
CAKHost: Darn it James
Genie_M: the trick is in the turning point
Harvest25: That needs to be spruce
BasilHunter: So my 6 year old son decided to perform for his school's Virtual Variety Show , "Carrots in the Desert" by @MDrift314
Genie_M: nope
FITorion: nope
FITorion: yep
CorvaxIsClever: + rotated
Genie_M: always 2 in a line
Harvest25: now 1 at 90 deg
FITorion: nope
sirpythias: nope
momma_tatts: @BasilHunter It won't open for me. Can you post it in Serge's Discord?
Genie_M: and last one rotated
sirpythias: parallel = bad
Genie_M: yep
LurkerSpine: there ya go
FITorion: yep
SnuggleFoxes: hey look at chat being vaguely helpful
JoeKim: basically yes
Genie_M: yes, columns repeat
ElektroTal: basically making z blocks from tetris over and over
hammybone_: @SnuggleFoxes well, affirming at least
BasilHunter: @momma_tatts maybe, I'm not a member of serges deiscord
FITorion: yep
sirpythias: yep
Genie_M: columns repeat 4 blocks
Harvest25: built this in my nice wide open flat build and it was worries about corners
chimenea1: yep
OrkaOrkinus: yes
momma_tatts: @BasilHunter well, spit and darn!
hammybone_: no dark oak, 7 striped dark oak
OrkaOrkinus: getting this pretty quickly
Cyberegg: was there a mistake in the floor?
SnuggleFoxes: just imagine it like the first time being in creative: always way faster the second time
hammybone_: @Cyberegg they noticed an error midway through, then cried, then fixed it
SnuggleFoxes: @Cyberegg not in the finished version, but several when first building this
malc: !addcount falls
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Twilight_Spark: I'm getting tot his a little late. Is there a gameplay restriction inducing these rules, or is it purely aesthetic?
malc: twilight_spark: aesthetic
BasilHunter: @BasilHunter Is serge's discord subscribers only?
malc: after a ... mishap
beckett_brass: @Twilight_Spark Also, hello. James blew up the house.
R_Craddz: How come James is taking damage for falling? He had a trinket to stop that didn’t he
momma_tatts: @BasilHunter I'm not really sure . . .
Didero: If it goes perfectly this time, it just proves that James is the positive force this stream needs to function
SnuggleFoxes: @R_Craddz maybe he hasnt re-equipped
PixelArtDragon: Is there a clip of the mishap?
BasilHunter: @BasilHunter can you try loading the original link again, maybe it'll load now?
TXC2 writes down "Ban Twitch employee fugi"
momma_tatts: Last time, wasn't the dark oak around the holes in the floor exposed? I can't recall
Genie_M: woo
CAKHost: Serge, if you ban Fugi, does that mean you will have to go into botania?
chimenea1: that was a lot faster than I expected
Didero: the wooden block that fell down is probably lost forever now
The_Ninjurai: If it isn't right just give James the pickaxe back
SnuggleFoxes: incinerated, yeah
Genie_M: a mishap happened
ExachixKitsune: WokenClick : Do you mind if I end up reposting that clip to serge's discord
WokenClick: @ExachixKitsune Go for it!
WokenClick: Although I kinda like yours better TBH hah
Didero: jlrrFall
Dread_Pirate_Westley: jlrrFall
ExachixKitsune: Oh I didn't manage to get a #blamefugi one
MDrift314: jlrrFall
SurfDownstage: lrrSERGE_FC lrrJAMES_FC
FITorion: outside
WokenClick: @ExachixKitsune ah, right, that one. Yep!
CAKHost: I don't like Uno's Eye :C
malc: Eye agree
CaptainSpam: Is there a clip of The Incident from Uno's perspective?
SnuggleFoxes: @CaptainSpam maybe switch to Uno's stream and ask his chat?
Didero: New World Record!
malc: or just look at Uno's clips...
hammybone_: well my soul is still elsewhere, but the logs seem to be in place now
Didero: slight feeling of deja vu Kappa
malc: I wholly expected James to destroy the house again
manfred909: ^
Malkmaven1176: lrrFINE
hammybone_: magma block doesn't set fires, right?
CaptainSpam: @CaptainSpam Worth a shot, sure.
ContingentCat: what a great time to arrive
TXC2: Malc pretty sure the stream would have ended if that happened :p
TXC2: hello ContingentCat welcome
beckett_brass: @ContingentCat Hello. We definitely didn't just blow up the floor and spend 45 min fixing it.
beckett_brass: @ContingentCat how's it going?
ContingentCat: @beckett_brass ah good, it sure would look foolish to just blow up part of their base
TXC2: James learns?
hammybone_: just put it in the bag plz
Genie_M: a quite repetitive, though entertaining stream
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Always learning, never forward...or something like that.
malc: jlrrDang
TXC2: safety third
malc: there was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom
CAKHost: James: Just breaking Lanturns, Serge and Uno: *Collectively have heart attacks*
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hillwitheyes: keep mine and carry farting
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BasilHunter: ok let's try this again, my DNS server wasn't configured correctly: So my 6 year old son decided to perform for his school's Virtual Variety Show , "Carrots in the Desert" by @MDrift314
hillwitheyes: lrrFINE
TXC2: BasilHunter adorable
malc: christ. my opponent in MTGA just got to 4677 life
JoeKim: you should buy a gun james
BrookJustBones: @malc time for the mill plan
beckett_brass: @malc Oh goodness
Genie_M: please put that axe away, James
TemporallyAwry: Those two unrelated comments back to back were hilarious
JoeKim: whatever
TXC2: "you should by a gun" sounded like advice for Malc there :p
beckett_brass: @malc draft or standard?
JoeKim: our concept of value on this server is skewed
malc: beckett_brass: standard
hillwitheyes: can James be trusted?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: One string.
ExachixKitsune: CaptainSpam : Aha no clip is possible on that channel, but you can go to this link to see it
Jermyee: just pay what you think it's worth :)
JoeKim: i just wanted to see james shoot at his friends
beckett_brass: @malc I'm not up to date on standard, what ddeck is capable of getting that much life?
JoeKim: tbh
JoeKim: lmao
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TheWriterAleph: salad salad egg salad egg salad egg
malc: beckett_brass: that was Mystic Reflection on Righteous Valkyrie, then Phylanth World Sculptor. they got many copies of the valkyre
beckett_brass: @malc Ah. That would do it.
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
ExachixKitsune: lrrFINE lrrFINE
hillwitheyes: lrrFINE
malc: ⚙️ jlrrPunch ⚙️
CaptainSpam: @ExachixKitsune Cool, thanks!
PsychoI3oy: a DIY Quarry
SAJewers: i've done that, but now with create though
Dread_Pirate_Westley: An automated chunk puncher? Won't that make James obsolete?
chesul: I've seen it done with Create.
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Pravikun: The almost two years!! Welcome back James! Serge held down the fort admirably while you were gone. P.S. - Don't ask about the herringbone.
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JoeKim: or redstone signal
JoeKim: you can just slap a lever on it
NDCazzy: Uno is always looking down on you all... from a roof
JoeKim: workshop! workshop!
ExachixKitsune: D:
Genie_M: it has a bit of house in it, but whatever
Harvest25: Fuji
JoeKim: that's fugi's glass thing
JoeKim: black = glass
JoeKim: that's the lag machine
ExachixKitsune: !distracted
TXC2: !hole
LRRbot: The hole is napping; come back later.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Welcome to getting distracted with Serge
SAJewers: oh, conway's game of life
JoeKim: this creates mana with botania
malc: nice TODO list
NimrodXIV: oofa
WokenClick: umm
JoeKim: "a little"
TheWriterAleph: wat.
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
manfred909: ???
malc: jlrrDang
DiscordianTokkan: Hahahaha
Field94: We've breached the enemy's reactor room
SievertSchreibr: Whoa
TXC2: oh hey cloches
malc: it's a hole thing
ContingentCat: lrrWOW sergeHolyMoly
TXC2: a big cavern
ExachixKitsune: this seems like a good chunk to create
JoeKim: i think it's done
SAJewers: can you turn it on?
ContingentCat: katesLol
JoeKim: it used to be a much longer list
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Welbog: Happy Creating
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ExachixKitsune: cool chunk
Monocerotis2010: just don't let Serge store armor stands in the chunk
Harvest25: Need andesite and wood
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OrkaOrkinus: Finally Acacia has a time to shine
Monocerotis2010: are we thinking like a hangar style open work area or something more smaller
beckett_brass: What happened? is it not night?
TXC2: getting got by the mystical ballet of the cosmos
TXC2: beckett_brass it's an eclipse
beckett_brass: ah
JoeKim: your eyeessssssss
JoeKim: nooooooooo
BasilHunter: how often does Eclipses happen?
TXC2: MyEyes!spongebob.JPEG
malc: jlrrBreak
hammybone_: mana and artifice mob
SnuggleFoxes: you're the witch hunter hunter
TXC2: this guy drinks whiskey by the bottle :p
hammybone_: i'm very interested in how you all interact with that mod
hammybone_: they are just around unless you ally with their enemies
chesul: way more than just those three, there are like, 10.
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
malc: ~witch hunter
LRRTwitter: Dis hunter.
hammybone_: there are also imps and floaty guys with lanterns in the nether
hammybone_: i think the 1.6.4 ars magica 2 mod is my favorite minecraft mod, despite how outdated it is
TXC2: and we're back
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Catch an arrow with your teeth.
Didero: Just threaten to remove the herrinbone floor again if he keeps shooting you :p
TXC2: the basics of CQC?
ExachixKitsune: can confirm: 16 water wheels is a good power source
SnuggleFoxes: the hands look so cool
TheWriterAleph: "we're helping hands!"
chrono2x: Windmill on top?
ExachixKitsune: It's been a very clippable day
monkeyboyktc: In front of a LIVE audience!
R_Craddz: Who killed Bambi?
TXC2: baby deeriver
TXC2: R_Craddz Society Kappa
OrkaOrkinus: 180 armor stands say he is
ExachixKitsune: mmm
monkeyboyktc: This is our life now
DiscordianTokkan: So smol
RomanGoro: Adjust the vertical!
Piratical_tendancies: smooth
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Stream is now in ultrawide
FITorion: there literal Deer farms in Briton
Harvest25: Wide screen
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Ah the Turner Cut
monkeyboyktc: Things get worse before they get better
DiscordianTokkan: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
Didero: Seems fixed now
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: lrrHORN lrrHORN
TXC2: good enough
beckett_brass: Went to the bathroom for a moment. What happened?
Piratical_tendancies: !advice
LRRbot: Colors of the world are on your fingertips.
SAJewers: lrrFINE
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
Piratical_tendancies: !picnic
momma_tatts: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
RobotHitchhiker: Did James get a streaming axe?
Doonis13: jlrrBreak
TheWriterAleph: James has broken everything else lrrBEEJ
DiscordianTokkan: I wonder if the button to switch to Perfect Peak Cam causes issues. jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrIronball
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: I mean that sounds awesome
RandomTrivia: A use for Diorite? Finally!
RomanGoro: Has James seen the ponder feature?
RandomTrivia: Serge, what did you do? sergeOffByOne ?
TXC2: is Serge ever not off by one?
RandomTrivia: I think he was off by two once, that was a strange day
Artanis3224: Doesnt Create have a wrench to turn things?
Anaerin: You need to stick them together.
Anaerin: Wool is a better option for sails, also.
TXC2: need some POWERFUL wind to turn a cobble sail
RandomTrivia: James seems to have powerful wind lrrBEEJ
DiscordianTokkan: James just superglued his sleeping bag to the ground, lol
TheMagicWalrus: i mean sails are also a good option to use
ExachixKitsune: ~science~
RandomTrivia: Does it need to be detached from the ground?
TheMagicWalrus: try leaves
RandomTrivia: I'm forever in awe of Serge's ability to turn a mundane stone box into something that is interesting to look at and tells a story
DiscordianTokkan: It's the Ottawa Hostel that was formerly a prison! and currently possibly hella haunted!
Doonis13: didn't glue one of them
FITorion: right one
FITorion: I think
FITorion: yep
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN
TheWriterAleph: it liiives!!
SnuggleFoxes: the physics of it going in the ground... aaahhh :D :D
TXC2: just like in Holland Kappa
RandomTrivia: This is Minecraft! Physics has no power here!
noSmokeFire: why did we turn Steve into a windmill?
RandomTrivia: Steve knows what he did
ContingentCat: because we can
LordZarano: So the sail doesn't even need to be balanced?
RandomTrivia: James is like an excited 5 year old, running around gluing things to each other just to see what happens :D
RandomTrivia: Welp
TXC2: YES!!!!!!!
TemporallyAwry: #MyBrand
RandomTrivia: #OnBrand
Harvest25: jlrrFall jlrrFall
Mistborn83: That was a very James thing to do
LucasTheDrgn: sergeFall
WokenClick: I mean, we all saw that coming right?
SnuggleFoxes: that was bound to happen
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: James...uh, finds a way.
DiscordianTokkan: I guess James didn't have that trinket on
Nox_Invictus_: And he tragically died
SnuggleFoxes: plan all along :D
Yibbstill: lrrFINE
momma_tatts: jlrrFall jlrrFall jlrrFall
NightWingMistHawk: Got there!
noSmokeFire: James has excellent diving form, but poor landing form
BrookJustBones: flying into a wall with elytra is not prevented
SnuggleFoxes: James has been taking fall damage for the entire episode
Dread_Pirate_Westley: How? In the traditional manner in which James dies.
SnuggleFoxes: I don't think he has the trinket equipped
SnuggleFoxes: from logging on again
TXC2: 100% that trinket came off when James put the Alf armour on
chesul: when you log out and back in they unequip.
SnuggleFoxes: he's definitely been taking fall damage for a while
SnuggleFoxes: chat commented on it while fixing the woot farm
SnuggleFoxes: I mean, no fault to the players not noticing, of course
Harvest25: Check your backpack, you may have put it away
kinslayer6788: is it in your backpack?
kinslayer6788: top left
Harvest25: top left
CAKHost: Did you just not put it back on after that one boss fight?
CAKHost: I remember you had to take it off for that
CAKHost: The Uber Gaia Fight?
anonymous0326: what mods?
SnuggleFoxes: !modpack
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies, a mod pack by Serifina, get it here:
anonymous0326: thanks
LucasTheDrgn: I, too, forget to sleep
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Genie_M: make a pinwheel
TXC2: English is barely English most of the time :p
DiscordianTokkan: Superglue
SAJewers: james, you should probably go repair that superglue?
FITorion: add fence to one side of the sails
chrono2x: You would want to curve on the other side
SnuggleFoxes: it would look cool
chrono2x: Yeah
Harvest25: Wood on leading edge
chrono2x: Fence instead of wood planks?
chrono2x: Don't forget the wood on top of the next sail
chrono2x: If you can get the curve right I think it would look very good
RandomTrivia: Does the pack have anything that lets fences go horizontally?
SnuggleFoxes: maybe reference pictues could help?
WowoT: what about going from narrow near the center to more wide towards the end
LucasTheDrgn: @RandomTrivia i think there's chisels and bits, but i don't think there's "horizontal fences" per se
rf232: shouldn't the wood be centered on the rotato bit?
SnuggleFoxes: I think wood one to the side like right now looks fine
CorvaxIsClever: wouldnt fence would look strange because some parts are vertical and some are horizontal while you build it?
RandomTrivia: Welp
Harvest25: Do those go
RandomTrivia: LUL
Harvest25: on the side?
RandomTrivia: Oh right, they weren't glued. The fences are still going to look odd.
Cinominn: 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,5
xxbigxjimxx: I think you wanna flip it.
xxbigxjimxx: Start small on the bottom
Cinominn: both work, problem is the fence on the other parts
LucasTheDrgn: the one i made was large on the bottom and looked nice, i think it's an aesthetic choice
xxbigxjimxx: Exactly
RandomTrivia: There it is, there's the realization
DiscordianTokkan: Yeah, flared out wider at the edges since that'll catch wind more and make it spin faster
RandomTrivia: The vertical ones will look great. The horizontal ones, maybe not so much
rf232: irl windmills are small in the center and wider on the outside
LordZarano: There are MANY ways to design a sail
Dergib: Shouldn't be SAIL!!!!?
FuzzyFozzy: Should add more
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Diabore: !yay
LRRbot: Yaaaaaaay...
SnuggleFoxes: the joy of minecraft is getting to do what looks nice regardless of irl physics, right? I think it looks cool :)
LucasTheDrgn: is the superglue visible from the side while it's rotating?
FuzzyFozzy: I think the sail should go to the end of the fences, imho
LordZarano: No, you can't stop it 90* rotated Serge
CAKHost: Can the sails be dyed or is that too much scope creep?
RandomTrivia: The intention is that the fences are on the leading edge
RandomTrivia: The sails aren't "attached" as such to the fences
LucasTheDrgn: @CAKHost you right click sails with a dye and it dyes the sail without consuming the dye
chrono2x: I really like it the way it is
JqlGirl: i feel like the sail is too wide at the bottom
chrono2x: I also like checking trapdoors
Piratical_tendancies: If the fences were rotated 90deg i think it'd look more like a leading edge?
CAKHost: @CAKHost Thanks!
LordZarano: They're kind of like bat wing sails
Jondare: I feel like the sails should be more"curved" instead of straight? So 1,1,2,2,2,3,4,5 maybe?
WokenClick: Can you make it stop with a different side horizontal to make the fences all the same?
chrono2x: @WokenClick You can't sadly
RandomTrivia: @WokenClick Sadly not, it resets when you stop it
LucasTheDrgn: @WokenClick No, when you stop it it pops back to the original orientation
JqlGirl: i don't like the gap
RandomTrivia: ZOOM
TheWriterAleph: woooosh
Jondare: not quite as big a difference as i'd hoped, but i definitely think it's better
Artanis3224: The verticle fences are not connecting to the sails
chrono2x: I think I prefer the 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4
CAKHost: That windmill has the zoomies
noSmokeFire: oak trapdoors like serge said?
Cinominn: trap doors might be the way
RandomTrivia: I think the gap next to the vertical fences looks good. It looks like the blades are separate, rather than one continuous circle of sails which doesn't, you know, work for a windmill :D
fin9n: im here for 11 222 3 4 5
FuzzyFozzy: Or brown-dyed glass?
glued_to_the_stream: Could you not rotate it such that each side lands on the left, so you can make them all the same?
QuantumTwitch: what if you place them with the fin in the 90 degree position as the last one
SnuggleFoxes: are sails centered?
xxbigxjimxx: What if you put the fence on the other side and had the sail coming off that
FuzzyFozzy: Glass panes?
Doonis13: Yeah, maybe brown glass?
OrkaOrkinus: You don't Mind the Gap?
Didero: Might look better without the fence and just entirely sail?
xxbigxjimxx: I still think the sail is upside down
djalternative: James, you always mind the gap
RandomTrivia: @OrkaOrkinus *distant sounds of angry tube drivers*
SFSMaus: I Mind the Gap every time. But this gap is necessary
CAKHost: Actually, it looks like the giant pinwheel to me now. Which is a complement, not an insult :)
LordZarano: 111 22 3 5
RandomTrivia: I'm surprised that none of the big aesthetic mods has made horizontal fenceposts yet.
RandomTrivia: *have
LucasTheDrgn: ah, you can only see superglue between blocks if you have superglue in your hand
LucasTheDrgn: neat
RandomTrivia: Looks great
JqlGirl: the stand looks way too skinny
chrono2x: Dye now?
RandomTrivia: sergeFall
djalternative: stare at it for 20 years to truly appreciate it
WokenClick: Looks a bit square to me, but that's just a preference thing.
CAKHost: I like it!
RandomTrivia: Don't worry, the people who are calling it ugly now will call it "part of your heritage" in 50 years time Kappa
chrono2x: @JqlGirl I think there are blocks that go around the stand
SFSMaus: can you put spotlights on it when it's night time?
JqlGirl: hehe. shaft
FuzzyFozzy: Right now it looks like a pinwheel
ContingentCat: um?
silvalunae: oOo that looks awesome
RandomTrivia: Heh, giving the shaft
ContingentCat: !adult
LRRbot: I need a different adult!
SAJewers: naeCREEP
FuzzyFozzy: Yup, still a pinwheel lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
TXC2: Whose the base that wont cop out when there's danger all about? SHAFT
DiscordianTokkan: Make sure the shaft has a flared base wait what
chrono2x: Serge, your "little workshop" is amazing looking and also not so little.
LordZarano: Now that really looks like a pinwheel
LucasTheDrgn: @DiscordianTokkan pogonaThink
RandomTrivia: @TXC2 That makes me so damn happy
RandomTrivia: :D
LucasTheDrgn: you only need one of each color, iirc
TXC2: RandomTrivia thanks lrrHEART
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Zaghrog: Another prime number of months!
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SFSMaus: is there such a thing as spotlight in MC
ContingentCat: it is
Zaghrog: 3 is indeed a prime number
FITorion: i is a prime
RandomTrivia: !genius
LRRbot: I'm a genius!
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LucasTheDrgn: I play FFXIV, can confirm 3 is a prime number
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momma_tatts: sergeGift sergeGift sergeGift
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I was told there would be no math.
LucasTheDrgn: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13
Zaghrog: LucasTheDrgn are you a fan or not of the encounter that is relevant in?
stevestein: 3 let its Prime membership lapse and is actually just using its mom's password to get the free Twitch sub
CAKHost: Is there a way to look at Uno that doesn't involve looking at the Eye?
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eshplode: The colour red is a prime number
LucasTheDrgn: @Zaghrog Absolutely unironically love it, even moreso when they brought it back with Forced March
LordZarano: 9 is prime, but it is commonly mistaken for not being prime
TXC2: James "mouth noises" Turner
Zaghrog: LucasTheDrgn I too like the maths in that encounter
CAKHost: Oh god, it is MSPaint all over again!
ContingentCat: yeah
NarishmaReborn: spinning is so much cooler than not spinning
JqlGirl: can we dye or paint fences?
CAKHost: Bottom sail, just cry
noSmokeFire: try spinning, that's a good trick
CAKHost: Or just let Uno do it
LordZarano: Wait, no. The opposite of what I said
RandomTrivia: There, I even used the american spelling to appease the viewers
LucasTheDrgn: lmao
CAKHost: Did you just paint bucket the sail?
JqlGirl: hey, can we dye or paint fences?
RandomTrivia: Fill tool :D
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SAJewers: pkrosePlan sergeJustRight
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ContingentCat: uhhh
LucasTheDrgn: OH NO
Amentur: I had the same thought ....
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
silvalunae: uh oh
Zaghrog: LUL
rotarysorter: woooopss
CAKHost: Oh no
TheWriterAleph: oh noooo LUL
codl_: ohhh
RandomTrivia: Welp. Tear it down
TXC2: well shit
godpigeon: to the left not right..
chesul: nope.
Artanis3224: I was hoping I wasnt the only one who saw that...
fin9n: see you on the highlights lads
TwitchTVsFrank: oops
JqlGirl: when you accidentally a racism
RandomTrivia: Set it on fire
combatiblewombatible: rlyPika
noSmokeFire: unfortunately, angular radial symmetry trends towards a swastika
AlchemicalPanda: center four blocks purple?
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: F
Decaped: just keep it on the diagonal, ez
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Change the last 3 blue to cyan?
LucasTheDrgn: I hate it when I make a cool design and then i'm like "wait no there's a swastika"
RebekahWSD: I turn back to look at the stream, and oh dear
SFSMaus: Welcome, Highlight reel
TXC2: this will not be in the highlights
chesul: connect the blue parts?
RandomTrivia: I am 100% not clipping that
DiscordianTokkan: Is it the Lucky original one that the baddies appropriated, at least?
ZombieHendrix: I think you made the good Hindu one and not the bad one
Jondare: GOD DAMNIT. why'd the nazis have to ruin usch a nice, useful, shape
RandomTrivia: Let's rotate the blue!
Genie_M: paint radial
rotarysorter: this reminds me of the time Northernlion accidently made the SS symbol in warzone
ExachixKitsune: I refuse to clip that
noSmokeFire: goodbye from the highlight real!
AbnormAnomaly: oh wow, I step away for one second. Whoops
CAKHost: If you swap the green with the blue, won't it be the same problem?
RandomTrivia: This is a moment for us, and us alone. Feel special Chat, you deserve it.
SAJewers: yes
AlchemicalPanda: Change two of the dark blues to purple to vary it
fin9n: fill tool
OrkaOrkinus: just do yellow sails
rotarysorter: if the tips are the same colour as the inner part it will be fine
LucasTheDrgn: double right click to fill bucket
JqlGirl: why not each sail a solid color? the three blues and white?
ContingentCat: shockingy concerete can't be a sail
noSmokeFire: if you invert the green and blue in the NE and SW quadrants would that be enough?
NarishmaReborn: "I don't see the racism, so it doesn't exist" whoops
AlchemicalPanda: Or a sunset sail
momma_tatts: Can you not just change the furthest 3 dark blue sails from the center to cyan
RandomTrivia: The easy solution is a Flint and Steel
Cinominn: id say just solid color sails
Artanis3224: Have a 4th color at the center?
SquirrelEarl: Radiate the color out in rings ranter than stripes?
CAKHost: Yay
SAJewers: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
silvalunae: phrasing
chrono2x: What colors go with blue?
Amentur: Serge ...
Jondare: Do it so only the 3 inner most ones are dark?
RandomTrivia: LUL
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
Zaghrog: LUL
xantos69: Well this is what I get for tuning into Mine O'Clock for the first time in like a year. lrrBEEJ
chrono2x: I'm thinking just yellow sails
LordZarano: Replace the wool next to the andesite with wood?
TemporallyAwry: This stream has been full of "oops" moments today, eh?
SkunkyBlitz: And just like that, MOC was removed from the schedule, never to appear again
noSmokeFire: beachball pattern, basically
CommunistBakery: go for the serge floor pattern?
TXC2: hello xantos69 welcome
AbnormAnomaly: I mean that's not as offensive.
Zaghrog: that's two clips for the highlight reel!
Essmir: why not make them chess board?
OrkaOrkinus: In honor of New Zealand, all black
rotarysorter: maybe grey instead of white?
Pheonix888: could you use 4 colours?
noSmokeFire: maybe orange or yellow instead of white?
JqlGirl: or grey like the center hub?
chrono2x: Maybe gray for the andisite?
Artanis3224: purple
RandomTrivia: @xantos69 MoC is functioning normally, everything is in shambles
StarWarsTHX1138: green
FITorion: is there a darker blue?
Doonis13: What if you make the colors more like circles instead of stripes?
SAJewers: how about the grey of the centre block?
momma_tatts: cyan . . . not green
xantos69: @RandomTrivia I believe you. I have seen James play magic.
Doonis13: Have the edges of the sail be light blue and the inner corners be dark blue?
ContingentCat: can we make a fivevery good sound effect
noSmokeFire: compression makes cyan and light blue look really close
RandomTrivia: What if it were 2 different colours shared by opposite corners?
ContingentCat: maybe opposite sides darker
AbnormAnomaly: James, hot take that the other way looked better. Big yikes.
lofi_lay_loser: hellooo
xxbigxjimxx: It doesn’t look as good as a swastika?
TXC2: hello lofi_lay_loser welcome
SAJewers: maybe have some dark blue on all 4 sections?
CAKHost: The day is saved!
offbeatwitch: looks cool
RandomTrivia: We're moving towards overthinking again
RomanGoro: How about just the inner corner dark blue? A single square?
RandomTrivia: T H I C C B A S E
ContingentCat: thiccc base
Dread_Pirate_Westley: One sail of dark blue at the center of each quadrant to make it more of a circle?
noSmokeFire: thicc bace
TXC2: a thiccc, flared base
SFSMaus: make sure it has a flaired base
JqlGirl: idea: build a spiral staircase up it?
cassaclyzm: if you leave the skinny base it looks like an actual pinwheel
AlchemicalPanda: Now Quick, chop one of those logs down
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's just a movie set.
BrookJustBones: Make the base a head, so it becomes a pinwheel cap :P
judigerald: hi
TXC2: hello judigerald welcome
TXC2: apparatii
djalternative: dig A-hole
TXC2: fancy animation
TheWriterAleph: Create is SO good, it just has a terrible name
RandomTrivia: This is probably the best in-game documentation in the history of modded Minecraft
noSmokeFire: good name, hard to google
TheWriterAleph: ^
SAJewers: yeah
malc: better than "Mine craft"
ExachixKitsune: Very Creative
lofi_lay_loser: whats the mod
DentedPockets: Try searching for anything about Create tutorials.
SquirrelEarl: Applied Rotation
TXC2: lofi_lay_loser Create
chesul: Applied Rotation.
lofi_lay_loser: oh-
noSmokeFire: "create X in minecraft" just gets you generic tutorials
TehAmelie: i'd hope Create has its own wiki to search
TXC2: Minecraft Create mod
RandomTrivia: "create minecraft bug report" won't get you very far :D
SAJewers: name it "James Turner" lrrBEEJ
RandomTrivia: @SAJewers I love the layers in this :D
LucasTheDrgn: tbf, googling "create windmills" did in fact pull up thje create wiki article for windmills
TheWriterAleph: maybe the seo is better, but when Create was first being developed it was a pain in the ass LUL
Didero: !uno
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TXC2: !dos
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LucasTheDrgn: it could also be a matter of Google Knows All, because I have googled "fire" before and it gave me the bulbapedia article for the pokemon type Fire, which was in fact exactly what i wanted
djalternative: !tres
LRRbot: Anche RebelliousUno è in streaming. Assicurati di controllare la sua visione del flusso e dargli un seguito!
MDrift314: !shi
LRRbot: RebelliousUno Sutorīmingu mo shite imasu. Ogawa no kare no kenkai o kakunin shite, kare ni shitagatte kudasai!
ArtemisHuntress: Hello James, hello chat
djalternative: !vagh
LRRbot: bIQtIq labtaH RebelliousUno je. bIQtIq jorchanDaj yIbej ej' ghaH yItlha'!
TXC2: hello ArtemisHuntress welcome
rf232: stick your shaft in the divet?
Didero: Just flip the goearbox turnways!
RandomTrivia: @rf232 Only with consent :D
djalternative: mas shaft
TXC2: thank you Serge
RandomTrivia: YES SERGE
BlenderMTL: that's what sh--.. .nvm
TXC2: that is one long drill
RandomTrivia: What do you expect, it's being powered by a *windmill*
Didero: Why are you building this drill so far away from the windmill?
SK__Ren: I need a young cog and an old cog
Didero: I'm trying very hard not to mishear 'cogs'...
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: ^
ContingentCat: some cogs as big as your head?
TXC2: is it time to get into Gear ratios?
Didero: I'm also disappointed in me
LordZarano: That's nothing compared to actual oil&gas drills
LucasTheDrgn: what's wrong? all you have to do is attach the cogs to the shafts, then intertwine the cogs so you can drill faster,
LucasTheDrgn: @TXC2 thankfully it's all powers of 2 in Create
Didero: Impressive rotation speed for a cog grinding through dirt :p
Didero: @LucasTheDrgn Yeah, if you put it like that, it sounds perfectly normal and fine
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PixelArtDragon: Parities!
TXC2: Ro-tay-toes!
Didero: ♪ Boom boom boom boom, let's give those cogs some room ♪
rotarysorter: Do not boil mash or put Ro-tay-toes in stew
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jamesinor: I feel like it could be a bad sign that at the end of my semester, my seminar of german environmentalism was the least depressing class
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RandomTrivia: This calls for MORE GEARING
ExachixKitsune: vrooooom
RandomTrivia: ZOOM
PixelArtDragon: Exponentialities!
TXC2: Vroom vroom!
DiscordianTokkan: Nyooooom
ExachixKitsune: heheh drill go brrr
LucasTheDrgn: now put a cobblestone generator there
gualdhar: moar speedz!
Didero: Now all we have to do is make this thing portable and we'll never have to dig again!
chrono2x: Now how do you put the drip on an extending arm?
jamesinor: Squeak!
chrono2x: drill
RandomTrivia: sergeSqueak
ContingentCat: sergeSqueak
AlchemicalPanda: MOAR
Met_kaf: sergeSqueak
xxbigxjimxx: Wow. Uno just taught James a concept in 5 minutes FOR FREE that I paid $1800 to learn over 3 months.
RandomTrivia: F A S T
malc: Rotation speed: brrrrrrrrrr
Didero: Only one way to find out!
TXC2: so we went from 56 to 224
RandomTrivia: @malc sergeJustRight
jamesinor: Stressometer is used to study the stress felt by finals week college students
Amentur: Time for science!
Diabore: does it blend people?
LucasTheDrgn: @Diabore i think it does, if not there's a sawmill that does
kinslayer6788: obsideion?
PixelArtDragon: What about obsidian?
RandomTrivia: At this speed it would blend dark matter
RandomTrivia: :D
chrono2x: Can you make it break more than just one block in front of it?
LucasTheDrgn: SPICY
TXC2: could that kill mobs then?
AlchemicalPanda: That was almost highlight reel
PixelArtDragon: But does it blend?
TheWriterAleph: jlrrFacepalm
jamesinor: It will KEEL
PixelArtDragon: James, you fool! You could have made the highlight reel!
SquirrelEarl: Spontaneous nether Portals
chesul: try for faster!
LucasTheDrgn: @PixelArtDragon no there's a different machine for that, the mixer
RandomTrivia: That's pretty fast for an automated thing
Didero: Does that put a lot of stress on the gearing?
chesul: add more gears!
RandomTrivia: Especially one that *doesn't* need diamond
TXC2: needs a diamond drill bit
LordZarano: That was like 15 seconds
GreatIrishElk: I don't understand how this is going to help.
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Pressing Q does absolutely nothing.
Didero: Q
Didero: The bot is right!
LordZarano: !Q
djalternative: Q
SFSMaus: Q
chesul: there's a rope pulley that will work for up and down.
SFSMaus: 2Q or not 2Q
RandomTrivia: So about 8/9 years ago there was this new mod called Railcraft, and it had this machine called a TunnelBore... lrrBEEJ
RomanGoro: Uno, I had a suggestion of rope pulleys when I asked about chunk-a-punch, but I have no idea how that would work
Didero: I couldn't even backseat if I wanted to because I don't know what's going on! :p
Doonis13: Oh, are we doing an automated punch-a-chunk?
djalternative: the answer is Q
gualdhar: clearly we need to make a Metal Gear for this
degernate: just joined, what's going on?
RandomTrivia: @gualdhar That just leads to weapons to *surpass* Metal Gear...
TXC2: hello degernate we're making a large drill
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @Didero For those of us in that situation, we have to go old school backseating: "Are we there yet?"
Didero: We need your presence, Serge
TheWriterAleph: tos
Didero: @MyClosePersonalFriendJohn "Go left!" :p
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I suggest Serge learn an entirely different modpack in order to do this. Oh wait, VERY not supposed to do that.
RandomTrivia: *zwooooooop*
momma_tatts: Time for me to go to work. Have fun with the create-a-chunk!!
RandomTrivia: Oh Serge is NOT messing around today :D
PixelArtDragon: Can those extenders be chained?
icbat: those gears are super interesting! what mod/modpack is happening here?
RandomTrivia: @icbat This is a mod called Create
icbat: @icbat ty!
OldManJohnsonMB: More speed = less torque?
TXC2: James and Uno: makes a barely functional prototype. Serge: lets make it GIGANTIC!
LucasTheDrgn: !modpack
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing The Phoenix's Assorted Goodies, a mod pack by Serifina, get it here:
LucasTheDrgn: thank
Ba_Dum_Tish: Is this an attempt to automate a chunk?
BrookJustBones: James is working on automating himself
Didero: oooh
xxbigxjimxx: What would happen if you bud a pool of lava while digging?
ExachixKitsune: That's the intent... eventually Ba_Dum_Tish : It's making sure they work out how on their own
DiscordianTokkan: jlrrPunch
ExachixKitsune: xxbigxjimxx : They'll work that out eventually
TXC2: we drill the lava, duh Kappa
Doonis13: How does this handle liquids?
Didero: How far can this piston extend?
RandomTrivia: I don't know if Create follows the same (real world) rules as Rotarycraft, that of Power=Torque*Speed
OldManJohnsonMB: I love the idea of drilling straight down
RandomTrivia: @MyClosePersonalFriendJohn In the spirit of modded Minecraft, he's automating it :D
LordZarano: I think bedrock cleanup might actually be impossible
LordZarano: to automate
TwitchTVsFrank: how do you keep them synced?
RandomTrivia: Project Manager Serge to the rescue!
Didero: oh no, Serge is getting out the Kanban board
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: His home stream will become him punching in to start the machine, and then drinking coffee while the chunk gets punched. :)
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Milk
NarishmaReborn: milk
Wolfstrike_NL: signs
MDrift314: jlrrCarrotmilk jlrrCarrotmilk jlrrCarrotmilk ?
TXC2: !carrot
LRRbot: Soundcloud for the hit single: by MDrift314
chesul: Buttress!
TXC2: good that still works
DiscordianTokkan: jlrrCarrotmilk
chrono2x: 256 drills is a problem
DiscordianTokkan: Honeydew. Chicken. Tapir.
gualdhar: problem: James has a job. solution: automate chunk punching
jamesinor: I believe in order to punch down you have to do Down+A
gualdhar: sounds about right
BrookJustBones: I think you have flat bedrock because modded
Diabore: so 60 poles per drill head
Dread_Pirate_Westley: One windmill is not going to power 256 drills.
m_logan2000: water removal? lava in the chuck?
Artanis3224: I think you can do it with one piston head, so you wouldnt need 60 poles per drill
gualdhar: wait, what if you have 256 drills aiming down, and step them all down one level at a time?
floki4242: Battle of the elements
TXC2: gualdhar that's what we're gonna do
Didero: Mobs aren't a problem, right?
gualdhar: @TXC2 oh, I thought they were talking about 1 drill going in three directions
TwitchTVsFrank: collect and then throw into lava
chesul: Dread_Pirate_Westley I believe that depends on how large you make the windmill. the one they have definitely won't, but a multi-chunk wide one might.
Didero: Collecting all of it in a separate storage system would be a fun way to see what was in the chunk when you're done
RandomTrivia: What's the push limit on the Mechanical Piston? Does it have one?
TXC2: good question, no more questions
RandomTrivia: Yeah, that's fair
NarishmaReborn: ooh
jamesinor: Hear me out: Attach Serge to the piston and throw him down into the earth to clear the chunk
RandomTrivia: Is it transferring shaft power through the piston head?
FuzzyFozzy: Can you do a row 16-wide?
Arikell: It's going to be slower just due to scale
m_logan2000: Can pistons kill mobs?
RandomTrivia: Oh ok, it turns while it's being pushed. Like a self-threading screw
TXC2: Now we know!
FuzzyFozzy: Then it can peel a full layer?
Didero: It's also drilling much slower though
RandomTrivia: Uno took away one of the sections of gearing I think
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Is there going to be issues with different block speeds for the drill? (Is one drill going to try to move forward, while others still digging?)
NarishmaReborn: if you have multiple drills on and they encounter materials that take different times though, how does that work?
FuzzyFozzy: Can it drive multiple drill bits?
NarishmaReborn: ^^basically what @MyClosePersonalFriendJohn said
LordZarano: Is there any way to detach piston and drilling speed?
LucasTheDrgn: @MyClosePersonalFriendJohn it looks like if they're all attached to the same piston, it only pushes the group when all of them are clear
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @LucasTheDrgn Prefect.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: *perfect even
TXC2: this is how we made the Channel tunnel IRL :p
RandomTrivia: This is a wholly unnecessary level of testing for a wholly unnecessary problem-solving setup. This is *peak* modded Minecraft
RandomTrivia: :D
Amentur: PrideLaugh
Wolfstrike_NL: never gets old
TXC2: wont this break those boxes?
AnderKryst: But will this contraption break tools and murder traders?
TheWriterAleph: haha drill go brrr
Didero: How is that drill bit rotating? It's not directly connected to anything but cobble, is it?
TheAinMAP: Welcome to counting with Serge.
LordZarano: Welcome to Counting With Serge
TemporallyAwry: i wish the "counting with serge" emote was still in circulation
LucasTheDrgn: @Didero it could be that the mechanical piston has a special case to transfer power to all connected machines
StarWarsTHX1138: sergeCounting sergeCounting
TemporallyAwry: :D it is!
LordZarano: This is ridiculous
RandomTrivia: @Didero Short answer: Don't even worry about it. Longer answer, I think it's meant to be like a screw in a thread
BlenderMTL: inb4 63
TXC2: that's test number 2
SAJewers: and how it deals with bedrock
Diabore: lava is going to be a big test
chesul: SAJewers bedrock isn't an issue.
SAJewers: oh, right
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The next test is to put several drill bits on this obelisk.
TemporallyAwry: Oh, if you're going up and down, the rope pulley might be good.
chrono2x: So yeah, water and lava are the next problem
Artanis3224: The rope pully would be pretty solid here
TXC2: thanks for streaming James, Uno and Serge
GapFiller: thanks for streaming James & Serge
Didero: Thanks for the stream!!
TXC2: !next
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TXC2: !events
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TXC2: the best Resident Evil Kappa
TheWriterAleph: 8 is great
Diabore: 8 seems good
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TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
ContingentCat: thanks James lrrHEART
TXC2: Bye
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, everyone! lrrHEART
TXC2: goodnight everybody
RandomTrivia: Night TXC2, take care
LordZarano: Why does Twitch sound _lower_ pitch when speeding up the video?
SerGarretCameron: probably overcorrection for the compression.
LordZarano: I wonder if they're making the dumb mistake that everyone makes with percentages/scaling
LordZarano: Speeding up by 25% and then lowering the pitch by 25%
SerGarretCameron: maybe.
SerGarretCameron: part of me imagines if audio density has something to do with it. particularly if it's really dense audio, and it just shoves the chipmunks into the basement of the soundtrack, and it sounds lower as a result. I don't even know if it can be done, but that's in my head.
LordZarano: And 25% of 125 is 31.25, so they end back at 93.75
LordZarano: I should have used an easier number
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Control) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (5m from now).
corianderd: Heads up: TS might be a bit late. I dunno how much. It's a transit issue
RandomTrivia: Oh no, was Cam's bus late? lrrBEEJ
beowuuf: we'll be here when you are :)