codatski: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James, and/or Graham, and/or Adam play Magic: The Gathering Arena! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
djalternative: hola chat
TheWriterAleph: 'ello 'ello
Juliamon: ello
djalternative: everyone ready for "have you heard about the magic news that happened while you were here streaming?" this week?
azidbern95: feel bad for Blake today, the MTG chat is gonna be nuts
hexy_lexy: lrrSIGNAL
ponteylontey: hey gandalf
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Let’s go! It’s time to draft with @Graham_LRR and @James_LRR! | (James not pictured but he assures me he’ll be here soon) | 📷 ||
rasterscan: @azidbern95 ? What happened?
hexy_lexy: hello to gandalf
Lithobraker: azidbern95 drama? in my MTG community?
azidbern95: too long for LRR chat... just look up the MTG Organized Play announcement from today
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djalternative: The day is fresh-washed and fair, and there is a smell of tulips and narcissus in the air. The sunshine pours in at the bath-room window and bores through the water in the bath-tub in lathes and planes of greenish-white.
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Anonymousless: Hi! Taking a bit of a sick day after the second vax dose got me side-effected.
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beowuuf: check the mtg community for all your takes, no matter the temperature required
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raaabr: Woot Strixhaven drafts!
raaabr: I love this format
ponteylontey: strixhaven limited is so sick
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Chaotically_Random: Lets go back to School!!
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lirazel64: Wheeeeeee!
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gamercat88: <3 lrrHEART
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TheAinMAP: rebell1Uno rebell1Uno rebell1Uno
djalternative: !uno
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RebelliousUno: rebell1Uno rebell1Uno rebell1Uno rebell1Uno
lirazel64: The magecraft is real!
beowuuf: rebell1Uno
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ExachixKitsune: It sub-day! Merry Sub-day
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beowuuf: !dos
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djalternative: !dos
LRRbot: RebelliousUno también está transmitiendo. Asegúrate de revisar su vista de la secuencia y darle una continuación!
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Jadenim: I got a badge!
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djalternative: !tres
LRRbot: Anche RebelliousUno è in streaming. Assicurati di controllare la sua visione del flusso e dargli un seguito!
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TheWooglie: I just got what that emote is LUL
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beowuuf: !chi
djalternative: !shi
LRRbot: RebelliousUno Sutorīmingu mo shite imasu. Ogawa no kare no kenkai o kakunin shite, kare ni shitagatte kudasai!
beowuuf: !vagh
LRRbot: bIQtIq labtaH RebelliousUno je. bIQtIq jorchanDaj yIbej ej' ghaH yItlha'!
SoldieroFortune: KLINGON?!
djalternative: This has been counting with Lrrbot
SoldieroFortune: You forgot Swedish Chef!
beowuuf: klingon indeed. I beleive txc2 is to thank? I laughed and laughed when i first realised
ExachixKitsune: !bork
ExachixKitsune: Nope
elah806: !sex
elah806: Number six better lrrEFF ing be Latin
djalternative: TXC2 is in charge of our math cirriculum
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MaybeTara: oh hey a button! This number is getting kinda ridiculously high...thanks as always for being awesome, even after almost 7 years LRR remains my favourite corner of the internet.
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RebelliousUno: there's a lot of them in there for sure
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beowuuf: lrr's shift to just being the marketing department for unio's channel was subtle but inevitable
ExachixKitsune: !play cruel angel's thesis
LRRbot: No.
TehAmelie: the stream, it's moving
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TehAmelie: yohoo
djalternative: College Cup today?
CodenameJD: Graham is at the office!
RebelliousUno: absolute Banger
lirazel64: YASSSS!
TheWooglie: !bgc
LRRbot: Jimmy Hinson AKA "BigGiantCircles" makes chiptunes, which are featured during commercial breaks. His music, including LRR remixes and the soundtrack for Road Quest, is available here:
taeasakura: Hi Graham!
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Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun did you have a chance to play in the open?
hexy_lexy: hi G hi James!
HundreydAundre: Yolks!
felrender: in so hot the voice codec is still crunchy
felrender: Yeah!
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HundreydAundre: Its one now...?
animated_fairy: My first LRR magic stream!! LETS GOOOOO
felrender: I just got all my wins in it, it's a fun time
turbosnail85: @sora_mayura Thanks for the gift sub!
p_johnston: hello
rocketjohn: did you manage to connect in the slightest?
Diabore: sweet, ill wait in anticipation
Skranbets: HYPE!!!! hopefully you did better in the open than last tome
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun month long competition between the schools. Use sleeves, avatars, and pets to earn points
djalternative: for your school of choice
ArdCollider: I'm on shot two and hoping I don't get side effects before I can rework a Lorehold deck for the Cup. :D
Wiliart: Hello to you too good sir.
sora_mayura: no problem! @turbosnail85
beowuuf: more baileys!
lirazel64: @ardcollider Congrats!
hexy_lexy: Card Kingdom: a Kingdom of Cards!
rocketjohn: is audio slightly out of sync for anyone else?
NotCainNorAbel: It sounds like they would have a kingdom worth of cards
LarkSachrosis: vargBruh
p_johnston: @ardcollider i am also on shot two and feel8ng the side effects.
DBSmiley: I haven't seen this channel since Checkpoint on PATV like a decade ago! I feel like I've missed the birth of my child
TehAmelie: five color bad stuff, sounds like a plan
elah806: Oh I better get my order in so I can get that
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ArdCollider: aw, thanks, @lirazel64! and yeah, @p_johnston, I'm like five hours out and watching myself warily.
TehAmelie: wow, welcome back
verzegcaio: @loadingreadyrun finally I caught the stream early this time! how are you and James graham?
hexy_lexy: @LoadingReadyRun 5 colour bad stuff is just my Cycling EDH deck
HundreydAundre: Sorry I was under impression of "Foil Lands make F O I L Mana"
beowuuf: james has a beard (not pictured) otherwise the same really :p
rocketjohn: @DBSmiley you missed LRR making their own take on the top gear format, for instance
rickerino1209: Hello
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Wywin: why is color spelled wrong on the button?
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mattyjacky: hello
djalternative: Bath BY AMY LOWELL @LoadingReadyRun
Porsgaard81: Hello.
rocketjohn: @DBSmiley look up 'road quest' on youtube after this stream :)
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raaabr: Maybe one day I will get the jab
TheWooglie: mine makes no sense out of context
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beowuuf: lrr also get to play with the cards before everyone else in pre-pre-releases that are a day of fun, so there's lots of youtube content for that
Diabore: im a week and a half out from applying
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Diabore: Road Quest is a trip, literally
RayFK: You're not my dad
ArdCollider: I talked to an actual automotive enthusiast-press journo the other day and they were VERY positive about Road Quest, had watched it, loved it
RayFK: Maybe they should watch One More
GenericGuy2G: I'm also on that second dose sick day. Kickin' my butt.
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rocketjohn: "hello, please register for your vacinne"
mattyjacky: huh
lirazel64: I would suggest The Panalysts as well.
NotCainNorAbel: post your number James, you will get lots of calls
Wywin: @GenericGuy2G it goes away in ~36 hours, hang in there!
DBSmiley: I'm not a MTG fan, but I'll definitely follow and check out the other shows!
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: They found you out Graham... gov of BC gonna get ya!
rocketjohn: we can
DemoDane: we can
beowuuf: Maybe that other James Turner gets all your calls
EOstby: We hear you, James.
demondrinkingtea: I can hear you James
Diabore: we can hear james
Skranbets: We can hear you james!
ExachixKitsune: No we can't hear you James sergeSnerge
lemmel: Yup, sup James
Arikell: Nobody can hear you james
morgoth_bauglyr: entertain us james
TheWooglie: no
LemonOnRye: Can anyone really hear?
beowuuf: and never corrects them
Kaorti: No James, we can't hear you
LarkSachrosis: BC Calling is a little known tribute album of covers from London Calling
sora_mayura: we can hear you James
lirazel64: if you like laughing.
Diabore: this might actually be important
mattyjacky: yes I can hear you
zendikarn01: Yes
Skranbets: Okay this isnt a bit, I thought this was a planned phonecall XD
jkoon78076: no James we can't hear you
1y1e: yes I can hear you clem fandango
animated_fairy: We can hear you
DetritusRex: Hello! Long time viewer. Love your channel. Finally felt I could contribute something.
HundreydAundre: I want it to be the scammer now.
GenericGuy2G: @wywin I hope so. I had a pretty rough reaction to dose 1 as well.
Lithobraker: So.... Hows your car warranty doing Graham?
animated_fairy: How’s Trudeau, Graham
anclag: BC really was calling!
gghighslows: My car warranty always expiring apparently
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Sasha_conyst: Been a bit and many life changes since I last caught a stream. Been exactly seven months on estrogen. The breasts be very tender. Gonna be moving to where my partner is at the end of summer. Had both vaccination doses back in January (nursing home)
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Diabore: i had a life insurance mlm calling me constantly until i blocked 3 of their numbers
NovaTiempo: I keep getting "your sky subscribtion is broken"
combo_off: favorite thing with scammers is to say you either own a tesla for the car ones or just say you only work there and need a speific name
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Durdenstein: Happy to keep supporting the friendliest streamers on the entire internet.
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GenericGuy2G: @gghighslows I always ask them "which car" and they just hang up on me.
ExachixKitsune: Sasha_conyst sergePrideLove sergePrideLove sergePrideLove
beowuuf: LOL
raaabr: There's the ones that say that ignoring this call is a class whatever offense
kirbytronic: But your *person you haven't talked to in two years* is in jail and needs Bail Money, Graham
TheWooglie: so who was on the phone?
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djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun the poem this month was Bath BY AMY LOWELL
ArdCollider: @Sasha_conyst congrats on the HRT TransgenderPride
beowuuf: ^
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sora_mayura: perfect pronunciation, full marks Graham!
RayFK: Don't ask me
EvilBadman: So what you're saying is you want Comms to use more? lrrBEEJ
LarkSachrosis: I used to get a lot of calls looking for the previous owner of my number who was a contractor the next town over, best I've been able to tell he borrowed a bunch against his business and skipped town sticking his partners with the debt.
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trichronos: One year!
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Arikell: That is how english works
Durdenstein: "It's actually spelled correctly. I don't remember how I spelled it" - Such amazing confidence.
rocketjohn: trans-atlantic colourful high-five, @LoadingReadyRun
Skranbets: Oof hearing Graham called my name surprised me and suddendly made me feel like i was in trouble for some reason XD
Duhstink: coloure
beowuuf: Look, the queen loves lrr, five colour bad stuff, and ordering from an equivalent kingdom, just oen of cards. She needs colour spelled correctly
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DanTheMediocre: TransgenderPride
mattyjacky: how do you feel about the vaccine
codatski: Something tells me that G gets a chuckle out of having an American company hand out buttons with "colour" on them
TehAmelie: take that, cultural shift caused by the cost of printing ink
RayFK: codatski We don't worry too much about it
GenericGuy2G: @wywin Oh man, totally missed that notification until Graham read it. Thanks so much!
ThirdFloorDraft: just got mine today
Juliamon: Muscle
rocketjohn: muscle
River_Marshall: You put in the muscle
CAKHost: Muscle!
ArdCollider: in your deltoid muscle
Durdenstein: I got my 2nd dose on Monday. So happy!
JessKay: I think these ones go in the muscle yeah
RayFK: Get Vaccinated when you can. There is no alternative thought to this.
GredGredmansson: tomBicep
animated_fairy: So how was Trudeau, Graham? Party100 Party100
Sasha_conyst: @mattyjacky pretty good. I'm glad I was able to get it
River_Marshall: your deltoid tecnically
Skranbets: Give me a gallon and ill take an enema
ShaneLeeAtk: Intra-muscular
ThirdFloorDraft: Pfizer is orange flavour
Scar_Red_Tiger: It's a suppository
beowuuf: look, we'll make a chart, roll a d12, and go with it
Wywin: @GenericGuy2G Thanks for getting vacced! <3
rocketjohn: i got experimented on for it, so y'all better effing get it.
CAKHost: I got my second one today! Arm just sore
HellrideV8: I'm currently sick with covid. IT'S AWFUL, GET VACCINATED PEOPLE
SquareDotCube: "Jab it into my ear"
GredGredmansson: I don't know where it goes, I always look away Kappa
codatski: @RayFK Oh hey Jordan! Yeah lol
beowuuf: lrrHEART
TehAmelie: hm, i have no idea who the head of my province is
Sasha_conyst: arm was sore for a week
satyropodobny: the call of nature
raaabr: It seems like the issue in the US is "We have all this vaccine, and nobody wants to take it", and then in Canada it's "We have all these people who want to take it, and no vaccine"?
shaneandkk: Fully vaxxed as of yesterday 🥳
Durdenstein: After my second dose, I can see colours.
Lithobraker: Does anyone have a cold take? I need a temperature differential to run my Stirling engine off the hot takes?
River_Marshall: reminder to everyone wait for a month to build up as much resistance as you can before going out
ShaneLeeAtk: My 12 year-old nephew received his first vaccine shot today.
p_johnston: im so annoyed. place i went to had like 30 open spots and were so happy to see me.
ArdCollider: @rocketjohn thanks for being the crash test dummy! you've helped save lives.
ravenlord_xix: I get my first 5g install next friday
djalternative: Who's calling when the ID says Canadia?
elah806: That was pretty rad
p_johnston: if you live in the US get vaccine.
Diabore: @raaabr seems like an answer lies in that statement
rocketjohn: ArdCollider you and everyone are welcome :)
GredGredmansson: @River_Marshall good to know, i've got like 2.5 weeks since my 2nd dose
ecjones1975: Eddie Barbell Fanclub President
kirbytronic: Is today the start of MH2 things?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Did op get a turn eventually?
ThirdFloorDraft: it's a swingy format
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hexy_lexy: thats a lot of cards
beowuuf: great game, next game
Skranbets: Man Graham, Cyber bullying is not okay XD
ravenlord_xix: I got my first 7 win draft deck with Quandrix splashing efreet flamepainter
SirTrae: I was kinda hoping to see them cast bury in books
RayFK: It's usually a drinking game
djalternative: I got someone to concede at 20 today
Diabore: atm singleton
Lithobraker: rocketjohn Which one? I was in the Moderna trial, and honestly the 6 vials of blood they drew every visit was the worst part.
GredGredmansson: what time is WeeklyMTG anyway?
codatski: It does not say so, but it is standard singleton
GredGredmansson: Vanguard Emeritus
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SirTrae: One month for every point of life!
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ArdCollider: my favorite concession this week: I was running historic brawl Velomachus and threw the Embercleave on him and the opp just *left.*
raaabr: @Diabore You would think so
ponteylontey: Birgi seems pretty strong with that
Arikell: so... storm?
hexy_lexy: so a Tainted Pact deck?
mattyjacky: life gain maybe
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kirbytronic: It's standard
TehAmelie: five color bad stuff storm?
RayFK: I got a deck, DECK NUTS
RayFK: I'll go
satyropodobny: izzet draw 2
hexy_lexy: @RayFK ... jordan plz
kirbytronic: Just standard
djalternative: it's standard
Kyir: Weather the Storm + Cauldron
codatski: Standard Singleton
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HundreydAundre: Up Two 4 Codies
ladyjessica: I just finished playing monored in this event.
ladyjessica: Had a good time.
Kaorti: @RayFK ... soooooo some sort of truck-themed vehicle deck?
codatski: It definitely doesn't say standard, but it is
ArdCollider: singleton standard, when you cast or copy an instant or sorcery you draw a card, I think
Diabore: it might bew spells
rocketjohn: Lithobraker i'm in novavax. they only take one vial for that for me, but it's a vacinne with an adjuvant i'll be in the study for, potentially, at least another year having bloods taken to see when the antibodies go away
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SpecctasaurusRex: One whole year! Though I've been watching for longer, thank you for making these past 12 months a little less terrible.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, SpecctasaurusRex! (Today's storm count: 36)
TehAmelie: "izzet spells?" "no, lands too"
hexy_lexy: mono red aggro? more like mono red SWAGro
mattyjacky: dimir rouges
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Natimus_Prime: Good ol' Mono Red.
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KilrenKrae: Sup pup
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kirbytronic: I was playing black/blue control. My opponents didn't like discontinuity as an extra turn spell
monkeyboyktc: Big face
beowuuf: @hexy_lexy sergeJustRight
ladyjessica: Woot monored!
Diabore: maybe more in the lesson sideboard
LarkSachrosis: Gross vargDio
hippitybobbity: good evening, what degeneracy are we goofing on folks with today
EvilBadman: "Lesson plans"
rocketjohn: @Lithobraker the really good news is that the adjuvant thingy appears to make it more effective against variants
RayFK: College Hunks Playing Junk
NovaTiempo: dammit G
raaabr: Oh, so we're playing college cup instead?
Masslost: that article had a mono-blue mill deck :D
BanditoHorse: Lorehold
hexy_lexy: Quandrix to send a message
codatski: Lorehold!
BanditoHorse: elephaaaants
Diabore: prismari
lirazel64: Lorehold?
djalternative: Prismari
EvilBadman: Bolt U
TheFickleCat: Goblin king college!
RayFK: Represent Elspeth's Nightmare
TehAmelie: which college is closest to West Coast Motherlovin Gs
TehAmelie: ?
zendikarn01: Prismari
sora_mayura: you can rep multiple with pets, sleeves and avatars
Kyir: what
Kaorti: Coullege
RayFK: Colleuge
geail: Kolluj
rocketjohn: Colleuge
Skranbets: OH okay thats makes sense
p_johnston: naw do quandrix.
ExachixKitsune: Cuup?
ArkhamArchivist: College Coup
hexy_lexy: LUL damnit James
rynsfelda: Collage?
theambivalentagender: Colluge
Scar_Red_Tiger: Calvin Cullege
p_johnston: best college.
TehAmelie: collegoue
TotallyNotaBeholder: College Coup... wait that's different
ryu9969: coolege
TehSpud: james, that's just colleague
rocketjohn: Prismuri
RayFK: Jameus Turneur
beowuuf: kcollege
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 40 months!
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: 40 months. That's four tens, and that's wonderful.
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ExachixKitsune: Lurrmtg?
ArdCollider: "give it the ol' college scry," my partner who does not play this game says
EvilBadman: @RayFK Jourdan, stop
RayFK: Nou
lirazel64: Nope.
monkeyboyktc: Nothing
beowuuf: @ArdCollider boo yet sergeJustRight
Himeeho: uh uh
ladyjessica: Nothing here
hexy_lexy: @RayFK buu!
djalternative: I think I heard it very quietly but I might be mistaken
Aravion: @RayFK Nou u
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Digitaldude2: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
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rynsfelda: Sound! Glorious sound!
Himeeho: all good now
rocketjohn: that pet reminds me of clippy
rocketjohn: no pet for LRRMTG?
Coogrr: Hi all, what are we playing?
EvilBadman: College Cup
Diabore: @Coogrr singleton with an emblem
sora_mayura: college cup
lirazel64: Monored
monkeyboyktc: irencrag first and then we can gatling gun their whole board
Coogrr: Oh cool, seems like a good time
beowuuf: or in honour of badgey, bookey!
djalternative: Yeah. The Book, Avatar, and Sleeve all count towards your cup points
gruulmagebeast: wait is stx limited not just strixhaven cards?
sora_mayura: @loadingreadyrun if you have the avatars and book pets from the colleges, you can rep 3 colleges at once!
beowuuf: all the mystic archives are legal
EOstby: Spikefield is a land.
rocketjohn: what's the emblem do in this?
RayFK: That's called MultiClassing
SirTrae: The ol' triple major
rocketjohn: woah
DemoDane: he'll be back
SirTrae: Pyro and Crash?
soulcannons: Oh no...not Arni
Diabore: they killed arnold!
monkeyboyktc: pyro then crash yeah
BloodnBullets: Hi folks, I see monored and I am IN.
mitomanox: the book watching the battle on the right
TheoreticalBezos: I lost a game of Strixhaven Draft last night to getting Blue Sun's Zenithed for 13. It was glorious.
Himeeho: whatcha drinkin G?
Porsgaard81: Sound effects very loud.
BloodnBullets: wait, this isnt supposed to be monored?
BloodnBullets: even better
PigmyWurm: but pyromancer!
soulcannons: I may need to play this a bit tomorrow
Alas_Babylon: Can we draw a card?
Alas_Babylon: Oh, so we can, neato
gruulmagebeast: wait where did the emblem come from?
rocketjohn: gruulmagebeast the format
Alas_Babylon: New event, everyone has the Archmage Emeritus effect
Alas_Babylon: ("Magecraft - Draw a card.")
gruulmagebeast: oh ok i was confused cause title says stx limited
SnowBuddy18: norbs
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TotallyNotaBeholder: Blex
ArdCollider: I got Shadrix and Velomachus when I bought the pass and felt like that was some value.
rocketjohn: because arena has no bugs.
TheWriterAleph: go home pick button, you're drunk
monkeyboyktc: Yep 'nother bug
rocketjohn: and is perfect software esports ready
rocketjohn: i still don't have a functioning friends list since strix came out
Alas_Babylon: rip esports tho
SirTrae: @rocketjohn Don't have to worry about esports now
gruulmagebeast: I might have saved the blex, the blex the blex the blex for you
SpecctasaurusRex: nice
sora_mayura: someone remind me how long the Cup of Knowledge lasts?
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rocketjohn: SirTrae i don't understand that?
blastanos: Hey, Discworld reference, nice
SirTrae: @rocketjohn Wizards is changing up the competitive structure a lot, and seems to be done with esports for now
gruulmagebeast: they activated your trap card
rocketjohn: SirTrae hah. amazing.
ArkhamArchivist: Both
DemoDane: both
RayFK: Both?
Himeeho: Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG)
EOstby: Yes.
NovaTiempo: oooooooh
ashteranic: both
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
monkeyboyktc: Nice
Himeeho: That's hilarious LOVE her
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun fwiw the college points only counts for the first win of each day
gruulmagebeast: ka CAW
Alas_Babylon: I also wanna imagine that was in response to a quote-tweet from MIchelle Rapp
TheWriterAleph: Spankie!
gruulmagebeast: is he on black aggro?
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Diabore: @gruulmagebeast rlyThey
monkeyboyktc: 2 mana land life and cards
NavelWarfare: Hello all! I have wrangled a fresh batch of internet hugs for any that want one!
adorabelle_dearheart: @Diabore where did you get that emote from?! it's great
gruulmagebeast: has wotc given an official term for where all the lessons are kept?
EOstby: Vito? Veto.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @NavelWarfare I'll take one to go please
NightWingMistHawk gratefully accepts a hug from NavelWarfare
Diabore: @adorabelle_dearheart riley knight, a magic commentator
NavelWarfare hugs @narwhalsinatrenchcoat and @nightwingmisthawk
gruulmagebeast: format is all gas
Diabore: @adorabelle_dearheart his user on twitch is RLYKNGHT
rdiffee7: From the game night set
djalternative: theme booster
Porsgaard81: @LoadingReadyRun Can sound effects be turned down a notch, please?
ArdCollider: Riley also the host of the Adam Savidan fan pod... Magic advice podcast, Scry Me a River.
ArdCollider: which is good stuff.
adorabelle_dearheart: @Diabore Thanks!
Alas_Babylon: It's from new Theros, it wasn't particularly impactful
Alas_Babylon: but it exists
samu_btdp1985: burn it then friendship to block knight?
NovaTiempo: (sorry if this gets answered all the time) - Is there a card reader extension? I'm new to this set
beowuuf: @ArdCollider i like how adam graces their podcast once a year, as a treat, to thank them for their fandom
monkeyboyktc: lethal check
p_johnston: you know it's almost like letting mono red have consistent card draw makes it really good.
kirbytronic: I'm pretty sure I fought this deck that conceded to Waker of Waves getting reanimated
Diabore: they go to 1
Alas_Babylon: Do they even have spells?
samu_btdp1985: then shock?
Diabore: @samu_btdp1985 not enough mana
samu_btdp1985: oh woops
rocketjohn: SirTrae thanks for the update, just read up. I honestly don't have a problem with the dissolution of pro magic, as long as it means more focus on the game itself.
lamina5432: arni
samu_btdp1985: pump then slam all thats 7
Himeeho: pump, crash, hold shock
Alas_Babylon: Pump, slam, Shock
elah806: That's the only good emote
gruulmagebeast: mono red go brrrrrrrrr
samu_btdp1985: did we miss letha?
Alas_Babylon: We did
Alas_Babylon: But oh well
Caryotip2: wasn t that a miss lethal with pump phoenix and shock face?
EOstby: They were at 8.
Magnifisquatch: guyjudgeHi howdy Runners.
NovaTiempo: Hey
p_johnston: No we prolonged lethal to have more fun playing.
Diabore: we had 6 mana chat, not enough to shock
elah806: epic downfall bro. removal& removal& removal& removal
Alas_Babylon: Zap zap
codatski: Graham? Did you just shock face after OP GGs?
gruulmagebeast: what a thrill
JessKay: oh I like that art
Caryotip2: ohh so pump phoenix cost 4 i thought it was 3
codatski: Fair
Magnifisquatch: kates1 kates2 kates3 elfunkFart
rocketjohn: i just turn of emotes.
rocketjohn: off*. Emotes are a mistake.
unarmedoracle: the game ends when the opponent dies
TotallyNotaBeholder: GG in mtga is not standardized, I'm with G here
HundreydAundre: Relatable, yes.
RayFK: You say "small issue". Sir you've discussed this for years
RayFK: Might be bigger
Diabore: @Caryotip2 it is 3, but the pump is only +2/)
RedJackz: Soo many burn spells
Henshini: what if they're giving you the chance to do quests though? I do that
unarmedoracle: a unkilled opponent remains dangerous
elah806: Every text emote has been corrupted at this point
Jondare: Hah, someones attack-all'ed into a settle before xD
EvilBadman: Play til you here the ref whistle
p_johnston: See I do that sometimes just in case they are grinding for the dailies.
EvilBadman: hear*
monkeyboyktc: no the game ends when arena crashes
gruulmagebeast: aint over till the fblthp sings
BloodnBullets: they possibly just want to give you the fun of playing your cards
Diabore: RED FIGHT
SoldieroFortune: It's like the old MTGO players who'd "GG" to get you to run out your clock in trying to respond...
PinkHoneyCMB: I usually GG and let my opponent smash me in the face. Seems more satisfying somehow.
EOstby: The worst is when they GG you, and then the game proceeds for a couple more turns, and you don't know if they thought they were dead, or if they thought you were dead.
rocketjohn: ArdCollider you can just turn off emotes in the gameplay settings
TotallyNotaBeholder: The Mir?
kirbytronic: I do it sometimes when I'm very dead on board and want to let them get the win... I feel bad when they miss lethal
p_johnston: I don't want to cheat them out of a land drop/spell cast that might help them get the gold.
Alas_Babylon: Not the Momir
Gaz_L: Cameron a fan of the Ravnica Drill, which I believe is 2 Shocks and a Bolt
ArdCollider: although one time I hit "hello!" by accident when someone recast a card I'd dismissed into their hand and I wanted to slink out of the board and die
codatski: This is coming from me, who emotes "hello" and then promptly mutes all OPs...
koelkastmagneet: I would complain about playing RDW, but I played mono blue mill/control....
Caryotip2: @Diabore yes but they were at 8 right so play arni for 2 pump phoenix for 3 makes 7 damages on trheir no block + 2 from shock
RedJackz: @Caryotip2 Arni costs 3
Caryotip2: ok
obijam_: so everyone has magecraft: cast noncreature draw a card?
Alas_Babylon: Yep, everyone has Archmage Emeritus
Jondare: Oh i've definitely tried to bait someone like that before
Diabore: the ol "say oops but lol i had settle the wreckage"
ArdCollider: I played a guy who was mono-green and he tapped a mana dork for one blue and then conceded? like he was crying?
rocketjohn: obijam_ cast or copy and instant or sorcery
ArdCollider: that's a brain zone move
elah806: Wait a second, is Lorescale Coatl in this format? uhhhhhhh i gotta go
1y1e: gottem
beowuuf: LOL
Caryotip2: @RedJackz thx
unarmedoracle: opponent playing 2 dimensional chess
EOstby: LOL
Buxx345: YUP
TehAmelie: 2 dimensional poker
soulcannons: I saw oops when I do something dumb, which is often in this game
Moonspeak721: people who actively try to use emotes for "mindgames" are the worst
soulcannons: say*
StreetRach: Petty. Love it.
BloodnBullets: G is a spiteful god
unarmedoracle: the crouches of mutual respect and admiration
adorabelle_dearheart: 2 dimensional seems very kind
p_johnston: The tough but fair method. I'm gonna be real nice until your a dick.
rocketjohn: unarmedoracle i love that interpretation.
djalternative: learn?
SnowBuddy18: if you teabag him, then G gonna give it to ya
p_johnston: @unarmedoracle It is how we absorb the power of a worthy opponent.
gruulmagebeast: LIVE AND LEARN
LurkerSpine: wait I'm confused. Is this STX limited? (I'm reading the title)
koelkastmagneet: it is an event on mtga
gruulmagebeast: no this is patrick
LurkerSpine: Ah okay
Thagnok: Books? You write books? I kid but I do think Cam and or Kathleens novels would do well with the LLR community.
Thagnok: I mean, I'd buy it.
LurkerSpine: No it's fine. I was just really confused by the frost lynx lol
GredGredmansson: ach
NavelWarfare: Fire at Will!
flouncy_magooo: Frost Lynx snuck into the Mystical Archive
rocketjohn: oh hells that fake accent is so bad.
EvilBadman: I'm about to end this bill's career
p_johnston: @gruulmagebeast So that totally messed with me because I am super out of it, saw my name, and got very confused.
GredGredmansson: Time to get a leg up on the competition
ravenlord_xix: We need Wheeler to do his Will and Rowan impression
EOstby: "I'm about to end this man's whole Academic career."
Drathak: I thought that was how we summon wheeler where is he
adorabelle_dearheart: as a Scot I am deeply offended by everything Will says
Diabore: we could just phoenix and not use burn
djalternative: oh my god. he's totally billy the blue power ranger
NavelWarfare: The pun has been completed!
DemoDane: 10/10
unarmedoracle: shields down against mono red with six open mana is a bold move
gruulmagebeast: what an interesting move, MURDERING ME
bullseye3265: oh this will
Gaz_L: William "Billy" Boyd, a Scot, playing Will, a Scot-inspired planeswalker. Real stretch
GredGredmansson: "What an interesting move" *dies*
ryanthelion42: why not just pump the Phoenix
Alas_Babylon: still no ROHWHAN, but...
rocketjohn: oh
theambivalentagender: lol real scottish accents sound fake to folks
rocketjohn: then i dislike his accent? :)
Gaz_L: yes, actual Scot here, that's totally legit
DemoDane: thats even worse tbh
gruulmagebeast: whens second breakfast?
animated_fairy: Wait was that the guy who voiced Pippen
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ArdCollider: I didn't realize Eldraine was Magic Scotland. that's kind of great.
EvilBadman: It's like when I hear David Tennant outside of Doctor Who
animated_fairy: I KNEW IT
Gaz_L: he may be playing it up a little for Hollywood
TehAmelie: what if Billy Boyd has been faking the accent all along?
anclag: We all sound exactly like Billy Boyd. exactly.
unarmedoracle: mascot exhibition should have cost 1 and had the words "they fight"
GredGredmansson: I mean, he's no Dan Castellaneta Kappa
Diabore: the long long LOOOOONG con
rocketjohn: yeah, i feel like he is kind of hamming that a bit..
kirbytronic: Leave Scrooge McDuck alone
weagles211: What format are they playing?
gruulmagebeast: look at all those chickens
Diabore: they didnt stepe
Thagnok: Is it because so many people try doing his voice with phrases like "second breakfast" that his voice now sounds like the fake accent.
rocketjohn: @unarmedoracle would that be good in aristocrats?
beowuuf: just sounds like he's spinning some edinburgh in to it
anclag: Except in Glasgow, where we're basically unintelligible
GredGredmansson: !venga
LRRbot: Quoth the Raven: "BUS IS COMING"
NightWingMistHawk: weagles211 The Strixhaven School Cup - Standard Singleton Mono-Red
gruulmagebeast: it was his burst day, he blew up
chesul: Bears Day!
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 46:51.
Drathak: Yeah your bearsday
rocketjohn: they day you celebrate bursting free...?
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JessKay: the bear-stay, when you postpone the bear for another year
adorabelle_dearheart: @anclag ah, but I have a west end accent so I'm basically english
JessKay: (but the bear comes for us all eventually)
unarmedoracle: what about second birthday
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: speedrunning one year of life
Drathak: Woo two bears for one
anclag: I mean you must have all seen the Scottish elevator sketch?
gruulmagebeast: using the power of timezones you can go before your birth
Caryotip2: so he actually got 2years older in 1 year??? wierd
Gaz_L: only if you're the Queen
BloodnBullets: wait, NZ is ahead in time, thats not how that works
BloodnBullets: he must have been leaving NZ
NavelWarfare: Please no
GredGredmansson: wait tomBrain
EvilBadman: Maybe the story in reverse
rocketjohn: must have been going the other way
sora_mayura: don't you hate it when your twitch apo crashes in the middle of a match?
NavelWarfare: I thought I scrubbed that from my brain
Alas_Babylon: Just be born on the international date line, 4head
koelkastmagneet: I am wondering about it as well, might be on the way back. Then it works
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: that's a real Louis Wu kinda move right there
unarmedoracle: man, flying back and forth to new zealand like that must have aged everyone so much rip
gruulmagebeast: the joost is loose
EvilBadman: the best LOTR Bonus is Dominic asking Elijah if he wears wigs
StreetRach: God I loved listening to the actor commentary for the movies.
BibboTheFirst: What is happening here? Is this like a cube or something?
Alas_Babylon: wut
anclag: @adorabelle_dearheart Ah I'm a posh one too...usually folk think I'm Irish though
p_johnston: LIttle known fact the cast of LOTR were all teenagers before they started the movie. Times zones were used to age them up to the right appearance.
chesul: craig the cunning?
gruulmagebeast: theres great little bonus footage in a lord of the rings game for the xbox where all the other hobbits talk how bad billy boyd is
TehAmelie: as i recall the discs were good about subtitling the bonus materials. but you probably don't watch English movies with subtitles over there
TheIceman112: What the format?
adorabelle_dearheart: @anclag recently someone said I sounded Canadian, which was a new one. I often get irish as well
Jondare: Can someone repost the link to that article of decklists?
beowuuf: friend and i are from aberdeen, not got a strong doric accent but still have an accent - have gotten everything from irish to canadian. Very weird
anclag: @adorabelle_dearheart I mean it could be worse!
adorabelle_dearheart: we do all love the Canadians here :P
GredGredmansson: i can imagine
p_johnston: @anclag See I get this because of a speech impediment and I'm just from the middle of the US.
elah806: I keep trying to say Waterfall Aerialist in the same uwu voice as Riverwheel Aerialist
rocketjohn: idunno, there are plenty of shitty canadians i'm afraid.
GredGredmansson: so what are the rules, is this a singleton thing?
TehAmelie: subtitles are good for penetrating accents, if not learning them
p_johnston: Graham just wrecked this event.
koelkastmagneet: singleton with emiritus effect for all
mattyjacky: f's in chat for him
Diabore: @GredGredmansson singleton, both players get an archmage emeritus emblem
beowuuf: rab c nesbitt used to have subtitles for general uk view :p
Thennark: Should there be a Commander Format in Arena?
monkeyboyktc: Nice gold
ArdCollider: there's a desktop wallpaper of that Opt now if people dig that
GredGredmansson: ok i saw the emblem part and missed the singleton part
Diabore: brawl?
gruulmagebeast: are historic cards legal in this?
TheElrad: and they didn't ban Dragon's Approach
djalternative: It's our favorite 2/2 emblem
rocketjohn: historic brawl needs to be permanant
Diabore: @gruulmagebeast standard only
Gaz_L: Brawl is around always
Alas_Babylon: @Thennark There could be, but they've said the engine can't support it
ryanthelion42: it forces 60
ArdCollider: that's what historic brawl is, really
koelkastmagneet: wish historic brawl was around more, like it better than normal brawl
RayFK: They also have Historic Brawl occasionally where I become an asshole with Esika
ArdCollider: sorta
Gaz_L: Brawl is always 60
chesul: brawl is around all the time, just not historic brawl.
Moonspeak721: the starting life totals also change the dynamic a lot
Gaz_L: it's part of the format
elah806: @Thennark Try Gladiator!
rocketjohn: 4 player in arena would be great.
LarkSachrosis: There's Brawl Historic.
Alas_Babylon: Also Commander loses a lot of its punch when 90% of the card pool isn't available to you
BlueMagnusStormCrow: It forces 60 cards iirc.
TheIceman112: Multiplayer is basically a whole new game
rdiffee7: Yeah it needs multiplayer, and they're probably not able to get around that with tech limitations.
Drathak: I wish for multiplayer on mtga so bad
beowuuf: playing one random person online is bad enough :p
Gaz_L: i think you could do a Historic Commander thing by just upping the deck limit
tomnar: brawl is always around. I play it every day :)
TheIceman112: In terms of UI complexity
vandristine: essentially ancestral
mattyjacky: coward's
GredGredmansson: can't
djalternative: I to absolutely disgusting things with Selvala when Historic Brawl comes around
secondtree: historic brawl brings out the worst in people for some reason
rocketjohn: historic brawl needs a queue all the time
Thennark: @elah806 Mhmm, idk what Gladiator is sadly
p_johnston: Multiplayer also loses a lot without some sort of communication.
p_johnston: better then GG. Hello.
Alas_Babylon: Gladiator is a format of Wheeler's invention, 100 card singleton no commander
HundreydAundre: Esika? Oh that flippin' tree m'lady!?
gruulmagebeast: wait they did a new version of boldwyr intimidator!?!?
TehAmelie: one day we'll all just have a basic tabletop in tabletop simulator with nothing but pictures of cards you can move around. play any format you and your friends can agree on!
Alas_Babylon: Almost all cards in Arena are legal
vandristine: MILL!?
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Alas_Babylon: Gotcha
gruulmagebeast: big brain plays
Veste: d r o w n in the l o c h
GredGredmansson: @gruulmagebeast in the newest Zendikar set
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: Understood, Wheeler is literally the human embodiment of gladiator
Veste: maybe not
elah806: @Thennark Gladiator is a community-organized 100-card singleton Arena format. It's a very active and vibrant format. Check out their discord:
kidscottii: deck bad? Just put more eldrain in it SeemsGood
GredGredmansson: An Axe!
BloodnBullets: Im guessing they want the blue for a counter?
Grizzly_cyborg: Not really interesting and quit calling me "Surely"
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GredGredmansson: that does work
GreatGodOm: Are these preconstructed decks?
monkeyboyktc: 1 mana counter target anax or embercleave/
TheElrad: I suspect this opponent has every counterspell known to man
TehAmelie: it'll keep for a month
chesul: yeah, that card is how I won most of my games. XD
Veste: teferi's tutelage seems good in this format
chesul: Veste it's crazy good.
koelkastmagneet: wouldn't infuriate help
frozenphoenix7: I would play the Song here.
koelkastmagneet: for ember
RayFK: You definitely should have cast Intimidate. Then they have to respond with "No Breathing"
RayFK: That's what Daddy Bug says
LurkerSpine: Hopefully you draw a land to infuriate and cleave
RayFK: Oh wait shit
RayFK: I used the wrong lyrics...
chesul: it'll get faster.
p_johnston: They need to deal with the warrior before they just die.
TheElrad: this new shock that they printed that also cantrips is quite good
LurkerSpine: infuriate and pump works
vandristine: we can just pump
frozenphoenix7: I'd just play Phoenix and attack imo
ElektroTal: what are we playing?
monkeyboyktc: buff infuriat ethen eruption
monkeyboyktc: ouch I can't tpye
p_johnston: opponent is in a bad way.
djalternative: @ElektroTal College Cup
ElektroTal: infuriat ethan eruption the third was my Minotaur Legionnaire/pyromancer's name back in college
raaabr: Next turn we have all the hastey threats
TheElrad: we get to rob them
BloodnBullets: they are effectively dead on board
TheWriterAleph: BIRD BIRD BIRD
chickenace11: Oh G meant to ask did you see the Qwerpline-esc recipe I sent you on twitter?
p_johnston: do they not have any actual removal?
Alas_Babylon: Peer into the Abyss?
adorabelle_dearheart: why have removal when you can just remove their deck
ElektroTal: sent you a DM, g
vandristine: they are essentially mono blue are they not? have they played a black card yet
koelkastmagneet: I think they don't get their spells, Wouldn't know hat the problem coul be otherwise
GredGredmansson: so they just need to draw 9 cards
MungoDude: gg
gruulmagebeast: you da winner
p_johnston: they didn't play any black cards but they had black mana and drew a good bit of there deck. So I'm a little confused.
raaabr: I love this format
hexy_lexy: GG, G
raaabr: Draaaaft
kidscottii: Lets Draft!
gruulmagebeast: did you study for it?
p_johnston: I like strixhaven. I just suck at it.
RayFK: I like Strixhaven Sealed, I loathe Strixhaven Draft
rocketjohn: I have barely played any of it.
Wolfstrike_NL: Break after draft?
mattyjacky: how long are you guys planning on streaming
LurkerSpine: I like it a lot more than Kaldheim.
bjorlamn: I love strixhaven
rocketjohn: i tried, but i couldn't get into it with the variance as a free to player.
kidscottii: 20% winrate FeelsGoodMan
vandristine: Scrollwielder
Forgotten_Lizard: I really want to try a Strixhaven format without the archive cards
raaabr: Heated debate?
frozenphoenix7: I think Strixhaven is better than Zendikar and Kaldheim were.
StreetRach: @rayfk , big dame.
hexy_lexy: hey @ElektroTal reminder that youre great and i appreciate you
monkeyboyktc: Yeah they don't stand out too much
StreetRach: *same
verzegcaio: @loadingreadyrun are you excited for the DND set?
vandristine: the DND set im so hyped for
boredkid07: I feel like a much larger % of my "really good drafts" have gone 3-3 or worse....
hippitybobbity: today someone used rootha to copy their stonerain. Lost my swamps that way
rocketjohn: one has to assume party is back in that set
vandristine: the return of the Eye creature subtype
vandristine: hopefgully
ElektroTal: @hexy_lexy =)
Jondare: I've played against the rare, and yes it's insane. You either kill it, or get overwhelmed by value
rocketjohn: i want tribal 'class' spells
TehAmelie: new plan when i get a time machine: have Bob Ross and Gordon Ramsey do each other's job for a day
chesul: Defend?
monkeyboyktc: hunt?
djalternative: summoning?
kidscottii: spirit summoning?
Swamplor: "badonkers" is such a strong ability word, but I feel like WotC puts it on too many creatures theese days
GreatGodOm: summoning I think.
DeM0nFiRe: I really want to see those new style art cards, idk what they call them but the ones that look like they are hand written/drawn
LurkerSpine: study break would be my pick
p_johnston: defend the campus is good. Study break is also pretty good.
Gaz_L: Tiamat as a WUBRG Dragon God was such a no brainer it makes sense they spoiled her first
frozenphoenix7: Summoning or Study Break imo
bullseye3265: defend campus tends to wheel
hexy_lexy: @Gaz_L hard agree
RobVanEijndhoven: I like WotC getting D&D in my MtG as much as I like them getting their MtG in my D&D (which is a non-zero amouint).
StreetRach: Learn is very good in this format.
supershawn76: When is post Malone coming on LRR?
mitomanox: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (The mic preamps work! Now to refine the prototype, and assemble some more! Game: Mic Preamp Redux) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1:56 from now).
vandristine: wanna gambit?
chesul: clearely the gambit. XD
kidscottii: divine gambit Kappa
RayFK: I meeeean, Gambit is actually fine y'all
RayFK: Gambit is fine in limited
rocketjohn: reallly? do you target your own stuff?
frozenphoenix7: It is much more playable in this format than it was the previous one
chesul: it's actually not, but it's definitely not the best pick for us in this pack.
Coogrr: gambit is very good removal in this format
monkeyboyktc: Yeah but I just wish it wouldn't take another cards archive slot
MungoDude: imagine casting pigment storm twice with lifelink
ravenlord_xix: I might be opposite of that, it's never worked well for my opponents when they cast it
bullseye3265: true, very spell based format
p_johnston: 58
p_johnston: crap hit my keyboard.
NavelWarfare: @rocketjohn I don't think gambit CAN target your own stuff
Drathak: It's not unplayable
StreetRach: I’m still gun shy on Gambit when I cast it and my oppo got a Blade Historian out.
kidscottii: jeskai PogU
rocketjohn: NavelWarfare oh, then i guess not :)
hexy_lexy: splash duress, cowards Kappa
frozenphoenix7: I'd take the Torrent Sculptor imo.
rocketjohn: NavelWarfare reading cards is for other people, it seems. :)
NavelWarfare: !card divine gambit
LRRbot: Divine Gambit [WW] | Sorcery | Exile target artifact, creature, or enchantment an opponent controls. That player may put a permanent card from their hand onto the battlefield.
vandristine: another pigment?
rocketjohn: oh yes, well there we go
NavelWarfare: @rocketjohn Had to check :D
Mr_Whale: 4th pick torrent sculptor seems like a sign
lamina5432: history is pretty good
HundreydAundre: I'd like to see them come back to the archive structure, but rather with sagas & Ixalan DFCs. They still feel really goof to play.
more_alpacas: maybe we should be prismari
boredkid07: it could be you. you could be the one being put into RU
vandristine: and planeswalker
matty0409: and planewalker
ryu9969: idk why but i keep getting beledros witherbloom when i draft
ryanthelion42: and maybe an artifact creature
hexy_lexy: @LoadingReadyRun not sure if youve answered this question, but what are you drinking?
chesul: Pledgemage so good.
Glitchydjinn: i'm finally able to catch a stream since I'm not at work
RayFK: Relax, don't do it
vandristine: we slothing?
chesul: sloth is fine.
djalternative: oh. def show here
LurkerSpine: sloth or summoning
rocketjohn: milk tea, or as we british call it: Tea
GreatGodOm: summoning here as well.
Relentless_Bread: show is goood
djalternative: love show
mattyjacky: sloth 5 drop
TheElrad: Graham is completely relaxed, until someone Oops's or good games him
ElektroTal: it's wild to me that chai didn't exist in india before the brits stole it from China and started growing it in their colony
more_alpacas: inkling
hexy_lexy: the bottle says relax, take the sloth :P
NavelWarfare: I think relic sloth is cute
chesul: I'd go with the sloth here, just because we have no learn.
jellobrand: Absolutely summoning
GreatGodOm: Sloth is very medium
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: chá
hexy_lexy: @ElektroTal huh, i didnt know that. thanks for the info!
vandristine: what the heck is Gift of Estates?
matty0409: gift of estates, excuse me?
LurkerSpine: expel?
ElektroTal: yup =)
vandristine: !card gift of estates
LRRbot: Gift of Estates [1W] | Sorcery | If an opponent controls more lands than you, search your library for up to three Plains cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your library.
chesul: Expel seems like the best here, though not amazing.
RayFK: Late night YouTube doing you in huh?
LurkerSpine: prophecy?
MungoDude: chai tea is a tautology
frozenphoenix7: I'd take the Lesson
HatsWearCats: Draw three cards Kappa
Moonspeak721: was this thing about tea something i can look up? sounds interesting
boredkid07: It's cute in BO1 when you're on the draw.
frozenphoenix7: Can't go wrong with having a bunch of Lessons.
jellobrand: it's like saying Denim Jeans. they both reference the fabric
unarmedoracle: my favorite is pasta, from the italian pasta, derived from the latin pasta, which was a loanword from the greek pasta
TheElrad: thrilling?
kidscottii: gift of estates is 2 mana draw 3 cards Kappa
GreatGodOm: That's a late trip
chickenace11: Sorry again to Ask this G but did you see the Qwerpline-equse recipe I sent to you on twitter?
TheElrad: you could gain 2 life with lifelink :p
rocketjohn: I have always assumed that the spiced chai tea we get sold in bags in the UK is nothing related to india at all.
bjorlamn: Gift of estates is super bonkers though
bullseye3265: man, a lot of black coming around
bullseye3265: could do a mardu
vandristine: got there
chickenace11: Mock strawberry jam
ExachixKitsune: Is anyone else in any decks?
LurkerSpine: Oh man, this is a real good quandrix pack
rocketjohn: i think environmental is fine in the 40
vandristine: HELLO
rocketjohn: if you're splashing
monkeyboyktc: oooh baby
ElektroTal: oh damn
p_johnston: rewarded.
EOstby: Helix off the top.
LurkerSpine: rootha splash...
hexy_lexy: oh dip!!!
ElektroTal: well, i guess we never didn't have it
Glitchydjinn: when things come together
unarmedoracle: still sad we have never gotten blightening helix in a wedge set
lyndis_123: If you cast helix of your lifelink guy you gain 6 life!
vandristine: rootha wheels
lamina5432: gift of estates is one turn of land tax
UWDJohn: could always main deck the lessons?
Veste: uhhhhhhhhh
LurkerSpine: I'd take rootha here
ElektroTal: Pivot into Jeskai
Mr_Whale: rootha is like a mythic uncommon
frozenphoenix7: Rootha should never wheel.
more_alpacas: yeah
vandristine: whell technically im correct?
HundreydAundre: Uh 2nd Rooth
monkeyboyktc: wait three rares?
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kidscottii: 3 trash rares lul
FitalShell subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 23 months, currently on a 23 month streak!
FitalShell: Splish splash
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EvilBadman: Oh no. G. Stone rain.
chesul: stone rain!
hexy_lexy: i think you 100% splah for Rootha
BloodnBullets: stone rain!
Glitchydjinn: @unarmedoracle for blightning helix are you speaking of smiting helix specifically?
p_johnston: stonebound mentor is good.
ravenlord_xix: stone rain + rootha!
hexy_lexy: STONE RAIN
chesul: rootha stone rain!
Moonspeak721: rootha stone rain
monkeyboyktc: also stone rain wheels
kidscottii: Stone rain comes around 100%
ElektroTal: Spectacle mage! *starts chanting* PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT
rocketjohn: ElektroTal are you channeling Serge now?
LurkerSpine: I think the signals in this pod are honked
rocketjohn: :)
BloodnBullets: its only half way through pack 2
ElektroTal: Azorius
Moonspeak721: i have done a decent amount of drafting this set and i can never tell what anyone else is doing which is fun
TeamPoliswag: I don't think you can go prismari at this point
BibboTheFirst: Time to go Azoriuis
kidscottii: shouldve taken the torrent sculpter Kappa
hexy_lexy: Graham "The Full Jeskai" Stark :p
ElektroTal: exple
chesul: birb.
monkeyboyktc: The signals this entire set just don't make sense
NavelWarfare: Spectacle mage is also very cute
p_johnston: Spirit?
GreatGodOm: I got to go lead by example into time warp the other day. This limited format is something.
Is_Kengen_Really_A_Girl: Expel is better imo
Inkompetence: Azorius is just the Registrar's Office, not a college.
vandristine: claim?
ElektroTal: I rootha'd a mascot expedition
frozenphoenix7: I think there's odd signals/not a lot of good Lorehold cards just going around(which is very reasonable imo since I think Lorehold has just more stinkers than the other colleges)
Is_Kengen_Really_A_Girl: The bird as been very underperforming for and against me
LurkerSpine: tbf, there was nothing in this pack the first time you opened it lol
boredkid07: Biblio the Helix
p_johnston: I don't understand this draft.
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ElektroTal: what the hell are people taking
supershawn76: I would have drafted a better deck than this tbh but it’s fine we all gotta start somewhere
frozenphoenix7: (I do also think the pivot should have been to Prismari with that Torrent Sculptor pick in Pack 1, but hindsight and backseat drafting and all that jazz)
GenericGuy2G: The draft is is that people are drafting blue+black summonings.
RobVanEijndhoven: Woooooow
chesul: letter?
GamesAndInk: Come for the magic, stay for the Graham shutdowns
monkeyboyktc: bruh noone is in green
BibboTheFirst: I feel like Prismari could be still open here in the last pack
frozenphoenix7: WHAT IS THIS DRAFT
LurkerSpine: what are people even in?
Moonspeak721: i wish there was a way to see what the other decks at the table ended up like at the end of the draft
p_johnston: ???? What is everyone else?
vandristine: someone is in rakdos
HundreydAundre: jlrrFacepalm
ryanthelion42: what are these signals
Mr_Whale: yeah, wow what the heck
EOstby: Is everyone in Silverquill?
SirTrae: Did everyone else Pivot?
koelkastmagneet: My drafting is nowhere as good. I either greed or read wrong signals. But still like to do it
hexy_lexy: this draft is so wacky!
EvilBadman: Didn't know Arena brought back bad bot drafts Kappa
rocketjohn: G, your clapbacks are the best, but i wish people weren't rude enough to need them.
Is_Kengen_Really_A_Girl: So 4 people in silverquill?
BloodnBullets: have you considered 5-colour?
Wiliart: Nobody in this draft knows what college they are.
F1SHOR: hindsight is 20/20
p_johnston: Or quandrix. Or possibly silverquill.
Caryotip2: ^^ and he lorehold scryguy didnt wheel ^^
ElektroTal: everyone else is playing ravnica
floki4242: is everyone on just nonsense
chesul: everyone is drafting mono-red?
monkeyboyktc: everyone is drafting codie
lirazel64: @rocketjohn True dat
TheElrad: are you sure that James is not logged into 7 accounts and doing the other drafts?
Is_Kengen_Really_A_Girl: ah the classic 7 ppl mono white?
Buxx345: i feel like this is a weird troll table all doing the 5 nonset color combos
47MD: raredrafters who don't know which direction their going?
chazzer995: Everyone else is drafting 5 color bad stuff obviously
adorabelle_dearheart: this is how I feel my drafts always go in this set
GenericGuy2G: They're drafting Blue+Black summon lessons and removal+lessons to stall and make big fractals later.
Moonspeak721: dork ritual is good
monkeyboyktc: exhale out of nose
frozenphoenix7: So, I'm not a huge draft person/not a huge Arena person, but I think the best thing of Arena drafting is I can yell "Why is this still in the pack?!" without people in the room getting upset with me <_<
SirTrae: Dork Ritual is a good name
p_johnston: you know how hard it is to run seven drafts at once? he is obviously just picking randomly.
NavelWarfare: Alright, Dork Ritual is solid
kidscottii: EZ
hexy_lexy: LUL Dork Ritual is an S tier name
ryanthelion42: do you think someone has done that to increase the draft ranking
someyounguy1: the symbo himbo
corefluxx: Perhaps everyone in the draft is just as confused trying to pivot... over.... and over....
BloodnBullets: serpent?
boredkid07: Permanents with Learn: very above average
frozenphoenix7: How much Learn do we have?
vandristine: Ratio'd
ryu9969: they are all trying to do 5 color bad stuff
monkeyboyktc: is regrowth even good in this set?
netureik: Wotc = Pigs
Professor_Rakor: Bold of you to not be psychic.
corefluxx: 7.5 Lorehold drafters?
rocketjohn: they hav been inspired by your button from CK
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NicotineRobot: Woah - I never catch these live. Let's get us some smarts!
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p_johnston: we didn't have a real clean place to switch. Maybe near the end of pack 2 but that would have been rough.
kidscottii: 4Head shouldve just drafeted quandrix
Chrysoprase: are you playing rootha?
p_johnston: i mean pack 1.
lirazel64: Summoning 101, in fact.
LurkerSpine: Might have to. How's the creature count?
MungoDude: Yeah! Science!
mattyjacky: I can't wait to be on stream highlights
frozenphoenix7: I think you play Rootha tbh
aldruon: hey look! it's a Graham!
ughman617: Hello, Graham. Just want to say I love Checkpoint
Caryotip2: i feel the sadness of no quintrius coming
Moonspeak721: probably right not to play rootha but it's fun to dream
SAJewers: ooh
HundreydAundre: The Rootha that could Double Major. Oh, wait. green not found in pool. My bad.
ChrisStull: That trial is WILD
rocketjohn: applepic funtimes
vandristine: man there were some insane decks in this draft no one got
hexy_lexy: @LoadingReadyRun forthcoming? i rather it be 3rd coming
jce17: Oh my god Im ready for the banana episode
NicotineRobot: Checkpoint is one of the last bastions of real news anymore, imho.
EvilBadman: Are we getting the nude Banana
SAJewers: did you have fun readting those at least? :P
orellien2773: Its an Epic trial.
47MD: completely rdacted pdfs
adorabelle_dearheart: we appreciate your struggle
mattyjacky: any Friday nights or commodore hustle's soon
ChrisStull: The Banana bit is my favorite
teh_bungee: That lawsuit has been a goldmine for Checkpoint :D
LurkerSpine: Epic and Apple airing all of their competitors dirty laundry in this blood fued
NotCainNorAbel: so much work for a joke, thank you
vandristine: archway?
TheElrad: Archway to go Jeskai?
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: forthcoming is a respectable position and an improvement over fifthcoming
ughman617: Turn those polisci major skills on games journalism! Beahaha
Aarek: A bunch of the info on the Epic store free games compensation and redemptions was leaked during that trial.
kidscottii: actually 0 green drafter NotLikeThis
frozenphoenix7: I think Rootha is strong enough/the deck is weak enough without her that it's worth playing. Though maybe I'm off. With an Environmental Science I think she'd be a slam dunk though.
jce17: I too am a weekly enjoyer of checkpoint, and I really apricate the effort you guys put in, and I always look forward to the after show talks :)
frozenphoenix7: But alas, no Sciences to be had.
ravenlord_xix: Is it odd to see cauldron that late? That card has done work for me
rocketjohn: mattyjacky pandemic not over yet, friend..
Wiliart: Are the documents an Epic Rap(ple) Battle of History?
Professor_Rakor: Wait...we're allowed to have options?
Glitchydjinn: Steam and Microsoft in their corner eating popcorn and watching carefully
Buxx345: they all got silverquill rares
RayFK: That's because Lorehold is a Borehold
RayFK: Gottem
Glitchydjinn: well Value, not steam
chesul: unless this pack was STACKED for Lorehold.
lamina5432: bunch of three color decks
F1SHOR: it's actually 7 bots just random picking cards
teh_bungee: So from what I can tell, everyone else at the table is pivoting so much they are perpetual motion engines at this point
Wiliart: Autopick is weird this set.
aldruon: that's a late show of confidence
Robot_Bones: Everyone is just Serge Pivoting every pick
EvilBadman: @Glitchydjinn Steam don't care. they make $texas and make changes unless poked
Veste: oh we're just playing steampunk rally
p_johnston: eh it's close. expedition can be good late game but you don't have a lot of support for it.
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Vyous: Maybe there's some 5c deck everyone is targeting.
ravenlord_xix: of maybe it's 7 people who decided to let Auto Pick take the wheel
HundreydAundre: I thought confidence looks good. But that's just me thinking it's the same thing with the black spell that does the same thing but better with Sedgemoor Witch.
leroygardner81: you can still pivot to jund
monkeyboyktc: Everyone p1p1 codies and this is the result
Moonspeak721: even if they just let you see the bot's decks after quick draft i think that would be cool
boredkid07: Wouldn't it be interesting to see everyone else's deck after like 18 picks?
someyounguy1: its a bit light on the dudes
chesul: I want a cup of everyone's deck.
ElektroTal: this is like the time that Thoralf drafted dream trawler at worlds and crashed the entire pod
frozenphoenix7: Cut Campus Guide and a Sudden Breakthrough?
Swimdown: Can you splash blue?
boyesie: creatures? what are they?
ChrisStull: cut breakthrough?
hamfistedoaf: I never know what I'm doing when I draft. I always wonder what people think when I pass to them.
EvilBadman: I think you splash rootha for shenagins, but i'm not a smart man
p_johnston: I know the perfect solution to this draft.Quickly lose and draft a real draft that makes sense.
frozenphoenix7: I do honestly think it's worth splashing Rootha tbh
aldruon: do we want gambit?
chazzer995: Learn cards a basically creatures
Buxx345: does spectacle mage help your plan of scrollwielder shenans?
RayFK: Graham it's Bross O' Clock
corefluxx: Love the Bob Ross lands
Moonspeak721: i love that art dearly
Kuolar: Bob Clock O' Ross
TheOtherTrevor: minor hint to help with finding the lands: artist:ross in the search box
Moonspeak721: what a good bear friend
MungoDude goes away, temporarily
NicotineRobot: Reminder: Stand up, get some water, stretch, keep being awesome.
RobVanEijndhoven: ^I can do all of those things :D
MungoDude returns, sees reminder, is reminded, leaves again
p_johnston: This is technically a magic deck.
mattyjacky: welcome back
MungoDude returns once more with water and fruit
GredGredmansson: 2-Color ...Stuff.
SirTrae: This is one of those decks that feels like it will suffer the league format
NicotineRobot: You got some lands and spells? Let's goooo.
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Derkatronic: ohh snap 2 years
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satyropodobny: sure casts spells probably!
NotCainNorAbel: mmmm, i could go for a milkshake
RobVanEijndhoven: It is a deck of many things.... No not that one.
Holmeslice_: Ol reliable, land and spells
frozenphoenix7: Well we have our best card in our opening hand, so that's a start
Veste: yeah, defiant strike v powerful
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mattyjacky: any Friday Nights or commodore hustle or crapshots coming up soon
NavelWarfare: We all know the deck of many things is getting a card, right? What do y'all think it'll do?
Juliamon: !when
LRRbot: When will your favorite prerecorded show return? Graham has your answer here:
GredGredmansson: @NavelWarfare many things, naturally
strangelee: There's at least one Friday every week
thatguycookie: ay scheduling is something right?
NavelWarfare: @gredgredmansson Heyo!
strangelee: presumably it hasa night
Veste: i tried to schedule a vaccination in BC this morning and there were no times available anywhere 🙃
jce17: Here in the US we have an over abundance of vaccines, mostly because too many people are deciding not to get it :/
Veste: booked through june pretty much
hexy_lexy: speaking of vaccines!!! im getting my 1st dose on the 26th!!!
RayFK: So instead we do fun things like "Play Among Us Badly to Tilt Chat Out"
jamiewisdom74: hi graham daddy
GredGredmansson: i summon the spirit of Enthusiastic Study
rocketjohn: RayFK the among us singalong times give me great joy.
BloodnBullets: guess they didnt draft much learn
TheOtherTrevor: If you don't have much Learn, maindeck is sometimes right
p_johnston: So wasn't the confusion supposed to stop once the games started?
frozenphoenix7: Opponent is uh....Mono Black maybe?
frozenphoenix7: Oh no, they found it
GredGredmansson: what is this DECK
raze667: main deck tangletrap.... nanii
GredGredmansson: maindeck tangletrap
Forgotten_Lizard: Now you can make spirit
TheIceman112: Lol - OP is on mono sideboard cards
Mr_Whale: opponent has quite the pile
Diabore: ive been seeing a lot recently
Diabore: it a lot
Swimdown: Oops all sideboard?
marxmarksman: It does 1 damage!
GenericGuy2G: That is only the second Tangletrap I've seen in BO1
NicotineRobot: Upside, baby!
mallyx0: yo
Professor_Rakor: keeps you from milling self as fast
GenericGuy2G: But it's also the second Tangletrap I've seen in BO1 TODAY
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p_johnston: yay for nonbo!
Pharmacistjudge: Quick hide me from the chaos of Magic chat.
kidscottii: semesters end + study putting enthusiastic on top swing for 5 flying?
GenericGuy2G: Judge!
jamiewisdom74: tangletrap is fine if u wanna kill some fliers
Diabore: @Pharmacistjudge oh no, whats happening over there?
p_johnston: @Pharmacistjudge So the first thing I'll need you to do is unplug your computer. Then I'll tell you the second step.
aldruon: ghost from the excavation
Jondare: Diabore WotC announced they're killing Pro play, and are now doing a Q&A. i imagine tempers are high
DerRitter42: Semesters End
Pharmacistjudge: @p_johnston but I can’t remove the battery from my iPhone.
DerRitter42: Then =2 the flier
jamiewisdom74: the value!!!!
Diabore: @Jondare fucking why
Veste: bigger than before!
frozenphoenix7: @Pharmacistjudge Ah. Then you're going to want to cast it into the sea.
DerRitter42: Nicee!!
NicotineRobot: Looks like the tried and true combo of lands and spells is working!
rocketjohn: Pharmacistjudge i popped in there for about 5 mins, and saw questions repeated 2-3 times
nalha: cool beans
elah806: bigger than before
kidscottii: EZ
Zath_: But you could loop it forever
RayFK: Oh hey same mug
jce17: I'll take it
p_johnston: @Pharmacistjudge Darn apple and there innovations! So the first step is to get a big glass of water...
ChrisStull: weird draft, weird games
rocketjohn: Pharmacistjudge seems like they don't have sufficient moderation staff at present over there.
mallyx0: mal icks 0
RayFK: Can't believe you're drinking out of James mug
RayFK: He earned that by going to a weird party
RayFK: By going with you to that weird party
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p_johnston: I wish when Graham said that it was a mug shaped like james's head. So you are literally drinking out of his mug.
RayFK: With Stephanie
Professor_Rakor: It's hard to know who's mug it is when the player is unknown.
Robot_Bones: An indirect kiss lrrBEEJ
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EvilBadman: Jordan only gets stolen weird mugs, I say, referencing a Twitch mug he has as well from me
RayFK: Yeah it was at Showbox Sodo
nalha: lol AOC mentioned MTG and the official MTG twitter account replied
RayFK: I think 2018?
Vezon46: hey look its graham
EJGRgunner subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 42 months!
EJGRgunner: This is an astounding number of months. Makes me think back on all the memories I have of this channel. All the sweet moments, all the times I made jokes about how Ben is always the traitor.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, EJGRgunner! (Today's storm count: 62)
rocketjohn: nalha they'd be foolish not to jump on that tbh
ElektroTal: oh god graham, your hand was makign a weird green wave
RayFK: It was 2018 according to my google photos
jamiewisdom74: i just smell the burp
Pharmacistjudge: Well AOC said something to MTG and MtG
JessKay: I think if you're burping necrotic fumes you should seek medical help
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tergonis: opponent's deck appears to be popping off
ChrisStull: this might be a good divine gambit
p_johnston: Judge! Judge! my opponent has a better deck.
mattyjacky: I thought the fetch lands in modern horizons would be mythic but they are rare wow
djalternative: gambit isn't the worst here
RayFK: Yeah it was you me and Stephanie
DerRitter42: Oh Divine Gambit
DerRitter42: The meme is alive
RayFK: And the bartender that did NOT want to be there
RayFK: Yeah
DerRitter42: A good divine gambit? How can this be?
EvilBadman: Sounds like a bartender at a pax event
RayFK: Hey remember the CONCEPT of Pax Parties?
SolarBlitz1: The risk we took with that gambit was calculated, and boy are we good at Math
ElektroTal: someone gambited me and i had an 8 drop spell in my hand. I gambited someone and they dropped a fucking Belladrix Witherbloom
RayFK: @EvilBadman They clearly were used to working at dive bars pouring booze+juice and beer, and this event had fancy ass drinks
RayFK: That were bad
Jondare: I remember this coming up during kaldheim spoilers: Gambit is great in limited, horrid in Commander, while Ravenform is horrid in limited and GREAT in commander. Context matters
bagamnan_the_bangaa: Hello Graham VoHiYo
mattyjacky: how long were you guys planning on streaming
jamiewisdom74: some1 gambited me in edh recently. i laughed and put out avenger of zendikar
EvilBadman: Whenever you hit a bad Divine Gambit, the Drifter smiles
djalternative: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 11:21:38. lrrSPOT
DerRitter42: Nice draws!
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p_johnston: I think sloth is right play?
frozenphoenix7: I'd play the Scrollwielder I think
Diabore: kind of wanted a land instead of sloth to double spell
p_johnston: oh 4 toughness never mind.
thatguycookie: radiant scrollwielder is such a fun card
djalternative: and after Ian's, it'll be Beejtrail at Beejdor!
frozenphoenix7: Highest upside, kind of need opponent to have nothing anyway.
p_johnston: Thought it was a 2/3
hamfistedoaf: does Alex ever stream anymore?
p_johnston: I'm very loopy due to 2nd vaccine. Apologies.
mattyjacky: what happend to alex?
Diabore: @hamfistedoaf alex has his own channel, hes not on lrr much atm
RoyalNPC: not sure? I do miss alex tho
djalternative: @hamfistedoaf alex has no regular shows at the moment
RoyalNPC: we don't see him much anymore
Robot_Bones: Good Comic works
TheWriterAleph: it's a good comic
Diabore: sounds like alex
Vezon46: and its real good
River_Marshall: whats his twitter
jamiewisdom74: i love alex
DerRitter42: Alex is cool, I wish the best to him
Diabore: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Alex: | Ben Ulmer: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Jeremy White: | Kathleen: | Matt Wiggins: | Serge: | Wheeler: | Nelson:
Excalibur_1867_: God i miss W+P
p_johnston: that is a clutch draw.
RobVanEijndhoven: I saw that on twitter and I have to say that it was super cool and super brave of Alex how he handled that.
frozenphoenix7: I'd uh....I'd kill the Apprentice <_<
MungoDude: I haven't looked at Alex's comics for a while, I should revisit and see what he's got going now
LurkerSpine: apprentice drains you right?
rocketjohn: alex is very much in need of all your love and support at the moment.
nalha: attack with sloth and hold 2 answers up
Vezon46: the opponent, preferably
djalternative: How NSFW? Like PG-13 using all of its swears, R or X?
Diabore: vigilante
lamina5432: you did
Jondare: I would, but I disagreed with him on something and he blocked me, so cest la vie
rocketjohn: djalternative very
orellien2773: Advantages of Magic Arena: You can cackle at your topdecks and not tip off your opponent :D
Walla_ttv: @djalternative XXX
Vezon46: @djalternative its straight porn sometimes
DerRitter42: Vigilancia in spanish
Diabore: @djalternative 90% sure it wouldnt be X rated
Diabore: oh, im wrong
RayFK: Advantage to Arena, I can Alt-Tab to other content when my opponent is combo'ing
nalha: witherbloom in case of dina?
frozenphoenix7: I think it's the Apprentice. Pledgemage requires more to kill you
rocketjohn: RayFK you can also do that in paper, by bringing a book.
djalternative: @RayFK I just have it in PiP
TheWriterAleph: no life for you!
DeM0nFiRe: I watched a FNPF vod today where players were not only cackling at their cards, but showing them to the judge to cackle too LUL
frozenphoenix7: Oof.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: At least they have to sacrifice it before the spell is officially cast, so they didn't get the drain.
ravenlord_xix: leaves shields down on semester end though
chesul: yeah, it's a fine attack.
p_johnston: do they just not block?
GredGredmansson: we do have vigilance
nalha: welp
DerRitter42: Ooff
averythetiger: Oh yeah, menace is kinda bad there.
mattyjacky: Cameron is live sick
KingOfDoma: butts
thatguycookie: just made a Dragon's Approach singleton deck for the cup challenge. suprisingly it worked
ElektroTal: oofa and/or doofa
frozenphoenix7: Uh.....that's a problem.
frozenphoenix7: Less of a problem
p_johnston: yes plz.
chesul: I'm surprised they didn't attach with the pest.
rocketjohn: the mosquito is so annoying.
BibboTheFirst: the flood is real or the op
BeddaAsChedda: Is this a draft?
nalha: now dont forget about the scry ^^
rocketjohn: i'd be fine if it wasn't constantly flickering at me.
DerRitter42: it is better in a less token heavy deck
djalternative: sealed went away after the open
frozenphoenix7: Rebuy Helix
nalha: yay semesters end target :P
GredGredmansson: get pigment storm back?
p_johnston: As long as they don't get removal we are ok.
Robot_Bones: pig men storm
Jondare: Yeah helix to get out of disappointment range
aiamethyst: semester's end looks a lot better now
Amythystmoon1969: Cool first twitch stream YEAH !!!
averythetiger: We are one removal spell from death.
ElektroTal: why not sem end at the end of their combat step
GredGredmansson: !card semesters end
LRRbot: Semester's End [3W] | Instant | Exile any number of target creatures and/or planeswalkers you control. At the beginning of the next end step, return each of them to the battlefield under its owner's control. Each of them enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it if it's a creature and an additional loyalty counter on it if it's a planeswalker.
chesul: now scry the helix away. Kappa
PKJeff88: study break night have been the right call using semesters end and then you have lethal
RayFK: So what you're saying die to Doom Blade. Kappa
strangelee: It puts the helix further away
DerRitter42: Sems End right now seems bad
EvilBadman: It's obvious, we need to play around Tendrils
geail: doki doki
DerRitter42: I mean, before drawing helix
47MD: swing for seven next turn then reset with semsters end
p_johnston: If they had removal it would be a snap use.
Musherino: yeah, shuffle away the helix
mattyjacky: do you like anime?
DerRitter42: Now it is quite good!
GredGredmansson: yeah Instant, I draw it then cast it Instantly
RayFK: Now you can have less pant-shitting-terror!
averythetiger: Now we can flicker and rebut it AGAIN!
MungoDude: now we can breathe again
Jondare: spirit and biblio
BibboTheFirst: Semester's end loop? Does it go back to graveyard?
RoyalNPC: Wanted to say G loved the new vlog!!!! Your so lucky to have places like that to go
ElektroTal: is there a reason not to sem end both your permanents to rebuy helix and get a plains?
nalha: set a stop on their 2nd main
Teslaminat0r: semester's end is a small bomb
chaostreader: !card semester’s end
LRRbot: Semester's End [3W] | Instant | Exile any number of target creatures and/or planeswalkers you control. At the beginning of the next end step, return each of them to the battlefield under its owner's control. Each of them enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it if it's a creature and an additional loyalty counter on it if it's a planeswalker.
GredGredmansson: hoboy
RayFK: You need helix
RayFK: Like now
BibboTheFirst: gotta helix for sure
averythetiger: Just be sure to order the shuffle right.
RaklarLS: don't wait for eot
Jondare: before end step
chesul: just make sure you stack the triggers right if you get both permanents.
GredGredmansson: before end step
BeddaAsChedda: !card specter of the fens
LRRbot: Specter of the Fens [3B] | Creature — Specter [2/3] | Flying / {5}{B}: Target opponent loses 2 life and you gain 2 life.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Pigment storm gives lethal, right?
DerRitter42: You can stack the so that it doesn't fail
rain_who_lurks: got to do it now
chesul: you just need to put the pilgrim trigger on top, right?
jamiewisdom74: thats good
DerRitter42: First Pilgrim
CommanderCrossing: that order
averythetiger: Search FIRST
GredGredmansson: pilgrim resolves first
Vezon46: thats correct
djalternative: that's correct
EOstby: We got there.
RayFK: Three's nuts
DerRitter42: That probably has been ine of the best helixes in this format
BibboTheFirst: You keep drawing Helix. HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The SAME Lightning Helix.
Jondare: Attack all?
MungoDude: flunge.
averythetiger: We hold BOTH our flyers
Vezon46: dies to big play
Teslaminat0r: big play
ElektroTal: wow, what a comeback
HundreydAundre: Topps Crux
CommanderCrossing: oo
RandomTrivia: @MungoDude This isn't a flunge, they stopped to consider and do the maths
HundreydAundre: lawl
EvilBadman: they got 8
averythetiger: Okay. We're good
GredGredmansson: did they just give it double lifelink
CommanderCrossing: 1 is not dead
chesul: we have exact
DerRitter42: What a close game
ChrisStull: What a good game
MAPBoardgames: Close!
rocketjohn: wooofa doofa
jamiewisdom74: semester's end tho
BibboTheFirst: I've heard helix is a good magic card
Glitchydjinn: intense
Vezon46: are ya winnin son?
MungoDude: ah, either the definition of flunge has changed, or I have misunderstood it for a long time
silas_mn: that was good
fjordsword: Absolutely GG ... wow
TheWriterAleph: nice nice nice gennaGG
rocketjohn: nicely played
LurkerSpine: 2-0 bay bee
karpma: used to
obijam_: well played
lirazel64: Well done.
djalternative: Really? Big Play did a lot of great work for me earlier today in draft
rocketjohn: hehehehe
nalha: winning with more than 1 hp is just bad manners
thatguycookie: when you expect to go 0-2 but go 2-0 instead
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
rocketjohn: the SHADE
frozenphoenix7: It's playing around a rare and a common I've seen ones of times.
chickenace11: give it lifelink and the prelifelink wording
kidscottii: <message deleted>as that one guy said during the draft lol]
obijam_: good thing you didnt draft a better deck amirite? Kappa
DerRitter42: I've only seen it when it gets me, bad
BibboTheFirst: Lol I thought they were saying Big Play as in like a big play from the op not a card called Big Play, lol
kidscottii: <message deleted>"gotta start somewhere"
GredGredmansson: !card big play
LRRbot: Big Play [1G] | Instant | Target creature gets +2/+2 and gains reach until end of turn. Put a +1/+1 counter on it.
ChrisStull: the power level of commons in this set is so crucial to how well this limited plays
HundreydAundre: Its bonkers with Witherbloom pledgemage round-a-brew.
RayFK: ur ded
RayFK: ggwp
kidscottii: <message deleted>monkaS
jamiewisdom74: literally no chance at winning
SolarBlitz1: Why do I hear boss music
Vezon46: would you say that lrr as a whole is silverquill or prismari?
RandomTrivia: @RayFK Have, like, a smidge of faith in our bois :D
silas_mn: Stonerise Spirit is so bad
RayFK: @kidscottii None of that emote please!
strangelee: They even DRAFT like a platinum player
mattyjacky: I miss the magic crapshots LUL
BibboTheFirst: Flyer seems good always
Professor_Rakor: Are these...artists? Kappa
raze667: I miss the magic skits period. :(
HundreydAundre: Yea, dem Sick Rips @mattyjacky
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Vezon46: a few days ago i was 4/2 in a draft, and i got paired against gabby spartz. im in bronze 2 for limited. arena pls, i am but a small child
djalternative: yeah. most of LRR def falls more into the performing arts section of the art pie
karpma: seems like a trap
LurkerSpine: you can then expel the next turn?
BibboTheFirst: you have expel
DerRitter42: The Codie one was amazing, Cameron's a genius
Diabore: @Vezon46 and arena is making sure you stay a small child
RandomTrivia: At least that's a good trick to get out of them now
GredGredmansson: lrrADAM
Moonspeak721: does star pupil care about dying or leaving the battlefield?
Diabore: die
GredGredmansson: !card star pupil
LRRbot: Star Pupil [W] | Creature — Human Wizard [0/0] | Star Pupil enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it. / When Star Pupil dies, put its counters on target creature you control.
RandomTrivia: "Today the part of Graham will be played by Terry Crews, as seen in Old Spice commercials"
TheWriterAleph: pew pew
MungoDude: nice
DerRitter42: pew pew indeed
JarofGoats: Nice and clean
hexy_lexy: my opponents: "i play this land" me, every time: "i block"
GredGredmansson: P-P-P-P-P-PRISMARI! @RandomTrivia
Diabore: oops
RandomTrivia: @GredGredmansson benginLol
BibboTheFirst: poor op thought they'd get a spiirt
Walla_ttv: death isnt exile whoops
Moonspeak721: they misread the card
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djalternative: HA
DerRitter42: They thoiught they'd get a 3/2
LurkerSpine: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
TristalMTG: worried about platinum, eh
TheWriterAleph: nice moves oppo
Robot_Bones: They thought they'd get a spirit
Swimdown: Oops
MungoDude: oopsy
Vezon46: truly, platinum play
RandomTrivia: #JustPlatinumThings I guess LUL
Diabore: op decided they didnt want a combat trick
RayFK: Aight y'all, let's not bash OP too much
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EvilBadman: this is what's keeping them out of Unobtanium
BibboTheFirst: "gotta start somewhere" platinum player
RobVanEijndhoven: Dangit Bibbo, you beat me to it.
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Charlymandias: How's school today G-man?
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ughman617: You are welcome
DerRitter42: Yeah, Platinum has been the easiest on so far, right?
lirazel64: "this guy's only silver, I don't need to pay attention."
Diabore: !card detention
LRRbot: Did you mean: Detention Vortex; Detention Sphere; Deputy of Detention
RandomTrivia: Not yet
Diabore: nope
GredGredmansson: this set has Detention Vortex
Moonspeak721: detention feels like it should be an oblivion ring
EvilBadman: It's not a real "Study Break" unless you'rte turning sideways. Wait. No.
jce17: For us study hall and detention was the same thing
jamiewisdom74: i didnt know that was called the "student cost"
hexy_lexy: oh poggies my doggies
Diabore: ive had an opponent try to let me draw a card, i countered it
Jondare: Really? I've almost always had it cast that way against me, more so than for retail
TristalMTG: you would want to draw elemental summoning
LurkerSpine: inlkling probs
LackingSanity_: I've done it, but usually when they're casting a spell on their creature so I break even on cards
fiftymcnasty: just another elemental summoning?
aldruon: well you don't learn during the study break, but you can during detention
DerRitter42: Storm?
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BibboTheFirst: summon first id say
Buxx345: pigment storm?
raze667: pigment storm ?
Musherino: pigment storm maybe
JarofGoats: Pigment Storm again?
Glitchydjinn: pigment storm i would say
RandomTrivia: @Diabore But the valuuuuuueee!
EOstby: Probably would rather draw Helix off the top than most of those.
tergonis: storm just ends everything
Vezon46: its probably the best mastery. them drawing isnt really a huge downside
hexy_lexy: pig mint storm :p
TheWriterAleph: pigmen storm
Glitchydjinn: lol
Diabore: @RandomTrivia they offered value, but i wanted blood
raze667: LUL
RandomTrivia: @Diabore That's fair
BibboTheFirst: My wife had to cast it for the student cost against me in our sealed games at home
aldruon: i had baleful mastery cast as a student on me earlier today
HundreydAundre: Your deck! It answer your call!
DerRitter42: I find it really funny when Serge ask for cencession after getting perfect mana, every single time
dustybrush: The answer was the 1/1 counter learn sorcery to pu ton biblioplex and get a spell...
Moonspeak721: love too learn
dustybrush: or study break yah!
JarofGoats: Ooh, yup, like that plan
Glitchydjinn: there you go
Diabore: pigment storm also just does 4
BibboTheFirst: Pigment Rain
MungoDude: gg
TheWriterAleph: seems good
p_johnston: love how Graham is managing to turn the deck around after such a confusing draft. Good job!
Diabore: they didnt let you smash
GenericGuy2G: RIP Plat
TheWriterAleph: Gold star!
LurkerSpine: Gotta start somewhere is the new cross-stitch
hexy_lexy: hey G and James. im debating getting into Radio & TV broadcasting soon, what are some tips and tricks you can provide me?
karpma: plat no problem
djalternative: So, is getting a gold star in class like an A?
lirazel64: @lurkerspine Excellent!
BibboTheFirst: Your hand is contructed playable
Professor_Rakor: Be funny and entertaining, easy. Kappa
WalrusOntheCourt: Well, start by being adopted by Conan Obrian.
hexy_lexy: i mean, twitch streaming is adjacent i would think?
p_johnston: Sound is king. If you sound scratchy or bad then everything else won't really matter.
delta__vee: co-working space
NotCainNorAbel: We make videos for the Internet. You know, studio videos.
rotarysorter: @hexy_lexy I am currently studying in the RATV program in Uni. Would love to chat about the subject with ya!
EvilBadman: TBF, you operate like a TV Network at least that's the optics
RayFK: I mean, it's Victoria. You being an incubator would be pretty normal.
djalternative: @hexy_lexy If you haven't worked in production before, it's a lot more craft and physical than you might think. (I work in film)
Moonspeak721: i don't know what incubator means in this context
BibboTheFirst: scrollweilder so good
DaMullet14: "we run an EMPIRE, sir"
Chaotically_Random: You make fart jokes on the internet
ravenlord_xix: i think i'm missing something, what's an incubator in this contxt?
BibboTheFirst: Reject is a thing
raze667: reject
Ballistic_Meatball: reject
hexy_lexy: @rotarysorter sure, shoot me a dm here or on discord
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Put them on speaker!
jessieimproved: You are the future of what "television" looks like, "television" has lost the original meaning
GenericGuy2G: "cool calls."
Diabore: are you going to jail graham?
NotCainNorAbel: I said, James post your number and you will get lots of good calls
Zephyr256k: I used to run a makerspace, explaining what we 'did' there to contractors and city officials (and one time a SWAT team) was always an adventure.
BibboTheFirst: That's me sorry I can't hear you on the phone
ArdCollider: @hexy_lexy my one big piece of advice is "if you are interested in a media trade that has unions and you can get a union gig, get one," as someone who works in a non-union part of a mostly-union media trade.
raze667: a lot of callbots don't trigger if you don't speak
TehAmelie: and sometimes you do stuff that should work on TV. . .
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: I finally had a call with all zeroes on caller ID today
MungoDude: making fart jokes on the internet, but professionally
ughman617: !cars reject
TheWriterAleph: oh shit roboduck called you??
RandomTrivia: Seems legit
hamfistedoaf: they just activated you g
ughman617: !card reject
LRRbot: Reject [1U] | Instant | Counter target creature or planeswalker spell unless its controller pays {3}. If that spell is countered this way, exile it instead of putting into its owner's graveyard.
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: I had heard of those but it was the first time I got one
Moonspeak721: i love getting phone calls from number stations
lemmel: Laguna Beach found out you're gold and want to sponsor you
EvilBadman: @ravenlord_xix house with a bunch of associated influencers trying to make stuff but not necessarily "together"
lirazel64: @ravenlord_xix Kind of a place where people start businesses.
TheIceman112: Skynet targeting system
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: my favorite is when I get calls from "The Legal Department"
BibboTheFirst: Still good though
rocketjohn: That was your quebecois sleeper agent wake-up call, G
ughman617: Yeah there is reject
TheIceman112: It's locked on
Jondare: worth it though
BibboTheFirst: its freee real estate
Jondare: Get that value going
LurkerSpine: guiding voice twice seems good
BibboTheFirst: voice the flyer
EvilBadman: Learn doesn't grab exiled lessons right?
BloodnBullets: if only that gave the inkling lifelink
jamiewisdom74: !card radiant scrollwielder
LRRbot: Radiant Scrollwielder [2RW] | Creature — Dwarf Cleric [2/4] | Instant and sorcery spells you control have lifelink. / At the beginning of your upkeep, exile an instant or sorcery card at random from your graveyard. You may cast it this turn. If a spell cast this way would be put into your graveyard, exile it instead.
Spartacus1209: If it’s worth casting once, it’s worth casting twice, amiright?
TheElrad: Defiant Strike with Lifelink
JarofGoats: @EvilBadman Nope, exile is still in the game, learn only grabs from sideboard
EvilBadman: Danke
Jondare: Opp is spinning so many wheels
HundreydAundre: Twice the life, double the link!
BloodnBullets: still not free
MungoDude: fiddlesticks
Shadowner: thats why
RandomTrivia: Well that was rude of them
Goodchop: consarn it
rocketjohn: dash and blast
BloodnBullets: pledgemage however, does die to helix
lirazel64: hecky-darn
Temperature_Droplet: but that was a good reason not to play elemental summoning
Spartacus1209: Oh balderdash
JarofGoats: gosh dang it all to fuckin' heck
p_johnston: there deck looks all kinds of fun.
p_johnston: their*
rocketjohn: JarofGoats gasp the swears
djalternative: our opponents should just never interact with our board or hand or graveyard
LurkerSpine: I'm a fan of killing the pledge mage
Diabore: what was that?
RandomTrivia: Uhhhh
p_johnston: @djalternative I mean that is ideal.
jamiewisdom74: was that charlie brown's teacher talking?
Favre_the_Undead: yes
djalternative: so not a ravenous swarm of bees?
BaskinRootwalla: You are also in a racing position, Could have saved the helix for their dome
Derthon: sounded like giant fly
rocketjohn: someone blowing their nose down a trombone?
Professor_Rakor: The elephant in the room wished to be addressed
BibboTheFirst: My friend just wrote a book about Charlie Brown and American politics I'm excited to read it
TheGuri42: I've been watching James and Graham play magic for like 7 years or something lol
HundreydAundre: lrrSPOOP though...
DerRitter42: Vroom vroom
RandomTrivia: Will you welcome us to the jam? lrrBEEJ
djalternative: and welcome to the jam?
F1SHOR: they always have bury somehow
RandomTrivia: @djalternative Drifit compatible confirmed
JarofGoats: Can give the spirit flying plus sudden breakthrough right?
djalternative: never not think about original space jam
BibboTheFirst: Maybe you'll learn how to draft better one day
Robot_Bones: A flying spirit? who would have heard of such a thing?
Jondare: god i've suicided so many poor inklings into that damn symmetrist. WHY DOES IT HAVE REACH??
Diabore: 2 wins feels sooooo bad
TheElrad: The power of Nerds compels you
Glitchydjinn: agreed, 4 wins is basically breaking even
Shadowner: a lot of interesting when enters the battlefield effect creatures in Strixhaven
p_johnston: @Jondare Because the magic design teams hate us. Or the artist. Someone.
averythetiger: So many rares in this set. It's gonna be a while till I start getting pack gems.
rocketjohn: Jondare as below, so above.. symmetry... :)
Moonspeak721: @Jondare that's me with that red 1/5. lots of random reach in the set.
F1SHOR: this set has been very good for getting gems back rare drafting has been so easy
BeddaAsChedda: this three color or the campas just for the skry?
djalternative: not our sloath
vigilanteheatengineer: Mtg girl did the math once - 3 wins to break even counting the cards you Opened , past that is gravy
DerRitter42: I misheard Radiant Scrool Wheeler
rocketjohn: you need more wins than that to keep drafting though, right?
BeddaAsChedda: !card radiant scrollwielder
LRRbot: Radiant Scrollwielder [2RW] | Creature — Dwarf Cleric [2/4] | Instant and sorcery spells you control have lifelink. / At the beginning of your upkeep, exile an instant or sorcery card at random from your graveyard. You may cast it this turn. If a spell cast this way would be put into your graveyard, exile it instead.
lirazel64: After the last PPR, you sent us to raid a streamer named Katana. She made money in the Open last weekend! You should invite her over sometime!
rocketjohn: if you've no other source of gems
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BibboTheFirst: De toots, De scores
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART sergeGift lrrHEART
Moonspeak721: that art is so good
Glitchydjinn: that's an impressive storm count
JarofGoats: Tall Rhinos, Squirrels in trees, so many threats to the poor inklings on campus...
averythetiger: They definitely give things reach AFTER they've already had the art made.
jonasjonIV: lrrHORN lrrHORN
vigilanteheatengineer: Yeah 5+ to go infinite
RayFK: So slick
hillwitheyes: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TheWriterAleph: "That's D-Toot's music!!"
rocketjohn: bah gawd that's JR playing games!
TheElrad: !card lorehold excavation
LRRbot: Lorehold Excavation [RW] | Enchantment | At the beginning of your end step, mill a card. If a land card was milled this way, you gain 1 life. Otherwise, Lorehold Excavation deals 1 damage to each opponent. / {5}, Exile a creature card from your graveyard: Create a tapped 3/2 red and white Spirit creature token.
CommanderCrossing: that archivist also has reach.
TehAmelie: i think nobody can figure out how to visually represent reach, except if it's a giant spider
BibboTheFirst: What do you think OP grabbed?
Shadowner: @JR_Plays_Games TY for the SUB lrrHEART
Diabore: @BibboTheFirst land
S0NICW0LF subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 85 months!
S0NICW0LF: Hi Graham, hope you are doing well. I've recently been in and out of hospital and thus the social media loop. With "the event that shall not be named" I'm guessing you guys aren't making it to PAX Aus this year?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, S0NICW0LF! (Today's storm count: 75)
Diabore: lsv had an absurd pool, double mascot exhibition is not fair
jonasjonIV: know only violence
CommanderCrossing: they spend 3 next turn to deal with it. thats most of their turn so meh
raze667: making a 3/2 seems most eficent
djalternative: you know, expel has lifelink
JarofGoats: Does pigment storm work with lifelink the way I think it does???
BibboTheFirst: You can respond with Expel though right?
kidscottii: expel in respose to trigger
Mr_Whale: ruh roh
RandomTrivia: @JarofGoats Yep, damage causes life gain
GredGredmansson: !card pigment storm
LRRbot: Pigment Storm [3RR] | Sorcery | Pigment Storm deals 5 damage to target creature. Excess damage is dealt to that creature's controller instead.
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bloodstar: I guess I now have sud baby Thank you for all entertainment that you give everyone
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MungoDude: Attack Attack Concede
TheWriterAleph: kickin ASS, G gennaGG
TheMCScrubLord: !card expel
LRRbot: Expel [2W] | Instant | Exile target tapped creature.
JarofGoats: Ah, instead is the word I was looking for. Doesn't get to do 5 + 'trample' for lifelink
SpoonfullOfSugar: they tutored and didn't grab any removal for the 2/4
averythetiger: Probably HARD aggro saw you about to lifelink 5 damage
HundreydAundre: v a l u e
BeddaAsChedda: damn 5 wins
RandomTrivia: The old "cast Demonic Tutor and concede 2 turns later"
RayFK: Sure as shit ain't the US ones
jonasjonIV: yes. stay away from the danger zone of here
BeddaAsChedda: vaccines are rolling out fast
rocketjohn: will the US ones be running?!
F1SHOR: even im not going to pax aus this year lol
LurkerSpine: I have a coworker going to work in Australia for a while, she has to fill out a ream of paperwork for Covid and visa concerns.
KyubieMTG: not responding to opponent hello feelsbadman
NotCainNorAbel: but we don't need to wear masks jlrrFacepalm
Robot_Bones: In the States and am still not rushing to be here LUL
Genderi: ah, but you'll be at PAX Toronto, yes? :)
averythetiger: I got my science juice stabbings!
Shadowner: look at the japan olympics
BeddaAsChedda: Same
BeddaAsChedda: !
noonetoday: Didn't Aus announce that they were banning international travel until 2022?
Jondare: Honestly with how good the vaccine rollout is going, the states is probably one of the safer places to go, Covid wise. Well, maybe not some of the red anti-vaccine states
rocketjohn: i suspect the olympics may not go ahead.
thavleifrim: Im imagining pax/other cons will be local guests only based how government is controlling the borders
RayFK: Eff that
Painfully_Dyslexic: the boarders here in Aus are likely to be locked down for another year easy
RayFK: I live here and Eff that
rocketjohn: given how badly japan are doing
Moonspeak721: pls no one come to seattle
RayFK: Eff PAX Seattle
Temperature_Droplet: here in Europe travel with test or proof of vaccination is somewhat possible again
SnowBuddy18: here in Ontario I got my first shot on Tuesday and was told I can start looking to book my second dose on August 31st
TheWooglie: @rocketjohn I thought they were going ahead with no crowds
BeddaAsChedda: In calafornia every one I ran into so far is vaccinated besides the kids
ravenlord_xix: unfortunatley, so many people I know don't want the vaccine. My sister says she'll only get it if she has to travel, and claims she'll refuse to get boosters if needed. It's annoying to try and argue
MungoDude: not sure about vaccines in Aus, but here in NZ most of us are only getting our first shot from July
thavleifrim: they are banning people leaving the country till mid 2022 not entering
Phosfur: We'll probably still be mostly Un vaxxed here in Aus anyway...
petey_vonwho: yeah, don't come to the states. my state is bribing people to get vaccines by holding a $5 million lottery
F1SHOR: wait your country has timelines! cant wait till we are up to that
ZachtlyAsIntended: Western WA is doing well
Jobot180: yeah, not planning on seeing my family in NFLD until 2022
lirazel64: I feel guilty for being all vaxxed... Then again, I'm 66, so.
Chaotically_Random: The States are NOT doing well, the CDC just ok'd no masks in some inside locations..... I dont want to be in the States anymore.... TTATT
Jondare: TheWooglie So far, but Covid is rising again in Japan, and more and more officials and so on are calling for it to be cancelled
LurkerSpine: There is a large swath of Washington that is anti-vax, but that's the eastern half of the state
ZachtlyAsIntended: Really, only NW WA is doing really well.
TheWooglie: @Jondare ah OK didn't know they had increases
BloodnBullets: @MungoDude it probably wont be that soon, im group 3 and im not getting mine yet.
Diabore: @petey_vonwho im just north of you in ontario, can i come down and has an unused vaccine?
snowb0und: I'm proud to say I'll NEVER go to a convention again!
p_hb: God it's a relief to live in Aus
RayFK: Look I just need a boat to Victoria full of vaccinated folks
RayFK: Or like...not full
trilemma85: @lirazel64 Don't feel bad. We want everyone to be fully vaccinated. It only makes sense to start with the older ones.
RayFK: Just like...5 people
BeddaAsChedda: iI miss conentions so much
rocketjohn: @rocketjohn That's the current plan, but cases are going right up. IOC inspector has had to put off the inspection visit...
rain_who_lurks: I Like Pax and am in Seattle. PLEASE NO PAX
RayFK: I can't drive a boat!
RayFK: (that big)
snowb0und: No movies, no restaurants, no Magic in shops. We never needed it!
RandomTrivia: RayFK Not with that attitude!
ZachtlyAsIntended: Look, @RayFK , I've never piloted a ferry....but I'm willing to try.
GredGredmansson: "wait that's an INSTANT"
Jondare: Cause they've gotten their few extra life points?
TheElrad: so you could draw your mountain :D
JarofGoats: Getting the extra 2 life off cram sessions I guess?
Genderi: math is for blockers, they did the math only when they were on blocks
GredGredmansson: i suppose?
rocketjohn: UK Games Expo is happening in birmingham in 77 days...
theambivalentagender: Apparently my LGS is having a tester event tomorrow, max 16 people. I ain't going in there until I am fully marinated
Gaz_L: maybe they think you have Swords?
lirazel64: Inźstudio guests for Desert Bus?
Diabore: @rocketjohn dont something like 70% of the population want to cancel the olympics?
trilemma85: HONK!
Jondare: wth just happed to chat for a second there?
petey_vonwho: @diabore I wish I could pass one too you
Cursedhuman: ill say u will need to quarantine for pax aus or they might get u to video call in
hexy_lexy: @theambivalentagender omg the term "fully marinated" is so damn funny LUL
rocketjohn: @rocketjohn I belive so.
djalternative: !y
Iodinosaur: Woah, a honk just happened outside my flat as it was mentioned
Diabore: gonna take a study break to research blood
trilemma85: Study Break! Until next time, Keep fit and have fun!
Jondare: Juuuust gotta draw that expel
ZachtlyAsIntended: HahaGoose
GredGredmansson: "yep, definitely blood"
trilemma85: You're welcome.
Genderi: McCloud final fantasy?
KingOfDoma: Joanne McCloudblazer
jessaayyy: [[semester's end]]
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: F
RandomTrivia: Nooooo
jessaayyy: wait whats the command?
GredGredmansson: lrrFINE
Jondare: oh, then you can also rummage with the professor
hexy_lexy: lrrFINE
Jobot180: Dinger
RandomTrivia: !card Semester's End
LRRbot: Semester's End [3W] | Instant | Exile any number of target creatures and/or planeswalkers you control. At the beginning of the next end step, return each of them to the battlefield under its owner's control. Each of them enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it if it's a creature and an additional loyalty counter on it if it's a planeswalker.
jessaayyy: thx
geail: gigaboOtsDino2
Glitchydjinn: don't you have the win next turn?
MungoDude: Hal Ajani's son and Jaya Ballard
Glitchydjinn: can't you use your owl to make everything fly?
Gaz_L: ah, Mass Effect just unlocked for me, and dat one THICC download
averythetiger: We're close
jessaayyy: !card skight ricker
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
TheOtherTrevor: you can setup lorehold with the scry
GredGredmansson: !card stonerise spirit
LRRbot: Stonerise Spirit [1W] | Creature — Spirit Bird [1/2] | Flying / {4}, Exile a card from your graveyard: Target creature gains flying until end of turn.
ravenlord_xix: attack all and study?
Jondare: Could have rummaged instead og Learning
GredGredmansson: @Glitchydjinn not enough mana
Shadowner: activate ground control to major tom
raze667: attacking all would have won. that gives trample
Glitchydjinn: guess I miscounted
averythetiger: We'll hold back, and we kill them next time.
sorinthecat: these ads -_-
GredGredmansson: lrrJAMES
Diabore: 4 lands in a row
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: yeah that combat trick gives trample doesnt it
RandomTrivia: Gah...
frozenphoenix7: So that was a 4 land chunk
Dread_Pirate_Westley: could you betray us, oh right.
RandomTrivia: So many lands
lochnessseammonster: jlrrFacepalm
MaelstronSolenor: 5 no?
hexy_lexy: #BlameJames :p
SpoonfullOfSugar: wasn't the draw that turn a land too?
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: oh well
TheElrad: the James Landtrayal
RandomTrivia: They had 2 mana open, Attack All could have got us blown out
Jondare: I kinda hate that about the Learn interface, you almost always forget about the rummage escape clause
frozenphoenix7: Ah yes, 5 land chunk @SpoonfullOfSugar
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: not dead yet though
TheOtherTrevor: dead to an instant
HundreydAundre: NotLikeThis elfunkSad lrrSCOOP
frozenphoenix7: Well dead to a spell
averythetiger: Any instant
GredGredmansson: block 4/4 and 3/3?
lamina5432: chump
raze667: you are dead to any spell
Diabore: we are, wrangler can put on any creature
raze667: the wrangler gives to target creature
TheOtherTrevor: karok can put the coutner on researcher anyways
Dread_Pirate_Westley: We're dead to any spell. Karok Wrangler gives a counter to any creature.
LurkerSpine: no, dead to any spell. wrangler puts the counter anywhere
MungoDude: I second the chump
Moonspeak721: the gator can put a counter on the researcher
frozenphoenix7: Any spell, they'd then put the counter on the Researcher.
ravenlord_xix: or a spell, as karock puts counter on any creature
Jondare: No any spell the karrok puts a counter on Researcher
judaspringles: dead to lifegain, what year is this
Derthon: wrangler can give counter to any creature
Glitchydjinn: appropriate name
GredGredmansson: that has reach
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: wow big play Kappa
Moonspeak721: well dang
TheWriterAleph: OffByOne
sorinthecat: is he playong against james or?
LurkerSpine: not bad for two guys starting out
raze667: big play was, unironically, a big play
Dread_Pirate_Westley: If they had the big play, they would have been able to soak all the trample.
RandomTrivia: sergeOffByOne
BloodnBullets: (not quite) live and learn
Jondare: hm if they had big play in hand, swinging with all would have gotten us blown out anyway
Shadowner: still winning
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (The mic preamps work! Now to refine the prototype, and assemble some more! Game: Mic Preamp Redux) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (33m from now).
frozenphoenix7: How many losses are we at?
frozenphoenix7: (If any)
Diabore: awww yeah
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: crack that pack
MungoDude: yay crackin a pack
Juliamon: Collectie Boostie!
TheElrad: #Sponsored
Diabore: shotgun the alt art mystic archive
LurkerSpine: If you want more STX boosters, you can get some from the fine folks at card kingdom!
trilemma85: A full width What the Heck is This?
Jondare: !card reinterpret
LRRbot: Reinterpret [2UR] | Instant | Counter target spell. You may cast a spell with an equal or lesser mana value from your hand without paying its mana cost.
Diabore: tendrils!
raze667: that is a tendrils
trilemma85: Tendrils
MungoDude: !card tendrils of agony
LRRbot: Tendrils of Agony [2BB] | Sorcery | Target player loses 2 life and you gain 2 life. / Storm
greg1756: that's a beautiful card
Jondare: 4 is a lot for a counter, but that seems great for commander
EvilBadman: in before Wheeler shows up for that tendrils
TheElrad: and wheeler is knocking the door down in 3 2 1 ...
Diabore: such vengeance
TheCheeseStandAlone: how many drils?
TheElrad: 10 Drills
greg1756: bah dum tish
delta__vee: that's so many drils
Gaz_L: no dril, only zuul
frozenphoenix7: But I thought you were Graham, not Frank?
someyounguy1: how can you be frank if youre grahm?
MungoDude: ooh those lands the opponent has remind me of when I started playing magic
SergeYager: did someone say SWAGONY?!
RandomTrivia: I'm so happy that Magic design, animal naming and language evolution came together to make the Hall Monitor wordplay work
someyounguy1: @frozenphoenix7 were on that nice brain wave frequency
trilemma85: I am waiting on mail from 2 more sources and then my collection of Mystic Archives in both English and Japanese will be complete.
lochnessseammonster: 10 drills, never boring...
DerRitter42: BTW, on spot Wheeler
RandomTrivia: Oh hey Serge :D
RayFK: That's because the other person drafting Lorehold did
RayFK: You got the Borehold
greg1756: A Wild Serge appears lol
TheWriterAleph: i've done several drafts and i didn't even know Igneous was a card until today.
JarofGoats: Same! Haven't seen it at all somehow...
Diabore: ive had it cast against me a lot if that counts
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real_hopeful_panda: because its always drafted :D
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: how much is it to make a thing with excavation?
judaspringles: @diabore thats where they all went!
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ughman617: !card Lorehold excavation
LRRbot: Lorehold Excavation [RW] | Enchantment | At the beginning of your end step, mill a card. If a land card was milled this way, you gain 1 life. Otherwise, Lorehold Excavation deals 1 damage to each opponent. / {5}, Exile a creature card from your graveyard: Create a tapped 3/2 red and white Spirit creature token.
Diabore: first strike?
Goldencutlery: long time youtube viewer, first time twitch viewer (despite watching most PPRs)
Diabore: yup
noSmokeFire: an even suddener breakthrough
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I see you are also a [player of unknown gender] of culture
sorinthecat: does it mattter is people sub with prime?
Juliamon: All subs are valid!
RandomTrivia: @Goldencutlery Welcome to the streams!
Diabore: @sorinthecat prime and tier 1 are the same
Gaz_L: is there gonna be an MH2 PPR? Seeing as they're actually doing pre-release kits?
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failsquared: Feels like just yesterday ...
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, failsquared! (Today's storm count: 80)
Syncrine: I feel valid :D
RayFK: Froney
RayFK: Free Money
LackingSanity_: good reminder
RandomTrivia: That said, calling out Prime subs is a good way to remind people to use theirs
sorinthecat: ok just wanted to be sure they were getting paid for it :)
Gaz_L: well, it costs what you paid for Prime in the first place :0
TheElrad: if you've got Prime, then do the crime
ughman617: It matters that we dont tier 3 sub to show the proper respect
JessKay: those good, good bezos bucks
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Gaz_L: :p
Diabore: @Gaz_L g has said there will be one, we dont know specifics yet
rocketjohn: Gaz_L i believe so
bombomtg extended their Tier 1 subscription through June!
Gamerinterface: Curious - looking forward to the Strixnames episode. Likely early June?
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: thats not even a bird
Diabore: @Gamerinterface probably this monday actually
monkeyboyktc: they mentioned its the next episode
Gamerinterface: Woot
RandomTrivia: Welp
Gaz_L: Thanks @rocketjohn @Diabore
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trilemma85: This Lightning Bolt seems like a good card.
Bobbaloo: always forget about prime
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: do it
TheElrad: wake me up, when Semester ends
RandomTrivia: @TheElrad sergeJustRight
mattyjacky: SCHOOL'S OUT
LurkerSpine: gambit time?
RandomTrivia: Look at all the rectangles they gave us!
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: now you even get to spirit it
HundreydAundre: @TheElrad I sleep
narset6691: yea deals 4!
RandomTrivia: We can deal 4 any time, though
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: I would pass make a spirit and do it next turn
Gamerinterface: Pigment PUNNNNNCH
narset6691: then u divine gambit the scary card
F1SHOR: they arent playing permanents so i believe gambit is clear - but im a gambler
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: oof
RandomTrivia: Oh dear
SkiaSymphonia: gamble time!
noSmokeFire: time for ulaog
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
HundreydAundre: XD
RandomTrivia: WAT
HundreydAundre: Really!?
RandomTrivia: They had EVERYTHING
rocketjohn: all done...
trilemma85: gg
electra310: What kind of deck even is this?
Mr_Whale: lol
TheWriterAleph: byeeee
Syncrine: rip
rocketjohn: aaaaalll done
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NotCainNorAbel: The Ninth Fibonacci number is 34. This information brought to you by I couldn't think of anything else. Thanks for being entertaining.
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narset6691: make your mark is solid.
RandomTrivia: @NotCainNorAbel *taking notes* Interesting
mattyjacky: got gotten
trilemma85: Only 63 cards in the Mystical Archive.
ArdCollider: Velomachus in the historic brawl fest was a ton of fun.
ArdCollider: as long as we're on "exponentially scary threats"
narset6691: i think the format is a lot less fun without them
A_Dub888 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 80 months!
A_Dub888: You provides the high quality entertainments LRR, and that's what I appreciates about you.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, A_Dub888! (Today's storm count: 84)
narset6691: like this might be a net negative format without them in fact
rocketjohn: i think it's more predictable and less frustrating
TheWriterAleph: ded puppet LUL
raze667: is it? aren't the timeshifted cards exactly this?
BigUruz subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 15 months!
BigUruz: woo, thank you lrr for years of entertainment
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Dread_Pirate_Westley: This also happened in Time Spiral.
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: its the most Ive ever gotten people with mana tithe ill tell you that
SkiaSymphonia: I think it may be similar to Guilds or the other recent Ravnica. there's 5 lanes and little drifting room
Gamerinterface: I'm basically standard only, and I'm taking a break from Arena Limited because I can't use the MA cards in my normal stuff.
Moonspeak721: i love the mystic archive cards idk
SergeYager: booo james
rocketjohn: yeah, i agree with james
Gamerinterface: ymmv
Lafajet: Is it just me or does Velomachus Lorehold sound like a fancy way of saying "Paper Knowstuff" if you don't know the spelling?
SergeYager: archives are the berst part of the set
rocketjohn: i would be interested to see it
monkeyboyktc: I agree with Serge
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: james "no fun allowed" turner Kappa
RayFK: Oh it's my favorite AWOLNation song, SHAILE
trilemma85: If only there was a way you could draft this set but not include the Mystical Archive cards. Maybe on a Friday Night [This is where James said the thing I was typing] Paper Fight when you can socially distance.
Trashweazel: wouldn’t that mess up some rarity in the packs?
rocketjohn: if the archives are the best part, i think that's a failing of the set without them
Glitchydjinn: i bought a booster box of strixhaven so I can draft this set in person once I get 7 other people to draft with in person covid allowing
rocketjohn: it should be able to stand alone
narset6691: you can block then semesters end
RayFK: Yes
RayFK: Yes it will be
Gamerinterface: I can see paper MTG not printing both limited MA-included packs and limited MA-nope packs. But Arena should be able to do it no problem.
JarofGoats: so many birds...
ughman617: I think he could have thought of the 8th fib#
A_Dub888: !card shaile
LRRbot: Shaile, Dean of Radiance [1W] (back: Embrose, Dean of Shadow) | Legendary Creature — Bird Cleric [1/1] | Flying, vigilance / {T}: Put a +1/+1 counter on each creature that entered the battlefield under your control this turn.
Gaz_L: i mean, for every Dark Ritual or Demonic Tutor, there's like 10 Revitalizes, so I'm not sure the Archive's that broken
Jondare: but then the BW grows!
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SergeYager: i said Shay-Lee
narset6691: shale?
NotCainNorAbel: I could have thought of that number, but that would be a different sub. lrrAWESOME
mattyjacky: sha lie
Diabore: i pronounce it like shale
noSmokeFire: Sheilah in your sketchiest Australian accent
monkeyboyktc: yeah shale makes the most sense
narset6691: but theres only one true shale and shes from dragon age origins
neacon subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 50 months, currently on a 4 month streak!
neacon: Graham, is there going to be a "Shave the Beeg" special when the lockdown ends up there?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, neacon! (Today's storm count: 87)
hexy_lexy: Shai LaBoeuf Kappa
SydPreviouslyHeadache: reminds me of the Angel that gave other creatures hexproof
Diabore: the doofiest of oophas
Zath_: (D)oofa
RandomTrivia: Oofa, and I cannot stress this enough, Doofa
raze667: sometiems you just flood out I guess.... but you can block next turn with a flying sloth
Gamerinterface: I would be at least a little surprised to learn if Shaile's name has a real-world linguistic source. Speak how thou wilt.
public_key_reveal_party: lrrBEEEJ
Diabore: ah, we die
neacon: Yes on both
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: geez graham why's your mom let you have oofa AND doofa
BloodnBullets: that thing attacking his head
trilemma85: Just all of him.
GapFiller: No 1 Beej sounds like a bad scene
A_Dub888: !findquote hair
LRRbot: Quote #1116: "Where did all this hair come from?!" —Serge [2015-11-16]
rocketjohn: i am a big fan of his hair
EvilBadman: If you shave Beej you make a second Gibb
LarkSachrosis: It works for him
rocketjohn: but it's his call really
monkeyboyktc: you sounded pleasantly suprised Graham. You just wanted to be done with this draft.
The_Voices: Beej hair is.... its own lifeform
Diabore: 5-0 to 0-3?
GapFiller: actually on that note wyrdly into the idea of Beej w/ a shaved head
RayFK: You got more than that deck deserved
JarofGoats: We have demonstrated an infinite loop!
aerohydra: who is on fnpf tomorrow?
NotCainNorAbel: I wonder if it is like growing a beard. There is the okay stage, the annoying stage, and then the this is long and neat stage.
RayFK: Please, I am a Professional Magic (memer)
Gaz_L: ooh, Ascendent Spirit
rocketjohn: the deck was very entertaining tho
RandomTrivia: Oh Plargg, dude
atlr: his hair volume more ably expresses mood
hexy_lexy: oh Plarrgifers my Darrgifers
Gaz_L: and sometimes a little Friday Night, as a treat
BloodnBullets: the correct answer is D, always D
Diabore: just styles
JarofGoats: @NotCainNorAbel Thats more or less my experience with how quarantine hair has gone. With the eventual 'Ow stop catching on stuff' step
public_key_reveal_party: mt
RayFK: Yes because Arena's ecommerce catalog makes any kind of sense
public_key_reveal_party: MTG cards
rocketjohn: same artist?
Vildhjarta2: most of them are
TheElrad: they have no white cards? so typical for WotC :p
Zath_: Good cards + Miscast
Diabore: i think its just "cards we havent sold styles for yet"
trilemma85: Cards that are not whote.
BaskinRootwalla: Today's theme is: Cards that are Magical
trilemma85: *white
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Like two and a half of them are in standard.
maletintohs: Magic Cards bassicly hahaha
land_manatee: Are they... cheap?
Gamerinterface: Rimrock shows up a lot. MAYBE Haven.
EOstby: Cards that have never been in my kitchen.
Gaz_L: i mean, Fervent Champ is good in standard and Historic
HundreydAundre: Rotatoes!
HundreydAundre: Rotating out.
noSmokeFire: oh, I know, they're all daily deals
Lafajet: Rotating stuff?
DeM0nFiRe: They aren't even all from the same set
F1SHOR: sometimes they just spin the wheel
raze667: daily deals are hot trash. :D
Shadowner: strixhaven Mystical archive includes: Dark Ritual, Divine Gambit, and Approach of the Second Sun, Cultivate and Growth Spiral...there is something going on
Wildfire801: assorted parallax card styles according to reddit
ArdCollider: stonks were back this week
monkeyboyktc: Look at the art again
RayFK: Theme's the brakes.
RandomTrivia: Classic sales strategy of "Slap a huge reduction on it so that people will think they want it"
HundreydAundre: All them styles are rotating out of standard.
atlr: i grew my hair long in college but didnt really know what to do with it. a ride in a jeep wrangler convinced me to get a haircut
NotCainNorAbel: @JarofGoats That is how my beard goes. Then I take it down for a while. I cannot stand to have my hair get long so I have never gotten to the neat part of long hair.
NotCainNorAbel: getting your beard caught sucks
real_hopeful_panda: mother's day daily deals were pretty cool
djalternative: I do remember one staff member on a Good Morning Magic saying they do the daily deals
A_Dub888: !card shenanigans
LRRbot: Shenanigans [1R] | Sorcery | Destroy target artifact. / Dredge 1
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River_Marshall: i played mono blue mill and i went 4-0
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The H-brawl one is important because it has the not-default art for Faithless Looting.
rocketjohn: yay! gladiator!
mattyjacky: Cameron is still live
Diabore: nice list
RandomTrivia: Preamp I think
RayFK: Ian is putting his foot through a toaster
RayFK: Close enough
djalternative: @Dread_Pirate_Westley I really enjoy the global faithless looting
F1SHOR: whenever ian is not in shot everyone should be asking what is ian doing today
djalternative: Beejtrayal at Beejdor
noSmokeFire: back by popular demand: BEEJ
EvilBadman: It's canon now
Shadowner: bahahaha
djalternative: It was in his tweet last time
RayFK: James that logic is horseshit
rocketjohn: yup, that's probably on the wiki by now
RandomTrivia: Who gave Adam the keys to the Twitter again? :D
noSmokeFire: it's LRRcanon
rocketjohn: and we know the wiki is source of truth
GapFiller: thanks for streaming G
rocketjohn: thanks for streaming, G and J :)
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Graham and James! lrrHEART lrrHEART
RayFK: Ye
stizzet: James, when's the next tarkov?
RayFK: (Modern horizons 2 presale next week)
Gaz_L: From Cards To The World
EvilBadman: Sell stuff to CK too, it's good
GapFiller: bai G x J see yr later take care xoxoxo
rocketjohn: that was almost the spokesman.
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
ChainedDreamer: What? No! I just got here! ...Dangit.
MungoDude: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (The mic preamps work! Now to refine the prototype, and assemble some more! Game: Mic Preamp Redux) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (8m from now).
Juliamon: !schedule
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mitomanox: Paul's cryptic final message..
mitomanox: just around the corner, I hope
RandomTrivia: Paul's not here...
mitomanox: :(
RandomTrivia: I mean, he might be in chat, I don't know.
mitomanox: thanx @RandomTrivia
RandomTrivia: Secret Paul Messages ™ only tend to come at the end of the broadcast day, and only when Paul is on stream or running tech.
RandomTrivia: That said, sometimes someone else will steal the bit (because no bit is sacred), so you can always stick around and see :D
mitomanox: the ™ symbol is appropriate, I absolutely love it when he does it
RandomTrivia: Even when someone else does it, it's still a Secret Paul Message
mitomanox: I heard Heather stealing Beej's mike one of these days during commercials and it was hilarious too
DarkMorford: Yeah, Secret Heather during PIF has been fun.
Juliamon: Ghost Heather you mean
DarkMorford: Wow, DoorDash. $3.99 delivery fee for Taco Bell?!
Juliamon: eeeew
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It’s time for Tinker Tailor Solder Fry! Ian’s still got a stack of Toshiba JFETs lying around, so let’s get to making microphone pre-amps! 📷 ||
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TehAmelie: the taco bell toll?
TehAmelie: damn that's terrible. someone fix my pun pls
hexy_lexy: tollco bell
TheMerricat: evening chat, is audio muted for anyone else?
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Fruan: No music here either.
TehAmelie: the taco bell toll's for thee. it's $3.99
DarkMorford: I don't hear anything yet, but that's not necessarily muted.
ewhac: I don't hear anything, but that's because I'm muting the $(EXPLETIVE) ads...
johnalogue: @ewhac I just read that Ford can [expletive] put those ads in your car now
LoadingReadyRun: No music prior to Ian streams because to paraphrase Cameron, we don't always have to be making noise. ^_^
DarkMorford: Totally fair.
DoodlestheGreat: @loadingreadyrun, ( o_o)-b
erased_citizen: It’s our moment of self reflection before the storm
wedge_x: please sir, my microphone, it needs amps
ewhac: On time!??!??!
Lysander_Gustav: Hello folks!
TheMerricat: new mic?
mattyjacky: epic
hexy_lexy: The World Of Tomorrow? :P
DarkMorford: Jango FET Kappa
ewhac: "Measuring... Measuring.... All done!"
Mattmitchell45: Ah yes, I have always thought Ian's voice was missing amplification
Rogue_07: Good evening, Ian and chat!
Rogue_07: Happy Thursday!
Rogue_07: Also train
hexy_lexy: Phantom Power? im more into ordinary Ghost Power :p
SnackPak_: so much gain needed for dynamic mics
Rogue_07: (that train might have been on my zoom call)
Nigouki: so this is for dynamics mics only? not condensers?
TehAmelie: is this some kind of game to you? lrrBEEJ
SkipIives: yeah, less gain needed and no phantom power to run.
SnackPak_: Nigouki correct as far as I know
Arclight_Dynamo: Hello all! Oh, that's the mic shadow on Ian's face. I thought he had a wicked shiner for a sec. :D
crowyote: @Arclight_Dynamo same, same
ewhac: You think Zoom is annoyed that the H4n turned out so good that nobody's bothered to upgrade?
DrakoniteStreams: therea48Wave
Mattmitchell45: Smooooth
TheMerricat: wow
Arclight_Dynamo: Ooh, buttery.
DrakoniteStreams: just got out of a meeting.. did I miss anything?
Rogue_07: warm
JessKay: oh that's a warm mic
TheMerricat: @drakonitestreams just a recap of the past episode :)
DrakoniteStreams: I less than three the h4n
DarkMorford: I have an H6, it's really nice