Earthenone: my spacebar squeaks now :(
GapFiller: Oh Noes
coachNelly: time to take that spacebar to the backspace my friend
coachNelly: i'll leave now
djalternative: everyone ready for a three dimensional folding of six identical quadrilaterals?
GapFiller: thats a Helluva hyperqube
DarkMorford: Why did you trap Serge in your spacebar? Kappa
paronomasiac042: Serge is in space?!
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djalternative: nah. hypercube would be a three dimensional unfolding of a four dimensional object with (36?) identical faces
djalternative: or would it still be just 6?
laikagoat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Professor_Rakor: Beep
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
djalternative: imagining 4d objects is impossible
Serpens77: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
djalternative: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Friday Night Paper Fight! @Graham_LRR @WakeUpSuper @UnarmedOracle @sergeyager @coachNellyMTG @BengineeringTV are drafting Ben's Brawl Cube on Arena! 📷 ||
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djalternative: do we have a link so we can all view/draft the cube ourselves or has Ben yet to provide that?
Juliamon: !cubelist
LRRbot: (21 May 2021: Arena Brawl Cube) Ben's Arena Brawl Cube:
Juliamon: (it's the same as !decklist)
djalternative: oh yay. I'll save that for later
matthaus_c: !fart
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CommanderRab: thats a lot of months
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matthaus_c: ah dammit, sub expired
Diabore: is serge yelling at g?
djalternative: !fart
LRRbot: The mouse on a motorcycle!
Favre_the_Undead: !advice
LRRbot: Enjoy B e e f
Diabore: yknow, i dont need an answer, thats my canon now
matthaus_c: auspicious beeflopa
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MegaDosX: !badadvice
LRRbot: Dying is a free action.
animated_fairy: Friday 👏🏻 night 👏🏻Pa👏🏻 per👏🏻 fight👏🏻
wickaboxet: I’m ready to see people fight with “paper” on their local Friday night
djalternative: you know. I think it'd be fun to have an RPG session where you can just choose to die
Anexmedia: I could fall into some holes with this song
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djalternative: Spoon™
space_turbulence: Cube hyyyyype
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virtualcatastrophe: LRR is love, LRR is life <3
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djalternative: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEJ
electra310: I haven't seen cube before, I'm excited!
flatluigi: cube....
Favre_the_Undead: lrrBEEJ
kumatsu: Hat draft!
matthaus_c: everything is fine
djalternative: this is the debut of this cube @electra310
CanPlayGames: HI
Radyin: Who is Arena Ben?
SkiaSymphonia: perfect timing, just finished with work and checked the stream at the exact right time
RockPusher: benginFingers RPGFireball foxmarFIRE
resistentialism: I know exactly what you're not quite going to be playing
patbaer: It's Ben's
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garunkl: 2 years!
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FrozenRoseFour: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 7:38.
TheWooglie: Mercedes Bens
Simriel: Is Cam Noises a quote in the quote wiki yet? :P
coachNelly: gonna call him arena ben henceforth
wickaboxet: They draft different sizes/ materials of cubes
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floki4242: @simriel it needs to be
northos: I just ordered cards for my pauper cube from cardkingdom!
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Serpens77: Yes
flatluigi: oh no arena went away
MegaDosX: Aw, Paul fixed it
resistentialism: hey thanks
coachNelly: they sure do
SnowbirdMike: Good Evening LRR
Simriel: Just like "Cam Noises"
Dog_of_Myth: Made it just in time
trebuchetboy: Formerly Ben "Arena Ben" Ulmer
TheWooglie: so who's going to be on 5 colour bad stuff tonight?
whitefirecomix: woo! youtube!
floki4242: cam honk
space_turbulence: I wondered if that was on purpose
matthaus_c: subscrollow
kumatsu: shoutouts to youtube
SkiaSymphonia: amazing
matthaus_c: look at that LARGE adam
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circusofkirkus: jlrrBaby
YeetTheRich_: yee overly buff adam
flatluigi: the beefiest adam
patbaer: Adam's at 1.5 scale
Diabore: oh its 2 of each team on this stream
korvys: Who was the middle person?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Why doesn't adam, the largest of the blah blah blah
GhostValv: so large
tergonis: he's a lorge lad
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Smoke108: He's so Vascular
A_Dub888: He's SO VASCULAR
SnowbirdMike: FamJam: A reason to get fired from work.
DiscordianTokkan: So LORGE
noSmokeFire: why does Adam, the largest streamer...
Anexmedia: That man could debut on RAW
whitefirecomix: Adam the Giant, well known podcaster
UnkeptFlea: literal actual giant adam
MegaDosX: I'm here for beefcake Adam
resistentialism: large baby
Amentur: Cameron is also larger
johntms907: He's so big...
RockPusher: gabyLul
josh___something: XD
Diabore: @korvys in baby geniuses? thats james
whitefirecomix: Now point at the sign!
Simriel: He's SO BIIIIIIIG
Coogrr: Plus its accurate
Kumakaori: adam's laughter at this is just adorbs.
RockPusher: lrrHEART seabatBRAIN lrrHEART
TheWooglie: I think it's just that James is tiny
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
YeetTheRich_: i'm in awe at the size of this lad
Jradcliffe719: Adam looks like he can suplex a bear
noSmokeFire: zoom and enhance!
SnowbirdMike: EEEE ZZZZZ
Simriel: So Vascular!
wickaboxet: Adam the large boi
Fried_Twinkie: I thought it was actual relative sizes
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korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Why does Adam not just eat the other streamers?
DeM0nFiRe: Why does the larger baby not simply eat the smaller babies?
Professor_Rakor: Just...shrink everything except the head.
matthaus_c: @Coogrr it's not, that's why it's so funny benginLol Adam is not that much larger than James and Ben
ElektroTal: wow, are we playing beards vs glasses?
GhostValv: tqsSmug
MegaDosX: Adam's gonna get Vince's attention if he stays that swole
Simriel: Why does Adam, as the largest LRRsM'n not simply eat the smaller streamers
SergeYager: my dude
laikagoat: fionaMuppet fionaMuppet fionaMuppet fionaMuppet
matthaus_c: GOOD GRIEF benginFingers
Serpens77: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
coachNelly: hype hype
Seth_Erickson: PogChamp
RandomTrivia: Ooooooh, Wednesday PPR! benginHype
Fried_Twinkie: HOT DAMN
CaptainSpam: Mordern Horzorn Preorelorse!
TheWooglie: Wednesday oshiHype
Anexmedia: tqsIrene FBtouchdown
Dog_of_Myth: Sweet
Dumori: Dang I working
Dumori: QQ
Jradcliffe719: oh that is uncomfortably close, my poor wallet
MegaDosX: There's some neat things spoiled so far for MH2!
HundreydAundre: Wut? Yes!
Smoke108: Some spicy new cards
HundreydAundre: LUV it!
Diabore: aw hell yas i dont work wednesdays
neb_200: On a wednesday....? but Okay
Professor_Rakor: This goofy side set has Prerelease Kits proper
floki4242: a ppr with a normal chat
HundreydAundre: Hoot-Sass!
Dog_of_Myth: Good Grief!
Favre_the_Undead: cabal coffers!
Fried_Twinkie: Good call
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Anexmedia: Couldn't imagine any discourse involving the PPR and a preview
Diabore: and we will hopefully avoid a strixhaven repaet
HundreydAundre: Oh, Lord Dakk cometh....
matthaus_c: my deck is 1 swamp and 39 Griefs
shendaras: I wish people hadn't been terrible
Jradcliffe719: ach go on what colour is the preview
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RocknGrohlNerd: Hello gamers, friends, almost a year keeping me company, thank you all work for the amazing work you do lrrHEART
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wickaboxet: Some of the spoilers are pretty nice
MegaDosX: @matthaus_c Why do you hate fun
RockPusher: benginFingers braven10PRISM
matthaus_c: @MegaDosX f.... un?
meachamo: I was having flashbacks of Strixhaven during the DailyMTG stream yesterday. People suck...
wickaboxet: Cube drafts are sick, I’d always go for the 1x1x1 cm limestone cube
MegaDosX: This will definitely be interesting
RandomTrivia: Every "Ben's <theme> Arena Cube" stream has been amazing
rasterscan: Draft Commander Legends is so fun but so expensive. T_T
MegaDosX: To clarify for chat in case anyone's wondering, Historic Brawl specifically
coachNelly: @RandomTrivia i agree
flatluigi: historic/friendly brawl or regular brawl
MegaDosX: Looking at the cube list
flatluigi: gotcha
matthaus_c: Historic, aka the True Brawl
Diabore: might be hard with no pipers
djalternative: @meachamo I purposely hide chat every time I tune into a Magic stream because chat always sucks
flatluigi: regular brawl is still fun
Dumori: @wickaboxet Always p1p1 Tungsten
HundreydAundre: First pick Codie Storm Count of 11!!
SnowbirdMike: Nice
MegaDosX: Standard Brawl is better for people who don't have a large enough collection for Historic Brawl
JocelyneAnne: lrrFINE
korvys: 6 cody decks
MegaDosX: And Historic Brawl has a bunch of things that I kinda never wanted to see again post rotation >_>
RandomTrivia: Well someone is gonna force Codie LUL
wickaboxet: All for Codie and Codie for all
matthaus_c: Five Colour Bad Stuff!
korvys: I see Cam scheming right now
Favre_the_Undead: 5 color could be fun
Naarius: But we have to commit to the button
Favre_the_Undead: !cubelist
LRRbot: (21 May 2021: Arena Brawl Cube) Ben's Arena Brawl Cube:
RandomTrivia: @matthaus_c Ah yes, a true tradition of Magic limited!
Smoke108: Codie archenemy of Nikya of the Old Ways
MegaDosX: It also doesn't look like there's any really chunky instants or sorceries to get sick value from Codie
Diabore: 1 command tower and 1 arcane signet most likely
wickaboxet: The gitrog monster is in the cube list btw
MegaDosX: This will definitely be interesting based on the cube list
matthaus_c: what if I want to make my deck mono-commanders
BjjBrain: I hope my girl Saheeli sublime Artificer makes an appearance :)
MegaDosX: I want to see someone play Kels
Diabore: so what happens if someone doesnt have enough wildcards for this?
MegaDosX: I've literally never seen her played
flatluigi: @Diabore i mean, business expenses
MegaDosX: @Diabore I'd assume they'd expense some gems and buy packs to get enough
HundreydAundre: Tezzeret's... the one whom never got a stain-glassed treatment, yea?
matthaus_c: correct
ItsRileyPM: !cubelist
chumpofthemonth: This sounds like a lot of work to figure out
Ryavis: Tezzeret was a buy-a-box promo right?
matthaus_c: Tezzeret was the BAB Promo for WAR iirc
vellebastet: lrrHEART
Diabore: @HundreydAundre correct, because he wasnt actually in war iirc
wickaboxet: !cubelist
LRRbot: (21 May 2021: Arena Brawl Cube) Ben's Arena Brawl Cube:
PIayswithFlRE: !cube
LRRbot: A "cube" in MtG terms is a "build-your-own expansion" form of draft. On MTGO the cube is a singleton format with many of the most powerful cards in all of magic history.
Akaiatana: I am cautious of the BBAC Draft
MegaDosX: Yeah this feels like it'd be difficult to test
resistentialism: tezzeret's wall lazers
meachamo: Good luck, everyone!
RockPusher: Ben puts in so much work benginHeart
ElektroTal: we take two to make a thing go raa-ight
vellebastet: Ben lrrHEART lrrHEART
Diabore: panharmonicon!
ElektroTal: we take two to make our creatures fight
Ryavis: cmon panharmonicon deck
Favre_the_Undead: drana?
Diabore: pan sram!
Dog_of_Myth: I see some spice
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m_logan2000: panharmonican ever time
matthaus_c: uuuuh go left?
resistentialism: worldshaper a force in some formats
Smoke108: The Saffron Special
Seth_Erickson: Wow look at that just a lot of really cool cards who would have guessed
djalternative: sram and panharmonicon?
Dr_Shandor: Windmill slams panharmonicon
Diabore: it is both of those colours
korvys: @bengineering - browser fullscreen (f11?)?
RandomTrivia looks pointedly at Serge
JocelyneAnne: I hope panharmonicon gets to pop off for someone
Decaped: they still haven't changed that?
MegaDosX: Cam got one of the Jumpstart commanders I assume
Dog_of_Myth: @Smoke108 scoopsCHEER
matthaus_c: that sigh is how I always react at the dumb hybrid rule
falingard: BW vampires let's go!
SnowbirdMike: Sram /scrap trawler
JarofGoats: Which really only comes up with extort usually?
MegaDosX: Since they all have hybrid mana activated abilities
Seth_Erickson: Drana or Scriptures seems good
HammerTheWise: Drana! Drana! Drana!
meachamo: Follow your heart, Ben
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MajorFrostbyte: Drana!
ElektroTal: sramharmonicon
djalternative: sounds good
circusofkirkus: THOSE ARE SO GOOD
MajorFrostbyte: and oathsworn. you can always add a commander of another color later
circusofkirkus: Wii Snorkeling is a bop
VazSun: oh Gabe Gundacker?
MegaDosX: Keep in mind Panharmonicon is ETB, Sram is cast
code1300: Y not both brown cards
HundreydAundre: Wii had more sports?
MegaDosX: For chat's beneift
MegaDosX: benefit*
code1300: Artifacts
Dr_Shandor: @ElektroTal I like the cut of your jib
PIayswithFlRE: did you consider doing the custom pack format so that you could put x commanders in each pack?
Favre_the_Undead: artifact shenanigans!
RandomTrivia: Woah, I want this UG ramp deck in this pack
Favre_the_Undead: dis and orni?
Seth_Erickson: Dragon seems good for artifacty shenanigans
Favre_the_Undead: force it!
matthaus_c: the well dried up fast af
falingard: Roalesk Ozolith!
MegaDosX: Oh wait Graham's watching us?
FrozenRoseFour: Ornithopter?
MegaDosX: Graham with the callout
matthaus_c: I'm into Ornithopter GQ?
EHarber1: man roalesk and ozolith seems goo
Twilight_Spark: Chat is known to be comprised of assholes, so...
YeetTheRich_: quick everybody compliment adam while he is not looking
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: ooh, fnpf nice
HammerTheWise: Ha!
SnowbirdMike: ornithopetr-ghost quarter
jdgmoney: Roalesk
animated_fairy: Kiora Bests the Sea God is my FAVORITE card
jdgmoney: dooo itttt
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Need to go back and watch from the start
A_Dub888: Hard agree
HundreydAundre: Cameron, Miestro of the Codex
MegaDosX: Does mean you may not get to run Sram, but Roalesk seems pretty spicy with Ozolith
Seth_Erickson: works with harm I like it 👀
resistentialism: does panharmonicon put 2 counters on sagas
djalternative: okay. now that G's gone, what commanders are in Selesnya?
noSmokeFire: I'm kind of shocked Adam "I love Simic" Savidan didn't do the same thing
Smoke108: Too many colours
FrozenRoseFour: *PIVOT*
kumatsu: good cards? In cube? Noooooo
matthaus_c: Ben, you need to pass Cam the Locust God
jdgmoney: Cube too good
flatluigi: ben going for codie
Seth_Erickson: Setessan Champion though 👀 and Essence Flux
Aarek: dew it
matthaus_c: do not dare deny him
MegaDosX: Setessan Champion, Roalesk, and Ozolith seems spicy
Alas_Babylon: Quick shout out to Paul in the booth
djalternative: I'd go archon and champion
RandomTrivia: I mean, at some point we have to stop pivoting. But not yet, we can pivot a bunch more first lrrBEEJ
grometty: Mono Good
HundreydAundre: Meaning that.... no one actually picked good cards?
m_logan2000: pan wants esper colours. They tend to have the better etb cards
circusofkirkus: says the man you drafted 2 daemagoth titans and 2 tend the pests
ladyjessica: I mean it’s cube. They’re all good cards.
JocelyneAnne: I love how Adam always drafts with the fundamentals in mind
Masslost: im not a really a fan of tik tok but khaby.lame videos are just funny as hell
noSmokeFire: Commlander
ItsRileyPM: I too wanna play Co-lander
Akaiatana: Money draft, for sure
luke1x: do we have a cube list?
djalternative: Is deep V Calix in this?
chaostreader: Adam’s commander will be Codie.
MegaDosX: !decklist
LRRbot: (21 May 2021: Arena Brawl Cube) Ben's Arena Brawl Cube:
SnowbirdMike: alseid
LarkSachrosis: Ooh, Whisper.
Dr_Shandor: Planeswalkers are legal commanders as a reminder
luke1x: @megadosx thanks!
MegaDosX: @luke1x No problem!
falingard: are there any 3c commanders?
UnkeptFlea: wait chromatic sphere is on arena? wild
Favre_the_Undead: @falingard yes
LurkerSpine: So do you have to use wildcards to build these decks?
jdgmoney: 5 color bad stuff only
YeetTheRich_: does everybody own all the cards in the cube on arena? or how does this work?
EHarber1: is it only 2 color legends?
LarkSachrosis: 25
MegaDosX: @UnkeptFlea Yeah it was in Jumpstart I think
ItsRileyPM: 502 life
resistentialism: pretty big part of emry combo decks
Seth_Erickson: The troll works in our deck :eyes;
electra310: Oooh, yes
djalternative: oh. troll is good for us
Diabore: maybe we mono white
Earthenone: they will craft what they pick that they dont own, they have the in game currency to do so
FrozenRoseFour: What colors are we in?
resistentialism: plant dog
flatluigi: i think going white is good and hope to pick up selesnya
MegaDosX: *gasp* Bad cards in Ben's cube?
Ristow: i always forget that glass casket is an artifact and not an enchantment
electra310: Basri is good too, but I like the look of the troll
Seth_Erickson: I think cartouche can wheel but who knows
chumpofthemonth: Wait, there are good magic cards now?
matthaus_c: cartouche clap clap clap cartouche clap clap clap
MegaDosX: White at least works with Sram, and if Ben's lucky he might find Hamza or Trostani
flatluigi: gods willing.....
MegaDosX: Oh boo, no-one's playing Kels
Favre_the_Undead: ranger and god's willing
MegaDosX: I am the sad
Cartographers_Ink: I forgot this was 2 picks at a time!
jdgmoney: All of these cards are arena legal?
jdgmoney: seriously?
MegaDosX: @jdgmoney Yes indeed
BjjBrain: @coachNelly Sandford and Sons?
flatluigi: ya
Seth_Erickson: is there a bant commander in the cube?
rasterscan: !card Ranger of Eos
LRRbot: Ranger of Eos [3W] | Creature — Human Soldier [3/2] | When Ranger of Eos enters the battlefield, you may search your library for up to two creature cards with converted mana cost 1 or less, reveal them, and put them into your hand. If you do, shuffle your library.
MegaDosX: Ranger of Eos was in a Historic Anthology
Flallen: Hi LRR and Chat, I haven't played magic in years but was tempted recently to get back into it.... if I'm a ludicrous person and "got back into it" by making a cube, how bad of an idea is it to have multiples. Particularly, how bad of an idea to have multiples of things like dark ritual? I want to use my old cards, but I also want the cube to be fun. lol
matthaus_c: @jdgmoney Historic Anthologies are a hell of a drug
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resistentialism: unless there's a banned ones, but they're all in the client
Trashweazel: veil?
SCHLORMPH: that kid's exclamation is a perfect sound of the human experience
MegaDosX: Two picks Ben
MegaDosX: Oh nevermind
MegaDosX: I didn't see you picked Snakeskin
MillerDark: @LoadingReadyRun Do you have Piper for if someone's colors don't work out?
Seth_Erickson: I like the idea
Dr_Shandor: Gladiator!
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun you can do Bo3 but remember that arena doesn't let you do that with brawl. you gotta just rematch manually
Smoke108: Codie @MillerDark
resistentialism: any banned cards in cube?
jdgmoney: I've been playing arena since the closed beta and there are cards here that have me going "that's on arena!?"
matthaus_c: !cubelist
SnowbirdMike: Pack 2 has the potatoes
Professor_Rakor: Sweet Codie deck, Ben.
Favre_the_Undead: scrap trawler!
Diabore: @resistentialism no need for banned cards in a curated list
matthaus_c: can someone do that command please? it's sub locked
electra310: I have not been able to figure out how Arena makes cards available. I have seen cards played by LRR on arena that I can't get when I search for them
ravenlord_xix: Hey LLR peeps! Watching from the vaccine place after getting my first shot
Seth_Erickson: Shimmerwing is good with Archon
Juliamon: congrats ravenlord_xix!
resistentialism: I mean, any cards that are banned in arena in the cube
RandomTrivia: benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy
SnowbirdMike: Hi Remy
RandomTrivia: BORK
NavelWarfare: benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy
theanthonydee: benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy
swaggytaco: bork bork
jdgmoney: Doggo!
ShadyLantern: remy got opinions
A_Dub888: benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy
DeM0nFiRe: OhMyDog
Dog_of_Myth: Hi Remy
RockPusher: benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy
SpoonWieldingRabbit: benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy
lirazel64: @ravenlord_xix Huzzah!
MegaDosX: @electra310 Do you have Historic set as the deck type when you look? If it's set to Standard you only see standard legal cards
HammerTheWise: Remy doesn't like randomizing
Fruan: Doge
Diabore: !cubelist
LRRbot: (21 May 2021: Arena Brawl Cube) Ben's Arena Brawl Cube:
Serpens77: benginRemy
RockPusher: jamieBoof
matthaus_c: thanks Diabore!
rasterscan: That Krisp filtering
chefryto90: benginRemy benginRemy
jdgmoney: Yeah but we're for it
MajorFrostbyte: REMY!
Diabore: land?
Stormthius: benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy
RockPusher: jamieBoof jamieBoof
RandomTrivia: BORK
noSmokeFire: Remington P Fitzgerald the fifth hates the Arena shuffler
TheWooglie: Graham forgot Remy so he was making sure he hadn't again
matthaus_c: okay, Feather is not in this cube, I got worried when you passed Gods Willing :p
RockPusher: mattlrBork tqsBORK
Cartographers_Ink: benginRemy benginRemy benginRemy
LRRTwitter: @DesertBus> Crafters, don't forget that the deadline for Craft-Along proposals is coming up fast! Everything needs to be submitted to us by Monday, May 24th for review. | We've already seen many exciting submissions & we'd love to see more!! Check the blog for details ||
Sogheim: my corgi is now looking for Remy CorgiDerp
Dr_Shandor: @electra310 click the "not collected" option
matthaus_c: benginChaos
bennbomb: abbcd
Juliamon: yeah I assumed it was arranged alphabetically intentionally
RockPusher: benginHeart benginRemy benginHeart
Seth_Erickson: Can you learn in brawl for actual lessons or is it only draw and discard this way?
RandomTrivia: Always Be Ben's Cube Drafting
RandomTrivia: Seems good
matthaus_c: we all know G is more of a spoonerism guy
SnowbirdMike: lol
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
Seth_Erickson: worship bounces which is great with sram and archon
BusTed: First would be.
MajorFrostbyte: marty
Fruan: Clockwise and anticlockwise
ChaoticObserver: You can steal home
laikagoat: you def can steal home
DeM0nFiRe: You can steal home
LurkerSpine: you can steal home
matthaus_c: I never watch baseball long enough to get to third base
Alas_Babylon: You can absolutely steal home
Pinwiz11: You can steal home
jdgmoney: You can steal home
Gadora: You can steal home, but it's hard.
Blasteg: yo can
Manae: You can steal home, but good luck
DeM0nFiRe: It's not common but you can
RandomTrivia: Take bases only with consent! lrrBEEJ
superdude097: You 100% can
Dog_of_Myth: You can steal home
resistentialism: jackie robinson famously did
BusTed: Usually due to an error or whatever.
Aarek: you can steal home
code1300: Two in middle
trevorwisn: you can, just go for it.
bullseye3265: you can steal everything but 1st
animated_fairy: You can steal home base
matthaus_c: command toweeeerrr
circusofkirkus: APE
Alas_Babylon: Pitcher just yeets one to space and the runner on third's like "This is free real estate" and scores
Seth_Erickson: Big Ape PogChamp
Aarek: I mean technically there are ways to steal first base
MegaDosX: Ben the lucksack
jdgmoney: pick command tower
korvys: You 100% can - you can't steal first
Diabore: solemn tower
flatluigi: swords
SnowbirdMike: swords
PIayswithFlRE: fixing!
lirazel64 steals home after a night of brawling.
YeetTheRich_: the tower!
MillerDark: sWords
RandomTrivia: There it is! The most powerful card in the cube!
MajorFrostbyte: TTTTTOWER
SrMuskrat: I think Trea Turner stole home in college ball and someone tried it in the world series last year
underhill33: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
jdgmoney: lands lands lands
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Favre_the_Undead: yes
MegaDosX: I'd personally windmill slam Command Tower and Kogla, but that's me
djalternative: we've got al the lands
UnkeptFlea: double land double land
BjjBrain: In the Sandlot he steal home base at the end lol
northos: wow cube builder's privilege
Blasteg: !card command tower
LRRbot: Command Tower | Land | {T}: Add one mana of any color in your commander's color identity.
Robot_Bones: You don't have to steal home but you can't stay here
Diabore: tower and solemn imop
bullseye3265: that plus lantern is invincible!
superdude097: @bullseye3265 You sort of can actually. If the batter strikes out, but the catcher drops the ball, the batter can run to first.
Manae: @korvys Is it stealing first if the catcher drops strike 3 and you make it to the base?
BjjBrain: all I know about baseball is from the movie The Sandlot
Blasteg: wait how does that work in draft?
matthaus_c: come on calix
Cartographers_Ink: But... the best white removal?
LurkerSpine: dec in stone so good though
volraths_bane: not swords?
Blasteg: theer's no commander right
saucemaster5000: I haven't played magic since the fifth grade, so take my advice and take the command tower
holidayMD: You are mono White? so why
UnkeptFlea: hold up there was a swords in there
MegaDosX: Ben wants Selesnya, hence the picks
MegaDosX: Just needs to find Trostani or Hamza, or worst case scenario Calix
jdgmoney: Graham sounds mad crazy right now
Diabore: wait ya stp?
Micsig: @Blasteg this is a brawl draft
bullseye3265: @bullseye3265 but thats reachiing on an error
matthaus_c: Swords removes nothing if you can't cast it
ElektroTal: what
Akaiatana: Ontario here, not heard
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
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BusTed: I see.
Smoke108: Shalai would be nice
vellebastet: WTF
djalternative: yeah. enchantress is best as selesnya or bant
A_Dub888: !findquote rocks
LRRbot: Quote #1430: "*gently rocking back and forth* Do we have to keep playing?" —Alex [2014-01-17]
MegaDosX: Luminarch Aspirant!
flatluigi: tazri works
Seth_Erickson: Tazri can let us play blue 👀
RandomTrivia: Wow Graham, that was a Wheeler-level long walk to that payoff
Diabore: so its historic brawl cube
flatluigi: you can run everything :V
PIayswithFlRE: tazri also a somewhat viable option
MegaDosX: Tazri does open up colours, even if she doesn't necessarily combo with the deck
ElektroTal: !findquote shivam
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
RandomTrivia: !quote shivam
LRRbot: Quote #5703: "There's nothing on the line but having good times." —Shivam [2019-01-11]
HammerTheWise: I mean, Tazri works, even if it isn't ideal
jdgmoney: still need a green white legend right?
hexy_lexy: LUL poger lrrGRAHAM
Radyin: !quote 7075
LRRbot: Quote #7075: "I sometimes smash rocks, and lick them, that's science." —Meg [2020-07-26]
Diabore: aspirant?
rasterscan: !quote shivam
matthaus_c: @Smoke108 unfortunately Shalai isn't in the cube
jdgmoney: That's my commander philosophy
RandomTrivia: "findquote" looks for a string, "quote" looks for the person responsible
MegaDosX: This pack's tricky
ElektroTal: aha, thank you
Smoke108: @matthaus_c Unfort
elah806: Serge? Caught between multiple paths in a draft?
Trashweazel: dat aspirant
Radyin: !quote 1737
Earthenone: it might wheel :P
MajorFrostbyte: dryad
HammerTheWise: The real question is: How many times is Serge gonna pivot?
PIayswithFlRE: could almost just be a basic deck
Shadowner: the no sideboard means Strixhaven learn into lesson gets skipped but can still be used to churn
PIayswithFlRE: *Basri
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
RandomTrivia: !genius
LRRbot: I'm a genius!
MegaDosX: Yeah lessons become rummage rather than wish from your sideboard
MegaDosX: Or rather, learn
vellebastet: seabatBRAIN
Earthenone: basri can command this deck
underhill33: 1.5
ElektroTal: this is brawl, so technically you can have planeswalkers as commanders too
YeetTheRich_: nelly's on 5c codie again
matthaus_c: mono-commanders could be a deck!
jdgmoney: Half colors: MTG's newest game breaking mechanic
korvys: You first picked a commander, Ben (if you cut a colour)
ElektroTal: so you do have a commander, ben
Smoke108: another reminder that planeswalkers can be used for commander
Earthenone: sram could too
the_canuck_mystic: Is all-commander a deck?
RandomTrivia: Hate-draft all the commanders, play Codie anyway to assert dominance LUL
MegaDosX: Ben still has mono-white as an option, but Selesnya would be the best with what he's grabbed
Seth_Erickson: Renata 👀
electra310: He makes a commercial "I have FIVE commanders"
MegaDosX: What got picked if this is what's left?!?
Favre_the_Undead: take azuza
matthaus_c: Taranika POG
Gadora: Nelson can only run Codie as commander due to the level of multicolor cards he's got?
flatluigi: !card taranika
LRRbot: Taranika, Akroan Veteran [1WW] | Legendary Creature — Human Soldier [3/3] | Vigilance / Whenever Taranika, Akroan Veteran attacks, untap another target creature you control. Until end of turn, that creature has base power and toughness 4/4 and gains indestructible.
ElektroTal: hooooooofri
elah806: Oh hey it's our freestyle dance teacher!
Seth_Erickson: Not if you'd picked up Tazri Kappa
ElektroTal: 59+1
flatluigi: hofri would be fun
Jradcliffe719: take it and go naya for now
djalternative: we can take hofri to heldge
PIayswithFlRE: Renata and hope for Hamza?
jdgmoney: AS much as I hate to say it, is panharmonicon even good in the deck right now?
UnkeptFlea: you can probably splash scarab god right?
RaklarLS: giving up a card drawing engine for all your creatures effectively having totem armor sounds good
Dr_Shandor: do it!
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YeetTheRich_: you are technically allowed to go over 60 right?
Favre_the_Undead: nope
ElektroTal: speculation pic
YeetTheRich_: oh wow
superdude097: Not for Brawl
matthaus_c: only if you're running Yorion
superdude097: ^
Jradcliffe719: you're basically mono white anyway
MegaDosX: Bonecrusher hasn't been picked?!?
HammerTheWise: Nice hedge eh
Dog_of_Myth: But is it a Great Hedge?
ElektroTal: bonk rusher
MegaDosX: That's such a nuts card
Dr_Shandor: Never didn't have it
lirazel64: 'S not a hedge, tis a shrubbery.
elah806: Cameron has been eerily silent thus far
volraths_bane: I'd hedge and take the white enchantments
PIayswithFlRE: maybe boros is the way
flatluigi: tbh i'd def take a hard left into boros
jdgmoney: ugin's conjurant is a spirit
Professor_Rakor: Terramorph seems strong pick.
MegaDosX: Kels last pack, and now Scarab God and Tezzeret
jdgmoney: that's some hofri synergy
129 raiders from benjamin_wheeler have joined!
RandomTrivia: That Checkpoint bit was amazing
Diabore: crusher abrade imo
matthaus_c: yee haw raiders
SkiaSymphonia: if nothing else can rock mono white hofri
electra310: Hi raiders!
Tingeltangelibach: lrrHORN lrrHORN
djalternative: I like a shadowspear here
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiding friends! Hello there Rodeo! lrrHEART
wtrob: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
lirazel64: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
MajorFrostbyte: boop boop
meachamo: wheelerY wheelerH
HammerTheWise: Hi there Rodeo!
Dr_Shandor: Boop!
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MegaDosX: This deck doesn't want Toralf, I don't think
Seth_Erickson: not losing any nuts white I like this
matthaus_c: it's pretty late for a pivot
Smoke108: Can go double spirit
rasterscan: !card Toralf
LRRbot: Did you mean: Toralf, God of Fury; Toralf's Hammer
resistentialism: the boops are nearly identical
Unas84: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
jdgmoney: oh hai wheeler raid
happypanda109: good morning friends!
rasterscan: !card Toralf's Hammer
LRRbot: Toralf's Hammer [1R] (front: Toralf, God of Fury) | Legendary Artifact — Equipment | Equipped creature has "{1}{R}, {T}, Unattach Toralf's Hammer: It deals 3 damage to any target. Return Toralf's Hammer to its owner's hand." / Equipped creature gets +3/+0 as long as it's legendary. / Equip {1}{R}
Pharmacistjudge: welcome rodeo
SnowbirdMike: Welcome Wheelerites
MajorFrostbyte: Giant and spear?
Hewdra: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerGre
Masslost: but ben, wheeler has raided and gave you the powers of eggs
A_Dub888: !card golden egg
LRRbot: Golden Egg [2] | Artifact — Food | When Golden Egg enters the battlefield, draw a card. / {1}, {T}, Sacrifice Golden Egg: Add one mana of any color. / {2}, {T}, Sacrifice Golden Egg: You gain 3 life.
EHarber1: if that's the plan spear is amazing
UnkeptFlea: run it back!
matthaus_c: haw yee, rodeo?
Stormthius: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
Seth_Erickson: also All that glitters
djalternative: ancestral mask and all that glitters!
Seth_Erickson: pivot back
flatluigi: overlord would be a hell of a commander
matthaus_c: do it benjamin
volraths_bane: Pivot Back!
underhill33: oofa und doofa
matthaus_c: believe
TheWooglie: Go for it
Aarek: pivot back!
matthaus_c: unpivot
LurkerSpine: how many cards in a brawl deck again?
electra310: Do it!
meachamo: A real Sophie's Choice
HammerTheWise: Go for it!
YeetTheRich_: wheelerH wheelerEed
Favre_the_Undead: go back to green!
code1300: Do ot
Diabore: 23-25
jdgmoney: Bring partners to arena cowards
MegaDosX: 24 is average
code1300: Do it
frozenphoenix7: Depends on your archetype
HundreydAundre: 20X
PIayswithFlRE: arena auto-suggests 24 by default
SnowBuddy18: 14
jdgmoney: In brawl at least 25 I think
RandomTrivia: 24 is the starting point for 60-cards, just like 17 is for 40-cards
HundreydAundre: or 20+
MegaDosX: 20-ish if you're blistering aggro, 26+ if you're control or ramp
NrgSpoon: 40%
A_Dub888: !card pip
LRRbot: Found 17 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Schlauschlursz: I tend to like 25-26 in brawl
resistentialism: watch where you're pointing those
TheWooglie: Twitch doesn't allow that many pips on stream
A_Dub888: !findquote pip
LRRbot: Quote #7011: "If there was ever a time to splash double pips, maybe it's now." —Graham [2020-06-22]
Leedopo: is this using the full arena card pool, or naw?
matthaus_c: come on tazri
MegaDosX: Calling Hamza
F1SHOR: we all just gotta believe
Unas84: pips so outta control, they're a straight up Starfleet captain
electra310: We believe in you!
jdgmoney: Err high if you don't have a lot of duals or other fixing
Dr_Shandor: Codie Naya?
DrWreckage: Is this some kind of arena mod?
Pinwiz11: If you keep pivoting you'll make back home
Seth_Erickson: !card Emiel,
LRRbot: Emiel the Blessed [2WW] | Legendary Creature — Unicorn [4/4] | {3}: Exile another target creature you control, then return it to the battlefield under its owner's control. / Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay {G/W}. If you do, put a +1/+1 counter on it. If it's a Unicorn, put two +1/+1 counters on it instead.
MegaDosX: So nobody's picking white at least
PIayswithFlRE: @leedopo yeah, its a historic brawl deck cube
chumpofthemonth: I hear that's where it all comes together
MegaDosX: Which means that Selesnya commanders may still be open
resistentialism: just a website, and doing stuff manually in arena
Jradcliffe719: just go mono white! no chance of being mana screwed!
Leedopo: @PIayswithFlRE so there are banned cards, right?
MegaDosX: Any time someone says "...this is in Arena?" it's either a Historic Anthology or Jumpstart
matthaus_c: the answer to that question is getting closer and closer to Yes
HundreydAundre: Wut? But is this like a punished into everything "open"?
Diabore: !cubelist
LRRbot: (21 May 2021: Arena Brawl Cube) Ben's Arena Brawl Cube:
Pharmacistjudge: i'll assume a jumpstart card
djalternative: everyone forgets what jumpstart added
Seth_Erickson: Maybe we'll find Emiel 👀
Unas84: Graham sounds like he just saw Channel
Favre_the_Undead: I wanna know the card
Smoke108: Guessing you've seen the new Anthology?
VazSun: If all else fails Ben has a sweet ish Sram deck
PIayswithFlRE: @leedopo not in "friendly brawl" actually, I believe
chaostreader: Ben. At this point you could play Mono-White.
meachamo: redeem wildcards for the required art
F1SHOR: use the art you have save those wildcards
MegaDosX: Ben does have the option of either a Basri or a Sram deck
PIayswithFlRE: but I don't think he put any banned ones in
ElektroTal: this deck is a real sram sandwich
jdgmoney: also wait, ancestral mask is on arena?
MegaDosX: lmao Ben
RandomTrivia: LUL
SnowbirdMike: OOPs
electra310: whoops
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
Gadora: betwee2Lol
YeetTheRich_: uhhhh
DeM0nFiRe: Ahahaha
Dog_of_Myth: HAHA
HammerTheWise: Whoops
matthaus_c: dec in stone!
NonUniqueGuy: I wonder what color Ben is in
MegaDosX: Someone flash the neuralyzer
grometty: whoops
v_nome: mono chromeshell crab
HammerTheWise: Scoop!
Jradcliffe719: dammit ben
Pywodwagon: seabatYIKES
F1SHOR: its a bit late to be cut on white your fine lol
Favre_the_Undead: declaration in stone
MajorFrostbyte: BibleThump BibleThump
matthaus_c: dec in stone, my dude
LurkerSpine: dec in stone though
hexy_lexy: Ben morphs in this chrome shell crab!!!
BjjBrain: Going blue winey lol
Mr_Bitterness: Flash in this chromeshell crab
Trashweazel: lol
BjjBrain: weeny
HammerTheWise: Restart the whole thing
MegaDosX: Declaration in Stone is less good in singleton
Haosbringer: they fail for the trap card lol
jdgmoney: pick the sacred foundry for safety
TheWooglie: you were correct
jdgmoney: of which one is white
resistentialism: it wheeled
northos: lol immediately cut
Fried_Twinkie: They're all white tho
A_Dub888: Did we say "monowhite"? Uhhhh we meant "Monowhy would we commit to that?"
MegaDosX: Also...nobody in red?
Oneiros96: you could play basrii ?
F1SHOR: look we are lucky if serge isnt just a 5 colour greed pile by now
YeetTheRich_: yes but he never said 3 different colours
Seth_Erickson: Akiri seems fine if we go hofri pack 3
rasterscan: !card Akiri
LRRbot: Did you mean: Akiri, Line-Slinger; Akiri, Fearless Voyager
Cartographers_Ink: Akiri could be good?
rasterscan: !card Akiri, Fearless
LRRbot: Akiri, Fearless Voyager [1RW] | Legendary Creature — Kor Warrior [3/3] | Whenever you attack a player with one or more equipped creatures, draw a card. / {W}: You may unattach an Equipment from a creature you control. If you do, tap that creature and it gains indestructible until end of turn.
JarofGoats: Thank you drafting site for using the Yargle art for anger
matthaus_c: hate draft Anger of the Gods?
Favre_the_Undead: rune and anger
rasterscan: Oh wow, Akiri is so good.
PIayswithFlRE: champion and akiri in the same pack is fun
Diabore: i dont think one of the gw legends in the cubelist isnt on arena
LurkerSpine: my brother did that
djalternative: nope
electra310: That's not something you are supposed to do
Pharmacistjudge: sorry nelly
LurkerSpine: but it was more of a extreme tire failure
Manae: I exploded a tire once in a pothole, does that count?
asthanius: Me
SnowbirdMike: Yes... And nope.
Stormthius: you mean the rim?
jdgmoney: That seems real bad
MegaDosX: Pretty sure your car wheels aren't meant to do that
Manae: Pulling in to a parking lot thankfully
Pinwiz11: It happened on Dice Friends
averythetiger: If we are mono, we run the tower for dominance, right?
Dr_Shandor: As a mechanic and a dad this hurts my soul so bad
asthanius: I drove on the rim for a few meters before I could pull over to fix it
meachamo: never have I ever
PIayswithFlRE: @diabore which one? hamza was in the last historic archive
matthaus_c: alas, tazri did not wheel
SnowBuddy18: I lost a tire over the winter and had about an inch of rubber between the wheel and the road. Surprisingly, the wheel was okay
MegaDosX: Good lord
Favre_the_Undead: ephemerate and halvar
djalternative: paradise druid!
philippekav: damn it I had to put on my spare today ... don't talk about tire plz
volraths_bane: He says Enchanted too
Seth_Erickson: Halvar is cool and maybe just Colorless Walker
Rogue_07: halvar is goooood
SanguineBlond: champion!!
LurkerSpine: karn goes in all the decks
blueavalon01: karn
YeetTheRich_: yes karn the perfect commander
electra310: Monowhite is looking very pretty
djalternative: paradise druid is perfect boggle
trevorwisn: halvar and karn?
Favre_the_Undead: ephemerate
TheWooglie: Graham has a lot to answer for with that checkpoint bit
IcyDj: champ`?
matthaus_c: pee druid is a very good bogle
MegaDosX: Come on Hamza!
Diabore: @PIayswithFlRE hamzaa was what i was thinking
jdgmoney: Gotta grab the Goons ungiven
flatluigi: maybe you'll get your selesnya commander
HammerTheWise: Let's go selesnya commander pleaseee!
Smoke108: Giving Cam Counterspell
Favre_the_Undead: or play codie
Bluedevyl: y'all, remind me what site they're using to draft?
MegaDosX: Trostani or Hamza, come on
resistentialism: could have had kykar and hofri
djalternative: or Calix
jdgmoney: (Anybody else listen to the nicknames episode from TapTap?)
matthaus_c: @Bluedevyl mtgadraft
strangelee: Secret Nya commander in the next pack
MegaDosX: Vorinclex though
volraths_bane: Codie is fine
Favre_the_Undead: vorinclex
PIayswithFlRE: is the new utl, I believe
matthaus_c: ^
Favre_the_Undead: scooze
djalternative: oh. that's scarry
Seth_Erickson: Vori B and Scooze
JarofGoats: Pack 3 pick 3 is where it's at!
bullseye3265: vorn and scooze are perfect
Bluedevyl: @matthaus_c cheers!
ElektroTal: evangel
matthaus_c: can we do Partners Kappa
IcyDj: evangel seems deece
MegaDosX: I mean fair
jdgmoney: How many cards are in the cube and how many are in this draft?
volraths_bane: He's great with ooze, Basri, elephant
Robot_Bones: Codie here we come!
meachamo: But what color?
Seth_Erickson: We do have Basri and Luminarch Aspirant
ox42: evolving wilds?
bullseye3265: theres always codie
resistentialism: and which color is that again?
PIayswithFlRE: !cubelist
volraths_bane: ozolith
chaostreader: Worst case. You play Codie and never cast it.
Bluedevyl: is it worth grabbing yorion just in case?
Pinwiz11: And that one color is Blue. Not white, Blue. :)
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IcyDj: i likewilds too
Radyin: So, we are looking out for basically any GW legend?
ElektroTal: remember, you don't have to play your commander. they can just sit there
JarofGoats: Codie synergizes with the artifact synergies at the very least?
Dumori: mono colour but run the command tower to send a message
ElektroTal: good ol' child of alara decks
kalku__: so you can't run cards with any colour outside your commanders colour identity, right?
MegaDosX: Oh hey, Inniaz
volraths_bane: blessing!
resistentialism: that's a good limited aura
IaCthulhuFthagn: Progenitus says hi.
wickaboxet: How many packs are they doing?
MegaDosX: Another card I've literally never seen played
jdgmoney: Blackblade!!!!
YeetTheRich_: mono white codie sounds like something wheeler would bring to an edh fnpf
Favre_the_Undead: blackblade?
PIayswithFlRE: @jdgmoney 360 and 360; I thought !cubelist gave the link
aiamethyst: is codie the prismatic piper of this cube?
jdgmoney: !cubelist
matthaus_c: we're gonna find like, Serge with Calix, Trostani and Hamza
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PIayswithFlRE: @aiamethyst yep
Smoke108: yes @aiamethyst
volraths_bane: definitely blessing
Robot_Bones: Did ben remember to put a commander from this color pair in the cube?
ElektroTal: serge on mono Maja
UnkeptFlea: !cubelist
LRRbot: (21 May 2021: Arena Brawl Cube) Ben's Arena Brawl Cube:
Serpens77: @matthaus_c and playing Dimir
MegaDosX: @Robot_Bones There's three
matthaus_c: @Serpens77 benginLol yep
TheWooglie: or they first picked and pivoted
rasterscan: Scooped all three though?
ElektroTal: god even jegantha right now would be good
matthaus_c: GOT THERE
Favre_the_Undead: caliz
YeetTheRich_: ayyyy
flatluigi: WE GOT THERE
Seth_Erickson: There he is PogChamp
laikagoat: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
jdgmoney: BOOOOM
ElektroTal: GOT THERE
dumpsterfire: WE got ther
djalternative: Calix!
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN GOT THERE! lrrHORN
F1SHOR: Never punished!
Favre_the_Undead: calix!
HammerTheWise: Got there!
tergonis: never punished!
electra310: Yes!
IcyDj: lets gooooo
MegaDosX: The least interesting of the three but we got there!
MajorFrostbyte: I'd go G/W now for sure!!
circusofkirkus: A MONO WHITE COMMANDER!
underhill33: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
superdude097: Never didn't have it!
A_Dub888: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Fire_Summoner: Never Punished
SnowbirdMike: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Jradcliffe719: NEVER PUNISHED
Super_Sophomoric: never didn't have it
PIayswithFlRE: not the best, but it works
matthaus_c: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
grometty: GOT THERE
Rustpile: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
JarofGoats: benginYe benginYe benginYe
SpoonWieldingRabbit: benginYe
meachamo: Right on time
Professor_Rakor: We'll just leave this sack of luck on the ground.
SkiaSymphonia: lrrBEN lrrHEART lrrFINE
YurikosWife: FBtouchdown
Serpens77: BEN
electra310: :O
RandomTrivia: LUL
Favre_the_Undead: take it!
frozenphoenix7: Are there the same number of commanders for each "group"? Ex. 4 of each of the 2 color pairs, 2 of each of the 3 color pairs, etc.
YeetTheRich_: wheelerGre wheelerE wheelerEed
matthaus_c: dancer is an enchantment
cosarprime: wheelerHub
HammerTheWise: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: I'll laugh if next pack has Trostani and Hamza in it
matthaus_c: hell yeah
Favre_the_Undead: lrrBEN
strangelee: Told you it was coming
MegaDosX: Next pick rather
jdgmoney: Damn paul coming in with the killer bit
vellebastet: sykHypers
Diabore: !cubelist @frozenphoenix7
matthaus_c: a dam?
Diabore: !cubelist
LRRbot: (21 May 2021: Arena Brawl Cube) Ben's Arena Brawl Cube:
ElektroTal: this is a solid pile of cardboard, Ben.
ElektroTal: i dig
MegaDosX: Ben has a pointer finger
asthanius: So, a ramp?
josh___something: what does that mean
Bluedevyl: its less a curve and more a shelf, Ben...
Professor_Rakor: Less a curve and more a squiggly line.
resistentialism: field
resistentialism: just win with field
xherorush: thats what she said?
matthaus_c: cut someone on that blood crypt
Dr_Shandor: FoD!
MegaDosX: So nobody's in red, huh
PIayswithFlRE: @frozenphoenix7 not quite. three of most 2color, but some got replaced with 3 color, plus tazri
strangelee: Ben's mana curve looks like the Denumant of a story arc
jdgmoney: Dang did no one take enough lands for field of the dead?
MegaDosX: Also, Fiery Emancipation is one of my favourite cards even if it's not great
ElektroTal: field is like completely dead in this deck
Radyin: @frozenphoenix7 There are three for most of the pairs, but two for Izzet and Orzhov. There is also one Mardu and one Jeskai commander. And one five color.
LaskoReadsComics: Who passed Serge Hover Myr?
bullseye3265: vorniclex?
Favre_the_Undead: kinjali and yavimaya
incredulouspasserby: It’s the ol’ middle finger curve
matthaus_c: who passed Serge Scapeshift
elah806: "I don't have a mana curve, I have a wall" - Graham Stark, twenty thousand epochs ago in like the fifth Friday Nights episode
Favre_the_Undead: take em
meachamo: the children!
Seth_Erickson: Rashmi Kreygasm
asthanius: Serge opened Optimus Prime
404namesnotfound: It's the kids!
superdude097: Hovermry is on Arena?!
MegaDosX: So in my Calix deck, Blessed Spirits has been a goddamn house
MegaDosX: Particularly with that enchantment that gives an attacking creature double strike
meachamo: Those dead kids can really put in work.
Smoke108: Since Miku is teaming up with Hasbro I wonder when the Secret Lair will be
Rogue_07: ngl, Ben, I'd be tempted to go monowhite with Halvar. The turn 2 sword guaranteed is very strong
YeetTheRich_: this deck actually looks really fun
shurtal: Dead kids! I loved dead kids! ....wait
matthaus_c: don't forget to put the command tower and temple garden in your deck :p
jdgmoney: Bengineering - committing early and being rewarded
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: !advice
LRRbot: Slide down the meatball stairs.
HadesLeprechaun: Does anyone think they're on Codie?
Diabore: i really dont think we want strict proctor
Robot_Bones: We eject serge?
resistentialism: proctor is blocking a lot of your own stuff
Favre_the_Undead: cut?
matthaus_c: we don't want anyone having inquisition and bolt, right?
MegaDosX: OK, nobody's in red
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL FYI, I have switched the nicknames site into read mode, so you can see all the entries.
bullseye3265: you have a lot of 1/1 counter stuff going on, ozalith might be really good
MegaDosX: If Lightning Bolt wheeled then nobody's in red
EHarber1: does panharmonicon do enough in this deck?
elah806: What do you think someone is waiting on to wheel
Seth_Erickson: Red is just stacked
PIayswithFlRE: wow, red is really open
MegaDosX: So much red
asthanius: Yes, Gramuel? Do you have something to tell us?
matthaus_c: don't forget to un-cut your lands!
Seth_Erickson: Ornithopter seems week
elah806: And Ben just called Serge's P3 pivot
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Might be a sign to enforce the red in the cube
ElektroTal: panthony harmonicon doesn't do nothing
jdgmoney: Wait no dino commander? Isn't Ixalan on arena?
matthaus_c: Baral is his commander Kappa
flatluigi: 'my aggro heart cries' ben says, looking at 20 cards 2 drop or less
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Or needs more testing
bullseye3265: blue was going aroung A LOT
RandomTrivia: This is a really cool cube
djalternative: mono blue thassa is my standard brawl deck
elah806: Now I notice Cameron did not say "red deck"
asthanius: Serge is five color, isn't he?
Diabore: im sorry, "lowest" splash?
matthaus_c: we can get there on 3 lands and a paradise druid, right?
MegaDosX: So that's where the Trostani went
wickaboxet: Serge, do you have kitchen finks in green?
MegaDosX: It is!
asthanius: I knew it
MegaDosX: So Serge is Abzan Tazri I guess?
meachamo: Serge doin Serge things
resistentialism: the party finder
matthaus_c: Abzri
UnkeptFlea: tazri is 3 codies in a trenchcoat
resistentialism: it's 2/or
djalternative: it cares about allys
jdgmoney: No allies in Zendikar Rising
Ubiki: the older tazri may have been an ally
Seth_Erickson: Taranika might be week
ElektroTal: ben getting that miser's tower
matthaus_c: don't forget to uncut your lands before importing, Ben!
Radyin: !card general tazri
LRRbot: General Tazri [4W] | Legendary Creature — Human Ally [3/4] | When General Tazri enters the battlefield, you may search your library for an Ally creature card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library. / {W}{U}{B}{R}{G}: Ally creatures you control get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of colors among those creatures.
HundreydAundre: Allies: I guess too op a 3rd time? Hoping for some in MH2?
NrgSpoon: table opposite
Favre_the_Undead: put your lands back
Seth_Erickson: !card Tazri,
LRRbot: Did you mean: Tazri, Beacon of Unity; General Tazri
matthaus_c: !card tazri beacon
LRRbot: Tazri, Beacon of Unity [4W] | Legendary Creature — Human Warrior [4/6] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each creature in your party. / {2/U}{2/B}{2/R}{2/G}: Look at the top six cards of your library. You may reveal up to two Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard, and/or Ally cards from among them and put them into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
flatluigi: yeah put your lands back
PIayswithFlRE: or click the bracket icon at the top of the page
Seth_Erickson: Dang it I was hoping the , would be enough
PIayswithFlRE: it should have created pairings
DeM0nFiRe: I hope someone plays without sleeves now
vellebastet: sykAds
resistentialism: just raw electrons
djalternative: @HundreydAundre they've said it was cut in znr largely because ally didn't fit in the type line super well for most of the cards
Radyin: At what point does Arena add double sleeving?
Sunmare_Dragon: but what if someone spil digil soda all over cards
HundreydAundre: Playing with cards UNSLEEVED.... right on the concrete at recess...!! Cardbacks so scuff,..... TURN ONE GREY OGRE OFF b l a c k l o t u s,...!!
resistentialism: is this star trek
fcloud: y
Nuurgle: nah, even as a small person I was smart enough to not completely wreck my cards. We mostly played on the carpet on the floor
djalternative: no. this... is... ROAD QUEST
Seth_Erickson: !bgc
LRRbot: Jimmy Hinson AKA "BigGiantCircles" makes chiptunes, which are featured during commercial breaks. His music, including LRR remixes and the soundtrack for Road Quest, is available here:
wolfie2006: is this the DS9 theme song?
Nuurgle: this was before the invention of kitchen table magic
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL needed arena feature: simulated card back wear from playing on concrete
HundreydAundre: Give us MH2 allies them cowards..!!
resistentialism: lines or swirlies, though
Radyin: @LoadingReadyRun Can they add that concrete scraping foley?
theblakdeth: @Radyin Please no
fcloud: mtg cardbacks need qualities like csgo weapon skins
djalternative: I still play on the carpet in my place. (the correct kind of table space is very limited)
fcloud: and kill counters natch
Dumori: @fcloud I love nat
matthaus_c: @LoadingReadyRun I would say they'll make a worn version of the cardback a sleeve option in the span of the next year
Dumori: that*
SkiaSymphonia: I know I've heard the answer to this before but can't remember for the life of me. Does @LoadingReadyRun merch ship out of Canada or the states?
wickaboxet: Simulated quality after playing without digital sleeves, then they can add grading cards
Radyin: @SkiaSymphonia The US.
Nuurgle: NFT graded Arena cards
SkiaSymphonia: Dang. Thanks!
djalternative: I believe the warehouse is in seattle
fcloud: nft graded arena cards. they're digital, but here's the twist: they're DIGITAL
TheSilverGekko: they are all 9.0
Alas_Babylon: Pay some dude 10 bitcoin to make absolutely sure you're the only person on Arena with Ugin in your deck
TheSilverGekko: because nothing is ever perfect
Juliamon: SkiaSymphonia It ships from PMC Fulfillment
SkiaSymphonia: thank you
djalternative: isn't nft magic cards basically MTGO since you can theoretically trade them in for real cards?
TheSilverGekko: can you redeem NFT for real things?
Alas_Babylon: New FamJam? :O
gualdhar: @djalternative NFTs aren't necessarily related to the real product though
Nuurgle: I remember when NFT used to mean "not for trade" but now NFTs are specifically meant to be sold and traded
HundreydAundre: @djalternative Real....wut?
djalternative: @TheSilverGekko depends on the nft
Alas_Babylon: @TheSilverGekko I guess, since they have... *some* sort of inherent value to someone?
Alas_Babylon: though I guess ... not... hmm
Radyin: I would like to play with my Arena deck in toploaders.
fcloud: what nfts have, at least in theory, is scarcity
fcloud: whether that's worth anything is up to the market
djalternative: @gualdhar right but I'm saying the mtgo card is basically the nft of the real magic card
JarofGoats: I don't know if there's a way to transfer them but if there is and you can convice whoever you're bartering with that they're worth something I guess?
HundreydAundre: Actually, that's kind of funny. I'm going to see if MTGO can actually fire up during a twitch stream.
HammerTheWise: NFTs are the crypto equivalent of those certificates that said you owned a star, you didn't, you just had a paper that said you did, NFTs are similar in that you don't actually own the thing, you just own an URL to the thing. And burned half a forest for it.
Alas_Babylon: Also Magic cards can totally be funged
Juliamon: enfunged
fcloud: funagaled
tergonis: refunginated
djalternative: the enfungening
Alas_Babylon: what have I done
TheSilverGekko: @HammerTheWise ugh this confirms my suspcions that NFTs are stupid
Alas_Babylon: YEP
surinae: they are a specific fungible substance
space_turbulence: fungerminated
JarofGoats: funginibliagted
KaleidoscopeMind: fungidible
HammerTheWise: All things crypto are stupid
Dr_Shandor: Fungefied
dangerous_safety: I thought it was flunged Kappa
Alas_Babylon: They are a giant waste of everyone's time and hurt everyone in the process
nornh: anyone wanna jump on my new crypto currency, kitty coin?
space_turbulence: fungirigible
wickaboxet: Non fungus trades
Alas_Babylon: Non-Functioning Tyrannosaurus
fcloud: non fungus turducken
HundreydAundre: That's oddly illogical. A star outlasts millennials of lifetimes, don't they?
Alas_Babylon: which has been my discord status for awhile now
MrTheWalrus: NFT = a virtual certificate of ownership of a URL, conveying no actual rights except the theoretical ability to sell the certificate. It's a dumb, eco-terrible scam.
Simriel: Can we get some Non Fungible Fungus?
matthaus_c: Nigh Flaccid Turgidness
space_turbulence: nominal fungoid torque
dangerous_safety: Need Floors? Timber
Simriel: Crypto is bad for the economy, and for the planet
wickaboxet: @simriel I’m down for some crypto-fungi things
lirazel64: @nornh Surely you mean Kittehcoin.
HammerTheWise: It's just a money laundering scheme and/or a way for the rich to get richer, appealing to the tech bros that wanna get rich quick but don't actually make any money from it, just hurt the environment.
vellebastet: Hello again!
laikagoat: fionaLOL lrrPAUL
HammerTheWise: Anyway, magic!
CyberColossus: 🙏🏿🙏🏿
Alas_Babylon: Arena Ben's Brawl Arena Cube Arena Draft on Arena
matthaus_c: I CALLED IT
Pinwiz11: ABBACD Paige Brookes
VazSun: aww no more abbcd
josh___something: Thanks paul XD
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el_tachi_: PowerUpL OSFrog PowerUpR
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laikagoat: wow, both of them
MegaDosX: THAT'S where the Hamza went
korvys: Arena Ben's Arena Brawl Arena Cube Arena Draft
HammerTheWise: OMG SERGE
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: arena ben v serge
Diabore: serge did get the other 2
laikagoat: LOL
Radyin: So, Serge has the other two.
VazSun: LOL
Alas_Babylon: Welp, I think we found them
coachNelly: oh right planeswalkers can be brawl commanders...
underhill33: Nice poker face
matthaus_c: oh my god I called it I called it I called it
HammerTheWise: Serge really did it to Ben
Favre_the_Undead: Serge has the other two
coachNelly: i knew that while drafting *wink*
djalternative: @HammerTheWise as they are now, in the current pop culture landscape, yes. But, they do have actual possible uses for actual business. Like for example, someone selling 5 nfts that grant their holders a free ticket to every one of their live shows for the rest of time.
swaggytaco: clicky keyboard noises
matthaus_c: arena sounds p loud
Alas_Babylon: Serge is heckin LOUD
Radyin: Arena sounds a bit lout.
strangelee: Yo, sounds
asthanius: woosh
Fattness132: LOUDER
asthanius: zoom
Diabore: loud arena sounds
circusofkirkus: MOAR SOUND
josh___something: arena bit loud
HammerTheWise: LOUD NOISES
RandomTrivia: MAWP
Simriel: L O U D
Favre_the_Undead: loud arena sounds
HundreydAundre: Draws 3 lands 3 turns later, Serge?
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vellebastet: OH MY
winterstretch: there all in surges hand
matthaus_c: Field of the Dead was in there, Serge. you didn't take it.
Alas_Babylon: Much better
VazSun: he's not the premier lands pilot of THIS format
Pinwiz11: I was so confused until I realized we're watching Serge
HundreydAundre: Oh, OOF'd myself!
MegaDosX: Serge is a meanyface!
RandomTrivia: Oooooh, gottem!
Diabore: boooo
ChainedDreamer: sergePun
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
FacelessManAboutTown: Sorry I'm late, is this the first mash?
FadedOverseer: zing
Serpens77: lrrWOW
wickaboxet: 1 drop, he’s winning, now everyone at the commander table has to target serge
FacelessManAboutTown: match*
vellebastet: ysbrydPunjail
RandomTrivia: No one is safe tonight!
Favre_the_Undead: this is the first
flatluigi: yep, FMAT
asthanius: Get Eldrazi Conscription
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Dmc3628: Collosification
Dmc3628: Faith's Fetters
SkiaSymphonia: @FacelessManAboutTown yup, just starting playing
Diabore: semi natural\
FacelessManAboutTown: yay juzSnug
HundreydAundre: Aw, Heliod's enemies h a t e this pilgrim. Watch what said pilgrim can do in two turns...
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Interesting sponsorship for QotC to take to cross promote Ikea, but not as weird as The Wlalking Dead
Haroldholmes25: !card elvish reclaimer
LRRbot: Elvish Reclaimer [G] | Creature — Elf Warrior [1/2] | Elvish Reclaimer gets +2/+2 as long as there are three or more land cards in your graveyard. / {2}, {T}, Sacrifice a land: Search your library for a land card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: WotC*
dumpsterfire: !cubelist
Diabore: rune of fight
jdgmoney: I've been told that explains the cards
matthaus_c: I've never seen Tazri's animation
HammerTheWise: That's one hell of an animation
Haroldholmes25: !card tasri, beacon
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
wickaboxet: Serge, reading the cards isn’t necessary, the art is the only thing that matters
matthaus_c: !card tazri be
LRRbot: Tazri, Beacon of Unity [4W] | Legendary Creature — Human Warrior [4/6] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each creature in your party. / {2/U}{2/B}{2/R}{2/G}: Look at the top six cards of your library. You may reveal up to two Cleric, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard, and/or Ally cards from among them and put them into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Ah, Tazri who remembers Allies exist. Nice
flatluigi: i think you gotta tuck the tazri
Pharmacistjudge: Tazri is the bacon of unity
djalternative: we didn't want to go mono white, serge. you just had all of the selesnya
Dmc3628: uh Ben needs an enchantment for that if calix wants to go nabbing
Angreed66: Space on the typeline was a limiting factor
djalternative: Tazri cares about allies, Serge. She's the only card from ZNR
matthaus_c: Calix turning everything into an O Ring is so sweet
MegaDosX: Tatyova
resistentialism: uro
YeetTheRich_: growth spiral
elah806: Serge really went for the Molander deck here huh
flatluigi: !card terrorvore
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
MegaDosX: That was a Historic Anthology card
matthaus_c: !card terravore
LRRbot: Terravore [1GG] | Creature — Lhurgoyf [*/*] | Trample / Terravore's power and toughness are each equal to the number of land cards in all graveyards.
Alex_Frostfire: It's a Lhurgoyf!
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Imagine the Tree! lrrSERGE
Ubiki: ach hans run
elah806: Terravore sounds like it plays well with Gitrog
MegaDosX: Suddenly, a 6/7
Haroldholmes25: !card ephemerate
LRRbot: Ephemerate [W] | Instant | Exile target creature you control, then return it to the battlefield under its owner's control. / Rebound
MajorFrostbyte: SERGE ANGRY!!
Favre_the_Undead: kill the pilgrim
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Dmc3628: i mean Serge can "try" to if Ben remembers that Alseid
Favre_the_Undead: you have a giant killer
Mr_Bitterness: I want to know what card Graham wanted to wheel that didn't
MegaDosX: Kinnan
PIayswithFlRE: kinnan
Mr_Bitterness: Ah, thanks
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maybe_a_random_name: Kinnan
Dmc3628: Kinnan aka let's cheat on mana production
Favre_the_Undead: divine arrow
marxmarksman: Bonder Prodigy
Alex_Frostfire: Bonkers Prodigy
maximus416: It's chamberlaind
UWDJohn: mmmmMMMMMmmmm
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: the chorus of MMMMMmmms begins
Akaiatana: Serge is bringing Skexxy back?
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Dmc3628: uh oh
MegaDosX: Oh that's frightening
Dr_Shandor: Cam why so quiet ?
Favre_the_Undead: !card ancestral makse
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
animated_fairy: What a weird paper fight for my first one live
Favre_the_Undead: !card ancestral mask
LRRbot: Ancestral Mask [2G] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 for each other enchantment on the battlefield.
Dmc3628: are you?
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
MegaDosX: Casual 13/14
djalternative: you absolutely aren't fine, Serge
hummbird: !car wasitora, nekoru queen
ashmedai127: What is 13 damage when ya have 21 life, not like it'll kill ya :P
Favre_the_Undead: Use the giant killer?
rasterscan: !backseat
MegaDosX: Oh god
MegaDosX: Serge is dead, surely
Dragonality: Ouch
hummbird: !card wasitora, nekoru queen
LRRbot: Wasitora, Nekoru Queen [2BRG] | Legendary Creature — Cat Dragon [5/4] | Flying, trample / Whenever Wasitora, Nekoru Queen deals combat damage to a player, that player sacrifices a creature. If the player can't, you create a 3/3 black, red, and green Cat Dragon creature token with flying.
Alas_Babylon: This is what we in the business call a bruh moment
UnkeptFlea: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
F1SHOR: Ooft
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: I'm fine I'm fine... Oh I'm dead
ashmedai127: what is 26 damage when ya have 21 life, it'll kill ya O.o
Diabore: thats just lethal
marxmarksman: @Favre_the_Undead Chop Down costs more mana than he has right now.
MegaDosX: I think leave it as is and swing for a million
FadedOverseer: what a chonker
resistentialism: gotta blink trosti for duders
HammerTheWise: Would Ephemerate work?
Smoke108: If only you didn't fortell
Favre_the_Undead: he should've, but he thought he was safe
grometty: spicy
MegaDosX: That will help
Ryavis: the alseid would prevent the giant killer from working before
Dmc3628: DS and trample
noSmokeFire: !card Ephemerate
LRRbot: Ephemerate [W] | Instant | Exile target creature you control, then return it to the battlefield under its owner's control. / Rebound
UnkeptFlea: oh its has trample
Dmc3628: Alseid would have worked if Ben kept a mana open
Diabore: a 1/1
frozenphoenix7: Well, a 2/2 that becomes a 1/1
MegaDosX: !card halvar
LRRbot: Halvar, God of Battle [2WW] (back: Sword of the Realms) | Legendary Creature — God [4/4] | Creatures you control that are enchanted or equipped have double strike. / At the beginning of each combat, you may attach target Aura or Equipment attached to a creature you control to target creature you control.
Pinwiz11: Nothing good happens at 2 am/2 am
Smoke108: wouldn't the enchantment fall offf if he used Alseid?
Dmc3628: the All that glitters would
Dmc3628: but not the mask
frozenphoenix7: The All That Glitters would yeah
matthaus_c: mountain bolt from the calix deck
marxmarksman: "Not ideal."
MegaDosX: So that's where that went
lirazel64: Poggifers, bring me my blockers."
HammerTheWise: LUL
Diabore: we die?
Dmc3628: well Alseid on Halvar just wins on board
circusofkirkus: serge is just dead on board?
SmashTCG: uhhhh
frozenphoenix7: Serge currently DoBs if Ben goes for it <_<
jdgmoney: well dies to alseid
UnkeptFlea: dead on board yea
SmashTCG: alseid for lethal?
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Mountain, lightning bolt
IcyDj: still dead
MegaDosX: Also yeah Ben can just kill him here
Dmc3628: had Serge fought Alseid there would at least be a chance that ben would need to find something
ashmedai127: lesson learned, it is a normal reaction to throw commanders into the command zone whenever something happens.
Diabore: awkward
underhill33: oops woops
Fruan: Protection does so many things!
Pharmacistjudge: yeah...I saw that...
jdgmoney: Honestly up to that point pretty solid play from serge
HammerTheWise: Oh, I didn't see that either xD
RaklarLS: oh well, could've fought the alseid
fcloud: just tried to brush serge's cursor off my screen
jdgmoney: Like he was in bad shape but was playing really well
fcloud: didnt work
resistentialism: bring in your sideboard cards by shuffling differently
rasterscan: Hopefully Ben gets to see Serge stole the other commander
Hewdra: Still really solid by serge there
matthaus_c: give serge one crown
Dog_of_Myth: Alseid is a good card. Who knew?
matthaus_c: there is a way to set that
jdgmoney: You can set it
MegaDosX: There totally is
Diabore: there is
Seth_Erickson: Quick Game 2 Kappa
Diabore: couldnt ben have just said "i go second"?
RandomTrivia: We take those LUL
MegaDosX: Serge.
MegaDosX: Serge what did you do.
Fried_Twinkie: Arena might need a hug
HammerTheWise: How dare you suggest I'm not calm!
fcloud: arena, baby, who hurt you
Diabore: missing green
Diabore: nvm
MegaDosX: Oh god, Gadwick?
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spiffinn: i love gadwick
matthaus_c: Gadwick, the Chadwick
LinearGif: gadwick the wizzad
UnkeptFlea: oh ol' chadwick
marxmarksman: Gadwick? The wizened? Gadwick the wizened?
SkiaSymphonia: Nelly doesn't take legends to make for better TV. Serge sits in the corner, menacingly crunching his knuckles
asthanius: Jazza?
NarishmaReborn: the gadzooka
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Gazza the Wizzer
FrozenRoseFour: The ol' Gazzle dazzle
Flyingdelorion: Adam's not wrong about Yorion, ask Corey Baumeister
greg1756: Gazza is what we call Gary's in the UK too
marxmarksman: And Jeremy Jazza.
vellebastet: sykLaugh
Fried_Twinkie: They're all dimuntives of each other
FadedOverseer: Gadwick the Rad 'n Sick
saucemaster5000: gary -- garititus
MegaDosX: @marxmarksman Or Jezza
Haroldholmes25: the strict proctor is very rude
theblakdeth: OOF
LinearGif: Gary is short for Geremy
LarkSachrosis: Gus is also short for Gustav.
F1SHOR: am Australian have a friend called Garry and deffinatly do call him gaz and gazza 😂
djalternative: Gadwick the Wizard. Creature - Wizened
ashmedai127: !card Strict Proctor
LRRbot: Strict Proctor [1W] | Creature — Spirit Cleric [1/3] | Flying / Whenever a permanent entering the battlefield causes a triggered ability to trigger, counter that ability unless its controller pays {2}.
HammerTheWise: Serge on mono-commander over here
YeetTheRich_: serge how dare you pick the good cards?
paronomasiac042: Godrick the Widened?
Lordofironstorm: I though Gus came from Augustus
DiscordianTokkan: Serge is the TRUE Villain of Cube
Professor_Rakor: Apparently Serge is just a better drafter.
greg1756: @F1SHOR Surprised it's not Gazo xD
marxmarksman: @MegaDosX Right, that's what I meant, you're correct.
Hewdra: yeah I don't know if five-colour commanders are a really good idea in cube, they're gonna end up being good stuff ^^'
MegaDosX: Good question Adam. Next question.
fcloud: sounds like a britishism
SquirrelLord1111: We joked about someone playing the commander deck, and serge thought that was a real option
greg1756: @fcloud 100% is
noSmokeFire: Harry/Hazza as well
Dmc3628: yeah Jezza from Top Gear
Pywodwagon: Never have to pivot if you draft every color
Simonark: 90s footballer
trebuchetboy: zed hehehee
F1SHOR: look we done question how y'all talk 😂
Dr_Shandor: Top gear
MegaDosX: Black black Serge
SmashTCG: Elizabeth Eververse?
SmashTCG: oh no
MegaDosX: lmaoooo
HammerTheWise: double black buddy
saucemaster5000: I know an australian jeremy and jezz asounds like the kind of name he'd make up as australian to screw with us. like the drop bear.
Manae: A bunch of those are all from cockney though, right? Tess is from Bess from Elizabeth
tahoebyker: Beth->Bess->Tess I buy it
Haroldholmes25: green is not black
Dmc3628: uh that Villain costs Black Black
ArdCollider: the cinematographer on the Mandalorian is a Baz but his wallet name is Barry, apparently (New Zealander)
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Your opponents can't win commander if you draft all the commanders
HammerTheWise: *sudden realization*
BluePlainCreek: just tell me how they figured out Godmanchester
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
patbaer: Took me a long time to understand why Guy (formerly Reed/PAX) had the nickname Yug.
MegaDosX: Holy crap
Akaiatana: Whoa Nelly
Dog_of_Myth: Wow
magical_writer: wow, harsh
YeetTheRich_: ah yes the basic rules of magic the gathering
paronomasiac042: The weird ones are, like, "Margaret" becomes "Peg"
josh___something: daaang
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: this symbol goes in the square hole
YeetTheRich_: thank you judge nelly
Argumentable: I'm the biggest toddler
RandomTrivia: Holy shit no-one is safe tonight LUL
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
frozenphoenix7: We sure Nelly didn't draft Mono Red?
DiscordianTokkan: IIRC, it's Elizabeth -> Beth -> Bess -> Tess
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: lrrPAUL
fcloud: happy muffin is advantage
F1SHOR: perfect paul
Dmc3628: Paul GENIUS
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: that mana goes into the square hole
RandomTrivia: It's the Pointy Muffin of Winning
jedi_master_zll: lrrAWESOME
Goorguy: lrrAWW
Dmc3628: get that Patented
RandomTrivia: LUL
wickaboxet: Nelly, is this how you teach you kids magic
MegaDosX: @frozenphoenix7 Given the amount of red Ben saw wheel, I'd be surprised
YeetTheRich_: lrrAWESOME
juzztshay: w,., lrrAWESOME
Sunmare_Dragon: happy muffin
juzztshay: woah keyboard smash
UnkeptFlea: are you vaseline or barcode?
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Need a bar of muffins that fluctuates with the game state
Seth_Erickson: Inside you are two muffins
Mr_Bitterness: I want "The Happy Muffin of Winning" as a button
frozenphoenix7: Are you muffin or are you dancer?
wickaboxet: lrrAWESOME
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FadedOverseer: the happier it is, the more you are winning
Haroldholmes25: This isn't going to work is it
tahoebyker: It's just a mood chart with muffins
Tantaburs: please refrain from eating the advantage muffin
Dog_of_Myth: lrrAWESOME_BT
wolvsbane: lrrAWESOME
josh___something: awww, muffin
Haroldholmes25: oh whoops
NotCainNorAbel: The happy muffin of advantage.
fcloud: "happy muffin" sounds like a euphemism for something dirty
asthanius: Grakmak
meachamo: Grandma?
djalternative: We need a calm muffin so we can have a gradient
Sunmare_Dragon: lrrAWESOME
Twilight_Spark: Your honor*
LinearGif: sorry milord
Pharmacistjudge: Apology accepted
fcloud: like if you get punched in the happy muffin, i dont know what happened, but it probably hurt
strangelee: What did ben cast?
Fried_Twinkie: I think this pandemic might have affected some people
vellebastet: lrrAWESOME_SG
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: A thinking muffin emote too for when someone's in the tank
MegaDosX: Luminarch Aspirant is a bonkers card
saucemaster5000: serge "respect the gavel" yager
wickaboxet: lrrJUDGE lrrAWESOME
rosesmcgee: the honorable judge serge
Fruan: It shows up in Historic too.
marxmarksman: @saucemaster5000 Respect the gavel or you get the gravel.
YeetTheRich_: i saw luminarch aspirant in vintage
JarofGoats: lrrAWESOME_TK
Dr_Shandor: It's okay
resistentialism: doesn't look much different from ben's board
jdgmoney: Everyone is pretty over eldraine at this point
djalternative: It'll be good when Eldraine rotates
spiffinn: i'm tired of the ninja deck but i guess it's fine
MajorFrostbyte: Yes Standard is good. A lot of wild stuff going on
NotCainNorAbel: lrrJUDGE Draw two lands and discard a creature and then you will be forgiven
Mr_Bitterness: It's gonna be real interesting when Eldraine rotates
Dmc3628: it'll be good once Eldraine gets flushed
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Nuurgle: Strixhaven made like 2 new decks, but otherwise had no impact on standard
MegaDosX: The Sultai Ultimatum deck can be miserable to play against, but it's definitely beatable
theblakdeth: I'm digging Standard right now
Dr_Shandor: Eldrain is still busted
F1SHOR: sulti is the worst of standard right now and that's fine
SkiaSymphonia: @Dmc3628 I agree 100%. I've got cards I'll miss, but lots that I'm cheering to see leave
Fried_Twinkie: Reminds me of Flametongue Kavu days
theblakdeth: It's weird that the secret tech against Ultimatum is Jeskai Cycling
Dr_Shandor: Shakes fists "Eldrain!"
MegaDosX: Bonecrusher Giant was a revelation. People thought two mana for a shock was eh, but turns out when it also basically has "draw a 4/3" attached it gets really strong
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
Dmc3628: the day that everything isn't bricked by lovestruck beast and co, stomped by Bonecrusher, bounced by Brazen B's will be a day
marxmarksman: Wow, strict proctor is ruining Serge's day.
Alex_Frostfire: When I play Arena I'm on a Jeskai control list, and yeah... Bonecrusher Giant and Brazen Borrower are both absurd.
matthaus_c: the Ultimatum mirrors are really intricate and fun. but that deck is so damn powerful every other matchup feels like butts, which is why I quit Arena for Fallout New Vegas
MajorFrostbyte: LOL I play Gruul Adventures, so maybe I'm biased. I'm having fun.
RandomTrivia: !genius
LRRbot: Oh no!
HundreydAundre: A part? No, no, no. Stomp created a delicate ecosystem, maybe.
Dmc3628: is it?
Fried_Twinkie: uh oh
YeetTheRich_: rlyWrinkled
marxmarksman: Ben, you're a monster.
frozenphoenix7: Oof. And potentially doof.
asthanius: I datebayo
Haroldholmes25: Ben's deck is very good
A_Dub888: Serge "all according to keikaku" Yager
jdgmoney: strict proctor just really hosing serge here
matthaus_c: there are no Ouphes in Arena
Dog_of_Myth: Serge, confirmed genius
RandomTrivia: All part of the bit
MegaDosX: All according to cake
marxmarksman: @matthaus_c Ouphe Douphe
LinearGif: all according to plant
asthanius: Translator's note: Serge means genius
BusTed: Contractually obligated.
NewtyNewts: Of course you did.
noSmokeFire: it's the law
theblakdeth: My first time getting Mythic was a Temur Adventures deck and man, that thing was fun. Lucky Clover was such a card
josh___something: There is no war in ba sing serge
BusTed: tqsKnife
Haroldholmes25: oh that's real bad
flatluigi: sword of the realms is so cool
rasterscan: Translator's Note: Dream void means ass.
Goorguy: That edit today was chefs kiss
Electrodyne: He's either a certified genius or an authentic whacko
Akaiatana: "According to Kekaku," the dubbed version of 'the whole story'
Manae: Insert "Sparkling strategy" because keikaku is only from the Japan region of planning
Perivale: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
tehcrashxor: lrrAWESOME
Gascitygaming: do we have an advantage muffin now?!
MegaDosX: A 6/6 flying vigilance seems good
YeetTheRich_: gary come home
theblakdeth: 14 in the air seems ok
ashmedai127: aye, sad giant killer noises as proctor is back in the hand to mess up more etb triggers :(
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSERGE lrrDOTS lrrAWESOME lrrBEN
ShaneLeeAtk: You can blame it all on me
Dog_of_Myth: Better than a Party of One.....
Bearudite: or hydra
djalternative: the answer is: card space
noSmokeFire: everyone knows hydras are a party all to themselves
NewtyNewts: Never played DND smh
Alex_Frostfire: Or shaman...
wickaboxet: Well you see, with every play, the happy muffin of winningness slides ever so slightly to either player
resistentialism: druid is wrong cleric, warlock is wrong wizard, don't accept knock offs
Pharmacistjudge: druids doesn't know how to party
Pharmacistjudge: Druids, complete buzzkills
Sunmare_Dragon: hydra is not a class ether
LinearGif: shaman can't sit with any of them
Nuurgle: those are premier classes, you have to buy different books for those
asthanius: Hydra is wrong snake
corefluxx: Maybe this is original D&D where elf was a class.
xantos69: What about Bard-alok?
Goorguy: Ah yes the classic DND class. Hydra
underhill33: proctor is laser targeted at serge's deck
MegaDosX: What about a False Hydra?
Scar_Red_Tiger: Hydra is a species, not an occupation
noSmokeFire: warlocks are legally not allowed to call themselves wizards
Decaped: I feel like Party got nerfed in magic, due to it lining up with the D&D set and the strixhaven classes
Dmc3628: wearing OdinSword
Dog_of_Myth: Hydra is many snake.
asthanius: Chompyon
Fried_Twinkie: Champeen
superdude097: !card champion of lambholt
LRRbot: Champion of Lambholt [1GG] | Creature — Human Warrior [1/1] | Creatures with power less than Champion of Lambholt's power can't block creatures you control. / Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Champion of Lambholt.
Akaiatana: Sword of battle is really strong in the blade game
matthaus_c: paying for Champ triggers feels so bad
Nuurgle: Digimons are the Champions
ashmedai127: Champion is nice, gonna have to remember that.
IaCthulhuFthagn: Friendly reminder that there are three Snake Hydra creatures in the game.
Dmc3628: yep was bonkers in Arena cube
theblakdeth: !card champion of lambholt
LRRbot: Champion of Lambholt [1GG] | Creature — Human Warrior [1/1] | Creatures with power less than Champion of Lambholt's power can't block creatures you control. / Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Champion of Lambholt.
matthaus_c: that hecking proctor, man
jdgmoney: Seriously strict proctor is like single handedly stopping serge from winnning
Dmc3628: oh lawd
MegaDosX: Basri might not last with this board
Halvhir: That card name has been strange. :V
MegaDosX: But he's still cool
theblakdeth: Serge still crimped on black and red is tough
Akaiatana: Serge is drowning in Velvar high water
Seth_Erickson: I always expect Halvar's back half to be called the Tyrite sword but it's not
Fried_Twinkie: The other two built the house, Halvar was the one that dropped it on Serge
Manae: Scary teacher is scary
aceofroses_: Ben is super focused
resistentialism: counting is being done
Fried_Twinkie: I'm not even in school!
corefluxx: Did you bring enough ETBs for the whole class?
Dmc3628: Yorion to Flick the board may give serge something provided proctor payment
Alas_Babylon: Serge needs 9 mana to make Yorion anything north of worthwhile
underhill33: "some amount" is deeply understating it
theblakdeth: such a good game
jdgmoney: @Dmc3628 He'd have to pay for everything coming back too
aceofroses_: so t e n s e
marxmarksman: This is where Ben spam's "Your Go" right?
YeetTheRich_: this is big brain time
matthaus_c: he can't even pay for 1 champ trigger with Yorion
Dmc3628: yes noted statement provided prcotor payments
korvys: Someone is watching Escapist videos in the background?
Dmc3628: Ook Ook?
matthaus_c: don't worry, serge, he doesn't have temur battle rage
NewtyNewts: Monkeys?
aceofroses_: Its one of the bugs ahah
zed_alpha: Cameron is doing a complex burlesque fan dance in the background, trust us.
matthaus_c: !card extus oriq
LRRbot: Extus, Oriq Overlord [1WBB] (back: Awaken the Blood Avatar) | Legendary Creature — Human Warlock [2/4] | Double strike / Magecraft — Whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell, return target nonlegendary creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
theblakdeth: I've been loving Abzan in Strix draft lately
matthaus_c: !card awaken the blood ava
LRRbot: Awaken the Blood Avatar [6BR] (front: Extus, Oriq Overlord) | Sorcery | As an additional cost to cast this spell, you may sacrifice any number of creatures. This spell costs {2} less to cast for each creature sacrificed this way. / Each opponent sacrifices a creature. Create a 3/6 black and red Avatar creature token with haste and "Whenever this creature attacks, it deals 3 damage to each opponent."
PIayswithFlRE: block with tasri?
PIayswithFlRE: who can't attack
aceofroses_: who is serge's commander?
Seth_Erickson: it's 4 it'd have an indicator saying how many if it was over 5
MegaDosX: @aceofroses_ Tazri
Smoke108: Tazri @aceofroses_
superdude097: @PIayswithFlRE Basri made the Alseid indestructible
aceofroses_: thank you
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Need a Karakas for this cube
aceofroses_: oh graham and paul are here too, nice
CaptainSpam: HA!
incredulouspasserby: It was a bad impression but it brought way too many memories back.
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: *scribbling noises*..."HA!"
matthaus_c: oh no he o-ringin'
aceofroses_: calix just found shrooms
Haroldholmes25: what a dork
xherorush: man i wish planeswalker commanders werent such a pain to get rid of
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Whoa, there's like so much more out here man!
jedi_master_zll: I watched a lot of lrr videos on the escapist. Then I realized they had stingers and went back to watch them.
ashmedai127: Tapping people's creatures isn't very cash money of Serge Kappa
asthanius: woopsie boingo
noSmokeFire: "I will guard your advance!" *turns gently to the side*
Dmc3628: the Voxyism
matthaus_c: Voxy says it all the time
asthanius: Crim can say it because Crim is very cash money
NewtyNewts: So cash money.
Dog_of_Myth: The "Crim Special"
Diabore: oh thats very lethal
saucemaster5000: that phrase is crass honey
Dmc3628: oh that lethal
Manae: @noSmokeFire At least that made sense for the Master Decoy
marxmarksman: Voxy calls Kasmina "Cashmoney"
Diabore: i got 19
Tantaburs: crypo folks seem to dislike cash money Kappa
ashmedai127: creatures, those mild inconveniences
NrgSpoon: so.. it gets a counter
Haroldholmes25: yeah no that's 17 cause the one of the counters get countered
matthaus_c: !champion of lam
Fire_Summoner: Cash money in this Pandemic no thank you, just use a cashapp
matthaus_c: !card champion of lam
LRRbot: Did you mean: Champion of the Flame; Champion of Lambholt
Dmc3628: if Serge pays for Proctor payment off expertise
LinearGif: ah yes creatures, I thought it made lands unblockable
coachNelly: looks like 17
MegaDosX: !card grakmaw
LRRbot: Grakmaw, Skyclave Ravager [1BG] | Legendary Creature — Hydra Horror [0/0] | Grakmaw, Skyclave Ravager enters the battlefield with three +1/+1 counters on it. / Whenever another creature you control dies, if it had a +1/+1 counter on it, put a +1/+1 counter on Grakmaw. / When Grakmaw dies, create an X/X black and green Hydra creature token, where X is the number of +1/+1 counters on Grakmaw.
Dog_of_Myth: by one
Diabore: oh 2 of the counters get countered
noSmokeFire: is he counting the counter he needs?
Haroldholmes25: it's on brand
matthaus_c: off by one!
coachNelly: proctor being so strict.
aceofroses_: this reminds me the last game of the round when 2 grindy decks find eachother and the whole LGS gets around the table silently watching
IaCthulhuFthagn: Very on brand.
JarofGoats: Champion will get three counters right?
matthaus_c: if only one more land
MegaDosX: No, Serge has his maths right
cyberwitch72: just kill the planeswalkers I guess?
CaptainSpam: !card champion of lambholt
LRRbot: Champion of Lambholt [1GG] | Creature — Human Warrior [1/1] | Creatures with power less than Champion of Lambholt's power can't block creatures you control. / Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Champion of Lambholt.
VazSun: champion gets one counter for each 2 mana that serge can pay
matthaus_c: @JarofGoats he can pay for one Champ trigger
JocelyneAnne: Does Shram's expertise not give 3?
code1300: Each creature token
Dog_of_Myth: @JarofGoats Has to pay 2 mana for each counter though
RandomTrivia: The maths is right, the damage is sergeOffByOne
Diabore: just yorion blink tazri?
Professor_Rakor: we can still probably put to one and hope we live?
JarofGoats: Right, right, seperate triggers, that's what I was missing, thanks!
xherorush: idk if i know how to count
noSmokeFire: !card champion of lambholt
LRRbot: Champion of Lambholt [1GG] | Creature — Human Warrior [1/1] | Creatures with power less than Champion of Lambholt's power can't block creatures you control. / Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Champion of Lambholt.
code1300: U get three from card on right
Dmc3628: this does cost serge both white sources cause proctor
JocelyneAnne: Ahhh the Procter
Argumentable: but you could!
resistentialism: strict proctor goes no fun allowed
matthaus_c: do you even want to kill Calix?
xherorush: ohhh commanders is locked down
matthaus_c: if Ben has a land he just recasts Calix and o-rings Champ
Alas_Babylon: Right now he can't recast Calix
djalternative: serge probably doesn't want to kill calix here
Alas_Babylon: He needs a land to recast Calix and it turns off Alseid
Seth_Erickson: well know you can attack with a 7/5 vigilance lifelink though
noSmokeFire: strict proctor tapping their clipboard angrily at a giant flying serpent
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
theblakdeth: ugh he had 17 damage
Diabore: maybe not killing calix there was correct
Dmc3628: a land from Ben swings the muffin advantage back
electra310: I thought the Miette tweet came with a picture
spiffinn: yeah, we're about to see why i dislike planeswalkers as commanders, killing them just resets their loyalty
MegaDosX: I think Ben's sigh means he didn't draw a land
theblakdeth: something something off by 1
Leedopo: @electra310 the next tweet in the thread, yeah.
Simriel: @electra310 I thought so too
marxmarksman: Ben has some tricks up those plaid sleeves.
kumatsu: Bens tricks are in his other plaid shirt
matthaus_c: alright, Ben didn't draw the land, we're in bismuth
Tantaburs: hoisted by your own picard
code1300: Would expertise been better
Leedopo: but if you just see it retweeted, you might(?) not see the miette pic.
Argumentable: Now Ben knows how it feels to be taxed by Ben
Dumori: @electra310 the next post after it was the OP being this dumb cat IIRC so there was context in proximity
Fruan: That proctor is so STRICT
dweebert91: Thats what the sad muffin is for
Diabore: block with tazri to get it off the board?
BusTed: Puppet Jace is just Geno from Super Mario RPG.
Dmc3628: and now a land from Serge swings the muffin straight back to lethality
RandomTrivia: To be fair, the Miette tweet gave us ALL the information we needed to derive that Miette is a cat
CaptainSpam: hmmmmmm
resistentialism: think I'd rather get bloodmage in the graveyard again
marxmarksman: @BusTed Wow, right down to the hair. Just needs a gun!
LurkerSpine: 1 short
ashmedai127: again lol
matthaus_c: incubation druid why weren't you here like 8 turns ago
BjjBrain: Is this game two?!
resistentialism: !card extus
LRRbot: Did you mean: Extus, Oriq Overlord; Rise of Extus
Haroldholmes25: yep
Dmc3628: miss that show so much Garbage Day
ashmedai127: @BjjBrain yes
LurkerSpine: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
matthaus_c: !card incubation druid
LRRbot: Incubation Druid [1G] | Creature — Elf Druid [0/2] | {T}: Add one mana of any type that a land you control could produce. If Incubation Druid has a +1/+1 counter on it, add three mana of that type instead. / {3}{G}{G}: Adapt 3.
Diabore: now its only 22 damage
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
Haroldholmes25: Ben has the muffin of winning atm
BjjBrain: Nice!
incredulouspasserby: we sure are
Dmc3628: it lives on in on our hearts
asthanius: twitch chatting
resistentialism: !card extus, oriq
LRRbot: Extus, Oriq Overlord [1WBB] (back: Awaken the Blood Avatar) | Legendary Creature — Human Warlock [2/4] | Double strike / Magecraft — Whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell, return target nonlegendary creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
HammerTheWise: Just chillin'
ashmedai127: we are at 999, heresy!!!
Sunmare_Dragon: im doing good
Professor_Rakor: we're seeing the lines
Alas_Babylon: Big chillin'
JarofGoats: lrrFINE
F1SHOR: playing subnautica so pretty good
FacelessManAboutTown: juzSnug
NrgSpoon: twitching
PIayswithFlRE: incubation and adapt?
saucemaster5000: we're on fire don't tell anyone
kumatsu: Did people come in yelling about Twitch finally adding a Trans tag next week?
frank_the_great: Pretty okay. Rough week, but it's over
matthaus_c: is the best play here to fart Druid so we can pay for more Lambholt triggers?
corefluxx: Cheer100 lrrAWESOME
Diabore: i thiink if we just chumped we'd have had it this turn
RandomTrivia: Twitch Chat is spotting Chat Lethal left, right and centre
underhill33: My second dose is kickin my but a bit
animated_fairy: Ben doesn’t feel so good mr. stark
DeM0nFiRe: I was only doing ok but since that one guy said we were all doing good now I am doing good
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: I stubbed my toe earlier so not great
underhill33: *butt
josh___something: I have to now I guess
Fried_Twinkie: It's true
electra310: How did we all end up baboons?
Diabore: wait what
LinearGif: we are Adam's baboons
NewtyNewts: Vaccine arm's pretty sore, but oh well
xherorush: send um
Manae: Serge with such a full board we can't even read the cards
Dog_of_Myth: Nice one, Cam
matthaus_c: work first, banana latetr
incredulouspasserby: Hey Ma! Bring out that sword! I gotta die by it
Fried_Twinkie: Well, one of us is obv a baboon
matthaus_c: *later
josh___something: ook ook etc
kumatsu: I still have work for 2 hours so I'm currently fighting off sleep
HammerTheWise: I mean, you gotta listen to me, I have "The Wise" on my name
incredulouspasserby: the funny twitch dude said so
frank_the_great: Paul is wise beyond his years
Diabore: june 11th for me
SkiaSymphonia: June 5 for me, I'm psyched!
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wickaboxet: We are baboons, @seabats where banana
Dmc3628: i have my 2nd dosage booked Next Tuesday
LinearGif: sickn't
superdude097: I got my second does earlier today
HammerTheWise: LUL
DeM0nFiRe: I just got mny first shot a few hours ago
LidofLoathing: Health!
xantos69: It does the exact opposite of that G.
Dragonality: June 2nd for shot 2
SkiaSymphonia: @Diabore lrrHEART
saucemaster5000: I hate being part of the more impulsive borg
JocelyneAnne: I get my 2nd shot tomorrow.
Dog_of_Myth: WOW
asthanius: WOW
Dmc3628: the day of SMT nocturne remaster in English Dub
ashteranic: The first dose is fine. It's the second dose that's the kicker.
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
Nuurgle: first shot is mostly fine, but the 2nd is a doozy
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha the power move from Ben
RandomTrivia: REKT
josh___something: WOW
Manae: The moderna isn't as bad for the whole "can't move your arm for a few hours" bit. Unless y'all have pfizer out there
underhill33: Jesus
Seth_Erickson: Casual 17 seabatYIKES
coachNelly: GOT EEEEEEEm
Fried_Twinkie: And Ben is half asleep
HammerTheWise: lrrWOW
flatluigi: jesus
Professor_Rakor: Harsh.
josh___something: SO RUDE
frank_the_great: American here, been vaccinated for about a month now! Perks for volunteering with old people
Bearudite: crimany
ashteranic: got my second one a few days ago, the next day, my temp hit 101.4F
Alas_Babylon: Is this how you just delete a human being
electra310: crushed
wolvsbane: Just got my 2nd shot today
aceofroses_: OH! Ben just being like " i dont even care"
RandomTrivia: NO-ONE IS SAFE
CaptainSpam: I'm all vacc'd up! Thankfully no side effects besides a sore arm! Yay!
Fire_Summoner: Ben rough
djalternative: you should get that checked, Serge
matthaus_c: Snerge STRIKES AGAIN
aceofroses_: Fatality
Sunmare_Dragon: who will get the happy muffin
YeetTheRich_: Wow ben
Earthenone: for you this was the day your world changed, for me it was tuesday
LidofLoathing: I got my second shot yesteday. Achey today, but not bad
rasterscan: We're not going to get any other games tonight at this rate. xD
incredulouspasserby: @Manae Moderna knocked me down and curbstomped me, it's not just Pfizer's second dose
ashteranic: manageable, but don't plan stuff
frogomb: COLD
Manae: Moderna seems to be the "feel like you have the flu" side effects
Alas_Babylon: My shot experience was basically "Day 1: Eh. Day 2: Everything sucks. Day 3: Everything's fine"
ashmedai127: Is Ben pulling a Yugioh Villain on Serge (Joey Wheeler)?
wolvsbane: Yeah my shot arm is aching. Drinking propel.
BjjBrain: Best line in Street Fighter!!!
flatluigi: sword plus punch enchant to kill champ?
ArdCollider: Pfizer side effects include "rolling a pest deck and forgetting the Daemogoth Titan," in some cases (mine)
xherorush: i guess we die?
ashteranic: yeah, mine was Moderna. the ole immune system will give you a typical "oh god it's the flu" response for a day or so and then you'll be fine.
RandomTrivia: Ben has the Proctor to hardcounter Serge, Serge has the Giant Killer to hardcounter Ben, it's all about those tech hate pieces
Nuurgle: it's easier to fight 5 lions than it is Voltron
Dmc3628: Calix has to rejoin to at least give Ben blocking options
ashteranic: just minus the screwed up sinuses
DeM0nFiRe: I got moderna, no side effects other than a slightly sore arm so far, but it's only been about 6 hours
djalternative: Calix can just kill Champion here
SquirrelLord1111: turns out drafting a bunch of legendries is actually just fine
Manae: @incredulouspasserby Obviously it's confirmation bias, but every person I know that got moderna basically passed out with "sort of flu" for a day or two after each shot
matthaus_c: !card skola grove
LRRbot: Skola Grovedancer [1G] | Enchantment Creature — Satyr Druid [2/2] | Whenever a land card is put into your graveyard from anywhere, you gain 1 life. / {2}{G}: Mill a card.
Diabore: @DeM0nFiRe first or second dose?
DeM0nFiRe: First
CaptainSpam: !card giant killer
LRRbot: Giant Killer // Chop Down | Giant Killer [W] | Creature — Human Peasant [1/2] | {1}{W}, {T}: Tap target creature. // Chop Down [2W] | Instant — Adventure | Destroy target creature with power 4 or greater.
Dmc3628: well death comes for Be now
wickaboxet: My Pfizer side effects for the second dose were terrible
resistentialism: !card skala grovedancer
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Diabore: ah, 2nd is what ive been hearing puts people on their asses for a bit @DeM0nFiRe
BjjBrain: Cam, thank you for quoting the great Raul Julia!
NewtyNewts: Mine's a pfizer, it was what they were offering at the clinic yesterday
resistentialism: !card grovedancer
aceofroses_: clap clap clap
DeM0nFiRe: Yeah
frank_the_great: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Muffin for Serge!
fcloud: we're down to it! muffin vs muffin!
Sunmare_Dragon: everyone get happy muffin
matthaus_c: !card skola grovedancer
Alas_Babylon: Heck yeah
xherorush: happy cupcake
Alas_Babylon: Good stuff friends
Earthenone: both teams played hard
KaleidoscopeMind: You each get a happy muffin
wolvsbane: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
magical_writer: Every is happy
LinearGif: good sportsmen
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap
xherorush: his heart cant take it
Fried_Twinkie: No there must be blood
resistentialism: don't think calix had any enchantments to bind to
matthaus_c: !card skola grovedancer @resistentialism
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
RandomTrivia: Those were incredible games
matthaus_c: oh my god lrrbot
frank_the_great: It's 9:50 Ben, no one lives outside of my time zone
frogomb: Everyone is muffin
aceofroses_: Ready? BREAK!
matthaus_c: !card skola grovedancer
LRRbot: Skola Grovedancer [1G] | Enchantment Creature — Satyr Druid [2/2] | Whenever a land card is put into your graveyard from anywhere, you gain 1 life. / {2}{G}: Mill a card.
Juliamon: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
flatluigi: birb
NewtyNewts: birb
MegaDosX: Damnit I want muffins now
NrgSpoon: burb
incredulouspasserby: birb
Sunmare_Dragon: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
djalternative: !birb
wolvsbane: MercyWing1 MercyWing2
resistentialism: oh nvm, the grovedancer is an enchantment creature
IcyDj: aw man
aceofroses_: chat anybody with opinions between Wyleth and Akiri for edh ?
HammerTheWise: Ok so I barely watch any streams live because of how little free time I have so when Graham mentioned me I got a slight heart attack at the realization that this was, in fact, live
fcloud: do not panic. you are live.
NewtyNewts: Oh no... the recording knew you were watching!
aceofroses_: @HammerTheWise feels weird right?
HammerTheWise: It's very strange
RandomTrivia: Your existence here is valid and real
Nuurgle: you're live, and something's going to happen
RandomTrivia: ^^
aceofroses_: Outside the steam you are also real btw
HammerTheWise: Like, what do you mean the people on the screen can actually read what I type? That's witchcraft talk!
Alas_Babylon: Nope, it's not live. These are AI-predicated responses to your statements. Both us and the people within the stream.
flatluigi: @HammerTheWise as a point of comparison it's weirder hearing yourself mentioned in vods you don't remember watching
serramarkov: Grey 17 is missing.
NewtyNewts: Gotta say, I'm not usually that into Magic (favourite vids are definitely the Nicknames ones) but it's easy enough to follow along here
HammerTheWise: @HammerTheWise Oh boy, that's gotta be a trip
flatluigi: a friend of mine managed to find a comment he posted on a youtube video he didn't remember watching... ten years ago
aceofroses_: I heard graham retired to an island a few years ago with all ad money and this is just neural network
mitomanox: off-topic: hyped af for LRL tomorrow
flatluigi: oh what, LRL tomorrow?
mitomanox: yup
mitomanox: wonder who's gonna be in it
HammerTheWise: LRL tomorrow? Dope
JarofGoats: Oh, nice! Definitely looking forward it!
aceofroses_: oh yea...end of the month....thats wild
NewtyNewts: Ooh, can't wait to see what the segments will be!
CaptainSpam: LRL also runs right into Krondortimes.
Diabore: i hope we get a this or that
NrgSpoon: so used to them being the very end of the month
NewtyNewts: Also, what was the last song title? I need to find it!
aceofroses_: @CaptainSpam ir krondor good? I've been meaning to watch
vellebastet: Maaagiiiiiiccc
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha lrrPAUL
aceofroses_: I agree 100% with what is being said
flatluigi: greetings streamer, or 'greamer'
RandomTrivia: By the end of the stream the title is going to be 87 words long and utterly incomprehensible to humans
josh___something: Arena Ben's Brawl arena cube draft
RandomTrivia: LUL
CaptainSpam: @aceofroses_ It's been a fun trip to the history of PC gaming. Very exquisite writing, too.
matthaus_c: whoever gets paired up against Ben and Serge in the winners bracket needs to play against a 2HG
Dumori: !card terravore
LRRbot: Terravore [1GG] | Creature — Lhurgoyf [*/*] | Trample / Terravore's power and toughness are each equal to the number of land cards in all graveyards.
Dumori: it is green
Ubiki: nelson the premier lands player of the format
Dumori: Hope nelly got it
lirazel64: So, GG?
IaCthulhuFthagn: Gadwick, the absolutely ancient.
xantos69: He has mind control powers
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Sogheim: thalia said no. once.
HammerTheWise: He commands by fear
wickaboxet: Nelly, the premier lands pilot of the format
Fried_Twinkie: Not much of a team player
matthaus_c: thalia is always the last person who said no
aceofroses_: @CaptainSpam I love games like that, gonna check it out thanks
IaCthulhuFthagn: Poor Thalia.
philippekav: he's good at brawling tho
FacelessManAboutTown: Thalia was the last person to tell the Gitrog no?
Officinalis: TFW Thalia said, "No."
RandomTrivia: Wait what
flatluigi: literal counterspell
FadedOverseer: More like Git-right Monster
Ryavis: 3 mana 1/1 flying tribal
Sogheim: Embodiment of Agonies?
RandomTrivia: ADAM took the Counterspell?!
xherorush: and adam says no to magic today
wickaboxet: The gitrog monster, 1 of 2 frogmanders, I don’t know how that isn’t automatically qualifying
SnowbirdMike: Nice
Goorguy: The same, big frog?
MegaDosX: "Cool frog, I'd like one please" - Adam, probably
aceofroses_: "brother"?
corefluxx: Just a shill for Big Frog... I see what's happening...
xherorush: anyone else hear jaws music
F1SHOR: ahh yes adam on classic mono blu gitrog
wickaboxet: Friday night frog fight
Tantaburs: Gitrog the wizened
MegaDosX: Serge pls
tinaun: what round is this
aceofroses_: A big Ape and a big Lizard in the same team? thats a fun spin
UWDJohn: Serge pls.
RandomTrivia: ok, TurboFrog is a VERY strong name :D
Pharmacistjudge: No it isn't
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
theclawmasheen: Adam always on Sultai
Dmc3628: welp here's KONG
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matthaus_c: Adam gets Aped!
IbunWest: ook ook
Dmc3628: Ook Ook
UWDJohn: mmmmmMMMMMMmmmmm
matthaus_c: oh serge
josh___something: ook ook
LarkSachrosis: vargDong
LinearGif: ape alone strong
HammerTheWise: "No"
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Dmc3628: Serge commanded us to do so
Dmc3628: Kira with ward animation
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matthaus_c: oh my god nelson are your lands mismatched
electra310: Happy muffin is pointed away from Adam
Evochron13: is cyclonic rift on arena?
HammerTheWise: "Guess I'll die."
Dmc3628: Vizier on hulk kill Kong is at least something
Simriel: Adam all set up for a technical fight, and Nelson just swinging Body Blows
MegaDosX: @Evochron13 No, but there's a giant that kinda does it
Pharmacistjudge: true, missing land drops and losing land to gitrog is not great
Dr_Shandor: Move the muffin
MegaDosX: !card cyclone summoner
LRRbot: Cyclone Summoner [5UU] | Creature — Giant Wizard [7/7] | When Cyclone Summoner enters the battlefield, if you cast it from your hand, return all permanents to their owners' hands except for Giants, Wizards, and lands.
UWDJohn: @matthaus_c The Gitrog Monster needs variety in their diet.
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: I still can't belive Thalia ate the Gitrog Monster
Evochron13: megadosx i'm aware of the cyclone summoner but was more thinking of what adam had access to
Evochron13: mana wise
aceofroses_: Hulk Godzilla and King Kong cross-over this is wild
LinearGif: the binding of isaac, good saga
MegaDosX: Nelson wants to spin his wheels first
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Nelly, can you spare a land for Adam?
Dog_of_Myth: But the value Adam!
RandomTrivia: Nelly's not done having fun yet :D
MegaDosX: Yeah the Crucible animation's pretty dope
Fried_Twinkie: ook ook
MegaDosX: I run it in my Vaevictis Historic Brawl deck
aceofroses_: You got this Adam!
JarofGoats: Gotta get those dailies done
josh___something: Best of 2 Kappa
MegaDosX: monke
Dog_of_Myth: Ook Ook
matthaus_c: ooka chaka
aceofroses_: I cant stop this feeling
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: ook ook
LinearGif: ook ook kajoob
Electrodyne: deep inside of me
matthaus_c: something something I've never heard this song
aceofroses_: Girl, you just don't realize. What you do to me
MegaDosX: Both pretty strong commanders
matthaus_c: The Cleveland Browns!
vandristine: the BONES
josh___something: Spicey
spiffinn: also in gadwick you can soft lock your op
FadedOverseer: honk honk
Seth_Erickson: GUTTERBONES!
FadedOverseer: choo choo
Akaiatana: Graham's commander and Cameron's face prove that nice guys finish phylathed
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gkgaming5: the bones are their money
RandomTrivia: There's some results-oriented thinking for your bingo cards, Chat LUL
Fried_Twinkie: or gut shot
HammerTheWise: Even a box!
LinearGif: he could even have a boat
Diabore: inb4 gutshot
MegaDosX: But have at you
Simriel: Cam: I found my lane in magic and I am happy here
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
matthaus_c: Hey Judith
Ubiki: the same could be said of any card
DeM0nFiRe: Gotta love sotn references
HammerTheWise: It's a terrible night for a commander game
MegaDosX: "Haha, I'm in trouble" - Graham, probably
FadedOverseer: hey jude...don't kill my chad
SmashTCG: Ohhh the combo
SmashTCG: song and alchamist
BjjBrain: Is this a Fred Penner song?
Simriel: me, watching this match: Maybe I should play Gitrog Brawl
MegaDosX: That card on the left is a pretty chonky boy against aggro
aceofroses_: what song?
flatluigi: wow
RandomTrivia: CAMERON NO
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HammerTheWise: F
Twilight_Spark: D:
matthaus_c: COW
serramarkov: I always liked the short blues: I woke up... this morning... right on.
Sogheim: I'm sorry, what?
Fried_Twinkie: I am Legend, I think?
HammerTheWise: The face! LUL LUL LUL
djalternative: @Simriel ... when they let us play historic brawl
MegaDosX: That animation's bloody hilarious
Dog_of_Myth: Give em the horns
Haroldholmes25: mess with the bull, get the horns
Athelgar: its so out of place
vellebastet: GOD WHY
RandomTrivia: That movie is not canon because the dog dies (spoilers, I guess)
Dmc3628: Omnath and Moraug are up there
vellebastet: Cam I successfully forgot!!
BjjBrain: LOL
Simriel: @djalternative You can do challenges.
vellebastet: sykLaugh
Seth_Erickson: Dodge Ram
flatluigi: the ram horns
Akaiatana: It just proves you're horny on mainboard
NewtyNewts: Dodge Ram
Dmc3628: yeah that's Dodge
cakes_here: Remember graham. play lands in 2nd main phase
RandomTrivia: Ah, there it is.
corefluxx: I was about to bring up the movie Strange Magic for Cams theory on Three Little Birds, but that song lead to some issues in that movie also.
MegaDosX: Yeah I see that reaction whenever I drop a Chandra's Incinerator on turn 3 with my burn deck
Dog_of_Myth: He's an angry boy
RandomTrivia: Cam's card-reading face
DiscordianTokkan: Cool Moo
FadedOverseer: cool cows
HundreydAundre: Funk, Owws!
Simriel: it's a very silly card that does either nothing or Fuckin Everything.
BjjBrain: She will blind everybody with her super high beams!
Simriel: I love that Cam has found a way to play Aristos
Alas_Babylon: oh dear
Alas_Babylon: Moraug must die
SmashTCG: Three plants Seriously?
MegaDosX: That's not a good sign
Akaiatana: @Graham I love when a plant comes to get her
Dr_Shandor: Sir...this is a Wendy's
matthaus_c: yahenni the undying parmesan
Haroldholmes25: beep beep
vandristine: Cam has achieved maximum value
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Simriel: To me Aristocrats is the most Big Brain magic.
Dmc3628: Baron von Poppin off
Alas_Babylon: Cameron, Certified Gamerman
HarmonisedMelody: Oh my gods, Yahenni is always so Partisan, why do they ALWAYS support Cameron's side in EVERY vote
NewtyNewts: Here comes the break train, mius brakes
Ubiki: so a family walks into a meeting with a talent scout
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Minecraft Villager Noises
tergonis: still closed
CaptainSpam: Hrn
Fried_Twinkie: smash all?
cosarprime: It's only off non-token
Professor_Rakor: nontokens die
Halvhir: nontoken, I believe?
RandomTrivia: Judith triggers on non-tokens, right?
TheWarbo: isn't she "nontoken"?
FadedOverseer: non token
Dmc3628: off nontokens
maybe_a_random_name: Judith is non-token.
matthaus_c: thicc like a vampire mom
SquirrelLord1111: Non token, and a zombie token was saced
Fried_Twinkie: Triggers are peasant problems
Simriel: Yahenni's gender is Fabulous.
TheWarbo: mmmm caramel macciato blood artist
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Outsourcing your blood art
Dmc3628: is it any creature?
Goorguy: Computer do math
Dmc3628: Drizzit is any creature so there's more math to be had
Simriel: Their Pronouns are None because you don't deserve to refer to them
OccasionallyManly: tired, blood artist. wired, blood patron
NUTSOFODEN: "where did this plant come from" is about where im at too Cam
Seth_Erickson: we can play the Maw right?
Simriel: Yahenni is a character I wish we could see again
RandomTrivia: BIIIIG Dargon
MegaDosX: There's a Thing(tm) to deal with now
Ubiki: yahenni died so its unlikely
VazSun: Drakusaffron Olive
Dog_of_Myth: scoopsGRIN
matthaus_c: god dammit nelson, you made me snort my coffee
josh___something: GDI nelson XD
Seth_Erickson: My Kin PogChamp
MegaDosX: I've literally never seen that card before
Simriel: @ubiki I know, but I wish they hadn't
SnowBuddy18: I had to go make dinner, who won the Ben/Serge match?
MegaDosX: Now the question becomes does Graham know how to best use Moraug's ability
Ubiki: we could always see their reincarnation
VazSun: cameron is like super dead?
Professor_Rakor: the left card and attack 3 times?
MegaDosX: Graham has lethal in hand
Dmc3628: well Draku punch then roiling regrowth in 2nd main
WolfgangCloud: Graham has lethal right?
Alas_Babylon: So technically, there is a wrong way to do this
Alas_Babylon: Roiling Regrowth needs to be cast at a very specific time
Simriel: There is no wrong way to read a book
averythetiger: regrowth and win?
JocelyneAnne: Just attack.
tehcrashxor: Flunge!
SmashTCG: hes dead to Jsut Regroth
Simriel: There is at least one wrong way to read a book :p
aceofroses_: Moo Mooo!
josh___something: Flying, and 3 attacks
EagleAndWolf23: Proceed to slam step is always the best option
Dmc3628: so long as regrowth is cast in a main phase
Dmc3628: the specific main phase
RandomTrivia: It's easy to forget that Drakuseth attacks for 11, if you want
Simriel: I really wanted Cam to get there on Aristo
MegaDosX: Yep
MegaDosX: Moraug's kinda good
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
VazSun: it
MegaDosX: Also helps that Drakuseth is a huge problem if it gets a chance to attack
xantos69: That was powerful magic.
EagleAndWolf23: Just keep playing mythics tends to be a smart option.
F1SHOR: all the round ones went fast
VazSun: it's around 50 damage, give or take
josh___something: That was a sweet game of magic
matthaus_c: Camplay
matthaus_c: what
matthaus_c: are we supposed to be seeing the title screen?
Simriel: I blame Mechahitler.
matthaus_c: ah just switching
MegaDosX: @matthaus_c Paul shows it while switching views
RandomTrivia: Just blame Arena, Graham. Everyone will believe you
NewtyNewts: I also blame mister Myself
Twilight_Spark: I challenge you to a children's card game!
Ba_Dum_Tish: To the online humiliation?
MegaDosX: Huatli vs Vivien, fight!
Simriel: Kill him Cam! Go for the Jugular!
Dr_Shandor: To the pain
matthaus_c: no you won't, G
NotCainNorAbel: lrrAWESOME
BjjBrain: Lies
MegaDosX: Oh god that's in your deck?
tehcrashxor: lrrAWESOME
Robot_Bones: I accuse.... My Parents
VazSun: spicy
JocelyneAnne: That's a tasty hand
KaleidoscopeMind: what flavor is the muffin?
saucemaster5000: alright everyone tell your secret graham stories
tehcrashxor: lrrDOTS lrrAWESOME lrrARROW
Perivale: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
Akaiatana: The muffin is securely in Graham's cup
F1SHOR: i love cams deck
NewtyNewts: I missed something. The Muffin?
flatluigi: i'm sad that 'myr sire' doesn't rhyme
fcloud: *tennis announcer voice* graham stark, on the muffin. moves to serve
FadedOverseer: graham, in fact, knows the muffin man
matthaus_c: there's mana dorks, not many dorks
frank_the_great: Judging from the hand alone Cam's deck looks sick
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: The myr too
vellebastet: lrrAWESOME
gualdhar: Ben forgets any mana dorks is an unfair number of mana dorks
goldreaver: Don't you love when you get mana screwed and a match turns into a non match?
NewtyNewts: 25% even
MegaDosX: So Cam seems to have a pretty fast start this game
Dmc3628: and now Anger of the Gods
RandomTrivia: LUL
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Game 3?
xantos69: Look how they massacred my boy.
MegaDosX: This could reasonably go to a game 3
HundreydAundre: Yes,.... YES. Scute must; D Y E....
Dr_Shandor: Anger exiles that's no good for Cam's deck
matthaus_c: cooking with gasoline
Simriel: some times Aristocrats just attacks with Duders
vellebastet: Adam sykLaugh
Seth_Erickson: yes cam yes
RandomTrivia: He saw the line!
HundreydAundre: V A L U E
Haroldholmes25: big brain
Dragonality: Well played indeed
DeM0nFiRe: oof nice
superdude097: GOTTEM
Bladinus: yes Cam!!
Haroldholmes25: FBtouchdown
Simriel: Also Galaxy Brain Magic
MegaDosX: The big brain!
VazSun: he saw it!
HammerTheWise: Yes Cam yes!
SeismicLawns: well deserved dab
xantos69: Cam your brain is expanding at a geometric rate!
SmashTCG: the sick 2-2
MegaDosX: Well played!
matthaus_c: jlrrBaby
NUTSOFODEN: 7head play
vellebastet: Cam! sykHypers sykHypers
engineerbudy: benginHeck benginYe
NewtyNewts: Aaaaand that's the game!
FenrisSchafer: lrrHORN lrrCAMERON lrrHORN
TwitchTVsFrank: jlrrBaby
JocelyneAnne: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Fire_Summoner: Cam!!
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
SquirrelLord1111: unarmeGameplay unarmeGameplay unarmeGameplay
SnowbirdMike: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
FadedOverseer: congratulations
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
josh___something: BEAUTIFUL
Pharmacistjudge: pharma2Vial ?
OccasionallyManly: FBTouchdown McDonalds!
FadedOverseer: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
serramarkov: I clapped!
flatluigi: yooo
Goorguy: Thats a lot of pips
Haroldholmes25: oh that's spicy
flatluigi: !card razaketh
LRRbot: Did you mean: Razaketh, the Foulblooded; Razaketh's Rite
CaptainSpam: jlrrDang
MegaDosX: Razaketh huh?
flatluigi: !card razaketh the foul
LRRbot: Razaketh, the Foulblooded [5BBB] | Legendary Creature — Demon [8/8] | Flying, trample / Pay 2 life, Sacrifice another creature: Search your library for a card and put that card into your hand. Then shuffle your library.
BjjBrain: LOL
MegaDosX: I love that emote so much
VazSun: razaketh is quite ambitious
F1SHOR: the muffin of winning sofar hasnt won a game yet
frank_the_great: Rope him Graham!
Seth_Erickson: See look Cam didn't let his opponent get to 4 mana and he won Kappa
Dmc3628: that emote is the single greatest thing to get
DeM0nFiRe: The muffins are even at 1 a piece
vellebastet: unarmeHeart
Dr_Shandor: Move the muffin
lirazel64: "I don't often win. But when I win, I play aristocrats."
MegaDosX: That Will emote was worth the whole bundle
tehcrashxor: lrrCAMERON lrrAWESOME lrrGRAHAM lrrAWESOME
Fire_Summoner: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
fcloud: muffin equivalence
NotCainNorAbel: Do I see TWO MUFFINS?
Fried_Twinkie: Graham, 10 min. later: Best of 5?
NewtyNewts: Ah, so Muffin is just a win tracker.
Pharmacistjudge: there were muffin stores?
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: On top of?
MegaDosX: We have those in Australia
VazSun: lrrAWESOME
MegaDosX: Muffin Break
DeM0nFiRe: Do you know the muffin man?
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Not above?
Ubiki: top of the muffin to ya
kalku__: the score is Two Muffin
Akaiatana: Ben was the frosting - joke stolen from 2017
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Like you lived on the roof?
SnowBuddy18: I remember when there were stores that just sold Mmmmmmuffins
resistentialism: banana toffee walnut from mmmmuffin was great
Simriel: I thought he said he used to live on top of a cupcake
LidofLoathing: Sprinkles still survives! I like their stuff
Robot_Bones: Just ONE Muffin! and you woudn't give it to me! Just one Muffin!
Drag0nrun: Pepperidge Farms remembers.
MegaDosX: Also you're going to make me order muffins from them the more you talk about muffins >_>
MajorFrostbyte: Partrdge Farms remembers
Serpens77: I used to live right need a KFC
Tantaburs: Mmmmuffind Cheddar Cheese Muffins were so good
pacotaco009: uptown funk you up...
NUTSOFODEN: whats Uptown
IcyDj: why is cam on the play? ^^
Serpens77: you *definitely* get over the smell pretty quickly
RandomTrivia: Oof
Perivale: The Hummingbird bakery in London is amazin
saucemaster5000: I want pasta in a cup shops to take america
vellebastet: lrrAWESOME
NewtyNewts: Good call Graham
Decaped: Graham has 4 mana, GG
Goorguy: This dryad always makes me uncomfortable
F1SHOR: do you know the cookie guy?
RandomTrivia: Is Cookie Guy the lesser-known cousin of the Muffin Man? lrrBEEJ
DiscordianTokkan: "I want a cup of Cookie Guy's PISS" -Adam, eventually
serramarkov: I work in a Cakery, no one mistakes us for a daycare. The jewelry and art store I worked in on the other hand...
Simriel: @goorguy Makes you examine something about yourself?
NewtyNewts: Do you recal a Mr Cookie?
MegaDosX: Oh right, the Dryad
vellebastet: Y-Yes?
Pharmacistjudge: I agree with paul, I want more cake and less frosting
xantos69: I actively dislike frosting so I get where you are coming from Paul.
MegaDosX: That tripped me up too for a second there
Dmc3628: yeah vascular Dryad does that
Sogheim: frosting should be a treat, not 40% by volume
Goorguy: @Simriel Stupid sexy dryads...
ghyllnox: The word you're looking for is muffin lrrAWESOME
Simriel: @discordiantokkan This made me do a spit take. Fuck you and well done :p
Seth_Erickson: I think frosting in a moderate amount is nice
NewtyNewts: My lands are all LANDS!
DiscordianTokkan: @Simriel Sorry! lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: Pretty sure Paul could throw a better overlay together in half an hour than the one the MPL uses
Pharmacistjudge: <insert comment about needed arena spectator mode here>
vellebastet: !quote land
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Simriel: @discordiantokkan It was beautiful.
Electrodyne: <thoughtful agreement>
greekboi12: What’s up tamers
greekboi12: Gamers
RandomTrivia: !quote 5555
LRRbot: Quote #5555: "Stop playing all these lands, I can't counter them!" —Jeremy White [2018-11-30]
NewtyNewts: Good quote.
greekboi12: !quote booty
Simriel: Aristocrats cards have just so many WORDS
Radyin: !quote 5705
LRRbot: Quote #5705: "It's Commander. The game doesn't start until you have twelve lands in play!" —Shivam [2019-01-11]
josh___something: the beauty of aristocrat is that you just make the opponent confused about how you win
greekboi12: !quote 5704
serramarkov: Grimace is a shake artist
greekboi12: I guess that’s a sub only common huh
Simriel: "Cube needs more blood artists" Cam about every cube
djalternative: I personally like blonde bear best
HammerTheWise: Is actual factual Blood Artist in the cube?
NotCainNorAbel: mmmmmm
corefluxx: Skecksies
raulghoulia: Listening to Backstreet Boys and it's Cam and Graham's fault
greekboi12: Is blood artist even on arena?
SmashTCG: "oh sorry there, i was lost in thought name is sigmund of catarina"
NewtyNewts: Anybody remember where 'Say it ain't stoats' came from?
HundreydAundre: Caw. Caw!
Twilight_Spark: That's what I watch for.
HammerTheWise: @greekboi12 it certainly is
MegaDosX: Dryad, Cameron
frank_the_great: Caw caw!!
Zath_: *squak*
HundreydAundre: Or I think.... Squak!
greekboi12: @hammerthewise brb time to build aristocrats in gladiator
xantos69: The joy of seagulls squawking, right in your own home! ~ Loading Ready Run
MegaDosX: It's baby Avenger of Zendikar
flatluigi: what if i clip exactly ben saying 'welcome to the highlight reel'
HammerTheWise: @greekboi12 Have a good one!
marxmarksman: Reading the card...
josh___something: wow... I forgot that I hated scooze
Simriel: @greekboi12 It's a real deck.
RandomTrivia: @NewtyNewts Wheeler read out AllTheWeasels a few months ago
patbaer: The highlight reel should include more horse drawing.
NewtyNewts: You know that bit will now be added to the highlights, right Ben?
Diabore: and also its just basics
MegaDosX: Phylath is still strong, yeah
RandomTrivia: Phylath is definitely under-played in Standard
matthaus_c: you chase the Avenger with an Azusa and suddenly have 56 3/4s
HammerTheWise: """""fixed"""""
NewtyNewts: Thanks @RandomTrivia I'll have to go though stream highlights to try and find it
HundreydAundre: Board it in with changelings in standard & you'd be set for ranked, I guess?
Fire_Summoner: Fair and Balanced magic
HammerTheWise: Man, I love aristocrats
djalternative: It really is the Justice League to Avenger of Zendikar
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MegaDosX: It's a reasonable plan
marxmarksman: Scuze swarm
greekboi12: Good plqn
MegaDosX: Turns out Cam's good at this Magic thing
xantos69: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SmashTCG: Adam
BlindProphet32: seabatSKYLADY
greekboi12: wheelerY wheelerH
SmashTCG: im sorry but i hate that
Simriel: That gets funnier the more I think about it xD
Nuurgle: seabatNogood
greekboi12: hasHAAA
Fire_Summoner: Everyone is doing so well tonight!
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Wolveroo: Great cube Ben, this looks amazing.
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saucemaster5000: a eurotrip referene in 2021 -- are millenials the new boomers?
MegaDosX: Inscription of Abundance, I bet
theclawmasheen: Blood art
HundreydAundre: Wut? Wait, noooo
frank_the_great: Adam's so great
SageMystik: okamip1Hello Hi all
SmashTCG: My cabbagess!
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MegaDosX: Yeah the Inscriptions are do all of the things if you kick them
NrgSpoon: my brand!
HammerTheWise: mmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm
vandristine: we practicing our Chamberlain impressions from Dark Crystal?
DiscordianTokkan: jlrrTrade
flatluigi: i have bad news
BluePlainCreek: mmmmmmmmm cupcakes
matthaus_c: Graham, we know you're the Siegmeyer of LoadingReadyRun
fcloud: cam is HORRIFIED
BjjBrain: LOL
RandomTrivia: That said, Wheeler is already like 2/3 of Jim Henson by voices LUL
vandristine: clip it
BjjBrain: Highlight reel!!!
fcloud: how hard would it be?
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MegaDosX: Welcome to the highlight reel!
themenace1: Adam is on fire right now
Fried_Twinkie: No you don't
resistentialism: hmmmmm
josh___something: XD
SnowbirdMike: I believe you can buy a Ouija board for 20 bucks at Walmart.
Masslost: adam now has lrrAWESOME
flatluigi: I AM KARN
Simriel: Also yeah Cam consistently plays one of the most difficult to play decks. Aristocrats is a Hella deck to play
BjjBrain: @SnowbirdMike nice lol
KWardJenx: LOL! The Savi-Fans are greatly pleased with Adam's performance tonight.
lirazel64: Kermit will be pleased to take a message.
marxmarksman: Or you can use the "Spirit Board" in the back of the newest D&D book!
Twilight_Spark: Stupid sexy dragons indeed.
Simriel: Also Adam is on FIRE today xD
MegaDosX: Adam.
josh___something: ADAM
flatluigi: god
MegaDosX: I'm so mad
Dumori: Adam is dropping fire
Dmc3628: yeah that's a Doh
HammerTheWise: It's symmetrical!
DiscordianTokkan: Did Cam... Oh. Oh no
MegaDosX: Whoops
marxmarksman: Flusterstorm
F1SHOR: you have noone to blame except adam
HammerTheWise: Happens to the best of us
ComradeMik: hey team, what doing?
MegaDosX: Oh yike
MegaDosX: Selvala too
NewtyNewts: Thriple clip
Simriel: Cam once told me Adam is one of the smartest people he has ever met. You really see it in his wit
RandomTrivia: Now, see what happened here was that Cameron let his opponent get to 4 mana
lirazel64: Comedian Loses to Own Sense of Humor.
josh___something: god, I love gruul...
Fire_Summoner: Love watching Cam play!
fcloud: oh man, that jim henson clip is a keeper
KWardJenx: Adam (patting Cam on the head) "You really hung in there little guy."
fcloud: adam didnt miss a beat
Goorguy: Thanks arena
MegaDosX: That's a lot of triggers that you can't do anything with :D
Lucidmooselid: HahaBall
Dmc3628: she sure DOES
MegaDosX: Selvala's pretty strong you guys
djalternative: yeah. Selvala is stupid. I love her.
josh___something: this is gross
HammerTheWise: What?!
RandomTrivia: EWWW
MegaDosX: Dragonmaster Outcast, or a Sword.
RandomTrivia: sergeHolyMoly
josh___something: WHAT
SquirrelLord1111: WHAT IS THIS PICK
TheWarbo: that's a choice
ComradeMik: oh cool
Haroldholmes25: this is basically sophie's choice
xantos69: G your deck is gross.
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fluffybumhole: this just in: selvala taps for mana
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matthaus_c: oh no we're dead to invasion
HammerTheWise: Everybody stop, what is that?
josh___something: G, What the fuck is this deck
Mr_Bitterness: Maaaah, that weird dogswords back!
Lucidmooselid: MallDogs
Dog_of_Myth: Adam, is on fire tonight
Dmc3628: thermo just kills cam right here and now
Lucidmooselid: ZreknarF LilZ
MegaDosX: Graham's deck is Gruul Bombs.deck
Simriel: Sac Creature, Target Self. Honourable Sudoku
RandomTrivia: *NON*-token, Cameorn
SquirrelLord1111: Non token
RandomTrivia: *Cameron
matthaus_c: oh my god
MegaDosX: Cam pls
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
Dmc3628: nontoken if you want to fall on your own swod
HammerTheWise: Oh no hahaha
BjjBrain: failed Dr Kavorkians lol
ComradeMik: "KILL ME YOU COWARD!" cam's crats deck 2021
NUTSOFODEN: G could just pass to let cam die from the Invasion
HammerTheWise: Goaded into committing seppuku
Bladinus: valiant effort there Cam! o7
Simriel: honourable Sudoku
Haroldholmes25: blue da be dee
NewtyNewts: Let BLUE play games!
Diabore: says the man who isnt the blue players opponent
MegaDosX: So we've had Selesnya vs 5c Abzan, mono-blue vs Golgari, and Gruul vs Rakdos
ComradeMik: blue players are people too
goldreaver: dude stop interrupting the blue player he just wants to play magic
HundreydAundre: Dew it! Give our dreams to blue!
xherorush: the first card adam played was counterspell
ComradeMik: they're allowed to have a little fun, as a treat
josh___something: Judith knew
Lucidmooselid: How did these guys draft i only got here this game
resistentialism: offsite custom cube
MegaDosX: @Lucidmooselid A website outside of Arena
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Lucidmooselid: noice
Dr_Shandor: Adam?
Mr_Bitterness: Retire champion!
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Pharmacistjudge: touchdown emotes!
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
laikagoat: critroleTouchdown
BlindProphet32: seabatSKYLADY
ComradeMik: blue's dream, winning without having to take a game action
MegaDosX: The blue player wins by making their opponent concede
Akaiatana: Seabats did you pick your shirt before or after the deck?
ChainedDreamer: FBtouchdown
mister_wise_guy: Adam Savidan with the WWE mindgames.
Officinalis: FBtouchdown
F1SHOR: blue player wins by not letting OP play :P
Dr_Shandor: Lantern?
TwitchTVsFrank: FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
Dumori: How do you even win with draw spells, counter spells and unsummons
josh___something: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
ComradeMik: @Dumori tilt
matthaus_c: bluff force spike
NewtyNewts: Someone locked the RNG seed...
vandristine: wait a good card?
underhill33: *loon noises*
MegaDosX: T1 Thoughtseize? What is this, Historic Constructed?
HundreydAundre: @Dumori Then mulligan down a card so your opponents mill out before you do.
ComradeMik: excuse me
RandomTrivia: Fox friend!
ComradeMik: serge, why?
asthanius: !adult
LRRbot: I need a different adult!
Haroldholmes25: !card time of ice
LRRbot: Time of Ice [3U] | Enchantment — Saga | I, II — Tap target creature an opponent controls. It doesn't untap during its controller's untap step for as long as you control Time of Ice. / III — Return all tapped creatures to their owners' hands.
resistentialism: cup island
NUTSOFODEN: Tempest no Horizon Island is the best
BjjBrain: LOL
meachamo: I don't know which one to shoot!
Seth_Erickson: Oh hey you take your pet dog to this park too
Cartographers_Ink: There is the bucket island that exists as well
ComradeMik: sac the creature nelly
ComradeMik: send a message
MegaDosX: Nope, up to three
MegaDosX: Rankle's kinda strong
HammerTheWise: Rankle is insane
HundreydAundre: rankle sac, rankle sac, rankle sac
ComradeMik: Uh... my bad
MegaDosX: Ben calling Big Cheats? Bloody hypocrite :p
Juliamon: !listen
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
Simriel: Always Never Listen to Chat.
Goorguy: Sharky boy has the powe of WIND
ComradeMik: rankle is the master of prankles, so you should try to not to lose him
MegaDosX: Was not expecting that
HundreydAundre: timed out gitrog!
ComradeMik: your other cards are just apprentice pranklers
MegaDosX: Oh that's where that card went
RandomTrivia: The line Adam is sitting on here is absolutely delightful
RandomTrivia: GRAHAM
MegaDosX: Graham pls
Dog_of_Myth: Graham.....well played
MegaDosX: Fblthp! The saviour has arrived!
SnowBuddy18: but that was a good joke G
Goorguy: Oh howdy Thassa
MegaDosX: Of course that's in your deck
josh___something: ook ook?
ComradeMik: you're hot nelly
ComradeMik: boom, roasted
Desruprot: lol
Goorguy: We just wanted the blue player to play, we brought this on ourselves
MegaDosX: I wonder if it were worth playing the Seer to try and get a land
xherorush: alex baldwin
Fried_Twinkie: Barrin
resistentialism: barrin
MegaDosX: Barrin
Mr_Bitterness: Barrin
NUTSOFODEN: im all about adam's deck. this is sweet
MegaDosX: He's in M21
Fried_Twinkie: The Obliterate guy
flatluigi: i wanna be a legendary bounce wizard
HammerTheWise: LUL
Simriel: That's my Job Title now
RandomTrivia: *THE* Legendary Bounce Wizard
NewtyNewts: AKA Michael Jordan.
BjjBrain: Baldrink the dung gatherer!
ComradeMik: woooow
Simriel: Legendary Bounce Wizard.
laikagoat: fionaLOL
underhill33: He owns a bounce house rental company
xherorush: haaaa
Fried_Twinkie: I always thought it odd a mono blue wizard cast a 8 mana red board wipe
MegaDosX: !card barrin, tolarian archmage
LRRbot: Barrin, Tolarian Archmage [1UU] | Legendary Creature — Human Wizard [2/2] | When Barrin, Tolarian Archmage enters the battlefield, return up to one other target creature or planeswalker to its owner's hand. / At the beginning of your end step, if a permanent was put into your hand from the battlefield this turn, draw a card.
ComradeMik: niche SOTD reference, was note expecting that
Desruprot: Legendary Bounce Wizard
HundreydAundre: No, we've never met this meme in our lives!
matthaus_c: DominAAARRia
MegaDosX: M21 was Teferi-focused so it has a bunch of Tolarian stuff
Pharmacistjudge: Hey, we all played Dream Drop Distance and spammed Balloon...
fcloud: who would win, one bird wizard or one bouncy boi
meachamo: Adam's getting bounce revenge for that pauper fight against Nelson
Flyingdelorion: Probably owner of a trampoline shop
vandristine: fblthp is a threat to the multiverse
Pharmacistjudge: bounce wizards are OOP in KH: DDD
fcloud: fblthp more like fb<tab>
SnowbirdMike: LOL
MegaDosX: Wow
MegaDosX: That's a draw
Mr_Bitterness: Man, the zingers tonight
superkooky: Barrin blew up Tolaria when his wife and daughter died and Urza was like, "So?"
djalternative: this is basically my standard brawl deck
gralamin: As a blue player: we deserved that
HammerTheWise: Good cards? In blue? You must be joking!
104 raiders from affinityartifacts have joined!
josh___something: Graham's not wrong
matthaus_c: BUST CHUT
mishotem: RAWR IT'S A RAID
thecrimsonchaos: breyaTreasure breyaBust breyaTreasure breyaChut breyaTreasure
blue_lore: breyaBust breyaChut
Sage0fMadness: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
shurtal: Ralph Nadir Kraken
BuddhaSpoon: breyaChut breyaChut
MegaDosX: Raiders!
afm_420: breyaBust breyaChut
kustomkrunch: breyaBust breyaChut
affinityartifacts: lol
Nihilist_Zealot: breyaBust breyaChut
Sage0fMadness: Hey Nelson and Adam!
Twilight_Spark: Bust a chut?
spritedragon_: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
charredspark: never fear, bust chut is here!
Sage0fMadness: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
vandallblast: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
blue_lore: Go Ben
Fried_Twinkie: Who's gonna clean up all this bust chut?
Nihilist_Zealot: breyaBust a breyaChut
Pharmacistjudge: Best Chat to Bust Chut
affinityartifacts: it's because i am terrible at typing
photosinensis: I have no clue.
Sage0fMadness: there's a command in Olivia's channel to explain it
affinityartifacts: yep
blue_lore: and Chat went with it....hard
affinityartifacts: Ben's completely right
Sage0fMadness: Autocorrect is a real menace Graham LUL
photosinensis: But here we are. Raided into here.
DeM0nFiRe: Affording an E and an A? In this economy?
Joey_EDHREC: :) :) :)
vandallblast: you are totally overthinking it.... breyaChut
theinvisiblevoice: it's not even the same hand O.o
underhill33: Oh god
kustomkrunch: it's a D&D kraken
photosinensis: That's quite an opening, Cam.
Twilight_Spark: So many philosophical questions.
MegaDosX: Thanks, I hate it
lmaeosl: but dont octopus tentacles still move around even when its detached?
Goorguy: Well that makes this worse Serge I have an adventure to go write
cutaos: its like the lemon juice tentacle stuff
BuddhaSpoon: i am a SoT player, but you're not wrong LUL
josh___something: HEY
photosinensis: This sounds like a problem that only happens in the wrong kind of anime.
MegaDosX: Stifled!
F1SHOR: omg adam
circusofkirkus: STIFLE BIRD
Pharmacistjudge: stifle birb'd
HammerTheWise: Skyward Sword LUL
frozenphoenix7: Stifle Bird. Stifle Bird.
HundreydAundre: Yes...... Y E S....
Sage0fMadness: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
josh___something: CHUT
Dog_of_Myth: breyaBust breyaChut breyaChut breyaBust
fcloud: glad somebody else laughed at ff14: skyward sword
kustomkrunch: breyaChut
blue_lore: Graham saying "Chut" just made my night <3
MegaDosX: "Welcome chut" is a hell of a sentence
djalternative: no, cam's completely right about how krackens work in SoT
RandomTrivia: Oh hey there was a Bust Chut raid while I was clipping. Welcome friends! lrrHEART
MegaDosX: Even with context
saucemaster5000: for those who want sea of thieves, go buy a copy of the board games forgotten waters and sleeping gods, have a much better feature omplete time
Dmc3628: Welcome Chut to the Highlight reel
Sage0fMadness: hey @RandomTrivia
charredspark: breyaChut breyaChut breyaChut
spritedragon_: breyaBust breyaBust breyaBust breyaChut breyaChut breyaChut
photosinensis: Graham always seemed like the kind of person I'd get into a conversation at a bar with.
Sage0fMadness: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
MegaDosX: The mono-blue value engine is up and running
josh___something: Oh cam's right about the SoT kraken
charredspark: that nelly, he's a fighter
Sage0fMadness: and an obligatory rlyAdam for Adam
Desruprot: Nelly will not go quietly into that good night
matthaus_c: show toilet
josh___something: but how dare to ben :p
fcloud: adam really wants that muffin
Theroastedrooster: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:51:39.
RandomTrivia: I tend to call it Magus of the Crucible
F1SHOR: nelly has gained soo much life
Pharmacistjudge: what? Riley made a show toilet emote?!?
photosinensis: Swagums?
charredspark: has nelly turned the corner?
blue_lore: Poor Nelly....
RandomTrivia: SWAGTUSK! benginLove
MegaDosX: OK that looks like a good draw there
Sage0fMadness: @Pharmacistjudge rlyAdam rlyAdam rlyAdam
Pharmacistjudge: that is so mean
photosinensis: Swagtusk is always lookin' fine.
Sage0fMadness: we got Adam with it earlier
photosinensis: He and Resto are my OTP.
MegaDosX: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
Pharmacistjudge: @Sage0fMadness i need a clip, someone has a clip right?
Haroldholmes25: can bounce your own things with multiple choice for what it's worth
HammerTheWise: Sounds like the usual indecisiveness of the hive mind
Sage0fMadness: @Pharmacistjudge there's gotta be
Goorguy: Advantage muffin vibrating wildly
Seth_Erickson: you don't have to choose nelly Adam you can decide not to do it
NotCainNorAbel: games over, but for who?
charredspark: we did it breyaChut
Dumori: the muffin of advantage is suffering from z-fighting
photosinensis: Hey, Kathleen, if you're listening, there's a fanfic idea for you: Swagtusk and Resto as OTP.
FadedOverseer: there's a granularity to this advantage muffin
samwisep86: !badadvice
LRRbot: Oil your manual.
flatluigi: i think adam can tap down the entire board
Fried_Twinkie: The classic interrupting your enemy in the middle of a mistake
MegaDosX: Choo choo
blue_lore: Mono-Blue Turning creatures sideways....what is this?
RandomTrivia: sergeOffByOne
HammerTheWise: He's alive!
Fried_Twinkie: ook ook
CaptainSpam: One! Is! Not! Zero! ...technically!
charredspark: ooga chaka ooga chaka
photosinensis: I'M NOT DEAD YET!
Twilight_Spark: Flute the boot.
F1SHOR: the muffin is cursed - whoever receives the muffin loses the next round
Fruan: Shouldn't have bounced fblthp!
Akaiatana: I was going to ask how many cards in Adam's deck, but it's not a 40
Electrodyne: is it Merfolk? They attack I think
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap
BjjBrain: That was great!
circusofkirkus: that was super cool
photosinensis: I was wearing a shirt just like Adam's today.
RandomTrivia: @Akaiatana Brawl decks are 60 cards, including the commander
Lucidmooselid: great game
HammerTheWise: This was super fun!
KWardJenx: Cam with the heavy backhand
photosinensis: Oh, *this* is our crew tonight. Cool.
Serpens77: Ben has really earned the name Arena Ben's
Paronychodon: I loved your Tribal Cube, Ben!
Akaiatana: @RandomTrivia Yeah, I was asking cards remaining because drawing that many cards in 40 is death
pn55: Ben did a great job on this. benginHeart
HammerTheWise: I think I remember Alex's Tribal Cube on MTGLRR
RandomTrivia: @Akaiatana Ah, gotcha. Fair enough
meachamo: Ben, you should team up with Justin Parnell for his 540 podcast
photosinensis: I need a Beej cube.
RandomTrivia: There was also the RoboRosewater cube :D
Znazl: <3
charredspark: though my time here was brief, that was some sweet cubin
blue_lore: I love hearing how nice everyone is being to Ben <3
Coogrr: Roborosewater cube was super fun to watch
djalternative: James owned a copy of Stib's pauper cube
photosinensis: What would Beej put in a cube?
superkooky: wasnt there a RoboRosewater cube?
F1SHOR: that would be amazing arena do the thing
HammerTheWise: *wink wink nudge nudge*
photosinensis: RIP me.
magical_writer: cheer50 thanks
MegaDosX: I think the Artisan cube you made would be easier for them to implement than this one, but that'd be really nea
shendaras: Abwatch
MegaDosX: neat*
kartik_221: Ever drafted the strictly worse cube?
Fried_Twinkie: You sure you can't go another 6 hours or so?
photosinensis: Good night, LRR people.
KWardJenx: This was GREAT!
electra310: Good stream!
SnowbirdMike: Thanks streamers
lirazel64: This was fun.
josh___something: Arena Ben-Ben's brawl draft :p
HammerTheWise: Thanks to you for the MTG fun times!! BisexualPride BisexualPride BisexualPride
djalternative: I still go back to watch the robo rosewater cube regularly
ShaneLeeAtk: !storm
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NewtyNewts: Drood the Ozference
photosinensis: I'm a sub. And a supporter on Patreon.
kartik_221: Thank you LRR!
blue_lore: A Kingdom of Cards
photosinensis: Card Kingdom: a Kingdom of Cards!
Lucidmooselid: yes yes yes Roborosewater cube was super fun to watch HahaBall
SnowbirdMike: Awesome
matthaus_c: LRL!
HundreydAundre: Good.... soap goofs!
DeM0nFiRe: Card Kingdom: Buy a card or kingdom?
kalku__: would love to see you run back the roborosewater, when in person is possible again
charredspark: ruh roh reon
laikagoat: fionaMuppet fionaMuppet
matthaus_c: something's gonna happen!
magical_writer: Drafts over, roll credits, cue the jetski
DeM0nFiRe: LIVE PogChamp
Simriel: @newtynewts I cast Phyrexian Rains.
FacelessManAboutTown: Live beginHype
RandomTrivia: Something happening HYPE
Lucidmooselid: @kalku__ HahaBall
FacelessManAboutTown: Live!!! benginHype benginHype
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
xantos69: Well that is your cold open right there.
Twilight_Spark: 1st or 2nd?
Earthenone: so vaccination prerecord?
Paronychodon: See you in line at the vaccine!
SmashTCG: Theres gonna be a joke about that
kalku__: sergePrideLove sergePrideLove sergePrideLove
SnowbirdMike: So no arm wrestling then?
Fruan: Loading Ready Live - Sleepy naptime edition.
MegaDosX: I mean, that'd be neat too
Simriel: An Astrix-Zenica?
Dog_of_Myth: First shot should be fine.
saucemaster5000: congrats on the shots everyone, sorry about the canada wait
NewtyNewts: Big smiles tomorrow! Best of luck with the dosage
Paronychodon: We passed the US in number first vaccinations today.
underhill33: First dose doesn't affect you much
Twilight_Spark: Reason for hope, then!
coachNelly: catching up as fast as anyone will sell us the vaccine
BjjBrain: Thanks for the games everyone!!
RandomTrivia: He's making his way to Krondor in an indirect, non-linear fashion
KWardJenx: You'll be fine. First dose is easy.
MegaDosX: Must be nice to have a reasonable and well communicated vaccination plan in your country
ArgentumFlare: Once the seatbelts come on, betraiyals are prohibited until we land
Juliamon: First dose is *usually* fine
MegaDosX: Must be nice.
flatluigi: deemo is great
Serpens77: Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal!
photosinensis: Second dose...that may lay all y'all up a bit. Schedule a day off afterward.
circusofkirkus: last week of hearthstone, right?
photosinensis: I was not prepared for that level of exhaustion.
josh___something: Deemo's neat
Juliamon: I had a harder time with my first dose for some reason
Paronychodon: *Sorry, should have said proportion, not number of first vaccinations.
goldreaver: Best of luck with the vaccines. We will get through this, you will see.
circusofkirkus: #canthorseclub
Juliamon: arm was sore for a week... second shot, sore for a day
RandomTrivia: #CantHorseClub
Earthenone: shudingers horse?
DeM0nFiRe: #unabletohorse
josh___something: #CantHorseClub
CaptainSpam: We are not in danger of horse.
photosinensis: It wasn't soreness. It was "I was wiped out. I could not lift a fork to my face to eat."
matthaus_c: ngl read it as Digestions
RandomTrivia: Kiss as DM benginHype
karpma: serge sticking to music
DeM0nFiRe: lol imagine monday krondor
MegaDosX: Man, Serge, I love Seal from a Rose
KWardJenx: LOL! Adam!!
charredspark: graham just wants more krondor. i can't blame him
fcloud: and after Minecraft Mondays ... Krondor Tuesdays! Half-price drafts!
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AllTheWeasels: Lucky thirteen, sneaking in at the end
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RandomTrivia: !sassplan
LRRbot: I don't know, go ask Serge's mods.
Juliamon: As someone once said, Krondor on the T's... Tuesday, Thursdays, Tsaturdays
Seth_Erickson: Just dig a hole what could go wrong Kappa
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
HundreydAundre: This & the book Kathleen had in the Dice Friends reveal seem a bit Eldraine-ish themed & I dig it.
MegaDosX: You should play Pixelmon >_>
ArgentumFlare: 'Dig a hole' which somehow james turned into a whole damn event
YeetTheRich_: diggy diggy hole
asthanius: Dig a sideways hole
charredspark: SisyphusCraft sounds dope
RandomTrivia: !quote 2
LRRbot: Quote #2: "The day I stream Minecraft is the last time I stream." —Adam [2015-01-17]
OldManJohnsonMB: i enjoy the parkour sstreams a bunch
fcloud: digging self-filling holes? i think i saw that on the control stream the other day
circusofkirkus: could always boot up Pixelmon Kappa
drcthulu: but is it good?
coachNelly: could it be worse than counterstrike parcour?
DeM0nFiRe: 🐱
CaptainSpam: As one does with cat ears.
RandomTrivia: The cat ears were worth every damn second
asthanius: That sounds like a good anime
Seth_Erickson: It'd be rude to do it any other way
NotCainNorAbel: jlrrCoolgame
ArgentumFlare: That belabored sigh told several stories
josh___something: Campy as HECK
ArgentumFlare: Six is pretty horrific
YeetTheRich_: liberated horror game
djalternative: 7 went back to horror
MegaDosX: Yeah but the zombies also have guns in 6
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Denniz_The_Menace: Love you all! Can't support all the time but love to when i can.
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charredspark: tfw your resi game turns into edf
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
RandomTrivia: I think the RE equivalent of shark-jumping is Boulder-Punching LUL
Goorguy: Anti trust in not making zombies?
CaptainSpam: Because Umbrella was so successful in their day, someone had to Neo it.
Simriel: at least Resi-7 and 8 are rad
flatluigi: credits music!
xantos69: cheer50 Bits for a great stream. Really enjoy drafts!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Seth_Erickson: oh a special guest PogChamp
Banrael: cheer500
DiscordianTokkan: Hahahaha
RandomTrivia: That was from DB2017...? I think?
ContingentCat: we need a lorge Adam and a smol Adam
iiiiloveyouuu: Nice names?
Seth_Erickson: but to eat them would you have to release them
HarmonisedMelody: I love adam but I couldn't order a large, I'm trying to cut down
MegaDosX: Serge no
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DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Gulleko: lrrHEART eogPeek
laikagoat: fionaGoat fionaGoat
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
KWardJenx: Thank you!!!
charredspark: thanks lrr crew
electra310: Byeeee!
HammerTheWise: BisexualPride BisexualPride BisexualPride
Simriel: Adam oonly comes in large
Aarek: lrrHEART
ghyllnox: o/ lrrHEART
charredspark: lorge
MegaDosX: Cube was sick, I hope you guys play it again
Phailhammer: cya :)
RandomTrivia: Oh, whoever was asking about "say it ain't stoat", that was AllTheWeasels for six weasels, so 7 months ago
Fire_Summoner: lrrHEART bye
Dog_of_Myth: lrrHEART
Simriel: That was a fantastic stream.
FenrisSchafer: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the great stream, everyone! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
HarmonisedMelody: Oh no! My FDA intake levels!
AllTheWeasels: @RandomTrivia I read my own username to that tune now
HarmonisedMelody: Surely you can't take a whole lorge adam in one sitting
serramarkov: Thank you!!!!
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
RandomTrivia: @AllTheWeasels How could anyone resist?
Simriel: @harmonisedmelody Not without practice :p
HarmonisedMelody: The sweetness would have to be bad for you
HarmonisedMelody: Hah!
HarmonisedMelody: Maybe it's like a wholesome pure foods movement thing
KeytarCat: oh, goodbye
djalternative: wait for the paul call
HarmonisedMelody: middley MOW
ContingentCat: Reminder: in ~2h Kathleen and Andrew are going to be joining Feminist Frequency on their channel
djalternative: 600 people are still here. looks like the secret's out
ContingentCat: we're not great at keeping nice things secret
Fire_Summoner: Night lrrPAUL
Banrael: G'night Paul!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrPAUL
RandomTrivia: Goodnight Paul! lrrHEART
NotCainNorAbel: good night paul
FenrisSchafer: lrrHEART lrrHEART jlrrPillow
djalternative: I mean, we certainly don't tell people about the secret things that happen during Krondor
serramarkov: G'night, Paul!
KWardJenx: Night Paul
ContingentCat: g'night Paul lrrHEART
NarfBlinko: ah well, VOD it is
RandomTrivia: Gotta get that 4-drop land on turn 4
HarmonisedMelody: Probably a surprise birthday party at Krondor!
djalternative: you'd have to watch live to find out
HarmonisedMelody: "Hey, I specifically TOLD you I don't want a birthday party, I find it hugely anxiety provoking, this is a betrayal of my trust in you!"
ContingentCat: @djalternative and they definitely don't show up in the highlight rell
ContingentCat: *feel
HarmonisedMelody: Right in the highlight feels
ContingentCat: *reel (come on brain)
Seagulyus: !next
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