Juliamon: Story of my life. "You're wrong, and I know you're wrong, but I don't know exactly how to prove it. But I bet someone can!"
TheMerricat: Sadly it's also the refrain of every bigoted conservative out there. It's only genius when you question the right things :)
TheMerricat: down to 117 extensions to update
Fruan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Worms W.M.D) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
TehAmelie: it seems you also need to marry some life support system of a person who will let you spend every waking moment focusing on a thing while they make your food and such
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Worms W.M.D) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
TheMerricat: I must be a genius :P
IbunWest: I am just smart enough to know I am not smart enough to debate people. cliffIQ
TheMerricat: Well I need to marry, haven't yet... which is why my apartment looks like the cross between a crack house and a hoarders heaven. But....
TehAmelie: Einstein's personal history is really kind of a mess. abandoning his special needs child for a start
Juliamon: I hate debating, but I also hate seeing people fall for blatant lies, which leads to a lot of tension with family members
Juliamon: and it tends to reinforce itself in the process
TheMerricat: Never meet your heros, that's why I only woreship a the feet of highly mutable comic book heros :P
TheMerricat: Debating has a place in life, but it's rarely where you find it. Much like critical thinking.
Juliamon: I can't think fast enough for verbal retorts so I always lose the "homeopathy is bullshit" and "vaccines aren't why I'm autistic" fights
Voxlunch: but those arent fights its just one side is unambiguously wrong
Juliamon: I KNOW
Juliamon: but they just TALK OVER ME
Voxlunch: I mean I think if you're discussing anything with them yall fug tup
Juliamon: I get trampled by shitty falsehoods
DoodlestheGreat: Fox News tactics.
Voxlunch: ew
TehAmelie: i have spent a great deal of my last ten years on the Internet talking to racist activists who universally want to pretend to have a formal debate while being unable to even begin to talk about what the rules for formal debate are. it's been a. . .special time
Voxlunch: donut engage
jessieimproved: You have to be prepared for the homeopathy fight, once I did that it was easier
Juliamon: I don't have a choice, I live here
jessieimproved: To be fair most people simply don't use the word "homeopathy" correctly
Voxlunch: you just have to make one valid argument among 100,000 moments of silence Kappa
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
TheMerricat: There isn't any winning in that sort of fight anyway, it's not as if the folk on either side are open to being converted through arguement. About the only way you can lead that horse to water is by gently steering them to the truth while not directly pressing against their beliefs.
jessieimproved: Personal anecdotes and appeals for empathy are more effective than facts
Voxlunch: Best thing for that "argument"?
Voxlunch: Nadespam
jessieimproved: As frustrating as that is
Jondare: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Worms W.M.D) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
TehAmelie: assuming they haven't gone full fascist, electing to prioritize power over truth
Voxlunch: puth
djalternative: hola chat
TehAmelie: hey it's Alex
Voxlunch: anyway enough politics lets watch this stream about organized squads trying to blow each other up with heavy weapons
jessieimproved: @TehAmelie That's when you just have to walk away and if you care about them, hope you see them later at a different part of the journey
Voxlunch: Kappa
Juliamon: yes time for worm
circusofkirkus: organized squads of invertebrates
Juliamon: 🐌
korvys: Everyone subscribe to Alex's patreon - his discord is great.
Vanbael: Like I saw earlier, nade spam should be valid here too
NightValien28: worm worm worm worm
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Worms W.M.D) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
djalternative: I see we're talking about our eventual anarcho-liberal revolution again
TehAmelie: unilateral wormfare
jessieimproved: Worms is to this day in my top 5 video game franchises
Juliamon: protip: snails are just worms with a portable bunker
jessieimproved: "Cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war!"
SnackPak_: worms is a top-tier LAN party game
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! Caught up on the Dice Friends VOD today (sadly had a schedule conflict for when it was live)
Juliamon: 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌
Defrost: Alex moving away from politics by... accusing people of having weapons of mass destruction?? Kappa
TehAmelie: i feel quite alone in preferring the old school, pixelated Worms
TheMerricat: TBH when I was younger I used to think that it was incumbent on me to help people see the light. I tried fighting, I tried listening and being calm. I tried just ignoring. Eventually I realized that while people aren't stupid in the sense of being incapable of thinking for themselves, you can't cure someone's unwillingness to examine their own beliefs. And while I'm now a hermit, at least I don't have the high blood pressure that came from being around people who were either purposefully toxic
djalternative: nah. we let loose sheep and donkies of war here
TheMerricat: or just inadvertantly adding to it.
jessieimproved: @TehAmelie Worms World Party is my favorite
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat Mood
Voxlunch: yeah lets step away from politics by tracking down some weapons of mass destruction Kappa
Metric_Furlong: also not the hogs of war, that's a different battle game
DarkMorford: Whoo, blowin' shit up!
Vanbael: I've only played Worms Revolution with friends, but my god that was a riot. Even when I get sparta poked off a cliff
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat (also I almost definitely missed the context for that :p )
TheMerricat: :) It worked anyway @PharaohBender27. We were talking about how debating sucks
jessieimproved: Playing Worms in college with my friends and then again with my children is an awesome feeling
TheMerricat: So will Serge be joining us tonight and if so , what are the bets on the FF deaths involving him? :P
djalternative: @Voxlunch I've got a podcast you should listen to then. It's called behind the bastards by renowned reporter Robert Evans
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat Ah yes, the old "Why can't you just debate me!?" tactic
TehAmelie: i believe Worms United is the perfected form of the Worms concept. that was the original game with the expansion set combined into essentially another expansion set but sold as a standalone game
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrHEART Time to detonate some cartoon worms and ALL the terrain!
TheMerricat: I don't know why but when Worms came out I had this unreasonable dislike for the series because I thought it was ripping off Scorched Earth. It wasn't till much later I realized how far down the rabbit hole things went. So I've never played Worms but have always enjoyed watching it :)
quasi79fu: woooormiiiies
TehAmelie: very unnecessarily convoluted, and for only marginal benefits over the basic game, but still, that was when it peaked, before going all cartoony
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Terr0rc0tta: I am ready for some truly silly deaths and a top 10 anime betrayal
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SAJewers: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Worms W.M.D) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
djalternative: TBH, lrr doing a stream one day where they do a pass and play of the WMD campaign where everyone controls their own worm would be fun
RandomTrivia: If nobody kills a worm with the Poke I will be immensely disappointed
PharaohBender27: @djalternative Robert Evans . . . is he the one who used to do fascinating first-person field pieces for Cracked? Or am I thinking of someone else?
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
jessieimproved: lrrSIGNAL
djalternative: @PharaohBender27 you're correct
TehAmelie: the later games are much more internet multiplayer friendly of course, and that's what we're here for <3
SnackPak_: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
wynternyghtynggale: hiya everyone
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Vanbael: lrrSIGNAL
laikagoat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TheMerricat: Though I still do hold out a particular dislike for which ever version it was that had microtransactions built in for purchasing weapons.
djalternative: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Sheikun07: I can't wait to see a bunch of invertebrates explode one another with various objects and creatures!
Alas_Babylon: Worms of Masterpiece Diagrams
Nigouki: worms hyyyyyyyype
TehAmelie: PrideHeartL PrideHeartR
jessieimproved: Perfect song to lead into a game of Worms
hexy_lexy: hey nerds! i got my first vaccine shot today!!! also reminder that yall are valuable and beautiful and valid and loved
sorinthecat: did someone in LRR make the music or?
TheMerricat: Perfect song to kick the pre-stream off with too. :)
PharaohBender27: @djalternative Dang. I remember learning about a de facto country I hadn't known about before because of one of those
NightValien28: hexy_lexy hell yeah!!!!
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A_Catastrophic_Success: I lob a Holy Hand Grenade at the rest of chat. The wind catches it and blows it back in my direction. It explodes at my feet doing 120 points of damage to me.
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jessieimproved: @hexy_lexy lrrHEART lrrHEART
MyrddintheWizard: lrrSIGNAL
Bengineering: benginRemy
iris_of_ether: @hexy_lexy I'm so psyched for you!!!
Alas_Babylon: On staff: Wheeler, Serge, Cameron, Alex, Ben, and Ian
SnackPak_: hexy_lexy lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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Orgmastron: !bgc
LRRbot: Jimmy Hinson AKA "BigGiantCircles" makes chiptunes, which are featured during commercial breaks. His music, including LRR remixes and the soundtrack for Road Quest, is available here: https://biggiantcircles.bandcamp.com/music
theanthonydee: benginDab benginDab benginDab
TheMerricat: WOOT! @hexy_lexy welcome to the first jab club, first rule is talk about the first jab club wtih everyone :P
TehAmelie: psych! grenades are unaffected by wind
ContingentCat: @hexy_lexy I got vaccinated too! katesParty
bjorlamn: I see we have chosen violence today
RandomTrivia: hexy_lexy lrrHORN lrrHEART
sorinthecat: @laikagoat Thanks for the gift sub! youre so nice tysm!!
PharaohBender27: @hexy_lexy Congrats on your first dose of the Facui Ouchie! tqsHype katesHype
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TheWriterAleph: time for worrrrrms
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Butternades: Someone said violence?
Butternades: I’m in
CaptainSpam: We are worms, we're the best, and we're going to win the war...
PharaohBender27: *Fauci
Juliamon: Good news everyone, I found a trove of sea salt caramel truffles I bought after Valentine's Day and then stashed to decontam and then forgot about until just now!
Bengineering: ohai everybody
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RandomTrivia: benginHi
DoodlestheGreat: By the by, did you folks hear about the new Twitch tags? All kinds of interesting ones.
RunningMonkeys: o/
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ContingentCat: Violence? I'm in!
RandomTrivia: benginRemy
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hexy_lexy: BEN BEN <3
SnackPak_: Juliamon the system is working
PharaohBender27: Ohai lrrBEN
Wrexadecimal: Aw man, Worms. I loved Worms 2 and Worms World Party
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abaoa_qu: Nice!
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Crossing the Streams! This week, the crew is engaging in a frank exchange of explosives with Worms W.M.D. http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E2WkYrsUcAIqXOA.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1397704885848580099
Butternades: @contingentcat you’re here for the violence too?
TehAmelie: @TheMerricat Thanks
Bengineering: @hexy_lexy Gratz on the poke!
TheAinMAP: benginHi
MyrddintheWizard: Vaccines!!! benginHeck benginYe
TheMerricat: :) enjoy
ani_laurel: Geez, I'm getting, like, 5 ads
Butternades: @bengineering I hope you’re well this fine afternoon
sorinthecat: @Bengineering did LRR make the music?
AWells44: lrrSACK lrrCOW lrrSACK
TheMerricat: !bgc
LRRbot: Jimmy Hinson AKA "BigGiantCircles" makes chiptunes, which are featured during commercial breaks. His music, including LRR remixes and the soundtrack for Road Quest, is available here: https://biggiantcircles.bandcamp.com/music
TheMerricat: @sorinthecat ^^
Bengineering: all music is by Big Giant circles @sorinthecat !
LordZarano: I'm getting a piece of hollow metal shoved into my arm tomorrow! Very excited!
hexy_lexy: @Bengineering i cant wait to hug my friends again. i know im gonna cry the first hug i get and am gonna hang on a little too long
TehAmelie: edging into that 3000 subs mark eh
sorinthecat: its good music!
kusinohki: *hugs* @hexy_lexy
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JessKay: oh, worm?
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Butternades: @lordzarano congrats, hope it goes well. I had no issues at all with Pfizer
TehAmelie: are you hungry for worrrrrmms?
TheMerricat: @TehAmelie yeah, I'm trying to make sure 3000 is worth it but it'll probably be a joke sub during an LRL :D
PharaohBender27: Congrats, @LordZarano !
CyberColossus: vaccine 2 for me is June 11th
Dog_of_Myth: Guess who got their second shot today...
Butternades: Nice!
hexy_lexy: surprising NOBODY here, im a HIGHLY physically affectionate person. this past year and a bit has been my personal hell
TheMerricat: Woot @Dog_of_Myth :)
wickaboxet: I heard there were going to be worms of some sort
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SnowbirdMike: Good evening other Chattonians
Butternades: Oh, worm?
Voxlunch: @hexy_lexy mood
PharaohBender27: @Butternades I also got Pfizer - had a sore arm the throat feeling a bit off both times, and my blood pressure went up a bit after the first one, but that was it :)
Cavemanhar: ahh yes worms: Wormology Master's Degree
DarkMorford: I get my second dose in a week!
djalternative: @TheMerricat make your 3000 a gift to Andre 3000's account?
Terr0rc0tta: ready to open up a real can of worms
Juliamon: 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌 🐌
laikagoat: @sorinthecat lrrHEART critroleScanlan
hexy_lexy: @Voxlunch my lifes goal is to hug everyone who consents
TheMerricat: @hexy_lexy I feel for you, I the opposite but I know a lot of friends who are really miserable right now because they have not been handling being alone for a full year that well.
TehAmelie: i love touching and being touched but i have no experience with it and always make it awkward when people hug me. what would Dr Chat suggest?
Butternades: I hope everybody has fun and blows each other up
Voxlunch: *has starved to death from touch deprivation*
TheMerricat: @djalternative that's an idea :)
CrazyZonie: OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!! I just got here and the stream hasn't started yet!!! Oh YEAH!
sydnius: lrrFINE
sorinthecat: @hexy_lexy we can hug :)
hexy_lexy: @Voxlunch BIGGEST MOOD
red_shoes_jeff: In before the bell!
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CrazyZonie: I love me some Worms action.
Butternades: @tehamelie just accept it and go with it, being an active participant makes it less awkward
SergeYager: duDudu duDudu duDudu
wickaboxet: Chat internet hugs for all?
Boon_33: lrrSIGNAL
SergeYager: FBtouchdown
SergeYager: it's goooooooood
SergeYager: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
TehAmelie: but i don't know how to "go with it"
SergeYager: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
NightValien28: kathleen bowser is so good LUL
SnowbirdMike: I managed to "wriggle" here before it started too.
iris_of_ether: 2020Party 2020Pajamas 2020Party 2020Pajamas
quietcat: this intro is such a banger
hesterbyrde: Huzzah for vaccinations and ensuing hugs!
SergeYager: lrrCAMERON lrrCHKN lrrHEART
CyberColossus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Dog_of_Myth: Serge is spamming the emotes. :p
Tevildo: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Aquarionics: lrrSIGNAL_TK
hexy_lexy: @sorinthecat when its safe and we are in the same room, 100% yes. you dont need to ask as long as i can see you going in for a hug
iris_of_ether: I love the little yell that Beej and Ian do in the intro :)
Butternades: And serge?
graal_smith: Yay, WORMS!
asthanius: Alex!
vellebastet: Whooooo!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
TehAmelie: hello!
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vellebastet: 👏👏
SergeYager: lrrCREEPR lrrCREEPR lrrCREEPR
BibitteNoire: Looking cool Alex!
djalternative: out of curiosity, I wonder if lrrbot can pull up this card from scryfall
hexy_lexy: ALEX!!!!! <3
Terr0rc0tta: Yo, it is good to see Alex
Aenir798: Alex!
PharaohBender27: @NightValien28 Not to mention a (in retrospect) sign of the Bowsette phenomenon :D
Boon_33: Welcome to our homes and phones.
djalternative: !card Draw ▹ GF Siren
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Butternades: And Serge!
vellebastet: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPL
sorinthecat: ALex!
hesterbyrde: YAY! Such good faces.
djalternative: dang
Bellpei: Time for Worms!
Despoiler98: NO not worms in my eyes katesSweat
noSmokeFire: delicious worms
NightValien28: PharaohBender27 oh yeah LUL
DoodlestheGreat: Time to make things go all explodey!
Snowcookies: eyeballs
CrazyZonie: I've seen the background Ian has... don't remember what scifi book has that clark can he has
Naarius: Chat probably did something that caused it
SnowbirdMike: Evening LRR gang.
wickaboxet: Alex looking fly
TehAmelie: insert the worm into your eyeballs, or tear channel
wolfiezz43: ALEX!!!!!!
SoaringDragon42: Alex!
hexy_lexy: @Voxlunch looking rad AF today!!!
fastlane250: Alex on CTS? aaaaaaah i need to get back home to my PC
red_shoes_jeff: I don't want worms again!
TemporallyAwry: Somehow I always forget Ian has amazing backgrounds PrideLaugh
DaSunao: I hate it when I go to hit the cast button and instead slam the clip button.
sorinthecat: Hi Ben Wheeler so shocked to see u here
RandomTrivia: SOLD
Vyous: You get to be part of Gog-Agog
Kaorti: wisdom
wickaboxet: Worms in my eyeholes?!
Maddrius: or the comments section
graal_smith: Hey, I've got a Tok'ra Symbiote and it's working GREAT!
Kikazi: Looking good this evening folks!
CaptainSpam: @red_shoes_jeff Oh, but these worms have explosives!
Masslost: alex is definitely listening to danger zone when wearing them shades
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW lrrIAN , mood
RandomTrivia: What a good start LUL
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
wynternyghtynggale: but my cat eats worms.....
TehAmelie: yes we got there with the Gog-Agog reference
Aquarionics: Is that the citadel?
Kaorti: "good old days"
Radjack: Is Ian's background an O'Niell Cylinder?
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iris_of_ether: Therapeutic Eye Worms is the name of my cover band, but lord if I know which one....
RandomTrivia: Amazing
red_shoes_jeff: C A T
Cephallope: Assuming worms arent violent
A_Catastrophic_Success: !advice
LRRbot: Don't let the giant pig fall on you when it dies.
CAKHost: Cat
wickaboxet: Real medicine, like humours
Thatwasademo: This intro was pretty amazing
CAKHost: Bye Cat
Thatwasademo: !goodadvice
LRRbot: Don't listen to some bot in Twitch chat...
tiltyhouse: @Radjack You know it!
Alas_Babylon: @iris_of_ether Imagine Dragons?
wynternyghtynggale: !badadvise
A_Catastrophic_Success: !badadvice
LRRbot: Well, You died.
quasi79fu: can u imagine Loading Ready Run doing Gartic Phone
Radjack: Heck yeah! :D
RandomTrivia: !quote 4094
LRRbot: Quote #4094: "We've all got worms, and you get to watch" —Alex [2017-03-08]
DoodlestheGreat: Well this show's gotten off to a heck of a start. >_<
sorinthecat: i want bens big magic card
sorinthecat: that sounds weird..
TheAinMAP: Okay then.
DeM0nFiRe: Haha
RandomTrivia: sergeJustRight
Boon_33: Serge what about fishing?
Snowcookies: yes
Butternades: Yes
PharaohBender27: katesLol
vellebastet: sykLaugh
Diabore: i think one of those isnt true, wasnt serge on the last worms stream?
JessKay: oh I thought that was going to go "I found a worm inside of me"
azureHaights: When I was, a young worm, my father,
Wrexadecimal: I'm a worms War veteran lunarPog
cuttlefishman: Wiw
Dog_of_Myth: IAN
Styxseus: :D
Maddrius: YES
RandomTrivia: IAN
cuttlefishman: Wowowow
control_rig: Woooooow
Cartographers_Ink: I was expecting a rendition on Black Parade
hexy_lexy: IAN HORNER
Bellpei: Worm sign, is that like MST3K Movie sign?
Alas_Babylon: Ian Horner, Confirmed Not Our Boy Tonight
Diabore: did alex get a haircut?
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fireiceair1989: fireic1Love fireic1Pop
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NightValien28: I missed that good good alex laugh
Goorguy: Fear is the holy hand grenade
DoodlestheGreat: I was hoping SOMEONE would start Dune refs.
CrazyZonie: @Wrexadecimal I have PTSD from Ninja Ropes.
Kaorti: A great grandmother of a concrete donky Usul.
Mattmitchell45: PJSalt Closest I could get to Spice
BlindProphet32: Shai'hulud comes
TehAmelie: for those who don't follow Kill Six Billion Demons, Gog-Agog is a collective of worm parasites occupying supposedly all living things in one third of her 111,111 universes. and in today's page she's apparently beginning to get angry.
wickaboxet: So speaking of worms, who has the best ninja rope?
Butternades: He who controls the spice controls the worms games?
Nigouki: too bad chat point betting has only 2 options and we can't gamble on this
PharaohBender27: It's definitely been on CtS, but not for a while
CaptainSpam: I've fought my way through many a map with ninja ropes in my day. But you should see the people REALLY good with them...
Wrexadecimal: @Wrexadecimal oof, yeah
mowdownjoe digs up the "penis hole" clip from the last Worms stream.
JessKay: @TehAmelie truly the worm has turned
Kaorti: oh crap, new K6BD page?!? BRB!
NarishmaReborn: wait, ben was around for mark iii?
Sheikun07: Serge: Serge
quasi79fu: this willl be glorious chaos
Perivale: I approve of Serge's approach
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Butternades: @sheikun07 featuring serge 1-4
djalternative: oh. you're in for a surprise then
MegaDosX: Kitty!
serramarkov: Earthworm Jim!
RandomTrivia: Hi Mulder!
resistentialism: merrow
hexy_lexy: kitty!!!
ani_laurel: Thanks Pharaoh
iris_of_ether: Kitty!
noSmokeFire: you might not like it, but this what peak worm performance looks like
sorinthecat: hi paul!
YeetTheRich_: wheelerMuldcb
Mattmitchell45: This WASD moves the wurm deeply
TheMerricat: Mulder wants out.
DarkMorford: Wasn't it a Worms stream when Cori first introduced us to the food cube?
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Sheikun07: I hope we find a surprise Snerge on the team
SnowbirdMike: Smooth
Boon_33: knowing the controls wouldn't be faithful to the worms experience for most people.
DoodlestheGreat: MEOW
Thatwasademo: as we said back in the worms armageddon days: click the bulb
Snowcookies: Only you can change Worms
Wrexadecimal: @PharaohBender27 thank you so much!
SnackPak_: rdy
wickaboxet: Cat cat cat
cuttlefishman: ready
lamina5432: Serge didn't use wasd back then i though
34Witches: ready
wynternyghtynggale: !y
quasi79fu: red light...greeen light....Purple light???
Thatwasademo: *click the bulb*, horner
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chimingfish: rrrrrelease the sheep!
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vellebastet: "stuff"
Fruan: That's the genitals
Juliamon: that's their body
RandomTrivia: I mean, they have to store all those comically oversized weapons somewhere
TehAmelie: their stuff is just muscle and like two nerves
asthanius: Worms like wearing chokers
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vellebastet: Naturally, Ian
kusinohki: gundam has it's own twitter?
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Butternades: It makes sense that Serge brought Kevin the shark with him
sorinthecat: oh nooo why does it dance
stizzet: Ben, always on brand
Kaorti: @TehAmelie Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't tom put Gog-Agog at the top of the power ranking, excluding Jagganoth, and after Jadis became a monolith?
wickaboxet: Of god, things from twitter
Despoiler98: the Anger starts immediately from Cam :D
PharaohBender27: @Wrexadecimal No problem! :)
TheMerricat: @Voxlunch The clitellum is a thickened glandular and non-segmented section of the body wall near the head in earthworms and leeches, that secretes a viscid sac in which eggs are stored. ... The clitellum is a thick, saddle-like ring found in the epidermis (skin) of the worm, usually with a light-colored pigment.
RandomTrivia: lrrGREED
MegaDosX: lmaooooo
Kaorti: this gonna be good
Arclight_Dynamo: No game audio, eh?
RandomTrivia: Welp
quasi79fu: mwaaahahahaha
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SnowbirdMike: OOPS
YeetTheRich_: nice
Thatwasademo: lrrGREED
Metric_Furlong: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
TheDailyMapleSyrup: next do kevon
CaptainSpam: Oi! Nutter!
Nigouki: just as keikaku
RandomTrivia: PERFECTION
Cunobelenos: Oh hey! A wild Alex has appeared!
Boon_33: that's worms
sydnius: Final Space approved
theanthonydee: Kevinism reins supreme!
hexy_lexy: tiltyhPLZ
control_rig: Yep that's Worms
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
hexy_lexy: tiltyhPLS
Dragonality: Nope
pn55: I mean, you did get 2-in-1
mowdownjoe: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Cunobelenos: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Dragonality: Yay!
MegaDosX: No select worm at start of turn by the looks
wickaboxet: Hubris
Fried_Twinkie: The required first "forgot to hold the power button" shot
nyperold: Time for some annelidical thinking.
Thatwasademo: !paul
Arclight_Dynamo: TY Paul!
CaptainSpam: Worm Select might not be on this game.
SnowbirdMike: Better
Thequickgreyfox: oh it's so lovely to see Alex!
mochabeanie: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
ContingentCat: thanks Pul
cuttlefishman: I want wheeler to make the game audio
Vanbael: thanks paul
TheBorzoi: Looks like worm select is off
Kaorti: looks like you can't tab around without an item right now
YeetTheRich_: thanks paul
hexy_lexy: TY lrrPAUL
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JessKay: @TehAmelie They actually said Gog-Agog would be *above* Jagganoth, if she wasn't always goofing around.
MegaDosX: That's a game setting and a tool you can get
Cunobelenos: Thanks Paul
RaklarLS: that's definitely a game setting
MegaDosX: WOW
Kaorti: murder!
Despoiler98: DAAAAAAANG
GamesAndInk: There's specifically a limited-use item that switches worms typically
wickaboxet: Thanks Paul
Vanbael: YEET
kumatsu: seabatNogood
quasi79fu: Keviiinnnn is goooone
Dragonality: Right off the bat?
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HoloTheWiseWolf_: HomeRUN
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SnowbirdMike: I love this game
MegaDosX: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
mochabeanie: seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood
Nameless_Sword: ouch
laikagoat: critroleTouchdown
Kramburger: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown seabatSEAL
noSmokeFire: FBtouchdown
Wrexadecimal: mmm, glorious
iris_of_ether: FBtouchdown
Cephallope: FBtouchdown
Chatstone: FBtouchdown
wargodmogis: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
TheAinMAP: FBtouchdown
CaptainSpam: FBtouchdown
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MaverickArtist: dflawlHYPE
Boon_33: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
ladylinzington: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Randoplh: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown
BibitteNoire: FBtouchdown
Thatwasademo: if it's anything like Armageddon, depending on the mode worm switching may be available, unavailable, or available if you use an item
TheWooglie: I think Serge has remembered correctly
pn55: seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood
kusinohki: touchdown is the wrong sport though
MegaDosX: Adam's not here I can use the Critical Role one and he can't complain!
Nigouki: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
hexy_lexy: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Kaorti: @TehAmelie whelp, this gonna be good
vellebastet: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
tehfewl: FBtouchdown
Spacepup: FBTouchdown
taruan: FBtouchdown
ContingentCat: FBtouchdown
txzen_: it is baseball season
FarrinDelmirre: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
empyreon: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
RunningMonkeys: FBtouchdown
Wrexadecimal: I loved worm switch
wynternyghtynggale: touch downs are only for winner
darkalter2000: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Butternades: Home run
sydnius: FBtouchdown
Spacepup: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MaverickArtist: dflawlSMALLEN
TheDailyMapleSyrup: sergeHeart
oneiropticon: Pop fly into the end zone for a birdie!
MegaDosX: Helicopter shoots below it
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Styxseus: I have not played this Worms in particular, but this brings back alot of memories :D
MegaDosX: Hold button
Cartographers_Ink: Serge the precious cinnamon bun, who secretly has raisins
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
hexy_lexy: @wynternyghtynggale YOURE a winner
tigerking19898: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Zanzabar_: Theres an item that lets you swap the active worm
HoloTheWiseWolf_: Paul i was a madman that was a fan of bazookas and grenades. if you got good you could ruin
RandomTrivia: This seems fine and definitely not dangerous LUL
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun for Paul: there should be an item that lets you switch a worm. I think default gets 2 of them
magical_writer: I don't know but it almost looks like there is a 5 countdown where you could switch worms at the very start of the turn.
quasi79fu: lol most dangerous worms ever???
Cunobelenos: Get to the choppah
MegaDosX: It's a digger
MegaDosX: And I think also a boat so it can float
Kaorti: remember, dig UP
quasi79fu: hahahahahaha
Kaorti: pull up!
vellebastet: OOOOOH
txzen_: it has a propeller so it is go in water
RandomTrivia: Ah yes, Worms: Acme Edition :D
MegaDosX: Wheeler's camping, get him! :p
CaptainSpam: Darksider! :p
vellebastet: Yeees
Alas_Babylon: The background track sounds like it's from Binding of Isaac
Despoiler98: BONK
Dragonality: Bonk
Raigne86: geefChair
Alas_Babylon: *whap*
Boon_33: BUNT
RandomTrivia: *BONK*
hexy_lexy: BONK
Fried_Twinkie: That didn't seem necessary
noSmokeFire: go to JAIL
quasi79fu: da bonk
TheMerricat: Peaky Blinders?
sorinthecat: turret
Thatwasademo: time to Deal Exactly 20 Damage
RandomTrivia: An emplacement?!
HoloTheWiseWolf_: did anyone els ever play with bats and poke removed
hexy_lexy: go to Horner Jail *bonk*
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quasi79fu: haahaha
quasi79fu: misfire
TehAmelie: i once ran away from home and went bussing through America, and the most surreal moment in that whole journey was when i found an actual business called ACME supplies
RandomTrivia: HAH
MegaDosX: Well, you got someone
Kaorti: outgoing
ContingentCat: RIP Fishes
Orlantia: @loadingreadyrun there is also item crafting that a work can do during and after your turn
Thatwasademo: sometimes random mortar works
MegaDosX: Man I love the Worms voice packs
asthanius: Waffle Squarf!
quasi79fu: sneaky worm
wickaboxet: Is wheeler playing with a fight stick, or is he playing wrong?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: TehAmelie what did they sell
TehAmelie: office supplies i think
HoloTheWiseWolf_: awww
jessieimproved: So in these fancy modern versions, how good are the voice packs? That was one of the best parts of the old games
quasi79fu: haahahaha
sorinthecat: let him out
MegaDosX: Some buildings, yes
MegaDosX: Said buildings can also be demolished
SentientRatKing: Does the crew know about crafting mechanics in this version of worms?
Fried_Twinkie: Dang sick burn there
HoloTheWiseWolf_: jessieimproved i think worms reloded hd did the best
TheBorzoi: It's been a while since I played a Worms game but I remember dragon ball, fire punch and baseball bat all do a fixed 30 damage
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GertrudePerkins: Worm is love, worm is life
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jedi_master_zll: I used that voice pack once. It got old real quick.
CAKHost: How can you craft during explosions?
TheBorzoi: But are good for launching enemy worm
MegaDosX: You can get item components and craft using them, and you can do it on other people's turns
quasi79fu: wait till they discover the donkey or farting grandma
CaptainSpam: Serge knows the power of the backflip. The man's a vetran.
quasi79fu: or even the america bombs
Boon_33: staying aliveeee
djalternative: if you open up the weapon menu there's a second tab for crafted items
RandomTrivia: I feel this becoming another contender for GarfKart's "most clips in one stream" title
TehAmelie: by the way why is it always "Sorry Finland"? is that where any projectile weapons are assumed to go when you shoot them in western Canada? it's such a small target, in between russia and scandinavia
MegaDosX: Oh no, tank time
vellebastet: What?!
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
Dog_of_Myth: Metal Slug Time!!
Styxseus: thats so menacing xD
quasi79fu: great turn
RandomTrivia: Neat.
Zanzabar_: You can set your crafting when its not your turn, basically break down items for parts and make new or upgraded items
MegaDosX: Man I loved their reaction to the tank jumping :D
RoyalNPC: hello everyone. omg I love worms and hi alex haven't see you in a bit missed ya
Thatwasademo: we have crate!
ContingentCat: It not perfect system
MegaDosX: It's the get in button
asthanius: The Any Key
quasi79fu: hijacked
MegaDosX: Point blank tank shot, good lord
sorinthecat: i hate that is jumps
quasi79fu: hahahahaha
djalternative: yeah, you hold the button for vehicles and mounted guns
TehAmelie: ooh imagine if you could Saving Private Ryan a tank. in any videogame. shoot a handgun down the barrel at the exact moment they fire directly at you. . .
Yakkers221B: bitterEnd
MegaDosX: It does some damage to you too
MegaDosX: Because you were right next to him
Nuurgle: damage goes on the stack
Zanzabar_: Vehicles fire as long as you hold the button down
Thatwasademo: damage in worms always applies after everything has stopped moving
HoloTheWiseWolf_: for a tank round to the face, not bad
SentientRatKing: Remember to Hold down fire on vehicles even tanks
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JustAConspiracy: I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 28
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quasi79fu: hes out of control runnnn
Thatwasademo: outstanding use of retreat time there
MegaDosX: That's on brand for the worms, honestly
Zanzabar_: If you stop shooting your turn is over
djalternative: now that was a proper vehicle shot
MegaDosX: Is it still backspace jump up, double backspace to backflip?
Thatwasademo: ian
DarkMorford: HORNER
Thatwasademo: ian plz
kusinohki: *old man yells at cloud voice* remember when worms was mostly grenades and bazookas?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: hey chat whos screen are we viewing?
quasi79fu: that worm scream lol
MegaDosX: It's chain lightning
RandomTrivia: WOAH
Vanbael: ooof
CaptainSpam: Ooo, chain lightning.
iris_of_ether: Bwahahahahaha
TehAmelie: a Cherry Darling aircraft, keeping itself airborne by firing down. might not be unrealistic if you use the GSh-6-30
vellebastet: Daaaamn
MegaDosX: If you hit that in the middle of a bunch of worms it'd chain from one to another
Snowcookies: wow
Vanbael: dodgy phone battery is powerful
RaklarLS: all the garbage condensed into one worm
nyperold: Only Garbage?
djalternative: you can also craft a charged phone battery
Radjack: @TehAmelie I'm pretty sure there's an XKCD What If about that xD
CaptainSpam: Jump out, chuck a grenade in with Espresso.
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thopter_spy: lrrHORN
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TehAmelie: exactly
PharaohBender27: Oh GOD that stupid song keeps popping in my head every few weeks
quasi79fu: omg this worm rappper
kusinohki: who does chat think will first push on a ninja rope?
MegaDosX: Oh no
Raigne86: Absolutely not
MegaDosX: Ninja rope usage has always been a skill
djalternative: absolutely not
Yakkers221B: Skills
sorinthecat: i like all the rapping
TheBorzoi: I love using prod on a worm standing on a cliff edge
quasi79fu: can we killl the rappper??? for the giggles???
MegaDosX: A+ Serge :P
RandomTrivia: LUL
YeetTheRich_: wheelerY wheelerT
LordZarano: Dodgy lithium batteries are dangerous. They shoot jets of unextinguishable superhot flame
bjorlamn: Alright we need to kill serge first
Thatwasademo: ninja rope is a high skill thing to the point where people made maps to race on rather than to fight on
sorinthecat: blow up the missile
CaptainSpam: Okay, so Serge has the experience here. Goes straight for the ropes.
TehAmelie: i used to play Worms with a guy who forced us to play with the turn timer on just because of how he liked to use ninja ropes
MegaDosX: So vehicles protect you a bit, but they take damage too and will explode and do damage as well if they take too much
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Pteraspidomorphi: I love Worms!
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Zanzabar_: Items are upgradeable in the crafting menu
eric_christian_berg: You take damage from the jet pack.
MegaDosX: I thought Ben was going to do the classic jetpack play of flying up, dropping a grenade and flying away
quasi79fu: goooooal
Nigouki: you can drop off dynamite while still on jetpack
MegaDosX: And the music!
Perivale: FBtouchdown
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
hexy_lexy: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Cephallope: FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
vellebastet: FBtouchdown
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
djalternative: Also, you might want to tell the players that they can craft when it isn't their turn
Nuurgle: now it's an Americano
iris_of_ether: FBtouchdown
Fried_Twinkie: Is there still a Holy Hand Grenade?
mochabeanie: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
blue_lore: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
graal_smith: Thank you Paapa @Nuurgle
MegaDosX: @Fried_Twinkie Pretty sure, yeah
TehAmelie: this is a lesson every single combative multiplayer game needs to learn: let you put hats on your characters
wickaboxet: Good joke streamer
Chedamann: Pretty sure that was a six!
wynternyghtynggale: !badadvice
LRRbot: Punch the axe.
RandomTrivia: @Fried_Twinkie I hope so, can't really be Worms without it
TehAmelie: or any kind of distinguishing visual characteristics
quasi79fu: Triple Killll
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
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Serifina: WORMS! Kill them ALL!
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CaptainSpam: Dynamite, right there. Then RUN!
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YeetTheRich_: actually only one of serges worms is coffee?
quasi79fu: i think this worm thinks its a rabbit...Or maybe a frog
quasi79fu: it keeps bouncing everywhere
Enki1256: Cell phone time.
sorinthecat: kill em all!
TheWooglie: dynamite
BusTed: I remember the double backspace back jump tech.
quasi79fu: hahhahaha
Boon_33: oofa
Raigne86: All according to plan!
vellebastet: Oh nooo
Orgmastron: Classic Worms
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
sorinthecat: imagine if a worm irl screamed when u stepped on it
TehAmelie: it has been my experience in all of Wormhood that the most extraordinarily memorable shots you make are always mistakes that blow up your own worms
asthanius: Same publisher on the two games
Terr0rc0tta: yoooo, Monster Sanctuary was litt
quasi79fu: uh oh
quasi79fu: incoming NUKE
Kaorti: them good quotes
RandomTrivia: Uh oh
PharaohBender27: UM
MegaDosX: Well that's a future problem
Vanbael: uhhhhh
Boon_33: WMD?
ContingentCat: goodbye?
Dragonality: Don't worry about it
RandomTrivia: Goodbye.....?
RandomTrivia: Don't even worry about it, then
Dragonality: That's a future you problem
GragSmash: good Tom Lehrer reference from Alex
MegaDosX: Fortunately I don't think it's a nuke
Dragonality: Ah, Paul!
Phailhammer: Vonce the rockets are up...
Nameless_Sword: that was probably not good for the worms world
Angreed66: Nah that's just standard wmd
quasi79fu: welp
RandomTrivia: Huh
sorinthecat: how is that cliff not fallen over???
quasi79fu: that happened
hexy_lexy: tiltyhPLS
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Kaorti: that went bad fast
TehAmelie: hey Calypso was a good villain in Twisted Metal 2
vellebastet: welp
wynternyghtynggale: into the sea with you
SnackPak_: lrrAWW
YeetTheRich_: honourable sudoku
MegaDosX: Well that was hilarious
Boon_33: wheeler is the only one with a Worm Bunker pre-dug so far.
RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea
CaptainSpam: Oh, right, dynamite isn't thrown. Should've mentioned that. :D
Snowcookies: rip
Chedamann: touchdown
MegaDosX: Nice.
RandomTrivia: (nice)
red_shoes_jeff: n i c e
ContingentCat: nice
Orgmastron: Nice Bananna
Nigouki: damage seems to be set lower than i remember
hexy_lexy: nice
sorinthecat: noooooo!
TehAmelie: ni69
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APartofManny: let chaos reign
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quasi79fu: Let it Rain FIre
Kaorti: In Worms Armageddon there was a different button to use items while jetpacking or ninja roping
34Witches: fire in the hole!
SentientRatKing: you can jetpack and use an item but it's... complicated
MegaDosX: A mine got flipped
Vanbael: the hubris
BusTed: Enter key by default.
djalternative: yeah. you can jetpack and place. serge just got it wrong (which most people get wrong the first time)
BusTed: To drop explosives while mid-air.
TheWooglie: dynamite
sorinthecat: this island seems no longer structurally sound
SnowbirdMike: This chaos appeals to me.
MegaDosX: I believe you jetpack, open your inventory, pick a droppable item, and use Enter to drop it, then fly away
MegaDosX: Though citation needed
quasi79fu: do they even have holy hand grenades or banana bombs
quasi79fu: ????????
RandomTrivia: @MegaDosX That is the classic Jetpack use
BusTed: rayfkWelp
TehAmelie: physics are for the real TV shows, after the cartoons
MegaDosX: You clipped the ledge
frozenphoenix7: You can carft them @quasi79fu
quasi79fu: their weapon selection seeems limited
asthanius: so many fish are dead
vellebastet: oh nooooooo!
ContingentCat: sergeIntoTheSea
Cephallope: My phone!
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34Witches: ah, Geometry
vellebastet: sykCry
RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea
frozenphoenix7: craft*
sorinthecat: oooh gold
MegaDosX: Land geometry is always a complication in Worms
YeetTheRich_: don't throw your phone batteries into the ocean goddammit
djalternative: just craft more, ben
GredGredmansson: Hey all, how many rounds so far?
geldaran: unless you change the defaults, most of the super weapons are disabled/time locked.
TheThirdPhaseOfLumpyGravy subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 13 months, currently on a 11 month streak!
TheThirdPhaseOfLumpyGravy: POG
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TehAmelie: falling too far makes your worms take damage and ends their turn: yes or no?
geldaran: you can also craft them.
Kaorti: it teleports
Dragonality: What it says on the tin
wynternyghtynggale: it teleports you
Angreed66: Teleport is for the ocean rising
MegaDosX: Ben pls
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown
sorinthecat: that cliff
BluJester: You can check and craft items during other peoples turn
RandomTrivia: Thanks, CapBen Obvious
frozenphoenix7: You can craft at any time. One of the drops that falls from the sky is crafting materials, but you can also deconstruct weapons you already have to get materials.
lochnessseammonster: i have never played or watched worms... don't know what i was expecting but this is something else PrideLaugh
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun if you're looking to modify the weapon rules, the schemes tab on the match menu is the easiest way to do so
Orlantia: @loadingreadyrun you can craft at any time. there's a tab in the weapons menu
maestrith: I hope they still have the Holy Hand grenade
Kaorti: OH NO
quasi79fu: OMg someone found the DONKEY
BusTed: Classic.
TheBorzoi: Oh no.
Dragonality: Oh... no
quasi79fu: That is bad
kusinohki: donkey OP
vellebastet: sykPog
MegaDosX: The superweapons require rare components, and a lot of them
Raigne86: Ahahaha
quasi79fu: The end is Nigh
CaptainSpam: Hylla betong åsnan!
MegaDosX: So I wouldn't worry about Wheeler dropping a donkey next turn
oneiropticon: The donkey is bruatal and time consuming.
Yakkers221B: Cronkey Donkey?
Fruan: donk!
Sheikun07: I love the donkey
Boon_33: Donkey is the real WMD
quasi79fu: Apocalypse Incoming
Kaorti: Wheeler, think long and hard before you unleash that monster
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
control_rig: Nice
vellebastet: nice!
control_rig: Very clean
bjorlamn: The concrete donkey is incredibly unpredictable
quasi79fu: Release the Beast
Angreed66: The donkey is an aoe ohko
grandchickenlord: The Concrete Dong Key is such a strange resident evil item.
Wrexadecimal: It's very swiss Kappa
sorinthecat: blow up flame box
MegaDosX: Remember that the high ground didn't work out so well for Anakin
quasi79fu: hahahah execution
nyperold: napalm trees
MegaDosX: Yeah shotgun does splash damage if you're too close
Yakkers221B: bitterEnd Waffle Squarf
wickaboxet: “I don’t like it when they scream in terror” -Cameron Lauder, 2021
sorinthecat: that face
sivakrytos: anakin did not have the high ground tho
control_rig: Nice cut out on that wall
sorinthecat: he had lava
RandomTrivia: There's that backflip tech!
TehAmelie: i'm sort of terrified by the idea of people seeing this without any prior Worms experience and being aggressively discouraged by all the internal logic and humor built up since the old days
ashteranic: what's making the sound of a train constantly?
quasi79fu: uh oh sheeep
Kaorti: ohno
RandomTrivia: BAAA
CaptainSpam: Nice!
RandomTrivia: lrrCOW
sorinthecat: nooo
wynternyghtynggale: into the sea!
Nameless_Sword: into the sea
mochabeanie: oh.
MegaDosX: Sheep go boom
vellebastet: That was-
NewtyNewts: Baaaa~
Kaorti: jumpscare!
34Witches: I love it
sorinthecat: come baaack
SnowbirdMike: Exploding sheep helped us win in Nam
nyperold: Ah, a lanolin mine.
laikagoat: @ashteranic the tanks, I believe
quasi79fu: serges worms are killlin me
34Witches: ???
BusTed: Good work.
ContingentCat: um???
ashteranic: ah, something's constantly vibrating?
vellebastet: Nice!!!
NewtyNewts: Serge with the rope physics
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
HoloTheWiseWolf_: he knows
Wrexadecimal: eyyyy
Boon_33: that's how you do it
electra310: WHAT
Yakkers221B: My god he's Gaming
mochabeanie: hes gamin?!?!
CaptainSpam: Oh hell. Serge is popping off.
Cephallope: Physics!
patbaer: pro strats
kusinohki: he's actively gaming!
DeM0nFiRe: Hey guys I think maybe Serge has played Worms before
maximus416: physics has left the chat
ashteranic: i love ropes, they're still ridiculous
sydnius: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
wickaboxet: Serges worms are like parappa the rapper
quasi79fu: owie
TehAmelie: having read about exploding pigeons, i don't doubt there really were explosive sheep
MegaDosX: @grandchickenlord It is when you're playing Worms :p
Raigne86: Isn't it great that skills from 1997 still translate to this game in 2021?
BusTed: Brutal.
SentientRatKing: oh and when you craft things they go into slots at I think the bottom of your weapons menu
sorinthecat: nice!
PMAvers: QWRP2: Richter Has A Bad Day
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nyperold: "When I say boom boom boom, you say bam bam bam."
grandchickenlord: @tehamelie I mean, the Russians attached bombs to dogs and train them to run under tanks. The issue was they kept running under Russian tanks.
RandomTrivia: IAN YES
MegaDosX: Ian pls
vellebastet: IAN sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
quasi79fu: oh noooo the rappping is contagious
hexy_lexy: tiltyhPLS
ContingentCat: IAN
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown
Snowcookies: lol Ian
RandomTrivia: *thunderous applause and cheering*
sorinthecat: dig baby dig
Dragonality: Diggy diggy hole
TehAmelie: yeah, sheep are probably more predictable
RandomTrivia: LUL
MegaDosX: Holy shit
DoodlestheGreat: LUL
BusTed: Reverse!
patbaer: hmm
ContingentCat: Um?
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
vellebastet: sykLaugh lrrFINE
quasi79fu: someone get the police we have a drunk driving worm
MegaDosX: So using the drill will hurt worms, I believe
noSmokeFire: change gears!
Angreed66: ONly some of them can
SnowbirdMike: Next weeks driving lessons....brakeing
Boon_33: think with portals?
34Witches: Because jetpacks have worked out for everyone before
quasi79fu: omg the vehicles engines are attempting at rappping
TehAmelie: what if you took the worm out of a tequila bottle and gave it a bazooka? and then did it twenty times?
quasi79fu: to infinity and Beyond
NewtyNewts: How did he survive!?
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
quasi79fu: or at least back to earth painfully
TehAmelie: actually i have no idea how many worms are in play across the six teams here
floki4242: the mad lad
asthanius: it stings worms
Yakkers221B: the Cactus Clan reigns supreme
JessKay: woooooow
quasi79fu: hahahahahaha
wynternyghtynggale: PrideWave into the sea!
RandomTrivia: LUL
RandomTrivia: HAH
MegaDosX: Ah the rope sheep
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
BusTed: tqsShrug
RaklarLS: wait. what?
RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea !
electra310: wat
DeM0nFiRe: o7
djalternative: it's like anal beads if the beads were bombs
MegaDosX: Yeah, that's a thing
quasi79fu: sheeep dowwwwnb
Sheikun07: Crafting!
Orgmastron: F
CaptainSpam: Sheep on a rope. Gets 'em every time?
MegaDosX: Good question Paul. Next question.
A_Dub888: benginO7 benginO7
Chedamann: Rip
NarishmaReborn: you just drowned a sheep
quietcat: benginO7
Dragonality: Ok, who roped the sheep into this?
TheAinMAP: benginO7
RandomTrivia: At this rate I'm gonna have to watch the VoD to catch all the bits I missed while clipping LUL
sorinthecat: blow up flame box
JadedCynic: it stings worms
ashteranic: those things never control the way you want :P
MegaDosX: So rude
BusTed: Wow
TehAmelie: if someone's worm declares itself a "conqueror", then it's time to get inside a bunker and study Lovecraft
NewtyNewts: Well punched!
MegaDosX: Ben.
ashteranic: rofl
control_rig: Ben
DarkMorford: BEN
floki4242: sheep ninja thay will never see it coming
MegaDosX: Ben pls.
NewtyNewts: Oh ben....
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown
Kaorti: booooooo
Maddrius: BEN
RandomTrivia: BENJAMIN
magical_writer: Ben!
BusTed: drawfeGoodjoke
frozenphoenix7: BEN
kusinohki: what a punch line
SAJewers: sergePun
A_Dub888: B O O
mochabeanie: good punch line ben
iris_of_ether: B E N
GamesAndInk: #unsubscribe LoadingReadyRun
JadedCynic: @TehAmelie not Ayn Rand? Kappa
Kaorti: ninja shit
JadedCynic: ysbrydPunjail
SnowbirdMike: so a radioactive worm bit serge?
TehAmelie: even Ayn Rand is beyond the scope of the conqueror worm
Chedamann: Serge is a confirmed ninja
chimingfish: serge "active gamer" yager
JessKay: CAM
MegaDosX: Oh good lord
quasi79fu: hahahahha
DeM0nFiRe: So why did Serge retire from the Worms Esports scene?
fastlane250: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
hexy_lexy: CAMERON
TehAmelie: in terms of irrationality
CaptainSpam: Serge was a former roper, I see.
wynternyghtynggale: PrideWave into the sea!
Wrexadecimal: oooh, classic move
BusTed: lrrCOW
Yakkers221B: Kevin D:
Dog_of_Myth: Serge "Pro Worms Player" Yager
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
vellebastet: OH MY GOD
Snowcookies: Bye Kevin
rabbitgta: wow
rasterscan: Holy shit
vellebastet: SERGE lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Nameless_Sword: oh dear poor kevin
Dragonality: Skulls for the skull throne
asthanius: And then there was Wheeler
Nigouki: Serge Yager Professional Worm Player
sorinthecat: why do they have human skullls?
MegaDosX: Alex pls
JessKay: alex....
Sheikun07: Nice play, Serge!
hexy_lexy: ALEX
Leedopo: Skullpture.
TehAmelie: the shooryuken!
DeM0nFiRe: Good pun LUL
Thequickgreyfox: Perfect Alex
ContingentCat: that's the trick
rasterscan: Alex. xD
wynternyghtynggale: serge proworms player
TehAmelie: ah, good attempt
asthanius: Frame perfect
BusTed: seabatHITBOX
wickaboxet: “Who owns that pile of skulls” -Ben Wheeler
sorinthecat: finish him!
control_rig: So is Alex still at full health?
sydnius: Serge represents Big Annelid
CaptainSpam: Serge, I salute your clear Worms 2 or Armageddon upbringing.
frozenphoenix7: Pretty close to it @control_rig
Kaorti: And Serge
vellebastet: Wooow
fastlane250: no bulli lrrALEX
Boon_33: Serge seems to be the real threat
noSmokeFire: this is me trying to parallel park
SnackPak_: just feather the clutch
MegaDosX: "This won't end well."
BusTed: It's all in the hips.
azureHaights: STOP RIGHT THERE, MISTER. Big. Toe.
Yakkers221B: Frank Tappa
Tiber727: Also, a full sized tank playing Skyrim horse at a 70 degree angle, ready to fall on you.
GredGredmansson: it can go over 100
Angreed66: goes over
MegaDosX: I think that's configurable
TheBorzoi: It starts at 100 but it can go over
MegaDosX: From memory the default max is 200
control_rig: That's for digging
MegaDosX: But you need health packs to get that high, unless you start at 200
SentientRatKing: oh no
wickaboxet: 70 degrees is pretty shallow for a Skyrim horse @tiber727
RandomTrivia: Good TF2 reference, Wheeler. That's topical LUL
TehAmelie: if tanks have anything in terms of driving ability, it is grip
asthanius: huh
MegaDosX: That was a blowtorch Alex :p
control_rig: "Get on my level"
NewtyNewts: Burnt the snow!
Garfman314: needed the flamethrower
nyperold: So can any worm teleport?
djalternative: @Voxlunch that was your blowtorch
Pteraspidomorphi: The blowtorch can dig tunnels
Garfman314: i played waaaay too much worms as a kid
nyperold: Or do they have to be a... nightcrawler?
asthanius: tears of a worm?
34Witches: As we all know, blowtorches are terraforming devices
asthanius: simply make a worm cry
Garfman314: though i never hit serge levels of ninja rope
frozenphoenix7: One of the items that drops from the sky are crafting materials
Mr_Whyt: this is what it sounds like when worms cry
Pheonix888: ah, Worms, the only game I won a match and then in the instant replay, lost the match.
Pteraspidomorphi: The crafting materials are ordered by rarity, you only get the rarest ones from deconstructing really good weapons (or from crates)
sorinthecat: i could be wrong... but i dont think gravity and physics work like that
venga_bus: are tears of a worm like kisses from a rose
Nuurgle: oh, my nickname in high school
TehAmelie: sometimes i pause and think about the sublime irony of earthworms using blowtorches to dig through earth
TheBorzoi: There's a song called War of the Worms which tells the story of Boggy B
NewtyNewts: Hijacked the tank!
asthanius: they're full
BloodnBullets: cant the tank fire 3 salvos in a turn?
graal_smith: Because hands don't deal as much damage
MegaDosX: Good question Alex. Next question.
Glaciopolimer: efficacy
TheWooglie: frozen earth
wynternyghtynggale: because they are civilized worms
RandomTrivia: They can't get a good grip on the shovel lrrBEEJ
RaklarLS: that's how they do it in real life, obviously.
MegaDosX: Also a configuration setting Serge
Serifina: Ninja roooooooooooopes.... Ninja roooooooooopes...
lochnessseammonster: name one thing you'll need the rope for...
kusinohki: infinite rope? what do you think this is? a video game?
LinearGif: Infinite ropes? In this economy?
eric_christian_berg: Not in this economy.
djalternative: yeah. that is configurable Serge
NewtyNewts: Needed to fire it more vertical
vellebastet: so close
TehAmelie: there are no continues at this point, my friend
BusTed: The tech is unlocked.
JadedCynic: you could PROBABLY set that in the game's options before a match...
RandomTrivia: *boop* ....... *boop*
TehAmelie: and don't even think about using autofire. . .
34Witches: Laser Uzi?
NewtyNewts: Time to experiment!
iSmartMan1: Poke!
NUTSOFODEN: serge crafting, shocking
MegaDosX: That ricochets apparently
Nameless_Sword: makes sense, makes sense
vellebastet: sykLaugh
wynternyghtynggale: good joke streamer
eric_christian_berg: Workshop it.
MegaDosX: I suspect he'll stay there
mikehuunnt: Hi 👋 @loadingreadyrun
JadedCynic: l'uzi fairre?
Kieranpatton: Hello everyone
Nigouki: double bounce incoming
jessieimproved: I'm going to vote no workie
MegaDosX: WOW
wynternyghtynggale: PrideWave into the sea!
Boon_33: do it for science
DeM0nFiRe: Nice
BusTed: Beautiful.
vellebastet: NICE
jessieimproved: omg i stand corrected
RandomTrivia: It's GOOOOOOOD FBtouchdown
Yakkers221B: Crafty murder
MegaDosX: I didn't think that would work! I was wrong!
TehAmelie: worm ballistics ftw
Snowcookies: nice
jessieimproved: if I had done it, it would have failed
Cephallope: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Randoplh: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
RomanGoro: Advanced Worms
corpocracy: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
TheAinMAP: Into the sea.
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
vellebastet: FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
sydnius: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SnowbirdMike: Using the Big Bat of Love
ContingentCat: sergeIntoTheSe
floki4242: lrrWOW HyperSlam
quietcat: Ben's worms are one with the sea
Chedamann: FBtouchdown
korvys: And that's why we have the shift - batters just pull too much
obijam_: master batter as it were
Mithgar: Does that make Wheeler The "Bat Man"?
wynternyghtynggale: bens worms are just playing subnautica
RandomTrivia: *doing*
Nigouki: bouncing people off walls with bat always worked, I just expected one worm to bouce the other too
GamesAndInk: Thank you Wheeler for showing us your master batting skills
niccus: we're all into ropes tonight
RoyalNPC: lousi vert haha 😂 I love it
Dragonality: Don't mention the stick and the rope to Paul. He hasn't been away from Delivery Simulator that long
asthanius: don't push rope on stream
the_walking: jlrrFacepalm
control_rig: NICE
CaptainSpam: Exquisite.
vellebastet: That was good
TehAmelie: although i do miss the challenge of having only a tiny number of dynamite sticks to make worms really go
ContingentCat: @quietcat they're joining their namesake kevin the shark
mitomanox: Can a man become corn?
floki4242: @asthanius phrasing
quasi79fu: welll if the bat is flying blind and doesnt see the tank i guess its possible that a bat can hit a tank
control_rig: Cam is the clear Style winner
nyperold: Bat, tank, bank?
LinearGif: "Can a bat hit a tank?" This was the question that gave us Batman vs Superman
quasi79fu: hahahahah
kusinohki: but it was superman that punched the tank
noSmokeFire: "It's time for waffle squart!"
TehAmelie: yes, father. i will become a baseball hitter
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: In vehicles keep the shoot button pressed down
TehAmelie: the Batman
MegaDosX: I think the attachment point is too low to get up there easily
CaptainSpam: It's doable, but you gotta have the touch.
quasi79fu: my question is how drunk or blind does a bat have to be to fly into a tank.,,, Unless that tank is also flying and they have a collision in the air???
TheBorzoi: Extend after the bounce on the wall. Retract on your way to the wall
34Witches: I see you crafting Serge
YeetTheRich_: this is delightful to watch
RandomTrivia: Gotta get the momentum nice and screwed up
Raigne86: I am crying
sorinthecat: to the stars Ian
RandomTrivia: OH
MegaDosX: Nuclear launch detected
Awexdio: Anyone drop a Donkey yet?
CaptainSpam: No donkeys dropped yet.
Dragonality: You know, the old fashioned way
Raigne86: Not yet
TehAmelie: wow, i read those words in the Starcraft voice
34Witches: Phone a Friend, of course
Orlantia: just wait until they discover carpet bombs
Pteraspidomorphi: The phone means you have text chat, press Pagedown?
wynternyghtynggale: its pound mates call nancy
MegaDosX: Anyone remember the French Sheep Strike from Worms Armageddon?
quasi79fu: Zoltan holds alll the secrets
BloodnBullets: Im guessing we are on wheelers view?
Foxmar320: Serge kinda sus now
TehAmelie: nuclea, nu, nu, nuc, nucle, nuclear launch detected
Garfman314: worms armageddon was my version as a kid
MegaDosX: I think we're on Ben's view
Pteraspidomorphi: MegaDosX: Definitely
sydnius: boinking it is fine
jessieimproved: granny!
SoaringDragon42: Ben's view
niccus: she walks
JadedCynic high-fives @wynternyghtynggale o/\o
quasi79fu: Yessss the grannny
Despoiler98: JEEZ
RandomTrivia: BOOM
MegaDosX: Wow!
jedi_master_zll: Is there an Armageddon in this version?
quasi79fu: incoming death
CaptainSpam: A Bomber Lemming.
MegaDosX: That was impactful
vellebastet: Aaaaahhhhhh
ContingentCat: yup just like all old ladies
Yakkers221B: Just like Grandma
RandomTrivia: The double!
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
Despoiler98: hahahahah Just keeps exploding
RandomTrivia: The chain reactions!
sorinthecat: why r there skulls???
LinearGif: any more explosions or
wynternyghtynggale: @JadedCynic 🦞
MegaDosX: Turns out war is hell
TehAmelie: did Alex go Professor Frink there for a moment?
asthanius: Controversial opinion: War is heck
BusTed: Dark side!
quasi79fu: everything just keeeps exploding
sydnius: so many neutrons
JadedCynic: "I knew an old lady who worked for worms - she's wormfood now"
MegaDosX: They're bigger on the inside
sorinthecat: terrifying
SentientRatKing: Ben parachutes are heavily affected by wind
TehAmelie: worm skeletons. there's a horror story in two words
Nuurgle: This Worm of Mine
BusTed: I think arrow keys
quasi79fu: last minute defense
asthanius: You know the game Snake? Worms are like that, but each dot is a skull
Nigouki: before next game I'd say up the damage and weapon availability to make the murder quicker
Boon_33: 100% or worm bones are skulls
Garfman314: in my household, we felt that shotguns were extremely useful
stevefromdetroit: Serge is no long in charge of worm facts
raulghoulia: flunge
RandomTrivia: "Rotate the girder" would make a great !advice
Twilight_Spark: rotate your owls?
djalternative: I think it's bumpers to rotate?
vellebastet: Alex sykLaugh
MegaDosX: Well this was optimsitic
quasi79fu: hahahaha
DeM0nFiRe: F
RandomTrivia: Hahahahaha
MegaDosX: So, spoilers, homing missiles are straight line
patbaer: hmm
Raigne86: Well executed
control_rig: That was CLOSE
quasi79fu: anti climatic????
CaptainSpam: It's not a very intelligent homing missile!
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
TheBorzoi: Homing missile does not avoid terrain. Homing pigeon does
Snowcookies: wow hubris
MegaDosX: They ignore what's in front of them and just go for the shortest distance to their target
Kaorti: un-smart bomb
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
sydnius: sonthe boomerockrt
YeetTheRich_: from downtown to ... downtown!
Pteraspidomorphi: Homing missile paths are parabolas, not straight lines, but
sorinthecat: NotLikeThis
Pteraspidomorphi: Many paths are more complex than parabolas
Nigouki: the curve depends on momentum
MegaDosX: They've generally worked that way in the past, you needed things like the Homing Pigeon or the Magic Bullet to curve around terrain
sorinthecat: click the rining phone
PMAvers: So if the initial shot would've lobbed the rocket to the left instead of to the right, might've gotten there.
TehAmelie: onion dome roofed buildings gotta get bombed
Garfman314: whose screen are we watching?
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MegaDosX: Diggy diggy hole!
JadedCynic: Homing-Missile: "Well the target is over there, but I'm gonna dog-leg over to it in a little bit - I'm enjoying my flight"
wynternyghtynggale: !holes
LRRbot: Did someone say Holes??
control_rig: Back to where he started
PMAvers: Man, imagine how fast James could punch a chunk with that.
JadedCynic: so that worm is named "Damocles" right?
RandomTrivia: Smooth!
control_rig: Dynamite!
Despoiler98: OH NO
Pteraspidomorphi: Garfman314 : Ben's
MegaDosX: Oh no.
RandomTrivia: LUL Welp
control_rig: Oh noooooo
SnowbirdMike: oops
Kaorti: poor banan
TehAmelie: ha, remember Ryse? the game where they presented Damocles as a historical figure
34Witches: banan!!!!!!!
obionedrop: nooooo
TheAinMAP: benginRip
Orgmastron: F
asthanius: he died as he lived. Banan.
vellebastet: Nooooooo!
DaSunao: katesRip escher3THUMBSUP
Dragonality: Fried Bana
red_shoes_jeff: Banan just split.
RandomTrivia: Aww, Cam's little exclamation broke my heart...
iris_of_ether: unarmeHeart unarmeHeart unarmeGameplay
floki4242: o7
Sheikun07: Worms physics strikes again
rabbitgta: o7
Snowcookies: poor banan
sydnius: suicide is not psinless
DaSunao: jlrrDang
BusTed: I believe right/left arrow key will let you dictate the direction from which the airstrike comes down too.
DeM0nFiRe: lrrHERE
RandomTrivia: If there's one thing Worms can do, it's destructible terrain
Pteraspidomorphi: BusTed: It was left/right in Armageddon, but last time I played WMD it didn't work and I couldn't figure out how to do it
BusTed: Ah.
RandomTrivia: Dammit Serge.... benginFacepalm
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
rabbitgta: who does the raps ?
asthanius: It's a recording studio
sydnius: paserfe
vellebastet: Serge lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
BjjBrain: Dylan, Dylan and Dylan!
noSmokeFire: what happens behind closed doors is between worm and god
CaptainSpam: I think in newer games it's a toggling button to switch the direction of an airstrike, not a directional command.
TehAmelie: wait i thought Zoltans were made up in FTL
Vector_Zero: Best wishes to fellow Melbrrnians facing lockdown. Take care all.
jedi_master_zll: In some of them it's the "weapon option" button that switches the air strike direction. Like whatever button modifies grenade fuses.
Yakkers221B: Onion?
TehAmelie: they're the species of soft green lads who generate electricity, i think
NavelWarfare: I like to think these are all the same submarine, just taking orders from different teams
GredGredmansson: Weren't the Zoltan's those alien nerds from that movie
BloodnBullets: i vaguely recall the V1 is an anti vehicle weapon?
TheMerricat: "Zoltan is a hand gesture in which a person has their hands stacked on top of each other in order to form a letter "Z""
Despoiler98: JESUS
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
vellebastet: HOLY
Dragonality: Rude
MegaDosX: The one-two punch!
BusTed: Oops whoops.
Sheikun07: Nice combo!
Snowcookies: rude
NightValien28: OVER KILL
SnackPak_: dang
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
BloodnBullets: yes, specificaly in this game
NarishmaReborn: teamwork
vellebastet: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
rabbitgta: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
GredGredmansson: Bunker Buster?
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asthanius: a bomb WAS just dropped on top of a ben
rabbitgta: 15 in worm years seems like a very long lifetime
djalternative: bunker buster, air strike, w1 rocket, concrete donkey...
TheBorzoi: You can change which side the airstrike comes from
Sheikun07: Farewell, Kevin!
BusTed: benginO7
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
MegaDosX: Now Ben gets to be the peanut gallery
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
rabbitgta: it's time for a break -ben
vellebastet: Yeah!
34Witches: Wow, Alex still has nearly half health
vellebastet: unarmeHeart
wynternyghtynggale: into the sea!
BusTed: Nice!
CaptainSpam: Into the drink, too!
vellebastet: unarmeHeart sykHypers
asthanius: sploosh
MegaDosX: Into the drinnk!
Yakkers221B: into the sea
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
Snowcookies: go Cam
MegaDosX: I think that was the last vehicle too
Chedamann: Nice one Cameron
TheWooglie: @MegaDosX there's a mech somewhere
fastlane250: [Engine noise subsides]
Boon_33: there is still a mech
MegaDosX: Oh right
MegaDosX: No-one's touched that yet
BloodnBullets: vehicles offer damage resistance, its often worth jumping in just to pull the other worm out.
TehAmelie: tfw you read up on worms and find out earthworms have no known natural lifespan limits and there may be ancient, giant, millions of years old ones down there
djalternative: oh yeah. don't forget, rocket league car is a vehicle in the game
TamesLovesGames: the eerie quiet of the engine being gone
Rootpotato: its not worms unless someone skips their turn
34Witches: needle = threaded
JadedCynic: wait, no, Zoltan was a character in My Fair Lady, wasn't it?
gypocalypse: <message deleted>WHAT IS BEN LOOKING AT??
TehAmelie: actually i made that up. but it sounds possible don't it
TheWooglie: @gypocalypse you?
MegaDosX: Either attracts or repels projectiles and items I think
wynternyghtynggale: pushes people away?
SentientRatKing: magnet repels or draws stuff like rockets
blue_lore: Ben is looking for cheat codes xD
BloodnBullets: magnets repel or attract projectiles and grenades.
venga_bus: the succ
GredGredmansson: Regular magnet attracts, Electromagnet repells
TheMerricat: Zoltan is many things @JadedCynic :)
SnackPak_: Serge!
sorinthecat: was that surge hiccup
RandomTrivia: LUL
TehAmelie: just like in real life lrrBEEJ
sorinthecat: serge
wynternyghtynggale: but its so good
RomanGoro: TehAmelie I'm wormphobic, but somehow this game doesn't affect me. That "fact" got me, congratulations
vellebastet: Getting a little loose with the rhymes now
lochnessseammonster: jlrrCooltunes
TehAmelie: Kappa
gypocalypse: @blue_lore I knew it
TeacherSeanTV: OMG its ALEX!!! :D :D :D
GredGredmansson: git up offa that thang
Pteraspidomorphi: I've always used that one
NewtyNewts: Ain't nothing like a funky beat!
Boon_33: lol alex
RandomTrivia: Smooth
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
SnowbirdMike: Haha
wynternyghtynggale: james
GredGredmansson: yeah.... you don't throw dynamite
34Witches: Is that the third time that's happened this game?
DerRitter42: Why is that worm's name 'Just Trash' in spanish?
sorinthecat: worms
wargodmogis: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
djalternative: worms in this series
jessieimproved: at both ends even
TheWooglie: you've already seen someone else try to throw dynamite Wheeler
MegaDosX: Yeah dynamite's always been a placeable weapon rather than a thrown one
RandomTrivia: !quote 1698
LRRbot: Quote #1698: "Can I dig up? Somebody teach me how to dig up!" —Ashton [2016-01-30]
BjjBrain: Your worm is the Pauly shore of worms !
DerRitter42: Do they choose the names? it looks like it
JadedCynic: @TheMerricat I mean, I know it's the name of the tomato character in that spin-off cartoon of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, but I know THAT wasn't the source reference...
Diabore: just live here cam, build a noce mountain cottage
GredGredmansson: @RandomTrivia "Dig UP, stupid!"
rabbitgta: I feel like a worm is the antithesis of an a$$whole
CaptainSpam: Time is infinite, and Ben isn't paying attention. :p
MegaDosX: There is no time limit; if there were it'd be in the bottom left under the turn clock
djalternative: @DerRitter42 names, gravestones, voices and hats
Foxmar320: ive never played a worms game before but this looks fun
TehAmelie: i mean what do you "do" with dynamite if you don't throw it? just sit there and blow yourself up? i may be missing some options here
tehcrashxor: Time limit is in the bottom left corner
TheMerricat: "The name Zoltan is a boy's name of Hungarian origin meaning "sultan". Though a common name in Hungary" - @JadedCynic
Nuurgle: Ben's dead, he's tuned you all out
BusTed: Doop.
Boon_33: robbed
Dog_of_Myth: It is now....
jwholla: i LOVE this game
Nigouki: match time limit is great because it makes the water rise to keep people on their toes
DerRitter42: So Ian knows some spanish?
Chedamann: That's no touchdown
JadedCynic: @TheMerricat of course! *slaps head*
BusTed: seabatNogood
geldaran: @TehAmelie you drop it and run.
Diabore: how does alex have so many worms left?
TheMerricat: Ok I just reread how I typed that and it looks as if I was quoting you :P
remyjette: Ben's just playing Pixelmon or something =D
JustAConspiracy: im choosing to believe the hunger games stole the "weapons in boxes with parachutes" thing from Worms and not the concept of an air drop
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
MegaDosX: What happened there
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Zettabit_Fox: 12?
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Pteraspidomorphi: Diabore: They were all isolated at the top of the hill
GredGredmansson: what does "step up to the oche" even mean
MegaDosX: Unwanted Present explodes on a later turn from memory
TehAmelie: the way Worms does it is unrealistic enough to count as its own invention
geldaran: you can also drop the dynamite while jet packing/ roping.
fastlane250: I should NOT have been drinking water when Alex made that noise lrrSPOOP
quasi79fu: alll ahil Zoltan the Rapper
quasi79fu: a string of bomblets
sorinthecat: u can get worm jerky!
quasi79fu: Its the Great Zoltan
nyperold: Every once in a while, a bit of the music sounds like the lobby of The Devils and the Details.
neacon: its like the 17 year cicada
vellebastet: Oh no! o7 Cam
eric_christian_berg: Cleared that pesky building.
quasi79fu: o7 cam
TehAmelie: by the way who remembers the simple glitch where you press 1 while firing the UZI to make it fire bazooka shots instead of bullets?
TehAmelie: ah, DOS Worms. such simple times
RandomTrivia: sergeFall
wynternyghtynggale: no cam you already died
BloodnBullets: can I interest you in a bunker bust?
GredGredmansson: Serge's other guy will move first
Dog_of_Myth: But Serge has the high ground
Pteraspidomorphi: Armageddon had a glitch that let you fire the bow at unrealistic angles by aiming with the revolver then switching and shooting while walking
MegaDosX: That worm was standing on a single pixel
JadedCynic: @Dog_of_Myth just means he has further to fall
The_Color_Twelve: he died as he lived
jedi_master_zll: @TehAmelie Idk about in worms, but I found a glitch in Halo 5 to make anything shoot rockets in forge. Machine gun rockets were fun.
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun Apparently that phone icon in the corner means there's a message in text chat. PageDown shows/hides it.
The_Color_Twelve: wow
DeM0nFiRe: Oof LUL
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
HoloTheWiseWolf_: am i the only one that wants serge to keep his rap voice pack going
TehAmelie: it does sound fun
GertrudePerkins: Too Soon!
fastlane250: lrrWOW
sorinthecat: do they have shoes or shoe
hexy_lexy: tiltyhPLS
eric_christian_berg: Too soon... oh, no it isn't. I'm just old.
TheBorzoi: I would drop a mine if I had one
RandomTrivia: LUL
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
YeetTheRich_: what are you gonna do? kill me?
quasi79fu: Mortal Kombayt
quasi79fu: Finish HIM!!!
nyperold: They're earthworm shoes.
MegaDosX: Handicap match!
NUTSOFODEN: its the final combat, do doo doo doo
Boon_33: Serge might have teleport?
MegaDosX: But which one's the Janetty?
Goorguy: lrrALEX V lrrSERGE
TehAmelie: Wormal Kombat!
Yakkers221B: Y'know it's kind of late to drop healing supplies on a gravestone, not to mention uncouth
MegaDosX: Ian no.
The_Color_Twelve: ugh
Dog_of_Myth: IAN
neacon: worms of a feather flock together
LibraryWitchKei: Ian
hexy_lexy: IAN HORNER
blue_lore: IAN
quasi79fu: is their a airlock we can send Ian into?LOL
CaptainSpam: The bunker buster!
JadedCynic: @HoloTheWiseWolf_ I guess; seems it doesn't take long for 'the honeymoon to end'?
MegaDosX: So the bunker buster, as the name implies, will also drill through terrain above the target you choose
YeetTheRich_: i really love the chill background music here
TehAmelie: tfw you realize English is such a Frankenstein language the adjective "wormal" actually makes sense
SilentOptimist: no rising tide?
Naarius: Construct additional banans
quasi79fu: hahahahh best phrase....I need banananas to craft
PMAvers: Welcome to how chat feels.
Yakkers221B: moar banan
RobotInProgress: Can we get a poll to see who people think is gonna win
rabbitgta: ohhhh banana 🍌
jedi_master_zll: Every time I hear bunker buster I think of the main character from Mercenaries saying it.
SkylerRingtail: You must construct additional plantations
Bearudite: first work then banana
CaptainSpam: Very nice effort.
CranstonSnord: no plan-tain survives contact with the enemy
mowdownjoe: monke wan banan
Garfman314: @TehAmelie vermine?
JadedCynic: *chill* background music? It sounds like it should be in the showdown of "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"! :D
YeetTheRich_: adam isn't here! quick! eat ALL the bananas!
SeismicLawns: that was a nice shot despite how ineffective it was
quasi79fu: As the Banana Browns
Radyin: !quote 1468
LRRbot: Quote #1468: "Bananas are a property of matter." —Ian [2016-01-06]
MegaDosX: Tap it from memory
BjjBrain: LOL
DarkMorford: IAN
BjjBrain: nice Ian
SilentOptimist: tap, then directions
TehAmelie: Einstein was known for jumping off cliffs
MegaDosX: Tap to activate then move to navigate
niccus: newton would have known better
djalternative: it's tap to activate
GredGredmansson: Sponsored by Rocket League (R)
TheBorzoi: Jetpack you press to activate then just use directions to move
TheBorzoi: Then press fire again to deactivate
nyperold: VCR? What will we be watching these on when a Worms game finally references Twitch clips?
djalternative: oh hey. rocket league car!
Pteraspidomorphi: The Octane
YeetTheRich_: this is majorly cursed
RandomTrivia: LUL
BusTed: lrrFINE
JadedCynic: @nyperold basal implant VR B)
CaptainSpam: You served your worm nation well, Einstein.
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Martinkaca: Send in the nukes!
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electra310: Shoot us both, Spock!
Zanzabar_: Thats actually the rocket league car not a warthog
gypocalypse: Hes got a Worm shield
quasi79fu: wait until they unlock the carpet bombs or bigger weapons like the sattelite beam weapon
TehAmelie: did you know? Newton didn't invent anything of note. his theory of gravity was just stuff he translated from Arabic scholars
RandomTrivia: YEET
MegaDosX: The satellite laser weapon's pretty bonkers
CaptainSpam: Niiiiiiice!
DeM0nFiRe: Wow
jedi_master_zll: Just armageddon, destroy half the map.
underhill33: sick
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
A_Dub888: Y E E T
noSmokeFire: surgical
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Pteraspidomorphi: Did anyone craft that concrete donkey?
kaaannaaa: for real tho, the shotgun is the secret tech in this game
Boon_33: donkey could end this
MegaDosX: Donkey
SentientRatKing: banana
RaklarLS: banane
TheWooglie: holy hand grenade
MegaDosX: Dynamite does a bunch
Raigne86: You want a donkey
wynternyghtynggale: phone battery
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kaaannaaa: shotgun
RandomTrivia: Dynamite used to do 75 at point blank, at least in most versions
quasi79fu: holy hand grenade
CaptainSpam: The Holy Hand Grenade is traditionally the largest single explosion in the game.
kaaannaaa: always the shotgun
Nigouki: turn on all weapons for next round
quasi79fu: sattelite beam
gypocalypse: The Pen
mercano82: French sheep strike
MegaDosX: Next round all weapons would be delirious chaos
TheBorzoi: Dynamite and Holy Hand Grenade do 50 if a direct hit on normal settings
iSmartMan1: All weapons next round plz
affinityartifacts: omg worms
RandomTrivia: The Prod does the most damage if you include psychological damage to the player
Yakkers221B: Make Uzi? Needs more banana
djalternative: hola olivia
MegaDosX: Also of note, when you craft a thing you don't get access to it until your next turn, hence why crafting on opponents' turns is best
Radyin: The last round of the evening should be all weapons on.
RandomTrivia: Hey there Olivia
MegaDosX: Also hi Olivia!
mochabeanie: Olivia!
quasi79fu: wait isnt there like a sonic sound gun weapon that is hilarious in this game???
affinityartifacts: hi friends ❤️
vellebastet: Olivia!
Yakkers221B: omg olivia
vellebastet: breyaPotato breyaPotato breyaPotato
Dog_of_Myth: Heya Olivia. breyaBust breyaChut
TehAmelie: eh, Prod loses its power when you can move your worm afterwards
planeswalkagogo: I'm super jazzed to see the return of Alex!
GredGredmansson: The Dubstep gun, yes! @quasi79fu
Pteraspidomorphi: It's awesome
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
thmanwithnoname: It's so GOOD
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
NightValien28: I can
quasi79fu: omg yes thats it the Dubstep Gun
MegaDosX: Saved by the terrain
vellebastet: DAYUM
iSmartMan1: Also plz do a different map, that wolf howl is getting a bit annoying
Diabore: I BELIEVE
RandomTrivia: sergeFall
Manae: In the box is: FIRE!
dangerous_safety: the special equipment is napalm
MegaDosX: Oh no, did Serge just throw it?
djalternative: the equipment is highly volitile
TehAmelie: doing style shots with homing missiles gives the biggest style points, no question
iSmartMan1: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the friends you made along the way
TeacherSeanTV: come on Alex!!! :D
GredGredmansson: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That appears to be some sort of sidewalk slam.
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Gamify your trash.
sorinthecat: he has the high ground
MegaDosX: !badadvice
LRRbot: UwU can be used against you.
RandomTrivia: Oooooh, almost
affinityartifacts: lmao this is bringing back memories of high school LANs
wynternyghtynggale: serge has the high grounf
Nameless_Sword: this is serge's chance to steal this
quasi79fu: omg killl that worm LOL
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
Boon_33: BM from Serge's worms
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
HundreydAundre: Me without friends: No.... U Lie. U LII I I IEEE!!!
TamesLovesGames: send that worm to Mad Verse City
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
TeacherSeanTV: during highschool lunches, I would play Armageddon at my buddies place too :D
Cephallope: Warc-Rhyme
TehAmelie: ha, you kids and your LANs. in my day we had to hot seat a game of Worms
Snowcookies: Please end the rhymes
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Xooszi: 25 months! That's almost 25 months!
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Diabore: i cant believe this got so close
vellebastet: OMG
MegaDosX: Ook ook!
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
Fried_Twinkie: ook ook
wynternyghtynggale: banana!
PharaohBender27: @Cephallope katesLol
empyreon: those rhymes make me yearn for the quiet dignity of "My name is ___ and I'm hear to say"
wynternyghtynggale: dibs
JadedCynic: Ook.
NewtyNewts: Ohhh, banahna!
Veraphage: 🍌
Ghostalker: no they are great
vellebastet: I think they're amazing
YeetTheRich_: finally banana
lyropithic: Wormrhymes?
Nuurgle: in my day we didn't have worms, we had gorilas throwing bananas
YeetTheRich_: the baboons are grateful
plummeting_sloth: Rhymes as hot as white phosphorus
lochnessseammonster: they're so great though PrideLaugh
HoloTheWiseWolf_: please please someone put the cheese voice pack in
JadedCynic goes back to 90% done copy of "King Lear" on his typewriter...
wickaboxet: Ook ook banana?
quasi79fu: did he just killl himself by falling????
Enki1256: Tax write off.
ContingentCat: sergeHolyMoly
JadedCynic: wow, what a STEAL (by the publisher)
sivakrytos: so did they not turn water rise on or something?
MegaDosX: And we're down to 1vs1
CaptainSpam: No, that's just the Worms franchise. There's no DLC for this game.
TehAmelie: holy cats, that's almost half of the full cost of Europa Universalis
Diabore: 1 v 1
plummeting_sloth: there's a DLC to include the rapping and then also a DLC to remove the rapping
RandomTrivia: Respect the 1v1 !
Pteraspidomorphi: sivakrytos: No round timer
MegaDosX: @sivakrytos No, there's no game time limit
wickaboxet: Train simulator with all DLC is over 10k
GertrudePerkins: "It's over, Alex-kin! I have the high ground!"
electra310: It costs much more to remove the rapping than to put it on
CaptainSpam: The rapping is in the BASE game, mind. :p
NotCainNorAbel: at least only one of you put the voice pack in
Spacepup: Serge coming around to an amazing comeback
MegaDosX: Where's the lie though?
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
nyperold: "I'm MC Escher and I'm here to say, I'm walkin' up the underside of my stairway."
JadedCynic: ZING, Cam :D
MWGNZ: thats almost 20% of the cost of the whole total warhammer collection
TheAinMAP: Oh.
vellebastet: He's not wrong
TheBorzoi: I think Alex might be forgetting to account for wind
SnowBuddy18: maybe 5% of a Paradox game
Foxmar320: Cam I think 2-3% is a generous estimate.
darkalter2000: You should have looked at the wind.
YeetTheRich_: or like 0.5% of the content on MTG arena
RandomTrivia: For $130 you could get about 0.25% of all the Train Simulator DLC
Martinkaca: i love the game delay vs alex's responses
kaaannaaa: shotgun dig for glory!
darkalter2000: It was all the way right.
CaptainSpam: But yeah, this game has no DLC. The $130 figure you're seeing is for the entire Worms franchise, including previous games.
TehAmelie: honestly though, paying for Europa Universalis 4 at the premium Steam prices has to make it the single most expensive game in existence
RandomTrivia: Nice shot!
Nameless_Sword: wow what a come back
MegaDosX: And Serge takes it!
laikagoat: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
GertrudePerkins: *Thunderous applause*
Boon_33: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
ImmortalLen: Congrats Surge!
electra310: Whoa
vellebastet: NICE!!
Gascitygaming: Serge.... wins?
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap
Snowcookies: gg Serge
rabbitgta: NotLikeThis
electra310: Nice, Serge!
RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea with the rapping!
vellebastet: Serge! lrrHEART
wynternyghtynggale: serge rapped this us nicely
GertrudePerkins: lrrSERGE lrrSERGE lrrSERGE
GredGredmansson: i mean, now Serge has to keep using them
asthanius: Serge lost morally
Diabore: how tf did serge pull that off
wynternyghtynggale: up*
Cephallope: We're free!
TemporallyAwry: Serge might have won, but everyone lost to those rhymes.
Radyin: The team of Serge and Alex's controls win the match!
YeetTheRich_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
vellebastet: FBtouchdown sykHypers
Nigouki: yeeeeeeeeeesssss on the anthem
damn_i_am_pretty: Talk about a Ear Worm
lochnessseammonster: love it
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: Aw, poor Cam
RandomTrivia: lrrAWW
Diabore: serge went 7/3
EdoardoZone: you're the prize, Cam
HoloTheWiseWolf_: serge won thanks to mental warfair
lochnessseammonster: FBtouchdown
noisyblizzard: now all must use the rapping voices, by natural selection
Boon_33: seven kill serge? woah
Pteraspidomorphi: Aww
YeetTheRich_: don't do it serge
Nigouki: please turn on all weapons!
A_Dub888: Sometimes the real prize was the friends we made along the way
Tevildo: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You and the horse are now bound/friends for life.
YeetTheRich_: do not give in to the pressure
kusinohki: chances of serge choosing something that's worse??
wynternyghtynggale: use a diffrent voice instead
TheMerricat: We come back and everyone's worms but Serges are using that voice :P
iSmartMan1: What's that term for pretending you aren't experienced in a game to lure others where you want them?
notthepenguins: i loved the voices tbh
AgentSmithRadio: !findquote voice
LRRbot: Quote #3924: "I can't do Ben's voice right now because it'll hurt my throat." —Graham [2017-02-02]
NightValien28: serge will find a worse voice pack and we will beg for the rhyme to come back
tehcrashxor: Serge removes voice pack, everyone else selects that voice pack.
Butternades: I love those voices though
quasi79fu: we willl hear serges worm rapper in our nightmares now
PMAvers: They come back, and there's only five screens as Serge is missing. "We had to make sure."
Pteraspidomorphi: Wait is there a *different* rhyming voice pack?
Tevildo: !findquote worm
LRRbot: Quote #7102: "I want my last action on this earth to be doing the worm so hard I fly 8 feet in the air."" —Cameron [2020-08-05]
hexy_lexy: @kusinohki its serge, 100% :p
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i realy want the cheese voice pack
djalternative: @iSmartMan1 hustling
TehAmelie: wait, i forgot about Star Citizen. you can legitimately pay thousands of dollars for that, and it's not even particularly o playable yet
Blasteg: I loved 5hose rhymes tbh
HoloTheWiseWolf_: those cheese puns are some weponised words
SoapyMarmoset: You thought I change my voice pack, so did I, but now it's back
RandomTrivia: So, for reference: During GarfKart I created 24 clips, that's the most I've ever made of any one stream. I'm already up to 22 just from the first game tonight.
NewtyNewts: Serge now going to look for the War Poet voice pack
iSmartMan1: @djalternative Thank you. Serge hustled them hard
Tevildo: !bad advice
LRRbot: Get beaten by a mole.
JadedCynic: @TehAmelie I'd argue the last part but oh yeah
YeetTheRich_: somebody use the german voice pack please
quasi79fu: i hope they unlock some of the more powerful and chaotic weaponry now
DarkMorford: @RandomTrivia You're doing the Lord's work, friend
wynternyghtynggale: !badadvice
LRRbot: Enter the blaggole.
LordZarano: "We'll be back, when Serge gets rid of that voice-pack" "Oh no! The rhyming is spreading!"
Boon_33: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always pivoting.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: @TehAmelie worse its not even usable in some cases. sometimes you buy the idea of a ship that will eventual be made. like a nft realy
Tevildo: !advice
LRRbot: Toggle the eyepatch.
quasi79fu: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: another box, and in that box is another box which I mailed to myself. And when it arrives, I'll SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!
quasi79fu: boxception
NewtyNewts: Good going Yzma
quasi79fu: wait that sounds lewd....I sboxception how come we get soo many more boxes???
Tevildo: !quote alex
LRRbot: Quote #3476: "OK, now it's finished crashing." —Alex [2016-10-05]
TehAmelie: it must be such a strange world to live in, where you have the money to get really invested in Star Citizen and watch it grow over the decades
ContingentCat: !findquote Alex
LRRbot: Quote #1126: "Whose FAULT is Alex?" —Graham [2015-11-17]
Tevildo: !quote serge
LRRbot: Quote #6075: "You didn't trust me with your blood so you took it away from me." —Serge [2019-05-28]
TheMerricat: List of all the 'built-in' soundbanks for Worms WMD - https://www.sounds-resource.com/pc_computer/wormswmd/
JadedCynic: Me? I just have fun racing around blowing up bandits holding a corporate surface station with a friend's tank, that we flew across the system in a cargo carrier and deployed on the moon.
TehAmelie: !findquote butts
LRRbot: Quote #400: "He's breaking my butt." —Julie [2015-07-01]
The_Color_Twelve: loving this music
TehAmelie: ooh, the rare Julie quote
Boon_33: !BGS
quasi79fu: what is the anatomy of a box
MegaDosX: !findquote worms
PharaohBender27: !quote Julie
LRRbot: Quote #5345: "Now we can focus on the real enemy – each other." —Julie
MegaDosX: Oh that was too close. Peh.
Boon_33: the music is biggiantcircles it think
JadedCynic: but yeah, my aforementioned friend is a bit of a...well, he doesn't have any other expensive hobbies :D
PharaohBender27: Huh, that one doesn't have a date
Tevildo: !findquote dynamite
LRRbot: Quote #4785: "I've got dynamite. That's LIKE a flashlight." —Alex [2018-03-14]
quasi79fu: i have a expensive hobby its callled LIfe
rangerboy87: my expensive hobby is children
quasi79fu: you got me beat
LordZarano: sharkf11JAM Peanut Butter Cupquakes, by BGC
PharaohBender27: @quasi79fu (shaking head) Someone should have warned you about that Kappa
quasi79fu: hahahah
TehAmelie: i have an expensive hobby, it's saving up for a trip to Iceland to watch the solar eclipse in 2026 on a disability pension
Tevildo: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: an uncursed pancake.
quasi79fu: thats a nice goal tehamelie
PharaohBender27: @TehAmelie I mean, at least you're planning well in advance
JadedCynic: I hope your hobby reaches fruition <3
TehAmelie: yeah but like, i have a bottle of gin today, that sets me back to 0 for the month
Blasteg: !yay
LRRbot: Yaaaaaaay...
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kusinohki: !y
Tevildo: !findquote bombs
LRRbot: Quote #1060: "Bombs make a terrible present." —Paul [2015-11-09]
PharaohBender27: @TehAmelie Oof, sorry to hear that. I hope it's decent gin, at least
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote gin
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
sydnius: lrrWOW
TehAmelie: a bussing soup ladle replacement cost me most of this month's surplus
JadedCynic: !findquote booze
kusinohki: go the distance?
SergeYager: go for speeed
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote cake
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djalternative: he's all alone
vellebastet: Whoo!
vellebastet: Let's go!
asthanius: worms wasd
Tevildo: lrrPAUL lrrALEX lrrBEN lrrCAMERON lrrIAN lrrSERGE
LordZarano: Worms WASD
wynternyghtynggale: wmma
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
vellebastet: sykLaugh
TehAmelie: we've got worms!
PharaohBender27: Did lrrBEN almost says Worms WAP? tqsSmug
vellebastet: But it was so goooood
JadedCynic: Serge "Warc-rhyme" Yeager :)
sorinthecat: are the worms doctors?
Boon_33: Serge did you format the entire drive?
quasi79fu: uh oh....I fear this new voice pack
Nigouki: i hope Serge put in the Japanese audio just for Ian
blue_lore: Serge likes crafting....who knew?
MegaDosX: If we have time I think a round with all items turned on with unlimited ammo would be hilarious
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Tripleyew: I'm rooting for the Worms
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JadedCynic: I mean, if we just UNLOCK all the weapons, where's the POINT of the crafting system???
NewtyNewts: How much of each, I wonder...
sydnius: primal essence
vellebastet: Huh
vellebastet: Well this is interesting.
MegaDosX: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a powerful character
magical_writer: Ian on a very special episode of tinker tailor
TheAinMAP: Cameron has the high ground.
asthanius: Physically enter the pyramid
djalternative: oh. a box map
Boon_33: is the roof walkable?
MegaDosX: Generally speaking airstrikes and such are turned off on box maps like this, I believe
resistentialism: 5
quasi79fu: is there damage low???
NUTSOFODEN: ben lost to baseball bats, so he added walls
sydnius: pyramid has satellite broadband lrrWOW
JadedCynic: oh, we can make edges - we HAVE explosives :D
Zanzabar_: Classic cave map
RandomTrivia: Instead of going *splash* you go *splat*. Seems good
Gascitygaming: you wanna take that again?
TemporallyAwry: Wanna take that again?
niccus: is hail mary a gun?
ContingentCat: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir? You can't FROOT FROOT here.
quasi79fu: a mie is a terrible thing to avoid
quasi79fu: mime cant type sorry
RandomTrivia: HAH
ani_laurel: lol
asthanius: And it didn't hit the mine!
NewtyNewts: Fizzled!
ContingentCat: katesLol
vellebastet: sykCry
Nameless_Sword: ouch
Blasteg: that backfired
YeetTheRich_: 45 damage? sergeHolyMoly
MegaDosX: Holy shit
quasi79fu: hahaahaha
RandomTrivia: HAHAHAHAHA
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Rogue_07: Worms for the Worm God! Sheep for the Sheep Throne!
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quasi79fu: backfired
JadedCynic: it zapped the mine, but just ent through it?
pn55: Hubris!
Dragonality: Lots of return damage I see
Gascitygaming: ah yes, worms
Boon_33: missfiree!
TehAmelie: such enclose, very skill force. this map feels sort of like entering the dark matter infraverse
MrTheWalrus: Mistakes were made
Jug_R_Not: I was playing this with my son just an hour ago.... it went just as well.
kusinohki: classic worms .... deal the most damage to yourself
CaptainSpam: Ben, I think you accidentally turned off Worm names.
MegaDosX: Remember to craft on everyone else's turns
NewtyNewts: This is pretty Worms, all right
NUTSOFODEN: what ight through yonder window shines
nyperold: By the temple there, I'd say we've opened up a Meso-American of worms.
Pteraspidomorphi: In Armageddon it was the delete key
CaptainSpam: I think in older Worms games, it's the delete key?
JadedCynic: setps out onto the balcony and gets rid of a tresspasser
TheBorzoi: It's usually a button you press in game to cycle through UI display elements
underhill33: That would have been rad
CaptainSpam: It worked out!
vellebastet: Niiiice
MegaDosX: That was a pretty sick throw
TehAmelie: just for variety, might we put in a note to play the next game on an "alien" map with low gravity?
Nameless_Sword: very nice
quasi79fu: grenade from above
RandomTrivia: HAH
CaptainSpam: The sentry!
RandomTrivia: THE SENTRY
MegaDosX: lmaooooo
vellebastet: whoa!
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
TehAmelie: goddamnit Torbjörn
underhill33: he got got
TemporallyAwry: The Level is fighting back, interesting
quasi79fu: cam is protected
sydnius: keke
MegaDosX: I think that was both oofa and also doofa Serge
DoubleMayCare: oh worm?
blue_lore: Done Hecked up
NewtyNewts: That's a clip.
djalternative: ooooooh. I've never seen the tf2 sentry gun used
kusinohki: "you're guarenteed the damage is you hit them"
Dragonality: I made this
quasi79fu: uh oh
sydnius: is kathleen turner in there?
asthanius: "What's the range?" "Yes"
Rogue_07: Need a dispensah heah!
nyperold: You must defeat sheng lungworm to stand a chance.
Boon_33: kevingeneering now
TehAmelie: wait who in all the worlds is Kathleen Turner?
quasi79fu: hahahahah
TeacherSeanTV: hahahahaha
vellebastet: HOLY SHIT
RandomTrivia: WOAH
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
jonasjonIV: >???
quasi79fu: turret went boooom
Sheikun07: Abject chaos!
TheAinMAP: Whoa.
NewtyNewts: Uh, WHAT?
Yakkers221B: ' 0 '
vellebastet: FUCKING-
underhill33: pure chaos
Sheikun07: Someone please clip that
RandomTrivia: That happened
fastlane250: That went from 0 to 100 FAST
BloodnBullets: do we have replays disabled?
Pteraspidomorphi: I love the sentry guns
TheAinMAP: A lot happened there.
Nigouki: Alex with the Russian speech pack
I_Am_Clockwork: heyho friends
TemporallyAwry: Well, it'll be a faster round.
Blasteg: what happened
azureHaights: Alex went kind of Talking Heads there
MegaDosX: That was a squillion damage there
I_Am_Clockwork: hope everyone is doing well
quasi79fu: drunk pilot
TehAmelie: now i know what this enclosed map reminds me of, the movie Annihilation
Goorguy: Well that scans for Rictor
Rogue_07: Dammit, Richter
MegaDosX: Of course Serge is just crafting all the time :p
iris_of_ether: Ian, why in god's name did you name a worm Neena, Wisconsin? :P
quasi79fu: i think we should re examine that pilots lisence to fly
TemporallyAwry: lrrHEART @Clockwork you missed a rhyme-tacular first round.
GragSmash: Ian is arguably the helicopter expert here
eric_christian_berg: @TehAmelie How was that movie? I've only read the books.
TehAmelie: it's pretty incredible
kusinohki: timer is a lot less??
CaptainSpam: Oh, timer's down to 45 seconds.
MegaDosX: Yeah timer is 45s this time rather than 90s
Pteraspidomorphi: I don't think you can turn them around
RandomTrivia: Whatever floats your boat lrrBEEJ
quasi79fu: there are noises in taht pyramid
TehAmelie: i think if you put in the time and effort to read all of the Southern Reach books, the movie will prove a simple task
CaptainSpam: A solid idea, though.
quasi79fu: bouncy grenade
dangerous_safety: speed gaming
djalternative: Sudden death is a fun part of the game too anyway
BloodnBullets: gives time for game 3!
CaptainSpam: Yeah, maybe I should just go and buy this.
RandomTrivia: Pffft
vellebastet: sykLaugh
RandomTrivia: Nice one Wheeler LUL
quasi79fu: wellll it worked....
vellebastet: welp
DerRitter42: Did they explain the names of their worms?
MegaDosX: Needed more beans to get it high enough to fly at your target
Boon_33: the whole thing
YeetTheRich_: wheelerClown
NewtyNewts: Dropped it at his feet
Rogue_07: I should say, it's wonderful to see Alex on stream. I hope everything has been well, Alex!
BloodnBullets: it needed a bit more omph
djalternative: not enough oomph behind it
kaaannaaa: you have to give it space to find its target
sydnius: 👌
Nuurgle: controller's busted!
DoubleMayCare: This is some Donkey Kong Country music
MegaDosX: I think the sheep on a rope will work a bit better in this map because of the roof
Boon_33: o this isn't good
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
RandomTrivia: LUL
quasi79fu: haahahah
CaptainSpam: Okay, I like that.
rabbitgta: wow
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
ritchards: flawless
vellebastet: sykLaugh lrrWOW
Malkmaven1176: LUL
F1SHOR: perfect
RandomTrivia: Fantastic
NewtyNewts: Perfect play!
TheAinMAP: lrrCOW
quasi79fu: evil sheeep
MegaDosX: One of these days they'll get the sheep on a rope right
Boon_33: poor kevin
Nameless_Sword: ouch ouch ouch
LordZarano: Kevin!
YeetTheRich_: look at that gamer
Rogue_07: bloobyDab bloobyDab bloobyDab
ArcOfTheConclave: ludohiSheep /10
DoodlestheGreat: LUL
CaptainSpam: Alex?
Ubiki: Just works things
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Goorguy: you get a ninja clearly
quasi79fu: if you disassemble a sheep dont you get wool and veal???
Boon_33: if you disassemble a sheep you don't get a sheep irl
asthanius: Tactical Nap
BloodnBullets: you get a ninja and a blanket
quasi79fu: hahahahaha sentries are evil
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: disassembling a ninja sheep should give you a ninja and a sheep
CaptainSpam: HOLY
RandomTrivia: Huh
DeM0nFiRe: Wooooow
BusTed: Ouch.
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
control_rig: Whaaaaa
MegaDosX: Holy crap that was a one-shot
RandomTrivia: benginO7
plummeting_sloth: sentry says no
circusofkirkus: Building a sentry here
rabbitgta: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
chimingfish: executed
CaptainSpam: Oh, they're motion-sensitive, by the way.
Gascitygaming: the turret seems good
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
Pteraspidomorphi: GJ Ben
Sheikun07: This round is much deadlier than the last one. I like that.
Rogue_07: That's teh TF2 sentry experience.
josh___something: Motion activated
Fruan: turret stronk
sydnius: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Nigouki: that's the TF2 turret alright
BloodnBullets: absolutely motion activated
GDwarf: Wait, worms don't have skulls, where did those come from?
quasi79fu: Revenge of the Sentry Turrrets
MegaDosX: @GDwarf Good question. Next question.
CaptainSpam: GDwarf: Don't even worry about it.
rabbitgta: Ben a straight up murderer with sentry guns
BloodnBullets: the other senty guns dont have rockets
plummeting_sloth: and he sticks the landing
nyperold: @quasi79fu Wool and mutton, maybe.
djalternative: @GDwarf they have skulls. they're a popular collectable among worms. they love to show them off
quasi79fu: mutton thats it thanks
wynternyghtynggale: i think we are alone now
RandomTrivia: Are the clip title previews missing for anyone else or do I just need to refresh?
djalternative: @RandomTrivia same here
Nuurgle: I am alone, and also Ian is here
coopdawg_22: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:40:41.
RandomTrivia: @djalternative Ah, good, that means it's a Twitch problem, not a me problem
DaSunao: @RandomTrivia Fine on my end
RandomTrivia: Interesting
quasi79fu: what did that helicopter do to you????
Rootpotato: wheelerHub
nyperold: Sikorskied a hit!
NewtyNewts: That's why heli- dang, beat me to it
RandomTrivia: Let's see if the refresh fixed it. Quick, somebody someone do something funny!
CaptainSpam: You moved after activating it, that canceled it.
quasi79fu: does something funny
rangerboy87: @RandomTrivia I refreshed and it fixed it for me
MegaDosX: Well, you got out of your hole
Thatwasademo: after using a select worm, the worm select button is enabled for the rest of the turn
Dragonality: Ben plz
Thatwasademo: whatever that happens to be
RandomTrivia: Thanks Ben!
kaaannaaa: need to use that sweet shotgun to open up space
asthanius: why leaves
TheAinMAP: benginOh benginNo
BloodnBullets: this round seems to be a race to the bottom
Rogue_07: What is love
Nuurgle: See? Alex doing nothing that one turn was a strategy, took less damage than Ben
Pteraspidomorphi: :O
quasi79fu: hahahah
Nigouki: the terrain readibility in this game is significantly worse than Armageddon and even WP
vellebastet: Yowch
vellebastet: Wheeler sykLaugh
wickaboxet: Is it really a worms game without self inflicted owchies
wynternyghtynggale: see not having the sick raps are making you less effective
JadedCynic: that's like that vid going around of the mortar 'dud' :D
asthanius: TOS
control_rig: SERGE
CaptainSpam: No concrete donkeys in this map, though.
mercano82: Normally you need to pay extra for that
SnowbirdMike: Self Harm Hotline avaiable 24/7
plummeting_sloth: !clip
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NewtyNewts: Phrasing
MadmanOreo: !sir
YeetTheRich_: uhh
blue_lore: SERGE...this is main
rabbitgta: first player to kill all of their own worms wins
DoodlestheGreat: So this is the suicide game?
Fried_Twinkie: Never on the first date
empyreon: !adult
LRRbot: Adult currently unavailable, please try again later.
RandomTrivia: Cool, the refresh fixed the previewing issue
APODionysus: I have missed Alex
YeetTheRich_: stick donkey paste sergeJustRight
YeetTheRich_: sticky
MegaDosX: You blew up something
SnackPak_: fire is good
Bearudite: onlyfans
asthanius: donkeys
Gascitygaming: donkeys
Gascitygaming: with onlyfans
Trashweazel: sticky donkeys
AussieBrainDoc: sweaty donkeys?
asthanius: dunkadunkadunkadunka
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: Oh he dead
RandomTrivia: WOAH
plummeting_sloth: PULL!
iris_of_ether: FBtouchdown
SnowbirdMike: Turns out harvesting Sticky donkey Paste is second most dangerous profession.
BusTed: That'll leave a mark.
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
rangerboy87: hallelujah!!
RealGamerCow: kobe!
laikagoat: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
sydnius: jungle hunt
BloodnBullets: that is an ex-worm
fastlane250: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
wargodmogis: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SnowBuddy18: 95?!?!?!?
YeetTheRich_: beautiful
vellebastet: lrrHEART
rabbitgta: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
blue_lore: that was the way to do it Serge
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
CaptainSpam: This reading from the Book of Armaments is now concluded.
notthepenguins: yooo
DoubleMayCare: FBtouchdown
vellebastet: Serge lrrHEART lrrHEART
Gascitygaming: !fbtouchdown
wickaboxet: Can we get O Fortuna in full whenever the holy hand grenade comes out
sydnius: is this antieorms?
MegaDosX: Bashes the ground in front of it
Pteraspidomorphi: The mecha is actually really good
MegaDosX: And if you jump, and then hold jump again while in the air it jetpacks
Pteraspidomorphi: It can glide through the air too
djalternative: it does a hulk smash
wynternyghtynggale: Kevin is also a large bird and a shark
lamina5432: ben is in all the hidy holes this map
MegaDosX: I love how there's a mine hidden behind a tree in the top left corner, where no-one can get to it
RandomTrivia: Smooth
control_rig: HAHHAHAhaaa
BusTed: benginO7
Boon_33: again? again.
DoubleMayCare: YESSSS
RandomTrivia: Oh Ben... benginO7
NewtyNewts: Ben is magnetic.
Nameless_Sword: how!? seriously!
RomanGoro: Consistency!
chesul: want to take that again Ben?
Rogue_07: HOW
plummeting_sloth: good arm on that worm
DoubleMayCare: Ultimate chaos!
MegaDosX: How do you keep doing that
pn55: benginO7
blue_lore: Ben I think you read the wrong set of rules.....
kusinohki: ben is going for a perfect record
sydnius: lrrHEART
Gascitygaming: benginRip benginWat
NarishmaReborn: great content
Nigouki: worms is a world of surprisingly elastic collisions
blue_lore: You are supposed to kill the other players.
JadedCynic: why did you think that would do ANYTHING different from the LAST time you max-powered' a grenade from the same spot?
YeetTheRich_: damn suicidal kevins
darkalter2000: Zoom out Bem
plummeting_sloth: oh thank god that the noise stops
DeM0nFiRe: Did stream go F or is it just me?
blue_lore: Just you
control_rig: Ian?
RandomTrivia: Stream is fine DeM0nFiRe
wickaboxet: Stream is fine for me
Rogue_07: Ian, this guy should really be "War and Buffet"
PharaohBender27: That worm has the hiccups
plummeting_sloth: Ian's worm is gonna start singing about combine harvesters
kusinohki: all the clips posted in chat is giveing me a "something went wrong" message. anyone else?
DaSunao: @kusinohki Fine here, try refreshing
nyperold: Do something? As a worm? So like a wormdo?
vellebastet: Close!
RandomTrivia: @kusinohki The clips are still there, the preview sometimes borks. Refreshing should fix
Despoiler98: @kusinohki same problem here
rangerboy87: @kusinohki Refreshing fixed it for me
DoubleMayCare: This whole stream is a highlight reel
Rogue_07: The grenade curve is pretty intense, too.
wynternyghtynggale: into the sea!
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
CaptainSpam: Perfect aim!
RandomTrivia: @DoubleMayCare ^^THIS^^
Blasteg: sploosh
rabbitgta: this level seems like the tutorial run for tonight
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Aarek: swish!
TheThromborax: it feels like they went out if their way to NOT do the tutorial
Tripleyew: nothing but net
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
Rogue_07: plop
kusinohki: might refresh during break. worried I'll get an ad and miss stuff
pn55: Perfect!
Nigouki: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
vellebastet: OMG
plummeting_sloth: FBtouchdown
wynternyghtynggale: can this entire stream just be the highlight reel
BusTed: sploop
APODionysus: Alex’s laugh fills me with joy
iris_of_ether: FBtouchdown
CaptainSpam: FBtouchdown
laikagoat: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Biggjudicem: FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
Spacepup: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
vellebastet: FBtouchdown
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
xantos69: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SmoreThanAFeelin: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SnowbirdMike: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
blue_lore: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown breyaDisappoint
Boon_33: FBtouchdown
iSmartMan1: Worms has always been famous for not explaining the controls
mulligan2six: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MyrddintheWizard: FBtouchdown
Stella_Noctis: The LRR crew is simply demonstrating the futility of war this round
Aarek: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
fastlane250: @APODionysus Same!
ladylinzington: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
lochnessseammonster: FBtouchdown ook ook
darkmagi08: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
RechargeableFrenchman: lrrSACK lrrJUDGE
Nuurgle: seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood seabatNogood
tigerking19898: As we have seen, it could have been worse
APODionysus: Cheon touchdown unbelievable
obionedrop: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
darkalter2000: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown PogChamp PogChamp
Nuha: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
TheDailyMapleSyrup: sergeHeart FBtouchdown
Bearudite: exquisite
BjjBrain: More arc
PharaohBender27: FBtouchdown
SmithKurosaki: clip pls
plummeting_sloth: I think not knowing how to play worms is integral to playing worms
flouncy_magooo: Worms is one of those games that gets less fun the better the players are. :D
UWDJohn: Khorne thinks so.
DeM0nFiRe: Weird my whole computer froze, had to restart
mercano82: Oh, man, I'd try to uppercut Alex into the turret.
Dragonality: Wow, super rude
SmithKurosaki: youre not wrong
vellebastet: NICE
CaptainSpam: The sheer HATE.
Boon_33: o you.
blue_lore: Damn....
underhill33: r o o d
mercano82: Or, you know, second turret
34Witches: Large Fish in a barrel
plummeting_sloth: careful, their vision is based on movement
wickaboxet: @plummeting_sloth so, no one really knows how to play worms?
kusinohki: Ithink worms armeggedon you could collect grave markers
LordZarano: Shooting Large Fish in a barrel
Tangsm: Ben has given up on the battlefront and is just building a prison.
sydnius: sap
TehAmelie: i'm sure less than one in a thousand people who played Worms have done even the most cursory examination of how the game controls
MegaDosX: They can, I believe, but the angle's wrong for either to hit a target unless they're falling
darkalter2000: Zoom out Ben
tehfewl: give em the sheep
TheDailyMapleSyrup: 10 skulls coming to a happy meal near you
Nigouki: the SP missions in Worms Armageddon were absolutely fantastic to make you learn the intricacies of the various weapons and get muscle memory for bazooka and grenades
control_rig: From hell's heart
MegaDosX: "I'll blow you up with this sheep even if it kills me!" - Alex, probably
Boon_33: the sheep of M.A.D.
raulghoulia: Is Cameron 3D?
plummeting_sloth: you or I or both must fall
vellebastet: Oh!
control_rig: Cam cut out there
wargodmogis: The r/ what?
PharaohBender27: r/ what?
MegaDosX: Yeah we didn't hear that
iris_of_ether: r/ what?
vellebastet: Cam sykHeart sykHeart sykHeart
blue_lore: did cam get censored?
Boon_33: wow, Cam is 3d
iSmartMan1: r/ what?
RandomTrivia: Cameron has a wide knife to make that deep of a cut
tehcrashxor: r/ what? It cut out
DoubleMayCare: Cam cut out at just the right moment.
Jackal720: what an incredible bit
Dog_of_Myth: r/ uwu.
JadedCynic: "names of animals that are regular posters on r/-"
Alahmnat: lilgrabbies I'm betting
wickaboxet: What’s the subreddit?
ritchards: !clip
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Nameless_Sword: so THAT's how it is done
kusinohki: this. means. WORMS!
iris_of_ether: Lil Grabbies!
Nigouki: ah
MegaDosX: Oh, that makes sense
Nigouki: best subreddit
RandomTrivia: D'awww
PharaohBender27: katesAw
Fanboy_of_Bolas: thanks Paul!
YeetTheRich_: paul censored the name of the subreddit Kappa
JadedCynic: lrrAWESOME awww :D
control_rig: Boooo!
Uzumaki15: Serge I don't know how to tell you this, but you're already at war XD
TehAmelie: ooh i just realized, this game by itself is perfect for the meme of the poor perigrine falcon cursing the world https://i.imgur.com/3Vo7a6k.png
Jackal720: dang it cam, had to go and make it wholesome
A_Dub888: lrrWOW
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW Ian
wargodmogis: Not esports ready
Tripleyew: seabatHITBOX
sydnius: nerf worms
tigerking19898: Serge: I'll name them after Coffee, Cameron: Pets of reddit posters
chimingfish: hubris!
CaptainSpam: It deployed for a moment during transit.
MegaDosX: I guess the answer was no, Serge :p
JadedCynic: @YeetTheRich_ "*Twitch censored..." FTFY - Paul ASKED cam to repeat the subreddit so we could hear it :D
ArcOfTheConclave: worms wmd proplay would be so bonkers
wargodmogis: Oops, I joined r/littlegrabbies
chesul: the answer seems to be. "No"
lion000000000000: It was at this moment he knew, he f***ed up
wickaboxet: At the next major event in esports, can we get the best pros from various games and through them into a Worms Game
Blasteg: what happens when game timer run out
Rogue_07: I think Ben needs more fiber in his diet
JadedCynic: ♫inch-worm, inch-worm; measuring the marigolds...♫
MegaDosX: And he's back where he started!
LordZarano: @Blasteg The water rises
MTGRanger: OHMYGOD the little baby porcupines on r/lilgrabbies
blue_lore: The tank can....jump?
JadedCynic: oh it's a hopping tank
iSmartMan1: I hate how something exciting happens every time I look away
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revjakenash: OG worms was the first multiplayer game I ever layed
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JadedCynic: shoot the debris clear to get higher
TehAmelie: is there ANY feeling more universal than when you drop a big ol explosive in Worms and then fail to wiggle out of the blast radius in time?
KaleidoscopeMind: The majestic jumping tank. How it hunts for its prey
Nigouki: yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss
RandomTrivia: Oh Ben.....
MegaDosX: Ben keeps getting screwed by the geometry!
asthanius: Terrain
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
wynternyghtynggale: worms 10/10
NewtyNewts: Booooo.
Nameless_Sword: oh wow that stonks
wynternyghtynggale: the ledge
Pteraspidomorphi: There's a little bit of floor sticking out I think
blue_lore: Ben doesn't know anymore
Rogue_07: It hit, but it launched...Ulmer?
Boon_33: kevin had too much high ground
vellebastet: Well alrighty then
pn55: Robbed!
wargodmogis: I believe this is the worms experience
kusinohki: at least ben didn't hurt himself, so progress?
Dragonality: That WAS a lot of fun
SnowbirdMike: Resident Evil looking pretty good
blue_lore: Ben seems mad and disgusted
vellebastet: Go home physics, you're drunk
MegaDosX: The Shellshock stream was pretty amazing
YeetTheRich_: back to garfield kart
darkalter2000: Uppercut has always been the worst
Alahmnat: Worms ArMEGAdon
TehAmelie: Shawshank Live sounds like the very worst reality show
CaptainSpam: Armageddon is widely regarded as the pinnacle of the series.
NewtyNewts: Garf times are a-comin'j
Bearudite: soldat
MegaDosX: Wait really?
Thatwasademo: worms armageddon is *the good one*, yeah
Pteraspidomorphi: It's updated by community volunteers
darkalter2000: Remember the wind
eric_christian_berg: @TehAmelie An uneventful twenty seasons, but a hell of a finale.
DarkNacht: That is because Armageddon is the best Worms.
RandomTrivia: Woah, nice shot!
vellebastet: Nice!
CaptainSpam: Grenades are immune to wind.
wickaboxet: Question: what’s the name of the orange cat in Garfield? Like in Garfield Cart
saucemaster5000: Honeslty, makes sense -- armageddon was a much better game, weirdly.
PMAvers: Worms: Still better eSports-ready than Arena.
kusinohki: there's a way to set the time fuse on grenades, but I don't remember how
TehAmelie: but consider, if they had cameras on Andy he would not have been able to even begin his escape plan
CaptainSpam: They just have been since the original Worms. Bazookas are affected by wind, grenades aren't.
obionedrop: why would worms have grenades?
Thatwasademo: the most important thing to armageddon continuing to be the best one is just how customizable its maps and schemes are
MTGRanger: @wickaboxet I think it’s Garf. Like the garf-a-day calendar
Pteraspidomorphi: In Armageddon, you set the fuse length using the number keys, 1 through 5
TheAinMAP: Whoa.
MegaDosX: The mecha's pretty good
plummeting_sloth: a large bug the size of a dead bug
Twilight_Spark: Kappa
Ubiki: Nooooo, sultai is dead
saucemaster5000: yeah, they made the mistake of "improving" with w.m.d. by adding more "stuff" and taking away customization. Ain't as good -- see RCT2 to RCt3
TehAmelie: one of many, many things every single person who's played Worms did not read in the manual: how to control the length of grenade fuses
blue_lore: Serge HAS tavelled far for a cappachino
MegaDosX: Hulk smash!
RandomTrivia: Paul LUL
wickaboxet: @mtgranger thank you, this question is one that plagues the modern era
nyperold: Makes me think of Genesis-era Sonic, actually.
Pteraspidomorphi: TehAmelie: Also the bounciness, a mechanic people don't use *or* know even exists :D
Rogue_07: I think it steals things from people
wynternyghtynggale: into the sea!
RandomTrivia: Woah that's cool
vellebastet: Goodbye
Fried_Twinkie: Just like an actual drone
RandomTrivia: Hah, Ian with the callout
blue_lore: Ben didn't damage himself....is that even possible?
Nameless_Sword: an 100% improvement
DarkMorford: HORNER
YeetTheRich_: no
wargodmogis: What type of paste, Ben?
vellebastet: IAN NO
plummeting_sloth: Donkey Sauce is facing a fieri embargo
SnackPak_: no, that checks out
sydnius: mmm donkeysauce
JadedCynic: That would explain a few things...
Trashweazel: i would eat there, Guy is an ally
wickaboxet: Sauces are horse-based, so glue?
TotallyNotaBeholder: Guy Fieri's Dungeons and Drive In's and Dragons and Diners and Dives
ladylinzington: escape from Flavourtown
plummeting_sloth: I'm glad the temple has a new speed hole so it'll go faster
wynternyghtynggale: so this is how swiss cheese is made
SnackPak_: Betrayal at Flavortown
RandomTrivia: OH NO
RandomTrivia: Oof
vellebastet: lrrWOW
Dog_of_Myth: Ian, why would you ruin Arby's?
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
TheAinMAP: jlrrDang
MegaDosX: Worms geometry is always so punishing
YeetTheRich_: sergeScopeCreep
blue_lore: Cam pulled a Ben
saucemaster5000: that's not how money works.. that's how brands work
tehfewl: FBtouchdown
Fruan: The clipping on this game seems.... not good.
josh___something: Worms is 50% friendly fire
plummeting_sloth: missed a pixel? Then die
TehAmelie: in my opinion that car had more of the energy of Gordon Ramsey. specifically Gordon Ramsey being pranked by his kid and getting a faceful of water and an egg in his hair
darkalter2000: Knew it.
vellebastet: "This game SUCKS" -Adam, probably
wickaboxet: Guy Fieri and Arby’s, Ian, would you like to craft this experience
darkalter2000: Saw that tiny bit of ground.
sydnius: leave my loaded curly fries out of your intrigues
YeetTheRich_: coward!
bjorlamn: Excuse me I am an Arbys stan
Gascitygaming: Balopa!
electra310: Inauspicious!
josh___something: Are all of ben's worms named kevin?
ladylinzington: yup
Rogue_07: Ben is Heavy Weapons Guy
QuixoticScrivener: Who is John Galt?
wargodmogis: Cool game
MegaDosX: Minigun works a lot better if you have them up against a wall
Pteraspidomorphi: The minigun deals incredible damage but the victim must be against a wall
MegaDosX: Then you can just dakka dakka them into dust
RandomTrivia: "It costs 4 donkey paste to fire this weapons for 12 seconds" lrrBEEJ
circusofkirkus: Ben just going for all the TF2 classes
A_Bullett: hope unesco didn't care about that pyramid
Rogue_07: Lol, well we know that's Ian's worm.
TehAmelie: *writes down* minigun. . .them up against the wall
Garfman314: craft a flamethrower?
Rogue_07: "take your shoes off in the house"
YeetTheRich_: !badadvice
LRRbot: It's probably irrelevant.
blue_lore: SO why was alex upset?
Thatwasademo: !worseadvice
djalternative: nah. let's craft a concrete angry donkey
DoodlestheGreat: My favorite was always Pyro.
MTGRanger: @blue_lore minimal damage
Orgmastron: PHRASING IAN
Manae: 4 minute warning
RandomTrivia: lrrCOW
Rogue_07: Ian, putting anything spicy in the hole will probably be a bad time.
sydnius: demonetized
RandomTrivia: HOLY SHIT
BjjBrain: LOL
ContingentCat: IAN
plummeting_sloth: oooh
RandomTrivia: Alex, the Evangelions run on trauma, not dead people
vellebastet: OMG
RandomTrivia: WOAH
MegaDosX: lmaoooo
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
YeetTheRich_: back into the pit with you
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
blue_lore: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
CyberColossus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
plummeting_sloth: don't believe his lies
MagicalAttackGecko: FBtouchdown
Thatwasademo: Ben, please.
Himyul: a worm licks donkey paste, probably
YeetTheRich_: the tasty worm lick produces the sticky donkey paste
Thatwasademo: You too, Ben.
SnowbirdMike: Myabe W M D stands for Weapons of Mutual Destruction.
TheAinMAP: benginHeck
MegaDosX: Cluster bombs aren't working well for them today :D
wargodmogis: This has been a game
plummeting_sloth: dodge rolling is meta in worms
lyropithic: Made the dex save
Thatwasademo: Only took 3 because he jumped away almost fast enough
Thatwasademo: jumping is important!
Nigouki: cluster bombs in general are less concentratd damage than normal grenades
Jensling: Wheeler has Dark Soulsed enough to know the power of the roll
ritchards: 3 turns let (including this)
Thatwasademo: he got hit by the edge of exactly one fragment
Rogue_07: How high's the water mama? It's 2 feet high and risin'
vellebastet: Wooooow
Boon_33: highest HP wins at time right?
TehAmelie: hey, long before Dark Souls, Worms made you practice jumping to the edge of the blastwave
RandomTrivia: Super Sheep!
MegaDosX: Aw.
Thatwasademo: if they configured it good then time running out just means global warming happens
lyropithic: Baa-vo
RandomTrivia: Aww, that was anticlimactic
djalternative: @Boon_33 no. that's when the level starts to flood
MegaDosX: Super sheep are hard to control, let's be fair
Boon_33: @djalternative ah, ty
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
Dog_of_Myth: As God as my witness, I thought sheep could fly...
sydnius: not too baaaaaad
MegaDosX: 0 damage by default
Nigouki: zero
Dragonality: Still more than zero
RandomTrivia: Smooth
YeetTheRich_: actual big brain time
TehAmelie: out of curiosity, do you have the standard 4 worm teams or what? i cannot keep count
Boon_33: 1>0
YeetTheRich_: rlyWrinkled
Thatwasademo: this looks like 4 worm intermediate, yeaah
RandomTrivia: OH NO
MegaDosX: You had to wait for the damage to resolv
RandomTrivia: NOOOO
CaptainSpam: NO!
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
MegaDosX: CAM NO
RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea
GhostValv: D:
Boon_33: 1>0!
SnackPak_: lrrFRUMP
ContingentCat: noooooo
34Witches: noooooo
KoruGengetsu: into the SEA!
DeM0nFiRe: F
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
RandomTrivia: NotLikeThis
vellebastet: NOOOOOOO
blue_lore: why?
MegaDosX: Oh no!
ghost_waz: oh no
TheAinMAP: Welp.
TemporallyAwry: noooooo.
Orgmastron: F
Dragonality: *fails to kill Ian* Whelp, I'm out
A_Dub888: benginO7
vellebastet: sykCry
wargodmogis: seabatNogood seabatNogood
SnowbirdMike: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
Nameless_Sword: F
crazyparrot100: FAIL
Rogue_07: F
dangerous_safety: Oh no
Manae: One minute
blue_lore: F
ContingentCat: sergeHubris
MegaDosX: Poor Cameron
Boon_33: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Thatwasademo: oh no
pn55: benginO7 benginOh benginNo
KarnakGWJ: o7
tigerking19898: You will be miss
vellebastet: lrrFRUMP
MagicalAttackGecko: FBtouchdown
sydnius: HSWP
MyrddintheWizard: F
Tripleyew: "Not like thiiiiiiiissssssssss.....
Nigouki: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
wickaboxet: o7
MegaDosX: lmaooooooo
Pteraspidomorphi: Hahaha
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
maxthefourth: jlrrFall
Dragonality: Outstanding
control_rig: The slow turn around
Aarek: sergeIntoTheSea
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
TehAmelie: dakkadakk
CraziestOwl: Worms !!
SmoreThanAFeelin: oh wow
Dog_of_Myth: LUL LUL LUL
JadedCynic: Spumone o7
TemporallyAwry: lrrGREED ..
niccus: baby jail
Boon_33: doofa
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
josh___something: That was beautiful
DoodlestheGreat: FailFish
MegaDosX: And Serge is eliminated!
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
iris_of_ether: benginLol benginLol benginLol
SnackPak_: big oof
Nameless_Sword: the HUBRIS
darkalter2000: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
PMAvers: Huh, I had no idea the Department of Bad Ideas was open today.
rangerboy87: that was awesome!!
Malkmaven1176: You hate to see that
CaptainSpam: Serge's team... is no more.
DoodlestheGreat: NotLikeThis
mulligan2six: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
jedi_master_zll: What a game.
CyberColossus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Rogue_07: A bold strategy, Cotton
MegaDosX: Oh that's...hm.
josh___something: well
wickaboxet: I’m going to call my friend Hue, last name Bris @sergeyager
jedi_master_zll: That's a bad idea considering the timer...
djalternative: that was a bad idea
MegaDosX: That could have been a mistake, we'll see.
CaptainSpam: That... might not work out well in about 25 seconds of game time...
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asthanius: Mind the geometry...
Nigouki: someone gonna tell him? Kappa
wargodmogis: That's a strat
Thatwasademo: teleporting to lower ground while the match timer is low seems like a bad idea, but okay
blue_lore: Hurry
Dragonality: That's gonna be REAL interesting in about 15 seconds
MegaDosX: Maybe Wheeler knows something we don't
Nigouki: hahahaha
Styxseus: Oh no Wheeler :D
JadedCynic: is the 'global warming' ending the default? Remember that ben changed maps, and most options got reset
wargodmogis: @MegaDosX I think it's the opposite.XD
iSmartMan1: I'm enjoying a treat, deREK!!
rabbitgta: I feel so bad for Ben
Pteraspidomorphi: Rising water is usually the default sudden death I think
Thatwasademo: yeah, global warming sudden death is default for intermediate
Thatwasademo: and most schemes
RomanGoro: I thought sudden death was everyone to 1
TehAmelie: rising water, nuclear fallout of everybody droppinh to 1 HP are the sudden death conditions i know of
RomanGoro: Was that original worms?
josh___something: HECK
MegaDosX: @wargodmogis Looks that way :p
TehAmelie: *or
wargodmogis: I do like how the reactions happen before the results.XD
JadedCynic: @RomanGoro it was with armegadon
Pteraspidomorphi: Yes, or a combination of them
Thatwasademo: I think you can customize exactly how sudden death works in the scheme settings, yeah
JadedCynic: @wargodmogis discord to obs is faster than game to obs :D
RandomTrivia: Here comes the flood...
TehAmelie: [sloosh intensifies]
asthanius: Can your large animals fly, Wheeler?
JadedCynic: @Thatwasademo yeah, and when someone changes maps and the settings get defaulted? :)
Jensling: Big fish is going home
plummeting_sloth: blast a hole in the roof and run for freedom!
sydnius: thanx exxon
Jensling: or... home is coming to big fish
MegaDosX: That is most definitely a holy hand grenade crater
MegaDosX: Those are always huge and rip out a lot of the background landscape
RandomTrivia: Welp
Thatwasademo: @JadedCynic "default", intermediate, is exactly what we're seeing here, of course: just water level
RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea
RandomTrivia: Wheeler's been playing the long game here
asthanius: goodbye waffle squarf
TehAmelie: back in my day we used to just blast away at our 500 hp worms for hours, until the ground was gone and sudden death happened naturally by falling in the water
Thatwasademo: WMD is a good worms game as I understand it, it's just second place to Armageddon
MegaDosX: Blaze of glory!
sydnius: wheelgeneering
Manae: Could blow out the ground under Cam
kaaannaaa: Send mango to their doom
Rogue_07: Jetpack?
RandomTrivia: Ooooooh
JadedCynic: yeah wheeler's team has less HP than all the other teams, and yet, he might just outlast them...
RandomTrivia: Delivery!
BloodnBullets: yes, eventually
TehAmelie: really i don't want to sound like some kind of purist but i do think they spoiled the Worms formula when they started making max HP 200 instead of 500. much more than the cartoony graphics, though that coincided
Rogue_07: LOL, Ian, loving the Adachi shoutout there
hexy_lexy: nice Yakuza 7 reference ian!!!
Thatwasademo: one of the sudden death modes just poisons everybody, which is like setting them to 1 but slower
wynternyghtynggale: Happy birthday 🍰
RandomTrivia: Welp
hexy_lexy: @wynternyghtynggale Y A S
wynternyghtynggale: i wasnt ready for that happy birthday
josh___something: RIP ian I guess? \
Thatwasademo: is max health not a scheme option in WMD?
hexy_lexy: @wynternyghtynggale none of us in tilty chat were
rabbitgta: ohhhhhh banana 🍌
Pteraspidomorphi: Kamikaze
Thatwasademo: I'm pretty sure max health is a scheme option in Armageddon
r4serei: the kamakazi?
TehAmelie: it's always time for banan
saucemaster5000: miss the cow
asthanius: I prefer playing Worms in the arcade
plummeting_sloth: wel it falls with style
Thatwasademo: including the option to play healthless matches where you can only die by drowning
djalternative: the weapon grid is actually full I believe
SentientRatKing: I think most of the missing weapons are crafting alternates now for normal weapons
Boon_33: mech might be a 'lil low on hp
RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea
sydnius: fm towns worms
Pteraspidomorphi: SentientRatKing: I think there's no bow and arrows, is there? A massive oversight
plummeting_sloth: bunkering up
vellebastet: sykLaugh
CaptainSpam: DARKSIDER!
RandomTrivia: The turtle!
josh___something: He explodes with the turret
Rogue_07: benginO7 Ian
circusofkirkus: the true TF2 engineer strats
YeetTheRich_: turret deployed!
josh___something: The tf2 turret makes explosions XD
Rogue_07: Anyone got a bunker buster bomb?
JadedCynic: rocket impacts underneath him :)
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
PMAvers: I mean, if someone was going to Rancho Relaxo, it's Wheeler.
Tangsm: Still better than girder.
TheBorzoi: Any air weaponry is unavailable in a closed map like this
SentientRatKing: @Pteraspidomorphi I think you're right some or probably just gone. I'm fuzzy on the details
JadedCynic: O-oh, uh...ye-ah... :D
doomdrake13: Is this the right stream to fanboy about the new noble hierarch?
kaaannaaa: use the shotgun@
SentientRatKing: *are gone
JadedCynic: blowtorch?
vellebastet: YES! GET HIS ASS CAM
RandomTrivia: Uh oh
Thatwasademo: oh no the car is blocking a pixel
RandomTrivia: There's a tiny triangle there
josh___something: The CAR is a collider D:
vellebastet: UM
CaptainSpam: oh no
doomdrake13: hahahahhahahaaa
Styxseus: :D
RandomTrivia: I guess that will do it LUL
vellebastet: Welp
kaaannaaa: shot gun is the only way out
JadedCynic: and serge is out...
sydnius: that miata is toast
Pteraspidomorphi: Do you have anywhwere to go?
Thatwasademo: do you have no airstrikes, Wheeler?
RandomTrivia: lrrHERE
PharaohBender27: lrrFINE
darkalter2000: Skip turn
Styxseus: Dig a deeper hole? xD
RandomTrivia: That is DEFINITELY not safer LUL
darkalter2000: Skip
Manae: Crater that from beneath now
JadedCynic: @Thatwasademo no one does - it's an enclosed underground map :)
TheAinMAP: lrrHERE
saucemaster5000: this is pretty much how my friends played worms back in 5th grade. So... everything ages the same I guess
NewtyNewts: He'smore exposed now!
BloodnBullets: digging striaght down: never regreted by anyone
Thatwasademo: oh right now I see the unbreakable roof line
Nigouki: they merged the jackhammer and blowtorch?!? BOOOOOO
Thatwasademo: right
sydnius: is Fygar down there
VmKid: So... Terraria, Ian?
pn55: Long range homing missle?
RandomTrivia: !quote 1698
LRRbot: Quote #1698: "Can I dig up? Somebody teach me how to dig up!" —Ashton [2016-01-30]
Goorguy: Digging a hole somewhere James looks up
vellebastet: That's pretty good distance
kusinohki: oh, right. the bazooka bounce
TheBorzoi: You can skip worms across water if you hit them in a straight line when close to the water level
RandomTrivia: Good job not telefragging yourself
vellebastet: unarmeHeart
RandomTrivia: YEAH
CaptainSpam: F
PMAvers: Get Gjallarhorn'd!
lightningdude1113: hi
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
vellebastet: Caaaam lrrHEART
Styxseus: o7
Nameless_Sword: it helped... but not enough
vellebastet: sykHypers
The_Color_Twelve: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
34Witches: just didn't dig deep enough
lightningdude1113: all's I hear something about a turd
JadedCynic: then there were three...
RandomTrivia: Mango NO!
darkalter2000: Told you to skip
pn55: Good effort Wheeler. The long play almost worked.
MegaDosX: Tank ex nihilo\
MegaDosX: nihilo
kaaannaaa: use the shotgun to carve a path to freedom
Boon_33: Order your worm to live Alex!
34Witches: the classic worms floor triangle
CaptainSpam: That one triangle of land will remain there to the end of the round, I bet. :p
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
vellebastet: Wheeler sykLaugh
Sheikun07: Mango noooooooo
Styxseus: Oh no!
ContingentCat: o7
JadedCynic: o7
Nameless_Sword: MANGO!
RandomTrivia: MANGOOO NOOOOO benginO7
vellebastet: NOOOOOOO
Boon_33: o7
Fracaswell: kates7
wickaboxet: o7
vellebastet: o7 Mango
josh___something: IT was a turn TOO late D:
blue_lore: F
Sheikun07: F
wargodmogis: f
CaptainSpam: F
Dog_of_Myth: o7
sovietbear1919: F
Dragonality: F
heartofgoldfish: F
Solarraine: F
asddsa28: F
BibitteNoire: F
josh___something: 07
NewtyNewts: F.
PharaohBender27: f
ContingentCat: F
lirazel64: f
Aarek: F
vellebastet: F
KarnakGWJ: o7
DeM0nFiRe: BibleThump 7
TemporallyAwry: lrrEFF
Jensling: F
corefluxx: f
CAKHost: F
CyberColossus: f
Himyul: F o7
JadedCynic: F
TheAinMAP: benginO7 Mango
doomdrake13: F
Rogue_07: F
NotCainNorAbel: F o7
Nameless_Sword: F
GRrrrrat: F
Orgmastron: F
badpandabear: F
MegaDosX: benginO7
MyrddintheWizard: f
Thatwasademo: F
Terr0rc0tta: eff
Boon_33: normally mango's float
ballesta25: [F]
FarrinDelmirre: f
plummeting_sloth: thats fucking grim
Gascitygaming: benginRip
dangerous_safety: O7
TamesLovesGames: F
mochabeanie: benginO7 benginO7 benginO7
darkmagi08: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
DaSunao: katesRip escher3THUMBSUP
Enki1256: benginO7 benginO7 benginO7
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corpocracy: F
Rogue_07: benginO7 benginO7 benginO7
Jackal720: o7
MTGRanger: lrrAWW lrrAWW
The_Color_Twelve: kates7
Rogue_07: Nearer my Mango to thee
wickaboxet: lrrAWW lrrAWW
NewtyNewts: Arr.
YeetTheRich_: i still believe wheelers turret will win this
MegaDosX: That was close
CaptainSpam: A respectable try.
Nameless_Sword: close
vellebastet: Pretty good
ContingentCat: so close
vellebastet: lrrHEART
Nigouki: too much high power man!
MegaDosX: It does reach that point eventually once all the power weapons have been used
RandomTrivia: WOAH
vellebastet: DAYUM
Boon_33: woot!
TheAinMAP: Whoa.
YeetTheRich_: kobe
josh___something: duple
mercano82: Kevin lives (for now)
MegaDosX: OH NO
CaptainSpam: NOOOOO!
RandomTrivia: OH NO
Kyir: RIP
Ryenji: D:
RandomTrivia: NotLikeThis
doomdrake13: hahahahahahahahahhaa
ghost_waz: oh no :(
Thatwasademo: OH NO
Jensling: NotLikeThis
Styxseus: OH NO
DeM0nFiRe: NotLikeThis
laikagoat: fionaVoid fionaVoid fionaVoid
KarnakGWJ: o7
Alahmnat: rofl
Orgmastron: F
34Witches: banan!!!
vellebastet: sykCry sykCry sykCry
doomdrake13: Clap
Thequickgreyfox: oh nooooooo!
MegaDosX: 1vs1 with the water rising
CraziestOwl: Noooooo
CraziestOwl: F
ThirdGames: Noooo Cam!
MTGRanger: Noooo
TheAinMAP: jlrrDang
TemporallyAwry: lrrEFF indeed :c
tigerking19898: You deserved to die with honour
wickaboxet: lrrAWW
damn_i_am_pretty: "You were the bozo one!"
josh___something: if alex f6's through his tur, does ben just DIE?
sirspate: wrong key, i presume
Violentfrog: you were the chosen one!
mercano82: The wind is favorabe
RandomTrivia: More wind this time
Pteraspidomorphi: I think the aim was good
CaptainSpam: Just grazed the rock.
kaaannaaa: shotgun snipe ftw
TotallyNotaBeholder: Just the tip
Rogue_07: Ben can still get to higher ground
MegaDosX: Long range shotgun
JadedCynic: one too low, one too high, next will be JUST RIGHT
MegaDosX: You can do it Kevin!
Styxseus: Is it time for the jump-into-rope monouvers?
circusofkirkus: warning shots
RandomTrivia: Let's go Kevin!
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SomebodyNowhere: I used to like your content. I still do, but I used to too
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RandomTrivia: Oooooh
ContingentCat: SO close
TheAinMAP: So close.
SnowbirdMike: So close
josh___something: GG
Nameless_Sword: wow that was close
MegaDosX: A bigger explosion and he might have done it
RandomTrivia: A valiant effort
JadedCynic: lrrWOW
spicydungus subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 51 months!
spicydungus: hi
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, spicydungus! (Today's storm count: 56)
Styxseus: Advice from opponent: have you tired jumping into the landmine?
Dragonality: GG
BloodnBullets: left a scratch
Goorguy: I'll never let go jack
RandomTrivia: KEVIN LIVES
fastlane250: oh DAYUM
kaaannaaa: snipe!
SomebodyNowhere: !advice
LRRbot: Whenever something is blocking your path, try destroying it.
Thatwasademo: do you have jumprope
eric_christian_berg: Finish him!
Nigouki: RIP Kevin
LordZarano: His worm toes
Solarraine: KEVIN!!
Thatwasademo: or did they remove that from this one
JadedCynic: kevin gets hydrated
SomebodyNowhere: quality advice
nightraven949: welp kevin is gettin ready for a swim
62MGcobra: o7 Kevin
asthanius: hot dogs are just fake worms
Thatwasademo: because this seems like a jumprope turn
Boon_33: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
JadedCynic: o7
CaptainSpam: Alex with the win!
RandomTrivia: benginO7 sergeIntoTheSea
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap
Himyul: GG
vellebastet: Alex lrrHEART
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
tehcrashxor: lrrALEX lrrHORN lrrGOAT
CyberColossus: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Nameless_Sword: what a game, what a game
ContingentCat: GG
vellebastet: gg
VmKid: Alex could have passed his turn and still would have won
Rogue_07: benginO7 benginO7 benginO7
TotallyNotaBeholder: sergeCanal sergeCanal
BibitteNoire: FBtouchdown
serramarkov: Xopowo!
MyrddintheWizard: lrrALEX FBtouchdown
Cunobelenos: gg
TheAinMAP: lrrALEX lrrCHKN
coopdawg_22: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
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Boon_33: Cam with 6 kills
YeetTheRich_: can we do another quick one?
RandomTrivia: Wheeler definitely deserves the Darksider award
PharaohBender27: FBtouchdown lrrALEX FBtouchdown
lochnessseammonster: giant coward
vellebastet: Great stream, everyone!
Terr0rc0tta: [vocal fry] one more?
corefluxx: Cheer100
obionedrop: yes!
RandomTrivia: Oooooh
YeetTheRich_: yessss
MegaDosX: And lots of HP for the worm?
JessKay: final destination?
VmKid: Oh boy, it's time for Total Wormage
RandomTrivia: *Highlander intensifies*
NUTSOFODEN: final destination, all weapons, one wurm
Lancer827: yessssss
lirazel64: The Rambo scenario.
djalternative: full wormage!!!!!!
vellebastet: Well alrighty then sykLaugh
BloodnBullets: lrrCOW_BT
vellebastet: This will be interesting
SnowbirdMike: Full Wormage enabled
Gulleko: bring on the concrete donkeys!
Thatwasademo: maybe next time you play worms you could try Shopper?
djalternative: oh. it wouldn't go to time on full wormage anyway
JessKay: downside?
RandomTrivia: LUL
e_bloc: that's upside
TheBorzoi: I like shopper mode
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Just use the Granite Donkey. That weapon is insanely OP
Thatwasademo: (shopper's a scheme type where you start with no weapons but crate spawns are guaranteed)
MegaDosX: This should be interesting
NUTSOFODEN: war. war never changes
kusinohki: woof
CrazyZonie: @LoadingReadyRun Please tell Ben to set these up as profiles for next time, so he can just select what he what he wants.
VmKid: I have lit the rotating warning lights on my desk. It is time for Full Wormage.
TehAmelie: wait, you guys have marbles?!
Zanzabar_: You could use the mode where you pick your worm locations
RandomTrivia: WOAH
MegaDosX: Look at that inventory screen, holy shit
saucemaster5000: one man one worm two cups
RandomTrivia: SO MUCH STUFF
SmoreThanAFeelin: All the lthings!
jedi_master_zll: Armageddon, if they have it
SmoreThanAFeelin: yes the angry donkey!
Thatwasademo: welcome to Full Wormage, yeah
Dragonality: Oh, in for a bad time
CaptainSpam: The Donkey's going to END THIS.
Obsc: good ol armageddon :D
TehAmelie: Worms of Mass Destruction is the name of the game eh
kusinohki: I don't remember the angry part
Gascitygaming: is that factory called "food poisoning"?
Kipstar: I love that you thought giving you all a huge number of items would make this *quicker*
RandomTrivia: WHAT
RandomTrivia: UM
MegaDosX: RIP Serge
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
vellebastet: WHAT
Nigouki: yep, donkey time
nightraven949: RIP the Homie
PharaohBender27: O_o
fastlane250: Oh he hella dead.
Alahmnat: roflmao
RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea
laikagoat: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
RandomTrivia: REKT
Lancer827: yep
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
Sheikun07: The Donkey!
MegaDosX: That's what that Donkey do
rabbitgta: wow
Boon_33: F
Dragonality: Yeah.... like we said. Donkey strong
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW lrrWOW
JadedCynic: lrrHORN
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
chimingfish: F
Banrael: Get donk'd on
Thatwasademo: that is in fact The Donkey
62MGcobra: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
josh___something: Concrete donkeys are RUDE AS HECK
vellebastet: GOODBYE
F1SHOR: soo ummm that worked
Pteraspidomorphi: No repeats
rabbitgta: FBtouchdown o7
Thatwasademo: donkey working as intended
mercano82: How much sticky donkey goo would that cost?
MegaDosX: That was the angry doneky, surely you can use the others
TamesLovesGames: LUL
Dragonality: Ion cannon
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jephlewis: Such nostalgia for the mid-90s. <3
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JadedCynic: @empyreon and that took out the family TOO
MegaDosX: You missed
ImmortalLen: Welcome to the highlight reel!
vellebastet: WOW
ContingentCat: so close
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
thmanwithnoname: he WIDELY missed
rabbitgta: everything so Op
Rogue_07: somehow the orbital death laser missed everyone
Zanzabar_: Thats such a weak donkey, it used to take up a third of the map
TheArchitectX: Now these are Weapons of Mass Destruction!
CaptainSpam: Armageddon!
RandomTrivia: OH NO
SomebodyNowhere: ohno
MegaDosX: D-d-d-d-double kill!
theamc2000: Alex got cool shades
laikagoat: critroleTouchdown FBtouchdown critroleTouchdown
Obsc: coxHypers coxHypers coxHypers
SnackPak_: the twofer
TehAmelie: look upon my worms, you mighty
jedi_master_zll: Lol, the projectiles got smaller.
YeetTheRich_: it doesn't stop!
Obsc: Armageddon ends? rawrLUL
jonasjonIV: WOW
ContingentCat: DANG
sydnius: …one more?
vellebastet: This map is GONE
Lancer827: the map is nearly gone!
Boon_33: diplomacy
TehAmelie: look upon them!
BluJester: Safe Teleport lets you do that
SentientRatKing: there is a special teleport you might have
MegaDosX: That map got disintegrated
Goorguy: The map has died
SomebodyNowhere: lrrCOW
Zanzabar_: Jet pack and just poke him off the ledge
TehAmelie: wake me up when armageddon ends, as the song goes
TheBorzoi: Don't hold the button with the jetpack or you'll run out of fuel
SomebodyNowhere: !badadvice
LRRbot: Have a garage sale of everything alive.
Nigouki: is the Ming Vase in there?
Thatwasademo: turn timer!
MegaDosX: Super Banana Bomb!
SomebodyNowhere: doit
MegaDosX: I think Wheeler wins if this is what I think it is
TehAmelie: mutually amused destruction
SomebodyNowhere: uhhhh
RandomTrivia: Oh that was laggy
Boon_33: the frames
SomebodyNowhere: wait what
ContingentCat: goodbye?
circusofkirkus: FBtouchdown
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
blue_lore: What a game
vellebastet: WOW
NUTSOFODEN: gentlemans agreement
BluJester: FBtouchdown
Orgmastron: FBtouchdown
nightraven949: RIP the frames
TheBorzoi: The range of Kamikaze has been increased a lot
TheAinMAP: FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: Kamikaze doesn't do much damage unless you hit them with the explosion at the end
wargodmogis: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SnackPak_: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
vellebastet: GG
corpocracy: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
DeM0nFiRe: The perfect teleport to bait the kamikazi play, a classic
maximus416: Switzerland had it right all along
YeetTheRich_: no luck involved, better wizard always wins
TheBorzoi: You need to press the fire again with Kamikaze to explode
Obsc: rawrLUL rawrLUL gg
MegaDosX: You could almost do another one of those :p
vellebastet: Great stream!
Nigouki: Thanks for the stream!
HundreydAundre: In that case... PAUL is the winner!!
NotCainNorAbel: lots of fun!
Rogue_07: gg!
Rogue_07: That was mad fun
wynternyghtynggale: 🦞🍰 Happy Birthday 🍰 🦞
JessKay: oh Cam's shifting into another dimension
vellebastet: Thanks for the stream!
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kusinohki: thank you for the stream! time for bed. night night!
TehAmelie: thank you for the streamin and things!
Gulleko: this was great! lrrAWESOME
vellebastet: I appreciate all of you!
vellebastet: lrrHEART unarmeHeart
MegaDosX: He also could decide not to
serramarkov: Fabulous to see all the streamers, to hear Paul and see all the chatters!
vellebastet: ysbrydMod
ContingentCat: Oooo cooking ttsf
JessKay: oh that sounds delicious
SnowbirdMike: Thanks for all the laughs guys
SentientRatKing: Thanks for the stream guys. Thanks for being your usual cool selves chat. Night
saucemaster5000: jesus man, that's really hard -- gonna chef tune in for that
DeM0nFiRe: FamJam!
RandomTrivia: FAMJAM HYPE
SomebodyNowhere: oh?
TemporallyAwry: The Trail to Krondor ... we'll get there eventually.
Thatwasademo: betrayal at krondeej
vellebastet: Whoo!
circusofkirkus: jlrrBaby
SnowbirdMike: Cool cool cool
DarkMorford: 9-way multitwitch? :D
DoodlestheGreat: Beej-trayal at Cron Job
Electrodyne: Beej trial?
PharaohBender27: braven10HEX
pn55: jlrrBaby seabatUseless benginRemy
Fried_Twinkie: They have the biggest member
SnowbirdMike: Lol
fastlane250: like the olympic triplecast but better!
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh sykLaugh
JessKay: @Thatwasademo brentrayal "beej" krondery
PharaohBender27: OH SHOTS FIRED
BloodnBullets: so my next WEEKS viewing is going to be all the different perspectives
SnackPak_: sounds like James
HundreydAundre: oof.
MegaDosX: WOAH
SnowbirdMike: Touche
Electrodyne: baraHeadshot
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
xantos69: cheer50 Large wager on Wheeler!
HundreydAundre: Doppel off.
ContingentCat: that is what James does
SomebodyNowhere: so much ben on ben harm
HundreydAundre: Oh, wut if any of the teams face off each other in queue?
LordZarano: Chillpoint!
Bearudite: holy hell
bullseye3265: cheer500
RandomTrivia: Sweet merciful Emrakul, final clip count for tonight is 45 sergeHolyMoly
RomanGoro: Yay Wandersong!
JadedCynic: OMG Wandersong is SOOO good!
KaleidoscopeMind: It's so cute
Pteraspidomorphi: Nor a rhythm game, just good
SomebodyNowhere: indie
Electrodyne: anyway, here's Wandersong
vellebastet: Wheeler lrrHEART
SomebodyNowhere: d-d-d-d-duel
djalternative: Wheeler, are you using Duel Links for it?
RandomTrivia: VALUE
PharaohBender27: @BloodnBullets Pro-tip, if you want *all* perspectives, watch lrrKATHLEEN 's stream live, because if it's like last FamJam, there will also be tunes, so it's essentially Brave New Faves rules: No VODs, no clips, no witnesses
DeM0nFiRe: PogChamp
HundreydAundre: Urr MOVE.
YeetTheRich_: it's joey wheelers long lost brother setting out to become the king of games
DaSunao: Especially after Wheeler got ruined in classic last week
ritchards: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, or http://lrr.cc/schedule for a Google Calendar version.
MegaDosX: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 63 (new subscribers: 15, returning subscribers: 48, new patrons: 0), bits cheered: 650, new followers: 15
RomanGoro: PharaohBender27 Right, I knew I watched Kathleen last time for a reason
DeM0nFiRe: Is exodia even legal? I just assumed all the cards from the first few sets were forbidden by now
wynternyghtynggale: No thank you!
vellebastet: sykLaugh
obionedrop: oh that was good
Butternades: Hopefully “exodier” gets used
MegaDosX: Nice.
SnackPak_: *polite applause*
TehAmelie: hallå morsan, hallå farsan
Terr0rc0tta: Thank you, wheeler
NotCainNorAbel: I knew it wheeler
corefluxx: Allan Sherman classic. Nice one wheeler
djalternative: @DeM0nFiRe depends on if you're playing regular paper or the Duel Links variant but it is legal in some way in both
YeetTheRich_: @DeM0nFiRe the parts of exodia all limited to 1of in your deck last time i checked
PharaohBender27: @RomanGoro Well, in my case it was that and because to a regular scheduling conflict, I can't make her regulat stream that often :p
Boon_33: 50 year olds would be... not born when that was written
DeM0nFiRe: Ah interesting
Thatwasademo: Patron_of_the_Moonbase
PharaohBender27: *due to
vellebastet: ysbrydMod
MegaDosX: Oh that's a hell of a name
vellebastet: GROSS
JessKay: is lumpy gravy the step before or after sticky donkey paste?
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Boon_33: 50 dkp minus.
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RomanGoro: @RomanGoro Same, my scheduling conflict being I live earlier than the east coast
Bearudite: more dots
vellebastet: Da bits!
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
Gascitygaming: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James, and/or Graham, and/or Adam play Magic: The Gathering Arena! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (18:12 from now).
ContingentCat: sergeSqueak
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Phailhammer: cya :)
wynternyghtynggale: wait ben cant take me home he cant drive
Boon_33: thanks for the stream
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, everyone! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
ContingentCat: thanks all
corefluxx: Night gang
YeetTheRich_: lrrHEART lrrHEART
vellebastet: Goodnight! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
PharaohBender27: PrideWave
asthanius: yum
JessKay: lrrHEART
empyreon: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
frogomb: GN TY
corefluxx: lrrHEART lrrHEART
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
TehAmelie: the bits! wow Steven Universe season 1 feels like a generation ago
pn55: Thank you! lrrHEART
TehAmelie: thanks for the show fellas
RandomTrivia: I would like to formally apologise to the mods for making them go through all the clips from this stream sergeModLove
fastlane250: This was great, would love to see more lrrALEX on these! ...mainly because I miss his laugh. It's infectious.
TehAmelie: thanks for being chat, chat
PharaohBender27 waits for potential secret lrrPAUL message
vellebastet: lrrPAUL
ContingentCat: !findquote wait
LRRbot: Quote #2722: "You're the worst at jump rope... I remember *** people like you in... no wait..." —Cameron [2016-06-01]
TehAmelie: now, i don't try to make people watch videos willy-nilly, but while the stream is over, here is a 17 second clip of Gordon Ramsay getting fatally owned by his daughter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3szeghJNA8
Boon_33: there is no such thing as a secret Paul message, and it is certainly not recorded in the library of congress when one is made/
TehAmelie: such joy, such egging
ContingentCat: Gordan ramsey's daughter's tiktoks are pretty good, I've come across a few of them
PharaohBender27: @TehAmelie OK, I legit want to know how she did that sleight of hand
TehAmelie: i can answer that. she did it with panache and style
corefluxx: lrrPAUL lrrHEART
FenrisSchafer: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrPAUL
RandomTrivia: LUL
APartofManny: lol
Nigouki: lol
vellebastet: lrrHEART
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrPAUL LUL
MyrddintheWizard: lrrPAUL lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: That's some powerful nostalgia
JadedCynic: o/ lrrPAUL
vellebastet: Goodnight!
theanthonydee: benginDab benginDab
fastlane250: LUL
NotCainNorAbel: lrrAWESOME lrrSPOT lrrSLOTH
vellebastet: sykHeart
APartofManny: i'm liking these random outros
ContingentCat: lrrHEART lrrPAUL g'night
Boon_33: lrrDOTS lrrARROW
Electrodyne: I'm excited to play Pauls Armageddon
djalternative: we need a paul voice pack for next time on worms
TehAmelie: Paul is my hero
Boon_33: gnight
PharaohBender27: OK, is lrrPAUL just playing those clips, or is he even more talented than we realized?
RandomTrivia: @PharaohBender27 Her left hand takes the egg off while the right hand is doing misdirection
Electrodyne: pilot a tiny Paul around killing other Pauls
RandomTrivia: We need a full Paul voicepack
LoadingReadyRun: I played a lot of the original Worms 1. No voice packs, just high pitched british
TehAmelie: oh no, now you have planted the idea of fractal Pauls on top of the infinite Paul clone army
PharaohBender27: @RandomTrivia Oh, now I see it! :D Thanks
LoadingReadyRun: That was me, not a voice pack lrrSLOTH
PharaohBender27: lrrPAUL confirmed even more talented than believed before lrrHEART lrrSLOTH lrrHEART
TehAmelie: Paul's skills, like his clones, are legion
LordZarano: We gottra have Paul play in the next Worms stream lrrHEART
TehAmelie: i wonder, do people remember Alex's Paul impression from that one W+P stream? "I'm Paul, I'm very quiet but without me the site doesn't work"
TehAmelie: maybe comically reductive, but. . .
TehAmelie: dot dot dot
PharaohBender27: @TehAmelie No, but that sounds accurate. :D In the before times, I'd come up with a joke theory that lrrPAUL *was* the Moonbase, and every move made was to accommodate his growing power
TehAmelie: hmm maybe it's time to marathon Commodore Hustle
PharaohBender27: If you really hate sleep that much, yeah (like, it's dawn where you are, isn't it?)
TehAmelie: yeah right now is definitely time to sleep. but imma leave you with this, probably the most high brow joke i've made https://i.imgur.com/3Vo7a6k.png
PharaohBender27: Sorry, that might have come off as judgmental.
TehAmelie: at 5 am no suggestions of sleep are inappropriate
LordZarano: Dawn here in the UK is in like 12 minutes, yes
LordZarano: Summer at high latitudes is weird like that
LordZarano: But anyway, goodnight
TehAmelie: ha, here at 63°N it's dawn until about September
PharaohBender27: Honestly, the last time I stayed up until like 3 AM (as opposed to going to sleep and then waking up at 3 AM) was the last day/night of my 10th anniversary undergrad reunion, where I had to get a Lyft from a bar at like 2 AM