beowuuf: commander sidesteps the issue by having a single game last for days, therefore limiting the need for multiple games against the same opponent :p
gnome_friend: !card tireless provisioner
LRRbot: Tireless Provisioner [2G] | Creature — Elf Scout [3/2] | Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battelfield under your control, create a Food token or a Treasure token.
KakuEpsilon: I for one am glad that Food and Treasure seem to be evergreen
beowuuf: or at least deciduous :)
KakuEpsilon: And of course Gatherer is broken and down.
IbunWest: cliffLurk
gnome_friend: Treasure seems to be the most evergreen followed by food followed by decidiuous clues, with only one in each standard set
gnome_friend: But all three in specialty sets
dtape467: gatherer is probably being updated for MH2
gnome_friend: There are now two cards which create clues without investigating
KakuEpsilon: @gnome_friend I hadn't even thought about clues in quite a while. Mainly because I've never played with clues in a deck. Perpetually Clue-less, I am.
twitchejoe12: what time does the stream start?
beowuuf: owing to the theming, clues seem harder to return... though i hope they do, or they figure out a tweak on them
beowuuf: stream should be 9 mins or so
Foxmar320 sneaks in and takes a seat
twitchejoe12: ok thanks
beowuuf: sometimes it's delayed due to Technical Wizardry but should be soon anyway :)
KakuEpsilon: Or when it's ready
TimeToFry: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Modern Horizons 2 PPR (Join the LRR Crew for a world-first look at Modern Horizons 2 gameplay! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Wed 11:00 AM PDT (7m from now).
KakuEpsilon: Don't worry, though, chat will start putting out a signal emote when it begins
Nyx_fire: PPR is soon right?
beowuuf: yup
KakuEpsilon: Very
Nyx_fire: yay!
TXC2: Hello Everybody
beowuuf: hey txc2 sergeHi
LRRMTG_Judge: Hello everyone! Judge apocalyptic_squirrel signing in :) - Squirrel
TXC2: hello beowuuf
Genie_M: good evening (and other times of day)
AliasV: aliasHi aliasHi aliasHi
beowuuf: sergeHi
KakuEpsilon: Greetings second judge on the account!
TXC2: hello Genie_M and AliasV welcome
Bengineering: jlrrCai wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE jlrrLlou
Alex_Frostfire: Do you think anyone will be playing squirrels?
beowuuf: jlrrNo jlrrNo jlrrNo
theevilslime: Hello there, card-wizard-people!
dtape467: aliasHi aliasHi aliasHi
TheTunnelingCat: @Bengineering why does james have those emotes oh god
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrHEART
Foxmar320: Hello everyone
TXC2: Hello theevilslime and RandomTrivia welcome
beowuuf: i really hope there is a squirrel deck ... also yeah, wonder why i thoguht this felt like an unset :p
Rhystic_Buddies: lrrHORN sergePongChamp lrrHORN
KakuEpsilon: sergeHi The icons were so cute I had to subscribe to Serge's stream. >>
beowuuf: serge's icon game is strong sergeJustRight
Diabore: is this the ppr waiting room?
beowuuf: he also has sergeModLove which seems appropriate to use just before the stream starts :p
RandomTrivia: Gonna get this joke out of the way early: *clears throat*
RandomTrivia: OMG just release the commander deck already lrrBEEJ
KakuEpsilon: @beowuuf I mean there was a Squirrel deck in Kaldheim, and it wasn't an unset. :P
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: many secrets
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You owe 300 kilos of potatoes.
beowuuf: @beowuuf lol, you got me :D
djalternative: woo! back in just enough time with lunch
TXC2 reads RandomTrivia 's post, has Vietnam style flashback
ihlendrax: Mmm secrets.
beowuuf: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always restarting the generator.
Foxmar320: RandomTrivia grrrrrrrrr
LRRMTG_Judge: it must be said that as a big fan of both squirrels (obviously) and Aristocrats decks, the GB archetype in this set felt like it was aimed at my soul - Squirrel
KakuEpsilon: What.
beowuuf: lol
Halinn: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #6532: "You can't account for Serge." —James [2019-10-30]
gnome_friend: !card wavesifter
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
TehAmelie: i was right, the crowds at the store were almost minimal
Halinn: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Modern Horizons 2 PPR (Join the LRR Crew for a world-first look at Modern Horizons 2 gameplay! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Wed 11:00 AM PDT (1m from now).
TheOtherBlueMeat: Yay somehow catching this live
Zaroth339 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 22 months!
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beowuuf: wb tehamelie, dulting done, stream not compromised :D
TXC2: hello TheOtherBlueMeat welcome
beowuuf: *adulting
Pharmacistjudge: I have to deal with those persons on a regular. As a Vietnamese-American and having to vaccinate sometimes Vietnam-Veterans with mental health issues...yeah...very real.
ihlendrax: !adult
TheOtherBlueMeat: Crowds in stores over here are already completely back to normal.
Nigouki: hello, is this the stream for the Pee-pee Argh? Kappa
TehAmelie: all according to keikaku
LarkSachrosis: Hype lrrHORN vargDong
underhill33 subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 56 months!
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beowuuf: @Nigouki did we jump the filled shark?
beowuuf: !keikaku
IbunWest: lrrHORN cliffYell
gnome_friend: !plan
LRRbot: Translator's note: Plan means Keikaku.
skiddybones: I’m hoping I can go to a prerelease for the first time since eldraine
ihlendrax: No adult for me. Guess the subs are the adults. 😂
RandomTrivia: beowuuf That is not a sentence I expected to read when I woke up today
floki4242: let's go stealth unstable set
beowuuf: aaaah, better joke
TheOtherBlueMeat: Considering vaccination was on 'kinda done' state late March, that took 2 months for a full 'back to normal' so you'll get your stores filled up by dnd set
Abavus: !advice
LRRbot: Don't let the scientists get you. They're wily.
neisan2112: Sooo close to MAGIC!!!
beowuuf: @RandomTrivia blame cameron or the internet or the internet filtered through cameron, and also cori?
RandomTrivia: LRRbot now is not the time
Abavus: Well that didn't go well with the vaccination comment just above it...
beowuuf: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Modern Horizons 2 PPR (Join the LRR Crew for a world-first look at Modern Horizons 2 gameplay! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Wed 11:00 AM PDT (8s ago).
swordhunter45: is it going to start
Pharmacistjudge: Unless they are talking Dr. Wily
beowuuf: aaaaah, 8s late
Abavus: swordhunter45, maaaaybe
dtape467: !next
TXC2: I should probably take that advice out
TehAmelie: remember, if the stream is more than 15 minutes late legally we're allowed to leave
RandomTrivia: I mean, you could probably put it back in in like 2 years
lady_olynder: @TehAmelie but why would we
Nyx_fire: @TehAmelie lol
beowuuf: stream will now be any moment now tm (soon)
Pharmacistjudge: I love how people say the "15 minute rule" but I never read it on any document anywhere at university
SquirrelLord1111: Hype
TheOtherBlueMeat: I tried this with meetings at work, turns out I really was allowed to leave, it's coming back that's the issue
RandomTrivia: Do we qualify for Delay Repay if our journey is over 30 minutes late? lrrBEEJ
TXC2: if the stream isn't on in 15 mins I'm legally aloud to do an AMA Kappa
beowuuf: and wait, it's illegal for us to leave for the next 14 minutes? oh no....
WolfgangCloud subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 85 months!
WolfgangCloud: Time Spiral 3 Hype!!!!
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KakuEpsilon: If the stream starts late, then you just misread the schedule.
Abavus: txc2, PogChamp
Didero: @TXC2 Aggressive Mole Attack?
ShaneLeeAtk: We have a 5 minute rule for meetings where i work. And we hold folks to it.
lady_olynder subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 15 months!
lady_olynder: button? pushed? i can't believe it's not butter
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, lady_olynder! (Today's storm count: 8)
Didero: Good evening everybody!
beowuuf: stream schedule follows the Cameron Lauder Houserule Rule
Foxmar320: TXC2 the only question would be "Wheres the stream?"
gnome_friend: Aggressive Mole attack hype!
gnome_friend: Someone call Moley!
RandomTrivia: After 3 minutes, they get a game loss, after 10 they get a match loss and are dropped unless they show up to the scorekeeper desk during the round
TheOtherBlueMeat: I really hope someone magically open the perfect affinity deck
beowuuf: hey didero sergeHi
TXC2: hello Didero welcome
Kelderan subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 17 months!
Kelderan: Pre all the pre all the releases!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Kelderan! (Today's storm count: 9)
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
gnome_friend: lrrSIGNAL
TXC2: Foxmar320 oof too real :p
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
Xeldamari: POGGERS
WolfgangCloud: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
thirsty_kitteh subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 45 months, currently on a 45 month streak!
thirsty_kitteh: magic magic magic magic
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, thirsty_kitteh! (Today's storm count: 10)
underhill33: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
gran___: yoo
dtape467: VIDEO
YeetTheRich_: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
Foxmar320: :P
beowuuf: blip?
neisan2112: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL benginO7 benginO7 benginO7
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
djalternative: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Walla_ttv: voxyHype voxyHype
PotatoWraiths: lrrSIGNAL
skiddybones: Ben on affinity Please
dagingerghost: mijikmijikmijik
Xeldamari: PogChamp
chefryto90: benginDab benginDab benginDab
Nuha: hi friends!!
Field94: lrrAWESOME
Abavus: txc2, AMA ruined :( lrrSIGNAL
ShadowboyTyler: Poggies my doggies!
lemmel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
bernardo013 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 12 months!
bernardo013: 1 year! lrrHEART
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Nyx_fire: lrrSIGNAL PrideUwu lrrSIGNAL PrideUwu lrrSIGNAL
Joalni: lrrSIGNAL
TehAmelie: the hype is so real i can almost feel it
Xeldamari: voxyHype
kgladell: Let's do thsi
CoffeeDependent subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 3 months!
CoffeeDependent: lets goooooo
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, CoffeeDependent! (Today's storm count: 12)
swordhunter45: yay
frnknstn: Blue light! Blue light!
CastleOtranto: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrFINE
MrOrange1987: Let’s gooooo
KakuEpsilon: We live!
Saturnify subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 5 months!
Saturnify: PPR on my day of let's go!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Saturnify! (Today's storm count: 13)
Xeldamari: @Walla_ttv KonCha
beowuuf: ok, if like me you got a blip but then no stream, refresh, as stream is live
annasaurus13 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 12 months, currently on a 12 month streak!
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TheOtherBlueMeat: the stream made a mistake... counts down 5m, that's 7m late
ihlendrax: Aaaaand ads time. LOL
Abavus: Hi Chat. lrrHEART
nuclearstulle: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
KharadBanar subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 28 months!
KharadBanar: 28 months whaaaaaat
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TimeToFry subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 30 months!
TimeToFry: PPR time whoooo!
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spinebustertee: PPR for Odin, woo!
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ShadowboyTyler: lrrGRAHAM
Nyx_fire: michel56Hype
JokerBoney: first ppr live!
floki4242: do you think we're going to get to see the advantage muffin
merman42: Woo PPR on my day off!
gawsk subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 3 months!
gawsk: lrrHEART lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN
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Alas_Babylon: It's PPR day, my dudes
Manly_Rose: AAAAAAAA
dkosa: Woo WH2
lirazel64: Wheeee!
NicoTheSly: Good evening :)
gnome_friend: welcome @JokerBoney
Jar_of_Stuff subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 37 months!
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CaptainEnder7: Greetings chat!
TXC2: Hello JokerBoney welcome
dogghost11: Yeeee
kerbalized_: sergeHi sergeHi sergeHi
wynternyghtynggale: hiya everyone!
catchyuniquename: yay!
Abavus: jokerboney, welcome PogChamp
EmptyGryn: hype!
ArtemisHuntress: hallo chat
NarfBlinko: PPR HYPE!
Haberdashed: Yesssss
dogghost11: Yeahhhhh
goldengraham13 subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 12 months!
goldengraham13: One year and counting! Thanks for all the awesome entertainment LRR crew!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, goldengraham13! (Today's storm count: 20)
DerRitter42: Sup
beowuuf: stream is live, this is not a drill, refresh if no stream visible for you
JanuaryDark: no wrenn and seven in the set after all BibleThump
alex_they_cryptid: right on time for some ppr
duck33: pleasa2Ohnoes pleasa2Ohnoes pleasa2Ohnoes pleasa2Ohnoes pleasa2Ohnoes pleasa2Ohnoes pleasa2Ohnoes pleasa2Ohnoes pleasa2Ohnoes
piercefc9: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Mustache5775 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 3 months!
Mustache5775: 3 months during a PPR that is what some would call poggers
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alikaoz: Henlo everyone
el_dwardo subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 22 months!
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laikagoat: fionaGoat fionaGoat
ihlendrax: !lurk
KakuEpsilon: And here I thought Chat might be slower on a wednesday. :O
CyberCypher: Woo, PPR hype
frnknstn: lrrSIGNAL Stream is go lrrSIGNAL
NrgSpoon subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 12 months!
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edudmas: !lurk
morderschatten: SirShield
TheOtherBlueMeat: Also how awesome would it be if someone pulls off a storm deck with the 7/7 dino and 4/4 tokens storm
Battosai83: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
corefluxx: lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrAWESOME
hippitybobbity: uwu whats this?
Chatty_Protagonist: Wonder if I can call out for PPR related reasons?
earfeel_mouthreads: jajajajajajajaja hey peeps
mechmagic: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL benginDab
Samsmasher77: Cant wait to see some CARDS
Nyx_fire: @KakuEpsilon chat is never slow lol
lirazel64: Meh, us slow?
Ashimablackraven subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 5 months!
Ashimablackraven: ppr let's goooo
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Al_Azil3: Coffee and PPR! Leeeets gooo!
hydra_lord92 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 39 months!
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sorinthecat: who is here for it?
expropriate7uu: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
MurphEP subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 2 month streak!
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haletronic: wooT
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chaostreader: I hope someone is playing a squirrel tribal deck.
NarfBlinko: @Chatty_Protagonist I did :)
TXC2: Remember chat: No all caps, keep emotes to 7 or less, be nice and for the love of the Gods, have fun.
Alas_Babylon: I just want someone to have to pronounce Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar
CyberCypher: We're punching chunks right? jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Leonhart321: Ah, just in time
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Pinary: Magic magic magic magic.
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Pedantically subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 31 months!
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Foxmar320: CyberCypher yes
beowuuf: @Alas_Babylon aparently graham can no scope it
haletronic: Mermaid tribal ftw!
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive LuvGift PrideTake PrideWingR
juzztshay subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 22 months!
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ChainedDreamer: Greetings fellow humans, a good day to you all! lrrHEART
themlin: oh shoot! didnt know this was today!
lirazel64: sergeLurk sergePongChamp sergeLurk sergePongChamp
Alas_Babylon: @beowuuf Cameron as well heh
nuclearstulle subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 7 months!
nuclearstulle: woo i finally get to catch a PPR live
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, nuclearstulle! (Today's storm count: 31)
KakuEpsilon: Well, you got me there, I'm not usually someone who runs chat and watches streams. ^^;
Samsmasher77: Squirrels all the way
MadmanOreo: @Alas_Babylon cam did on twitter
MurphEP: PPR! Woohoo! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART Very excited to see MH2 in action
TheOtherBlueMeat: Squirrel tribal would be cool too! As well as clue-food-treasure tokens matter
leoflare subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 24 months!
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ShadowboyTyler subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 81 months!
ShadowboyTyler: Hub sype!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, ShadowboyTyler! (Today's storm count: 33)
TXC2: hello ChainedDreamer welcome
Alas_Babylon: yep, I saw that
beowuuf: @Alas_Babylon oh yeah the twitter vid challenge, yeah
seancplays1: I can’t wait to see the shenanigans that lrr can pull off here
juzztshay: woo!
biosimicist subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 20 months!
biosimicist: Thanks for another wonderful PPR! Happy Pride!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, biosimicist! (Today's storm count: 34)
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FriendlyNeighborhoodGM subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 59 months!
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catchyuniquename: Happy Pride Everyone!
bean665: is the stream just starting?
Samsmasher77: Yep
TXC2: bean665 yes
chaostreader: @bean665 Yes
Al_Azil3: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
Foxmar320: Yep just started
radioneer: chatterino
djalternative: in this ppr, everyone plays GB squirrels
RinaInTheRain subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 36 months, currently on a 15 month streak!
RinaInTheRain: Huzzah time for magic
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, RinaInTheRain! (Today's storm count: 37)
petey_vonwho: man, I can't wait to trainwreck a draft by forcing squirrels in this format
thebaconator1902: finally the PridePreRelease
dagingerghost: BisexualPride
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
APartofManny: is this the ppr?
Midgetfromrome4: 7 ad ad break. oof
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Join the LoadingReadyRun crew for a full afternoon of Magic! Let's play some Modern Horizons 2! 📷 ||
bean665: I've never been early for anything in my life. I'm stoked
beowuuf: !asmoranomerciadaitinacardica
Loonatic93 subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 57 months!
Loonatic93: You folks are just MAGICal!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Loonatic93! (Today's storm count: 38)
dkosa: who do you think is playing the 5 color deck with Garth?
Sage0fMadness: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Y'all wanna watch some Magic: The Gathering? Good. | We're live with the Modern Horizons 2 PPR! Decks are built, cameras are on, and I hear we're giving away Collector Boosters throughout the day. #Sponsored #LRRMH2 📷 ||
FittiusRex subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 5 months!
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monkeyboyktc: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
Samsmasher77: Dem little furry buds
themlin: nope, it goes online at the very end
TXC2: hello ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat welcome
TheMightyTaylor subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 16 months!
TheMightyTaylor: <3
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, TheMightyTaylor! (Today's storm count: 40)
TheTruePhantomAngel subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 27 months!
TheTruePhantomAngel: Yay, free to watch PPR day!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, TheTruePhantomAngel! (Today's storm count: 41)
ThankYouUro subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 8 months!
ThankYouUro: lrrSIGNAL Time to go lrrHAM ! lrrSIGNAL
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, ThankYouUro! (Today's storm count: 42)
MTBoot: Ugh, right as I'm somewhere without wifi ;_; guess I'm in the vod-goblin pit today
biosimicist: GayPride GayPride GayPride
Wolfstrike_NL: sergePride sergePride sergePride
beowuuf: !card !asmoranomerciadaitinacardica
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
ItsRileyPM subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 33 months!
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kandykidzero: Old Spice Commercials are always top shelf
Alex_Frostfire: Did someone say Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar?
squidwardtentacruel: GayPride GayPride GayPride
kijata: lrrSIGNAL
zimmercj: PrideRise hi y’all
TheTruePhantomAngel: PridePenguin PridePenguin PridePenguin
olio22: wheelerPog wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
Ashimablackraven: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
NDCazzy: sergePrideLove sergePrideLove sergePrideLove
beowuuf: culdacar, carn
ElderZurran: these ads are rough FortBush
DNAli3n: it's time
Astro_Nata subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 42 months!
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Ashimablackraven: lrrJUDGE
Samsmasher77: Are slivers going to be a thing?
fhorrigan: This chat is madness so everyone, have a cool ass day. This gonna be fun.
squidwardtentacruel: Did someone say Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar?
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSIGNAL FBtouchdown elfunkPopcorn
TheOtherBlueMeat: I got no ads, you just need to know where to live.
catchyuniquename: 7 ads! oh boy... anyone beat my count?
TXC2: hello invernce_ welcome
Favre_the_Undead: there are no slivers
Ashimablackraven: lrrFINE
Samsmasher77: Phew
twitchysmile: HERE WE GOOOO
Ashimablackraven: lrrCOW
Siromo: wheelerY wheelerH
monkeyboyktc: I can't wait to hear graham try to pronounce that
catchyuniquename: yay!! here we go
TheWanderingNomad: Lali-everyone-ready-for-a-PPR-day-ho Chat o/
Theycallmejokke: Beep boop HYPE activated
JimJamTheHipHopMan subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 8 months!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, JimJamTheHipHopMan! (Today's storm count: 45)
chaostreader: @favre_the_undead There is at least one sliver.
TheOtherBlueMeat: He'll just say 'Asmor'
gran___: hype time baby
Doctor__Spacemen: Do a rules video you cowards\
NarfBlinko: There are 2 slivers and a changeling
tyrantcorporation: hyyype
Goban3: PPR BABY!!!
sumoantlion: @catchyuniquename 8
kandykidzero: Jeff Goldblum would be a wild PPR guest
Samsmasher77: I want to see that big name card so bad
gnomebliterator: so hyped
monkeyboyktc: @TheOtherBlueMeat yeah probably. Or he
catchyuniquename: @sumoantlion dannnnnng
NarfBlinko: okay, one won't be in the kits
NDCazzy: any idea when more LRR Pride shirts will be in stock? (unisex or fitted large)
cisco236: hype lrrHEART
monkeyboyktc: oops
swordhunter45: what are some goods cards besides the enemy fetchs that are good
gran___: im hyped to play shamans in modern
JonPat: yayy
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gnome_friend: @gnomebliterator ... should I be afraid?
haletronic: 8 ads. WTH!?
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TXC2: kandykidzero I'm still waiting for Danny Trejo
Jayrod1220: jlrrBaby
markekv: hi
ElderZurran: no slivers in main set
Fr0Dough: perfor8Chicken perfor8Chicken perfor8Chicken perfor8Chicken
twitchysmile: 5, 4, 3, 2, `
Goban3: wish I could watch the whole thing live
Cartographers_Ink: Right on time!!
markekv: lets goooooo
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AWells44: So how does this 'Mana' work? lrrAWESOME
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RandomTrivia: benginHype lrrFINE
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
gawsk: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrFINE
MrTheWalrus: It Begins!
gnomebliterator: this is fine
neisan2112: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Zaghrog: swordhunter45 I hear the black and white Evoke cards are format defining
TheOtherBlueMeat: who needs slivers you got squirrels and affinity
TheWormbo: lrrFINE
dkosa: lrrFINE lrrFINE
cisco236: lrrFINE
boyesie: good evening people
ChainedDreamer: lrrFINE
floki4242: lrrFINE lrrFINE
NDCazzy: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
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thebaconator1902: is this draft or sealed?
crabgoneberry: breyaBust breyaChut
markekv: is that slang for some drug
kandykidzero: @TXC2 or a celebrity invitational
nuclearstulle: lrrFINE
Favre_the_Undead: lrrFINE
Samsmasher77: Woo
beowuuf: @NDCazzy no idea but beej always says email regarding wanting one so he knows when to get more on order. i would presume during pride month they might restock soon though?
Garrub: sealed @thebaconator1902
chaostreader: @thebaconator1902 Sealed
Samsmasher77: Let’s gooo
TXC2: Steady
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Beeff1986: Another prerelease another sub your way
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hammith: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
AvatarOfSloth: lrrFINE
gnome_friend: There is no need to panic
Orgmastron: lrrFINE
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dagingerghost: Everthing is FINE
Abavus: I love it when lrrFINE
duo7531: leggooo
gabethke: PogChamp MODERN HORIZONS 2 PogChamp
jrhwhite: Sooo Stoked!!
gnome_friend: We are calm and relaxed
train_diskenth: lrrFINE
TehAmelie: mana burn totally sounds like slang for a drug
TimeToFry: lrrFINE
TXC2: Here we GO!
gnomebliterator: less go
twitchysmile: ABDGER
dtape467: badger
gabethke: MH2 PogChamp
Garrub: cant wait for this to be on modo for draft tomorrow
BrookJustBones: hype
dagingerghost: badger
Samsmasher77: The hype is reallll
Abavus: PogChamp
beowuuf: go time!
DeNerd123: right on time!!
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petey_vonwho: is go time!
MrTheWalrus: Badger time!
swordhunter45: lets go
Hewdra: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
electra310: Here we go!
gran___: HYPEEE
TamesLovesGames: I am excited!
CodenameJD: BADGER
TheWormbo: mushroom mushroom?
kgladell: YESSS!
JimJamTheHipHopMan: lrrFINE
sagemastar: leessss gooooooo
seancplays1: Wooot
niccus: "snow mana" is probably closer to drugs
nuclearstulle: lrrHORN lrrHORN
stupidforgames: lrrHEART
justanotherman: yeeeeeeeah
Samsmasher77: Badger
LRRMTG_Judge: GLHF everybody! - Squirrel
NarfBlinko: doh, yep, no slivers :(
bwk789: Llllleeeeeetts gooooo
twitchysmile: FIRE IT UP!
bigvh: @jrhwhite let's go bud rooting for you
sorinthecat: lets goooooo!!!! FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
flatluigi: jer!
AbraHeron: lets goo
duo7531: happy ben
JustAConspiracy: aw do I not get to share a message with prime resubs now?
nuclearstulle: yay JER
Battosai83: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
felrender: Wednesday Afternoon Paper Altercation
niccus: clab
TimeToFry: CRAB
olio22: JER
RocknGrohlNerd: hello gamers, lrrHEART benginDab avngrYo benginHeart
lirazel64: Jer hype!
BjjBrain: Nice to see Her!!
Thequickgreyfox: pre pre-release time!
beowuuf: wow, the multiple laughs and wtfs :p
falcn120: Wooo!!
RecursiveAcronym: jer!
dagingerghost: the lrr music ysssss
DiscordianTokkan: Happy Cam! unarmeHeart
Al_Azil3: Wheeler and Jer! <3
kgladell: are they back in store?
VVVC_SMITE: lesssssssgooooo
Foxmar320: lol
NathanLonghair: *cheer*
justanotherman: CRAB HYPE
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bunn_tech: Woot
BjjBrain: Jer!!
Halinn: Crab token!
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SpicyNapalm: It's a truly magical time, have fun y'all
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bwk789: Her
dalek_kosh: Crab people!!!!
JimJamTheHipHopMan: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
twitchysmile: Wagon wheelers!
Sibwow: by gawd is that wheelers music
bwk789: Jer!
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ryu9969: Time to watch the best people on the internet
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kgladell: or virtual?
Smoke108: Crab! Crab! Frighten
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catchyuniquename: This makes me so spectacularly happy
Samsmasher77: Wheeler!
TehAmelie: aloha
Dyllbert: Perfect timing!
lirazel64: Wheeler the White!
Underachiever28: Oh, it's starting! I gotta get my coffee quick!
beowuuf: hey LRR, you're all amazing! have great games! lrrHEART
TXC2: Hello Graham
thebaconator1902: 100% here for wheeler gaming
YeetTheRich_: hello graham
garunkl: Hello!
brunomant_: Confused serge
ShifuDaxiongmao: "To this day, Kathleen still struggles with opening her packs"
AbraHeron: Hi G
gnomebliterator: ello ello
twitchysmile: Graham!
Mewr11: Is that a full north 100 I see?
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zefyre3: Woooo
dog_spoon: hi
EmptyGryn: NORTH 100 CREW!
TheWarbo: Time for Modern Horizons: Forbidden West! Wait....
scoetms: no disrespect to everyone else but go Adam. TEAM ADAM
kgladell: virtual i guess
biosimicist: Hello!
Davidistdavid: hello
TheWanderingNomad: Wait if Nelson and Serge are playing whose Judging!?
Pixelpinnen: Hello rooHi rooHi
ArmandUsagi: Got my popcorn and drinks. Let's go!
Leonhart321: Hi Graham
draconetrix: has wheeler lost weight, good for him :)
kandykidzero: Wait a minute, this isn't Checkpoint!
GredGredmansson: Hi Graham!
benjamin_wheeler: buckle up, y'all
twitchysmile: I feel really good Mr.Stark
serialtram: henlo
dog_spoon: how are the cats?
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Sibwow: @TheWanderingNomad they just wont play each other
beowuuf: @scoetms i have bad news for you...
TXC2: TheWanderingNomad Beej of course
Goban3: heck yeah!!
Haroldholmes25: @scoetms You dropped this FBtouchdown
Robot_Bones: Ah yes "Graham"
electra310: Oooh, sealed event!
Diabore: @scoetms adams taking a break from pprs for a bit
thebaconator1902: gamers I'm very hyped
IAmNotZura: Graham - Braun Strowman release - thoughts?
bwk789: Let’s have some cowboy magic!
riki1232: PPR before work. Woot!
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TehAmelie: ooh, i love Seal
samu_btdp1985: I love serge reactions to new cards
GrumpyOldFarts: Is "virtual" still really necessary?
CunningWish13: hello Graham!
duo7531: I just got 4 adds...
RandomTrivia: Oooooooh!
brunomant_: Cool!!
gnome_friend: Nice!
dog_spoon: actual pr release kits?!
TimeToFry: Ooooo, fun
Al_Azil3: Nice!
Sibwow: bird game!
daxcanterslip: heck ye
dagingerghost: ticket to ride peak board game
Nigouki: yooooooo
catchyuniquename: Sweet!
Leonhart321: I'll take it!
RecursiveAcronym: ooh let's go!!
mechmagic: oh dang
neisan2112: Yeeeee
Al_Azil3: Love me some birbs!
train_diskenth: Eeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy
Haroldholmes25: Oh pog dude
GredGredmansson: Tabletop*
falcn120: Nice!!!
Goban3: cool
laikagoat: fionaMuppet fionaMuppet fionaMuppet
DiscordianTokkan: Ooooh
Pixelpinnen: Wingspan rooPog
Sarah_Serinde: GrumpyOldFarts Yes, it's still a pandemic, and also Canada is getting vaccines slower than the US
Samsmasher77: Ticket to ride!! I love that game
beowuuf: wow, this wes the secret announcement for tuesday? yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
Garrub: i keep hearing good things about wingspan
mechmagic: ooo!
TheWanderingNomad: @TXC2 AH yes, the Last of the Level Five Super Judges, how could I forget?
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RandomTrivia: lrrJUDGE
duck33: <3
Naesiir: benginHeart benginHeart
personification2: Speed talk!
Leonhart321: Wait, so does that mean the secret garage game is going to be one of those old DOS games?
Bmonk007: woot
nuclearstulle: wheelerY wheelerH
Foxmar320: Got there :P
TXC2: Judge Video HYPE
KodeMage: just not first try
Abavus: So many correct words
08tongue: Nailed it
kandykidzero: "Many Magic the Gathering Mechanics ask the question, is this banding?"
MTGColorPie: Over under 30 minutes for the Judges' video?
wolfiezz43: Hopefully we can have a smooth PPR super excited for this set
gran___: sexy judges
beowuuf: graham, you should have just ended with asmora as a mic drop :p
Samsmasher77: Judge video!
Robot_Bones: Many Mechanics! left Side! Handle it!
SergeYager: Second hardest judge script I’ve ever had to write
TimeToFry: That's a pretty cool looking box
twitchysmile: Cartoon Serg
RecursiveAcronym: @MTGColorPie over
TheWriterAleph: AND SERGE
PotatoWraiths: ooh that's spiffy packaging
TimeToFry: 40?!
TheWanderingNomad: I words good
CodenameJD: Good Graham job
ShifuDaxiongmao: They call him Graham "Smooth talker" Stark
Foxmar320: 40!?
twitchysmile: Cartoon Nelly
TehAmelie: writes down: say words one at a time
gnomebliterator: forty christ
Abavus: ??
Underachiever28: Judge video is my favorite part. They always do such a good job
TheKingWiggins: We love our Judges.
hamahimana: 1 hour judge video PogChamp
boilersnake: turn your mic up
fhorrigan: Aww, no Adam. But Jer being there is very cool.
andyweekend: ITS BEEN A WHILE
Garrub: dissapointed that we arent covering every mechanic
Garrub: thats what I was here for
beowuuf: @fhorrigan ^
kandykidzero: Time Spiral II, Part II
RandomTrivia: Serge here, with absolutely NO legs to stand on LUL
TXC2: 40? amateurs Kappa
samu_btdp1985: hold on to your hats people
dagingerghost: JER'S HERE?
LRRMTG_Judge: In my unbiased opinion, judges are the best. - Squirrel
AbraHeron: read the card
RebekahWSD: That was not a reference I expected ever
jrhwhite: I am in fact here
WhiteWizard42: Suspend is paying today for a spell Tuesday, though.
JustAConspiracy: Who did the portraits they're using for the video?
TheWanderingNomad: @LRRMTG_Judge Sus
TXC2: Hello jrhwhite welcome
thebaconator1902: wait that card looks wild
dagingerghost: missed u man :<
JustAConspiracy: *did the art for the portraits
unicornvector: Love the new look of the judge videos- know you guys used the same one on STX, but it really is a great look!
twitchysmile: That is neither greater nor a lesser Gargadon!
TheElrad: @LRRMTG_Judge that is a very wise and completley unbiased opinion
beowuuf: @WhiteWizard42 that seems a wimpy way to play your cards :p
twitchysmile: What do we do!?
TXC2: JustAConspiracy featherweight probably
Tom_Bruise: wait, it's... just a Gargodon...
bwk789: Normally featherweight
Abavus: jrhwhite, but if you're here, who's on stream? D:
niccus: regulargodon
LoadingReadyRun: @unicornvector Thank you!
RomanGoro: LRRMTG_Judge counterpoint: Mods are the best
LRRMTG_Judge: @LRRMTG_Judge ...Vote green, wasn't me. - Squirrel
Garrub: TIL you can suspend an instant at instant speed
daxcanterslip: card on a box
Dyllbert: Has the whole set be revelaed by this point? or are there still some unknowns?
Tom_Bruise: not a Greater Gargodon... not a Lesser Gargodon... Just... Gargodon
hgrosh1: SUSpend
thebaconator1902: remember to counter the spell when it comes it's cast off of suspend, not when it is suspended
dkosa: the shadows of the card, it looks like it is floating
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FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Hooray!
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Galacticcyrus: hoping to see Cameron pop off. C'mon, one time!
catchyuniquename: @Dyllbert whole set's up now
JanuaryDark: when the impostor is suspend!
CodenameJD: Wait, so if it has Flash you could Suspend it at any time?
LoadingReadyRun: @dkosa They kind of are!
Truly_Sharp: Whole set revealed I believe
LRRMTG_Judge: @TheElrad Absolutely. It's in the comp rules and everything.
beowuuf: cascaaaaaade cascade buried in another ability word :p
Dyllbert: @Dyllbert Great, thanks!
LRRMTG_Judge: @RomanGoro Touche, I'll concede that one. - Squirrel
Atomskin: I am SO glad I got out of work early for this!!
vetchable: are they gonna go over all 32+ mechanics?
YeetTheRich_: creatures gain haste when they get off suspend? i already learned something today ...
juzztshay: few people have handled quarantine transitioned content better than LRR lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
Garrub: maaaaaaadness
Smoke108: @Dyllbert Not at the time of deck building I believe, depending on how much is prerecorded
KakuEpsilon: Wow, I love how they're doing this judge video. <3
AbraHeron: this is madness
tonks_just_tonks: Madness is absolutely mad!
ShifuDaxiongmao: if nobody went for squirrel tribal, I will be disappointed
ChainedDreamer: seabatBRAIN
TXC2: something something 300 joke
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beowuuf: @YeetTheRich_ yup, prevents feel bads and people thought that should happen anyway
scoetms: No ADAM? OK now on team Graham lets go!
personification2: I'm Madness Hellbent, and I can't take it anymore!
Anubis169: if you discard 'dis card
kandykidzero: How are the cards floating?!?!?
accountmadeforants: "Mad because your opponent makes you discard stuff? Try Madness!"
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daxcanterslip: those boxes are real good
TXC2: personification2 nice
WhiteWizard42: ooh, Terminal Agony is one I hadn't seen before.
beowuuf: @scoetms sidewalk slam represent? :p
Alex_Frostfire: I'm guessing they're putting them on top of large dice?
nuclearstulle: I love this style of judge video!
mowdownjoe: Terminal Agony is cool!
Scar_Red_Tiger: Darkworld intensifies
LoadingReadyRun: @kandykidzero They're on top of very large dice lrrGRAHAM
Bartlebad: That art and flavor text on Terminal Agony
twitchysmile: Goddamn it Wizards, pull you finger out and get this on Arena for drafting.
MTGColorPie: @LoadingReadyRun Loving the raised cards on the background.
MilkInBags: rlyRigged rlyGottem
Alex_Frostfire: Yeah, I got it right!
kandykidzero: smoke and mirrors, got it
ShifuDaxiongmao: Wild Mongrel, still best madness enabler <3
MadmanOreo: @WhiteWizard42 It was in the final dump
hd_dabnado subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 40 months!
hd_dabnado: Madness? I thought this was sparta
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TehAmelie: now that i think about it, the exile zone is used tor a whole lot of stuff
gnome_friend: lrrGREED
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh, converge
Orgmastron: lrrGREED
eshplode: I choose to believe the cards are flying on their own. They are magic after all :p
measurenull: rip wastes
TXC2: did someone say lrrGREED ?
Leonhart321: Rude
daxcanterslip: those dice?
tonks_just_tonks: What if we make purple mana?
kijata: colorless is not a creative color
TheTunnelingCat: not sad, colours are for chumps
biosimicist: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
Peter_susman: so 5c good stuff with converge?
KodeMage: colorless... it's in the name
personification2: @TehAmelie Just like Simic slaw
GredGredmansson: Is Wheeler playing again?
AbraHeron: purple mana
beowuuf: colourless not a colour? the english language has betrayed me for the last time Kappa
accountmadeforants: Colourless is not a colour? Says who?! ...Oh, the word- the word itself does?
TXC2: GredGredmansson yes
fhorrigan: These judge videos are fantastic and should just be played at all prereleases.
GredGredmansson: glad to see he's getting support for his playstyle
NightWingMistHawk: Completely forgot this was happening. I'm assuming I only missed the beginning of this video?
Anubis169: oh boy...
personification2: Sorry Jer
chumpofthemonth: This explanation will be up on YouTube right? I need to watch it like 5 times
Pinwiz11: Control players sweating? Good
AzureShok subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 40 months!
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twitchysmile: Love me some Split Second!
Underachiever28: Wow, there's a lot going on with this set
MilkInBags: Will they cover every single keyword? There are like, 200 LUL
Foxmar320: Ive not heard of some of these abilities.
jrhwhite: I'm not sweating, you're sweating!
KodeMage: no, no no serge, we are the control deck
GredGredmansson: @NightWingMistHawk they have discussed Suspend, Madness, and Converge already
Chatty_Protagonist: @NightWingMistHawk Just the intro
TimeToFry: I didn't know that! Neat!
beowuuf: if there was ever an event for cowboy magic, it is modern horizons...
Leedopo: nearly as fun as prot, split second.
Dyllbert: Adding mana is the most instant instant
lyropithic: Instanter, if you will
Abavus: Neat!
ShifuDaxiongmao: Morph is your friend!
TheOtherTrevor: There is a card in the set that adds mana that can't be used in response to split second
innovativemethods: It sort of Interrupts everything.
MilkInBags: Conceding is a faster instant than mana
queenfounder: I was so convinced colorless was a color (logic be damned) I’ve convinced other people
beowuuf: it's like you gravesealed the stack :p
TXC2: Niche interactions Serge, Niche
sorinthecat: @jrhwhite hi! and good luck today :)
TheTunnelingCat: shoutouts to chalice of the void
chefryto90: i did not know that!
YiayiasBoy: @LRRMTG_Judge can I interrupt an instant that is already in the batch using a mana source
CaptainRedRam: Having judges explain the mechanics helps me understand the mechanics
the_one_and_only_kim: Also the counter or redirect morph can mess with Split Second
innovativemethods: shoutout to counterbalance blind-flipping a 3 to a krosan grip.
kandykidzero: triggered abilities AND special actions like Morph
KharadBanar: also shoutouts to willbender
TehAmelie: hmm are there any spells that give split second to cards or would that be too much headache?
beowuuf: that split card thing was a rules change...umm, back in amonket maybe?
Peter_susman: is there a split second split card? a split split?
GredGredmansson: "Just a second" is the un-split second that is purely uncounterable
WhiteWizard42: @TehAmelie nope, none of that
Dyllbert: Split second description is like "seems simple right? Wrong, there are lots of complicated niche cases. Okay bye!"
LRRMTG_Judge: @YiayiasBoy while we have alot of old references in the cards. we aren't going back to those dark days in the rules. pharma2Vial
niccus: the closest is probably effects that prevent the opponent from interacting
TXC2: beowuuf sooner then that even I think
catfoo123: I pooped my pants
orimazer: "recent" lol
LRRMTG_Judge: @TheOtherTrevor To clarify for anyone reading this, this card is Diamond Lion. It specifies that its ability can only be used "at instant speed" (which is slower than mana ability speed!) to prevent weird corner cases where you could discard your hand *while* casting a spell. - Squirrel
WhiteWizard42: @GredGredmansson you can Pact of Negation a Mantis
LRRMTG_Judge: @YiayiasBoy Yeah, if you phone up RIchard Garfield and ask him reeealllyy nicely. - Squirrel
personification2: @GredGredmansson Actually, I think triggered abilities still work on it
twitchysmile: <message deleted>LONG ROAD TO RUIN, THERE IN YOUR EYES
beowuuf: @TXC2 really? wow.
innovativemethods: In reference to Lion's Eye Diamond, which has the infamous errata "Yes, this is weird."
Anubis169: easy on teh allcaps ;)
TXC2: please no all caps
mandatorydrops: this set has like all mechanics lol
MilkInBags: @LRRMTG_Judge wild
Ammondale: new card?
Garrub: clue drifter is sweet
EvilBadman: Should be "Its" there in the evoke parenthetical.
tonks_just_tonks: What, we we call "Judge" during an event, do we evoke a judge?
spinebustertee: the angriest goldfish
Leedopo: @TheOtherTrevor "weird corner cases" "foundation of legacy combo"
GredGredmansson: oh whoops. "As long as this spell is on the stack, players can’t move cards on the battlefield."
ExhaustedElox: AB
ExhaustedElox: SO
noSmokeFire: @tonks_just_tonks ideally the judge survives your judge call
ChargingFurret: I like how the cards are placed on spacers to prevent struggles removing the hand
ExhaustedElox: LUTELY
WhiteWizard42: @tonks_just_tonks please be careful when sacrificing judges
unicornvector: You guys weren't kidding about complex rules- I started playing in KDH, this is way out of my league so far! I'll be bookmarking the judge video in the VOD
dtigertron: thank you Kathleen
LRRMTG_Judge: @TehAmelie I can't think of any effects that do this offhand, but I can't see why it wouldn't work. - Squirrel
kijata: lets see how long that stays that way...
JustAConspiracy: @Leedopo Yuuuuup
Dyllbert: If you blink an evoke creature before the sac, does it stay?
tonks_just_tonks: LUL LUL
Galacticcyrus: explain them all cowards Kapa
kristof162028: Serge pls tell us u forced green white enchantress today?
niccus: it sure stays
kandykidzero: AB - SO - Lutely, the new "ASL"
HorizonFallacy: @Dyllbert yes
JustAConspiracy: @Dyllbert yup!
TXC2: all 12% of the rules :p
kijata: @Dyllbert yes
TehAmelie: thanks judges
ChargingFurret: LUL
ArcOfTheConclave: @Dyllbert yes
ArdCollider: when Scry Me a River was like "if you're new here don't buy this set," I knew they really meant it on mechanics
orimazer: you can still use the lion in response to a split second card, it's still a mana ability
devoidmelody: @Dyllbert yes
Underachiever28: "Evoke: discard a red car" Would a mountain count as a red card?
Galacticcyrus: Kappa *
Anubis169: REL:Axed
beowuuf: @unicornvector just enjoy the wackiness :)
dkosa: @loadingreadyrun im guessing there's something stuck on the back of the card
seemsdeece: REL:AXED
AbraHeron: lets goo
Dyllbert: @JustAConspiracy Thats what I thought
HundreydAundre: Yes. Made it to Prix It Forward into Pre-trayal at Horizons!!
swampcardboard: :)
ExhaustedElox: I love REL:AXED
Abavus: One day I'll learn how the stack works. But it is not this day.
AbraHeron: graham dab
Leedopo: @JustAConspiracy crack holding priority aaaaaand... kill you?
orimazer: and it's still "when you could cast an instant" even though you can't cast an instant there
Garrub: REL: AXED. dont make a mistake or you get AXED MiniK
dagingerghost: REL:xed
LRRMTG_Judge: @orimazer huh good point. I'm going to check this. - Squirrel
phoenix089: steaks happen
Theycallmejokke: And now the game truly begins!
TimeToFry: Thanx
kandykidzero: no, thank you
Anubis169: lrrHAM is present
Galacticcyrus: also cheat step is enabled LUL sometimes
AbraHeron: thanks
PotatoWraiths: "Thanks."
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dagingerghost: thznxs
nuclearstulle: Thanx :)
Jondare: Yeah steaks happen, but what about MIS/steaks_
twitchysmile: @phoenix089 I wish more often.
NrgSpoon: Thanks, judges. Thudges.
TXC2: REL:AXED dont do it, when you wanna backseat don't do it
accountmadeforants: REL:We're making content for the internet also these are new cards, shhhhh
TheOtherTrevor: There are no cards in this set involving Axes
Tom_Bruise: t h a n k s
ArcOfTheConclave: @Underachiever28 No, lands are colorless unless specified
unicornvector: @beowulf I learned what I know so far by watching LRRMTG and other streamers, I'll just let it watch over me :D
Atomskin: Thanks, Serge and Nelson <3
graal_smith: @LRRMTG_Judge are you judging me right now?
AbraHeron: almost at 69 subs
Leonhart321: And now we know
ArmandUsagi: Thank you judges
swampcardboard: chat is moving so fast no one will notice I use landkill decks
Foxmar320: The more you know
beowuuf: @Abavus LIFO, it's all good :p
itsr67: I can't imagine the amount of reading people will have to do this ppr
Anubis169: drumroll please!
sorinthecat: cant wait to draft this set!
YeetTheRich_: hello past graham
TimeToFry: That's a really cool shirt!
Anubis169: Future Graham introduces Past Graham
HundreydAundre: *gasp* The Secret livestream Preview Card!?
Foxmar320: Nice shirt
1y1e: time to start farming reaction faces
dog_spoon: opening is the best part
CodenameJD: I can't wait to see y'all freak out at cards we've now known about a while :P
beowuuf: @swampcardboard jlrrNo jlrrNo jlrrNo
innovativemethods: "And now we throw to me"
HundreydAundre: Oh my, that's so OP, LRR.
GredGredmansson: This should be fun
DiscordianTokkan: S'a good shirt, bront
AliboyLive: LOL
kartik_221: Graham, over to you graham
beowuuf: wooooow
Dyllbert: I'm wearing that shirt
nuclearstulle: oh wow
niccus: imagine all the people pronouncing asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar
JustAConspiracy: ohhhhhh yeah
ALEISmALPTO: wait what? pre- release kit?
gran___: wow
tonks_just_tonks: This is great :)
Garrub: oh wow, these were opened BEFORE preview season? love it
GredGredmansson: Yeah, the full card dump was only a few hours ago
Fangren300: damn nice
mowdownjoe: Blind openings!
daxcanterslip: old vid wow
Galacticcyrus: reading the card may or may not explain the card
Anubis169: xxxLURK
JustAConspiracy: Do this from now on
falcn120: This is awesome
VazSun: Jer!
ExhaustedElox: Oh hey, Jer! :)
Foxmar320: Oh nice! An unboxing video
WolfgangCloud: This is going to be great
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a little bit of squid love
kandykidzero: What do you mean this isn't live opening the day of full spoiler?
ALEISmALPTO: oh good this will be too expensive
floki4242: I love the p p r
harju: Jer is back!
spinebustertee: It's really exciting to have Jer on this
GredGredmansson: i want to see someone open Asmor
beowuuf: there are so many cards to get blindsided by! you poor summer streamers last week!
TehAmelie: oh, nothing will top the Roborosewater set for reading
onslaught714: wow this is super early
Anubis169: rip that shrink-wrap!
northos: they probably don't, honestly :P
ChargingFurret: Jer!
Samsmasher77: Is there going to be deck building?
control_rig: Probably
falcn120: Hahaha
eshplode: Not even god knows what's in this set!
AbraHeron: i love wheeler
gnome_friend: E G G
TheTunnelingCat: damn whats jer doin back in vic, sick of ottawa already?
SetraLynn: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 17:49.
Sandeon: For some reason my alar, is set for an hour from now...
Unas84: @Foxmar320 not just one, but 8(!) unboxing videos!
BrowneePoints: WHeeler's hair looking cute AF
beowuuf: i mean there's storm etc too
JustAConspiracy: How do I style my hair like wheeler's?
tonks_just_tonks: Why is wheeler so ben?
brunomant_: Eggstorm
TXC2: WotC works 2 years ahead, so they probably forgot whats in this set :p
CodenameJD: The main thing to look out for is how dominant Squirrel tribal is
animated_fairy: Here we goooooo
lirazel64: Thank you for not saying "blind," Graham.
NarfBlinko: Hot Prerelease kit opening tip: There are airholes on the "back"; stretching that side with your thumbs opens them really easily.
Abavus: it's so nice they keep feeding wheeler some e g g s
Galacticcyrus: hoping to see wheeler play more of his favorite sons
Anubis169: oooOOOooo
Garrub: its correct that the people who designed it also dont know whats in it. After all, what's the 15 letter mechanic that Maro referenced?
GredGredmansson: Snake Elf Scout
SetraLynn: Ooh! I'm not too late!
beowuuf: @TXC2 might be from shock :p
sorinthecat: gooood card
vargasbball3: nice
rasterscan: !card lonis
LRRbot: Lonis, Cryptozoologist [GU] | Legendary Creature — Snake Elf Scout [1/2] | Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, investigate. / {T}, Sacrifice X Clues: Target opponent reveals the top X cards of their library. You may put a nonland permanent card with mana value X or less from among them onto the battlefield under your control. That player puts the rest on the bottom of their library in a random order.
Theycallmejokke: Snek!
TimeToFry: Same card!
LRRMTG_Judge: @orimazer According to this article from 2013, you are absolutely right! - I don't know if anything will have changed in the meantime, but maybe we'll find out when the release notes come out. Thank you! - Squirrel
AbraHeron: stonks guy
Garrub: lol double lonis
CodenameJD: Pfffft
GredGredmansson: The Grahameron
DiscordianTokkan: Same hat!
TheOtherTrevor: looks like more than one card in those packs
daxcanterslip: lol
kcritical: That's a nice set of transitions
kandykidzero: pay the X
AbraHeron: woooo
TXC2: 2 drop simic, watch out EDH :p
AbraHeron: sentinal
Leonhart321: Zoologist points at zoologist
kcritical: Very well done
Diabore: "onto the battlefield under your-what"
CodenameJD: Whoa Nelly
neisan2112: SEntinel!!!! Gonna be a Powerhouse
DNAli3n: Rhystic buddy
haletronic: Esper !
Leedopo: nelly on D&T
ChargingFurret: The sentinel
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh, that's already like, $40 on Card Kingdom
Foxmar320: I love that art
TimeToFry: SWORD
Garrub: S W O R D
sorinthecat: new mander!
HundreydAundre: O.O
niccus: JESUS
Diabore: SWORD
panetrain: SWORD
tonks_just_tonks: SWORD!
Favre_the_Undead: S W O R D
RandomTrivia: SHINY SWORD
Haroldholmes25: Oh pog dude
Leonhart321: Sword? Noice
Fistacles: S W O R D
Foxmar320: Sword!
GredGredmansson: SWORD
Atomskin: swooooooord
Anubis169: oh boy
CodenameJD: SWORD
FiliusRomanus: Hooooly moly
fhorrigan: Jesus that two mana enchantress Commander is bonkers
kandykidzero: SWORB
Abavus: PogChamp
haletronic: H&H!
northos: of course she did
DiscordianTokkan: Hygge Sword!
sorinthecat: whattttt
eshplode: S-word!
electra310: Swooooord
TotallyNotaBeholder: The S-word
Davidistdavid: H OL Y $$$
falcn120: SWORD!
Unas84: SWORD is so goood
Anexmedia: Kathleen's luck combos again
dog_spoon: SWORD!
Mr_Bitterness: Kathleen continues to open nuts cards
innovativemethods: Sword of X & Y == OP
Leedopo: ENTOMB
Garrub: well Kathleen's deck will be nuts
rasterscan: !card sword of hearth and home
LRRbot: Sword of Hearth and Home [3] | Artifact — Equipment | Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has protection from green and from white. / Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, exile up to one target creature you own, then search your library for a basic land card. Put both cards onto the battlefield under your control, then shuffle. / Equip {2}
ttkblazer97: is serge not here?
Chatty_Protagonist: Kathleen here to dumpster
accountmadeforants: Sword of Blinkenramp, not to be confused with Sword of Blinkenlights
beowuuf: sword of all and why
ChargingFurret: Sword
Atomskin: Unmarked Grave seems good, too
FiliusRomanus: Wacky
tonks_just_tonks: LUL LUL LUL
Atomskin: Forborg
Galacticcyrus: forestborg
TXC2: Greenborg
Sandeon: Ur-forest
niccus: do we have yavimaya overlay?
Naarius: Grborg
Mal2mad: Kathleen may have a chance here
Leonhart321: I need that for Animar
DiscordianTokkan: Forborg!
nuclearstulle: greenborg
Denis_Dobrolubov: Urbough.
Fangren300: LUL
RandomTrivia: Hooray! Time to talk about LAYERS! (we shouldn't need to i hope)
CodenameJD: Oh man, hope Paul's ready on the overlay
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: greenborg
its_The_Admiral: nice age of triumph shirt
vargasbball3: the sword
Al_Azil3: !card urborg
LRRbot: Urborg | Legendary Land | {T}: Add {B}. / {T}: Target creature loses first strike or swampwalk until end of turn.
benjamin_wheeler: really set the tone
gonnaflunkib: urborest
LRRMTG_Judge: @Naarius I prefer "Arborg" myself :P - Squirrel
Anubis169: thop thop thop thop thop thop thop
measurenull: that yavimaya card is gonna be huge
TehAmelie: mm, scorpion pie
mowdownjoe: Asmora food? Nice.
superdude097: Do we have a "Yavimaya is on the board!" overlay ready?
YeetTheRich_: time for crab
Radjack: So we need a "Greenborg is in Play" scoller prepped xD
nuclearstulle: oh crab
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: cwab!
Fangren300: PogChamp
panetrain: Graham rockign that Destiny shirt! MY MAN
RandomTrivia: praise C R A B
Foxmar320: I think ive seen that food at family Thanksgiving once
TheOtherTrevor: Tokens are a nice addition to prerelease kits
GhostValv: voxyCrab
Siromo: LOL
Favre_the_Undead: I love the editing
underhill33: crabe
Anubis169: tilldaFLAIL crabs!
Garrub: PHYREXIAN germ!
AbraHeron: oo tokens
ttkblazer97: aye, there is serge!
Sandeon: Crab People! Crab People!
duo7531: CRAB
ElektroTal: oh god, the joy of raw revelation
CodenameJD: Ooh, little bonus token pack, that's super neat
ExhaustedElox: Serge: 0.0
sorinthecat: cwaaaaab
JustAConspiracy: YAY SERGE
beowuuf: serge broken with possibility
Wolfstrike_NL: chrisCrab chrisCrab chrisCrab
ShifuDaxiongmao: "and that's when Ben knew what he would play"
GredGredmansson: ORACLE
haletronic: Crab fight!
Theycallmejokke: Scuttling hyep
galleadden: insect token where?
TXC2: Ben's Crab Nearly killed me :D
Naarius: @LRRMTG_Judge lrrJUDGE Help! The judge's are way more clever than I am!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Whoever edited this did a great job, well done
Anubis169: tilldaLOVE
TheWriterAleph: the compleat germ
animated_fairy: CRAB TOKEN
ElektroTal: we never ever get first views from folks with nfc what is coming
Tom_Bruise: This set is made to have Serge spin himself in excitement right into a concussion
Atomskin: "just" six packs
ElektroTal: i love it
personification2: I'm glad someone caught it
Leonhart321: Serge more hyped for Living Weapon over Crab token? Think we found the imposter
ArcOfTheConclave: Germ army token?
mugulord: Cameron has a germ theory.
kandykidzero: Looks like Crab, Talks like Token
mechmagic: so much excitement
keos027: so hypped for the set
Fairgrim: Kaldra
Chatty_Protagonist: land have me scared
HundreydAundre: Power-Full Land-Foil: Well in flavor with "Button pls?": "Foil Lands make Foil Mana"
LRRMTG_Judge: @LRRMTG_Judge Why thank you! I do my best :P - Squirrel
fhorrigan: Holy shit, those artifact lands
beowuuf: so, nbd just printing those broken lands now cuse it's all good these days :p
oliveinthesky: i love all the excitement
Garrub: I really hope these pools include some Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdars. for the pronunciation value
Foxmar320: Artifact land is a big deal :D
chis_ph: All the tokens!
Dyllbert: Wait, the living weapons tokens were specifically "Phyrexian" Germs I'd don't remember that... huh
samu_btdp1985: serges reaction is great
TXC2: unban Artifact lands you cowards
dog_spoon: oh man affinity stuff now?
Unas84: of course Serge is enthusiastic about the land XD
ExhaustedElox: Guys! Guys! Get in here! There are more artifact lands!
Atomskin: @kandykidzero I love you, Internet Rando.
Tom_Bruise: I'm amazed Serge survived opening the packs
GredGredmansson: who opens the artifact landwalk card
Garrub: *asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar
HundreydAundre: Wait. Those lands are: Indestructible...
CodenameJD: But the only enchantment land we're allowed supports artifacts D:
sorinthecat: poooor wubrg
Foxmar320: Yo that art!
beowuuf: @Foxmar320 indestructible :p
DiscordianTokkan: Daaaang
kandykidzero: @Atomskin I love you too, friend
KeytarCat: oh man, that's dope
RandomTrivia: lrrDARK
Joalni: Dang
gnome_friend: lrrDARK
measurenull: nothing beats the excitement of opening packs at a prerelease
TheWriterAleph: Mad Dog
Naarius: angy puppo
ttkblazer97: THIS IS MADNESSS!!!!
Kyir: I love seeing Cam happy
spinebustertee: the absolute joy is so good
AbraHeron: cam :)
Galacticcyrus: yay Cam happy Kreygasm
sorinthecat: ty for doing wubrg Graham lol
FenrisSchafer: unarmeHeart unarmeHeart unarmeHeart
Ammondale: It makes me so happy to see Cam happy
ArcOfTheConclave: IIRC, phyrexian is a new creature type that is added to a bunch of old cards
TotallyNotaBeholder: Madness is back, he exclaims madly
wulfram77: "Madness is back, madness is back!"
Fhedaykins: cam is so happy :-)
DiscordianTokkan: We CAN play with Madness!
HundreydAundre: *SeabatsMind intensifies*
BluL47: is this a live multiverse trasmission?
SlyTen674: I love the happy Cam
beowuuf: what about storm cameron? :p
RocknGrohlNerd: cam on madness confirmed
kijata: cam is having the time of his life
Wolfstrike_NL: Someone quickly! Tell Cam madness is back
ElektroTal: his hands started shaking
Mal2mad: Cam is happy? Oh nooo
sora_mayura: what even are these mechanics? missed the judge vid
ShifuDaxiongmao: Madness back, but not in the colors I remember T_T
TXC2: "maddness is back!" puts on baggy trousers
Atomskin: Glad to see the border treatments are in normal packs
Samsmasher77: Cam is so precious
Sogheim: Dermotaxi!!!
TheGcsmith: Cam's reactions are always the best
Weisenhorn: I just got here, what did I miss?
Foxmar320: This set makes Cameron happy
ArdCollider: beep beep it's a sheeeeep!
arrowbounce: Happy Cam makes happy us
Walla_ttv: the purest joy
Khuasta: all this legit reactions are so gooood =)
TehAmelie: i don't want to ride a dermataxi
LarkSachrosis: "Madness is back! *cackles*"
rasterscan: !card dermotaxi
LRRbot: Dermotaxi [2] | Artifact — Vehicle [0/0] | Imprint — As Dermotaxi enters the battlefield, exile a creature card from a graveyard. / Tap two untapped creatures you control: Until end of turn, Dermotaxi becomes a copy of the imprinted card, except it's a Vehicle artifact in addition to its other types.
personification2: I wonder why madness is Cam's favorite? I guess he just feels seen
RandomTrivia: Ok, having the crew discover the content of the set in real time is absolutely adorable
beowuuf: @TXC2 oh what fun we'll have...
hamahimana: cam being happy makes me happy :)
BluePlainCreek: Im used to Commodore Cam this one smiles too much
the_scottishlion: Madness makes cam go mad
NicoTheSly: It's the weirdest set I've seen so far :P
Kumakaori: Cam happy: until his games ;-;. well, here's hoping for Cam ^^;;;.
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Amazonian: New cards! SO many NEW CARDS!
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sleepyheaddreams: whoever named Dermotaxi should get a raise
NathanLonghair: Dermotaxi lol I love that name
Anubis169: !card zabaz
LRRbot: Zabaz, the Glimmerwasp [1] | Legendary Artifact Creature — Insect [0/0] | Modular 1 / If a modular triggered ability would put one or more +1/+1 counters on a creature you control, that many plus one +1/+1 counters are put on it instead. / {R}: Destroy target artifact you control. / {W}: Zabaz, the Glimmerwasp gains flying until end of turn.
Underachiever28: You guys are getting me hyped. I need to reserve a spot at my LGS's prerelease
trevorwisn: ZABAZ HYPE
tonks_just_tonks: Waiting for the Asmor pronounciation
DiscordianTokkan: DANG
onslaught714: This cam happiness is going to disappear so fast once the games start
train_diskenth: this is honestly my favorite part of the PPRs, the wonderful reactions
vargasbball3: cam so happy
measurenull: +1+1+1
NrgSpoon: plus one plus one plus one
Favre_the_Undead: zabaz!
TimeToFry: Plus one plus one plus one
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noSmokeFire: that many +1/+1/+1 counters
CodenameJD: Buzz buzz Graham
niccus: plus one plus one / plus one
CodenameJD: Buzz buzz
kandykidzero: I feel like Zabaz is going to be my pre-release promo
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Dyllbert: I haven't seen so many of these cards, so this is crazy
Harry1232_: plus one
fhorrigan: I have not been keeping up with spoilers, half of these are new to me. That wasp!!
beowuuf: they didn't know the cards at all when opening here :)
RandomTrivia: "plus one +1/+1"
Garrub: weird how the counters gained on ETB dont count as they are not part of a triggered ability
TXC2: poggifers lrrHEART
oliveinthesky: z a b a z
mandatorydrops: graham also had the red doggo
hexy_lexy: +1 +1/+1
Joalni: It's a modular lord?
Didero: This set seems extremely difficult
arrowbounce: Oh right, we still have like 5 more packs
Syntheticuh: "what a deeply unusual card" should be the tagline for this set
LidofLoathing: I am excite
measurenull: deeply unusual...sounds like my childhood
NarishmaReborn: i love this happening before like any spoilers
beowuuf: lrrHEART
Foxmar320: Feeling!
Tom_Bruise: Feeling's good
Haroldholmes25: oh no cam is feeling
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: the feels
Leonhart321: We're all feeling now
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hexy_lexy: thank you @poggifers
DiscordianTokkan: unarmeHeart
GhostValv: nature is feeling :)
HundreydAundre: Aw, I like this one! It looks so flavoured in beetle-facts! Subcribing to #Beetle-Facts
ShifuDaxiongmao: Cam is feeling? THE APOCALYPSE is here!!
GredGredmansson: not in standard
AllStarGyudon: Totally got the dates wrong for PPR, lucked into the live wooo
northos: only in Standard, Graham :P
TheWriterAleph: WotC: "psych!"
Dragoknight101: Sigiled Starfish OP OP
juzztshay: lrrCAMERON
TehAmelie: Storm is coming, eh
alikaoz: feelings were felt
TXC2: Patrick NO!
LarkSachrosis: What's it like to *feel* again?
TheOtherTrevor: poor scryfish died
JustAConspiracy: Turns out the storm scale was always a lieeeee
beowuuf: @Didero yeah, this i definitely a very enfranchied player set...but also seems so wacky it should be fun too
kandykidzero: Storm scale is Standard onlyu
CodenameJD: Wait how did storm not show up in the mechanics video XD
orimazer: storm scale is standard only
fhorrigan: lol, after the last 2 years, Storm is like a 4 on the Storm Scale.
Czerwona_Latarnia: I'm sorry Spongebob Starfish
TheWormbo: Storm scale applies only to Standard
Mal2mad: What
crabgoneberry: Hot fire!!!!
orimazer: it does not care about non-standard
NarfBlinko: Storm not coming to Standard, but is free game for supplemental sets
NicoTheSly: @Didero Plenty mechanics, some of them not seen for ages :)
TimeToFry: WOAH
Haroldholmes25: money
niccus: oofa doofa
oliveinthesky: kathleen's luck!!!!!
Ammondale: MONEY
Fistacles: Spicy
BrowneePoints: Nelly pulling Money!
tonks_just_tonks: FETCH
nuclearstulle: ohhhh
mowdownjoe: $$$$
DemoDane: cash money PogChamp
ttkblazer97: swag it up!
Garrub: $$$
Syntheticuh: MONEY
trevorwisn: MONEY
Galacticcyrus: money 💰
Dyllbert: I think the storm scale was ammended to be standard only
tonks_just_tonks: MOH FETCH
train_diskenth: woaaaah nellyyyyy
zefyre3: Damn
beowuuf: yup, as maro said, storm scale is for cowards...i mean premier sets
cosarprime: They had storm in the last Modern Horizens, right?
CodenameJD: Nelson's kit is so much CASH
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrGREED
mechmagic: oh dang
cosarprime: Weather the storm?
TheOtherTrevor: Scryfish dying is very fitting with how starfish are basically dying out around here
Badagaboosh: Is this prerecorded?
RaklarLS: TWO? he got two enchantresses=
JustAConspiracy: @CodenameJD He's playing mono $$$
heavy_graham: holy shit have they started making this in paper???
beowuuf: it's not easy being green. unless you get the dino
Thequickgreyfox: nice gift subs
cosarprime: @Badagaboosh yes
TXC2: some Student loans Nelly can pay off with that card Kappa
DiscordianTokkan: @Badagaboosh It is
Moist__Owlette: SO HYYYYPE Thank you for streaming LRR! <3
heavy_graham: MTGA Trading Cards
LoadingReadyRun: @Badagaboosh Live gameplay starts after this video
cosarprime: @Badagaboosh This was before the spoilers
Foxmar320: More amazing art!
HundreydAundre: Dewp it, Ben of Ulmers!!
solfe_ryna: Love the "live" discovery of the set <3
Haroldholmes25: got there
RandomTrivia: There it is! The E G G
BrowneePoints: Lol wheeler gets an old border one too
Sogheim: "that one's for poppa"
nuclearstulle: wheelerGreed wheelerGreed
tonks_just_tonks: Papa Bear-en
kandykidzero: I am going to do gross things with that Priest and Sun Titan for BW Emeria
GredGredmansson: FAST // FURIOUS
measurenull: i love all mtg priests
ArcOfTheConclave: E double G S Egges
TimeToFry: How did he know
beowuuf: LMAO
northos: lol Ben
Sibwow: it was a movie reference!
Znazl: LUL
HundreydAundre: Crack it, Ben of Wheelrrs!!
Fistacles: lmao ben
Zaghrog: Nice cut
spinebustertee: BEST EDITING
TehAmelie: Jane Austen's Said and Done
neisan2112: Lmao, that editing
Fangren300: LUL
Dr_fragenstien: LUL
RandomTrivia: And THERE it is!
Foxmar320: lol
ExhaustedElox: LMAO Cam
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: perfect timing
Favre_the_Undead: fast and furious
micalovits: Perfect cut
DiscordianTokkan: There it is
zefyre3: HE KNEW
Joalni: Got there!
Badagaboosh: Thanks yall @cosarprime @DiscordianTokkan @LoadingReadyRun
ttkblazer97: Fast and furious!
TotallyNotaBeholder: And Cam found it, nice editing, so nice
Abavus: LUL
DNAli3n: nice edit
CodenameJD: Well done Ben
BluL47: oof
mowdownjoe: The editing is top-notch.
fhorrigan: editing chef's kiss
Moonspeak721: good edit
ryanthelion42: LUL
floki4242: he got the egg
NewtyNewts: Immediate payoff
sorinthecat: pretty!
mugulord: that EDIT
Ammondale: hahaha
SlyTen674: The editing is graet
Bartlebad: LUL
tonks_just_tonks: LUL
NarfBlinko: old frame foil is so sweet
duo7531: lolol
neisan2112: Oh Wheeler
Kumakaori: by the magic of EDITING <3 XD
TheWriterAleph: the editing!! LUL
KeytarCat: hehe, bairn
Leonhart321: Hehehehe
TimeToFry: This editing is on point
personification2: Small ouphe!
wiqidbritt: good edit
ExachixKitsune: 10/10 editing
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: amazing editing work
beowuuf: sergeJustRight editing
razorswift: small ouphe
Sogheim: the Sol Ring!
Khuasta: MISSCUT!!!
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: LUL
tonks_just_tonks: OMG so off centered
yoric_the_skull: love that ouphe
StevieSugaWondaMan: nice centering on the one...
Foxmar320: wat
Samsmasher77: Fast/furious
CodenameJD: Huh, guess they opened these before they knew what their previews were
Mal2mad: And Cam of all people got the funny card, LUL
DiscordianTokkan: DANG
Anubis169: prism SMASH!!
HundreydAundre: Uh Triple Pre-Prix Card!
brunomant_: GREED
Favre_the_Undead: yes
train_diskenth: Okay, the PPR edits are getting SOOOO much better I love it
LoadingReadyRun: Shoutouts to Kathleen for the edit!
zigboy22: nice
lyropithic: Fice colour good stuff!
Al_Azil3: 5C Bad Stuff! :D
micalovits: Five colour great stuff! GREEEED
Leonhart321: *Holds up card* Is this 5 colour?
Tom_Bruise: Ben, listen to your heart, play Converge Pile
ChargingFurret: The greed
KeytarCat: Holy damn, who edited this?
hexy_lexy: do it ulmer!
Anubis169: xxxCOM Kathleen
Anexmedia: I see now why he said he had a weird pool
NarfBlinko: hey, greed
bean665: 5 color good stuff
beowuuf: @CodenameJD yup! blind opening
TimeToFry: lrrGREED
CodenameJD: Oh, Ben's on domain!
RecursiveAcronym: Excellent job Kathleen!
BrowneePoints: good edit
gnome_friend: lrrGREED
Favre_the_Undead: greed
Walla_ttv: THE EDIT
Foxmar320: The greeeed!
LoganAura: Oh my god those timings
zefyre3: These edits are on point
DNAli3n: again, nice edit
GredGredmansson: *OPENS GREED*
raisins4life: oh my god this editing is so good
red_shoes_jeff: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
Fangren300: LUL immediate greed
BrowneePoints: Top tier edit
Pharmacistjudge: excellent edit
ALEISmALPTO: shoutout kathleen then! niec edit!
innovativemethods: good edit
NathanLonghair: yeeeeeeeees! 5c bad stuff!
ExhaustedElox: The editing on this is so CHOICE!
dtape467: great editing
TotallyNotaBeholder: Thanks Loading Ready Run, now we know who to praise!
personification2: Top notch edits
shinjiguy: LUL
YeetTheRich_: wheelerGre wheelerE wheelerEed
micalovits: Edis is amazing
eshplode: Greed is good!
MTGColorPie: Kathleen is killing it with this editing.
starlitdiscord: greed!
frank_the_great: Greed is good
solfe_ryna: THE EDIIIIIIT perfect
beowuuf: greed, for lack of a better word, is good
spinebustertee: holy heck this edit. So good.
biosimicist: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
dalek_kosh: Greed edit ... chef's kiss
Unas84: no way this wasn't scripted XD
ChargingFurret: The edits
Khalahd: This editing *chefs kiss*
Hal9004: keshaTRUE
fallentaco20: Editing is on point today, damn I love the PPR's
Dyllbert: lrrGREED
dog_spoon: the editing is on POINT
ChargingFurret: Sooo goood
Unas84: (I kid, of course)
WolfgangCloud: lrrKATHLEEN 10/10 editing
thanzo: greed, it's good
kartik_221: This editing
orimazer: good cut
Jogela: @bean665 I prefer 5-colour fun stuff
SirMorek: this is so well edited
HundreydAundre: 5 Colour Button Pins
sharkfinnigan: The editing is soooooooo good y’all
TheMightyTaylor: The edit on this is chefs kiss.
Favre_the_Undead: hymn
lady_olynder: the editing on this video is great
AllStarGyudon: Dang gj Kathleen
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FrozenRoseFour: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 25:35.
DiscordianTokkan: Tourach!
bobbymcbob33: editing is ON POINT!!!
Fantusta: I prefer 5-color bad stuff
maximizealtitude: top notch edits
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jimmythebusdriver: They printed Hearthstone as a card Pog
BrowneePoints: Anyone else ever wanna hear Nelly flex that music degree?
LordZarano: lrrDARK
Amazonian: Would it be alright if I co-streamed some of the PPR (@mods)
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Preetty pleeeease?
ElektroTal: DAKKY B
mowdownjoe: DAKKON!
RocknGrohlNerd: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
dalek_kosh: DAKKON !!!!
Night_xD: thats some hot editing
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thanzo: 2 year old sub baby? geeez
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ExhaustedElox runs to the beacon to light it.
Haroldholmes25: Windmill slam esper
sorinthecat: nice!
NathanLonghair: woot
DiscordianTokkan: Dangol Dakkon!
the_piebandit: DAAAAAKKKOOONNN!
RedArrogantKnight: NICE, love me a dakkon
thedarkritualist: daka daka
Favre_the_Undead: D A K K O N!
CodenameJD: Looks like Graham is back on Dakkon
norivia: the beakkon
nuclearstulle: Dakky B!!
TimeToFry: Hey @Amazonian !!!
TrickJarrett: This stream brings me so much joy
hexy_lexy: Dakkon Dakkoff!
personification2: Grahamdor calls for aid! and Dakkon answers!
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twitchysmile: The Dakkons are lit!
NathanLonghair: welp we're in blue white now
NicoTheSly: I guess Graham is playing Esper :P
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Anubis169: travLIGHT
Tom_Bruise: The Dakkon is lit! Dahada calls for aid!
Sarah_Serinde: Amazonian I think that's a question for LoadingReadyRun rather than us
raaabr: Spicy
ExhaustedElox: Graham going out on a limb there.
Leonhart321: Wow, such heat, much lukewarm
beowuuf: @TrickJarrett hey trick! we're already laughing at lrr's reactions from last week. :)
ThatBoyf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL The beacons are lit!
YeetTheRich_: pretty cold take tbh graham Kappa
TheWanderingNomad: Noooo G :P
kandykidzero: The cameras always put a paralax effect on the cards, is it because of the resolution?
brunomant_: Counterspell!
Zaghrog: indestructible or fetchland
measurenull: fiine
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Al_Azil3: Verdant! <3
RandomTrivia: Ooooooh
tonks_just_tonks: fetch :)
ttkblazer97: fetch!
electra310: Ben scared the camera!
LidofLoathing: fetch!
Favre_the_Undead: second fetch
frank_the_great: How fetching
measurenull: that bird token is so pretty
the_piebandit: Ben makes fetch happen
NewtyNewts: Who's making Fetch a thing?
CodenameJD: Ben's deck is gonna be so fetch
MajorFrostbyte: 5 color Ulmer
TheOtherTrevor: 6 non-basics that can be destroyed other than fetches
TXC2: back again
WhiteWizard42: Ben has a Tireless Provisioner, that helps with 5c
RocknGrohlNerd: good cards go brrrr
gnome_friend: lrrHEART lrrSERGE
TheGcsmith: the surgeiest card to open
sorinthecat: do they get to keep their cards or? how does this work?
Favre_the_Undead: serge
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unicornvector: PPR Hype! This set seems out of my league in a lot of ways, but I always love watching the crew's shenanigans. Have a great day all!
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RandomTrivia: LUL Cam
DiscordianTokkan: Riot's baaaaack!
dkosa: Ben needs to open a Garth
the_piebandit: Accurate Cam
CodenameJD: Wait, I missed that that card had Riot
Whisle: yessssss Cam!
beowuuf: @sorinthecat i believe they do once they are properly released
Kumakaori: XD.! modular/riot is sergeJustRight
hexy_lexy: oh no, jer!
LidofLoathing: there's now a card called Urza's Saga? meta
measurenull: card with an expansion name DansGame
YeetTheRich_: yesss
heavy_graham: Deck opening now and then Round 1?
BrowneePoints: WOAH!
benjamin_wheeler: my baby
dog_spoon: Modular and riot?! why hasn't this been done before?
dalek_kosh: Oooh
NarfBlinko: love Grist
RandomTrivia: Grist! lrrHEART
LoadingReadyRun: !cardview on
LRRbot: Card viewer enabled
element2727: Hi everyonr
Unas84: omg!
TheWriterAleph: bug lady!
RedArrogantKnight: wow foil Grist
spiffinn: grist!
garunkl: woah!
Siromo: GRIST
GredGredmansson: @CodenameJD they have a bunch of arcbound cards
andy_reeed: FOIL
DiscordianTokkan: Grist!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Hunger Tide
TimeToFry: Of COURES Wheeler opens Grist
ALEISmALPTO: oh brother!
JustAConspiracy: dollas
personification2: Big Hungry!
Sibwow: that ones for papa as well
noSmokeFire: just a lil baby bug
Al_Azil3: bugs in a trenchcoat!
solfe_ryna: yessssss
nuclearstulle: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
TehAmelie: Wizards is "sponsoring" this, i guess keeping the cards would be the least payment they could give
mowdownjoe: Oh, so that's why Wheeler bought that body pillow. :p
dalek_kosh: These pulls are HYPE
ElektroTal: more grist for the mill
tonks_just_tonks: ooze storm!
ChargingFurret: Bugs 🐜
Moist__Owlette: wut
MarsIsDead: Just got here! JER!!!!
AllStarGyudon: Yee and/or haw to that
Alex_Frostfire: Yeah, that's the correct reaction Wheeler.
Krokaar: the correct response
beowuuf: @LidofLoathing yuuuuuup. It's an enchantment land, hence an Urza's saga sub type
Foxmar320: a what
EmptyGryn: HAHAHA "I bet that card looks good in foil"
Unas84: wheelerGre wheelerE wheelerH
innovativemethods: all the pulls are hype because *every card is hype*
TheWriterAleph: holy shit, i didn't see that spoiler. that's crazy
EmptyGryn: Wheeler you sly dog
Nyx_fire: ooooo
NathanLonghair: oO
the_piebandit: LLR all opening Fire
RandomTrivia: Ooze Storm!
DiscordianTokkan: Oooohohohho
Welbog: Wow
Favre_the_Undead: lol
NathanLonghair: oooooooze
ExhaustedElox: Uhhhhhh......
fhorrigan: Neato
sora_mayura: Holy FUCK
micalovits: Grahm in stornm!
noSmokeFire: such a quandrix card
osdef: STORM
measurenull: so messed up
stsindre: How long ago was these decks built? :)
unicornvector: Ooh, ooze!
Welbog: Super nonlinear.
raaabr: Comprehend the OOZE
TamesLovesGames: Gooey
TheWhirlmind: It's raining ooze, hallelujah
ChargingFurret: Schlorp
Tom_Bruise: It's a whole lot of snot, G. It's not that hard
Coogrr: I love this card
personification2: Graham just saw into infinity
tonks_just_tonks: Walker hate!
sorinthecat: gross
tonks_just_tonks: Horray!
Siromo: @EmptyGryn i was just thinking about that lmaoo
GredGredmansson: curse guy!
floki4242: I don't like that
thanzo: Storm the Oooze
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eshplode: @stsindre They opened these before almost any spoilers were out
garunkl: I love that anti planeswalker enchantment
DiscordianTokkan: Ooze on First, Second, Third, in the dugout... everywhere!
BrowneePoints: Seeing everyone so happy just has me so excited
TehAmelie: Sulfiric Vortex wasn't harsh enough, right
Bartlebad: Bring your umbrella, we're about to have an Ooze Storm
SergeYager: LOL
twitchysmile: Man, I miss me some Jer.
drdudeman: I need that anti planeswalker tech
Kumakaori: hahahahha XD
Moist__Owlette: Yeah who cares about a draw step in Enchantress LUL
Foxmar320: lol
micalovits: So many walkers
Khalahd: Solitary off!
ElektroTal: god. see how much better the atmosphere is when we aren't also doing commander
drdudeman: one of my friends plays superfriends
sora_mayura: what's the mana cost of the storm ooze?
Anexmedia: Double Dakkon
dalek_kosh: 2 DAKKKONSSSS
chrysaliss: One mana seems too little imo
sorinthecat: Dakkon!!
beowuuf: awwww, poor sweet innocent serge
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: more dakkon!
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You're ridiculous.
DNAli3n: these are some nice kits
ttkblazer97: quirion!
TimeToFry: !card bottle golem
LRRbot: Bottle Golems [4] | Artifact Creature — Golem [3/3] | Trample / When Bottle Golems dies, you gain life equal to its power.
WhiteWizard42: @sora_mayura 2GGG
personification2: ouphe!
gnome_friend: Bottle gnomes are PLENTY scary lrrBEEJ
RocknGrohlNerd: yeeey bottle gnomes
noSmokeFire: remember bottle gnomes? this is them now. feel old yet?
Steel_Dingleberries: MORE BOTTLE GOLEMS!
the_piebandit: Sir, Sir, you're delicious
andyweekend: It's been a while
queenfounder: I’m so glad Jer is in this
Leonhart321: Bottle Golems makes me so happy they remembered Bottle Gnomes
train_diskenth: hey buddyyy
matthaus_c: unban bridge!
crabgoneberry: This is SO wholesome
TehAmelie: yikes, wizards dot com is down
tonks_just_tonks: ASMOR!
TXC2: a person is not a stick
Garrub: just a pile of lonii here
NarfBlinko: sir, sir, you're deciduous
Sogheim: the thopter!
ExhaustedElox: Ben got there!!
LidofLoathing: Bird of Paradise is back!
hexy_lexy: YES BEN
Fangren300: PogChamp
Foxmar320: Yessss Ben!
mandatorydrops: 5c good stuff
nuclearstulle: wheelerGreed wheelerGreed
Favre_the_Undead: Ben!
lyropithic: Five colour good stuff!
Garrub: Ornibopter is so strong tbh
LackingSanity_: It's irritating that the magus doesn;t actually work like bridge from below
drdudeman: I love Ben
kandykidzero: "Two Ornithopters to Paradise!!!"
Fangren300: GO GO BEN
EvilBadman: Shock the Ornithopter
Smoke108: Bolt the bird
GredGredmansson: no Asmor but we got her book
Dmc3628: Ben has gone mad with 5c Power
lemmel: Gargoyle!
dalek_kosh: 5 Color Good Stuff online
Leonhart321: Least Idea but Most Fun
10of9: lrrGREED
TXC2: please no all caps chat
Samsmasher77: 5 colour
thanzo: BEN HOW all of the 5colors!!?
strapping_lad: Im so excited for this set OMG
SandWhales1: This set looks so fuckin rad
beowuuf: @ElektroTal i'd like to think more commander players would have been nicer if there wasn't a spoiler on the line. The game itself was amazing and tightly edited and lots did enjoy it :)
lodur2208: I totally don't understand all the tron hate in this set!!!!
floki4242: did ben
YeetTheRich_: thank you past graham
Leonhart321: Narrator voice: They did not in fact, figure their life out
ExhaustedElox: Called it
TimeToFry: He did the thing!
AlwaysForceStorm: I can't wait for someone to try and pronounce Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar
personification2: The throw!
Abavus: Every time LUL
mandatorydrops: back to me is a great sign off
flatluigi: thanks, me
Foxmar320: lol
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Theycallmejokke: Modern Horizon you filthy enabler what have you done to Ben :D
YeetTheRich_: hello present graham
ReddHaring: Excellent head turn
wolfie2006: lol
Whisle: he did it agaiiin!
NathanLonghair: yesssss
NewtyNewts: He did it again!
GrumpyOldFarts: 5c!!!
RandomTrivia: Another smooth Graham>Graham throw
Unas84: he did it!
hexy_lexy: knew it!
corianderd: gottem
ttkblazer97: he did it again!!!
AbraHeron: lmaooo
laikagoat: fionaLOL fionaLOL
Nyx_fire: omg Ben
northos: he can't keep getting away with it!
FarrinDelmirre: He did it again!
DNAli3n: he did the thing
hd_dabnado: it never gets old
kais58: yeeeees ben
TotallyNotaBeholder: Kathleen did such an amazing job, that was just... well amazing
Ammondale: oh no cammmmmmm
personification2: Graham has already nailed it
unicornvector: the throw will never get old
LarkSachrosis: He said the thing!
Favre_the_Undead: BEN
micalovits: smoooth
beowuuf: @lodur2208 wotc just wanted to see serge cry
Garrub: @AlwaysForceStorm thats all I'm here for
kapitancziczi: HE DID IT!
solfe_ryna: love this
GredGredmansson: Oh, Cam's going full Sultai Tokens!
mrbuzzfuzz: hellooo daddy :3
Kumakaori: ohno;
ChargingFurret: G! Yes
Goban3: so great
tonks_just_tonks: Ben is the ultimater!
TehAmelie: whoa, that wasn't live?
djalternative: gotta love catching your own throw
JRandomHacker: "Thanks me" is and will always be my favorite throw
brunomant_: 5 colors dream!
Joalni: I love it when they throw like that LUL
tonks_just_tonks: BEN!!!
RuiFaleiro: unarmeHeart unarmeHeart unarmeHeart
serialtram: oh yes, wubrg
TheWanderingNomad: "Oops All Fixing" Never change Ben :D
Reyyan1395: benginHeart benginHeart wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
Kumakaori: Poor Cam. Cam vs 5c ;-;.
Unas84: Ben's outfit on theme!
mechmagic: the mad lad
kapitancziczi: OOOPSIE
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: cams deck name LUL
Goban3: OMG
dbhkyle: Im excited!!!
KMalsom: We should have votes on who will win this game....
the_piebandit: Ben did it! the mad lad did it!
dkosa: aww no Garth 😔
LRRMTG_Judge: "Oops, All Fixing" resonates deep within my soul - Squirrel
Ammondale: cam vs a 5 color deck, that's oh no
Anubis169: Everybody ready?
NarfBlinko: 5C is an archetype in this set
Jogela: Ben is going full pride! KappaPride
garion99: i had competely forgotten this was happening and now i get to watch it. huzzah
Favre_the_Undead: Cam vs 5c again
tonks_just_tonks: Go BEN Go!
CyberCypher: "Thanks Me" for the next emote?
KeytarCat: It IS Pride month :P
DrPezzer: 5 colour for pride month!
NathanLonghair: Blue Green Black though, LOVE that combo too
InsaneMuadib: is Graham ever not going to throw to himself again?
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RecursiveAcronym: i Always love the deck names
zarcoplays: Ben do you have any pocket bacon?
seancplays1: Ornithopter of paradise is the best card name I have ever heard
DiscordianTokkan: Such Sultai tokens
lirazel64: Ben is playing a Pride deck.
personification2: Did Ben open any of the converge cycle?
LoganAura: Oh Ben pulled Niv Mizzet.
Joalni: Ooh, Ben! You madman!
micalovits: RIP Cam
frank_the_great: Cam even dressed up for the occasion
Diabore: cam getting flashbacks soon
oatway: flannel pride <3 ben
daxcanterslip: how is cam gonna get wrecked today?
animated_fairy: Lads lads lads lads
Scixarite: Cam on the best color combo of Sultai
Cunobelenos: benginFingers
onslaught714: Cam vs five color? someone's about to get dumpstered
APODionysus: *wanders in* hey folks. *looks at scfeen* wait... is Ben 5 color?
BrowneePoints: The Ace Gang matchup going first during Pride Month! AsexualPride PrideHeartL PrideHeartR
panetrain: @LoadingReadyRun Respect the Destiny 2 shirt
oatway: also cam's tie looks good
sorinthecat: i love bens pride shirt!
thanzo: KappaPride Pride deck!! KappaPride KappaPride
Goban3: spicy?
lirazel64: sergePrideLove
catchyuniquename: Happy Pride!
Diabore: ooooh
Smoke108: PrideAsexual
kandykidzero: Collector Boosties!!!
Wangor: Woo, boosties!
Atomskin: Boooooosties!
Foxmar320: Spicy!
Sibwow: boosted packages!
NarfBlinko: C Boostie, woot
DiscordianTokkan: Boosties!
waptee_: oooh boosties!
the_piebandit: Pride Deck!
AbraHeron: spicyyy
TimeToFry: Owo?
ElektroTal: oooh
ProfBaka: oooo
kamkazi: Pog
kcritical: Free tendies
train_diskenth: boosties!!
Garrub: I would like to collect boosties
TheTunnelingCat: 👀
BeXs88: yaaas
kailittu: a boosty!
zigboy22: yaa
Fistacles: Pog
kijata: nice
Maki_Bun: pog
Edgeng: I just want to see it opened
Sapheare: this set looks so cool
themlin: BOOSTIES
yoric_the_skull: !!!
CodenameJD: boshties
neisan2112: OH sick
drdudeman: oh wow
JayAbber: ooooooh
SandWhales1: ohhh shit
Underachiever28: sweet
Nyx_fire: michel56Hype
freshmaker__: oh hell yeah
Leonhart321: Spicy
lady_olynder: spicy
Favre_the_Undead: cool
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TheGcsmith: give away?
Anubis169: hear that chat? 8!
Orlantia: boosters!!?!?!
Grusommegeir: nice!
Maxblaster5000: pog
P1xelPaul: POGS
kinslayer6788: nice
BlooMilk: PogChamp
dkosa: omg awesome
TheTruePhantomAngel: Nice!
unicornvector: hype!
sunshine5411: woot woot
the_garfielf: me me want boostie
Dragoknight101: Sweet sweet boosties
frank_the_great: Wow
Malikory: woo
personification2: OOOHHH!
Sandeon: Le gasp
vargas_whatbball3: nice
Temperature_Droplet: BOOSTYS
logandixonart: Oooo how to enter?
Siromo: oooh
ArtemisHuntress: boosties!
Anubis169 dances
piercefc9: Weeee!!!!
tonks_just_tonks: GLHF :)
jaydobbleyou: yea!
slipverk: poggers
vapour_witch: nicee
RocknGrohlNerd: benginHeck benginYe go Ben and also go Cam also I can't decide what I like more benginSpoop
maximizealtitude: oooo
Wolfsburg: nice
PotatoWraiths: boop
panetrain: chicky nuggies and chocy milk
kightofnewalara: collector boosters
lirazel64: Wheeeee!
Garrub: A thing in chat
CaptainRedRam: Collector booster nice
FarrinDelmirre: Oooh collector's boosties
kailittu: a thing!
Aztinoth: ooooooo
TheWriterAleph: the ocho
kragor001: pog
beowuuf: @APODionysus yup, they even made a draft archetype in the set for it. It can't be greedy if the designers made it happen :p
dmark312: hryPog
ox42: Hell yeah!
DNAli3n: ohh, boosties
falcn120: awesome!
felrender: boosties baby!
happyelephant24: woo!
BeXs88: muy picante
nalha: a thing
sorinthecat: what? Poggifers!
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nkmitch42: Boosty Boosty Boosty
Radjack: Nice!
bobbymcbob33: ooooh boosties!
sweatymisplays: Nice
TotallyNotaBeholder: Neat *takes picture*
CherryMagnolia: Bless LRR mods on all days but most of all on PPR days
Plazookas: hoohie
Ponyshment: yoooo
kismetsoul: Collector Boosters are ^_^
Craterhoof_Finch subscribed with Prime.
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happyelephant24: So rad
WillowWiffs: !!! collector boosties!
trashyopossum: Gosh this is so exciting
Nuha: oh yay!
hascow subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 88 months!
hascow: oh right, sub streak
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Goban3: GayPride GayPride GayPride
ElderZurran: wooo
Unas84: poggieboosites
Mewr11: a thing in chat?
fhorrigan: Sexy
ChargingFurret: Boosties
DaseBeleren: boost boost boost
HeuerTag: collecty boosty
hamahimana: collectable packages PogChamp
dogghost11: Yee
sp0000n1: Hell yea
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lord_rint: WOO 8 Months on the PPR Day!
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lodur2208: nice :)
Arolyats: Woooo
memelich: HOLY SHIT
animated_fairy: Amazing!!!
poggifers: @sorinthecat yes?
innovativemethods: words
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Naesiir: Let's go 5C Bad Stuff!!! benginHeart benginRemy benginRemy
happyelephant24: pack wars
memelich: Gib
Count_Grumpy: is that just america?
Goban3: shiny
ThankYouUro: LRR Box Breaks?
alex_they_cryptid: love free stuff
kric2888: Collector Booster!!!!!!!!!
Kumakaori: until it is done.
TehAmelie: [Doom music starts]
Splosion: No, Cameron, you ARE the demons!
Gaytanic_Panic: RIP and TEAR (The Booster pakc song)
remyjette: i love me some boosties
DiscordianTokkan: Rip AND Tear? In this economy?
beowuuf: pity wotc didn't allow more mana types in to MH2 for pride month
AllStarGyudon: Rip and/or tear
Joalni: That lovely pack opening sound
catchyuniquename: Sweet!
NicoTheSly: Bling bling
kandykidzero: This calls for a pineapple mountain dew!!
Sandeon: Are the boosties intercontinental, or NA only?
samu_btdp1985: sweet! worldwide?
Kumakaori: @TehAmelie sergeHeart
LRRbot: Bone Shards [B] | Sorcery | As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature or discard a card. / Destroy target creature or planeswalker.
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sorinthecat: @poggifers hi! how are u lol
beowuuf: LOL
RandomTrivia: LUL
poggifers: lrrFINE
benjamin_wheeler: *heavy exhale*
LilyFin: what round is this?
tonks_just_tonks: Are the foils more shiney than normal?
NarfBlinko: 1
Diabore: 1
AbraHeron: hi wheeler
jaaaawnthemediocregamer: KappaPride
sora_mayura: 1
Dyllbert: Haha, thats more Greensleeves then I know
personification2: They know, right?
WhiteWizard42: round 1 is about to start
TheWriterAleph: [guitar riff]
Ammondale: it's a character named, but yeah
LRRbot: Chef's Kiss [1RR] | Instant | Gain control of target spell that targets only a single permanent or player. Copy it, then reselect the targets at random for the spell and the copy. The new targets can't be you or a permanent you control.
garion99: sounds like a typical english folk song
heavy_graham: If my poison doesn't kill you my dogs surely will
chis_ph: I missed it, did anyone open post-meteor colossal dreadmaw?
sorinthecat: u got this everyone!!
Diabore: oh its actually called chefs kiss
beowuuf: can we cut to ben starting to reference greensleeves the remembering it was a song about a lady of negotiable affection?
Dragoknight101: *Chef's Kiss*
Leonhart321: Literal actual Chef Kiss
Kyir: There she is!
hd_dabnado: ow
Athelgar: Its not the song, its the Greensleeeves character from the Wispering woods book
coiax: wheelerKappa wheelerKappa wheelerKappa wheelerKappa
KodeMage: Narset's Reversal but better
Joalni: Actually Chef's Kiss!
logandixonart: Chefs Kiss how I feel about this episode of PPR
Tom_Bruise: Everybody forgetting about my boy Shunt, huh?
tonks_just_tonks: Por Que, no los dos?
crabgoneberry: The foils look not great :(
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LilyFin: modern horizons require modern subscribtions
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Goban3: good stuff good
DanTheMediocre: that click was not just my audio right?
Gaytanic_Panic: Collemtper Boomster
BluL47: smooch
TimeToFry: WHA
TheWriterAleph: LUL LUL
flatluigi: lol
ArtemisHuntress: lol
Goban3: oh woah
NrgSpoon: can't target your stuff so it's got that going for it
Nyx_fire: @logandixonart lrrHEART
BrowneePoints: Ass Miranda
DNAli3n: whaaaa
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
Diabore: asmor
TheWormbo: gesundheit!
Foxmar320: :P
lyropithic: I feel like people practiced :D
Unas84: lol, has everyone been practicing? :P
ArtemisHuntress: as morano
Oddity_Odyssey: whoah
kandykidzero: She said "Asmor" was fine
EmperorFlloyd: I just call her Asmoran
benjamin_wheeler: azorathmetreonzynthos
Diabore: FULL ART
CodenameJD: El Dorardo
ArtemisHuntress: as morano mardico
arkinoid: Its my boy Basset Sound!
Leonhart321: How dare you pronounce that so smoothly
ArcOfTheConclave: Maranda
Auxilant_: asmojfkldsjfksdfjl
spiffinn: i'm confused by this card. can you select new targets for the original spell?
MechaNoelle: Assy
BrowneePoints: @benjamin_wheeler I'm a big fan of "Ass Miranda"
Edgeng: that's foreshadowing
Sibwow: @benjamin_wheeler i just restarted teen titans
Naarius: The flavor text
rdiffee7: amadeus amadeus
NathanLonghair: Asmodeusisindahouse?
beowuuf: wow, cameron just getting wrecked by his 'friends' , savage
frameshifty: sucks to your asmoranomardicadaistinaculda-mar
remyjette: HANDDS
accountmadeforants: Haha, the description "This is a BLOODHOUND formed entirely of WATER". Thanks art director.
YeetTheRich_: can we get a judge video guide on how to pronounce asmo?
WhiteWizard42: H A N D S
Foxmar320: Flawless
zimmercj: This set has a lot of great art by Ryan Pancoast
hexy_lexy: and white people still cant spell my name properly :p
Moist__Owlette: LUL
kandykidzero: Allyssa-Milano-Was-on-Charmed on-the-CW
Goban3: @loadingreadyrun thank you guys!!! love the PPR and everything you do!
Bartlebad: The best part is the art direction
Anubis169: "hexy_lexy": there is spelled it right
niccus: wait there's an affinity cascade card
SongsFromMyGoat: no zoom on the mythic?
Anubis169: :P
NarfBlinko: etched foil old border
Rogue_07: Is Cam's deck name a Seinfeld reference?
GoblinPieromancer: I see dunking on Cam tradition started earlier than usual this time :D
Sibwow: so when do we get the witherbloom spoilers Keepo
matthaus_c: most esper sphincters
TXC2: spinpodes
control_rig: Ooooooh
LoadingReadyRun: !cardview on
LRRbot: Card viewer enabled
kailittu: esper sphinge
LRRbot: Aeromoeba [3U] | Creature — Elemental Beast [2/4] | Flying / Discard a card: Switch Aeromoeba's power and toughness until end of turn.
corianderd: shynj
hexy_lexy: @Anubis169 i meant my irl name
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: @Rogue_07 yep
BrowneePoints: Manatee with wings!
EdwardsTy: Cameron pulled my must desired card with the foil Aeromeoba
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Anubis169: hihi cori :)
TheWriterAleph: woooOOOOooo
lyropithic: Oh the huge manatee!
DiscordianTokkan: A Huge Manatee
corianderd: sffing
accountmadeforants: Oh, the huge manatee
TotallyNotaBeholder: Oh the Huge Manatee
shaneandkk subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 36 months!
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Dyllbert: Old frame foil look so cool
capsrule222: DOGO
AbraHeron: flamity
matthaus_c: OOP
Rogue_07: @freshprinceofbeleren woo!
HundreydAundre: They can double flavour sketch cards?
beowuuf: @TotallyNotaBeholder sergeJustRight
TimeToFry: It even has the symbol!
apocalyptic_squirrel subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 37 months, currently on a 36 month streak!
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benjamin_wheeler: ayyy
BrowneePoints: WOAH
hd_dabnado: LOL
Dragoknight101: D:
KodeMage: no cam has the foils backwards, the first is etched, the art is matte
ravenlord_xix: thicc manatee
niccus: eyyyyyy
BrowneePoints: MONEY
TehAmelie: goodbye the main reason i ever played green
matthaus_c: that's a money
TimeToFry: Money money money
Wangor: Ka-ching!
Favre_the_Undead: Money
Dyllbert: ugh
HeuerTag: Poggers
LRRbot: Imperial Recruiter [2R] | Creature — Human Advisor [1/1] | When Imperial Recruiter enters the battlefield, search your library for a creature card with power 2 or less, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle.
Firnsarwen: sexy pack
AbraHeron: wowo
sorinthecat: ayyyy
Wangor: That's Cam's college loan paid off.
DNAli3n: deece
control_rig: Imp Recruiter! $$$
personification2: Beej, bring out the good sleeves!
eshplode: lrrHORN
Bartlebad: Step mom!
mrbuzzfuzz: sweet
adambomb625: Step mom
TheWhirlmind: Well dang
Favre_the_Undead: step mom
Gaytanic_Panic: C r o o t e r
narset6691 subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 38 months!
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TXC2: cash money
Diabore: these packs are spicy
Siromo: hell of a pack oml
LarkSachrosis: How do this sets foils hold up?
ttkblazer97: brenda!!
Pharmacistjudge: why did steppe mom become Brenda?!?
RandomTrivia: SKWERL
unrealdoctt: TBC Classic and PPR MH2? great day
TemptMyTerror: cash money
wolfiezz43: Spicy
LmagiaLive: whoim?
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: squirrel!
NewtyNewts: SQRL
vetchable: SKURREL
BluL47: finally value squirrel token
wolfiezz43: SQUIRREL
AbraHeron: what a pack
LRRbot: Chatterstorm [1G] | Sorcery | Create a 1/1 green Squirrel creature token. / Storm
raisins4life: Nutshot
thanzo: squirrel beast
dabudder: spice 8 rack
arrowbounce: Empty the Oakens
HundreydAundre: Uh YEAST B e a s t
killmonger_27: wait what was the manatee card called?
KodeMage: half as many tokens per storm with chatterstorm
Leonhart321: Manamorphose can make green
queenfounder: I was literally watching the stream where Cam calls her Brenda for the first time before this
thanzo: there are 2 spice8rack cards which is amazing
LRRbot: Sea Drake [2U] | Creature — Drake [4/3] | Flying / When Sea Drake enters the battlefield, return two target lands you control to their owner's hand.
beowuuf: i presume the card reader is powered by J.A.M.E.S ? o7
spinebustertee: That's just Guay art :D
raisins4life: Rebecca is so good
DoctorHutch: @raisins4life oh man that name is so good
Knallkasten: Ahh chat how must have missed??
Diabore: usele iland
NrgSpoon: "mountain"
TimeToFry: Mountain?
JayAbber: mountain?
KodeMage: lol
Bartlebad: Mountain, reaally?
benjamin_wheeler: mountain
g00stah: I want to play R/G storm in draft
KodeMage: mountain
Diabore: mountain?
TheWormbo: wet mountain
Edgeng: that's not a mountain
ElektroTal: mountain
arrowbounce: Mountain?
garunkl: mountain^^
flatluigi: "mountain"
lady_olynder: mountain?
Rogue_07: island, Ben
Jayrod1220: Mountain?
Foxmar320: Mountain
capsrule222: island*
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Did you know Detroit was on the Underground Railroad, a route for slaves escaping into Canada during the American Civil War?
Peter_susman: mountain?
HeuerTag: "mountain" lul
Wangor: A blue mountain, I like it.
Pnoy__: good old mountain
RandomTrivia: That's an Island Ben
Favre_the_Undead: mountain?
FarrinDelmirre: Funky mountain there
dbhkyle: blue mountain
LRRMTG_Judge: @killmonger_27 Aeromoeba, I believe - Squirrel
Foxmar320: :P
lodur2208: mountain? :D
Leonhart321: Mountain?
sodawizard: mountain
DNAli3n: mountain?
TotallyNotaBeholder: Mountain?
TXC2: blue moutain
RandomTrivia: LUL
vetchable: Ben always calls his islands mountain
Al_Azil3: Artwork from Mirage!
AbraHeron: mountain
Anexmedia: I thought it was a bit
CodenameJD: Weird blue mountain
personification2: The etching makes it look blue!
hd_dabnado: sea mountain
kijata: i mean, theres a mountain on it
Kumakaori: mountain? island?. lol.
yoric_the_skull: red on the brain
Anexmedia: I was so sure it was a bit
Fidecaro: LUL
sorinthecat: said it twice
franzincolor: Mountain go
frank_the_great: There's a mountain on the art!
NewtyNewts: Underwater mountain
niccus: every island is a mountain relative to the sea floor
Dragoknight101: A rare misprint
ttkblazer97: Blue Mountain State!!!
hexy_lexy: benjamin plz
kandykidzero: Oh, I love that Island art
NicotineRobot: Blue Mountains in MH2, you heard it here!
AzureShok: This is not the first time either
raisins4life: @DoctorHutch I love it, people on twitter mentioned it
HadesLeprechaun: powerful mountain
fir3wolfhhmd: STEAM VENT
Nyx_fire: that's why he's 5 color
floki4242: The Gaslight almost 3,000 people
killmonger_27: @LRRMTG_Judge ty!
dalek_kosh: Blood Moon has entered the chat
Joalni: Flooded montaña
Tom_Bruise: That's gotta be the most OP mountian on the block!
daxcanterslip: graham calling out mountains
DiscordianTokkan: There IS a mountain on the card
kismetsoul: Those watery blue
nuclearstulle: the effects bluemoon has on you xD
LRRbot: Territorial Kavu [RG] | Creature — Kavu [*/*] | Domain — Territorial Kavu's power and toughness are each equal to the number of basic land types among lands you control. / Whenever Territorial Kavu attacks, choose one — / • Discard a card. If you do, draw a card. / • Exile up to one target card from a graveyard.
kandykidzero: Mirage lands are so fire
GamesAndInk: Ben's mono red, he just thinks he's 5 color
beowuuf: in the blue ridge mountains of dominia
dbhkyle: Ben's planewalker passive ability is just Bloodmoon's ability
Adddair: hi all
Diabore: garth!
tonks_just_tonks: BLACK LOTUS!
capsrule222: DAMN
Rogue_07: GARTH
LRRbot: Garth One-Eye [WUBRG] | Legendary Creature — Human Wizard [5/5] | {T}: Choose a card name that hasn't been chosen from among Disenchant, Braingeyser, Terror, Shivan Dragon, Regrowth, and Black Lotus. Create a copy of the card with the chosen name. You may cast the copy.
Bartlebad: party on Garth
Anexmedia: Oh I dig that
dalek_kosh: LOL. There's Garth
sorinthecat: gaaarth!!!!!
DiscordianTokkan: Party on, Garth!
capsrule222: FREE MONEY
RocknGrohlNerd: ohh black lotus on legs
Anexmedia: Mood.
red_shoes_jeff: M o o d
dkosa: Garth not Gareth
Abavus: That's a mood
mrbuzzfuzz: woooof
Foxmar320: Mood lol
g00stah: these sketched cards are gonna be hell for paper commentary folks :D
noSmokeFire: ole Quirky Garth
NathanLonghair: Ben is secretly in 5 colors because he's (magic-)colorblind and think they're all red
Tom_Bruise: q u i r k y
LRRbot: King of the Pride [2W] | Creature — Cat [2/1] | Other Cats you control get +2/+1.
ElektroTal: party on, kwain
Rogue_07: kitty!
oatway: happy pride
TotallyNotaBeholder: Party on Garth
matthaus_c: he certainly is powerful and I want him to be curious about me
capsrule222: infinite black lotus supplier
Foxmar320: Kitty!
beowuuf: garth also creates shivan dragon, come on people, no love for cool dragon :(
hexy_lexy: "King of the Pride" aka @benjamin_wheeler
LRRbot: The Underworld Cookbook [1] | Artifact | {T}, Discard a card: Create a Food token. / {4}, {T}, Sacrifice The Underworld Cookbook: Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
kismetsoul: I want that foil Pride for my kitty commander deck!
Kumakaori: ol' promo star.
tonks_just_tonks: BEAR!
Diabore: queen bear!
adambomb625: Bear Force One
Favre_the_Undead: graham!
matthaus_c: Bear Force One!
Zaghrog: The list?!
RandomTrivia: Queen Bear!
tonks_just_tonks: Mother of bears!
ttkblazer97: MAMA BEAR!!!!!
Kumakaori: ayula :D!
frank_the_great: BEAR FORCE 1
ThankYouUro: BEARS!
juzztshay: YOOO
Leonhart321: Graham would like a word
LmagiaLive: godlike
Amentur: BEAR!
Al_Azil3: AYULA!!! My queen!
TXC2: Bear force one is GO!
control_rig: Mama bear!
NicoTheSly: Mama bear <3
falcn120: BEAR!!!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Be-be-be-bear
dalek_kosh: Bears!!!
SlyTen674: B B B BEARRR!!!
bunn_tech: BEAR FORCE 1
Favre_the_Undead: Bear
Rogue_07: the noise Graham made!
PsychoSchocker: BEAR FORCE 1
oliveinthesky: BEAR
nuclearstulle: oh MAMA
RocknGrohlNerd: oh damn bear force one
noSmokeFire: Graham would like to know your location
themlin: mama bear!
element2727: Good looking foils
Favre_the_Undead: force
chis_ph: Queen Bear!!!
personification2: Gods save the Queen!
Favre_the_Undead: one
g00stah: Bear Force One has a new pilot.
juzztshay: beautiful
andy_reeed: BEAR FORCE 1
vargas_whatbball3: bear force one upgraded
LRRbot: Ayula, Queen Among Bears [1G] | Legendary Creature — Bear [2/2] | Whenever another Bear enters the battlefield under your control, choose one — / • Put two +1/+1 counters on target Bear. / • Target Bear you control fights target creature you don't control.
piercefc9: QUEEN BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
camelwizard: oh bus
gramplot: Carth and Garth
LRRbot: Carth the Lion [2BG] | Legendary Creature — Human Warrior [3/5] | Whenever Carth the Lion enters the battlefield or a planeswalker you control dies, look at the top seven cards of your library. You may reveal a planeswalker card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order. / Planeswalkers' loyalty abilities you activate cost an additional {+1} to activate.
ginganinja314: She’s coming to finish the job
mrbuzzfuzz: Ben is my Queen Bear ;)
RandomTrivia: BEN
control_rig: Hah
solfe_ryna: Ayula is so perfect like this haaaaaa
Zaghrog: What a sweet foil token that bird is
CommunistBakery: Can't hear paul :(
juzztshay: ah yes
Foxmar320: The bird looks so pretty
hexy_lexy: BENJAMIN
nuclearstulle: BEN
measurenull: noooo BIRB
SurfDownstage: BEN
TheWriterAleph: chikky pot pie
Rogue_07: winner winner chicken dinner
kandykidzero: Unless you are a magician
oatway: Burgoo
kijata: Bird got baked
TheWhirlmind: It's a seagull stealing your snack
TotallyNotaBeholder: Black Bird Pie
DiscordianTokkan: Winner winner, etc
LmagiaLive: aw cmon
GredGredmansson: CARTH AND GARTH
sorinthecat: ooh nice
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: amazonPartyHawk tqsPie
Amentur: coxChicken lrrCHKN
Kumakaori: XD; I knew where that was going as soon as he said "before". oof.
red_shoes_jeff: Stop making me hungrier!
Goban3: win?
Garrub: *arth tribal
dalek_kosh: Party on Carth
kandykidzero: Then you make the bird come out of the pie
Leonhart321: We are?
raulghoulia: what was that? like a 200 dollar pack?
dalek_kosh: Party on Garth
DanTheMediocre: !card bake into a pie
LRRbot: Bake into a Pie [2BB] | Instant | Destroy target creature. Create a Food token.
Wangor: Wait, you can play Magic?
MadmanOreo: 4 and 20 blackbirds, blaze it.
Diabore: hoping for my 1 ion 3k hot to win one
Bishster: Old border foilz watzy fectchies!!!!
kightofnewalara: fingers crossed
NewtyNewts: I don't even play and I want to win after seeing that shine
niccus: wait this isn't a crack-a-pack stream?
sorinthecat: good luck to both of u!
RocknGrohlNerd: yes Ben benginO7
jasperlion: Chocolate goose
HundreydAundre: Oh, that's a Chicken on the Run token there.
beowuuf: @Wangor eh, feels like it gets in the way of the collecting :p
frank_the_great: These TOKENS are making me thirsty
thetimemaster123: nicee
twitchejoe12: Graham looks tired 😂
bwk789: How many rounds today?
Goban3: oops all fixing sounds like every 5 color deck haha
kandykidzero: Cameron rolls a 13
Robot_Bones: Are they giant vampire tokens?
TXC2: bwk789 8
kandykidzero: dang, I lost
Sk1nnee: THESE tokens are making me thirsty
ttkblazer97: lrrCAMERON lrrCAMERON lrrCAMERON Win man, win!!
Leonhart321: Now there are no serious stakes involved at all today......that being said, I want Ben to live the dream
NarfBlinko: shouldn't do high roll or low roll with spindowns
CunningWish13: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
lodur2208: 2 collector boosters ....0 fetches ?! o.O
kerryg137: A+ Seinfeld reference
bwk789: Thanks @txc2
YeetTheRich_: lets goooo
tonks_just_tonks: #wholesome game play
thetimemaster123: How many hours?
KodeMage: this is gonna be a long one
the_piebandit: 5 color deck on the play in limited? Bold
TehAmelie: fun is pretty much guaranteed. luck. . .could be
dbhkyle: GLHF to all participants!
Goban3: nice
LRRbot: Rift Sower [2G] | Creature — Elf Druid [1/3] | {T}: Add one mana of any color. / Suspend 2—{G}
TimeToFry: 8 rounds? Better get comfy
SnowBuddy18: round 1, fight!
Diabore: round counter kind of blending with ben leeve
MurphEP: So much Magic!
davidanchie: lrrDILLY
heavy_graham: 8 rounds of magic followed by 8 rounds of cosmic encounters
MantisMind: #team5colorshype
NarfBlinko: so, going to midnight central time, awesome :)
Tom_Bruise: 8 rounds? I didn't get nearly enough wine for this
sophieisagirl: first live ppr, looking forward to the games c:
personification2: 1/5
DiscordianTokkan: Ben's table camera seems... slanty
Goban3: wish I could stay for the whole thing
Moist__Owlette: Ben's angle is a little odd x3
KodeMage: Graham, you doing bookends like usual? You're in first round and last round?
flatluigi: honk honk honk honk
Garrub: honk honk honk honk
Scarbble: honk honk
Radyin: !honk
YeetTheRich_: y
Anexmedia: lrrHORN lrrHORN
DiscordianTokkan: !y
RandomTrivia: *HONK*
YeetTheRich_: !y
beowuuf: that was the bad mull siren
resistentialism: beep beep
LRRbot: Darkmoss Bridge | Artifact Land | Darkmoss Bridge enters the battlefield tapped. / Indestructible / {T}: Add {B} or {G}.
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marxmarksman: Cam is looking sharp today as always.
duo7531: HONKK
Armyguy0: lrrHORN
Goban3: beep beep!
nuclearstulle: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
ShifuDaxiongmao: "that's a honking good play!"
MorganteMaggiore: i'm here to watch magic and chew gum, and i'm out of gum... also milk, I should go to the shop
flatluigi: that's tha draw beeps
TheWriterAleph: hronk hronk
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logophile99: hello there
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Invitare: wait... Cam is battling a 5 colour deck. This seems familiar
tonks_just_tonks: Indestructible land, It's over ben
adi_pie: lrrHORN
DanTheMediocre: honk for the turn
RandomTrivia: Remy, please lrrBEEJ
Armyguy0: lrrHORN lrrHORN
HundreydAundre: Suspend: Almost as if protects from removal, right?
hizera511: Any card already banned at modern? LUL LUL LUL
ThankYouUro: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
PinballWitch: Ben's angle is as tapped as Serge's Lands! lrrBEEJ
felrender: "Back that play up"
Wangor: I swear those horns are reminding them of missed triggers/draw steps :D
TheOtherTrevor: Ben is tilted lrrBEEJ
mrbuzzfuzz: honk for glory
Goban3: honk on upkeep
personification2: 2/5
hold_no_carter: lrrHORN lrrHORN
sindresturn: Love how all the lands are bridges. :D
TheStormlightArchivist: gold bordered goodness
Garrub: untap upkeep honk
Veveil: gross mountain noxPOG
NicotineRobot: Is Ben also "Oops all Borders"?
CAKHost: What Ben doesn't know is that Cam paid the car driver to try and distract ben
Gekyouryuu: !y
Pharmacistjudge: gold bordered Mountain?!? you Monster Ben.
ShifuDaxiongmao: "Attack and deal 2 honk"
RocknGrohlNerd: ramping like crazy
kismetsoul: you sure that's a mountain??...That might be an island! Lol
Galacticcyrus: move to deckbuilding?
Goban3: it's a honking good time!!
Steel_Dingleberries: Do Foil Lands make Foil Mana?
beowuuf: so, how much permanent exiling is in this set?
Diabore: you dont have too, but you usually will
RandomTrivia: Rift Bolt into hexproof player, usually
MorganteMaggiore: oh... right, it's NOT a may
Dmc3628: Phithis is an example
KodeMage: Nice island there for ben, yeah.
Alex_Frostfire: Shivan Meteor too.
SurfDownstage: *Premium mana
Anexmedia: I didn't know suspend creatures get haste, I assumed summoning sickness didn't apply but it makes sense that it doesnt
petterfree: phtisis can screw you over that way
Orall: t3feri ruins suspend :(
TXC2: LRRMTG_Judge this card make a red and green spell cost only 1 less yes?
beowuuf: i mean exiling of a permanent, not exiling that lasts
resistentialism: rift bolt versus leyline
onslaught714: CRAB
Garrub: Craben Inspector
NarfBlinko: You must cast card coming off suspend
Amentur: Crab lrrAWESOME
DNAli3n: might not want to cast things like the suspend wheel
Auxilant_: detective crab
Dr_fragenstien: sometimes you riftbolt yourself in the face.
marxmarksman: That crab has a clue!
cmdrud87: you bought it, you keep it
YeetTheRich_: crab
ProfBaka: living death rarely
personification2: @Steel_Dingleberries Reading the button explains the button
frank_the_great: Rift bolt into white layline for some modern goodness
nuclearstulle: craben inspector
hexy_lexy: C R A B
DiscordianTokkan: Crablumbo!
Dyllbert: @Diabore No you actually do HAVE to cast it unless there are no legal targets
Steel_Dingleberries: CRABBO
Bartlebad: The Crab is the Culprit!
crabgoneberry: I WAS CALLED!
TheWormbo: Craben Inspector
LRRMTG_Judge: @TXC2 That's exactly right! - Squirrel
bingsauce: return to crab
Naesiir: Yay! Ben has gobbos!! All is right with the world
Goban3: crab crab crab 🦀 🦀
SirTrae: Detective Crab, on the case
Wangor: Crab and Clue sounds like a good seaside pub.
adambomb625: 🦀 That dude is dead 🦀
kijata: crablue
TheTunnelingCat: inspector crabb
Bishster: all that for 1 blue wthell
GhostValv: voxyCrab
Sk1nnee: mh2 looks sooooo good
kais58: wait, did Cam inspire this card?
nkmitch42: craben inspector
RocknGrohlNerd: @steel_dingleberries they should produce foil mana yes
Siromo: love craben inspector
Pharmacistjudge: I had a judge call about that An Ancestral vision was coming off suspend...and the opponent flashed in Notion Thief.
Gaytanic_Panic: *steel drums intensify*
Kumakaori: @TheWormbo sergeJustRight
CarpeLiam: Sometimes your own Phthisis absolutely crushes your dreams off suspend
TXC2: LRRMTG_Judge ok, thank you lrrHEART
Fhedaykins: ouphe for cam!
crabgoneberry: voxyCrab voxyCrab voxyCrab
Galacticcyrus: crab & clue
LRRbot: Bone Shards [B] | Sorcery | As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature or discard a card. / Destroy target creature or planeswalker.
beowuuf: @Anexmedia that's why they added haste i believe, to make expectations line up with rules :)
measurenull: i want a suspend card that offers some passive benefit while it's in exile but the card itself says "you lose the game"
whoppernugget: Oh the tokens match!
Galacticcyrus: aaaand it's gone
Haroldholmes25: poor crab
Anexmedia: Crab sharded
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: ow his bones
Steel_Dingleberries: Noooo Crabbo alilyWhy
dog_spoon: VALUE
LRRMTG_Judge: For anyone wondering why you might not want to cast your suspended spell, I present to you Phthisis - Squirrel
bingsauce: first you get the crab then you get the stabLUL
TheStormlightArchivist: Craben Inspector
Dmc3628: a hardboiled life
sorinthecat: so if i suspend for a G i then after x turns have to pay 2G??
MorganteMaggiore: detective crab is on the case
KodeMage: that's a childrens book you could write
zarcoplays: Truly the Reichenbach falls of crabs
sophieghost: craben inspector
NewtyNewts: Downcrabbed
hold_no_carter: chitin shards!
kismetsoul: that goblin died from
SurfDownstage: Crabtective
Goban3: crab on the case 🦀
Dr_fragenstien: crabs don't have bones
ExhaustedElox: Detective Crab falls in the line of duty
falingard: Hey, crabs don't HAVE bones!
TheGreySeraphim: detective crab
Fangren300: flavor fail, crabs dont have bones!
Mewr11: Wait a second, crabs don't have bones!
Orall: can you bone shard a crab? Isn't a chitin shard?
LRRbot: Rift Sower [2G] | Creature — Elf Druid [1/3] | {T}: Add one mana of any color. / Suspend 2—{G}
Goban3: fair
GredGredmansson: Crabin Inspector does his work
RocknGrohlNerd: first blood, I mean first bone
thanzo: Detect-a-crab
avatg5: detective crab feels like a QWERP bit
DiscordianTokkan: I STILL say Crablumbo the Columbo Crab
matthaus_c: or Fast // Furious
Niuttuc: We have Rhystic Buddy
Sk1nnee: best magic flavor of all time
tonks_just_tonks: BoshiTOAD
ShifuDaxiongmao: Graham, are you trying to challenge us for nicknames? :P
neisan2112: This is basically an UnSet so
Leonhart321: Not with that attitude
1y1e: OMG I just got it
Orall: Floodhound is blue's clues!
Foxmar320: All the time Cam
NewtyNewts: I'd still love to see nicknames anyway
KodeMage: uncanny valley of clever
TXC2: Dermotaxi is something someone got a promotion over
CommunistBakery: !card Dermotaxy
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
duo7531: stab a 🦀
Goban3: 10/10 set
GredGredmansson: Fishy Dan
norivia: lagac attack
matthaus_c: Captured by Lagacs is new Thalia Lore
MorganteMaggiore: half of the entries would be: the official name
Effekwulsemmay: dermotaxi is just the mimic van
CommunistBakery: !card Dermotaxi
LRRbot: Dermotaxi [2] | Artifact — Vehicle [0/0] | Imprint — As Dermotaxi enters the battlefield, exile a creature card from a graveyard. / Tap two untapped creatures you control: Until end of turn, Dermotaxi becomes a copy of the imprinted card, except it's a Vehicle artifact in addition to its other types.
freshmaker__: I'm slightly sad because I had a few names, but I'll live.
HundreydAundre: See, as is Hard Evidence implies, it seems that the untimely demise of this corpse were reincarnated into a crab as the Eldritch Moon hath intended...
ExhaustedElox: That's so good!
RandomTrivia: Oh that is STRONG
g00stah: Capture by Lagacs is so weird.
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whoppernugget: Straight up took me a day to realize the pun for Dermotaxi
theonedrop1: Inspector Crab-et
TheSmilingMammoth: I like the Long Arm of the Claw
EvilBadman: I saw "Force of Till" for Solitude (the white evoke Swords to Plowshares)
LmagiaLive: punniest set ever?
DanTheMediocre: crustacian inspector
YeetTheRich_: you forgot to honk after your untap
Rogue_07: Thraben inspector after carcinization
Halinn: @Rogue_07 This one ^
LRRbot: Tireless Provisioner [2G] | Creature — Elf Scout [3/2] | Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battelfield under your control, create a Food token or a Treasure token.
Halinn: Carcinated Inspector
CodenameJD: It getting haste from suspend is so sweet
TheStormlightArchivist: Should've been "Saddleback Lagac Strikes Back"
Haroldholmes25: Oh boy
gnome_friend: I love the provisioner
pyronils80: Hallo and good evening! :) :) :) Greetings from Stuttgart, Germany! :) :) :)
train_diskenth: oh this card, ohhhhh this card
mattyjacky: remember your preview card man they love given you five drops
Pharmacistjudge: a secret lotus cobra
ItsRileyPM: is... is that a gold bordered mountain? Ben, you are a gem.
Ammondale: oh
tonks_just_tonks: OH VALUE
TheWhirlmind: flexxxx
kandykidzero: goodness
KodeMage: damn, that's a card cam wants, the provisioner
sleepyheaddreams: valllueee
Favre_the_Undead: fetch!
phillycc9: DANG
Haroldholmes25: He's popping off
Znazl: VALUE
LRRbot: Verdant Catacombs | Land | {T}, Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Verdant Catacombs: Search your library for a Swamp or Forest card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle.
Bishster: damn value
SirTrae: @whoppernugget I'm still not sure what the pun is.
TXC2: hello pyronils80 welcome
Orall: flex that value
Garrub: fetch + tireless combo lets go
Fangren300: NICE
zarcoplays: lotus cobra and tireless tracker had a baby
HundreydAundre: OOH, this curve Sir....
AbraHeron: owo
dalek_kosh: OH ... wow
ExhaustedElox: The VALUE!!
nuclearstulle: ben's ramping
ElektroTal: c-c-combo
Alex_Frostfire: Oh, I'm sure treasures help with mana fixing!
garunkl: oha. those combo ramps
RetroVirus047: @EvilBadman My fave name for it is force to plowshares
bean665: tireless Snacker
TXC2: that's so fecth
Galacticcyrus: oh baby Kreygasm
Syntheticuh: tireless snacker!
logandixonart: Tireless Lotus Cobra more like kt
TXC2: *fetch
tonks_just_tonks: Lotus tracker
black_star3000: landfall + fetch COMBO!!!!!!!!
DNAli3n: he's popping off
markekv: value
TherapyforNarwhals: THE V A L L U E
kamkazi: monkaS
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EvilBadman: @RetroVirus047 HAHa nice
TheStormlightArchivist: and food?
g00stah: is there a harrow-like in this set? Hype
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TheGreySeraphim: tireless snacker
MantisMind: ben deck is superb lol
Halinn: Judge! My opponent is popping off!
MadmanOreo: @bean665 bravo
Rogue_07: goddamn, Ben with the c-c-c-combo!
ExhaustedElox: Tireless snacker is soooo good!, @Syntheticuh
thanzo: ben getting that mana
flatluigi: stifle's in historic now
GredGredmansson: pick up your tokens ben
Sk1nnee: "stop trying to make fetch happen"
TXC2: bus around and fine out
personification2: You feelin' lucky?
TXC2: *find
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Crazyginder22: 43 magical months
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greekboi12: What’s up gamers I’m late as hell
TXC2: fingers please
hexy_lexy: hey @ElektroTal reminder that youre fantastic and inspirational and loved!
TXC2: Hello greekboi12 welcome
Syntheticuh: @ExhaustedElox LUL there are so many good nicknames for this set
kamkazi: the flavor
NathanLonghair: I just realized I have some old Ixalan boosters in the basement, imma gonna crack some dinos for fun while watching ^_^
KodeMage: x squirrels in a trenchcoat
g00stah: X Squirrels in a Zombie Coat
Leonhart321: Get in the Zombie Squirrly
beowuuf: @greekboi12 there was some videos first so this is r1g1
Halinn: @greekboi12 This is the first game, so you didn't miss much
raulghoulia: the zombie is the squirrel's mom?
ThankYouUro: Squirrels fan be Drift Compatible now
TXC2: they're Ratatoui-ing the body
flojosch: Hello everyone!
MyBestHat: smh this wouldve been so much better if it was insects instead of squirrels
themlin: get out of the zombie toski
LRRMTG_Judge: @SirTrae It's a play on "taxidermy", but also combines "derm" (as in pachyderm, a term for large mammals like elephants, rhinos, etc) and "taxi" as in the vehicle. It's Pretty Dang Clever. - Squirrel
ShifuDaxiongmao: to be fair, the nickname for the longnamed name would just be "Asmoranowhat'shernameagain?"
ChaoticObserver: You sure? It doesn't smell good
WillowWiffs: "home is where the heart was" is so metal
TXC2: hello flojosch welcome
cmdrud87: Captured witness?
NDCazzy: Evansquirlion
Foxmar320: I don't want to know what fear smells like
DanTheMediocre: Weekend at Squirrels
franzincolor: brings a whole new meaning to 15 squirrels in a trench coat
TLBlitz: Evansquirreleon
kerbalized_: @txc2 omg i need a ratatouie alter of it now
the_piebandit: squirrellatouie
personification2: Cheat step!
TehAmelie: must be unit-00 since it can create a squirrel clone army
noSmokeFire: I cast kill my guy
flojosch: @txc2 thank you!
Scarbble: hi nelson
DNAli3n: REL-axed
KidAmn: move to relax step
accountmadeforants: Evansquirrelion: You Can (Nut) Redo
Anexmedia: Mana dorks that have booty, it's a new concept
Goban3: hi nelson!!
nuclearstulle: a 1/3??
mandatorydrops: mana donks
happyelephant24: hi nelson
TXC2: !rel:axed
LRRbot: REL:Axed or Rules Enforcement level relaxed means we try to let the cards do what they are supposed to do, and not punish players for their mistakes. While we all try to follow the rules these cards are brand new to everyone and mistakes will be made, just sit back and enjoy the stream.
KodeMage: sac clue!
kcritical: visible panik
Rogue_07: DM Nelly- are you *sure* you want to do that?
ThankYouUro: 3 toughness? how do we ever deal with that?!
KodeMage: at some point
iris_of_ether: unarmeHeart benginHeart unarmeHeart benginHeart
Robot_Bones: That means the players have Real Axes
tonks_just_tonks: The voice of god has spoken, and it said relax
TheGreySeraphim: slaps roof of zombie "this boi can fit so many squirrels in it"
dalek_kosh: Proliferate fight seems real good
onslaught714: The dumpstering behins
Tom_Bruise: But wouldn't this game be so much better if Cam just zero-for-two'ed himself? Kappa
TXC2: !findquote fear
LRRbot: Quote #7590: "I fear death every day." —Matt Griffiths, smiling [2021-04-28]
Bishster: mana dorks usually 1/1.. but nah a 1/3 :P
YeetTheRich_: thinning?
Goban3: to fight or to not fight
resistentialism: must have been something else if you didn't smell fear
hexy_lexy: <message deleted>OMG I JUST GOT THE JOKE WITH REL:AXED
NatNatNutmeg: pff
mattyjacky: anybody notice that fury was a five drop
beowuuf: @hexy_lexy :D
Halinn: etb tapped artifact land would be why you cracked it earlier
MantisMind: this set is perfect for 5 color nonsense
personification2: 3/5
gnome_friend: lrrWOW @hexy_lexy
g00stah: I'm a bit tilted that the !rel:axed command doesn't end with "sit back and rel:ax"..
Goban3: @hexy_lexy hahahaha xD
frank_the_great: Why wouldn't you crack it though?
Loonatic93: I just noticed that it's a gold bordered Mountain. LUL
Rogue_07: @hexy_lexy benginHeart
WhiteWizard42: @Halinn they don't have basic types though, so you can't fetch them.
nifty122: rel:axed is about as clever as dermotaxi
Siromo: I've played skullbriar for like 7 years i can't wait to get my hands on smell fear lmao
TXC2: that's great hexy_lexy but please don't all caps lrrHEART
crabgoneberry: InfiniTokens! <3
HIYGamer: @Halinn The artifact lands don't have basic types though
NathanLonghair: @hexy_lexy lol IKR? I felt like that when I got it as well :P
Halinn: Right, forgot
hexy_lexy: @TXC2 sorry
NordESA: danHmm
Dmc3628: Previously on Math with LRR
Kumakaori: one of today's 10,000 :D.
GhostValv: benginO7
Halinn: It's been literal days since they got spoiled, can't remember all the details :P
personification2: 4/5
Favre_the_Undead: a swAmp
the_piebandit: First blood
phillycc9: the mismatched basics are beautiful
mouseguin: Ben's camera is really trippy, or is it just me?
sora_mayura: pretty swamp
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Ben your lands are immaculate
HIYGamer: @Halinn There's a lot to remember with this set
Bishster: that provisioner is nuts
Anexmedia: Storm count is indeed at 1
DNAli3n: tireless provisioner is a house
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resistentialism: first blood goes to swamp
KodeMage: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You're ridiculous.
TXC2: the full WUBRG
Joalni: Technically first blood would go to Ben there
dalek_kosh: Tireless Provisioner is gonna replace the Tracker in all my EDH decks
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gibbousm: Reading the Card Explains the Card
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, gibbousm! (Today's storm count: 104)
LRRbot: Terramorph [3G] | Sorcery | Search your library for a basic land card, put it into the battlefield, then shuffle. / Rebound
LmagiaLive: aww no WUBRG-itude
Znazl: oh
NordESA: danRead
Bishster: holy geez the lands
TheWormbo: untapped
DNAli3n: get dem plains
Haroldholmes25: The perfect
mandatorydrops: dangggg
tonks_just_tonks: Draco is coming!
the_garfielf: perfect mana
micalovits: super tron
Leonhart321: Ben has full Domain
TimeToFry: That Provisioner seems REALLY good
kcritical: The full monty
NrgSpoon: oops all fixing
personification2: 5/5 Domain online
eye_h_bar: Serious ramping going on here
MantisMind: report ben
gnome_friend: lrrHEART provisioner
TXC2: two rampant growths for the price of two rampant growths
Armoric: Scion inc... ?
marxmarksman: Tireless indeed, that was 2 or 3 treasure in one turn
kynelwynn: Such value with the provisioner
ChillMarky: combat was a question
gibbousm: lrrSPOOP
Alex_Frostfire: Ben is on Oops All Borders after all...
beowuuf: rememeber, when ben gets the full wubrg, he gets an extra turn lrrBEEJ
Scarbble: @TXC2 such value!
Zaghrog: @TXC2 but only 1 card!
MidgardSerpent: it's a lotus cobra that you can bank the mana. not bad at all.
TehAmelie: the synchronization. . .it's 500%
logandixonart: I love how it’s better than lotus because YOU DONT LOSE THE MANA AS PHASES END
Halinn: Tireless Provisioner, for when Lotus Cobra isn't good enough
NicotineRobot: Ben's def in "Oops all Borders" too.
nuclearstulle: how do we make lotus cobra more fair? make the mana not expire...
devilmonkey2012: !card tireless provisioner
LRRbot: Tireless Provisioner [2G] | Creature — Elf Scout [3/2] | Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battelfield under your control, create a Food token or a Treasure token.
Dmc3628: ticker tracker
crabgoneberry: Tapped squirel :P
Goban3: squirrel!
red_shoes_jeff: Well, I gotta swing by the bank, I'll see y'all later.
Anubis169: dough maine
Dmc3628: also the ticker tracker for when yavimaya gets played
hd_dabnado: squirrel isnt going to do much chat
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Is that Plains from P3K?
Favre_the_Undead: tapped squirrel
3cbb: slight echo on paul
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Provisioner finally gets to rest
tonks_just_tonks: We have a "magical thing" in our hearts, ben <3
wulfram77: What is domain?
accountmadeforants: Moving to Second Domain
TXC2: Paul will probably wizard something up
beowuuf: @red_shoes_jeff sergeHi bye
SpaceVelociraptor: paul: "If you want things, you have to ask for them"
Anexmedia: With paul, the answer seems to be "net yet"
meachamo: A scrolling ticker at the bottom of Ben's screen for Domain
twitchysmile: A pride flag overlay?
accountmadeforants: wulfram77 Cards that care about the number of basic land types.
reechii: @wulfram77 having each land type
train_diskenth: Can I just say, Ben's basics being different card styles are amazing
Goban3: oh?
lampjas: What's domain?
petey_vonwho: Squirrel count is at 1
WhiteWizard42: did Cam draw for his turn?
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: @train_diskenth agreed
the_piebandit: @train_diskenth +1
kismetsoul: Domain = 1 of each basic land type
LRRMTG_Judge: @wulfram77 A mechanic that causes effects to count the number of distinct basic land types you control. For instance, - Squirrel
meachamo: repurpose "Urborg is in play" for Domain
lampjas: Nifty
beowuuf: @lampjas counts different land types you have out
GrumpyOldFarts: I see a draco coming
Ammondale: ohhhh, kitesail raider!
Zaghrog: domain does scale, so while 5 is the maximmum, there is no threshold mechanic in domain
HundreydAundre: Seems deece
Garrub: with treasure, food, and clue it is inherent
floki4242: it doesn't have onboard sacrifice
Ammondale: or was it storm fleet aerialsit?
TheTunnelingCat: treasures, clues and food are easy, the rest are not so much
Kumakaori: bone splinters would work :D.
Goban3: it's a hot air ballon loosing weight!! xD
LoadingReadyRun: nelly- this does NOT go in aristocrats
hamahimana: @Garrub and gold
nalha: Note: Sacrifice sol seperately
RiverPanther: the amount of mana ben has is absurd lol
gnome_friend: !findquote aristocrat
LRRbot: Quote #1971: "I remember this card! This is like Cartel Aristocrat, if it was terrible." —Cameron [2016-02-24]
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun not with that attitude Kappa
Armoric: Storm count is at 1
beowuuf: :D
g00stah: you already have all the lands ben :(
NonMint: Man, the angle on Ben’s board here is giving me vertigo.
GreatSacrificer: so I sacrifice this Marit Lage token...
Sk1nnee: Love the flavour of burdened aerialist
tonks_just_tonks: I mean for 4mv, I hope it comes into play untapped
RandomTrivia: To be fair, that's why it costs 4
micalovits: So much mana
TheWormbo: @g00stah but not all the treasures
Garrub: @hamahimana fair, I was just going for tokens in the set. Treasures have all but suuplanted gold in this set and many newer ones
KodeMage: etb untapped lands ok for modern, too strong for standard
3cbb: daze is in this set?
Pharmacistjudge: Note: Daze is not in the format.
sorinthecat: greed lol
Ammondale: is that five treasures Ben has? golly
g00stah: is daze even in this set?
ox42: Ben is playing commander over there
TheWriterAleph: is our five-color Ben popping off?
beowuuf: I mean if ever a set was going to just flop out a Barry's Land, this would be it
Tom_Bruise: so it's not so much a double rampant growth, as it is a kinda slow Skyshroud Claim... coolcool
TimeToFry: Does he have it?
RegulusPratus: Ben just reveling in riches over here
YeetTheRich_: well ben certainly has his mana fixed at this point
resistentialism: don't forget that ptewp step
Goban3: so much mana
RandomTrivia: TheWriterAleph He's playing against Cam, of course he's popping off
CodenameJD: So it's a better Explosive Vegetation that helps storm count
remyjette: dont forget to carry the one
g00stah: what is he casting with all those treasures? he could be getting fooooooood
TheBigAl767: !findquote combat math
hexy_lexy: @Pharmacistjudge Daze Nutz! gottem! .... im sorry
mandatorydrops: cams so ready to counter
Kumakaori: dear wizards: how am I affinity?
TheWriterAleph: @RandomTrivia rude LUL
Goban3: niiiice
noSmokeFire: holy and dare I say moley
cmdrud87: Yaaass
sorinthecat: eww
JayAbber: ooooooh
TimeToFry: Casual 9 mana cascade
nuclearstulle: nice
cmdrud87: I want that card for my Breya- Deck
daxcanterslip: Unexpected
NicotineRobot: Cascade for 9? Sheeeeeeeesh.
RandomTrivia: @TheWriterAleph You know that Cam has enabling powers for any and all PPR nonsense
franzincolor: hit the paradise thopter
sophieisagirl: what are we gonnna hit???
noSmokeFire: ahahaha
Ammondale: hahahaha
tonks_just_tonks: LUL
Armoric: Can you sacrifice treasures to cast a spell with affinity for artifacts?
monkeyboyktc: lol
Znazl: LUL
DNAli3n: nooooooooooooo
LRRbot: Scion of Draco [{12}] | Artifact Creature — Dragon [4/4] | Domain — This spell costs {2} less to cast for each basic land type among lands you control. / Flying / Each creature you control has vigilance if it's white, hexproof if it's blue, lifelink if it's black, first strike if it's red, and trample if it's green.
Fangren300: LUL
Wangor: Oof
sophieisagirl: noooooooooooo
Goban3: perfect!!!
garunkl: LUL
Galacticcyrus: oh no LUL
Leonhart321: Nooooo
Sk1nnee: This is fine
noSmokeFire: PERFECT
micalovits: RIP
RandomTrivia: LUL
LmagiaLive: F
Joalni: Ben was on affinity all along! The shenanigans!
MantisMind: Sadge
Kumakaori: DOH~ XD
beowuuf: bodied Kappa
crabgoneberry: LOL
NathanLonghair: noo
CodenameJD: oh noooooo
Maki_Bun: RIP
nuclearstulle: wheelerHub wheelerHub
FrozenRoseFour: NNOOOOOOooooooo
MTGColorPie: The one card!
hexy_lexy: hello highlights!!!
cmdrud87: whop whop
CaptainRedRam: Rip dreams
Halinn: riPepperonis
mrbuzzfuzz: RIP
flojosch: wheelerHub wheelerHub
slipverk: Cameron dead
LRRMTG_Judge: Okay, I admit I was hoping the Scion of Drago would reveal off the top. - Squirrel
Dani_DL: F
Kain0025: That's a big ol' ripperoni
gibbousm: lrrFINE
frank_the_great: "Random"
burnafterburn: Stoner Oracle
KodeMage: lrrFINE
kismetsoul: Poor Draco goes bye bye
Goban3: f
Alex_Frostfire: Storm God's Oracle looks sweet!
MantisMind: shuffle that library KEKW
KodeMage: lrrHERE
Tom_Bruise: well I guess Cam won't have to worry about Scion of Draco anymore
animated_fairy: Ope
Garrub: Storm God's Oracle is so cool
Anexmedia: @LRRMTG_Judge Tough but fair
Leonhart321: Judge account run by monsters today
beowuuf: @LRRMTG_Judge how do we learn your mystical powers?
hamahimana: Bolt on a stick
sophieisagirl: That art is gorgeous
sorinthecat: u got this Cameron!!!
YeetTheRich_: v a l u e
xenstallio: anyone know when its out in mtgo
TXC2: it's fine, we'll get it in game 2
TheWhirlmind: Scion of Draco was like "unngh five more minutes, mom"
RandomTrivia: @Tom_Bruise Until Ben has another shuffling effect
LRRMTG_Judge: @beowuuf You miss 100% of the called shots you don't take :P - Squirrel
LRRMTG_Judge: Judges Note: On casting a spell with affinity for artifacts, cost reductions are locked in before mana abilities, so you get the discount AND you can sacrifice it for mana.
SkiaSymphonia: @xenstallio tomorrow I think
Vyous: @MantisMind Cascade does not shuffle
logandixonart: That dragone
TXC2: xenstallio tomorrow I hear
TheWormbo: @MantisMind only the revealed cards are randomized
chis_ph: Draco's father will hear about this
Qvdv: finding something that's not hit of cascading from 9 is impressive
Armoric: Thanks judges!
xenstallio: thx
EvilBadman: @TheWhirlmind More like 5 more mana value Kappa
ItsRileyPM: By the way, Happy Pride everyone! Enjoy the Pride Match in front of us! PrideLove
MantisMind: i mean so can draw the dragon with another shuffle
beowuuf: @LRRMTG_Judge :D
TehAmelie: looking forward to that highlight with a text overlay explaining the odds for Ben cascading the one thing he could not afford to cast. . .
TheWhirlmind: @TheWhirlmind Nice one :D
sora_mayura: sergePrideLove lrrHEART VirtualHug AsexualPride
Vyous: @MantisMind Ah, then yes I agree!
Ammondale: GEY MERCHANT!
Garrub: 5/5 drain 5 is uh good
TimeToFry: Jeez louise
Galacticcyrus: oof
MantisMind: that card is nuts LUL
beowuuf: PrideRise
monkeyboyktc: oof
Wangor: Good lord
Auxilant_: this card is beefy
electra310: Niiiice
CodenameJD: oof
KodeMage: pride month gary
lirazel64: Ooof.
mandatorydrops: meanwhile cam has 1 squirrel
sorinthecat: does he gain life?
Kumakaori: 5c oops all fixed, my life total too!
Harry1232_: Fat Gary
yamahako: Casual Kokusho
TXC2: I get it!
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: HONK HOOOONK
CodenameJD: Reverse Gary
lirazel64: Nice!
Moist__Owlette: That art is beautiful
fullmetal2501: PrideLove
hexy_lexy: Gay Merchant!!!
accountmadeforants: lrrHORN
beowuuf: the car horn has spoken
CodenameJD: Gay Merchant tho
Goban3: Beep Beep!
frank_the_great: Happy Pride Month!
TheWriterAleph: honk if you love gey merchant
mrbuzzfuzz: Hok for Gay
noSmokeFire: @sorinthecat he did!
ExhaustedElox: That honk means Ben ends his turn
AbraHeron: honk honk
Sogheim: PrideGive PrideWingL lrrBEN PrideWingR PrideTake
the_piebandit: Fantastic
kismetsoul: So true...Ben is playing for Pride Month
Goombill: What is happening at Ben's house?
ArtemisHuntress: honk for pride
TheWormbo: @sorinthecat yes, that'S what people usxually mean by "drain"
hold_no_carter: Gay Merchant!!
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Good name, good name
Spluuga: RaccAttack
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh
dalek_kosh: Happy Pride, Gay Merchant
mrbuzzfuzz: Honk for Gay
amam741: Happy pride month chat
GredGredmansson: Gay Merchant of Asphodel
LRRbot: Herd Baloth [3GG] | Creature — Beast [4/4] | Whenever one or more +1/+1 counters are put on Herd Baloth, you may create a 4/4 green Beast creature token.
3cbb: have we considered that the car oustide might just be a stream sniper
Rogue_07: honk for pride!
TheSmilingMammoth subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 11 months!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, TheSmilingMammoth! (Today's storm count: 105)
heavy_graham: Gay Merchant of Ass-phodel?
Jayrod1220: PrideToucan
KodeMage: PrideWorld
electra310: Oof
ArmandUsagi: PridePog
control_rig: Woah
hexy_lexy: i heard that baloth!!!
Lunor717: GayPride
Goban3: fun
waptee_: Cameron STAYS on the back foot at these preprereleases
krokadool: Her Day Off ?
tonks_just_tonks: But does it reach?
solfe_ryna: PrideLove
GaijinTree: Holy moly Cam is getting theatrically dumpstered, as is tradition
seancplays1: PrideWave
jaaaawnthemediocregamer: PansexualPride
monkeyboyktc: oooh synergy
merman42: wow that baloth
adi_pie: A mere scrapling
Haroldholmes25: combo
asthanius: tis but a mere scrapling
tonks_just_tonks: Synergy!
Garrub: lil combo there
MyBestHat: can i get uuuuuhhhhh puce mana blease
TheTunnelingCat: 1 mana 4/4
micalovits: Nice
ExhaustedElox: Oh... I see.
tonks_just_tonks: RIP ben
DNAli3n: c-c-c-c-combo
TheTunnelingCat: dece
tidalslimshady: that value
CodenameJD: wait a minute
TimeToFry: That flavour text D:
FiliusRomanus: I am so here for almost every card in this set but ESPECIALLY the Myr
beowuuf: @GaijinTree i mean cameron is only playing 3/5s the colours, it's to expected :p
Bartlebad: Such unbridled synergy!
Goban3: oh my God I love him
asthanius: it has a KNIFE
dog_spoon: this set is so much fire
Goban3: what a good little myr
GredGredmansson: moments before failing to not become attached
sophieisagirl: 3/5s of the colours = 3/5s of the power
Mr_Bitterness: All kinds of new Myr friends in this set
Mistborn83: Myr Scarpling art is sweet
TheGreySeraphim: he so cute
haletronic: "Now you're playing with power!"
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: !subscribe myrfacts
GrumpyOldFarts: well, if nothing fizzles
GredGredmansson: Just wait until you see the Myr Knight
Mistborn83: Papa look what I found
hexy_lexy: @asthanius NO
thanzo: what do you have in your hands!?
ExhaustedElox: LMAO That flavor text has such "Servo Facts" vibes
FiliusRomanus: More Myr please WotC
LarkSachrosis: It's the 'presenting sword to demon' meme
LmagiaLive: Master has given Myry a sword
gonnaflunkib: sudden edict is awkward for cam here
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Myr Scrapling: a +1/+1 counter with legs
beowuuf: !unsubscribe myrfacts
sophieisagirl: are all myrs also called Eustice
floki4242: good name
nuclearstulle: !unsubscribe myrfacts
Goban3: poor squirrel
FiliusRomanus: Myr Knight is precious and I want all of them
Garrub: kaleidoscorch is such a good name
monkeyboyktc: and then flash back time
gnomebliterator: I honestly can't believe five color good stuff is actually working
MyBestHat: hes going for it
the_piebandit: Fantastic
hexy_lexy: @nuclearstulle thank you for subscribing to myrfacts
haletronic: BOOM
tonks_just_tonks: Captain Planet!!!!
control_rig: Wow
Goban3: seems good
kcritical: Ben this is a solid deck
GredGredmansson: @gnomebliterator it helps that it actually has support
gnome_friend: !subscribe servofacts
LRRbot: Thank you for subscribing to Servo Facts.
TehAmelie: kaleidoscorch is the worst pun yet
beowuuf: @nuclearstulle !unsubscribe
TheWormbo: flashback exiles
nalha: shiny beast
monkeyboyktc: foily beasty
Garrub: kaleidoscorch should get exiled
ThankYouUro: Big Gay Explosion!
NarfBlinko: exile kaleidascorch
Goban3: daaaaam
MantisMind: this set is 5 color party time POGGERS
Amentur: Kaleidoscorch goes to exile
monkeyboyktc: exile time
Favre_the_Undead: exile kaleidoscorch
Sk1nnee: Affinity is fair!
Kain0025: Ulmer cheating again
haletronic: lrrCHKN
passelabiblioteka: lrrFINE
cmdrud87: barfs up zteeth
beowuuf: my wallet is to small for my fifties...
gnome_friend: !findquote twitch chat
LRRbot: Quote #5668: "Suck it, Twitch chat!" —Adam [2019-01-02]
monkeyboyktc: damp doggo
TimeToFry: Wet dog!
Garrub: its Blue's Clues
jmhodges: I love Ben’s deck so much
Goban3: gg!
electra310: Game 2!
CodenameJD: I wanna play a game like it's a Horizons set, but with all made up cards. Just be like, "Yeah, uh, this card costs 2 and a black and it reanimates a creature with mana value less than my domain count, and if I have the city's blessing it lets me Surveil 3 first
SpicyNapalm: blues clues not damp dog >:U
gnomebliterator: five color good stuff!
beowuuf: adam here in spirit, thanks lrrbot
monkeyboyktc: oh yeah
LRRMTG_Judge: Yes you may. pharma2Vial
gonnaflunkib: praying for u cam
Orall: blues clues!
RandomTrivia: The worst-smelling Magic card ever printed
the_piebandit: !findquote 5 color
KharadBanar: seems sketchy
electra310: Prettier floodhound!
TheWhirlmind: That's a sketchy swap
sorinthecat: goooo Cameron!
PhenomenalFringe: wooo 5c all the way
paronomasiac042: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 59:09.
Joalni: You may and you should.
resistentialism: dog looking a little sketch
catchyuniquename: The only problem for Ben's deck is converge and cascade don't play so well together
sacahills_live: !findqoute dog
catchyuniquename: but otherwise it's fire
AliboyLive: LUL
FiliusRomanus: Woooow
Quarokcaddhihle: stop trying to make sketch happen
LRRMTG_Judge: and Yes, you definitely should ask a Judge before you do that. pharma2Vial
TehAmelie: !findquote wet
LmagiaLive: it's a BLoodhound, BUT, it's water
personification2: clapclapclap
CarpeLiam: Cam just lost, so it's officially the PPR
Orall: its also scooby doo!
dabudder: we need to do a nicknames episode for MH
chrysaliss: Ah, I just realized floodhound is a pun on bloodhound
TXC2: the Puns don't stop with this set
jomiak: that floodhound looks sketchy
seancplays1: lrrGREED lrrGREED
ItsRileyPM: Its either Blue's Clues or Scooby Blue
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: I think you need to make the little bugle sound Blue makes every time you play it.
kynelwynn: Scooby-Dew
dabudder: !findquote clue
LRRbot: Quote #2271: "I got to crack Clues and durdle, so I'm happy right now." —Kathleen [2016-04-08]
markekv: truly flood boy
BasilBrushOff: sergePun sergeCrimes sergePun sergeCrimes
Tiber727: Now I kind of want to see an Un- creature called a Noeyewohnt.
Lunor717: What new Scooby
Mr_Bitterness: Cam lost to a 5 color deck, the tradition holds.
venseroon2: idk Cameron, that seems pretty SKETCH
Deathrite_Sharkman: BisexualPride lrrHEART hey everyone
logandixonart: Swag makes the deck better. I learned that watching pro tour deck techs
tonks_just_tonks: More mechanics is a great thing :)
NarfBlinko: oh, no, it was very intentional Ben
DNAli3n: ben's fixing that game was perfect
markekv: flood boy
ravenlord_xix: Scooby Clue
norivia: mh2, clues, delirium, madness. This is just Innistrad Horizons, c'mon
freshmaker__: hehe definitely made a clue deck.
Moist__Owlette: BLUE'S CLUES PrideFlower PridePaint PrideLion
BrowneePoints: I'm SO making a Lonis deck
Kumakaori: Cam's deck did some of the deck Title plan, so that was good to see.
gingerbrickwall: cloo
LarkSachrosis: I literally have a cultom Clue token that is Blue's pawprint!
Deathrite_Sharkman: forgot this was today
foxymoxy114: Scooby-dew is good, I’m voting for that
maciejjaworzno: hello there
dbhkyle: Im super excited to see more Madness for commander as well
Gekyouryuu: blood hounds have more toughness, because they're thicc-er than water hounds
sbenda13: When do we get the energy commander?
LarkSachrosis: *custom
maciejjaworzno: greetings from Poland
electra310: Black-border Earl of Squirrel, you cowards :D
monkeyboyktc: foil mana times
ItsRileyPM: Cameron, live your best life
EvilBadman: Bone shards is FOIL-Y
accountmadeforants: @Gekyouryuu lrrWOW
Goban3: yes!!
BrowneePoints: Scooby Dew is really good
sophieisagirl: it might not be as powerful but at least Cam's deck is *fancy*
MolaMolaphant: but floodhound is just Blue's Clues!
OpenYourEels4TheNextFeels: Blue's Clues
P4r7YG0D: Scooby dew? not scooby clue?
NewtyNewts: I definitely still want to see, if not a nicknames episode, then a Pun episode and see whose names Cam writes down
Joalni: Thank you, Nelson!
freshmaker__: Clueby Dew surely
CodenameJD: I've seen Scuba Doo
the_piebandit: Scooby dewby clue
FiliusRomanus: Scooby D(U)
Brantiano: Go JERRRR
Field94: ask your TO if they got sweet cards for your deck to style on your opponents
P4r7YG0D: I like clueby dew
DranoelW: scoob
Garrub: oh yeah the 3 mana artifact thing
BrowneePoints: Oh the Artifact Creature!
Alex_Frostfire: !card Academy Manufactor
LRRbot: Academy Manufactor [3] | Artifact Creature — Assembly-Worker [1/3] | If you would create a Clue, Food, or Treasure token, instead create one of each.
mandatorydrops: theres a blue clue creature in the set
hexy_lexy: @freshmaker__ clueby blue
sora_mayura: Holy shit
LmagiaLive: Rin tin tide?
boyesie: problem is theres no BANT commander for clues :'( which sucks as some of the better investigate cards are white
Garrub: that one ^
Sk1nnee: ya that card seems busted
GredGredmansson: Academy Manufactor
Peter_susman: wait what?
RandomTrivia: They stack VERY well
TheWormbo: there's also a card that just makes all three
Goban3: good card
ExhaustedElox: That's pretty cool!
niccus: and if you have two, you make three of each
LRRbot: Academy Manufactor [3] | Artifact Creature — Assembly-Worker [1/3] | If you would create a Clue, Food, or Treasure token, instead create one of each.
hattingston: Ye I'm making a Yarok clues/food/treasure deck around that card
DNAli3n: i need that one for my brodiclad commander deck
TXC2: that feels like it gets out of hand FAST!
Fluffy776: Talk about a scooby snack!
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I really treasure that mysterious food?
WillowWiffs: @thewormbo Fae Offering
accountmadeforants: @NewtyNewts Still shocked I didn't get dinged for "The spirit's name is Mark" after Nelson played it up so much :D
NrgSpoon: so if you have two of these, you get 3 of each?
OpenYourEels4TheNextFeels: If you have 2 out, does creating 1 cause you to make 9 instead?
nkmitch42: Brudiclad is pleased by MH2.
bernardo013: is academy manufactor from MH2?
Garrub: UG is in fact all about Assorted Tokens
Halinn: !card Fae Offering
LRRbot: Fae Offering [2G] | Enchantment | At the beginning of each end step, if you've cast both a creature spell and a noncreature spell this turn, create a Clue token, a Food token, and a Treasure token.
P4r7YG0D: so judge question. if you have 2 amnufactor do they make 2 of each instead?
Qvdv: assembly-worker such a good creature type
noSmokeFire: @hattingston I think Yarok won't double its tripling, since it's a replacement effect
sorinthecat: VirtualHug good luck!
Halinn: Just make 3 of each
RandomTrivia: The interaction of replacement effects cause them to scale exponentially in multiples
ElderZurran: scooby is a great dane . not a hound. different evo
xblue007: Grismold the Dreadsower is very happy
RayFK: Give me 18 food
NarfBlinko: wouldn't it be more
Goban3: what is better than one academy manufactor? two of them!
RayFK: I'm hungy
kijata: you get 9
niccus: they sure do
NewtyNewts: @MyClosePersonalFriendJohn I'm not sure that strange-tasting food was worth the cost...
freshmaker__: You get 3 of each
asthanius: you get nine
catchyuniquename: Are there token versions of the spells that One-Eye makes?
hattingston: @nosmokefire Ye, but tireless tracker and provisioner
NexusVoxx: 3of each no?
chis_ph: Does that make X of each if a card makes X clues for example?
NarfBlinko: replace first one, then replace the others
gran___: !card asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar
LRRbot: Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar | Legendary Creature — Human Wizard [3/3] | As long as you've discarded a card this turn, you may pay {B/R} to cast this spell. / When Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a card named The Underworld Cookbook, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle. / Sacrifice two Foods: Target creature deals 6 damage to itself.
LRRMTG_Judge: Yes, it does Graham. pharma2Vial
HorizonFallacy: yes
superdude097: 3 of each
personification2: Is that true? it's a replacement effect
OpenYourEels4TheNextFeels: It's a replacement effect
itsr67: no replacements affect only one time
kavamuerta: It sounds like something from Settlers of Catan
asthanius: 3^x
Sogheim: and then you have that and Fae Offering and get nine tokens?
orimazer: yes, the compound
thebaconator1902: isn't it a replacement effect?
Goban3: yep!!
dogghost11: Wowoow
CaptainRedRam: when you figure out something, feed some food, and pay people Academy manufactor helps out
Malikory: It is instead not additive.
YeetTheRich_: sergeHolyMoly
WhiteWizard42: yeah, and if you have 3 of them you get 9 of each
trashyopossum: The 5 color deck seems pretty powerful
matthaus_c: yes it's in powers of 3
TheWormbo: a replacement effect can only< apply once
nkmitch42: 3 of each Graham, yes.
Tom_Bruise: so instead of a clue, you get a clue, a food, and a treasure, and instead of a food, you get a et cetera et cetera... ?
TehAmelie: not as ridiculous scaling as Doubling Seasons, i hope
Leonhart321: Each instance?
Favre_the_Undead: yep
P4r7YG0D: lrrJUDGE
MadmanOreo: !card prisencolinensinainciusol
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
TheTunnelingCat: yeah you get 3 of each
walrusboy71: It would be an unbreakable loop
TheBigAl767: the assembly worker tutor from Kaladesh got better
RayFK: Compounds like BUTTER
chewie2000: rlyPog rlyJackal
Goban3: so so good
mrbuzzfuzz: woof
RayFK: It's compound butter
DiscordianTokkan: Compounding interest
sorinthecat: is it infinite?
sora_mayura: exponential amounts???
RandomTrivia: Replacement effects are fun
HundreydAundre: Yes.... all three Aboves
notabrit: Isnt it a replacement effect?
monkeyboyktc: mind boggling rules
xarc37: isn'r it a replacement effect?
NarfBlinko: oh, dear, with doubling season, mind melts
KharadBanar: @MadmanOreo alright!
Joalni: It can't be that good.
LRRbot: Mistvault Bridge | Artifact Land | Mistvault Bridge enters the battlefield tapped. / Indestructible / {T}: Add {U} or {B}.
notabrit: Like two notion thief’s?
the_piebandit: toss panharmonicon into the mix....
marxmarksman: Same hat!
dbhkyle: spiderman point
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Replacement effects stack chat
NrgSpoon: the two sides of the bridge
rabbitgta: copy cat
incredulouspasserby: If it’s a replacement effect it doesn’t scale.
HundreydAundre: Dat mirror
Goban3: mirror round!
JoSt42: @TheWormbo that's two of the same replacement effects, which is different from a single replacement effect
NewtyNewts: The mirror match in different decks!
itsr67: @sorinthecat No, since the replacement effects can only happen once per effect
ExhaustedElox: How DARE you, Ben?! You even have the same sleeves!
P4r7YG0D: @notabrit yes but that doesn't necissarily mean it won't stack. doubling seasons stack and they're replacements
AbraHeron: the mirror
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: It says Instead, so it would be a replacement effect
Atifexe: Not an unbreakable loop because of the rule that a replacement effect can only apply to the same event once.
Goban3: nvm myr round
ArcOfTheConclave: No replacment effect go infinite
personification2: 1/5
Garrub: Ornibopter
TheWhirlmind: Artifact standoff
monkeyboyktc: amalgamation of nostalgia more like it
incredulouspasserby: lrrJUDGE
chewie2000: thats not an island its a blue mountain
Abavus: garrub, good one SeemsGood
sorinthecat: sorry not sure i understand what a replacement effect is
mouseguin: No Ben that's a mountain
Czerwona_Latarnia: Bolt The Thopter
TheBigAl767: the question is the 2 extra tokens
jmilicic: They do not
Goban3: no?
Mr_Bitterness: @Garrub Oh, that's great
personification2: Spent most of my life livin' in a thopter paradise
LRRMTG_Judge: correct they do not go infinite. pharma2Vial
itsr67: No but it's a lot
Figgyleaf: A mere scrapling
Tom_Bruise: each effect would only apply once, so noo
TiberiusEsuriens: sergePongChamp Flappy Bird Thopter
gonnaflunkib: no, "just" 9
LRRMTG_Judge: Usually, replacement effects can only apply to the same thing once each. I believe this means you'll replace your initial token with three, and then replace each of those tokens with three more, at which point the effect stops, getting 9 tokens (three of each) in total. This is off the top of my head though so I'm not 100% on it. - Squirrel
orimazer: no, replacement effects don't do that
rainbowolf13: That with panharmonicon
GredGredmansson: @sorinthecat basically any interaction where you do something INSTEAD of something else
ArcOfTheConclave: each replacment modifies only once
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: @sorinthecat replacement effects are of the form "if x would happen, y happens instead"
nuclearstulle: @Garrub oh that's good
orimazer: two "if you would draw a card draw 2" doesn't deck you
GredGredmansson: as opposed to "in addition to"
RandomTrivia: Your spot on, Squirrel lrrHEART lrrJUDGE
TehAmelie: hm, Doubling Season's oracle text specifies it doubles again with each additional Doubling Season, so we might expect a ruling like that for the Manufactor
RandomTrivia: *you're
jmilicic: @LRRMTG_Judge This is exactly correct.
maraxus72: Hi everyone
LRRMTG_Judge: "Mum, can I have infinite tokens?" "No, we have infinite tokens at home." _points to 3 Clues, 3 Foods, and 3 Treasures_ - Squirrel
LRRMTG_Judge: Reminder chat, the official release notes and rules changes are still unknown, so take that ruling with a grain of salt. pharma2Vial
NarfBlinko: @LRRMTG_Judge but doesn't the other worker replace the new 9 tokens?
NoCarbonRequired: !card verdant aer
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Joalni: So with 3 in play it would be 27? And so go on?
TXC2: hello maraxus72 welcome
heavy_graham: @LRRMTG_Judge nerd
LRRbot: Verdant Catacombs | Land | {T}, Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Verdant Catacombs: Search your library for a Swamp or Forest card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle.
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: 9 tokens is a LOT of value
Lightningbro: Yeah, that's how I read it, two of them would be "If you make one, instead make 3 of each" which is insane.... but then the third one is goodness gracious.
TheWormbo: @Joalni yes
GredGredmansson: @NarfBlinko no, it already went
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fissionessence: Each replacement effect an only apply once to a given event, so it's not infinite.
maraxus72: Oh the new thopter
incredulouspasserby: Ty for the help judges lrrHEART
NoCarbonRequired: !card burdened aer
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
LRRbot: Sanctum Weaver [1G] | Enchantment Creature — Dryad [0/2] | {T}: Add X mana of any one color, where X is the number of enchantments you control.
NarfBlinko: on the first token creation, these are 9 "new" token creations
Moist__Owlette: YOOOOOO
personification2: Serge just felt a chill
sorinthecat: but of the tokens enter the battle field wouldnt the card see it and make more thus repeating the process?
spinebustertee: dang, ben really did get fixing as heck
Garrub: First enchantment creature with a tap ability
Halinn: !card Fae Offering
LRRbot: Fae Offering [2G] | Enchantment | At the beginning of each end step, if you've cast both a creature spell and a noncreature spell this turn, create a Clue token, a Food token, and a Treasure token.
RandomTrivia: NarfBlinko Each replacement effect can only apply to an event once
Moist__Owlette: Love this card so much ;w;
Joalni: @TheWormbo Oh. My. Bus. The combos!
LmagiaLive: pretty
icarus889: Didn't we see an enchantment creature last game?
LRRMTG_Judge: Remember, each replacement effect only changes the overall event once. That's why two double damage effects results in 4x damage and not infinite damage. pharma2Vial
personification2: 2/5
GredGredmansson: @sorinthecat no, otherwise it would go infinite with just one of them
AbraHeron: sanctum weaver should have been white change my mind :)
NarfBlinko: @fissionessence aren't the new tokens new events though? if not, why not?
beowuuf: now we see why the tron hate in this set :p
graal_smith: Wat
innovativemethods: it really is all fixing
sorinthecat: okie! thanks everyone!
TheOtherTrevor: oops all fixing is right
MadmanOreo: 0/2s for days
Abavus: mad ramps
ExhaustedElox: Ben wasn't kidding about his deck name
kavamuerta: ALL the fixing
accountmadeforants: Ornitwopter
sora_mayura: yeah, but it maxes out at 3^4 tokens, assuming it's 4 in a deck, so... 81 tokens of each type?!?
personification2: Thopter paradise line again
RandomTrivia: The event "make one token" is replaced with "make three tokens", each of those is replaced with "make 3 tokens" and now all the replacement effects have applied so that's what happens
Cavemanhar: mmmhhh oop
LRRMTG_Judge: @NarfBlinko It doesn't, I believe. Replacement effects only apply once each to a single event. While the two replacement effects can see each other's output, the game knows they're both applying to a single "create a Treasure" event (for example). Once each replacement effect has applied to that event once, they stop. You have a similar interaction with, say, 2 Doubling Seasons - you get quadruple tokens, rather than spewing out infinite tokens and drawing the game. - Squirrel
TehAmelie: Ornithobopter may be new new favorite card
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TheBigAl767: make a clue, clue becomes 3pack, 2nd sees 3pack becomes 3 3packs, does the first see the 6 tokens it didn't make
NarfBlinko: okay, that makes sense, thanks judge
ShifuDaxiongmao: Nice OrniBops, Ben :)
Pharmacistjudge: sergePride Thopter
CodenameJD: Just hope we get to see that Draco go nutso
HundreydAundre: More like, Ouphes: All Fix-Eyes
Haroldholmes25: Cam got all three duals, bice
P4r7YG0D: @sora_mayura maybe in modern. my adrix and nev deck could make god knows how many :D
LRRbot: Bone Shredder [2B] | Creature — Minion [1/1] | Flying / Echo {2}{B} / When Bone Shredder enters the battlefield, destroy target nonartifact, nonblack creature.
frank_the_great: Ben with 0 power on board
sophieisagirl: shred yer boooones
PyreDynasty: I’ve got, two Ornithopters of Paradise.
sorinthecat: scary art1
josh___something: Metal band
hexy_lexy: bone shredder is ready!!!
Sk1nnee: "bone shredder is ready"
Garrub: vless you
sorinthecat: !
ExhaustedElox: Boneshredder is REEEEEEAAAAADY!
Garrub: *bless you
graal_smith: Who's echcho?
Mr_Bitterness: Urza's Legacy classic, Bone Shredder
innovativemethods: "at some point" usually upkeep, but, you do you
FarrinDelmirre: Phyrexian creature type showing up again
gnome_friend: !findquote brain
LRRbot: Quote #4293: "There is so much going on right now, my brain is full of lrrEFF." —Ben [2017-06-28]
TXC2: Ecco, the best Dolphin
Tom_Bruise: Use the power of your four hyper-intelligent brains!
chewie2000: rlySmooth
RandomTrivia: sergeHubris
blue_lore: I believe in Cam
ContingentCat: sergeHubris
pers0n0fblah: wheelerHub
TheElrad: sergeHubris sergeHubris sergeHubris
TheGcsmith: Who is this Hugh Bris I keep hearing about?
MidgardSerpent: wheelerHub
flojosch: wheelerHub
TheTunnelingCat: wheelerHub
LRRbot: Silverbluff Bridge | Artifact Land | Silverbluff Bridge enters the battlefield tapped. / Indestructible / {T}: Add {U} or {R}.
TehAmelie: hubris is great. tell the gods what-for
tonks_just_tonks: Cameron "Elephant Memory" Lauder
NarfBlinko: hopefully we get the phyrexian update soon
GredGredmansson: @FarrinDelmirre its probably nothing
nuclearstulle: wheelerHub
SpicyNapalm: wheelerHub
TheTunnelingCat: wheelerFee wheelerT wheelerGreed
dragonstorm7: Drafting this set would be quite interesting.
black_star3000: !findquote hubris
Garrub: Is Hubris the name of a magic card yet? It seems like it would be a good mono B elemental
TXC2: !card hubris
LRRbot: Hubris [1U] | Instant | Return target creature and all Auras attached to it to their owners' hands.
KharadBanar: @TheBigAl767 It does not. The 9 tokens are still all part of the same event that the first effect already applied to
Garrub: aww
gonnaflunkib: the BoP bop
LRRbot: Yavimaya Elder [1GG] | Creature — Human Druid [2/1] | When Yavimaya Elder dies, you may search your library for up to two basic land cards, reveal them, put them into your hand, then shuffle. / {2}, Sacrifice Yavimaya Elder: Draw a card.
lampjas: The amount of times I have heard the word hubris has increased exponentially since I started watching lrr
TheWhirlmind: Take me down to the paradise city, where thopters make mana and they fly all pretty
sorinthecat: Dad!
Lightningbro: That's good Cam, Hugh Brisse needs all the love he can get.
ContingentCat: !findquote hubris
LRRbot: Quote #6507: "How many times can we count James' hubris?" —Serge [2019-10-22]
glitched_goddess: Ah yes, the Hue Bris, when a rainbow decides to convert to Judaism
crabgoneberry: What is this legacy cube? Kappa
lightninginthecorner: bless the abbrv OOP
falcn120: so much mana
NarfBlinko: OG Steve?
gonnaflunkib: the Thop BoP pop, even
Garrub: @glitched_goddess lol
RandomTrivia: TheWhirlmind Very nice sergeJustRight
NewtyNewts: Boneshredder is No Longer Ready!
Siromo: I love cam's deck so much
personification2: !quote land
GredGredmansson: !findquote land
LRRbot: Quote #2748: "Don't worry, we will not take this land from you. You may lie here on this land forever." —Cameron [2016-06-09]
personification2: Thanks
nuclearstulle: thop thop thop thop
sorinthecat: nice Cam!
Halinn: Flavor fail, it doesn't even have Sweep
matty0409: x is 4, you made white
TehAmelie: i have a tiny pink brie for a snack. but it's too small. i kind of wish i had more hue bries
itsr67: super cool
Anexmedia: 4nathopters indeed
sophieisagirl: cam's deck is really sweet, but 5 colour domain stuff holds a special place in my heart
TXC2: glitched_goddess that's gotta be one sharp moyal that can cut light
TheWhirlmind: @RandomTrivia Thanks! :)
TheBigAl767: !findquote combat
lightninginthecorner: this aint a scene its a thop race
hattingston: fournithopter
rainbowolf13: x is 4?
LRRbot: Sweep the Skies [XUU] | Sorcery | Converge — Create a 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature token with flying for each color of mana spent to cast this spell.
itsr67: @matty0409 converge is 4, x is 3
TheWormbo: @matty0409 X is thed mana cost, not the colors
GredGredmansson: Fournithopter
nuclearstulle: @TehAmelie xD
noSmokeFire: the skies were SO dusty. they needed a good sweeping
Viewers_Like_You: Angrily swinging a broom upward
HundreydAundre: Gogo, Thopter Squaddies..!!!
nix_gd: @TehAmelie boooo <3
TehAmelie: (true story)
Tom_Bruise: search first, draw next
Figgyleaf: 4nithopters
MadmanOreo: @rainbowolf13 yup, sacced a treasure for white
dabudder: it really *is* oops all fixing
DNAli3n: fetch first
Loonatic93: What did Cam sac for flying??
gibbousm: the Dies Trigger resolves first
Garrub: triggered ability resolves then the sac ability
LevDev: watching while updating a work computer with windows update.....omg.....all the thopters!!!!
flojosch: The Coach's voice!
YeetTheRich_: thanks nelly
blue_lore: Don't forget to shuffle
LRRMTG_Judge: when activating an ability causes an ability to trigger. always resolve trigger first. pharma2Vial
lightninginthecorner: mountain swamp
GredGredmansson: @Loonatic93 a treasure i think
Garrub: why does the judge graphic have a finger pointed out? lol
itsr67: thank you judge
NarishmaReborn: classic elder question
personification2: 4/5
RandomTrivia: Interesting that they *didn't* print the reminder text "do this before you draw" on this version
the_piebandit: The voice of God
trashyopossum: thaaaanks nelly
flojosch: thanks Nelly
Loonatic93: @GredGredmansson Right... Forgot!
catchyuniquename: I so appreciate how well Nelly explains things
sorinthecat: excuse me? lol
MadmanOreo: Please ben, it's pronounced planya
ArtemisHuntress: thanks Judge ^_^
KidAmn: gee Ben, how come your mom lets you have TWO Ornithopters
dalek_kosh: Huh. I have definitely resolved that wrong
HundreydAundre: Oh, gawb. There's g o l d in the stores!!
dannyg28: <message deleted>these mixed basic lands are triggering me
circusofkirkus: in person :(
personification2: The before time?
the_piebandit: You can play magic in person?
OldManJohnsonMB: Coach "Judge" Nelly Salahub
tonks_just_tonks: It's been so long since that
Garrub: I'm still confused. Magic? In person?
Dmc3628: in the before yore
TXC2: you know, like back in school
innovativemethods: "when we played magic in person"
RayFK: What a "Handy" explanation Graham!
DanTheMediocre: get that scion of draco back in possible topdecks
lightninginthecorner: cam grabbing the judge off the ceiling
LRRMTG_Judge: Please always keep your hand in the air. theman20Heart
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Viewers_Like_You: Maintain handular elevation!
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TimeToFry: I miss in person Magic :(
YeetTheRich_: people used to play magic in person?
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Moonspeak721: tell us more stories of the before times
nuclearstulle: god i miss in person magic... :(
LRRMTG_Judge: Thank you Graham for explaining properly calling for a judge. pharma2Vial
RandomTrivia: Keeping your hand in the air is the most important part. Judges cannot echolocate you
Samsmasher77: Feels like Ben is playing 40 card constructed
Halinn: Judge! Why does Sweep the Skies not have Sweep?
Easilycrazyhat: You can play Magic in person? o.O
Dyllbert: I guess that still doesn't answer, why a single finger not the whole hand?
HerNameIsAlice: <message deleted>Is Ben using an ILLEGAL GOLD bordered Mountain???
rabbitgta: ah the before times how I miss thee
jamesthedabbler: Back in the day
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: it's like the images of floppy disks as icons for save, a reminder of a bygone age
Camthelion: @RayFK booo :P
mouseguin: Oh the before times...
leachjus: Too many thopters - thopter number is colors used, not mana spent
LevDev: and the more ya know...the better...cue pop culture reference here.
HerNameIsAlice: <message deleted>Judge on Ben's Mountain
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: I'm so happy, I'm going to an IRL event in August
ShifuDaxiongmao: Cameron "I'm an infographic" Lauder
EvilBadman: there was that season we tried Judge Challenge Flags, but people kept throwing them too far away from their position
ContingentCat: in the before time, when we could exist together
mouseguin: Thanks for reminding us Graham!
dragonstorm7: I miss prerelease so much!
karpma: cool Ben is a monster
RandomTrivia: @leachjus There was a treasure sacrificed for white
northos: @leachjus he sacced a treasure for a 4th color
PyreDynasty: Get your lrrJUDGE up
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InkAndFig: <3
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sorinthecat: can i throw my hand up and wave it like i dont care whilst waiting for a judge?
YeetTheRich_: C H A O S
accountmadeforants: Gotta have one matching set, for maximum chaos
Donutholez: the lands off elder go in play, right??
the_piebandit: OOOH in person! you're supposed to put your finger in the judge...ya know, in a person
sophieisagirl: mismatched basics best basics
TheWhirlmind: Ben channeling chaos energy
sheepofpain: i d'ont get why he summoned 4 toppters... shouldn't be 3?
HerNameIsAlice: <message deleted>!judge Ben's gold border Mountain
ArtemisHuntress: Ben's magic playing is beautiful
Znazl: Chaos
niccus: a stylish monster
RayFK: Ben, you wearing pants today?
legenderrick728: Hola good people
KharadBanar: needs the full-text basics for the complete effect
SirMorek: a specific kind of monster
dalek_kosh: Look, when you play Singleton, you're playing Singleton\
KeytarCat: Each color is consistent, but the colors are different
TheBigAl767: paper magic, I miss you
NexusVoxx: @Donutholez nope, to hand
Dr_fragenstien: something to remember when figuring out the order is that the first thing you do when activating an ability or casting a spell is putting it on the stack, so everything else will be put on top of it
Angreed66: @Dyllbert a single finger is just more comfortable for human hands.
Fullwagon: could be playing full text basics
Deathrite_Sharkman: lrrFRUMP lrrAWW mismatched
TXC2: hello legenderrick728 welcome
tomorrowboy: Lands above creatures is the true monster.
YeetTheRich_: @RayFK lmao
RandomTrivia: sheepofpain There was a treasure used for a 4th colour
PyreDynasty: Ben is my hero
GredGredmansson: @sheepofpain 4 colors of mana spent
tonks_just_tonks: Affinity math is hard
tonks_just_tonks: <3
tonks_just_tonks: It's okay
sheepofpain: oh right
leachjus: Dope, missed that - thanks y’all
Donutholez: !card yavimaya elder
LRRbot: Yavimaya Elder [1GG] | Creature — Human Druid [2/1] | When Yavimaya Elder dies, you may search your library for up to two basic land cards, reveal them, put them into your hand, then shuffle. / {2}, Sacrifice Yavimaya Elder: Draw a card.
Pharmacistjudge: @RayFK Jordan, you can't go around asking people if they are wearing pants.
logandixonart: Ben has Monstrous?? Instructions unclear
GredGredmansson: @sheepofpain the X is just so you have flexibility
bobbymcbob33: big spinx!
Donutholez: ah nvm
thanzo: I prefer having as many different lands as possible
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ContingentCat: !findquote math
LRRbot: Quote #3276: "I literally can't math and Ouendan at the same time." —Heather [2016-08-21]
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: cascaaaaade
lightninginthecorner: somehow forgot the thopters were artifacts
personification2: Here's Draco
sophieisagirl: woo missed it
YeetTheRich_: uh oh
sorinthecat: oop
HerNameIsAlice: <message deleted>Cam WINS! JUDGE!!!! Ben has an illegal GOLD BORDERD Mountain
dannyg28: nonbo
itsr67: aw man
sumoantlion: @sheepofpain the number of thopters is based on converge, which was 4 colors. the x in the spell doesn't do anything other than let you use more colors for converge
LRRbot: Glinting Creeper [4G] | Creature — Plant [0/0] | Converge — Glinting Creeper enters the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters on it for each color of mana spent to cast it. / Glinting Creeper can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less.
flatluigi: goobye
flojosch: you don't need pants when you have Domain?
Diabore: you could not cast it
Halinn: A finger on the monkey's paw curls
GredGredmansson: RIP
LmagiaLive: Converge for 0 D:
RandomTrivia: Welp
catchyuniquename: yup converge + condescend is a nonbo friends
Walla_ttv: cascade is a may
TheWormbo: you don'ÄT *need* to cast it
tarkes12: F
RandomTrivia: Storm is 2, I guess :D
Tom_Bruise: Perfect.
FiliusRomanus: Riiip
sora_mayura: ewwwww
niccus: bye
TheOtherTrevor: Need to tap the birds to pay too
LevDev: oofff
kailittu: lollll
Amentur: KPOPTT
noSmokeFire: but at least this way it's in his graveyard
Anubis169: xxxCOM katesRip
gibbousm: you dont have to cast Ben
EmperorFlloyd: I've seen *Worse* cascades
Foxmar320: oh no
CastleOtranto: benginO7
Scarbble: he's doing it for the funsies
freshmaker__: storm count is 2
NrgSpoon: that's why he said "for fun"
TheWhirlmind: It exploded like a creeper does
mrbuzzfuzz: RIP
ExhaustedElox: Ah well, so much for that.
MrUglama: inst cascade a may?
EmperorFlloyd: but jusy barely
innovativemethods: if you don't cast it it just gets shuffled back in, uselessly. now, it's in the graveyard!
ZeroArcana: oof
marxmarksman: Next level Delve plays.
MadOlaf: F
tonks_just_tonks: riPepperonis riPepperonis riPepperonis
ArtemisHuntress: @Pharmacistjudge I worked at a scottish renaissance faire and the cast director had less discrete methods of confirming that the cast had pants under the kilts
TXC2: !rel:axed
LRRbot: REL:Axed or Rules Enforcement level relaxed means we try to let the cards do what they are supposed to do, and not punish players for their mistakes. While we all try to follow the rules these cards are brand new to everyone and mistakes will be made, just sit back and enjoy the stream.
frank_the_great: It'd be exiled otherwise, right?
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JRandomHacker: Oh Plargg, it's a preprerelease
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ArcOfTheConclave: you can leave the creaper in deck
Halinn: !findquote monkey's paw
LRRbot: Quote #6341: "I live my monkey's paw one finger at a time." —Ian [2019-08-19]
NarfBlinko: You don't have to cast the cascaded spell...
GirlPainting: Ben is clearly working on his dailys ^^
Scarbble: twitch chat pls
AbraHeron: f
HundreydAundre: The gone for 10/10 bins for none
niccus: cascade is a may, but it's fun this way
sorinthecat: all part of my plan!
rrratbastard: @MrUglama it is but he casted it for fun
GredGredmansson: Chat, he KNOWS
thanzo: F
ravenlord_xix: You don't NEED/HAVE to cast it
ShifuDaxiongmao: Ben "Value?!?" Ulmer
graal_smith: Does affinity reduce CMC? wouldn't that affect cascade?
SergeYager: he literally said he "chose" to do it, chat plz
el_rotato: He said he did it for fun chat
TimeToFry: This is totally for Delirium
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
GredGredmansson: @graal_smith nothing reduces CMC
Wonderdoc: @TheOtherTrevor nah all is good. two artifact lands so affinity reduces by 4
NexusVoxx: @graal_smith nothing affects cmc
TXC2: he had to cast it for the joke
LevDev: got to love CHAOS!
HerNameIsAlice: <message deleted>Ben illegal GOLD BORDERED Mountains????
personification2: @graal_smith Nope, just regular C
OldManJohnsonMB: DOes Arena have trophies? Because fun cascade shenanigans should get a trophy or achienvement for sure
ElektroTal: Domainjimen
GredGredmansson: casting cost =/= cmc
TheOtherTrevor: ah, forgot the artifact lands
nuclearstulle: the art for kaleidoscorch is soo good
NarfBlinko: we just like ribbing Serge, it's cool
Galacticcyrus: he cast a spell for free and chat is complaining???
HerNameIsAlice: <message deleted>GOLD BORDER ILLEGAL
graal_smith: Thanks all
MadmanOreo: he had to cast it for the memes
HerNameIsAlice: <message deleted>BEN CHEATS
RandomTrivia: SergeYager You can't expect Twitch Chat to be paying attention now, can you? lrrBEEJ
Moist__Owlette: I had no idea this was live, hey Cam, hey Ben amazonHello
HerNameIsAlice: <message deleted>GOLD CHEATER
ravenlord_xix: what is this FUN you speak of? :P
code1300: U may right
GredGredmansson: @Galacticcyrus yes, because someone did something suboptimal while on stream
Robot_Bones: He did it for you twitch chat! He did it for you!
ArtemisHuntress: @HerNameIsAlice chill
DiscordianTokkan: @HerNameIsAlice Please stop
RandomTrivia: sergeModLove
sorinthecat: serious question, how do u have fun at these games if u want to become a better player?
TXC2: HerNameIsAlice settle down
xTJPBQdfNHA7qUxeTd5Uy9gV: fun isn't fun if it makes the mods job harder, come on
DiscordianTokkan: sergeModLove sergeModLove
sumoantlion: @graal_smith no, affinity reduces the amount it costs to cast but for purposes of things like cascade, the number in the top right is used for cmc as it is printed
sodawizard: bens not playing his goblin game optimally
LRRMTG_Judge: As the Judge, I will allow the gold bordered land. pharma2Vial
LRRbot: Sweep the Skies [XUU] | Sorcery | Converge — Create a 1/1 colorless Thopter artifact creature token with flying for each color of mana spent to cast this spell.
LRRMTG_Judge: for this event only. pharma2Vial
ContingentCat: Hey y'all I don't normally watch PPRs as a non-magics person, can the players see chat?
HundreydAundre: Yes, choices are optimal. I think it would've helped but guess that Converge queue from the top at a lawl timing.
ElektroTal: fun > being a better player every time
ArtemisHuntress: thanks @LRRMTG_Judge
noSmokeFire: @ContingentCat yeah
thanzo: Quadcopter DESTROYS sphynx
Anubis169: this is REL:Axed
LoadingReadyRun: @ContingentCat Generally, yes
TXC2: ContingentCat Graham Can I think, I don't think Cameron or Ben can
TheWhirlmind: Thopters are back with a vengeance
graal_smith: Dammit Cam, just hand him your thopters
electra310: Chat is visible, I think, but the players don't watch it
the_piebandit: Ben literally one upping Cam
GredGredmansson: wait, where did Cam's thopters go again?
Anubis169: Everybody be cool. YOU. Be cool. lrrHEART
DanTheMediocre: how the tables have thoptered!
NewtyNewts: Swomp > Swimp
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NexusVoxx: @GredGredmansson they blocked a 4/4
itsr67: mulldrifter's uncle
GirlPainting: !unsubscribe servo facts
LRRbot: You are already subscribed to Servo Facts.
jdgmoney: Anyone else notice Ben is playing with an illegal mountain?
Galacticcyrus: wave after wave, slowly sifting
GredGredmansson: @NexusVoxx got it, thanks
Anubis169: aww thanks bernardo013!
WhiteWizard42: mullsifter
ContingentCat: cool thanks
LevDev: clue drifter!
topdeckisland: thats a fish
thanzo: I guess quadthopter not quadcopter
RandomTrivia: Cluedrifter!
Tom_Bruise: It's a good fish. They're all good fish, Brunt.
jdgmoney: :p
TimeToFry: Didn't Ben make 5 thopters?
bernardo013: @Anubis169 lrrHEART lrrHEART
thetimemaster123: Apparently sea animals can investigate now
lightninginthecorner: wow i hadnt thought of it like hat
Zaghrog: sorinthecat simply playing with cards lets you familiarize yourself with the cards, so you'll know what they do in the future. So even casual play has value for getting better at the game
darkspiredragon: Casting into open UU WutFace
TherapyforNarwhals: I love muldrifter you kidding me
Dr_fragenstien: LUL
TimeToFry: Never mind! :P
measurenull: wavesifter is such a card
PrimalTheRaptor: The gold bordered card is allowed in this casual event!
TherapyforNarwhals: Well in EDH at least
graal_smith: Ok, I was worreid for a sec that ulmer couldn't count
ArcOfTheConclave: A wonderful red herring
ArtemisHuntress: !subscribe servofacts
LRRbot: Thank you for subscribing to Servo Facts.
TXC2: "how do we make mulldrifter better?" "make it Simic"
hexy_lexy: what?! Mulldrifter is amazing!!!
Goban3: oh my I didn't make that connection....
avatg5: are gold border mountains illegal even if they have the same name as a tournament legal card?
shinjiguy: simic drifter
LRRMTG_Judge: @sorinthecat Trying to play well and win, and having a good time with your friends or piloting decks you enjoy, are not mutually exclusive. The pursuit of excellence is also a joy in itself for some people, but it's hard for that to sustain you alone, especially over a long time or past a losing streak (which inevitably happen at some point). Slow, steady and relaxed wins the race, as far as I know. :) - Squirrel
Mr_Bitterness: I feel like there's a Magikarp joke somewhere with that Wavesifter art
LoadingReadyRun: marshallVALUE
Sk1nnee: why would you do this to marshall?!
WhiteWizard42: @TXC2 it's worse though?
PhanTom_lt: It's a Cluedrifter
Pharmacistjudge: Marshall does have this emote after all. marshallVALUE
hydraicmanipulator: god i cant wait to draft this set
NexusVoxx: @avatg5 the peoblem is that they have a different card back
Diabore: @avatg5 yes, all gold borders are not legal
sorinthecat: i feel like casual tho, at least the games i play dont utilize all the phases and triggers and stacks and things
Bartlebad: @avatg5 yes because gold border cards have different backs
Barronbrademon: It's sad Wavesifter isn't in the running for discussion on 'Simic Lining' :(
TimeToFry: LUL
kartik_221: Mulldfifter and Mano war - both maligned
TXC2: WhiteWizard42 simic finds a way to be broken Kappa
noSmokeFire: creature - orni
el_rotato: "Wavesifter used Splash!"
EternalDrifter: Don't you mean "who's of Thopthered?"
hizera511: Any card already BANNED at modern yet? LUL LUL
avatg5: @NexusVoxx even if im playing with opaque sleeves?
GredGredmansson: Plague engineer, naming Thopter
innovativemethods: Oh, wavesifter is actually really interesting with affinity. This set is great -- it has *layers*.
jdgmoney: Yeah all gold and silver cards are illegal to play. It used to be anything not black or white bordered until they added all the weird variants
Zaghrog: sorinthecat casual magic come is very many forms
Anexmedia: Oh yea there's a yugioh card called "Golden Flying Fish"
ArtemisHuntress: "tippity tappity I go to attackity"
Zaghrog: *comes in
sora_mayura: WUBRG
TehAmelie: me, i have long ago decided i'd rather work to be a better friend than a better competitor of any game
dabudder: Gay merchant!
nuclearstulle: @sorinthecat i learned a bunch about weird rules interactions while playing incredibly goofy chaos decks with my friends
ElektroTal: @avatg5 the cards also have a slightly different thickness
crabgoneberry: Ben have sympathy on Cam!
RandomTrivia: @ArtemisHuntress Ok that got me real good LUL
CaptainEnder7: *Strong Bad Voice* Thopter’d!
MadmanOreo: oopha
sora_mayura: gay merchant!
avatg5: @ElektroTal TIL, thanks for the info
onslaught714: the proud tradition of cam getting dumpstered by five color decks
GredGredmansson: @CaptainEnder7 ow, my life total!
LRRMTG_Judge: @sorinthecat They do, you just fast-forward through them. Paper Magic allows us to take all sorts of implicit shortcuts, like passing the turn without manually walking through all the phases and steps along the way. But any time you need to stop someone and say "at the end of your second main phase..." you can. - Squirrel
wattyFathom: crab battle
Leonhart321: Pulled Pork Salad and Plum Shōchū time for me
Tom_Bruise: So it would seem the prophecy of Cameron getting stomped into the dirt shall hold true for at least another year...
crabgoneberry: breyaBust breyaChut
TheWriterAleph: Detective Crab!
Silvertunga: Hello hello all y'all beautiful people <3 Love you and happy second of gay <3 Hope you're having the best prerelease <3
lampjas: Crab!!!
NewtyNewts: Carcinvestigator!
xarc37: Seeing Ben's deck is giving me flashback of my Fifth Dawn prerelease
Deathrite_Sharkman: omg gay merchant is a great name BisexualPride
Halinn: We found evidence for crab.
TheSmilingMammoth: Ah, the long arm of the claw has arrived
ExhaustedElox: Craben Inspector is back on the case!
GredGredmansson: Detective Crab back on the case
Halinn: It's that crab.
graal_smith: Jinkies!
gnome_friend: !findquote crab
LRRbot: Quote #2436: "There we go! Crab laundry!" —Ian [2016-05-03]
ArtemisHuntress: @RandomTrivia also works well with DnD "clickity clackety I roll to attackity"
PhanTom_lt: 'Got to love Crabs' has been said
TXC2: hello Silvertunga welcome
affinityforpie: @sorinthecat one of the best tips I heard to have fun is to never concentrate too hard on game results, especially if you lose, because you can just lose games to randomness sometimes. just try to keep your head up in tough matches and see if you can learn anything after. :)
bernardo013: i love that card
BrowneePoints: he's a Carcinophile
jdgmoney: I wasn't actually trying to call Ben out for reals. Just trying to bust some chops
biosimicist: He is kraken a clue
MurphEP: Crustaceanspector
Mr_Bitterness: How many crab tokens do you need to officially declare CRAB RAVE?
biosimicist: from the Sifter
RandomTrivia: Graham yes
GredGredmansson: !findquote crab
LRRbot: Quote #5282: "Fortress Crab. A fortress of crabs." —Nelson [2018-08-24]
franzincolor: Krabby Savvy
RandomTrivia: LLUL
FiliusRomanus: Crab Battle
noSmokeFire: return to return to innistrad: everyone is crabs
DiscordianTokkan: That Crab's back on the escalator again!
lampjas: The ultimate form is crab
sora_mayura: scuba doo
ShifuDaxiongmao: was it a good or a crab clue?
Wangor: Wet doggo
Species5618Beta: fionaPride zoeyPride
sophieisagirl: thraben inspector in 1000 years
GhostValv: voxyCrab
graal_smith: Did Graham watch the same AnimaLogic video I did?
crabgoneberry: voxyCrab voxyCrab voxyHype voxyHype
EternalDrifter: Crab's have a -1/-1 to butter
KidAmn: Blue's Clues!
NexusVoxx: formed entirely of WATER
ContingentCat: eventually we shall all be crab
GredGredmansson: CITIZEN SNIPS!
LevDev: doggo!
hexy_lexy: lrrGRAHAM tiltyhPLS
CodenameJD: Man, I wish the crab were a hermit crab wearing that skull as its shell
sophieisagirl: the natural evolution
lightninginthecorner: cam about to unmask ben on stream
remyjette: a BLOODHOUND formed entirely of WATER
innovativemethods: One crab is enough to rave. You can rave all on your own.
Rogue_07: A buddy cop movie with Thraben Investigator and her crabby companion
notthepenguins: clearly the secret of the Return to Innistrad sets is that the new big bad is CRAB
personification2: Fun fact: Emrakul is actually just a crab now
TamesLovesGames: Scuba Doo
lightninginthecorner: then eat a triple decker sandwich
burnafterburn: Is Cam at the Moonbase right now? His setup is so professional.
HundreydAundre: Its untimely corpse of reincarnated crab as intended by 'The Promised End'.
TehAmelie: unrelatedly, carcinizatiophiles may find this an interesting read
futureluchador: It's crabs all the way down
Jayrod1220: Blubhound
avatg5: oh man a dog that makes clues??!?! this set is sweeeet
jdgmoney: I know it's not as clever but I really like detective crab as a nickname
ElektroTal: who called it floodhound and not clueseidon
innovativemethods: "Action: This creature is a BLOODHOUD formed entirely of WATER". ... "Action"?
KharadBanar: @burnafterburn looks like Studio C in the background, yes
FiliusRomanus: You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become Crab
TheWhirlmind: *Ride of the Valkyries plays in the distance*
thanzo: Ava-Car-cyn
Gekyouryuu: Crabtective
TXC2: burnafterburn yes, Cameron is at the moonbase, ben is at his home
Malikory: Well blood is already 90% water, so why not?
corianderd: @ElektroTal :(
Halinn: Technically it's not in response to anything
TimeToFry: Awfully specific ability, that Myr :P
TXC2: Hello corianderd
notthepenguins: @TehAmelie thanks! that goes right on the reading list
beowuuf: @ElektroTal sergeJustRight
TehAmelie: you know how crabs evolved convergently five times? trees evolved convergiently at least thirty-five times. on the Canary Islands.
1000viewbots: I'm guessing they're not actually in the same room, right?
innovativemethods: oh dang
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NarfBlinko: well actually....
LRRbot: Shardless Agent [1GU] | Artifact Creature — Human Rogue [2/2] | Cascade
wattyFathom: shardless PogChamp
dannyg28: gross
avatg5: so im just seeing floodhound for the first time today, this really is just a black border UN set
noSmokeFire: brace for draco
sumoantlion: I missed the beginning. who else is playing later today?
Sarah_Serinde: 1000viewbots Correct
ExhaustedElox: Welcome back, buddy!
LevDev: draco in 3...2...
TXC2: Planechase all star
DiscordianTokkan: Upsidedown friend!
personification2: I like how excited the art direction seems about the fact that the BLOODHOUND is made of WATER
Sk1nnee: i prefer being shardless
xblue007: 2012
3cbb: planechase 2 i thought
BrowneePoints: Shardless is a big gain for modern
jdgmoney: Surprising amount of cascade in this set
Fistacles: yep. same one that brought baleful strix
Qvdv: @halinn in response to taking a deep breath...
neisan2112: Can't wait for Temur Cascade 0 drops
franzincolor: They should've reprinted Apex Devastator too the cowards
LevDev: ohhhhh
avatg5: @DiscordianTokkan man its so weird this card has a printing error where the art was upside down /j
sophieisagirl: cascade for more would be horrific
beowuuf: @sumoantlion jer white, ben wheeler, kathleen, graham, serge
jdgmoney: then again any amount is surprising to me
innovativemethods: oh geez this set has suspend and cascade
lightninginthecorner: bens deck is making me love this set a little more every time a spell is cast
ElektroTal: but will you Krark a clue
Halinn: Divining the future through anarchy. "I foresee that a goblin's going to punch you"
BrowneePoints: Gotta get that god curve Bloodbraid into Shardless into the delirium cascade into Crash of Rhinos
BearYourSoul: Goblin electromancer's greener cousin
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sophieisagirl: @sumoantlion also nelly?
TheTunnelingCat: Ive been makin bank of sellin agents, got a stack in hopes itd get reprinted, worked out real well
DNAli3n: anarchomancer's flavortext is sweet
LRRbot: Lonis, Cryptozoologist [GU] | Legendary Creature — Snake Elf Scout [1/2] | Whenever another nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, investigate. / {T}, Sacrifice X Clues: Target opponent reveals the top X cards of their library. You may put a nonland permanent card with mana value X or less from among them onto the battlefield under your control. That player puts the rest on the bottom of their library in a random order.
sumoantlion: @beowuuf thanks
dbhkyle: I always found it entertaining that Shardless Agent is right ride up for your opponent
Aztinoth: !riftsower
niccus: time to get 12 clues and snap that scion
avatg5: @Halinn "I forsee you are going to get punched" "how could you know?" *WHACK*
RandomTrivia: ElektroTal I'm not sure whether to do a "Do you feel lucky?" reference or a Thumbs-up joke here
KirbySliver subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 47 months, currently on a 47 month streak!
KirbySliver: All Slivers are now Kirbys in addition to their other types!
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jdgmoney: This set is almost enough to make me want to download MTGO
sorinthecat: cant wai to maker my commander *them
TheWhirlmind: Gotta find that chupacabra
chrysaliss: I like how Cameron said “island” with the same gravitas as “ an orchard”
sumoantlion: @sophieisagirl thank you. first pre prerelease in years without Adam, i guess?
graal_smith: Ben's Clues, Ben's Clues
beowuuf: @sumoantlion oops, thought i typed him, yup nelly too :)
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TehAmelie: how many clues do you need to definitely win a game of Clue? asking for an internet
haletronic: Fel Smear
RandomTrivia: No, Cameron, that's just the wet dog lrrBEEJ
ElektroTal: lonis, crypto zoologist, had a very snakey tail, and if you ever saw it, you would probably run and flail
BrowneePoints: I'm making a clues deck with all durdle value stuff like Coiling Oracle and an artifact subtheme like Cloudstone Curio
flojosch: Snake!
beowuuf: @TehAmelie enough to kill mr body with
ShifuDaxiongmao: Mono U, Ben? Call it Blues Clues?
franzincolor: "get a whiff of that"
1000viewbots: @TehAmelie Just one, but it needs to be in the right room, equipped to the right person
camelwizard: What a board
Rogue_07: "do you smell fear?" "no, that was me, sorry."
sophieisagirl: god this is good magic
chrysaliss: @browneepoints nice! I’m making Lonis into an artifact deck that runs few actual artifact cards to take advantage of cards like Shape Anew
flatluigi: lmao
itsr67: LUL
dabudder: @Rogue_07 !findquote I thought it was me
TimeToFry: LUL
Deathrite_Sharkman: NotLikeThis scotty10Squawk
chrysaliss: !card Shape Anew
LRRbot: Shape Anew [3U] | Sorcery | The controller of target artifact sacrifices it, then reveals cards from the top of their library until they reveal an artifact card. That player puts that card onto the battlefield, then shuffles all other cards revealed this way into their library.
beowuuf: LOL
tarkes12: LUL
wattyFathom: calebdS
capacup: lol
DNAli3n: LuL
TheWhirlmind: Welp
TimeToFry: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
ExhaustedElox: Dammit!
lirazel64: Oops.
nuclearstulle: oh no..
zigboy22: LUL
NewtyNewts: Great reminder text!
juzztshay: lrrFINE
Dmc3628: tis i Kaleidoscorch
Galacticcyrus: LUL
Mr_Whale: LUL
falcn120: hahhaha
passelabiblioteka: oh no
TheOtterWhoLies: The DOUBLE BLUFF from Ben
juzztshay: lrrSPOOP
NexusVoxx: scorch can lnly do 4 atm right?
hizera511: Gold border land SwiftRage SwiftRage SwiftRage
beowuuf: lrrJUDGE ben just got play advice :p
AbraHeron: always had it
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LevDev: nice
chaostreader: @nexusvoxx It’s a sorcery.
AbraHeron: bens deck is insane
TehAmelie: hit em in the ramp, it'll crater the whole ride. maybe
Jol_Loves_Johanna subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 25 months!
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NexusVoxx: @chaostreader i mean in regards to cost reduction, not whether it can be cast
personification2: No, it can do five, because Ben is living in a thopter paradise (and has 2 thopters to paradise)
APODionysus: Bens greed is certainly paying off
KharadBanar: Epicure of Flood
RandomTrivia: Split up and search for... clue... singular
sophieisagirl: Greed is always good
Halinn: I need to see the scion cast before the day's over
flatluigi: cwab
niccus: clab lives
TheWhirlmind: IT LIVES!
AllStarGyudon: Is 5 color Cam’s actual kryptonite?
Dani_DL: F
noSmokeFire: crab lives! praise crab!
onslaught714: crab shall live
NicoTheSly: This set has some decent fixing. 5 colors seem to be a valid strat
TehAmelie: cwab is tough but soft
TXC2: Cwab going on a Qwest
Dani_DL: LUL
chaostreader: !card kaleid
LRRbot: Did you mean: Kaleidostone; Diamond Kaleidoscope
NexusVoxx: oh
Galacticcyrus: LUL
Doonis13: You cant
beowuuf: oh
DNAli3n: oh
Dragonality: Well then
wattyFathom: oh. ok. LUL
gonnaflunkib: aw
plichow: costs 4 doesn't it?
jamesthedabbler: Can
Leonhart321: Oh
YeetTheRich_: ggs
SergeYager: gg
Maki_Bun: LUL
WhiteWizard42: Anarchomancer means you can only cast for 4
SpicyNapalm: LUL
AbraHeron: oh
gnomebliterator: LUL
Doonis13: coasts 1 less
hold_no_carter: ggs
kinslayer6788: ggs
jamesthedabbler: Can't, costs 4
noSmokeFire: I'm so curious how many cards Ben had until draco
itsr67: Ben can't
trashyopossum: welp
garblefarble1: it's only 4
Fangren300: LUL
ExhaustedElox: Well... okay then.
Malikory: gg Cam
nuclearstulle: ohh
TherapyforNarwhals: You lose for 5? GG!
Dr_fragenstien: yeah, that's what makes it worth playing
bobbymcbob33: oh okay
personification2: @NicoTheSly It's a supported draft archetype
Sk1nnee: dang gg all
OldManJohnsonMB: Whoops, I win
iris_of_ether: unarmeHeart unarmeHeart benginHeart benginHeart
gnomebliterator: <message deleted>FIVE COLOR GOOD STUFF
sora_mayura: gg lrrCAMERON
RuiFaleiro: unarmeHeart unarmeHeart unarmeHeart
alikaoz: !card Kaleidoscorch
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
niccus: sometimes you die to a rainbow blast
sorinthecat: does it say planeswalkers?
wiigamer1995: !card kaleidoscorch
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Goban3: gg you guys!!
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: gg
rabbitgta: it went face and now sad face
Amentur: Well GG
DiscordianTokkan: Gobbo cost reduction, but... It's fine
KMalsom: gotta luv burn spells
Dragonality: Judge!
laikagoat: lrrJUDGE
Anubis169: wheeeeeeeeeeee
ChargingFurret: Costs 4, can’t kill cam
WillowWiffs: doesn't cost reducer goblin mean 4
darkelfling666: reduced cost!
sorinthecat: it doesnt
Goban3: oh?
markekv: judge
BeXs88: :O !
Galacticcyrus: oh no
TimeToFry: Uh oh
Dragonality: lol, nice
LevDev: rainbow flame!
g00stah: nooo, I wanted to see more
Herobrineclone10: Judge!
Dmc3628: reduction from anarchy
TheBigAl767: goblin
hold_no_carter: ope
JokerBoney: Nooooo
ContingentCat: whooops rewind
wattyFathom: calebdS calebdS calebdS
P1xelPaul: woa
hold_no_carter: oh no
GhostValv: objection!
Goban3: what?!?!
finalesfunkelngo: rip
jacketedrock: Wouldn’t that not work?
KodeMage: big cheats!
Fangren300: PogChamp
Anubis169: false end :D
Fanboy_of_Bolas: LUL
TherapyforNarwhals: O.o
Dr_fragenstien: LUL
JokerBoney: can only do 4
GredGredmansson: !card kaleidoscorch
Easilycrazyhat: lol
hold_no_carter: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
flatluigi: uh oh
Goban3: hahahahaha
1y1e: we back baby
finalesfunkelngo: wait wat no ben
zefyre3: Hahaha
MaybeFamousIRL: lmao
trashyopossum: oh my god goozled
Ron_Fairham: Oh no
gibbousm: you can do it for 4?
rabbitgta: cam at 1
underhill33: what a weird nonbo
TXC2: wind it back
Fangren300: WELP
TheWhirlmind: Anarchy in the mana!
TheWriterAleph: THE TWIST
MrTheWalrus: oh, hey, the judge video covered this....
sophieisagirl: oh nooooooooooo!
Sk1nnee: stop the presses!!!!!!!!
milkydeew: use thopters?
Joalni: Oh x2
SandWhales1: lmaoooooo
Lunor717: nooooooooo
Anubis169: reeeeeeeeeeewind, bo' selecta!
KakuEpsilon: Amazing.
personification2: Oh no! My petard!
nuclearstulle: lrrFINE lrrFINE
LevDev: Plot twist!
KeytarCat: If it helps, I still win
itsr67: phew
EOstby: I mean, Cam still goes to 1.
TimeToFry: Oh thank god
frank_the_great: lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN
LRRbot: Prophetic Titan [4UR] | Creature — Giant Wizard [4/4] | Delirium — When Prophetic Titan enters the battlefield, choose one. If there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard, choose both. / • Prophetic Titan deals 4 damage to any target. / • Look at the top four cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
nix_gd: If it helps, I still kill you
Dragonality: We got there
gonnaflunkib: aw
RandomTrivia: Phew
Bartlebad: Saved
Anubis169: <| <|
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
TXC2: Got there
notabrit: Hoisted!
OldManJohnsonMB: Ah, Winmore
asthanius: With delirium?
TherapyforNarwhals: We got there
Goban3: nice
haletronic: wow
thanzo: ooh the twists!!
electra310: Whew!
TheBigAl767: use camera to re build
sophieisagirl: woah got there
niccus: oof a hell of a rules rubicon
ContingentCat: we have the technology, someone can make a clip to get board state
Galacticcyrus: LUL got there
wattyFathom: got there PogChamp
whystronaut: phew
LevDev: LOL
passelabiblioteka: man!
gabethke: Bonk
CodesFromHome: Moonlight, you won
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: gg x2
Lunor717: why?
Ron_Fairham: Wow
juzztshay: nice! hahaha
logandixonart: Awesome game!
ginganinja314: Lol
Dmc3628: doesn't need to choose both on proph
averythetiger: Read again
beowuuf: if it helps i can kill him again?
markekv: gg
logandixonart: This set looks awesome
g00stah: oh lol
BoBrinkman: We should do the nicknames episode, but as a Cameron and Ian joint where they just read the names. "Flood Hound" "The nickname for Flood Hound is Flood Hound."
1y1e: but the value!
KidAmn: it's the hope that kills you. And the Prophetic Titan.
TheWarbo: I learned that in the Serge/Nelson video! :-D
Angreed66: A good learning moment
finalesfunkelngo: Ben pls lmao
BoomerAang_Squad: koreLoad koreLoad koreLoad
logandixonart: I can’t wait to get some packs
Goban3: daaaaamn
notabrit: Killed him twice oof
Easilycrazyhat: Powerful Magic!
AllStarGyudon: Oh so cam was dead dead
apocalyptic_squirrel: That was the most complicated "Still Had All Deez" I've seen in a hot minute
averythetiger: Okay. I have misread that card
sora_mayura: what is delirium?
juzztshay: Im so excited for this set
TXC2: !rel:axed
LRRbot: REL:Axed or Rules Enforcement level relaxed means we try to let the cards do what they are supposed to do, and not punish players for their mistakes. While we all try to follow the rules these cards are brand new to everyone and mistakes will be made, just sit back and enjoy the stream.
AbraHeron: wow
hexy_lexy: lrrBEN
freshmaker__: magic hard
TheWriterAleph: advanced mtg players ONLY
wattyFathom: very complicated calebdBustin
SK__Ren: I've been got by that when Foretelling Blood On the Ice and only being able to spend 4 Snow mana and not 6
ginganinja314: So hyped to play this
lightninginthecorner: Powerful Magic TM
DNAli3n: complex formatt
Jayrod1220: REL:Axed indeed!
Sk1nnee: most complicated set ever?
falcn120: MH2 looks so sweet
bobbymcbob33: daaaang dude
ProfBaka: what's the flashback burn spell?
KakuEpsilon: Modern Horizons has always been complicated
meachamo: Hold on, I have other ways to kill Cam!
NewtyNewts: Shocking ending!
Anexmedia: Now can we get a Dusty finish in game 2
Hewdra: woop wooooop
g00stah: "still ha all of these"
Goban3: who'da thunk?
TheWhirlmind: "There are words on my cards!"
Joalni: I kinda love this set
GredGredmansson: @sora_mayura four different card types in graveyard
Mr_Bitterness: MH2 is complicated and Cam loses to 5 color decks
Galacticcyrus: !card kaleidoscorch
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
ShifuDaxiongmao: MH1 wasn't a warning? :D
Radyin: Give away?
LevDev: complex is my fancy!
Viewers_Like_You: Breaking news: "Time Spiral 2 2 is complicated"
ArtemisHuntress: is it boosties time?
Is_Kengen_Really_A_Girl: This was fun
kismetsoul: GGs
devoidmelody: @sora_mayura 4 or more card types in GY
Sapheare: 5 color good stuff seems fun
flatluigi: boostah
haletronic: Boostah!
electra310: Thank god for redundant Cameron Death Schemes!
Gekyouryuu: it's Future Sight 2: PresUNt Sight
P1xelPaul: woah
sunshine5411: boooost
sorinthecat: lol
dogghost11: Yeah
Aztinoth: booster time!
SK__Ren: Boosties!
petey_vonwho: boosties!
JayAbber: booster!
wattyFathom: booster PogChamp
Malikory: lol
GhostValv: the boosties!
BeXs88: boosties!
tonks_just_tonks: GL Everyone!
rasterscan: I keep rooting for Cam to win these events. He is so awesome.
dogghost11: Boost
Fanboy_of_Bolas: What a smooth stream. :D
Nyx_fire: oh yaqy
KakuEpsilon: Booster giveaway!
rabbitgta: boosties
kightofnewalara: Collector Booster!!!
notthepenguins: boosties eh
juzztshay: yayy!
DiscordianTokkan: Boosties!
sora_mayura: thank ye
invernce_: BOOSTIES
wickaboxet: More word mean card more good
frank_the_great: Booties
Kain0025: BOOSTIES!
Halinn: Boosties!
Goban3: booooost
TheWhirlmind: James coming in clutch
RamiaMTG: Where's the shaking hand joke? D':
NewtyNewts: Right after this... boster giveaway!
CaptainRedRam: Smooth
ArtemisHuntress: boosties!
kinslayer6788: boostie!
The_FlyingDutchman: lrrHEART
Sandeon: I almost walked off!
TheWormbo: commence the chat spam
CodenameJD: B-b-b-boostie?
Foxmar320: :D
jamesthedabbler: Boosties?
Walla_ttv: Strimmer the boosties
gralamin: giveawayyyyy
pyronils80: Yeah
catchyuniquename: boosties
AbraHeron: booostiez
lampjas: Smooth like peanut butter
kingofnowher3: I just got here during the last game
Fanboy_of_Bolas: boostie
Spluuga: boosties
ginganinja314: Boosties!!!
Ruinth: Boostie
NarfBlinko: boostie
juneblue58: Boostie.
Krokaar: boostie
LugnutOverJapan: boostie
avatg5: Boostie
kagu11: boostie
NicotineRobot: boostie
superdeadsmurf: boostie
sindresturn: boostie
trombonistn: boostie
tsunami2926: Boostie
flatluigi: boostie
robrob2017: boostie
bits4bytes: boostie
Yunas_Jet: boostie
Dragonene: Boostie
greatfuries: boostie
vedalkensamurai: boostie
lodur2208: boostie
mangbet: boostie
nalha: boostie
vore_the_rich: boostie
bentbranch: Boostie
asthanius: Boostie
devilmonkey2012: boostie
kinslayer6788: Boostie
HaawkWaave: boostie
bobtheicicle: Boostie
gonnaflunkib: boostie
not_not_7: boostie
chromeface1339: BURSTIES THYME
tonks_just_tonks: BOOSTIE
fallentaco20: boostie
Camthelion: boostie
TimeToFry: Boostie
Doonis13: Boostie
icarus889: boostie
Galacticcyrus: boostie
rabbitgta: boostie
cmdrud87: Boostie
Swakling: Boostie
EvilBadman: boostie
jdarr5000: boostie
Dmonic_Gamer: boostie
TiltsAtWindmills: Boostie
xblue007: Boostie
biosimicist: boostie
CrescendoSlash: boostie
ElektroTal: boostie
raisins4life: boostie
Drkwlfalpha: boostie
pers0n0fblah: boostie
Loonatic93: boostie
OldManJohnsonMB: boostie
dtape467: BOOSTIE
Ellendar: boostie
lemmel: boostie
JustinSaysHola: boostie
Scopesightzx: boostie
Vasseer: boostie
RinaInTheRain: Boostie
mechanicalconqueror: BOOSTIE
Maki_Bun: boostie
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Boostie
bearded_drabon: Boostie
Silvertunga: Boostie
feneban: boostie
RroioMill: boostie
Citizen527: boostie
Monogoliensis: boostie
MTGColorPie: boostie
Yealek: boostie
MahJunior17: boostie
MaskedThespian: Boostie
AvatarOfSloth: Boostie
fudgebug: boostie
MurraysBagels: boostie
garblefarble1: boostie
Irrat10nal: boostie
BillTheCat: boostie
CamazotzJr: Boostie
Bearden383: Boostie
osdef: Boostie
chromeface1339: Boostie
MajorFrostbyte: boostie
Leonhart321: Boostie
kragor001: boostie
turnipton: Boostie
cosarprime: boostie
waptee_: BOOSTIE
Kyir: boostie
Tirrax: boostie
Drathak: Boostie
earfeel_mouthreads: Boostie
maximus416: boostie
MrQBear: boostie
Zaghrog: boostie
mrjnord: boostie
LuckieIsLive: boostie
DrPezzer: boostie
futureluchador: boostie
Saturnify: boostie
gralamin: boostie
hascow: boostie
heavenlyevan: boostie
jburdeezy: boostie
couldntpickausername: boostie
devare13: Boostie
Reavh: boostie
BrookJustBones: boostie
juzztshay: boostie
Rats14: boostie
ForOhForError: Boostie
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: boostie
Shaena: Boostie
shalcomb84: boostie
felder14: boostie
kilowog42: boostie
MarquisdeC: boostie
themenace1: boostie
stupidforgames: boostie
jngilbreath: Boostie
100BlackandWhite: boostie
hold_no_carter: boostie
StrawberryPepper: boostie
Count_Grumpy: boostie
Mega_Pyukumuku: boostie
whynottka: boostie
vapour_witch: boostie
Sir_Tart: boostie
bethanywinter: boostie
TheElrad: boostie
MrCD1031: Boostie!
SeoUmeko: boostie
papa_princesse: boostie
ihuntwitches321: boostie
hexy_lexy: boostie
atlr: boostie
mowdownjoe: Boostie!
Pocalem: Boostie
debtangel: boostie
DGZenos: Boostie
avatg5: GL everyone!
Coptimus_Prime: Boostie
bensmith0987: boostie
Mal2mad: boostie
Harry1232_: boostie
imgpw: boostie
Halinn: boosie
riskae_: Boostie
Ktolos: Boostie
13000bees: boostie
EmperorFlloyd: Boostie
CaptainRedRam: Boostie
SquirrelBoy25: boostie
DecaDang: boostie
EdwardsTy: boostie
SpaceClam: boostie
gavin89fif: Boostie
lordmking72: boostie
ProfBaka: boostie
Wywin: boostie
on_and_awful: boostie
Martingro85: boostie
weff47: boostie
xVeinFirex: Boostie
sh4d0w_443: Boostie
Zoggedge: boostie
lightfut: boostie
Bladinus: boostie
Cykouxis: bOOStie
StarWarsTHX1138: boostie
Slytherin42: boostie
gewnt: boostie
ArcOfTheConclave: boostie
Patron_of_the_Moon: Boostie
ypsilonkappa: boostie
flojosch: boostie
Lupus2253: Boostie
Oceans_50: Boostie
StrifeZubia: boostie
Traeyy: boostie
Downrangespy: boostie
Xehio: Boostie
AnderKryst: Boostie
nkmitch42: Boostie
jamesthedabbler: boostie
Drigien: boostie
bernardo013: boostie
ThankYouUro: Boostie
VazSun: Boostie!
Techmage12: boostie
Blasternator: boostie
andergriff: boostie
00zmando: boostie
That_one_ginger7: boostie
fiftymcnasty: boostie
SlaadHS: boostie
Me_kyle: boostie
crimsonxerg: boostie
RaynMurfy: boostie
TechnoGeek276: boostie
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: boostie
SweetSnackCakes: boostie
Zenergy142: boostie
mtglasalle: Bosstie
ckupf: boostie
fredx1111: boostie
ThuoThuo1: boostie
Ymiron433: boostie
CoemgenTaillear: boostie
SigiledScryfish: boostie
sanksquatch1: boostie
schwimmschik: boostie
BjjBrain: Boostie
Grusommegeir: boostie
Fangren300: boostie
underhill33: boostie
everybody1982: boostie
EchoMikeZebra: Boostie
FierceDeityLife: Boostie
Mozzarella_Chz: boostie
WillowWiffs: boostie
odelasa: boostie
suttssutts: boostie
noonetoday: boostie
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: boostie
Nyx_fire: boostie
wynternyghtynggale: boostie
TheTobster96: Boostie
lacrem12345: Boostie
snowb0und: boostie
TinoDidriksen: boostie
Vedalk: boostie
boopboopbiboop: boostie
somekindofsam: boostie
Professor_Otters: Boostie
Favre_the_Undead: boostie
invernce_: boostie
DrChillbrain: boostie
haggardclover: Boostie!
JimJamTheHipHopMan: boostie
mfpromo: boostie
LoxhamInABox: boostie
Dwiseace50: boostie
UnovaNightly: Boostie
dooppatrol: boostie
BobaThaiTea: boostie
bloodstar: boostie
crabgoneberry: boostie
TuvaLaPourpre: boostie
JoannaTastic: boostie
jedi_master_zll: boostie
th3mpire: boostie
djalternative: boostie
northos: boostie
cookie_batch: boostie
Dr_Shandor: Boostie
ThePorkyForge: boostie
CabbageWithPie: boostie
wharra: boostie
dylan16807: boostie
notthepenguins: boostie
mikkjel00: boostie
Fullwagon: boostie
Jiba86: boostie
AliasV: boostie
whystronaut: boostie
theBrewmeister: boostie
sp0000n1: Boostie
therhh: boostie
MillerDark: boostie
Quentinmr: boostie
JoseStones1: boostie
GeGeTV: Boostie
bjrn19: Boostie
lucky_lux: boostie
ValiantRant: boostie
PinballWitch: boostie
AbraHeron: boostie
greentrace: Boostie
that_dankpool: boostie
sheepofpain: boostie
twitch_playm: boostie
CodenameJD: boostie
jaydobbleyou: Boosie
tidalslimshady: boostie
mandu7014: boostie
NightWingMistHawk: Boostie
RegulusPratus: boostie
stelthelf78: Boostie
TheBreaux: boostie
adi_sheep: boostie
DoctorHutch: boostie
Vanuch2: BOOSTIE!!!!!!!
Samsmasher77: Boostie
birbtribul: boostie
floofynewf: boostie
WhiteWizard42: Boostie
Tygersrule: boostie