Asimech: "The mermaids made the best latte art."
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RandomTrivia: This whole game's sountrack slaps
Territan: His notes are color-coded, aren't they? And we've already identified the key...
kusinohki: better than the wall hanging singing fish
Alephred: I would love a sing-fight with a kraken.
RandomTrivia: Are we going to have to gather the seven Coffee Balls?
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Wheeler dives into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! Game: Yu-Gi-Oh) at Sun 06:00 PM PDT (7m from now).
NotCainNorAbel: I too have played the video of games.
Territan: It could be Tea Balls at this point. Teavana is a companion brand to Sbux.
RandomTrivia: Wow that was smooth
mtvcdm: !homestreams
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JonnyGlitch: Hi Heather! Hi Chat! And I assume Hi Ian?
JonnyGlitch: I heard Ian noises
mtvcdm: !monetarycredentials
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Heather and Ian! lrrHEART lrrHEART
vellebastet: Thanks for streaming!! I enjoyed the voices. lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: Hey there JonnyGlitch benginHi
JonnyGlitch: very cashmoney of you
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ContingentCat: do a capitalism
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JonnyGlitch: I have the most AMAZING shirts form LRR
RandomTrivia: *distant Beej "yay"*
ContingentCat: Oooo new thing
vellebastet: sykLaugh sykLaugh
JonnyGlitch: I would need a play mat, if I played with anyone other than myself
JonnyGlitch: Kickstorter
Defrost: @JonnyGlitch the wii play shirt?
Juliamon: !season11
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RockPusher: Mine have shipped lrrAWESOME
JonnyGlitch: @Defrost WZRD CHAT, Bite Club, and the Pride tee
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JonnyGlitch: thanking youuu thanking meeee
JonnyGlitch: it's a very good schedule
JonnyGlitch: It's constantly up to date
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart lrrHEART tiltyhEXTREME
JonnyGlitch: just like you want a schedule to be
Earthenone: you can leave this page open and get happy suprises every day or so
JonnyGlitch: TMI?
Earthenone: tbh?
Juliamon: Good thing it's not sponsored this time!
JonnyGlitch: Kickstorter
RandomTrivia: Benjamin "Underscore" Wheeler
benjamin_wheeler: There are, but it involves motorcycles
floki4242: 5ds
benjamin_wheeler: There is*
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART lrrHEART
JonnyGlitch: The Man, the Wheeler
Phailhammer: cya :)
ContingentCat: thanks Ian and Heather
TehAmelie: thanks and goodnight
JonnyGlitch: Brr it's so cold this morning I might boot up folding@home just to use my PC as a space heater
TehAmelie: thrifty
RandomTrivia: I notice LRRbot doesn't have a command for Yugioh cards, I can only assume this is because most of them won't fit in one chat message lrrBEEJ
Juliamon: I mean.... probably
Juliamon: LRRbot has a hard enough time with Planeswalkers
Earthenone: also it would be rough uploading a 10,000+ card database
RandomTrivia: (more likely that there isn't a card database with a sufficiently usable API)
MTGRanger: Hey friends!
RandomTrivia: Hello there MTGRanger! benginHi
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
iris_of_ether: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
JonnyGlitch: GOODNIGHT!
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART lrrHEATHER
ContingentCat: thanks Heather
MTGRanger: Goodnight!
benjamin_wheeler: See my secret is that I really don't card how late Rhythm Cafe goes
benjamin_wheeler: care*
Earthenone: haha, frudian card slip
benjamin_wheeler: the later, the better.
Juliamon: it's free streaming real estate
DarkMorford: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, every dog is a lap dog.
LoadingReadyRun: @benjamin_wheeler Here's my secret... **************
YeetTheRich_: i knew it
ContingentCat: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm Hideo Kojima.
DarkMorford: I knew it!
RandomTrivia: !quote 6502
LRRbot: Quote #6502: "'Secretly evil?' I'm not secretly anything." —Heather [2019-10-20]
Juliamon: every time that one comes up I'm glad I added it
MTGRanger: Oh sweet tonight I get to relive not at all understanding Yu-Gi-Oh!
RandomTrivia: Wow I've never seen the Kojima one before LUL
DiceHoarder: The only thing I know about modern Yu-Gi-Oh is that things have changed quite a bit from the ol' gba games.
MTGRanger: “Pendulum monster?”
RandomTrivia: It's like Magic except everything is fast mana and tutoring
MTGRanger: True
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL It's time to d-d-d-d-d-duel! lrrSIGNAL
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL !
Juliamon: well, things changed between each GBA game (like actually, it alternated rulesets for a bit for some reason??)
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RandomTrivia: Some of the various console games had different rulesets because they were tied to a particular anime arc
benjamin_wheeler: hopefully today will be slightly less of a fever dream
djalternative: you will never wake up from Yu-Gi-Oh!
benjamin_wheeler: please I miss my family
RomanGoro: Personally I'm here to see a man lose their mind
DiceHoarder: I mainly remember the Duel Academy one.
djalternative: Duel Academy and War of the Roses were both great handheld ones
Earthenone: i feel kind of bad being one of the people who thought duel links would be better than link evolution since i have played both, i thought the story content would get in the way of the stream more than the mobile game content
JonnyGlitch: @RomanGoro isn't it a bit much attributing either to Benjamin?
MTGRanger: You can’t escape, Yug. By the end of this month you will officially be Yugi from hit anime Yu-Gi-Oh
MTGRanger: lrrBEEJ
benjamin_wheeler: This game cost James 55 dollars
benjamin_wheeler: so it's already better than Duel Links
Earthenone: i wonder if there is a yami yugi wig in the prop closet
DiceHoarder: So what we're saying is that Yu-Gi-Oh is really just the phantom zone? The anime is REAL???
RomanGoro: still a better investment than that time they bet 50 dollars at online poker I guess
DarkMorford: Hey, as long as it doesn't use the weird-ass fusion mechanic from the GBC and PS1 games, I think we'll be fine.
djalternative: @Earthenone Nah. It's absolutely the best way to teach people since it eases you into the mechanic creep of later series. I just never understood how buckwild it was with sounds on.
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on_and_awful: I hit the cray button
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MurphEP: I have to be honest, I'm a little sad we're not getting more Duel Links. But I'm also glad Wheeler doesn't have to play more Duel Links.
MurphEP: Ready for some more Yugioh!
NotCainNorAbel: did you remember to stop streaming last week?
DiceHoarder: You're in the phantom zone Benjamin.
RandomTrivia: Hi Ben! Also, hi Mulder! lrrHEART
NotCainNorAbel: kitty
on_and_awful: reject duel links. return to GBA
YeetTheRich_: *pegasus voice* welcome to the shadow realm wheeler-boy
MTGRanger: I’ve played yugioh ones of times and WOW. It has….. rules.
Earthenone: this is not my beautiful House of adhesive tape
Kramburger: Oh you should have seen it, Wheeler was up to his usual shenanigans
MurphEP: We'll get the snap on the edited version
Earthenone: battle pack is so good
YeetTheRich_: wingspan
Earthenone: its the sealed or draft mode
Earthenone: pride69 It's time to ****!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Wheeler continues his look at Yu-Gi-Oh on tonight’s Is This Your Card? ||
ContingentCat: yeah, it was a time
SkiaSymphonia: I recall something about a big monke
MurphEP: I did think it was weird that you played the whole game with your eyes closed
Kramburger: But the who was Wheeler?!
MTGRanger: Chat, do I need to dig up the duel links VOD after the stream?
r10pez10: !show override
djalternative: @MTGRanger YES
Juliamon: MTGRanger I recommend an edible beforehand
MTGRanger: Got it
MurphEP: At least 1
NotCainNorAbel: too late
ContingentCat: Heather wouldn't just not put something on youtube
Kramburger: Friendship Ended with Duel Links
Earthenone: link evolution
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2516 patrons for a total of $18,292.11 per month.
TheWriterAleph: chunk bucks
Kramburger: We mugged Turner during the PPR
YeetTheRich_: so this is not speed duel right? this is classic boomer yugioh?
SirTrae: I do not remember this game being anywhere near pricey
djalternative: @SirTrae canada dollars
SirTrae: @YeetTheRich_ Depends on if you include the newer extra deck stuff as boomer yugioh
MTGRanger: Ok I will DEFINITELY need to see that vod
JonnyGlitch: I'M SO EXCITED
Earthenone: legacy of the duelist is kind of like duels of the planeswalkers link evolution is like the core set year on those games, its the era it goes up to
RandomTrivia: MTGRanger It was a TIME
JonnyGlitch: pay to win?
RonaldMcDownload: YGO: LofD: LE
MTGRanger: It sounds that way, yeah @randomtrivia
lorazx: there is also duel links + the unofficial online clients
YeetTheRich_: @YeetTheRich_ well yes, the newer cards are always better :D just talking about the rule set
chaostreader: What’s the most recent form of summon in this game? Xyz, synchro or pendulum?
djalternative: @lorazx duel links was last week... if you believe the rumors
MurphEP: You beat up several children
lorazx: ohhhhhhh i missed that stream lmao
Earthenone: @chaostreader link, the one after pendulum
DiceHoarder: That sounds like a trip
radioshackraider: Hey, I've been playing Duel Links since last week thanks to the stream
djalternative: @chaostreader I have to assume this game follows the current master rules
chaostreader: @earthenone Oh god. This is going to get complicated.
ContingentCat: Mass holusionations sure are fun
Earthenone: Monkee
radioshackraider: I discovered that Tristan's deck is a Monkey deck
r10pez10: what are the 5Ds of yugioh
asthanius: Ooh we get to fight Weevil?
asthanius: @r10pez10 They're all "Duel" with different intonations
Earthenone: Dueling Dueling Dueling Dueling and Dueling
chaostreader: Start with Vrains. I’m sure it’s the simplest. Kappa
SrMuskrat: Pend Best Deck Lets Go
radioshackraider: The 5Ds of Yugioh: Dodge, dip, duck, dive and Dodge
AJtheDreamSculptor: Oh God no. I can't do this again. Everytime I change from Yugioh to Magic, or vice versa, I keep forgetting the rules. Like trying to attack a magic monster directly
r10pez10: Do-elll
djalternative: Chains it this game's version of the stack
r10pez10: Doool
GlitchyStitch: GET YOUR GAME ON
YeetTheRich_: ah yes pendulum ... if you want to spend half of the stream reading your cards
MTGRanger: Pendulum is so weird. Partially because the people I played with once also had no clue how it worked
SirTrae: The first match of each series is a tutorial for that era's new stuff
possummtg: Are you going to cosplay as Kaiba as well
chaostreader: Xyz is pronounced Exceez or something close to that.
asthanius: Grains
r10pez10: VR pains
DiceHoarder: Card games on motorcycles???
Kramburger: My doctor perscribed me Zexal to help with a rash I'm afraid to show my wife
spiffinn: the only ygo i've ever interacted with is the 5Ds anime and boy is it something
MurphEP: A whole cardset of just trains
r10pez10: who's that pokemon
floki4242: that hair
YeetTheRich_: theyre in the shadow realm
asthanius: I think the one on the left is Patrick Star
GlitchyStitch: Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence Network System
Asimech: @AJtheDreamSculptor That's why you gotta stop playing these dead games and switch to Middle-Earth, the 1995 card game.
djalternative: Zexal is XYZ, Arc-5 is Pendelum, and Vrains is Link
MTGRanger: It’s yugi!
SrMuskrat: If anyone in chat wants to read a novel look up endymion mighty master of magic
asthanius: Hi nate
chaostreader: Zexel is XYZ, Arc-v is pendulum, Vrains is Link
Earthenone: the chain is the yugioh version of the stack, its FILO like magic, but once both players pass priority the whole chain resolves it dosent re check priority every step of the chain
MTGRanger: Wait not anymore
floki4242: booo
Kramburger: Nate Dogg AKA Reg-U-L8
r10pez10: that highschool looks like a prison
Earthenone: @r10pez10 so, a highschool
thraximore: The hottest card game in the world is Pokémon, pretty sure
klippiatt: "Arhm" ?
chaostreader: @thraximore Probably?
r10pez10: "fuggetaboutit"
djalternative: ahmmmm
possummtg: Ben "Im not doing voices" Wheeler
asthanius: Tristan meant it. He has a crush\
RoastedGravy: Pokemon I think sold the most cards.
YeetTheRich_: oh my god his dialogue is still scuffed
YeetTheRich_: ffs joey
r10pez10: is this a dating sim
thraximore: Isn't joey smarter than Tristan? Did YuGiOh abridged lie to me????
MurphEP: Oh no, there's dialogue in this card game
RoastedGravy: When do we date Kaiba?
Earthenone: this does look very dating sim right now
r10pez10: hours? does anyone do any school work?
chaostreader: @thraximore Yes?
MTGRanger: This is worse than the actual anime
YeetTheRich_: oh yeah
thraximore: "ta" duel
MTGRanger: The 4kids dub, at least
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun that's from the Arc-V series.
RoastedGravy: Don't worry about it.
ContingentCat: woooosh it's a snake
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A_Dub888: Have we figured out what Pot of Greed does?
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r10pez10: one sec adding "Wow! What a stirring intro!" to !badadvice
ContingentCat: *wooooosh
YeetTheRich_: this game seems so chill compared to duel links
chaostreader: Oh god. This has the Extra monster Zone.
asthanius: Informer?
Dr_fragenstien: why do i feel like all yu-gi-oh streams are going to feel like fever dreams
ContingentCat: *woooah (dangit brain)
asthanius: eyyyy
Cavemanhar: if you think questing beast has too much text wait for pendulum monsters
YeetTheRich_: yugi-boy
ComradeMik: wow, rude
RoastedGravy: Wow, rude to ma boi.
chaostreader: @dr_fragenstien Because they will.
MurphEP: Inconsistent universe smh
thraximore: legendary, but not quite as much
YeetTheRich_: joey is just an epic
A_Dub888: lrrWOW tutorial bot throwing with the shade
Dr_fragenstien: he is! just, you know... not AS legendary LUL
YeetTheRich_: not legendary
PMAvers: "First, in case you didn't know, flicking your cards was declared a crime last year, punishable by death."
RoastedGravy: Really digging into the Godfather of Games, there.
asthanius: That's not how I remember Rashomon
r10pez10: does anyone else keep mistaking wheeler's cursor for their own cursor
Earthenone: in duel links legendary status is binary, in link evolution it is a sliding scale i guess
YeetTheRich_: 2000 DEF? hell yeah
Dr_fragenstien: is that nintendogs!? PogChamp
MTGRanger: What does DEF even do?
MurphEP: We don't have to read a textbook to play this dragon PogChamp
Asimech: If you're DEFing, you're losing.
RoastedGravy: Math is for DEF. Kappa
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Ba_Dum_Tish: Time for Wheeler to send fools to the shadow realm
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Scuba033: stridersMath
YeetTheRich_: not even M O N K E Y can kill this dragon wheelerMonkey
Earthenone: this is not the best summoning mechanic in yugioh, it is just a tribute
cart4ever: When will Wheeler play POT OF GREED
RoastedGravy: LUL
MurphEP: Dragon Punch phase?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Isn't modern Yugioh at the level where if you normal summon more than a couple of times a game something as gone wrong?
Ba_Dum_Tish: *has
MTGRanger: I think so
Kramburger: Oh rght, the famous Moonbase YoGiOh League
kharnor: mypony.mp2
YeetTheRich_: the have the same interface for changing phases in at least 10 ygo games i swear to god
RoastedGravy: There's no backrow in Modern YGO.
Asimech: "Draw Face, Standby Me, Mana Points 1, BooP, Maine Phase 2, Electric Peek-a-Boo"
Asimech: Got it.
RoastedGravy: If you set cards, you've lost.
DiceHoarder: MP2 is my little pony, but the dark and sexy reboot.
ContingentCat: it stands for Extended Playing
thraximore: I think that's a slap
MurphEP: Foolish Joey
ContingentCat: which I guess works for the game too
RoastedGravy: YOU DID IT!
YeetTheRich_: that is because joey is a fricking moron
ContingentCat: katesNotes
RoastedGravy furiously scribbles notes.
DiceHoarder: dolphinStare
gilbro_: wait i dont remember that part
RonaldMcDownload: Joey paid 150 life to get information. Life is a resource
thraximore: oh no, I'm colorblind. Guess I can't play this game
RandomTrivia: I hear Green spells are good lrrBEEJ
Cavemanhar: thats a very blue green
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chaostreader: !card Pot of Greed
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
ContingentCat: more of a teal imo but ok
Ba_Dum_Tish: So we are in big green stompy correct?
YeetTheRich_: @LRRbot !card divination
CrookedSmile: can you set it and forget it??
Earthenone: i always thought that was purple
Earthenone: not pink
Ba_Dum_Tish: Clearly someone activated an onion cutting trap card
RoastedGravy: "I'm not crying, it's just Joey's dumb plays are getting in my eyes."
ComradeMik: magenta
Asimech: That's magenta.
YeetTheRich_: nah sorry this is not pink
YeetTheRich_: never been
asthanius: Oh that's just Animate Dead
thraximore: More like Diabolic Servitude
RoastedGravy: Note it said "destroy", not leave the field.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah YuGiOh could really use some templating rules
YeetTheRich_: actually animate dead with less text
asthanius: Sony do what Nin-Ken Dog
Earthenone: a dog!
thraximore: !card diabolic serv
LRRbot: Diabolic Servitude [3B] | Enchantment | When Diabolic Servitude enters the battlefield, return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. / When the creature put onto the battlefield with Diabolic Servitude dies, exile it and return Diabolic Servitude to its owner's hand. / When Diabolic Servitude leaves the battlefield, exile the creature put onto the battlefield with Diabolic Servitude.
djalternative: Nin-ten Dogs?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Pet dog
MTGRanger: Or. Or. Nintendog in attack position
MurphEP: I love the OK hand when you are selecting attacks
RandomTrivia: Our opponent was the *real* monster
YeetTheRich_: H U F F E R
Earthenone: does joey even own a clock?
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RoastedGravy: No one has a clock in this universe, cuz it's always time to duel.
Ba_Dum_Tish: @Earthenone He has a time wizard that is a living clock
RonaldMcDownload: @Earthenone Joey's canon deck does, in fact, have a clock
Earthenone: nah, thats yugis card
Earthenone: :P
YeetTheRich_: the dragon type symbol looks so stupid
YeetTheRich_: i mean hilarious stupid
thraximore: The game just wants to rip the band-aid off
thraximore: You're going to be a monster, might as well start early
Ba_Dum_Tish: Okay hand emoji
Earthenone: he will be back
djalternative: to call of the haunted it back
circusofkirkus: wheelerMonkey
Earthenone: techicly its an activated effect, not a trigger but OK game
MurphEP: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Ba_Dum_Tish: The illusion of choice there
MurphEP: Powerful Yugioh!
RandomTrivia: Yes, it's a combo
RandomTrivia: The same combo as Creatures and Reanimator spells LUL
YeetTheRich_: chain = stack
DarkMorford: "Chaining" cards is essentially putting them on the stack.
DiceHoarder: 700!?!?
DiceHoarder: Kappa
thraximore: hya
Ba_Dum_Tish: What about Zelda
djalternative: we're jumping right to links? oh god
Jikaran: I just saw lrr play yugioh. And ofc its the card game master himself Ben Wheeler playing it xD
Earthenone: does the dog die will remember this
Sibwow: yu gi oh no what happened to your mobile game
countingku: You mean: Reading the card, explains the card?
YeetTheRich_: nice one tristan
MurphEP: "Joey, wanna learn how to play this game? Okay I'm gonna combo on turn 3"
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
MadWolf1290: Tristian with the truth.
circusofkirkus: Pay-to-win
DiceHoarder: Nepotism calebdS
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Ba_Dum_Tish: Woooow Yugi
thraximore: I think Yugi has some kind of condition, his eyes are HUGE compared to the rest of the characters
SirTrae: I'm pretty sure story-wise, at this point Joey was running a deck of entirely monster cards
RandomTrivia: I can simultaneously hear all these lines in both the 4Kids VAs AND the Abridged voices
MTGRanger: @thraximore he has anime eyes disease
asthanius: Welcome to Story Time with Ben Wheeler
MTGRanger: This is just the anime
thraximore: @MTGRanger Is there no hope for our hero???
MurphEP: "Add"
SrMuskrat: These literally are just story modes that follow the anime plot lines
viridimayai: I like how Seto Kaiba is just, there.
SirTrae: And within weeks, he got second place in a regionals
Ba_Dum_Tish: Also why on earth was millionaire Kaiba just hanging around a school
4nomaly4ssembler: that's kind of a lie, he doesn't intend to collect the card, he intends to tear it asunder
RoastedGravy: LUL
Kramburger: Horn Imp? Comeone game
DarkMorford: @RandomTrivia To be fair, some of them are practically the same. LittleKuriboh is very good at mimicking the official actors.
Sogheim: the interface is... neat.
djalternative: you are absolutely going to go through the story of every anime series if you continue with the campaign
Decaped: has there been any yo gi oh manga adaptations?
thraximore: @Ba_Dum_Tish the court case hasn't put the order in effect yet
DiceHoarder: @4nomaly4ssembler Spoilers Kappa
thraximore: @Ba_Dum_Tish so he's getting as much time around schools as possible
r10pez10: sh yes the local GS
Kramburger: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
floki4242: can we talk about why IRobot is reading a book
yumisow: do you have your own channel ? @LoadingReadyRun
ContingentCat: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
circusofkirkus: is that hair genetic?
Asimech: "It's rated AO in NA, but ok."
thraximore: "only when you stop wearing bondage gear"
itsr67: Yugi Moto taking his friends to Card Kingdom
th3mpire: its a black lotus
Kramburger: @yumisow he's @benjamin_wheeler
Earthenone: thats not the art he had, but ok :P
RandomTrivia: Aaaaand they used the wrong art benginFacepalm
RoastedGravy: So rare it's been printed 500 times.
DarkMorford: And it has no card text!
MTGRanger: LOL
Juliamon: It's priceless because it's misprinted without any text
Ba_Dum_Tish: The Blue eyes white dragon that has no text because I have held it for so long
Sogheim: poor kid who opens Burst Stream of Destruction knowing Seto Kaiba destroyed every Blue Eyes
RoastedGravy: So, question.
MTGRanger: Classmate? What?
floki4242: upbeat droopy is a little too much
thraximore: "Pay for my operation!"
RoastedGravy: Is Elon Musk just a real life Seto Kaiba?
drzoidbergmaybe: grandpa really let this 16yr old all over him
MTGRanger: Yes, @roastedgravy
ComradeMik: dammit konami, give me a game with yugi challenging teenagers to death games
itsr67: @MTGRanger yep, kaiba is yugi's age
ComradeMik: give me dynamite table hockey
ContingentCat: !findquote water
LRRbot: Quote #2204: "Why do you have water in your lungs, Hodor?!" —Cori [2016-03-28]
thraximore: @RoastedGravy nah, Kaiba is a real scientist
Ba_Dum_Tish: I thought Kaiba was older for some reason
Earthenone: screw the taxes i have money @Kramburger
Sibwow: distur-bed
RoastedGravy: Nah, Yugi's just smol.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Probably because Yugi looks like he should be in primary school
djalternative: Yeah. Pegasus is like 20 at the start of Duelist Kingdom
RandomTrivia: "The team was disturbed by Kaiba''s obsession with Blue-Eyes White Dragon" is the eternal story of Yugioh
YeetTheRich_: now this is yugioh
cyclesprefect: why isn't he wearing his school uniform like all his classmates! delinquent
floki4242: okay but why does a robot need to read a book
thraximore: "and then they called the police"
Sogheim: but the Blue Eyes was a gift from that one time Solomon got really close with Professor Hawkins in a tomb and it's their emotional connection that's valued, not the card's rarity
RoastedGravy: I thought Pegasus was 24.
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
Kramburger: That escalated quickly
ComradeMik: to quote YGOA "screw the rules, I have money"
MTGRanger: Anime (tm)
RoastedGravy: "For some reason, playing a card game has caused me to become severely injured."
YeetTheRich_: jesus
A_Dub888: "Obsession with Blue-Eyes White Dragon" - Seto Kaiba in a nutshell
YeetTheRich_: wtf kaiba
Jikaran: I too kidnapp the owner of my local lgs because tthey dont sell me some random card. Totally normal thing xd
Ritaspirithntr: Ah yes. I see Kaiba still hasn’t changed after all this time.
Earthenone: thats kaibas happy face
drzoidbergmaybe: "I was out of pocket Yugi!"
Seagulyus: huh it is the wrong kaiba outfit
th3mpire: is this how we found out about the grandpas gambling addiction?
DiceHoarder: Assault...
Haroldholmes25: Joey wheelerPog
Ba_Dum_Tish: I think I forgot how utterly insane the yugioh animated plot was
PMAvers: Nah, those are just poor people crimes.
RoastedGravy: Kidnapping, theft, and attempted murder. All for a card.
floki4242: what's with all the straps that must be a pain to put on
Sogheim: but... Kaiba would have been putting up his Blue Eyes against another Blue Eyes.
thraximore: oh, playing for Ante. The way Dicky G intended
drzoidbergmaybe: grandpa was put of pocket
RandomTrivia: LUL
PerplexedPensive: lul
ContingentCat: katesLol wat
PMAvers: "We were playing for Ante!"
ComradeMik: not a good enough reason to use the word stimulation
YeetTheRich_: do it
Mr_Whale: LUL
MTGRanger: Haaaa
YeetTheRich_: rip it
RoastedGravy: "Who needs morals when you got BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON?"
thraximore: :D
YeetTheRich_: yess
floki4242: straight up rolled the guy
Kramburger: WHAT THE FUCK
YeetTheRich_: i was hoping for a ripping animation
ContingentCat: what
Ba_Dum_Tish: But you owned it now Kaiba?
adambomb625: I'm sorry, did you bleep out dragon?
thraximore: I feel like Seto Kaiba would sue to preserve the Reserved List
DiceHoarder: Yeah, because BEWD will never ever get printed again...
A_Dub888: What the hell Kaiba?? That art didn't exist yet. You could've made (more) MILLIONS
Kramburger: Seto buys card before the B&R announcements
Sogheim: pistols aren't until 5D's with the motorcycles
YeetTheRich_: fyi: you are only allowed to play 3 of the same card in your deck ... so kaiba has all the blue eyes he needs
asthanius: Oh no! He got hot!
Sibwow: instant puberty
thraximore: Oh no, the Kink club is here!
Cavemanhar: yes
asthanius: Normal people can't actually see the physical transformation, afaik
ComradeMik: not yet. but eventually
RoastedGravy: Not now, no. He knows later, though.
munchelll: Yugi doesn't know at first I think
Ba_Dum_Tish: Well rock me amadaeus
SirTrae: I think he not supposed to actually look any different
adambomb625: In the Manga, the transformation is more posture than anything. He doesn't even get taller
SrMuskrat: Oh no he's hot
cyclesprefect: i always figured it was just came across like a Posture & Confidence thing to everyone else
DarkMorford: Screw the rules, I'm Dan Green!
RonaldMcDownload: Oh god, Yami IS just out-Yugi
Jikaran: Also there isnt really a physical transformation
thraximore: (10 hour version)
Kramburger: Good voice Streamer
YeetTheRich_: that voice was actually not bad
RandomTrivia: Kaiba, of course, isn't a normal person, what with the connection to one of the ancient Egyptian priests (spoilers I guess for an anime that's over 15 years old)
walkwithoutrhythm: D-D-D-DDDD-DUEL
asthanius: OH GOD
ContingentCat: whoops
Sogheim: yeah, the interface is... yea.
merlinnimue: did you transform?!
niccus: time to die
Jikaran: In the OG Manga Yami wasnt biggger then yugi
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh no
MurphEP: Why does that monke have a sword?
Earthenone: its clearly the #1 deck
djalternative: uh oh. wheeler picked a numbers deck
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
PMAvers: Grandpa gives you his special deck to fight Kaiba with, Yugi tosses it over his shoulder and pulls out a starter deck to play instead.
asthanius: Rock
Shadowlegacies : paper
rockfist766: Paper strats
asthanius: Nothing beats Rock
thraximore: @RandomTrivia *gasp*
LivingTheTruth: chop chop
YeetTheRich_: this loading screen tips are the most threatening thing ...
ContingentCat: scissos
Earthenone: always rock,
Kramburger: Rock
chaostreader: Um. This might go poorly.
cart4ever: No one can deflect the emerald splash, so rock
Kramburger: Give monke
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
YeetTheRich_: if we follow the anime i believe you just have to assemble the exodia here
djalternative: oh. this isn't the numbers deck
RandomTrivia: Oooh, Liberty at Last is a strong tool
Earthenone: liberty at last is nuts
thraximore: wheelerMonkey
Ba_Dum_Tish: Well it isn't that complicated since there isn't an extra deck
Ritaspirithntr: @jikaran Also in the OG Manga there was a variety of table top games until the card game took off in popularity XD
PMAvers: No monke, only banana.
Asimech: Just trust in the heart of the cards. It only failed Grandpa when he need it the most.
Shadowlegacies : big bug hit hard
chaostreader: Copycat seems sweet against Kaiba.
Cunobelenos: No lands. Better mull
cart4ever: wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey
DiceHoarder: Well Yugi is good at ****ing.
YeetTheRich_: this is cowboy yugioh
Sogheim: well, knowing Kaiba, Saggi the Dark Clown and set Crush Card Virus
RandomTrivia: Pffft
YeetTheRich_: lets gooo kaiba
RoastedGravy: Oh.
Earthenone: its only fast if you set it
munchelll: oof
Jikaran: @Ritaspirithntr I wouldnt call throwing dice into someone face or playing air hockey with nitroglycerin a tabletop game but yeah. Wasnt really card games at the start
LivingTheTruth: well yea haw
RandomTrivia: Quick-play spells can only be played from the hand on YOUR turn
thraximore: Better speed up, nerd LUL
Shadowlegacies : yes
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wow I was expecting the opening blue eyes
RandomTrivia: You can set them like trap cards
SrMuskrat: you can only use quick plays on your turn from your hand. If you set them you can't activate it at fast speed.
Shadowlegacies : dog attack postion trust
RandomTrivia: Imagine if we had set Liberty LUL
RandomTrivia: The entire problem would have gone awayu
RandomTrivia: *away
MurphEP: I now remember that I stopped playing Yugioh games as a kid because I was tired of being asked to activate cards every time I got priority
mulligan2six: Is this wheeler teaches chat, or chat teaches wheeler?
YeetTheRich_: don't tell your opponent it's a trap you fool
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RoastedGravy: What's Kaiba gonna do, not attack?
Ron_Fairham: He just summoned a bunch of monsters on the same turn isn't that against the rules?
RandomTrivia: YeetTheRich_ Go one better and declare that every single one is Mirror Force
Jikaran: xD
imgpw: at every phase
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah I hated quick effects for this.
YeetTheRich_: everytime you have priority
djalternative: yeah. it's a card that enforces anime rules
Cavemanhar: every time
RandomTrivia: Every time you get priority
LivingTheTruth: show and tell but one sided for zero
RoastedGravy: How much bread have you eaten in your life?
DarkMorford: Every time you have priority.
YeetTheRich_: which is a lot
YeetTheRich_: yup
Sogheim: it will remind you every time that the card can be played if you wish to play it
asthanius: not much. what's the modoor with you?
itsr67: iirc there
RandomTrivia: There is probably a setting you can configure
djalternative: yes. and nope
itsr67: there's a key you can hold
RonaldMcDownload: As often as arena asks if you want to play an instant
itsr67: I think?
Asimech: I'm getting flashbacks to Win98 warnings.
YeetTheRich_: there is a f6 in some of the ygo games
Mr_Whale: there's a setting you can change
th3mpire: try F6 lol
RandomTrivia: The GBA games from 2005 allowed you to set custom timings for each card
Jikaran: Ancient Rule wasnt even a card back then
Jikaran: Kaiba is a timetraveler
YeetTheRich_: F6
Mr_Whale: holding right click is like f6
RoastedGravy: LUL
YeetTheRich_: there should be something somewhere iirc ...
imgpw: why would you anyway
imgpw: SMOrc best strat
imgpw: face is place
Ba_Dum_Tish: Everyone loves dogs
RoastedGravy: Pig Zone.
mulligan2six: Why am I in the pig zone?
radioshackraider: In the last Yugioh game I played, just play 2K+ 4 star beats was a winning option.
YeetTheRich_: haha
YeetTheRich_: you foool
niccus: now activate it in reaction to its activation
imgpw: get tossed
MurphEP: Rude
circusofkirkus: Kaiba is too smart for you
Shadowlegacies : no u
RoastedGravy: Waow
DarkMorford: You got Fogged
LivingTheTruth: get negated
YeetTheRich_: you fell right into my trap yugi-boy
radioshackraider: Ride on into to the Pig Zone
asthanius: surr-enter
RandomTrivia: Much like Magic, you should try to give the opponent the chance to spend a card before you do :D
mulligan2six: This is a slog of an interface haha. I thought MTGO was bad!
MurphEP: Negate. I'll concede.
LivingTheTruth: lol what if at every priory it offered surrender
ThirdFloorDraft: speed run strat?
Kramburger: Concede at 20
Avangrd: I find this game easier to play with a controller than with mouse and keyboard, it's just so clunky
Asimech: "You know, you could give. Nobody would blame you. Except everyone, but you know. Maybe consider giving up."
Shadowlegacies : burb
MurphEP: Alright alright
RoastedGravy: Oh hey, it's from the manga.
Dr_fragenstien: looks like you piked the right deck
RandomTrivia: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
Ba_Dum_Tish: So an Ian card then
YeetTheRich_: that one is actually not bad
Earthenone: i thought Crass Clown was your invitational card
Shadowlegacies : hes a dark yes
NatNatNutmeg: genie zone
RoastedGravy: That is the darkness kanji, yes.
LivingTheTruth: omg it dosent say lolol
frozenphoenix7: That is Dark yes
mulligan2six: Genie zone. More magical than the pig zone.
MurphEP: Symbol is symbol
djalternative: it tells you right there... assuming you can read japanese
ghyllnox: Quick better learn kanji
MurphEP: Oh I love that card
RoastedGravy: LUL
ThirdFloorDraft: that's how
imgpw: you are getting ruined
MurphEP: Ope
Shadowlegacies : get got
nyquister_: Unlucky!
RoastedGravy: I hate that YGO has no Oracle text.
floki4242: he used money to cheat
ThirdFloorDraft: anime hair?
adambomb625: Mirror Force is a totally fair card
MurphEP: At least we don't have any spells so we get to play without pop ups every 5 secs
YeetTheRich_: wheelerGre wheelerE wheelerEed
Shadowlegacies : specail summmon blue eyes ultamate dragon to your link zone
Anexmedia: Totally balanced card
ThirdFloorDraft: gross
sniperserpent: it's unreasonable the mirror force was ever considered unplayable in competetive yugioh
djalternative: it's settle
munchelll: lot of old busted cards lol
radioshackraider: And it's still good
mulligan2six: Nothing like an instant speed one sided free wrath of god
RoastedGravy: That's Campaign mode.
RoastedGravy: If you use the Story decks.
radioshackraider: I think they put it in starter decks now
MTGRanger: Pot of greed is banned but THAT isn’t?
Shadowlegacies : use exodia
RoastedGravy: It's about as close to old-school as you can get.
adambomb625: In VRains they appropriately treat Mirror Force as a rediculously OP secret weapon
djalternative: yeah. early day ygo is what you're doing right now.
sniperserpent: i know there's an online community for playing like 2006 competetive yugioh
bullseye3265: graphics on this game look almost as bad as magic online
itsr67: oh GOAT format
RoastedGravy: Yes.
adambomb625: Sometimes?
sniperserpent: GOAT and reaper format
Kramburger: Uppercase Yugi and Lowercase Yugi
sniperserpent: i prefer reaper
djalternative: depends on the point in the series
itsr67: GOAT format is boomer ygo
ThirdFloorDraft: inside every yuguhi, there is a small child
SkiaSymphonia: Sort of. It's two different characters that have a discussion. I think?
radioshackraider: I miss playing Yugioh. My Blue Eyes deck needs so much updating
MTGRanger: Because kaiba sucks
itsr67: one of Kaiba's signature cards, Crush Card Virus is a prison card
RoastedGravy: BEEEEES
NatNatNutmeg: bee
Sky_Kast: LUL I'm no boomer but I started with the American release
RandomTrivia: B E E
Shadowlegacies : not the beeeeeessssssss
YeetTheRich_: B wheelerE
MTGRanger: lol I thought it said apocalypse bee
Earthenone: and its 1600 on its own\
adambomb625: Can that be used on an Opponent's turn?
Juliamon: PridePog PridePog PridePog
Earthenone: thast a strong bee
Sky_Kast: 2002 or whatever
YeetTheRich_: lmao
RandomTrivia: Oof
RoastedGravy: You got a virus.
Incandescent_Zubat: Does Armored Bee make the cut in a Grist deck?
YeetTheRich_: kaiba with the plays
MTGRanger: Uh oh
Dr_fragenstien: LuL
itsr67: LUL
Dr_fragenstien: GOTTEM
DiceHoarder: LUL
Mr_Whale: hahahha
RandomTrivia: OUT PLAYED
Sogheim: it is Kaiba's deck
Anexmedia: "I've done this to myself"
Shadowlegacies : prison
DiceHoarder: You fell for his trap card LUL
DarkMorford: Kaiba with the soul read
imgpw: he thought about the bees
RoastedGravy: This card got errata'd.
YeetTheRich_: we have seen more cool plays in this turn than in the entire duel links stream
RoastedGravy: It's not as broken as it used to be.
Shadowlegacies : you got got
Sky_Kast: well That's terrible for you how unfortunate
itsr67: all variants of crush card virus are neat
Paranundrox: I just tuned in, is Wheeler getting bodied by Kaiba
YeetTheRich_: dregin
tastymcnuggett: are you playing against a bot?
MurphEP: @Paranundrox Oh yeah
Ron_Fairham: This dude knows the matchup really well
Dr_fragenstien: i love the battle phase image
MTGRanger: I remember crush card virus being far worse in the anime
ComradeMik: @Paranundrox bodied is a little strong
MurphEP: But in a good way
ComradeMik: but it's not going amazing
RoastedGravy: It was awful in the TCG pre-errata, too.
Earthenone: nah seto is a top
Avangrd: This is pretty much how most of the campaign battles go before 5Ds
Spacecarl: lrrWOW
RandomTrivia: I'm proud to say that I seriously and unironically registered one copy of Dragon Dwelling in the Cave in a Yugioh regional, in 2012
Shadowlegacies : horsy
frozenphoenix7: No it's a Beast
RandomTrivia: HONSE
yumisow: maybe you should play VRAINS to see how yugioh is getting played right now
RoastedGravy: Hey, Seto, do you wanna hear the best joke ever?
YeetTheRich_: this is actually seto kaiba's soul trapped in a virtual reality and his only way to escape is to beat you, ben
asthanius: He probably beat him up
radioshackraider: I can believe that Dragon could be put in a deck around the time I stopped playing
itsr67: basically
frozenphoenix7: Grandpa decided to destroy all the stuff in his deck by accident
ThirdFloorDraft: sorry to say, but grampa, he kinda sucked
Kramburger: He tied him to a chair and literally beat him with a deckbox in a sock
YeetTheRich_: opponent
Shadowlegacies : lmao
Shadowlegacies : XD
imgpw: shame concede
itsr67: LUL
MurphEP: ope
RoastedGravy: It's fine.
asthanius: sending a message
SrMuskrat: Because these decks are starter decks that aren't anything like the decks they played in the anime. Not that they actually followed the rules in the anime.
YeetTheRich_: solid BM there tbh
djalternative: your grandpa likes researching the history behind the cards, not actually playing the game
Sky_Kast: LUL
ContingentCat: too many
YeetTheRich_: oh yeah these cards are harmless
Swamplor: 1800 words on your average YGO card, and most of those words are gibberish
MurphEP: Good bait
RandomTrivia: Yugioh cards make The Questing Beast look like a short story by comparison
Sky_Kast: that's why I haven't played since 2005
djalternative: they refuse to keyword anything. it's stupid
YeetTheRich_: go kuriboh
YeetTheRich_: ayyyy
imgpw: never didnt have it
Shadowlegacies : eyyyyyyyy]
MurphEP: ggs
Juliamon: You did it!
merlinnimue: gg copycat
circusofkirkus: lrrHORN
nyquister_: *Money
RandomTrivia: djalternative They keyworded exactly two things ever and they were both good choices and they never did it again benginFacepalm
ComradeMik: and cheat!
Asimech: "Blood magic: It helps you win card games."
MTGRanger: Implying we don’t also play for power lol
YeetTheRich_: yessss pegasusss
DarkMorford: Oh no he's hot
Sibwow: "mysterious" you can just say gay its ok
Sky_Kast: yeah Flip and continuous LUL
djalternative: @RandomTrivia I love that piercing damage got reduced down
radioshackraider: He has two eyes, it's just that one is an ancient magical relic
RandomTrivia: A kid beat Kaiba? Better send him a cursed videotape
asthanius: Weevil!
MurphEP: YES
Shadowlegacies : imagine not speed running
PaperDoopliss: Wriggle Nightbug!
Shadowlegacies : weavil
DeM0nFiRe: It's pikachu!
MTGRanger: Yea weevil! I remember disliking him?
dtrain_67: Rex Raptor!
TheBearBee: It's Jigglypuff!
RandomTrivia: tiny nerd
RoastedGravy: It's Butthead.
djalternative: we might want to jump to 5Ds to learn about other card types
Sky_Kast: definitely not Weedhead
Asimech: Mr Mimic?
asthanius: Mothra
itsr67: it's the whole show up through the Orachalchos arc? I think? at least the original
circusofkirkus: MOTHMAN
radioshackraider: It's Bandit Keith!
OgSuperdeath: Venomoth!
ContingentCat: oh god that kid
TheExplodedGamer: lol
RandomTrivia: LUL
Sky_Kast: yup
RandomTrivia: Smooth sergeJustRight
FlyboyZeb: it's Pikachu!!
MurphEP: This is amazing so far
SrMuskrat: Bah Gawd that's Weevil Underwood's music
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
Shadowlegacies : no breaks allowed
MurphEP: Uh oh he's trapped here
RoastedGravy: Stuck in the Shadow Realm.
Sky_Kast: applause in the worst way possible
Shadowlegacies : whose that yugioh
benjamin_wheeler: I think its Joe
NatNatNutmeg: ^
asthanius: Joe Mama?
asthanius: Or Joe Chill?
DarkMorford: @benjamin_wheeler Maybe check the game settings to see if you can turn off the priority reminder?
Asimech: Joe Kim?
RoastedGravy: Is he related to Bofa?
LordZarano: Hydrate PrideLGBTea
MurphEP: Do you have a yugioh card overlay ready to go so you can look like you're trapped inside of a card?
noisyblizzard: Rocko or naruto one of them for sure
Asimech: Wait. Bowl cut? We're fighting Gohan?
DarkMorford: Is this Beavis or Butthead? I can never tell them apart.
RoastedGravy: Butthead's the blonde, Beavis's the brunette, I think.
TetraRay: it could be the special guest the harlem globetrotters
radioshackraider: So after having played Duel Links for a week, I can safely say that the AI gets to the stage where it can beat you
asthanius: to see better
joejoebear812: @LoadingReadyRun i have no experience with yugioh, is there some form of urine-based currency like ptcgo?
djalternative: it also has a bow-tie
radioshackraider: Why wouldn't the robot butler have a monocle?
TwitchingPokki: what's a TV
RoastedGravy: I remember VCR.
asthanius: Virtual Card Recognizer
hd_dabnado: I was born 2001 and I know all of these things
LordZarano: The robot has... interests
NatNatNutmeg: i remember those
djalternative: I still have many VHS tapes
radioshackraider: Oh! They're those things from Red Dwarf
FacelessManAboutTown: My grandparents had laser disc
thraximore: I remember... COMING SOON TO OWN, ON DVD AND VIDEO at one thousand decibels
RandomTrivia: "Don't watch that! Watch this!"
YeetTheRich_: yeeee
itsr67: Hell tm
circusofkirkus: wow so quickly
RoastedGravy: WE DID IT.
hd_dabnado: we're here!!!!
YeetTheRich_: lrrHERE
RoastedGravy: PogChamp
Ba_Dum_Tish: Uh oh shadowrealm time
thraximore: FBtouchdown
HundreydAundre: No! Its a trap!
niccus: ah, omniscience draft
asthanius: that's a different game
nyquister_: The actual, factual Shadow Realm
HundreydAundre: This is not going to go....
HundreydAundre: The way you THINK!
RoastedGravy: LUL
YeetTheRich_: always remember this is basically richard garfield
MTGRanger: Wait did I miss the weevil boss fight?
Paranundrox: what is that face
nyquister_: That cape and leather pants combo
circusofkirkus: WTF is with the blush
PMAvers: Powerful druids would use the cards to fight off alien invaders.
thraximore: uhhh any Shadow Gamers in chat???
Sogheim: can I just say that Pegasus is like my second favorite character in this show? he's so over the top, he's amazing
radioshackraider: I appreciate that in the Yugioh world all problems are solved with card games, just like pokemon
RoastedGravy: Just remember.
RoastedGravy: In YGO canon, there exists a dimension where Dragon Maids are real.
MTGRanger: What
YeetTheRich_: stop
YeetTheRich_: no
NatNatNutmeg: its true
RoastedGravy: LUL
nyquister_: *Narrator's note
circusofkirkus: :D face
TwitchingPokki: it's important to speak like a 30yr old slash fiction writer when you narrate Pegasus
YeetTheRich_: the fanfic realm
canadianbac0nz: pegasus is just a stream sniper
radioshackraider: Remind me chat, one of the Millennium Items never gets used in the show right?
TwitchingPokki: he just gives off that energy
Paranundrox: wait we don't even get to play
Paranundrox: wow
asthanius: Weevil!
Kramburger: Sir, I did NOT give permission for my fanfic to be read out on stream
LordZarano: Magic, if you The Gathering all 7 items together
MTGRanger: @canadianbac0nz he is. Isn’t he..
RandomTrivia: LUL
noisyblizzard: Oh no he roped
Mr_Whale: LUL
Sogheim: you skipped the story and ran into Weevil!
asthanius: yes
Sibwow: story deck
RoastedGravy: Probably.
YeetTheRich_: fusion should be ok
djalternative: you'll be fine
nyquister_: Xyz baby
radioshackraider: Play the XYZ deck
TwitchingPokki: Synchro structure
PerplexedPensive: i mean obv #1 starter deck
asthanius: gun
Sogheim: Fusion is fine, so's Synchro and XYZ, but I don't understand Pendulum at all.
RoastedGravy: It's Tron, Ben!
canadianbac0nz: rock always clocks
YeetTheRich_: easy rock
SkiaSymphonia: scissors
circusofkirkus: it's always the deuces
Kramburger: Rock
asthanius: weevil's gonna choose rock
djalternative: I pick gun
cart4ever: Rock
floki4242: punch
chaostreader: @sogheim Pendulum is fun.
YeetTheRich_: you fool!
Juliamon: Why are the rock fists mirrored but not the others??
thraximore: Weevil, Known Buttmunch
MurphEP: Never lucky
Kramburger: !listen
LRRbot: Chat? Engaging in mimicry?
YeetTheRich_: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
cart4ever: No one can deflect the emerald splash wheeler
asthanius: Jar of Greed!
floki4242: he's a bug
YeetTheRich_: @LRRbot there it is
RoastedGravy: Like 10.
Ba_Dum_Tish: I understand up to xyz I have no idea about pendulum
asthanius: That's not a pot!
cart4ever: you should've known that rock was best
MurphEP: Hey!
TwitchingPokki: probably 12
MurphEP: That cards illegal
RoastedGravy: POT OF GREED?!
Dr_fragenstien: what does pot of greed do? Kappa
Sibwow: off the top of their deck?
thraximore: What does that card do?
Sibwow: the original Pog
lightninginthecorner: games really treating you like the king of games
xxslughoilday: bevis of yu gi oh lol
radioshackraider: He's like 10. He's THAT snot nosed brat at the LGS
circusofkirkus: why is it a trap card
RoastedGravy: It's a jar.
YeetTheRich_: S T R I C T L Y worse
TwitchingPokki: Ben. What if i told you there was a Black Lotus for cards
RoastedGravy: So, Ben.
SkiaSymphonia: He's 15, according to google. But I have no idea if that's accurate. He seems more like 12
asthanius: why is it a trap card
MurphEP: Ah yes this card is worse
RoastedGravy: You walk into a forest and comes across a Jar of Greed.
MTGRanger: Isn’t pot banned?
RoastedGravy: Do you open it?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah pot has been banned forever
canadianbac0nz: It's a trap card because a spell that just draws a card and does nothing else is broken in yugioh
chaostreader: You can fusion summon this turn. Probably.
djalternative: Pot is banned but this is story
RoastedGravy: This is gonna end poorly.
lightninginthecorner: this hand might be ridiculous depending on your fusion deck
YeetTheRich_: BICYCLE
YeetTheRich_: YESS
RoastedGravy: BIKE
MurphEP: Bicycle!
floki4242: we can ride our bicycle
djalternative: I think you can fuse this turn
RoastedGravy: King won't.
Sethalidos: card games on motorcycles?
RandomTrivia: King of the Swamp can't do that, only for named cards
RoastedGravy: It's gotta be a specifically named card.
YeetTheRich_: one of these is not like the others
YeetTheRich_: look at how big this box is
YeetTheRich_: you can guess how wild effects can be
lightninginthecorner: first of the dragons is real good
lightninginthecorner: and also big memes
RoastedGravy: It's the Ur-Dragon.
MurphEP: Good name, great art
YeetTheRich_: this is a FTK card btw
Mattmitchell45: Is that Bird wear a breastplate?
lightninginthecorner: more like blaze memix
krispytan: yes
lightninginthecorner: yes
adambomb625: yes
scarlet_feverish: But I think both players can use it?
djalternative: yes but you exile the mats instead
circusofkirkus: santa clausolas?
asthanius: this is a lot
Mattmitchell45: My favorite Julia Roberts movie
RandomTrivia: Fusion Gate works for both players, but if you notice, our opponent doesn't have any cards in the extra deck
YeetTheRich_: remember you can only have one field spell at a time
djalternative: note: wevile doesn't have any fusion monsters
RoastedGravy: YGO is very dense at first, but eventually... No, it just gets more dense as it goes along.
krispytan: yes
adambomb625: yes
lightninginthecorner: correct
RoastedGravy: Wait till we see what Pendulums do!
adambomb625: no
asthanius: I don't think that works
lightninginthecorner: wait no not correct
djalternative: no. king of the swamp doesn't work like that
asthanius: The exact name is not listed
lightninginthecorner: thought that whole thought was finished
krispytan: no pyro
RoastedGravy: Nope.
YeetTheRich_: swamp dude is no pyro
canadianbac0nz: King only replaces specifically a named material
asthanius: Bike will not work
RoastedGravy: Look at Labyrinth Tank.
RandomTrivia: None of these have named materials, only type requirements
Dr_fragenstien: so you can only use the king of thw swamp for the tank
RoastedGravy: Yep.
asthanius: Or it can get a polymerization
djalternative: correct
krispytan: yep or search poly
RandomTrivia: T A N K
Sogheim: it's mostly there to find Polymerization
adambomb625: It can also discard to find polymerization, but you don't need that either
Cavemanhar: the hand looks like a brick
lightninginthecorner: yeah weevils a chump he cant do much
RoastedGravy: There was another King of the Swamp that's just a Fusion Substitue.
radioshackraider: Was King of the Swamp banned at one point? I feel like it was
RoastedGravy: I think it was semi-limited.
YeetTheRich_: the card is really named big insect?
YeetTheRich_: what
RoastedGravy: FIRE, FIRE.
MurphEP: That ant has a gun
lightninginthecorner: they really set an equip spell what a power move
krispytan: now u can fuse
scarlet_feverish: Thats just busted D:
munocard: You can summon the Fenix now
adambomb625: Summon the dragon
lightninginthecorner: first
adambomb625: First
munocard: Rock the Dragon
MurphEP: Wait, that card isn't Flame Cerberus? I just thought I played with someone who said it wrong
Sogheim: bring forth Shenron!
krispytan: dragon is pretty good
MurphEP: Dragon seems good
asthanius: "except by battle with a normal monster"
radioshackraider: Wannna mulligan the hand to see if we can fusion again?
YeetTheRich_: please let weevil have man-eater bug in facedown defense
RoastedGravy: That is an Extra Monster Zone, Ben.
krispytan: mallet is -1
RoastedGravy: It's where your Link Monsters go.
Sogheim: those are for links. which make even less sense than pendulum
djalternative: We'll get to those zones in Yugioh Vrains
YeetTheRich_: MAN EATER BUG lets go
krispytan: but also your hand sucks so
circusofkirkus: where do the zelda monsters go?
RoastedGravy: Links make sense. Pendulums were just a bad idea.
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lightninginthecorner: too much mtg i was like oh good the dragon has flying
wiggins: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
Izandai: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
TheAinMAP: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
MTGRanger: Heeey!
radioshackraider: Mallet is such a good card. I've been playing it in my Underdog combo deck in Duel Links
RoastedGravy: Sup, Chatt.
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE_FF lrrARROW
Dr_fragenstien: man, the link vs pendulum schism heating up in the chat Kappa
Diabore: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
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theevermist: Is this my card?
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YeetTheRich_: in the previous master rule your fusion monsters would go in the link zones yes. now only link monsters go there
YeetTheRich_: i believe
wiggins: are we though?
DiceHoarder: That is true, I can confirm
DigitalSeahorse: I learned this game before I learned MTG
KeytarCat: Absolutely the first ygo stream, got it
lightninginthecorner: having quickplay cards makes the AI constantly prod you
DigitalSeahorse: sort of
Mattmitchell45: this is Joey_Wheeler erasure
ContingentCat: we definitly didn't spend a week with a ridiculous bad game
djalternative: @benjamin_wheeler they used to have a more specific purpose but basically, they're extra zones for monsters from the extra deck. each player gets one and some kinds of monsters can only go there.
userFSP: A game I actually played PogChamp
krispytan: I would like to see you try paper yugioh or one of the fan clients when your more used to the game
floki4242: there was no duel links on is this your card
userFSP: Yes, banish
YeetTheRich_: fusion gate exiles them
Ba_Dum_Tish: That is exile Wheeler
canadianbac0nz: Fusion gate made you banish them
lightninginthecorner: theyre in exile
ThirdFloorDraft: haven't been paying close attention, but he's making up some really silly story about a pharioh with a boy trapped in him
userFSP: The power of the Black Pendant will not be stripped away PogChamp
krispytan: THE MOTH
YeetTheRich_: big moth
RoastedGravy: THE QUEEN
userFSP: Is there a button you can hold to say no to all of those prompts? I think it's B on the Switch
Mattmitchell45: Resonace Insect 8
canadianbac0nz: They got perfectly ultimate great moth I think
asthanius: mothra
Ba_Dum_Tish: Thicc moth
djalternative: people were saying right click does it
userFSP: You have to hold it I think
YeetTheRich_: nice now we have basically 4 polys
userFSP: Not Kamikiriman D:
RoastedGravy: Kamen Rider, nooooo!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Fusion decks always have massive hand problems from memory
YeetTheRich_: 5 polys
MurphEP: Weevil please stop playing creatures
userFSP: Is this a challenge duel?
lightninginthecorner: game just like tripled in speed with the rush reckless gone lol
krispytan: i legitametly dont think the weevil deck can win against first of the dragons
canadianbac0nz: get that deck thinning
userFSP: face is the place SMOrc
asthanius: it's no bike
YeetTheRich_: not small bug. big insect!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Pretty sure most of his hand is monsters
krispytan: and another fftk card showes up
djalternative: fusion gate exiles
lightninginthecorner: cannon soldier cna burn but not well lol
YeetTheRich_: cannon soldier is also an FTK card ... what deck did they give you?
userFSP: Attacking with Cannon Soldier PogChamp
DarkMorford: The two cards you used for fusion are exiled. Can't get them back with Fusion Recovery.
userFSP: No one does fair things with Cannon Soldier
lightninginthecorner: lol
userFSP: You may be one of the first people to attack with Cannon Soldier this year
asthanius: like catapult turtle
MurphEP: Noooo
userFSP: Of course LUL
Shamus52637: Just kill it
krispytan: sorcery speed only player goblin bombardment is still good
userFSP: D:
YeetTheRich_: oh my god
MurphEP: :(
lightninginthecorner: bless the dragon
Nydestroyer: scape goat
MurphEP: Oh
Shamus52637: choo choo
userFSP: It's in attack mode PogChamp
YeetTheRich_: it really was man-eater bug all along ... i fucking called it
RoastedGravy: Man-Eater Bug MVP.
lightninginthecorner: punch that bug!punch that bug!
Ba_Dum_Tish: cacoona matata
canadianbac0nz: if man eater bug is wrong I don't wanna be right
userFSP: Man-Eater Bug was a powerhouse in my local meta of 10 year olds back in the day
Shamus52637: CPU cannot resist a facedown card, even if it leaves their weenie prime for poundtown
Mattmitchell45: A Classic
lightninginthecorner: wow those cards stink
MurphEP: Aww the tiny moth
userFSP: I suspect we played flip effects wrong though, do they still trigger if you attack and destroy the face down monster?
lightninginthecorner: man-eater bug was like their mvp
YeetTheRich_: i think we may need a second monster to win here
Ba_Dum_Tish: This might take us a while
krispytan: lets see if he cocoons
frozenphoenix7: Yes @userFSP
RoastedGravy: Nah, we just mill Weevil out.
userFSP: D:
Shamus52637: wait that's illegal
Ba_Dum_Tish: Man graceful charity was also super banned
asthanius: swords countdown?
userFSP: Ok, so we did play flip effects right
radioshackraider: I knew Weevil was a cheater
userFSP: Swords and Cocoon countdown
lightninginthecorner: send a esage and punch with king
Mattmitchell45: This is the same man who threw our Exodia overboard?
MTGRanger: It is
userFSP: oh NO
userFSP: This is how it ends chat
canadianbac0nz: fog PogChamp
YeetTheRich_: weevil is poppin off
Shamus52637: Waboku is GAS
RoastedGravy: Oh no.
frozenphoenix7: Fog
dm818: fog
circusofkirkus: here comes the big moth
Ba_Dum_Tish: Waboku was super great in Gladiator Beast decks
Dr_fragenstien: now you can play BIG TANk
lightninginthecorner: king beatdown
MurphEP: But your dragon can't be destroyed by Mirror Force, right? seabatBRAIN
Shamus52637: Driver, move that bus!
userFSP: King of the Swamp, Obliterate Kappa
lightninginthecorner: weevil on a 8 turn clock
asthanius: Weevil's gonna mill out!
Dr_fragenstien: oh wait, you can't play big tank, my bad. king only replaces one of them
krispytan: name not type
MurphEP: Oh thank the gods, a monster with stats
YeetTheRich_: gladiator beast is a digital 100 card singleton format on yu-gi-oh arena
dpj2009: yugi boy time
RoastedGravy: I'm expecting a lot of that.
djalternative: it sucks in this deck. it can do real work in decks built for it
userFSP: Wait, it's actually going to happen
Mattmitchell45: But Doctor, I am Blazing Impachi
krispytan: not at that time
Ba_Dum_Tish: Gladiator beasts got effects when they survived combat so waboku was a nice piece
Shamus52637: Not in this campaign
DiceHoarder: Nope
userFSP: King of the Swamp, OBLITERATE SwiftRage
asthanius: is jinzo a bug?
userFSP: No it is not
MurphEP: Swamp getting us there
YeetTheRich_: no mommy moth :(
Shamus52637: it's garbage all the way down
nyquister_: Hmm, bully the tribal deck player huh?
radioshackraider: There's a very good FTK Insect archetype
djalternative: there are better bugs but this is story mode
dpj2009: ban king of the swamp!
canadianbac0nz: If he can equip petit moth for 6 turns with cocoon of evolution he can summon PERFECTLY ULTIMATE GREAT MOTH
RoastedGravy: I think you can try out the other campaigns, too.
dm818: What moth?
YeetTheRich_: does weevil talk like kermit?
circusofkirkus: it's a vibe, honestly
corpocracy: Plus the name change
Shamus52637: He's really committed to the cosplay
BreakfastMeta: you hate to see it
lightninginthecorner: hes a "pro" it might be sponsored gear
llahsram555: King of the Swamp replaces a material on a fusion card. Example: If you have 2 blue-eyes and 1 KotS you can make Blue-eyes Ultimate
Mattmitchell45: Banish him to that mountain
RoastedGravy: JOEY TIME. PogChamp
YeetTheRich_: oh boy
asthanius: Mai Time!
userFSP: You get his deck recipe
Ba_Dum_Tish: Time to Joey it up
lightninginthecorner: technically yes lol
DiceHoarder: His sponsor probably spent more on his suit than his deck.
krispytan: you are using cards designed atleast 5 years later if not more
MurphEP: Harpies Harpies
dougma: why does a robot need a monicle?
asthanius: "My sister sure is in the hospital due to [illness]"
DarkMorford: Oh, it's the person attached to Mai's boobs. Kappa
asthanius: oh right it was blindness or whatever
asthanius: somehow
asthanius: Japan
Diabore: the us
YeetTheRich_: brooklyn
RoastedGravy: This is just a metaphor for the American healthcare system. Kappa
ContingentCat: @dougma probably the same reason that it's reading a paper book
FacelessManAboutTown: Japan
EclipsedLunus: japan-ish
Mattmitchell45: Duelist Island
ContingentCat: in Anime land
dpj2009: usa
imgpw: serenity was a big crush
circusofkirkus: rural Iowa
itsr67: montana
asthanius: Joey owes a LOT of money to the Yakuza
revhologram: US healthcare and US accents
RoastedGravy: From what I remember, Joey's parents were divorced.
Kamotetop: It's like Gotham. It's real-ish
chaostreader: Domino City.
lightninginthecorner: lmaooo
Dr_fragenstien: yes, but in yu-gi-oh world, you can only get healthcare if you pay or defeat the surgeon in a duel Kappa
DiceHoarder: Well, Joey is from brooklyn, maybe that's why Kappa
Crokoking: maybe its the same place as ace attorney where the laws are stupid
Nydestroyer: Ah I fondly remember the robot storyteller in the show
canadianbac0nz: oh man this robot has a monocle
circusofkirkus: so she cheats
niccus: wow judgy
Ba_Dum_Tish: Man talk about telling not showing
YeetTheRich_: oh no not the horny storyline
RoastedGravy: Character development? What's that? Kappa
radioshackraider: So Yugioh watch along stream when?
Ba_Dum_Tish: We have to fight the herpies lady deck
YeetTheRich_: oh god
YeetTheRich_: good luck
asthanius: wait that was regigigas
RoastedGravy: Oh no.
Nydestroyer: oh my god
circusofkirkus: that was a lot of text
imgpw: mai took so long for me to get past
canadianbac0nz: Rock always clocks
niccus: well you made this bed
Nydestroyer: that made me die just looking at it for just a second
krispytan: do u know how xyz's work?
lightninginthecorner: time to be confused as hell lol
Cephallope: Joey 100% always picks rock
dpj2009: give it to her hard Joey!
DiceHoarder: I suspect tonight might be another blackout night calebdS
djalternative: okay. XYZ are like fusion but you need monsters of the same level
asthanius: Panda!
RoastedGravy: Well, this is gonna end well.
Sogheim: ooh I hope she uses her aroma strategy on you in this virtual game
asthanius: cool ragweed
DeM0nFiRe: It's pronounced "exeez" as in "exeez nuts"
RoastedGravy: Aight, we gotta learn Xyz monsters.
djalternative: Level is the important stat for Xyz
canadianbac0nz: it's got trample
RoastedGravy: God, imagine Infect in YGO.
lightninginthecorner: bless this panda
circusofkirkus: @RoastedGravy the text would be a novel on each card with infect
MTGRanger: Infect? In this yugioh?
lightninginthecorner: oo if you have 2 you can lockout their combat step
krispytan: t2 of hunter owl is a attack lock
lightninginthecorner: of the owl
asthanius: cute weed
Kamotetop: You basically stack same level monsters to XYZ summon a monster of that rank.
Sogheim: oh yeah here comes the combo
dpj2009: manaless dredge I see
YeetTheRich_: ye birdface
MurphEP: Wait
RandomTrivia: They're aerodynamic, I guess
asthanius: Ojamas????
circusofkirkus: BIRDFACE :O
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wait what?
RoastedGravy: BIRB
DiceHoarder: BIRBFACE Kreygasm
TheShameHole: BIRD UP
imgpw: you lose
lightninginthecorner: mais popping off
krispytan: channeler effect
djalternative: now it's looking more like a ygo turn
Cephallope: Mai has resting bird face?
RoastedGravy: Get our own Harpie Lad.
YeetTheRich_: gustaph
MurphEP: Is that a motorcycle?
krispytan: kamanari again
SirTrae: This game is really bad about not letting you get enough of a chance to read card effects
lightninginthecorner: kamakiri
imgpw: chose the harpy
Ba_Dum_Tish: I love how the monsters in yugioh just have no relation to each other
frozenphoenix7: Whatever you grab probably gets smacked by the Birdface
MurphEP: Yeah, it'll pause every turn to ask if you want to activate an effect but won't let you read cards
Dr_fragenstien: what's in your extra deck?
MurphEP: Uh oh
lightninginthecorner: they knew better than to give you a second owl
ashmedai127: oh wow is this game actually like the card game?
RoastedGravy: Have fun!
Paranundrox: hope you brought your reading glasses
DarkMorford: Look at that tiny font!
frozenphoenix7: Enjoy Wheeler
canadianbac0nz: XYZ basically just means you slap 2 monsters with the same level together
Kamotetop: You basically stack same level monsters to XYZ summon a monster of that rank.
Ba_Dum_Tish: @ashmedai127 Its accurate to what I remember
YeetTheRich_: you need monsters with the same level to xyz summon, it's like fusion without poly
MurphEP: "How to play"
krispytan: match numbers
walkwithoutrhythm: is xyz anything like the original fireball from mtg?
RoastedGravy: Fair.
ashmedai127: yea, yugioh got really convoluted around the time I left. Tuners and such are crazy
Ba_Dum_Tish: xyz nuts
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TheAinMAP: foxmarLOVE foxmarLOVE foxmarLOVE
MurphEP: I started getting out around tuners (not that I really played) but it seems complicated
Sogheim: favorite XYZ monster is still and will always be Baby Tiragon
Sogheim: 'cause it's cute
Foxmar320: foxmarLOVE foxmarLOVE foxmarLOVE
YeetTheRich_: welcome in 2011 yugioh
TacitusVigil: foxmarLOVE foxmarLOVE foxmarLOVE
asthanius: fusion dance
aitsu100: think mutate from Magic but more
DarkMorford: Synchro wasn't too bad from what I remember. But I was out before XYZ became a thing.
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krispytan: normal summon lvl4
ashmedai127: Seeing competitive yugioh is also really weird now with some strange turn 1 wombo combos.
RoastedGravy: DIAMOND DIRE WOLF. PogChamp
imgpw: mutate? ish
YeetTheRich_: castel is a legit card
RoastedGravy: CASTEL. PogChamp
canadianbac0nz: yes
krispytan: yes
RoastedGravy: Yes
Ba_Dum_Tish: yes
djalternative: yes
imgpw: its a bird with a gun
Cavemanhar: yugioh is known for its ftks @ashmedai127
RoastedGravy: Just need to summon a Level 4 monster.
ashmedai127: xyz'd should have no limit on your ability to summon as I recall.
aitsu100: yes as long as you have 2 monsters cuz its a special summon
asthanius: TIL this is not related to XYZ-Dragon Cannon
itsr67: xyz is a special summon
DiceHoarder: Why are you doing this to us Ben, stop punishing us for the bad mechanic name. BibleThump
SrMuskrat: Diamond Dire Wolf is also a very legit card
Ba_Dum_Tish: Modern Yugioh generally expects a 5 turn or less game
YeetTheRich_: nah
Sogheim: only if it says they do
canadianbac0nz: Only if the card says so
aitsu100: sometimes
TacitusVigil: Only if Beej shows up dressed as Pegasus
krispytan: only if stated
frozenphoenix7: Only if the card says so
Sogheim: you can use tokens, too
SrMuskrat: Only if it says it in the conditions like "2 level 4 monsters" is generic
RoastedGravy: Some Xyz monsters have different requirements.
DeM0nFiRe: Just whatever the card says (some have like "2 level 4 warrior"
RoastedGravy: But most of them just require 2 or more monsters with the same level.
ashmedai127: "thats too many words" your playing yugioh :P
djalternative: the first line of the effect tells you the requirement
Asimech: @TacitusVigil And uses his Tingle voice.
TacitusVigil: YES
krispytan: its a lore card
frozenphoenix7: Detach a material to redirect an effect with a single target
floki4242: so not knight light
lightninginthecorner: thats a big lad
djalternative: sure
Dr_fragenstien: antiluminecent sounds like a fancy way of saying "dark"
RoastedGravy: It's Karn! PogChamp
PMAvers: From how you described it, it sounds like the cards you use to fuse get attached to what you summon, and you can discard them to fire effects on the XYZ monstere?
aitsu100: XYZ and Pendulum summons are why i stopped playing Yugioh
lightninginthecorner: it wouldve been better with 2
lightninginthecorner: 1 owl is ok
asthanius: just do the thing, wheeler (joey)
sircaptemo: ya Im old school ish lol some of the 5ds cards were fine but I switched to magic after that
krispytan: u only have 1 so don't worry just use it
frozenphoenix7: There's only one in the deck apparently, so it's less good
YeetTheRich_: we are past the point where lvl 4 normal summon monsters are good on their own
dm818: play your trap card
ashmedai127: 2 owls do that thing where neither can be attacked, right? almost as cool as having two solar dragons and making it so your opponent can't attack.
lightninginthecorner: ngl that was cool as hell when the extra deck was like "click me"
frozenphoenix7: Yes, they do @ashmedai127
lightninginthecorner: correct
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah it won't trigger this turn
Kamotetop: change to Def or Tuck
krispytan: kill channeler
YeetTheRich_: you can choose zones, important for link stuff
YeetTheRich_: not important now
krispytan: no
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wait why is there a middle zone now?
RoastedGravy: Also there are cards that care about positions of cards on the field.
itsr67: hey chat can we chill a tiny bit on some of the harsher backseating, the streamer has played a cardgame in their lifetime
lightninginthecorner: noooo
canadianbac0nz: correct
frozenphoenix7: You're right, you're good
krispytan: u couldn't
RoastedGravy: It's fine.
frozenphoenix7: The prompt was for the XYZ monster's effect
lightninginthecorner: it was asking if you wanted to put pendant on another monster
RassilonDND: he chat what version of yugioh is this?
Kamotetop: You couldn't activate stuff the same turn you Set them
lightninginthecorner: cpu prompts trying to goozle you
RoastedGravy: This is Master Rule 5.
asthanius: I think they started keywording at some point?
krispytan: chain
RoastedGravy: They keyworded some things.
krispytan: nooooo
RandomTrivia: They keyworded "piercing battle damage", which was a really good one to do and saved a bunch of card real estate
canadianbac0nz: you can redirect this effect to blow up their field spell probably
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah after playing magic I noticed how badly yugioh is worded
krispytan: cairn
RoastedGravy: "Remove from play" became banish, "Look at the top X cards" became "excavate".
Cavemanhar: your monster
RandomTrivia: They keyworded "Excavate" which was also a really good space saver
RandomTrivia: And those are literally it
FadedOverseer: im so confused lol
lightninginthecorner: i think you can destroy hunting ground
frozenphoenix7: He redirects effects
dm818: I think it is asking about your guy
RoastedGravy: Piercing battle damage, to.
RoastedGravy: too*
asthanius: Field card
krispytan: itself
canadianbac0nz: their field spell
RassilonDND: the field card
frozenphoenix7: Their Field spell
frozenphoenix7: Yes
krispytan: no
RoastedGravy: We have a Harpie Lady in our deck. PogChamp
BrindleBoar: Yu-Goozle-Oh
RandomTrivia: Banish wasn't really a space-saver so much as simplifying various uses of the word "remove"
asthanius: Field's gone
RoastedGravy: They also shortened Graveyard to GY.
krispytan: panda time
RassilonDND: Listen to chat, its always right Kappa
lightninginthecorner: the phrase "damage step" just brought back horrible memories
YeetTheRich_: it is technically monke
circusofkirkus: panda time!
Kamotetop: Pretty much
photosinensis: Raid incoming from Olivia.
circusofkirkus: panda trample panda trample
RoastedGravy: So, when do we get to the "missing the timing" lesson?
RandomTrivia: Ooh, ok then
RoastedGravy: This game is a bit much.
Kamotetop: Konami likes their word soup
Ba_Dum_Tish: Always never listen to chat
djalternative: until you get to pendelum. that and links aren't so straight forward
SirTrae: The word soup only gets worse
ashmedai127: why is one spell card zone like a red diamond?
lightninginthecorner: yeah the floor for entering the game is like impossible
RoastedGravy: The OCG does something kinda clever with the text.
RoastedGravy: They separate effects with number markers.
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RandomTrivia: Welcome Chut-Busting raiders! lrrHEART Hi Olivia!
BuddhaSpoon: breyaBust breyaChut
Dog_of_Myth: breyaBust breyaChut
itsr67: to be fair we jumped generations of card games by going from duel 1 to duel 2 and seeing cards that were years of powercreep apart
Reader_Of_Lore: breyaBust breyaChut
mishotem: RAWR IT'S A RAID
Sage0fMadness: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
Hawkfrost000: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
RoastedGravy: BEEEEEE
photosinensis: Okay, how does Yugimon work?
MrOrion24: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut laviniHype breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut laviniHype
affinityartifacts: breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut breyaBust breyaChut
Sage0fMadness: wheelerRita wheelerRita wheelerRita
canadianbac0nz: Basically when you mash dudes into an XYZ the original dudes become a resource you can spend to do stuff
RoastedGravy: Well, first rule of YGO, we don't talk about YGO.
MurphEP: Hallo! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
photosinensis: You're being raided.
RoastedGravy: Second rule of YGO, Pot of Greed makes you draw 2 cards.
Ba_Dum_Tish: The first stream we will admit to
YeetTheRich_: we don't talk about season 0
asthanius: lotta words
Diabore: !next
MurphEP: Never before seen
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Part 4 - Shemshime’s Bedtime Rhymes. Game: Candlekeep Mysteries) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (21:04 from now).
RoastedGravy: It's a word soup.
Hawkfrost000: everything i learned about this game i learned from the original TV show
Xaunaught: Wait a minute this isn't Hearthstone
djalternative: never talk about season 0
nyquister_: Season 0 Singapore dub is excellent comedy
lightninginthecorner: bruh exploder dragon
sunlitheir: The first mission of each series shows you the signature summoning mechanic from that series if you didn’t know. It might help since they overlap!
ashmedai127: @Hawkfrost000 so you learned nothing? the show just cared not for the rules lol.
lightninginthecorner: be still my beating heart
krispytan: it explodes
asthanius: kaboom
RandomTrivia: lrrCOW
mishotem: Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh, where everything is made up and the cards don't matter
krispytan: xyz again
photosinensis: I get that part. But why?
Ba_Dum_Tish: You should be able to xyz with those to
asthanius: exploder
photosinensis: I understand moxen and lotuses and tabernacles. This? IDK what it is.
RandomTrivia: Hitting a defense position monster will never destroy the attacker
chaostreader: Rank 3 Xyz
RoastedGravy: Okay.
krispytan: no
canadianbac0nz: No
ashmedai127: aye, xyz spam like crazy
YeetTheRich_: dragon does not die
swordmaster2551: no
aitsu100: no
RoastedGravy: No.
Pendragwn: No
Ba_Dum_Tish: Not unless the card specifies it
mishotem: I hear Mai cheats with pheromones. Probabl hard to do online but I'm sure she found a way
itsr67: attack -> defense can only destroy the defenser
itsr67: defender*
YeetTheRich_: unless it's man eater bug again Kappa
krispytan: get giga brilliant
Kamotetop: It just damages you if they have a big butt. Exploder's effect nullifies that though
photosinensis: smoke weed every day.
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Wildfire801: you can detach both for +600
krispytan: safe play is soul
chaostreader: @wildfire801 Not on the same turn.
ashmedai127: nice, I like the safe play
itsr67: I do like how it gives you a bunch of choices
Respected_Geode: @ashmedai127 The “diamonds “ on the leftmost and rightmost spell & trap card zones are for “pendulum scales”...theyre a hole other rabbit hole
itsr67: but it's a lot
RoastedGravy: LUL
circusofkirkus: katesLewd wheelerMonkey
Sibwow: you should try pyromancy
Ba_Dum_Tish: I would not be surprised if Yugioh had a spite summon
merlinnimue: he already knows the spite summoning mechanic?? lol
YeetTheRich_: no its good
Pendragwn: mirror force KEKW
lightninginthecorner: the wombo combo
long_bad_cutscene: is your hair anime enough for this game?
YeetTheRich_: look at this gamer
MurphEP: We got there
RandomTrivia: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
MurphEP: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
hd_dabnado: wheelerMonkey
RoastedGravy: So, Ben, you wanna try the Pendulum deck?
merlinnimue: pro gamer B)
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wheeler playing the anime version of himself
thraximore: Well, Mai has literally never won a duel
djalternative: let's go to pendulum next. it'll be great
asthanius: Mako!
RoastedGravy: She won against Jean Claude Magnum, though. That's all that matters. Kappa
DarkMorford: Freaky Fish Guy!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh right I forgot the game was called duel monsters
YeetTheRich_: so we go on the ladder now? Kappa
asthanius: The guy who wants to fuck the ocean!
MurphEP: I spy a tsunami
krispytan: glad your reading cards
merlinnimue: that is NOT a freaky fish guy!!
BrindleBoar: why the hell does a robot need a monocle
RoastedGravy: SeemsGood
circusofkirkus: @BrindleBoar to see better
ashmedai127: people laughed that the second series of yugioh involved a dueling school, but current yugioh, with all the word salad, probably does require a phd :P
BrindleBoar: this will not stand
SrMuskrat: Next time on is this your card we teach wheeler how to extralink your opponent
long_bad_cutscene: FEESH
TwitchingPokki: @BrindleBoar built to be short sighted
kamingryuu: are you going to destroy the moon as well?
RoastedGravy: Oh yeah, this was the duel where that came from.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yep just stealing someones food
swordmaster2551: Mako owns
BrowneePoints: Joey is the biggest idiot in an entire genre known for big idiots
frozenphoenix7: Stab the moon. Stab the moon. Stab the moon.
YeetTheRich_: this is anime, stop asking why
Paranundrox: ah yes, Mountain Food
MurphEP: I love that Duelist Kingdom is just a Hunger Games-esque scenario
Kamotetop: They murderhobos
swordmaster2551: I'm going to attack THE MOON
RoastedGravy: Oh no, the consequences of our own actions!
thraximore: At least the ocean still loves him
lightninginthecorner: oh boi this clown(fish)
MurphEP: Just throw some people on an island to fend for themselves and play card game
Ba_Dum_Tish: Also why didn't Pegasus provide food to his guests
BrowneePoints: Ocean Duelist. He duels Oceans
RoastedGravy: No, he's married TO an ocean.
BrowneePoints: Janken!
merlinnimue: don't forget to attack the moon!
long_bad_cutscene: the pointiness of the hair here is abit converning
frozenphoenix7: @Ba_Dum_Tish Because why would he do that when he can watch the poors fight for survival
KeytarCat: That's his married name
asthanius: Crane Crane!!!!!!
lightninginthecorner: yoooooo crane crane
asthanius: The lost Crane brother
RandomTrivia: DOUBLE BIRB
MurphEP: That's two cranes in one
lightninginthecorner: my god i love that card so much
RoastedGravy: Oh hey, we got Giant Soldier in this deck! PogChamp
frozenphoenix7: Giant Soldier of Stone!!!!
canadianbac0nz: @thraximore you draw a card for turn and you can attack on your first turn
krispytan: u get first attack going second
itsr67: oh it's like penpen
frozenphoenix7: The CANON
RoastedGravy: ATTACK THE MOON!
lightninginthecorner: dopamine going wild in my brain right now
MurphEP: Ah giant soldier, I love it
ashmedai127: guess crane crane is xyz set up card?
Diabore: that art is a trip
RoastedGravy: YGO art can be pretty rad.
itsr67: @ashmedai127 yep, a bunch of these got released when xyz's became a thing
RoastedGravy: You should see the art for the Kozmo cards.
swordmaster2551: he has the stone soldier, he can attack the moon now!
RoastedGravy: They're nuts.
itsr67: like kategokage and some other stuff
Diabore: @swordmaster2551 i almost forgot about that
RoastedGravy: Wow, Mako with the T1 Island.
ashmedai127: Rocks beat Water :P
DarkMorford: Umi? When did this turn into an idol anime?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Umi bowl
LordSaphni: if i recall this game is pretty convenient to play with a controller too
BrowneePoints: Oh no my sinuses
YeetTheRich_: wheelerH wheelerEed
lightninginthecorner: weevil crying in the distance bc his bugs cant be this good
krispytan: anime
frozenphoenix7: The numbers Wheeler, what do they mean
RoastedGravy: Numbers were an important thing in the ZEXAL anime.
ashmedai127: what is the deal with slots next to the phase indicator?
djalternative: numbers was a story thing
Kamotetop: They are a Tribe. It's weird
YeetTheRich_: just do the call of the haunted it won't stop asking
YeetTheRich_: ye
itsr67: @ashmedai127 Extra deck zones, those can be kinda ignored until we get to links and we really have to care about those
RoastedGravy: GY.
canadianbac0nz: the graveyard like anything else
Twilight_Spark: Wow
YeetTheRich_: shadow realm
ashmedai127: if they are successfully summoned they should hit the GY
itsr67: hell
Shondo101: You can go into options and change the settings so it doesn't ask you every time
LordSaphni: i think if you hold RMB or Backspace you F6 @LoadingReadyRun
krispytan: note xyz will not have a material to activate its effect if summoned from grave
KeytarCat: I'd watch you mess around in options, but I'm not invested LUL
lightninginthecorner: the dj khaled plan
Ba_Dum_Tish: This plan is bugging me
dm818: I just realized it just keeps the bonus attackk
Kamotetop: You could detach multiple times a turn unless specified
RoastedGravy: Niiiice
lightninginthecorner: brains growing too large
merlinnimue: you can activate both of them
innovativemethods: what is an xyz zone what happened to yugio
krispytan: exact lethal?
YeetTheRich_: lmao
krispytan: whoops
RandomTrivia: LUL
lightninginthecorner: BibleThump
Ba_Dum_Tish: Robbed
YeetTheRich_: would have been perfect lethal
FadedOverseer: goddem
Dog_of_Myth: Island too strong
MurphEP: Is there anything in this game that cares about which spot your stuff is placed in?
Frozendukie: He's never heard that one LUL
RoastedGravy: Yes.
RoastedGravy: There are cards that care about card positions.
MurphEP: Oh boy
RoastedGravy: I don't think the campaign has those cards, but they're in the game somewhere, I think.
krispytan: now synchro or pendulum
YeetTheRich_: abc dragonbuster?
RoastedGravy: No, ABC is a different archetype.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Okay then go to pendulum
RassilonDND: southland tales reference?!
Pathfinder430: Oh no, he sounds like Mako from YGOTAS in my head
lightninginthecorner: you also got an island turtle lol
asthanius: Fall clearance?
Diabore: this next duel is going to be dino-mite
asthanius: Not spring?
RandomTrivia: Dammit Mai, that didn't rhyme!
YeetTheRich_: Grrr!
niccus: yeah, but not an expensive private school
Kramburger: Yeah but there are private schools, and then there are PRIVATE Schools
asthanius: :D
RoastedGravy: Oh no, I missed something, didn't I?
ContingentCat: sure
YeetTheRich_: red hat improves your dueling skills
sebastein: Look at this guy, yu-gi-ohin' all up in here!
RoastedGravy: CHiPS was a good series.
asthanius: oh god
TwitchingPokki: alrighty timmy
asthanius: i can't look
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wheeler has this games number in jankenpon
DarkMorford: @benjamin_wheeler Did you check the options to turn off the prompting all the time?
chaostreader: Who’s ready for math?!?
djalternative: similar to XYZ but addition instead of matching
RandomTrivia: "It's where you play a monster-" "wait, I seem to have stopped caring"
YeetTheRich_: no this is a real bad one LUL
RoastedGravy: 1 or more.
RoastedGravy: 1+ just means 1 or more.
RoastedGravy: Oh sweet, we got scry. PogChamp
Nydestroyer: arny voice "Its not a tuner"
RoastedGravy: It's just scry.
Mattmitchell45: What is that photo?
RoastedGravy: WutFace
YeetTheRich_: me fist
itsr67: ah yeah this card was a promo for a while right
RoastedGravy: Yeah.
RoastedGravy: It was a World Championship promo, I think.
RoastedGravy: So it was hard to get.
wabajck: tooner like toon monsters
YeetTheRich_: yeah combo
Ba_Dum_Tish: c-c-c-combo
YeetTheRich_: ruling question: the synchro would not be considered a "normal" monster in the grave despite it having no effect, right?
Ba_Dum_Tish: *Arnold voice* Its not a tuna
RoastedGravy: Yeah, non-Effect Synchro Monsters aren't Normal Monsters.
Ba_Dum_Tish: @YeetTheRich_ Normal monsters are a specific type.
YeetTheRich_: thank you
Ba_Dum_Tish: Synchro, effect, fusion, tuner, xyz, normal are all separate types
RoastedGravy: There are I think 13 types total.
djalternative: they used to not have normal on them
llahsram555: it used to be a thing where normal mosters didn't have that type. They changed it recently
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djalternative: that's a relatively new addition
krispytan: ouch
RoastedGravy: Normal, Effect, Fusion, Flip, Spirit, Toon, Union, Gemini, Tuner, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum, and Link.
Mr_Whale: oofa
RoastedGravy: Oh, and Ritual.
SrMuskrat: Also there are some wacky monsters that are synchro and pendulum or xyz and pendulum
RoastedGravy: So 14.
llahsram555: it's kinda like cascade
Cavemanhar: reveal
RoastedGravy: Excavate is just "reveal the top X cards"
Ba_Dum_Tish: It's tricky to rock a duel
krispytan: me fist
asthanius: ssx tricky
djalternative: we love giganta castle
llahsram555: you can use your level 7 and your level 2 to make a 9
YeetTheRich_: he fist
Dr_fragenstien: can you overpay for synchro?
djalternative: you can also use synchro monsters for the non-tuner slot
djalternative: no. can't overpay. exact change only
Ba_Dum_Tish: Craaaaawwwwwwling in my dragon
RoastedGravy: You don't wanna know what happened to Crawling Dragon #1.
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Hello~ Wheeler boy!~
SrMuskrat: Have you ever seen Jinzo 7
RassilonDND: when out of ideas, always recycle. Activate Boostie :)
MurphEP: Now hold on, Crawling Dragon #2 is a superstar
SrMuskrat: Jinzos 1-6 weren't good enough
llahsram555: if it makes you feel any better, that's not the first time they slapped a number on a name they used
RoastedGravy: They really should've stopped at Jinzo 3. Kappa
MurphEP: It's not their fault their #2
SkiaSymphonia: Maybe Crawling Dragons are like Pencils? The #2 is the only Crawling Dragon that shows up on a Scantron
gregwillhunting: the best is Jinzo #7 coming out way before Real Jinzo
lightninginthecorner: Tinker Tuner Synchro Summon
RandomTrivia: I'm disappointed not to see an Arcanite Magician here, but that's just me
Ba_Dum_Tish: Make my monsters grow!
wabajck: now fusion them
RoastedGravy: Synchro deck OP, plz nerf.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yep these decks are clearly at the same power level
RandomTrivia: benginDab
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Yugioh is just degenerate mtg combo, unless you're plaing Mystic Mine then it's Lantern Control
YeetTheRich_: i feel like we have a better deck than these season 1 characters
llahsram555: what killed the dinosaurs? THE SCRAP MONSTERS
RassilonDND: (X) Doubt
RoastedGravy: Do you have enough to do a draft?
ashmedai127: @YeetTheRich_ not our fault they don't buy the new packs Kappa
SrMuskrat: @HuecalpixquiJeanIII Or you can play zoodiacs which is just zeus turbo
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krispytan: HAHAHAHA
RoastedGravy: OH NO
YeetTheRich_: oh god
RandomTrivia: Oh hey it's the cinnamon roll and the evil cinnamon roll
YeetTheRich_: here we go
Cavemanhar: even worse blocks of text
ComradeMik: great song
lightninginthecorner: imagine playing someone on this island and being like "hey i saw you on a booster once"
Ba_Dum_Tish: Ah Yes bakura who sets himself up to be a plot device like 4 seasons later
YeetTheRich_: we may not have enough stream time left to read our cards
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: That's not Bakura! It's the spirit within the millenium ring also confusingly named Bakura
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RoastedGravy: Dud hand.
RandomTrivia: This is a powerful hand
YeetTheRich_: jugde man ... classic pendulum card
RoastedGravy: LUL
SrMuskrat: That is what we in the business call a brick
PhoebeTheCoffeeWitch: Judge man ferociousThink
llahsram555: we in the Yugioh community call this hand "A brick"
SkiaSymphonia: i really hate that tongue art
Gredora: Oof that hand
MurphEP: I looked at a picture of a pendulum monster and I am spooked lrrSPOOP
RandomTrivia: This hand is *SEVERAL* bricks
YeetTheRich_: blame the auto shuffler
chaostreader: This seems like a bad pendulum deck.
RoastedGravy: How does it see with no head?
DarkMorford: SHUFFLER
lightninginthecorner: welp
YeetTheRich_: rlyRigged
spiffinn: there are no mulligans in ygo i presume?
RoastedGravy: LUL
RoastedGravy: No mulligans.
llahsram555: ok so Ben, those diamonds in the spell and trap card zones are the pendulum zones
RandomTrivia: I can't help but think this is a scripted loss... Except it can't be... benginFacepalm
RoastedGravy: You gotta play with what you got.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah Yugioh could use a mulligan rule
YeetTheRich_: our plan here is easy, we just need to believe in the heart of the cards
lightninginthecorner: if your next 2 draws are a 7+ pendulum & a 5 or lower youre fine
MurphEP: Not our tongue :(
RandomTrivia: Oof, everything just became Hypnotic Specter
lightninginthecorner: besides that tho....
ambiance_minis: the jokes on him, none of our cards a regood!
Paranundrox: are you Robbin' Goblin-ing Optimally, Wheeler?
llahsram555: fun fact, the tongue monster was made by a kid
krispytan: nope
SrMuskrat: It's level 4 and pend scale 7
llahsram555: no
RoastedGravy: Nope.
asthanius: why did you do this to yourself
RandomTrivia: It occurs to me (only now, somehow) that Pendulum Monsters were Yugioh exploring the same design space as Magic's MDFCs, only several years earlier
SoulEater50210: I know not enough about pendulums to explain it lol. Xyz and Synchro I've got but never fully understood pendulums
MurphEP: Judge Man is a gift
FadedOverseer: to judge you clearly
PhoebeTheCoffeeWitch: lrrJUDGE -man!
RandomTrivia: lrrJUDGE
RoastedGravy: Pendulums are broken. That's all you need to know.
lightninginthecorner: technically you did
djalternative: @benjamin_wheeler when playing pendulum monsters as spells, you set the lower and upper bound for special summoning. Left is lower, right is higher
MurphEP: @RandomTrivia I was just thinking these sounded like MDFCs
MurphEP: Judge Man no
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MostCallMe__Tim: yo
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RoastedGravy: Okay.
lightninginthecorner: the pendulums set the range you can smmon with
RoastedGravy: You see those diamonds in the S/T zone?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Enter the pendulum ZONE
llahsram555: the most left and right spell/trap zones are ppendulum zones
RandomTrivia: "Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin" LUL
Sibwow: highway to the pendulum zone
SrMuskrat: Pend Zone is the left right spell trap, sets the range for what levels you can special summon from the hand via pend summon
RoastedGravy: You need two Pendulum Monsters in your Pendulum Zones.
lightninginthecorner: when you ave 2 cards in the pen zones, you can once per turn special summon monsters from your hand btwn that range
krispytan: need 2 pendulum monsters in the zones first
MostCallMe__Tim: wow, this yugioh app looks... not very yugioh-like
YeetTheRich_: just beatdown also works i guess
YeetTheRich_: you need 2 pendulums
krispytan: nothing hence it being blank
RoastedGravy: It doesn't have a Pendulum effect.
llahsram555: now you need a second pendulum monster
RoastedGravy: Don't worry about it.
MurphEP: Just aggro
djalternative: you need a pend monster in the right most spell zone (upper bound) and the left most spell zone (lower bound). when you do that you can special summon between the bounds
chaostreader: It might be better to save Pendulum for the actual story line it’s from. So it can be explained.
llahsram555: yes
zarcoplays: some have effects as spells
lightninginthecorner: games gonna troll have 1850 def
MurphEP: No!
YeetTheRich_: oh no
lightninginthecorner: oooooof
YeetTheRich_: the B U G
MurphEP: Neverlucky
lightninginthecorner: oh wait this is great
MurphEP: This is modeate
MurphEP: *moderate
lightninginthecorner: i thought it got counters when it came back
ambiance_minis: the only thing i'm sure of is this is YuGiOh
lightninginthecorner: too many words on card lol
MurphEP: Who gonna read all that
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: When do we make Wheeler play DDD so he can experience all the summoning types at once?
RoastedGravy: The positive is that Links are simpler than Pendulums.
asthanius: wait
gregwillhunting: peak yugioh was goat format
MurphEP: Now we're penduluming
asthanius: does that mean minimum 7 and maximum 2?
RoastedGravy: Now you can Pendulum Summon.
ambiance_minis: yeah that's my understanding.
krispytan: 3 to 6
YeetTheRich_: well foucault, off to the pendulum zone with you
chaostreader: @asthanius No. 3-6
RoastedGravy: So, Ben.
asthanius: okay so it doesn't matter which side
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: It's exclusively between So 3 to 6
lightninginthecorner: blessings
gregwillhunting: oh yes
RandomTrivia: Calculated!
krispytan: now mp2
djalternative: oh. it doesn't matter which side. I didn't know that
MurphEP: Woah, let's go
lightninginthecorner: bakura wanted to show you how pens work
YeetTheRich_: morphing jar is just a cool card
RoastedGravy: Thanks, Bakura, you idiot!
RoastedGravy: Kappa
Cavemanhar: now you can pen summon
YellowKiwi: pendulum
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: I still can't believe they unbanned jar
krispytan: highlight a pend in zone
chaostreader: ^
krispytan: 1 hahahaha
RoastedGravy: Not one.
lightninginthecorner: i think you can summon all 3
RandomTrivia: """""one"""""
RoastedGravy: All of them.
Cavemanhar: huh huh one
itsr67: one? ha
YeetTheRich_: you can summon all of them
YellowKiwi: all of these
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: No, you can summon ALL of them
ComradeMik: i'm not gonna lie, this is a silly game
lightninginthecorner: also <3 Sacred Crane <3
RandomTrivia: "Summon a bunch of monsters in one turn"
krispytan: all
YeetTheRich_: up to 3 cards oh yeah
asthanius: Up to three cards
RoastedGravy: LUL
MurphEP: Woah it's got a whole effect
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: You can do it again
zarcoplays: pendulums really stink
SoulEater50210: Wow, pendulum summoning is more BS than I thought
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: As many as you want from hand
zarcoplays: it's a good think links mostly work
lightninginthecorner: big brain wheeler predicted the just desserts
llahsram555: you could of summoned all 3
MurphEP: This seems weird, yeah
RoastedGravy: Oh man, you should've seen Pendulums in their hayday.
RoastedGravy: It was terrible.
YeetTheRich_: yeah this is balanced Kappa
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: There's a reason Links were made and it's because pendulums were stupid as hell
PhoebeTheCoffeeWitch: what? Duel Monsters is a very normal and balanced card game
Cavemanhar: this is why the extra monster zone is a thing
zarcoplays: some of the pendulum decks were cool, I liked Qli
MurphEP: Was it degenerate or just bad?
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Degenerate
chaostreader: @murphep Yes.
SoulEater50210: I loved Xyz and Synchro when I leaned about them. I haven't cared about Pendulum and Links
MurphEP: @chaostreader lol
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Until Links you could have your board wiped and resummon them all every turn
YeetTheRich_: LUL
YeetTheRich_: nice play bakura
RandomTrivia: Don't worry, it just went to the waiting room
djalternative: oh hey. a banned card!
RandomTrivia: It will be back
krispytan: just pendulum summ0on it back:)
RandomTrivia: THIS is why Pendulum monsters are broken
MurphEP: Wait you get it back?!?
MurphEP: This is wild
ambiance_minis: lmao, wtf is this card game
RandomTrivia: They go the Extra Deck, from which they can ALSO be pendulum summoned
RoastedGravy: Pendulum Monsters summoned from the Extra Deck go to the Extra Monster Zone.
MurphEP: Oh lordt
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: They also didn't used to take up your spell/trap zones lrrWOW
PMAvers: I mean, at least it's not as bad as turning things into deer tokens.
lightninginthecorner: that monster going to the middle just made into that meme with all the formulas in the bakground
zarcoplays: pendulum monsters keep coming back. like a pendulum
lightninginthecorner: like how / why is it there
llahsram555: just finish him Ben
YeetTheRich_: "mr. konami, what inspired you to make pendulums?" - "I like money!"
lightninginthecorner: im sorry it can attack from there wth
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: @lightninginthecorner It was made to nerf pendulums Any links/pendulums summoned from the Extra deck go to the Extra monster zone or a zone a link monster points to
djalternative: wait until you get to link summon
RandomTrivia: Nooo, you made the cinnamon roll sad lrrAWW
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yugioh has a power scaling issue. They each mechanic must be more powerful than the last
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: 1 zone per player unless you do a degen link ring
YeetTheRich_: ah yes bakuras evil spirit is definitely gone now Kappa
gregwillhunting: power creep is a real issue when all your cards are free
Carbondragon1: jikerdMold
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: So basically only 1 pendulum from extra deck by base so you can't keep looping them every turn
lightninginthecorner: oh man time to destroy a floatation device
zarcoplays: wooo
RandomTrivia: Hey kids, do you like Turtles? Floating castles? Swords made of light? Absurd combo moves that go FULL anime? LUL
lightninginthecorner: ayyy @zarcoplays
Dragonwarriorjc: Bonz deck is really crappy
RandomTrivia: Then boy howdy is the next encounter for you!
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: You should try Metaphys
Ba_Dum_Tish: So how much money did you lose to duel links Wheeler?
RoastedGravy: Ben, Duel Links has been dead for 50 years. Kappa
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2516 patrons for a total of $18,292.11 per month.
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: They're very Synchro focused and play on your opponent's turn
gregwillhunting: dueling book is free and comes with all the cards
MurphEP: Thanks for the stream!
RoastedGravy: DB's probably not a good idea.
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: @gregwillhunting It's also not official dot tm
YeetTheRich_: thanks james
RandomTrivia: Thanks James
Juliamon: This stream sticks to official clients
shurtal: Brookly anger?
nyquister_: Friendship!!!
SkiaSymphonia: pretty sure "Joey fuckoff" works for everyone tbh
sing_o_muse: weevil?
nyquister_: Thank you Ben :)
SkiaSymphonia: plug plug plug!
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Fo Paradox, the man who came back in time to kill Pegasus because Duel Monster destroyed the world (Not a joke)
Max_Mckayful: James is an alright kinda dude. Always said so. Especially for a dude who hangs out in a pit most mornings.
Juliamon: Dale's running this one
lightninginthecorner: oo i wonder if theyll meet Randall Keith
MurphEP: Randall Keith of Candlekeep is my favorite character lol
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wow how have they not taken control yet
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Wheeler, wake up
Paranundrox: we're stuck in a time loop
Juliamon: It's Krondor
Ba_Dum_Tish: Beejtrayal
YeetTheRich_: actually can somebody please write a yugioh themed dice friends campaign?
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: It's March 29th 2020
ContingentCat: they spent several weeks in Control getting Cat Ears, they got them so
Paranundrox: ooh
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Time for school
Paranundrox: Lords of Waterdeep is great
Ba_Dum_Tish: Dungeons and or dragons
RoastedGravy: There was a DnD arc in YGO.
RoastedGravy: So there's precedent.
Paranundrox: it is a D&D thing but this is a boardgame
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
ContingentCat: waterdeep is where Robin Hood is
Diabore: its a long gamew
ContingentCat: unless I'm completely wrong
asthanius: Bird game?
MurphEP: Bird game
Sibwow: birb game
MurphEP: Or so I've heard
Juliamon: bird game
djalternative: bird game
asthanius: Bird game!
gregwillhunting: paper yugioh
ContingentCat: birb game!
SkiaSymphonia: heck yeah birb game
RandomTrivia: Ca-caw!
y3ntil: does it have the idiot bird in it?
SirMorek: give me them BIRBS
lightninginthecorner: wingspans grea
lightninginthecorner: t
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: No
nyquister_: It's a great one
Diabore: i am excite for ticket to ride
shurtal: With American Woodcocks?
niccus: name three birds
YeetTheRich_: wheelerMonkey
ComradeMik: wheeler so excited for bird game
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Will Ben be playing, I hear he loves birds lrrBEN
Max_Mckayful: How many of the birds are Idiot Birds?
mtvcdm: I hope there's clips of this
ContingentCat: wow and I thought Ian was the biggest bird weeb
YeetTheRich_: ffs wheeler
RandomTrivia: BENJAMIN
Sibwow: the woodcock
ContingentCat: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult, preferably a trained physiatrist.
MurphEP: ssjLAWL ssjLAWL ssjLAWL
Sibwow: a true wheeler bit
SoulEater50210: That was a fever dream
Paranundrox: a classic
SirMorek: what a wheeler
ashmedai127: it was delightful to see, thanks for the show. Yugioh has gotten really strange since I last saw it.
YeetTheRich_: lost 100 viewers to wheelers cock ... classic
MurphEP: Thanks for the stream. I'm really enjoying this show! And Yugioh is not exception
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The_Color_Twelve: you have one of the more interesting interpretations of my name
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RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Ben! lrrHEART
ashmedai127: Soul Eater got a new adaptation?
YeetTheRich_: we need birdface in bird game
SkiaSymphonia: have a good night!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
YeetTheRich_: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Zandivya: anne7
ContingentCat: thanks Wheeler lrrHEART
Phailhammer: cya :)
DeM0nFiRe: o/
RandomTrivia: Pfffft
SoulEater50210: Lol, I was tabbed out and didnt expect that
Juliamon: Twitch stop
Paranundrox: hmmm
DeM0nFiRe: twitch pls
Juliamon: Hate when it does that
RandomTrivia: Welp
benjamin_wheeler: Twitch? plz
Paranundrox: th th th th th th th
Cephallope: I love this song
RandomTrivia: panicBasket lrrFINE panicBasket
benjamin_wheeler: welp
r10pez10: fourth-rate internet connection
ShadezXO: oof
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW