beowuuf: wow, either upstairs neighbour is slowly tipping water out of the window, or in a cloudless sky we have localised heavy rain finally to break the heat.
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed).) at Mon 01:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
TXC2: Hello Everybody
beowuuf: sergeHi
beowuuf: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Can't Draw Horses Club (Join Cori and a rotating cast of guests as they draw horses and stuff (Horses not Guaranteed).) at Mon 01:00 PM PDT (0s ago).
kusinohki: !next
beowuuf: sorry for the snipe!
beowuuf: and yay lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
kusinohki: surprised I was that close tbh
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> The topic is copics on Can't Draw Horses Club today with @apsalar and @eiffelart 📷 ||
beowuuf: i'm surprised too, i was just idly tapping my feet in time since the minute turned over
Juliamon: ooh going traditional this week
beowuuf: i'm sure it will still end in eldrich horror somehow :p
corianderd: wut do u mean?
TXC2: CDHC finds a way
corianderd: :O
GapFiller: hai Cori lrrCORI lrrHEART nalvHi
thefileclerk: yes. good
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
beowuuf: i apologies, sometimes it just ends in perfectly ordinary knife cats
TXC2: Here we GO!
CAKHost: Hello all!
beowuuf: sergeHi
TXC2: Hello Cori and Matt
beowuuf: hello cori! hello matt!
thefileclerk: noice
TXC2: Gods how it's been a Monday :p
flatluigi: hello!
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thefileclerk: oh wow that is super cool
flatluigi: love his GDQ art
beowuuf: copic topic
flatluigi: and his regular art
TXC2: the ALWAYS good presentations
thefileclerk: fancy pens?
CAKHost: lazer printers?
flatluigi: what a good chart
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CaptainSpam: That smooth, smooth alpha channel on the phone image.
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beowuuf: we did not learn about that chat in colour
TXC2: Hello Raiders
beowuuf: hey raiders! sergeHi
Definitely_Not_Pikachu: pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot pleasa2Toot
mamfreddy: raid
Definitely_Not_Pikachu: shado
TXC2: I choose to believe that matt moves that same way as his Avatar does
beowuuf: welcome to the stream where we are legally obligated not to draw horses
Juliamon: Yuuuuup
dman2756: i have spent too much money for copic markers LOL
Juliamon: I'm glad my disability shoved me out of arting before I had the disposable income for them
mikegeney: I bought my wife a load of those OHUHU markers that Jazza recommended for cheapskates after he tested "every" alcohol marker. She loves them.
Juliamon: ohhhh
beowuuf: stat!
thefileclerk: the artist who did the painting of the screaming pope had an absolutely traaashed workspace
TXC2: matt flaunting his wealth there Kappa
beowuuf: desk has no legs, just copic boxes stacked :p
VoyRising: Who is today's guest?
VoyRising: thanks! PrideGasp
beowuuf: :)
Juliamon: I'd love to see a Posca episode of CDHC eventually.
aiamethyst: gold leaf is so messy
TXC2: Ian sighting, Drink
beowuuf: dibs on the nibs
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Never cross the beards.
KeytarCat: Oh that's a really nice pen
KeytarCat: I say, trusting the guest because I don't actually know much about studio art supplies
TXC2: well that was fun, had to restart my internet :p
beowuuf: oh no :(
TXC2: yeah today has been a day :p
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Use absolute aggression.
Penguin_Surfing: cubes on cubes on cubes
pachijayk: bear squad! represent~! eiffel1Art eiffel1Love
plutastar: pachiiii
plutastar: bear squad eiffel1Art eiffel1Love
pachijayk: plutaaaa!!
TXC2: default, the two best words in the English language Kappa
dman2756: what program does he use?
plutastar: I think they're talking about tools. I came in late.
pachijayk: eiffel art usally uses Photoshop or Clip Studio paint when he's doing digital art
plutastar: ^
TXC2: qwosh = the Art program made by Goofy? Kappa
plutastar: I love how the title is "can't draw horses club"
pachijayk: same pluta, wish he had put this in the stream announcements
Lord_ZYRK: Have you ever tried to draw a horse?
Lord_ZYRK: It's literally impossible.
Lord_ZYRK: Can't be done!
pachijayk: matt!! the line, the anchor needs the line!
plutastar: yeah, like when he streams with other people. idk if he has a reaso6
pachijayk: oh thank goodness
kate_gray: hewo
plutastar: hi Kate!
pachijayk: kate!
TXC2: Hello kate_gray welcome
pachijayk: glad you could make it
kate_gray: HEY BEAR SQUAD
pachijayk: BEAR SQUAD
plutastar: EiffelArt's bear squad is slowly infiltrating lol
kate_gray: @TXC2 hello!!
kate_gray: where's this... horse
beowuuf: since artists can be separated in to those who can draw horses, or those who can draw cars, then by creating a club where horses cannot be drawn, all artists are welcomed MiniK
kate_gray: @beowuuf a horse is a type of car THEREFORE you just gotta learn... one of them
plutastar: haha I can't draw a car but I also never tried eiffel1Sly
TXC2: "you guys can draw?"
pachijayk: I can draw both. not well, but I can draw them
beowuuf: @beowuuf :D
ramenz_286: eiffel1Pixel it's art time
kate_gray: horses aren't real
plutastar: damn pachi
plutastar: ramenz!
pachijayk: RAMENZ!!
KeytarCat: @plutastar Sometimes weird plans slip through the cracks 🤷
ramenz_286: hey pluta and pachi!
plutastar: @keytarcat yeah maybe!
beowuuf: this is definitely a paint along stream if you want, and feel free to share art afterwards with the tag #canthorseclub :)
plutastar: haha I would join in if I wasn't working while watching this
ShaneLeeAtk: ^
kate_gray: same, I'm watching Space Jam 2 for work :(
TXC2: turns out sales work :p
plutastar: @kate_gray ummm your job sounds awesome eiffel1Laff
beowuuf: aww
pachijayk: are we all working and watching?
plutastar: @kate_gray is it good?
kate_gray: @plutastar no
kate_gray: hahaha
kayridd: lrr + eiffel?? i LOVE this <3
plutastar: hahaha
pachijayk: oh yea I hear Jam2 was bad
beowuuf: uk viewer, also non artist, so just sitting and enjoying knowledgeable and skilled people chatting and arting :)
TXC2: technically watching this is my work :p
beowuuf: sergeModLove
plutastar: I have to admit I never saw the first one even though I'm pretty sure I can find the VHS tape at my grandparents place. idk if I missed out on something
pachijayk: sketchbook tour!!
kayridd: their gouche skills are amazing
plutastar: @beowuuf yeee absorbing all the knowledge
beowuuf: @plutastar greedily :D
plutastar: @kayridd EiffelArt is amazing at gouache! I'm not familiar with Loading Ready Run
Alephred: Who is today's guest?
TXC2: LRR is a group of people who stream a variety of games and shows
TXC2: Alephred this is Matt
Juliamon: Today's guest is
beowuuf: loading ready run is a comedy troupe who have been putting comedy and positivity in to the world for maaaany years and pulled in many cool people and friends. The stream tends to go variety stream, so you get cool shows like this one which is chill art.
plutastar: EiffelArt aka Matt Cummings. he paints in gouache, copic markers, and digitally
Juliamon: and also
plutastar: my brother loved H pencils because he hates sharpening. he's not an artist lol
pachijayk: thats... very true
beowuuf: I love that today's stream appears to be two communities crossing over to enjoy matt's insights and process :)
kayridd: @plutastar right?! his streams are my first go-to for learning! i found both loadingreadyrun and eiffel independently, so it's a fun and interesting coincidence to see the collaboration stream! loadingreadyrun is a decent sized group of people and between them all, they stream a lot of different stuff. they're a kind group of people with a really welcoming community, so check them out if you'd like c:
plutastar: @beowuuf yeah! :)
plutastar: @kayridd OOO. I'll check out some lrr vods later!
TXC2: !vod
LRRbot: Streams from the last few days can be found at and the Archive of all streams can be found at
plutastar: ty!
pachijayk: slow magic
beowuuf: (we're not here, it's ok)
Juliamon: !youtube
LRRbot: You can find LRR's non-MtG vods at , and all MtG vods and other MtG content at . For non-stream videos, the main channel is
Juliamon: We have more links we can share later, don't want to spam chat too much :)
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TXC2: spaming chat with links is what happens when I'm still around at the end :p
lion_byte: eiffel1Heart eiffel1Ack_HF eiffel1Hi eiffel1Hi eiffel1Hi
plutastar: eyy lion!
TXC2: hello lion_byte welcome
plutastar: eiffel1Eyy eiffel1Eyy eiffel1Eyy
ramenz_286: hey lion!
lion_byte: eiffel1Love eiffel1Shy
beowuuf: just realised if you want a feel for the sort of people and energy of lrr, i guess the jackbox 'crossing the streams' show on wednesday is a good start? but anyway, just now is chilling to this :)
plutastar: thx for the recommendation
kayridd: i wish i had my copics on me so i could draw along
Juliamon: (just be aware that LRR's jackbox streams tend to get a little... uh, raunchy)
pachijayk: oh! lion is here!!
pachijayk: BEAR SQUAD
pachijayk: eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn
DarkMorford: Oh, is it Jackbox week? Nice
plutastar: eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
TXC2: DarkMorford indeed it is
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a fox in Crocs trading stocks to an ox with pox for lox at Mox
plutastar: is there a "can't draw shadow club"? LUL I don't think Matt is going to see this comment
TXC2: also a Kathleen PiF? gimme gimme
pachijayk: lmaooooo pluta
beowuuf: @TXC2 ikr! at UK friendly time too, just breeze in to work and in to a kathleen stream :)
pachijayk: Can't draw Shadow the Hedgehod Club
kayridd: lol or a can't color white club
beowuuf: *from
TXC2: beowuuf exactly
plutastar: @kayridd lolll
TXC2: pachijayk he's too fast to be drawn Kappa
plutastar: :(
pachijayk: that will never stop me from requesting Shadow the Hedgehog on stream
pachijayk: eiffel1Dude eiffel1Dude eiffel1Dude
beowuuf: what is white but paper persevering
ramenz_286: never change pachi
plutastar: fighting the good fight
TXC2: what the darkest values lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Gently caress the door.
LordZarano: Shadows are cool cause they're lit by the blue sky
plutastar: lolll great advice
beowuuf: surprise physics / colour lesson, i am here for it
Alephred: Ambient Occlusion strikes again!
plutastar: @lord_zyrk oh??? that makes sense
beowuuf: lrrbot, we have guests, stay on point :p
Lord_ZYRK: Wrong Lord
TXC2: Damn right Matt
kayridd: *deadpan stares at copic sktech*
Alephred: Those leaves look great.
plutastar: oh oops! sorry @lord_zyrk
beowuuf: this reminds me of bob ross, which i guess makes sense as it's both layering colours on top of each other to create the illusion of depth
Lord_ZYRK: No worries, plutastar
TXC2: also, you know, trees
TXC2: Bob Ross Invented trees
plutastar: Matt is great with values eiffel1Art
beowuuf: @TXC2 bob ross only draws cabins and mountains, i have no idea what you mean. I have no idea why he draws on top of pictures of trees though MiniK
pachijayk: @ramenz_286 thanks ramenz
ChaoticHungry: And here I thought there would be a real cam for Matt. Silly me!
pachijayk: silly chaotic
plutastar: haha hi chaotic
Juliamon: What do you mean, this is a real cam
beowuuf: plot twist: is actual real cam
plutastar: eiffel1Ack
pachijayk: BEAR SQUAD
ChaoticHungry: he's a cartooooooon!
TXC2: you mean Matt ISN'T in Green hill zone?
beowuuf: i mean if the documentary roger rabbit told us anything...
ramenz_286: it's definitely the real camera, it's got the watermelon in it
KaleidoscopeMind: There's also theory in literature where the artist/writer/etc is in collaboration with their audience to create the experience the audience feels
ChaoticHungry: watermelons can only be real
beowuuf: ok, been watching for an hour, never say the watermelon lrrWOW
beowuuf: *saw
Lord_ZYRK: The idea that anyone here would be a robot is silly
KeytarCat: Oh man, Y'all Bears would love Cameron streams. Matt's philosophic style, but about games and game design! (Talking Sim streams/vods)
beowuuf: beep
Lord_ZYRK: Run nervous laughter subroutine HA HA HA MrDestructoid
KeytarCat: Corollary: I love Matt's philosophy on art!
Piratical_tendancies: !advice
LRRbot: Hide behind the penguin.
beowuuf: @Lord_ZYRK supportive directive: engaged. ha ha ha HA ha
plutastar: eiffel1Laff
beowuuf: ok, i made the mistake of looking away for a split second and suddenly realistic trunk
josh___something: Oh, who's the special guest?
lion_byte: eiffel1Aww eiffel1Aww eiffel1Aww
beowuuf: we also have cool Matt friends in chat :)
TXC2: I live in a place with a LOT of birds, and boy do they not shut up :p
lion_byte: eiffel1Uwu eiffel1Shy
ramenz_286: eiffel1Pixel bear squad
pachijayk: eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn
pachijayk: BEAR SQUAD
ChaoticHungry: eiffel1Floaty eiffel1Floaty eiffel1Floaty
plutastar: eiffel1Floaty eiffel1Floaty eiffel1Floaty
TXC2: oh Summer time arrived like a Mack truck here on Sunday :p
pachijayk: eiffel1Scoot eiffel1Scoot eiffel1Scoot eiffel1Scoot eiffel1Scoot
kayridd: calling a bird call a banger is the content i crave
pachijayk: man, I love seeing all these bear stickers
beowuuf: @TXC2 back in aberdeen, the seagulls sure do love to announce their presence. Was so used to it, then had visiting friend one time just go 'what on earth' in the morning. It's like 'oh yeah, they are really very noisy'
ChaoticHungry: Sir Blobmun
beowuuf: @TXC2 more like SUNday.... oh, wait...
TXC2: Blobman > Mr blobby Kappa
TXC2: beowuuf booo Kappa
beowuuf: @TXC2 i regret nothing
pachijayk: look at that blue shade
TXC2: to me the Tree now looks like it has Ichor on it
beowuuf: am i to understand f i think i am seeing a shadow i am mistaken? :D
plutastar: haha it is the shadow we want :(
beowuuf: might be the long shadow of the tall hedgehog being cast... we can imagine...
kayridd: i love oil painting but i haven't in years because you really do need a dedicated space. and the clean up is difficult imo
ramenz_286: stretch time!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
ChaoticHungry: eiffel1Stretch eiffel1Stretch eiffel1Stretch
TXC2: right chat I'm off
pachijayk: stretch time! get some water, look away from the screen for 20 secs maybe
TXC2: Goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming Cori and Matt
beowuuf: also meds etc if applicable! self care is good
pachijayk: eiffel1Stretch eiffel1Stretch eiffel1Stretch eiffel1Stretch eiffel1Stretch
beowuuf: night txc2
beowuuf: i fear looking away from art stream that long, something might go from random colour shapes to realistic thing...
Piratical_tendancies: oooh Kathleen stream!
beowuuf: yup :)
beowuuf: i'm going to call it animal (millar's) crossing until i see otherwise
beowuuf: sergeHi wb
DeM0nFiRe: Somehow in 3 minutes I forgot I had a stream on and I got startled when it came back LUL
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pyronils80: Hello and good evening! :) :) :)
beowuuf: sergeHi
pyronils80: Nice tree! :)
kate_gray: SMALL BUUUUU <3
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Piratical_tendancies: lrrHEART lrrHEART
plutastar: I want to see these backgrounds Matt created :O
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pyronils80: I use a lot of Copics in visualisation of gardening and landscaping for our costumers!
nadraws: @pyronils80 oh thats very cool!!
spicyFerret_: ah, the sharpie vodka incident
beowuuf: pitchfork really hated that GnR follow up album
pyronils80: @nadraws no 2D/3D CAD illustrations transfers the same emotion than a handdawn piece... an emotion is a bid selling point
pyronils80: handdrawn
enkor2113: eva used copic didnt they
plutastar: oh hey @nadraws !
kayridd: i'm curious what conventions matt attends if it's in an artist alley context if he were to start selling prints
plutastar: @kayridd I'm guessing if he attended he didn't sell prints? He is getting prints ready for this summer to sell. It sounds like something new Matt is trying
plutastar: maybe I read your comment incorrectly eiffel1Uwu
DarkMorford: If only the 80s had Git :p
KaleidoscopeMind: "what kind of future where they can have play video games on water vapor?"
aiamethyst: I was just thinking that about Sailor Moon
Lord_ZYRK: Oh yeah, like there was a huge six-foot long Star Destroyer used in filming (I think) RotJ that got completely destroyed in transport because they made things to last long enough back then
Lord_ZYRK: The idea of any materials being needed longer than necessary to make the final product they were designed for is relatively recent in media
plutastar: I want to go to artist alley... tho I'm worried how much I'll end up spending eiffel1Laff
beowuuf: the bbc archive where they reused tapes of old series because who wants to show / listen to things again
pyronils80: I hear this comments everytime I give my drawings to our IT/CAD guys... :D
beowuuf: wallets and cons are a fatal combination
pachijayk: I spend a lot of money at artist alleys
plutastar: lol
pyronils80: my boss complains everytime I buy new markers, until I sold the project again
plutastar: aww :(
ContingentCat: self publishing is hard
beowuuf: it really does already lrrWOW
kayridd: @kayridd yessssssssssss i tend to lurk in his streams while i work so i must have missed him talking about it
Lord_ZYRK: It's a Great Peeper lrrBEEJ
Piratical_tendancies: there is! Yes!
Piratical_tendancies: also by Cornell, Birdnet
Piratical_tendancies: record and analyse birdsong
echolyte: @AnAnonymousGifter Thanks for the gift sub!
kayridd: thanks! omg i've been spamming my boyfriend's mom with plant photos trying to figure out what different things are since she subscribed to some paid service, but now i can just do it myself lol
DarkMorford: Yep, been there.
DeM0nFiRe: "Who the hell wrote this code?!? *checks git blame* ah, whoops"
DarkMorford: "What the hell was I thinking?"
beowuuf: :D
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> Let’s talk #MTGDND limited, plus those cards that got banned last week. It’s a new TTC! | ||
nadraws: yes..... flatbrush ftw!!
pachijayk: people always seem to prefer certain shapes... circle... square
pachijayk: but both have their good qualities
kalira77: wait there's purple in this?
pyronils80: I have a rule for scetching: If you cannot sell it with 10 markers you cannot sell it with 20 or 30 markers either (in garden/landscape design)!
pachijayk: probably in the bark
pachijayk: I know Matt definitely used a dark blue in the shadow for the tree trunk
ChaoticHungry: eiffel1Stretch
00clank: Whoa this is the coolest 'vtuber' thing I've seen yet.
plutastar: I'm also writing that down eiffel1Laff
plutastar: HAHA very true
plutastar: @00clank he uses PNG Tuber. Instead of still images, he is using gifs for the talking movement and painting movement
beowuuf: layering in regular rewatches :p
plutastar: same I love cartoons!
plutastar: and animated movies
Lord_ZYRK: Cartoons do be good though
ContingentCat: Ghibli art is so beautiful
Lord_ZYRK: Vid stream's haunted lrrSPOOP
plutastar: oh no what happened to vr matt?
plutastar: lolol we're all going to be cursed
Juliamon: Yeah, nothing will ever top that film for illustrated scenery to me
plutastar: oh no video is more haunted
plutastar: I was like "wow I didn't notice Matt put in this pink color in the trees... oh wait it's everywhere!"
Lord_ZYRK: Adjust your tracking
Lord_ZYRK: Oh there we go
ContingentCat: I love Poppy Hill it's so nice
DeM0nFiRe: @plutastar Lmao I just got fooled by the same
kayridd: this haunt is a cool effect
beowuuf: video is just illustrating pyronils80's earlier point about not using too many markers
Lord_ZYRK: ^ PrideLaugh
lion_byte: chromatic aberration in real-time
plutastar: @lion_byte eiffel1Laff
beowuuf: it took me way too long to stop looking at matt's animated cam image alone, trying to work out what chat was speaking about... then it was like O.O lrrSPOOP
Ashton: He's a retirement pro! He's up to like 5 retires already.
plutastar: @lion_byte he uses it and I don't understand what it is supposed to do everytime. I'm like "sure... that looks different" *squint*
beowuuf: cori's fooling no one, she's been drawing horses all this time while we've been distracted by matt :p
plutastar: :P
TheyThemPronouns: horses all the way down
beowuuf: not a shadow the hedgehog though, that would just be disrespectful
beowuuf: it is amazing how much the contrast of detail / sharp lines versus absraction in the background makes the central subject pop. Brains are weird.
beowuuf: like the page jostled a little, and my brain almost tried to make it parallax
plutastar: lol
Lord_ZYRK: Lefty gang lefty gang
Lord_ZYRK: All my homies hate seams
beowuuf: ooh
ramenz_286: spiral notebooks are a lefty's mortal enemy
josh___something: leftygang
kalira77: my favorite was doing exams and ending up with pen or pencil alllll over the side of my hand
lion_byte: F in the chat for all lefties
kayridd: left-handed artists, do you prefer spiral bound sketchbooks so you can put the coil on the right?
josh___something: spiral notebooks are hell, and so are classrooms that lack lefty desks
ramenz_286: F
plutastar: f
beowuuf: ooh, o7 is left handed, never realised that
aiamethyst: @kayridd I'm a left handed artist and prefer top bound sketchbooks
CAKHost: Can't you just flip the sketch book? That's what I was doing a few times when I was practicing with my left.
plutastar: this whole time I didn't think they were reading chat lol
kayridd: oh i have a top bound sketchbook from blick and i love it
KaleidoscopeMind: They're like flip pads. Often spirals
plutastar: hi matt!
beowuuf: always watching always judging MiniK
kayridd: it's a sketch sketch book though not for painting or anything
plutastar: @beowuuf hehe
lion_byte: eiffel1Ack eiffel1Floaty
SpacePotato01: Got a serious art question. Any advice for unlearning 'bad' or counterproductive art habits? Really long-term, baked in, bad habits.
pachijayk: i left to go get dinner and I come back to this lovely piece
plutastar: @CAKHost that's what I was thinking... like I guess go through the book "backwards"? lol
plutastar: @pachijayk wb eiffel1Shy
CAKHost: I think I'm thinking of more of turning it...which doesn't work so well with note books but I guess could work better for sketchbooks
ChaoticHungry: eiffel1Stretch eiffel1Stretch eiffel1Stretch
plutastar: eiffel1Stretch eiffel1Stretch eiffel1Hydr8 eiffel1Hydr8
beowuuf: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
KaleidoscopeMind: @CAKHost Do you mean like the bottom left corner of a standard book is your top left? That makes more sense that working back to front since a lot of art paper is textured on one side
KaleidoscopeMind: bottom right to top left*
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CAKHost: Yes! That's what I was thinking of!
plutastar: @CAKHost ah true... there are textured paper :/
plutastar: wow 339 gift subs!
beowuuf: @SpacePotato01 not an artist, but swap medium? or heck, swap hands briefly and try to relearn the basics offhand and see if that shofts anything?
beowuuf: @SpacePotato01 jsut recalling someone trying to teach new guitarists by playing with their off hand to remove some of the inherent subconscious nature of their skill
plutastar: @SpacePotato01 I think it will just take time and practices where you're focused on changing your habit, until it becomes more natural
beowuuf: @plutastar yeah, lrr has some cool and dedicated and generous fans :) lrrHEART
CAKHost: I've mostly been trying to practice writing with my left so I guess that's where the flipping got in for me. Because I would do the turn but also flip the notebook so that the spiral was always along the right side so my left hand had more room.
CAKHost: Downside to that is it would occasionally mean that my left wouldn't have that wide boarder at the top to deal with
CAKHost: Which wouldn't matter for most sketchbooks.
beowuuf: sergeHi wb
aiamethyst: I posted some of my favorite top bound sketchbooks on twitter using the #canthorseclub tag in case anyone wants to check them out
CAKHost: I guess if I used actual loose leaf note book paper, it wouldn't matter if I just left it out :P
pachijayk: horses, shadow the hedgehog
ChaoticHungry: ^^
plutastar: ^ I was about to say lol
lion_byte: ^ yup that
plutastar: please ask about shadow the hedgehog!
plutastar: LUL
ContingentCat: shadow the hedgehog?
SpacePotato01: @SpacePotato01 Oof, drawing with my off hand? That'd be pretty radical. I'll... try it? My wrists are a bit messed up by now so it may not work, but thanks for the suggestion.
pachijayk: yup. shadow the hedgehog
BusTed: Horse on bike is some next level challenge.
beowuuf: previous guest angel's twitter:
CAKHost: I'm currently knitting a poncho that I am on take 2...I'm likely going to take it apart for take 3
BusTed: Haha.
pachijayk: BEAR SQUAD
plutastar: HAHAHA
ChaoticHungry: eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn
beowuuf: but now it's lrr chat, we're innocent and have no clue but have an immediate and undying deseire to see this
pachijayk: eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn
plutastar: eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn eiffel1Burn
ramenz_286: LUL he knows
plutastar: he doesn't know which one of us it is so he can't ban us lol
BusTed: Maki does have the claim.
pachijayk: of course he knows its us!
SpacePotato01: @SpacePotato01 I guess either way it'll take a lot of time and practice, yeah...
pachijayk: who else would ask for Shadow the Hedgehog
plutastar: @ContingentCat thank you for getting our request out there LUL
pachijayk: he'll probably guess its me.
beowuuf: just one of those co-incidental things that just show the universe is telling someone to do something, clearly :p
BusTed: rayfkSanic
plutastar: ^
plutastar: lol what is that emote
BusTed: Chaos.
ContingentCat: sanic
beowuuf: @BusTed no! you take that evil from this place :p
lion_byte: HypeJudge
SpacePotato01: His eyes are in mid-mitosis
pachijayk: I love that
beowuuf: @BusTed jlrrNo
pachijayk: eiffel1Dude eiffel1Dude eiffel1Dude eiffel1Dude eiffel1Dude eiffel1Dude
pachijayk: say yes to Sanic
CrazymattCaptain: Sonic is an eldritch abomination
beowuuf: hey cori, good news, depsite the wonderfully normal art stream, chat has your back and conjoured the requisite eldrich abomination for the stream. Whew
spicyFerret_: to quote bdg, "Sonic is either a god or could kill god and i do not care if there is a difference"
beowuuf: i do not know exactly who or what cori is drawing, but i will die to protect new blue friend
ContingentCat: he definitly has beans
plutastar: oooh owlbear, so cute!
Earthenone: !card owlbear
LRRbot: Owlbear [3GG] | Creature — Bird Bear [4/4] | Trample / Keen senses — When Owlbear enters the battlefield, draw a card.
countingku: My Neighbor T-posero
KeytarCat: Owl-Bear Shinigami!
ramenz_286: what a good lad!
plutastar: "I no longer wish to look at mine" "take the art away!" LUL
BusTed: I had to find Maki's totoro tumblr:
beowuuf: oh, the card reader left off one of the abilities. "When ownbear is not on the battlefield, target creature or planeswalker must say 'where is owlbear' "
KeytarCat: I made a Totoro in my ceramics class in HS. It came out decently well, but I had to give it a big fluffy tail so it didn't fall over, and the tail broke off in the kiln
beowuuf: no :(
plutastar: nooo :(
beowuuf: good old white / black / clear gesso
ContingentCat: whoops
Mollylele: this is a great lookin horse
beowuuf: horse in a totoro costume, very sneaky
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ramenz_286: that's not totoro, that's two horses in a trench coat!
beowuuf: totorench coat?
Mollylele: lrrDOTS lrrCORI lrrARROW who dare
aiamethyst: I've never seen the movie but I've always found Totoro intimidating
KeytarCat: @beowuuf oof and niiiice LUL
beowuuf: i was not prepared for the phrase tummy texture when i started watching the stream, but i am all for it
countingku: My Neighbor T-posero
beowuuf: @beowuuf that's the only reaction i can ask for :p
KeytarCat: @countingku This is also good LUL
KeytarCat: Did someone else also make the t-pose joke? I feel like I saw it earlier and don't want anyone to feel left out AsexualPride
KeytarCat: GotF is a very good movie that I didn't enjoy watching but am glad I saw
KeytarCat: Like Oldboy
KeytarCat: (the older one)
ContingentCat: oh the first time I tried to see Grave of the Fireflies it was like that, "I love ghibli movies, ooo one I haven't seen" that hurt, took a while untill I saw it all the way through
albaqarah: New Oldboy is the movie I did not enjoy and I’m NOT glad I watched.
countingku: @KeytarCat Thank you.
KeytarCat: I was introduced to Takahata's Ghibli work through My Neighbors, the Yamadas, which is a sweet Slice of Life anthology. GotF is...not the same emotions from that Director
KeytarCat: @countingku lrrHEART AsexualPride
albaqarah: I recently watched Requiem for a Dream again. For the 4th time. I think there’s something wrong with me. I just enjoy these kind of movies.
KeytarCat: @albaqarah HAH! I've only heard bad things about it :P
beowuuf: what about...spiral notebooks?
KeytarCat: Cori, it's based on a missing person story
KeytarCat: just not one that was notable in the states
beowuuf: another happy disney-like film, gotcha. Kappa
KeytarCat: *in the WEST, because LRR is Canadian and I forget that sometimes
Violentfrog: I can hear Fred say "Oh! Hello!" in my head right now
KeytarCat: Digital zoom is ~fine~ for most applications, but not when you get to pro level in any of them :(
ElementalAlchemist: StreamerGear™
KeytarCat: No, Totoro
kayridd: @ElementalAlchemist 👀
KeytarCat: Totoro is...a lot of death
BusTed: Did we just bridge the gap between Totoro and Old Boy?
KeytarCat: oh no, we did, I'm sorry! LUL
beowuuf: detective pikachu beat us to it
beowuuf: wait, did a cough button actually do its job for once?
KeytarCat: :O
ohaimireiya: boop!
beowuuf: life hacks for improving your irl colour resolution - hold breath until faint
KeytarCat: (I watched Oldboy (OG) for film school and then again for friends. I learned some of the technical elements, but haven't done any cultural research on it. I've done slightly more research on Totoro, but I'm also an American studying it as a foreign film, so take it with a grain of salt)
albaqarah: Tracing your minds eye… yeah I can’t do that
KeytarCat: @beowuuf Please don't :O
beowuuf: i must not ink, ink is the breath killer...
ohaimireiya: toothpick tootsies
DarkMorford: Remember to breathe, eat, and drink, chat. Though preferably not at the same time. ;)
beowuuf: i feel that dominance has been fully asserted here
Lord_ZYRK: KeytarCat if you're talking about the Sayama Incident and "Totoro is the grim reaper" thing, that's an urban legend that Ghibli put an official statement out refuting
ContingentCat: what?!
ohaimireiya: *gasp!*
ContingentCat: Porco Rosso is so good
KeytarCat: @Lord_ZYRK I know that it's not an intentionally dark film, but it is full of death in a way that Disney films of the era glossed over, and there was a notable missing person case that would have been in the zeitgeist at the time. Unless the Article I read on the incident was also adapted to that urban legend
beowuuf: the oddly basic bleed through of the tree on the previous page is so strange, knowing how detailed the actual picture is
beowuuf: sergeJustRight
KeytarCat: (but my joke about Shinigami was related to that)
beowuuf: this has been a delightful stream, thanks matt! and thanks guest chatters :)
BusTed: Haha.
FuzBubbles: Who is art friend? Their work is beautiful!
KeytarCat: Oh wow, we're actually at the end!
FuzBubbles: (Sorry, got home late from work)
DeM0nFiRe: It is so impressive that that was done in 40m
beowuuf: neat!
Lord_ZYRK: Translated quote: "Is Totoro a god of death?" Don't worry, everyone. There is no fact or setting in "My Neighbor Totoro" that Totoro is a god of death or Mei-chan is dead.
FuzBubbles: Thanks @beowuuf !!
Mollylele: whoot lrrDOTS !
ContingentCat: thanks Cori and Matt lrrHEART
ramenz_286: thanks for the stream!
ohaimireiya: Thanks :3
ContingentCat: no dice friends tonight?
SpacePotato01: thanks for streaming!
enkor2113: thanks for the stream!
kayridd: a great collab! i hope more people check out matt's streams in the future c:
beowuuf: and kathleen is playing an animal noir stream wendesday!
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Questhere: What’s a horse’s favorite sport?Stable-tennis!
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beowuuf: i presume?
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
beowuuf: thanks again cori and matt! sergeHi
BusTed: Have a good one, all.
lion_byte: eiffel1Love
ChaoticHungry: eiffel1Floaty
beowuuf: and night chat!
KeytarCat: @Lord_ZYRK Oh, yeah, what I read claimed that Mei-chan's disappearance had a couple notable similarities to the case, so the audience knew why the town was so scared
KeytarCat: but not that she was dead
KeytarCat: no more because spoilers!
chaostreader: !next
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KeytarCat: Oh right, dicefrineds hiatus
KeytarCat: that word died haaaard