MrUglama: uuuuhhhh, neat, minis!
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PBlackcoat: Yay time for doll painting with Cameron!
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LordZarano: I liked it. I've never seen the old one
Alness49: They added the Ball Game? Finally!
TehAmelie: you never want a tank to look like it just came out of the factory. no matter if it's on your side or not
omdorastrix: Cam seems, just a tidge quiet
MrUglama: that looks like an advance wars tank
TXC2: like that co-axle heavy bolter
beowuuf: that milli-second pause is worth all the effort :p
iqweasd12350: <message deleted>Wanna become famous? Buy followers, primes and viewers on bigfollows . com !
beowuuf: sergeModLove
omdorastrix: sergeModLove
PBlackcoat: I'm here for the sound effects
empyreon: the "pchew"s are mandatory
KeytarCat: Guess I got here right in time, thanks mods LUL
beowuuf: cameron dares to say the things we all think all the time
Alness49: Finally! Someone who gets it!
TXC2: Cameron speaking my language here
Marcanius: You know what, I might take this chance to assemble some 40K miniatures myself
beowuuf: paint along is the name of the game :)
TXC2: ah Sisters of battle, the "we have female space marines at home" Kappa
KeytarCat: Coming this summer?
TXC2: "no MEN under arms"
KeytarCat: Oh, I see the titty armor now!
Marcanius: Someone! Silent King or Krule Boyz?
omdorastrix: Looks to me like they smashed head with that thing... and broke it
PBlackcoat: I *am* no man etc
beowuuf: i love how the models are basically black, and so probably took a lrrEFF ton of work to subtly accent with silvers, etc
ElementalAlchemist: bye Ian
Atifexe: I remember the time my uncle was checking out the Warhammer models I had just finished assembling, picked one up, grabbed the arm and went "So what does it do?" and twisted one of the arms around backwards.
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TXC2: also BTW the sisters of battle are a reference to the fish speakers from DUNE
TehAmelie: did that shield have a gun on it?
KeytarCat: DoomGals?
TXC2: TehAmelie probably
TehAmelie: people have tried that in real life. it was silly
ElementalAlchemist: whoa
beowuuf: orkz are probably the nicest, they just want to go fasta and spread their 'love' (ie spores) around.
TehAmelie: i like that their currency is teeth
TehAmelie: the hardest currency
TXC2: Sisters of Battle are what if the singer from Blondie was a space Nun who kicked all the ass
PBlackcoat: by that logic nyds just wanna hang out with you and tau want to help you out
beowuuf: @PBlackcoat sergeJustRight
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Lyinginbedmon: 44 months? How appropriate!
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Lord_ZYRK: There is no internal conflict or second guessing. They aren't kicking the puppy, they are punting it through a burning field goal into an acid vat.
Nevermore_Painting_Studio: Hey cam! Where's the wheel from?
iris_of_ether: Oh wow, bonus Cam :o
Alness49: Hardcore
beowuuf: @iris_of_ether model painting today! I know this will be something totally alien to your tastes, but hopefully you'll stick around :D
beowuuf: @iris_of_ether And to change the subject completely, that desert bus transformer with scared Alex driver etc is amazing
KeytarCat: Never the less, she persisted
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manianiac: Paint the tiny entities!
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TehAmelie: [adduction sound effect]
beowuuf: O.O
Lyinginbedmon: Really buff ladies
omdorastrix: Oh! so the wheel wasn't broken, until they broke head with it...
TXC2: the watermelon they crushed....
Alness49: "So this is a metaphor" *crack* "Sure"
Lyinginbedmon: Part of your strength is the assistive devices you need, sure
beowuuf: the power armour is to restrain their power for bursting out, not to augment anything
Kaorti: "we need those wheels to live"
Godeke: @TXC2 The Gallagher division?
KeytarCat: Up on cinderblocks
TehAmelie: they're all just Eva-01 when it breaks its restraints huh
TXC2: Godeke I'm thinking more a scene from the boys, but sure
Galexandro: cam knows his tanks
PBlackcoat: yeah I was thinking it was ork tank
sugarsh0t: peel! that! tank!
PBlackcoat: I think it's the fuel canister and the *really* short barrel
TXC2: this is either an Ork tank, or a Kreig tank :p
TXC2: Hello sugarsh0t
sugarsh0t: o/
Alness49: As with the physical, first we clean the sprue
SpacePotato01: Hubert Grüber would be proud of your LittleTank
ElementalAlchemist: It is time to remove one tenth
ArdCollider: you know you work in a CG art shop when you have to tell people "the toilet paper core is hard to get off the bathroom roller, so just grab one end of it and pretend you're unwrapping its UV." not that I've ever done that. with a QuickTime video.
roadhog123: Oh, someone has made this for 3D printing I'd guess, so it's all manifold geometry. :/
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DeM0nFiRe: I am curious how they created this mesh to end up with so many polys on the bottom flat surface there. Presumably it wasn't box modelling
frnknstn: Using blender is kinda of like a biblical trial
TehAmelie: so this tank's butt is like Lady Dimitrescu's butt with wildly inordinate extra dimensions of polygons?
TXC2: a nice flat belly, 'cause tanks don't need ground affect
TehAmelie: wait, is the bottom the tanks belly or its butt?
roadhog123: Geometry needs to be selected I think?
ElementalAlchemist: You might need to Smart Unwrap if you didn't draw seams explicitly? Unless it worked?
CptCorallis: I'm pretty sure that's a Forgeworld Grot Tank?
beowuuf: i think tanks operate on hypergeometery, the belly is both inside and outside at the same time
MWGNZ: it feels very close to a FW grot tank
DeM0nFiRe: If they scanned it that could explain why the flat surfaces have so many polys
mitomanox: cam <3
mitomanox: and cam's reasoning <3
TXC2: Forge world: for when you want to sell BOTH kidneys AND a lung to buy some plastic
Nevermore_Painting_Studio: hey! Let me love my garbage units!
TehAmelie: you could get a lego model for that much that doesn't even have a game to win at
kruudelis: And mildly warped is the hallmark of Forgeworld
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eric_christian_berg: Hi!
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beowuuf: i was thinking gretchin were the ammo for shokk attack guns, but of course it was snottlings
TXC2: Forge world: More Flash then Adobe Kappa
PBlackcoat: @TehAmelie I need to build a *bigger* shelf for one of my lego sets because the shelf I built wasn't wide enough in the first place.
kruudelis: Coincidentally, that is why I am very very happy to see plastic the Death Korps kit
ArdCollider: @TehAmelie of course there's a game, and it's Mobile Frame Zero, which is apparently a lot of fun
beowuuf: anyone else drop out there?
ArdCollider: yup
Nevermore_Painting_Studio: ye
TehAmelie: hmm
Neljandik: yup
eric_christian_berg: Me, too.
KeytarCat: Oh dear, Twitch had a tantrum
Pteraspidomorphi: I think the stream was down for a minute there
heyalexdaily: Was just about to ask the same thing.
manianiac: Yup, had to refresh
FenrisSchafer: o/
TXC2: yeap, twtich wigged hard
Mushbie: yeah its dead
CaptainSpam: Um... is picnic?
ContingentCat: yup
heyalexdaily: Back now, tho.
Godeke: Seems like it was a short glitch.
beowuuf: whew, thought it was my net there
ContingentCat: Twitch did a twitch
beowuuf: refresh if no horses club
McArgh: yep
hold_no_carter: hello! we're alive!
beowuuf: sergeHi
hold_no_carter: wraps look so strange, I remember running into that when I was typing dark souls models a few years ago
ElementalAlchemist: Photoshop why
hold_no_carter: *ripping
wedge_x: --best visual representation of a uv wrap
beowuuf: maybe easier to just take a screenshot of cameron's model :p
TXC2: wedge_x good one
beowuuf: Cool Painting lrrCAMERON_SG lrrCORI_SG
TXC2: !storm
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mitomanox: have u thought about doing a CDH drawing computer parts?
mitomanox: like motherboards and stuff?
beowuuf: ooh
LordZarano: What is a tank is not an armoured motorized horse?
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LordZarano: What is a tank if not an armoured motorised horse?
hold_no_carter: What's the video called?
hold_no_carter: Or article?
hold_no_carter: or whatever
Galexandro: that was a LRLive opener
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roadhog123: The geometry you want to unwrap needs to be selected before you run the unwrap operator. The UV map will then show in the UV editor.
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wedge_x: I love that video
ContingentCat: "hilarious"
TehAmelie: mole bombs were always so underwhelming in Worms
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Jradcliffe719: how the hell has it been 4 months
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BITs19_: I need to paint my orks...
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beowuuf: hilightening
hold_no_carter: is this the bomb skipping one?
TXC2: like the time a Tech destroyed 2 A10s when cleaning a third
ElementalAlchemist: oh, hey, that looks like a UV map
ElementalAlchemist: oh NO
beowuuf: O.O
PBlackcoat: "List of Military Nuclear Accidents"
asddsa28: o yeah
ContingentCat: whoopsies
GirlPainting: Oh a LoadingReadyRun painting stream. 2 of my most favorite twitch content together ^^
LurkerSpine: went through a roof
beowuuf: the unwrap already looks like art
roadhog123: Oh god, what a UV map... 🤮
CaptainSpam: That is a lot of polygons.
iris_of_ether: That is an album cover
mitomanox: @iris_of_ether bingo
Jradcliffe719: cam's sisters are absolutely gorgeous, wow
SquareDotCube: And then you can press L for linked faces
TehAmelie: "Cam's sisters" makes it sound like he's the head of their church o_o
TXC2: tanks used to have different armour on different sides
ContingentCat: Miniature painting seems nice, every time I see Cam painting I consider getting into it. No intrest in playing 40K but the painting seems fun.
GirlPainting: hello background Ian
Jradcliffe719: @TXC2 *flashbacks to 7th*
TehAmelie: you could probably paint them and sell them for profit
beowuuf: @ContingentCat I would imagine you would have many people who play would love to have someone just paint the darn miniatures for them :p
TXC2: I used to play during 3rd edition
TXC2: :p
GirlPainting: WARNING...never paint minis in Camoflage....i once forgott my camoflage miniatures for 3 weeks in a forrest terrain....5 games where played on that table and no one noticed them ^^
Jradcliffe719: camo is fun because you need to do camo well enough to be seen as camo, but bad enough that it doesn't work as camo
frnknstn: You don't want your mini to read like a Michael Bay transformer
GirlPainting: colour factory explosion look is so 90´ s
LurkerSpine: I don't know much about painting miniatures, but I heard that mono-color schemes are some of the most difficult
ContingentCat: whoopsed into Dazzle camoflage?
beowuuf: i believe they intelligently move all their mass around transforming, and yet... yeah, they're just a mess :(
PBlackcoat: I wanna make Nyds that are just like "I'm dangerous don't eat me" bright colors
TXC2: they're too busy (the transformers are)
BITs19_: Cam, for 40k miniatures, do you recommend painting the figures before or after assembly?
TehAmelie: we learned in an earlier episode black paint is fake since black doesn't exist in nature
captain_wulf: my DA are grey so i made sure to do orange accents so people notice they're not plastic ><
GirlPainting: black is hard to paint because you can not make shadows. same goes for white witch you can not highlight.
Jradcliffe719: black paints are normally a really dark blue, so i find that going through blue works best
QuixoticScrivener: Wait, Cam paints minis? How am I just learning this?
iris_of_ether: I painted this crow monster once, and had to highlight it up basically through pale purple to get it to look obvious
Galexandro: when does the drawing of horse commence?
beowuuf: @QuixoticScrivener he does some paint streams on his own, but there are a couple of cool bonus streams or TTSF streams for you to discover then :)
Jradcliffe719: cam paints some of the best minis on twitch and it's a shame he doesn't stream it more tbh
TXC2: Galexandro never, it is forbidden
captain_wulf: maybe just to cloth needs to be picked out... like a deep scarlet
Galexandro: that explains the Can't
aiamethyst: could have some red stripes like n7 armor
TehAmelie: that's how you know it's real art
beowuuf: @Galexandro it's not lack of talent, it is a forbidden act
GirlPainting: @ Cameron i would recomend the icons and skulls to be gold. weapon cases are also a nice part to get a contrasting colour
GirlPainting: the base can also be a point for colour in the form of grass tufts
beowuuf: you were just daydreaming :p
KeytarCat: @GirlPainting ooh, Gold would take it into Blasphemous territory, and I *love* Blasphemous!
Styxseus: Readability is really interesting as an art theory thing
TehAmelie: David Hopkins likes to talk about his method of acting by expressing as little as possible
TehAmelie: Anthony
BITs19_: honestly, that's kinda reassuring. All these tiny mistakes and sloppy spots on my Orks, they're not visible from three feet away
GirlPainting: KeytarCat why is gold blasphemy?
TehAmelie: weird typo
captain_wulf: why i use secondary colors... much more interesting than primaries
LordZarano: It's like the guide for how to design a flag: Draw it the size of a postage stamp
KeytarCat: @GirlPainting Oh, Indie game Blasphemous. Explo-venture full of religious iconography and lots of gold over dark
LordZarano: Because that's how small it will appear when it's up on a flagpole
TXC2: !addquote (Cameron) [now] I am neither good nor cheap.
LRRbot: New quote #7718: "I am neither good nor cheap." —Cameron [2021-08-09]
GirlPainting: KeytarCat did not no that....well, in 40K gold is not that....its just a colour for "fancy" ^^
beowuuf: @TehAmelie interesting, since he tends to be able to convey quite a lot
Galexandro: oooh cam is gonna draw the horse ON the miniatures, bold
PBlackcoat: okay, I gotta go work again. Have fun painting dolls and virtual dolls!
beowuuf: @Galexandro yup, that's painting, not drawing, cori nor the elder gods can't get mad
iris_of_ether: correct
ContingentCat: ol' perfect is the enemy of done
LurkerSpine: Aren't there new special paints that are self highlighting or soemthing?
TXC2: Perfect never is
GirlPainting: but perfect is the modus opperandi of the emperors children....
ContingentCat: Perfect is such a butt
TemporallyAwry: Perfection is an endless staircase.
TehAmelie: yeah. he believes the blankest expression possible works to convey exactly what the context projects on it
TXC2: GirlPainting and look what happened to them Kappa
ContingentCat: as with any skill, the first attempt is going to suck
beowuuf: perfect anything is a ridiculously thin pinicle that's too delicate and small to have been worthwhile, and means compromising too many other things along the way
KeytarCat: Being bad is the first step to not being bad
GirlPainting: German saying: T&here has never been a master, falling from the sky
TehAmelie: i like "before you can be good you have to be brave"
BlueChloroplast: failing is only good if it is a different mistake each time
GirlPainting: TXC2 fair enough
Lord_ZYRK: A great teacher doesn't matter if you've got your headphones in the whole time
jessieimproved: The code that you wrote in school wouldn't scale for shite
GirlPainting: the difference between a master and a beginner is, the master has failed more often then the beginner has evan tryed!
jessieimproved: That's what I know doing this for decades
Godeke: I train a lot of new developers and that is true. I often let them do things early on that we will stop them from doing later, because they need success before they can know why it wasn't actually a *great* success.
asthanius: Just plug the numbers into Wolfram and if nothing happens the experiment is impossible
aiamethyst: I know you're talking to me
NojhLivic: Picnic! Run!
GhassanPL: We know who we are
jessieimproved: I absolutely love to optimize code
beowuuf: is code optimisation like painting minatures in gaming?
KeytarCat: My Aunt taught Technical Writing for oil engineers, and I can't imagine
TemporallyAwry: That sounds like an amazing but thankless task.
LurkerSpine: I do legacy code support. I kinda hate code optimization when it destroys sustainability
Atifexe: Why does that make me think of Goblin Locksmith?
TehAmelie: ah, the endless struggle between specificity and simplicity, common to all languages
frnknstn: Big O for Little Developers
TXC2: a Big Brain? someone call for Adam
BITs19_: just ignore everything that takes a constant amount of time, simple! /s
LordZarano: 1 trillion nanoseconds is 16.6 minutes
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohhh, wait we're not talking about Roger and R. Dorothy, are we?
Lord_ZYRK: The only thing I know about Big O is that it's SHOOOWTIIIME
Kaorti: I can't do the math but, "this number is scary" is kinda straightforward
SquareDotCube: It's like some people make up things just to be exclusionary...
LurkerSpine: good old reverse polish notation was a big thing in my last job - which is at least human understandable
Alness49: "it's shorthand" "Where's the longhand? I need the whole thing"
jessieimproved: The sad truth of software engineering is that you only get to solve delicious optimization problems occasionally, most of the time it's a data processing slog
aiamethyst: I had to help my son with his calculus homework recently and it was the most I've ever used my calculus education
moundsofmayhem: SIGMA math mindset
TehAmelie: my high school math teacher went kind of rogue and taught us stuff like how to do derivatives until we worked out for ourselves the shortcuts we were supposed to learn
TehAmelie: a hero
beowuuf: there are times i forget that many university things i did were 20 - 25 years ago
Kaorti: Yay! Congrats Cam!
NojhLivic: Ooh horray! Congrats Cam!
KaleidoscopeMind: recent development! grats!
omdorastrix: I can't remember integrals anymore, really. Can do a few of the simple ones still.
beowuuf: ooh
TXC2: I like to think I'm good at maths, then people talk about Calculus and I just glaze over :p
ContingentCat: katesParty yay returning to education
LurkerSpine: I mean, Physics dept will also help you out for that right?
ContingentCat: * katesParty2
iris_of_ether: Nice Cam!!
TXC2: "Stop, Listen, Collaborate"
omdorastrix: You'l;l get a fermi estimate instead
ContingentCat: katesLol
Jradcliffe719: we do do that, yes
Jradcliffe719: and we enjoy your hatred
KaleidoscopeMind: True! I'm on like... 3 papers that I shouldn't be on because I have a particular skillset that they needed for a small part of their project
iris_of_ether: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
beowuuf: @TXC2 eh, calculus is just mathematicians guessing, they're just very good at guessing and justifying those guesses
asthanius: Math is all about luck
Brozard: eyyyyy
ArdCollider: I'm congratulating Cam even though I don't know why, because I had to help someone find a wayward rotoshape while he was explaining.
omdorastrix: "Assuming a spherical cow in a vaccuum with no friction..."
asthanius: "Simply round up"
Alness49: We put all the puzzle pieces into the square hole.
TXC2: "simply round up" the space ship became crashed
ArdCollider: @corianderd it's a Bezier around something in a VFX comp
iris_of_ether: I've had classes teach me that theta = sin theta (or something like that), for very small theta
LurkerSpine: Ah. My physics dept in college was different than that. But then again, the head guy was a very old man who lived through the great depression and was smarter than a whip who loved teaching and learning so... (he did the actual math)
ArdCollider: a matte, basically
TopDeckLightningHelix: All I can think of now is that Futurama quote about Deepak Chopra teaching us that quantum mechanics means anything can happen any time for no reason.
beowuuf: i suspect the end of that brush is monomolecular and actually cuts the molecules of the wrong colour away from the model :p
Marcanius: Chat help! I'm assembling the Silent King and I accidentally skipped a step. These Phaerons are going to kill me...
omdorastrix: Ice=rock,
KaleidoscopeMind: water is lava
Jradcliffe719: astrophysicists use pi as a variable and i hate it
asthanius: "a solid that got hot enough, but not too hot"
omdorastrix: Diogenese is about to enter chat... :P
TXC2: matter in a high viscosity state
beowuuf: 78 replies later
Alness49: Open bottle, tip onto floor, point and yell "That!"
LurkerSpine: You die, right? Ryker proves it?
Angnor33: I remember the first time I saw pi as a variable. I think it was in osmotic equations? Threw me so off...
TehAmelie: that sounds like a question on Qi that would make even people in the early seasons hesitate very suspiciously
beowuuf: riker is constantly recycled to be made in to tea, earl grey, hot
Kaorti: But how do you define "I"
LurkerSpine: Wasn't there a Twilight Zone about it?
TXC2: Christ How good Was Bowie in the Prestige?
LurkerSpine: or Outer Limits?
beowuuf: @TXC2 sergeJustRight
Mushbie: "there is always lots of things that most chemists will refuse to work with, such as like Hydrofluoric acid, or Osmium Tetroxide, the physics department." ~Explosion&Fire
beowuuf: that' just like the universal translator, it's handwaivium, but occasionally you get cool communication episodes that address it
iris_of_ether: benginLol
SpacePotato01: They even once replicated a new Picard in an early episode, from the transporter memory because the one they had died.
TXC2: man I wished they kept Tom Riker around
omdorastrix: Didn't Enterprise or Discovery or something talk about how early version were a little slow and you would remember the first half second or so of being disassembled
Jradcliffe719: i do enjoy that everyone hates physicists
TehAmelie: i kind of adore all these sci fi settings with teleportation that just assumes in the future we'll have a handle on the physical components of consciousness and be able to transfer it between bodies
Jradcliffe719: even other physicists
beowuuf: @TXC2 yeah, ds9 kinda fumbled him for no good reason, considering how good they usually were at developing secondary characters
Simonark: Tuvix, an ethical question so awkward we try to ignore the entire series
asthanius: @TehAmelie Or the public is convinced enough that it works well so they don't care
Decaped: "physical components of consciousness"
hexy_lexy: hey nerds! reminder that yall are loved beyond measure! <3
DeM0nFiRe: They did that thing where t hey killed off polaski and couldn't just re-create her before she had a disease because she didn't use the teleporter
TXC2: hello hexy_lexy welcome
asthanius: "I experiment with matter in a very small box"
beowuuf: lrrHEART
SamNu_RV: I didn't know Cam is a physicist
TXC2: SamNu_RV he's a chemist
TehAmelie: yeah we don't have any idea what consciousness is or if it exists in any physical capacity
Jradcliffe719: to be fair, condensed matter physics is that annoying blurry line between physics and chemistry
hexy_lexy: but cam, everything is physics Kappa
SamNu_RV: @TXC2 I know
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
TemporallyAwry: Everything is string theory if you squint really hard lrrBEEJ
Talin06: Cameron as a Physicist I totally are with you
Kaorti: Psychology is just applied chemistry, Sociology is just applied chemistry at scale :P
iris_of_ether: Fourier series makes music pretty :)
Jradcliffe719: god i hate the stem vs arts debate
beowuuf: @TehAmelie i love that they hand wave the whole Heisenberg Uncertainty principle of mapping where quantum particles would be in order to do the transport, but just having heisenberg compensators
aiamethyst: as a person who does both I never got the antagonism
misskale: I admit I'm still curious how my dad's BA in Math worked.
ArdCollider: I'm a coder with an AA in critical film studies, which just means I have to write an excruciating essay in the comments before I get down to business
Despoiler98: @misskale was it theoretical math?
TehAmelie: i read one essay once maybe ten years ago that suggested we should turn STEM into STEAM and acknowledge arts are just as important
TehAmelie: only one
iris_of_ether: Yeah, my overall GPA ended up being *higher* than my Major GPA, because the technology ones were challenging, and I actually cared about the non-STEM ones....
hexy_lexy: @Jradcliffe719 big same. everything in the world is related in some way and is equally important
Godeke: I require a spell checker add-on for our development environment because otherwise 20% of variable names vaguely suggest the actual word.
MWGNZ: techbros just reinvented the water wheel this week
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ContingentCat: Or "solutions" that would make things worse
misskale: @Despoiler98 I don't think so? I just realized I've never asked him. It was a co-major with French and I remember more philosophy texts.
ArdCollider: @Godeke my favorite of those was "lits" for "lights" at a previous gig
TXC2: MWGNZ Gods sake :p
Kaorti: I'm an engineer. My undergrads were in political science and philosophy. I went to a talk on ethics in machine learning a while back. Two data scientists had just written a book on the topic. The thesis boiled down to "this is hard, someone should define ethics"
Kaorti: GAAAAH
Alness49: "What is the baseline of an orchestra just being?"
LordZarano: Room tone
beowuuf: you're removing the noise from the equation so you can understand what the audience is doing when they are focusing on the music
TemporallyAwry: @Kaorti LuvOops jeez, that hurt
misskale: @Despoiler98 He got his masters in nuclear engineering
TXC2: Kaorti haven't we been trying to do that for like 4000 years? :p
captain_wulf: did i just join a John Grey conversation?
Kaorti: @Kaorti They seemed incapable of understanding that their choices had ethical weight, and that they were responsible for that.
Kaorti: @TXC2 YES!!!!!
Simonark: We wouldn't have telecommunication without a composer named George Antheil, a contemporary of Cage
Kaorti: No philosphy citations!
TopDeckLightningHelix: Ethics? in STEM fields?? It is more likely then you think.
ArdCollider: someone in my office once said "I'd rather have cars drive than people" and I went "who do you think makes the cars drive?!" and had to leave the room for a moment
captain_wulf: lol
TopDeckLightningHelix: Yup it's vets day in the US
Alness49: David "Can I lie?" Cage
beowuuf: Silence is ridiculously powerful. You can get people to say things during an audit just by not speaking for a few seconds. I presume the same applies to police questioning :p
TheAinMAP: Veterans Day, yes.
frnknstn: Poppy day?
TXC2: it's called Remembrance day in the UK
asthanius: Dying Because The Country Is Mad Day
TehAmelie: The Good Place, great example of how arts are seriously useful, an enjoyable TV show that manages to teach some basics of ethics
misskale: The US already had a Memorial day and we didn't want to move it >_>
beowuuf: @Alness49 David "But what if you empathised with the Replicants" Cage?
TemporallyAwry: @beowuuf ya' know, I'd somehow blocked that out.
beowuuf: @TemporallyAwry I'm sure the brain will be merciful to you again in that regard :D
TXC2: in the end aren't we all just shapes?
beowuuf: can't draw horses club will now be can't colour tanks club for the rest of the year
Brozard: and beats
TehAmelie: yeah. David Cage really went on the record and said he wanted his game to explore the concept of "Blade Runner but if the replicants were sympathetic"
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
TehAmelie: it's not even paraphrasing
KeytarCat: @TehAmelie Wasn't that the point of Blade Runner?
Brozard: yup
TXC2: KeytarCat yes
Brozard: Well, one of the points
TXC2: the whole point of blade runner is "what is a person?"
Brozard: ^
beowuuf: well, that's a great philosophical question, on one hand if you are everyone except david cage, yes, but if you are david cage, then no
TopDeckLightningHelix: David 'missed the point of Blade Runner' Cage?
KeytarCat: I liked the book more because of how much deeper it went into each facet, but I have strong opinions about PKD
TXC2: he missed it so hard one wonders if he's even seen the movie
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Sniknob: Twitch subs are now affordable in my country lrrHEART seabatClap
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ContingentCat: I keep meaning to watch Bladerunner, I loved the book but apparently the movie is pretty different
LordZarano: @TXC2 A miserable little pile of secrets
TopDeckLightningHelix: @KeytarCat It's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, right?
beowuuf: seabatClap
ContingentCat: @TopDeckLightningHelix yup
KeytarCat: @ContingentCat Quite! I finished the book just before watching the movie and it didn't sit right, so I should watch the film again, unprimed
beowuuf: there's now two films to watch, of course
KeytarCat: you aren't wrong...
ContingentCat: oh yeah
TXC2: and we're back
beowuuf: and now i'm singing all those songs
beowuuf: and want to watch F1 for no god reason
TXC2: and other songs from the album Rumours Kappa
ContingentCat: Nooks and/or crannies
TopDeckLightningHelix: Oh god the shading.
Jradcliffe719: mmm sub assemblies
ContingentCat: um
TXC2: "assembled like human bodies" so they grow from the ass first?
asthanius: Like how 3D printing does it?
sugarsh0t: like the hip bone's connected to the-- wait, what
TehAmelie: goin from Rossum's Universal Robots design to 3D printing eh
Lord_ZYRK: Assembling all of your models in planes sounds like it could get expensive and inconvenient. Wouldn't turbulence be a big problem?
TopDeckLightningHelix: Sadly, they also are less interchangeable because of that.
sugarsh0t: @TopDeckLightningHelix so you can't make a miniature horse with guns for legs?
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tru_boredom: Heck yeah 13th month for can't paint minis club
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beowuuf: @Lord_ZYRK no one said they had to be in the air. :p
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Jradcliffe719: just realised that you should be painting miniauture horses, damn
TopDeckLightningHelix: @sugarsh0t no sadly, we can't even model the true horse in the grim darkness of the far future.
DeM0nFiRe: I've never watched someone paint a mini before, having a thing to hold onto the mini seems like such an obvious thing to exist but it didn't occur to me before that it would
TehAmelie: in the grim darkness of the far future, there is no warhorse
ContingentCat: oh yeah that's good shit
beowuuf: @DeM0nFiRe ask cameron about it, but i think he's been quite late to using one himself
TopDeckLightningHelix: @TehAmelie Surprisingly there are, but not the true gun-horse.
Styxseus: That sounds plausible
TopDeckLightningHelix: The final form of the equine.
TehAmelie: based on what i remember of high school biology, i think it's mostly how insulated your nerves are
ContingentCat: probably
DeM0nFiRe: I have very shaky hands. Most of the time I dont do things for which that matters, but when I am like trying to solder something boy does it matter
TXC2: interestingly, having good neck health is good for grip strength
sugarsh0t: i know for precision pipetting you stabilize from the elbows :P
SharpyByNature: It's a small shooty person! Also a sister of battle! Oh, and a mini!
iris_of_ether: @dem0nfire Games Workshop sells a few sizes of those painting handles
UncannyJimjams: There are techniques to mitigate shaky hands somewhat
beowuuf: Robert Rodriquez's Warhammer40K Grimedarkhorse
beowuuf: @DeM0nFiRe oh yeah, solder and tiny components or wires are not good for me either
UncannyJimjams: If memory serves there's a technique where you wrap a rubber band around your fingers a certain way and it mitigates the shakiness an essential tremor might have
Marcanius: Hey chat, who has 1.9998 thumbs and just cut themselves?
iris_of_ether: D:
TXC2: Marcanius are you ok?
beowuuf: @Marcanius .....uuuuuuh.....
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sugarsh0t: pipette lyfe
sugarsh0t: pipette with your elbows, not with your back
beowuuf: please no heavy pippetting in the pool area
Marcanius: I'm fine, just means I'm watching the rest of the stream instead of joining in
SpacePotato01: Maybe. But then, if that's the case, they might be able to get Biolog injector machines to mass paint twenty miniatures at once.
sugarsh0t: enn pee
Mushbie: physical.... wouldn't that be a job for the physics department? lrrBEEJ
beowuuf: @Marcanius :(
sugarsh0t: oh my god no
TXC2: Cameron please
KeytarCat: @Marcanius That's less than 2, not greater than 10k, got it
AttackCowboy: Cam: as someone with relatively shaky hands, are there any model painting techniques you recommend that don't require a steady hand?
ContingentCat: forbidden milkshake
sugarsh0t: hello yes hi one (1) concern please
Ogrekidd: Does knowing chemistry help someone thin their paints optimally? Like could you do math to figure out the perfect amount to thin your paint
TehAmelie: why do i taste gasoline in my chest
TXC2: just cover it in nuln oil Kappa
Jradcliffe719: contrast is a godsend
iris_of_ether: @txc2 You're not even wrong
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Just spray them one colour
UncannyJimjams: Base, then shade, then layer color
iris_of_ether: I don't use GW paints. I *do* use their washes and contrasts.
Marcanius: Highlighting can also be even faster with dry brushing
TXC2: GW ______ cost a lot
Revenant77x: their pots are the worst though
MWGNZ: the worst part of GW paints are the pots
AttackCowboy: Thanks for that breakdown!
SmashTCG: becasue they contain valuble paint
SmashTCG: and want you to spill them
UncannyJimjams: I wouldn't feel bad about buying a little too expensive paint, but the pots make it harder to justify
SmashTCG: Or rebottle GW paints
SmashTCG: if your a huge Nerd
SmashTCG: Like Me
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Be lethal in the actual way.
ContingentCat: why not put GW paint in different containers then? surely you can buy those kinds of semi-ridgid dropper things
iris_of_ether: unarmeOkay
TehAmelie: that's silly, why would Games Workshop need a scam to get exorbitant amounts of money from their customers?
TehAmelie: Kappa
beowuuf: !findquote hag
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
beowuuf: !findquote curse
LRRbot: Quote #5581: "Take nothing but pictures...and ancient cursed treasure." —Graham [2018-12-12]
ContingentCat: !findquote crone
beowuuf: cooldown i guess
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aiamethyst: 4 years, wow
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Jradcliffe719: so... we ever gonna get a game of 40k on afk?
TXC2: yes....18 months....not 10 years at all....
eshplode: Going to the grocery store yourself is great. You can wander aimlessly there for hours!
TXC2: Jradcliffe719 maybe when pandemic stops
UncannyJimjams: Question to Cameron, do you have a suggestion for integrating the GW Tactical Rock most characters stand on to more bespoke bases?
ContingentCat: Living very close to a grocery store was a major part of why picked my apartment. I can do a grocery run while my laundry's in and still have plenty of time
TXC2: !clips
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DrakoniteStreams: do... do you want to take that one again?
beowuuf: we're just not doing phrasing, i understand
Styxseus: :D
iris_of_ether: unarmeHmm
Jradcliffe719: cam still has the best line about mini painting: "eventually you find yourself highlighting an elven woman's shapely ass"
TXC2: you see, Time is a concept we all follow, nothing is real, no one is here.
Styxseus: How convenient
iris_of_ether: @jradcliffe719 benginLol
ContingentCat: Oooo fancy
planeswalkagogo: ooo! Cam doing minis on the main channel! sweet!
TopDeckLightningHelix: The GW Tactical Rock!
oOSmallFlakeOo: Attack of the Leany feet people. xD
Mushbie: can you place your MRE up against the GW tactical rock or something?
planeswalkagogo: that box-o-skulls is great
Styxseus: Hah
TXC2: I like how the scabbard is a LOT smaller then the chainsword :p
iris_of_ether: I saw the skulls pack at the store on Friday!
Jradcliffe719: the gw skills pack is fuckin amazing
eshplode: Oops All Skulls!
ContingentCat: katesLol some decorative skulls
iris_of_ether: It's like $0.10 USD a skull??
Jradcliffe719: in my 10 years of mini painting i have only ever needed two boxes of skulls, and i only got the second as a gift
TXC2: bolts or rivets?
UncannyJimjams: Thanks Cameron, that gives me some ideas for my Grey Knights
iris_of_ether: So hear me out: Skull Elemental.
Jradcliffe719: mmm skelemental
sugarsh0t: skele--dammit
Jradcliffe719: HA
TehAmelie: remember the scene with the avalanche of skulls in Lord of the Rings where they ended up needing like 1000 times more miniature skulls than they thought. like the population of Denmark
TehAmelie: fun times
planeswalkagogo: what sort of tank is Cori making? sorry, just got here in the past few minutes
ContingentCat: Kind? to me? surely not
iris_of_ether: That's why I did a ton of Kickstarter minis. Harder to feel bad when you paid like $0.25-0.50 a mini.
TopDeckLightningHelix: I wanted a mission, and for my sins GW gave me one.
planeswalkagogo: Ork tank, you say? Sweet
TehAmelie: i spent 50 dollars on Beyond Earth, i didn't even have to do anything to have that ruined :x
UncannyJimjams: My test marine certainly has served my army well as far as getting color schemes decided on before painting
PixelArtDragon: Hello, friends! Is that Blender I see?
TXC2: hello PixelArtDragon it is indeed blender
mitomanox: any chance we can see cori's blender screen a bit bigger? it looks amazing there too.
Steelwolf171: One of the biggest skills in miniature painting is four dimensional thinking. As you progress on a mini you have to see what it's going to look like, not just what it looks like at the moment
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McGurganatorZX: wow hi-ho 36 away!
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PixelArtDragon: @TehAmelie I wish there was a Beyond Earth that didn't... suck... and was not using a 23 year old game engine and mechanics.
aiamethyst: @Steelwolf171 I think that applies to all painting
TehAmelie: exactly
Steelwolf171: And sculpting I'd imagine
Borgrim_: The only time i painted my own D&D minis, i was pleasantly surprised that they looked pretty good at 3 feet distance :D
Borgrim_: not being artsy at all, i had low expectations and was pleased
Jradcliffe719: grats friend, always nice to hear when someone is happy with their first paint job!
Borgrim_: well, it's been 20+ years, but i still have them :)
PixelArtDragon: Dangit, now I want to go back to working on an SM:AC spiritual successor instead of my current project.
xantos69: I have no artistic ability and also have never taken the time to practice it. So when I see people paining I conclude it is effectively magic.
Jradcliffe719: it's not magic, it's *science*
Borgrim_: Some stuff is actual magic. I watched someone make a cube within a cube within a cube on a lathe from a single piece of circular metal
TXC2: Science is just magic with extra steps
Borgrim_: mind blown
Jradcliffe719: @Borgrim_ i... but... but how...
Borgrim_: beats me
PixelArtDragon: Magic is just the mundane that is wonderous, so this is a form of magic
Jradcliffe719: hey cori, if cam forced you to collect a warhammer army what would it be?
Borgrim_: are there non-chaos dwarves in 40k ?
iris_of_ether: I hope my stomach starts behaving today, because watching this is inspiring me to paint again today :)
TXC2: Borgrim_ not anymore there aren't
Jradcliffe719: there aren't many dwarves in 40k any more, but there used to be squats
TehAmelie: thinking of how art wizard David Mack paints with the brush held between the tips of his thumb and first two fingers. it gives such great control, but you have to think about exactly what you're doing to an exhausting degree
planeswalkagogo: @iris_of_ether I second that motion
PixelArtDragon: With great control comes great ability to eff up
TXC2: right chat I'm off
Jradcliffe719: i wonder if cam does any drybrushing
Jradcliffe719: see ya txc
TXC2: Goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming Cori and Cameron
hexy_lexy: @iris_of_ether i hope so, too. your art is so wonderful
iris_of_ether: @planeswalkagogo I made a Serious Binding Promise to finish painting my new trebuchet, 'Yeet the Rich' benginLol
hexy_lexy: later txc2
iris_of_ether: @hexy_lexy benginHeart lrrHEART lunarj1Heart
Borgrim_: Trebuchet Battlemech^?
hexy_lexy: also, iris_of_ether!!! i have convinced myself!!! im gonna save up to get The Perm!!!
planeswalkagogo: @iris_of_ether how big is said yeet machine?
beowuuf: night txc2
UncannyJimjams: Your level of contrast is excellent, everything is very visible
PixelArtDragon: Reminds me a little bit of the rule of 80-20 when it comes to primary, secondary, and tertiary features. Don't make the primary features too marred by the secondary and tertiary features.
iris_of_ether: @borgrim_ Hahaha, nah, just a Reaper Minis scale trebuchet. Couple of inches tall. I collect fantasy minis and vehicles, mostly
Borgrim_: cool
iris_of_ether: @hexy_lexy YES
TehAmelie: you could paint secret messages to yourself on their backs! the oppo will never see it
Brozard: "If you can read this, flip the sister over"
sugarsh0t: "good job, Cameron"
tyrant_typhon: Though it is relevant that in 40k all information of units and abilities is open.
sugarsh0t: "ur doing gr8"
Brozard: I meant "the sister fell off" jlrrFacepalm
Styxseus: Hahaha
Mantafold: people do the put markers on the rim of the base for special weapons
iris_of_ether: Oh wow :D
AttackCowboy: Now I wanna see an Ork army with Nob banners that have reminders on them like 'Don't forget my Power Claw'
tyrant_typhon: If your opponent asks about a model's rules, you can't hide what it can do.
PixelArtDragon: You mean you don't want a 4k-textured cup?
planeswalkagogo: one guy I knew used bits from blood donor pamphlets to make banners for his Khorne Berzerkers. "You can't catch a disease giving blood" and the like
DrakoniteStreams: You can tell I'm old because 1024 still sounds large for textures to me
Borgrim_: yeah, it's pretty nice that all equipment should be plainly visible to all. I bet it can get resource intensive if you want to tweak your loadouts tho, no^
Borgrim_: ?
TehAmelie: Blood for the Blood Bank!
Mushbie: @brozard well the first one makes sense if you write it on the underside of the mini base
Jradcliffe719: a khorne army that started off as a blood donation drive that swiftly got out of hand
PixelArtDragon: Skulls for the marrow donor list!
capt_crazy25: Adding a little bit of brown to black hair really helps
planeswalkagogo: @Borgrim_ depending on the level of tweaking you want to do, sometimes I magnetize things. Other times I just get a second box of dudes to make all the alt loads to rotate in and out
Jradcliffe719: apparently they used to have a regular blood donation van come to warhammer world
UncannyJimjams: What is a skull throne if not an artistic and decorative skull bank?
TehAmelie: sweet
iris_of_ether: *Fantastic*
Jradcliffe719: yeah, it was apparently a tradition that you donated blood then got burgers after
iris_of_ether: He's Not Wrong
JadedCynic: man, what a moment to come in on...
Borgrim_: @planeswalkagogo so you make magnetic arms to swap guns and such? that's clever
wedge_x: the social contract is relative to the society
Lord_ZYRK: Not smelling like complete shit? Must be a heretic!
SachielOne: "We're gonna need more rubbing alcohol to sterilize this arm. Bring the whole barrel."
JadedCynic: "how about here?"
Jradcliffe719: the local taxi drivers in nottingham call warhammer world the fascist building because of the giant aquila
planeswalkagogo: @Borgrim_ I like doing it for the bigger things. Individual dudes, while doable, can be tedious. I've done it though. Two handless guys in a squad for plasma/melta/flamer
Jradcliffe719: you ever been to warhammer world cam? they have a warhammer museum!
iris_of_ether: IIRC the anime con that my college buddy used to go to settled on the slogan "Got Soap?" And they put it on different tshirts each year.
capt_crazy25: Cameron, how long have you been painting? (not like this stream, but just in general)
iris_of_ether: !clip
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JadedCynic: NGL, I was underwhelmed
TehAmelie: i was expecting some sort of bed companion deal
sugarsh0t: you gotta ask for the secret menu items
Mantafold: Nurgle war tactics at conventions is considered rude
QuixoticScrivener: Isn't there an Adam Sandler movie that explores the Beyond portion?
ContingentCat: turns out the beyond is just the kitchen
JadedCynic: @sugarsh0t oh, it's behind that 'fake door' :\
sugarsh0t: order your scented candles "animal style"
PixelArtDragon: Bed Bath and Beyond should be like Sigil, doors to everywhere
JadedCynic: @ContingentCat nah, it's the hall BETWEEN the Bedroom & the Bath
beowuuf: "i'm looking for something in the range of discovering Soundwave's guns were actually his batteries in cassette player mode?"
Jradcliffe719: in every B,B&B there is a single door opens to the warp
iris_of_ether: There is this art collective in... Phoenix? I think? Called Meow Wolf. They have a house that they've done up with portals and hidden packages....
JadedCynic: @PixelArtDragon okay...sure "should be"...*coughs awkwardly*
iris_of_ether: I have no reason to be in that area, but it sounds so rad
Borgrim_: Beyond is just the outside of the store. You get your bed & bath, and then go beyond
beowuuf: Wet Dog
planeswalkagogo: was Sub Rosa the one with the stupid sexy ghost?
iris_of_ether: Was Subrosa the one with the.... yeah what @planeswalkagogo said
beowuuf: @planeswalkagogo yuuuuup, sure was late series TNG up in there.
TehSpud: wait, was that the "Dr Crusher boinks a ghost" episode?
beowuuf: @TehSpud yuuuuuuup
TehAmelie: turns out corporations can just say words that don't mean anything and act like the nice sound they make describes their business
Borgrim_: What is the fan turbine rod she's holding? is it a portable tesla coil wepons of some type?
JadedCynic: hey, Ian
ContingentCat: sergeJustRight
TehAmelie: see also Disney's slogan "movies, magic and more"
JadedCynic: nice decal on the tonk <3
Simonark: Is Sub Rosa the worst Trek we all reference? It was Threshold and before it Spock's brain.
DeM0nFiRe: Or the tank's dead
JadedCynic: "If you can read this, you're probably having a bad day, so here's a happy face to cheer you up"
SachielOne: @Simonark THRESHIOLD. DIDN'T. HAPPEN.
iris_of_ether: Threshold hurts me inside
beowuuf: someone should do these corporations for forming a monopoly by trying to supply 'beyond' and 'more'.
ContingentCat: a little warcrime, as a treat
xantos69: There isn't a GOOD feeling you can have while preparing a bomb. But you can try to at least take pride in your work. Why not put a slogan on it?
planeswalkagogo: I was thinking of putting "wasted" and "you died" and the like on the bottoms of tanks for when they blew up, but persistent tank corpses aren't a thing any more in 9th
iris_of_ether: IIRC Threshold came up on the Trek cruise I was on, and even the actors were like benginWat
beowuuf: @Simonark No one mentions Code of Honour...
JadedCynic: we all suppressed CoH
asthanius: "Up your what?"
DeM0nFiRe: Up youre's
JadedCynic: "9/10 - see me after bombing run"
JadedCynic: B)
planeswalkagogo: I worked at a small town paper where the people in charge didn't believe in the Plural Possessive. it hurt my brain
Simonark: Why would we talk about it? Its awful
TehAmelie: and if you pass the inspection you get this gold star
JadedCynic: @Simonark IKR?
asthanius: It's a crow you put your medication in (for safekeeping)
TehAmelie: now i want a pill crow
JadedCynic: "If you can read this Bureau of Ordinance is doing its usual bang-up job."
ContingentCat: or a crow that helps you remember your meds
TehAmelie: if i live long enough to need somewhere to keep pills
Simonark: There's no charm, camp or good bit, its just an hour of being appalled
beowuuf: My brain just said 'Sergeant Pillcrow', nodded, then ran away.
JadedCynic: o7
TehAmelie: oh, Cameron you should be Leff-tenant Pilcrow
beowuuf: but cameron *can* paint minis :p
goombalax: oooh I love your custom simulacra
TehAmelie: spelled Liutenant
goombalax: but has he painted any horses?
beowuuf: not yet, we're waiting to find out if the gun legged horses are possible?
Jradcliffe719: @beowuuf i read this in dave's spokesman's voice
TehAmelie: there are so few superhero Liutenants. all Captains and Majors
beowuuf: @beowuuf :D
sugarsh0t: would a gun-legged horse wear pants like THIS or
JadedCynic: Lieutenants are typically green, newb officers, and not yet good at what they do (see "Butterbar")
iris_of_ether: Shared this before, awhile ago, but horpse?
JadedCynic: SeemsGood Cam
xantos69: Oh good choice.
JadedCynic: *drools*
goombalax: trees he said it
SquareDotCube: There are Four Spice!
JadedCynic: YEAH!
beowuuf: @iris_of_ether sergeJustRight
planeswalkagogo: how's the weather situation out that way? The smoke has finally started easing up over here in the big retangle.
UncannyJimjams: tonight is pizza night, but Thursday is spicy ramen, hot enough to burn open my sinuses
LordZarano: "Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!” Quoth the Pillcrow “Take your meds!”
goombalax: he's said it before, it's hilarious
TehAmelie: an eggplant to make the Devil poop God's pants
JadedCynic: oh yeah, that was CLASSIC <3
beowuuf: That was a great tweet that took 30 seconds to get
iris_of_ether: Saw that, snickered
beowuuf: Please, Dissin' Terry was my Rap Superstar father
goombalax: see I missed that context at first and tryed to find the obvious tweet you were replying to
JadedCynic: Cam, when I retweeted that, my wife got up from her computer and slapped me <3
CAKHost: And the world is a better place for it
goombalax: bahaha
iris_of_ether: benginLol lrrHEART
TehAmelie: roasting Terry? no we like to call it dissing
beowuuf: LOL
xantos69: You even pun so hard you cause a person physical pain?
DeM0nFiRe: oh lawdy "if you just shat your own pants" that is a nope LUL
wedge_x: Disinterrence Trent D'arby
Mysticman89: not as impressive as shitting in someone else pants
pyrojakk: Hey look, it's adepta sororitas!
pyrojakk: Nice
Simonark: I feel like there is a beriberi version of the joke somewhere
TehAmelie: Carl Michael Bellman, a mythical trickster figure in Swedish history, did that once
JadedCynic: I've hurt myself from laughing at this, but puns? Well, maybe frowning so hard that you hurt a muscle in your forehead? @xantos69
KeytarCat: @Mysticman89 I imagine it happened while camping and Terry had to borrow pants because he tore a pair and shat a pair, then also shat the borrowed ones
Duffadash: Tonight I envisioned the list of my dreams. A complete timeline of everything that's happened to Dracula accord to all media that he appears in.
ContingentCat: something has to go
JadedCynic: IKR?
Brozard: IIRC wasn't Photoshop created while working on the movie The Abyss for the water alien?
JadedCynic: I mean DDR3 isn't that expensive
asthanius: just download more RAM
JadedCynic: oh wait...
planeswalkagogo: if I had 64Gb of RAM, I could have so many more Chrome tabs open
CanisLupusAqua: @Duffadash fanfic makes that hard
asthanius: adobespreading
JadedCynic: @planeswalkagogo ah, kindred spirit!
LurkerSpine: Isn't Autodesk the same way?
ContingentCat: surely if you're using photoshop you don't have anything else running
Duffadash: @Duffadash It will indeed be a massive undertaking, and some choices would have to be made. I'm kind of afraid to get started.
Kaorti: OS? What's that? It probably doesn't need resources.
TehAmelie: i'm never giving up my photohop 7.0 install that works offline
planeswalkagogo: @planeswalkagogo it would also let me keep chrome open when I play Monster Hunter, lol
LurkerSpine: did anyone else have stream stutter there or just me?
asthanius: You haven't lived until you open up a project in Unreal Engine and have the computer burn a hole in the wall while it loads 10k assets
DeM0nFiRe: @LurkerSpine Yeah went a bit wonky for a few seconds. Seems fine now
CanisLupusAqua: @planeswalkagogo i'd just take being able to run cookie clicker in a separate window while i do literally anything else
beowuuf: @LurkerSpine yeah, thought it was just my net
JadedCynic: When I get home in Winter and the apartment is cold, I just boot up Photoshop or Blender and....ahh, TOASTY B)
iris_of_ether: Big painting mood
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SoldieroFortune: Ever we continue the endless march to the century luniversary
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TehAmelie: Cookie Clicker is coming to Steam by the way
CanisLupusAqua: i saw! with minecraft music
ContingentCat: oh cool
ElementalAlchemist: Set Construction
CanisLupusAqua: more seriously, just by c418, but still exciting
Mai_Andra: And she has (had) blue hair. That's always cool. xivCactuar
Saxpython: Snickers
beowuuf: i'll speak to myself then :)
xantos69: Set design is one of those things that is super interesting to me....but I wonder if the field will even exist in 30 years since CGI keeps getting more popular.
ContingentCat: good ol' I Don't Know What Ads They're Running Now, I love their stuff
TehAmelie: i'll take twitch ads over Elon Musk's new plan to show ads in space
TehAmelie: just a satellite with a tv screen no one can see where people will be able to pay bitcoin to have crypto ads i guess
goombalax: that depends on if the whole industry homogenizes into Disney studios and they can do everything in their massive greenvaults
ElementalAlchemist: nah, we have enough capitalism on Earth, thanks
CanisLupusAqua: ever consider how even if we reach post-scarcity there's always a chance that entertainment becomes the single most relevant industry and currency is based on centrally produced and regulated art
TehAmelie: if there was any doubt cryptocurrency is an industry based on ego boosting for people with bad self esteem
beowuuf: wb
TehAmelie: hi again
CanisLupusAqua: rather than art being our escape from capitalism
Brozard: lrrWOW
sugarsh0t: but donuts aren't flaky
sugarsh0t: Delta
sugarsh0t: it's Delta
Jradcliffe719: i didnt know crispy cremes existed until that vine
sugarsh0t: they're orders of magnitude better than Timmy's
ArdCollider: our Krispy Kreme recently succumbed to triangulated pressure from a Dunkin's, a $4-a-whack donut shop, and a standard SoCal-style donut shop
beowuuf: they're nice, but they are ridiculously expensive for what they are
ShaneLeeAtk: Their okay.
ElementalAlchemist: "they're donuts" is pretty accurate
Mai_Andra: Selling Krispy Kreme donuts to church people was a common fund raiser when I was in middle school.
Borgrim_: they melt in your mouth when they're hot
ShaneLeeAtk: *they're
Borgrim_: which is weird for donuts but decadent
TemporallyAwry: They're consistently a 4 or 5 out of 10. But they never drop bellow that 4, and that makes them "safe"
niccus: a stack of 12 doughnuts counts as a thousand layers
iris_of_ether: When they're hot is about the only time I considered them worth it. But I was always more of a crumbly glazed Midwestern cruller type, anyway....
goombalax: tank?
JadedCynic: tonk
TemporallyAwry: Tank = metal horse
pyrojakk: So what is cori working on?
Borgrim_: 8 seconds in the microwave make them pretty darn close to getting them hot from the shop
Borgrim_: but i agree that they are donuts
sugarsh0t: i still remember the best donut i ever ate. it was a mango-cream-filled donut from lee's donuts on granville island. it was fresh from the oven.
SquareDotCube: I'm a heathen, I like my custard-filled long johns
Mysticman89: I know of professional with 3+ keyboards where everything is a macro of some sort
strebenherz: mango cream? that sounds fantastic
Borgrim_: I get my donuts from Timmies usually
JadedCynic: delegate
asthanius: A Large Knife'
iris_of_ether: Custard long johns are amazing, though, as are bismarks
Bearudite: efficiency is just smart lazyness
xantos69: All the most efficient people I know basically just try to cheat the system and get out of work whenever possible.
Saxpython: Money = Big Cheats
JadedCynic: also you start at 5am when the restaurant opens at 5pm
SpacePotato01: I wish I was a highly skilled person.
goombalax: Deez carrots are fookin raaawww
TemporallyAwry: surprisingly, much of the real world is also pay-to-win
JadedCynic: well *human civilization
strebenherz: depending on what they're used for, you can kinda cheat carrots by cooking them a bit so they're softer
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FITorion: woooo
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JadedCynic: and yeah, pretty much ALL of that
Borgrim_: yeah you can go for the grind irl, but you usually get nowhere fast
beowuuf: if the task is not going to be repeated, trying to find efficent ways to do it usually is more effort than getting your head down and doing the work
Saxpython: wooo indeed
JadedCynic: yeah, but in the end, regardless of whatevr 'lifehacks' you deign to employ, the carrots STILL have to be chopped
Jradcliffe719: i find it way too amusing that there are people in this chat who have been subscribed for longer than @LRRbot
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goombalax: they do streams now though
Sethalidos: yeah not a big fan of Games Workshop right now
Agu_Sakku: is cam streaming him self? can't recall his channel name.?.
SevenishMagpies: @Agu_Sakku unarmedoracle
Borgrim_: UnarmedOracle
JadedCynic: UnarmedOracle
asthanius: Enormous vats of paint for hydro dipping
JadedCynic: and no
Jradcliffe719: armlessprophet
ElementalAlchemist: Can you believe people would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?
iris_of_ether: Don't forget the fucked back
Borgrim_: Tunnel vision syndrome
iris_of_ether: That edge highlighting omg, though
ElementalAlchemist: goodbye canvas
beowuuf: seize the pain
asthanius: simply paint lying flat on your back
asthanius: "Steady as she goes, captain"
goombalax: I wonder if having a really high table would help
strebenherz: That's clever.
iris_of_ether: Goddamn
ContingentCat: probably a good idea
Agu_Sakku: I have watched so many twitch streamers that paint miniatures
CanisLupusAqua: wait, are you saying you don't paint with your legs bound in rope and hanging upside down from the ceiling
ElementalAlchemist: oh, yes, good painters wear a straightjacket
Borgrim_: Gyro-compensated mini painting rig
Mai_Andra: I need to sit down and paint more. It' just so much energy to go over there and start. And then I get tired so quickly when I've barely got anything done... xivGoob
CanisLupusAqua: i have amazon orders to cancel
xantos69: I have seen people paint laying face down on a massage table. The ones with the little spot for your face to fit into.
strebenherz: shibari miniature painting
TehAmelie: i wonder if painting in caves by oil light was the most ergonomic way we ever did art
ContingentCat: @CanisLupusAqua no rule saying you can't paint like that
goombalax: see that's genius
goombalax: you ever just turn your mini upside down while painting? the perspective change really screws with you
Borgrim_: I'm super curious to know what the function of the staff that the mini Cameron has in hand wields is, anyone knows?
Lord_ZYRK: "I paint minis while suspended from dermal hooks. It's a comfort thing."
Jradcliffe719: i'd love to see you two in a car for road quest season two
iris_of_ether: @borgrim_ Religious icon
Agu_Sakku: I would like to peruse some minis for Zona Alfa, and Stargrave. But everywhere online is in Europe
Borgrim_: oh
pyrojakk: zigg
pyrojakk: w/c, sorry lol
Robot_Red_Robot: Are these Sisters of Battle?
Borgrim_: is it damaged intentionally or was it used to smash something?
pyrojakk: What is Cori doing btw?
beowuuf: find round thing, flex with round thing, brandish round thing
pyrojakk: @Robot_Red_Robot Yeah, seraphim squad I think?
goombalax: it's his own take on the simulacra, it lets sisters roll additional miracle dice
pyrojakk: At least the current model has the seraphim helm
goombalax: ie. inspirational
iris_of_ether: Damaged intentionally, he mentions it earlier in the VoDs
beowuuf: painting an ork tank
TehAmelie: not to distract from the great story of the broken wheel but i keep picturing that as a bus stop someone made by welding together a sign, a pole and a car tire that then ended up as some cargo cult's holy symbol
Agu_Sakku: lol
TehAmelie: a car wheel, i guess, not tire
iris_of_ether: I have a (non-Warhammer) mutant kicking around somewhere that's wielding a rusty stop sign. I love it
goombalax: your colour palette is so understated but your work is so fine and precise
Sethalidos: so does LRR just skip the middleman and pay Cam in 40k minis?
pyrojakk: Man, I think it looks great cam :)
Agu_Sakku: I seen a lot of work going to a plain piece of Warhammer
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goombalax: that's like paint-by-lighting
LordZarano: Baking ambient occlusion into the texture?
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Fayili: So uh... I'm maybe buying a house? That's weird. Life is weird. I've been watching LRR since before I graduated high school over ten years ago. What is time.
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Agu_Sakku: I have a STL of a zombie apocalypse that's a cheerleader to Mac tens and pom poms on them
beowuuf: yay fayili!
Sethalidos: @Fayili Time is a simultanious four corner day.
ElementalAlchemist: *Minecraft villager "hmmm"*
beowuuf: lrrCAMERON_TK
Mysticman89: Works for everyones favourite onion knight too
drfox17: i just tuned in
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> RT @WakeUpSuper> Heads up in 2 hours (5 pm PST) myself, Beej and Paul will be heading back into this absolute banger | 📷 ||
beowuuf: can't draw them, it's the law
coldhands0802: @drfox17 Well, the premise is that they can't drawn horses, so ... how would we know?
drfox17: good point
Mysticman89: these attempts at horses are a tactical success
LordZarano: I assume there's dedicated software for painting onto 3D models
ElementalAlchemist: or rather, go eggplant
KeytarCat: @ElementalAlchemist LUL
ContingentCat: or not as it were
sugarsh0t: i hear salt is the trick to making eggplant cooperate
LordZarano: 🍆
Agu_Sakku: I have been hooked on watching people paint miniatures ever since I had my two strokes
strebenherz: That's a feeling Cam
KeytarCat: I liked making fried eggplant patties, and it took a day of drying before I could handle them
sugarsh0t: por que no los dos
ContingentCat: I prefer to just replace zuchinni in eggplant recipies
Fayili: @sugarsh0t Yeah salt and letting it dehydrate for a while before working with it
ContingentCat: yes?
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Both
iris_of_ether: @sugarsh0t I've seen that recommendation in the past, too
NotCainNorAbel: this household never can't order both
ContingentCat: leftover samosas for breakfast is so good
sugarsh0t: so are leftover pakoras!!
niccus: it's so hard to find a place with good pakora
sugarsh0t: when i order from sizzling tandoor for dinner I get a side of paneer pakoras for breakfast the next day
KeytarCat: It gets weirdly wrinkled and soft
FITorion: I've ordered something at a restaurant where I got asked 3 times if I was sure.... the waiter asked twice and then the chef... I was excellent
KeytarCat: I don't like what I just said
ElementalAlchemist: mmm, cheese
Anubis169: But but but... this soup!
goombalax: I tried making curry with ghost peppers last was hell
coldhands0802: If I was looking to get into painting game miniatures for the first time, is there are recommended band/source of paints? Most of the tutorials I've watched are using Citadel paints with extremely Warhammer sounding names, but I don't know if that's the good stuff, or like ... the store brand.
TehAmelie: me, realizing the last two times i ate a meal prepared by professionals was when i got an inheritance from grandma's aunt and when i turned 40
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Bartlebad: 31 Months, that's actually a prime number!
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Anubis169: Cam: I made a nice fruity Madras today :)
iris_of_ether: I had this coworker who would regularly order 10 and 15 stars. Yes. I know it doesn't go that high
Anubis169: but like always
Anubis169: made entirely too much rice :D
FITorion: It was Chicken fried steak without the gravy. Instead the sour cream, butter, cheese and all the other stuff you load a baked potato with.
ContingentCat: trust the process
iris_of_ether: I tried his chili at the chili competition and near instantly shoulder-checked someone looking for cornbread
ElementalAlchemist: is it "eating too much rice"?
Anubis169: I know, but I always remember that after I've poured the water on :P
TehAmelie: i've done that many times, is "eating too much rice" the correct solution?
goombalax: @coldhands0802 Vallejo paints are really good, better quality than GW and same price or cheaper. that said, if you follow official painting guides, the GW paint names are the easiest to use
Anubis169: it's like a mental blind spot
ShaneLeeAtk: Too? Much? Rice?
ShaneLeeAtk: I don't understand
ElementalAlchemist: OK, so consider stomachs
ContingentCat: leftover rice makes ideal fried rice
ElementalAlchemist: they have a capacity
SquareDotCube: just turn it into crispy rice
ContingentCat: So it's really just tomorrow's rice
KeytarCat: @ElementalAlchemist About 2 liters!
KeytarCat: at the outside
Anubis169: like a word somebody habitually misspells, i always remember "should've measured that..." after the fact :D
coldhands0802: @goombalax Thanks, I'm writing that down. I'm not actually painting Warhammer (I bought a board game called Nemesis, and there are some sweet looking, legally distinct xenos from Aliens in there) so I'm mostly just experimenting.
Mai_Andra: I've bought some Craftworlds sets. I still haven't managed to decide a color scheme. I'm hyped for new aspect warrior kits.
Anubis169: beigeish is now a word we know
TehAmelie: one time in school the teachers turned lunch into a surprise morality play where 12 kids at random got fancy food and everybody else got rice. i wonder how my school didn't get sued more. . .
aiamethyst: hey, color theory stuff
iris_of_ether: Pale purple bones??
ElementalAlchemist: Is there not a good enough off-bone color?
FITorion: blood soaked bone armor?
goombalax: maybe outlining?
goombalax: yeah
Mai_Andra: Really? Those seem like they go together to me... like a med center waiting room.
FITorion: or mud soaked... just say... it got dirty somehow
UncannyJimjams: My initial instinct is this: base them in a bone color and then dilute Drakenhof Nightshade and shade both the bones and the blue/purple robes to unify it then set about highlighting with pale bone colors to give them a psychic power kind of aura in the recesses
goombalax: a whole new woooorld
KeytarCat: @TehAmelie I read a story about teaching the Tulsa Massacre where the teachers got together over a weekend and burned the big model city the students had built over the last few weeks, so the students had a closer idea of how it felt. Some of the students were children/grandchildren of folks who were alive when it happened
SmashTCG: Oh so you had an imperial guard army
Bartlebad: Since I'm already excited for the Crusade league I'll be playing in this Wednesday, is there a chance we could see a LRR Crusade league series?
Fanboy_of_Bolas: ah hell yeah.
empyreon: LUL
TehAmelie: oof
SevenishMagpies: 200 rats in a box :3
Anubis169: Do you normally paint top-down, or under layers to outermost layers of clothing?
SmashTCG: drakezillaRat
Fanboy_of_Bolas: you definitely know that LRR is chomping at the bit to start a 40k series.
Kaorti: Dream deal
DeM0nFiRe: zeldaLookAtMyRat
SmashTCG: sorry innacurate lemme just.... fix that
SmashTCG: drakezillaRat drakezillaRat drakezillaRat drakezillaRat drakezillaRat drakezillaRat drakezillaRat drakezillaRat
SmashTCG: there we go, standard troop squad
goombalax: we got James and Ben already
niccus: that's a hell of an origin story
Anubis169: a wild Ian
TehAmelie: 40K AFT stream as soon as Cameron gets done painting all the minis, right?
iris_of_ether: OH NO
empyreon: oh no....
TehAmelie: wait no that was a Commodore Hustle plot or something
Fanboy_of_Bolas: i'm lost
Fanboy_of_Bolas: what?
Kaorti: ???
FITorion: I'm also lost
Fayili: o no
PixelArtDragon: I hope it's not what I think it is...
goombalax: done...painting? can one learn this power?
UncannyJimjams: I'm off to make pizza, have an great remainder of the stream
Kaorti: is this a "better not to know" thing?
ContingentCat: I'm lost and I don't think I want to know
FITorion: all I can think of is sharks...
Fayili: I'm imagining it's a racist thing
SevenishMagpies: @Fayili same
Fanboy_of_Bolas: my only guess
iris_of_ether: Double same
sugarsh0t: oh i was thinking cocaine
Fanboy_of_Bolas: i mean it's not like there store was called "white power" or anything like that.
goombalax: rattest
SmashTCG: radrat
Kaorti: pity the skaven, but still kill them.
sugarsh0t: yessss yessss they areeee
DeM0nFiRe: zeldaRAT
iris_of_ether: Can confirm, housemate's rats are baby
goombalax: Cameron, did you see the Skaven Mechanicus army? the aesthetics match really well
ContingentCat: from what I've seen of TQ's potato babies they're great
Kaorti: IIRC, some skaven lore is that they *could* be sweet babies, if they weren't trapped in a fascist hellscape.
Anubis169: hihi Julie :)
PixelArtDragon: That's how Chaos can be played in both!
goombalax: rip squats
Kaorti: HAH
SachielOne: NOOOOO! Now they're going to pulp the new Squat books again!
goombalax: reset the squat clock
PixelArtDragon: Diskworld Igors are really into human kitbashing
SmashTCG: Lobotmised people with toasters
TehAmelie: i thought about getting a rat to cheat my apartment's allergy proof no furry pets rules but they thought of that :(
asthanius: memes are just kitbashed language
KeytarCat: English is a kitbash
KeytarCat: huh
goombalax: I love Scaevola
SmashTCG: "my emotional cortex is Sending disgust, and i choose to feel it"
sugarsh0t: @TehAmelie what about hairless rats?
PixelArtDragon: If you think about it, kitbashing is the core ideology of Lego
TehAmelie: no idea
SmashTCG: i like that a tactial leader in the mechanicus has their motions still attached, but have it manually regulated
TehAmelie: if people are allergic to rats it probably doesn't depend on the fur
SachielOne: You'd be joyful, too, if you still had broadband internet
goombalax: once you get to replace your lungs with a car battery it's all uphill from there
Kaorti: if it works, it's not heresy right?
RaklarLS: it's a soviet purge, but for nerds
OminouslyOminous: @TehAmelie My hairless rats used to give me a rash, but they were good kids.
asthanius: Heresies are the things that make Saint Nicholas punch you out
strebenherz: you're not wrong cam
beowuuf: horus wasn't bad, he just inconvenienced people with chaos
Kaorti: The dream!
Kaorti: property!
SachielOne: Which boomer did they kill to get that house?
Bartlebad: I Google'd it to make sure it was prime before I posted it lol
Brozard: niiiiiice
SachielOne: We're on Highlander rules now, right? If you behead a boomer, you get their house.
lennyc55: nice
pyrojakk: Wait, what did Cori mean by "OUR" game, orcs must die?
Mysticman89: Did I hear wheeler was on yugioh? isn't he on gwent now
TehAmelie: i remember finding Orcs Must Die 2 in my steam library without ever hearing of it. weird game
RaklarLS: Sagrada is a nice board game
pyrojakk: Ooooh... I thought you made it!!!
strebenherz: Cori admitting to Orc war crimes
TehAmelie: thanks for having us!
strebenherz: Thank you for streaming!
sugarsh0t: byeeee
SnackPak_: Thanks for the stream
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
RaklarLS: bye!
iris_of_ether: Thanks for the stream!!
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream! Have a good day all!
SpacePotato01: thanks for streaming
beowuuf: thanks for the stream!
SoldieroFortune: !next
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