PharaohBender27: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Paul and Heather are checking out It Takes Two on Play it Forward! Game: It Takes Two) at Wed 11:00 AM PDT (8m from now).
Metric_Furlong: S O O N
Snowcookies: early chat
beowuuf: sergeHi
Metric_Furlong: yes, this is definitely early for chat
LunarJade: It's also early for me.
TheMerricat: Chat, in the background I'm watching 30 second annotated clips of the movie The Big Short, and it's scaring the fuck out of me how clueless the world was and is.
TheMerricat: Good afternoon btw. :)
LunarJade: hihi!
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, lrrHEATHER !
beowuuf: i can literally see chat from 10 hours ago (due to my laptop sleeping) so.... early chat makes the worms ashamed
beowuuf: lrrARROWS lunarj1Heart seabatClap
TXC2: Hello everybody
beowuuf: hey txc2
TheMerricat: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
TXC2: hi beowuuf
TehAmelie: i like that frightening movie
TheAinMAP: Oh, I hadn't seen the new animated emotes here.
TXC2: lrrARROWS lrrSIG lrrSHINE wow hot new emotes have droped
TehAmelie: annotations sound interesting, if you wanna share
TheMerricat: I've never seen it but it looks like i'll be watching the full deal once the stream is over these clips are.... something else.
TehAmelie: also hi gang
TXC2: hello TehAmelie welcome
Metric_Furlong: ah, the pictures are moving!
Metric_Furlong: TheMerricat it's a pretty good film
PharaohBender27: lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS
TehAmelie: it's a live stream?
TXC2: TheMerricat oh the big short is fantastic
TheMerricat: @TehAmelie I can't yet, it's a friends attempt at a school project they wanted me to look at it to as an 'idiot's review' (my words, not theirs) :)
TehAmelie: aha
beowuuf: wow missed the heart one!
NightValien28: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TehAmelie: i don't have the heart one. every day, gotta reload this ol tab. . .
MAPBoardgames: lrrSCOOP
beowuuf: uuuuh, it's not live, is it?
PharaohBender27: lrrSIG lrrSHINE lrrSIG
AshBurnem: Not live yet, no
ContingentCat: lrrSHINE ooo fancy new ones
AshBurnem: !live
beowuuf: lrrSHINE yay
PharaohBender27: @beowuuf No, we're just playing with the new animated emotes
AshBurnem: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Paul and Heather are checking out It Takes Two on Play it Forward! Game: It Takes Two) at Wed 11:00 AM PDT (8s ago).
beowuuf: i mean there's a good time to play with the new signla, one, and it shouldn't be too long :p
TheMerricat: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROWS lrrSHINE
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Paul and Heather are checking out It Takes Two on Play it Forward! Game: It Takes Two) at Wed 11:00 AM PDT (1m ago).
beowuuf: lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS the baaaaars! we're trapped!
TehAmelie: i choose to believe lrrCIRCLE is revolving
Didero: It takes two... minutes to get the stream started :p
beowuuf: lol, me too
Didero: Hello everybody!
TheMerricat: Slightly pissed that Twitch didn't think to make the emote editor compatible with animated emotes.
TXC2: hello Didero welcome
Mangledpixel: beowuuf oh, I'm so glad that lines up well, didn't test it at all in-browser
beowuuf: sergeHi
ContingentCat: same with lrrDOTS, thery're turning you just can't tell
beowuuf: @Mangledpixel very nice work :)
Mangledpixel: ty :)
PharaohBender27: Oh, you did these, @Mangledpixel ? Nice!
AshBurnem: Excellent work, @Mangledpixel
TXC2: good job Mangledpixel
Didero: None of those pixels look mangled!
TehAmelie: they're very clean!
Mangledpixel: ty. In my true over-doing-it style, the signal one is a fully 3d modelled rotating beacon.
GapFiller: lrrSIG oh this one?
Mangledpixel: yep
beowuuf: clearly those pixels were man gelled. I... don't want to know what that means.
Mangledpixel: hold your horses, though, wait for the stream to start :p
TheMerricat: BTW chat, have you heard the awesome news? Twitch will now actually tell streamers the clip and time of their offence if they get banned for something, though I think they still are forgetting to tell you why....
PharaohBender27: lrrSIG !
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
AshBurnem: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
ContingentCat: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TheMerricat: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Didero: I don't want to be negative, but on a white background there seem to be some slightly weird pixels around the edge of Signal and the Heart. On a black background they look perfect though!
Mangledpixel: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
mechmagic: lrrSIG
TheMerricat: @Didero That's probably aliasing. May be unavoidable.
GapFiller: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Didero: @Didero Yeah, and the emotes are still great even with a bit of aliasing
Mangledpixel: Didero yup, GIFs only have 1-bit alpha, so I had to choose whether to favour dark mode or light mode, and went with what I believe is what most people use
PharaohBender27: I switched to Dark Mode when they changed the chat font and the text seemed to bleed too much into the background, and have never gone back
Snowcookies: ooh, I didn't notice there were new emotes
Didero: @Mangledpixel I learned a thing today then!
accountmadeforants: lrrSIG
TheMerricat: Twitch is still using animated gif? LOL, I would have thought that they would have moved to PNG since those can be animated and compress better. Ah well.
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Mangledpixel: if only people had embraced motion PNGs and gotten rid of GIFs years ago grumble grumble grumble
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for a new Play it Forward! Heather and Paul learning to cooperate in It Takes Two! 📷 ||
Didero: I also use dark chat, but either BTTV or Twitch itself doesn't understand the 'Make Usernames Readable' setting very well, so I can't read usernames in dark blue or black
Pteraspidomorphi: Paul's fifth PIF, right? I didn't spoil myself on this game but the previous ones were good
PharaohBender27: @Didero I've only really encountered that issue when watching VODs, oddly
accountmadeforants: These feel like some early days RPG icons. lrrSHINE lrrSIG
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TXC2: Didero light mode has the same problem with yellow names :p
PharaohBender27: Party300 Time for a PH Balance PiF!
TXC2: !wiki
LRRbot: The Loading Ready Run Wiki can be found here:
TheMerricat: That we've gotten so far into what I still considier a 'new' series that Paul could have five of them already.... I'm gonna go cry about the passing of time now chat.... :P
accountmadeforants: A full 256K colours, jammed right at your eyeballs
Didero: @Didero When I toggle the setting off and back on again, it works for like 30 seconds, and then the colors are back to unreadable
Didero: @TXC2 Huh, didn't even think of that. Nor did Twitch, apparently
Mangledpixel: accountmadeforants only 255 colours, the 256th is transparent ;)
TXC2: Didero indeed :p
Pteraspidomorphi: And Heather was Jenny LeClue which I also loved
beowuuf: @TheMerricat unless the police
PharaohBender27: @Pteraspidomorphi Maybe fourth? He did Yoshi's Crafted World, Thimbleweed Park, and Death Stranding, I know. Is there one I'm missing?
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NightValien28: what and up stream tired I am
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Pteraspidomorphi: Control
TheMerricat: Yep, that's five :)
beowuuf: @Pteraspidomorphi control
TXC2: arcording to the wiki this is Paul's 6th PiF
accountmadeforants: @Mangledpixel I know, but they can pick and choose which colours. The specific dithering style is just very reminiscent of that era.
PharaohBender27: @Pteraspidomorphi Oh, right. So yeah, this would be 5th, then.
Mangledpixel: Yoshi's Crafted World was the first PIF, right?
PharaohBender27: @Mangledpixel It was
Arclight_Dynamo: Oh, yay! We're a few minutes late, which means having to clean cat vom didn't make *me* late!
Arclight_Dynamo: Also, ew!
beowuuf: eww indeed but sergeHi
TheMerricat: Either way, I love Paul streams, Heather streams, and Paul and Heather streams :D
TXC2: hello Arclight_Dynamo welcome
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Didero: Paul started his Death Stranding PIF streams with singing, so maybe they'll do a duet now!
Science_and_Magic: Watching PiF and drafting Amonkhet Remastered at the same time. Perfect
RomanGoro: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
PharaohBender27: I actually remember watching the very first PiF, because back then I worked Tuesdays-Sundays, so could watch Monday streams.
beowuuf: @TheMerricat ^
Snowcookies: I have my ice hot chocolate
TheMerricat: I remember Paul playing with the sub notifier :)
accountmadeforants: And Didero, for better readable colours, you can use FrankerFaceZ. It's got a ton of options to ensure things remain readable.
TXC2: Here we GO!
beowuuf: and go!
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2Flower: 96 months?! That's almost fkargken splort proofed blarfg.
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usmu1976: We have lift off
lirazel64: Wheee!
Didero: @accountmadeforants BTTV does something similar, but its 'readable colors' setting also seems broken
TheMerricat: Second the recommmendation for FrankerFaceZ, esp since it has BTTV built in.
TehAmelie: hello!
Didero: Hello Heather and Paul!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
BusTed: Hey hey.
Mangledpixel: lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS
TXC2: Hello Heather and Paul
KeytarCat: Oh, JUST in time!
beowuuf: hey paul! hey heather!
PharaohBender27: Hey, lrrHEATHER and lrrPAUL !
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Pteraspidomorphi: Ooo, split screen
GapFiller: good evening P H lrrPAUL lrrHEATHER lrrHEART lrrSHINE lunarj1Heart
usmu1976: Hello Paul and Heather
NightValien28: PH BALANCE
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Metric_Furlong: Hey Paul and Heather
beowuuf: p-----------^----------H
adamjford: Is Heather the acidic one?
Snowcookies: hello
MAPBoardgames: lrrSHINE
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MAPBoardgames: Sounds great! you're a wizard
ContingentCat: audio is good
Mangledpixel: it's all good!
Babcom: All is fine
Pteraspidomorphi: Audio sounds fine
noSmokeFire: pH balance implies one of you has to elect to be the basic one
GapFiller: just realised the neu emotes have completely thrown off my sense memory of where all the emotes are
usmu1976: All is good here!
TheMerricat: PH balance can't be their name, neither of them is basic or acidic. :P
GapFiller: mmm brown sauce
adamjford: amazing
krorkle: Ph balance or hp sauce?
BrowneePoints: H P Chillcraft
GapFiller: HP sauce complete w/ the Houses of Parliament on the bottle
beowuuf: if you raz chat then it's HP sass
Metric_Furlong: TheMerricat Chat is basic enough to make-up for both of them
Didero: @TheMerricat Isn't a balanced PH by definition neither? So it checks out
noSmokeFire: "It was named after London's Houses of Parliament. " ????
Alness49: Phriends Phorever!
lirazel64: Ph neutral, and then Beej.
TheMerricat: lol
GapFiller: Beej unbalances the PH Balance
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adamjford: Acid, base, and Beej
Bellpei: No talking about video game news. :P
Pteraspidomorphi: The clue is in the name
ContingentCat: Checkpoint talk has Beej putting everything off balance
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrHEART Co-op PiF HYPE
TXC2: hello RandomTrivia welcome
lirazel64 waves from Back East.
TXC2: !y
BusTed: Such mischief.
Snowcookies: !honk
KeytarCat: !y
NightValien28: honk and HoNk
YeetTheRich_: !y
beowuuf: i accidentally enrolled in goose accademy twice
Didero: That could be the next PiF! Or Crossing The STreams!
Snowcookies: !y
ContingentCat: !y
PharaohBender27: !y
2Flower: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
beowuuf: that's the most?
2Flower: Thank you~
LbxAni: get ready for some feels on this one <3
TheMerricat: lol
RandomTrivia: Oooh, we have animated emotes now!
TheMerricat: We got them last night @RandomTrivia :)
RandomTrivia: All three are EXCELLENT choices
lirazel64: @2flower Ditto all of that.
YeetTheRich_: lrrARROWS
RandomTrivia: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TXC2: lrrARROWS lrrSIG lrrSHINE hot new emotes
TheMerricat: lrrARROWS lrrSIG lrrSHINE
Aarek: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
PharaohBender27: lrrARROWS lrrSHINE lrrSIG
LbxAni: nice
NightValien28: lrrSHINE lrrSIG lrrARROWS
Arclight_Dynamo: Ooh! lrrARROWS
YeetTheRich_: lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS
Arclight_Dynamo: lrrDOTS lrrSHINE lrrARROWS
Didero: new emotes just dropped
beowuuf: praise mangledpixel
Riandisa: nice
Saxpython: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
Pteraspidomorphi: For reasons beyond my understanding Twitch never remembers any of my settings
lirazel64: lrrSIG
beowuuf: seabatClap
Didero: People are pretty animated about animated emotes, yeah Kappa
Rhynerd: I have a feeling my setting have them off by default
Mangledpixel: yep, if you turn it off it just shows the first frame
lirazel64: Don't work on phone. lrrAWW
maxthefourth: are they off by default on mobile?
Didero: One of them is the right side, at least
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NightValien28: maxthefourth mobile can't load animated emotes yet
MAPBoardgames: My Waifu!
RandomTrivia: There go your waifus chat
maxthefourth: sadness goes on the stack
Rhynerd: Oh, they just don’t animate on mobile.
RandomTrivia: LUL
TXC2: that means you forgot dude
TheMerricat: @maxthefourth I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't updated the mobile app for them yet, it doesn't handle replies and those are atleast a year old
Didero: This woman sounds very British
Arclight_Dynamo: Healthy.
PharaohBender27: I see we're starting off on a great foot here. >_>
Mangledpixel: ooooooof
RandomTrivia: Oh dear
TheAinMAP: Ouch.
LbxAni: there are some fun accents in this one
RandomTrivia: This poor child has a lot to process...
ContingentCat: awww
opal_moth: who knows their parents real name at that age O.o
MAPBoardgames: So Paul is going to play the blue-haired one?
adamjford: Hi Heather
RandomTrivia: It's Heather time!
adamjford: How are you
noSmokeFire: Heather is using the entire internet as a controller
Bellpei: I didn't know you swung keyboard and mouse
TXC2: Paul plays Keyboard while Heather plays a Globe?
noSmokeFire: the solution has become alkaline! D:
2Flower: No judgment except for all the judgment
TheAinMAP: Less than 15 minutes for Heather to take over the stream. :)
beowuuf: alkaliides, the usual
vegetalss4: Wait if that's the controller symbol, what does the symbol Heather had mean?
LbxAni: CW's begin now
Arclight_Dynamo: The cutscenes are *very* choppy, BTW.
PharaohBender27: ^
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Metric_Furlong: vegetalss4 online multiplayer
RandomTrivia: @vegetalss4 It means that Paul is hosting the game and Heather is connecting to it. "Wrong Answers Only" answer is Heather is using the entire internet as a controller
MAPBoardgames: It was either divorce or deathmatch.
KeytarCat: Seems like the right age
noSmokeFire: if voodoo worked for you, you'd be into voodoo, too
Metric_Furlong: who do?
Bellpei: You do.
frnknstn: Is this going to be depressing like the fisherman pottery-breaking game?
BrindleBoar: you gotta get em interested in the dark arts early
TXC2: this girl has incredible grip given she has stuff in her hands :p
Snowcookies: wow kid
BusTed: Just some light reading.
NightValien28: and now the witchcraft beings
RandomTrivia: TXC2 Young children can climb literally anything, whether you want them to or not
zimmercj: This game is both cool and sad. Waiting for the best character to appear.
Metric_Furlong: it's long and boring
Jean_Jacques_EB: hakim-al-azif? is this the necronomicon?
Pteraspidomorphi: Incoming white rabbit?
TXC2: RandomTrivia good point
RandomTrivia: Oh there's that dutch tilt
Arclight_Dynamo: Kid, did your DM never teach you to be careful with a Wish spell?
TehAmelie: i'm just impressed they managed to have a kid in a game not look like the entire uncanny valley in an overal
NightValien28: I was kidding about the witchcraft D:
frnknstn: papercraft witchcraft
RandomTrivia: OH
TXC2: "nothing is more powerful then a child's wish, except for an Apache helicopter."
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Vivid_Soul: time to resort to dark magic from a mystical tome to make people love each other
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Metric_Furlong: NightValien28 surprise
BusTed: Oh yeah.
noSmokeFire: I'm honestly impressed with her handiwork making the dolls
Science_and_Magic: Piantas
PharaohBender27: So did they just get trasported into dolls!?
Bellpei: The piantas have a rich thriving culture.
BusTed: So many points of articulation!
MAPBoardgames: That can is really polished
beowuuf: @PharaohBender27 looks like
accountmadeforants: The screaming is very realistic
Pteraspidomorphi: :O
Manae: Let's hope there's no mice in this barn
MAPBoardgames: AHHHH!
Arclight_Dynamo: It's Adam's accent!
RandomTrivia: SingsNote Got myself a crying, talking, sleeping, walking wooden doll SingsNote
RandomTrivia: OH NO
vegetalss4: This seems ambiguously real.
klooswep: Looks like it's time to oil up
Pteraspidomorphi: I did not expect this
ContingentCat: um
BrowneePoints: Cody and Dr Hakim have the same voice actor btw
BrindleBoar: why does Hakim have a latin accent
RandomTrivia: I don
noSmokeFire: he made the eyebrows himself
Bellpei: You've helped millions of couples with magic?!
NightValien28: dead
PharaohBender27: O_o
TheInnsanity: this book is the worst character
RandomTrivia: I don't know how but a BOOK is performing pelvic thrusts...
MAPBoardgames: Respawn!
ContingentCat: science!
TheAinMAP: sergeFall
Alness49: I am firmly against book burning but I will make the exception
Snowcookies: ha
TehAmelie: "the book of love is long and boring, no one can lift the damn thing" checks out so far
RandomTrivia: WAT
klooswep: No! Stay in a toxic marriage rather than be happy!
SpacePotato01: I wonder if this is how relationship counceling in a D&D setting works.
NightValien28: where did he ripped that out of?
TehAmelie: maybe it's like pulling your hair
Arclight_Dynamo: This book is a lot.
TXC2: NightValien28 his book ass, natch Kappa
MAPBoardgames: Tactical!
Bellpei: Now THAT'S a dodge roll.
TehAmelie: his "dream void" if you wanna be technical
TXC2: TehAmelie :D
beowuuf: lrrHERE
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie It's an old reference, but it checks out
PharaohBender27: lrrHERE
ContingentCat: um
BrowneePoints: the level of polish on this is amazing
Gadora: Good job ignoring it!
MAPBoardgames: That box has a face
Pteraspidomorphi: Maybe the glowing eye is... you?
frnknstn: the way this game is lit is awesome
RandomTrivia: oh no
Didero: When Toy Story Goes Wrong
Snowcookies: everything is fine
TehAmelie: did someone hang it?
Bellpei: Neither of us wants the house in this divorce.
Manae: Animated and possibly evil
BrowneePoints: the lighting and animation is amazing
TXC2: you say burn this shed, it's kind of a wonder it hasn't already
SpacePotato01: very confusing
circusofkirkus: wait is this a horror game now? go collect the fuses!
Snowcookies: Is this a horror game?
beowuuf: @Snowcookies sure!
RandomTrivia: Honestly her performance is a bit wooden lrrBEEJ
TXC2: "some people are made of wood, I think that's well understood."
PharaohBender27: @RandomTrivia BOOOOO
adamjford: it's magic, Paul
circusofkirkus: uh
TehAmelie: it's because more jumps make every game better
kamelion84: lol
adamjford: uhhhhh
RandomTrivia: LUL
Manae: As an animated voodoo doll, I think having a double jump is okay
TXC2: !clips
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Dmc3628: freeze framed
ContingentCat: ummm
RandomTrivia: PERFECTION
BusTed: 🤔
Master_Gunner: perfect game!
noSmokeFire: talented mime artist
beowuuf: lrrJUDGE
Metric_Furlong: it's a video game
Didero: casually levitating, nbd
public_key_reveal_party: impressive mimeing paul
TheAinMAP: PrideLaugh
TXC2: Flawless masterpiece
Metric_Furlong: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
ContingentCat: because it's a video game
public_key_reveal_party: I kinda love this art style
PharaohBender27: lrrFINE
Didero: This IS kind of a fun way to do a tutorial though
beowuuf: hi voltage, i'm danger
TXC2: why is there that much open space in a socket?
Didero: Stick your fingers in that electrical outlet!
MAPBoardgames: I appreciate that Cody DOESN't naruto run.
Bellpei: Why do we have a grindstone?
Didero: I'm still not entirely over the fact that May's literal first instinct was to yeet herself into an abyss
Manae: I'm starting to think this barn isn't safe
beowuuf: gang beasts up in here
flouncy_magooo: @Didero She must be a Millenial
RandomTrivia: sergeFall
Arclight_Dynamo: That bandsaw blade is on backwards.
TXC2: what is this contraption?
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: I remember playing Spider-Man 3, the tutorial mentions that you can double jump, and then points out that you're breaking the laws of physics "but you superhero types do that all the time"
RandomTrivia: Also, your child could literally just walk in here
beowuuf: @Didero yeah, there are easier ways to wake from a dream. like ice cream!
Didero: @RandomTrivia could and did!
PharaohBender27: @Didero She probably figured it was like those nightmares I sometimes have where I'm in a car that goes over the edge of a cliff, and wake up right before the moment of impact within the dream
TehAmelie: it makes sense the kid was able to craft these dolls if she has trained to use this workshop
MAPBoardgames: I keep MY bandsaw running all the time. Saves on fuel costs. lrrBEEJ
adamjford: dang, it's real annoying when games don't integrate that properly
Didero: @Didero That's quite the assumption though, and an even weirder way to test that hypothesis
noSmokeFire: why is a chain link fence *harder* to climb than a sheer wall?
adamjford: you are not wrong
RandomTrivia: YEET
TehAmelie: electrons travel in packs
PharaohBender27: katesScared
NightValien28: SPIN
Snowcookies: Totally safe methods of transportation
Dmc3628: no flips just fists
KaleidoscopeMind: Safety third!
Rhynerd: Ever Forward, Never Learning, Safety Third!
RandomTrivia: The banter between the characters suggests their relationship definitely COULD be salvaged, at least as friendship
Manae: Rude
PharaohBender27: RUDE
CaptainSpam: Man. What a dink.
flouncy_magooo: I'm here to do flips and kick ass. And I'm all out of ass.
Snowcookies: That book is a troll
adamjford: I hope they still divorce at the end of this but remain friends
circusofkirkus: gyrate dem hips, book
noSmokeFire: can't you go around
RandomTrivia: UH
PharaohBender27: UM
NightValien28: THE DEVIL
Metric_Furlong: upcoming Chuck Tingle novel "Slammed by A Book"
beowuuf: *now* it's a horror game
RandomTrivia: Oh hey, reinforced outdated gender role joke benginFacepalm
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TXC2: I thought that was the washing machine :p
Dmc3628: now we past the horror thresh
BusTed: WutFace
RandomTrivia: ewww
incslayer: that is disgusting
TehAmelie: just realized, the guy looks like Wreck-it Rahph and Fix-it Felix had a baby
NightValien28: begone satan
YeetTheRich_: this game hella weird
Snowcookies: Do you not clean your vaccum?
RandomTrivia: We're definitely past the Resident Evil threshold...
Didero: Bossfight!
TXC2: "the coffee machine would like you to stop calling a piece of shit"
CaptainSpam: See, this is why I don't give my machines sentience. Such a bother.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Maybe you still will.
Dmc3628: that crapshot may as well be relevant to the game
NightValien28: this is gonna turn into machine silent hill very fast
TehAmelie: they're definitely realistically tough for the material they're made of. like in the Lego movie
RandomTrivia: Is that what the kids call it these days? "Climbing the vacuum"?
adamjford: The gyration...............
BrowneePoints: I love it
Pteraspidomorphi: All spanish books do that
DarkAbyssKeeper: Footnote Gyration
TXC2: "cooperation makes it happen, cooperation, working together"
Metric_Furlong: I'm starting to think Dr Hakim may not be good at relationship counselling
MAPBoardgames: This never would've happened if you hadn't let your daughter practice voodoo magic.
BrowneePoints: also the book is also cody's va but he sounds like jesse cox and that makes me laugh
NightValien28: I want to see dr hakim's diploma
Arclight_Dynamo: These people are both unpleasant.
TXC2: NightValien28 it's in Art history Kappa
Snowcookies: No secrets? :(
TheMerricat: So on one side of the coin, I hope this game works out where these two learn to work together and find love all over again, on the other side of the coin it's healthy to acknowledge that not all relationships are 'forever' relationships. :-/
RandomTrivia: Welp
Didero: Wait, that lady is literally made of wood! Why doesn't she float?
NightValien28: TXC2 listen here LUL
Rhynerd: The oily water is not safe
TehAmelie: wood and a large amount of cloth, by weight
noSmokeFire: Shaihalud
beowuuf: sequel to the hills have eyes, just as horrific
TXC2: the hose has eyes is a VERY different movie let me tell ya Kappa
Didero: That horny book has been busy
incslayer: look dont worry about it :D
Manae: There does appear to be a strange amount of crude oil below your foundation
beowuuf: you have roomba on there for paul?
RandomTrivia: Yeah that looks like it could cause some serious subsidence problems...
e_bloc: Corgo100 Corgo100 "this is the suck end, this is the blow end"
TehAmelie: so you can both see what the other's doing i guess
TXC2: we have revered the polarity of the neutron flow
beowuuf: tech the tech!
Aarek: backlit fan!
RandomTrivia: I see the interior of the shed was designed by Rube Goldberg
MAPBoardgames: Is anyone else feeling anxiety about the flooded basement?
RandomTrivia: UM
PharaohBender27: @MAPBoardgames Oh, right. Wood and clay don't do well in water, do they?
Didero: Simply electrocute yourself
TehAmelie: love to outrun electrical charges
Didero: Does this imply that Cody and May are moving faster than the speed of light?
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
MAPBoardgames: Also, grab that single wire on the circut
RandomTrivia: I think it's more that physics are different in this twisted alternate reality
opal_moth: heather does have metal...
adamjford: are we sure this vacuum is actually broken?
BrowneePoints: the movement in this is real good
TehAmelie: it's like they looked at Super Mario 64 and went "how can we make this more fun"
Didero: Simply don't fail, honey :)
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Don't wall into frozen water.
adamjford: just jump right 4Head
flouncy_magooo: I'll have to check out a speedrun of this at some point
RandomTrivia: @TehAmelie What, by introducing a traumatized little girl?
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TehAmelie: by introducing double jump
MAPBoardgames: @flouncy_magooo I was just thinking that
RandomTrivia: I mean, sure, that too
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Avery316: holy moly, a year already! thank you LRR for all you do, its awesome <3
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Didero: Try spinning, that's a neat trick
RandomTrivia: sergeFall
BrowneePoints: and a dash and better level design @tehamelie
TehAmelie: yeah
MAPBoardgames: Wait, that is on those fan blades?
beowuuf: the only rational explanation for the double jump is it being powered by children's tears
TehAmelie: well you do have a kind of wimpy air dash in SM64
RandomTrivia: The Mailtime backlog is ever-growing... lrrBEEJ
Getter404: In this house, tjey use plywood on milk crates for our table
BrowneePoints: chat this is obviously an Alice in Wonderland twisted reality thing going on
TehAmelie: that looked like something a pair of speedrunners could make look awesome
opal_moth: that sucks
TheMerricat: wow
RandomTrivia: benginTry
MAPBoardgames: Dont like the grinder under the fans. reminds me of gang beasts
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN
TXC2: wow Heather goes way faster
Snowcookies: only the sentient ones
public_key_reveal_party: hover room as
Rhynerd: Roombafish!
opal_moth: thy holy rumba
Manae: You did just shove the vacuum in a closet and forget it
v_nome: Roombas, like Dalkes, cannot be defeated by stairs.
BrowneePoints: the sound!
LurkerSpine: maybe that's why they needed the vacuum cleaner, couldn't keep the roombas on the ground
RandomTrivia: That's what happens if you switch them to succ mode lrr BEEJ
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
v_nome: *Daleks
KeytarCat: bilabial trill!
TehAmelie: i think we're a very crafty, inventory sort of family
Getter404: So does EVERY shed have a Circuit Board Room?
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DarkAbyssKeeper: No Paul, the Huge Fan is undoubtedly somewhere ahead in the game.
public_key_reveal_party: I am always a sucker for games that use circuit boards for an ascetic
opal_moth: honey i shrunk the kids
LbxAni: reminds me of Toy Story games
TXC2: I feel like this reminds me of either the toy story game, or the rugrats game
Arclight_Dynamo: I'm getting Pikmin vibes from the tiny scale.
Manae: Also the NES Chip 'n Dale game
LbxAni: @Manae yes!!!
RandomTrivia: If this game doesn't feature a train set at any point I will be hugely disappointed
RandomTrivia: Woah
TXC2: box got angry
opal_moth: spoder?
beowuuf: mimic tin
RandomTrivia: LUL
BusTed: Rude.
RandomTrivia: Something fishy about that tin... lrrBEEJ
beowuuf: bodied
TXC2: a jump tp far
TehAmelie: how old is that fish?
TXC2: *to
MAPBoardgames: @TehAmelie It's in a can. It's good forever.
TehAmelie: and it's STILL gone so off it's come back to life
opal_moth: and listen
Snowcookies: The moral of the story is always clean your vaccum
Styxseus: Like a tunnel! But more fun.
RandomTrivia: There are idle animations? 10/10
beowuuf: the moral is that drugs are a sometimes food, and don't do them before telling your kid about anything life changing
KeytarCat: LUL
RandomTrivia: Nicely done
beowuuf: lrrGOAT
RandomTrivia: Look at these gamers go
beowuuf: teamwork makes the dreamwork
opal_moth: pipe budget is exceeding tarp budget at this point
LbxAni: have enough parts for a dozen vacuums
RandomTrivia: Gotta weigh down the flying roomba :D
RandomTrivia: What a time to be alive
Didero: The story is weird but the gameplay seems inventive and fun
vegetalss4: Looking at them again I think they are vacuum tubes rather than pipes
TehAmelie: the zen of cleaning
beowuuf: this has definitely been enjoyable to watch so far
Snowcookies: boss fight
Didero: joke's on you, we can't die
Arclight_Dynamo: "TBF, as far as we were concerned, you werne't sentient, so..."
RandomTrivia: The Book of Love, also known as the anti-wingman
MAPBoardgames: Who's side is the book on?
KeytarCat: Collaborators in vaccuum murder!
TehAmelie: engineer, i guess that explains half of the machinery and power tools
BusTed: 😬
Arclight_Dynamo: Hey now.
BrowneePoints: @TehAmelie Yea, it was her workshop
TheMerricat: !tos
RandomTrivia: S U C C
Snowcookies: tos
Getter404: Can we just burn the book or something? That sounds like a way to break a curse probably
Arclight_Dynamo: This vacuum is prejudiced!
PendelSteven: Ello, I'm too tired for this
CaptainSpam: "Yes, we did, because you're a machine and machines don't talk!" :p
TXC2: "can you dig it? SUCKER!"
PendelSteven: Good luck though
LbxAni: oh you know someone's going to make that into an adult toy
PendelSteven: Have fun! Until the next one!
GDwarf: I feel like the vacuum has a legitimate grievance here
LurkerSpine: brave little toaster vibes
RandomTrivia: Take care, PendelSteven!
kaffeetrinken89: Brave little toaster was kind of traumatic ...
ContingentCat: from the accents this is set in the UK probably why didn't they use a Henry Hoover (or legally distinct) it already has a face
RandomTrivia: They did a good job of making this feel like a JRPG boss
TXC2: Brave little toaster is so traumatic i've forgotten why it is traumatic :p
RandomTrivia: Oh no, the boss tried a different tack! lrrBEEJ
Didero: "Today you will learn how much I suck!"
jessieimproved: heyo friends
BrowneePoints: @TXC2 the Clown scene, the AC having a schizophrenic breakdown, the horrifying machine shop
jessieimproved: this is such a fun game to watch
TXC2: hello jessieimproved welcome
TheMerricat: I'm still slightly pissed that they made two more Brave Little Toaster movies after the first.
CaptainSpam: So let this be a lesson, kids: Never replace anything.
TehAmelie: a vacuum cleaner with a big intake hole is almost asking to be a videogame boss
beowuuf: obsolessons
BrowneePoints: Yep Paul called it
TXC2: BrowneePoints it's coming back to me :p
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: OH NO
Styxseus: Uuhhhhh
GDwarf: Um
circusofkirkus: this is horrifying
RandomTrivia: HOLY SHIT
beowuuf: uuuuh
Snowcookies: wow
Easilycrazyhat: This is actually disturbing
MAPBoardgames: God of War anyone?
Styxseus: UHM
GDwarf: Ummmmmm
bytecaster: Why?
Arclight_Dynamo: Holy crap!
RandomTrivia: Wow this got DARK
Science_and_Magic: NOOOOOOOOOOO
opal_moth: O.O
DarkAbyssKeeper: That's some body horror.
kumatsu: this game gets MORE graphic than that, btw
TehAmelie: God of War meets Silent Hill
TXC2: Gods that like that scene from Game of thrones
kaffeetrinken89: Lobosucktonomy?
Snowcookies: this is a horror game
CaptainSpam: Vacuums shouldn't have eyes to begin with, so all is well!
TheMerricat: OK This has officially beaten Brave Little Toaster for dark material ... :D
baskwalla: Almost as bad as Deadspace
jojo558: it takes 2 PogChamp
Rhynerd: CW: eyes
opal_moth: lets nope with paul and heather
CastleOtranto: I did not like that
Fairgrim: did we use their own suction to hurt the vacuum?
mechmagic: thats a good warning of whats to come
TheNerdWonder: This is a very adorable horror game
Styxseus: I've seen parts of this game.. THAT caught me off-guard
Didero: And they're not even going to discuss what they did?
TXC2: did we just do a murder?
RandomTrivia: We need a parallel Let's Nope of this, after that fight...
BrowneePoints: Mhmm! You called it Paul! Reversing traditional gender roles a bit
DarkAbyssKeeper: More testing?
RandomTrivia: We did a murder on a sentient vacuum cleaner, an entirely new form of life...
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BrowneePoints: ain't nobody can't time for gender roles
Fairgrim: more roombas
noSmokeFire: need a sump pump
BrowneePoints: got*
TXC2: RandomTrivia yes! Have Ben and Adam play this, and don't tell them that happens
Manae: Why DID you build your house in the La Brea tar pits?
kaffeetrinken89: @TXC2 This, please.
Metric_Furlong: Manae it was cheap
incslayer: its a hammerhead
Easilycrazyhat: This guy is such a tool lrrBEEJ
RandomTrivia: So that we don't give the game away, we should wait until the PiF is complete, then have Ben and Adam do a bonus stream where they play the first couple of hours blind :D
Dmc3628: existential dread
Styxseus: uhhh :D
RandomTrivia: lrrAWW
KeytarCat: but actually
incslayer: ughh that sounds horrible
jojo558: monkaW
noSmokeFire: chemically accurate!
MAPBoardgames: Um... I just remembered I gotta do something...
RandomTrivia: You know that hammer head weighs more than the doll...
DarkAbyssKeeper: I'm in the process of moving, don't give me existential craft-xiety.
YeetTheRich_: holy moly she is STRONG
Didero: and now combat starts, presumably
Alness49: Mjolnail!
jojo558: LUL
RandomTrivia: Eyyyy
TXC2: that nail is in like new condition
BusTed: benginFingers
RandomTrivia: Good joek stremer
Zaghrog: I'm sure we won't be nailing down anything living...
Dmc3628: Nail like God of War Axe
Styxseus: *actually* like the god of war axe? xD
vegetalss4: Wait the nail gets a carrying belt, but the hammer can just float freely? That seems inconsistent
KeytarCat: well you gotta hit cori
DarkAbyssKeeper: Pierce the spray can?
noSmokeFire: looks like you might get more nails later? the little nail icon reminds me of an ammo indicator
MAPBoardgames: Usually most nails wait until I hit it with a hammer before bending like that
BrowneePoints: Paul should pierce the can
serramarkov: I love that Rose can't hear all this destruction
TXC2: "and now in the Javelin, representing Canada, Paul Saunders"
RandomTrivia: LUL
beowuuf: lol
Didero: Nailed it!
Didero: Yes, we will keep making this joke
opal_moth: nailed it
TheNerdWonder: That first hit gets everyone I’ve ever seen play this
Didero: Wait, why can't Paul swing off the nails?
RandomTrivia: I didn't realise it's Mjollnail
noSmokeFire: @Didero she's using the hammer's prongs, I guess?
CaptainSpam: The hammer looks like it's the anchor point for the swing.
RandomTrivia: Yeah she's using the hammer as a hook
CaptainSpam: Fulcrum point?
Didero: Nailed it!
Didero: @noSmokeFire Oh yeah, that makes sense
RandomTrivia: sergeFall
beowuuf: well called whoever called it
wildpeaks: you nailed it
BrowneePoints: The level design in this is just so smart
circusofkirkus: Cody Toenails?
Dmc3628: Cody 2 nails jackson
incslayer: i feel like the belt indicates a third nial is incoming
DarkAbyssKeeper: I heard groady toenails.
CastleOtranto: I really hope those nails don't go into a boss's eyes
wildpeaks: 2nails4me
Metric_Furlong: Cody Two-Nails Jackson
BrowneePoints: @CastleOtranto "I push my nail fingers into my eeyyeeeees"
RandomTrivia: Just don't nail your wife... Or do, I'm not the boss of you
TehAmelie: i was wondering if the characters would get different abilities and this is great
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
Didero: maybe giving Heather the hammer wasn't the best idea
Easilycrazyhat: Heather, you don't have to smash *everything* ;p
RandomTrivia: Cool, now we can nail the book's mouth shut!
opal_moth: could be worse you could have vacuum tubes coming at your face
wildpeaks: the cursed book is back
BrowneePoints: and now the friendship ends
Fairgrim: homing missiles that are bigger than yourself
ContingentCat: oh no the creepy book
TXC2: ah secrets time
Didero: Isn't the whole game a couple's challenge?
dumbo3k: I don't know what this couples challenge is supposed to prove
circusofkirkus: MINIGAMES
TehAmelie: oh, it's been broughten
Ashen_Prime: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:01:38.
BrowneePoints: Minigames!
beowuuf: lol, what?
wildpeaks: uh oh :D
RandomTrivia: Oh boy
vrecken: love it
DarkAbyssKeeper: Perfection
RandomTrivia: This will help their relationship LUL
Styxseus: "hey, I thought of this fun game!"
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Travilogue: Ah! What a fortuitous day for my work shift to have been canceled!!!
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Didero: This is the best worst idea
TXC2: how is this couple therapy?
beowuuf: why was this not a thing before?
Getter404: It's a metaphor for marriage! Probably!
CaptainSpam: Remember, kids, a relationship is like being repeatedly pummeled by a hammer.
RandomTrivia: *BONK*
Fairgrim: ahh yes true cooperation gameplay that we all came here to watch
BrowneePoints: Ya gotta stay up longer to get points Paul lol
lirazel64: I want to speak to the couples therapist who designed this
Styxseus: Thats a satifying *thwack" sound
BrowneePoints: wow heather is REALLY good at that
wildpeaks: couples counseling via concussion, a bold choice
BusTed: bonk
Didero: Seems like this game is easier for May than for Cody
jojo558: LUL
circusofkirkus: again!
Manae: With no C/D on the whacking that's really not a fair game
NojhLivic: again!
TheMerricat: That might be part of the lesson though, not everything is fair in life.
Didero: Man, time flies
Snowcookies: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Didero: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
RandomTrivia: But ALL's fair in love and war! lrrBEEJ
wildpeaks: chyrCoffee time
Snowcookies: Relationships: It's like Wack a Mole!
Easilycrazyhat: ambientgears.flac
TehAmelie: i wish someone had told me when i was a kid that you should "not" try to solve relationship problems with a hammer
wildpeaks: jlrrCooltunes
lirazel64: @tehamelie The edge of a ruler isn't a great alternative, either.
TehAmelie: really any weapons
DarkAbyssKeeper: With how utterly stacked that game looked in May's favour, it might be that 'winning' as Cody requires May to let it happen.
beowuuf: ooooh
BusTed: (You can trade positions)
lirazel64: I'm starting to have complicated feelings about these two.
TheNerdWonder: The mini games are purely optional and don’t impact the storyline afaik
lirazel64: As in, I don't want to pick sides.
TXC2: and we're back
Travilogue: Oh! I didn't even notice the number of months
BrowneePoints: Oh man they finally have a release date for that Jet Set Radio successor!
Easilycrazyhat: Just impacts one's pride
Styxseus: Hah
DarkAbyssKeeper: No, you're definitely in Silent Hill.
Easilycrazyhat: Why *wouldn't* you have nail operated buttons in your shop?
Getter404: Merle
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Didero: what does 'sub hype lethal' even mean?
Dmc3628: in Magic terms lethal storm when casting the card grapeshot
PharaohBender27: @Didero It's apparently an MtG joke
BusTed: 20 subs, like 20 damage in Magic.
BrowneePoints: that is a minigame behind you you can miss btw
TXC2: we call the subs the storm count
TheMerricat: @Didero it's MTG. We've got 20 subs so if we 'hit' the other player they'd loose all their life
BrowneePoints: ope. too late lol
Styxseus: Speaking of exploring
Didero: Ah, it being a Magic joke would explain why I didn't get it. Thanks for explaining!
MAPBoardgames: Why do we even have this room?
BrowneePoints: Yea that's a missable skiball minigame
nevermore913: nothing could go wrong in this machine of death
Science_and_Magic: Park it right in the middle of the dropping wall? So she can stand on either side?
Didero: Maybe Heather has to jump to and from the nail very quickly
RandomTrivia: "I'm spinning around, move out of my way"
ContingentCat: hm
Didero: Oh, how much backseating is acceptable here?
TXC2: none until they ask for it
Metric_Furlong: Didero unless they're explicitly asking chat for help, none
Dmc3628: sure looks like death in this room
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
Didero: Good to know, thanks Metric_Furlong
RandomTrivia: It's a production line, it produces parts for little clay dolls lrrbEEJ
Getter404: Have your husband run into the sawblades. Because marriage
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
Styxseus: :D
circusofkirkus: LUL
Getter404: FBtouchdown
ContingentCat: katesLol
RandomTrivia: Welp
RandomTrivia: That's some red mist
Styxseus: Im starting to believe this is actual point of this game ; D
CaptainSpam: Remember, kids, a relationship is like a wall of mutilating sawblades.
BrowneePoints: It's like trying to get into a fast moving revolving door
Manae: I'm pretty sure May is a mad scientist, not an engineer
TXC2: this whole game is a trust exercise
ContingentCat: I mean she proved right off the bat that she couldn't die, so the risk in a trust exercise is pretty minimal
RandomTrivia: @Manae She could be both, one in her spare time!
Didero: I feel like shooting a nail into a glass bottle should also break it
lirazel64: All these antique bottles
dumbo3k: Ooooh boy, this part
RandomTrivia: UH
dumbo3k: good luck
Styxseus: Hmm
RandomTrivia: "Today on the hydraulc press channel, we're gonna test these dolls..." lrrBEEJ
beowuuf: grim
Didero: Nailed it!
BusTed: ow
TehAmelie: that might look grim, but they're unkillable toy people so it's fine
RandomTrivia: Ouch
dumbo3k: Oh they are definitely killable, but they come back
RandomTrivia: Wow that is brutal
flouncy_magooo: @TehAmelie For some reason I read "unkillable" as "unlikeable" :D
TehAmelie: remember when Dante did that move in the first DMC and i was ludicrously over the top gory?
TXC2: a jumpspert
Didero: @TehAmelie It's not false! :p
MAPBoardgames: So many bottles. What else has she been doing in the workshop?
RandomTrivia: Cody, you don't get to make the joke we've been making for the past hour :D
Styxseus: Uhhhh :D
Didero: From their quips, she's been bottling quite a few things up :p
RandomTrivia: OH NO
Dmc3628: its an eva
Lithobraker: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:25:03.
Getter404: Okay May, WHY did you give your toolbox robot arms? What kind of project was this?
TehAmelie: come to think of it, what have these people been doing to make their vacuums and toolboxes hate them?
Territan: Yes, it is SUCH a toolbox.
shadowypenguin: knock his locks off
Styxseus: :D
adamjford: BLAM! BLAM!
Lithobraker: Hi chat! How have you enjoyed the horny book so far?
Snowcookies: drill, not gun
Easilycrazyhat: This boss fight is really creative
Styxseus: Ok, I kinda like the toolbox
TXC2: what is this tool attachment?
CaptainSpam: Man, nobody likes this Fall Guys level.
x0den: Jojo pose?
noSmokeFire: it's weird to me that you revive yourself instead of your teammate doing it
beowuuf: someone raided the horny book's stash
RandomTrivia: Oh that is SICK
beowuuf: @noSmokeFire feels like it's building up to that? you res faster maybe by teamate?
noSmokeFire: the toolbox is holding the hammer's friends captive
Styxseus: I love his face xD
ANeMzero: He is a rectangle, he is not shaped like a friend.
TehAmelie: i'm worried about the state of this arena
Didero: Don't try this at home, kids
RandomTrivia: As I distinctly remember typing in the last boss fight, "DO NOT DO THAT, CHILDREN
RandomTrivia: "
Easilycrazyhat: Saw blades will do that to pieces of wood
LoadingReadyRun: lrrGRAHAM This seems frantic, but... has everyone seen the new animated emotes MangledPixel made?
RandomTrivia: We have! lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun we sure have
beowuuf: seabatClap lrrARROWS lrrSIG lrrSHINE
LoadingReadyRun: lrrSHINE
Easilycrazyhat: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrARROWS
LoadingReadyRun: yay!
adamjford: A+ emotes, would emote again
Easilycrazyhat: Neat!
Didero: Cut it out!
x0den: no animations on mobile :(
RandomTrivia: Somewhere there is a digital asset that keeps them blunt, it's the nail file lrrBEEJ
TheMerricat: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Easilycrazyhat: The shiny heart is really good
RandomTrivia: lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW
Snowcookies: Nice
TehAmelie: hmm what is that shovel for except swatting bugs?
TXC2: lrrCOW
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
BrowneePoints: Putty @TehAmelie
Didero: We made friends!
bytecaster: Look at that happy glue gun!
RandomTrivia: WAT
DarkAbyssKeeper: I am concerned that your daughter didn't hear the explosion?
RandomTrivia: TOS
Snowcookies: lewd?
TXC2: use lube
adamjford: didn't like that one bit
Manae: Boss fight, phase 3!
MAPBoardgames: It's hammer time!
Styxseus: Hmmm
Getter404: The moral is: Never organize anything!
RandomTrivia: Awww, the relationship is healing itself!
TehAmelie: i'm glad my toolbox is just a tool shelf in the closet
RandomTrivia: (in a very bad way)
BrowneePoints: Sebastian Saw!? I love him as Winter Soldier!
Didero: Nailed it!
Easilycrazyhat: Book! Why?!
RandomTrivia: This book is a dick...
Getter404: Again: Light the book on fire.
Snowcookies: the book is a troll
Styxseus: Stuck..ness?
Lithobraker: could someone show me Adam's animated emote again?
flouncy_magooo: Stuckivity
Arclight_Dynamo: It's a SELF help book. So help yourselves. Kappa
DarkAbyssKeeper: There was an explosion on the other side of the room? Oblivious child.
TehAmelie: wait is there an actor in the Marvel movies wit the same name as a Marvel villain?
Easilycrazyhat: I love that it speaks mostly in pointless platitudes XD
TXC2: time to get RADICAL
TheMerricat: TBH Paul and Heather, 'we' hurt Rose. She might be working out some anger issues about us being shitty parents.....
RandomTrivia: Rail!
Styxseus: Gotta go fast
flouncy_magooo: Sonic '21 looks rad
Didero: I like how they took your hammer and nails away, "Those puzzles are done now!"
Styxseus: Nice timing xD
KevinTheShark: I'm really questioning the books motives at this point
shadowypenguin: i think that one is a wire
beowuuf: !priest
dumbo3k: I think you can just press RB to hop pipes
TehAmelie: are the aerial controls bending along with the tracks?
TehAmelie: aka Tony Hawk physics
BrowneePoints: The grinding is actually super snappy in this
Didero: Video games are hard
Foxmar320: Ive played this Sonic game
Easilycrazyhat: This surely won't be expensive to fix >.>
TehAmelie: the game would suck so much without a lot of slack in the timing elements
shadowypenguin: man needing to redo all this wiring is gonna suck
Snowcookies: it's almost like this is a co-op gam
ContingentCat: such a misleading title
TheNerdWonder: No, Paul. Collaboration
RandomTrivia: Oh no, netcode pls
RandomTrivia: Oh thank goodness there's slack there
Styxseus: O . O
Easilycrazyhat: "Look through my butt"
DarkAbyssKeeper: It's Ben Oculars.
Getter404: Can't believe they got Helen Mirren for this
ContingentCat: um ok not thinking too much about that
NojhLivic: Wait are the main characters think they're human turned into dolls?
Lithobraker: Don't worry Rose, mommy's just having a wine nap.
TheMerricat: no guilt trips here....
Territan: And here's where they jump to a VERY BAD parenting conclusion.
beowuuf: @NojhLivic cody looks 'dead' so his mind is in the doll
Lithobraker: Rose is a WITCH! Burn her Kappa
Snowcookies: Apply logic
Styxseus: Ah, the scientific explanation. From information told to you by the binoculars.
noSmokeFire: best start believing in doll stories...because you're in one
kusinohki: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:37:33.
Lithobraker: Burn your child! It's the most logical solution Kappa
Snowcookies: lmao
RandomTrivia: I'm gonna chalk this up to "oops, I accidentally a magic"
Didero: She seems to be accepting the implications of magic being real very easily
Easilycrazyhat: @noSmokeFire A Jack Sparrow doll showing up would be brilliant.
Styxseus: Easy
vegetalss4: Honestly it being a spell is pretty logical in this situation.
Getter404: Father of the Year material
Didero: "We have to... kill her!"
RandomTrivia: Paul pls
bytecaster: Put the tears back into her eyes!
TXC2: we done flipped reversed it
beowuuf: maybe make her smile?
ContingentCat: um
Easilycrazyhat: "Make our child cry! Yes!"
nevermore913: this seems like a perfect plan
shadowypenguin: thats probably not the right answer
kusinohki: wouldn't "makeing her laugh" be the opposite of tears?
novrdd: kill that kid
novrdd: take the tears1
RandomTrivia: Welp sergeFall
Easilycrazyhat: Language!
nevermore913: i hate this book
beowuuf: can't double jump in cutscenes :p
novrdd: those eye juice!
RandomTrivia: The respawning is really cool as part of the mechanics of the setting
BrowneePoints: Ludonarrative! WOO!
InquisitorGaia: Sekiro?
noSmokeFire: spiderman!
PharaohBender27: Ha! Serves you right, book!
ContingentCat: and the characters being aware of coming alive is cool
vrecken: sekiro confirmed
TXC2: twitch compresion does not like that we are outside :p
accountmadeforants: By the way, I'd been wondering, is Paul handling the split-screen or is this part of the game?
Styxseus: Grappling rope-thing? Check. Comes back to life? Check.
Pteraspidomorphi: Does this game have a spider slider?
beowuuf: @TXC2 not just me then
beowuuf: @accountmadeforants game
frnknstn: y tho
accountmadeforants: Yes, follow the ants.
KevinTheShark: Shoes are... good birds nests?
bytecaster: Ants always know where the good stuff is!
TXC2: "follow the yellow ant road"
RandomTrivia: If those are the windows, it's a VERY small treehouse
Styxseus: How tall do they think Rose is? xD
accountmadeforants: @accountmadeforants Huh, seems a bit odd for online multiplayer, especially with the closed captioning being duplicated across both screens
Didero: "Let's get across!" and both fall :D
KevinTheShark: Suddenly were playing grounded
kusinohki: using ants as guideposts here is actually pretty clever
Easilycrazyhat: Low consequences for death is great
adamjford: you can tell because the split screen disappears for cutscenes
BrowneePoints: @accountmadeforants it's so you know where the other player is at
Didero: There was a paper airplane a few branches down too
RandomTrivia: It's designed to be played remote OR couch co-op
RandomTrivia: Kobe!
v_nome: If you love something let it go
novrdd: well
KevinTheShark: Rip
Snowcookies: It might just be an achievement thin
accountmadeforants: Fair enough. And adamjford it's also Paul, though, so it could've just been some slick scene switching :p
RandomTrivia: That would be a cool way to do collectibles, "get the stuff out of the tree"
BrowneePoints: Ope, you can tell Cody isn't from the Midwest, cuz he said Room as "rum"
Radyin: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:42:54.
x0den: clayman was a Villan wasn't he?
Getter404: The Keebler Elves have become doomsday preppers
RandomTrivia: Squirrel hobbits!
BrowneePoints: Clayface?
x0den: clayface
beowuuf: clayderman, clayderman, french pianist clayderman
RandomTrivia: YES!
Didero: "We have a bad history of gnomes on this channel" is a very good quote
Styxseus: xD
frnknstn: It's a little gnome!
Snowcookies: Hi squirrel
BrowneePoints: Heather with the called shot
Easilycrazyhat: I have good news for you Heather XD
Saxpython: :-)
novrdd: rodent
RandomTrivia: GAME OF THE YEAR!
Styxseus: I like this take
Metric_Furlong: fetch the Gnomish Figuring Things Out table
RandomTrivia: Adam? Is that you?
Easilycrazyhat: also some bad news >.>
kusinohki: where's adam?
TXC2: oh no! Someone get Adam
Didero: The End
adamjford: seabatClap
PharaohBender27: katesLol
RandomTrivia: Hey that was Magic flavour text!
BrowneePoints: The writing is *chef's kiss*
Easilycrazyhat: This is so freaking sad
RandomTrivia: !card eternal isolation
LRRbot: Eternal Isolation [1W] | Sorcery | Put target creature with power 4 or greater on the bottom of its owner's library.
vegetalss4: I feel like Adam wouldn't be helpful right now.
Getter404: Rose, you have to come to terms with the fact that your turned your parents into zombies.
RandomTrivia: Aww, it doesn't show the flavour text..
accountmadeforants: :<
ContingentCat: I was wondering when she would find them
Easilycrazyhat: yyyuupp
flailingsoup: :'(
adamjford: oh they're intimately familiar with the book, ROSE
Easilycrazyhat: T_T
vegetalss4: I mean we want to get out of the jar.
Getter404: Busy doing and looking at nothing
Snowcookies: Dad is asleep
RandomTrivia: lrrAWW
ContingentCat: lrrAWW
Saxpython: :-(
TXC2: Too real game
KevinTheShark: This book is not as good as you think it is Rose
jackouk: This 7 year old girl is reading at a very high level.
RandomTrivia: The little chairs made of bottle tops! lrrHEART
BrowneePoints: Like I said chat, the writing is VERY good, on both the funny AND the sad
Snowcookies: Made of bottle caps and wires
Easilycrazyhat: Guerilla squirrels!
Manae: The Millers down the street are wonderful people!
BrowneePoints: Metal Gear Squirrel
TXC2: "wrong level kronk
RandomTrivia: Neat
Styxseus: O.o
Saxpython: Wrong Lever
PharaohBender27: Oh great we're going to get involved in an animal war
kamelion84: lol
EvilBadman: We're Gaurdians, clearly
TehAmelie: Legal Guardians
Snowcookies: He's wearing military gear
BrowneePoints: "You call that a knoife? Now THIS is a knoife!"
RandomTrivia: Look at the PAWS! benginLove
novrdd: this squirrel in badass and adorable at the same time :p
novrdd: is*
LurkerSpine: weird looking squirrels
Styxseus: I'm sorry, but I think these guys may be a bit nutty.
KevinTheShark: Hey, judging by that workshop, this is nothing
BrowneePoints: these jokes are really a-corny
RandomTrivia: @Styxseus I'm sure they have many tails to tell lrrBEEJ
flouncy_magooo: We have to fight White Anglo-Saxon Protestants? Oh no, they're the worst!
Styxseus: :D
Saxpython: #RescueRangers
Easilycrazyhat: Good question. no more questions.
opal_moth: stole them
ContingentCat: don't worry about it
novrdd: hahaha
kusinohki: coded in SQL ??
TXC2: this game has taken quite the turn
RandomTrivia: WOAH
KevinTheShark: We in Portal 2 now!
Styxseus: OH
novrdd: we got weapons!
Didero: oh no, don't give the rocket launcher to Heather
Dmc3628: S&P approved rocket launcher
TheAinMAP: Whoa!
RandomTrivia: Now we're squirrel insurgents!
vrecken: I like it
Easilycrazyhat: Right?!
Didero: this can't end well
Ba_Dum_Tish: No wonder dogs chase them. They are protecting us
RandomTrivia: Your "agent"? Isn't it a ROBOT?!
TheNerdWonder: Of course Heather gets that part of the combo
Easilycrazyhat: Yeah, lightsabers.
Mangledpixel: I'm starting to think that this game is very weird
Styxseus: THE SQUIRRELS built a mecha robot wasp queen???????
RandomTrivia: @Mangledpixel Nahhh, surely not
TXC2: why not? Wasps are evil
Manae: Apocalypse Nuts
Styxseus: Err, mecha robot might be redundant
Lithobraker: I love that the gun has matches as ammunition and the striker strip on the inside lrrSHINE
RandomTrivia: Heh, she's definitely gonna eat those words
Easilycrazyhat: I like the way he says "squirrel".
NojhLivic: Martial council via magical adventure, not sure that has a very high success rate, doe sit?
Arclight_Dynamo: I think they probably *should* get divorced.
novrdd: oh noes!
BusTed: drillbazz
ContingentCat: stealing the remote seems the bigger crime, I hope he doesn't only have one pair of underwear
EldarLuin: Pew pew
Saxpython: Metroid has been training Heather for this
shadowypenguin: you need to move away from these squirrels
RandomTrivia: lrrCOW
Ba_Dum_Tish: This couple at the least needs some therapy
RandomTrivia: Squirrels make BOOM
RandomTrivia: Don't forget about drey lrrBEEJ
frnknstn: Alvin and the Partisans
Metric_Furlong: RandomTrivia Boo!
Metric_Furlong: boo!
EldarLuin: Getting flashbacks of NIMH
captngreenie: This is their therapy
kusinohki: good thing it's infinite ammo
Metric_Furlong: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:52:16.
KevinTheShark: It's really good game design that this is all very forgiving ammo wise
RandomTrivia: How/why does this tree have an abyss?
beowuuf: the only way out is through
EldarLuin: Explode it now
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: End the Alpha.
MAPBoardgames: @RandomTrivia What RT said. An abyss?
opal_moth: heathers power is very her right now
TheMerricat: Chat we've fought sentient vacuums and tool boxes, do we really need to ask how there is an abyss in the tree? ;P
Styxseus: :D
opal_moth: dont be a sap
TXC2: you see, trees are like icebergs, they go down REAL far underground Kappa
Didero: Have some ants point the way :p
BrowneePoints: just little splashes of yellow and camera angles
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kusinohki: do they say anything special if you shoot each other?
Easilycrazyhat: What made yellow *the* signal for interactables? It's in so many games these days, but I don't remember when it was first introduced.
TheMerricat: how they did.
MAPBoardgames: Stealth strikeforce *explosions*
adamjford: gamers
Lithobraker: All I remember from the Portal directors' commentary is that "Gamers Don't Look Up"
x0den: I want to say uncharted started it but I could be wrong
TXC2: people don't look up in general
Didero: Jump into the bear trap? Kappa
RandomTrivia: Turns out that humans, who can only move easily throughout two dimensions, don't tend to regularly observe the third dimension...
Metric_Furlong: TXC2 neither people nor gamers look up Kappa
Didero: Nailed it! Kappa
beowuuf: I blame Khan
BrowneePoints: It's more we don't have arboreal predators anymore so the instinct to watch above isn't really there anymore
Styxseus: The earliest thing I remember using the color spalsh more intentionally is Mirrors Edge, but the one I remember more clearly is Doom
Styxseus: Uhhhhh
shadowypenguin: what the hell...
RandomTrivia: Dr. Q what the hell
Juliamon: Easilycrazyhat It's a highly visible color. Same reason it's used a lot in safety equpment.
Easilycrazyhat: "Pay no attention to the clone nuts"
shadowypenguin: you only now think that
Didero: Maybe blow up the cloning vat to prevent an apocalypse
TheMerricat: I think you better chop the whole dang tree down
Science_and_Magic: Chop down the tree
x0den: hazelnut? next they'll discover nutella
RandomTrivia: Burn down the tree, using the book as kindling
EldarLuin: lrrFINE
Snowcookies: These squirrels are smarter than the squirrels who come to my backyard for peanuts
TXC2: "that boy is staring at us" "so? he's a boy" "yes, but he's staring like he can hear us"
Styxseus: Uuhhhhhh
RandomTrivia: Welp
dumbo3k: I mean, they are squirrels, they can probably just climb the wood
Didero: Good thing Adam isn't here
RandomTrivia: Time to answer the age old question
Easilycrazyhat: @Juliamon That definitely true. It's just interesting that's it's so prolific for a somewhat new innovation. I don't remember seeing it at all in older games.
RandomTrivia: Welp
spiffinn: huh
EldarLuin: eldarl1Pressf
Styxseus: For sure
Styxseus: BLEND? Is that jsut a BLEND button?
EldarLuin: eldarl1Pressf eldarl1Pressf
Styxseus: Oh god
Didero: Do it again!
TXC2: speaking of nutella
sfn____: torturing your wife, for a laugh
Didero: kill it with fire?
beowuuf: the beyond is fire and nut transformation,s got it
flouncy_magooo: Yeah, it seems pretty kinky alright
kusinohki: somtimes you just want to treat your nuts to a bath and sauna
Styxseus: The torture was the reward. (?)
RandomTrivia: Has ANYTHING in this game been there just for flavour yet?
RandomTrivia: We're in Chekhov's arsenal
flouncy_magooo: The real treasure were the friends we tortured along the way
RandomTrivia: HAahahahahahaha
Styxseus: :D
Easilycrazyhat: It's probably fine.
beowuuf: uuuuuuuh
Didero: Robot Wasps home?
TXC2: something = GIANT wasp is my bet
RandomTrivia: "A cage? Built not for me, I think"
BrowneePoints: a Sqwasp
dumbo3k: The Sap-O-Rail!
RandomTrivia: Oh this is super clever
RandomTrivia: Game pls, it's a wasp, not a bumblebee
kusinohki: physi-squirl, physi-squirl... I wanna get physi-squirl
x0den: the snappy aim looks real nice
beowuuf: we're... we're fighting a sentient haselnut mutant at the end of this chapter, aren't we :(
x0den: wasn't there a Norse squirll god?
beowuuf: yup, messenger to the goods, ran up and down the world tree
x0den: cool!
beowuuf: ratatoskr
frnknstn: Ratatoskr, iirc
Didero: Aw, I should be going :( Thanks for the fun stream, and see you all on Friday!
TXC2: yes, it's a 1/1 indestructible Kappa
TXC2: so long Didero stay safe
Easilycrazyhat: "Corbin, my man, I ain't got no fire. Father, do you smoke?"
TheMerricat: Have a good one @Didero :)
beowuuf: aww, night didero!
TXC2: no! we should build bridges!
Styxseus: Ok, thats kinda clever
Saxpython: :-)
Easilycrazyhat: @TXC2 With explosions!
kusinohki: play zelda.wav
beowuuf: didero: don't forget james home stream tomorrow :p
Styxseus: Uhhh xD
RuiFaleiro: Given how A Way Out went, I'm a bit nervous about things working out for this couple.
Getter404: Drop your spouse down a pit into Wasp Hell. Because marriage!
accountmadeforants: Drrr drrr drrr?
Easilycrazyhat: "This hole was made for me"
BrowneePoints: Junji Ito reference
noSmokeFire: if the book wants you to get back together, why does it keep sending you to minigames where you maim one another?
TheMerricat: tos
flouncy_magooo: That is some Mario Party bs
Lithobraker: Remember, marriage is a competition
LurkerSpine: tiny soccer ball
Metric_Furlong: noSmokeFire Hakim isn't very good at his job
beowuuf: oooh
Easilycrazyhat: Oh snap! The squirrels took your marriage!
dumbo3k: The squirrel levels are so beautiful
opal_moth: and the tv remote
Rhynerd: They also did kill you multiple tomes
Easilycrazyhat: Timelord tree
BrowneePoints: It's a Treedis
EldarLuin: The snark in this game is good. lol
TXC2: Norman Treedis
beowuuf: tardrisil
Saxpython: @BrowneePoints lol
tr3ewitch88: it's bigger on the inside
shadowypenguin: what are they mining?
beowuuf: @TXC2 sergeJustRight
LurkerSpine: not aussie enough for claudia
BrowneePoints: Annabelle Dowler @LoadingReadyRun
accountmadeforants: Claudia Black was also in a bunch of BioWare games. Like as Morrigan, and the mean quarian admiral in ME2.
TXC2: LurkerSpine to be fair, she had an American accent on Farscape
kusinohki: thought the game would be completely on rails
LurkerSpine: @TXC2 maybe what Aussies think is an American accent?
TheMerricat: "Annabelle Dowler was born in 1974 in Formby, England. She is an actress, known for Suffragette (2015), Doctor Who (2005) and The Six Wives of Henry VIII (2001)."
TXC2: LurkerSpine well yes, but certainly not her normal voice
TheMerricat: She apparently also was in Sense8
EldarLuin: Hello Boss Arena
KevinTheShark: Like you said, this game is a masterclass in game mechanics
beowuuf: this vault is probably just filled with monsters and disappointment
Thisbymaster: gj paul
CaptainSpam: Always back up your Splat Charger with a Splattershot, that's the main takeaway from this.
Rhynerd: Clearly that hole was not made for Paul
Snowcookies: "There was a hole and I got distracted" - Paul
flouncy_magooo: @beowuuf The vault is my bedroom?
Styxseus: I mean, wish granted?
beowuuf: @beowuuf uuuuuuh.... :D
TXC2: no number on this vault, so we can't be in fallout
Saxpython: Get Thorax'ed
beowuuf: boss buttle
flouncy_magooo: We Dark Souls now
Manae: These Alpha Metroids need to calm down
Saxpython: :-)
beowuuf: boss buttle sounds like a star wars character#
kusinohki: such a large hit bar for a 3-4 hit enemy
vrulg: that's a can not a nut
Getter404: Odd how the book never shows up during the section where you have firebombs.
EldarLuin: That sounds like Bea Arthur.... O.o
beowuuf: fire!
Getter404: Oh no I jinxed it OPEN FIRE
LurkerSpine: the book is somehow body horror
opal_moth: light the book on fire
Snowcookies: So this book is trying to make us fix the things they never got around to?
electric_claire: If this game doesn't end with the book dying a horrible death I'm gonna be pissed
Styxseus: AND trying to KILL you!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Saxpython: Play Minigames in the pause menu?
KevinTheShark: This book is nothing but salt
Saxpython: I can not believe how good this game is. I love it.
Snowcookies: These pizza pop ads are weird
MAPBoardgames: Pizza bagels: It's a pizza... on a bagel!
Styxseus: Im kinda torn on it. It's SUPER charming, REALLY well made, and they have a lot of different things in it--and yet, none of those things actually make me interested in playing the game
tr3ewitch88: I'm glad I don't have adds. just the lrr merch scrolling across my screen
NDCazzy: FYI mini pizza bagels in an air fryer are amazing
TXC2: and we're back
tr3ewitch88: yay!
Saxpython: @Styxseus That's fair. I think its a matter of expectations and its exceding mine
TXC2: getting waspy with it
Styxseus: \o/
KevinTheShark: We're back to Grounded, oh wait wrong game
tr3ewitch88: lrrFINE
Styxseus: @Styxseus That might be it
MAPBoardgames: Child murders!
NDCazzy: literally wearing my phases scrub shirt right now... super comfy!
NDCazzy: that thing carries a lot of honey
tr3ewitch88: nope I don't mind the squirmy maggot deaths.... definitely one of my gag triggers
Snowcookies: are these makeable?
MAPBoardgames: I look forward to the YouTube video where someone makes this for real and tries it.
beowuuf: iron squirrel challenge
Styxseus: :D
Ashen_Prime: @Snowcookies If you're willing to cook with beetles, sure!
TXC2: aren't acorns poisonous to humans ?
TheMerricat: "Raw acorns contain tannins which can be toxic to humans and cause an unpleasant bitter taste. They are also poisonous to horses, cattle and dogs. But by leaching acorns to remove the tannin, they can be made safe for human consumption."
tr3ewitch88: I just ordered a lrr pride shirt. can't wait to get it
Saxpython: Can't Eat Acorns Club
Easilycrazyhat: Lol, a wasp calling others a pest
NojhLivic: When did this game become a third person shooter? INteresting.
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LurkerSpine: I think it's sap?
shadowypenguin: thats sap not honey
dumbo3k: Yeah, you are shooting tree sap not honey
KevinTheShark: Well, it's not honey, it's sap
ContingentCat: this week on TTSF, can sap explode?
TXC2: !addquote (Paul) it's a good thing honey doesn't explode in real life.
LRRbot: New quote #7722: "it's a good thing honey doesn't explode in real life." —Paul
PharaohBender27: OK, got to go make myself some lunch, hopefully I'll be back before stream's end.
Easilycrazyhat: That...looks like a wasp squirrel...
Easilycrazyhat: >.>
TXC2: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
LathosTiran: Its just Shinra for squirls
Snowcookies: lol
Easilycrazyhat: !findquote squirrel
LRRbot: Quote #1312: "I don't know why I want squirrel bits." —Alex [2015-12-18]
TXC2: why is the world turning?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: The Horse Stance is free.
Styxseus: How did they take those..?
shadowypenguin: did they make a squirrel person hybrid
tr3ewitch88: yeah me and my man played with that for awhile too
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Rhynerd: Not gonna take a look at the photos you took?
MAPBoardgames: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a live cat
KevinTheShark: There's some nice bits of world building in this game. it seems a tad forced though
dumbo3k: I love the bee swarm shapes
Easilycrazyhat: Wasp-tron
Styxseus: That seems, excessive
TheAinMAP: RPGFireball RPGFireball RPGFireball
TheAinMAP: jlrrFall sergeFall
TXC2: this tree goes to the centre of the Earth :p
MAPBoardgames: You ARE in the tree, but you are no longer in Kansas
shadowypenguin: look at all the nuts
adamjford: lmao
DeM0nFiRe: lol
kamelion84: lol
TXC2: !clips
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Penguino_Rojo: just got here, before I could see the game I could hear it and thought they were playing a COD game
Styxseus: :D
BusTed: rayfkWelp
Snowcookies: lmao
Saxpython: lol
novrdd: lol
GhostValv: splat
TheAinMAP: jlrrDang
adamjford: Everyone say hello to the highlights!
Styxseus: 10/10 :D
Fairgrim: one for the highlight reel
Saxpython: There must be a cool guys don't look at explosions corollary for this.
Styxseus: *taps bandana* "Infinite ammo"
ContingentCat: oh no
Saxpython: :-)
TXC2: it works, because screw physics
tr3ewitch88: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
MAPBoardgames: Suddenly Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
beowuuf: shield's are holding captain
noSmokeFire: why are the wasps letting their larvae dive into a river?
shadowypenguin: why is there a river in a tree
Saxpython: Why is this tree so wet?
Saxpython: I guess it's not tree anymore
Easilycrazyhat: How sure are you?
LurkerSpine: go left?
TXC2: trees retain A LOT more water then people think
tr3ewitch88: but how would we know lol
andy1503: look the physics of this raft is the least of my concerns about this game's understanding of science, nature, everything
Mangledpixel: where are you going, Paul?
noSmokeFire: I think you can go left
beowuuf: shields at 50%!
Easilycrazyhat: Paul...there's a tunnel...
andy1503: to the left
EvilBadman: Hey, don't blame paul for exploring under waterfalls, that's like 90% of game design
TXC2: !findquote waterfall
LRRbot: Quote #5978: "I want content behind waterfalls." —Matt Griffiths [2019-04-10]
EvilBadman: ^
tr3ewitch88: this game makes me ask too many questions
DeM0nFiRe: Cool guys 1) Don't look at explosions 2) Always look behind waterfalls
Count_Grumpy: sometimes its death
BrowneePoints: TLC told you though, don't go chasing waterfalls
andy1503: lol i made the same mistake when i played this game has fairly good navigating but i super missed that tunnel the first time
shendaras: An exploding waterfall makes that quite tough. Do you look at it, or away from it?
Getter404: They keep using Flight of the Bumblebee as the motif for the music, but... wasps
Mangledpixel: Waspnado
Snowcookies: nice
Invitare: wasps can't do that....
Saxpython: Waspnado?
TheAinMAP: duDudu ?
andy1503: who says wasps can't do this
TXC2: are the wasp airbenders?
andy1503: clearly real world wasps aren't trying hard enough
Sacrenos: Sharknado 3 - Waspnado?
x0den: would the game lie to you Kappa
TheMerricat: To be fair we are talking about wasps that are roughly the size of a squirrel.....
Metric_Furlong: I mean, according to one particularly weird ending of an Anime: yes, wasps can do this
Fairgrim: perfect storm?
shadowypenguin: @TheMerricat that only now occurred to me
Metric_Furlong: can straight up tear down fortress walls with tornados
tr3ewitch88: "the internet does not lie"
andy1503: oh hey we are at the part that concerned me a lot more about this house, science and reality
Styxseus: Uhhh
Easilycrazyhat: Look, you're asking a lot of questions about The Tree. The Tree is becoming self conscious.
Saxpython: I'm not sure that "taking care of the wasp nest weeks ago" would have fixed this
Sacrenos: you have very small jellyfish, but none in fresh water, so you have a sea in your backyard....
PhoenixMelior: Do i see a rare pH Balance stream?
Lithobraker: Have you checked your tree for jellyfish lately? Didn't think so
LurkerSpine: It's still more consistent than CATS the movie
TXC2: hello PhoenixMelior you sure do
shadowypenguin: nope those are jellyfish
PharaohBender27: @LurkerSpine That's not exactly a high bar :p
tr3ewitch88: what was in that brown water?
Styxseus: Very pretty! But.. uh..
Getter404: Ah yes, the jellyfish that every cottage in the English countryside has
Sacrenos: for the ppl that are still alive.
andy1503: and if you do it multiple times you are just improving the rigor of the study
Invitare: who put these lanterns here?
Easilycrazyhat: "More of that strange's probably nothing."
TXC2: side chalk slam
tr3ewitch88: too much sap smoke and mushrooms lol
andy1503: welcome to squirrel church
TheMerricat: squirrel cave paintings
Sacrenos: hey, pro tip: never light a storm lighter by sticking a match in the fuel reservoir. that is not how it works :P
Styxseus: Oh I see, we're going full bio-luminescence now huh
adamjford: pretty
Getter404: So the squirrels are being led by some kind of... Dire Squirrel?
TXC2: it's a cat
andy1503: rabbit i think
Easilycrazyhat: That's a squirrel
Easilycrazyhat: or rabbit
shadowypenguin: welcome to squrch
Styxseus: Rat? Rodent?
Saxpython: The False Prophet
opal_moth: rabbit
KevinTheShark: Maybe a Mole
KevinTheShark: It's Monte Mole
Getter404: Kill All Humans
opal_moth: they took the toilet paper!
Easilycrazyhat: Did the squirrels make a cargo cult following the family?
Saxpython: #Covid
TheAinMAP: 2020Unroll
shadowypenguin: where the hell do you live
LurkerSpine: the tree contains another universe
LurkerSpine: that's kinda amazing
Styxseus: Im waiting for the "And then the squirrels killed god"
BusTed: Just like squirrels do.
Easilycrazyhat: I mean...your souls did get transported into clay dolls.
andy1503: I'm so ready for the next part of this level it has the coolest non character
Manae: You're an ambulatory voodoo doll, I think magic is a given
LurkerSpine: I mean, you did get turned into dolls and everything has sentience somehow
TXC2: "there's magic" said the talking clay man
noSmokeFire: @Styxseus one of the murals might have been little squirrels chasing away the big squirrel
Metric_Furlong: magic? in a game where two people get their minds stuck inside dolls
Getter404: Clearly you inhaled powdered acorn at some point and this is the resulting vision quest
Wolfstrike_NL: "there's magic" ... yes us being a clay and wood figure is totally normal :P
andy1503: Ghost catfish time
tr3ewitch88: so that's what the blue alien people were talking about in avatar lol
andy1503: I love him
Getter404: B...belopa?
Styxseus: Oh hi there
Saxpython: You could make a Religion out of this. Wait Don't.
dumbo3k: Belooooopa!
noSmokeFire: belopa!
Styxseus: Beeeeelopa!
Sacrenos: I think you might have some mold issue in your yard that causes hallucinations? :P
Getter404: Only their whiskers
Easilycrazyhat: Don't catfish eat, like, everything?
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Saxpython: Pokemon Snap vibes
Getter404: They're bottom feeders, yeah
TXC2: fish......swim?
Styxseus: Yes, perfectly normal fish.
shadowypenguin: it is absolutely trying to throw you off
TXC2: do catfish meow?
Metric_Furlong: whale and giant lemur noises, at one point
CastleOtranto: Yeah, aren't catfish like a fish tank's garbage disposal?
Styxseus: Hmmm
BusTed: They are bottom feeders.
Sacrenos: That looks like a horizontal tail, so it is actually a whale
CastleOtranto: I don't know what catfish sound like, but they can be mighty tasty.
Getter404: Belopa has forsaken us!
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andy1503: cody clearly should have known that ghost fish will disapparate
excalgold: this game is crazy
andy1503: i love this mini game
Getter404: There was that baseball player a month or two back where everyone was convinced he did a double jump
Easilycrazyhat: Game time!
TXC2: in the real world the high jump record is like 2 meters and change so :p
shadowypenguin: that about accurate for how i can jump
MAPBoardgames: Cody is going to get wholluped again
Easilycrazyhat: "Make things go away"
Styxseus: For a moment there, I thought you where gonna have to be the target :D
CastleOtranto: This voice acting is super charming.
BloodnBullets: what is this scoring?
Styxseus: Why is only Cody getting points? :P
Easilycrazyhat: The targets that reach each side give the other person a point
TheAinMAP: Wow.
noSmokeFire: @BloodnBullets the targets are getting ping-ponged back and forth, if a target reaches you the other player gets a point
BloodnBullets: oh that makes more sense now
Styxseus: Oh, I see
Easilycrazyhat: Shortcut?
TXC2: have we not been going down a deep pit this whole time?
Styxseus: Heavens forbid you fall down a series of never-ending holes
LbxAni: yeah we've gone how far and there hasn't been a sign of wasps for awhile
LbxAni: oh wait there thy are
noSmokeFire: "wasp hell"
DeM0nFiRe: wasp psaw
LurkerSpine: pizza cutter wasp
adamjford: this feels like an MMO boss fight mechanic
Invitare: They're.... BUZZ saws!
TheAinMAP: They're buzz saws.
Easilycrazyhat: They traded the toolbox for some moonshine honey.
Styxseus: Wasp hell sounds like a really really bad place
PharaohBender27: Dangit, @TheAinMAP you beat me to it
Styxseus: OH GOD @Invitare
DEATHlikescats: niiiice
MAPBoardgames: Venus Vidi Vici. Wasps Saw and Conquered
DEATHlikescats: I love how bonkers this game is
opal_moth: buzz off
KevinTheShark: sergePun sergePun sergePun
Snowcookies: boss arena?
shadowypenguin: oh an arena
TheAinMAP: @PharaohBender27 Invitare got there right before I did, to be fair.
Saxpython: Feels Boss Arena
andy1503: my baby
andy1503: i love him
andy1503: he is a sweetie
andy1503: though this fight sucks
PharaohBender27: @TheAinMAP Whoops, missed that.
Easilycrazyhat: Hercules, Hercules!
RuiFaleiro: Silksong really changed things up.
MAPBoardgames: After this fight, you fight an angry house is next
Pal_Friendpatine: rhinoceros beetle
TXC2: now we know
Styxseus: Ah. Tankbuster vents.
andy1503: my friend used me as bait to have the beetle land on me on these spots because we couldn't get him to run near them
PharaohBender27: @andy1503 "Friend," you say? katesSmug
shadowypenguin: paul just stand by a full one
PharaohBender27: tqsRIP katesRip
Snowcookies: oh no
LurkerSpine: all the way over? that's rough
TheAinMAP: guyjudgeF guyjudgeF
DEATHlikescats: aww dang redo
Easilycrazyhat: Doing pretty good that that's your first double death.
andy1503: @PharaohBender27 yee only a friend could convince me to down myself like 10 times in a fight :D :D
DeM0nFiRe: "I'll be the *dead*"
KevinTheShark: Paul hold aggro
Saxpython: gg
Snowcookies: Nice
vrecken: thunderdome!
Styxseus: Oh god
andy1503: he is so precious
DEATHlikescats: this GAME
Easilycrazyhat: This is hilarious XD
adamjford: love this guy
TXC2: is necter vegetarian?
DEATHlikescats: you don't have that authority dude
Saxpython: Heather and Paul's House of Lies
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 I think it's vegetarian, but not vegan
Styxseus: Have you considered turning on your employer, mercenary?
adamjford: nectar? sure. royal jelly? no
Easilycrazyhat: Being sentient doesn't mean it's smart, per se
TXC2: PharaohBender27 right, makes sense
Lord_ZYRK: Nectar would be vegan, but honey is not
Styxseus: Fair
TXC2: "boat on the rails, train on the water"
shadowypenguin: are they throwing their kids at you
andy1503: there are a lot of "vehicles" in this level
Easilycrazyhat: "partially"
frnknstn: Just to check, this beetle is bigger than a squirrel, right?
adamjford: yeah nectar is produced by plants. honey or royal jelly is produced by the insects
ItzFabby: Mario Kart 8 much?
Saxpython: I'm with Paul on this
MAPBoardgames: Why do the wasps have all of these platforms?
BloodnBullets: "that was partially my fault" seems very on theme for this
Easilycrazyhat: Is it still vegan if the bees give you the honey in trade?
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play some video games! Game: Sagrada) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2:52 from now).
shadowypenguin: its still an animal product so no not vegan
Styxseus: xD
Saxpython: I believe I can fly?
DeM0nFiRe: F for beetle
Red_Mage__: It got the Yoshi treatment
andy1503: i love him so god damn much and I am so mad he never shows up again
Snowcookies: RIV beetle
shadowypenguin: oh poor guy
CastleOtranto: benginO7
DEATHlikescats: F
Lithobraker: Get Yoshi-ed
TheMerricat: Is honey really an animal product? I mean it's puked up pollen....
Invitare: oh it's Skynet
BrowneePoints: Honey is an animal byproduct @TheMerricat
MAPBoardgames: Remember: Pay no attention to the squirrel behind the curtian.
adamjford: If bees weren't necessary for honey, wouldn't we just honey directly from plants? :P
Juliamon: If you're unable to make it without an animal's help, it's an animal byproduct
Saxpython: Squirrels have the real Queen O.o
adamjford: just get honey*
andy1503: ah yes more natural wasp behaviour
vrecken: nah wasps are idiots
dumbo3k: All Supreme Wasp Queens have flamethrower butts
opal_moth: this steam is on rails
Invitare: all wasp queens have that
MAPBoardgames: Do not question the supreme queen, Paul!
novrdd: maybe thats why he's the supreme queen
Styxseus: It's just more proof of supreeme-ness
BrowneePoints: there's a good stop spot in about 10minsish Paul
frnknstn: Yeah, Queen Elizabeth can't do that
frnknstn: maybe it's time for Britain to upgrade?
beowuuf: maybe she hasn't needed to... yet...
PharaohBender27: Oh, I just noticed - the background music here is a variation of Flight of the Bumblebe
PharaohBender27: *Bumblebee
Styxseus: pffff
TheMerricat: wow chat, I just found out that we already know how to make 'artificial' honey.... "Artificial honey is mostly inverted sucrose from beet or cane sugar. It is produced with or without starch sugar or starch syrup. It is adjusted in appearance, odor and flavor to imitate true honey."
DeM0nFiRe: I dont think this is how wasps work
Saxpython: We geometry wats now?
Saxpython: wars?
beowuuf: as adam realised, those end 'e's are redundant and silent :p
Snowcookies: bullet hell nmode
novrdd: hexa nukes SabaPing SabaPing SabaPing
TXC2: is it skin? wasps have chitin no?
Territan: Just Shapes and Beetles?
Easilycrazyhat: When you've stung so many other things, you gotta try something new once in a while.
beowuuf: @Territan sergeJustRight
LoadingReadyRun: assfarts
TXC2: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Are you wondering what's causing our movement to be controlled?
beowuuf: !fart
LRRbot: The pant poof!
Saxpython: GG
Snowcookies: Nice!
beowuuf: lrrGOAT
Easilycrazyhat: lrrSIG lrrHORN
Styxseus: \o/
Saxpython: Awesome!
beowuuf: lrrHORN
Easilycrazyhat: D'awww
TheAinMAP: 2020Victory
kamelion84: wat
novrdd: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
PharaohBender27: lrrHORN_HF lrrGOAT lrrHORN
PharaohBender27: escher3ANGRY
Easilycrazyhat: "Don't mind she was trying to kill us a second ago"
beowuuf: protect friend
Styxseus: :D
adamjford: why do wasps need spears when they have stingers
RandomTrivia: Yeah, there's that one-liner!
TXC2: adamjford they die when they use their stingers?
Dmc3628: don't ask
adamjford: I suppose we have a lot of questions
Easilycrazyhat: Don't worry about it
vrecken: physics
Invitare: why does the sap explode?
Saxpython: #DeathStar
Territan: It must be that special Michael Bay Nectar.
RandomTrivia: lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW
BloodnBullets: it is very high energy
Seth_Erickson: Full of Nitroglycerin Kappa
Snowcookies: videogames!
adamjford: @TXC2 Bees do, but not wasps!
DEATHlikescats: nitro glycerin nectar??
GDwarf: "Subjugation via deception was all I lived for!"
RandomTrivia: lrrAWW
TXC2: honeybees are best bees
Easilycrazyhat: This game is clearly sponsored by Big Bee.
Lord_ZYRK: "Really? So I can murder the human race?"
TheAinMAP: escher3BEE
Styxseus: It's cute now! So all is forgiven!
RandomTrivia: Bumblebees are the cuddliest looking non-cuddly things
LurkerSpine: Yeah, let's not get into how the West is very stupidly emphasized bumblebees over other pollinators
Easilycrazyhat: Like, actual guns
Juliamon: Wasps *also* pollinate, Cody.
RandomTrivia: The squirrels have tommy guns LUL
Styxseus: ACTUAL guns
Easilycrazyhat: That bee sucks XD
beowuuf: lrrWOW
RandomTrivia: WHAT
vrecken: yees
RandomTrivia: Videogames!
Saxpython: Chi, Chi, CHi, Chip and Dale
adamjford: Code: Nuts
andy1503: this is a checkpoint if yall plan on stopping
Wolfstrike_NL: Code: nuts
RandomTrivia: Those squirrels have some serious stormtrooper aim
Styxseus: Hahaha
KevinTheShark: Code nuts
Easilycrazyhat: Does that squirrel commander sound like Idris Elba to anyone else?
kusinohki: is that squirl john dimaggio?
RandomTrivia: This game is great
Saxpython: So Good!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
beowuuf: thanks for streaming, this has been fantastic!
PharaohBender27: Thanks for the stream, lrrHEATHER and lrrPAUL ! lrrSHINE
TheMerricat: Important to remember Chip and Dale were chipmunks, not cowardly evil squirrels.
BrowneePoints: yea, unfortunately there was a really good stopping point right after that bit
TXC2: damn that transition
lirazel64: Excellent!
CastleOtranto: This was a treat to watch. Thank you for the stream.
Styxseus: The pacing is really good!
Snowcookies: knew squirrels were bad news
jaeshant9499: that was so good
DEATHlikescats: thanks for running this
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Heather and Paul! lrrHEART lrrHEART
TXC2: thanks for streaming Paul and Heather
RuiFaleiro: Thanks for the stream!
jessieimproved: This game is a joy
RandomTrivia: Also yeah that transition was sergeJustRight
opal_moth: the PH balance was perfect
KevinTheShark: looking forward to the rest of it 😊
adamjford: much more of an action game than I expected
frnknstn: !game good
Easilycrazyhat: This game is wild
Fairgrim: lrrPAUL lrrHEATHER lrrHEART
Easilycrazyhat: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
KevinTheShark: I feel like we haven't seen the book in a while
dumbo3k: This game will lead to some interesting therapy sessions
RandomTrivia: lrrSHINE
Styxseus: Like, call ALL the exterminators
Territan: @dumbo3k Corollary: This game will cause some interesting trauma.
Saxpython: Take down the whole tree?
novrdd: those rodents could take over the world monka
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
RandomTrivia: In short: game good
Territan: I watched through someone else's play-through. You have SO MUCH game left ahead of this.
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
novrdd: thank you everyone LuvSign
TemporallyAwry: lrrSHINE ooh neat - just noticed the animated emotes :D
Styxseus: Thank you all for the stream and the chatts! <3
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play some video games! Game: Sagrada) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2:36 from now).
RandomTrivia: Name sounds Familia lrrBEEJ
kusinohki: sadly, I'll have to wait for the vod. very early day tomorrow and can't stay up for stream. :(
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TXC2: !discord
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Saxpython: lunarj1Heart <3 lunarj1Heart
Metric_Furlong: bye Heather and Paul, thanks for the stream
Snowcookies: bye!
TXC2: !twitter
RandomTrivia: lrrSHINE lrrHEART lrrSHINE
TXC2: !ytmember
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TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
beowuuf: bye! thanks!
LunarJade: !homestream
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LunarJade: lunarj1Heart
beowuuf: lrrSHINE lunarj1Heart seabatClap
Easilycrazyhat: *bloop*
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TXC2: Goodnight everybody
beowuuf: night txc2
KeytarCat: oopsa
KeytarCat: bleh, I'll be back after food