djalternative: Hey chat. Today's been a REAL FUCKING DAY.
djalternative: I left for the DMV at 10 AM and only now just got back. They made me wait in 80 degree sun for FOUR FuCKING HOURS!
TehAmelie: dang
blip2004: that sucks
djalternative: yeah. Now, I'm starved and have a dehydration headache so hopefully food, an icepack, and Draft Boys can help lighten my mood
TehAmelie: i'm chuggin a cold drink for you
TehAmelie: like in Jarhead, "you'll hydrate until i get full", right, but the other way around
TimeToFry: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James, and/or Graham, and/or Adam play Magic: The Gathering Arena! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (5m from now).
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James and Adam are all jacked up on skittles and juice boxes, looking to draft some sets on Arena. | ||
djalternative: lrrSIG
monkeyrama: lrrSIG lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: wow now I want skittles and juice box
monkeyrama: Amonkhet draft? πŸ‘€
James_LRR: me too
denizenofdarkness: Draft day baybee
James_LRR: I want candy
monkeyrama: What kind of candy?
Lord_Hosk: I want a juice box
lirazel64 feels a draft...
Traion: Adam Officedan and guest are gonna crush this I hear
RoyalNPC: ready for some best buds drafting AFR!
monkeyrama: lrrADAM / 🍬 \ lrrJAMES
wavedasher_gcm: crab vs crab action?
Traion: Maybe they'll launch MTGO for Temur Cube Kappa
djalternative: we doin that free draft
wavedasher_gcm: what set has the most crabs
flouncy_magooo: Crabigawa
Traion: Have hommarids been erratad to crab?
djalternative: Crabson Vow
wavedasher_gcm: is that the one with the rave mechanic?
Sniknob: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
monkeyrama: Hi Adam
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WetPaperSack: Something funny with 92.... I dunno, it's been a long day.
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monkeyrama: And Ghost James
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
monkeyrama: loooool
lirazel64: Nice to have you in the Chair of Power, Adam!
monkeyrama: Give James more skittles
Bearudite: Ja Rule bless us with a good deck. and not bless us with Fyre Fest
djalternative: I survived the DMV
Traion: Someone is in a good mood after his walk
monkeyrama: 3 days in a row πŸ‘€
frnknstn: lrrSHINE lrrCAMERON lrrCAMERON
lirazel64: @djalternative Good for you!
monkeyrama: LUL
jessieimproved: I had to put my gym on pause because of covid numbers here :-(
electra310: Secret gym!
Galacticcyrus: Need 4 Drafting
frnknstn: those were not the emotes I intended
Lord_Hosk: Is it the moon gym? On the moon? cause you work an live in a orbiting underground moonbase
Traion: Card Kingdom who invest your money into promos for Wheeler :p
electra310: Still Big Ouphe?
monkeyrama: Professional Streamers OpieOP
monkeyrama: Wow, you had a lot of that button?
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RoyalNPC: Hi lrr fam look i pressed a button. p.s Adam have been loving watching your darkest dungeon streams and there awesome
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monkeyrama: Free draft, can't say no to that
Bearudite: Framenkeht
CastleOtranto: I think I got a new one with my most recent order, but I can't remember what is says.
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Galacticcyrus: Go Aggro or go home Kappa
monkeyrama: James no NotLikeThis
djalternative: I'm IN
electra310: I won two games in my Amonkhet draft despite never seeing the cards before, I was very proud
CastleOtranto: I think the new button might be "MUTE" over all the emotes.
monkeyrama: lrrARROWS lrrSIG lrrSHINE
Galacticcyrus: PogChamp cool bird
TheKrakenWithin: The button I got yesterday said "Lands in the front, party in the back."
monkeyrama: They're neat
Bearudite: what is up just adam and not James?
codatski: lrrARROWS lrrSIG lrrSHINE
Lord_Hosk: Take the rare!
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Bearudite: james was never here
TheBearBee: Hippo though
monkeyrama: Wayward?
djalternative: Hi from the table @LoadingReadyRun
Bearudite: Mummies Alive?
bullseye3265: BW zombies seem to be the best deck ive seen
Christof_II: Zomble?
monkeyrama: orzhov mummies are good
RoyalNPC: jam the cycle deck
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TheElrad: 70 months, that's almost 69 months
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Butternades: My cat Doc is watching intently right now
papagette: champion?
TheBearBee: maximum zombie is the goal
monkeyrama: Sniped OpieOP
WetPaperSack: lrrSPOOP
monkeyrama: zombie lord PogChamp
DeM0nFiRe: Reported to the FBI for collusion
Al_Azil3: Never punished
Drathak: seabatClap
monkeyrama: seabatClap seabatClap
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Heyoo all
Traion: So 3 picks 3 zombie pay offs? Ja Rule blesses us
rbudden34: where is JA?
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TheElrad: Reported to the RCMP
monkeyrama: Call the.... Mounties?
raulghoulia: it'd be the CIA
ArdCollider: CSIS.
thegiftedgrifter: call the intergalactic space federation
drewm1022: Gust Walker was always very good
flouncy_magooo: Reported to the MSRP
Traion: How would the RCMP reach the island? Horses can't swim in the ocean
monkeyrama: lol, Adam
WetPaperSack: Gus T Walker
drewm1022: I did enough Amonkhet drafts to redeem a full set :D
constablecrab: Collusion: Terrible crime. Just trying to kill people: no problem.
Lord_Hosk: Im gonna report you to the mods... no the mods are powerless here too
thegiftedgrifter: monuments good
monkeyrama: Oops all permanents
rbudden34: amonket is a great set for me. at the time I was somewhat new to the family draft seen and I 3-0d my first draft in Amonket.
monkeyrama: ngl, curse did a lot of work for me SeriousSloth
WetPaperSack: Rewarded
aggieblakers: Ready to wreck a god
thegiftedgrifter: just makes green cheaper. still get the +2/+2
drewm1022: Is 100 card historic brawl up?
reyray_gaming: @drewm1022 not yet
monkeyrama: Rhino came back :O
frnknstn: final reward is expensive in this format
Drathak: yeah it is there's a queue
TimeToFry: @drewm1022 It is
electra310: Yes, it's up
reyray_gaming: nvm i dumb dumb
monkeyrama: Mummies forever
rbudden34: first ever 3-0 was in Amonket. I'm not very good lol
Christof_II: i guess red an green are open
monkeyrama: I did not know that
monkeyrama: what is it
theclawmasheen: Oh hey its adam, I like that guy
monkeyrama: lol
Lord_Hosk: James stop it, Im sleepy and I still have to make dinner for the hosklings before I can take a nap
monkeyrama: Vizier, I think?
Crumpler64: @monkeyrama They are all joined together and you see hands holding them together
Traion: Wanderer is so good
monkeyrama: @monkeyrama Oh that's pretty neat
MegaDosX: @monkeyrama
novrdd: just like millennium items from yugioh ( the cartouche) Kappa
monkeyrama: Fling the zombies at them PogChamp
Lord_Hosk: This deck is perfect you cant lose!
Traion: How many zombie payoffs can one deck have?
monkeyrama: @MegaDosX Sick!
MegaDosX: That edifice wrecks
monkeyrama: wait, that card is annoying
WetPaperSack: Ah, yes... brick counters
superdude097: I tried running a Kumena merfolk deck in the Brawl thing and kept getting rolled so I decided to just use my Gladiator UW control deck (Set Teferi-5 as commander and just had to swap a Jeskai triome for a Command Tower) XD
monkeyrama: curse OpieOP
Henshini: cycling for the horror
Christof_II: Kah-Kaw
monkeyrama: zombie cat πŸ‘€
1y1e: drafters don't read
kirbytronic: Someone accidentally passed their Eddyface
monkeyrama: double edifice is nasty
Lord_Hosk: cause its litterally a wall! its stone!
monkeyrama: Throne PogChamp
monkeyrama: So good in an aggro deck
electra310: I got two of those in my green black draft, they were good
Graham_LRR: Trial
superdude097: Bone Picker's Ready!
Graham_LRR: Throne is good if you’re turning sideways a lot
monkeyrama: afflict can be brutal
Lord_Hosk: mighty leep wouldnt be bad you have no combat tricks
TheBearBee: Pudding! puding pudding
jessieimproved: good flan is good
lirazel64: "I come bearing custard."
Mangledpixel: nah, the flan bearer is the thopter pet that drops it
superdude097: I've never had flan. Is it closer to pudding or gelatin in texture?
monkeyrama: A non-zero amount of cycling
Traion: A lot of these cards shouldn't go this late
monkeyrama: Removal?
6 raiders from RebelliousUno have joined!
jessieimproved: @superdude097 it's a custard, so kind of in between those two, with dairy creaminess
GapFiller: UNO RAID!!!
Traion: That was kind of the auto picker
monkeyrama: Hi Uno
RebelliousUno: rebell1Uno rebell1Uno rebell1Uno
RebelliousUno: rebell1Base rebell1Head rebell1FILTH
superdude097: @jessieimproved SeemsGood
TimeToFry: What was our first pick?
monkeyrama: lol
denizenofdarkness: Never played this format, seems really aggressive
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monkeyrama: Wayward Servant was p1p1
Splosion: I 'preciate chu
Traion: Cut two lands because James?
djalternative: So, LRRboys. How did you do at the table?
monkeyrama: Deck built itself PogChamp
lirazel64: Nope, the curse is too wily for that.
Lord_Hosk: The good idea is to cut THREE lands because of James
djalternative: I don't really. I'm in Mono-Red basically. All I know is that you're black white
superdude097: Only way to dodge the cures is to run 0 lands Kappa
GapFiller: oh we taking another break from Mother 3?
monkeyrama: Spiderman
monkeyrama: three colors? Sweet
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monkeyrama: They're ramping into... somethin
thegiftedgrifter: nissa?
ToastedArts: sandworm perhaps?
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun I had P1P1 Neheb and went mono red. It'll be fun. Thanks for the draft
frnknstn: 5/5 hexproof
cotillion1850: Hello I get to catch LRR MTG live today
monkeyrama: benginHi
Vampiricsloth: vrtHi
monkeyrama: Alright, lands
superdude097: !card wander in death
LRRbot: Wander in Death [2B] | Sorcery | Return up to two target creature cards from your graveyard to your hand. / Cycling {2}
Anonymousless: This music is entirely too much
Lord_Hosk: Remember that Amonkhet preview wizards did with "Bigger Marshall" Role-playing as Nicol Bolas? "UNTAP UPKEEP DRRAAAAW!"
monkeyrama: exile
monkeyrama: this fan bearer is really putting in work
monkeyrama: Hoopoe PogChamp
Drathak: Good ol simic uncommons
I_Am_Clockwork: I miss hoopoe
RedJackz: @loadingreadyrun Adam you look like you need a hug.
monkeyrama: Do we cartouche to kill the fan bearer?
sacredserenity: @lord_hosk that was so cringy
djalternative: There was so much Rare red removal at our table it wasn't even funny
Lord_Hosk: RedJackz doesn't everyone need a hug?
monkeyrama: Dang
Diabore: stupid idiot bird
MWGNZ: efff yeah hugs!
itira: i want a hug
TheBearBee: I'm getting Jamesed over here. I've drawn 10 out of my 16 lands in out of 15 cards drawn
AveryCorvus: I don't know if Adam needs a hug, but I bet he GIVES great hugs
itira: you look great Adam :D
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun you are just one of the most huggable LRRfolk
EOstby: I mean, I would always hug Adam, so does that mean he always looks like he needs a hug?
monkeyrama: We'll draw some lands a little earlier
Makimachine: I wish I could look as cool as Adam.
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EJGRgunner: Apparently when I started subbing "Is this art?" was the hot new meme.
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RedJackz: πŸ˜₯ didn’t mean it that way.
monkeyrama: lol @EJGRgunner
marshacado: If given the option you always choose the hug
Spiritreaver: good day lovely people
itsr67: hey all, hope drafting is going ok
monkeyrama: Lands plz benginPray
Arcadion: I really like vile manifestation, but I'm not convinced it's actually good XD
Traion: Elite kills people dead
MegaDosX: Deck pls
monkeyrama: wowie, they've got it all
IbunWest: Oh.
TimeToFry: Oh jeez
monkeyrama: lol JAmes
MegaDosX: Wonder why they didn't exert there
MegaDosX: Also, I say again, deck pls
Arcadion: deck... why u no give land
drcthulu: the curse of James is upon you
monkeyrama: They didn't need to exert there 🀷
denizenofdarkness: You hate to see it
TimeToFry: Statistically unlikely!
TheBearBee: remember you have to exert before hitting attack all
noSmokeFire: what if, and stay with me here: we drew lands
Traion: Exerting there was free, they probably just clicked attack all
Lord_Hosk: Amonkhet is the world of curses, the mysteries swirl like sand.
RedJackz: @loadingreadyrun I’m sorry that my comment made you feel that way. Wasn’t my intent. Just wished I could cheer you up as you seemed down regardless of the previous game state.
itira: seabatClap
monkeyrama: You're doubling down @RedJackz Stop
monkeyrama: This time we draw lands on time benginPray
MegaDosX: Hand was fine, deck just didn't come to play in terms of lands
monkeyrama: 3 lands PogChamp
CAKHost: Hey everyone. Just finished watching the new PiF vod and saw the horrendous death of a vacuum cleaner. Glad to be back with normal content!
MegaDosX: The flan bearer?
frozenphoenix7: Howdy folks, how's the Desert?
KeytarCat: We're fighting a 5-headed dragon from Nightvale
matthaus_c: thankfully opponent is with us on not having things until 3
TimeToFry: Blocking is bad in this format :P
monkeyrama: Look at this 5 lander
djalternative: How did this mess happen chat? What did James and Adam do to get me this?
TimeToFry: Jesus DJ
MegaDosX: Opponent pls
monkeyrama: Ok deck, we're good on land now
JadedDecember: Just played against you, feels bad that you were stuck on lands evoKO Also I had 5 Vile Manifestations in the deck and they were the only black cards LOL
MegaDosX: Oh boy, the pendulum is swinging in the other direction this game
monkeyrama: Really in the tank here
monkeyrama: Oh
Americano_Splorts: And you have mana to sac for 2. This works itself out nicely
DeM0nFiRe: I just noticed the opponent's name, solid reference
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Traion: Where did opp get bone picker from?
BabyWeyoun: yeah, right adam
monkeyrama: Baby Wavin Kappa
denizenofdarkness: Sheesh
monkeyrama: That's easily the best monument, right?
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v_nome: Magical Boys time!
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Traion: It is and not remotely close
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monkeyrama: The black one is pretty good too, iirc
TimeToFry: The good ol' 0-3
RayFK: Amonkhet Remastered is a rough draft
Juliamon: DeM0nFiRe Avatar isn't a dragon, flavor fail
superdude097: !card Bontu's Monument
LRRbot: Bontu's Monument [3] | Legendary Artifact | Black creature spells you cast cost {1} less to cast. / Whenever you cast a creature spell, each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.
denizenofdarkness: Wow
novrdd: the curse
novrdd: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
PerplexedPensive: the curse
monkeyrama: oh man, the shuffler really did not like you there
RayFK: Time to Back4Blood
thegiftedgrifter: gluton for pain i see
novrdd: the curse of the mummy
HyramMTG: Oh no Adam i'm sorry
rasterscan: !card Unesh
LRRbot: Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign [4UU] | Legendary Creature β€” Sphinx [4/4] | Flying / Sphinx spells you cast cost {2} less to cast. / Whenever Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign or another Sphinx enters the battlefield under your control, reveal the top four cards of your library. An opponent separates those cards into two piles. Put one pile into your hand and the other into your graveyard.
TimeToFry: What does Unesh do?
monkeyrama: Hello mythic
HyramMTG: I wasn't sure if it was actually you guys or not haha
BoomerAang_Squad: Trial
monkeyrama: It's probably trial here tbh
rasterscan: Unesh is fun tho.
frozenphoenix7: Trial or Strangler imo.
Traion: Trial
monkeyrama: Unesh is pretty meh
Lord_Hosk: Take the rare! they make them rare because they are the best
lonecowboy1: easy stangler
noSmokeFire: adam's not here to make friends, he's here to win
djalternative: boros teeth kickers it is
Vyous: Easy gust walker
codatski: You never got close to 6 mana, not worth
AtomicAlchemical: Fun is canceled. Only serious magic now
monkeyrama: Wipe PogChamp
TimeToFry: Dusk to Dawn is cool...
Borgrim_: Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, you failed.
Traion: What did they pick over Dusk?
Fugi: I'm here to see Adam go 7-1
frozenphoenix7: Yes, I do think it's easy Gust Walker <_<
monkeyrama: They picked a common
savorycookie: The wrath is really incredible
djalternative: @Fugi then you better not watch the last draft
frozenphoenix7: Common. Gonna guess.....Open Fire
BoomerAang_Squad: I faced TWO opponents who had Dusk/Dawn. Card is bonkers.
QuantumTwitch: wipe is bonkers
monkeyrama: flier that gives flying is great
TimeToFry: Guide!
BoomerAang_Squad: Timing is good removal
frozenphoenix7: I'd rather be GW than UW personally
TheBearBee: I don't think I'm allowed to play Arena while James is streaming. I dropped my land count to 15 and still drew like 9 lands BibleThump
matthaus_c: kitty!
TimeToFry: I lost plenty of games to the Sharpshooters back in the day
xantos69: Cat is better than expected in this set.
monkeyrama: Blue seems to be pretty open from this side
accountmadeforants: I've gotten handed a great Gruul deck some 4 times already, looks like the same's happening here :B
Vyous: Eh, you hava trial which makes the cartouche have more upside
frozenphoenix7: I'd rather take the land
Lord_Hosk: UG is wide open
Kaaosa: yo it's big A, as he is known
monkeyrama: Afflict is such a mean mechanic
Kaaosa: love this guy
TimeToFry: Off colour monuments can be fun
BoomerAang_Squad: good ol' camel
xantos69: Jump closes games
Arcadion: camel.dec
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: hey that was the imp from doom
monkeyrama: wall of flavor text zombies LUL
RedJackz: Rhonas monument is pretty sweet too
BoomerAang_Squad: 2/4 survives Dusk
marshacado: Just drafted 4 colour spells.. wish me luck
monkeyrama: Renewed faith is nice
xantos69: oh hell yea
frozenphoenix7: Can never go wrong making sure you've got a solid amount of 2 drops in Amonkhet
monkeyrama: Double wipes PogChamp
TimeToFry: Double boardwipse!
denizenofdarkness: All wipes!
xantos69: Nobody expects the 2nd wipe
monkeyrama: Wind guide since you have a wipe already LUL
matthaus_c: let's go oketra's monument
TimeToFry: They'll never see the second boardwipe coming
frozenphoenix7: If it was one of the OTHER wipes in the format, I'd say go for it
monkeyrama: guide even works with your wipe
BoomerAang_Squad: But what if we open Approach? Kappa
lamina5432: was watching Ben the other day as someone jumped a neheb to eat his tah crop elite
monkeyrama: forsake is fine?
matthaus_c: drake in case you end up jeskai lrrBEEJ
xantos69: Forsake is kind of a free include because it cycles. Worst case it can be sideboard
TimeToFry: Lay Claim does cycle
drcthulu: it cycles
frozenphoenix7: @xantos69 Best of 1 iirc?
BoomerAang_Squad: Appeal/Authority won me at least 3 games yesterday
monkeyrama: illumination def
TimeToFry: The Bitter End Wasp is a 2/1 flier with flavour text
Mr_Horrible: illumination or forsake is solid
Mr_Horrible: 1 maindeck forsake I remember being actually pretty solid in this format
matthaus_c: I like passing Winds Kappa
Vyous: Aven initiate I think
murphyskick: cat gets tokens
frozenphoenix7: Cat or Aven I think?
monkeyrama: flier imo
TimeToFry: FLier
frozenphoenix7: We need stuff for the Wind Guide
meruchor: zombie zombie zombie 2000!
Martin_FcG: Forsake deals with Cartouches
matthaus_c: oketra's monument in pack 3 let's go
MegaDosX: I think the game is telling you to run Forsake the Worldly, since that's the fourth or fifth you've seen opened
xantos69: Its good if you get to 7. Double lay claim is powerful.
meruchor: the curve is desce
drcthulu: only the shuffler rng will tell
monkeyrama: WELP
monkeyrama: There it is LUL
matthaus_c: CALLED IT
TimeToFry: Who called that
TheBearBee: as fortold though
Martin_FcG: never didnt have it
Sniknob: ez game ez life
Mr_Horrible: uh-oh, Turner's calling the shots
Mr_Bitterness: Just open exactly what's needed, EZ Clap
BoomerAang_Squad: James is a WITCH!
monkeyrama: Oh dang, Temmet is so nice
Traion: There aren't many cards in this format I'd p1p1 over Oketras Monument
monkeyrama: the flier we took over the cat also makes tokens SeriousSloth
meruchor: ALWAYS take the cat... why do i sound like athleen?
frozenphoenix7: Couple Deserts would also be nice
Mal2mad: My experience: Draft white/red, get like 7 burn instants and 1 removal. Get paired with mostly Green/X players. End at 1-3.
Arcadion: cat
Mr_Horrible: Brain Brooch also good
BoomerAang_Squad: or cartouche
monkeyrama: We have a lot of flying already
Vyous: Elite I think
TimeToFry: Hell yeah Priest
Arcadion: priest seems fine in this deck
Traion: Elite with monument
meruchor: mummy wins the game
EOstby: Priest + Monument = game
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flashflip55: Neat
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monkeyrama: Priest SeriousSloth
matthaus_c: elite with the helm?!
MegaDosX: So nobody's in red then, got it
frozenphoenix7: That's a late Crasher
Mr_Bitterness: That's a late Gust Walker too
frozenphoenix7: And a real late Magma Spray
BoomerAang_Squad: WU Fliers EZ Clap
Vyous: Cut seeker
matthaus_c: noncreatures first, then things that don't say flying or token
TimeToFry: Play 43 Kappa
monkeyrama: loots only if you cast a noncreature spell
Vyous: Loots only if you cast a noncreature spell
frozenphoenix7: I'd cut Seeker still I think.
NewMetaNerd: cut renewed faith
monkeyrama: it's conditional, so kinda meh
SeiichiSin: Good morning Adam!
Traion: renewed faith?
novrdd: leave it at 42
novrdd: Kappa
kumatsu: no, go up to 43 KappaHD
matthaus_c: 42 is the answer
monkeyrama: I leave my decks over 40 all the time, I'm so bad at cutting cards LUL
TimeToFry: Doesn't Thirst still work if they're already tapped?
superdude097: @TimeToFry Yes
RayFK: No
Lord_Hosk: James is a fine fine ice cream boi
keyforgealchemist: how was red and white aggro open at the end?
Mr_Horrible: James is a great fella
rasterscan: James isn't as mean to us in Chat.
MegaDosX: James is neat, unlike this hand
monkeyrama: James has a nice beard
matthaus_c: James is handsome and keeps good hands
korvys: Nice things about James? Uh... he's gone?
Alex_Frostfire: In my game, an opponent cast Unquenchable Thirst on a creature of mine with Vigilance.
denizenofdarkness: That James guy seems like a nice dude
Thagnok: James is so pretty.
Mr_Horrible: I don't think we can keep that LUL
marshacado: James has nice hair just like adam
superdude097: !card unquenchable thirst
LRRbot: Unquenchable Thirst [1U] | Enchantment β€” Aura | Enchant creature / When Unquenchable Thirst enters the battlefield, if you control a Desert or there is a Desert card in your graveyard, tap enchanted creature. / Enchanted creature doesn't untap during its controller's untap step.
1y1e: plains is 3rd from top ez
monkeyrama: Plains plains plains benginPray
monkeyrama: YEssssss
AveryCorvus: Never punishe
TimeToFry: Never punished
thesoftestbunny: punished? never
BoomerAang_Squad: James is my favorite disembodied voice on LRR
monkeyrama: Never didn't have it
Mr_Horrible: Damn, he's a genius
Znazl: never punished
Mr_Bitterness: Never didn't have it
matthaus_c: it's plain as bread
Lord_Hosk: James drinks only the finest chocolate milk.
Traion: Make bad decisions get rewarded: The Adam Savidan story
iburnicus: lucky
denizenofdarkness: LUL
monkeyrama: DAng, he let us get to 6 feet
CelicaSpin: Adam, do you plan on playing Endwalker?
Mr_Horrible: but that means there's another like 2 inches left for our criticisms honkThink
novrdd: *risky*
Drew_64: Is Adam pulling a Homer again?
The_Ninjurai: We can go higher chat
MegaDosX: Playing it lets you Monument next turn
Mr_Horrible: I wouldn't, we want that monument ASAP
monkeyrama: Monument cat would be sick
Robot_Bones: Catument
MegaDosX: Would it not be monument first?
MegaDosX: To get started on the tokens?
BloodnBullets: doesnt have to be a plains, monument is colourless
monkeyrama: You did indeed say that
MegaDosX: No I meant before the Aven
Mr_Horrible: Chat got confused because they both have cats on the art
monkeyrama: Siiiiiick
Babcom: This music is like straight from Prince of Egypt... nice.
monkeyrama: Adam's calling all the draws PogChamp
matthaus_c: never punished
AveryCorvus: You can't keep getting away with this
EOstby: Adam, how does it feel to be Magic's perfect gamer?
Mr_Horrible: MegaDosX I'd think the aven first if we didn't get a land would be just to keep pressure up
SeiichiSin: James is back, of course we are going to draw more land.
Johobo23: HI Mr. Adam
Thagnok: It's now midnight in Germany. My 14 days are up. I am now fully vaccinated and cleared!
TimeToFry: @Thagnok Congratulations!!
djalternative: @Thagnok woot!
monkeyrama: Nice!
Thagnok: Thanks! Also that's great, congrates to you guys too.
Traion: Oh right my 14 days are up now too
MegaDosX: Opponent appears to be on that Sultai ramp plan
ArdCollider: wtg, @Thagnok!
Arcadion: opp is doing so much fetching and fixing... I can't wait to see what they are ramping towards XD
Kaaosa: @Thagnok now you can lick whatever you want
matthaus_c: I just got my first shot yesterday! it's kicking my ass today, can't wait for the second
MegaDosX: You get in for five or six depending on how they block
Thagnok: @Kaaosa That's what my brother keeps trying to make me do. :P
BoomerAang_Squad: wait for trial?
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TimeToFry: Do we cycle Lay Claim?
Traion: Dauntless Aven and Gustwalker are disgusting together
superdude097: Gust Walker + Aven is a nice synergy
anickme: Cheer100
Seagulyus: @MegaDosX isn't combat math for blocks?
monkeyrama: They haven't played much we'd want to steal anyway?
matthaus_c: caw
superdude097: Inb4 Scarab God Kappa
monkeyrama: A win! seabatPjorg
MegaDosX: Opponent was dead on board without several blockers
monkeyrama: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
EOstby: They kind of needed a board wipe.
wordnerdify: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
MegaDosX: Or a wrath, yeah
Traion: We swing for 8 in the air every turn there, not sure even Scarab God stops that
matthaus_c: scarab god more like scarab DOB
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: seabatClap seabatClap
matthaus_c: seabatClap seabatClap
atlr: feliciaYEAH
EOstby: Scarab DOB? More like Scarab meeboDab meeboDab meeboDab
AtomicAlchemical: Is Scarab God even in the remaster? I thought they didn't want it in historic
matthaus_c: all the forgotten gods are in the remaster
Thagnok: @Traion Congrats to you too. :)
matthaus_c: actually straight up all the gods are in the remaster
matthaus_c: scarab god also didn't make a single ripple in historic, but locust god was played in a meme combo that looked good for a week
monkeyrama: Just like compliments PogChamp
monkeyrama: Island incoming
matthaus_c: living your best cat life
monkeyrama: Does it do anything when you poke it?
Traion: You're cool James. Gottem!
matthaus_c: when you win the lotus pet gets kinda erotic
matthaus_c: vaguely erotic
Akaiatana: Our opponent is getting their just exerts
matthaus_c: dusk as a doom blade?
PixelArtDragon: Dusk kills their worm, no?
monkeyrama: Niiiiiiice
matthaus_c: just beating up on sultai
wordnerdify: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Mr_Horrible: tfw you're just a greater sandworm, not the greatest sandworm
monkeyrama: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
matthaus_c: seabatClap seabatClap
Thagnok: Nice nice nice. Gaming!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: @PixelArtDragon Not if the game ends first.
electra310: Good game!
Traion: UW skies, still holding up after all this time
Mr_Bitterness: Turns out U/W Fliers with some go wide support still good
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
monkeyrama: loool, James
monkeyrama: James is unfireable PogChamp
echolyte: as per the LRR motto, keep the gems; keep the job
Dread_Pirate_Westley: After the beginning of Let's Nope? I think you need to 7-0 this to keep your job.
Plasterboard: Self-Awareness mode activated!
electra310: Adjunct LRRsman is a difficult life
TheMandrew: in before "LoadingReadyRun has come to terms with the release of James Turner, we wish him well with his future endevors"
EvilBadman: ya gotta find a niche and be irreplaceable, like James and losing ice cream bets
monkeyrama: LUL Very convincing
Traion: James is unfireable because without his organisation all of LRR would crumble
Thagnok: Adam you played Puttputt for Halloween, you survived that you can survive anything.
monkeyrama: b/w has terrible removal Kappa
F1SHOR: Adams niche is surely engagment - the youtube comments would be quieter without him
Vyous: They also have a fan bearer
TheMerricat: wait, is this a new set? As in AFR is already 'old'? Dang it WOTC!
Traion: This is an old set Merricat
monkeyrama: Adam just tells chat to shut up or clap and we do it NotLikeThis
hammith: Adam's niche is being a big burly boy
PixelArtDragon: Adam's niche is never getting punished
Thagnok: Also there are whole highlight videos of just Adam laughing.
TheMerricat: Ah. Heart feeling better.
Akaiatana: Fishor is trying to say 'ook ook is your nook'
AtomicAlchemical: It's a remaster
kumatsu: I thought Adam's niche was being handsome and kind and fun
TimIAm: Adam makes LRR a Gamer channel
Traion: !card Maurauding Bone
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
F1SHOR: benginLol benginLol
ArgentumFlare: Adam likes to bully us, does that count as engagement?
electra310: And yelling at chat, but in a good way
Traion: !card Marauding Bone
LRRbot: Marauding Boneslasher [2B] | Creature β€” Zombie Minotaur [3/3] | Marauding Boneslasher can't block unless you control another Zombie.
lirazel64: It was immortalized and returned to the battlefield
superdude097: I like Hold on the Fan
monkeyrama: Fan bearer is quite annoying
electra310: See, the fan stops, it gets hot, other creatures go to sleep
Veste: non
LarkSachrosis: vargDong
monkeyrama: See? It's always "Shut up" or "Clap" or "Touchdown now" with this guy OpieOP
hammith: You can't tell me what to do, you aren't my real ladder.
Veste: no love.
electra310: Banana first, then shut up
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RakdosDragon88: little bit of mtg with the lrr Boyz to get me through a night shift
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monkeyrama: wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey
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fiddlerkillerofkings: hello friends
RakdosDragon88: 8k
RakdosDragon88: 11pm in the uk
monkeyrama: Wish dusk hit the lord, too
PixelArtDragon: You can aftermath it next turn to refill your hand
CastleOtranto: My internet has gone out for around three minutes about a dozen times over the past three days, and I'm kinda over that. Silly thunderstorms.
monkeyrama: That's not the sac one, no
Lord_Hosk: IM glad dusk doesn't hit the lord... I don't like getting hit its not my kink
monkeyrama: 3 wins seabatPjorg
electra310: Nicely done!
F1SHOR: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
monkeyrama: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
wordnerdify: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
monkeyrama: Gold Gamers
Thagnok: Ding
electra310: Adam's job is saved!
TheElrad: perfect hand
Traion: Gold 4? Adam gets to keep his job for another month! FBtouchdown
raulghoulia: is James Kite Man?
monkeyrama: Seems good πŸ‘€
F1SHOR: if keeping gems means keeping job does that mean any wins from here means adam gets a bonus
hammith: I'm not sure I like this set as a draft. I stomped my first game and it just felt... meh.
Traion: Any wins from here is one scoop of ice cream payable by James
monkeyrama: oh no, our counterspells Kappa
TimeToFry: Exerting is free if it has vigilance, right
TimeToFry: God that's so neat
monkeyrama: seabatBRAIN
Shigamori: nice mono white deck!
Mr_Horrible: ah, an invocation
Mr_Horrible: clever, OP
monkeyrama: Oh what, that's in the remaster?
Akaiatana: No, It was there
TimeToFry: Was an Invocation
AveryCorvus: That's a real card. It's in my Muldrotha commander deck
Akaiatana: I remember
drewm1022: It's an invocation, card is from like alara\
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ToastedArts: The card is pretty old, I think from Alara?
Shigamori: that's an alarm card
TheWriterAleph: quite right, quite right
monkeyrama: It's from Shards of Alara, or something?
Shigamori: alara*
Traion: They have reach sadly
voslan: tour de france deck?
Mr_Horrible: monkeyrama alara reborn, yeah
monkeyrama: Dang, wrong Alara LUL
cisco236: !card lord of extinction
LRRbot: Lord of Extinction [3BG] | Creature β€” Elemental [*/*] | Lord of Extinction's power and toughness are each equal to the number of cards in all graveyards.
monkeyrama: That is a large lord
monkeyrama: Yessss, perfect draw
Akaiatana: exert, indestructible?
monkeyrama: no, just no damage
Akaiatana: ah
Mr_Horrible: just prevents damage, sadly
MegaDosX: Yeah it doesn't become indestructible
Traion: !card Dusk
LRRbot: Found 40 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
MegaDosX: That would have been a dope combo if it did
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: !card dusk//dawn
LRRbot: Dusk // Dawn | Dusk [2WW] | Sorcery | Destroy all creatures with power 3 or greater. // Dawn [3WW] | Sorcery | Aftermath / Return all creature cards with power 2 or less from your graveyard to your hand.
superdude097: !card dusk /// dawn
LRRbot: Dusk // Dawn | Dusk [2WW] | Sorcery | Destroy all creatures with power 3 or greater. // Dawn [3WW] | Sorcery | Aftermath / Return all creature cards with power 2 or less from your graveyard to your hand.
Mr_Horrible: but we've got a sweet follow-up if OP doesn't have scarab feast or something
monkeyrama: Woulda been extra sweet
MegaDosX: !card temmet
LRRbot: Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun [WU] | Legendary Creature β€” Human Cleric [2/2] | At the beginning of combat on your turn, target creature token you control gets +1/+1 until end of turn and can't be blocked this turn. / Embalm {3}{W}{U}
monkeyrama: Unblockable tokens
TimeToFry: Temmet seems like a fun goofy commander
monkeyrama: Yooooo, 4 wins
BloodnBullets: it having embalm screws them here
ToastedArts: Deck is hot fire!
Mr_Horrible: woop woop
monkeyrama: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Rynehawk: scoopy doopy doo
MegaDosX: Only universe they don't scoop is if there's a thing in the format that gives double strike
Akaiatana: "Scoops for ice cream"
electra310: Unstoppable!
F1SHOR: he survives another week!
the_yawgfather: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
monkeyrama: looool
ATrophonian: lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP
hammith: Scoopifer: The Ghost Who Was Terrible at Magic
TimeToFry: Good AND cool
PixelArtDragon: We won't have to get another Adam clone out of the closet!
MegaDosX: And to think you wanted to go back to Forgotten Realms!
monkeyrama: Must've just been chatting Kappa
BloodnBullets: James may need to see a doctor, that sounds concerning
Akaiatana: James couldn't have blacked out, we're white-blue
monkeyrama: Now exerts are free πŸ‘€
TheWriterAleph: zrrt zrrt
monkeyrama: Monument avenger seems good
Thagnok: Deck sleeve the Italian flag?
1y1e: -1 on cost
MegaDosX: You can, yeah
monkeyrama: Sure can
TimeToFry: Monuments are a lot of fun
monkeyrama: Monument is so good LUL
F1SHOR: monument is so good
Traion: God monument is a dumb card
TimeToFry: Should have been a rare
monkeyrama: This one really should be
TheElrad: Oketra's Monument is the Highwayman of Ahmonket
monkeyrama: The other ones... not so much
the_yawgfather: all the monuments in this set are good
AveryCorvus: Probably made to help buff white in commander?
monkeyrama: Black one is fine?
AtomicAlchemical: Uncommon and colorless
TheWriterAleph: NOICE
MegaDosX: lmaoooooo
monkeyrama: Free double exert PogChamp
TimeToFry: Vroom?
Vyous: Choo choo
MegaDosX: It's either that or Rest the Magmaroth imo
TheMerricat: !card trial of solidarity
LRRbot: Trial of Solidarity [2W] | Enchantment | When Trial of Solidarity enters the battlefield, creatures you control get +2/+1 and gain vigilance until end of turn. / When a Cartouche enters the battlefield under your control, return Trial of Solidarity to its owner's hand.
hammith: That rock needs a nap
MegaDosX: That's a three turn clock without anything else
monkeyrama: Trial is extra spicy
TheWriterAleph: lol i forgot what -1/-1 counters look like in arena, it's been so long
TotallyNotaBeholder: !card oketra's avenger
LRRbot: Oketra's Avenger [1W] | Creature β€” Human Warrior [3/1] | You may exert Oketra's Avenger as it attacks. When you do, prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to it this turn.
ToastedArts: opponent feeling mad safe?
monkeyrama: Is Bontu's wrath in this?
TimeToFry: Are there boardwipes in black?
Akaiatana: Hell's heart?
MegaDosX: Or Bontu's Last Reckoning
MegaDosX: !card bontu's last reckoning
LRRbot: Bontu's Last Reckoning [1BB] | Sorcery | Destroy all creatures. Lands you control don't untap during your next untap step.
monkeyrama: ah, anger
monkeyrama: RIP
TheWriterAleph: oof
MegaDosX: Welp, there's that too
ToastedArts: you hate to see it
TimeToFry: Why is Anger in here???
TheWriterAleph: ^ mad about it? Kappa
Traion: Rude! That makes our Dawn so much worse
monkeyrama: Temmet's unblockable friend πŸ‘€
lirazel64: Well...
TimeToFry: @TheWriterAleph >.> :P
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: In a set where blocking is discouraged, I can understand upping the wipes
LaskoReadsComics: Hi Adam! I hope you are having a wonderful day!
superdude097: !card temnet, viz
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
monkeyrama: Embalm?
superdude097: !card temmet, viz
LRRbot: Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun [WU] | Legendary Creature β€” Human Cleric [2/2] | At the beginning of combat on your turn, target creature token you control gets +1/+1 until end of turn and can't be blocked this turn. / Embalm {3}{W}{U}
ToastedArts: good news is we at least have a decent clock on board
monkeyrama: You did draw two drops OpieOP
MegaDosX: The game heard "two" and said "got it"
Akaiatana: Thanks, James
hammith: Damn it Jame
hammith: James*
monkeyrama: Now he can make himself unblockable πŸ‘€
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nullrush: one baby away from 100
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SharkHero08: hi adam
monkeyrama: I think there's another heatwave comin in on the west
SharkHero08: theres a heatwave adam
ToastedArts: Big heat wave in the PNW right now. It's been real fun
RayFK: Meanwhle it has been 90 in Seattle
hirosan84: its 37 now
ToastedArts: almost 100 here in portland
ArgentumFlare: Heatwave on the entire west coast pretty much
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bwk789: Gotta keep going, nearly 2 years now!
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monkeyrama: Not color-gated on the second effect is wild
lirazel64: 34 here
monkeyrama: 83 D:
sporkraptor: 90-something in Seattle, sucks
mulligan2six: 36 in Vancouver
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ninja_theory_ashrams: Hey, How's it going?
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Thagnok: Going to be 31 in Berlin tomorrow.
monkeyrama: That's like the same temp as here, that's nuts
TheWriterAleph: we're having a 100F+ heat advisory down here this week
TheMerricat: Was 95f yesterday here in STL, we've 'cooled' down to 90f today.
I_Am_Clockwork: 95 here in El Cajon
TimeToFry: There's no Embercleave in the set, right? KAppa
ArgentumFlare: Central California Yesterday was 103F/38C
LurkerSpine: ribbons isn't in the yard right?
Thagnok: @ArgentumFlare JEsus
Akaiatana: We've had a heat wave in Ottawa, humidex of 41-42 for three days
TheElrad: cut to ribbons kils us here
hammith: Curse of James - 3UU Enchantment - Aura Enchant Player The enchanted player reveals the first card they draw each turn. If it is a non-land card, they put it on the bottom of their library and draw a card.
redrumekki: please to keep that 31 in berlin @Thagnok, dutchieland is looking like 22 tomorrow
monkeyrama: Eldraine is not coming back (yet)
bwk789: kaladesh then ikoria
LurkerSpine: @TheElrad I don't think they have it in the bin, and they'd have to pitch cut somehow for free for that to work
monkeyrama: Ikoria is just cycling forever
lirazel64: And mutate!
TheMerricat: @hammith lrrBEEJ
the_yawgfather: its about to be 98 degrees farenhight here in portland. still going to get 5 degrees higher
SirElgar: I drafted ELD with Ryan Spain this morning
MegaDosX: There's no reason not to do these drafts given that they're free
Malazim: 97F in Phoenix and that is with it being overcast basically all day and it raining all night till about 7:00Am
monkeyrama: If they adjust the cycling burn spell into a rare, I'm in
the_yawgfather: *portland oregon
ToastedArts: gg!
monkeyrama: otherwise, not so much LUL
I_Am_Clockwork: Kalidesh has fun set mechanics
xantos69: cheer50 Bits!
MegaDosX: Like even if you suck at drafting you get several packs worth of cards and some gems
electra310: Unbeatable deck!
Rynehawk: first ones free
AtomicAlchemical: Mutate was fun. Human aristocrats was fun. Cycling was just awful to play against
magical_writer: cheer50 thank you
superdude097: First draft is on the house
Wolfstrike_NL: good to know
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JumbahJawn: Oh boy its been a while since I have been able to do this live
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WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Free huh? Nice
sporkraptor: wooo if I played at all I'd hop in and get that! XDC
Perivale: when does this go away?
MegaDosX: Winding Constrictor!
gamercat88: snek
TheMerricat: Oh boy, here I go drafting again!
monkeyrama: Oh yeah! That snake is a homie
TheMerricat: Is what I'd say if I played Magic :P
bwk789: i got wrath of god and gideon on my free draft and went 2-3, im not good at drafting but like free ones
MegaDosX: Winding Constrictor made me attempt an Abzan Counters deck in Historic not long after Kaladesh Remastered dropped
monkeyrama: James moved off of that real fast OpieOP
electra310: The free draft is great, you get a few gems even if it goes poorly.
I_Am_Clockwork: Winding constrictor is a good time
monkeyrama: lrrJAMES "Yeah"
Mr_Horrible: mmm, Roast James, my favorite dish
Rynehawk: to beee faaaaaaaiiiiiirrr
superdude097: Walking Ballista wasn't in the Arena remaster set, right?
bwk789: Scrappy-t
MegaDosX: Gross, Adam :p
monkeyrama: they did?
monkeyrama: Oopsie
datastorm17: any plans to do 100 card historic brawl soon?
monkeyrama: James
monkeyrama: what
TimeToFry: ????
TheWriterAleph: wtf
bwk789: uuuuhhhhhhh
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
TimeToFry: WutFace
DeM0nFiRe: Those were definitely some kind of noise
MegaDosX: James are you OK>
Rynehawk: we went full ASMR for a sec there
Akaiatana: Somebody call an ambulance. But not til game 3
MegaDosX: ?
gamercat88: groos
bwk789: do we need to get an adult?
Mr_Horrible: they decline the split and Adam just looks really sorrowful while he takes the 500lb training weight off
Styxseus: What did I just hear
sporkraptor: squishy!
TiagoToledo: I miss physical prereleases ;(
monkeyrama: Sudden ASMR
Mr_Horrible: "I'm giving you an out here, homie"
monkeyrama: "You f'd up" OpieOP
InquisitorGaia: that sounded like you were keking your lunch james
mulligan2six: Guess I'll just win
The_Battle_Of_Hastings: this looks like it's going well.
TimeToFry: That's commitment
MegaDosX: I guess opponent has a type
Mr_Horrible: Better the Boros you know, than the Boros you don't
TheMerricat: chat, I'm noob, what is the implications of 'declining the split'? just overly trusting?
monkeyrama: Forcing Boros every time πŸ‘€
Diabore: why they oopsing?
monkeyrama: Splitting the prize packs for winning
MegaDosX: They better be oopsing because they didn't attack with the Khenra
MegaDosX: Because if not they can go jump out a window
Mr_Horrible: TheMerricat it's (very) roughly analogous to doing the backstab option in Prisoner's Dilemma
monkeyrama: You both get the same amount each
ninja_theory_ashrams: I remember my OP refused the split at Dragons of Tarkir GameDay, I think about it every time I pull out the playmat
MegaDosX: Oh hey, a sweeper that's worthless right now :p
TheMerricat: Ah that makes so much more sense, I thought you meant that you had shuffled your deck and they had declined to split it in half to 'shuffle; it :D
monkeyrama: so there's no prize difference between 1st and 2nd if you split
KeytarCat: @ninja_theory_ashrams LUL
monkeyrama: He took the spilt D:
Mr_Horrible: TheMerricat Adam's secretly been a master of trick-shuffling this whole time :O
EJGRgunner: what's a "Toolkit league"?
monkeyrama: lol
Mr_Horrible: even back then, he had the clown horn
Mr_Horrible: but he honked it for opponents
monkeyrama: They're good buds
F1SHOR: this is some deep world building
Mr_Bitterness: "James is here and could use a friendly voice right now"
monkeyrama: loool
mulligan2six: Why am I hearing that in Wheelers voice?
Mr_Horrible: "Well, I *did* tell him not to call until he won a match, so..."
monkeyrama: Bigeon
Mr_Horrible: the OG Chad
BloodnBullets: dusk?
TiagoToledo: Wow, this "Wheeler" fellow sounds like like a huge douche Kappa
TimeToFry: I had a prerelease where my opponent didn't know that they had to play lands, but then they did open two invocations
BloodnBullets: wait dusk only hits big creatures doesnt it. damn
Mr_Bitterness: I have fond memories of Amonkhet because all I did was draft Red/White every time and smash
TiagoToledo: We have James, we're guaranteed lands
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Thagnok: Yes you did, come on.
codatski: Amonkhet is the only prerelease I've ever won. So I'm fond of it
Sniknob: Amonkhet is great shame you started the stream 40 minutes late Kappa
AtomicAlchemical: shoots fired!
monkeyrama: LUL Real bummer James had to do something he can't even remember
SnowBuddy18: wait, Adam's a psychopath?
Akaiatana: Need an embalm for that burn?
lamina5432: the lands go in the middle
serramarkov: I leave everything where it falls, if my opponent gets a random card, I have not stacked my hand.
datastorm17: vrrrom
LurkerSpine: jamietLand jamietLand jamietLand
TiagoToledo: EEEWWWW
MegaDosX: That's weird yo
mulligan2six: Alternate. Land, nonland, land...
Mr_Horrible: Lands go middle and spiral outward at 60-degree angles
MegaDosX: @Mr_Horrible Really living up to your username there huh? :p
monkeyrama: Hexproof 5/5? D:
Musicsquid: Real Question: do you vertically or horizontally align your deck?
MegaDosX: Dusk would be pretty good too
Mr_Horrible: MegaDosX look if OP can't appreciate my artistry that sounds like a *them* problem Kappa
F1SHOR: i still think the worst part of arena was standardising serge's 45 degree tap benginLol
monkeyrama: Arena's tap is like 12 degrees
Dix: lol F1SHOR
Mr_Horrible: we do good sometimes honkPat
Mr_Horrible: (I say, sharing in credit for other people's jokes)
TiagoToledo: Oh lord, the 45 degrees tatKevinM
monkeyrama: Another win πŸ‘€
AntiSnowman: The correct layout is to have all your cards facing your opponent so they can read them, with the lands perpendicular to the creatures, and artifacts in a row in front of the creatures Kappa
mulligan2six: Give me my lands in front setting you cowards
monkeyrama: These boys can't be stopped
electra310: Nice job!
datastorm17: Azorius smahs face?
codatski: Hey anyone in chat had the issue where Arena gets stuck on "loading initial scene" when powering it up? Even AFTER a uninstall/reinstall? Mobile version works great, computer doesn't
gamercat88: there is still time
monkeyrama: Time to make Fugi happy
Mr_Horrible: as was prophesized
superdude097: @datastorm17 A-smork-ious
F1SHOR: it was gunna be a 7-0 but had to get that L for Fugi
monkeyrama: Of course 😬
EOstby: #DoItForFugi
MegaDosX: He's streaming right now :p
datastorm17: @codatski not me
TiagoToledo: What about lands on the board? In the front or in the back? tatGlam
MegaDosX: lmaooooo
ToastedArts: its fine
TimeToFry: NotLikeThis
monkeyrama: welp
MegaDosX: Whoops! :p
AntiSnowman: LUL
ToastedArts: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
monkeyrama: James LUL
superdude097: Max punished!
TimeToFry: Sometimes punished...
F1SHOR: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: Maximum punishment!
LarkSachrosis: lrrAWW
Kyir: Always punished?
laikagoat: voxyRpun voxyShed
MegaDosX: It...might not matter, the way things are going
electra310: Ouched
TheWriterAleph: [Chat liked that.]
monkeyrama: Incredible
TiagoToledo: *MenΓ‘che
Galacticcyrus: is this the first draft?
datastorm17: so many bird screeches
electra310: We don't want to talk about it
electra310: It is close enough to first draft
MegaDosX: Also that Lay Claim might be useful this match
TiagoToledo: Why yes, this is the first draft Kappa
monkeyrama: This is why I have arena's music at like zero LUL (which I know is not great for streams but is great for me)
MegaDosX: They have a cycling card, I bet
monkeyrama: Probably the 2 drop white combat trick
gamercat88: hi jade
monkeyrama: sqeaky za
Kyir: Pizza sounds pretty good
Sogheim: got my corgi's attention
sporkraptor: squeakza squeakza
electra310: Pizza sounds kinda squeaky
echolyte: man, Serge's hickups are really bad today...
MegaDosX: !card insult//injury
LRRbot: Insult // Injury | Insult [2R] | Sorcery | Damage can't be prevented this turn. If a source you control would deal damage this turn, it deals double that damage instead. // Injury [2R] | Sorcery | Aftermath / Injury deals 2 damage to target creature and 2 damage to target player or planeswalker.
TiagoToledo: Why is Serge so hiccupy? Kappa
sporkraptor: @echolyte lol XD
monkeyrama: gained the 3 Kreygasm
monkeyrama: What do we claim?
pyrojakk: We claim their land for style points.
ElektroTal: damn, Adam, you look awesome right now. your hair is so good
TheElrad: or two lands
monkeyrama: James LUL
TiagoToledo: Land LUL
ToastedArts: trumpet blast?
TheMerricat: Is Adam's hair two tone? I just realized that wasn't the camera. That's cool looking!
Thagnok: It's 1am, have a good night and good luck.
monkeyrama: Your hair has a very nice split, the left is grey and the right is black πŸ‘€
Mr_Horrible: oh man if we can lay-claim that with the avenger?
ElektroTal: oketra monument gonna turn this game around
TimeToFry: 9 turn clock!
Galacticcyrus: kitty gonna win us the game
Mr_Horrible: we don't have any more ETB tapped lands, do we?
monkeyrama: we only have one desert
Mr_Horrible: yeah, then we keep it, I think
AntiSnowman: 9 turn clock better than no clock SeemsGood
Mr_Horrible: it makes any land a live draw
TheWooglie: chump with cat
TimeToFry: Throw away the cat to embalm?
monkeyrama: This should be dine, assuming no pumps benginPray
pyrojakk: I think you throw the soldiers underneath
pyrojakk: if we don't draw land we die to the aven
monkeyrama: Welp
pyrojakk: lol
Mr_Horrible: oy
pyrojakk: We failed fugi
TimeToFry: Sad
monkeyrama: Fugi noooooo NotLikeThis
lirazel64: Oops
AntiSnowman: Red always wins πŸ•ΆοΈ
datastorm17: a shame to spend 7 mana for a 2/2
MercuryEyes7: Nooooo
Fugi: Its OK, I know you tried your best
monkeyrama: lol
Mr_Horrible: we all know Fugi stops reading after the first number, right? Kappa
monkeyrama: "I don't want bread" Can you explain, I do not understand?
pyrojakk: Abrade it
MegaDosX: Abrade intensifies
bwk789: 7 wins first then bread
pyrojakk: we should dusk here
Fantusta: Gust walker is weirdly my favorite card in this set
MegaDosX: Dusk seems good here
Mr_Horrible: we can play out the gust walker and stall, it won't die to dusk
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Don't Dusk this turn, since it's exerted.
Mr_Horrible: yeah, I liked waiting there, see if we could mise some more critters to the board
Mr_Horrible: but we're in okay shape either way, now
Mr_Horrible: lots of chumpers
monkeyrama: Chumping should be fine
monkeyrama: Cartouche
TheElrad: soo, about that Dusk :p
graal_smith: I went 7-2 with this draft
monkeyrama: This drake can theoretically block whatever
graal_smith: I was so proud
wildstallionssn: wow Adam rocking the gray
Fantusta: Twitch chat 2, Adam 100
graal_smith: *rub rub rub*
MegaDosX: I wouldn't say you're stupid
Mr_Horrible: OP please draw a land, I beg you
HondoTrigger: I was gonna come in here and start off with something snide but everyone be nice to my boy
MegaDosX: Deck pls
monkeyrama: ok deck
monkeyrama: no more lands
MegaDosX: OK that's hype
sporkraptor: I know literally nothing about playing magic, so you're definitely better at it than at least one person in the chat XD
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: can chat actually be smart, or is it sometimes correct the same way a broken clock can be?
monkeyrama: This is ours now, ty :)
MagnusCarter: more lands for op is good
HondoTrigger: bone picker dick kicker as the kids say
monkeyrama: hondo
sporkraptor: okay maybe not "literally nothing" but it's very very little, so.
MegaDosX: What even is this attack
monkeyrama: This makes sense for them, tbh
monkeyrama: they have a much larger board
monkeyrama: and life to spare
pyrojakk: I feel like they drew another black cartouche
pyrojakk: oh, I was off on the color.
pyrojakk: We could've traded for the 4/2, but I don't think that matters here...
HondoTrigger: honestly wotc did a really great job of slowing down this format for the remastered version, akh hou hou and triple akh were boring aggro fests ResidentSleeper
MegaDosX: You live a turn, but it's a bit dicey for you here
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monkeyrama: Oh, it works for regular discard, too?
MegaDosX: Sadface
Mr_Bitterness: @HondoTrigger Speaking as an aggro player, I enjoyed base Amonkhet. benginChaos
drewm1022: And opening glorybringer was ggs.
Mr_Horrible: whoof, rough stuff
graal_smith: jlrrDang
MrTulip: nice camel
monkeyrama: 6-3 is nice
Mr_Horrible: 6-3 ain't nothin', yeah
hurricanealpaca: better than my 2-0 into 0-3
BloodnBullets: all we were left with was a solitary Solitary Camel
monkeyrama: Cool, we get two drafts today PogChamp
HondoTrigger: show me p1 p1 inferno of the star mounts
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
monkeyrama: That's like.... Kermit
HondoTrigger: james sounds like a claymation dog when he talks in that voice
TheMerricat: "Hullloooo!"
monkeyrama: P good
MegaDosX: Today is Friday here so I'm happy
hurricanealpaca: draftin
F1SHOR: working but its friday so only 8 hours to go
monkeyrama: #FeeltheBern
MegaDosX: Feel the Bern!
TimeToFry: Here's how Bernie can still win!
electra310: Froghemoth!
monkeyrama: Oh man LUL
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I am asking you to pass me Rakdos Treasures.
MegaDosX: Does Bernie Sanders play mono-red burn?
lamina5432: stacked pack
monkeyrama: HAma too πŸ‘€
djalternative: Some great people at the table with LRR today
Wolfstrike_NL: That was a pretty good pack yea
Kyir: Just get all the good green stuff while everyone else fights over rakdos
TheWriterAleph: Froghe-moth is great, i love that guy
HondoTrigger: definitely not lebron james
Rynehawk: the members of Nelson
electra310: People who don't play Magic, so I could win
djalternative: Shaq, Leron, Jordan, Bird
hurricanealpaca: all of LRR
Driosenth: Karl Marx
Seth_Erickson: Hand of Vecna is pretty good imo
EJGRgunner: is hand of Vecna bad in limited?
Diabore: brandon fraser, avacyn restored Kappa
monkeyrama: Like a full draft table?
TimeToFry: Easily?
Kyir: So it's just who do you want to boast about beating in magic?
Diabore: matt damon
RayFK: Don Cheadle
Seth_Erickson: Sentry is a fine 2 drop
monkeyrama: Lol, heist the table
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: ocean's 7: stealing the draft from Adam
HondoTrigger: jack black
MegaDosX: You'd be able to coast for a while on the back of "I beat the tar out of George Clooney in Amonkhet draft"
djalternative: RDjr
F1SHOR: you dont do a full avengers draft?
1y1e: Billy Mays at Dragons Maze
serramarkov: Don't sell yourselves too short, gentlemen.
monkeyrama: honestly, sentry is not bad?
nymistrya: Easy Gilbert Godfrey first pick
Dumori: Ocecen's 7 in the pod
elkae: Brad Pitt is not more handsome than Adam, what is this slander
HondoTrigger: Matt damon definitely flicks his cards
Seth_Erickson: The cast of Pacific Rim
TheMerricat: Not going to lie I'd die to see LRR meet Tom Cruise, just to be mindblown at the size differences :P
Wolfstrike_NL: F1shor got a point as well
monkeyrama: Sure would be an interesting time
monkeyrama: Would they be themselves or in character?
Seth_Erickson: That way I don't feel bad for not really knowing any of them Kappa
Kyir: Get him at the table anyway
Kyir: who says they have to be alive
AtomicAlchemical: Weekend at Bernies it
ArdCollider: Logan Lucky EDH gets you, what, Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Adam Driver...
monkeyrama: looool
MegaDosX: Literally play Magic against Danny Ocean
gamercat88: jeff goldblum
MegaDosX: Also is nobody in black?!?
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun What set would you want the cast of The Suicide Squad to draft?
LarkSachrosis: Carl Weathers as Carl Weathers from Arrested Development.
HondoTrigger: jeff goldblum would just criticize your 4c pile
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: he is... unique
ShaneLeeAtk: Gary Busey
BoBrinkman: Jeff Goldblum in his Thor Ragnarok character.
Kyir: Jeff Goldblum would just be attention hogging at the table instead of playing
monkeyrama: Black seems open?
electra310: But Froghemoth!
1y1e: Jeff messes up the table signals
MegaDosX: @BoBrinkman Oh, so Jeff Goldblum
monkeyrama: so many skeletons
James_LRR: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
monkeyrama: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TimeToFry: lrrHORN
HondoTrigger: its called engagement, Adams
electra310: He is a man of the people
monkeyrama: hahaa
SolarBlitz1: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Kyir: We appreciate getting included
TheWriterAleph: closed captioning
Seth_Erickson: No one taking that 2 drop holds no meaning Adam you got a Grim bounty 8th pick
monkeyrama: JAmes loves chat enough to join us
BoBrinkman: @MegaDosX :D
chaostreader: All of Abzan seems open.
TheMerricat: Jeff Goldblum, Christopher Walken, Jim Carrey, and Nicholas Cage at a draft table, no Magic ever gets played.....
ShaneLeeAtk: Salut!
gamercat88: seabatClap lrrSIG lrrHORN lrrHORN
Seth_Erickson: but it was me who said the 2 drop was fine
electra310: But... Froghemoth....
Kyir: Medium Frog!
Diabore: so 4 colours
HondoTrigger: the 2 drop is good, the green one
TimeToFry: Two frogs?
piercefc9: Manticore or green dragon
CastleOtranto: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrSACK
AtomicAlchemical: Green Black?
Seth_Erickson: Green's lookin pretty good πŸ‘€
MrPipboy3000: Torch?
KingOfPho: volo
BoBrinkman: If I'm at a GP, and I get to the table, and my opponent is Jim Carey, I just drop out of the tourney. Toooo creepy.
Seth_Erickson: Or white is only so so
TimeToFry: Green Dragon?
djalternative: the decision is two froghemoths
HondoTrigger: outlander or gnoll hunter
TimeToFry: I'm not a fan of our white tbh
Diabore: are we losing anything big if we take volo and try to pivot?
piercefc9: oh, gnoll hunter
monkeyrama: Golgari is pretty nice
HondoTrigger: no UG is garbo
KingOfPho: heardgorger
Seth_Erickson: Rewarded Shessra's great
AtomicAlchemical: Volo is a good card to splash, but you don't want to be in UG
HondoTrigger: ranger is fine
KingOfPho: pegasus
monkeyrama: We're getting some... Mixed Messages OpieOP
BloodnBullets: i really want to make a Volo commander deck, it seems like a fun challenge
piercefc9: bear boi
Seth_Erickson: I think beholder is fine too
Kyir: Seems good so far
EJGRgunner: mmm. waffles.
Seth_Erickson: also I think Shessra pack 2 was better than the first drop
electra310: Now I'm hungry
gamercat88: no waffles only pancakes
TheMerricat: But waffles are awesome!
monkeyrama: Adam prefers pancakes over waffles Kappa
Seth_Erickson: It's Serge Kappa
RayFK: Do they still exist?
Galacticcyrus: wow amonkhet remastered sure is different from what i remember Kappa
HondoTrigger: late dragon fire lmao
lamina5432: 3 color
RayFK: I haven't had West Coast Waffles in so long
Seth_Erickson: Cursed idol is fine too
monkeyrama: idol is fine
MegaDosX: Splash for Dragon Fire?
sporkraptor: ooh, green/black, I like it
Kyir: Jund?
KingOfPho: beholder is ok
HondoTrigger: ghast
KingOfPho: ghast
piercefc9: druid class
monkeyrama: lol
MegaDosX: That's two Dragon's Fires in a row!
gamercat88: live stream from waffle house when
Kyir: Jund em
HondoTrigger: let the knuckle draggers fight over the red OpieOP
Traion: My Internet derped out how did our deck end up doing?
Wolfstrike_NL: 6-3
KingOfPho: owlbear!!!
monkeyrama: Draft them some juuuuunk Kappa
MegaDosX: Just let Arena pick the cards for you :p
Mr_Horrible: love to slowly melt at my desk in this heat NotLikeThis
Seth_Erickson: Let Arena finish the draft
RayFK: Adam just walk away and let the autopick take over
KingOfPho: robber
Mr_Horrible: Tomb Robert
KingOfPho: Tom robert
monkeyrama: lol
KingOfPho: dragon
SolarBlitz1: An Autopick draft would be interesting
monkeyrama: we could listen to James's anguish
MegaDosX: The rest of that pack was hot garbage, Shessra was the only real pick there
Mr_Horrible: Bulleta? That OP character from Smash 4?
monkeyrama: Bayulette
electra310: What happens if James tries to log into the account when Adam's already in it?
MegaDosX: Or what remained of that pack
monkeyrama: Mythic PogChamp
MrPipboy3000: Deck!
MegaDosX: Just don't draw Void!
Mr_Horrible: there could be anything in that deck!
Mr_Horrible: there could even be a boat!
KingOfPho: bulltrength
Seth_Erickson: Easy Skeletal Swarming coming up next pick
Mr_Horrible: it's like a tele-frag
djalternative: We haven't done an autopick draft because it's always sounded like too bad of an idea
monkeyrama: Tashas PogChamp
HondoTrigger: like the photograph in back to the future
KingOfPho: bull strength
monkeyrama: It's so gross
Diabore: auto drafting is also kind of a dick move to the other 7 people
Fanklok: idk I'd rather have a deck of only a few things in draft
monkeyrama: and so good
HondoTrigger: magic is a zero sum game james
SolarBlitz1: Oof, that's so mean
Kyir: Mill is always fun
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monkeyrama: Love Tasha's
djalternative: Tasha's is such a fun card
MrPipboy3000: I have a Tasha's deck call "Mill Laugh Love" ... its my favorite deck ever
KingOfPho: hydra!!!
HondoTrigger: they really nailed those module arts
hammith: Please tell me that draft is saves somewhere Adam
Seth_Erickson: Fangblade PogChamp
Mysticman89: time is following the right wall
Wolfstrike_NL: that card is pretty fun, milling 8 to 18 cards is pretty silly
KingOfPho: basilisk
Seth_Erickson: Basilisk or Crawler
monkeyrama: hahaaa
TimeToFry: Is there more time in the future than in the past?
AtomicAlchemical: Basilisk is so good
Vector_Zero: Damn the past, taking all my time.
monkeyrama: James loves him some 2/1s
lamina5432: tools
KingOfPho: spawn
monkeyrama: Is the green dragon bad?
monkeyrama: Oh wait, we already have one
HondoTrigger: green dragon is the worst one
monkeyrama: I pay attention OpieOP
KingOfPho: eyes?
MrPipboy3000: @monkeyrama Its lack luster ... ist 6 mana for a 4/4 that does nothing
MegaDosX: Oh look, a garbage rare
elkae: This is what happens when you’re Chat, James
sporkraptor: @TimeToFry depends on whether the universe will end in reversal or dispersal
Kyir: You do have two legendaries for dungeon descent VoHiYo
elkae: Welcome to our life
MegaDosX: It took the Dungeon Descent
KingOfPho: igorger
HondoTrigger: herdgorger is often lights out against agro
HondoTrigger: yes
monkeyrama: three of the same legendary is rough
KingOfPho: yes
KingOfPho: it's ok
HondoTrigger: you can cut cursed idol I think, its bo1
KingOfPho: should have taken the dagger
gualdhar: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Graham, Cameron, and Ian are starting a fresh fire team. Join them in their journey on The Long Game. Game: Destiny 2) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (30m from now).
TheMerricat: !card fates reversal
LRRbot: Fates' Reversal [1B] | Sorcery | Return up to one target creature card from your graveyard to your hand. Venture into the dungeon.
HondoTrigger: you can cut a land too
Kyir: I haven't loved deck of many things
MegaDosX: What's your creature count?
KingOfPho: cut druid
MegaDosX: Good lord that's a lot of creatures
Traion: I say clear the deck, save it empty. Let James figure it out next week
HondoTrigger: decks perfect
monkeyrama: Druid is not great?
MrPipboy3000: @Kyir I won a game with the nat 20 ability ... its fun as heck
KingOfPho: oh, makes sense
monkeyrama: The dream
MegaDosX: Just gotta choose to be lucky
KingOfPho: deck looks deece
AtomicAlchemical: Druid is good for pack tactics and blocks aggro pretty well
MegaDosX: James pls
monkeyrama: 4 drop tribal
HondoTrigger: pitch
HondoTrigger: wayne reynolds Kreygasm
MegaDosX: You are braver than me when it comes to mulligans Adam :p
monkeyrama: They're a good design, though slightly confusing to read as lands
MegaDosX: I'd have pitched that in a heartbeat
KingOfPho: no!!!!!!
Seth_Erickson: I might have considered throwing it back
monkeyrama: that goblin lrrSPOOP
Seth_Erickson: but it's tough
MegaDosX: This is exactly what happens every time I keep a hand like that, my opponent just goes fast at face
monkeyrama: how is it a trade?
MegaDosX: Oh no
HondoTrigger: incoming stone rain
TimeToFry: NotLikeThis
Seth_Erickson: do we want to be even a land further back
monkeyrama: LUL
ZeroElevn: got em
Angreed66: It's a question of whether your average next hand will be better than the current
Xiff_: Big brain xiffGrin
monkeyrama: Spooked em
HondoTrigger: I think I block the goblin over the xorn here if they both attack
Seth_Erickson: Goblin for sure Xorn is not that important
TheMerricat: !card battle cry goblin
LRRbot: Battle Cry Goblin [1R] | Creature β€” Goblin [2/2] | {1}{R}: Goblins you control get +1/+0 and gain haste until end of turn. / Pack tactics β€” Whenever Battle Cry Goblin attacks, if you attacked with creatures with total power 6 or greater this combat, create a 1/1 red Goblin creature token that's tapped and attacking.
Kyir: I kind of love that xorn art
MegaDosX: That goblin can be an enormous problem, so it really has to go asap
monkeyrama: Shessra hates that goblin in particular
Seth_Erickson: Yes
KingOfPho: sweet
Seth_Erickson: we can do three two drops and make a goblin
monkeyrama: we can fill the board with dorks πŸ‘€
HondoTrigger: dead to price
KingOfPho: ugh
HondoTrigger: gross oppo, gross
monkeyrama: Well alrighty then
monkeyrama: Orcus is a nasty card
MegaDosX: Just needed to draw that Damnation that's totally in your deck
HondoTrigger: can't end on a loss SeriousSloth
KingOfPho: them the beats
Seth_Erickson: Orcus is mega nasty
MegaDosX: Yeah opponent had a strong deck
MrPipboy3000: More like Jerkus ...
RayFK: WhosHouse? It's clearly TheirHouse please stop hitting us
monkeyrama: LUL
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Scarbble: aw, now i want skittles. hi y'all
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monkeyrama: Graham and James will then go 7 wins in a row OpieOP
KingOfPho: ugh, not great
HondoTrigger: leaving next weeks host with an 0-2 deck is like doing an upper decker at a party
KingOfPho: much better
Scarbble: saw the going live tweet like.... *checks watch* two hours late
Seth_Erickson: This hand is PogChamp us
HondoTrigger: bottom
KingOfPho: keep
monkeyrama: def ship it
KingOfPho: no you're right lol
MegaDosX: If you'd kept it you could double spell next turn, but fair enough
HondoTrigger: we wanna get to 5 lands to cast zombie ogre
MegaDosX: lmaooooo
monkeyrama: wow
Seth_Erickson: LUL
MegaDosX: Deck pls
HondoTrigger: big brain plains only
HondoTrigger: *pays
HondoTrigger: *PLAYS
MegaDosX: Adam has the biggest brain!
monkeyrama: He's too smart Kappa
KingOfPho: XD
HondoTrigger: LISTEN
raulghoulia: rude
MrPipboy3000: Ogre is best card in the set right?
MegaDosX: Ogre's pretty strong
Seth_Erickson: could attack with Ghast to see if we get treasure
Xiff_: It's no owl bear
MegaDosX: What's your next step in the dungeon?
monkeyrama: It's a fine uncommon
monkeyrama: common?
MegaDosX: To give it haste and first strike
MegaDosX: I'd have almost just turned everything sideways there
evil_h2o_elf: 17 turn clock!
MegaDosX: If this opponent also has an Orcus I'm going to be upset
MrPipboy3000: There's treachery afoot!
monkeyrama: suspicious
HondoTrigger: dont block with ogre and trade where you can?
monkeyrama: Man knows this set
MyrddintheWizard: Manticore, is likely.
monkeyrama: Oh shiiiii
HondoTrigger: well then
itsr67: both teams played hard
HondoTrigger: show me grim bounty off the top
MegaDosX: Inferno's one of those cards that makes me happy to have a single Plummet in my deck
monkeyrama: Dang
KingOfPho: boooo
MegaDosX: !card spoils of the hunt
LRRbot: Spoils of the Hunt [2G] | Instant | Target creature you control gets +1/+0 until end of turn for each mana from a Treasure that was spent to cast this spell. Then that creature deals damage equal to its power to target creature an opponent controls.
monkeyrama: looks like we really are giving them an 0-2 deck 😬
MegaDosX: Wildly unnecessary opponent
KingOfPho: totally necessary......
Diabore: at least they didnt pump
Nuurgle: "you have really good luck for future ref"
Mr_Horrible: Jerk Mountain called, they're missing their Inferno! gabyB
MegaDosX: Game 1, Orcus. Game 2, Inferno. What big mythic is opponent gonna have this time?
monkeyrama: So you're saying.... throw it
TimeToFry: That'd be nice
TiagoToledo: Noice
monkeyrama: Kappa
voslan: 6-9, Ha it's THAT number.
Diabore: @MegaDosX orcus is rare isnt he?
Mr_Horrible: Nifty
SolarBlitz1: Indeed indeed indeed
monkeyrama: Orcus us Rare
MegaDosX: Oh right Orcus is rare
EvilBadman: 0-3 to go one step even further beyond Milkshake
Mr_Horrible: Orcus is rare
MegaDosX: My b
MegaDosX: Yeah he is
Mr_Horrible: but he *should* be mythic
HondoTrigger: oh so james can say 69 but I can't say dick kicker Kappa
ArkhamArchivist: Anyway, the answer is Lolth
monkeyrama: Orcus was the first card I drafted in this set, card is nuts
Mr_Horrible: I mean, Orcus is basically that LUL
Diabore: @MegaDosX which bonkers legend will our op have next time
monkeyrama: WELP
MegaDosX: Game pls
KingOfPho: well, gg everyone
HondoTrigger: keep put back bear
MegaDosX: @Diabore Sure, that'll do
monkeyrama: shuffler wants you to go 6-9 as well
Diabore: both teams played hard
HondoTrigger: james curse helping us out
monkeyrama: Ok πŸ‘€
Diabore: now op will think we whiffed on 2 lands
MegaDosX: Now is not the time Deck!
monkeyrama: OP is on the powerful do nothing plan rn
monkeyrama: YOOO
MegaDosX: Can he pull it off?
Diabore: no way
Mr_Horrible: DBZ power-up noises
MrPipboy3000: 1 mana and a dream!!
1y1e: drop might be better for the scry
monkeyrama: Give them hope OpieOP
monkeyrama: Hi Jade
Mr_Horrible: "I'll leave them with the most powerful curse of all: Hope"
KingOfPho: they kept a 2 hander and you are beating down.
TheWriterAleph: Hi Jade!
betazed15: A squeaky toy is meeting its end right now.
AtomicAlchemical: It had land(s) and a castable spell. Good keep
monkeyrama: lol
MegaDosX: Actually
KingOfPho: lander*
mulligan2six: James has a squeaky chair
hurricanealpaca: my dog is freaking out right now
Kyir: Jade is going nuts on that pizza
MegaDosX: Mulliganing like you did makes the Deck better, since it subtracts from the roll for cards in your hand
SnackPak_: Thanks Jade
Mr_Horrible: Jade really going to town on that pizza
monkeyrama: Yesssssss
Mr_Horrible: frankly, disgusting honkUgh
itsr67: Frog? He moth.
Diabore: can we really get away with this?
HondoTrigger: so they let james have a chew toy to occupy him during stream, but they don't give you anything adam?
TimeToFry: Never punished
lirazel64: Are there vehicles in AFR?
Mr_Horrible: ooh, yeah, that's a better description
ArkhamArchivist: like one?
novrdd: oppo got land screwed StinkyGlitch
elkae: Hondo they don’t make any big enough
MrPipboy3000: @lirazel64 You can ride a Froghemoth
novrdd: meanwhile... we kept a 1 land hand
MrTheWalrus: Make that curse work for you!
Mr_Horrible: I mean, Froghemoth *hits* like a truck, if that counts
MegaDosX: Put Froghemoth at the wheel of the Heart of Kiran
monkeyrama: They're... not quite riding it
Kyir: "riding"
monkeyrama: LUL
ArkhamArchivist: Ghost Ride the Frog Whip
monkeyrama: The person in the mouth might be "riding" it
Mr_Horrible: That's like me getting biffed by a Rathalos and saying "I've mounted the monster", Adam
AtomicAlchemical: They are a passenger on the Froghemouth
lirazel64: Accompanying, maybe.
TheWriterAleph: c'mon and take a frog ride
HondoTrigger: if only oppo knew we kept a 1 lander
novrdd: ridin' with all those tentacles WutFace
MegaDosX: I kinda wish the Deck had an animation
monkeyrama: They looked over the table using their swanlike neck
Diabore: i might have blocked that time, to guarantee double spell
djalternative: I feel like A Swan-Like Neck has frequented LRR before. Am I wrong?
TimeToFry: They found their lands
InquisitorGaia: james jades squeaker toy made my dog jealous, so i had to give him a toy too
monkeyrama: lol
electra310: The name does sound familiar
Juliamon: I feel like I've seen the name in sub welcomes
monkeyrama: how much is deck to activate? 2?
Diabore: i dont think i like the dt attack
TheMerricat: They are subbed :)
KingOfPho: nice
Kyir: It's a good and distinct name
electra310: Ah-ha, secret friend
djalternative: oh cool then. OP is a member of the community
Diabore: if they come in here after the game we are 100% telling them it was a one lander right?
monkeyrama: nice, OP
TimeToFry: @Diabore Definitely
itsr67: cleric class level up is spooky
Diabore: close game
MegaDosX: Opponent can reanimate that Paladin now
Valiant_Cookie: time to roll a nat 20 for the DoMT
novrdd: that cleric class doin' soo much work SabaPing
monkeyrama: Hello again, frog
MegaDosX: We take those
Diabore: nice random grab
arrowgrut: nice book
EOstby: Hello Froggo, my old friend. It's time for you to swing again.
Diabore: !card deck of many things
LRRbot: The Deck of Many Things [5] | Legendary Artifact | {2}, {T}: Roll a d20 and subtract the number of cards in your hand. If the result is 0 or less, discard your hand. / 1-9 | Return a card at random from your graveyard to your hand. / 10-19 | Draw two cards. / 20 | Put a creature card from any graveyard onto the battlefield under your control. When that creature dies, its owner loses the game.
MegaDosX: It is the way of things
TimeToFry: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Graham, Cameron, and Ian are starting a fresh fire team. Join them in their journey on The Long Game. Game: Destiny 2) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
monkeyrama: We live here now
MegaDosX: Opponent's next turn is looking kinda scary
itsr67: well paladin reanimate is looking like a swift death
lamina5432: all out
TimeToFry: Don't we die on the crackback if we jam?
monkeyrama: They can reanimate that team-buff paladin, yeah?
TheMerricat: !card bull's strength
LRRbot: Bull's Strength [1G] | Instant | Target creature gets +2/+2 and gains trample until end of turn. Untap it.
Diabore: cleric class getting back what we trade with sucks
monkeyrama: They def get paladin I think
Diabore: oh ya i know, i think we lose the long game this mu
novrdd: 3 or less?
novrdd: no?
itsr67: paladin is more stats overall for the turn they wanna crack in
MyrddintheWizard: Man, that dog avatar licking it's lips is annoying.
monkeyrama: welp
mulligan2six: welp
djalternative: !card cleric class
LRRbot: Cleric Class [W] | Enchantment β€” Class | If you would gain life, you gain that much life plus 1 instead. / {3}{W}: Level 2 / Whenever you gain life, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control. / {4}{W}: Level 3 / When this Class becomes level 3, return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. You gain life equal to its toughness.
MegaDosX: !card cleric class
LRRbot: Cleric Class [W] | Enchantment β€” Class | If you would gain life, you gain that much life plus 1 instead. / {3}{W}: Level 2 / Whenever you gain life, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control. / {4}{W}: Level 3 / When this Class becomes level 3, return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield. You gain life equal to its toughness.
TheWriterAleph: bang bang
MegaDosX: @djalternative benginFingers
novrdd: ohh anything...
TimeToFry: What Paladin do they have in their yard?
Diabore: @TimeToFry team pump and vigi
KingOfPho: regardless you lose the spawn
monkeyrama: We're one mana off getting frog back and playing it, right?
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Graham, Cameron, and Ian are starting a fresh fire team. Join them in their journey on The Long Game. Game: Destiny 2) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (47s from now).
1y1e: just roll a 20
Diabore: @monkeyrama no, we get a treasure
itsr67: froghemoth would win
novrdd: ^^^
itsr67: 1 mana short
Kyir: Roll for the win VoHiYo
MegaDosX: Fates for treasure
monkeyrama: we still can from the dungeon?
lamina5432: delay with -4/0
MegaDosX: ?
TheWriterAleph: does Fate give you a treasure on the delve?
monkeyrama: Yeeeeee
monkeyrama: Nice
itsr67: eyyy
MegaDosX: Eyyyyy
itsr67: the lines
TheWriterAleph: yesss
TheMerricat: gg
TimeToFry: Oh man, I would have missed that play
evil_h2o_elf: woooooow
KingOfPho: you did it!
monkeyrama: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
hurricanealpaca: nioce
unarmedoracle: nice!
1y1e: golf claps all round
LoadingReadyRun: lrrGRAHAM hell yeah
Mr_Horrible: the VROOM rides again
Scarbble: vroom!
MyrddintheWizard: GG!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: that was a sick line
electra310: GAMER!
LoadingReadyRun: lrrSHINE
KingOfPho: I knew this deck had a chance to win one
djalternative: GG
monkeyrama: Deck is perfect
hatboozeparty: lrrSHINE
darkspiredragon: Thanks for the stream!
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrSHINE
AtomicAlchemical: Another sick play from the Boshy
josh___something: PogChamp
TheWriterAleph: ooh, animated lrrHEART
TimeToFry: lrrHEART
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
Nuurgle: 7-8 DansGame
novrdd: touchdown TwitchUnity
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSHINE lrrARROWS oooh, animated
TheMerricat: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Dix: gee gees
TheWriterAleph: ohhh two emotes lrrSHINE
RandomTrivia: Wait did lrrHEART get reinstated? :D
RandomTrivia: That didn't take long!
josh___something: lrrSHINE lrrHEART lrrSHINE
monkeyrama: lrrARROWS lrrSHINE seabatClap
MegaDosX: It did
monkeyrama: The time went over
monkeyrama: lol
electra310: Good stream!
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSHINE seabatClap
RandomTrivia: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
MadWolf1290: Paul works in mysterious ways
Juliamon: RandomTrivia Twitch recently did a backend update that lets streamers 'archive' emotes so they don't have to reupload
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
DeM0nFiRe: @RandomTrivia Yeah turns it removing it was unintentional, according to Graham in discord yesterday
sporkraptor: woop! lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: @Juliamon @DeM0nFiRe Neat, thanks
DeM0nFiRe: It actually came back during CTS
Juliamon: it's real easy to fix mistakes now
Juliamon: So yeah, for those who missed it, we got new emotes this week lrrARROWS lrrSHINE lrrSIG lrrNELSON lrrWHEELER
MrTheWalrus: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Graham, Cameron, and Ian are starting a fresh fire team. Join them in their journey on The Long Game. Game: Destiny 2) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (2m ago).
thesoftestbunny: niiice
monkeyrama: ooo, nelson and wheeler
northos: sick lrrSIG
DiscordianTokkan: I like that lrrSIG fully replaced the static one. Because spinny!
electra310: Nelson and Wheeler, nice!
RandomTrivia: It was about time we had lrrNELSON and lrrWHEELER
DiscordianTokkan: I also like Wheeler's raised eyebrow for his lrrWHEELER
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
RandomTrivia: lrrSIG !
monkeyrama: lrrSIG lrrSIG
SnackPak_: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TimeToFry: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Juliamon: Yeah honestly I think Nelly and Wheeler are two of the best face emotes of the group, they're just so bang-on
RandomTrivia: They really are
djalternative: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
RandomTrivia: Mangledpixel (I assume) really nailed the both of them
EvilBadman: @Juliamon I mean they're all pretty good facsimiles
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
djalternative: lrrWHEELER lrrNELSON oh no. I didn't realize these were finally added
Diabore: oh, i know why none of the new ones look different to me, i have animated emotes off
TheMerricat: lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS
DeM0nFiRe: @Diabore LUL that would do it
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Now that I've turned emote animations on, I can see what all the fuss is about
SniperPumpkin: :lrrshi
SniperPumpkin: lrrSHINE
CAKHost: Good night all!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: sleep well CAKHost
TimeToFry: Finally managed to catch one of these live!
Lionhardt544: Let
Lionhardt544: Let's goooooooo
Juliamon: Whoopsie
LoadingReadyRun: lol whoops
gualdhar: oops
DiscordianTokkan: Surprised Graham!
TimeToFry: Oops?
SnackPak_: lrrSPOOP
electra310: Hi Graham!
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paronomasiac042: 53? That actually /is/ a prime number!
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Styxseus: :D
GapFiller: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrGRAHAM
dumbo3k: I'm sorry, that surprised eyebrows blip was beautiful
Scarbble: we saw nothing
Diabore: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It’s THE LONG GAME! | @Graham_LRR, @UnarmedOracle, @ihorner (with guests @foxmar320, @SniperPumpkn, and @apsalar!) are here to round out the Season of the Splicer! | πŸ“· ||
Lionhardt544: I've been enjoying watching the vods of this on YouTube since I started the game a couple weeks ago
Nigouki: lrrARROWS lrrGRAHAM lrrARROWS
Diabore: me too @Lionhardt544 , also sup
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djalternative: wait. Cori is on this week?
Lionhardt544: @Diabore Hey hey! Fancy seeing you here!
BrowneePoints: Splicer no Splicing!
SAJewers: pkroseFine ?
Badchop: Hello LRRfriends!
SmithKurosaki: Evenin' Guardians
DiscordianTokkan: Hi Cori!
TimeToFry: Cori? Yay!
RandomTrivia: Hi Cori!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: So many good friendos
Scarbble: woo, bonus cori!
CommanderCrossing: Cori
Badchop: Extremely fancy!
Styxseus: oooo, bonus!
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JustAConspiracy: I'm here to save eliksni and teabag lakshmi, and i'm all out of eliksni.
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Simonark: And Introducing?
DeM0nFiRe: @RandomTrivia I am gonna make a bold prediction and say this will be the first or last highlight in next reel
Styxseus: special appearance?
RandomTrivia: @DeM0nFiRe Goodness I hope so :D
EvilBadman: We splicing and dicing
DiscordianTokkan: It's v good
RandomTrivia: Occasionally I make a clip and think "this would make the perfect start/end of the Reel"
Badchop: Oh I get to watch someone do this the first time?
gualdhar: *cough* bodies *cough*
Badchop: I am very happy
TimeToFry: Did y'all see the person who solo'd Atheon btw?
Electrodyne: like how the professor and Mary Ann were "and the rest!" on Gilligan's Island season 1 theme song
TheWriterAleph: "Negative, ghost rider. The pattern is full."
EvilBadman: After the mission ends, don't orbit, wait for the timer
RandomTrivia: Ian pls
DiscordianTokkan: Oh My~
DeM0nFiRe: CAT!
RandomTrivia: Hi Baxter!
Badchop: MYAAA
AshBurnem: Wish me well, chat, I just got a bunch of meds for my Covid. <3 Hooray for being in an underdeveloped backwards country (USA).
TimeToFry: Baxter hiii
felrender: Baxter has complaints!
Badchop: oof, get beter soon, AshBurnem
Nigouki: meows will continue until morale improves
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SidewinderSky: Oooooh friends, time for some narrative catharsis!
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Dog_of_Myth: Nice
ritchards: Meow!
RandomTrivia: We don't mind Baxter
AshBurnem: Thanks, Badchop
Scarbble: hi baxter!
Williams4jesus: hello Baxter!!!!
Diabore: @Nigouki meows will continue until food is delivered
TimeToFry: Don't worry we don't mind Baxter
tenthtechpriest: mood
dragonthing7: cats being cats
felrender: Graham I am NEVER going to be upset that I can hear a streamer's cat
electra310: We love Baxter! Featuring Baxter!
Mr_Bitterness: But what if we love Baxter
offbeatwitch: baby!!
RandomTrivia: Baxter gives me that wonderful, terrible feel of "I will never meet this animal that I feel like I know intimately"
The_Voices: kitty
offbeatwitch: "I would like to see the baby"
RandomTrivia: Same with Remy
UnusualThunder: we love kitty madame115Lotus madame115Lotus madame115Lotus
jessieimproved: it's miraculous he's lived this long
Williams4jesus: a self-sustaining cat? cool
TimeToFry: @LoadingReadyRun Don't forget to let the timer run at the end of the mission so you don't miss anything
VmKid: "Father. FATHER! I desire food and pets, Father. Why do you spurn my love Father?"
RandomTrivia: Nice.
TheWriterAleph: nice
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Scarbble: nicew
JustAConspiracy: nice
Dog_of_Myth: Nice
Badchop: Nice.
felrender: Nice!
arkham1981: nice
SmithKurosaki: Nice
djalternative: are yall playing soccer in the tower?
offbeatwitch: i see twitch is still broken
Lionhardt544: LUL narrative catharsis
Badchop: How dare you
dragonthing7: rip ball
josh___something: RIP ball
offbeatwitch: i love 2 enter fullscreen and get a giant "Failed to load module" error on my stream
CommanderCrossing: ib first
RandomTrivia: Surely the purple ball should go in the purple hole lrrBEEJ
CommanderCrossing: bring to saladin
TimeToFry: God I haven't toyed with the ball since Y1
AshBurnem: To Salazar? "Meeester Kennedy..."
Williams4jesus: can we go back to the idea...SELF-SUSTAINING CAT
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