RandomTrivia: The screen real-estate can be a huge deal when you have more complex game screens
CaptainSpam: In the very distant past, LRR did have chat on-screen for some things (i.e. 4:3 games), but that is no longer the case.
PinballWitch: as someone who watches lots of vods, i appreciate it a lot
RandomTrivia: I have noticed that you do that, and it's great
viligante8: I do appreciate the context
korvys: @internetFionna Hi! benginHi
BrowneePoints: are you excited for midnight hunt Graham? I'm pumped for autumnal pumpkin spice innistrad
viligante8: Way better than the alternative
Kaorti: context tood
sporkraptor: it is very appreciated! lrrHEART
Boon_33: Context matters
KodeMage: I don't think it ever does become worth it, just from gems/gold
sporkraptor: also white dragon with blue eyes is *adorable* want want want
viligante8: Thanks everyone
MegaDosX: Plus a bunch of packs
SquareDotCube: If your chat says "bleh" a lot, they might be vampires
InquisitorGaia: thats 2700 gems so not very good
sporkraptor: like, don't want in the game, I don't play mtgo... just want in general. XD
korvys: It'll never be strict +gems, but it can be *worth* it, if you like the other things like the pets, etc.
tipulsar85: I really wish Magic fests happen next year. I want to play games in person again. I haven't since February of last year...
djalternative: You wanna play some Hbrawl, G?
RockPusher: I think the disciplined context giving without the on screen chat stealing real-estate is the best compromise in lieu of the tech to make a separate chat video stream
TwitchTVsFrank: it only becomes worth it if packs have value to you
ryu9969: any ppr news yet ?
KodeMage: probably don't have the cards for it
RAZRBCK08: I play too much Gladiator to have any rare wildcards LUL
viligante8: I built an Unesh deck that is banging
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (It’s the most recursive TTSF yet! Join Ian as he makes a gunpla model kit of the machine used to make gunpla model kits! Game: Electromotive Style Injection Machine Gunpla) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (12m from now).
warboss5: Just build A brawl deck! The 3,000K exp is totally worth it
viligante8: Sphonxes for days
PinballWitch: an intervention for Ian?
prestonhd: ten min to kill? Chat let's all recreate Graham's fav ep of Friday Nights
RandomTrivia: @tipulsar85 You're not alone there. Local game stores will be able to run in-person events much sooner, in some countries/regions they already are. GP-sized events are unlikely to return before late-2022, early 2023
PinballWitch: is this the episode about divorce or about drugs?
superdude097: Might be able to use a Gladiator Deck and just make one of the legends the commander and maybe swap some lands. That's what I did :P
RandomTrivia: IIRC, TTSF today is the most Ian Horner thing ever
offbeatwitch: yeah i need to jam some hbrawl
tipulsar85: Very special, as in we have no idea what is happening at 5.
CAKHost: All I know is that Ian is making a model that makes other thing. Or that is what the title brings to mine
RockPusher: Thank you G lrrSHINE
CAKHost: *mind
Wiliart: Made a quick goblin deck for it.
PinballWitch: thank you for the stream Graham lrrSHINE
WhoseGamewasitZ: ysbrydHeart
internetFionna: thanks for streaming, graham. it was nice to hang out here today, and it was nice to chat with folks. have a great weekend, everyone
CAKHost: Thank you for the stream, Graham!
mrbuzzfuzz: hellooooo daddy!
tipulsar85: Rest well Graham.
RandomTrivia: It's a Gunpla model of the machine that makes Gunpla models. Literally the MOST Ian Horner thing ever
Rustpile: Thank you for the Stream G!!! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
betazed15: Hello!
tipulsar85: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (It’s the most recursive TTSF yet! Join Ian as he makes a gunpla model kit of the machine used to make gunpla model kits! Game: Electromotive Style Injection Machine Gunpla) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (10m from now).
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Graham! lrrSHINE
PinballWitch: Cheer50 Hi Future Me watching on youtube
CAKHost: @RandomTrivia Agreed
RockPusher: lrrIAN lrrCOW foxmarFIRE tiltyhPLS
Flotil: On what's coming up next: how are the plans for the friday nights sequel/replacement/whatever coming along?
SquareDotCube: Now it's Better James?
RockPusher: !gant
GapFiller: LRRMans HYPE
RandomTrivia: !gant
RandomTrivia: lrrMANS benginChamp
korvys: !findquote lrrmans
LRRbot: Quote #7324: "Just cruising past the finish line in a slightly damaged train. That's how I want to end next year's 24 Hours of LRRMans." —Ian [2020-11-08]
PinballWitch: oh boy
offbeatwitch: GANT GANT
RandomTrivia: Looking forward to LRRMans being my post-2ndJab entertainment for 24hours :D
xantos69: Red Gant standing by...
Vanbael: test: Gant gamt
eshplode: Wow, has it been a year since the last one? Or did it get pushed last year?
CAKHost: Oh that's starting at 10 am my time! I will be there for the opening! :D
CAKHost: I keep forgetting timezone shenanigans...
MegaDosX: Thanks for stream!
TehAmelie: thanks for having us!
Opera707: bye G
PinballWitch: lrrSHINE
cisco236: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
RockPusher: Do a food!
Rustpile: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
RockPusher: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
RandomTrivia: @eshplode It was pushed back to September last year
falcn120: bye Gramm!
RandomTrivia: lrrSHINE
GapFiller: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
CAKHost: Bye!
lamina5432: gnight
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
PinballWitch: lrrHEART lrrSHINE lrrHEART lrrSHINE lrrHEART
PinballWitch: bye chat!
PinballWitch: thanks for the company
Rustpile: Bye chat! Everyone have a great rest of the day!!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
SnackPak_: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
serramarkov: Yay!
TheAinMAP: lrrSIG lrrSIG
RandomTrivia: lrrSIG !
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Tonight on Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, Ian is going to build an electromotive style injected plastic model of an Electromotive Style Injection Machine. Join us for our most recursive TTSF yet! http://twitch.tv/tiltyhouse 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E9MT2YvX0AoNos2.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1428507342279041027
SnackPak_: that's a very good tweet
RandomTrivia: I've typed it before, I'll type it once more, this is literally the most Ian Horner thing that's ever appeared on TTSF
CAKHost: That's a great tweet XD
RandomTrivia: benginHype
Lysander_Gustav: hello folks
gualdhar: let the going begin
merciful_pepper: lets gooo
mnemonicman: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
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TheAinMAP: Hello.
ritchards: He's that boy!
Nigouki: Hallo!
Nigouki: D:
RandomTrivia: Guest?
DiscordianTokkan: Ooooh
CAKHost: Oh?
ritchards: Beej???
merciful_pepper: GASP
aerohydra: a friend?
RandomTrivia: HYPE
CAKHost: D8
SnackPak_: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
aerohydra: BEEJ!
RandomTrivia: HOLY SHIT
YeetTheRich_: yo what
LadyAiluros: BEEJ!!!!!!!
BrokenGolem: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
merciful_pepper: HYPE
aerohydra: get the bat!
DiscordianTokkan: FBtouchdown seabatClap seabatClap
BriceShatzer: haha
mnemonicman: suddenly a Beej appears
DeM0nFiRe: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
LadyAiluros: WOOO!!!!!
RandomTrivia: It's EVERYBODY'S guest!
Mordin_Solus_Sings: We got Double BEEJ'd!
TheAinMAP: lrrBEEEJ !
CAKHost: Wow he moves quickly
RandomTrivia: I mean, he had like an hour
IbunWest: So the other beej WAS a hologram then?
EvilBadman: The candian dream, a beej on everyshow
kdefinition: we're getting meta up in here
wedge_x: sweet jesus Ian, that's not honey! it's RECURSION!
Mollylele: tick tock it's Beej o'clock
Unable_To_Load: Ok that makes more sense
serramarkov: It makes me weep for joy to see LRRs together (who don't already live together).
Texan_Reverend: Greetings, Ian & Beej!
Texan_Reverend: Hey, chatfolk.
RockPusher: It's injection moulding machines all the way down!
23 raiders from TheManaLeek have joined!
SmithKurosaki: A wukd Beej appears again
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RandomTrivia: Welcome raiders! lrrSHINE
TheManaLeek: theman20Heart theman20Heart lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Leedopo: ooooooh
Mollylele: a robot servant??
Mysticman89: so is it a computer, or some sort of (plate) serving device
EvilBadman: a NAS perhaps?
EvilBadman: HAHAH
DiscordianTokkan: Lil'Nas's UNAS
Kumakaori: tuesday and Thursday night Bois are back together streams?!? I cant take all this wholesomeness
RandomTrivia: It's so wonderful to have a 2-person, 2-project TTSF again
RockPusher: NAS cases are expensive
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Tonight on Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, Ian is going to build an electromotive style injected plastic model of an Electromotive Style Injection Machine. Join us for our most recursive TTSF yet! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E9MVxUmVgAMxvuT.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1428509461711265795
Nigouki: is that NAS for transferring all those early 2000s real media anime fansubs off of a stack of CD-Rs?
Texan_Reverend: Big hype! This should be super rad.
ritchards: !gant
RandomTrivia: It's Ian's show and he's driving :D
YeetTheRich_: can you explain this for somebody that understood none of the words you just said? LUL
LadyAiluros: LRRMans!
RockPusher: There Will Be GANT
CAKHost: Ooo, shiny!
Leedopo: @YeetTheRich_ i think it's a really big USB stick, and beej's dropbox crashed, so he is NEVER EVER going to use dropbox again, by using this Very Big USB stick.
CAKHost: Aw, :C
YeetTheRich_: @YeetTheRich_ yeah that sounds plausible LUL
Nigouki: if you look at the places where the plastic colors meet, you can see which plastic was injected first and stopped by pins. then the pins are retracted and the other 3 colors are injected
SnackPak_: Ian leveled up in gunpla
Leedopo: disclaimer: I know nothing about computers.
ritchards: !youtube
LRRbot: You can find LRR's non-MtG vods at http://www.youtube.com/loadingreadylive , and all MtG vods and other MtG content at https://www.youtube.com/LRRMtG . For non-stream videos, the main channel is http://www.youtube.com/loadingreadyrun
James_LRR: so you do know urls :P
ritchards: Hi James!
Mysticman89: NAS is Network Accessable Storage for those not aware. Basically lots of computer storage.
Zephyr256k: Are we making a model of a machine that makes models?
CAKHost: O hi James!
RandomTrivia: lrrJAMES !
SajuukSjet: proper cases can certainly be costly
Leedopo: @YeetTheRich_ OKAY i did a google. y'know how there's cloud data centers, like that one in France that burned up? This is like a data storage "rack" like in data storage centers, but this guy is for your home.
aerohydra: @Zephyr256k recursion at its finest
TemporallyAwry: Small Form Factor is a pricey barrier to entry.
RandomTrivia: @Zephyr256k It is the MOST Ian Horner thing ever
gualdhar: oh is this gonna be a NAS machine?
YeetTheRich_: @Leedopo thanks! sounds like thing beej would want
SajuukSjet: leedopo: indeed, and this is the Build Your Own way of doing it, rather then from one of the several vendors that'll sell you an assembled unit
Texan_Reverend: This was actually a pretty fun build to spec out.
Leedopo: what's a SABA-3 port?
aerohydra: sata-3
gualdhar: I'll be honest, I'm surprised it took Beej this long to put one together, given the amount of anime I'm sure he downloads
TemporallyAwry: Good to know those exist.
SajuukSjet: looks like the mobo, for those following at home :D https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/PRIME/PRIME-B460M-A/
mnemonicman: ohhh what case is that?
Mysticman89: so many letters
RandomTrivia: benginFacepalm
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Leedopo: @mnemonicman U-NAS something?
coolbond: !title
mnemonicman: ok yeah I heard of those
coolbond: so whats happening?
MortifiedPenguins: you need to spend a whole ton of money on a gpu, spends $500 on a case
mnemonicman: Unraid is great
SajuukSjet: coolbond: Ian is building a model, and Beej is buildin a server
aerohydra: ian is building a gunpla, beej is putting together a NAS
Leedopo: beej is building his own cloud storage for home usage.
SnackPak_: I've missed these TTSFs where Ian and Beej talk nerd
dragonking714: It’s so awesome to see things getting back to normal and LRR doing things together again
BrowneePoints: Intel makes good chips
DrakoniteStreams: as long as it has a low tdp
RandomTrivia: LUL
SajuukSjet: browneepoints: eeeeeeh.... it's more that in this use case, it's a very good chip :)
RandomTrivia: Isn't that third base? lrrBEEJ
Mysticman89: I have a thicc boy dh-15 and even in my chonker case I was concerned it wouldnt fit
SajuukSjet: heh, yeah, always check your parts dimensions
sendatou: get vaccinated
aerohydra: "everybody"
mnemonicman: ah hah it is a U-NAS
Texan_Reverend: Even the stock cooler is 15mm too tall to fit.
Driosenth: does the i5 even support ecc?
mitomanox: omg these 2 people assembling stuff <3
fmerl: it does not
RandomTrivia: I have NEVER understood the desire for LED lighting on internal components...
BrowneePoints: I got my 2nd jab tuesday! today is my 2nd day of intense pain from my neck to wrist
EvilBadman: TexRev is such a great resource
aerohydra: @BrowneePoints congrats!
RandomTrivia: @BrowneePoints Sweet! Also, ooh, not sweet
mnemonicman: And here I was a derp and went with Ryzen which didn't have a iGPU.
Texan_Reverend: ECC would have required going to much more expensive parts for CPU and Mobo. Not really worth it for the task required.
BrowneePoints: yea nice 4cm welt on my arm atm @randomtrivia
Master_Gunner: ECC would require going Ryzen (where actual support is still iffy) or a HEDT-tier Intel chip (for a fuckton more money) anyways.
fmerl: @texan_reverend you can actually get into ECC pretty cheap with some Ryzen boards & chips
SajuukSjet: well, more expensive proc if keeping the iGPU :D
Driosenth: @fmerl that's what i though, I believe only AMD has consumer cpus that support ecc
Shuukan: I actually work in plastic injection molding! Nothing as fun as making model parts, but still very interesting!
RandomTrivia: @BrowneePoints WutFace
Tomasu82: some intel workstation and server boards will do ECC with i3s.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Turns out there’s bonus Beej on tonight’s TTSF, and he’s putting together his new NAS. Presumably he’ll put all his episodes of Goof Troop on it. | @loadingreadyrun> Tonight on Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, Ian is going to build an electromotive style injected plastic model of an Electromotive Style Injection Machine. Join us for our most recursive TTSF yet! ⤵
LadyAiluros: AMD is still a thing?
fmerl: Ryzen consumer supports ECC but doesn't validate it, and some mobos do not
Driosenth: i believe AMD G series cpus and igpus
Texan_Reverend: @fmerl But Ryzen doesn't support the transcoding that Intel does. Then PLEX would have needed a big beefy GPU.
patbaer: ooo Ian's building a very fun little kit that used to only be sold at the Gundam Museum
gualdhar: @LadyAiluros AMd processors are generally considered superior for the price point right now
RandomTrivia: LUL
offbeatwitch: most GPUs will have video acceleration nowadays
SajuukSjet: ladyailuros: AMD is currently a very strong competitor, the market is currently in a pretty good spot of you picking the best core for the job, rather then only one company for everything
DrakoniteStreams: ryzen rips through stuff. upgraded my workstation to ryzen this year and amazing how much faster it is
BrowneePoints: @ladyailuros AMD has gotten much better in recent years
patbaer: I bought this kit last year. It's a fun little kit.
RandomTrivia: Can we please get that quoted? "Oh no, it's the screwdriver that runs Doom"
fmerl: yeah, Intel's process woes have left them struggling to be competitive with AMD in any segment these days
sendatou: Im so happy to see these two boys back in the same room
fmerl: server-side they've barely caught up to Rome let alone Milan
SajuukSjet: the AMD EPYC chips are indeed rather silly in their power
letfireraindown: My go to for holding screws is shotglasses
Hawkwreak: I love this friendship. So damn much
RandomTrivia: "I am seeing all of your face and body!"
DrakoniteStreams: lrrSHINE
LadyAiluros: I use old pill bottles
letfireraindown: I still have enough and they contin stuff
patbaer: Ian's building a kit of a machine that makes plastic for model kits. This machine made this machine. It's wonderfully recursive
BrowneePoints: I mean Intel's top of the line is still nuts but that's luxury stuff @fmerl
EvilBadman: never apologize for joyous comradery!
Kumakaori: please, continue; Ive /missed/ this banter
patbaer: It's also from before they started including a lot of English in the manuals.
mitomanox: lrrHEART lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR lrrHEART lrrBEEEJ lrrIAN
MortifiedPenguins: its really great seeing two lrr folk in the same space
johnalogue: so hyped for returning in-person LRR programming
SajuukSjet: browneepoints: Intel's actually unable to match core counts with their highest parts against AMD's... it's rather fascinating how far they've fallen behind in cores/threads and feature support at the moment
SquareDotCube: must be ABS
RandomTrivia: All of the streams for a few weeks that are returning to in-person are going to be the most cathartic imaginable. PLEASE do the banter, we are also getting catharsis from it.
Brozard: Like, I think the Let’s Nope crowd would have been elated to watch Ben & Adam hug for 3 hours, PLEASE banter with Ian
gualdhar: but... the peeling ASMR...
fmerl: @browneepoints it is, but they barely have an IP advantage anymore and you get so much more perf per watt (and per socket) on EPYC it's a bit silly; got to spend about 4x (retail, not that anyone pays that) for Intel to get same perf as top-end Milan
patbaer: I think this is a 2009 kit? that plastic should be thick
BrowneePoints: @sajuuksjet wonder why the huge change. just a handful of years ago I wouldn't even trust amd in my machine
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korvys: "Too deep with the god hand"...
fmerl: "Make sure I'm not going too deep with the godhand"
mitomanox: people that don't bite nails TV
seanmrwick: this is an interesting model
Hawkwreak: So Beej is making some variety of NAS?
aerohydra: yes
patbaer: 2007. Yeah, it was sold only at the Gundam Factory museum/gift shop
SajuukSjet: browneepoints: they started over with a whole new architecture back in.... 2016?, and have been running strength to strength on improving and refining the Zen Architecture
patbaer: And then premium bandai starting selling it in the US a couple years ago
Texan_Reverend: @browneepoints AMD spent a number of those years dropping meh budget stuff only while they did heavy R&D to leapfrog rather than just catch up.
KeytarCat: Just realized this is my first live TTSF with multiple people!
fmerl: @browneepoints basically Intel has historically been great at process but their 10nm was a big problem, and TSMC (who AMD uses for fabbing) is significantly ahead by now. Meanwhile AMD's new architecture was actually well designed vs the disaster that was Bulldozer, and they've been steadily improving it.
offbeatwitch: SaSCSI!
offbeatwitch: deciding to pronounce "SAS" as "sa-scuzzy"
LadyAiluros: SCSI is still a thing??!!
Texan_Reverend: @hawkwreak It's a U-NAS device that will run UnRAID.
fmerl: it's the same command set as old SCSI
SajuukSjet: for those interested, the wiki article on AMD's current cpu architecture https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zen_(microarchitecture)
johnalogue: Oh, AMD has been keeping ahead of Intel? Nice!
BrowneePoints: well that is kinda neat
offbeatwitch: hd mini SAS is super common on enterprise yeah
ShaneLeeAtk: SCSI is very much still in use at the enterprise level
Arclight_Dynamo: So I came in late... Beej is building a media streaming box for his copious anime?
SajuukSjet: johnalogue: yep, they've really been doing well when Zen+ came out
RandomTrivia: @SajuukSjet Oh that's a rabbit hole I shouldn't fall down... *click*
SajuukSjet: randomtrivia: good luck! >D
fmerl: and these days you can get slimline 8i ports that split out to 8x sata cables
fmerl: (or just run 8x pci-e lanes across it for nvme)
SajuukSjet: arclight_dynamo: kinda, more a local backup box / NAS
SajuukSjet: but with transcoding :wink:
Texan_Reverend: NAS + PLEX box
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah, yeah, I heard PLEX, so... :D
offbeatwitch: Special USB Stick
offbeatwitch: i run a custom zfs pool as my NAS :D
SquareDotCube: Ah, the mythical "dongle"
fmerl: @offbeatwitch *fistbump*
offbeatwitch: server's still on fedora 28 though, i need to submit some patches to Samba...
SajuukSjet: ah yes.... the downside of FOSS software :wince:
offbeatwitch: yeah my server's main drive is actually XFS
fmerl: technically ZFS still not part of Linux (and never will be for licensing), but FreeBSD ZFS is now same ZFS as Linux ZFS.
offbeatwitch: yeah the CDDL is a whole deal
MWGNZ: then there's ReiserFS which was ok until the dev went to jail for murder
SajuukSjet: huh. XFS... does it have all that atomic cow stuff the newer filesystems have?
mnemonicman: Or if you like unraid but still want zfs then can still setup zfs on unraid.
offbeatwitch: Atomic Cow
mnemonicman: It's real fiddly tho
DrakoniteStreams: @MWGNZ I have a bunch of data I can't easily recover from an old drive because people decided to stop supporting reiserfs :(
SajuukSjet: a good read on filesystems i recall, especially ones you might find in a NAS https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/01/bitrot-and-atomic-cows-inside-next-gen-filesystems/
Arclight_Dynamo: RAID-ish
RockPusher: unraid sounds very much like the snapraid I use
MWGNZ: @MWGNZ could you boot an older distro livecd and transfer it off?
delta__vee: *knocks on the recently dead ST3000DM001 still sitting on my desk*
vulcan_osu: what perfect grade is this?
SajuukSjet: delta__vee: oof, 3TB dead is never fun
SajuukSjet: DEBIAN! All Hail the Swirl!
DrakoniteStreams: @MWGNZ I need to setup a temp system just for the task, which I just haven't spent the time to do
mnemonicman: Maybe i'm crazy but all I want is a short-depth rackmount chassis with 12 drives.
ShaneLeeAtk: I can feel the shade
fmerl: yeah docker would be what you'd go for instead of jails
RockPusher: docker is built on the namespaces which is the rough equivalent to the jails
johnalogue: it's like Uber, but...
fmerl: docker containers are not generally virtual machines
fmerl: (though you can run them as such if you like)
aerohydra: zoop strops?
mnemonicman: yes
TemporallyAwry: Every cable is modular if you've got the tools ;p
MWGNZ: if you never want to actually finish setting up a system there's always gentoo
kanarde: I've really enjoyed using LXD, which has efficiency of docker / linux containers, while being managed more like VMs
DrakoniteStreams: did I see someone say LRR is transitioning back to more in-person streaming?
SajuukSjet: mnemonicman: those tend to be..... _very_ loud though, unless your doing interesting things with cooling :)
mnemonicman: @SajuukSjet 3U or 4U would work ok
RandomTrivia: Ooooooh
VmKid: Cable... Managed? *glances at own PC* what's that?
korvys: "Your cables look like they were organised by a professional comedian"
SajuukSjet: drakonitestreams: yep, there's a couple tweets on it, they'll do it as and when they can and feel comfortable doing so
Juliamon: !return
LRRbot: LRR is starting to do some two-person streams from the same room. This means your favourite pair may be streaming together in person! However, there are many factors involved so have patience if a particular show isn't back yet. Keep an eye on the LRR Twitter for updates.
Arclight_Dynamo: It's rude to comment on the size of a person's motherboard area, Ian.
korvys: !findquote nas
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
DrakoniteStreams: therea48Shock
SajuukSjet: mnemonicman: true, true :D 4U in particular you can just use normal 120mm silent fans iirc
Mysticman89: Every time I plan to cable manage, and ever time that plan changes as soon as things start not reaching or things start pinching
RandomTrivia: Wiki-hole update: After only a few steps from AMD Zen architecture, I have arrived at Space Communications Protocols...
fmerl: @mnemonicman I have an incredibly long 1u 12-drive chassis lying around, which is the exact opposite of what you want ofc :) 39" I think
SajuukSjet: randomtrivia: >D check out the interplanetary filesystem protocol, too! :P
mnemonicman: @SajuukSjet I could stick with my 750D chassis but that don't mount in a rack
SajuukSjet: mnemonicman: too wide? if not, there's usually.... ways to fit cases into racks, even if it's not the cleanest... :D
mnemonicman: Ah Beej got that same psu I have someplace. "Modular" but it's all the plugs on one cable.
mnemonicman: @SajuukSjet yeah it's too wide
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mnemonicman: Or I can be a mad-lad and build ssd only Unraid box
SajuukSjet: ?! a case that doesn't demand a blood offering?!
DrakoniteStreams: woah, hello ian's hand
Texan_Reverend: Rounded case edges make me happy.
RandomTrivia: Neat
korvys: Is it the mode for *this* model? Cause that would be pretty cool
DrakoniteStreams: nice!
korvys: *mold
Arclight_Dynamo: Is that mold on there for THIS model? Because that would be wonderfully recursive.
Arclight_Dynamo: @korvys High five!
korvys: @Arclight_Dynamo Same hat!
Cleekru: beej and ian in the same room? what year is it...
Cleekru: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
LordZarano: March 2020 is finally ending
gualdhar: @LordZarano don't say it! the delta might hear you
RandomTrivia: Gradually
SajuukSjet: yas... Fractal cases are amazing
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIGf29JSFcs | Ready for some CheckPoint? Cause CheckPoint is ready for you! || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1428518592866230282
MWGNZ: sounds like we're at "design and 3d print a custom nas case"
DrakoniteStreams: yay
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
RockPusher: MWGNZ just say lrrEFF it anb build a Backblaze storage pod
mnemonicman: Unraid is easy but go-fast it is not
SajuukSjet: in what way, mnemonicman ?
Nigouki: the first Gundam model was 1980
mnemonicman: @SajuukSjet Unraid writes to one drive at a time. It's not a spread out read/write like zfs or raid.
Nigouki: the models really took off with the movie trilogy
SajuukSjet: mnemonicman: ah right, definitely a pro/con situation that
SquareDotCube: Yeah, scale model stuff was big in Japan before the first season of Gundam, some of the models of that era show up as greebling in Star Wars props
SajuukSjet: if your drives are pretty fast, not so much a hit though, and if you're not doing a lot of constant writing
mnemonicman: @SajuukSjet Can use a ssd for a cache drive to speed up temporary storage.
Nigouki: the first Shizuoka Hobby Show was something like 1964
BrowneePoints: Speaking of Japanese cultural icons Ian, RIP Sonny Chiba
NotCainNorAbel: @BrowneePoints I saw that. RIP.
mnemonicman: But if you're only using 1gig network connection the speed of unraid is fine.
SajuukSjet: mnemonicman: oh yeah, did LTT do that once? i have a vague recollection they may have shown that off at some point
mnemonicman: @SajuukSjet Oh yeah they did an all ssd array.
YeetTheRich_: praise beej
Lord_ZYRK: GivePLZ praise Beej
mnemonicman: Praise RNBeejus
BrowneePoints: @notcainnorabel yea I was a little taken aback when I saw Sonny Chiba died
DrakoniteStreams: lrrBEEEJ lrrIAN
NotCainNorAbel: PrideGive PrideWingL lrrBEEEJ PrideWingR PrideTake
Nigouki: scratch that. the first Shizuoka Hobby Show was all the way in 1959 and it was Hasegawa, Aoshima, Tamiya and a bunch of others that founded it to promote the scale model hobby
NotCainNorAbel: numbers are so specific.
Mattmitchell45: I drink a lot of water, partially from ADD meds
hexy_lexy: hey friends! reminder that i love you all beyond measure!!! <3
DrakoniteStreams: there is "water diabetes" which has _nothing_ to do with the sugar diabetes most commonly talked about
Zephyr256k: Yeah, I drink a lot of water, because I live in Texas and if I don't I'll die
DaSunao: I used to drink a lot more water because not drinking means I'd die in 120F+ environments in coveralls
hexy_lexy: also, Beej AND Ian in the same room?!?! :D
Lord_ZYRK: Just a heads up, but drinking tons of Earl Grey isn't the best idea. I don't know how frequently your go for "steins and steins" of it, though.
hexy_lexy: tee hee, Beej said "hard on"
Hawkwreak: What did I miss, Was treated to an impromptu 6 course turkish feast.
Mattmitchell45: Doesnt tea dehydrate?
Juliamon: Caffeine specifically
nightraven949: @Mattmitchell45 yes Tea is a diuretic
Nigouki: finally fluids to exchange other than talking moistly
hexy_lexy: @Mattmitchell45 mostly yeah, especially if its sugary
YeetTheRich_: "your blood is welcome here" solid Ian quote
zimmercj: Is Beej wearing a ponytail? I can't tell, but it looks good.
RandomTrivia: EEP
nightraven949: That's not something your doctor should say
hexy_lexy: OH NO
johnalogue: NOOO
BrowneePoints: Kidneys and Livers always
DaSunao: Yeah, most OTC painkillers are a rough time on your liver too if you don't double check
hexy_lexy: yeah, im looking to get off my depression medication soonish
DaSunao: Which is also why a lot of painkillers say don't mix with alcohol because of increased load
MikaelFoxy: Exercise does solve a lot of issues though. Don't simply dismiss if you are the lazy kind of person :P
nightraven949: Oh yeah please talk to your doctors about potential side effects of drugs that are of perscription strength cuz often they can and will fry your liver and kidneys after prolonged use
thesoftestbunny: swapping my fluids, noted
hexy_lexy: cause i dont want the liver damage to be permanent
SajuukSjet: Beej's project has reminded me to check in with my Synology box, and am now updating the thing
Hawkwreak: How is Synology? I just use Unraid and it works plenty for my purposes.
SajuukSjet: i mean, this one is currently doing fine for what i'm using it for
Juliamon: Exercise being the solution to many problems is frustrating, especially because "having joints that sometimes just randomly sublux when you walk" is one of those problems
SajuukSjet: it's a 2 drive unit, a ds220+ iirc
Hawkwreak: Media server/Plex output machine?
SajuukSjet: i probably should move the plex server onto it, but that's being done by a hp z400 workstation atm
Juliamon: and nobody ever has any good answers for *how* to exercise in that situation
SajuukSjet: so it's just doing file storing and acting as a network drive
Hawkwreak: Plex is an absolute joy when... it doesnt want to fall over for no discernable reason and force me to do another pull from Docker
Hawkwreak: But I think thats because the server is running on old desktop parts and is showing its age.
mnemonicman: I should find a gpu for transcoding. Maybe a somewhat old Quadro card would work.
Nigouki: I really wish my body didn't just go "I'm sorry but after 30 years of ownership the function 'Knees' is not supported without the 'Physiotherapy' DLC"
Juliamon: Nigouki Relatable
Hawkwreak: I need to drop a Nvidia card into my Server, but... Good luck at the moment even finding cheaper stuff.
SajuukSjet: mnemonicman: it really depends what kind of transcoding you're wanting to do... there's a big range of options if you're doing .264 options, it's a lot harder if you're looking at .265
DrakoniteStreams: @Juliamon Water aerobics? I have a knee that sometimes decides it can't even, and only suggestion I've ever gotten was water aerobics
Juliamon: Yeah... the solutions do tend to be "spend a lot of money"
mnemonicman: @SajuukSjet well a P400 "should" be ok for that
Juliamon: or "fix problem by creating a different one"
DrakoniteStreams: beej's project is reminding me I need to rebuild/upgrade my server at some point, and it is going to cost a fortune
SajuukSjet: mnemonicman: oh, yeah, that's not as old as i thought when you said 'old' :P
mnemonicman: @SajuukSjet If I could afford one of the Turing Quadro cards I would just get an Epyc mobo.
Hawkwreak: @DrakoniteStreams I mean that depends on its usecase really surely?
SajuukSjet: mnemonicman: heheh, yeah, the current and last gen cards are still.... very pricey
RandomTrivia: :D
mnemonicman: still a Quadro P400 for $100ish CAD would be nice
62MGcobra: but the hair is another thing
zimmercj: Kinda meta Ian
Gloria_Guitar: Ive never tuned into tinker tailor solder fry
fastlane250: I said it yesterday during CTS, but I can’t hear “Electro-Motive” without thinking “TRAIN”
DrakoniteStreams: @DrakoniteStreams Yeah.. it does a few things, including NAS/media storage, and I want to use it as build machine for work, which mean ryzen and at least 128GB of RAM
zimmercj: @Gloria_Guitar You're in for a treat :)
gualdhar: wow, case position controls the blur on the camera, that's new
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Lysander_Gustav: Do the gunpla kits lend themselves well to kitbashing?
LadyLockwood92: More Beej is good Beej.
Manae: Ancient but reliable
Hawkwreak: Ian, knowing you as an enjoyer of international foods, Have you ever tried grilling halloumi and then drizzling honey all over it? My flat mate just gave me some, and my life is now different.
Lysander_Gustav: Or are they too precise to try mashing together parts from different kits to make a custom model?
LadyLockwood92: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! There's no money in the tarp budget for that.
Gloria_Guitar: So... this is just like
Gloria_Guitar: paralell play the stream?
corefluxx: Cheer100
fastlane250: look, R&D can’t justify its existence unless they’re constantly reinventing the same thing for no reason
BrowneePoints: Gotta say, this week of seeing y'all in person with each other again has messed with me in the best way. It's like the clouds are lifting and a little more happiness is back in the world
LadyLockwood92: That's a good question...I'm not sure.
DrakoniteStreams: hush ian, they may take my ports away!
Manae: Meanwhile, I remember the IBMs from that same time frame with 900 different slots
fmerl: important tip: the mobo 8-pin power socket is _not_ the same as the pci-e 8-pin power socket
LordZarano: USB-C?
fastlane250: ADC? gonna have to look that up because I don’t think any of my Apple stuff has that
fmerl: though you can totally force the connector in
fmerl: and fry some shit
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SeiichiSin: It is that time of month again... Time to get my sandwich renewed.
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TheDailyMapleSyrup: Don’t heck it up
fmerl: (actually I don't think it will actually fry some shit so much as not work, because the polarity is all on the same side, but still not good to confuse)
Gloria_Guitar: yes this is just parallel play the stream
Hawkwreak: I wish there were decent Nas case solutions you could just buy. Not with cabling or a powersupply/board etc. Just.. The case, that I can fill with my own stuff. (There.. probably are, but I have yet to find them)
Gloria_Guitar: thats great
LadyAiluros: I used to tape install CD's with keys into cases so I know who had what
fastlane250: Okay I knew ADC was an old thing, but it’s still too new for any of the old Apple stuff I’ve collected. lrrDOTS
Hawkwreak: @LadyAiluros Norton Ghost is your friend. Just ghost the drive and drop the image.
Beleqwaya: That was a weird time to join
LadyAiluros: WHen I worked IT it was in a small office and I don't know if Ghost was a thing yet. Nor did we havethat kind of storage space
BrowneePoints: Whenever I hear "LAN party" all I can think of is the photo of the guys in the room with one duct taped to the ceiling for maximum space usage
corefluxx: "Hardcopy Pornography"
Lord_ZYRK: Ah, mine were labelled "Christian Rock"
BrowneePoints: All the chairs were taken, small straw get the ceiling
johnalogue: when TTSF does it, it's called an lAN party
Hawkwreak: @LadyAiluros If I remember rightly, the first release of ghost was 3.1 in 1997
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fastlane250: Marathon for hours on end? A Marathon Marathon? lrrBEEJ
SeiichiSin: @BrowneePoints I think I need this picture.
Hawkwreak: Yeah... im with Arclight. Whats a Swish Barrel
Beleqwaya: !swish
gualdhar: !swishbarrel
RandomTrivia: LUL
TemporallyAwry: !explainBeej
SajuukSjet: seiichisin: the desired image : https://icrontic.com/uploads/editor/a8/l0ney0f5506w.jpg
RandomTrivia: !quote 7373
LRRbot: Quote #7373: "I don't even think Beej agreed to this; we just told him it was happening." —Graham [2020-11-27]
serramarkov: Forgive me, but just name it <<Game your folks don't care about saves>>.
SeiichiSin: @SajuukSjet Thank you!
SnackPak_: gotta download the IO shield lrrBEEJ
BrowneePoints: ope link broke
gualdhar: sometimes the IO shields aren't attached, just in a bag in the box
Texan_Reverend: The IO shield is probably separate.
Hawkwreak: IO shields being attached is a rather new and honestly very welcome improvement
corefluxx: Secret Tunnel
Hawkwreak: But they just tend to come with *gamer/Enthusiast* boards
SajuukSjet: i don't think MOLEX is going anywhere anytime soon, it's probably too integral to mobo and fan power delivery
Hawkwreak: Molex is equal parts my favourite and least favourite connector. Because despite building PC's for over 10 years, I still feel like I will somehow break it.
SajuukSjet: yeah, the sound card had a 4-pin cable header iirc you could connect the cdrom to
BrowneePoints: Also random info for chat and stuff (since it's kinda a big internet-o-sphere thing today) it's been confirmed that the "Certain platform will be deplatforming content" thing today was clickbait scare mongering....again
Hawkwreak: @BrowneePoints Oh damn really? Huh.
SnackPak_: I remember this game to unlock the hdds
fastlane250: Oh I tried to do the Xbox weird booty thing once. It didn’t end well.
Hawkwreak: Ian, I recently did the whole switching of hard drives thing. Thankfully that hell is much less of a problem now so long as its already softmodded. Xbox homebrew still goes strong thankfully
Hawkwreak: Now my OG Xbox is running a 1TB Sata drive.
RandomTrivia: That piece is in space now
RandomTrivia: Or in Beej
BrowneePoints: @RandomTrivia yep.
Anexmedia: The look on Ian's face when he thought he was going to have to drill out a screw
Hawkwreak: 129... for a watch strap? Thats not affordable damn!
fastlane250: PS/2 will never die!
MWGNZ: ps2 connectors that dont work with ps2 controllers
KeytarCat: quick google says $99 US
SajuukSjet: PS/2 connectors, only running through an emulation layer that may soon be deprecated in Windows :D
TheMerricat: Evening chat, slept through the alarm... what are today's projects?
Hawkwreak: PS/2 connectors are still very useful in certain environments. Banks being a big one.
DrakoniteStreams: there are a lot of people that think ps/2 gives lower input lag for gaming...
Hawkwreak: @TheMerricat Beej is making a NAS, and Ian is making a gunpla of the machine that makes gunpla.
SajuukSjet: mice and keyboards going over PS/2 on Windows don't get the access they used to, they get put through an emulation layer into the normal HID framework, and it sometimes causes problems
TheMerricat: thanks @hawkwreak !
62MGcobra: @DrakoniteStreams i thought popular opinion was n-key rollover
SajuukSjet: drakonitestreams: heh, don't see why
Hawkwreak: @TheMerricat Anytime!
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Mivair: Aaaaa? Aaaa! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
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Hawkwreak: God its been so long asince I was last subbed. So many new Emotes!
Hawkwreak: Wish I saved my Bezos bucks, gavve it to an aussie headphone reviewer who played meme drums.
mnemonicman: Always room for more and more electrical tape.
johnalogue: @Hawkwreak Oooh! I got KZs on their recommendation
Texan_Reverend: Plastic shield? Does it not have risers for the mobo to sit on?
Hawkwreak: @Hawkwreak I have every intention of getting some KZ's because damn that curve.
Anexmedia: I think if it's the case i'm thinking of it's a double layer protection thing
johnalogue: @Hawkwreak I had the noisy wire AKG buds, so this will be glorious
Texan_Reverend: Ok, cool. I was just trying to figure out the purpose of the shield bit.
Driosenth: yes you can
Driosenth: esd is no joke
Anexmedia: You definitely can, but dropping it is technically a bigger risk
Texan_Reverend: Yeah, that riser setup is just like a standard case.
Hawkwreak: I mean.. With enough power you can zot it. But. The liklihood of an actual ESD damage is... Not terribly high. Its no joke, but i've never had it as a personal problem
Anexmedia: Noctua fans are sooo choice
Hawkwreak: Noctua fans are beautifully quiet.
Beleqwaya: On the last PC I built, I made sure that the clearance for the cooler fit within the specs of the case, however there was another large case fan on the inside surface of side panel who's depth wasn't included in that clearance.
Hawkwreak: And their heatsink design is damn excellent.
Anexmedia: I've even converted my server inline cooling to Noctua fans
Driosenth: i have a case completely full of the industrial Noctua 140mm fans
Beleqwaya: So I ended up with an extra large case fan I had to remove because the clearance took up the same space :-p
Hawkwreak: Their industrial fans are amazing. I can imagine a server in a DC Full of them. Mmmmm that buzz.
Texan_Reverend: It was all of $30-40 more than an i3.
Anexmedia: I do like the little Intel cover pop
62MGcobra: my HTPC sounds like a server. I need to find better fans
Hawkwreak: Not a fan of Linus Ian?
Gloria_Guitar: what does ian have against linus
Texan_Reverend: Celerons don't have the graphics encoding capability, and Pentiums meant stepping down to only a dual core for not much less money.
DrakoniteStreams: I am also not a fan of LTT
SajuukSjet: LTT is certainly... a bit divisive, usually depending on whether you like that style of youtube video
DrakoniteStreams: At best he is very polarizing
Hawkwreak: Thats perfectly valid. He does good work and their benchmarking stuff honestly tends to be quite good. But... man knows how to flex too much
TheMerricat: I don't hate him but I really don't like the whole here's $5 billion worth of equipment that I was donated let me show you how you too can make something like this if you had $5 billion of equipment donated aspect
Twilight_Spark: Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me?
Hawkwreak: @TheMerricat Oh this in a big way. Like, Yes Linus, if I had a PB of storage handed to me by seagate, I would also make an absolute chungus of a NAS. But... I am not canadian Lex Luthor.
LurkerSpine: in b4 axe murderer
TemporallyAwry: I only go to those videos as a last resort, and the last few have just be somewhere between useless and bad *shrugs* apparently he's deserving of his fame.
Anexmedia: Speaking of ballin' fans, those new Lian-Li SL fans are my new favorite things
Driosenth: I prefer Gamers Nexus, Steve's analyses are usually on point
VmKid quietly take a sip from his LTT water bottle and hides it
justgravey67: im a jaystwocents man myself
TheMerricat: lol vmkid
Texan_Reverend: I can't quite see, but most Intel boards have a black plastic cap over the socket that pops out when you close it down on the CPU.
Anexmedia: @VmKid it's totally fine to like things that you like, hydrate proudly
Hawkwreak: I used to have a Lian Li case, very nice and clean, brushed aluminum etc. But.. When picking it up? For some daft reason the underside of the case sides had serrated edges?
Anexmedia: I will say you never feel more like a tech badass when you're installing a threadripper just for the fact you have to use an actual torque rench
Anexmedia: *wrench
Hawkwreak: Granting I used to frequent a lot of lan parties, I absolutely accidentally cut myself on my case once or twice.
Juliamon: Like whomever you like, just try to make sure they're not some sort of bigot or something.
Driosenth: I will never sell my CaseLabs case. I don't care if I need an engine hoist to get it onto a workbench
TemporallyAwry: my brain screamed a little at hearing btx
fastlane250: dell BTX, ugh
Field94: LOL, ah BTX, never have a wasted so much money on a brick in my life
62MGcobra: I had a BTX. when i found out it was a dead standard i built my own.
Hawkwreak: @Driosenth Wanna see something nutty? Look into Mountain Mod cases. I dont think they are around anymore but holy hell those were insane.
mnemonicman: @Driosenth Same. I'm keeping my STH10. It's a collectors item now.
Driosenth: @mnemonicman I have a fully decked out THW10, 7 radiators all cooled with Noctua Industrials
mnemonicman: @Driosenth ohhhhh nice
Hawkwreak: https://www.mountainmods.com/images/az_slide_1.pnghttps://www.mountainmods.com/images/az_slide_1.png The insanity of Mountain Mod. This used to be how you showed off at a Lan party.
TheMerricat: "In the first months of production the ATX and BTX motherboards were so similar that moving a BTX motherboard to an ATX case was possible and vice versa. This was possible because the first BTX motherboards were ATX motherboards turned upside down, except for the component location that really were BTX positioning."
mnemonicman: I wanted a Corsair 900D but no one had it so got a STH10 instead. Glad I did.
JA_Pinkerton: mountain mod seem to be still around... but imagine the noise of 16 case fans !
Texan_Reverend: Can we get a full screen on booth?
Driosenth: @hawkwreak CaseLabs were mountainmods but with better build quality and modularity
Hawkwreak: Haha! Noise! No no no friend, you got a mountain mod because you could fill it with as much soft tube water cooling as you want.
TemporallyAwry: @JA_Pinkerton expensive white noise machine ;p
fmerl: I've definitely gotten some noctua coolers with hand-signed notes in them
KeytarCat: Oooh, like AKG
Texan_Reverend: Can we get booth fullscreen for that?
VmKid: Hot Take: the colors of Noctua fans are ugly as hell. I know that looks aren't everything, but does *anyone* like Poo Brown as a fan color?
Anexmedia: the forbidden wasabi pea
LordZarano: Dell is weird, on the one hand they're the only major PC manufacturer that publishes all their service manuals available to everyone, on the other hand they use non-standard parts
Texan_Reverend: Sorry to ask twice, my app said I was not connected.
fmerl: @vmkid I love noctua colors
justgravey67: I joined late can someone tell me what were making today?
VmKid: To each their own I suppose
TheMerricat: @lordzarano I think that's why they feel they can make their service manuals public doesn't matter if you know how to fix it if you can't get the part to fix it other than from them
Hawkwreak: https://www.mountainmods.com/images/images_big/EXTASCENSIONCYO.jpg This was the most beautiful chaos. Full of non addressable RGB and just bubbling away.
RandomTrivia: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [57m ago] @loadingreadyrun> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIGf29JSFcs | Ready for some CheckPoint? Cause CheckPoint is ready for you! || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1428518592866230282
Nicarrow: y is Ian mad at apple?
RandomTrivia: Dammit twitter bot
RandomTrivia: Ian is making a Gunpla model of the machine that makes Gunpla model kits, the most Ian Horner thing possible
Nigouki: if you try that on a darker color plastic you can see the stress marks
Anexmedia: I need to clip that for Funko
RandomTrivia: Beej is assembling a storage device for things which I do not fully understand
justgravey67: thanks
LordZarano: ~lasttweet Beej
LRRTwitter: [1h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Turns out there’s bonus Beej on tonight’s TTSF, and he’s putting together his new NAS. Presumably he’ll put all his episodes of Goof Troop on it. | @loadingreadyrun> Tonight on Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, Ian is going to build an electromotive style injected plastic model of an Electromotive Style Injection Machine. Join us for our most recursive TTSF yet! ⤵
RandomTrivia: @LordZarano Mind. BLOWN.
DandyGeek: Ian, could you show us Beej’s motherboard up close?
VmKid: Time to argue in Twitch chat for hours about how much thermal paste to use
LurkerSpine: hardest part, applying the paste
Beleqwaya: so what's your affiliate link for the God Hand Tool? :-p
TemporallyAwry: Bullseye if the customer is watching - x otherwise ;p
MWGNZ: my take on thermal paste: you should def use some
RandomTrivia: ^
gualdhar: just a pea-sized plop in the middle. really that's all you need
Hawkwreak: You dont have to 5 dot on a standard sized IHS. On stuff like threadripper though? Thats when you do more exotic stuff.
DrakoniteStreams: @MWGNZ +1
VmKid: My thermal paste came with a spatula, so I guess the manufacturer has an opinion too?
Hawkwreak: Its made of jets...?
VmKid: Either that or they just want to see the world burn
fmerl: pea-size drop in the center is good for most things, if you're on a big CPU (threadripper, xeon scalable, epyc) you'll want multiple dots.
Texan_Reverend: For the chip you have and the cooler for it, basically any amount will be fine.
mnemonicman: If it's something you're gonna use for years I recommend those IC Graphite pads. Lasts almost forever.
Driosenth: @vmkid Thermal grizzly?
RandomTrivia: The spatula is for spreading the paste, not dosing it
links_147: every VW Golf these days has a turbo, you have to push them hard to get them to make noise
62MGcobra: 1/4 inch grout spreader is good for me!!!!
VmKid: Arctic
62MGcobra: ;p
Hawkwreak: Oh god, I know that cooler. Had to build that into basically a set top box sized rig for a friend. Last time I am making a small form factor rig...
LordZarano: If you smooth it out before putting the CPU on you can trap air bubbles in between
VmKid: I've heard that dot is good for regular form-factor CPUs, X is good for Threadripper-size
LordZarano: Not the CPU, the cooler
Driosenth: @texan_reverend Is an i3 so low power that those extruded aluminum heaksinks could keep them cool?
VmKid: Then again I've only ever applied to Ryzen chips
RandomTrivia: Ever downward, never learning?
hexy_lexy: i ALWAYS forget that Beej has no depth perception until he mentions it
Texan_Reverend: @driosenth No. Not even a Celeron is.
TheDailyMapleSyrup: This shows all about trying things and that includes beej too
Texan_Reverend: Yeah, CPU coolers are wayyyyyyy better now.
Texan_Reverend: No longer is there a tension bar through the middle of the cooler.
RandomTrivia: Uh oh
Texan_Reverend: That has to get bent to hold it down.
Anexmedia: I dont miss the tension bar
DrakoniteStreams: installing cpu coolers always scares me
Hawkwreak: Hearing about CPU's etc just reminds me of ye olden times when it was CPU on a card.
Mr_Bitterness: Tension bar was always the most stressful part, except the final power up
Hawkwreak: Instead of a ZIF socket.
Driosenth: I think the last heatsink i bought before I went to watercoolings was a 1kg all copper thermalright monstrosity
VmKid: I still use air-coolers, partially because I don't really overclock
Anexmedia: Now as long as you know the torque pattern of your standard chevy smallblock, your CPU installation is complete
Mr_Bitterness: If you're not overclocking, air cooling is perfectly valid
VmKid: Even then I'm still using a 212 EVO
VmKid: A bit overkill for what I've got, but I'm expecting to upgrade my CPU at some point so
ChekhovsCannon: I got here late, chat, what are we building today?
Driosenth: Don't know what torque pattern to use? Get a coppy of ASTM-PPC 1
Arclight_Dynamo: Robertson. And, yes.
Arclight_Dynamo: Ford wanted to manufacture the Robertson screws in-house, and Robertson refused.
Arclight_Dynamo: So they went to Philips.
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TheMerricat: Robertson wanted money Ford doesn't like paying money
JA_Pinkerton: I very much doubt torque pattern matters when installing CPU coolers
johnalogue: Of *course* it was Ford...
TemporallyAwry: It's the principle of the matter HahaThisisfine
omdorastrix: @JA_Pinkerton On Pentium 4 CPUs and earlier - yes it did. Newer ones, and spring-clip style, not so much.
DrakoniteStreams: it wasn't ford's fault, but they were one of the largest of multiple influential groups that decided the licensing costs were too high
omdorastrix: Of course if you modify the heatspreader you also loose support so you have to tighten evenly and carefully
Driosenth: If you think Phillips drivers are terrible to work with just wait til you need to use offset cruciforms or god forbid MorTorx™
JA_Pinkerton: TheMerricat - it's even more convoluted then that. Robertson sold a license to a manufacturer in the UK. The manufacturer claimed bankruptcy and sold the license to cover depts. The new company claimed they didn't have to pay yearly fees to Robertson. The real WTF is that the new company was owned by the same person as the old, a scammer basically trying to get a license for free. Robertson won in the end but the whole thing soured him to licensing in general.
TemporallyAwry: @JA_Pinkerton Huh - to think someone tried to pull a disney before disney. Wild.
Anexmedia: I think the only "bare" RAM I have now is my ECC dims
fmerl: yeah
Driosenth: DDR5 RAM won't be able to be bare due to higher power draws
fmerl: difficult to find anything with decent perf that's bare still
VmKid: I have light-up RAM because it was super cheap recently and also I wanted faster RAM
omdorastrix: Smooth heatspreaders are all but gone. Everything is agressive or LED (or bare for the bargain lines)
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
NotCainNorAbel: when will we be setting the DIP switches?
Hawkwreak: I am beyond pleased that that I was after the times of dip switches and IRQ
RandomTrivia: Wait, so where do we put the jumpers in this NAS? lrrBEEJ
7gorobei: with ddr5, the vrm moves to the ram dimm so cooling and heatsinks will matter more
Ed25519: The 8-bit guy is grea.t
VmKid: I saw him talk at Long Island Retro Gaming Expo about the demo scene
Ed25519: Force it! =P :)
Malazim: Beej the I have been everywhere man. Today
VmKid: Can't tell you how many times I've tried to push down on RAM that was going in the wrong direction FailFish
Beleqwaya: when did RAM structure change to not needing to clip both sides down? That has to be a fairly recent chance, no?
TemporallyAwry: @Beleqwaya About 8 years iirc
TemporallyAwry: Or I should say "at least" 8
DrakoniteStreams: @Beleqwaya it still held on both sides, but one is static and doesn't have a lever arm'
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mnemonicman: yay process
Beleqwaya: Was it not super common for the first couple? I upgraded my Mobo a handful of years ago, and my RAM was still who sides that clipped in.
Texan_Reverend: The motherboard may have included standoffs in the event the case did not. I'm not sure which package they were in.
Beleqwaya: two sides*
mnemonicman: for how much computer that is $1000 isn't too bad
robert97dj: what is Ian building?
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: Ian is building a Gunpla model of the machine that makes Gunpla model kits
VmKid: Does that Mobo have a built-in I/O shield or did Beej install it before?
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spicyFerret_: Dont Linus it, Beej!
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Texan_Reverend: Very glad to hear that!
VmKid: I do not ask from experience or anything :/
DrakoniteStreams: and the gunpla making machine is set up for making gunpla of a gunpla making machine
LordZarano: VmKid He installed it earlier
TheMerricat: so I have a stupid question for chat every time I think about trying to do one of these small form factor NAS setups I get paranoid about how small they are and a hard drive overheating that really something that I need to worry about?
Texan_Reverend: @vmkid It was separate and installed into the case already.
robert97dj: guess they make a gunpla of everything these days
Texan_Reverend: @themerricat This case has a pair of 120mm fans exclusively for the drives. Heat shouldn't be any issue.
fmerl: @themerricat not really; it's nice if there's some airflow over them but as long as that's the case it should be pretty well okay
VmKid: NO
RandomTrivia: I mean, he literally built a Gunpla model Cup Ramen earlier this year :D
RandomTrivia: BEEJ
gualdhar: whew no that would be bad
NotCainNorAbel: do not drill! grab a nail and just drive it through
62MGcobra: lrrCOW
DrakoniteStreams: @TheMerricat You do want airflow over the drives or their life expectancy is reduced
Nigouki: whatever happened to trying thins? Kappa
VmKid: Generally you can take out the standoffs if you don't need them
robert97dj: I saw the cup of Ramen
Solid_Fuel: take them out if they touch and has no hole
fmerl: you should take risers out if possible
7gorobei: remove them if there is no corresponding hole
Texan_Reverend: Remove if it's easy.
RandomTrivia: The audience is riveted lrrBEEJ
RandomTrivia: sergeChair !
VmKid: We love you, Beej
RandomTrivia: You're great, Beej
Texan_Reverend: Then, maybe cap them with a bit of e-tape or something.
62MGcobra: it does look like the connector is holding the frame together
Solid_Fuel: fishing for compliments in a barrel of fish
johnalogue: Wired walking is great but they removed the walking jack so now you have to pay more for bluetooth legs
Texan_Reverend: From L: "Shut up, Beej! You're majestic!"
Texan_Reverend: Yeah, I used blue painter's tape for our filter setup.
Lysander_Gustav: Which direction are you supposed to put the fan to the filters?
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DrakoniteStreams: brands of ducktape make a big difference
TheMerricat: @lysander_gustav fan should be pulling the air through the filters not pushing
Texan_Reverend: Hey, thanks! @notcainnorabel
NotCainNorAbel: np
Lysander_Gustav: oh okay cool
Texan_Reverend: lrrSHINE
johnalogue: Wait, I thought it was designed for the Pacific theater of WW2?!
Texan_Reverend: @lysander_gustav If you check my Twitter, my pinned tweet is about the 4 filter version.
NotCainNorAbel: those filters are created to move a house worths of air
Texan_Reverend: Beej, I have the four filter version.
Lysander_Gustav: I might try it. The pollen in my area is pretty bad.
VmKid: IKEA. Just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norse men.
Arclight_Dynamo: RIP?
omdorastrix: I JUST saw some hype for the Razer mask thing. I don't know what to think about it, but it's very cyberpunk...
TheMerricat: so stream didn't just die for me?
Lysander_Gustav: anyone else lose the stream?
gualdhar: oh no
62MGcobra: yep
Nigouki: oh, i thought it was just my end
spicyFerret_: ope
ArboristAndrew: f
VmKid: I broke the stream with my JoCo lyrics
Solid_Fuel: oh no
Arclight_Dynamo: Yeah, it dead.'
NotCainNorAbel: f
CAKHost: Er
letfireraindown: same here
Lysander_Gustav: oh well
gualdhar: someone revive the gerbil
korvys: !picnic
DrakoniteStreams: having the extra filter surface mostly just increases how long until you need to replace the filters
Solid_Fuel: back?
fmerl: Big Air Filter is on to them
DeM0nFiRe: zeldaFine
ChekhovsCannon: f
62MGcobra: stuttering badly
Nigouki: did someone nuke the stream remotely because they forgot commercial? D:
Makrosian_Tae: Hoo boy
Boon_33: and we're out
VmKid: Okay, who drilled holes through the stream PC's MoBo?
robert97dj: yikes
LadyLockwood92: Ah okay, I thought it was just me.
mnemonicman: speed holes
LordZarano: Phew, I thought it was just me
DrakoniteStreams: oh no therea48Shock
rosesmcgee: Amazon killed it for preaching the gospel of Ikea
rabbitgta: they will notice and come back soon
62MGcobra: and i thought is was just me....
robert97dj: Canadian internet
Solid_Fuel: potholes in the internet highway?
Nigouki: time for fluid swapping
LadyLockwood92: Ah well. I gotta head to bed anyways.
CAKHost: I did not appreciate the flashing, Twitch :[
TheMerricat: so chat how long before Beej and Ian notice we are missing :D
NotCainNorAbel: maybe tomrrow
Solid_Fuel: probably a while
RandomTrivia: Oh did it die while I was in the bathroom?
TheMerricat: refresh if you're getting flashing at the twitch bug it ends as soon as you refresh
robert97dj: lol
RandomTrivia: Darn
RandomTrivia: panicBasket
CAKHost: I'm going to head to bed myself. Good night all!
NotCainNorAbel: is it because they missed the last break?
RandomTrivia: Goodnight CAKHost!
TheMerricat: @cakhost night!
NotCainNorAbel: good night
TheMerricat: @notcainnorabel twitch actually do that? kill a stream if they forget to do ads?
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Juliamon: No it's a joke
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NotCainNorAbel: @TheMerricat not that I know of. I should have added a lrrBEEJ
TheMerricat: lol :D
RandomTrivia: LUL
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Juliamon: I wonder what they're discussing now
TheMerricat: So chat, while we wait, anyone try out the new Quake that got released today? It was a free upgrade if you already owned Quake on Steam...
RandomTrivia: What year is it?!
LoadingReadyRun: Sorry folks, hard bluescreen. We're coming back shortly.
RandomTrivia: New Quake?
SnackPak_: lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
RandomTrivia: lrrSIG
62MGcobra: lrrSIG
Nigouki: lrrSIG lrrSIG
RandomTrivia: YIKES
VmKid: lrrSIG
Solid_Fuel: lrrSIG lrrSIG
johnalogue: @RandomTrivia not 2020 so we're okay
nightraven949: lrrSIG lrrSIG
RandomTrivia: I dunno, a new Quake might have made 2020 a little less terrible
rabbitgta: yeppers looks like they are coming back up
GhostValv: lrrSHINE
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bloodstar: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
rabbitgta: thanks @solid_fuel so kinda of you
Solid_Fuel: :D
TheMerricat: So chat, if today Ian is building a gunpla of a gunpla machine. when do we get the gunpla of a streaming PC that actually streams? :P
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VmKid: @TheMerricat So... a PC build then?
Thatwasademo: lrrIAN
greenday61892: lmao what happened?
TheMerricat: @greenday61892 streaming PC bluescreened appearently
missa_hancock: Was about to ask why there was no music. Then I realized I was on mute.
missa_hancock: But there's no music anyway lol
62MGcobra: 5 minute improptu break
greenday61892: OH FUN
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ChekhovsCannon: no audio
RandomTrivia: Mics muted
TemporallyAwry: Mic5 ;p
Thatwasademo: Mic 5!
Juliamon: I think he realized it
pwneboi: mic check
RandomTrivia: There you are!
eeriedude: We can't hear you IAN
SnackPak_: lrrGOAT
miniMacGuru: I hear a Beej!
Juliamon: There it is
JuniorRoll: Yes!
LurkerSpine: we can hear you
bunn_tech: Good
TheMerricat: there we go :)
Solid_Fuel: all good!
nightraven949: We hear an ian
RandomTrivia: """""trust"""""
TheMerricat: So you do have one weird thing going on still with the overlay....'
sirspate: overlay in lower left is weird
RandomTrivia: The frame is waiting for the camera to reconnect
RTwo28: Hello Beej and Ian!
missa_hancock: Watching streams I don't usually catch because I'm just so happy to see LRR comfortable being in the same room!
SmithKurosaki: BeejIanNeering?
RandomTrivia: There we go
TheMerricat: Needed to refill my water bottle anyway :)
eeriedude: Good thing the computer failed, because otherwise I wouldn't have gotten the notification :D
TheMerricat: yes google domains routes all non-deliverable mail to the domain to the admin account
Texan_Reverend: Does the underside of the mobo touch any part of the chassis if the plastic shield is not in place?
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Solid_Fuel: good night i am going to sleep :D