Earthenone: lrrSIG lrrSPOT lrrSIG
ShaneLeeAtk: What timing!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's time for LRRMtG and Adam is flying solo for the launch of Jumpstart Historic! | That's exciting and cool and you should come hang out with me. | Ok I lied Graham is here for an hour. | ||
monkeyrama: lrrARROWS lrrSIG
Dared00: lurrmuttguh
lirazel64: Adam Home Alone.
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG Woo
monkeyrama: Adam Alone (with Graham OpieOP )
beowuuf: @lirazel64 does that make graham joe pesci?
Dr_Shandor: Are we in Oklahoma?
legenderrick728: uberniDab
lirazel64: I guess? I think the message said Adam was solo. Or did I misread?
Gaz_L: @beowuuf yes, but oddly from My Cousin Vinny
ShaneLeeAtk: This is the show that lets me know the weekend is upon me.
beowuuf: @Gaz_L :D
azidbern95: given his height, Graham is probably Marv
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monkeyrama: Graham's here at the start
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Dared00: now I want a remake of Home Alone where everything is the same, except Graham is there for an hour
monkeyrama: oops LUL
beowuuf: @lirazel64 adam was going to be solo then i guess graham snuck in for an hour :D
Seth_Erickson: perfect sub message Kappa
monkeyrama: All planned ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
lirazel64: @dared00 Just sitting on the sofa staring at his phone. Or setting traps.
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Seth_Erickson: Is Graham on McAlister's side or the Robber's side.
frnknstn: I just opened my first Historic Jumpstart pool and got "Scavenger Madness". It seems good :)
Featherweight_: We're here!
monkeyrama: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Gaz_L: entering an event and seeing 'Madness' was a theme is a heckuva a way to remember "oh, right, this is WAY more powerful than the last set"
Dr_Shandor: I am prepared
Rustpile: My body is ready
monkeyrama: oh my
Juliamon: oopsie
Easilycrazyhat: BWaaaa-
DJayHGaming: Baaa...badger!
lirazel64: Jumpsta--
Rustpile: ๐Ÿ‘€
monkeyrama: Howdy
1y1e: pogchamputations chat
DiscordianTokkan: o/
beowuuf: that was weird blip but things seem ok now so *Shrug* and sergeHi :D
monkeyrama: In the same room :O
TheWriterAleph: same roooom
TimeToFry: Same room!
LurkerSpine: Oh hello!
fidwell: TWO people?????
v_nome: It's dos bois!
Seth_Erickson: They have arrived
Brozard: Here we are
MegaDosX: Same room hype!
monkeyrama: lol
LurkerSpine: I thought it was gonna be Adam and POG Chat
CAKHost: Hello everyone!
Alness49: "WE" are here!
TimIAm: Good thing we can stem the pain with trading cards
electra310: Everyone pets Adam when they come back
Fluffy776: I was watching a bunch of LRR highlights and it was weird to see all the people together xD Happy to see you two in the same place though katesHeart
lirazel64: This is a true thing you are saying.
monkeyrama: Been very weird
monkeyrama: LUL
Moepsiii: physical touching Kreygasm
Brozard: *pets Adam* very good
xerjen: Pet the Adam!
monkeyrama: It must've been weird for you, since we could see you both but you couldn't see each other
HundreydAundre: Sup?
Genderi: Hey all, hey chat!
Alness49: It was good for two or three goofs at least
Rustpile: I love dinner, LRRMtg, and two good bois
monkeyrama: lol
lirazel64: That let's nope stuff was seriously Uncanny Valley
hurricanealpaca: "Good Adam" -scratches behind ear
MTBoot: wait, but you are green screened... I see it in G's hair!
Flyingdelorion: As someone who works in health care i would not know......but I am glad you can do this again!
electra310: I'd watch it
MegaDosX: That'd be a strictly better movie
Ashton: Constantly eating craft services in the background
beowuuf: look, we know adam could edit that, his 'living on a prayer' kicking in half way through the last agatha fisty was sergeJustRight
Fluffy776: Sounds like a difficult crabshot
f_tan_theta: what does that mean Adam?
monkeyrama: Jumpstaaaart seabatPjorg
Alness49: "This kid is all Home Alone" *Graham waves from window*
theblakdeth: hi friends!
mowdownjoe: Team Sidewalk Slam in person!
tinaun: Iโ€™ve been super happy with jshh so far - get slivers baby!!!
Fluffy776: crabshot? Crapshot. Though I'd watch a crabshot too
Gaz_L: yeah yeah yeah
xerjen: Wait, it's Wednesday? Oh no!
Moepsiii: jumpstart is fun, already played 6 diff decks
drumshark13: #CMPunk
electra310: Jumpstart is better this time than last time, it's pretty fun
Easilycrazyhat: I'm pumped
theblakdeth: listening to Dungeon Synth and watching my favourite peeps
Fluffy776: Yup, you can! Got the email the other day
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monkeyrama: So good LUL
Styxseus: :D
Slacker1977: sounds wordy
Mistborn83: just got both Freyalise and Davriel Jumpstart Deck. Whoops all planeswalkers
SpecctasaurusRex: thoughts on CM Punk Return?
Rustpile: KingCarddom, a place to buy the monarchy
DiscordianTokkan: I just got that button yesterday! From my order that shipped on the 14th!
monkeyrama: Nailed it
Gadora: Lands on the left, surely.
CAKHost: Didn't you do that with an island? (holds up a mountain?)
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beowuuf: lands in front, black lotuses unsleeved on the pavement, it's the way magic was meant to be played. Also something about batching
electra310: #blamejames
Moepsiii: i only saw one person who played lands infront in 10 years of magic
monkeyrama: Roughly one year ago
Rustpile: I blame James, he streamed a boat and it broke the everything
Genderi: @Moepsiii and it was Ian that one time on stream
Pantsravaganza: Lasting watch and play effects?
HondoTrigger: They let you back in the studio after that last deck you drafted, Adam? OpieOP
Moepsiii: no i saw it IRL
RokuNalaar: So far I have tried "Ninja Davriel", "Kiora Flickering" and "Scaled up Pumped up
monkeyrama: Davriel ๐Ÿ‘€
electra310: Serra's Realm is very fun
Genderi: I mean,, we take David
Easilycrazyhat: Famous planeswalker, David.
monkeyrama: Take the mystery cards
TimeToFry: David Cane, notorious Planeswalker
Tregelen: serras has a walker too
MegaDosX: Davriel does about a million things
Genderi: It's got a planeswalker in it
laikagoat: oooo, just got Ayula from my ICR
f_tan_theta: reading the card does not explain the card
Easilycrazyhat: This is so up Adam's alley
monkeyrama: Davriel does SO MANY things
samu_btdp1985: his deals are awful
Moepsiii: planeswalkers are much more common, i played 6 events and got 4 planeswalker packs
IbunWest: When did Davriel get so hot
xerjen: My opponent did draw 3 loose 6 life. I didn't have fun
Moepsiii: and half my opponents had planeswalkers too
samu_btdp1985: I only ever +1 or-3
Fried_Twinkie: Hey it's my favorite streamers!
MegaDosX: @IbunWest Always has been
Robot_Bones: He got a real Glow up from Rogue Shadow Mage to Soul Broker
Easilycrazyhat: Double Serra. Nice.
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: In person, yay~ *Waves arms like Kermit*
ArdCollider: someone I played last night had the Davriel av and it was like getting glared at by Tony Stark's dad all game.
shendaras: What does that mean in context? Perpetually? Is that different than just giving a creature -3/-3?
Gaz_L: the conditions can be like 'all your opponents' stuff gets +1/+1 forever'
monkeyrama: That card was solid in draft
Moepsiii: -3 -3 forever
Genderi: they showed the land, but they also don't give you cool new lands in j21
Seth_Erickson: Dav many faces was fine when I had it
Ranakel: Goblins into Goblin Fodder was BUSTED
Easilycrazyhat: It means what it sounds like, which is nic e.
beowuuf: @shendaras the card keeps it, even in the graveyard, back in hand, etc. Like you just penned the card :p
Featherweight_: give that man a cookie
DoctorHutch: I've wondered about how it shows you packets...i wonder if what you pick in the first one effects what it shows you for a second choice
Pinwiz11: So, what Hex did. :)
frnknstn: I do miss the custom basics
TimeToFry: There's also one colourless card :P
Genderi: it means, the card that that creature is, always has -3/-3, for the rest of the game, wherever it is
Moepsiii: you put the - counters inside the sleeve and not ontop of the sleeve
Easilycrazyhat: @DoctorHutch It does. It's in effort to make sure you don't end up in 3 colors.
HundreydAundre: Doppel-Walkers. Let's Goof & Gull!!
monkeyrama: It seems like arena gives you your second choice based on the colors you chose first
Fried_Twinkie: Like Arena is going to "perpetually" eat all of my gems?
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: It does what it says on the tin, basically changes the text on the card. Probavly... weird to get used to
CururuGuasu: Multi-colored jumpstart pack
Flyingdelorion: @LoadingReadyRun I heard some of you got to work on the new Un-set. That is so awesome! Congratulations! you deserve this sooo much. Can't wait for the set to arrive.
monkeyrama: We just need to know that Davriel is in there OpieOP
TheWarbo: So it looks like the card they show you is "the card with the art that's used for the pack"
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LastResistance: But I thought knowing was half the battle?
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Athelgar: interesting interactions with "return card with power less than X from the graveyar..."
neisan2112: Lets you do some combo BS with Vesperlark
MegaDosX: So the fun part here is they could've had a Mardu deck if they went with Modular and Many Faced
monkeyrama: Oh man, this hand seabatPjorg
AtomicAlchemical: Heart of the cards, Graham. Heart of the cards
Seth_Erickson: hey a card with perpetually
Slacker1977: Forgotten realms lands :(
monkeyrama: 20 turn clock seabatBRAIN
stizzet: can you give your own creature the -x/-x so you can play super efficient aristocrat?
Moepsiii: cant block wont block
Genderi: 1 2 2 is a fine curve
MegaDosX: Also of note, there aren't special lands for this Jumpstart, but it will automatically populate the deck with enough lands of the right colours, and dual lands of necessary colours
Featherweight_: outcast just does it's own thing
monkeyrama: splicer is in here? wow
beowuuf: when davriel isn't on the battlefield or in hand, everybody should ask 'where is davriel, and what are their conditions?'
Genderi: I saw changeling outcast in ninjas.dek which was rad
the_one_and_only_kim: I donโ€™t think duplicate protection is working, I have three Svelune packs from four drafts
monkeyrama: purple text ๐Ÿ‘€
Illuvater01: is this format available to everyone?
1y1e: purple very hype
monkeyrama: Yes it is
Steelwolf171: Purple-etually
Moepsiii: @Illuvater01 everyone with gold or gems
RokuNalaar: @Illuvater01 everyone who plays arena
monkeyrama: That's so cool!
HundreydAundre: Joining LRR across the Queuing Cubes. & ponder the question....
Genderi: @Illuvater01 It's live! I just played my first matches
Easilycrazyhat: @MegaDosX This made me sad :( Hoping there are new lands in the paper JS next year!
shendaras: Do you know what the art will be, or is that still unseen?
TheWriterAleph: i literally shouted omg when i saw that on reddit, congrats
Illuvater01: guuuuys, that's so awesome
cuttlefishman: Hi Chat, Hi Adam, Hi Graham
RedRaptor: So what I'm hearing is buy a booster box of that when it comes out.
cuttlefishman: How are we today?
A_Bullett: Heyyy thatโ€™s cool congrats
Genderi: I got Relentless Bears, which was rad
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Looking forward to all the puns and trying to no-scope the Cam written cards
Athelgar: The official nicknames set
Sniknob: It's so weird seeing two people at the bottom right of the screen again
Cartographers_Ink: This is the ultimate culmination of the nicknames podcast
IbunWest: I am glad Un-sets are becoming a more common thing.
Moepsiii: they can even touch each other @Cartographers_Ink
monkeyrama: LUL
HundreydAundre: "Wut Picks...!?"
Genderi: the changelings are doing really good work for this set, since they mean that they can put random tribal cards in
nymistrya: I just got off a squirrel bears deck, which might be my MTG career highlight
Dared00: Also, Seanbaby for Unfinity PPR? ;D
Flyingdelorion: I can imagine you are very proud of it and you should. I can't wait for the future laughs!
Captainfuse: except the art, they just got the name right there ;P
samu_btdp1985: no servo facts? @loadingreadyrun
Featherweight_: no cards just named space nsburg? shame.
TheWarbo: the real question is how many false positives there are. :D "oh that's GOTTA be Cam who wrote that" and it isn't
Alness49: Not even a cheeky "Sausage Standards Legislation" joke?
orellien2773: No 12 Kird Apes card?
Juliamon: Kathleen in particular has a very distinctive style, I expect to be able to identify at least one thing she wrote
monkeyrama: Can't wait to see which cards each of you worked on
Ranakel: Not cycling that land means you're skipping your draw steppe
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrSHINE
ArdCollider: Kathleen clearly has probably worked in a "creature - lizard wizard" joke somewhere.
theblakdeth: how long ago is "a while"?
romanempire144: Are we playing until we get our queen Ayula?
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Gonna be so weird for y'all to crack a pack and be like "oh yeah, I wrote that thing"
Seth_Erickson: you do have recursion btw
TimeToFry: So I'm guessing we won't get a nicknames episode of TTC for Unfinity :P
Huskey3737: The nicknames episode is going to be awesome (if that's happening)
Steel_Dingleberries: I was so hyped when I read that y'all worked on the set and then I learned Seanbaby also worked on it
Flyingdelorion: @ArdCollider I hope so..
Seth_Erickson: thwart the grave was in my version of this
oatway: entire time units ago
RandomTrivia: The nicknames episode will just be a PPR :D
frnknstn: I never realised that Seanbaby played MTG
tsp397: Really excited for it. So pleased you got the opportunity to do it, it's a great fit.
Gadora: Can't be specific? Must've been March 2020.
Genderi: I feel like if you just keep drawing gas that's fine
Fried_Twinkie: Would you say within the last 5 years?
KaleidoscopeMind: producer friend mentioned that most sets are started like 2 years in advance.
monkeyrama: They start the process so far in advance
RokuNalaar: But names and flavor text comes pretty late in the process, no?
f_tan_theta: I imagine creative text is pretty far along in the process though
monkeyrama: Who?
Juliamon: Seanbaby goes waaaay back
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Fried_Twinkie: Holy cow haven't heard that name in a hot minute
Gaz_L: Obi Wan... Seanbaby?
Juliamon: I know him as "the only reason I had an EGM subscription"
Steel_Dingleberries: Seanbaby and Brockway have a wonderful comedy site and a wonderful podcast
RandomTrivia: LUL
Fried_Twinkie: I read a lot of his stuff on Cracked a long time ago
theblakdeth: chat, do i get the nyx lands in Arena? I dont usually buy cosmetics
monkeyrama: LUL
Fried_Twinkie: was one
TheWriterAleph: i remember seanbaby from EGM
ArdCollider: @theblakdeth depends on how much you want to go in on Jumpstart at the moment.
A_Bullett: Cracked was awesome
offbeatwitch: this looks a lot saner than the game i just got out of
ArdCollider: (I got nyx lands. I'm weak.)
Steel_Dingleberries: @A_Bullett Until they fired all their writers
monkeyrama: Ooh, new Sarkhan
Gaz_L: Sarkhan is gross
A_Bullett: rip
RandomTrivia: They get to REPEATEDLY conjure Shivan Dragons
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Sarkhan "Dragon Hands" Vol
Ranakel: No burger brand, I don't want an action packed trip to a shiv
MegaDosX: Sarkhan would have been a bit less of an issue with your Goremand, but pitching it to Pelakka Predation is definitely the right call >_>
frnknstn: Sarkhan, living my 1996 dream
monkeyrama: Free dragon seabatPjorg
Dared00: Man, 2022 sets sound so cool: cyberpunk, mafia, Dominaria, new Un-set. Crazy year.
monkeyrama: Goremahnd sounds fancier
Gaz_L: Baldur's Gate Commander too!
Fried_Twinkie: What is this, AFR limited?
RandomTrivia: Goremand is one of the best puns in recent Magic
paronomasiac042: Gore Man D
shendaras: The unset is Q2 I think I saw in your messages?
ArdCollider: jumpstart heroic horizons
MegaDosX: @Fried_Twinkie Jumpstart Historic Horizons
monkeyrama: strictly better gravesman
Genderi: graveshifter: notably a golem
Alness49: Wait, just creates a card, not a token? Does he not understand the Law of Conservation of Magicโ„ข?
monkeyrama: It sure does!
MegaDosX: Goremand is a pretty strong card in limited-esque formats
RandomTrivia: Goremand is very strong and I'm so disappointed it did nothing in Standard
monkeyrama: Such is Jumpstart
MegaDosX: They probably invoked James' name
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Deathrite_Sharkman: dirty 30
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RandomTrivia: That's called the Turner Paradigm
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Puppet Jace
Gaz_L: Beholder!
mitomanox: hyped 4 the return of watch + play
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Wait, do you NOT own puppet Jace?
Genderi: It's hypothetically possible to Battle of Wits win with a 60 card deck now
Moepsiii: i usally got sick of the deck after 2 wins LUL
monkeyrama: These are very snappy indeed, which is good if you get a pair you don't like
Easilycrazyhat: You can keep the deck lists, too, but you can't rejoin the event with a old deck.
Captainfuse: We dont speak of puppet jace
ArdCollider: I was initially not sold on Puppet Jace and then I got him in an FNM code redemption.
Gaz_L: But it's Jace Beleren, beloved mascot of the Magic: The Gathering hashtag brand!
beowuuf: @Genderi somewhere wheeler just strted grinning uncontrllably and he doesn't know why
RandomTrivia: SingsNote "And I'm freeee-... free-mulling" SingsNote
monkeyrama: discard rat with extra work
Captainfuse: Fair and balanced
Dmc3628: what PED's are on that creature
monkeyrama: Yeah, that card is pretty solid
Easilycrazyhat: Woah
spinebustertee: simic uncommon, but make it selesnya
Moepsiii: that card has rules on it
offbeatwitch: that card is bustyed
s0lesurviv0r: why isn't this already in my selesnya edh??
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: I love him by virtue of not liking Jace. Always reminds me of that one Rakdos card that had a guy mocking Jace with a puppet
monkeyrama: HEy look a that rat you just played, tho
Easilycrazyhat: lrrJUDGECALL lrrJUDGECALL Opponent has a good card!
monkeyrama: that's pretty good OpieOP
misskale: my husband's hamza loves it
spinebustertee: gross
monkeyrama: oh that's a nasty combo
RandomTrivia: It's in MH2, yeah
Dmc3628: WOMBO
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Supermareo: oof
RandomTrivia: WOAH
s0lesurviv0r: lrrFINE
Easilycrazyhat: Le Wombo
f_tan_theta: seabatNogood
Gaz_L: "in response... I play this... cat..."
RandomTrivia: Creature size go to SPACE
monkeyrama: oooooh noooo
Easilycrazyhat: Holy shit this deck
spinebustertee: welp gg
IbunWest: Guess I'll die then.
Captainfuse: We had a good run
offbeatwitch: some of these decks are just stupid
raulghoulia: both teams tried hard
TheWarbo: the +1/+1 counters deck appears to have a combo baed on +1/+1 counters
whitefirecomix: well we put up a good fight
offbeatwitch: there's a sliver deck. fuck the sliver deck
Dmc3628: Scaled Up plus something else?
flukeyluke89: YES! both together in the office again. Magic Thursdays as they should be :D
oatway: well both teams played hard
ElCoggins: one is called pumped up
MegaDosX: Also one of them has lifelink
Captainfuse: Inc trick
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Combat trick inc
Moepsiii: opp surely has no spell
Moepsiii: splicers knows splicing
PinballWitch: Hi Graham, hi Adam, Hi Chat
Dmc3628: Consent before touching cards
Gaz_L: "hey, can I see your creature for a sec?" "....why?"
tsp397: Is that a nonbo?
MegaDosX: So many new things for my Hamza Brawl deck
monkeyrama: OP's deck seems pretty good
Genderi: in one sense it's a nonbo, sure
Fluffy776: Talk about a deck I want to add to an EDH deck! So many good cards
Genderi: in another sense, it's redundancy
Moepsiii: it is now
IbunWest: It's not a nonbo because you can only outlast once
monkeyrama: Phyrexian is new
RandomTrivia: Yeah... that creature type update got a LOT of things
Fanboy_of_Bolas: E R R A T A
Moepsiii: 6months ago or so
PinballWitch: upgrades
monkeyrama: on a loooot of old things
fiftymcnasty: Yeah a lot of stuff got updated
Captainfuse: interesting
Fanboy_of_Bolas: Cool Technology
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Classic, not letting Warforged into tha party smh
DiscordianTokkan: They made ALL of the Mirrodin stuff Phyrexian almost, for some reason
monkeyrama: Plague Engineer says Hello OpieOP
Genderi: Is the Golem a phyrexian?
LastCenturion: the golem is also phyrexian
Moepsiii: warforged ginger?!
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: :0
DiscordianTokkan: They absoLUTELY have Souls, canonically
MegaDosX: Yeah they definitely have souls
Gaz_L: they're from Eberron! The best campagn setting fight me
MegaDosX: If they didn't then resurrection magic wouldn't work on them
Fanboy_of_Bolas: get out of here warforged. nobody likes you.
MoxCubitZirconium: Phyrexoan errata for upcoming dominator sets. Howdy โ€˜rassles boos BTW
Paradachshund: prove it
monkeyrama: Captured by Legacs LUL
Ranakel: Ok, what if a warforged has a soul, but it's trapped in a bottle?
beowuuf: if any were real thye would have souls, but when you walk over to any of them they end up being illusions and we have to go back and make another change
RevolverRossalot: This is a polite reminder the 4/4 has reach :)
satyropodobny: next thing you'll be saying Autobots don't have souls
beowuuf: *choice
Athelgar: So, Optimus Prime doesn't have a soul?
MoxCubitZirconium: Damn spelling on iPhoneโ€ฆ
beowuuf: no, optimus prime has the touch
Fanboy_of_Bolas: i haven't played arena since the beta. is that a minion on the left??
s0lesurviv0r: Optimus Prime has a SPARK
monkeyrama: Woooow, OP
RandomTrivia: OUCH
xythrogar: optimus prime does have the touch, though
offbeatwitch: we are dead!
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
offbeatwitch: goodbye
Gaz_L: Transformers don't have souls, they have sparks!
MegaDosX: What's it like to have everything, opponent?
spinebustertee: yeah, dead on board
ginganinja314: The worst thing about new jumpstart is it just makes me really want to draft MH2
ginganinja314: Still fun though
monkeyrama: So that acolyte is good
HondoTrigger: MH2 is sweet, I just go 4c greed every time
Dmc3628: tis a helluva drug
kumatsu: I still have 3 drafts worth of Modern Horizons 1 in my closet
Fried_Twinkie: MH2 would be sick on Arena
monkeyrama: MH2 was fn
Fried_Twinkie: I loved it
Moepsiii: yeah it was good
monkeyrama: fun*
Moepsiii: espaciley opening monkeys was fun
ginganinja314: Iโ€™ve done one draft at my lgs and one sealed
Steel_Dingleberries: I had a conversation about Ikoria earlier today, and the consensus was that it's heinous in paper
HondoTrigger: IKO got better the second time around because its not bot drafts
oatway: back for more is one of the most satisfying spells to cast
monkeyrama: Ikoria as a set has a lot of interesting mechanics and things happening
MegaDosX: Oh hey look a banned card
Dmc3628: yes getting rid of the elephant in the room of Zenith flare to face
Solid_Fuel: mh2 was fun cause i opened 6 fetches :D
drcthulu: A lot of cool interesting decks and the cycling deck
Fanboy_of_Bolas: @Moepsiii mtg or veterinarian?
PinballWitch: I don't like the ability counters, but that's more about the mechanic and how it invalidates auras, but otherwise it's a cool set
Featherweight_: cycling much less of an issue at an actual table
ginganinja314: Ikoria is amazing. I loved green white vigilance
Ranakel: Give them Davriel you coward shuffler
frnknstn: I like formats that make it easy to splash a 3rd color
Masslost: etchings is great in tribal commander decks
spinebustertee: oh no, opponent on momir
Dmc3628: Dingleberries what I want to know is where you are to play in paper
MegaDosX: Opponent's gonna Momir!
HondoTrigger: playing the cycling deck makes you feel like Thanos
TimIAm: Is brown a verb
Moepsiii: @Fanboy_of_Bolas we were talking about mh2 so take a wild guess
monkeyrama: cycling is fun because you see all of your cards
offbeatwitch: HAH
offbeatwitch: yeah this card rules
Easilycrazyhat: Yeaahhh XD
Moepsiii: momir
Ranakel: Pool of VIGorous growth
Steel_Dingleberries: @Dmc3628 I didn't but the people who did (with housemates etc.) said that it was bad
tsp397: With my free draft I think I profited heavily from people trying to force cycling. Drafted an absurd mutate deck.
RevolverRossalot: I do wish IKO draft used the original Companion rules though.
beowuuf: phlotery!
Easilycrazyhat: Have they clarified what pool the random creature is pulled from?
Genderi: Momir Vigorous Growth
cabforpitt: my opp killed themselves with harmonious archon from that card lol
MegaDosX: I feel like it's going to be worthless outside of this format, but at the very least it's a fun card
Genderi: @Easilycrazyhat presumably the same pool vig does
Featherweight_: kill it FOREVER
Dmc3628: like i can understand it in hypotheticals but obviously cause of shakes fists
dart111: why is that card name purple?
HondoTrigger: always be cycling
Dmc3628: to note perpetual states
Seth_Erickson: someone's playing momir PogXhamp
Easilycrazyhat: @Easilycrazyhat I would assume it'd have to be historic legal cards, but yeah, not sure.
monkeyrama: That poor unicorn, dead unless someone can help it BibleThump
MegaDosX: @dart111 It has a Perpetual effect on it
Seth_Erickson: Pogchamp
Gaz_L: purple means it has a perpetual effect on it
BrowneePoints: Omg Adam and Graham back in the same room!
dart111: ah, huh
s0lesurviv0r: PERPURPULARLY
DJayHGaming: Purpletual?
Moepsiii: the new mechanics are neatly implented, the first time iam impressed by the dev team
Genderi: vs another deathtoucher?
monkeyrama: You can rat/predation next turn too, if you wanted
thekanadier: Glad to see the fellas in the same room again! Woot woot go vaxxes go
MegaDosX: Good lord imagine that at instant speed
theblakdeth: Phil Spector is pretty good
Seth_Erickson: Love that stupid artifact
MegaDosX: Ulamog at instant speed would be terrifying
RandomTrivia: Right yes, Graham and Adam in the same meatspace! I forgot!
Genderi: turning a land into a 4 drop is like, really strong I expect
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FittiusRex: did they announce what they're doing about perpetual cards in brawl? I don't remember what you said in TTC
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PinballWitch: you two should hug
MegaDosX: I'm getting my first jab in two hours!
particle33: Why is fell specters name purple?
Dmc3628: somebody last night at Dynamite had a sign that said Keep wrestling alive get vaxxed
Seth_Erickson: My historic attempt at it has been fun if not bad
Gaz_L: well, get a professional to insert them
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PinballWitch: cause i miss the touch of another human and want to live vicariously through you two
oatway: I for one love to be full of messenger ribonucleic acid
samu_btdp1985: @loadingreadyrun will sidewalk slam be coming back soon
mitomanox: VAX IT UP
MegaDosX: Davriel and Davriel's Withering are both banned in Historic Brawl
Moepsiii: the minus perpetual is banned
offbeatwitch: oh good
Dmc3628: though Kinan and Emry deserve to die forever
monkeyrama: Super unfun
Dmc3628: against everyone else
BearHusky: @particle33 it gained perpetual deathtouch from the rat
monkeyrama: specter PogChamp
frozenphoenix7: Sorry Graham, I was informed that by my Twitch alert that Adam was alone this week, so I've determined you must be a figment of my imagination.
particle33: Thx
RandomTrivia: benginChamp
PinballWitch: Hearthstone handles those kinds of effects much better imo, they end in the graveyard, but persist in all other zones
Genderi: yep, that card and Davriel are on the H Brawl banlist
monkeyrama: Oof, a fight card that draws them a card
BrowneePoints: Seeing y'all in the same room again legit is making me so happy i'm borderline crying. It's like the clouds are lifting and things are finally getting better
Gaz_L: I like that it says 'when' it wins, not 'if'
particle33: We get to find out what winning a fight means?
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samu_btdp1985: hey guys great to see people together will sidewalk slam be returning
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Moepsiii: opp wont draw if both creatures die
monkeyrama: vanilla 5/3 ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Seth_Erickson: That's momir baby
RandomTrivia: Ouch
rentar42: I've got the same shirt, Graham. I love how soft it is (and looks awesome too).
Moepsiii: the fighting creature has to survive in order to win
monkeyrama: It does, but out rat didn't have d/t
Ranakel: Davriel is a coward
particle33: If thereโ€™s a leyline and ops creatures doesnโ€™t die, do you win the fight?
DiscordianTokkan: I think it said in reminder text off the card that "You win the fight if your creature is the only survivor"
MegaDosX: Your golem blocks literally their whole board
A_Dub888: !card fell specter
LRRbot: Fell Specter [3B] | Creature โ€” Specter [1/3] | Flying / When Fell Specter enters the battlefield, target opponent discards a card. / Whenever an opponent discards a card, that player loses 2 life.
monkeyrama: Specter really messes with their Momir plans
Solid_Fuel: sorry to ask, but waht costitutes winning the fight?
PinballWitch: mrow
MegaDosX: @Solid_Fuel Surviving when the opponent's creature dies
Moepsiii: etchings on spectre to have a blocker?
Solid_Fuel: ah ok cool :D
IbunWest: Specifically the *only* one.
RandomTrivia: ^
PinballWitch: do we know how many different packs there are in this new jumpstart?
Genderi: sorta hurts that you have all your changeling support, but no actual changelings rn
Seth_Erickson: Love the stupid momir pod so much
CanisLupusAqua: @PinballWitch 46
weff47: I just got here, holy crap same room!
PinballWitch: that's a decent number for sure
offbeatwitch: think they have a trick with all that mana
PinballWitch: thank you @CanisLupusAqua
monkeyrama: there he is ๐Ÿ‘€
CanisLupusAqua: no prob!
PinballWitch: lrrSHINE
Seth_Erickson: The conditions are all super sweet
MegaDosX: No touchie!
BrowneePoints: Davriel is a house
shendaras: Seems good.
Seth_Erickson: his minus 2 is sweet
monkeyrama: So that +1 seems solid
TheWooglie: that's busted with specter
Gaz_L: *bangs table* minus 2 minus 2 MINUS 2!
MegaDosX: Of course you do Adam :p
drcthulu: seems very good
oatway: the stakes have never been lower
monkeyrama: Do iiiiiit
Thagnok: Could it be... Satan?
BrowneePoints: I got double +2/+0 emblems into a topdecked Svyelun with him earlier. It was GROSS @LoadingReadyRun
1y1e: yes lads
PinballWitch: Spin the wheel! Cheer50
Featherweight_: Dave's discount offers!
monkeyrama: little rat
TheOtherTrevor: I hate this card just for the fact that "reading the card no longer explains the card". What does "accepting conditions and offers" mean. Where does it say the conditions and offers are random
PinballWitch: 6 life seems like the right choice here
Dmc3628: i hate that it ropes when you just trying to read all of Dav's fine print
MegaDosX: I think it was upkeep, but could be wrong
monkeyrama: we super don't want that emblem, lol
PinballWitch: good for a creatureless deck, but not for this
P0wderdt04stman: Is this Arenas or...?
Genderi: I feel like you really wanted to keep the specter, since it's the only thing keeping the Momir Vig thing from popping off
monkeyrama: lump sum now or an annuity
s0lesurviv0r: what was the offer?
BearHusky: @P0wderdt04stman it's arena, the new jumpstart event
Seth_Erickson: look at that monitor go PogChamp
RandomTrivia: They don't have card advantage, they have "every card is a threat"
s0lesurviv0r: neat
monkeyrama: what os etchings?
Seth_Erickson: all Davriels graham
s0lesurviv0r: !card Etchings of the Chosen
LRRbot: Etchings of the Chosen [1WB] | Enchantment | As Etchings of the Chosen enters the battlefield, choose a creature type. / Creatures you control of the chosen type get +1/+1. / {1}, Sacrifice a creature of the chosen type: Target creature you control gains indestructible until end of turn.
ckupf: I took the davriel deck as well, i ended up with the War of the Spark Davriel as well, apparently its a 20% chance you get both
MegaDosX: WHAT
RandomTrivia: They got a clone
Dmc3628: 5 mana clone?
spinebustertee: must be a clone
Fanboy_of_Bolas: lrrJUDGECALL my opponet is beating me and I don't like it
RandomTrivia: Moritte?
RandomTrivia: There we go
monkeyrama: Ooooo
MegaDosX: Sick!
Genderi: but you *had* the card that beats it :(
P0wderdt04stman: @BearHusky Ah, thanks!
PinballWitch: spin to win!
Gaz_L: plus 1?
MegaDosX: +1 until you have enough blockers?
RandomTrivia: The +1 is probably also pretty good too
TheWooglie: if you get another offer you wasted your first one
monkeyrama: +1 is pseudo safety
Dmc3628: they'd probably just 1st main phase spin pool
PinballWitch: +1 is probably the safest play
RandomTrivia: 2 blockers and an active planeswalker will make this more difficult to lose
A_Dub888: !card etchings of the
LRRbot: Etchings of the Chosen [1WB] | Enchantment | As Etchings of the Chosen enters the battlefield, choose a creature type. / Creatures you control of the chosen type get +1/+1. / {1}, Sacrifice a creature of the chosen type: Target creature you control gains indestructible until end of turn.
particle33: Op good gameing us
sbenda13: one will be sacced
Fanboy_of_Bolas: schshschall we?
s0lesurviv0r: Davriel sounds a tad snarky for someone who just wants to chill at home
goldreaver: @particle33 they are prolly going to win, unfortunately
PinballWitch: @LoadingReadyRun CK meme time, I ordered some cards last night and they shipped this morning.
MegaDosX: I like +2 here
Gaz_L: "I would like to read the terms and conditions"
spinebustertee: oh that's fantastic
monkeyrama: oh that's very good
Dmc3628: that's an interesting one
Steel_Dingleberries: But Offers and Conditions are fun
RandomTrivia: Interesting
PinballWitch: you're probably down to only 1 ofs
shendaras: Demon?
Gaz_L: demon, i guess?
MegaDosX: Demon?
gramplot: It's probably a tie
Moepsiii: demon
The_cake_of_lies: Demon probably
RandomTrivia: I mean, it's all shapeshifters which means there's 2 demons left I guess?
monkeyrama: I guess because they're mostly shapeshifters?
BloodnBullets: apparently demon is most common
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: You probably have 2 demons and a bunch of changelings
Slacker1977: maybe it's one of each and all changelings?
eye_h_bar: demon
Fanboy_of_Bolas: demon?
s0lesurviv0r: demon summoned from changeling shenanigans??
Alness49: Either that or Changeling throws out the math?
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The_Phailhaus: Sup guys, thank you for all the great streams over the last 8 years, heres to many more!
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Slacker1977: one rat drawn already
Featherweight_: it is what is left in the deck
Dmc3628: Manor Guardian is one i think?
RandomTrivia: There might be smaller demons too
1y1e: might be a multi-way tie
gramplot: The changelings count as demons in the deck too
MegaDosX: I think you're about to lose Davriel >_>
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Davriel sounds like he stubbed his toe when hit. Ahh, *sharp inhale*
MegaDosX: Davriel did some cool things though!
MegaDosX: Oh no
spinebustertee: oh that's bad
RandomTrivia: WOAH
PinballWitch: woiof
PinballWitch: woof
monkeyrama: Oh that envoy is bonkers
RandomTrivia: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
MegaDosX: I think opponent has turned a corner here
A_Dub888: rayfkWelp
PinballWitch: that's from the Theros Theme Boosters
Moepsiii: dont bring a jumpstart deck to a momir battle
Dmc3628: Dav definitely sounds like Blitzo from Helluba
BrowneePoints: is James Watching?
IbunWest: I mean we have a two turn clock unless they spin a flier.
PinballWitch: does the momir plank have all the creatures added for regular momir too?
spinebustertee: you do have them on a 2 turn clock
Gaz_L: what does the enchantment do other than anthem?
monkeyrama: WELP
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: What is that card? It's a token?
The_cake_of_lies: Wow
IbunWest: Oof
Dmc3628: you sac someone of chosen type to indestructab;e
MegaDosX: lmaooooooo
PinballWitch: you can sack a creature to make something indestrucible
RandomTrivia: OOFA
Featherweight_: woooooooow
Fanboy_of_Bolas: shiiiiiit
Seth_Erickson: Momir jazz hands
eye_h_bar: oh dear
Dmc3628: wait a minute
MegaDosX: Not only did they get a flyer, they now have more cards to pitch to the Momir artifact
IbunWest: That might be the best pull they could've gotten
theblakdeth: 2/2 blaze it
Featherweight_: lrrWOW even
The_cake_of_lies: ''Nice!''
Slacker1977: spectre
A_Dub888: !findquote justice
LRRbot: Quote #6160: "Maybe I can befriend the ooze. Does the ooze have any sense of justice?" โ€”Serge [2019-06-22]
Dmc3628: cohort?
RandomTrivia: Drawing cards IS typically the way you win games of Momir
s0lesurviv0r: I hate this card...I love this card
cuttlefishman: Lore question... Does Cloudblazer vape?
PinballWitch: cohort is 2 bodies
RandomTrivia: !findquote never punished
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
spinebustertee: yeah, big pile of demons
BloodnBullets: means you can use them for etchings
MegaDosX: Fell Specter all day
PinballWitch: yeah the deathtouch!
IbunWest: It also means they can't spin
kumatsu: oh, and specter hits their Momir discard
Fanboy_of_Bolas: air superiority !
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Discard 2 spell off the top, come on
PinballWitch: yep f that plank
KingOfDoma: i just realized... you could technically use the Pool to play the Phlottery, couldn't you?
monkeyrama: lol
MegaDosX: They need to kill the Specter and Goremand to live, since Goremand just kills them and Specter drains them every time they Momir
RandomTrivia: Sadly not, KingOfDoma, Phage is not currently on Arena
BloodnBullets: creature of the chosen type, so the 2 shapeshifters might have been good.
Dmc3628: yeah you could Phlottery with but Belzenlok is the big bad
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demondrinkingtea: Afternoon, gentlemen.
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mowdownjoe: Belzenlok works close enough.
offbeatwitch: you can use the pool to play Belzenlottery
SirTrae: On Arena' it's the Belzenlottery
Fanboy_of_Bolas: take it?
RandomTrivia: Oh yeah, that too
Dmc3628: and then they can't Pool
TheWooglie: dead if they have removal
Easilycrazyhat: Phage is in the Momir pool too, now, I believe.
Gaz_L: and they literally can't spin now
frozenphoenix7: Dead to a removal spell, but probably not beating it anyway
Duetic: Belzenlottery needs a deck without nonland cards though, so it wouldn't happen in this case
Duetic: Or with all 4+ cmc
monkeyrama: No more momir ๐Ÿ‘€
drewm1022: Remember the indestructible ability, it could be relevant.
MegaDosX: Do it opponent!
Gaz_L: doooo it
monkeyrama: lol
RandomTrivia: Do it you coward!
monkeyrama: eyyyyy
RandomTrivia: YESSSS
BrowneePoints: I think it's more going out on the terms you wrote for them Graham
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Gaz_L: *salute*
MegaDosX: Opponent is brave!
Ranakel: Honorable opponent. Good fight
DiscordianTokkan: FBtouchdown seabatClap seabatClap
AtomicAlchemical: GG indeed
tsp397: Cool game
spinebustertee: that was a good game
Fanboy_of_Bolas: o7
Seth_Erickson: love the pool
electra310: GG to everybody
hammith: Are you guys... in the same room?
monkeyrama: That was a very close game
MegaDosX: This deck is funny
BrowneePoints: Davriel is a GROSS card
RandomTrivia: LUL
Mistborn83: could you use that draft simulator to draft this set?
cuttlefishman: Cool technology
Wolfstrike_NL: Same opp
Gaz_L: both in their own holosuites
MegaDosX: Oh hey look it's other Davriel
Seth_Erickson: Paul doing yet more wizard work I see OpieOP
ginganinja314: Is paper Friday night paper fight starting soon again?
Biffus1337: bleeding edge technology
hammith: Visual effects? Paul really needs paid more. :P
spinebustertee: that is not a good hand
MercuryEyes7: That dual 'Yeaaaaah' was perfect.
satyropodobny: just magnets and mirrors sheeple
DiscordianTokkan: Oh! I forgot about THAT Davriel!
BasilHunter: same opponent?
Gaz_L: All Out would be a good re-starting point...
BrowneePoints: Both Teyos are in the Teyo deck as well for a heads up
cuttlefishman: Wrestling has been... weird
MegaDosX: Giving WAR Davriel a + seems cool
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Wow, nice cg. Almost as convincing as that Road Quest show. That was greenscreen right? lrrBEEJ
RoyalNPC: wait who is this dashing co host Adam has it said he was solo
Fanboy_of_Bolas: aew seems cool
drumshark13: I'm right there with ya Adam. AEW is so much better
The_cake_of_lies: Same op, it's a rematch
ZonGooted: hello
Ranakel: CM punk chants are over. Sidewalk Slam chants are the new in things
monkeyrama: Now that crowds are a thing again fir wrestling?
monkeyrama: for*
spinebustertee: is this... the same opponent?
Gaz_L: to be fair, last night's Dynamite was... not amazing
LurkerSpine: I just wish AEW was on a streaming service
StygianAutomata: Its the same OP right?
LurkerSpine: Like, I know Dark is on Youtube
Dared00: If you're not watching WWE, at least check the current Baron Corbin storyline, it's AMAZING
Gaz_L: Now imagine how FAST Kevin Dunn must be yelling the cuts in WWE
RakdosDragon88: think I watch wwe just through habit now
cuttlefishman: When is DBFH engineering just going to rent out a production truck like that
Ranakel: Oh, that reminds me Graham, the historic of the paralympics for that one video you did was super cool!
IbunWest: The cuts in WWE are so nauseating.
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theblakdeth: permission to post a clip from Day9? he had a weird rules interaction and no one really understands what happened. want to see if anyone here gets it
monkeyrama: perpetual +2/+2 seems quite strong
Mattmitchell45: More Graham Graphic Design pls and thank you
Sniknob: The best part about Adam and Graham on arena is that you get a bonus mini sidewalk slam
spinebustertee: we desperately need creatures
Gaz_L: it's pronounced 'yand-ham zwing'
Mattmitchell45: (if it is reasonable to do so)
spinebustertee: and they proliferate themself
DiscordianTokkan: And Energy, too
Gaz_L: (I love that Crapshot)
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AveryCorvus: THE THREE YEARS (Listen, I forgot last month and had some random dumb sub comment. Great to see two great beards in the same room!)
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Masslost: im kinda happy that mat hardy might be reverting to a very fun character again :D
goldreaver: Perpetually fucks over black
electra310: Death be with you, and also with you
goldreaver: with their gy shenanigans
spinebustertee: 3 mana gain 4 life
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Are there none of those thriving lands in here, cyclers instead?
monkeyrama: Very beardy up in here
BrowneePoints: Gotta Get James in there too, then y'all can win a James Beard award
Gaz_L: no need for the Thriving lands because Arena adds the lands based on the packs you choose
RockPusher: Hey Graham - does images of Sainsbury's packaging from the '60s and '70s sound interesting to link to you?
cuttlefishman: I always thought that James had put you up on a bet or something and you grew out for that
monkeyrama: the 2 mana card in there hand is prob not worth taking 7
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Oh, that's more convenient
lion_byte: yo ho ho
raulghoulia: Mattingly!
monkeyrama: lol, Graham
Mr_Horrible: Sideburns said "Bet?"
spinebustertee: oh that's bad
RockPusher: Mind the gap!
gundamschwing: Just grow the hair out and wear it in front of your ears.
Martin_FcG: I am exactly the same.
cuttlefishman: Didn't you try a chinstrap at one point?
1y1e: DMZ
cuttlefishman: How did that work with no sideburns
monkeyrama: That's so interesting ๐Ÿ‘€ Genetics!
theblakdeth: I wanted sideburns after the "Sugar, We're Going Down" music video came out lol
adelius3: i wonder if its headphones-related
Fanboy_of_Bolas: the salt zone
DrWreckage: salted earth
Mr_Horrible: "We refer to this region as, the Dead Zone"
Featherweight_: that is an important detail when cartooning a graham
AveryCorvus: I have a gap on my philtrum, like a reverse-Hitler. I'd rather be missing the sideburns.
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: , can do that 4 times...
hammith: I'm mildly jealous. Half my beard hair is transparent, so it always looks patchy unless I dye it.
shendaras: Strangely, your Olympics videos made me miss the From Rewatch With Love content. Anyone else?
satyropodobny: "We do not go there, Simba"
geail: I can get all the way down to solid mutton chops but it never grows well into the goatee
Seth_Erickson: op coming back with a vengeance
The_cake_of_lies: I have the opposite, beard won't really grow well but the sideburns grow back super quickly.
hammith: No excuses!
Fanboy_of_Bolas: nice one
FittiusRex: do you use shotgun mics in the studio?
ViscountStyx: man is it weird to see you in the same room (awesome also!)
monkeyrama: My beard is def much thicker on my chin than on my cheeks or by my ears
Fanboy_of_Bolas: @FittiusRex bird or buckshot?
RandomTrivia: om nomnomnomnom
monkeyrama: They're perpetually buffing a card in their hand, too?
spinebustertee: they get to make something in their hand really big?
Earthenone: they get the perpetual upside
RAZRBCK08: they can make something in their hand huge
RandomTrivia: Interesting question
RandomTrivia: Can we see buffs on the revealed card?
monkeyrama: Hm
electra310: That was really weird
Fanboy_of_Bolas: suspicious
RandomTrivia: Hmmmmm
RandomTrivia: Neat
monkeyrama: RIP that hydra
CommiePuddin: I got "On The Draw / Kiora" and kinda roflstomped a bit ago.
monkeyrama: them playing the land they just drew makes this attack much less spooky
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: Invoke James
LurkerSpine: isn't that just game?
spinebustertee: you need it, tho
RandomTrivia: Hey! That's why we got Goremand from the seek before!
monkeyrama: when it dies NotLikeThis
Gaz_L: it
RAZRBCK08: it's when it dies
Gaz_L: it's not ETB
Slacker1977: dies
RandomTrivia: benginO7
Fanboy_of_Bolas: ooh
SirMorek: it dies when you die
spinebustertee: oh graham
hammith: It's okay Graham
offbeatwitch: guess i'll die!
MegaDosX: Maybe they'll forget to attack
Gaz_L: you could sac it with the enchantment!
RandomTrivia: They might accidentally skip their turn
Dr_Cuketa: technically could sac on blocks
mulligan2six: They saw the line
monkeyrama: hey, we could have removal ๐Ÿคท
spinebustertee: maybe they'll accidentally pass through their attack phase
hammith: It's a new format, it happens
RandomTrivia: Welp
Mr_Horrible: Option 2: Perish
Earthenone: !card settle the wreckage
LRRbot: Settle the Wreckage [2WW] | Instant | Exile all attacking creatures target player controls. That player may search their library for that many basic land cards, put those cards onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle.
Slacker1977: @Mr_Horrible yeah, Perish would have done it :D
BrowneePoints: we didn't have a target for etchings
RandomTrivia: You can target the same creature you sac
Slacker1977: can you sac it for itself?
Easilycrazyhat: Byyye
BasilHunter: instants are permanents
RandomTrivia: Choose targets before paying costs
BasilHunter: aren't
monkeyrama: Bye Graham!
electra310: Bye Graham!
TheWriterAleph: bye g
MegaDosX: Bye Graham!
dart111: byeee
adelius3: goodbye Graham
geail: Adios
cuttlefishman: Bye G
hurricanealpaca: bye G
Dared00: bye G
offbeatwitch: g'bai graham
RandomTrivia: Bye Graham!
noisyblizzard: bye
SirMorek: bye G!
goldreaver: BYE GRAHM
lirazel64: bye!
ArdCollider: bye graham
Earthenone: bye graham, hello advertisers
GrokaMorka: bye
spinebustertee: gg g
HuecalpixquiJeanIII: vye~
Wiliart: Graham to Bye!
Flyingdelorion: Bye
darkspiredragon: Bye Graham!
Mangledpixel: bai <3
s0lesurviv0r: Bye Graham
master_fras: bye G
thegitrogsquirrel: b g
Derthon: cohhBongos
monkeyrama: Sekiro ๐Ÿ‘€
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geail: Peach season in full swing baby!
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ViscountStyx: Hi uncle adam
monkeyrama: Hello Adam sans Graham
kumatsu: just us, time for gummy snacks
offbeatwitch: roll one of the actually good packs!
Derthon: new deck!
darkspiredragon: The Boshi is here among us!
monkeyrama: Is it candy time PogChamp q
Starwars_Cookies: do it
noSmokeFire: true facts about peaches
electra310: Gobbos!
Starwars_Cookies: i am just joining in- what up?
KingOfDoma: gobbs
TheWarbo: roll decks until you find one that can crush your opponents mercilessly, then play that until you have 15 wins for the day
SirMorek: are we the baddies?
DrippyDehv: GOTTA be gobs
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monkeyrama: Teyo is in this set? Wild
electra310: Goblin Madness!
mulligan2six: Zomblins?
Featherweight_: Gobs is meh
thekanadier: Goblin Energy babyyyyyy
geail: Oh man, Lost & Found with Madness would have been great
HondoTrigger: oooo I'm just a level 1 goblin
MegaDosX: Oh you could've had Grixis Madness
KingOfDoma: madness
ginganinja314: Madness for sure
hurricanealpaca: I'm playing Teyo rn and it's pretty fun
planeswalkagogo: "Goblin Madness" just sounds better
MegaDosX: Good plan
TheWarbo: Zoblin Gombie has the spoonerism potential
Slacker1977: goblins - zombies seems like harsh mana
HondoTrigger: we have you :)
SirMorek: goblin energy is only looking forward
monkeyrama: Why'd you leave that one bandage, Adam Kappa
drumshark13: Gomblies
Earthenone: banan could have been, work IS
CanisLupusAqua: @MegaDosX the second set of packs is only determined once you've picked the first
mulligan2six: Play with the cards you are dealt. No mulligans in these picks.
CanisLupusAqua: it won't let you go into 3 color
MegaDosX: @MegaDosX Oh is it? Didn't know that
Gaz_L: x dmg where x is the number of turns
electra310: Every turn it does one more damage
walkeroftales: each round it gets boomier
electra310: It's a good card if you hold onto it
TheWarbo: on turn 5 it deals 5 damage, but it's very precise about what "turn 5" means
monkeyrama: Worded a little confusingly, but it is a very straightforward card
CanisLupusAqua: yeah if you're monocolor it gives you either a 2 color pair with your color or another monocolor
Alness49: So, 20 turn clock on Scorn?
AtrusOfMyst: Twitch chat sure is a place
TheWarbo: because things like extra-turn cards exist
Starwars_Cookies: it will also have a number
CanisLupusAqua: if you're 2-color already it shows you packs in one of the colors you're already in
hexy_lexy: oh, look! its a group of friends who i love and adore beyond measure!!!!! <3
monkeyrama: scorn does not hit face
Starwars_Cookies: for people liek you to read
Starwars_Cookies: it is easier that way
Alness49: Nevermind then!
monkeyrama: that would be so busted LUL
CanisLupusAqua: @hexy_lexy ๐Ÿฅบ
HondoTrigger: they mean wrestling fans
Starwars_Cookies: sarkan's number
shendaras: Just fog 20 turns, easy
TheWarbo: that's why you brew it with Brash Taunter Kappa
BloodnBullets: they have a fancier owl pet than us. lrrAWW
geail: !card Terminal Agony
LRRbot: Terminal Agony [2BR] | Sorcery | Destroy target creature. / Madness {B}{R}
TheWarbo: we have been outharryhausened
monkeyrama: Oriflammedamnit
monkeyrama: oh man, the old denizen cycle BibleThump
geail: !card Revolutionist
LRRbot: Revolutionist [5R] | Creature โ€” Human Wizard [3/3] | When Revolutionist enters the battlefield, return target instant or sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand. / Madness {3}{R}
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monkeyrama: You have /options/
noSmokeFire: Sarkhan's Corn
MegaDosX: Ah, so opponent is on the Delirium packet
RandomTrivia: Having Unholy Heat added to Gladiator is gonna be neat
monkeyrama: tapped land NotLikeThis
MegaDosX: Arena heard you say "rip a land" :p
geail: Slow jam
Wolfstrike_NL: sorcery
MegaDosX: Madness ignores timing on cards
Starwars_Cookies: Adam, are you good at this gamea/
1y1e: revisionist has madness too right?
Starwars_Cookies: ?*
Wolfstrike_NL: aa yea mb
monkeyrama: Adam "RAnked Mythic in Limited" Savidan
RandomTrivia: In this thesis, I will attempt to disprove the theory that Adam is not good at this game
Starwars_Cookies: I don't think I am.. just wondering
MegaDosX: Kaboom
Starwars_Cookies: he wasnt ready
Starwars_Cookies: opponent
TheWarbo: nice!
lion_byte: owo
monkeyrama: Opponent is "they"
MegaDosX: You can mouse over it to see
monkeyrama: ooooh, I love that scribe
Starwars_Cookies: he wasnt ready
Starwars_Cookies: oof
RandomTrivia: Manic Scribe is one of those cards that I always forget is playable
RandomTrivia: Giant Wizard!
MegaDosX: No, Chainer!
monkeyrama: we have Chainer in this deck ๐Ÿ‘€
RandomTrivia: Ooh, Chainer is interesting
spinebustertee: and it blocks the big titan
RandomTrivia: !card prophetic titan
LRRbot: Prophetic Titan [4UR] | Creature โ€” Giant Wizard [4/4] | Delirium โ€” When Prophetic Titan enters the battlefield, choose one. If there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard, choose both instead. / โ€ข Prophetic Titan deals 4 damage to any target. / โ€ข Look at the top four cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
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monkeyrama: This seems fine
RandomTrivia: Now the foot is in the other shoe!
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
monkeyrama: madness cost 0 ๐Ÿ‘€
monkeyrama: oopsie
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN
Derthon: you can shoot face with it
SirMorek: it's got lightning in the art, how slow can it really be?
DeathWarrior555: it's also any target
monkeyrama: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
AtrusOfMyst: Nice
walkeroftales: why uh... why no lightning bolt their face?
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TwoSenses: vroom vroom into the red zone
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TheWarbo: static can go dome
RandomTrivia: We have gathered evidence - Adam is, in fact, good at this game
A_Dub888: !findquote reading the card
LRRbot: Quote #6517: "Who reads cards these days? It's 2019!" โ€”Serge [2019-10-25]
Seth_Erickson: vroom vroom into the red room?
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monkeyrama: It's kinda new
MegaDosX: Modern Horizons
Seth_Erickson: it's modern horizons 1
tinaun: Good card
spinebustertee: nice!
monkeyrama: the combos
ZonGooted: MH1
mulligan2six: synergy for days
spinebustertee: 1 for 1 and you got a cheap 4/3
Slacker1977: seemed worth
MegaDosX: I liked the play
AtrusOfMyst: they definitely still took damage
mulligan2six: seems fair for you
monkeyrama: Magic is hard
cuttlefishman: "Magic's Hard... But I'm Harder"
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
RandomTrivia: Ouch
MegaDosX: Imagine if you had a madness card in hand though
MegaDosX: And they made you discard it
monkeyrama: lol
RandomTrivia: Cool
RandomTrivia: We take those!
Nebula662: Sweet
Slacker1977: you can get burn and scorch 'em out
AtrusOfMyst: Yeah madness is wild
The_cake_of_lies: Shadows I believe
monkeyrama: One o those
spinebustertee: quick, someone call Cam, we're playing madness
Easilycrazyhat: SOI was so damn fun
Seth_Erickson: Is Westvale Abbey in too? ๐Ÿ‘€
AtrusOfMyst: madness getting around timing restrictions is neat
TheBearBee: First game of Jumpstart, get offered Davriel and Sliver Hive
Nebula662: i finally have acces to the lrrDILLY
noisyblizzard: the first darft i went to an lgs for was soi
The_cake_of_lies: SOI was incredibly fun.
1y1e: it's next in line for a remix
Seth_Erickson: Can I smack people with Ormendahl yet? My favorite demon
AtrusOfMyst: SOI and Eldritch Moon are coming to Arena right?
monkeyrama: Big gobbo
The_cake_of_lies: Some day they might come to Arena.
MegaDosX: There've been no announcements about Shadows or Eldritch Moon coming to Arena, but they might at some point
monkeyrama: lol
DeathWarrior555: same adam, same
DeathWarrior555: theros was actually my jam
monkeyrama: Would you wan tTriple Theros draft?
MegaDosX: 1-drop tribal?
AtrusOfMyst: Chromanticore in Arena let's go
Nebula662: Eldritch moon on arena would be sweet, gimme that Eldrazi
Mangledpixel: Homelands Remastered when
Cartographers_Ink: Isn't the plan to have everything from Return to Ravnica forward on Arena?
KingOfDoma: include charging badger or we riot
electra310: Tapper seems annoying
MegaDosX: !card terminal agony
LRRbot: Terminal Agony [2BR] | Sorcery | Destroy target creature. / Madness {B}{R}
monkeyrama: Fair
pyro_phage: Put SOI in SMASH, you cowards!
alikaoz: @cartographers_ink They said it's no longer something on their plans
monkeyrama: Oh my goodness
monkeyrama: Chromanticore should have been legendary NotLikeThis
Earthenone: i dident know you were a coward adam
AtrusOfMyst: I resolved a Bestowed Chromanticore for the first time ever about a week ago
AtrusOfMyst: in a game of commander
monkeyrama: looool
LurkerSpine: wow why is that a sorcery
MegaDosX: Madness can be confusing in that way
LurkerSpine: for 4 mana?
Cartographers_Ink: @alikaoz shoot, I really wanted that...
Seth_Erickson: Chromanticore is sweet but also not good.
LurkerSpine: ah right madness
The_cake_of_lies: Something something reading the card something something Kappa
Nebula662: I've played 4 games of commander with a morph deck and have got my ass handed to me every time
monkeyrama: That's... a little odd
electra310: The format's been live for what, six hours?
RandomTrivia: It's seven lightning bolts
RandomTrivia: It's always seven lightning bolts
pyro_phage: you could be holding up a fog, they gotta play around that
The_cake_of_lies: To be fair you do have all your mana open
Nebula662: Seven lightning bolts is the best hand
Fried_Twinkie: And a Mogg Fanatic
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOPY
pyro_phage: good old raakdos turbo fog
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AtrusOfMyst: Bojuka Fog
GredGredmansson: Hello all
TheWarbo: probably also based off of arena giving you priority
spinebustertee: you can kill the shifter and then jam with your tutus
GredGredmansson: are we starting to jump?
Nebula662: @atrusofmyst now thats a good one
Nebula662: Welp back to work at stupid tim hortons
monkeyrama: Oh dear
GredGredmansson: ooh, Madness Goblins
MegaDosX: Sure, Deadly Alliance a 1/1 :p
monkeyrama: we have a 3 mana nuke now ๐Ÿ‘€
TheBearBee: Controversial Opinion: Serra Planeswalker pretty strong
pyro_phage: @MegaDosX seems oppo thinks you can never be too careful
Earthenone: turn 1 lanowar elves, turn 2 3 drop, this format speaks to me :)
RandomTrivia: Huh
HondoTrigger: thats a bad trade from oppo
monkeyrama: This game has been weird LUL
RandomTrivia: I guess we take those too
accountmadeforants: @Earthenone I had Freyalise and Storm. Turns out ramp and Storm work pretty well together, who'da thunk?
Slacker1977: couldn't the Banneret done that, too?
Kumakaori: 2-.5 trade?
RandomTrivia: They must be reading a book or something. Maybe they're making dinner
geail: Easy Madness activation at least
GredGredmansson: nope
monkeyrama: ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
pyro_phage: maybe this is just a smurf acct and they go out and lose to people to make them feel good?
GredGredmansson: writes down "human"
GredGredmansson: so opponent's deck is "Many Faced Legion"
spinebustertee: it's not a trade
LurkerSpine: won't be a trade
Kumakaori: first strike.
SirMorek: blade splicer is pretty powerful
monkeyrama: definitely great in the changeling deck
electra310: You've been drawing gas too, but you need a mountain
GredGredmansson: look at all these golems
spinebustertee: please, my red cards are very sick
drewm1022: ]I played Davriel Goblins and it was pretty good.
hexy_lexy: judge! my opponents deck is sick!
LarkSachrosis: How do you do fellow golems?
accountmadeforants: GivePLZ โ›ฐ๏ธ
monkeyrama: lol Adam
monkeyrama: So nice to the ghosties
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
RandomTrivia: NotLikeThis
noisyblizzard: numotGHOST
electra310: So close
GredGredmansson: we did specify mountain
GredGredmansson: it lied
HondoTrigger: just cycle into an untapped red source Kappa
Kumakaori: untapped >C!
hexy_lexy: LUL NotLikeThis
Earthenone: are the perpetual cards legal in regualar historic games or just for the limited play
grander_pastures: that monkey paw really worked
GredGredmansson: cycling land isn't a mountain
GredGredmansson: @Earthenone all but Davriel and Davriel's Debuffer
GredGredmansson: oh wait
GredGredmansson: that's historic brawl
The_cake_of_lies: Stop bullying opponent BibleThump You had all your mana open in Rakdos with like 4 cards in hand, of course they don't trust that
TheWarbo: i mean, there are ETB tapped lands with the Mountain type but Forgotten Cave isn't one of them
GredGredmansson: jerk
1y1e: wow neat
pyro_phage: rude
5fivecents: They are so conservative..
yodaforsale: LoadingReadyRun sponspored by Tim Hortons, the best coffee and donut road stop you can get.
spinebustertee: dying slowly over 4 turns
GredGredmansson: its been purpled!
GredGredmansson: should we have held that land?
accountmadeforants: Attack with Dark-Dwellers, see if they take the trade is the only way I can think of, and that's a long shot.
Diabore: 1/2 and 1/1 on the 2/1?
ViscountStyx: reading the card
ViscountStyx: explains the card
geail: get plinked for 1 every turn
monkeyrama: I think even reading the cards we'd still be in big trouble
ViscountStyx: :D
Fried_Twinkie: You're doing great
RandomTrivia: No amount of reading comprehension saves us from the unblockable 1/1
ViscountStyx: Was in jest <3
LurkerSpine: why do they keep throwing away a token?
RandomTrivia: Ooooh!
The_Battle_Of_Hastings: you got this Adam!
Diabore: haha not dead
monkeyrama: Oooooooh
RandomTrivia: Well then
hammith: Woah woah woah woah. You're human? Ew!
spinebustertee: yeah
RandomTrivia: 1 =/= 0
Kumakaori: 6 em ?
RandomTrivia: Yeah, we have the attacks here
Robot_Bones: Be ye human or gamer, you must choose
monkeyrama: Still in this ๐Ÿ‘€
SirMorek: you got this, cmon cmon
pyro_phage: Adam "Not a robot" Savidan
GredGredmansson: unblocked attacking golems
Diabore: are they giving up?
yodaforsale: 4/2 on 4/1
LurkerSpine: 4/2 on 1/4?
5fivecents: They should have killed you long ago so you havenโ€™t really made a โ€œrealโ€ mistake
RandomTrivia: Oh my that's a good draw
monkeyrama: oh lordy
Robot_Bones: being not a robot seems like a significant downside
hexy_lexy: hey adam, guess what?! YOURE HECCIN GREAT
geail: oh wow
monkeyrama: hahaaaaaa
ViscountStyx: n1 :D
Diabore: we had lethal with the menace
Kumakaori: XD!
RandomTrivia: Fbtouchdown Fbtouchdown Fbtouchdown
shendaras: seabatBRAIN
lion_byte: pog!!
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
LarkSachrosis: The Salt
SirMorek: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
pyro_phage: weird game, but okay
The_Battle_Of_Hastings: eff em up Savidan, eff em up
pyro_phage: a win is a win
RandomTrivia: Never didn't have it! :D
Kumakaori: did not deserve the win, but we got the win~
tinaun: nice
geail: gobbers
DrippyDehv: and he's GOT to be happy with that
accountmadeforants: seabatNogood FBtouchdown
noisyblizzard: numotJAM
monkeyrama: You really came back on that one
Jobot180: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
midas821: never didn't have it
itsP3rsephone: Woow
geail: "A win with 1 HP is as good as a win with 20"
spinebustertee: that was a good game, it was well played on both ends
Ferisar: health is a resource
daredewley92: that was crazy!
GredGredmansson: life, is a resource
shendaras: Oh, audio blip for anyone else?
RandomTrivia: Hey, there's all our mountains!
daredewley92: gg
frozenphoenix7: You don't know that Adam. It could be the pile of sentient Simic Slaw.
GredGredmansson: lets see what opponent is on
Easilycrazyhat: Wait, what? People have feelings? lrrBEEJ
TheWarbo: deck heard you wanted Mountains
GredGredmansson: WB
electra310: Seems fake, but okay
Jobot180: That was a fun game to witness
alikaoz: a human a golem, an octopus and a strix too
ZonGooted: coliny2DRPEPPER coliny2DRPEPPER
HondoTrigger: imagine being a solely digital construct represented by a 2d picture of an elephant, could not be me
Ferisar: yeah
Ferisar: it's avatar
blessedexchequer: What's in it though?
Ferisar: the last airbender
geail: I let my lands mix
LarkSachrosis: I heard you want mountains
pyro_phage: Deck heard you talking smack
Easilycrazyhat: Nah, lands on left.
RandomTrivia: @blessedexchequer Lots of things
TheWarbo: lands go equally on the left and right, nonlands go in the middle
electra310: Lands in the front, party in the back
blessedexchequer: @RandomTrivia Still one of my favorite things James has ever said
Kumakaori: now it's time to cronch and show just what we've got~
yodaforsale: lands go into between your curve
yodaforsale: land, t2, land, t3 card, t4 card
LarkSachrosis: Lands in the left hand, spells in the right.
RandomTrivia: They still get the zombie, it targets them too
GredGredmansson: So opponent is in Zombies
ZonGooted: CHOO CHOO
RandomTrivia: VROOM
pyro_phage: (I just meant about the number of red source last games, but you're good)
electra310: choo choo
PigmyWurm: it targets them
monkeyrama: MAkes little 2/1 fliers
RandomTrivia: Salvation says "target player makes the zombies, then target creature gets..."
hammith: We're all a little madness here
RandomTrivia: So you don
GredGredmansson: Cycling, Humans, or Teyo
RandomTrivia: So you don't get blown out by sac outlets
electra310: Good idea, those pegasus cards are very annoying. :D
monkeyrama: yeeeaeh, it can keep making them
electra310: I played it and got like four pegasus before OP killed it
RandomTrivia: Hmmm
pyro_phage: NICE
TheWarbo: idk if this is new information or not but Madness seems like good value Kappa
spinebustertee: that attacks as 2/1s
monkeyrama: squirrels ๐Ÿ‘€
GredGredmansson: Opponent is "Zombie Humans"
HondoTrigger: might need to offer trade with neonate
GredGredmansson: at least its not Teyo
Kumakaori: diggin through their gy~
lamina5432: Squirrels in a zombie suit
geail: called it
monkeyrama: Cool mountain
Gaz_L: one problem with the low stakes, people scoop way too fast
DigitalSeahorse: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Graham, Cameron, and Ian are starting a fresh fire team. Join them in their journey on The Long Game. Game: Destiny 2) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1:12 from now).
monkeyrama: We're gonna get swarmed by little pegasi
spinebustertee: shock plz
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
monkeyrama: We're out of steam seabatNogood seabatNogood
GredGredmansson: do we have any burn spells?
TheWarbo: this seems like a problem
PigmyWurm: do any of yours even go to the face?
monkeyrama: oof, that disciple
TheWarbo: yeah the perpetual counters one goes face
monkeyrama: it does
TheWarbo: static something
GredGredmansson: ok it does
drewm1022: There's one with kicker too
drewm1022: Where you sac a creature.
5fivecents: You have a lot of life?? You have a while
Robot_Bones: Coach, I don't think we survived the crash
monkeyrama: Infinite pegasi
GredGredmansson: b-b-b-bird-bird-bird
monkeyrama: RIP
monkeyrama: it suuure does
monkeyrama: I usually just do two wins then move on
GredGredmansson: Freyalise is NUTS
monkeyrama: She's quite good
Athelgar: @GredGredmansson just finished one with them
geail: Pump it!
mulligan2six: @geail louder
pyrojakk: I literally just played pump up with freyalise
pyrojakk: It's busted
SnowBuddy18: pump up the jams
Wiliart: Pump it with Elf ball seems nice.
Garrub: All the other kids with the pumped up elves
hexy_lexy: pump up the jam
BloodnBullets: pumped up sounds very strong with freyalise
monkeyrama: Give these elves the Juice!
lamina5432: had this exact combination
GredGredmansson: do we ever check decklist before starting?
monkeyrama: Not really
alikaoz: all the elves with the pumped up kicks
chaostreader: @gredgredmansson why would we?
monkeyrama: I'm running Freyalise/Sarkhan rn, it's wild what they can do
GredGredmansson: ok i guess
Jobot180: That would ruin the surprise
GredGredmansson: I'd just like to know what i get into, but I'm not the streamer
chumpofthemonth: Preparation? In this economy?
monkeyrama: It does grow
hexy_lexy: im with Adam, i NEVER check the decklist so i can be surprised
Kumakaori: sure. be greedy
A_Dub888: !card wildwood scourge
LRRbot: Wildwood Scourge [XG] | Creature โ€” Hydra [0/0] | Wildwood Scourge enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it. / Whenever one or more +1/+1 counters are put on another non-Hydra creature you control, put a +1/+1 counter on Wildwood Scourge.
monkeyrama: lol
monkeyrama: the suspense
mowdownjoe: lrrGREED lrrGREED
monkeyrama: RIP
GredGredmansson: what's opponent's exiled card?
Kumakaori: awww.
ArdCollider: you made them fire off Sarkhan's early, at least.
hexy_lexy: knight of burchette!
geail: !card Song of Freyalise
LRRbot: Song of Freyalise [1G] | Enchantment โ€” Saga | I, II โ€” Until your next turn, creatures you control gain "{T}: Add one mana of any color." / III โ€” Put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control. Those creatures gain vigilance, trample, and indestructible until end of turn.
GredGredmansson: Opponent is on "Junkyard Storm"
hexy_lexy: "i think i peema" pee your what, adam? Kappa
Jobot180: Squeak Squaekums
BrowneePoints: So Adam do any of the set announcements for next year have you excited?
balfizan: get dat song of freyalise workin
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RayFK: Take 8? More like Take 5, the popular song by jazz artist Dave Brubeck. Good Joke Moderator.
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GredGredmansson: fair
Xaunaught: Same adam, I feel you
Diabore: i dont think we need to guess which side of the brothers war op will be on
Earthenone: i wouldent have watched trailers if G dident make a show of it lol
dougma: I like playing magic. I don't care for being played by magic.
frozenphoenix7: Kind of just like Song + play some stuff
monkeyrama: Song into lots of bodies is very good
LurkerSpine: yeah I'd hold back
Earthenone: i assume you might be happy that they are colabing with streetfighter?
monkeyrama: No, the SF stuff is Secret Lair only
BrowneePoints: Fair. I hope they have a Randall Keith card for Baldur's Gate Commander Legends
monkeyrama: unfortunately NotLikeThis
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun you hear how tall the antagonist is in the new destiny expansion?
GredGredmansson: Captain Ripley Vance, she of the Blasting Cannons
Zappeljakob: kicked onslaught and rumble next turn?
RandomTrivia: Queen of Fireball Island
monkeyrama: Takes a lotta work to load those cannons
alikaoz: Will you draft Lord of the Rings?
monkeyrama: This is gross LUL
BrowneePoints: I'm excited for the LOTR ppr
monkeyrama: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
TheWarbo: i feel like "adam, will you draft ...?" is yes no matter what ... is
code1300: Did u see there's going to be Draft open
Easilycrazyhat: She's kind of...goopy...
Diabore: a crisp 21 feet
Xaunaught: she is so Giant Adam
monkeyrama: course it is LUL
The_cake_of_lies: Did the excavator just make a submarine sound?
Robot_Bones: Need my Po-tae-toes food tokens
geail: That's not the only thing that has peaked
Mr_Horrible: a Large Lass, if you will
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Is the new antagonist trapped in a jar?
azidbern95: ha!... giant woman..... peaked
monkeyrama: Yes!
BrowneePoints: I also hope y'all draft lots of Unfinity at the moonbase
ArdCollider: (meme of Adam torn between 21' Hive gods and a Draft Open)
frogomb: the hoes?
geail: Ban hose
TheWarbo: what's the opposite of a crisp 21 feet? a moist 21 feet?
pyrojakk: <message deleted>the hoes or the hose?
monkeyrama: I peaked as a person in elementary school OpieOP
NotCainNorAbel: has chat been bad? are we naughty?
Juliamon: don't make me bonk yall
TotallyNotaBeholder: Don't threaten me with a good time
Diabore: @TheWarbo moist 12
Diabore: @TheWarbo meist 12 hands
RandomTrivia: While Adam gets the hose, I'll get the dictionary and poke Chat with the word "piqued", which is the word used for "piqued interest"
Ferisar: whaarblblrblbl
pyrojakk: I have been bonked
hexy_lexy: @Juliamon theyd probs like it anyways Kappa
pyrojakk: I shall take my bonking with pride
GredGredmansson: opponent also in Freyalise
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
GredGredmansson: Freyalise Storm, looks like
Jobot180: Seems there can be only one...Marwyn
Robot_Bones: pretty rude other spider-man
BrowneePoints: Spider-Mom*
danisfine: Hey Adam, how's it going? You having a good night?
danisfine: day?
serramarkov: Hi Adam, I hope you're having fun and good luck!
monkeyrama: Afternoon OpieOP
danisfine: Sorry, forgot about time zones :-S
The_cake_of_lies: Because it has flashback
monkeyrama: Pesky keywords
serramarkov: I was just playing Arena and did the Jumpstart thing- it was fun!
monkeyrama: Huh, they quit right as their song popped?
Izandai: Ooh Resto Angel
RandomTrivia: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Slacker1977: Resto?
Slacker1977: Nice
Juliamon: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
BrowneePoints: Gladiator got so super charged today
chaostreader: Um. Why was the song name so off center?
Juliamon: I think it's a remant of someone sticking it on the topmost layer so it would show on all slides
Juliamon: if it was centred it would overlap the "ON BREAK - BACK SHORTLY"
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Juliamon: that said, Paul is aware that people would like to be able to see the song title more often, so it may get addressed soon
HondoTrigger: play games until twitch chat makes you mad
BrowneePoints: freyalise is gross
Xaunaught: Looking is for chumps
monkeyrama: Play games until you get bored of that deck SeriousSloth
Izandai: ^
HondoTrigger: turn 2 falconer PogChamp
Gaz_L: so zero games?
cuttlefishman: play games until you git gud
monkeyrama: But Hondo, we want him to stream
LarkSachrosis: vargVibe
Izandai: Well this hand is good.
HondoTrigger: @monkeyrama SeriousSloth
monkeyrama: That sounds like the opposite of reality
BrowneePoints: lies you are already most gud
Slacker1977: hm, play until TwitchChat gets mad?
Izandai: Dinger
AtrusOfMyst: Every time Twitch chat says "get gud" I will purposely get worse until they stop
monkeyrama: Removal forever D:
denizenofdarkness: who the heck is scraeming "GIT GUD" at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never git gud -Adam
tiera3: You only get rewards for the first two wins, then unlimited " just for fun " games.
monkeyrama: sticking for now
monkeyrama: Welp LUL
GredGredmansson: Opponent is Vampire Goblins
GredGredmansson: scary
monkeyrama: hello, pretty unicorn
AtrusOfMyst: that Unicorn is amazing
RandomTrivia: Awww
AtrusOfMyst: Outstanding Unicorn
RandomTrivia: But flying hydra...
BrowneePoints: incinerator!?
BrowneePoints: holy crap
GredGredmansson: goodbye
HondoTrigger: you can take a hit
theblakdeth: why is Abzan Falconer mono white?
Izandai: Why wouldn't it be?
GredGredmansson: because that's how it was printed
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MrMontythePogostick: Enough months to fit in a standard Egg box
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geail: !card skyshroud ambush
LRRbot: Skyshroud Ambush [1G] | Instant | Target creature you control fights target creature you don't control. When the creature you control wins the fight, draw a card.
The_cake_of_lies: Probably the counter & -1/-1 card again
HondoTrigger: its part of the Abzan faction, it does not have an Abzan color identity
The_cake_of_lies: Forgot its name
GredGredmansson: not everyone in the clans had all 3 colors
monkeyrama: Unicorn making all our new stuff fly PogChamp
Gaz_L: oooh, Rishkar AND Marwyn?
JosephDeath: It has an Abzan ability
HondoTrigger: oppo...
RandomTrivia: That was an odd combat step
LurkerSpine: oppo might be new?
ThirdFloorDraft: it's about the message?
Gaz_L: Marwyn?
geail: Maybe they wanted to trick you into thinking they had an Infuriate by being brave
AtrusOfMyst: Mardu Heart Pricer is only mono red, it's not uncommon to not be all three colors and also be part of the mardu faction
The_cake_of_lies: Maybe they were bluffing and expecting you to not block/block differently?
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Diabore: well shit, my op has slivers shapeshifters
RandomTrivia: If we're worried about something like a Trumpet Blast, there's no way we don't block there, so the bluff isn't that effective
BloodnBullets: why not capture the darkdwellers with menace?
RandomTrivia: We're so wide at this point, it doesn't matter
monkeyrama: Sure is a selesnya deck with all these triggers and counters
TheMerricat: !card Skyshroud ambush
LRRbot: Skyshroud Ambush [1G] | Instant | Target creature you control fights target creature you don't control. When the creature you control wins the fight, draw a card.
monkeyrama: Niiiiiice
AtrusOfMyst: Well played
RandomTrivia: D'aww, the little chibi Icingdeath pet is so cute
monkeyrama: Elves + counters are quite good LUL
BrowneePoints: elves man...elves
The_cake_of_lies: It has great synergy across the packs
monkeyrama: Cat cleric PogChamp
Gaz_L: Adam, are you gonna try the NickToons fighting game?
BrowneePoints: man it is gonna be so great seeing y'all do random drafts on fnpf again
monkeyrama: in person fnpf ๐Ÿ‘€
The_cake_of_lies: Not the glassket
RandomTrivia: Steady on, Chat, we're a bit away from FNPFs, given how many more people they involve bringing together
BrowneePoints: @monkeyrama in person mh2 and commander legends drafts ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€
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aitsu100: lrrCOW lrrHORN
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, aitsu100! (Today's storm count: 26)
The_cake_of_lies: I love the art on that card
Gaz_L: so many elf
monkeyrama: Catdog main, BTW
BrowneePoints: little hideous artifact baby
monkeyrama: @BrowneePoints the dream!
BrowneePoints: adam I thought this was jumpstart not modern
hexy_lexy: @BrowneePoints how did you know my nickname?! Kappa
Gaz_L: 5/5 flyer, just a basic Shivan Dragon
The_cake_of_lies: Shhh don't listen to BrowneePoints Filigree Attendant, you are beautiful
Izandai: Can just chump with our 1/1.
monkeyrama: Big hydra incoming
monkeyrama: Perpetually 0 base power, wow
GredGredmansson: "Flickering In The Machine"
leidrienne: My heart actually stopped that they may have had Settle
ThirdFloorDraft: lost the counters at least
MrTheWalrus: Well, it's not a 5/5 anymore
The_cake_of_lies: I have never seen that resto angel art, was it newly made for this?
RandomTrivia: It's a thopter bayonet :D
monkeyrama: oh man, settle the wreckage
GredGredmansson: @The_cake_of_lies apparently its from the Kaldheim Commander dekcs
monkeyrama: ruined so many attacks LUL
monkeyrama: wow
Easilycrazyhat: So aggressive
RandomTrivia: Hmmm
The_cake_of_lies: @GredGredmansson Oh wow, I would never have guessed. That's pretty neat.
monkeyrama: Good lord
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN
RandomTrivia: !card esper sentinel
LRRbot: Esper Sentinel [W] | Artifact Creature โ€” Human Soldier [1/1] | Whenever an opponent casts their first noncreature spell each turn, draw a card unless that player pays {X}, where X is Esper Sentinel's power.
monkeyrama: it counters a spell unless you pay
Gaz_L: ah yes, the powerful turn 12 Esper Sentinel
KodeMage: oh, nice, I had the same combo just a little while ago, very strong
The_cake_of_lies: Joke on you there is no Freyalise in this deck Kappa
Gaz_L: bah gawd that was Frealise's music!
breadisbest1: lrrADAM_SG
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PrancerInflatableReindeer: prancer, reporting in. <3
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, PrancerInflatableReindeer! (Today's storm count: 27)
RandomTrivia: No Freyalise, just STRONK synergy
monkeyrama: IT is very good
monkeyrama: elves can steamroll pretty easily
PrancerInflatableReindeer: lol this looked like you really hated my sub message
BrowneePoints: I ulted freyalise with 8 creatures and song of freyalise active. it felt dirty lol
noSmokeFire: this deck is my exact nonsense
Gaz_L: you made kinda an 'ew' face?
PrancerInflatableReindeer: nah no worries
monkeyrama: lol, what
RandomTrivia: You didn't, you leaned back about something else. Presumably about how busted the deck is
Mysticman89: resting mad face
AtrusOfMyst: Adam you have a beautiful face
PrancerInflatableReindeer: I know how you look adam, and I love it/you ;)
BrowneePoints: inflatable reindeer make me make an eww face
RandomTrivia: Leave spike horse alone!
SharkHero08: hi adam, hows it going
monkeyrama: It lives!
Easilycrazyhat: Jumpstart. The format of tap-lands
monkeyrama: RELaxed
Izandai: The stakes have NEVER been lower.
BrowneePoints: and you got to sit with Graham!
monkeyrama: Adam LUL
Slacker1977: Paying mana twice for Call of the Herd was just not tenable
Izandai: PrideLaugh
FofoATL: lol tnyLol
theambivalentagender: All the discourse around the Arena only cards really obfuscated the fact that this set has some really cool cards
Dandinstorm12: uh
AtrusOfMyst: James "Ear Breather" Turner?
monkeyrama: Sayin a cuss word Kappa
TwitchTVsFrank: jlrrFacepalm
Gaz_L: watch out, Adam, Kenny Omega will dive over the streaming desk on to you
GredGredmansson: ooooh, Sarkhan Storm
SharkHero08: yeah you just have twitch chat
RandomTrivia: Ook?
Mysticman89: Should get a mod for arena that makes your profile critter a james.
Izandai: On definitely the Hydra this turn.
61 raiders from unarmedoracle have joined!
Izandai: *oh
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiders! lrrSHINE
monkeyrama: Cam and fam!
sporkraptor: hey you're getting raided! hai!
pencilsnake: ayyyy cam's here
Dandinstorm12: lrrHEART lrrHEART
LadyLockwood92: Hi Adam ^^ Cam sent us.
monkeyrama: How was D2
denizenofdarkness: You injured or something Adaom?
monkeyrama: Man's sore from the gym LUL
Catastrophil: Bang-da-bang diggy diggy?
sporkraptor: brown town? what
gualdhar: Adam's gone all Kid Rock
GredGredmansson: Welcome lrrCAMERON
Juliamon: Getting back to the gym does a number on you
The_cake_of_lies: I don't think banging is TOS
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART
LadyLockwood92: Heh
Slacker1977: but only when asked about it :D
AtrusOfMyst: When is leg day?
RandomTrivia: Oof, that'll get ya
monkeyrama: Leg day best day
Izandai: So many triggers
gualdhar: you want a wheelchair for leg day Adam?
MWGNZ: only 1 leg tho, the other one gets to sleep
pencilsnake: FLUNGE
RandomTrivia: Every time I see Wildwood Scourge I'm reminded how powerful it is
Senshi5609: dont forget to do your Bulgarian Split Squats
Izandai: I love a deck where you cast one spell and get 5 triggers.
LadyLockwood92: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Did you know you're very blue?
Izandai: oh opponent no
Gaz_L: y no chump with egg?
Gaz_L: silly op
Izandai: They wanna trade before the hydra gets even bigger.
MrTulip: abzan falconer is a hot one
Slacker1977: never triple block :(
RandomTrivia: I''m sure they have sacrifice effects that give them more benefit
Izandai: But they probably shoulda blocked with another 3/3.
LurkerSpine: oh no oppo
RandomTrivia: Oh dear
monkeyrama: Hm
monkeyrama: Unfortunate
LurkerSpine: misread that card for sure
Izandai: Yeah, that's not how rebound works.
pencilsnake: rebound value
Izandai: oh dear
RandomTrivia: It makes the fight a trade, right?
LurkerSpine: pumping the fight kills the night
Izandai: Pumping in response to the fight woulda let them kill the Knight.
Izandai: No that was definitely the play.
RandomTrivia: Certainly better than just... discarding the trick
monkeyrama: There are lots of lines inmagic
monkeyrama: perhaps they didn't see it
RandomTrivia: "Inside of you, there are many lines, they all lead to Chat Lethal"
RandomTrivia: lrrBEEJ
noSmokeFire: so is the hydra getting carried by a swarm of falcons now?
pencilsnake: no, the hydra IS a falcon
Izandai: Well the hydra's dead.
RandomTrivia: Aww, that's a disappointing Hunting Pack
LurkerSpine: wild onslaught ftw woot
Seth_Erickson: what hydra Kappa
monkeyrama: What a card
pencilsnake: there it is
Izandai: va va VOOM
Gaz_L: *hums Ride Of The Valkyries*
monkeyrama: lol
BrowneePoints: Wagner intensifies
Ranakel: If Freyalise is so natural and stuff, why does deck go brrrr? Checkmate atheists
darkspiredragon: Uno mas?
RandomTrivia: I was imagining the theme from 633 Squadron :D
Easilycrazyhat: She's pretty neato
monkeyrama: She's great
hexy_lexy: uhh... one more? :p
ginganinja314: Fingers crossed for slivers
monkeyrama: Ah, Simic Ascendancy
TheWarbo: i think adam might want to get storm
KodeMage: spellcasting goes with storm
LadyLockwood92: Harmonic Prodigy is kinda gross honestly.
Easilycrazyhat: Second pick semi-follows the first pack you pick, fwiw
Diabore: goblin fodder imo
Izandai: Spellcasting works with storm.
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jephlewis: Spells spells spells spells spells
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theambivalentagender: I love Harmonic Prodigy
monkeyrama: You made it so I will never forget about Simic Ascendancy, Adam LUL
RandomTrivia: WELP
Easilycrazyhat: Sliivveeerr
Izandai: hmm
Ranakel: I hit Goblins into Goblin Fodder. It went "ten goblins on the board on turn 5" good
raulghoulia: do it!
hexy_lexy: W E L P
KodeMage: kiora has mythic pwker?
Dmc3628: but but....
GredGredmansson: Magic, the Jankening
Izandai: Blue probably has the most spells.
LadyLockwood92: Bruh
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It would be rude not to.
Slacker1977: but blue has spells...
ginganinja314: Yaaaas
ginganinja314: Slivers baby
TheWarbo: W U B R G
Izandai: PrideLaugh
RandomTrivia: It's a shame that we didn't get any fixing from the first pack
noSmokeFire: we need to repent for the freyalise deck
hexy_lexy: LUL this is gonna be so bad and i love it
Slacker1977: my Spike soul hurts :p
GrokaMorka: wubrg has spells
monkeyrama: lol, sounds about right
Gaz_L: 5 colours in a limited deck has never been a bad idea
KodeMage: option b plz
LadyLockwood92: Sounds like a keep to me~!
Izandai: oh no
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AtomicAlchemical: PrideLaugh
monkeyrama: fixing!
GredGredmansson: sure it is
RandomTrivia: Behold, the synergy!
Seth_Erickson: easiest keep of my life
monkeyrama: LUL
LadyLockwood92: A single swamp
The_cake_of_lies: Raise the Draugr is from the sliver deck and is a spell, so clearly the synergy is great Kappa
LadyLockwood92: I believe in us
Izandai: PrideLaugh 1 each of plains island swamp and forest
KodeMage: 20 turns with the alchemist
KodeMage: nice, good thing you got swamp
Ranakel: I think if you cast 1st Sliver , the opponent is legally required to let you beat him to death no matter the game state before this point
monkeyrama: Snop
TheMerricat: so chat, MtG noob here, I still don't understand what cycling is.
Izandai: You pay the cycling cost and discard the card to draw a card.
TheMerricat: ah thanks!
raulghoulia: instant speed
Lithobraker: TheMerricat it's a sport where whoever dopes the most wins
GredGredmansson: Flickering Above The Clouds
Gaz_L: you pay X and discard it, to draw a card. Some cards have something extra happen if you cycle them too
RandomTrivia: Lithobraker lrrWOW
TheMerricat: lol @Lithobraker :)
electra310: It's great for cards you only want to use in certain circumstances. If the card's not good right now, trade it in for something new.
KodeMage: since it's a key word things can reference it, "whenever you cycle a card do X"
ArdCollider: some cards depend on having some cards already having been cycled
LackingSanity_: then there are spin off abilities like 'basic land cycling' that instead of drawing, you get to search your library for the card type named
ArdCollider: !card Zenith Flare
LRRbot: Zenith Flare [2RW] | Instant | Zenith Flare deals X damage to any target and you gain X life, where X is the number of cards with a cycling ability in your graveyard.
supaliitgamr_68: like wilt
monkeyrama: 1 mana cyclers ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
monkeyrama: oh dang, soulherder is a beast
RandomTrivia: Cycling for 1 generic mana was a mistake
raulghoulia: to get a champion who has never been involved in a doping scandal you need to go back to like 9th place, in cycling
KodeMage: soulherder gonna be good in historic... oof
Gaz_L: changeling is a sliver, eh!
Easilycrazyhat: Beej?
monkeyrama: I wouldn't be surprised if you had it in your deck
supaliitgamr_68: a smart person LUL
Slacker1977: a reasonable player
Seth_Erickson: Nummy was there right?
GredGredmansson: Bane of James
Lithobraker: Only a coward would pass the first sliver
KodeMage: it's something we could look up, but...
Seth_Erickson: and Serve drafted in his place
Seth_Erickson: or was that a different set
theblakdeth: you guys used to draft at PPRs? I feel like I've only seen sealed
Gaz_L: broke: keeping all your slivers until you cast First Sliver woke: make First Sliver the last creature you cast
AtrusOfMyst: The first sliver is the deepest....
GredGredmansson: they've done both
monkeyrama: Serge drafted for Kenji at a PPR yes
Diabore: what do you mean, kenji drafted, we all saw his face
GredGredmansson: yes you can!
korvys: !card Static Discharge
LRRbot: Static Discharge [1R] | Sorcery | Static Discharge deals X damage to any target, where X is 3 plus the number of charge counters on Static Discharge. Then put a perpetual charge counter on this card and each card named Static Discharge in your hand, library, and graveyard.
GredGredmansson: it has a counter on it
KodeMage: it does 4 then?
monkeyrama: whaaaaat
TheWarbo: i feel like draft PPRs tend to be for non-premier sets like MH and misty boosties
The_cake_of_lies: ?
monkeyrama: WHAT
KodeMage: self contained kindle
Easilycrazyhat: uh...sure...
TheMerricat: LOL
RandomTrivia: FBtouchdown
Izandai: PrideLaugh WOW
kumatsu: :| OK
The_cake_of_lies: Wait, what?
RandomTrivia: I guess
ToastedArts: gg!
Seth_Erickson: easiest game of our life
RandomTrivia: We take those!
monkeyrama: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
AtomicAlchemical: lrrWOW
LadyLockwood92: We take those!
raulghoulia: didn't even get to play freyaliise
Dandinstorm12: FBtouchdown
SharkHero08: theyre nuggies were ready
Kuolar: Perfect deck
MrTulip: had. enough.
mowdownjoe: FBtouchdown
Gaz_L: people scoop in this queue if you interact with them like at all
Martony101: alieldGasm
BrowneePoints: the flicker deck rides on soulherder
Izandai: The most shameful of concessions.
YeetTheRich_: hello riley and denis
KodeMage: it is what it is
theblakdeth: dayGG
hexy_lexy: FBTouchdown
LadyLockwood92: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
KodeMage: perfect record!
GredGredmansson: Zabaz
FPNY41: nescarGG nescarGG
ToastedArts: and therefore perfect?
hx2gpx: lmao wut
monkeyrama: I think you are correct
The_cake_of_lies: You just won, clearly it's the best deck
Mr_Horrible: Nier Unplayable? There's a new game out? Kappa
GredGredmansson: RW Modular Legendary
Easilycrazyhat: What do you mean? It's undefeated.
TheWarbo: NieR: Unplayable
Sogheim: Adam! You got this!
ArkhamArchivist: Near unplayable, means slightly alive
TheWarbo: gdi too slow
Gaz_L: undefeated deck, 100% win rate
GredGredmansson: filterland
Seth_Erickson: Sliver creatures have exalted Kreygasm
KingOfPho: should have taken the free mull
Sogheim: hold up, why's there a Sliver???
GredGredmansson: because this is a sliver deck
BrowneePoints: rage forger slaps
Sogheim: nono, why are there Slivers? when did this happen? did new Historic drop?
Lithobraker: eoof
BrowneePoints: I used to play it in modern shaman
GredGredmansson: @Sogheim welcome to Jumpstart Historic Horizons
ArdCollider: this is the Jumpstart that added all the new cards, Sogheim.
TheMerricat: _spellcasting_ slivers
monkeyrama: Man's got Theros on the brain, Heroic
Mr_Horrible: "You got any uhhhh fuckin' uhhhh slivers back there?"
thejoetoknow: heroic - got too much Theros on the brain
monkeyrama: It's not exiled, that could be relevant
Mr_Horrible: "Nope, only Slivers"
GredGredmansson: Many-Faced Legion
GredGredmansson: Ward Sliver
theambivalentagender: I just made Storm Bears
Grumpy_Mcfart: no joke, slivers are what got me into magic.
MrTulip: honks out loud
Mr_Horrible: look sometimes the smithing business hits a lull
KingOfDoma: how did you know I got subway for dinner
Izandai: So like, has Diffusion Sliver always been fucking THICC? Because back in 2015 I did not notice that Diffusion Sliver is fucking THICC.
theambivalentagender: Dragons got me into magic, but I do love slivers
Mr_Horrible: I heard horror stories about them, but what got me into Magic was Plated Slagwurm
TheOtherTrevor: Nope. Goblins
TheWooglie: I think you'll find LRR got a lot of people into magic too
RandomTrivia: For me it was DARGONS
monkeyrama: I started right before the modern style of slivers came out
Sogheim: I got into MtG with the mighty Craw Giant
RandomTrivia: It's three Healer's Hawks in a trench coat
Seth_Erickson: What's that dumb 7/7 wurm for 7 that sets your life to 7 that's what got me in.
electra310: LRR got me into magic for the same reason as Friday Nights Paul: I wanted to get the jokes!
RandomTrivia: Elderscale Wurm
BrowneePoints: 3 Suntail hawks stapled together
Seth_Erickson: !Card Elderscale wurm
LRRbot: Elderscale Wurm [4GGG] | Creature โ€” Wurm [7/7] | Trample / When Elderscale Wurm enters the battlefield, if your life total is less than 7, your life total becomes 7. / As long as you have 7 or more life, damage that would reduce your life total to less than 7 reduces it to 7 instead.
monkeyrama: 7 mana Teysa got me into magic
Izandai: @BrowneePoints Healer's Hawks
Gaz_L: almost there!
electra310: I tell you what, Zippotricks McEdgelord was funny the first time, but much more funny after six months playing Magic
BrowneePoints: @izandai that's the one
hexy_lexy: im starting to think adam thinks this deck sucks Kappa
Seth_Erickson: !card diffusion sliver
LRRbot: Diffusion Sliver [1U] | Creature โ€” Sliver [1/1] | Whenever a Sliver creature you control becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, counter that spell or ability unless its controller pays {2}.
The_cake_of_lies: I saw Magic for the first time around original Theros I believe and though ''neat'' but never did anything with it. Then I started playing for real with Battle for Zendikar. I still regret not getting into the game when Theros released every day :(
GredGredmansson: Ward Sliver
monkeyrama: I'm against elf slivers rn, they... seem to be having your same issue LUL
LurkerSpine: Chorister is also a beating
The_cake_of_lies: *thought
RandomTrivia: I feel like Slivers struggles when paired with any pack that doesn't contain fixing
monkeyrama: exalted Kreygasm
GredGredmansson: except the sliver pack has built in fixing
Izandai: Only a little.
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
hx2gpx: what is exalted?
RandomTrivia: Yeah, but that only contributes to half the manabase
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RandomTrivia: Exalted is a trigger that says "Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, it gets +1/+1 until end of turn"
monkeyrama: Technically not dead seabatBRAIN
Izandai: @hx2gpx "Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, that creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn."
Gaz_L: these two packs want to do fundamentally different things, I think
Izandai: And it stacks.
hx2gpx: thanks
Izandai: np
monkeyrama: Oh LUL
Sogheim: I trust your judgment, Adam
Gaz_L: there's multiple sliver packs!
Izandai: Unless you took changelings first, maybe.
Xaunaught: This advice cannot stop me because I am an idiot
Gaz_L: there's a RW one that's neat
Easilycrazyhat: But now you have The First Sliver on your limited only account lrrBEEJ
monkeyrama: Oh my, fixing!
SquirrelEarl: Who would think that monored 5C slivers is not optimal
Seth_Erickson: this hand is great ๐Ÿ‘€
RandomTrivia: SingsNote DoDoDoDoDoo, Inspector Thraben SingsNote
MrTulip: real magic cards! what is this?
The_cake_of_lies: Did that land just scream at you?
Izandai: Yes
Izandai: Don't worry about it.
The_cake_of_lies: Ok, no further questions
Easilycrazyhat: Do your lands not do that?
MrSnooter: Most things scream at me
The_cake_of_lies: Only in my nightmares
Izandai: oh heck
monkeyrama: Ooooh no
Izandai: Time to kill!
ToastedArts: cloudshift is
Seth_Erickson: no but clouds gift id
Gaz_L: no, no, Adam. They added Ephemerate ages ago
Seth_Erickson: cloudshift*
Diabore: beej aggressuve
Easilycrazyhat: I love madness
RandomTrivia: Oooh, Cloudshift works with temporary steal effects...
Gaz_L: big sliver
Seth_Erickson: oh baby we're cooking now
GredGredmansson: uh oh
GredGredmansson: Serra deck
Gaz_L: flicker and angels, looks like
monkeyrama: that little 1/1 baby serra angel
Izandai: !card scuttling sliver
LRRbot: Scuttling Sliver [2U] | Creature โ€” Sliver Trilobite [2/2] | Sliver creatures you control have "{2}: Untap this creature."
Izandai: hm
TheMerricat: !card sure strike
LRRbot: Sure Strike [1R] | Instant | Target creature gets +3/+0 and gains first strike until end of turn.
BrowneePoints: double battle rattle trigger heck ya
PlzBeNiceToYaz: Bones (for earners)
GrokaMorka: hive
shendaras: What does the sliver land do again?
GredGredmansson: !card sliver hive
LRRbot: Sliver Hive | Land | {T}: Add {C}. / {T}: Add one mana of any color. Spend this mana only to cast a Sliver spell. / {5}, {T}: Create a 1/1 colorless Sliver creature token. Activate only if you control a Sliver.
Izandai: Makes slivers.
Slacker1977: why not the 3/2?
monkeyrama: Double shaman Kreygasm
MrTulip: send it
RandomTrivia: We present lethal
Sogheim: they have to block one
Gaz_L: sure strike too
Diabore: adam dont be mean to adam
Slacker1977: ah. good reason :D
monkeyrama: WELP
shendaras: Oh no
Izandai: oh my
RandomTrivia: YIKES
Sogheim: oh no
RaklarLS: hm.
LackingSanity_: hmm
RandomTrivia: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
SharkHero08: lol
GredGredmansson: Pro Creatures
monkeyrama: That card is nuts LUL
darkspiredragon: FML
drcthulu: that card counters your deck
LackingSanity_: that seems like a problem
ForOhForError: wuhoh
GrokaMorka: oh no
Juliamon: Cool game
frank_the_great: What a dumb bomb of a card
leeheezey: Oof
Seth_Erickson: we'll both teams tried hard
RainboWasteland: PogChamp
Izandai: Yeah they can
hx2gpx: good game
SnowBuddy18: oof
Izandai: They have protection from creatures.
BrowneePoints: !card Serra's Emissary
LRRbot: Serra's Emissary [4WWW] | Creature โ€” Angel [7/7] | Flying / As Serra's Emissary enters the battlefield, choose a card type. / You and creatures you control have protection from the chosen card type.
Gaz_L: you literally can't hurt them
drcthulu: you* and creatures you control
Gaz_L: nothing
Slacker1977: they get protection from CREATURES?
tidehollowcat: That card is miserable in so many formats.
MrTulip: nothing
Seth_Erickson: they have pro your creatures
GredGredmansson: 0
RandomTrivia: You can't hurt them
darkspiredragon: they have pro creature
Izandai: They kill two creatures and you accomplish nothing.
frank_the_great: Nothing happens, they've got protection from creatures
Gaz_L: they take 0
monkeyrama: Pro creatures
monkeyrama: all of them
GrokaMorka: no have pro from creatures
Easilycrazyhat: Yeah XD
RandomTrivia: Yeah that card is ABSURD
monkeyrama: Yeeeeeeeah
JosephDeath: Wow, eff that card
darkspiredragon: both get pro
ZealousCrow: WHAT
RandomTrivia: Good AND cool
Easilycrazyhat: Good stream, streamer
darkspiredragon: Thanks for the stream!
drcthulu: I'm amazed you got the one win, good job
electra310: Good stream, Adam!
frank_the_great: Great way to end it, lol
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Adam! lrrSHINE
RaklarLS: this jumpstart is much swingier than v1
hexy_lexy: thanks for the stream adam <3
monkeyrama: Have a nice evening, Adam
BloodnBullets: it was pro a creature type, but yeah, eww
tidehollowcat: lrrSHINE
magical_writer: Thank you for the stream.
mowdownjoe: SEKIRO
Robot_Bones: its not always about long games, girth games are important too
The_cake_of_lies: Yeah thanks for the stream Adam! <3
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
monkeyrama: Byeeeee
RaklarLS: thanks for the stream!
Easilycrazyhat: Feel better!
electra310: Go take a hot bath!
Slacker1977: bye Adam
cuzuki: byeee
GrokaMorka: bye adam
BrowneePoints: @bloodnbullets nope card type
shendaras: Is Adam hurt?
RandomTrivia: Right, new Destiny content this week!
Gulleko: lrrHEART bexyLURK
electra310: He exercised and got sore
monkeyrama: @shendaras sore from going to the gym
hatboozeparty: Bye Adam! lrrSHINE
Foxmar320: So much new Destiny content this week
shendaras: Ah, okay.
BloodnBullets: @BrowneePoints oh, I missread that. WHY DOES THAT EXIST?!
SmithKurosaki: @Foxmar320 Much excite
Juliamon: Any fun new oobs?
SmithKurosaki: @Juliamon Not that I'm aware of yet.
RandomTrivia: Juliamon asking the real questions
Foxmar320: I have not had that much time to look but there is another old one in the Dreaming City I found.
hexy_lexy: @Juliamon YOURE FUN! :p
Foxmar320: Also a fun glitch with portals in the Dreaming City.
Juliamon: Maybe we'll find an exciting new one tonight!
Foxmar320: Graham has a talent for getting oob.
SmithKurosaki: Are you helping with activites this evening Fox?
hexy_lexy: @Foxmar320 graham has a talent. full stop. :p
Juliamon: It's all that W+P observation
Foxmar320: Nope im not on stream this evening.
kusinohki: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Graham, Cameron, and Ian are starting a fresh fire team. Join them in their journey on The Long Game. Game: Destiny 2) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (5s from now).
DarkMorford: Oof, close
RandomTrivia: Ooh, good try kusinohki
kusinohki: coincidense... I wasn't trying for the 0 sec
RandomTrivia: Hmm, I went to make tea but the stream didn't start... My kettle must be losing its powers
Grumpy_Mcfart: did you get the extended kettle magic warranty?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Maybe something to do with the power cut last week
electra310: Maybe you need stronger tea
kais58: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Graham, Cameron, and Ian are starting a fresh fire team. Join them in their journey on The Long Game. Game: Destiny 2) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (2m ago).
kusinohki: steam powered magic... I feel like there's a story there
drewm1022: I think it's called "Arcanum"
RandomTrivia: Hmm, maybe it's not the kettle, might be the teapot. I'll try again.
electra310: If it doesn't work, I'll try visiting the bathroom. That is foolproof.
RandomTrivia: Welp. Teapot didn't work either. Try the bathroom
electra310: Okay!
DarkMorford: Make way for piss!
RandomTrivia: benginLol
SmithKurosaki: McScuze?
electra310: Well shoot, I went to the restroom and then went and made tea. My hopes were very high!
electra310: We obviously need more tea
Foxmar320: I could use some tea as well
RandomTrivia: Wait, I'll try going next
SmithKurosaki: I would, but I need water more
niccus: sounds like you need to make tea again
electra310: Just make weak tea, it counts!
SmithKurosaki: It's also ~40C w/ humidex atm
Grumpy_Mcfart: I'd join in the tea making, but dialysis means I have to be super careful about my fluid intake.
electra310: I was going to make chai latte, but I am trying to develop some kind of sleep schedule for the school year, so it's chamomile and valerian instead.
RandomTrivia: Oh great and powerful Fire Team! By the power of our various beverages we invoke your presence!
sporkraptor: now I'm wanting tea... hm.
electra310: The more tea the better! We are definitely approaching the critical beverage threshold.
Mcgwee: hmm maybe I should tea...