RandomTrivia: HAHAHHAA
Xiff_: It could be a sliding block puzzle
RandomTrivia: Super Mario Bros 1 solved videogames forever, we know this lrrBEEJ
Snowcookies: is this a hippy
ChaoticObserver: Its sad how limiting video games are in their ability to be interactive in unique ways
CaptainSpam: Ah, Jonas Garcia.
kusinohki: has there been a 3d pitfall?
Ignatiuspants: really, every side-scrolling game is just Pitfall with extra steps
Sky_Kast: um Minecraft
Styxseus: Keeping a low profile
RandomTrivia: @kusinohki Crash 4, sort of
Sky_Kast: thatcyHey
Sky_Kast: I am so random
Saxpython: lrrSHINE FBtouchdown lrrSHINE
Snowcookies: cool moon
beowuuf: thanks for streaming!
CaptainSpam: End right outside the outhouse.
Snowcookies: thanks for the stream
BloodnBullets: oh it has your song spells on the map!
Sky_Kast: gnite fellas
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vellebastet: lrrHEART lrrHEART
Snowcookies: !patreon
LRRbot: 2676 patrons for a total of $19,778.96 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
DigitalSeahorse: oofa yeah headphone skull pinch
Snowcookies: !youtube
LRRbot: You can find LRR's non-MtG vods at http://www.youtube.com/loadingreadylive , and all MtG vods and other MtG content at https://www.youtube.com/LRRMtG . For non-stream videos, the main channel is http://www.youtube.com/loadingreadyrun
Styxseus: Thank you so much for streaming <3 lrrSHINE
DigitalSeahorse: ^
TheDailyMapleSyrup: together again lrrHEART lrrIAN lrrHEATHER
DigitalSeahorse: pegaBooty
RandomTrivia: OOOOOOOH
RandomTrivia: I had no idea
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart tiltyhEXTREME lunarj1Heart tiltyhEXTREME
RandomTrivia: YEESSSS
RandomTrivia: Knight of the Living Dead!
RandomTrivia: Another trainwreck time!
iris_of_ether: Oh, rad!
Styxseus: That sounds like it will be great ;D Those books are amazing! (..in a way)
beowuuf: night!
Juliamon: !quote chopin
LRRbot: Quote #1623: "Oops, off I go to Mongolia!" —Chopin [2016-01-20]
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart tiltyhEXTREME lunarj1Heart tiltyhEXTREME
Juliamon: It's been so long...
benjamin_wheeler: Ouendan, but one of you holds the stylus and the other holds the DS
RockPusher: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
DigitalSeahorse: blehpThrow blehpHeart blehpHeart blehpSplat
Saxpython: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
RandomTrivia: I mean, Ben jokes but I think a 2P1C Rhythm Cafe would be hilarious
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Ian and Heather! lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
TheAinMAP: Good bye.
DarkMorford: Bloop!
RandomTrivia: *menu sounds*!
Saxpython: Hey @Julia, how's the plumbing?
Snowcookies: lrrHEART lrrSHINE
Juliamon: It's fixed! My sister took a shower!
Saxpython: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Juliamon: (She has work tomorrow so she got first dibs)
Snowcookies: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Is This Your Card? (Wheeler explores Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on Is This Your Card? Game: Gwent) at Sun 06:00 PM PDT (2m ago).
Snowcookies: Right, this is a 5 sunday month
Juliamon: The problem turned out to be a mass of tree roots invading the pipe, which is... y'know, not great
Snowcookies: oh no
DarkMorford: That's never fun
Snowcookies: nature strikes again
Juliamon: so it's "fixed" but will need a long-term fix later
Saxpython: yeah that sounds expensive
DarkMorford: You need fatter pipes :p
DarkMorford: Or at least thicker
Juliamon: namely because my dad and I have both had really nervous feelings about said tree for awhile now (it's an old birch and leaning over my room)
DeM0nFiRe: Gotta go outside and punch the tree until it leaves the pipes alone
DarkMorford: Eek
Juliamon: based on the rest of the birches on the island it's probably close to dead, if not already
Juliamon: so yeah that's fune
DarkMorford: I suggest you start chopping at the top of that tree, not the bottom :p
Juliamon: fun, even
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
DarkMorford: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
PharaohBender27: Time to Gwent it up! lrrSIG
benjamin_wheeler: Wheeler's Sunday Sandwich
lightfut: why yes, this is my card!
Snowcookies: Another round of gwent!
Styxseus: lrrSIG \o/ lrrSIG
DarkMorford: I can't believe we gwent a whole week without this stream! Kappa
PharaohBender27: Gwent pun count for tonight: 1
Snowcookies: how puntastic
Snowcookies: did you know that puns the top perpetrators of apophenia
Juliamon: It has been [0] streams since our last pun
PharaohBender27: Of course. the problem is that "went" is the only thing we can easily pun "Gwent" with :p
ShaneLeeAtk: That is one counter that sees very little use.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Wheeler is live with this evening's Is This Your Card? Tonight on the show, his last stream with Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1432148251541590020
2 raiders from AsobuLab have joined!
2 raiders from AsobuLab have joined!
DarkMorford: @PharaohBender27 That's incorrect, but don't get gwent out of shape about it
Snowcookies: hello raiders
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, raiders!
Saxpython: @PharaohBender27 I disagree 100 per Gwent
PharaohBender27: @DarkMorford OH SNAP I'VE BEEN GOT GOOD.
Snowcookies: the feeling gwent you have to deal with pun chat
AsobuLab: greeting
AsobuLab: been watching LRR for ages, just so happened to be able to raid
Juliamon: Puns are great but they don't pay the Gwent
Snowcookies: hi!
Saxpython: lrrWOW
PharaohBender27: @Juliamon Daaaaang lrrWOW
Juliamon: Sorry not sorry
YeetTheRich_: it all gwent downhill from there
Snowcookies: hi Wheeler, not sorry Wheeler
voslan: Welp, there's the lie
ShaneLeeAtk: We gwent over the pun limit!
GhostValv: <3
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
Saxpython: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
AsobuLab: I gwent ahead and decided to stop by
Snowcookies: when does it stop being new?
Juliamon: I also don't think it's missed a week yet
YeetTheRich_: hi shupe
DeM0nFiRe: We're playing Pazaak from KotOR? PogChamp
Gaz_L: Gwent: The Witcher Card Game: PC Edition?!?
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2676 patrons for a total of $19,778.65 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
RockPusher: A chittering of love lrrHEART
YeetTheRich_: thronebreaker was pretty cool though
Juliamon: Thronebreaker was something
Snowcookies: The servers are dead, long live gwent
Snowcookies: thanks James
YeetTheRich_: thanks james
PharaohBender27: escher3THUMBSUP lrrJAMES
SnackPak_: thank you James
DarkMorford: #blameJames
Snowcookies: !findquote james
LRRbot: Quote #6935: "I just assume that all good ideas about streaming come from James." —Kathleen [2020-05-06]
Styxseus: :D
Gaz_L: what am coin? is that like the icon my phone shows when i use contactless payment?
circusofkirkus: wow Tolarian Community College on the dark web?
Styxseus: Oh hey, I remember that guy!
Punching_Bag: Its from Witcher 1, right?
Styxseus: "I've always wondered if witchers can parry a bolt in flight" something, yeah :D
circusofkirkus: bald crime lords are a good trope
PharaohBender27: Oh, THAT asshole (sorry, remember him from Witcher 3)
Styxseus: Oh neat! I never finished 3, but he's one of the few characters I remember from 1
PharaohBender27: OK, yeah, so this is featuring all the Novigrad gang leaders from Witcher 3
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PharaohBender27: Yeah, he's a real piece of shit
Wodar9: Is there a Whorson Senior?
PharaohBender27: @Wodar9 I can't remember the full lore, but he was the son of someone noteworthy, thus the "junior"
Styxseus: Thats a pretty cool card
Styxseus: I like how grim the art is for the crimes
Ba_Dum_Tish: so James is the crime man or the money man?
Punching_Bag: James is the money lender
Ba_Dum_Tish: James is the Sugar man
auxv: is he the candy man
anseis_lover: dont forget about veil brother
anseis_lover: STEAL THE PIG
anseis_lover: could use BGF to bleed out the SWK
anseis_lover: ope sorry friend!
anseis_lover: besta luck in ya game
YeetTheRich_: well gwent I made it, despite your tutorial
Fanklok: Very funny joke
Styxseus: Hah
PharaohBender27: katesPalm
Fanklok: The Gwent tutorial is fine if you've played Gwent before
circusofkirkus: for the PTCGO revisit, are we going to try out the fan single-prizer singleton format Gym Leader Challenge?
circusofkirkus: it's a new format with only single prizers and it's singleton
circusofkirkus: also mono-type
circusofkirkus: yeah it feels very Gladiator-esque for Pokemon
thraximore: isn't it basically an undead?
PharaohBender27: katesLol
rangerboy87: Demon monsters basicall
Styxseus: It's used for various nature-ish sprits and demon-esque creatures, like satyrs and sucubi. ...I think.
Haroldholmes25: wheeler confirmed bully wheelerMonkey
Styxseus: Maybe hoofs is the common denominator :P
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thraximore: That's Numberwang
thraximore: I think they use computers? I dunno I've never been a counter
Gaz_L: the battle pass thing
Gaz_L: there's weeklies for both free and paid and you get a bunch of crown pieces for doing them which level you up on the battle pass track
Gaz_L: tl;dr - play games, get keys
Gaz_L: just go to 'Journey' in the menu
Fanklok: What about giving it a goose?
PharaohBender27: escher3MEOW
lightfut: kitty!
PharaohBender27: katesLoaf !
Styxseus: Nya~ <3
RockPusher: wheelerMuldcb
PharaohBender27: The Wheeler double-feature?
Big_Blue_Hen: wheelerMuldcb wheelerMuldcb
Styxseus: Something something double-deck (except they're not all card-things)
circusofkirkus: Mulder said it's her turn to stream
Punching_Bag: what does purify do?
Punching_Bag: we goblin sharpshooter now
ZerO_GatewaY: Arc Slogger them to death
PharaohBender27: katesLoaf !
Ba_Dum_Tish: Cat stream
PharaohBender27: To capitalize on people
Juliamon: I'd blame the bat man
PharaohBender27: *on people's fear of clowns?
Ba_Dum_Tish: When did clowns flip from fun fair ground to horror staple?
PharaohBender27: @Ba_Dum_Tish The best hypothesis I've seen is that it was a combination of Stephen King's "It" and how the serial killer John Wayne Gacy did clown performances at children's parties
Styxseus: I feel like alot of people just find clowns unsettling, horror or no. But I don't know if thats why its a horror trope, or if they find them unsettling because of the trope
Wodar9: Clowns were never happy
PharaohBender27: katesLol
hd_dabnado: I think there is also something to be said that clowns were apart of an era of entertainment that slowly went away as movies became a thing
hollabackjay: what rank is this
PharaohBender27: @hd_dabnado Though to be fair I'd rather come across an old photo of someone in clown makeup than someone in blackface, which was *distressingly* common from the 1900s-1950s
Juliamon: So much overlap between the two, too
hd_dabnado: yeah... man humans fucking suck huh
YeetTheRich_: the clowns turned away from lighthearted entertainment after what happened to pagliacci
PharaohBender27: Welcome to Alternative History with Benjamin Wheeler
RockPusher: I would think the Clown Egg Registry would be prime Wheeler tourism fodder if visiting England
DarkMorford: But everyone loves Binky the Clown, right? Kappa
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrGREED
Juliamon: Heeeeeeeeeeeey kids!
DarkMorford: @Juliamon At least one person got it
Juliamon: love those deep garf cuts
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Sheikun07: Oh hey, Gwent!
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Ba_Dum_Tish: Are we the monsters?
Kreiseler: are the monsters the friends we made along the way?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Would that make you a smooth criminal?
lightfut: steamed hams
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I_Am_Clockwork: Heyho Friends ^.^
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Ba_Dum_Tish: Wheelers big brain is 4 turns ahead
thraximore: yeah but he's losing NOW
PharaohBender27: "No battle plan survives the first shot"
rangerboy87: Forfeiting while ahead really is thinking 4 turns ahead
Kreiseler: yes that is Glenn witcher
Gaz_L: that's Bruce Wayne, yes
Scarbble: that is infact The Guy
Opera707: yeah he's the guy
thraximore: its
PhoebeTheCoffeeWitch: thats strider right? or legolass?
thraximore: Mr. Witcher himself
rangerboy87: Makes sense the main character is a bit OP
Fanklok: THE Glen Pathfinder of Gwent: Teh Witcher Card Game™?
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RandomTrivia: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
TheAinMAP: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
Izandai: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
wiggins: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
Orlantia: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
rangerboy87: Wiggins!
I_Am_Clockwork: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Orlantia: oh heck yeah more bald children!
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SirBiffaloEsq: Does this game at least have vanilla 3 mana 3/3s I can appreciate?
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Karfsma778: mattlrBork mattlrBork mattlrBork
Kreiseler: it even has a generic bear with no ability!
Gaz_L: oh right, i should do the Ayula deck for Brawl on Arena
GibbsDibbs: just professor the phocca
TroyDean: does anyone else get a lot of d/c opponents and free wins? are they rage quitting or is this normal
GibbsDibbs: no spenders biblethump
GibbsDibbs: gwent is known for connection dropping
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eboera: Best card game advice I have for you, don't lose and draw the right cards
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TroyDean: gg
GibbsDibbs: gg
rangerboy87: Lambert: The WItcher A-hole
GibbsDibbs: you can see them on your profile and set which contracts you want to complete
rangerboy87: yeeeeeeessss?
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GibbsDibbs: you can also see daily challenges as well
Ba_Dum_Tish: Butt if you fill your hole with acheivements is it still a hole?
PharaohBender27: @rangerboy87 There's a backstory in Witcher 3 that kind of explains his attitude, and well there's a *lot* of jerks in that world
eboera: Are we winning at card game?
rangerboy87: @rangerboy87 Oh I know, I am on my 4th playthrough right now. I get his attitude, doesn't make him less of an asshole
eboera: I think because it just kinda came out and wasn't promoted super hard
PharaohBender27: I recognize at least some of those tracks as being from the Witcher 3 soundtrack
PharaohBender27: @rangerboy87 Fair
TroyDean: i feel like on launch it was a little bugged and flopped a bit
djalternative: because most people only really consider it a minigame in witcher 3?
Styxseus: The reason I overlooked it was because I thought it was more of a cash-in on the wicther (because the witcher is SUPER popular, and digital ccgs are also that)
eboera: Also this game just didn't see any promotion after launch
Styxseus: From watching this, it does actually seem very good
eboera: And I remember the little promotion it did get was all like "Oh hey remember that thing from The Witcher? Yeah we spun it off, play it I guess"
YeetTheRich_: better than duel links?
PharaohBender27: Minus that tutorial, of course
djalternative: What about Wheelie Breakers? It's a close second at least, right?
damn_i_am_pretty: wonder how many people bounced off after that tutorial
Styxseus: I dont remember clearly, but didnt it also come out while alot of games where going "Hearthstone? Hey what if WE did that?"
eboera: Look, I don't even care much for Duel Links
rangerboy87: @eboera I think they were banking on the fans to just gravitate to it with "hey, we made Gwent it's own thing now!"
eboera: @rangerboy87 yeah, and that was always going to be a percentage of people that bought The Witcher, and I don't ever remember them trying to get new people into it
PharaohBender27: I think I saw online ads for it for like 2 weeks
rangerboy87: They really didn't. They pretty much approached it as everyone playing already knew how to play Gwent and just wanted more of it
Hellfirebm: Did they get rid of like 3 lanes?
eboera: I mean from what I understand, the community is happy having a small niche but very passionate group and are ok with it not exploading in popularity
TroyDean: im with ya. Barely started playing two weeks ago and it has consumed me lol
rangerboy87: I played it in Beta and I didn't get hooked. Been debating giving it another go.
eboera: I still get emails for Artifact sometimes and thats weird
Sibwow: and theres a ton of bald sons
TroyDean: also Scoia'tael cards kinda sexy?
Styxseus: There he is!
eboera: I will always never hate losing if I lost because either I messed up or my opponent just outskilled me
thraximore: Losing because I messed up is the sole reason I hate losing, though.
TaigaKagami10: Is there like a meta decks or u can play wateva u like?
TaigaKagami10: just started playing this game like 2days
eboera: I keep half meaning to pick up Shadowverse
Earthenone: always sucks, to use yugioh terms, to draw your garnets :)
eboera: Pugo Boom Breaker??!? I went to High School with that guy, we took drama together
Kreiseler: ooffa. and if I may, doofa
Styxseus: Chat wins?
YeetTheRich_: !chat
LRRbot: Chat? Engaging in mimicry?
djalternative: as long as stream is live, chat is winning
Styxseus: ^ :D
Sibwow: reverse lookup
Kreiseler: sun was in my eges
Kreiseler: eyes*
Sibwow: my dog needs surgery
Fanklok: You were blinfolded and your little brother was playing
Styxseus: Cat pulled out your ethernet calbe..
eboera: In fact I was thinking I was still playing Yugioh
Ba_Dum_Tish: At least one of those things will be true
PharaohBender27: Steam strong enough to stream some hams? tqsSmug
benjamin_wheeler: yes and you call them streamed hams despite the fact that they are obviously recorded
eboera: What do freshly opened Gwent packs smell like?
Xx_JAG_xX: yeah
Xx_JAG_xX: and u only need 2
Kreiseler: they're kegs...so like beer or mead?
PharaohBender27: Never had a recorded ham before, should try it sometime
Xx_JAG_xX: ooooh
Kreiseler: caranthir real good
Xx_JAG_xX: the guy on the right is popular
Xx_JAG_xX: the guy on the left used ot be meta too
Diabore: middle one is fire though
Fanklok: Fun fact: Grog is just watered down rum
eboera: Metaphore checks out, you get the thumbs up
PharaohBender27: Ohai cat
Xx_JAG_xX: how's the games so far?? just came by
eboera: This guy has fancy sleeves
eboera: I bet he's even read his cards D::
Ba_Dum_Tish: James' money doesn't count
Fanklok: Hey they might have spent James' money, don't assume
thraximore: LUL
eboera: As long as it's his personal CC and not the greater LRR CC
ghyllnox: You only sold it to one person? Dang, this is what love looks like
Ba_Dum_Tish: If Wheeler sold the LRR CC then an army of Pauls would descend upon his home
thraximore: Paul would have to outpace Beej I feel
eboera: Beej would drop kick in thru the window
Ba_Dum_Tish: Beej drives too slow for that worry
thraximore: Ah but what about the chase on foot? Wheeler isn't foolish enough to hide, he knows enough to run :D
DarkMorford: @Ba_Dum_Tish WELL F**KING WALK THEN
thraximore: Nice of him to finish himself last :)
Xx_JAG_xX: fun gwent fact: the way they used to balance leader abilities was based off mulligans. Weak abilities could mull 3-4 cards while strong ones could mull 1-2 cards
Opera707: cheers ben
Kreiseler: correct
YeetTheRich_: welp
PharaohBender27: lrrFINE
Xx_JAG_xX: hopefully we forced them out of all their good cards
YeetTheRich_: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
PharaohBender27: lrrGOAT there!
YeetTheRich_: close one
YeetTheRich_: remember we need to say goodbye to the bald sons
eboera: Gwentith Paltro
Opera707: this is your card
PharaohBender27: Where Gwent the Time?
Buxx345: gwent it works it works?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Gwent there done that
Xx_JAG_xX: lets gwent there
YeetTheRich_: dark sun gwentolin
Buxx345: look you can't go swallowing swords on stream, there's tos guidelines
Furvias: I would watch "The Gwent Weather Report"
Styxseus: We gwent too far
eboera: We'll call it Gwentith Paltrow and its you play Gwent while you play her movies in the background
djalternative: Can we get Henry Cavil to be your Co-host for this Gwent Show?
djalternative: I'm sure he's available
djalternative: Definitely not busy being Geralt for Netflix
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Paranundrox: 6 years huh..
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CaptainSpam: Grarreer.
thraximore: Gwent Career. Garerr
thraximore: makes perfect sense
eboera: Oh Ship it Ben
hattanbinnassar: elve scout most die
Paranundrox: that seems fair and balanced
eboera: That wasn't even nice
eboera: that was a smacking
thraximore: Dude's standing in a tub full of dead people, he's gotta be messed up
Xx_JAG_xX: 2020 green cards amiright??
TroyDean: you got your tunnel drill yet?
hattanbinnassar: what rank is this ?
eboera: speaking of green cards, because of the most recent N100 I am testing out adding Green to my U/W control list. Hey have you heard of this card called Uro? Hes pretty good
thraximore: default is VERY fashionable
Paranundrox: Gwent Egg
thraximore: ignore what the kids tell you
Paranundrox: rocking classic twitter egg chic
hattanbinnassar: oh noice 19 !
Fanklok: Do you think you can trick James into thinking you're doing a second month of Gwent to give you more Gwent allowance?
eboera: Voice Changer: "Yeah I was involved in the sale of illegal Gwent cards"
Paranundrox: 34 seems like a lot
Xx_JAG_xX: "nice 'KNOWLDGE' you got here"
Fanklok: I really like that Crime is a card type
eboera: What is this, elf tribal?
hattanbinnassar: btw your deck is consider to be tire 1 deck in this patch 🤣
Xx_JAG_xX: @eboera omg ur right, scoia'tael is just elf ball XD
Fanklok: Scoia'tael are non human guerilla freedom fighters so yes there are a lot of elves
hattanbinnassar: jackpot were the last patch broken deck
eboera: i mean people shit on tier lists but it's a good barometer on what to play and what can win. Why jump into a new card game and be "forced" to play a terrible deck
Paranundrox: they just have to be made by people who know what they're doing :P
Paranundrox: but it's good to codify what is viable and what to expect to run into
eboera: I seem that mentality sometimes with card games, new player comes in, sees X deck is Tier 1 or like high tier 2 but gets shamed for building it
Opera707: i like brewing personally, i like to learn which cards are good and bad via trial and error. Although i totally understand why people use lists.
hattanbinnassar: if you want to have really fun time go no units Deck 🤣
Paranundrox: 61 - 3
eboera: oh sure, a "good" tier list should tell you actually why a deck is tier 1
Paranundrox: close match
Xx_JAG_xX: gwent's a game tho where even if u play a top tier deck if u play it wrong it, you might as well be playing garbo
YeetTheRich_: bald sons
YeetTheRich_: nooo LUL
hattanbinnassar: gwent tire list is like ( the most optimized decks for this patch ) not the strongest
Paranundrox: how much do patches actually change from patch to patch?
eboera: I lose my GD mind when I read like a Yugioh tier list and the description is like "yeah Drytron is Tier 1 because its the best combo deck. And it just plays the best cards and doesn't lose to other stuff, anyway moving on" like that doesn't tell someone why that deck is good or not xD
YeetTheRich_: @Paranundrox he no longer has charge
Xx_JAG_xX: @Paranundrox sometimes a lot, sometimes cards can change a lot,
hattanbinnassar: a lot ,, but it's always depends on cdr
Xx_JAG_xX: like the clown card in ben's hand used to be completely different and busted before
Paranundrox: wheelerDroopy I don't know what I expected
Xx_JAG_xX: yeah
hattanbinnassar: + the biggest issue is there no balance tester's for the patches so it's hit or miss
Paranundrox: coming from paper card games the concept of card patches has always been a little odd to me
eboera: Which Witch is Which as it were?
Earthenone: a verb, a noun and an occupation/
Paranundrox: especially when it's a complete change not just like a numerical adjustment
Fanklok: Witchers are genetically augmented monster hunters
hattanbinnassar: you meant whoreson junior ? was 6 dmg 6 remove 3's
thraximore: I suspect that a witch hunter specializes in witches, but a Witcher is a generalist?
Xx_JAG_xX: tbh i kind of forgot it's been a while but i believe it damaged with coin but also had insanity: give a unit bleeding
Kaorti: witchfinder is a job title, witch hunter is a job description, witcher is a homonym.
hattanbinnassar: you really like to commit cards tbh 🤣
Kreiseler: ya, harder to find the crownsplitters next round, think you made the right decision
TroyDean: spooky ship
Kreiseler: spooky scary skele-ship hops out when there are coins
hattanbinnassar: the dwarf who spawn 5's keep it with the tunnel drill as a combo
djalternative: no docking here please
hattanbinnassar: man you destroyed him lol
hattanbinnassar: one more
YeetTheRich_: ayyy
Xx_JAG_xX: Ben "never played gwent before but still wins" Wheeler
hattanbinnassar: this is commandos ? 🤣
Sibwow: bald son bald son bald son
rosesmcgee: Say bye to the bald sons chat, they're going to a farm upstate after this
Sibwow: dirty grandpa
djalternative: Dunkachino is my go to for that
hattanbinnassar: defender , fooltest , commando
Paranundrox: say hello to my chocolate. eln
Paranundrox: *chocolate blend
hattanbinnassar: ignore this card is not a big deal
hattanbinnassar: there a 4 who double the spell who used on it make sure to destroy it
hattanbinnassar: the sequence is a bit of but you got this 🤣
hattanbinnassar: off *
jibkat: What is a deck anyways?
hattanbinnassar: this deck is tire 3
eboera: Wait hold on, that was a cute anime girl, this changes everything for me
Xx_JAG_xX: there's one trap they might play that destroys the strongest your unit if you play a special card
Earthenone: am i the only one who read that as "Brooklyn sentinal"
hattanbinnassar: do you have defender in this deck ?
hattanbinnassar: yeah this guy 🤣
Kreiseler: sodden
Ba_Dum_Tish: Rowen!
hattanbinnassar: the sequence should be like ; Defender than fooltest than commando ,, than you bleed the opponent with sige
jibkat: I know a Rowen, they live on a boat
Kreiseler: there is a website with all the various voicelines in case you ever need them but aren't playing the game
Dandinstorm12: hello Wheeler
Dandinstorm12: hello chat
LawsOnMe: starletWave starletPigeon critroleBidet
thraximore: seabatClap
Dandinstorm12: something something steamed hams
Xx_JAG_xX: lrrHORN lrrHORN
lightfut: godspeed to 'em
Xx_JAG_xX: so proud of them
djalternative: Wait. Is there a possibility for second generation bald sons?
Earthenone: whats coming up on this show in the coming months?
Earthenone: since this game has came and gwent
heartofgoldfish: Best Card (Game) You're Not Playing
niccus: ranking cards would also be good
benjamin_wheeler: !patreon
LRRbot: 2675 patrons for a total of $19,767.18 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
jibkat: You decapitate your foe at the end of the match?
Xx_JAG_xX: hell yeah, gotta obtain them all
djalternative: procure the totality
YeetTheRich_: benginHeck benginYe
djalternative: Fortnite of the living dead?
Earthenone: from big women to little nightmaares, adam must be so disapointed
YeetTheRich_: oh god LUL
Paranundrox: oooooh
Opera707: oh noo
djalternative: pokemon untie?
Paranundrox: Pokemon Unite pretty fun that'll be a neat stream
Ba_Dum_Tish: Stand against the pokemon
YeetTheRich_: video james?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Chatt
Paranundrox: I am doing well 💙
Juliamon: They're "chatthew" nowadays
eboera: o7
Phailhammer: cya :)
benjamin_wheeler: not to spoil the end of stream bit, but did I already do toss a coin to your wheeler?
Juliamon: Probably, but when has that ever stopped you?
benjamin_wheeler: well I'll never repeat a joke
Earthenone: is this twitch chat of plenty? im in the wrong room then