accountmadeforants: (Or MTG-inspired-by-proxy-of-Hearthstone, nowadays)
AJpreller: all sorts of good Judges test questions are gonna come out of this set lol
TXC2: reading the card explains the card, except for lure
dabudder: @accountmadeforants dont even talk to me about hearthstone rules
Genderi: @accountmadeforants I'll give mtg "Best for its level of complexity"
gnome_friend: Reading the oracle rulings explains the card
LRRMTG_Judge: @TXC2 And except for the new Davriel ;) theman20Heart
TehAmelie: or Rules Lawyer. . .
skiddybones: I’m ready
beowuuf: reading the banding reminder text actually does explain banding, you just won't realise it does
TXC2: LRRMTG_Judge touché
ShadowTalon910: lrrJUDGE
KakuEpsilon: My favorite TCG, Yu Yu Hakusho TCG, did something pretty unique with the format too, but sadly you don't really get to have that many sets when you base it off of one show only
Genderi: There are a number of way simpler games that have far more elegance w/ their rules
Alex_Frostfire: New Davriel is practically an Arena-only Urza, Academy Headmaster, change my mind.
Slacker1977: I'm very disappointed the Rules FAQ wasn't up already for this set
capt_g1029: I must be missing the schedule page somewhere, Is this starting shortly?
skiddybones: is the prerelease this upcoming weekend?
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The_Cakemeister: Banding honestly isn't that difficult.
TXC2: capt_g1029 sure is
beowuuf: @capt_g1029 in 4 mins
dabudder: Legends of Runeterra does pretty good with rules, as in 'reading the card does actually explain the carc', but it doesnt really hold a candle to the rules of magic
KakuEpsilon: @Alex_Frostfire I think Urza's more ahead of the game. :3
Didero: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt PPR (Join the LRR Crew for the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt PPR! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Sun 11:00 AM PDT (3m from now).
Didero: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
capt_g1029: Oh lovely thanks all!
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: fitness
TehAmelie: a physical form of fitness?
hexy_lexy: hey early chatters! reminder that i love you all beyond measure!!!!! <3
Didero: No problem, it's hard to remember schedules, especially if they're in different timezones
gnome_friend: lrrHEART @hexy_lexy
The_Cakemeister: Pretty much the only reason to use banding is to shut down trampling, but it exists.
TXC2: hello hexy_lexy welcome lrrHEART
Angreed66: I've found mtg rules and base stratagems more intuitive than runeterra
TotallyNotaBeholder: @hexy_lexy ditto
beowuuf: fitness is in the box, just like pandora kept false hope in the box, it's not unleashed in the world :p
CAKHost: Hi @hexy_lexy !
gnome_friend: @KakuEpsilon I wonder if his head ended up in the space carnival
samwiser_: lrrAWESOME_BW
anbuagent12: Oh boy oh boy.
ShadowTalon910: but can you fit fitness in a box?
gnome_friend: If you found fitness in a jar, would you open it?
KakuEpsilon: @gnome_friend I don't think he's the kind of person to want to escape Capitalism, so probably not.
beowuuf: if anything can be made to fit, the concept of fit-ness seems like the one
hexy_lexy: @ShadowTalon910 no, but i do like fitness entire pizza in my mouth!!!
KakuEpsilon: @gnome_friend Nah, I'm happy with my body as is.
beowuuf: lol
Leonhart321: Look, fitness belongs in the jar for a reason
TXC2: hexy_lexy booo Kappa
accountmadeforants: @accountmadeforants Honestly, my favourite part of Hearthstone rules and Hearthstone-alike rules is something that happened in Shadowverse. There was this card that couldn't be destroyed or affected by creatures, but according to the rules (and briefly in the game) it could be the-equivalent-of-exiled. But rather than take that as a sensible "rules as written" with a clear workaround, the devs instead "fixed" it by making it so it also couldn't be exiled. Obviously, the *intent* was for it to be
ShadowTalon910: @hexy_lexy lol
LRRMTG_Judge: the Flesh and Blood thing is because...well...the Calling is happening and i'm on staff
gnome_friend: "The Calling"?
neisan2112: Oh wait, PPR!! I 100% forgot about this
gnome_friend: Is that like "THe Machine?"
neisan2112: Day got so much better
KakuEpsilon: i thought it was illegal to play Flesh and Blood not in person.
Angreed66: just in time
LRRMTG_Judge: it's a Flesh and Blood Grand Prix? Magic Fest? whatever
Fruan: Learning the rules AT the premier event you're staffing seems like a bold move. I support it.
Travilogue: So I decide to not be a lump and go for a bike ride before the PPR and what happens, a bee or wasp or something stings my ass.
serramarkov: Fitness is being in shape, right? I'm round, round is a shape.
Mangledpixel: boop
LRRMTG_Judge: Oops forgot to sign messages. pharma2Vial
BusTed: @Travilogue 😬
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
KakuEpsilon: Pharmacist Judge is pretty smart so I'm sure they'll knock it out of the park.
Mangledpixel: hmm, how are the hype levels?
Pharmacistjudge: I really should just use this for a second
beowuuf: the outside is a dangerous, godless place and must be approached accordingly
C4Asaru: HeyGuys
archrabbit77: PPR Time
TXC2: !viewers
LRRbot: Stream is not live. 624 users in the chat.
AJpreller: and here, we, go
froshambo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt PPR (Join the LRR Crew for the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt PPR! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Sun 11:00 AM PDT (16s ago).
James_LRR: There is a good chance we're gonna be a bit late. Turns out we haven't done this for a while... also Windows sucks. :P
UnbeatableAshWilliams: :O :O :O
KakuEpsilon: Though if they get asked a question on stream, will tehy be covered in Viscera and then get pounced by a werewolf?!
gnome_friend: Fitness is really results-oriented thinking but for evolution
TXC2: No worries James
Haroldholmes25: Curse you Windows
Angreed66: To be expected
Pharmacistjudge: oh no, not the dreaded mandatory Windows Update
anbuagent12: s'all good
Death_N_Stuff: teepHype teepHype teepHype teepHype
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UnbeatableAshWilliams: take your time, itll be worth it
hexy_lexy: @James_LRR VALID!!! take all the time yall need <3
Juliamon: Is LRRMTG_Judge a meld creature?
Fruan: Just gives you extra time to get all the spiders out of the moonbase!
KakuEpsilon: @James_LRR Yeah, makes sense. Don't feel bad about being late.
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Didero: The Pee Pees aRe here! Wait...
beowuuf: admit it james, you're having to fight with the card reader to make it take its job back :p
gnome_friend: An organism is fit if they reproduce, which they can do because they are fit, etc. etc.
CAKHost: Windows delays a stream? That's unheard of! Kappa
ZackTheCatKing: a hoy hoy
KakuEpsilon: @Juliamon Yes.
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TXC2: Juliamon I think it's a big mutate stack
Angreed66: @Fruan You mean let them back in?
Pharmacistjudge: I am also imaging they have to reassemble pieces that other persons took home. pharma2Vial
Travilogue: @CAKHost Nature is healing
Leonhart321: Windows being awkward for streamers? What a new and absolutely unexpected problem /sarcasm
KakuEpsilon: @Juliamon Or a Hydra
Easilycrazyhat: Is everyone ready for some M A G I C
beowuuf: everyone but windows!
CAKHost: lol
KakuEpsilon: No, Hat, Windows isn't
Direcheck: this'll be the first PPR i've watched live and i'm so excited
gnome_friend: !findquote window
LRRbot: Quote #3752: "The ear is a window into the soul and I would deeply appreciate it if the view out of my soul was not a sphincter." —Blargant [2016-12-15]
UnbeatableAshWilliams: same, dire
gnome_friend: Welcome @Direcheck
62MGcobra: you can't get rid of all the spiders!!!
Forgotten_Lizard: We have gathered, now time for the magic
Easilycrazyhat: Oh no! XD
Fruan: Oh man. I didn't even think about all the chairs and tripods that got 'reassigned'. Setting up for this PPR must have been a thing.
Theycallmejokke: Okay bring on the magical cards, and cool people
UnbeatableAshWilliams: I hope everybody builds the same humans deck
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kaszmirowysweter: This is so embarrassing for windows!
SorryQ_: Same here @direcheck
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! lrrSHINE
greatwahooney: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt PPR (Join the LRR Crew for the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt PPR! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Sun 11:00 AM PDT (2m ago).
gnome_friend: sergeWelcome all you sergeFriend s
TXC2: hello RandomTrivia welcome
KendalMac417: howdy folks!
beowuuf: lol, so many homes are about to be so empty or 'borrowed' items :p
greatwahooney: ok, I didn't mess up this time, good
CaptainEnder7: Greetings all!
capt_g1029: Today's PPR is like a Zombie, taking a bit of time to get up and going
serramarkov: lrrHORN lrrAWESOME HyperCheese benginHype lrrSHINE
UnbeatableAshWilliams: @gnome_friend yo are you a gnelf?
TXC2: hello KendalMac417 and CaptainEnder7 welcome
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gralamin: Excited for the PPR here on my 89th month sub
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Scarbble: windows!!! *fist shake*
Slacker1977: @greatwahooney nah, apparently Windows messed up
CAKHost: The gears may be a bit rusty but they are moving
benjamin_wheeler: I love magic
accountmadeforants: This is when we find out the moonbase's main studio has been taken over by puppets squatting.
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TehAmelie: do they time windows updates for LRR's big events? feels like
Haroldholmes25: @benjamin_wheeler bless
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ShadowTalon910: @capt_g1029 I love how you put that
JacksonBross: @TXC2 if it's "decayed" it'll get up and running and then immediately be sacrificed
Voxy: @benjamin_wheeler nerd
TXC2: Hello Wheeler
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ActionJB: Woot, in person ppr here we go
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CaptainEnder7: Have fun stormin’ the castle!
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KakuEpsilon: I'm pretty sure Magic also loves you back, Wheeler.
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yo_ru_22: we waiting
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Sage0fMadness: lrrSIG lrrSIG PPR TIME lrrSIG lrrSIG
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froshambo: hey wheeler
hexy_lexy: whos ready to watch a bunch of funny folks do a Midnight Punt?!?! Kappa
gnome_friend: @UnbeatableAshWilliams No, I'm agn ome, but there's a famous nelf on this channel sometimes
Didero: Magic is Friendship
darthtuk: wait a moment, this isn't the youtube replay
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART sergeGift lrrHEART
Leonhart321: @accountmadeforants The Trouble With Tribble sequel we didn't know we wanted
beowuuf: wait, wheeler is here? we haven't seen him in forever :p
CAKHost: The Subbining begins!
patrick_stonecrusher: HolidayPresent HolidayPresent HolidayPresent
UnbeatableAshWilliams: duly noted
benjamin_wheeler: @benjamin_wheeler uh mods please IP ban
Genderi: This is fine, everything is fine
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CAKHost: *Subbening
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Ranakel: @AnAnonymousGifter Thanks for the gift sub!
gralamin: In person is a pain I get it
Voxy: @Dog_of_Myth Thanks for the gift sub!
RandomTrivia: Oh hey there Voxy! lrrSHINE
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samteacheslatin: Woot
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gnome_friend: !quote voxy
LRRbot: Quote #7649: "THIS IS BULLSHIT!" —Voxy, with muted mic [2021-06-16]
ZackTheCatKing: What's going on everyone?
UnbeatableAshWilliams: yo already we would get a chatterstorm of 24 squirrels
Dared00: hello magic
ShadowTalon910: PowerUpL HypeBlob PowerUpR
varazeal: So I guess were on the nightside of things? :p
PolyChrome27: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt PPR (Join the LRR Crew for the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt PPR! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Sun 11:00 AM PDT (3m ago).
UnbeatableAshWilliams: thats good value for 2 mana
Sage0fMadness: @hexy_lexy lol heck yeah
corefluxx: VOXY!
Juliamon: !updog
LRRbot: Not much. What's up with you, dog? lrrSPOT
penguinsatemylunch: ooohhh voxy
Theycallmejokke: Oh wow hadn't seen the animated emotes before, must be a while since I last checked in, very cool
ExhaustedElox: Still no lrrSIG?
UnbeatableAshWilliams: the ceiling
Voxy: hello nerds :)
Sephysogaku: Are LRR having technical issues?
KakuEpsilon: Yes
TXC2: hello Voxy welcome
Voxy: @hexy_lexy no u!
KakuEpsilon: Well, Windows issues.
Angreed66: Always
gnome_friend: Windows isn't feeling ready
nervousdavid: hello Voxy
Leonhart321: Windows is being Windows
UnbeatableAshWilliams: Its loading
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Dog_of_Myth: Windows is being windows
GrandiaKnight: Hello voxy!
TXC2: Sephysogaku Windows windowed
TehAmelie: the the love begin. i mean hype. okay maybe both
ZackTheCatKing: Hey Voxy!
hexy_lexy: @Voxy NO U MORE
KakuEpsilon: I don't know how technical you can count something that breaks all the time
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tingglytoes: first live ppr, starting real well
CaptainSpam: Windows is being Windows all over their computers?
skiddybones: Favorite card from the new set is the wolf titan
chaostreader: Soon?
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beowuuf: @Theycallmejokke yeah, they're maybe a <recent time unit> old. we also have nelson and wheeler faces too :)
UnbeatableAshWilliams: I cancelled my dogs wedding to be here, can't wait
Sephysogaku: @txc2 It's always doing that
verysadsack: hi
accountmadeforants: A great storm count, but no mana to cast any more spells! We need some chatters with *Mox in their name to turn sideways, or in the worst case, some *Lotus usernames to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.
Talanvore: I actually show up live for once and it's dead. :p I should stick to VODs...
capt_g1029: Maybe its update problems? Didnt windows 11 either just drop or coming very soon?
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ExachixKitsune: 72 Months? That's... wow. holy moly
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RyleGrimrick: !panic
gnome_friend: sergeMoly
Leonhart321: @accountmadeforants The Greater Good
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ZackTheCatKing: Patience people, patience
dabudder: Everything is fine guys
piercefc9: !panic
meachamo: The Greater Good
UnbeatableAshWilliams: DID SOMEONE SAY PANIC
pinkpi: !panic
Genderi: "windows 11" uhh
Mangledpixel: UnbeatableAshWilliams no
beowuuf: please be nice to our wonderful mods and don't panic :p
gnome_friend: You can't actually sacrifice non-creature artifacts to greater good
CaptainEnder7: !findquote windows
LRRbot: Quote #2626: "Windows: We're not friends. We're just coworkers. Settle down." —Paul [2016-05-30]
Alex_Frostfire: I'm just imagining some (busted) ritual that costs like 1RR and has "Add R" and Storm.
benjamin_wheeler: Alright chat, what's your favourite plane on Innistrad?
Jayrod1220: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a dead cat
surikataman: hi when does it start please?
dabudder: @beowuuf ^^^ this
sindresturn: Is this stream going to be a hairy one? LUL
Sephysogaku: @lrrbot can I panic anyway?
TheDarmaniac: Ppr HYPE
asthanius: @benjamin_wheeler Moon
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meachamo: ook ook
gnome_friend: Ook ook
ZackTheCatKing: @benjamin_wheeler B-22
RyleGrimrick: @pinkpi yes as in panic grimtounge from the unexpectables
accountmadeforants: Windows 11 is October and optional for now, I'm pretty sure
GrandiaKnight: brains....
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needmoremonoreddakka: well might as well link my free amazon prime for that free subscriptionwhile I wait :D
blip2004: lrrGOAT_SG Icecream! lrrDILLY
Leonhart321: Remember, if you feel the need to panic, how about instead have a nice picnic
TXC2: surikataman as soon as windows works
beowuuf: @benjamin_wheeler sengirstan
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DemoDane: the spruce moose
patrick_stonecrusher: BabyRage aaaaahhh panic
KakuEpsilon: @benjamin_wheeler The one where you get to play the game
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paranormal_snacktivity: Hullo pretty people
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LRRMTG_Judge: Please hang tight. Night will turn to day shortly.
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skiddybones: !card Tovolar’s Huntmaster
LRRbot: Tovolar's Huntmaster [4GG] (back: Tovolar's Packleader) | Creature — Human Werewolf [6/6] | Whenever Tovolar's Huntmaster enters the battlefield, create two 2/2 green Wolf creature tokens. / Daybound
LibraryWitchKei: @benjamin_wheeler The B52s
Theycallmejokke: lrrSERGE lrrNELSON Judge Hype
TehAmelie: lrrFINE but unironically
personification2: @benjamin_wheeler Gotta be Avacyn's Plane, the symbol of her airline
surikataman: okay thank you for info, lookinf forward to this onslaught!
KakuEpsilon: Chat is rolling way too fast for me.
UnbeatableAshWilliams: oh dang Im a lucky sub recipient?
totocanada: Hopefully we get a live deck built
dabudder: @skiddybones so excited for grave titan to be back in standard
Fruan: @benjamin_wheeler I'm fond of the one used to smooth down coffins.
Genderi: Well this does give me time to finish looking at the full spoilers
accountmadeforants: Windows 10 gets supported 'till 2025 for consumers, at the least.
TheAdventFrost: *panics patiently*
JacksonBross: They tried to install Windows 11, accidentally installed Windows II. It happens.
skiddybones: @dabudder me too
Didero: Chat is already going too fast to keep up with and the stream hasn't even started yet :p
UnbeatableAshWilliams: lrrDOTS
LRRMTG_Judge: so chat, are you more Daybound or more Nightbound? pharma2Vial
I_Am_Clockwork: Red Moon standing by
alittlegecko: oh 33 I was hoping to get 29 as it's what I'll be in about two weeks
capt_g1029: @benjamin_wheeler Nothing spookier than waterlogged zomboys rising from the deep to eat your flesh (Nephalia)
YeetTheRich_: nightbound gang
gnome_friend: @LRRMTG_Judge I'd love to be daybound but am currently nightbound instead
Davlenagain: creature of the night always
accountmadeforants: LRRMTG_Judge I'm a Neither Day Nor Night kinda guy
skiddybones: definitely daybound gang
alittlegecko: nightbound all the time
Gekyouryuu: @JacksonBross wait, is there actually a Windows 11 now?
Genderi: @LRRMTG_Judge I have a ~25 hour sleep schedule rn so... yes?
rainbowmage42: Looking forward to the Judge video! and the new Sick Rips!
Mangledpixel: I'm fairly unbound
Leonhart321: @LRRMTG_Judge I walk the Road to Dawn
TehAmelie: the chat always picks up especially when the stream breaks, i guess we're seeing that even though it didn't start yet
kaszmirowysweter: @LRRMTG_Judge Nightbound in Norway
laikagoat gifted a Tier 1 sub to skiddybones! They have given 138 Gift Subs in the channel!
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ShadowTalon910: Calmly panicking politely
accountmadeforants: @JacksonBross There is
sindresturn: more duskbound :P
benjamin_wheeler: What do you call it when zombies cross the line?
paranormal_snacktivity: The only panic I have is gay panic for Arlinn, I hopet hat's acceptable
LoremasterMonty: Nightbound here
UnbeatableAshWilliams: Im early morningbound on one side and late eveningbound on the other
rzrdrgn: Neither night nor day here
Ferox777: I'm more of a disturbed person myself ....
meachamo: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
James_LRR: any second!
personification2: @benjamin_wheeler The combat step
asthanius: I choose 30 seconds
kalen06: @benjamin_wheeler please no
Direcheck: i just saw the full card list, and wow, they reprinted Pithing Needle
ShadowBlackwood: I love Magic: The Gathering..., there I said it!
LRRMTG_Judge: @sindresturn way to stick it to the time of day binary
gnome_friend: #blamewindows
KakuEpsilon: I've been casting one spell a turn for three days straight.
gnome_friend: lrrJAMES
red_shoes_jeff: Oh cool, I'm not late. cheers.
benjamin_wheeler: Skaab
CodenameJD: okay well at least I managed to find the chat
ShadowTalon910: @paranormal_snacktivity PrideLove PrideLove
jbarlam90: Let's do this thing! Second PPR I've seen in real-time
Mangledpixel: any second, just not this second
alittlegecko: lrrDILLY_HF
RandomTrivia: sergePun LUL
gnome_friend: lrrWOW @benjamin_wheeler
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Sephysogaku: @lrrmtg_judge Daybound. This is OUR wierd pagan forest ritual, them doggos better git!
asthanius: Love that good good union humor
neisan2112: @benjamin_wheeler LMAO wow
not_not_7: when does this start?
Dranlitch: we going nightbound today!!!!!
anbuagent12: @benjamin_wheeler booo!
not_not_7: it hasn't started yet for me
KakuEpsilon: When it can
Genderi: Skaabbound
alittlegecko: @jbarlam90 same ^.^
YeetTheRich_: wheelerJoke
TXC2: not_not_7 soon
Garrub: Ready to see some cards flip back and forth
LRRMTG_Judge: Flavor question, since New Phyrexia has like 5 suns, should Day/Night work there? pharma2Vial
sovietbear1919: @benjamin_wheeler I mean the only good Skaab is a dead Skaab
TotallyNotaBeholder: soon (tm)
Chulump: now we're in the pleasant park street
Sarah_Serinde: Technical difficulties because Windows, chat. Don't worry, we'll get there :)
TehAmelie: it's all in the hands of WIndows update now
accountmadeforants: I did see that story card that was effectively "lol nice try bud", I love Innistrad.
asthanius: @LRRMTG_Judge How many moons?
beowuuf: @TXC2 lol that works
personification2: @benjamin_wheeler All skaabs are dead skaabs
UnbeatableAshWilliams: hoping yall get good pulls <3
RyleGrimrick: @LRRMTG_Judge yes but only once every thousand years...
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LloydWallace: PPR on one screen Stellaris on the other, let's go!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, LloydWallace! (Today's storm count: 36)
Garrub: @lrrmtg_judge yes, but you have 5 day/nights to track, based on colors of spells cast
KakuEpsilon: @LRRMTG_Judge They're in sync with each other, only going over one part of the planet, so yes.
djalternative: Chat, what's your best Daybound/Nightbound joke in the style of Tired/Wired?
TXC2: LRRMTG_Judge it's like the movie pitch black, it's erey 7 years
TotallyNotaBeholder: LRR is probably just finishing the coreography of having everyone in the office again
TotallyNotaBeholder: big dance number
TXC2: *every
JacksonBross: "I'm just gonna leave mana up and pass my turn. Wait, why did my phone switch to Dark Mode...?"
Genderi: @LRRMTG_Judge Surely Spoopy Moon powers can still activate, it's just 5x as difficult to Remove the Suns from the Sky
benjamin_wheeler: Who would win in a fight: The hulk on Innistrad or Goku on bathsalts
UnbeatableAshWilliams: its good yall are running late because I really ought to do my math homework
ZackTheCatKing: Tired sleep Wired insomnia
gnome_friend: A horse?
sindresturn subscribed at Tier 1.
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narset6691: @benjamin_wheeler no question, goku
Leonhart321: @LRRMTG_Judge It's like Pitch Black, the suns shine for a long time, but when they all set, the horrors come out
asthanius: @benjamin_wheeler The Flash with a sugar rush
GredGredmansson: Would Goku even be affected by bath salts?
gnome_friend: Piccolo GOKU
dabudder: @benjamin_wheeler Good question. I think you've gotta go with goku tho
accountmadeforants: @djalternative Daybound: There are Two Wolves inside of you. Nightbound: You are Two Wolves.
Gekyouryuu: @benjamin_wheeler Saitama on the way to a sale he's about to miss
Genderi: @benjamin_wheeler They'd be friends :(
62MGcobra: its the LRR PPR and something is gonna happen!!
darthtuk: judge question - when does the day night switch happen exctly? do beginning of the upkeep triggers have time to see the new gamestate?
capt_g1029: @benjamin_wheeler Obviously Hulk, didnt you see the latest Marvel's What If..? episode?
Sephysogaku: @lrrmtg_judge Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.
Fried_Twinkie: @benjamin_wheeler Thanos with the Infinity Steel Chair
ExachixKitsune: Goku; if I'd eaten an entire innistrads I'd not be up for much
mynameisfourteen subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 13 months!
mynameisfourteen: Triskadeckasubscription!
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RyleGrimrick: @UnbeatableAshWilliams depends is it bathsalts the drug or sented salt you put in your bath?
beowuuf: @LRRMTG_Judge except man is the real monsters when it's day. Also the other monsters that are also monsters when it's day.
paranormal_snacktivity: @benjamin_wheeler I'd win since I'd get to watch
personification2 subscribed with Prime.
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bobAkirafett: eta?
UnbeatableAshWilliams: I think youre thinking of bath bombs
personification2: Yay, I am here
Dared00: SIGNAL!
asthanius: now
MidgardSerpent: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Xavien_Nil: So if we go 1 minute without any subs, does it become night?
FreshPrinceOfBeleren subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 41 months!
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Spooky scary decayed Zombie tokens lrrSIG
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kalen06: we up!
SergeYager: Yeyeyeyeyeye
beowuuf: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
GhostValv: benginLurk
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
KakuEpsilon: Whenever Windows stops malfunctioning
hexy_lexy: lrrSIG
ponteylontey: elts gooooo!
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JacksonBross: Daybound: Where's my coffee? Nightbound: Where's my black russian?
GredGredmansson: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Dog_of_Myth: lrrSIG
TehAmelie: hmm are there like any Human Horror creatures?
serramarkov: lrrSIG
TheAdventFrost: WOOO
djalternative: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
tingglytoes: gonna go watch some sekiro VODs i guess
thraximore: lrrSIG
MurphEP: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Didero: I wonder how hard it is to make a deck that includes as much 'extra' gameplay features as possible, like day/night, dungeons, classes...
Mangledpixel: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
UnbeatableAshWilliams: lrrCIRCLE
kalen06: W
Tfldyr: excite!
ExachixKitsune: @bobAkirafett now
Easilycrazyhat: lrrSIG benginChamp lrrSIG benginChamp lrrSIG
Rustpile: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Fruan: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
lamina5432: lrrSIG lrrSIG
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BrowneePoints: Wooo PPR!
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EmperorFlloyd: WE'RE LIVE
tyrantcorporation: contact
thepirateofthesea: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
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gnome_friend: WE'RE HEEEEEEERE!
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Genderi: ad ResidentSleeper
Psychic_Ketchup subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 91 months!
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TotallyNotaBeholder: Hooray, Adds!
sawbladetornado: We are live, baby!!!!!!!
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62MGcobra: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
themaskedpeanut: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
OrangeOwl327: woooo
kalen06: jesus
RecursiveAcronym: lrrSIG lrrSIG
Alma_v: kintsuHypers kintsuHypers
capt_g1029: HYPE
LordShadner: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
laikagoat: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
patrick_stonecrusher: bur bur bur bur!!!
CAKHost: lrrSIG !
gnome_friend: lrrSIG
bobAkirafett: ah, refreshed, got a commercial
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ThankYouUro: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Nigouki: !fart
LRRbot: Blowin' the O-ring oboe!
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tyrantcorporation: hyyyype
ZackTheCatKing: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Veraphage: lrrSIG
paranormal_snacktivity: lrrARROW lrrARROW lrrARROW lrrARROW
Dragoon5602: LETZ DO THIS
UnbeatableAshWilliams: lrrHERE
GredGredmansson subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 18 months!
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alittlegecko: WOO ready for some woofs
Chulump: oh nice!
RyleGrimrick: 15 min late
Joalni: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
frnknstn: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
NrgSpoon: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
JimJamTheHipHopMan: lrrARROWS lrrSIG lrrARROWS lrrSIG lrrARROWS
Derthon: lrrSIG lrrSIG cohhJam cohhBongos
personification2: It begins!
goombalax: lets goooooo
Ferox777: RatJam
greatwahooney: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
lion_byte: owo!!!
RandomTrivia: lrrSIG !
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sawbladetornado: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
beowulf2025: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Dragoon5602: @RyleGrimrick shush
lion_byte: gamer!
BrowneePoints: @benjamin_wheeler Scarlet Witch on her worst day
meachamo: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
RandomTrivia: Here we GOOOOO
nightshade2963 subscribed at Tier 1.
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kalen06: UwU... that was like, really cool when the stream started, UwU
Chulump: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrARROWS
greatwahooney: it's happening!
TXC2: Remember chat: no all caps, keep emotes to 7 or less, be nice and have fun!
beowuuf: @Didero don't forget energy :)
ExhaustedElox: Hey! There we go! :D We have lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG MOVIE SIGN!!! lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
annalittlewitch: Yay!
UnbeatableAshWilliams: Im so excited, this is such a cool set
konkerinjo: PogChamp
MatthewDennisMTG: lrrSIG
Leonhart321: lrrSIG lrrDOTS lrrARROWS
JacksonBross: Ad cut off just as the timer hit 4:20. I'ma take that as a sign.
piercefc9: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
CodenameJD: The circles
Mathonwy: Stupid Twitch not showing me live notifications!!!!
BSB48: <3
Rekiara subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 35 months, currently on a 35 month streak!
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benjamin_wheeler: Why did Sorin break his parole?
gnome_friend: lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE
StrawberryPepper: OH, there is goes XD strawb28Heartmini strawb28Heartmini strawb28Heartmini
jbarlam90: It's the fi-nal count down!
Genderi: ClappyHype ClappyHype TransgenderPride PrideTrans
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accountmadeforants: Ah, heck, maybe I shouldn't have subbed with "Large... ape..." yesterday. This coulda been a triple triskaidekathreat.
piratethealex: SPOOKY SET SPOOKEY SET!!
Didero: @Didero Oh, I KNOW I'm probably forgetting at least 3 things like it :p
kirbytronic: Pancakes!
RandomTrivia: I just want to take a moment to appreciate the hard work our wonderful mods will do over the next ten hours sergeModLove lrrSHINE sergeModLove lrrSHINE sergeModLove lrrSHINE sergeModLove
TehAmelie: i'm thrilled to see so many people i love and respect doing fun things together!
froshambo: BGC is awesome music
SergeYager: Let’s go
on_and_awful subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 42 months!
on_and_awful: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG 42 months? wow. time flies.
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annalittlewitch: Excited!!!!
ZackTheCatKing: People need to chill with the complains, thanks for doing this LRR!
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samwiser_: yay for the lrrppppppr!
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ShadowTalon910: lrrHORN lrrSIG lrrHORN lrrSIG lrrHORN
capt_g1029: Put in your guesses now, who gets the nutty pulls?
Ferox777: I've been trying sealed simulations but all the decks seem so weak
BrowneePoints: @benjamin_wheeler to take a bite out of crime
TXC2: RandomTrivia lrrHEART
deathofspam subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 3 months!
deathofspam: 3 months for the 3rd visit to Innistrad? Yep, totally on purpose
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fiveways87: inochiHypers
GredGredmansson: @capt_g1029 lrrADAM
redd34d: When are we getting started?
Theycallmejokke: lrrHEART_SG lrrHORN lrrHEART_SG
corefluxx: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSHINE
Orgmastron: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
graygrump: excited!! first ppr i can catch live!
Anubis169 snuggles everybody
accountmadeforants: Actually, nah, "Large... ape..." was great
dsavillian: it's like christmas eve! PogChamp
Mattmitchell45: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Eagle1701E subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 3 month streak!
Eagle1701E: Just in time for the PPR!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Eagle1701E! (Today's storm count: 56)
Moist__Owlette: There they are! moon2CUTE
Anubis169: Chat!
obionedrop: woo! so excited for this!
beowuuf: @RandomTrivia yuuuup sergeModLove lrrHEART sergeModLove and also lrrJUDGECALL
gnome_friend: sergeWelcome @graygrump
ExachixKitsune: yooo Anubis169 !
benjamin_wheeler: He was stoned at the nahearing
TXC2: redd34d right now
yatagarasu1177: OhMyDog
jeffjeffersontheman: Yaayy
snowb0und: Flesh Cards
Genderi: "Ad 1 of 6" :/
red_shoes_jeff: lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrARROWS
marchofpain: 3 minutes everyone! Here we go!
jeffjeffersontheman: ppr time
snugglebutters: moon2CUTE
yatagarasu1177: (Dog for werewolves)
sithenin: lrrARROW_HF lrrCIRCLE_HF lrrDOTS_HF lrrDOTS_HF
wafeloto: lets see ormendahl in action pls
Rustpile: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
jbarlam90: Add 1 of 8
HamsterofDoom666: So hype for this! Glad they can finally be in person events again!
nobodez: 1 of 8 myself
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redd34d: SeemsGood
SorryQ_: Same here! @graygrump
chrysaliss: here we go
FPNY41: Let’s go!
personification2: @benjamin_wheeler why must you hurt me so?
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boopboopbiboop: Best wishes to all the contestants.
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mowdownjoe: benginChamp benginChamp benginChamp benginChamp benginChamp
dino6029: I MISSED YOU SOOO MUCH 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧
WilyWiley: let's go; hype time
bobAkirafett: @Genderi hey at least it's now prestream
Genderi: Gods I wish twtch didn't hate viewers
Gwyltt_by_association: Zombies!
RakdosDragon88 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 32 months!
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UnbeatableAshWilliams: everybody better build humans only or Ill unsubscribe stg
TheLastCurryRice: jenkinsTea jenkinsTea jenkinsTea
Pyroxx___: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
skiedrgn: Yes, I, a gnarly MTG player definitely need these eyeliners
beowuuf: oh hey, apparentrly lrr has gone live, darn, what a conflict, what do I watch MiniK
Sarah_Serinde: redd34d If they stream isn't live for you, refresh. If it is, the answer to your question is the timer ons creen
accountmadeforants: sajamVibe
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chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive LuvGift PrideTake PrideWingR
Pengu92: Hype time, Hey chat!
KendalMac417: ITS ALIIIVE
andy1503 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 46 months!
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KeladryJane: Ahhhhh! Let's do thiiiiis!!!!
P4r7YG0D: Its happening and i'm not at work this time! subbing for no ads
KaminaDuck subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 10 months!
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Dragoon5602: How many hugs/handshakes do ve estimate will happen here?
ThankYouUro: wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey
MurphEP: @benjamin_wheeler This was too powerful
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
andy1503: hullo folks
BrowneePoints: benginHype
Didero: This is probably going to be a busy day for the mods, so thanks in advance for your hard work, mods! lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Gundolin: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
KendalMac417: hey @pengu92 !
eulenbaergnom: moin
mr3is6 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 15 months!
mr3is6: ppr hype
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gnome_friend: sergeModLove
nobodez subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 9 months!
nobodez: Let's go!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, nobodez! (Today's storm count: 64)
Caffine1138: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
TXC2: Didero lrrHEART
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Gwyltt_by_association: These adverts will probably be done by the time the stream properly starts :D
superrawmatthew: LETSGOOOOOOOO
Bagerilukt: Häääj Johannes!
Theycallmejokke: Wow from make-up to Death loop, that is some breath of ads :D
jeffjeffersontheman: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
benjamin_wheeler: Why did the werewolf get so anxious trying to talk to Avacyn?
Genderi: @Genderi if this stopped ads from rolling mid-show I would be less upset
TehAmelie: sergeModLove
kist_krayle_en_kote subscribed at Tier 1.
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P4r7YG0D: 44444444444
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patrick_stonecrusher: PopCorn PopCorn PopCorn
beckbat subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 48 months!
beckbat: Why is this number going up? It's still March 2019.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, beckbat! (Today's storm count: 68)
andyman144: let's get that storm count to 69 yall
Teakasaurus_rex: coxRee I am so excited to watch this llliiivvveeee
JacNol subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 22 months!
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jeffjeffersontheman: MIDNIGHT HUNT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MorriganDesChain: Was beginning to think it was cancelled ! XD
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Holy cow! I get to watch a PPR live!? What madness is this?
xantos69: begins
CaptainSpam subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 89 months, currently on a 89 month streak!
CaptainSpam: Eighty. Nine. What even.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, CaptainSpam! (Today's storm count: 70)
Pharmacistjudge: @benjamin_wheeler because of the collar, the symbol of her church.
personification2: @benjamin_wheeler She was cursemute?
mymy0724: time for my favorite bloc in magic to come back
FlamingNovaYT subscribed with Prime.
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johfri82: @bagerilukt hur fan hittade du mig? Bajskorv
PierceSullivan: woooooooooooooooooo
bobAkirafett: nice, matrix comemrcial
RocknGrohlNerd: Hi chat, hi gamers
MurphEP: @benjamin_wheeler The symbol of her church
NocturnalMissions subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 5 months!
NocturnalMissions: We're Heeeeeeere!
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KeladryJane: zoeyHype zoeyHype zoeyHype
Gwyltt_by_association: Not only have they hunted for midnight, but they've found it
VikingEngineering subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 29 months!
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Nashlake subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 52 months!
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ComplexedOne subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 42 months!
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ShadowTalon910: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW_SQ
Dr_Shandor subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 60 months, currently on a 60 month streak!
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BrowneePoints: @benjamin_wheeler cuz he was just a collared pup and didn't ask his sir for permission
TabbyLavalamp: feliciaLimit feliciaLess jhavokHYPE
capt_g1029: Anyone on the LRR team, is there a kit opening video this go around?
Slacker1977: @Theycallmejokke it's all about style with both :D
benjamin_wheeler: no because sje
beowuuf: o7 ds9
Orgmastron: AWOOO
Theycallmejokke: :D
DigitalHamWarrior subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 27 months!
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Pheonix888 subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 43 months!
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TehAmelie: hmm has this screen got some touch ups lately? it looks cool
RandomTrivia: @capt_g1029 I'm sure there will be
Thequickgreyfox subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 6 months!
Thequickgreyfox: getting to watch the ppr live?! what a great 6 month celebration
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Thequickgreyfox! (Today's storm count: 79)
Dragoon5602: sje?
benjamin_wheeler: she's the most popular angel in school and he's just a geeky theatre kid
sivin96 subscribed with Prime.
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ShadowTalon910: SingsNote SingsNote SingsNote
GredGredmansson: lets go!
ijtro subscribed at Tier 1.
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benjamin_wheeler: there's no way she'd go to the harvest dance with me
jeffjeffersontheman: GRAHM WILLEIN
BrowneePoints: @TehAmelie Did you get some touch ups lately cuz YOU look cool
yourlocalpinecone: I'm so excited
Graham_LRR: @capt_g1029 There will be!
capt_g1029: @RandomTrivia wasnt one last time
Coricket: Been awhile since getting to watch live, I apparently missed jamming to Big Giant Circles
TehAmelie: nope! i guess i'm just always like this
torchan: do we have the og Pog deck profiles back?
BrowneePoints: @benjamin_wheeler Avacyn Hawkins Dance, in his Werewolf pants, there's nothing better. Awoo-oo
MurphEP: @benjamin_wheeler You never know until you try
Pharmacistjudge: @benjamin_wheeler why are you making things so complicated?
RassilonDND subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 50 months, currently on a 2 month streak!
RassilonDND: Celebrating 4+ years with a PPR!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, RassilonDND! (Today's storm count: 82)
RandomTrivia: @capt_g1029 Last time we had a bunch of extra DnD related content
kalen06: @benjamin_wheeler awwwww dont say that
Teakasaurus_rex: braven10HEX braven10HEX braven10HEX
Toonela subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 17 months!
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nix_gd: Hello friends!!!
Genderi: And ads finally stopped... now
serialtram subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 7 months!
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TXC2: remember chat: no all caps, keep emotes to 7 or less, be nice and have fun!
paranormal_snacktivity: Oh god @BrowneePoints you just clocked me with that song
superrawmatthew: @benjamin_wheeler awoo-oo
Genderi: Just in time
UnbeatableAshWilliams: time to hunt!
benjamin_wheeler: look I'm not the one who can't work up the courage to make a phone call, blame the wolf
capt_g1029: @Graham_LRR Great to know! Those are the best!
satyropodobny: what is meatspace like?
ZombiesAhoy: wooo
tsp397 subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 18 months!
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M4RKNUTT: hype!
Rustpile: I'm so ready for this, lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadowstep268: here we go
jeffjeffersontheman: <message deleted>PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis Kreygasm Kreygasm NotLikeThis
ExachixKitsune: @TXC2 sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
jbarlam90: Adds ended in the nick of time
beowuuf: @Coricket bgc, and road quest soundtrack specifically, is always cool :)
Sephysogaku: ads are fine, but these are totally irrelevant
Theycallmejokke: Go time!
grgriffin3: First time I've been able to watch one of these live in what feels like years!
flagonmaster subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 24 months!
flagonmaster: two yeeeeeears
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personification2: Which is better, Null Moon or Heron Moon?
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
samu_btdp1985: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
GrandiaKnight: Prerelease activare!
Twilight_Spark: lrrFINE
MorriganDesChain: Gooo :D
TXC2: steady
KeladryJane: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
dragonflare9: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
electra310: Woo! Everything is fine!
darthtuk: haven't seen an answer so gonna repeat my judge question: when does the day/night switch happen exactly? do beginning of the upkeep triggers have time to see the new gamestate?
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: lrrFINE lrrFINE
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jeffjeffersontheman: No all caps?
GredGredmansson: benginFingers
samu_btdp1985: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
Leonhart321: lrrFINE
Thom_Odinson: PokPikachu
notmatthias: First time watching live!
Genderi: For anyone still in ad-hell, we just hit the end of the timer
UnbeatableAshWilliams: lrrFINE
Gwyltt_by_association: It's fiiiiiiiiiiiiine
LarkSachrosis: benginChamp vargVibe
samu_btdp1985: it's time
Doctor_Dapper: Oh boy! Ready to see new cards, hear fun jokes, and wish I could strangle people through the screen when they make obvious misplays.
benjamin_wheeler: sorry about the delay, I kept trying to go live w/ PIF
jeffjeffersontheman: Srry ben
beowuuf: go time!
UnbeatableAshWilliams: KomodoHype
TXC2: jeffjeffersontheman don't text in capitals
CodenameJD: Man, Wheeler, I bet it's GREAT to be here, huh?
RandomTrivia: benginHype
rainbowmage42: Poll: Will the first game take place during Day or Night?
TXC2: here we GO!
GrandiaKnight: Yay!
Genderi: And the stream starts.... now
sivin96: SKO
Easilycrazyhat: We're heeeerrre!
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: @darthtuk it happens before upkeep triggers
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Theycallmejokke: Unleash the badger
KeladryJane: wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey
RayFK: @benjamin_wheeler We get it, you like Pokemon.
Nuurgle: feliciaElbowsani
Sage0fMadness: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
GrandiaKnight: Brains!!!!
jeffjeffersontheman: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
Forgotten_Lizard: WOOOO
serialtram: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrARROWS
jbarlam90: More of these subs... It's probably nothing...
BrowneePoints: I'm trying not to scream right now
superrawmatthew: IT BEGINSSS
GredGredmansson: @rainbowmage42 "Yes".
Gwyltt_by_association: Look, things are being released!
SpoopsAHoy: lrrHEART
norcalzx3: lupoHYPE lupoHYPE lupoHYPE lupoHYPE lupoHYPE
grgriffin3: Let's goooooooooo
Graved: rachuHYPU
P4r7YG0D: @rainbowmage42 Yes
Anubis169: darthtuk: All will be explained shortly :)
accountmadeforants: @benjamin_wheeler Wait, this *isn't* Sekiro?
UnbeatableAshWilliams: Im straight up screaming
TXC2: go on!
Malconvoker: coxManleee
BusTed: lrrSPOOPY
BrowneePoints: Yaaaaas!
Busttino: Hola Gra Ham
red_shoes_jeff: It's TIME.
BrowneePoints: Spoopyween intro~!
StrawberryPepper: strawb28Mdab <3 strawb28Mdab <3 strawb28Mdab <3 strawb28Mdab *sends much minis for pack and draws bles*
Fruan: @darthtuk I believe it changes as the turn changes, and any triggers will end up on the stack at the begining of the upkeep.
Leonhart321: Cute
jonasjonIV: mice
capt_g1029: 2SPOOK5ME
electra310: Oh no :D
GrandiaKnight: lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
SEEKER_MTG: ohhhhh HELLL yeah!
serialtram: lmao
DeM0nFiRe: "I play Sekiro. It has an ability, the first time you would lose this game, you do not lose the game"
gralamin: These are great
Bladinus: lrrSPOOP
flagonmaster: LETS GOOOO
liogigan: "never drew third land" lmaooo
TheWhirlmind: Awww yisssss
TotallyNotaBeholder: Big mood kathleen
Theycallmejokke: Oooo Spoops
Xavien_Nil: Let the night fall.
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Time to hunt! Lets GOOOOOO!
Gwyltt_by_association: Hot damn this is awesome
mowdownjoe: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
ihlendrax: Awooooooooo!
jpost042: let's go
before_damage: A auspicious day indeed for LRR
TXC2: Lets go Adam
patrick_stonecrusher: sick
ZackTheCatKing: amazing intro
grgriffin3: Graham is clearly a terrible card then
superrawmatthew: YOOOOO
notthepenguins: loving this intro!
obionedrop: oh this is great
Busttino: Yeee its the bois
darthtuk: @FreshPrinceOfBeleren thanks
jeffjeffersontheman: Yaay
RandomTrivia: sergeOffByOne
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
pom_pyro_snowman: LEEETS GOOOOO
GhostValv: lrrSPOOPY lrrSPOOPY lrrSPOOPY
GredGredmansson: Graham wow
jeffjeffersontheman: Sick
superrawmatthew: this is awesome
Anubis169: lrrJUDGECALL
accountmadeforants: Fantastic
amative1: lol Serge
KeladryJane: Perfection
Sarah_Serinde: lrrJUDGE
dsavillian: Adam's tombstone is mood
UnbeatableAshWilliams: shaking in hype
on_and_awful: Well, that was perfect
samu_btdp1985: awesome
personification2: [slow clap]
electra310: That's amazing :D
KendalMac417: out of qd hell and here for some Innistrad!!
Didero: That was already amazing!
beowuuf: @darthtuk if you can @LRRMTG_Judge it might help it stand out in the scroll :)
Abavus: Those all seemed accurate
VazSun: how do you time out IRL
RocknGrohlNerd: also mods, thank you for your work
Dmc3628: greatest intro
craigspeedcraig: FBtouchdown
konkerinjo: Have fun everyone <3
NojhLivic: Nicely done
P4r7YG0D: off by one .meme
carbohydrated_fish: amazonHello
Gwyltt_by_association: Nelson, wow, way to go there
TehAmelie: aloha
YeetTheRich_: let's fckn GOOOOOO
fiveways87: scfYay
Leonhart321: "Swung for 19" I feel attacked
PrismKnight19: hahahaha
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSPOOPY
TheWhirlmind: Love the creativity <3
TXC2: Hello Graham
sindresturn: We're here!
jeffjeffersontheman: Helli grahm
theamc2000: Hi Graham!
satyropodobny: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
GredGredmansson: Graham is a ZOMBIE!!!
Sebastian_Ulamog: let's gooooooooooo
Dmc3628: is it Mangeledpixel's art?
kristian_fischer: glhf!
heyalexdaily: hahaha
TXC2: RocknGrohlNerd lrrHEART
Direcheck: ah yes, Off-By-One Jaeger
Vincent_VonDoom: Love the darkest dungeon font for Adam <3
Tycho_Nova: 🧑⚖️
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MyrddintheWizard: Cheers Everyone!
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hd_dabnado: love the green screen :D
Veraphage: sus
TotallyNotaBeholder: Ha, nice background
obionedrop: fantastic intro!
anbuagent12: Oh that green screen is gonna drop.
RassilonDND: Gonna need that intro again, i was laughing too hard
superrawmatthew: Hi Graham!!
P4r7YG0D: obvious green screen is obvious
Rechonator: sus
brainiac4: audio sync?
ulifernando01: Helloooo G
Pengu92: This is the longest episode of Is This Your Card, I can feel it
wykeer: paper magic :D
DemoDane: Kappa
insanecat6mtg: Whoooo! Been a while since I caught the start of one of these things.
beowuuf: hello home graham not studio graham in a green screen
RocknGrohlNerd: the G man is here
RandomTrivia: HYPE
BrowneePoints: We're Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!
carbohydrated_fish: amazonWowie amazonWowie amazonWowie
BusTed: Gottem
Abavus: Jebaited
carlospolicola: Holy crap. "swung for 19" is a real feeling...
electra310: OMG
Twilight_Spark: LOL
liogigan: WOOOOAHH
Easilycrazyhat: CHEATS
SmashTCG: 19 LUL
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh you jerk
fiveways87: OMG
Sarah_Serinde: Ahahaha perfect
theamc2000: WHAT
RandomTrivia: benginChamp benginChamp benginChamp benginChamp
62MGcobra: hahaha
Easilycrazyhat: BIG LIES
jonasjonIV: I knew it!
RyleGrimrick: gram your camera is... oh...
Genderi: just a slight bit of audio desync
RocknGrohlNerd: gottem
slopoppotamus: HYPE
Orgmastron: GOTTEM
fiveways87: people
xantos69: Nice!
pomelo77777: EYYYY
paranormal_snacktivity: The boys!!!
Chulump: YOU GOT US
Fried_Twinkie: ook ook
LidofLoathing: wooooo
Glitchydjinn: what a bait
Anubis169: LOL
laikagoat: fionaClap fionaClap fionaClap
TheWriterAleph: WE'RE HEEEERE
killerslay: Jebaited
coreyh2: PridePog
SolarBlitz1: I knew it
GredGredmansson: WE'RE HEEEEERE
neisan2112: WEe got goooot
ijtro: YESSSS
Citizen527: Woooooo!
marchofpain: HOORAY!
soosdakl: LUL
Heneha: :O
kristian_fischer: YOU GOT US!
SamanthaVess: Jebaited
ADTPG: For some reason expected to hear, Hello and welcome to Game Theory!
Grusommegeir: pleasa2Hands
BusTed: pennyCrabgod
GrandiaKnight: YAY!!!!
amative1: GOT 'EM!
Dish_KP: Got us!
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: the FAKE OUT!
Sage0fMadness: breyaProfChamp breyaProfChamp breyaProfChamp breyaProfChamp
accountmadeforants: :D
LarkSachrosis: vargBulk
Forgotten_Lizard: WE'RE HERREEEEE
eshplode: lrrHORN lrrHORN wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey lrrHORN lrrHORN
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dsavillian: cudaGotem cudaGotem cudaGotem
kalen06: OMG
carlospolicola: HELL YYEAAAAAAAAA
Tobenamed1: YOU GOT US
RandomTrivia: We got GOOZELD!
Leonhart321: Get go chat
Wolfstrike_NL: that explains the graphics
wordmogul: Lrrhorn!!!!
thanatos4268: the fake out
TheWhirlmind: GOTTEM
snugglebutters: YEAHHHHH
DeathWarrior555: woooooo
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Supersaxo: got me
SpoopsAHoy: omG I got GOT!!!
Gwyltt_by_association: Graham why!
UnbeatableAshWilliams: MY BRAIN
WilyWiley: nice
KeladryJane: wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey
yatagarasu1177: The intro is amazing
sawbladetornado: GOT EM
fiveways87: scfYay
Pocalem: YES!!!!!
Tobenamed1: IM SO HAPPY
GhostValv: gottem
Dog_of_Myth: DA LOUD BOIS
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
Schreischorsch: I love you so much
jj_mickey: Welcome back!
blackmagem: HYPE
mikmega: noice
BjjBrain: Nice!!!
BenManBlue: amazing
KaminaDuck: GOT EM
Tobenamed1: YAYYYYYY
MurphEP: It was perfect!!!
oregoncryptid: HOLY SHIT
CAKHost: I like the bit!
Thequickgreyfox: the fake out!
water_warrior13: BAMBOOZLED
theamc2000: that was cool though
jeffjeffersontheman: Very funny
paranormal_snacktivity: God I could cry
KendalMac417: jeBAITED
capt_g1029: spooky static
benjamin_wheeler: @VazSun old age
LoremasterMonty: What a fake-out!
on_and_awful: @Leonhart321 Because you had no more blockers?
Garrub: Hell yeah
eye_h_bar: You got me
Dragoon5602: bambozleed
HolyFroq: @ekszit93 PogChamp
BucarooBonzi: 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
annasaurus13: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
CodenameJD: pffft
Chicky49: YEEEE!
CanisLupusAqua: WOOOOOOOOO
nix_gd: hahahahahha
beowuuf: it was PERFECT except for the artifacting
ExhaustedElox: Adam and Ben got us again!
superrawmatthew: YESSSSSSS
Ryavis: YEAH!
SolarBlitz1: YAAAAY
ZackTheCatKing: amazing crew!
GrandiaKnight: HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!
samu_btdp1985: Love it
sivin96: audio sync issues anyone?
Xiff_: I thought it ws just really compressed for some reason
patrick_stonecrusher: fakeout HYPE
Smyyyth: ayyyyyy
jeffjeffersontheman: Lmao
SquirrelLord1111: PridePog PridePog PridePog PridePog
neylok7575: gottem
obionedrop: WOOOOO
mr3is6: wooooooo
Theycallmejokke: They're here! Together!
Smoke108: Crab Rave
deepseahermit: BEUH THAT GOT ME
kalen06: INSANE
Rustpile: goteem, i love it
grgriffin3: What a jape!
Nigouki: YOOOOOO new table
BrowneePoints: I loved it! I love y'all! Never change!
InspectorTrick: lol
electra310: BAMBOOZLED
Easilycrazyhat: You lied to us :(
rainbowmage42: HAHAH I knew it was a joke and I loved IT!!!!
tyrantcorporation: woooo
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Forgotten_Lizard: GOOD BIT
flapjacksofwar: WOOOOOO
jeffjeffersontheman: Yaa
xythrogar: oh, new table
helichrome: BAMBOOZLED
shuggieplays: HYPE
damn_i_am_pretty: I love these people
SirTrae: I had thought it was prerecorded
RocknGrohlNerd: I got got, hell yeah
water_warrior13: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
rabbiti3: ayyeeeee
Pteraspidomorphi: Studio sea hype
serialtram: We're here!
Tycho_Nova: NERDS kirstLove
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: YEAAAAAAAAAAAH
Leonhart321: We got gooseled
jeffjeffersontheman: Dude
superrawmatthew: LETSGOOOOOOOOOOO
wykeer: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited yellowhatSewer yellowhatSewer yellowhatSewer
frnknstn: 100% got me
eye_h_bar: We're here!
WilyWiley: nice joke streamers
nix_gd: was not obvious to me
Bladinus: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
fiveways87: what a tease
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Forgotten_Lizard: Good joke streamer
maniac_fish: just like old times
Fire_Summoner: Have a good time!
FenrisSchafer: Brilliant I love it
SquirrelLord1111: NEW TABLE
red_shoes_jeff: M A W P
Sephysogaku: dat prank
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exerus16: Looks crust on my end so you got me
corefluxx: THEY'RE HERE!
Xavien_Nil: XD
GoblinPieromancer: They got me
Diabore: that is a nice table
beowuuf: yay, three people on screen!
sawbladetornado: MAXIMUM CARNAGE
notthepenguins: @sivin96 im getting some audio desync yeah
flagonmaster: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
TheWarbo: no joeks, only magic :-P
thraximore: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
jeffjeffersontheman: Grahm is good man
millswills: pauls a bit quite
bobbymcbob33: amazing!
ExachixKitsune: You magnificant human beings
DemoDane: Its been too long :D
Sage0fMadness: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
nightshade2963: we have been bam buzeled
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ijtro: lrrHEART
Dragoon5602: Hi Paul
greatwahooney: I may be gullible, but you totally got me
superrawmatthew: JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS
benjamin_wheeler: uh top 10 LRR fails here we go
ArchRequiemD: Nice
Roughly21Smurfs: Got me to be fair! 😂
satyropodobny: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
RogueLink: I'll admit, it got me. I thought something was wrong with the camera. haha
dino6029: <message deleted>🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧
ActuallyTheMoon: how do we know it's not a very well crafted composite shot?
luke1x: oh my god Ben and Adam playing papr magi !!!
TXC2: deep breaths chat
jeffjeffersontheman: Very epic
sindresturn: Adam Crab was great >D
TheLastCurryRice: YAYYYYYY
eldrazi_trainer: I'm so happy!
ewebs7: Ad break right when Graham appears…..
VazSun: part of me thought that G prerecorded that to cut to him running into the moonbase
jonasjonIV: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
snugglebutters: NATURE IS HEALING
Gwyltt_by_association: Microthroat
GredGredmansson: It barely registered that I was looking at Graham's house by the time the punchline hit, nice one
superrawmatthew: NEW TABLE POG
DigitalHamWarrior: audio is slightly desynced
Chadonric: I fell for it
xantos69: I have heard what it sounds like *INSIDE* of Adam.
capt_g1029: 2SPOOK 4 ME
BrowneePoints: Adam! Your haircut looks amazing!
Forgotten_Lizard: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Dmc3628: FOR 10,000 years WE BACK
accountmadeforants: Told you, Puppet Squatters
Moist__Owlette: It looks beautiful!
62MGcobra: nice table
vargasbball3: the boys are back in town
Abavus: Dusted?
C4Asaru: SeemsGood
KeladryJane: jimqui1Gallimimus jimqui1Gallimimus
luke1x: best duo
Fried_Twinkie: Is that table new?
ulifernando01: Almost bambozled us
SmashTCG: PoG
HeroX_26: Audio is a bit out of sync.
Sarah_Serinde: So fancy
Gaytanic_Panic: LET'S GOooooo
BusTed: Purdy.
jeffjeffersontheman: PPR time!
Fried_Twinkie: oh lol k
BrowneePoints: new table!?
CAKHost: I think people make card towers in that place
electra310: Oooh, fancy
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun that table looks gorgeous
theamc2000: It is a nice table
josh___something: o.o
LarkSachrosis: Shiny!
Gadora: Ooh. That's a lovely table.
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TheM8: woo Real Werewolf Commander!
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Direcheck: gods i never realized how much i missed this room
mr3is6: nice table
mihicular: lrrADAM lrrADAM lrrADAM
CAKHost: It was fun
Orgmastron: Fancy table!
ExachixKitsune: oh that's a fancy table
SpoopsAHoy: New Table is awesome
TotallyNotaBeholder: Custom table you say?
GrandiaKnight: Jund em out!
TheWhirlmind: Table hype!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: plural?
62MGcobra: looks so much more sturdy
Leonhart321: That is a sweet table
P4r7YG0D: <message deleted>I"VE MISSED THIS 😭😭😭
M4RKNUTT: <message deleted>WHY ADS WHY??
MurphEP: I'm so very happy :)
jeffjeffersontheman: Nice
SagaMonstrum: bigger table!
CodenameJD: Pretty!
Mattmitchell45: <3 <3 <3 <3
MyrddintheWizard: benginCry This makes me so happy...
GhostValv: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
tsp397: Table looks nice
twitchysmile: Hey guys! this is gonna rock!
froggycassidy: HYPE
RyleGrimrick: long ame when?
Forgotten_Lizard: Table is nice
TehAmelie: you look happy!
red_shoes_jeff: Ooh-hoo-hoo?
amative1: @Dmc3628 It's time to conquer LRRth?
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: sur la table
Anubis169: please try to keep emotes to 7 or less :)
viligante8: Finally I get to see a PPR live
RegulusPratus: Holy crap, I haven't seen the back of Adam's head in over a year. Sick topknot.
pipshardfour: Adam your hair looks bomb
jeffjeffersontheman: So exited
RandomTrivia: The greenscreen of Studio G was sergeJustRight
gibbousm: Spoopy Boys lets rumble lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
RocknGrohlNerd: Adam has cool hair FBtouchdown FBtouchdown lrrAWESOME
Anubis169: and watch the allcaps yo :)
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
philippekav: made with real bones of trees
HyperionHawk_: I am so happy to see humans in this room again
unicornvector subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 11 months!
unicornvector: So glad to see a moonbase PPR! GLHF all!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, unicornvector! (Today's storm count: 95)
citrusrobotsam: So good to see you guys back in the real! I almost missed this watching old Friday Nights!
TheNerdWonder: I'd love to hear more about the custom table
sblue333: Ahhhhh my heart they're back!!
TXC2: lets settle down on the all caps now chat
jeffjeffersontheman: Adam hair very good
paranormal_snacktivity: Omfg the smol pony on Adam is looking fresh af
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PBlackcoat: hey this sub message lined up pretty well!
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Nameless_Sword: So happy to see everyone playing in person again
Fluffy776: katesHype katesHype katesHype Cheer100
voyeury subscribed with Prime.
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GredGredmansson: lrrADAM lrrGRAHAM lrrBEN
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GrandiaKnight: Fetch the scissors!
LidofLoathing: nature is healing again
Fire_Summoner: You all look great!
Didero: Audio seems slightly out of sync
CAKHost: :D
fhorrigan: Dat table, dat silver fox and dem silver foxes.
RocknGrohlNerd: new series cut cut concede?
RandomTrivia: Storm count 100!
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trilemma85: Hello friends!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Great job Pix
beowuuf: dat was cool
KaminaDuck: I'm honestly a little teary-eyed at this
Leonhart321: Good work Mangled
TXC2: Mangledpixel HYPE
totocanada: Sweet hair Adam!
107 raiders from Sol4r1s have joined!
P4r7YG0D: sanitary?
CavemanKellen: in person moonbase!
UnbeatableAshWilliams: we're thrilled too
ulifernando01: Nice intro
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: people can actually read their op's cards!
Mangledpixel: <3
Wolfstrike_NL: That was a great intro
capt_g1029: <message deleted>WE MISSED YOU CARD READER
vargasbball3 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 8 months!
vargasbball3: glad to see the team back together in studio
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ExachixKitsune: ooh mangledpixel hype
gnome_friend: Welcome raiders!
Pteraspidomorphi: There we go, xsolla-free now
until_may: so much hype
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patrick_stonecrusher: TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid
HeroX_26: Yeah audio is slightly out of sync. Not too bad though.
slopoppotamus: Adam with the fresh hair
superrawmatthew: the intro was rad
sblue333: And we get the prerecorded bits too?? lessgo
Bladinus: awesome work @Mangledpixel lrrHEART
jeffjeffersontheman: I want to go to bc
beowuuf: hey raiders! nice timing, it's just started :)
greg1756: <message deleted>IT'S HEEEEEEEERRREEEE
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KriegerSan: 97 Months that's almost one year
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TotallyNotaBeholder: Some people should be in a lockdown and are going to football games...
KeladryJane: I insisted my opponents cut at the first event I went back to and played paper magic at.
Hpjones10: Ben is so excited!
RegulusPratus: Can flip a table and not just mess up your own desk!
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citrusrobotsam: So good too see you guys in the real again, I almost missed this watching old Friday Nights episodes.
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FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: I mean, we *SHOULDN'T* be having football games...
lightninginthecorner: graham theres umm a hunter of sorts right behind you
TXC2: please no all caps chat
grgriffin3: Get vaxxed if you can, folks!
AugustGreen: This feels so good!!!! lrrBEN lrrMATT lrrADAM
Pharmacistjudge: pharma2Vacc pharma2Vacc pharma2Vacc
accountmadeforants: @HeroX_26 You sure? The clap seemed on-point.
liogigan: pfizer gang
RocknGrohlNerd: count me in, I am vaxed
rainbowmage42: Some people have to deal with idiots who deny it exists and refuse to wear a mask
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jeffjeffersontheman: Tolavar!
beowuuf: wow, is that the first 97 months?
CodenameJD: Everyone get vaxxed if you can!
GredGredmansson: hi lrrSERGE
Galacticcyrus: let them fight SwiftRage
Anubis169: a random serge
grgriffin3: Hi Serge!
Gwyltt_by_association: Invisi-Serge
lightninginthecorner: patiently waiting for him to do the intro
amative1: Hi Serge!
RandomTrivia: lrrSERGE !
superrawmatthew: hi serge!
TheWhirlmind: Hey Serge!
TotallyNotaBeholder: @Pharmacistjudge that is a wonderful emote, just wonderful!
Nameless_Sword: Hi Serge!
CAKHost: Hi off-screen Serge!
RocknGrohlNerd: @liogigan pfizer gang high five
hexy_lexy: hi serge!
Dragoon5602: Judge!
electra310: Hi Serge!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> And we’re live!!! | Join these fine lads as we kick off the first in person PPR since January 2020. I assure you, we’re all VERY EXCITED!!! 🎉😄🎉 | Head over to for the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt PPR. #Sponsored #MTGMID #LRRMID 📷 || ⤵
Gaz_L: hi Serge!
grgriffin3: #TeamPowerSerge
serialtram: Hi Serge!
SergeYager: Hi
twitchysmile: *Waves at Serge*
carlospolicola: HI serge!
ExhaustedElox: Of course Serge waved :)
Wolfstrike_NL: sergeHi
incslayer: hey serge
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MalBeam: Hi Serge.
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ANeMzero: Serge is so nice he waves to the audience even when they can't see him
GhostValv: PPR's in a pod
ShadowTalon910: lrrSERGE lrrSERGE lrrSERGE
TXC2 waves at serge
MeLikeSmallMatters: Hi Serge <3
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> RT @Graham_LRR> Going live with the #MTGMidnight PPR! | I think I’m supposed to say #sponsored here. | Please come watch! | 📷 ||
jeffjeffersontheman: <message deleted>PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL
Bugberry: Haven't caught a PPR live in way too long.
Fire_Summoner: Serge!
notthepenguins: hi serge!
Dmc3628: Serge wave
HyperionHawk_: Don't worry Serge, I waved back
Forgotten_Lizard: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
P4r7YG0D: needs a judge nasa cam XD
PixelArtDragon: Serge is such a cinnamon roll
Malconvoker: Aww, no Serge playing
RandomTrivia: Aha, miniaturized bubble PPR!
Pocalem: Hello Serge!
red_shoes_jeff: HI Whiskers!
greg1756: Ben and I have the same shirt! Impeccable taste!
sblue333: love it
62MGcobra: so six rounds?
kirbytronic: Oneeeeeeeee day
Joalni: Chat could "see" your wave, Serge. It is appreciated!
superrawmatthew: can't wait!
P4r7YG0D: hey whats the pelican case on the bottom right of shot
rabbitgta: ah the meat space with meat people
beowuuf: sergeHi to serge
TXC2: please keep emotes to 7 or less chat
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Niuttuc: One step at a time
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wordmogul: baby steppes
boyshinboiv: PPY HYPE
Saxpython: FBtouchdown <3 FBtouchdown
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expropriate7uu: almost forgot about this PPR because its a sunday!
jj_mickey: Stay safe y'all
boyshinboiv: PPR
tuftsnuggly: This is my first stream! I’ve watched your VODs a bunch on YouTube. New subscriber 🤘
boyshinboiv: LETS GETI T
Mangledpixel: bby stps
carlospolicola: It's really good to see you together! <3
jeffjeffersontheman: GayPride GayPride GayPride
jbarlam90: baby steppe lynx
Dragoon5602: I mean, if you wanted to be extra careful, you could have had Graham and Kathleen in the same pod
Pengu92: Nature is healing, it takes time
jeffjeffersontheman: PPR
Sarah_Serinde: tuftsnuggly Welcome!
capt_g1029: baby zombie steps
GredGredmansson: benginHi
sblue333: Is it a new table? looks shiny
dsavillian: it's the greatest pre-release thingy on twitch ever
amative1: @tuftsnuggly Welcome!
SagaMonstrum: Take all the time you need for safety and comfort, LRR!
beowuuf: no one should do anything they don't want to, love to all LRRspace :)
GrandiaKnight: :O :O
GhostValv: benginLurk seabatClap
boyshinboiv: PPR HYPE
serialtram: good to see people in person in Studio A again after so long
circusofkirkus: cool barcode :)
jeffjeffersontheman: Give them to me
amospiritus: benginHi
ExachixKitsune: oooh barcode hype
ulifernando01: HYYPEEE
superrawmatthew: i cannot wait to get my hands on one of those
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lion_byte: ohuhuhu
beowuuf: @Dragoon5602 i imagine penelope duty means they can't
Dr_fragenstien: i thought this was going to start at 12, glad i got the notification
Pharmacistjudge: I see vaseline
wordmogul: !vaseline
Mangledpixel: !vaselineorbarcode
LRRbot: Vaseline!
Jayrod1220: The boxes should be double sided
TheMicah21: Brock Lesnar in the Moon Base!?
wafeloto: lets gooo
GredGredmansson: I'm considering a prerelease, my first ever potentially
LuckieIsLive: they’re back in the studio!
jeffjeffersontheman: very epic
circusofkirkus: Adam, the hair looks amazing! lrrHEART
Ferox777: there's a new bear for your commander deck
LarkSachrosis: It looks sweet
RandomTrivia: P/CP Wooooo!
jeffjeffersontheman: I will go to pr
Slacker1977: i feel it's a very aggro set
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL good volume on the player mics?
ますおー: new table?
TheWhirlmind: So much good stuff <3
Chaos_Shell: prereleases are super fun!
KriegerSan: Magic shorts, what about Magic chinos
superrawmatthew: oh damn, lot of viewers here tonight!
beowuuf: good volume so far
paranormal_snacktivity: Volume is good@
viligante8: Did Adam force GR Werewolves as he promised on his stream? Kappa
Anubis169: LoadingReadyRun: levels are manYES
personification2: Do Magic shorts work as alternatives to Alex's Messenger's Speed pants?
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun yeap all sounds good so far
electra310: Sound is good, Paul
notthepenguins: @LoadingReadyRun Volume is good, but audio is a bit desynced for some of us
Sarah_Serinde: ますおー Yes it is!
KendalMac417: JUDGE!
kristian_fischer: Volume is fine
PixelArtDragon: @LoadingReadyRun Seems good right now
Gaytanic_Panic: good volume
PlatonicMistress: Imagine having a LGS mamoDeadcry
RandomTrivia: Player volume levels sound great
pete_haderlein: judge!
laikagoat: @LoadingReadyRun critroleScanlan
accountmadeforants: LoadingReadyRun Yeah
LarkSachrosis: So many good cards I want for EDH
blue_lotus_designs: soo nice to see you all in the same space lrrHEART
Theycallmejokke: everything sounds fine
zigboy22: rooAww back in the base
jeffjeffersontheman: Bring back friday nights
Fire_Summoner: So excited!
raisins77: rules PogChamp
KeladryJane: wheelerGre wheelerT
sblue333: hell yeah I freaking love punt / counterpunt
liogigan: sounds good to me :)
Aviator_Moonshine: I'm just up, so my tired self forgot about PPR being a sealed thing and for some reason was expecting a draft. :V
TXC2: Judgment time!
Nameless_Sword: Judge! Yes please
Veraphage: I love rules
Ziarist: おはよう
ijtro: Yessss judge video
Theycallmejokke: lrrHORN lrrSERGE lrrNELSON lrrHORN
komododrake: i miss my judge friends eogAlas
RocknGrohlNerd: @circusofkirkus I second that :)
GredGredmansson: lrrNELSON lrrSERGE
beowuuf: wow, viewer numbers go brrr
Dynaldi: Ben's smile is worth getting up at 4am for
Dragoon5602: All good Mr. tech spirit
beowuuf: just doubled since i last looked!
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGECALL
Orgmastron: lrrJUDGECALL
pete_haderlein: swearwolves!
Leonhart321: Heck yeah Werewolves
rainbowmage42: aww i was hoping to see them in person
jeffjeffersontheman: hi
doortodoorhentasalesgirl: Old? How dare you
TheWhirlmind: Stream of Judgement 2WW rare sorcery
Galacticcyrus: if it's neither day not night, play the judge video
Easilycrazyhat: lrrJUDGECALL lrrSHINE
sblue333: werewolves but different
MisplacedLocation: mopiYAY
P4r7YG0D: I'm so glad they didn't put MDFC's in this set
TotallyNotaBeholder: God of the moon you say...
Joalni: Nelson, how dare you!
WilyWiley: nelson just said i'm old
ExachixKitsune: But what if I flip a doubl- *thrown out of the chat*
Mal2mad: Friday Nights is still going, it just got interrupte because covid
trilemma85: Get it, because when you show your backside you are "mooning".
GredGredmansson: Hey Delver
UnbeatableAshWilliams: CARDBOARD
Diabore: ooh someone got a delver
narset6691: delver hype!
accountmadeforants: Audio sync good on the judge prerecord! My god! We're living in the future!
Gwyltt_by_association: 'Instead they transform', wow that one got me
SmashTCG: Noooo I'm not oooold
Goatthulu: PepoG
Fanklok: Wait wait wait, Delver reprint?
GredGredmansson: yeah Delver got reprinted
Xavien_Nil: ayep
GredGredmansson: at Uncommon
Anubis169: lol
notthepenguins: I look forward to other people playing this but keeping track of # of spells and flip flip is not fun bookkeeping for me... glad Arena can manage that I guess
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capt_g1029: that floating card tho
narset6691: @Fanklok yes but uncommon this time
gnome_friend: Congratulations!
Zaghrog: Oh wow, Delver reprint?!
Saphling: congratulations!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Sassy Judge is Sassy
Leonhart321: Woah woah, slow down there
TXC2: yeap delver reprint, stanard is gonna SUCK :p
Gwyltt_by_association: This is peak comedy, never to be topped
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RandomTrivia: Standard will be fine with Delver, it's Pioneer I'm saddened for
Joalni: @TXC2 Meh, we only play limited here Kappa
Xavien_Nil: what about 'name a card' effects?
jeffjeffersontheman: What is the most expensive in innistrad
PixelArtDragon: But what about Morph? lrrBEEJ
gnome_friend: !findquote moon
LRRbot: Quote #6445: "Let's fuck around on the moon!" —Cameron [2019-10-01]
Fanklok: Ixidor has concerns
bootrice: Much love from Germany!
DeM0nFiRe: "Uhh, my token transforms into a MTG Arena ad?"
raisins77: very unclear if there's the spell density to make delver playable in standard
notthepenguins: you can't be "clever" like me and try to copy a transform card to get the back side multiple times...
Saphling: tasty flavorful new keywords
TXC2: RandomTrivia ooof yeah
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aggrocrow: Magic time with these lovely folks always makes me happy. love yall!
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P4r7YG0D: I finally know what this reminds me of. These rules videos remind me of the safety videos for rides at amusement parks
jonasjonIV: cool
GredGredmansson: @jeffjeffersontheman OG Innistrad? Probably Snapcaster
personification2: It's less of a cycle and more of a mirrored pair
snugglebutters: @TXC2 If this isn't ironic, there was a good post on r/spikes going over Delver's tools in Standard; they ain't great
josh___something: The audio thing only being on the head is weirdly hilarious XD
LRRMTG_Judge: @Xavien_Nil you have to name one of the two faces. pharma2Vial
Diabore: i mean, theres a mythic that kills you if it cant transform, so cant always safely ignore it
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TheWhirlmind: Game starts in the exile zone
Gwyltt_by_association: Starts as Dight, everyone knows that
Easilycrazyhat: 🎶🎶Daybound ahaaahaaaa--🎶🎶
patrick_stonecrusher: !card wheel of sun and moon
LRRbot: Wheel of Sun and Moon [{G/W}{G/W}] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant player / If a card would be put into enchanted player's graveyard from anywhere, instead that card is revealed and put on the bottom of that player's library.
beowuuf: delver needs good equipment, right?
TXC2: snugglebutters give it time :p
TehAmelie: if you make it day for the first time i think you're required to say "let there be light"
circusofkirkus: wow ignoring timezones WOTC for shame lrrBEEJ
hippitybobbity: did you know that Kid Cudi was part of the design team this go around
jeffjeffersontheman: @GredGredmansson No midnight hunt
TheTruePhantomAngel: *Insert Obvious Always Sunny Reference Here*
vitolefou: Sooo night good, day bad
Theycallmejokke: So... twilight!?
GredGredmansson: THIS IS IMPORTANT
TheWriterAleph: we did it, twilight in magic
GredGredmansson: Rules change
KriegerSan: Day Knight what about Night Knight
satyropodobny: It's either day, night or nonbinary
Anubis169: Still a better love story than Twilight
Nameless_Sword: Very big difference from last time
keyboardmage: so confusing
UnbeatableAshWilliams: LRR is impossibly fast and strong
vitolefou: Damn its complicated.
konkerinjo: what
wulfram77: Daybound on the stack, Nightbound on the battlefield
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Xavien_Nil: oooh, that's new.
sblue333: This is prolly gonna be that trickiest part of the ppr
coachNelly: Pretty tricky right?
accountmadeforants: What happens if it's Day and I play Blood Moon? Does it enter as Blood Sun?
ironbacklol: THat'sunintuitive as hell
Smoke108: oo wahahaha
Saphling: so thankful they're going into the facets of these
Gwyltt_by_association: Which sturb?
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
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schwimmschik: It's actually a year!
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TXC2: wulfram77 new card kindgom button
notthepenguins: the strategic ghost reserve
Theycallmejokke: This have to open up for "fun" tricks
RedArrogantKnight: like most of these new mechanics, it seems like this is probably complex when explained but simple enough when played
Leonhart321: That's odd
ExachixKitsune: This is one of those things that seems complicated from the rules but is probably really intuiative
Easilycrazyhat: Serge...XD
GredGredmansson: Yeah, so Day/Night only cares about the active player, not any player
RandomTrivia: Serge pls
GhostValv: :)
lightninginthecorner: Day on the Stack, Night on the Back
Grusommegeir: LUL
TheWriterAleph: Serge.
TheTruePhantomAngel: I love when vampires became a proper tribe, they were like Twilight in MTG. Now that time has finally come!
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: haha
dsavillian: LUL
thmanwithnoname: hahaha
TheWhirlmind: These mechanics are... disturbing
RocknGrohlNerd: @vitolefou thanks innistrad :D
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHA
theender92: Man daybound and nightbound seems way more complicated then the old mechanic
lion_byte: kasdjlfalks
flagonmaster: @wulfram77 Daybound on the stack, nightbound in the sack
hexy_lexy: SERGE
dorox1: LUL
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: LUL
Wolfstrike_NL: boo
liogigan: LUL
josh___something: AHAHAAHAh
Dmc3628: love it
Sniknob: SERGE
Saphling: bless
laikagoat: fionaLOL fionaLOL fionaLOL
RayFK: I'm mad at that
DiscordianTokkan: wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey
ExachixKitsune: Serge yes!
Mathonwy: So, if you want to get rid of someone else's effect, you can cast two spells to switch it to day, or cast no spells to change it to night?
komododrake: eogHee perfection
greg1756: HAHA
UlranQentba: SERGE
Abavus: :|
BusTed: got there
paranormal_snacktivity: OMG Serge
shurtal: yeyeyeye Serge
ExhaustedElox: Serge... pls...
YeetTheRich_: thanks serge LUL
RayFK: I'm so mad at that
Orgmastron: Thank you Serge lrrSHINE
DumnorixOfGallia: YES
Gwyltt_by_association: Serge why
goombalax: OMG nelly
KendalMac417: love you serge
ADTPG: thank you
DerangedHermit: oo wahahaha
M4RKNUTT: Love it serge
beowuuf: basically new transform cards are now locked to the gamestate, and the gamestate gets tracked
grgriffin3: Serge.
FionasGotIT: Serge, buddy, I love you
ElektroTal: come on, get down with the
Fanklok: Serge needs to be fired, I'm sorry
RocknGrohlNerd: YES Serge :D
lion_byte: oh hoo boy
Forgotten_Lizard: GOOD BOY
Fluffy776: Cheer100 katesLol
XelocityFPS: omega yikes joke lmfao
hippitybobbity: LMAO
nyquister_: Beautiful Serge
Joalni: Thank you, Serge! lrrHEART
Pengu92: Thanks Serge!
UnbeatableAshWilliams: imagine if the next innistrad block took hemispheres into consideration
greg1756: Incredible banter!
GredGredmansson: @Mathonwy on your turn, yes
wiigamer1995: monkaDMCA
Farden10: Haha, awesome Serge
Ogrekidd: That felt like a joke for alex
beowuuf: sergeJustRight
RedArrogantKnight: @Mathonwy yes!
skiddybones: Good one serge
chromewhit: I DIED
Fire_Summoner: Beautiful
BrowneePoints: I think that joke got me down with the sickness
beowuuf: knew serge was down with the sickness
GredGredmansson: I really like Disturb
MadWolf1290: "LRR Judge Co"
theamc2000: lrr judge co!
TXC2: lrrJudgeCo
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: sergeJustRight sergeJustRight
Dmc3628: diverse threat portfolio
TheWhirlmind: Ah yes, the portfolio
Easilycrazyhat: Diversify those
Gwyltt_by_association: lrr judge... COVEN???
Cato_Phoenix: *climbs out of his coffin*
jeffjeffersontheman: Why the crd floating
torpidninja: ooooooh, the stack for disturb is not something I considered
superrawmatthew: lrr really is just a coven huh
vitolefou: @vitolefou Just imagine old werewolves with this thing all mixed up in a game....geez
sblue333: I thought he said Die First threat portfolio
Fanklok: How are these cards floating
Garrub: I like how they avoided the confusing “powers” in that text
beowuuf: @jeffjeffersontheman for style
TotallyNotaBeholder: lrr has a coven in it
Wolfstrike_NL: jeffjeffersontheman Magic
LoadingReadyRun: !cardview on
LRRbot: Card viewer enabled
TheWhirlmind: Teach how to witch
WitchyTQ: the fact i never watch magic, and just wanted to hear my friends voice.. i aarrive to witches...
TheWriterAleph: Kathleen wouldn't have it any other way
marchofpain: Disturb! Flashback but for creatures!
darthtuk: Any bad witch coven members here?
Dmc3628: yes TQ
circusofkirkus: howdy TQ!
gnome_friend: !quote Tq
LRRbot: Quote #4723: "Why do I have flowers coming out of my ass?" —TQ [2018-03-03]
jeffjeffersontheman: Very cool
SydPreviouslyHeadache: and idk if this is in the set, but cards that reverse power and toughness, that wouldn't effect coven at all either, right?
MatthewDennisMTG: heh, it doesn't matter "witch"
TXC2: hello WitchyTQ welcome
beowuuf: love how it makes it feel like this is animated, but it's irl
Dmc3628: coven as an actual mechanic
TehAmelie: hmm does negative power count as 0?
GredGredmansson: @WitchyTQ welcome to Innistrad
TheGoozler: yoooo, instead of DMing @coachNelly to explain the new rules to me there is a video now!
coachNelly: Hahah tq Summoned
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thopter_spy: lrrHORN
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, thopter_spy! (Today's storm count: 119)
LRRMTG_Judge: We are actually officially a coven - we have level 1, 2, and 3 judges here today
Leonhart321: Orone Decayed
GredGredmansson: @TehAmelie I don't think so
accountmadeforants: "Ooh, sorrrrry, we've already got a Grizzly Bear, you can't join, Aurelia 😬 "
BusTed: tqsSparkles
Theycallmejokke: Oh one shot tokens
LRRMTG_Judge: @TehAmelie a negative power is a unique number for coven. pharma2Vial
StrawberryPepper: <message deleted>ONORE DECADO
jeffjeffersontheman: @benjamin_wheeler What are the archetypes of this set
coachNelly: What up Jon!
GredGredmansson: Flashback's back ALRIGHT
TehAmelie: neato
TotallyNotaBeholder: @TehAmelie I would guess no, based on some of the interactions on arena (specifically drizzt with -x power
Saphling: flashbacks back, alright
KendalMac417: Flashback's back alright
KaminaDuck: @WitchyTQ *waves*
Saphling: necessary joke
WitchyTQ: @KaminaDuck o/
Gwyltt_by_association: It's back, back again, tell a friend
TheWhirlmind: They cast this mechanic from the graveyard
KriegerSan: Still annoyed that Flash back cards dont have Flash
Orgmastron: Flashback! Aaah-aah!
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: flashback's back, tell your friends
notthepenguins: negative power with nethroi is another good example
marchofpain: Guess what's back? Back again. Flashback's back, tell some friends
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GhostValv: tqsLurk
AugustGreen: I’m loving the decorations around the cards. Makes me excited for Autumn.
Nuurgle: Flashback's back! In POG form!
ZackTheCatKing: The leaves are starting to turn, this set is flavour win...
Xavien_Nil: Wait, weren't we supposed to exile flashback the last time it made a return?
TheWhirlmind: @marchofpain Nice <3
superrawmatthew: so glad that flashback is back
GredGredmansson: REL:AXED!
amative1: REL:AXED
WrightJustice: REL:AXED
Orgmastron: REL:AXED
beowuuf: @LRRMTG_Judge get beej too just so you have a level 5 if needed :p
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DiscordianTokkan: REL:Axed
torpidninja: Does LRR get additional support from Wotsy or do you guys create all these visuals on your own?
superrawmatthew: REL:AXED
DeM0nFiRe: REL 🪓 d
TXC2: !rel:axed
LRRbot: REL:Axed or Rules Enforcement level relaxed means we try to let the cards do what they are supposed to do, and not punish players for their mistakes. While we all try to follow the rules these cards are brand new to everyone and mistakes will be made, just sit back and enjoy the stream.
Anubis169: REL:AXED
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, if a creatures power and toughness are swapped, they're still the respective stat, right?
gnome_friend: !findquote axe
LRRbot: Quote #642: "Never go axe to mouth." —Cameron [2015-09-02]
LarkSachrosis: benginYe
Chulump: get axed
Theycallmejokke: Now fight for our amusement, blood! Blood! Blood!
maniac_fish: literally never punished
KriegerSan: !findquote REL
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ElektroTal: we know you have a choice in prerelease travel, and we thank you for flying with LRRlines
CaptainSpam: Get out your axes, because it's... time... um... to rel? I don't know where that was going.
Nameless_Sword: Thank you judges
RocknGrohlNerd: thank you as well
electra310: Good judge video!
Moist__Owlette: Clap
rabbiti3: I know it's not going to matter today, but does Feather get around flashback?
lion_byte: woo!
GredGredmansson: @SydPreviouslyHeadache depends on what you mean by "swapped"
ADTPG: thanks
MadWolf1290: IN PERSON
Anubis169: Mr. Serge!
Billy_Waggledaggers: Nelly and Serge are so good at those explanations. Nice work.
TehAmelie: rules enforcement level axed means someone will calm you down by putting an axe in the table if you get too excited
Joalni: Thank you, Judges!
KendalMac417: 👏👏👏
Pengu92: Thanks judges!
TheWhirlmind: Serge can wave now!
ZackTheCatKing: Great job folks!
olio22: <message deleted>SERGE! HE'S HERE!
RocknGrohlNerd: *waves at Segre*
Wolfstrike_NL: Serge, you can wave now!
ijtro: They didn't mention investigate :P
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Gwyltt_by_association: Hi Serge! Nice to see youa ren't invisible now
Talanvore: Woo judges.
ZackTheCatKing: *waves in Serge*
jeffjeffersontheman: Serge wave
Fanklok: Ok but what if I counter a flashbacked card with Spell Crumple
RandomTrivia: (and brought to you by YOU!)
TotallyNotaBeholder: Cards!
torpidninja: you brilliant, beautiful crew
twitchysmile: Serge looking fly in the judge shirt.
gnome_friend: And SERGE!
sblue333: everything except the card!
LRRMTG_Judge: @SydPreviouslyHeadache Coven will track the current power and toughness if you switch them. So it's whatever the current P/T is.
liogigan: promo mythic incoming
jeffjeffersontheman: SERGE!
liogigan: calling it
ijtro: But it doesn't come up much
TXC2: please no all caps chat
keyforgealchemist: you guys, of course, are great!
PixelArtDragon: So wait, how much is investigate back?
StrawberryPepper: *minis pap Graham's packs* strawb28Heartmini
beowuuf: @SydPreviouslyHeadache i presume coven looks at the final state, just like anything else (ferocious, etc) so swapping would work or block coven as the final result. Hopefully judge can confirm
KriegerSan: Fail off screen so no one knows
JohnAnyteller: I mean, a lot of axe wielders in Innistrad
ExachixKitsune: Hello Suffix!
ijtro: Or curses!
WilyWiley: serge can wave now
Anubis169: Hello to everybody on the judge account <3
TheGoozler: ohh.. fresh package asmr
marchofpain: Investigate is only on 5 cards, and it's very self explanatory
SydPreviouslyHeadache: like, cards like invert
rainbowmage42: imagine if Ghraham was opening rip tabs
Wolfstrike_NL: o/ SUFFIX
Cykouxis: nice to see that they put magic seal logo on the prereleases now
Malconvoker: Do negative powers count as different powers for Coven?
jeffjeffersontheman: serge can wave now
Jogela: Audio out of synch?
GredGredmansson: Flashback does not work with Feather
UntapUpkeepCaw: Why outsource the cards? I want a PPR completely designed by LRR.
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Graham needs to get a werewolf deck
superrawmatthew: vicariously living a prerelease through this
Ogrekidd: gram has been training for this moment with crack a pack vids
TXC2: Malconvoker yes
Pengu92: Live crack-a-pack!
MoaiGangsta: can i just say that i love when Graham places the cards so perfectly in the judge videos
dsavillian: ooooo
Didero: Is the audio slightly behind the video for anybody else too?
Theycallmejokke: Oh deck building, with table friend, nice
accountmadeforants: Caveman Spongebob!
kirbytronic: It's okay, Graham has a whole show where he struggles to open packs now.
Field94: So is the spindown a MID-roll?
SnowstarTheCat: Nice promo
Cato_Phoenix: I actually got convinced to go to in person prereleases by the deckbuilding segment of STX!
beowuuf: @Malconvoker judge just said yes :)
theguy239: damn
Dmc3628: Sorin Angry
jeffjeffersontheman: pls wave serge
liogigan: oooh good white removal
TotallyNotaBeholder: White kill spell
GredGredmansson: Sorin: WTF
TheTruePhantomAngel: Oh, nice!
TheWhirlmind: <message deleted>THEY STOLE EDGAR
snugglebutters: OH BOY
thejoechaney: Fateful Absence!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ah ok thank you
laikagoat: ooo
LRRbot: Fateful Absence [1W] | Instant | Destroy target creature or planeswalker. Its controller investigates.
RaklarLS: that's some good removal
dsavillian: veraaa nice
Gwyltt_by_association: Oh that card is dope
sblue333: On God I swear WoTC stacks prerelease kits to hook new players
marchofpain: REMOVAL, and good removal
Easilycrazyhat: It good
corefluxx: <message deleted>SERGE! IN HIS JUDGE SHIRT!
torpidninja: tell Serge we love him
YeetTheRich_: oh wow
Gadora: This is what the Crack-a-Packs have been training you for.
munocard: Dec in stone but better!
WolfgangCloud: Code visible :(
CorsairJoshua: Card is an absolute house
Nuurgle: cover the code maybe?
KendalMac417: Grampa's gone
mtgbear: Can't wait to see. :)
skiddybones: Ohh good rare
wafeloto: niceee one
DangerDiabolik: Grandpa is missing ):
LarkSachrosis: Where's Grandpa?!
Gaz_L: it just doom blade but white
Nameless_Sword: Where did Edgar go?!
Easilycrazyhat: In WHITE
Cato_Phoenix: Clue'em blade
eye_h_bar: That is an excellent removal spell
LRRMTG_Judge: You do get a coven with a -1/1, 0/1 and a 1/1. pharma2Vial
CyberFive: He got the good removal!
Pinwiz11: Clue tokens! I get to bring back my cast of Clue Clue Tokens!
MadWolf1290: for 1 and a WHITE?
jeffjeffersontheman: I have code
PixelArtDragon: AND hits planeswalkers!
liogigan: LOL
Lithobraker: White card draw!
DiscordianTokkan: sergeModLove
jeffjeffersontheman: HEHEH
LidofLoathing: granddad
TXC2: here we see the 3rd best white removal ever
TheWriterAleph: *types frantically*
Goatthulu: but you give your opp a card
JohnAnyteller: Very, very good card
beowuuf: make white good / why white so good :p
LidofLoathing: granddad's gone!
Slacker1977: well, it's a bad Murder
NexusRoy: I got the code LOL
FionasGotIT: Dang it, who stole grandpa?!?
GredGredmansson: day and night
drkultra: no stealing the code guys!
jeffjeffersontheman: FUNNY
Juliamon: I don't think they work yet anyway
norcalzx3: what you mean 'back' to spindowns? It's been spindowns for YEARS
CyberFive: YOINK!
jeffjeffersontheman: I am not that mean
lightninginthecorner: lol
RandomTrivia: LUL
ElektroTal: lol
JessKay: lol
HundreydAundre: Cool,...right?
superdude097: LUL
Anubis169: Don't be mean chat
malc: whoopsy
mowdownjoe: LUL
killerslay: NotLikeThis
josh___something: lol
eye_h_bar: Those are pretty
marchofpain: Oh Graham
beowuuf: LOL, yup, double faced for your convenience
tarkes12: LUL
hexy_lexy: graham plz
jeffjeffersontheman: lmfao
serialtram: LUL
Kumakaori: graham pls.
TheWhirlmind: "What a weird callendar"
Theycallmejokke: Just load up your gun with a hollow point Clue
Kirgo: Good thing Graham is handsome.
GredGredmansson: you mean to tell me this set has images on the other side of the card?
superrawmatthew: @norcalzx3 not for AFR
jeffjeffersontheman: Just banter
red_shoes_jeff: EYY
HundreydAundre: I didn't read said card but idk
notthepenguins: pretty token!
Kumakaori: @hexy_lexy lol, dangit XD;.
jj_mickey: Well, it has been neither day nor night, Graham
MadWolf1290: @norcalzx3 they switched to D20 for D&D
UntapUpkeepCaw: AFR had regular D20s
Goatthulu: technology Pog
JohnAnyteller: Day night token transforms
TotallyNotaBeholder: Go Paul!
Rodaxis: Is there a slight audio de-sync on the webcam?
thanzo: oh shiz in person!
SnowstarTheCat: and some flip cards for heathens who play without sleeves
gnome_friend: Cool technology!
lightninginthecorner: im definitely done that with double faced tokens ive ordered
TXC2: the card reader = James probably
P4r7YG0D: Hav'n a game ah night time daytime
Easilycrazyhat: Token is...a little confusing, but it's good
Anubis169: Rodaxis: This is known :)
LarkSachrosis: Ooh, I like the art for Night
Aviator_Moonshine: What a horrible night to have a curse.
beowuuf: o7 J.A.M.E.S and sergeHi card reader!
Drew_64: hopefully we get the Desert bus sun on screen when it's day
TheWhirlmind: Crack-a-Pack with Graham!
rainbowmage42: ahh pack opening ASMR
nightshade2963: pack amsr
GredGredmansson: I hope we get to see a WU Disturb deck
Dmc3628: DB sun and Nightflight would be interesting inhouse
KendalMac417: I'm gonna miss the checkbox cards
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Kumakaori: @Drew_64 ooh, Dawn Guard Vs Night Crew :D?.
amative1: @TXC2 Not actually!
jeffjeffersontheman: ASMR
HundreydAundre: Lets go Mister Stark!! Forcing Arlinn Kord!! POGG Inn Wolves!!
LRRbot: Duel for Dominance [1G] | Instant | Coven — Choose target creature you control and target creature you don't control. If you control three or more creatures with different powers, put a +1/+1 counter on the chosen creature you control. Then the chosen creatures fight each other.
wafeloto: arlinn vs tovolar
Nameless_Sword: always fights
sblue333: What happens if you turn a DFC face down? like one of those Morph interacting things?
beowuuf: oh, wait, no checkbox cards? huh...
TotallyNotaBeholder: Mono removal
CyberFive: Good to see them still using those make-your-own double faced reminder
P4r7YG0D: idk if it's me and my 4k tv but is the black of the playmat really noisy to anyone else?
norcalzx3: @superrawmatthew @MadWolf1290 well don't I look like a dumb. I opened 6 PR kits for AFR...never noticed they weren't spindowns?
superrawmatthew: let's go werewolves awooooooooooooo
accountmadeforants: They also have the magic cardstock, very nice to proxy things. (Though just sharpie-ing a land is arguably just as effective and maybe even cheaper.)
TheTruePhantomAngel: Im sad there isn't a foil Day/Night token in the packs, since we got some last INN block and the foil dungeons if AFR.
jbarlam90: Yes fight, maybe buff
x0den: hello all! happy ppr!
Slacker1977: correct
LRRMTG_Judge: Correct. pharma2Vial
Mathonwy: So, the day/night thing can mess with an opponents permanents, too?
GredGredmansson: card would stink if it didn't
Fanklok: Story spotlight card
PixelArtDragon: That seems strong
jeffjeffersontheman: 1. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in “advanced” countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worse
torpidninja: yes
TyrisUnbreakable: Yes
TXC2: hello x0den welcome
Garrub: Very wordy fight
RocknGrohlNerd: Alright chat, have I mentioned that you are awesome buch of people, it so sooo good to share this virtual space with you
Anubis169: Mathonwy: yyyyyyyyup
LRRMTG_Judge: Yes fight happens no matter what
swennyboi: Graham is correct
benjamin_wheeler: Yes
superdude097: It's similar to Ancient Animus, Fight always happens but if you meet the condition you get a benefit
LRRbot: No Way Out [2B] | Sorcery | Target opponent discards two cards. You create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token with decayed.
Dmc3628: and a WWE ppv name
GredGredmansson: @Mathonwy any player can change day/night on their turn
dsavillian: you get a negative energy token!
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: RIP Mind Rot
Mathonwy: That sounds... COmplicated.
Anubis169: oooOOOooo
Kirgo: Mindrot gone. After 12 years or so.
lightninginthecorner: rip mind rots like 20 yrs in standard
LRRMTG_Judge: @Mathonwy Correct. Day/night is every player at once.
beowuuf: @sblue333 you go get a proxy as the 'top' face should be hidden as a normal morph, it doens't transform
krypticdreams85: I don't know if it matters in this set, but which happens first, permanents Phasing in/out or Day/Night changing?
Gwyltt_by_association: Classic mind rot with set mechanic
TXC2: "there's no easy way out"
Garrub: RIP Mind Rot
LRRbot: Gavony Trapper [W] | Creature — Human Soldier [0/2] | {2}, {T}: Tap target creature.
RabidSkatBadger: rip mindrot
wulfram77: farewell mind rot
Forgotten_Lizard: Tapper trapper
RocknGrohlNerd: oooh many judges, free judges for everybody?
superrawmatthew: Gavony Tapper
Skeletonman1100: is this a deck build?
jbarlam90: Mind rot finally out of standard
TotallyNotaBeholder: an amazingly cheap tapper
Slacker1977: @LRRMTG_Judge would you have a link to MID Rules FAQ, per any chance?
CyberFive: Mind Rot had a good two decade run, at least.
Anubis169: Skeletonman1100: This is indeed deck building!
LRRbot: Dreadhound [4BB] | Creature — Demon Dog [6/6] | When Dreadhound enters the battlefield, mill three cards. / Whenever a creature dies or a creature card is put into a graveyard from a library, each opponent loses 1 life.
Goatthulu: 1/2 a giant killer
gnome_friend: Weird dog
Skeletonman1100: @Anubis169 Thanks!
thanzo: demon dog horse
PixelArtDragon: Is horse big dog?
Forgotten_Lizard: Demon DOG 6/6 for 6
Aviator_Moonshine: very similar to a old core set card
superrawmatthew: Weird dog but okay
rainbowmage42: it really does looklike a horse
Bugberry: I don't see the horse part.
Nuurgle: 6/6 "hound"
Gwyltt_by_association: Horse dog do do do do
benjamin_wheeler: is dog small horse
Theycallmejokke: Card reader haven't had it's morning coffe, so it's still a bit slow ;p
notthepenguins: corpse cobble is so cool
TheWhirlmind: Doggo appreciation
accountmadeforants: Large Dog is Horse confirmed?
TheWriterAleph: giant goodboi
LastCenturion: is horse big dog?
MadameAdversary: As it turns out, horse is just big dog.
LidofLoathing: a dog you can ride
electra310: @Skeletonman1100 Yes, Graham is building a deck, then sealed rounds start
Leonhart321: Who gave that dog a horse's mane?
LRRbot: Corpse Cobble [UB] | Instant | As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice any number of creatures. / Create an X/X blue and black Zombie creature token with menace, where X is the total power of the sacrificed creatures. / Flashback {3}{U}{B}
Fanklok: MMMM Corpsecobble
Statist42: hay friends lrrHEART
CyberFive: Demon Doggo
RaklarLS: it's a 6/6 AND it has "Dread" in the name.
Quillpaw: dreadhound confirmed borzoi
Diabore: ah, so its night
beowuuf: cobwobble as it should be nicknamed
wafeloto: OHHHHH that dimir card its bunker
Anubis169: Statist42 lrrSHINE
Juking_is_Rude: 666 demon dog
TXC2: hello Statist42 welcome
notthepenguins: lets you turn decayed zombies into one sustainable super-zombie
amative1: MeNAche
DiscordianTokkan: I prefer Apple cobbler, personally
before_damage: Big dog is horse
SnowstarTheCat: Upside-down card? Classic WotC pack quality
LarkSachrosis: Just make a thicc zombie
torpidninja: corpse cobbler
jeffjeffersontheman: Poop dog
LRRbot: Galvanic Iteration [UR] | Instant | When you cast your next instant or sorcery spell this turn, copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy. / Flashback {1}{U}{R}
snugglebutters: Sac at instant PogChamp
RandomTrivia: Excuse me something is wrong here, lemme fix that
Garrub: Corpse cobble is so cool
Anubis169: amative1 zekeLOVE
Diabore: ooh plains
freshmaker__: whooooa dreadhound is going right in my Konrad deck. Love that horse pupper
Didero: Just smush those creatures together
AJpreller: There was a card upside down in a pack? Thats not a good sign
TehAmelie: ask any dog, a horse is just a weird big dog
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ExachixKitsune: Mena- oh MeNahche
jbarlam90: Can sacrifice decayed tokens post-attack
MordeMus: Can you respond to the decay trigger?
TotallyNotaBeholder: BW plains!
twitchysmile: Dat land thoooo
jeffjeffersontheman: SoonerLater SoonerLater
kevsta47: dreadhound has best Type Line
laikagoat: ooo land
LRRMTG_Judge: @Slacker1977 Maybe : )
theguy239: can you use corpse cobble after swinging with the decayed zombies?
Pyroxx___: basically you attack with decayed zombies, then sac them at end of combat before they die
BrowneePoints: Big dog is a Bloodhound Artist
Anubis169: RandomTrivia thanks for gifting a sub to the judge account manLOVE
HundreydAundre: I lke that I learned of a blue card where it flavorfully shows Arlinn and Teferi becoming friends in spite of their color alignments. Teferi can't seem all that bad for how he functions in the game.
LRRMTG_Judge: @Slacker1977 they are not public, I assume Serge has access to it (I assume under NDA) pharma2Vial
GredGredmansson: !card corpse cobble
LRRbot: Corpse Cobble [UB] | Instant | As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice any number of creatures. / Create an X/X blue and black Zombie creature token with menace, where X is the total power of the sacrificed creatures. / Flashback {3}{U}{B}
jeffjeffersontheman: That land sick af
LRRMTG_Judge: @RandomTrivia Thanks for the gift sub!
Cato_Phoenix: not just a plains a FULL ART NIGHT
wafeloto: ufffffff that land
narset6691: @theguy239 yes
TXC2: WotC stop trying to make Fork a thing Kappa
Cato_Phoenix: so beautiful.
TheWriterAleph: *leans into asmr mic* "hey bats"
Malconvoker: Card reader?
rainbowmage42: that would go well with a Prismari Strixaven strategy
turtleman7420: Hi chat HeyGuys
JephJephJeph: did i miss the actual draft?
skiddybones: What was the rare?
wafeloto: wuuuut
greg1756: Those lands.... UGGH
Mattmitchell45: "Hey Wingy Momma, let me whisper in your ear"
Anubis169: !card galvanic iteration
LRRbot: Galvanic Iteration [UR] | Instant | When you cast your next instant or sorcery spell this turn, copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy. / Flashback {1}{U}{R}
DiscordianTokkan: @JephJephJeph Prerelease packs.
RocknGrohlNerd: Hi @turtleman7420
netn10: Magic art is always top notch
benjamin_wheeler: surveil
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: @JephJephJeph this is sealed, not draft
freshmaker__: there's some bloodthirst in there too?
laikagoat: surveil
theguy239: surveil
chaostreader: @jephjephjeph No drafts.
norcalzx3: will the basic lands in set boosters be fullart?
GredGredmansson: Spectacle is specifically an alternate casting cost
Gwyltt_by_association: Unf that land
M0ff3l: Im holding out hope for Madness in Crimson Vow
torpidninja: bloodthirsty too
BrowneePoints: Those lands are disgustingly good
Bugberry: Could be Bloodthirst. Spectacle isn't the most flavorful for Innistrad vampires.
Goatthulu: surveil is in a few
Dmc3628: Consider
jeffjeffersontheman: @JephJephJeph It is a sealed construted
bv310: I love these lands so much
RandomTrivia: Bloodthirst?
PixelArtDragon: It's very similar to Bloodthirst
LRRbot: Plains | Basic Land — Plains |
eXTeeGi: Consider?
QuandrixDropout: spectacle is cost reduction, this is kinda like bloodthirst
amative1: No draft, Prerelease sealed
Garrub: Bloodthirst incoming
Ferox777: surveil?
JephJephJeph: oh yeah duh
AJpreller: Serge it was surviel!
rex_main: Surveil
olio22: Isn't it just bloodthirst on the vampires
jbarlam90: Surveil!
Clyfor: Surveil
Nuul113: Surveil was an example
TheWhirlmind: Blackland!
Symphoneers: Morbid?
mowdownjoe: Spectacle? In a vampire wedding? Surely you jest!
keyforgealchemist: a blue zombie has surveil
Theycallmejokke: What was it spectacle was again?
planeswalkagogo: untemplated MULTIKICKER
jbarlam90: Surveil
G_476: Spectacle is only an alternate casting cost, this is more bloodthirst?
lightninginthecorner: holy smokes that land is gorgeous
viligante8: Consider is not surveil surveil
liogigan: i love these basics
Didero: oooh, pretty!
jeffjeffersontheman: so cool
jojo558: those lands are sweet
NojhLivic: Innistrad vampires always making drama and spectacle
reechii: spectacle could be flavorful if it's a big wedding
JohnAnyteller: Hot land
Slacker1977: @LRRMTG_Judge i tried hacking for it on Wizards, but realized i needed the date and didn't feel like guessing...
torpidninja: oh, that's intense
Anubis169: that art manAWW
GredGredmansson: @Theycallmejokke from the Pre-WAR Innistrad blocks, the Rakdos mechanic
bethjch: Flanking?
ZackTheCatKing: BW so far?
superrawmatthew: man, those lands
Bloodgaze: Maybe, AFR had a bunch of Morbid cards but they still didn't want to keyword it for some reason.
satyropodobny: truly lands are now colorless permanents
philippekav: it's not exactly multikicker
Leonhart321: If those lands are confirmed in bundles, I might have to grab one just to pimp out the commander decks
frank_the_great: The -13/-13 one
GRrrrrat: @Theycallmejokke alt cost for casting on turns when opps lost life
Quillpaw: yeah the adversaries just have multikicker
hermatic1: hi all got my timings wrong, have I missed much chat or @loadingreadyrun ?
marchofpain: I think the Morbid one literally has Morbid in the name
Diabore: i love the abominations art
Bugberry: Morbid cares if a creature died, not how many died.
CodenameJD: Surveil is word for word, multikicker is technically different
HundreydAundre: @greg1756 Wel, they're not so bad. I like glimpsing them in Edgar Allan Poe's perception.
Platipus11: flanking too
Theycallmejokke: Thanks all :)
Fruan: The Adversaries are better than multikicker, because they're ETB not on cast
jbarlam90: Morbid opportunist
Fanklok: Keywords have no rules meaning and are for set flavor purposes
Smoke108: Tragic Slip? @frank_the_great
Nuurgle: the fake multi-kicker cards happen on ETB, so not the same as kicker
Kirgo: @hermatic1 Just the judge video.
jeffjeffersontheman: What is the mana value of a basic land
Jacobian_Gaming: You’re thinking of Bloodthirst I think
LRRbot: Search Party Captain [3W] | Creature — Human Soldier [2/2] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each creature you attacked with this turn. / When Search Party Captain enters the battlefield, draw a card.
Fanklok: 0
RevolverRossalot: It's flicker-friendly multikicker: flickerkicker!
AJpreller: I am going to need so many of those BW lands, i'm going to be blistered when they're 4$ per land
JohnAnyteller: Adversaries are rad
dorox1: @jeffjeffersontheman Zero
Cato_Phoenix: that 4/4 bigfoot is good
SnowstarTheCat: It is very obvious from the text that you fight regardless
LRRbot: Contortionist Troupe [XG] | Creature — Human [0/0] | Contortionist Troupe enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it. / Coven — At the beginning of your end step, if you control three or more creatures with different powers, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control.
hermatic1: @kirgo thanks
GredGredmansson: SPC, yeah you know me
LoremasterMonty: Looking Mardu so far
wafeloto: the black human its good
jbarlam90: You just looked at sasquatch
Jacobian_Gaming: For the life loss effect.
jeffjeffersontheman: @dorox1 Tysm
PixelArtDragon: Search Party Captain seems really good
LRRbot: Play with Fire [R] | Instant | Play with Fire deals 2 damage to any target. If a player is dealt damage this way, scry 1.
Antonaqua: IS there audio delay?
dorox1: npnp
Jondare: Adversaries aren't multikicker, since you don't "kick" until they ETB
RandomTrivia: !yay
LRRbot: Yaaaaaaay...
BusTed: yay
LRRbot: Curse of Leeches [2B] (back: Leeching Lurker) | Enchantment — Aura Curse | Enchant player / As this permanent transforms into Curse of Leeches, attach it to a player. / At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, they lose 1 life and you gain 1 life. / Daybound
Gwyltt_by_association: Abzan seems reasonable
twitchysmile: Shockier Shock
TheWriterAleph: leeches suck
Anubis169: wafeloto: What's the card name?
SnowstarTheCat: play with fire best card pulled so far
LRRbot: Leeching Lurker (front: Curse of Leeches) | Creature — Leech Horror [4/4] | Lifelink / Nightbound
superrawmatthew: What a horrible night to have a curse...
Goatthulu: how is contortionist troupe not in rakdos colors?
skiddybones: Strictly better shock
Saphling: mmm, cursive leeches
accountmadeforants: "Emberguy", "Unsettle the Wreckage"
amative1: It's either curse... or leeches!
LRRMTG_Judge: Contortionship Troupe can also make you lose Coven if you aren't strategic and who gets the counter. pharma2Vial
SydPreviouslyHeadache: cursive leeches
thanzo: <3 Curse of Leeches <3
killerslay: <message deleted>I THINK YOU ARE IN BLAKC lul
HundreydAundre: That's not saying much however. The only work I barely recollect thru title under his name were "The Raven".
LarkSachrosis: Looking forward to the possible Curse EDH dech.
Big_McLarge_Huge: play with fire > shock
beowuuf: @Fanklok keywords are the rules substitute (so every instance has to be the same), ability words are the flavourful words that handle similar rules texts
Anubis169: easy on the allcaps chat :)
TehAmelie: i got a feeling the set is heavily into black
wulfram77: I feel like Leech Horror is a bit tautological
jeffjeffersontheman: When does it come to arena
TXC2: please don't all caps chat
DiscordianTokkan: ! vaselineorbarcode but Leeches or Curse
Gwyltt_by_association: Serge why
LRRbot: Crossroads Candleguide [4] | Artifact Creature — Scarecrow [3/4] | When Crossroads Candleguide enters the battlefield, exile up to one target card from a graveyard. / {2}: Add one mana of any color.
liogigan: the new duress art is so sick
Jacobian_Gaming: Wait Nevermind
AJpreller: Curses in EDH is gonna be hilarious
Slacker1977: Love Duress being back
Zaghrog: @Leonhart321 I'd be surprised if those lands were in bundles, as special lands would cause bundles to be sold out and not be available to the crowd they were intended for
liogigan: i love it
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philippekav: I love that Duress art
Easilycrazyhat: It's meh
Anubis169: jeffjeffersontheman: Deckbuilding for a little while, first game after this :)
LRRbot: Morkrut Behemoth [4B] | Creature — Zombie Giant [7/6] | As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature or pay {1}{B}. / Menace
jj_mickey: I like that Duress art a lot
PixelArtDragon: The green seems deece so far, I haven't been paying attention to the red
Jacobian_Gaming: Although bloodthirst would totally work in Crimson Vow
Goatthulu: love pumpkin man art
Nameless_Sword: expensive filterer though
rainbowmage42: I think Ghraham is going Black/Red with a splash of White
wafeloto: @Anubis169 ecstatic awakener i think its good in limit
RocknGrohlNerd: will there by boltier bolt also?
Goatthulu: and yeah the new duress art is gas
capt_canada924: Calling it, Graham is gonna jund em out
GredGredmansson: 7 mana 7/6 Menace, at base
Anubis169: manYES
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Anstu: Woot Two Years and on a PPR Awesome
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UntapUpkeepCaw: @jeffjeffersontheman September 16th
torpidninja: is everyone building at the same time or did they already complete their builds?
frank_the_great: At my eldrane prerelease I had three red rares and almost no other red cards
LRRbot: Waildrifter (front: Galedrifter) | Creature — Hippogriff Spirit [2/2] | Flying / If Waildrifter would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.
freshmaker__: cant wait to sac a decayed zombie to that big zombie
GredGredmansson: That's no gryff, at least not anymore
LRRbot: Infernal Grasp [1B] | Instant | Destroy target creature. You lose 2 life.
mowdownjoe: Emrakul?
Ogrekidd: morkrut behemoth looks like some sick album art
TheWhirlmind: Horrorgryff
SnowstarTheCat: a really good rare
Leonhart321: Eldrazi happened Graham
Garrub: It got emrakuled
Diabore: another backwards werewolf
Bloodgaze: If only this set had a bunch of tokens we didn't mind sacrificing...
RocknGrohlNerd: innistrad happened
holz1994: "What happened to it's face?" Emrakul
SnowstarTheCat: uncommon*
Gaytanic_Panic: Everything and nothign happened
beowuuf: @torpidninja usuaully everyone else has built and one person builds on stream, so i presume just graham hasn't
LRRbot: Curse of Silence [W] | Enchantment — Aura Curse | Enchant player / As Curse of Silence enters the battlefield, choose a card name. / Spells with the chosen name enchanted player casts cost {2} more to cast. / Whenever enchanted player casts a spell with the chosen name, you may sacrifice Curse of Silence. If you do, draw a card.
notthepenguins: very good removal this set
Chulump: Graham's going black!
Theycallmejokke: Flying spaghetti monster
nix_gd: where we are going, we don't need a face
decayinamall: playing black
PixelArtDragon: So now lorewise, how much is Emrakul still influencing the plane?
Gwyltt_by_association: Nice sideboard card
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that sure is a hippogriff. dang
TXC2: this set has 2 of the best removel spells ever :p
accountmadeforants: My love for Infernal Grasp is like a truck BERSERKER
Diabore: so its definitely night in victoria right now
Juliamon: Packs are nightbound
SnowstarTheCat: uncommon is light years better than rare, classic LUL
GredGredmansson: How does that interact with transform cards lrrJUDGE
SquirrelEarl: Ghostgriffs are unsettling
BrowneePoints: a mini standstill
eye_h_bar: Good with duress
ironbacklol: Curse of Silence is good for stalling their bomb
marchofpain: It is good sideboard tech to put them off of their bomb or removal
Bugberry: Taxes and cantrips.
jeffjeffersontheman: @Theycallmejokke Pastafarianisim?
Chaos_Shell: its playable in the sense you can cast it lol
Theycallmejokke: :D
LRRMTG_Judge: @GredGredmansson How does what interact? theman20Heart
LRRbot: Silver Bolt [1] | Artifact | {3}, {T}, Sacrifice Silver Bolt: It deals 3 damage to target creature. If a Werewolf is dealt damage this way, destroy it.
rainbowmage42: Curse of Silence i think is more for a Sideboard for a game 2 or3
Didero: For 'Curse Of Silence', you can't name a basic land, I assume?
Zaghrog: @PixelArtDragon I haven't read all the flavor text in this set, but I believe the answer is we don't know
CodenameJD: So Black is stronk, white had some very good cards to let's see some more good white
Pinwiz11: wb sacrifice, that never happens! :)
x0den: when curse of leeches transforms, dose the owner get the leech or does the enchanted person get it?
RandomTrivia: Silver Bolt seems incredibly strong in limited
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hatboozeparty: lrrSHINE
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GredGredmansson: @LRRMTG_Judge when you want to hit a Disturb card, which side are you naming?
Chaos_Shell: you can name a basic land but it does nothing because you don't cast lands
Alex_Frostfire: You can choose a land card name, but since lands aren't cast it won't do anything.
Fanklok: Thatcher Revolt Unruly mob was a fun thing to do backi n teh day
RandomTrivia: Given that only the werewolves are really big enough to survive 3 damage
olio22: ah yes, scaldron
Xavien_Nil: So with curse of silence you never name the nightbound side of a card, right?
maxthefourth: !card curse of leeches
LRRbot: Curse of Leeches [2B] (back: Leeching Lurker) | Enchantment — Aura Curse | Enchant player / As this permanent transforms into Curse of Leeches, attach it to a player. / At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, they lose 1 life and you gain 1 life. / Daybound
accountmadeforants: "Bolt your thing", "no, not that kinda bolt"
torpidninja: such good removal in this pool
GredGredmansson: Olivia's Post-Credits Cameo
olio22: sorry she's busy with Flesh and Blood
LRRbot: Eaten Alive [B] | Sorcery | As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature or pay {3}{B}. / Exile target creature or planeswalker.
Easilycrazyhat: Black's got aaalll the removal.
FelipeRMachado: black is looking strong
Garrub: @x0den control doesn’t change. You control the enchantment when it’s attached to the opponent, and you control the creature it transforms into
Xooszi: There was also Universal Solvent from AER, I believe
Cato_Phoenix: well, black removal tribal
boyesie: i missed the start, who are todays players?
AJpreller: Duress, Ptithing needle, Curse of silence, it's the land of new player misplays
RandomTrivia: WOAH
Slacker1977: @accountmadeforants but taht bolt also in the set
LRRbot: Clear Shot [2G] | Instant | Target creature you control gets +1/+1 until end of turn. It deals damage equal to its power to target creature you don't control.
TXC2: there's too much exile these days :p
Leonhart321: Mono removal
Caffine1138: field control here we go
Quillpaw: mono removal
LRRbot: Heirloom Mirror [1B] (back: Inherited Fiend) | Artifact | {1}, {T}, Pay 1 life, Discard a card: Draw a card, mill a card, then put a ritual counter on Heirloom Mirror. Then if it has 3 or more ritual counters on it, remove them and transform it. Activate only as a sorcery.
RocknGrohlNerd: I propose to have 42 cards innistrad special, easy...
jbarlam90: Spark Harvest with exile
Easilycrazyhat: Candyman
Saphling: oops all stuff goes away
ThankYouUro: F R O G
Cato_Phoenix: mirror is sweet
accountmadeforants: @accountmadeforants Oh yeah, some kinda conditional bolt, right?
Nuurgle: G on 12removal.dek
LRRMTG_Judge: @GredGredmansson The back face, generally. If you want to Pith the back face to stop an activated ability, you would name the back face. Same with Meddling Mage, as you cast it transformed.
x0den: @garrub thank you!
millswills: FROG?
LRRMTG_Judge: @GredGredmansson Disturb cards when cast for their Disturb cost are their backside theman20Heart
LRRbot: Inherited Fiend (front: Heirloom Mirror) | Creature — Demon [4/4] | Flying / {2}{B}: Exile target creature card from a graveyard. Put a +1/+1 counter on Inherited Fiend.
GredGredmansson: Say Bloody Mary 3 times
Ristow: Mirror seems very good in sealed
personification2: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beet-
Gwyltt_by_association: Abzan murder everything including your own stuff seems good
NrgSpoon: bloody mary?
rainbowmage42: so WBR or BRG for Ghraham's deck?
HundreydAundre: I like Duress art. Wish I didn't think it should be on a more functionally powerful cardboard. Caravan's eye palette doth slap
Slacker1977: @accountmadeforants 3 mana, or Bolt at night
beowuuf: @boyesie first players are graham, adam, ben ulmer, we presume kathleen, ben wheeler and cameron later in the day
hd_dabnado: FROG
capt_g1029: OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog
LRRbot: Croaking Counterpart [1GU] | Sorcery | Create a token that's a copy of target non-Frog creature, except it's a 1/1 green Frog. / Flashback {3}{G}{U}
Fanklok: That is so much effort for a 4/4
Goatthulu: the flavor on that mirror is incredible
steelsquire_: Which black removal is the best: Olivia's Midnight Raid, Defenestrate, or Eaten Alive?
Ferox777: bloody mary
notthepenguins: Aunt Euphemia... did you leave us that...?
RocknGrohlNerd: @personification2 nope, dont :D
Fruan: Candyman!
GredGredmansson: @LRRMTG_Judge but which side is being "cast" for Curse of Silence? I thought the back but the video indicates the front
RaklarLS: yaaay
Pinwiz11: awwwwwwww
electra310: Frog friend!
Diabore: i saw a foil
personification2: Best flavor text
Didero: I like 'a graveyard instead of 'your graveyard'
TheWriterAleph: croak
RandomTrivia: Frogge!
Jacobian_Gaming: They could even reprint something like Duskhunter bat.
Lithobraker: I love playing the 9x removal seacliff deck
LRRMTG_Judge: @GredGredmansson if you want to meddling mage a disturb half, name the backside. pharma2Vial
SnowstarTheCat: The rares has been so bad LUL
dsavillian: O__O
IntegralHamster: oof, these rares stink
ADTPG: best card in set
athir0: crokeyOMEGA counterpart
jeffjeffersontheman: <message deleted>OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog OSFrog
bv310: FrogChamp!
kevsta47: PLAY FROGGY
TheWhirlmind: Yeees
RandomTrivia: Best flavour text in the set
Mal2mad: Sultai Frogfriend deck
Ashandalar: Crokeyz making a guest appearance
PlzBeNiceToYaz: no double frogging
BoreanRebind: first ppr I've seen live since ikoria
RevolverRossalot: Croakling Croakapart!
BrowneePoints: Copies bombs
Easilycrazyhat: "Frog is the sincerest form of flattery"
ADTPG: "Frog is the sincerest form of flattery"
accountmadeforants: Slacker1977 Right, I think I already saw it nicknamed Nightling Bolt. I love it.
LRRMTG_Judge: @GredGredmansson "• When you cast a spell using a card’s disturb ability, the card is put onto the stack with its back face up. The resulting spell has all the characteristics of that face." theman20Heart
jbarlam90: Read the flavor text
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I love that card so much
rainbowmage42: I love Croaking counterprt's art. Its so derpy and ooky cute
CyberFive: *sad Yargle noises*
yatagarasu1177: What is the cmc of a disturbed card? The front side?
electra310: That flavor text is amazing :D
TXC2: please keep emotes to 7 or less
SolarBlitz1: Frograkruel let's goooooo
kevsta47: Mono Frog
thanzo: I can't have 2 frog samurais?! :(
minerpup: fun thing about croaking counterpart. IT CAN'T HIT YARGLE!!!
garunkl: Hello everyone!
LSUgamer13: lrrGRAHAM
RocknGrohlNerd: or mono bombs?
trilemma85: Are those basic lands etched, or do they just look that way on camera?
GredGredmansson: @LRRMTG_Judge thanks, that makes sense!
OrangeOwl327: unfortunately cant copy Yargle
TheInnsanity: you guys got fixing?
Slacker1977: @accountmadeforants i think it's common, which i find bonkers for Limited
notthepenguins: you have the filter scarecrow
beowuuf: @BoreanRebind wow, so you went from first remote ppr to the first in person ppr!
wulfram77: The scarecrow is fixing
ZhoPardus: Any non-frog, except Frog The Jam
Quillpaw: the scarecrow is fixing!
superdude097: Evolving Wilds is in the set
LRRbot: Storm Skreelix [3UR] | Creature — Drake Horror [2/4] | Flying / Instant and sorcery spells you cast cost {1} less to cast. / Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, Storm Skreelix gets +2/+0 until end of turn.
Dmc3628: look like Ridley
GredGredmansson: a drake horror, apparently
RandomTrivia: *dubstep intensifies*
TheWriterAleph: dubstep horror
JohnAnyteller: Commando?!
TehAmelie: Legally Not Skrillex
TheWhirlmind: Dubstep incoming
thanzo: everyone loves Skreelix
torpidninja: CALL 911
benjamin_wheeler: Skrillex playing Wisconsin
Easilycrazyhat: It's...that thing...obviously...>.>
TXC2: a dubstep DJ?
MyrddintheWizard: dupstep
Pinwiz11: skreelix sounds like one Serge's bots
Bugberry: We Dragonauts + Electromancer
wafeloto: if gisa or jerren show off GO MONO BLACK MY DUDE XDD
Goatthulu: it's a drake that listens to terrible dubstep
TotallyNotaBeholder: Skrillex's less successful sibling
kevsta47: think of all the "wait for the drop" jokes!
BrowneePoints: Not So Wee Drakeonaut
GredGredmansson: Skree Drakeonauts?
personification2: Regular Sized Dragonauts
LRRbot: Sungold Sentinel [1W] | Creature — Human Soldier [3/2] | Whenever Sungold Sentinel enters the battlefield or attacks, exile up to one target card from a graveyard. / Coven — {1}{W}: Choose a color. Sungold Sentinel gains hexproof from that color until end of turn and can't be blocked by creatures of that color this turn. Activate only if you control three or more creatures with different powers.
Alex_Frostfire: It's a Wee Dragonauts stapled to a Goblin Electromancer and I like it.
beowuuf: so everyone has to be silent just before you place the skreelix on the board, right?
Jacobian_Gaming: I just nuked a tortilla filled with shredded cheese and I am ready to vibe with y’all.
patrick_stonecrusher: he makes the songs with the wubwubs
mugenkokoro: Wubwubwub
Gwyltt_by_association: Wee Electronauts
LidofLoathing: Swole dragonauts
jbarlam90: Dragonaut electromancer!
marchofpain: There's a jack-o-lantern, evolving wilds, and a helmet that all do some good fixing, then some lesser fixing like that scarecrow
Diabore: 2 mana 3/2
jeffjeffersontheman: 1. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in “advanced” countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worse
LSUgamer13: 73 thats alot
Mangledpixel: Screaming Neelix. Screelix.
beowuuf: @Jacobian_Gaming sergeHi
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patbaer: Twenty Months! That's almost 2 years. Also this is a terrible day to renew my sub
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SnowstarTheCat: Definitely look like Orzhov
KendalMac417: wee electronaut
yatagarasu1177: @lrrmtg_judge is the cmc of a distirbed card the front face or 0?
TXC2: so protection almost
NrgSpoon: fair Protection
Easilycrazyhat: Mostly-protection
GredGredmansson: Almost Protection but not
LMAOkai_: now that's a strong rare!
hd_dabnado: WB looking spicy
Ryavis: real strong
rasterscan: Why isn't that protection?
Alex_Frostfire: Lesser Protection from <Color>.
accountmadeforants: Slacker1977 Ravnica's Skewer was also common, but that was Sorcery. So hard to say how things will turn out.
Garrub: WB lookin good
xblue007: It allows you to enchant it
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Nameless_Sword: almost-protection.... almost
snugglebutters: @jeffjeffersontheman 🤔
CodenameJD: Yeah, this pool is begging to be WB. Let's see Liesa to seal it!
zuchen_120: Oh is this a new lrrmtg table playmat?
LRRbot: Crawl from the Cellar [B] | Sorcery | Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand. Put a +1/+1 counter on up to one target Zombie you control. / Flashback {3}{B}
GredGredmansson: @rasterscan probably so you can still target it with your own stuff
LoremasterMonty: Come on, black rare!
Cato_Phoenix: 2 mana 3/2 with everything
Jacobian_Gaming: Hello Beowulf
Fruan: @rasterscan So it can't block forever, mostly.
BrowneePoints: I hope he pulls a Fleshtaker
rasterscan: @GredGredmansson Oh, righto.
NrgSpoon: so you can't just have an invincible blocker
Chaos_Shell: its not protection because they dont want you to use it to permanently block something
Bugberry: @rastercan Protection does a lot more. Also, you can't target your own creatures with protection from that quality.
betazed15: In person PPR!! Wahoo!
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LRRbot: Hedgewitch's Mask [W] | Artifact — Equipment | Equipped creature gets +1/+1. / Equipped creature can't be blocked by creatures with power 4 or greater. / Equip {2}
Natedogg2: It's protection-adjact, since they didn't want it to be protection.
viligante8: It really feels like Graham is milking the pack opening ASMR like Crack a Pack
AJpreller: Crawl from the Cellar seems very good
nix_gd: @zuchen_120 And new table!
G_476: I guess the infinite blocks and removing auras are the most problematic parts of protection?
rasterscan: Got it, I forgot that it doesn't get the block benefit.
Didero: That person looks so happy with the mask
UnbeatableAshWilliams: evil dead ref card numero 2 pog
TehAmelie: ooh, it's better protection because it doesn't block everything and ruin mono color decks
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LSUgamer13: 73 months damn son
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LRRMTG_Judge: @yatagarasu1177 Backsides of DFC cards have the CMC of their front side theman20Heart
Garrub: Equipment is indeed huge for coven
beowuuf: @viligante8 hard to break the habit i guess :p
Dmc3628: Guilds
tehfewl: guilds
RandomTrivia: Kaladesh
benjamin_wheeler: grn
zuchen_120: Oh nice, I see that now @nix_gd , around the outside.
Alex_Frostfire: Oh, it's sorta Skulk!
RandomTrivia: Oh right
LRRbot: Devious Cover-Up [2UU] | Instant | Counter target spell. If that spell is countered this way, exile it instead of putting it into its owner's graveyard. You may shuffle up to four target cards from your graveyard into your library.
Dmc3628: when it was Dimir spymakers
RandomTrivia: It's the Dimir card
Easilycrazyhat: Pay no attention to the man in the scarecrow
Joalni: @viligante8 I am here for pack ASMR
Diabore: guilds from dimir
jeffjeffersontheman: Guilds
personification2: There is no 4th angel in Bah-Sing-Se
grgriffin3: That scarecrow is gonna start smelling really fast.
electra310: Eww
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beowuuf: wibberwubber
LRRbot: Vampire Interloper [1B] | Creature — Vampire Scout [2/1] | Flying / Vampire Interloper can't block.
Anubis169: wheeeeeeeee
TXC2: also a thing that used to happen :p
RandomTrivia: Interloper!
Cato_Phoenix: its also like the newly minted widow webber
AJpreller: Vampire beep beep
Juliamon: Incidentally, today's Oglaf has a scarecrow like that
superrawmatthew: ooo spicy alt art?
Garrub: Love me some vampire interloper. So nostalgic
LRRbot: Dawnhart Rejuvenator [3G] | Creature — Human Warlock [2/4] | When Dawnhart Rejuvenator enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life. / {T}: Add one mana of any color.
rainbowmage42: i was never a fan of flyers that cant block
Easilycrazyhat: so pretty!
ElektroTal: oh my god i JUST got that scarecrow reference
personification2: hey look, fixing
Joalni: @Juliamon Nice to know someone else got that reference :D
ElektroTal: grossss
thanzo: I'm spooked!
beowuuf: @Juliamon thanks for reminding me it's sunday and i needed to check! :)
Platipus11: who asked for fixing?
asthanius: It's a centaur from Ravnica
Dmc3628: like the other Rejuvenator from War
jeffjeffersontheman: Amonhet
benjamin_wheeler: Centaur Nurturer
Cato_Phoenix: War of the Spark
Bugberry: Centaur Rejuvinator WAR
benjamin_wheeler: WAR
dabudder: Its from war
personification2: It is exactly centaur nurtuer from WAR
wulfram77: WAR Centaur
kirbytronic: War of the Spark, Centaur Nurturer
torpidninja: wait, why did that card earn the showcase art?
Jacobian_Gaming: Ha ha vampires go BRRR
Smiffy666UK: centaur nurturer
meachamo: Centaur in WAR
TXC2: 4 mana mana dorks are never good: change my mind
llahsram555: it was in WAR
Cato_Phoenix: Centaur nurturer
minerpup: croaking counterpart can't hit yargle. making it the best removal
kruphix_god_of_value: centsir nurturer
jeffjeffersontheman: Centaur nurner
philippekav: war of the spark
TheInnsanity: [[centaur nurturer]]
notthepenguins: not sure im big on a four mana dork, though at least it has a butt
dino6029: Spark
malc: War of the Spork..?
dino6029: Centaur
Desruprot: !card Centaur Nurturer
LRRbot: Centaur Nurturer [3G] | Creature — Centaur Druid [2/4] | When Centaur Nurturer enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life. / {T}: Add one mana of any color.
frozenphoenix7: @txc2 Gonna agree with you that they're generally not great
Traion: Always believe in Wheeler and his ludicrous card knowledge
beowuuf: ok, but seriously, why is oglaf not just revealing the widow card with this cartoon
LRRbot: Tavern Ruffian [3R] (back: Tavern Smasher) | Creature — Human Warrior Werewolf [2/5] | Daybound
Nuurgle: spork of the wark
LRRbot: Tavern Smasher (front: Tavern Ruffian) | Creature — Werewolf [6/5] | Nightbound
notthepenguins: thats very cool!
tinaun: love this artist
Desruprot: functional reprint save for creature type
SnowstarTheCat: Pack filler werewolf
Anubis169: !card candlegrove witch
LRRbot: Candlegrove Witch [1W] | Creature — Human Warlock [2/2] | Coven — At the beginning of combat on your turn, if you control three or more creatures with different powers, Candlegrove Witch gains flying until end of turn.
RocknGrohlNerd: this is art,
Easilycrazyhat: it's super good
hexy_lexy: ooh dat art!
rainbowmage42: OHh i didnt know comic book art cme back in this set
philippekav: arm breaker crazy lady !
tinaun: super comic-booky
Chaos_Shell: that reminds me of darkest dungeon art style
Leonhart321: I never noticed that
Easilycrazyhat: Sunflower ^.^
oatway: Frame also gets a bunch darker
Cato_Phoenix: Really stoked for the double feature draft set with the spooky arts.
lochnessseammonster: PridePog lrrSHINE
Psychic_Ketchup: Holy heck that's gorgeous
LRRbot: Mysterious Tome [2U] (back: Chilling Chronicle) | Artifact | {2}, {T}: Draw a card. Transform Mysterious Tome.
Anubis169: a 6/5 though
Joalni: That is truly neat!
freshmaker__: that frame rules
Chzbotodoom: This is the first PPR that I’ve been able to catch live (at least until I have to go DM D&D) and I’m glad it’s one they’re responsibly back in person. Makes me so happy!
Ingavar_Khaos: PAPER MAGIC!
marchofpain: @rainbowmage42 It's not exactly comic book art, but it is very similar
Cato_Phoenix: only wish it was around for halloween here
Easilycrazyhat: Spooky book
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Alexis_Aehale: Happy Magic
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Anubis169: wat
notthepenguins: THE OVERSLIME
LRRbot: Slogurk, the Overslime [1GU] | Legendary Creature — Ooze [3/3] | Trample / Whenever a land card is put into your graveyard from anywhere, put a +1/+1 counter on Slogurk, the Overslime. / Remove three +1/+1 counters from Slogurk: Return it to its owner's hand. / When Slogurk leaves the battlefield, return up to three target land cards from your graveyard to your hand.
eshplode: Slogurk!
DiscordianTokkan: Oooooh
JessKay: slogurk
BrowneePoints: Yoooo! Slogurk!
RandomTrivia: Overslime!
Forgotten_Lizard: OOOOOooo
GredGredmansson: another Simic Rare
Easilycrazyhat: Nice!
notthepenguins: i love that thing
asthanius: Tome transforms
thanzo: ooooooo
Anubis169: wooooooow
wafeloto: OHHHH
Forgotten_Lizard: Very pretty
kevsta47: Der Overslime!!!!
RandomTrivia: Maximum OVERSLIME
laikagoat: yes, oooze
grgriffin3: This pack had all the things in it
Desruprot: the book
garunkl: JooooooO!!!! love that card!
Alex_Frostfire: "Eternal Night" I think they were calling that.
Orgmastron: Overslime!
Easilycrazyhat: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
BrowneePoints: That art is SICK
ZackTheCatKing: It is showing up
liogigan: very cool
superrawmatthew: oh thats neat!
ironbacklol: it is kinda
DangerDiabolik: Slime time
Chaos_Shell: it is
M0D3Uz: Ooze lord
ZackTheCatKing: looks great!
hollow_bingus: it is
thanzo: kinda
Leonhart321: I can see it
laikagoat: lil bit
Garrub: Gurk gurk
josh___something: slowgurk is a fun thing to say LUL
Anubis169: oooOOOooo
LidofLoathing: slimelord
LoremasterMonty: Unfortunately wrong colors
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Slogurk seems cool
Joalni: Faintly
EmberNeo: God I love the showcase frames
superrawmatthew: love the black and white lovecraft-esque art, so cool
LoremasterMonty: Maybe splash green for it?
greg1756: oooooh my goooood giddy aunt that's beautiful
cooperz31: Gogurt the Overslime
StrawberryPepper: O.o oh damn! I'm not big on etched cards, but the etched boarder is super neat XD
Jacobian_Gaming: I’m glad they brought cursed back, I’m also glad that I don’t have to change any Bogander curse names, lol.
ShadowTalon910: Im in love with the alt art
Lithobraker: Just splash blue green
Easilycrazyhat: Gavin put up a good vid showing of that style of card
AJpreller: That is gonna be a great commander for memes
Desruprot: Slogurk the good simic ramp (what a suprise)
t_peazy: just got here. PPR HYPE!
kevsta47: C'mon, go 4 color non-Red to play Froggy and Overslime
PixelArtDragon: It's Gitrog's cousin!
Alex_Frostfire: It's Life from the Loam in the command zone!
DiscordianTokkan: OOOH. Fetches so GOOD with that
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notthepenguins: my only criticism of slogurk is i want it to be sultai
RocknGrohlNerd: aaaah premier lands pilot Serge
Tycho_Nova: Slime from the Loam!
TheTruePhantomAngel: Huh, is the etching foiling THE FOIL of those cards, or do they all get that?
TXC2: 5 colour good stuff time Kappa
freshmaker__: Can't wait to flicker this.
Pharmacistjudge: Life from the Loam with extra steps
gnome_friend: !findquote lands
LRRbot: Quote #6723: "Sheep are like the boats of the land." —Paul [2020-01-22]
hyrulesavior: what a terrible stream for a curse
Easilycrazyhat: #blameserge
eshplode: I was testing a commander deck with Slogurk last night. It was super fun to play
M0ff3l: sultai field of the dead loam
beowuuf: north100 set review: serge giggling for 5 minutes
thanzo: potentially interesting blue green deck
alittlegecko: confirmation that Serge is a Warlock
rainbowmage42: That is probably the most evenly spread opening i have ever seen
Geekscience: goes great with Gitrog
Dr_fragenstien: powerful nothing
garunkl: NO cursing on this stream, Serge!
Bugberry: Sultai Slime sounds fun
aquele_ruivo_do_naruto42: hey Serge, does that card goes in lands?
Ard_Rhys: sultai maybe
M0ff3l: field of ruin*
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Joalni: I believe Serge has what is known as "dibs".
Jacobian_Gaming: I’m going to say “Bogander moment” every time someone plays a curse.
Anubis169: thank you Murf!
electra310: Yay, Murf!
AJpreller: Sac Lands baby
Desruprot: limesHmm
Xavien_Nil: Well its a set with curses again, Serge, so be careful what you say.
beowuuf: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE and sergeJustRight for the 13
Pyroxx___: I like sultai in this pool
IbunWest: Oh right this is happening
LRRbot: Arrogant Outlaw [2B] | Creature — Vampire Noble [3/2] | When Arrogant Outlaw enters the battlefield, if an opponent lost life this turn, each opponent loses 2 life and you gain 2 life.
superrawmatthew: Pog Murf
TXC2: Murf13 lrrHEART
theblakdeth: 13 gift subs, what flovor
missa_hancock: 13 subs @m0ff3l your signature?
jbarlam90: Read the croaking counterpart flavor text when you get the chance.
Quentoxic: @Murf13 Thank you so much!
RocknGrohlNerd: @Murf13 lrrHEART so kind
nix_gd: Wooo Murf!
Anubis169: !card croaking counterpart
LRRbot: Croaking Counterpart [1GU] | Sorcery | Create a token that's a copy of target non-Frog creature, except it's a 1/1 green Frog. / Flashback {3}{G}{U}
RabidSkatBadger: bloodthirst. Graham, bloodthirst
TehAmelie: so much dark color in the art today, the card reader has to work overtime
t_peazy: is this live or prerecorded?
LRRbot: Ecstatic Awakener [B] (back: Awoken Demon) | Creature — Human Wizard [1/1] | {2}{B}, Sacrifice another creature: Draw a card, then transform Ecstatic Awakener. Activate only once each turn.
BlightningHelix: Oh snap! I didn't even realize there was a PPR today!
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: live @t_peazy
LRRbot: Awoken Demon (front: Ecstatic Awakener) | Creature — Demon [4/4]
laikagoat: @t_peazy live
Anubis169: t_peazy: dis be live!
TXC2: t_peazy live
DiscordianTokkan: Croaking Counterpart also has the best flavour text
Abavus: A lot of 4/4 in this set
Tycho_Nova: !card curse of leeches
LRRbot: Curse of Leeches [2B] (back: Leeching Lurker) | Enchantment — Aura Curse | Enchant player / As this permanent transforms into Curse of Leeches, attach it to a player. / At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, they lose 1 life and you gain 1 life. / Daybound
Dmc3628: feed your decays
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL How do we know its name is Slogurk? Can a slime tell people its name? Does a slime even have a concept of the individual?
marchofpain: It is pretty good with the Decayed tokens, lots of them in blue/black
theamc2000: you have some disturb creatures
AJpreller: @LoadingReadyRun it's the sound it makes
beowuuf: check blue too?
GredGredmansson: @LoadingReadyRun people call it that because that's the sound it makes
notthepenguins: @LoadingReadyRun Maybe thats the last thing its discoverer said?
wulfram77: Zobbling Hombie
wafeloto: splash to white or blue
jbarlam90: You have no way out and hobblign zombie
wafeloto: maybe
ExachixKitsune: LRR: Slogurk is an honorific given to any slime that gets that big
ElektroTal: his name is actually Slowseph Gherkin, but in college they just nicknamed him Slogurk
theblakdeth: i love duress in limited
ZackTheCatKing: I like black and blue
LRRbot: Mysterious Tome [2U] (back: Chilling Chronicle) | Artifact | {2}, {T}: Draw a card. Transform Mysterious Tome.
youngfrey: In D&D, a number of slime like entities can be psionic. So sentience isn't unusual among them
LoadingReadyRun: So Slogurk is basically a pokemon
Anubis169: lrrPAUL We yelled "What the hell is that!?" at it, and it answered with a Slogurk... or a squelch, but it answered.
jiantwitch: I think the zombie makes two decayed tokens?
LRRbot: Chilling Chronicle (front: Mysterious Tome) | Artifact | {1}, {T}: Tap target nonland permanent. Transform Chilling Chronicle.
AJpreller: @ElektroTal I will be refering to him as Slowseph forever forward
TehAmelie: Slowgurt the Inedible
Bugberry: The flavor text of the book tells the full story.
marchofpain: A very slow card, but it is decent card draw
GredGredmansson: they definitely exist, maybe you didn't open any
DumnorixOfGallia: Go-gurt
Dix: What up chat
Alex_Frostfire: Chilling Chronicle is almost Icy Manipulator...
LRRbot: Falcon Abomination [2U] | Creature — Zombie Bird [2/2] | Flying / When Falcon Abomination enters the battlefield, create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token with decayed.
theblakdeth: Pricy Manipulator
Anubis169: xxxCOM Dix
notthepenguins: UH
TheWriterAleph: " C A W . "
Pinwiz11: aaaaaaaaaaa
torpidninja: keep an eye on disturb for sac sources
beowuuf: lots of the decay stuff is an afterthought on other cards not the main text :p
gnome_friend: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
Desruprot: 3 mana 4 power
Anubis169: We deckbuildin'
keyforgealchemist: corpse cobble
t_peazy: an icy manipulator that draws a card!? sign me up!
RandomTrivia: I mean, it comes with 2 damage
TehAmelie: basically The Crow
GredGredmansson: a 2/2 that can't block and can only attack once
Ferox777: decayed is much wose than a 1/1
Pharmacistjudge: Hey Dix!
Dix: Awww man... my sub renewal is tomorrow BibleThump
dsavillian: zombie wind guide
LRRbot: Galedrifter [3U] (back: Waildrifter) | Creature — Hippogriff [3/2] | Flying / Disturb {4}{U}
PixelArtDragon: There were also a bunch of stiched cards that had the additional cost of exiling creatures from the graveyard
Cato_Phoenix: the tokens are not as good as they seem
okuyasu_stan: I LOVE looking at falcon abomination
Lufty13: Its worth noting that its not quite a 2/2 but its definitely strong
Alex_Frostfire: A 2/2 that can't block and dies when it attacks.
marchofpain: You should remember, those tokens are one time use
LRRbot: Flip the Switch [2U] | Instant | Counter target spell unless its controller pays {4}. Create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token with decayed.
Fruan: The rate on those Decayed tokens is super generous.
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: RIP @Dix D:
steelsquire_: decayed tokens aren'
Bloodgaze: "The foulest of fowls." Flavor text team is on point.
GredGredmansson: its basically a non-creature token that happens to be a creature
LRRbot: Cathar Commando [1W] | Creature — Human Soldier [3/1] | Flash / {1}, Sacrifice Cathar Commando: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
beowuuf: @Dix ask nicely if the crew can read out the subs on the old way and it might streeeetch enough :p
Goatthulu: too bad those zombie tokens die end of combat instead of end of turn
theblakdeth: is LRR doing a nicknames episode for this set? if so, where do we send suggestions?
GredGredmansson: is how I view them
PixelArtDragon: Pay 4 in limited tends to work just fine in my experience
steelsquire_: that one's good.
Cato_Phoenix: this commando is good. Impeccable timing as a creature
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brainbosh: Decayed tokens are a sack source, or a big swing
JohnAnyteller: Commando is really good
LRRbot: Celestus Sanctifier [2W] | Creature — Human Cleric [3/2] | If it's neither day nor night, it becomes day as Celestus Sanctifier enters the battlefield. / Whenever day becomes night or night becomes day, look at the top two cards of your library. Put one of them into your graveyard.
itsr67: that's just a disenchant with a solid body
Diabore: i definitely missed flash on that card
jbarlam90: It kills attackers and has a disenchant mode
accountmadeforants: "Flip the Switch" doesn't tap artifacts to disable them? Dang, guess it wasn't a Kill Switch
Chulump: you can even cut a tincan with it
PixelArtDragon: Wait, 3/1 for 2 with flash?!
ZackTheCatKing: Serge is selling on QVC
theamc2000: Do you want to Esper?
BrowneePoints: U/B has a "tap x creatures" subtheme as well
Theycallmejokke: I love that we're still trying make Blade a thing
accountmadeforants: !card Kill Switch
LRRbot: Kill Switch [3] | Artifact | {2}, {T}: Tap all other artifacts. They don't untap during their controllers' untap steps for as long as Kill Switch remains tapped.
Slacker1977: i feel 3/2 is a terrible statline this set
UnbeatableAshWilliams: you can chump block with her and then sac to destroy something in the right scenario
freshmaker__: I'll never not hear Break on Through, by The Doors when I where when day becomes night, etc.
PixelArtDragon: I really like the "cares about the change" mechanic, I hope there's enough support
Pinwiz11: And you get to filter your deck before you draw when the time changes
beowuuf: all these cards edging, kinky
Chaos_Shell: That sounds very cool though
Bugberry: Rapping, Tapping on my Chamber Door.
GredGredmansson: @PixelArtDragon Its mainly in Boros, with a small amount in Blue
marchofpain: Bunch of english majors over at WOTC
TXC2: beowuuf please, this is a family chat Kappa
LRRbot: Ritual of Hope [1W] | Instant | Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn. / Coven — If you control three or more creatures with different powers, creatures you control get +2/+1 until end of turn instead.
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a Twitch channel, not the woods.
Bugberry: Twas a Dark and Stormy Night or Day.
ZackTheCatKing: lrrSHINE to the cardreader
Cato_Phoenix: think this deck is BW for sure
RandomTrivia: Wow that is gonna kill people
PixelArtDragon: It too is seeing these for the very first time!
beowuuf: @TXC2 apologies :p
Dix: Shake that rust off cardreader
Anubis169: Bugberry: Quoth the caster "hit my wall"
BrowneePoints: When day becomes night and night becomes day, in fair Verona is where we start our Play @LoadingReadyRun
LRRbot: Sunset Revelry [1W] | Sorcery | If an opponent has more life than you, you gain 4 life. / If an opponent controls more creatures than you, create two 1/1 white Human creature tokens. / If an opponent has more cards in hand than you, draw a card.
verzegcaio: when you cast the curse of leaches l, what happen if it became night?
TehAmelie: how long do you think it will take before we shorten "day becomes night" to "dusk" and "night becomes day" to "dawn"?
GredGredmansson: Timely Reinforcements with card draw
marchofpain: 2/3s of a Timely Reinforcements
PlatonicMistress: I love that card!
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL @theblakdeth We will, yes. We will be opening the nicknames submission site when the set actually comes out
aggrocrow: why didn't they just say "at dawn or dusk"?
TXC2: it's balance Kappa
Traion: +2 power in a go wide strategy will kill people so dead
RegulusPratus: Love Song of Night and Day
gibbousm: I am very excited to pick up Sunset Revelry for Canlander
control_rig: Wow that's a FUN Commander card
iSmartMan1: @slacker1977 I agree that 3 toughness is a lot better in this set than 2, but for an offensive deck, I feel like 3/2 is still okay
SerPoggifers: lrrDILLY
GredGredmansson: @verzegcaio what the card says, it becomes a creature
Slacker1977: @marchofpain not even. there's extra card draw
PixelArtDragon: Wait, this seems much better than Timely Reinforcements
gibbousm: I could use an extra Timely Reinforcements
theamc2000: you have the soul grampa!?
Bugberry: Who needs synergy when you got value and kill spells?
BrowneePoints: It's sleek, and efficient
TheInnsanity: stupid not sexy orzhov
mowdownjoe: @marchofpain With potential cantrip in some matchups.
LidofLoathing: orzhov gets things done
JohnAnyteller: BW very very good.
CodenameJD: 12x removals
Malconvoker: Take the day/night switcher, it's constant card advantage
munocard: It's no Flanders...
gnome_friend: Graham "Died to Removal"
okuyasu_stan: what color pair IS sexy
meachamo: In a move that no one could have anticipated, Graham leans into Orzhov
capt_g1029: Dimir might kill the body, but Orzhov will eradicate the soul
48 raiders from AliasV have joined!
DiscordianTokkan: @okuyasu_stan Green Red
Slacker1977: @iSmartMan1 i bet you don't wanna run many bad 3s instead of Grizzly Bears
GredGredmansson: @okuyasu_stan Red at least
Nukified: aliasRaid aliasRaid aliasRaid
Pharmacistjudge: Galvanic iteration has my run for "look at the bottom 4 cards of your library"
gnome_friend: sergeWelcome raiders
patrick_stonecrusher: TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid
Lithobraker: So shiny
Theycallmejokke: Welcome raiders
Pharmacistjudge: welcome raiders
AliasV: aliasRaid aliasRaid aliasRaid aliasRaid
beowuuf: hey raiders! sergeHi
SydPreviouslyHeadache: blue/green might be sexy?
3PlayerPolitics: ohai raiders!
KendalMac417: hi raiders!
ExachixKitsune: yooo raiders
okuyasu_stan: ok good I was thinking Gruul
kevsta47: Two Words: Transformative Sideboard.
Anubis169: Welcome raiders <3
Easilycrazyhat: Captain seems fantastic, imo
TehAmelie: g'day
AliasV: I come bearing cats!
RocknGrohlNerd: hi raiders
CanPlayGames: I think that whatever Graham picks, he should add some mana. lrrSPOOPY
LoadingReadyRun: Welcome raiders!
TXC2: hello raiders
jj_mickey: Perhaps you want to check the distribution of powers among your creatures, for Coven?
JohnAnyteller: Hi Raiders
beowuuf: all youi've missed is the judge video and graham building his deck
OrangeOwl327: you should make an orzhov deck, and then have a simic deck ready in your sideboard just to mess with ppl
theamc2000: soul grampa
wafeloto: that look decent
personification2: *16 lands*
kirbytronic: A-G-G-R-o
Lithobraker: AliasV I wanna pet them
BrowneePoints: I would also take the day/night switcher cuz card advantage
PlzBeNiceToYaz: aggrzhov
3PlayerPolitics: 🐈 catte
RocknGrohlNerd: also , pseudo raid is in the set
Anubis169: AliasV manWOW CATS!
GredGredmansson: we didn't open any fixing right?
AliasV: aliasHype aliasHype aliasHype
theblakdeth: dayPurr dayDespy dayHowdy
ZackTheCatKing: @GredGredmansson no fixing no
Easilycrazyhat: Oh snap, I'm gonna have to count out my lists manually again...o.o
RayFK: But Graham, what color most speaks "Gundam" to you? That's what you have to choose.
Commodore_Perry_GG: amazonHello amazonHello amazonHello amazonPoorlyDrawnDino amazonNo amazonIce
Xiff_: Just make two entire decks and sideboard to throw off OP lrrBEEJ
kirbytronic: Everything that costs more than 3 and two lands
Cato_Phoenix: 16 lands
meachamo: we opened that one scarecrow
KendalMac417: cut everything over 3cmc?
Chulump: cut a two-drop?
t_peazy: cut the revelry to the sideboard
LRRbot: Stuffed Bear [2] | Artifact | {2}: Stuffed Bear becomes a 4/4 green Bear artifact creature until end of turn.
Bugberry: Is the mask really doing enough in this deck?
turtleman7420: 3 color decks are sexy because they are xxx
yatagarasu1177: Cut five lands
GredGredmansson: with another bear
Leonhart321: But your brand Graham
jeffjeffersontheman: I love the way he said actual gameplay
TehAmelie: a bearducken
Joalni: The one downside to returning to the Moonbase: No more cat cameos on home cams.
BrowneePoints: a Turbearen
control_rig: Beardiucken
DiscordianTokkan: Stuffed Bear with value?
accountmadeforants: The accountmadeforants editorial department would like to issue a correction and apology for suggesting Kill Switch turned artifacts off. We have since discovered it was printed after 6th edition.
Twilight_Spark: It's bears all the way down.
MagicSausage: 2 bears
3PlayerPolitics: yo bear
gnome_friend: !findquote bear
LRRbot: Quote #3260: "Poop, you just pick up with your bear hands." —Alex [2016-08-17]
personification2: Double bear, double punched!
CyberFive: Two bears in a bear suit.
oatway: bebearar
Desruprot: lol
ZackTheCatKing: Bear Force One artifact?
okuyasu_stan: bear in bear costume
PixelArtDragon: A Russian Nesting Bear
electra310: Run the bear!
kevsta47: transformative sideboard!
Slacker1977: i feel Bear is quite good
fossilsandvideogames: maybe cut the equipment?
Tycho_Nova: save it for Bear Force One!
Pharmacistjudge: Jordan is looking to infect all of LRR with the Gunpla virus
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iSmartMan1: Russian Nesting Bear
Anubis169: 3 bears in a trenchcoat
Easilycrazyhat: Inside of you is 2 bears. One bear is insid ethe other. You are a bear.
marchofpain: Stuffed a Bear with 2 bears stacked on top of each other
BrowneePoints: a Bearbearen
LRRbot: Sungold Barrage [2W] | Instant | Destroy target creature with toughness 4 or greater.
jbarlam90: Bearducken
Tikosh_: it's a bear, G HAS to play it
TXC2: turducken, but it's bearbear
BrowneePoints: a BearBaron
shurtal: Steven "Two Bears" Jackson
personification2: !findquote double bear
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
theblakdeth: thats quite good. i played the mimic in AFR limited
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk2 katesLurk2 katesLurk2
SeismicLawns: Inside you there are two bears: you are stuffed bear
Xavien_Nil: Put some calve in your bear.
Dmc3628: Collar Culprit
beowuuf: transofrming sideboard is in flavour for innistrad :p
Malconvoker: Sancitifier is amazing, it gives you cards and fills graveyard
TehAmelie: or, technically a bebearar
benjamin_wheeler: citywide bust
UnbeatableAshWilliams: ikoria had one, and giant killer in eldraine
TXC2: hello ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat welcome
kendostrike: Play the bearrrrrrr
RocknGrohlNerd: 4/4 bear for 2, powercreep is real :D :D
Loonatic93: Collor th eculpret
tehfewl: city wide bust
Theycallmejokke: Bear-ception
Chzbotodoom: Bear nesting doll! Woo!
PixelArtDragon: OOH! A Russian Nesti Doll!
BrowneePoints: @TXC2 2/3rds of a We Bare Bears
dabudder: citywide bust
Jacobian_Gaming: Just don’t cut anything, get an advantage against the mill players!
volraths_bane: I think that was toughness
KendalMac417: !findquote bear
beowuuf: @TehAmelie lrrHORN
Cato_Phoenix: with this much removal, I'd sideboard the barrage.
HundreydAundre: Geralf be perverting creation creatively even Emrakul would cringe with contempt, right?
Lobster667: City Wide Bust
raisins77: cut stuff that's not a creature or removal, add lands
GredGredmansson: Citywide Bust was a wrath, right?
Chulump: "toughness 4 or greater" feels worse than "power 4 or greater"
RaklarLS: There's the ooold one from Urza's Saga, with cycling
ZackTheCatKing: Graham, run the bear, do it for the flavour
Dmc3628: Cirywide was the wrath
Alex_Frostfire: Citywide Bust was Collar All the Culprits.
SmashTCG: stuffed a bear with a slightly smaller bear
kendostrike: He is the bear legend. He has to play it
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LRRbot: Lunarch Veteran [W] (back: Luminous Phantom) | Creature — Human Cleric [1/1] | Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 1 life. / Disturb {1}{W}
Xooszi: Who needs removal when you can just have player removal
dabudder: Helmet is kind of bad
LRRbot: Luminous Phantom (front: Lunarch Veteran) | Creature — Spirit Cleric [1/1] | Flying / Whenever another creature you control leaves the battlefield, you gain 1 life. / If Luminous Phantom would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.
3PlayerPolitics: what do I do with all deez removals???
Ferox777: cut the non-creatures
tyrew0rm: just cut the top end and run 16 lands
TehAmelie: yet another reference to today's Oglaf. is one of these parties psychic?
accountmadeforants: @Chulump I feel like white can trade with toughness lower than 4 a lot better.
t_peazy: don't cut creatures.
capt_g1029: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 43:45.
GredGredmansson: this is a creature focused set, yeah
Slacker1977: 0 and 1 power also good for Coven
CyberFive: Soul Senior
LRRbot: Candlegrove Witch [1W] | Creature — Human Warlock [2/2] | Coven — At the beginning of combat on your turn, if you control three or more creatures with different powers, Candlegrove Witch gains flying until end of turn.
theblakdeth: have we looked through blue? maybe splash for esper?
Joalni: @TehAmelie It would be on-theme.
misspokeycat: sunset revelry seems like a trap tbh, it's mostly going to just be revitalize which isn't good
Cato_Phoenix: this card is good
LRRbot: Cathar Commando [1W] | Creature — Human Soldier [3/1] | Flash / {1}, Sacrifice Cathar Commando: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
GredGredmansson: and only on your turn
Malconvoker: Please take the Celestus Sanctifier, it's draw and graveyard synergy
3PlayerPolitics: @tehamelie riffYeti
ZackTheCatKing: Curious to know how often coven comes up
Cato_Phoenix: this card is also good
beowuuf: @TehAmelie i feel we're missing the second page where they just reveal these cards
TXC2: commando is better
TristalMTG: Graham about to cut a bear?!?
theamc2000: what about the helm?
volraths_bane: I'd keep commando
ckupf: cathar commando looks really good
electra310: Commander is good
JohnAnyteller: keep commando
RaklarLS: that equipment is very meh.
LRRbot: Crawl from the Cellar [B] | Sorcery | Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand. Put a +1/+1 counter on up to one target Zombie you control. / Flashback {3}{B}
KendalMac417: do not disrespect the helm
t_peazy: cut your 6-drop
CyberFive: Commando seems better of the two
DanTheMediocre: both of those creatures xseemed fine
beowuuf: !hrlm
TXC2: !helm
LRRbot: Respect THE HELM.
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s007s1: magic neet , what did i miss?
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gnome_friend: !helm
LRRbot: Consult THE HELM.
marchofpain: @theblakdeth He didn't pull much fixing. Just a scarecrow that goes down on mana
DanTheMediocre: deec even
beowuuf: !helm
LRRbot: Respect THE HELM.
accountmadeforants: !venga
LRRbot: I feel the Venga Bus move under my feet, I feel the party tumbling down.
HundreydAundre: @GredGredmansson Fringewide Cringe? Sure...?
ZackTheCatKing: I'd drop the mask
LRRbot: Hedgewitch's Mask [W] | Artifact — Equipment | Equipped creature gets +1/+1. / Equipped creature can't be blocked by creatures with power 4 or greater. / Equip {2}
misspokeycat: drop revelry
Malconvoker: I'm about to flip, he just put one of the best cards for the deck aside
yatagarasu1177: The 1W reinforcemenys might not do enough in your deck
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before_damage: Love to see the crew feeling up to being in person. Almost brings tears to my eye.
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GredGredmansson: @Malconvoker which one?
yatagarasu1177: You probably will be ahead on board
LRRbot: Sunset Revelry [1W] | Sorcery | If an opponent has more life than you, you gain 4 life. / If an opponent controls more creatures than you, create two 1/1 white Human creature tokens. / If an opponent has more cards in hand than you, draw a card.
Cato_Phoenix: cuts: mind rot+, mask, 1 land, sunset revelry
t_peazy: sideboard the revelry
Malconvoker: @GredGredmansson Sanctifier, the day/night card draw engine
Gaz_L: mono removal. opp can't win if they have no permanents
swennyboi: I like putting Revelry in the board
3PlayerPolitics: Faster Werecat! KILL! KILL!
code1300: i prob would have went blue green black
TristalMTG: Revelry probably very different on the play vs the draw
CodenameJD: I count 26 cards - 3 more cuts?
GredGredmansson: @Malconvoker its not card draw, its sorta surveil
Kirgo: A Raise the Alarm is nice too.
JohnAnyteller: Sideboard sunset
minerpup: thanks again to @LoadingReadyRun and wizards of the coast. for doing a very good job showing us the new cards. thanks guys!
tehfewl: i would side the sunset
GredGredmansson: !card Celestus Sanctifier
LRRbot: Celestus Sanctifier [2W] | Creature — Human Cleric [3/2] | If it's neither day nor night, it becomes day as Celestus Sanctifier enters the battlefield. / Whenever day becomes night or night becomes day, look at the top two cards of your library. Put one of them into your graveyard.
misspokeycat: honestly it seems like revitalize in most cases
KendalMac417: its a raise the alarm, but only if they have a creature
Malconvoker: @GredGredmansson Ah, right you are, misread it. It still fills graveyard for synergy.
personification2: Or, hear me out, 16 lands
SnazzyPenguin: 16 lands and cut the 6 drop?
LRRbot: Heirloom Mirror [1B] (back: Inherited Fiend) | Artifact | {1}, {T}, Pay 1 life, Discard a card: Draw a card, mill a card, then put a ritual counter on Heirloom Mirror. Then if it has 3 or more ritual counters on it, remove them and transform it. Activate only as a sorcery.
TehAmelie: nickname for the bear stuffed with a bear the size of a bear: bea-bear-ear, or *horn noises*
GredGredmansson: We don't have too much that we are actually casting from the graveyard though, are we?
RassilonDND: you might be low enough to get away with 16 lands
t_peazy: cut the 6 drop
DanTheMediocre: please keep mirror
swennyboi: Mirror seems great
marchofpain: Keep the mirror, cut a land
PlzBeNiceToYaz: throw nothing at the wall, see what sticks
DukeofFliesOxO: mirror seems like a good finisher
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GredGredmansson: bloody mary
JohnAnyteller: Yeah, cut the 6
hd_dabnado: it seems like a good rummage effect though
3PlayerPolitics: mirror is sweet
beowuuf: there's enough disturb and flashback floating around you can start to think of graveyard fill as at least partial card draw :p
wulfram77: Doesn't seem to fit with an aggressive deck
coachNelly: Mirror probably better than it seems
ElektroTal: mirror seems so bad. so much investment only to eat a disenchant
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DiscountRonin: Great show, as always! Thanks LRR!
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Cato_Phoenix: its card selection until 4/4 flyer
coldfire5418: seams good in sealed
Alex_Frostfire: You get to turn lands into gas, right?
Xiff_: so lose 6 cards of your 40 card deck
RaklarLS: there isn't much flashback in the deck though.
LRRbot: Ritual of Hope [1W] | Instant | Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn. / Coven — If you control three or more creatures with different powers, creatures you control get +2/+1 until end of turn instead.
TheWhirlmind: Okay I got fries and chicky nuggies, I'm ready :D
gnome_friend: Conflicting opinions from Nelson and shivam
gnome_friend: *Shivam
Dragoon5602: any untappers in white?
LRRbot: No Way Out [2B] | Sorcery | Target opponent discards two cards. You create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token with decayed.
ZackTheCatKing: @coachNelly seems like a fun one to at least try! Are you playing today?
Abavus: Mill is maybe not optimal when digging
t_peazy: 16 lands.
TristalMTG: Ritual of Hope seems real bad
Jacobian_Gaming: Bloody Marry
TheOrigamiGamer: Has the rules explanation been uploaded to YouTube on the LRRMTG channel?
LRRbot: Curse of Leeches [2B] (back: Leeching Lurker) | Enchantment — Aura Curse | Enchant player / As this permanent transforms into Curse of Leeches, attach it to a player. / At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, they lose 1 life and you gain 1 life. / Daybound
hd_dabnado: mind rot might hurt us with the graveyard effects
seeweda: 2 color and such low curve could probably only run 16 land and keep 24
SmashTCG: gotta have a use for your yard
LRRbot: Dreadhound [4BB] | Creature — Demon Dog [6/6] | When Dreadhound enters the battlefield, mill three cards. / Whenever a creature dies or a creature card is put into a graveyard from a library, each opponent loses 1 life.
Jacobian_Gaming: Bloody marry
Didero: Just put in fewer lands so you can put them all in!
coachNelly: I think graveyard enabling is pretty good in this set. Could be wrong from Graham’s deck tho
jbarlam90: 5 mana tapped demon that loots thrice.
accountmadeforants: Rummaging might still be worth. Rummilling?
3PlayerPolitics: mindrot bad vs Flasback and Distrub tho
Diabore: maybe the 7/6 menace?
GredGredmansson: No untappers in White
t_peazy: @tristalmtg what?! it's great in an aggressive dexk
Cato_Phoenix: Is this ser konrad's horse?
ImagoDreams: I wouldn't count a decayed token as a body
kevsta47: meh at that price
swennyboi: Dreadhound seems real scary
jdgmoney: mind rot suffers in a format with flashback
Ferox777: it does mill 3
Tycho_Nova: @Cato_Phoenix it's a dog, but somehow yes
notthepenguins: it also has the mill 3
JohnAnyteller: Oh a graveyard. Better than I thought
CodenameJD: It mills 3 that's some self enable
marchofpain: @3PlayerPolitics Oh true, lots of graveyard things you don't want to happen
RandomTrivia: Syr Konrad's HorseDemonDog mount
RassilonDND: Imo, play 16 lands and probably cut the no way out
TXC2: removel magnet
accountmadeforants: Dreadhound combos with Mirror :p
GredGredmansson: Syr Dograd
Sandeon: It mills
LRRbot: Bat Whisperer [3B] | Creature — Vampire [4/2] | When Bat Whisperer enters the battlefield, if an opponent lost life this turn, create a 1/1 black Bat creature token with flying.
TristalMTG: @t_peazy I feel like this is the bad half of You Find Something On Watch or whatever the AFR spell was
RandomTrivia: @GredGredmansson sergeJustRight
coldfire5418: if a creature gets milled in the 3, then it fuels itself
Devonaut: honestly I would cut the mirror but I'm so interested to see it in play
Clyfor: 16 lands 100%
Cato_Phoenix: 6/6 for 6 is always fine
steelsquire_: it doesn't block decayed
t_peazy: cut the bat
Anubis169: bat 'er up
TristalMTG: Or it's Fortify which nobody thinks is busted
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL MtG Pickup lines: I love your top end
noSmokeFire: but then you get to whisper "baaaaat"
personification2: 16 lands, cut nothing
Anubis169 spittakes
Cato_Phoenix: I think the bat whisperer is theoretically a better choice in aggro but the mirror is super fun
Anubis169: dammit paul manLOL
hd_dabnado: oh yeah this is 16
RocknGrohlNerd: it mill, it kills it chills the opponent, slam it
personification2: Yes, Serge. Give into the darkness
RandomTrivia: Paul sergePun LUL
TheWhirlmind: Paul LUL
Chulump: 16 lands!
frank_the_great: 41 cards, 17 lands, LETS GO
TyrisUnbreakable: I would play 14 but i'm a madman
t_peazy: yes serge!
Clyfor: Yep, its clearly a 16 land deck xD
RassilonDND: Paul: Thats quite an expensive mana base
Bladinus: lrrGREED
coldfire5418: 16 lands!
UnbeatableAshWilliams: real wizards have high curves
madmanrambler: its good to double count
accountmadeforants: 16 works yeah. Low pip count, too, so less chance to get screwed.
raisins77: land > mirror
personification2: 16!
sblue333: looks strong
Cato_Phoenix: 16 or bust
fatherboxx: "after all why shouldnt I remove a land"
theblakdeth: do it!
jeffjeffersontheman: erge is god
chromewhit: shipit
ZackTheCatKing: Go for 16
negativedrew: 24/17 all day
jj_mickey: 16 lands!
swennyboi: I actually don't love the tapper, it's kind of expensive
ElektroTal: 16 lands in bw seems questionable
accountmadeforants: Actually, literally only 2 pip thing
theamc2000: You can do it
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RandomTrivia: Noooo, there's a 6-drop
tytycoon subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 12 months!
tytycoon: Hurray! love you dudes
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JohnAnyteller: Go for it
Sebastian_Ulamog: 16!
jiantwitch: or just paly 41 card deck
gnome_friend: "Let's look at your pips"
playonbirds: nah no way this is a 16-lander rofl
Cato_Phoenix: 9/7
GredGredmansson: are there any transformers that are double pip?
liogigan: when has listening to twitch chat EVER gone wrong :)
fossilsandvideogames: perfect deck
UnbeatableAshWilliams: 20 land deck
greg1756: Run good one time!
t_peazy: 16 LANDER! clap clap clapclapclap
FPNY41: 41 cards!
capt_g1029: heart of the cards
amam741: I’d run 15
gnome_friend: !listen
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
jocolina: whats a pip
ellicyum: dirty 41
RSCorundum: 8 and 8
patrick_stonecrusher: 16//16//16//16
sblue333: 8 and 8
OrangeOwl327: pls make a second deck just to mess with opponents
ElektroTal: satan'
Jacobian_Gaming: The mirror is a bloody marry reference because you have to say it three times.
JohnAnyteller: 8/8
DaMullet14: this is a classic 10/7
Theycallmejokke: Deck perfect, can't lose
kendostrike: 41 with the bear statueeee
Chulump: what about field of ruin?????? Field!
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL now Graham can blame chat if he is mana screwed
chromewhit: 8 and 8, feeling great
beowuuf: pre-release is the perfect place to make a mistake , low stakes, easy to undo going onwards :)
Cryonicity: any double pip activated abilities????
ElektroTal: satan's mana base 6/6/6
Alas_Babylon: @jocolina the color symbols
Qvdv: jocolina coloured mana symbol
jeffjeffersontheman: poop
Coricket: You only need 6 lands, just do that!
GredGredmansson: @jocolina a colored mana symbol, so a 2W has 1 pip and a 1WW has 2 pips
Philologia: @jocolina A colored symbol in the mana cost
jocolina: thanks everyone
capt_g1029: 41 card special
kendostrike: The bear
11toaman: Graham builds decks like i build them, "eh just 50/50, i don't want to worry about it"
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
marchofpain: 8 and 8, no worries, not even checking the other colors. Exactly how I want my deckbuilding to go
beowuuf: sidewalk vs slam!
kendostrike: 41 deck with the bear
TheWhirlmind: A GrAdam game!
thanzo: (aw man did I miss the rules video?)
UnbeatableAshWilliams: yes you did
KendalMac417: see yall in a bit!
personification2: Are we getting a pack opening video for everyone else?
Amazonian: Time for SEALED!
accountmadeforants: thanzo Yeah
Orgmastron: The classic Sidewalk Slam Showdown!
ariborealis: man it is so nice to see a ppr with everyone in person
TXC2: thanzo sadly yes
GredGredmansson: @thanzo yeah, sorry
Diabore: @marchofpain we looked at blue too, wasnt exciting
immortal_spooder: This set is so cool
Anubis169: thanzo: Fear not, the vod exists!
wolfiezz43: you top out at 6 just run 7 lands just in case
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atlr: lrrbot, you are a good buddy
Sarah_Serinde: personification2 No, just one, it'd be too long otherwise
gnome_friend: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always angry.
HungryTanuki: Roadquest music <3
Sarah_Serinde: Everyone else built their decks before the stream
GredGredmansson: shame all of our gold cards were in different color combos
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LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL suggestions for Graham's deck name?
raverin_eg: Ahh yes the merch, that I would totally buy but I live in the UK. :(
thanzo: dang, gonna go watch the beginning of the vod right away
personification2: lrrAWW lrrAWW
viligante8: James is smaller than I expected and Kathleens boobs are bigger than I expected
Genderi: "Ad 1 of 9" BezosCorp really wants me to never watch a video live again huh :/
TehAmelie: "Not a bear"
Anubis169: Grim Noir
CanisLupusAqua: @LoadingReadyRun black and white and dead all over
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun here comes the vroom
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Sarah_Serinde: raverin_eg I know it sucks, but they are working on it. Hopefully you'll be able to soon
flagonmaster: @raverin_eg saaaaame
TXC2: this is your reminder that if you've not watched road quest, GO watch road quest
TheDarmaniac: Mirror match
Ferox777: pokemon black&white
TheWhirlmind: "No Bear, I Swear!"
StreetRach: @LoadingReadyRun THIS
Dog_of_Myth: Zombies and future zombies.
daleif: I don't even play magic, but after so many pprs, I kinda want to get one of these kits
raverin_eg: @Sarah_Serinde fingers and toes crossed.
364 raiders from Amazonian have joined!
personification2: @TXC2 And also that if you have watched it go watch it again
GredGredmansson: @LoadingReadyRun I second Black and White and Dead All Over
Mangledpixel: TXC2 after the PPR
gnome_friend: Greetings raiders!
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiders! lrrSHINE
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dragonflare9: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
beowuuf: hey raiders! sergeHi
Lobster667: Amyzons!
Sarah_Serinde: Welcome raiders! We're on break before round 1
Anubis169: Welcome Amazonian raiders!!
3PlayerPolitics: welcome raiders!!!
atlr: i just recommended road quest earlier today to my dad
MTGRanger: Hey everyone!]
TehAmelie: hello Amazons
RogueNinth: Cat Raid! amazonHello amazonHello amazonHello amazonHello amazonHello
GredGredmansson: hello all
TinoDidriksen: Pretty sure they asked about per-person pack opening, like they've done for recent PPRs, not whole deck builds.
Sarah_Serinde: atlr Nice
Amazonian: I brought friends!
GredGredmansson: welcom to PPR
Anubis169: We're currently on a break, but sit tight
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who got all the removal"
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trub2: Hello raiders
TehAmelie: or Amazonianians?
Anubis169: the first match starts in 5
unicornvector: @genderi Commercials suck, enjoy the show!
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Amazonian: Thanks to @FionasGotIT for my sub gift!
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3PlayerPolitics: MOAR CATS?! yay
MobiusStripTeasing: we are fren
Sarah_Serinde: TinoDidriksen Ah in that case...I don't know
JohnAnyteller: Welcome Raiders
cherrysupernova: what'd we miss
Anubis169: Hihi friends!
FionasGotIT: lrrSHINE amazonThumbsUp
Anubis169: cherrysupernova: Rules vid and first deckbuild, next match in 5
Genderi: @unicornvector Thanks for the gift sub! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
JohnAnyteller: Just got done with deck build with Graham
MordeMus: Is there a schedule for today?
Anubis169: well, first match in 5 :P
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who got all the removall"
Anubis169: MordeMus: Yes. Cards.
hollow_bingus: this music reminds me of starbound
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Prioritize rigidity.
Jacobian_Gaming: 👁👄👁
TheCardq: I'm drawing DnD maps that I'm sure Ill never get to use
GredGredmansson: @MordeMus so Graham, Ben, and Adam will play each other with Serge judge, then Kathleen, Cameron, and Wheeler play with Nelson judge
GredGredmansson: at least thats what I think it is
TXC2: JacksonBross please, please no :p
twitchysmile: \o\ /o/ \o\ \o\ /o/
Genderi: @TheCardq That's how it is!
cherrysupernova: thank you @anubis169
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: !badadvice
LRRbot: Flunge!
Anubis169: Each match will probably be interspersed with a deckbuilding video
GredGredmansson: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! How does taxidermy change the mouthfeel of a dead goose?
gnome_friend: !y
legenderrick728: Are there any guests for this PPR or is it just the LRR crew?
GredGredmansson: no guests
themlin: so what have i missed?
Amazonian: @legenderrick728 Just the crew
Traion: All the good magic folks raiding and being hype is one of the best parts of the PPR, gives you this big community celebration feel
TXC2: legenderrick728 just lrr
alonwashere: mizkifEgg mizkifEgg mizkifEgg mizkifEgg mizkifEgg
BrowneePoints: @themlin Just deck build
GredGredmansson: @themlin rules vid and graham deckbuild
SmashTCG: I wonder which Huge mythic cathleen opened this time
beowuuf: @legenderrick728 just lrr, pandemic is still real and they're taking it slow etc
TXC2: themlin rules video and Graham's deck build
violetto: is the arrow on the lrr d6 supposed to be a 6 or what
Anubis169: no guests this time around, there's still a pandemic on :)
Genderi: @legenderrick728 The guest for this PPR is "enclosed spaces"
Amazonian: Who is playing first?
eduardoparma: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 54:01.
Anubis169: but they're in the moonbase
Gaz_L: G built his deck, gone BW Oop All Removal
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: There are also the commander decktech and other silly videos
Jacobian_Gaming: My favorite card from the set is probably the tattletale strangler
StreetRach: Graham and Adam
GredGredmansson: Graham vs Adam
neisan2112: Graham and Adam
Anubis169: Amazonian: G and Adam, with Ben tabling
TXC2: Amazonian Graham and Adam
gnome_friend: @Amazonian What is playing second
Traion: @amazonian Graham vs Adam
Amazonian: PogChamp
beowuuf: @Amazonian adam vs G with ben tablefriend
Voxy: @Amazonian amazonHello
Dix: @legenderrick728 Going to be just LRR crew still considering the pandemic is still happening but the crew is taking precautions with who they come into contact with
Amazonian: How exciting!
gnome_friend: @Amazonian I don't know is playing third
Traion: VOXY
pete_haderlein: vibing to these beats
Amazonian: OH MY GOSH, it's VOXY
Wonderdoc: Graham on the good ol 12xRemoval strategy I see
Shonaman: Hello everyone!
Amazonian: Hi Voxy ILU
Carsonogenics_: @Amazonian which ben?
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Rivulatus_: !live
Voxy: hellooooooooooo!
capt_g1029: kit opening clips from the other participants?
Dix: Hey @Amazonian and @Voxy!
GredGredmansson: not yet
AliasV: aliasHi Voxy and Amy!
Leonhart321: Hi Dix
beowuuf: @Amazonian ulmer is in this pod, wheeler is in the later pod
RayFK: wheelerFee wheelerT
Voxy: @AliasV alias!
Amazonian is literally making soup RIGHT NOW. Don't tell Voxy.
FionasGotIT: Voxy AND Amy? How lovely to have both friendos here amazonHello voxyGigi
jaqofspades: Fingers crossed that things will get better for the unset because I would love to see guests for that.
Amazonian: Hi AliasV <3 <3 <3
Voxy: @Amazonian yum i love canned soup
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Jacobian_Gaming: Also is it possible to change your twitch username, I want to change mine to Bogander_Guy
starlitstorm: Voxy, Amy and Alias? <3
Fruan: This is an intimidatingly star studded chat right now.
AliasV: thank you Rach!
personification2: Is LRR the only M:tG streamer without a cat emote?
Traion: Voxy you are a garbage goblin and I love you LUL
Flying_MTG: @Jacobian_Gaming you can change it once every 3 months I think
GredGredmansson: @Jacobian_Gaming It should be, I've changed it to make capitalization better
Anubis169: Jacobian_Gaming: It's very possible
Gaz_L: So many cool MTG ladies!
beowuuf: @Jacobian_Gaming you do get one swap every so often, yes :D
AliasV: aliasHype
Jacobian_Gaming: Cool
TXC2: personification2 we have lrrCOW instead
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: lrrSPOT lrrSPOT
StreetRach: Shivam was here earlier too, IIRC. :D
jaqofspades: wheelerMuldr
Anubis169: Everybody dance <3
Traion: @jacobian_gaming you get a switch every couple months
TXC2 dances
3PlayerPolitics: 🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: We don't need cats, we have lrrSPOT lrrGOAT lrrSLOTH
ItsMajorMineral: itsmaj1Pesthappy itsmaj1Pesthappy
gnome_friend: !findquote dance
LRRbot: Quote #2095: "She dances like I do!" —Ian [2016-03-13]
GredGredmansson: !findquote wolf
LRRbot: Quote #7274: "There is a wolf outside you." —Graham [2020-10-09]
beowuuf: @personification2 lrrSPOT is actually a cat with a dog hat on, shhhh
themlin: @personification2 we do have a (cat)hleen emofe
Chulump: !findquote bear
GredGredmansson: spooky, graham
JohnAnyteller: I suddenly want to play mega man
adamas105: FBtouchdown
Dragoon5602: what's the judge account again?
Traion: LRRMtGJude iirc
TXC2: Dragoon5602 LRRMTG_Judge
redd34d: lrrmtg_judge
GredGredmansson: lrrJUDGE
Traion: *Judge
LRRMTG_Judge: Hi that's us! theman20Heart
TotallyNotaBeholder: benginDance are we dancin?
Anubis169: ^dat one
serramarkov: Success! Upstairs with empties, make a quick thing, and back down for the event!
JohnAnyteller: Thanks judges!
LRRMTG_Judge: feel free to @ us with any questions you have. pharma2Vial
TehAmelie: i saw someone make hamburgers out of sausages and stuff them with cheese and stack them with fried eggs in a tube of mac and cheese and freeze it and them deep fry it in pancake batter. what do you even call that?
beowuuf: @TotallyNotaBeholder we you askin'? lrrSPOOPY
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malacorath: someone tell Graham theres an Escape Velocity discord
dragonflare9: oh, it's the manaleek and pharmacistjudge on judge duty righrt now
GredGredmansson: @TehAmelie a heart attack waiting to happen
gnome_friend: @LRRMTG_Judge Why is leg?
TXC2: biceps blaster? but that's tomorrow
Leonhart321: @TehAmelie A Heart Attack?
Dix: @TotallyNotaBeholder (>'-')> <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) (>'-')>
SerGarretCameron: benginDance oh, i have that...
gnome_friend: lrrBEEJ
LRRMTG_Judge: there are more than just us two, a few are on break. pharma2Vial
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Drigerslash: frostpSleeper frostpSleeper frostpSleeper frostpSleeper frostpSleeper
raverin_eg: @TehAmelie I agree.
Traion: @tehamelie a heart attack and diabetes in a trench coat?
Dragoon5602: @LRRMTG_Judge If Tolovar's second ability makes it night, how are you able to transform only some of the daybound Human werewolves?
Anubis169: I call that burger...
keyforgealchemist: I've always loved Big Giant Circles' jams during the PPR
Anubis169: manBRO xxxBEAT
LRRMTG_Judge: @TehAmelie The Minnesota State Fair?
Anubis169: the heartpunch
pyroary: lrrADAM
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Be kind to our chat judges. They are doing this our of the love for MTG and LRR
neisan2112: benginHype benginHype benginHype
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GredGredmansson: @Dragoon5602 you aren't
redd34d: lets go :-D
Traion: LUL @lrrmtg_judge
beowuuf: lrrSHINE lrrJUDGECALL
Travilogue: While it would be nice to have a larger apartment, being able to watch the PPR from my kitchen while making breakfast is also nice.
Anubis169: LRRMTG_Judge: hehehehe
josh___something: benginHype benginHype benginHype
Chulump: yes! yes! yes!
TXC2: and we're back
UnbeatableAshWilliams: if it is neither day nor night and a card with daybound and nightbound enters, it cannot enter on the nightbound side no matter what unless otherwise stated, right? that can only happen the turn after it is played? @LRRMTG_Judge
Amazonian: It's dem bois
ElissenRedux: lrrSIG
Gildan_Bladeborn: @Dragoon5602 - The extra bit of text after "it becomes night" is so that he works with the OLD sort of werewolves too.
GredGredmansson: lets DO THIS
Sarah_Serinde: @Travilogue I know this feeling well :P
gnome_friend: We're HERE!
Didero: @LRRMTG_Judge No question, just wanna say: lrrSHINE
electra310: It's time!
neisan2112: benginWow benginWow Look at all these good bois
RevolverRossalot: We're here!
Anubis169: Travilogue: Very important, what're you having for breakfast?
Moocanoe__: This feels so right
3PlayerPolitics: HAI BEN!!!
superrawmatthew: Heyyyy!
LRRMTG_Judge: @Dragoon5602 you transform all the daybound ones naturally when it becomes night. the second part of the trigger is to catch the older werewolves with the old templating. pharma2Vial
pete_haderlein: we're here!
ExhaustedElox: WE'RE HERE!!!!!!
BusTed: benginHi
beowuuf: look at that visual!
rusted_img: yeeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!
GhostValv: FBtouchdown
JohnAnyteller: lrrHEART
Kaaosa: look at these people
TehAmelie: hi again!
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: and in color!
TheWhirlmind: Let's goooo
Saxpython: FBtouchdown <3 <3 <3 FBtouchdown
Amazonian: Kreygasm touching
laikagoat: fionaClap fionaClap
wafeloto: lets goooo
gogt200: In person paper Magic!!
DeM0nFiRe: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
rusted_img: its been so long!!!!!!!!!!!
themlin: oh shoot WE IN PERSON
Nameless_Sword: Wooo, they're here!
marchofpain: HOORAY! This scene here makes me so happy
theblakdeth: love Adam's new hair
TXC2: reach out and touch base
josh___something: benginHi
flojosch: lrrGRAHAM lrrBEN lrrADAM lrrHEART lrrHEART
GredGredmansson: touch.
rusted_img: touch it all!!!!
personification2: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
Traion: And look how aerodynamic Adam looks!
Desruprot: reach out and touch your mana
YehawSnail: Wooo! dayKrablarRoll dayKrablarRoll dayKrablarRoll
gnome_friend: !findquote touch
LRRbot: Quote #2573: "Ew... your shields touched." —Cameron [2016-05-19]
keyforgealchemist: thanks for the vaccines!
superrawmatthew: good to see all of you together for some magic again!
rusted_img: touch it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
couldntpickausername: welcome to the beard bracket
public_key_reveal_party: lrrGRAHAM lrrBEN lrrADAM
JohnAnyteller: I love these guys so much
Chulump: sweet touch
SolFerrum: @LRRMTG_Judge cake or pie? Or better yet, how does "when it changes from day to night or night to day" work if it was neither beforehand?
eldrazi_trainer: I bloody love adams hair
QuandrixDropout: Ben I love your shirt
daredewley92: hype hype hype
Xafty: Adam doing the samurai proud
alikaoz: Yay, It's Other Ben!
ExhaustedElox: An afternoon of Muscle Touching :)
Thom_Odinson: lrrBEN
Travilogue: @Anubis169 sticky buns, sausage, and eggs!
Anubis169: LOL
malc: this is like travelling back in time
HundreydAundre: Uhh touche Inn Re-Union...
Psychic_Ketchup: Wow
Easilycrazyhat: Today is brought to you by the letter "Touching"!
serramarkov: Thank you judges, mods and all you wonderful folks in chat!
Leonhart321: Always touch with consent
AlterForm: Control Magic is back on the menu, boys!
electra310: So harsh!
Pharmacistjudge: pharma2Vacc pharma2Vacc pharma2Vacc
liogigan: LUL
GredGredmansson: yep, its right there
Dragoon5602: @LRRMTG_Judge Ah, that makes sense
jamiewisdom74: the boys are lookin gorgeous
flagonmaster: ROASTED
TheWarbo: wow
yourlocalpinecone: lets goo
neisan2112: Adams hair is so good
MilkInBags: LUL
SolFerrum: Ooof
zigboy22: AAAA rooPog
Genderi: "This PPR's special guest: Touching!"
LarkSachrosis: Cue the new Muscle-Touching video
11toaman: Geez Ben, both barrels right away
underhill33: lrrWOW
ExhaustedElox: Man, what shade...
amospiritus: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
MilkInBags: Take that, dam
themlin: reaching out. touching me, touching you
Theycallmejokke: Shots fired
wafeloto: a pile xddddd
bernardo013: is it just me or is the audi desynced?
WildValuemancer: sound out of sync for anyone else?
TheTruePhantomAngel: <message deleted>REACH OUT AND TOUCH BEN!! DUM DE DUM DEE DEE!
Yumore: new table? IT's nicwe
NSFMulhearn: love the hair Adam!
Dmc3628: Adam can almost cosplay Brock Lesnar
zuchen_120: I love you guys=lrr
Fruan: Is the sound sync off for anyone else, or is this on my end?
JohnAnyteller: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
TotallyNotaBeholder: There are magic cards in Adam's deck, I'm calling it now
pyroary: let's gooooooo
TheWhirlmind: Adam's deck better be named "Adam's Pile"
marchofpain: I want to see a Grafted Identity get played and for the creature to still be on board and not just moved off screen
BrowneePoints: adam and ben sound like they're in a box? are their mics on?
NotCainNorAbel: We are still forcing James to do card reading right? lrrBEEJ
bernardo013: @WildValuemancer me too
jeffjeffersontheman: Adam good hair
neisan2112: Reach out for the truth
Armstrong11139: [to the tune of Depeche Mode] 🎵Reach out and touch Ben🎵
MitchTheQuaker: sound synch?
sivakrytos: audio sync issues?
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Adam has the ever popular Lands & Spells deck
Saphling: graham, a physical ray of sunlight, and a witcher
TXC2: easy on the allcaps chat
ItsMajorMineral: Adam seems to have become a samurai
beowuuf: @malc but new table, so this is the future!
keyforgealchemist: Top Knot Adam? is this bizarro world?
rusted_img: Viking Adam is something else tho
Desruprot: nice deck name
chrono2x: hmm, getting a bit of delay even after a refresh. Anyone else having that problem?
Sarah_Serinde: Yes chat, sync seems to be off a little
yourlocalpinecone: @totallynotabeholder
GredGredmansson: I call that deck "Two Months Early"
Caffine1138: High Octane starts!
DeM0nFiRe: What's a swamp, can you put it on card reader? Kappa
Easilycrazyhat: "Vampires aren't real and they can't hurt you"
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Anubis169: LoadingReadyRun: Slight audio desync, video is ~200ms ahead of audio
LRRbot: Ecstatic Awakener [B] (back: Awoken Demon) | Creature — Human Wizard [1/1] | {2}{B}, Sacrifice another creature: Draw a card, then transform Ecstatic Awakener. Activate only once each turn.
Gildan_Bladeborn: @ItsMajorMineral - He's going for "Geralt of Rivia".
Grusommegeir: As is his right!
michele6963: is this the 1st match of tonight?
liogigan: you ALWAYS mulligan to a 1 one drop smh
Leonhart321: @Dmc3628 I think you mean Brock Lesnar is doing a decent Adam Savidan cosplay
Dix: leggo
serialtram: good deck names
UnbeatableAshWilliams: grahams deck name omg
CyberFive: Both these deck names are great!
Amazonian: slampires
sblue333: I was reading an article on Kpop idols for school and I'm realizing LRR functions in much the same way
RocknGrohlNerd: as is his right
Sarah_Serinde: michele6963 Yup, there's a little counter at the bottom that you can check :)
gnome_friend: But do vampires have souls?
ShaneLeeAtk: So nice to see this camera view again
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meatyfella: Much love
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PixelArtDragon: Shampires
LRRbot: Heirloom Mirror [1B] (back: Inherited Fiend) | Artifact | {1}, {T}, Pay 1 life, Discard a card: Draw a card, mill a card, then put a ritual counter on Heirloom Mirror. Then if it has 3 or more ritual counters on it, remove them and transform it. Activate only as a sorcery.
Desruprot: wampires
ThunderWeasel: Every time I see people playing in-person magic again, my heart soars
thanzo: I ain't afraid of no vamps
CururuGuasu: Adam’s deck is the enemy of the hole
Chulump: there it is!
Ferox777: begin dirdle
TXC2: come on slam and welcome to the fang
Fanklok: Adam Savidan, notorious vampire hater
theblakdeth: lands in front!
personification2: [Adam's deck name] -Last words
Travilogue: Put those land in front!!!
wickaboxet: Adam didn’t name his deck Oliver Tyndall :(
Kirgo: Adam is more like a werewolf guy. From the looks.
Travilogue: Party in Back!!
jeffjeffersontheman: Adam when did you get the new haircut
Anubis169: manYES
TXC2: larger and thicccer
Dog_of_Myth: No, no go on
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: !findquote vampire
LRRbot: Quote #7096: "Do vampires like cheese?" —Jeremy Petter [2020-08-03]
Chulump: it IS relevant!
Twilight_Spark: We've been edged.
RocknGrohlNerd: no mouses on screen tho, bit unusual
TheWhirlmind: I wanna hear about the edges...
MehallD: I care, Graham
Easilycrazyhat: More tech talk, yesss
Fire_Summoner: Graham always explain to us!
theblakdeth: as is my rite
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SolFerrum: I like that kinda thing lol
dragonflare9: o/ I find it relevant!
Didero: We pause this game to discuss playmat sizes for 14 minutes
lightninginthecorner: wow he stared into my soul with that last part
t_peazy: where can i get those LRR sleeves graham?
ThunderWeasel: I love the flavour of Heirloom Mirror
MagnusCarter: info for a loading time?
LRRMTG_Judge: @Dragoon5602 Tovolar is designed to be backwards compatible with old werewolves that aren't daybound/nightbound from what I can see. So he can transform old werewolves that did not ride along.
atlr: ia so here for the meta though!
Anubis169: t_peazy
TXC2: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy T-shirts, playmats, Qwerpline and Road Quest official merch, and much more! Check out for the full catalog.
Driosenth: What your saying is that there is a larger playmat in developement?
thanzo: a vampire who plays home base: a vumpire
jbarlam90: tell us the story of edges, Mr. Stark
Anubis169: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy T-shirts, playmats, Qwerpline and Road Quest official merch, and much more! Check out for the full catalog.
Darleysam: he's curving out NotLikeThis
LRRbot: Novice Occultist [1B] | Creature — Human Wizard [1/2] | When Novice Occultist dies, you draw a card and you lose 1 life.
nathanwide9001: lands in the front party in the back!
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL adjusted the audio sync a bit is that better?
Wonderdoc: He got back his right to untap. PogChamp
raisins77: attack for 1 PogChamp
mperk36: Graham we were enjoying the explanation!
Anubis169: LoadingReadyRun: Much
nyquister_: Lands up front, party at the back?
viligante8: Adam, remember to take it slow, just lile Slay the Spire
kruphix_god_of_value: !findquote
Fanklok: Can we put an emotional support mouse slightly in shot?
Desruprot: first blood
Anubis169: <3
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun looks good to me
wulfram77: Black red humans?
LordofDepression: oh damn nice combo
pyroary: at home? i'm watching from the mean streets!
Kaaosa: audio sync looks good now
LarkSachrosis: value
Sarah_Serinde: LoadingReadyRun Yeah it looks better to me, thanks Paul!
GredGredmansson: no you were right Ben
Dmc3628: that's a synergy with the awakener
jessieimproved: So many grins on faces, y'all are making my lrrHEART full
lightninginthecorner: oh no hes handsome, i mean, umm hes popping off
LRRbot: Curse of Leeches [2B] (back: Leeching Lurker) | Enchantment — Aura Curse | Enchant player / As this permanent transforms into Curse of Leeches, attach it to a player. / At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, they lose 1 life and you gain 1 life. / Daybound
NSFMulhearn: poppin off
Grusommegeir: Seems great Paul!
asthanius: Ben got it backwards the second time
CyberFive: The combo!
ninjaofv: what a curve out
atlr: is vumping a thing? should it be?
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun I think so. Ben and Adam sound a little bit like they're in boxes though
ExhaustedElox: Uh, you still put it on the wrong person, Ben
YeetTheRich_: curses!
GredGredmansson: @LoadingReadyRun Ben you were right the first time
electra310: Ben, that's not right!
Easilycrazyhat: Day is called!
eye_h_bar: You were right the first time, Ben
GwalchmaiOfHouseParadox: !findquote curse
LRRbot: Quote #5710: "10,000 screaming spirits are trying to escape my body. I am a vessel of the cursed." —Adam [2019-01-11]
Mangledpixel: Ben, you had it right to begin with
PixelArtDragon: You can actually attach it!
hd_dabnado: it is now day!
bogander_guy: Lol turns out I was on the wrong account
SolFerrum: chat: is this the very first match of the day?
Nameless_Sword: It has become day
personification2: It is now DAY!
Anubis169: BrowneePoints: They are in boxes
Slacker1977: Also it's Day now
holz1994: Like is wrong
hd_dabnado: oh right
MTGRanger: What a horrible night to have a curse
Amazonian: DAYTIME <3
keyforgealchemist: why is Adam pinged?
TheWhirlmind: A new day begins
maximus416: It becomes day
Masslost: also, adam hair is on point
Sage0fMadness: Time has Begun!
Easilycrazyhat: It is day
chimpfunkz: why is adam at 19
frank_the_great: It is now day
RAZRBCK08: it is Day
ExhaustedElox: It is Day!
DemoDane: no it is day
munocard: <message deleted>ITS A NEW DAY
Amazonian: :sun:
PixelArtDragon: Attach the curse to Adam! Suture it!
raisins77: DAY 🌞
Quillpaw: <message deleted>DAY MAN! FIGHTER OF THE NIGHT MAN!
TheM8: life is wrong!
personification2: No, it is day
ThunderWeasel: Does not become day yet
illinri: life total wrong way around
MehallD: It's Day
Dog_of_Myth: No, it's day
ExhaustedElox: Wrong, it is Day
Dragoon5602: ITS DAY
Gildan_Bladeborn: No, it's Day now Graham.
AmazingChest: it's day now
SquirrelEarl: A new day has dawned
marchofpain: A new day begins!
Fruan: No, it's day now.
CyberFive: Here comes the sun, do-do-do-do!~
Flying_MTG: Graham it is now day
4AMDonuts: nope, it's day!
liogigan: day token at the center?
TotallyNotaBeholder: It's a new day, yes it is
beowuuf: It is day
wizardlizard411: its day!
grgriffin3: It's a New Day, yes it is.
thenumbertree: IT is day time
notmatthias: Day man!
benjamin_wheeler: Please look at all of us screaming its day
Gildan_Bladeborn: The card literally says that on it.
TheInnsanity: DAY
micalovits: Life is no right!
interwebgangsta: not correct its Day
Kirgo: DAY!
not_not_7: it's day
Slacker1977: Oh, how wrong you are Graham :D
Nameless_Sword: upkeep trigger
Amazonian: Not webcam magic? Amazing
QuandrixDropout: tis day
Didero: Wait, so when does it become day?
zaheyier: day/night token pls
jiantwitch: Daybound makes it day!
Dragoon5602: day time!
Easilycrazyhat: 🌞🌞🌞
Tycho_Nova: it is DAY
TXC2: chat settle down
torpidninja: it's day now
munocard: daytime!
serocrim: DAY
obionedrop: day!
DiscordianTokkan: If adam does the THING though it'll become Night
KendalMac417: life totals are swapped
fabrizi3: It is day, as the first daybound starts the tracking
nkmitch42: Are we getting a sidewalk slam about all out??
Anubis169: smokePR
mowdownjoe: Looks like someone got bad intel from LR.
DangerDiabolik: daytime baby
artemis_fowl_second: daytime token
jbarlam90: daybound makes it day!
UnbeatableAshWilliams: they fixed life
DumnorixOfGallia: DAG
marchofpain: It's the first day time! It's very exciting for chat
CanisLupusAqua: YO
malc: ooooh
RSCorundum: lmao
Easilycrazyhat: PAUL WHAT
SorintheCat: did Adam shave the sides of his head?
asthanius: <message deleted>PAUL THAT WAS GREAT
Juliamon: OH
Ferox777: fancy
Kirgo: Praise the Sun!
Dog_of_Myth: PAUL!!
RocknGrohlNerd: wooow
dsavillian: oh those graphics
TheWhirlmind: Oooh day/night symbol!
Desruprot: Praise the Sun!
sblue333: ooooooooo
Haroldholmes25: PAUL
DiscordianTokkan: Oooh, Cool Overlay
CanisLupusAqua: that's so pretty!
micalovits: Woo, Paul!
nalha: LSV got this wrong :P
Anubis169: oh wooooooooow
eye_h_bar: Day-o
grgriffin3: Yooooooooooo
Forgotten_Lizard: PAUL
flagonmaster: dang Paul
CnCPOWERHOUR: nice paul
jarjaross: Its day as soon as a daybound things enters play
electra310: Day! So good!
beowuuf: ooooh
Diabore: overlay update!
TalpTheScot: check that overlay
NRosalino: isn't it day?
Easilycrazyhat: That's so cool
liogigan: so fancy paul, very nice
Nameless_Sword: nicely done paul
GredGredmansson: life totals are backwards
Fire_Summoner: Nice overlay!
ExhaustedElox: Wow, nice, Paul :D
benjamin_wheeler: praise the sun
Chulump: little darling
Gildan_Bladeborn: Spiffy.
laikagoat: fionaClap lrrPAUL fionaClap
DeM0nFiRe: lrrPAUL PogChamp
Traion: Woo Paul!
Quillpaw: oh NICE
wordmogul: yay, Paul!!
SmashTCG: <message deleted>NIGHTMODE PLEASE
dragonflare9: Paul!!!!
chrono2x: Graham at 21 and Adam at 18
Styxseus: Eyyy!
Saxpython: fancy paul
x0den: Paul! :)
TXC2: Paul magic HYPE
Leonhart321: Sick overlay
RocknGrohlNerd: paul benginDab
tarkes12: oooohh
malc: Praise the sun
bogander_guy: Also Bogander moment
incredulouspasserby: how dare you bring sun into my room
LordofDepression: dawn of the first day
bernardo013: ooooooooh
lightninginthecorner: oooo the overlay
QuandrixDropout: PAUL NICE
eye_h_bar: is-a-day, is a day
Sarah_Serinde: Paul that's so neat with the overlay
cassaclyzm: layout change, siiick
Bugberry: Here Comes the Sun dodododo
jeffjeffersontheman: 5PS5s
Dix: Paul is the COTDANG MVP
Fried_Twinkie: its sunny out, go outside
yoric_the_skull: Paul! good job!
Flying_MTG: ooh nice overlay
torpidninja: it's buried in the white text on the top of the token. hard to read
falcn120: nice paul!
Theycallmejokke: Uh nice over lay, bravo
Didero: lrrPAUL lrrSHINE
liogigan: paul goated fr
CyberFive: So bright!
JohnAnyteller: Nice Paul!
sblue333: love it!
cosarprime: shouln't life totals be different?
Bladinus: Praise the Sun! \[T]/
personification2: Yes! Paul! lrrPAUL
SolFerrum: go paul
ExhaustedElox: Paul really makes the PPRs special.
ThunderWeasel: Daybound makes it day? It doesn't say that on the card
GhostValv: \o/
chefryto90: Yooooo Paul is a Wizard
TheWhirlmind: Paul MVP
wafeloto: PAUL chad
Symphoneers: Paul hype TakeNRG
oregoncryptid: paul continues to be the best
Dragoon5602: but put the token for yourselves
Anubis169: smokeBRO
TXC2: please no all caps chat
amative1: So Graham is the first person in the world to make it day... HE IS THE DAYMAN! (ah aaah aaaaaaah)
GredGredmansson: we are correct now
exerus16: Paul never disappoints
savorycookie: *chants* Paul! Paul! Paul!
amam741: Great job Paul I love it
KaleidoscopeMind: lrrPAUL lrrSHINE
Sage0fMadness: lrrSPOOPY lrrSPOOPY lrrSPOOPY
chromewhit: siiick
NighSeptem: Paul, you are too good
DumnorixOfGallia: is Adam...brighter?
JocelyneAnne: Paul is the lrrGOAT
jj_mickey: @LRRMTG_Judge wouldn't it make more sense for Graham to keep the curse on his side, so it doesn't have to be passed back and forth whenever it becomes transformed?
holz1994: I don't think it is
queso_gaming: Paul is the guy
11toaman: \O/ Praise the Sun! And also Paul!
RAZRBCK08: life totals are correct now
Statist42: lrrPAUL lrrHEART
Fruan: How is Paul so good? How is this allowed?
therealflyingtoastr: Doesn't daybound make it day?
alittlegecko: Paul forever stepping up the game, very nice
PixelArtDragon: Whoever did the graphics for the overlay, excellent work
Easilycrazyhat: Because they don't have daybound, yeah
AugustGreen: Yes!!! I was hoping Paul would do something special! lrrPAUL
RevolverRossalot: <message deleted>HE SUN THE SUN THE SUN THE S
greg1756: Paul is keeping up his canonical Power Level.
Gildan_Bladeborn: Because those aren't Daybound/Nightbound Ben.
TehAmelie: dawn dawn dawn dawn, etc
ExhaustedElox: @LoadingReadyRun Ben put the damage on the wrong player.
Veste: those cards aren't daybound
Ksyr: So eye-scorching, I hate the day
mtgbear: Graham +1 life
Gildan_Bladeborn: But they care about it.
QuandrixDropout: because they dont have day/nightbound and dont transform
thenumbertree: upkeep trigger
superrawmatthew: Paul OP
Anubis169: Please watch the ALLCAPS chat :)
LRRbot: Morbid Opportunist [2B] | Creature — Human Rogue [1/3] | Whenever one or more other creatures die, draw a card. This ability triggers only once each turn.
tinaun: the dude being cursed on curse of leeches looks like graham
queso_gaming: lrrPAUL
thanzo: they don't transform right? (the cards that specify if neither night or day)
capt_g1029: fix the life totals
GredGredmansson: from the Day Token: "(If it becomes day or night or if a daybound permanent enters the battlefield, track day/night for the rest of the game.)"
electra310: @ExhaustedElox It's fixed now
t_peazy: Graham? would be nice if reading g the card explained that mechanic. I hate that these rules are becoming more complicated and less explained.
incredulouspasserby: @RevolverRossalot minus the all caps - I See You
Wonderdoc: @ExhaustedElox allready got fixed
Easilycrazyhat: lrrSHINE lrrPAUL
Amazonian: Sorry, we're very excited about the sun
belharion8: pay 3 draw 3 cards.. seems decent
dinoiscute: Shouldn't Graham be at 17?
gnome_friend: Aristocrats!
chrono2x: Life is correct now
Sage0fMadness: Adam's synergy is on point!
Devonaut: the 1 power beatdown
LRRMTG_Judge: @jj_mickey it's fine, it might even be more dramatic to bring it back and forth. pharma2Vial
holz1994: That's weird it should really say that it becomes day on the daybound cards
UnbeatableAshWilliams: dang adam with the huge card draw
Ferox777: that's a hell of a combination of 3 cards
DiscordianTokkan: Oh NO, Adam's deck isn't Vampires, it's just VALUE
Dragoon5602: they're gonna forget about the passive dan/night change, aren't they
pryzum_: all daybound/nightbound are transformable, they just wanted cards that would affect day/night wtihout transofrming
ItsMajorMineral: that's so much value if he pulls it off
PixelArtDragon: "Judge, my opponent's deck is too good!"
mtgbear: <message deleted>GRAHAM GAIN 1 LIFE
Bugberry: This mechanic is basically that meme of the skeletons on the rollercoast passing the normal people.
zaheyier: this sacrifice will be so juicy!
ExhaustedElox: Okay, right, Adam is down at 19 now.
before_damage: They got this wrong on the limited resources podcast and I’m glad I wasn’t mistaken with that.
personification2: Adam is a bit quiet for me
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TabbyLavalamp: It's like the city's blessing where you don't just get it because you have ten random permanents.
artemis_fowl_second: @t_peazy they had a video that explained it all
RSCorundum: What is happening to the life totals
Traion: I think Adam might not have any vampires LUL
RocknGrohlNerd: Knight of Dawn not reprinted, wastes opportunity
marchofpain: isn't that a 2/1? Graham has been hit for 4 but he gained one right?
Khuasta: maybe Adam mike is off or low?
WildValuemancer: VALUEmpires
LRRbot: Baneblade Scoundrel [3B] (back: Baneclaw Marauder) | Creature — Human Rogue Werewolf [4/3] | Whenever Baneblade Scoundrel becomes blocked, each creature blocking it gets −1/−1 until end of turn. / Daybound
Trollbonist: Adam's voice is very very soft. Not sure if a mic issue or if he's just mumbling.
CyberFive: Adam's gonna draw so many cards!
Anubis169: WildValuemancer: nicely done
an_unladen_swallow: if there is nothing in play with Daybound or Nightbound, will it keep alternating between day and night? or does the game only check Day vs Night triggers if a permanent in play has Nightbound
TheWhirlmind: Hey Ben, I'm down to my last chicken nuggie. As a fellow Ben, I'm sure you understand my pain
GredGredmansson: @marchofpain 1/1 and 1/2
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gnome_friend: Is that flanking??
Traion: Baneblade has flanking
LegionofLashes: Adam with the slick haircut looking sweet
Pharmacistjudge: that's almost flanking?
DiscordianTokkan: Flanking is back! Kinda!
control_rig: Baneblade? The Space Marine tank?
grgriffin3: Flanking!
frank_the_great: Flanking!
Kaktus021: It's got flanking
Khuasta: maybe Adam mic is off or low?*
mastershake29x: Wasn't there an unglued card that cared about if it was (actually) day or night?
TinoDidriksen: While I know it's a running thing that Adam is quieter when playing Magic ... is his mic actually on atm?
GredGredmansson: @an_unladen_swallow once day/night is established, it stays for the rest of the game
superrawmatthew: @Trollbonist I think Adam's just quite soft spoken
BrowneePoints: Nope. It's a throwback to Lesser/Greater Werewolf
t_peazy: @artemis_fowl_second yes but the card should explained that. new players won't necessarily have a Lrr video explaining it.
rkruzicka: so many combos Adam
Easilycrazyhat: Oh god, that's gonna be so hard
TXC2: yeah that is flanking ;p
LRRbot: Defenestrate [2B] | Instant | Destroy target creature without flying.
liogigan: adam is at 18
serialtram: Beyblade Scoundrel
beowuuf: @t_peazy there is a day/night toekn card now in packs that explains the gamestate, to use as a gamestate tracker
GredGredmansson: Adam down to 18?
micalovits: Should be 19/18
bajsisnice: life total should be be 20 to Adam
RandomTrivia: Yeet!
Amazonian: Yeet that creature!
RocknGrohlNerd: love the old flunging
gabehawk: Hey first ever watching PPR live super excited for this set guys!!!!
Easilycrazyhat: Arena has ruined my tuned Magic mind.
Coltsfan354: Adam should be 18
ExhaustedElox: Should Adam be at 18
malc: I enjoy that flavour
marchofpain: @GredGredmansson Darn, I forgot which side was the 2. Thanks for correcting me
TreeGamer35: im so happy to see them playing face to face
Theycallmejokke: Yeet out the window
LRRMTG_Judge: @an_unladen_swallow Once something comes out that is daybound, the cycle starts. That continues even if there is nothing left that is daybound/nightbound.
zhrang911: Adam should be at 18
froschizero: !(
Chulump: Wait shouldn't Adam be at 18?
eye_h_bar: Adam should be at 18
redd34d: adam 18
yourlocalpinecone: Adam's at 18
gnome_friend: Out the window with you!
KendalMac417: Defenestrare is German for, The Fenestrate
singularity26: Throw that werewolf out the window
CyberFive: Yeet!
kevsta47: is Adam's mic off or is he just mumbling?
TreeGamer35: also Adam's hair is on point
Coltsfan354: <message deleted>YAY, ACCURACY
chrono2x: Is the life changer thingie reversed for Adam and Graham?
Vn497: What is a werewolf if not a vampire?
s0lesurviv0r: have there been werewolves in black before??
Genderi: Ben just flip the ipad upside down so it's intuitive for you again :D
Didero: 16
99dcwolf: Hey Chat! Glad I'm able to finally catch a PPR
GredGredmansson: @chrono2x it was at the start, its ok now
Didero: I thnk?
jiantwitch: 16
Armoric: Did Adam draw for the dead creature?
micalovits: And graham should be at 16
TXC2: please no all caps chat
Lobster667: 16 I think yeah
jbarlam90: Treacherous werewolf and lesser wererwolf in black
RocknGrohlNerd: yo. defenstrate. anybody from czech republic? benginO7
TheM8: CURSe4
ExhaustedElox: 16 graham, you gained a life from the curse
99dcwolf: How's everyone doing?
jiantwitch: 3 dmg from 19
Wonderdoc: G at 16
UnbeatableAshWilliams: what happens if you sanguinate a werewolf
DiscordianTokkan: @Armoric He did
WiseApostle: That foil showcase land
x0den: as an aside, great deck name Graham!
chrysaliss: Y’all remember the menace that was Plague Wight in RNA limited?
Anubis169: RocknGrohlNerd: No, but i speak a trochu :P
t_peazy: @beowuuf it should be on the card. in the reminder text.
Easilycrazyhat: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
thanzo: !card curse of leeches
LRRbot: Curse of Leeches [2B] (back: Leeching Lurker) | Enchantment — Aura Curse | Enchant player / As this permanent transforms into Curse of Leeches, attach it to a player. / At the beginning of enchanted player's upkeep, they lose 1 life and you gain 1 life. / Daybound
TheInnsanity: remember paper magic?
Sage0fMadness: @RocknGrohlNerd no but i understand the reference LUL
radioshackraider: Having to watch an ad every time my internet conks out during this is getting annoying.
LRRMTG_Judge: Ben as a judge who did coverage, I know the feeling. pharma2Vial
torpidninja: did Adam draw his extra card?
Flying_MTG: what is that card graham just activated?
thanzo: !card leeching lurker
LRRbot: Leeching Lurker (front: Curse of Leeches) | Creature — Leech Horror [4/4] | Lifelink / Nightbound
s0lesurviv0r: imagine being an atheist on Innistrad
GredGredmansson: Bloody Mary count is at 1
Flying_MTG: !card heirloom mirror
LRRbot: Heirloom Mirror [1B] (back: Inherited Fiend) | Artifact | {1}, {T}, Pay 1 life, Discard a card: Draw a card, mill a card, then put a ritual counter on Heirloom Mirror. Then if it has 3 or more ritual counters on it, remove them and transform it. Activate only as a sorcery.
Desruprot: nice land pocket thinner
Forgotten_Lizard: Yes Adam drew
LRRbot: Heirloom Mirror [1B] (back: Inherited Fiend) | Artifact | {1}, {T}, Pay 1 life, Discard a card: Draw a card, mill a card, then put a ritual counter on Heirloom Mirror. Then if it has 3 or more ritual counters on it, remove them and transform it. Activate only as a sorcery.
personification2: The Ritual is Complete!
RocknGrohlNerd: @anubis169 oh sweet
torpidninja: @forgotten_lizard thanks
Bionull: This is just like my routine in front of the mirror.
electra310: What does it do? Lots of things!
Easilycrazyhat: Gotta say it's name thrice
ThunderWeasel: I love the day/night mechanic, but I hate how confusing it is without the day/night reminder card
amative1: "It does LOTS of things!"
personification2: Beetlejuice (1)
mperk36: Bloody Mary count is at 1
Flying_MTG: @ThunderWeasel yeah, it is nice that they have a good overlay for it
LRRbot: Shady Traveler [2B] (back: Stalking Predator) | Creature — Human Werewolf [2/3] | Menace / Daybound
frank_the_great: "How do you want to do this?"
PixelArtDragon: Heirloom Mirror seems like it might be good in reanimator
AlucardMarkov: How often do you open any of the new dark full art lands in these packs?
marchofpain: @s0lesurviv0rKind of hard to not believe in something when you can see it outside of your window, fighting vampires and stuff
konkerinjo: i really like heirloom mirror, is it good though?
beowuuf: @t_peazy the problem is that after you cast the first day/nightbound card, the card is acting o nthe boardstate, not creating it, so harder to have clean reminder text. If you only have the one card, the reminder text is correct to use that card. Not ideal, i agree
Fanklok: Heirloom Mirror is truly the simic slaw of mirrors
Clockwork_Cthulhu: Bloody Mary count is at 1
jamiewisdom74: dudes sus as hell
mtgbear: pay a life
raverin_eg: @mperk36 well I;ve found the name for this card now
singularity26: @LoadingReadyRun Really happy to have this back on a weekend day. It's always more enjoyable to watch these live.
BrowneePoints: Wow, graham got 2 of the THREE black werewolves!
superrawmatthew: A huerwholf
Joker9392: oh hey its the bear deck guy :D
jeffjeffersontheman: poop count is at 3 OSFrog OSFrog
Anubis169: RocknGrohlNerd: UK here, my ex is from near Brno. Love languages <3 Could never quite get my head around how to switch declensions so fast :D
t_peazy: @frank_the_great bidet fellow critter
liogigan: curse doin work
Twilight_Spark: My overcoat is too shady for you traveler. You cannot handle my overcoats.
TXC2: "on your upkeep" the "on your left" of MtG
Lithobraker: s0lesurviv0r It would be pretty hard to believe in a benevolent god at the very least
HeroX_26: That curse is going work
GredGredmansson: so which card gets Adam extra cards again?
DarkAbyssKeeper: Whenwolf?
matty0409: didnt gram jsut cast 2 spells?
satyropodobny: Shady Seamus
HeroX_26: dsoing*
HeroX_26: doing*
99dcwolf: Was this draft or Sealed?
Chulump: WHY wolves????
GredGredmansson: @matty0409 only 1, and its already day
Gildan_Bladeborn: All you have to do to make it become a 4/4 is just "don't cast a spell on your turn", but doing that might prove... fatal.
TehAmelie: Candlejack count is 1 wait that's not h
RAZRBCK08: sealed
Bladinus: @matty0409 nope, one ability and one spell
TetraRay: relearning how to play in person, always fun!
frank_the_great: @t_peazy Bidet to you too *tips hat*
TXC2: 99dcwolf sealed
fabrizi3: sealed
TheWhirlmind: Edge of the Playmat sounds like an epic movie
bogander_guy: Whom wolves
matty0409: @GredGredmansson ty, was paying half attention
jbarlam90: Why wolves
frank_the_great: <message deleted>DAY NOWW
LRRbot: Geistflame Reservoir [2R] | Artifact | Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, put a charge counter on Geistflame Reservoir. / {1}{R}, {T}, Remove any number of charge counters from Geistflame Reservoir: It deals that much damage to any target. / {1}{R}, {T}: Exile the top card of your library. You may play that card this turn.
keyforgealchemist: leech curse?
themcclintalk: Both should be 17?
serialtram: menace 🤌
Easilycrazyhat: Yeah, it's on each players turn, now.
Dix: Geisty
SolFerrum: oh dear
WildValuemancer: seems like it's not very easy for it to become night, but then once it finally happens it's gonna stay night for a while in limited
BrowneePoints: @GredGredmansson Morbid Opportunist
amative1: Ding Dong! Haven't heard that in a while
PixelArtDragon: Day now, you're a rockstar...
bogander_guy: When wolves, time traveling werewolves
belharion8: Adam
marchofpain: @themcclintalk Graham paid one life to go down to 15 on his last turn
mtgbear: Graham llost 1 with mirror
Slacker1977: man, Adam has all the card draw
Cato_Phoenix: relic amulet on roids
belharion8: is playing Rakdos value town
StreetRach: It is very hard to hear Adam.
Pharmacistjudge: Adam's volume is a bit low for me
themcclintalk: Gotcha. Am blind. Carry on
Coltsfan354: when the curse flips to a creature, then flips back to the curse, do you chose who to have it enchant, or does it have to be the one it was enchanting before?
TyrisUnbreakable: Adam is just being quiet guys
Leonhart321: I have to wonder if Geistflame will see play with Thermo-Alchemisr
Leonhart321: *Alchemist
DiscordianTokkan: It's a Ghostbusters trap, only it shoots the ghost-energy out! Orsomething
legenderrick728: Will there be more in-person play coming to the Friday Night Paper Fight? Also are there any plans for Friday Nights?
BrowneePoints: The Enchant says to attach it when it flips back
Lithobraker: Diiing dong, someone's at the door
Liz4rdoo: @Coltsfan354 you choose
LordZarano: !card Day
LRRbot: Found 26 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
GredGredmansson: @Coltsfan354 it says "you can attach it to 'an opponent'."
warboss5: <message deleted>IT'S A TRAP!
SagaMonstrum: Graham can I throw codes at you again? I have no use for them and I might've overstepped trying to contact Wheeler a while ago since nobody else was awake at the time.
TheWhirlmind: Oof
LRRMTG_Judge: @Coltsfan354 You choose.
LRRbot: Stolen Vitality [1R] | Instant | Target creature gets +3/+1 until end of turn. If it's your turn, that creature gains trample until end of turn. Otherwise, it gains first strike until end of turn.
bogander_guy: Did twitch just censor “dong”?
Rustpile: Just wanna say, Adam's hair is killing the game
Daircrow: Adams cool
UnbeatableAshWilliams: sus card
Juliamon: legenderrick728 Depends on how well this goes, maybe.
notthepenguins: that thing is so good
Forgotten_Lizard: Really creepy
Coltsfan354: thanks erreybody.
CavemanKellen: adam we need the fishing reel got em :D
Joker9392: oof lol
Dix: oh damn that's a good combat trick
bogander_guy: Oh Nevermind
serialtram: oh that art
lightninginthecorner: oh that are is unsettling. i think i love it
theguy239: sus
Sarah_Serinde: SagaMonstrum Graham's a bit busy to answer that question right now I think
Dmc3628: oofa and doofa
GhostValv: :)
4AMDonuts: it's andy sandberg, run
nix_gd: @legenderrick728 They said at the start of the stream that they will get back to in person FNPF, but not immediately
Traion: That card is so good
liogigan: :)
TXC2: first strike on block from that is gonna be brutal
UnbeatableAshWilliams: when the vampire is SUS
savagesushi22: F
Anubis169: SagaMonstrum: Best to message when he's not in a game ;)
UponMyOath: Wow, you just hit him with the Vampire Andy Samberg spell, huh?
Fried_Twinkie: choo choo
TheM8: adam takes one
frank_the_great: I LOVE that art
dawnchere: Adam's deck looks sweet!
Ferox777: that triggers on opponents creatures too?