EricTheOrange: from one puzzle garden into another.
TheMerricat: >_> >_< <_<
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theghostwiththemost: this ghost still needs fudge
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LoadingReadyRun: augh forgot to run the ad >.<
TehAmelie: i have a peanut butter snickers bar
greatwahooney: right, ads exist
kusinohki: do you shoot the ads first or go after the big boss??
TehAmelie: basically a thin chocolate cracker with peanut butter on. does that get near fudge?
beowuuf: all these subbed chatters unhelpfully sitting here not realising
Riiiiiiis: i just see those great vistas every time i hear that song
theghostwiththemost: what are ads
SilverBramble: i need to rewatch road quest, this music makes me feel happy
Riiiiiiis: right!?!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @theghostwiththemost they're those things we shoot for money whilst the boss is untargetable
beowuuf: @theghostwiththemost those things that appear every five seconds when you watch someone else's vod
greatwahooney: five seconds? big oof
beowuuf: ok, i exaggerated for comedic effect, it's only every ten seconds :p
RandomTrivia: Hi friends! (again) lrrSHINE
beowuuf: sergeHi
greatwahooney: Hi friend!
greatwahooney: BADGER
beowuuf: lol
SnackPak_: lrrFINE
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
RandomTrivia: UH
TheMerricat: Chat, why does my container of knockoff thin mints not have a calories per container listed? Just this weird thing called a serving.
TehAmelie: i remember one day in the early streaming ages when the only ad in circulation was a like 8 seconds long ad for an advertising service. boy that was repetitive
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE
beowuuf: just run with it. it's lrrmtg, it wasn't a mistake
Riiiiiiis: hii cam
RandomTrivia: benginTry
greatwahooney: hello Cameron <3 congrats on the PPR win!
noSmokeFire: charging badger: the normal talking sim vibe
TehAmelie: hullo
TheMerricat: muted
RandomTrivia: Has it been one of those days?
Juliamon: it only tuesday
TheMerricat: and over.
Styxseus: Oh hey! It's a talking sim!
RandomTrivia: Run it back!
heyalexdaily: Silence Simulator.
DaMullet14: !clipit
kusinohki: I'm also having one of those weeks
noSmokeFire: a tidy, short stream today
RandomTrivia: Secret bonus stream!
greatwahooney: great show everyone! same time next week?
wench_tacular: whelp
corianderd: ready for some card gaaaaaaames???!
KV1NN4: ah I see i fell into an alternate timeline for a second
kusinohki: is cam very still or stream froze??
djalternative: best talking sim yet
greatwahooney: card games on motorcycles?!
theghostwiththemost: is this a lie?
RandomTrivia: No-one tell Heather
RandomTrivia: lrrSIG
Styxseus: Oh hey! It's a talking sim!
beowuuf: and start!
AshBurnem: lrrSHINE
RandomTrivia: benginTry
KV1NN4: Yay I'm not late!
EricTheOrange: OK everyone pretend that didin't happen
Godeke: lrrARROWS lrrARROWS lrrSIG
TheMerricat: still muted
kusinohki: perfect first time, every time
Manae: @EricTheOrange What didn't happen?
wench_tacular: silence
MrVirite: cold mic
RandomTrivia: OH NO
Pal_Friendpatine: That. What just happened. Needs to be a show
Juliamon: excellent mug choice
RandomTrivia: Am Cameron ok?
beowuuf: it's definitely a pyrex jug tuesday
EricTheOrange: oh ok i can hear now
LidofLoathing: hi!
TehAmelie: nice water mug indeed
Seagulyus: oh god the look on poor Cam's face when he moved to his camera was a mood
TheAinMAP: Hello!
Styxseus: Hello?
RandomTrivia: I hear people!
djalternative: hola
TheMerricat: Now we hear you :)
TehAmelie: oh hi
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ArcOfTheConclave: 39 months of muted streams
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tarkes12: Hi!
djalternative: the dishes?
LidofLoathing: washing?
DaMullet14: brain
jessieimproved: I just got here, and I'm not disappointed
Styxseus: :D
beowuuf: the dishes, yes
TheMerricat: Dishes :)
RandomTrivia: lrrGARBO ?
NojhLivic: Fire?
ArcOfTheConclave: the dishes
Sarah_Serinde: Don't do toilets, kids
Critterbot: It's... going.
Styxseus: Dishes sounds correct
noSmokeFire: oh, the stream was misbehaving on my end and refused to show Cam
Styxseus: and fits the uhhh, choice of "cup"
Godeke: Yeah, from the drinking vessel, I think dishes...
EricTheOrange: apples
offbeatwitch: Hello Chatothy
jessieimproved: I'm a glorious blank slate
Pal_Friendpatine: I’m excited to see this game
greatwahooney: non-looping space maybe?
The_MadChatter: Garden puzzles? The Witness is that you?
beowuuf: is this going to be like that fables 4 thingie?
offbeatwitch: garden puzzles... 2!
RandomTrivia: Slightly more conventional spacetime
CrazyZonie: Ragweed and allergies,
TehAmelie: growing things and roots?
Boon_33: a less many-folded or manifolded garden.
noSmokeFire: my experience with gardening suggests the main puzzle is going to be keeping the fucking gophers out
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NojhLivic: Ooh. Dishes! I get it.
Zoso_Wolf: Pyrex new sponser!?
kusinohki: can a full sized dishwasher double as a shower?
TheMerricat: Or... hear me out... covid has made us all live like trash pandas. :P
RandomTrivia: The Pyrex jug as a drinking vessel is a POWERFUL statement
djalternative: pyrex is a powerful mug choice tho
CrazyZonie: @noSmokeFire If we're trading expressing for garden puzzles, I suspect mine would be a lot of brown, overgrowth, and an over-zealous neighbor and city inspector.
offbeatwitch: my mouth is laughing in my face
EricTheOrange: just assume it was ben who was supposed to do it but diddin't
TehAmelie: Pyrex is like safe to put in a furnace right? must be some strong water
greatwahooney: @offbeatwitch where else would it laugh?
noSmokeFire: @CrazyZonie oh! containing mint. that's the biggest puzzle of them all
Invitare: would the correct way to drink from a jug not be... the spout? Should you just pour it into your open mouth?
LordZarano: You can usually see the oil in the reflection
TehAmelie: i've tried it. the spout of a jug is strangely not compatiable with the mouth of a person
Invitare: that sounds like quitter talk
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: aren't there... a number of crapshots about how LRR doesn't use the dishwasher
Styxseus: :D
beowuuf: nature is clearly healing
RandomTrivia: LUL
noSmokeFire: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat and Cam's usually cast as "disappointed coworker #1"
RandomTrivia: Art imitates life
CrazyZonie: Now I know what to send Cam through mailtime.
blip2004: when I worked concession we had to drink out of styrofoam cups because they tracked the coke branded cups
RandomTrivia: *Cameron will remember this*
beowuuf: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat "cameron will remember this"
greatwahooney: the lower rack is looking a little neglected
noSmokeFire: but how else will I rinse my salad, Cori?
TehAmelie: i liked the riddle. i could see that posted in a lot of office kitchens
djalternative: At least Adam washes each dish he uses
beowuuf: O.O
RandomTrivia: OH NO
dslucia: katesLol
Styxseus: Ahhhh
TeiranDragon: how... how long has the cake lived in the freezer?
wildpeaks: maybe by now the cake has become sentient and just walked out
CrazyZonie: BTW, what's Cam's favorite color, Chat?
beowuuf: i think moonbase mkV had a good run, cleanse it with fire and move on to kk 6
RandomTrivia: Cori please stop saying such cursed things
noSmokeFire: oh, cake in the garbage disposal is a powerful, terrible image
offbeatwitch: god
CAKHost: D8
bytecaster: Finally truly relatable content!
Styxseus: Oh dear
niccus: soon we'll be able to measure your content output in liters
RandomTrivia: NotLikeThis
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Styxseus: :D
beowuuf: @TeiranDragon see, cake should not be living, let along be living long enough for us to ask about a time frame
offbeatwitch: technology!
teavian: cool technology
TheMerricat: Is Cam the first person back in the studio after the PPR? :D
djalternative: We need to play something like a Dish Washing Simulator on Talking Sim to serve as a How To for the rest of the crew
offbeatwitch: weird resolution?
RandomTrivia: Spin that wheel!
CrazyZonie: @beowuuf Cake should never be around long enough to question timeframe. If you have leftover cake, you're doing it wrong.
RandomTrivia: Cam was too busy crushing the PPR to notice what the tech was doing
wildpeaks: we're doing Science today
Juliamon: CrazyZonie look, we can't all be Bruce Bogtrotter
beowuuf: @CrazyZonie agree!
TheMerricat: did the stream jsut die for anyone else?
RandomTrivia: Oh no
RandomTrivia: !picnic
TehAmelie: yeop
heyalexdaily: rip
Styxseus: @TheMerricat Yupp
Boon_33: CurseLit lrrFINE CurseLit
niccus: so that's a button it's not
TheMerricat: Take 3! :D
Sarah_Serinde: If it's flashing for you, chat, refresh to make it stop
RandomTrivia: panicBasket lrrFINE panicBasket
CastleOtranto: Cameron is having A DAY
offbeatwitch: whoops
Styxseus: Oh no twitch is doing the thing again
TheAinMAP: lrrSIG
RandomTrivia: GOT THERE
wolgo: It lives!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
TehAmelie: we lost Cam but we got there
Boon_33: CurseLit lrrSIG CurseLit
Styxseus: AAAAAND its fine!
RandomTrivia: I wonder what Cam did
wolgo: Cam looks defeated
RandomTrivia: Whatever you did, good work
TehAmelie: he's back! hi Cameron
greatwahooney: ooh, pleasant noises
Styxseus: HahaShrugLeft lrrSIG HahaShrugRight
Boon_33: full recovery in record time
CrazyZonie: @Juliamon Sorry, had to look up Bruce Bogtrotter is. Apparently he's after my time. :(
Boon_33: good work people who are actually working right now :)
CAKHost: Good night, everyone.
RandomTrivia: *cursed mashup of The Police's Message in a Bottle and ABBA's SOS goes here*
TheMerricat: night! @CAKHost
TheAinMAP: Ooh, trains.
wildpeaks: talking of co-op, I was happy to see Death Trash added a split screen mode that sends each feed to a different screen
CapitalisToast: just got here! what just happened?
TehAmelie: is there this extremely universal expectation that indie games should have low technical requirements? if they're good games anyway
Juliamon: CapitalisToast lrrFINE
wildpeaks: boop has been achieved
TheMerricat: @CapitalisToast we just started after a few tech difficulties and some talk about being responsible adults and doing the dishes
RandomTrivia: @CapitalisToast Nothing untoward here, how are you?
Sarah_Serinde: Can...can I have one of those?
noSmokeFire: @TehAmelie powerful graphics require powerful money
KV1NN4: is this an isekai?
TehAmelie: or being Jason Welge
offbeatwitch: oh it's a superhot
RandomTrivia: Oooooh
Boon_33: lrrARROWS
Juliamon: Oh, we Super Hot now
noSmokeFire: SUPER HOT
djalternative: Super. Hot
Styxseus: Huh. Curious.
ArcOfTheConclave: like in Rouge?
Boon_33: never been so exited to watch something rewind
TheAinMAP: A tree house that teleports? Is it filled with books?
TehAmelie: this looks like a great place for a garden really
LordZarano: It's like that platformer...
CrazyZonie: Thanks, Cori. Now I have that Cher song stuck in my head.
sfn____: @LordZarano braid?
MrVirite: "Lounge room" Not just "Lounge" or "The Lounge"
noSmokeFire: lolol. So one of the MCs is named Arina and has a big letter A on her jacket
RandomTrivia: These visuals are absolutely adorable
LordZarano: @LordZarano That's the one! I knew it began with B!
Styxseus: Light bonfire -> totally fix the timespace continuum forever. It always works!
StreetRach: Yoooo! I am so hyped you're playing this game. It's beautiful and I loved it so much!
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Cunamo: ow hey an underground-infant
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RandomTrivia: S U C C hole
TehAmelie: Super Ghouls & Ghosts i think is the only one that had a secret just there to taunt everyone who didn't realize games can scroll in both directions now
TehAmelie: on level 1
greatwahooney: is this how King Crimson works?
Riiiiiiis: Treehouse in the rain sounds great!
wolgo: Staying outside the treehouse while its raining needs more explanation
RandomTrivia: The treehouse also seems to be a boat... Hmm...
wildpeaks: cubes in a garden, hmmm
RandomTrivia: Oooooh
wildpeaks: shiny
Kuolar: Cool technology
RandomTrivia: Active gaming!
TheMerricat: :( I just read that Norm McDonald has passed due to cancer chat.
Styxseus: :D
TehAmelie: "adult men doing things together"
wolgo: Experiments that run for over 24h!
djalternative: @TheMerricat nooooooo
theghostwiththemost: @TheMerricat he can come back as death
RandomTrivia: *truck reversing beep*
Styxseus: De-quired
djalternative: spare kidneys
CrazyZonie: Cori, it's a redundancy in the system in case one child breaks or goes missing.
Styxseus: Ah. Redundancy child.
StreetRach: Later chapters you'll have to use both of them, IIRC.
TheMerricat: as the oldest child I always did ask why are there two you only need me
krfsm: @TheMerricat heir and a spare
wolgo: No
CrazyZonie: I didn't recognize the first.
wolgo: Def not common constellations
Pteraspidomorphi: Kiddy pool and clothesline is a well known constellation
greatwahooney: @TheMerricat similarly, I always questioned my existence as the younger sibling
StreetRach: Constellations are here for ambience.
TehAmelie: maybe there will be a quest to disguise the kids in a trenchcoat and act adult
djalternative: it's pinball tilt controls
wolgo: These kids just casually manipulate time
Kaorti: thoughts are stored in the balls
djalternative: employ ball, pay ball hourly salary
wildpeaks: lrrCIRCLE
djalternative: ignore puzzle. watch tv
RandomTrivia: LUL
StreetRach: Rude
RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea
theghostwiththemost: 89iiiiiiikouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
RandomTrivia: Oh hey, it's showing this stream from earlier! lrrBEEJ
RandomTrivia: @theghostwiththemost You uh, doing ok there friend?
RandomTrivia: Cat?
kdefinition: i'm noticing how it's the brother? who is manipulating all the puzzly bits and the sister? who seems preoccupied with carrying the light
StreetRach: They're not brother/sister. They're friends.
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InkAndFig: <3
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theghostwiththemost: @RandomTrivia yes cat, he's a jackass that wants treats
kdefinition: @StreetRach thanks, hadn't picked that up
RandomTrivia: @RandomTrivia D'awww benginLove
djalternative: the robot can play mario?!
Pteraspidomorphi: Weightless companion cube?
StreetRach: Girl is like the adventurous, plows forward. Boy is the cautious and tech-y one. I think is supposed to be the implication.
QuixoticScrivener: Why not Companion Cube?
RandomTrivia: Oh I love that it happened in the graphics on screen
RandomTrivia: That is good production value
wildpeaks: good thinking
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satyropodobny: Did Braid get a sequel?
Styxseus: Hmm.
RandomTrivia: Cori pls
AveryCorvus: I see nothing wrong with this statement or the way it's been phrased.
ContingentCat: um
BusTed: Dunks!
RandomTrivia: !quote 7761
LRRbot: Quote #7761: "Phrasing has never been a thing and I will never do it even once." —Ian [2021-09-05]
DigitalSeahorse: pegaSass
theghostwiththemost: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #2876: "Everyone always says, if you have good tools, you don't need any skill." —Beej [2016-06-25]
theghostwiththemost: PokMaskedpika
ContingentCat: I'm guessing the dishes need to be done at the moonbase?
StreetRach: You're getting it.
Kaorti: toatlly is
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: The last garden was screwing with space. did we need to muck with time to even it out?
StreetRach: This game is cute and chill.
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Pteraspidomorphi: :D
ContingentCat: real strong immune system though
Pteraspidomorphi: I think there's some visual storytelling going on but it's through the backgrounds
StreetRach: Yes. These puzzles are their memories.
StreetRach: Got it in one.
ContingentCat: that's cute
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StreetRach: Have you guys ever played What Remains of Edith Finch?
RandomTrivia: Using the mouse as an input device instead of a streamdeck? What is this, 2005? lrrBEEJ
Pteraspidomorphi: The streamdeck, valve's new controller? :P
TehAmelie: i was trained to use the mouse as little as possible. back when Tab was still a useful method to navigate webpages
djalternative: why use a mouse when you can use a keyboard for every input?
theghostwiththemost: @RandomTrivia more like 1999
djalternative: why make any input when you can simply dictate all of your actions to your manservant?
TehAmelie: if you have a manservant in 2021, i want to believe he's using all your devices for you
AshBurnem: It's Poggifers' day off.
TehAmelie: just a statistical guarantee
goombalax: WB!
TehAmelie: hi again!
StreetRach: Hi, Back. I'm dad.
RandomTrivia: Hello again!
wildpeaks: hi back I'm dad
wildpeaks: ha, chat hive :D
ContingentCat: hi back I'm dad
RandomTrivia: This level is off the chain! ...wait, no, it's ON the chain... Never mind
TehAmelie: i'm so naming my bicycle block and pulley, if i ever get one
greatwahooney: please state the nature of your medical emergency
djalternative: oh. it'd be great to see people using the keep talking formula for something like Half-Life Alyx
StreetRach: It's whimsical. Shut up. ;p
ContingentCat: or a willow
TehAmelie: there has to be a less derogatory word for those than dumb waiter
ContingentCat: I've seen little bonsai of all kinds of plants on tiktok, like Avacado plant it's so cool
wildpeaks: sounds neat
RandomTrivia: The name itself comes from the fact that they literally do not talk back to you, hence "dumb". It comes from long before we used "dumb" to mean stupid.
Cravant: talking simulator........`.....
RandomTrivia: Tree go spinny
TehAmelie: yeah, it's not better to use it to mean mute
RandomTrivia: I mean, you could call it a lift/elevator?
Juliamon: Manual lift
RandomTrivia: There exist many powered versions too
RandomTrivia: Personally I would much rather we cast off word usage that comes from childish insults than decide that every childish insult is now a slur.
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
Juliamon: A discussion more appropriate for the discord, I think
RandomTrivia: Reasonable. I will now get off my soapbox.
kdefinition: that was a cute little misdirect
RandomTrivia: I love the globe in the treehouse
Skeletonman1100: The gardens between what?
RandomTrivia: Between moments? Between friends? Between memories?
CrazyZonie: @RandomTrivia Probably the gardens between life and dead
theghostwiththemost: well there's a Tornado Watch in my area
RandomTrivia: @RandomTrivia Ooooh
Juliamon: Classic childhood
kdefinition: is this a prequel to limbo?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @theghostwiththemost oh no stay safe
Styxseus: @kdefinition Oh no
CrazyZonie: So, are we on the river sticks?
RandomTrivia: @theghostwiththemost Oh goodness
CrazyZonie: Styx... not Stickes
CrazyZonie: Can't type
Kaorti: the *good* stuff
ContingentCat: thiccc
djalternative: oh. are they building a treehouse to pull off the classic gambit where you secretly have someone live there for several weeks before your parents find out?
StreetRach: Styx? No.
RandomTrivia: That is a classic piece of hardwar
Kaorti: buckling spring numpad so good
RandomTrivia: *hardware
Solid_Fuel: wasn't buckeling spring an ibm patent?
Styxseus: TehePelo
wildpeaks: that's why I love the french layout, the numpad makes sense because the row above letters are symbols, so the numpad isn't redundant
StreetRach: The two are friends and next-door neighbors and the girl is moving away. These are their memories.
RandomTrivia: Maybe we can load up Betrayal at Krondor on that thing
Styxseus: So, why are we going back and forth through our memories?
wildpeaks: this escalated quickly
Riiiiiiis: i loolled at "oskilloskope"
RandomTrivia: I remember this puzzle from Jenny LeClue lrrBEEJ
Riiiiiiis: lolled even
Juliamon: I miss tractor feed printers a lot
wildpeaks: I probably still have some of this kind of paper somewhere
RandomTrivia: !unsubscribe factsmachine
Riiiiiiis: needle printers (dont know the term) had a nice sound
ContingentCat: My dad used to have a printer like that
Juliamon: dot matrix
Riiiiiiis: yiar
Riiiiiiis: we are such nerds ;-)
wildpeaks: tractor paper will remember this
CrazyZonie: My old printer was better than that one. C Itoh Starwriter 1550
CrazyZonie: Could print on the long greenbar paper.
RandomTrivia: Smashing
StreetRach: Number code
Styxseus: Ohhh
krfsm: there are two albums titled symphony for dot matrix printer #1 and #2 by an artist called the user
krfsm: might be up Cam's alley, actually
Styxseus: Thats an interesting way of entering numbers
RandomTrivia: Ahhhhh
CrazyZonie: 644676
StreetRach: 644676
Orgmastron: 644676
Wolfstrike_NL: 644676
TehAmelie: entered firmly into short term memory
Styxseus: Got it memorized?
wildpeaks: turns out real programmers don't use butterflies, they use Time itself
RandomTrivia: If we spend much longer here, that number will live rent-free in my head for months
RandomTrivia: That is a wonderful puzzle
Shadowner: its like uh what now
RandomTrivia: I guess this confirms that old OSs exist outside time
Styxseus: fork_it_over dot exe
Shadowner: 3d printer
RandomTrivia: benginDab FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: "You wouldn't download a bell"
Pteraspidomorphi: :'(
ContingentCat: oh no
Styxseus: Pfffff LUL
cmdrud87: internet
Shadowner: 3.5 plastic death stars
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrWOW
Invitare: what's on them?
CrazyZonie: You can still find a drive.
Too_Many_Knives: milliseconds
ContingentCat: use them as coasters?
TehAmelie: my grandpa ran a business fopr repairing typewriters, printers and copiers. had a lot of fun dismantling broken ones as a child
cmdrud87: very dangerous frisbees
RandomTrivia: Mount them under glass as a tabletop perhaps
Solid_Fuel: i store all my passwords on a floppy because wo has a floppy reader :P
CrazyZonie: If you can find the game online still. Google sometimes isn't helpful with that stuff.
greatwahooney: I lack the drive to find a drive
StreetRach: Museum
shendaras: Is it likely that the media is still accessible? I seem to recall that they degrade fairly quickly.
Shadowner: the key is getting those vintage cartridge games to work
TehAmelie: a common ant (Australian)
Skeletonman1100: Assemble the Dinosaur could be a magic card.
CrazyZonie: Here be Dragons?
Styxseus: Mmm, but can you port Skyrim onto them..?
greatwahooney: Assemble the Dinosaur sounds like a mix of Unstable mechanics
TehAmelie: ha, Skyrim, good joke. but how about Doom?
cmdrud87: is this Checkov's dinosaur?
greatwahooney: does that mean the dinosaur will be fired in act 3?
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
Pteraspidomorphi: Look at this giant prehistoric chicken
Nemosaur: hi yall 😌😍
RandomTrivia: Hello there Nemosaur
TehAmelie: oh, i remember those hands off signs. they had a slogan that was well meaning but racist even at the time
Nemosaur: i
Nemosaur: is this a sinne
RandomTrivia: Ride the Bones would be an un-set parody of Read the Bones
Nemosaur: some kind of puzzlegame* sorry im abit unsober 🥴
Juliamon: Nemosaur Sure is
greatwahooney: it is indeed
StreetRach: Close hoover flower.
Nemosaur: ord
greatwahooney: no, they played ord last week
Nemosaur: it seems very cute* !!
ContingentCat: how meta
Styxseus: This one is called The Gardens Between
Shadowner: time and causality
Nemosaur: IM sorry i keep hitting send instead off backspace BibleThump
TehAmelie: i believe we're exploring some metaphorical garden that grew between these childhood friends. it's super sad
wildpeaks: "you must be this tall to ride the bone"
ContingentCat: sorry kids no bone ride until you're 18
Styxseus: Bone ride. *guitars* Take it easy.
Shadowner: actual fossils and technological fossils
TehAmelie: i want to believe they stole an actual engigma machine
RandomTrivia: Ah yes, the Mac Classic and this dinosaur were in the same exhibit
wildpeaks: they're 80s programmers bones
RandomTrivia: :D
BusTed: Right along side the other dinosaurs.
Styxseus: :D
CrazyZonie: Yeah, this is definitely a trip down the River Styx for these kids.
ContingentCat: it's the dinosaur's Mac
krfsm: I got to fiddle with an Enigma machine when I visited the National Cryptologic Museum
Pteraspidomorphi: The Windows Screensaver
wildpeaks: the RISC constellation
krfsm: that was fun
RandomTrivia: Personally I'm a fan of the saucepan
Shadowner: the velvet rope constellation
Saxpython: lol
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
RandomTrivia: Can't say I did, no
Saxpython: more with than in
Pteraspidomorphi: They all float down there
Angnor33: Did not.
Shadowner: probably watched IT a a kid
Styxseus: Oh right, Styx (the river) does some things with your memories, right? I dont remember.
goombalax: Cameron I bought a gundam today and I blame you
TehAmelie: you know, i've never seen a sewer in real life. only know them from books and movies
greatwahooney: exclusive ore?
Dog_of_Myth: That's where the CHUDs live...
TehAmelie: i think it's Lethe that erases all memories
krfsm: yep
Styxseus: Yeah, the bliss of forgetting?
TehAmelie: a river that's a metaphor for moving on to a point where you can' go back? they were crafty those Greeks
krfsm: Styx is "just" the border of the Underworld IIRC
TehAmelie: was there ever a Styx and Stones concert? there mist have been right
Saxpython: I saw Styx, Foreigner, and REO Speedwagon. does that count?
Styxseus: *tries to deduce if thats an intentional pun*
BusTed: lrrSIG
ContingentCat: lrrFINE ?
RandomTrivia: UH
RandomTrivia: Ah, ok
wildpeaks: did the moonbase just ding the succ flower pun ?
CrazyZonie: Class is over?
ContingentCat: fire alarm works, good to know
Godeke: It was a very brief fire.
RandomTrivia: Nobody does
ContingentCat: I don't think you're supposed to
Dog_of_Myth: @TehAmelie A quick google checks seems like that is a no.
Juliamon: It's not meant to be enjoyed
TheAinMAP: I like that it works.
RandomTrivia: Also, "Get the lantern sucked" would be great in !badadvice
TehAmelie: weird
Godeke: Tests of the Fire "Chill Beats to Escape To" didn't work out.
Styxseus: Wait, thats not the game? O.o
RandomTrivia: Could really do with like, more than zero seconds of warning
wildpeaks: welp, we're all awake now
CrazyZonie: That's a weird school bell schedule. Is school over?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: It's better than the fire alarm not working though
ContingentCat: Water from the measuring cup is an interesting choice
Juliamon: ContingentCat You'll want to check the start of the vod for more details
ContingentCat: @Juliamon ah thanks
InkAndFig: lol i was gonna say 12/10 for the Pyrex
Juliamon: "Hey chat, what is something everybody uses but nobody does?"
KeytarCat: @Juliamon ...a noun?
wildpeaks: oh good
Juliamon: And then they discussed the soggy cake in the freezer
RandomTrivia: lrrSPOOP
v_nome: It's the success alarm
CrazyZonie: I do not like this school bell.
Styxseus: LUL
RandomTrivia: oh no
TheAinMAP: Is that what's going on with the fire alarm too?
TehAmelie: brute forcing is the most reliable way to solve puzzles!
rrtycoon2: at least it's not a phobia like mine..?
empyreon: HypeFire lrrFINE HypeFire
RandomTrivia: Hehe
Saxpython: FBtouchdown <3 FBtouchdown
saucemaster5000: new york is the best place for sewer play
TehAmelie: we're moving to a place without indoor plumbing where there's no sewers!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: That cut-out in space is striking
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BrindleBoar: FBtouchdown
Styxseus: A pipe dream, if you will.
wildpeaks: like the OG fairy tales meant to teach children to avoid dangers
Styxseus: Oh, so other lights work aswel huh?
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DrPezzer: Mmm contribute to additional LRR
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TehAmelie: hey, i've been reading The City We Became which is about five people turning into the boroughs of New York and fighting city-eating predators. just realized there's no mention of sewers as they go into the details of their city-anatomy
Styxseus: Oh right
wildpeaks: good luck
ZachtlyAsIntended: That's a sentence
ContingentCat: ok
CrazyZonie: Oooo...
ghyllnox: Ohhhh I thought that was the game
RandomTrivia: That certainly is a thing that was just said
ContingentCat: they need to check on all the fire
accountmadeforants: HahaThisisfine
Saxpython: Please stay safe!
Boon_33: CurseLit
BlackIsis: very important to have your fires inspected
TehAmelie: i believe they'll find you're not having too many people in the building at least
corianderd: @TehAmelie that sounds neat. Decent read?
djalternative: Hopefully they approve of all of the fires you're setting
BrindleBoar: panicBasket
goombalax: please don't burn down moonbase, you got this
RandomTrivia: "Yes, it worked, every time, now *please* stop setting it off during the stream!" lrrBEEJ
wildpeaks: that's how they know the alarm works, they watch the stream :D
TeiranDragon: lrrCOW lrrFINE
CrazyZonie: Anyone else get a blues clues ad?
TehAmelie: yeah. NK Jemisin has not done any bad books yet (of the three and 1/6th that i have read)
Saxpython: yes
Saxpython: FrankerZ
KeytarCat: @TehAmelie Agree, based on the 6 I've read!
ContingentCat: A while back my building switched owners and they tested the fire alarms before selling then the new people tested them too, hours of the fire alarm going off in bursts of three, and with no warning so I was woken up by it
Styxseus: Dont use the fire-alarm as a doorbell.
greatwahooney: solid advice
RandomTrivia: @ContingentCat Oh nooooo
KeytarCat: @Styxseus sounds like a !badadvice
RandomTrivia: I would argue that to be *good* advice
Styxseus: @ContingentCat That sounds horrible +_+
LordZarano: !findquote fire
LRRbot: Quote #1077: "Fire hurts us. Good to know." —Paul [2015-11-11]
djalternative: only use fire alarms as doorbells
greatwahooney: alright, sleepy time for me. see you on the vod!
accountmadeforants: PowerUpL lrrAWESOME SirSword
RandomTrivia: Goodnight greatwahooney, sleep well!
djalternative: in fact, use concussive blasts as doorbells
LordZarano: !findquote alarm
LRRbot: Quote #2450: "Buttery fire alarm..." —Graham [2016-05-04]
TehAmelie: i read somewhere New York City uses like 1 or 2 billion liters of water a day. what an engineering nightmare
ContingentCat: !findquote fire
LRRbot: Quote #5928: "I would say it's middlingly on fire at this point." —Kathleen [2019-03-18]
RandomTrivia: !quote 6699
LRRbot: Quote #6699: "It's...*some* on fire." —Dale [2020-01-13]
RandomTrivia: Alternatively
RandomTrivia: !quote 7157
LRRbot: Quote #7157: "You are not... currently... on fire... I don't think." —Dale [2020-08-24]
djalternative: @TehAmelie that's just the water that Johnny down on 79th uses in a day
TehAmelie: have you tried not being on fire?
Styxseus: @RandomTrivia :D
accountmadeforants: !quote 7545
LRRbot: Quote #7545: "Fires are actually pretty lethal." —Heather [2021-03-26]
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: LRR deals with fire a lot it seems
Saxpython: do you think Cam is getting a citation for putting the drop on the spark in game. it's quite dangerous.
LordZarano: !findquote bell
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
KeytarCat: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat They have an Alot of Fire
accountmadeforants: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat I think I know why
accountmadeforants: !quote #7283
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
accountmadeforants: !quote 7283
LRRbot: Quote #7283: "I am never going to stop setting things on fire, never!" —Cori [2020-10-12]
ContingentCat: katesLol
RandomTrivia: There are 84 results in the quote database for "fire"
djalternative plays prodigy's firestarter
RandomTrivia: That's a pretty high proportion :D
Styxseus: *zooms out to fire inspector looking disapprovingly at the quotes*
RandomTrivia: !quote 6201
LRRbot: Quote #6201: "'I'd like to stealth through the fire, please.' 'Nobody notices that you do not emerge from the fire.'" —Ian and Cameron [2019-07-08]
djalternative: question: does 40 pounds of plastic explosives count as a fire hazard?
TehAmelie: probably just keep it away from any electric wiring
RandomTrivia: @djalternative Technically not, unless you have specifically designed detonators nearby
Juliamon: Depends who's handling them
accountmadeforants: No, I think that's a drowning hazard
CrazyZonie: Next thing we know, the Fire Inspector has an episode on TTSF... Also, is the fire inspector's favorite book "Fahrenheit 351"?
accountmadeforants: !quote 1920
LRRbot: Quote #1920: "I cant hear you over how much we blew up and drowned." —Alex [2016-02-20]
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> This is the silliest package we’ve been sent by a company. Note Graham’s *barely* contained laughter. | ||
Saxpython: <3 <3 <3
wildpeaks: fire has been inspected successfully
TheAinMAP: lrrSIG
TehAmelie: halo
strebenherz: Welcome back
RandomTrivia: Hooray, Cameron is not, in fact, on fire!
wildpeaks: now everything is fire
Rustpile: Hi Cam!
Saxpython: :-(
ContingentCat: Is all your fire up to snuff?
Styxseus: A simulation successful!
BusTed: tqsFine
djalternative: @RandomTrivia I'll deactivate the self destruct measures then
KeytarCat: @ContingentCat do not ignite snuff!
Boon_33: If half of Paul's inventions implode at the same time the other half explode, is there a safety issue?
Styxseus: Oh no :D
RandomTrivia: Rude
CrazyZonie: The fire might not be lit anymore, but is Cam lit?
QuietJay: PowerUpL TwitchLit PowerUpR
Saxpython: mawp mawp
ContingentCat: wow rude
gualdhar: what's ... a vacuum?
RandomTrivia: @gualdhar Not much, honestly lrrBEEJ
djalternative: you've got to charge it with the single drop again, right?
TehAmelie: did our kids go through some It sewer clown trouble? i worry what the story here is
Styxseus: Oh right, flower is continuous--water is on/off
noSmokeFire: would it LIKE to be electrified?
Styxseus: Im guessing thats how we'll fetch the light later
TehAmelie: imagine "It" but with only two kids. they'd be eaten alive. and that's a figure of speech that severely understates the reality
RandomTrivia: Use the yo-yo with honey on the plants!
Skeletonman1100: If we can get the flower to open, then levitating it would put it in position to give us light.
Pal_Friendpatine: A bell somewhere?
Styxseus: @RandomTrivia Why does that sound familiar..? =_= Oh no! *that* game!
Styxseus: That game was a trip :P
RandomTrivia: It was a whole thing
RandomTrivia: Never mind the squirrel that stole the keys and locked us in a castle :D
Styxseus: :D
BusTed: Haha.
RandomTrivia: LUL
Rynehawk: i got here just in time for yo-yo honey FeelsGoodMan
noSmokeFire: PLEASE play more yo-yo honey games
Boon_33: the ole sticky yo-yo trick
empyreon: more yo-yo honey games!
RandomTrivia: "It won't stick to the yo-yo by itself"
djalternative: we should play one of the classic I spy games. Like the haunted house one
TehAmelie: i know nothing about JoJo or Cutie Honey but i'd watch that crossover
Boon_33: oldest and most practical trick in the book.
noSmokeFire: @TehAmelie do not put honey on your Jojos
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RandomTrivia: sergeIntoTheSea
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SpacePotato01: I like that can do attitude
TehAmelie: the "It" symbolism only gets stronger
Styxseus: @TehAmelie That sounds like a dangerous combination
Dog_of_Myth: Be kind, rewind.
RandomTrivia: Honestly the covering over the hole isn't grate lrrBEEJ
RandomTrivia: Interesting
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MrUglama: toucans?
Rynehawk: whats fruit loops got to do with this
Dog_of_Myth: Glitch?
RandomTrivia: Videogame pls
Pal_Friendpatine: I’m guessing there are other hidden cans?
TehAmelie: what happens if you do get flushed down?
Styxseus: time times two?
ANeMzero: The first kid spoils a can when she jumps off it
RandomTrivia: Ah, she does
Styxseus: Hmmm
djalternative: so, she needs to make the first jump on the yellow can, right?
Styxseus: ^ Oh right!
RandomTrivia: Can she cross on the second can, then he crosses on the first?
Pal_Friendpatine: Spoil the second set of cans first?
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN Got there!
Saxpython: clap clap
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
TehAmelie: you've forgotten the face of your, uh, friend
Styxseus: Ah. How metaphoric. Where she goes, he cannot follow :P
CaptainSask: IF you wait mid jump it keeps turning
RandomTrivia: Aha!
RandomTrivia: That was NOT well-telegraphed
Styxseus: Oh wow
CaptainSask: Facets are unaffected by time freezing. That's just science
RandomTrivia: That does remind me of a little old flash game called Pause Ahead, excellent puzzle platformer
TehAmelie: i bet you mean faucets but i like the thought of facets in that sentence
RandomTrivia: @TehAmelie Of course, because Diamonds Are Forever lrrBEEJ
TehAmelie: exactly
RandomTrivia dabs then runs away
CaptainSask: I did but I like the direction the conversation took afterwards :P
TeiranDragon: oh there's a bell on the second bridge
RandomTrivia: sergeCrimes
RandomTrivia: O R B acquired!
Styxseus: :D
Styxseus: Oh we can just grab the ball
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
AshBurnem: What is this, Life Is Strange?
djalternative: but how will we know their name is A without the jacket?
GhostValv: I wish I still had hair .... haha
AshBurnem: lrrBEEJ
ANeMzero: Cam just needs a suit jacket with big shoulders and he'll hit peak 90
ContingentCat: same as it ever was
TehAmelie: it did look like a book. but in a vacuum confusing a book with a pizza box sounds real weird
TehAmelie: is it the BIG ride?
RandomTrivia: WHALE!
Styxseus: Oh
SpacePotato01: that looks like the blubb-o whale.
ContingentCat: yeah it as great
TehAmelie: remember? i've seen that and weirder last week
Rynehawk: to the moon!
DaMullet14: Or using the Power of Gravity to pee other peoples' pants
ContingentCat: or standing on the midle
CrazyZonie: Cam, remember when they used to sell chemistry sets to kids?
ZealousCrow: they got rid of all the exploitable stuff in playground design now.
saucemaster5000: I miss the deathtrap playground merry go rounds with just enough room to climb under
ZealousCrow: what's that phrase they use in game design? discovered gameplay or something?
RandomTrivia: O_o
Jasoman: So you where a gifted child
RandomTrivia: @ZealousCrow Emergent?
SpacePotato01: I hope this game doesn't have a tragic shoe-drop at the end that makes it depressing.
ContingentCat: oh no skirts
ZealousCrow: RandomTrivia yeah that
TehAmelie: my cousin's kid lost 10% of mobility in her elbow after an accident in a playground involving a common ladder. i don't know how safe you can really make them
HIYGamer: There's a park across the street from my home. I regularly see kids climbing on top of the "safe" playground equipment and throwing themselves off.
TehAmelie: lrrWOW
ContingentCat: turns out the most dangerous thing on those playgrounds is the chlldren
Juliamon: The only time I ever broke a limb was falling off a completely stationary playground toy
Rynehawk: the kindergarten playground is the first of many natural selection proving grounds
hallowedcrow: The more boring you make things, the more kids will misuse them to make them interesting
dragonthing7: why is the whale still moving?
KeytarCat: I've read the argument that if you let kids do dumb shit from a young enough age, they know their limits better. It's similar to the argument that American football is more dangerous because the protective gear is stronger and more reliable than the people in it\
Kaktus021: I like Cam's mug Kappa
KeytarCat: *more dangerous than rugby
TehAmelie: i think it's called survivorship bias
Karmegeddon: there are fare fewer rugby injuries than american football injuries
djalternative: I had definitely turned completely safe playground equipment into dangerous objects back in my elementary days
TheExactSame: this looks very nice. wish I could hang
TheExactSame: have fun
Styxseus: I like the idea that the safer we think the world is, the more dangerous it becomes, because we stop paying attention
TehAmelie: i gave both me and my mom nightmares about the way i broke my arm with a common swing
RandomTrivia: Children should absolutely be encouraged to find their limits and (mildly) injure themselves in order to learn that actions have consequences
Juliamon: I also distinctly remember kids both fighting over who got to sit on top of the large boulder on the edge of the playground and whose turn it was to work on excavating *underneath* the large boulder.
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Karmegeddon: give people crutches and they rely on them, the number 1 enemy of hand hygiene is gloves. People who wear gloves never wash their hands
ContingentCat: Making something child safe is pretty similar to making something idiot safe as they are both underestimated
KeytarCat: I think the number one enemy of safety is believing it won't happen to you
RandomTrivia: Who was it who said "When you design something foolproof, the universe will design a better fool"? Was that a Pratchett line?
Juliamon: Also shoutout to every kid who got stuck hiding in the half-buried giant tires
RandomTrivia: That's fair.
TehAmelie: it sounds like something Pratchett would say
KeytarCat: Don't restrict equipment, provide better resources
SerGarretCameron: so then of what use is the equipment.
cosarprime: A lot of it is also trying to do something quicker or with less people than you should(usually due to outside pressures)
djalternative: like for instance, throwing jump rope over jungle gym bars to make vines to swing across. jump ropes were not meant to hold the weight of children
TehAmelie: i think they're actually meant specifically to not hold that weight to reduce strangulation incidents
Juliamon: My class lost their jump rope privileges from making them into nunchucks
RandomTrivia: @Juliamon benginFacepalm
ContingentCat: but they made such good nunchucks
djalternative: @TehAmelie sure but getting to pretend to be tarzan was worth it
Pteraspidomorphi: But you need those nunchucks
KeytarCat: I practiced knots
Pteraspidomorphi: How else are you going to play LoadingReadyRun
4 raiders from EDH420 have joined!
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiders! lrrSHINE
Wolfstrike_NL: lrrWOW
Juliamon: Uh... welcome raiders
RandomTrivia: LUL
EDH420: hello! and thank you
Styxseus: hahaha
EDH420: this looks fun
Styxseus: OH NO
wildpeaks: sir
ContingentCat: fair
Kaorti: wow
SnackPak_: gross, but very funny
djalternative: I've seen many things in my time but a cum flavored donut has yet to be one of them
AshBurnem: So, a boston creme.
TehAmelie: it doesn't even matter who goes through and who stays behind huh
KeytarCat: I'm uncomfortable! :)
Styxseus: :D
TehAmelie: name a noun, and odds are there's an Oglaf comic about fuckin it
Jasoman: @djalternative like professionally made?
Styxseus: Plot twist: The moving away was the metaphor
djalternative: @Jasoman the statement is true regardless
AshBurnem: The last Oglaf was basically an X Ways to Y that LRR has already done.
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gamerzach108: @LoadingReadyRun Cam how must storm have you been playing in modern?
gamerzach108: or Highlander
gamerzach108: basically the same as probably the last time you played
TehAmelie: would you say your conception of modern is. . .unmodern?
gamerzach108: deck has not really changed in like 3 years
ContingentCat: premodern?
TehAmelie: whoa, we're gaming in 4 dimensions now
djalternative: sun theif!
Kaktus021: and now the universe is dark until time ends
KeytarCat: It's always been 4D!
djalternative: thou art prometheus
RandomTrivia: We removed the sun in our memories, meaning their worlds will be darker without the other?
CrazyZonie: How long ago was this if cassettes and a walkman was being used?
Styxseus: Ouh
Styxseus: Oh are we gonna have to "align" all the pictures art the end or something? oh boy
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RandomTrivia: Cool, we got all the instruments, time to wake the Wind Fish lrrBEEJ
djalternative: it looks like we got one more set
Invitare: this isn't that 4D game is it? It seems like it only has the 3 so far
djalternative: fool me twice, shame on you again. why do you keep fooling me?
TehAmelie: are the pizza boxes intensifying?
wildpeaks: they even threw a 3d-printed VLC icon
Styxseus: :D
RandomTrivia: LUL
Styxseus: Wrong cube!
CrazyZonie: Hey, I remember those old Fogdoor Leghorn cartoons.
ContingentCat: how dare they
RandomTrivia: @CrazyZonie Ok that got me :D
RandomTrivia: lrrAWW
ANeMzero: She has been dead the whole time
Angnor33: Man, that movie.
McGurganatorZX: that book hurt me as a kid how dare you
RandomTrivia: This is a reflection point
Skeletonman1100: Maybe the final puzzle is that there is NO puzzle
saucemaster5000: I'll see your bridge to terabithia and raise you a "Plague Dogs"
KeytarCat: My local bgm is a chorale, and I thought it was stream for far too long
Styxseus: Wooooow
CrazyZonie: @Skeletonman1100 Like in The Matrix. "The truth is there is no Puzzle. It is you that solves yourself"?
RandomTrivia: ZzzzzzzZZZZZzzzZ
TehAmelie: wait what is this memory? watching TV on the beach in a storm?
Styxseus: It's going.. somewhere
Styxseus: Oh hi cube
Alex_Frostfire: Super Silly Crow?
RandomTrivia: CUBE!
RandomTrivia: Probably not
ContingentCat: braven10PRISM
DrPezzer: Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar?
TheWriterAleph: yo we talking about asmoranormadicadaistinaculdacar?
127 raiders from benjamin_wheeler have joined!
YeetTheRich_: hi
TheOtherTrevor: Good timing
RandomTrivia: Welcome raiding rodeo! lrrSHINE
grimshade: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
CrazyZonie: @LoadingReadyRun I don't think she's going to new york. That plug is a UK plug.
Alex_Frostfire: Asmoranomardicicadanaculdacar.
Styxseus: Thats.... a long string of letters
RandomTrivia: Asmorano-mardica-daistina-culdacar
Boon_33: lrrWHEELER
TehAmelie: Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar extremely sounds like something James Healthfield would accidentally say when singing "Fuel" live
TehAmelie: good joke Cameron
wildpeaks: "beej ball" ?
ZackTheCatKing: wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey
LordZarano: @CrazyZonie No it isn't, it's Australian
dantedad222: ssjUpTop
Styxseus: Do we need to put the light in the tv? Or is that where we got it from?
Skeletonman1100: We got the light from the TV.
Styxseus: Hmm, does Silly Bird does something new, now that we have taken the light?
aquinas_0: tv house or tv beachball?
CaptainSask: He cannot be contained!
Styxseus: Ohhhhhhh
aquinas_0: tv hose!?
RandomTrivia: Aha!
Styxseus: Oh come on!
RandomTrivia: Once again, not well telegraphed
KeytarCat: I love that this game uses the "between frames"
HIYGamer: I can't even begin to estimate how long that would have taken me to figure out
Styxseus: Some.. time?
ContingentCat: i can be fun to rub mayo on a door
KeytarCat: Sometimes, rubbing mayonnaise on a door is fun
CaptainSask: Do you rub Mayo on a door so the subway angels know to pass by your house?
ContingentCat: *it
Sogheim: "rubbing mayonnaise on a door" is gonna be my go-to phrase for puzzles now. Thank you, Cori lrrCORI
RandomTrivia: Or in the words of the Split The Room host, "Time is a real concept, and it's running out"
KeytarCat: @ContingentCat :O samesies!
Saxpython: Time keeps on tickin' tickin' tickin'/Into the future
TehAmelie: it seems to me at leasdt 20% a case of a game with a story to tell that gets in its own way because of the belief it has to have puzzles
CaptainSask: You broke it!
RandomTrivia: D'awww
TehAmelie: man, i remember hugs
Sogheim: @TehAmelie I felt that way about Gorogoa
TheWriterAleph: blub blub
RandomTrivia: LUL
TehAmelie: i liked hugs
ContingentCat: cue enya
Styxseus: Ah. How nice.
TheWriterAleph: SingsNote "all we are is trash in the raaaain..." SingsNote
CaptainSask: And so the tide of time submerges your happy childhood memories till nothing but an empty house remains.
DEATHlikescats: awww
RandomTrivia: Why does this game keep punching me in my feelings?!
wildpeaks: this was lovely
Styxseus: Very cute
RandomTrivia: This game is adorable and I hate how sad it makes me
TheWriterAleph: SingsNote "all we are is coats in the draaaain..." SingsNote
TehAmelie: not seeing a lot of gardens. how metaphorical are they supposed to be?
aquinas_0: that was good
RandomTrivia: @TheWriterAleph sergePun sergeJustRight
DEATHlikescats: probably
aquinas_0: the grass bit between the houses
DEATHlikescats: you are okay I think
coriolis_storm: That was nice lrrAWESOME
Styxseus: lrrFINE
ANeMzero: they call themselves voxel agents but I didn't see a single voxel
TehAmelie: if you need to kill another 30 minutes or so may i recommend The Good Gardener from
KeytarCat: quite literally between properties in a city
DEATHlikescats: cultivation of empty space, making it feel like home
TehAmelie: oh we're at that time already
DEATHlikescats: a safe piece of wilderness
RandomTrivia: I like the idea of the spaces between the two of them, conceptually speaking
ContingentCat: oh yeah other Victoria
RandomTrivia: The gardens that they share, but also that keep them apart
DEATHlikescats: truth @randomtrivia
KeytarCat: @RandomTrivia Separate mechanics to drive home the point that you can't engage with the world the same way as another person
ContingentCat: yeah that's a surprising number of loving memories
Styxseus: Time slips away. And sometimes, so does objects :P
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DEATHlikescats: a lovely little game
TehAmelie: how are these gardens? seems an even more pivotal question than in Manifold Garden
dragonthing7: why cameron drinking from a jug?
ContingentCat: very relatable yeah
aerohydra: @dragonthing7 you go to war with the jug you have
RandomTrivia: @dragonthing7 Because dishes are a thing that everyone uses but no-one does, to steal Cam's line
aquinas_0: the 40s!
aquinas_0: maybe 50s
KeytarCat: @aquinas_0 Man, those are ooooold
DEATHlikescats: so after the 80's
ContingentCat: I think those are as old as time
RandomTrivia: There was a FamiCom
goombalax: I bought a walkman in 98
SerGarretCameron: it could be early 2000's, with a certain financial status.
ContingentCat: or it was a parent's that they found and played with
DEATHlikescats: oh yeah could be 2008 financial crises
TehAmelie: tthe future is already here, just unevently distributed, as the saying goes
SerGarretCameron: Been there, I only got rid of my high school walkman like, 5 years ago.
Styxseus: The secrets between the gardens between? :D
DEATHlikescats: thanks for the entertainment 😊
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream, Cam and Cori! lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
ContingentCat: do we know what's next week?
KeytarCat: Thanks!
TehAmelie: thanks for the stream
Styxseus: Thanks for streaming! <3 lrrSHINE
ContingentCat: thanks Cam an Cori
Boon_33: Thanks for the stream!
Saxpython: <3
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