dumbo3k: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Serge returns for his second appearance on PiF, he's checking out Ghostrunner! Game: Ghostrunner) at Sat 04:00 PM PDT (16m from now).
kusinohki: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Serge returns for his second appearance on PiF, he's checking out Ghostrunner! Game: Ghostrunner) at Sat 04:00 PM PDT (14m from now).
Pal_Friendpatine: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Serge returns for his second appearance on PiF, he's checking out Ghostrunner! Game: Ghostrunner) at Sat 04:00 PM PDT (11m from now).
Juliamon: ooh my pizza should be here juuuust in time
SergeYager: hey lrr mods, can i start early
SergeYager: i'm just sitting here
SergeYager: but the schedule says 4pm lol
Juliamon: go for it my dude
SergeYager: oh rly?!
SergeYager: heck yea, i'm in charge
Defrost: No you got to be 5 minutes late ;)
SergeYager: no pants no rules
SergeYager: aha!
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
SergeYager: lemme know how volume stuff is.
SergeYager: set everything up from scratch
mitomanox: sound fine to me
mitomanox: hi serge! have fun!
SergeYager: okay, you can hear music. perfect
Juliamon: sounds like Go For Distance
kusinohki: no countdown?? should there be one?
SergeYager: that's correct!
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Serge returns for his second appearance on PiF, he's checking out Ghostrunner! Game: Ghostrunner) at Sat 04:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
SergeYager: oh, the countdown is broken. neat
joallthedogs: sergeHi
mitomanox: countdown-less
SergeYager: well... we start the stream after the commercials are done running, lol
Juliamon: eh, sometimes it goes MIA, it's fine
SergeYager: 2:20min
Juliamon: countdowns deserve a day off too
TheMerricat: The real countdown is in our hearts chat.
ContingentCat: remain vigilant the stream is immenent
SergeYager: 1:55!
mitomanox: i support countdown-less streams. it adds up to the suspense!
SergeYager: i can b ur countdown bb
ContingentCat: maybe the real countdown was the friends we made along the way
Juliamon: In our hearts we will know Everything Is Fine, to Prepare Yourselves, etc
SpoopsAHoy: Eh you can start the stream whenever these banger tunes stop...which is never
SergeYager: okay, so brace yourself a little bit, i have *no idea* how loud the intro is going to be
kusinohki: why do we always count down? we should count up once in a while
SergeYager: so plz headphone folks, don't die
MyrddintheWizard: bracing...
Blaksun100: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
Getter404: Parkour? Parkour.
joallthedogs: counting sergeSip
SergeYager: 1min!
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SerGarretCameron: oh hey, look, half a decade. Something something, Almost Five Years.
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Creideiki_SE: !next
LordZarano: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Serge returns for his second appearance on PiF, he's checking out Ghostrunner! Game: Ghostrunner) at Sat 04:00 PM PDT (1s ago).
Dog_of_Myth: Okay, notification said it was Fri. Night Paper Fight....weird
Creideiki_SE: Darn.
PMAvers: Guess it's probably worth noting this game is also free on GOG via Prime Gaming?
mitomanox: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
RockPusher: What's that? Hang out with Serge for a couple hours? Sounds good!
SergeYager: heck yea! hi friends
SergeYager: 30secs!
Juliamon: !prime
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x0den: hello lrrSHINE
joallthedogs: woo
DeM0nFiRe: lrrHEART
garunkl: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
mowdownjoe: HAI SERGE
SergeYager: for those who don't know, joallthedogs is my partner jo
SergeYager: be nice
SergeYager: okay, 5sec
joallthedogs: lol
SergeYager: headphones folks, plz be warned
garunkl: Hi Jo
Juliamon: sergeThankJo sergeThankJo sergeThankJo
joallthedogs: my sneaky lurk! sergeLurk
dougma: sergeHi
Juliamon: Audio's fine
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InsertUserHere_: beep beep
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lirazel64: Be nice, everyone. Serge had a hard day or two breaking up spaceships
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Juliamon: Yay!
SerGarretCameron: sounds like nice levels to me!
Brozard: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Sarah_Serinde: You did it!
dumbo3k: You did it!
ContingentCat: katesParty2
dougma: You did it!!!!
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: lrrAWESOME
DeM0nFiRe: You did it! zeldaParty
tapdancingbeavers: Hi everyone!
x0den: you did it!
dougma: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Wolfstrike_NL: Have fun Serge! sergeHeart
laikagoat: zoeyGoblin zoeyGoblin
F1SHOR: its time sergeHeart
Defrost: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
joallthedogs: @AnAnonymousGifter Thanks for the gift sub!
Juliamon: Perfect
garunkl: good
Brozard: sergeJustRight
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: good
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F1SHOR: sound good to me :)
Getter404: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown You did it FBtouchdown
Dog_of_Myth: Good
lirazel64: good
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: also good
Amentur: Both sound good
reaper1984rt: Cheer50 serge wins
Juliamon: Everything's great, notifier is a titch loud
RockPusher: The sonorous sounds of Serge
MyrddintheWizard: FBtouchdown
Earthenone: lrrSPOOPY
kusinohki: serge sounds fine, intro BGC was. PIF intro music was a tad loud for me (but I think it almost always is??)
ContingentCat: time to run those ghosts
mitomanox: bang bang beep beep
kusinohki: *intro BGC was fine
GhostValv: sergePeek
Brozard: Traversal & Timing
Defrost: So this is Serge after dark eh?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Serge "Loves free 2 day shipping, and has mad gamer skillz" Yager is live with Ghostrunner on today's Play it Forward! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FAusYGhVEAM06yO.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1444437650543284227
TheMerricat: MIrrors edge and Dishonored had a baby and it's going through it's Cyberpunk rebellious phase.
Getter404: It's Bit Trip Runner but on Bang Energy
Earthenone: serge after 4 p,
Brozard: We saw a boobie on Let's Nope lrrSPOOP
garunkl: sergePopcorn
kusinohki: *gasp* a swear! oh my druthers!
ContingentCat: gasp! swears?!
RockPusher: gabyLewd A Swear sergeMoly
mitomanox: yass
TehAmelie: i'm pumped
Getter404: 12's got that Ray Tracing, I assume
Defrost: I'd recommend doing a batch of subs ~break :)
Dalrint: Helllooooo
RockPusher: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
Sarah_Serinde: sergeHeart
dumbo3k: Yeah! Lrr Mods! Woo!
joallthedogs: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
James_LRR: The soundtrack is an absolute banger.
ContingentCat: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
Sarah_Serinde: Though I'll be in and out
MyrddintheWizard: ysbrydHeart ysbrydMod lrrSHINE
x0den: is this serges first play it forward?
Despoiler98: that dude? DED
garunkl: Hi James
Amentur: coxJam Silverhand
Juliamon: I can already tell I'm gonna be buying this soundtrack
TehAmelie: as long as you keep moving guns can't hit you. it's ninja science
Diabore: doc oc?
RockPusher: Good beeps and boops
CaptainSpam: They can't catch you if you're on fire.
jessieimproved: This is just Spider Noir
Getter404: Doc Ock's got hips!
Defrost: Cut to Sam Raimi
Scy_Anide: The amuse-boosh.
ContingentCat: @x0den I think there was another but it was from the moonbase
GhostValv: ow
reaper1984rt: doc op in spiderman colours
Earthenone: !card defenestrate
LRRbot: Defenestrate [2B] | Instant | Destroy target creature without flying.
CaptainSpam: The end.
kusinohki: one way to disarm someone
Brozard: My killing arm! I need that to kill!
Dalrint: Well that's one way to lose
James_LRR: Serge, you dropped your arm
TehAmelie: you'll HANDle things huh
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
dividesBy0: short game
Diabore: so thats why we're a ghost
garunkl: @Earthenone LUL
TehAmelie: mean
TheAinMAP: Ouch.
Sarah_Serinde: Good start
TheAinMAP: sergeFall
RockPusher: Robot arm > fleshy arm
x0den: @ContingentCat thanks!
mitomanox: is dis marvel-related?
F1SHOR: probably too strong
joallthedogs: they're all robot arms
Sarah_Serinde: Serge I think we may be entirely robot parts
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goombalax: I got this game from prime last night and I was up all night playing it
malc: sergeHi mode?
RockPusher: Mouse needs to pump some iron? Is it mouse leg day?
Mandillio: Because your robot arm is better for vaulting and helping you land so the flesh arm gets a blade.
Dog_of_Myth: Almost nice mouse sensitivity.
TehAmelie: it wouldn't surprise me if Disney took out a broad copyright on robot octopus arm designs. . .
TemporallyAwry: Not my kinda game, but I've had the soundtrack in my active rotation for a couple of weeks now.
RockPusher: neck minnit
CaptainSpam: Woah, that framerate.
joallthedogs: zoom
Defrost: If you have prime you can also use your free sub on loadingreadyrun :D
Brozard: Frame rate is dropping, might need to lock it?
Sarah_Serinde: Okay, *mostly* robot parts then
Sarah_Serinde: !prime
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dougma: I was going to ask if the game looked choppy, and with motion blur...
x0den: its okay, they're only filled with jam
Defrost: This is hard to watch when you're moving
Despoiler98: Canadian ninja, always apologizing for cutting people into pieces
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: ya, the framerate might need to be locked
joallthedogs: maybe it's the motion blurr
Brozard: Use the boost to get through!
James_LRR: he'll notice in a second
RockPusher: Someone needs to give that turbine some TLC
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James_LRR: your frame rate is not great
ExhaustedElox: Run those Ghosts, Serge!
James_LRR: You know what you're doing.
malc: bye?
garunkl: bye serge?
ExhaustedElox: Welcome back, Serge
ExhaustedElox: And now the game is gone...
RockPusher: New game, new capture setup to tweak
malc: jlrrCoolgame capture
cambo212: Well this game is free now via twitch prime and GoG
Defrost: Also turning off motion blur might also help with video compression
Sogheim: Hi Serge! I'm watching your games from last night! no spoilers, have fun
SquareDotCube: better ish
Critterbot: Looks good now. SeemsGood
TehAmelie: why do they still games where motion blur is an option, let alone on by default
Dalrint: That is much bteter
paciferal: much better
garunkl: better
thraximore: much better
SerGarretCameron: that's way better.
ContingentCat: happy
dougma: much better
sonbrohansan: not perfect but better
Critterbot: Smooth.
malc: still slightly stuttery but better
SpoopsAHoy: flawless
SquareDotCube: there's still very mior stutter
dougma: no longer vomit enducing
SquareDotCube: microstuttering
mowdownjoe: Seems good to me.
Critterbot: It's good enough.
Brozard: Limit the frame rate
Mushbie: is game running at a different framerate than 60?
Brozard: It's unlimited at the momet
Robot_Bones: the beat
Brozard: Down near the bottom
Defrost: vsync on
malc: near the bottom
James_LRR: at the bottom
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: it' was near the bottom
Brozard: MUCH better
sonbrohansan: yes
paciferal: dang good
CaptainSpam: There we go.
James_LRR: nailed it
garunkl: smoooooth
sonbrohansan: VERY GOOD
malc: lrrGOAT
Getter404: smooooooooooth
TehAmelie: smooth as heck
dougma: ooohhhh... that nice!
mowdownjoe: Like BUTTAH
Mushbie: goooood
joallthedogs: sergeJustRight
Dog_of_Myth: Smooth
TemporallyAwry: PridePog much better
cambo212: buttery smooth
thraximore: NOTICEABLY better
SerGarretCameron: Oh, that's perfect.
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap
MyrddintheWizard: Like butter
Robot_Bones: I would also accept you dropping that bass
wench_tacular: jlrrCool
ContingentCat: smooth like butter
Defrost: LRRGoat
x0den: thank YOU serge!
Brozard: Oh yeah, buttery smooth now sergeJustRight
Defrost: lrrGOAT
RockPusher: Smooth like butter
malc: wow I didn't think it was too bad before but this is SMOOTH
James_LRR: its very hard to play games at 144 and stream from the same PC unfortuantely.
dougma: getting super hot vibes as well
CaptainSpam: "Kick in the door!" *whump* "Find a way around the door!"
reaper1984rt: boost
TehAmelie: learning to dodge bullets seems like it would be a painful process
malc: jlrrFall
ContingentCat: sergeFall
Brozard: LUL
DeM0nFiRe: The slow motion dodge into the pit LUL
Brozard: !addcount fall
RockPusher remembers he bought butter and potatoes and is going to have some quality mash tonight
malc: brozard: heck no :D
malc: !addcount falls ∞
paciferal: it's kind of like dinocrisis where you can see a kill shot coming
James_LRR: is there a "peaceful" setting?
Pheonix888: why do we have two arms again?
Brozard: You can dial down the gore
joallthedogs: lol, James. why?
PMAvers: I think if you crouch down those ramps, you'll slide and get more speed?
Serpens77: @James_LRR you access it with Alt-F4
James_LRR: that was a Minecraft joek :P
reaper1984rt: no peace with serge
SquareDotCube: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
F1SHOR: #blamechat
Brozard: peace was never an option benginRage
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Nicarrow: HI All
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SquareDotCube: I'm sure you could do the bullet slice thing
Defrost: Give Serge enough time he'll automate the killing of these guys
RockPusher: Ludicrous Gibs!
PMAvers: What happens when James suggests a knives-only round in Valorant
ContingentCat: minecraft? don't think Serge is familar lrrBEEJ
TehAmelie: everybody's shooting so straight, it's unfair
malc: yes, Gibb *is* ludicrous
x0den: chest high wall!
RockPusher: tqsKnife tqsKnife tqsKnife
Dalrint: If at first you don't succeed, die die again
TehAmelie: statistically, an average ninja has to die about 50 times before mastering bullet dodging
Scy_Anide: Sliding on a grate seems difficult.
mowdownjoe: I bet this game is a speedrunner's dream.
Mysticman89: oh it's this. Think I saw it on gdq at one point and it looked wild
DeM0nFiRe: I first heard of this game from GDQ
RockPusher: That frood, ded.
SplittingImage77: Speaking of Ghostrunner, anyone remember that old 90s show Ghostwriter?
dividesBy0: Turns out the key was inside those people all along
Ba_Dum_Tish: So we are the doomslayer
Jondare: I might have to get this, it reminds me a lot of Mirrors Edge, and I LOVED mirrors edge
niccus: just like in real life
TehAmelie: it's like a puzzle game, but a puzzle of the flesh
reaper1984rt: ghostwriter was cool
Aarek: the real key was the "friends" we cut in half along the way
Defrost: Oh Serge how's the geisha??
TehAmelie: (Phantasmagoria)
dividesBy0: He's a ghost, and he writes to us. Ghostwriter.
Mysticman89: this city sim building game is very dystopian
RockPusher votes on some MtG nicknames while Serge does some sergeFall
James_LRR: speed runs of this game are really fun.
joallthedogs: @Defrost it was delicious
reaper1984rt: lrrJUDGE me
markvd: you betmen?
f_tan_theta: can we get Ben to get another world record?
James_LRR: he's gaming
James_LRR: activate gamer mode
Mysticman89: maybe serge wants the world record so he and ben can relate
ranknullity: haven't these people read the standard stormtrooper training manual?
Mister_BlueSky: (RGB activated)
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LurkerSpine: wait is this mirror's edge with hook shot? cuz that sounds awesome
larpkiwi: and a katana
markvd: they jumped there
malc: this game looks like it will be very fun when you master it...and perhaps frustrating to master
jonnykefka: I figured out what this game reminds me of. Mirror's Edge mixed with Katana Zero
Dalrint: A technowizard did it
TehAmelie: imagine what they must be thinking when you're circle strafing around them in the air
Jasoman: Shot themselves there
jonnykefka: speedruns of this game must look unreal
kusinohki: that's prolly what the cranes are for - geting dudes on platforms
dividesBy0: They were born on the platform, molded by it. You merely adopted the platform.
RockPusher: It appears the pro strat is not getting shot :O
ContingentCat: so sneaky
sonbrohansan: @dividesBy0 LUL
Sarah_Serinde: That timing
SplittingImage77: Maybe the guards are actually the construction workers. They built themselves into a corner and now they can't get down
malc: it's hard to be stealthy when they've seen you :D
Juliamon: SplittingImage77 So what you're saying is, we're doing them a *favor*
ContingentCat: @RockPusher in the game as in life
reaper1984rt: ninja need ninja stars
PixelArtDragon: Oh we Jedi now!
RockPusher: We jedi now
Ba_Dum_Tish: So when we die we drop a sweet katana
SplittingImage77: Setting them free, yes
kusinohki: deflecting bullets with a sword really can't be good for the sword can it?
TehAmelie: dodge, duck, deflect, dive and dodge huh
PMAvers: Get this man a spinfuzor and let's go Tribes
goombalax: this part took me 50 tries
PixelArtDragon: @PMAvers Heck yeah!
malc: it's made of narrativium
reaper1984rt: does the game count your deaths
larpkiwi: nicabrAiniac
ContingentCat: the sword is made of Don't Worry About It
Defrost: But Serge doesn't that mean that these are also future bullets?
PixelArtDragon: Narrator: They did, in fact, see that coming
kusinohki: why does your hand print work?
TehAmelie: Andross?!
SplittingImage77: Whisper should yell for the sake of irony
PixelArtDragon: Twitch compression did NOT like that
RockPusher: Is cybervoid like dreamvoid?
Ba_Dum_Tish: So we cyberpunk
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MaladyDark: Serge <3 ha-HA!
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x0den: snake?
kusinohki: steve blume?
RockPusher: !findquote dream void
LRRbot: Quote #2233: "Translator's note: Dream Void means Ass." —Alex and Graham [2016-04-01]
EJGRgunner: cheer50 I think you weren't paying enough attention to your friend. Shouldn't be so careless with Whisper.
SplittingImage77: Yer a Ghostruner, Harry!
tapdancingbeavers: Architect Thomas?
malc: mood, architect
PMAvers: But wait this was *last* season in Destiny.
TemporallyAwry: #Mood jlrrCooltunes
RockPusher: gabyLul
malc: sergeHubris#
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: probably not like that LUL
Mysticman89: yes, exactly like that
sonbrohansan: exactly like this
jonnykefka: scuze me while I clip something
malc: sergeHubris
PixelArtDragon: Welcome to the highlight real!
TehAmelie: it's the twitch hating void i think
Defrost: sergeFall
RockPusher: sergeHubris sergeFriend
PotatoWraiths: ooooh compression does not like this place
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: to mend and defend?
joallthedogs: cubes!
kallefarr: @rockpusher
ranknullity: for arbitrating all of the things that can be arbitrated by slicing them with a sweet katana
paciferal: the matrix is strong in this one
kusinohki: architect and keymaster? we are matrix
Mandillio: How much do we trust this ghost?
SplittingImage77: Ghostrunner's voice reminds me of Tom from Toonami
CururuGuasu: Follow Zordon
ContingentCat: Mara? are we she-ra?
TehAmelie: i mean if i could make a game with parts that looked amazing but compressed to dog poop on twitch so people would be encouraged to buy it to see it for themselves, i would
x0den: unlike glados, hopeful this guy doesn't hold his death against us
goombalax: murder ninja cyborg spiderman
Defrost: There's no way he's not lying to us right?
BusTed: I'm sure Architect is entirely on the up-and-up.
PixelArtDragon: Is this supposed to be a take on the story of Lilith?
TehAmelie: he has an honest voice
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: every story has only one side, uh huh
ContingentCat: wow rude guy
LurkerSpine: yeah that sounds bad
LurkerSpine: I would trust those Climbers
jessieimproved: this is a serious lore dump
SplittingImage77: D-E-D, ded
BusTed: The cavalier idle sword toss is more alarming than it should be.
F1SHOR: wow twitch shoved my quality down to 480... that was an experience
codatski: Doc Oc?
PixelArtDragon: Now she's the mother of demons! Wait.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Are you the keymaster?
SplittingImage77: Keymaster... anyone remember the movie the Pagemaster?
RockPusher: F1SHOR Experience Blur
Defrost: "Trust me" he says in the least trustworthy voice ever
CururuGuasu: So it’s Vinz Clortho’s fault
Mister_BlueSky: Yes, voice in my head, I'm sure you are 100% correct and not lying in any way.
BusTed: looks like I'll have to juuuump
malc: sergeFall
BusTed: seabatSKYLADY
ContingentCat: sergeFall at the ready
MAPBoardgames: Might as well jump! Jump! SingsNote
RockPusher: Heights are fine - it's the sudden height becoming not height that is an issue lrrBEEJ
Mandillio: I imagine it's like forcing yourself to wake up in a dream.
PixelArtDragon: "For short" Yes, that is so much easier.
SplittingImage77: Ah! It's like MegaMan Battle Network
CururuGuasu: Literal murder Tetris
reaper1984rt: lrrFINE
CAKHost: You are playing Tetris?
TehAmelie: the cybervoid does sound like an SCP
RockPusher: Where should we put this SCP? In the CyberVoid!
Defrost: Oh this is what SCP is? Kappa
CAKHost: You are playing Tetris
Juliamon: skill tetris
reaper1984rt: tetras
SplittingImage77: It's like the chip system in Battle Network
SK__Ren: not gonna lie, this is giving me Megaman Battle Network flashbacks
x0den: i miss battle network
SK__Ren: me too
TemporallyAwry: Se we broke an AI out of jail.
ContingentCat: sergeFall
Defrost: We have to stop hexadecimal's evil plan
BusTed: Gaming.
garunkl: gaaaaaming
Soul1355: what a save
Serpens77: seabatClap
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wow this is the early levels
SK__Ren: sergeJustRight
Gizunt: such a cool game, finished the week it came out
Defrost: !clip
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electra310: Oh no, I got too into the Great British Baking Show and missed the start of the stream :D
niccus: is this segment supposed to be quiet?
SplittingImage77: I remember that one Reboot episode that paid homage to the Evil Dead, that's how I knew who Ash was before seeing the movies
CururuGuasu: Spider-ninja, spider-ninja, does whatever a spider-ninja does
nervoushair: like, what does this factory maaake
EJGRgunner: cheer50 Looks like this game is trying to convince you that you can defy gravity, but I'm not falling for it.
thraximore: question: what is the meaning of "Dharma"? I assume it MUST be significant in a game like this.
patrick_stonecrusher: she dates a guy named Greg
markvd: isn't epidharma the organ of the skin?
ContingentCat: I'm getting modernized Reboot vibes
thraximore: I showed you my voice- pls respond
x0den: do you have two dashes now, or did the upgrade give you the ability to dash?
GhostValv: rude
Gizunt: well that was quick
nervoushair: "good" guy
CururuGuasu: Zordon being Zordon
Electrodyne: My thoughts: put the train station by the highway
malc: funny, that.
Robot_Bones: trust me I made sure no one else would answer
GhostValv: ninjas
Mysticman89: your city building experience is showing
ContingentCat: it's quite a look
SplittingImage77: The only thing this factory makes is complications
nervoushair: the final fantasy design school of architecture
hermatic1: do you have double dash?
NotCainNorAbel: Day 2 you get a key to the back door.
PMAvers: Looks like a lot of damage has been had here, at least. Probably from the fighting.
notthepenguins: maybe its supposed to be mostly drone serviced?
GDwarf: The room was designed by the evil universe version of OSHA
Juliamon: Now *that* would be a cool city-builder, designing for parkour
ContingentCat: osha is very upset with them
TehAmelie: a mid-air suspended corrugated steel wall factory, who wouldn't want that
nervoushair: more like Nosha
Ba_Dum_Tish: I feel like this is architecture when drones are able to handle construction
BusTed: Which, in Final Fantasy, could also be ninjas.
Mandillio: has anyone good ever been called Architect I mean there are good architects but like as a title I feel like it's mostly bad guys.
Juliamon: You don't pride yourself as an architect unless you're using that power for evil
niccus: if you call *yourself* the architect, that's the red flag
SplittingImage77: This factory has only one janitor
GDwarf: Wait, is this Metal Gear Solid 2?
GDwarf: :P
TehAmelie: even Ted Mosby was really the architect (dramatic pause) of destruction
thraximore: Imagine the conversation ending like that :D
DeM0nFiRe: is he gonna be ok?
ContingentCat: !! music shift
MurphEP: yikes
codatski: Serge!
Dmc3628: that guy? effed
CururuGuasu: Chunky
nervoushair: switch
garunkl: button
codatski: So I guess Play it Forward is where Serge goes to play the games he can't on his home streams lol
CAKHost: Ninja too hard
ContingentCat: @codatski yup
TheMerricat: imagine being the one guard that doesn't get a shield when the other two are standing right next to you and her shielded
Defrost: Man their aim is so much worse when that shield is on...
notthepenguins: maybe they cant see through the blue glow
TehAmelie: i hope in the end we get our own suspended vertical steel sheet factory where we can just play all day
ContingentCat: maybe it's like how football players get more injuries than rugby players, too much relying on the protection
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CururuGuasu: “If anyone can do it” immediately dies
TemporallyAwry: L A M P is bad
theevermist: This doesnt seem like a very serge , how is he liking it so far?
kusinohki: te real reason ninjas stick to shadows... like moths they die touching light
markvd: I don't think that's a light, but a red hot iron chunk
niccus: the ninja population has really recovered after we switched to LEDs
DeM0nFiRe: Based on watching this, it is making me wish the game had like a short rewind on death instead of a respawn at checkpoint
F1SHOR: needs more neon - ive been led to believe ninjas nowadays are all neon
TheMerricat: like how one of our cyber modules is apparently windshield wipers to get rid of the blood that keeps splattering on our face
SplittingImage77: Neonjas
theevermist: I feel like the mysterious voice in cyber punk game may not actually be on our side, but it would be cool if we actually got a chair person
Sarah_Serinde: theevermist Serge likes to stream family-friendly games, but that doesn't mean they're the only games he's interested in :)
omdorastrix: kinda looks like this has lots of the same problems Mirror's Edge had with unforgiving platforming
SplittingImage77: Aren't we going back to Kamigawa in a few months? Plenty of Neonjas there
thraximore: Maybe this guy wouldn't be dead if he understood people better :)
TheMerricat: I mean it's pretty much guaranteed isn't it that Mara isn't really the evil person that we're being told
omdorastrix: I've heard of a "Vertically integrated" factory, but this is ridiculous
notthepenguins: i assume they're just both awful
SplittingImage77: Hey Architect, what's the Mara with me? What's the Mara with you?
CururuGuasu: Collaborate
SK__Ren: I want to see the speedrun for this game. Because it looks like you can run on a lot of things other than the given path
kusinohki: stop - collaborate and listen
CururuGuasu: Listen
kusinohki: it might also be hammer time...
cuttlefishman: @SK__Ren the speedrun is pretty sick, even if you stay in bounds
hermatic1: I can see serge , discovering the soon to be known yeager skip
notthepenguins: just jerk ai awful vs hypercapitalist awful
LordZarano: Stop. Ninjatime!
F1SHOR: we got a gamer here
theevermist: @notthepenguins In cyberpunk games I assume everyone is awful until proven otherwise
platinum_tarrasque: by the way Fun Fact Mara is th buddhism Demon of Desire
Defrost: He needs to work on his metaphors...
malc: I blame the architect
PMAvers: They *did* say it was a megastructure.
thraximore: That's why the Architect was overthrown: OSHA. umbraSmile
ContingentCat: uhh
SplittingImage77: The Architect built this place then? I guess he didn't pay much attention in class
reaper1984rt: matrix hallway scene
Mister_BlueSky: Why yes I do like that secene.
CururuGuasu: Seems safe!
TheMerricat: wow architect isn't prideful or anything
CururuGuasu: As a programmer, I can confirm that expert level coding involves ninja platforming
kusinohki: slidey tetris puzzle??
notthepenguins: i think its tetris
reaper1984rt: spaure
Crokoking: look at the floor below the moving parts
PMAvers: I think this is one of those sliding lock puzzles, where the blocks can only go side to side.
SquareDotCube: clear everything and look down
Pheonix888: slidy block puzzle, in your mind
gualdhar: how date they put a puzzle game in my murder spree game
TehAmelie: did they just suggest we're born of man and machine in some cross-species union?
thraximore: bet you there's timing involved.
ContingentCat: don't kinkshame
EJGRgunner: didn't you say you were a Tetris expert 10 minutes ago?
CururuGuasu: That seems right
MurphEP: And how does he do it
ContingentCat: texpert
PMAvers: I think you need to line them up?
Scy_Anide: Do you need to be closer?
notthepenguins: try holding down left mouse?
Soul1355: press left click
reaper1984rt: looking down
theevermist: can you move with blink u?
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Rourke9: I hope you have an enjoyable stream and day!
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hermatic1: does the yellow spot of the wall on the left
MaladyDark: Hold Q, scan enemies, then click
Mysticman89: you had all 3 highlighted at one point
thraximore: OVerthinking this.
omdorastrix: does your attack have some width?
reaper1984rt: jump
hermatic1: nice
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Hit the hole!
CururuGuasu: Might as well
Defrost: It's the thing Serge was trying to do dashing at ennemies shooting at him XD
reaper1984rt: 3 targets lined differently up need jump to get all 3 at onches
Mister_BlueSky: The shield has a shield.
kusinohki: soon it will be shields all the way down
TehAmelie: why not simply give a shield its own shield and make it invincible?
ContingentCat: oh yeah
malc: Super. Ghost.
QuietJay: super
patrick_stonecrusher: my shield, my shield's shield, and his shield before him
QuietJay: hut
RockPusher: Super! Hot! Super! Hot!
Defrost: Blink is a different key than dash right?
omdorastrix: super
omdorastrix: hot
Soul1355: oh, is the vr one good?
Soul1355: maybe I should pick that up
djalternative: super. hot.
Mister_BlueSky: Most innovative shooter I've played in years.
Robot_Bones: ah the X master I see
reaper1984rt: he said these guys are easy opps
RockPusher: gabyLul chat is a bunch of nerds lrrSHINE
CaptainSpam: "C'moooooon! Stop runniiiiing! Please?"
markvd: the ninja start running and they don't stop running
KeytarCat: ooh, gorey
TehAmelie: why would you tell a ghostrunner to stop running? like what would you think would happen?
CururuGuasu: “Fair”
thraximore: Vulnerable, but still armed :p
markvd: @TehAmelie they'll ghost you of course
KeytarCat: Oh neat, you can't set up a backwards wallrun
Mister_BlueSky: Strats.
RockPusher: Learning‽ On this channel‽
Defrost: Strats? I thought Adam was the one with a LRR speedrunning show
x0den: i thought it was never learning
NightValien28: no, here its ever forward never learning
djalternative: The motto of Ian's stream is literally never learning
Mysticman89: Ian does a l;ot of things on this channel with no clear theme. It's good, but itts diverse
RockPusher: Adam is speedrun coach - Ben is true speedrunning champion
CaptainSpam: Adam is, however, the Boshy.
icetea244: hello someone has a extra gog key for ghostrunner?
Angnor33: Serge is already miles ahead of me, took me so long to get even close to beating this area.
KeytarCat: @RockPusher Only one can hold the rank, but many contribute to the goal
Defrost: Tpwer, golden age... Mara... is this destiny?
CaptainSpam: The architect doesn't do the actual construction, though.
malc: architects aren't supposed to *build* things
omdorastrix: where's TheArchitectX when you need em?
Defrost: Architects are just project managers with a fancy title Kappa
Perchipy: Architects aren't builders, they are even slightly differentiated from engineers. He definitely didn't design and build this place by himself
PixelArtDragon: Maybe there's a secret there?
CururuGuasu: So this is the guy that keeps killing everyone in Destiny
RockPusher: Most of the architecting I've experienced has been too focused on aesthetic and not practical concerns like "where are the bathrooms?"
BrindleBoar: I think it was near the exit there
hermatic1: does it now become like a dropper
TehAmelie: it's so much fun to move around, we thought we should challenge you by putting in a bunch of detours
dividesBy0: You can just slot bathrooms into any spare gaps between the multiple topiary rooms
RockPusher may be bitter about watching a trainwreck of a building project
NightValien28: jack the ripper, mr lightning
RockPusher: wheelerY wheelerT has been called sergePopcorn
KeytarCat: NPC, please, We clearly have amnesia
TehAmelie: and then she immediately gets loudly motion sick
Mister_BlueSky: Hacker voice I'm in.
KeytarCat: I like seeing the world from my perspective, yes
TheMerricat: according to Google focus for blink regens on kills
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charlie_k21: 44 months? that's 44 months!
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mowdownjoe: They did show you that you can blink through automatic fire.
TehAmelie: i think i like the running levels much more than the running and stabbing ones
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mnemonicman: Ah bullets. My one weakness.
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Defrost: Lets call him dutch
RockPusher: !listen
LRRbot: Chat? Engaging in mimicry?
mowdownjoe: !advice
LRRbot: One must STFU to properly explore.
PixelArtDragon: !advince
TehAmelie: it's almost usually left
Defrost: !badadvice
LRRbot: Eat the mold.
Soul1355: should probably swap sides on the camera when you get a chance, you're covering UI on the left
omdorastrix: The movement seems to favour a "smooth" and "flowing" running line...
Defrost: Since we've been gone they can feel for the first time?
Robot_Bones: Since you've been gone SingsNote
x0den: clipazine
PixelArtDragon: A clipazine
mnemonicman: Clippazine
malc: well done, chat.
omdorastrix: Bursts
x0den: twitch hive mind
Talin06: they are salvos
TehAmelie: i really want to know what the factory is doing forging these steel plates and smelting them down
KeytarCat: Fusillade?
PixelArtDragon: We must fight, or EVEN the rich wil suffer
thraximore: baseless speculation: what if Mara is trying to repair a critical design failure that has doomed the tower?
TehAmelie: does it get awkward now every time you remember Zoe is watching through your eyes?
SK__Ren: Tool? Is that why we had all those T-shirts?
BrindleBoar: "have you tried going left?" -Zoe, probably
TehAmelie: never wall runned on a moving wall before. exciting
SquareDotCube: have you tried to your right
Manae: Jerk move, shooting you from behind
omdorastrix: I love how there are multiple angles of attacks a nd routes
lirazel64: So, we're... leftists?
BasilHunter: this seems like an interesting point to come in on
thraximore: serge trying to do the speedrun route :D
PixelArtDragon: Shame that jump is the only way to do this section
thraximore: just a joke LUL
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KeytarCat: A lot of speedrun routes are found by casual players missing cues from the dev
thelordofelba: Serge, what's your opinion on cold brew coffee?
goombalax: this one took me 70 tries and I was up until 6 AM doing it, when I finished I immediately went to sleep
lirazel64: "Even half an extra step... not that step."
KeytarCat: They tend to be the first routes eliminated because new tech often makes them redundant
Juliamon: !addquote (Serge) [now] How was I supposed to know to look left??
LRRbot: New quote #7795: "How was I supposed to know to look left??" —Serge [2021-10-02]
MagicalAttackGecko: How come there is coldbrew but no hotbrew?
Serpens77: those evil corporate overlords enforcing a break every hour Kappa
x0den: did lynx suddenly start mandating breaks? :p
Perchipy: rebel against the tyrannical rule of LoadingReadyRun!
TehAmelie: i think hotbrew is when you boil the water
BrindleBoar: McDonalds makes hot brew coffee Kappa
GhostValv: at that point it's just coffee
MagicalAttackGecko: seabatTROG
Spluuga: only lukewarm brew
TemporallyAwry: Step one, invent hot-ice.
omdorastrix: Hotbrew is a flatwhite
BasilHunter: but what about lukewarm brew coffee?
BusTed: if there's iced cream, why isn't there hotted cream?
thraximore: no hot brew, but we sure have hot TAKES umbraEZ
RockPusher: seabatPjorg
Robot_Bones: Hot Brew is when you make coffee with your shirt off
markvd: how about room temperature brew?
SerGarretCameron: oh no, Hot Brew is when you liquify and bring to a boil the actual beans.
malc: make cold brew, then stick it in the microwave. sergeJustRight
x0den: but what about drybrew coffe?
PMAvers: Plasma Brew
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PixelArtDragon: Espresso is hot brew, because the pressure allows the water to boil at a higher temperature
ManOCatherby: Im a fan of brewing in a chemex using half the water weight as ice. Makes for a good iced coffee
markvd: how about hebrew coffee?
Spluuga: I put cheese in my coffee tho..
TemporallyAwry: Real talk though ... what would happen if you made coldbrew but Sous vide it?
thelordofelba: well made turkish coffee is way underrated
joallthedogs: sergePongChamp
TehAmelie: i remember a story on Notalwaysright about a customer who apparently believed there should be a kind of iced coffee that was also hot and just couldn't figure out how to explain it to get the coffee shop to make it
SmithKurosaki: You're actively gaming, Yager sergeHeart
kusinohki: give em back the air! - bad arny impression
NotCainNorAbel: cookie clicking count?
KeytarCat: I'm a passive gamer
Spluuga: @TehAmelie brew the coffee on a ice cube prolly..
Soul1355: the greater good
BrindleBoar: gamed
dumbo3k: Talking about the greater good is inevitably a bad thing
Juliamon: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
thelordofelba: Unfortunately, I I've always failed at making Turkish coffee
thelordofelba: I just make bitter sludge
mowdownjoe: Maybe grab a cold brew, and nuke it in the microwave? Kappa
SmithKurosaki: Hey Keytar
thraximore: the grater goode
KeytarCat: Halloo @SmithKurosaki SirUwU
lirazel64: I *really* don't like utilitarians.
TehAmelie: it should be cold, like iced coffee, but still tasting like hot coffee. or maybe be hot but taste cold?
dumbo3k: Oh, I just got an Ad for the game I'm literally playing right now
Juliamon: I mean... I get it, iced coffee has a very different taste to traditionally brewed
thelordofelba: @Juliamon Cold brew has a different chemistry than iced hot coffee
SmithKurosaki: Yea. Cold brew for cold coffee, hot brew for hot coffee
Juliamon: I don't even mean just cold brew
SmithKurosaki: Serge explained it on his stream at least once before :p
Juliamon: Chilling a coffee changes the flavor
thelordofelba: Yes, just like American beer can only be tolerated ice cold
Juliamon: It's true for most beverages really
TheAinMAP: lrrSIG
Juliamon: a hot Coke is different from a nice chilled Coke
KeytarCat: @Juliamon why would...why would you say such a thing?
Soul1355: maybe also take a minute and swap the camera to the right? you're over UI right now
Juliamon: because... it's a popular drink in some places?
KeytarCat: O_o
RockPusher: I don't know about Coke per se, but a hot spicy cola mid winter would be quite nice
Rasputyne: Are those places Mordor?
TehAmelie: wait did we miss a sword on that level?
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tidehollowcat: sergeHeart lrrSHINE sergeHeart
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Juliamon: I think it's in an Asian country
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PixelArtDragon: Susan
SmithKurosaki: Gunner! sergePun
mnemonicman: yes let's resume the murder
KeytarCat: @Juliamon Oh, yeah, haven't been to any of those
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Kyir: video games
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SmithKurosaki: Sounds like it tbh
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dumbo3k: I mean, grabbing onto live wires for extra power already sounds like a bad idea
Juliamon: a cursory google says Hong Kong enjoys boiled Coke
Juliamon: we've all learned a thing today
Master_Gunner: gamers don't look down :P
BusTed: Gamers don't look down.
dumbo3k: Gamers also don't look up
RockPusher: !findquote gamers
LRRbot: Quote #5461: "That's what gamers like: realism." —Adam [2018-10-30]
TemporallyAwry: No, the other up ;p
TehAmelie: side scrollers would always encourage you to look in all four directions :x
JonnyGlitched: Ohh this looks actiony... Action Serge!
PMAvers: No landing, only Warlock Jump
JonnyGlitched: Hi Everyone! Hi Serge!
x0den: it doesn't seem like good design, they keep talking about climbing then make you go down.
Talin06: gamers don't look
RockPusher: ♫ Tiiiiiiiiime is on your side ♫
TemporallyAwry: This is my favorite track PrideFloat
Xenguin47: We know only run?
dumbo3k: Did you just gib that guy by teleporting into him?
SmithKurosaki: Spicy
Robot_Bones: Ghost runner needs uppies to live
JonnyGlitched: 1st time
Mashamino: bikePls
SmithKurosaki: It's def a good vibe
TemporallyAwry: Available on Bandcamp jlrrCooltunes
JonnyGlitched: one of those dude's has speedier bullit
KeytarCat: This is the type of game that would have a speedrun community even if the controls weren't otherwise great
TemporallyAwry: I just hope the enemies never get smart enough to yell "i'm out" to lull you into a false sense of security.
JonnyGlitched: Can't believe platforming is still an issue in 2021... What were all those fundraisers for?!
Azraekos: Hi Serge!
JonnyGlitched: does your sword block projectiles?
Azraekos: Pretty good, just vibin
Mysticman89: that explains it completely
KeytarCat: There's a blink that ignores projectiles, but it charges with kills
JonnyGlitched: I find cups of tea help with the "getting worse"
KeytarCat: It's a very Serge puzzle, but this time with swords and guns!
gualdhar: Wow this game has a potty mouth
A_Cat_Herder: I don't know how Serge can be so chill playing this, I turn into a wreck after 4 attempts
thraximore: This was Mara's dastardly plan all along!
JonnyGlitched: I'm not a fan of "fail to get better" games
mowdownjoe: Did we glitch it by hitting the thing during slow-mo?
JonnyGlitched: I play games to feel clever
RebekahWSD: This is a very interesting looking game
Perchipy: @JonnyGlitched Me neither, but Ghostrunner is really well designed. It's really tough but fun.
Azraekos: It's currently free with twitch/amazon prime
Mysticman89: it's all about fail fast
PMAvers: And if you're having to spend time re-farming blood vials to fight a boss again...
KeytarCat: Is the grapple icon a vinyl record adapter?
TemporallyAwry: If it starts you at the bottom of the tower - less hype. These checkpoints are more "puzzle room" and less "punish floor"
mowdownjoe: Super Meat Boy was great with that. No level was longer than a minute, but they were punishing in difficulty.
JonnyGlitched: I prefer actual roguelikes, as in if you die it's truely game over
RockPusher: This looks like it has the correct balance on very fast reset with little setback
JonnyGlitched: the repeating of the same level over and over kills me
PixelArtDragon: The other thing is that this game seems to have pretty forgiving checkpointing
TemporallyAwry: Oh Architect, don't try to dead-pan-pun
RockPusher: As always though, it is okay to not like things and even well-executed styles are just not the style for everyone
Juliamon: The repeating text is the only thing that really bugs me
JonnyGlitched: @RockPusher I don't mind watching repeated failure, just don't like playing it
thraximore: interesting bounce :O
KeytarCat: Bounce that boi!
GhostValv: goomba stomping
JonnyGlitched: impressive
JonnyGlitched: have a Youtube playthrough of only your successful runs
dumbo3k: I'm starting to see why the architect got stabbed
thraximore: @dumbo3k Charisma was his dump stat :)
Mysticman89: youtube? are you sure you don't have a secret walkthrough in another window? Kappa
JonnyGlitched: that's not ominous at all
KeytarCat: Archie, that doesn't make me feel better
thraximore: Burst... gamma rays?
thraximore: or Nuclear weapons. Get your bingo cards ready!
Crokoking: other side of the bridge maybe?
emily_t_g5: just got here how's everyone doing
emily_t_g5: oh man this game looks sweet
ThingsOnMyStream: I don't see why you are suspicious the person talking to you on your radio is always trustworthy in videogames
TheManaLeek: Are we successfully bang bang beep beeping?
JonnyGlitched: lrrHORN
GhostValv: FBtouchdown
Mysticman89: you did not slow down
AutumnAuton: I'm really glad this game is somebody's jam, 'cause I like lookin' at it, but I don't think I'd like playing it too much. Twitch is great.
SmithKurosaki: And that way? GET BODIED
ManOCatherby: has he asked you to kindly do anything yet
TehAmelie: i'm trying to remember if there's any radio contacts you talk to in any Metal Gear game who doesn't betray you
Penguino_Rojo: #gamer!
JonnyGlitched: what a horrible parry
ThingsOnMyStream: when does gamer time start again?
Penguino_Rojo: really is true gamer, fail until you figure out the pattern
JonnyGlitched: as in it doesn't feel nice
emily_t_g5: I gotta play this game now it looks SO smooth
Crokoking: can't you plug in that bullet-reflect skill?
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Saslic_Demidov: You can do it Serge!
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Perchipy: The speed run of this game is insanely good to watch
Juliamon: Reminder that this game is free on GOG right now if you have Prime!
emily_t_g5: simply download the knowledge of how to resist bullet
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Penguino_Rojo: GG!
thraximore: I think the little flash is a visual indicator
JonnyGlitched: @Penguino_Rojo I cut my teeth doing that on roguelikes so my tolerance for failure requires long breaks of figuring things out
AutumnAuton: I would really love to see someone tackle this aesthetic and concept in a third-person game, like a cyberpunk Prince of Persia
AutumnAuton: It's really, really cool
ThingsOnMyStream: Is this what you have been doing to people?
Penguino_Rojo: Ive learned that if I am super struggling I need to turn it off and sleep on it. usually in the morning or whenever I feel like getting to it I can beat it
mowdownjoe: Is there even a counter when they charge?
joallthedogs: I believe in you
GhostValv: tqsSmug
JonnyGlitched: get in the hole
thraximore: lmao the ONE time they say they're gonna fuck you up you kill yourself LUL
Penguino_Rojo: there was one game I couldn't figure the pattern out on, so I 'slept on it' for a year then beat it
dumbo3k: I mean, that time you failed you won the joust by not jousting
ThingsOnMyStream: I do believe in swords, I do, I do!
Penguino_Rojo: huzzah!
JonnyGlitched: when in doubt cheese it
predmid: just checking that there weren't any shortcuts down there
JonnyGlitched: I wonder if you can bait the enemy into failing a jump
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JonnyGlitched: or shooting eachotehr
PixelArtDragon: The stealth!
Penguino_Rojo: now we're cooking with walljumps!
JonnyGlitched: "Really? And there's a machine gun at the end" Sounds like something said at Gallipoli
KeytarCat: Jumpers target the location you were when they flash the gauntlet. I think they cancel if you leave "grounded" state>
AutumnAuton: very clever trick!!!
Mister_BlueSky: Mhmmm.
AutumnAuton: secret agents hate him!!!
ManOCatherby: hubris
emily_t_g5: man this stream would be great for highlights
Penguino_Rojo: who keeps leaving garbage all over my cyberpunk environment?
AutumnAuton: Top 5 tricks Bad Guys DON'T want you to know! #7 will SHOCK you! lightningbolt_emoji
TherapyforNarwhals: Can you double jump in the air off the wall?
TehAmelie: ninja tricks, so many, the real trick is knowing which one to use
TherapyforNarwhals: Goteem
ThingsOnMyStream: how many instances of "I doing well! *dies*" does the highlight reel need?
Wicker_Guide: all of them
ThingsOnMyStream: answer: lots
PharaohBender27: @ThingsOnMyStream lrrWOW
Sarah_Serinde: I do enjoy a good montage
TherapyforNarwhals: See but that was a successful one that's more rare so it goes in
emily_t_g5: man these enemies have great aim
JonnyGlitched: I can't wait for that one enemy that accounts for your strafing and corrects their aim
Wicker_Guide: so, having just arrived, am I correct in claiming this is "Pro Genji player meets Metroid" based on apparent combat/aesthetics and music?
JonnyGlitched: I just pray they exist
Wicker_Guide: probably a boss @JonnyGlitched
RockPusher: Mmmmm, spicy dust
ThingsOnMyStream: TBH, I kind of respect that these guys have pretty good aim. I don't think I would do this well against a super speed, teleporting ninja.
PMAvers: A little radiation. As a treat.
jessieimproved: that "and so will everyone" felt like an afterthought there
KeytarCat: @Wicker_Guide Superhot more than Metroid, but Pro Genji puzzle game is a good way to phrase it
thraximore: Everything's a LITTLE radioactive
JonnyGlitched: Dust? Is this an Endless game because Dust is gooooood
Dog_of_Myth: Good old Vitamin R.
rosesmcgee: Dystopian future? I used to work for the DOE and got annual dosimeter reports. Was never exposed above "normal"
PMAvers: Ian leans his head in
Mysticman89: a hacked refrigerator means you can play doom
knightWarrior82: Sounds fun
PixelArtDragon: Hacking a refrigerator? But what about Internet of Things?
mowdownjoe: Our Architect friend hasn't seen the cool homebrew on smart fridges.
Wicker_Guide: hey, strange voice, I'll have you know hacking a refrigerator is a common ransomware trope gabySmart
Penguino_Rojo: garmerstrats
TheMerricat: sounds like a good ttsf
kusinohki: I'm sure someone has hacked a refridgerator bynow...
gualdhar: it wouldn't be the first refridgerator I've haceked
PMAvers: Like, does the kegerator count?
omdorastrix: make it mine butcoin or ddos my friends minecraft server...
gualdhar: gotta get that sweet sweet grocery list info
Niahlah: escher3THUMBSUP escher3THUMBSUP escher3THUMBSUP
ThingsOnMyStream: let's hope they don't figure out to put the shield generator *inside* the shield
KeytarCat: @mowdownjoe Archie is but a babe in the ways of humanity
Mysticman89: if I didn't expect ian to have an old fashioned fridge you can't buy anymore, I'd expect him to have hacked his
JonnyGlitched: A refrigerator can actually be a great back door to a network
Penguino_Rojo: pirate cyber ninja
Tripleyew: untzuntzuntzkilluntzsliceuntzuntz
Tripleyew: 'evening, Serge, and howdy all
Wicker_Guide: @ThingsOnMyStream shield generators are like invisiblity fields. If something isn't outside them, nothing can interact with the world
JonnyGlitched: Oh. You're a literal "Hacker". With a sword.
Penguino_Rojo: we're neo!
LordZarano: Presumably hacking into your enemy's refrigerator and turning it off would be highly inconvenient for them
ThingsOnMyStream: wow, compression does not like this place
Juliamon: Back to compression hell
JonnyGlitched: Twitch go brrrr
Mashamino: ohhh
mowdownjoe: Oh, it's Pipe Maze/
niccus: hacking!
emily_t_g5: I can feel my graphics card melting
AutumnAuton: Twitch Compression loves the visual effects in this game, good lord
JonnyGlitched: Oh wow. Hello 1989. Haven;t seen one of your games in a while
Mysticman89: gotta get the yeloow hacker juice to the end
Penguino_Rojo: no this is good!
JonnyGlitched: the = links them?
Wicker_Guide: exit at the top
Juliamon: He's learning!
ThingsOnMyStream: haxxored!
Penguino_Rojo: first try!
Wicker_Guide: wictory
Mister_BlueSky: Most of the time it is, yes.
KeytarCat: It's less helpful for understanding than it is for the puzzle
PixelArtDragon: Ever forward, SOMETIMES learning!
RebekahWSD: Oh god puzzles
JonnyGlitched: Ah I remember Pipe Dreams
ThingsOnMyStream: I remember this part from The Matrix
LordZarano: Also yeah, a smart fridge, like any "smart" device, is a perfect staging point for taking over a network
JonnyGlitched: "There's Plot in our way!"
oyleslyck: not sure if this is mentioned but if you have Prime Gaming, this game is free via a GOG code.
El_Funko: hell yeah I love Destiny's raid puzzles
Wicker_Guide: #NeedsMoreMiniScreeb lrrBEEJ
PMAvers: I mean, this seems to be better implemented than Garden
mowdownjoe: The yellow is going.
TheMerricat: The glowing yellow part isn't touching the blue part yet see how one of the pipes is longer than the other
Ciennas0219: I would love to see a puzzle like this, where the protagonist has a metal paint marker and bypasses the whole thing with their workman's sharpie.
AutumnAuton: oh I *love* this upgrade system
Wicker_Guide: re:destiny they had a similar joke in one quest where you were asked to do a puzzle like that and threw bombs at it instead
AutumnAuton: It's straight out of Mega Man Battle Network (thought I'd be surprised to know that was actual inspiration)
JonnyGlitched: Blink Area looks cool
AutumnAuton: though*
mowdownjoe: Ouch at that focus regen, though.
ThingsOnMyStream: this is a fun upgrade system
Tripleyew: Serge "I thought killing people was important" Yager
Ciennas0219: @ThingsOnMyStream It reminds me of Megaman Battle Network 3's system.
Ciennas0219: But moreso.
thegitrogsquirrel: you have room for more
Mashamino: couldn't you fit more in there, or am I misunderstanding?
wildpeaks: oh nice Ghostrunner, love that game (but I'm terrible at it)
oyleslyck: reminds me of tank upgrades in Valkyria Chronicles - tetrising your upgrades
Angreed66: they aren't tetrads they have more/less than four sections
JonnyGlitched: can you turn off those beams in front of the fans?
head_cannon: I know that calling OSHA about videogame levels is an old joke, but still: this workplace seems unsafe. :P
AutumnAuton: @oyleslyck yo hell yeah, Valkyria Chronicles!
JonnyGlitched: I am the Gatekeeper!
ThingsOnMyStream: "why do we need so many fans in this factory?" "I hate being sweaty, ok"
mowdownjoe: Yeah, Archie seems sketch now.
thraximore: oh? doing a lot of dividing and conquering, were you architect?
JAGxTERRA: wow that re-spawn is so quick
KeytarCat: Damn, Archie, you must have been awful back then
wildpeaks: it would be frustrating if it wasn't quick
mowdownjoe: You were supposed to?
JonnyGlitched: All powerful sentient AI are always trustworthy
Angreed66: you seem to
chaostreader: You are leaving.
Wicker_Guide: I think you're heading out having completed the mission
KeytarCat: The mirror track!
JonnyGlitched: you're going "down the tower"
Mashamino: yep
TherapyforNarwhals: Love rvb
ThingsOnMyStream: "I...uh...have lots of ammo"
AutumnAuton: Season 03
NightValien28: used to
JAGxTERRA: still going on..
TherapyforNarwhals: "Where's the pizza place that's supposed to be right here?!"
AutumnAuton: There are a lot of jokes that did not age well in that series and it really bums me out.
TherapyforNarwhals: "You mean calzones?"
ContingentCat: time to get smashed
mowdownjoe: The slow-mo does seem to respawn.
wildpeaks: we'll have a smashing good time
KeytarCat: Oh, these were just arbitrarily open last time
omdorastrix: ahh.. the galaxy quest corridor
JonnyGlitched: I don't think the devs designed it for you to die EVERY single way
LordZarano: You gotta listen to the rhythm, the rhythm of the street, Open up your eyes, open up your ears, Get together and make things better by working together,It's a simple message and it comes from the heart.
ThingsOnMyStream: I like this factory, but I feel like there aren't enough fans
AutumnAuton: @ThingsOnMyStream you would prefer the factory to be only fans
omdorastrix: @thingsonmystream idk... Im a big fan
Lysander_Gustav: Hello folks
oatway: I would say I'm an industrial fan
GhostValv: on the plus side, it's probably relatively cool
PMAvers: I assume ventilation is probably important for this place, if the atmo outside is toxic.
BusTed: Laser walls, preferably.
NightValien28: it seems like a fan-tastic place
ThingsOnMyStream: ventilation is important
AutumnAuton: what about a laser fan
JonnyGlitched: @AutumnAuton I'd sub to Paul's Factory only fans
Angreed66: pointed on a disco ball
ContingentCat: if you're going to go for this aethetic go hard or not at all
wildpeaks: a twist on the backlit fan: it's lit with lasers
Wicker_Guide: huh, something that doesn't instantly kill you
emily_t_g5: man this soundtrack is so good
emily_t_g5: molly noise energy
6 raiders from Thomas have joined!
RechargeableFrenchman: Hello there friend Serge. Literally just finished watching the CanLander VOD from yesterday which reminded me you were playing this tonight, and here you are.
omdorastrix: if youre in a place with this many fans... at least you know it doesnt suck
Shirmp_not_Shrimp: flawless maneuver
Thomas: Hey, friend! thomas28Wave thomas28Wave thomas28Wave
Robot_Bones: if you want to avoid getting Dizzy, don't touch fuzzy
emily_t_g5: any word on DB this year? will it be virtual like last years?
joallthedogs: sergeHi hi Thomas!
Thomas: Isn't it SO PRETTY!?
Juliamon: emily_t_g5 Check the website!
JonnyGlitched: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
Thomas: Enjoying it?
MrUglama: medium is premium
chaostreader: @emily_t_g5 it will be a hybrid.
malc: ~lasttweet desert bus
LRRTwitter: [3d ago] @DesertBus> Alright folks November is fast approaching, so we've got an announcement to share about the format of this year's run: https://t.co/2OtQjKyYwW | And remember, please wear a mask, get your vaccinations, stay safe, and we'll see you all very soon. #DB2021 || https://www.twitter.com/DesertBus/status/1443305975918723074
ThingsOnMyStream: They shouldn't have skimped on the butt shields
wildpeaks: soundtrack's on bandcamp by the way: https://danieldeluxe.bandcamp.com/album/ghostrunner-original-soundtrack (I love when games do that)
ContingentCat: hybrid bus sounds cool
mowdownjoe: Hybrid Bus this year!
JonnyGlitched: This year they're playing Asteroids instead of Desert Bus
Thomas: @joallthedogs Hello! :D
BusTed: Never skip butt shield day.
mowdownjoe: Guarantee Zeta goes In-studio.
emily_t_g5: Hybrid bus!!!
KeytarCat: Straight over the top and they can't decide which way to turn!
wildpeaks: this seems safe
JonnyGlitched: HACK it with your KATANA
BusTed: benginTry
Mister_BlueSky: Ah, a hack & slash.
JAGxTERRA: Every katana comes with a copy of metasploit
thraximore: BAD advice?
freshmaker__: wow what a great and intentional wheel boost you did serge. very impressive.
JonnyGlitched: that would be a rare honor
TheAinMAP: sergeFall
SerGarretCameron: and the good advice one. Y'know, in case it works.
ManOCatherby: cheesewheel platforming seems fun
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Swamplor: Are you just doing parkour while holding a katana? Where was this game when I was 16?
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mowdownjoe: And done, Serge. :p
ThingsOnMyStream: Could this game be called a HACK and Slash?
AutumnAuton: she got into the local app data
GhostValv: :)
JonnyGlitched: !badadvice
LRRbot: Aim for Third.
wildpeaks: @ThingsOnMyStream :D
thraximore: wild mass guessing: Zoe is Mara/a mole
mowdownjoe: Dollars to donuts speedrunners don't even bother with killing riot shield guys because of how much time they eat up.
wildpeaks: some areas don't need to kill all guys, so yeah they skip when they don't need to
JonnyGlitched: It's a "sure you can!"
wildpeaks: chat is powered by puns
thraximore: you Dark Souls'd him!
Crokoking: just call it a deathwarp :P
emily_t_g5: oh man now im looking at last years DB photos and they're making me emotional
AutumnAuton: upgrades are a crutch, everyone knows you have to go through the whole game with the level 1 sword and no upgrades or you're not a real gamer
thraximore: Trolley problems? In MY cyber dystopia?
JonnyGlitched: there were 2 jumpy bois
SajuukSjet: they're realling leaning into a cynical Hal 9000 take with the Architect, aren't they
philippekav: nice Serge got a preview for the new Kamigawa set
thraximore: @philippekav ikr
niccus: subocean!
Thomas: SAFE
wildpeaks: ummm
niccus: n
ThingsOnMyStream: this game has the Prince of Persia thing where you often just keep jumping, running and climbing on things where ever you can go without necessarily knowing where you are *supposed* to be going
GhostValv: :)
niccus: well, almost subocean
DeM0nFiRe: Ask and ye shall receive LUL
Thomas: cantweSTEALTH
PMAvers: Had to find the hurt field
KeytarCat: You had i-frames while you went through the kill-plane?
thraximore: wow, the rare kill zone subocean!
wildpeaks: we found the "reflect on the mistakes that brought you here" area
lirazel64: Sigh... I **really** don't like utilitarians. Hoe do you care for the species if you don't... oh, nevermind.
wildpeaks: no luck, all skills
Tobenamed1: serge you are a god gamer
ThingsOnMyStream: Highly skilled gamer
thraximore: It can't be luck, lucky people don't die this much umbraSmile
Ba_Dum_Tish: He's gaming
Zu_o: it's like 3d hotline miami
Tobenamed1: HAHAHAHA
Ba_Dum_Tish: Clip it
PMAvers: Wait, Adam's around?
GhostValv: :)
wildpeaks: highlight reel, here we go
thraximore: well I wasn't GONNA
mowdownjoe: !clip
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TherapyforNarwhals: *clips* *highlighted* *reeled*
Uzumaki15: *chef's kiss*
Tobenamed1: clipped it
philippekav: good old streamer curse
AngelicKnighthood: that going on the highlight reel
KeytarCat: Woulda been great if he got it, and is great since he didn't! I don't think there was a lose-con there
AutumnAuton: clapping intensifies
JonnyGlitched: Utilitarianism serves the status quo, which is the dominant socioeconomic ethnic group of a given nation. Is racist yo
thraximore: ninja AND a jedi? talk about multiclassing
spellotape: is there a reason why he isn't using the slow mo power?
JonnyGlitched: fake clouds
SajuukSjet: thraximore: you say that if Jedi _aren't_ ninja :P
Juliamon: Literal skybox
Mister_BlueSky: Yuup.
TherapyforNarwhals: s t r o b e
ContingentCat: that's the epilepsy zone
wildpeaks: Sky TV
thraximore: @JonnyGlitched not... really? Stuart Mills codified it, and he was RADICALLY egalitarian
TemporallyAwry: Well I tried to clip it, but it crashed my browser PrideLaugh
ThingsOnMyStream: this factory is an OSHA lawsuit waiting to happen. I'm seeing hardly any railings!
mowdownjoe: Tight window.
KeytarCat: @JonnyGlitched It only works in star trek because they solved...racism? first? It's a better narrative shorthand than it is a philosophy
JonnyGlitched: @KeytarCat perhaps the most unbelievable thing about Star Trek
AutumnAuton: I really like that this game *makes* you do ninja stuff. I'm very used to games that look this good being very forgiving in that kind of timing challenge.
TherapyforNarwhals: Did you have to kill them lol
thraximore: I mean... strictly speaking the concept of Utilitarianism is concerned solely with pleasure and pain.
novacat13: Now your anime
PMAvers: Oh no, this is how Serge becomes a Genji main.
Wicker_Guide: utilitarianism the word as commonly used isn't a philosophy and has about as much in common with Mills or Hume's vision of public good as "capitalism" does
Thomas: Narrator: You will hack them
GhostValv: lucio
geldaran: REinhart?
TheMerricat: Mei :P
Thomas: Zenyatta
emily_t_g5: lucio
NightValien28: bastion
Easilycrazyhat: McRee
oatway: support hanzo
Zu_o: big monkey
GhostValv: :)
Wicker_Guide: soldier 76
Mysticman89: braum
omdorastrix: lucio
Thomas: I was also a Lucio main! How have we not talked about this!?
omdorastrix: csnt stop wont stop
thraximore: @Wicker_Guide There's certainly a lot of misconceptions about it
niccus: this is practice for never needing healing
Wicker_Guide: @thraximore I'd argue that trying to talk about it as if the formal definitions apply is the misconception in most context
thraximore: I'm half expecting Darth Vader to get up in here
Easilycrazyhat: @thraximore Not enough workplace safety violations.
JonnyGlitched: @Wicker_Guide I only studied it as an ethical framework for within the Human Services field
BusTed: lrrHORN
AutumnAuton: mans is SPEED
Thomas: I don't like the puzzle mode :-/
ContingentCat: yes
Juliamon: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer means break time for YOU, so unclench, get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet if you need to. Don't forget to wash your hands!
thraximore: Arguing that the definition doesn't apply is a... strange position to take
JonnyGlitched: Right time for my walk! seeya everyone!
novacat13: wter bend?
ContingentCat: rotate the you
emily_t_g5: cycle some fluids
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Burn the tent down.
KeytarCat: @Wicker_Guide I was explicitly taught that it was in grade school. Doesn't really surprise me that it doesn't hold up to higher academic philosophy
Chesul: Lets Rotate the Fluids!
mowdownjoe: !bad advice
LRRbot: Mutiny! Mutiny!
LordZarano: make yourself dizzy with how much rotating you're doing
Easilycrazyhat: !findquote walls
LRRbot: Quote #5066: "We all had a good laugh when Ian slammed directly into a wall of tires." —Ian [2018-06-17]
TheMerricat: So chat if you aren't an amazon prime member and didn't get this for free this month, but you really like what you are seeing, good news. The game is 60% off on Steam ATM - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1139900/Ghostrunner/ - only $12 USD
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libraryrulesrule: just tried mix
libraryrulesrule: *mixing limeade and whipped cream vodka and i can't tell if its good or not
libraryrulesrule: might be a bit tipsy
Wicker_Guide: @KeytarCat thing is, I think it's actually really useful in that context. It's nice to have a name for "I want to promote my definition of progress and will accept any loss if I think there's a net gain"
Wicker_Guide: that's a very common fictional trope an also a very real moral trap to be wary of
wildpeaks: as the legends foretold
Tripleyew: @libraryrulesrule so, makes me think of an orange cream, but with lime sherbet vs orange
libraryrulesrule: its supposed to taste like keylime pie but it mostly tastes like alcoholic limeade
TheMerricat: parkour! parkour!
thraximore: this game was made by people who used to be sixteen, I'm pretty sure
JAGxTERRA: @libraryrulesrule sounds like your doing it right
Wicker_Guide: tbh that still sounds pretty good, especially for a hot day @libraryrulesrule
thraximore: jump?
thraximore: hm
asthanius: You seem to be jumping into a large hole
Shirmp_not_Shrimp: go through?
Pheonix888: jump boost pad
thraximore: @Shirmp_not_Shrimp seabatBRAIN
asthanius: “Why did you have to go through it” is a better question, I’d say
Wicker_Guide: instructions unclear, have converted all existence to cubes
LordZarano: O/S2
libraryrulesrule: walk backwards?
TheMerricat: walk backwards to it.
Penguino_Rojo: I was about to ask that
ContingentCat: biggest brain
BusTed: Trippy.
thraximore: This is a neat concept
Shirmp_not_Shrimp: this part hurts my brainsom much
wildpeaks: chyrCube
malc: !box
LRRbot: Step one: cut a hole in the box.
malc: ha
asthanius: but the world is 100% boxes
ContingentCat: braven10PRISM
Penguino_Rojo: Now you're thinking with matrix time dilation
Shirmp_not_Shrimp: Force push
thraximore: FUS
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the absolute fattest internet
Shirmp_not_Shrimp: genji mains really do get the best toys
asthanius: "Yes"
PMAvers: Wait, can you use that as a extra jump I wonder
thraximore: turns out it's EVEN BETTER, old man! technology kept improving while you were a bitcoin script!
Penguino_Rojo: Yeet Ro Dah
libraryrulesrule: this game feels like a cubic inception game
PMAvers: I'm actually reminded of the parry in ULTRAKILL now, where one of your fists you can use can parry just about any projectile.
asthanius: gangland-style katana grip
Wicker_Guide: you did a flippy flourish I think
Ba_Dum_Tish: Instant refunds and 2 day shipping
ContingentCat: you're going to be so zoomy
mowdownjoe: Of course Serge finds coffee.
BrowneePoints: Darn, I missed like the whole stream! Have you been enjoying the game Serge?
mowdownjoe: More focus gain?
Laserbeaks_Fury: You're a Jedi, Harry
thraximore: They even SOUND like stormtroopers
wildpeaks: they aim better than stormtroppers though
KeytarCat: Do slide jumps give more distance?
thraximore: @wildpeaks A refreshing and frustrating change of pace
PMAvers: This feels like a segment where they're trying to get you to use the new power
djliftinlive: stream down?
I_Am_Clockwork: wallrunning gives you a biiit more momentum, yes
Callmebruns: surprised no one on the stream mentioned you couldn't have forced bc of the defense grid. Great games though that was so fun to watch
thraximore: @djliftinlive no, working for us
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djliftinlive: hmm. K thanks
thraximore: @djliftinlive np
Callmebruns: those lines were crazy deep y'all played great
libraryrulesrule: lmao
Wicker_Guide: laser reflections, used-future dystopia, weird use of hindu concepts without a clear philosophical backing. Toe to tip that's a Star Wars
Fang_King7: Great game choice Ghostrunner is a lot of fun
I_Am_Clockwork: the movement in this game is soooo fluid
thraximore: @Wicker_Guide funny how the term "used-future" implies an "unusued" one
Fang_King7: Great speed game if anyone wants to learn it
Wicker_Guide: @thraximore I suspect you're right but am not sure what you mean. I used the term to mean "basically "has dirt and visible wear on stuff"
thraximore: @Wicker_Guide I know, that's what's funny to me. The spotless future is so common but it's not very realistic, is it?
wildpeaks: it's a speedrunning gateway drug :D
asthanius: That's the ninja mincer
x0den: what is even the point of that machine?
I_Am_Clockwork: the game does a good job of sometimes just giving you a nice relaxing runny jumpy section that isn't hard, per say, but feels great to do
Fang_King7: A fabulous speed game
LordZarano: The architect presumably
Wicker_Guide: it's for drying newspaper ink, of course lrrBEEJ
Alex_Frostfire: It grinds up the tall stuff coming down the ramp.
GhostValv: ninja burger
libraryrulesrule: sausage grinding
oatway: you don't need minced ninja?
TheMerricat: bulk meat grinding
Pharmacistjudge: is this a first person super meat boy?
thraximore: Mineral extraction.
Fang_King7: 36 min
asthanius: 40 min
thraximore: Throw raw ore into a hopper, grind out the misc. soils and minerals
TotallyNotaBeholder: 38:33 was the first gdq run I found
SirMorek: it's very fast but also broken
asthanius: I think the GDQ run had a setback?
Fang_King7: wr is around 33 for in bounds
TheMerricat: Speedrun has someone beating the game in 34 min
KeytarCat: Out of bounds run is 25
Alex_Frostfire: ^
mowdownjoe: WR time is 34:33.28
libraryrulesrule: wow, they should make that more obvious
Pharmacistjudge: is the rain gone?
I_Am_Clockwork: This jump took me forever to figure out
wildpeaks: edybotYEET
I_Am_Clockwork: and when I saw it I went OOOOOH! You Clever so and sos
ContingentCat: sometimes learning is progress
CaptainSpam: Well, then.
TheMerricat: So if you go out of bounds appearently you can beat the game in 24 min
I_Am_Clockwork: Oh this chungus!
Wicker_Guide: lol
Alex_Frostfire: Oh, all the time.
Nuurgle: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge
thraximore: basically the entirety of SUPERhot
I_Am_Clockwork: more of a fus ro dah really
malc: "Mara's"
TheMerricat: mara
x0den: Mara's
asthanius: You're on Mara
Juliamon: We can be on Mars if you want to be.
TheMerricat: the "Keymaster"
oatway: mara sov, this is secretly destiny
Juliamon: It certainly doesn't feel like Earth
Laserbeaks_Fury: Did you force push those shots?
Wicker_Guide: Mara is the buddhist anti divinity of worldly binding
Pharmacistjudge: also don't look up mara in SMT
asthanius: mara is also the SMT demon who's a penis in a chariot
TheMerricat: you can tempst the shots but tempst takes focus
ContingentCat: though it hasn't been said which planet we're on so maybe Mars?
thraximore: @Wicker_Guide There DOES seem to be a lot of... buddhist terminology?
ContingentCat: wooo left!
thraximore: Dharma, etc.
mowdownjoe: !advice
LRRbot: I'm keenly aware of your existence.
Alex_Frostfire: Always go left, never go left.
x0den: !left
asthanius: I'm on team Back
GhostValv: o/
I_Am_Clockwork: chat does typically enjoy going left
joallthedogs: left!
Zu_o: if you go left and dig three blocks I am betting you find diamonds
Ba_Dum_Tish: Chat likes being contrary
oatway: no we don't
Pharmacistjudge: i'm on team banana
I_Am_Clockwork: these guy's firing pattern is a little counter intuitive, I found
Alex_Frostfire: Potassium
Pharmacistjudge: serge always wants right, left and banana in chat
thraximore: HAHAHA
GhostValv: :O
asthanius: benginDab
TheMerricat: I'm so sorry.
jpost042: we did it
mowdownjoe: LUL
I_Am_Clockwork: Oh noooo
Wicker_Guide: @thraximore we're apparently in "dharma" the vedic/hindu concept of destined work and we're fighting "mara" the personfication of godless hedonism. I'm curious to see what the implications end up being, if any
thraximore: CMON, Serge
ContingentCat: chat is often on team the other way
I_Am_Clockwork: hoisted by your own pitard
Pharmacistjudge: Serge...no one was in team center for a reason.
asthanius: You don't *need* to jump, fwiw
thraximore: @Wicker_Guide I wonder what the Architect's name was before he died. If it's "NIrvana" I"m going to be confused
ContingentCat: !findquote left
LRRbot: Quote #1185: "Flush that toilet. She left again." —Beej [2015-11-28]
ContingentCat: proud of you Serge
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah you can slide under their laser wall if you wat to slide untill after they fire
KeytarCat: Can they not look down?
I_Am_Clockwork: they have near perfect tracking until the wall is fired
asthanius: They're like anti-dogs. They can only look up
KeytarCat: Oh, they target upper body
ContingentCat: the opposite of gamers
Wicker_Guide: @thraximore I'm going with "Vishnu" ;P
I_Am_Clockwork: so, unlike most ranged enemes you don't want to anticipate their shot
thraximore: @Wicker_Guide Ha, could be.
I_Am_Clockwork: you have to react to it
ContingentCat: sergeThankJo sergeThankJo
Pharmacistjudge: sergeThankJo sergeThankJo sergeThankJo
libraryrulesrule: robot faster than you, but projectile slower i guess
wildpeaks: "this is troublesome"
I_Am_Clockwork: this part is great
asthanius: The skip for this is great, btw. I highly recommend watching it
oatway: gotta store all the lasers somewhere
Wicker_Guide: oh for crying out loid
I_Am_Clockwork: for certain definitions of great
thraximore: oooooh this is a BOP
Fang_King7: This is such a cool part
I_Am_Clockwork: once you start fluidly gliding through this section you feel like such a badass
Wicker_Guide: @thraximore do you know if "amida" means anything? I feel like it does but don't recognize it
Wicker_Guide: will look it up meanwhile
asthanius: Nobody expects the rotating laser tower
Alex_Frostfire: "Have a safe trip," it says, with an absurd level of irony.
wildpeaks: so close
Fang_King7: The strat in the speedrun for this is awesome
CaptainSpam: "It won't hit me. So far as the reality you'll know is concerned."
djliftinlive: this is a level that makes you just quit the game
thraximore: @Wicker_Guide from google: "Amitābha (Sanskrit pronunciation: [ɐmɪˈtaːbʱɐ]), also known as Amida or Amitāyus, is a celestial buddha according to the scriptures of Mahayana Buddhism"
ContingentCat: nobody expects the spanish spinning laser tower
I_Am_Clockwork: gravity is your friend on this one
thraximore: It has connotations with... infinite life?
Alex_Frostfire: It's kind of busy onscreen.
TheMerricat: @Fang_King7 let me guess you wall run straight up or something? :D
ContingentCat: death isn't too punishing so it's fine
Fang_King7: @Fang_King7 just about yeah
NarishmaReborn: So this is a Rhythm game?
KeytarCat: This is a level that probably has an intended line, but I sure can't see it
Alex_Frostfire: Yeah, only the bullets that are coming towards you. ;)
Fang_King7: you skip phase 1 and 2
Fang_King7: It's a harder trick then it sounds
Alex_Frostfire: Oh no Serge it's a reactor meltdown
Scy_Anide: I assume this room was built specifically for ninjas to train in.
I_Am_Clockwork: I think there's a way to get through here without touching the ground, but its got super tight timing
CaptainSpam: This was the room they designed to show off all the energy-saving progress they made throughout the rest of the city.
beowuuf: dennis hopper's bowswer :p
Zu_o: Wait, are we playing fall guys?
TemporallyAwry: I mean, nobody has talked about what lives outside the tower - it could be bowser.
Fang_King7: Serge the hook has a pretty decent range so you can drop a fair bit
Wicker_Guide: almost
I_Am_Clockwork: killed by the mantle animation
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libraryrulesrule: woo!
Fang_King7: Don't forget your wall running either Serge
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh hoggers my dude
thraximore: not again!
knightWarrior82: that felt good
Wicker_Guide: oh, that seems good
asthanius: So, this is an elevator, right? Like, for people to use?
libraryrulesrule: this is evil
thraximore: @asthanius It's usually less on fire
Fang_King7: Basically yeah LUL
swaggytaco: i would get so tilted playing this holy moly
Wicker_Guide: we need Heather
asthanius: @asthanius Right, but it has a fire gun installed
Ba_Dum_Tish: Rhythm heaven happens whenever the beat hits
beowuuf: you're just saying that so you can take extra time tomorrow with rythmn cafe if needed :p
Angreed66: Most real time games are rhythm games
Alex_Frostfire: I am my own worst enemy in these sorts of games.
swaggytaco: good points
Ba_Dum_Tish: I would have tilted enough to disable the pinball machine
Fang_King7: @swaggytaco It's really rewarding when you get it too
TheMerricat: This is definately when I'd turn on the Mario "play for me" mode....
mowdownjoe: You keep saying "Core Failure Imminent", but nothing is exploding.
electra310: It's making me a little dizzy, but I'm listening
thraximore: ahhhhh, we're actually playing Bioshock
I_Am_Clockwork: the hardest part for me is remembering all my tools. The timeslow midair dodge solves a lot of problems, but its hard to remember to use in a moments notice
Wicker_Guide: So, some additional googling suggests Amitabha/Amida is "the Buddha of Infinite Life" and associated with attempting to create paradise on earth. So I think we're going through "Life" or "Heaven" base here
ContingentCat: Narrator: they were not getting there
ContingentCat: lrrBEEJ
forshamesir: god this seems like such sensory overload to play
TetsuyaDWise: This game hates fun lo
TetsuyaDWise: lol*
TheMerricat: is it me or do the lasers at least seem less.
I_Am_Clockwork: oh yeah as fun as it is, I had to only play it in half an hour chunks or it would give me motion sickness XD
Wicker_Guide: my only gripe is the amount of time you spend airborne after the grapple
Crokoking: can you wallrun longer if you time it differently?
Wicker_Guide: that seems rough for the timing
TetsuyaDWise: This is one of the most presice games I've ever played. If you're even slightly off you're dead
ContingentCat: so close!
knightWarrior82: I'm impressed with your patience
lirazel64: Well, and the music isn't conducive to contemplation.
asthanius: "Easy Mode For Streamers Unlocked"
ContingentCat: FBtouch---
Wicker_Guide: tripped in the tub at the end there gabyLul
ContingentCat: you did it once you can do it again
beowuuf: @ContingentCat seabatNogood
TetsuyaDWise: You need the momentum to get past the wall run.
Fang_King7: Yeah Architect can honestly just leave LUL
TetsuyaDWise: the hook has to be a decisive one
mowdownjoe: A skip?
ContingentCat: I think it's all the timings
TemporallyAwry: New Plan :D
asthanius: Found it!
GhostValv: speed run strats :O
Fang_King7: Serge just learned the strat
wildpeaks: inb4 3rd phase
knightWarrior82: Awesome 👍
ContingentCat: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
SnackPak_: FBtouchdown
zuchen_120: lol was that the thing to do? haha that's great
NDCazzy: speedrunner strats
Fang_King7: you do that on phase one to go to phase 3
ContingentCat: the most dangerous version of jumprope
KeytarCat: Sorry, Zoe, we do not know what we're doing
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Alex_Frostfire: Looks like it's still smashed.
thraximore: That one's dead already, champ :D
KeytarCat: checkpointed between!
wildpeaks: at leats the checkpoints are generous
betazed15: this looks like a terrible place. there are residents?!
ContingentCat: FBtouchdown
Fang_King7: Second easiest boss in the game
thraximore: I can't wait to find out that us destroying the Tower's defense system was part of a dastardly plan to expose the Tower to attack
TheAinMAP: sergePongChamp
asthanius: not quite 420
ContingentCat: eff gatekeepers
Fang_King7: they were
thraximore: oh they had a gun, it's cool
TetsuyaDWise: I love the combat in this game
TetsuyaDWise: This is extreme mirrors edge
Fang_King7: You skip just about this whole section
KeytarCat: Oh, The computer says /aMIda/ but Zoe says /Amida/
thraximore: @TetsuyaDWise and has inherited all of it
Fang_King7: some really creative platforming
thraximore: @TetsuyaDWise all of it's problems re: first person platforming :D
dumbo3k: She downloaded the layout? Archie didn't think she'd be useful at all. Take that Archie!
Deflagratio_Noctum: With the sword skills and force powers, are you a jedi?
wildpeaks: we're way cooler than a jedi
KeytarCat: Neon Ninja Evangelion?
beowuuf: stealth 8hr kamagawa advert
thraximore: "I only rely on myself." *jumps to his death*
Zu_o: ahead of the lawmen?
TetsuyaDWise: @thraximore I mean FPP is pretty tough. especially when it's this visually stimulating and this fast paced. A lot of repetition. Still fun as hell.
Zu_o: One jump ahead of the sword?
beowuuf: #sponsoled
thraximore: @TetsuyaDWise OH I love it. The only complaint I have so far is the sudden audio cut-outs when he dies. A lot of them in a row make me feel nauseous
TetsuyaDWise: It'll definitley be somewhere between this and Cyberpunk 2077. I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully Kamigawa can redeem itself lol
Fang_King7: GL Serge I gotta bounce enjoy this amazing game
TetsuyaDWise: @TetsuyaDWise between that and all of the flashing lights, it can be rough
dumbo3k: You keep telling different enemies, after you kill them. They can't learn if you kill them!
thraximore: now sit there and think about what you've done!
TetsuyaDWise: The enemeis don't miss in this game too lol
thraximore: Definitely cooler though
wildpeaks: death by sipping on tea
thraximore: No you're not, you're a computer program!
thraximore: Nothing can touch you anymore
KeytarCat: No worse than my city's, and ours is technically running! /s
malc: *aims cursor at the planet*
CaptainSpam: "Well, to defeat the Keymaster, first I need to find the Gatekeeper..."
wildpeaks: the greeed
thraximore: @CaptainSpam and then make them have weird sex
Alex_Frostfire: It rotates the wrong way for that.
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Alex_Frostfire: Well, I meant for you catching it as it rotates.
KeytarCat: There's a rotation that would facilitate a skip, and devs aren't using it
thraximore: "I'm a protagonist, it's got a better of chance success the worse the odds"
malc: dangit, now I want secret sausages
KeytarCat: GM, I click the sausage
beowuuf: i'm happy with my opposable thumbs, maybe evolution nexy year?
Crokoking: i kinda wish there was a replay feature for the successful run like in superhot
Ba_Dum_Tish: So what are the current bets on both our voices betraying us?
thraximore: @Ba_Dum_Tish I just assume the worst about everyone, that way you're not surprised
TemporallyAwry: The voice can't betray us because it was explicitly clear that it was never on our side.
beowuuf: i mean between the parkour runs and ghast knockbacks, i see no difference between the two games
notthepenguins: architect 100% will be the last bad guy, the girl seems like she;ll stick around
Juliamon: Completely would believe Zoe is Mara's puppet
TheMerricat: The Architect is def evil, I think Zoe's just out of her depth
CaptainSpam: Turns out this whole society was actually working quite well and you're just going around being a real jerk to everything.
Crokoking: no video game character using the phrase "for the greater good" is good :P
Ba_Dum_Tish: My suspicion is Zoe is Mara and the Architect is also just evil
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beowuuf: so will we have to fight an evil ghostrunner?
thraximore: @Ba_Dum_Tish my current assessment as well
TheMerricat: So we are the 'last' Ghostrunner, who was essentially a bodyguard for the big bad. Zero chance we are living thorugh the end of the game, which means to me Zoe has to be a good guy, our witness to share our story.
thraximore: Additional theories: the Tower is fatally damaged/flawed
KeytarCat: This architecture doesn't look like it ever supported a utopia
TemporallyAwry: Still doing better than Vault-Tec PrideShrug
thraximore: @TemporallyAwry True
Alex_Frostfire: My mental picture of progress involves a lot more green than this.
thraximore: Take out all the guns and crime and it looks better than a lot of dystopias
r10pez10: oh hey sunday morning pif
thraximore: A corpse, Serge
Serpens77: *arrow over head* wow cool cyberninja
corpocracy: I feel like Zoe is probably the secret heel. Maybe Mara?
notthepenguins: the architect did reference some sort of calamity
notthepenguins: the pulse, i think?
wildpeaks: he'd answer, but he's a bit split on the question
CaptainSpam: I mean, you can probably get burning garbage cans in five-packs at the local Home Depot in utopia worlds. :p
Tripleyew: the lack of Middle Management Hal from Shipbreaker does rank this as slightly-less-hellish than it could be, certainly
r10pez10: ok this game looks awesome
notthepenguins: That led to the city
TheMerricat: @notthepenguins the blast
thraximore: @corpocracy Mara is currently a heel, so she either has a face turn or stays a heel
Morrigan9: progress for robots
thraximore: did he just yare yare
r10pez10: kawaii
corpocracy: Right, but I think Zoe could be Mara. like a Bioshock situation
r10pez10: (what does yare yare mean)
CaptainSpam: Well, they're dead now, so it's not like it matters.
GhostValv: I'm guessing they're saying too slow
PMAvers: I mean, the undead AI Architect clearly has no soul, and so cannot see beauty or have empathy for the living...
thraximore: @r10pez10 google told me it means "good grief" essentially, and google is never wrong :)
TheMerricat: "If you already watched or read JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure in Japanese, you would know the iconic phrase by Jotaro Kujo: “やれやれ” -pronounced “Yare Yare”. The phrase is trasnlated to intrepretations such as “well well”, “good grief” and “give me a break.” It is a common expression in Japan used to show disappointment."
wildpeaks: you win again, gravity
KeytarCat: Shinde!
beowuuf: try pyromancy?
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Press X to pump the dog.
wildpeaks: uh
thraximore: go right
beowuuf: that's... good advice?
thraximore: I think they're saying "go right", sorry
GhostValv: okay I checked, it's weak "yowai"
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh right the First Templar
thraximore: LUL
CaptainSpam: More secret sausages!
Juliamon: It's advice, not GOOD advice
tidehollowcat: I remember the watch and play that quote is from.
beowuuf: lol, true
thraximore: ye
Deflagratio_Noctum: We haven't seen a single animal or plant the entire time. Where did the sausages come from?
r10pez10: yeah this is awesome to watch
SgtBrink: I am the Keymaster! Are you the Gatekeeper?
thraximore: @Deflagratio_Noctum We here at the Tower believe in recycling :)
PMAvers: The Keymaster to the Future?
malc: !findquote gatekeeper
LRRbot: Quote #7377: "Gatekeeping is horseshit. You can play the game you want to play." —Jacob [2020-11-30]
cdutson: oh hey a lrrserge! I've not seen this before!
NotCainNorAbel: are you a god?
notthepenguins: I mean in a world where there was a cadre of superninjas called ghostrunners...
KeytarCat: "It's Over!"
wildpeaks: "Obey keym@st3r4269"
Juliamon: Deflagratio_Noctum Canonically the citizens are under mandatory curfew under penalty of death because we're running around murdering
r10pez10: after the apocalypse names only get cooler
Zu_o: What if it's The Keymaster's legal birthname? Huh serge, how do you feel about that!
TheMerricat: @Deflagratio_Noctum funny thing, remember those grinders back in the 'base' level? Turns out they designed the factory to be intentionally difficult to navigate.....
Juliamon: They were ostensibly grilling the sausages before we got here
beowuuf: @cdutson serge weekend :)
cdutson: an auspicious weekend then
wildpeaks: but what are the sausages made of
Ba_Dum_Tish: So hey voice in my head if this was all great before why did you have cyborg ninja assassins guarding you?
r10pez10: cyborg sausages
r10pez10: and chips
Alex_Frostfire: I guess they don't have OSHA.
thraximore: Chips, bits, and links: every kind of snack food for the cyber void in your stomach
r10pez10: occupational sausage
thegreatandpowerful_beans: crash the drone into them lol
Ba_Dum_Tish: 15 OSHA inspectors died trying to inspect this place
cdutson: task failed successfully
BusTed: FBtouchdown
ContingentCat: @Alex_Frostfire the osha inspectors keep falling off the ledges
Alex_Frostfire: Pretty sus, if you ask me.
notthepenguins: ah, the resistance installed an emotions module!
cdutson: Dave's Lims
SeismicLawns: ah the limbs store
cdutson: Dave's Limbs**
wildpeaks: "75% off" is the name of our sword
ContingentCat: Free Range OSHA inspector Limbs
r10pez10: you telling me they sell limbs at limbs
I_Am_Clockwork: they've got a Leg Up on the competition
I_Am_Clockwork: "I'm at Limb"
thraximore: "Come down and take a look at man's folly, or some sheds?"
cdutson: you really gotta hand it to em
Juliamon: Bad ankle? Sounds like you could use a new limb
I_Am_Clockwork: "what do you mean your 'At Limb'"
ContingentCat: but they cost an arm and a leg, that's how the business keeps going
Driosenth: I wonder if civil engineers ever wonder "this structure would be great to wall-run across If the city ever turns into a dystopian hellscape!"
I_Am_Clockwork: I'm at the Limb Store
gualdhar: yes Serge, you must do killing to make limbs, good joke streamer
thraximore: @Driosenth That's part of the test: if you can't wallrun your own design, it doesn't get funded
cdutson: they just lost their head for a second there
Driosenth: @thraximore I don't remember that section on the FE exam
Juliamon: Kinda hard to chat when you're busy trying to not die. But also fuck off, Archie
ContingentCat: wow ok edgelord
wildpeaks: we let the katana do the talking
malc: said the architect, idly chattering
r10pez10: how impolite
TheMerricat: I would spend the next 40 minutes just mindlessly blathering after he said that
thraximore: Dude, even in your version of events people stabbed you when you were doing a GOOD job, maybe consider the value of social skills?
gualdhar: the Architect is the edge lord that stands by the wall, scares people away, and wonders why no one likes him
Juliamon: Even if we don't end up fighting him, I hope we have a chance to kill him
SerGarretCameron: STACK_OVERFLOW things at a time here.
r10pez10: is that how you pet the dogs in this
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Listen to Friend Computer.
thraximore: @LRRbot Apt.
wildpeaks: :D
ContingentCat: !findquote duck
LRRbot: Quote #5465: "I'm going full Donald Duck on this." —Ben, on pants [2018-10-31]
malc: quack
thraximore: Except when Friend Computer is a egotistical dreck
ContingentCat: ??
malc: ugh
r10pez10: the secret was a bitcoin
Juliamon: Oh no, we found an NFT
ContingentCat: this is the bad place
Alex_Frostfire: So that's why there's no plants around.
SeismicLawns: we truly are in the worst timeline
PMAvers: Is there guards still alive?
beowuuf: it's ok, it's trading useless cryto for gold :p
Crokoking: you got the slowdown on the last kills so there shouldn't be any guards left
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TheMerricat: three red dots on the map back where you were looking for a path
thraximore: The game is forcing you to kill everyone? Ok but I don't want to hear any moralizing afterward
r10pez10: near the bitcoin?
Alex_Frostfire: Some of this is giving me Borderlands vibes. Where's the Vault?
r10pez10: up??
TheMerricat: can you wall run that right hand wall up?
thraximore: There HAS to be graffiti somewhere in the game asking "would you kindly" right
Dog_of_Myth: To your right
PigmyWurm: that pipe?
SerGarretCameron: there's a hallway.
SerGarretCameron: look for the yellow.
beowuuf: @Alex_Frostfire zer0 playthrough :)
PMAvers: Well, there's some yellow on that wall that leads to that pit, look around there?
Zu_o: continue on the X's so you'll be behind the platform you're on.
ContingentCat: so sneaky
Alex_Frostfire: Melee Zer0 can be so fun.
r10pez10: too simple
TheMerricat: so that is one thing I'll dock this game for, it's not got great signposting.
redyellowchef: Ooh we do a bit of ghostrunning
beowuuf: @Alex_Frostfire that was my main BL2 playthrough, so satisfying
GhostValv: yep
KeytarCat: They absolutely did!!! LUL
ContingentCat: obviously
r10pez10: serge aren't we a ninja
thraximore: He died as he lived: a chad
trojenturtle: i thought hes said its over ghost
ContingentCat: @r10pez10 therefore we are a weeb too
thraximore: @PMAvers It totally IS! LUL
r10pez10: nani the fuck
beowuuf: no, sekiro was a shenobi, it's an entirely *different* name for a ninja :p
thraximore: I guess ninjas are just IN this year
r10pez10: ninjas were always in we just never see them
thraximore: @r10pez10 remember Ask A Ninja? It
Crokoking: i think you can hack that
thraximore: it's been a long time
beowuuf: dinosaurs are all ninjas, which is why we never see them anymore as they engage in their life as vampirates
I_Am_Clockwork: lol the ninja got shot in the back by his bud! >.<
KeytarCat: @thraximore The big ninjas v pirates thing in the late 90s-early 00s, plus time for an education?
r10pez10: the A in architect is for asshole
TheMerricat: You know Architect, you can go soak your head.
dumbo3k: Archie, she did an excellent job with limited resources. You couldn't have done any better yourself
cdutson: judging from the job she-- judging from the job she-- judging from the job she--
thraximore: how Confucian.
thraximore: Civil service exams, creating a mode of social mobility using exams. Interesting premise
thraximore: using said*
r10pez10: "what have you got there?" "a gun" "no!!"
beowuuf: you got hit so hard?
I_Am_Clockwork: right in the face
beowuuf: don't make serge perturbed, got it
TheMerricat: I feel like both the Architects and the Keymasters' ideas of utopia were both extremely flawed. A was an elitist who didn't want anyone 'lesser' polluting his city. Mara seems to be a transhuman who wants everyone to borg.
ContingentCat: bad doggy
PigmyWurm: Technically I think you hit yourself back downt hat time
I_Am_Clockwork: a death pit might almost be prefferable
r10pez10: yeah lmao it's worse than dying
gualdhar: sounds like my Arena rank
beowuuf: minecraft skeletons have prepared you for this moment :p
r10pez10: !fall
Crokoking: can't you just press r to reset?
patrick_stonecrusher: getting over it wit
ContingentCat: yup "as far as checkpoints go, ass" we sure learned that
thraximore: @TheMerricat This really IS Bioshock, huh. Except instead of Objectivism vs. Collectivism it's... Confucianism vs. capitalist transhumanism?
patrick_stonecrusher: ugg typing
patrick_stonecrusher: getting over it with bennet foddy
thraximore: New friend! umbraHype
PMAvers: Snipers have entered the battle!
DeM0nFiRe: I remember this level of Half Life 2
EJGRgunner: cheer50 If you did a stream of nothing but jokes at my expense, it would be Play It Forward: RoastGunner.
r10pez10: "no collateral damage with a blade"
r10pez10: architect has never opened a package
I_Am_Clockwork: can't deflect those I think
Alex_Frostfire: I think you can hack that panel.
thraximore: "Just my CORPSE getting into the GEARS"
beowuuf: hah, jokes on you, we deflect bullets back in to critical systems and destroy thigns anyway :p
MaladyDark: but we can make shockwaves with our hands
SeismicLawns: did you know that blades don't make stray bullets
Crokoking: can you hack that board?
PMAvers: "Are you... still there?"
thraximore: @SeismicLawns they do, if you hit bullets with them!
I_Am_Clockwork: can't you prder the panel to move?
I_Am_Clockwork: its glowing yellow
PigmyWurm: can you deflect the sniper shots?
I_Am_Clockwork: lrrGOAT there
thraximore: the enormous, blinking, crosshatched panel in front of you? :D
PMAvers: Honestly, I still kind of love how the Portal turrets are actually just chucking bullets at you instead of firing them.
I_Am_Clockwork: @PigmyWurm I think not. at least I've never been able to pull it off
JonnyGlitched: Wow I'm back from my walk and you're all still here!
corefluxx: Cheer100
thraximore: Can you not quit any time you see a save icon?
I_Am_Clockwork: one thing I didn't like about this is that it doesn't really save mid level
JonnyGlitched: No. Everyone else who's ever played it is DEAD
beowuuf: sounds like repository is checkpoint at least?
thraximore: So it IS a vault scenario.
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MaladyDark: save vs checkpoint I guess?
I_Am_Clockwork: like if you quit now you'll start over from the begning of this level
TheMerricat: from googling just now, checkpoints don't count for saves. if you quit before you finish a level, you have to start from the beginigng
I_Am_Clockwork: it doesn't use the checkpoints to autosave
I_Am_Clockwork: they might call them chapters?
I_Am_Clockwork: generally there's an elevator at the end/beginning to deliniate
TemporallyAwry: So like the first 90min were just a big tutorial?
I_Am_Clockwork: and like a "here's how many secrets you missed" screen
Solid_Fuel: isnt that backwards?
niccus: feels like a way back
I_Am_Clockwork: @TemporallyAwry this game takes the portal aproahc where the whole game is a tutuorial
wildpeaks: yeah it seems backwards
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah this level is looong
TheMerricat: there are 17 levels, and Dharma city is listed as one level.
thraximore: Here's a question: why didn't the Architect's AI get shut down earlier? He said 20 years... why'd the Keymaster keep that ticking time bomb around?
I_Am_Clockwork: though I thiiiink you're coming up to the end soonish?
I_Am_Clockwork: that powerup is a superjump
TheMerricat: @thraximore I'm sure that she has some sort of 'reasonable' excuse. like lording it over him or needing his knowledge to run the city.
Crokoking: go right from the pickup?
notthepenguins: @thraximore It was theoretically in AI Jail wasn't it?
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DaSunao: Ooh, I missed that this play it forward was happening. Serge is a street samurai?
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I_Am_Clockwork: drop down then jump?
thraximore: @thraximore Exactly, but why bother? unless @TheMerricat has the right idea about needing him for some reason
PigmyWurm: I think you are still retraising your steps
I_Am_Clockwork: thats the way you came tho?
GhostValv: can you fall then jump?
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah
PigmyWurm: I think its something to the right of the pick up
Dog_of_Myth: I think you are going backwards
thraximore: Yes
I_Am_Clockwork: hooray!
I_Am_Clockwork: A winner is us!
Solid_Fuel: victory!
joallthedogs: sergePongChamp
beowuuf: did the architect need the slump / 'bad guy' to ensure people accepted his 'perfect' plan?
JonnyGlitched: Are snipers 'hitscan'?
PMAvers: That was a unfortunately-placed yellow cable leading us off.
thraximore: @beowuuf Mara?
beowuuf: @beowuuf maybe? i came in late to the game and am still trying to piece things together :)
thraximore: @beowuuf Oh yeah that's the starting bad guy, who killed the dude who's now an AI voice in our head
I_Am_Clockwork: one thing I think would be interesting would be to watch your complete run, with all the deaths removed
JonnyGlitched: the 3 beep holds the shot for a long time
PMAvers: Serge is not friends with snipers.
thraximore: @beowuuf we're not a human ourselves, but were a bodyguard/enforcer for the person who built this Vault-Tec impression of a place
PMAvers: *cue up extended version of Business Man*
I_Am_Clockwork: no like if it saved the vid of your run through a level with all the deaths cut out so you can see what you look like to everyone else in the world XD
Master_Gunner: or you take all you've learned, and do a speed run of it - WR first try!
JonnyGlitched: @I_Am_Clockwork I suggested Serge edit his playthrough
ContingentCat: or maybe just the speedrun of certain tricky bits like the laser tower
joallthedogs: yay!
beowuuf: this is going to be farcry 4, right? the speerun is just waiting patiently for 30 mins then skipping the whole game with 4 mins of finishing dialogue :p
TheMerricat: So from what I've pieced together from what was said, and the signs in town. The Architect was the 'savior' of humanity when the apocalypse happened by building this 'utopia' at the time Mara was his right hand woman, then betrayed him probably because they had an ideological split.
thraximore: Huzzah!
wildpeaks: you did the thing \o/
Juliamon: ok that was a neat section at the end
GhostValv: FBtouchdown
JonnyGlitched: Gee Gees
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSHINE
beowuuf: FBTouchdown!
I_Am_Clockwork: ok getting in hear counts as a new level yeah
laikagoat: lrrSHINE fionaLove lrrSHINE
dumbo3k: gg
I_Am_Clockwork: here*
lirazel64: Wheeeee!
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap
SytYoshi: Thanks for the stream.
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah you're good
ContingentCat: thanks Serge
swaggytaco: this was super chill
thraximore: @TheMerricat It's unclear why Mara betrayed him, but things have clearly not gone well in the intervening period
TemporallyAwry: I'm curious what Zoe sees when you're in CyberSpace
Serpens77: thanks Serge
swaggytaco: peace out everyone
I_Am_Clockwork: thanks serge!
CaptainSpam: Thanks for the stream, Serge!
JonnyGlitched: Thanks for the show Serge! Thanks for the company chat!
RockPusher: Thank you Serge lrrSHINE sergeHeart lrrSHINE
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah its not all that long
wildpeaks: speedrun would be fun
TheMerricat: so to judge, there are 17 levels and we just finished #9
malc: lrrWOW jlrrDang
beowuuf: thanks for the stream, see you....uh, later on today from my perspective :p
thraximore: @TemporallyAwry Ads. umbraSmile
swaggytaco: gunner never ceases to amaze
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TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
gualdhar: what's Kathleen's thing tomorrow?
thraximore: Great stream! This game is very cool. umbraHYPERS
I_Am_Clockwork: this was fun! thanks serge!
Greendrag13: @I_Am_Clockwork Woo! Thanks for the sub!
MrNonyaBidness: It was fun!
beowuuf: @gualdhar a scrabble based rpg sponsored stream
wildpeaks: seeing ghostrunner played on stream was a nice gift on my birthday
beowuuf: happy birthday wildpeaks!
RockPusher: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
wildpeaks: @beowuuf thanks :)
beowuuf: sergeHi bye!
tidehollowcat: sergeHeart lrrSHINE sergeHeart
DaSunao: lrrSHINE
SergeYager: thanks everyone :)
ContingentCat: Thanks serge lrrHEART
I_Am_Clockwork: buhbye
TheMerricat: Chat, you all are awesome people. Don't ever forget that. Be safe, be well, and be happy! (and PrideWave to anyone who will be catching BNF in an hour or so).
Juliamon: Don't forget this game is free on GOG if you have Amazon Prime this month!
SergeYager: z6
SergeYager: ^
SergeYager: even
beowuuf: that's one good thing about disrupted sleep, catching the start of bnf possibly :p
MaladyDark: :)
ContingentCat: Brave New faves in 1h 15min braven10HEX
TheMerricat: @Juliamon And if you aren't an Amazon Prime subscriber, it's still only ~$12 at the moment on Steam (60% sale)
ToastyLoaff: <3
DeM0nFiRe: LUL o/ lrrHEART lrrSERGE
Juliamon: Except you totally can
beowuuf: secret serge? yes! lol thanks and goodnight serge :D
TheMerricat: LOL
swaggytaco: <3
tidehollowcat: sergeHeart
gualdhar: oh shit the singing reveal at the end
Sethalidos: good timing Paul
beowuuf: sergeHeart
RockPusher: sergeHeart sergeJustRight
FlamingSpidernado: nice!
beowuuf: btw new mail time for those who didn't know and wanted something to watch for a while :p
Juliamon: or IL TIM
beowuuf: :D