thopter_spy: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The LRR crew plays Magic the Gathering! This week, a SPOOKY Innistrad: Midnight Hunt 6-Person Arena Draft! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (8m from now).
djalternative: hola chat
TehAmelie: shalom
djalternative: barrBOOS guess what pun this emote is?
Haroldholmes25: wheelerY wheelerH
djalternative: Boo-Bee!
TehAmelie: hmm is there any reason windows image acquisition would suddenly start using 15% of my cpu power?
djalternative: to acquire your image?
ihlendrax: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The LRR crew plays Magic the Gathering! This week, a SPOOKY Innistrad: Midnight Hunt 6-Person Arena Draft! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
djalternative: I can imagine some photos that would take that much cpu power tbh
TehAmelie: from what i can tell it's supposed to facilitate communication with scanner and such hardware
djalternative: mostly military grade high res pics
djalternative: Oh. that process
djalternative: no way it should be taking up that much unless there REALLY isn't much going on on your computer
laikagoat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The LRR crew plays Magic the Gathering! This week, a SPOOKY Innistrad: Midnight Hunt 6-Person Arena Draft! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (0s ago).
Diabore: nice
TehAmelie: weird
SergeYager: duDudu duDudu duDudu
neisan2112: lrrSPOOPY lrrSPOOPY lrrSPOOPY
neisan2112: lrrSIG lrrSIG lrrSIG
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIG
Two_Hats: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
Johobo23: ayo
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electra310: The box is locked, the lights are on... it's paper fighting time!
djalternative: barrBOOS barrBLEGHS barrBOOS barrBLEGHS
Johobo23: wheelerFee wheelerT
neisan2112: All right yall, I just rented 2 movies for the weekend, what do I watch after FNPF? Us or Dr. Sleep
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bullseye3265: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
Featherweight_: ah yes time for some Friday night digital object fight
laikagoat: zoeyRave zoeyRave
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> We're live with this evening's Fight Night Paper Fight! Join Kathleen, James, Adam, Ben, Serge, and Wheeler for a 6-Player Innistrad: Midnight Hunt draft! Look at these goons, why WOULDN'T you watch this :) | 📷 ||
NicotineRobot: Let's do us some fight with some (digital) paper!
Xafty: oh dear, ben is only legs and james is a tiny giant robot
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bullseye3265: cheer300
matthaus_c: in the nick of time! benginHi
DrTiefling: Time for the magical cards
ShaneLeeAtk: Mmmm.... WUBS
NotCainNorAbel: "everything" is FINE
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Klandox: lrrHERE lrrHERE
zuchen_120: hype!
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bwk789: We’re heeerrrreeeee!!!
jonasjonIV: Justin Time!
electra310: Hellooooo!
MegaDosX: Look at all these awesome people!
neisan2112: There's som WARRRPING
NotCainNorAbel: hi Ben....
TehAmelie: hello!
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CommanderCrossing: FNPF Let's GOOO
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PotatoWraiths: hi
noisyblizzard: benginHi
CaptainSpam: SUPER entertainment.
CururuGuasu: The eyes of the Ben are upon you!
Rogue_07: Hi beautiful people!
MegaDosX: It's good for all of us!
Dog_of_Myth: Made it just in time.
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
thraximore: LUL
circusofkirkus: you have a dog ben
NicotineRobot: Adam brought the sass.
DiscordianTokkan: Poor Remy
Rogue_07: Amen Ben
theamc2000: Same james
neisan2112: But hwat about Remy?
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
MegaDosX: It's very on brand for Serge hosting though
ShotGunShelz7: HeyGuys
electra310: Do you even Scorpio, bro?
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RegulusPratus: Shine on, you crazy diamonds
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noisyblizzard: taking notes for the lrr walk tier list coxBut
CaptainSpam: Wheeler gatekeeping Scorpios, here. LUL
MegaDosX: Unassailable logic
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NicotineRobot: Only 2 more months until I birth my LRR baby.
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neisan2112: Wait, I'm an Aquarious
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: Strong start tonight
MegaDosX: I'm an ISTJ
lirazel64: *We* did this?!?
superdude097: CardKingdom: a Pricipality of paper
MegaDosX: Cue the laugh track
electra310: I probably need that button
Two_Hats: Wait am I supposed to say sorry?
CommanderCrossing: What have we done?
MegaDosX: Also I wonder if that's a benginBark next to Ben there
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lirazel64: I *am* that button.
MegaDosX: Task failed successfully
4AMDonuts: it is
CommanderCrossing: snap pick
ShotGunShelz7: Pretty good
Earthenone: i have lost to it many times
LackingSanity_: yeah its good
notthepenguins: it's extremely good
Ristow: it's a bomb
Diabore: its very good, its a ind control
matthaus_c: I think you take the gold card :p
Diabore: mind*
CommanderCrossing: grab all the decayed things
zuchen_120: Checks resolution, yep, guess this is technically 1080
Rogue_07: *hums streetlight manifesto*
Rogue_07: "Nah-nah-nah..."
LackingSanity_: U/B is too good
dumpsterfire: its a bomb
Voidhawk42: That is one of the best rares, in the best colour. So good choice!
Klandox: its hard to read the card on serge's screen but serge himself is sharp
iamn0tg00d: This format is great.
electra310: Ooh, shiny
Earthenone: turner, james
KeytarCat: I can't read it, but I also wouldn't know, even if I could?
CommanderCrossing: defenestrate muscle everybody else out of the best color pair
CururuGuasu: It’s so shiny!
eye_h_bar: I hear you Wheeler
lirazel64: Serge is going to jump out a window.
Dog_of_Myth: There we go
KeytarCat: ooh, there are the pixels!
Klandox: easier to read now <3
CommanderCrossing: it does silly things
KeytarCat: tyty!
electra310: That's the preview card!
ShotGunShelz7: Good blue cards
CommanderCrossing: abom or castaway
4AMDonuts: good instincts
dumpsterfire: bird is the word
Dog_of_Myth: That's a good card
CommanderCrossing: abom number 2 lets go
neisan2112: People do that anyways on arena
LackingSanity_: nom nom nom eaten alive
Earthenone: lrrDILLY lrrDILLY
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electra310: Rotten Reunion is fun
Wonderdoc: Ooh Serge getting all the good UB stuff
notthepenguins: thats just how midnight hunt rolls sometimes tbh
Dog_of_Myth: I love Rotten Reunion way too much
ShotGunShelz7: Blue seems real prevalent in these packs
Science_and_Magic: Just arrived. Was Grafted Identity the first picl?
Kazman20a: all I can think when he says that is "I have 12 removal"
electra310: You can do a lot of sac stuff with them
CommanderCrossing: 4th pick eaten is really good sign though wheeler is probably going to be cutting blue in the next pack
MegaDosX: There's enough sacrifice outlets that like having them there
MegaDosX: Like Morkrut Behemoth
4AMDonuts: they're very good in u/b
notthepenguins: they're like a shock, and you can do a lot of sac/tap stuff with them
matthaus_c: Poppet Stitcher disappointed me greatly and I will never believe his lies again
Science_and_Magic: Oooh, cutpurse!
CommanderCrossing: galedrifter here
dumpsterfire: as long as you have a way to tap them for value, they're gas
neisan2112: You wanna be able to sac them, or get value from them dying end of turn
Dog_of_Myth: It's your boi, Krut
DMGlol: zomboes
electra310: There are lots of cards where not having anything to sacrifice is a real problem
LarkSachrosis: They're p good with dog
Voidhawk42: Flip the switch is pretty deece
Haroldholmes25: drifter is solid,
MegaDosX: That's some good removal that got passed, wow
ShotGunShelz7: more removal?
electra310: Ambush is good
CommanderCrossing: not curse?
DMGlol: it is neat
Ristow: got the black common removal tron already
electra310: Curse's art is too terrible
KeytarCat: Zombie media is fascinating from an academic perspective, but not my preference
CommanderCrossing: draws an extra card each turn
4AMDonuts: intruder is good
Phosfur: 12x removals
LackingSanity_: i like the amalgam
Earthenone: land here seems good
gualdhar: Ben's in Esper? nice
DiscordianTokkan: my favourite wedge is cheese
thraximore: no that's legit a good idea
DiscordianTokkan: wait, no. Pizza.
KeytarCat: @DiscordianTokkan WU?
Graham_LRR: How IS Wedge?
matthaus_c: my favourite wedge is right in there
MegaDosX: Your 4 drop, probably
LarkSachrosis: My favorite wedge is pizza
Haroldholmes25: amalgam is surprisingly good at finishing people off
theamc2000: Is Ben is Mardu or Abzan?
MegaDosX: @Graham_LRR Why is Wedge?
CommanderCrossing: novice or the crawl is deece
CommanderCrossing: behemoth
zuchen_120: I just was wondering that too @Graham_LRR
lirazel64: @discordiantokkan I'm fond of pi, and pie.
bvorhies: Does serge win icecream if he wins!! I’m picking serge !! Go Serge your the best
superdude097: My favorite Wedge is Antilles
ShotGunShelz7: Stormrider
electra310: MOR KRUT
LackingSanity_: large
notthepenguins: large
yakbop: more
CommanderCrossing: big dumb dork
thraximore: krut
Dog_of_Myth: Large
Earthenone: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always on fire.
Voidhawk42: I could for some Krut
Wonderdoc: Oh hey G is in chat
DMGlol: sneaky :)
MegaDosX: Always more, never less
CommiePuddin: more krut
neisan2112: Sneeky
LackingSanity_: stormrider spirit is not very good
matthaus_c: always more krut
Science_and_Magic: More
aerohydra: large
dumpsterfire: sneaky fromage
Juliamon: You need more krut for sure
notthepenguins: you said you werent sure how you'd kill people!
ElektroTal: Luge Fromooge
kakmize: go big and go home
notthepenguins: that kills people!
Kyir: Chat's always right, so no surprise
iamn0tg00d: Big boy isn't very good.
TimIAm: Chat demands big
ShotGunShelz7: Big is hard in this format. So much well costed removal.
MegaDosX: MORE
yakbop: Serge is gonna ahve to pick some more creatures someday
Kyir: More Big
CommanderCrossing: no way out
thraximore: big!!!
electra310: One krut is enuogh
eye_h_bar: But the coverup
MegaDosX: Also apparently nobody is in black
thraximore: big BIG
CommanderCrossing: yup
oatway: chat is about size
LarkSachrosis: More Krut, Live Mas!
Earthenone: its only 5 pm james, get some coffee or something
notthepenguins: its definitely blown me out
Ristow: the bigger they are, the more you win... that's how the saying goes right?
yakbop: kills people dead
4AMDonuts: meh
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Wolveroo: Go Serge Go!!!
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DMGlol: yes
Science_and_Magic: Just one krut
DiscordianTokkan: Oops All Krut
n1voN: no way
Dog_of_Myth: In limited, yes
philippekav: nit's ok
laikagoat: no
iamn0tg00d: It's ok
LackingSanity_: devious coverup, never deck
dumpsterfire: no
CommanderCrossing: no way out is deece
ActionJB: One can be
MegaDosX: !listen
LRRbot: Chat? Engaging in mimicry?
dumpsterfire: but its fun
notthepenguins: very good in limited
LemonOnRye: No way (out)
electra310: It's good but two is a lot
n1voN: Ist great
yakbop: its good don't listen to them
CommanderCrossing: crawl lets go
ArcOfTheConclave: first no way out is like a b-
Loonatic93: But what if you have no friends?
Earthenone: any tips on finding a bunch of friends online? "_"
CommanderCrossing: wheeler went blue on the organ grinder
notthepenguins: you have two more packs to go yet
eye_h_bar: It's because you didn't take the second Abomination
KeytarCat: @Earthenone the discord?
Science_and_Magic: It's only pack 1
iamn0tg00d: No
Diabore: no
CommanderCrossing: from your pack and yeah
ShotGunShelz7: Only good thing in the pack
Sogheim: the greed
Loonatic93: Sounds like Bengineering is in Jeskai.
CururuGuasu: It’s a good color, at least
MegaDosX: I mean, I would, but I'm a madman
Dog_of_Myth: No
electra310: It wouldn't be splashing so much as taking a second color
4AMDonuts: it's good in its colors
Science_and_Magic: Rite of oblivion!
laikagoat: no
notthepenguins: no, splashing is real bad in this set
dumpsterfire: don't
JohnPraw: Nah
matthaus_c: why Slogurk when you can take Fastgurk
laikagoat: card on right
CommanderCrossing: splash it surge
ArcOfTheConclave: this set has 0 fixing
thraximore: wet one on right
Juliamon: This is a rough pack
notthepenguins: splashing burns me hard 9 times in 10
4AMDonuts: this pack is not great
Diabore: splsh rite of oblivion?
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yakbop: whatever you do pick a creature
zuchen_120: I'm looking forward to the awkward little camera again. Whenever that time comes.
ShotGunShelz7: Drownyard will wheel
Phosfur: 12x removals!
LemonOnRye: This set has so much fixing
notthepenguins: there's the helm too
MegaDosX: I vote take the rare
MegaDosX: But I'm a madman
Sogheim: there's also that one mask thingy that possesses a barn
Loonatic93: Rare!
NicotineRobot: Mono removal splash discard.
notthepenguins: the set has fixing but its aggressively two color
TimIAm: If anyone can Pumpkin it's Ben
matthaus_c: Adam has been so silent, you know he's gonna be deadly
nymistrya: Do the splash Serge!
CommanderCrossing: morbid
notthepenguins: just structurally
KeytarCat: devolving wilds would be a different card, but what would it be?
4AMDonuts: opportunist!
Kyir: daaang
LackingSanity_: ooh, opportunist
MegaDosX: That thing is absurd
notthepenguins: yoooooooooo
yakbop: oppotunist
ShotGunShelz7: S+
electra310: Oooooh
yakbop: snap that
iamn0tg00d: There's the sweetness
Diabore: opportunist is mythic level uncommon
dumpsterfire: opportunist is gas
Dog_of_Myth: Nice
laikagoat: very very good
underhill33: got there
maxthefourth: pumpkin spice draft?
CururuGuasu: Pumpkin rappin is about to happen!
TimIAm: Adam's gonna say 'my deck isn't very good' and then he's going to annihilate the pod
UnkeptFlea: how could you pass that as the premier lands pilot of the format?
MaddogM: living the terrible dream! :P
LemonOnRye: Pog
CommanderCrossing: curse
electra310: Yes!
MegaDosX: Nobody else is in black apparently
laikagoat: yep
notthepenguins: aw yiss
Sogheim: buh?
MegaDosX: lmaooooooo
electra310: hahaha
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHA
ShotGunShelz7: Blue dried up a bit
Diabore: maybe we're black white
thraximore: LUL
eye_h_bar: the read
DMGlol: no he's just really excited about that bramble armor
MegaDosX: Mono-black splashing four colours, let's go
A_Dub888: Serge "Poker Face" Yager
matthaus_c: don't ghost, Wheeler Kappa
MaddogM: Serge with the poker......
CommanderCrossing: ritual is really good
notthepenguins: i think you can make single color go here yeah
MegaDosX: Oh hell yeah
4AMDonuts: horde is great
notthepenguins: i like the smaller one here
laikagoat: yep yep
electra310: Diregraf
eye_h_bar: the horde
Earthenone: sawn off grave titan
notthepenguins: but big is good too
nymistrya: Oh yes, easy slam pick
lirazel64: Someone oil Serge.
dumpsterfire: all we need is a tap 3 creature
CommanderCrossing: strangler\
electra310: Monoblack is p good
notthepenguins: you just keep getting passed sweet cards
robaphone251: burn the accursed is good
ShotGunShelz7: Grafted identity > rite of oblivion? @chat
neisan2112: Consider is deec
LackingSanity_: wengful stwengler
yakbop: mono black no removal
MegaDosX: Yeah Burn was also a good potential choice
Ba_Dum_Tish: Creatures are occassionally useful
Diabore: @ShotGunShelz7 yes, but blue is feeling veeeery shallow
thraximore: May not need one.
CommanderCrossing: that land says both'
eye_h_bar: 6 person draft seems much easier to construct a deck that 8 person...
electra310: Another reunion?
MegaDosX: This pack kinda honks
notthepenguins: serge no
thraximore: wheelerHub
artemisia_raven: amazing
matthaus_c: Greedge Yager
DangerDiabolik: Two second colors? O:
notthepenguins: get the woof and go mono color tbh
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrGREED
DiscordianTokkan: sergeHubris
Loonatic93: Do Eet!
Earthenone: serge can you check your breaks?
electra310: HUBRIS
MegaDosX: Serge with the Bilbo move
nymistrya: Serge yes
DMGlol: rare drafting PogChamp
yakbop: watching serge draft is crazy
lirazel64: Shhh, serge.
Sogheim: Serge, there's greed and then there's GREED
LackingSanity_: I haven't been super impressed with the black werewolves tbh
MegaDosX: RIP Ben
A_Dub888: First of all how dare you
TimIAm: I see Serge is team chaos today
thraximore: wow, Serge is an OPEN BOOK at this table
CommanderCrossing: heirloom
notthepenguins: that particular werewolf is a huge problem to block
yakbop: alright ben is jeskai
Loonatic93: I was right. Bengineering is Jeskai.
electra310: Serge is all the signals at this table
laikagoat: mirror honks
MegaDosX: Playing Poker with Serge would be an experience, I feel like :p
dumpsterfire: honestly, should've expected serge to jump from mono colour to esper
Loonatic93: But we know that when he said that he was in his favorite wedge.
4AMDonuts: mirror is not great
notthepenguins: its bad yeah
ShotGunShelz7: Mirror is unplayable
electra310: Mirror is real bad
Diabore: i wouldnt play mirror
thraximore: @MegaDosX a profitable one :D
CommanderCrossing: its ok
Kyir: seems bad
notthepenguins: way too slow
artemisia_raven: nope
yakbop: no way out is probably the pick
maxthefourth: it's really cool tho
Diabore: late mourning patrol
yakbop: so Serge starts playing on turn 3?
lirazel64: Birb?
electra310: We are still only taking black cards. :D
MegaDosX: I mean, none of these
Science_and_Magic: Might just be mono blackk
ShotGunShelz7: Good white cards are passing.
thraximore: ehhhhhh
LackingSanity_: i might have taken some of the white cards there and moved that way, they were pretty good for late picks
Diabore: serge seems committed to mono black splash
narwhalrus7: otherworldly gave is great with roost
DMGlol: its good in the green blue self mill deck
serramarkov: I also have no 4 drops, but I'm not playing so its way less of an issue for me.
A_Dub888: !card otherworldly gaze
LRRbot: Otherworldly Gaze [U] | Instant | Look at the top three cards of your library. Put any number of them into your graveyard and the rest back on top of your library in any order. / Flashback {1}{U}
narwhalrus7: terrible otherwise
notthepenguins: mono black for sure, do not greed the splash
matthaus_c: serge do not play sui black in the 2 drop format :p
Ba_Dum_Tish: Everyone just vibing
KeytarCat: I, for one, like otherworldly gays
yakbop: inb4 the table starts cutting black
thraximore: you've got Grave Titan, this draft is already over
Kyir: Someone is going to be happy with that
matthaus_c: FLESH
yakbop: flesh
lirazel64: Ok, pivot !
Sogheim: Fleshtaker?!
philippekav: fixing !
ShotGunShelz7: Fleshtaker for zombie synergy?
A_Dub888: F L E S H
MegaDosX: I mean. That's a sac outlet.
Dog_of_Myth: Fleshtaker is a bomb
eye_h_bar: fleshtaker though
DMGlol: yes
neisan2112: THE NEW FLESH
DangerDiabolik: I love that card (in commander)
Kyir: fleshtook
matthaus_c: in constructed, yes
laikagoat: oh, it's olivia
electra310: Flleeeeeesssshhhh
yakbop: flesh serge, screamed the chat
DiscordianTokkan: Oh, it's breyaBust breyaChut
artemisia_raven: olivia!!!!
JohnPraw: Artifact
Diabore: fleeeeesh
iamn0tg00d: It is good, not sure if it's great if you're mono black
4AMDonuts: celestus is good, but fleshtaker is great
Kyir: fleshy fleshy flesh
CururuGuasu: Not in your deck
Juliamon: Fleshy T
Earthenone: flesh is fun
MegaDosX: Nah
electra310: Not for you
Q_sic: yes
notthepenguins: it
yakbop: flesh!
DMGlol: it is good
matthaus_c: yes, Serge, in Constructed
neisan2112: Eh
dumpsterfire: fleshtaker is better but rare is fun
Ristow: it's ok
JohnPraw: Yes
noisyblizzard: yes
Dog_of_Myth: For you, no
ShotGunShelz7: the flesh!
baskwalla: v good
redrum799: sure
CommanderCrossing: celestus
notthepenguins: its quite good if you're trying to splash, otherwise it's... fine
electra310: Take the Flesh!
Veshnikard: it's fixing
CrashKing1979: it works for your splash
eye_h_bar: take the fleshtaker
CommanderCrossing: lier
dumpsterfire: yes
CommanderCrossing: its busted
thraximore: Yes.
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
redrum799: loo
zuchen_120: lololol
dumpsterfire: flashback all your removal
Ristow: it seems busted in this deck
Sogheim: actually, yes. yes it is.
thraximore: Serge if you don't take that...
MegaDosX: Serge.
circusofkirkus: D:
electra310: Better take it
thraximore: Serge.
notthepenguins: yeah thats worth splashing for
yakbop: so I guess in the future just telling serge what to draft works
CommanderCrossing: uh oh
MegaDosX: I'd love to see that
DeM0nFiRe: Can't believe they planted a 5 mana vanilla 3/4 as a mythic
rabbitgta: serge already said he isn't even reading the cards
DMGlol: LuL
CommanderCrossing: mask so good
lirazel64: Serge, it's time to read...
DeM0nFiRe: printed*
MegaDosX: So...Wheeler's in blue then?
TehAmelie: the apple of discord gets into everything eh
KeytarCat: This is a fascinating game
thraximore: ahah, he still has secrets after all
ElektroTal: watching them play 20 questions is so good
yakbop: that morkrut is not going to wheel
Cartographers_Ink: What on earth!?? Serge has been getting absurd cards!!
KeytarCat: and the card fight hasn't even started!
dumpsterfire: mask is great. turns zombies into divinations
CommanderCrossing: eaten or gale
thraximore: 4 drop?
yakbop: the flier
electra310: If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with blue-black. :D
laikagoat: gale
Earthenone: weird bird is good
LackingSanity_: eaten alive number 2?
notthepenguins: synthesis aw yeah
DiscordianTokkan: Serge secretly on team benginChaos
ShotGunShelz7: anther eaten alive?
KeytarCat: *paper fight
Sogheim: for flavor, the Stuffed Bear is my favorite card in the set
WanderingOmen: gotta drift those gales
4AMDonuts: another eaten imho
Haroldholmes25: second eaten alive or galedrifter prolly
multeyemeteor: Is Wheeler on Stuffed Bear tribal, or am I gonna be disappointed?
MaddogM: When LRR finally comes PAX aus again I think Iwant to run a poker night. For no reason....
electra310: Hey, Kathleen is reading the chat?
berun02: siege
4AMDonuts: siege for serge
DiscordianTokkan: Hahah
dumpsterfire: siege zombieeeee
LackingSanity_: siege zombo
thraximore: oooooh
TehAmelie: it's never too late to pivot
yakbop: abomination
laikagoat: what chat said
Earthenone: what if i take the good cards and pass them off as my own colors
WanderingOmen: falcon is also p good
TehAmelie: (actual Serge quote)
omdorastrix: Serge of teh pack 3 pick 5 pivot
thraximore: 4 drop may be good
CommanderCrossing: MOR KRUT
A_Dub888: !findquote pivot
LRRbot: Quote #2792: "It is, strictly speaking, taint controls as well, because you pivot around your taint." —Alex [2016-06-15]
thraximore: Although it conflicts with the mythic
electra310: Ah, additional krut
Dog_of_Myth: Yes
nymistrya: rewarded!
CanisLupusAqua: three color works in this format
MegaDosX: Big Bilbo energy from Serge today
CanisLupusAqua: probably
multeyemeteor: Kind of a pip dense splash
laikagoat: hobble
MaddogM: Serge is keeping the secret of being chaos from himself
electra310: I think our deck is sufficiently krut
ElektroTal: there are 6 blue drafters at this table
lirazel64: Not bad...
thraximore: There's a lot of Krut in here
Haroldholmes25: there's a lot of real good cards here
multeyemeteor: 24
Diabore: 1
iamn0tg00d: The real question is, which would Serge be more indifferent about: Lier or a random Wrenn planeswalker?
multeyemeteor: no wait... 26
KeytarCat: Order can cause chaos, in ways that it doesn't understand/predict
Haroldholmes25: how many eaten alives is too many eaten alives
A_Dub888: Depends, how many festivals you crashing?
thraximore: @iamn0tg00d hmmmmm
ShotGunShelz7: or 1
TehAmelie: what is Bilbo energy? when you're a much better thief than anyone who ever knew you including yourself would ever guess?
Diabore: @multeyemeteor its a 2 drop, you can run 30 ez
lirazel64: Favorite Serge quote: "What are *yoou?"
electra310: Bear stuffed with additional bear
KeytarCat: !quote Serge
LackingSanity_: honestly just cut the white imo, you have enough removal that rite isnt worth the loss of consistency
Science_and_Magic: Bear stuffed with bear? Get punch stuffed with punch!!!
multeyemeteor: @Diabore you need at least 3 instants or sorceries. We need at least some synergy. But I like where your mind's at
KeytarCat: !quote serge
LRRbot: Quote #6388: "Thinking is hard, okay? When was the last time you had to think about anything?" —Serge [2019-09-13]
dumpsterfire: seems great from what i see
Q_sic: it's good
superdude097: I don't think The Celestus makes the cut in this deck.
notthepenguins: definitely just blue black yeah
Diabore: with THREE eaten alive
MegaDosX: Spiderman pointing meme!
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KeytarCat: I know to resub when the commands stop working LUL
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ShotGunShelz7: Accidentally drafted the meta deck
notthepenguins: and celestus isnt needed in two color
niccus: *points* same identity
Juliamon: Grafted each other's identities
Haroldholmes25: time for a face off
Science_and_Magic: If anything, I almost think you cut blue1
Phosfur: Greed Serge!
MegaDosX: James somehow drafted standard Izzet Dragons
Ba_Dum_Tish: James is in mono lands knowing his curse
KeytarCat: !findquote greed
LRRbot: Quote #7018: "'We're dying for your greed!' 'It's our greed.'" —Serge and RebelliousUno [2020-06-23]
Dog_of_Myth: @MegaDosX And a random Siege Rhino
albatros064: will the break be long enough for a run through riven?
matthaus_c: !findquote hubris
LRRbot: Quote #6739: "Name a better pairing than Serge and hubris." —Serge [2020-01-29]
AkiraBalance27: Wrenn and Seven is the ultimate card for James
matthaus_c: damn lrrbot
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KendalMac417: What'd I miss?
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Ba_Dum_Tish: @Dog_of_Myth Serge Rhino
MegaDosX: @Dog_of_Myth Also he somehow got a Tef3ri in there? How did that happen?
Ritaspirithntr: I really just came into an early ad break?
Ritaspirithntr: lrrAWW
neisan2112: Just finished drafting
MegaDosX: @Ritaspirithntr Unfortunately, yeah. They just finished drafting, so they're taking an early break to deckbuild and such.
matthaus_c: they're just deckbuilding after the draft
Juliamon: Ritaspirithntr Yeah, it happens when drafting
KeytarCat: @Ritaspirithntr just finished the draft segment :(
Dog_of_Myth: @MegaDosX Which was actually an Oko
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CaptainEnder7: Creeping closer to that centennial.
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Earthenone: ad breaks are never early nor late, they arrive precisely when the content creators expect them too
Ritaspirithntr: Ah! Then dinner shall commence
matthaus_c: @MegaDosX but like the Jump-Start Oko that conjures a 4C Omnath
MegaDosX: @MegaDosX ...why would you even speak that into the world?
matthaus_c: :D
SoundGuy0dB: I really haven’t played arena since m2020, is this set good for drafts?
matthaus_c: consesus seems big on no, but you'll only know for yourself if you try it out
MegaDosX: A few of the LRRfolk are less keen on it as a draft format
matthaus_c: it's a sneaky format. nothing feels really as it seems
Dog_of_Myth: It's weird for a werewolf themed set, Blue/Black zombies are very strong...
BrowneePoints: It's snowbally, aggressive not zendikar level, and all the fun decks are just not good enough against the aggressive strategies
SoundGuy0dB: The day/night cycle seems interesting but feels like it randomises alot
benjamin_wheeler: it suffers from some real big Ludonarrative Dissonance
larpkiwi: heyo
Pharmacistjudge: evening all, greetings from the pharmacy
Dog_of_Myth: What Wheeler said...
matthaus_c: don't be so harsh, Wheeler, it's quite agile and synergistic
Dog_of_Myth: Heya @Pharmacistjudge
Mr_Bitterness: Like Werewolves being the theme and R/G being one of the weaker archetypes unless you get all the bombs
BrowneePoints: Ludonarrative dissonance means the gameplay and theming doesn't match up @matthaus_c
benjamin_wheeler: tl;dr the things you'd expect to be able to draft within the set aren't really viable
SoundGuy0dB: I tend towards W/B a lot now any good decks in ohrzov?
elkae: Finally left the parking lot of shady deals, @pharmacistjudge ?
Juliamon: It has me half-expecting UW spirits to be strong in Crimson Vow, just to balance things
benjamin_wheeler: So you're gearing up to play Innistrad stuff, maybe w/ Werewolves and Day-Night being extra cool
larpkiwi: its also been pretty Meh for EDH
Dog_of_Myth: @Juliamon Nah Green/White Humans. :p
Mr_Bitterness: @SoundGuy0dB Ohrzov has legs, but its mostly by white and black being pretty good colors overalll
Earthenone: i dont like the day/night stuff there arent enough good non spell things to do with your mana to make it worth it to go to night time and any agressive deck can wake you up with little effort
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Pharmacistjudge: I definitely did my shady deal already
Pharmacistjudge: great to exchange drugs in a parking lot of a hotel
elkae: For a good cause, PharmacistJudge
SoundGuy0dB: Cool, will maybe give it a shot see what it feels like
chaostreader: Wow. All 5 colors here.
matthaus_c: mono-esper sui black
thraximore: Perfectly serviceable hand.
563 raiders from Voxy have joined!
Twibbe: voxyHype voxyHype voxyHype voxyHype voxyHype voxyHype
Walla_tv: voxyHi voxyHi
electra310: Hi Voxy! Hi raiders!
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bernardo013: sweet sixteen <3
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thanatoscar: is this worlds?
Dog_of_Myth: Heya Voxy and Raiders
thraximore: You're not the only one, apparently :D
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SoundGuy0dB: Hey @voxy
andrew5550tv: voxySlidehi
DeM0nFiRe: But it would ALSO be funny if you took the blue/white land from Ben and then didn't play it
PrajnaDhyana: voxyHi
xMrSpazx: voxySlidehi voxySlidehi voxySlidehi
lirazel64: Hey there!
Graham_LRR: @voxy ayyyyyy hello friend!
jonasjonIV: I remember Red Green! And I'm an american!
ElissenRedux: oh god I haven't thought about Red Green in years
Decaped: Ah yes, Tom Green's stepfather
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: I can change, if I have to... I guess
wierus: If women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy
Spacecarl: We have no game sounds if thats something that matters /was intentional
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
ravenlord_xix: I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess
KaleidoscopeMind: Any relation to John and Hank? Or perhaps the other bigfoot researcher John Green?
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
DeM0nFiRe: lmao Paul was fast on that
ShotGunShelz7: LUL
thraximore: Excellent, very quick turnaround
laikagoat: fionaLOL
Sogheim: thank you Paul
dumpsterfire: Paul you wizard
electra310: Good work, Paul!
SoundGuy0dB: So does the program you used for drafting sync with arena? Or did you have to purchase/unlock the individual cards for your decks?
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL @Spacecarl no game sound
Sogheim: lrrHEART lrrPAUL
MegaDosX: Paul, Archmage of Victoria
TwitchTVsFrank: anyone else getting a quiet echo
electra310: @SoundGuy0dB They buy the cards they need with wildcards
thraximore: Is that Pig I hear in the background?
thraximore: Just scrabbling around
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DeM0nFiRe: Technically if Serge can play his mythic that gives his stuff flashback to grafted identity something else he may also be able to add red to his deck
Naarius: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
hd_dabnado: who would win: an obsessive astronomer or one fleshy boi
SoundGuy0dB: Cool, cheers @electra310
lirazel64: lrrJUDGECALL
F1SHOR: benginHi benginHi
Spanked42: Keep going I'm almost there
MaddogM: exasperatedly horny?
thraximore: umbraSmile
djalternative: Funny thing is, I don't need game sound at this point. I just hallucinate the game noises when I watch gameplay
Ba_Dum_Tish: Serge looking for those O faces
azureHaights: "what does my horny side sound like" probably "i'm HEEEEEEEEEEEEERE"
ElissenRedux: I think I just heard a new emotion be invented
thraximore: The Kiefer delay wheelerBless
neisan2112: Is that ben just off in the distance
matthaus_c: sounded like a cackling Kiefer
TheOrigamiGamer: Is Arena audio muted on purpose?
chaostreader: I just noticed, no game audio?
DeM0nFiRe: Blocks are for mathemeticians
thraximore: @chaostreader nope
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djalternative: Seems like I'm not the only one that hallucinates arena sounds
Sogheim: Blocking is for people who don't play Amonkhet drafts
azureHaights: Light, and irritation, and enlightened irritation
Swamplor: Wheeler once showed up to a Pro Tour wearing a t-shirt that said, "I Never Block"
Pharmacistjudge: I don't want to meet a Migraine Elemental
Earthenone: blocking is for people being paid by the hour and not per event
thanatoscar: awooooo
matthaus_c: oh no Paul gave us what we don't want
thraximore: the joke got cut off by the audio being synced to the game
thraximore: sorry Wheeler
Cartographers_Ink: I feel like hearing came back in one ear
thraximore: mawp
circusofkirkus: quick maffs
MegaDosX: 13 plus 1
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CoffeeHamster: brrrr
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thraximore: I like 14 plus 0
baskwalla: 10 plus 4 good buddy
breadisbest1: 7*2
MegaDosX: 56 divided by 4
A_Dub888: (6+9) -1
Ba_Dum_Tish: Rieces pieces of math
nymistrya: The American school system is so tragic. We didnt get reeses pieces, only smarties
Riiiiiiis: Did someone say Riiiiiiises pieces?
tehfewl: the defensive lunar fury is woof
multeyemeteor: AWOL Spider = worst spider
Pharmacistjudge: i'll say this, I am happy I have never eaten a smartie as an adult and I don't plan to
MrGibberish: Spider AWOL goes… SAIL
TimIAm: Gotta get that smarties cereal
azureHaights: I don't think I've ever eaten Smarties, only Smarties
Ctabbe: truly a "sins of the father" spider
Graham_LRR: @pharmacistjudge which kind of smartie? Canadian or American?
DiscordianTokkan: Wait, Rockets Smarties or Chocolate Smarties
TherapyforNarwhals: Is that all that laughing?
Ballistic_Meatball: are they a fiddler?
matthaus_c: be not afraid of batman
SoundGuy0dB: I dhave no clue what resses pieces are but am in the UK so…
Klandox: @Riiiiiiis no they said reeses pieces Kappa
Pharmacistjudge: @Graham_LRR American, the horrendous sweetened chalk.
Riiiiiiis: aww
larpkiwi: resses pieces are the m&m's filled with penut butter right?
fernfrond: @soundguy0db they're a peanut butter/chocolate blend, I think a lot of tesco have started selling them!
azureHaights: @SoundGuy0dB Imagine M&Ms (or, well, Smarties) but it's got Reese's cup peanut butter in them instead
larpkiwi: or "peanut" "butter"
LoadingReadyRun: Canadian Smarties are the like better m&ms
Blue_Anteater: @Pharmacistjudge *delicious sweetened chalk, FTFY lrrBEEJ
Pharmacistjudge: Canadian Smarties are good, i've had them
multeyemeteor: What's James' chances ever done to him?
Blue_Anteater: @larpkiwi Just peanut butter with candy shell, they don't have chocolate
Pharmacistjudge: I forget, it's Nestle CHocolate right?
ProfessorPeity: I find Canadian smarties gross. :( And yes I am Canadian.
electra310: hahahaha
MegaDosX: Hey looks it's Past in Flames
SoundGuy0dB: Ahh ok, so not my thing then anyway, I am not a fan of anything with nuts/etc
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
TheFreak013: D:
MegaDosX: Language!
xMrSpazx: D:
Ba_Dum_Tish: The advantage muffin is clearly in Serge's favour
matthaus_c: pus
Ba_Dum_Tish: You took Kathleens swear
Robot_Bones: pumpernickler?
Naarius: Sideboard(tm)
TheFreak013: My poor baby ears D:
TimIAm: Graaaaham James said a no no word
belgo1: the delay
TimIAm: Serge's deck is spicy
TheOrigamiGamer: none pizza left plummet
electra310: So greedy
LackingSanity_: cut all the blue except for the double blue pip cards
Bladinus: lrrGREED
TheFreak013: LUL
MegaDosX: Of course you would Adam
Earthenone: yes jame slean into it!
Pharmacistjudge: Oh all the people here, I would listen to Adam the most for limited advice.
thraximore: Well, Adam, you say you keep losing in this format :D
Two_Hats: Yeah, but Adam is Greed
TheFreak013: Wheeler's commentary so far has just been laughing at people's decisions, I love it LUL
MaddogM: Greed is good :P
MegaDosX: Oh Serge.
noisyblizzard: i agree with james' decision
lirazel64: sergeHubris
Earthenone: pitch both you coward
Pharmacistjudge: just activate pot of greed
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: LUL
thraximore: of COURSE
electra310: 1000% James Turner Brand Magic
Earthenone: X
Science_and_Magic: Pffffffff
SoundGuy0dB: Heheh, the curse strikes again
NonUniqueGuy: Totally different.
TheFreak013: LUL
thraximore: NoooOoo
MegaDosX: Yeah fun fact that could have been a four mana burn spell to prove Serge wrong
thraximore: and he DREW it
maxthefourth: benginYe
matthaus_c: the man never didn't have it
thraximore: incredible
dumpsterfire: never didn't have the land
LMAOkai_: serge's deck name is so good
Ba_Dum_Tish: Uwoooo
blue_lore: you win the game Serge....
Earthenone: time to go into green again?
djalternative: you can have a 4/5 serge
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MegaDosX: Who else remembers James getting talked into casting a Planar Cleansing that basically lost him the game in that Halloween Historic Brawl FNPF?
MegaDosX: Can't flash it back
circusofkirkus: can't be zero
MegaDosX: Needs a planeswalker
LackingSanity_: x can't be 0
DMGlol: you can only cast it with a planewalker
MegaDosX: Read the card
thraximore: No.
thraximore: It needs you to have Loyalty counters to remove as an additional cost.
Fruan: It's a fireball that hits creatures and planeswalkers for an extra damage. Even without the flashback it's great.
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
azureHaights: I read that card as The Celsius
Znazl: izzet?
Earthenone: i wish they let X be 0 for day night stuff in limited
DangerDiabolik: uwu!
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Instead of Day out one door and Night out the other door for this Arena backdrop, why not have it the same on both sides and change from day to night to match the game state lrrAWW
TheFreak013: Vomit
FofoATL: ooof
circusofkirkus: D:
FofoATL: or wooooof
jonasjonIV: nice
MegaDosX: Suited, and also booted
DMGlol: yeah surge went rare, mythic, rare on p3 LUL
DiscordianTokkan: Choo chooooo
notthepenguins: it was between screams
A_Dub888: Grislebark
Sogheim: best poker face this side of Lady GaGa
ShotGunShelz7: :) Grislebrand
F1SHOR: serge - well know for his poker face
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oofa woofa
Kallious: Why discard the evolving wilds instead of the swamp
Sogheim: I do believe Serge said "This makes me very happy, chat"
neisan2112: It was the only black card in the pack I think and he just took it
maxthefourth: !card do-it-yourself-seraph
LRRbot: Do-It-Yourself Seraph [4WW] | Artifact Creature — Cyborg Angel [4/4] | Flying / Whenever Do-It-Yourself Seraph attacks, you may search your library for an artifact card, exile it, then shuffle. / Do-It-Yourself Seraph has the text box of each card exiled with Do-It-Yourself Seraph in addition to its own.
iamn0tg00d: pa pa pa poker face pa pa poker face.
oatway: well, both teams played hard
FofoATL: wowow dreadsToxic dreadsToxic
UnkeptFlea: but now he'll never get to 5 color mono black
DMGlol: Flying, vigilance, lifelink werewolf
TheFreak013: JUDGE
DangerDiabolik: use rock to double draw if James doesn't spell :)
LastResistance: he gets to draw 8
Bengineering: game 3 game 3
matthaus_c: 50 bucks is a lot
thraximore: lrrJUDGE
blue_lore: go big Serge....$500
Fruan: A desert buck
gualdhar: I didn't think outright bribery was legal
Ba_Dum_Tish: Donate to db
Bengineering: GAME 3 FOR CHARITY
iamn0tg00d: JUDGE!
underhill33: CAD or USD
DiscordianTokkan: Sac brawler, equip mask
MaddogM: you know he's not good for it :P
Blasteg: that's bribing
belgo1: wow the guilt
tehfewl: $100 to keep it and win
F1SHOR: sergeHeart sergeHeart
tergonis: lrrJUDGECALL
Martizz1e: wooot
CommanderCrossing: JUDGE paying for a win
SarkhanGluedBackTogether: hahaha
F1SHOR: now serge still wins :P
Tripleyew: can we pay them both to throw the game?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Now James swings in
MegaDosX: I mean. Serge can still win here.
blue_lore: should have held out for more's for a good cause
Fruan: And you can just equip it again to win.
matthaus_c: The James Turner College Fund
F1SHOR: hes integrity stands as the dive was for charity :P
azureHaights: The James Turner Home For Wayward Jameses
MegaDosX: He did precisely what you asked for
electra310: hahahaha
Mr_Bitterness: The Human Fund
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Bengineering: Wowowowow
BigSnuggz: The James Turner Childs Play foundation, as in it was childs play to get surge to sac his creature
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHAH
thraximore: Hahahahahaha
Bengineering: BM
neisan2112: That wasn't part of the deal
laikagoat: fionaClap
MegaDosX: You said sacrifice the creature for charity
Martizz1e: rewind the tape!!!!
DiscordianTokkan: That wasn't the terms, Turner!
MaddogM: lol
MegaDosX: You did not say throw the game
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap
F1SHOR: Serge followed the stated rules we all heard it :P
RummyKegstealer: lmao
electra310: Gotta read that fine print!
notthepenguins: The deal was very specific!
electra310: It's true!
NicotineRobot: NO NO It was to Sac, Serge totes delivered. No assumption.
electra310: Gotta be specific, James!
wizkid7123: NO FINE PRINT
hd_dabnado: it was NOT
DeM0nFiRe: Hahahaha
Natedogg2: Someone needs to read the terms of the contract.
niccus: tried to make a deal with the devil, turner?
Fruan: Serge speaks only truth
kakmize: Bravo Serge!
UWDJohn: A true faustian/griselbrandian bargain!
F1SHOR: cant make assumptions
multeyemeteor: I'm on Serge's side. Screw the kids
matthaus_c: James, you're a betting man, you know what you said
corpocracy: FINE PRINT
Sibwow: that was not implied at all
MegaDosX: Serge was in the right there
wizkid7123: Its about the terms of the contract
Dog_of_Myth: Hello Highlights
belgo1: James messed up
nightraven949: see that wasn't in the terms and conditions need it in writing james... always get it in writing
TheFreak013: Serge is easily in the right here. LUL
BigSnuggz: Best of both worlds
MegaDosX: Ben no!
notthepenguins: it wasnt even fine print, it was in very loud print that it wasnt throwing the game!
SnowBuddy18: Serge is right, it was not implied
tergonis: implications in bribery is asking for trouble
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
KaleidoscopeMind: You can tell who was the polisci major
MegaDosX: Serge was entirely in the right!
SoundGuy0dB: Hehe, time to cough up the charity money folks hehe
multeyemeteor: Who was the biggest loser, though. James or the children?
neisan2112: LMAO
hd_dabnado: oh god please clip that
niccus: literally tried to make a deal with griselbrand
eXTeeGi: Sounds like everyone DISAGREEING with serge are the ones trying to take money from charity :P
Moretaine: Serge did nothing wrong!
JohnPraw: So good
thraximore: What a great game.
MegaDosX: If they don't pay up we should tell Child's Play on them :p
Dog_of_Myth: That was great.
lirazel64: That was fabulous.
neisan2112: Someone hit up Tabby
thraximore: @MegaDosX I'm sure they'll do it.
NovaTiempo: I picked a hell of a time to join.... "alright! comercial break!
MegaDosX: @MegaDosX Oh me too, just goofing on the moment
SoundGuy0dB: That was hilarious
Manae: This is going to be awkward to get in to the highlights since it requires two clips spread apart a few minutes
ihlendrax: That cut away is highlights reel worthy.
SergeYager: duDudu duDudu duDudu
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electra310: Ice cream is a hit or miss, but James will definitely deliver on a charity deal.
KeytarCat: Name the clips "setup" and "Payoff", then mark them with numbers for the sake of matching
InquisitorGaia: wait does this song sound slightly off to anybody else?
Earthenone: as long as the kids dont want icecream, im sure james is good for it
Earthenone: if not ben had his credit card info
maxthefourth: didn't he deliver on the ice cream?
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theblakdeth: @InquisitorGaia not for me right now, but sometimes some songs sound "wobbly" to me. I wonder if it has anything to do with digital rights?
NotCainNorAbel: jlrrIcream
Godeke: I'm going to say rending an Ice cream truck counts as "delivering on the icecream"
Godeke: renting*
Manae: @KeytarCat It's going to have to be done through the VOD since it was so spread apart
Earthenone: there are mods who still count the days without icecream on their cell walls
MaddogM: One of the Desert bus volunteers is a lawyer right? possible db bit
Earthenone: also yeah, getting a icecream truck and letting other people buy their own icecream is skirting a line for sure
DeM0nFiRe: They have permission from the creators of these songs so they aren't gonna try to dodge content matching or something
lirazel64: Real Talk: I used to work on US government proposals, and the contracting officers were notorious for including out of date contractual requirements that were more in their favor than current ones. All they had to cite was the number and year, so you had to check every one...
lirazel64: Tl;dr I'm with Serge.
Anubis169: Earthenone: for the mostpart, if they send us ice cream then by the time it reached us, it'd just be... cream :P
Anubis169: or maybe yoghurt
electra310: @Earthenone I think he also paid for the ice cream
Science_and_Magic: FOR CHARITY!
KeytarCat: @InquisitorGaia I get that when my twitch desyncs. It tries to catch up in waves, so speeds up and slows down in ways that are easy to hear in the bass. A refresh usually solves it
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
DiscordianTokkan: Wooooow
thraximore: lrrWOW
electra310: Well, good donation, though legally James has no leg to stand on. :D
ShotGunShelz7: lrrHEART for charity
MegaDosX: If James ever met a fae, they'd wind up with his firstborn in record time
niccus: team lawful evil
F1SHOR: wither way the real winner here was serge
KeytarCat: Wait, Ben is playing hearthstone??
DukeofFliesOxO: that backround storybook brawl LUL
MegaDosX: Keep, Ben :p
eXTeeGi: keep
ShotGunShelz7: Keep?
F1SHOR: ohh and charity i guess :P
djalternative: Ben was playing Storybook Brawl
KeytarCat: Ah, sbb
nymistrya: easy keep for Ben
MrGibberish: What happened with charity ? Still in ads
Dumori: Weird echo on Jame's audio
matthaus_c: LUL
circusofkirkus: LUL
ElektroTal: ROFL
ElektroTal: MAO
MegaDosX: Ben pls :p
SoundGuy0dB: Lol
electra310: Benjamin!
matthaus_c: Ben knows what the people want
ElektroTal: the disrespect is real
electra310: @MrGibberish James donated 50 dollars to Childs Play but also included a message of protest. :D
blumax1: mtga iz never a auto
lirazel64: I think spicy is the word for Ben's deck.
MrGibberish: Thanks!
thraximore: Is Storybook Brawl making Ben's stream chunky?
LackingSanity_: wow aggressive
NicotineRobot: What game is Ben playing?
SoundGuy0dB: That has a dump truck ass
Loonatic93: Storybook Brawl is the bestest!
MegaDosX: He did!
ElektroTal: Ulmer is chuggin'
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Earthenone: Had* a 4/4
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Loonatic93: In fact, I have kinda stopped playing Magic because of SBB.
SoundGuy0dB: Geez
lirazel64: Fast magic!
blumax1: never auto
MegaDosX: Well that's where that rare went
Tantaburs: it was just slow motion for drama
MegaDosX: Technically a hand of cards
ShotGunShelz7: Snap keep
electra310: Ooofa
theblakdeth: that's just MTG Worlds quality
MegaDosX: lmaooooooooo
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
electra310: hahahaha
Blasteg: hahahaha
DiscordianTokkan: HAHAH
SoundGuy0dB: Ouch
Dog_of_Myth: hahaha
DeM0nFiRe: Perfect
DiscordianTokkan: FBtouchdown
Blasteg: that's a highlight
MegaDosX: The natural Jeskai
MegaDosX: Funny that :p
theblakdeth: they're literally the only cosmetic I've ever bought in Arena
electra310: Distance from Magic
thraximore: Distance from being able to play
MegaDosX: Also isn't it more Strategic Planning than Ponder?
Natedogg2: You're just saying that because it's a good Magic card.
superdude097: ^
MegaDosX: Ponder on a body exists though, Pondering Mage
theblakdeth: In Worlds Limited today, the booth was so hot or Organ Horder.
lirazel64: Paul can't wait to get out the old lab coat.
Earthenone: you are only down what, 5 cards?
do7calm: use the thing
MegaDosX: Shots fired
Dog_of_Myth: WOW
DiscordianTokkan: Hahahaha
Science_and_Magic: PAUL!
electra310: Paul, please, he's already dead!
SoundGuy0dB: Ohhh, the burn!
Martizz1e: So james wants to go 0 n 3>
Graham_LRR: WOW
baskwalla: Send the fire department to James's house
MegaDosX: benginBark !
thraximore: Remy!
Mr_Bitterness: He's already lost money Paul, don't cost him his dignity too
A_Dub888: benginBark
nightraven949: Remy! Hi good dog
TwitchTVsFrank: mattlrBork
lochnessseammonster: lrrPAUL_SG
Robot_Bones: Gettem remy!
do7calm: Uhm, Ben. Didn't you say you had more than festival crasher in your deck?
do7calm: I distinctly remember that being said
MegaDosX: Disturb cards, they have ghost mist coming off them
ihlendrax: Remy has the attention of both of my dogs. LOL
Dog_of_Myth: They are down with the sickness Paul.
Loonatic93: They are Down with the Sickness.
Loonatic93: Dog o' Myth beat me to it!
Dog_of_Myth: @Loonatic93 Spiderman pointing meme
MegaDosX: Arena is like playing Magic with the bumpers up in a number of different axes, and that's definitely a good one
MegaDosX: That's a fair analogy
theblakdeth: I have a Commander pod mate who is adamant that the order that your graveyard cannot be changed, but I like to put my flashback/ etc cards on top. Serge / judges, is there any ruling on "shuffling" your graveyard?
Laserbeaks_Fury: The Ball Return of Magic
Raincoast_Bear: Battle of the Let's Nope Bros.!
Tiber727: I'd compare it to the TV showing you which pins are still up.
MegaDosX: Sludge Monster was a big part of my 7-2 in Sealed
Martizz1e: @theblakdeth iirc in certain formats it did matter with older cards
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap
Haroldholmes25: we're all sludge down here
Muldawg: this aint no magic
Earthenone: basicly you have to declate before the game if graveyard order matters
theblakdeth: @theblakdeth do you have a card example? just curious
Earthenone: if it does, you annot make things easier on you
maxthefourth: @theblakdeth as long as no player has a card in their deck that makes GY order matter it doesn't
Earthenone: !card death spark
LRRbot: Death Spark [R] | Instant | Death Spark deals 1 damage to any target. / At the beginning of your upkeep, if Death Spark is in your graveyard with a creature card directly above it, you may pay {1}. If you do, return Death Spark to your hand.
A_Dub888: The last time I hit the washroom, I had to buy a new tile
Earthenone: best red graveyard hate
theblakdeth: @Earthenone TY!
MegaDosX: Old Magic was weird
Leedopo: @theblakdeth Soldevi Digger
theblakdeth: !card Soldevi Digger
LRRbot: Soldevi Digger [2] | Artifact | {2}: Put the top card of your graveyard on the bottom of your library.
Leedopo: AWFUL card, loved it.
JonnyGlitched: Hey everyone! what did I miss?
lirazel64: I enjoy the way Adam totally concentrates on playing.
Earthenone: a draft and two games,, one of wich raised 50 cad or so for charity
theblakdeth: does exile have an order to it too? are there any cards that interact with exile the same way?
MegaDosX: @JonnyGlitched James got lawyered when he made a deal with Serge, but didn't specify the totality of his intentions :p
JonnyGlitched: @Earthenone Neat!
Pharmacistjudge: The James/Serge interaction reminds me of so many episodes of Game Knights
lirazel64: Moral: Make sure you tell the judge ALL the rules.
JonnyGlitched: @MegaDosX hopefully that's clippable for the highlights!
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maxthefourth: !card bone dancer
LRRbot: Bone Dancer [1BB] | Creature — Zombie [2/2] | Whenever Bone Dancer attacks and isn't blocked, you may put the top creature card of defending player's graveyard onto the battlefield under your control. If you do, Bone Dancer assigns no combat damage this turn.
ravenlord_xix: @theblakdeth No, I don't think so. When exile became a bigger thing in the game, they had already moved away from non library zone ordering mattering
lirazel64: More towards "number of X in your graveyard" now
maxthefourth: apparently they stopped printing "order matters" cards from urza's saga onwards
JonnyGlitched: Ordered graveyard was so bad
maxthefourth: iirc exile has no order but there are different kinds of exile (face up, face down, tied to a card ability, ...)
Earthenone: also in terms of order you need to keep facedown cards in the order you summoned them
electra310: Existential crisis!
JonnyGlitched: Benjamin Benjamin
Earthenone: another order that people forget and get judged on
theblakdeth: Thanks everyone! Yea one of my commander pod mates keeps going on me about graveyard ordering, yet I've never actually seen a card in play that cared about it, so I never knew why he cared so much
niccus: to the death!
Earthenone: Premier duel links streamer Benjamin Wheeler vs Radio DJ Kathleen
Pharmacistjudge: graveyard order mattered last in Stronghold.
TimIAm: You're an uncommon tater at least
electra310: Here's on the Friday Night Wet's Nope
SnowBuddy18: common taters
JonnyGlitched: poggles my woggles
Ba_Dum_Tish: Poggus champus
theblakdeth: you've had a delver flip? lucky
Earthenone: it somehow ALWAYS happens to me even in limited, oponents have that good juju
maxthefourth: how to turn a boardstate into a memory nightmare in one easy step
maxthefourth: !card ixidron
LRRbot: Ixidron [3UU] | Creature — Illusion [*/*] | As Ixidron enters the battlefield, turn all other nontoken creatures face down. / Ixidron's power and toughness are each equal to the number of face-down creatures on the battlefield.
thraximore: Please give him that George Michael
JonnyGlitched: I told off TWO old men yesterday for neglecting their civic duties (uncontrolled dog and walking on rehabilitating land). It felt SO GOOD
djalternative: there was a second of those in this draft?
djalternative: how many duplicate rares did we have?
JonnyGlitched: Selfish living
lightfut: good doggo!
RendezVoodoo: Ive had it up to here with your rules
Earthenone: i had a deck with 4 mourning patrols it was a good time
superdude097: I like the wordplay with the card names
JonnyGlitched: Back in your day the cards were hand written Ben
maxthefourth: it's a banana michael, what could it cost
Dog_of_Myth: I want that art as a playmat sooo bad.
thmanwithnoname: jesus wheeler
TimIAm: Nevinryal's Foolish Token
Earthenone: do you want a partial NFT of a dog picture?
theblakdeth: aren't magic cards just proto- NFTs though?
Pharmacistjudge: I own one piece of original art, but Wheeler probably does not approve of it
MegaDosX: This conversation has gone places
thraximore: @Pharmacistjudge Is it Collector Ouphe
Dog_of_Myth: @Pharmacistjudge Oh which one?
BrowneePoints: Where do you find these Auctions?
Pharmacistjudge: no it's tribute mage. I play it to get Time Vault.
LarkSachrosis: It's an art Michael, how much could it cost? $5?
superdude097: !card jack-o-lantern
LRRbot: Jack-o'-Lantern [1] | Artifact | {1}, {T}, Sacrifice Jack-o'-Lantern: Exile up to one target card from a graveyard. Draw a card. / {1}, Exile Jack-o'-Lantern from your graveyard: Add one mana of any color.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wheeler might be the only one unfamilar with DB auctions and how extravagent they go
Earthenone: also you have mentioned the auction to ~800 people i imagine that could drive up the price
matthaus_c: I know artists post about them on twitter, but not really other resources @BrowneePoints
Lord_Hosk: Back in my day Bump in the Night was still available for sale but Kev walker wasn't selling it and after dozens of attempts to buy it from him, he listed it on his facebook page and sold it to someone privately who refuses to even acknowledge they own it.
laikagoat: zoeyEgg
JonnyGlitched: Mostlt Mmmms and cat noises
JonnyGlitched: mostly
thraximore: a Skeksi hmmmmmmm?
BrowneePoints: I think that's not fair to Arena Composer Wheeler
theblakdeth: @Earthenone curious how many people out of 800 here that would be interested in throwing down that much bread
JonnyGlitched: someone has music waaaay in the background
lirazel64: Chocolate eating sounds.
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
gualdhar: there's a composer at WotC who suddenly got very depressed
matthaus_c: but if you have the sound off, you can't hear ROWAN, HAELP
JonnyGlitched: Do you own a cat?
djalternative: I don't really give a crap about the music. It's the sfx that I find helpful
LarkSachrosis: Just crank some KGLW
Ba_Dum_Tish: Dogs go crazy for food
Earthenone: no clue, but only one of us or someone we know needs to be financially stable enough to spend money on dog art
multeyemeteor: mi'duder
JonnyGlitched: This just in: Dogs like food
djalternative: this just in: Dogs have some kind of interaction with food
Pharmacistjudge: hmm i can't find the original art auction
thraximore: waaaaaaaooooaoaooao
DiscordianTokkan: Herman Alchemist!
BrowneePoints: Uma Therman Alchemist
Lord_Hosk: Wasn't that the alchamist on the munsters?
A_Dub888: lrrWOW
JonnyGlitched: Quest: Humiliate Kathleen
thraximore: paPA
superdude097: Free 500 gold in the Arena store today, BTW
DiscordianTokkan: Papa loves Gold-o
LarkSachrosis: Needs the dopamine from his dailies
Haroldholmes25: wheelerMonkey
theblakdeth: Red Warrior needs Gold badly
djalternative: yeah. stonks in the shop today
tehfewl: wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey
Natedogg2: Team Dooooomed!
DeM0nFiRe: The only winning move
Earthenone: speaking of pokemon unite, any plans to reschedule the stream you all had planned for it that was on a protest day?
blue_lore: never give up Kathleen, you can do it!!
MegaDosX: ARROW'D!
LarkSachrosis: Definitely one of Geralfs
theblakdeth: really liked the Worlds channelge today. fun to play the meta decks. Despite what most people think aboiut Standard, the small decklist makes for fun games
Pharmacistjudge: ms. Embalmo
SnowBuddy18: tentacle talons are horrible to look at
Pharmacistjudge: the lunch lady
Serpens77: FUNICULAR
tehfewl: ITS ART
goombalax: this is ckicken nuggets
BrowneePoints: I mean, that is NOT one of Geralf's Ben. Geralf is a savant
BartholemewTheKitten: That card could 100% "swoop" or "grasped"
kumatsu: art is just a pineapple with a pen stuck in it
Dog_of_Myth: No Ben, art is now taking the money and running.
Neddy471: Most "highbrow" art is just a tax avoidance scam.
Earthenone: is wheeler playing gwent in annother tab?
LarkSachrosis: Geralf takes great care to source all natural 100 mile zombies.
Neddy471: True story.
theblakdeth: I dug Gwent back in the day. It was my second card game after Hearthstone
Haroldholmes25: oof
ButButTheJesus: Kris Straub has a great apology involving a giraffe and a wood chipper
Martizz1e: more like PUMPkin
sivakrytos: "i'm sorry if anyone was offended about my FaB opinions"
A_Dub888: Ben "Lucy Slops" Ulmer
heartofgoldfish: we were all surprised when he graduated to become Dr. Lucien Sloppy
electra310: But it was for comedy!
SergeYager: wow.
Dog_of_Myth: WOW
Tecnocrat: Wheeler has 16 switches.
DiscordianTokkan: HAH
JonnyGlitched: hurtful
ElektroTal: this feels more mean than normal
Graham_LRR: So many counters!
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
A_Dub888: lrrWOW
Martizz1e: I think adam has to donate to CHILDS PLAY now!!!
electra310: ooooofa
Earthenone: wheeler has really settled into his role as a heel on lrrmtg
theblakdeth: Twofer Sutherland
ElektroTal: love a good grummin'
NotCainNorAbel: Graham_LRR Star Guitar. I watched it and thought 'Holy fuck'n shit'
blue_lore: Is "Grumming" a Canadian thing?
shurtal: is Grumming Snorsh adjacent?
Graham_LRR: @notcainnorabel Right??
Dumori: Grummingham sounds like a Yorkshire small town
matthaus_c: video killed the cardboard star
VioletSonata: Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100
Pharmacistjudge: Game Play Error - Excessive Grumming. Penalty Warning
LarkSachrosis: The Grumming will continue until morale improves!
A_Dub888: @shurtal Depends on how David Caruso is feeling
JonnyGlitched: If you experience excessive Grumming talk to your doctor
thraximore: That's a lot of James
Tecnocrat: If you are grumming for more than 4 hours, see your doctor.
SnowbirdMike: Hahahaha
JonnyGlitched: lrrWOW
electra310: hahahaha
Pharmacistjudge: pharma2Vial lrrJUDGECALL has spoken :P
NotCainNorAbel: My SO was watching and said 'why is it looping' and mind blown. It wis so tight. The amount of work there amazing and it works so perfectly. Thank you for expanding my interests.
JonnyGlitched: Are you though?
SmoreThanAFeelin: WOW
electra310: AHAHAHAHA
tehfewl: Flag on the play, Excessive Grumming, 5yrd penalty, still first down
thraximore: LUL
niccus: you're grumming too much, you need to play faster
Dog_of_Myth: What??
SnowbirdMike: No more finger sandwiches for you wheeler at the next LRR meeting.
JonnyGlitched: He's running 6!
Two_Hats: Now Adam is demanding the files
ravenlord_xix: I want a cup of that deck lists pee
Haroldholmes25: BOP
matthaus_c: WHEELER
JonnyGlitched: lrrWOW
MWGNZ: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
DiscordianTokkan: oh my god
JonnyGlitched: the soul read
niccus: *flipping switch wildly* welcome to hell! welcome to hell!!!
MegaDosX: That man needs to buy a lottery ticket
tergonis: boo this man
electra310: Wheeler, why?
Diabore: #banwheeler
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
fcloud: Please do not grum in public. Please do not grum within 200 yards of a school.
Gaz_L: Kathleen's soul leaving her body
Dog_of_Myth: FBtouchdown
SnowbirdMike: Are there any stairs at the moon base wheeler that you may want to avoid.
JonnyGlitched: mono counter
DiscordianTokkan: !card flip the switch
LRRbot: Flip the Switch [2U] | Instant | Counter target spell unless its controller pays {4}. Create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token with decayed.
BrowneePoints: Kathleen, you're awesome
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap
Tecnocrat: The Grummiest of victories!
lightfut: very interesting, but also stupid
Pharmacistjudge: So Wheeler is a Heel.
NotCainNorAbel: Wheeler has 800 people booing him
Znazl: Hi highlights crumpWave
JonnyGlitched: is the 5 counterspells?
tergonis: this is disgusting
electra310: Oh, we're blaming Serge now?
JonnyGlitched: When it's not James's fault it's Serges
blue_lore: I blame James for this monstrosity of a deck
DiscordianTokkan: "Please, my trappers, they are very sick"
JonnyGlitched: just blame the minecrafters
Diabore: jams?
Earthenone: its almost 7 james is probobly in bed
Haroldholmes25: cool game
SergeYager: lol
SnowbirdMike: Kathleen needs to post an ad in the employment section of the paper.
theblakdeth: can someone explain why the psychology of removal spells and counterspells are different? I don't get why people get salty from countermagic
Pharmacistjudge: because many cards nowadays have ETB effects
Haroldholmes25: @theblakdeth don't even have a chance to have your cool cards
Gaz_L: removal lets your thing hit the board, you get ETB effects, spell resolves
Tiber727: @SnowbirdMike Does this count as a hostile work environment?
Dog_of_Myth: @theblakdeth people want their spells or creature to resolve.
SnowbirdMike: @Tiber727 Haha
Gaz_L: counterspells just feel like you don't get to play
Haroldholmes25: ^
matthaus_c: also counterspells lately have gotten *really* snarky names and flavour text. doesn't help
MidgardSerpent: I think it's counterspells feel like the opponent is taking your ability to play magic away, whereas removal is just another spell interacting with the board? It is kind of weird.
JonnyGlitched: Probably for the same reason I hate Hand Attacks, it takes away me playing
tehfewl: cuz you can't removal spell a cool sorcery you wanted to cast, but you can counter basically anything
Gaz_L: i think more tax-style counters are better, like Mana Tithe or Spell Pierce because you can play around them
matthaus_c: but yeah at the end of the day our lizard brains want the resolution
ihlendrax is not helpful to this convo…as a Stax player.
Gaz_L: And then if you get got, it's because you got greedy
superdude097: @ihlendrax As a UW Control player... same
theblakdeth: @ihlendrax how do you italics in twitch chat?
matthaus_c: as a Baral player, I've had plenty of run-ins with why people get salty at counterspells LUL
ihlendrax: Use the /me command.
Blasteg: slash me
Gaz_L: I also feel like the stubborn commitment to counters being a blue only thing doesn't help
JonnyGlitched who me?
theblakdeth test
JonnyGlitched seems to remember this being colorised to our name colour?
matthaus_c: used to be colourised, yeah. probably changed for ease of reading
Juliamon: reminder that some chats ban the use of /me as it's often used for shitty things like fake donations and such
ihlendrax: @matthaus_c : Same. Baral is so fun, though.
Earthenone: they removed it, it brought too much joy
JonnyGlitched: good to know @Juliamon !
matthaus_c: @ihlendrax hell yeah! I get an unreasonable amount of joy from that little shit :p
Tiber727: @Gaz_L I think if you mess with the color pie, it messes up legacy formats.
theblakdeth: dude, I had to turn off MTG Worlds chat today. One guy started a fake giveaway, and then all 8000 people were typing !freegems
Earthenone: !freegems
Earthenone: worth a shot :P
JonnyGlitched: idk wy they don't have a basic editor that lets us bold and italisise words
Pharmacistjudge: i have no faith in the main MTG chat moderation team
theblakdeth: I saw literally zero moderation. IDK if they even had active mods
Nukified: what? moderation? Kappa
ihlendrax: Huh…I’ve never run into that @juliamon, but good to know. I guess I’ve just been lucky to follow good people.
Gaz_L: @Tiber727 Not saying it shouldn't be Blue as a primary, but at least let White or Red do it more.
JonnyGlitched: Hi Dr Nick!
MegaDosX: Mawp
matthaus_c: the Magic channel moderation is super insufficient
SmoreThanAFeelin: heyyy heyy heyyy
JonnyGlitched: owch
Pharmacistjudge: ooo water party
Diabore: water gang
electra310: Well this is a hand
matthaus_c: @Gaz_L I can second that sentiment. really miss Mana Tithes and Red Elemental Blasts
SnowbirdMike: Hahahaha
BrowneePoints: But Wheeler, do you have Thai Iced Tea?
Pharmacistjudge: Paul, what do you have?
Pharmacistjudge: you didn't answer
Diabore: james mocking the curse
benjamin_wheeler: @BrowneePoints no they were out of brisk
Earthenone: we dont hear your storybook brawl game, i dont think your audio is going through
JonnyGlitched: So they know when it's their turn Adam!
NotCainNorAbel: a........go.
Pharmacistjudge: you could be all Yugioh Anime and say "Turn End"
JonnyGlitched: so.. many... carbs...
MegaDosX: Mama mia figaro?
A_Dub888: my my
tergonis: my my
Gaz_L: @matthaus_c have White get the Mana Tithe style effects, Blue gets hard counters but they're more expensive, Red can do the Tibalt's Trickery/Chaos Warp style 'spin the wheel' effects
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
BrowneePoints: @benjamin_wheeler okay, good joke, but i'm SLIGHTLY incensed LUL
Earthenone: let black counter only non creature spells please :)
A_Dub888: G O O P Y P A P A
Gaz_L: Draw your cards, don't look back/you lose your turn unless you just attack
JonnyGlitched: cream puff store?
MegaDosX: !card imp's mischief
LRRbot: Imp's Mischief [1B] | Instant | Change the target of target spell with a single target. You lose life equal to that spell's mana value.
heartofgoldfish: there's a beard papa that just opened up near me!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Any relation to mana daddy?
ElektroTal: its also in san francisco bay area all over the place.
Earthenone: !card crystal maul
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
ElektroTal: it's also what they called me in college
FofoATL: went from creme puff to blood and intestine soup
matthaus_c: !card Withering Boon
LRRbot: Withering Boon [1B] | Instant | As an additional cost to cast this spell, pay 3 life. / Counter target creature spell.
Earthenone: are you allowed to ask that paul? :P
matthaus_c: benginChamp
theblakdeth: got 'em with the up dog
Diabore: JEEZUS
Ba_Dum_Tish: No dogs allowed
LarkSachrosis: vargMmm
electra310: NO
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
DMGlol: oh no james
thraximore: x + 1
MegaDosX: X plus 1 on creatures
thraximore: 3 + 1 =
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
MadWolf1290: that's not the quote!
Gaz_L: Snrub has some good ideas!
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BrowneePoints: Adam lost out on Waluigi
ihlendrax: !card Dash Hopes
LRRbot: Dash Hopes [BB] | Instant | When you cast this spell, any player may pay 5 life. If a player does, counter Dash Hopes. / Counter target spell.
Earthenone: !quote wario
LRRbot: Quote #6676: "Wah! Nintendo is real!" —Wario [2020-01-06]
BrowneePoints: Adam is IRL Waluigi
Gaz_L: Er Semaj, I mean!
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theblakdeth: Kathleen should read for Waluigi
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
goombalax: !quote idiot
matthaus_c: Serge could make a good Waluigi
A_Dub888: !findquote fool
LRRbot: Quote #1152: "Weapons are for FOOLS!" —Ben [2015-11-24]
FofoATL: james - mario, adam - luigi, wheeler - wario
Gaz_L: "I'll read from this script I found on AO3 under BennyWheels"
oatway: Ben your deck is sweet
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a powerful character
theblakdeth: No, only Snerge can read for Waluigi. Serge is Luigi
TheOrigamiGamer: I think we should draw cards somewhat
Ba_Dum_Tish: At this point might as well add Adam to the commentary team
matthaus_c: I don't think Snerge is a separate personality :p @theblakdeth
DiscordianTokkan: Quick! James! Lean away from the keyboard!
Pharmacistjudge: you go full Mada Mada Dane
oatway: No I mentioned the bisque
thraximore: Same thing, Adam :D
matthaus_c: the two thalias having coffee with each other
Gaz_L: What's the deal with Sorin Markov?
circusofkirkus: Newman!
shurtal: Is that a Titlest?
Dog_of_Myth: HAHA
MegaDosX: Did Adam just say Thblfp?
multeyemeteor: When will it be the Summer of Sakura-Tribe Elder?
Nukified: lol Kramergoyf is an image
matthaus_c: yeah that's his name Dos
Nuurgle: The shrimp store called, and they said they're running out of YOU!
thraximore: James's hand was fine?
aiolian: I laughed so hard at that my dogs checked on me to see if I was okay
bullseye3265: and Thassa'a oracle as Newman
Gaz_L: that just reminds of that weird Superbowl ad with Jason Alexander as a t-shirt of his own face
MegaDosX: At the very least it's for a good cause
electra310: James is spending a lot of money on this thread
DeM0nFiRe: lmao
Gaz_L: except it's his face on Fblthp The Lost
JohnPraw: How many dilly bars do I need to donate to charity...
DeM0nFiRe: Haha
LarkSachrosis: Bet your car James lrrBEEJ
electra310: That gunpla is a professional expense!
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAH
multeyemeteor: Puddy is Craterhoof - "You got a question, ask the Elfball!"
BrowneePoints: Wheeler Rude, Rude...bu fair
BrowneePoints: but*
underhill33: I just snorted, goddammit
Gaz_L: James is the Fuego del Sol of LRR
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aiolian: what's ben's white splash?
JonnyGlitched: o... kay that's weird
JonnyGlitched: idk how a human can resemble putty
multeyemeteor: Craterhoof is definitely a germophobe
thraximore: wha-oh?
BrowneePoints: Nah, let's not support him
Issurru: sure he wasn't just calling you a pud Adam? OpieOP
BrowneePoints: Can we like...not give Tim Allen royalties?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Tim Allen noise.wave
Gaz_L: the inferior Tim Allen sitcom is on Disney+ here in the UK
matthaus_c: Adam has been watching Seinfeld and James has been watching Mobile Suit Gundam lrrBEEJ
DiscordianTokkan: It's like Game of Thrones, but wet
Voidhawk42: Oh yeah, Black Sails is great!
Simonark: Brighter than that Water.
SnowbirdMike: The High Seas?
Gaz_L: Pirates of Dark Water
Robot_Bones: Dark water
JonnyGlitched: Alladin
Sibwow: popeye
NonUniqueGuy: Mostly of the Caribean.
tehfewl: Pirates of dark water was fucking sick
Voidhawk42: It's a prequel to Treasure Island
ravenlord_xix: Black sails so good. The opening song is my ringtone and I love it
JonnyGlitched: Lion King
DukeofFliesOxO: black sails one of my favorite shows of all time very underrated
JonnyGlitched: gotte,
JonnyGlitched: gottem
JonnyGlitched: Treasure Planet
theblakdeth: Luminarch Ass Pirates
Earthenone: shining shimmering Scurrrrrvy
Dog_of_Myth: Black Sails is a good show. Can confirm.
JonnyGlitched: Titan AE
TheArchitectX: Pie Rats? Isn't that the movie about the baking rodent?
DeM0nFiRe: Pirates of the Dark Waters was my favorite show
Gaz_L: Pirates Of Dark Water, Visionaries and Shadow Raiders are like the trio of toy-based cartoons from my childhood that me and 2 other people remember
JonnyGlitched: Titan AE was legit
shurtal: Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, that other guy....
BrowneePoints: That move was my BI AWAKENING!
JonnyGlitched: idk why it was a flop it was great
tehfewl: Spirits Within was Good, and I won't here different
BrowneePoints: Hauler was already handsome
thraximore: It's the vest
ravenlord_xix: If anything Atlantis the Lost Empire should be up there with Titan AE
matthaus_c: should put a grafted identity on him, ben
BrowneePoints: Look At Hauler, he's like Tarzan's dad, but buff
BrowneePoints: Paul, let me introduce you to Furries
JonnyGlitched: I liked the angry kangaroo lady
MegaDosX: RIP
DiscordianTokkan: Unluckyyyy
MegaDosX: He can save some of it
Earthenone: to be fair in These Times, no one will see your legs or lower torso anyways
Earthenone: james is just being efficent
MegaDosX: Oof.\
JonnyGlitched: That movie was GREAT fite me
LarkSachrosis: medium off
LarkSachrosis: *oof
Gaz_L: That's very mean for like a 7/10 movie
JonnyGlitched: hey!
Mattmitchell45: Better than Treasure Planet
tehfewl: Don Bluth, inspiring Furries everywhere
BrowneePoints: Titan AE was a great movie
lochnessseammonster: lrrWOW
BrowneePoints: I think Titan AE just came out at the wrong time
matthaus_c: forums? forums are like a 3.5 at best
JonnyGlitched: BBS, wow Wheeler showing your age. Did you use to play Legend Of The Red Dragon too?
Voidhawk42: Blowing up Earth in the first 30seconds of a movie was a brave choice and i respect it
lochnessseammonster: i remember almost none of it... except that i loved it at the time PrideLaugh
Gaz_L: the thing with 7/10s is that they're PERFECT for someone, just that someone isn't as universal as it is for the 9/10s
JonnyGlitched: I used to love playing MUDs
shurtal: is everyone just Carl from ATHF now?
thraximore: and it doesn't matter!
thraximore: first game 3 of the night
MegaDosX: Correct
multeyemeteor: Snotwolf
MegaDosX: It gets stuck that way until the Sludge Monster leaves the battlefield
thraximore: Slime is like sunblock
Gaz_L: how much wear would a werewolf wear if a werewolf could wear wear?
BartholemewTheKitten: slime>werewolf
DMGlol: for you
lirazel64: These deeeeeep questions...
JonnyGlitched: dammit I was typing out the joke Ben made
tehfewl: 4u
Ba_Dum_Tish: But is Paul a werewolf?
Simonark: What part of "Sludge Monster" is unclear? All of it. It's an opaque sludge.
MegaDosX: I managed to get some people pretty hard with Sludge Monster in Sealed
Diabore: the sludge monster is the one with the text, the slime counter does nothing without the creature
lirazel64: Slolf?
JonnyGlitched: $500
matthaus_c: Adam taking money away from children
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multeyemeteor: Wereslime must be the worst form of lycanthropy.
LastResistance: Bounding Wolf
Diabore: bounding wolf
JonnyGlitched: most expensive?
theblakdeth: up dog
NotCainNorAbel: wolf
JonnyGlitched: oof
MegaDosX: Turntimber Guide and Duel
tehfewl: Bottom the up dog
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHA
Nukified: lol keep going
thraximore: hahahahahaha
SnowbirdMike: Hahahaha smooth
JonnyGlitched: Someone who is admired by birds???
thraximore: HAHAHAHA
electra310: hahahahaha
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
matthaus_c: James you're a genius
JonnyGlitched: I get stared at by magpies does that count?
NotCainNorAbel: after the forest
multeyemeteor: Not anymore, it isn't
Earthenone: keeping lands seems redundant for turner
JonnyGlitched: (Australian Magpies will murder you)
kharnor: L. Simpson - No, that's too obvious, let's say Lisa S.
MegaDosX: @JonnyGlitched Ever been swooped? It's not fun
dividesBy0: Wheeler is a Bird Admirer Admirer and James is a Wing Shredder Shredder
lirazel64: James, assume the optimal distance....
JonnyGlitched: @MegaDosX honestly, no! And I walk straight past them when they're flocking. I have big chill vibes when it comes to animals
DeM0nFiRe: So how much does Ben hate charity is the question
MegaDosX: @JonnyGlitched There was a big tree on the corner where I used to live that evidently had magpies in it, but I'd never interacted with them. I was walking home one day in spring, I guess got too close and got swooped. Only a minor wound, but it still hurt.
SnowbirdMike: Yep. No way
Diabore: i think its a she?
Haroldholmes25: I think tavern ruffian is a she
piercefc9: Tavern ruffian is a she
lochnessseammonster: have you met james though? PrideLaugh jlrrFacepalm
BrowneePoints: She
thraximore: She, thank you
JonnyGlitched: @MegaDosX any head wound is concerning
Earthenone: the table adds +0+3
lochnessseammonster: he will call your bluff everytime
DMGlol: she's just got a big booty
Pharmacistjudge: Ben, the werewolf has a dumper. that's why she has 5 toughness.
JohnPraw: Don't think of her as a human - she's a werewolf weakened by the day.
electra310: Got the Pixar mom booty
MegaDosX: @JonnyGlitched I was fine overall, so it could have been worse. Still hurt >_>
thraximore: anime rules?
gualdhar: as someone with a beer gut, I take offense to wheeler's statement. I only have three fists embedded in my stomach, the rest have been absorbed
JonnyGlitched: @MegaDosX it's funny because I don't even know I'm being chill around animals. A friend once was puzzled as to why her rooster wasn't attacking me in the pen
Pharmacistjudge: i didn't know that was a thing
circusofkirkus: good for you James
MegaDosX: @JonnyGlitched Big Disney princess energy there :p
piercefc9: welcome to the club James!
DeM0nFiRe: Hahaha
DiscordianTokkan: Hah!
DMGlol: avngrKek
Dog_of_Myth: Hahaa
SnowbirdMike: Hahaha
pontiuspilates69: lol
DukeofFliesOxO: LMAO
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
SeismicLawns: goddamnit wheeler
thraximore: that's the best line I've heard in a MONTH
electra310: Got Adam!
ogier300: Well, that killed me
belgo1: wow
CommanderCrossing: i need that as a quote
JonnyGlitched: Bug Dunks
JonnyGlitched: big
SnowbirdMike: Wheeler wins
blue_lore: damnit Wheeler....I was drinking and now it's all over my computer
Spacepup: We got the Adam laugh!
rosesmcgee: I'm dying!
DaSunao: They successfully broke everyone
piercefc9: Yes! the genuine Adam Laugh!!!
nymistrya: lol hello stream highlights
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh seabatClap
v_nome: New button?
NicotineRobot: New quote, me thinks.
oatway: good job Wheeler
gualdhar: quick someone call an ambulance James is getting murdered
MegaDosX: Oh I'm so glad I wasn't drinking anything then, or else it would have gone everywhere
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MegaDosX: Holy shit Wheeler I'm getting lightheaded from laughter
SnowbirdMike: Hahaha
JonnyGlitched: enter the cheatcode
MegaDosX: She's covered in slime
MegaDosX: Blocked the moonlight
matthaus_c: don't make me get the hose, Dos lrrBEEJ
Mattmitchell45: Can't stop the moonlight!
MegaDosX: You picked the other half of the card
Haroldholmes25: z?
Mattmitchell45: From the Coyote Ugly OST
JonnyGlitched: Hit esc them the concede button
DMGlol: submit 0
JonnyGlitched: lrrWOW
Dog_of_Myth: Stop, my sides can't take anymore.
MegaDosX: Serge spilling the tea!
lochnessseammonster: jlrrBaby
Sibwow: @benjamin_wheeler your james sounds like kermit
baskwalla: No, it's should I fall here
lochnessseammonster: seabatYIKES
JonnyGlitched: sometimes you need some support while you squat
thraximore: the one he mulligans
JonnyGlitched: both hands holding him from falling backwards into his own poop
Nukified: lol
MegaDosX: James no.
DiscordianTokkan: Bwahahahah
Mattmitchell45: Extremely punchy
BrowneePoints: Have you ever sat on your hand until it went numb and then wiped your butt?
rosesmcgee: It's called The Attendant
matthaus_c: "What are you doing here!" "I'm here to wipe your ass"
JonnyGlitched: I was assuming this was an "emergency in the wilderness" situation
CommanderCrossing: im glad i caught this live
ShaneLeeAtk: We passed the watershed awhile back.
lochnessseammonster: i love how punchy fnpf gets PrideLaugh
NotCainNorAbel: I'm the locksmith, I'm a locksmith
MegaDosX: Basic arithmetic
CompleatedPinkie: Two men's romance?
JonnyGlitched: I feel like James gets bullied the most
MegaDosX: Ben has 11
JonnyGlitched: ouch
SnowbirdMike: oops - A flaw
CommanderCrossing: ben stop looting
thraximore: This has been a silly night of magic.
JonnyGlitched: James has got this
MegaDosX: Oh god are we going to see that Cathar just gobble up the board?
DiscordianTokkan: THIS is the collusion line??
Dog_of_Myth: Wheeler's House of Large Bald Men.
underhill33: The Wheeler Foundation for Walking Around Money
Ba_Dum_Tish: Helping underprivleged wheelers
lochnessseammonster: isn't wheeler james' charity of choice? he bought him an arena dog pet...
Ba_Dum_Tish: Serge cannot be the comments section. He is way too nice
Voidhawk42: Help, I'm a witness to cyberbullying!
SnowbirdMike: Hahaha
electra310: hahahaha
MegaDosX: Oh my god
Znazl: crumpKek
MegaDosX: I think that's James' last land
thraximore: It couldn't happen any other way.
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
lochnessseammonster: PrideLaugh jlrrFacepalm
JonnyGlitched: 24 lands is a legitimate archetype
solarsheeptoken: imGlitch
DMGlol: man ben got such a cool day/night deck
laikagoat: critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown critroleTouchdown
thraximore: FBtouchdown
Znazl: coxHypers
DiscordianTokkan: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHA
DeM0nFiRe: Ahahaha
SnowbirdMike: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha
CaptainSpam: Nice.
JonnyGlitched: GOTTEM
matthaus_c: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
NonUniqueGuy: hahaha
SmoreThanAFeelin: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
Ba_Dum_Tish: FBtouchdown FBtouchdown
MegaDosX: James should have cast Burn the Accursed on his creature in response :p
electra310: He got there!
lochnessseammonster: seabatClap seabatClap seabatClap
JonnyGlitched: You got got
electra310: He was supposed to bring it to the top
thraximore: It couldn't have gone ANY other way LUL
tehfewl: wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey wheelerMonkey
electra310: He didn't have to play it
darkmagi08: FBtouchdownFBtouchdownFBtouchdownFBtouchdownFBtouchdown
SnowbirdMike: Congrats to all
Terry_Byte: How can a laugh so genuine sound so evil :o
matthaus_c: where's the receipt Savidan
MegaDosX: That was an amazing podcast, and the Magic game was also fun to watch
Ba_Dum_Tish: Maow
JonnyGlitched: I hear cat
oatway: james
Dog_of_Myth: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
JohnPraw: Great stream
SnowbirdMike: Thank LRR and chat for a great evening
DeM0nFiRe: doggo!
thraximore: Baxter?
JonnyGlitched: cute cat ben
Ba_Dum_Tish: benginLurk
KingfisherGames: cheer100 serge you're awesome and your kindness warms my heart
DiscordianTokkan: benginLurk
xantos69: Cheer50 Bits!
NotCainNorAbel: Pride1000 - lrrSPOT
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electra310: My face hurts from laughing
MegaDosX: benginBark !
Fistacles: doggo lgwPat
SnowbirdMike: @electra310 it was terrific
electra310: Awww, Remy
SmoreThanAFeelin: benginHype benginHype benginWow benginWow
MegaDosX: He looks sleepy
Rustpile: benginBark benginBark
JonnyGlitched: aww your dog is like "I was sleeping..."
thraximore: <3
MegaDosX: Fredthrick
thraximore: sleepy doggo
Dog_of_Myth: Cheer1000 Bit for the laughs
MegaDosX: Fredthricc!
niccus: they've been saving it for an in-person ep
KingfisherGames: good to hear its Breast Cancer Research Foundation and not SGKFC
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heartofgoldfish: ooh, i'm playing sbb right now
YeetTheRich_: duel links will go down in history as the game that broke wheeler
thraximore: Oops :)
MegaDosX: @YeetTheRich_ I didn't get to see that stream, was it really that bad?
DaSunao: More drunk robotsman!
SnowbirdMike: Seems fine
NotCainNorAbel: it is thanksgiving here everyday
rosesmcgee: Serge waits until 6pm?
Pharmacistjudge: you can drink that early...if you aren't the one cooking
djalternative: James clearly hasn't seen G's PiF
DaSunao: You can drink at 9 everywhere, don't let society hold you back!
BrindleBoar: if you don't day-drink on holidays, what are you even celebrating Kappa
Mai_Andra: No day-drinking? How is that even a holiday?
v_nome: Thank goodness it's not horses
YeetTheRich_: @MegaDosX ohhh yeah, absolute fever dream
Simonark: How many hand-turkeys high will the horses be?
thraximore: Still need to watch the first one
Dog_of_Myth: @thraximore It's a good one.
mishotem: All of KISS?
MegaDosX: Piglet!
thraximore: Who's blasting that? LUL
thraximore: There was some
MegaDosX: There was music briefly
Mai_Andra: Hand-horses - ignore the extra fingers. No, wait - draw the hand upside-down. The fingers are the legs! (Got there.)
DaSunao: Stream heard it
Rustpile: someone was jammin out
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun James, we doing all of the chat interaction in Vault Hunters?
James_LRR: shrug emoji?
James_LRR: :D
MegaDosX: It's definitely a video game
SmoreThanAFeelin: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
James_LRR: I don't know.
Pheonix888: will this be the voyage home?
Robot_Bones: Overwhelmingly positive
DaSunao: Its a garbage game, lets be honest
MegaDosX: It's hot garbage
SnowbirdMike: Its the audience thats tormented
BrindleBoar: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: HAHA
MegaDosX: Yep, Wheeler's all about dem titties
Pheonix888: head and shoulders above Myst?
Dog_of_Myth: Doggo
thraximore: <3
DaSunao: Adam's not even joking...
MegaDosX: Piglet! I want to pet the dog
djalternative: @James_LRR from what I've seen, it interacts with subs and bits so that's why I was asking in advance
DiscordianTokkan: wheelerPig
SnowbirdMike: Cool
MegaDosX: Oh snap!
DeM0nFiRe: zeldaParty zeldaParty zeldaParty
electra310: Birthday party!
NotCainNorAbel: Legal!
MegaDosX: Old enough to drink!
electra310: LRR can vote!
Dog_of_Myth: WOOOO
DeM0nFiRe: Mario Party 2 PogChamp
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh! Birthday Stream! Time to drink in Quebec!
lochnessseammonster: ooo
SnowbirdMike: hahaha
mishotem: LoadedReadyRun
KingfisherGames: you can smoke in the states!
Rustpile: yay bornday!
underhill33: Can serve in the army now
tehfewl: Buy cigarettes and porn
ihlendrax: LRR will legally be an adult?!
thraximore: Watching Beej cry: another Thanksgiving tradition
TotallyNotaBeholder: Watching Beej cry sounds like a horrible tradition
MegaDosX: 9pm is definitely a late stream, wow
electra310: Kitty!
MegaDosX: Roll credits!
djalternative: Beej would never buy SAO stuff
lochnessseammonster: lrrPAUL_SG
thraximore: mulber <3
MegaDosX: Also, man, Adam and Wheeler is such an explosive combination on these streams, in case that wasn't already clear
DeM0nFiRe: CAT
MegaDosX: Always more, never less
djalternative: He'd buy yuri bait NFTs
thraximore: @MegaDosX This stream was particularly good
MegaDosX: @MegaDosX Did you see the LRRMTG with them both? That was an experience.
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap
TotallyNotaBeholder: Nothing says a dog can't draft on arena
thraximore: @MegaDosX OH yeah
electra310: Awesome stream tonight, thanks guys!
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART
MegaDosX: Thanks for the amazing stream
SmoreThanAFeelin: byeeeee
Serpens77: thanks players!
Dog_of_Myth: lrrSHINE
Phailhammer: cya :)
thraximore: We're getting homework now? :p
kiwimonifa: caught the last three seconds
electra310: Go watch the VOD, you'll be glad you did
dividesBy0: what if my dog eats this homework?
DiscordianTokkan: G'niiiight!
Dog_of_Myth: @kiwimonifa The VOD is worth it
thraximore: and now we wait for the post-credits stinger, it's almost like watching Marvel films
mishotem: I wonder which hero Paul is going to recruit this time
MegaDosX: Now I want to see a Crapshot or something with Paul in the Nick Fury costume, eyepatch and all
dividesBy0: Paul just wondering what to do with an infinite amount of stones.
thraximore: @dividesBy0 LUL
MegaDosX: Actually yeah Paul may already have the full set of the Infinity Stones. It would explain a lot about his wizardry.
mishotem: hey...
mishotem: he has FIVE sets of Infinity Stones. Next year he'll have six.
MegaDosX: True enough
andyman144: is it over
thraximore: A greater set of infinities
thraximore: @andyman144 yep just ended
MegaDosX: @andyman144 Stream proper is over, we're waiting for the post credits Paul
mishotem: now I want to go watch the PSx videos again
thraximore: It's a reference to Ferris Bueller's Day Off umbraSmile
BrindleBoar: lrrSPOOPY
JonnyH: Clap twitch mods
thraximore: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
NotCainNorAbel: sergeModLove ysbrydMod
electra310: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
FenrisSchafer: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrPAUL
DeM0nFiRe: o/ lrrHEART lrrPAUL
MegaDosX: Twitch mods are great!
Rustpile: lrrSHINE lrrSHINE lrrSHINE
mishotem: woo
MegaDosX: Night Paul!
FenrisSchafer: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
dividesBy0: o7
Anubis169 snuggles Chat
Phailhammer: cya :)
MegaDosX: Also kinda amused my analogy ran that far into the stream :p
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Twitch Streaming with awesome chat mods = easy mode